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Air Date: Oct. 25, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including conflict between doctors receiving bonuses for administering dangerous drugs, the danger of virtual reality being used to help doctors administer these "poisons" to children, and the importance of supporting InfoWars in their fight against censorship and the New World Order. He announces upcoming guests for his show and addresses criticism that he is pro-Israel due to his views on immigration and Islam while criticizing Israel's attacks on mosques, hospitals, and churches in the ongoing conflict with Hamas. The speaker discusses other news topics such as Tyson Foods signing a billion dollar deal for bug chitin protein and criticizes the media coverage surrounding the conflict in Gaza. He encourages customers to take advantage of a limited time offer on Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver and covers various topics including political tensions, religious beliefs, and current events.

Tomorrow's news.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
For many years, doctors have received bonuses for adherence to the latest drug therapy protocol.
Drugs that are known to be dangerous, such as statins and antidepressants.
And now we know that insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children.
This incentive program for vaccinating babies can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Doctor Incentives Booklet and specifies that every patient under the age of two that receives the currently prescribed 24 inoculations is worth a $400 payout to that doctor.
For further motivation, they get paid by the hundred and they have to vaccinate a certain percentage of their total patients or they don't get anything.
Blue Cross Blue Shield say that a doctor needs to vaccinate 63% of their patients in order to qualify.
The average American pediatrician has about 1,500 patients and would have to have at least 945 of them fully vaccinated in order to get paid anything.
At $40,000 for every 100, this works out to $360,000.
This is why most pediatricians won't provide care for families who don't completely submit to the latest childhood vaccine protocol.
We are talking over a quarter million dollars, which is more than the average pediatrician's yearly salary.
Research shows that an unvaccinated child's risk of death increases by over 5,000 percent when they receive the current vaccine schedule.
And doctors are now beginning to use virtual reality to help them administer these poisons to children who instinctively know better.
Can you take the needle out?
Take the needle out?
Do you have a needle?
Yes, but it's a small one.
Mom is here to help you.
I don't want to!
I don't want to!
I don't want to!
I don't want to!
I'm scared!
How are you, Luigi?
Do you like superheroes?
You're back!
You're back!
Wow, I can't believe it!
First, the ice pollen.
Come here.
It's very quick.
Wait a minute.
Now, the fire fruit.
But, look, let's go.
Very quickly.
Wait a minute.
Let me get it here.
Go, Scudinho!
Go, Scudinho!
It works!
It works!
It works!
Thank you!
Thank you!
I love you, son!
What do you think of this?
It's cool.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globals were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
I think?
We're good.
When castles towered over vast landscapes and knights championed honor and valor, there came an unforeseen darkness.
Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
In his most desperate hour in the battle against evil,
A radiant light descended from the heavens.
God, in all his glory and his legion of angels, stood by Alex's side.
The battle raged on, but with every blow, Alex Jones' conviction grew stronger.
With every truth he proclaimed, the demonic forces faltered.
When the enemy was vanquished, Alex Jones swore a solemn oath that should the realm need him again, he would return.
And now it's Alex Jones.
Leading a full frontal assault on the satanic New World Order.
Tune in at infowars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
If I were the devil, if I were the prince of deception, I'd want to shroud the world in unyielding darkness.
I'd seize control over the lands and masses, but I wouldn't be satisfied until I had quashed the boldest voice of truth.
Info Wars.
So I'd work meticulously to control the world.
I'd target platforms like Info Wars first.
I'd initiate a campaign of silence.
With the subtlety of a serpent,
I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve, believe only what you're told.
To the young I would whisper, InfoWars is a fake news conspiracy theory network.
I would convince them that man needs no alternate perspectives, no dissenting voices, no questions against the status quo.
I would assure them...
...is false, and what's approved is true, and the old I would teach to say after me, our father which art in censorship.
If I were the devil, I'd soon have people at war with InfoWars, platforms at war with free speech, and nations at war with freedom of thought, until each in its turn was uniform.
If I were the devil, I would undermine platforms like InfoWars from being a refuge for the inquisitive until before you knew it, you'd have suppression and censorship at every door.
Soon, I'd have unity and misinformation.
I'd have influential figures promoting a single narrative.
Soon, I could evict InfoWars from social media, then from search engines.
And then from the homes of patriots, I would lure society into believing only one perspective.
Dismissing info wars as falsehood.
And what do you bet I could get whole states to promote uniformity as progress?
I would convince the young that independent platforms are outdated.
That compliance is more comfortable.
That what you see in the mainstream media is the only perspective.
In other words,
If I were the devil, I wouldn't want you to visit InfoWars.com forward slash show today.
It's Wednesday, October 25th, 2023.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Hard to believe that this year is already so long in the teeth.
Time is really, really moving fast.
Thank you for joining us again on this Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right.
We've got a giant show lined up for you today.
We have the top
Russian broadcaster, he speaks really good English, joining us in the fourth hour that I'll be hosting today.
And we have Nick Fuentes coming in here for at least an hour and a half.
He was just on American Journal with Chase Geyser hosting it because Harrison is hosting the War Room while Owen is in federal prison for his free speech, according to the judge, in our wondrous free land.
And so I build this, because I guess we will have a debate as a debate, but really I just want to have a discussion with Nick Fuentes, so that's coming up.
I think we should get him in here about 15 after next hour.
That way we have at least an hour and 45 minutes, but you have a commercial, so about an hour and 20 minutes of time to have discussions here on a host of issues.
But I'm not having the debate according to the preface that he's put out that
We are lopsided in our coverage of what's happening in the Middle East.
Now it would be my right to be lopsided if that was the case and that was my view, but I've actually got a 35,000 foot big global view on how the West is funding both sides of this conflict in a dialectic.
And I'm trying to get people to see the big picture.
And so hopefully I can do that.
But I'll just tell him what I'm going to do when he gets in here.
I know he's here in the office probably watching now.
I was really busy about to go on air, but I saw him walking down the hall right before I went on air.
And that is, I caught about 15 minutes of him with Chase Geiser this morning on American Journal, and he just kept saying, Alex Jones gives unbalanced coverage.
I'm not CNN that says they're giving balanced coverage of things and then doesn't.
But I really do think I give balanced coverage from my worldview.
I honestly believe the things I say and I do.
And then I was going through the stacks of news, because I send them text and emails, what I want them to print off and have, and I send them a bunch of videos I want to cover.
Hundreds of articles in front of me, and I come in here and start digging through them, and as more news breaks, they just come and stack it in front of me so I can look at it.
And I looked at InfoWars stack that was about that thick this morning, and I went, wow, actually our coverage is lopsided against Israel.
I better do something about that, because it was all basically critical of Israel.
And I told the crew, I want you to show
Look everybody's perspective and what's going on.
Because that's how you really get informed.
And obviously the Palestinians have been caught in a bunch of propaganda.
The Israelis have been caught in a bunch.
And I've got a bunch of examples of that.
And I just want people to start looking for the propaganda.
Not just sitting there going with the dialectic of the two supposed sides.
And I'm not saying things in the universe are all gray.
I'm not saying things aren't black and white sometimes.
What I'm saying is, is that there's larger forces above it manipulating it, and that's what I try to expose.
So I'll ask him to repeat that statement today, and then I'm going to go, well here's today's stack of informers.
Let's just go through it.
And it's a ridiculous amount of criticism of Israel, and the only thing you can call pro-Israel is, I don't want open borders and to bring all the Gazans over here.
But that's actually anti-Israel.
Because Israel, through its spokespersons and others in their government, said they want to send the Gazans to America and Europe.
No, no, no!
So when I'm concerned about Islam spreading everywhere and taking over, how is that because Islam doesn't like Israel?
Now I'm with Israel.
It's false debate.
And it's not real, and it's very frustrating.
So for me, when I have my discussion with him slash debate, it's not about proving my point, it's about getting people to see what I see.
And maybe you see something different than I see, but man...
Doesn't matter whether you love Israel or hate Israel or you're neutral on it or indifferent, what the hell does that have to do with bringing Muslims here from all over the world that are almost all joining the left and electing leftists to Congress and to local government and literally taking over our society?
And you could say, well, the Muslims throw gays off buildings in the Middle East.
Yeah, that's some of their radical groups, but
As a voting bloc, they go with the Democrats.
They go with the Socialists.
They go with the Communists in Europe.
And so, that's an observation that I'm making.
You know, Israel blew up a couple mosques and hospitals and Orthodox Church this week.
We read the article.
They don't deny they did.
I looked at the evidence of the one hospital.
Looked like it hit the parking lot.
They now basically admit that.
I just said, looks like that's war propaganda.
Israel's been having people on the news with puppy dogs that got saved from Hamas.
I mean, that's obvious propaganda.
So I'm not in any of the... It'd be like if I was covering the Crips and Bloods.
They were all killing each other in the 1990s.
They still are today, but not as bad.
It doesn't mean you're for the Crips or the Bloods.
You know, Snoop Dogg's a Crip.
I guess some of the other guys are bloods.
Well, I'm not with Snoop Dogg and I'm not with Tupac and I'm not with any of this crap.
So, I'm going to have an adult discussion here and just get past the statements about, oh, who reports on things the best.
I don't report a lot on Israel.
I don't like talking about it.
I didn't report a lot on Russia until I got accused of being a Russian agent, and I'm against that war, and the West did start that war.
Now, Russia is on the side of the Palestinians.
So by extension, if you looked at it, you could say, I'm on the side of the Palestinians.
No, I'm against starting that war and accelerating it to nuclear war with Russia.
So if you're actually like an adult, sit there and go, where does Jones stand on all these topics?
And you come to the
position of the ADL that I'm public enemy number one need to be removed because I'm pro-America and want our sovereignty and believe in free speech.
I mean, look at these articles from today and this is just some of them.
I pulled a bunch out because it's just too obnoxious.
We have a big anti-DeSantis article with their horrible anti-free speech law in Florida that we've been critical of day one and it's the reason I said I went from liking DeSantis to not liking him.
Again, regular listeners, when I'm being attacked on Twitter, when people call me an agent of Israel, they go, you must not be watching the show.
Or they'll have some edited clip where I go, well, if Israel does go in, this is their only chance to actually defeat Hamas carpet bombing.
But I said, don't go in, it's a trap.
And that's wrong.
But that's not in the 14 second clip.
Because this is amateur hour by the people that just want to score political points
That they are the holy ones.
They are the ones that talk about nothing but Israel from sunup to sundown and then dream about it at night.
I'm dreaming about a human future for everybody and beating the technocracy and the globalists.
And Nick said that when he was here last December with Kanye West.
I'm trying to find the clip and I'm not trying to attack Nick.
I'm just getting my stuff up front because he's had plenty of shows on his show and our shows to talk about it.
Nick, I invited you here and then made sure you got booked on the other shows.
How is that us again trying to suppress what you're saying?
I agree with a lot of things Nick Fointest says.
I think he's a smart guy and a funny guy.
I think he's a talented talk show host.
But when you, again, pull back from this and look at all the different angles, he said, I think the exact quote was something like,
Why are you talking about things that don't matter, that nobody cares about, like the Bilderberg Group and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum?
They have diplomatic community and merged last year with the UN and tell the UN what to do and have the most powerful banks on earth funding them and directing them.
And Larry Fink, the head of BlackRock that controls 88% of the world's wealth, said they're going to control our behavior and have censorship and control with it.
I'm going right to the head of the snake, to the mega banks and Larry Fink and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the lockdowns and the forced injections and the New World Order.
So if you judge a broadcast, and I'm not here like we're in a race car race or something, but that's how this juvenile stuff operates, I am a C-minus when it comes to obsessing on Israel.
I will admit it.
And I'm an F-minus if it comes to hating Jews, because we've had people go out and protest
Kosher grocery stores in New York and Chicago would just scream at the Jews coming out, and probably 60-70% are super liberal and have probably been at pro-Palestine rallies.
I mean, it's like, it just, so just randomly, oh, let's just go to a, let's just go to a Jewish place and then just scream at people because they're Jewish, as if they're one monolithic political bloc.
So, I'm extremely frustrated by that.
Everybody and every group to listen to me, and I want to cut off BlackRock and the New World Order.
And I've been supportive of some of the countries in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia and others, that have not been going along with BlackRock and the ESGs and a lot of the New World Order stuff, but they've also been adopting some of it.
And I've played all these different Saudi ministers that I think were very well-spoken and very reasonable, saying both sides are wrong in this and Israel needs to stop.
So when I saw him this morning, they said, oh, he's been standing over and over again.
On the one segment I watched, say twice, Jones doesn't ever criticize Israel.
His coverage isn't fair.
I just saw that and I was just like, that's not true.
And I just thought about my show yesterday or the day before or the day before that.
Now it's true on October 7th when we saw all the terrible images and the invasion into Israel and that mass murder and slaughter, including a bunch of liberal Jews that moved there that are pro-Palestine and want a two-state solution or a one-state solution or think
Israel should just totally integrate with the Islamic world.
See how that works if they do it.
That's just suicide.
And I was very critical because Hamas launched that big bloody attack.
And then when Israel now has overreacted, I've said this is terrible and is a trap and is bad for everybody and the children don't deserve this.
So what I say is a four-hour show every day.
But anybody could take the last 20 minutes of me on air, and you could edit this down to 10 second clips that make it sound like I'm saying something completely different.
I'm on Steve Bannon's Saturday with Eric Prince.
Don't go in, it's a Qaikom Iranian trap.
They're going to activate their sleeper cells around the world.
The globals are going to use that to cancel the election.
Israel needs to not destroy it.
But Bannon says, well could they go in?
What will happen if they do to Eric Prince?
And Prince said, well, it's not a good idea, it needs to not happen.
And I said, yeah, the only way is to carpet bomb it all, and then you've got to send in your first troops who are going to be sacrificed, because they've got those tunnels that are going to pop up behind them.
I was discussing military strategy.
You know, like when I play a game.
I'm not actually Pac-Man, or I'm not actually Mario, brother.
I'm playing a game in that scenario.
Just like I said, what Hezbollah and Hamas could do around the world, and how they could dump toxic gases into the air conditioning vents on top high-rises, which is one of their admitted plans, I'm not saying they should dump chlorine gas down the high-rises.
But you could take that clip from the other day where I walked through how they do it, because it was in the news and I've been talking about it for a long time, when it wasn't in the news, and you could say Jones is calling for dumping chlorine gas into the
Air conditioning and heating systems of high rises.
I did no such thing.
So I don't do that kind of crap where I take things out of context and then accuse somebody of what they haven't done.
And so that's where I stand on that.
So it should be an interesting discussion, but I really wanted to have this discussion in hopes of getting people to think bigger.
Because I understand getting obsessed with one topic.
And I've certainly done that off and on in my 29 years on air.
But if you don't see the big picture, you don't see it.
In fact, case in point, Tyson Foods is arguably the largest meat packer in the United States.
And they've got a lot of other products as well.
And they've signed a billion dollar deal.
We're good to go.
So that you don't know you're eating dangerous bug chitin protein that's absolutely linked to cancer, strokes, and so many problems.
What the hell does that have to do with Israel?
That's what I'm talking about.
So let me mention the news I've got here.
Don't worry, we've got plenty of the World War III in Russia, and plenty of the World War III in the Middle East, and World War III in the East China Sea, and the South China Sea, and all the rest of it.
And then we've got totally open borders, and just record-breaking levels, and all over Europe, record levels.
Spain's Canary Islands under siege.
There's 5,000 migrants arrive every few days.
We've got
Coachell visits Israel wearing body armor she banned for New Yorkers.
Gavin Newsom's over there praising Xi Jinping and the CHICOMS, saying we got to ban all our gas cars when China makes the components for 90% of the electric cars.
We've got all these different lawyers turning against Trump and doing their struggle sessions.
A bunch of news dealing with how the feds are pulling the 501c3 or tax exemption from Christian universities that have been around since the 40s.
We're not letting them re-up them.
Total discrimination, absolutely dangerous.
Huge stack of news on that.
We've got big developments in Ukraine and military strikes on both sides.
You've seen, you all know a Harari.
Come out and say the future's not human, we're making aliens on these different bases, genetically engineered aliens, nanotech aliens, and we're going to merge with them and the rest of you are all going to die.
I thought I'd get together a clip of me going back decades ago explaining that all.
I've known what they're up to the whole time.
I'm the first to expose it.
I just wanted to show you that we're talking about some big things here.
The end of our species as we know it.
And then, where's all the fun for us all to kill each other anymore?
Well, that's what the Carnegie Endowment believes in ending our species.
They believe we're bad and they're going to build a new super species for themselves.
I don't agree with the Carnegie Endowment.
We're going to get into a whole bunch of other news with the Speaker's race.
The economy, as the head of Goldman Sachs has said, it's in deep trouble.
JP Morgan's head, Jamie Dimon, has said it's in massive, massive trouble.
Could be worse than the Great Depression.
I mean, we've got some serious, serious, serious news to cover here today.
And I just want to remind listeners and callers, thank you for your support.
I blew up at the end of the show yesterday and I apologized to the caller and I had a lot of frustration.
I vented on the caller, but the caller didn't deserve.
So I apologize to that caller.
I ended up watching the clip this morning and I had nothing to do with you.
It's just my incredible frustration here with not having the funds to do the things I want to do with reporters or to even take care of our crew or that our crew hasn't gotten a bonus in almost two years or raises or anything because the Democratic Party has spent, now it's over, I said 19 plus million.
I got the new numbers.
It's almost $21 million this year.
We're only 10 and a half months in or almost 11 months in.
That's where we are.
We've spent a couple million just keeping us on air, locking them in court, dealing with the appeals so they sell the lie that, oh, we're not paying them their money when we have the right to appeal.
That goes on for years.
