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This transcript is from the Alex Jones Show dated November 12, 2023. The show discusses various topics including media, political events, and international affairs. It criticizes journalists for being embedded with terrorist groups such as Hamas, suggesting that they are intelligence operatives rather than genuine reporters. It highlights how governments use false flags and problem-reaction- solutions to manipulate public opinion and control the media. The show also discusses societal issues like schools inviting drag queens to read to children and Joe Rogan's influence as a talk show host. The remainder of the show is spent discussing Trump's plans and the media's portrayal of them, accusing the media of projecting their own authoritarian agenda onto Trump and his supporters while providing factual evidence to counter their claims. The show ends by urging viewers to support InfoWars in order to continue its operations leading up to the elections.

Tomorrow's news.
They set it up already.
Hundreds of people around.
AP, CNN, The New York Times, and Reuters had journalists embedded with Hamas during the October 7th massacre.
A Reuters journalist photographed a lynch mob brutalizing an Israeli soldier.
So grotesque, we actually couldn't show it to you there.
And here, you can see two photographers snapping photos of terrorists as they're kidnapping a woman there that was on that motorcycle.
These are not journalists.
They are intelligence operatives.
Do you have any
People being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation, American Journal.
We do have people who submit pieces to American Journals.
Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for
Television networks.
This, I think, gets into the kind of, uh, getting into the details, Mr. Chairman, that I'd like to get into an executive session.
Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to the
National News Services, AP and UPI.
Well, again, I think we're getting into the kind of detail, Mr. Chairman, that I'd prefer to handle in Executive Session.
These hearings are from 1975.
CIA control of the media has been going on for quite some time now.
The CIA has been exposed multiple times for creating terrorist groups, including Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, who were used as an excuse for toppling governments in the Middle East.
Israel and Mossad have been exposed for creating Hamas.
In 2015, former Israeli diplomat Avi Primor admitted it on television.
The Hamas is the Israeli government.
We created the Hamas to create a weight against the Fatah at the time.
If you look at the history, you'll find out that Hamas was encouraged and really started by Israel because they wanted Hamas to counteract Yasser Arafat.
You could call it a false flag, the Hegelian dialectic, or problem-reaction-solution.
But this is how wars are sold to the public, and it's been going on for all of recorded history.
Explained here by the late, great Bill Hicks.
We're like the bullies of the world, you know?
We're like Jack Palance in the movie Shane.
She's throwing the pistol at the sheepherder's feet.
Pick it up.
I don't want to pick it up, mister.
You'll shoot me.
Pick up the gun.
I ain't looking for no trouble, mister.
Pick up the gun.
You are, sir.
He had a gun.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Some public schools and libraries invite drag queens, some dressed like torn demons, to read to young children.
Parents' rights are limited, and children's rights are put ahead.
So the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.
Yeah, that child molester just messed with the wrong preschooler.
What makes you think he's a child molester?
Oh, he's a child molester, believe me.
Every child molester I've ever met looks just like that.
And make gay little babies for the whole human race.
Make a world we can live in.
Hey, that's five.
And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go along.
And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, Kate.
But that's what's at the heart of this r- Dammit, everything on TV sucks.
It's Alex Jones.
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You f***ing f***ing damn f***er!
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Right back!
You understand that?
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You will not bring humanity down!
God is going to destroy you!
It's Sunday, November 12, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have massively important, critical news.
Is Trump really planning to be a dictator?
Will he build death camps?
We'll answer those questions straight ahead.
Election Day Countdown, 358 days, 7 hours, 49 minutes, and 17 seconds.
I intend to keep this operation going right through the election, but only your word of mouth, your prayers, and your financial support will keep InfoWars and the tens of millions we reach a day on air.
You are the InfoWar.
I commend you for your past support, and I ask you now to redouble your efforts because you're entering the heart of the battle now.
Press the attack
My friends.
And the fight for America is the fight for the world.
The fight for Texas is the fight for the Republic.
And I come to you from deep in the heart of Texas, with only 358 days left.
The most important election, none of our lifetimes, but in the history of our Republic.
If the Republic falls...
The planet is doomed to World War III.
And that's not an exaggeration.
That's the epic times we live in, my friends.
I want to welcome all the international listeners and all the ships at sea as well.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you what's going down tonight.
There is a massive talking point in the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Meet the Press, Face the Nation.
Every damn channel.
Got a huge stack of it right here.
Trump's planning raids, detention camps, mass deportations.
Trump's immigration plan for second term.
Oh, they're so concerned of his authoritarian agenda.
A lot of Americans embrace Trump's authoritarianism.
He's planning to arrest his political opposition.
Hillary says he's Hitler on The View.
Everything they're doing is what they're now projecting on the American people.
And the FBI admits the main threat is conservatives and make America great again people.
So I'm going to lay out the facts.
What is Trump really doing?
What is he really saying he's going to do?
Oh, we have giant camps on the Mexico, California border, on the Mexico, Arizona border, on the Mexico, Texas border.
And now they're building them on the US Canadian border.
And all Trump's saying is, we're going to build those camps, not to bring people in, but to kick people out.
How many shots of the drone footage you're in a helicopter if I've gotten you of these gigantic camps?
One of them down by Brownsville, another by McAllen.
Both of them are like six, seven, eight, ten football fields long and three or four football fields wide.
They make Dallas Cowboys Stadium look small, ladies and gentlemen.
And you're paying for it all.
We're going to be laying out the details of that and what the Democrats and the Globalists are actually setting up.
All right.
And all over the world under a UN treaty, they're building giant
COVID emergency centers for this pandemic or quote the next they say is imminent and now they're saying from Canada to the UK to the US to Australia we're gonna lock people up that don't go along with the next protocols when the next virus imminently appears because we've been bad and global warming caused it when Fauci and the UN and the WEF
And EcoHealth Alliance have already been caught cooking it up all over the world.
Incredible stack right there.
Also, the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
The Russians are getting ready to release their investigation.
There was a massive naval drill in the Black Sea in the days before and right when the Nord Stream Pipeline blew up in three places.
And now the Washington Post drops a bombshell.
Oh, Cy Hirsch wasn't lying, but they spin it.
The North Stream Pipeline sabotage narrative.
A Ukrainian colonel, covert ops, and the CIA shadow.
So the CIA helped the colonel with a small manned team, less than 15 people, deep dive and blow it up.
Yeah, right.
That's why there were naval ships and Black Hawk helicopters flying around for days above right where it happened, right before it happened.
But because they know the proof's coming out, they know Cy Hirsch has whistleblowers.
We even know where they trained the Navy divers.
They didn't use Navy SEALs because they have to report to Congress.
There's oversight.
In quote, special ops.
So they use regular Navy drivers, industrial divers, trained in Panama.
We have that huge development.
We've got big developments unfolding with the leftists energized and merged with Hezbollah and Hamas running around attacking people, burning things, shooting people.
It's barely getting coverage.
Now Democrats, by the thousands, are marching towards Joe Biden's beach house, chanting for the destruction of Israel.
And again, whether you love Israel or hate Israel or are neutral on Israel, like I am,
Just because you may not like something Israel's doing doesn't mean you embrace Islam.
Especially the Islam that's merged to the left.
We've got a big stack of craziness there that makes January 6th look tame in comparison, but again, it's leftist, so it's mostly peaceful, ladies and gentlemen.
Also, we have more major insurance company actuaries that are the best numbers you're going to get in
Actual deaths and illnesses.
Sudden deaths twice as high among vaccinated in major Pfizer trial.
And we've got a lot more.
Big Pharma rebranding failed pharmaceutical products with new COVID flu double jab.
