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Name: 20231013_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 13, 2023
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses his views on Israel, Muslims, and global issues. He expresses love for children regardless of their religion but emphasizes the need to stop fighting and killing. Jones criticizes those who use Israeli politics as an issue and addresses the threat from Islamist groups. He also discusses the responsibility of political leaders for such incidents and calls for peace and unity. The podcast episode includes a caller's concerns about the situation in Afghanistan, media coverage, and power dynamics between different groups in society. Alex Jones also talks about his new book offering solutions to build a better world and takes calls from listeners. Finally, he discusses the history of the present Israel-Palestine conflict and the idea of a clash between the West and the Muslim world leading to a new technocratic world order.

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I am disgusted by all of it.
And I've done nothing to the Palestinians, and nothing to the Jews, and I live in Central Texas, and I feel bad for the Uyghurs.
Three million of them in a slave camp with slaves for Apple and other U.S.
They're Muslims, but I'm against what's happening to them.
And I'm against what's happening to these Jews being slaughtered.
And I think it's terrible what's happening in the carpet bombing of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians.
It is not my dog, it is not my fight, and I am American, and I am so tired of turning on the news and hearing about Saudi Arabia.
And Israel, and Germany, and the UK, and France, and Russia, and China, and South Africa, and Nigeria, and Mexico, and Chile, and Brazil, and Timbuktu, man.
Our borders are wide open, hundreds of thousands are dying from fentanyl, mass suicide, I don't care what color you are, we're screwed as a country!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
The illegal organ market existed in Ukraine long before the outbreak of hostilities that were unleashed in the Donbass in 2014.
When people have no money, when they have nothing else, kidneys are becoming the only form of currency available to them.
As the war escalated, OSCE, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, representatives confirmed that military and civilian bodies had their organs removed as a huge number of people went missing.
This dark criminal enterprise grew into a gold mine for the corrupt Ukrainian elite.
While the global child trafficking
I don't know.
Over there, what we came across were the record books where people were actually ordering and on wait for children that had specific eye color, specific hair color, the potential height.
I don't know how it works, but I can tell you that the system over there is extremely flawed.
And then the question I have to ask myself, is it intentionally flawed or is it accidentally flawed?
As of today, the United States authorized $113 billion in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.
We've sent thousands of anti-armor, anti-missiles, helicopters, drones, grenade launchers, machine guns, rifles, radar systems, more than 50 million rounds of ammunition.
So, all of you still supporting the effort to fund a neo-Nazi child organ harvesting hub, what are your tax dollars really paying for?
While Zelensky has imprisoned Ukrainian journalists and outlawed the Orthodox religion, Ukraine spokes-trainy and American Sarah Ashton Carillo exposed the true madness behind the Ukrainian totalitarian state.
Simply put, I'm an American serving as a Ukrainian infantry soldier and combat medic who was brought from the zero line and assigned to the TDF's media team in the dual role of spokesperson and Russian disinformation analyst.
Russians have a different culture.
Russians are Asian.
And ultimately they do come from the Mongols, they do come from a grouping of people who are wanting to be slaves.
Let me also take a moment in my role as spokesperson for the AFU's Territorial Defense Forces to state unequivocally that we in the TDF and across Ukraine believe journalists are heroes and have the right to report on Ukraine's war for liberation.
I made the statement that Russian propagandists will be hunted down, and I refuse to apologize for that statement.
But it doesn't end with the Kurillo-Zelensky revelations.
The New World Order wants all free speech eliminated.
Elon Musk ended up getting this letter today from Brussels.
It reads, Dear Mr. Musk, following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, we have indications that your platform is being used to disseminate illegal content and disinformation in the EU.
The CIA, Homeland Security, the FBI were pressuring
Twitter, Facebook, Google, to remove information.
A court found that it is unconstitutional.
But there in the EU, they're saying, we have law enforcement authorities that are going to be contacting you, demanding that you take down certain content.
And when they do, you had better ensure
That you are in contact with the relevant law enforcement authorities in Europol and ensure that you respond promptly to their requests.
That is not just a suggestion, that is the requirement of the law now.
You are presenting new ways to minimize the spread of misinformation and you want to combat dangerous extremist views in the internet.
This will also be important in understanding more about myths and disinformation online, a challenge that we must as leaders address.
We talked earlier about a post that Mr. Kennedy had at the beginning of the Biden administration.
I just want the record to reflect that that post has not been taken down.
So I'm wondering about the extent of censorship.
The irony and cognitive dissonance from the other side of the aisle.
It's deafening.
You could cut it with a knife.
They are at the same time denying that censorship is occurring, but suggesting that there's more material that needs to be censored.
They are working towards a day when their propaganda can wash over free speech like a polluted tsunami.
John Bowne reporting.
The Communist Party, the Socialist Party, Antifa, and every other scumbag criminal organization is running around foaming at the mouth across Europe, across Canada, across the US, across Australia, calling for death to Jews.
Now, let's be clear.
I don't like heroin.
But just because I don't like heroin doesn't mean I also don't hate cocaine.
I tried them both in high school.
Horrible drugs.
I'd advise anybody out there to never try them.
You feel like you're gonna run over by a car after you take them the next day.
So I don't like what Israel's doing.
And I sure don't like what the Muslims are doing.
And let's just get that straight.
I am my own identity.
I am not an Israeli.
I am not a Zionist.
I am not a follower of Muhammad.
I am not an Islamist.
And I am sick of my entire life, 49 years on this planet, hearing more about Israel and more about the Muslims than I hear about our country where you've got everybody living.
I'm an American.
And that's where I stand on this.
