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Name: 20231102_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 2, 2023
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In a podcast episode, Alex Jones discusses demonic possession as an attempt to bypass free will by the New World Order. He cites instances of individuals feeling their free will taken away during possession and warns of similar attempts in social media, AI, and upcoming VR/AR systems. Jones also criticizes government actions leading to crime, mainstream media manipulation, and social media platforms protecting certain groups. He addresses foreign policy issues and predicts multiple terrorist attacks due to the open border funded by the Biden administration in collaboration with the United Nations. Finally, he promotes InfoWars products and encourages listener support for their operation.

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
It's Thursday, November 2nd, 2023.
And last night, President Trump released a very short video that we're going to air next segment that is the most important minute and a half of video I've seen politically in my lifetime.
This is the former president of the United States, the 43rd president, the 45th president who had the election stolen from him three plus years ago.
Laying out the fact that there'll never be real elections again, just like Venezuela, or just like the old Soviet Union, and that they are, in multiple states like Colorado, trying to take him off the ballot, using their criminal charges to do it.
They are directly, not just election meddling, but election stealing, by denying you a candidate in your face.
Where are the governors?
Where are the legislatures?
Where are the people?
Whether you love Trump or hate Trump or you're neutral on Trump, it doesn't matter.
This is the permanent bureaucracy that's launching all these wars and destroying our borders and sexualizing our children and transgenderism.
Literally telling you, you can't have President Trump.
The same people that are surveilling you and censoring you and controlling you, it's all come out.
Everything they're doing is beyond criminal.
It is treason against humanity.
And we've gotten numb.
And quite frankly, I have.
I'm not criticizing viewers and listeners.
But all of us have gotten really numb.
To the level of corruption and bullying and oppression we're put up with.
Look at all the things the establishment's doing right now.
Look at all the wars.
Look at the devaluation of the dollar.
Look at the inflation.
Look at Biden's bulldozers smashing over legal fences put up on the Texas border.
So we're going to come back in a few minutes and we're going to play this incredibly historic clip from President Trump, who did win the election.
And they've indicted him in Georgia at a state level and federally in D.C.
and the District of Mordor saying he's indicted for questioning elections.
This isn't somebody getting arrested for the N-word, which is bad enough, or arrested for Holocaust denial.
This is somebody being indicted.
And then turning himself in to the police and facing decades in jail for questioning an election that we all saw them steal.
They've gone through his lawyers, a bunch of cowards on average, and charged them so they're rolling on Trump saying, oh, I knew it wasn't stolen.
They have charged him in Georgia for saying illegal aliens voted, even though it's on record they did.
Look up the news.
They're legalizing illegal aliens voting in cities and liberal leftist states all over the country.
So this is an incredible time, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the bureaucratic corporate coup of America.
It's illegal.
It's illegitimate.
And it's our right and our duty to say no against it.
So we're going to lay all of this out geopolitically and what it means.
NATO's losing the war in Ukraine.
The German defense minister says prepare for war to Germans.
Get ready for full-scale war.
The things are happening there.
This is insanity.
But this is what happens when the big globalist debt bubble starts imploding.
They need a new war to distract from all the crimes they've committed.
What does Gerald Cilenti always say?
When all else fails for the establishment, They take you to war.
When all else fails, they take you to major conflict.
And that's where we are right now.
And that's why I know a lot of you are punch-drunk.
So am I. We've been doing this so long.
We've been in the fight so deep that just to survive, we kind of compartmentalize it.
But now is the critical part of the battle happening right now.
And that's why I want you, today, this minute, to share the live links at infowars.com forward slash show and video.
Tell folks to tune in because the American Resistance is live on air.
Stay with us.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
President Trump has issued an emergency alert.
America is under a globalist coup.
We're going into a permanent dictatorship.
We've got to stop it for ourselves and our children's future now.
I'm your host Alex Jones, and I want everybody to just sit back and focus on the fact that we are in a captured nation by BlackRock, by the mega banks, by the private Federal Reserve, and they are openly Traveling all over the country, filing lawsuits that have failed to remove members of Congress from being able to run for office again.
With Gozer and MTG, you've seen that.
But now with their state and federal charges in these Soros-controlled courts, they are openly trying to remove President Trump from the ballot in Colorado and New Hampshire.
And other states.
There's no debating Trump is 70% of the Republican field.
Against all their candidates.
They're 30%.
10 candidates.
Pence just dropped out.
He's 70% on average.
Picking on the poll.
The low polls are 65%.
There's no doubt he's 20 plus points ahead of Biden in their mainline polls.
They are in panic mode and they're telling you, you can't have this man.
If he wasn't somebody I supported, I would still say it's wrong to take the voters' rights away.
And they've indicted him for claiming there was election meddling in 2020.
And three years later, it's come out the CIA, the FBI, big tech colluding to block voters from information, to cover up stories about Joe Biden, all the illegal aliens, the people voting the names of dead people, and the mail-in ballots in the six key states.
And now Trump has come out in a speech we're about to play, it's very short, but so historic and powerful, and said they're establishing a permanent dictatorship.
And once they're able to steal this from us again, and from President Trump, they're never going to let go.
They know there's been a political realignment.
People have broken with the BlackRock-controlled, WEF-controlled, Globalist Democratic Party.
So what do you do when the people say no, legally and lawfully, and declare their Declaration of Independence through voting?
You declare them an enemy terrorist group.
They've got all the false reports everywhere.
FBI says Trump supporters are going to engage in terror.
And, oh, Trump supporters work with Russia to cut the power off, and that may cancel the election.
And they've got World War III and the Israel conflict and Russia, and all of that is a distraction.
In the next 12 months, and it's basically 12 months this week, We're gonna see hell released to censor you, to shut down InfoWars, and to imprison President Trump and remove him on the ballot.
They're now saying, hey, you keep criticizing these courts.
We've given you two strikes, the third when you're going to jail, for saying these courts are a fraud, for saying they're Democratic Party operatives.
When the judge in New York bragged, I don't follow the law, I do what I want.
When the Attorney General in New York said, I'm gonna put Trump in jail, that's my political mission.
This is dictatorship being set up.
Dictatorship is the standard position in the world.
Free countries are rare.
It's why everyone came here to experience this.
So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the fight of our lives, as Trump has said a hundred times or more.
They're not coming after him.
They're coming after you.
They've just got to get through him to get to you.
So ladies and gentlemen, I will encourage you again today to realize how precious InfoWars is.
To take these clips, to take these reports, and post them everywhere.
And to share them on your email, your text messages, by word of mouth, to strangers, to friends, to family, to your church.
Don't spread InfoWars.
Spread something else.
Steve Bannon, or Jack Posobiec, or President Trump.
Tucker Carlson, but whatever you do, stand now.
This is your chance to be part of the Second American Revolution, and it's an information war, and the enemy's losing, so they're now saying Hezbollah's gonna launch terror attacks in America, when they're the ones who brought Hezbollah in.
They're saying Iran's already assassinated American officials, but won't tell us who.
We're going into the false flags.
We're going into the tyranny.
It's happening right now, and this is game time, ladies and gentlemen.
You are the InfoWars.
You are the human intelligence.
You are the power.
So, all of you, take the live links right now to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Band out video.
Share them everywhere.
The great Michael Yan and others are about to be with us.
But first, let's play this important emergency alert with the real president, the former president, telling you we're going into a permanent dictatorship.
Imagine 10 years ago, a former president saying we're going into a dictatorship with communists and the New World Order.
You wouldn't even believe that was possible.
But he's telling the truth, and it's happening.
Let that sink in.
Let that soak in.
Now's not the time to watch Sunday night football games and go to the baseball game.
None of the World Series is basically over.
Now is the time to realize that the globalists are coming for your currency, your children, your way of life, your right to religion, everything else.
Here's President Trump with the emergency alert he's issuing.
And the political climate's so crazy, think about all the fact this is even no big deal.
This isn't the top story in the country.
That shows how desensitized with learned helplessness and mass Stockholm syndrome we've gotten.
A fake trial is currently taking place to try and illegally remove my name from the ballot.
I often say that 2024 will be the most important election in the history of our country.
The reason for that and that statement Is that our country is being destroyed by people have no idea what they're doing, or even worse, they may very well have an idea they may hate our country, and they may want to see it destroyed.
But it may also be the last election.
We ever have.
If this election doesn't work, if this election is rigged and stolen, if bad things happen, our country will not survive.
If Crooked Joe and the Democrats get away with removing my name from the ballot, then there will never be a free election in America again.
We will have become a dictatorship where your president is chosen for you.
You will no longer have a vote or certainly won't have a meaningful vote.
And you could say, frankly, that that has already begun.
This truly is our final chance to save America.
And with the 2024 election now less than one year away, this is your chance to take a stand against tyrants that support the one and only movement that can save our country and make America great again.
We must win in 2024.
If we don't win, we will not have a country.
If we do win, we will make America greater than it's ever been before.
Thank you.
So let's go over those words right now that President Trump just said.
I often say 2024 will be the most important election in the history of our country.
The reason for that and this statement is that our country is being destroyed by people who have no idea what they're doing.
Or even worse, they may very well have an idea, they may hate our country, and they may want to see it destroyed.
The average globalist minion just being paid to do this thinks they're on a winning team, but the chi-coms and BlackRock and the globalists know they're pushing America into a civil war.
So it's both the things President Trump said there, but he's really good at saying something to get you to think, to come to your own conclusion.
He continues.
But it may also be the last election we ever have.
That's totally true.
If this election doesn't work, if this election is rigged and stolen, if bad things happen, our country will not survive.
The false flags, the race war, they're already priming.
If Crooked Joe and the Democrats get away with removing my name from the ballot, then there will never be a free election in America again.
Of course, they're trying to remove members of Congress from being able to vote.
That's open election meddling.
Trying to say you can't even vote for the person you want.
That is cut and dry election theft, not just election meddling.
He continues.
We will have become a dictatorship.
We would have become a dictatorship of this oligarchy.
We will have become a dictatorship.
That's a president saying that.
We would have become a dictatorship.
We would have become a dictatorship.
Where your president is chosen for you, you will no longer have a vote, or certainly a meaningful vote.
You can say, frankly, that this has already begun.
And it has.
He said, adding that this is truly our final chance to save America.
A lawsuit in Colorado is challenging Trump's eligibility for the state's presidential ballot next year, claiming he should be removed from the ballot.
Oh, you claim there's election fraud, so we're going to remove you from the ballot.
Just like the CIA advised the communist government of Brazil when they stole the election there earlier this year, or late last year, to then now bar Bolsonaro forever running, because he questioned the election.
Michael Young and others are about to take over, and I want to remind listeners again, I'm in a total info war.
I won't give up, I won't give in, I won't give out.
But the reason I've said is, I may have to quit, is because if you don't support us, and I'm not blaming you, I'm just telling you the facts, it feels like quitting.
I'm not quitting.
But if I don't have the funds to fund info wars, if I don't have the funds to continue to fight on this critical final 12 months going into this great epic battle, You're taking me off the field.
You're taking me out of the football stadium itself.
So, I can't do this without you, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to be on the field in this fight.
I want to be in the front line.
But I can't do it without you.
So please, pray for us.
Please spread the links and articles.
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Keep me on the field.
Keep me in the stadium.
Quite frankly, not having the funds we need, it's like I'm halfway on the bench half the time, unable to fight like I need to.
So please, get great products you need at InfoWarsStore.com.
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Whatever you do, keep us in the fight because we've proven we're right.
We've proven we're talking about the real world.
Elon Musk is quoting me verbatim now.
We're getting a lot of traction.
But the enemy's coming after us, so please keep me in the fight.
Whatever you do, realize how historic this moment is.
And get in the stadium.
Get off the bench.
And get in the fight.
Arena right now.
Get on the field right now.
That's what this is all about, ladies and gentlemen.
It is going down.
Global corporate forces think you're stupid.
They think you're mindless.
They think you're an idiot.
They think you're easy to defeat.
They think you don't understand things.
They don't think you know what's happening.
And Congress knew nothing about big tech censorship five years ago.
Now their growth curve of understanding has really launched.
So they're on the field now.
This is all about being on the field during this critical time.
You gotta be in the stadium, and you gotta get off the bench, and you gotta get on the field.
And I just keep saying that over and over again, because this is the historic moment we're in.
We just saw the former president have the election stolen from him, telling him we're going into a permanent dictatorship.
They're trying to remove him from the ballot, which is election theft and stealing an election by the very definition of it.
And I know I keep repeating that.
They're stealing the election openly.
They know he's 20 points ahead of Biden.
Of course they did it before, they're doing it again.
And they've indicted him for pointing out what they did.
And a bunch of cowards that work for him turn around and say that they're complicit in fraud, but they admit, but he never told me to do this.
All you gotta do is say President Trump's a fraud.
All you gotta do is say the election wasn't stolen, and we'll leave you alone.
They were the ones that always said elections were stolen before.
But now they don't want it to be said because they're about to have a permanent dictatorship in this country.
That's what the former President of the United States just said to you right now.
Do you understand the time you're living in?
I don't have words intense enough.
I don't have...
Things I could say of the magnitude.
You've seen all the evil they've already committed against us.
You've seen the destruction of our country.
You've seen the wars, the pedophilia, the Satanism, the human trafficking, the fentanyl.
Can you imagine what they're going to do next once they've fully got us in their hold?
These people are evil.
I'm gonna hand the show over now to Michael Young and General Flynn and others.
InfoWars.com to Mars News Today.
I need your support.
It's up to you now.
This is your mission.
If you choose to accept it, please take action now.
God bless and good luck.
I'm in the lightning chair for Alex Jones with Michael Yan.
We're on Operation Burning Edge and we're taking over for this transmission today.
This is Do or Die, folks.
Alex Jones, the message she was just giving was absolutely poetic, prophetic and necessary for the American people to hear and to act.
Michael, this is a war for humanity, and America is in the way of the global tyrants, the globalists, from taking over and destroying humanity and remaking it in what their image is, and clearly not what's God's.
It's great to be with you, Michael, down here in Central America.
Great, yeah.
Actually, this time we're in Belize.
We've been in Panama quite a bit lately.
As you can see, Panama is being destabilized.
It's not in the news much, but we have a team down there right now.
They just actually went through the Darien Gap.
They just emerged yesterday morning, survived it.
They came through with some very malicious behaving Syrians.
They came through with a huge number of Chinese, Venezuelans as well.
By the way, many Venezuelans actually are Hespelot.
A lot of people don't realize that.
And they speak Spanish fluently, I mean natively, because many of the Hespelot actually were born in Venezuela.
So they actually can fit right in with the body language and the whole works.
And so we have people from about 140 countries coming through the Darien Gap.
An Imbra Indian friend just messaged me about an hour and a half ago saying that 6,000 aliens came through the Darien Gap yesterday.
So they're sleeping on the streets now in Panama.
They're unable to get the buses through to pick up the migrants or the aliens who come through the Darien Gap, the illegal aliens, because there's huge unrest going on in Panama now.
The streets are blocked.
Not directly related to the to the aliens coming through, but related to Chinese destabilization and World Economic Forum destabilization of Panama.
That's what's actually going on.
Nominally, it's about a about a copper mine contract with a Canadian company, which is actually heavily and openly financed by China.
And so BlackRock and whatnot.
So, I mean, bottom line is Panama is one of the most vital terrains on planet Earth.
And it is being destabilized, just as we've been saying for several years now that it would happen.
And these aliens coming through the Darien Gap, I must have said this on 200 interviews in the last few years, eventually that spigot will be stopped and those aliens coming through will be used to destabilize Panama.
That's what's happening right now as we speak, not in the news.
You're actually hearing it right now on Alex Jones's show for the first time because I haven't.
Actually published it.
It's just it's that it's that fresh.
So, you know, I want to set the table a little bit Michael because Alex did a great job of just really giving everybody a global perspective of what's happening right now.
