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Air Date: Oct. 22, 2023
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This episode of "The Alex Jones Show" discusses various topics including the possibility of a cashless society, ESG factors affecting investments, social credit scores, and the United Nations treaty to take control over people's bodies in biomedical tyranny. The speaker believes that these are all threats to individual freedom and that people need to unite against them. He also promotes his book "The Great Awakening" and encourages listeners to support him and buy his products in order to keep him and his team on air and fighting against the globalist agenda.

Russia's Deputy President Dmitry Medvedev and of course their President Putin have continued to threaten that if more missiles are moved into range of Russia, they will start attacking NATO targets.
And now that there are US aircraft carriers in range with hypersonic missiles, he said this isn't basically a threat, it's a promise on behalf of the Russian Air Force that we may attack you.
China says they own the South China Sea.
They're a thousand miles away, literally attaching fishing boats in the Philippines.
Philippine Coast Guard divers cut an underwater cable and unmoored a 300-meter floating barrier that China placed to prevent Philippine fishing vessels from accessing the Scarborough Shoal.
A gesture that underscores Manila's growing defiance of Beijing's claims to the prime fishing grounds.
The tiny mid-ocean outcrop seized by China in 2012 has become a global geopolitical flashpoint.
And attacking oil drilling platforms off the coast of Vietnam.
I think Putin is out of line saying that U.S.
aircraft carriers can't be in the Mediterranean.
That's a free open sea.
And there's Russian nuclear submarines off our coast.
Admiral James Foggo, the commander of U.S.
naval forces in Europe, is particularly concerned about this submarine, the Severodvinsk, nuclear-powered and armed with land-attack cruise missiles with a range greater than 1,000 miles.
The Severodvinsk is a brand new class of submarine and it's very capable, it's very quiet.
So that's the most important thing, I think, in submarine warfare.
When you say quiet, you're saying harder to detect, harder to track.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Does that sub?
Come down into the Atlantic?
Suffice it to say that the Russians have increased their presence in all bodies of water around Europe and in the Atlantic.
Pentagon officials told 60 Minutes that last summer the Severodvinsk slipped into the Atlantic Ocean and for weeks evaded all attempts to find it.
In peacetime, losing a Russian sub in the Atlantic is embarrassing.
In a crisis, it could be a disaster.
Think about the global infrastructure that rests on the bottom of the ocean.
You're talking about the undersea cables?
That's correct.
Those fiber-optic cables carry 99.4% of the data exchanged over the Internet by the U.S.
and its allies and trading partners.
Depending on your point of view, they are either the backbone or the Achilles heel of the world economy.
So are we going to threaten to nuke Russia because they got nuclear weapons off our coast?
This needs to stop.
It needs to stop right now.
This is out of control.
I'm not going to sit there and back any one group and then distort my research to comport with that group.
I'm an American, I'm a Christian, I'm a father, I'm a patriot, and I'm pro-America.
But our country's hijacked by the worst criminals the world's ever seen.
China's run by a client state that's just as bad as the globalists.
Russia didn't start this war.
The globalists admit they started it nine years ago, overthrowing the Ukrainian elected government.
So I've been against the war, but I'm also against Russia escalating.
But NATO's escalating, so that's just how this is going to work.
Putin orders air patrols over the Black Sea to carry Kinzhal missiles that are anti-ship.
I mean, there's the Mediterranean right there, U.S.
aircraft carriers.
There's the Black Sea, a few hundred miles away from each other.
So this is going downhill, real
We're good to go.
Over 1,000 kilometers at speed Mach 9.
So what he's saying is, we loaded nuclear missiles on our aircraft a few hundred miles away from you and their range is over a thousand miles.
And this is not a threat, it's a message from the Air Force to the U.S.
You can talk about who runs the world.
Black Rock, the Chi-Coms, all the different organizations and groups.
We have a nuclear war!
How are all you Harvard scum running the country in the ground in the back of China gonna feel when your family's getting vaporized, you murderous trash?
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
In my new book, we give you the solutions to build a new, better world, an alternative to Klaus Schwab's, you will eat the bugs.
This is the Great Awakening.
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Thank you.
It's Sunday, October 22nd, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a extremely informative transmission lined up for you right now.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Across the world, the tens of millions of Muslims that have been brought in, the majority of the military age men, from Germany to England to Canada to France, are rampaging around, rioting, burning, shooting, stabbing, attacking.
And the main universities like Harvard,
They're little angels.
This is Harvard you're seeing on screen.
Harvard believes in their free speech and their right to enforce real law on us.
But doesn't believe in Americans basic right to any free speech.
Even try to pull out a British flag in the UK, this happens.
You get attacked.
See, in other countries, they take each other over.
They're barbarous, on average.
We have the Open Free Societies, but the idea that these other societies are compatible is a lie.
This is the internal takedowns of our nations.
From New York, to the UK, to Germany, attacking police.
We have hundreds of videos.
Hundreds of videos in the last week.
And it goes on and on.
The debate about the attack on Israel a few weeks ago and Israel's response in Gaza has been a one-dimensional idiot-fest.
People say you're either for Israel or you're for the Muslims.
I'm not involved in Israel.
I don't like a lot of things Israel does.
But I also know that the globalists on the left are allied with expansionist orthodox
Communist Islam.
Socialist Ba'athist Islam.
And I've studied the different groups.
And it is not compatible.
And they will launch terror attacks in the West.
It's already happening.
It's getting downplayed.
When Jews get stabbed to death and shot.
And there is such a hatred of Israel by some on the right.
And it's seen as avant-garde and trendy to hate Israel on the right and the left.
But there's a real blind spot here to understand you don't have to support Israel to not support the Islamic invasion.
That's why Nick Fuentes has agreed to do a debate with me.
He's going to fly here Wednesday.
We'll do a couple hour debate.
And I'll tell him what I'm going to say when he gets over the debate.
I'm going to say, first thing, we're not having a debate about Israel or Hamas.
Who's the good guy?
Because that's how he already framed it.
And I'm not mad at him.
It's just that that is intrinsic to this.
That people then say, if I go, no, it looks like Israel didn't blow up that hospital, because the evidence shows they didn't, oh, I'm getting paid by Israel.
No, I just look at it and call it like I see it.
Israel's blown up an Orthodox church, a couple of mosques, and a medical clinic in Gaza just the last two days, and I reported on it.
But you can't have Hamas firing these thousands of rockets right over houses and hospitals and then see one fall on the video
And then know that it's not a JDAM missile and there's a little six-inch crater in the ground and the hospital wasn't even hit.
I'm not going to buy into that when the evidence is the hospital wasn't hit.
I'm like, no, that's the media hyping that for riots worldwide to start things up.
It doesn't mean that I endorse leveling Gaza.
It doesn't mean I endorse any of that stuff.
In fact, I've said Israel and the United States are walking into a CHICOM orchestrated trap with Iran at the center of it.
So this is
Big boy time.
This is to actually have real geopolitical conversations.
And I think Nick's an interesting, you know, informative guy.
I disagree with some of the things he says, but if you want to call him a racist, he's on a scale of 1 to 10, about a 2.
And the folks at Harvard literally hate Christians and white people, and it's white people leading it and controlling it.
So you can't have the frothing at the mouth, race-based Democratic Party and other socialist and communist parties around the world, funded by the Chi-Coms,
I don't think so.
Again, just because I don't like what the left's up to and what Islam's doing doesn't mean, oh, well, then Hitler's good over here.
And I'm not saying that's what he said.
He was pretty much being tongue-in-cheek, I know, when he was here with Kanye West.
But we'll have a big discussion about it.
Call it a debate.
That gets more viewers to tune in.
Call it that if you want.
But I'm really trying to get people to have a 35,000-foot view on all this.
Okay, so here's what's going on in this live Sunday show.
Israel has warned that Hamas is planning to use chemical weapons and says if you do that, or if Iran is caught backing it, or if Iran attacks from the north with their Hezbollah force, they're going to strike Iran.
Now when I look at that statement by the Israelis, I don't sit there and go, well it's the Israelis so I'm just going to believe them.
How many times have you heard me say that Hezbollah's specialty
Yes, sir.
