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Name: 20231113_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 13, 2023
3104 lines.

In this podcast, Alex Jones talks about various topics including the need for free speech, globalist manipulation attempts, the fragility of the planet, financial troubles faced by InfoWars, and taking action against globalists. He also discusses the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, criticizes liberalism, climate change, New World Order, parental rights, children's rights, Joe Rogan, MMA culture, globalist conspiracy, corruption, communism, and Hollywood. The podcast includes discussions about police response during emergencies, health and nutrition, myocarditis, censorship, COVID-19 restrictions, masks, interest rates, downgrading of US debt, staying informed in turbulent times and encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing products from their online store.

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They're not letting people buy the seeds.
They're not giving them the transport money.
They're making them slaughter their cows and pigs and chickens and saying, organic farming is bad for the earth.
Only factory farming's good.
That's being announced.
As China and the globalists and Bill Gates move in to buy up all the land and bring in the most toxic forms of farming.
Look at this headline.
Then we move into natural gas permits being cut, pipelines being stopped, Finnish pipelines being killed, Keystone, one of the central ones.
Tens of thousands of permits in the U.S.
alone in the last three years to fix pipelines, not allowed.
New drilling permits, not allowed in almost all areas, from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska to all over the continental United States.
Look, the switch is bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.
I mean, do you understand?
I'm sitting here telling you this.
It's game over.
They could turn it all back on right now.
Hundreds of millions would already be dead.
It'll collapse the third world.
They're going to flood us.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Ten minutes.
It had everything.
We're so happy you're here.
It had everything.
And the realization once again, the fragility of this planet, the coming catastrophic event, and we all have to clean this act up now.
Well said.
The coming catastrophic event that everybody's been let in on, who is at the William Shatner level, the Great Culling, the bunkers they built, all the world.
That's why AOC, that's why Beto, two years ago, said by 2030 we'll all be dead and it's the end of the world.
Remember that?
They've been brought in and have been briefed on Asteroids, they tell them, are coming.
A pole shift, they tell them, is coming.
And that global warming, scientists have told them, is going to produce super viruses like airborne Ebola that will kill 90% of the Earth.
But it's humans' fault that it's coming.
That's the cover story up at the William Shatner AOC level.
They're not read into all the plans or how they've cooked up the viruses and how they've already prepared them and how COVID is just a beta test for the real lockdown when they're exterminating all of us.
They've not been brought into the Peter Daszak-Anthony Fauci level of it.
They've not been brought into the David Rockefeller-Bill Gates-Virginia Brzezinski level.
And the great culling is now beginning.
First they have to train us with a virus that's not that deadly, go under their control, to let them block treatments that are 100%, to let them lock up old people where you can't see them while they quietly kill them, while they test the medical tyranny of the medical system and the police and the military, and cull out the folks that won't follow the orders, and get the army of authoritarians they need.
They're building their human armies of oppression dehumanization and depopulation right now and of course
going to augment that with the robots and the drones on the ground air and sea that will follow
whatever orders the establishment gives them.
I want to hear Alex talk about how hey if we don't raise enough money
by January then we're gonna have a three-month wind down I'm like, we can't have a three month wind down in the first half of the year of 2024 when we had this election coming up.
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I'm in your hands.
I'm not complaining.
I actually feel good about this.
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I want to thank you all for your support.
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, UFC middleweight star King Bao is going to be in the studio with us.
He's been on a crusade exposing the fact that President Trump and many others have been indicted for nothing, but no one on the Jeffrey Epstein pervert pedophile list has, and they're protecting him.
He'll be in studio.
He flew in for the interview.
We appreciate that.
In the third hour today.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
It's November 13th, 2023 on this Monday.
Let's put this back on screen.
Election countdown, ladies and gentlemen, to the most important election, not in our lifetimes, but in U.S.
Election day countdown.
We are 357 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes, 48 seconds out.
So 357 days.
Today's 12 hours, 52 minutes, 48 seconds out.
So 357 days.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Well, let me go over the news and information and I will open the phones up at the end of the hour.
We'll take a ton of calls in the second hour.
Let's go over what we're going to be hitting here.
Moody's, the most important ratings agency, cuts U.S.
Outlook on credit rating to negative from stable.
That's third world country stuff.
And that ties in to so much of what's happening by design to the collapsing, not just U.S., but world economy.
We have a lot of really important articles here with the different globalists all over the world announcing new regulations under Agenda 2030 for no new homes or apartments to be built that have any parking areas for cars.
And that ties into the plan to cut off the rest of the energy and food.
We also have massive crime sprees taking place across the world where the police no longer in most areas defend the public and where George Soros prosecutors prosecute any police that do their job.
We have Xi Jinping set to fly into San Francisco on Friday and the governor of California They have waiting in the wings to replace Biden.
That's now mainstream news.
Admits he only cleaned up San Francisco for Gigi Pink.
So they could have cleaned it up, but they don't do it.
They like that.
The crime, the evil for the general public.
We had Islamists violently protesting and attacking people and burning things, smashing out windows.
All over the Western world, because of the conflict taking place in Gaza and Israel and the surrounding Middle East and Austin, Texas.
Had some folks out in Arabic, I had people that speak Arabic check it, because I read the articles they were saying this, calling for uprisings and war.
And for the end of the United States we have footage on Veterans Day of the Islamists pulling down American flags in Los Angeles, in California, in Chicago.
We're going to be getting to all of that as well.
I've got a stack of articles here from airline pilots to social workers.
They're lowering the standards because the standards are racist.
I also have stacks of videos of large groups of black people beating innocent, defenseless white people to death.
And when it happens, the media calls it a fight.
So somebody comes up and sucker punches you for no reason, but because you're white, you fall down and then 15 people stomp you to death.
It's a fight and you deserve to die, of course.
Continuing, this is an article out of Discovery Magazine.
I have another one out of Scientific American.
And another one here, that's American Scientist.
I have another one here out of the Daily Mail.
I have a study.
Mercury pollution can make male birds homosexual.
Of course, I told you that decades ago.
It's in Mainline Science.
But they just cut up the clip to make it sound like I'm completely insane.
I'm sick of them putting mercury in the food and water supply that turns the frickin' birds gay!
Sick of it!
Sick and tired of it!
Other memes born into the galaxy.
It's a fact in amphibians, birds, fish, mammals that any of these endocrine disruptors Like Atrazine or Mercury.
In utero, with mammals, that's in your mama's uterus, and in the egg during formation with birds, makes them want to have sex with the same sex.
Remember David Hogg said, I don't know why Alex is against the frogs turning gay, but gay is good.
Well, gay is good if you don't want to have any more birds or frogs or humans.
By the way, if you think I'm joking, find the clip.
It's in a water commercial.
I know it's one of the older.
Had them like five, six years ago.
David Hogg's on C-SPAN.
He's like, how dare Alex Jones attack gay people with his homophobia, claiming the frogs are turning gay.
Plus, what's wrong with gay frogs?
Plus, have you watched Jones?
He's very crafty.
He tells you there's toxins in the water, and then he sells you water filters.
Oh, how deceptive.
I directly say, here's a problem.
By the way, here's a highly rated water filter that also keeps us on air at the lowest price you're going to find.
A win-win.
You should get it.
He says, I'm lying about the chemicals to sell you a water filter.
Now, it would be something pretty big.
It would be like, let's say I was in Omaha, Nebraska in 1875.
And that was one of the railheads of the West, or Kansas City was another one.
And the railheads ended, you know, pretty much there to a great extent.
And so you would have big company stores that sold covered wagons and beef jerky and ammunition and medicine.
And imagine somebody walks into one of those and says, you're a scam artist.
What are you doing selling dry goods at the gateway to the West?
What are you doing selling shotgun shells?
You're a scammer.
It'd be like if you went to the Caribbean to go scuba diving, and you went out to the dive office and said, hey, I want to rinse some tanks with oxygen off of you.
But why are you a scammer?
Why are you selling snorkels and masks and regulators and fins and buoyancy compensators and mask cleaner and maps of where to go find the best coral reefs to dive?
And what are you doing renting air tanks?
I mean, it'd be like if he pulled into a gas station and went, WHOA!
You're selling gasoline!
But to hog is so stupid though, that's like genius level, like he says there's dangerous chemicals in the water, and then he sells you a water filter.
It'd be like saying, oh, you hurt your knee and you got some pain in it, you walked into a door or something, and then, hey, why don't you get some Advil?
Ooh, like there's pain!
And then he tells you there's a pain reliever, or it'd be worse than that if you were hungry.
And you put a sign up on the highway that you had a hamburger or barbecue place that said, hey, delicious fresh barbecue and hamburgers.
That's manipulative to put up a sign and tell hungry travelers, we sell hamburgers.
We sell iced tea, the shell brisket. I mean again that's the level
of the feebleness but I'm digressing ladies and gentlemen. The most essential thing you can do
is either get deep water under mountains from certified tested spring water.
And that's a luxury item I still enjoy.
I've got high quality spring water that I order that I've got at the house and that we have for the office.
It's not an expensive luxury, but to me it's important.
And then next to that I've got gravity-fed filters.
And then for cooking, because you need a lot of it, reverse osmosis.
But the best thing you're going to get is the tested, old, known volcanic Spring water.
It's millions of years old.
There's nothing in it but valuable minerals.
It's tested.
You can read the profiles of some of the top companies out there.
If you've got a little bit of discretionary money for that, you want ancient, million-old water from under a volcano.
Fiji water, I mean, that's where it comes from.
The point is, is that That's the best you're going to get.
After that, gravity-fed filters that cut almost everything out, most things completely, a few things to non-detectable levels, but you scientifically can't say it's all out just because a spectrometer or a testing system can't find it.
There still might be some in there somewhere.
But if you drink tap water or well water in almost all areas, because wells are only 100 feet deep or so, You're insane.
They're all full of atrazine, glyphosate, mercury, you name it.
And if you want your son, if you're mad your dad's big, but your sons are all scrawny and weird and feminine, in utero their brains change to partially feminine.
It's not their fault.
Yes, they were born like that.
And the globalists knew what they were doing.
I have told you for decades that the globalists were maneuvering the United States and Western Europe into economic collapse to bring in a new world digital currency.
The EU just last week established it officially.
They're moving forward with it though against great resistance.
China obviously has it in place.
Congress failed to remove and repeal the law with internet kill switches in all new cars.
They're already in most of the new cars.
This is a prison planet they're building and I've got big news on that.
And InfoWars is a microcosm of what's happened to everybody else, but we're just being targeted first for destruction.
The debanking, the harassment, the lawsuits, the censorship, the deplatforming, the lies.
They've silenced the American people, in many cases, so you can't speak out.
But you can still speak out on talk radio and internet shows that are very popular.
They're the biggest shows out there.
You can still go to city council and school board meetings.
They don't want you to go to those.
Because you're not just talking to the crowd there, you're talking to the whole world.
And many of those clips go viral and reach millions, if not tens of millions of people.
You have to understand the whole enemy project rests on them cutting off our communications.
And we're only 358 days out.
From the most historic election in world history.
The globalists submitted their own reports, their own papers.
They're in full panic mode.
They're comparing Trump to Hitler.
Not just Hillary, but the Washington Post, CNN.
That's their new talking point.
Is he really going to put us in camps?
No, they're going to put us in an open-air prison called the 15-minute city.
So, I've talked about this on the air last week because it's the truth.
We will stay on air.
But only if I can pay my legal bills.
Because the federal court ruled I have to pay half of the legal bills for free speech systems.
We've spent, in the last year, over $5 million battling these people.
In the last 16, 17 months or so, they've spent over $30 million, just $21 million this year.
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But not if we don't get the funding.
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We're two million dollars behind right now.
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I don't have the money.
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I put a lot into this.
Four by Steve Bannon.
And you can get it as a fundraiser book for $100, signed, or get it regularly unsigned.
But I need to sell a lot of these books.
And it's all coming to a head.
Free speeches.
Bankruptcy is about to get confirmed.
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It won't shut down as long as I'm here.
The Achilles heel is though, they make me pay half the legal bills, but that is, now I'm going to start tapering off.
I've talked to not just my lawyers, but other law firms that have looked at it.
So there's a lot at the end of the tunnel in four or five months, but We're at the end of the race here and it's like I'm in a marathon.
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So maybe I can do a big fundraiser, a money bomb.
I don't know.
I know we're in a depression.
I understand that.
But they don't want us on air right now.
They want to shut down Talk Radio.
They want to shut down Tucker Carlson.
They're trying to go after Joe Rogan.
They're trying to shut down Russell Brand.
They've gone after Andrew Tate, who's totally innocent.
And that's all come out now.
Now five of the six women say that it was all made up.
There's one more woman that's the daughter of a top politician that is saying this stuff.
So, you asked us to fight for you.
Look, they've indicted Trump, 90-something charges.
We're in a real fight here.
And Trump's wealth has gone down by 80% in this fight.
They're shutting down his hotels and high-rises, cutting their contracts with him.
He'll be up against the wall soon.
And you see the corporate media bitching, oh man, people keep donating to the RNC and to Trump.
He uses it for his legal bills.
What's he supposed to do?
And you're like, well, Trump's not perfect.
Okay, well, I'm not perfect either, but man, I'm in this fight.
So it's real simple.
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And maybe I've run my course.
We're on the march.
So there is a Great Awakening happening, but still most people that fight tyranny, it's like a hobby or it's a side issue.
The New World Order cutting off the food, cutting off the energy, collapsing the borders, the pedophilia, the Satanism, the fentanyl, the wars, the electromagnetic poisoning, the 5G, it's everything.
This is a designed takedown of civilization.
I know that's horrible to say and it sounds super negative.
No, it's what's going on.
It's very positive to admit what's happening.
So I said a month ago when several credit agencies lowered the United States from an A-plus to an A-minus, I said, watch, now they're going to lower it even more.
And they did to a negative rating and a negative outlook.
Moody's Investor Service late Friday cut its outlook on the U.S.
sovereignty credit rating to negative from stable, citing higher interest rates and doubts about the government's ability to implement effective fiscal policies.
And that's a threat to the Republican Congress to just let them keep running the debt up, which will destroy us.
So that's how we're being held hostage.
Give the bankers all the money, put them in an even greater position of power, they've already consolidated and we've got 80 plus percent of the world's wealth, or we'll go ahead and just sink you right now, or we'll sink you later.
In first tests, new Speaker of the House Johnson faces a looming deadline with an incredulous conference.
Government shutdown could happen as early as Friday.
Here's the overhead shot.
Moody's cuts outlook on U.S.
credit rating to negative from stable.
And look at the debt ceiling and how it just goes up and up and up and up.
Most Americans feel poor.
Feel poor?