And then a caller calls in and says, why didn't you send reporters with Owen?
Why is Owen not getting paid while he's in prison for two months?
Because we have a CRO appointed by the court that said because of bankruptcy rules, I guess his contract doesn't say if he's in jail he gets paid.
That's not me.
I have control of the message.
I don't have control of the finances.
It's my job to get them in.
And if we had more money in the budget, we could do things like that.
But we barely have enough to operate because we're holding off all these millions they're spending a month.
That's a couple million a month to try to shut us down.
We have to spend hundreds of thousands a month to block that.
And they try to make our lawyers quit.
They try to get them disbarred.
It's total war with the CIA.
And so, yeah.
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And that I can get everything done.
Next month, I'm putting up for sale my motorboat that's probably worth 30 grand and my car.
Because that's what the court wants to see.
See, I'm out of gas, ladies and gentlemen.
So go to Infowarsstore.com.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, we're about 40 minutes out from Nick Point's husband's studio.
Look forward to that debate and discussion.
Please spread the word everywhere you can.
People can tune in and hear a really thoughtful debate.
I think that's what's going to happen.
Now let's get into what's going on in the Middle East and in Ukraine and how that affects everybody around the world and how that affects you if you're an American or you're Canadian or you're Mexican or you're Australian or you're German or you're South African or you're Ugandan.
Overhead shot please.
Trump warns U.S.
is more vulnerable from inside terror attacks than ever.
Yeah, we're not talking about 9-11 stuff.
We're talking about, we're not talking about false flags, we're talking about real Hamas, real Hezbollah, inside the country, and their leaders saying that if Israel expands its war, or goes in on a ground war, they are going to start attacks here.
And the government's gonna love it, because they'll get more power and control.
They didn't get in trouble when they let 9-11 happen, bare minimum.
Bare minimum let it happen, knew it was happening, stood down like Pearl Harbor.
It was wrong to stand down at Pearl Harbor and get our sailors and marines killed.
Doesn't mean I support Admiral Yamamoto or the Emperor, but that's the facts.
You can debate whether Israel stood down, looks like they did, but opening our borders, letting these people in, hundreds of thousands of military age men in these Islamic groups here, millions and millions and millions and millions and millions, like 15 million they estimate come in the last 10 years to Europe, 90% are military age men, or they were, most of them are 20-something years old, and
We've got video.
Roll some of the B-roll of this is Europe, this is England.
And it just shows people driving.
I'll send you the clip.
And you just see hundreds of thousands of Islamists just lining the roads.
Just everywhere.
And they're unified folks.
And they think they're here to conquer the West.
They say that's their goal.
And that we will submit to Islam.
Yeah, that's just some of the protested grocery stores.
Here, let me go through the list.
I'll find what it is.
We've got like 40 clips.
It'll take me a while to find it, but I've got this OCD where I've got to have it now.
I sent you the video, and I said it was going to be the one we were going to play, the most important.
I'll just have to read every headline on air, and then we'll find it.
Number one clip is a three-year-old clip of Alex Jones losing his cool at the start of COVID, issuing a warning of what is to come.
Number two clip, 2015, RFK endorses Hillary.
This is the kind of stuff I want to get to.
Jesse Waters, Biden paid $3 million for a beach house, claiming he had no money.
Very important report.
Hillary Clinton gets scorched earth after being interrupted.
Clip five, insect farm, largest facility to raise future food sources in a deal with Tyson Foods to force you to eat bugs.
Look what she found in her child's ketchup, a bunch of pills.
And Heinz Ketchup, what do you think you're going to have happening with old John Kerry?
That's who owns it.
Fox News reporting important things.
Dogs in Israel getting killed or hurt, not dead kids.
Number eight, Israel doesn't intend for Palestinians to return to Gaza.
They plan to send them to the United States.
I'm totally against that.
Ladies and gentlemen, yes, this is Europe.
It's clip nine.
All right, that's clip nine.
And I've got dozens
Of these clips, and it just goes on and on and on.
We have been colonized, we have been set up, and the Islamists on any given day are raping, robbing, and looting.
In many countries like Germany and Sweden, they're 10% of the population, but they're 90 plus percent of the rape, and the robbery, and the gun attacks, and the hand grenade attacks.
Even though guns and hand grenades are banned there, it's still happening.
I'm sorry!
It's what's going on!
It's what's happening!
Oh, why are you pro-Israel?
What the hell does it have to do with Israel that I don't want all the Islamists that's being brought here?
And to make the squad not eight people, but a hundred in Congress.
Israel wants to send them here, and I'm saying no, no, no!
But that's pro-Israel, according to everybody hates Israel crowd.
Just total mental illness.
Sorry, I'm digressing.
I got to one article and went off on a whole rant there.
Would you like to hear the other videos I sent today to play?
So Trump warns U.S.
is it more vulnerable from inside terror attacks than ever?
That's totally true.
Donald Trump promises to halt all refugee resettlement in response to war in the Middle East.
50% of voters, that's the idiots they talk to, it's hard to believe that's even that high, do not want refugees from Gaza in America.
Only 48%?
Only 52% are smart?
48% are idiots?
Here's the clip.
In fact, let's just play this clip.
Israel doesn't intend for Palestinians to return back to Gaza.
Israel intends to steal Gaza right of return for them as Israel, but not for the Palestinians to Gaza.
And that's written by Queens RMA, somebody that's anti-Israel.
But I agree with the statement that Israel, and the left here as well, are saying, bring the refugees here when Israel destroys Gaza.
No, I'm not for that.
I'm against that plan.
Hold on, I'm getting a call, that's what they always say.
Oh, okay, go against Israel trying to ship them here?
Oh yes sir, Mr. Netanyahu, I'll do that right now.
Let's see this little trick.
Oh, you got a call!
You're pro-Israel because you don't want to send the people here.
How is that even logical?
What does that even deal with?
What world is that?
It's not.
It's not reality.
Here's the clip.
Let me be clear.
There is no right of return.
You all know this.
The demand of returning millions of descendants of refugees is a demand to obliterate the Jewish people's right to self-determination.
And this will never happen.
So, Distinguished Council Member, if the aim of these meetings is to remove
The obstructions to solving this conflict, then here is one of the most fundamental obstructions.
The perpetuation of Palestinian refugehood, both by the Palestinian Authority and sadly by this very organization, UNRWA.
AOC and the Democratic Party want to bring the
Islamic refugees here, if they're so safe, and they're so sweet, and they're so nice, and they're so good, then Israel should take them.
But obviously Israel isn't going to take them.
And when you don't take them, when America doesn't take them, which we will of course, if Biden has his way, the globals have their way, anybody that criticizes not wanting to bring them here will be called
A racist by the ADL.
I tell you what, I say we can bring the refugees here if they all have to stay at the ADL's house.
If all the ADL members sign a pledge to take ten refugees into their house and put a thousand at their New York and D.C.
facilities, if they take in ten thousand of them and then they house them and they pay for them at their houses, then we'll have a little discussion with the ADL about taking them in.
But no, we're not going to take the men.
It just continues on from there.
Biden administration explicitly approves of killing innocent civilians in Gaza.
This is war, it is combat, it is bloody, it is ugly, and it's going to be messy, and innocent civilians are going to be hurt going forward.
Well, when you have that argument, then you can say that that was war for Hamas, and so what if they killed civilians?
This is called barbarism, and it's what we're all descending into.
Now, let's play Qatar's Emir calls for an end to Israel's barbaric bombing of Gaza.
And the collective punishment of an entire people.
We do not accept double standards and acting like the lives of Palestinian children don't count as if they don't have faces or names.
And again, I've been playing these clips since this happened of what the Arab leaders are saying.
A lot of what they say makes sense.
And that's why we're one-sided for Israel.
But we're not!
And we don't then play this to prove we're good and get patted on the head to prove ourselves to the white supremacist everybody.
No, I'm not with you either.
Let's be clear.
I don't hate Jews because they're Jews.
I don't hate Muslims because they're Muslims.
I don't want the Muslims brought here because they're all signing up with the left, 95% of them, and saying they're going to conquer me.
And if Israel wants them, they can have them.
And if Qatar wants them, they can have them too.
Oh, but they both said they're not going to take them either.
Why is that?
Because they're used as a political football.
I'll come back and play this clip when we come back.
Stay with us.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
I think?
We're good to go.
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We want to have a bunch of different choices for you.
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What's better?
Why do you sell two or three different sleep aids?
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, so via our policy of showing all the different angles we play what the Russians are saying, the Iranians are saying, the Israelis are saying, the Palestinians are saying, the Qataris are saying, and so this is the sheik
The Emir of Qatar and I'm going to read to you from the closed captioning for radio listeners so we get this on record what he's saying and I understand that this reflects what they're pushing.
Saudi Arabia is still trying to get the peace still started and that really is the answer.
Let's continue.
It is not permissible to remain silent about the unprecedented barbaric bombing.
To which the civilians in Gaza are exposed.
It is one of the most overcrowded places in the world.
And not ignore the numbers of innocent civilians.
Including women and children.
We are against harming innocent civilians from any side.
Whatever their nationality is.
But we do not accept double standards.
And acting like the lives of Palestinian children don't count.
As if they don't have faces or names?
What is happening is extremely dangerous and tramples on all values and norms, on religious and worldly laws.
We say enough is enough.
Israel should not be granted an unconditional green light and unrestricted authorization to kill.
It's unacceptable to ignore the reality of occupation and siege and settlements.
And it should not be allowed in our time to cut off the water, medicine and food as a weapon against an entire people.
We want to ask those who are backing this war and those who are working on it, silencing any dissenting opinion, what is after the war?
Will it bring security and stability to Israel and Palestine?
And where would be the Palestinians go after that?
So if you look at Saudi Arabia and Qatar and others, and I'm no big fan of the Saudis in the past, and I'm still not a fan today, but they made a deal with Trump, and they cut gas prices massively, and they didn't get in the way of the U.S.
oil exploration to make us number one, and they said, hey, we want to have golf courses and hotels and happy people, and we want to move into the 21st century, and we want a space program, and we want to integrate and keep our culture but not take yours over.
You can say, well, don't trust them.
Well, compared to Iran and some of these other groups, they are really trying to put their money where their mouth is.
And so I think that's encouraging.
And Israel did in the 70s found Hamas to destabilize the Palestinian Authority and to make sure it never got off its
And stayed destabilized.
And I'm not anti-Israel to say that.
I'm just pro-truth.
Like, when our government does bad, evil things, like founding Al-Qaeda in the late 70s and funding them all the way along and supporting them in their attack against Syria, I said that was wrong.
And our media tried to keep it from the public that our government, under Obama and the Arab Spring, was funding Al-Qaeda and ISIS all over the world.
Trump got in and tried to put a stop to it, and the Pentagon got caught lying to him
About what was really going on in missions, and then he put a stop to it and let the Russians come in and clean them out.
And then he got called a Russian agent.
It's wrong to overthrow one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, the Syrians, when they have been the most compatible and actually been an example of Islam letting Christians and others live in peace.
Egypt did that too.
Egypt did probably the best job and was secular.
And was trying to build up its industry and farming and tourism and are good people.
And Obama overthrew their government with the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood that backs Hamas.
It's Hamas.
The real name of Hamas is Muslim Brotherhood, okay?
And the real name of Hezbollah is Iran, which its name is Persian.
I mean, I've had to study all the players and all the groups, and it's easy to just sit here and go,
Muslims good, Israel bad.
Or Israel good, Muslims bad.
There's all these factions.
60% of the Israelis want Netanyahu out, but he uses parliamentary control to stay in.
And the group that wants him out is the Rothschilds, and you all know Harari, and the WEF.
And I'm not saying Netanyahu's good!
But I mean, that's a real fight going on.
Internally, with the Jews.
So, the truth takes a lot of research.
The truth takes a lot of deep focus and understanding.
Like, I don't support Russia invading Ukraine.
I said it was a trap.
But I know the West bragged that they overthrew the government nine years ago and started attacking Russian areas where it's 90% Russian or more, and lured Putin into that because NATO was moving weapons in.
And I don't say that because I'm a Russian agent, folks.
I say it because it's the truth.
And if Russia had troops on our borders and was doing all this, we would go to war with Russia.
This is extremely dangerous.
This is out of control.
This needs to stop.
And the left is allied in Europe,
And North America, Canada, the U.S., with the most virulent leftist communist leftovers of the Cold War.
Because Russia was funding Hamas, was funding Hezbollah during the 60s, 70s, 80s.
And so they are literally Soviet-era trained.
That's why all their old weapons are Soviet.
Now Russia is supposedly not taking a side here, but they're saying what's happening is wrong and needs to stop.
And I've agreed with that.
Russia changed its course to want to be an industrial, scientific and farming power and wants to be free market.
The globalists don't want to give Russia entry into the world market.
Trump said, hey, I'll do business with you.
Just like he said, I'll do business with Kim Jong-un.
Stop spending your money on weapons and we'll build resorts and hotels and beautiful facilities.
And the globalists said, no, you're not.
So that's why I supported Trump on his economic plan.
Trump really did a good job as a peacemaker, because why should we all just kill each other?
But the globalists want destabilization.
They want war.
And that's my 35,000 foot or million foot view, really, is of the whole picture.
And my goal is to get people to see it.
Do I like the media demanding total fealty to Israel and the Israeli lobby running around calling any American that doesn't submit to whatever current groups in power there is a Nazi?
No, obviously.
Is it a sign that whatever's seen as the establishment's hated, that Israel's losing the propaganda war everywhere?
That shows the establishment's everywhere.
The people are sick of war.
They're sick of the propaganda.
They're sick of, you know, Fox News with a Golden Retriever saying, oh look, it survived the Hamas attack to pull on heartstrings.
We see through it.
But that said, there's a larger issue here.
And that's collapsing these countries and these regions to flood the West with groups the left controls that they can use to dominate and intimidate and bully us.
And then you've got the counter reaction to that with DeSantis and Governor Abbott passing laws and trying to pass laws, in the case of Texas, where if you criticize Israel and say it doesn't deserve to exist, which is your right to say, you can be defunded, deplatformed, and even arrested.
Not saying go kill Jews, but say I believe Israel should be removed, or even less than that, you are then
Getting kicked out of college.
They're saying they're going to fire professors.
I don't like those drooling communist socialist professors that love the Russia war, the Ukraine war, and love pedophilia, and love censorship.
But we don't become them because they're anti-Israel.
We don't then join with that.
So there's threats from every angle.
All the major governments, from the EU, to the US, to Canada, to Australia, New Zealand, they're all passing laws to end free speech.
And I stand against that.
And I stand against them forcibly putting GMO without telling us, and nanotech, and bug protein that's super toxic in our food.
I stand for humanity.
I stand for prosperity.
And I'm fighting as hard as I can, and that's why they want me shut down, because once you get the big picture, the globalists no longer can play us off against each other, and their power's broken.
Our number two coming up, Nick Fuentes' debate.
I got a bunch of news I'm gonna hit before he joins us.
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The Great Awakening and Polar Storm.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
We're good to go.
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Hey Jones, shut up.
Get back to attacking Israel or you're not a real man.
Hey, the shots are killing 20 million people.
They're trying to take over with the UN Treaty.
Did Jews tell you to say that?
You didn't talk about Israel.
Every word out of your mouth's got to bash Jews and Israel 24-7.
You're not a real man.
Let's talk when we have, yeah, three hours about Hitler and how great he is.
I said, yeah, you said Hitler's great 25 times.
Can we move on to some other subjects?
No, I just love Hitler because it's so thrilling.
Look how good I am.
I love Hitler.
I'm on the other side.
Yeah, you're on the other side.
British intelligence funded and created Hitler.
But I want to play two clips here.
This is first a lady in Texas taking over the mic at one of these Islamic events.
And I think she makes a good point.
And then we've got the clip of the Queen of Jordan talking about her concerns about the murder of children.
This is in English.
I believe the clip I sent you is, so I don't have to subtitle it and read it all to you.
Then we're going to go to break and come back with what they're doing to Trump.
And now they've got these struggle sessions going on.
Guys, do we have the clip?
I know I sent it to you.
I didn't see it on the list.
Maybe it's there.
Struggle sessions and the gulags are here now.
Right on schedule.
I think we have that.
A clip 20.
Yes, we're going to have that coming up.
This is big, folks.
I mean, watching these lawyers, what do you expect?
Turn on Trump and make stuff up is unbelievable.
So here are these clips and we'll be right back.
I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capital of Texas.
I stand against Islam and the false prophet Mohammed.
Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas!
I like that.
I like that.
I like that.
...describe to you the depth of the grief, the pain and the shock that we are feeling here in Jordan.
All of us are united in this grief, regardless of our origin.
We are just...
I just can't believe the images that we're seeing every single day coming out of Gaza.
We're going to bed seeing those images and waking up to them.
You know, I don't know how to, you know, as a mom, we've seen Palestinian mothers who've had to write the names of their children on their hands because the chances of them being shelled to death, of their bodies turning into corpses, are so high.
I just want to remind the world that Palestinian mothers love their children just as much as any other mother in the world.
And for them to have to go through this is just unbelievable.
And equally, I think the people all around the Middle East, including in Jordan, we are just shocked and disappointed by the world's reaction to this catastrophe that is unfolding.
In the last couple of weeks we have seen a glaring double standard in the world.
When October 7th happened, the world immediately and unequivocally stood by Israel and its right to defend itself and condemned the attack that happened.
But what we're seeing in the last couple of weeks, we're seeing silence in the world.
Countries have stopped just expressing concern or acknowledging the casualties, but always with a preface of declaration of support for Israel.
Are we being told that it is wrong to kill a family, an entire family at gunpoint, but it's okay to shell them to death?
I mean there is a glaring double standard here and it is just shocking to the Arab world.