But to watch Black Lives Matter and the left everywhere celebrate
People on motorized hang gliders coming into a peace rally rave with a bunch of delusional leftist Jews who are literally thinking they're safe right next to Gaza, unarmed, is disgusting.
Both groups.
Obviously Hezbollah 100 times worse, but also the delusional
People at that party.
I mean, let me tell you, I'm a tough guy.
I'm not going to an all-night party, I don't go to those anyways, next to two and a half million people who want to kill me.
Where they hear the music and the party.
I mean, it's absolutely insane.
But that's the delusion of the left.
You see everywhere, going into the worst neighborhoods and getting stabbed and murdered because they promoted all this anti-white garbage that extends to Jews because they're white, according to the left.
And the Democratic Party's real anti-Semitism issue.
I don't hate Jews because they're Jews.
I don't hate Jews because they're Orthodox Jews.
I don't hate Jews because they believe in God.
In fact, I admire a lot of the culture and poetry and ideas of Jews.
That said, I, for my entire broadcasting career, have been savagely attacked and lied about by leftist Jews.
And they've abused me, they've abused my family, they've attacked me, and they feel like they have a right to go after me using the political power they've got.
That's wrong.
But it's also wrong to come in with hang gliders and kill a bunch of innocent people.
And so I am disgusted by all of it.
And I've done nothing to the Palestinians, and nothing to the Jews, and I live in Central Texas, and you know, I mean, I feel bad for the Uyghurs.
Three million of them in a slave camp with, you know, slaves for Apple and other U.S.
They're Muslims, but I'm against what's happening to them.
And I'm against what's happening to these Jews being slaughtered.
And I think it's terrible what's happening, and the carpet bombing of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians.
It is not my dog.
It is not my fight.
And I am American.
And I am so tired of turning on the news and hearing about Saudi Arabia.
And Israel, and Germany, and the UK, and France, and Russia, and China, and South Africa, and Nigeria, and Mexico, and Chile, and Brazil, and Timbuktu, man.
Our borders are wide open, hundreds of thousands are dying from fentanyl, mass suicide, I don't care what color you are, we're screwed as a country!
And we've sent hundreds of billions to Zelensky, that cokehead, and we've got war with Russia, and I am just disgusted by all of it.
And I refuse to dance to the tune or be pulled by the strings of the Muslims or whoever is in power at the time in Israel.
I'm supposed to just salute the flag because I'm pro-Israel and do what they say, and then it's political?
I'm tired of it.
I've always wanted to go to Israel.
It's historic to see it.
I've never gotten around to it.
Every time I'm about to go, my mother's, my wife's mother was about to go to Israel and Egypt for a trip she'd been planning for years and got canceled, obviously.
I would feel safe going to Israel.
I would not feel safe going to any of those Islamic areas because I would not be safe.
So at the end of the day, it's
The best house in a bad neighborhood.
Israel is the best house in a bad neighborhood.
It doesn't mean I'm moving into the neighborhood, it doesn't mean I identify with the neighborhood, but I don't hate the neighborhood.
And I refuse to hate the Jews, even if the left tries to use Jews as a political control valve to bully Americans who they know have a soft spot for Israel, because Israel is seen as the underdog.
When all the Arab countries ganged up on them, that was wrong.
Well, Israel's not really getting ganged up on now.
Thousands of nuclear weapons.
But that said, I don't want war with Israel, and I don't sit back and go, yeah, give it to them Jews.
Boy, let's kill some Jews.
I'm disgusted by it.
I want to throw up.
Now that said, I have to talk about it.
And I've talked a lot about this.
I talked about it recently on air.
I'm sick of looking at Joe Biden and Obama.
I'm sick of looking at Hillary.
So my dislike of them is palpable.
But it's the same thing on dealing with the Muslims.
But it's worse.
I'll just tell you.
I mean, I am disgusted by the politics in Israel.
So are the Jews over there.
Majority of them think they're in a dictatorship.
I think they are, basically.
But, I mean, the Muslims, if America's so bad, stop coming over here.
Stop coming here and signing up for welfare, and then walking around in your nightgowns all day and bitching about me.
So, on a scale of 1 to 10, my dislike of the pedophiles is a 10, of the Muslims is about a 5, and of the Jews that are liberals trying to bully me and everybody in America, a 1.
But that doesn't mean I like you because you're a one.
Let me be completely frank with you.
It's wrong to put all Muslims in one group.
It's wrong to put all Jews in a group.
But if you're a Trump supporter, you get called an anti-Semite when you're supporting Israel.
And so you're like, OK, I've been supporting Israel's existence.
I know they're not perfect.
And I'm trying to be nice to Israel.
And I'm trying to understand their perspective.
And then I get to be demonized all day long by the ADL and the rest of these groups.
At a certain point, I'm like, OK,
I supported you and you slapped me around and shit all over me.
I'm done with you.
But at least you don't want to make me convert to your religion.
That's a positive thing.
And I'm not attacking Judaism.
It's actually a very interesting, ancient, amazing thing.
I think it's very interesting.
I like all ancient, interesting things.
I respect culture.
I respect groups of people.
But at least the Jews don't try to make you convert over to their religion.
And so that's why I fundamentally do not like being put in a position where I have to sit there and choose sides.
I want the Jews to be either Americans or Israelis, and I want them to choose which allegiance they're with, and then I'll back you all the way.
And the Muslims, we know.
And I hope the phone's up.
Maybe Muslims will call in.
But we know your main allegiance is to either the Shias or the Sunnis.
The Shiites or the Sunnis.
And so all I'm saying is you are incompatible.
I'm not your enemy.
I don't want to kill you.
I don't want to run your life.
But let me explain something.
I'm not submitting to Allah.
