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Name: 20231030_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 30, 2023
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The speaker discusses the current state of affairs including gun control, international conflicts and tensions, COVID protocols, globalist agendas, and the potential for full-scale World War. Alex Jones warns about the dangers of stricter gun control laws and the negative impact on small businesses in the gun industry due to temporary bans on exporting firearms and ammunition. He also discusses the return of COVID protocols and how his intel led to opposition against them, praising his audience for being activists who take action. Jones predicts war and terrorism after COVID in a clip from January 2020 and emphasizes the importance of staying informed and supporting InfoWars for continued success in battling the globalists. The speaker discusses how Muslims are considered a fifth column of the globalists as they control them politically and fund their leaders. He mentions an incident where a Muslim mob stormed an airport in Russia's Dagestan, searching for Jewish refugees. The speaker also talks about how Turkey threatened to invade Israel, causing the US to deploy troops and hundreds of aircraft daily. Max Keiser argues that America needs to innovate by embracing new technologies such as Bitcoin in order to regain its former global hegemony. He points out how Japan once led the world in technology but lost ground when it failed to adopt emerging technologies like the internet. Similarly, America risks falling behind if it does not embrace Bitcoin, which Keiser sees as the most promising innovation today.

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This is a global plan to bring in global instability as a smokescreen for the fertilizer and the energy that's already cut off.
That's already going to kill hundreds and hundreds of millions of people, even the UN estimates.
So the UN runs the policies of cutting off the fertilizer and locking people down and cutting off the energy.
But then they say, oh, we need tens of billions of dollars.
We're going to have hundreds of millions starve to death starting now.
And they starve over 80 million people to death during the lockdowns.
And all that civil unrest around the world will then be organized, the survivors, military-age men, will be flooded into Europe, into North America.
This is it!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones!
Tomorrow's news.
Who in God's name needs a weapon with a hundred rounds in a chamber?
The day before the Lewiston, Maine massacre, Mother Jones ran a story on banning AR-15s.
Within hours after the massacre involving an AR-15, Kamala Harris wanted our guns.
Once again, routine gatherings, this time at a bowling alley and a restaurant, have been turned into scenes of horrific carnage.
And let us be clear,
It does not have to be this way.
As our friends in Australia have demonstrated.
The Australian example reveals that after the horrific Port Arthur shooting that killed 35 people, the Australians confiscated firearms.
The propaganda would tell you that no mass shootings have occurred since.
However, 24 mass shootings have occurred in Australia since 1996.
Take away the guns because less guns at least will equal less mass shooting.
Well, that's a problem because as we've seen in Australia, Guy, draw that article up from the Australia Institute, Australia, colon, more guns now than before Port Arthur.
New research from the Institute finds that there are more guns in Australia now than there were before the Port Arthur Massacre and introduction of strict gun control.
So just to be clear, if your article is that, well, there are less mass shootings now because we took the guns, then your argument is actually the opposite.
Because you're arguing that more guns equal less mass shooting.
How are they arguing that?
Because there's more guns!
Reminder, the Second Amendment isn't about weapon type or caliber or hunting.
It is about protecting American citizens from a tyrannical government, and at the very least, protecting themselves from a mass shooter released by our government.
Nerves are rattled right now.
Keeping an eye on the woods.
Because I know those woods down there, they go run right back here.
And I got my daughter inside.
How old's your daughter?
She's 10 years old.
Has there ever been a more poignant time for the Second Amendment than right now?
An internal memo obtained by Newsmax, the San Diego Field Office of Customs and Border Protection writes,
San Diego Field Office Intelligence Unit assesses that individuals inspired by or reacting to the current Israel-Hamas conflict may attempt travel to or from the area of hostilities in the Middle East via circuitous transit across the southwest border.
The memo continues, foreign fighters motivated by ideology or mercenary soldiers of fortune may attempt to obfuscate travel to or from the U.S.
or to or from countries in the Middle East through Mexico.
The memo comes this weekend.
Customs and Border Protection released its final figures for fiscal year 2023, showing 172 suspected terrorists.
That's the highest number ever.
In this heightened environment, there's no question we're seeing an increase in reported threats, and we've got to be on the lookout, especially for lone actors who may take inspiration from recent events to commit violence of their own.
But the O'Biden installation presses on.
As Reuters reported, the U.S.
has stopped issuing export licenses for most civilian firearms and ammunition for 90 days for all non-governmental users.
Citing national security and foreign policy interests, and that the risk of firearms being diverted to entities or activities that promote regional instability, violate human rights, or fuel criminal activities.
Exporters can continue to submit license requests during the pause, but they will be held without action until that pause is lifted.
The Commerce Department declined to comment beyond the posting on its website.
Not exporting guns and ammunition to our enemies makes sense, but there are more layers to this.
The edict creates a chilling effect on American gun shops as their primary source of revenue is exports.
A loophole, ultimately designed to put scores of small business gun owners out of business.
Sending a rippling effect caused by shortages among supporters of the Second Amendment and those simply utilizing their God-given right to self-defense.
John Bown, 40.
It's Monday, October 30th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here on my broadcast for the next four hours in the War Room.
Well, one of the guest hosts will be here because Owen Schroyer is still in solitary confinement for no reason, after being thrown into federal prison for free speech, according to the judge in his sentencing statement and documents.
That's just par for the course in our wonderful free nation.
Okay, a lot of people watching on TV are going to say, where's Alex Jones's beard?
I was talking to my wife just about a week ago and I said, I may shave my beard on air as a protest to stop World War III.
Sounds silly.
People dump buckets of ice water on themselves to raise money for different diseases.
I think if women shaved their heads en masse, that would really have a big effect.
But I went ahead and did it.
I was shaving yesterday morning.
I only do it a few weeks, every few weeks for the buzzer.
I didn't put the guard on it because I'd gotten pretty good with it.
And my six-year-old daughter walked in and started talking while I was doing it.
I didn't pay attention.
I went, ehhh.
So the beard was ruined.
So I said, okay, well, I was going to go ahead and do that.
I'll do it now.
And of course, it's silly on the surface, but anything that draws attention to the fact that we're in World War III and it's accelerating towards nuclear war.
The globalists aren't just trying to start World War III.
Almost every mainline analyst even calls this World War III.
The question is, when, if, how will this go nuclear?
So, now that we've dispensed with the fact that I look like a cross between Uncle Fester and Dr. Evil, and of course Blofeld from James Bond mixed with Little Klaus Schwab, let's move on to what's serious here.
I will grow the beard back.
We're getting flooded with emails and calls.
Bring the beard back!
Bring the beard back!
So I guess it's having the desired effect.
You gotta look at my big ol' ugly head.
But anyways, let's get serious.
When I just opened the show up with something that is completely massive and absolutely confirmed and just put it out there without any fanfare, no one cares.
But when I build it up, at least for a segment or two, people pay attention.
The audience gets excited.
You look at what I'm going to present.
I'll tell you what I believe is going to happen, and I'll present the evidence.
Then you make it go viral.
And we have stopped or slowed down many of the globalist operations doing this.
We have millions of viewers that tune in live.
Tens of millions more conservatively watch large clips and sections of the show every day, and then tens of millions of others watch shorter clips.
So we're reaching conservatively 30-40 million people a day with our content, but most of them
I think so.
So right before I went live, I wrote the headline for the show, and I was just sitting here as we went live, and I realized that that headline's not strong enough.
And the headline is, The Globalists Are Desperate to Accelerate World War III Ahead of the Mass Awakening to Their Poisoned Shots in an Attempt to Bring in Global Permanent Emergency and Martial Law.
But it's even more serious than that, and
During the next break, I'm going to try to maybe go update the headline.
But I mean, this is so bad that I don't even have words to describe how bad it is.
And I really mean it.
And I believe these things are going to happen, I'm going to talk about.
Now, that said, back in, what was it, back in August,
I said, by mid-September, they're going to try to bring back COVID protocols.
And then, right away, you saw them try to bring them back.
But because of this audience, the fact that you got those clips to go viral, and Jack Posobiec, and people like Mike Cernovich boosted the information, day one, and then a lot of other journalists, people like Dale Bigtree, reached out to his contacts.
They said, yeah, we've been told they're going to try to bring it back in the next few months, too.
Because obviously it was true what my intel was telling me, and then they tried to roll it out right after I talked about it.
It formed opposition up front to call it out, so they couldn't incrementally roll it out.
And that's one of the biggest victories we've ever had.
And they're still trying to bring it in, but people are really not buying.
They really tried hard.
And we've gotten
In a couple months since they rolled out the new COVID boosters, it was 2% have taken it.
Now 3.2% of Americans have taken the poison shot.
It's a little higher for children because pediatricians are secretly paid, it's now out in the public, hundreds of thousands of dollars to just inject a few hundred children.
Under the age of two, there's a bounty on them.
So, we haven't totally defeated it, but it'd be 20 times worse right now if you hadn't listened to me and hadn't taken action.
So, you see the stickers they put everywhere where it's Biden pointing and he says, I did that.
People stick them on gas pumps and they share the meme everywhere when bad things are happening.
Well, you did that.
You, the audience of activists, get the credit.
Not me with the whistleblowers and
You know, put the news out and even folks magnifying it.
At the end of the day, it's because you got excited and you said no, hell no.
They had to back off greatly.
And there's been a lot of big COVID developments.
The FDA just came out and said, don't take the new COVID booster with the flu shot.
It may give you a stroke or heart attack.
How big is that?
I mean, we knew that before they rolled the damn thing out.
So, I'm prefacing what I'm saying with, we can stop the global martial law plan, but if you think COVID was bad, if you think COVID was out of control, this is going to dwarf it.
I'm not criticizing whoever made the thumbnail, but ask Rob Dewey to change it.
If you go to Bandot Video, I asked the archivist on Friday to find it, and he did find it by Saturday.
And I tell him to not make it too lengthy, so it's only seven minutes long, you get about a two hour long clip tape of me going back over three years ago saying, once you take the shots, you're gonna cause heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots, all the rest of it, strokes, and then they're gonna have a huge war
And inflation and financial collapse as the cover when hundreds of millions start dying from the shots, according to the rodent studies.
Because a few of the rodents in the studies, because they did test this shot on rats.
There's the headline, but the thumbnail's like it's Halloween-y and funny.
I want the headline serious.
It says, War and Terrorism After COVID.
The COVID cover-up program, Wars and Terrorist Attacks.
We can probably just make the headline a little better.
I'm not putting it down.
It needs to be Alex Jones.
Another Alex Jones prediction comes true.
Wars, financial collapse, terrorism to cover up COVID deaths.
Just leave the headline like it is.
The point is that there's video in January of 2020 in that clip.
Where I said they're going to use this to bring in UN control, UN regulations, UN treaties.
This is in January.
And then they're going to use war, terror, and financial collapse.
Once you find out they created the virus, and once you find out the shots they're going to give you are going to kill you.
I just know the enemy.
I eat, drink, and sleep this.
I mean, I'm going to be completely serious with the audience.
I used to only dream and REM sleep the last hour of sleep like most people do.
I now dream
For eight hours.
I'll go to bed at 10 o'clock, wake up at 11, huge dreams.
Go to bed again, wake up at 3 a.m., huge dreams.
Go back to sleep, wake up at 5 a.m., after huge dreams.
And all I dream about now, basically, is wargaming all this.
I mean, I'm literally at work while I'm asleep, constantly.
I mean, I've just shifted into a mode, and that's how I know all this stuff, because the subconscious is much more powerful than the conscious, and my subconscious is totally turned over to beating these people, and that's where we're getting all this advanced intel.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, there's the headline at InfoWars.com for the live show feeds.
You can share it.
Emergency broadcast.
Globalists rush to launch World War III and martial law.
I had a mass awakening that mRNA COVID jabs attack immune system, cause blood clots.
Now there's a lot of reasons they launched the attacks.
To begin depopulation, to corrupt the medical system, to further collapse Main Street, to vertically integrate and consolidate power into the big BlackRock companies.
They doubled their wealth.
The public lost half their wealth during the whole COVID tyranny.
And they plan to, of course, bring that back and have the UN treaty moving forward.
They're trying to cram down right now that takes full control of your body, sets up more of these emergency centers around the world to lock up dissidents ahead of the next virus that Fauci was on TV two weeks ago again making around.
So was Tedros of the World Health Organization saying new viruses are imminent.
Remember, he said that in 2017 about Trump.
He will be challenged by a new novel virus, probably out of China.
They also said on C-SPAN that same year, at a different roundtable event he was at, we played the clubs many times here, that a new virus like the bird flu out of China would be used to blow up the old regulatory system and just allow drug companies to roll out anything they want untested.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
This is where we stand right now.
You have a giant financial bubble of quadrillions and quadrillions of fake dollars that the private central banks, the private owners, European Central Bank, our Federal Reserve that's private,
And they have been giving unlimited money to themselves to buy up the economy, to buy up the infrastructure, to buy up the politicians, to buy up the influencers, to engage in hundreds of billions of dollars just in the U.S.
alone, in lawfare, to shut down any populist or anybody that's half sane that challenges their barbaric takeover.
And we're now on the complete precipice.
So it was very clear to me when they created the virus and released it, we knew day one it was man-made.
Top universities around the world scanned it and said, you know, it's man-made, five viruses put together, 100% confirmed.
And then it turned out they were working on those very viruses at Wuhan, including COVID-19.
And we have the documents that they even called it COVID-19 a year before they released it.
And then when we got the documents and had the top scientist on about rat studies and other mammal studies they'd done with mRNA shots for SARS and for the bird flu, that it would, when they created the spike protein, it would then cause blood clots, myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks, you name it.
But it also attacks fertility.
So then I said to myself, how will they roll something out this devastating?
And in their own war games, the Spars 2025-2028 document, and in the John Hopkins Rockefeller Foundation document, Operation Lockstep, they even predicted there'd be giant political upheaval once the public discovered that the shots were making people sick and erasing their immune systems.
That's why when General Flynn three years ago saw our presentation on the Spars document,
and John Hopkins and the rest of them, and the Pentagon.
With the U.N.
He was the former head of Defense Intelligence, the former Chief National Security Advisor.
He went, oh my God, Jones is dead on in that three-hour emergency show he did, that thank God went viral, thanks to you getting it out.
And he said, this is a war game, so that they can have the attack plan, but if they get caught with it by other branches of government or private corporations, they say, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is just a drill.
So let's go back to the FDA October 2000 document, months before they rolled the shots out, saying we believe the list of adverse reactions will be myocarditis, blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and a whole bunch of other things.
So in the SPARS document, it's really set in the year 2020-2023, and it's a battle plan for the years we're in now.
And by the third year it comes out completely that it causes heart attacks and strokes and then will cause civil unrest.
And they even show example tweets they would release during the pandemic that are almost 100% the same.
They just change the acronyms and switch them around.
So this is a battle plan that they then decode for each launch phase of their operation.
It's like George Washington had his codes that went out and you had to decode them and then you could read it.
So when General Flynn saw it, he said, yeah, we're dead on.
But that's three years ago.
It was a question, were they actually doing it?
Now we know they did.
So they consciously tested this for decades.
Obama then weaponized it, decided to go with it in 2015.
But all these scientists blew the whistle, so they moved the weapon project from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the University of Texas, Galveston, and University of Baylor in Waco.
They were all involved.
Along with several other universities, if I was to name three of them, there's about ten involved, they were the lead groups.
They moved the project to Wuhan, so they'd have plausible deniability when they released it.
They were planning to get Hillary in, and then she would use it to bring in permanent martial law, but they got Trump instead.
So it didn't go quite the way they wanted.
So their plan was somewhat successful, consolidating power, almost got the World ID in, helping them get their World UN Treaty, but they haven't gotten exactly what they wanted.