It's it's America.
That's in the way President Trump has always talked about.
He's standing in the way from the globalists and the Americans.
Well, it's America standing in the way of the tyranny of the globalists and the rest of the world and it's the destruction of humanity.
Looking at this from a global perspective, the people on the move, we see them coming through Darien.
This is the epicenter, if you will, of everybody that's involved in the takedown of America.
Essentially, they're using human migration as weapons to destabilize not only Panama, which is critical to the global ecosystem of supply chain management, etc., but also to the American way of life, which of course is how we have
basically protected freedom.
Now I think we bastardize that with our, you know, we're here to spread democracy nonsense and we
basically become part of the problem, you know, starting and funding global wars vis-a-vis our
international banking cabal, which has a stranglehold on the American federal government,
not the people, but the American federal government.
And we need to basically set the table so people understand you've got the American, the U.S.
government, and you have the American people.
They're totally different systems completely.
And one is being used by the globalists to weaponize migration.
And you see that in the bureaucracy of these unelected bureaucrats and these unconstitutional agencies like Secretary Mayorkas from Homeland Security facilitating and funding We have enough information to put Mayorkas in prison.
era funding these illegal aliens to come through the Darien Gap and elsewhere into our country
even using a border protection app to completely sidestep the immigration process completely.
And Americans, we're paying for it with our tax dollars.
We have enough information to put Mayorkas in prison.
No kidding.
I mean, that we've generated just in Panama.
I mean Mayorkas is down there in the Darien Gap on April 18th of 2022.
I waited for four days right by a place where I thought he might land in helicopters and voila!
Four Blackhawks landed right in front of me on day four and I've got video footage of him inside of one of the camps called San Vicente Camp.
I call it China Camp or we call it China Camp because it's It's a camp where the Chinese use.
There's Chinese in that camp right now.
I just had somebody in the camp with them this morning.
So there's Chinese in the camp right now.
They just came out of the dairy gap.
They're waiting to get on buses, which they can't get on right now because the unrest through Panama is causing, there's huge numbers, thousands and thousands of aliens who've made it through the Darien Gap who are now flooding out of the camps because they can't get the buses through because the roads are blocked.
The Pan American Highway is blocked.
So they haven't had electricity in most of Darien for the last three days.
It just started a couple of hours ago again, because the fuel trucks can't get down to fuel the generators, right?
So they haven't had electricity for three days.
They're starting, some of the people in Darien are running short on food.
It's not, it's not a crisis yet, but it's getting there.
The food prices are, the farmers have been dumping out their food in Panama.
I cannot stress enough how important Panama is.
It is absolutely vital, right?
And Panama is being destabilized and it's being, it's being taken by the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party.
The Panamanians, whenever I say this, they accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist.
They're going to die.
And I mean that.
Panama's not going to make it.
I keep telling them, you will not survive this unless you do something right now.
And they're not doing it.
They're doing just what Europe has done.
Multi-culti nonsense.
Sweden's gone.
Masako Kanaha, the famous Japanese journalist and I were in We're in Luxembourg last year in Europe and in that place is about five zero percent about 50 percent migrants.
Luxembourg's dead.
And you see the same thing happening in across Europe where we travel constantly watching what's going on.
Another vital train in Europe is actually Netherlands.
Netherlands is also being taken by the By the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party.
They're building something called Tri-State City.
Every time I mention Tri-State City, the accusations of conspiracy theories come in.
But there are maps for Tri-State City that are published by the World Economic Forum, who will then accuse you of conspiracy theory.
But the maps are there.
Look up Tri-State City.
You can find the map in about five seconds.
And you'll see that this is a city that will consist of about 30 million people, if it goes according to plan.
It's most of Netherlands, a part of Belgium, and part of Germany.
That's the Tri-State.
The end of the railway that goes all the way from Shanghai and other feeders in China ends at Rotterdam Harbor, which is in Tri-State City, which is at the mouth of the Rhine River, which is like the Mississippi for Europe, right?
So, Rotterdam Harbor is one of the biggest in the world, one of the top ten, and it's the largest in Europe, just south of Rotterdam.
Harbor is is Antwerp, which is the second largest harbor in Europe. Those are both being tri-state city
You see why I spend so much time in Netherlands and why I spend so much time in Panama and what in Japan?
These are all vital terrains, right? And so bottom line is this is not just about
weaponized migration The weaponized migration are one weapon that they're bringing to the war.
They're like the tanks, right?
They've also got, they're building the new Silk Road.
The Chinese Communist Party has co-authored a book with a Panamanian economist that talks about how they're gonna open up a railway from South America through Panama and a highway.
They're working on it right now.
We were just down there looking at the bridge.
We just Made photos of the new bridge going over the Rio Chicanaca right now.
Anyway, I'll talk for days.
Well, we're about to go to break, Michael.
But again, what you're talking about is the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.
And they do have a really detailed map of what they're already currently doing and what they intend to do.
And what we witnessed clearly down in the Darien Gap is the connection from the Pan American Highway in South America.
Connecting through Central America and of course up into America.
And we're seeing the Taiwanese government in partnership here in Belize.
Increasing the breadth and depth of the roadway system here.
All to facilitate this weaponized migration.
We're going to go to break.
When we come back, we're going to continue this conversation.
Because the world needs to get off the couch.
Keyboard warriors are great, but time to get up folks.
Time to get in the fight like Alex said.
We'll be right back here more with InfoWars.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
And welcome back to the Alex Jones InfoWars show.
Ann Banner Steele and Michael Young here down in Central America tracking the migrant invasion, but more specifically giving you a global perspective on what you need to see, hear, and understand.
And it's time to get off the couch, get out from behind the keyboard, and get engaged, get on the battlefield.
If you heard Alex's transmission at the beginning of this broadcast, you heard he's asking for everybody to get engaged.
The war is here and it is real and America is going down right now because the globalists have instituted a evil genius plan to destabilize the world through weaponized human migration and we're seeing it happen here in Central America.
Panama has for all intents and purposes, is on the verge of collapsing
and losing their government based on the weaponized migration that is currently
underway with thousands and thousands of people coming from all over the world through the Darien
Gap. And now because the city has basically been shut down or the country's been shut down as
people are now protesting over government contracts that are going sideways as the
government is unfortunately doing dirty deals with the CCP, with BlackRock and other global organizations,
the people are unhappy.
They're very unhappy with their government and the people are standing up and rising up, but they're also unhappy with the migrant invasion.
Just talk to the Ambara Indians who live down in the Gap, who are watching their culture be destroyed, their environment be destroyed.
They live in the rainforest with endemic species that are being destroyed as thousands and thousands
of people are trampling through that protected UNESCO habitat.
And again, the Biden regime, along with Mexicans President Obrador
and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, all signing the Declaration of North America
on January 10th of this year, basically dissolving the borders of these three countries
and facilitating the weaponized human migration at the expense of the American taxpayer
who's gonna be paying the interest on all the money that the international banking cabal,
known as the Federal Reserve, prints to fund all of this.
These migrants are getting paid $2,200 a month, while the American average retiree on Social Security gets $1,400.
Some migrants in Chicago, for instance, are getting paid upwards of $9,000 a month.
So again, the push and pull of human migration, of human osmotic pressure, as my colleague Michael Yan here says, It's being weaponized and it's to the fall of this great country here.
And before we went to break, we were talking about the Belt and Road Initiative and how the World Economic Forum and the CCP are really collaborating at this time, Michael, to facilitate what is true globalism and the destruction of sovereignty.
Notice how these human osmotic pressure flows, the push and that pull of that migration.
Much of the flow is happening right where they wish to build these Belt and Road Initiative main corridors.
For instance, Panama is a main corridor, and the aliens flowing through are going right along the
lines where they wish to make the railway and the roadway through,
plus the Panama Canal, where 6% of global trade passes through that canal, right?
That is absolutely a vital --
Panama is, again, one of the most vital terrains on Earth.
Likewise, huge numbers being pushed into Netherlands and other places like that,
which are very key terrain in the future of what's unfolding.
Likewise, you see Japan preparing Okinawa Prefecture for eventual same thing.
happening. Masako Kanaha and Chuck Holton and I were in Okinawa Prefecture earlier this year.
We were on Ishigaki Island talking with the mayor and others there about their preparations,
for instance, for an invasion. If something happens to Taiwan, the mayor of Ishigaki was
concerned that many of the Taiwanese will then flow into Ishigaki and then the Japanese who
live in Ishigaki will then have to leave, right?
And meanwhile, the mainlanders who live in Taiwan and who will just come straight from the mainland will then occupy part of Okinawa Prefecture, which will then, of course, that's like taking the keys in Florida.
Eventually, you'll then move up into greater Florida and throughout the rest of the bloodstream.
And this is clearly what's happening.
Yeah, so if you want to get even more nitty-gritty into the context of all of this, you're going to have to take a closer look at actually what's happening down here in Central America.
Anthony Rubin, known as Muckraker, the real Muckraker on Twitter, has done an incredible job of actually becoming part of the migrant flow.
He arrived in Quito, Ecuador and assimilated into a group of migrants predominantly of Syrian and Chinese descent.
And traveled with them through the dangerous trek of the Darien Gap.
It's about a six-day journey through a very rugged mountainous terrain that is truly a jungle environment.
but because again, as I mentioned just earlier, the thousands of people that have come through there,
they've trampled the environment, therefore making the pathway a lot more hospitable,
if you can even believe it, in an area that is particularly overrun
with deadly diseases, animals, and of course then the individuals
that are there to rob you along the way.
Some of the unfortunate people that are coming through are posing just like migrants that are there to rob you.
Some of them even wear uniforms to look like they're military there
to facilitate your journey through.
And in fact, they're there to make sure that you either don't make it out alive
or you don't make it out with any of the goods and money that you are trying to make it through to the other side.
So he actually came out, he and his brother, Josh, amazing that they went through this entire ordeal.
They never got sick, which is really a kudos to their fortitude, their health, and that they practiced really good, safe water drinking, etc.
But they got to the other side and they are now in, they were in Camp Vicente, which as you call China Camp.
San Vicente, they were there this morning.
Yeah, they got there this morning.
Panama has lost power.
As I said, they're going through some serious issues right now.
I think we just got power back up, so we were able to get comms on them.
But Michael had them equipped with GPS, so we were able to track the journey.
And unlike anybody else going through there, they actually saw up close and personal.
Just how dangerous it is, but also the ferocity of these people that are in this migrant battalion, if you will, the wave of the invading army that's coming to our country.
These are people that hate America.
6,000 just yesterday through the gap, according to Embraer Indians.
Just yesterday, 6,000 in one day.
Just the dairying gap.
And this is what Anthony's talking about.
The looks in their eyes.
They hate Americans.
I mean, Anthony was warned.
Don't be filming these people because they are going to suspect that you're there to report on them or give them up or whatever, right?
Yeah, especially the Syrians.
They're straight up hardcore.
So, I mean, you know, if you put this in context, right, you've got global war happening everywhere.
And like Alex said in the beginning of the broadcast, again, spot on about all of this.
Shout out to you, Alex Jones.
You've been right about everything.
And for, you know, for the people that are just now figuring that out, I'm glad they're on board, but you need to look at this thing in a global perspective.
These wars that are being generated all over the place right now is because the system that they have is broken and they need to reset it.
This is what the global reset is about.
All assets deployed, they're using everything they can from the COVID pandemic to creating and manufacturing wars and funding both sides of it because they've printed into an oblivion and the money supply just won't last.
And the pressure of the BRICS economy coming up with all of the gold-backed currencies that they're, you know, facilitating in their basket of currencies.
They're waiting for the day.
China's already turning back in treasuries.
They are not using the dollar, the petrodollar, in Saudi Arabia anymore.
They are destabilizing the international banking cabal, which is what runs our fiat currency here in the States.
So the Americans are going to be unwitting victims in all of this, while the destabilization as manufactured by these global elites and by countries like the BRICS nations that are, you know, being booted out of the global cabal because Joe Biden kicked Russia out of SWIFT, lucky for Russia.
They are, you know, this whole confluence of events is the perfect storm that is going to crush the United States and it's going to crush the Americans.
So while the United States government And all the oligarchs in the government, which is the unelected bureaucrats, will survive just fine because they always do.
We, the people, are the ones that are going to suffer, and the only way we can fight back is if we just stand up and say no.
Listen, no!
And listen, I want to say something about those Syrians.
Anthony, out there with his brother, noticed that they all had, they were wearing crosses, and they had Jesus tattoos, okay?
Like we actually believe you.
Yeah, fresh tattoos.
There you go.
And they were very aggressive.
Like, you know, and anyway, bottom line is...
Things are not as they appear.
Beware of these people coming across the border.
They are hardcore.
The Syrians broke off at one point in the jungle and took some other trail.
We've already suspected that some of those people, some of the jihadists, were taking a separate trail.
And we reconned part of that earlier this year.
And now the Syrians just magically reappeared late last evening.
So they went into the jungle at one place with the Chinese and the Venezuelans and others, and then the Syrians disappeared.
And we suspect they went down this trail that we reconned, like I said earlier this year, and we think that's the jihadist trail.
Anyway, bottom line, there's a lot going on.
We have clear Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, everybody else under the sun is coming in.
Meanwhile, everybody's running off to Israel.
Ukraine, that war's lost.
Bottom line, it's going exactly how a lot of us predicted it would go, like Doug McGregor and so many of us, and Anne and I and Alex, and it's going exactly... Alex, I mean, look at Alex.
As he says, he's got like a 95% batting average.
I mean, he's pretty off the top.
He's Babe Ruth on this stuff.
And he saw it coming.
Ukraine's dead.
And in my opinion, Israel is also a dead man walking.
I do not see how it's going to militarily survive this.
I don't see it at all, actually.
Meanwhile, if you want to cause a global war, you can do things like this.
Open your borders up.
Go waste all your time and money in places like Afghanistan, Ukraine.
Destroy our currency.
And go ahead and put U.S.
troops in Gaza.
While we've got massive numbers of jihadists coming through the Darien Gap and across our border every minute of the day.
Literally every, not every hour, not every day, every minute they are coming across and there's already millions of them in the United States.
This is very serious.
This is going into a very serious civil war.
I've been saying it for a long time.
That's why I returned to the United States in 2020.
I had been overseas for almost the entire 20 years before that, and I realized the United States was going into a civil war, and I finally flew back to the United States.
It's coming to pass.
Can we talk a little bit, Michael, about the genesis of all these terror organizations?
Because to me, you know, if you just look at the microcosm, Hillary Clinton saying, you know, the boogeyman is Russia and our current government calling Russia the boogeyman.
They always have to have a boogeyman.
It seems like every government has to have some sort of a boogeyman enemy.
But what I believe we're waking up to the fact is the boogeyman enemy really is the surveillance industrial state which creates These boogie men, right?
Our own governments create these.
Look, John McCain, right?
Look at how Hamas and Hezbollah have been created.
These are manufactured terror organizations from the governments that basically are saying they're fighting these organizations.
and they're being weaponized against the people to get the people to submit to the government
to say please help us Mr. or Mrs. Government.
We can't do it without you.
We don't have the power.
So let's talk about this, the weaponization of these organizations and how they have infiltrated
here through the Darien Gap and what it means to the rest of the world because again, look
Absolutely cratered to the jihadi invasion.
We have a chemical jihad invasion coming out of China.
We have so many different deep state operative, you know, formations of terror organizations, including the cartels, which have been funded by our government for a long time.
Look at Operation Wide Receiver.
Look at Operation Fast and Furious.
the gun running operation. We gave them everything they need, leaving all that ammunition and 85
billion dollars worth of military gear in Afghanistan, only to have it filter right
back down to the cartels. I mean, they are out gunning us at this particular moment in time.