Even though the new study shows it's even more deadly when taken with the flu shot.
Brutal COVID authoritarianism insists on little grace and forgiveness for lockdown mandates.
COVID-19 vaccines link to elevated risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome in major new studies.
We're going to be hitting that area.
Speaking of the entire police state...
The FBI spent three years to investigate Gregory Yetman, a military police sergeant in the Garden State National Guard, raided his home and now is hunting him with army tanks because he was at the Capitol on J6 but didn't even touch a soul.
But they had four or five armored vehicles, hundreds of people running around the woods because, well, he's a terrorist for no reason.
The FBI spent zero years to investigate and raid zero and hunting down zero Ghislaine Maxwell clients who raped and sexually abused minors.
Let that sink in.
And we've got a top UFC fighter.
Coming into his fight this weekend, wearing a t-shirt that none of the Epstein list has been indicted, but Trump has.
That's coming up.
Well, they can clean up San Francisco for the dictator of China's visit coming up next week.
Clean for Xi, but not for the...
There's also a perpetual headline that I see every year for about 15 years.
I first saw it in MIT documents over 25 years ago.
But the U.S.
has made these, South Korea's made these, China's made these, Japan's made these.
One of the popular
Chimera clones they've created is part rhesus monkey, part jellyfish, and glows in the dark.
And I would talk about it 20-something years ago, people thought I was crazy, but now Associated Press reports scientists create Frankenstein chimera monkey with fingers that glow like E.T.
because it's part jellyfish.
Yeah, we're not in Kansas anymore.
So we've got a lot of news.
That's just the
Tip of the iceberg that we are going to be breaking down here today.
But the first big thing I want to hit is something that is a keyhole into the larger world, a skeleton key to open any lock, a Rosetta Stone to decode what's happening.
And I just want to give you the newsflash here before I get into this.
Every major appliance, unless you special order them, they're very hard to get, has wireless transmitters in them that interface with your smart meter on your house.
If you don't have that and or the smart meters of your neighbors or the different surveillance systems of 5G nearby you.
And so when you hear about
What they passed two years ago, a kill switch that monitors and tracks where you go and what you do.
They claim it's for drunk driving, but it's for total control.
Even Yahoo News admits that.
It's also about banning all the old cars that don't have it.
Once the mandate is in place, and California's already moving to ban any vehicle made before 1978.
And of course, California is the testing zone.
They're moving to ban your space heaters, your gas stoves, your gas-powered appliances, period.
It's all here.
And they have this tactic where they propose it, we say no, they go, oh, it doesn't exist, then they pass it.
But New York and others have already passed it.
Europe's already passed laws years ago to ban space heaters and gas stoves and cooking oil and they're banning it up in Canada.
The Minister of Environment said last week, it's a big scandal in Canada, he said, well if you vote...
For our party, if you vote for the Liberal Party, we will not put the mandates on you, because they've only put the mandates on the Conservative provinces of Canada, and Justin Trudeau, in a speech to Parliament on Thursday, get this, the video's on Twitter, defended it.
Now you get the social credit score.
Oh, you can have your gas-powered stove, or you can have your heating oil,
If you vote for us, we won't put the mandate on the liberal areas first, but really, don't they actually put on the leftists first?
So, it's opting in to be an idiot.
It's opting in to be a moron.
This is the panoptagonic.
I don't know.
All New Cars!
Unless, strangely enough, they're from China, because China doesn't even follow our own laws, which is sometimes good, because they're so criminal that they cut so many corners.
Anybody knows that most Chinese products you buy break the first time you use them, or a lot of times don't even work when you get them out of the box.
So I was reading deeply in this over the weekend, and a lot of the Chinese electric cars, they dump millions of them on us, they break in just a few weeks to a few months, they claim under these previous mandates, they have wireless systems in it, well you get a new car and suddenly it's got GPS, it's got it all, it's hooked into weather reports, whether it's a Dodge or a Mercedes, it doesn't matter, pop up on your screen and
You know, sometimes I'm not even asking my Tahoe, and it's like five years old, four years old, it'll just tell me speed check ahead.
So a lot of this sounds like it's great, sounds like it's good, but remember old-fashioned television that was just around 10 years ago, and it's still there, but become obsolete.
You could tune into TV or tune into radio, and it didn't know what you were watching or doing.
But now everything you have is two-way.
And that's like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.
He goes into Saruman, the other wizard's palace, and says, hey, Sauron's coming to attack the forces of Mordor.
And he says, we need not fear.
I've got a palantia, which is a seeing stone, a crystal ball.
And he says, well, we can't use that because all the stones aren't accounted for.
Sauron can watch us on it.
And when he goes over and looks into it, Sauron's watching.
Well, this isn't some Dungeons and Dragons book.
This isn't some fantasy.
These are all two-way.
And the worst corporations, the worst groups in the world are gathering all that data.
And you get a very limited view when you use their technology for your limited tool you're using it for.
They get it all and they use it against you to consolidate power and control and bring an absolute AI tyranny.
And it's designed to make us obsolete.
It's being rolled out in their own words to make humans obsolete, so we can then be forcibly depopulated.
So, here's Yahoo News.
Effort to defeat government kill switch fails.
So it was passed two years ago, but Republicans got control of the House and they tried to pass a bill saying, no, you're not going to put it in.
Now, the cover is for drunk driving.
Oh yes, it's always a stop of crime, isn't it?
I started thumb scanning and printing people to get driver's licenses 25 years ago in Texas, but illegal aliens are exempt.
But what it allows is a kill switch that the company or police can use at any time.
And again, once they've got it on the new cars in 2026, they're already saying we've got to then go and make you pay up to five to ten thousand dollars to retrofit
Your older car, and many cars are, quote, too old to retrofit, or they're just going to ban you having that older automobile.
So this is all about phasing out all the pro-human technology, forcing in the tyrannical technology.
And does anybody, whether they're a liberal or a conservative or a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim or a Hindu or an atheist, do you really think the government surveilling you, smelling your breath, tracking what you're doing,
Having a kill switch is a good idea.
Because this is what Communist China has already rolled out.
House preserves kill switch law that could shut down your car.
Massey Amendment to stop kill switch law fails.
Law will dissolve kill switches in all new cars.
Hagman fights law that mandates government control kill switch in all cars.
And here's the actual NHTSA admitting it all from the federal government.
Department of Transportation with Pete Bootyjuice.
That's what Biden calls him.
Pete Bootyjuice.
You think I'm joking?
Guys, pull up Biden calling him Pete Bootyjuice.
In case you missed that.
I've actually called him.
Pete Booty Judge and Booty Juice and Booty Poot and, you know, I can't help sophomore humor.
And then Biden actually calls him Pete Booty Juice.
So that's the reality of where we are.
And if you think that's bad now, it's only going to get worse from here on out.
Vehicle kill switch mandate means you will be a prisoner in your own vehicle.
And then continuing on, Europe has now officially passed the central bank digital currency.
They're announcing next year they're going to move to digital currency and digital wallets that program your money and track and trace everything you do and tell you where you can spend it.
And Edward Dowd, really smart analyst of all this, calls it a prison planet.
And I want to go out to break playing that short clip of Dowd with Maria Z talking about the prison planet.
That's what I've been calling it for 29 years.
They're planning to build a prison planet.
Here it is.
I want to ask you if you believe that the collapse is orchestrated in order to bring in central bank digital currencies and do you think, you mentioned a timeline to me before that was anywhere from two months to three years, what is the realistic, what are the realistic steps that you think they'll take to get us there?
The system is going to collapse of its own weight.