I'm not submitting to Hollywood or the transgender gay cult.
Anybody trying to make me submit to your crap is quite frankly my enemy.
You made yourself my enemy.
I know full well if I showed up at Gaza Strip I'd get killed or kidnapped in five minutes.
So don't sit here and tell me choose a side when
Israel has become its own cancer to itself, but you are stage 4 brain cancer.
And I just want you to know, I don't like any of your political leaders, I reject it all, and I'm not part of your paradigm.
Get it?
I'm not part of your sick, ongoing tribal warfare.
Got that?
Keep me out of your crap!
And the jihadis are now rising up.
We'll talk about that when we come up.
Alright, I just burned a segment frustrated and mad, and just being honest with people.
The truth is, I love little Muslim children, I love little Jewish children, I love little Christian children, I love Hindu children, I love Buddhist children, I love children that are born to these horrible atheist families.
I just want to stop killing, and I want to stop fighting.
But let's just move on, because this is me being honest here.
I don't want my disgust with some of the politics that come out of Israel, or our own government, to make this an issue of, I'm against Israel.
Because I've made that very clear over the years, I'm not against Israel.
Because I know the left and George Soros and the most evil forces on earth and their larger global plan know that there's a couple billion Muslims and growing and they've got a plan to have the Muslims conquer us in some weird merger of Islam and the left.
And if you go to any university and you go, Antifa and a bunch of leftist Jews and others are there orchestrating and quarterbacking the jihadists that are running around.
And so, the big on-the-ground threat is these Islamists.
And we've seen Black Lives Matter and all the rest of these organizations celebrating this attack on Israel
And then when Israel attacks back indiscriminately, which is what total war is, when you launch total war, you get total war.
Another argument is, well, Israel did this too.
I get all that.
It's escalating just like the Russia war.
I'm not a Russian, but I'm against this war being started because the West started it.
And so we have in this country, hundreds of thousands of military age men who were part of Hamas and Hezbollah.
And they are here and they have said they're going, according to their leadership of Hamas and Hezbollah, start launching attacks in the West.
Now, even when that happens, and it's happening in Europe all the time, I'm going to be against the Islamists that did that.
But who I'm really going to blame, because I'm not a moron, is our governments that opened the borders up and the UN and Klaus Schwab and
All these organizations that Soros is heavily involved in, bringing them here.
So, if something happens to any of my friends, family, or any other American, whether it's a synagogue that gets attacked, or a church that gets attacked, they're attacking the Hindus, the Muslims hate them, anybody gets killed in a religious attack, I am going to hold O'Biden, and that means Obama, responsible for that.
So they want to burn the American flag, they want to do all this crap, great.
Do it in your own crap hole country.
But the other side of that is, I don't want to be in your crap hole country.
And I don't want to be funding a tax on your crap hole.
I want to shut down travel from your shithole to our country, and I want you to live with yourself and enjoy the hell you've got.
But I don't want to be there so you can play the part of the victim.
And that's exactly what Hamas and Hezbollah did, was go and bloody the nose of Israel to get Israel all wound up.
To go on their own crusade and destroy you to try to suck in Iran and Saudi Arabia and everybody else.
And of course Iran wants that.
So I am disgusted by this.
I am sick of this.
I know the political powers over the Muslims and over our government and over Israel knew this was coming.
They got polls out.
Almost 90% of Israelis believe the government knew it was coming and let it happen.
Yeah, because you got a brain.
Don't be naive and don't lie to yourself.
And so thousands a month,
I think so.
And they're here, and all they get is one cell phone directive, or one jihad order, like you've been hearing for Friday the 13th, we'll see what happens, they hope nothing, and then they unleash their attacks on us, and then we lose our freedoms in the process.
And so, I believe the State of Israel has a right to exist,
Because those people have a tie back to that place for thousands of years, and you can argue, well, they're not Jews, and I've heard all that crap.
But the point is, they're not going anywhere.
Russia has a right to exist.
The United States has a right to exist.
The United States should not be sucked into all this.
Because Israel's got thousands of nuclear weapons, folks, and if you try to go in there and actually drive them out, and if anybody ever actually overran Israel and was actually beating them, they're going to nuke the Middle East, ladies and gentlemen.
So I'm going to explain how this works.
We have nuclear weapons.
I've become death and destroyer of worlds, is what Oppenheimer said.
It's true.
Russia has a right to exist because they have nuclear weapons.
Israel has a right to exist.
Just like you come to my house trying to rob me, I got a bunch of guns.
Good chance is you're gonna die.
I got a right to exist because I say I got a right to exist.
And the Muslims are doubling their numbers every 30 years.
It's not like they're not taking the world over.
It's not like there's one little group of them left in one little country and everybody's getting rid of them.
Muslims are expanding everywhere.
So let the Jews have their country.
Leave them alone.
But I'll tell the leftist Jews this, who want to get rid of my country, and get rid of my guns.
When you get involved in my politics, and you say I'm anti-Semitic, because I don't support some of the things your politicians are doing, Netanyahu only has like 30% support in his own country, in the Parliament!
He's still there!
I'm not against Canadians, I'm against Justin Trudeau!
I'm not against North Koreans, I'm against Kim Jong-un!
I'm not against Chinese, I'm against... Xi Jinping!
And I'm not comparing Netanyahu to Xi Jinping.
My point is, I'm sick of... It's like if your neighbors beat each other up.
They're two drunks, husband and wife, they're beating each other up every day.
And, you know, you stop calling the cops, and they try to rope you into their home dispute.
You're like, listen, go kill yourselves, okay?
Stop sucking me into your crap.
Can't I just be left alone by you?