So they're gearing up and telling you, it's about to happen again.
But I believe and I know that if we get enough friction on this, enough legislatures, enough governors, enough attorney generals, enough senators at the federal level aware of this, to speak about it, the globalists may back off.
Because they need to have plausible deniability and don't want people to know that we've actually deciphered their coded battle manuals and their entire attack plan.
So that's where we are.
Now here's the rest of the story.
You heard myself and you've heard Tucker Carlson and you've heard Jack Posobiec and Steve Bannon and a lot of other people say in the last six months
It's very clear that they're looking to suspend the 2024 election that's only 12 months away.
12 months and a few days.
And that to do that, they're going to need a giant war.
Now, here's the key.
They know the big bubble is already popping.
It's not about to pop, it's already popped.
Look at real estate, look at inflation, look at all of what's happening.
Look at the interest rates going up, but still inflation goes up.
The worst case scenario.
So they need the world to be in a giant crisis, and all tribal, everybody divided into their groups, so that the globalists can pose as the saviors during these regional, cascading, domino effect wars that will lead into a full-scale World War III.
Now, World War III, I believe, if you want to talk about it, really began
When Russia invaded Ukraine in February a year and a half ago, or a little bit more than a year and a half ago.
And then now with Israel and all the provocative moves there, and the way the Western media is playing both sides, it's designed to create maximum division and to get the other Middle Eastern countries involved to attack Israel.
And then the United States is going to go fully into the Middle East.
That's already being prepared.
It's already planned on.
And then I'm going to tell you the rest of the story when we come back.
So this is full World War and then martial law here domestically, food rationing and everything else, and we'll never come out of it.
And they're going to arrest all their political opposition, death camps, everything.
The end of everything you know is now here.
Well, you live to see it.
When I tell you these things, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
From the deepest sources of my discernment and intellect, which you don't need me to tell you, you can feel the wings of death flapping around you.
The end of the age.
Thermonuclear war.
Bio war.
Mass starvation.
The end of civilization as we know it.
It has been initiated.
They want 90% of us dead within 7 years.
This is just the beginning.
Every day could be our last year, my friends, but I'm going to stay at my post and go down with the ship.
We have a chance to avert this, but the globalists are invoking the Bible and twisting prophecy and saying that revelation is now being fulfilled and that then a leader will appear, the Messiah, to save us.
But the first Messiah
that appears in this time is the Antichrist, the counterfeit.
It's very clear.
I'm not just speculating now.
I told you with 100% precision how they lay this out.
Wars, economic collapse, World ID, UN Treaty, race war, food supply being cut off, energy being cut off,
Just like the shot and the release of the virus had to be cover up with wars, the food collapse that's already been put into motion, the dominoes have already been knocked over.
Use the V for Vendetta video where he hits the first domino and then it starts hitting the thousands of others.
The dominoes are about 10% down right now.
And now they're accelerating out.
Netanyahu is literally invoking Isaiah and saying, we're going to exterminate their farm animals.
We're going to kill their cows, their sheep, their goats, and their donkeys.
The Muslims are saying the same thing back, believing their following prophecy.
We know there was a standout in Israel.
Was it Netanyahu or was it the groups that want him out of power?
We don't know.
A lot of people that I trust, like Patrick Byrne, who's done a lot of research.
The guy's the real deal.
He's got a whole bunch of doctorates in this.
And he travels the world.
He says it was set up against Netanyahu.
And I'm not trying to defend Netanyahu.
I'm just putting that out there.
We don't know who stood down in Israel, but we know it happened.
We know in September they took the guns from the private security forces in that area of southern Israel on the border with the Gaza Strip and two plus million people that want to kill them.
So regardless, they had attack helicopters minutes away, didn't send them for seven hours.
This was a false flag.
This was allowed to happen.
There's different types of false flags.
There's the type where you let something happen, or you actually totally stage it.
There's three or four different variants, according to the Pentagon's own definitions of it.
But this, this was a stand down, which is a form of false flag.
So, let me just pull back here.
As calmly as I can with everybody and lay this out for you right now.
This is a cascade of global crises that will irrevocably make the carrying capacity of the industrialized world that allowed this giant population to form collapse.
A microcosm is Iraq and the sanctions put on them in 1990.
Intensified in 1994 by Clinton, basically tripled them.
No medicine, no energy can be sold, no energy can be brought in, no infrastructure parts.
And so they lost 3 million people of starvation and illness.
By the end of it, a million and a half of them children.
You're like, well, wait a minute, Madeleine Albright said 500,000 kids were a good price to pay.
That was a couple years into it.
It ended up being over a million children.
The State Department admits that.
Now, it's the same thing here.
You cut off the medicine and you cut off the energy, or make it too expensive for the average person to get, you're going to cause crime, you're going to cause homelessness, you're going to cause civil unrest, you're going to cause civil war.
And I've got a stack of mainstream news here in Europe, the US, Canada, you name it, saying mainline analysts believe we're going to have a civil war.
But instead of a civil war against the globalists, against BlackRock,
Black Lives Matter, funded by the same globalist groups, is setting it up as black against white and islamicist against Israel supporter.
And you see it everywhere.
And Muslims are a fifth column of the globalists because they control them politically.
I think
This is what's going on.
We've got the footage of them in the airport itself taking over.
Saying, give us the Jews, we're going to kill them.
We have millions in our country.
They have tens of millions in Europe.
And millions more coming.
The border's wide open.
So that's how dangerous all this has gotten.
Allah Akbar.
That's what I keep saying since October 7th.
Let's have the 35,000 foot view here.
Soros is funding these ribs all over the world.
That's in the New York Post today.
So you have the left preparing the shibble unrest around the world.
They knew when this attack happened in Israel.
Israel would go into war mode.
Israel would start attacking and leveling things.
The Arab countries would get angry.
The most powerful Muslim country hands down Turkey with nuclear weapons.
Erdogan threatened to invade Israel last week, Friday.
It's on.
troops are being deployed.
Hundreds of aircraft.
Hundreds are landing a day with munitions and troops.
Hundreds of flights.
And I've got the new Speaker of the House saying we need to go to war against all those countries.
We're ready.
We are.
Gonna play that clip coming up.
So that's where we are.
They're going to release another virus.
They're going to release a new deadly shot.
They're going to continue to cut off the fertilizer.
They're going to continue to cut off the fuel.
It was 25% a few months ago.
Now the estimates by the big central banks is a 30% cut in world fertilizer.
And the numbers are always about six months behind.
So six months ago, there was a 30% cut in world fertilizer production, not just because of the Ukraine war.
Governments are going around into the ESGs and BlackRock and the UN, cutting bank loans and funding and passing laws and regulations to not just cut the fertilizer, but make you kill the cows and the sheep, claiming their feces is toxic.
You know, that's part of the growth cycle and what makes the grass grow, and it's good.
You go to Africa, there are millions of water buffalo just roaming around.
You can breed them with a cow.
It's a cow.
Should we get rid of the water buffalo because they eat grass and then poop?
Anybody ever worked on a farm, sees where the cows go to the bathroom of the field, it makes the grass even greener.
It's manure.
You use it to grow your crops.
It's good.
The main food source in the Nile for the fish and the crocodiles eat, the humans eat, is the poop of the hippopotamuses.
Again, they're telling you cut trees down, they're bad with the earth.
They're telling you capture cow farts, methane's bad.
You pass methane.
It's part of the atmosphere.
They tell you carbon dioxide that plants breathe is bad.
And they tell you the world's gonna end as you know it by 2030.
What did William Shatner, when he went up in space,
With Jeff Bezos' team.
He came down, he cried, and he said, I looked down and knew the calamity and the cataclysm that was about to happen, that most of the people would be dead soon, and it's so sad to know it's gotta happen.
And they go, sir, sir, please be quiet.
He's in the group.
He's been promised life extension if he joins them.
I know a bunch of these people.
My intel reaches to the very highest levels, but I don't need to have that intel.
I can see it all around me.
Morgan Freedman went on The View last week.
It's now been cancelled.
It's not going to air next year.
They're done with them.
Whole corporate media is going to basically get laid off.
It's all going AI.
He said, yeah, too bad.
We're about to have an extinction event by 2030.
There'll probably be no humans left.
I read the transcript Saturday.
I covered it last night briefly.
Will you get the Morgan Freedman part of the interview where he talks about that?
So all these different globalists from Bill Gates to Klaus Schwab to Naval Noah Harari to their minions Beto O'Rourke and AOC and Extinction Rebellion, they're all telling you
That the end of humanity is imminent.
And that's because they're setting up the cataclysm, and they want you to then have it as a self-fulfilling prophecy when it happens.
And I know I talk a lot about this, but it is now 100% sure they're doing this.
Told you three and a half years ago.
The virus is man-made, the shot's gonna be deadly, going to cause heart attacks, myocarditis.
They're then gonna cover up that big event.
With a war, a financial collapse, a group of wars, and new viruses.
And now, it's happening.
Exactly as I said they would do it, because I know the enemy.
It's all I do.
It's all I do.
When I'm out there kicking a soccer ball with my daughter at the park down the street, I'm thinking about how innocent and good she is.
That's only one part of my mind.
All the rest of my brain is focused on this, because it's her future, and my other daughter's future, and my other daughter's future, and my son's future, and your son's and daughter's future.
This is 100% going down.
And it's a lot bigger task than backing them off their latest COVID lockdowns partially.
You got upset.
You got focused.
The enemy started rolling it out.
Major opposition.
You saw it.
They backed off all over the world.
We can stop them.
But if you're a banker, or a professor, or a bureaucrat, or a intelligence agency person, or you work for the federal police organizations and the different justice department systems around the world, you know you work for a tyranny.
You know you're compartmentalized.
You know that real tyranny is being set up.
And you will be destroyed by the globalists just like I will be if we don't stop these mad men and women.
They are into genocide.
It's their religion.
In fact...
They had erased it off the internet, but about two weeks ago we found the full 60 minutes.
And I sent you guys a four minute clip from 60 minutes that's actually in hard death.
And the little short clip we had with Leslie Stahl talking to Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State, where she says, yeah, we think killing a half million kids is a good price to pay.
And they killed another million after that.
Find me, I've seen like a four minute, we finally found a clean version of it.
The other one we had was like so grainy, a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.
This is like a VHS first-gen copy, it's clean.
And then you tie that into Netanyahu saying, we're not just gonna kill all the men, women, and children, we're gonna kill their farm animals.
We're gonna kill their cows, their sheep, and their donkeys.
Because just because they had those cows and sheep and donkeys,
The Palestinians are so dirty and so evil, their animals deserve to die.
Their cats, their dogs, every living thing.
No stone will be left unturned.
The message he's putting out is the message being spouted by a large number in the Knesset.
Now, sit back and think.
Do you think Benjamin Netanyahu is stupid?
No, he's very, very sly.
Very, very smart.
He knows rhetoric like that is going to stir up all of the Muslim nations that surround Israel.
And then he knows...
That what he's saying and doing is rubbing salt in the wound, and that's the orders he's been given by the globalists to get a full regional war going.
Because just like Wesley Clark famously said, he sought the Pentagon that plan to take out all the countries, including Egypt.
And what did Obama do?
He funded the Arab Spring that overthrew our allies and put the Muslim Brotherhood in that blew up hundreds of churches and killed tens of thousands of Christians and ran the few final Jews out of Egypt.
And so they are setting up a full Mideast war.
Russia's winning Ukraine.
And then what's China going to do?
They're going to move to Taiwan.
And unless we use nuclear weapons, they can't be stopped.
But that's because the globals have a larger plan to set America up in the end and destroy our name and basically relegate us into the future.
And there'll be a new NATO, U.N., China slash U.S.
as a junior partner in all of this.
And then we'll be under the world government.
That's the gamble they're going for.
With the world ID, with the UN treaty to take over your body, and make you take all these shots, and you've got Erdogan threatening to invade Israel, saying we'll invade in the middle of the night, as he speaks to a crowd that looks like 3 million people.
I don't know the number, but it's just one of the biggest crowds I've ever seen.
Looks like a Metallica concert in Brazil or something.
You ever seen those with like 5 million people?
I mean, you know when you're looking at millions.
It's bigger than Bolsonaro rallies.
And those were over a million and a half.
It's just boom!
Millions and millions of people.
And they're screaming, we're gonna kill the Jews.
And then Netanyahu is saying exactly what will punch their buttons.
So the Israelis get killed and massacred to punch their buttons.
Now, Netanyahu goes way too far, and even if he was going to kill people like that, he shouldn't have the rhetoric, we're going to exterminate, we're going to genocide people.
So, here's the bottom line.
This is a global plan to bring in global instability as a smokescreen for the fertilizer and the energy that's already cut off.
That's already going to kill hundreds and hundreds of millions of people, even the UN estimates.
So the UN runs the policies of cutting off the fertilizer and locking people down and cutting off the energy.
But then they say, oh, we need tens of billions of dollars.
We're going to have hundreds of millions starve to death starting now.
And they starve over 80 million people to death during the lockdowns.
And all that civil unrest around the world will then be organized, the survivors, military-age men, will be flooded into Europe, into North America.
This is it!
And the World ID, and the Cashless Society, and the ESGs, and all of it is going to then cover up all the dead and dying with the heart attacks.
Because that's the old story.
We're moving on to the next bigger crisis.
So they cover up each big rollout of their attack plan on civilization to fully collapse industrial society by 2030, then reduce population by 90%.
That's their goal.
They're the ones saying it, not me.
I'm not the one saying the world ends in 2030.
I'm not Morgan Freedman.
I'm not William Shatner.
I'm not Beto O'Rourke.
I'm not Greta Thunberg.
I'm not the UN.
I'm not Klaus Schwab.
I'm not Yuval Noah Harari.
I'm not Bill Gates.
They're the ones.
But once the collapse accelerates, and I told you this over and over again too, suddenly they'll be against open borders.
Suddenly they'll be a little bit against the shot.
Senator, they'll say, be nice to the medical workers that tried to make you do this.
Be our friends.
And now they're doing that.
So they're even thinking about the public as if you don't have a memory, they're now even acting like they're with us.
That's why the lady on the Young Turds, whatever her name is, Anna Kasparian, has come out and said, I hate the liberals, I hate California, I hate defunding the police, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, and that's why Bill Maher's doing all that, because they've done their job.
They believe the country's collapse is already unstoppable,
And they've been given their directive, their talking point.
I said it's not clear whether Musk did this early on, knowing that he didn't want to get blamed.
He wanted to be on our side because he thinks we can stop it.
And maybe all these other people have been joining us because of this.
But I know with her, it's because they've gotten the directive.
I know they read strictly off a Soros script.
So the globalists are already positioning themselves to act like they aren't the authors of what we're now living through.
So I hate to get so negative here with you but it's actually very very positive that we're still on air and able to warn you about this and the enemy doesn't like this show and wants us off air because when they tune in they know this guy's got our number.
His guests have our number.
How does this guy know this?
I've been investigated by the CIA, the FBI, I've been under massive surveillance, I've been sued by these federal groups to try to find the documents, to find who's funding us, to find who's giving me intel.
Years ago, you know, if I took my daughter to the park or whatever, there'd be feds there watching, and they just kept asking, and I've had the FBI call up and ask me and the rest of it, okay, how did you know this, how did you know that?
And the Secret Service called to say, how'd you know this?
How'd you know that?
How the hell wouldn't I know this?
They've got all their people out there preparing the next phase of their operation.
Because my head's in the game, that's why I know.
This is all I do.
And they think like when I'm at the park, I'm being handed like a, you know, a document.
This is what you say.
It comes out of my head.
How can you not look and see what's going on?
And they finally come to the realization, I'm not run by somebody.
Because see, they're all run by somebody.