As maintenance people, they've already got it all cased out and ready, just like they had Israel cased out when they went in and, you know, took over and knew right where the Mossad safe houses were and the Shin Bet safe houses were and even had maps of the insides of the buildings.
That's because the women that worked there during the day cleaning the building are the wives of the guys that just attacked.
And so one of the big things they'll do from my research and intel and really smart folks that told me about this over 20 years ago,
was how Hamas has sleeper cells, not just to commit mass shootings, not just to commit mass bombings, not just to poison water supplies and things like that, but also take chlorine gas that you can get anywhere.
Just about a mile from where I sit, there's a big storage facility for gases.
And they've got helium and oxygen and nitrogen and chlorine and
Because my office is in an industrial zone of South Austin.
And so I've been here 15 years in this office and probably a hundred times I've sat there when there's traffic in the morning on the exit road, watching the big trucks drive out.
And I could see on the backs of the big gas containers, some are three or four feet around and 10 feet tall.
Most are only about a foot around, you know, six feet tall.
You ever been to a kid's party where they have a helium tank and you know they're filling balloons, you'll see the tank that has it, or if you worked in a dental office, they've got helium tanks.
You've seen a gas tank, not for gasoline, but for noble gases as they call them, like helium and hydrogen and chlorine.
And those gases are somewhat controlled, like chlorine gas, but they're all over the place.
So you just go at night and you snip open the, where the media says, I'm playing this.
The government knows this.
Hezbollah knows this.
The public now needs to know this.
I'm not going to go do this when I'm talking about this.
I mean, it's hypothetical.
What Hezbollah would do is, they would go, because they don't want to alert people with a robbery a month before.
They'll do it the day they're going to attack.
And they'll just go snip the cables, you know, the chain around the fence.
If there's a guard, shoot them.
And then they're going to load chlorine gas, there's other gases, onto the back of their van.
They're going to drive to the high-rise they live in in downtown Austin or downtown Baltimore, Maryland or D.C.
or Los Angeles.
And then they're going to go up the elevator to the top.
And then they're going to feed that gas system with a hose into the ventilation shaft, and then they're going to add another gas to it.
There's a couple they can add that will turn it into pure death.
And they've got other ways to make cyanide gas, you name it.
So, you heard me in the last two weeks say they're going to probably release cyanide gas.
Or chlorine gas.
And now, that's coming out.
So, I already know the battle plan, but before it even hits the news.
So, they got sleeper cells, probably one right here in Austin, ready, with the gas, to kill whole buildings of people.
Just so you know.
So, that's the kind of stuff they got up their sleeve.
We got a lot more to talk about here today, ladies and gentlemen.
But I want this government to know, when and if this happens, you're going to be blamed for letting them in here, you murderous scum.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
We're good to go.
We're good.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
So I'm going to break down the entire battlefront of what's happening around the world, not just the Middle East, not just in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, but what's happening in Asia, what's happening to our borders and more in the second hour today and more on the
Specialities of Hezbollah if they launch terror attacks inside the West.
So that is all coming up next hour.
But I want to shift gears to censorship and AI and the cashless society known as the Mark of the Beast because Bill Maher Friday night did like a 10 minute monologue
Saying that major colleges in the U.S.
are basically like North Korea.
Well, they're not basically like North Korea.
North Korea follows basically Mao Zedong and Stalin's brainwashing techniques to a T. It's actually the same playbook.
The struggle sessions, all of it.
And turning the educational systems, both primary and secondary, into those.
So, when he makes the joke that
The colleges are the equivalent of North Korean re-education camps, close quote.
That's not a joke.
That's exactly what they are.
And that's the doctrine they follow.
So let that sink in.
The big money, the big banks, the federal government, BlackRock, whether it's the University of Texas, hell, A&M's even this bad now, or MIT, or Yale, or Harvard's the worst.
They literally teach, and it's not just the political science classes.
They make a whole bunch of the CRT and transgender stuff and leftist, queer theory, pedophile theory, mandatory now in these colleges.
And it's in the high schools, it's in the junior highs, it's even in many of the elementaries.
It's come out that the government keeps it secret across the country and files on the kids and the parents and try to cut the children away from the parents and convince them to change their gender.
I mean, this is already over the edge of the cliff.
We're already over the cliff here.
We're not about to go over the cliff.
We drove over it a long time ago.
And so when you see the cashless society, and you see the social credit scores, and you see you go to the grocery store, and they're in your face saying, have an app, use an app to be here, you'll get great deals.
I went to H-E-B with my wife today to do some shopping, and it was just employees everywhere trying to make people use an app to get rid of the humans.
And I'm going to explain, this is not innovation, this is the weaponization of tech, and I'm going to be breaking that down throughout the rest of this hour.
So here's a headline.
China creates global AI governance initiative to control world's tech.
And I have the report right here.
Control the population's mind.
Infiltrating our minds.
The future of cognitive warfare.
The official main operation that is now in full swing of the Communist Party China.
And they admitted it's a competing program to the West that has a very similar AI brainwashing, cultural control grid rolling out, but they're two competing systems because Xi Jinping about nine years ago broke with the globalists who he'd been allied with.
So just like Hitler and Stalin were buddies in the start of World War II for three years, then the Germans and the Russians were about to attack each other, so Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa first.
That's what always happens with these tyrants, is they'll work with each other at first, and then, when one group thinks they have the other hand, the upper hand, they will make their move.
So, you don't just sit back and say, oh, Bill Maher's talking about how Harvard's like North Korea.
Ha, ha, ha.
Boy, aren't they wacky at universities.
Whether you are in Melbourne, Australia, or Frankfurt, Germany, or whether you are in Los Angeles, California,
Everywhere it is funded by the most powerful banks and corporations in the world to promote classical malice, Marxist-Leninist ideology.
And the revolutionary form that they've chosen of communism, which is a bunch of different subsets, is the Maoist model.
The Confucius organizations of almost all the major public and private colleges literally run by the communist Chinese.
So the hour is extremely late.
We're very, very far down this rattle.
Remember I told you decades ago China was funding thousands of colleges for the curriculum, giving them billions of dollars?
To undermine America, to criticize capitalism, the nuclear family, while China is promoting the nuclear family.
To make us weak.
And now it came out a few months ago that thousands of public schools and private schools are giving Chinese Communist money to follow their curriculum.
So this is all paid for.
It came out a month ago, something I didn't know, I miss a lot.
That since they launched the COVID tyranny a few years ago, and the shots two and a half years ago, all over the world, because it's all you and run, it's standardized, they give $40,000 to any pediatrician for every 100 under two-year-olds they give the COVID shot to.
Now do the math, you got 500 patients.
And for every hundred you get to take the shot, you get forty grand.
Do the math, but that pediatrician can make more money off that than all of their other activities.
So, this is paid for.
The transgenderism, the communism, the critical race theory, and it's all coming from BlackRock and the Communist Chinese.
And when you go into a restaurant, they want to make you look at an app.
To order your food.
That's literally through the global restaurant associations, and the World Economic Forum, and the big banks.
When you walk in a grocery store, they're trying to make you have an app, or Chick-fil-A.
All of that is to get you ready for the cashless society.
They're making the move to it right now.
And finally, Joe Rogan's come out and said, I didn't believe in the market of the beast before, but now I do.
We've got to stop this.
I've got the clip.
He said that three days ago.
And Tucker Carlson's all over it.
And everybody else is all over it, because
People say, oh, it's just a technology.
No, it's designed and being implemented and rolled out to totally and completely make it a post-human world.
If you don't have humans serving you dinner, or giving you a massage, or cutting your hair, or growing your vegetables, or raising your children, it's a computer, and it's an AI system where it can all be standardized and surveilled and tracked.
So, everything is about building new independent economies,
And not joining the big centralized economy as much as you can.
They've already made it impossible, unless you're Amish, to not interface with it some.
And the Globals even write white papers saying, it'll be communities like the Amish in the future, and do we just, that resist us, do we just wipe them out?
Or do we let them be like enclaves, like zoos, where we go see the primitive humans?
Well, the primitive humans don't get autism.
Their cancer rates are the lowest in the world.