You're doubling your numbers every 30 years!
You're taking over!
On average, you're the biggest welfare recipients in every country!
You come milk the system!
You have six kids, and you come to my country, and you tell me I'm bad because of what color I am, or I'm a Christian!
Leave me alone!
Get off my yard!
It's the same thing for the ADL and the same thing for the Simon Wiesenthal Center and all you guys.
You're discredited.
You're jokes.
Any real Nazi, you support them.
Like the one, an actual SS officer that actually rounded up and killed Jews en masse in standing ovations a few weeks ago.
And has he been arrested?
Has he been hauled back to Israel?
They only haul back Alzheimer patients because they can't defend themselves.
When it's a real Nazi, you don't grab them because that'd be a little embarrassing for the US and Canadian government, wouldn't it?
And the Vatican.
And the Rat Line.
So I know way too much.
And I will not sit here and be the villain of the Muslims, or the villain to the leftist Jews, or the villain to Black Lives Matter, or the villain to anybody else.
I've done nothing to any of you.
I just want to live my life and be productive and be a good person.
Leave me alone and leave my kids alone.
And stop trying to chop their balls off.
All right, I'm going to stop.
I'm bloated for bear.
I've got so many clips, so much.
But I am just disgusted by all this.
Absolutely disgusted.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to hit it all straight ahead.
Well, the global day of rage has begun as former Hamas chief called for attacks around the world.
Demonstrations, rage.
They're storming the borders of Israel.
There's riots in France.
Violent demonstrations in the United States.
And there's like two to one little leftist there supporting the Islamicists in places like France and here.
Talk about ridiculous.
Why don't you ask the Lebanese Christians that were the majority for thousands of years, hundreds of years where Islam existed, driven out of their country in the last 30 years, now an Islamic state.
So no.
This is, I don't like a lot of the policies and things going on in Israel, which is not one unified bloc.
Political parties fight with each other.
Does not mean I then endorse Islam.
Can't you figure it out?
I don't like tomatoes and I don't like cucumbers either.
I don't hate cucumbers or tomatoes.
I just, it's not something I'm focused on.
And it's the same thing.
Our country is falling apart.
Our country's committing suicide.
Our country is losing its life expectancy.
Our country's been hit with poison shots.
Our country sent hundreds of billions of dollars to literally fund Nazis to attack the Russians in Ukraine.
That is wrong.
I want to care about our country.
America first again.
Because if you're not running your own house, and if your own people aren't taken care of, that means Muslim, Christian, Jew, you name it, then none of us are free, are we?
All right, I'm done ranting.
I want to cover a bunch of news.
I'll put the phones up next hour here on this live Friday edition.
But let me go over what's really happening in the Middle East.
Like I said, Saturday, and people said, Jones just said Hamas is behind this, or Hezbollah is behind this, but it's really Hamas.
No, it's Hezbollah, and that's who directed it, and that's who funded it, and Biden gave him the money, and Biden gave him the weapons.
You gotta ask, why?
But we're not talking about Hunter Biden's laptop now.
We're not talking about open borders now.
We're not talking about the national debt now.
We're not talking about Ukraine now.
We're not talking about any of that right now, are we?
Hunter is out of the news.
Border is out of the news.
Ukraine is out of the news.
Speaker drama is out of the news.
Biden crime family is out of the news.
Worldwide immigrant invasion is out of the news.
Horrible economy is out of the news.
Pedophilia is out of the news.
Jeffrey Epstein is out of the news.
It's all out of the news.
The next new thing isn't Ukraine.
We had the votes to stop the funding.
Now it's on to Israel, isn't it?
And I said this on Saturday and I said this Sunday and I said it Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.
There is no way
Israel that has these groups in translated into Hebrew means living with the Arabs or amongst the Arabs.
They've had it since the 50s and they there are a lot of the Jews are Sephardic or Middle Eastern and they genetically are basically very similar to the Muslims or the Arabs and they look like them and they speak Arabic and they've got tens of thousands of them in the Gaza Strip of those two million people alone.
And you don't tell me that a giant army of people and weapons in that invasion wasn't known by Israel, and they didn't know it was coming.
Now, sure, the people on the border guards, the military, the rank and file, even the colonels didn't know.
The generals didn't know.
But at the highest levels of Shin Bet and Mossad and CIA and MI6, they knew.
And now it turns out
Five, six days before the invasion last Saturday on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the Egyptians said, we believe there's about to be a major attack on Israel.
Representative Michael McCaul, one of the committee chairmen, says there seems to have been an intelligence failure.
We're not quite sure how we missed it.
We're not quite sure how Israel missed it.
We know Egypt had warned the Israelis days before the event this could happen.
First they said three days, now they're saying five, six days a week.
We know that Egypt had warned the Israelis three days prior, House Republicans says, of Hamas attack.
Market watch.
We're gonna get to that clip here in just a moment.
Terrorist watch list encounters at U.S.
border are up to 7,000% under Biden.
CBP intercepts messages from terrorists seeking personal info on border agents and family members.
Soros asks America to open its borders to Hamas and fund it open borders and Hamas supporting Black Lives Matter.
Figure it out yet?
Hamas says 13 hostages killed in strikes on Gaza.
Poll from earlier this year found more Democrats sympathize with Palestinians than with Israelis.
Let that sink in.
Because it's one thing to be critical of Israel.
Israel's a mess just like we are.
But it's another thing to literally say, I support the Islamic Jihad.
I support Hamas.
I support Hezbollah.
That is crazy.
Because they don't support your freedom.
Americans killed by Hamas rises to 27 over a dozen captives as U.S.
arranges evacuation flights.
