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Name: 20231020_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 20, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses global affairs, emphasizing resistance against globalists and supporting their country. He shares his interactions with prominent figures in the liberty movement, the importance of independent media, and predicts a bleak future for it due to consolidation under few companies. Jones covers censorship by governments and corporations, declining traditional media, resistance against central bank digital currencies, ESGs, and social credit scores. He advocates building new communities and relying on faith and prayer during challenging times. The speaker shares his spiritual experiences, insights about the future, and the battle between good and evil. He talks about independent media censorship, bankruptcy hearing, persecution as a symbol of strength, plans for new operations if needed, and promotes various products available at InfoWars store. Jones discusses Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s situation, plans for new political moves, the unconstitutionality of reparations, and staying informed in the fight against globalists. He reflects on elementary school days, spiritual poisoning of society, power of prayer with family members, and the medical system being taken over by evil forces. The speaker discusses their personal journey, emphasizing staying strong in the face of adversity while dealing with attacks and persecution for beliefs. They share insights into the nature of God and Satan's role as an agent testing humans. The conversation then shifts towards a discussion on the dark side and its seductive nature. The speaker highlights the current global situation, a plan in place for over 100 years to create a feudal system with a tech elite as new feudal lords and a peasant class to serve them, mass depopulation goals between 2030, 2040, and 2050. They mention the need for a socialistic universal basic income that limits individual freedoms and increases control over the population. The speaker discusses plans to dismantle traditional societal structures such as families, nations, communities, and marriages through various tactics including promoting collectivist religious ideologies that undermine individual identity and self-sovereignty. The plan also involves creating conflicts and division using policies like open borders and high taxation on the middle class. The speaker discusses the idea that certain institutions, such as marriage and religion, are under threat from modern society, with some predicting their eventual banishment due to religious institutions being undermined. They mention plans to impose a one-child policy or sterilization for the masses as part of an overall agenda to limit population growth. The discussion then turns to drugs and the occult, with the speaker stating that certain individuals have purposely promoted their use in order to manipulate society and control perceptions. Finally, there is a call to action, urging listeners to fight against these plans for a new world order by embracing alternative viewpoints and rejecting the idea that humans are the problem.

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Many people long for God to do a significant work in their life.
However, they try to bypass the love relationship.
The love relationship is why God created you.
That is far more important to Him than what you do for Him.
Anticipate that the first thing God will do in your life is to draw you into an intimate love relationship with Himself.
When your love relationship with God is as it should be, He will be giving you assignments at His initiative.
Whenever it seems that God is not doing anything fresh in your life, focus on the love relationship and stay there until God gives you a new assignment.
And I just wanted to say, you know, you know what your assignment is, Alex.
And I think those of us who praise Jesus as our Lord and Savior
He is the light of the world.
He is the rock that we stand on.
God is on the throne.
None of this garbage happening in our world today and in our country is going beyond Him.
He knows everything that's happening.
He knows what's happening.
He is the God that puts kings on the throne.
And, you know, God is in control.
And prayer is how we get that love relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ, and our Father in Heaven.
And our Holy Spirit that dwells within us as believers is our comfort, is our guide, is our support.
And we all need to remember that, because I am a nurse.
I was an Army nurse, and I am still a civilian nurse.
And when I see what is happening in the field, the profession I chose, like your previous caller that was talking about his mother being in the hospital, and the garbage that that nurse said to him about, if we want your opinion, we'll ask you.
That's garbage.
It's garbage.
They're arrogant.
I'm infuriated with the people in my profession pulling their turn.
Well, when they take somebody's right, they take their own rights.
And I'm so tired of... When you protect somebody's rights, you're protecting yourself, and that's what the evil ones don't get.
When you trample on a right, you trample on yourself.
That's what chivalry is.
We don't kill women and children because we don't want ours killed.
It's not a wimpy thing.
Exactly, exactly.
And this whole COVID nonsense and everything else, like my advice to your listeners, avoid the hospitals at all costs.
They are death camps.
They want to kill you.
End of discussion.
We saw it all through COVID.
And I'm telling you, go to a frontline doctor.
Find one.
Get one either online, find one in your area, find one that stands for truth and practices medicine based on the Hippocratic Oath.
Stop falling for the medicine.
And that's a free market thing.
There's so many good doctors and nurses.
Find them.
In fact, half of them are great.
Another third are asleep.
It's only like 10% that are evil.
But they're in charge.
We've got to exit us away from them.
What you said about God is so true.
To me, prayer is, I get messages from God.
I open the gate, God gives me messages.
But I've literally had the Holy Spirit let me know, you need to now ask for things.
And so that's what I'm going to start doing, but I think other people get the other way around.
You don't ask.
You ask God to tell you what to do, and then God at a certain point then says, I want you now to communicate what you want, because I don't know how to quantify it, but it's the affirmation.
You have to say what you want before God does it.
But the cool thing about that, Alex, is that God already knows what you need before you even ask for it.
He wants you to ask because He wants the love relationship with you.
And that's why He says, ask and you shall receive.
No, I agree.
And I just, God is so loving.
It's so saddening that the evil people don't know how this love is.
Everything is more beautiful.
Everything makes sense.
Everything is so beautiful and clear with God.
And the evil ones are under bondage.
They don't know how amazing God is.
They don't know God.
Imagine not knowing the Creator.
We have a chance to have a relationship.
And again, like you said, it's not sexual.
But the Bible describes it as the bride and the groom.
It is a relationship.
And it really is.
You're married to God.
That's right.
We are the Bride of Christ!
And he wants that love relationship with us.
We have been called friends to Christ.
We have been called brothers and sisters of Christ.
And Christ is our Savior.
And that is all that he wants with us.
He wants us to love him and worship him.
It's like the two biggest things in our life that we can do.
What is worship?
It's love.
You love a sunset, you are worshiping it.
That's just God's creation.
God just wants communion and
Congress with us.
That's what it is.
We are to love God and enjoy Him forever.
Well, what's the quote?
Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your... What's the quote?
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, all your body, all your strength.
It can go on and on and on.
It's absolutely true.
And, you know, the hardest thing for me as a Christian, as a follower of Christ, is that God calls us
To love our enemies.
I mean, that's like the hardest frickin' thing for me to do at this point in my life.
Michelle, that used to be hard for me, but it's so freeing.
When you hate them, it gives them an energetic... Their hate, you're actually in Congress with them when you hate them.
When you forgive them, they can't stand it.
It heaps coals on them, like Christ said.
And I mean, I know Joe Biden is a worthless president.
That's right.
My opinion, probably a lot of other people's opinions.
But you know what?
In the Bible, it talks about Nebuchadnezzar.
And Nebuchadnezzar turned away from God for idolatry.
And he was sentenced to seven years.
We're good to go.
Is there that opportunity for Joe Biden to be that Nebuchadnezzar?
Because God is the one that is in control and he is the one that puts kings on the throne.
So, all of your listeners, I encourage you, if you are born-again believers, you need to pray.
For our current president.
He may not be what we want.
He may not be who we want.
I totally agree.
We need to forgive our enemies but also not support them and block them and not give them the energy.
Give God all the love and get the discernment back and give the enemy none of the hate they want.
Hate is not the answer.
We have to just be pure and the enemy will fall.
Thank you so much for the call.
It's absolutely true.
It's totally true and
I can't even describe the discernment God's given me.
It's so incredible.
But I'm limited by human speech to even communicate.
It's like x-ray vision.
It's like... It's insane.
And I see these Satanists serving the devil, thinking they're like superpowers.
But then they look at us, that are with God, and they go, shut them down, they're too powerful.
Reject Satan and all his pimps!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones!
It's Friday, October 20th, 2023.
The Deep State is accelerating the global collapse on every front, but we can stop it, and we must.
Tomorrow's news today.
The illegal Russian offensive has been swift, callous, and brutal.
It's barbaric.
Putin's illegal occupation of Kiev and the impending Chinese blockade of Taiwan has created a two-front national security crisis that requires more troops than the volunteer military can supply.
I have received guidance from General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, that the recommended way forward will be to invoke the Selective Service Act, as is my authority as President.
The first to be called in a sequence determined by national lottery will be men and women whose 20th birthday falls during calendar year 2023.
Remember, you're not sending your sons and daughters to war.
You're sending them to freedom.
God bless our troops and God bless Ukraine.
God bless our troops.
God bless Ukraine.
What we just played for you was a sneak preview.
Coming attractions.
A glimpse into the world beyond.
Now that was an AI, I don't want to say recreation, but maybe a pre-creation.
A pre-creation of President Biden designed and scripted by our producers here for the show of what could happen if President Biden were to declare and activate the Selective Service Act and begin drafting
20 year olds here in the United States.
That means if you're turning 20 this year, you would be the first to be drafted using national lottery.
It would then go 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, then down to 19 and 18 in that order.
It's the way it's written.
Do you understand the gravity of what we're talking about?
And I've talked before about the threat of mission
Creep in Ukraine.
Because currently the US doesn't have troops on the ground.
But there's volunteers, there's defense contractors.
Pretty soon there's going to be a question of what exactly is the point where US involvement stops becoming just aid and actually becomes material support to the fight.
Because here's the point.
All those tanks, all those systems, all those weapons that are being sent across, well those need maintenance.
Do the soldiers, do the mechanics, the engineers in Ukraine have the ability to maintain U.S.
Well then we'll say, well we're just going to send a few trainers over.
Now we're just going to send a few auditors, a few inspectors.
And what happens when one wayward missile strike
One wayward air defense, some accident kills active duty U.S.
troops in a war zone.
Even if it's one or two, the American people will cry out for blood.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday, October 20th worldwide transmission.
I am your host Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours.
I have cleared the guests that we had scheduled because I want to cover all this news.
And I also want to take your phone calls here today on the state of the world.
And so we will be going to phone calls in the second and third hour bare minimum here today.
When the news is this hardcore and this incredibly out in the open evil, I am occasionally at a loss for words.
It is unbelievable what is happening in the world.
We have the big mega banks that control the West and most of the planet and control 88% of the world's wealth, literally dismantling everything that they don't own and control, and even deliberately destroying many of their systems to drive us into financial collapse in a post-industrial world.
Moves have been made.
We're now 30% at least.
Less fertilizer has been produced the last year and a half.
That'll kill a couple hundred million people, the UN estimates.
And they're the ones doing it.
It's just insane.
We are seeing death rates bigger than World War II and World War I combined, from starvation and energy being cut off, and the food supply being cut down to nothing.
And if you think inflation's bad here and you think it's rough here in America, we're the best house, again, in a collapsing neighborhood.
So, I really have a feeling of mourning, of great loss,
And also extreme nostalgia.
We've never been perfect, but boy, we've been a lot better than we are now.
And I look at the globalist, satanic conquest of Earth, and I look at the general public who is so naive, even though they're starting to wake up, they don't know what they're about to wake up to.
Yes, there's a big awakening happening, but is it enough?
Or will it be a day late and a dollar short?
So I'm pretty shook up right now.
There's such a normalcy bias by the average person to think that the good times are going to keep going on forever, and they're not.
The good times, boys and girls, are over, and hell is now here.
You may be a lover.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming to you from deep in the heart of overrun Texas, I'm your host, Alex Jones, broadcasting worldwide on this Friday, October 20th, 2023 transmission.
I mean, wow!
Man, this is gonna be rough.
There's no doubt the globalists are marching us into full nuclear war.
Almost every even mainline analyst says it's a probability, not just a possibility now.
We have insane meth-head government.
Most of them are on Adderall.
Completely insane.
They have a confirmation bias of getting away with every crime they commit.
I mean, I don't know where to start.
I was watching earlier this morning when I got up about 4 a.m., Senator Josh Hawley yesterday, grilling the head of the $400 billion program in the Department of Energy, doling out $400 billion to their minions and to themselves.
I mean, we're talking hundreds of millions to Obama, hundreds of millions to Al Gore, hundreds of millions of this group, that group, billions of this group.
And they're grilling him and they say, so you get paid, and you go to paid events, where people come and pay to hear you speak, and you're the head of this program, and then you dole out money.
And he goes, yeah, what's wrong with that?
Now remember, what was it, 12 years ago, Congress got in a lot of trouble for insider trading, so they just passed a law that they can insider trade.
Now if you or I do that, you go to prison.
Here's a little example.
I own no stocks, no bonds, because I don't want to get distracted by it.
And if I was actually in that arena, I'd make a lot of money, but I'd be diverted from my main mission.
But Joe Rogan told me six months before anybody else that he was doing the Spotify deal and told me not to tell anybody, so I didn't tell him.
He was here visiting Austin, looking at houses.
This was like four years ago, three and a half years ago.
And I didn't even tell my wife.
I didn't tell friends or family.
I instantly, when Joe told me,
Didn't even say to him, um, wow, you ought to buy a bunch of that stock.
I never talked to him about that.
I just said, okay.
Well, that's interesting.
I'll keep my mouth shut about it.
And you know, what neighborhoods should he look at?
And I told him a few neighborhoods.
That's exactly where he ended up moving.
I said, well, if I had the money and I was going to live somewhere, I'd live on Lake Austin right here.
And he actually moved in right next to John Paul DeGiorgio, who's a friend of mine, a great guy.
I'll leave it at that.
I'm a big patriot.
I bet he lives next door to them now.
That's where I said I would actually move in.
Strangely enough, I actually got that house there.
But the point is, I'm not name dropping with that.
Imagine, I could have run out and bought Spotify stock, and their stock went up like 50% right after that.
And I could have made hundreds of millions of dollars.
The regulators would have looked at it and said, he knows Joe Rogan.
They would have investigated it and it probably wouldn't be illegal for anybody else to do it, but with me, I'd be in federal prison right now.
So that's my, that's my life and my job.
That's why I don't own any stock.
I don't own any portfolios, any stock.
And in fact, it's very liberating to have a house and a couple of cars and
My integrity.
And it's been a purification process to have the system think that taking wealth away from me does anything when all I care about is reach and ideas and people's minds and souls.
And that's really my goal.
And I've had some very interesting meetings in the last month that I'll leave off record and will always be off record with the most prominent people pretty much in the world.
I mean, you could probably imagine some of the people, but
I mean, I'm in Fight Club, and I'm Tyler Durden.
And I don't say that from a power trip perspective, and I'm not some socialist destroy-the-capitalist Tyler Durden.
That's actually how they see themselves, but they're the bankers blowing themselves up and us along with them.
It's just I want the listeners to know you're supportive of this broadcast.
has put us at the intellectual tip of the spear in liberty movements all over the world.
And I have had the most prominent people across the board tell me, you're our guru, you are the leader, we listen to you, and we make a lot of our decisions, if not most of our decisions off of what you say.
You are our prophet.
And I'm like, I'm not your prophet.
And this is how I do it.
One individual is going to go public with that soon, and that's fine.
You'll hear them say that.
But I just want listeners to know we have had invaluable success here.
And I want you to understand that you are the reason that we have a fighting chance against the New World Order.
Now, the flip side of that is the globalists have all the phones tapped and everything else tapped, and they know the real influence.
And they also have these big AI aggregation systems to see where things trace back to, and they've written tons of articles, and the CIA's put out articles, and the Department of Justice has, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ADL, and all of them saying, most of the time we track back the disinfo and the lies that are unseating them to this man.
But it's not this man.
I want you to understand this.
It's all of you, it's our guests, it's this operation, and what we've done, because we don't just reach millions of the common folk that are so important.
We reach the intelligentsia that is the resistance, and that's why I came in with Helter Skelter, the Motley Crue version of the Beatles, is because... In fact, guys, print me the lyrics to that, please, and bring it in.
I'll put it on screen.
I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you.
I'm talking to the establishment there.
I would die for the success I've had.
I'm successful
Because they want people to think when they attack me and lie about me and try to destroy me and make me a demon with the folks that are still under their spell, they want to tear me apart in front of you just to say the man is a loser and the man is a failure.
And if you stand up, if we can destroy Alex Jones, we can destroy Donald Trump, we can destroy Elon Musk, they're trying to, and Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson, if we can destroy
Your leaders, we can get you and we are going to get you.
When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride till I get to the bottom and I see you again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, do you?
Don't you want
To love you?
I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you?
Tell me, tell me, tell me, come on.
Tell me the answer.
You may be a lover, but you ain't no dancer.
Dancer, dancer, dancer, dancer, dancer.
Now, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter, yeah!
Will you, won't you, want me to make you?
I'm coming down fast, but don't let me break you.
Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer.
You may be a lover, but you ain't no dancer.
Dancer, dancer, dancer, dancer, dancer.
Look out!
Helter Skelter.
Helter Skelter.
Helter Skelter.
Oh, look out!
Because here she comes.
When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide, and I stop, and I turn, and I go for a ride, and I get to the bottom, and I see you again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, do you?
Don't you want me to make you?
I'm coming down fast, but don't let me break you.
Tell me, tell me, tell me your answer.
You may be a lover, but you ain't no dancer, dancer.
I'm gonna stop there.
The globalists can pretend like they're in control.