And if you know that it's going to collapse, wouldn't you like to introduce the system?
Let's stop right there.
I usually nail these clips.
My brain said it was a minute and a half long.
It's actually a minute and 40 seconds long.
So we're going to come back from break and play that and continue on.
So I usually nail it to the second.
And I'm older than I used to be.
So I'm not 100% dead on.
People ask, how do you know when to go to break and play a clip when?
Because I'll know the time in my head already and get it right and almost always nailed it.
Now I've got to go back to my notes because I'm 50 coming up in two months.
And man, I've got more wisdom, more street smarts, but not that super brain anymore.
Not the photographic memory anymore.
It used to be photographic.
It's kind of cool though.
It used to be torture.
Anything I looked at, anything I did, I had a whole download of my entire past scan of it.
And it was a superpower.
The superpowers of youth are wasted on youth, aren't they?
That is well known.
All right, we'll be right back.
InfoWars.com, Band.Video, Tomorrow's News Today.
Band.Video, those are the coordinates of Freedom.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
It's Sunday, November 12th, 2023.
Are you ready for 2024?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So we're told Trump's going to build camps and surveillance and censor us and arrest us for our political speech.
But all over the Western world, Western governments run by BlackRock are doing just that and putting kill switches in the cars and the internet and your refrigerators and the power grids.
And they're building huge migrant centers meant to process the illegals into the country.
Trump's simply saying he'll use those to hold them and deport them.
Now, I want to get back to the prison planet information with Edward Dowd, and then I'm going to tie that in with the central bank digital currency now becoming law, and the digital wallet now being set up for next year.
China already has it, and what this means.
So, I don't care if you're black or white, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist,
This system is going to enslave all of us and we should be against it instead of fighting with each other.
But that doesn't mean we take a million refugees from Gaza that are brainwashed to hate America and hate Israel.
Whether you love Israel or hate Israel, we shouldn't be taking those people.
The left wants to bring them in as a group they can activate to burn the country down.
It's all part of the divide and conquer strategy.
So here's the clip of Edward Dowd.
I want to ask you if you believe that the collapse is orchestrated in order to bring in central bank digital currencies and do you think, you mentioned a timeline to me before that was anywhere from two months to three years, what is the realistic, what are the realistic steps that you think they'll take to get us there?
The system is going to collapse of its own weight.
And if you know that it's going to collapse, wouldn't you like to introduce a system where you're in control of a new system?
So that's what I believe is going on.
A lot of people say, oh, are they doing this on purpose?
Well, it was going to happen anyways.
And if it's going to happen, wouldn't you like to control it on the way down and get rid of the regional banks and make the banking system very consolidated into six big banks in the U.S.?
So that then it would be a lot easier to introduce a central bank digital currency.
And so banking becomes like a utility.
Pretty much owned by the government and linked to the Central Bank Digital Currency.
And then from there, once the Central Bank Digital Currency is linked to all your credit cards and bank accounts, then social controls can be implemented.
If you're a dissenter like me, talking about truth, they shut you down.
They just shut off your account.
If they decided that cow farts are a big thing, and they don't want you to eat meat, you'll have a quota.
You go to the cash register, and you try to ring up your meat, and the woman at the cash register says, it won't let me ring you up.
That's the kind of control, end-to-end control.
It is literally a prison planet, so to speak.
A prison planet, so to speak.
It now redirects to InfoWars.com, but we've had the site over 25 years, PrisonPlanet.com, where I warned you they're building a global prison planet.
So, let's go to a member of the EU Parliament from Friday.
We'll put his name on screen.
And I have the EU Parliament celebrating it on Friday as well, bringing in the central bank digital currency.
Here it is.
I just left the room where we had the negotiations about the digital identity.
And I have bad news.
The Member States and the European Parliament came to an agreement.
It means that, probably not far from now, the digital identity will be a fact in the European Union.
Right after this agreement, Commissioner Breton said, now we have the digital identity wallet, we have to put something in it.
And what he meant was the digital euro, also known as the central bank digital currency.
And this is a very bad development.
They always promise us not to make this connection.
And even a lot of experts, privacy experts and security experts, warned also last week this is a very bad idea for our privacy and our freedom.
And still this digital identity is pushed through.
But it's not too late, because we still have to vote on this in the plenary.
So what you can do, send your MEP from your Member State an email and tell him or tell her that you are against this tool.
That's Rob Rose, member of the EU Parliament.
You'll say, well, I don't care about Europe.
It's a global system, UN, Chai Com standardized, run by Bill Gates.
Look it up.
Bill Gates standardizes and runs global organization, standardizing and creating the new global currency.
So, COVID-19, according to the UN itself, was a giant dress rehearsal.
Should I play Bill Gates saying it was just a test?
Tedros of the WHO saying it's just a test.
It was all a test of what they're getting ready.
And the standardized UN treaty over your health care.
Even if we haven't passed the treaty yet, our federal agencies follow the orders of the UN.
And above that, the big US foundations actually are writing the regulations the UN has.
So it's all one big, sick, happy family.
And they're building these giant camps that can hold millions of people per country, all over the world, all standardized, preparing for the next pandemic.
So those are the real camps.
And it's the same in China, and the same in New Zealand, and Australia, and Germany, and France, and Italy, and Sweden, and the UK.
In Central America and South America and on the US-Texas border, they're building gigantic, huge migrant camps.
This is a small one you're looking at in Panama.
The ones on the Texas border we've shown you hundreds of times.
We've been down there at least 10 times on the border to show you these giant, huge facilities right there to process everybody.
So Trump says he's going to use those centers
To process and send people that aren't real refugees, political dissidents, back to their countries.
But things are getting so bad, I've got articles right here that tens of thousands of the hundreds of thousands shipped to Chicago are saying it's so bad in Chicago, they're going back to Venezuela and Nicaragua and El Salvador.
But the people from Africa and China, they don't have the money to get back.
So Biden said, if I win the election, which he stole, immediately surge the border.
And then they all come here in these giant facilities that just go on for mile after mile after mile after mile on the Texas border alone.
Yeah, here's footage we shot with a drone.
Look at just one facility.
And you drive a few miles down the road and there's more that look just the same.
You go down to the South Texas border, every town has those you're looking at on screen.
I went down there last year in a helicopter I rented.
Took me two days to fly up and down 300 miles and get the footage of it.
And every town has one of those.
And by the way, that's last year.
That's early 2022.
The camps are way bigger now.
Owen Troyer was just down there six months ago, and there's just hundreds of bulldozers everywhere, and just huge construction crews.
And it's so long, you're driving miles down the road, and it's just your passing facility at facility.
And Trump says, yeah, we'll use those camps to now deport them instead of bring them in.
Oh my gosh!
He's gonna arrest his political opponents!
He's a totalitarian!
His supporters are totalitarians!
Remember the UN cut off the resources.
They directed it.
In the third world for three years, starved 80 plus million people to death.
And then they organized these victims, I'm not even against them, to bring them here as a new voting class to illegally vote.
And Democrats in every major city are passing laws to let the illegals vote.
Then you say you shouldn't do that.
And they go, what are you talking about?
We're not doing that.
Everybody can see it in the news.
They're announcing it.
We're going to put a kill switch in your car.
We don't want it.
It doesn't exist.
We're going to ban your stove.
We don't want it.
It doesn't exist.
But we are going to ban your stove, and we just did.
Alright, we'll be back with a lot more on this and more.
Stay with us.
Have you shared that link?
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There is a price, Barbarian.
We now take you live.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
You know, in the last few days, I'm going to get back to the news in a moment, I was completely honest with the audience, as I always am.