You are poor under Biden.
I said last week he's created 70% of the money supply in his first almost three years in office.
And they printed me off the latest Economist headline and it was 80%.
Worse than I said, see?
80% of the currency issued since our founding happened in the last three years.
That's a path towards Zimbabwe or Weimar Republic.
36-hour shifts, 80-hour weeks.
Workers are being burnt out by overtime.
Big article NBC News.
Peter Schiff, things are even gloomier and gloomier than you look.
And then let's move into this area.
The answer to a booming economy is innovation, low government spending, private and corporate investment, in workers and infrastructure.
The opposite is being done here.
But the number one thing for wealth is cheap, easily accessible energy.
There are a lot of different types of energy.
There's fertilizer, and water, and land, and sunlight.
Is the energy of plants.
That's been cut by 30% by design, by BlackRock, through the WEF and the UN, ordering in Asia and Europe and Canada and Latin America and Africa, cuts to investment.
They know they'll have high yields, they know it'll make money, they know it's a good investment, but they just decided, no, we're not going to put any money towards Bank's giving loans to people to buy fertilizer for next year.
And a lot of people buy fertilizer two, three years out.
So, the effects of a 30%, that's what it was a few months ago, it's growing, 25% of six months ago.
The 30% cut in global fertilizer production is a simple mathematical equation.
200 plus million dead the next two years.
And then the collapse of those third world countries and more refugees flooding us.
They've got the big giant migrant centers built, then they've got the new groups here they can control.
Figure this out yet?
Replacement migration.
The official UN plan that the ADL wants you arrested if you talk about it.
But if you go to the UN's website and type in replacement migration, it takes you to their own symposiums, their own regulations, their own treaties, their own plan to move 600 Plus million people into North America in the next 10 years.
280 plus million into Europe in the next 10 years.
But don't you dare talk about that!
Oh, and then Politico.
Enormous fertilizer shortages spells disaster for global food crisis.
Oh, the very UN that had the worldwide lockdowns.
And now, through BlackRock, wouldn't allow people to get the fertilizer.
Which then kills the industries, so they have to scale back up, even if they take the boot off our neck.
It's a globally controlled economy, a technocracy, a just-on-time market delivery system, and they just went, doot, doot, doot, doot, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.
They're just like, turning switches off.
Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.
Like if you got your car, you just turn the key off.
Oh, let me just turn the key off.
There's fuel in the tank, but you ain't getting it.
Isn't that liberal?
But that's just the fertilizer.
They're not letting people buy the seeds.
They're not giving them the transport money.
They're making them slaughter their cows and pigs and chickens and saying, organic farming is bad for the earth.
Only factory farming's good.
That's being announced.
As China and the globalists and Bill Gates move in to buy up all the land and bring in the most toxic forms of farming.
Look at this headline.
Then we move into natural gas permits being cut, pipelines being stopped, Finnish pipelines being killed, Keystone, one of the central ones.
Tens of thousands of permits in the U.S.
alone in the last three years to fix pipelines, not allowed.
New drilling permits, not allowed in almost all areas, from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska to all over the continental United States.
Flip the switches.
Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.
I mean, do you understand?
I'm sitting here telling you this.
It's game over.
They could turn it all back on right now.
Hundreds of millions would already be dead.
It'll collapse the third world.
They're going to flood us.
Look at that.
Oh, agriculture is the leading source of pollution.
We've got to ban it.
They've got clean pesticides.
They've got all the stuff, but they allow the worst ones to go forward.
They're the ones that cut the food off.
They're the ones that have the regulations.
And then they sit back and say, we need hundreds of billions of dollars to feed the third world.
There's no food!
This is out of LA Times today.
What an occasional blackout helps solve climate change.
Remember they told you the climate lockdowns were coming next.
The COVID lockdowns were just the training wheels.
WEP demands Americans accept regular electrical grid blackouts to fight climate change.
As New York City's fleet of electric Uber, Lyft, and Rebel cars grows, fears rise of charging networks won't meet demand.
They've already said if 10% of the cars in California went electric, it's about 7% right now, it would crash the entire grid.
And do you know why?
On one electric car charging, Uses more power than your house, wait for it, uses in a week.
Did you hear me?
They're cutting off the coal plants, the gas plants, close thousands.
They're not opening new systems.
The windmills produce almost nothing.
It takes more carbon to make a windmill than it will produce in its whole life.
It doesn't matter.
It's a bridge to nowhere.
Electricity use booms in Texas.
A harbinger for the country.
Wall Street Journal answers, not enough power.
And the Feds order Texas to cut output.
We come back from break, I'm going to play you a clip of a man, and I look these numbers up, they're accurate, at a charging station, showing you how much power they use.
You can look these numbers up, these are deadly accurate.
Deadly accurate.
They're designed to bring the grid down.
They won't update it.
They won't build new systems.
They're cutting off most of the coal plants.
They won't even update, saying, oh, it hurts fish.
The hydroelectric, the nuclear aren't run properly.
But that's their answer.
Bill Gates has all this new generation of nuclear reactors he's going to run.
And the left suddenly says, we love nuclear!
The global vision, 15-minute cities, and the end of private property, it's all coming up on the other side.
The coordinates of resistance are InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Ban.Video.
Faithful to the end, standing in the breach, and if need be, going down with the ship.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
But believe me, if InfoWars goes down, that's not a good sign for you, is it?
Keep InfoWars in the fight now.
I remember about three years ago, I was on Joe Rogan's show, and he was bragging to me about his amazing Tesla, and we were driving around in it a few nights before we went to dinner, and he just instantly hit the accelerator, and it was going like 90 miles an hour in two seconds.
Fastest thing I've ever seen.
And I said, you know Joe, it takes more energy and more carbon, if carbon's bad, to build this car and build the batteries and mine it, than it will use in its first 100,000 miles at least.
And then it's super toxic and he didn't know all that.
Now you see a show, he talks about it.
And now that's mainstream news.
But you can look this up, a windmill, to make it and to ship it and to build it and to upkeep it, their lifetime's not that long.
So they have huge graveyards for these things.
A windmill does not produce as much carbon, as much energy as the energy that was used to make it.
They're not giving us the zero-point technology.
They're not giving us the fission-fusion.
They're suppressing all that.
They're giving us electric cars you plug into a coal power grid that they're shutting off, and then hooking windmills up that won't give power to 1% of the electric cars that are here now.
So you think I'm joking?
Here's information from the Federal Transportation Administration.
Electric car charging stations use more electricity than 280 homes every hour.
So when I gave you the number of one charging of a standard Tesla is more than a week that a house uses, that's a conservative number.
Conversely, 15 gallons in a regular car isn't 5% of what a house uses energy.
These things are crashing the grid.
That California Senator is going to start turning off the charging stations.
It's going to crash the grid.
But, oh, buy more electric cars.
It's the ultimate scam.
That's why Toyota refuses to make pure electric cars.
They say they don't work.
They're a scam.
Now, you can have a hybrid that's got a gas engine, and then it's got an electric engine.
You can flip back and forth, or they're on at the same time.
That's fine.
Have something that has a backup energy system.
You're about to run out of gas?
Flip to pure electric.
I think that's a great idea.
But the way it's being set up is a bridge to nowhere to make you think this is innovation when it's a giant boondoggle and China makes almost all the solar panels and almost all the batteries and electric cars blow up.
Because there is insane amount of energy tied up in those things.
They're the dirtiest thing ever.
So let's go to a clip of a man talking about this.
You can look the numbers up.
It's actually worse than what he's saying.
Here's the clip.
Hey, I'm just doing a quick little video here just to give people an idea of how much energy it takes to charge an electric vehicle.
I'm at Electrify America.
This is a 350 kilowatt station.
I'm consuming roughly 137 kilowatts.
It'll fluctuate.
Sometimes I can go up to the full 350.
But to put this into perspective, An average home consumes 1.25 kilowatts per hour.
kilowatts per hour. 135 kilowatts per hour it's like the equivalent of a
hundred and six homes on the grid.
Just this one station.
Now if I was going to get the full 350 kilowatts like these can supply, that would be the equivalent of 280 homes.
Now think about all six chargers running at full capacity.
That's like 1,080 homes on the grid.
Just a little food for thought.
It's things... People don't realize the amount of energy it takes to fast charge these batteries.
It's a huge amount of electricity.
And now you understand why the electric companies can't even supply that much power to one spot.
It's like, think of 1600 homes and how much copper and wire that would take to supply that many houses.
So, uh, yeah, it's pretty cool.
Somebody else just pulled in.
And, uh, yeah, there goes another 280 homes on the grid as soon as he plugs in.
So just a little food for thought.
I do love my electric vehicle.
They're awesome.
They're quiet.
But it's just something that people don't really think about.
I'll show you my dash.
They're great cars.
I really like them.
So... Yeah, forget about range and all that.
I'm just talking about what it takes to fast charge one.
It's a ridiculous amount of money.
Okay, now I'm at like 100.
So that's like 100 homes right there.
120 kilowatts.
120 kilowatts because on 1.21 kilowatts per hour is what a house uses.
So, yeah.
All right, so let's stop right there.
What did Klaus Schwab say in about 10 videos, at least I've seen?
We played a couple of them in the last few weeks.
And he said 2015.
By 2030, there will be no private cars in Los Angeles, in most cities of the United States.
Because only big companies are gonna make the deals to even have the electrical hooked up for these.
There'll be self-driving cars run by 5G that come and get you.
There'll be no fuel allowed.
They're banning all the different gas-powered systems in Europe and in many areas of the U.S.
They are literally... The other is goodbye car ownership, hello clean air, welcome to the future of transport.
Hello, clean air.
Cadillac Converter makes your car almost completely clean.
And the gases that they put out actually add to the atmosphere and are good for it.
Our atmosphere is a lot thinner than it was a million years ago or ten million years ago.
Look it up.
Cow farts are good.
Methane is part of the atmosphere.
Water buffalo are by the millions in Africa.
You can breed them with a cow.
It's the same thing.
Should we get rid of elephants because they fart?
Or rhinoceros?
Or whales?
We create the atmosphere.
plants create the atmosphere, we're good. That's science.
They have these toxic cars.
Show African children as young as six slaving in the lithium and cobalt mines of Africa.
You know how many United Stateses you can fit in Africa?
It's the biggest continent.
And there's giant mines everywhere.
As far as the eye can see, in Central Africa, With humans digging up the rare earth minerals for the Chaikoms and then make the batteries, and then the liberal trendies, oh, I love my car, oh, it's so much fun.
Yeah, it'll crash the grid, but I like it.
It's fun.
I'm good.
I'm socially good.
I save carbon.
Carbon's bad.
Actually, carbon's good.
But the mining of it is incredibly toxic.
So it goes on, and on, and on.
The world would be better if we just didn't have any cars.
And it goes on from there.
The Globalist Vision.
15-minute prison cities and the end of private property.
Zero Hedge article.
Then a shift gears into all these reports.
Media now blaming COVID jab and heart attacks that are surging and strokes on climate change.
Yeah, it's not the shot.
Well, the virus didn't come out of the lab.
Climate change made it.
Sudden death twice the time I'm vaccinated in Pfizer trial.
But don't worry, BlackRock CEO and his demonic pals all over the world think freedom is over and we must serve them.
It's all about slavery and forcing you to comply.
He says, we control you, we will make you comply, we control the world.
They even tell you what they're doing to you and they think it's funny.
That's the economic news today.
That's two stacks.
I've got all these other stacks we'll be interspersing today.
And we got the big UFC middleweight star joining us who's been exposing how the government and systems are protecting the Jeffrey Epstein client list in studio in the third hour.
But let me give you the toll-free number to join us on any issue you want to cover or any topic.
You agree?
You disagree?
You got a question?
I want to hear from you.
Just have a clean phone.
And be ready to say what you want to say.
And like Limbaugh used to say, just say dittos if you like the show.
Because everybody just wants to hear what you have to say.
I love you.
You love me.
Let's just move on from that.
Just get to what you want to say.
Because when it's repetitive, when every caller does it, I'm not bitching, but it really is true.
I love you.
You love me.
Some of you don't.
If you want to tell me you hate me, that's fine.
You don't have to say dittos, then you can tell us.
But we don't get many of those calls.
That's a rarity.
That's interesting to hear why you hate me.
But if you love me, please, let's just move on to your topic.
seven seven seven eight nine two five three nine eight seven seven seven eight
nine two five three nine eight seven seven seven eight nine two five three
nine and we are going to take your phone calls here in the next hour and
intersperse it with mercury pollution can make birds homosexual says the EPA
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin birds
gay It's all coming up.
And big news on Ukraine, Islamists running around thumbing at the mouth, including here in Austin, and more.
Please listen closely because this is life-changing critical information.
The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals, hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
GMO, all of it.
But God's given us compounds through nature that do incredible things in our body.
And one of the most important, if not the most important, is vitamin B12.
We've got the best organic vitamin B12, Ultra 12, a bestseller finally back in stock after close to a year being sold out.
You take it under the tongue for better absorption, and it's 40% off right now at ImpolarStore.com.
So go, To InfoWarsTore.com right now.
Get your Ultra 12 and other great products.
And for 40% off, some products are even more, and it keeps the show on the air.
That is a 360 win.
The only way you lose is not taking action.
I thank you all for your support, being part of this fight.
Now go to InfoWarsTore.com right now.
back and enjoy it.
We're in.
Yes, turn the radio off.
Turn the radio off.
Turn the radio off!
Go ahead!
I love it!
I'm sorry.
I love you, Frank.
Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, of course I can hear you!
I just want to tell you!
Ha ha ha ha!
Boy, the crew comes up with great stuff.
Another Chase Geyser original.
Alright, we're loading the phones up with Ray and Brian and Montana Patriot Jacob.
Bart and others.
And we're going to cover the waterfront here.
Before I go to your calls, a little bit next segment, I'm going to show our little Islamist friends.
And the human mind loves to have it be one or the other.
I don't want to kill the Muslims.
I don't hate the Muslims.
I was against the wars in the Middle East.
I knew the global was pretty stabilizing it to then bring them here.
I saw the Hegelian dialectic.
So I don't like Israel leveling Gaza.
I don't like Hamas with Hezbollah backing attacking Israel.
But I really don't like Israel and other groups saying they're going to bring the Islamists here and the Scottish leader and the Canadian leader and all of them saying this.
We got some shocking footage.
Video and audio coming up next segment.
I'll do a few minutes on that.
Get to some of that and then go to your phone calls here on this live Monday broadcast.
And then we're also going to get into a really interesting group of stories.
Because see what I do is I don't just cover one story.
I like to tie a bunch together.
I talk about them just cutting off the fertilizer.
