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The speaker discusses various topics related to politics, economy, health, and product promotions related to Infowars. They criticize mainstream media for misrepresenting political motivations of violent individuals. The show highlights stories from Canada as a cautionary tale for America due to erosion of liberty. They discuss Joe Biden's struggling poll numbers despite heavy media support and suggest that there may be a change in leadership within the Democratic party. Alex Jones also warns listeners about potential assassination plots against Trump and encourages support for his new book "The Great Awakening" which provides solutions for defeating globalists and building a new world. Products like Ultra 12 supplement, Down-N-Out sleep support formula, Minuteman Coffee, and Dark Roast Tip of the Spear coffee are promoted at InfoWarsStore.com.


Insiders, I'll leave it at that.
I was authorized to say this.
Inside the government of Nashville, who originally got the manifesto, obviously took photos of it before it was taken away from them, by city officials and the feds.
So they have a copy and they're very, very, very upset.
Here's the new development.
They're very upset that not only did they suppress the journal, but then they claimed that the family didn't want that, even though that wasn't the case.
The feds pushed them to do that because the police were there at the time this all happened.
And so it's reportedly a very long manifesto, over 30 pages long.
And so the insiders, it's obviously the police, we're not going to say simply who, were very upset and said, we want the city and the feds to release the actual scans of it.
But if they don't, we're going to start releasing more of the manifesto every couple of days.
So they sent three pages to Steven Crowder.
And he said, as soon as we tweet it, you're authorized to go with this.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Now we know why the Justice Department
Fought so incredibly hard to suppress what is in the Nashville Shooters Manifesto.
The woman who transitioned to a man who went in and shot those little children and teachers.
F you, little shills.
I wish to shoot you weak ass.
And it goes on from there.
Your yellow hair.
Kill all of you little crackers.
Bunch of little faggots.
With your white privilege.
Read it for yourself.
See more of the pages right now at infowares.com.
And Steven Crowder, who broke it, is covering it all live on his show.
As we speak.
At jonescrowder.com.
That's why they're trying to suppress this.
This is another one of the monsters that the leftist brainwashing cult and the universities and the MSM have created.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with breaking news that the power structure and the Justice Department has tried to suppress.
The Nashville shooter, the trans woman to man, who went in to the little Christian school and shot those little kids and shot those teachers.
The manifesto was suppressed when it happened, and we now have confirmed from insiders it was the Justice Department suppressing it.
So, the local government is upset about this, the police department, and from sources inside the system, we'll leave it at that, they have leaked to Steven Crowder and his investigative unit
They have leaked to them the first three pages of the document where she talks about wokeness and hating white privilege and all the rest of it.
This is being done to then pressure the government itself to officially, of Nashville, release the manifesto, because it's reportedly huge, and see
How this monster was brainwashed and poisoned by leftist propaganda.
Reportedly from the sources, she was a total brainwashed leftist on a bunch of psychotropics that love BLM, you name it.
Steven Crowder has the first tranche.
We're told more is going to be coming.
It's exclusively at jonescrowder.com.
If you go there, you can go and become a subscriber and see all of Steven Crowder's shows, all his material, all his info.
Now, he's already put out the pages, but if you want the analysis and more breakdown, that's over at the Mug Club and over at the great folks at Rumble.
He also is going to be posting it to YouTube as well.
If you want to support the broadcast and become a subscriber and also support what we're doing, go to jonescrowder.com and sign up to get my show over at the Mug Club, Steven Crowder's, the Hodge Twins, and so much more.
But this is big.
The system is trying to suppress it.
And they're going to be very, very upset that this has now come out because it flies in the face of their narrative and shows how the anti-white, brainwashing, leftist, Marxist agenda is creating these type of poisoned minds.
Again, it's all right now at InfoWars.com and, of course, at JonesCrowder.com.
Stephen Crowder is going to be covering it all live coming up in less than an hour.
Read the first three sickening pages of the manifesto for yourself at InfoWars.com and at LowerWithCrowder.com.
Read it for yourself.
It's literally Charlie Manson, race war, kill the whitey, kill the little blonde haired children, kill the effing crackers, kill the white privilege.
That's what this monster was saying and it was suppressed.
Every time it's a right-winger doing something wrong or someone who isn't even close to being a right-winger, the mainstream media tells you that all these Antifa shooters and Satanist shooters and SSRI psycho shooters are right-wingers or populists or Trump supporters.
And in almost every case,
They're either apolitical or they're into Satanism or Antifa.
And this is the toxic media.
This is the division, the divide and conquer being engaged in.
More in the hours and days to come, but this is a story of the establishment trying to suppress the truth, because the good people on the inside were now learning that truth.
Infowars.com stands for truth.
Tomorrow's news today.
Tomorrow's news.
Ezra Levant in the chair for Alex Jones.
I'm the president of Rebel News.
I'm based in Toronto, Canada.
I have a kinship with InfoWars in that InfoWars knew before almost anyone else did that there is a battle on for your mind, and that the real war is often not kinetic, not aircraft carriers or rockets, but an intellectual battle, a propaganda battle.
And we see that now more than ever.
What incredible coverage this morning from the Jones-Crowder duo of that Nashville Shooters
Manifesto, no wonder it was covered up.
Do you doubt for one second that those words were instead something that could be ascribed to conservatives that would have been released immediately?
An incredible scoop there.
I was asked by Alex's team to guest host today.
It's an honor and a responsibility, an enormous forum.
I'm going to talk about issues that I think are important to Americans and to the world, and then for the third hour, I'm going to do something a little bit different.
As I mentioned before, Rebel News, although we have viewers around the world, we are based in Canada, and normally Canada is a boring subject for Americans, and frankly, Canadians have liked it that way.
As one diplomat once said, is a fireproof house far away from inflammable material.
Well, that is no longer true.
And I want to tell you some stories about Canada, including about political prisoners, including about the trucker convoy, including about Justin Trudeau, who is the ultimate World Economic Forum globalist.
We'll have proof of all these things.
I'll give you an update.
Call it a cautionary tale.
I think that Americans know that they are the home of liberty.
And maybe it's hard to imagine, well, how could that ever end?
Surely it'll go on forever.
Well, I think if you look at Canada and if you look at the United Kingdom, you will see how these things are eroded.
But let's get back to the news today.
Over the weekend, the most interesting story, in fact it was published yesterday in the New York Times of all places, and I like quoting the New York Times when it is bad news for the liberals because that's a dog bites man, man bites dog story.
You'd expect the New York Times to have bad news for Donald Trump and good news for Joe Biden.
So when they have a story,
That shows, as they did in this blockbuster, that Donald Trump is leading in five battleground states.
Put up the bar charts, because those glorious colors tell the tale.
The New York Times shows that Donald Trump is ahead in five of six swing states.
He's ahead even though he is not the nominee yet for the Republicans.
He's ahead even though every week there's another hoax prosecution of him.
In Nevada, Biden 41%, Trump 52%.
In Georgia, Biden 43%, Trump 49%.
In Arizona, Biden 44%, Trump 49%.
And on in Michigan, Biden 43%, Trump 48%.
Pennsylvania, Biden 44%, Trump 48%.
Only in Wisconsin does Trump trail by 2%.
Many of these margins are greater
than the margin of lawyer, maybe even greater than the margin of mail-in ballots.
And I say this because you prosecute a guy, you indict a guy, you burn up his time and money and his attention, the process becomes the punishment, you de-normalize him, you defame him, and he is still ahead of the sitting President of the United States, who has the entire regime media on his side.
How is that even possible?
So here come the big guns in the Democrat Party who know something has to change.
Did you see this?
Team Obama has deployed to remove Joe Biden.
Obama's vice president, I don't know if you saw the David Axelrod, the chair of Obama's breakthrough campaign in 2008.
Axelrod has come out publicly saying Biden's got to go.
Here's the
New York Post version of that story, top Dem strategist, David Axelrod, suggests Biden drop out of the 2024 race.
It's just a suggestion.
Oh, it's not a command or an order.
No, no, no.
It's just a suggestion.
But what it is actually, not so much a suggestion, is it's a permission.
It's permission for every other Democrat to say Joe's got to go.
If the high priest of the Obama world says he's got to go, then it's okay.
You will not be regarded as a traitor to the party.
In fact, you're doing the party a favor.
Obama himself, I mean, he's been fairly quiet the past few years as a former president, which I think is the way former presidents ought to be.
I think there's something unseemly about a president who weighs in too much when there's a successor.
I mean, ex-presidents, that's time to be stately and to work on your memoirs and do good projects, but for Obama himself to weigh in with a different message
The other day Obama was talking about the war between Israel and Hamas, and he mouthed some Democrat platitudes, but he came out with a bit of a different stance than Biden himself.
A little bit more pro-Hamas, a little bit less pro-Israel.
His way of poking
At Biden.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
I think they want to move Biden out.
And the question is, who do they put in?
Surely not.
Surely not Kamala Harris, perhaps the most unlikable woman in American politics.
But look at who was facilitated by the State Department to meet with Xi Jinping, the President of China.
That doesn't just happen.
You're an American citizen.
You're a sitting U.S.
You can't just pick up the phone and say, I'd like to meet with the president of China.
That is done with diplomatic smoothing.
And Gavin Newsom, the California governor, jets to China for a one-on-one meeting with Xi Jinping.
You think that's easy to do?
Look at that.
Look at that handshake.
Look at the kinship between these two men.
And there you have your successor to Joe Biden.
But here's the thing.
That New York Times poll suggests that no matter what they do to Trump, he still
If the elections have integrity, he still will win.
Which is why I am worried about what they might do next.
If you defame a man, if you lie about him, if you undermine him, if you prosecute him and indict him, and frankly, even if they jail him, really, there's no one out there who will be persuaded by one more indictment.
And even if he's jailed, I actually don't think that will shake
Trump's support.
If anything, it will confirm the rationale for his current support, that the deep state is out to get him, that this is a weaponization of the justice system.
And so I ask you, if people are willing to go to the lengths that they've gone to dethrone Trump and to prosecute him,
And if he still remains in the lead in five out of six battleground states, according to the New York Times, no less, I suppose the real numbers are probably even tougher for Biden.
Well, there is one last thing they could do.
And I'm not saying it's likely, and I'm not saying it will happen, but it is a non-zero chance.
Do you have that clip?
So I think it was the 2016 campaign when Trump was on the hustings.
And suddenly someone rushed towards Trump and the Secret Service kicked in.
Do you have that clip?
It's just a short clip.
It was a clip of panic and it was a false alarm.
But let's take a look.
I sent the YouTube clip over.
What could they do?
Take a look at this.
We'll get the clip when we come back.
I'm worried that people who've done everything else in the world are not above an assassination.
We'll come back in a few minutes.
We'll come back.
I'm not predicting that Trump will be assassinated.
God forbid.
I have no basis for that.
I'm not even saying it's likely or probable.
But I am saying if you do anything and everything, and if the stakes couldn't be bigger, the future not just of America, but the future of the world.
What else hangs on the 2024 presidential election?
Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Russia, China?
What could be larger?
And if the deep state, or the establishment, or the regime, or the administration, or the security infrastructure, whatever word you want to use, if they have tried every single thing, if they've weaponized the Department of Justice, if they have thrown junk lawsuits and lawfare at him to burn up his time and money and reputation, and if that doesn't work, do you think
But there are some people, whether it's in the security military establishment, as Dwight D. Eisenhower called it, the Military Industrial Conference, do you doubt that there is someone somewhere who would say, well, take him out physically?
There were a couple of instances some years ago where people rushed the stage.
Thank God no guns were shot.
Remember, this is the clip I was referring to just before the break.
And people mocked Trump for the fact that he startled them.
But there can be no doubt that presidential candidates are at risk.
You see this with the Biden administration refusing to provide secret service protection for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Despite the fact that his father and his uncle were both assassinated, and the fact that there have been armed criminals breaking into his property, sneaking into his events, the Biden administration refuses to provide secret service protection for him.
And it's an enormous cost on the RFK Jr.
I mean, take a look at this video, and I'm saying it only to tell you that it is not impossible.
Take a look.
By the way, folks, while we're at it... Great...
I remember when those videos happened.
I remember the mockery on the left.
Haha, such a tough guy.
Look at me escort it out.
Look at him run.
If Secret Service are rushing you out, you have no idea what their intel is.
You have no idea if there's a gun, if it's a knife, if it's just a disturbance, or if it's something more.
Those were two incidents back, I guess, seven years ago.
You've got to think about the forces arrayed against the man and if nothing else works.
And don't think that this isn't done.
I don't know if you remember, but Yair Bolsonaro, the past president of Brazil, was literally stabbed.
He was in the streets with fans and someone came up and put a knife
Right into his abdomen.
He lost a third of his body's blood.
He would have died had he gotten to the hospital any later.
And he was a very consequential president.
And there was a lot of shenanigans in his re-election that I think deposed him again.
Imagine what turns on that.
Trillions of dollars.
The futures of great empires or would-be empires.
And the reason I mention that is because, yeah, this is a shocking video.
Bolsonaro was thronged by fans.
And someone just came up and just put a knife into him.
Thank God he survived.
But that is, at the end of the day, the ultimate
Political move, God forbid.
God forbid.
And it happens fairly frequently.
Well, not fairly frequently, but enough that if you Google assassination of leaders, I mean, there was an assassination just a few years ago in Central America.
And I'm worried about that because we've never seen forces go to the lengths that they have against Donald Trump before, and yet it's ineffective.
That New York Times poll shows it's ineffective.
And if they will do literally anything else, would they not do that?
Look at that.
Absolutely terrible.
That's terrifying to watch.
Absolutely shocking to watch.
It's not just the New York Times that senses that Biden is on his way out and David Axelrod and Barack Obama and Xi Jinping.
An amazing story over the weekend by NBC
About the United States, well, basically telling Zelensky that they've got a change in plans.
This is the same president and state department.
That has positively said a ceasefire was unthinkable.
I don't know if you have that clip from Kirby, the White House spokesman, when he was on a show a few months ago, asked about a ceasefire, and he said, absolutely no ceasefire, because that would lock in the gains that Russia had taken militarily.
Very different from calls from Democrats to demand a ceasefire from Israel in the face of Hamas, I might tell you.
But look at this story by NBC.
You would never have seen this until, well, it's just very new.
The NBC.
US European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine.
Sources say the conversations have included very broad outlines of what Ukraine might need to give up to reach a deal with Russia.
So this is the US saying to Zelensky
You're going to have to give up.
The blank check is over.
Why is that?
Is it because America is stretched too thin, economically?
There's a new front opening up, perhaps, in the Middle East.
Two aircraft carriers, the Eisenhower and the Gerald Ford, the largest warship ever built.
More assets moving into place.
I understand a submarine has been dispatched.
You know, when Zelensky ran for president, he ran on a peace ticket.
It was America and the Brits who turned him into a hardliner.
And now they're saying, well, I think you've got to get prepared to negotiate and give things away.
Before we go, let me show you what Zelensky did in reply.
It's just incredible.
What did he do?
He reached out to Donald Trump.
Zelensky in reaction said, hey, Donald Trump, I'd like you to come to Ukraine and meet with me and let me show you around.
How undiplomatic is that?
How incredible is that?
Zelensky knows who may well be president in a year or so.
How incredible that is?
Biden and Blinken and the others who have been his patrons, and now Zelensky asks to meet with Trump.
Take a short break.
We'll see you soon.
On March 20th, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq.
Exactly one year before the invasion, Alex Jones predicted it.
So now everybody's going, wow, it really was the Iraqis.
That's just because they're getting ready to invade Iraq.
What a beautiful setup!
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
Think about how unusual it is.
There's Vladimir Zelensky who has been in lockstep with the U.S.
Who has been close to Biden, and Blinken, and the Pentagon, and Boris Johnson, who has been a kind of emissary on behalf of the Brits, even though he's no longer the Prime Minister there.