It is absolutely a fabrication and a manufacturing crisis from the United States government against
we the people. It is. And let me tell you what, the weaponized NGOs, uh,
We clearly see that Red Cross, for instance, and the Catholic Charities, and the HIAS, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, United Nations, and World Food Program, UNESCO, and one that most people haven't heard of, even highly educated people whose names that you know because I brief them constantly, is OIM.
IOM, depending on your language.
Sometimes it's O-I-M and then in other languages it's I-O-M.
It's an international organization for migration.
It's led by an American woman named Amy Pope.
She was installed maybe seven weeks ago or so.
The United States is the principal funder of IOM.
IOM is the principal pump house for migration across, you know, invasion across the world.
They're an arm of the UN.
Uh, when Secretary Mayorkas came down here on April 18th of 2022, I was waiting.
He went straight inside of the IOM camp at San Vicente camp, China camp.
He promised the Panamanian government he would then, uh, you should see the footage I have of that.
He's right in front of a sand table where there's the current camp and then the future camp.
Well now the future camp has been built.
It's much larger now.
There's Chinese in it right now as we speak.
They just more come in from the jungle every morning.
So that group that Anthony Rubin just came through the jungle with, they are actually in the camp right now waiting for buses that are not coming because roads aren't open in Panama.
So I mean, so many are actually walking up Highway 1 now towards Panama City.
I don't think they realize how far that walk is.
Or actually, they are smart people.
It'll be several days.
So we're getting reports right now this morning from Imbra, Indians and others down there
that the aliens are actually knocking on Panamanian's doors to get food,
sleeping in their yards, they're hungry.
And so this is it, Panama is being destabilized.
And this is from the, listen, these organizations like ANGESAT and Masako Kanaha,
we were just down in Panama again, right by the Panama Canal,
a former US military headquarters area, is now IOM headquarters.
It's Red Cross headquarters, UN, World Food Program, the who's who in the zoo have taken over
military base and it's now an invasion base.
These are all U.N.
Just because they have a different moniker doesn't mean they're not related.
They are all related back to the one world government, United Nations.
We have been fighting a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine for the longest time now and guess what?
America is losing.
We have given hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons and aid to Ukraine and what do we have to show for it?
We have a military that's been decimated.
We have armaments that are actually low on supply.
Our strategic petroleum reserve, we're down I think in the 30 percentile range for actual SPRs on hand should we go into war.
We have a military that's been decimated by the bioweapon.
These are all the ingredients that were put forth By the people behind the United Nations, the Committee of 300, the global elites, whatever you want to call these demons, these are the architects of the destruction of humanity.
But they, again, targeting the United States of America and Americans, not our government, our government officials.
They're going to be A-OK because they always are.
There's no accountability there because they're not even really, you know, they're not even elected, first of all, and most of them are selected bureaucrats.
But more importantly, they don't even swear in a proper oath of office.
That has all been uncovered with Freedom of Information Acts.
We filed all these lawsuits, got all the FOIAs back.
We can prove that the Biden cabinet doesn't even have proper oaths of office on file.
All 100% legitimate.
All this information has been given to the Trump team attorneys so that they can sort out how to handle this.
This is a complete fabrication, like President Trump said in the opening message when the show started at 12 o'clock.
You know, it's a kangaroo court.
It's a fake court.
The whole thing is fake.
Well, it is fake.
These people are not even legitimately installed in office properly, and yet we, the people, are tacitly giving them the power because we agree to their authority.
We need to stand up and say, no, Alex Jones said this is the second revolution.
History is going to reflect, where were you and what did you do right now at this moment in time?
Our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence demands that we perform our civic duty, and it talks about When, you know, tyranny has usurped our freedoms, we have an obligation, a duty, a civic duty, to alter and abolish.
And it's written right in paper, on that parchment paper that is extremely valuable, that again, the people sitting up there in Capitol Hill do not even acknowledge is legitimate.
Nancy Pelosi calls it a relic, for God's sakes.
I mean, this is what we're dealing with, Michael.
This is the moment of truth.
This is it.
This is that moment.
You either stand up now, Or you don't.
You're either an American now, or a Japanese now, patriot, or you are a leech, or a coward.
This is it.
It's on.
Game on.
If we don't stop this invasion at the border, if we don't start mass deportations, you're dead.
Bottom line.
It's that simple.
And it's the same with Europe.
You're dead.
You know, when I was on Jordan Peterson's show earlier this year with Ava Lardingerbroek, Ava and I both warned that the BBB party in Netherlands was a plant by the World Economic Forum.
The BBB in Dutch language is Vordenburgerbeweging, which means Farmer Citizens Movement.
It was a clear World Economic Forum plan, right?
And yet the farmers voted for it overwhelmingly.
They voted for it overwhelmingly, despite our protestations, even though their signs all over Europe, all over Netherlands, were BB Better, Build Back Better, Vordenburgerbeweging.
The enemy tells you what it's going to do.
It tells you.
It's practically got 666 written on its forehead and Satan written across its chest.
And yet people still voted for it.
People that, and when I would talk with Dutch farmers, they would say, no, you don't understand.
They're on our side.
Now they're taking their farms.
That was in March.
I was over there for those elections in March of this year and already instantly Borenberger bevaging.
They got in charge of, they got not in charge, but they got, uh, a great deal of seats in Netherlands,
and now they're working to take those farms away because who's gonna be in charge?
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have put hundreds of millions of dollars
into the picnic food distribution centers, many of which are around Netherlands, right?
It's a vertical food production, crickets and printed meat.
Masako and Genaha, Masako Genaha and I, the Japanese journalists,
we went to a restaurant in Netherlands last year, and they were printing meat, printing it with a printer,
like an inkjet printer.
They sell it in restaurants.
We bought some, we didn't eat it, but we made vote.
Yeah, I mean, we smelled it and that sort of thing.
I hope we didn't get too close to it.
And they're actually selling it on nice, beautiful white plates, and it's printed meat.
You can't make up this stuff.
Just look it up online.
You'll see it's like an inkjet printer that prints meat.
What's in that stuff?
Well, clearly these are the anti-God globalists, because if you believe in God, you would never consider eating printed meat, right?
You know, God gave us everything on the planet, Michael, that we need.
He gave us all of the, as we learned, From the Mennonites.
There's a pretty significant population of Mennonites that live right here in Belize.
And these are the people, by the way, that are going to survive the global holocaust, as we call it, because they're living off the land.
They're the super preppers, if you will.
These are the people that know how to live and eat and treat themselves for medicinal purposes, just off the stuff that's growing on the ground.
And again, Americans aren't prepared for this.
What is coming?
When we recognize we have terror cells in all 50 states, when we recognize that we ourselves, with our own eyes, and Anthony Rubin reporting as well, you have Syrians, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Chinese of military age men coming across the border that hate Americans.
They hate you, okay?
They hate you, Mr. and Mrs. America.
They want to see you extinct, and they've already been doing everything they possibly can with the chemical jihad being waged by the CCP, with the fentanyl crisis killing 100,000 Americans per year.
The food crisis, the food poisoning, and on and on and on.
Of course the chemical spills that happen when trains derail.
Again, I've reported on the Chinese that have been there cutting train tracks with blowtorches that the FBI scooped up and told the railroad workers You never saw this, we were never here kind of stuff.
Covering it all up.
Because again, the FBI is part of the globalist machine to take down America.
Look at what they're doing to Owen Schroer.
Look at what they're doing to the J6ers.
This is a globalist takedown right now.
And if you don't want to stand up, then please step aside and let somebody else stand up.
This is our moment in time to take back our country.
To stand up for the God-given rights and the God-given freedoms.
So, I mean, you know, I know we've got to go to break here in about three minutes, Michael, but, you know, this is that moment in time right now when America is faced with the unthinkable, that we are now going to be the fathers and daughters and mothers of the American Revolution.
I already am.
I'm a D.A.R.
My great-great-grandfather fought in the American Revolutionary War in 1776.
I'm proud to say it.
As did two of my grandfathers.
There you go.
So you're a son of the American Revolution.
You've got two right here and there are millions of us out there because, you know, that's just how it is.
We're genetically predisposed to our forefathers that were here.
So where are you in all of this right now, America?
Where are you?
Because this is that moment in time where you have to ask yourself, the lights are going to go out.
Communications are going to go down.
This isn't a drill.
This isn't a threat.
This isn't fear porn.
This is the reality.
They poisoned us.
They're poisoning the skies right now.
They're poisoning the water, the food.
Go ahead.
Tell them what we saw yesterday at Walmart in Mexico.
We're in Belize now, but... Yeah, we drove across the border in Mexico.
So Mr. and Mrs. Globalist at Walmart, you walk in, they worship, it's called Santa Muerta.
They have an altar to Muerta.
It's the altar to remember the dead.
That's our holiday yesterday, okay?
And right next to the altar, they're celebrating death.
The Day of the Dead.
The Day of the Dead, yes.
And how are they celebrating the Day of the Dead?
Right next door.
Walmart is sponsoring free COVID and flu shots with the mRNAs.
Not right next door, 15 feet away.
Yeah, you can't even make it up.
I mean, literally in the same 15 feet, you've got someone taking the poison death shot next to the altar of death.
There you go.
This is in the Walmart yesterday.
And we're sitting there, and sure enough, there they are.
Yeah, that's That's it.
That's it.
That's the vaccine crew.
That's the vaccine death police right there in a Walmart.
Mr. and Mrs. Global.
That's it.
There you go.
I mean, you honestly can't make this stuff up.
And while so many people look at this and go, Oh, this is so innocent.
It's a, it's a holiday.
We're painting our faces again.
Think about the paganism in which you're supporting and the paganism that you are supporting when you worship Halloween and you can't find a Christmas decoration anywhere.
Well, if you want to make a fortune, just open a free vac shop and a funeral home and a florist right next to each other.
Yeah, that's right.
It's not funny, but it's funny.
I mean, this is what I mean.
We have to have a laugh here every now and then because it's so serious what we're talking about.
And for us, it feels like, you know, the Bible says not everybody gets to go.
And so sometimes I think, Michael, maybe that we've woken up as many people as we're going to wake up.
I just hope we have enough to stand up and defend so that we can honor what God gave us in this second covenant nation.
So we're out talking with people like Mennonites now because, you know, Listen, if you have Mennonites or Amish or those sorts of people around you, it's time to start getting to know how they live.
That's right.
Because if the lights go out for the Amish and the Mennonites, they're not even going to notice.
They won't notice.
I mean, they're just going to be like, it's just another day, right?
It's just another day.
Because they know how to live.
All right, we've got to go to break, everybody.
When we come back, I believe we're going to have Colonel Doug McGregor at some point calling in with a knee lock.
He's a busy guy.
But stick with us.
Hear more on InfoWars with Alex Jones, Michael Yon, and Ann Vanderstil on this transmission.
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us hour number two straight ahead.
Welcome back. We're here live on the Alex Jones show.
Michael Yan and Ann VanderSteel down here in Belize and Central America tracking the migrant invasion.
I want to talk to you guys a little bit about food shortages because as we left before the break, we were talking about how the Mennonites that live here in Belize are the ultimate preppers.
They won't miss a beat when the lights go out because they're already living with the lights gone out.
But again, the food shortages are going to be real.
While the supermarket shelves may be full today, you're probably starting to see some of your favorite items or not.
We'll talk about Netherlands and Israel and Doug McGregor might come on if he can call in.
And of course the crisis in Panama with the Panama Canal being almost virtually shut right
now, goods and services aren't getting through.
So we're moving into that phase too where the PANFA war is becoming more of a reality
and the Dutch are already living with this right now.
They're cutting off food supplies.
We'll talk about Netherlands and Israel and Doug McGregor might come on if he can call
We've been swapping messages.
You want to talk about Netherlands now?
Let's do it.
Yeah, let's do it.
Sometimes when I leave Panama, I fly straight to Netherlands.
Actually, at one point I had Jordan Peterson over there.
I took him out to a farm, set up a couple meetings for him and that sort of thing, because Netherlands is key terrain like Panama.
And the Dutch farmers are some of the most efficient in the world, if not the most efficient.
Netherlands is a huge food exporter.
Actually, Often people say it's the second biggest food exporter in the world, but let's be clear, a lot of that actually is flowers, but they do actually export a huge amount of food.
They're very efficient.
But one of the problems that the Dutch farmers have is that they are highly controlled already.
For instance, they take a lot of subsidies from the government.
All of their work is completely computerized at this point.
For instance, one Dutch farmer that we go out with sometimes, his name is Jordan, he's like, you know, one of those 12 foot tall Dutchman, and he has to talk down to me.
I'm like, you know, can you hear me up there?
We call those avatars.
I get along with farmers in every country.
It doesn't matter if it's Taliban or Dutch or whatever.
But Jordan was talking about For instance, we, on different times we're out there, he's milking his cows and that sort of thing.
Every liter of milk that comes out is measured.
Every feed input that goes in is measured.
Every one of his cows has a tag in its ear.
He can't have like five extra cows without the government noticing that, right?
And it's interesting.
This is something very interesting.
I think with Info Wars specifically, Alex has been warning about Info Wars for years.
One of the things that the Dutch did before this wolf problem is they passed a law for
wolf protection.
Before they had wolves in Netherlands, right?
They haven't had wolves there in, I don't know, 150 years, right?
Much of the Netherlands, of course, was under seawater.
So Jordan's farm, the dairy farmer, it's called a polder.
The polders are the places that they dried up, right?
They're now used for farming.
So Jordan's dairy farm is on a polder that his great-grandfather and whatnot helped build.
And now there's wolves out there.
So first they passed a law for wolf protection and the Dutch are like, "No, we don't want
Why do you need a law for wolf protection?
There's no wolves here.
And the next thing you know, there's wolves.
That's right.
Magically, they're all over Netherlands and Germany now.
And they're killing people's cattle.
They're killing sheep.
A German lady got chased.
Last time I was down there, she was in Germany.
Luckily, she had an electric bicycle and barely got away from them.
In the hotel that I was in March in Netherlands, a wolf got hit in the highway about 500 meters from me.
Killed by a car, right?
Jordan said, Anyway, I'll skip exactly what he said, but the bottom line is, he said it's easier to commit murder on a human, you'll get less of a prison sentence for killing a human than a wolf.
And basically they've made it so illegal to protect your livestock against wolves.
And every time a wolf kills a pony or a sheep or anything like that, you'll see it in the
Like I read German news sometimes, because I speak German.
And in Germany, you'll see when the wolves kill livestock over there, they blame it on
the farmers.
They blame it on climate change.
The farmers are impinging on the wolves.
But if you look on the World Economic Forum website, you'll see that they have wolves
running all over Europe.
So what I'm saying is, this is just one of many of the weapons that they're using.
For instance, wolves, you know, basically these little, they're saying in Netherlands
they have a stikstof problem, which means nitrogen in Dutch and German language.
But if you cross the border over to Germany, it's a carbon dioxide problem, which is actually
how they say it in German, carbon dioxide.
So it's interesting how these information wars are tailor made for every culture.
You know, we're supposed to go to a break, but I think what we want to do is call an
audible and skip the next.
A lot of listeners have complained in the last two years that our amazing, high-quality coffee has not been available.
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Get your coffee now.
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over
the mind of man.
End of man.
Thomas Jefferson Alex Jones and Vanderstil and Michael Jahn here talking about the food insecurity that's happening worldwide.
Again, another manufacturer crisis.
Michael Jahn talking about how there were no wolves in Northern Europe and in Holland and in Germany and all of a sudden they get put on a protected species list.
And actually, you know, there's wolves everywhere.
Not only attacking people, but more, I don't want to say more importantly, but as importantly attacking the food supply for the people.
Can I say one thing on that?
Yeah, please!
One of the interesting things about the wolves is, I was mentioning the polders before, which is the land that's been dried out to do farming, right?
And so, now there's wolves on that land, and the World Economic Forum and others are saying that they're indigenous to that land, and like, you're one of the farmers, like, what, were they sea wolves before?