You talk about cutting off the fuel or cutting off This, the Secret Service, I'll get more to this later, in D.C.
came out and saw a group of armed, men they believe were armed, breaking into a car of Naomi Biden.
And they fired shots at the people, and that's okay, they say.
But, and I think it is okay, But man charged with firing a gun in a subway station just as a warning shot to stop a mugging, he's getting thrown under the jail by the Soros criminals, who have their own armed guards.
So, isn't that interesting?
You can have armed guards if you're Naomi Biden.
Reportedly got diddled by Biden.
That's okay.
But if you're an average slave, On the New York subway and you even defend yourself physically, you're going to go to jail.
Even choke somebody out.
Because you're going to lay there and you're going to take the breakdown and the collapse of society.
And then meanwhile they're also saying Trump's a dictator.
Trump plans to be a dictator.
Of course they're the ones setting up the totalitarian control grid right now.
We're going to be laying all that out today and more.
I've talked a lot about this.
They've had the head of Hezbollah and the Ayatollah Khomeini come out and threaten assassinations in the U.S.
Now they've done it again, and again our border is wide open.
So even when this happens, and it's really heating up right now, Remember the FBI said white Christians are the number one threat trying to create racial division.
So don't blame the brown people because they're not the ones even coming up with this.
It's Hollywood and the media and the ADL trying to create racial division.
And not just here, but all over the world.
And saying, if you oppose the globals destroying your country's sovereignty, you're, quote, racist when they're the ones using race as a control system and chemicals in the food and water to feminize not just humans, but every species.
Mercury pollution can make male birds homosexual, says the Environmental Protection Agency.
another big coin in the Alex Jones was right tip jar I
From Austin, Texas to Dallas, Texas.
From Detroit, Michigan to Miami, Florida.
From New York City to Los Angeles.
From London, England to Madrid, Spain.
From Rome, England.
Except in Russia and places like Poland.
Poland has millions of people on the streets talking about their sovereignty and they don't have any major Islamic crime.
They don't have any quote migrants committing crimes.
There's footage of Poland Estimated 3 million people marching for their sovereignty.
Because they were in over 100 wars with the Muslims.
Before the Crusades, Poland held the line and so did Russia against the 100 plus Muslim invasions.
Millions killed in the last thousand years resisting the Muslim invasion.
Spain fell to the Muslim invasion for more than 500 years.
And a repeat is happening now.
Does that mean I support Israel?
Since Israel was set up, and I'm not even against Israel, but it's a fact, it destabilized the Middle East, turned them against us, put the radicals in charge, the CIA, put the Ayatollah Khomeini in.
That's declassified.
And then they bring them here and the entire left, the entire corporate media gets behind them.
See how that works?
See how the control operates?
But look at Poland and Spain.
In Spain, that's the Nationalists protesting.
They know what's going on.
In Italy, in Sweden, populist patriots are being elected everywhere.
The globalists are scared.
That's why they've cut off the fertilizer of the third world to completely collapse it and flood us with hundreds of millions.
Continuing, 300,000 march for Palestine in London.
Ceasefire now.
Thousands of Hamas supporters swarm streets of Austin, surround Texas Capitol.
RNC Chair McDaniel, we will support Trump as GOP nominee even if he's convicted criminal.
There's all these videos coming out of crisis actors from Hamas.
And I'm just calling it like I see it, folks.
Posing like they're injured.
It turns out they're not.
Trump says I think Israel has to do a better job of public relations, frankly, because the other side is beating them at the public relations.
And I saw a commenter on InfoWars Who said, Israel is conquering a terrorist fortress city formerly inhabited by a million people.
What they've accomplished in the last two weeks of this invasion is unprecedented in military history.
11,000 casualties, including thousands of fighters, is a low number.
The IDF is now surrounding Hamas headquarters.
MSM is misreporting as if there is no strategy and Israel is just bombing civilians out of revenge.
It's a lie.
Now why did I read that?
There's a higher level dialectic manipulating these sides together with corporate media overall supporting the Islamists.
BlackRock, the Rothschilds, the New World Order.
What's their larger plan?
Corner Israel, corner Netanyahu, try to remove him, get him to go on the warpath, and then out of that bring in global destabilization.
So it's bigger than Israel, it's bigger than the Muslims.
You can be against Israel's bombing of Gaza, And be against the Islamists running around and expanding the squad in Congress.
So I'm just going to call it like I see it.
Israel wants warmonger Tony Blair to be its humanitarian coordinator for Gaza.
The man that lied about WMDs, a true war criminal.
Patriotic polls take to Warsaw Street celebrating Independence Day.
Nationalist forces show strength ahead of struggle to form a new government that wants to end the war with Russia.
Chicago is so unpleasant, you mean deadly, dangerous, and horrible, illegal aliens, aka migrants, are fleeing back to Venezuela after being dumped in shelters and refused jobs, with 20-plus thousand border crossers so far busted in the dim-run city alone.
Then Macron, who loves the Islamists' killing and robbing his citizens, stopped killing babies and women, Macron tells Israel.
New York City's Grand Central Station shut down as hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters kick in doors and police rush to place barricades during night of chaotic demonstrations against Israel's Hamas war.
And I've got all these clips, but I want to go to your phone calls.
I'll get these later.
Of Iran pledging to attack the United States.
And when they do attack the United States, what's going to happen?
We'll have our rights taken, but even more Muslims will be brought in.
The FBI loves it.
How does a warden control a prison?
When the majority of the population was white 60-70 years ago, they would have different white gangs.
The Irish, the Italians, the Jews, the...
The red net, they put them in different areas, but now it's black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and they have a gang leader that rules each part of the prison, and the warden controls them through that division.
That's the ADL model of race-based politics, is to create total conflict, and then have a giant force above it that then referees it.
That is the race-based politics system.
All right.
I'm going to go to your phone calls now.
Ray, and Mason, and Bart, and Mike, and Dave, and Sonny, and Judy, and Al Killer, and many, many others.
We're going to be taking your phone calls here on this live transmission today.
Is that camera centered?
I'm trying to center myself.
Things are out of control around here.
I don't know anymore.
I've been on TV and radio so long I don't even forget where I'm at these days.
Maybe I'm gonna take a sabbatical.
Maybe that's what folks want.
How about I take a couple month rest here?
I don't see it as a threat.
I just then... I won't bother people anymore.
I'll just be gone.
There's nothing sexier in my mind.
Quit while you're ahead.
But I can't quit.
But if people are quitting on me, well then that's what you gotta do.
You gotta realize when people quit around you.
You can't stupidly sit there and pretend anymore.
All the experts around you that know better than you all day long.
They can't give you the information or the data or the work you need when they work three days a week.
I'm talking about our production crew.
The other things are going around here.
I'm done taking anybody's shit.
So get that through your heads.
All people think around here they're a lot of run shit better than me?
Fuck you!
You're gonna find out real soon.
In fact, I'm gonna end the show right now.
Because, I mean, we can't even sit.
Can we center this camera?
Where am I supposed to sit to center this camera?
Where am I supposed to sit?
I'm just, I'm done.
I've run my course, man.
I got this guest host coming in, but I'm done after that.
I'm taking a month off after today.
That's it.
I'm gone.
Today's the last day.
This is it.
Right now.
All everybody else can fuck off.
How's that sound?
You can guarantee it.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
Bart in Georgia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, we will not allow you to quit.
Well, everybody else is quitting on me, so I am going to.
So, it's done.
I've already made the decision.
In fact, no more calls.
If it comes to me anymore, just let the guy coming in, the UFC guy, host the show.
I'm leaving.
Or get another talk show host here.
I'm leaving.
I'm gone.
I'm gone.
Thank you for the call, sir.
I'm gone.
Get it lined up.
Get it prepared.
I'm out of here.
We're done.
We're done.
I asked for basic data today, and I wasn't given it.
I'm gone.
Everybody's quit on me.
Everybody thinks it's funny.
So I'm gone.
Everybody's gonna get what they want.
You're gonna get your war.
You're gonna get your nuclear war.
You're gonna get it all.
Let the UFC guy host the show himself.
All right?
Or get a talk show host and interview him.
I'm gone, baby.
I'm not playing around with people, and I'm done.
and you need to get me off the air right now, I'm gonna say a lot more.
Former college swimmer Riley Gaines says she was assaulted after giving a speech at
San Francisco State University.
I understand and share your objections to a speaker whose rhetoric is offensive and clearly intended to shock and provoke.
Students have been making national headlines protesting controversial speakers on campuses across the country.
Is free speech dead on campus?
Um, no.
We don't want him to speak.
Hopefully we can drown him out.
Freedom of assembly is a First Amendment right, not a privilege for the beguiling left.
In spring 2022, I joined Iowa Young Americans for Freedom.
The more involved I became in the club, the more I discovered that the playing field for freedom of speech on college campuses was not equalized.
I was doxed in a group chat of over 800 students and was falsely labeled as a Nazi, a token, a white supremacist, and a bigot.
These students believe that if you are conservative, you are hateful, support oppression, and only want to benefit straight white men, even though such beliefs are untrue.
Essentially, the left has captured this right for themselves, and it is now being weaponized against the rest of us as they hunt us down.
Gregory Yetman, they say he is wanted in connection with the attacks on the U.S.
Capitol on January 6th.
Assisting in this search is the FBI Newark SWAT team, Jamesburg Police Department, and the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, all investigating here and searching for Gregory Yetman.
We have just learned from federal officials that Gregory Yetman turned himself in to Monroe Township Police this morning without incident.
Police had been searching for him since Wednesday morning when they said he fled while they were serving him with a warrant.
On college campuses, the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech has been unconstitutionally shut down by Marxist educators and their brainwashed students.
We're going to play a game called Hamas or.
There is no law against raping your wife.
Is this Hamas or the Taliban?
The Taliban?
The answer was Hamas.
Oh, wonderful.
This law makes it nearly impossible for women and kids to submit claims of incest.
Is that Hamas or North Korea?
North Korea?
The answer was Hamas.
Women of all ages legally need a male guardian to travel.
Is that Hamas or ISIS?
I see.
The answer was Hamas.
Oh, yes.
In an honor killing, it is basically legal for men to murder women and girls if they are promiscuous.
Is that Hamas or the Taliban?
The answer was Hamas.
Hellbent on ushering in China-influenced totalitarianism.
When we see the response of so many college students to such atrocities, the question shouldn't be, do we criticize, do we condemn, do we punish the speech?
The question should be, How in the world did we get here?
How did we get to a place where a significant portion of students at some of our best colleges and universities, students in many cases who view themselves as progressive leaders, have adopted some of the vilest values that one could possibly imagine?
It isn't political, it is the law.
It is the obligation of the Department of Education to crack down on these blatant threats to free speech, to free public discourse protected by our Constitution.
Given your experience at the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Education,
do you believe there is more that the department could be doing about this sort of
discrimination and activity on campuses? Absolutely.
There is more that the department can be doing and it can do it tomorrow.
Secretary of Education has the authority to commence nationwide compliance reviews in particular areas that are of concern.
And again, There's no way that one can pay attention to higher education today and not realize that this is a serious national problem.
These are things that can be done quickly, that don't require legislation, they don't require significant infusions of funds, they can be done with the current resources, and that can be done with the authority that the Secretary of Education already has.
But nothing is happening.
Only private donors are reacting.
And this rod is exploding on the streets of America.
While true patriots languish in the gulags of the O'Biden administration.
Wake up.
Tyranny is winning.
And if you are not sufficiently outraged and motivated, then you're next in line.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, look, I'm back live.
We've got a special guest in our next hour.
And I apologize to the caller I blew up at him, but I cannot take calls about what's going on in the world and talk about me.
Any subject is on the table, but about us, okay?
All I do is live trying to beat these people and try to keep this operation on air.
And being up against the wall and people not knowing it's real is very frustrating to me.
And so that's where I'm at.
And I'm having to now, for the first time in my life, work through The issues that are there.
So I'm extremely pissed off.
And you notice, I used to blow up on air all the time.
A few times a week, it was entertaining, people liked it.
That was real, folks.
This is not an act, okay?
I'm extremely pissed off.
And I have to decide the way this works, basically where we're at.
So I don't want to talk about us.
I'm begging callers, don't do it.
I can't handle it.
But here's the deal.
We're already in World War III.
Total tyrannies everywhere.
Things are falling apart all around us and people don't take it seriously.
Now I'm not talking about the audience, okay?
But just in general, things are really horrible.
I mean, they've already cut the energy off to most of the third world.
They're going to totally collapse and flood us.
It's already been done.
These are master criminals we're up against.
and the public needs to get that through your head.
So I'm sorry, the crew for blowing up and the rest of us out there fault.
I just...
It doesn't matter.
It'll all become even more clear to you very soon.
I mean, like, we are screwed.
I mean, we're in.
We're in for a lot of trouble.
And people just can't figure that out.
They just can't seem to get it through their head.
And this country's run by all these Harvard lawyers that are the dumbest scum of the earth.
And they've destroyed us.
The only question is, will the crash landing be fiery and destroy everybody, or can we survive it?
And that's basically where I'm at.
And I'm not going to sit here and play games anymore.
I've never played games, but I mean, I'm really not going to cherry pick any stuff to make us just feel good about this or that.
I'm not going to just have a little entertaining factoids and I'm not going to
I'm not going to miss words I'm done.
I've run my course.
And the games are over.
And that's basically what it comes down to.
Alright, so we're talking about the energy being cut off.
Mercury turning the Bird's gay.
Now that's funny, isn't it?
Life is collapsing.
And you're right where it hit us.
It doesn't matter.
Just enjoy the nuclear war.
We all deserve to die anyways.
We cut up all those babies.
So just enjoy yourselves.
It's all good to do.
All right, so the U.S.
credit rating's been lowered.
Everything's going to hell.
The borders have completely collapsed.
Hundreds of thousands are dying a year from fentanyl.
There's pedophiles running around crazy.
I'm not going to put on an act here, folks.
I am seriously pissed off, and I cannot just sit here and act like business as usual.
We have massive censorship, massive control.
Got a great UFC middleweight contender coming on.
King Bao has a lot of courage, and everybody should be doing what he's doing in public, going out and exposing these pedophile Satanists for what they're doing.
Our government is hijacked by criminals.
The intelligence agencies are at war with the people.
I apologize that I blew up earlier the crew and everybody else.
It's not an act.
I was about to go crazy here on air.
And, you know, it's just, I can't do it.
He's right yelling scream and you know it would be entertaining but I don't do that I just leave when I get mad because I don't have the energy to sit there and have a blow-up it's all be too exhausted to the show so I'm gonna go to your phone calls I've already bitched about info wars now we're under attack I hate doing it I don't want it I don't want to talk about it let's talk about the topics you're calling in about I apologize the earlier caller that I blew up at it what doesn't do with him let's go to Ray in Arizona Ray go ahead Alex, it's Ray.
