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Air Date: Oct. 21, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, as well as other world news events. He criticizes Biden for providing funds to terrorists and argues that the United States is walking into a Chinese-Iranian trap. He disagrees with AOC, Biden, Breitbart's editor, and other politicians who suggest taking in millions of Palestinian refugees from Gaza, citing security concerns and the potential for terrorism within the refugee population. Throughout the show, Alex presents a wide range of perspectives on these topics to help viewers make informed decisions. During the Alex Jones Show on October 21, 2023, Alex expressed concern over a British government study that found unprecedented heart attacks, blood clots, myocarditis, strokes from COVID-19 shots, which he believes was orchestrated by Bill Gates and Big Pharma through the government. He also mentioned a UK Parliament adjournment debate on excess deaths caused by the shots. Regarding Israel and Gaza, Alex criticized Biden for providing funds to terrorists and argued that the United States is walking into a Chinese-Iranian trap. In this live broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various news and opinions while promoting his products and fundraisers. He addresses accusations of being bought and paid for by Israel, stating that ADL is trying to shut them down. Jones promotes a limited edition collector's item whiskey bottle named Conspiracy Bourbon and encourages viewers to support InfoWars by purchasing it from ConspiracyBourbon.com. He also highlights the sale of The Great Awakening book, which funds the operation, and urges viewers to buy it from InfowareStore.com. The speaker expresses their disinterest in getting involved in this conflict and wants to maintain neutrality. They criticize AOC for her hypocrisy in attacking cauliflower over its white appearance while wearing expensive clothes and accessories herself. The speaker also discusses the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, criticizing Netanyahu for not taking action against the Arab groups. Alex Jones discusses his condemnation of Israel's actions against Palestinian civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, including bombings, arrests, and targeted killings. He also criticizes the media for using the term "unprovoked attack" when discussing the conflict, stating that Israel has been aggressively targeting Palestinians for decades. Jones refers to an article from Middle East Monitor about Israeli army veterans admitting their role in massacring Palestinians in 1948. He highlights the suffering of Palestinian civilians during the recent conflict and calls for an end to the bloodshed.

It is Saturday, October 21st, 2023.
I come to you from the Embattled InfoWars headquarters in Austin, Texas.
I just did an amazing hour with Steve Mann and Eric Prince on his show.
So I'm going to talk and cover news for an hour.
Then we're going to air that hour here for you today.
Man, Israel is set to launch their ground invasion any moment, they're saying.
We have AOC saying we've got to take all the refugees into the United States.
We have got China creates global AI governance initiative to control world's tech.
Saturday live, Israeli forces set to invade Gaza.
Steve Bannon, Eric Prince, Alex Jones respond.
Must watch.
So again, we are live at 11.32 Central Standard Time on the M4 streams and satellites.
I'm going to talk for an hour and then we're going to air what just happened last hour live on Steve Bannon's weekend show, Saturday show as well.
So, definitely, you want to see that.
Ken Paxton was on.
I was on with Ken Paxton.
In fact, we should add to the headline, Ken Paxton, too.
So, let's talk to Ken Paxton, the embattled and great patriot, Texas Attorney General, the Deep State's coming after.
It was a powerful hour.
Steve Bannon was very excited at the end of it, so was I. He doesn't, I'm going to show, like, every few weeks, but never seems so excited.
This last hour was extremely informative.
No noise, pure signal with Steve Bannon.
That is coming up next hour.
Okay, let's talk about all this.
There's no way to actually get to it all, but I'd look over it all and read it in some informed, but we'll probably cover 10% of it, which is a lot.
It is amazing.
A major British government study
Finds that there is unprecedented heart attacks, blood clots, myocarditis, strokes from the shots.
And we already know that.
And they put it out in the emergency warning from the FDA in October 2000 before the shots even started.
But now it's all triple confirmed.
And just let that sink in that Bill Gates and Big Pharma, through our government, made this move on us.
It is simply staggering.
So we're going to be getting to that as well.
There's a full video.
I'll never have time to play the whole thing, but I'll have it posted on Infowars.com under the live show feed.
Ask Jamie to post this.
Full video, 30 minutes long.
UK Parliament adjournment debate on excess deaths from just yesterday.
Notice no one was in there but the few members of Parliament that actually cared.
They totally ignored it, but it's a very powerful 30-minute breakdown.
We're going to air some of that coming up here today.
You know, there's so much serious news to get to here that I reflexively want to have a little fun and just look at Biden-Israel with the weird jaw thing, the weird chin thing.
Because, I mean, that's a rubber mask.
I mean, whatever's going on.
This is just cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
We're going to be looking at that some as well.
But the big thing we're going to be drilling in on is even the Sun article that gets the Rand Corporation threat continuum.
We get overhead shot, I'll show this to TV viewers.
Six terrifying steps that could see Gaza crisis spiral into World War III with Brits and US boots on the ground, warns ex-Navy chief.
Number one, Israel overreacts.
Number two, war spreads to Lebanon.
Number three, Syria and Russia team up.
Russia's moving troops and aircraft into Syria right now.
Number four, Iran kicks off.
and U.K.
enter the fight.
Saudi Arabia forced in.
And then seven, that's not on here, but seven is Iranian and Hamas, Hezbollah, sleeper cells activate across the Western world and start shooting and bombing and killing.
Or the globalists do it and blame it on them.
I mean, sky's the limit here.
Turkey gets involved and Russia's put hypersonic Mach 10 missiles on its aircraft in the Mediterranean.
I mean, we are off to the races.
But what I can talk about right now that we can deal with and something that we have public support for in this ocean of horror, this ocean of crises, is almost no Americans want to take
Quote, Palestinian refugees here.
They're riddled with Hezbollah and Hamas.
They're riddled with terrorists.
And whereas I can be critical of Israel, and not like a lot of stuff Israel does, it's a diverse political system, and I think Israel stood down, this whole thing sticks to high heaven, and Biden gave money to the terrorists, you know, all that.
I just call the balls and strikes like I see them.
Israel and the United States are walking into a Chinese slash Iranian trap.
And it is crazy for us to be supporting this and is beyond insane.
To then have Breitbart's editor, and I'm not attacking Breitbart, but I mean, I gotta call it out, call it like I see it.
My job's easy.
I thought all day, what's this gonna do politically, or, you know, does this go along with my worldview?
That's what everybody else does that sort of said, I just don't do it.
Breitbart's editor last week said we should take millions of refugees and let Israel flatten Gaza and just take them, this terrorist-infested, riddled,
This plague, this cholera, this leprosy, this spiritual poison of a bunch of America haters into our country.
Hey, how about Breitbart editor says Israel should take the refugees.
Israel can flatten Gaza, tell everybody just go hang out in the countryside.
Until they've flattened the city, and it's a very small piece of land, so it's like 80% city, but there's a few places they can hide.
And then, okay, Israel is gonna take them.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, but they're full of terrorists and people that are gonna kill Israelis, so no, no one's saying Israel.
Let this sink in how, how they take our goodwill and our charity and our niceness for weakness.
The Breitbart editor.
I mean, I've got stacks of news.
All the usual suspects are saying we need to take a million refugees from Gaza.
How about hell no?
How about fuck no?
And fuck you, New World Order.
Fuck you and the horse you rode into them.
So you want to punch my buttons, this is it.
I mean, I saw the videos, you saw the videos.
Austin, Dallas, I don't have to travel to New York or someplace to see this.
Just tens of thousands of bitching and complaining Muslims and their leftist cohorts that hate this country and want to pull down the American flag.
And George Washington running around ADL employees pulling down photos of kidnapped Jews.
And the Washington Post saying, oh they're not kidnapped, they're detained by Hamas.
See, you can hold two thoughts at the same time in your head.
I don't give a blank check to Israel and support a lot of what Israel does and have big problems with Israel.
And the Israel lobby always saying we should open our borders but they shouldn't theirs.
I got big problems with Israel.
But if you got a barrel of snakes over here and a barrel of crocodiles and
Rabid wolves over here.
I don't want to jump into either bucket.
And you know, upwards of 60% of the Jews don't like Netanyahu and think that his judicial reform is a tyranny.
So the idea that like, oh, Israel's one block and this is another block.
And I get the Muslims aren't one block either.
I've got some clips of Muslims and prominent members of the Saudi government saying some really sensible things.
So we're going to try to really give you wide spectrum information so you can make a decision.
But let's just get this straight.
Our border is wide open.
We've taken on millions of military from around the world.
Europe already has.
They're rioting and killing and burning over there, screaming Allah Akbar.
Man, if America or Germany or France or the United Kingdom or Canada or Australia, they got the Islamists going everywhere.
If it's so bad, and I'm so evil, then stay away from me.
Don't tell me how bad I am, and how gross I am, and how sick I am, and how evil I am, and then always try to get up in my space.
No, Christians have been manipulated with a social safety net, have the biggest welfare system in the world, and so it brings these people here.
And if you're a Muslim,
And don't want to be expansionist, don't want to force me religion, all that.
Hey, I'm not your enemy.
I don't hate you.
But, holy mackerel, I'm not in your country trying to tell you to convert to my religion.
And so, I am disgusted with Israel.
And their leadership and their stand down.
I am disgusted with the Muslims.
I am disgusted with Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran.
I am sick of it and I'm not a party to your lunatic behavior.
You know all those Muslim countries, here's the big takeaway.
Egypt won't take the Palestinians.
Saudi Arabia won't take them.
Jordan won't take them.
And you know what they say in Jordan and Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
I'm going to play you clips of it.
Like I sent one yesterday of the well-known Arab talk show host.
I've got one of their members of the Saudi government speech I want to play, but it's him saying, you're not even Muslims or you're not even Arabs.
You're Romanov.
You're gypsies.
And that's the truth.
Most of the Palestinians, nothing against them, are not even Arabs, folks.
They've never had a country.
They don't have a country.
Now a third of them are African migrants, as they call them.
And the Muslim countries, I sent you a Friday or Thursday, it's a talk show host, he's got his Arab garb on.
But the point is, he lays it all out.
Saudi Arabia won't take them.
Jordan won't take them.
None of these countries will take them.
And then AOC and the Breitbart editor say, we're going to take them.
And then run around kissing their ass all day, because we're so sorry that you want to come here.
So, out of all this news and all the stuff going on,
Yeah, that's the clip from today, I think.
That's in the government parliament meeting.
One of the princes.
One of the deputy king guys.
And what he says is dead on, by the way.
I actually agree with that.
I sent you yesterday.
It's a must-watch Arab response to Palestinian conflict.
And he just says, you're gypsies.
Almost none of you are actually Arabs.
We're not taking you, and Israel is Israel's.
I mean, Israel's this tiny country.
So why won't all these other countries take them in?
Because the Palestinians always try to take over, because they're not Palestinians.
And again, that's my historic, researched view.
You can disagree with me if you want.
Are you informed?
Doesn't mean I support Israel carpet bombing.
Doesn't mean I support all this war.
Doesn't mean I support the Israeli stand-down.
I argued with Eric Prince earlier today.
You'll see that coming up.
But what it does mean is that I don't owe you anything.
Leave me alone.
Here, let me see if I can see it in your state stack.
Here's today's stack, Sunday stack, Saturday stack.
Then I'll go to yesterday's stack.
I'll just read through these.
Fox News hidden camera catches Texas lawmakers selling school administrators how to work around CRT ban.
Allah Akbar, Chance Flood, Dr. Drew on the new study.