For him to reach out to Donald Trump, partly to scoff at Trump, who thinks that, who said he could solve the war in 24 hours, but for Zelensky to invite Trump to go to Ukraine, maybe it was an unserious or bad faith invitation.
But I think it's a sign that Zelensky understands the ground is shifting.
I think that NBC story is accurate.
I think the US, for financial reasons, for political reasons, perhaps because of the new Speaker of the House, I think there's a fatigue setting in.
And I think America is more attentive to Israel and the Middle East now.
And the idea of a two or three front war is just
Two burdensome and they're basically saying to Zelensky, wrap it up.
Let's play the clip of him inviting Trump.
Trump politely declined.
He didn't say, yeah, I'll be right there.
But neither did he slam the door.
I think Trump is starting to sound a little bit presidential.
On how he actually would get it done.
Here, let's take a look at Zelensky saying to Trump, come around here, which is, just think of how unusual that is.
Your source of financial and military support is the Democratic administration, and yet you reach out to the Republican, the most hated Republican in the eyes of your benefactors, and you say, hey, come to Kiev, let's talk.
Here's the clip of Zelensky.
Former President Trump said that about 24 hours that he can manage it and finish the war.
For me, what can I say?
So he's very welcome, first of all.
President Biden was here and I think he understood some details which you can understand only being here.
So I invite President Trump, if he can come here, I will need 24 minutes
Yes, 24 minutes, not more.
Yes, not more.
24 minutes to explain President Trump that he can't manage this war.
He can't bring peace because of the Putin.
If, but always we have if, if he's not trying and if he's not ready to give
Maybe it's a bad faith, maybe it was a rhetorical or sarcastic invitation, but it was an invitation nonetheless.
And imagine if Trump had taken him up on it.
But I think there's a realization that the status quo for the last year and a half in Ukraine is untenable for political reasons, for economic reasons.
If you look at poll after poll, the American public is no longer as supportive.
And I think Zelensky knows that that NBC scoop shows it.
It shows that the US administration, which was adamant against ceasefires, which was really calling the shots, is now suggesting it.
And maybe Zelensky is thinking about how settlement would go.
I just want to contrast that NBC story with the hard line that the US administration took just a few months ago.
Do you have that clip of Kirby, the spokesman for the administration, just so
Adamant that not one acre of Ukrainian land be left with the Russians.
So no ceasefire ever.
Take a look at this.
I don't want to be repeating something, but I just want to be fully clear.
So when the President said last night that he convinced Prime Minister Netanyahu to do a ceasefire, he was referring to the two Americans that got out.
But Israel has never acknowledged that they paused.
So can you give us a better understanding of what exactly was paused, and if the understanding is that for every sort of hostage release, there would be a pause?
I'm not going to go into more detail than what we've already put out there publicly.
We were able to help negotiate the release of those two Americans, and that's a good thing.
And in order to be able to get folks out, you've got to make sure they can do it safely.
And that's what the President was referring to.
Kirby has said that there will be no ceasefire in Ukraine, although he has suggested a ceasefire for Israel's response to Hamas, which I find curious.
What's the theme that stitches these together?
The New York Times panicking that Trump is in the lead.
David Axelrod and Barack Obama signaling to Democrats that it is okay to get rid of Biden, that is not being disloyal to the Democratic Party.
Gavin Newsom going to China, which you can't just do by going on Expedia and booking.
That requires the consent and assistance of the U.S.
State Department.
What about the fact that the U.S.
is now saying to Zelensky, prepare to wrap it up, prepare to put some water in your wine, we are going to negotiate a settlement.
I think this means things are afoot and I think it means that this presidential election could perhaps be the most consequential in a generation or two.
But I think the real problem for America and the West is not Ukraine.
And it's not even the war between Israel and Hamas.
I think it is related to those things.
But I think it's on the domestic front.
I was in the United Kingdom a few days ago when there was a 100,000 person march for Hamas.
And I'm saying it was for Hamas because some of the signs positively were for Hamas.
I saw with my own eyes Taliban flags and Islamic Jihad flags being flown on the streets of London.
Not just generic Palestinian flags.
I saw a chance for Intifada revolution.
That's what they're doing.
Over there.
And Tifada means a kind of riot.
It actually implies a pogrom against Jews or Israelis.
The 100,000 people who were marching in the streets of London, they're not in Gaza, they're not in the West Bank, they're not in Israel, they're in London.
And we saw a taste of that just the other day in Washington, D.C.
when tens of thousands of people showed up
And they actually had a violent insurrection, as the Democrats would call it, and tried to scale the fence around the White House.
Look at this footage.
Now, I should say that Washington is a protest town.
And this isn't unprecedented, but it is a show of force.
Just like in London, where all the socialists and the labor activists and the trade unionists pumped up the numbers.
It is a powerful force combined with woke left-wing students and woke institutions.
This is a sped up version of the protest in Washington.
The number one difference between this and what I saw in London is there were literally thousands of Palestinian flags in London and there's relatively few here.
In Washington.
But let me show you the image of when they got to the White House.
Here it is.
And they put up posters and they put up flags.
And I don't think they actually climbed over.
They put some flags through it.
But they certainly chanted about their plans.
I don't know if the White House was on some sort of special alert.
Or if they could have withstood an attack.
I have no idea the kind of defenses that the White House physically has.
You can see some police on the ground.
But I think what we're seeing is a kind of dress rehearsal, a LARPing, a live-action role-playing of storming the White House.
No charges here that I know of.
And that's what I want to talk about more than a war overseas.
I want to talk about the unholy coalition between Islamists and domestic woke activists, the progressive left.
I'm much more worried about that home front than I am about any foreign war.
We'll talk about that in a moment.
Ezra Levant here from Rebel News doing my best to sit in the chair occupied by a legend.
Alex Jones is not here.
He invited me to sit in.
I hope I'm living up to the standards of this network.
It's a pleasure to talk with you about matters around the world.
I suppose I'm giving you a Canadian view.
On Donald Trump, the whole world looks to Trump.
I remember when Donald Trump first visited China.
And of course, Donald Trump ran, in essence, against China.
He took a tough stance on China economically, militarily, so many things.
But when he touched down, and again, this is a New York Times story, and I mention that only because if they are saying it, you know it's even more than that.
You can find it quickly.
Look at the New York Times when they talked about how he was greeted in China.
They gave him a nickname.
A lot of nicknames in China for political leaders around the world, and the nicknames they gave for Trump were Uncle Donald, which was a term of endearment, Uncle Donald, and Donald the Strong.
Donald the Strong.
The New York Times couldn't believe that China, against whom Trump had antagonized and criticized and stood up to, rather than shunning him and belittling him or avoiding him or pushing him out, they actually respected him and looked up to him and treated him regally.
And I think that's how a lot of people around the world, and so I mention that because I mentioned Taiwan, and I mentioned Ukraine, and I mentioned the war in the Middle East, and everyone knows, including the Democrats, that if Trump were the president, this madness around the world would not be happening.
And Zelensky does know, in his bones, as Putin surely does too, that if Trump were the president again, of course he would end that war in 24 hours.
Of course he would.
He's a dealmaker in essence, but more than that, Donald the Strong.
You don't trifle with Donald the Strong.
What would Joe Biden's nickname be if the Chinese were speaking honestly?
Joe the Strong?
It wouldn't even mean Grandpa Joe.
It would be Great Grandpa Joe.
Joe the Sleepy?
And I'm afraid the world is burning because of it.
I mentioned I was in the UK the other day.
Just absolute scenes of chaos, out of control.
100,000 marchers chanting calls to violence, many of them.
Absolutely desecrating British symbols, whether it was statues or the war memorial for the dead.
It's Remembrance Day, which is their memorial day next Saturday.
And I mean, look, absolutely, this is Trafalgar Square in the heart of London.
They were shooting firecrackers at police.
Just firecrackers.
And the police were scared to do anything in return because the police were outnumbered.
10 to 1.
100 to 1.
There are 40,000 jihadis in the streets of London.
And here's my point.
I'm not talking about aircraft carriers overseas.
I'm not talking about troops and boots on the ground.
Because the front line in this battle is not just an overseas kinetic war.
It is a threat domestically.
This is a crazy scene on the streets of London.
There's a McDonald's there.
And for some reason, the Palestinian protesters have decided that McDonald's is evil.
I don't even understand it.
And it was practically a riot.
Now, who cares about McDonald's?
But my point is, you have an unguarded southern border in the United States of America.
And think about it for a minute.
Put yourself in the shoes of Iran.
This terrible terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th was funded and trained and orchestrated by Iran, but it was not done by Iran.
Iran did not attack the Israeli military directly.
Why would they do something like that?
Because the response from the Israeli military would be punishing and devastating to Iran.
Instead, they used proxies.
They used sock puppets, so to speak.
Horrific, terrible sock puppets in the form of Hamas terrorists and Hezbollah terrorists.
If Iran were to start
A military action against the United States.
Do you think that they would attack the Gerald Ford with Iranian aircraft or missiles?
Of course not.
They would be thumped by the United States, which is still a mighty military.
If Iran wanted to devastate the United States, they would not come in the front door.
They would not announce themselves.
They would not attack
American ships that way.
It would come in the southern border.
It was the broken border between Gaza and Israel that led to the horrors of October 7th.
And I put it to you, it is the broken border on the U.S.
south of Mexico.
And it's not just Mexico.
Most of the people crossing over are just economic opportunists, people who genuinely want to get to a place that's freer and richer.
But don't you think that the same ayatollahs that orchestrated the
Weapons, the homemade weapons and the tunneling and the sleeper cells in Gaza.
Do you doubt that they would look at that southern border as a similar opportunity to strike the great Satan?
They got the little Satan, as they call Israel, pretty good on October 7th.
Do you doubt that they would do and are doing the same thing in the United States, coming in, scouting out the soft targets?
And do you doubt that they will be assisted by many woke Americans who believe in anything to smash the system?
That's my real worry.
It's good to be worried about what's going on in Ukraine or Israel or Taiwan, sure.
But the real threat to America is not over there.
The threat is what has come through that southern border and what is being planned with the blind eye being turned to it by the administration.
Hey, let me take a moment.
I'm not very good at this part, but I do know...
That like Rebel News, like other independent journalists, InfoWars has been demonetized and deplatformed because it's not in rhetorical lockstep with the regime media.
In fact, it's a critical media that criticizes the establishment.
And so, of course, as you know, InfoWars has to pay the bills around here another way, and that way is the InfoWars store.
And I was just told that they've got a 40% off sale right now at InfoWarsStore.com.
They also have water filters.
These are things that I think you buy them because you want them for yourself, but you also buy them because they're an ethical purchase in that they're supporting independent journalism that the authorities of the regime just despises.
I want to take some calls.
I want to open up the phone lines because I've said a few things I'd like your feedback on.
I would like to hear from InfoWarsNation.
I would like to hear if you think I got it wrong or if I got it right.
The phone number to dial is 1-877-789-2539.
And I'll take your calls.
How do you handle the domestic front?
How do you handle
The folks who are marching through the streets of London, through the streets of Washington, in my country in Toronto, who are calling for a violent uprising.
That is what an intifada revolution is.
That's one of their chants.
They call for an intifada revolution.
How do you handle people calling for death to the Jews?
I mean, when it was a couple hundred guys with tiki torches in Charlottesville, Virginia, they weren't actually calling for the Jews.
They were chanting anti-Semitic things, but they actually weren't calling.
They weren't saying, death to the Jews, let's kill the Jews.
They were saying anti-Semitic things, absolutely.
And the national media at a five alarm fire.
What do you do when you have a hundred thousand people marching through Washington D.C.
who actually are calling for death to the Jews?
Maybe they say it in Arabic.
Maybe they say it in slightly coded language like intifada revolution.
That is the final solution.
They're even echoing the language of Hitler.
Where are the reactions from all the hate speech guardians?
Where are the folks who are so worried about trigger words and safe spaces and microaggressions?
They'll hunt for anti-Semitism in the hand symbol and say, uh-huh, that's a Nazi there.
But when you have actual swastika flags being flown alongside Taliban flags and Islamic State flags, where are they now?
And this is a conundrum for freedom-oriented people as well, because our belief in freedom, whether it's the American First Amendment or our belief in freedom in the United Kingdom or Canada, means you have to have freedom of speech even for odious ideas.
Freedom of speech is the gift you have to give to your opponent if you want it for yourself.
So how does that handle people in our own country who despise our freedoms and want to destroy them, and who are on the march to do so, aided by domestic radicals on the left?
When I was at the 100,000 person march for Palestine in the UK a few days ago, I'd say it was about 70% Muslims, many of whom were foreigners, some of whom were born in the UK.
I'd say it was about 10% young woke people, and I'd say it was about 20% old socialists.
So there are some native Brits.
But there's a lot of folks who come over who come from cultures that violence is part of how they solve problems.
I'd like your calls.
Give me a call.
That's 1-877-789-ALEX.
We'll take your calls after the break.
How do you handle Nazi-style Hamas supporters
On the streets of America, while still respecting the First Amendment.
I've got an idea.
We'll talk to you soon.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
In my new book, we give you the solutions to build a new, better world, an alternative to Klaus Schwab's, you will eat the bugs.
This is the Great Awakening.
The plan to defeat the globalists and launch the second great renaissance.
It's a companion to my last book that was a number one worldwide bestseller.
And this book is even thicker and even more powerful.
Get your copy of The Great Awakening today at InfoWarsTore.com.
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So please, get the historic book now.
Go now to InfoWarsTore.com and get The Great Awakening.
The Great Awakening at InfoWarsTore.
How do you square that circle?
Land of the free, home of the brave, freedom of speech, the right to say things someone doesn't want to hear.
That's so important.
It's the First Amendment.
But what if it's someone who is calling for the destruction of your own country?
And not just calling for it in the abstraction.
They wear a mask.
They try to break into the White House, perhaps not as seriously as one might think they would.
They wear a mask, they call for death to the Jews, they call for him to fight a revolution.
By the way, Hamas is not just against Jews.
They're against Christians, they're against infidels, they want a global caliphate.
And some of the flags these folks are flying say the same thing.
At what point in time is it no longer, is the pith and substance of what they're doing no longer speech, but
I don't know.
Supporting terrorism.
In Canada, we have laws against supporting a terrorist group.
They break that into four different things.
Participation, instruction, harboring terrorism, or facilitating terrorism.
If you just say, I like a terrorist group, that's not against the law in Canada.
But if you participate, instruct, harbor, or facilitate, that is,
Material help.
Are these people in the United States, 100,000 marched through Washington.
I think it was a little bit less.
I think most of them were just expressing themselves.
But are there people who are, for example, taking orders from a terrorist group?
Ron DeSantis did something interesting the other day.
He stripped two clubs from Florida State Universities, not for anti-Semitism, which I imagine is protected by the First Amendment, but rather for expressly saying they were going to participate in a terrorist movement.
They had a toolkit for helping Hamas.
Ron DeSantis said that's not a First Amendment issue, that is against the law.
He cited the law and stripped two clubs of their status.
If someone is a foreign national here, does that make a difference?
Let me make my point more clear.
If you're an American, then you say, I like Hamas.
If you're an American and say, I like Hamas, I want to help them.
That's one thing.
That's another thing.
Are you aiding the terrorist group?
But what if you are in the United States or Canada or the United Kingdom as a guest?
What if you're a foreign national and you're only here because we invited you to attend our universities?
You have a student visa.
You're not an American citizen or Canadian citizen or British citizen.
You are a guest in our house and we are doing you the great favor of letting you learn at our universities.
And that is the reason you're here.
But instead of studying, you're going to these Hamas hate marches.
I'm sorry, they are hate marches.
They're calling for Intifada revolution.
Sometimes in Arabic they talk about Kaibar, Kaibar Yahud, kill the Jews.
Alright, is it a little bit different if you're at a rally, you're not a citizen, you're here as a temporary guest?