The name of my company is Ray the Whale, and I'm part of this recipient of the cancel culture of everything.
I used to have a booth over on 23rd Street.
You can look it up on the map on Google.
I'm right there.
Went to the farmer's market, craft place, everything else.
And I was trying to make a go of things, you know.
And so what, you said the wrong things?
You can't have a business now?
Yeah, I've wronged things, I played the game, I did everything, but things didn't work out.
Like I said, Google Map, boom.
I've been everywhere, Colorado, Arizona, Florida.
A lot of places trying to do the farmer's market thing.
Everything's fine until they find out that I don't really take a political stance, but I'm not going to buy into the lies, games, dramas, and illusions of that.
That's what the left does.
It's the mark of the beast.
You've got to submit to their worldview or you can't live.
And the other thing too is that I've been part of this programming.
I woke up a couple times with things, and this round, I'm awake, on fire, just as people.
I know you don't want me to say this, but such as yourself, your crew, everything else, okay?
And we're all connected.
I hear you, brother, and I love you.
Let's go to Al Killer in Virginia.
Go ahead.
You know, Alex, I want to say that interview you did with Vivek Ramaswamy last week, phenomenal.
And you know something?
He knows where the ideas go and he knows where he has to go.
Same way Trump had to come to you, he's coming to you.
Nothing about me.
No, he invited me to go to the debate with him and I'm just like taking care of a family member that's really sick so I couldn't leave.
No, Vivek, I think he's a really good guy.
He wanted me to go to the debate with him and do all the media interviews with him and I probably should have done it but, you know, there's no funds to send me there.
So I didn't go.
I didn't even approach the people.
I just said, great.
I won't be at the Republican debate.
I won't be there behind the scenes.
Knock yourselves out.
So, you know, that's how to the wall we've been pushed.
That Vivek invited me to the debate with him, to be his guest at the debate, in Miami, and I didn't go.
That would have been the biggest story in all of America.
Yeah, well, it didn't happen, did it?
Because the geniuses around here don't have a dollar for me to go do anything.
So, what I wanted to hit on was that this is just one giant tie-up.
Now, when you really think about it, that we have Pete, we have Americans fighting with each other in all the cities over two foreign entities between Hamas and Palestine and Israel.
We're fighting with each other on American soil.
That is straight, that's a straight buyout that is being run against America.
And again, whether you're for the Israelis or for the Muslims, it doesn't matter.
The corporate media is stirring it up on purpose.
And you're the only person that pointed out, or that saw what I saw, where the ADL They are making people anti-semitic.
By the way they behave and the way they treat people.
That's what the ADL does is they say censorship is run by the Jews.
It's not.
It's run by the ADL.
To get Jews persecuted, then the ADL gets more power.
The same way that America gets to blame for our terrible policies, Now, I mean, I know you've seen goodfellas where they bust out the, uh, where they bust out the bar, where they, uh, Pauly goes into business with the guy and then they run everything up on his credit and sell stuff out the back door for a profit.
That's exactly what the central banks are doing to America.
That's what's happening right now.
And that's, we're just being looted.
People are getting what they can while the dollar will still buy something.
That's what's happening to this country.
That's why there's no, idea of like trying to come up with some type of fiscal
plan to...
Because I'll tell you something, it's an easy fix.
We could be Saudi Arabia or Dubai the way that they're building up their infrastructure.
They have no tax.
But since the 60s, we were slated for destruction.
But all it takes is the desire to do it.
I mean, people want to talk about...
And granted, I don't want to live under a Saudi Arabian impression, but it shows you...
That's an example of a country that isn't against its people.
Thanks for the call.
Judy in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Judy.
Hey, Alex.
I would say it's been since 1913 that we were actually slaved for destruction, but that's a whole other conversation.
I look at You know, what used to be free market capitalism, which is exactly what I am.
I'm a free market capitalist.
I think that's the only way to go.
And I talk to the call screener.
It's like, I keep hearing over and over and over again about stakeholder capitalism.
And the people that are using these words are the Klaus Schwab or... Yeah, that means if you're not a mega bank, big corporation, you don't get any say.
And to me, it's also the fact that those that are in agreement with them, the real capos or just anybody that will do the dirty work for them, you know, in hospitals, you know, still practicing COVID protocols and things of that nature, that is, you know, for the time being, because everything is going to go, you know, bankrupt anyway, you know, the bottom is going to fall out.
Everybody's going to see what reality really is at that point.
And then, you know, we'll have the CBDCs, you know, the bars.
And don't worry, you don't have any money, but we've got select corporations propped by the government where you can still get food, but it's bug protein.
You will eat the bugs because they're shutting down.
I mean, the thing is, the future is so horrific.
It's guaranteed, unless the public wakes up, including the minions of the system, at the Justice Department or where else, and says, no, we are on a collision course with hell.
They have put us on a course of destruction.
It is infuriating.
You've touched on something else that I see is in reality, the fact that the lies, the censorship, and the gaslighting If one of your crew members just did a report on the subject of gaslighting, like me calling you a racist, of course you're not a racist, but you know, you're sitting there, you've just been stun gunned, and you're going, well what do I do with this information?
It's not true, but you know, it was just presented to you, you were just shocked.
And that's a lot of what gaslighting does.
It puts a person in a state of... It changes the subject.
You're like, I don't want Klaus Schwab to make me eat bugs.
Oh, you're a racist.
It changes the subject.
Instead of calling you a conspiracy theorist, they call you Hitler, like they're calling Trump.
Saying, oh, Trump wants camps.
Trump wants to put you in jail.
Trump wants to censor you.
No, they're doing all that.
And it's just also the fact that the best, most innocent Americans Skip the break.
the one who's languishing in prison right now being Joe Biggs shaking the fence.
If that is not gaslighting, you know, a really good example of it right there, I
wouldn't know what is. Also, you know, Owen with this free speech, you know, you
don't repent of the fact that you said that the 2020 election was stolen
from President Trump, so you're going to prison for two months. I mean, what is that?
Skip the break. No, I hear you and I appreciate your call.
Got a big gas in the studio coming up.
Let's go ahead and go to Mason in Chicago.
Go ahead, Mason.
Hey, Alex.
You know, as a 22-year-old American like I am now, I'm very fearful of what's going on and everything that's going to be coming on.
And your guest host on Friday talked about something with how Hamas and the protests that are going on in the United States.
And I've just been seeing videos on videos of American flags just being torn off and just thrown on the ground and chanting and everything, you know.
Whether you're black, white, brown, or you're misunderstood, it is very, very simple for us Americans to come together and not put up with this bullshit.
Because I'm pissed, you know.
As much as you are, all of us right now, we're arguing over some really stupid shit.
Stuff that really doesn't have to involve with any of us.
And it's just frustrating for me knowing that... No, I hear you.
Here's the deal.
We're on hundreds of radio stations.
If you can say one cuss word, we just delay you out so people don't hear you on those stations.
You do it again and again, we gotta let you go.
I appreciate your call.
It's fine.
And I'm not mad at you that you're cussing.
It's just I can't handle it anymore.
I hear you and I understand you're frustrated.
And that's another thing.
Democrats can go on CNN and cuss all day.
Alex, can you hear me okay?
news but if we're on talk radio our radio stations get fine because we're
conservatives if you're conservative you defend your house with a gun you go to
jail you're a communist you get worship Secret Service shot at car thieves
they're fine somebody pulls a gun on muggers they go to jail in New York
it's BS Dave in Kansas Dave you're on the air go ahead
can you hear me okay go ahead give it everything that's been going on this
morning I just wanted to share a reading that I come came across with the viewers
and listeners if that's all right with you A reading?
A reading of what?
From the Bible.
Oh, sure, go ahead.
I am Christ in you, the hope of glory.
The one who walks beside you, holding you by your hand, is the same one who lives within you.
This is a deep, unfathomable mystery.
You and I are intertwined in an intimacy involving every fiber of your being.
The light of my presence shines within you as well as upon you.
I am in you and you are in me, therefore nothing in heaven or on earth can separate you from me.
As you sit quietly in my presence, your awareness of my life within you is heightened.
This produces the joy of the Lord, which is your strength.
The God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in me, so that you may bubble over with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for your time, Alex.
A shout out to my buddies, Nick and Deke, and I appreciate you very much.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you so much.
Al in Michigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alec?
First time caller, long time listener.
I got invited to a dinner back in 2003 at a restaurant in Detroit.
I was with this woman, and I didn't know it, but she couldn't pay her car payment, and I couldn't afford to help her.
So, she decided to hook up with some guy, I guess, she told me.
And I didn't know who the guy was, but I got invited to this dinner, and this guy was there.
Well, this was in 2003, right?
Two years ago.
I'm on the internet.
Guess who I see?
Jeffrey Epstein.
Tell me.
That's a trip.
And I'd do a movie for enough money.
But I didn't have nothing to do with him.
I had something to do with her.
But my question to you is, What do you think would happen if the United States stopped supporting Israel?
You know, with Epstein being passed and everything, you know, what do you think would happen?
Well, Israel, I mean, obviously he was beside working with MI6, the CIA to frame people and bribe and black male American politicians.
Israel's got nuclear weapons, so they're not going anywhere, but if the United States stopped supporting Israel, all the politicians that took money or that are having sex with little kids will be exposed, and they release the Epstein list.
And that's how Israel controls America, is through the sex trafficking.
We finally see the list.
Oh no, just like our next guest says.
He's been on national TV and been in the UFC fights and said, Trump's been indicted, but not one person on the Epstein list.
That's how it works.
And again, people say, oh, then you're mentioning Epstein, you're against Israel.
No, Israel's run by corrupt groups just like we are.
The point is, is this is going on.
We just got to tell the truth.
It doesn't mean that I'm for all the Islamicists either.
I agree.
I think, I think personally, they tried to set me up.
It failed.
It failed, they didn't set me up with nobody.
The woman I was with was an adult woman.
But I didn't believe her at the time, Alex.
I talked to her and I said, "Ah, she's full of shit."
I'm sorry, excuse my language, I'm sorry, and I don't know why...
Don't do it again or we're going to cut you off.
Yeah, no, I understand you. You only have one cuss word.
Right. So, um, I didn't know.
I had no idea.
I thought she was lying.
No, that's the thing.
I read in the court cases Epstein was a superstar because he had a bunch of these guys because
he was recruiting in Miami and in Florida up to, in Boca Raton, up to a hundred underage
girls a week.
He had a whole team.
I mean, he was all over the country using sex operatives to blackmail people.
That's why she was telling you probably, I'm speculating, oh hey, I do things for money, is that okay?
Maybe they were trying to recruit you to work with them?
That's what they do is they create these sex networks.
That's how the intelligence agencies operate.
They're called honeypots.
Right, right.
What area do you work in?
I'm speculating.
Why were they trying to recruit you, do you think?
I think what happened is, I ain't gonna say no names or nothing, but I got a relative that worked for Les Waxner, okay?
And I didn't put it all together until later on, until right now, recently, within the last couple years.
But, yeah, they were trying to set me up.
But it wasn't for...
I mean, this is just a giant intelligence operation.
Maybe you work at a nuclear power plant.
Maybe you work in the Navy on submarines.
Maybe you work...
They know you're...
They want key people that they can get compromised.
Because first you have sex with an adult woman.
Next the girl looks young, you can't tell.
See how it works?
So that's how they work.
They use an adult woman to get you, then a 16-year-old, then they say, hey, we got you.
We want to know you're on the team.
This is a 10-year-old.
You understand?
Getting back with the girl I was with before that, we ended up having a kid and raising a family and everything.
So it went a different direction.
No, that's beautiful.
I gotta go, but very interesting.
Believe me.
I believe you.
Epstein was running a giant industrial operation.
And it's in my new book.
And by the way, Peter Nygaard just got convicted of sex trafficking in Canada.
Nygaard was doing it, so was Epstein.
They weren't just trying to create clones or have a bunch of women have babies.
They want the juices, the blood, but mainly the marrow out of the bones and the spinal cord fluid that they inject into themselves.
And they literally have women have babies.
Mainly black women, because they have better stem cells.
It's just a fact.
And then they suck their blood out and inject it into themselves.
Folks, I'm saying this on air and it sounds like a lie.
I swear to you, it's not a lie.
You can't make this up, man.
And then who's running all the race war stuff?
These old, weird, creepy white dudes, man.
Bill Gates, Nygaard, all of them.
These are some sickos.
Because, you know, Count Dracula isn't real, but he just sucks the blood of people, you know, random women.
But the real Count Dracula's have women have their babies, keep them to eight, nine months.
They abort the baby and then they suck every bit of the juice out of them and inject it into their veins.
Is that not the grossest thing you've ever heard of in your life?
By the way, it's in my book.
Nygaard went on TV and said it.
He's got a group of black supermodels with him.
He says, I want your baby right now.
I want you to get pregnant with me, and I want to suck its blood with you.
And the women go, ewww.
He goes, well fine, you don't get the money.
He just brought in more supermodels.
Who's going to give me your baby blood?
You think I'm joking?
We'll pull the clip up.
You cannot make these people up, ladies and gentlemen.
You cannot He's literally a vampire going, I want your black stem cells.
I want your black stem cells.
I want, I want you to have a baby with me.
I want to suck its blood.
And it's on national TV.
What I'm telling you is from a national TV show.
It's in the book.
A transcript.
All right, we got Lana, we got Robin, we got Ava, we got John, we got Flashpoint.
Let's just keep going fast.
Lana here in California.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, um, I've been listening to you for about 20 years.
I first discovered you when I saw your interview with Aaron Rosa and I was like, who is this guy?
It's like my long lost uncle.
Um, but I'm from Kiev, Ukraine.
Originally my family's Jewish.
Um, so I'm super, I was super excited to come to this country.
Um, we almost immigrated to Israel, but we ended up coming to the U S and some of my family did end up going to Jerusalem, but they're there now.
Um, But I'm in California and people out here are definitely, like, very divided.
And I just want to say it's important that we keep talking to people about, like, the truth and stand up for what we believe in.
Because in the Soviet Union, when I was there in the 80s, we were just getting out of it, but it had been like a 40 to 60 year rule of, like, this communist hell.
So once you get into it, it's going to be extremely hard to get out of it.
And it's just, we're kind of going into it.
I can kind of see the sign.
But that's my rant.
No, and I agree with you.
It's bigger than Jews or Muslims or Christians.
There's powerful groups manipulating us against each other.
And that's the big issue, that the Muslims aren't bad, the Jews aren't bad, the Christians aren't bad.
There is a larger manipulation.
That's what I'm trying to say.