This was under the sea, they were never, what, were they chasing sea wolves, chasing sea horses?
You know, I mean, but now they're protected on land that they were never on unless they were sea wolves.
Yeah, so it must be the elusive seawolf that has just now come back from the dead, Michael.
It's sort of like Jurassic Park.
They can't make up this stuff.
But they do.
They're making it all up.
They can make it up.
Just like the climate hoax, they've made it all up.
I mean, if you go back in time, and I know Alex has talked about this, we've all talked about this, but you can look at the temperatures going up and down, you know, three, four, five degrees.
In fact, the Earth is five degrees cooler than its inception.
If you look at this entire trajectory of global warming or climate change, whatever you want to call it, it's just called Mother Earth, okay?
This is what happens.
It comes and it goes.
But yes, they are intentionally destabilizing the planet with the weather warfare, with the chemtrails, and of course, everything they're putting in our atmosphere, our food and our water.
And again, the destabilization and the food insecurity is also manufactured.
Bill Gates being the largest private landholder of farmland here in the United States of America.
Chinese coming in and thank God for Sarah Huckabee, right?
She just said, "Anybody that's Chinese owning property here in Arkansas, get out.
You have two years.
Get out."
And this is what we need to do.
We need to take it back.
And you know, the current regime in power, we've seen some, you know, we've seen a change
with Speaker Mike Johnson.
I don't want to, you know, jump in and go, great, I'm being cautiously optimistic.
But again, he's even promoting, I'm okay with sending money to Ukraine as long as we're sending money to the border.
We don't need to send Ukraine any more money, Michael.
We need to send all assets to the border.
We can definitely do it.
First stop, anybody who's not talking about mass deportation, do not vote for them.
They must be deported.
And they can be deported.
And the border can be closed.
constitutional sheriff that will deputize people to actually remove and deport these
people out of our country. We can do this.
Oh, we can definitely do it. First stop. Anybody who's not talking about mass deportation,
do not vote for them. They must be deported, period. And they can be deported. And the
wall can and the border can be closed, period. You know, interestingly, by the way, in Netherlands,
three of the at least three people could fact check me on this. That might be more now of
the bill and Melinda Gates picnic. Food distribution facilities have burned coincidentally.
In fact, Masako Kanaha and I were there when one burned and we drove over to see it the next morning.
It was still smoldering and there were a bunch of film crews there and then I think Two more.
One may have burned before that.
In total, at least three.
Is this by design?
The same way that the British 5G towers are also burning down or blowing up or what's happening?
Why would a Bill and Melinda Gates facility burn down?
Typically, we've been seeing the food security of the United States being burned down with hundreds of Plants that have been just burnt down, cows and farms blowing up.
I mean, when have you ever heard of a farm just blowing up, killing 20,000 cows?
Yeah, this is happening.
And there's just background noise at this point.
Look at the train derailment in Ohio by the Amish, right?
Coincidentally, actually Doc Chambers, a mutual friend of ours, retired Green Beret doctor, Pete Chambers, many people know him.
He drove up to see the Amish after the train derailment.
Of course, the Amish didn't really have any idea what's going on, and they talked about the cloud, he said, you know, and Pete was talking with them, and they said, holy buckets, you know, he's here to talk about the cloud, the Amish.
And why did that train derailment happen by the highly productive Amish, who are not exactly blue state people?
Maybe a coincidence.
It could be.
I'm not reading into it.
I don't know.
I'm reading into it because that is prime land, right?
If nothing says more than a government takeover, an eminent domain, if your land all of a sudden becomes uninhabitable because of some sort of chemical contaminant that is now in the air that has gotten into the soil and into the groundwater, this is the perfect way for them to do a massive land grab, which is what they do constantly.
But I want to shift a little bit over to these wars.
Again, this is all about the destabilization.
Look over here, not over there.
How can we just have, you know, this is fifth generation warfare on steroids and it's targeting the United States of America and Americans, but they're using the people around the world as fodder, as cannon fodder, essentially.
To create this destabilized platform so they can continue with this global reset.
Let's talk about Israel for a little bit, shall we?
Israel, yeah, Israel.
First of all, let's talk, to set the table on this, the World Economic Forum.
Somebody that, again, Alex Jones blazed the trail on this.
I remember a long time ago, he said, Klaus Schwab is the ace of spades.
I mean, I don't know when he said that, but as soon as I saw that, I shared it with everybody.
I mean, he just, Alex totally, Listen, World Economic Forum, if you're a member of the World Economic Forum, and I know a lot of people watching this are, that is literally like the Nazi Party.
That is not over the top at all.
In fact, they'll probably end up killing a lot more than Nazis ever dreamed of.
They work hand-in-glove with the Chinese Communist Party.
They are one at this point.
They'll fight later, but right now they're working together.
So the Chinese Communist Party and the World Economic Forum Are allies like Italy and Germany in World War II right now?
Interestingly, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is a member of the World Economic Forum.
Look it up.
His biography is on their website.
He never denounces them.
He's been to their meetings.
Back to Israel.
Who's a member of the World Economic Forum?
Benjamin Netanyahu, right?
The Super Vax Pusher.
That's another sign of World Economic Forum and CCP.
They're trying to get everybody to take the jabs, right?
Like, at the Walmart yesterday, we were at in Mexico, giving the jabs right by the front door, free, right?
These are clearly genocidal jabs.
And Benjamin Netanyahu bragged about how he negotiated for Israel to be the first in line to vax up Israel.
That guy has done more to kill Jews than anybody on planet Earth.
And pushing the LGBTQ stuff, pushing the sex change operation, you know, just, that's over-the-top sick at that point.
So, we see Israel at this point is a dead man walking.
I don't see it getting out of this alive.
Now I know a lot of my friends are going to hit like one that's in Israel this morning.
You know, he doesn't like when I say this because biblically Israel is to survive.
I do not see how Israel as a country will survive this.
Especially when you got people like, I've been one of the big Israel supporters for years, at great personal cost, but when they're pushing LGBTQ, when they're pushing the VaxJabs, when they're pushing all these other things, Can we sort of, I want to sort of dissect that a little bit, because when you say Israel, that lumps in a lot of things together.
You have, obviously, the landmass, but you also have, it's a multicultural country, and you also have a government that clearly is anti-humanity.
When Bibi Netanyahu is pushing the vaccine, touts how he's making Israel his lab experiment for Pfizer, the same company that genocided the Jews back in the Holocaust with the gas they made.
I mean, this is in fact, we have to delineate between You can't make this up.
I know.
It's the same people doing it again.
It's the same people doing it again.
It's the same people that are in, you know, the Ukrainian Azov battalion.
It's all this Nazi coalition.
And as my good friend Mel Kays always said, the Nazis didn't lose World War II.
They were brought under Operation Paperclip here to the United States of America and they've been allowed to flourish elsewhere and they're coming back around.
For phase 3.
This is, I know, another establishment of their Reich.
This is what they, you know, see is happening.
And it's, there's just so many factions.
So let's take Israel and let's look at it clearly.
I mean, Bibi Netanyahu pushing the vaccine.
Do you think he really took the real jab?
Do you really think he did?
He probably took a vitamin B shot.
So I mean, let's talk about, you have the Israeli government, you have Mossad, and you have the Hebrews, the actual Hebrews, the Jews that are in the biblical Hebrews.
There is a difference between all these people, but unfortunately, People don't understand that.
So how do we break this down more clearly, Michael?
Yeah, well, immediately people like Ben Shapiro will call me an anti-Semite, which if you're going to call me an anti-Semite, I will call you anti-Goy, right?
Goy is a derogatory term for non-Jews, right?
Not gay.
But we're not anti-Semites in any stretch.
In fact, if things really go down, I'll be hiding Jews.
We'll be fighting shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish brothers and sisters.
Bottom line.
Especially the conservative ones.
Bottom line.
There is no room on this ark for people that bring in the LGBTQ.
If you show up with a rainbow shirt, Go away.
Don't want you.
We know what's happening.
This is Sodom and Gomorrahville and we don't want you.
The bottom line is that's the sort of people that are causing this, allowing this, pumping this, pumping our borders.
We have no borders.
Israel at this point will die at this rate.
Now, if you want to really kill your country, destroy your currency, open the borders, let Chinese buy land next to our military bases, destroy your farmers, destroy your farmers, destroy your farmers, make yourself dependent on others for your food, right?
Destroy your energy sectors, destroy these sorts of things, and make men and women confused about who they are.
And finally, put US troops in Gaza.
If you want to really make the whole world go up against you, you know, a lot of people
overestimate how big we are versus these potential enemies that we can create.
The World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party are very busy.
Listen, you know those funguses that take over entire ant colonies and make the ants
do work and then kill the ant colonies?
That's what the World Economic Forum is.
That's what the CCP are.
They are fungi.
They have invaded our colonies.
They've got people running around doing their work for them, fighting in the streets, LARPing as BLM, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa.
They're nothing but useful idiots.
They will all be killed in the end.
That's their future.
Yeah, so, you know, as I always say, the World Economic Forum is really the unspoken, unofficial State Department for the one world government, United Nations.
I mean, they're setting the policy, the tone, the tenor, the agenda.
And these are anti-God, anti-human people that are on a path to genociding the planet down into the image in which they think it should be, which is less than a billion of all of us.
And then, of course, them.
In fact, we reported earlier about how the Federal Emergency Management Association, FEMA, moved heaven and earth to get a ham radio tower built in the Midwest, in record time, actually paid triple to get them to the front of the line with this particular contractor, who is our source on this story, to get this ham radio tower built in the Midwest that would reach around the world.
And they have been openly publicizing on their jobs website that they're looking for ham radio operators, amateur ham
radio operators, because they expect a global calamity that is going to impact millions of Americans and they'll be in
harm's way.
So the globalists, the bureaucracy, these are people in the public-private partnership, right? The FEC and so forth,
FCC, etc.
are, excuse me, FCC are in bed with these global corporations to make sure they're protected, they can communicate, and they'll use whatever useful it is they can to facilitate that, and they're going to present to you that they're here to do it on the behalf of Americans and to protect Americans.
But just like all the other organizations, like the FBI, by the time the mass shooting event has happened, they come on the microphone with glee and glibly say, oh yeah, we've been tracking that guy, we knew about that guy, but did anybody arrest that guy?
No, that guy was, again, another prop, another useful idiot for their false flag to distract us with a horrific mass shooting.
Yes, bullets flew.
Yes, people died.
But to have a false flag and label it as such isn't the main event.
It's what's happening behind the scenes.
So that the global takeover can happen.
This is the kind of stuff that if you're not getting it now and if you've been watching Alex Jones for five minutes, five days, five years, whatever, if you don't fully understand what we're unpacking here for you today, then like the Bible says, not everybody gets to go.
And again, this is that moment in time where we're actually making this really impassioned plea for you to get off the couch and from behind the keyboard and to figure out locally in your community what you can do tactically to engage as a civic duty American citizen of your county so that you have a
communications program in place, you have a strategic tactical self-defense
initiative in place, you have food security in place, you have as I said
communications in place. You need these things in place right now because the government isn't
going to be there In fact, they're going to be there as the armchair warrior quarterbacks, Monday morning quarterbacks, as they always are.
Oh, yeah, we knew about that, but we didn't do anything for you.
And this is what we're, you know, up against here on a daily basis.
We need your mind alert.
If you smoke dope, stop.
If you're drinking alcohol, get rid of it.
We don't have time for that anymore.
We're in a state of war.
It's growing.
We don't have... There's no time.
It's over.
You're at war, it's time to get a clear mind and start watching what's around you, develop your organizations, go to church, go to synagogue, go to temple, but get Organize and get a clear mind.
Get good night's sleep and be prepared.
You're going to see eventually our lights will go out.
If you don't have radios to communicate with your friends and family, then you're just not going to have radios.
You're not going to be able to get them.
Notice they're actually more and more difficult to get.
I've noticed a lot of product fade, by the way.
I've noticed, for instance, two of my Surefire lights just magically stopped working and two of my Swarovski.
These are Binoculars.
These are top-of-the-world products.
I use top-of-the-world products because, you know, I'm a war correspondent.
And when stuff breaks, it's a big deal.
I needed my Swarovski optics recently down in the Darien Gap for a helicopter trip to spot, you know, potential LZs.
And the thing's just magically broke.
This is top-of-the-line gear, right?
It shouldn't be breaking.
I'm seeing product fade across the board.
So keep that in mind even when you're buying top-of-the-line gear.
Two of my Surefire lights, you know, and two of my pairs of Swarovski optics.
This is the kind of stuff that should never be breaking.
All right, I want to pan back for a minute on Israel because the United States government is now openly saying we're sending the boys and men and women in military We've got these carriers parked right over there in the Mediterranean.
We've already had Joe Biden, the buffoon, the mushroom in the White House, dox Delta Force, right?
Put a picture, a selfie, right, with Biden and Delta Force doxing these people.
The woman that was in the picture, she can never work again.
Clearly, she can never work again.
So this is, you know, the idiocy of what's happening right now and unfolding on the global stage is designed to drag us into a massive global World War III conflict.
With dire consequences, which is why we're talking about get off, get organized.
And start cooperating inside your local communities so that you can protect and defend and survive what's happening on the other side of this.
But you know, Michael, if you were going to predict by putting a fleet right there in the Mediterranean and being provocative like that, how is this going to unfold?
And what would you, you know, I don't want to make predictions, but how would you see this sort of moving forward in the future?
Wars are amazingly unpredictable.
The only thing predictable about wars is they are unpredictable and they grow.
They always grow out of control in the big wars like this.
This war has a lot of energy in the system.
Obviously, a lot of players involved.
Everybody's coming to the party, right?
And, you know, I saw the clown Peter Zan.
This guy, people keep sending me his links.
Listen, stop sending me that clown's links.
He's clearly one of their spokesmen, right?
He's like, this won't grow anywhere.
Listen, the guy was on his fifth jab, literally sick, doing a podcast, sniffling, coughing, and pushing the jab all at the same time.
This is the kind of clowns on the opposite side that are pushing these narratives that it's a good idea to go to Ukraine.
If you look at his Twitter feed, he's got his Ukraine tag tie on.
Now he's, you know, all behind going all in on Israel.
Anything that those guys are pushing, you should be running away from, like the jab, right?
So the bottom line is, This thing is going to get way out of control.
Ukraine is lost.
That thing's done.
Just as Alex was saying from day one, before the invasions or any of that ever started.
I was over in Lithuania, probably six months before the war, warning about it.
Chuck Colton and I had been down in Morocco.
We noticed that Belarus was trying to push Aliens, illegal aliens into Poland and Lithuania.
I flew up to Lithuania.
Chuck and I did.
Chuck stayed for a few days.
I stayed for five weeks.
Luckily I had been with the Lithuanian Army in Afghanistan.
So they gave me, so I know some of the officers, they gave me full access to their camp for five weeks.
This was a clear war move.
That was a weaponized migration.
Never underestimate weaponized migration.
Stalin did it with the Kulaks.
This has been done over and over and over throughout space and time.
Turkey is doing it now.
Turkey has a close relationship, for instance, with El Salvador.
And anyway, it goes on and on and on.
And we have, you know, Iran has a very close relationship with Venezuela.
Venezuela is rubber stamping visas to Iranians that go to Venezuela, and they're going right through the Darien Gap.
And we see them.
China has a close relationship with Venezuela.
Russia has a close relationship with Venezuela.
Expect in the future a war between Venezuela and Guyana.
Anyway, that's a side topic.
The bottom line is, we're going into a very interesting global time, and you're either ready or you're not.
That's right.
You're either ready or you're not.
And again, the the the ideas that these global conflicts are manufactured is not new.
It has to be accepted.
And again, it comes down to what are we, the people, going to do about it?
America has always stood up and tried to defend democracy.
But what we're not doing is defending the honor of the republic in which we should be standing.
This is what our founding fathers have designed here for us.