Look at this young woman, that's our reporter David Menzies, on the streets of Mississauga, she's got M16, I think those are, I'm not sure which weapons, she's got machine gun earrings, and a shirt which we translated which is never give up your gun, but she's not a second amendment activist.
In fact, if you play that clip, she's basically saying, I do not renounce Hamas.
I support everything they did.
Everything that they did was justified.
And by the way, what you're saying they did is a lie.
Play a clip of this young woman.
She's a very attractive, presentable young woman.
Her English is perfect.
I'm not sure if she was born in Canada.
What do you do with someone like this?
Play the clip.
Hamas is not a terrorist group.
What is it, like a motorcycle club?
It is a resistance that has been fuming for 75 years of colonialism, of occupation, of murder, of rape, of little children, of women.
That's what they are.
They're a resistance.
Do you think Canada is a colonialist country too?
Everything that they do is justified.
Including what happened last week?
Every single thing they have done is justified.
Ma'am, there were children murdered.
There were babies beheaded.
Babies beheaded?
Please educate yourself.
Please check the news.
As a news reporter, you gotta check the f***ing news because they said that that s*** was fake.
I mean, other than what she's saying, she seems lovely.
I mean, she worked in a normal store.
I don't know if she's Canadian or not.
And she didn't even go as far as some others did.
You have people who are engaging in violence.
That truck, you see that truck?
If you support terrorism, and you are not a citizen, and you're here on a visa to be a student, and you're going to one of these hate rallies, should you be deported?
I say yes.
Is that a violation of the First Amendment?
Is that un-American to kick someone out just because they say, I want to kill all the Jews, or kill the infidels, or have an Intifada revolution?
So we have a petition at DeportHamas.com.
I'm talking about rebel news.
We took this truck around Washington, DC.
We took this truck around New York City.
And we interviewed people.
I was impressed that a lot of people said, hey, you've got to be careful about the First Amendment.
I want to know from Alex Jones InfoWar listeners, where do you draw the line?
Because you love that First Amendment.
Is it something you, and as I said a moment ago, freedom of speech is such a curious gift.
It's a gift you've got to give your enemy if you want it for yourself.
You cannot just believe in freedom of speech when it's you who's talking.
You've got to give it to your opponents.
But what if that opponent is a foreign national who is in your country as a guest and he says, I want to kill you.
I want to kill the Jews.
What was done in Gaza and Israel, I want to replicate here.
Everything they did was justified.
And by the way, that young lady seemed quite sweet other than what she was saying.
That's the kind of girl you see at the coffee shop or something.
You think, okay, this is a new Canadian or a new American.
What if they say, no, no, no, what happened over there?
We want to do here.
We've got a bunch of calls.
I want to take your calls.
I want to see what you have to think.
And you tell me, do you support...
Our petition at DeportHamas.com or do you say no no no I'm libertarian and you can come here and say death to America and go Hamas all you like.
First call is Cameron from Indiana.
Cameron great to have you on the show go ahead what's what's your view on America and Hamas?
So you specifically asked the question what we should do about people using their First Amendment rights to protest for Hamas.
My thoughts on that
If you're a citizen in this country, go ahead, use your ideology, or with this ideology, go ahead and use your First Amendment right, and shoot yourself in the foot by warmongering and fueling the globalist agenda if you want to.
But I mean, if you're not a citizen, you should be deported immediately, which should be happening anyway.
I think we should have halted deportation a while ago.
I don't.
You know, you should have to be deported.
You know, you don't want everything for free.
So, that's my thoughts on it.
Thanks Cameron, I appreciate your comment.
I think there is a moral difference between someone who is a citizen and someone who's on a temporary student visa for the purpose of going to school.
It's the difference between someone being in your house.
Are they a family member or are they a dinner guest?
If they're a family member, you just don't kick them out because they're rude.
If they're a dinner guest and they're rude, you kick them out of the house.
Is that too facile an analogy?
In the United States, you've got that open border that is letting people in by the million.
And I tell you, many of them are just coming to make a buck.
And you can understand that.
And in a way, I think you've got to respect that, even though they're breaking the rules.
But what about people who are coming here for the malign purpose?
I mean, listen, I believe that there should be a border wall.
I believe America should enforce its rules of law, as should Canada, as should the United Kingdom.
And none of those three countries are.
What I'm telling you is, the kind of sneak attack across the Israel border that was done by Gaza, do you doubt that the same strategists in Tehran who thought, let's do that, let's have an asymmetrical war, there's no way we're going to be able to go to war against the USS Eisenhower and the USS Gerald R. Ford and the Ohio-class submarine that just arrived.
We are not going to go to war against the F-35 Lightning.
We'll lose that battle, but we can
Cross over in paragliders and pickup trucks and we'll use a Hamas front group so it's not Iran and we'll do a devastating blow that way.
Do you doubt that the same people who came up with that strategy and trained for it, do you doubt that they've noticed that America has an open back door and that sneaking in amongst people from Latin America, Central America, are people who come to wish America ill.
Let's take the next call from Wisconsin.
We've got Michael on the line.
Go ahead.
Okay, we're still getting info from Michael.
Let's go ahead to Bart in Georgia.
Sorry, I called for the wrong name.
Hey, I'm a bit new with that.
Go ahead, Bart.
Yes, when you're a guest in somebody else's country, you should keep your mouth shut.
You have no right to speak.
If I went to Thailand and I insult the king, I'm going to prison for 75 years.
And I'm going to give you an analogy.
Law enforcement doesn't do anything.
When you start making threats or talking about killing people, that's not freedom of speech.
That is true threat.
So they should be arrested and deported.
I'm going to give you an analogy here.
In the late 70s, there was a Atlanta police officer in a shootout with a bunch of drug dealers.
They had automatic weapons and he had a revolver.
He popped one of them.
The rest of them ran.
Now, I'm not condoning violence.
That was self-defense.
Alright Bart, thanks for speaking so passionately.
We're talking about a concept.
Do you deport people who do not have tenure?
Who are on a student visa?
Because a lot of this is happening on the universities.
I saw a Harvard-Harris poll about two weeks ago showing that 95% of people 65 years and up stand against Hamas.
But by the time you get to college age, it's 50-50.
And they're not all foreign, obviously, if it's 50-50.
That's the woke institutions of our universities that are teaching this critical race theory, this cultural Marxism, which says, destroy everything.
As my friend Dr. James Lindsay says, the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.
And that's why you see this strange thing.
I was in London, I saw this craziest thing, I couldn't believe my eyes.
I was at this 100,000 person Hamas protest, and these people walked by with this big flag that says, I swear to God I'm not making this up,
It doesn't just say queers for Palestine, it says queer Jews for Palestine.
And I'm thinking that's, you know, that's chickens for Colonel Sanders right there.
How does that even make sense?
Well, it makes sense because it's trying to smash the institutions.
And whether you're smashing the institutions through transgender teaching in grade school, or you're smashing the institutions through violence of Hamas, you're trying to smash the West, smash the institutions, tear everything down, tear down the statues.
You notice that, eh?
They're tearing down the statues in London, just like they tear down the statues in America.
All right, we'll go to Ken in Illinois, who wants to talk about the Trump invitation to Ukraine.
What do you make of that?
Was it a bad faith invitation, or does he think that Trump might be returning?
Hey, good afternoon, sir.
I believe it's a sped up, just like with the ad where they're showing the pheasants or the grouse going in and falling into the hole.
I think this is an invitation to come on over.
We're not an ally, and we can't be responsible for your safety, so come over to our war zone where you can get popped and then... Well, that's a good point, because of course, you know, if there was a mishap, and God forbid Trump were killed, wouldn't that be handy for the folks who want to stop him at any price?
That's a very interesting point, Ken.
I appreciate that call.
Hey, by the way, Ken, are you going to go to Infowarsstore.com?
Oh, I've been there.
Okay, good.
I appreciate that, and I'm saying that as a guest host.
I'm saying that as a guest host, because we've got to pay the bill, we've got to keep the lights on around here.
You can't save the world if you can't pay the rent, as I always say.
We've got the next call here from Wayne in Texas, talking about terrorism.
Ken, it's great to hear from you.
Wayne, do you agree with the idea of deporting Hamas?
I agree with the idea of deporting Hamas, but I think even before that, we need to close our borders down.
We have a serious problem here.
You know, recently,
At the end of September, there was a bust with a kid that was a member of a gang called 764.
And there's a New York Post article from September the 28th that says, an inside look at the satanic neo-Nazi pedophile cult that ensnared the New York City man arrested on gun charges.
Well, this 764 gang is connected to a terrorist so-called Order of Nine Angles, which is started by a satanic radical Islamist from Britain.
Well, David Maillat's also connected to a group called the Nordic Resistance Movement, and that's the Order of Nine Angles by David Maillat.
That's one of their ideologies.
Wayne, I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
You're throwing so many things at me, but I appreciate your call.
We're going to squeeze in one more super quick call.
Donna in Texas.
Go ahead.
You got 30 seconds.
Oh, 30 seconds.
Okay, two points.
First, I want to say, love your demeanor.
I usually don't listen to other guests but Alex, but your demeanor is just great.
Thank you.
Yes, my first main point is the level of stress the last few weeks is just through the flipping roof.
It is a time to get fierce in our faith, and I mean so fierce, to make our prayers greater than the problems, make our worship greater than the war and the worries.
From your mouth to God's ears, Donna, we've got to take a break, but I appreciate your call.
Hey, welcome back.
My name is Ezra Levant.
What an honor to be asked to sit in this enormous chair in this enormous studio.
With this enormous reach to talk about these enormous issues.
I hope I'm living up to your expectations, but I have a lot to learn.
But I'm enjoying these phone calls, I'll tell you that.
Great listeners.
Motivated, passionate.
Hey, I want to show you something from my hometown of Toronto.
I'm Jewish, and so I learned about the Holocaust when I went to school, and one of the things I learned about was an anti-Semitic boycott they did in Germany.
There were a lot of Jews in Germany, and when Hitler was ascending, he had his brown shirts on the street.
Stand outside Jewish stores with signs in German saying, boycott the Jews, don't buy from Jews.
And I don't know if you can find, there's a lot of images of it, and it's sort of terrifying.
From the old-time pictures from the 30s.
Yeah, these ones right here.
Deutsche, kauf nicht bei Juden.
I'm not sure if my accent's right.
That basically says Germans don't buy from Jews.
And you can see there's a little sign there that says NJ or N Israel or something.
Clearly a Jewish store.
And, um, that would be terrifying.
They're posting things on windows that looks like a Jewish department store.
That's terrifying.
And of course it was a premonition of things to come.
Let me show you a video from Toronto, Canada, my hometown.
There's a restaurant called Aroma that is Jewish themed, like they have Jewish food.
It's just a restaurant in Toronto.
The staff are multi-racial, multi-ethnic.
It's not just for Jews.
But some of these pro-Hamas protesters saw this restaurant, knew it was Jewish, and they filmed themselves, a mob outside screaming at them, and putting stickers on the window very reminiscent of that Kaufmich by Uden, forgive my accent, from 90 years ago.
Take a look at this clip from Toronto, Canada.
Take a look.
Everyone, snacks in the air!
Let people know!
Did Aroma have a foreign policy statement that they're opposed to?
Did Aroma dispatch some military equipment?
Aroma is just a restaurant.
It's an espresso bar that makes sandwiches.
There is only one reason they're doing that, because it's Jewish.
It's visibly Jewish.
And for all the talk about, oh, no, no, we're just against this policy by the State Division.
Those are anti-Semites.
I'm sorry to say it, and the reason I say it is because of this conundrum I put to you, this paradox, this tough question.
We love freedom of speech.
It's what makes us different from other places.
It's a stronger way to live.
But what happens if you have... Yeah, look, this is a picture from Canada's Parliament.
There's swastika.
I remember during the trucker convoy, the freakout.
And we'll talk about this a little bit later in the show in the final hour.
I'm going to tell you some Canada stories about how when this trucker convoy, I don't know if you remember, in February 2022, Canada had a very harsh lockdown.
In fact, if you were not jabbed, you couldn't even get on an airplane, even within the country.
You could not get on a train.
I couldn't travel.
And you could drive your car, but Canada's the second largest country in the world.
You can't just drive around.
So it was basically a no-fly list that Trudeau brought in for the unvaxxed.
And then he applied it to truckers, truckers being the most isolated people other than maybe a lighthouse keeper.
Like seriously, you're in the back of the truck, you're in the front cab of the truck, it's a solitary job.
Imagine saying to them they had to be vaxxed or they couldn't work.
So these truckers had this convoy, peaceful, went to Ottawa, honked their horns, Trudeau called them, implied that they were Nazis, said they were racists.
Trudeau actually in the end invoked martial law, seized over 200 bank accounts through the leader, and we'll talk about this in the third hour, through the leader in prison for 49 days, reminiscent to the political prisoner Owen Schroer, who we should bear in mind is being treated as he is absolutely a political prisoner, I should say.
Look at the martial law deployed for some peaceful truckers.
And yet we have people chanting death to the Jews in the final revolution, final solution.
Blocking roads in ways the truckers didn't even.
I think it's a double standard.
I want to take a couple more calls.
Robert from Colorado.
Go ahead, Robert.
Firstly, I'd like to say I have a great deal of respect for you, given everything that Rebel News has done, actually, stumbled across you.
From watching Avi Yemeni reporting on Australia's lockdowns over the last few years.
But there's been an element of the border situation that I've kind of been nagging.
I mean, I think I've figured out what's going on.
So we've had all of these military-age men coming into the United States, and the argument has been, you know, they're going to be the ones that are enforcing on us.
I think what's going to happen first is they're going to be used, they're going to be drafted in exchange for citizenship in the United States to supply the military with the necessary bodies for the meat grinder that's going to come.
At which point you have a trained, coordinated group of non-American citizens that they will bring back and hire into law enforcement.
To use to enforce their dictatorial edicts upon us.
Very interesting.
Thank you very much, Robert.
By the way, have you gone to Infowarsstore.com lately?
You know, they got that big sale on right now.
We'll talk to you more.
I think we moved on.
I got two minutes left before the break.
At the bottom of the hour, we're going to talk to my colleague in Canada to talk about an atrocious thing going on.
They call it, they gave it a new name, MAIDEN.
Medical Assistance in Dying.
They used to call it Doctor Assisted Suicide.
That sounded too ugly.
They called it euthanasia.
That sounded too Nazi-like, frankly.
In Canada, they call it Medical Assistance in Dying.
It's now the number two cause of death in Canada.
Well, shocking news for you at the bottom of the hour.
But I heard that point that our last caller made, and it is not a coincidence.
It is not, in my mind, unintended that in Canada and the United States and the United Kingdom, vaccine mandates were imposed on many police departments and the military.
Because it purged from those institutions independent thinking, privacy-oriented, freedom-oriented men.
And if you want to destroy and transform the police or the military, you have to do that.
You have to, because those are essentially conservative institutions led by outstanding men who think and believe and are very thoughtful.
Especially at the higher level, you know, at the more intricate level, special operations forces.
And how do you get rid of that culture from the military?
You say, get a jab or you're done.
Thousands and thousands of soldiers in Canada, United States, UK, purged.
Don't tell me it's an accident.
Don't tell me that's an unintended consequence.
That was absolutely intended.
It was a punishment.
And it was a replacement.
When we come back, we'll talk to my friend Sheila Gunn-Reed about medical assistance in dying, government-sanctioned killing in Canada.
That's next.
We interrupt this broadcast with a special report from the front lines of the Infowar.
Attempts have been made to neutralize the info warrior known as Alex Jones.
Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
We're receiving reports that Alex Jones has broken through the front lines and is now heading toward the broadcast studio.
All efforts to silence him have failed.
Emerging victorious against the New World Order, here's your host, Alex Jones.
Find the InfoWars transmission at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Ezra Levin is my name.
RebelNews.com is the company that I am proud to lead.