They all get told what to say.
They all get told what to do.
I don't.
And the public sees it too.
This is not even rocket science.
But the horror that they're creating is so terrible, they believe you'll be scared of it subconsciously and won't admit how bad it is because it's too scary to admit it.
When only admitting it and then doing something about it will stop them.
I don't know, we've got a month, six months, a year.
This could kick off any day now.
But I know we've got a chance to pray.
We've got a chance to educate others, a chance to be heard, a chance to speak out.
Any place where you've got a venue, county commissioners, legislatures, calling in to talk radio, C-SPAN, going to events, talking to these politicians, educating them, going to school boards.
Talking to your neighbors.
But the most important thing is sharing the article, sharing the link, sharing the videos, like your life depends on it, because it does.
We need what I've talked about in the last 45 minutes to go viral everywhere.
Because it's the truth.
Now, I didn't finish the last big part, and I'll hit that at the start of the next hour, but I'll just say it here for bookends and expand on it.
Obviously, this helps all these governments that are about to have the bubble completely pop.
They're going to have the public mad at them, so they want wars and new viruses and civil unrest they can activate to make it a black-white thing or a Muslim-Jew thing.
You see what's going on.
And of course, the next big shoot-a-drop is, the way this is going, very good chance
That what I've said, and Tucker Carlson has said, and Jack Posobiec has said, and Steve Bannon has said, is true.
It looks like they're getting ready to cancel the election.
And that's the big takeaway.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
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All right, Max Keiser is going to come on and talk about world events, Bitcoin and more in the third hour.
But I want to give listeners a chance, I got a lot of other news to hit obviously as well, on World War III that I believe has already begun, that it's intensifying.
You've heard my last hour's analysis.
Do you think it's dead on?
Do you disagree?
Do you agree?
What would you like to add to that?
I'm going to give the toll-free number out right now for first-time callers.
So we'll fire up the phone system.
First-time callers.
Got family getting deployed to the Middle East?
What's the intel you're getting on the ground?
Some stations don't carry this first five, but I'm going to cover some more news here.
When we come back, I'm going to play the Netanyahu clip.
I'm going to play the GOP New House Speaker, Mike Johnson, who's already changing his ways on war.
Now he loves it.
And now he loves another spending increase, of course, because we're in an emergency.
So we're going to be getting to that coming up next segment.
And a lot more.
But this is all about getting us fighting with each other so we don't point out who hit us with poison shots, who hit us with the deadly virus, who hit us with blocking therapeutics, who's cut off the energy, who's cutting off the fertilizer, who's cutting off the farming.
I mean, it is a devastating, devastating attack.
It's taking place against humanity right now.
And so we're going to be discussing all of that coming up today.
I've also got some political correctness examples of how they've taught that there's all this hidden racism everywhere and what it's doing to black people out there.
The mind control is insane.
I've got a meme here, shows a scientist at a drawing board that says, scientists warn that within six months humanity will run out of things to call racist.
And just a few of the new clips I've seen is this very serious black lady, young, nice looking black lady.
And she literally thinks good morning is a code word for murdering black people.
Because she thinks morning, like the morning coming up, the dawn, is mourning, meaning sad that someone died.
So that they would say to the slaves, totally made up,
This is the type of stuff that's being taught out there in the schools, colleges, when you would say good morning, that's for slaves, totally made up.
That goes back to thousands and thousands of years ago in every culture.
People say good day, or have a great day, or God bless, or enjoy your dinner.
Chinese do it, Japanese do it, Africans do it.
People are the same everywhere.
It's funny how in most cultures the word for mother and father is very similar.
You know the word for S-H-T in Chinese basically sounds the same way.
They call it the same thing.
That's like 5,000 year old language at least.
And that was how the...
Saxon, that was their word.
Then when the French took over a thousand years ago, the Norman, they said you can't use non-King's English, so they banned a bunch of words like S-H-T.
The point is we have the same cultures.
And she literally believes that.
Another example of a comedian got mad about it, and I guess they're talking about pulling it off shelves.
There's a cheese called Coon.
It's an old family name.
And they go, well, that's an insult on black people.
So she's so ignorant she can't tell the difference between overhead shot, please.
Morning, meaning a period of time between midnight and noon, especially from sunrise to noon.
It was a beautiful sunny morning.
She thinks morning is mourning.
To feel or express grief.
Or sorrow.
Isn't that?
Guys, I didn't get printed the full definition of mourning as in sorrow.
The front page didn't print.
Print that for me again, because I'm going to play these clips coming up.
I mean, this is mind control.
Look what they've done to these people.
All over Europe and the US, there's a lot of colleges that have Lynch Library or Lynch Hall.
Lynch is an ancient Irish name.
So somebody would die and donate their money to build a library.
And then they go, oh look, they want to lynch you.
Okay, get rid of the name.
It's just mental illness, folks.
Meanwhile, we're on the verge of thermal nuclear war.
Infowars.com, band.video, Tomorrow's News Today, those are the Accordance for Liberty.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Please stay with us.
Welcome to the fount, the progeneration, the source, the tip of the spear.
No, not Alex Jones, but this broadcast, our calls, our guests, our crew, everything we do is seen as the enemy, as the epicenter of the resistance.
And I know we're all humble people, but it's important to realize the enemies of humanity recognize that we are the ones giving them a run for their evil money.
Okay, so let me just recap and then I'm going to go to the phone calls at 877-789-2539.
We're talking World War III and how bad is it going to get?
It's very clear.
They're cutting off the energy.
They're cutting off the fertilizer.
They're cutting off the food.
At levels they're going to kill hundreds of millions just to begin.
They've already killed 80 plus million with the lockdowns.
They're preparing new viruses, new lockdowns.
Netanyahu is doing everything he can to stir up the Middle East with provocative speeches about we're going to exterminate all of the people in Gaza and including their farm animals.
And then the Muslims are being led by Erdogan calling for attacking Israel and saying Turkey may invade Israel.
I mean this is Armageddon type stuff.
Muslims demonstrating, protesting, attacking all over the world in Russia, taking over an airfield in Dagestan by the Russian Federation.
Taking over, trying to pull Israelis off an aircraft.
This is a global crisis, that's why I said expect Hamas, Hezbollah and others to launch terror attacks inside the West.
Very, very serious time to be alive while the globalists may stage a false flag.
Let's play Netanyahu talking about quotes from the Bible where they specifically discuss genocide.
Here it is.
You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible.
And we do remember and we are fighting.
Our brave troops and combatants who are now in Gaza or around Gaza and in all other regions in Israel are joining this chain of Jewish heroes, a chain that has...
It started 3,000 years ago from Joshua Ben-Nun until the heroes of 1948, the Six Day War, the 73 October War, and all other wars in this country are hero troops.
They have one supreme main goal, to completely defeat the murderous enemy and to guarantee our existence in this country.
We've always said, never again, never again,
And then he specifically quotes the Bible verse as well.
Let's put that Bible verse up there that talks about killing even the farm animals.
And then again we've got Erdogan saying he's looking to invade Israel out of Turkey.
This is all insane.
And Israel is losing its information war around the world.
The public's not buying it.
But evangelical Christians and others, in their bubbles, are going along with it.
And again, it's all part of a larger countdown to a worldwide meltdown.
All right.
Let me do this.
Let me hit the rest of the news here.
Just scan over it with you.
And then we're going to go to Sid, Mike, Aiden, Sean, Michael, Aaron, Bill, Sean, Sheldon, Josh, and Sean.
And then we have Max Keiser coming up.
So this is the calls we're going to take.
No more calls after this.
Thank you, guys.
I don't want when a caller hangs up, another one gets on, and then we don't get to them.
I don't want to do that.
So here's some of the headlines.
Mike Johnson, the new GOP Speaker of the House, tells Sean Hannity, we cannot allow Putin to prevail in Ukraine.
boots on the ground may be required to stand with Israel.
Supports Israel directly attacking Iran, Russia, China, and Iran are the axes of evil.
Wider war will bring inevitable attempts at martial law.
Excellent article by Ben Warren on InfoWars.com.
That's what this is all about.
That's suspending the election.
Northern and Western Europe are drifting towards civil war.
Hungarian historian warns.
Black Hebrew Israelites are now battling pro-Palestinian protesters in Chicago.
People of Dagestan have stormed their airport after hearing a plane from Israel has landed.
Thousands of pro-Hamas agitators and ultra-Orthodox Jews calling for Israel's destruction shut down Brooklyn Bridge.
Businesses vandalized with disgusting anti-Semitic stickers.
Grimspine Israel bashing protest back to Moss.
Got 15 million plus from Soros, New York Post.
Trump for eight, I mean for four straight years, which it was eight, for four straight years, I kept America safe, I kept Israel safe, and kept the world safe.
Today, the world is blowing up all around us.
No matter where you look, if I were president, the attack on Israel would never, ever have happened.
And it just goes on from there.
We've got more we're going to be getting to coming up.
But now let's shift gears into some other very important areas here.
This is on the poison shot front.
ABC News, older adults have received last year's COVID booster and a high-dose version of the flu vaccine on the same visit.
They have a potential increased risk of stroke, according to a new FDA-funded study.
Here's CNN reporting it.
Do you have any findings for COVID-19 shots pose stroke risk in older adults?
Remember when they denied this and said the shot was perfectly safe and anyone who questioned it was a dangerous conspiracy terrorist?
Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8.
Little nice little boy.
Now see, they don't get mad when Pfizer or Moderna kills a Jew.
That's okay, because Benjamin Netanyahu said, we're going to use Israelis as guinea pigs.
But if Hamas does it, then we've got to have World War III.
See how it works?
Never had heart problems?
He's dead now.
Heart attack.
Eight-year-old Israeli, post-Chalmer vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, dies of sudden cardiac arrest.
Matthew Perry!
First they said he drowned, now they say he didn't.
Looks like a heart attack.
Matthew Perry post-promoting, could I be any more vaccinated?
Shirt resurfaces after Star's death.
He's very proud of himself.
Are you vaccinated?
You better get a vaccinated shirt.
So that's just some of what we've got for you on the COVID front.
Yeah, the official story, he drowned, but now they say he didn't drown.
CDC admits 120,000 U.S.
kids died suddenly after following COVID jab rollout.
Kind of a big deal, huh?
Kind of a huge, huge, huge deal.
Let's talk about some of the economic numbers now.
Coming up, McDonald's revenue soars as it hikes menu prices $18 Big Macs.
I don't think there's no inflation.
Big Mac was what, $3, $4 for that?
And it wasn't on sale?
Biden chooses Venezuela over buying Canadian oil and won't let the U.S.
drill for new oil.
Getting the picture here now?
Now they're saying they're going to put Trump in jail if he violates the gag order again.
We knew that was coming.
Turns out Maine law enforcement got specific threats that he was going to shoot up and kill people, but they did nothing.
Even after he was in a mental institution this summer.
That's some of the news.
The Russians have put forward more peace deals with
Ukraine, but you never see that in any of the local media or national media here.
That's all coming up.
Also, big victories against the attempts to make you eat bugs.
More countries are creating laws or passing laws to ban synthetic meat.
Yeah, we'll deal with this.
Ban this crap.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news today.
We're going to come back to your phone calls and then get into all this news and more.
Big broadcast.
Stay with us.
In the interest of time, I'm not going to play the clip of the new Speaker of the House.
I read you the quotes.
Saying, well, we may have to go to war with troops in the Middle East.
And then meanwhile, Israel's actions are going to elicit larger military responses.
You already see that happening.
So we are not on the road to World War III, we are at the destination.
We're taking your phone calls right now on this live Monday, October 30th transmission.
Aiden in Massachusetts, you're on the air, welcome.
Hey, what's going on Alex?
First thing I want to talk about is my experience with COVID-19.
I'm 20 years old and I was in the school systems in a blue state in Massachusetts.
It was just crazy what they were doing.
They were publicly announcing our names to the people that didn't get the jab in classes and all the kids in my class would just be saying,
Why don't you just get the jab?
Why don't you just peer pressuring?
Not only that, they've made me not play sports for not getting the jab.
Yeah, that's literally around the country.
Public shaming.
And that's just the beginning.
Absolute totalitarianism.
Complete violation of the Nuremberg Code.
Yeah, it was just great.
They also didn't let me play sports.
And I was playing hockey and I honestly gave in.
And that was just, it was stupid.
I was 16 years old.
And that's another, that's what brings me to the next subject of what I can actually do to make the side effects of this, or the chances of me going into a cardiac arrest.
Well, you live in Massachusetts, so you had a lower rate of them sending the hot lots.
They mainly bombed red states and conservative areas by computer coding to the zip code around
Five to ten percent, depending on the region and country, got the hot shots, the ones that had a large dose of the spike protein replicator, basically prion, not basically, it is a prion, similar to what causes bad cow disease, spongiform of cefalovi.
Then another 30 to 40 percent, depending on what area you're in, got a very low dose
Or slow-growing death shot.
So there's a 50 plus percent chance you were given saline.
That's on purpose.
Also, if they didn't keep it at 87 degrees or lower, the replication system doesn't operate properly.
So a lot of people never got the dose.
So if you didn't start having
According to all the scientists I've talked to and what we've seen, an autoimmune response really quick, if you didn't feel like you've been run over by a truck in the next few days, if you didn't get red spots all over you, if you didn't get a fever, things like that, then you probably got saline.
They call it range finding, target acquisition, and so they didn't want to hit everybody with it.
They wanted to hit only certain groups, but they bombed, and we've documented this with documents that have since come out, and the EU government even admitted it.
They hit conservative areas with the weapon.
Some conservative areas got up to 20% full load and around 50 to 60% small load, and so they were only getting 30, 40% saline in conservative areas, and so it's all part of their weapon operation.
Thank you for that information.
I wasn't feeling any sickness or anything.
How many times did you take the experimental injection?
I actually took two jabs.
I didn't get the boost or anything.
Did you take Moderna or Pfizer?
I think it was Moderna.
I'm pretty sure it was Moderna.
That is the bad one.
That's the equivalent of four Pfizer shots.
It's the exact same compound.
Pentagon developed.
Alright, well I'm taking your trifecta.
I just got your trifecta sale, so hopefully that can do some things.
I'm really big on my diet as well.
I've been going to a store that's like really good on organic and good meat and stuff.
I mean, I don't claim to be the healthiest guy around myself because of the high stress lifestyle, but I certainly know what's going on and I'm not giving medical advice to anybody.
I know what I do to clean out my blood because there's also shedding that goes on and that is the
Nitric Boost.
That is a really good product.
According to Dr. Judy Megowitz and others, it has all these natural compounds that really help clean and flush out the body.
So I personally, just for good health anyways, plus it has some other great effects in the vascular areas.
I'll leave it at that.
But people immediately go, wow, this is like, you know, natural Viagra or Cialis.
That's because of what it does to the blood.
So it basically really expands the capillaries, the arteries.
Helps flush them out.
So I would be taking nitric boost.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Now, I'm not mad at that caller.
Because what we're talking about is the poison shot.
That's a big part of this.
But the war is the cover-up for that.
You cover up one horrible attack with a bigger attack.
And so we're really taking calls about World War III.
But you can... I mean, the poison shot, we're all...
Survivors of a bio-war.
We're all veterans of a bio-war.
I mean, we literally are.
And then many of you are double victims.
If you took the shot that was loaded, a hot shot, and you took the payload and you got hit by the virus as well, then you were hit twice by Fauci and Bill Gates.
And the Pentagon did develop it and created it all.
Pfizer and Moderna were just the groups they used to push on the public.
That's all declassified now.
So that's who runs the Pentagon.
Very nice people.
And they shot our troops up with it, of course.
Yes, hi Alex, can you hear me okay?