Right, and that's what they did in the Soviet Union is imagine everyone there speaks Russian, but they would dress everyone up in their like cultural outfits.
So like the Polish people, the Russian, the Ukrainian, everyone had like a different look.
And so they basically were like, hey, you guys should all fight amongst each other.
And it took a long time for everyone to come out of that.
And everything was good.
Everyone, like when I was there in the 80s, The 90s, everyone was really kind of like, hey, guys, we're in it together.
They're going to try to split us up.
But like, we're not each other's enemy.
And they kind of got that.
But look what's happening now.
They're kind of back to what was going on back in the day.
But keep in mind, it's so easy to put people that speak Russian that are all white.
And so here we're all different races.
And it's like too easy, right?
It's just too easy to do it here because we're just like our backgrounds are so different.
And that's our strength.
And they're using that.
As a weakness against us, basically.
You're absolutely right.
It's all divide and conquer.
We've got to transcend it.
Yeah, so thank you for everything you do.
I know you don't like hearing that, but I listen to you every single day.
No, no, it's not that.
I just want to hear what you have to say.
It's me getting praised all day.
I appreciate it.
It's just, believe me, I just want to hear what you have to say.
Thank you.
And if you want to support us, spread the word about the show, share the articles, support the broadcast, get my book, InfoWarshaw.com.
I'm not bitching.
It can't turn into a worship fest, okay?
Because I'm not that good.
I'm just a common guy that doesn't want to have weird, crazy, rich men that have women have babies so they can suck their blood.
I mean, just come on!
That's not heroic to be against that.
This is not heroic what I'm doing.
And if people got that, we would beat this.
It's not special to know about this.
It's not special to fight this.
It's what you're supposed to do.
That's all I'm saying!
My God, and I'm not mad at the caller, I'm trying to explain this.
It's normal to be against having your electricity cut off and cutting the fuel and food off to the third world.
Who will then collapse and use a weapon against us.
This is life and death, people!
It's going down!
I've been on there 29 years, I tried to stop it, I failed.
Now we're going into it and I am freaked out!
I'm not going to lie to you.
Because I know how dangerous it is.
In the Great Depression, they estimate 7 million people died in the United States alone.
Europe, like 30 million of starvation before World War II.
All over the world, mass death, hundreds of millions died.
They were 80-90% rural then, half of them were self-sufficient.
So 40-something percent of people were fully self-sufficient and 7 million people starved to death.
We're now 90% urban.
And maybe 10% of the rural know how to take care of themselves.
That's 5%.
5% of people know how to take care of themselves.
My dad's got a ranch.
We've got cows.
We grow crops.
We know we're not self-sufficient without the fuel and everything.
So, I know how to run a trot line.
I know how to skin a buck.
I know how to shoot a gun.
I know how to fight.
And I can tell you right now, this thing goes down, I'm dead.
I won't be able to make it.
And the general public is not going to be able to make it at all.
I can drive a bulldozer.
I can drive a tractor.
I can do all of it.
I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn.
I can grow tomatoes and homemade wine, because a country boy can't survive.
But when you've got billions of people cut off, they're going to become a weapon system.
Our special guest is coming up.
We really appreciate him coming to town.
He's exposing Jeffrey Epstein and the New World Order.
Stay with us!
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Tomorrow's news.
People that are boys... And I don't know what that is.
I've never seen one of those before.
People whose gender might be a little bit of both or might even be neither.
Some public schools and libraries invite drag queens, some dressed like torn demons, to read to young children.
Parents' rights are limited, and children's rights are put ahead.
So the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.
Yeah, that child molester just messed with the wrong preschooler.
What makes you think he's a child molester?
Oh, he's a child molester, believe me.
Every child molester I've ever met looks just like that.
And make gay little babies for the whole human race.
Make a world we can live in.
We're the one who you love's not an issue.
We'll- convert your children. What? Happens bit by bit, quietly
and subtly, and you will barely notice it.
You can keep him from disco, warn about San Francisco, make him wear painted pants we don't
care. And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go
And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, Kate.
But that's what's at the heart of this r- Dammit, everything on TV sucks.
It's Alex Jones.
woah aaaaaaaaa
ah the footholding we are going to beat your ass
fire, fire, fire ah
hot [music]
You piece of shit!
You fucking fucking damn fucker!
Listen, fuckhead!
You fucking crossed the line!
Get that through your fucking damn fucking head!
Stop pushing your shit!
We're gonna beat your ass!
You just get that through your stinking traitorous heads!
But I will stomp your head in if you start a fight with me, you thug scum!
You think I'm a coward like you?! !
Uh... I... We're... Uh... Whoa!
I just got invited to give the commencement address at Harvard this year.
That's amazing!
I'm gay!
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
Let's go get that!
Do you get to wear the hat and everything?
Yeah, you bet!
Don't worry.
I see you, enemy!
I see you, enemy!
You are my enemy!
You will pay!
Yeah, you think I don't see your face, scum?
You don't think I don't see you?
I see you, you understand me?
I know what you think of me and my family.
I see you, right back!
You understand that?
You will fall!
You will not bring humanity down!
God will punish you!
God will punish you!
is going to destroy you!
That was cool the way he like...
Joel King "Bow" Bauman is our guest for the next hour. MMA middleweight.
He's been exposing Jeffrey Epstein and his client list.
More people do this, it's game over for the New World Order.
And their blackmail rings.
So spread the word now.
Because more people start having courage. It's infectious.
And it's game over for the globalists.
MITMcZooleyEd.com Secondly, Jimmy Kimmel. Viral this.
I fight to eradicate child malnutrition from the planet.
And until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, you're all pedophiles to me.
King Paul Fowler.
[music playing]
[music playing]
Dr. Fauci, you are so great.
(dramatic music)
Well, he's the middleweight contender, Joel King-Baubaumann, and he joins us, savekids.myalovea.com and redpillthreads.com.
All right, Joel, thank you so much for being here with us, flying in from New Mexico.
I know you were on with Owen.
I wanted to get you on.
Owen can't be here.
He's in jail for his free speech right now, according to the judge.
Unprecedented times, but...
You've really been exposing Epstein and the Epstein List and pointing out that Trump has been indicted, but nobody on the Epstein List has.
But thank God, billionaire fashion mogul Peter Nygaard found guilty of sexual assault in Toronto.
And that just happened yesterday as the jury came in on Sunday.
This guy was big pals with Epstein doing unspeakable stuff.
So great to have you here, sir.
Thank you.
Well, man, you got, I mean, Tell us how you woke up.
Tell us about yourself.
You're living in Mexico.
You're kicking ass here.
And this is an amazing... You were pointing out to me, hey, it's all war.
It's definitely all war.
I grew up in a small town in Minnesota.
It's called Kirkhoven.
I grew up on a farm.
I was the only African-American in a small community of Norwegians.
My dad is a big fan of your show.
Oh, wow.
And people like Roger Stone, and he always put things in my mind.
To question everything.
I wanted to be a high-level CIA agent or special ops.
And he always said, well, that's probably not smart because then you'll be expendable.
So I always just questioned things.
And when the George Floyd riots started to happen, I was up in Minnesota and I started speaking out against it.
And I started a show called Am I Cancelled Yet?
Where I would essentially talk about all of the things I'm not supposed to.
And it started to take off, and I told people that four years ago, before all of this was happening, that they were gonna use the riots to essentially usher in communism.
And here we are, four years later.
Tell us about your new shirt!
Yes, so this is redpillthreads.com.
You can go check them out.
My boy Garrett makes these shirts.
He reached out to me, I believe in his mission, and he just sent me a bunch of shirts that I liked and this is one of them.
I think that we need to start using our voices because we're at war.
And if you don't think that we're at war, then you are absolutely oblivious to what has happened to places like Rome.
They are destroying our country right now.
And if you can't wake up for it, then you're just a casualty of war.
And I will not be that.
Well, tell us about your daddy.
He sounds like a smart guy because they advertise, join the CIA for the alpha males, join, you know, all these things.
But really, you are expendable under their control.
When they're done with you, they flush you down the toilet.
I mean, growing up, he was always big into, you know, he loved the war movie, Saving Private Ryan, all of that.
And I wanted to be an alpha male.
I wanted to be a warrior.
I worshipped the samurai growing up.
I felt like that was going to be my path, but I ended up wrestling at the University of Minnesota for Jay Robinson, one of the greatest coaches in Division 1 history, who was an Army Ranger, and I thought that was good enough.
And I wanted to essentially fight, you know, mixed martial arts instead.
I felt that would be a worthy path, and that I could have a purpose and a mission behind that.
And now I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition, and that's why I do what I do.
And you're moving up right to the top, right?
I was looking at your record.
When are you going to get the big middleweight championship fight?
I mean, so I'm the most talked about UFC fighter, not in the UFC.
So I'm not currently signed with the UFC promotion, never have been.
But I won UFC Fight Pass interview of the year in 2022 for the Jimmy Kimmel callout.
So that's the weird thing.
They don't let everybody even into that.
That's a whole other subject.
He's in some people think that that is, um, I don't bend over.
I don't, uh, you know, I speak my mind.
I say what I want and that might offend some people, but what do you make of
we'll roll the footage, Tucker Carlson.
And I mean, the good thing about it, at least the fight culture is
they seem to be anti-globalist.
There's Trump and Tucker Carlson standing ovation.
What would happen if Joe Biden went into one of these fights?
Oh, he would get bored.
Oh, he would for sure get booed.
Everybody knows he's not even the president.
He's a puppet.
How would you describe the culture of MMA?
The culture of MMA is very... I think it's red-pilled because it has to be because the only reason you would watch two people fight is because you have the old school You respect men.
You respect men for being men.
I feel like combat is the highest form of just competition.
And there's nothing closer to that than MMA.
So I think that that is why so many people are drawn to it, whether it be women, men, everybody is drawn to fighting.
And they tried to outlaw all normal human activity.
They have Gillette commercials where a guy asks a girl out and that's rape, but then pedophilia and drag queen story time is okay.
They're trying to outlaw normal human behavior.
So this is like one of the last passages of that.
So I look at it as the best way to get my mission out there of saving children.
You know, I'm a father and I moved away from my kids to pursue this career so that I could get the word out about saving children.
My company's goal is to save children.
That was that my aloe vera that saved kids dot my aloe vera a love a dot com.
I fought to get that mission out there because I think that we need to fight for things that we believe in and I believe that no child should die.
I believe that no child should have to be trafficked, have to get touched or raped by
people that are despicable humans.
And if I can find a way to get that mission out to everybody, then I will fight for that
What got you focused on Jeffrey Epstein?
My company, honestly.
I was adopted.
I grew up adopted.
Like I said, I was given a chance at life.
My mother chose the parents I have now because they were Christian and she wanted me to grow up in a Christian household.
And I always looked at my life as a blessing and a gift.
When I was introduced to my company and our CEO Sam Castor, all of his children were adopted.
His goal is to save the world's children with our incredible food technology called Ace Manon.
After donating this technology to an orphanage in Romania that was losing 60 kids a year, no child died.
I heard that story after being given my life back from this company and I said, I will fight.
For this cause, because I feel like I was given life to potentially save all of these children.
So, that's how it happened.
Well, I could ask a thousand questions, but you got the floor.
You're talking a couple million people.
What do you want to say to folks?
I want to say that we're at war, and people like Alex are putting it all on the line.
People like myself are putting it all on the line for you and for other people.
So, support us however you can, because we need it.
How would you describe the period of time we're in right now?
Psy-op and information overload.
Because if they overload us with information, then you don't know what the truth is.
So a lot of people are being polarized, because when you're polarized and you're emotional, you're not logical.
So you have to remain logical in times of war.
So don't take in all the information.
Take in sources like Alex.
Take in sources like myself that can give it to you straight.
What do you think is going to happen in the election?
We're only less than 12 months out now.
Are we going to have an election?
They may try to stop it, yeah.
I mean...
I don't think that we're going to make it there.
I don't know.
And how are they going to cancel it?
I agree with you.
A giant war assassinating Trump and Biden?
Well, I mean, they told us aliens, you know, Project Blue Bean.
They're hyping that up.
They have that up their sleeve.
They have the border wide open.
They have sleeper cells in the country right now, you know, from the UN, so they could do another false flag, whether it's the Las Vegas shooter style, or whatever, whatever you wanna, I mean, there's so many options, but there again, it is, how do we get people swarmed with information that just takes our focus away from what's important, and what's important is love, and not falling for the PSYOP.
Well, I mean, I mean, I followed some of your work, see, I know and know who you are, but I mean, personally, you're a really smart, impressive guy.
It's nature and nurture.
Imagine if you would have been stuck somewhere poor with a single mother.
what your future would have been but because you were actually given an opportunity to be who you are
now you're doing fantastically and you look at the global trying to cut off the resources trying
to isolate everybody trying to make everybody poor to literally attack our youth that shows
how sick they are. Yeah well the youth is the future and they know that.
So that's why they have to corrupt it.
If they can push this communism and socialism and all of this stuff, I mean, I was in college in 2012, and it was becoming very apparent what the agenda was.
And if they can continue to attack the children, they can continue to attack the future.
So we have to protect the children.
We have to talk about truth.
You have many people come over here from communist countries, and they tell you the horrors of communism, and then they want to push socialism and Marxism here.
It doesn't make any sense.
Black Lives Matter was a communist organization.
It was a Marxist organization.
They stole millions and millions and billions of dollars.
Did billions of dollars.
It was billions, yeah.
Billions of dollars.
And Roger George Soros.
So, we have to take out the emotion.
We have to be able to see things for what they are.
And I think now people are seeing things for what they are and we're winning.
Wow, so what's your advice to President Trump?
Because he's got problems, he's not perfect, but man, the system hates him.
Why do they hate him?
And I'm just fully backing him because I'm attacked because I back him, but I have to back him because overall I know the really bad guys don't like him, but why don't they like him?
Well, I think they don't like him because he was the first one to really attack the pedophile organizations.
He was the first one to really go after pedophiles and arrest them.
He did, yeah.
And then Biden took it all away for his day at office.
So, for those that don't know, you got the background, I forget to say this.
Biden, three months ago, they have a $100 DNA test, takes like half a day.
Like, this doesn't look like your dad or mom, you have no ID.
They can tell if they're an aunt, an uncle, a mother, a father, out like five third cousins.
They stopped testing and the Senate admits in hearings they just give kids to people who aren't even their parents.
I mean, wow!
You're right, Trump stopped that.
So he cut off the flow of kids.
What are they doing with these kids?
We know what they're doing with the kids.
It's terrible.
What do you think Hollywood is all built off of?
It's all built off of baby blood and bending over to each other.
I mean, ugh, it's disgusting.