And joining us now from Edmonton, Alberta, is our chief reporter, Sheila Gunn-Reed, who has led our coverage of an atrocious phenomenon that I want
To warn Americans about.
I mentioned earlier that because I'm Canadian, I have a slightly different take on American affairs, and you'll correct my errors.
But I also want to bring with you cautionary tales, because Canada is so very much like the United States.
We speak English like you do.
We listen to the same music.
We drive the same cars.
We eat the same food.
There's so many similarities, but we are
I suppose we are what would happen if Gavin Newsom became president, because we have our own shiny pony, as I used to call him, Justin Trudeau, a kind of Gavin Newsom, a dumber Gavin Newsom, as our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was saying.
We're going to talk more about him.
But it's not just laughing, because terrible things have happened.
And one of them is called MAID, M-A-I-D, which is the new acronym that they've made up, Medical Assistance in Dying, because the old words were discredited.
So they threw them out and got a new word.
And Sheila has been covering this story.
And I want to tell Americans about it.
Sheila, thanks very much for joining me down here at InfoWars World Headquarters.
Nice to see you from up in Canada.
I'll be home tomorrow.
You know, thanks for having me on the show.
I'm a connoisseur of InfoWars, and I think you're doing a great job hosting, boss.
Well, thanks very much.
You know, I've got big shoes to fill.
Now, Sheila, you've been covering this story, and I found out that, and I'm sure this number is underreported, that 4% of all deaths in Canada now are from medical assistance in dying.
In other words, governments saying, we are going to off this person.
But I am certain in my bones that's underreported.
Here's why.
I saw the guidance from the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, which told doctors in the certificate of death, do not put medical assistance in dying.
Do not put assisted suicide.
Do not put euthanasia or any bad words.
Put the underlying complaint that called the person to be killed.
So if they were depressed, if they were in pain, put that as the cause of death.
Do not say that we killed them.
So I think that the number is most likely a lot higher.
Sheila, take it away.
Tell our American friends what is happening north of the border and what they should be worried about coming south.
You know, they really should be worried because a lot of people were warning about the slippery slope when medical assistance in dying, as they like to call it in Canada, was first authorized here.
It's euthanizing the inconvenient
Or the chronically ill at this point in Canada.
And when I say inconvenient, I really do mean that.
These are not sick people.
Ezra is right to point out that the numbers are underreported because of the reasons he just mentioned.
But even so, the numbers are absolutely atrocious and escalating.
So in between 2016 and 2021, 32,000 Canadians were euthanized at the hands of the state.
But the acceleration of this is impossible to gauge.
So the most recent numbers we have are from 2021.
So a full one-third of all those euthanized by the state between 2016 and 2021.
That occurred in 2021, so over 10,000.
And by the way, I mean, just for American listeners, Canada has one tenth the population of the United States, roughly speaking.
So times this by 10, so that's 300,000.
This is...
I mean, this is coming up to the number of babies aborted, if you're talking about another intervention that causes a loss of life.
Sheila, keep going.
I didn't mean to interrupt you.
I just wanted to put that in perspective for Americans.
Those 30-plus thousand is enormous, but that's a country one-tenth the size of America.
Keep going.
So, to scale it up, that's 100,000 people to scale up to American numbers.
In 2021 alone, that's the size of a small city euthanized at the hands of the state.
And it's only going to get worse because very recently the government has removed the 10-day wait period for a lot of people who are accessing suicide at the hands of the state.
You no longer have to be imminently ill.
You no longer have to be fatally ill.
Your death does not have to be imminent.
The state of the Canadian health care system...
is actually a reason why you can access medical assistance in dying.
One of the criteria is that you experience unbearable physical or mental suffering from your illness, disease, disability, or state of decline that cannot be relieved under conditions that you consider acceptable.
Now, in Canada, we have rationed health care.
We're chronically in a state of dissatisfaction with the health care system, and that now is the reason why you can access
Medical assistance in dying and it is showing up in the circumstances of the people who are accessing this.
So just in the last year alone, we've seen up to nine veterans who are dissatisfied with the care they're receiving from Veterans Affairs including a paraplegic Paralympian named Christine Gauthier being offered medical assistance in dying at the hands of the state.
We've seen somebody with diabetes and
Receiving medical assistance in dying.
Eating disorder.
Rather than getting treatment for their eating disorder, they just access medical assistance in dying.
We've seen old people who were unwilling to go back into COVID lockdown access medical assistance in dying.
People who are chronically homeless now accessing medical assistance in dying.
And in just five short months,
I think we'll be changing what we call the suicide hotlines here in Canada because people who are mentally ill can access medical assistance in dying.
And I want to be clear, it does not have to be done at the hands of a doctor.
It just has to be a medical professional.
You can get a nurse practitioner to do this, a pharmacist.
And so a veteran now in Canada experiencing an acute PTSD episode can call up their doctor and receive medical assistance in dying instead of the care they need and deserve.
You know, it's atrocious, and that's the thing, and this is a warning I have for Americans.
Oh, Canadian healthcare, it's wonderful, it's free.
Well, first of all, enormous waiting lists.
So yeah, free access to a waiting list.
But look at the incentives that come in.
If the government is on the hook for a costly treatment, oh hey, have you ever considered suicide?
And, of course, Canada is the same fiscal mess that America has, so all the instances you talk about, it is a state that has dehumanized people saying, look, this is going to be really... And we flashed on the screen there about the veterans.
Imagine that.
A soldier goes over, Canada deployed thousands of troops to Afghanistan.
Some of them have come back with PTSD.
And imagine being told by Veteran Affairs, hey, have you thought of killing yourself?
Absolutely atrocious.
Sheila, I'm so glad that you're on this beat.
Interestingly, American media have covered it in some ways more than Canadian media.
We only have 30 seconds left, Sheila, but why don't you talk about that?
Because the Canadian media is so dominated by the regime-subsidized reporters that this is something that's sort of sweeping under the rug.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you know, you're exactly right when you point out to why this is happening.
The media in Canada is funded by and large by Justin Trudeau, and because they are funded by and large by Justin Trudeau, they become
Guards keepers of Justin Trudeau's narrative and right now the narrative in Canada coming from the federal government is that it could one day be your civic duty to just drop dead and the Canadian media seem to be completely fine with this but a lot of my appearances on this topic which is near and dear to my heart have been from outside of Canada.
Newsmax, Fox News, Infowars because
We gotta run, my friend.
Great to see you.
Sheila Gunnery, chief reporter of Rebel News.
Hey, welcome back, everybody.
Ezra Levant sitting in for the great Alex Jones.
What a pleasure to be here.
We were just talking with my friend Sheila Gunn-Reed, chief reporter at Rebel News, talking about, what do you think of that acronym?
I hate all these deceptive euphemisms, and that's why they're chosen.
Medical assistance in dying, that just sounds, that sounds so comfortable and relaxing, and just lie down and we'll take care of things.
And as you heard from Sheila, does he have to be a doctor?
Could be a pharmacist.
Can you imagine that?
And they'll come to your house, by the way.
In Canada, healthcare is notoriously slow.
There's months-long waiting lines, but they will send the doctor deaf to your house to take care of things because, well, that's just one less person in the waiting list, isn't it?
And it'll save some money with the most atrocious thing.
Is that they do this to veterans who are suffering PTSD.
And as Sheila mentioned, it's no longer a requirement that you actually be in an insoluble medical problem that's terminal.
If you're depressed, imagine if you're depressed and you reach out and one of the answers is, well, we can take care of that by killing you.
Well, I think that'll make you more depressed.
How atrocious, atrocious isn't that?
And I wanted to tell you about that because I wanted to tell you some of the things that's happening in Canada.
At the top of the hour, we're going to talk to another rebel news journalist in Canada, my friend David Menzies, who has made one of his specialties tracking the insanity of transgenderism.
I know that's a big thing in the United States.
I've seen it, especially in sports competitions where men who can't cut it in the men's league rebrand themselves.
As trans women and go in and crush the ladies.
It's bad sportsmanship.
It's cheating.
It's abusive, of course, and it destroys the golden age of women in sport.
You know, 100 years ago, there really wasn't any women in sport.
Women running the Boston Marathon, that's only 50 or so years old.
Like, the idea of women's sports was not a thing.
And now it is being destroyed again.
But that's just the least of it.
But David, who we'll talk to at 1 o'clock Central Time in about 10 minutes, will tell us some crazy stories.
And there'll be some videotape of them too, so that's ahead.
But I want to take a few more calls.
Sarah has been waiting patiently.
Let's go to Sarah from Texas.
Go ahead.
Hi Ezra.
I wanted to first say how much I really admire your work, especially in Davos.
I'm not a rich person, but I'd send you $500.
Oh my gosh, thank you very much.
You know, that was one of the most exciting journalistic moments of my life.
In fact, we'll get the video up where my colleague Avi and I encountered the president of Pfizer, and we knew we only had a few minutes with him.
Anyhow, we'll play that video in a moment.
Thanks for the compliments, Sarah, and thanks for helping to crowdfund us.
Anyhow, back to you.
You were saying?
So my question is,
When we talk about Israel, I think it's very important that we distinguish the Israeli government from the Israeli people when we talk about any country.
We should do that.
Any country.
My question is, does it frighten you, some of the totalitarianism that has taken root in from the Israeli government before seeing the shot?
The fact that, you know, it was almost impossible for them to have guns to protect themselves, things like that.
Does that worry you?
Absolutely, it does.
I have an ethnic connection to Israel.
I'm Jewish, although I'm Canadian, fourth generation.
It's my home.
I love Canada.
It's the only place I've ever lived, only place I ever will live.
I have an affection for Israel and a sympathy for it, including that it's a
Liberal democracy in a place surrounded by dictatorships is the same feeling of affinity I feel for Taiwan, for similar reasons.
But I am able to observe what you have observed, and the way Netanyahu embraced mandatory jabs so viciously, I would say, was shocking.
And I was appalled by it.
And it is a fact that many of the people who were slaughtered in southern Israel on October 7th did not have firearms.
And Israel has a mighty military, although that day it was obviously caught flat-footed, and we'll have to understand why.
But I agree with what you said.
The two things you pointed out are disasters.
The forced jab, and I don't know the thinking behind that.
I, uh, it grossed me out, to be honest.
And so I agree with the two points you've made, Sharon.
I appreciate you mentioning them, and I appreciate your support for Rebel News.
I'm going to invite my friends in the control room here to dig up that Pfizer video, because I got a real kick out of that.
There's a similar call.
Thank you for your call.
There's some other calls like that.
Let's go to, um...
Is that Tove in Ontario?
That's my home province.
Go ahead.
Hi, Ezra.
Yes, I live three and a half hours southwest of you.
In fact, my father was at your wedding, or at least at the synagogue for the ceremony.
Well, that's a small world after all.
Go ahead.
What's your question?
Well, here's the way I look at it, right?
I look at it as far as Israel is concerned.
I don't trust Netanyahu.
I remember what he said after 9-11.
He kind of had to self-correct when he said it was kind of a good thing.
I think he's part of the plot, honestly, with the whole Pfizer thing, with not being aware of this whole raid, or not raid, but the attack that happened four weeks ago.
And I also think that a lot of people don't understand or appreciate how
The Arabs in that area became known as the Palestinians, and also where the land comes from.
For instance, the West Bank, its original name is Judea Samaria.
Now, I don't know if that's not Jewish.
I don't know what is with the word Judea.
But anyway, that's for another discussion.
But I know it's highly heated.
But I want to also do the 10,000 meter, for us Canadians, point of view, is the fact that
I'm going to ask you this.
Do you think that all these events, especially the timing of 50 years almost to the day, the passion, the heated passion between the Arab and the Jew and the Muslim, that this is being done on purpose to bring along a third world war?
Thanks, Tova.
You said a lot of interesting things there.
It was almost 50 years to the day of the Yom Kippur War when Arab nations had a sneak attack on Israel on a Jewish holiday, and that's what happened here again.
And it's astonishing that Israel, which is known for its Mossad and its intelligence, was caught flat-footed.
And I think that it is a larger failure than the failure of 9-11 intelligence, because
Israel should have been on guard, was on guard, knew they had to be on guard, knew that was a terrorist source.
So it wasn't like 9-11, which was kind of a black swan, unthinkable until it happened.
This is something that Israel's military and security agencies knew could have happened, would have happened, had happened.
So I think that an enormous amount of introspection and inquiry needs to be done.
That's not the most urgent thing that needs to be done, but it must be done.
I don't know what you're referring to about Netanyahu at 9-11.
I think that...
There may have been a complacency.
Let me give you one quick example before I move on to the next subject.
The Iron Dome system that would shoot down so many of these rockets, maybe it lulled Israel into a sense of security and superiority and confidence and overconfidence, thinking, oh, we can handle it, they'll send some rockets, but we'll knock them down, no big deal.
They weren't thinking of that black swan, that creative, in a horrific way, solution that Hamas took.
And that was my warning that I made earlier.
That asymmetrical attack, like those, I mean, Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and built the walls and built the systems and the Hamas and its Iranian paymasters, they were not static.
They didn't just say, OK, well, that's it.
They thought, well, we can't let us think of some asymmetrical, unexpected waste around it.
And that was devastating.
It was proportionately a greater disaster for Israel than 9-11 was for America in terms of body count, etc.
And so I would say to America, what do you think those asymmetrical strategists in Iran, and in China for that matter, think when they see the unprotected, unguarded, unfenced southern border?
In Israel, they had to smash through the wall to get in.
There isn't even a wall!
For much of the southern border.
And amongst the millions who have crossed, do you doubt that there are thousands who come for that malign purpose?
Everyone's coming in breaking the law.
Most of that is just an immigration crime and perhaps an economic matter.
And eventually a vote Democrat matter.
But do you really think that the nefarious strategists in Tehran, who are looking for an asymmetrical way to attack the United States, knowing that if they go head-to-head with the military will be a failure, do you doubt that they look at that southern border and say, that is our sneak attack path?
And just like Hamas attacked the soft targets, once they got through the border they went house to house.
Do you doubt that an attack on America wouldn't be asymmetrical surrogates and proxies attacking soft targets?
Maybe timed with a hack on the power grid too, or the air traffic control grid.
We'll be back in a moment with more on InfoWars.
We're good to go.
Patrons of George Washington that war.
George Washington helped paint troops with liquor that he himself produced.
That's an amazing part of Americana and we should use this responsibly.
You know, sometimes I go four months before I have a cigar, or before I have a glass of whiskey.
But I tell you, there's a lot of great whiskey out there.
But a few years ago, we ran into some great folks that are craft whiskey producers here in the United States.
We're big listeners.
And they said, we've got some of the best whiskeys produced in Kentucky, Tennessee, you name it, with people that won't turn over their whiskey to anybody else that they want to bring to you.
And these guys put out some of the top names in the country.
Some of the highest end specialties out there that sell for $500, $300 a bottle.
And they said, but because we support you so much, I looked it up, it was true.
We're going to let you sell this to people at a fraction of the price.
We're going to come out with a Kentucky bourbon that is high quality for a fraction of the price because we want to support your broadcast.
And that was about two years ago.
I said, great, let's do it.
Then about a year ago, they bottled it.
It's a very special bottle.
A collector's item.
Conspiracy bourbon.
And they tried to bring it into stores, where they already had their other products.
And all hell broke loose.
And they went through so many attacks trying to bring this to the public.
And that made me go from just letting them use my name to promote this, to me getting fully behind it because they're trying to stop us.
When we just launched this a day ago, they took away the banking of the company with the website ConspiracyBourbon.com, but they had it back up within just an hour.
So they are literally trying to shut this down.
They're so scared of us moving into the culture that the globalists control.
If you don't drink, that's great.
More power to you.
But if you like a good bourbon, you like a good Kentucky bourbon, a good Kentucky whiskey, this is amazing.
And folks, you've got to check out
This bottle for yourself.
If you've got a blacklight, this bottle is very, very special.
No one that we've ever heard of has come up with a bottle like this, that when you put a blacklight on it, has all these secret messages.