People say, why the hell did you just say that horrible thing about yourself?
Well, that's, that's no superpower, it's just being honest.
I'll tell you the good, I'll tell you the bad.
This broadcast has had an epic effect against the enemy because of your word of mouth and your support and your intel and the crew and the great guest and my determination.
Our determination.
But I've always told the crew, back when I declared bankruptcy a year and a half ago, and all the fights that happened there, and the five, six years of lawsuits, de-platforming, that I would tell people when and if InfoWars had a chance of being shut down.
And I told you, when I declared bankruptcy a year and a half ago, and people backed off support big time and thought we'd be shut down in a week or a month.
I said, no, it's a sub-chapter five of a chapter 11.
We can reorganize.
And I'm not going to get into what the court did and all the rest of it, but it's a question of worse and bad.
The state courts were totally rigged.
The judges found me guilty.
You know the rest of the story.
So I totally lifted my skirts and said, I'll just submit to the court and you can come in here.
These lies that have hundreds of millions of dollars aren't true.
We don't pay taxes aren't true.
We got audited by the IRS for a year.
They tore everything apart and they went, wow, you're actually owed money.
And actually, everything Jones said is true.
They even told the court, we've never seen anyone this accurate.
We've never seen anyone tell the truth like this.
That's in court.
And the answer was, well, you'll be punished for that.
So we understand that.
But this is all about being completely transparent and not letting the system lie and being completely honest with you.
So, I had an investment house, I put money in, we almost tripled the money on, put all that into the operation.
Got a huge donation from Bitcoin, wouldn't be here without it.
Put 95% of it in.
I took some of it from my legal bills.
I told them on court, I think about 95% they didn't count, they said, how the hell did you know 95%?
I just got a good brain.
But the point is, they said, right, you got a personal donation of $8 million and you gave away 95% of it to your operation.
Uh, yeah.
Well now, I don't have anything.
I've got a lake house, it's like a very small house, and it's up for sale.
It's a bad market.
That won't pay a third of my bills off.
So what the court did was, they said, yeah, you can stay open and do Chapter 11, Subchapter 5.
Everything got our numbers.
But they said, you gotta pay half the bills.
Knowing that I was almost out of money then, a year ago, plus, and that I am upside down now.
So what's going to happen is when I can't pay those bills, and I'm $2 million behind right now, up against the $40 plus million they've spent the last two years, $20 plus million this year, that's in the violence.
Democratic Party, their official top law firms, the top three Democrat law firms, look them up.
You know, the names, Hillary Clinton's law firm, you name it.
They literally have spent 20 plus million dollars this year suing us in hundreds of depositions and just everything.
And we've spent, you know, I've spent like three million bucks in free speech, I've spent a few million bucks and we're out of money.
So we're taking on the big guys.
You want somebody to stand up and fight?
We're doing it.
We're not easy to kill because of you supporting us.
But I'm now in a position where
I didn't declare bankruptcy as soon as I should have personally, so they get to attack me forever.
I actually don't care, so it doesn't matter.
14 years ago, this black shirt.
So, I mean, there you go.
And so, I don't worship money, I worship God and I love freedom.
But, if they're able to not have me pay the bills, and the judge says you're not budging on this, that's the plan.
Then they're going to shut this down as early as January.
And then there'll be about a three-month wind-down.
And then I'll be on air, and people are like, oh, here's millions.
No, no, no, don't shut down when I give you a date.
And by then, it's been triggered.
It's been set.
It's been pulled back.
Now, I'll be able to go somewhere else and do a show, and I won't go away.
But for the crew and this infrastructure, it'll be seen as a victory for the enemy.
And of course, they'll blow up their face, make what I do bigger.
It's just, I think InfoWars should stick around.
So with millions of listeners a day, tens of millions we reach every day with the clips, I think we're of value.
I think we should stay on air.
So if you want to keep the show on air, I need to because this is all coming to an end in the next few months.
And it's perfect that we're running out of gas right before we get to the gas station.
I mean, it's like a heavyweight boxing match where those really incredible ones with Muhammad Ali and Frazier, Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, you know, went to the last round and they're just last seconds.
You know, then they finally knock one of them down.
I mean, we're in the last minute of the last round, and we're tied.
This is just epic.
Like, the best... I remember growing up, I was a big football fan.
I remember one of the Super Bowls, we're in a sudden death overtime, and whichever team it was, won the last two seconds with a field goal.
I mean, all the investment you've made, all the time, all the energy, all the victories we've had, are telescoping down to this moment.
And it's easy.
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And I know we're in a depression.
I know things are hard.
I'm not going to give up.
I'm just going to go as hard as I can, and as strong as I can, but I know it's going to happen.
We go, okay, we've pulled the bankruptcy, and we're liquidating InfoWars, and I'll be a friendly guy.
I'll say, okay, I'll be here the next three months, and then it's done.
It's not like you could change horses in the middle of the stream when that decision's made, because it's done.
I'm not giving up.
It's done.
You've made the decision.
I totally understand it, and it's God's plan.
And so I'm not mad at you.
If you don't support InfoWarsTore.com, if you don't buy the products, and if you don't support me the way they've set this up, then we are going to announce, I would say in January is the best dead reckoning, a three-month wind down.
And then we will close it, and it will be gone, and all this will be taken, and you'll see Alex Jones do something else.
And I mean, it's just the way it is, folks.
And they'll hunt me and come after me, and I'm not worried about that.
But InfoWars is a really important place.
The crew is really, really important, and we fought this long.
And I'm telling you, I don't have to make the decision.
When I don't have the money, I've been told, to pay these bills that are small compared to what they're spending against us, the court is going to make the decision to liquidate and close this place.
Statutorily, they can't if I can pay the bills.
But you see the trick.
You see the trick.
So I need to sell 10,000 signed copies of my book with a big markup on it as a fundraiser.
I need to sell and then keep money back to buy more of the enforced platinum.
So I'm allowed to keep selling that and getting a percentage of it.
I need to be able to do this.
So I'm in your hands.
I actually feel good about this.
I'm not complaining.
29 years with a hell of a run.
I just can't believe we're going to shut this down.
And notice the media knows I'm saying this.
They're not picking it up because they don't want the general audience that just kind of sees clips out there that are fans to go, oh, the source, the mothership's in trouble.
So it's got to be you that gets the word out on this.
Okay, we're going to come back, blitz Krig through news, a ton of clips and more, but if you want us to stay on air, now's the time to spread the word we need help and to get the products at infomercial.com.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
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And with that, I appreciate loving InfoWars.
I'll listen to you the day I die or you go off air, but I'm going to do my part to make
Don't have a great day.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have.
Maybe I didn't know him Quite as often as I could Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time
All right, I haven't scratched the surface on the news.
We're going to plow through it all here.
I thought I'd play an American Chinese activist, David Zhang, talking about the Communist Chinese social credit system.
This is all going in.
Internet kill switches, car kill switches, social credit scores.
It's not coming.
It's here.
And here he is talking about it.
Some claim the Chinese Communist Party's social credit system doesn't exist.
Well, I'm here to tell you it does, but it's not how you think.
Those that have low social credit scores are publicly shamed.
But that's not all.
It's only part of the comprehensive policing and surveillance apparatus, which also includes police drones, Skynet tracking to locate someone who made online comments about the government, and applications to geolocate those around you.
As well as facial scans and real ID verifications everywhere you go.
These all feed back into the social credit system where you are barred from loans, taking transportation or owning a business.
All of these are made to ensure that people do not speak, do or to think to challenge the government.
Because the social restrictions are heavy burdens to bear.