They're not primitive.
500, 400 years ago, they decided in Western Europe, where they were being banned from practicing Protestantism, to leave and go build their own society.
And they made the decision that if we join the Renaissance and the technology movement, our children will be lost to us.
So they developed a plan, similar to what Orthodox Jews do, to maintain control of their society.
So the globalists at MIT and all over the place talk about the Amish being the last group they're going to roll up.
When all this is done.
And remember, they're not rolling all this out to create some kumbaya Star Trek future.
It's to get control of you, dumb you down, isolate you, brainwash you, have robots replace you, make you obsolete, and then euthanize you.
So we're going to lay it all out straight ahead and how we stop it.
This is the real Mark of the Beast.
This is the intel they don't want you to have.
Please tell everybody you know and those you don't know, tune in now.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
So there are competing powerful corporate interests, but really there's as common as China and the West.
Russia's a distant third.
That are rolling out a post-human industrial world.
And they're simply looking at us as a commodity and saying, humans have always been cheap, but now they're garbage.
And if you read the writings of the UN heads and the WF, I mean, there's thousands of quotes we've gone over here.
We've played the clip so many times.
And they just say the future is non-human.
I don't believe in God, but we're about to become God.
The Holy Grail is depopulating the general public, but the elite's getting life extension technology.
And you see that in culture and movies, but that's all art reflecting life.
And I've got an example of that, Cyberpunk 2077, Dark City.
And I remember when they were developing that game, it's now one of the top games in the world, I was told by the
Developers of it that the profit character in there was based off me.
I'm not trying to again toot my horn.
It's just a fact Just like Chris Carter said the new character in the last X-Files was based on yours truly and the character in homeland and so many others some Had me as a good guy.
Some was a bad guy, but they've now put out a new AI voiced version of myself for the game that basically talks about what's going on, but the plot of the game is
is a biochip that makes you live forever, and that's what the elites have developed.
That's what the whole game is about, is getting immortality.
But that's a video game.
Let's play the high priest of the World Economic Forum, Harari saying, human history is over.
We've got all these articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, The Economist.
Saying that the human era is over and we're cheering it on, humans were bad, we're workless, we hurt the earth, we don't have free will.
Well, the globalists actually don't believe that.
They want you to hate yourself and have a self-fulfilling prophecy the world's going to end in 2030, because if they get their plans of January 2030 through, you'll think it's the end of the world, and for most of us, it will be.
Now, guaranteed, no matter what happens to me, they're desperate to get me off the air.
You're going to live through this.
This is all going to happen.
They're going to attempt it.
I believe we have the jump on them.
I believe in humanity.
Not the mass of humanity that is so selfish and so unconscious they don't realize what's happening.
But there is a imperative that God has given us to stand up for humanity, not be part of this, and not believe the lie that
We can make ourselves gods, we can make ourselves live forever.
So, this is what all the censorship and surveillance and controls about, making sure this message doesn't get out.
That's why I'm the most censored person in the world, and despite that, because of you the viewers and listeners, we're still on air.
Let me just briefly remind people, it is not an overstatement, and it's not bragging, it's letting you know the desperateness of the situation, but also the optimism
That what we're saying has been proven to be right, and what we're saying has been proven to scare the globalists, because if they were all powerful and they were invincible, they wouldn't be so desperate to shut us up.
Again, I've said it a thousand times, no one knows who first said it, but the propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
Or if the situation was hopeless, they wouldn't need to do all this brainwashing and attacks on free speech.
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This is an epic battle that we're going through together.
And you see all the headlines, we're being shut down, we're being beaten in court.
That's not true, folks.
We can fight for years and years and years and years if we have money to fight.
And that's why the lawyers for the other side of the Democratic Party have gotten into press conferences and said, don't donate to Alex a year ago.
He's going under in the next month.
Don't buy his products.
Don't listen to him.
He's going to be shut down.
Because they don't want money, folks.
They want to silence us because they've got orders to shut us up.
Because what we're covering will stop them.
Bill Maher is saying, don't go to college.
They're anti-American cesspools.
As bad as North Korea.
Joe Rogan says the same thing.
Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr.
Whether they're all good people or not, Elon Musk is speaking out against it all.
They know now humanity's awake and that that's a popular chance to have.
But I can tell you behind the scenes, Tucker Carlson's 100% real and a bigger maniac than I am.
The man is a wild man.
We hang out quite a bit, I'll leave it at that.
And then Joe Rogan, known him for 25 years.
He didn't say it was off record, but we'd have dinner, hang out, and he's just like, you were right about everything, it's a total takeover, they're killing us, what do we do, we gotta stop, we gotta stop the casual society.
I mean, he is just, I told you, you see what he's doing now, he's getting more hardcore because he gets it.
And he's pissed.
Just because he's worth a billion dollars, that's what he's worth, or more, doesn't mean he doesn't get he's being targeted and he's somehow exempt with these maniacs running around.
This is a danger to everybody.
And we've got a lot of heavy hitters that are on our side, but we also have the general public, and you're the people for the grassroots that kept this transmission on air.
So I've been so busy the last week and a half, I haven't ended the big sale.
And they said, we've got to end it now, weeks ago, because we're going to sell it anyways.
It'll be months until a new product comes in, so just Alex, take it off sale.
And then we'll end up making more money down the road."
And I said, no, I just want to sell it discounted to the public.
Get the money in now and innovate because we need the money now.
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It sells when I discount it, so we are selling it discounted.
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You can't beat these sales and
I've just been so busy doing interviews, I haven't killed a cell.
If I had to guess, it's got to be dead, stopped within 24 hours.
All right, so I'm done plugging.
It is your support that keeps on airing.
I thank you.
So, let me just get back to what I was talking about here.
This is a microcosm.
If you don't support independent media, if you don't support independent operations, we have to build our whole new economy.
And we have to support and patronize the organizations and groups that share our values and stand up for what we believe in.
Because they're going to use money, as the head of BlackRock has said, to control every facet of our lives through the social credit score ESG system.
And they'll use COVID, they'll use a terror attack, they'll use a war, they'll use a financial crash, they'll use anything
An artificial food shortage, water shortage to move the ball down the field.
How do I know?
They're so arrogant.
They have world government summits.
Where they sit up there and admit they're going to cut all our resources off and only let us buy through the digital currency stuff from them that's caned and poisoned.
I've been getting bombarded and censored and canceled for over a decade.
So I had to survive.
I'm where you're going to be in two years, five years, maybe six months.
They're accelerating their model.
They're trying to get through me to get to you, as Trump said a thousand times.
It's true.
So I've already been down this road.
I'm like a special ops guy that's a forward observer that's behind enemy lines.
I already am seeing what the future is.
I already live in the future.
It's been said by many futurists that the future is here, it's just not evenly distributed.
The globalists are living in the year 2040.
Science-wise, medicine-wise, culture-wise, they look at you as a dumb animal.
I'm living in the year 2040 as a resistor.
Not physically, literally in the year 2040, but when it comes to my understanding I am, and I'm like a time traveler, metaphorically, telling you what I've already seen.
And I knew you wouldn't listen to me 29 years ago, or 20 years ago, but you would 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, or 2 days ago, because now you've figured out I'm actually telling you what's coming next, because it's already set up in beta form, and in most cases already rolling out operationally.
So you will live this.
You will go through this.
This will happen to you.
And I have deep empathy.
As Conrad Lorenz, the great human and animal behaviorist wrote, the most aggressive predators actually have the most empathy for their tribe or their people because they've got to have a check for all that aggression.
I'm an extremely vicious, aggressive, explosive person.
And at 50 years old,
A few months.
I've had to really learn how to control that.
But I also have deep empathy for everybody.
Because if I didn't have empathy, I would bite your head off.
The globalists are little twisted weasels.
They don't have any of the empathy, and they're not even really powerful predators.
They're just cheaters.
And they think by screwing over the rest of their species, they're somehow going to get ahead.
And that's not how it's going to work now.
You can just look at the blowback of the things they're doing that are not working the way they thought they would, but they still stick with the plan.
As they one go, they all go.
They're a cult.