Yeah, the CIA created the term conspiracy theory, tried to demonize people that questioned official narratives after they killed Kennedy.
But now we wear that attack like a badge of honor.
And it's absolutely blown up in the system's face.
So this is the first salvo in a whole product line to really take over the term conspiracy and use it to bring back our republic.
Think of this as the opposite of Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney.
Think of this as the anti-Dylan Mulvaney and that's what it is.
There's only 10,000 bottles of this.
I would imagine when many of you see this letter you'll try to go buy it at ConspiracyBourbon.com.
You want to be able to get it.
This is exclusively available at ConspiracyBourbon.com.
It's the only place you can get it.
There's a lot of secrets about this bottle.
A lot of special things that are about to be connected to it.
Special reports, investigative reports, you name it.
I don't think so.
Hey, welcome back.
Ezra LeVant here.
We were talking to my friend Sheila Gunn-Reed a moment ago.
I have another colleague in Canada.
We call him our mission specialist.
And one of his special missions is tracking transgender insanity.
And sometimes it can be a light-hearted matter because it's so absurd.
Of course, this morning we saw the revelations about the mass murderer who was motivated by a stew of insane cultural Marxism.
Fueled by drugs to transition from being a woman to a man.
So it's not all for mockery.
Joining us now from Toronto is my colleague David Menzies.
David, great to see you on InfoWars.
Great to be here, Ezra.
How are you doing, my friend?
We've got a five-minute segment here, so I want to jump right into it.
You cover the transgender beat, and sometimes you have to laugh because the alternative is to cry.
Tell us about the rugby team that you've been covering lately.
It's just crazy.
It is crazy, Ezra.
Oh, you know, and that was a really jarring assignment for me, Ezra, because this is about a fellow called Ash Davis.
He was voted the male team's hardest hitter of last year.
And suddenly he's a woman.
He's clearly a biological male.
He's muscle-bound, for goodness sakes.
And when I went there, Ezra, I expected he might have an ally or two, but if InfoWars viewers check out that video, you'll see that the whole team
Well, they went hysterical on me and it wasn't the profanity, it wasn't, you know, the middle fingers, it wasn't even in one case a physical assault that bothered me.
What bothered me was the indoctrination that this man
Who is injuring woman on the sock on the rugby pitch rather is getting away with it and I might add Ezra in Contravance to World Rugby which a couple of years ago to its credit came out with a statement saying
You cannot, as a male, play on a female rugby team, but I guess here in Canada, it's all about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and if real biological females are being carted off the pitch in a stretcher, well, you know, I guess you gotta break a few eggs to make a diverse omelette these days, right?
David, as you were talking, we were showing some of the footage and I think viewers can discern immediately who the man is.
He's got male pattern baldness and he, like you say, he was voted hardest hitter.
The crazy thing, and we won't play it now just for lack of time, when you asked these questions they were all, they were shrieking at you.
Like, everyone on the team was defending this bloke.
I mean, I guess any women who were offended by this had already quit the team, or they were terrified of wrong think and being punished.
And I guess having a bloke on the team, well, that's the problem for the other teams who get hit.
That's the only explanation I can figure out.
What do you think?
Well, there is the indoctrination factor, Ezra.
They actually believe a trans woman is a so-called real woman.
And there's the intimidation.
And by that, Ezra, I mean, the following week, and we went to cover it, Fergus, which is Ash Davis's team, was in Waterloo to play the Waterloo female team.
And prior to that match, the head honcho of Waterloo rugby, a guy called Josh Windsor, who is a principal at a Kitchener school, by the way,
He sent out an email to all the female participants, and it was basically saying this, Ezra, if you have any negative thoughts about this trans woman, so-called, you're off the team.
Oh, and by the way, if I deem what you say is hateful, I'm phoning the Waterloo Regional Police.
How do you like being taken away from the pitch in a paddy wagon?
So when I went there to cover that match, even though this was the opposition, i.e.
the victim group,
Most of them, Ezra, were wearing the baby blue, pink and white band, the trans symbol, saying, yeah, we're down with the trans revolution.
Well, you better be because the president of Waterloo Rugby is, uh, you know, intimating that he's going to have you arrested if you're not down with the radical trans revolution.
You know, we saw a police vehicle that was called in response to your journalism.
Listen, we've got to take a short break, David, but stick around because I want to talk to you about the 50-year-old man who went into a swimming competition against 13-year-old girls.
Let's take a break.
We'll come back to that.
Breaking news, breaking news, breaking news.
Ezra Levant here at Infowars headquarters.
We have Alex Jones on the line with breaking news.
Right over to you, Alex.
What's up?
Ezra, I am listening to your show as I travel back to Austin from visiting a sick family member, and I really appreciate you coming to town to do this.
You are just knocking it out of the park, and so are the great folks at Rebel and our crew.
But I, again, just got a call at 5 a.m.
this morning.
Stephen Crowder's up early when I am with this great news organization.
They've obviously worked with Project Veritas before, now they're working with
The new system that James O'Keefe launched, but this was separate.
They spent a lot of money over at Louder With Crowder in the last six months training and hiring a bunch of people, a lot of former Veritas, to start doing stings in investigative journalism.
And they've gone to the illegal alien camps in New York.
In other areas, they've been breaking big stories, really, every couple of days, just like Rebel News does, not just in Canada, but around the world.
This is real, old-fashioned investigative journalism.
So, they start calling me about 5.15 in the morning.
I'd just gotten up, and they said, listen, we want you all to break this when we tweet it at about 7.30 in the morning.
We have gotten the first parts of the manifesto that the Fed suppressed out of Nashville when this psychotic woman who thought she was a man
Went in to this Christian school and shot little children and several teachers, including the assistant principal, W.B.
And the Fed suppressed that and asked Nashville not to.
So insiders, I'll leave it at that, I was authorized to say this, inside the government of Nashville, who originally got the manifesto, obviously took photos of it before it was taken away from them by city officials and the Fed.
So they have a copy and they're very, very, very upset.
Here's the new development.
They're very upset that not only did they suppress the journal, but then they claimed that the family didn't want that, even though that wasn't the case.
The feds pushed them to do that because the police were there at the time this all happened.
And so it's reportedly a very long manifesto, over 30 pages long.
And so the insiders, it's obviously the police, we're not going to say simply who, were very upset and said, we want the city and the feds to release the actual scans of it.
But if they don't, we're going to start releasing more of the manifesto every couple of days.
So they sent three pages to Steven Crowder.
And he said, as soon as we tweet it, you're authorized to go with this because I work with them and also co-host shows with them.
And I signed up as part of their whole family of shows they're launching with Rumble to get around the censorship.
I shoot a video, I have an article written by one of our great reporters, and I'm 100% clear Stephen Crowder's investigative team has gotten this information and they're going to be releasing more of it as time goes on, as they're given more, if the city and the feds don't stop suppressing this.
And here's the reason the police are so upset.
They are then misrepresenting saying it was some type of right-wing deal or people being mean to transgenders.
And a lot of the left came out
And defended the woman-to-man transition, saying people must have been mean to her or him, and that's why this happened.
So this was a day of rage.
And then a week later, they're going to have a national day of rage, and all the different transgenders posed with guns, by the thousands online.
So they were coming to kill everyone, and we were all going to pay.
That blew up in their face, so they backed off.
So then I go out and make it 100% clear in two videos and an article and say Steven Crowder broke this.
It was given to them by the Nashville authorities.
That I was authorized to say.
So then Twitter community notes, sometimes does good, started having mainstream media go and make posts saying Alex Jones made this up, it's not real, this comes from Alex Jones, even though the article we wrote at InfoWars.com
And the two videos we put out were 100% clear that I was simply amplifying Steven Crowder's scoop, and that it came directly from inside the city of Nashville.
So it's 100% clear you saw the report, Ezra, at the start of the show, the first five minutes before you took over.
And here they are, yet again, just like with the Hunter Biden laptop, saying that we've made it up, that it's some Trump-manufactured thing or some Alex Jones-manufactured thing, when they're the ones that made up the fake Russia dossiers.
On Twitter, it'll probably be 200 million by tomorrow.
Facebook, Instagram, Google are trying to block this, just like the Hunter Biden laptop, because they don't want people to understand how psychotic and rage-filled the transgenders are, as literally, not all of them, but some of them, as the army of the left.
By telling them when they confuse them and put them on drugs and ruin their lives, oh, you're suicidal because people didn't accept you.
They didn't let 50-year-old men compete against 13-year-old girls.
They didn't let full-grown men, you know, get in the octagon in the UFC and beat up women.
So I want to turn this back over to you and the great guests you've got.
I apologize for
I was already listening.
Breaking in here, but right now they're trying to suppress the story.
We've got all the videos, all the articles, all the documents on InfoWars.com.
They're also at LadderWithCrowder.com.
You go to Steven's Twitter and you can see the links to his reports today.
But this is the mainstream media trying to sabotage a story and saying it's fake news after they tried to suppress it.
They are really, really desperate right now.
So, Ezra, God bless you.
I'll let you take over.
Thanks Alex, I appreciate that.
You know, so often the so-called fact-checkers are just journalists with a different point of view that are claiming a different point of view is a fact or not.
They're anti-journalists.
What Stephen Crowder and Alex Jones did this morning was journalism in the best traditions of journalism, investigative journalism, having a whistleblower as a source.
And to try and anti-journalism, un-journalism, is what the regime media is doing.
It's so clear and I'm glad Alex called in with that.
I want to go back to my Toronto friend, David Menzies, our Mission Specialist.
Hey, we've got a few more minutes.
David, you recently covered the course.
We were talking about transgenderism.
Alex just talked about it.
I want to talk about that crazy swim meet for 13-year-old girls where a 50-year-old man was allowed to enter and compete.
Tell us about that, and I think we've got some visuals for that too.
Go ahead.
It was unbelievable, Ezra.
We were tipped off by concerned parents and they said, you must get out to the Markham Pan Am Centre.
That's a pool just north of Toronto.
There is a 50-year-old biological male
And he's swimming against 13 and 14-year-old biological females.
And at first, the authorities tried to deny it.
But thank goodness we had the game sheet, if you will, which showed the names and ages of all competitors.
Nine out of ten were females, either 13 or 14.
And you see, plop!
Melody Weishart, that's not his real name, his real name is Nicholas Sapita, age 50.
And this apparently has the blessing of Swimming Canada, which is outrageous, Ezra, because
Last month was the world meet for swimming and World Aquatics, the international governing body, created for the first time an open category.
And that was if you're not biological male, not biological female, here you go.
You've been clamoring for years and years and years.
You want to compete.
So at the Berlin swim meet, they had this open category.
Guess what?
Zero entrance.
And to me, this is a big red flag, Ezra, because maybe this is not about just getting in the pool to compete with people of the opposite gender.
Maybe this is about changing and showering with, in this case, minors of the opposite gender.
Once upon a time, I think that would get you arrested.
Now, again, it's a celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion.
And by the way, Ezra, we cannot get a straight answer from any of the authorities, any of the people that ran the club meets, whether this person got into the change room with these 13 and 14 year old girls and got to get naked with them in terms of changing and showering, which I think is absolutely despicable.
David Menzies, Mission Specialist for Rebel News.
Thanks for joining me as I guest host InfoWars.
Great to see you, my friend.
We'll see you back in Canada.
Right on.
Well, it's great to have you.
And for all our American listeners, I tell you, I sometimes call Canada a laboratory of bad ideas.
Government-run health care started in Canada first.
Absolute legalization of safe injection sites.
Canada, unfortunately, has really gone farther than most.
Made medical assistance in dying.
Transgender extremism and censorship.
We'll talk more.
About censorship in the final minutes of the show, I have the scars to prove it.
But one of our callers about half an hour ago mentioned the World Economic Forum.
And I have an interest in the World Economic Forum, as do many viewers of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck and other skeptics and critics and dissident media contrarians, because it is a kind of crypto government that is simply unaccountable.
And I've been to Davos for the World Economic Forum.
I did not go as an accredited journalist.
Of course, I would never be accredited there.
So I was not allowed entrance into the sanctum sanctorum itself.
I was not allowed in.
I think?
So you had a moment.
Could you spot these VVIPs?
Could you spot them, identify them, move on them, and think of a question quickly enough?
And you never know who you're going to bump into.
When I was on the streets, I bumped into Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, the former prime minister.
I bumped into Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia.
Actually, we have a clip of that.
I might play it for you.
You might get a kick out of it.
And one of my colleagues identified Albert Bourla.
Does that name ring a bell?
His face probably does.
He is the CEO of Pfizer.
And I just saw him walk out of the high security area that's cordoned off so, you know, rough and tumble.
Citizen journalists, myself, are not allowed in.
He was emerging.
We didn't know how long we'd have him for.
Would we have him for 30 seconds, or a minute, or five minutes?
I bumped into Greta Thunberg when I was out there, and we actually walked and talked for 20 minutes.
Not that I learned anything from her, but she was not running away.
Let me show you a video that I recorded with my colleague Avi Yamini.
It was referred to a moment ago by a caller.
And I'm doing this apropos of nothing, other than the caller mentioned it.
It was actually the most exciting video I think I've ever made.
Watch this and you tell me what you think.
Here's me, my colleague Abiy Amini, scrumming Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, at Davos last year.
Take a look.
Mr. Bourla, can I ask you...
How long did you know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission?
How long did you know that without saying it publicly?
Why won't you answer that question?
I mean, we now know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret?
You said it was 100% effective, then 90%, then 80%, then 70%.
But we now know that the vaccines do not stop transmission.
Why did you keep that secret?
Have a nice day.
I won't have a nice day until I know the answer.
Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission?
Is it time to apologize to the world, sir?
To give refunds back to the countries that poured all their money into your vaccine that doesn't work?
Your ineffective vaccine?
Are you not ashamed of what you've done in the last couple of years?
Do you have any apologies to the public, sir?
Are you proud of it?
You've made millions on the backs of people's tire livelihoods.
How does that feel to walk the streets as a millionaire on the backs of the regular person at home in Australia, in England, in Canada?
What do you think about on your yacht, sir?
What do you think about on your private jet?
Are you worried about product liability?
Are you worried about myocarditis?
What about the sudden deaths?
What do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day?
Why won't you answer these basic questions?
No apologies, sir.
Do you think you should be charged criminally for some of the criminal behavior you've obviously been a part of?
How much money have you personally made off the vaccine?
How many boosters do you think it'll take for you to be happy enough with your earnings?
Who did you meet with here in secret?
Will you disclose who you met with?
Who did you pay commissions to?
In the past, Pfizer has paid 2.3 billion dollars in fines for deceptive marketing.
Have you engaged in that same conduct again?
Are you under investigation, like you were before, for your deceptive marketing, sir?
If any other product in the world doesn't work as promised, you get a refund.
Should you not refund to countries that laid out billions for your ineffective vaccine?
Are you used to only sympathetic media, so you don't know how to answer any questions?
Is that it?
Shame on you, sir.
Shame on you.
That's Albert Bourla, the boss of Pfizer.
His people were pushing us around a little bit.
He's pretty fit.
I don't reckon he's had one jab.
I'm huffin' and puffin' a bit.
At least I didn't have any myocarditis.
I dare say he's shocked that in his safe space at the WEF here in Davos that he was challenged in a way that he's never to date been challenged.
Well that's the thing.
We're not accredited media here.
We're on the outside of the perimeter.
So he's only used to the softballs from CNN and MSNBC and people like that.
I asked him a real question about product liability.
No answer.
A real question about Pfizer's past deceptive practices.
You know, they paid the largest fine in American history to the Justice Department for deceptive marketing.
I don't know if that's underway right now.
I don't know if they're being investigated.
I think they should be.
When did he know that the vaccine didn't actually stop transmission?
I wanted to find out because surely he knew before we knew.
Why didn't he tell us?
I don't know, I'm really proud of that question.
It was like a kind of walking scrum.