It's Petra, bud.
That's why I feel strong everywhere, even in New York.
I kind of get a chill.
DC, I got a chill, but in LA, I won't go there because I'm a little like Samson with his hair cut off.
I feel weak when I'm there.
You feel that?
Oh, I went there.
We did the Jimmy Kimmel Challenge.
Hashtag Jimmy Kimmel Challenge.
And when I was there and I went to Jimmy Kimmel Studio Live, I could only be there for two hours.
So even though we're strong, what is it that makes us like...
You're an empath, bro.
You care about people.
You've been on the air for 20 years trying to tell people, hey, this is what's about to happen.
For the last four years, bro, I've been trying not to hate humanity because I have answers for problems and solutions, and yet it's like trying to gather cats to the information.
It is.
So I can understand, like, you just had a little blow up and you don't- That was real.
I know, but you don't need to apologize for that because my closest friends know I have a heart of gold and I want to win for humanity.
But sometimes it's just like...
Humanity pisses you off.
That's what happens.
Humanity pisses you off.
Because we just get them awake, we can stop this.
It's so easy.
Like you said, I don't feel like I'm a hero for wearing a shirt that everybody should be talking about right now.
Everybody should be talking about, where's the list?
Where's the client list?
Now I'm getting pissed.
Now I'm getting pissed.
People say, it's key to say this, this is the default position.
Yeah, I'm gonna go.
Once we have the idea that we gotta do this, it's over.
It's not like, oh, it's some special thing we do one hour a week.
It's gotta be the full scope.
I have lost, and you as well.
I've lost sponsorships.
I've lost money.
I've gone broke pretty much over the last four years to try and put a mission out to people about saving children and about Calling out the people that are on this list, and we've been doing this for however many years, and we still don't have answers.
What are we doing?
What are we doing?
But the good news is it's everywhere viral, sometimes trims every week, Epstein List.
So it's working.
It's just going to be hard.
You're like rolling that big boulder up the hill.
I'm grateful, but we need more people, man.
We need more people like you and myself to just say, I'm not playing the game anymore.
I'm not playing the game anymore.
I could have been in Hollywood doing many things, music, movies, but I never wanted to sell out.
I never wanted to sell my soul.
And now it's like, you don't want to ask for help.
But we all have to come together, otherwise we lose.
Once you refuse Hollywood, because I never really liked it, but they gave me some movies, wanted me to be there.
But once you refuse it, then it becomes clear it was a curse to ever take it.
Can you imagine being there and you said it?
They don't just screw kids.
They make particularly powerful men literally bend over for these Hollywood producers because it's an act of power.
I have a song with Jimmy Levy that's about to drop, and me and Jimmy have done podcasts.
Oh, he's awesome.
Jimmy's awesome.
And he's told me some of the horror stories, and it's like... Were they leading him into these satanic events?
Happened to Mark Dice.
Happened to me.
And if I were to see that, like, I don't think I would have made it out of the room.
I don't think I would have.
For those who don't know, you go in a room, there's a bunch of old men and obviously 16-year-old
girls and they want you to be part of this with them to join their club.
Yeah, yeah.
Jimmy went pretty vague detail or graphic detail when we were talking about it.
It's just like, I'm so grateful that I've always followed my heart.
You know, I have a group called The Undeniables.
We're about to release an album, and our whole thing is we never had to use Hollywood.
We never had to sell our souls to get to where we are.
We did everything from our heart and our soul, and now we're being rewarded.
And Hollywood's going down.
And we are winning.
I used to get called up there to be on TV shows, movies, you name it.
I would still do it.
I didn't like it.
But then I remember a couple times I was like, A-list Hollywood parties.
And I didn't see any kids, but people are like, Hey, are you, are you good for this?
Cause there's about to be some, you know, really young girls here.
What do you mean?
Like, well, if you're into 16 year old girls, you need to go.
No, it's real.
People don't want to believe it's real, but it is.
these girls that look like they were 15 they were all extremely beautiful I
wasn't attracted to them and I was like I'm getting out of here I mean that's
par for the course that's just the entry level. Yeah no it's real people don't
want to believe it's real but it is and this is where it's like they can keep
the veil over people's eyes for the longest time but at some point in time
you have to you're an energy person That's why you get so worked up.
I know.
I watch you.
I feel your heart.
I respect you as a person because you're able to empathetically do things for humanity.
You don't need to be doing this.
You haven't needed to be on air for 20 years as it stressed you out, as it aged you.
I don't need to be making videos.
I don't need to be fighting.
Why am I doing it?
Because I feel like I'm called to.
That's right, because I feel like God has put me here to be a beacon of light.
I do not want to be away from my kids.
I do not want to fight.
I truly don't.
I'm good at it.
I get it.
I understand the art of war, and I've been blessed with the capability.
Did you get stronger once you didn't care, though?
Oh, yes.
I used to care about what people thought all the time, and that was my weakness.
And now I have no shame.
I can't care.
Because my children are watching.
That's a powerful thing!
Yeah, my children are watching me.
This is legacy.
This is daddy's legacy.
Daddy is doing everything.
If I am a reason that no child died, who, for malnutrition any longer, who can say anything?
Nobody can say anything about my legacy.
My legacy is cemented.
When we feed the 3 million children, or the 6 million children that die every year from malnutrition because I decided to fight, I decided to come on platforms like this and tell people how they could participate.
Tell people about food technologies that biohack the body.
Let's talk about that next segment.
Nothing against O'Connor McGregor, but so narcissistic, so Luciferian, so into himself, he's a clown.
And all these other, you know, you go back to the previous heavyweight fighters.
I mean, I can think of their names that are so in themselves.
Imagine how much more powerful they'd be if they did it for the people.
That's why my name is King Bao.
And that's why my legacy will be different.
Because None of this is about me.
I wish that it was.
I wish that I would have so much more money.
I would have so much more money right now.
I would have so much more comfort.
I live in a gym.
But more money, more problems.
Yeah, exactly.
I would be soulless.
I've had money before.
I lost it.
And it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I had money at a young age.
I want to go to break and talk about the food operation.
Did you see the guys that drilled 100 wells and the liberals criticized them in Africa?
Mr. Beast, yeah.
Because the UN could do that.
They don't want to.
They literally don't do anything.
They steal all the money.
What's the best website for people to find all the work you're doing?
Um, alovea.com.
Well, you're doing a great job.
I watched you on Owen, loved you on the show.
You got a great voice.
You can do voiceovers too.
Imagine you doing an ad for, uh, for someone who wouldn't hire you, like for an insurance company or something.
Hey, I used to do that.
They thought I was a liberal because I was criticizing George W. Bush for war.
As soon as Obama got in, one year I was paid like almost a million bucks for a voiceover because I was in the Screen Actors Guild.
I didn't even know how to get the money.
I put it into free speech systems in the show, but they literally were like, well, now you've got to get off your politics or I can't renew the contract.
They killed it all over politics.
Just crazy, yeah.
That's nuts.
I'm not bragging, it's just an interesting story about voiceovers.
So I'll tell you, you've got a good voice on my line, too.
Alright, King Bowser, our guest, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouts into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subjecting your submission.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the InfoWar.
Middleweight contender Joel Bauman, great guy, really smart, is our guest.
King Bao with us.
He's going to be on The War Room at 3 o'clock central, but not with Owen Shore, who's been in the studio with before, because Owen is in jail for his speech.
Quite a big deal.
So we're talking about big picture here, and I cannot impress upon people enough the critical time we're in.
The world government, the Castle Society, Forced injections.
It's all being rolled out.
And people need to understand resisting is only going to make it better for them.
Rolling over is going to make it a lot worse.
I mean, if you are not ready for war, I've been preparing for war for the last four years.
I look at all of this as war.
The reason I started doing videos, again, speaking out after the George Floyd riots in Minnesota, kind of ostracizing myself, was I knew that this was the ploy for communism.
So, If you don't understand that this is the end game, then you're screwed.
You need to start doing whatever it takes.
First off, detoxing.
Health is wealth.
You have to detox.
Secondly, stop watching and putting Information in your mind that's based in fear.
All they want you to do is to be afraid and to be emotional.
The moment you're afraid and emotional, they have you.
So, be aware of your thoughts and what you give your attention to and make sure you're not diving into the fear porn.
That's how they take away your sovereignty more than anything.
Keep going.
You got the floor.
I appreciate that.
I mean, ultimately, ultimately take back control of your health.
Like I said, detoxing is very important.
Things like oil pulling, being able to just swish oil in your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes a day.
That that is an incredible, incredible What are vibration plates?
to many different things.
Coffee enemas, I know that sounds crazy, but coffee enemas, also detoxing the liver,
vibration plates, these are just some things that I do to keep my system optimal.
Vibration plates will help the adrenal glands.
And what are vibration plates?
You stand on it and they vibrate.
Oh yeah.
So all of that, I mean, mind, body, some people don't like when you say mind, body, spirit, but when you feel good, you feel good.
If you eat terrible foods, then you're not going to feel good.
And that is how they get you.
You talked about it.
There's now BS in all of the food.
It's not that I follow everything I say, but I know what's going on.
Did you see this out of Discovery Magazine, out of AP, out of Daily Mail?
The Mercury making the birds gay.
They're gonna attack us for this, but it literally does it.
First it was the frogs, and now it's the birds.
You've called it all, my friend.
Well, no, it's all, I wouldn't call it, it was just all in the documents, but then they attack when we cover it.
They know exactly what they're doing, because then you don't have any children.
Yes, and they're attacking the nuclear family.
If they can attack the nuclear family and they can make men less men, and women more like men, they win.
And that's what they're trying to do.
So, now is the time to take control of your health, your mind, and your attention, because your attention is your spirit.
What you give your attention to matters.
What's your predictions for the future?
Oh, shit.
I hope, I'm hoping it's not anarchy.
But I don't see how at this point it can't be.
I feel like the men are going to have to rise again, like old.
We are the only, there's not been a generation in history that hasn't experienced war.
So to think that we're going to get out of it is very, very talish.
They have 30- we've never had a mil- have we ever had a million soldiers in another country?
I don't- I don't think we've, like, in Iraq.
Did we have a million soldiers in Iraq?
No, we did in World War II, but that was it.
Okay, so, they have 30 million, probably, we don't know, 30 million people here that have crossed the border.
Military age men.
We have China and Russia coming together.
This is not looking good for our country if we're talking optics of war.
I am preparing for war.
I don't see how we don't have it.
I feel like this is China cashing in.
I feel like China is cashing in right now.
I feel like all these other countries, Iran, they're all cashing in.
On the anarchy China owns Hollywood.
They're the ones that have put all of this information out there to make our society weaker to push us towards communism to do all of the gender and the pronouns and the it's all Marxism.
It's all how do we get people to compete against one another because the moment we compete against one another we stop thinking about threats on the outside and Now it's a perfect opportunity for them to come in and cash in.
So I am locked and loaded.
I have my small little group of people that we know what we're going to do and when and if it hits.
But it's not enough for a small group of people to come together.
It's not enough and that's why I think you're freaking out because you get it.
You see the grand picture.
If the Spartans had 300 people and they could take on an army of hundreds of thousands, then How can you?
I hear people say all the time, America's got all the guns.
We got all the guns.
Well, it's okay if we got all the guns.
But if they have 30 million people that have phones from the U.N.
or are getting guns, shall we say, from specific... And the police, when they get shot at, won't even shoot back now because they're so scared.
We are so, we are so, and the FBI says the main threat is Trump supporters and populists.
The FBI's are saying you're not going to even get ready.
You're going to lay out of this.
So if they can coordinate all of the things that they're coordinating, I would bet on 30 million coordinated people over 300 million.
You would have to.
I agree.
I mean, look at one rogue guy in Maine.
They couldn't even stop him.
Imagine tens of millions.
They're almost all military age men.
How many people did the Las Vegas shooter take out?
A lot.
60-something people or 50 people, I forget.
Okay, so that's one person.
One person took out 60 people.
This is what people don't get.
And if there's an attack, men won't be like with the tower shooter back in the 60s in Austin.
They'll wait for the police to come save them, and the police just put on their body armor and stand around for hours.
Look at Yvalde.
It was over an hour plus, they just sat there putting hand sanitizer on their hands.
There's video of that.
All the kids were being killed.
Colin, help me, help me.
Yeah, I was literally just about to bring that up.
When they didn't even go in after the kids.
It's now or never, ladies and gentlemen.
Because they're so trained by political correctness.
Political correctness and docileness.
I think that it's been created.
I think that they have allowed people to rely on a system all while they deteriorate that system over the last few years.
That's, well, I'm, you're, exactly.
They make you depend on the system, then they get rid of the system.
Yes, that's what they've been doing.
So now, I mean, even if you look at government assistance, right?
They try to get the black community or the poor community all on government assistance.
Now, the poor communities are complaining about the refugees that they got coming in.
They're communities that they gotta compete with.
And this footage is so archetypal.
They wait for over an hour and a half while kids die, or 76 minutes, whatever it was, an hour and 50 minutes.
And then they sit there and he goes over to the hand sanitizer thing.
He's so worried about getting COVID while kids are begging on the cell phone,
"Help me, help me," and they're killing him because they're waiting for orders.
And I'm not saying I'm the toughest guy around, but if the kids were getting killed begging for help, I'm not going to follow the police chief's orders.
I don't think you would have.
Well, it's because you have a soul, Alex.
You just got upset for righteous reasons because you want to execute at the highest level for humanity, for people.
I get so upset because I have, for the last eight years, I've been trying to tell people about the importance of health and about the importance of biohacking the body.
Oh yeah, I interrupted.
Get back into what you do and like orphanages.
Eastern Europe has a horrible record with orphanages.
You're saying it's nutrition.
Yeah, so, long story short, for the last eight years I've been trying to tell people inflammation is the root cause of every bad thing that happens.
Don't make it a long story short, just tell them.
Go ahead, start over.
Okay, so, uh, eight years ago I was wrestling at the University of Minnesota and I suffered my fifth concussion and was told I would never compete again.
My buddy had reached out to me and told me about this food technology company that was launching in our area.
And I sat down and he showed me our all-natural anti-inflammatory product called Limitless.
Long story short, Futureceuticals is the research firm for the oldest organic farm in America, and they had bought the patent to extract what's called betaline from beets.
Betaline is the anti-inflammatory property found in a beet, but it's attached to the sugar molecule.
So, what they did is they bought the patent to extract the betaline from the sugar molecule.
So, in one capsule of this product is 500 beats worth of betaline, which lowers the inflammatory markers in a human by 47% in 90 minutes.
Inflammation, everybody needs to hear this, inflammation is the root cause of every bad thing in our body.