So, the corporations, the big powerful corporations, the grocery stores, and the airlines, and the airports, and the colleges,
They have all been told, you'll be part of the future and you'll have a secured future if you do X, Y, Z. And they are putting those functions into place.
This is all out in the open now.
But you can extend out to what they're doing and see that everyone serving it will be destroyed as well.
This is a singularity of tyranny.
This is a total takeover.
So let's listen to Yuval Noah Harari talking about the end of humanity, the end of human history.
The end of human history.
Not the end of history, the end of human-dominated history.
History will continue with somebody else in control.
If it was a question of, you know, humankind versus a common threat of these new intelligent alien agents here on Earth, then yes, I think there are ways we can contain them.
But if the humans are divided among themselves,
That's like somebody coming and telling us that, you know, there is a fleet, an alien fleet of spaceships coming from planet Zircon or whatever, with highly intelligent beings.
They'll be here in five years and take over the planet.
Maybe they'll be nice.
Maybe they'll solve cancer and climate change.
Back it up ten seconds.
You all know our Ari.
We're already here.
And God put us here for boot camp as an incubation period.
And when I watch his statements lately, he's plagiarizing everything I've said.
And so I want to have the archivist this week, but then spinning a bad solution.
Go back and get me the last 10 years.
That'll be easier for them.
And there's so many times I've said it.
Just have them one minute to 10 minutes.
Get where I said space aliens aren't here and aren't real, for the sake of debate.
I mean, they may be.
But what I know is they're creating artificial intelligences and artificial biologicals and artificial nanotech that by every definition is life, but is uncontrollable, out of control, and very, very dangerous.
And that this whole new world order system is like an alien takeover and in their own globalist words they see themselves as becoming a new alien species and supplanting us and we're at war with carbon.
But then you study these fallen angels that they're really communicating with, and now more and more you saw Jordan Peterson talk about, oh, the government does secret projects and talks to the aliens with intravenous drip.
Years after I told you, even before it got declassified, I told you a decade ago, at least six years before anybody broke that, that that was going on.
And I told you where I learned it.
And I'm on record.
And we don't have the crew or the staff to sit here and go back and get all that.
But many of you listening, you've seen, many of the clips are out there.
You've heard me say everything Harari sang this year, ten years ago.
In my first two podcasts with Joe Rogan, many years ago, I laid all this out.
I said that secret program is intervening as DMT trip.
We're good to go.
Because humans are so advanced, we're made in the image of God, these creatures don't even actually know how to do all this.
They've just been around longer than us and seen it, and they know how to manipulate us to build what they want.
So they're building a world without carbon, a silicon world.
We're building the aliens.
And that's what I've told you thousands of times, thousands, until people get sick of it.
You know, they took the bait many times, New York Times, you name it, saying Jones is crazy.
He says inter-dimensionals are programming us to build aliens on Earth to then supplant humans and build a breakaway civilization for the aliens that are trapped in the third dimension and will be able to jump into silicon systems because the angels are more machine-like than humans.
As the best I get from not just the ancient texts of the Jews,
And the statements of Christ and John the Revelator, but the Vedic text in India, the Babylonian, the Sanskrit before that.
I mean, this is in every... Did you go see a movie like Prometheus?
That's the globalist Genesis story.
That's what they really are telling you happened.
But it's more sophisticated than that.
We are the advanced technology.
We created all this.
Look around us.
And then they want to tell us something we create is better than us, but only if we submit and unify under the beast.
And that's the key.
Back it up 10 seconds.
We're going to finish, but back up 20 seconds.
I want to get that part where he said, if we aren't unified against this alien AI, we'll be destroyed.
I could talk for a thousand hours on this, but time's limited.
So listen to me very, very carefully.
AI is only power.
is that it can get us to do what it wants, but its power is if we follow its orders, like the Bill Gates patents, we're directed by nanotech by the satellites every move we make, and then we get digital currency so we can buy food, our biological energy source.
So he says if you unify behind a world government,
We can then protect you from the threat of AI.
But they're the ones building it.
They're the ones deploying it.
They're the ones trying to dumb us down and undermine us and end reading, writing and arithmetic and study of the classics.
While they tell you, if you unify behind the world government, we will be able to protect you.
From this AI thing we're creating.
When the only protection is not complying and building your own organic systems outside of it while using high-tech parallel systems to attack back into the matrix.
You need to be multifaceted.
An organic base
Your human biosphere, while engaging the enemy with high technology and our own AI systems built and designed for us, because the AI is programmed and given missions.
So we have our human sphere and our independent structures, and then we also then are dominant in all the other spheres, but from a very diverse system, because a spectrum of AI
We'll be empowering to humans, not destructive.
Look at the examples of how we've been using it.
So, they tell you you don't have free will, so you don't think you have free will, while they program the AI to basically program you to get you to give up your free will and become a machine.
You have free will, you can transcend and be a creator, but you have to understand you have that will and make those conscious decisions in that will to be able to do this.
I mean, listen, I'm giving you the ultimate secrets the enemy doesn't want you to know.
They're losing sleep over this right now.
If you pay attention, if you're not fallen, if you're not stupid, if you have eyes to see, ears to hear, if you have a soul to receive this, and we start implementing this with our decisions and with our free will, it's over for them.
So, here he is saying, what did Oppenheimer say?
I want world government, it'll stop nuclear war.
They had the UN to stop this.
But the very UN hands out the nuclear weapons like hotcakes and starts wars.
So they sell, give up your free will, let us run your life, unify behind us, and we'll protect you from the AI while they do everything they can to replace us with robots, and self-checkout lanes, and robot farming, and robot teachers, and robot police, and robot broadcasters, and robot movie stars, and robot everything.
So everything he's telling you, he's going to save you from, they are developing and deploying.
Finish the clip.
That's like somebody coming and telling us that, you know, there is a fleet, an alien fleet of spaceships coming from planet Zircon or whatever, with highly intelligent beings.
They'll be here in five years and take over the planet.
Maybe they'll be nice.
Maybe they'll solve cancer and climate change, but we are not sure.
This is what we are facing, except that the aliens are not coming in spaceships from planet Zircon.
They're coming from the laboratory.
Okay, that's an exact... In fact, play the whole clip again.
Play the clip from the beginning, because I want people to hear the part where he says, we all submit to the global government and UNIFI will protect you from what we've created and rolled out.
That is a word-for-word Alex Jones quote for at least a decade.
They're not coming in alien spaceships, they're coming from laboratories.
They're making aliens in laboratories.
And then now he's up there as their high priest telling you that.
But I'm saying diversify.
Get back to the land.
But also have a high-tech understanding.
And be involved.
And study everything.
And have children.
And open your mind up to God and say, God, you're real.
You set me down here for this operation.
What is the plan?
And literally, God literally will start giving you all the enemy's secrets.
It's not a beat-em.
I'm getting chills right now.
I mean, we're electrochemical folks.
We interface with the time-space transmission that is creation.
It's coming out of everything.
Coming out of us.
Coming out of this piece of paper.
Coming out of this cup of coffee.
Coming out of this stapler.
I mean, it's just... out of the sun, emanating.
Out of mothers' wombs.
It's just, it's spectacular.
Just look at it.
And he's telling you it's all ugly and bad, but don't worry.
Give up your rights, we'll protect you.
Finish the clip, we'll start in the second hour.
Go ahead.
Except that the aliens are not coming in spaceships from planet Zircon, they're coming from the laboratory.
Now stop right there.
I want to play it from the start of the clip.
The beginning of the clip.
Meaning the start of the clip.
Roll it again.
...is the end of human history.
Not the end of history, the end of human-dominated history.
History will continue with somebody else in control.
If it was a question of, you know, humankind versus a common threat of these new intelligent alien agents here on Earth, then yes, I think that there are ways we can contain them.
But if the humans are divided among themselves,
and are in an arms race, then it becomes almost impossible to contain this alien intelligence.
And I'm tending to think of it more in terms of really an alien invasion.
It's like somebody coming and telling us that, you know, there is a fleet, an alien fleet of spaceships coming from planet Zircon or whatever, with highly intelligent beings.
They'll be here in five years and take over the planet.