And this is, in fact, the example that has been set for the rest of the world, which is why they've always wanted to come here.
But now it's different.
Now they're coming here because they're being paid to come here.
Listen, let's be really clear.
The Chinese don't let anybody leave their country unless they know that they're leaving and are allowing them to leave.
And when you have thousands and thousands of military-age men coming across the border through the Darien Gap and into the United States of America, getting $2,200 a month, that is a coordinated effort.
Between the globalists and this regime in power, the United States' corrupt corporate government, which is, again, another facsimile of, like Eisenhower warned us about, the military-industrial complex stands to profit on all of this.
And again, they are working hand-in-hand with these globalist bankers to make sure that this happens.
So how is this going to impact you?
Well, again, where we're sitting down here in Central America, We have looked at the Pan-American Highway.
Right now it's a two-lane road.
And right now they're building a bridge between South America and Central America.
So that two-lane road from the tip of South America can make it all the way to Canada.
That supports the Declaration of North America, which was again signed on January 10th of this year by Biden, by Obrador, and by Trudeau, the presidents of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
All so they can create one region, one homogenous migration of people.
Again, anti-god globalists believe in the homogenization of humanity.
They don't believe in preserving culture.
Despite what they might put in paper, what they might say or print, it's always a 180 degree lie around on the other side.
And so we're seeing the fruits of their evil labor materialize right here.
In Belize, you've got the Overseas Engineering Construction Company, the OECC.
Which Masaka Kanaha and I saw ourselves the other day when we were coming back from visiting the Mennonites because we wanted to again see how these people live off the grid, the super preppers.
As we know, America is going to soon be challenged with living off of the grid.
And the Overseas Engineering Construction Company is being funded by the Taiwanese, the Republic of China, if you will.
And so you have to wonder, what is really going on here?
Because Chinese are all over South America.
They're all over Central America.
Yet here in Belize, it's the Taiwanese But we don't see any Taiwanese.
Masaka and I and Michael, we've driven around.
We haven't seen people from Taiwan here.
Seeing Chinese is one thing, but people from Taiwan, no.
So is it really Taiwan that's behind the funding?
Are they the beard for China?
What is in fact going on?
That needs to be further explored and explained.
Because we are, again, watching the CCP with their global creep, again, in their partnership with the World Economic Forum.
The Belt and Road Initiative is all about their global takeover.
And right now, Michael, I would argue that they are in control of the Panama Canal for the most part.
Not yet in control, but there is.
And actually, when you say this, the Panamanians say, no, no, we're still in control, which they nominally are.
But it is clearly coming.
It's clearly coming.
You know, interestingly, Panama had some of the worst COVID lockdowns on the globe as did where else Israel coincidentally,
right? It's not interesting. Yeah world economic I mean, you know, it's quits. It's highly jabbed. For
instance. I spend a lot of time in Panama There's a mall there called Albrook mall. There were people
lined up every day getting jabs. I saw him. It's coming folks
It is coming.
I know we've got to get to break.
We've got another half hour of the show left.
So don't go anywhere.
We've got more coming up.
Let's reach out to Colonel Doug McGregor.
I was just checking.
He's hopefully going to be joining us here because he's got a lot to say.
I think we can talk to him about what's going on in Israel and get his perspective.
So don't go anywhere.
Right here on InfoWars, Michael Yan and Ann Bandersill sitting in for Alex Jones.
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the globalists and these devil worshipping child molesters.
And you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again when it's clutch time.
Focus the people on taking action against the globalists.
Because I'm committed to a future for humanity.
And I know you are as well.
So thank you for standing with us, because you are the Infowar.
And I want to thank you for committing to stand with us however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at Infowars, I want to thank you all because you are the Infowar.
And you know that's not just words, that's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
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And welcome back.
This is Operation Burning Edge.
Michael Yeun and Ann VanderSteel live on InfoWars, sitting in for the great Alex Jones.
We're talking about it all here, you know, as our good friend Michael Adams just published on Natural News.
War, famine, financial collapse, every engineered crisis is a cover story for a larger globalist crime or power grab.
I mean, that is in fact really what's happening overall, isn't it, Michael?
It is.
We've been working on our own comms plans, our communications plans, actually You know, communicating constantly with Anthony Rubin down in the Darien Gap and that sort of thing.
And one of the things that we've been actually deployed already, Anthony's not using it now, but we have been, is satellite radios, actually, and Starlink.
I don't know how long Starlink will work, if there's some big deal going on, but it's actually been very useful for us down in Panama.
And it's, we got it from sat123.com.
They actually donated it to us.
It's incredible.
We just took an EcoFlow that they donated, sat123.com, and we took the EcoFlow.
That's our backup power supply.
Yeah, that was our backup power supply for the, then all we needed was the EcoFlow and we had a solar panel and the Starlink.
And then we have super fast internet anywhere that we go.
You can take it in the, we actually took it up in a dugout canoe, a Piragua, For about, what, four hours upriver.
So we were way out in the jungle and actually did a live hit.
Multiple live hits.
Actually, multiple live hits.
Chuck Halton even used it to do a live hit, right from Baja Chiquito.
That's right.
He was on Newsmax or somebody.
I don't know, CBN or something.
And, yeah, we were out in this remote village in the Darien Gap.
And it's interesting because you can just lug these things with you now.
Just keep them waterproofed and you're good to go.
Yeah, I mean, they even have small ones like the size of a car battery.
I mean, this is the technology that SAT-123 has right now.
Go to Sat123.com.
I highly recommend it because when you are out in the middle of nowhere or when the lights go out, you can have your solar power backup supply so that you can actually connect and thank you to the team at Sat123 for that Starlink.
We would never ever have been able to get our job done the way we did and be so proficient and pump the information out to the world the way we did because that was pretty viral stuff.
Interestingly on energy, like Anthony, his GPS went out in the jungle at one point so I lost him for a night.
And then he was able to get it charged up in a village.
And now he just made it out of the Darien Gap again and the electricity has been out in Darien for three days.
It just started again a few hours ago because the roads were closed and the fuel wasn't moving down into the Darien Gap in Panama.
So his phones went out again.
You have to have power sources, obviously.
One of the things that people use in the wars is these new solar powered power banks.
But those things, those tiny solar panels, I mean, first of all, you have to have sun, and secondly, that's not a lot of water to drink.
So, you got to be really prepared on, you know, okay, you've got your phone and all that stuff, but you have to have power.
And communications is absolutely vital.
One of the things that I was teaching people in various conflicts is how to use whistles.
And so, in fact, when I brought congressmen and others down to the Darien Gap, I gave everybody whistles, right?
So that if anything happens, you blow your whistle and we show up.
So, teach your neighbors how to use things like whistles.
Just not cicada whistles.
Oh, Lord have mercy.
Don't tell the cicada story unless you want to.
No, no, we'll skip it.
You can tell it if you want.
Oh, let's just tell it.
Let's roll with it.
Alright, go ahead.
You tell it.
You tell it better.
You were the eyewitness that was better.
Okay, we were down at SpaceX, right?
And we had assembled this, or some people actually assembled with us.
Those were the problems, actually.
So we were down at SpaceX, looking at the border.
We were trying to impel Elon Musk to go look at the border, which has succeeded, whether he knew it or not.
And so we didn't actually meet with Elon, but we were just trying to nudge him along the border, because people are coming across the border right into SpaceX property there at Boca Chica.
It's on the border of Mexico, right?
So when we first got down there, a couple of people that joined our party, one of them heard this whistling going on, and he thought it was cartels with whistles.
And so the next thing you know, these guys break out rifles and stuff, and they think we're about to be attacked.
I wasn't there.
I was actually in town doing some meetings.
Anne was there, and she's like, what's up with the guns?
I mean, And they're like, those are, you know, the cartels are moving in on us.
They were cicadas.
It was cicadas in the trees.
That's what it turned out to be.
Be careful who you bring to the border.
Or who you allow to join you.
Or just be careful not to succumb to fear porn.
Just look at the facts in front of you and just do a little bit of research.
So, again, we're sitting here talking about the impending global collapse, the manufactured crisis that we see with wars everywhere, the food instability.
Communications is definitely going to be problematic.
But again, this is all because they need a financial reset.
Globalist demons have spent us into an oblivion and they have profited.
Look, the central banks right now are an essential depository, as I should say, are low on gold because the central bankers around the world are buying as much as they can.
The BRICS nations are standing up their own financial security with gold-backed currencies.
And the international banking cabal led by the demons over the Federal Reserve.
Remember the Jekyll Island story?
Those guys?
That's right.
They've hijacked everything.
We're never supposed to have an outside organization running our currency, our money.
It should have been the Treasury.
And they're the only ones that can print gold and silver as honest money tender for our Constitution.
So we've got a calamity coming because they've organized it.
And they need a reset to restart this whole thing all over again.
And the definition of insanity is what, Michael?
Doing the same thing over and over and over and getting punched in the nose every time.
Expecting a different outcome.
It's not going to happen.
So, you know, we've got we've got a military draft that potentially is going to be in play here.
We've got... A military draft.
That's important.
As they commit our troops to another...
It's not an idiotic war if you want to destroy our military, just like vaxxing.
You see, the Marine Corps Commandant had a heart attack the other day, by the way.
I'm not saying anything about the vax.
I have no idea.
It's just another coincidence.
But, bottom line is, destroying our military, whether through combat or through biological means, you know, prescribing drugs that makes them crazy and that sort of thing, and then Start with a draft.
And who are you going to draft?
You're going to draft these people coming through the Darien Gap.
Like, you know, Syrians, Haitians.
Basically make a death squad.
And that will absolutely work.
People may say it won't work, but it will.
And that's clearly what's coming.
The enemies are signaling that's what's coming.
They're not hiding it.
Listen to Alex.
No, they're not hiding it.
In fact, they're already offering the pathway to citizenship.
Look what's happening in Chicago.
If you are an illegal alien, you can now go and become an American citizen, a U.S.
citizen, if you decide to become a member of the police force.
This is, in fact, what is happening.
They're offering pathways to citizenship by now arming and giving authority to illegal aliens that can turn around and point the gun at you.
Can you imagine that?
An illegal alien today, a U.S.
citizen tomorrow, arresting another U.S.
citizen tomorrow.
This is in fact, they are building like Barack Obama wanted, his private army.
They are building it right here.
The Trojan horse is coming across the border right now by the millions.
We've had, you know, upwards of 9 million people that we know of during Joe Biden's and we've gotten millions of gotaways that we don't know of.
In fact, Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick talked about the fact he believes currently today, in mass, in total, we have somewhere between 40 And 50 million illegal aliens in the United States of America.
That's 1 in 7 people, folks.
That's 1 in 7 is an illegal alien.
And the ones coming across the border today, whether they scream in and Customs and Border Protection cuts a hole in the fence, and the Texas National Guard comes in and repairs the fence right after them, they're all getting $2,200 a month.
Or if they just use the Customs and Border Protection app that the cartels have managed to spoof using VPNs, So they can make it look like they're coming from wherever in the world and make an appointment.
They skip and fly right into the city of their choice and collect their check.
This is going on right underneath our noses, right out in the open.
They're... Mayorkas, if anybody paid attention to his testimony the other day, it was disgusting.
He was just absolutely reprehensible.
Shout out to Josh Hawley for ripping him a new one several times over and over again.
Same with Christopher Wray.
These people... Shout out to Ivan Reikland, who came up to him after he testified.
These people are the worst of the worst.
They don't represent you and me.
They're unelected bureaucrats, and they're there to make sure that the globalist agenda of destabilizing America is complete so that we can roll up into this one world government.
So we've got the military draft.
We've also got domestic terrorism.
You want to talk about that?
It's just a matter of time.
I mean, in a big, big way.
I mean, seriously, you should see some of these Syrians coming through.
They've got the eye of the tiger.
These are very serious people, as are a lot of the Chinese.
I mean, we have numerous different ecosystems of enemies coming in.
They're not all, they're not all, listen.
This idea that they need to come to the United States for a job, if anybody still believes that, you're just gonna die.
I mean, it's just too stupid to say, to be honest.
I mean, seriously, we got aliens going across the border into Mexico.
We just crossed into Mexico yesterday, and guess where we went to first?
We didn't have a Sam card.
It cost $100, so we went over to Walmart down the road.
This is in Mexico, right?
They're supposed to be poor.
Yeah, they're supposed to be poor, but we didn't have a Sam's card for a hundred bucks.
Cost a hundred bucks to shop here.
And so we went to Walmart.
And as normal, huge Walmart, right?
And they're giving death jabs at the front door.
I mean, so the idea that they need to come to the United States to survive or some sort of, it's just completely false.
They're passing through Panama where Americans go down and buy houses.
Where huge numbers of people go on vacation.
They pass through Costa Rica.
Many people watching this, I spent three months in Costa Rica.
It's a huge tourist destination.
Then they go to Nicaragua, a little bit rougher.
Then they continue north up, they'll go through places like, of course, finally they'll go through Guatemala, which yesterday when we were crossing the border from Belize into Mexico, we met a German and an Estonian, a man and woman on bicycles, and they're going up from, they just come through Guatemala on bicycles.
So they're touring through on bicycles.
They've just come.
They were leaving Belize and going into Mexico.
So, you know, Guatemala is so dangerous that they're bicycling across it.
I asked them how it was and they said, oh, it's beautiful.
We love Guatemala.
So I mean on bicycles, right?
And but this is all played up like these are the most dangerous places in the universe.
So I mean, this is this is quite this is not what's going on down here.
You know, Columbia, I know people that have moved to Columbia because they love Columbia.
And yet Columbia is, you know, one of the main thoroughfares to get to the United States.
It's all about ending up here in the United States.
They need martial law here, Michael.
I really think that, you know, with the polling coming out, President Trump is running away in terms of the polling for the election.
And again, he stands up to these globalists.
He always has.
You know, for those people that say, oh, he's supporting the jab and all this.
Well, I do say this much.
He didn't mandate it.
You know, I disagree with him on the effectiveness of the jab.
I think it's a kill or death shot.
But he did not mandate it, unlike the Biden regime and everybody else, including Secretary of Defense.
You know, what's his face?
I can't stand that guy.
Not Millie, the other guy.
Secretary of Defense, just went right out of my head.
I can see him with his Darth Vader glass on.
Austin, Lloyd Austin.
He mandated the jab, right, on the military and left our military in shambles.
Have you noticed our senior, I used to say I've never seen a dumb American admiral or general, flag officer.
But now I see they're quite low wattage, like C.Q.
Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, or Mark Milley.
But chosen for that purpose.
They are actually quite dull.
I mean, the people that are rising to the top, they're not the creme de la creme that I'm used to seeing.
I mean, I used to listen to military officers very closely.
I learned a great deal from them when I was in the Army and as the years unfolded.
And now I'm like, okay, I'm suspect when I meet somebody with STARS.
You still have McGregor, you still have Flynn.
These are two sources.
Speaking of which, McGregor may come on.
Very, very valuable in terms of resources and understanding of the world events unfolding.
But again, the martial law aspect of all this I think is a real threat for the sovereignty of you, the American people out there.
If they can get enough destabilization in this country by bringing in all of these illegals, That once the food supplies really start to choke, as we just explained, Panama is in crisis mode right now.
That government is up for grabs at the moment.
It could completely destabilize the Panama Canal.
Look, the Panamanians are rioting so much.
They're so angry.
They're actually throwing sand into the canal as a show, a demonstration, that they want to shut everything down.
And so understanding all of this, you destabilize the cities here in this country and you go into what would be considered civil war or uprisings.
George Floyd on steroids in every Democrat stronghold city around the country.
And frankly, even the red states, because they're shipping these illegals to red states.
And the governors like Abbott, the WEF puppet that he is, and DeSantis.
are helping push these migrants all over the country instead of deporting them back, which
is their constitutionally protected right and they should defend their people in their
own states.