So, if you can naturally lower inflammation markers, inflammatory markers, at a cellular level, By 47% in 90 minutes, what do you think the possibilities are?
Well, the possibilities are endless.
For me, I was medically cleared to wrestle after being told I'd never compete again while being out for three and a half months dealing with what I told you I was dealing with.
I've seen what some people will consider miracles.
And so this was the company that I was showed or shown Eight years ago, that has radically transformed my life and thousands of other people's lives.
Then we were bought out by a gentleman named Sam Castor, who is here from Texas, as someone that you would definitely, definitely should consider having on your show.
This man is a genius.
He started donating this Ace Manon technology.
Ace Manon is the world's most naturally researched molecule on the planet.
Over a hundred million dollars of research.
In over 147 peer-reviewed studies to show what it does in the human body, and what it does is it creates stem cells better than anything else, and it all comes from food.
It comes from the aloe vera plant.
That's why we are called aloe vera.
Love is in the middle.
Aloe vera.
And that's why the system wants to feed us all this processed bug protein that's cancerous.
They don't want us to have, like they tried to block all the therapeutics during COVID.
Yes, you get it a hundred percent.
So that's the other reason why I am so adamant because Sam started donating this technology.
Yeah, all of his children are adopted.
He built a company called Manatech in the early 90s that did very, very well.
Billions of dollars in sales because of this ace man in technology.
Well, he started donating it to an orphanage in Romania.
And after one year, they didn't lose one child from malnutrition.
Because a lot of these kids will get sick.
They will get a cold.
They will get a flu.
And they will get sick and they will die because they have no immune system.
Well, Ace Manning turns on the immune system better than anything else.
And it's not even close.
This is all documented.
This should be everywhere.
Everybody should know about Ace Manning, and if you haven't heard about it, it's a sin from the pharmaceutical companies and all of the research that's done and already readily available.
The Science Behind Aloe.
If you don't know that book, I bought one of the last two copies on Amazon.
It's called The Science Behind Aloe, and it goes over all... And I've seen MSM saying, aloe vera is cancerous.
Have you seen those headlines?
It's because they have to try to attack the food because that's what God gave us.
They have to try to attack the women because that's what God gave us.
They have to try to attack men.
Everything that God gives us, they have to try to attack.
And God gave us everything in the food to be able to do everything that we need to do to heal itself.
So long story short, yet again, Sam donates this technology to an orphanage in Romania that's losing 60 kids a year.
After one year, no child dies.
He goes, Oh my God, I can save the world's children with this model.
We should do a buy one, nourish two model.
He goes back to his shareholders at Manatech and says, Hey, I want to introduce a buy one, nourish two model.
Meaning Sam, the Tom Shoes.
If you buy a pair, we give a pair.
With our customer base, we could immediately put a dent in Childhood Malnutrition because they were a public company.
They said no.
So he left that company and he went and looked for another one.
He met our old President at a Food Technology Summit.
And a couple months go by and the gentleman that helped him extract Ace Manon from his first company says, Sam, you're never going to guess what.
We found a way to extract Ace Manon and make it four times more bioavailable than what you had at Manatech.
Mind you, that was a multi-billion dollar company.
So he goes, what are you going to do with it?
He says, I don't know.
He says, you're going to donate that technology to me and I'm going to use it to save the world's children.
So then he met our old CEO, who told him about the limitless technology, the anti-inflammatory.
In Sam's mind, he goes, if I can fuse Ace Manon and this all-natural anti-inflammatory, we will have the most powerful superfood product on the planet.
This will be the biggest food technology on the planet, and here we are to date.
We've sent over 50 million servings of nourishment to children.
We're partnered with some of the biggest people around the world, some big names like Vicente Fox, ex-president of Mexico.
Mohammed Yousef.
Some of the biggest names in this space and we will eradicate malnutrition from the globe.
We'll give it to Vincente Fox, he's involved.
Yes, and so the goal is, this is the goal, just so everybody knows, the goal is the moment we get three million customers on this product line, and mind you, we now know from the you-know-whats, we know that they cause what?
Anything itis, everybody listen.
Everything itis is inflammation.
And I just told you about it.
This is it.
This is my one shot right here.
And I'm telling you right now, public enemy number one after this.
Well, I'm no scientist, but I've talked to all the scientists.
They say anti-inflammation is the way to go.
And I know beats and all that stuff is amazing.
And that shows why.
They want boxed, processed, radiated garbage.
That's all we eat because then we have no immune system.
They take away the immune system from the foods that you're eating in the middle of the aisles.
Let's talk about the shots.
Insurance companies, record death, live expectancy plummeting.
They now admit in their own Pfizer studies the shot doubles your chance of heart attacks, myocarditis.
Why were they so ballsy?
Because they knew this would happen.
It was in the FDA documents in October 2020 before they rolled it out.
What's their plan, do you think, to roll something out they knew would kill people?
Absolutely, they want to kill people, but how do they think they're going to get away with it?
I don't think, well, when enough people die, I mean, they got all the military.
They got a majority of the military.
So they already hit us.
They think once they hit us, it's a soft kill.
Well, that's it.
Yeah, I mean, now if it's what they say it is, and it's the waiting game, and they're just waiting.
Well, it definitely is.
It killed the rats and cut their lives in half.
Some die right away, some die later.
They already killed billions of people.
So now it's the waiting game.
If they have to wait another year, Right?
Because how much do we have?
Day until election. $3.58.
Well, the cancers are off the charts, the heart attacks are off the charts.
The good news is, though, there's a lot of mitigating things.
People are detoxing on their own.
Yes, and that's why I'm so adamant about this, because when you lower inflammation at the cell, that is everything.
It's not enough to just detox.
You have to lower inflammation at the cell.
Stu Peters is one of my good friends.
He got the documentary Final Days and died suddenly.
We see what is happening in the body.
Blood clots and clumps.
That is inflammation.
I just told you a way that we can fight that, and as you take our products, you're saving children.
The moment we get 3 million people on this product line, we reach the 6 million kids a year that die from malnutrition, and we eradicate malnutrition from the globe.
When this happens, many people will be rewarded financially.
I will become a billionaire and live off of 1% of my income and donate the rest.
Fuck Bill Gates.
Well it's true they're suppressing all the real technologies and Gage is obsessed with suppressing nutrition.
And the chitin shells of bugs are super poisonous and it's already thousands of products on the shelves.
Already bug proteins already everywhere.
Well speaking of bugs...
Didn't you just see Bill Gates came out and said, oh, there's a new mosquito virus that's going to start attacking.
Did this dude just release a bunch of mosquitoes?
Genetically modified mosquitoes?
I mean, think about it.
Everything that this man does, it's just like, well, there's going to be a new pandemic.
How's that going to happen, Bill?
I don't know.
Then we roll out some shots, people start dropping like flies.
Now there's going to be a mosquito virus after he releases a bunch of- And his boss is Warren Buffett, who promises another more deadly virus is about to hit us.
And they just said it was a mosquito virus.
So put it together.
Put it together, folks.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't deal with people being stupid.
Joe Bauman, King Bao, you are impressive.
You're going to be on in one hour with I think Chase Geiser and Harrison Smith are doing the war room today.
Harrison Smith, what are you going to cover in that hour?
Man, people stop being stupid.
That's it.
We've got a minute until break.
What else do you want to add?
Like I said, I think that when people understand the call to action is to become sovereign, and how you become sovereign is to become sovereign of mind, body, and spirit.
You'll understand the importance of what I'm telling you.
The foods that you eat are causing inflammation, sickness, and death.
The medications that you take are causing inflammation and death.
I just told you about an all-natural anti-inflammatory that can save you and save children.
You can get it by going to savekids.myalovea.com and as you get healthy, we will save children and we will take back control.
This is how we take back control.
No, you're right.
They're trying to block the therapeutics, and I know the research you're talking about, it's dead on.
All right, Joe Bauman, thank you so much for being with us.
I'll give you some lunch, hang out, and in one hour...
We're on The War Room with Harrison Smith, because Harrison's great, but Owen is in jail, the judge said, for his free speech in the sentencing document.
I know I keep saying that, it's just so surreal that we know it's for free speech, but they said it is.
They're moving it out in the open, folks.
They can't hide it anymore.
God bless you, man.
Great to have you here.
Hope you come back a lot with us.
Yes, great.
Alright, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back in five more minutes, hit some of the news, finish up with Ava calling from California.
Thank you so much, sir.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Finally, after close to a year, in early November, where I'm cutting this ad, we finally
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say,
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight.
You better believe you got one.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
People that are boys, they're people that are girls.
And I don't know what that is, I've never seen one of those before.
People whose gender might be a little bit of both, or might even be neither.
Some public schools and libraries invite drag queens, some dressed like torn demons, to read to young children.
Parents' rights are limited, and children's rights are put ahead.
So the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.
Yeah, that child molester just messed with the wrong preschooler.
What makes you think he's a child molester?
Oh, he's a child molester, believe me.
Every child molester I've ever met looks just like that.
And make gay little babies for the whole human race.
Make a world we can live in.
We're the one who you love's not an issue.
We'll get it done.
convert your children. What? Happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly, and you will barely notice it.
You can keep him from disco, warn about San Francisco, make him wear painted pants we don't
care. And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go
And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, Kate.
But that's what's at the heart of this r- Dammit, everything on TV sucks.
It's Alex Jones.
Come on!
We're gonna beat your ass!
(Distorted voice) Info.com.
You piece of shit!
You fucking fucking damn fucker!
Listen, fuckhead!
You fucking crossed the line!
Get that through your fucking damn fucking head!
Stop pushing your shit!
We're gonna beat your ass!
You just get that through your stinking traitorous heads!
But I will stomp your head in if you start a fight with me, you thug scum!
You think I'm a coward like you?! !
Uh... I... We're... Uh... Whoa!
I just got invited to give the commencement address at Harvard this year.
That's amazing!
I'm gay!
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* *Groans*
*Groans* Let's go get that!
Do you get to wear the hat and everything?
Yeah, you bet.
Don't worry.
I see you, enemy!
I see you, enemy!
You are my enemy!
You will pay!
Yeah, you think I don't see your face, scum?
You don't think I don't see you?
I see you, you understand me?
I know what you think of me and my family!
I see you, right back!
You don't understand that!
You don't understand that.
You will fall!
You will not bring humanity down!
God is going to destroy you!
That was cool the way he like...
Infowars.com [Gibberish]
Alright, I held over.
The great Joseph Linde has taken over, but I promise you that Ava in California, we don't leave any caller behind.
So Ava, stay there.
Back on the other side.
And then coming up in one hour, The War Room with Owen Schroer.
Though he's in prison, so we'll have Harrison Smith.
Only you can silence us if you don't share the articles and videos and pray for us and get the products at Infowars.com.
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The Great Awakening.
Gerald Solenta is about to take over.
We want to finish up with Ava in California.
But first, another big story up on Infowars.com right now.
We're going to get her on this week about it.
She's having the hearing as we speak.
She wants to see it.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Marjorie Taylor Greene holds congressional hearing on COVID vaccine injuries in Congress.
They lied to us for years alongside a panel of expert witnesses.
She's exposing truth behind the COVID-19 vaccines.
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is hosting a hearing on COVID-19 vaccine injuries today, which features a panel of experts on the poison shots.
Greene will be joined by special guest Dr. Robert Malone.
Dr. Kimberly Biss, Thomas Renz, the great lawyer, in a hearing for injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccines this Monday.
It's going on starting right now.
It started about an hour ago.
So imagine how bad things would be if we weren't here fighting.
They tried new COVID rollouts in the last three months, but we got ahead of it, you got ahead of it, and we backed it off.
We're not winning the war yet, but we're starting to gain ground, and starting to push back, and starting to win.
So thank you all for your support.
Badgen Army Lives, all of us together have saved, exposing the poison shots, the GMOs.
All of it.
So we got to stay on air as long as we can and be as hardcore as we can.
And that's why I've told listeners, we need your support.
We have all these other talk shows on all these other great individuals and they're trying to fund their own operations and fight for liberty.
The bottom line is we need our own economy where humans fund pro-human operations.
And so, Limbaugh never had other guests on other than like Charlton Heston or Dick Cheney or, you know, whoever.
He had like one guest a year.
We have constant guests.
Limbaugh said, well, all the money's mine.
And he had a bunch of mansions and private jets and I'm not attacking Rush Limbaugh.
He did a lot of good work.
Some bad warmongering.
But before he died, he woke up.
Luckily, I was able to wake up way before I died.
But it's a process.
But we're just here to promote everybody, and we're fighting as hard as we can.
But InfoWars is a mothership.
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Sweet peace be with you, and the First Amendment martyrs J6 POWs that are in this Udita.
store.com or triple-a two five three three one three nine Ava thanks for
holding from California here are tell Gunnar before Gerald Cilente takes over
sweet peace be with you and the First Amendment martyrs j6 POWs that are in
this booty Tom Alex yes do you find octopus or calamari a ski
Um, I don't like octopus.
I've had it.
I like calamari.
Those juicy legs with those numerous various sizes of suckers?
Mmm, I find them tasty.
Our country is in the grip of an octopus.
Coup d'etat, right?
Some Americans are being squeezed.
Some are harassed, and some are being possessed, as in eaten.
The USA has been, and is, in a full, straight up, call it, coup d'etat.
Which is French for coup d'etat.
Now I hear you, and I think the octopus or squid analogy is apt.
The law of a coup.
The pain of a coup.
I hear you and I appreciate your call.
All right.
The great Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster, takes over right now.
Can't wait to hear what he has to say.
Thank you, Alex.
And again, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I was just watching those clips with Gates and Zuckerberg.
I put an F in front of his name.
I think maybe that's more appropriate.
And you know, and then I'm watching, you know, all this, this transgender and gay stuff.
And here is a full page ad in the New York Times.
Free the hostages.
Anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia travel together as LGBTQ Americans and allies We will not be silent.
We ask you to join us in our grief for all the innocent lives lost, and in our determination that all hostages be released immediately.
Stand up on the right side of history.
Read our Open the Baba Oba, all right?
Free the hostages.
Again, look at this.
Now, what does it have to do With who you like to have sex with have to do with the Israel war.
What the hell does anti-semitism have to do with homophobia and transphobia?
How about shove it up your you-know-what?
This is the kind of crap that comes spewing out of the crap head's mouth.
And they say You're anti-gay, you're anti-transphobia, if you don't support what Israel is doing, what is called genocide, as I see it and many others, of Gaza.
And then you're watching them clips about the little, geekless little geeks of Zuckerberg, with an F, and Gates, They got it wrong in the King James Bible.
They said the meek shall inherit the earth.
The geeks have inherited the earth.
Little nothings are little boys and little girls.
Dressed like slobs.