A joint effort there because I know it's very hard when you're working in the moment to actually remember all the
All the activities that these people are criminals in my book.
The stuff that they've engaged in the last two years, they need to be held accountable for.
And in the moment that you don't usually get this much time, he had a bit of a walk.
And to actually work together and be able to work around those trying to protect him, it was exactly what I feel we're here for.
That big gorilla guy was sort of pushing me around a bit, but you know, I've got a low center of gravity myself.
I'm worried about one thing though, Avi.
Pfizer is connected to big media in an enormous way.
I'm worried that they're going to try and block this video.
I'm worried they're going to try and cancel it on YouTube, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, places like that.
So I want to look straight at the camera and say, folks, if you cannot find this video out there, go to WEFReports.com.
That's a special website we've set up for the World Economic Forum.
And if you feel moved by our coverage, please consider chipping in, because we're 100% crowdfunded.
Obviously, we get no ad money.
We've been completely demonetized.
But if you like that kind of accountability journalism... So that was a video that Avi Amini and I recorded on the streets of Davos.
We literally bumped into Albert Bourla by chance.
I suppose there was a chance.
I mean, I bumped into John Kerry.
And I put a question to him, but I was sort of blocked.
And my colleague put a question to him about flying on private jets.
He lied.
He said he doesn't, but we got him nonetheless.
What do you think of that?
You know, I just want to tell you what was going on in my mind at that moment.
I asked him a question or two and I got no answer.
He said, have a nice day or something.
And I could have said, okay, he's not going to talk to you anymore.
I'm done.
But I decided in the moment, no, I'm going to keep pressing him because his refusal to answer basic questions was sort of half the point.
Yeah, that's the clip of my, my colleague and I, that was John Kerry.
I bumped into him and I sort of was blocked by a, uh, like a concrete block.
And my colleague jumped in and said, are you flying private?
And he lied and claimed he wasn't.
You know, Alex, it was very interesting.
It's mainly globalists there, mainly leftists.
There were a lot of sort of lobbyists there.
I don't know if you heard, I asked, who have you met with in secret?
Because it's really a lobbying orgy and it's not disclosed in the same way that a lobbyist would disclose things if they're meeting a congressman on Capitol Hill.
Yeah, there's me trying to put a question.
You can see they're pushing me away from... Yeah, put the volume up.
I didn't really do a good job here, but watch as my colleague jumps in.
Yeah, there's my colleague.
I apologize.
No, we're good.
How come you're blocking the governor from answering?
Oh, it sounds like we got the audio from a different video there.
It sounds like we had the audio of the Brian Kemp video.
My colleague in the video we just showed there asked Kerry about his private jet and he lied and says he doesn't fly anymore.
That was a fun little nugget.
But I also bumped into the Republican governor of Georgia.
And by the way, I mean, I'm a Canadian.
I don't have a dog in this hunt, so to speak.
But I thought, oh, here's a Republican at this globalist
Fancy pants get together.
What's he doing here?
Turn the volume up.
Let's play the video on this one here.
I'm sure you have a good explanation.
Sir, we're not doing interviews right now.
If you'd like to do something, you can call our team at the office and be glad to try to... Well, we can walk and talk for a couple of minutes.
Governor, really quickly, what do you say to your critics who think this is a globalist event?
I'll walk and talk.
No, we're good.
I apologize.
Look, you're blocking the governor from answering to his constituents.
What would you say to your critics who think this is not the right place for America First Republican?
I think my story's pretty clear.
Well, here you are with a bunch of globalists.
Alex Soros is here.
Why are you coming to a Soros event?
I'm sure you have a good explanation.
Sir, we're not doing interviews right now.
If you'd like to do something, you can call our team at the office and be glad to try to... Well, we can walk and talk for a couple minutes.
Is this a rebuke to the America First wing of your party?
You know what, it wasn't very productive.
I should tell you, I was not asking in a particularly aggressive way.
I don't have a beef with this Republican.
I just wanted to know, what are you doing at an event that's sort of George Soros' favorite event?
Alex Soros was there.
I can imagine an answer would be, I'm going to get jobs for Georgia, I'll go to the devil himself if it means employment and investment for my state of Georgia.
That's a possible answer, and people could weigh it, but not answering at all, I thought was a little bit weird.
I don't know if you noticed as we were walking down the street there, Palantir was a company, and BlackRock, and all these companies have, it's like a festival.
And it's like a trade show, and it's like free gifts and stuff, and even countries buy kiosks.
Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, India had a lot there.
So it's a very unusual place.
And so, yeah, there's Palantir, and down the road was the Black Rock.
I went into the Black Rock place, and they kicked me out.
They did not like me in there one bit.
It's a very interesting place because it's hard to get to.
What I mean by that is it's in this town called Davos, which is a fairly small ski town, and the World Economic Forum literally buys every single hotel room in town and every single Airbnb.
There's not one available.
So you've got to stay at a neighboring town, or one further away, and they're extremely expensive.
It's hard to get there.
You've got to fly to Zurich, take the, you know, they deliberately make it as hard to get to as possible.
There is a private jet airstrip not far away, and I mention that because these are the folks telling you
To reduce your carbon footprint, to live a smaller life, a colder life, a poorer life, a smaller, lesser life, while they are literally plane after plane, private jet after private jet, lands there.
And by the way, they don't take a car that last leg of the journey, they take a helicopter.
So it really is an elite playground, and I mentioned that.
Because a lot of these politicians were not expecting grubby citizen journalists like my colleague Avi Yamini and I. Yeah, that's exactly right.
I mean, they weren't all stacked up like that, at least not when I was there.
But it is, there's more metal on the runway.
Yeah, 1,500 private flights in and out of airfields.
I saw that with my own eyes.
Just absolutely incredible.
When we come back,
I'm going to talk to you about the censorship that Justin Trudeau is imposing on Canadians like me.
It's my final warning to Americans of Canada's cautionary tale.
That's after these messages.
On March 6th, 2001, Alex Jones first predicted the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.
You've got an element of the FBI and these war game scenarios where they can remote control a 747 and they're gonna crash it into the World Trade Center.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now,
What an honor to be on this program, talking about freedom, talking about citizen journalism, talking about non-conformity.
That's the hardest thing in the world, isn't it?
We're social animals.
Fish swim in a school.
You can see it.
Birds fly in a flock.
There's a safety in the herd.
And to be a dissident, and to say no when everyone else is saying yes, or yes when everyone is saying no, that's very hard.
That's the hardest thing in the world.
Sometimes you're marginalized by your community, even by your own family.
That's one of the things I hate the most about the lockdowns and the vaccine mandates, is it actually pitted
Customer against shopkeeper, it pitted students against teachers, and it even pitted families against each other, and for that I'll never forgive the Albert Bourla's of the world.
And it felt emotionally satisfying to ask him some tough questions.
Not that we got any answers, but I think his non-answers spoke volumes.
It showed that he thought he was above answering, and how dare you grubby, unaccredited journalist asking those.
And by the way,
Albert Bourla probably did 1,000 media interviews during the course of the pandemic, but never were they unscripted.
Never did anyone ask a tough question.
It was all the regime media for whom Pfizer was an enormous advertiser.
And I think that's what that walking scrum with Abiy Amini and I showed.
Our questions weren't particularly brilliant.
We were coming up with them on the fly.
It was cold.
We were running around.
It's that no one had ever asked him questions with a bit of a prickle.
No one asked him skeptical or critical questions.
And it was as much the regime media, the media party, as I sometimes call it, that was on trial at that moment as Albert Bourla himself.
We have about 25 minutes left in the show.
What a pleasure to be here with you.
Thank you to the callers who called in earlier.
I'm sorry we couldn't get to everybody.
But I want to tell you about Canada.
I've told you about a few things in Canada.
Transgender extremism.
We talked to my colleague Sheila Gunn-Reed about the new euphemism for doctor-assisted suicide.
Medical assistance in dying.
And they're deploying that against veterans, by the way, which I think is the greatest disgrace of all.
As I mentioned earlier, Canada had a harsh lockdown.
The province of Quebec actually had a curfew for the whole province from 10 p.m.
to 5 a.m.
Whether you were jabbed or not, whether you were sick or not, you had to stay in your house.
at night.
Could you imagine that?
A curfew?
I know what a curfew is.
It's what you give to children.
A curfew is what you give to someone under house arrest.
A curfew!
They put the whole province under a curfew and no one objected.
By the way, Canada's Supreme Court still has not deigned to hear any matters of civil liberties violations during the lockdown.
They just haven't gotten around to it.
It hasn't been important enough for them to deal.
Not a single one of these measures was ever struck down in Canada.
As I mentioned before, if you were not jabbed, you could not get on an airplane.
And I'm not just talking about foreign flights.
Even within the country, the second largest country in the world.
But when they went after the truckers, they went too far.
One thing about truckers is a lot of them are independent and they're certainly independent minded because you're on the road, what do you do?
You listen, you listen to the radio, you listen to podcasts, you listen to call-in shows, you listen and you think.
And you're an individual who lives by your wits and you work hard.
And so when you were told that if you didn't get the jab, you couldn't work anymore, well, something clicked.
And as George Orwell said in his book 1984, if there's any hope, it lies with the proles, which is the nickname for the proletariat, for the working class.
We don't use that Marxist term that much.
But would you agree with me that no one works harder than a trucker?
And they went after the truckers than truckers.
Well, there's a thing about a truck.
It's long.
And they're used to driving, so they converged on Ottawa.
Peacefully, the most peaceful protest in Canadian history.
Not one incident or infraction by the truckers.
And they went to Ottawa simply to honk their horns.
And Justin Trudeau freaked out because this was making international news.
Normally Canada is ignored by the world.
Normally Canada is inconsequential.
It's vanilla.
But that time, those days, the truckers were a global headline, and they rallied the world.
And it proved to people that they had a false consciousness of unanimity.
Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, would always say, well, everyone agrees.
90% of people agree.
They've already got the jab.
All the media agrees.
All the professors agree.
All the celebrities agree.
All the political leaders agree.
Everyone agrees.
There was no non-conformity in Canada.
We did not have a Texas or a Florida or a South Dakota in Canada.
We did not have Rhonda Sanders saying now we're not going to lock down.
We didn't have, you know, in 50 states you had 50 different approaches.
Not so in Canada.
You had unanimity.
We had a federal election in the middle of this and every single candidate in that election agreed.
The one candidate who didn't agree wasn't allowed in the leader's debates.
And so these truckers proved that it was a false consciousness that actually, no, we didn't all agree, just despite the fact that our TVs were pumping that message to us through our telescreens, as Orwell would say.
And it's my estimate that 100,000 people participated in the convoy itself for summer, all of the journey, but that a million Canadians
Which would be like 10 million Americans came out to watch the convoy drive by, to line the overpasses, to be on the side of the road.
They wanted to see with their own eyes the citizen rebellion.
And of course it fell to the citizen journalists to watch the citizen rebellion, to report on it.
The regime media called it an insurrection and they demonized it.
They refused to go and visit.
You can see on the screen right now that it was a happy festival feeling.
There were bouncy castles.
It was, it was, I went there, people were spontaneously singing the anthem.
It was a, it felt like a kind of Woodstock actually.
People, it was so cold.
Look how cold it was, minus 20 or so.
Oh, it was bitter.
But Trudeau snapped.
He made an unforced error.
He invoked martial law.
He deployed riot horses.
He arrested the sort of, I would call it the spiritual leader of the truckers, a woman named Tamara Leach.
I think we have the video of her being arrested on a snowy street.
Just a regular mom and grandma.
Métis, which means she's part indigenous.
Just a beautiful woman who was on the street, arrested and jailed.
Yeah, there she is.
On the snowy street.
She's barely five feet tall.
The cops arrested her.
Handcuffed her.
Like Owen Shroyer.
There she is, Tamara Leach.
Like Owen Shroyer.
Put her in solitary confinement for her own health, you see.
For COVID reasons, you see.
That's the reason we're putting you in solitary confinement.
Not as a punishment.
No, no, no.
How would you think such a thing?
It's for your own health!
Don't you know?
49 days.
This grandma.
Very spiritual, in fact.
Very peaceful.
In prison.
49 days.
In fact, she's on trial in Ottawa right now.
I'm proud to say Rebel News has published her book.
You can get a copy of your book if you're curious.
It's called theconvoybook.com.
It won't surprise you.
Not a single bookstore in Canada carries the book, but it went to number one on the Amazon bestseller list.
That tells you something.
Again, the regime media won't even review the book, not even just to diminish it or deride it.
They don't even want to acknowledge the book.
They don't want to acknowledge the different narrative.
She was jailed, and she's on trial.
To this day, she's on trial.
A multi, multi-week, multi-month trial in Ottawa.
It's a disgrace.
But it marked the beginning of the downfall of Justin Trudeau.
Although he's still in office, it was then that his polls started to sink because the mask slipped.
And he showed that when he told reporters
A few years ago, that China was the country he most admires.
That he actually meant it.
Imagine that.
Do you have that old clip?
I bet you can find it quickly.
Justin Trudeau said, China is the country he most admires.
And that's not the end of the quote.
He said, because of its basic dictatorship.
There's a lot of reasons to admire China, by the way.
You can like their culture, their history, their language, their food, their archaeology, their geography.
There's a lot to admire about China.
But what was the one thing Justin Trudeau selected amongst the various choices?
Because of their basic dictatorship.
Find the clip, let me know if you need, I can find it.
It's just an amazing, amazing clip.
And the masks slip and people saw who he really was.
He's behind by 10 points in the polls, but he has an important ally, the media party, which is why Justin Trudeau has done something
That you Americans need to know about.
We talked a while before about the First Amendment and how it's a difficult thing.
We have to give freedom of speech to those we hate, to those we find odious, because that's the rule.
Freedom of speech does not only apply to boring things.
Yeah, play that clip.
I want people to hear it with their own ears.
Play that clip you got there.
He doesn't just say China's the country I most admire.
He says because of their basic dictatorship.
And then he continued on, he said, because they can make environmental decisions quickly and like a tyrant would.
If you got that clip, play it with audio.
I want people to know.
And he does remind me of a dumber Gavin Newsom.
And what's happening to Canada should terrify Americans.
Do you have that clip?
Play it if you have it.
And then I want to tell you about the four laws that Trudeau is invoking to censor Canadians.
Let me know in my ear if we got that clip.
Here, let's take a look.
...he most admired and referred to China.
There's a level of admiration I actually have for China.
Their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, we need to go green as fast as we need to start, you know, investing in solar.
I mean, there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Hartford must dream about of having a dictatorship that he could do everything he wanted, that I find quite interesting.
The federal government
Thanks for playing that clip.
I wanted to show that Chinese part.
And you notice, you notice what happened there.
He said, I admire China because of their basic dictatorship, allows them to move on and die for environmental movement, environmental causes.
And then he sort of realized what he had said.
And so, oh, oh, my opponent would like that.
No, no, no.
You're the one who just said it.
Just quite incredible.
So this man who admires China.
And remember, he's the son of Pierre Trudeau, the Prime Minister who admired the Soviet Union, who took his sons to Siberia during the Cold War and said, this is the future.
He really does admire tyranny, and he doesn't hide it.
So let me tell you what Justin Trudeau is doing.
You know, there's a lot of problems in Canada.
Many of them are similar to the problems in the United States.
We have out-of-control immigration.
We have inflation.
Housing in Canada is two times as expensive as it is in the United States, proportionately.
It's a disaster.
We have a lot of problems in Canada, but Justin Trudeau has four bills or laws.
For censorship.
He doesn't have four bills or laws for inflation or the cost of groceries or housing or health care.
He doesn't care about those things as much as he cares about censorship.
He has passed a bill called C-11, a bill called C-18.
He's proposing two more called C-36 and one called online harms.
And I don't want to get too down the rabbit hole but I want to read to you something about a law that was passed in Canada a few months ago called C-11.
And it was buried in there.