The CCP knows where everyone is at all times and what they're doing at all times.
This is why they're lying to you to suggest they cannot track down a fentanyl network going out of China.
It's simply they're unwilling to look.
The goal is to police innocent people in China, not to crack down on mass criminal efforts.
Share this video so more can be aware.
All right, so I can show you that video, but I can show you hundreds of videos in the UK and Canada
Where people question COVID lockdowns, they came and arrested them.
Where people question transgenderism, they came and arrested them.
I can show you that in Germany.
I can show you that in Australia.
So it's not just China that's doing this.
I saw a bunch of videos out of Israel.
Let's play the audio here in a minute.
Where a Palestinian woman in Israel that cleans houses for a living said, I support freedom in Gaza.
So they came to her house and arrested her.
Same thing in Ukraine.
You criticize the war, you're not even for Putin.
You get arrested.
And we can point our finger at China and Russia all day for similar things they do.
China on a much bigger scale, not Russia.
But that's what we've become.
Here's the clip.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So they read to her what she said, because they're watching everybody, and they take her away to jail.
So this is coming for everybody.
Doesn't matter where you live, whatever the latest thing is, you're not allowed to say.
Questioning man-made global warming, questioning shots, questioning drag queen pedophile time.
They don't care, they're coming for you.
So the crew said, hey, why don't you plug defendjones.com, the Gibson Go account.
Yeah, I mean, I've begged probably 10 times, and I appreciate the quarter million dollars in donations that are there.
Sounds like a lot.
And I'm tired of begging.
But I'll tell you what I
Hate more than begging is giving up.
So, I'm going to beg, I'm going to plead, and on my children I'm not crying wolf, if we have to then initiate, because they're going to initiate it, the shutdown, the liquidation of this operation, it's too late once that happens.
And at that point, once they do the liquidation, I'm going to tell you, do not support it, because it will not go through this operation.
So I'm going to stay here with the sinking ship.
We got pumps on the bottom of the ship.
We can fix the hole, but I can't fix it myself, man.
So I'm not bitching.
I'm just telling you, look at the place we're in.
Look, it's 2024.
It's the New World Order.
It's all out in the open now.
And they're taking down Info Wars.
Only you can save us.
It's up to you right now.
We'll be right back.
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You're listening to The Alex Jones Show!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Sunday, November 12th, 2023.
Let's put that counter back on screen.
We are so close to the 2024 election.
And yes, it's true.
Everybody always says this is the most important election because there's been a quickening.
The last few elections have been the most important because it just gets more intense as the house burns down around us.
We're 358 days, six hours, 53 minutes, six seconds out.
Ladies and gentlemen,
And obviously Trump's the frontrunner.
All the polls show it.
All the numbers.
Back when they were lying about the polls a year ago, I told you he's the frontrunner.
And when they indicted him, he went from being 10 points out of Biden to 20 points out of Biden.
He went from the possible Republican field being half the Republican field to 70% of it.
All those candidates against him, he gets 70% of the vote.
If you think Nikki Haley and Chris Christie are going to help, you've got other things coming.
They're super bad news.
They're rhinos.
So this is the heart of the battle.
And let's put the live show headline up if we can.
Is Trump going to set up a dictatorship?
Is he going to put you in a camp?
Is he going to arrest his political opposition?
Did he do that when he was in office?
He said he's not going to even try to prosecute Hillary.
He said that a month ago.
Because he's setting the tone.
But now he said, as for the Justice Department, and as for the system, though, they're against the country.
They are going to have to be abolished.
Sunday Live MSN claims Trump is planning to establish dictatorship, complete with mass arrests and detention camps.
We're breaking it all down.
So I already showed you last hour the giant camps bringing illegals in all over the Western world from Europe to the U.S.
Then I showed you the COVID camps and the UN treaty saying they'll arrest anybody that criticizes the next lockdown and put you in camps for political reasons.
I can play you the clips from Australia to England to Canada saying we're gonna put people in camps that politically disagree.
Jacinda Ardern said it and she got her ass thrown out of office.
You know, that's the good news.
We're getting populist anti-globalist elected everywhere from Spain to Italy to Sweden to Brazil to Argentina to New Zealand.
But you know the problem?
They're jumping up and injecting them
At the podium, like happened to the leader of the German party, the conservative party, that's already won a bunch of local elections and national elections and is set to win in Germany.
They jumped up and stabbed him in the neck with a poison needle and now he looks like he's the Crypt Keeper.
They've indicted the guy set to win the election in Argentina.
They've barred Bolsonaro from running for office and are set to indict him in Brazil.
Trying to put Trump in prison.
Five African presidents and one Haitian president.
Six Africans who came out against the shots and lockdowns.
And Africa had the lowest uptake of the shots.
The 6% took the shots.
They had the lowest COVID rate in the world.
They killed.
Five African presidents, it was four, and the Haitian president.
Sent commandos to his house to gun him down, CIA.
Hey, the Africans have been through hell at the point of a needle from the UN.
They know what's going on.
So don't compare an ignorant American, whether they're white or black, and boy, we got plenty of ignorant whites and blacks here in this country, and Hispanics too, and everybody else.
Don't compare them to Africans.
Because the educated Africans, and I mean anybody that's been able to have internet connection and go to school, most of them aren't even able to, are as smart as it gets.
I've been in cabs in New York and Miami and Austin, Texas with black Africans, man.
And they sure love this show.
And they know what's going on because they've been under it.
Just like an Eastern European that grew up under the Soviet Union knows the tyranny when they see it.
Because they've been through it.
So the biggest takeaway for me before I go into more news is this.
I see, let's roll some B-roll of it, Tucker Carlson, and I've been invited to UFC, maybe I should go, with Trump and Kid Rock, and they get this, Dana White is a great guy, anti-tyranny, anti-lockdown, has a lot of courage.
They have a big UFC event, and they're getting a standing ovation from the crowd, if O'Biden
I've been to plenty of UFC events over the years when Joe Rogan would give me front page tickets.
I just don't think people realize how late the hour is, and how dire the straits are.
I mean, there aren't words to describe the global debt bubble that's already popping, the hyperinflation, the lawlessness, the criminality.
And the globalists have bet against you.
They've bet against me.
They've bet against our families.
They've bet we're too stupid to figure this out.
The good news is, we are figuring it out, despite all the surveillance and censorship.
But they're committed to their plan.
And they're telling young people everywhere, in college and in primary school, down to five-year-olds, that the Earth's dying and it's all our fault, we need to get rid of the humans, and the end of the world's coming in seven years.
Hell, less than seven.
It is the end of the world as we know it.
Because when you cut off the fertilizer and the natural gas and the coal and the oil,
And don't even give people alternatives at work.
You create poverty and crime and despair on top of all the debt the central banks have committed at the national, local, and personal level.
And we're on a collision course for hell on earth.
I believe we can mitigate the crash landing and still have a crash landing that's survivable.
That's why I'm staying at my post.
I was told in off-record meetings with these people, I can't say the specific meetings, there was agreements not to say that, but four years ago, three years ago, two years ago, a year ago, six months ago, look, just stop doing politics and do some other show as if I'm just some entertainer and I just put on some new outfit and that's what I am.
I'm an actor.
No, I'm not.
I've been an actor in a few movies.
It doesn't mean I'm an actor.
We'll leave you alone.
We'll drop all this.
I could have done that a long time ago when I still had some wealth and run and hid somewhere.
And that'd probably be fun, be less stressful.
I wouldn't look as old.
But man, I can't turn and run.
I can't roll over my belly.
I'm not yellow.
Yellow bellies, you know, they roll over on their back and piss themselves.