50% of young men who have monocarditis have the vaccine now.
Permanent heart damage, that's pretty big.
Josh Hawley catches the Department of Energy head program of the loans taking money.
Amazon tests human-owned robots.
Why should play all this?
Italy has recognized the health and risk of synthetic beef and bandit.
That's good news.
Putin helping Joe Biden.
That's a joke.
500 Canadian CEOs call for basic universal income.
Give me Thursday's list.
I'm going to find it myself.
Biden compares Ukraine war with the American Revolution.
Let me see.
I'm going to find it.
So it's going to be Thursday's show.
Doesn't matter.
I get obsessed with factoids when I want them.
I'm going to get it.
Going to get it.
Going to happen.
Nothing's going to stop it.
So let's go ahead first and go to AOC on the Communist News Network, the Clown News Network.
Saying, let's not forget America has a responsibility because she wants another million people in New York bitching and complaining and not getting jobs and mugging people and wearing their nightgowns and just telling us, bow to me, bow to me, bow to me!
I'm a Palestinian, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow!
I want Israel to take the one million peaceful, dear, darling angels.
You guys found the clip.
Give a play along.
I want them to take them.
If they're so good for us, they're good for Israel.
Give them to Israel.
But you know they're coming here.
They're going to load the airplanes up.
They're going to bring them here.
And the U.S.
military is going to facilitate it.
And so don't be intimidated by these people.
When they tell you you're bad because you're a Christian, they tell you you're bad because of that.
Just say, shut up!
Leave me the hell alone!
Go wear your nightgowns and dance around the desert all day.
Just leave me alone!
And the same thing for the Israeli lobby.
So have your 14 kids.
And go grow something and do something.
Just leave me alone.
Because I'm sick of the anti-European garbage.
I'm sick of the anti-white garbage.
I'm sick of it.
And I see right through it.
By a bunch of tribal groups, Israel included, that don't know anything but tribal politics.
It's gonna be Christ and God that unify us.
Not all this crap.
AOC is an admitted communist.
She wears $3,000 suits and $1,000 shoes and $1,000 smartphones.
She's a disgusting pig.
She once attacked cauliflower because it's white and said it's a white person food.
No, you dumb monster.
It's from Africa, you stupid whore.
I mean, whore to the New World Order, whore to tyranny.
I'm going to stop being mean.
I'm just, this woman literally wants to dump millions of military-age men, that's who's gonna come here, to strut around and run their mouths and act like I owe them something and act like I did something to you!
Build something!
Oh, you're gonna build a rocket, I get it.
And when it blows up and falls on a hospital, you're gonna... And again, the Israelis are killing a bunch of civilians, and I don't like that.
And that's wrong.
They did blow up an Orthodox church.
But it's come out now that it was a rocket, and it wasn't a JDAM, and they shot it, and it fell.
They're firing thousands of missiles over their territory.
Some are gonna fall.
The Israelis shoot some down, they fall.
And then it's all like, oh, Jones sided with the Jews.
He got the call.
Yeah, I got the call.
To tell the truth.
I got the calling to tell the left and, oh Biden, do not bring your little angel cakes here.
So I want to ask the people that it's so easy for them.
They just choose
The Islamicists.
I'm like, I don't choose either side.
This is bad.
I don't want to be part of this.
I don't want to be in this trap.
Oh, that's because you're with the Jews.
No, not giving aid and not fighting and not being part of this is called being Switzerland and being neutral.
But I'm beyond neutral.
I'm calling out both sides.
I'm calling out both groups.
I'm calling out Biden and all the money they sent to these people.
That's a real intellectual debate.
I want our borders shut.
I want the Muslim ban back in place for seven nations that Trump put in place.
But notice, Trump's too popular to the people that attack me.
We're calling for a Muslim ban from those seven countries that swear to kill us.
They don't attack Trump for that.
Oh, no, no, no, no, not him.
So this fifth column of Islam worship and leftist worship, you see the squad storming the Capitol a few days ago.
You see them out there calling for death to America and take down the George Washington statues in New York and the American flags.
Trump told you years ago that was next.
I did too.
The left is allied with these forms of Islam.
And they're creating a global destabilization with it.
So I stand, let me explain it again.
Maybe like somebody said, well, are you a Dallas Cowboys fan or are you a Oakland Raiders fan?
And I said, I'm not either.
Oh, are you a Tampa Buccaneers fan or are you a Pittsburgh Steelers fan?
And I go, neither.
Oh, wait a minute.
Are you a Redskins fan or a New England Patriots fan?
Are you a Tennessee
Titan fan?
Or are you a Texan fan?
Are you a Rams fan?
Are you a Lions fan?
How about this?
I'm not a fan of any of the NFL, and it's woke crap, and I haven't watched their games in decades.
I'll be at somebody's house the one's on.
It's a diversion.
It's a distraction.
I don't like any of your teams.
I don't like Israel meddling in our politics and being involved.
I don't like the ADL.
I don't like Hezbollah.
I don't like Hamas.
I don't like Iran.
I don't like any of it!
And I will not be forced into some cult.
I'm in the cult of truth.
And we need to learn to be like that and not sit there and take some stupid-ass side in all this and send a hundred billion dollars to Ukraine and Israel.
So, so Israel can send more money to Hamas!
Israel founded Hamas!
And I notice the left posts that and old articles about it, it's true.
And I'm like, but wait, you're supporting Hamas, you dumb bastards.
Oh look, Israel's bad!
They created Hamas!
Uh-huh, and you're supporting Hamas.
It's like if I'm driving through a part of town that's got whorehouses and topless bars on all sides.
Like, do you like this topless bar?
Do you like that topless bar?
Do you like that whorehouse?
Do you like this whorehouse?
I don't like the whorehouses.
I don't like the topless bars.
Sure, in my day, I've been in the topless bars.
They're there to exploit you and it's all a big thing, a big game.
Been in with Joe Rogan 25 years ago.
My point is, I don't like the topless bars.
I like the Mexican food restaurants and the steakhouses and the pool halls.
But that's what I'm getting at here.
Is that I don't like any of you.
I don't hate you.
I wish you well.
Just stop telling me I owe you something!
Stop using the fact that I have a conscience and morals to bully me because I'm a Christian or because I'm white.
I'm tired of it.
I'm not putting up with it anymore!
I'm not intimidated.
I don't care what you say.
I don't care what you do.
And the same leftist think tanks and corporations that have been persecuting us and harassing us and suing us are supporting the Palestinians.
That doesn't mean I support Israel murdering them all.
It means just because I don't like some things Israel does doesn't mean I like what the Muslims are doing.
And it's very simple.
But I want to be fair to Israel and fair to the Muslims.
I've seen clips out of Saudi Arabia and Egypt that are well-spoken, intelligent men that I agree with.
And I honor their culture and their incredible art and the things they've actually produced.
Until the Muslims started clashing with Europe and expanding, they had a lot of... but that's the culture that those people already had.
The Persians are way older than Muhammad.
The Saudi Arabians are way older than all that.
They're all... And I respect the Jewish faith and the amazing things in their culture.
And I respect the Gypsies, the Palestinians, the Romanov.
But I mean, that's what they call them in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
They go, the Romanov.
You mean, you know, we're not letting the Romanov in.
And they wave their flag and say they're Arabs and say they're with Muhammad and all this stuff.
They're not even Arabs!
And I'm just so sick
I think?
And now what's it turned into?
And I get the Israelis put Hamas in there to destabilize it.
I get it.
It's terrible.
Obviously, Israel stood down.
It's absolutely appalling.
And the Muslims are not one monolithic group, and neither are the Jews.
They're being brought in to be turned into leftists and to be brainwashed against America and the West and they've already ruined Europe.
90% of them don't assimilate.
They've wrecked it.
Man, just listen, we ain't trying to go move to your countries.
And so I know a lot of you like America.
That's great.
Then tell us you do fly an American flag and reject like Dearborn, Michigan.
So we're not flying LGBT flags.
And the only flag we're flying is the American flag.
I actually admire the Muslims at that point, saying no to pedophilia and the rest of it.
I know a lot of people like Malcolm X thought white people were evil, and he went to Saudi Arabia and got, you know, schooled on the reality and said, I was deceived, and so they killed him.
And you know, Andrew Tate's become a Muslim.
I respect him.
He's a great guy.
He's been there.
He's been sold on it.
You know, at the end of the day, at least the Muslims aren't trying to, you know, turn boys into girls and girls into boys.
I'm not here judging the Muslims.
Or the Jews.
I'm just saying, man, I'm sick of being told all day how bad I am.
And I'm getting pissed at you.
All of you.
And then I'll get to another clip.
You know, Nick Fuentes is a funny guy.
I can't help but like him.
He's entertaining.
He's smart.
But he talks about how we're manipulating our audience.
And how you're getting the inside baseball with him.
And I've challenged him to a debate repeatedly in the last six months.
So I'm going to challenge him again here publicly, be it remote or in studio, I want him to come in here and defend himself.
No response back.
Because when he came in here with Kanye West in this studio and said, I like Hitler, I said, well, you're baby Hitler.
It's a joke!
Call myself Pumpkinhead.
And then it turns into this whole thing, and so he's up there, oh Jones believes in every conspiracy theory, but he doesn't believe that Israel blew up the hospital.
Because the JDAM doesn't leave a six inch crater, and the hospital wasn't hit, it was a parking lot, and that's come out.
Don't you understand, son?
I don't sit there and look at a topic and say, what do I want it to be from my political perspective?
I look at it and say, what is it?
Does Israel just blow up an Orthodox church?
Is Israel hitting on... I'm not defending that!
But the corporate media trying to get riots going worldwide and destabilization worldwide is a fraud.
Is a lie.
And I don't know why Nick won't come on the show now.
I've got my ideas.
And I'll give Nick two weeks to come on the show.
And then I'm going to unload on him without the benefit of having him here.
Now, he'll come here and have a discussion with me or do it over the internet.
I'll have a discussion with him because I got questions.
I got questions.
And I don't like intellectually dishonest discussions.
And I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.
To say that I get a call from Israel, that's a little, oh he's got, it's like a little, it's like saying conspiracy theory.
Oh, that's a conspiracy, it's just a little term, like a debate.
We just say I got a call.
Oh, yes Netanyahu, what do I do sir?
Yes, thank you Netanyahu.
When I came out against Netanyahu really hard,
Six months ago we went on Jordan Peterson and said the Jews are guinea pigs and we're the biotech capital, we're going to use our people as guinea pigs.
We got hit by a giant cyber attack that next day for two weeks.
Almost shot us down.
I don't know if Netanyahu's people did it, but I've got a suspicion they did.
But my point is, is that the idea that I get phone calls from the ADL or anybody else telling me what to do is preposterous.
Anybody that's been around me knows I flop in a suit of my pants.
And so, have I accused Nick Fuentes of being a Fed?
You know, he's on January 6th, we could play the video saying, hey, you know, go in the Capitol, take it over, but he stays outside.
I didn't do that.
Now, I'm not saying he's Ray Epps.
Want us to get the clip?
See, I got a lot of things I could say here.
I'd like somebody to respond to those, and I'm sure he's got a... I don't think he's a Fed.
I don't think he works for the Southern Property Law Center or the ADL.
I sure as hell know this.
I don't.
So, and I always say this because it's interesting for debate and discussion.
It's good radio.
It's good TV.
There's no hatred here.