I just want to first of all point out that I think your analysis is absolutely spot on on everything that's going on and it's so overwhelming.
I think that really the thread that runs through everything that's going on is deception and so many people are being deceived.
I personally think, by the way, I happen to be a board-certified psychiatrist, this is my second time talking with you.
I don't want to get sidetracked into that, but I'm also a Christian, which is a very, you know, rare combination, because most psychiatrists you probably know are atheists or, you know, some other stuff.
They're nuts.
But the Lord, you know, I was saved in 2002, miraculously, and as a result of that, He has given me
Incredible discernment, something you talk about a lot.
And I think that that is the single most important thing for people who are trying to wrap their brains around what's going on to have.
That you need to have, you need to stick to the Lord like Velcro, you know, like, like quite on right.
And I'm going to give you more time because this is, I want to hear from a Christian psychiatrist.
All the globalists aren't atheists.
They want us to be atheists because they don't want us to know there's a God.
We're energetic electrochemical creatures.
Our cells are all receiving and transmitting energy into the ether.
That's why the sixth sense, you know, this has been proven.
And when God, though, wants to open the channel, but God doesn't rape us electrochemically, so you have to open the channel, you have to open the gate, and then you receive it, and it's real.
And it's not mumbo-jumbo.
It's happening.
And I want to hear about how you got saved.
You're talking about the sermon, what it was like as a guy that studies the brain to then enter this wider world.
That's why the occultists do what they do.
That tunes them into the devil channel, the lower resonance, whatever you want to call it.
It's all being proven scientifically.
That's why all these top mathematicians and people now believe in God.
We'll be right back.
Don't hang up, Sid.
World War III has already begun.
The designed program collapse of civilization is here.
From the energy, to the fertilizer, to the food, to the culture, to the borders, the police, to race war, to physical war.
If I may, I'd like to just alliterate because it's so short.
I want to just mention the reason that I brought up this whole thing with the deception is that
The 800-pound gorilla in the room here, the big lie, if you will, is, and this is the misunderstanding that evangelical Christians and many, many people around the world, all the way up to the highest echelon of, you know, our government, and really around the world, the politicians and people in control have.
And that is, they think that the modern state of Israel
You know, that was basically brought into existence by a U.N.
mandate in 1947.
I think it was May 14, 1947.
Is not, I repeat, not the ancient land of Israel.
In fact, actually, Israel was the northern kingdom of two kingdoms.
You had Israel and Judah in the south.
In 722 BC, the Northern Kingdom was destroyed by the Assyrians, completely destroyed.
They ceased to exist at that point.
So, Israel as a kingdom was destroyed.
And then, in 586 BC, Judah, in turn, was destroyed.
Alright, let me get off that whole thing.
So now, getting back to your thing, as I was talking about discernment,
You know, relationship with the Lord is the single most important thing to understand these things.
So, basically, to answer your question, in 2002, I had been practicing, I mean, I graduated from residency training in 1994.
Fast forward to 2002, I came down with a sudden acute case of diverticulitis.
You know, uh, basically it felt like, you know, just perfectly normal.
And all of a sudden it felt like somebody literally stabbed me, put a spear right through my, my abdomen.
Um, long story short, uh, after 18 days in the hospital, it was all going very badly in the wrong direction.
And you can imagine, and I was on staff at this hospital, so I was being treated like a king.
I mean, I was being given the best care.
It was going in the wrong direction.
And without getting into unnecessary detail, because we don't have the time, I promise you, this is coming from a doctor, okay?
Psychiatrists are obviously doctors that specialize, you know, in neurology and the human mind.
Psychiatrists are medical doctors.
Keep going.
So, you can take what I'm about to tell you to the bank like a stack of cash, okay?
That is correct.
The Lord miraculously saved me.
I know of no mechanism
That would explain what happened to me.
I was facing emergency surgery, and essentially, again, I wish I'd had the time to explain it to you, because it'd be even more compelling.
Did you feel God's presence before He healed you?
Well, since you brought that up, at 1.30 in the morning, okay, on June 18, 2002, Jesus Christ Himself came into my room.
Basically, it was like,
I actually have a video, by the way, of another story, totally unrelated to mine, of miraculous healing.
Brother, I've had similar experiences.
I'm not sure you're familiar with it.
That's why I understand.
Believe me, it's a big deal.
I haven't physically seen Christ, but it's like I've seen time and space bend.
You're not on drugs or anything, and it's like you're given.
You feel it, and it's just there.
It's like God's there.
It's like you're getting a message.
Yeah, it actually, the same thing happened to the Apostle Paul, remember?
Blinded by the light on the road to Damascus.
Pretty much the same type of deal.
So, anyway, that's how I know it was Jesus Christ.
Well, that's why Hank Williams says, I saw the light, I saw the light, and it's like, boom!
There you go.
Countless references to it.
So, anyway, I was miraculously healed, not just physically, but he healed me on every level you can imagine, you know, spiritually.
So, I've had a very close connection.
I've never forgotten, literally, like it happened yesterday.
What the Lord did for me.
This is very important.
If you weren't praying for that and it happened, that means God has particularly some special mission for you.
Did God impress you with a mission when that happened?
I believe so.
And again, you know, I don't want to digress too much, but the point I'm trying to make, Alex, is you have to have, every single one of us has the capacity and I would argue the need to seek God
Take your eyes off all of the other distractions and nonsense which these people are throwing at us.
No, I totally agree.
I gotta move to other callers, but have you found it's helped your practice help people now that you know God's real?
Yeah, and I use discernment to know when I bring up certain things, but it's always there, and I have absolutely helped people with that.
So again, my message to people is, look, don't be fooled by the deception, which is, hey, we're Israel.
We need to defeat these people.
I got that part.
I got that part.
I appreciate your call, brother.
Gotta get to the next caller.
Thank you so much.
Let's go to Sheldon in Canada.
Sheldon, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex, for having me.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just want to mention or reiterate what you're saying.
I really believe that we are heading headlong into a regional nuclear war in the Middle East.
I mean, it's currently we're on that course.
I mean, I hate to say it.
It feels dirty to say it, but I just tell the truth.
I mean, I think you agree with me, right?
I mean, you can't deny it.
Absolutely, 100%.
I'm an ardent supporter of Israel.
I used to like Benjamin Netanyahu.
I think he's gone mad.
His rhetoric is out of control.
I think he's really hurting the Israeli people.
And there's two people I'd like to mention, Alex, to you.
One is there's an excellent interview with Pierce Morgan, the son of Hamas.
I saw the son of the Hamas leader in NY.
He saw how evil Hamas was and how they tortured the Muslims to make them follow them.
And they're not letting people get out of Gaza themselves.
They're terrible.
Yeah, but he's a very courageous, very brave man, speaking his mind.
He infiltrated Hamas.
Yeah, he worked for Israel.
And then the second person is a gentleman named Bill Salus.
He's a prolific prophecy writer.
He's written three books that align eerily to what's happening right now.
Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and the prophecy of Elam, Jeremiah 49, about Iran.
And it talks about how Israel engages in a regional war with all the neighboring Arab and different countries,
And it gets really nasty, and Israel gets really hurt in this war.
But in the end, they come out of it, but it talks about the demise of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Amman, all basically, it doesn't say directly, but insinuation is nuclear destruction.
Well that's right, when you read the Old and New Testament, it repeats itself.
It talks about whole cities disappearing in fire.
Yes, and I think that we're very quickly, the probability of this, hopefully it isn't for our time, but the probability is increasing dramatically as we go along day by day.
I mean, if Hezbollah starts to really unleash what they have in the north, and then you get all these boutique kind of Islamic groups in Syria, and what happens if Jordan falls?
What happens if the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, lots of Palestinians there... Well, that's right, because if the Muslim countries don't go to war with Israel, their people are going to overthrow them.
That's exactly right.
And it talks about, in Isaiah, about how the peoples roared, and that's all through the world.
I mean, you saw the incidents in Russia, southern Russia, and it was like a pogrom.
It was unbelievable.
Well, did you see those millions of people in Istanbul demanding war with Israel?
And then you look at Aragon.
And Aragon is playing his own rhetoric game.
But I mean, it's just the temperatures being ratcheted up and up.
And I agree with you 100%.
This is an extremely important pivot point.
And we have to watch this very carefully.
And we have to watch how America... I believe we should support Israel 100%.
But we have to be very careful about Netanyahu and the people that are... and the left-wing people that are in the government there too.
It works... there's such a... you know, it's so...
It's messy, and it's something that you have to divine and peel apart who's what and where.
I agree with you.
It's very, very complex.
Thank you, Sheldon.
Sean in Michigan.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Go ahead.
Yes, I can.
Yeah, I'd like to just say I don't think the world is going to end in a worldwide nuclear war for two reasons.
The first reason is biblical prophecy is 100% accurate.
And Jesus Christ revealed to John, which was written in the book of Revelation, exactly how things are going to play out.
And it's not a worldwide nuclear war.
And the second reason is, if there was a worldwide nuclear war, it would take out all the power plants' power, and they would go into meltdown, which would destroy the atmosphere, and there would be no life that could survive on this planet.
Well, you just made my point.
You just made my point for me.
The Bible describes that if God didn't intervene, there'd be no flesh left, okay?
So, the point is that, yeah, there's 460-something nuclear reactors that are producing power.
There's hundreds of nuclear-powered submarines in the world.
And if there's a nuclear war, most of those power plants will melt down and make Chernobyl and make Fukushima look tame in comparison.
Because those are dirty.
They're not like an atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb that dissipates most of the radiation and are, quote, clean, comparatively.
So you're absolutely right.
But I can't sit there and take an interpretation that people have about the Bible and then say I'm not worried about nuclear war.
God says, you know,
The Muslims have a saying, trust in God, but tie up your camel.
Your camel's still going to wander off just because God's on your side.
You've still got to tie your shoelaces, you've got to put oil in the car, you've got to feed your kids.
But the Bible describes a fourth of the world population being destroyed and the sea turning to what looks like blood.
So to me, that sounds like something really bad to me.
There you go.
Are you worried about the expanded war?
Are you worried about the fertilizer getting cut off?
The food getting cut off?
What do you think is going to happen with that?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, both of those are disasters for the human race.
And there could be a limited nuclear war.
I mean, that could happen.
But I just don't think there would be a worldwide nuclear war.
I'm worried about all that.
I think, you know, evil is in charge on the planet now for a short time.
But eventually we win.
So no, I'm not worried about it.
Well, I appreciate your call.
I believe God wins.
I know God wins and I understand what you're saying.
I think you're right.
But you say you're not worried about it.
You mean you're not?
I said nuclear war.
We're supposed to be worried about drag queen story time, and I'm sure you are, caller.
We're supposed to be worried about the human smuggling up the borders.
We're supposed to be worried about all this stuff.
Because the mainline churches just say, hey, we're not worried.
Jesus is going to come back.
We're all fine.
So they don't even criticize abortion.
God's going to not recognize those people.
That's my opinion.
So this is very biblical.
It's very dangerous.
That's where I stand on it.
Michael in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, what's up Alex?
First time caller.
I've actually been trying to get a hold of you for like three years, so it's actually kind of cool that I finally get on.
But yeah, two things.
Do you think it's more likely they shut off the power or EMP?
You know, when things start getting a little crazy.
It's getting crazy now, but... Oh, the globalists have been pre-programming that they want to blame patriots for a cyber attack, quote, working with Russia.
Then they turn the power off and blame us for it.
Um, in that case, do you think, like, you know, like living in Southern California, San Diego, everybody has solar out here.
So, I mean, like, is that going to be, like, are they going to go above and beyond even just shutting off power?
Like, you know, because I figured if you have solar, you'll be all right for a little bit, right?
I mean, obviously, you know, the more self-sufficient we can all get.
I'm talking to myself when I say this.
The more self-sufficient we can get, the better.
I've got some solar panels.
I've got some little generators.
I've got storable food, water filters and guns.
And, you know, my folks have got some property in the country.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, people need to get as self-sufficient as possible.
The globalists don't want to self-sufficient.
Everything they do is about making us helpless.
So we need to be as helpful and as self-sufficient as possible.
Yeah, I agree.
I agree.
One more question.
This is actually in regards to vaccines for children, like not the poison shots.
I couldn't even, I can't even imagine people even getting that.
That's crazy to me, the COVID shots.
But like, regular vaccines, are they all bad?
I'm only asking because I have two little boys.
I got a seven and two year old.
And I'm kind of iffy on the vaccines, you know, like, what would you do?
And if you're in my shoes, you got, you got a little boy, then, you know, you want him to go to school and all that.
But, you know, out here, I don't know how it is nationally, but out here, it's like, you got to have fricking records of vaccination, you know?
Look, I'm not going to tell you what you should do as a father, but let me tell you how I see this as a father from deep research that gives me a headache to even try to draw up all the knowledge I can give you.
None of the vaccines work.
None of them have ever worked.
Yes, you can learn immunity from them, but in almost every case there are other mutated versions of whatever virus it is.
The only vaccine that I would take if it was clean and you could prove it hadn't been tampered with, which is one of the main ones the UN tampers with, is tetanus.
Tetanus shots really work.
Rabies shots really work.
But humans don't take a preventative rabies shot because it's so rare.
But the shots once you've been bitten, if you get it early enough before replication, do work.
But almost all, like flu, they've never guessed a flu shot.
That was the right mutation.
It's never been real.
It's always been a fraud.
It lowers your immunity the next year and destroys your immune system.
The shots are contaminated, almost all of them, with mRNA, RNA, cancer viruses.
I've had Dr. Mikovits on so many others.
It's a nightmare.
They told my grandmother when she got her second round of polio.
It was oral, that she got polio in like 1955, from the polio vaccine here in Austin, Texas, where she took it.
So, it's a cost-benefit analysis, but are your children intervening as drug users?
Are they having anal sex?
Then they don't need the hepatitis shot.
And the studies are clear.
It really messes little babies up.
We're good to go.
My six-and-a-half-year-old daughter has had zero shots.
My 21-year-old son has had zero shots.
My 19-year-old daughter has had zero shots.
I've got a 15-year-old daughter, and she lives her own life.
She made her own decision.
She decided to have some of them, okay.
But I'll just tell you this.
My children are incredibly healthy, and
That's the bottom line.
And so I appreciate your call.
I mean if you look at, there's graphs out there, that sanitation really kicks in the Western world in the 20s.
As soon as we started washing our clothes with detergents and drinking water that didn't have sewage in it, you see infectious diseases go way down.
Then vaccines start in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and they go back up some.
Not like they were before sanitation, but they go back up.
The graph goes like this.
Sanitation, disease goes down.
Vaccine start, it goes back up.
That's how the graph is from Australia to Germany to the U.S.
It's the same thing.
We're going to break.
Please remember,
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Silver Bullet, back in stock.
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We're good to go.
Thank you.
Max Keiser's coming up.
We'll take a few more calls, then go to Max Keiser.
Stay with us.
All right, folks.
I saw the light.
I saw the light.
Max Keiser's got huge economic news, military news, and more coming up.
After he's gone, Mike, Aaron, and others will get to your calls.
Please stay with us.
This third hour is going to be big.
I'll go a little bit to the fourth hour as well.
And then there's the War Room at 3 p.m.
Central today, but first this.
Now I'm about to talk about something really historic and very, very exciting.
There's a lot of angles to this in the limited time we have.
But America has been a special place because we aspired to liberty and freedom when nobody else was.
Aspiring to it.
We weren't perfect, we were far from it, but it was a place where experiments were allowed and where people could really try to prove themselves, not because of what family they came from or because they were from royalty, but a meritocracy based on what they could produce, what they could do.
There were two things that really fueled and funded the colonies and the launch of America in 1776, and both of them are interesting.
Both of them have dark histories, but both of them are something that you can enjoy responsibly.