This is the law that gives Justin Trudeau power over the Internet.
We have our version of the FCC.
And like the FCC, you're traditionally worried about radio and TV, especially limited bandwidth.
You couldn't have too many AM radio stations near each other on the dial.
Fair enough.
But what is the FCC doing in the Internet business?
Well, in Canada, our CRTC, as it's called, was just given the power over the Internet.
Now, I want you to call up, if you would,
The text of the bill, and I think I sent it to you if you have it there, and I want you to go down to section 911E.
Let me know if you need me to send that over again.
This is the text of the law that Justin Trudeau passed, and I want to put it on the screen so you know what I mean.
Do you guys have that?
So, a lot of it is just technical, how do you regulate the internet, but there's just one poisonous paragraph.
Section 9-1-1-E, and we'll put it on the screen when we get it.
And I'll, uh... I'll just email that to you in case you guys don't have it.
9-1-1-E, I'm just gonna read it, and we can catch up with the visuals later.
It gives Trudeau the power to make orders, quote, respecting the presentation of programs and programming services for selection by the public, including the showcasing and discoverability of Canadian programs and programming services.
We'll put that on the screen when we find it.
But let me take that into plain language.
Justin Trudeau, through Bill C-11, has given himself the power to order internet broadcasters, your Netflix and your Hulu's, but also your Facebook's and your YouTube's and your Rumble's and your Twitter's, anyone who broadcasts anything on the internet, which is everyone really.
Justin Trudeau has given himself the power under C-11 to alter the showcasing and discoverability of programs.
As in, he gets to alter the algorithms.
Justin Trudeau can now order Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to boost
media he likes and de-boost media he doesn't.
And in doing so, he has given himself a weapon to silence the InfoWars, the Rebel Newses, the critics, the skeptics, the citizen journalists.
Not by a bill of attainers saying ban InfoWars, ban Rebel News, ban Fox News, ban Newsmax.
No, no, no.
Yeah, there it is right there.
You see that?
If you scroll down to E,
9-1-1 says we have the power to make rules respecting the presentation of programs and programming services for selection by the public, including the showcasing and the discoverability of Canadian programs and programming, such as French language.
So they can boost French language stuff, but that's just an example.
They can tell the broadcasters to alter the algorithm to hide what they consider non-trustworthy.
Fact-checked media that didn't add up.
I mean, for example, the scoop that Alex Jones had today with Steven Crowder, that would be tagged untrustworthy by a fact-checker.
And then, under Canadian law, all the broadcasters would be required to suppress that.
So if you Googled it, you wouldn't find it.
That is the meaning of 9-1-1-E.
I know that sounds legalistic and lawyerly, but I showed you, with your own eyes, that is the power, the power to alter the discoverability and showcasing of the news.
That is in the law.
And that is just one of the laws.
Justin Trudeau has also announced that he intends to introduce a law on what he calls online harms.
Well, I'm against online harms, aren't you?
What's an online harm?
Well, here's the cabinet minister who came up with the idea.
He gives an example of harmful media that his online harms law is designed to oppose.
And wouldn't you know it,
It's criticism of politicians.
You guys have that clip?
Here's Stephen Gilboa, who was then the Minister of Heritage, as we call it in Canada, explaining one of the reasons we need the online harms law is to stop Rebel News or other conservative or skeptical journalists from criticizing politicians.
Take a look.
We've seen too many examples of public officials retreating from public service due to the hateful online content
Targeted towards themselves or even their families.
So there you go.
If you criticize a politician or their family, if you, in the American context, were to criticize Barack Obama or Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton, you're committing an online harm.
He's calling that harmful.
You just heard it from himself.
And what are the remedies for online harms?
What are they going to do?
I mean, I showed you in Bill C-11 they have the power to de-boost things that they call harmful.
But they go even further.
You're not even going to believe the language of this guy.
He was asked in the same interview
So what happens if there is a disobedient news source out there that criticizes you in a way you don't like?
What is your ultimate weapon?
This is the next clip.
Please take a look at this.
Envision having blocking orders.
I mean, that's that maybe it's not, you know, it's it would be.
It would likely be a last result nuclear bomb in a toolbox of mechanism for a regulator.
So, blocking entire websites.
Oh, it wouldn't be his first go-to, but it is in the toolbox, he calls it, for regulators.
Remember that crazy digital safety commissioner that Biden briefly floated?
That's exactly what is happening in Canada.
And that was our Heritage Minister in the day, Stephen Gilbeau.
Explaining, do not criticize politicians.
And if you do, and if you're unrepentant, and if you don't stop, well, we got a lot of tools in the toolbox.
One of them is blocking an entire website, like they do in China, Iran, or North Korea.
And I am telling you, and I'm not going to go into detail about the other laws, because there are two other laws that Trudeau has proposed.
One of them is called Bill C-36.
And he pledges to revive that.
That includes jail.
It includes house arrest.
It includes ankle martyrs.
That is what Canada is like.
We don't have a First Amendment.
We have freedom of speech in our Charter of Rights, it's called, but it is not as strong as the U.S.
First Amendment.
And I look at these pro-Hamas protesters, and I want to be careful, because just because I find them odious and anti-Semitic and Nazi-like, I want to be careful that we don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Just like there is no pandemic exception to the Constitution, there's no
Hamas exception to the Constitution.
And I think it's important that we deal with threats like Hamas and its fifth column in a constitutional way.
That's why my idea of deporthamas.com was if they're not here as permanent, if they're here on a temporary student visa and they're going to these hate marches, kick them out because they're not American.
But you've got to close that southern border because if you allow people in by the million who don't share your underlying liberal, and when I say liberal I mean liberty values, your classical liberal values.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here with a breaking news update on the huge story that just broke about six hours ago when Steven Crowder released the first three pages of the trans Nashville school shooter manifesto that they got from whistleblowers.
Now, since it broke, the mainstream corporate media tried to claim it was fake and that I had made it up, even though I clearly said that it was a Steven Crowder-exclusive breaking news and I knew the inside baseball of where it came from inside the Nashville government that was very, very upset about suppression of what really happened.
What was really in the manifesto that they wanted the full manifesto be released by the city government But the feds have been suppressing it so the mainstream media Decepticon operatives came out and said it was fake well now the Nashville mayor has come out and launched an investigation into how it was leaked Confirming that it is the real manifesto again.
It is the real
Manifesto ladies and gentlemen just as we told you it was and so all their attempts to suppress this are failing on Twitter and on platforms like Rumble with Steven Crowder and his great team and of course InfoWars.com so great job everybody getting this information out but now you see it on screen
The city of Nashville, Tennessee, the mayor has launched an investigation into who leaked it and how.
And so they are very, very upset.
They'll probably try to Julian Assange, Steven Crowder, and I guess give him nine years in solitary confinement.
That's where Owen Schroer is right now in solitary confinement in Louisiana.
The judge actually said in the sentencing document, because you keep saying the election was stolen.
They gave three examples from the summer where Owen said the election was stolen.
These people are scared.
They're covering up.
And it's blown up in their face, so now this story has gone from huge to mega viral.
As I record this, 13 million views on one post to Steven Crowder's Twitter.
I saw countless other posts, millions of views apiece.
This thing's probably got 40 million views right now just on Twitter.
They're trying to suppress it on Facebook, trying to suppress it on Google, Instagram, but it's not working.
Go to InfoWars.com, get the actual manifesto, send it out because they don't want you to know what they've created.
It's a helter-skelter race war attempt.
It's all right there.
Kill the lightcrackers.
Kill the light people.
Kill the...
Uh, you know,
Take action now!
Your products have changed my life.
Your brain force and all that makes me better.
They make me more focused.
They make me feel better.
A lot of lingering effects from when I was getting sober have now relieved me.
My girlfriend goes to the gym and goes hard.
She's on the turmeric and the same stuff.
These products will change your life.
They fund one of the greatest things out there right now for us as free Americans.
Please do these people a favor.
Go to their store, support them, do what you need to do, because if we lose InfoWars, we lose a lot more than what people are willing to believe.
If you want to really get in shape for this thing about to come, get the HGH and get that testosterone boost, man, get in the gym, because I'm in the best shape of my life because of your product, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes.
Well, I'm back.
It's the top of the hour.
I've got a few minutes to say thanks.
I'd like to give my thanks to the team at InfoWars that invited me
To help out today.
I hope I lived up to expectations.
I certainly had a good time.
It was great to take some calls.
I think that was my favorite part.
Thanks to the hardworking staff in the control room.
I was throwing video clips at them and they didn't know what I was talking about because they're not familiar with the Canadian lay of the land.
But I think they did a great job.
So thanks you guys for helping me out.
And I hope I didn't stress you out by throwing some curveballs at you.
Obviously, thanks to Alex Jones for trusting me with this chair.
And my heart goes out to Owen Schroer, who I truly believe is a political prisoner.
And if he were a man of the left serving time in prison for the analogous actions on the left, he would be championed.
He would be given a Pulitzer Prize.
He would be championed by Amnesty International and the ACLU and the like, and when he gets out of jail, he would be given an honorary professorship at Columbia School of Journalism.
Do you doubt a word I've just said?
I think he suffers for his journalism the same way Infowars has suffered for its journalism, and there's something very compelling about that.
The motto of Rebel News is telling the other side of the story, and I think that's what InfoWars does.
We have that as our motto because it's to remind people, it's to explain what we do.
We tell the other side of the story, but to remind people that there is more than one side of the story.
We used to know that.
We used to have both sides of the story in a report, or at least aspire to.
These days, we don't have debates anymore.
The other side is cancelled, and silenced, and censored, and deplatformed, and demonetized.
That's not how it's supposed to be.
We talked about freedom of speech, even for people we find odious.
I think that the left no longer believes in debate.
I remember the atrocious slogan they had, punch a Nazi.
Well, they've just decided anyone they want to punch is a Nazi.
I think that they've decided it's easier to cancel and denormalize people than engage with them and beat them.
We've seen in the last three years how weak
Even Ivy League University students are.
They don't know how to handle ideas without, frankly, walking the streets and chanting for violence.
We alluded to it several times in the broadcast today.
Cultural Marxism.
Applying the oppressor-oppressed matrix to everything, whether it's race, or transgenderism, or feminism.
And I think that's why you see bizarre anomalies like gay Jews for Hamas, which is a sign that was really in the Hamas march in London.
That makes no sense at all until you realize that the reason they are aligned is they both want to smash the Free West.
And although Israel is the little Satan, America is the great Satan, I think that the only way America can lose is from the inside.
If the drawbridge is allowed down and the enemy at the gates is allowed to rush in, that is exactly what's going on, and that's what terrifies me.
I have a lot of concerns about these wars overseas.
Of course I do.
I don't want to see World War III, and it's very interesting that Trump's ahead in the polls and Zelensky is, you know, the changes that we talked about at the top of the show.
But I think the real battlegrounds is for the hearts and minds of Americans.
And I'm very troubled what I see in American institutions of great learning, world-famous institutions like Harvard.
Who knew Harvard could breed such illiberalism and such a lust for violence?
It's astonishing to me.
I'm an Americanophile.
America has saved the world many times.
It's a beacon of freedom.
We in Canada admire America, and so we're concerned for it when we see it falling away from freedom.
I hope some of the stories I told today and my colleagues David and Sheila told help to show you what could happen if, God forbid, Gavin Newsom actually does become your president.
Thanks again for having me, and as I always like to end my shows at rebelnews.com, goodbye.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
I've been around a long time, man.
If I make it, if the world doesn't end or who knows what could ever happen, in a couple of weeks I'll be 77 years old.
So I've been around, seen the story, been there, done that.
And nothing like this has gone out of my life that's going on.
Think about it.
Let's go back to January 2020.
Not too far.
I know most people don't know what happened yesterday, but this isn't that far away.
In celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of a rat, Beijing launches the COVID war.
Changed life completely.
Changed life completely.
Little pieces of scum.
Arrogant little nobodies in a country near you.
Closing down your business.
Stay home.
Stand six feet apart.
Put on a mask.
Get the jab.
No jab, no job.
Think about it.
Just think about it.
Three things in three years change the world to where if we don't change it, it's going to be the end of the world.
Maniacs are in charge.
How could anybody swallow the crap spewing out of the mouths of these little jerks
Off in a country near you.
How can you be so stupid to listen to a Biden?
No, no, no, I'm a repulsive kid.
I look up to dead Mitch McConnell.
A little cut stone, a little arrogant Rothschild's boy running France with his phony hair.
Look at the clown you had in the UK and you got now.
How about an FAU and a C in that UK?
Stand six feet apart, you moron!
The wind blows exactly in straight lines in six feet.
You go into any place and there's a circles on the floor.
Look at that little boy!
Look at that little fat slob, and I call it to his face!
An arrogant, warmongering little slimeball!
Lindsey Graham.
Oh, that Lindsey Graham?
Before I get to Lindsey Graham, but before I forget... This is a Lindsey Graham who says... This is October 11th.
We're in a religious war.
I am with Israel.
Do what the hell you have to to level the place.
And they got the slob on TV all the time.
All the time they got this little slobby jerk.
So, COVID war.
Cause down your restaurant, you can't sit at a bar.
And when you go up in the restaurant, you gotta stand six feet apart.
And when you walk into the restaurant, put your mask on.
But when you sit down, you can take it off.
Because COVID doesn't go a table length.
And it knows when you're eating and drinking, just like you're in an airplane.
You walk on that damn airplane without a mask on, you're outta here, man.
Oh, we'll call up Homeland Security!
The slime ball's another piece of crap put in place.
George W. Bush, a little daddy's boy with a pair of cojones smaller than a mothball.
But when you eat and drink on a plane, you can take your mask off because COVID knows when you're eating and drinking.
So the COVID war, and I could go on, I could go on.
How the COVID war has destroyed life.
Billions of people, lives and livelihoods destroyed.
The whole game changed.
My buddy, Mark, just brought this over to me.
Hair stylist of the stars, Mark Ferraro.
New York Post.
New York City's post-COVID recovery, among worst, put traffic down 33%.
Lean streets.
Lean streets?
Streets filled with crap!
Homeless all over the place.
Guys will bust your head walking behind you and blow you away.
Locking up all the crap in the stores because people are stealing.
Refugees flooding in!
Oh, they're at the Pennsylvania Hotel.
Yeah, it's right across from the other thing that those moron politicians destroyed, Penn Station, and they built this crap joint there.
Anyway, the Roosevelt Hotel is right across the street.
The Roosevelt Hotel, Glenn Miller, and the Glenn Miller Band.
Oh, that was back in the day.
Now it's filled with refugees.
The COVID war, and then the Ukraine war.
Number two.
Hey, was the Ukraine war over now?
They don't put it in the papers anymore.
No, no.
You ready?
Front page of the Wall Street Journal.
I pay $5 a day for this!
The shoes fit.
Tamarit Tola, with a time of 2 hours, 4 seconds, .558, topped yet another Mark Sunday in an era of super shoes.
That is
Remaking records.
Kenya's Helen Orby took the women's race after winning the Boston Marathon earlier this year.
I gotta read this crap?
I thought this is a Wall Street Journal.
I thought... Hey!
Hey, stupid!
Hey, stupid!
I'm buying this Wall Street Journal to get financial information!
Do you know they do the weekend report on Saturday on what went on in the equity markets?
The New York Times, The Toilet Paper Record, The Wall Street Journal.
Not one word, not one word, zero, nada, nothing about what the markets did in Europe or Asia in their wrap-up of the week.
By the way, that's why you go to Trends Journal, you get with nobody's, you're not getting a magazine like this, nothing like it.
And you go to jones.jonestrends.com and you get a big break, you're getting it for almost nothing.
And we're giving you everything.
So that's number two, the Ukraine war.
Number three, here we are, the Israel war.
This is big.
I, in the Trends Journal, said World War I began, World War III, excuse me, began two days before Russia invaded Ukraine.
My cover's there, the magazine.