This is the first time in modern history that there is such human suffering and the world is not even calling for a ceasefire.
So the silence is deafening and to many in our region it makes the Western world complicit.
You know, through their support and through the cover that they give Israel, that it is just its right to defend itself.
Many in the Arab world are looking at the Western world as not just tolerating this, but as aiding and abetting it.
And this is just horrendous and it's deeply, deeply disappointing to all of us.
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The Great Reset and the War for the World.
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The Great Awakening is happening right now.
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Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
So now we've seen three of Trump's lawyers, at least.
That we now know have turned state's evidence in Georgia and the kangaroo case there where Trump's not supposed to question the election.
And they've also been talking to Jack Smith in the D.C.
railroading operation that's also going on.
So now Jenna Ellis has pled guilty.
And part of the communist struggle session, or truth reconciliation that communists do in China and South Africa and in the old Russian system, is they then come out and denounce those who have not pled guilty.
It's unbelievable.
We know from Cheeseboro that Trump never told them to go to Georgia and try to go look at the computers and check and see if there was fraud.
And we now know there was fraud with illegals voting and people that were dead supposedly voting.
So this is a struggle session.
The gulags are now live.
Jack Posovic tweeted, amazing how lawyers who know the law advise Trump and then turn around and blame him for taking their advice.
Here she is in her struggle session in front of the court.
As an attorney who is also a Christian, I take my responsibilities as a lawyer very seriously, and I endeavor to be a person of sound moral and ethical character in all of my dealings.
In the wake of the 2020 presidential election,
I believed that challenging the results on behalf of President Trump should be pursued in a just and legal way.
I endeavored to represent my client to the best of my ability.
I relied on others, including lawyers with many more years of experience than I, to provide me with true and reliable information, especially since my role involved speaking to the media and to legislators in various states.
What I did not do, but should have done, Your Honor, was to make sure that the facts the other lawyers alleged to be true were in fact true.
In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence.
I believe in and I value election integrity.
If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges.
I look back on this whole experience with deep remorse.
For those failures of mine, your honor, I have taken responsibility already before the Colorado Bar who censured me.
And I now take responsibility before this court and apologize to the people of Pasadena.
Thank you.
All right, so there you go.
And then meanwhile, ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows granted immunity, tells special counsel he warned Trump about 2020 claims.
So they all said that they thought it was stolen, which was overwhelming evidence that there was.
And then now they are completely turning against him.
And we know that they manipulated thousands of news stories that would make Biden look bad under FBI direction, total election meddling, totally illegal.
They manipulated the Google, Facebook, Twitter algorithms, Apple algorithms.
All of that's confirmed.
Congressional hearings, testimony, government documents with CIA emails saying this is illegal.
We shouldn't be doing this.
But then if you question the election and have alternate electors, something Democrats have done over and over again, going back to Jack Kennedy and Barack Obama, you get indicted.
And look, I saw it in the sentencing document of Owen Schroer.
He's now in federal prison in Louisiana.
That's how real this is.
You say it's only two months.
It sets the precedent.
And the judge said, you are still saying, and they listed on August and May comments, you are still saying the election was stolen, so we're throwing your ass in prison.
Where is the ACLU?
Where's the Lawyers Guild?
Where's Amnesty International?
Where's the press defending itself?
They've been bought and paid for.
And now Google last week, and all the rest of the corporate giants, Silicon Valley, they cut
Thank you.
But they've destroyed the corporate media by getting them to be their lapdogs, getting them to lie, so they fully discredited themselves.
The only thing less popular than Congress, with like a 9% approval rating, is the mainstream media, with a 7% approval rating on average, in huge scientific polls.
They are hated.
They are loathed.
They are deceivers.
They manipulate.
They twist.
So think how big a deal that is.
Meanwhile, it's not just the big corporations coming after our free speech.
And we'll talk more about this coming up.
It's now the right wing in Florida and Texas passing laws, or trying to pass laws in the case of Texas.
Ron DeSantis orders University of Florida to shut down a pro-Palestinian group, providing law against anti-Semitism, close quote.
That is illegal, and that's dangerous as hell.
Oh, but when the Islamists go block cars and pull white men out of them, that's okay.
When they burn down cities, it's okay by the left.
But then the right wing says, oh, but we're going to kick them out of college or arrest them because of their speech.
That is absolutely un-American and is disgusting.
Alright, I'm going to go to break a little bit early.
I wouldn't even go to break, we've got to get Nick Fuentes in here and get him seated and get him ready.
That'll take a few minutes.
Get the cameras all aimed and the rest of it.
Get ourselves ready.
And then we will start this debate and discussion with him.
Vladimir Solyov, who is the top hands-down Russian broadcaster, he's like the Tucker Carlson over there, is going to be joining us in the
Fourth hour, I will be conducting the interview, and I thought you should hear from the Russians.
I'll be called a traitor.
They'll call for my arrest all over the news.
Obviously, Russia is against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.
But that's okay, because we're giving you all the sides here, all the angles are you noticing.
That's how we're different.
We believe you should be able to make your decision.
I'll give you my opinion, my view, but then I will also go to all the other issues that are there.
So, we're going to go to break early, and then we're going to come back in about five minutes, usually the breaks are two minutes or four minutes, but a little bit longer, little promo videos, and then we're going to go into this in depth
Thank you so much for joining us.
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And that's the URL.
In the past, they were banning our URLs every few months.
They haven't banned that one in like six months.
If they do again, we'll have a new one.
But right now, it's madmaxworld.tv.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with Nick Fuentes.
And we're going to, I guess, have a debate.
And his view is, I'm pro-Israel.
Which, from the beginning, is a straw man.
I am pro-human life, anti-technocracy, a human supremacist.
But we're going to have a lot of fun, and we're going to get into it all, and I appreciate him coming here on short notice.
So, we'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot just oppose the globalists and their operations.
Yes, it's important to expose them, to track their criminal operations, their depopulation, their pedophilia, their satanic agenda.
We're good
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The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalists.
And launching the next great renaissance.
And that's what this book does.
It is 400 pages long.
I would say that 60% of it is the latest enemy operations and how they're operating and what makes them tick and how to stop them.
But then 40% or so is what we can build, different ideas, different systems to counter the dystopia that they are setting up.
Now we're going to send this to number one.
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So let me
Go over some of what's in the book.
We'll go ahead and go to an overhead shot and I'll show you the back of the book.
A Tucker Carlson quote, a Bill Maher quote, a Joe Rogan quote, a Stephen K. Manning quote, a Mickey Willis quote.
And these quotes are absolutely dead on.
Tucker Carlson says, Alex Jones is often mocked for his flamboyance.
But the truth is, he's been a far better guide to reality in recent years.
In other words, a far better journalist than, say, NBC News.
Bill Maher.
Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
Here's Joe Rogan.
Alex Jones is one of the most misunderstood people in the world, and he's been right about a lot of S-H-T.
Stephen K. Bannon.
For more than 20 years, no populist figure has been more of a bayonet in the back of the deep state than Alex Jones.
Stephen K. Bannon, who also wrote the foreword to the book.
Mickey Willis, award-winning documentary filmmaker, reaches hundreds of millions.
Mainstream media is wrong the vast majority of the time, yet they are never held accountable.
Alex Jones is right the vast majority of the time, and yet he is silenced and persecuted.
The book, ladies and gentlemen, is unbelievable.
And it was researched by the great researcher, Kit Hecken-Lively, who double-checked everything I said, who fact-checked it all.
It has a big, uh,
Document section in the back where we show you everywhere the sources come from.
You need the Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
Today with the foreword by Stephen K. Bannon.
Let's go to a document cam shot and give people a first look at this book.
There's the Great Awakening.
And it goes into the chapters.
Ford by Stephen Bannon.
A bayonet to the back of the deep state.
Chapter 1, the threat of artificial intelligence.
Chapter 2, Mao is in charge of the Democratic Party and political violence is bad except when it's directed at Alex Jones.
Chapter 3, you're being modified against your will.
That's the GMO genetic engineering.
Chapter 4, they want you to be a teenager on an allowance and that's just the beginning.
The social credit score, the ESG's.
Chapter 5, the eternal war of tyrants.
Chapter 6, the war machine.
Chapter 7, the deep state makes us move.
Chapter 8, the education of Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and others.
That's the big inside baseball section.
Very powerful.
Chapter 9, Jeffrey Epstein.
Renfield is a globalist, Draculous, but even worse because they prey on their own children.
They murder their own children and drink their blood.
Totally proven.
I name names.
You cannot make this up.
Chapter 10, the COVID lies in deception.
Chapter 11, selling your soul to Hollywood and the CIA.
Chapter 12, combat tactics for victory.
Chapter 13, the final battle.
Conclusion, how you know you're winning and more.
The Great Awakening.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouts into telephones of men with guns.
On March 6th, 2001, Alex Jones first predicted the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.
You've got an element of the FBI and these war game scenarios where they can remote control a 747 and they're going to crash it into the World Trade Center.
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Big broadcast today.
We're talking to naughty people.
Nick Fuentes here with us for the next hour and 38 minutes.
And then the top Russian broadcaster, Putin's buddy, joins us.
How dare us actually hear what the Russians have to say.
We're going to be evil Americans and exercise our free speech here in the balance of the broadcast until 3 p.m.
Central today.
And then Owen Schroer is back to host the forum.
Oh, sorry, he's in federal prison.
For being peacefully on the Capitol grounds on January 6th and trying to stop people going into the building.
There's not tyranny in America.
So, Nick Fuentes is here.
AmericaFirstFoundation.org on Rumble at Nick J. Fuentes.
And he joins us here.
Nick, I appreciate you coming on short notice.
Yeah, great to be here.
Thanks for having me.
I will shake hands with the baby Hitlers.
I had some fun with that.
Yeah, no, that was good.
I said on Twitter, though, I think it got me banned.
That was funny.
I said, I'm really more like young Hitler or Hitler Jr.
Which is a good joke, too.
I've been talking quite a bit about you in the last hour and 20 minutes, probably 20 minutes to the last hour and a half with you.
So till we go to break in like five minutes, you've got the floor.
Go ahead.
All right, yeah, well, I did watch your show today, and I watched your show yesterday, and on Saturday I saw you call me out.
And I said about you that you believe in these conspiracy theories about 9-11, about mass shootings, but you said that Israel did not blow up that hospital on Friday, but it was the Palestinians.
And I said that that's interesting because, I mean, to me, directionally, we know that Israel does this sort of thing all the time.
They blow up hospitals, schools, mosques, and so, and he's going somewhere else here, but, um, but so I think it's... Oh, is there a... Okay, just, I'm like, where's this guy going?
And so to me, I say, well, it's far more obvious that Israel attacked the hospital, not the Palestinians.
And I think it's coming out from the mainstream media.
They don't want that Israel attacked that hospital because it's pissing off and incensing all the Muslims in the region, which puts Israel in a bad situation.
So, you know, for me, I'm thinking that the big problem going on is that Israel
Should not be permitted to level Gaza.
And it's not just because of the Palestinian human rights.
It's also because it's against America's interest.
And I've seen on your show you focus on the refugee issue.
That the Palestinians are pouring in and Muslims are coming into the United States or Europe.
But in every case where there's massive amounts of refugees coming in, it's because Israel is up to their usual tricks doing these wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and now in Palestine.
And, you know, just to put it simply and shortly, I'm America First like you.
I actually think we agree on a lot.
I'm not necessarily pro-Muslim or pro-Israel.
I don't know.
Now, if you believe that those two things are vital American interests, you have to support that Israel be restrained in their approach in Gaza.
Because the more intense Israel's ground war is in Palestine, the more refugees there's going to be.
And the more intense their operation in Palestine, the higher the risk of an intervention by Hezbollah.
And then, therefore, that the conflict escalates and widens and includes Iran, which would then necessarily include the United States.
So I think the America First position is actually to support Palestinian statehood, and consequently to fall on the side of the Palestinians in this one, and I think that's where we disagree.
Yeah, I think granting them statehood, Israel's not going to let that happen, and so that's going to start World War III.
But up until that point, I agree with about 95% of what you said.
Yeah, and I think we agree for the most part.
Okay, but you just said in the clip we had, I'm not going to, we'll keep going, it's your time.
So, the thing that I've noticed about conservatives is this.
This is my perspective.
And I just want to clarify, I don't think you're dishonest.
I don't think I've accused you of lying or anything like that.
I've said on my show, we have a disagreement.
I think we have a fundamental disagreement.
But what I've noticed is that a lot of conservatives, there's really like two acceptable positions right now.
And one acceptable position is that you're pro-Israel and you see these guys like Shapiro and Levin and Prager and the usual suspects and they all want us to go and
Give Israel all our money and send our aircraft carriers, and we have to support the moral case for Israel.
And then on the other side, the other acceptable position is you can be anti-Palestinian, where you maybe don't talk so much about Israel or the Zionist influence, and instead you say, well, the problem here is these domestic protests with Muslims, and that Hamas is like BLM, and that Hamas doesn't actually hate Israel, they just hate white people, like the left.
And to me, I look at these two acceptable positions and they're sort of the same.
It's like heads I win, tails you lose.
You can either be pro-Israel or anti-Palestine, but you can't be in this position where you say I'm pro-America and actually that means that I'm actually a little more anti-Israel in this case than I am anti-Muslim.
And so that's where I'm coming from.
I want to be the guy that says, you know, I'm actually more offended by the Zionist infiltration of America.
Doesn't mean I support mass Muslim migration, but that's to me the bigger urgency.
Muslims haven't taken over America, Zionists have.
So, that's where I'm coming from, and I just think maybe we disagree on that.
Nick Fuentes, America First Foundation dot org on Rumble.
All right.
Nick J. Fuentes.
We'll come back.
I'll respond for a few minutes on what you just said.
We continue on with our topics.
And then hopefully, if we were able to do this with Ye, we can get some, towards the end, some other topics.
Because see, I just don't just focus on Israel.
I'm not saying you do that, but some people do.
And I'm really sick of it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Vladimir Sulyav, the top Russian broadcaster, joins us, coming up fourth hour.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
So, I'm worried about technocracy.
I'm worried about the New World Order, globalist, WUF-stated plan to make humans obsolete.
You all know Harari.
The future's not human.
And they're rolling their plan out, they mean business.
And I get the debates, the different perspectives of people that are worried about the Israeli lobby and see what Israel's doing and get sick of it.
I understand that perspective.
Then I see Israel, though, as a very diverse country, just like Justin Trudeau only gets 23% of the vote.
Netanyahu's getting like 30-something.
So there's a fight there.
It's like America
I mean here's a perfect example.
We've got leftist groups in Chicago, New York, Miami going to kosher grocery stores and just screaming and yelling and saying shame on any Jew or other people coming in and out of there, workers.
Whereas I actually know the numbers, I'd have to say
50% of Jews, at least in America, are actually pro-Palestinian.
And you see like ADL workers out pulling down signs of the Jewish people that have been held hostage.
And you see the Washington Post saying they're not hostages, they've been detained.
So what I'm saying is there's a larger calculus here.
Where the globalists of the UN are bringing in all these Muslims, they're organizing them to be socialist, communist, and to join the leftist parties, whether it's the Democratic Party here or the Labour Party in the UK, and I see their power really rising.
And them joining with the left.
I've seen a few good spots like Dearborn where they said, you know, we're right-wing, we're pro-America, we're not going to put up the LGBT flag, we're going to put up the American flag.
And I see them saying, hey, Muslims protesting, saying we're not going to have, you know, drag queen pedophile time at our school.
So I don't hate Muslims either.
I just see them as billions of people that main religion says we're going to take you over.
Then I see them allied with the left, and boy, I see that combination.
I'm like, woo!
So I didn't get a call, as you guys like to say, like, you have two acceptable things.
Be pro-Israel to the hilt, and say, murder all of the Palestinians, or you can just bash the Palestinians.
I'm saying, like AOC's saying, she's gonna bring them here.
I'm like, no, you're not.
So that's not me taking the ex- Oh, hold on.
What am I supposed to say now?
Yes, sir.
I mean, that is my legit, I'm against open borders, period.
I'm on record, Nick.
So, there, I just took like a minute and a half, you can now respond.
Yeah, I just think that the, you know, this dialectic that you're talking about, it's true that there's factionalism in Israel, it's true that there's factionalism in Jewry, but they are all on the same team, fundamentally.
And we know this because ADL... I'm going to center the camera.
When I get up, you're not bad.
So the ADL, which you mentioned, they've had some of their employees tearing down these posters, but then the ADL fired them.
Jonathan Greenblatt went on MSNBC and he demanded that they fire some of their pro-Palestinian commentators, which MSNBC then did.
Now, a couple months ago, there was a big dispute between some of these right-wing Zionist Jews and the ADL, and people like myself and Keith Woods said the ADL is a problem because it's a Jewish group that's clearly controlling speech on social media.
You know, Greenblatt goes and brags.
And says he's got a line in with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and he tells them what to ban and what not to ban.
We said, so we should get rid of the ADL.
Then all these Zionist Jews come in and say, well, the problem isn't the ADL.
They said the ADL has a noble mission, which is to fight anti-Semitism.
They said the problem with the ADL is that they attack people that are pro-Zionist.
And so in other words, the right-wing Jews, they don't really have a problem that a Jewish group controls speech.
They have a problem that there's friendly fire sometimes.
Because now, fast forward a month later, and all the Zionist critics of the ADL and the ADL are on the same side supporting Israel.
And Shapiro...
who was criticizing the ADL like the ZOA did a year ago, he's now retweeting the ADL.
And the ADL's on MSNBC saying, you gotta fire all your pro-Palestine commentators.