But if somebody says, I'm a fed, or I work for Israel, or other things like that, well, I got a handful of cards right here that I don't think
I don't think we've had the answers to.
So, Nick, why are you not coming on?
I know you're not scared.
Smart, snappy, well-dressed, good-looking guy.
Man, you've got a lot of bravado, a lot of chutzpah.
So, come on the show and let's have the big debate.
Because I know you're not scared, Nick.
And your buddy, Kanye, can come back.
He can come back here and tell me all about Hitler.
See, just because I don't support Hitler doesn't mean I support Netanyahu using Jews as guinea pigs.
I don't support taking cocaine just like I don't support taking heroin.
Like, I don't want a bullet wound in my heart, much less I want one in my brain.
Like, well, do you want a bullet hole in your brain or your heart?
I'm like, I don't either one.
You got a call from Israel, huh?
It's a false paradigm, ladies and gentlemen.
Like, let's have a debate, Nick, about what hit that hospital.
It's basically now faded away that they've admitted that... I mean, I had Stu Peters on, who I think means well, said a lot of great things.
We disagree on some things, but I respect him because he wasn't saying that stuff to get points and he's on the air.
No, I think now we see the hospital probably was an air missile.
But it doesn't legitimize what Israel's doing.
But I've already digressed too much on that.
So do this.
Playing AOC, who loves the jihadis,
When we support the Islamists, who are we, like, who are we in bed with?
Like, think about that.
Soros supports Hamas, AOC, the Democratic Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama, the father of the Arab Spring, the overthrow of governments, the mass murder of Christians, and man, CNN loved it.
So see, I'm not for the Muslims because historically they kill Christians.
So it's not like a little cute thing where you, oh, you support the Palestinians because you're avant-garde and you're really a right-wing version of AOC.
Because that's what it is.
I mean, address it.
I'm not just talking to Nick Fuentes.
Anybody that's just carte blanche supporting the Palestinians and they're perfect and they're great and every story you spin against the Jews, okay, great then.
It's supporting them in the West, and it's every degenerate, globalist government.
So, no.
If you present in front of me two shit sandwiches, and one was a donkey crap, and one was a gorilla crap, I'm gonna say, which sandwich do you want?
I'm like, I'm gonna eat either one of those sandwiches.
But see, people that want to manipulate audiences give them very simple black and white issues.
Yeah, you're driving by a sports day and they got a bunch of porta-potties.
And your wife says, hey, let's get some dinner.
And I'm like, well, let's go to one of those porta-potties and eat shit.
She'd go, you're crazy or you're joking, right?
So, so they give us all these porta-potty examples.
You can go eat crap out of this one.
You can go drink piss out of that one.
I mean, I'm being gross, that's what this is.
And I'm like, no, I'm not, we're not going to go eat out of any of it.
We want our own country, our own system.
We want America.
We want our republic, America first.
That's what we stand for.
It's what we've always stood for.
And there are people that say they represent America first.
Well then, we need Nick Fuentes to come out and say, I don't want any refugees from the Middle East here, period.
And I'll say, great!
But, can't he say it?
Because then, he's getting a call from Netanyahu.
Even though,
That's part of the larger deep state plan to bring the Muslims here.
And the whole Frankish group that's so dominant in Israel wants that.
I got more important things to cover.
So I'm done.
But I thought I'd flesh that out because it all ties together.
So here's AOC.
Here's one of the crown princes.
And here's another guy out of Saudi Arabia laying stuff out.
And then I'll come back and play the next quote that I was talking about.
Should Arab countries be taking on the lion's share of the burden to absorb what could be over a million, if not more, refugees from Gaza?
I think there's something to be said about the region's partners being able to support and step up Palestinians.
However, that does not abdicate the United States from our historic role that we've played in the world of accepting refugees and allowing people to restart their lives here.
When Reagan asked for funding for the Contra revolution, he told him one by one, I want a Palestinian state, he told him, I'm glad.
He signed the Palestinian State Declaration and taught King Fahd Arafat that we have obtained a Palestinian state.
Arafat ran away, they didn't see him until after 10 years of this talk.
He ran away, he doesn't want a Palestinian state.
All of you don't want a Palestinian state because basically you have no cause and you don't have a state and you don't have land.
This is Israeli land.
We're good to go.
The children of Israel are the children of Isaac.
And we, the Arabs, are the children of Ishmael.
And Isaac and Ishmael are brothers.
Their father is Abraham, peace be upon him.
These are our cousins.
But where did you come from?
What do you care about?
You, the Shittites, the Ghajars, the Mongols, the Turkmens, the Circassians, the Romans, the rest of the nations, what do you care about?
What do you care about peace?
What do you care about between us?
These are the children of Israel on their land.
You don't have a land, you don't have a cause, guys.
You've messed us up.
And Al-Aqsa.
Al-Aqsa, for your information, you don't have Al-Aqsa.
There's nothing called Al-Aqsa, there's something called Jerusalem.
The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which I mentioned, is 29 km away from the Taif.
And there were two mosques, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Adna Mosque.
Your Al-Aqsa Mosque was built by the Levant in 72 AH.
How can Muhammad have a building built in 72 AH?
That is, after the death of Muhammad in 60 years.
Who are you laughing at?
Who are you laughing at?
The Palestinians?
You are not an Arab.
You have no land, and you have no cause.
The land is the land of Israel.
And the cause is the cause of Israel with you.
It was Ishaq Shamir, and Rabin, and Sharon, and Golda Meir, and... and... the other one, I don't know his name.
Those were heroes, you know that?
But Netanyahu is a tyrant.
Because Netanyahu didn't move you.
You don't know what he's doing with the weapons he's holding.
Oh man, Netanyahu, burn these gangs, and these gangs, and these thugs, and make yourself comfortable, and make the world comfortable with them, and make us comfortable with them.
Why did you leave them?
Why did you open the borders for them to emigrate?
You went to Jordan and made it black and white.
You went to Kuwait and forced Saddam to occupy it.
You forced them to wear the clothes of the Iraqi army and force them to leave.
They don't leave the cheap, the cheap and the low.
This is their upbringing, this is their blood, this is their race.
Why don't you leave the world, Netanyahu, if you're a man and a hero?
May God curse you, and curse even Netanyahu, who didn't save us from you.
Because Netanyahu left you the rope to the West.
And Netanyahu is supposed to be the one to discipline you.
And he's the one who saved the world from your evil.
You're evil in any country you put the Palestinians in.
Evil from the bottom, and not with you men.
All militarily occupied people have a right to resist their occupation, even militarily.
I do not support the military option in Palestine.
I prefer the other option.
Civil insurrection and disobedience.
It brought down the British Empire in India and the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe.
Israel has overwhelming military superiority and we see in front of our eyes the devastation and oblivion it is bringing to the people of Gaza.
I categorically condemn Hamas's targeting of civilian targets of any age or gender as it is accused of.
Such targeting belies Hamas' claims to an Islamic identity.
There is an Islamic injunction against the killing of innocent children, women and elders.
The injunction is also against the desecration of places of worship.
I also condemn Hamas' gifting the higher moral ground to an Israeli government that is universally shunned, even by half of the Israeli public, as fascist, miscreant
and abhorrent.
I condemn Hamas for giving this awful government the excuse to ethnically cleanse Gaza of its citizens and bombing them to oblivion.
I condemn Hamas to further undermining the Palestinian Authority as Israel has been doing.
I condemn Hamas for sabotaging the attempt of Saudi Arabia to reach a peaceful resolution to the plight of the Palestinian people.
But equally
I condemned Israel's indiscriminate bombing of Palestinian innocent civilians in Gaza and the attempt to forcibly drive them into Sinai.
I condemned Israeli targeted killing and the indiscriminate arrest of Palestinian children, women and men in the West Bank.
Two wrongs don't make a right.
I've been hearing a repeated phrase in American media.
Unprovoked attack.
What more provocation is required to make it provoked than what Israel has done to the Palestinian people for three quarters of a century?
I refer you to the article in the Middle East Monitor of February 17, 2014, under the title, Israeli Army Veterans Admit Role in Massacre of Palestinians in 1948.
Read it and weep, as I did.
Just this year,
From May to July, over 450 Palestinians were killed, including 67 children.
This bloodletting must stop.
I condemn Israel's stealing of Palestinian lands.
I condemn Israeli colonists for rampaging through houses of worship in the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
I condemn Israel for destroying Palestinian homes and olive orchards
I condemned Israel for incarcerating Palestinian women, children and men in concentration camps without recourse to due process.
I condemned Israel's targeted killings and assassinations of Palestinians.
I condemned Israel for funneling Qatari money to Hamas, the terrorist group as defined by Israel.
I condemned Western politicians for shedding tears when Israelis are killed by Palestinians.
By the way, if I'm wrong about something, I'll always admit it.
I went over that Nick Fuentes rant, which...
Not even mad at him, I'm just mad about the whole situation.
And they're like, oh, I love the crew, but they're like, oh, the producer's like, oh, you want him?
He'll probably come on, I think he wants on.
I've been saying since the Kanye West thing, I want him back on, I want to have a debate.
I've said it on air, he's got my number, he can call me.
So if I'm wrong that he hasn't come on the show, or didn't know we want him on, then we'll have a debate, a discussion this week.
I want to do that.
So if I'm proven wrong, I'll say it, because I'm wrong sometimes.
But I've been very frustrated.
So fascinating, by the way.
Christians are waiting for the return of Christ.
Jews are waiting for the coming of Messiah.
Muslims are waiting for the coming of Al-Mahdi.
This is what many Christians don't know.
In Israel right now, there are many who actually believe the Messiah has come.
The Messiah who we call Jesus, they believe he's already come.
The Muslims are waiting for the Al-Mahdi.
The Al-Mahdi is their Messiah.
He's their last Imam.
Muhammad was quoted as saying, his name will be my name, and his father's name, my name, my father's name.
In other words, he believes, Muhammad believes that the last Imam that's going to come into the earth and do all these amazing things, their Messiah, is going to be called Muhammad.
That's what they believe.
Look at this.
Stay there.
Go back.
So look at this.
The Mahadi is of my lineage, with a high forehead and a long, thin, curved nose.
He will fill the earth with fairness and justice, as it was filled with oppression and injustice, and he will rule the world for seven years.
This is where I began to think, what if our Antichrist is their Mahadi?
So they believe we messed up because they believe that Jesus wasn't crucified for the sins of the world.
They believe God took, Allah took Jesus to heaven and made it appear like he was crucified.
Allah's Apostle said, the hour will come, will not be established until the Son of Mary descends, that's Jesus, among you as a just ruler.
He'll break the cross, kill the pigs, that's you and I and the Jews,
Abolish jizzy attacks.
Money will be in abundance so that nobody will accept it as charitable gifts.
Let's look at the Bible.
Look at this.
Next slide.
Daniel 8.25.
And through his policy, also, he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand, and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many.
Think about this.
They're waiting for an Ahmadi who's going to bring seven years of peace on the earth.
And Daniel 8.25 prophesies that somebody is coming who is going to declare peace upon the earth, but through peace he's going to cause destruction.
For there shall be false cries and false presides who shall deceive the many and if possible deceive the elect.
This is the signs of Matthew 24, the coming of Christ, right?
Next verse.
Wherefore, look at this, wherefore, if they shall say unto you, behold, he is in the desert.
He's telling us where this anti-Christ is going to come from!