Okay, so let's stop right there.
This guy subverting the plan that was told us thousands of years ago in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and I've seen it for myself,
And he's telling you, get behind him and he'll protect you.
Well, they're the ones rolling it out.
This should all be stopped.
It should all be put on hold.
But that's not what's happening.
I'm going to get to the next of the story, the next part of the story, the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say, in the second hour, with the attacks
With the censorship, with the control, with the destabilization of human civilization, with the wars.
You're going to get the master class on this and get tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, straight ahead.
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It's how you respond during this time.
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Alright, we're into hour number two on this Sunday, October 22nd transmission.
I've got massive intel on the enemy and how to stop them coming up.
But first, an opportunity to support the broadcast, get a real piece of Americana.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Now about to talk about something really historic and very, very exciting.
There's a lot of angles to this in the limited time we have.
But America has been a special place because we aspired to liberty and freedom when nobody else was.
I think so.
There were two things that really fueled and funded the colonies and the launch of America in 1776, and both of them are interesting.
Both of them have dark histories, but both of them are something that you can enjoy responsibly.
That's, of course, tobacco and the Virginia colony, and that's, of course, whiskey.
And Sam Adams with Whiskey and Beer was one of the main boosters and funders, in fact probably the biggest funder, of George Washington and our troops.
So it was Whiskey and Beer.
Not wine, the liberals love to drink, I'm not against wine, just a fact, that literally fuel the start of our country, along with this tobacco.
And I enjoy both, but I've really gotten good over the years at being responsible.
Sometimes I might go four months, that's the longest I've gone the last few years, with no tobacco, or no alcohol.
But when I'm with friends, when I'm with family, when I'm with patriots, I enjoy both of them, and they go together like a horse and carriage.
Two years ago I got approached by great patriots from some of my connections who are major craft whiskey producers in Kentucky.
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Alright, we're now on to hour number two of the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Harrison Smith, in about 55 minutes, takes over with Sunday Night Live from the other studio.
I'm going to stay in here and do Robert Barnes and Viva Fry's show.
So we'll post that on Infowars.com as well.
Pick your poison.
Alright, so there is an arms race for AI and for world government.
And we're told by the WF just accept our world government will protect you from the AI that they're forcing down our throats.
Nobody wanted Zuckerberg's metaverse.
You know, the good news is people are rejecting all of this, but it's being force fed.
I was at a major grocery store today.
I don't even go to Whole Foods because it's owned by Bezos now.
And they're all over, they're putting in scanners to get in and making you have apps to buy and sell and scan with your hand at test grocery stores in Europe and some in the U.S.
But they were three times while we were there, hey, I work here at H-E-B, will you take the app, we'll get better deals, we're gonna, and again, they're not bad employees, but H-E-B and its controllers are being told by BlackRock to force this through.
Because soon you won't be able to even get in the grocery store.
It'll be a warehouse where you get delivered the food if you behave yourself, because that's their plan.
I know you're going to live that.
You'll be watching this if we fail to stop them in five years in some underground deal you're not supposed to have it.
How do you know this?
Because it's all there.
Replacing humans, making us obsolete.
They want to make you obsolete.
And that means make the system be able to run without people.
So we shop local, we shop independent, and they're making it harder and harder to do that.
Okay, let's get serious now.
Bill Maher has always been pro-free speech.
And even when I got blacklisted, he said, that's wrong, they'll do it to everybody next.
That's on the back of the Great Awakening new books, a quote by Bill Maher.
Alex Jones gets to speak, everybody gets to speak.
And Bill Maher's powerful enough and successful enough that he runs his own show.
Unlike the late night comedy shows they admit the Democratic Party literally programs and writes the jokes for.
They've admitted that, look it up.
Chuck Schumer is a consultant for three of the late night shows.
And so Maher has a disdain for the tyranny of the left.
He's also a big atheist and hates Christians.
But what he doesn't understand and what he doesn't get
Is that the big corporations are the ones funding all the major universities and systems to create this anti-free speech North Korean brainwashing model.
He talks about the clip we're about to play.
This is the establishment.
So the people running around saying destroy Israel.
Palestine's the answer, bring all the Muslims in, AOC said yesterday, now get that clip ready, I'll play it on a Saturday show, we should bring the refugees from Gaza here.
That is the establishment doing that.
And again, to people who don't like Israel, you can hate Israel all day long.
My point is, is that it doesn't mean the Islamicists are compatible,
And that we should bring them in here.
In fact, let's play the AOC clip first because this is the UN plan.
Displace the Palestinians and move them here.
And why does an AOC say make them go to Israel?
Oh, they might kill the Israelis?
Well, that's the whole point.
And you look at Europe overrun, all the rest of it, and them allied with the left, and the major project of the UN and BlackRock to bring Islamists here.
I just want all the anti-Israel folks to spend a little more time on our borders, and a little more time on stopping the Islamists being brought here.
You can have your I hate Israel pin, and that's your religion.
It's a diversion from the issues we face, and our wide open borders.
And our hundreds of billions of dollars in Ukraine, and a hundred billion more.
And I say, no, we shouldn't send twenty billion dollars to Israel.
We shouldn't send eighty more billion to Zelensky.
I'm against that.
And that's really being against something is when you want to cut the money off.
I don't hate the Jews.
It's a diverse group.
Sixty plus percent don't like Netanyahu.
They're in a civil war.
I wish them well.
I wish the Palestinians well.
But not on my dime.
How about I say, hey Israel, Israel's citizens, you should pay money to clean up our border and to deport the Muslims to your country.
They'll be like, that's crazy, no way.
I'm just as good as you.
I'm just as valuable as you.
I have my country under attack.
So I'm flipping the script.
I'm not in the debate about you're for Israel or you're for the Muslims.
I say let them have their own situation.
And we're not going to be embroiled in it as our first president said.
We should not be involved in foreign entanglements.
That doesn't mean when Thomas Jefferson later, and the left always uses that, sent the Marines in when the Muslims were robbing our ships in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean.
No, that's our ships.
That's an extension of us.
We protect it.
But we've got to be a country.
I mean, I saw today
What's going on?
They had the roads blocked, so I dug through the news and found where he had a giant entourage of hundreds of vehicles and they blocked the highway.
We had a war with the British Royals.
I don't hate the British people.
The British Royals aren't even British.
I got an Anglophile last name.
My ancestors, famous British statesmen, you name it, I'm not even going to get into it, because I don't live off their laurels.
Inventor of the stock exchange, the grasshops, all of it.
Hell, I'm related to Henry VIII and the whole nine yards.
That group has been out of England for 300 years, folks.
There hasn't been a British king or any of that in 300 years, folks.
You have the weird Transylvanian group, literally, that's where they're from, that run it.
And then they've got the idiot prince running around.
And they block a road?
I don't want a roadblock for the Saudi King, or the Israelis, or Vladimir Putin becomes the town.
But I mean, he's also head of state, maybe.
Prince Harry came to town.
Prince Harry makes surprise visits to U.S.
Formula One with huge entourage.
I'm gonna throw up.
You go to the shopping mall or you go to the grocery store, half the magazines are about the Queen of England and all these people.
We had a war with them.
July 4th is commemorating that.
And I mean the elites of England.
Not the people.
And the elites of the UK have opened their borders up and let them be completely overrun.
I stand with the British people and the Scottish people and the Irish people against this globalist invasion.
And I don't want to hear debates about, oh, the Royals don't like Harry.
It doesn't matter.
Everyone fawns after this guy.
We have veterans committing suicide by the hundreds every day.
We have the collapse of our civilization.
And they're shutting roads down for this guy.
All right, without further ado, before...
Let's go to Bill Maher talking about Harvard, but it's not just Harvard.
And it's directed by the big boys and by the establishment.
And they've incubated this Islamic Jihad in the colleges.
So, I don't owe the Palestinians anything.
You know, Biden's funding Hamas and all of them right now while they fund Israel.
It's just a big globalist operation that kills Jews and Muslims all at the same time.
And I just say, hey, listen.
You and your multi-thousand year war, you just keep it to yourselves.
Here's Bill Maher.
And finally, Newell was an Ivy League graduate who knows the value of a liberal education.