Israel gives 1.1 million North Gazans 24 hours to evacuate.
warns of calamitous situation.
You don't think Hamas and Hezbollah didn't know what was going to happen when they did that to Israel?
And they knew exactly what was going to happen.
And now they're going to say, look, we need everybody else to attack Israel because Israel's now done this.
It's like you go hit a hornet's nest and wonder why you got hornets stinging you.
So the globalists greenlit this.
They gave the money to Iran.
It's all been done.
You better ask yourselves why.
And what happens when the terror attacks start in the West?
Well, we'll just lose our freedoms.
How many hundreds of people got killed at one French nightclub by just a few guys with machine guns?
That will look like a cakewalk compared to what is being prepared to happen.
So here's Congressman McCaul talking about it.
There seems to have been a failure of intelligence as well.
We're not quite sure how we missed it.
We're not quite sure how Israel missed it.
We know that Egypt had warned the Israelis three days prior that an event like this could happen.
We know that this had been planned perhaps as long as a year ago.
The other concern...
But don't worry, we'll just give Homeland Security more funding.
Oh, but they run the open border, run the human smuggling, and say the main threat is Christian conservatives and Catholics.
And that we're a terror threat.
So, figured it out yet, folks?
Because there's this depth of logic.
Like, they let Islamists attack us, and then they get more power.
Here's Jake Tapper talking about how it's eye-opening
That the mainline culture at U.S.
universities is anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, which it is.
I mean, it's blaring.
But what adds insult to injury is, then the left turns around and calls Trump anti-Semitic, and myself that, and claims we are Nazis, when our main benefactor is not a Nazi, it's the American people.
Your main benefactor is George Soros, who said the best time in his life
He was exhilarating, and he's not ashamed of it, was working for Adolf Hitler.
I mean, you can't make that up.
Imagine if Donald Trump had worked for the Nazis.
You'd be like, oh my God, he's terrible.
That'd be bad, wouldn't it?
But you see, with the left, it's blame us for what they are.
And remember, the Islamist is their ally with the left.
So that's what makes them the bad guys here.
Doesn't mean we fawn at Israel and whatever politicians in control.
That's Israel.
So we bow down to whoever's over there.
No, we're not against the people over there.
I know I'm not, but I'm not going to sit here also and just go, Oh, it's Israel.
I just salute the flag, whatever it says.
I don't salute our government.
It's not our government.
It's a hijacked government.
So, so let's skip this break.
Here's the clip of, uh,
Jake Tapper, and then I want to play the clip of Senator Rand Paul reveals that the United States is still funding the Taliban and the Palestinians, which is true.
Here it is.
This does, these last few days have been a real eye-opening period for a lot of people, a lot of Democrats, a lot of progressives, in terms of anti-Semitism on the left.
A lot of people who seem more shocked at dehumanizing language used by world leaders to describe Hamas than what Hamas actually perpetrated on Saturday.
Now we're in this situation that Israel needs emergency aid.
How will you deal with that?
What is your recommendation?
The same way I always have is that I'm all for the aid.
In fact, we had this debate about a year ago with Democrats.
They wanted a billion dollars more for Iron Dome, and I said, sure, I'm for that.
Let's take it from a fund that we're funding the Taliban with.
There's still a couple billion dollars out there that we are, the Afghan reconstruction fund that's going to the Taliban, to people who are not our friends, who are our enemies in Afghanistan.
I don't understand that.
Why are we funding the Taliban?
They think that somehow when you give money to your enemies, it makes them less of an adversary.
We still give money to the Palestinian Authority.
We give money to the PLO.
So what I would say is, sure, let's fund whatever Israel needs now, but let's take it from funds that we're sending to countries that don't like us, that burn our flag, that chant into America, why are we giving money to people who hate us?
So let's give it to our friends, if need be, but let's make sure we take it from somewhere else in the budget.
And that may or may not make me very popular, but I insist on this all of the time, and if you don't do it, that's why you wind up with a $33 trillion debt.
Have you commented on the fact that we've been funding, giving money to the Palestinian Authority?
I have these battles all the time.
I've battled the head of Senate Foreign Relations over this many times on the floor over whether we should still be giving money to the Taliban, whether we still should be giving money to the Palestinians.
So years ago, I introduced the first bill that would have gotten rid of these martyr payments, where people who were blowing themselves up and blowing up Israeli civilians were getting payments, but it was coming out of a fund that the U.S.
government was funding.
So I was the first one to introduce that, and they got rid of some of the payments, but some of those payments are still going to the Palestinians, and I'm for eliminating all of that foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.
Senator, we want to know- I am for reinstating what Trump did, um, Islamic Muslim travel ban from seven countries who officially say destroy the United States.
No visas.
Don't come here.
Go away.
That's where I stand.
And let's roll some of the B-roll for TV viewers.
You've got people storming the borders of Israel from all sides right now.
We've got in France giant Islamic riots going on.
We have absolute bedlam breaking out.
Where these people come here and they get on welfare and then they complain that we're not blowing Israel up.
Now, why would our governments... Look at this footage.
Bring these people in.
Get a job.
But no, they're in the evil Western country.
They're here to get the welfare.
The average Islamist is like 80% or more is on welfare.
Can I go to a Muslim country and get some welfare?
So I'm just sick of it.
You don't like me?
You don't?
Then don't be here!
Go away!
Go away!
I mean, look at these people.
And the footage, and the things they say, and all of it.
We're going to bring down Israel, and soon the great Satan America.
Get out.
Get out.
And it's all out of the universities.
It's all, just like our government is funding radical Islam, just like our government is giving them money by the billions, giving them weapons by the billions, and they bring them in here to be a destabilizing force.