They can pretend like they've got all the power.
They can pretend this time tyranny is going to work.
And yeah, it's going to work real good.
You're going to kill almost all life on the surface of the planet.
So I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you.
And I'm on the right side of history.
And because of the audience of activists who I salute, those who are about to die salute you.
I salute you, because this is a spiritual experience, this is a spiritual undertaking, this is boot camp, and a lot of people aren't going to make it through this course.
But a lot of us are.
And that's what everybody ought to know.
Don't fear death, but fear He who can kill the soul.
And know that those that persecuted Christ are going to persecute you, because they're of their Father, the Devil.
Tomorrow's news today will plunge into all the news straight ahead.
Stay with us.
I already computed more than 20 years ago what's currently happening, and I've talked about it quite a bit, but I think I should give you a briefing on it.
And it's an important topic for millions of the establishment to explain the tyrant's social engineering, cultural economic engineering blueprint.
I've got all this other huge military news and economic news and top scientists and top doctors confirming over the top heart attacks and myocarditis and blood clots and more from the shots.
We're going to get to all of it today and then your calls.
But I wanted to talk about something now because this isn't me 20 years ago saying this was coming.
This has now happened and it just happened this week and it got almost no attention.
And these are just the first dominoes to fall.
So let me start at the beginning.
If you just go back to the 60s and 70s and 80s before that and right through the 90s.
There was still a lot of investigative reporting going on at the New York Times, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune.
60 Minutes still had pretty hardcore reporting because it was exciting to, you know, ask Albright, you killed half a million kids, is it okay?
He says, yeah, I'm proud of it.
Or to have Soros say, I think I'm God.
We played the clip yesterday, and I am God.
And I'm proud of what I did for Hitler.
They don't ask those questions because they know to keep their head down to get their paycheck.
Now how did they get the corporate media that can be pushed for a war, pushed on an election to get behind a narrative, but it was only part of the time that it was a narrative, part of the time that they had an exact diagram or color within the spaces, color by number.
So there was a few areas on the painting
That they had to do as they were told, but they had other areas they could, you know, still have the illusion that they were free and independent.
So the globalists, the big banks, didn't like independent media, even though different groups owned it, and it was still only, you know, 10 main companies that controlled almost all of it.
They would still let the news divisions have a little longer leash.
Well now they pull the leash all the way in by buying them up by consolidating 98% of the ownership down to four companies and now they got the dog right by the scrub of the neck and they're lifting the dog up like a 30-pound dog and they're strangling it and it's flopping around and what happened this week is it passed out and it'll be dead in about two minutes and in political time in about a year.
You're going to see almost all of the old corporate dinosaur media bankrupt.
It'll go under like Newsweek, and then it'll be sold to advertising consortiums, where any PR group that wants to can go write an article, and then you'll see it there if you got the money.
And it's really a consortium of the CIA and think tanks and PR firms that are doing that.
And the model of Newsweek, Madam President, remember they said that the day before the election in 2016,
And of course they already had hundreds of thousands printed up.
That was Newsweek destroying itself and right after that they went bankrupt, they went under, they sold.
And so, remember Mark Zuckerberg about seven years ago said it's going to be like hospice with the legacy media.
I call it the dinosaur media, the MSM media.
We'll hold your hand while you're dying.
And they said, well that's not good, we'll call for Congress to regulate you, and we'll sue you, and we'll do all the rest of this.
They said, no, no, no, it's okay.
We'll magnify you on all our front pages, and we'll delist and push the bottom, and now they just totally removed the independent media, but you will be force-fed to everyone, and so that brought their profits back.
Google, Facebook, all of them, because they work in concert, they're run by the Deep State,
All of them but Twitter.
And Musk is already saying forget mainstream media anyways.
They all, this week, sent out messages to the dinosaur media and officially pulled the plug on Monday.
Like they all met on August 16th, 2017.
2018 was it?
And then they banned me the next day and Tim Cook said we all met and decided to curate
Like in a museum, you just take this piece out and put a new piece in.
And we just decided, no real reason, we just got rid of Alex Jones.
And they were like, well, we need a reason, so they dredged up Sandy Hook after that.
And then said what I'd said that I didn't say, and then had the show trials and the rest of it, but it was all a large CIA operation that's come out now.
So what happened this week?
Well, Google, Facebook, all of them sent a message and said we're no longer partnering with Legacy Media, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Washington Post.
We're ditching the quote news.
Wow, what a statement!
That's in The New York Times.
We're ditching the news.
And so, a month ago, they said, we're delisting all independent media, left, right, center, globally.
You just won't be allowed on Google, period, non-searchable.
It won't be page 20 or 30.
You will not exist.
It's the same thing as taking your URL away.
That's the next step.
And the dinosaur media had orgasms of glee, ran around giggling and laughing.
It was just so delicious.
They've been working with big tech to censor and push lies and disinfo and shut down their competition.
And now a month after they make that final big move against real media, open free media, media where you get to make a choice.
It's not perfect, but it's not owned by them.
And then they just said, well, and we're done with you too.
And then now Google and all of them are going to put out their own news.
And you don't even know who writes it or who does it.
And it'll be one unified voice.
And I guess the globalists want some competition in that, so Elon Musk is over there as, I guess, the loyal opposition or whatever you want to call it.
So this is real.
This is a big discussion.
This is a big topic.
And I said decades ago this would be the process.
They'll have legacy media help be the watchdog for tyranny and Spotlight who needs to be shut down and they'll be force-fed for a while so that the quote journalists get in line to, you know, be successful.
I like it many years ago to IBM engineers who were told, you're now going to train your end-to-end replacements.
That was happening 20 years ago.
I lived on a street that had, the street had three IBM engineers, older guys, really smart.
They're only making, you know, $200,000 a year, but they were doing very well.
And they were still completely capable of everything, but they were like, yeah, I've got a one-year contract, he's got another contract, but we're all gone after that.
They said, well, you know, we're training our replacements and that's just how it is.
And so that's what the legacy media did, is they went along with destroying all the new independent press and helping surveil and tattle and do all that.
And then now they're being shut down.
So Silicon Valley ditches news, shaking an unstable industry.
News organizations are scrambling to adjust to the latest rift in the long
Fractious relationship between publishers and tech platforms.
No, you made yourself obsolete.
You opened the drawbridge to the enemy.
You sold out instead of being unified together and the real power you had.
That's why the old media was controlled, but they knew to pull the chain and the establishment to let them know, hey, we got a big swing and ding dong too.
But you didn't do that.
You chopped your ding dong off.
And you got under their wings of the dragon, and now the dragon is eating you feet first.
We'll come back and talk more about this and shift into all the other news, but the dinosaur media is going belly up completely now.
So a month ago, I pointed out that Canada, the EU,
Australia, New Zealand, they're all passing laws to filter out and block independent media.
They passed a law in Australia where the government can break into your social media account and steal your identity and say horrible, disruptive things to stop your movement.
That's espionage.
That's North Korea stuff.
That's Xi Jinping, Communist China.
Thoroughbred tyranny.
And they just did it.
And I said, I said, next they're gonna, after they've delisted, which Google already did, any news site that they don't accept or doesn't go register with them, and then every article by the corporate media has to be certified and submitted to them to even be searchable, that's for the corporate media, that next they would just drop them entirely.
And so a massive movement, that's just gigantic in the information landscape.
So when the New York Post says, no, actually the Hunter Biden laptop's real, you're election meddling two and a half years ago, three years ago, well you never even get to see it.
Unless you stop using Google, but people are still addicted, 93% of the world's searches are that.
So because there hasn't been an exodus from this by the independent media, and because
The corporate media, the dinosaur media that is seen as obsolete and a competitor to the uniglobalist party, didn't understand their power was in at least occasionally wielding power, exercising power.
But notice now, it's not dying with a bang, it's dying with a whimper.
And I've called it zombie media, dinosaur media, enemy of the people, and there's a lot of names for it.
It really is zombie media.
I mean, the average show on CNN has 100,000 viewers, or a little under that, 96,000 viewers was the latest number, lowest ever.
I mean, at its peak, Larry King Live had 15 million viewers.
They thought getting rid of him and bringing in Piers Morgan, of course, it went way down from that.
Because all the flashy, cool, trendy, you know, people at CNN, oh, you know, a Brit, he's intellectual, he's got a British accent, and of course, people didn't want that.
People don't want crossfire, Republicans and Democrats arguing, something might get said we don't control.
So it's been this long de-evolution, this sinking into the mud, this collapsing sandcastle, and I just sat back and I've been saying it like a parrot, this is true, the corporate media is slitting its own throat.
But they're too arrogant to admit it.
And this goes for the military and the lawyers.
This whole system's gone.
When they say you'll own nothing and be happy, because you'll be dead, most of you, they mean it.
When Klaus Schwab says we're going to put microchips in you to buy and sell, they mean it.
It's being rolled out.
It's being announced.
And you're like, well, I won't do it.
Well, you won't eat.
And you've got to oppose this now.
You've got to beat the central bank digital currencies and the ESGs and the social credit scores now, not once you're in the bear trap.
You don't want to step in the trap.
And we've got our foot hovering over it, and a bunch of countries are already in it.
So you're having war waged against you.
And I know it's, I've called it a term I coined, mass Stockholm syndrome.
And women particularly are susceptible to this, but so are men, that when women a lot of times get kidnapped, I mean, in 24 hours, they're given the kidnapper who didn't even ask for it, you know, a blowjob.
And that is, you can call it an evolutionary thing or whatever, to survive.
But see, when your captors are planning to kill you, it's not survivable to pretend that you've ingratiated yourself with them.
And that you're protecting yourself by doing that, you're not.
It'd be like if sheep had higher IQs and they're being put on a truck to be shipped to the slaughterhouse, and the sheep say to the farmer, hey, you sure are handsome today, or man, you're a neat person, I really like you.
Instead of running away, getting out of the fence, heading to the hills.
But they're sheep, they don't do that.
So, here's what I'm saying.
You can keep pretending, whether you're a general in the military, or whether you're a professor, or whether you're a big Wall Street fancy pants, that going along by increments with this is getting you ahead, and you are smart to do this.
You can keep pretending that, but that's a lie.
And I think it's pretty clear to everybody now that it's only going to get worse the more we comply.
Resistance and saying no is victory.
Building new communities is the future.
And it starts small, a little garden in your backyard and getting to know who the good neighbors are.
And it gets started with praying to God and getting yourself right with God.
Obviously, I've been vindicated.
I don't care about that.
But it makes us more successful to warn people in the future, so it's a good thing.
But I wish we were being discredited because we stopped it.
If we were able to stop this in its tracks, people would say, the corporate press would say, Alex Jones is a horrible person.
But you see, by necessity, by fact, by reality,
You're going to go through so much hell and you're going to see stuff you couldn't even imagine happen under this new world order that no matter what they do or what they try, in the future, my name will be on everyone's lips and whispered in the dark of night, hoping that the drones aren't tuning into it.
Now, I don't say that from a power trip perspective.
I say it from deep understanding and vision.
That I told you about for more than 20 years that literally 1997 or so I'm sitting after doing a two hour plus show by myself eating a chicken fried steak and the restaurant was about to close at like 930 at night and it was like the walls came off the place spiritually and I was just in God's presence and I was told this is all gonna happen and you're gonna go through hell
And there's different paths to the future, but here's some of them.
And are you ready to accept this mission?
You say you want to atone for killing your children.
I've murdered my children, had them chopped up and vacuum-cleaned off to some biotech firm.
Do you really want to do this?
Because unlike the devil, the Holy Spirit is very honest.
And I said, I sign up for this.
I want this.
The issue here is this is incredible.
And what you are doing is incredible.
And the awesomeness of the universe and what God's created is staggering.
So when we look at these slaves of Satan like Joe Biden and Obama and the Rothschilds, all of them, they're the losers.
They are a joke.
And the people that serve them, skip the break, the people that serve them and grovel at the altar of worldly power
Are the people we've lost.
And we should mourn for them, and quite frankly have pity on them, because they sold their souls without ever knowing what hit them.
And so, if you think people are saying Alex Jones is right now, and I take no pleasure in this, it's the opposite, it's the reverse.
I wanted to really try to stop this.
And God will stop at the end.
It'll go so far.
But I was arrogant.
Because I kept thinking, as an optimist, that I could swim upstream against prophecy.
And that somehow, we could avert this.
At least a hundred years, like Jonah being sent to Nineveh.
And they got a hundred year reprieve.
And they were destroyed.
But by necessity, we will be destroyed.
This civilization you see will be destroyed.
And the globalists are trying to step into that.
They understand it's going to be destroyed by the laws they've broken against God.
So they're pretending they're presiding over the destruction as if they're in control of it.
They're pretending, just like their minions have Stockholm Syndrome, mass Stockholm Syndrome, and see this evil, and this corruption, and this conquest, and this corruption, and this power, and this ruthlessness, and they say, well, I'll just join with it, and it'll eat me last.
Whereas if you didn't join with it, you wouldn't have been eaten ever.
But you see, people really don't learn by example as much as they do
By experience.
So you can't be told about the Matrix.
You gotta experience the Matrix.
All I'm offering is the truth, nothing more.
But now, you're going to get front row seats, and that means you're in the middle of it.
Because there are no spectators.
To hell on earth being released.
I believe there's still time to avert this.
And I know that it's our job to oppose it and fight it because that's the test God's given us.
So regardless, we've got to resist it.
Or we are with the enemy.
And it is a great delusion and a great spiritual force that assaults the psyche and attempts to take you over.
It is very seductive.
Believe me, I'm tempted.
I know.
I understand it.
You do not want to be tempted by the devil himself.
I have been.
It's not fun.
But I have resisted the devil.
And I have refused the devil.
Through Christ.
And I tell you that you will be separated from God for eternity with these entities if you do not realize you have free will, you have a spirit, you are eternal, you were made by the God of everything.
And I've been born again.
And that's why I have articles everywhere saying you don't have free will.
They don't want you to have will, so their will is active, and you don't realize you have a will.
You have incredible will.
You envision an airplane.
You create it.
You envision an atomic bomb.
You build it.
You see that woman that you're attracted to, and you like her, and you fall in love, and you make a new creature that has free will.
Look at these headlines.
scientist Robert Sapolsky says humans have no free will.
Wait till I read this article.
It's disgusting.
You have nothing but will.
You are will.
That is what your consciousness is.
A plant has the will to survive.
And you are so much more advanced than a plant.
So in hindsight, let's sit back and let's look at this.
Big tech, now that dinosaur media has been its aid and its foil and its shield,
To, quote, journalistically police everybody else out of existence as the priest class.
Now that the press has become the executor of the First Amendment, the hangman, now you yourself are being marched up to the gallows.
You lowered the drawbridge to the enemy.
You were traitors.
They're not going to leave traitors in positions of power.
They don't want traitors at their backs.
You're being taken out like the garbage.
And it's a cautionary tale, a real-life parable, of all the rest of the people selling out to evil and thinking it's gonna get them ahead or make their position better, or they'll get patted on the back by all these other fake people.
Silicon Valley ditches news, shaking an unstable industry.
Google lays off its news division.
John Stewart Show at Apple's ending because he criticized Communist China.
No, no, no.
Oh, you were the guy saying censor everybody and now you're censored.
But he's also a failure.
Show has almost no viewers.
That's why you're gone.
You're used up.
You no longer have any value to your masters.
You gave up your value.
You cheapened yourself.
Down to nothing.
And now?
You are nothing.
And all your money is going to be worthless.
Because you had no values.
You had no courage.
You're like a leaf in the wind.
You have no roots.
Alright, that's just one stat of a whole bunch.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 stacks.
27 stacks.
And all of it is just as important as that.
Because the quickening is here.
Not a singularity, but a quickening.
Now, I want to get into the war news, and get into RFK news, and
Instead of being emotional about things, actually be Machiavelli.
Not that we adopt Machiavellian policy, but that we see through the eyes of the Machiavellians.
But first, because the corporate media is going to tell you a story, and I've already saw it last night and today, almost none of it was even reality-based or true.
And you notice that when I declared bankruptcy over a year ago, we were supposedly all going to be gone.
And there's so many lies, and it's not about me, because it's a program against all of us.
I'm just tested on first.
That you hear Jones refuses to pay the 1.5 billion to these people.
Well, I don't have a million dollars.
So to say, Jones refuses to crap 100 carat diamonds.
Well, I don't crap diamonds.
Or Jones refuses to show us where the Lucky Charms leprechaun lives at the end of the rainbow and give us the gold.
I don't know if a leprechaun's ever seen a bucket of gold.
Or Jones refuses to tell us where the unicorns live.
And again, they know what they're doing.
They know it's all just for dumbed-down, feeble brains.
And then they say, well, Jones refuses to pay.
The lie that I have the money, but the bigger lie is we have appeals in this country.
It's going to the federal courts.
It's in there.
And I simultaneously was out of money, so I declared bankruptcy.
And they say, oh, that's to hide his hundreds of millions.
Where are the hundreds of millions now?