I have one piece of advice for the youth of America.
Don't go to college.
And if you absolutely have to go, don't go to an elite college.
Because as recent events have shown, it just makes you stupid.
There are few, if any, positives to come out of what happened in Israel, but one of them is opening America's eyes to how higher education has become indoctrination into a stew of bad ideas, among them the simplistic notion that the world is a binary place where everyone is either an oppressor or oppressed.
In the case of Israel, oppressors being babies and boobies.
The same students who will tell you that words are violence and silence is violence were very supportive when Hamas terrorists went on a rape and murder rampage worthy of the Vikings.
They knew where to point the fingers at the murdered and then it was off to ethics class.
Now, I recognize that a certain amount of foolishness is expected of college kids, but mixing J├Ągermeister and tomato juice isn't the same as siding with terrorists.
34 student groups at Harvard signed a letter that said the Apartheid regime is the only one to blame, proving they don't know what constitutes Apartheid.
They don't know much of anything, actually.
But it doesn't deter them from having an opinion.
They've convinced themselves Israel is the most repressive regime in history because they have no knowledge of history, or even a desire to know it.
And actual history doesn't come up in their intersectionality of politics and genderqueer identities class.
Now, to be fair, at least five of the student groups have rescinded what they signed, saying they didn't read the letter closely.
And they promised not to make that mistake again after they graduate and start running the world.
But... I actually believe them, that they didn't read the letter closely.
I think they scanned it, said it was blaming Israel, and went back to surfing TikTok.
By the way, pause, back it up ten seconds.
Harvard is like the mothership where they send all the globalist kids to be brainwashed by the rules of the world.
He's told you that's true.
I mean, it's like you want to say one thing, like one mafia, it's Harvard.
Nine times out of 10, the leaders of the New World Order are from Harvard.
The whole plan is out of Harvard.
It's the mothership brainwashing center for the brain bugs, for the generals of the system.
And he talks about
How they want to do all these things and take our speech.
They're the ones censoring conservatives, everybody else.
They're the ones carrying out all the surveillance and control.
So think about that.
Think about all they're doing to you, but they want to support Hamas whenever they do.
Because they see it as a poison and a terror network they can put in America to control us and use us.
Because when there's a terror attack, does the government get in trouble for letting it happen and bringing them in?
They get more power over us.
And it's our children that get groped at the airport.
It's our children that get put through body scanners.
And it's so simple to see that.
Go back to Bill Maher.
I actually believe them, that they didn't read the letter closely.
I think they scanned it, said it was blaming Israel, and went back to surfing TikTok.
Because college life today is a day spa combined with a North Korean re-education camp.
It's a daycare center with a meal plan, except the toddlers can fire the adults.
The fact that college presidents who usually love to speak out about anything couldn't find their voice to condemn the worst attacks at the Holocaust is a lot about who really controls colleges and why, if ignorance is a disease.
Harvard Yard is the Wuhan wet market.
Yeah, that's the thing that all the vehement anti-Israel people have to get is this is a dialectic.
The establishment is backing Islam at its takeover.
I'm not supporting what Israel did.
I'm saying the establishment opened our borders up.
The establishment brought all these Muslims in.
And the Jewish lobby and the ADL is sat there to help run it.
So I'm a big critic of the ADL because of that.
And the ADL doesn't like me because I don't just sit there and hate Jews like they want me to.
So they get more converts to the ADL and more funding when people then blame Jews.
No, I'm saying, no, you're part of a larger globalist plan to bring down the entire West.
Not that colleges didn't always have professors with radical beliefs.
I know, I used to sell them weed.
But the reason why despising Israel became pretty much a requirement of the American left is colleges.
Elite colleges.
The mouth of the river from which this and all manner of radical left, illiberal, yes, illiberal nonsense flows.
Supporting all black, that is, segregated dorms, segregated graduation ceremonies and orientation programs, which occur on hundreds of campuses, is illiberal.
So is the... Pause again.
Back it up ten seconds.
Hey, Bill Maher, the Pentagon supports critical race theory in all of this.
The establishment does it.
It's not dumb students that just pulled this out of their butt.
This is being done by the people that run our country, by General Milley.
It's a plan to tear us apart.
And you're an old white liberal going, wait, this is destructive, this is crazy, this is totalitarian.
Yeah, dumbass, it is.
And it's the plan.
And out of the burning down of the world, it's coming this year, next year, the year after that, I'm not sure when, but it's coming.
They're going to use that to bring in the world government to stop the threat of this conflagration by putting two pit bulls in an arena together.
The threat of AI, the threat, they say, of global warming, as they cut the resources off of global warming and release viruses and says global warming.
The globalists are creating all the crises and sitting back and saying, we'll fix it.
We'll fix it.
And they incubate all these leftist terrorists on the universities.
And then step back and say, don't worry, the old wise men will fix the problem we just created.
I don't know if Bill Maher is smart enough to know that's what he's part of.
That's what's happening.
Let's continue.
That is, segregated dorms, segregated graduation ceremonies and orientation programs, which occur on hundreds of campuses, is illiberal.
So is the racism against Asian applicants and chasing speakers off of campus.
When the First Amendment Watchdog Group Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression began ranking colleges based on their commitment to free speech and inquiry, Harvard came in dead last.
There's only one set of acceptable opinions on campus, and it's policed hard.
The old dorm room bull sessions?
It's less risky shooting the shit in Scientology.
John Stuart Mill wrote that he who knows only his own side of the case knows little.
To which today's college students respond, he and his are cis pronouns that commit violence against queer and BIPOC communities, so who cares what John Stuart Mill says, whoever he is.
Oh, and Thomas Jefferson was a slaveholder.
He might have done some other stuff, but it wasn't on the test.
Elite schools should no longer be called elite, just say expensive.
Which may be why they breed a particular brand of detestable graduate, a personality type that does not emerge from Chico State.
Sure, they occasionally turn out someone decent, but for every Barack Obama, there are two Josh Hawleys.
The former debate team jerk-off who had no friends that no one likes today, and yet somehow manages to win a statewide popularity contest.
Box-checking brown-nosers who don't actually believe anything except that tricking stupid people's fun.
Let's hit pause again.
He's here to make all the white boomers who see they've financed their own destruction feel okay.
Hey, it's under control.
It's handled.
Everything's all right.
No, it's not all right.
They released a virus.
They released a shot that killed 20 million people.
And they're just getting started.
And it doesn't matter what color you are, you better get through your head the New World Order means business, and they want a fractured, divided, destroyed country, and they're building the new elite to be at the Pentagon who will work against our country, who will work against independent individuals, and who will break things down for power.
I'm done playing Bill Maher.
He's not going to listen.
He still lives in L.A.
He doesn't get it.
But I'm talking to you tonight.
Because you get it.
And I respect you no matter if you're a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, whether you're black or white, but I will tell you this.
The divide and conquer is working.
And when
White people that are some of the most innovative, I'd say Japanese are right up there as well.
But I mean, let's not lie.
White people are incredible.
They're amazing.
And all groups are amazing.
I love humanity.
But the attack that white is bad and you're bad because you're white, and all of this, I mean, you look at the cathedrals white people built, you look at Beethoven, you look at the science, you look at all of it, and a lot of bad has been done.
But I mean, white people are amazing.
And everybody else is incredible and amazing as well, but they are literally out there saying it's inherently bad to be white.
What do you think a young white person who's not sophisticated yet thinks when they see that?
They get aggregated into another column that the globalists are going to use once they collapse society to be the commanders of the global extermination force.
And then the white people are going to kill everybody.
Hitler was just a dress rehearsal.
I am literally jacked into the Holy Ghost.
And God tells me, you need to give everybody an opportunity to join.
And we're going to take everybody with us.
And if you don't do this, I'm going to cut you off.
You understand?
And I'm like, yes, sir.
I get the directive.
I want to try to convince people.
It's like, good, better.
So, white people, 20 to 1, are being attacked around the country.
For every one person that's attacked that's not white, 20 white people are attacked, killed, murdered, carjacked, raped, beat up for no reason.
And everybody sees it, and big tech allows it.