That's of course tobacco and the Virginia colony.
And that's, of course, whiskey.
And Sam Adams, with Whiskey & Beer, was one of the main boosters and funders, in fact, probably the biggest funder, of George Washington and our troops.
So it was Whiskey & Beer.
Wine, the liberals love to drink, I'm not against wine, it's just a fact, that literally fuel the start of our country, along with this tobacco.
And I enjoy both, but I've really gotten good over the years at being responsible.
Sometimes I might go four months, that's the longest I've gone in the last few years, with no tobacco or no alcohol.
But when I'm with friends, when I'm with family, when I'm with patriots, I enjoy both of them, and they go together like a horse and carriage.
Two years ago, I got approached by great patriots from some of my connections who are major craft whiskey producers in Kentucky.
So they brought me dozens of these amazing whiskeys that they had developed and it also procured.
And out of all of them, I like this Kentucky straight bourbon.
Again, I'm no whiskey connoisseur.
I just know what tastes good, what I like, what
You know, feels good, which doesn't give you that big hangover after.
I liked out of dozens, over a dozen I tried, this whiskey.
Now the bad news is they only had so many barrels of it.
And so it's a limited supply.
There's 10,000 bottles of this as of the time I'm cutting this.
And it is amazing.
And it's been ready for a year because of leftists trying to block it being in stores and behind the scenes harassment and debanking and stuff of this major whiskey company.
This has been in the warehouse for a year.
So it wasn't just aged for the years it was in the barrels, it's been aged by their censorship and went from amazing to incredible.
So, it's a very special bottle too.
That's why we have all these government documents here in front of me right here.
Because if you aim a blacklight at Conspiracy Bourbon, ConspiracyBourbon.com is the only place to get it.
It's got all of these hidden messages on it, on the front and on the back.
So like I said, this is really, really special, limited run, only place to get it.
We have the conspiracy imperatives, 10 of them, kind of the 10 commandments.
There's only 10,000 bottles of this at conspiracybourbon.com.
Destroy the Tyrants.
It just goes on and on.
This is very, very special.
I would imagine that most people that get this are never going to open it.
Gut level, I think this is going to be a major collector's item.
We could have sold it for $200 in the market.
It's 60-something bucks instead, and it's a fundraiser for the operation.
We're really, really, really, really proud of it.
So, while you're hanging out with your friends, your family, your co-workers, you name it,
It's really important to remember what Americana is all about, and if you are somebody that likes a fine whiskey, well, this is it, and it funds the Infowar.
A true 360 win.
For myself, the entire Infowars crew, here's to you, and here's to America.
This isn't some Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch, transgenderism, you know, Creepazoid targeting our children.
This is high-quality American Kentucky,
Whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, funding the second American revolution against tyrants.
So here's all the past patriots, the current patriots, and future patriots.
This drink of conspiracy is for you.
One place to get it, conspiracybourbon.com.
And believe me, this is going to sell out quick, so if you want it, get yourself a bottle today at conspiracybourbon.com.
Naeem Bukele is the president of El Salvador.
He's been doing an interesting job shutting down the gangs down there.
And he was on, I don't know, six months ago with Tucker Carlson and said there's a planned destruction of the United States.
I totally agree with him.
And Max Keiser, who's on with us right now, the Bitcoin grand poobah and also really a great geopolitical analyst, wanted to play this clip.
So I think we should play it right up front and then plunge into this important news today.
Here it is.
The demise of the U.S.
has to come from within.
The enemies have to be inside.
Not really outside.
No external enemy can cause so much damage as internal.
It's an internal operation.
You're watching internal operations here.
You can see them in cities.
Cities that were pristinely beautiful 30 years ago are wastelands.
Right now.
You would see people, I mean, I'm from El Salvador, third world country in Central America, and myself, I can see cities here and say, I don't want to, I want to live here.
So, that would be unthinkable three decades ago.
Totally unthinkable.
That a Salvadoran wouldn't want to live in a US city?
In a US main city?
I mean, Los Angeles, San Francisco.
New York, Chicago, yeah.
Well, Philadelphia.
When you look at how the city is eroding so fast, this has to be by design.
I mean, who would make so many stupid decisions?
Like, okay, we're gonna
We're going to give you money for drugs.
Really, they're doing that.
In some cities, they're giving people drugs.
I mean, they're literally giving people drugs in some US cities.
Or they say, OK, we're going to give you money if you don't work.
Or we're going to, you know, they make all of these laws that make no sense.
It's the design takedown of civilization.
You can find him.
On Twitter at Max Keiser and the Orange Pill on YouTube.
Max Keiser joins us today to talk about his prediction decade plus ago of the Gulag Casino or Casino Gulag model.
We are certainly in it now.
Max, good to have you back on.
I've been trying to get you on for a while.
Glad you came on.
Hey Alex, great to be on and it's great to be on InfoWars.
We moved to El Salvador and we're living in the new shining city on a hill.
This is the new land of the free, home of the brave.
This is where you find freedom.
This is
This is really the place you want to be for this century, Alex.
This is a fantastic opportunity here in El Salvador.
The economy is growing.
Tourism is up 100%.
GDP is up.
And to give you an idea of the genius of the President, Najibu Kelly, he recently
...was able to put online a hydroelectric plant that the previous administration said abandoned for decades.
And as a result, electricity costs are going down.
So you have the complete opposite of what's happening in these other countries where costs are going up, inflation's killing people, everything's moving up.
Here in El Salvador, actually, we're seeing prices go down.
Electricity is down.
Inflation is not anywhere near where it is in other countries in the region or elsewhere in the world because we've got somebody who's running the country who's doing stuff for the people who live in the country.
And as President Bukele has said, there's plenty of money if you don't steal it.
You know, which is exactly what we see in America.
There's no money to do stuff because it's constantly getting stolen.
It's constantly getting co-opted and used.
And of course, structurally in the US, as we've talked about for many years, Alex,
The way the economy is a debt-based economy and a fiat money economy, the current economic problems were baked into the cake.
There was no way of escaping it, what's happening now.
And so this is all pretty much as we said it was going to happen for years and years.
I recommend you come and visiting us here in El Salvador.
Well, I remember when he was running for office at Memory Serves, you advised Bukele and now you're one of his
Yeah, geothermal energy.
I was one of the co-founders of a company called Volcano Energy.
So it's a billion dollar startup.
We do renewable energy.
We do wind, solar, and geothermal.
And we are re-architecting the infrastructure, the energy infrastructure of the country.
We are beginning our exploratory wells into geothermal, which will be online in a few years.
And we think that the country can be completely energy independent in four or five years.
And as a matter of fact, we'll be exporting energy.
But first, Bukele,
First, Bukele had to deal with the gangs that had seized control of the country.
Looks like in just a few years, he's done that.
I want to get into him, it's fascinating, but I also want your geopolitical breakdown.
Israel, the war in Ukraine, because you really are a smart guy on where things are going, what's coming next.
So, you want to finish up with Bitcoin and Bukele now, or do you want to get into worldwide war and depression and what's happening in the big picture first, or go back into that later?
Yeah, I think whatever you want to do.
I mean, the Bukele and the El Salvador story is going to be a recurring theme because it'll always be an example of somebody who's doing it right.
So I'm sure I'll make a reference to it throughout.
You know, you want to talk about these different issues.
But the country here made Bitcoin legal tender two years ago.
And as a result, they've had tremendous benefits as a result of that move.
Let's get back into that.
We'll do 20 minutes only on Bitcoin and your challenge.
You'll be back on Alex Jones.
You tweeted later this week with a quiz.
If you answer all five questions correctly, he gets his 10,000 Bitcoin.
So we haven't talked since then.
It's become a big thing about you try to Bilderberg like 12 years ago to give me 10,000 Bitcoin.
We didn't know how to create a wallet.
On the laptop.
You got a little upset about it.
I wish I would have taken it.
We found the laptop, checked it.
It's not there.
So I don't have the Bitcoin.
Don't come take me to jail.
Don't come kidnap me, folks.
I don't have it.
But I am looking forward to doing the quiz here today.
Yeah, you can do it now or do it later, you know, if you want to study up a little bit, you know, whatever you want to do.
I don't want to study on the five questions.
I'm sure I'm not going to get... I believe you already tried to give me some 12 years ago.
We'll ask them.
We were there in North of London covering Bilderberg.
That was crazy.
We'll get to that in the last 20 minutes, get into Bukele, the success story, El Salvador, and more.
But let's start now with
You predicted all this with great precision.
What's currently happening?
Where do you expect this all to go?
The global debt bubble, interest rates up, inflation still going up.
What's going to happen?
This is a wild time.
Yeah, as we've talked about and other guests that you've had have talked about this.
I mean, in the US, they seem to think that they can just print money without any consequences, no problem.
So what's happened is they've
Basically undermine the integrity of the economy and the inflation genie is out of the bottle and there's no putting it back in.
So they were able to hide the inflation or to mask the inflation for years by statistically not reporting on the actual numbers.
Or by, you know, essentially engaging what's called extend and pretend.
So what the U.S.
has been great in doing for decades is every time there's a major problem economically, they can simply print more money, print more debt, and they postpone the maturity out further on the yield, on the maturity schedule, and they'll lower
So it feels like you're actually not paying a lot of interest on that debt.
The coupon rate.
But at the same time, you're accumulating lots and lots of debt.
So this can go on for a long time, as long as you never have to pay that debt.
So now, what happened in February of 2022 was that the Russia-Ukraine conflict began, and this is essentially Putin calling time on this Ponzi scheme that is the U.S.
dollar and the U.S.
And instead of the price of commodities and the prices of stuff being set by financial wizards on Wall Street using derivatives and other
And so now what we're seeing is the price of stuff is reflecting the true supply and demand nature for commodities around the world.
So in the US, they're seeing the price of food and energy and other things go up because to reflect the actual supply and demand and the actual value and underlying price of these commodities and these items,
And without the installation of having the Wall Street wizards constantly making it possible to sell America's debt to foreigners and foreigners would subsidize America's lifestyle, right?
So China and other countries are subsidizing America's lifestyle up until February of 2022.
Then that now is reversed.
We've got a secular shift in the economy.
You've got a secular rise in inflation in the United States, which means that inflation will now continue up for a number of years.
It's not going to be transitory.
It's not going to be
Reversed anytime soon, so you're going to have inflation is going to be really built into the system now for years.
And you also have the problem of interest rates are now climbing higher and all that debt that we just mentioned that's been accumulated for decades, they can't service the debt.
So in order to solve that problem, they're just going to print more money.
So that'll make the situation a lot worse.
So you have a debt spiral.
You're monetizing your own debt.
This is the exact same thing that America's criticized countries
Like Venezuela and others as being banana republics because they buy their own debt.
Well, this is exactly what the U.S.
is now doing.
Exactly, so just to interrupt, this is what happened to Venezuela, what happened to Weimar Germany, what happened to Zimbabwe.
We're following this now and the big event that could have happened back then, it was much smaller but still so large it would be devastating, that Ron Paul 15 years ago said the big event could happen any day.
We're now, I believe, what you're saying is accurate.
We're in the edge, or maybe even the middle, of the big event, and we know governments are going to start wars, they're going to release viruses, they're going to create all sorts of stuff to scare us not to blame them for the big event, but blame the wars, which they're already doing, and we've gotten some of their internal documents.
They're obsessed at BlackRock and the UN, the WF, on not getting the blame and telling us, oh, global warming!
Yeah, absolutely.
War is the result of
Your economy becoming completely unmanageable, and this is always the case.
I believe it's your guest, Celente.
Gerald Celente likes to say it's a trade war, currency war, trade war, and then hot war.
When they fail, and all else fails for the establishment, they take you to war.
Yeah, absolutely.
Without a doubt.
This is this is what's going on.
And of course, it's amazing that the stock market looks great today and the defense contractors are looking great today, because they're the war profiteers.
And our Congress in the United States are war profiteers.
They own stocks in these companies.
So they're going to push the war button because they make a lot of money doing so.
You know, peace doesn't have anything trading on the New York Stock Exchange on its behalf.
It's only war and violence.
And the people who run the country are all invested in these stocks.
You know, Nancy Pelosi and others not to pick on her in particular, but she's been a very high profile case of somebody who trades on the stock market based on how she votes in Congress.
And also it's inside information is pretty well documented inside Congress.
So they're working against the people in that sense, and that their objectives are not aligned with the objectives of the people.
The interests are not aligned.
The people running the country have a different set of interests that they're working on based on lining their own pockets.
And no matter what the cost, no matter how many wars they start, they don't care.
So now it's become, like I said before, Alex, this is not new, but
For years, going all the way back to 1980, in the early 1980s, remember the 10-year bond at that time was yielding 16%?
Sure, it's not new, but this time it's global, and there's 8 million people, and there's nuclear weapons proliferated, so it is new.
It's much more dangerous, it's much more volatile.
It's the risks are definitely higher than they've ever been, I would say, for the reasons you just said.
And but they got away for it for decades because they because essentially it goes back to the Federal Reserve Bank and many things that Ron Paul has talked about for many years.
You know, the central bank became an activist fed.
And they saw themselves as the guys to bail out Wall Street every time Wall Street made a mistake, instead of being stewards of the economy and managing interest rates in a way that provides more opportunities for a greater proportion.
You've been on my show for, hard to believe, gosh, 20 years.
You've been a former top stock broker even back in the 80s and 90s before you got out of that.
You've been one of the main Bitcoin pioneers.
People realize how influential you've been, like you're down there in a major country basically running its economic policy.
So a lot of amazing things.
Is there any way out of this?
Because it looks like the establishment's just doubling down and then if they're not going to change course, what do you expect to happen?
Well, first of all, I am here and I have a lot of opinions, as I normally do, and I don't really have any impact on running anything.
I mean, I'm just an opinionated guy living here.
But how do you get out of it?
There is no way out of it because either A, you let the bond market default.
That's the only way you can stop the interest accumulating.
You know, the interest on the debt is now over a trillion dollars in the U.S.
It's heading to two trillion dollars.
So that's just the interest.
So you'd have to default on that debt to stop that.
And that would mean absolute catastrophic economic collapse within a day.
Or B, which is, of course, the solution will always be to just keep printing.
And they will keep printing and they will bring in the inflation will get worse.
And we're now talking about hyperinflation in the United States.
We're talking about a currency collapse in the United States.
And the war is creating a world where on one side of the conflict are Russia, China, Iran, India, South Africa,
And basically, more than 50% of the world's population, more than 50% of the world's GDP is aligned against the United States.
And they're the producers of all the commodities.
Versus the U.S., which has been the consumer of the commodities and the biggest purveyor of debt in the U.S.
Treasury bond.
So it's like going to a gunfight with a wet noodle.
is not prepared to go to battle in this way.
You know, the U.S.
And the other countries
Sense that now is the time to...
In the case of China, I mean, they have ambitions to be the global hegemonic power, to replace the United States as the global hegemonic power.
And I think they feel like it's within a distance now.
They've got a shot at it.
And so this is not being communicated very well to the American people.
I'm not sure they're aware of this.
And so it just makes it easier for them.
And so you say, what's the answer?
You know, the bottom line answer is if the United States wanted to do something in the next 48 hours that would reverse this sorry state of affairs, they would immediately start printing money and buying Bitcoin to become the biggest Bitcoin holder in the world and to start mining Bitcoin to be the biggest Bitcoin miner in the world.
America needs a new technology innovation to be the wall-wall-west.
That's what made us great.
And so they've got all sorts of hidden, the U.S.
government has all sorts of hidden suppressed technologies.
The U.S.
for all its problems is 20 years ahead of everybody.
They should be deploying new suppressed technologies.
And they should be buying and moving into the only real crypto, as you said many years ago, is Bitcoin.