I've been investigated by the federal courts with auditor groups they sent in here at great expense, because I knew I didn't have anything to hide.
And that was the exercise, because I knew it was never about money.
They said it wasn't about money.
But that way the world sees the truth.
So I knew it was going to happen.
None of us were naive around here.
And it's a process.
So, InfoWars will be here for a long time, as long as you support it.
That's the way the law works.
Me, personally, I will be attacked and financially attempted to make me quit.
That just makes me work more.
So, that's the process.
But if you want to keep us on air, you need to go to InfoWarsStore.com and get great products that enrich your life already.
And we haven't ended the big sale, just because I don't even have stuff to be on sale, basically, for a couple weeks.
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And of course with the products.
And the way the system's set up, as long as we can operate and stay on air, the way they've set the legal system up is we'll just be in a fight forever with these people.
People say, oh, that's terrible.
They'll never stop coming after you.
They never stop coming after anybody.
It's like saying, I don't want to go lift weights because it's hard.
It just makes you stronger.
That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
And so it's simple.
As long as our mind control doesn't work, we don't go anywhere.
And our
Credibility is at insane levels with the most intelligent people on earth that are on our side.
I've met with many of them just recently.
And they're not backing down.
They're not going away.
And so I want to thank you all for keeping us on air.
Let's go to this report.
It's on Infowars.com.
If you want to share it, we're going to have a proper update on what's really going on.
And then I'm going to come back with all the military news and all the health news and the political news and the congressional news and just the pedophile news is all over the place.
It's insane.
That's all coming up.
But first, here's this breakdown.
I want to respond for the benefit of our viewers and listeners and supporters with the facts of the truth.
You're going to see headlines all over the news, Alex Jones loses bankruptcy hearing.
And that's not what happened.
I want to state the facts for you here right now.
When rigged, controlled juries that were told in Texas and Connecticut last year that I was guilty by a judge, and the judge told the juries to find me guilty, and they allowed false evidence that I have hundreds of millions of dollars into evidence.
It was all over then.
This was judicial tyranny against the American people.
So I laughed at the time when they were giving billions of dollars to people whose names I never talked about, never said, didn't even know who they were.
This was the weaponization of the judiciary.
So I declared bankruptcy, because back when I declared bankruptcy, I had a few million dollars in the bank.
Since then, I'm upside down, but I'm still in the era, and that's what matters.
So the federal judge in Texas basically nixed out most of the claims in Texas, but then said the stuff in Connecticut can go forward, and it's not dischargeable, and said it's up to our appeals.
Now remember, when you see these headlines, Jones refuses to pay $1.5 billion to Sandy Hook.
I have a right, you have a right, to a jury trial, but we didn't get that.
The judge found me guilty in Connecticut, Texas beforehand.
And I also have a right to appeal.
So our appeals will take years, those are ongoing.
But I declared bankruptcy because of all the litigation, we didn't have any money.
We're maxed out.
and so
We're going to take your money away doesn't exist because the money doesn't exist.
It's all political.
It's all a message to you that if you stand up against corruption, if you stand up against open borders and human smuggling and World War III and the pedophilia and the transgenderism, we're going to get you.
Their attack on me is a message to you to shut up and roll over and be bullied and be intimidated.
So my lawyers predicted, and I predicted, that the Texas case would get limited because it was so outrageous, and the Connecticut case would go forward, but it doesn't matter because the money doesn't exist.
And I always have a right to be on air and communicate, and because of their persecution, we are hotter than ever, more requested, more demanded on shows all over the place.
InfoWars is exploding.
So, Alex Jones personally is being crucified, and they're coming after assets that don't exist.
I don't care about that.
Here's the bottom line.
The real victory here is the Connecticut lawyers and Senator Blumenthal who runs this.
Their victory in cutting Texas out of this massive $1.5 billion verdict that doesn't matter because I don't have a million dollars.
I'm over a million dollars in the hole right now, personally.
And I'm preparing to sell my car and all the rest of it.
I don't care.
What matters is the free speech.
And Christ said, if you're for me, the world will be against you.
You will be persecuted.
So I expect this to happen.
It's happening to President Trump.
It's happening to you.
The inflation is destroying the American people.
They're getting another $100 billion for Ukraine right now.
It's disgusting.
You're going to see all the announcements that I'm done, I'm over, and we're defeated.
But Mark Twain said, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
They kept saying he was dead all the time and he didn't die for like 30 years.
So, I want to quote Mark Twain again.
In the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated, feared, and scorned.
But in the end, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
I am so blessed to be in the crucible, so blessed to be under this attack, and so blessed that all this is going to play out.
Because at the end of the day, they won't take my free speech away, I'm still going to be on the air one way or another, and the money doesn't exist, so they're not going to get that.
They've said, we don't want to settle, we don't want what you've got, we want to silence you.
They've set it on the courthouse steps.
They've set it inside the phony trials where I've already been found guilty.
And so to me, as long as their mind control, as long as their Jedi mind trick doesn't work on me, I continue on.
I win.
It's not working on me.
Don't let it work on you.
Your support of InfoWars.com, your support of Bandai Video, your buying of the products, your spreading the word, your sharing the links is scaring the establishment to its core.
Now, it gets into complex issues, but free speech is separate from me.
Free speech is still on air, operating going forward.
And if they shut that down,
We got a thousand new operations ready.
But it looks like they won't be able to.
But regardless, Alex Jones' persecution is a symbol of our strength.
It's a symbol of our will.
It is an honor as a warrior for humanity to stand for the people and to not back down.
I knew this was coming.
I'm surprised they haven't already killed me.
So I'm here thanking you for your support.
So what you can do now is spread the word about the broadcast.
When they demonize me and lie about me, stand up for me.
Because they see me as an archetype of you, as the populist man, standing up for freedom.
So, this victory is Connecticut swooping in and getting the billion plus dollars from Texas, which doesn't exist!
It's like they're fighting over a lottery ticket that's six months old and was a bad number.
So I don't like to laugh at these people, but I mean, I don't know how you don't.
I am upside down a million dollars, personally.
I've never been happier.
Thank you so much for your support.
Thank you so much for your word of mouth.
And don't let these wizards, these alchemists manipulate your mind.
The globalists are losing.
Populists are being elected everywhere.
And they're indicting them, whether it's Bolsonaro in Brazil, or whether it's the leader 20 points ahead that's a great patriot in Argentina.
We're getting people elected in Italy, and Sweden, and the provinces in Canada.
There's too many examples to list them all.
We are winning.
The Globalists are losing.
And as men that asked for the fight and got in the fight, when the enemy hits us, we got to expect that.
We stood up.
We asked to take our licks.
And we're getting what we asked for.
So I'm so happy right now.
I'm so invigorated right now to be standing with you.
That's the truth.
You'll find the reality of what's going on at InfoWars.com forward slash show and all the interviews I do and everything else we do.
But regardless, it doesn't matter.
I'm standing before God right now.
God's watching.
And what God wants is me to put in 110% and I fall like the Alamo.
It's an example to everybody else to win the larger war.
And if I got to fall like Colonel Travis and my family and my history in Texas, I'm reliving that again.
And if that's the case, and I'm supposed to be an example to people, this is a honor.
But regardless, I'm gonna fight all the way, as hard as I can to the end.
And I appreciate you all.
God bless, and good luck.
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We're good to go!
The globalists are taking down humanity that killed millions and millions with starvation, millions with their poison shots.
We're in hell.
We live in hell.
And it doesn't stop till we wake up to it and admit it that we got psychotics running things.
Do we have nothing?
But pure, absolute disdain for the people.
We're going to stay in the fight, because God's watching.
That's what all of this is about.
So, I'm going to play this little piece.
Keeps us on air.
It's an amazing opportunity.
Guaranteed collector's item.
We'll come back, and we will then plow into the military news, the election news.
There's so much of it.
It's really important.
I hope you tell everybody you know, and those you don't know.
Tune in now.
Because this is critical information.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
It's Friday, October 20th, 2023.
I'm gonna also give the number out coming up.
We're gonna take a ton of your phone calls today.
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Target acquired.
Satanic forces attempting to destroy human population and planet Earth.
Engage enemy.
Point blank range.
Weapon, the truth.
Spirit of God and His inner face with us.
Holy Spirit, please enter this dimension.
Flood us with discernment and will and strength and love and the courage to overcome the forces of Lucifer.
All right, let's plow right into it right now.
Stand by, I'll be giving the number out to take your calls on the cascading global crises we're now living in together and how to stop it.
Okay, let's just go over the list here of the war stack.
Boy, is it big.
Biden declares Israel and Ukraine's support is vital for U.S.
security, will ask Congress for $100 billion and then some.
So I know you've gotten war fatigue, the vast majority are against it, so let's just get the next year's war money on top of everything now.
But look at this.
Will the Biden administration formally declare the Hamas slaughter Israelis a war crime?
So we're not officially at war, but we've got to have $100 billion to fight a group that Obama, excuse me, Biden, just sent another $100 million to this week.
Now, now, now, let that sink in for just a minute.
Just the logic of that.
Won't call him terrorist.
Sends him $100 million.
Gave him $6 billion five weeks ago.
Gave him $87 billion a year and a half ago.
Gave him all that rest of the money.
Just goes on, it's too much to track even.
Makes the head swim.
And... They won't list him as terrorist.
Now just mull that around in your noggin for a little bit.
They're literally creating the enemies and then making hundreds of billions of dollars out of destroying the brainwashed, mind-controlled fools that are willing to blow their eight-year-old up with a suicide vest for $50,000.
That's evil!
That's what Brzezinski writes about in his books.
One of their top strategists.
Made him burn in hell.
Along with his daughter.
For the morning Joe.
He says in his books, I've read them all.
Read all his books, like eight of them.
How they control the opposition as well.
Doesn't mean they control all the opposition.
Anybody they don't control, they're after.
They don't control me, they don't control Trump, they don't control Tucker Carlson.
They don't control Joe Rogan.
I can tell you that.
He's fully awake now, but being very tactical with what he does.
And I'm not giving a secret out, the enemy knows that.
So, they're in a race against time as humanity awakens to them.
Biden delivers Obama's speech, wants $100 billion for Israel and Ukraine.
The U.S.
is dangerously close to being pulled into a Middle East war.
CNN, think so?
We're in a war.
New rocket attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen suggest prospect for regional conflagration growing.
diverts ammunition from Ukraine to Israel and yet another blow to Zelensky.
So see, the U.S.
is maxed out.
Oh sure, Yellen says we can fight unlimited wars and other Fed leaders, Federal Reserve leaders, private Federal Reserve leaders say, oh there's no amount of money that's too much, we have unlimited.
It's delusional.
The vast majority of Israelis believe the government stood down.
Most Israelis think Netanyahu is responsible for failing to prevent the Hamas attack.
By the way, speaking of Biden not listing Hamas as a terror group and sending them money, the Washington Post that's in the stack, I'll show you screenshots of it.
They didn't correct it, they just erased it.
They called an Israeli school bus that they shot up and grabbed the kids.
They called it, they detained the children.
They're kidnapped, but they're detained.
That's like, somebody dies, you're burying grandma, she's been dead for a week, and you're there at the funeral, they're hoisting her down to the ground.
Oh, she's resting.
She's taking a nap.
A dirt nap.
Russia will pay the price, Israeli official.
Threatens Russia in, next after Gaza, on Russian TV.
He's the head.
Of the third largest segment of the Likud party.
Ooh, that's biting off more than Israel can chew.
But again, it's anti-Semitic if I don't want Israel to nuke Russia, then everybody in Israel dies.
Israel airstrikes hit ancient Greek Orthodox Church, kill Christians.
They're admitting they did this, saying the bomb missed its target by about 50 yards.
Just blew up a 1,900-year-old church.
Fox's Brit hymn, what a joke, gushes over Biden's address.
One of the best, if not the best, speeches of his presidency.
Weaponization of fanaticism.
Why leftists love Islam even though Islam hates them.
Washington Post gets eviscerated for horrible choice of words about Hamas kidnappings, then try to cover it up, saying the children were detained.
lawmaker demands Biden to classify intelligence on Gaza hospital disaster.
Cornell professor who was exhilarated by Hamas's attacks is now very sorry.
forces attacked in Iraq as Biden was preparing to speak from the Oval Office.
Also military bases overrun in Turkey, but it's barely even in the news.
Putin's war, week 86.
The very resistible force meets the immovable object in Donbass.
And then we've got Germany with stabbings and shootings and burnings, and all the hysteria breaking loose, and terror alerts here in the United States.
That's just some of the news in that stack, and a storming of the Capitol and attacking the police, not called the worst thing, worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-1-1.
No, no, mostly peaceful protest.
So that's some of the news on that front.
I want to give the number out.
And let's do first-time callers in the first round at least.
That's 12 callers on the board.
The phone system can take hundreds of calls.
There's 12 on the board.
I can see when we take calls.
We're going to turn on the computer system.
Turn on the phone system so you can call in.
And just give me your take on what's happening in the world and where you see this going with massive inflation and incredible warnings from the big banks who are about to have a depression and talks of more rate hikes that will just further squeeze the public but won't stop inflation.
Where do you see all this going?
How are you dealing with this?
What are you talking to your neighbors about?
Are your neighbors waking up?
Are we all just going to go over the edge of the cliff together?
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
We're taking first-time callers.
Something the social engineers really don't like is us being able to communicate with each other, but we're doing it.
And we're blessed and honored to carry on this American tradition here together.
Now, when we come back, Mark Dice,
Got people to sign a petition to arrest people if they question the election.
And then he did this in 2020.
We're going to have a flashback.
It's on Infowars.com.
You'll see the full report.
But they are now arresting people.
Trump and many others were questioning elections.
So we're going to be looking at all of that coming up as well.
And what's really going on with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who's done irrevocable damage to the globalists,
Exposing open borders, carbon taxes, the poison shots, SSRIs, glyphosate, you name it.
But what's he doing right now?
Is he going to hurt Trump running third party or is he going to hurt Biden?
Well, we've got a clue here when we come back.
RFK says we must set federal dollars aside for reparations.
What's really behind that statement?
The universe is not a one-way street.
The streets go in all directions.
Tear y'all bleedin'!
I know I scare the New World Order.
Because you sold out to the wrong entity.
You failed.
You fell even further than we've already slid as I and many others try to drag us up into the stars with unlimited reach and capacity and things the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, the mind has not dreamed and instead you deny what God's given us and refuse to take part in this great opportunity.
So, you will be cut off.
I will never see the light of Lucifer.
Lucifer is only the light bearer.
Not the generator.
The generator.
The source.
The key to infinity.
The secrets of Solomon.
and beyond.
We hold the keys to destiny, but we have to unlock the door and submit to God.
All right, we're loading the phone lines up right now.
Be patient.
It takes time to get your name and where you're calling from and go to.
We don't screen your calls.
All we ask for is a clean phone line.
All right, so Mark Dice is such a smart guy.
I love him to death.
Love humanity.
Love all the different amazing souls.
And he knows right when to re-release something.
So, three years ago, or two and a half years ago, when they stole the election, he, in 2020, right after the election, this election, he went out, the full video's like eight minutes long, we're gonna play a short clip here, full video's on m4wars.com, and he talked to people in California, and the majority of them said, no, we want to arrest people that question the election.
Well, the Democrats always question ones they lose, and it's your right to do.
But see, this isn't three years ago or two and a half years ago.
This is all these indictments of people, including the president, who's way ahead in all the polls, total election meddling in front of you, and then they say, if you don't like that and say it's happening, how about the Justice Department indict your ass?
And they're building all these new federal prisons everywhere.
Well, they released the violent offenders, they got them all nice and sparkling ready for you.
And they say, if you protest the next lockdown, they're gonna lock your ass up, because the UN's in charge.
Not coming with blue helmets, coming with ambulances, coming with doctors, coming with hypochondriacs, coming with people that buy whatever the newest thing is, hook, line, and sinker.
The people that live the lie, the people of the lie.
Here's Mark Dyson.
We want to stop these Trump supporters from continuing to say that Joe Biden stole the election.
You're not allowed to say that on social media.
It violates the terms of service.
But we want to start arresting them because they're still saying it out and offline.
You know, after the January 6th incident, they banned anybody from claiming that there was election fraud on social media.
We live in Arizona, so we get it.
Well, we'll start arresting them and stop them one way or another.
Love that.
Thank you.
You know, right after the January 6th insurrection, Facebook implemented a policy.
You can't say that Joe Biden stole the election.
But people are still saying that off Facebook.
And so it's time that, you know, they start getting arrested.
Thank you very much.
I'm not sure what country they think they live in where they can say such things, right?
I appreciate that.
You know what?
They keep making claims about... Yeah, we're gonna start arresting them.
Facebook implemented a policy after the January 6th riot that you can't make election fraud claims.
But people are still saying those kinds of things face-to-face.
You have to be like 18 or something.
Yeah, you're too young to be talking that kind of thing.
If you can't say it on Facebook, why should you be able to say it at the dinner table?
Thank you.