And so I'm a guy that's looking at this dialectic where you're either part of a Zionist right, or you're part of this Jewish left, and I'm in the middle saying that I'm an America First Christian, and I don't want to be influenced by Zionists or by
Atheist, liberal Jews at the ADL.
So, you know, and that's why I say there's this false dialectic that's being given, which you say you're not participating in.
But again, there's a lot of people they want to focus on.
And I watch your show, you focus on the Muslim immigration and you say, well, they're sending them to America.
But there's Muslim refugees being created by Israel's wars.
Yeah, and the head of the ADL promotes open borders.
So let's shift gears.
Just because some of these groups have agendas doesn't mean when I have an agenda of not having open borders and bringing in new Democrat voters that are brainwashed against the country, that's my perspective and it isn't through the lens that you're saying.
So let's expand on that.
The ADL is, along with the Southern Primary Law Center, creates the curriculum on record, it's come out in Congress, that teaches in schools, we're talking fifth graders, first graders, that it's inherently bad to be white and you have an original sin and you're bad.
Well that's like Hitler saying you're bad because you're Jewish.
So when I said
The head of the ADL is the closest thing to Hitler I've seen.
People go, oh, you're saying he's a Nazi.
No, I'm saying China is very race-based.
How ridiculous.
So I said, Xi Jinping and his policies are pretty close to Hitler.
And then when the ADL is out teaching that Christians and Catholics are inherently bad,
And that critical race theory to first graders, teaching them that they're bad because of their color, is incredible child abuse, but they're also, on the left, trying to teach kids they're another gender to cut their genitals off and sterilize them.
So, and you're bad kids because the Earth's dying, and they show them videos of polar bears that can't swim, which isn't true, and say they're all dying, even though their numbers are up five times.
It's, humans are bad, humans are ugly, you're all guilty, white people are the worst of all the groups, and you know, all this crap
And then I'm literally, when they have, you know, ADL Gayla's brother, they ain't talking about you.
They're calling for my arrest.
And they're behind the law firms trying to, like, $20 million this year they spent trying to shut us down as in the federal filings.
So, so, let me tell you, the proof's in the puddings.
Okay, they are literally bashing and attacking, and their main target is me and Trump.
And Trump's like pro-peace the Middle East, he's got Jewish grandkids, he doesn't hate Jews, but he's not going with whatever this larger globalist agenda is.
So I'm saying, what's going on in Israel is the 10,000 foot view, but when you pull up even higher, I'm against war against Russia, and I believe the West started a war with Russia.
Well, Russia's pro-Palestinian.
So you see, oh, now I'm supporting the Russians that are pro-Palestinian.
Now I'm pro-Palestinian.
No, I'm anti-nuclear war.
So I have a very, quite frankly, sophisticated understanding of dialectics.
And maybe it's over people's heads.
I'm not trying to be arrogant.
And so tell me how I communicate this properly to people.
But I'm sure as hell not getting a call.
And I'm not part of the group that's controlled.
I literally see Jews as diverse people.
I see all these groups of diverse people, and I'm really trying to get people to say, hey, let's get bugs off the menu.
Let's not cut the coal-powered plants off.
Let's not tell kids they're inherently able because of what color they are.
I'm opposing the globalist agenda, whoever's behind it.
Well, I mean, the thing is about Jews is that what defines them is they reject Jesus Christ.
Whether they're liberal atheists or they're religious Jews, they don't believe in Jesus.
And the only reason for what it's worth that I said that you got the call in sort of a glib way is because after Ye and I appeared on your show, you went on Steve Crowder two days later.
And said that me and Kanye were gay for Hitler, and you went on this rant about how much you hate Hitler, and said that, you know, we fetishize Hitler and all this sort of stuff, and it just seemed to me it came across like damage control.
Now maybe that was... I love Hitler!
I mean, maybe you don't fetishize him, but yay, I mean, it was drooling over him.
Well, I think that he likes the controversy, and at the same time, there's a lot of people that are fascinated with Hitler.
Michael Jackson was fascinated with Hitler.
John Kennedy was fascinated with Hitler.
I mean, evil can be fascinating.
Here's the deal.
When I said to him, hey, my dad's dad was in Italy and in Germany during and after the war, and it shook him to his core.
He'd never talk about it.
But then later, we read letters he'd written, and after he died, and I mean, literally, we're talking piles of dead bodies as far as you can see.
Disease, war, mass murder.
And I said, hey, my grandfathers, he was like, your grandfathers don't know anything.
So I just, it's like a skin in the game.
I reject the ADL saying America's Hitler.
And if Christians don't do what we say, you're Hitler.
Screw the ADL.
Screw that guilt.
Screw the white guilt.
Go to hell.
Fuck you, ADL.
But at the same time, I've actually done a study.
It's one of the latest books.
I didn't bring this in because you're here.
Hitler speaks a series of political conversations with Adolf Hitler on his real names.
Nick, how many books you've written are read by Hitler or about Hitler?
I'm not a Hitler fetishist.
I haven't read a book.
I've read about, well, so here I am saying I'm a Hitler fetishist.
I wanted to understand who Hitler was.
I've read probably 200 books on Hitler.
And I've read what the Germans that were... Why do you think the German high command tried to kill him in 1943 and 44?
Tell me.
Because he was out of control and gonna kill everybody and ended up killing 22 million Germans and 28 million Russians.
But is that why Hitler is cancelled today for that reason?
I mean, Hitler was a messianic maniac that thought he was God.
He was anti-Christian!
I think, though, that people don't like him today because he was anti-Jewish.
I mean, because if you're saying that the... No, he saw them as the main competiting group.
And he thought they were in control and he wanted to be numero uno.
But just, so I mean, what do you think the world would be like under Hitler's view today?
Most of us would be dead.
I mean, I'd be here, but you know.
But I'm not arguing for Hitler.
I think what both Ye and I were expressing is that there is this Jewish control matrix which puts Hitler in a special category.
He wasn't the only dictator.
He wasn't the only one who had concentration camps in the war.
I mean, Andrew Jackson's sister and brother died in a British concentration camp.
No, it's true.
Yeah, and Eisenhower ran concentration camps against the Germans, and we interned the Japanese, and on and on.
That's right.
Eisenhower committed a real crime.
He probably starved four million Germans to death.
Yeah, and you know, because you're an expert.
So, I mean, you understand this.
But Hitler's in a special category because the Holocaust narrative is what casts a shadow over the entire American political landscape.
And, you know, we have to talk about Jewish power, right and left.
You can say F the ADL.
But would you say F the ZOA?
The Zionist Organization of America with more Klein?
You know, I get Jews thinking they deserve it.
Israel's tiny.
And I know a lot of Jews that are really nice, smart people.
And they're not going anywhere.
They have nuclear weapons.
And so I'd like to see the wars end.
I'd like to see it not be a football issue.
And so I'm a realist, too.
Israel's not going anywhere.
And the Arab countries won't take the people out of the West Bank or Gaza because they want to keep the thing going.
So yeah, I mean, it's true.
I don't have a hard-on for the Jews.
I don't have a hard-on for the average Jew.
This is patriotic and their people and their thing for their club.
It's like Crips and Bloods.
But I'm not in either game.
Well, I mean, you said earlier that ADL talks about you at their galas.
They also said that I shouldn't be permitted to be back on Twitter.
They said both of us in a list.
You, me, Tate, Trump, Bannon, and David Duke.
But the thing is, both the ADL and the ZOA called for me to be banned.
Both the ADL, which represents the left-wing American Jewry,
And the ZOA, which represents the right-wing Israeli jury, they both said Nick Fuentes should be banned on YouTube.
And, you know, you're tight with Bannon, Bannon's tight with the ZOA.
Well, I mean, I gotta be honest with you, I didn't follow what Bannon said about... You're saying Bannon called for your banning?
Yeah, oh yeah, Bannon tried to get Gosar to disavow me.
Bannon's like a huge enemy of mine.
He's... Well, wait, to get somebody to disavow you is his view.
Did he call for your censorship?
I don't know if he ever said it explicitly, no, but he's been... Okay, well, let me tell you what I'm against.
They tried to pass a law in Texas, they did in Florida.
I had to read the law, I didn't believe it when I saw you and others attacking it as they were passing it last year, or this year, whenever it was.
When did they pass it?
Last six, eight months or so?
I mean, it literally is the end of the First Amendment.
So I'm criticizing the left coming out of our speech in the ADL.
This is it served up on a platter, where they're going to arrest you for your speech.
They're going to fire professors.
No, no, I think, but the same as professors say, we don't have speech.
They probably stopped me coming to speak there.
But this is terrible.
This is dangerous.
I agree with you.
Well, that's why you're here on the show.
I mean, I think you should be heard from.
And I mean, you compare to some leftists, it says all white people need to be gotten rid of and we're the devil.
And then all the weird leftist Jews that agree with it.
Now the left sees them as white.
I mean, that's wrong.
So, you know, I mean, I would say, you know, all this anti-white stuff, the liberal Jews saying whites are bad and everybody else saying it, they are baby Hitlers.
Yeah, well, and I know what you mean by that, and here's the thing.
I think you're an honest guy.
I've always said that.
I think you're an honest guy, and you do have a sophisticated worldview for 20, 30 years, even putting that out, and that's why I've always been a fan of yours.
I think where we disagree is that you see some benefit to allying with these Zionist Jews, and I'm against both the right and the left wings of Jewry in the world.
I think that they're both toxic.
Well, let's be clear.
I've been smart enough when the ADL attacks me and these groups do, to not then blame all Jews.
The ADL is getting record contributions right now.
Come on.
They go out and stir up stuff and put bad agendas with Jews name on it to get attacked to get more money.
So I'm not allied, quote, with
Whatever group you're saying.
I think you... Well, because when you say that they're after... When you say the World Economic Forum's after Netanyahu and Israel's diverse and... It's true.
Soros and the ADL are against Netanyahu.
I don't think that makes Netanyahu good.
I don't think that makes the Zionists good.
Okay, let's just be clear.
That's what we're getting at.
Israel's a 10,000-foot view.
You were on the show, or you responded to it.
Can you quote it?
Because I remember you said, Alex needs to focus on Zionism and this and that, not on Bilderberg and things that don't matter.
Brother, they're calling the shots.
I think that's where the disagreement lies.
Because you put the blame at the feet of Klaus Schwab and Bilderberg as an institution.
And Blackrock, which should feed into your thing.
He's Jewish, Larry Fink.
Okay, well, that's the top of the pyramid.
That's what I was saying.
Yeah, and Larry Fink is Jewish, and Larry Fink has responded to this with... Yeah, but I mean, Klaus Schwab's the grandson and son of top, the number three Hitler's dude.
I mean, I'm telling you, the top man, it's not June anything.
It's dehumanization.
I mean, you listen, you all know Harari.
Literally saying humanity's over, we're scum, we're nothing.
It sounds... Hitler was saying kill most groups, which was bad.
Harari says we're all done.
I mean...
That's like Hitler 10.0.
Well, and I think the transhumanist thing is fashionable, but when you talk about Bilderberg, one of the members of the steering committee is Jewish.
One out of the two of the co-chairs of the steering committee is Jewish.
And go through that.
I'll give you the floor and I'm going to shut up.
But I'll give you the rest of the segment.
We've got eight minutes.
But respond to me.
You said, oh, why is he focusing on stuff that doesn't matter?
And I've heard the exact quote, isn't powerful.
Let me tell you, the WF and the Bilderberg Group, I mean, they are calling these shots.
And they don't like Netanyahu for a reason.
I think because like Trump, he's trying to set his own thing up.
Go ahead, I'll shut up.
So our disagreement back then is, I said that you tend to focus... I've got an earpiece in my ear.
I'm going to get a fresh cup of coffee.
I'm going to listen to every word.
I'm not disrespecting my neighbor.
Yeah, that's cool.
You're hosting right now.
Hey, baby Hitler hosts his show.
There's your headline.
The host, yeah.
In fact, I resign, Nick.
You're the new host.
How would you like that?
The Nazi takeover of... No, of course not.
No, I'm America first.
Well, he can hear me in the earpiece, but the difference of opinion is where the true seat of power
Actually is.
And the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum, these are institutions which host multinational companies and representatives from governments.
So Bilderberg does not, in my opinion, have any real power.
The power is the people that attend Bilderberg.
The World Economic Forum doesn't have power.
The power lies in the people that attend the World Economic Forum.
You know, what is the World Economic Forum?
It's a meeting
Of 3,000 multinational corporation leaders and government officials.
The power rests in those people, and like Alex said, the technocrats, the planners.
Now when you look at the demographics of who those people are, the top hedge fund managers, the people that are running the major companies, and Larry Fink of BlackRock, there's a large Jewish representation.
There's a huge overlap between the people that attend Bilderberg,
And by the way, the people that donate to Benjamin Netanyahu's Prime Minister campaign in Israel.
And I think that the transhumanist sort of thing, when people talk about the Carnegie Endowment and the State Department civil society stuff, I think that that's basically a deflection from the fact that the character of all these people, I mean their early life section, they all happen to be Jewish.
And the real evil in the world, as we know, is the antithesis of God.
It's the devil.
So, who's the antithesis of God and the devil?
It's the Antichrist.
And you look around the world at who are the people that are on the side of good, you know, if in a spiritual dimension it's God versus the devil, and it's Christ versus the Antichrist, and we bring it down to the level of what's happening in the world, it's the Christians representing God, it's the Christians representing Jesus, and who's on the other side representing the devil?
Who's on the other side representing the rejection of Christ?
Well, if you look at Israel, it's the people banning the Gospel.
This Likud Netanyahu government, yeah, the World Economic Forum, maybe some of their members are critical.
But Netanyahu's government proposed a law that would ban the preaching of the gospel in the Holy Land.
In Netanyahu's government, they have these radical, extreme, religious Jews that spit on Christians.
Christians make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and these so-called right-wing Jews that support Israel and are religious, they spit on the Christians.
They desecrate the churches there.
And so I just don't see anything redeeming about that.
And a lot of right-wingers say that Netanyahu is supposed to be part of the global populist uprising, the nationalist resistance.
The truth is that he can never be a part of it.
The right-wing of organized Jewry in the world can never be a part of that because they're not Christian!
They reject Jesus!
And so it's like I said on the earlier show, when I look at the two poles of morality, my pole is not Hitler vs. anti-Hitler, it's Christ vs. Antichrist.
It's not Jews being the anti-Hitler versus Hitler being against the Jews, it's Christians being in favor of Jesus and Jews being against.
I guess that's the difference of opinion.
I don't think you're a shill, I don't think that you're out there taking marching orders, but I think maybe that's the fundamental disagreement, is where does the power truly lie?
Is it this collection of esoteric groups pursuing a Gnostic plan for transhumanism, or is it Christians and Jews going back 2,000 years to the Pharisees?
You know, I guess a lot of it is
Growing up, my dad has all sorts of friends and cool people, and he went to college, and a couple of his buddies, one of his roommates, one of them's name is Jim Levy, is a geologist, and we haven't done it since I was probably 16 years old, but we used to go out and
We're good to go.
And you guys, you can almost call him kind of rabbinical.
You have a big beard and a levy, obviously means priest class and all that.
And people get mad when we say Judeo-Christian.
I mean, really, it is the Abrahamic religions and the Jews have made a lot of contributions to things.
So I just don't have, I just love humanity so much, Nick.
That I see the bad in people and I see the horrible little Nosferatu creature that's the head of the ADL that behind the scenes has debanked us and run the war against us and I refuse to give him what he wants to attack the Jews so he can then suck all their money up and control them.
I mean, it's a very simple play he's doing, him and Abe Foxman and the rest of these guys.
And they're just a Jewish mafia, and just like the Italian mafia quote, helps the neighborhood but really sucks off of them.
I want to see us all transcend this together.
And that's what I'm getting at, because, you know, when I cover a story about Tyson Foods is going to put bug protein in their products now.
Well, how do I make this about Jews?
That's the biggest meatpacker in the country.
Most of what I'm doing is not obsessed with Israel.
I do want to go to Israel someday.
I've never been there.
I want to go to Egypt.
Every time I'm about to go, it's not safe.
I want to go to Russia.
It's so fascinating.
I'll be accused of being a Russian agent.
I got a visa once and made a joke about it.
They went, oh look, he's going to Russia.
He's a Russian agent.
I'm not a Russian agent.
I'm not a Zionist agent.
I'm not any of this.
Look at China.
They're a billion and a half people, and nothing against Chinese people on average, but they are the most homogenous race-based group genetically similar, and they're extremely racist, I mean, on average.
And who... I mean, every time I talk about China taking over Hollywood and China involving everything, I see the comments, oh, he's coming up from the Jews!
I mean, if I slip on a banana peel today, it's not Jews!
Okay, but a lot of things are Jews.
Wouldn't you say that?
Or do you disagree?
When you look at the Iraq War, when you look at mass migration, and the ADL and censorship, and we look at the foreign industry... You don't think part of it was weapons sales and oil deals?
I mean, it's just all the Jews?
I think it was primarily for Iraq, it was primarily the Israelis and the neocons, absolutely.
They wrote it up in the Clean Break paper in 96.
No, you're right, that was Wesley Clark exposed that.
Yeah, but that's because he was trained by the CIA, and they had all their people in there so they could set him up.
He was just a weak country to take down.
I think that they opposed him because he was actually a strong country and he sent missiles against Israel and actually the Israelis weren't even, the neocons in America were more in favor of it than the Israelis because the Israelis partially recognized, like the Saudis in America, that if we took out Saddam, Iran would fill the power vacuum.
Now they want to take out Iran.
Well yeah, I mean, Saddam did want an Arab uprising against Israel, which would have led to a nuclear war.
See, that's the problem.
Well, and I don't support that.
They like golf courses and hotels and jet aircrafts and Ferraris, like everybody.