Instead of spending the money to send them home, they're spending the money to send them
further into the country to make sure there's an evil sprinkling of these illegals everywhere.
So martial law, I think, is a real thing, Michael.
I think we're really looking at it as a way to stop the elections from moving forward in November.
I'm not going to even caveat that with I think.
It's clearly coming.
It's like amazingly obvious, like tomorrow's sunrise.
It's coming.
You know, downtown in Panama City, Panama, there's a big Agenda 30 billboard right at the busiest area of Panama City.
They've staked their game colors down there.
And then you see Chinese Communist Party or not.
It's actually Chinese investment signs all over the place.
They're doing that all over the United States are doing it all over Europe.
And the bottom line is we're going into a war.
It's very clearly we're coming into a war.
That's why, again, I returned to the United States in 2020 because I saw it coming.
I spend most of my time in places like Asia and across Europe and in the wars and that sort of thing.
I've seen a lot of war.
I know what it smells like.
It's clearly coming to our shores.
You're not going to be able to win playing defense.
You will absolutely be destroyed if you play defense.
If you sit down and like, hey, I'm going to guard my house, you've already lost.
It's over.
Well, you're not going to even have a house left to guard, Michael, because the interest rates are skyrocketing.
So the amount of contracts right now, if you look, if you're starting to watch the trends in real estate, the market is turning and it has turned.
It is now going in the other direction.
People can't afford to buy homes.
And those that got in with the adjustable rate mortgages are going to start to really feel the pain because Interest rates have skyrocketed and they're still going to have to go up because inflation isn't cooling down because they keep printing money.
It's not about this hot job market.
It's about the fact that government is printing money into an oblivion which is driving inflation up.
And so therefore rates have to go up to try and cool the inflation that they keep manufacturing by sending all this money, printing money to spend over on Ukraine and elsewhere around the world as opposed to protecting the veterans and the homeless.
And so you're going to start to see homelessness start to really skyrocket in this country, not only from the migrant invasion, The invading army that's coming in, but because people simply are going to be without a home to live in right now.
One of the most key points here.
Remember what Stalin did with the kulaks?
Moved people into their homes.
Hitler with the Jews, right?
And this is an old story that goes through space and time.
Over in Netherlands, you see the Dutch government floating the ideas that you may have to take migrants into your home in the wintertime, right?
The Dutch are like, oh no, they'll never actually do that.
And I'm like, listen, They couldn't have been any clearer with what they just said, right?
And the same will happen to the United States.
You'll end up being forced, in one way or another, to take them into your homes.
How can you do that?
First of all, you can't afford anything.
So the government can say, hey, we'll just print some more money and give you $400 a month to take every head that you take in.
Then they'll just cut those payments off, eventually, right?
And then you'll be with a bunch of Salvadorians, as Matt Bracken might say, right?
In one of his books, he actually talked about that.
In one of his books, A family of Salvadorians are forced into somebody's home.
Matt Bracken has been on with Alex Jones many, many times.
He has been prescient like Alex, actually.
Matt Bracken actually I took to the Darien Gap.
Matt Bracken sees how the Darien is going so much that he actually took off with me.
He's a former Navy SEAL officer.
He spent I think maybe three weeks with me down in Panama.
And so the bottom line is they will be in people's homes one way or another.
You're going to end up with millions of aliens in people's homes, and they will end up taking those homes, one way or the other.
Remember, your constitutional rights protect you from having to quarter soldiers, right?
But look at these people as soldiers of an invading army, because that is in fact what they are, and they're being told.
The Chinese doctrine is such that they believe that the land in the United States of America, in fact, the Americas, both the northern and southern American continents, They believe belongs to them because they believe that the DNA on that soil is in fact Chinese DNA, i.e.
the American Indian, and they believe.
is the ancestor to the Chinese. Ergo, this land is their land. That's how they see it.
We've had generals on my show that will talk about the satellite imagery that is used just by Google
Earth of every single house in the United States of America has already been earmarked to a member
of the CCP. Why do you think again they're letting all these Chinese come over here? Because these
Chinese are coming over here with the intent to take your home. I saw where I lived most recently
in Sarasota.
I live in a community.
And in the only short amount of time I was there, about a year and a half, we saw about 13 different Chinese families move in.
And out of nowhere, they just started showing up.
Now, a lot of the houses in there, guess what, were owned by, wait for it, BlackRock.
That's right.
Blackrock owned a lot of the homes in there.
The one we were renting at the time did not.
It was owned by a private investor.
But again, Blackrock was in that neighborhood with a lot of homes.
And who do you think is moving in there?
That's right.
The Chinese.
So in fact, this is a well-organized machine and operation that is underway.
And you know, at this point, it's like until we stand up and fight back and declare our sovereignty, We can't stop what's coming if we don't finally agree to the fact that it is coming.
And it is coming.
So we're looking at financial survival.
We're looking at food survival.
We're looking at potential kinetic survival.
These are all the ingredients, the recipe for what is going to be the ultimate takedown of America if we're not prepared for those areas.
Keep going.
I'm getting into this because it's absolutely accurate.
Well, again, you know, the other aspects of medical survival.
Have you actually reached out?
Have you got your medicine shelf stocked with what you need?
Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Phenbin, any of the over-the-counter or prescription medications that you need?
You know, there's organizations out there like We The People Healthcare Clinic, WTPHealthcare.com, WTPHealthcare.com.
They're out of Venice, Florida.
I've seen their operation.
I'm actually a member and I live two hours from there.
Because it saves me about $700 a month.
I cancelled my health care insurance at Blue Cross Blue Shield and I went with the folks at Venice.
Because I can get everything I need there under one roof and God forbid I need an MRI or a CAT scan.
They have it contracted for about $200, $250 to get any sort of imaging like that done.
This is where we're having to shift to.
It's that parallel economy.
It's the realization that the global system that has been built around us, while it was advantageous and convenient for many, many years, It lulled us into a sense of false security.
And now these people are out for blood.
They're out for our blood.
Can I say something about homes?
When Masako Kanaha and Chuck Holt and I, we flew over to Japan and we went to Ishigaki Island, right?
And again, I mentioned before, they have plans now.
Ishigaki Island is part of Okinawa Prefecture for you Marines and Air Force who are stationed out there.
You know it quite well.
And Ishigaki is very close to Taiwan.
That's why we went there.
It's sort of like the Key West of Japan, you might say.
It's very close to Taiwan, so any invasion of Taiwan would probably, or a serious war, would end up with people flooding into Ishigaki Islands, right?
Okinawa Prefecture.
The mayor was very clear.
We were in his office.
He said, my people will move out, and then the Taiwanese, and meaning, and he said, you know, basically mainlanders as well, will end up taking the homes of my people.
So, I mean, basically, that's a weaponized migration.
That's a weaponized migration.
And now you've taken part of Japan by default, right?
That is the weaponized migration, and this is the push and pull, as you always say, of the human osmotic pressure.
Another thing about the human osmotic pressure that's vital, and this is just one of the many reasons we watch food so much.
Not just food, whether or not you have enough, but whether or not you can afford it.
As they continue to open these routes through South America, if you can get your feet in South America, you can get anywhere in the United States easily, right?
Go right through the dairying gap.
They're doing it as we speak, right?
Now, as this path widens and grows, they're building two new camps down in the Darien Gap right now.
Masako Kanaha and I just chartered an airplane recently, a couple weeks ago, and we flew over them.
Also, we were on the ground looking at them.
Actually, Anne was down there just before that, went in on the ground, and saw one of the giant new camps.
Anyway, so the bottom line is, as this human osmotic pressure builds, the routes to the United States are being widened.
So they're building the runway.
The runway is already open, landing a lot of people, so to speak.
But they're actually, that number is increasing dramatically.
I said on Alex, last time I was on with Alex Jones, that I expected a good, I think I said I expected a good 10,000 a day to be coming through sometime in early 2024.
Yesterday, one of the Embraer Indians told me this morning, a few hours ago, he said that yesterday, 6,000 came through.
Yesterday, right?
So we're actually going up towards that 10,000 already.
And this is on the tail end of the rainy season where it's really dangerous.
When I was there, 50 people had died in a mudslide coming through the dairying gap in the jungles because that's the rainy season.
And they weren't slowing down.
They kept speeding right up.
So now we're into the dry season, so at 10,000.
Dry season will start in roughly late January.
And actually there's another issue that Lake Gatun, Gatun Lake, which you were out on.
Lake, it's, you should see all the treetops there, like tens of thousands of treetops showing.
These are treetops that have been covered up since more than a century now.
And because the, now the water is getting so low that they're reducing the number of ships that go through And the draft on the ships as well, to about half of what they normally are.
And also salt water is coming into the Panama City, or eventually will get into the Panama City drinking water supply.
Well folks, we're about rounding it out here on our two hours hosting for Alex Jones, Michael Yan, and Vandersteel.
Really appreciate you guys tuning in and listening to the emergency transmission coming out of here in Central America.
It is critical that you get off the couch.
It's game time, it's show time, and it's time to stand up.
This is a second revolution, and this is an emergency broadcast coming out of Central America live here on InfoWarsMadMaxWorld.tv.
Thank you so much for allowing us to have this opportunity, Alex, and God bless you for everything you do.
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this hour number two straight ahead. Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World
It's Alex Jones.
Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen.
I I am your guest host, Drew Hernandez, here on the third and the fourth hour of the most banned transmission in the universe, the Alex Jones Show.
I want to welcome every single one of you guys.
We have a lot of news to get to today, a lot of developments going on across the entire globe.
With the globalist developments continuing every single day, we go further and further and further down the timeline.
America's role, America getting absolutely sodomized, bent over, and pretty much taking everything.
From us?
While we give everything to everybody else?
It doesn't matter what country it is, whether it's Israel, Ukraine, the Palestinians.
It really doesn't matter!
It just seems like, and I think everyone can see it by now, that the United States of America is obviously last on the list according to everyone and anyone That is not truly pro-America.
And if you are pro-America, you get put on a terrorist watch list.
Oh, yeah.
You are pro-America.
You love the United States of America.
The FBI is gonna monitor you.
They're gonna surveil you.
You're gonna be designated a right-wing, domestic, MAGA, Republican terrorist.
While, meanwhile, we're getting infiltrated the past three years, going on three and a half years, with actual Islamic terrorists.
Oh, and, you know, now FBI Director Christopher Wray And, you know, DHS, they're all putting out warnings like, hey, we might be infiltrated the next 14 months.
You know, there's a possible terror threat here in the United States of America, especially with the amplification going on in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians.
But, you know, well, I guess we'll deal with that problem once it happens.
But we all know why, and we all know just exactly why the FBI, their attention is totally not on the actual threats here to the West.
Their attention is on you.
Their attention is on me.
Their attention is on Owen Schroyer, Alex Jones!
And shoutout, hashtag FreeOwenSchroyer.
We're praying for him every single day, for his safe voyage back home as he is a political prisoner in the D.C.
Absolutely insane.
But ladies and gentlemen, that's the future for every single one of us.
And I think we all know that.
I think we all see that.
We see the writing on the wall.
And I'm going to be honest with you, if you're the type of individual that's sitting here and you're kind of thinking to yourself, well, I don't know.
That's not really me.
I'm not that controversial.
I don't have a show.
I'm not on Rumble.
I'm not on radio.
I'm not on social media.
I just kind of believe what I believe behind the scenes.
And I'm not very vocal about it.
Well, that's kind of why we're losing, to be honest with you.
But also, at some point, it doesn't matter.
These people will force you to pick a side.
These people will draw you out, one way or another.
They will draw your values out.
And the way they draw your values out is that they continue with their tyrannical rule.
They continue with their tyrannical decrees.
They continue with their unlawful so-called laws.
With their censorship, they slap on individuals.
With their surveillance, they slap on Americans.
Because the moment you come out and you say, yeah, no thank you, you are identifying yourself as part of the rebellion.
That's what this is all coming down to, guys.
This is not Republican, Democrat.
This isn't even MAGA.
This isn't even leftist.
This isn't even, you know, left or right, like I always say.
It's just straight up good versus evil.
And whether you are a part of the machine or whether you're part of the rebellion, I mean, it's either or, man.
You are either, you know, a Skynet NPC or you are John Connor and part of the absolute resistance here in the United States of America.
And I think it's, you've got to just distill it down to that because that's how the New World Order views every single one of you.
Because when you come out, like I always say, it doesn't matter what your politics are.
It doesn't mean a damn thing.
When you come out and say no to the Biden regime, when you come out and say no to Klaus Schwab, when you come out and say no to the authoritarian, communist, fascist, homosexual imperialists in this country, and you don't want to bend the knee to ESG?
You don't want to bend the knee to the diversity hire at work?
You know, you don't want to bend the knee to the next, you know, protected class citizen that's standing right before you.
When you don't want to bend the knee to their critical race theory or your children, you don't want to bend the knee and hand your children over to the homosexual groomer pedophiles.
When you don't want to capitulate, you don't want to wear a mask, you don't want to take a jab, you don't want to listen to whatever the newest update and order is from the New World Order, you immediately mark yourself As an individual, a part of the resistance, a defector.
And therefore, you are a terrorist!
You are a threat to the regime!
Because you represent something that they're attempting to stop.
And that's freedom.
We've got a long show ahead of us.
We'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
We are in the middle of a crude and ugly communist revolution funded by the big banks as a battering ram into a new age digital economy and a total surveillance state.
All branches of government are attacking we the people and they offer us only one option, a meaningless vote in a rigged election.
What we can do is be prepared.
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Our best hope still is and always has been a mass awakening.
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Let the world unite for truth, justice, and 1776 worldwide.
InfoWars2.com [Music]
There's a viral video going out right now.
I think Jack Poselbeck blew it up everywhere this morning of DeSantis coming out.
Just straight up saying it.
You know, Trump should be removed if he's convicted of any of these crimes.
Trump should be removed.
And I was telling people, I've been telling people, I mean, I'm pretty sure Alex and Owen
and all the guys and anyone that's actually paying attention could see and predict that
with all of the deep state operations being run on President Donald J. Trump with the
lawfare and the indictments and all of the false flags that have been run on MAGA, they
are all leading to one thing and that's to take down MAGA, that's to take down Trump,
that's to take down the American people.
And any movement that resembles freedom, patriotism, American nationalism, because the FBI, the
CIA, the NSA, the intelligence agencies, the DOJ, crooked DAs, all the Soros appointed
DAs, and anyone that's been installed as a so-called elected official, it's all for this
It's all for this very purpose.
All these crooked judges, it's not for justice.
It's not for, you know, weighing out fair on the scales of Justice or error or wickedness?
No, they are there to keep the scales bending over to wickedness.
In the name of social justice, in the name of keeping the balance in the force, we got a bunch of dark side users right now literally in the federal government, New World Order proxies and pawns, World Economic Forum Satanists, Luciferians in Hollywood, the music industry, so-called education, obviously the federal and the local governments.
And they're pushing everything on the next generation, but the point is this, and I think people are starting to identify that this is not just about Trump, this is not just about Alex Jones or Schroyer, this is the future of every single American.
And I think we all saw this, all the Infowarriors saw this, when Alex Jones and Infowarriors and Owen and all the guys were deplatformed.
During the Trump administration, they were punished for amplifying Donald J. Trump and getting him unelected in 2016.
Everyone was punished on social media.
You guys noticed that, right?
I mean, we know this.
This is American history that they've attempted to wipe out because they don't let you platformed anywhere so you can't actually recite what happened to you.
But some people have been allowed back on Twitter, but still, you know, that's an uphill battle going on right now.
A lot of people got punished for amplifying MAGA in 2016.
People got de-platformed.
They got de-personed.
They got de-banked.
They got absolutely... 100% stripped of their identity on social media, in the public.
I mean, Alex Jones, like I say, Infowars is, you know, public... I wouldn't say public enemy.