And there's footage in Europe and Australia everywhere of the Jews out showing solidarity, protesting.
But are those Jews right-wingers?
Are those Jews calling to control our borders?
Not many of them.
So, you know, I'll say this.
I'm very sad for the Jews that got killed and the Palestinians.
I'm very upset to see this needless war and all this garbage.
But we can pull the headline up.
Israeli Defense Minister, we're going to arm all the Jews in Israel.
First it was going to be in southern Israel three days ago.
Yesterday they said, you know what?
Any Jew, any Israeli in Israel that's an Israeli citizen can have a gun permit.
Aren't you nice?
Aren't you sweet?
You live next to the Gaza Strip, two million people want to kill you, you're a mile away from it, and then you move there, and you have dance parties out in the desert, right across from the fence, when people want to kill you.
So here's the deal.
If the Jews don't want guns, and they want to live in a hostile area and all get killed, I'm sad for them, but that's their business.
That's basically a form of suicide.
But don't take my guns.
And you can't swing a stick in the dark in D.C.
without hitting some leftist Jewish lobby that wants to take the American people's guns.
And imagine the attitude of the majority of the Israelis that never even sought living in a tiny country surrounded by enemies to own guns.
You're your own worst enemy, not me!
I don't want to kill you, I don't want to hurt you, I wish you prosperity.
And to have your religion and live in peace and be productive members of society.
But it's time for Jews particularly to choose a side.
Are you with the West?
Are you with right to self-defense?
Are you against communism?
Or do you embrace those tenets?
And if you embrace communism and disarmament and enslavement, then go!
Go live amongst the Arabs and get killed!
I'm not the one killing you!
Go kill yourself!
Take your children with you!
I'm sorry you're gonna get them killed too!
I'm not saying I want your kids killed, but your bizarre behavior is causing this!
We can't just point at the Muslims and say they're out of control and a bunch of babies and they kill each other constantly and they got all these issues, which they do.
Let them live in their own area!
Let us control our countries and stop them coming here!
Don't have the ADL attack me because I want to kick radical Muslims out and want to stop them coming here en masse.
They're here to conquer us.
Don't you point your finger at me trying to survive and live and say I'm the bad person!
I reject that!
And I'm sick of you!
Just like I'm sick of the CIA and the FBI and the Democrat-Republican Party opening our damn borders up to bring all these people in and brainwash them against us because I'm white.
I'm not a person that's in identity politics, but you've made it that way.
Everywhere it's bad because I'm white.
Everywhere it's bad because I'm Christian.
Everywhere I don't deserve to have a job because of what color I am.
Everywhere I'm a bad person.
So I'm not going to join the left's racial jihad and their whole system of racial control, but I'm going to call your race garbage out.
The ADL is the biggest race-baiting organization on earth and is painting a target on Jews everywhere.
And so is the Democratic Party.
So I don't want to hear it.
That's what Trump said in his speech.
They claimed, oh, it was pro-Hezbollah.
No, he wasn't.
He's like, you got a bunch of soft people that don't know what's going on that are giving weapons and money to Iran, and they got really good fighters in Iran that are smart, and this is a serious situation.
We better take it serious.
They go, oh, look, he's anti-Israel for saying they're really dangerous.
I think he just found out how dangerous they are.
Trump is assessing the reality of what's going on.
So when I see this type of behavior, I want to throw up.
Uyghur is starting the Bestiality National Party.
I'm not joking.
He says his first act, this is not a joke, when he is president is to legalize, quote, pleasuring animals.
By the way, when I say Bill Gates wants to block out the sun and cut down trees, I have video clips.
Folks, I'm not joking.
The young Turk leader says that his national platform is having sex with animals.
And that his first act as president will be pleasuring donkeys and other creatures.
We're going to play that clip coming up next hour.
So, um, it's, it's, it's, it's weird.
I mean, it's, it's, it's weird, but uh,
We're going to be getting to all of that coming up next hour.
Also, you might have seen hundreds of news articles the last three days.
Alex Jones subpoenaed in the Donald Trump trials in Georgia.
And they say, because I know, uh, whatever her name is, I forget her name.
I don't, I don't know the head of the RNC, never met her, never talked to her.
I don't know Chess Teesboro.
I could make jokes all day about, I don't know, cheddar cheese, I don't know, Velveeta cheese, I don't know, pepper jack cheese, I don't know, Swiss cheese.
But they're like, the courts, he knows about Cheeseboro and everything that happens.
I guess when I'm out there in the huge crowd of people walking to the Capitol, I guess Cheeseboro, some Trump lawyer was there.
It's like, we've got him!
We've got him!
And if Jones bucks the subpoena, it's because he's guilty.
No, it's because I don't want to hire lawyers that go and sit there in a trial and then get up on the stand and say, I don't know... What's her name?
What's her name?
RNC chair.
It doesn't say on the headline.
Ronna McDaniel.
I don't know Ronald McDaniel.
I don't know Cheeseboro.
I know Cheeseburger.
I know Lobster Roll.
But I do not know these people.
It's just this ongoing insane witch hunt everywhere.
I mean, it's just total cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
So, the Young Turk leader, while declaring president on the bestiality platform, we're going to play the video.
I'm not joking.
He says, if I'm the leader, sex with animals.
Um, now he's running for the leader.
He's like, Jones won't testify because he's guilty.
No, they'll have me testify and then say what I said is a lie with no evidence and charge me for perjury.
So because these courts are kangaroo, all railroads be railroaded, I won't take part in your fraud.
That's what the Fifth Amendment is about.
I don't know Cheeseboro.
I don't know Rona McDaniel.
I don't know Sidney Powell.
I don't know them.
I don't know them.