I'm not a yellow belly, folks.
But it's more than not being a yellow belly.
I know in my heart and my spirit, the right thing to do is take this thing on head on.
But to do that, I've got to admit to myself how serious and dire the situation is.
And I've got to admit to you how serious it is.
So here's what I'm saying.
It's not bad to go to a UFC fight.
It's not bad to have fun and promote freedom and thumb your nose at the system.
That's great to say, hey, we're popular.
Freedom's popular.
You're not.
Trump's the real president.
It's good.
That's beautiful.
When everybody has a hysterical, fun, wondrous time, that sends a message that the situation isn't as dire as it is.
And I'm not judging anybody.
I would just add, hey, we're all having fun here tonight on the fumes of freedom, but soon this is going to be gone and we're in dire straits and your enemies are X, Y, Z. And that's what Donald Trump and Dana White and Tucker Carlson are doing.
But they need to do it even stronger.
Because make no mistake, if the enemy's successful taking over, we're all dead men.
But what really matters is, they're gonna expand the abortion, the infanticide, the pedophilia, the transgenderism, the fentanyl, the euthanasia, the wars, the inflation, the cash flow society, the robot takeover, and the horrible dystopia they've set up for us.
We have a responsibility to fight this.
And that's why I'm never backing down.
I'll never back down, I'll never sell out, but I could give out.
So please support us right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
I talk a lot about the great successes InfoWars has had.
I don't think anybody can deny it.
And it is because of listeners and viewers supporting us.
When we talk about the crew at InfoWars, people behind the scenes, the researchers, the writers,
I really have been the MVP in this fight.
And when you look at Harrison Smith and Owen Schroeder and the hard work they engage in every day, five, six, seven days a week, it's really just incredible.
So for myself and the whole InfoWars crew, I thank you for your past support.
I only encourage you now to realize that InfoWars cannot stay on air if you do not support us.
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The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
I think so.
I think so.
Please listen closely because this is life-changing critical information.
The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
We're good.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
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Going through it fast!
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I'm here!
We've got a life force!
This is a human!
This is what we look like!
This is what we act like!
This is what everybody was like before us!
This is what I am!
I'm a throwback!
I'm here!
I've got the fire of human liberty!
I'm setting fires everywhere!
And humans are turning on everywhere!
Get behind me, Satan!
Down with the devil!
This can't be.
Arthur, you're playing the wrong message.
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The old financial order is coming to an end.
The very same private central banks that set up the Ponzi scheme and transferred 80 plus percent of the wealth themselves through fraud, want to now be the saviors, blame the old system they created and bring in something far worse.
We have a real chance here to stop this new world order.
We've got to be honest about what we're facing and deal with it.
Alright, I want to get back to President Trump now and I want to get into these Islamists that have been brought into the country because
It's not just Twitter, not just Facebook, not just Google.
It's not just the mainstream media.
It's the whole culture of the universities, all of it.
The big think tanks are behind the Islamic invasion.
It doesn't mean that I support what Israel's doing.
It's two separate things.
If you don't support what Israel's doing, that's fine with me.
The issue is that then bringing the refugees here, the left attacking everybody,
All of this is part of a longer strategic plan, because the Muslims aren't the majority in Sweden, or Germany, or France, or the UK, or the US, or Canada.
But globally, in all of our countries, if you put them all together, they're bigger than the population of Germany and the UK combined.
And they act as one, unified, and in parliamentary systems, they're about 10% of each country, they can throw the election, and they vote with the globalists, they vote with the EU, they vote with the Democratic Party, they vote with the Tories, excuse me, they vote with Labor.
And so, that's what they're doing.
It's a political block.
And Trump understands that, and wants to shut it off.
And says he's going to put in the seven-nation Muslim ban and all the rest of it.
And that's why they want to stop him and are calling him a totalitarian.
So raids, detention camps, mass deportations, Trump's immigration plan for a second term.
Well the UN openly with NGOs runs the operations bringing these tens of millions in just like they did in Europe.
So they already run the camps, but the camps are to bring him here.
He just says, use the camps to deport them.
A concentration camp, that is not.
The good news is RNC Chair McDonnell says we will support Trump as GOP nominee, even if he is convicted criminal.
A lot of Americans embrace Trump's authoritarianism.
Washington Post.
They're the authoritarians, the censorship, the control, the arrest, all of it.
Sweeping raids, giant camps, and mass deportations inside Trump's 2025 immigration plans.
So the corporate news won't show you the giant UN camps they've set up all over Europe and all over the U.S.
to bring the illegals in.
Now they're going to say, because Trump's going to use those as deportation centers, he's going to build camps.
Oh my gosh!
Like Hitler!
You heard Hillary!
Meanwhile, Representative Stefanik hits radical leftist Trump judge with ethics complaint.
That kook and his wife attacking Trump on Twitter while he puts gag orders on Trump.
What a joke.
Look at this headline from The Guardian.
A revenge term.
What would another four years of Trump look like?
And they got a shot with a light behind him where it looks like Trump's got horns.
Boy, they know what they're doing, don't they?
Let's give them a little curly Q mustache like the devil has.
There you go.
The DC establishment thinks RFK could win, and they're panicking the hill.
Suddenly, CNN loves RFK Jr.
And I think, you know, they killed his dad, they killed his uncle, he does a lot of good things.
But for whatever reason, his wife's a big leftist.
The polls show he's going to take away from Trump.
He's running third party, so suddenly they're all behind him.
But they're not happy about this.
Dems suffer flashbacks of 2016.
Spoiler, Jill Stein announces White House run.
She only got a point or so away from Hillary, but it still helped.
Democrats across the country are
Pacing their living rooms with clenched jaws and fists as the woman they hold responsible for tipping the 2016 election to Donald Trump has announced she's jumping into the race again.
Jill Stein, who previously ran for president on the Green Party ticket 2016 and 2012, announced her bid Thursday.
With the war machine swallowing trillions of dollars as working people struggle to survive and the climate crisis accelerates, it's time to offer voters a valuable alternative.
So she's announced her Green Party candidacy.
All I can say is more power to you.
Because that's the left eating its own.
They're opportunists.
She wants to raise money, all the rest of it.
And so she's going to hurt the Democrats.
But RFK Jr., I guess money is thicker than blood, is running third party when it's going to hurt Trump.
And I just, I could not do that if somebody murdered my father in front of me.
Because the numbers are in.
It's going to hurt Trump.
It's going to hurt America.
What is RFK Jr.
Well, he's thinking my daddy's dead, I guess.
And so don't cry over spilt milk, I guess.
Well, I wouldn't.
I would do that, but I can't judge him.
I don't know why he's doing it.
Yeah, let's get Jill Stein's video.
Let's have her announcement.
And I shouldn't attack Jill Stein.
I mean, maybe Jill Stein really thinks cutting the fertilizer off is going to save the earth.
Maybe she thinks banning cows is good.
But she's super hardcore leftist and running, if it takes points away from Biden,
Who we know Trump's going to beat by 20-30 points, but they've got the mail-in ballots of the dead people and the illegals voting.
So you've got to have a landslide that overpowers that.
That's what all the numbers, all the actuaries, all the information shows.
All right.
Let's talk about Russia now.
I told you in October, two plus years ago,
Twenty-five months ago, four months before the invasion was launched in February, that the Russians were walking into a NATO trap.
I said they may win, but it's not going to be as easy as they think.
And I get that Ukraine is not Russia's doorstep, it is Russia's birthing place.
It's their Lexington or Concord.
It's where the Russian culture comes from.