If he goes, if he says I'm in the desert, he says don't go.
And if they say he's in the secret chambers, believe it not.
Next slide, look at this.
The word desert is Aramas.
It means to the east or south of Palestine.
What's east or south of Palestine?
Let's look what's east or south of Palestine.
Mecca is south of Palestine in Saudi Arabia.
This whole war, by the way.
One reason.
Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia will be a gate.
For darkness and the gospel to the Muslim world.
I'm telling you what I know.
When that peace treaty was about to be signed between Saudi Arabia and Israel, that's when this war broke out.
It's the number of a man and the number is 666.
It's not 666.
That's a translation.
That's the number.
Can you see it?
How many can see it?
For cross swords,
Bismillah, which means in the name of Allah.
And by the way, when you go to Jihad, you wear this on your forehead.
This is what he saw.
It was Aramaic.
The Bible is written in Aramaic, not English.
So you look, we got a 666.
No, that's what he saw.
Look at it again.
Next slide.
There we go.
Can you see it now?
That's what he saw!
The name of the beast!
In the name of Allah!
If that doesn't shock you, I don't know what will.
Oh my Lord!
When I saw that symbol, I was like, dear God!
See where they're wearing it?
On their foreheads.
Now what about that no man might buy nor sell?
In Isaiah 14, the Bible says, How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning?
That's Isaiah 14 verse 12.
Lucifer is actually not his name.
Lucifer is a translation of his name.
Because all the angels have El in their name.
Mike El.
They have God.
Gabriel El.
Who is Lucifer?
Lucifer is a translation.
If you check the Hebrew, check it when you go to homebible.cc.
His name is Halel.
Which Aramaic is Halal.
If you look at slide 244, you'll see what's on most of your food products today.
Whatever this spirit is, it's gonna own the food chain.
And none of you are gonna be able to buy or sell unless you got the mark, the name, or the number of the beast.
But then there's also kosher food marks, and then there's the new carbon taxes.
You will eat the bugs.
Everybody wants to control the food.
All right, and I didn't mean to go off on a jag on Nick Fuentes.
I'm sure he'll come on.
I don't think the guy's a coward.
And if the crew didn't try to get him, I don't know how that happened, but I've been trying to get him on since the Kanye West thing, so the invitation's there for a debate.
In fact, since I mentioned the Nick Fuentes thing, here he is saying that I'm basically an agent of Israel for looking at the evidence and thinking they didn't blow up the hospital.
Doesn't mean I support what they're doing.
Here it is.
Alex Jones said that Sandy Hook didn't happen, but he blames Hamas for the rocket strike on the hospital yesterday.
There's your conspiracy theorist.
There's your tinfoil hat, anti-war conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, American legend.
1776 will commence again!
He thinks 9-11 was fake.
He thinks Sandy Hook was fake.
The election was fake.
But Hamas attacked a hospital yesterday.
Yeah, more like 1948.
1967 will commence again, says Alex Jones.
The Libertarian Protestant.
You know, I can't take it anymore.
I just...
Across the board.
Because it's all of them.
You realize it's all of them.
You realize I was right!
I was right.
I fought with everybody.
And people say, wow, you just can't seem to get along in the conservative movement.
Well, now you see that that's because the conservative movement is bought and paid for by Israel.
I am not bought and paid for by Israel.
In fact, the ADL and the whole lobby is trying to shut us down, Nick, and that's a fact.
You've not faced one-tenth the attack we have.
So again, just because I don't want a bunch of Muslims brought here and AOC does not mean that I support what Israel's doing.
Total crap, not true.
Let's talk about funding.
If we don't get funding, if people don't buy the book,
The Great Awakening, we have the signed copy of this fundraiser, InfoWarsTore.com.
I thank those that have gotten it.
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It's a historic book.
If you don't get this, and again, great Kentucky company, great patriots.
Trump had Trump wine.
George Washington funded the revolution.
With Sam Adams, one of the biggest funders, you know, selling whiskey and beer.
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This is very, very special.
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Zoom in, please.
Thanks, guys.
Six Semper Tyrannus, thus to tyrants.
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Isaiah 117.
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Plus, these are really amazing products.
ConspiracyBurber.com, InfoWars.com, to get all the other products and all the other material.
And look, I got mad and blew up earlier because we are already in World War III.
And the taking sides in this, whether you're for the Palestinians or for the Jews, is not the way to do this.
The globalists are financing both sides on record.
It's totally transparent.
Biden's sending money to Hamas right now.
And they gave him 6 billion via Iran.
And then Israel did a stand down.
It's all at the top rigged, folks.
And that's what I'm saying.
So to be sad for the dead Palestinians and sad for the dead Jews is not taking a side.
It is saying this is wrong.
Like, I don't like that Russia invaded Ukraine.
I know the West overthrew Ukraine nine years ago.
George Soros bragged about it on CNN with Freed Zakaria.
It's a terrible situation, but they started it with Russia.
But I'm not for Russia.
I'm simply trying to actually analyze what is going on and what is happening.
All right.
I'm not pausing because of lack of news.
I'm sitting here looking at all this and I have this problem where I always try to hit the most important thing up front and then it's all so important that it basically makes me shut down.
But let's start this way.
Let's look at a couple memes right now.
This is a great meme going around on Twitter.
It's Obama with the puppet Biden.
And it really says everything.
A picture really does say
A thousand words.
I just love putting Hitler mustaches on people.
I know that'll make Kanye man, but there you go.
Here, I'll put a halo on him instead.
Everything's okay.
I'll just, this will make Kanye happy.
It's a halo over a Hitler mustache.
That could be Kanye was looking for a new symbol.
Just a Hitler mustache with a halo.
A new symbol is born!
Oh my God, I love this one.
This is from Iwo Jima.
With the Marines raising the American flag, but instead it is O'Biden.
The mainstream media propping him up.
And he got Zelensky, the cokehead.
White House proposes to cut Ukrainian financial support from a billion dollars a month.
825 million.
Wow, that's a big cut.
Because Israel's got to get its slice.
Ukraine gets 70 million.
Israel gets 20 million.
Two Chicagoans confirm release by Hamas.
press Israel to delay ground invasion.
And then you got this photo.
I mean, look at that, man.
And they've got the side-by-sides of him over the years.
I mean, something weird is going on with that guy.
He's got a scrotum all of a sudden.
I mean, I'm not one of those guys who say it's an actor or whatever, but I mean, look at this.
This is Biden over the years.
Look at his chin.
And then what, what just, what?
I know meth rots your teeth out.
I know it's bad for you, but man, is meth a hell of a drug.
I mean, how does it do that?
It's like a PlayStation or something.
A little controller there, you can play your video games with it.
I mean, I don't know what's going on there.
You can have a lot of fun with that though, can't you?
I mean, here's another photo of it.
I mean, what in the hell?
Is that?
That gives a new term to the meaning dickhead.
All right, let's do this.
Let's go through a news blitz here.
And then end this live Sunday show.
And we're gonna go to tape from a couple hours ago when I was on with Ken Paxton, Steve Bannon, Eric Prince, and more.
Quite the hour-long interview, let me tell you.
But let's go ahead now and shift gears into this.
Silicon Valley ditches news, shaking an unstable industry, New York Times.
They've been force-feeding corporate media for decades while censoring everybody else.
You think it started five years ago, it accelerated five years ago.
The fact that on last Monday, six days ago, Google,
Facebook, all of them decided to no longer partner with corporate media and no longer feed their news to you.
The corporate media supported the censorship, they supported the control, they helped do it all.
Now they've destroyed themselves and now big tech doesn't have to worry because now the entire old news dinosaur gave up its power and destroyed itself.
Absolutely incredible.
Now let me move over to this because I spent some time today watching the clip on Infowars.com and I read the 20 or so comments that were on the story.
And I saw it on Twitter too with a bunch of other comments and I read some of those and people really, really missed the boat on what I was saying.
So I'm going to slow down here because if
If people can get this, you can get everything.
I don't play politics.
I don't do Machiavelli stuff.
But I know how it works.
So Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'
's father was killed in front of him in Los Angeles, shot to death.
His uncle was killed in front of him on national television.
And the polls are varied.
Does a third party run by R.F.K.
hurt Trump or help Trump?
Does it hurt Biden or help Biden?
And I said weeks ago, if he makes a hard turn to the left, that's meant to inoculate conservatives and polarize conservatives not to support him.
See, it's not the emotion of, is he right calling for reparations and all this, that's obviously wrong and terrible.
But the discussion is, if he came out with a right-wing angle,
That would make Trump supporters vote for him instead of saying things like reparations and all the rest of the stuff he's doing that's terrible.
That'll get Democrats to vote for him.
He's showing he's in a kamikaze operation against the same deep state that are the grandchildren and children of the people that killed his father and uncle.
So I said, from the real world perspective of what RFK Jr.
is doing, this is making sure that he takes votes from Joe Biden in a third party run and not Trump.
Because when he was saying stuff like, to get early support, I'm pro-Second Amendment, I'm against open borders, human smuggling, carbon taxes are a fraud, the shots are poisonous, that got conservatives behind him.
But that was to get the base and the campaign money and to build up those ideas and to be a force to reckon with.
Then he flips and comes out for gun control, reparations, open borders, new world order,
If he continued, as I said two weeks ago before he did this, supporting populist common sense ideas, he would take from Trump and help defeat Trump.
But if he acts like a communist, he will get all the conservatives to turn against him and attack him, no longer supporting him, which he wants.
And then he'll only take from Biden's, whose controllers killed his father.
Now, to me, that is really like looking at 2 plus 2.
Overhead shot please.
2 plus 2 equals 4.
5 plus 5 equals 10.
10 plus 10, can't even do plus anymore, equals 20.
Can't even do math anymore?
Equals sign.
The point is, is that
Too much fun, here we go.
Let's do it.
There you go.
He's got a Hitler mustache now.
So, by putting on the leftist mustache, it will now get the left to support him, and that will take votes from Biden, who's blocked him out of the primary, and who killed his father, Biden's controllers.
To me, that's the...
Historical common sense calculus.
You can have some other theory if you like.
It's a free country.
But that's what I'm getting at here today.
And that's what I'm trying to talk about.
That's why we built this operation.
It's why we do what we do.
It's why the enemy wants us off air.
Because if you stop thinking one dimensionally, the way they want you to, and think about what's actually happening, this is to get leftist voters away from Biden and to defeat Biden.
Now, what motive does he have?
Well, they killed his dad and his uncle and blocked him out of the Democratic primary.
You know, I think he works for the Democrats, actually.
I think he's a sleeper cell, and that he's working against Trump, except he's doing everything the opposite, and obviously he isn't.
They murdered his father, they murdered his uncle, they blocked him out of the election, and said he couldn't even campaign in states and be on the ballot.
And so like a kamikaze, he, and again, this is bigger than RFK Jr.
This is about how things work.
I don't do Machiavelli and stuff.
He's hired a former CIA section leader, a former CIA desk head to, and this is pure CIA playbook against them.
This is their own people against them.
And why has he got to be for the CIA?
I mean, they only killed his dad and his uncle.
Man, and it's perfect, and he meant that to happen.
I know I'm right.
Now the conservatives are all over my website saying he's the scum of the earth, a Democrat, a traitor.
The worst man on earth.
And he's making sure no Trump supporters vote for him, and nobody in the middle votes for him.
And he's going and calling for reparations and communism and gun control and open borders to get them idiot Democrats to vote for him.