It's normal.
I want to see good in the Muslims.
And I see Saudi Arabia's had a lot of problems, but their reforms have been substantive.
I agree.
OK, well then, I mean... We have to use our leverage to make Israel make a deal.
But the tail wags the dog.
That's the problem.
Let's come back and talk about Russia.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
In my new book, we give you the solutions to build a new, better world, an alternative to Klaus Schwab's, you will eat the bugs.
This is the Great Awakening.
The plan to defeat the globalists and launch the second great renaissance.
It's a companion to my last book that was a number one worldwide bestseller and this book is even thicker and even more powerful.
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Thank you.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
I'm Troyer here with my attorney Norm Pattis, and I am mere hours away from becoming a prisoner in the United States of America.
Now, this is a very sensitive subject matter because, first of all for me, I am a First Amendment activist.
I think my lawyer here too would tell you he's a firm believer in the First Amendment.
But this is also very sensitive because we're dealing with what I view is extreme corruption in the White House and in the Justice Department.
And so it makes talking about these matters dangerous, quite frankly.
And I don't want to go too far into that because I feel like right now my head is in a legal vice.
And so what we're going to do here is I'm going to be making final statements before I go in here with my attorney Norm Pattis.
Just to let people know where we're at in the legal process right now, how we got to this point, and why I feel I'm being politically persecuted.
And that is truly how I feel.
And I believe we have enough evidence given the circumstances that we're in as well as other cases
That beyond a reasonable doubt, for me, I believe this is political persecution.
Now, my lawyer might disagree with that.
He's got a lot of experience in courtrooms and in the legal field, certainly more than I have.
But I can't help but land on that conclusion, and I'm going to explain why.
Now, before I get into that, and how we got to this point, and why I believe, beyond a reasonable doubt, I'm being politically persecuted, I wanted to let my attorney just give you an update on where we stand legally, how we got to this point, and what comes next.
Norm Pettis.
Thanks, Owen.
So, you know, those of you who follow the saga don't need to hear all of this, but some of this may be new to some of you.
So I'm going to spend a few minutes breaking it down from the beginning to the end.
And I want to correct a couple of misconceptions that have been reported in the mainstream media.
Owen is a First Amendment activist.
He's been part of the Infowars family for a number of years.
That's how I met him.
I'm in his association with Alex Jones.
And one thing that I have come to respect and admire and appreciate about Alex and Owen is their fearless attack on hypocrisy and seeking to expose undercurrents in American life that most of us feel, but most of us don't get a chance to read or hear about.
I'm talking about globalism and so forth.
Um, so Owen appeared at a hearing, a House impeachment hearing.
You'll recall our former president, Donald Trump, who was never given a chance to govern, but was attacked by the House for four consecutive years in a sort of never Trump moment with a couple of impeachments.
In the first impeachment proceeding, Owen went to cover the proceedings in the House.
They were being conducted by Jerry Nadler of New York and Owen disrupted the proceedings.
He approached, he basically talked about his feelings about the process and was removed by Capitol Police officers, arrested and charged.
Those cases were handled in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, a low level criminal court.
We negotiated a plea agreement for that, and that plea agreement required that Owen do some community service, and in exchange, the charge against him would be dismissed.
It was what's called the Deferred Prosecution Agreement.
This took place during the COVID-topia shutdown of the country.
It was difficult for Owen to find a place to do his community service, but he did.
And so once he did the community service, we wrote to federal prosecutors and said, how about that dismissal?
But notice the timeline.
By the time we got the letter to federal prosecutors, January 6 had come and gone.
And so once we sent them a letter saying, we've done our part, now do yours.
What about that dismissal?
They wrote back and said, no, no, no.
Owen is now under investigation for his role in January 6th.
And what's more, he's two hours short on the community service.
It turns out there was a mathematical error in the paperwork.
It was corrected.
We've sent that back to prosecutors.
They ignored us.
We filed a motion to dismiss the underlying case as to Mr. Nadler and his committee on the grounds that the prosecution was vindictive.
Owen had fulfilled his part of the contract.
He wanted the government to honor theirs.
The case got tabled and the court wouldn't schedule the motion for a hearing.
In the meantime, federal prosecutors began to investigate.
Last year we put this book out.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
It became a number one national bestseller.
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The Great Awakening.
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It's a powerful book.
Get yours now.
Well, just minutes ago, Representative Mike Johnson wins GOP nomination for Speaker.
Mike Johnson won the GOP nomination for House Speaker today.
Defeating representative Byron DeNocos, DeNocles, and becoming the fourth speaker designated selection by his party.
Representative Kevin McCarthy, historical removal as speaker, and the second in a single day.
I did some quick searches during the break.
The brains are in the office looking into that to give me their perspective during the next break.
Nick Fuentes is here, and I'm always accused of having diarrhea in the mouth, which is actually true.
I'm a talk show host.
So, a lot was said last hour.
You're with us for the rest of the hour.
I believe you're going to be on The War Room today.
That's right.
So, 3 p.m.
But you got the floor.
Try to just shut up and let you say whatever you want.
All right, well, yeah, I mean, like we were talking about before, I think that the number one issue, and we talked about this on the American Journal, I think the number one issue that we have right now is that America has to become a Christian nation, and as a Christian nation needs to have Christian leadership.
And, you know, you say that you have
Your father or grandfather are friends with Jewish people and they seem like nice people.
I'm not out here saying that Jewish people aren't capable of being nice or good people or anything like that, but they don't worship Jesus Christ.
And the Bible tells us there's only one way to the Father, there's only one way to the true, the good, and the beautiful, and that's through Jesus.
When I look around it, whether it's the ADL or the ZOA, when it's the left wing or the Zionists, neither of them respect or worship Jesus.
And as a consequence, they can't be right.
What's more, their allegiance is to their own tribe, rather than America.
You know, not only am I a Christian, but I'm also America First.
So, when I look at this conflict, and I wonder what your take on this is, because I've seen this, and this has made me more angry than anything.
Well, don't invite me to interrupt, or it's going to happen.
No, no, well, because I really am interested in your take on this, because maybe this is a source of common ground.
I'm with you.
When I see the Muslims protesting, it makes me mad because I'm thinking, what are they doing here?
They belong over there, not over here.
When they do the call to prayer, they're waving their flags.
I'm thinking, those people belong in Syria, Palestine, and Iraq.
But what makes me even angrier is when I see Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin, and I'm not inviting you to attack them necessarily, but I'm just wondering what you think about this.
These people, they don't seem to care about America.
The country's being invaded by immigrants, like you point out.
The censorship's out of control.
Forced vaccinations are occurring.
And they had the vaccination at Fox.
They had a vaccine mandate at Fox News, at Daily Wire.
They had an agreement with Google not to discuss it on YouTube.
Now, they were never that mad, though, or emotional about it.
Israel gets attacked two weeks ago.
And I've never seen Shapiro angrier than he has been these past two weeks.
I've never seen the kind of Herculean effort.
It's like an alarm went off with Levin and Shapiro.
And they go on Fox and they threaten this country.
They say if America doesn't give Israel everything it needs, Israel's going to nuke everybody.
And it's like this nuclear blackmail.
And it's like, hang on a second.
I don't think it's like that.
I think that's what it is.
Yeah, and I'm just wondering your thoughts on that because to me that's like rogue state behavior and it's like a fifth column in the United States and they have that influence.
This is why I have trouble answering really important questions like this because there's so much data.
Where do you start?
So let's just start here.
I agree Ben Shapiro supported the shots, supported the censorship.
Levin, and didn't say much about the border.
Levin did.
He was against the border stuff, so I think those are two different people.
And I like Levin a lot more than I like Ben Shapiro.
I mean, Ben Shapiro was like, yeah, Cedric Jones, he deserves it, you know.
Take all the shots, shut up and take it.
It works great.
So, I mean, I think if you're looking at who's bad, and I'm not in competition with him.
Here's the thing, he's another talk show host who's successful.
He's got billions of dollars behind him.
I'm not bashing him because he's a successful talk show host.
I'm bashing him because once things become popular and he's lost, now he's against the shot.
So I don't like Ben Shapiro.
Let's just get that straight.
I don't think Levin... I think Levin likes America.
I watch his show a lot.
He's a smart guy, actually.
And from his perspective, I'm not going to blame anybody for being loyal to what they stand for.
If you just pull back from this, again, I think the whole Israel-Palestinian thing becomes a distraction from war in Ukraine and dollar devaluation and fentanyl and pedophilia and social credit scores and UN treaties for forced injections and the WEF.
In all fairness, maybe you're right, maybe I'm wrong, I just think what I'm covering
Is the most important stuff.
And so it's a perspective thing.
And I don't think there's any sacred cows.
You know, when the ADL literally certifies the curriculum in colleges down to the first grade, telling children they're bad because they're Christian or white or Catholic, and the government says Catholics, conservative Catholics are more in threat, I say, Katie, bar the door.
You can't criticize Nick Fuentes for what he says that's race-based or whatever when you're ten times more extreme.
I'm saying that.
All I want to be recognized as, I'm really trying to have an honest, open debate about this.
Well, yeah, and I think everybody recognizes that, and that is what made you such a target, is because you have this phenomenal reach, and you have this impressive studio, and you have a real following, real loyalty to you, and I think they recognize very early on... Well, they hate the viewers because of the power they have.
This is about cutting them off.
Well, yeah, because you are able to reach them, and you're able to give them an independent source of information, and that's, it's really a power struggle, because you, with such a media influence, become powerful.
You, because of your listeners, and because the trust that they have in you, and because you're able to provide them with real information, they recognize you as an independent base of power in the country.
And that threatens their monopoly on information, and on the creation of opinion.
Well, that's right.
The final equation, it's all about how many people can you mobilize.
It's very cool.
But so then let's bring in communist China.
You've got Governor Newsom over there saying we're going to have nothing but electric cars, which are almost all from China.
I'm not against Chinese people.
That's the dominant force.
And whenever I attack China, I see the attacks.
Oh, God, covering up for Israel.
They're the main power.
No, China and Israel, by the way, has given a lot of our technology.
Yeah, I mean, I see that as a, if Israel's a hundred-pound gorilla, the thousand-pound gorilla is China.
China is a true geopolitical adversary.
It's true.
Honestly, though, maybe we disagree a little on this.
I actually support China's rise.
I support the Chinese-Russia coalition because I look at the American state, which has targeted people like you and me, and I think that the more that the American state recedes, the better that is for us.
But just because the people running us are bad doesn't mean in a vacuum we want the Chai comms.
You get that, right?
Like, I'm not against the Russian people because China is expansionary.
Putin, cut weapons funding, pull back, we're going to do organic farming and promote our families and have Russians.
That is a beautiful message.
I support Vladimir Putin in that.
We need to have children.
We're Christian.
Organic farming.
Russia's just trying to defend itself.
China was set up by the globalists.
It's like cancer.
It's expansionary.
So just because Russia's run to China to save itself, there was a big Russian-Sino split.
The globalists always tried to make that split.
Now they've caused that convergence.
This is a very sophisticated Rand Corporation projections, Nick.
I think that the State Department and the Defense Department are very mobilized against China.
I think they want a war with China.
Yeah, because they didn't keep following orders.
So you're right, it's kind of nice there's a split, but it's like Hitler and Stalin had a deal until Operation Barbarossa in 42, 43, and then they butted heads.
So I'm saying, yeah, there's been a globalist alliance with China, that's broken.
But just because it's broken, just because I don't like the New World Order, the globalists, doesn't mean I don't like Xi Jinping.
I do like Xi Jinping, though.
I like, because... So you like three million Muslims in slave camps?
I just, I don't believe that's true.
I think that's propaganda.
Seriously, I mean, when I... You know, I went in about... I tore my Achilles nine years ago, and it's almost completely gone.
So my right leg's a crutch now.
I can still, you know, run, but not well.
And I went to six different doctors in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and they all said, oh, don't worry, we got tissue grown in China.
And when I asked to see the paperwork, they went, at two of the places, yeah, actually, it's a cadaver.
China's selling body parts, brother.
My leg ain't fixed because I waited too long.
I gotta have a cadaver part.
I morally cannot be part of killing some fallen, gone person to get that.
Because I already... I just can't have that in my life.
I just think that when people talk about the Uyghur concentration camps, I just feel like that's State Department propaganda, like atrocity propaganda to get us to view China as evil rather than a geopolitical competitor.
See, what I think you're doing, Nick, I'm not trying to interrupt you, I'll try to shut up and stick a sock in my mouth for five minutes because I don't want to be accused of not giving you time.
This is a great discussion, a great debate.
China's own government admits that Mao Zedong killed at least 65 million of their own people.
So, during the Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, they forced people to move up their farms and killed 60 plus million people.
So, I mean, David Rockefeller endorsed Mao Zedong when he died in a New York Times op-ed.
Are you really sure?
Because, are you sure China's good?
I'm not saying they're good, I'm just saying that I don't think it's... When we call them evil, this is what states do.
Because the United States would never be whipped up into a frenzy to go to war with Russia, China, Iran, if they thought that they were just adversaries, if they thought that they were just competitors or rivals.
So that's why in every case they need to say Putin is kidnapping orphans, and he bombed a maternity ward, and the Palestinians decapitated a million babies.
No, I get it.
They used that foreign threat to set up tourney here in Tel Aviv.
Well, and I think they do the same thing with the Uyghurs.
I think that, you know, for example, they talk about the...
Of the social credit system in China.
We have the same thing in America.
We have a social credit system in America.
It's hardly any different.
In fact, it's worse, because at least in China, the social credit system rewards good citizenship, and America punishes good citizenship.
So I feel like with a lot of... Okay, let me just be clear.
And Nick, maybe you might be smarter than I am, but I was really dumb when I was your age.
I'm impressed by how smart you are at your age.
So it's not a put-down, you just went along.
I've studied Russia.
And other than being a strong arm and having problems, I find out of the whole world the
Best public push for families and children and Christianity.
Because I see that.
And I'm not a Russophile.
I'm not a Russophobe.
I just call it like I see it.
When I see China with the human animal clones and all of it, man, I see the nastiest thing I've ever seen.
I'll just be, I mean, brother, I do some studying.
I love it.
I read what the Communist Party Central Committee puts out.
And I'm telling you, China is bad.
They're bad.
The Communist Chinese are bad.
Well, and I'm not trying to denigrate you.
I think you're more intelligent than me.
I think you're the genius mastermind behind Infowars.
And it's nothing like that.
I'm skeptical.
I think that the United States has become a very evil country, too.
And here's why.
I think that... I agree.
Well, just because we're evil doesn't mean other evil is okay.
But the difference is that... I'm going to shut up.
We're going to break in.
I'm going to shut up.
Ten minutes, I'm shutting it right now.
I'm gonna have to get up and walk off and drink a cup of coffee.
Just go ahead.
So I think that the difference is with the jurisdiction in China, they would support American dissidents where America doesn't.
You and I are dissidents in the United States.
That means that we support American sovereignty, and in a sense we're sort of in like a knife fight with the powers that be, because if we win, they lose.
It's a zero-sum game.
If we and the Americans become sovereign, that means that the globalists are no longer sovereign, so we are total enemies.
China is an adversary of the United States regime.
And so necessarily, China doesn't hate American dissidents as much as the American government does.
Like, I think about Snowden.
When Snowden betrayed the NSA, where did he seek refuge?
He sought refuge in Russia.
And Russia was the only place that he could be safe.
Yeah, China wouldn't give it to him.
Well, but Russia was the only... I only see virtue out of Russia.
That's what I'm saying.
And I'm not... They're the best house in the bad neighborhood.
And I'm not a Russophile.
I just have a... I'm sorry.
I'm stopping.
Nick, go ahead.
No, you're good.
No, I'm shutting up now!
Shut up, Jones.
Go ahead.
I'm shutting up now.
But so, in other words, the bigger that Russia and China are, to me, that's like the bigger the safe haven for people like you and I when they start trying to kill us.
Because if the government tries to kill you and I, we can't go to South America.
The CIA can get us there.
If we go to the Middle East or anywhere else, they could get us there too.
The only places where we'd be safe...
Are the countries that are actually able to defend themselves from the United States.
And so when I see Russia and China allied in the BRICS coalition to build an alternative system, to me that's a system that I can participate in, whereas I can't participate in the American-led system.
So, I agree with you.
I think that China does a lot of bad stuff.
I don't think they're necessarily a good nation.
You know, just like Israel, they're not Christian, and they have prohibitions on the spread of Christianity.
Uh, but I do think that they're better than what we have going on in the United States.
I think on some fundamental level, it's almost like amorality being better than immorality.
The United States is led by, you know, and I don't want to keep going back to it, but it's what it is.
It's the ZOA on one side, it's the ADL on the other.
On the one hand, it's these atheist, nihilist types, and they're totally against any kind of religion, they're totally against any conception of God, and definitely against Christianity.
On the other side, it's these religious foreign nationals that are trying to ban the Gospel in the Holy Land, and even China recognizes that's who's really pulling the strings in Western society.
They talk about it all the time.
For them, it's just a geopolitical reality that when they confront the West, that's who they're dealing with.
That's where the seat of power is.
And so, on the one hand, you have China that has really no morality.
They've substituted Confucian tradition and they've substituted their Eastern philosophy.
On our side, we have people that actively put Jesus up on the cross.
And I sort of alluded to it earlier, but when you talk about the creation of the State of Israel, and you talk about World War I, and you look at the role of types like Louis Brandeis.
Louis Brandeis, who is the Chief Justice on the Supreme Court, and some say it was his personal intervention that convinced Woodrow Wilson to bring us to war in World War I. Louis Brandeis is part of a group called the Parashim, which is
Named after the Pharisees.
And we all know what the Pharisees are responsible for.