Well, I guess depending on who the public is, if it's the commies and the New World Order NPCs, but deep state enemy number one.
Infowars Alex Jones was the type.
And then ultimately it led to Donald J. Trump.
They deplatformed him on Twitter, a sitting U.S.
Designated him a threat to society.
Designated him a threat with his rhetoric because of his speech amplifying riots.
And J6 was the absolute worst attack on our democracy since 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.
I mean, all of that sounds absurd, I know.
But it's for a reason.
The absurdity is by design.
The absurdity is not meant to make sense.
The absurdity is meant to be a psyop.
It's meant to warp the mind of the individual that's not actually thinking clearly, that's not actually thinking on their own.
I mean, I would rather someone think negatively.
At least they're thinking on their own.
You know what I'm saying?
But the deep state has gotten so advanced that they are just thinking for people.
They tell people what to believe.
They are their fact-checkers.
They are their overlords.
They are all the homosexuals on CNN.
And they've infiltrated the so-called right-wing space of the Uniparty, even churches.
That's what cultural Marxism is.
That's why you're seeing all these, you know, gay pride flags all up and down these so-called houses of worship.
It's all by design.
But ultimately, all of this is meant to take down what you and I represent.
That's the American citizen.
That's the American Operation.
That's the American dream.
That's the American story.
That's that's the American.
And I think every single one of us can identify that very clearly right now.
But like I say, I mean, they go after Alex deplatforming InfoWars.
They take it to a sitting United States president.
But then, you know, if you did notice at the time, nobody wanted to touch InfoWars.
Nobody wanted to be associated with Alex Jones.
No one wanted to be associated until, you know, the I guess we could say the conservative, alternative, new, right-wing establishment media says it's okay.
Until they say it's okay, well then you could start affiliating with the bad guys.
Then you could start affiliating with the deplatformed.
Then you could start affiliating with those that have been cast out to the Island of Misfit talk show hosts.
So how come like the right-wing conservative, so-called alternative media side of things, so when they say it's okay to identify or to associate with Infowars, Alex Jones, or anyone that's been deplatformed, okay, well now we can come together?
And have you noticed that they do that when it's too late?
Have you noticed when they do that when, you know, that should have been happening when this first all went down during Trump's first term?
But now here we are in 2023, now all the- well, yeah, welcome to the party, dude.
Because now people are identifying that you're either gonna be a turncoat, and you're gonna associate with the deep state and pedophile YouTube and abide by the TOS, and somehow think that you could build a platform on these satanic platforms, and then like, someday what?
You're just gonna just flip the switch someday and start saying how you really feel?
And then what?
Lose your entire platform for- it doesn't make any sense.
These people are grifters and these people are turncoats and they're abiding by TOS because they're afraid to speak out against the deep state and I would argue because there's a lot of money to be lost but this is when you begin to see who's actually authentic and who's not because this is not about money this is not about oh you hear this all the time Long game, man.
We gotta play the long game, so just keep your head down, abide by the TOS, don't piss anybody off, and you know, we'll do something, you know, further down the line in the future.
Like, do what?
Do what?
After you've accumulated all your Deep State New World Order money on YouTube, and abiding by the TOS, one day you're just gonna flip that switch and start speaking out against them?
It makes no sense.
It makes no sense at all.
However, it makes sense if these people are actually turncoats and they don't really care about the state of the union, the future of the union, and the soul of this nation.
That makes sense to me.
And, you know...
One thing I'm going to say is, the reason why I'm bringing this up is because now you're starting to identify, people are starting to realize that, you know, it doesn't matter whether I identify with that first group of people that got accused of being alt-right and white supremacists and they were cast away and never to be heard from ever again and de-platformed.
I don't want to associate with that because that means I'm going to lose my brand.
That means I'm going to lose my platform.
That means I'm going to get hit next.
Well, They did it to a sitting U.S.
President, okay?
So, like, what are you and what am I?
What are you and what am I?
And I think a lot of people are waking up to this reality, and I don't know if it's too late, but I'd rather people wake up than never.
I'd rather people wake up late than, I guess, wake up never.
But I do find it interesting that all of a sudden, whenever the so-called alternative, conservative, right-wing of things say, it's okay to associate with them now, They always do it when it's far too late.
They always do it when the FBI is already launching indictments and investigations into these guys.
They've jumped from deplatforming to lawfare, depersoning, debanking, and throwing you in prison for speech crimes, okay?
Alright, you guys know exactly what I'm talking about.
So that ship has already sailed.
And this is why I always say, if you want to see what the future is, Just take a look at InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news today.
And that's happening every single day.
It's more than news.
It's more than information.
It's reality.
It's the fight for the soul of the nation.
It's the resistance to tyranny.
It's the resistance to the dictatorial technocracy that we're all facing right now and the installed puppet regimes.
It's the resistance to Satan, it's the resistance to Luciferianism, the demonic legions that we're facing every single day of our lives.
I mean, people, I'm giving you a mouthful, but I'm doing this for a reason, because, I mean, you gotta count the cost, man.
You gotta count the cost, because once this becomes a reality for you...
Once you start to realize that, oh wow, I'm being surveilled.
I got people hitting me up saying, hey, they stopped me at the airport.
They're asking me who you are and they're saying you're involved with this X, Y, and Z. Because once this becomes a reality for you, it's more than just a show.
It's more than just a rant.
It's more than just a talk.
It's a reality of what these people are actually Putting up against us and this is why it brings me to my next point and I really want to emphasize this because you know we are moving into the age and I know Laura Loomer's been big on this and shout out to her she's a savage she's a warrior but coming down to the point where you know we have to identify who's who we have to expose turncoats we have to expose traitors we have to expose those that claim to be on our side that are standing right behind us and shoot us right in the back of the head
When it comes down to the point when they should actually be who they said they would, but they won't because they're afraid.
They'll capitulate.
We'll be right back.
People call into the show and they say, we really want to thank you for not giving up.
We want to thank you for staying on air.
And I want to explain something.
It's you, the viewer and listener, that decide that.
And I get tuning into reality and tuning into what's really happening.
It's something I don't even want to do myself, but I'm forced to do it.
And we've been proven that our view of reality and what's happening in the world is what's happening.
So people ask me, thanks for not giving up.
I want to say to you, thank you for not giving up.
Because when you give up or you don't realize how important you are and you don't spread the word, pray for the broadcast and support the broadcast, it goes away.
And that's really where we are in this equation.
So I wrote these notes down.
Thank you for not quitting, Alex.
Well, thank you for not quitting, listeners and viewers.
I mean, we're up against the globalists, the New World Order.
And yeah, people fighting it are popular.
But I think because of the glut of media and the tens of thousands of channels, people don't realize that These operations like mine are under massive attack.
And the enemy believes they can cut the head off of these operations.
You won't have any place to coalesce or focus, and you'll be defeated.
So I need everybody to understand that, are you gonna give up?
Are you gonna go along with this?
Because if you don't support our broadcast, if you don't buy the products at FullRestore.com, If you don't go to defendjones.com and make a straight donation so I can pay my bills and I'm upside down, then I am forced to go underground.
And I am forced.
Because you quitting is me quitting.
And I guess I can sit here on air until they put chains on the doors and the lights go out.
And then that'll really show you, oh look, they really shut down.
But the way they've set it up is, I get completely exhausted by the time that even takes place.
So I need your support at DefendJones.com.
I'm in the hold.
Well over a million and a half dollars.
And I don't have ways to pay this stuff.
And if people don't think this shows the value, and people don't think they want to get this on air, then take me out of the game.
I'm ready right now.
And I'm not going to tolerate anybody around me that doesn't realize the war we're in.
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Thank you for watching.
A frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Infowars Worldwide.
Infowars Worldwide.
The resistance can't be stopped.
You want to know why?
Because you're made in the image of God and God has given you free will.
Where do you think the Founding Fathers got the idea of God-given inalienable rights?
Exactly where that comes from.
That can't be taken from you.
That can't be given to you, by the way.
A lot of people get that wrong.
You can't be given your God-given rights by any human being.
Therefore, they can't be taken away.
You see, this is what the Satanists and the Luciferians and the globalists, the occult, they all know this.
They're all attempting to figure out how to bypass your free will.
That's when demonic possession comes in.
I mean, have you really thought about it?
Ever encountered a demon-possessed person?
Pretty surreal.
Pretty shocking, by the way.
Uh, you know, I don't encourage people to go seek that out, but, you know, when it happens, you're like, oh, damn.
Well, uh, so this is what it, what it, what it, uh, sounds like.
Uh, this is what it looks like.
But I mean, why, why, why, why do demons possess human beings?
Why do they want to fill the shell, which is your body, To take control of your psyche?
To take control of your mental?
To take control of your physical actions and your thinking?
Why do they do that?
Is it to scare you?
Is it to scare everybody watching?
Why is there demonic possession?
Really think about that.
Yes, it's for torture.
It's for the purposes of oppression.
But also it's to bypass your free will.
That's exactly what it does.
I mean, I was a youth pastor for about six years.
And, uh, we dealt with demon-possessed, uh, teenagers, preteens, and, you know, a lot of kids that never believed any of this stuff existed.
Oh, they became believers after they encountered this stuff, I'll tell you that for sure.
Because, uh, once you start encountering these supernatural demonic entities, uh, one concludes, well, then God has to be real, because if that side's real, and, uh, I'm experiencing this, then, uh, Christ!
You know, it happens every day.
It happens every day, but whenever you hear testimony from demonic possessions or people that have experienced this kind of oppression and torture, it's psychological, it's mental, it's spiritual torture, people always describe that they knew that they were still present, but there was someone else in control.
You always hear that.
I was still somewhere there, but I wasn't in control.
I lost total control of my mind, my body, what I was thinking.
And it's as if almost my free will was totally stripped away from me.
And that's a freaky thing to think about, isn't it?
Isn't it a scary thing to think about your free will absolutely stripped away from you?
And you're conscious to at least know it's happening, but there's nothing, there's not a single thing you could do about it.
You see, this is what Satan has always attempted to do, and this is why the New World Order, that are all Antichrist, and Luciferian, and the occult, this is why they all have this singular agenda.
The singular agenda is to bypass your free will.
And they'll attempt to do this through what they call black magic, magic the occult, interfacing manifestations, They'll attempt to do this through their seances.
They'll attempt to do this through interfacing with off-world entities, whether they call it aliens, whether they call it the Star People.
I mean, you see different civilizations throughout human history.
They all have their different versions of this.
And the same end goal is always to bypass the free will of the individual.
So that the entity can come in, direct them, guide them, control and show them advanced wisdom that leads them to advanced technology, or it's in the forms of torment and oppression and mass fear and chaos in the mind.
But ultimately, what's the end game?
It's bypass the free will.
Bypass the free will.
And that's why you're seeing this right now with the World Economic Forum, Nour Yuval Harari, all calling for AI to rewrite the Bible, create a new AI religion.
You use some kind of, you know, brainwave chips to install in the minds of human beings so we could bypass their conscience.
We need VR, a VR economy.
We need an AR system so human beings can jack into a grid and a matrix.
It's for what reason?
So they could bypass your free will.
I mean, take a look at social media.
That's like a precursor of what's to come.
You have zero control over your social media account.
Because the overlords, they will dictate what you can or cannot say.
It's very simple, right?
You say the wrong thing, they call it hate speech, alright, you get deplatformed, you're gone.
Next level, then they debank you, alright?
You're hate speech, you're a threat to civilization.
We are going to absolutely deplatform you.
You're gone.
We're going to debank you.
You're gone.
And now we're going to deperson you so you don't have an identity and you can't even speak for yourself.
You can't speak to the culture.
You can't speak to society.
You don't get a First Amendment anymore.
And now we're going to weaponize the DOJ and the FBI and the NSA and the three-letter intelligence agencies against you.
And you can't put up a fight or a self-defense because you don't have a voice to even raise a cent for it.
And then we'll absolutely deperson you, we're going to bypass every aspect of your entire life, we're going to throw you in a gulag, and we're going to torture you psychologically until you admit that 2 plus 2 equals 5.
Until you admit that 2 plus 2 equals 5, then have you been effectively reprogrammed and free will bypassed and now we are in total control.
I mean, AI is something that these people are Seriously trying to weaponize and harness against the American people.
I'll tell you right now, the way that the United States of America is going militarily, all gay, woke, homosexual, drag queens in the Navy and all this crap, they're not trying to technologically advance AI to, you know, to combat China, the CCP, or the Iranians, or any threat that's foreign and abroad.
No, they want to weaponize AI to go after us.
Just like the FBI is weaponized to go after us right now.
Are they going after the terrorists?
I'm going to show you guys some stories.
Don't put it up yet.
We're going to get into it.
We got another hour and a half in this show.
FBI already admitting that, oh yeah, there's going to be terrorist threats here.
That's potential.
But, you know, we're not looking at any Islamic terrorists here in the United States.
Oh, I wonder why.
Because they're going after people like Alex Jones, InfoWars, Owen Schroyer.
They're looking into Trump supporters and J6ers and political prisoners.
They're not wasting their time, it's not incompetence, it's all by design.
They're weaponized.
They'll do the same thing, and it's all about bypassing your free will.
Bypassing your free will.
That is the Antichrist, New World Order, Satanic, Luciferian, end game, end goal, which is ultimately to bypass your free will, so you absolutely give over your conscience, and you give over your own decisions, and you put it in the hands of the Luciferians, take the mark of the beast, Salute to Lucifer forever.
That's a signification of your worshiping the Antichrist as God when that all goes down.
And therefore the endgame is eternal damnation and the destruction of your soul and hell forever.
That is why they need to bypass your will.
Yes, it's about violating your freedom.
It's about stripping you of your rights.
It's about attempting to strip you of your God-given free will.
God has given you the free will to choose good or evil.
God has given you the free will to choose His Son, Jesus Christ, or your father, the devil.
It's your choice.
No one's going to force you.
God is love.
God is not rape.
God is love.
Because God is love, God gives humanity a choice.
You get to choose, man.
You get to choose what side you want to be on.
You get to choose what your eternal destination is.
You get to choose whether you're going to side with Lucifer or you're going to side with the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
It's all up to you, man.
It is all up to you.
God is not going to force you.
God is not going to... He's not going to impose His will upon you.
You are going to make that choice.
You see, but this is what the other side is attempting to do, because the other side, Lucifer, anti-Christ, pseudo-Christ, is attempting to be in the role of God.
They will attempt to bypass and overrule your God-given free will.
That's the difference between the two.
God will give you a choice.
It's all in your hands.
But the other side is gonna force you.
They'll force you to mask.
They'll force you to take the death jab.
They'll force you with the Mark of the Beast.
If not, then you die.
We'll be right back.
We got a lot of news.
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The Great Awakening.
This might be some prison reading for me.
Corrine in Massachusetts.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Honored to be talking with you, Alex.
I've been listening since 2016 and I am a financial supporter ever since.
Thank you.
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Good to see every single one of you guys.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
Let's get into some of this news.
And like I say, man, the New World Order is going to continue to run their ops.
They're going to continue to run their false flags.
They're going to continue to prop up emergency situations in order to give them an excuse to impose their tyrannical laws, their tyrannical decrees, their tyrannical recommendations from the CDC and these proxy New World Order organizations.
You're going to continue to see this as we go further on and on and on and on and on.
This is Infowars.com.
Mayor implements Big Brother digital vehicle tracking program amid rising car thefts.
Now obviously this is all by design because you get these woke diversity hires, you get Mayor Muriel Bowser in there, you know, you get this woke black lady that, you know, doesn't give a damn about anybody but herself.
It's like, I made it, girl!
I made it!
I'm the mayor now, girl!
You know, they don't really care about blacks.
There was other reports that were going on yesterday that You know, face masking is now a part of the rise in crime in D.C.
because criminals can cover their face and commit crimes now.
And I was like, oh, would you look at that?
