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Name: 20231106_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 6, 2023
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A trans-woman who transitioned to a man and committed a school shooting at a Nashville Christian school had her manifesto leaked by Steven Crowder, obtained through insider sources. The manifesto reportedly reveals leftist propaganda poisoning the shooter's mind and causing her to commit such an act. Alex Jones of InfoWars encourages viewers to support his broadcast and subscribe for exclusive content on jonescrowder.com. The Justice Department is accused of suppressing information about the case, creating a government cover-up.

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Now we know why the Justice Department fought so incredibly hard to suppress what is in the Nashville Shooter's Manifesto.
The woman who transitioned to a man who went in and shot those little children and teachers.
F you, little shills.
I wish to shoot you weak ass.
And it goes on from there.
Your yellow hair.
Kill all of you little crackers.
Bunch of little faggots with your white privilege.
F you.
Read it for yourself.
See more of the pages right now at InfoWars.com.
It's Steven Crowder who broke it.
He's covering it all live on his show.
As we speak at jonescrowder.com.
That's why they're trying to suppress this.
This is another one of the monsters that the leftist brainwashing cult and the universities
and the MSM have created.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with breaking news that the power structure and the Justice Department has tried to suppress.
The Nashville shooter, the trans woman to man, who went in to the little Christian school and shot those little kids and shot those teachers.
The manifesto was suppressed when it happened, and we now have confirmed from insiders it was the Justice Department suppressing it.
So, the local government is upset about this, the police department, and from sources inside the system, we'll leave it at that, they have leaked to Steven Crowder and his investigative unit They have leaked to them the first three pages of the document where she talks about wokeness and hating white privilege and all the rest of it.
This is being done to then pressure the government itself.
To officially, of Nashville, release the manifesto, because it's reportedly huge, and see how this monster was brainwashed and poisoned by leftist propaganda.
Reportedly from the sources, she was a total brainwashed leftist on a bunch of psychotropics that love BLM, you name it.
Steven Crowder has the first tranche.
We're told more is going to be coming.
It's exclusively at jonescrowder.com.
If you go there, you can go and become a subscriber and see all of Steven Crowder's shows, all his material, all his info.
Now, he's already put out the pages, but if you want the analysis and more breakdown, that's over at the Mug Club and over at the great folks at Rumble.
He also is going to be posting it to YouTube as well.
If you want to support the broadcast and become a subscriber and also support what we're doing, go to jonescrowder.com and sign up to get my show over at the Mug Club, Steven Crowder's, the Hodge Twins, and so much more.
But this is big.
The system is trying to suppress it.
And they're going to be very, very upset that this has now come out, because it flies in the face of their narrative and shows how the anti-white, brainwashing, leftist, Marxist agenda is creating these type of poisoned minds.
Again, it's all right now at InfoWars.com, and of course at JonesCrowder.com.
And Stephen Crowder is going to be covering it all live, coming up in less than an hour.
It's Monday, November 6, 2023.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You're watching the American Journal, and I'm here with some very important breaking exclusive news.
I was told at about 5 a.m.
this morning by the great investigative team over at Steven Crowder's operation that I also work with now and produce podcasts and special reports for that they have Received through their investigative unit and documented that they indeed have the Nashville Trans Shooters Manifesto that the feds and the local governments fought to keep from the public.
Now you can imagine why they fought to keep it from the public.
So we'll have updates here on the American Journal as this breaks today.
And we will also have breakdowns at InfoWars.com.
Coming up in about an hour.
Stephen and his team will go live from their studios in North Texas and then at 10 o'clock they go exclusively to Mug Club for members on Rumble and so it's very important that everybody tuning in understands that when you go to jonesprowder.com and you sign up for a year there it's like seven dollars and change a month you get a month free and the funding from that goes to keep myself on the year and InfoWars on the year.
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That's why I've done the deal.
That's why we're doing the weekly shows.
That's why we're going to be doing more shows.
Not just the Friday show in the near future.
And Steven, Already had hired a lot of people that have been at Project Veritas before.
He works closely, obviously, with James O'Keefe and his new operation.
And so they're basically expanding an operation very similar to what James O'Keefe did.
It's not in competition.
James O'Keefe loves it.
You know, the more the merrier.
We're trying to bring down the tyranny.
And so when you become a member over at Mug Club, It helps them build the infrastructure, not just for my show or Stephen's show, but all the other shows like the Hodge Twins and others that they've added.
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And when it comes to true free speech, Twitter obviously hasn't gone half as far as it should.
It's getting a little bit better.
So again, the major trans-shooter of the little school and the children, the manifesto they didn't want you to see, is going to be breaking today.
They're going to go over some of it, tell folks how they got it in the first hour.
It'll be on YouTube and everywhere else.
Then in the second hour, 10 a.m.
Central, 10 a.m.
Central, they'll go behind the paywall at jonescrowder.com.
If you go to jonescrowder.com, you get a free month.
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That's JonesCrowder.com.
But tell everybody you know that the manifesto is in the hands of Stephen Crowder.
He's breaking it today.
They have fought like the devil to keep this from getting to the public, obviously because of what it says.
And I've been told just what we guessed it says is what it says.
So I'm going to leave it at that, ladies and gentlemen.
But coming up, you'll have live coverage here of what's going on as well.
We'll be monitoring it.
We'll be publishing articles.