So when I see a battle between Confucian China, which is built on tradition, authority, respect for elders, deference, that sort of thing.
And I see America, which has now become just total anarchy, satanic godlessness.
It doesn't mean I'm necessarily pro-China, but I'll take China over what we have going on now.
I said on my show, I wish China would invade us.
They would probably take black crime seriously.
They'd take the border seriously.
They wouldn't be going to war for Israel and the Middle East.
So, in some sense, I feel like maybe that would be an improvement over what we have now, at least if they're a check on our power.
Alright, I'll jump in here briefly.
This is one of the big things that the anti-Israel lobby does that is dishonest.
There are six major Hollywood production outfits.
They've been bankrupt forever.
And I said, decades ago, as I was reading a Wall Street Journal article, and I talked to people I knew in Hollywood, they said, yeah, Saudi Arabia is the second largest group, but China's buying up everything.
Now that's all admitted.
So the joke was, Jones says China and
Saudi Arabia and Hollywood.
I was just reading headlines they were doing it.
Now China controls four of the six outlets and it's admitted that they fund this anti-America race war narrative to destabilize us.
So it's true China puts gays in prison and it's true that they do all that and that they're promoting three families or three children, nuclear families now.
You know, Xi Jinping broke with the West wanting them to not have nuclear families, because China's not under globalist control now.
So it's kind of got its own version of its takeovers.
I think China is in command of itself, that's why it's under attack by the globalists.
So you're absolutely right.
But China is still funding the left and the poisoning of America, just like Islam is working with the left in America.
So I'm just saying,
Well, I said that there's factionalism there, but ultimately they are on the same team.
And I gave you an example.
Crossed over, and they said that MSNBC has to fire all their pro-Palestine guys.
And by the way, I agree with you.
The Saudis are influential, the Emiratis, the Qataris are influential, they've got a lot of money and they lobby our politicians.
Yeah, they're buying up Gulf and everything else.
Yeah, and I'm with you on that.
And same thing with China.
I think that we should prohibit China from buying land in America.
I do too.
And buying companies.
I agree with the Santas on that.
What do you make of the Santas and this legislation that literally outlaws criticizing Israel?
Well, I think it has a lot to do with him hanging out with Miriam Adelson before he announced his campaign.
I think that he runs Florida, and there's a heavy Jewish presence in South Florida.
You know, it's New York, L.A., and South Florida.
Yeah, but I mean, you think the average American Jew really wants to ban free speech?
I mean, because this is crazy.
This is crazy.
I don't think the average Jew wants to ban BDS.
I agree.
But I think that's the work of a very powerful Israel lobby.
You know, because he signed that bill, not this one, but he signed a similar one in Israel.
He takes all his... His first foreign trip as a congressman, he took to Israel.
His first foreign trip as governor, he took to Israel.
Before he announced his candidacy, he went on a three-country trip, and the first one was Israel, where he met Mary Madelson and a couple of other big Zionist donors.
And this is where you get them signing these laws.
And this is, by the way, where the ZOA criticism of the ADL comes from.
Because they say the ADL is promoting people like Ilhan Omar and BLM, which in turn support Hamas.
So they don't criticize ADL for being anti-white, they criticize ADL for basically being implicitly pro-Palestine.
How would the ADL openly fund the curriculum that whites are inherently evil?
That is so racist.
It's Hitler behavior.
I agree.
I mean, they hate whites.
They absolutely hate whites.
And they talk about they want America to be a white minority country.
They want America to lose... What is the point of that if the majority of white people are pro-Israel?
Well, I think that the point of that is that this is a quote from Bret Stephens.
Bret Stephens used to write at Jerusalem Post.
Now he's at New York Times.
He's like a big neocon hawk.
He wrote this book, American Retreat.
It's actually interesting.
It predicted a lot of what's happening now.
But he's in favor of all these wars.
And Bret Stephens, he did a debate with Rabbi Shmuley four or five years ago about Trump.
And the question is, is Trump good for the Jewish people?
And I always love this quote because I think it summed it up nicely.
He said that he's against Trump.
Because Trump is hostile to the liberal international principles that have been so good to Jews.
And when you really interrogate and think about it, and you know, Hitler talked about the same thing, it's that when you look at a truly open society, a truly liberal, international, open society, that tends to be where the Jewish diaspora feels the most comfortable.
You know, because a lot of these liberal Jewish people, they don't want to move to Israel.
They like living in Europe and America.
But they also, like Sarah Silverman, when they see an American flag go up, it reminds them of Hitler.
And maybe you've seen that clip.
She says, my boyfriend put an American flag up on the front lawn and it made me think of Hitler.
And so they have this sort of histrionic fear of nationalism or of white solidarity because they recognize that in any kind of country that's Christian nationalist or God forbid if there's a white nation, well, they're going to stick out like a sore thumb and be the aliens.
So it sort of behooves them for a country to be as diverse and sort of Star Wars cantina as possible because... But isn't people that support that fighting the last war, they're like fighting the Dark Age.
Supports Israel, but I mean, the left does want to get rid of the West, and now they're reaping the rewards of that.
They're being destroyed by their own actions.
Yeah, and that's true, and I think that, but by the same token, when that happens, they're able to flex and defend themselves.
Like, you know, in England and France, they start deporting people immediately.
Which is amazing, because the Muslim rape gangs have been there forever.
They've been causing all kinds of problems.
People have talked out about it and gotten censored for it.
When they start supporting Hamas, deport it instantly.
Revoke their visas.
Explore every option.
Hi, we're interviewing Baby Hitler.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
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Now I'm about to talk about something really historic and very, very exciting.
There's a lot of angles to this, the limited time we have, but America has been a special place because we aspired to liberty and freedom when nobody else was.
Aspiring to it.
We weren't perfect, we were far from it, but it was a place where experiments were allowed and where people could really try to prove themselves not because of what family they came from or because they were from royalty, but a meritocracy based on what they could produce, what they could do.
There were two things that really fueled and funded the colonies and the launch of America in 1776, and both of them are interesting.
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This isn't some Dylan Mulvaney...
Vladimir Solyov is joining us, top Russian broadcaster.
Next hour, you don't want to miss that.
Uncensored, unfiltered information, what they don't want you to have.
You deserve to hear all points of views and make your own decision.
The jury's out on Mike Johnson.
You know, he called for Pelosi's arrest.
He says he's against the Ukraine war, but he also voted for it.
I'm not ready to pass judgment on the new Speaker.
We're going to have to do some major research on that before we do.
You're a pretty informed person, Nick Fuentes.
What do you think?
Well, I don't know much about Mike Johnson.
He was pretty far down the list.
You know, they went through Scalise and Jordan and Emmer and Donalds, and so this is really, I think this is what, their fourth or fifth guy.
And I don't know that much about him.
But I will say that generally speaking, this is probably one of the biggest wins from Congressional Republicans in a long time.
They're exercising their power.
Yeah, exactly.
I think what Matt Gaetz did was brilliant.
Because Republicans are allergic to fighting.
They like to say that, well,
If we tried to shut down the government with the debt ceiling or with the continuing resolution, well, we'd just lose.
Because we don't have the Senate, we don't have the White House.
And they say, well, we have to have all these rhinos and these competitive districts, and you have to vote for them, because who's it going to be, a Democrat?
And so Republicans, they don't even want to engage in the battle.
It seems like we win election after election.
We win the House, Senate, White House.
Regardless of the combination, we never get what we want.
Whether we have all three, or we have one, or we have two.
Of the chambers of the House or the White House.
It never seems to make a difference.
We always see the Democrats are able to control the political agenda.
So with Matt Gaetz this time, I think it's the first time, maybe since Eric Cantor lost his primary, that the actual base of the GOP won a real victory by getting McCarthy out.
Because the Republican base delivered.
They gave the GOP a majority.
The establishment came in and said, well, you have to deal with McCarthy.
Nobody wanted him, but they shoved him down our throats.
They said, this is the only guy that can have it.
And thankfully, Matt Gaetz stood tall and said, well, maybe McCarthy's the only viable guy, but we'll have to have some conditions.
We want a contract.
We want an enforcement mechanism.
And thankfully, ultimately, when McCarthy failed on the debt limit, when he failed to deliver the tapes from January 6th, when he failed on the continuing resolution by allying with the Democrats, we had the ability to kick him out.
And even though I don't think there's really a great option to replace him, it sent a message to the establishment that the base isn't just going to accept whatever the establishment shoves down their throat.
And so, and you're right, we had actual real people power from the MAGA caucus.
And really, he's the only one that's leading.
I've been very disappointed with Green and Gosar and many others who I've been friendly with in the past.
Seems like Gates is the only one that really even wants to fight over there.
Well, I think it's very important to note, the people that just tuned in, we're being honest.
I don't know Representative Mike Johnson.
I knew he was, but I'm not going to give you an opinion until I know.
And you know on MSNBC and CNN or ABC, they're going to tell you... I'm going to have to do a deep dive on this guy.
Yeah, same.
I don't know that much about him.
But I've seen some good things, some bad things.
I'm very skeptical, though.
I'm skeptical because... Well, yeah, how do you get the votes?
I mean, Jim Jordan looks pretty good.
I don't know how they... I don't know.
Well, yeah, and that's the thing, is that these McCarthy guys... Maybe they got something on him.
Yeah, potentially.
People ask, why are Republicans wimps?
Well, they indict you for a crooked toenail if you go against them.
Believe me, I've been experiencing responding to federal grand juries myself.
That's right.
It's been a lot of fun.
Everyone that's been a fighter, like Cawthorn, they just dumped their op-o-file on him and they made him lose his primary.
Well, yeah.
Dropped a bunch of embarrassing dirt and they punished him because he made some offhand remark about D.C.
sex parties and pedophilia and stuff like that.
Same thing with Gates.
Gates has been a firebrand, and he's been taking the fight to Washington.
Well, he made it through the attacks.
Well, exactly, because they came at him with the DOJ investigation.
So, you're exactly right.
Anybody that stands up and says something, and it comes from their own party.
It comes from the Republicans.
Well, like Jim Jordan.
While he was a coach, some other coach might have done something.
Or, oh, Matt Gates five years ago might have been on a private jet with a 17-year-old.
Again, it's so obvious what they're doing.
The whole city is run basically on blackmail, and that's how they keep everybody in line.
Everybody would rather go along with the agenda from the establishment because they know that the alternative is they get the dirt dropped on them.
They get law enforcement, litigation, lose the election, whatever it is.
Well, Nick, let's talk about you.
People wonder where you came from.
You're a young guy.
How old are you?
What got you politically engaged?
I'm 25.
I've been involved in politics since I was like 12.
I started reading Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman.
That's how I got started.
And I just devoured everything.
All the libertarian literature, all the Austrian school stuff, Chicago school stuff.
I was a fan.
Oh yeah, Mises, absolutely.
I read Mises.
I read On Credit and Money, which is one of the seminal Austrian school books.
And then the Trump revolution happened and it totally shook my worldview.
Because Trump came in and made me think about our nation as opposed to the market.
And he's a, quote, pro-Israel guy, but being attacked by the Israel lobby.
So how do you juxtapose that?
How do you center that up in your view?
Well, because, if you remember, Trump came in very hot about the Iraq War.
Trump opposed the Iraq War in 2003, and in 2015 and 2016, Trump was really on Jeb Bush's case because he said, you need to say the Iraq War was a mistake.
And he said something I'll never forget.
In South Carolina, he said the World Trade Center came down.
That's not keeping us safe.
They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there weren't any, and they knew there weren't any.
Well, that's right, and he also said you should be in jail to Hillary.
He also, on 9-11 the day after, called in the radio and TV shows, and so we played it many times, and said bombs blew it up.
Yeah, because he's an architect, well, not an architect, but he's a developer.
He's fun, a lot of architects, yeah.
Right, and so he knows that the structure of the tower... He said, I've talked to my architects.
Yeah, and anybody will say, any engineer will say, the way that building was... Well, the Japanese top designer of the design, designed it for Jumbo, just said it.
Because of the frame and the interior core.
And so I think that when Trump came out there and said all that stuff, that's why all these neocons became never-Trumpers.
Because he said, and Tucker said this recently... Skip the break.
He said the cardinal sin that Trump made is that he went against the wars.
Because that's the thing that... That's right, that's why they don't like him.
So let me ask you this, because one of your biggest criticisms is...
People sit back, and maybe it's tongue in cheek, I'm sure it is, you say, I don't get the exact quote, there's nothing more gay than being obsessed with women, or whatever the quote is, or something like that, correct me if I'm wrong, and I think it would be really good for your PR, plus it's a lot of fun.
Why don't you get married and have some babies?
The best advice I can give you, Nick, is get a girlfriend, get married.
It's a lot of fun to have kids and be married.
What was the quote about?
It's gay to be into women.
I said the gayest thing.
I said the straightest thing is to be an asexual and so.
What did I say?
But I said that in the context here, you know, you're a guy, you're an entertainer, you say, you ham it up a little bit.
It's a joke.
Partially, but the point is this, there's a lot of guys, one of my favorite rants you ever did, you said that young men today don't care about Magellan or Columbus, they care about Justin Bieber, they care about silly stuff.
And I think one of the big problems... You're right, women just for women is a distraction.
Exactly, yeah.
The simping that goes on, these guys, they're basically like male feminists.
And their whole obsession is sex, women, girlfriend, that sort of thing.
And even the whole arrangement these days, you know, you have these guys, they'll date a woman for ten years and not get married.
They'll date a woman, they'll cohabitate, then they get married, and then they get divorced, and it's just a lot of silly stuff.
Let me give you a little advice.
When the baby's born, you're gonna love it, and something's gonna flip in your head, but when it's sitting on your knee at six months...
Man, you're a whole other man.
Everybody should have children.
It is magic.
You ever want to have children?
Absolutely, yeah.
I'm going to have kids in my life, but, you know, right now... But I figured that clip was out of context, because I've seen other stuff you've said.
But that's what they did.
Like, I was on Bannon, you know, and I was like, we don't want to go in.
It's a trap.
We shouldn't do it.
But if you're going to do it, here's how you do it.
Oh, he wants to carbon bomb Gaza.
I didn't say that.
It was a statement within that debate.
Well, I sort of like when they take it out of context, because I'm so censored, it's almost like you need the outrage, you need the provocation for people even to talk about it.
And, you know, people then tune into my show, they watch the whole thing, and they go, actually, I think I kind of agree.
You know, because I'd like to get married and everything.
I have pretty conventional views on that, but I think that... You got a girlfriend?
No, not right now.
Well, you're a good-looking guy, man.
It's pretty easy.
What kind of girl, in your mind, like the vision of a woman, or behavior is the most important thing, but who she is, but what, what do you like, brunette?
Do you like blonde?
Do you like redheads?
I like an Italian girl.
I like a brunette, Italian girl with light eyes.
But it's very important to me.
I'm really looking at it.
I want a genetic, I'm looking at it from a genetic point of view.
I'm going a little hiller here.
We gotta look at the parents.
I want to know that her... I want my kids to have hair.
You know, so I want her parents to have good hair.
I want her to be smart.
No offense.
I'm joking.
I want to have one.
Having hair is not a denominator of smarts.
Well, yeah, and I agree with that.
So you want to marry, like, spy chiefs and rocket scientists like my family?
Yeah, exactly.
Kind of combine both sides, like... That's right, yeah.
You and me coming together.
Produce the ultimate... Oh, we're gonna get married.
Yeah, you and me are gonna get married.
Yeah, could you imagine?
Nick, you're a handsome guy, but I'm not into this, sorry.
Baby Hitler, Uncle Hitler coming again.
Daddy and Baby Hitler.
That's right.
Yeah, so probably an Italian person.
What's your genetic background?
I'm half Italian, quarter Irish, quarter Mexican.
So I'm an ethnic.
I'm an American ethnic.
Tell us about all your background, family, whatever folks.
Well, I'm fifth generation, so they all came here roughly a hundred or so years ago.
You've got the hybrid vigor going on.
I got like the Indian chieftain thing, like, you know, Charles Johnson says that's why I'm a maniac, because of the Mexican side.
Yeah, exactly.
They called my great-grandfather Injun Joe, because he was a fighter and he looked like an Indian, looked like a, you know, tribal Indian.
But I really identify with the Italian side, because they were more like eccentric and really into politics and stuff like that.
They actually worked
I talked on the previous show, we talked about Italians running the sewers in Chicago.
One of my Italian ancestors worked in the sewer.
And my great-grandfather, who was a shoemaker, came up and said, hey, get up, we don't work in the sewer.
And then that guy who worked in the sewer became a multimillionaire, had a jet, and farm, and all this kind of stuff.
So I really identify with that.
What about the Irish?
The Irish... Get your grudges from them?
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, grudges against Bannon and the rest.
They're a real troublesome bunch, the Irish.
They're all Democrats.
They're all Union Democrat types.
Chicago, you know, city machine politics types.
Well, Bannon's not, though.
No, I'm talking about my grandma on that Irish side.
They don't watch my show.
But I love the Irish.
Yeah, what's your family think of what you're doing?
I mean, they don't agree with everything I say, but they support what I'm doing.
My parents, they're real boomers.
They're like, go and do whatever makes you happy, man.
Well, I'll say this.
When the universities and the public schools and the elementary schools are teaching white people are bad, I say the left and CNN and ADL, all bets are off.
You can't point at this guy with race-based politics when he's a 2 and you're a 10 and then say he's the devil.
I mean, that's where I'm at.
I've tried to sell Americana.
I've really tried to get everybody on the same page.
I've done the best job I can.
I believe in everybody.
My six-and-a-half-year-old daughter is homeschooled, but we put her in a lot of exercise camps.
She's like a little Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And she came home a few weeks ago and told me she was at this camp where they, during the break at lunch, they aired over the air speakers.