You get a woke black diversity hire that's, you know, causing black people to have to face, you know, criminal activity because, you know, that's just how these people are.
You know, but they never want to learn.
You know, these woke blacks, they never want to learn from their mistakes or they never really want to get it together.
But anyways, D.C.
Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department, MPD, unveiled a new taxpayer-funded program that uses digital tracking tags Wow, to find stolen cars more easily.
This comes as Bowser's failed progressive defund the police policies have sparked a crime tsunami across the nation's capital.
On Wednesday morning, Bowser's office stated that tracking tags will be available to residents, would you look at this, who live in areas with the greatest increase in vehicle theft.
MPD will install the device in vehicles, allowing them to track stolen cars via a mobile device easily.
Now, again, you cause, you create a problem.
You cause and you create mass instability.
You cause a rise in crime.
You defund the police.
Now, it even goes further back than that.
You shut down the world, right?
You shut down the world.
You launch a bioweapon.
You shut down the world.
Mass lockdowns.
Mask formation psychosis.
Mask mandates.
Jab mandates.
You put fear in the hearts of millions of people.
And then at the same time, you weaponize and launch Antifa and BLM.
George Floyd gets killed by fentanyl, in my opinion.
I think that's pretty clear by now.
But the entire world doesn't get the actual footage of what really went down till what, like a year and a half later?
And then there's mass riots, over $2 billion in insurance damage.
BLM, Antifa.
Mainstream media runs cover for them, refuses to call them what they really are, domestic terrorists.
Doing domestic terrorism.
Ah, they're fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.
You see, all of this leads to stuff like this.
They defund the police.
It gave them a reason.
Defunding the police was a regime installation.
That's all it was.
When you take a look at the NPD in D.C., it's just a bunch of woke black people.
That's all it is.
Straight up.
Go down there.
Go down there right now.
Go look at all the police officers.
They're just a bunch of woke black people.
When you go down there, it was just a regime installation.
They put in a bunch of low IQ, woke diversity hire, affirmative action, you know, recipients.
Beneficiaries, you know, that's all they did.
So, I mean, obviously you're going to see a mass instability.
You're going to see mass destabilization.
You get all these low IQ people in there.
You get a low IQ, woke, diversity hire mayor in there.
She's not going to do anything.
She's there for a reason to cause the mass destabilization.
So now that mass destabilization has taken place, these are just kind of like testing grounds for what they want to do with the entire country.
But now they have the excuse to implement technology that will surveil your vehicles because, oh, there's just so much crime.
We need a solution.
There's nothing deeper here than just like, oh, look at what the woke, look at what these woke morons ended up doing.
They don't know what they're doing.
They're so incompetent.
They're just causing crime to rise.
Oh, wow.
Look at that.
Yeah, obviously.
But the bigger picture here is the outcome.
And now the outcome is now they have a reason For government surveillance.
Who's surveilling this?
Who's surveilling this?
The government will be surveilling these vehicles.
This is why they want EVs to make it even easier.
This is why they prop up these chaotic events.
These engineered false flag.
That's why they prop up whether it's man-made or whether they never let a good crisis go to waste.
You want to know why?
Because they weaponize it, they harness it, and they utilize it to go against the people to implement more tyranny.
That's exactly what they're continuing to do with stuff like this.
You may not find this to be a big deal, but this is how they run these preliminary tests, these beta tests, on what they want to do for the future.
Because now that they've caused the mass destabilization, the rise in crime, because they got the woke diversity hires in power, it's the same thing with Great Reset and Build Back Better.
It's the same thing with puppet Joe Biden, the same thing with cackling Kamala.
Why the hell is she even there?
We did it, Joe!
I'm a black girl, look at me!
Like, are you serving any purpose other than just being the token black?
You know what I mean?
All these diversity hires that just make minorities look even more retarded?
Straight up, dude.
Like, that's what it does.
They're there for a reason.
They're not there for the purposes of showing, you know, the diversity in our palette colors here in the United States of America and the federal government.
See, it's not all just white.
On the surface, yeah, that's the attack on whites.
On the surface, that's the narrative that they go with to get people culturally to believe that's exactly what's going on.
But that clown is there because she's there to just follow orders.
These clowns are there To advance the cause of these destabilization events.
So they have excuses to implement even further their tyrannical rule, their tyrannical laws.
Like I say, their tyrannical little, you know, operations.
And slowly but surely, they'll lean into it.
You see, but this is, like I said, this is why they want EVs, because they want total surveillance on your vehicles.
They need total, they need everything on a grid.
Your car.
Your bank account.
Your phone.
Your brain.
Your body.
Your dog, dude!
Your house!
Your A.C.!
Dude, your freakin' toaster!
Your refrigerator, dude!
A smart house!
Everything's synced up, dude!
You can't have anythi- It's all a part of bypassing and penetrating your- your freakin' free will, dude!
That's why everything has to be on a grill on a grid that's AI controlled.
So from the back end, they can shut you out anytime that they want.
And this is why I think it's pretty interesting the way that technology is going.
I know, you know, Joe Rogan talks about this all the time that, you know, not just Americans, but civilization, mankind has this obsession with technology where we're constantly innovating and progressing technologically in the name of Convenience, which is fine.
Like, I love technology.
I'm not trying to be like, you know, some outdated, I don't know, you know, old wineskin, like, oh, technology is the devil, like the water boy's mom.
You know, technology can be used by the devil, can be used by evil.
Just like I think technology can be used by God, can be used for good.
I mean, obviously we can use a piece of technology to, you know, do God's will.
But I do find it interesting And I do think humanity has to watch itself with what's going on with tech, because it always seems to come in the name of convenience, doesn't it?
It always seems to come in the name of convenience.
A breakthrough in technological advancements in AI, a breakthrough in technological advancements with a smartphone, with CPU, quantum computing, a breakthrough in technological advancements.
I mean, the federal government, they got stuff that you and I are not going to hear about for the next probably 100 years.
Stuff that probably comes out of a sci-fi movie, dude.
Like, they're sittin' on it.
You know, they got Skunk Works, they got, oh, Boeing, they have all their government contracts, they know exactly what they're doing.
They got stuff that they're gonna pull out for a rainy day, and I don't think they're waitin' for an attack from the CCP to pull that stuff out.
I don't think they're waitin' an attack from Iran to pull that stuff out.
They ain't waitin' to go after Putin, cause they all have a heart on for Putin, you know?
No, no, no, no, that's gonna be reserved for you and me.
That's gonna be reserved For the weaponization against the American people, whatever they got, but I can guarantee you they got it.
The point is this, is that for whatever reason, it seems like in the name of convenience and mixed with technology, this marriage, humanity seems to want to embrace that and it hatches more tyranny.
Because this technology is being weaponized against our very free will, which that is a problem within itself. But like I said, technology can
be used for good as well. I'm not against it. I'm just saying be careful because when you
embrace this, you might be throwing your freedoms away for what? Convenience? Yeah, no
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And with that, I appreciate loving InfoWars.
I'll listen to you the day I die or you go off air, but I'm gonna do my part to make sure
you don't have a great day.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones
RDN for years continuing on with some of the news and information
Today, speaking of technology, artificial intelligence, and the threat, I think Elon Musk has been pretty open about the potential threat of AI, but also at the same time, the potential good AI could do, because like I said, technology could be used for good or could be used for evil.
Like I said, social media can be used for good.
You could preach the gospel and reach millions of people without being shadow banned, but also it could be used for evil and pushing all kinds of pedophilia and You know, degeneracy and anti-Christ agendas in which obviously that's going to get amplified all over the place and, you know, weaponizing against the citizens of a nation to surveil them and etc.
And collaborating with the feds, right?
That's exactly what, you know, Twitter 1.0 was all about and aspects of Facebook.
But like I said, they preemptively set the narratives, right?
That's what they do with propaganda.
That's what propagandists have done for throughout the ages, for thousands of years.
They set up the narrative.
They let the narrative kind of, you know, marinate in the minds of the listener or the viewer.
Let that lie continue to grow and grow and grow.
Let them think about it until ultimately, well, I've been hearing it so many times, it must be true!
I've been hearing it so many times, it must be true!
CNN keeps saying that Donald J. Trump is a white supremacist.
I mean, they've been saying that since, like, 2015.
It must be true.
There has to be some truth to this.
You know?
You know?
Like, that's literally how people... You can't even say think.
That's literally how people, like...
Function with their brain.
It's just like, oh, it's been said so many times, and the mainstream's saying it, so there's no way that the mainstream would lie to me.
There's no way that CNN would lie to me.
There's no way that Fox News would ever lie to me!
Little old me!
They're the news.
They're the truth.
They're fact-checking, and they're making sure that they are protecting my little mind.
My little fragile little mind that can't think for itself.
Thank you, fact-checkers.
Thank you, Zuckerberg.
Yes, fact-check me harder, Daddy.
Fact-check me harder, Zuckerberg.
Fact-check me as hard as you can!
Zucker me!
Zuck me!
Zuck me out of existence!
Zuck my mind!
Zuck my mind with your fact-checking, Zuckerberg!
Zuck my mind!
I mean, there it is.
Facebook, Instagram claims to protect users by limiting posts on Middle East conflict.
Oh, well, there you go.
And apparently they're claiming that, oh, well, you know, you can't call people terrorists or, you know, you can't call out Hamas or the Palestinians.
We got to protect people on social media so they don't get, you know, identified or doxxed.
Yeah, but when it comes to Vladimir or, you know, Russians, you're allowed to dox them, call for the murder of Putin, and, you know, call for the death of any Russian, you know.
That's totally fine.
See, but that's the point.
That's the point, is that this New World Order satanic technocracy, they ultimately decide.
You know, in their minds, right, they're the overlord and they're God.
They decide what's good, what's evil, what's authorized, what's unauthorized.
You're allowed to call for the death of someone that we don't like, but we're going to run cover for Hamas and terrorists, right?
That's the narrative that you're seeing across the entire board.
Because they've created a protected class with these people.
And we're going to get into this in the next hour.
I don't want to get into it now.
I want to save that for the fourth hour.
But I want to continue with this technological issue that we have right now that we're facing in our day.
And I think it's a huge problem.
And the problem is, is we have these satanic, luciferian overlords.
I mean, that's why when you listen to the World Government Summit in 2023, or you listen to Davos 2023, Bas Schwab coming out and saying those who masters the technology of today are masters of the future.
They mean that and they know that.
They understand that.
They understand fundamentally that if they get ahead of the times, that if they harness the technology of the future, they harness the minds of the future.
And what that means is that they will control the psyche of the next generation and generations to come.
Like I said, that's the Luciferian anti-Christ satanic agenda.
Bypass the free will of mankind.
But like I say, they set these narratives up.
And like I said, they set The lies up.
So when they finally pull the trigger, they run a false flag.
They run the operation.
It all makes sense when you see it.
Because you've been preemptively warned that this is on the horizon.
This is what you're going to see.
And to an extent, we can do the same thing, but we do it with the truth.
To an extent, we come out.
If whistleblowers come out, I mean, the best example of this was the federal whistleblowers that blew the whistle on the incoming, you know, agenda to push COVID again and the lockdowns and the jabs again.
Look, we got ahead of it.
I mean, when I say we, Alex Jones, the info warriors, we got ahead of it.
We pushed it all out.
And it appears that they tried to do it, but it didn't hit as hard as they wanted to.
You see, you can do this either way.
You can do this for good.
You can come out and you can thwart their operations by putting the truth out and sounding the alarm, right?
And speaking to the culture and speaking to the masses like, hey, they're about to run this operation.
Listen up.
Preemptively get ready.
Start resisting yesterday so that they can't gain any ground moving forward.
And that works, you guys.
That's why InfoWars is so attacked.
That's why the shadow banning is so aggressive.
That's why the de-boosting and the de-platforming is so, not only aggressive, but it's effective.
It's effective for this very reason.
Because the Info War is 100% a reality.
I mean, they talk about it.
The Feds talk about it.
The FBI talks about it.
The World Economic Forum talks about it.
They talk about being in an information war in the time of war, in the time of human existence, in intelligence agencies, during political campaigns and political seasons.
I mean, you're seeing this all over the world and knowledge is power.
But people that don't want accurate knowledge, you're going to be powerless because you won't know what the hell is going on.
Therefore, you will not be able to know what the hell All to do!
That simple!
Blows my mind that people don't think about it that way.
But let me show you a perfect example of this.
Continuing on with the news, this is InfoWars.com again.
VP Kamala Harris suggests, quote, AI-enabled myths and disinformation is an existential threat to democracy.
They always go with this crap, right?
Everything's a threat to democracy.
Everything's a threat to democracy.
And yes, AI obviously could pose a threat to you and I.
And that threat is the weaponization of AI by a tyrannical government, but also the weaponization of AI via a foreign nation that hates us and wants to dismantle and destroy us.
Yes, absolutely.
But, however, when you're hearing this from someone like Kamala Harris, she's a puppet.
And this is not to warn you of a potential threat of, you know, government imminent attacks from AI on its own people or the CCP.
That's the last thing she's talking about.
Vice President and Artificial Intelligence Czar Kamala Harris.
Wow, she really is the AI Czar.
Can you believe that?
Total mindless, diversity high or low IQ retard, the AI Czar.
The AI Czar!
That's what you know we're in clown world, dude.
That's what you know we're just living in one giant joke.
Simulated joke.
Kamala Harris is the AI Czar.
Oh my god, dude.
A rally against AI-enabled myths and disinformation.
We all know what that means.
And she pushed for protections against potential harm during a speech at the United States Embassy in London, one day after she's due to represent the United States at the UK's AI Safety Summit.
Here's a quote.
She said, President Biden and I believe that all leaders from government, civil society and the private sector have a morale, ethical and societal duty to make sure that AI is adopted and advanced in a way that protects the public from potential harm and that ensures that everyone is able to enjoy its benefits.
Harris said she continued by suggesting that AI enabled miss and disinformation is an existential threat to democracy and urging stakeholders Stakeholders, that's New World Order talk.
That's World Economic Forum Davos talk Urging stakeholders to quote consider and address the full spectrum of AI risk to make sure that AI is truly safe Can you imagine being lectured about?
artificial intelligence from Kamala Harris Like Dude, she's got like, she has no, nothing remotely close to intelligence.
Okay, it's so easy to roast, you know, this puppet because she's just so retarded and mindless.
But the bigger picture here is this.
This is why she's there.
She knows nothing of AI.
She knows nothing of artificial intelligence.
She literally doesn't at all.
She probably thinks they're talking about Allen Iverson or something.
You know what I mean?
She's that stupid and woke in her head.
AI probably means a black guy.
Yeah, AI means Allen Iverson, a black guy.
You know?
She's that mindless.
But anyways, the bigger picture is this.
That's why she's there.
Because these mindless puppets, they set the narrative.
It's the whole Patriot Act 9-11 installment.
They set the stage.
So when they themselves launch a false flag, And they themselves launch an AI cyber attack threat to society.
They shut down digital grids.
They shut you out of bank accounts.
They shut down the military.
They bypass all of our cyber security here in the United States of America.
And they say it's Vladimir Putin.
You know how easy they can do that?
You know how easy these people can come out?
And blame an AI-driven cybernetic attack on the United States of America on Vladimir Putin in Russia?
How would you ever know whether it was real or not?
You wouldn't know, especially during this climate where everything is Putin.
You know?
Kamala Harris probably has like a hundred hemorrhoids and they're all Putin's fault.
You know what I mean?
Like, it's just like, that's where we're at currently right now.
You would never know, but this is why they do this.
They preemptively set you up because they will launch that someday.
They're just getting the technology ready.
They're just getting the narratives ready.
And they are the ones that are saying, we're going to get ahead of it because we have to be the ones to make sure that the public is safe.
Does that sound familiar?
Kind of sounds like Zuckerberg.
Kind of sounds like Facebook.
The same damn thing.
Get ready, guys.
There's a lot ahead of us.
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