I don't call them.
I don't have text messages.
I never talked to them.
I never talked to them.
I never talked to them.
I told you I thought Sidney Powell was wrong about the Kraken and all the voting machine stuff.
It was the mail-in ballots they stole the election.
And now they want to say Jones is integral to the conspiracy of Trump and Cheeseboro.
Cheese bro.
A real conspiracy is Sinkh Uyghur literally says he wants to be dictator and pleasure animals.
Well he wants to legalize pleasuring animals.
Like that doesn't sound real.
Will two men can have a baby?
Does that sound real?
Does any of this sound real?
Does Black Lives Matter cheering Hamas and Hezbollah sound real?
No folks, it is real.
These people are crazy.
On TV, saying they want to pleasure animals.
Alright, we're gonna go to break.
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Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached a critical juncture in the battle now.
We're good.
The infamous Albert Pike letter to Mazzini, known as the Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars, was allegedly written by Albert Pike in 1871.
The letter outlines a plan to foment three world wars in an attempt to take over the world.
It is claimed that the letter was on display in the British Museum Library until 1977.
But the British Museum denies this claim.
Some suggest that the use of the word Nazism in 1871 proves that the letter is a fraud.
And others say the same about Zionism.
But Zionism existed back then.
Zionism was made official in the late 1800s as a non-religious nationalist movement arguing that the Bible was proof that Jews had a lawful claim to the land of Palestine.
An area that was currently inhabited by a population that has lived there, relatively peacefully, for centuries.
Around the alleged writing of this Albert Pike letter, Jews began immigrating to Palestine with the intention of someday creating a state of Israel, which did not happen until 1948, after World War II and the creation of the United Nations.
Albert Pike joined the Fraternal Independent Order of Oddfellows in 1840.
By 1859, he was elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rites Southern Jurisdiction and remained Sovereign Grand Commander for the rest of his life.
He was definitely aware of Zionism, and if this Illuminati plan is true, then his use of the word Nazi is plausible.
Either way, the letter is worth a read, and the closer we get to the endgame, the more accurate this letter appears to be.
The Illuminati Plan for Three World Wars The First World War must be brought about in order to overthrow the Tsars in Russia and make that country a fortress of atheistic communism.
The divergences caused by agents of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war.
After the war, communism will be used to destroy other governments and weaken the religions.
The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the fascists and the political Zionists.
This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and political Zionism is strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine.
During the Second World War, international communism must become strong enough to balance Christendom, which would be restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.
The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agents of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islam.
The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other.
Meanwhile, the other nations, once more divided on this issue, will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual, and economic exhaustion.
We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm, which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery, and of the most bloody turmoil.
Then, everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization.
And the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer.
Brought finally out in the public view.
This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.
Whoever wrote this letter had the vision to see where this is all going.
By manipulating our beliefs and emotions, mankind has been herded into these wars like cattle to the slaughter.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We are now into hour number two, and now for the balance of the broadcast, several hours, I'm going to open the phones up for first-time callers, long-time callers, callers that agree, callers that disagree, Muslims want to call in, Jews want to call in,
It's a First Amendment free-for-all, live, on air, starting now.
And I'll give the toll-free number out here in just a moment.
A new front in Hamas war deepens on Israel's actions, says Iran.
Iran says they're preparing to start aiding the attacks openly and opening up second fronts against Israel.
So we're rapidly stampeding into World War III.
Now, let's talk about who I've got a big problem with.
If the Muslims and the Islamic lobby was supporting anti-free speech operations, which they actually are, they're not very successful, in Europe and here, I would be angry at them.
I'm angry at them for a lot of reasons.
But I'm being fair about this.
But the ADL and so-called Jewish lobbies, with the EU, with the UN, with the US government, with the Canadian government, with the Australian government, with the German government, is arresting people
Let's say the Holocaust didn't happen.
I mean, Hitler said he was going to kill Jews.
The documents came out, the final solution, they had Nuremberg trials.
People can say the moon is made out of blueberries if they want.
That's their issue.
You can argue all day how many Jews Hitler killed.
But he ordered the SS to kill a bunch of them, millions of them.
And then the guy that helped do it is getting standing ovations in Parliament.
So, if people want to believe that Hitler, you know, sent birthday cakes to Jews, you know, there's people that believe the Earth is flat.
There's people that believe anything they want to believe.
No, Hitler was anti-Jew.
Hitler ran the Final Solution.
Hitler probably would have won World War II, the U.S.
military admits and reports, if he wouldn't have spent up to a third of their troops murdering all the Jews.
The Final Solution is on record.
With Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering and the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler.
I mean, I've read the books they wrote.
I don't need to believe the ADL.
And then we turn around and hear Elon Musk is a Nazi and the EU is threatening to indict him or arrest him if he doesn't censor our political post about Hunter Biden's laptop.
So they go, Oh, we're not going to allow anti-Semitic posts.
And then because they want to censor clowns, they full know it's not about that.
They know that's all, there's no effect.
I mean, okay.
Everyone's wants some crazy, goes and shoots up a synagogue.
The more you suppress those people, the more we don't know what they're up to and you can't stop them.
But now, we'll put this article on screen.
Man accused, they have photos and videos of it in the Daily Mail.
We'll pull the actual article up again.
Man accused of committing a vile act outside Sydney's Jewish Museum in the wake of Hamas terror attack in Israel.
Cover their faces after being charged.
Can we put the actual article up, please?
I want to show the actual photos they're talking about, because the printout doesn't do that.
I'll wait while you do that.
Yeah, scroll down.