On InfoWars.com, but the place to go see it exclusively as it breaks is JonesCrowder.com.
And that's just a little sign-up page.
And once you sign up there, boom, you're into the Mug Club and all their archives and all their new shows and Stephen's Big Show and just everything that's going on.
So I want to thank you all.
For your support.
And I'm very, very proud to be working with people like these guys and gals who are such great investigators and all the eyes and ears out there that are also feeding them information.
We are the new media.
We're feeding the globalist media.
It's a very, very exciting time to be alive.
So again, go to jonescrowder.com right now.
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And help this story get out.
We have the And we are back live on this Monday, November 6, 2023 transmission.
that shot the little kids, been trying to suppress it, woman-to-man transition.
We'll be covering it all right now. Please stay with us.
JonesCrowder.com but whatever you do, share the links from InfoWars.com/show.
And we are back live on this Monday, November 6, 2023 transmission. I
am your host Alex Jones and I have just been authorized, as we went live, to
give you more information. Steven Crowder has now released on his
Twitter, several of the pages from the manifesto.
and I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna lie.
I have been given by their CEO authorization to get into more of it, but there is a lot going on here behind the scenes.
There are good guys inside the system that wanted this out.
They want this officially released.
And so they're putting pressure on the government to release it all, and that's why they want the first three pages released by Crowder.
If the government doesn't release it, then all of it will be released imminently, we're talking about in just days.
It's reportedly extremely lengthy, extremely nasty, full of wokeism, anti-whiteism, so much more.
And then the DOJ built on the back of all this with an actual shooter, anti-gun, And also try to claim it was anti-trans agenda and that pressure made this woman that thought she was a man do this.
There's a lot more.
Uh, coming out.
But what is confirmed now is the Justice Department suppressed, uh, the city and the locals, uh, from being able to release this information.
Some of the locals went along with it.
And so, uh, the police departments and others are very, very, very upset about this.
Stephen Crowder is going to be detailing it all today, and we'll be covering it as well.
Don't forget to support this type of investigative journalism at jonescrowder.com.
I want to thank you all that have become members of JonesCrowder.com.
And again, that helps keep InfoWars in the air as well.
But again, we are also, as we speak, posting at InfoWars.com an article with the pages of the manifesto in it and more.
This is confirmed.
This is not the previous fake manifesto that somebody else put out that basically nailed what the real one would be.
This is the real thing.
And so this is a government cover-up You know, whenever it's a right-winger kills somebody, within hours they have everything everywhere put out.
But when it's one of these leftist cuckoos who are everywhere, there's a massive cover-up.
This is all information management.
It's how they manipulate things.
But we are the independent press.
You are the independent press.
We can override their algorithms.
We can override their AI.
When we get excited, when we get focused, look what we did a few months ago exposing their attempted COVID protocol rollout again.
And like I said, they tried it.
Right on the days, you know, I said they would a month later, but it failed.
They started wearing the mask on TV again.
They started saying you got to have shots to go to college.
They started firing people at hospitals that wouldn't take the shots.
They started, you know, California said they were bringing back the protocols.
Universities all over the country, including in Texas, did.
All over the world they tried to bring it back, but we got ahead of it.
You got ahead of it.
So we were able to back it down to a great extent.
So it was a kind of a dud.
They still got some of it back, but like 10% of what they had previously.
So this is the power of independent press.
Their propaganda would not be necessary.
Their censorship would not be necessary.
The situation was hopeless.
There's always hope when we take action, and we have more than hope.
We have victory in sight.
So again, jonescrowder.com.
Please sign up at Mudd Club and support some independent journalism.
Please support InfoWars and InfoWarsStore.com.
And please, everybody you know watching right now, at InfoWars.com forward slash show, and on radio stations and other places you can hear us, send people to the show.
That's how we reach new people, and it's how we stay on air.
This is a fight.
It's an intense fight.
And we are starting to turn the corner.
So many people are waking up right now.
So many people are coming out against the New World Order and the depopulation plan and the open borders and the human smuggling and the wars.
Zelensky's government now admits they've lost to Russia, and that's a defeat for NATO who started the war.
I mean, there is so much happening right now that's positive, and we can't let this monster that killed those little kids get away with Then letting the system blame the patriots for what she did and what the wokeism and mind virus and brainwashing did of this nihilistic death cult that we're facing.
So again, jonescratter.com.
I'm going to hand you back to the live show and we'll be breaking more of it down.
Remember, as we speak, what we have in the manifesto is going live at infowars.com right now.
Read the first three sickening pages of the manifesto for yourself at Infowars.com and
at LouderWithCrowder.com.
Read it for yourself.
It's literally Charlie Manson, race war, kill the whitey, kill the little blonde haired
children, kill the effing crackers, kill the white privilege.
That's what this monster was saying and it was suppressed.
But every time it's a right-winger doing something wrong, or someone who isn't even close to being a right-winger, the mainstream media tells you that all these Antifa shooters and Satanist shooters and SSRI psycho shooters are right-wingers or populists or Trump supporters.
And in almost every case, they're either apolitical or they're into Satanism or Antifa.
This is the toxic media.
This is the division, the divide and conquer being engaged in.
More in the hours and days to come, but this is a story of the establishment trying to suppress the truth because of good people on the inside.
We're now learning that truth.
Infowars.com stands for truth.
Tomorrow's news today.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.