That's absolutely true.
That they need to innovate right now and make big announcements and release new stocks that are such new game changers, it buoys the whole system.
That's the only way is unleashing human potential.
I'll give you an example.
Back in the 1980s, when I was working on Wall Street, at that time,
People were talking about that it's actually Japan's century and that Japan, the global markets, 40% of it were Japanese and the Nikkei was trading at 40 or 42,000 and it looked like Japan was going to become the new hegemonic superpower.
And what happened was, and the reason it's all reversed, is that America introduced and proliferated and took quite seriously a new technology that Japan really didn't know what to do with, and that was the Internet.
Because Japan's rise to power was based on a society of conformists, and they were very mechanized, and they were producing cards at incredibly cheap rates.
And let's be clear, you're a genius, you're really smart, I respect you, I've studied history as well, this is true.
The Deep State, DARPA, the CIA, back before it was totally globalist and wanted to shut the U.S.
Had that ready, had invented it, rolled it out, put the investment in through In-Q-Tel, and did that to dominate again.
Why are they not releasing the new goodies they've got and funding it?
They've kind of done it with AI, but that's only to try to beat the Chinese, but it's not, it did it a little bit.
I mean clearly they just tried that again, what they did in the early 90s, they just tried it again with AI.
I don't see it launching like you said.
Yeah, you know, because really the most interesting technology at the moment is Bitcoin.
And the reason America is really hesitating about it is because it threatens the number one biggest industry in America.
And that would be Wall Street and the financial industry.
They've got the most lobbyists.
They've got the most power.
And Bitcoin is a direct threat to them.
So they have thwarted Bitcoin and Bitcoin adoption.
But countries like El Salvador, who wants to go toe to toe with the United States and wants to compete on the global
So what's happening now, Alex, is that in the United States
Very reluctantly, we see the big players like BlackRock, which is a multi-trillion dollar money management firm, is now going to launch a Bitcoin-related product, and so is Fidelity, and so are others.
So the American consumer and American investor will start to buy Bitcoin through an exchange-traded fund, which is an indirect way to own Bitcoin.
It's not a very good way to own Bitcoin, but nevertheless,
It will be a way for Americans for the first time now to buy Bitcoin.
What I told you on your show when Bitcoin was $1 and $3 and $5 going back to 2011 was that this was the first time that I have ever seen in my entire career where the average person got a chance to front run Wall Street.
No, there's no doubt that a lot of private individuals made huge amounts of wealth in the last 12-year run, and you're saying, you told my producer this, or at least they said that, that you think Bitcoin's back right now, and you're signaling today that it's about to go back up.
Let's go to break.
Let's come back and segue into that, but before we get back into Bitcoin, I want to finish up with, if they don't take your advice, and they don't release all the great little innovations they've got, and keep just trying to dominate and worry about their domestic uprising against their tyranny, that the globalists are going to lose the whole thing.
I mean, obviously, they should want a vibrant, powerful America, then 1776 worldwide, and then we can have, you know, an empire of liberty and freedom that people opt into.
Instead, they're not doing that, and obviously, Jan and Yellen
There's no idea what she's doing, which is terrible.
As much as I hate this elite, I want her to be competent, not destroy us all.
I mean, it's more dangerous if they're so incompetent.
Max Keiser's our guest.
Stay with us.
Well, to say all hell's breaking loose is an understatement, and I'm very frustrated about something.
I want listeners to know this, and I think most of you know this, but a lot of new people tune in every second.
We're on a lot of radio stations across the country with big audiences, and some TV and cable stations as well, over a hundred of them.
People watch this show and they think, does this guy know what he's talking about?
Because you see all these other confident people up there and they're wearing their suits and their ties and they've got all the graphics and they're telling you stuff.
Folks, if you look at the 30-year, 29-year track record of this show, you look at the guests and people we have on, you don't have any idea how accurate Max Keiser has been.
I've been interviewing him 20 years.
Or how accurate Ron Paul's been.
Or so many of our amazing guests are how accurate we were on where the virus came from and what the shots would do and where these wars are going to go.
Biden's controllers gave that money to Iran to do this.
There's backroom deals just like the Reagan hostage crisis and all that turned out they had backroom deals not to give the hostages back to Jimmy Carter.
And I like Reagan compared to Jimmy Carter, but that was a dirty trick.
And George Herbert Walker Bush was running it.
So when we sit here and tell you that we're on the edge of oblivion,
I don't go to McDonald's unless I'm in the middle of nowhere on a few trips here and there because it's got GMO in it, something I don't like, hamburgers.
I might eat like one McDonald's hamburger a year.
I'm on the road, it's the only place I gotta eat, I'll do it.
It's stupid, but you know, it's better than getting sick from not eating than getting sick from eating.
But I looked it up this morning when I saw this headline.
A Big Mac was $5 when it's not on sale a week ago.
Sometimes on sale it was $3, but McDonald's held back going up until they jumped.
And that's kind of a tripwire, a canary in the coal mine, when something as proletariat as McDonald's now has $18 Big Macs.
That's the big event.
$18 Big Mac.
I mean, I remember going to steakhouses just five years ago, and their best ribeye was $40.
Now they're a hundred.
So, you see the energy costs, you see it all, you see the globalists running around, literally getting rid of cows, cutting off resources, cutting off fertilizer.
I want to get into this with you, Max Keiser.
Why is the IMF, the World Bank, their mouthpiece, the WEF, running around promoting cutting off resources?
While they create massive inflation, and more and more debt, and raise interest rates, we know they doubled their money during the pandemic.
So this is a robber baron, plan destruction economy in my view.
What are they doing?
Do they not fear the masses?
Because Schwab says we're going to make the world angry, like the IMF document said 20 years ago.
Greg Palast got, where they said, we want to overthrow governments, even though we control them, to create even more instability.
And then once we create the instability, we buy the country up, kind of like you went to Greece 15 years ago, or whatever it was, when they were looting Greece, and they were artificially destroying its economy to buy it up.
I mean, it just seems like it's on a mass scale, just an orgy of craziness.
How would you quantify this?
You know, feudalism.
So let me get into it a little bit.
You know, the Enlightenment and the appearance of the United States and government buying for the people, that's a pretty recent invention.
You know, for a thousand years or longer, you had basically feudalism in Europe, which is the Lord and the serf.
And you've got the wealth, 99.9% of the wealth concentrated into
Very few hands.
And so this is the model that they like.
This is a model that they prefer.
They would prefer to be monarchs.
They don't want to be part of a democracy or a republic.
And so they are bankrupting the system to the point where everybody is essentially going to be living in what you said I mentioned before, this casino gulag model or this, essentially it's a serfdom model.
The Road to Serfdom, you know, it's a very popular book.
About this very phenomenon.
Ayn Rand talks about it in her books.
When you give power to those who believe that they know better than you do how you should live your life, and you give them a printing press to print an infinite amount of money to influence the politics and the media and everything around them, you're going to end up in a dystopian, neo-feudal situation, which is what we have today.
The cost of a Big Mac and the inflation and everything is running to the point where people are going to need to go begging to their local municipality for a ration coupon, a ration book.
People are going to be living on ration books.
You're going to get a ration book.
You're going to get a certain amount of sugar and flour.
You're going to get a ration.
Thanks for having me.
The Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, their mouthpiece, the Davos Group, say, first we do COVID to train you to live on lockdowns and rations.
Then we're going to use the economy to make you go on carbon rations and rationing food.
That's the one in Telegraph.
That's in the AP.
They're actually saying this is here.
So they're selling dystopia as a good thing.
I mean, we're here now.
Please continue.
Well, you know, this is where I would have a little bit of a change, a different opinion.
I don't think that they plan these things to that level.
I think what they do is they know since they are the money printer that they can allow things to just collapse and then take advantage of the collapse.
So in the case of Pfizer and Moderna and the COVID and what that whole story was one of just recklessly doing biological experiments in Wuhan and not caring if it once something got out and caused a global pandemic because
As we know, all the executives at the pharmaceutical companies made hundreds of millions of dollars on the catastrophe.
So there's no, there are no legal checks and balances against that kind of fraud.
And there's no economic penalty to pay if you're printing the money, if you're involved in the money printing to pay you for all the mistakes that you make.
So essentially, you have sociopaths and psychopaths who are acting out as serial killers.
You said this on my show 20 years ago on 9-11.
This was in the news.
There were a bunch of traitors that stayed at their desk as suicide traitors even though they were gonna die and thought they would die.
They couldn't help it.
They stayed at their desk and they made hundreds of millions of dollars even though they died.
Yeah, that's been proven.
Deutsche Bank, which bought Alex Brown, they released an internal study.
I used to work at Alex Brown, that there were actually brokers in the towers trading options on airlines, knowing that they were going to, or having a very high degree of certainty that they were about to get killed, but they couldn't resist making money on the options.
And that's the mentality you're dealing with.
Suicide bankers, suicide brokers.
You know, we talk about suicide bombers and jihadists and fanatics in other countries, but Wall Street is the same.
They're suicide bankers.
They go to majesties called Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.
They wield weapons of mass financial destruction, as Warren Buffett called them.
So you're warning suicide bankers could destroy the world?
In other words, it's cancer.
You know, cancer is something that doesn't have an off switch.
It just keeps being a cancer.
So if you have a psychopath, another story I used to talk about quite frequently, and you can look this up, I'm sure you'll find it somewhere.
It's about how Wall Street recruits, actively recruits people with brain damage because they know that they lack empathy and they don't want anyone thinking about what they're doing in terms of how it might cause consequences
To their fellow person, their fellow human being.
So they lack, they hire people with no influence.
Sam Beckman Freed, who runs the FTX, an enormous, biggest, one of the biggest, it could be the biggest scandal in history.
Obviously, he is somebody who has a lot of problems and he's autistic to the degree that's quite extreme.
He's on drugs 24 hours a day.
He couldn't even talk to testify in his trial without being on Adderall.
And so but this is the perfect poster child of who's running the system.
Sam Bankman-Fried is essentially the poster child.
Everybody in the finance business around the world, everyone with a Bloomberg terminal has to some degree the same mental problems as Sam Bankman-Fried.
It's just that he took it to an extreme.
And of course, all that money he used to buy political influence is quite shocking.
And but that's that's who runs the system.
So there's nothing
Nothing can stop the system until you make the cost of this fraud higher, and that is what interest rates are for.
So interest rates have gone up, but because now the debt's so high, there's no way to handle that other than to go to war.
Okay, we've only got 16 minutes left.
I'm going to give you the floor.
I think I'm doing a pretty good job.
You really excite me.
You make incredible points.
To give us your pessimist view, if things don't turn around, what's going to happen?
Your six-month, one-year prognosis versus if we do the right thing, what could happen?
And then Bitcoin and your quiz you have for me for 10,000 Bitcoin.
Right, well, the pessimist view is that you get more of the same in that
You're going to have inflation is continuing to go higher than there's not really anything you can do about it.
And the society continues to disintegrate because there's no money in the coffers to fix societies or to fix the bridges or to stop the looting.
It's all been stolen.
And, you know, the good news is that there is a country that is the new shining city on the hill.
I've asked 10,000 people to move to El Salvador.
We've got about 3,000, I think I can count, that have moved as a result of my invitation.
And the economy is growing.
It's free.
It's free.
Freedom of press.
Freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.
You've got a 92% popularity of the president.
It's a brand new environment.
There's plenty of work to do.
Plenty of jobs to do.
It's beautiful.
The weather's great.
I mean this is really where you got to be if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired if you're sick of being the essentially part of a medical experiment which is what everyone who took that shot is part of Pfizer's medical experimentation if you're sick of being that
It was very fascinating, Alex, that the black community didn't really participate because they referred to Tuskegee.
Remember, they gave the black pilots syphilis and gonorrhea to test.
And they shot these pilots up with those viruses and diseases.
And they know the deal.
The black community in America knows what American government's up to.
And that's the good news.
Once trust is lost in the system, we know the social contract's broken.
We don't all just kill each other.
We can remove the corrupt establishment but now we see the Justice Department and you know all the things they're doing.
Yeah, well, I mean, the thing is, they're going to come back with a CBDC, a central bank digital currency, and the way that they'll roll it out, Alex, is that they'll say, hey, Mr. Smith, you've got $10,000 in your bank.
We're going to give you, we're going to substitute that with $100,000 CBDC.
Ten times the amount you have in your bank.
Just click this box and give us permission to give you $100,000 CBDC.
But then they can devalue the CBDC the next month.
So it means exactly what's going to happen.
But 95 to 8% of people say, I will click that box.
But the fine print will say, but you can only sell 2% a month because they're going to screw you.
They're like, oh, you think you're smart?
You're going to sell tomorrow?
No, you're not.
They don't need it.
They can put capital controls, but they can just inflate it to infinity.
And so you're buying power on the 100,000 CBDC will be less than the $10,000.
What would the globalists do if they get their central bank digital currencies and their SDRs and their ESGs?
What will they do?
They'll become monarchs and you will be living at a casino gulag working for essentially the global average wage will be $3 a day.
So that is their brass ring.
That is their holy grail.
That's what we've got to stop.
Good luck!
But you would say Bitcoin is the competing open source thing to that?
Bitcoin is essentially the way out of this, as Christine Lagarde, who's the head of, now I think she runs the ECB, she said that Bitcoin is the escape hatch.
And she's absolutely right.
They can't control it.
You can't stop it.
And it's going a lot higher.
It's going to go, the market value will be in excess of gold, so it's about $600 billion.
That means it's going to be over $11 and $12 trillion.
Well, that's when I finally figured out was the right thing.
Many years too late was.
We need independent open source things to a global currency.
We need other independent currencies.
And unfortunately, almost all the others were fly-by-night, pump-and-dump scams.
Only Bitcoin has continued on.
Yeah, that's right.
Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized of the projects out there.
Every single one of them are centralized to some degree.
We're almost out of time.
You think Bitcoin is about to go back up?
Bitcoin is going to hit a new all-time high very soon, and it's starting a new bull market right now.
So on this particular phase of this bull market, you're going to see $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 of Bitcoin.
What's gold gonna do during this?
Gold's going to go up.
Gold's going to go up.
You know, it'll go up.
But as Paul Tudor Jones, who runs one of the most successful hedge funds in history, he calls Bitcoin the fastest horse in the race.
So for every dollar that gold goes up, Bitcoin will go up $10 to $20.
I agree with you.
So in closing, and I wish I could have you much longer.
I've been trying to get you on for like a year.
You've been busy, I get it.
But we're glad you're here.
Let's get into the challenge here, because you did try to give me 10,000 Bitcoin to give to listeners.
12 years ago, I didn't know what it was.
We were drinking wine, eating steaks in a hotel basement next to Bilderberg, covering it.
He got really mad and said, you're an idiot.
Why can't you make your crew put this on your thing?
I'm trying to give it to you.
And didn't talk to me for about a year that time.
So I don't have the Bitcoin, folks.
It didn't happen.
You tried to give it to me.
So what is the Bitcoin challenge now?
All right, this is a lightning round, so you have to, I can't cheat, you have to answer these five questions, you know, in lightning, fast.
All right, first question is, how many total Bitcoin are there ever going to be in existence?
The set number they released.
You've lost this quiz already.
You can't even get a simpler question than that.
Okay, go ahead.
Well, when I go on, it's just the pain is only going to get worse.
I want to hear the other voices.
You know, Alex, you should have bought my book.
Here's my book.
Now, I've been good this entire interview.
I haven't gone crazy.
And I know you're sitting on top of a million Bitcoin.
You messed up that quiz already.
This book has wisdom that you won't find anywhere else.
By the way, Max Keiser is the creator of Bitcoin.
That's why he acts like, oh, I'm nobody.