Any fool could see that.
And I have to sit here and explain it over and over.
I'm shocked on Infowars that they've got a 10-minute rant I did yesterday on this, and every comment is, Jones is full of crap, Kennedy is a communist, screw him.
Okay, then I can't help you.
If he wanted to hurt Trump, he would continue with the conservative rhetoric to pull from Trump.
He wouldn't come out and call for reparations.
This is Dark Knight stuff.
You know, because Batman in the Dark Knight series, I'm not a big follower, but I get the archetype, has to be the bad guy to beat the real bad guys.
And he's willing it.
You know, at the end of one of the episodes, one of the movies, I forget, like the middle one or whatever, the Christian Bale version,
The police commissioner goes, well you're gonna be demonized and hunted for this even though you stopped it.
He goes, it's okay.
It's for the greater good.
I'm willing to take this.
I mean, this is Dark Knight stuff, man.
This is like, I admire RFK Jr.
This is some real nasty stuff he's doing.
like way more now.
Because they murdered his father, folks.
And his uncle.
And he's tired of it.
He's using their tricks against him.
And I don't play with black magic.
It's dangerous.
But, that's what he's doing.
Because if you know politics, you know this move by him is irrevocably damaging the Democrats.
And again, turns all the Trump supporters off to him to make sure Trump gets the votes, gets the idiot Democrats who believe all this free lunch talk to join him, and we just got Trump in, folks.
And if you don't understand that, I just, it's so frustrating to know things are 100%.
And to now, he could be evil.
Maybe he doesn't care his dad was killed.
Maybe he's the Antichrist.
Maybe he is so bad he doesn't care.
He could double back on Trump later and flip the right and convert him over.
But once you do what he's already done, the right wing just ensured that all those votes he had go to Trump.
It's a favor, folks.
And again, something that obvious, something that ridiculously clear is... I'm surprised no one even figured that out.
My phone blows up.
The website blows up with people going, look at this son of a bitch.
He's a commie.
And I'm like, he's trying to give Trump all his votes, you dumbass.
I just, I don't get it.
I don't know why this stuff's so clear to me and other people.
And I'm sure it's clear to a lot of you, and I'm not lionizing RFK Jr.
or any of it.
It's been very fashionable to attacking, but holy mackerel.
This, this to me is obvious.
All right, we're gonna do about 20 more minutes here.
And, uh... We're gonna blitz through this news.
And then I'll be here tomorrow night, 4 to 6 p.m.
Oh, Owen can't be here.
He's reporting to prison.
Harrison's doing Saturday Night Live.
Saturday Night Live.
Sorry, they're popping in my ear.
Yeah, then I'm gonna be on Robert Barnes' show with Viva Frye as well.
We are busy, busy beavers.
Alright, let me do this.
Let me air a special report here.
And, uh... I'm gonna get a cup of coffee.
You know, I need to not be emotional.
I get so disgusted by all this.
And I get so angry that I start cussing.
And I gotta lay that out for the radio stations, and it's not professional.
It's not good, so I apologize.
I've gotten really good the last year, and I've blown up the crew.
I was being a big jerk during a break, y'know, yelling some and things.
Because they're like, hey, Fontes wants to come on!
And I'm like, I haven't asked him out for 10, 11 months.
I've been telling you every week getting him on.
Well, yeah, he wants to come on.
And I'm like, you know, I don't like being wrong.
You know what I mean?
So, uh, I gotta tell you what I am.
So, that's just what I do.
Because, again, I just can't play these games anymore.
I'm just going to tell the truth.
Even when I'm wrong.
It's just how it works.
Man, it was amazing being on air with Ken Paxton.
That's coming up here in just about 20 minutes.
And we got a lot of other news I'm going to just hit here in a moment.
But this was really an important special report that Greg Reif did.
That I think needs to be seen.
And so let's air this.
SP1, when are we going to focus on America?
And then I'm going to come back and hit all the news and information on this live Saturday broadcast.
And then I'll be back tomorrow night, Lord willing, 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time, hello there from there.
And again, I just did a big interview an hour and a half ago, hour and 40 minutes ago, with Steve Bannon.
Ken Paxton, Eric Prentz.
Talk about the Star Wars space bar.
This was amazing.
That's going to be restreamed coming up in 18 and a half minutes.
Stay with us.
I'm an American, and that's where I stand on this.
But to watch Black Lives Matter and the left everywhere celebrate people on motorized hang gliders coming into a peace rally rave with a bunch of delusional leftist Jews who are literally
Thinking they're safe right next to Gaza, unarmed, is disgusting.
Both groups.
Obviously, Hezbollah 100 times worse, but also the delusional people at that party.
I mean, let me tell you, I'm a tough guy.
I'm not going to an all-night party.
I'll go to those anyways.
Next to two and a half million people who want to kill me.
Where they hear the music and the party.
It's absolutely insane.
But that's the delusion of the left.
You see everywhere going into the worst neighborhoods and getting stabbed and murdered because they promoted all this anti-white garbage that extends to Jews because they're white, according to the left.
And the Democratic Party's real anti-Semitism issue.
You regret calling for the release of millions of dollars to Hamas?
We're on federal property.
I can't do this here.
Congressman Allred, do you regret calling for the release of millions of dollars to Hamas?
And I've done nothing to the Palestinians, and nothing to the Jews, and I live in Central Texas, and you know, I mean, I feel bad for the Uyghurs.
Three million of them in a slave camp with, you know, slaves for Apple and other U.S.
They're Muslims, but I'm against what's happening to them.
And I'm against what's happening to these Jews being slaughtered.
And I think it's terrible what's happening, and the carpet bombing of the, of the,
Gaza stripped the Palestinians, but it is not my dog, it is not my fight, and I am American, and I am so tired of turning on the news.
And hearing about Saudi Arabia, and Israel, and Germany, and the UK, and France, and Russia, and China, and South Africa, and Nigeria, and Mexico, and Chile, and Brazil, and Timbuktu, man.
Our borders are wide open, hundreds of thousands are dying from fentanyl, mass suicide, I don't care what color you are, we're screwed as a country!
$100 million in new U.S.
funding for humanitarian assistance in both Gaza and the West Bank.
And we've sent hundreds of billions to Zelensky, that cokehead, and we've got war with Russia, and I am just disgusted by all of it.
will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending their sons and daughters to war.
And they will have to fight because it's nature that we're talking about and they will be dying.
And I refuse to dance to the tune or be pulled by the strings of the Muslims.
Or whoever is in power at the time in Israel, not supposed to just salute the flag because I'm pro-Israel and do what they say, and then it's political?
I'm tired of it.
Because Israel's seen as the underdog.
When all the Arab countries ganged up on them, that was wrong.
Well, Israel's not really getting ganged up on now.
They got thousands of nuclear weapons.
But that said, I don't want war with Israel, and I don't sit back and go, yeah, give it to them Jews.
Boy, let's kill some Jews.
I'm disgusted by it.
I want to throw up.
A new bucket for monsieur.
But it's worse.
I'll just tell you.
I mean, I am disgusted by the politics in Israel.
So are the Jews over there.
Majority of them think they're in a dictatorship.
I think they are, basically.
Bibi is a murderer.
That's what the people behind me are chanting.
Bibi is a murderer.
I mean, the Muslims.
If America's so bad, stop coming over here.
Stop coming here and signing up for welfare, then walking around in your nightgowns all day and bitching about me.
I'm not your enemy.
I don't want to kill you.
I don't want to run your life.
But let me explain something.
I'm not submitting to Allah.
Anybody trying to make me submit to your crap is, quite frankly, my enemy.
Don't sit here and tell me, choose a side, when Israel has become its own cancer to itself.
But you are stage four brain cancer.
And I just want you to know, I don't like any of your political leaders.
I reject it all.
And I'm not part of your paradigm.
Get it?
I'm not part of your sick, ongoing tribal warfare.
Got that?
Keep me out of your crap.
The truth is, I love little Muslim children.
I love little Jewish children.
I love little Christian children.
I love Hindu children.
I love Buddhist children.
I love children that are born to these horrible, atheist families.
I just want to stop killing.
All right, let's race through some of the other news.
Ex-president fined for violating gag order CNBC.
They're going to default him in these court cases saying he violated orders.
That's the plan and the judges find him guilty.
It's the same operation.
Everybody gets a Hitler mustache now.
I'm being silly.
I want to stop right now.
Let's continue on.
With the news here, speaking of free speech, the President being gagged.
Supreme Court lets Biden turn back on digital censorship.
Here's the latest in vital free speech case, Missouri versus Biden, where the federal courts to the highest level up to the Supreme Court said, no, you can't surveil and censor people.
And so now the Supreme Court's agreed to hear the case, but has unfrozen the injunction.
So all the election meddling can start back in earnest right now.
It took my breath away.
Top doctor exposes studies showing 50% of young men who got myocarditis from jab had permanent heart damage.
More than half will be dead within 10 years.
The studies show.
It took my breath away.
Dr. Drew on the new study of 50% of young men who have myocarditis have the vaccine have now permanent heart damage and doesn't understand why this isn't front page news because it was done by design.
We told you three and a half years ago that was the plan on every major front.
Let's look at this stat.
Arkansas governor bans woke, anti-women language that bans the word mother and father all over the country.
They've said, no, we're going to still say mother and father and not she and all the rest of the LGBT-P-S, you know, pedophile Satanism.
That's what they now support at the end of it.
So that's a good move right there.
Hidden camera video shows Texas law firm advising teachers how to circumvent CRT ban.
Watchdog group, Fox News.
So that's how mechanized
And organized this crap is to tell your child they're evil because they're white.
Watch 8th grade student documents, LGBT indoctrinations at public schools.
The mom said he kept thinking year after year it would stop, but it only got worse.
So now he shot video of the incredible sexualization and brainwashing tying all this sexualization to a political party.
Another great meme from not to be our son.
Ancient objects' ability to warp reality.
The sun can bend time-space a little bit.
Neutron stars a little bit more.
Black holes quite a bit, but legacy media can bend reality to an unlimited level.
Transgender former football coach listed in Maxim Australia's Hot 100 women alongside Margot Robbie.
And you look at this dude, it's a super ugly dude like Bruce Jenner.
So that's some of the news in that stack.
Look at this very important article.
World's Electric Cars Incapable of Supporting Renewable Energy Goals Agency.
So the UN, the federal government, the British government have all looked at it and said,
If we try to convert 10% of the cars to electric, there's not enough electrical generation capacity, and they're shutting down the coal power plants.
So the average person electric car is like, I'm saving the earth, I'm good.
Their car doesn't even start lowing carbon, which is not a bad thing.
Carbon's good for the planet.
So at least 60,000 miles.
And then the mining of the elements is super toxic.
And then they don't even have enough of the minerals, the rare earth minerals, that China controls, to even build the cars.
It's a bridge to nowhere.
Electricity grid capability available in the world isn't keeping up the pace with the rapid growth of clean energy because they're cutting the power off.
Possibly putting in governments and climate goals at risk.
According to a recent report by the Internal International Energy Agency, IEA at the UN, in order to achieve climate goals set by the global governments, more than 50 million kilometers of electric grids have to be added or refurbished by 2040, which is the equivalent of the entire existing global grid.
But there won't be power to supply it.
But they don't care.
The people going along with it just think they're trendy, they think they're cool.
And they say, oh, we're running out of oil, another big lie.