They don't censor all the whites getting attacked.
They censor it in corporate media for the boomers.
They don't censor it online because they're legitimizing attacks on whites.
They're promoting it towards a larger collision course.
And when the white people are done wiping everybody else out, because that's what you told them.
They were the devil.
You told them they were going to do it.
And what we dream, we build.
And now we approach the point of no return.
All right.
I'm going to get into the military news and more straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
The globalists want you to hate yourself no matter what color you are.
You were made by God.
Everybody, Rodney Outrine here.
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It's Alex Jones.
The last beacon of truth in a world of deception, it's Alex Jones.
All right, so I want to shift gears now to something that's really important.
They lied to us about COVID.
They lied to us about the shots.
They lied to us about WMDs in Iraq.
They lied to us about so many, so many things over and over again.
With Derek Chauvin getting 22 years plus in prison.
And I remember when the, I've got a copy of it right here, when the autopsy came out and there was no damage, no blood vessels broken, no signs of anything.
They said, it doesn't matter.
He's got to go to jail for murder.
And now the main prosecutor has gone public and filed a lawsuit and said, listen, we said we talked to the coroner.
He died of fentanyl.
And then they demoted her and then tried to get three more male prosecutors to do it.
They wouldn't do it.
Think about that.
So now, in these lawsuits, it's come out with the witnesses that they met with the prosecutors, with the district attorney, and they said, the public already thinks he's guilty.
It doesn't matter if he's innocent or worked with him previously when he was a bouncer years before.
We're going to put this guy in prison for 20 plus years.
And out of that was the white people bowing at events
To the weird leftist black people, and Soros raising tens of billions of dollars on Black Lives Matter, and all of this craziness, and division, and the summer of rage, and billions of dollars of things being burned down, and all the murders and deaths, and all the riots, and the defunding of police, and all the crime that came from that, all based on a lie.
But imagine the judiciary.
Imagine the prosecutors.
Because that's come out in these lawsuits, these depositions, with the prosecutors that are taking action against us, that they said, well, I've got copies of it, I'll show it to you while Tucker talks.
Well, it doesn't matter if he's innocent, we've got to cover this evidence up and put him in prison, because that's what the public wants.
And that's what the judiciary and the prosecutors are like now, purely political, giving their orders to do this, and then they do it.
Everything you were told about George Floyd was a lie, was not murdered by police officers of Tucker Carlson.
Big report on Infowars.com.
Episode 32.
You'll be shocked to learn this, but it turns out the whole George Floyd story was a lie.
Here's actual transcripts, the depositions of the lead prosecutor.
Talking to the coroner, saying, no, he didn't die from asphyxiation, he died from fentanyl.
They say, but the public can't handle it.
And it'll end our careers.
This is the kind of case that will end our careers.
See that on the screen?
So, they didn't just come out and say, hey, you know, he was on drugs.
No, they covered that up.
And then they talked to the jurors.
They said, well, he didn't kill him on purpose, but we wanted to send a message.
Far-left pressure in George Floyd case may have influenced trial despite lack of strangulation evidence, court documents.
And here's the actual medical examiner's report.
No facial, oral, mucosal, or conjunctival evidence.
No injuries to any muscles.
No evidence of strangulation.
No evidence of the blood oxygen being low.
He was on fentanyl, methamphetamines, cocaine, and a bunch of other opiates.
Enough to kill four horses.
And he says, I can't breathe, get me out, get me out.
And he's flopping around, so they restrain him.
But the point is, is that this was all something to divert us away and promote all this violence.
That was the cool thing back then, right?
And the whole thing was a lie.
Here's Tucker Carlson reporting.
Now that we know that it was not in fact a pandemic of the unvaccinated, now that we know that Ukraine is not actually winning the war against Russia, it could be time to revisit some of the other slogans we've been assured are true and ordered to repeat.
Are they in fact true?
...white cop actually murder a man called George Floyd, a civil rights leader, in Minneapolis on Memorial Day of 2020.
Now, we've been told that that happened, told it relentlessly for more than three years.
So at this point, we've been told it so much that pretty much everybody seems to believe it.
And because everyone does kind of believe it, a small group of people has been allowed to make massive changes to American society.
They include, but are not limited to, decriminalizing stealing, defunding the police, adding a new federal holiday to the calendar called Juneteenth, the ceasing of hiring all white men in corporate America, and of course, significantly, they also sent a cop called Derek Chauvin to prison for more than 40 years.
He would be the racist white devil who murdered George Floyd.
But the question is, did he actually murder George Floyd?
And the answer is, well, no.
He didn't murder George Floyd.
And we're not guessing about that.
We know it conclusively, thanks to a new court case now underway in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
The case was brought by a prosecutor there called Amy Sweezy.
She's suing her boss.
So the case is not actually about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin, but it tells you an awful lot about both of them.
In her deposition, which you should read, Amy Sweezy describes a conversation that she had with the county medical examiner, Andrew Baker, right after George Floyd died.
Quote, I called Dr. Baker early that morning to tell him about the case and to ask him if he would perform the autopsy on Mr. Floyd.
Sweezy recalls all this under oath in the deposition.
Quote, he called me later in the day on that Tuesday and he told me that there were no medical findings that showed any injury to the vital structures of Mr. Floyd's neck.
There were no medical indications of asphyxia or strangulation.
In other words, George Floyd, according to the official autopsy, was not murdered.
He died instead of what we used to call natural causes, which in his case would include decades of drug use, as well as the fatal concentration of fentanyl that was in his system on his final day.
So this was not a killing.
It was yet another narcotics OD in a country that courts more than 100,000 of them every year.
The medical examiner clearly understood that, in fact articulated it.
And Sweezy explains.
He said to me, she recalls in the deposition, Amy, what happens when the actual evidence doesn't match up with the public narrative that everyone's already decided on?
And then he said, quote, this is the kind of case that ends careers.
In other words, everyone lied about it from the very beginning.
The people who knew the truth hid the truth and allowed the revolution to proceed.
Now they've been exposed.
Now we know the truth.
What happens next?
Well, they're going to ignore it.
The Biden administration just issued a long purple statement celebrating George Floyd's birthday.
He's a martyr.
Despite the fact we know that he was not murdered.
And by the way, Derek Chauvin is still languishing in jail for the rest of his life.
So how do we respond to this?
How do we respond to the truth once we have it?
Well, Vince Everett Ellison seemed like a good man to ask.
He's the author of Crime, Inc.
He joins us now.
Vince, thanks so much for coming on.
So, as with so many other stories, the origin of COVID... Oh, thanks for having me, Tucker.
Oh, it's a blessing to have you.
We now know what actually happened, but the question then is what do you do with that knowledge?
We know that the U.S.
government, Tony Fauci, worked with the Chinese to create the virus that overturned the American economy, but like, what do we do with that knowledge?
What do we do with the knowledge that George Floyd was not actually strangled to death by a cop?
We have to acknowledge the people that gave it to us and why.
See, George Floyd is the Democratic Party's prototypical black man.
These are the black men they are trying to create.
So George Floyd has to be elevated.
He has to be celebrated.
He's perfect to them.
He was poor.
He was uneducated.
He was a drug addict.
He didn't have a job.
He was down there begging and crying and asking the white people to not kill him.
To a Democrat, to a white Democrat, this is the perfect black man.
So he has to be elevated.
Look, not a few days ago, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden celebrated hip-hop music.
They had a celebration of hip-hop.
Hip-hop culture is America's culture.
It is a genre
It is music and melody and rhyme, and hip-hop is also an ethos.
A music genre that calls the black man the N-word, calls women the W-word and the B-word, talks about misogyny, shooting police, smoking dope, selling dope, fighting, killing, acting a fool.
They celebrated this genre.
Because this is how they see black America.
They see us the same way they see George Floyd.
And they have to make more of us, because everywhere they rule... You know, John F. Kennedy stood in front of the Berlin Wall in the 60s and said, if you think that communism is great, let them come to Berlin.
Well, if you think that the Democratic Party is great, let them come to Detroit.
Let them come to Chicago.
Let them come to St.
Let them come to L.A., Portland, Seattle, Memphis.