It's where they were founded by, I don't pronounce it well in Russian, but Slav the Wise.
His name was Slav.
They call themselves Slav off this orthodox leader that fought off the Muslims a thousand years ago.
And it all happened right there in Ukraine.
And then they got overrun by the Muslims later after he died and then it was the Moscow tribe that came in and had a big war with the Muslims 150, 200 years later and drove them out.
So, I mean, it's, it's, the NATO knew where to go to piss the Russians off.
We'll talk about it when we come back because it's a big deal that NATO's lost.
What will they pull next?
Hey everybody, Rodney Art Brown here.
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But right now there's a wave of liberty taking place worldwide.
Evil knows humanity is waking up to the most corrupt wicked people on earth trying to suppress our destiny.
Civilizations come and go, but humanity continues on.
And God is in control of the situation.
So as bad as things are, have faith and realize the awakening is bigger than it's ever been.
So don't let the levels get you down.
Don't let them depress you.
And realize that a wave of freedom and a wave of liberty is coming right now.
Truth is powerful.
There's an older saying, the propaganda would not be necessary if you were hopeless.
They want to suppress you because you're powerful.
I'll see you at FullWords.com.
Rising up, back on the street.
Did my time, took my chances.
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet.
Just a man, and his will to survive.
So many times, it happens too fast.
You trade your fashion for glory.
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past.
You must fight just to keep them alive.
Yet you need Eye of the Tiger just to prevail the fight.
Climbs in up to the challenge of our rival.
And the last known survivor stops his prey in the night.
Atmosphere's watching us all with the Eye of the Tiger.
Well that's a really interesting A.I.
can do?
You know what A.I.
Myself singing out of that.
Here's something pretty hilarious.
Israel wants warmonger Tony Blair to be its humanitarian coordinator for Gaza and kicking the Islamics out and shipping them here.
I say they should all be shipped to Israel.
Because if they're safe enough to ship here...
I say they should ship them to Israel.
I want Israel to take all of them, including Ilhan Omar, and Tlaib, and all the rest of the squad.
So, Washington Post drops bombshell on the Nord Stream Pipeline sabotage narrative.
A Ukrainian colonel covert ops in the CIA shadow.
So the Russians are about to release their investigation on this.
And the Washington Post, that's literally run by the CIA, that's the mouth of the CIA, comes out and says that it is a rogue commander, but was advised by the CIA that blew it up.
That's why all the Blackhawks and ships were above it when it was blown up.
Yeah, right.
They are really desperate.
Breaking Ukrainian military cordon in the North Stream Pipeline.
Washington Post claims.
So wait.
Cy Hirst is right.
But it wasn't the Pentagon or NATO.
It was those pesky Ukrainians.
And that's really the big takeaway here.
Is that you serve evil.
You go along with it.
You follow its orders, and then it hangs you out to dry later.
But that's how this has been working for a long, long, long time.
Just to remind you guys of what happened last year, here's a short clip a few days after it happened.
Powerful explosions damaged the two Nord Stream gas pipelines.
That was according to Danish police on Tuesday.
They echoed earlier findings into leaks that erupted in the network.
Swedish newspaper Expressen released video, which it says is the first publicly available footage of damage to the system.
Filmed from a private drone, it appeared to show a gaping rupture.
Expressen said a 164-foot section was missing from one stretch of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.
Reuters could not independently verify that the images were of that pipeline.
Swedish and Danish authorities are investigating four holes in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which link Russia and Western Europe.
The leaks have become a flashpoint in the Ukraine crisis.
World leaders have called the damages an act of sabotage, but it still remains unclear who might be behind the detonations.
Russia agrees that the damage was caused by sabotage and pointed fingers at the United States and its allies.
This investigation was set up inherently to put the blame on Russia.
It's absurd.
This is absurd.
And it was reported.
Our intelligence service has all the evidence to prove the opposite.
Furthermore, just elementary logic is needed to understand that such sabotage damages Russian interests on a large scale.
Dwindling flows of gas from Russia, which once supplied 40% of Europe's needs, have left the European Union divided over how to respond to surging energy prices.
Supplies via Nord Stream 1 had already been halted even before the leaks were found because of a dispute over Western sanctions.
Nord Stream 2 had not started commercial deliveries.
Alright, just a flashback to remember that happened.
The reason I played that is this.
What are they gonna pull next?
I mean, I sit here, and I'm just gonna say this, and I read
The insurance company actuaries and the government reports in the entire Western world, and only in the Western world where we took the COVID shots, do we have the record blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, infertility, turbo cancers, to just name the top stuff, and then it's in the
FDA document in October 2020 before the shots were rolled out that they believed it would cause this list of 20 plus things that indeed then happened and I just sit back and I look at the bureaucrats and the academics and the medical system and the intelligence agencies and I say, why do you have a nihilistic suicidal death cult wish?
Like what?
Why do you give hundreds of thousands of dollars to pediatricians that inject a certain quota of under two-year-olds with this?
And then I'm supposed to sit here... Now there's the document.
Great job, Craig, pulling it up.
I'm supposed to sit here and just calmly talk about all this.
It's very paradoxical because I'm talking about my persecution, or Owen's persecution, or Joe Begg's persecution, or Trump's persecution, but as a man, I realize they're just trying to get through me to get to you because they think there's something wrong with me that I don't want to join them and take part in eradicating you.
I mean, you understand.
That Henry Kissinger tried to get me to go to New York and be hired by them 16 years ago.
That's on record in front of my producer.
It's the only time they did it in front of somebody and didn't say it was off record.
I've had at least 10 meetings similar to that with other ones.
Heads of corporations are going up.
Roger Ailes, News Corp, that was decades ago.
I mean, you can look around you and see this is all real and happening, but I'm here telling you names about this.
And they're like, well, why aren't you joining us?
I mean, you're smart.
We want you to join us.
It's clear there's too many people.
I mean, they're dumb.
I mean, they're just watching football and sticking their thumbs up their butts.
I mean, we've got to come on.
You don't want to.
I can't believe you're not joining us.
This is the worst mistake of your life.
Well, okay.
All right.
We just can't believe it.
And I guess when you control all the money and all the industry and all the systems, you just get arrogant and think you're God, but you're not God.
But moving on from the globalist, the general public,
You're going along with this and you're making what the New World Order said about you true, because that's what they've told me many times.
That that's the standard statement.
It has happened every time, but most of the time they say, listen, the public's dumb, they're profane, they're animals.
You try to save them, they will, like a drowning man, pull you down.
We've already looked at it.
You can't help them.
We've got to do this for the planet.
Then I look at them with their GMO and their nanotech and their chemtrailing and aluminum dioxide and poisoning all the soil, and I'm just like, no, you're evil.
You're pretending to be the guardians of the Earth, the guardians of the galaxy, while you're destroying everything and dumbing people down to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy so you can be the ruling class that leads everyone into nirvana or Valhalla and shows them the way of God.
But your answer is dumbing them down, poisoning them, and killing most of them?
And most of the globalists are into all sorts of weird decadence and pedophilia and the rest of it, so... It's really fantastical.
Surreal doesn't even come to the level of it.
It is...
Reality is so much stranger than fiction has been said many times.
And it really is.
I mean, this is so out in the open, so diabolical.
And I've got stacks of articles and studies and insurance companies admitting the life expectancy has gone over the edge of a cliff.
And they admit it's the COVID shots killing people.
And then some people say, well, it's the left taking it.
So good, they're all killing themselves.
Do you really think we can sit here and watch them get wiped out and it won't be us next?
I mean, really?