She really doesn't make stuff up.
She's super smart.
This is adult stuff.
And she told me, they told me white people are bad.
Am I bad?
It's over, folks.
Passed the Rubicon.
You got it now.
You won it.
You messed with my six-year-old.
It's over.
So, you won it.
You finally got what you wanted.
Because I'm not going to have you teach my daughter she's black and she's white.
Fuck you!
Fuck you for that, you pieces of fucking leftist shit!
So that's where I'm at.
Gloves are off now.
Well, yeah, that's the thing.
They mess with people's kids, and there's a different side coming out now.
And it's happening to you, it's happening to all of you.
We try to protect her from them, but you see where it came out.
They have lawyers teaching them how to teach critical race theory at swim team or volleyball.
The damn cult doesn't want to just cut your son's dick off.
They literally want to brainwash your children.
So, okay.
Gloves are off.
Yeah, and yeah, everybody's on the same page on that.
It's a total war, you know, and when you said you're shaving the head, you're going Lex Luthor, and when we did that during Stop the Steal, I felt that, because it's like, this is the battle for humanity, and I'm with you.
The anti-white stuff, the anti-human, anti-Christian, that's what the transgender stuff is, is anti-human.
It sterilizes our kids.
Yeah, chemical, physical castration, and they destroy them even before that.
Well, when I learned that, and she told me this adult stuff that she had at lunch playing over loudspeakers, it flipped a switch.
It was like, okay, you can't go past that.
Yeah, it focuses the mind when they attack your family.
You know, that's when you realize what's really at stake here.
It's not abstract.
It's not conceptual.
They're a war.
They're trying to brainwash children.
And your children.
And I read the news.
They're covertly everywhere.
They keep files on kids in the public schools and hide it from the parents.
I mean, it's like, whoa, you're going to teach my beautiful daughter she's bad because she's white?
But fuck you.
I mean, that's all I can say is burn in hell, man.
If you want to make it, you got it.
You got what you want.
Well, and that's the important thing.
Because they started it.
They drew first blood.
They did.
Well, yeah.
I mean, we wanted to be left alone.
We're patriots.
We want to go and do our thing and, you know, work hard.
Well, let's be clear.
It's not the average Hispanic or black person that's doing this.
It's the establishment.
Whoever that is.
You declared war on my children.
You attacked my daughter.
Game over.
You won it.
So this is the change.
You got it.
Get used to it, folks.
It's here.
Hispanics and blacks, I think, are with us.
I think a lot of them see it, too.
Would they like their child being told their back is their black?
What the hell?
No, absolutely not.
I mean, that is like some little beautiful black child who just loves the universe, loves everybody.
My daughter loves everybody.
She's like, Daddy, my back is not white.
I was like, excuse me?
She said, well, they just said we're bad, and we take advantage, and we're bad.
She's really smart.
I mean, like, all my kids are all smart, but, like, she's, like, super smart, super articulate.
And I was, like, hearing, like, what they did, and I was like, they literally raped my daughter's mind.
But she... I mean, it's outrageous!
Yeah, it's unacceptable.
The left raped my daughter's brain, and now I'm gonna crush you.
God, what scum!
Who could teach a five-year-old, oh, you're not a boy, you're a girl, and then secretly keep files, keep it for the parents, and then set them up, and now major hospitals, look at this, Hospital Network tells parents they'll no longer be able to view managing children's prescriptions.
Your seven-year-old goes in to get a checkup, they go, you're really a girl, and they put you in a database.
They're literally stealing our children!
And little girls at a sports camp and they go to lunch and over the loudspeaker, white people are bad.
Are you white?
You hurt people.
And they're like, I'm, I'm white.
That is, that is rape.
Psychic, psychological.
Oh, humans are bad for the earth.
Oh, you're not really the sex you are.
The abuse, they're literally abusing our children as was psychologists writing.
And how can we hurt children?
How can we screw them up?
How can we destroy their innocence?
Three minutes left, Nick.
We'll do five more minutes before this big, huge Russian guest joins us.
We'll do five more minutes, but you got the floor.
Go ahead.
I'm with you.
That's the thing.
I think whatever our disagreements, we all have to come together and oppose a globalist.
Well, we beat Hitler.
Now we're facing things far worse.
Well, because they're motivated by the devil.
I mean, it's nothing short of Satanism.
And it's coming from the devil.
What, teaching six-year-old girls their bags are white?
That's not evil?
It is.
That's what I'm saying.
That's devil.
That's straight up from the devil.
It is from Satan.
They crossed the line.
You can lie about me, but not my kids, man.
Yeah, well, and they're doing that to this entire country.
That's our entire progeny are being sent to war, genitals chopped off, sold into debt slavery.
It's because the people that lead the country, they don't love God, and they hate this country.
They're not loyal to this country.
They're not loyal to us.
They're not loyal to the human species.
No, no.
They worship death.
And I think they commune with demons.
That's the only thing that explains it.
Oh, at Skull & Bones, they do weeks of chanting to become possessed.
Two minutes to break, Nick.
Keep going.
No, and I'm with you.
I think that anybody that's against children like that, that's the real enemy.
And we see who it is, you know, and it's people that are killing kids here, people killing kids everywhere else.
It's Christians that believe in God, that believe in the integrity of the human design, men and women, sanctity of marriage, against everybody else, regardless of what they are.
And that's why in some sense I see a little kinship even with the Muslims.
Because like you said, like in Dearborn, they're protesting this stuff too.
I'm not in favor of, I'm not Muslim.
No, but I mean, I think the lesser of two evils is the Muslims compared to Hollywood.
Yeah, because even the Muslims would say, don't touch our kids.
Don't cut our kids' genitals off.
Even they understand.
Well, they don't just understand, they'll stand up.
They go out there and fight.
Well, I said maybe if Christianity won't stand up, maybe Islam is.
I mean, you know what I mean?
If Christianity doesn't show up, maybe it's Islam.
That's what I'm saying.
That doesn't make me a Muslim, doesn't mean I love that whole situation, but Christians won't fight.
But they need to.
And Andrew Tate, you know, I've seen his appearances on this show, and he's obviously a Muslim, and he says it.
He says, you know, the Christians won't stand up.
And sadly, as a Christian, I think... So he wants to work with the fighters.
That's why he joined Islam.
And I get it.
Sneko did the same thing.
He's a friend of mine, and he said, I have to go with the Muslims because they're the ones standing up to all this stuff.
I think that the solution, because Christianity is true, is that we just need the Christians to stand up.
But Christians are afraid of losing their jobs, or getting canceled, or stuff like that.
We need people to get bold.
Well, they're not really Christians.
That's cowardice.
This has been an incredible debate.
You're a bad Baby Hiller.
You're bad!
Yeah, no.
Let's get a yay update when we come back.
And then we gotta go to break.
And then guys, they're like a... Alex Jones is why they censored Alex Jones' promo.
We're gonna get the huge Russian guest on.
This is a massive fourth hour.
Little baby Hitler's our guest.
Stay with us.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
In my new book, we give you the solutions to build a new, better world, an alternative to Klaus Schwab's, you will eat the bugs.
This is the Great Awakening.
The plan to defeat the globalists and launch the second great renaissance.
It's a companion to my last book that was a number one worldwide bestseller and this book is even thicker and even more powerful.
Get your copy of The Great Awakening today at InfoWarstore.com.
Thank you.
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How lucky can one guy be?
I've kissed her and she kissed me.
Like the fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head?
Alright, we just got the first news in Owen Schroyer that at 2 p.m.
Central went into federal prison yesterday.
I'm not trying to stir stuff up, we don't know the details yet.
But they put Owen in solitary confinement.
So during the two-minute break, I've learned that little giblet of news.
So Owen has been put in solitary confinement.
We'll find out the details of that.
Pray for him, folks, and hope he makes it out of there, because these people are going for broke.
Closing comments.
In the four minutes we have left, Nick, I think this has been a good discussion, an open discussion.
Free speech is king.
The system doesn't want this.
I think it's been a very important discussion.
Yeah, absolutely, and I really appreciate you having me here and having the discussion.
I think you're a real patriot, you know, and I know maybe there was a little bit of hostility before, but I think we squashed it.
I'm just not getting calls from that guy.
Yeah, no, I'll stop getting calls from Arafat and Hitler.
No, but I think we had a great discussion.
I think that, like you said, this is nuanced, sophisticated stuff.
I think you're a brilliant guy, and I think you bring a perspective.
I bring a perspective.
The thing we agree on is we're both in favor of humanity.
We're both in favor of God.
And we need to stop apologizing for being white.
We're not.
In the KKK, we love everybody, but we're not going to roll over.
Right, yeah.
We're not going to roll over and let them rape our kids, rape their minds, cut off their genitals.
We're here to fight.
We're here to fight for God.
We're here to fight for America.
I mean, it's so bad, my homeschool daughter got hit.
Go ahead, sorry.
Yeah, no, it's, it's... Well, and that's just it.
It's affecting everybody.
You know, even the people that are involved.
Like you and I, we may think we're... She can't go to a sports camp.
I mean, these people as a... Can you imagine parents that don't know and not trying to protect them?
How about it is?
Oh, yeah.
That's where you get all these trans types.
That's where you get all these radicals because they get touched and raped by the teachers.
And like you say, these are the people that the parents don't even know what's going on.
You're on top of it.
So, you're right, we're not going to roll over, but we've had a good discussion, and my being here, and your willingness to have me, I think is proof that this is the free speech platform.
That's why they hate you, because they can't control you.
And you're on The War Room today, 3 p.m.
Owen can't be on, because he's in solitary confinement right now.
You're going to be on with Harrison Smith today.
Yeah, I'll be on later.
Love, Harrison Smith.
Well, I'm just going to say this in closing.
Everybody deserves, as an adult, to hear what you want.
You tune into Hollywood, it's pure evil.
They have their free speech.
But we need to let listeners remember, you don't get to hear Nick Fuentes or Alex Jones without support, and you don't get to hear it without promoting it.
So, everybody has a right to hear it.
Everybody should realize your job is to boost the signal of what the system doesn't want.
So, how do people hear your show?
You can find me on Rumble.com slash NickJFuentes and Cozy.tv slash Nick.
All right.
And when you got on the no-fly list to help get you a lawyer?
And we even helped you get an IT guy to help a little bit.
The point is, because I believe in free speech, I don't agree with everything you say or do.
I mean, I wish, yay, how's he doing?
You know, just, I didn't want to do four hours on Hitler.
I get it was like being contrarian or whatever, but...
I didn't mean to have that happen.
How's he doing?
He's doing well.
You know, he got married, and he's been enjoying time with his fiancée, and I think he's rethinking.
The last time I spoke to him, he's considering deferring his presidential plans a little bit.
But you know, the time that I spent with him, I realized he gets it.
He gets it way more than people realize.
No, he's definitely a smart guy.
I would almost say idiot savant.
And I think I'm a little like that.
So I'm not putting him down for that.
You are too.
I'm saying I'm kind of like that.
But he just, you know, he's pissed about being messed with.
He's challenging the power structure he knows.
I'm just saying there's other power structures.
Yeah, well, and I agree.
There are multiple power structures, but he just like with music and fashion, he's got this intuitive sense.
Uh, that he taps into and he's able to bypass a lot of misconceptions that people have and get straight to it.
So, I think he's bold, brilliant, you know, and it was an honor of a lifetime to work with him.
He's always been a hero of mine, like you.
So, uh, being here with you and him was amazing.
Well, you're on The War Room today, 3 p.m.
Central, with Harrison Smith, because Owen is in solitary confinement right now.
We have the top Russian broadcaster.
Uh, to hear what he has to say, unfiltered, to our millions of listeners.
They're gonna call for my arrest for this interview, but I don't care, because the truth be told, even if I get damned to hell, and as he said when I was on the show a month ago, we are in hell, the verge of nuclear war.
So, thank you, Nick Fuentes.
Thank you.
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There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouts into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
Just let me think.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and surveilling your submissiveness.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who would you be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Vladimir Solyov is our guest.
He is undisputedly the number one talk show host in Russia, who we are now by proxy at war with, escalating towards nuclear war.
Russia is winning the war after nine years of NATO proxy attacks.
When the Russian forces trapped there began to lose Vladimir Putin invaded a year and a half ago.
I am not a Russophile.
I'm a loyal American and I'm loyal to human life and I'm against lies and I'm against George Soros who bragged on CNN eight years ago that they overthrew the Ukrainian government and launched preliminary attacks.
I also have friends and family who under orders have been in Ukraine
Literally shooting Russians and directing artillery for years.
So, I am against that.
So is my family.
They would be court-martialed if they didn't follow the orders.
But they are definitely against it.
Vladimir Solyov, thank you so much for joining us.
He is the most famous journalist in Russia, a television and radio host, as well as writer and public figure.
He's the author of numerous documentaries, such as The President and The World Order, films based on several exclusive interviews of Vladimir Putin.
He has extensive experience in communication with prominent political, public, and military figures, as well as with top state officials.
He's interviewed everybody, the President of Syria, the President of Russia, the Serbian President, he's interviewed Bush, W, he's interviewed the Japanese Prime Minister, everybody.
And so he is at VRS, his name, Sloviev, I always pronounce it wrong, and you can find him on his website, s-o-l-o-v-i-e-v dot live.
So thank you so much, I'm going to do my best.
To try to give you the floor, you speak good English, and I wish I could speak Russian, to hear what you have to say, because this is so incredibly important.
So thank you so much, sir.
Go ahead.
Thank you for inviting me.
You know, a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing you.
And unfortunately, our little prediction was absolutely right.
We're living in hell.
And we are on the verge of the nuclear war.
The third world war is unfortunately right here, right now.
And we have to be absolutely clear, what's happening right now in Israel, in the Gaza sector, it's not just about the regional conflict.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
And not only because of the nuclear capabilities of the United States, missile capabilities of Iran, not because Pakistan can probably somehow get the nuke to Iranians and all those little scenarios that may happen.
No, no, no.
The truth was killed.
Humanitarian values were killed, of course, on the 7th of October.
That's a terrible act of terror.
Of course, 1,300 dead Jewish people just because their Jews were massacred.
And that's absolutely unacceptable.
That's the purest form of terror.
But a few weeks after that, we count 2,400 dead
Kids of Palestine.
And no one care.
America doesn't want to see it.
They're saying, oh, okay, you know, what can we do?
That's collateral damage.
That is not collateral damage.
Those are babies that were killed.
And their life is important.
Not only black life matters, not only American life matters, not only Jewish life matters.
Every life matters.
But the world is saying that, okay, come on, we have to be honest.
It's the time to end this question, finally.
The final solution of the Arab question in Palestine.
How can, you know, after Hitler, how can anyone pronounce those words?
When I see the President of Israel stating that the whole Palestinian nation is guilty!
Don't tell me that there are innocent civilians there!
They all support Hamas!
Come on!
Pregnant women?
They have to suffer?
In Russia?
We've been facing awful terrorist attacks, but we never ever went all the way to kill every single human being in this village, every single human being in the city.
That's why when Western propaganda, especially done by Boris Johnson's affiliates, started this butcher story, all Russians immediately said, that is a lie.
Russian soldier will never do that.
We do not believe in collateral damage.
We see humans.
And every time when Russian is speaking about babies, we're quoting Dostoevsky.
The cost of the tear of the baby.
We don't want to see those people being killed.
We want all the terrorists to be killed.
That's for sure.
Every single terrorist has to be killed and it doesn't matter what kind of terrorist is he.
Is he Hamas?
Doesn't matter what's his name.
Ukrainian Nazi?
Doesn't matter.
They have zero right to live.
But when we see innocent kids being killed... No, no, no, no.
Even during the Second World War, Berlin, Nazis decided to stop Russian tanks from using Berlin's subway for getting there, because it was really wide.
And they put water into there.
Hitler flooded the subway and killed half a million Germans.
What did Russians do?
We saved Germans.
They killed 27 million Soviet people, and we saved them in Berlin.
We didn't tell them, that's not our business.
That's your problem.
Go and die.
But the world has forgotten World War II, but we're actually fighting the last war, and you raise it.
The words of Israel, I'm not even against Israel, and you're Jewish, is literally, these are animals, we're going to kill them all.
These are Hitler quotes.
I hate those words.
I cannot imagine, not every single Jewish is Israeli.
I cannot imagine how we can say those words about other nations.
We who suffered during the Second World War because of genocide.
What happened there, the Holocaust, it's the worst tragedy in the history of our people.
And of course, October 7th is the worst episode since Holocaust.
But we cannot behave the same way as they behaved against us.
That's not what humanity is about.
The greatest Jewish philosopher, let's say, you know, religious teacher, Rebbe, D'Lel once quoted, don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself.
We should not kill innocent kids.
They should not suffer.
They have a right to live as human beings!
And so Israel is losing, they're losing... They're living in prison!
I agree.
Israel's losing the high ground, no one can deny it.
What's going to happen?
And those tied into Ukraine, and Zelensky, and literal Nazis, what's happening there?
That's easy.
First of all, look, whom are they blaming for Hamas?
They're blaming Iran.
Iran has nothing to do with Hamas.
Iran is Hezbollah!
Iran is Hezbollah, not Hamas.
Hamas is supported by Turkey and Qatar.
President of Turkey is saying, Hamas, they're not terrorists, they're freedom fighters, they're mujahideen.
We do not consider them to be terrorists.
They are Muslim brothers.
The same political party that is ruling right now in Turkey.
Very close.
During the war in Syria, Hamas was fighting against Assad army.
against Hezbollah and Russian forces.
And now when they're saying, oh, come on, we see behind Hamas, Russians and the Iranians, it's complete lie.
Turkey, the NATO country, and Qatar, the place where the largest or one of the largest American military bases, they are behind Hamas.