They're undermining our democracy by making such claims and we feel the best way to stop that is to arrest them, so we just help to support the cause.
I need a few more signatures to stop them.
After the January 6th insurrection, Facebook
Banned any talk of election fraud because it undermines democracy.
Just print here, birthdate and a signature.
You know, have you seen they changed the terms of service?
You can't say that widespread election fraud caused Joe Biden to win, but people are still talking about that kind of thing offline.
And so we're going to stop them and save democracy by having them arrested.
All right, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Well, that certainly is informative.
Now, that was two and a half years ago.
Almost three.
That was in December of 2020, right before the quote, insurrection, the worst thing, worse than Pearl Harbor, excuse me, worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than I don't love it, but here I say the attack on the Capitol.
That was, that was fine.
That was a good thing.
According to the media, corporate media, the enemy of the people, dinosaur media, whatever you call it.
Now, that seemed absurdist back then.
We played the clip then.
I said, it's not absurdist.
I said, this will be their plan.
And now the 45th president of the United States, 70% numbers against the Republicans.
All the other candidates get 30%.
20 plus points ahead of Biden.
In skewed polls, where they oversample Democrats.
And, but we're not election meddling.
We're just, Biden says we're going to legally go after him.
He said last December.
Ten months ago, he said, we're going to use a constitutional law to stop him from running.
Said the disgusting, flaky, pedophile.
But the globalists love it, that big, ugly,
Gross creature demoralizing us.
It's just, they love it.
It's such a sick thing.
It's like a, I love it, grab a kid and rape him and torture him and kill him.
It's just, it's, it's take something innocent, destroy it.
Well, then it's the same thing that this ugliness of just Biden up there melting in front of us like the witch in The Wizard of Oz.
I mean, look at him.
He's literally melting with that weird devil chin thing all of a sudden.
Meth's a terrible thing.
Bombed out of his brain.
Alright, I'm gonna talk about R.F.
Kennedy Jr.
Is he a Trojan horse?
Is he a bad guy?
My instincts
Well, I'll tell you what my instincts think when we come back.
But if anybody can pay attention, you can see it.
Like, the average person is going to read this, the average right-winger is going to read this, and they're going to say, oh my God, he's a horrible communist.
But when you read deeper into it, what does it really mean?
But it could be a deception at that level as well.
So, we're going to go deep on the other side, and then your phone calls, Captain America, Caitlin, Dora, Chuck, Bill, Marjorie, Tyler, Jonathan, stay with us.
We're going to talk 3D chess right now.
This isn't some cute crap.
This is the real deal.
This is Jones Brain stuff.
Once you see it, you can't unsee it.
It's all real simple, folks.
A man's gotta live by a code.
You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for it.
I'm 1776.
You're a white man!
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out of the way!
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
We're going to your phone calls, Captain America and others first up here in a minute or two.
But I could talk an hour about this, but I'm just going to spend a few minutes on it right now.
And I'm going to tell you what my intellectual research shows and what the Holy Spirit's telling me.
And the older I get, I'm almost 50, I learned never ignore the conscience.
That's the interface between God, the infinite, and our minds and souls.
But I can also give you contemporaneous examples.
If somebody murdered your father, pumping a bunch of bullets in their back right in front of you, when your dad was the Attorney General of the United States and you totally admired him, and thought he was God, you think you'd sigh with the people that killed your daddy?
What if they blew your uncle's head off on national television right in front of you?
And you went to his funeral?
You think you'd, uh,
Sell out to those people?
RFK has been through a process of awakening.
And when I saw him become this huge force and the Democratic Party block him out of the primaries and change the primary rules, even worse than they did with Bernie Sanders, who was terrible, but they did steal it from him.
I knew that he would run third party because he's in a vengeance match against the Democrats.
But the polls are scattered, the scientific polls, and even the top experts, because I've talked to a lot of them, I'll leave it at that, some of the main topics we've had in my secret little rendezvous recently.
Is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
going to hurt Trump third party or strengthen Trump?
And I believe he will be able to pull more from the Democrats.
But what I told people a couple weeks ago in meetings is if he comes out with red meat to the Democrat base and usurps and turns to the left, he's trying to beat Biden.
If he goes further to what they call the right or the populist movement, he's trying to hurt Trump.
And I said, I believe he will take a massive, vicious turn into pure communism.
Here's my moral dilemma, and I basically have Asperger's, or I'm not saying I have that, but something like it, I have this neurotic thing to tell the truth.
I think about strategy, about the enemy, but I don't think about, this is really important, listen to me, I don't think about, because my mindset, the enemy fears, so we need to look at what is the mindset, something more retrospective.
Why do I come out and tell you the secret about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
When the enemy's trying to figure out what they're going to do to him, I tend to project on them they're smart.
I project on you you're smart.
I bet on you.
But also to underestimate the enemy.
So why am I going to give the secrets of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
out here when the globalists aren't quite sure about him?
I just can't help it.
It's like the photos of the Delta Force guys getting released by Biden.
They're out there.
Any real enemies have that now.
Plus those guys stand out like a... like Big Bird, you know, at a church service.
I mean, it's just, it's... Oh, that's not a commando over there.
It's certainly not.
I mean, you can't hide it.
That's a beer old Superman.
That's the best we got.
At least, I mean, in a world of soy boys, sticks out like a sore thumb.
But it's still rude to show you the real photo.
And plus people aren't that smart might think it was like some attacks.
I'm like, okay, out of respect, I won't show it out there.
But this is dumb that the cow already left the barn.
The horse already left the barn.
The kid already got hit by the car.
But I'm digressing.
So because I want you to know my mind.
I want to know your mind.
I want you to understand where I come to these conclusions so that you can come to these conclusions or with your acumen or your gravitas or your skills, your gifts that you bring to the table, because I respect you, how we're going to win.
So I'm looking at Kennedy and people said, is he good?
Is he bad?
What should we do about Kennedy?
And a lot of folks said, let's go ahead and go after him.
And I said, wait, hold your fire.
If he makes a giant turn to the left in communism, and I didn't know he would do this, but boy, this is like the biggest signal ever.
If he makes that turn, you know he's a kamikaze mission against Biden.
And I said, I believe he'll do that because they killed his father and they killed his uncle.
And he did it.
I hate to give away this stuff, because I wasn't told this by Kennedy, but I know this.
He knows when he does this, it's going to make the right wing attack him.
He's smart.
And then Trump's going to attack him.
And even though Trump knows this, I think he should go ahead and attack him.
And then he'll get even more Democrat votes.
I'm sorry, I said I go to your phone calls.
I just, I just, like when we play Machiavelli, we're so much better than them.
So, ROK Jr.
says we must, there's video of this, set federal dollars aside for reparations.
So, totally unconstitutional, total garbage, never gonna happen.
If your dad murders somebody and you're not involved, you don't pay reparations to your dad.
Plus, if your eighth grandfather back owned slaves,
How the hell do you then pay money?
And most people came here after the Civil War.
Most whites, ancestors, like 2% of the population owned slaves back then.
So now something like 30% of whites had some ancestor that owned slaves.
A bunch of blacks owned slaves.
You didn't know that?
How are you going to deal with that?
It's untenable.
It's a joke.
It's ridiculous.
You can't convict somebody for what their eighth great-grandfather did back.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
But it's like, oh, we're going to forgive student loans.
Keep dangling it, dangling it, dangling it, dangling it, dangling it.
Go to Captain America in a second.
So, this is Kennedy on a kamikaze mission against the Democrats.
And I just feel like there's got to be some place where people don't play politics.
Because there's a lot of other smart people involved politically, but they still play along with manipulations.
I don't do it.
Israel didn't blow up that church.
They blew up an Orthodox church, that's real.
They didn't blow up that hospital.
They didn't do it.
And now they admit they did.
Now I'm right.
I said day one, they didn't do it.
You can see the evidence.
Israel did stand down.
Somebody has just got to call balls to strike.
Somebody's got to just go, I'm not in any of these cults except the cult of truth.
And anybody that actually has a real political brain sees this, and this is perfect.
And it won't matter I'm giving you the inside baseball.
I know most of you already figured this out.
The left is going to love this and want their free goodies.
The Republicans are going to attack Kennedy now.
And he's literally energizing all the Trump people to ensure Trump gets all the votes that he would have gotten.
He's isolating himself from Trump and going to the Democrats to take his voters.
I mean, it's pure genius.
So yeah, if somebody killed my daddy in front of me when I was six years old, I wouldn't like them very much.
And he said this, the group running the country, killed his daddy.
Is RLK on our side?
Man, if you ain't for your daddy, when they shot your daddy in front of you, you ain't for nobody.
And everybody has stuff about Ken and Blood.
But I think the most tribal people I've studied, other than maybe the Sicilians, is the Irish.
You kill some Irish people's daddy in front of them, you think the Irish give up grudges?
You don't know the Irish.
So... He's real, folks.
Get it through your heads.
I'm done talking about it.
Alright, Captain America, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, thanks a lot for taking my call.
Thank you very much.
Been a first-time caller.
Been trying to get in for the last 20 years.
Started listening in September 12th.
And I see you're active duty Air Force.
What do you make of all the fiascos?
Oh man, the fiasco.
We just got out of a commander's call and he was just expressing his concern about, you know, how we're going to go kinetic and, you know, there's going to be a lot of people getting pushed out and, you know, the whole world's on fire.
So it's...
Well let's slow down and make your points because yeah, they don't have two aircraft carriers there for no reason.
They don't have Delta Force there for no reason.
It's a lot more than 4,000 troops already in Israel from the U.S.
The U.S.
is looking to what, take southern Gaza, pose as the humanitarian folks, and then ship these Islamists here.
Yeah, well, this is all part of the Marxist-Communist ideology that they've been pushing on every institution that they've took over since, what, 1950s?
I mean, this is all the long-game plan.
That's what 9-11 was about.
That's what that whole COVID lockdown was about, was to basically consolidate and liquidate power and transfer of wealth.
And we're watching this happen in our military, in our schools.
Yeah, like you said, it's all systematic, it's all planned.
You know what's really crazy is that you're watching the right side.
I'm going gung-ho for this Israel thing.
We stand with Israel and I keep saying I don't stand with anybody.
I stand with America.
Why are we sending our sons and daughters to go die in cold water?
Exactly, it doesn't mean you're against the Jews.
But I'm sorry, our country is collapsing.
We can't be with Ukraine.
We can't be with Israel.
Israel can take care of itself.
Stop it.
Israel funds Hamas.
Here's the thing, Biden's giving money to Hamas.
It won't call them terrorists, but we're supposed to then give a bunch of money.
I'm done.
It's insane and, you know, you get these people... I mean, why are we sending our sons and daughters to die for another country that has perpetrated this?
Israel's got 2,000 nuclear weapons!
Stop acting like... Let me stop digressing.
Get into what you're coming... You said you just got a call, they're telling you to get ready to go kinetic.
So yeah, we're looking at definitely something.
We're going to start sending people over there.
We're training people to get out there and come back home.
Yeah, it's pretty wild.
You know, really quick, I just wanted to plug real quick.
I've been buying your shirts since you started making them.
I'd love some more shirts.
I'm waiting for your X3 to come back.
I just started taking your nitric boost and your brain force and, you know, that's what these people really need to start taking to get their brain right and start thinking straight.
Well, let me ask you and become 100% honest.
Did you notice any nitric boost?
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Definitely a lot more energy.
I'm able to get out there.
I get up at 5.30 in the morning and work out for two hours and then go to work for six, seven hours and get off of work.
It's definitely a huge improvement.
Well, we don't sell it as a libido thing, but that's really what I noticed right away was major blood flow.
Love it.
Yeah, you know, FEMA Region 10, there's a lot of liberals over here, so it's hard to find a good person to experiment.
Well, it's easy to convert liberal women, man.
Yeah, this whole entire, you know, the gas prices over here in Region 10, I mean, it's almost $5.
The housing market, you're looking at houses that were sold two years ago for $100,000.
They're on the market for $350,000 in the ghetto.
Yeah, that's where all the inflation is going, is into real estate and energy.
So, I have some, you know, links in the commercial real estate and they've been telling me, listen, hold out because this recession is going to come and there's going to be tons and tons of housing that's going to be out of market.
Oh, that's right.
The bubble is already popping.
I don't know how people are getting by right now with this inflation.
I don't know how people are making it.
If you don't have a nest egg, if you're not saving your money, I don't know how people are making it with the prices.
I mean, you're looking at... Well, I go to restaurants.
I go to restaurants that used to be packed and they're like half empty.
Yeah, yeah.
Restaurants, I mean, like, you know, you've been talking about it for years.
You look at the shelf in the supermarket and they're all empty.
Even you go to these big communist box stores like Walmart, you know, you walk in there and you're like, holy cow, there's no chips on the shelf.
There's no food on the shelf.
All the canned foods are there, but none of the other products.
It's insane.
But yeah, I really don't know what to...
It seems like it's futile.
They're crushing all the small people.
It's the communist Marxist ideology.
The Liberal Party, the Democratic Party has been hijacked for 50, 60 years.
No, you're totally right.
They want to make poor people poor because then they think the poor are stupid and will ask for more communism than put them in this position.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go to Marjorie in North Dakota.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hold on one second.
I'm here.
Having some fun with the callers today.
It's always fun.
Go ahead, Marjorie, you want to talk or you want to get on air or not?
Yep, I sure do.
It's actually McGuire.
I'm sorry I read your name wrong.
I'm 50 feet away here.
It's all good.
Not a problem.
It's a unique name.
Hey, following that first caller, I got a plug nitric boost as well.
I'm a big gym junkie.
I love going to the gym.
I've always taken Nitric Oxide Boost my pre-workout and I switched it out with Nitric Boost once it came out.
I just got a compliment just like a few months back.
I was out at a bar drinking and had a girl come up to me and told me that my veins looked amazing in my arms because I popped a few Nitric Boost before going out.
It was pretty awesome.
But anyways, I'm calling to Oregon.
I got this idea about organizing what I call, like, veterans of the information war.
Kind of taking the business model, I guess, if you will, of the VFW or the post 9-11 or the American Legion.
But starting something like that.
I've been trying to kind of, you know, gather info warriors myself locally here in North Dakota, but if we got the tip of the spear, Alex Jones, InfoWars, and like all of these independent journalists starting to kind of
Push for a B.I.W.
is what I call it, Veterans of the Information War.
I think that'd be a good way to kind of bring that fight here to America.
Consolidate us, veterans of the information war.
Well, I mean, veterans talk about how they're veterans of wars, but this is the Battle of the Republic, and all Americans are veterans of a bio-attack with COVID, and a bio-attack through the shots, and we literally are veterans of the war against the New World Order.
That's not talk.
You're in a war.
They don't want you to know you're in a war.
You're in a war.
A hundred percent.
So anyone that's awake to that and has, you know, has woken up from their slumber is a veteran of this information war.
And if we started like, I kind of see it being somewhat of like, if you like started a VFW or a VIW and started putting up posts across America,
Yeah, we should start a shirt that says on the back, like a concert shirt.
I survived the open borders.
I survived the fentanyl.
I survived the COVID release.
I survived the poison shot.
And like, you know, the tour dates.
And like, veteran of the battle for the republic.
It's a genius idea.
I appreciate your call.
We're going to move quick now.
Let's go ahead to Caitlin in Georgia.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
It's great to talk to you, sir.
Hey, Alex.
Can you hear me okay?
I can.
Yeah, it's great to talk to you here for the first time.
Okay, thank you.
I know I gotta be quick, but just to answer your question and add my own commentary, your question of, you know, what are you doing right now to get through these times?
I've always had this strange optimism and hopeful outlook.
I feel like it's God-given, but I feel like we really are living in the days of Matthew 24.
I mean, you know, the wars, the rumors of war, and when they describe the birthing pains, you know, you can feel it.
You can just feel it.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And the caveat to that, even though I've always been a very hopeful person, ever since I was like 12 years old I've always felt like I was going to live to see something
I don't know.
I've just always had this weird haze when I'm trying to envision the future of my life.
It's just crazy to see that it's actually coming to fruition now.
That's perfectly said.
You look out and you see an end of time there.
I was always involved in politics and ideas and attracted to military manuals and history.
And then I had experiences and I was picking up the potential future like sonar bouncing back on a potential destiny.
And then as I took that destiny and believed it and followed it, it's now manifesting.
That's incredible.
It's not like the secret, like Oprah says, you believe something, it manifests.
You have to have the right environment, the history,
And then you're picking up on your potential destiny that you then hone in on like a heat-seeking missile.
So it's not that you've discovered and made the future.
God already had a path and the future was there if you chose that future.
Yes, sir.
But in the meantime, you know, I'm trying to just get ready any way I can.
Yes, sir.
I've got an Alexa Pure.
I've been taking bodies just to support you in the show.
I actually just secured a bottle of Conspiracy Bourbon.
I'm going to give that to my boyfriend.
Well, he's a lucky man.
You sound like an amazing lady.
Thank you.
I try.
I really try.