Covid War, Ukraine War, World War.
World War III has now been escalated.
And again, no, no, no, no, no surprise to Trends Journal subscribers.
Look at our top trends for 2023 that went on on January 3rd of this year.
One of them was Middle East meltdown.
That's right.
People have no idea.
Hey, you know about the 39 weeks of protests that were going on in Israel before the war started?
Oh, you don't?
Most people don't.
It was a civil war.
And we'll be right back.
Stay tuned and support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And, um, you know, as Ezra Levant was saying, you know, that they're censoring everybody, every place, everywhere.
And the stupidity that's coming out is, it's, it's remarkable.
So do everything you can to support InfoWars.
You know, we haven't had an article here, I was just, yeah.
Talked about journalism.
Again, this is your Trends Journal and you go to jonestrends.com and you're getting almost nothing.
This is some of the articles we wrote about journalism.
Slaughter in the Newsroom.
October 21st, 2014.
The Fourth Estate.
Rest in Peace.
They call the fourth estate, it's the executive branch, the congressional branch, and the judicial branch of government.
And they call journalism the fourth estate to look over those three and report the truth of what's going on.
It's gone.
Ready for this one?
Newspaper revival?
Hate Trump media wave won't save them.
31 May 2017.
So we were writing about how the media kept going after Trump.
And again, I don't like Trump.
Don't dig the cat.
Not my kind of guy.
We just call it as it is.
They were going after him from day one.
You go to the USA Today, new president.
And it goes on to say that, you know, he has five lawsuits or something behind him.
So it's not journalism.
But we call it as it is.
And that's what Ezra Avant was talking about.
And again, it's one after another.
CNN, the voice of hypocrisy.
23 February 2021.
Prestitutes and politicians play for the same team.
Wake up, kiddies.
March 1st, 2022.
So we're giving you the information.
This is what we do.
We report what they're saying, and then we give our trend analysis and trend forecasts.
So we're not skewing what they're saying.
We're saying this is what they're saying.
This is what, there it is.
These are from your magazine.
So then we give you the trend forecasts.
Nobody does this.
Nobody, anywhere, anyplace.
So we're in a very serious time.
So do everything you can to support InfoWars, because they're doing everything they can to support you.
And their team really works hard to make this happen.
Now I'm just going to divert for a second, because this is a very, very rough weekend for me.
One of my older sisters just passed away this Saturday.
My sister, Grace.
I took her out of her nursing home in December, and she was in the top nursing home in America.
Every time I go see her, she'd be like this.
I brought her up here, December 1st, she was dead.
No life in her.
A great woman, Keisha McLean, couldn't ask for anybody better taking care of her.
And then I said, listen, you gotta get her outside.
Within four months, my sister was painting.
She'd take her all around in a wheelchair.
She'd be talking to people.
My sister would be sitting out in front of my building over here.
Been in a nursing home for like, you know, 15 years.
And she hasn't seen people in 15 years.
And she'd see these big things walking down the street.
She never saw this before.
She'd go, Oh!
And then Keisha used to say when she took her around town, and she'd see these big things, she'd go, That's so!
That's so!
Anyway, without going very long, my sister Grace, we grew up in the Bronx, and she broke her arm, and they put the cast on wrong.
At 12 years old, she lost three quarters of a hand.
Instead of putting the traction bar like that, they put it like that, put the cast on, they called her a crybaby.
And I write about it in my book, what Zizi gave Honey Boy, and my father cut the cast off, and her fingers fell off.
Impossible wouldn't take the cast off.
My sister Grace, I said no brother could want a better sister than my sister Grace.
Opened up, see that?
The second topless go-go lounge in New York City.
Grace's Lucky Lounge.
From 1968 to 1984.
The second topless go-go lounge.
This is the 60s.
And the mafia left her alone.
You know why?
Because she was a woman.
And a town.
They left her alone.
And the cops, all you had to do was give them free drinks.
And I'm a bartender there.
I'm a bartender at 22 years old.
At the second-toppest go-go lounge in New York City.
I mean, my back, what I've done, where I've been in life,
Again, just to show you the difference, this is my former wife.
May she rest in peace.
Love blooms on the campaign trail.
I ran major political campaigns in Westchester County.
Here I am, picking up Ronald Reagan at the Chicago Hilton two days before he's announcing he's running against Gerald Ford.
I could keep going on and put on a brunch with 16 of our board of directors.
I was the number two guy running a trade show.
And he was the final speaker.
And there were presidents, prime ministers, and princes.
And there was a bartender at 22 years old at the second top of Scogo Lounge.
So now imagine this, a woman running it hard enough to run a restaurant.
So anyway, I'm very sad to lose her.
But again, you know, it's life.
She got shingles.
She was doing great.
And then I took her out.
So going back, I want to talk about the markets.
When I come back, I'll talk a lot more about them.
The markets are going to crash.
It's the end of this.
Do you realize what the economies are doing in the Middle East?
Israel's economy is to crap.
I just read you that article about the, from the, uh, Lean Streets in New York City.
The COVID war has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people across the planet, brought to you by the Chinese.
And their zero COVID policy destroyed their economy.
Three years of lockdowns.
It's not coming back.
It's not coming.
So Bitcoin is still a bet for me and gold to me is the number one safe haven.
I do not give financial advice.
So all you arrogant feds that are watching this, you can't come after me and saying I was giving financial advice and you're going to close down the Trends Journal, you little slimy boys and girls.
You probably bow down to little Georgie Bush and take it up to you-know-what.
Here we are.
And we had forecast this in the Trends Journal when they began the lockdowns.
Do you realize all the businesses that have gone out of business and are going to be going out of business?
The worst crash in history is coming soon.
We'll tell you when, when you come back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show and thank you for putting that up.
And that's the Trends Journal.
It's like 170 pages a week.
And again, we're giving you what nobody else is giving you.
History before it happens.
You look at the Trends Journal, you go back to last November, we said the markets were going to go up.
I said we said the S&P would go up at least 16%.
It went up almost 20%.
And it did.
And then in July, beginning of July, all the clips are there.
All of everything is there.
Beginning of July, we said, get ready for the markets to go down.
Particularly in September and October, and they did.
Right now, the markets are being rigged.
You have a world crisis going on.
When I was a young guy.
Actually, when I worked for that trade associate back in 1973.
I was living in Chicago.
And the Arab nations cut off the oil supply because of what Israel was doing of it.
And that was the beginning of when gas prices went up.
When I was a kid, a gallon of gas was 25 cents a gallon.
Well, there's no inflation.
Diesel was a lot cheaper.
It was only like 14 cents, 15 cents a gallon.
Then that happened, gas prices went up, there were lines around the block trying to get into a gas station.
In our top trend for 2023, we warned about this happening.
And now the major media is coming out and saying what we had reported only almost a year ago.
If oil
If Brent Crude goes to $130 plus a barrel, the equity markets are going to crash.
And the global economy that is on the edge already is going to crash.
People, again, they have no idea about the facts going on.
Let's go back to 2019.
Germany was that far, that's only the fourth largest economy in the world, the biggest one in the EU.
Percentage points, tiny percentage points away from going into recession.
There were protests going on all over the world.
Peru, Colombia, Brazil.
South Africa.
Yellow Vests.
All over the world.
Protesting against the lack of having basic living standards.
Government corruption.
Then the COVID war comes.
Locking down everything.
You can't process anymore.
Get back in your house.
We're going to artificially prop up the markets.
With zero and negative interest rate policy.
We keep that in place.
And pumping trillions of dollars in.
And now the slime balls that did it.
The Feds.
The banksters.
They're blaming inflation because of higher wages.
Which is a lot of crap.
The wages are way below inflation.
Particularly when you put John Williams' shadow stats, real inflation numbers.
Inflation's here because of the... The market should have... Everything should have crashed during the COVID war.
But the government's artificially... And now that prop is over.
And again, going back to that New York Post article.
You go back to our Trends Journal.
We've been warning about an office building bust when they started.
Oh, that guy Dorsey, the guy Dorsey, the Twitter guy, the Twitter cat.
In your Trends Journal back in February of 2020, he was supposed to go to South Africa.
He canceled his trip because COVID's going to get me.
Told all his employees to go home.
Work from home.
Work from home.
Your office occupancy rate, they hardly report it anymore.
It's only a little over 50% in the 10 largest cities.
Again, I read you the article from the New York Post about the lean times going on.
Streets are empty.
All the businesses that depended on commuters are going out of business.
Now let's go to the big picture that they don't talk about in the media.
The little prostitutes.
The media whores that get paid to put out by the corporate pimps in the government.
All they ask is people who work from home.
I'm renting 10 floors.
I don't need 10 floors.
Give me free.
I got to pay my loan.
How am I going to pay my loan?
I got less tenants.
This is going to annihilate the banking system.
And what InfoWars reported about that other bank going down this past Friday, barely a mention by the prostitutes in the mainstream media.
This is going to crash the banking system.
And it's not only in America.
Where we lost our freedom and democracy.
And you gotta follow orders from stupid pieces of slimy scum crap.
Like little Chucky Schumer.
Lindsey Graham.
A cotton ball cotton.
Who loves war, a little freaky boy.
One little slime ball after another.
Listen to what they tell you to do.
Don't look at the facts.
They don't count.
They're not reporting this.
The people's minds are totally off it.
We are headed for the worst.
There's little Chuckie Schumer.
Look at the way he wears his glasses, you little arrogant boy!
You little arrogant scum!
Everybody get this in your head!
The only way we win, the only way we become free, is with people power!
Not political power!
Who are these little scums?
I'll tell you who they are!
These are little pieces of crap that steal our money!
They're public servants!
You do what we tell you to do, you arrogant scum!
Love blooms on the campaign trail.
Goes on to say...
Gerard was the coordinator of the campaign and I was the Democrat.
We started dating and it goes on.
And now he's the administrative assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I got right at the top.
It was the worst job I ever had.
And I'd been working all my life.
To watch grown men grovel to suck their way up to the top.
A little fat slob opening the door.
Sergeant at Arms!
Senator Frank Smith!
Senator Tom McNeil!
Hey, what's the matter, man?
Cat can't open the door by himself?
They look at me like I was crazy saying that.
And then the guys would follow the senator's seat, pull it out, and help him sit down.
They say, what's the matter?
Cat can't sit down by himself?
Chuckie Schumer tells you what to do.
Gotsu Gavin Newsom!
It's up to us to unite.
And Infowars is uniting the people.
United we stand, divided we die.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And even though this is a sad time for me having my sister check out in the second-topless go-go lounge in New York City, I used to say to Gracie, again, I'm a bartender there, 28, 22 years old, 1968.
I said, who could want a better brother than you?
Anyway, I, and I also love InfoWars.
Because this is like one-of-a-kind.
And that's what I like, one-of-a-kind.
To be yourself, who you want to be.
And the mainstream media is gone.
Again, we have all the articles I just read to you before.
Our journalism is dead.
So you support InfoWars by also getting their great products.
And as Alex Jones says, you know, a lot of people watch the show but not that many buy the products.
And they got a great sale going on right now.
That you also want to take advantage of.
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It's 40% off.
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It's the most expensive form of B12 available.
So anyway, it helps your nerve and brain cells.
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It helps your body produce energy, which you really need today because they're sucking the life out of us like they did with the COVID war.
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And so with the Ultra 12, again, go to InfoWars.com, InfoWars Store, InfoWarsStore.com and get this product.
And you need it.
And again, people are, you know, there's an article in the paper that Burger King's going all digital.
And you read this article, I mean, who the, why, how can anybody eat this stuff?
How can anybody eat this?
I love to cook.
And people are eating crap.
As I said, my sister makes you rest in peace.
She'd sit outside, she'd see these people walk down the street.
She'd never seen these before.
She'd been in a nursing home for like 15 years.
That's the new normal.
Again, going back to the COVID war, according to the CDC, 61% of all people 1 to 17-year-olds that were hospitalized were obese.
So InfoWars is giving you all these products to help you.
And this is a time that you really need it.
So going back to the economy for a bit, you're looking at the numbers coming out.
It's recession, you know, in Europe.
And as we had said, yeah, they're going to keep pumping it up in the summer as travel becomes big and people get happy about it.
But that is a service industry.
You've got to look at the manufacturing, the PMI numbers.
And they report again in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the PMI numbers that came out of Europe and Germany.
They said they were down, but they don't put them in there.
In the last week.
Including the Financial Times.
It's manufacturing that counts.
You look at the job numbers that just came out, the jobs that were being created.
Oh, they're in healthcare.
Oh, there she is, Ms.
Fatsia Brut.
We're the same age, man.
I hope I don't look as bad as she does.
And talking about eating crap, she's got more chins than Chinatown over there.
This, by the way, before I go any further, this shows you who's running America.
Is everybody with a brain bigger than a pea?
You better grow up.
Fatsia LaBrute, Ms.
Fatsia LaBrute, Janet Yellen, was the former Fed head.
And now,
She's our Treasury Secretary?
Wait a minute.
The former head of the Fed is now our U.S.
Treasury Secretary?
Oh, the ignorant moron like her buddy Powell, that's the Fed head, that said, you're full of crap, Solenti.
There's no inflation.
Your transnational is BS.
It's only temporary.
It's only transitory.
We could give zero in— Look at it.
How could you be so stupid?
How could you be so stupid to listen to these clowns?
We need people power.
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union,
The pursuit of happiness.
Screw you!
I'm a miserable... Can't use the proper word.
I'm a political piece of scum!
I'll tell you what to do!
We need people power!
That's what America was founded upon!
Not a little clown show telling us what to do!
A little clown- I got- We used to see this little jerk we got over here as the mayor of Kingston, Noble.
A little daddy's boy of nothing!
Used to run a kiddie zoo!
Cut down the trees on the most historic four corners of America when I try to stop them and I own three of the buildings.
They hate me.
They hate me.
You know why they hate me?
Oh, I had a peace and freedom rally when all the little imbeciles were locked down under little Andy Cuomo, another arrogant daddy's boy like his little boy named Chrissy.
My daddy was Mario.
I'm renaming the Tappancy Bridge.
It's the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.
You forgot to put the M on.
There, that's the little clown.
Look at this little jerk!
Look at this little jerk of nothing!
Of nothing!
And there's a story about him, too.
How he's with this gay guy when his wife went away.
Oh, but they got that out of the news when the police came and everything?
Oh, yeah!
Mario M. Cro- You forgot to put the M. It cost us like 30 million dollars to rename the bridge.
We need people power.
We need people power.
We need people power!
You wanna go to war?
Let the people vote.
Boy, how dare you, Selenti!
I'm Chucky Schumer!
I'm a little boy, I couldn't fight for crap!
I couldn't fight!
But I'll send others to go die!
There they are, the arrogant brother boys!
My daddy was Mario!
I'd be nothing if my daddy wasn't Mario!
I remember Chris Cuomo, when I used to be on CNN all the time, and all these other shows, and he would show up, and he was doing sports and pop culture, with two aides.
And I'd say to him, hey, how's your father doing?
Oh, good, good, good, good.
Yeah, I knew the farm.
Again, I showed you.
I used to run major campaigns in Westchester County.
I designed and instructed a course, American Politics and Campaign Technology, how to run political campaigns.
I only taught it at St.
John's University.
The people that are in politics are the dumbest pieces of scum crap you could find anywhere, except the number twos that follow them.
The bureau craps!
The Bureau craps!
Hey, remember all these health experts?
Hey, where's Rachel Levin now?
Remember the clown that's now, that was from Pennsylvania, that's now our, our, you know, top health person in America?
Yeah, cut off my nuts and became a Rachel!
By the way, the Israel war, we need peace.
We need to cease fire.
There we are.
How could you be so stupid?
How could you be so stupid to swallow the crap spewing out of this clown's mouth with more chins than Chinatown?
Health expert, how about go screw yourself?
Or maybe somebody else will do it for you.
But I doubt it.
You really gotta be hungry to do that one, man.
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