It's abiotic.
It's the gases from the Earth's forming that are under the ground, unlimited, basically.
Millions of years of energy, folks.
And it re-terraforms the planet.
We used to have a lot heavier gases in the atmosphere, higher carbon dioxide, higher oxygen, higher everything.
It makes the planet a healthier, better place.
But they're telling you the opposite.
And lying to you and saying all the polar bears are dead, even though their numbers are five times higher since they started keeping records in 1910.
So that's just some of the news there.
I'm not going to play this video, but it happens everywhere.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exits Canadian mosque to shouts of shame and booing.
But how was he elected?
Patriot anti-globalist for criticizing their currency and saying they've devalued their currency, which has been devalued by the government.
Now they're indicting him saying he hurt the currency.
Isn't that amazing?
Absolutely insane.
The South American country, the region's number two economy after Brazil, will vote in the presidential election on Sunday with a radical outsider, libertarian Javier Milley, in a poll position to win, though he will likely face a second-round runoff.
The wild-haired, chainsaw-wielding economist who has risen from relative obscurity over the last year
And what is their response to that?
Indicting him for his speech that the government's devalued the currency over the last 30 years.
So for his speech, like Trump saying the election was stolen, which is totally true, he's now indicted.
So, indicting you for the truth.
Let's end the show here in about five minutes with Highway to Hell.
Because I was shown by one of my producers today this Economist headline from January 2013.
This was put up on the Rothschilds.
A much more including a rough guide to hell.
When you look at the image, it's got Hamas, zoom in on that please, in a paraglider attacking Israel and Netanyahu responding.
You talk about prescient, did the Simpsons or Alex Jones tell you what's coming next?
And it just details this whole
So we're going to have this posted on the front page under the live show feed of InfoWars.com.
So you can look at this for yourself.
This is quite the illustration, a rough guide to hell.
Boy, are they not telling us what they have planned in a big, big way.
And as I said, Lord willing,
I'll be back tomorrow, 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Greta Thunberg has deleted tweets where she calls for the destruction of Israel.
They call it anti-Semitic tweets.
But that's what the left's doing.
That's who they're allied with.
So it's very fashionable to just bash Israel out of hand.
All I'm saying is there's a bigger dialectic here of the establishment and the Rothschilds and the big banks and the media pushing all the official narratives of the establishment and wanting a bigger confrontation.
So I simply want to have a larger debate and a larger discussion about that.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done.
I want to thank all the affiliates that carry the show.
I want to thank all the listeners and viewers for your support.
And I want you to stay tuned for an hour of Steve Bannon, where he had Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on, myself, Eric Prince of Blackwater, and more.
A very informative hour coming up.
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And promote freedom and expose what's really happening.
And that takes real research and real understanding and real discernment.
And that's the best job we're doing.
We're not perfect, but we're doing the best job we can.
So I want to thank the great crew coming in on this Saturday.
And again, now the ball is in your court, folks.
We've done the show.
We've done it all.
We've done the interviews.
And now it's up to you to take these interviews and cut them up and share them or whatever you want to do.
But here is Alex Jones, Ken Paxton, Steve Bannon, Eric Prince in an hour-long transmission.
We're going to stream this right now.
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So, ConspiracyBurger.com.
God bless and good luck.
Oh yeah.
Highway to Hell.
Let me show that document again.
Here we go.
Overhead shot, please.
Yeah, no speed limit.
Here it is.
The Economist telling you, Israel, the war, and everything.
The highway to hell!
Well, I'm not gonna be there.
They love telling you what they're planning when you're out of schedule.
It's called lesser magic.
This is the primal scream of a dying regime.
Pray for our enemies.
Because we're going medieval on these people.
You're not going to free shot all these networks lying about the people.
The people have had a belly full of it.
I know you don't like hearing that.
I know you try to do everything in the world to stop that, but you're not going to stop it.
It's going to happen.
And where do people like that go to share the big line?
MAGA Media.
I wish in my soul, I wish that any of these people had a conscience.
Ask yourself, what is my task and what is my purpose?
If that answer is to save my country, this country will be saved!
Okay, it's Saturday, 21 October, Year of the Lord 2023.
We're here at the CPAC Strategy Session, CPAC next year.
I don't even know if it's up on the site yet.
Mashlap announced it's going to be four days for $100.
$25 a day to come to the most important CPAC they've ever had in their history.
That'll be, I think, the last week of February.
We'll get more details to you, but start playing for it now because it'll be incredible, insane, urgent, all of it.
We're going to do a whole bunch of special things around CPAC.
Make sure we get to meet and greet all the War Room posse.
Look, we talked in the first hour.
Pesovic, so stay on his Twitter account all weekend.
This war is about to... Look, the Third World War, as you know if you follow the show, started years ago with the Chinese Communist Party unrestricted warfare.
But the shooting part of this is going to get underway here pretty quickly.
Make sure you understand the whole geo-strategic situation.
You've got Poso up on Twitter.
I'll be on Getter all weekend.
If we need to, we'll break in, maybe even do some live chats.
So much going on.
Also, the U.S.
government has lied to you about their current financial situation.
They just came out with their accounts.
As we told you, it was going to be, you know, $1.5 to $2 trillion deficit.
They say it's $1.7.
They're lying.
We can prove they're lying.
We're going to work on the weekend and show you that on Monday or Tuesday.
That is going to drive interest rates even higher.
Some more bad news ahead.
Honored to be here with Ken Paxson.
The firestorm on Capitol Hill had a start.
It was not just simply in January this started, but I think an inflection point was the impeachment trial
Of Ken Paxson.
And I gotta tell you, our audience threw in here like nobody's business.
Folks in Texas, patron of Texas, but all over the country because they saw... I mean, I know, and you're too modest and humble a person.
You are truly a hero to this audience.
Because you've been fighting, like Jordan, you've been fighting this fight for a long time.
You just didn't show up last week.
And say, oh, I'm a populist, you know, I'm part of the Trump movement.
You fought this fight for a long time.
And that was the apparatus coming for you.
Not just the radical Democrats, but that was that old guard Bush apparatus.
You see the Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal, everything we're fighting on Capitol Hill, you saw on yours.
But we beat them.
We beat them, and I think largely due to shows like yours and the grassroots support.
Because when this happened to me, it was all done secretly.
I was not prepared for it.
I had no money.
I had no resources.
So it was really just grassroots people that came out and spoke to their... Why was it so important to take you out?
They had a mission to take you out, but there was a larger scheme involved.
Yeah, I actually think the Biden administration pushed it through the House Democrats and then through the House in Texas.
Because of our 48 lawsuits, now 49 lawsuits against the Biden administration, we've had a major impact on them, what they do and what they're
Basically getting away with.
So I think that was part of it.
I also just think the whole connection with the Bush team, I've been in the way of the people that they wanted to move up and control the state of Texas.
People realize, we talked a lot about the golden child.
You beat him, but it actually goes deeper than that.
It goes farther back than that.
Yeah, so the first race I had was a guy named Dan Branch.
So that was the first AG race that I was in, in Texas, and he was very close to W. Bush.
He was like his best friend.
One of his closest friends.
And that's when it all started.
When I beat him, I wasn't supposed to beat him.
He was supposed to be Attorney General and then move up to Governor and then maybe higher than that.
And that was the same thing that happened with George P. So I've been in the way of the Bush regime for nine years.
We promised our audience that this process on Capitol Hill, all the masks would come off, right?
And I think people have seen it.
That's why, remember, this weekend, you've got to put your shoulder to the wheel.
You must stop Tom Emmer.
This is McCarthy's second play.
The McHenry play didn't work.
He's now gone to the Emmer play.
This is 100% the restoration of McCarthy through Emmer, who's the most in-your-face, never-Trumper in the House, right?
There may be a couple.
The most, obviously, in leadership.
Continue the pressure campaign.
Do not let your foot off the gas.
But in this process...
And I hate to say the Texas delegation.
But people have been shocked.
We said it would be unmasked of who's actually on your side and who's not on your side.
Now this has been the appropriations people and the armed services.
But what shocked everybody in yours is that these were Republicans.
Are quote-unquote Republicans, right?
So talk to us about that.
In Texas, if we lose Texas, and look, I love Arizona and Ohio and Georgia and Florida, all these mega-states, Tennessee.
But Texas is the key that picks the lot.
You lose the Republic of Texas, we're done.
And my fear, particularly seeing your impeachment trial, there are a lot of Democrats down there that have Rs in front of their names, just like in the House, there are a lot of Republicans out there that are really moderate Democrats.
Yeah, you've nailed it.
We've got two problems in Texas.
Our Texas House is controlled by the Democrats.
The Democrats block vote.
So we have 150 House members.
It takes 76 votes to be Speaker.
65 Democrats work with the Republican they want, whoever will give them the most, and they block vote.
And that Republican gets elected and then is controlled by the Democrats.
So that's how the impeachment process happened.
The Democrats wanted it.
It came out of nowhere.
Yeah, I had no idea.
No idea.
And they had no hearings.
They didn't play.
You talk about Dinesh D'Souza's police state.
This is where you see it.
You have a whole set of rules that you have to do.
And then out on, I think it was on a Saturday, somebody told me, he said, you know, Paxson just got impeached.
And I said, what are you talking about?
I said, how did I miss that story?
The Benet here said, no, they just went down and voted on it.
Yeah, yeah, it was over Memorial Weekend.
So, you know, no one's paying attention.
They did it in three days.
And the reason they wanted to do it behind the scenes, they didn't want the voters to know what they were doing.
They didn't want to be a transparent process.
They wanted to do it quick and then hope that under pressure, I just give up.
Well, the grassroots manned the ramparts, and you didn't give up, and you took all the incomings, and you beat them badly.
Here's our fear.
First off, this has a huge grassroots audience, particularly our Saturday show.
These are the hard workers, right?
People who don't mind working on a Saturday morning.
What's your message to them?
Because tech, I am, and I don't care what the polling says, I've seen it in operation.
I'm very concerned about Texas.
And I'm particularly concerned that Austin, you have all these tech companies moving down there.
That's great for the economy, it's great for jobs, but it's bad for everything else.
And you've got the University of Texas, which has become a massive center of this.
You've got all these tech companies coming around there.
It's going to end up being like Northern California.
What is your message to folks in Texas for next year's primary, and what do we need to do to make sure that Texas stays MAGA?
Well, and you're right.
You've nailed it.
Texas is a state that decides the future of this country.
So right now, between now and March, we'll have a primary, and taking the Texas House back from these Republicans that are really more... And how do we do that?
So we're out recruiting candidates.
You are?
Yeah, I'm out recruiting, and I'm going to be campaigning for the next six, seven months, raising money for these people.
The second race is that we've got to care about is the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
Because we have three.
You keep talking about this.
The Court of Criminal Appeals.
Tell us about it.
You're very restricted what you can do on voter fraud.
You're very restricted on a lot of stuff you can do.
Why is this court so important?
This court struck down a statute that was put in place in 1951.
Struck down a statute that authorized, not authorized, directed the Attorney General of Texas to prosecute voter fraud.
And they said I wasn't allowed to go into court because of separation of powers.
I'm in the executive branch.
It's a ridiculous reason for striking down this law that had
You know, thousands of cases of precedent.
So without that, we've left it up to the DAs in these liberal counties who are SORAS funded to prosecute voter fraud.
So we will be in trouble.
You warned us about this a year ago.