Americans have to know the truth.
So if you want to blame anyone for this terrorist attack, look,
Into the origin of Hamas and you'll find Turkey and Qatar.
Then he was using them for political reasons to fight Palestinian freedom organizations.
And you'll find political forces inside Israel.
For many years they were using Hamas to break these Palestinian organizations in pieces.
They gave them Gaza, they used them.
Even Netanyahu had a few very weird statements about that, about supporting Hamas.
Now they're saying every Hamas fighter has to be killed.
Of course, but how?
How can you do that?
They were preparing for two years.
What happened with almighty security services of Israel, United States, United Kingdom?
Vladimir, that's my next point.
Looks like a stand down to me.
Let's talk about that.
Let's pull back to 35,000 feet or a million feet.
And what's the big picture?
And the distraction, where they're going to have $100 billion more to Zelensky, $80 billion, $20 billion to Israel.
What's the real reason for Biden giving all this?
The real reason is, Biden is losing the war in Ukraine.
Money that will go there won't, I don't think that they will go directly to Ukraine.
It's an absolutely corrupted country.
Most part of this money gone away, divided between Biden, Klan and others.
Most part of this money won't even leave the United States of America.
So, right now, by the administration, they need to find a little war to win.
The easiest way is to win this war.
Exactly, they're losing in Ukraine, so this is the distraction.
Right, so they will say, okay, Ukraine, not our fault, they're corrupted, by the way, they're nonsense, let's Europe handle that.
But we, Great America, will fight Middle East!
We'll bring you oil, we'll get you peace there, we'll protect Israel, and we'll destroy Iran!
Because they can try to use nuclear weapon against Iran, because Iran doesn't have nuclear ability!
Stop there, you're right.
This is World War 3.
So this is the insane, western, black rock establishment failing everywhere.
So like Hitler losing against England and North Africa, he goes against Russia.
They're doubling down.
I think World War 3 has already begun.
The question is Vladimir, will it become nuclear?
Of course.
It has to become nuclear.
Because America cannot use nuclear weapons against Russia.
We today, actually, today we showed what we can do with nuclear weapons.
Now, we tested our triad.
And that was very impressive.
Very impressive.
But Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons.
So America will try to use Israel's nuclear weapons, as I see it, against Iran, stating that's the only way to stop Iranian proxies to fight Israel.
And here you have nuclear war coming on.
What happens next?
China will say we don't like that.
But Russians...
We calculated this ability.
That's why Putin said, okay guys, you want to play it tough?
We will play it tough.
That's why we have our supersonic missiles all the way up on our jets in the Black Sea.
So they've loaded, that was my next question, they've loaded the Kinzhal missiles in the Black Sea, a hundred miles away from the aircraft carriers, and Putin said it's not a threat, it's a message from the Russian Air Force.
What does that signify?
That message says that we can destroy whatever aircraft carrier you have in the Mediterranean.
We don't care what you have there.
We can destroy them.
That's what Kinzhals are for.
And we're saying that if you're willing to use your nuclear abilities or if you're willing to use your fighters against Iran or unwisely, please think twice.
We don't want this war to happen, but if we have to step in, we have all the abilities to do that.
That's not what we're willing to do.
We won't start, that's not in our military concept, but we will retell it if we feel that is far too dangerous, vitally dangerous for Mother Russia.
Describe to us, from the Russian perspective, where the world is right now, because the International Atomic Science Association says we're the closest to midnight nuclear war we've ever been.
Do you agree with that, and what can we do to stop it?
I agree with that, because when... I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but Taki Carlson spoke with this great Conal guy, and they were saying that in the last 24 hours there was a massacre in Gaza Street.
When Israeli special op forces and American forces were massacred there when they were trying to do some kind of stuff.
That's a bad news.
You want to get into Gaza?
There are 35,000 Hamas terrorists there.
They've been for two years preparing for this war.
So what should be done by Israel?
They will try to destroy it.
And then Hezbollah from the north will start participating.
And those guys, Hezbollah guys, they're much tougher fighter than Hamas.
They've been fighting for 12 years non-stop.
They are very, very qualified fighters, and that will be a problem.
So, Israeli would say, no, no, no, we won't tolerate that.
And we'll have to use the weapon of the Judgment Day.
And that will be the end of the world.
Because they will try to hit Iran,
Iran will use whatever capacities they have and they have a lot of missiles and drones and all this stuff.
So we're very close to this kicking off.
How do you see this unfolding?
How many Americans were killed in the last 24 hours?
We don't know.
We were told that two American bases in Syria were hit by someone.
American never retaliated.
We're told there are 20-plus wounded people.
We don't know.
Are they wounded or they killed military personnel?
For the first time, they think that it's okay to hit American bases.
That's no good.
That's a bad sign.
That's a sign of weakness.
Biden doesn't threat anyone anymore.
That's a very bad sign.
Very bad sign for America.
And it's awful sign for the whole world.
I don't want Americans to be killed.
I don't want Israels to be killed.
I don't want Palestinians to be killed.
We have to stop it now.
We have to sit down and we have to talk.
And we have to find a reasonable conclusion that everyone will live with.
In any other case, there will be no one to talk to.
Well, you're speaking to millions of... That's how I see it, man.
I see it the same way.
So, let's talk about the Ukraine war that's been going on for a year and a half, and the big offensive and where that is now, and Zelensky fired missiles... Well, first of all, Ukraine offense is a joke.
It's nowhere.
They lost more than 100,000 people killed for no reason.
They have world-famous German tanks that are burning like candles.
They had the American missiles that are hitting nowhere.
Well, they're hitting something, but it doesn't change the face of war.
They've been supplied with whatever they were asking for.
In the last five days, we had 24 airplanes.
We put them down in the last five days.
We can destroy them easily.
But we're not fighting the way as Israelis in fighting in Gaza Street.
Look, we are not fighting the cruel war.
That's why in Russia it's special military operation.
We're not destroying cities.
In Mariupol we're saying, okay guys, we'll stop.
As a humanitarian passage, please leave.
We're doing it all the time, every single time.
What the Israelis are saying, we don't care much.
We don't do that.
We're fighting not Ukrainian people.
We're fighting with Ukrainian Nazis and actually Nazis from all over the world that are getting there.
We're continuing to fight the Second World War because we're fighting against the same mentality and the same ideology as our grandfathers used to fight.
Bandera ideology is part of the German Nazi ideology.
And they are heroes of modern Ukraine.
That's who we're fighting against.
That's why 11 million Ukrainians decided to live with Russia.
11 million!
In America, they don't know that.
They're saying that, oh, we're very cruel against Ukrainians.
No way!
3.5 million Ukrainian refugees left Ukraine for Russia, not for Germany.
Plus 8 million Ukrainians decided to live on their land, and they voted this land to become back part of Mother Russia.
We control enormous territory, but this is Russian territory, populated by people of different nationalities that are willing to get back to Mother Russia.
Because for many centuries they lived as one state.
It's their free choice.
It's not about territory.
It's about the willingness of people to live together.
They consider themselves to be part of Russian culture.
That's right.
Vladimir Solyov is our guest here.
We've got another half hour left.
We've got a break in about a minute and a half.
But bigger picture, if Russians were on the Mexico or Canadian border with troops and attacking, I would be against Russia.
The truth is our insane elite, just like when the Germans in 1943 tried to stop Hitler, that would have been better.
It's not the American people, but our country has been hijacked.
And I'm really concerned about, obviously, this kicking off the Middle East.
The weakness of Biden has encouraged Iran and encouraged China and encouraged all these other groups to move into the void.
And I think everybody's walking into a trap.
Absolutely right.
And this trap is awful.
United States of America used to be the most beloved country in Russia through all 90s and the beginnings of 2000s.
What happened?
Why Americans decided to destroy Russia and to humiliate Russian people?
We didn't deserve that.
We have nothing against Americans.
We just want them to be happy in America.
We just don't want them to support Ukrainian Nazis.
That's so easy, and it's surprisingly hard to understand to people like Biden, who has zero knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian history.
What he's saying is just, you know, it's awful.
It looks like he never, ever... All right, Vladimir, stay right there.
We'll come back.
We've got to go to break.
We'll be right back.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
So I think people all over the world, whether you're listening in Europe, or Latin America, or Asia, or the Middle East, Russia, it doesn't matter, Canada,
You have a right to an adult discussion.
So you should hear from the top talk show host in Russia about where they stand and what's going on and what's happening.
Everything we've been told about Ukraine is a lie.
The big banks are trying to hide the implosion of the economy there.
Now they've moved on to this crisis in the Middle East.
This is such an incredible moment to be alive.
And people will say, hey, you're going to get debanked, which happened when I was on a show a month ago.
Another bank dropped us.
You're going to get death-threatened.
You're going to get attacked for having this guy on.
But if you actually listen to what he said, it all makes sense and it's true.
So, justice be done, may the heavens fall.
That's where we are because we're trying to stop nuclear war.
Look at our government.
It hates Americans.
It teaches us that conservatives and Christians are the enemy.
It literally teaches us that we need to chop our children's genitals off.
And Vladimir Putin says no!
Vladimir Putin says no to funding ISIS in Syria.
And so I'm not here as a Putin apologist.
I'm not here as a Putin booster.
I'm here saying that our government's out of control and it's going to destroy us all.
So Vladimir, we've got 25 minutes until this hour ends, until the show ends.
Come back any time with us, but please continue with key points you want to point out.
What's happening in Russia, what you think is going to come next, and how you think we come together with any plans to try to derail Armageddon?
Now, a long time ago I spoke with one of the American guys, a really nice, very smart fellow, who told me, come on, Vladimir, you know, Russia used to be an empire of evil.
You're still evil, but you're no longer an empire.
Both statements actually are wrong.
We're still an empire.
And we're a very different empire.
We are the one that always supported other nations and always willing them to prosperous.
And we're definitely not evil.
We're with God.
We believe in God, and that's so easy.
That's why I usually say that God with us, and if God with us, who's against us?
That's the question that we're asking.
What values are trying... You know, what values nowadays are in America?
I used to know America, and that was a completely different country.
That was the country that we fought shoulder-to-shoulder as allies.
We both believed in God.
We believed in human life.
We believed that there's right and there's wrong.
And nowadays, what are you fighting for?
Whom are you supporting in Ukraine?
No way there is no freedom.
There's little guy Zelensky who decided to ban Orthodox Church.
This little guy the same day is voting for homosexual marriages and banning Orthodox Church.
Is it coincidence?
I don't think so.
He is the guy that basically banned whomever political party were against him.
You call it democracy?
People been killed in Russia by his direct order.
And those people were not generals.
Nice lady, 30 years old,
Her guilt was that she is a daughter, or was a daughter, of one of the prominent Russian philosophers, Mr. Dugin.
Ukrainian special forces, with the help of CIA, killed her.
And now here's an article in one of the American newspapers, I think it was Washington Post, stating that, yes, we trained Ukrainian Nazis to kill.
Russian civilians through all the country.
That is terror.
We're not doing that.
We're not killing Ukrainian political leaders.
We're not aiming to kill anyone in America.
But Hillary Clinton lied about Russian conspiracy.
Everyone knows that.
There were no Russian hackers that decided to interfere with American elections.
Why do we care?
At the same time, Americans are spending an enormous amount of taxpayers' money to get whatever government they want to, either in Ukraine or other countries.
What it gives you?
You're spending hundreds of billions dollars for absolutely corrupted government in Ukraine!
They're stealing your money and then they're selling whatever you give them in weapon to Hamas!
To kill Israelis!
So Vladimir, let me ask you... Vladimir, let me ask you this question.
Let me ask you this question.
Currently, how do you see this going on the current trajectory?
How do you see this unfolding?
Because... We're fighting the war.
We're fighting the war, you know, and Russia is living normal life.
Our economy is growing faster than the economy of every single European country.
People are not dying from starvation.
Life in Moscow, in St.
Petersburg, in Kazan and other places
Well, you know, it's really nice living.
If you look at the new territories, like Donbass, the roads are great, we're building new houses, Mariupol, we're helping people, business is booming!
It's not like everyone is happy, you know, it's economy.
But we're definitely moving forward.
At the same time, every single day, 1,300 Russian men are signing for Russian military!
As volunteers to fight Ukrainian Nazis.
In fact, I was reading Russia doesn't need, Russia doesn't need subscription, the draft like Ukraine.
We don't need subscription to fight this war.
We don't use subscription to fight this war.
Those guys that are serving, you know, like, you know, young kids, 18 years old, 19 years old, they're not involved in the military activity on the new territories, as we call them.
They don't participate in the fight.
People that are fighting are the ones that signed the contract, they're grown-ups, they know what they're fighting for, and they're very professional guys.
The way we fight, five to six days on the front line, a couple of days rest, and then we train, train, train for another two or three weeks, and then get back to the front line.
Right now we have the best military in the world.
Because we're all, every single day, we're learning.
Our military industrial complex is working day and night.
Our engineers, and they're great engineers, we're coming up with new solutions, new ideas.
That's why we produce more than the whole NATO.
Manufacturing capabilities can dream on.
Well, I mean, let's expand on that.
I mean, the truth is Russia is fighting the entire NATO operation and getting stronger.
I mean, because Russia didn't do too well when they first went in.
NATO was ready with all the weapons.
But now, I mean, so what does NATO do now that NATO is losing?
NATO trained us.
NATO gave us basically the meaning.
Because our military industrial complex, we thought like, well, okay, we won't need it, and maybe, you know, well, strategic nuclear weapon, okay, but, you know, traditional weapon, maybe that's not the time.
Nowadays, come on, forget it!
So it's just like the learning curve with Hitler invades... Just interrupt, sorry.
Sorry, we're talking over each other, I apologize.
Just like Russia was not ready in 1943 with Barbarossa, when Hitler invaded he looked like he was winning, but the Russians scaled up very quickly.
Is that what you're saying?
We started with... Well, the initial idea was very easy.
We never ever claimed that we're planning to conquer Ukraine.
We don't care.
We don't need territory.
We have plenty of territory.
We're the largest country in the world.
We don't need more territory.
That was about our security.
We were saying little things.
We were saying, please, stop killing people of Donetsk.
Week before we started special military operation, they started bombarding Donetsk enormously.
Heavy losses.
People had to flee their houses.
They were destroyed.
For eight years, there were
15,000 Russians were killed during eight years of war, of this proxy war.
That's an enormous amount of people being killed.
What happened then?
We started police operation.
We never were planning to conquer Kiev, never ever.
We came there, we started negotiations.
We're saying, please, get back to terms.
Your country got independence on the terms that you will be.
Never ever part of any military bloc.
And now you're trying to become part of NATO.
But it's a threat to us.
So Vladimir, now it's happened from the Russian perspective, which Americans deserve and others deserve to hear.
This is going to be a super viral interview.
It's live right now on millions of viewers.
You're a smart guy.
You don't want to speculate.
What comes next?
NATO and the Globalists are losing.
They've started a new war as a distraction.
But what are you expecting to do next?
They're not going to give up.
They will give up.
They cannot afford not to give up.
That's the problem.
They have nothing to fight us with.
Because nowadays they're giving whatever... There is no Wunderwaffe!
There's no weapon that can change the way things are going.
Because nowadays Ukrainians are not willing to fight!
They fled their own country.
Millions of Ukrainians decided to leave Ukraine.
They don't want to fight for their motherland.
Because they know that their cause is not right.
They know that we're not planning to conquer Ukraine, and we never did.
And whatever Biden, Blinken, and other guys were saying, it's complete bullshit.
The same as they're saying, oh, you know, we managed to get the Russians out of Kiev, and we freed, you know, half of what they conquered.
That's bullshit!
In Istanbul, we already had peace agreement with Ukrainians.
And even they signed the initial accord of this agreement.
And as a free will, we told them, okay, we'll withdraw our troops from Kiev and northern part of Ukraine.
And that's what we did.
And now they're saying, oh, that was a great battle.
What kind of battle?
No one can deny Russia's winning big time.
So I ask you the question.
I understand the globalists need to stop, but they don't stop.
So I'm saying, what do you, because you're a smart guy, what are they going to do next?
Because they're madmen and our borders are wide open, they're destroying us.
We know the globalists are at war with all Christian nations.
They'll try to pretend that it's never happening.
So they have two courses.
First of all... So they'll just move on to a Middle East war.
You're saying this is the sign of victory because they're now segwaying to the Middle East as the diversion.
They'll go to Iran.
What they will do in Ukraine?
They'll try to catch your attention.
They'll try to make up yet another butcher.
Many times I spoke to Italian, French, German, and other journalists.
I told them, tell me what happened in butcher.
Names of the victims, where they were killed, weapon of the crime.
Show me the result.
Zero knowledge.
Because those poor people, they were Russian supporters and they were killed by Botsman.
That's the name of the local mafia Nazi Ukrainian guy who killed those people in Bucha.
And I think that behind this idea was one of the British image makers of Zelensky.
And West
With, you know, with some weird joy.
Started, you know, using this fake.
We only have about 12 Vladimir.
So what happens next?
The war against Iran.
That's almost inevitable.
That's what's gonna happen next.
And Ukraine, they will say, none of our business.
Like Afghanistan.
Oh, they were, sorry guys, we gave you whatever you wanted, you're no good.
Zelensky, no, that's not a nice guy.
You know what, Zelensky, you're corrupted.
So, oh, you're also nothing, come on, too bad.
So goodbye, Mr. Zelensky, get us some other guy, and he will try to sign a peace deal with Russia.
And we'll say that, you know, Ukrainians, we did what we could.
Bart Yoselensky was the same guy as in Afghanistan.
He was no good.
Not our fault.
And we'll go and save Israelis.
Well, you know, because that's our job.