Look like clowns.
And these are the ones that say If you don't swallow the crap that the government is shoving down your throat, then you believe in misinformation.
And I find the word misinformation sexist.
Has nothing to do with miss.
Oh, I forgot there's no miss anymore.
I missed it.
How about transgender information, huh?
You believe in transgender information.
What a bunch of crap.
And again, I'm looking at Infowars.
I'm looking at some of the articles.
And by the way, Owen Schreier is in jail.
60 days!
We're making up a number!
About free speech.
The crime syndicates called the banksters could steal all your money they want.
When I was a young guy, you know, hey, the mafia, they're charging 10% on the interest rate.
But the credit card companies could charge whatever they want because they have members of the gangs.
JPMorgan Chase, you know that diamond guy?
That diamond guy?
Oh, oh, Diamond's selling his JPMorgan Chase stocks?
Wonder why?
JPMorgan Chase.
Five felonies.
Admitted to five felonies.
Hey, Owen Schreier's in jail for speaking the truth and freedom of speech.
Hey, what up, Jamie Dimon?
Don't you know who I am?
Oh, you remember the Epstein Club, maybe?
So I'm looking at so many of the articles there.
Alex Jones details how the Israeli government is cracking down on free speech amid its war with Hamas.
Free speech?
F you.
No free speech!
No free speech!
It's not allowed in America!
Why should they allow it in Israel?
What the hell's the matter with you, Alex Jones?
There's no free speech!
Look at all these little low-life prostitutes.
These little boys and get girls that put out for their corporate pimps and government whoremasters.
And we like war.
Oh, Israel keep bombing away.
Anybody, as I said, with the Ukraine war, the Israel, you want to go fight, go fight if you support war or shut your mouth.
But no peace, people on.
Peace is not allowed on the mainstream media.
You know why?
Because they're pieces of crap.
That's all.
I launched Occupy Peace.
No peace allowed.
I launched that in 2015.
Free speech murdered by commie campuses.
This is another article on InfoWars.
And then there's another one.
So going just on the free speech.
This is from your Trends Journal.
It's a printout of all the past articles we've done on censorship 2.0.
Beginning media censorship trend to escalate.
September 19th.
Censorship, 2019.
media censorship, January 2020.
On and on and on and on.
We began doing this in 2014.
The government war on so-called dangerous ideas.
That was by Joe Duran, by the way, who writes for us.
You want to get a great book.
Be human.
This guy, I mean, look at the size of this thing.
He writes our technocracy trends in the Trends Journal.
And you can get the Trends Journal for almost nothing a week, like less than two bucks a week, if you go to jonestrends.com.
And we're giving you what nobody else gives you.
So you go to jonestrends.com and you see history before it happens.
So going back, Google censorship.
Don't doubt climate change.
October 2021.
Obama champions for censorship.
Fully jabbed and got COVID.
He keeps selling the vax.
One after another.
Biden pushes for more censorship.
September 20, 2022.
This, I'm mentioning this is because this is why you have to support InfoWars.
It's censorship.
You are only allowed to swallow the crap spewing out of the mouth of the corporate prostitutes.
End of story.
Anything else is misinformation.
We've lost our freedom here.
It's gone.
It's gone.
However, as I say, it's a time for people power, not political power.
I love this line where they keep using our leaders, our leaders, our leaders.
Who are you talking to?
Hey, all you little jerks off over there.
I was not put on this earth to be led by anyone.
Got it?
Got it, Junior?
Our leaders.
What leaders?
Look at the leader in Israel.
Oh, the guy that passed the Judicial Reform Act, Netanyahu, because he's being brought up on criminal charges?
Oh yeah, and this is stopping him from doing it?
And people forgot that there were 39 weeks, 39 weeks of protest up until the Hamas invasion.
That killed some 1,200 Israelis.
By the way, according to Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, over 500 of them were military, police, and security.
Again, totally opposed to what happened in Hamas.
But I am totally opposed to Israel, what they're doing to Gaza.
Bombing the hell out of it.
Could you imagine your house being bombed to death like that?
Can you imagine if the people in Gaza were Jewish and the Palestinians were bombing them?
Can you imagine if the people in Gaza were Ukrainians and the Russians were bombing them?
Oh my God!
This is terrible.
And the BS.
Yeah, we're bombing them because Hamas is hiding in the tunnels.
So we're going to kill everybody.
We can't get them Hamas.
Who are you talking to?
And now Netanyahu is talking about they're going to be insecure.
They're taking over the place.
More, quote, settlements.
Stealing land in violation of the 1967 when they invaded against the Geneva Convention and Article 242 of the United Nations.
Stop the settler crap.
Don't call them settlers.
So going back to InfoWars and why you have to support it is because Censorship is the new way.
Again, I don't have the cups here.
I got them upstairs.
I was on Oprah twice.
I used to be on Good Morning America, the Today Show.
I was on everybody, Fox and Friends, over and over and over and over and over and over again.
I got blacklisted when I said the United States had no right going into Afghanistan and we'd lose the war.
I said if Alexander the Great couldn't pull it off, if the British at the height of the British Empire, where the sun never sets on the British Empire, couldn't pull it off into the Valley of Death, Road to 600, if the Russians couldn't pull it off as they were fighting Afghanistan, I'll make sure you think America's gonna do it.
Why, you're anti-American!
I'm just a little slimeball prostitute!
I believe the crap Viewing out of the mouth of a little lowlife like Georgie Bush!
A little daddy's boy with a pair of cojones smaller than a mothball!
And a pecker about that size!
Oh, and when Alex Jones was talking about Dick Cheney before in that commercial there?
You're being very disrespectful calling him Dick Cheney!
It should be Penis Cheney.
You could get blacklisted for calling him Dick Cheney, a little arrogant scum that led us into war.
Oh, Owen Schreier's in jail for speaking up about freedom and peace.
Hey, but Dick Cheney, who lied us into the war with little Georgie Bush, That killed over a million Palestinians!
Stole trillions of dollars from us to get this Halliburton and all the other companies reaping in the rewards!
Oh, they don't grow up on trial!
The outright lies that Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction enticed al-Qaeda.
Scott Ritter?
Oh, and how Biden went after my buddy Scott Ritter?
He's saying there were no weapons of mass destruction.
I gotta tell you, I know a lot of cool cats and I know a lot of men.
There's nobody like Scott Ritter.
And I'll tell you why.
I'm only me because where I've been.
The things I've done.
Napolitano, born in the Bronx, born to be free.
Ran major political campaigns.
Designed and instructed, of course, American politics and campaign technology, how to run political campaigns, taught at a St.
John's University.
Assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
Picked up Reagan, been with Connolly, been with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Princes.
Number two guy running a major trade association.
Put on concerts with Daryl Warwick and Ella Fitzgerald.
I'm only me because I know, I was killing environmental legislation, fighting the environmental movement back in the 70s.
All I wanted to do was make money and have a good time.
And I started to grow up and I became a different person.
Going back to Scott Ritter, this guy's been all over the world.
He spent a lot of time in Israel.
He's been in the Arab nations.
He's been all over the world with the top people.
He, as a UN guy, spent time in Russia.
Top nuclear guy.
There's no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
And that clip of Biden going after him.
Phil Giraldi, my friend, who I've had speak at my peace and freedom rallies up here in Kingston.
Top CIA guy.
Goes into Georgie Bush's office when he was president.
Mr. President, here's the facts.
There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Bush tells him to leave.
And Giraldi, being a real man, left the CIA.
Top CIA cat.
But they don't go to jail.
But I'll ensure you, 60 days!
Why judge?
Why not make it 58 days?
What's wrong with you, Salenti?
We'll make up any crap we want!
You're a bunch of political hacks!
Judge this!
You're a bunch of political hacks!
It's a freak show!
And the freaks are in front of everybody's eyes for all to see.
One country after another.
Look at that little boy Olaf Schultz over there.
Yeah, he's bringing the Heil Hitler back.
Oh yeah!
Operation Barbarossa.
Germany only killed over 25 million Russians.
John F. Kennedy's speech, graduating students of American University, June 1963, he says that the Soviet Union lost more people than anybody in World War II.
Over 20 million, he said.
And now he's building up the defense?
We will have the strongest defense in NATO?
You like World War I?
You like World War II?
We will help give you World War III!
I'm Olaf Scholz!
A little boy of nothing!
A little clown boy!
Oh, and more weapons of death to Ukraine.
And I support Israel!
Oh, yeah, after the Holocaust, what are you, making it up again?
It's a freak show!
That Sudak guy, whatever his name is, the clown in the UK, or his nephew with a C in that K. Oh, and how about little Macron?
The little cazon!
Yeah, little nothing with his fake hair and bad attitude of a Rothschild's boy.
One clown after another!
One clown after another!
And I forgot Netanyahu, man.
Hey, I'm the Prime Minister, I'll tell you what to do.
Got it.
Come over here and tell me to follow you.
You little slimeball!
Hey, how about little Bernie Sanders, the jerk off over there in Vermont that calls himself a peace candidate, but boy, he loves that Israel war!
Keep slaughtering Bernie Sanders, yeah!
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned and support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I keep saying over and over again, do everything you can to support InfoWars, because they're doing everything they can to support you.
I mean, look at the price that they're paying.
You know, censorship, Owen, Troy are going to jail, and how hard the team works, I mean.
So, you know, put your money where your heart is, and do what you can to support InfoWars.
You know, Alex was saying before that Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to have this thing about, you know, COVID, and the lies that were created about it.
And how, you know, again, you look at how the people swallowed that crap.
And they hated you if you didn't get to jail.
And, you know, it's, again, stealing our freedom from us.
And it changed, it changed, it changed.
And we're going to get to the economics.
It changed the world.
It changed the world.
It destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people in so many different ways.
And, um, I mean, the stupidity of it.
You remember this stuff?
Everywhere you went, everywhere you went, people washing their hands, you can't open the door, even though when you touch something, your chances of getting it are like, what, you know, next to nothing, like 10,000 to one.
Nothing, nothing.
People wearing masks outside.
And, and, and the crap swallowing, throwing out there that stands six feet apart.
And everywhere you went, circles on the floors.
One way, one way in the lines in grocery stores.
Stupid little plexiglass shields.
You know, the COVID doesn't go under it, doesn't go around it, doesn't come behind it.
It stays right in front of it.
When you go in a restaurant, make sure you wear your mask.
But when you sit down, you can take it off, because COVID knows when you're sitting down, and it knows when you're eating and drinking.
And if you don't put that mask on when you walk into an airplane, We're gonna get you arrested.
But you can take it off when you're eating and drinking and people are all around you.
Because COVID knows when you're eating and drinking.
And it doesn't bother you.
Yeah, this was a... Man, you look at the stupid... and by the way...
Don't forget, every time you masturbate, don't forget to clean your hands with this stuff.
Oh, remember the little clown girls and boys that said, don't have any sex.
Don't have any sex with COVID.
And you know why they don't want any sex?
Because they're so tight, man.
They're so tight, man.
No sex!
I hate sex!
She says.
You can't remember this crap spewing out of her mouth?
No sex.
It's dried out little nothings.
No sex.
I never had an orgasm.
Why should you?
Orgasm's a dirty word.
Oh, stupid crap.
Ben, my favorite mask was this one.
See that?
This was given to me when he had a great event down in Arizona, in Phoenix.
Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert, they gave me this during the COVID war.
And next week I'll be doing a segment with Max Keiser.
These are the two people, boy, they knew Bitcoin.
That was the conference I was down there for back.
This guy knows Bitcoin deal, you know, one of the top.
So, great people.
I had conferences up here in Kingston.
Max and Stacey both came up.
We had a great time, spent the weekend together.
I used to be on his show when he was on RT, but of course they banned RT.
Censorship in America.
And we're bringing freedom of democracy to other countries.
Yeah, we'll kill anybody we want under the name of freedom and democracy.
So I want to go on to the economy a bit.
So here's the deal.
They're going to lower interest rates, that was our forecast, in 2024.
When they lower interest rates, this is going to be the beginning of the death of the dollar.
You saw they just downgraded U.S.
debt levels, right?
Oh, they're in a bad mood.
We have $33.5 trillion worth of debt.
They're going to lower interest rates because the Federal Reserve, the criminal corporation of the Federal Reserve, is running our country.
The last Fed head, Janet Yellen, is now our Treasury Secretary.
So they're going to do everything they can to keep the power in play in power.
And by the way, if the Repulsivekins or Democrats get in, it ain't gonna make any difference.
It's a crime syndicate.
What hypocrisy spewing out of the mouths of these Repulsivekins?
Oh, they hate the Ukraine war, but they love the Israel war.
Yeah, because all the money you're getting in donations.
And all the power that they have over you.
I'm against all war.
Oh, we're talking about censorship.
You ready?
This is from Saturday's New York Times.
As Israel battles Gaza.
What Israel?
Israel's not battling Gaza.
Israel is destroying Gaza!
You little prostitute clown!
Erica Solomon.
I wonder if Solomon's Jewish.
And has a bias toward it.
But anyway.
As Israel battles in Gaza, Germany is curbing pro-Palestinian speech.
Why, how dare you be pro-Palestinian?
Oh, the Germans, huh?
You murderous clan.
Banning pro-Palestinians.
That's why you got us put in for wars.
You ready?
South Korea targets fake news.
Journalists fear censorship.
It's happening all over the world.
All over the world.
The clowns are in charge.
The arrogant little boys that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.
And arrogant little girls.
If only women were in charge.
Oh yeah, you like Condoleezza Rice?
X-Mushroom Cloud, you see?
If we don't stop a rock, oh yeah!
Oh yeah, like Susan Rice.
Gaddafi has to go.
How about Samantha Power?
Oh yeah, that one, the Harvard gang one that's still in every... Oh yeah, Gaddafi.
And how about Hillary Clinton?
I'm tired of this crap if only women were in charge.
Black, white, green, yellow, I don't care what your sex is, or if you don't know what it is.
Good and bad comes in everything, so save your crap.
So, I'm talking about saving crap.
When we come back, we're going to talk a lot about what's going on in the global economy.
It's bad news.
You better prepare for the worst.
The worst geopolitical and economic crisis is on our doorsteps.
Last Saturday, the front page of the New York Post It is a New York Post.
This was last week.
The front page.
Taylor Swift kissing her boyfriend.
Whatever the guy's name is.
What the hell do I?
Taylor, not so swift.
What the hell do I care?
What the hell do I care?
They are brainwashing us to death.
That's why you need to support Infowars.
I go there every day, the articles they're putting out, man, I use a lot of them.
I shouldn't say, hey man, I gotta say, hey gender.
Censorship is the way, because I'm telling you, we are on the verge of, World War III's begun, nuclear ann