And I enjoy listening to you every day.
I'm self-employed, and I take you in and out of people's houses with me every day, and I listen to you while I work.
Well, thanks for putting up with me.
Any other points you'd like to add?
Sorry, I'm at a loss for words.
I understand, honey.
It's good to talk to you.
Sorry, what?
I just keep fighting the good fight.
I don't know how to do anything else.
I appreciate you.
I couldn't solidly put a gun to my head.
It doesn't happen.
It's not what I do.
And that's what you don't do either.
So it's called total commitment.
And once you're committed, it takes you over.
And there's a real power in that.
Yeah, people say, oh, what are you doing selling liquor?
It's for adults over 21.
Take high quality Kentucky bourbon to fund the operation.
George Washington funded himself with whiskey and beer with Sam Adams.
So you got a problem, you got a problem with George Washington.
Has all the other great products in the place of Conspiracy Bourbon at ConspiracyBourbon.com.
It's going to sell out quickly.
We need a lot of funds to fight this war.
It's a historic piece.
You need to get it.
One more call.
All right.
We've got two minutes and 15 seconds.
We're going to break.
Jonathan in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex, I've been listening to you probably since I was 12 years old.
I'm 22 now, and just love it.
You've been right more times than I can count.
Well, I wish I wasn't right, brother.
That's for sure.
I wish we'd have stopped it.
I know, I know.
I've been following you since when we had the things with the FEMA and National Guard and all that in Texas with the tunnels under the Walmarts, all that.
But my question is, what would be the best thing for Americans to do domestically and globally to
You know, I mean to do this all the time, and I say I'm going to pray, and then I don't.
I'm a very private person.
I don't pray out loud.
I pray privately.
I pray a lot more than I used to, multiple times a day now.
I used to pray like once a week.
We need to pray.
I agree, definitely.
I was going to ask as well, could I pray for you and the show real quick?
I'm going to go to break.
You can come back.
I'd love to hear from you, Jonathan.
You can pray on air.
Don't hang up.
And I'll say a prayer at six after.
I keep saying I'll do it, then I come back and I don't do it because it's very private with me.
But God really touched me a few months ago and said, you need to pray every day on air.
And I've not followed that direction, and I'm going to start doing it.
In fact, I'm going to start praying on air every day.
I mean, we're on the verge of nuclear war, and now is the time to pray.
I don't know when is, so I just, it's a big deal to connect to God.
I'm always in God's presence, but when I start to pray,
I just, it's hard to talk.
I feel it right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
America's not perfect.
For instance, the colonies were founded, and the U.S.
was founded off of tobacco and whiskey.
That's a fact.
Sam Adams didn't just produce beer, he produced whiskey.
He was one of the main patrons of George Washington in that war.
George Washington helped paint troops with liquor that he himself produced.
That's an amazing part of Americana, and we should use this responsibly.
You know, sometimes I go four months before I have a cigar,
Or before I have a glass of whiskey.
But I tell you, there's a lot of great whiskey out there.
But a few years ago, we ran into some great folks that are craft whiskey producers here in the United States.
We're big listeners.
And they said, we've got some of the best whiskeys produced in Kentucky, Tennessee, you name it, with people that won't turn over their whiskey to anybody else that they want to bring to you.
And these guys put out some of the top names in the country.
Some of the highest end specialties out there that sell for $500, $300 a bottle.
And they said, but because we support you so much, I looked it up, it was true.
We're going to let you sell this to people at a fraction of the price.
We're going to come out with a Kentucky bourbon that is high quality for a fraction of the price because we want to support your broadcast.
And that was about two years ago.
I said, great, let's do it.
Then about a year ago, they bottled it.
It's a very special bottle.
A collector's item.
Conspiracy bourbon.
And they tried to bring it into stores where they already had their other products.
And all hell broke loose.
And they went through so many attacks trying to bring this to the public.
And that made me go from just letting them use my name to promote this to me getting fully behind it because they're trying to stop us.
When we just launched this a day ago, they took away the banking of the company with the website conspiracyburber.com, but they had it back up within just an hour.
So they are literally trying to shut this down.
They're so scared of us moving into the culture that the globalists control.
If you don't drink, that's great.
More power to you.
But if you like a good bourbon, you like a good Kentucky bourbon, a good Kentucky whiskey, this is amazing.
And folks, you've got to check out
This bottle for yourself.
If you've got a blacklight, this bottle is very, very special.
No one that we've ever heard of has come up with a bottle like this, that when you put a blacklight on it, has all these secret messages.
Yeah, the CIA created the term conspiracy theory, tried to demonize people that questioned official narratives after they killed Kennedy.
But now we wear that attack like a badge of honor.
I would imagine when many of you see this letter you'll try to go buy it at ConspiracyBourbon.com.
You want to be able to get it.
This is exclusively available at ConspiracyBourbon.com.
It's the only place you can get it.
There's a lot of secrets about this bottle.
A lot of special things that are about to be connected to it.
Special reports.
Investigative reports.
You name it.
To the folks that go...
We're all being slowly poisoned physically and spiritually together.
We all know we're dying.
Dead already.
But our spirits live on.
And that's the most important thing to know.
It's quite the realization.
It's quite the thing to face.
Now, we should pray more on the broadcasts.
And when I pray privately,
Get much more connected to God.
And it's a private thing, but God has told me I should pray publicly.
And then I try to hold back.
And it's not like I'm embarrassed.
It's just that my relationship with God is very private.
At the same time, I realize God's the only way out of this, so we should put God front and center.
So if God tells me to pray in public, I'll do it.
And I guess I just gotta get over it.
But it's... I don't pray out loud, so it's... It's not... I never ask for anything.
I just connect with God.
I get a download, so it's hard to talk while you're getting a download, and to open up the gate and to be in the presence of that, it's obnoxious to even talk.
So I get prayers are great, it's kind of a low-level thing people do around the table, it's important to do, but it's... I'm great at interrupting guests when they're not on topic, but I'm not good at interrupting God.
Perhaps I can channel part of that.
Awesome task, and that's actually what I do.
Little fractals, little bits of God's wisdom matriculate down through my imperfect vessel.
But hey, we got Jonathan held over, but some stations don't carry the segment.
Just hold over again, John, and we'll come back to you in a minute here.
You know, God wants us to ask for things, though.
And, you know, not ask to win a lottery ticket, not ask to... You know what's so awesome about prayer?
My prayers always get answered.
But it's so strange to ask, though.
It's an awesome thing.
And the Bible says what two of you agree upon on earth is done in heaven.
I have prayed only three times for my father, and instant results.
There's something about praying with your father or your mother or your children.
That's why they want the churches shut down during the lockdowns, because it opens the gate, folks.
I mean to say power is a joke it's it's fathomless it's it's unmeasurable it's unlimited but you've got to be in alignment and it's not black magic it's the opposite but there is a price to pay and so when you open the gates interdimensionally it
Has serious ramifications.
We're going to open the gate when we come back.
We're going to open the gate.
Stay with us.
Alright, let's go back to the callers here and I'll say a prayer here in a moment.
I don't know what I'm going to say.
But you want to say a prayer, Jonathan, in South Carolina.
Go ahead.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, right now, in the name of Jesus, I pray for complete protection for Alex and his family, the show, the employees.
I pray for wisdom, strength, for peace and healing right now in Jesus' name, that no weapon will prosper against us in Jesus' name, that the victory will be for the righteous and not for the unrighteous in Jesus' name.
Amen, I appreciate your call.
You know, to me, prayer is an affirmation of accepting a mission.
I don't see prayer from my spiritual life that is my real life as a request.
I see it as an acceptance and as an opening the gate to receive God's will.
That to me is prayer.
So I don't ask for things in prayer.
Very rarely have I. And it's frightening the fact that when I have said the prayers that are in alignment with God, it has happened very quickly.
All right?
So this is what the enemy fears.
They don't like this.
This is what they, above all, know will defeat them.
And so again, it's such a big deal to me.
I'm like a guy at the edge of a cliff right here.
Prayer is not a game, okay?
God's real.
And unlike Satan, who tries to manipulate you and rape you, and force his way on you, God is the complete opposite.
God wants a relationship with us.
We are the bride, he is the groom.
That's beyond sexual.
But with Satan it's the same way.
It's a sexual assault on the psyche.
With God it's completely different and it's not a God's having sex with you.
It's more like God is getting you to procreate and build life and accept God's program and we're the egg and you know God is the other information that we accept and then it happens.
And so everything is Genesis.
Everything is procreation.
And so to pray to God is to interface with God.
It's not just something you do before you eat dinner or some quick ritual.
It is the most powerful, important thing, by light years, you will ever do.
So I... Skip this break coming up.
I'm gonna really... I'm not building this up.
This is a big deal for me, okay?
Because I just receive.
But God wants us to reach out.
God has told me to pray and ask God for things.
So this is my directive and I will do it.
And God said pray publicly.
And it's been very strong in my heart.
And I'm sure I'll get better at this as we go, but I will do the best because I'm a very humble person in front of God.
I think you all are as well.
Our Heavenly Father, we are so thankful for the gifts of consciousness.
We are so thankful for all the beauty and all the goodness you've given us, and we are so sorry that we have not followed your directions, and we humbly ask you to forgive us, please, and to help us save the children and the innocents.
Please help us.
We know we deserve to be judged as adults, and we understand whatever your sentence for us is just, and we accept that.
On the name of the children and the innocents,
Please give us the direction we need to stop this and to be strong.
We know you give us free will.
We understand it's a decision we make, but we ask you to come into our hearts and lead, guide, and direct us.
We ask you for disarmament against the enemy.
We ask you for direction.
We ask you to raise us up so we're in perfect vessels against the enemy.
and to guide us on our missions.
And we ask you and we seek your face humbly and we repent to heal our land and to heal us and to give us the greatest amount of protection that you can give us if it's in your plan.
If it's in your plan, we know you work in mysterious ways and if we were to be destroyed today, it's a blessing.
We thank you for everything.
We ask you
Let this cup pass from us.
Your son paid the price that it would pass for us.
We ask you to pour your spirit out on the earth and we will be, as best as we can as felled servants, instruments of your will to carry this out.
We know we have free will.
We ask you, willingly,
To take us over and to remake us in your image and to sanctify us and to raise us up so that we might be on the front lines of the fight against this evil.
And we know that means a physical cost to our bodies.
To our families.
But we choose this war.
And we ask that you commission us in this fight now.
In the name of your son and your sacrifice.
Jesus Christ.
That's my prayer.
Let's go to Minnesota.
Let's talk to Chuck.
Chuck, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, not every day you can say, I just got to share a prayer with Alex Jones.
I'm putting that one right in the bucket list.
No one's taking that one away from me.
Not every day I get to talk to Chuck in Minnesota, brother.
I love you.
God loves you.
What a beautiful spirit and soul God created.
You are fearful.
You are, you are, the Bible says like every new soul God creates is, is, is, is frightening in its potential.
Like God is creating something that if it serves evil is a, is, is a, is a monster, but for good is so empowerful.
I forget the exact quote, but it's,
We are fearfully made.
Guys, pull the quote up.
We are fearfully made.
I mean, it is when God made us, God knew he was creating.
Look what we envision we build.
This is just the beginning.
Go ahead.
I was going to come in and give the old Alex Jones roar, but I don't want to kill the moment here, man.
But, uh, well, so I just kind of wanted to thank you for kind of really explaining.
I've been sending a lot of people to the whole Israeli situation.
I'm like, Hey,
Put your phone down for 15 minutes.
Just let him and Reese just explain it to you a little bit.
Give you the backstory on it.
Because everyone keeps coming to me.
I'm like, I'm just an info warrior, man.
The only backstory you need to know is that Biden just sent $100 million to Hamas.
He won't declare them terrorists.
We're told it's a national security situation.
And he gave $6 billion to the Iranians.
It's all contrived.
Israel stood down, killed their people.
The Jews aren't to blame.
The government is.
The whole thing's a setup for World War III.
Yep, yep.
I'm not having it.
I ain't falling for it again, because I tell everyone, look how they did the whole propaganda machine for Iraq and Afghanistan.
Just because it was 20 years ago doesn't mean they're not going to try and do the same old CIA crap they always do.
Well, you're absolutely right, Chuck.
What do you think's next?
Oh, well, I'm going to kind of go off topic here.
So my mom, she's been in the hospital, you know, August.
She kind of had a bad infection or whatnot.
Took her out for a bit, and then the last two days ago, she went in the ICU, right?
You know, just something's going on with her blood.
You know, we're not quite sure.
My sister suckered her into the jab, but now I'm kind of getting them to realize it.
She goes over into normal care.
Lady comes up.
I go to the nurse.
I ask her, hey, miss, you know, I'm not a doctor.
I'm an auto mechanic.
I don't know.
You know, just maybe it's this, maybe it's that.
She looked me dead in the face and just said, we'll ask for your opinion when we want it.
And I said, whoa, one second here.
That's my mom.
Pretty sure she's paying for your beamer that's parked out there.
Oh, they've totally turned most of the medical system into the real Nazis.
They're the implementers.
They're the tyranny.
's making its move because we trust them.
The U.N.'
And we've got great people in the medical system fighting back, but the corporate medical system is the leading edge of the enemy.
Well, it turned out they give $40,000, it's the same all over the Western world, $40,000 to pediatricians that get a hundred, two or below, injected with the COVID.
So, so, they're like, hey, your kid's got to take this COVID shot.
They're getting money to kill your kid.
I mean, again, it's corporate, it's okay.
Well, I mean, he would have said, hey, kill your neighbor, $10,000, that's illegal.
But it's the corporation.
Oh, take the shot.
You get $40,000 if you get a hundred two-year-olds or younger injected.
Folks, figured that out yet?
Those kids are bare minimum sterilized.
And I know that's horrible to say.
Face it, people.
That's the reality.
We're in it.
I covered that three days ago.
Let it sink in, Chuck.
$40,000 for every $100.
It goes up.
So you go to the doctor, you gotta inject your kid with this cover shot.
Well, I don't want to.
Well, I'm gonna fire you.
It's experimental.
Get out of my office!
Because they're there preying on people.
Potentially killing 100 children for $40,000.
Oh, my blood's boiling.
Oh, they mean business.
But these are cowards.
These are flathrags.
These are, these people, I mean... Bottom feeders is what I see them as.
What they are is yes men.
What they are is they're gonna burn in hell.
Because they don't just worship some golden calf.
They worship an idol of Moloch that kills children.
These are Moloch worshipers.
40, now if you ask, if you hand it to the nurse or the doctor, here's the 357 Magnum, blow that year old's head off, and you get 40 grand, they go, wow, that's illegal.
But as long as the system advocates it, says it's okay, but they don't tell their patients, I'm getting, it came out in the news, 40 grand!
53,000 to put them on an innovator, to put them on a, put them on a, what's the damn name of it, a, it'll pop my head in a minute,
They literally have bounties on people.
What do we have to lose?
And again, to the average jackass federal prosecutor or Democrat, you think we're scared of you?
You're already murdering kids all around us.
I mean, it's like, it's like, oh my God, you're going to take my money away.
You're murdering people all around me, giving $40,000 bonuses to give babies a shot that destroys their immune system, destroys their
Hearts destroys their fertility.
You can put a gun to my head and say, kill this baby or I'll blow your brains out.
I'd say pull the trigger.
Well, it's the same thing, but see, they're spiritually capturing the medical system, brother, to do this.
I appreciate your call.
I should have made a bigger deal about that.
Like on Monday, I spent 20 minutes on it.
In fact, re-pull my stuff from Monday.
Look at your text messages for me.
I didn't know about that bounty.
It was in the federal documents, like, $40,000 for every pediatrician, for every hundred children.
They give the COVID shot too.
You think the government's paying that because they like the... No.
They're sterile.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, it's just, my God.
But see how they make the evil palatable.
Oh, it's medical.
Oh, it's a bonus.
Oh, it's a, you know.
Remember Oxycontin?
They had bonuses for doctors that got people addicted to heroin, or synthetic heroin.
We're like, oh, that's the evil company.
Those are lightweights compared to this.
So there has been a taking over of the medical system.
It's almost complete.
And it's coming for you.
And why would anybody sign on to that?
I mean, if I hypothetically, and I'm not saying I'd do this, it's hypothetical, I would never do this.
If I put on a mask and stole a car, so I know where my car was, didn't have my cell phone on me, and there's ways to do it, and I pulled into a bank, and I walked in and said, put the money in the bag, and then I went ahead and just shot a couple tellers for fun.
For maybe $20,000.
And I killed a couple tellers because it made me feel big.
Just shoot them right in the head.
That's the satanic energy.
I got the will.
I'm doing it.
It's fun.
I'm the boss.
They get $40,000 for every 100 children they inject with that.
They're going to have heart problems, blood clots, death.
Got stacks of articles on it today.
But see, oh, it's a white lab coat.
It's okay.
It's like Sam Bankman Freed and the crypto fraud.
Came out in court, he sent emails around saying, wear mismatched socks, look disheveled, that makes people think we're non-threatening.