And so we've got to win these races in March.
The Texas Court of Appeals, the primaries are in March?
So there's nine members.
Every two years, three of them are up.
We have to beat three of them.
Three of them.
We've got one good one.
And you're recruiting candidates right now?
Yes, yes.
And when's all this going to be announced?
At some point in time?
Yep, in the next couple of weeks.
Next couple of weeks?
And you'll keep us in the loop?
That's absolutely true.
Because this is a super high priority.
Look, the reason we have this Rosebust fight and we've blown out McCarthy and Scalise and all this crap up on Capitol Hill, the railhead of that, part of it was definitely what we did in January.
But the railhead of actually grassroots saying, we can do this, was your impeachment.
Because we knew your back was against the wall, and you had the media, you had Texas Monthly, all the newspapers, the local TV channels, all the national, you had Karl Rove, right in the Wall Street, you had the whole Murdoch machine, Fox News, it was...
The momentum has started in a good way.
Let's keep it going.
Okay, and so you're going to come back to us.
You, right now, we're in the groups and you're recruiting.
And so folks, if you want to run, look, what we love, we started the coverage, in fact, on Ken.
We're just talking to moms and housewives who were running to be party chairs, who were the precinct strategy, who said, hey, Ken Paxson's our guy, right?
And we hate the Bush apparatus and that's what's thwarting us.
So anybody out there, if you get to Ken, how do people get to you?
What's your website?
What's your social media?
And if people say, hey, I want to run in this district, they can get to you and you can start the vetting process?
Yep, absolutely.
Okay, folks, you see it.
Ken, General Paxson, thank you.
Thank you.
Your very inspirational speech on Thursday, they said Ken Paxson laid out, that's why I have Dinesh on here, about the police state.
You really laid out what we're up against.
It's big.
They try to get rid of Ken Paxson, but they can't.
A guy with a big political future, but we'll talk about that at another time.
Sounds great.
Okay, let's go to Alex.
Hey, Alex Jones, you know something about the law down there in Texas, right?
About what's happening in Austin?
You've been a direct recipient of that, brother?
Total weaponization.
Remember Rick Perry, who's certainly not a populist.
They indicted him in Austin criminally for vetoing a bill.
Last time I checked, that's what governors have a power in the Constitution to do.
And so it's total weaponized judiciary.
And they'll put out fake stories lying about what you've said.
They won't let you respond.
You'll wake up and there'll be thousands of articles a week.
Every major national news station will be lying about you like they just did to Ken Paxton.
And then they come and try to destroy you, either criminally or civilly.
And last hour you were talking about debanking.
We've been debanked at least seven times in the last five years, six years for our support of Trump.
And I got to say this, Ken Paxton is the model of victory.
Soros and the Democrats
Have control of many of the state attorney generals.
They have control over a thousand jurisdictions.
Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.
I want you to repeat that.
I want you to repeat that because we had Ken Paxson on today.
Go back and hit rewind on that.
Why is he the absolute model of what we have to do to sort this country out?
The globalists, the Democratic Party crime syndicate with the rhino neocons,
Have control of many of the Attorney Generals.
They have control of the Federal Justice Department.
They have control of many of the federal courts.
They have control of over a thousand cities.
Every major city in the country is run by the Democrats now.
Every major city is blue, and the last few things in their way is real justice, like the Attorney General of Texas, who is obviously their number one enemy.
Secondarily, the Missouri Attorney General, and just a few others, and just a few men like them that have courage.
I think?
I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In a sea of negative news, Ken Paxton is really the North Star.
And I don't say that to gush over him.
I'm gushing over the victory we're talking about.
We need this guy to be president down the road very, very soon.
Alex Jones throwing in hard.
Okay, short commercial break.
We got Alex Jones and the Great Awakening.
We got Eric Prince is in the house.
We're going to be back in the morning in just a moment.
Here's your host, Stephen K Band.
Okay, Tom Emmer has officially entered.
His letter is up.
If Grace and Mo can put that out so everybody can see it.
I think there's seven announced candidates.
They have to basically make an announcement by noon tomorrow.
They have to let Elise Stefanik, who's the conference chair, know.
I think we're going to have at least nine.
There's going to be a whole process on Sunday.
Tom Emmer at Gateway Pundit has got a great story on Tom Emmer's work with source-backed operations.
So he's the most never-Trump guy in the house.
We're going to have a lot of information about this.
So make sure.
We're trying to get Caroline Wren before the end of the show.
Make sure MAGA lets folks know what they think about Emmer.
And look, this is going to take a while to play out, but like I said, who needs a speaker?
So the 17th comes and goes and the Biden regime's got to shut it down.
In fact, we should have it until they come forward and are actually truthful to the American people about the cash status of the country, that we actually get accounts that are not cooked, the books are not cooked.
This is exactly what took them two weeks
Longer than they should have released it that night.
They knew exactly what said they had to play around with the books to make sure the deficit Even at 1.7 trillion dollars is mind-boggling, but they didn't hit the magic symbolic number of two So they're lying to you with everything we're gonna get in all that obviously we'll have wall-to-wall coverage of all this your great attempt at
To unmask those who you think were on your side.
I guess you found out this week that not so much, right?
So as Ken Paxson wants people running in the house in Texas, we want a number of people.
You know who they are.
Look at them.
If you think you can primary them, you can put up a real challenge.
It's not some pipe dream, but you really can do it and pull it together.
Check that list, because every one of those people should be primaried, must be primaried.
You must break the old bulls in the house.
They must be.
If you want limited government done, and no politician ever give me happy talk about limited government or fiscal responsibility, until you get down to the trenches.
in this epic historic fight in the house then it's just all talk and you see this you you weigh and measure the tv shows that the radio host uh... the politicians if you're not in this fight
Then I don't want to ever hear the word limited government come across your lips because it's just more happy talk.
Eric Prince, honored to join us.
I got Alex Jones.
Walk me through.
We had Pacific start things off.
We're on the eve of a whole different deal in the Middle East.
I think the people's big fear is to be sucked into another open-ended Middle East war with the Chinese Communist Party and the Persians laying a trap for us and our allies in Gaza.
Can you give us the unclassified
As much inside baseball as you can on the unclassified version of it?
Look, it's been said often about what a colossal mess-up this has been.
To miss that amount of preparation and activity by Hamas, that attack, it's a... Come on, dude!
You honestly think... Look, you're the guy that taught me.
The intelligence services, both sides of the trade here financially, the Egyptian intelligence service, the UAE, the Saudis,
People can grow weight?
Military operation, correct?
Yes, and they went dark.
And so we in the West become way too comfortable and confident in signals intelligence.
And so what did they do?
They just went old school, face to face, and no... But Eric, we have half the guys in Gaza on the payroll.
I got that.
Let's say they went old school.
Let's say they went old school and it's just old school.
They're still training.
You've got to recruit.
You've got to plan.
You've got to train.
In some way, you need the Persians are kind of running this thing.
Plus, we have half the people in the payroll.
Am I wrong in that?
Maybe not half.
A third.
There's a lot.
Are you pitching that this was totally, completely blind?
And I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, however, just my lying eyes.
These are the best, the Mossad and IDF military intelligence are the two finest in the world.
Then you've got the CIA, NSA, DNA, plus we have the Egyptians, and the Egyptians told us that they were warning people.
How was it missed?
Because people grow complacent in whatever their status quo was and they've been managing that problem for a long time and the enemy gets a vote and this time the enemy gets a vote tomorrow.
You've seen the military defense head of the Israelis laid out a three-part program.
Part one is old-fashioned way.
Air and ground.
Air, ground, tunnels.
How ugly is that going to be?
Look, anytime you do urban combat, it's extraordinarily difficult.
What the Marines, what the U.S.
Marine Corps did in Fallujah and Ramadi,
Horrific house-to-house combat, but Hamas has had years to prepare for this and there's 300 miles of tunnels So unless they deal with the tunnels, they're gonna have real problems because even if you believe you're the hardest combat the Marines have had since Maybe you know Tet in Vietnam, but since World War two Peleliu in Tarawa these old Marines would tell us when we show them the movie I made a film it's last 600 meters with Michael Pack.
This is incredible We can this is the greatest generation said we could have never done this door by door room by room
They go.
Fallujah Ramadi is the heaviest combat the Marine Corps has had.
Since World War II.
Or maybe Kaeson in Vietnam.
Have we mistaken, I just want to make sure because we're obviously supporters of Israel and the Israelis, are we looking back at the mythic Jewish Spartans of 67 and 73 and think that this IDF and this Mossad and this Shin Bet are those Jewish Spartans?
Has that military become as woke as our military?
Is their population as soft as our population?
Are we kidding ourselves when you have to have a mission that will be a harder mission than 67 for the Israelis and a harder mission than the Yom Kippur War?
Have we fooled ourselves about what really has to take place if their objectives are to be achieved?
I'd say the age 40 plus crowd is plenty hard and I guess the jury's out on what the rank and file, the enlisted ranks of the IDF do now.
They will be in for one hell of a fight.
If the Iranians, if Hezbollah activates, you know, Iron Dome, great defensive system, was even somewhat overwhelmed by the thousands of rockets that Hamas fired when, you know, it's reported
Hezbollah has 100, 150,000 rockets up in the north.
That will definitely overwhelm the system and cause significant damage to civilian infrastructure.
In America, overnight, we were taken from the Houthis in Yemen.
We're taken incoming.
Iraq is under siege.
The American, we still got, what, 2,500 Americans there?
We're under siege everywhere.
You got, Posner starts off the hour by saying, what he's been arguing all week, and finally Putin comes out, the hypersonic missiles.
Are the carrier battle groups not sitting ducks in the Eastern Med?
Anything that can be located today can be targeted.
And yeah, there's like a dozen attacks on U.S.
forces within 72 hours in the Middle East, in Syria, in Iraq, and in the Red Sea.
So the Iranians are pushing and pushing and pushing, and the Biden administration is not really pushing back.
This is what you see, a systemic collapse of deterrence.
That started with the debacle in Afghanistan and all the woke posturing of the State Department and
You were supposed to make me feel better about this, are you?
Because look at the information warfare they did with the hospital thing the other day, and look what's happening in the United States.
You had a Jewish student organization, obviously as a front, they had Antifa and everything else take over the Capitol the other day.
The explosion you're going to see in Europe, in Paris, in London, in Paris, in Brussels, in New York, in these places, are going to shock people because they're going to try to take over and win the information war.
Do you think that we're prepared for what's going to happen?
I think we're doing a repeat of the Carter administration right now.
You think about 75, Saigon collapses, you have multiple setbacks, you have a hostage crisis with US hostages in Iran for 444 days, all that, and it was turned around by leadership.
Yes, this could be turned around.
And when the enemy gets... You're saying to Trump, we don't have that time to try... I mean that's a year... Trump's a year... We're over a year out.
This thing's about to start if not tonight, tomorrow, the next day.
So a year from now, that's... How am I going to protect... If I'm going to carry a battle group in the Eastern Med, I'm not feeling great about that.
Well, they are staying out of range of any of the coastal missiles that Hezbollah has parked in Lebanon.
But the good thing is that Hezbollah is well within range of a carrier air wing.
What do you mean carrier?
If they come in to close air support?
If we do that, if this is my point, if there is a deterrent, but deterrent is only because the air wing may come to support Israeli ground forces in Lebanon, correct?
Against Hezbollah?
That's the deterrent?