I'm over here.
I'm nobody.
I'm nobody.
I'm just a little nobody.
You need to give me some more Bitcoin.
Now let's hear the next question.
This is some of the wisdom you find in my book.
Nobody can jerk off to Rachel Maddow, okay?
That's just some of the wisdom you find in the book.
All right, you're going into the goofy, Max Keiser.
Give me the rest of the questions so I don't answer them right.
I thought Bitcoin is a set number.
You had your opportunity, but you did not give the right answer.
What is that number?
Therefore, you have failed the quiz, Alex.
I know, but I want to hear the other questions.
Now, you've given up almost $800 million, Alex.
You've won like a jackpot.
I know, this is a good humiliation ritual.
It's like people that win the lottery.
I'm glad I didn't get the $10,000 Bitcoin, quite frankly.
I'd probably be dead now.
Seriously, so what's the next question?
Oh boy, doesn't matter, but okay.
I mean, you have to answer them quick, right?
All right.
How often does the difficult adjustment adjust?
I don't know.
Well, it's a fundamental.
Anybody who's into Bitcoin would know.
You see, during the past years, Alex, during the time when you could have been sitting on this $10,000 Bitcoin, you could have been studying Bitcoin, but instead you chose to not.
And now here we are.
I get it.
This is a struggle session.
Max Keiser's a malice.
I get it.
Next question.
Continue the humiliation.
I love it.
What's the core hashing algorithm called for the protocol?
I forget.
You forget?
How often on average do new blocks appear?
I have a perfect score.
I forget.
You have perfectly seen now, everyone who's watching this, they are pulling their hair out, going insane, because if you had spent even... Hey, it's a good viral clip, but I'm dead on about predictions about the New World Order, and I know you're a smart guy.
People find us at InfoWars.com, weekdays, 11am to 3pm Central, and that's what matters, because we're trying to stop World War III, but Max, a very fun humiliation ritual, and did you ask me all five questions, though?
I can't see you struggle like this much longer.
No, no, it's okay.
A little secret.
I don't mind getting humiliated for the truth.
And people are getting educated about Bitcoin now.
So did you ask?
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I think we've just had the Rosetta Stone of the Alex Jones phenomenon.
You don't mind being humiliated.
So you're a humiliation fetishist.
No, I'm not a sadist or a sadomasochist.
I actually don't enjoy pain.
I didn't say you were a sadist or a sadomasochist.
I just said you were a humiliation fetishist.
No, I did not know what questions you would ask.
When you're saying I've heard these things, I know these things, and I can't pull it up instantly with an exact thing.
I could have 10 years ago, but I've got too much brain damage.
So, hey, it's fine.
And you really did try to give me 10,000 Bitcoin, and here's the big joke.
It'll be super viral, and I love it.
So what's the last question so I can get it wrong?
Well, I mean, I see on the clock we have four minutes left.
Is this how you want to go down on this interview?
Yes, it's a great, great defeat of Alex Jones.
Missing again, another, missing another ball, and you're going to have like five strikes in a row.
He's like Casey at the bat.
I want a perfect score.
All right.
Is Craig Wright Satoshi?
I don't know if he's Satoshi.
Notice he had a trick question at the end I couldn't answer.
I knew you're not giving me that.
Back when it was worth nothing, you knew I'd promote it and hand it out because you're one of the creators.
And so now that it's worth so much still, you weren't ever going to give me the stuff.
I knew that.
So boom.
Hey, was it you that gave me the 8 million in Bitcoin?
We wouldn't be here now without it.
That wasn't a trick question.
Craig Wright is not Satoshi.
That's not a trick question.
Anybody who reads the news would know the answer.
That's not a trick question.
Let me ask you a question.
That was the easiest question of them all.
That's an easy question.
Let me ask you a question.
That was the easiest question of them all.
Alex, if you thought that the known... Let's not have this degenerate into idiocy.
You would have known it, right?
I'm saying... This guy was the guy, and he said, I don't know.
How can that possibly be?
Look at your desk!
It's covered in piles and piles and piles of news articles.
But, you know, do you read any of them?
Because if you read any of them, you would have known the answer!
It's just, that's a prop!
It's just the same news that's been there for 20 years!
You haven't changed it!
You don't actually look at it!
No, you're right.
These are, every day it's the same articles from 20 years ago.
They do a hoverhead shot, you're right.
All of this is fake.
Now this is all pretty big news, like Netanyahu swipes at Intel chiefs over Hamas, then apologizes.
Israel's CEO says that Netanyahu should be replaced immediately.
We got a lot of actually big stories here.
Flashback 2020.
Biden claims Trump will start war with Iran.
I gave these, just during the show, I gave these clips to the crew during the breaks.
Very newsworthy for me to cover that.
But you're right.
You've caught my secret here.
We're actually not reading any of this.
No, I've said I didn't really study Bitcoin.
I've talked about that.
Alex, just because you put an A.I.
screen up there showing those as being contemporary news articles, you're not fooling me.
I know that that producer was just quick to put in the A.I.
veneer and made it look like those were today's stories.
But in fact, I've been into your studio.
I've sat in that chair and I've looked down on your desk and I see you've got a story about Martha Stewart's cooking recipes from the 1975 is on that desk.
That's how, the last time... You gotta come on more often.
I want to get back to the... Do you have any idea who gave me 8 million dollars in Bitcoin?
I can't say anything.
I don't know.
I don't know anything about that.
Well, it's you.
Can I please have some more?
Wasn't me!
I don't know who it is.
Actually, the tragedy is that, you know, pretty much everything I had, I lost in a boating accident a few years ago.
I'm just, you know, a simple man living a simple life.
Oh, you had a laptop and it fell in the water?
It's all gone.
It's all tragic.
But, you know, I've learned to value life on life's terms, Alex.
I don't need...
Thousands and thousands of Bitcoin to make me happy.
If I come on your show, I'm happy.
You are so ridiculous.
Well, you got like a million Bitcoins?
How many Bitcoins you got, Kaiser?
Back in the, you know, it's a long time ago.
And, you know, now I'm just counting my... I do artwork.
You know, this is how I get by.
I just create... This is behind me.
It's my Jackson Pollock
Kind of clone work.
I sell this on eBay for $0.69.
Perhaps you'd be interested in a copy.
I need this to survive in the casino gulag.
If I don't sell it by the end of today, I won't have any protein pill and I'll be shot with a new experimental drug.
Please buy my Jackson Pollock lookalike for $0.69 on eBay.
All right, Max, I got a two-minute break.
You got to do five more minutes with us to get serious about the future of Bitcoin.
And then your buddy, Gerald Cilente, takes over.
We're back in two minutes, final segment with Max Keiser, the creator of Bitcoin.
All right, Max Keiser, always great having you on with us at Max Keiser on X, formerly Twitter.
Closing comments on Bitcoin, the world, where everything's going.
Thanks for joining us.
Oh, thanks Alex.
Great to be here.
Um, well, you know, just that everything we've been talking about for years in terms of the fragility and vulnerability of the system was masked and kept at bay using a lot of mass media tricks and financial accounting tricks.
And then a couple of years ago, it snapped and we're seeing the unraveling.
We're seeing the great crash.
And the only real way to protect yourself is with something that's absolutely scarce, that can be used and is used as money, and that would be Bitcoin.
And nothing else compares to Bitcoin, like my friend Michael Savage.
Well, you said, you said, I interrupt you, Michael Savage, you said all the other coins would fail, they have.
They all essentially go to zero against Bitcoin, and that includes all fiat money, and gold eventually goes to effectively zero against Bitcoin because it,
It's demonetizing gold.
The same way gold demonetized silver, Bitcoin will be demonetizing gold.
So sure, gold will go to maybe $2,000 or $3,000 or $4,000 an ounce, but we're talking about Bitcoin potentially going to $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 a coin.
So, you know, your purchasing power in gold terms is almost basically nothing compared to what's happening in Bitcoin.
Where are we?
Can I come over there and write some material for you guys?
They seem winded.
Did I knock the wind out of you?
Have you got any more to say?
You're a loquacious man with much to say, and you invite me after a year of waiting.
I've been waiting patiently to be on your show.
Here I am with two minutes left, and you decide to suddenly go all quiet.
Are you suddenly a Zen master?
Are you studying Zen?
Are you meditating?
Am I disturbing you?
Am I disturbing your meditation?
You know, I'm well known for interrupting.
It's the biggest complaint from listeners, so I've gotten way better at it.
I actually like listening to you, Max, so I can talk plenty, don't worry.
I can talk... Okay, well, you know, what we have, I see two minutes left, and when I come back to Austin, you know, we'll have to do this in the studio.
I mean, we always have fun in the studio, and I... Yeah, how often do you come back to the States?
Well, you know, maybe once or twice a year.
Austin is a Bitcoin stronghold.
You know, a lot of Bitcoin developers live in Austin, and it's actually a pretty solid place for Bitcoin in the United States.
So, I end up going there.
There's a direct flight from Austin to El Salvador, and anyone should come to El Salvador and check it out.
If you don't believe what I'm saying, you know... How about I come down there for a week and see you?
Will you show me around?
There's a direct flight from Austin?
Yeah, you can go on a direct flight from Austin.
You can do your show from down here in El Salvador.
The dry season just started, so it's going to be perfect weather for six months.
We've got a big conference coming up next week.
I'm coming.
So, people flying in.
I'm not coming next week, but I'm going to come see you, Max, on Urban El Salvador.
And now that it's safe, because they arrested how many?
50,000, 100,000 of the gang members?
You know, basically, it's safer than Canada.
It's safer than Disneyland.
One of the most dangerous countries in the world overnight safe.
Yeah, I mean, I felt less safe in Switzerland.
All right, Max.
People can find you at Max Keiser and Orange Pill on
YouTube, and you know you're teasing me because I've asked the crew to get you on a bunch.
You've not been coming on the show, so don't fib and say that I've not been getting you on.
Come on in two weeks, whenever you want.
Well, yes, he can.
Slenty gets his own guest slot.
You know, where do you think Slenty gets so smart from?
He listens to Max Keiser, and then he's got a guest slot.
What do I got?
I got nothing.
We'll give you a guest slot.
Look at him over there.
He's smiling.
He doesn't know I'm telling the truth.
If you want to host the show... That's the smile of a man who just got caught into this hand in the cookie jar.
He's been using my shit for years, and then he's got his own slot on your show, and I'm like in a sucking hind tit.
Hey, I'm out of town on family stuff to visit a sick family member like Thursday or Friday.
My wife's dad's in the hospital again.
Do you want to host an hour of the show, Max?
Put him on hold.
Get him to host.
Call his bluff.
Get him to host Thursday.
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Have a great day.
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And with that said, now, the great trends forecaster, Gerald Cilente takes over!
Ah, thank you, thank you.
Yeah, I love being with Max Keiser too, boy.
We had some great times together, him and Stacy Herbert, his lovely wife.
And I used to have conferences up here in Kingston.
He's quite the joker, isn't he?
Yeah, Max and Stacy used to come up here and talk to the crowd.
We had a lot of great times together.
He's a real cool cat and knows a lot about what's going on in the world.
And yeah, when it comes to Bitcoin, I mean, you know, he got it.
You know, by the way, I agree with him what he says about gold compared to Bitcoin.
But gold to me is another safe haven asset.
Yeah, it might not go where Bitcoin's going, but I really believe that as this Israel war continues to escalate, you're going to see gold prices keep going higher and higher.
And the downside that I see with the cryptocurrencies is that at some point,
Because you see the global debt level.
I forgot the number.
It's like $309 trillion or something ridiculous like that.
They're going to come out with their digital coins because they're not going to be able to pay off this debt.
There's no way in the world.
So they're going to come out with a new currency.
They'll probably make up a story like, oh, the Russians hacked our banking system and all the money's gone, but we're going to create a new one.
So what I'm saying is there's going to be a point when the banks go to their central bank digital currencies, they're not going to want any competition.
And I think at some point that that to me is a possible downside.
So I believe in going both ways with hedging your bets.
And I also believe that despite the markets being up some 500 points today,
It's a shift.
It's the plunge protection team coming in and pushing the markets up as the global economy is going down.
Again, you're seeing debt levels that will never be paid off.
And you're seeing the numbers coming in from the IMF, the World Bank, one after another, warning of a severe downturn.
And now with this war going on in the Middle East,
World War III began with the Ukraine war.
As one of our covers of the Trends Journal, two days before it began.
COVID war, Ukraine war, world war.
And now it's just expanded.
And this is really serious.
I have nightmares thinking about the slaughter going on and what's going on.
And I'm telling all my Jewish friends, do anything you can to support peace.
And there's a big group out there that are Jewish people.
And here's the, from the New York Times, a whole ad.
Never again for any, never again for anyone.
Jewish voices for peace.
And they're saying, Jews say cease fire now.
Yeah, right there.
Cease fire now?
Why, how dare you?
No cease fire.
No peace, war is the only answer.
That's the BS spewing out of the politicians' mouths.
And these are arrogant little boys and girls, boy.
They love war.
Oh, like this other little clown that America just brought in as the speaker of the house.
How about the speakers for the louse?
They're a bunch of low-life louses.
Little boys with pair of cojones smaller than a mothball.
And they love war.
You should have heard the crap spewing out of that guy Lieberman's mouth last week about what we have to do with Iran.
Go fight!
One guy after another.
All for war!
But you don't go fight, you're a bunch of cowards!
It's really simple!
Really simple!
Anybody that supports war, go over there and fight, or shut your little gutless mouth up!
We got this Clown Johnson!
A little boy of nothing!
Of nothing!
Another Johnson!
Hey, you like Lyndon Baines Johnson?
The little freak!
That after they assassinated JFK, eight months later, your Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, takes us to war, the Ukraine War.
Uh, excuse me, the Vietnam War.
And now we got another little Johnson freak.
Another little Johnson freak.
Boy, does he talk walk.
Oh, oh, and here's my favorite part, Johnson.
How you preach to be an evangelical Christian.
What Christ are you talking about?
What Christ are you talking about?
Christ doesn't approve the massacre of people like what's going on now, Johnson boy!
And send your evangelical stuff for somebody else!
As you want to steal hundreds of billions of dollars of our money to go keep slaughtering people all over the world.
Oh no, not all over the world, just in the Middle East and Ukraine.
What a bunch of crap.
You know why?
Because we got crap heads in charge.
Here's the solution.
It's really simple.
People power, not political power.
People power, not political power.
Look at these little low-life nothings.
Oh, Dianne Feinstein died.
Oh, I'm still mourning it.
Oh, and now some actor died.
Oh, how terrible.
Yeah, but slaughter of 8,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, that doesn't go on like they promote.
Oh, an actor died.
Oh, and I'm so happy that what's-her-name is making all that money.
I forgot her name.
The singer.
It's a freak show.
It's a freak show.
Taylor Swift.
How can I forget?
How can I forget?
When I loved Dionne Warwick.
I put a concert on for the Superdome.
Or Ella Fitzgerald.
And I put a concert on
The Atlanta Convention Center.
There's a number two guy running a major trade association.
After the show, after we did the trade show, we put on a show for the people at Ratishow.
That's a trade show.
But now I gotta hear about Taylor Swift.
As they're murdering people like crazy.
World War III's begun.
We are at the end of life on earth if the people don't stand up and fight.
Here's an article.
This is from September 6th of this year.
Not too far away.
A Russian missile tore through outdoor market in eastern Ukraine.
On Wednesday, killing 17 people and wounding dozens of others.
As U.S.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken returned to the country with more than $1 billion in new American funding for Ukraine.
It's only about $113 billion now we sent.
Oh, 17 people wounded.
Oh, by the way,
I found out that was a Ukrainian missile.
That was misguided.
It killed him.