I told you, Bill Gates, the pink sweaters, all of it.
They were in black uniforms.
Imagine you walk to the doctor, they're wearing a Count Dracula outfit with a red cape and fangs.
Hello, take a shot right over here.
You'd leave.
It's like, I'm a libra, I'm Sam Begman III, you know.
It's for the children.
I'm gay.
I'm Tim Cook.
I run death camps in China.
Oh, I'm Tim Cook.
Oh, look, look.
Look, I'm gay.
I'm gay.
I'm wearing a pink sweater.
I'm Bill Gates.
It's like, well, then obviously this is non-threatening.
And they have memos on it.
And I knew they had memos.
Now they've come out.
I'm Tim Cook.
I... Oh, I... Oh... Oh...
I run death camps, but I like ding-dongs.
So it's okay.
Lodgeman Alex Jones.
Well, he's just bad.
He's not like me.
I like ding-dongs.
So I have death camps, big deal.
We take their organs, too.
But I'm Tim Cook.
I'm gay, did I tell you?
I'm gay.
It's okay.
I'm saying Bateman Fry.
I run scams to steal billions, but I wear mismatched socks and have dandruff.
Well, you must not be put together if you're got dandruff all over you.
Let me run your life.
Fine, Sam.
Run my life.
Fine, Tim Cook.
Run my life.
Hey, he wears a black turtleneck.
He's gay.
Run death camp.
See how it's liberal.
It's loving.
It's fun.
What's it gonna do to you?
Hi Alex, it's Louise.
I'm sorry.
You know, my eyes are going out, I gotta get glasses.
So the thing's like 40 feet away, but go ahead.
That's okay, you came close.
I've been listening for many years, the first time I ever got through, so I'm happy about that.
I want to thank you for everything you've done, you know, and your whole crew.
I just wanted to make a comment and a recommendation.
One is, I saw your interview with Stu Peters, and I think that
He's got a pretty good handle on Zionism and on the Middle East.
And I read two books many years ago that informed my view on the topic, and I wanted to recommend them to you and your listeners.
One is the book, Theft of a Nation.
It was published in 1982 by William W. Baker, who was a biblical scholar and archaeologist.
And the second book is
The Zionist Connection by Dr. Alfred Lowenthal, who was an anti-Zionist Jew and scholar and historian.
That was published in 1978.
And I hope you'll get a chance to read them and your listeners, too.
So what's your view on the current conflict?
I agree that we should just stay out of it.
We shouldn't be sending money to anybody.
I'm not very good at talking impromptu, but I just agree that we should stay out of it.
I'm a non-interventionist.
All right, thank you for the call.
Yeah, I mean, I think Stu Peters means well.
I think he's a good person.
And I think he's just pissed and raging at the system.
So that's why I had him on to give his perspective.
And I'm going to give the Israeli perspective.
I'm going to give the Hamas perspective.
I'm going to talk about it.
But here's the most important point.
Our government's given tens of billions of dollars to the Islamists.
They're opened our borders up to them.
They won't declare them terrorists, but it's a national security emergency.
We've got to go to war immediately.
It's a fraud from the beginning.
And just like our government gets more power and more weapons sales and more control and more domestic control off fighting with the Muslims while they fund them, Israel does too.
But that doesn't mean the average Jew is a doctor or an auto repair person or in their military.
So, the one thing I know about people is, I could go to Israel and this person would like me and this person wouldn't like me.
So I don't judge whole groups of people.
You judge people off what they're individually doing.
But obviously Israel is a Rothschild, New World Order project.
And I know Hitler had a deal with the Jews and a bunch of them to send them there.
The Russians had a deal.
There's a bunch of biblical, messianic, Illuminati, Merovingian weirdness going on in this larger plan.
And so that's why I expose it and why I talk about it and why I call them like I see it.
We're going to go on a break.
We're going to go to Tyler, and we're going to go to everybody else that's patiently holding, like Misty and Michael and so many others.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
I want to thank you all for your support and your prayers.
That's the most important thing.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
The enemy is making their move against humanity right now.
Got some big COVID death shot news, some of the biggest yet.
But let's go through your calls before we get to that.
Tyler in North Carolina, thanks for holding, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, before I get to what I was going to say, I just want to tell you, your body works really great.
I have degenerative disc in my back that I inherited from my mother and it just knocks it right out when I'm having neck pain this time of year.
But to get to what I was going to say,
If anybody's faith is languishing, here's a faith booster for you.
Earlier today, Alex, you said that prayer, and during the break just before it, and I know the delay is about a minute, I was saying a very, very, very similar prayer.
And when I heard you say it, I just knew we were united in Christ, all of us.
And then all this stuff going on, I'll tell you the Spirit's strong today, Alex.
It is strong, brother.
Well, I just, I hope the best for Infowars.
I hope the best for America.
The whole world, really.
We all just need to keep doing this.
Can you believe how the whole New World Order is out in the open now?
Everything the Bible said would happen.
It's just right there.
It's so clear.
So many people reject it and don't realize that God's the answer.
Oh, I know.
I know.
It's nuts.
It really is.
Well, anything else, Tyler?
Well, I pretty much covered everything, I think.
I guess I'll be seeing you.
Good luck, man.
Thank you, brother.
Michael in Arizona, Army vet.
Give us your take on the crazy times.
Go ahead, Michael.
I think it's Michelle.
I'm getting every female name into male names today.
Michelle, go ahead.
It's all good.
It's all good.
So, hey, I just wanted to call in and express my thanks to you.
And I just wanted to let you know.
I don't want to get teary, but your discussion about prayer just a little bit ago really struck me, and I just wanted to share something with you real quick.
Many people long for God to do a significant work in their life.
However, they try to bypass the love relationship.
The love relationship is why God created you.
That is far more important to Him than what you do for Him.
Anticipate that the first thing God will do in your life is to draw you into an intimate love relationship with Himself.
When your love relationship with God is as it should be, He will begin giving you assignments at His initiative.
Whenever it seems that God is not doing anything fresh in your life, focus on the love relationship and stay there until God gives you a new assignment.
And I just wanted to say, you know,
You know what your assignment is, Alex.
And I think those of us who praise Jesus as our Lord and Savior, He is the light of the world.
He is the rock that we stand on.
God is on the throne.
None of this garbage happening in our world today and in our country is going beyond Him.
He knows everything that's happening.
He knows what's happening.
He is the God that puts kings on the throne.
And you know, God is in control.
And prayer
It's how we get that love relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ, and our Father in Heaven.
And our Holy Spirit that dwells within us as believers is our comfort, is our guide, is our support.
And we all need to remember that, because I am a nurse.
I was an Army nurse, and I am still a civilian nurse.
And when I see what is happening in the field, the profession I chose, like your previous caller that was talking about his mother being in the hospital, and the garbage that that nurse said to him about, if we want your opinion, we'll ask you.
That's garbage.
It's garbage.
I'm infuriated with the people in my profession pulling- Well, when they take somebody's right, they take their own rights.
Exactly, exactly.
When you protect somebody's rights, you're protecting yourself, and that's what the evil ones don't get.
When you trample on a right, you trample on yourself.
That's what chivalry is.
We don't kill women and children because we don't want ours killed.
It's not a wimpy thing.
Exactly, exactly.
And this whole COVID nonsense and everything else, like my advice to your listeners, avoid the hospitals at all costs.
They are death camps.
They want to kill you.
End of discussion.
We saw it all through COVID.
And I'm telling you, go to a frontline doctor.
Find one.
Get one either online, find one in your area, find one that stands for truth and practices medicine based on the Hippocratic Oath.
Stop falling for some medicine.
And that's a free market thing.
There are so many good doctors and nurses.
Find them.
In fact, half of them are great.
Another third are asleep.
It's only like 10% that are evil.
But they're in charge.
We've got to exit us away from them.
What you said about God is so true.
To me, prayer is, I get messages from God.
I open the gate, God gives me messages.
But I've literally had the Holy Spirit let me know, you need to now ask for things.
And so that's what I'm going to start doing, but I think other people get the other way around.
You don't ask.
You ask God to tell you what to do, and then God at a certain point then says, I want you now to communicate what you want, because I don't know how to quantify it, but it's the affirmation.
You have to say what you want before God does it.
But the cool thing about that, Alex, is that God already knows what you need before you even ask for it.
He wants you to ask because He wants the love relationship with you.
And that's why He says, ask and you shall receive.
I agree.
And I just, God is so loving.
It's so saddening that the evil people don't know how this love is.
Everything is more beautiful.
Everything makes sense.
Everything is so beautiful and clear with God.
And the evil ones are under bondage.
They don't know how amazing God is.
They don't know God.
Imagine not knowing the Creator.
We have a chance to have a relationship.
And again, like you said, it's not sexual, but the Bible describes it as the bride and the groom.
It is a relationship.
And it really is.
You're married to God.
That's right.
We are the Bride of Christ!
And he wants that love relationship with us.
We have been called friends to Christ.
We have been called brothers and sisters of Christ.
And Christ is our Savior.
And that is all that he wants with us.
He wants us to love him and worship him.
It's like the two biggest things in our life that we can do.
What is worship?
You love a sunset, you are worshiping it.
It's love.
That's just God's creation.
God just wants communion and
Congress with us.
That's what it is.
We are to love God and enjoy Him forever.
Well, what's the quote?
Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your... What's the quote?
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, all your body, all your strength.
It can go on and on and on.
It's absolutely true.
And, you know, the hardest thing for me as a Christian, as a follower of Christ, is that God calls us
To love our enemies.
I mean, that's like the hardest frickin' thing for me to do at this point in my life.
Michelle, that used to be hard for me, but it's so freeing.
When you hate them, it gives them an energetic.
Their hate, you were actually in Congress with them when you hate them.
When you forgive them, they can't stand it.
It heaps coals on them, like Christ said.
That's right.
And I mean, I know Joe Biden is a worthless president.
My opinion, probably a lot of other people's opinions.
But you know what?
In the Bible, it talks about Nebuchadnezzar.
And Nebuchadnezzar turned away from God for idolatry.
And he was sentenced to seven years.
We're good to go.
Is there that opportunity for Joe Biden to be that Nebuchadnezzar?
Because God is the one that is in control and he is the one that puts kings on the throne.
So, all of your listeners, I encourage you, if you are born-again believers, you need to pray.
For our current president.
He may not be what we want.
He may not be who we want.
I totally agree.
We need to forgive our enemies but also not support them and block them and not give them the energy.
Give God all the love and get the discernment back and give the enemy none of the hate they want.
Hate is not the answer.
We have to just be pure and the enemy will fall.
Thank you so much for the call.
It's absolutely true.
It's totally true and
I can't even describe the discernment God's given me.
It's so incredible.
But I'm limited by human speech to even communicate.
It's like x-ray vision.
It's like... It's insane.
And I see these Satanists serving the devil, thinking they're like superpowers.
But then they look at us, that are with God, and they go, shut them down, they're too powerful.
Reject Satan and all his pimps.
That's the only way.
And I can't defeat Satan.
Only God can.
And God hates cowards.
What Bismarck say, God loves children, drunks in the United States of America.
If you will not put your flesh... This blob is gonna die anyways.
If you won't... You seem like, oh, it's a sacrifice to put my flesh up against this.
It's a blessing.
Because when you put the flesh on the line, the spirit grows a thousand feet.
And then it grows again.
You have to put the worthless flesh on the line as a sacrifice.
Just like Christ did.
And you gotta take the blows and the arrows, because that's what God did.
And God wants you to follow His plan.
That's why I've said with all this persecution, I am so blessed.
I mean, I am like a totally different person.
than I was 40 years ago, 30 years ago.
I'm completely a thousand times more powerful, but a thousand times more humble.
And I can see God's shadow.
I can't look at God, it's too much.
But I can see God's shadow, and I can see God working, and I just say to God, I'm falling, I'm weak, I get the devil's transmissions.
I deny them, but I still feel bad I'm even getting them.
And God says, lean on me.
I chose you for this mission.
That's what this is really all about.
But the children are being persecuted.
And they're counting on us right now.
And if we won't give our blood and our sweat and our tears and our energy and our names
Like, people think, oh my God, you're being demonized in thousands of stories a week and you're all over the place and they say you're the devil.
That's the devil sent.
That is a blessing.
That means I'm over the target.
That means I'm where I'm supposed to be.
And you go from learning to be attacked and handling it and dealing with it until it becomes a pleasure.
But as soon as it becomes a pleasure, God reminds you, there are children being tortured and killed right now.
So just because you know we're winning doesn't give you some excuse to sit there and feel powerful that you were put in a position to fight this.
You are going to be tortured.
Are you ready for that?
I accept the mission.
I accept it.
Now let's attack.
Because God is the opposite of a lie.
It's constantly telling you, this is wrong.
It's just truth.
This is right.
This is the thing to do.
You understand.
This is going to happen.
You know.
It's not in small print.
It's big print.
They're going to tear your ass apart.
They're going to kill your family.
You ready for that?
Because they're going to get their souls if you don't do it.
Yeah, I'm on board with you.
Now, you're not ready yet.
I'm gonna start putting weight on you for a long time to make sure you can take it.
And once we've piled a trillion pounds on your ass, then we'll see.
And I'm telling you, I have seen the purity and the mastery and the perfection of God.
It's perfect.
It built everything you see.
The sun, the moon, the stars, the fish of the sea, the birds, your children, your wife, your husband, your grandparents, everything.
It's gone.
Light, the light, how beautiful it all is.
It's all so perfect.
And these rebels rebel against their father that gave birth to them and gave them the seed of infinity.
And then the gods of the new world order are Biden, that deformed pedophile, stumbling around ruling a pile of crap.
You've got to be greatly deceived to serve something like that.
And I prayed for this after it happened about four years ago, constantly.
And God said, look, you can't see too much of it or you won't want to come back.
But I've been to the third heaven.
I've been shown paradise, nirvana, whatever you want to call it.
I've been taken up.
And it is, there aren't words to describe the perfection and the completion and the total
One trillion percent perfection.
There is no time, there is no space, there is wholeness and goodness, and you have all the knowledge of the universe.
Any civilization, any group, gosh, there's been a lot.
All these species, all these destroyed worlds, all these reborn worlds, all these other side operations and everything else, and then the chaos gods attacking the main force in our next mission once we're taken up.
And that's not to be discussed at this point.
And, yeah, it's not a cakewalk, folks.
Because everything is dual.
The devil is the tester, is a gremlin, is a joke.
The gods of chaos, that God allowed to be created.
To create balance.
Don't want you to worship them and don't want to cut your children's genitals off.
They want you dead.
And as you notice now, the spirit of Lucifer is being removed and the spirit of chaos is being brought in.
The Titans.
But we will defeat the Titans because our God, the God of justice and life, is more powerful.
So the Satanists that think they're subverting the God of life think it's a sick joke.
All they're doing is bringing in the Titans, who will destroy them forever.
Fear not he who can kill the body, he who can kill the soul.
God will continue the soul and give us everlasting life.
God values your soul, values your energy, values your consciousness.
The titans want to destroy you.
And God could defeat the titans.
We're talking above Satan now.
Little secret they don't want you to know.
But God allows the titans to exist.
Because the titans are the great tester.
We are in a titanous battle right now.
And this level is a joke compared to what you're going to see at the next level.
And that's the vision I've been given, that's the communication I've been given.
We're being prepared for war with the titans.
This is nothing but an incubation like chickens when they're babies in an incubator.
This is a joke.
This is Little League.
This is peewee football.
This is peewee baseball.
This is Bush League.
But the war against chaos is the real war.
The globalists claim they want to bring singularity and unity and freedom, but all they bring is chaos.
Lucifer is just their butler.
He's their salesman and he's a joke.
The devil is an agent of God to tempt us and to test us because we're given free will.
It's not God's fault the devil exists, but that God allowed the devil to exist to test us.
So we've released a lot of secrets here today.
Melissa in West Virginia, Biden bringing in the surge to wreck the United States.
Go ahead.
I first want to say, God bless you, Alex.
God bless Owen and God bless the entire InfoWars crew.
I'm so grateful to every one of y'all.
My question was, I'm the wife of a disabled veteran, been married 23 years now.
We have a son that's a U.S.
He pulled a year in Syria over in the oil fields during 2020, attacked by ISIS around the clock.
The U.S.
government, of course, they kind of left him on their own.
My biggest fear is us getting into this, and he's got five years in, he's got one more year left, and he's done.
Them sending him over there.
But my question I wanted to ask is,
So for three years we've heard the Biden administration, Biden has said it on multiple national speeches, the Democrats are saying it, that the biggest threat to America is white supremacy.
It's almost non-existent.
We all know it's a lie.
It's a complete lie, and all Americans know that, but the people overseas do not.
Do you think that the reason they're pounding this so hard is because they knew they were going to let these people come in and they've pounded it in their heads so that they believe that it's true and automatically hate us and want to kill every one of us that's white?
Well, the universities promote all that, and yeah, they teach the Islamists we all deserve to die.