Some weird, dumb, Stockholm Syndrome mother and father that met in college and had a little kid, and they give it six or seven shots, it has seizures, and they're not even smart to go, hey, the shot did it, and now he's autistic, so they cue him up in the queue, then his genitals are cut off, but they feel good, because it makes them look good to their neighbors, they've got a transgender kid, I mean, this is like slow motion human sacrifice.
It would be much more loving of them, like the Canaanites and people did, to just have a big altar with a big bull god, the golden calf, and then you just lead in your three-year-old and you throw him on top of a big burning pile of coals and watch him writhe in pain and pass out in like ten seconds and then just pop and roast and just smell their flesh burning.
That is more moral than what the left does to their children.
We're a cursed world.
We're actually a very nasty, disgusting species at one level.
We're a cursed people.
The fallen side.
We can see the stars, we can see God's mind, we can have incredible discovery, but we've been given free will and we are crapping all over it.
And I don't think of myself as Mr. Goody Two-Shoes or some angel, but the decision to join God and the decision to say no to this modern satanic religion is self-preservation.
Why would you want to be part of it?
Because it's thrilling at some base level to go against God.
And I've done it too.
God knows I like to be a rebel.
God knows I've got a dark side and I get tempted, but man, I know God's real and I know it's wrong.
And the thought itself upsets me that I can even have that thought.
It's like a bad town I've left.
It was a mile away, it was ten miles away, it was a hundred miles away, it was a thousand miles away, it was a million miles away, but I can't believe I was ever in that town.
And I tell you now, if you don't reject the spirit of Satan,
You'll be cut off from God, and you'll be spiritually cut out of the book of life.
Because it's only certain souls that get taken to the second and third heaven, and that's clear 100% from my own understanding and research and visions, but also in the scripture.
And when it says you're a rotting corpse, you're still spiritually there, but you're walled off as a cyst.
I've seen it interdimensionally.
The trillions of souls that are just universes of these tombs where people get to be their own god.
The Luciferian religion.
And they're
They're cut off from the source.
And God didn't do that.
God wanted to commune with us.
God created free will.
God gave you the spark of the universe.
God gave you the potential to choose right from wrong.
And you can say, well, that's a sin that God created us.
It was free will.
Think about it.
God made you with the capacity to know good from evil and to be able to understand the universe and to be able to interface with God.
And then you chose to do something else.
No, that's on you.
That's the number one attack by the Satanist is, why did your God allow all this pain?
Why did your God, well, why did I have children?
I've had four children.
They're all actually great and smart and good and love God and I'm blessed.
But they could go bad.
I wanted to have children.
I wanted to be with new creatures.
I wanted to continue on.
I wanted to experience that.
It was my drive to do it.
And I did it.
Four of them.
You could argue, well you gave your children death.
To give birth to a child is to kill them.
You ever think about that?
But see, they're eternal beings.
Fear not who can kill the body, he who can kill the soul.
And so, that's what really matters in the final equation.
And so we're now here to the end of the line.
Of this age.
I don't mean some New Age things coming.
I'm saying the New Age tells you this big, beautiful things coming.
It'll all work out okay.
Well, not without a lot of suffering and not without God.
I mean, I don't even want to read these news articles right here.
So I've already seen it.
I already know it, but it's even more studies, more data.
The Fauci and Bill Gates and the UN and Klaus Schwab and the Pentagon.
Cooked up a prion infection that annihilates your immune system and attacks your fertility and attacks your heart and your brain.
The main thing is fertility.
And it committed this mass genocide against the people.
And I look at the cutesy Ben Shapiro's and the cutesy
Jordan Peterson's and the cutesy Glenn Beck's.
And I don't see bad people.
I just see cowards.
Because if they actually came out and told you all of this, they know the system will come after them.
And they'd rather sit there with their wives and their children and be waiting to be eaten last.
Because they don't believe in you.
In fact, they don't believe in God.
Oh, they believe God is in command.
They know the devils of failure.
But they still don't understand that through God all things are possible and that God's watching them and expecting them to stand up and do something.
They think you're too weak to hear the truth.
And they think they can't challenge this and change it because it's been written.
Ben Shapiro, I saw a clip of him the other day, I didn't believe it until I watched his whole podcast from years ago, that you have a soul.
That you live after death.
The Old Testament says it over 300 times.
The New Testament over 300 times.
But I already know.
I've already been given visions that come true.
Over and over again.
I've already been transported to the third heaven and literally sat there with angels around me, showing me the whole universe!
And all I do is fall down in front of God when I'm there.
I'm like, I don't need to see it!
Total completion!
Oh no, look, look, look at this!
Look at these people!
You're gonna go tell them!
You're gonna go tell them now!
You got a job to do!
You're gonna do it, aren't you?
You signed on to this!
Ben Shapiro doesn't even believe you have a soul.
You think I'm joking?
I saw the clip of the producer today.
And he's our Judeo-Christian leader.
So you have a soul, ladies and gentlemen.
You have an energetic, multidimensional spirit.
That was literally minted by the creator of the universe that can make sentient beings that are able to grasp infinity.
I am that I am.
We are not God, but we are able to behold God and understand God and resonate with God and worship God as our husband.
That's heavy.
That's why the Luciferians have a sexual relationship with the devil and sex magic.
With God, it's not Congress, it's not sex, it's spiritual interface.
The groom and the bride.
The bride of Christ.
Everything you see above you, everything you see below you, everything repeated, male and female.
That's why every embryo starts as a female.
And then the genetic decision manifests into a guardian of the female or a female.
The males are simply the guardian of the female.
There is no difference.
There's a total difference in the genetics and the overall spirit.
But in the mission, there is no difference.
We are the woman.
God is the man.
God brings order to the universe.
And that's where we are.
And these Aleister Crowley-ites, the rest of them, cannot even begin to imagine the power of the true creator.
So, they want me off air for that reason.
You can have Elon Musk talk about the New World Order and depopulation and Joe Rogan all day long.
You can have them all talk about it.
But when did Tucker Carlson get fired?
When he said, God's real, and the devil's real, and they're coming for your soul, and I've had spiritual experiences, and God's real, and I didn't believe it, but you need God, you need God right now, they said, you're fired!
Because that's the one thing they can't let you know, is that you're eternal, and your decision about eternal life is the only decision.
It's not the most important decision,
It's the only decision.
But faith without works is dead.
If you've made the decision to join God, you're going to hate the devil.
If you've made the decision to fight evil, you're going to fight evil.
And you're not going to be given the beyond, fantastic, unimaginable, unlimited power that God has for you in a mission.
You think we're going to go play golf in heaven?
Think we're gonna file our nails?
Think we're gonna sit around and have cheesecake with Grandma?
There's a war in the heavens.
There's a big plan for you.
And this is only boot camp, boys and girls.
This is only level one.
Level 1.
You want to see Level 2.
You want to see Level 3.
You want to see Level 4, and Level 5, and Level 6, and Level 7, and Level 8, and Level 9.
You want to see... You're already at Level 3, that's Level 1.
You want to see Level 9.
Because the eye's not seen, and the ear's not heard.
And let me tell you something, you aren't ready for it.
And that's why you're here, but you will see it.
If you're steadfast, and if you're not a coward, God will embrace you.
But the final understanding is this.
You can't just know this knowledge.
If you're a coward, God is going to refuse you.
If you're not willing to put yourself through the flame, through the wood chipper, through the torture, that's why God is perfect.
God said, I will project myself down and I will go through living hell to show you how it's done.
Because how could God do that if he didn't ask us to do it?
Chase Geyser takes over right now.
And I'll join you at 11 a.m.
Central tomorrow.
God bless and good luck.
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