A big story when Russia kills 17.
But Israel could wipe out thousands, man.
It's okay.
Oh, and I forgot about what's going on in the West Bank.
Here's your Trends Journal.
See that?
Crusades 2000.
I wrote this in 2006.
Making this really clear to everybody.
Again, I don't want to hear that I gotta believe in your God, alright?
Don't you tell me I gotta believe in your God!
You do everything you want to believe in your God, but don't try to shove it down my throat, alright?
So I don't want to hear the part about, you know, God gave us this land as this guy Isaac Herzog, who's the president of Ukraine, keeps saying.
Because here's who gave you the land!
When we first forecast Crusades 2000 over a decade ago, and I wrote that in my book, Max, before I knew you, it was a top trend forecaster, internationally best-selling book, Trends 2000.
1996, I wrote it.
When we forecast Crusades 2000 over a decade ago, we wrote, quote, the formal battle lines for the new Crusades have been drawn when Israel was created in 1948.
But Israel, however complex politically and militarily, was no more than the latest episode in a conflict going back more than a thousand years.
You ready?
Regardless of England's reason or intentions, self-serving or otherwise, Crusades 2000
was set in motion by the 1917 Balfour Declaration.
Look it up.
Look it up.
And here's the quote.
His Majesty's Government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.
Okay, wait a minute.
Stop there.
His Majesty's government?
Who the hell are you talking to?
His Majesty?
What, a member of this crime syndicate from England?
Where the sun never set on the British Empire?
Where they're slaughtering people all over the world to steal what they can get?
His Majesty?
I don't pee or poo, I am a majesty!
His majesty declares.
What the hell you doing over there in... What you call Palestine?
Oh no, no, you called it Palestine.
I know now that people say that it's not Palestine, and it was part of Jordan.
But they have no idea what went on for the thousands of years of the Ottoman Empire or anything else.
We won't talk about that.
Because His Majesty!
His Majesty!
His Government!
Views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.
And will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object.
You got it.
They created the place out of thin air.
And then you read the facts.
And you don't have to read mine, you can read others.
Like Chris Hedges.
Norman Finkelstein.
Oh yeah, I think that's a Jewish name.
About the atrocities going on here.
And why it happened.
And I'm tired of hearing this word, settlers.
You're stealing the damn land!
It's in violation of the Geneva Conventions!
You've been doing it wholeheartedly since 1967!
And... You go back to the Trends Journal, and our top trend, one of them, for 2023,
Middle East meltdown.
You could go look it up.
We said this was going to happen.
We said it was going to happen.
We said they're going to involve Iran into it.
And that little clown boy Lieberman, that little nothing of a boy, a former senator, a little clown like Chuckie Schumer, blaming Iran for what's going on.
You mean the people locked up in an outdoor concentration camp since 2006 or 2007?
Moss at Netanyahu supported as well as Soros according to the information.
How dare they support anybody?
Only America could support who they want.
Oh, and this is the best part?
Those dirty Iranians?
Yeah, they killed some soldiers over there.
They got brain functions because of the bombs that went off.
In Syria.
Could you imagine that?
Iran bombed American troops in Syria.
What the hell are we doing in Syria?
We have illegally invaded Syria.
You know where we are in Syria?
We're on the east coast of Syria, stealing their oil.
Iran was brought in by the Syrian government, like the Syrian government, I hate them, ain't my trip.
But what are we doing there?
Oh, and those dirty Iranians, the people that they support, they bomb some troops, they try to take out some troops, and America's in a rock.
What the hell are we doing in Iraq?
What the hell's the matter with you, Salenti?
What are you, stupid?
Little Georgie Bush brought us into Iraq!
He lied us into the war!
That's Saddam Hussein, and weapons of mass destruction, and ties to al-Qaeda, and all those little slimeballs in the media saw the lie!
Including the toilet paper wreck of the New York Times!
Oh, that's right, those aluminum tubes!
What are we doing in Iraq?
What are we doing in Syria?
How can people be so stupid to swallow the crap spewing out of their mouth from these little clown boys and girls?
That we, we gotta defend Israel?
We gotta defend Ukraine?
We can't defend the United States!
The place is getting flooded, flooded with refugees.
I wonder how many from Hamas that want to kill a number of us and others because of what we're doing over there.
You can't stop the refugees!
I was thinking, how much, how much our politicians can't stand Palestine and the Palestinians?
You need more proof?
I was thinking, take a look at East Palestine.
Oh yeah.
The place in Ohio.
Where people's lives have been destroyed all over.
Because of our third rail rail system.
That spewed out poisonous crap all over the place.
Billions go into fight wars, trillions.
But not a couple of pennies for the peasants of East Palestine.
Hey, all you folks in Maui, aren't you happy with the 700 bucks you got?
Because of our third world infrastructure to burn your place down?
America's gonna fix the world as our third world rotted infrastructure is rotten in front of our eyes?
Streets filled with homeless and refugees.
The same clown boys and girls that launched the COVID war.
Locked down everything and destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions.
Look at the big story.
Oh, CVS is just putting things on the shelves without putting about signs of what you could buy.
This didn't happen before the COVID war.
People weren't going in in groups and stealing things like crazy.
This didn't happen.
We didn't have the kind of mass craziness going on before the COVID war.
F. Peace.
War is the only answer.
And I'm not making up the line about COVID war.
I've read it to you, wrote about it in the Trends Journal, on and on and on.
All these little clown boy politicians.
Look at the little jerk!
I talked about Ohio.
Oh, you got that guy, DeWine.
Look at that little clown!
They all called it a war!
We're fighting the COVID war!
We're fighting the COVID war!
Just like Netanyahu.
39 weeks of protests.
39 weeks of protests against the judicial reform.
We've been writing week after week, when all else fails, he'll take you to war.
Right in the Trends Journal.
The media called his government an extreme right-wing government.
People were protesting.
The Israeli press called it a civil war.
Totally forgotten now.
They do it all the time.
They take you to war.
What followed the dot-com bust?
The war on terror.
Our economy is in bust condition.
The global economy is.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
You know why?
They're warhorses.
So support InfoWar, because they're supporting you.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show and this is, you know, we're at a critical time in life and everybody do anything you can to support InfoWars.
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You know, there's an article, again, I go to InfoWars every day.
I go around the world, by the way, to get my information.
I don't get one side.
So I want the Iranian side.
I go to RNA, IRNA.
I go to different sites and I go to Al Jazeera and I go to a whole bunch of Middle East and Arab news sites.
And I go to Times of Israel, Haaretz, the Israeli papers and Jerusalem Post.
And so what you get and I go and I go again, I go to the Infowars to see what they're talking about, because they're really on trend and a lot of information.
And just before I went on the air, this one was there.
World War III alert.
Erdogan threatens invasion of Israel.
And Netanyahu calls a total Gaza bloodbath.
Total Gaza bloodbath.
Can you imagine if the Russians were doing this to the Ukrainians?
Oh my God!
Oh, those dirty, dirty Russians!
Can you imagine if the people in Gaza that are being slaughtered under the BS line that we're blowing the place apart to get to those tunnels to get Hamas?
Who are you talking to?
You're leveling the place!
You're leveling it!
You got a deeper concentration of people living in Manhattan.
And again, you go to Euronews today.
Not my language, Euronews.
They're saying that Israel is bombing places where they told people to leave.
To go to.
Get out of the north and go to the southern part.
It's a tiny little place.
So I'm not making this up.
We have made it quite clear to the Iranian government that we will defend U.S.
interests and that we hope that they will choose a path of de-escalation.
Hey, little boy!
Hey, little mouthpiece Matty Miller!
How about a de-escalation right now instead of slaughtering the people in Gaza?
That is the hypocrisy of the clowns running the show.
Again, I've had it.
Look at this!
Look at this little boy of nothing!
Look at this arrogant little clown spewing out his crap!
Goebbels would have loved you!
Look at this!
How stupid could you be to swallow the crap spewing out of this arrogant boy's mouth?
An arrogant boy of nothing!
Calm down, Selenti!
Don't be angry!
Obey your leaders!
Again, I got the answer.
People power.
Not political power.
You wanna go to war?
I launched Occupy Peace.
I launched Occupy Peace.
Back in 2015.
One of
The foundations of Occupy Peace is if you want to go to war, I know you little clown girls and boys call Congress will hate this.
Let the people vote.
Iran is an axis of evil and terror and is working to finance Hamas.
Hamas uses mosques to strengthen its military positions and keep civilians in harm's way.
So we'll bomb the hell out of those mosques!
Can you imagine if there were bombing synagogues and there were Jewish people in Gaza?
Oh, and look at that guy over there in Zelensky, over in Ukraine.
Yeah, closes down the Orthodox churches.
Yeah, that's fine.
I ain't too Russian.
This is a religious war.
That little clown boy of nothing, another one, Lindsey Graham, called it a religious war.
Ain't my war.
Why am I involved in a religious war?
And Israel is not a democracy.
Look up the nation-state law that Netanyahu, when again, when he was Prime Minister back in 2018, put into place.
That's right.
It basically says the Jewish people are superior to everybody else there.
Oh, and they could keep stealing the land called settlements.
So it's not a democracy.
I have the solution.
Again, this is just what I think.
I'm not telling anybody to do it.
I call it the one state solution.
Not two states.
End this religious state stuff.
You want to call it... All these clown politicians that say we're fighting for democracy.
If it's a religious state, there's no democracy.
End this religious state.
Make it a free state for all people created equal.
How about that?
All people created equal.
The Arabs are only 20% of the population.
Make it an equal state.
Do away with the nation state law.
This is not my war.
And anybody that thinks that we are going to attack Iran
And it's not going to bring in Turkey, which has one of the largest militaries in the world, the biggest one in NATO, joining them.
We lose because America hasn't won a war since World War Two.
Oh, and you see the new article that came out about the condition of American soldiers?
They were obese and overweight.
To make it simple, too fat to fight.
But don't worry about it.
We'll end it with nuclear destruction.
We'll wipe everybody off the face of the Earth, and then we can say, we won!
People better stand up for peace, and you better stand up for InfoWars.
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The information that they're...
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, as I said, you know, all these people that love war, you know, they don't fight.
And this is from Newsweek.
See, I'm not making this up.
Netanyahu's children are coming under fire.
Israel's President Benjamin Netanyahu's sons are facing criticism from some Israelis and pro-Palestinians amid the country's war with Palestine's militant group Hamas.
Netanyahu declared, we are at war.
And it goes on to say that basically his kid, one of them is having a good time in
Uh, him.
At 32, Yahya Netanyahu, who moved to Florida early this year, is eligible for reserve duty as the Kodath age is 40.
One reservist quoted in the Times, that's probably the Times of Israel, said, Yahya Netanyahu, quote, was enjoying his life at Miami Beach while I'm on the front lines.
Got it?
Got it?
Got it?
All these political clowns, they love war.
But they don't fight.
They don't send the senator's son, as the old song used to go, during my Vietnam years of life.
And I avoided the draft.
I was prime draft me.
And I want to make this clear.
I supported the war.
I swallowed the crap coming out from the mainstream media.
You know, my father, may he rest in peace, we'd be eating dinner.
I'm about 18, 19 years old, 18 years old.
And he said to me, you know, son, they say that youth is wasted on the young.
He took a couple more bites.
He said they were talking about you eating me.
So as a kid, you don't know.
And I'm only me because I keep learning.
Learning, learning, learning.
And that's what you get from InfoWars, too.
You get a lot of information to keep learning, learning, learning.
So I was too stupid, but I didn't want to get my brains blown out.
That's why I didn't go.
And again, there was these songs about, you know, all the peace people back then because we were getting drafted.
Now there's no peace movements of major, you know, I'm doing everything I can with Occupy Peace.
But if I don't get money from, you know, hundreds of millions, tens of millions, you know, we only could do so much.
I have rallies and everything I can do.
So anyway, it shows you the Senator's sons don't go fight.
People power to me is the only solution.
Flashback, George Soros wrote op-ed bashing U.S.
Israel for not working with Hamas.
This is from Fox News.
He did the article on October 13th.
So going back to here, U.S.
Republicans pledged support for Israel amid war with Hamas.
They're at the Las Vegas, they're at a Jewish coalition meeting.
One after another defending Israel.
I mentioned about him.
Biden says US has an obligation to be involved in wars in Israel and Ukraine.
During a 60 minute interview, Joe Biden said the America has an obligation to get in foreign wars
Adding that we can take care of both of these.
This, this is the Joe Biden, who's three years older than me, that got five draft deferments and spews out this crap that we can take care of both of these, meaning the wars in Ukraine,
And Israel?
We, you draft dodger?
Hey, Chuckie Schumer, did you go fight?
Hey, lousy Lieberman, did you go fight?
Hey, little Johnson boy, the new clown up there, you go fight?
We're the United States of America, for God's sakes, Biden said.
Oh, for God's sakes?
Hey, what God are you talking about?
Oh, you're the little clown that calls yourself a Catholic!
You're no Catholic!
You're a disgrace to the Prince of Peace, because you're a piece of crap!
You're a warmongering freak!
Oh, I'm your president!
I'll tell you what to do!
You're only a plantation worker of Slavelandia!
We the big zone everything and they pay us off the politicians to do what we're told.
Now you obey us in America, the land that slaughters people all over the world to bring freedom and democracy.
The most powerful nation, you ready?
You ready for this?
In the history.
In the history of the world, the history of the world, hey, you see he's being anti-Italian here.
Hey, got some.
Did you ever hear of the Roman Empire?
And others.
This is the arrogance and stupidity and that how they sell war and hate.
By their deeds you shall know them and their words.
We can take care of both of these and still maintain our overall international defense, end quote, after not winning a war since World War II.
We have the capacity to do this and we have the obligation to.
We do not have the obligation.
You are a disgrace to our founding fathers.
A real man, George Washington, no foreign entanglements.
This crap has been going on over there for centuries.
Ain't our...
Way to fix it.
But again, it's the new crusade.
We are an essential nation, to paraphrase the former Secretary of State.
And if we don't, who does?
Biden was quoting Madeleine Albright, who in 1988 said,
1998, excuse me, America is, quote, an indispensable nation.
Quoted Madeleine Albright.
Madeleine, not all that bright.
This is the Madeleine Albright, when interviewed by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes, and Leslie Stahl asked, is the price of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five worth the sanctions and what Bill Clinton has been doing to Iraq?
And she said,
Yes, it is.
Yeah, Bill Clinton, every time he got caught with his pants down, bombs away over Baghdad.
I didn't have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.
I only got a, you know, a little something like that.
We're, we are in a very, again, I mentioned before the nation state law.
This is from Vox, July 31st, 2018.
The law does three big things.
Again, Israel is not a democracy by the words of the nation-state law.
So we're not fighting a democracy.
Number one, the right to exercise national self-determination in Israel
Is unique to Jewish people.
So, end quote.
Now what I would say, so the hell with the rest of you, we're number one, you're number two.
Hey, kind of sounds like America during, you know, the racist times, you know, the slavery times.
It establishes Jewish settlements as a national value.
What Jewish settlements?
You're stealing land!
It's against the Geneva Convention!
It's against Article 242 of the United Nations!
Right there!
It establishes Hebrew as Israel's official language and downgrades Arabic.
Widely spoken by Arab Israelis.
To quote a special status.
And it goes on.
It goes on.
It goes on.
And then the stock markets, up until today, they had the worst October in five years.
They're going to do everything they can to artificially prop this up as the war keeps heating up.
We are at the beginning of the end here and we forecast this in the Trends Journal.
You go to jonestrends.com and you get a great bargain for the Trends Journal next to nothing.
And we're giving you everything, as is InfoWars.
And again, I love that super male vitality.
Keeps me going, man.
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I've not been this excited ever!
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