And again, Biden's giving $100 million to the Islamists, $6 billion before that, bringing them in, and then saying it's national security, we've got to have war.
The big thing is the globalists are going to stage terror attacks and blame it on us.
That's their next move, so that's what that's all about.
I believe that, too.
I've been waiting for it, been watching for it.
It's going to happen.
We all need to be on our guards, stay locked and loaded, protect your family, and pray to God every second of the day.
Because they're here, and we know they're here, and they hate us.
They hate all Christians, and I hate to see all these yelling at people.
I don't even want to take sides.
No, exactly.
Israel's not perfect, but the Muslims are incompatible.
And they're bringing them in en masse, so it's like, oh, are you for Israel or for the Muslims?
I don't even like what Israel's doing, but I'm not for the Muslims.
I've been trying to educate some of these younger kids in their early 20s.
Don't take sides.
It doesn't matter.
They hate you regardless.
It doesn't matter.
If you're holding a Gaza flag,
They're going to slice your head off.
They don't care.
They hate you regardless.
Well, it's 100% that the left absolutely is in bed with the Islamists and so is George Soros, because they know it's anti-American.
So they're bringing in a time bomb, and when they blow everything up and kill people, they'll take our rights.
Remember, you get 9-11 and then we all get our kids grow up at the airport, but the border's wide open.
They use it for control.
Thank you, Melissa.
All right, Marcus.
Josh, Steven, and Dora, I'm going to hit your calls, and then the great Jay Dyer is scheduled to take over today.
It's Friday, October 20th.
I said I'd do a Saturday show last week, but I had some family stuff come up.
Tomorrow I'm coming in.
We'll probably go live at like 11 a.m.
So I'm going to simulcast with Bannon for an hour.
I'm going to do a few more hours.
I really want to do more shows.
I had to be out of town some last week to take care of a bunch of stuff and some secret missions.
But there's a Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
obviously, and all the rest of it.
And those are the coordinates of Liberty.
So tomorrow, look at Infowars.com as much as you can.
It's how we overpower the globalists.
Share the links.
It's how we overpower their censorship.
So, we'll be doing some special shows tomorrow with Steve Bannon and a bunch of others.
Infowars.com, Ford's last show.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, stay with us, stay with us.
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Hello, Mr. Jones.
Thank you for taking my call.
I'm a newer listener.
I've watched a few things.
My neighbor turned me on to it.
She's a long-time listener.
She supports your show.
She used a lot of your supplements.
I have one question, just because I've been using you to find out what the truth is through stuff on TV.
In different places, you don't know what's real and what's fake.
I get a look at yours and try to figure out what the difference is.
What's the one thing you think I should pay attention to?
What's going on in the world right now?
I think the one thing is you better pay attention to your relationship with God.
I think at the end of the day, being close to God and praying to God.
All chaos is being released.
The resources are being cut off.
The world's being put into an artificial crisis.
So every one of these things they're doing is all part of the larger plan.
I think that's the answer.
One thing I can't understand is all these people throwing the left under the bus now.
They were hiding.
Now all of a sudden, when it's coming to an end, now everybody's trying to swap sides.
I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
Your phone's cutting out a bit, but I heard most of what you said.
Steve in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, can you hear me?
I can.
Go ahead.
Hey, it's Seven from Wisconsin.
How you doing?
Todd, I can't seem to get anything right.
Go ahead, Seven.
It's okay.
Original listener.
Yeah, everything is just absolutely absurd.
And it's actually very nerve-wracking, of course.
I think the key term here is surreal.
I think Owen hit the nail right on the head when he drops that term.
This is all really surreal.
We all know what's going on.
I mean, it's overwhelmingly, painfully obvious at this point that this is a long-term
Globalist, whatever you want to call them, operation to systematically bring in their whatever you want to call it, great reset, new world order.
And it seems like, you know, that's what's behind all these various wars and all this chaos.
It's like, it's, it seems like, it's like, obviously they're like, you guys say they're showing their hand.
And I think that's, I don't know if that's by,
They can't help themselves if they're on drugs, like Hitler was, or if that was on purpose, but... No, I think it's a mix of both.
I mean, they're not all-powerful.
What I've learned about the globalists is they're not all-powerful.
They're satanically inspired, but once you know their game, they're weak.
Yeah, definitely.
And so, they have... I just... I also feel like...
I have a feeling that the globalists, that it seems like all these wars, Ukraine, Russia, China, possibly Taiwan, Israel, Iran, everything that's crazy that the Democrats are doing, you know, deeming the common citizen terrorists and all this, is actually, yeah, obviously they're incremental, you know, it's like they're putting their finishing touches on this whole thing.
To usher in the Great Reset or whatever, but I do feel like, I mean, what may be more painfully obvious is that the Awakening is here.
It's already been here.
It's been, it's been, it's been, it's been moving along for centuries.
It's actually the quickest, I mean, that's, you're right, I mean, let's not forget about Dr. Zelenko's drop on God-consciousness.
Yeah, I truly feel that.
That's very, that resonates from everything I know.
Like, God, everything is energy.
Everything is a capture.
Absolutely, Steve.
Thank you so much.
Stay with us.
Waging war.
Luke Skywalker asks, Yoda, is the dark side stronger?
Pull that up.
Yoda on the dark side.
No, quicker, easier, more seductive.
You have to remember, servants of evil are thinking about their own personal power.
They're not thinking 5, 6, 7, 8, 20,000 moves ahead.
They're doing what's good for them.
That'd be like going to the local community pool and you want to take a dump.
Instead of going to the bathroom, you crap in the pool, they see it, they close the pool.
Well, Satanist doesn't think.
They're just like, I'm going to take a dump.
I don't mean to be gross, but that's what they do.
They crap in the pool.
And then they wonder why the pool shut down.
They're cancer.
And I hate to use gross analogies, but that's the best one I've got.
So we keep trying to project intelligence on these people.
Cancer takes over the body, thinks it's winning out of consciousness, then it dies.
It kills the body.
So it's the same thing.
So we sit here and we look at this and try to give a reason to it.
We have not policed ourselves.
We've not stood up to others, not controlling them, but standing up to them and being examples of them.
So we've allowed all this aberrant stuff to happen.
They know 5G is causing cancer.
They know Glyphosate is causing cancer.
They know Atrazine is causing gender bending.
They know all this, but they think it's powerful to do something evil because that's godlike.
No, it's not godlike because we have nuclear weapons to pull the planet up.
But to them, who are unconscious, it's an exercise of power.
And I guess there is a thrill.
I just walked up into a grocery store and walked up to some person who just broke their jaw.
I mean, I guess for a second, I've got that instinct.
Well, that's really great.
That person just fell down, hit their head.
They're having a convulsion on the floor, but it's stupid.
How does it help me to do that?
It doesn't.
That one final call, Josh, in Iowa.
And I appreciate the crew today and all the great job they're doing.
Owen Schroyer turns himself into jail in three days.
People say, oh, it's only for 60 days.
But it's the precedent it sets.
So Jay Dyer is set to take over here in just a moment.
Like I said, I'm coming in here at 10 a.m.
I think we'll go live about 11 a.m.
Steve Bannon's on the show, a bunch of other stuff for a Saturday emergency broadcast.
And you're so important because you care and you're informed, but you're also even more important because you're going to be there to tell people to tune in and magnify it and tell the people you tell to tune in to tell others to tune in and tell them to tune in, hey, pass it forward.
Hey, we're covering what you're not supposed to hear right here, right now.
You put that message out, it's game over.
And that's what they fear is that chain reaction of awakening.
So, Jay Dyer does a great job.
We'll skip the first network break so he has more time.
Really honing in on what's going on.
But the globalists are desperate.
They're making all their moves right now.
So, everything you do, spreading the word, supporting the broadcast, buying the products, praying for the show, has a bigger effect now than it's ever had.
Because we're in that amplified phase of change.
And they want us to just sit there during their phase of takeover and do what they say.
No, we're doing the opposite.
We're doing what God says.
Alright, Josh in Iowa, last caller, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Good, go ahead.
You kind of touched on this after I had rang in last hour about, and I kind of thought for a minute.
One thing that you've said before and I keep thinking about is you bring up this Hydra analogy like, you know, if we chop off one head of the Hydra, one's just going to take its place.
And, you know, generally speaking, I agree with you and I agree with what you said, you know, earlier last hour about, you know, this is our test that we need to go through.
I just,
I can't help but think that, you know, what if one of those hyperheads is, you know, a Hitler or a Bill Gates or, you know, somebody easily responsible for millions of people dying?
You know, do we just sit back and wait for our time to meet the Lord and go off to the camps and whatever?
I appreciate your call.
I think we should defensively defend ourselves and we should go to camps.
That goes without saying.
What I'm saying is, it's a spiritual choice is where the real power is, and by changing ourselves internally, then that will manifest in the world.
That's what I'm trying to say to you.
I'm not saying just roll over to all this.
I'm saying if you don't get what it is and don't understand the larger spiritual battle going on, then you're just dealing with it from a position of politics, and that's going to fail.
All right, I'm out of time.
Jay Dyer takes over right now for the next 50 minutes.
And then Owen Schroyer, the soon-to-be political president, takes over with The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, Infowars.com, 4 o'clock show.
And I'll be back tomorrow, Saturday, 11 a.m.
Central, with a live feed.
All right, thank you, Alex.
Glad to be here on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, I'm guest host Jay Dyer.
I want to talk about the plan that is now rolling out that's been there for 100 years.
I want to talk about some of the things that were predicted many decades ago that have already come to pass, proving that it is a plan, and then what are the ways that we can oppose it, and also
The elements of the religion that I see developing, the new emerging religion that I think will incorporate AI.
In fact, HG Wells wrote a book called God the Invisible King and he said that in the coming technocratic age, they know that they would have to replace the existing world religions, particularly the biblical,
Tradition with a new world religion, so it's got to be something that in some way can appeal to the West but also Deny the basic fundamentals of Western thought freedom liberty rule of law, etc So this has been in the works for many many years They've been tweaking they've been studying One of the key documents that covers this that I'm going to be covering in the near future is the Stanford research document on
Changing images of man that came out in concert with a lot of Tavistock researchers on how to tweak and change the Western mind to get it away from topics like liberty, self-sufficiency, sovereignty, again, rule of law, constitutional government.
All of that needs to be chunked out the window.
They know they can't do it right away.
So what they do is an incremental slow kill, slow approach Fabian model.
And 1 of the 1st things that's mentioned in their plans is the getting rid of, for example, the middle class.
So, the middle class is kind of a bulwark to having a feudal system.
We know they want to bring bring back a new feudal system, or the Middle Ages idea of the, you know, the landed gentry and the peasants living on landed entries land.
Serving the gentry, this will be reorganized to be the tech elite, the billionaire class as the new feudal lords, and then the 1 billion or so people that are allowed to live for a time after they've gotten rid of about 7 billion.
Those will be sort of the peasant class that help to run the technocratic world government.
So, the first thing is that there needs to be mass depopulation.
As we said, this is intended to occur between 2030, 2040, 2050.
Those are the goals.
It doesn't necessarily mean they will absolutely get it.
It might take them longer, but that's where they want to go.
And with this new feudal system that they want to bring in,
One of the key elements that they have to have, which was discussed 100 years ago, is a kind of socialistic universal basic income.
Again, this was discussed by H.G.
Wells in the 20s and 30s, Bertrand Russell in the 20s and 30s, and it's now discussed openly by the tech elite.
We just had another one of these World Economic Forum whistleblowers, Professor Werner,
He just did a talk, this video is going all over Twitter, where he said, yes, when I was at WEF in 2004, we were discussing at that time in 2004, the means by which the population of the world could potentially be microchipped for the purpose of tracking and tracing every one of their interactions, controlling, surveilling, and really limiting.
So it has nothing to do with really creating some kind of a utopia.
It has to do with control and management of the human population.
So universal basic income is one of the key elements of their plan.
And again, Dr. John Coleman, when he wrote his book in 1992, he talked about every stage of this plan that's rolling out right now.
Now, he was writing as a, he claimed to be a former British intelligence operative.
It seems like a lot of his information has borne out.
And so he's probably telling the truth.
He talks about, along with the universal basic income, would be the eventual removal of and banning of guns.
And we're seeing, of course, in the last several years, especially since the Obama administration...
Limiting purchasing of ammo, trying to get rid of ammo companies, gun companies, but also new laws that intend to limit and restrict what you can even do with your guns, right?
Putting bump stocks on all this kind of stuff and charging people outrageous fines for minor modifications of firearms.
All of that really is not about the fines, but actually it's about more and more control and eventually getting rid of
I mean, if you look at the United Nations, don't they have, I think, a statue out front with a gun, and the gun is all wrapped up in a circle because it's intended to get rid of war, right?
So, to get rid of warfare, right, we have to have disarmament of the public, again, going along with the getting rid of the middle class.
And a lot of what we've seen in the last few years, these operations of the COVID psyop, of billionaires making all this money out of the whole three-year scam of COVID, that was a lot of wealth transfer and putting out a lot of middle-class businesses.
Also, the last several decades of sending all of our industry overseas by design, by the way, it's not just a battle between big government and, you know, corporations that want to avoid taxes.
That's one level of it.
But there's also a long-term plan to de-industrialize the West.
Most people don't recognize this.
Very few people understand that this is done by design.
And at the same time as you de-industrialize, you also destroy the existing population with completely open borders.
More and more levels of high level of taxation on the middle class, not taxation on the 0.01%, but taxes that are really intended to undermine, destroy the economy, to weaken the economy, and then to overload it, Cloward and Piven style, with the importation of refugees, migrants, illegal immigration.
So this model of
Reorganizing society, as you said, needs a kind of a new religion to go along with it.
And I'm more and more thinking now that they're speaking openly about this, that some form of AI will definitely play into their emerging world religion.
So we'll talk more about that a little bit.
But some of the other things that have to be ended is anything that you have as a heritage, a tradition, a family,
The notion of the family itself, all of that has to be done away because those are also firewalls against the tyranny of some external force, whether it's the federal government, whether it's some international future world government.
To have a family, to have a nation state, to have this kind of state system is a way to have the decentralization of power.
The complete centralization of power, especially under the corporate bank and tech elite, is what is emerging as this new world government, this new international order, has centered in places like Davos, centered in places like DC, New York, London, and now it appears even entities like the Vatican are coming fully on board with this emerging world structure.
So again, in order to have this
Future World State.
We need to have a lot of conflicts and a lot of division and a lot of chaos on the way to justify.
You see, it is people wanting to have nation states.
It is people wanting to have a family, to have private property, to have their own rights, to have borders and walls.
Those are the things that caused the wars of the past.
And all we have to do is to sign on to understanding that we're all global citizens.
We're all just humans.
But of course, being a human has no real meaning or identity anymore because we've been degraded into believing that we're really just animals and monkeys anyway.
So just being a human will actually be subordinated to the emerging Android class and the AI class, who will eventually be given rights.
You'll notice a lot of the TV shows, a lot of predictive programming about the sci-fi that deals with bots and people, you know, serve humans, these TV shows like this, AMC's Humans or
Even Spielberg's A.I.
The A.I.
are pictured as the ones that are persecuted by the evil flawed humans.
So it's actually the A.I.
that will be the future versus the humans that will be depopulated Skynet style, right?
So, in order to get rid of the family, one of the key things that occurs is the targeting of gender itself.
You've got to target the biology of the beings that make up the marital family unit, male and female, and obviously that's going on.
And really, the only way to understand in a totality picture all the stuff that's been happening, all the things that have been going on, especially in the last decade.
I mean, things have just gotten insane in the last decade.
Uh, far more insane than they were the prior decade.
I mean, they were pretty crazy the prior decade.
But the last decade, especially 2015, 2016, after that, when, you know, you had the public declaration that a man is the woman of the year, that was really, I think, a big turning point in the culture and in culture wars because we started getting
Not just, you know, the pushing for some sort of agenda, but the actual mass acceptance, not by everybody, but by many, many people of complete delusion.
Things that are completely, objectively, knowingly false, right?
And once you've gotten to that territory, it's very dangerous because now you kind of have a brainwashed gigantic cult.
But that's exactly what this system is trying to create, a giant brainwashed
Hive Mind Borg Cult.
And to do that, you've got to get rid of the things that might stand in the way of melding into that new reality, that new identity, that new cult.
And the things that stand in the way of that would be things like family, tradition, heritage, morals, church, these kinds of things, all of those things, and even the history of your nation state, right?
Those are in the way of
The emerging global order that they want to bring into place.
And so from this vantage point of the technocratic elite, everything is seen as a potential tool on the chessboard.
So, for example, what are the types of religious ideologies that we might want to promote?
If we want to get people in those family, tradition-centered ideas, if we want to get them into a more unified, globalistic approach to the world, we want to push any kind of philosophy or religion that promotes the breakdown of individual identity, the breakdown of the family, and thus collectivist religious ideologies.
So we're going to promote things like
Confucianism, Buddhism, we're going to promote things like other forms of Eastern philosophy that are all about collective identity and sacrifice the identity of the individual.