That's why the aircraft carrier battle groups were sent to the Eastern Med.
If a carrier, if a air wing, if a U.S.
air wing comes in in any support, or special forces come in in any support in Gosford against things, does that not, by definition, does that not trigger a broader Middle East war, which the Arabs and the Persians and the Turks against, against Israel and the United States?
Um, smashing Hezbollah?
No, I don't think, obviously that is the most direct Iranian proxy.
But, I don't think that brings the Turks, that doesn't bring the Saudis in.
This is a difficult dance.
I think the timing of this attack now was in part
The Hamas attack.
The Hamas attack.
Was to make sure that the Israeli-Saudi Diplomatic Relations Peace Accord, an extension of the Trump-Abraham Accords, would be derailed.
Do you see the CCP-Persian hand in back of all this?
Was a trap laid for us in Gaza?
It's definitely laid for the IDF.
If they go charging in there without dealing with the tunnels, they are going to have thousands and thousands of dead.
of dead IDF soldiers, not to mention the amount of Palestinians.
Look, it's really, you should look at it as Israel trying to rid the Palestinians of the plague that is Hamas.
Are the Palestinians voting that they want to be rid of the... It's Muslim Brotherhood.
I think we're fooling ourselves here.
I think we're totally fooling ourselves.
I don't think the Palestinians have any regard.
Look at the protests in the street.
They were 1,000% against Israel and driving them into the sea.
Hamas is a great terrorist organization.
They're not a great governance organization.
So they've actually had a lot of serious protests against Hamas rule in Gaza over the last year.
They don't care.
The people, the Muslim Brotherhood, the people themselves, they throw up their dispensable.
They don't care.
They have a long blooded strategy.
They actually view them as consumables.
It's a very different view on human life.
Strap in on this thing, folks.
It's gonna be a lot of choppy water.
Alex Jones, Eric Prince, you're supposed to make me feel better.
On the other side.
Here's your host, Stephen K. Band.
Okay, remember with interest rates that are exploding, the 30-year home mortgage, what, 8%?
Suck on that, America.
How's that doing?
That's why demand for emerges are at a 20 or 30 year low.
Think what a second is.
You can't take it.
You can't take a second out now to redecorate the kitchen because out of your price range.
But there's six trillion dollars of home equity sitting out there and the cyber criminals now armed with artificial intelligence.
Are you
Alex Jones, this has been one of your specialties.
We've got Eric hooked up.
The audience has got more questions for him.
The Great Awakening.
You say you've got to defeat the globalists first in this process of the Great Awakening.
This book's amazing.
Talk to me about your assessment.
You spent a lot of time thinking about this, reporting on it, talking about it over the years.
We're on the eve of something quite extraordinary.
Walk us through where we are, sir.
Well, Israel's been in a
I think so.
In the higher echelons, they said, look, this will really cement us in power and will unify Israel.
So I don't think that it was a pure false flag, but I think it's clear that there were some slow rolling going on.
But moving on to what you guys were talking about.
Hold on.
Don't get off that so quickly.
When you had senior IDF, you had the boomers, you had retired major generals and people living in that part, were manning up, calling their buddies, and they got down there hours before, it's not just the intelligence failure, what took IDF, this is the IDF that like, tomorrow, that IDF, hang on, you want in tunnels and you want in a ground campaign, that IDF was not there for seven or eight hours where those kids were rolled up,
By Hamas.
So make me feel better.
Make me feel better that Alex Jones is wrong and you're right.
Look, if an act like that happened somewhere where the U.S.
government was also watching closely, yeah, it takes that long because militaries are bureaucracy.
We don't have Burning Man happening.
You're talking about Pearl Harbor!
Yes, and bureaucracies are ridiculously slow.
It was an Israeli religious holiday.
Everybody was shut down.
Look, Hamas timed it perfectly.
Yeah, it's the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur.
Wouldn't that by definition mean that you were on watch, like triple watch, understanding how the Muslims think about dates?
What Ben Ghazi happened on 9-11?
I mean, look, the Muslim Brotherhood are real bad actors, okay?
And they're not going away anytime soon.
We can't even get them designated.
I tried the big, I didn't even get this in the speech yesterday.
My biggest failure in my time in the White House was trying to get the Muslim Brotherhood designated as a terrorist organization.
Fully shut down by state, by DHS, and the Defense Department.
You talk about the infiltration.
Let me throw something in here.
Cash Patel, Persians, and... Go ahead, go ahead.
There's huge money sprinkled around by the Qataris into Washington.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
And by the way, half the big hedge funds in this country got dirty Qatar money in it.
Go ahead, Alex.
Well, no, Eric just stole my thunder.
Look, Obama got in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, and it's a repeat of that.
So Biden's giving money to the Persians, and they gave him 80-something billion of the Afghanistan infrastructure and weapons.
And so the White House and Harvard and the leftist intelligentsia
He's infiltrated with these Islamists, both Shiite and Sunni, and they're lying to him and telling him, we're really on your side.
And so that's part of why this was able to happen.
We're sending money, or Biden is, to Hamas, while at the same time they won't declare him a terrorist organization.
So it shows this schizophrenic policy.
So that's absolutely what's going on here.
But if you expand on that, what Eric was trying to get to earlier,
If you go back to 2006-2007 and the whole war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights, the Israelis roll in with all their tanks, all their weapons, they do their artillery barrages and they go in and they pop up behind them.
I think?
And then they can send in the next wave and the next wave.
So the Israelis, if they want to lose less troops, are going to have to sacrifice the first few waves for target acquisition when Hamas, directed by Hezbollah, pops up.
I mean, I'm no general.
I wouldn't go with that plan.
I wouldn't go with that plan.
I would use Moab carpet bombing in lanes and basically just destroy it inch by inch, driving down 200 feet, taking out those tunnels.
They just have to simply make everybody evacuate and then level at least northern Gaza.
That's the only way to do this.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Hang on.
In either option he just laid out, in either option he laid out, that by definition will start a general... Look, the Arabs and the Persians hate each other.
But they hate the West more.
This is nothing but the... We gotta stop calling them Iran, and stop calling them Hamas, and stop calling them Hezbollah.
Those are phony names the media wants.
It's the Persians, it's the Muslim Brotherhood, and it's what, the Party of God up there in Lebanon?
Hey, these are bad actors.
This has been 3,000 years.
You go back 3,000 years, you got the Greeks and the Persians, you got the Romans and the Persians, or Jerusalem, and now it's us, the Judeo-Christian West.
It's a total trap.
It's a total trap, and I think that's why Israel's weighted now.
We're going to have to go in, because they're starting to think a little clearer here.
Well, I'm going to ask Eric and you, what is another way for Israel to neutralize this threat and not walk into this trap that triggers a regional war?
The floor is yours, Mr. Prince.
I mean, remember, the Russians lost 1.2 million people at Stalingrad, so rubbling all the buildings just gives more places for the bad guys to hide, especially if they have access to tunnels.
If they can take out the tunnels, it makes it a bit more even playing field.
I want to go back to all the money.
I think that the FARA, the Foreign Agent Registration Act, has to be expanded to include any hedge fund that takes foreign money.
Uh, where they're taking a two and twenty type management fee that all their lobbying everything else has to be disclosed because they're literally doing the bidding of that foreign LP money.
Cutter and these guys are all over Wall Street, they're all over Silicon Valley, they're in sports leagues now.
They're everywhere.
They're all over Britain.
They own much of London.
Oh, Belgravia and Chelsea and the West Indies.
Just a real quick point here.
Look at what the Democrats, look at what the left do worldwide.
They're deplatforming and debanking and shutting down conservatives because they know cutting the money off.
You're totally right.
The answer is stop giving Iran money and any of these hedge funds caught involved with any of these Islamic groups need to have their money seized because they're not Americans.
They're foreign outside groups.
It's cut and dry.
Instead of the FBI focused on January Sixers and all the rest of this, they need to be arresting people that say, I love what Hamas did.
I want more of that in America.
And then you're going to find that there's money from Iran and there's money from the Muslim Brotherhood.
So this is where you're supposed to arrest people.
This is what the FBI is supposed to do instead of trying to put Steve Bannon and Donald Trump and Alex Jones and Eric Prince in prison.
Because that's all they do is try to put real Americans in prison instead of protecting us from the Islamic disease.
And the same argument for all the hedge funds that take money from China, from the state-owned enterprises.
Billions of dollars.
The audience wants to know about infiltration.
Alex has just talked about the protests in these universities, and the Jewish community is about to see, just like we're fighting on Capitol Hill, who's with us and who's against us, the unmasking.
You're going to have unmasked who really has your back and who does not.
Because you're going to see all these progressive faculty members, left-wing, and all these universities, all of them, you're going to see on protest to have the back of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Not Hamas, not Palestine, it's the Muslim Brotherhood.
Let's get the nomenclature right.
Muslim Brotherhood and the Persians.
What type of infiltration do you expect at a deeper level that the Party of God and the Muslim Brotherhood and the CCP have done with the open borders and other infiltration?
What kind of expectation do you think that we're going to be hit here in the United States?
The millions of military-age males that have come across the southern border without any vetting or border security undoubtedly have lots of operatives that can operate at the behest of an external actor, like the Iranians.
Remember even back in 1986, the captain of a US ship, his wife's car blew up just outside a Navy base because the Iranians already were doing covert action in the United States.
They have extensive network in the United States.
Lebanon, the Iranian covert action, the Quds Force, the biggest money they make is smuggling cigarettes between North Carolina and New York.
Big time.
They make $400 million a year doing that.
Repeat that.
Make sure people understand this.
There's high tax for cigarettes in New York.
So they buy them in low tax North Carolina, drive them up and sell them illegally.
They make hundreds of millions of dollars a year doing that.
Alex, is this, from the Straits of Taiwan, South China Sea, to the Eastern Russian speaking border Ukraine, now to Gaza, and most importantly on the southern border of the United States and in every city, the chemical warfare, fentanyl, is this the globalist war that we have to win?
Well you said it last hour, and of course Eric's the expert.
I mean, all three of us have been criminally harassed and criminally investigated when obviously we're straight arrows.
And so the American people have to understand that our FBI, our Justice Department,
Literally will not lift a finger to stop real Islamic terror or hundreds of thousands of military-age men pouring in here, millions into Europe, and the left is using them as a client group that they can activate anytime they want when CNN goes with the hoax that Israel blew up that hospital, even though within hours it was known it wasn't true.
Where are the apologies?
Where are the retractions now?
Well, they're buried in the newspapers.
So, the left is playing this very dangerous game with Islam that'll tell them whatever they want to hear, and the left is allied
A big giant target and it needs to stop and we need to just, as a grassroots, let the Justice Department and the government know we know what you're doing, we see through it, and when the Islamists, when the Persians, and when the Muslim Brotherhood, because you're right, that's their real names, when they launch their attacks or, I mean, they called an ADL employee.
That the ADL had inside their organization pulling down signs of Jewish hostages, and it's happening all over the country, and then they erase their website about it.
That's how infiltrated... Listen, the ADL, if you criticize radical expansionist Islam, you get criticized by the ADL.
What in the hell is the supposed preeminent Jewish organization in America
Hey, Alex, just hang up for one second.
Short commercial break.
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Alex is going to give you where to go to get it.
Also, we have some announcements of what's going to happen over the weekend because this is going to be action-oriented.
Short commercial break.
Back in the warm in a second.
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