Anywhere where they rule, you'll see George Floyds all over the place.
And they're proud of them.
In Baltimore, Maryland, they spend $21,000 per child for every child up there inside the school district.
Not one school is proficient in math, science, or reading.
But they keep it going, every year.
Because they're producing George Floyd.
And George Floyd's votes for the Democrat Party.
Can I ask you, though?
So, when most of us, you, me, I think all normal people look at George Floyd's life, you think, this is a disaster.
This guy never added anything.
He took a lot in prison, at least eight times.
I mean, his life was a tragedy, at best.
Why would you want more people like that?
Because he votes for the Democrat Party.
And then he teaches his children to vote for the Democrat Party.
And then these white Democrats can feel superior to him.
He can be controlled by them.
Just like, think about the old slave plantation in Tucker back in the day.
How they wanted their slaves to act.
You know, doing what he was told.
Not asking any questions.
Having a slave mind.
Being dependent on them.
This is how they want black men to be in America.
This is how they want the whole black community to be.
This is why it started in the Civil Rights Movement.
Martin Luther King Jr.
in his Ivor Green speech said, 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the Negro is still not free.
He said five times in that speech that we were not free.
It turned the Declaration of Independence on its head because in our Declaration of Independence it said that our freedom was an unalienable right
Given us by God.
John Locke in the Second Treatise of Government said that an unalienable right is a right given from God.
It is irrevocable, non-transferable, and unsellable.
The government cannot touch it.
It supersedes law.
It supersedes the Constitution.
However, King said we must come into government and to the white man for our right to be free.
Even at the end of the speech, he said on some certain day we'll be free at last, free at last.
Thank God Almighty we're free at last.
He said in that speech, when will we be satisfied?
He said we will never be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.
That's a fancy way of saying never.
And so black people heard that speech and said that we were not free in America.
And we make our children recite that speech every single year on King's birthday.
And they say in that speech, the Negro is still not free.
George Floyd was a slave in his mind.
And the Civil Rights Movement caused him to be a slave in his mind.
And today they're still marching, 60 years later, telling black people, you're not free.
Beg for reparations.
Beg for affirmative action.
Kill your children in the womb.
Cut off your child, castrate your children.
Let drag queens come into school and shake their behinds in your children's faces.
Run God out of the public square.
And then they end up like George Floyd.
But the one thing they do, consistently, is they vote for the Democrat Party, and the places where George Floyds live, they stay in absolute power.
That's a pretty dark explanation.
So you're saying that the Democratic Party, as an organization, intentionally degrades black people to keep them compliant and obedient.
Oh yes.
In my book, Crime and the Cops... They intentionally get everybody to do that.
Let's get that guy on.
So, we got about 10 minutes left here, 12 minutes left, we got a break.
And then Harris is basically going to take over Sunday Night Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, InfoWars.com, 4 o'clock show, at stations across the country.
But I wanted to play you a couple clips here about what we're really facing.
We're all facing a cashless society.
We're all facing the ESGs.
We're all facing the social credit scores.
We're all facing the UN treaty to take over our bodies in biomedical tyranny.
And we need to unify and understand that that's happening.
But yes, the globalists have used their attack on the black community and the destruction of their family as a test case for everybody else now.
And it's already happened.
It's following the same path.
It is total destruction.
And an incredible selfishness by individuals that are involved in not taking care of their kids, not taking care of their wives, the women don't take care of the men.
It's the plan.
And we're living it right now.
And civilization's going down.
So I want to play Godfrey Bloom, a member of the UK Parliament, a UK member of the EU Parliament, representative of the UK.
It is my opinion that you do not really understand the concept of banking.
All the banks are broke.
Bank Santander, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, they're all broke.
And why are they broke?
It isn't an act of God.
It isn't some sort of tsunami.
They're broke because we have a system called fractional reserve banking, which means that banks can lend money that they don't actually have.
It's a criminal scandal and it's been going on for too long.
To add to that problem,
You have moral hazard, a very significant moral hazard from the political sphere.
And most of the problem starts in politics and central banks, which are part of the same political system.
We have counterfeiting, sometimes called quantitative easing, but counterfeiting by any other name.
The artificial printing of money.
Which if any ordinary person did, they'd go to prison for a very long time.
And yet governments and central banks do it all the time.
Central banks repress the amount of interest that rates are, so we don't have the real cost of money.
And yet we blame the real retail banks for manipulating LIBOR.
The sheer effrontery of this is quite astonishing.
It's central banks.
It's central banks that manipulate interest rates, Commissioner.
And plus, underneath all this, we talk loosely, in a rather cavalier fashion, do we not, about deposit guarantees.
So when banks go broke through their own incompetence and chicanery, the taxpayer picks up the tab!
It's theft from the taxpayer!
And until we start sending bankers, and I include central bankers, and politicians to prison for this outrage, it will continue!
How long before we're a cashless society?
This is where I get scared.
Because it's too similar.
It's too similar to exactly what it says.
You won't be able to trade, you won't be able to do anything, unless you have the mark.
How's the mark of the beast described in the Bible?
We should read it.
Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth.
It had two horns like a lamb, and it spoke like a dragon.
It deceives those who dwell on earth.
It also causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark.
I'm at Whole Foods and I'm about to pay for my groceries tonight.
This calls for
It'll work.
That's the coolest thing ever.
Joe Rogan quoting Revelations.
Told you he's awake.
Real awake.
So our work is going forward.
You that have backed this show have changed the world.
I don't want you to forget that.
Let's let's hit a bunch of news.
I had Harrison Smith taking over here in about nine minutes.
Javier Mele, 20 plus points ahead, said that Argentines are the wealthiest countries in the world.
It was.
And through leftist communist policies,
They're destroying the currency.
They indicted him for making the currency drop for his speech six days ago.
Now let me show you a graph.
Here they are from 2018 to where we are now with the devaluation.
He said they're devaluing the currency right here.
When it was already devalued.
They've indicted him saying it's not the Communist's fault.
It's not BlackRock's fault.
It's not the New World Order's fault.
It's his fault that this happened.
It's his fault.
Just like they're trying to bar Bolsonaro from running.
And trying to indict him.
They've re-lit the indictment just like they're doing to Trump.
Save money to buy a house, your dollar goes half as far as it did at the end of 2020.
NBC News.
But Paul Krugman says there's no inflation.
And you pay, what, four bucks for the New York Times a day.
That's money well spent.
I'll tell you that, you know, black is white and all the rest of you want, but I'm not going to do that.
Trump fined for violating gag order, saying the corrupt court is attacking him.
Lawsuit to block Trump from Colorado 2024 ballot survives more legal challenges.
They're election meddling in front of everybody and telling you that when they piss on you, it's raining.
And this is a really important article out of the Washington Post that I want to talk about here now.
I followed this case, but this is the microcosm of what they fear.
They did two years of lockdowns in Michigan County.
They arrested preachers that still did their services, but left the liquor stores and grocery stores and topless bars open.
And now the town has risen up and gone from being 80% Democrat to 60% Republican, and they're throwing everybody out.
And they're panicking, saying, oh my God, this is so scary.
Just like they're panicking with the school board meetings, where people say, don't teach my five-year-old he's racist or she's racist, because they're white, or don't have them be part of drag queen story time, drag queen pedophile time.
The pandemic's over in this Michigan County.
The mistrust never ended.
And they go, oh, how horrible it is that they're throwing out the health department and the energy group.
And all of them, but it's these groups that get flown around from the counties to the meetings in New York and London and Berlin and get ran into the New World Order takeover and Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.
And now you read this article, it's a long article.
They're so panicked that, hey, trust us, we're sorry we gave you poison shots.
We're sorry we did all this to you.
Just go back to sleep and everything is going to be all right.
But it's not going to be alright.
So, they are very, very, very, very upset that they just screwed us and raped us and robbed us, and we're not buying into it.
We're not going along with it.
We know we have a predatory group of corporate technocrats through our local governments screwing us, and people aren't buying it.
All right, I'm going to end the official Sunday Alex Jones Show here at SmithDex over on the same streams and stations.
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And that's how George Washington funded the Second American Revolution with John Adams.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
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Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
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