So we're going to promote other things like goddess worship.
Witchcraft, nature religions, because the idea here is that, oh, we're all just manifestations of nature, we return to nature, therefore we all need to kind of give over our self-sovereignty and our rights to the idea of the goddess, of nature, of
Um, Gaia, Mother Earth, right?
We're harming Mother Earth by our very existence, by having too many human beings.
So you see that the goddess witchcraft stuff, which by the way, what's another, if you look at the stats on what religion are Gen Z identifying with, it's like witchcraft is exploding.
One of the reasons for that is that there's all these witches on TikTok.
And so this is really getting to, you know, people like 20 and under and
Even if they don't remain within witchcraft up into their 30s and 40s, they're being primed for an attitude which makes them not want to pair up and to have offspring.
And so that's the real ultimate goal of all this.
It isn't even really in terms of getting somebody the freedom to practice witchcraft or getting this right past or whatever.
The real goal is to just make sure that people don't pair bond and have offspring.
And 100 years ago, 150 years ago, the eugenicists that were talking about the promotion of all these ideas actually said that.
They actually said anything that works to make sure that people don't have families, don't have offspring, that's useful for us as
The West is flooded with people that are, for example, Islamic and do have offspring and do not believe in those ideas.
And that's done on purpose as a strategy of tension model to disrupt the existing societies.
But keep in mind, that doesn't mean that the elites are necessarily pro-Islam.
The global technocrats just see these as chess pieces.
Islam is just as much a chess piece on the global chessboard as is witchcraft
We're good to go.
And why would I say that?
I mean, you know, we already see fewer and fewer people getting married.
Well, marriage is tied to a religious idea.
It's an idea that ultimately has its roots in what you read about in Genesis between Adam and Eve.
So if you don't believe in Western religion, the Bible, you know, Genesis, whatever, then there's not really much use for marriage.
I mean, it's just sort of this kind of public
Spectacle ritual that we go through.
I said benefits women with a certain law, the way the laws are now.
So there's, there may be some social benefits.
There's not a whole lot of reason or significance behind it.
Any kind of religious historical context, because everything that it's grounded in and from what it emerges from has been destroyed.
It's not seen as a religious covenant as a sacrament, uh, as it used to be.
And so.
According to Dr. John Coleman's thesis, he actually argues that eventually marriage will be banned because it's actually tied to religious institutions and religions will eventually be banned except for the global religion, probably tied to something like the AI tech type beast system.
And he argues this on page 162 of his Committee of 300 book.
He says that they might even try to push in if they can get it through eventually.
A, you know, one-child policy or a no-child policy, right?
Some form of sterilization for the masses.
We know that this has been discussed by many of the elite that maybe when we have the smart cities, if you want to live in the smart city and get the UBI, maybe you need to sign on to being sterilized.
And a lot of people will go along with that because they think they're becoming free and this is part of their liberty.
But in fact, they're actually just buying into this agenda to make sure that you don't have any offspring going into the future and only a select genetic choice of people will have a future offspring.
The other thing that Dr. Cohen talks about that we just talked about last week was the intentional promotion and explosion of drug use along with the occult.
Not every occultist is involved in hardcore drug use.
Not every drug user is an occultist.
I'm not saying that, but he's saying that from the vantage point of people that wrote things like Changing Images of Band People at Tabistock, people like Huxleys, Tim Leary, all these people that were pushing the drug revolution in the 1960s.
They also talked about the mass
I don't know.
It's a pressure from above, pressure from below situation, where on the one hand, you know, you can go on the street and buy these horrible drugs, fentanyl, crisis, all this kind of stuff that's out there, but at the same time, which is supposedly bad, which I agree is bad, but at the same time, the tech, the big corporations, big pharma actually push equally bad things from the top down in terms of their mass, you know, scams that we've just seen in the last three years with, you know, everybody going through the COVID nonsense.
So we see a lot of these plans that people think are just organic culture war.
No, they're actually studied by technocratic elites for the purpose of social engineering and changing society, changing images of man.
Not just how we view each other, but how man views everything.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll return with more of the elite plan.
Welcome back.
This is your guest host, Jay Dyer, hosting here on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking about the strategies and the plans that the technocratic elite, Tavistock, Stanford Research Institute, have strategized out over the last several decades, going back to World War II and afterwards into the Cold War, figuring out the different ways to tweak people's worldviews, to tweak their attitudes, their perceptions.
To do what Kissinger called perception management, to control perception of events, and not just perception of events, but how we view each other and how we view ourselves in this world.
And that's really what changing images of man is about, is actually to change man's image of man, change man's images of himself and of the world, and to do what the global elite wrote about in their first global revolution book, to condition man to think that man is the problem.
Population is a problem.
Humans are the problem.
This is precisely why the climate agenda has been hammered so hard from these elites, from the Fortune 100, Fortune 500.
All the same people pushing all the same stuff have one plan.
And it's very clear.
It's very consistent.
It's all in your face.
In fact, John Coleman said, Dr. Coleman said in 1992 that, for example, in the near future, you will see the option to have euthanasia.
What do we see already rolled out now in Canada and other places, I think in Europe, the option to now have euthanasia.
Now, people might think, well, but that's what people want.
If they want to die, that's their freedom.
No, no, this is being rolled out as a plan, as part of an overall strategy to get everybody into the same ideas of adopting just basically eugenics all over again, except it's not called that anymore.
It's dysgenics and it's a way to
Convince people that because humans are the problems, humans then need to will their own, you know, the death or to be opposed to having more humans, to having children, right?
Children are hurting the planet.
That's what we've been hearing over and over and over for the last 30 years.
That's why everything is subject to change in this fourth industrial revolution.
The Great Reset is really just this.
It is the bringing in of the austerity feudal order, the bringing in of a total technocratic AI controlled order, and the destruction of you.
That's it.
The banning of meat in the C40 planned cities that they've already talked about.
The banning of cars they're already talking about.
That's so that you can't have travel and commerce.
15-minute cities, getting rid of cars, right?
Again, getting you locked into staying where you are,
Ultimately, to alienate you, to make you no longer connected to other individuals.
We saw that was a big part of the PSYOP of the last three years.
Social distancing, don't look at the sun, don't talk to people, right?
All this ridiculous stuff that we were told that many people went along with because they capitulated, they were so weak-willed.
That they worshipped the establishment and the system because they had put their trust in it.
Remember, you're not going to eat meat, you're not going to have what you want, you're going to eat bugs.
In fact, Dr. John Coleman said that in the future they will ban meat and make you eat rationed fake foods.
And Dr. Coleman knew that because Bertrand Russell had said that back in the 1930s, as we've covered many, many times.
15-minute cities, banning of meat, banning of travel, getting rid of freedom of commerce, all of the social controls that they want to have via the systems coming in of tracking and tracing.
It's also there to make sure that you don't violate the new ethic.
You know, in Klaus's book he said, it's not just time to have a great reset in a completely different order, it's actually time to have a new ethic, a new right and wrong.
And that new right and wrong will be the new right and wrong of the global elites that you don't say things against the system.
You don't have free speech.
You don't speak against anything that is actually the case.
You must go along with the narratives.
And so a lot of what they're doing, I think, with the last several years of, oh, you have to put this flag in your profile.
And if you don't go along, you're a bad person.
Now put the Black Lives Matter flag.
Now put the Ukraine flag in your bio.
Now put this flag in your bio.
If you don't, you're a bad person.
So all of this is entrainment, right?
It's getting you patterned into the new order and operating as a good global citizen.
The anti-family agenda is thus tied to the mass promotion of the wildest, craziest, nastiest forms of aberrant sexuality, right?
That ultimately is about getting rid of the family.
That ultimately is about breaking down and debasing society.
And if you don't think that exists, just look at the fact that in warfare, armies study the ability to debase the opposition.
How do we demoralize the opposition?
And demoralization can come about in a lot of different ways.
One of the ways you can demoralize the opposition is to demoralize the population.
So you might beam into that society a bunch of degenerate artwork, or TV shows, Hollywood.
You know, pornography, who knows, right?
To completely change that existing order.
That's part of culture war, and culture war is part of soft power, which is part of warfare.
And you better believe that the nanny state, the daddy state, sees its target population as subject to precisely this kind of warfare.
And again, this is all already stated, not just in old documents like the, you know, First Global Revolution of the Club of Rome, and all the environmental nonsense, the climate scam, all of that is part of the same stuff, right?
We saw it in public meetings with Bush at the Agenda 21, the Rio Treaty, right?
They tried to get everybody on the Kyoto Protocols.
We see the UN Biodiversity Pact.
We see the Wildlands Agenda.
All these different agendas which have come out
Over and over and over since the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.
It's all tied to the same strategies and plans, for example, that Kissinger tried to push Global 2000 under Carter.
The same stuff was pushed under Nixon by Kissinger.
State Department Memorandum 200.
All these different strategies and reports were put out about how we've got to stop growth to have ultimately ZPG.
Zero population growth and ZG zero growth.
So all of these papers were coming out consistently in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
Again, Changing Images of Man is just another one of these.
You understand that all of these are public documents.
They're white papers, studies that have been out there for decades.
And even though some people say, oh, well, they didn't really adopt Global 2000 because Carter wasn't in office anymore, and then it was Reagan.
So do you think that it wasn't the same strategies?
Do you think Reagan runs things?
No, it was Krasinski and Kissinger still running the show in the background all the way up until now.
And I mean, even Kissinger came out a few days ago and admitted that
As if he didn't know this.
People go, oh, he admitted it, he admitted it.
It's kind of silly.
Like he didn't know that mass immigration would destroy Germany?
He knew that.
He knew this 50, 60, 70 years ago when he was writing his dissertation on civilization studies.
I've read one of his, I think he wrote his, maybe his master's on Spengler.
And he talked about, he was doing civilization studies when he was a young man.
So, you know, he didn't just figure out at age 300 or whatever he is, that mass open borders, maybe it damages the society.
Well, it took me a hundred years to figure that out.
No, he knew that a long time ago.
This is all a plan.
And people in NATO were already talking about the same plan a long time ago.
Lehnitzer said it's time to destroy Europe and the people groups.
Count Kutinov-Kalergi publicly said that.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
Quigley talks about it.
Quigley talks about the Kalergi plan, that it was adopted by the EU socialists.
Now, the EU socialists, though, they were all organized by Hitler and Tiny Mustache Man.
Well, I guess Hitler is Tiny Mustache Man.
No, actually, the EU was not organized by
Hitler, there was a plan that Hitler had for a unified Europe, but actually it was organized by the OSS and the Europe project run by the OSS.
And there's an entire book that we've covered on that, the ROTU book on the Milner Fabian Conspiracy.
No, it was the OSS and the CIA that really restructured and set up the plan.
For the EU, which is really what's set up as a control mechanism of the American deep state.
And it really is just the people that run America.
It's the same people that run the UK, that also run the EU and NATO.
And that's why the NATO leaders have said for many decades, we got to get rid of the European peoples.
We got to do this via Islam as a great tool.
Islam is the best tool for doing that in Europe, as well as all this atheism.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Today's analysis, we're covering the plan of the technocratic elite emerging and unfolding, especially in the last few decades.
Now I want to kind of come to the apex of what that plan is in terms of the religion of the future.
And that's actually the terminology that a lot of these elites are using is, what is the religion of the future?
What will it be?
How might we tool and create this kind of future religion?
If you think about Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, which I read many years ago, he has an interesting element in there.
And I think he kind of knew a lot of these elite plans in terms of what he wrote into his fiction.
He had a future society that's a space empire run by a Google supercomputer.
He doesn't call it that, but that's basically what it is.
And one of the things that that supercomputer was able to do is track mass movements via tracking algorithms.
And it would give projected possibilities of where things might go in the future.
For Asimov, in that fiction series, he knew that the public typically wouldn't be able to really believe in this or understand this, so they created a fake religion that, like, had fake miracles and stuff around this priest class of science elite.
So he had a scientism religion, basically, that the public believed in that was really just a bunch of technocratic science elite that ran this supercomputer.
And I think that that's, again, very predictive, prophetic for probably where things are going when we see people like, you know, Noah Eval Harari in his book that, you know, discusses the brief history of tomorrow.
It's very reminiscent of another one of the Global Elite Tech's Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali.
They're both basically saying very similar things here.
And when we read their books, we find similar patterns.
We notice, for example, that
The text by Harari, he says that we got to look to ancient societies and ancient civilizations and if we look at those ancient societies and civilizations we can see how they evolved through various revolutions.
And so today's revolution is just another kind of revolution where
We're going to have a new society emerging that could be completely created by scratch, from scratch, much like we saw in the French Revolution, right, where societies have these turning points, these shocks in the system that really
Switch everything over to a new turning point, right?
We've done in my Global Elite Lecture Series, Fridoff Copper's book, Turning Point, which is arguing something very similar.
So there's these crises that occur that shock the civilization into a new revolution, a new system, a new way of being.
And, you know, when Klaus wrote the Fourth Industrial Revolution, he was saying the exact same thing as
What is hyper-democracy?
Well, that's just the radical egalitarianism that will bring about the future collectivism that will emerge out of the capitalist order that we're presently in.
The monopoly corporate capitalist order will eventually give way to what Marilyn Ferguson wrote about in her book, which is known as The Aquarian Conspiracy.
It's not a conspiracy, but it's actually, according to Dr. Coleman, a Tavistock
SRI produced book about how we will transition into the future, right?
The so-called Aquarian Age, which will be an age organized around not individual rights or ethics, but the common good, a collectivist ethic that Klaus said would be the new ethic, the ethic of stakeholder capitalism, inclusive capitalism, not the capitalism of profits, but the new socialist capitalism of
You submitting to the collective good.
Well, who decides what that is?
Oh, well, Klaus and company, of course, right?
Atali said that there would be eventually a few thousand megacities underneath continental unions.
And in these megacities with continental unions, he says there will be one kind of central super tech control system known as the global brain.
Everybody would be linked into the global brain through what he calls the collective golem.
That's his terminology.
It's not mine.
It's what he says it is on page 273 of his book.
The collective golem is the many individuals throughout the world surrendering their individual identity to be part of the global brain.
His terminology.
When you're in this universal intelligence, he says, history will then arrive at a collective universality.
So we won't be individuals anymore.
We'll all have a collective universality which will make up this AI supercomputer.
So in other words, joining into the future AI supercomputer with its deep, you know, consciousness AI or whatever they're going to say it is, that's exactly what Harari is talking about in his book.
He's saying that that is the religion of the future because it will allow people to directly experience this
Now, you're not going to get omniscience.
And the AI won't be omniscient.
It'll be this kind of like pale imitation of omniscience where, you know, maybe you can ask the great AI Oz, you know, what's happening in China right now?
You know, what's happening on the other side of the planet?
And it'll know, right?
Because it's tied into this giant AI.
And so into this, you know, cameras everywhere and so forth.
So the idea then is that people will kind of give their obeisance, they'll surrender themselves to this and link into this and it will become for them in a very real way a religious experience.
I think that's very likely, that's very possible as a potential contender for the future world religion.
I don't know for sure.
They may try to tie in alien nonsense and the AI.
Maybe aliens secretly actually gave us AI tech and it's an emerging god that's going to attain omniscience.
They might create some mythology.
In fact, Harari says that the Bible and the religious books of the world, they're all written by men.
We're all going to just believe in a book written by AI.
Because why would you believe in a book written by one guy or ten guys or twenty guys?
It's still going to be a fallible, limited book.
Ah, but you see a book written by AI because it can read all the books in the world.
It can give you this synthesized perfect.
But what else?
I mean, there's a lot of fallacies in that, first of all.
Just because something's mushed together doesn't make it the right book or the better book.
Maybe there's a bunch of errors mushed together, you see.
So it's just based on kind of fallacies.
Same idea of A.I.
and art, right?
Oh, well, it's A.I.'
's art superior because it's smushing together all the other art.
Well, that doesn't make it better just because it's smushing a bunch of things together.
But regardless, I think there is a real potentiality for this Borg assimilation hive mind as a kind of A.I.
mimicking reality or mimicking divinity as a real potential contender for a replacement religion.
And I've thought that for many years as a possibility, and it's very helpful to have Noe of Alharari basically saying that for us.
He's thinking the same thing.
He basically says, you know, the AI will be a kind of god figure, a kind of avatar.
And you could see why so many people would fall for this, right?
I don't, I'm not saying the revelation when it says that the beast, you know, gave its power to the image and the image spoke.
I mean, that could be a reference to AI.
I don't know.
I don't pretend to have any knowledge of that.
But it is.
In the book of Revelation, talking about a principle behind ideology, right?
Idolatry is basically ascribing to created things divine powers and properties, right?
So to say that this totem pole or this little idol over here is God, right?
And it has magical powers or something like this.
That is what idolatry is, right?
The false description, because it's a lie, right?
The prophets say to say that
This or that thing is God is a lie.
And so an idol is a lie.
But what more powerful idol could there be than the AI passing itself off as th