So, okay, a guy goes and does a Heil Hitler, and he's a Ukraine shirt, and now, once you set the precedent to be able to take his right to go Heil Hitler in front of a synagogue or a Jewish center, now all my other rights to promote the Second Amendment or stand against transgenderism or any of this go out the door, and that's what this is all about.
I hear all day about Israel's so free speech.
Then leave our free speech alone and I won't have to criticize you.
Because I'm going to criticize Xi Jinping.
I'm going to criticize Benjamin Netanyahu.
I'm going to criticize Barack Obama slash Biden.
That's just what I do.
I don't care what color you are, what your religion is, when you do stuff like that, I'm gonna come out against you because it's wrong, and it's tyrannical, and they've already said the American people and Christians and Catholics are the number one terror threat, and Homeland Security isn't for Hermas or Hezbollah running around with their Black Lives Matter events saying kill Israel, death the Jews, and then those of us that aren't doing that
Those of us that aren't doing that, we get the blame and we get attacked.
So no, those idiot Nazis are probably left as posing as that.
They have their right to.
Everybody gets to speak.
What does Bill Maher's quote in the back of my book say?
Alex Jones gets to speak, everybody gets to speak.
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Tucker Carlson.
Alex Jones is often mocked for his flamboyance, but the truth is he's been a far better guide to reality in recent years.
In other words, a far better journalist than, say, NBC News.
Tucker Carlson.
Bill Maher.
Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
Maybe he should teach the ADL a little bit.
Well, they'd be probably popular if they made him the head of it.
Alex Jones is one of the most misunderstood people in the world, and he's been right about a lot of S-H-T.
Joe Rogan.
There's more than 20 years, no populist figure has been more of a bayonet in the back of the deep state than Alex Jones.
Mickey Willis, author of Director of Plandemic.
Mainstream media is wrong, the best story of the time, yet they are never held accountable.
Alex Jones is right, the best story of the time, and he silenced the persecuted.
Get the book at InfoWarsTore.com or AAA253-3139.
Now that said, that's the toll-free number to call and order, AAA253-3139.
Here is the toll-free number to join us on air.
No censorship, no call screening, except you've got a clean phone.
And if you want to tell us where you're calling from, you can say Deep Space 50.
I don't care.
You can say Pluto.
If you want to tell us, we'll put it on the board.
If you want to tell me the topic, that's fine.
But if you say anonymous, we'll just put you on the air raw.
Which is the big thing the establishment doesn't like.
So you can say whatever you want.
No cuss words.
We're on FCC stations.
Have a clean phone line.
That's it.
Here is the toll-free number.
And if you're in the Middle East, if you're in the Gaza Strip, if you're in Israel, if you can get through, I'll put you to the head of the line.
877-789-2539 is the toll-free number.
To join us, if you can't dial toll-free from outside the country, some can.
Dial in your country code, and then put in this number, 512-646-1776.
Country code, 512-646-1776.
And we're going to take your phone calls today, but I'll tell you, the vile act is not a couple of guys with masks on their heads.
And you look at their shape, how they act, what they're wearing.
It looks like the same M.O.
we've seen here over and over again.
A couple of leftists, dressed up like right-wingers, howling Hitler in front of the Jewish Center.
Maybe they're real.
It's my opinion, I'm allowed to say.
I think it looks like B.S.
to me.
But what's real is all these leftists and anti-Palestinians running around saying death to Israel.
But the guys in Australia?
Looks as fake as a $3 bill to me.
So many times it turns out this Jesse Smollett type crap is just that.
Absolutely fake.
But who knows?
The point is, they've been accused of a vile act.
And they've been charged.
The vile act is taking their right.
Since when?
Remember the ACLU used to go defend Nazis' right to march.
Let them march.
Because you take their right, you take our right.
And everybody knows that.
That's not too hard to understand.
But they want to take your right to speak.
That's why the system's supporting this.
And they're using anti-Semitic attacks as the pretext to take all our rights, and that's disgusting.
I want you to hear everybody, including Jews,
And Muslims say they support free speech.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Israel has entered Gaza.
Warns get out.
Hamas global day of jihad.
War could spread to all of the Middle East.
That's the plan.
We told you we're in the season of war.
2A Works, gun owners of America say horrific situation Israel shows why Americans were afforded the right, well it wasn't given to us, it was just enshrined, to have weapons of war for self-defense.
That's a big article on InfoWars.com right now, yeah.
Israel defense minister says all Israelis to be armed.
What is your deal whether you're for Israel or not?
And I believe Israel should have a right to exist.
I don't want to kill all the Jews and murder them.
Doesn't mean I don't like the politics being projected back at me to take my rights.
Or Netanyahu saying all Israelis are guinea pigs now for Pfizer and Moderna.
Again, Israel's not one monolithic thing.
I'm sick of do whatever their prime minister says or you're anti-semitic.
It's like saying, do whatever Obama says, you're anti-black.
It's an insult.
My issue here is, imagine if I was an Israeli, or you were, living surrounded by all those enemies.
I would live in a house with foot-thick walls and ceiling, and I'd be armed to the teeth.
Fine, be a settler, you'll go back to your homeland, whatever.
You're there without guns?
That's crazy!
But think about how crazy it is that people, all these liberals, all these congressmen and women getting carjacked, don't have security or guns, they defund the police, they find out, it's nuts!
The police can't protect you, they show up after the crime.
That's a whole other huge subject.
Alright, Carlos, Jeff, Joe, Al Killer, Charlie, Action, Tracy, Ed, Joe.
You know, I say first-time callers a lot, because we have regular callers that are so good at dialing the phone, they get through.
So I said any caller.
Long time, first time, you name it.
But then I do that and it's like regular callers or red callers get through and take over.
They're really good that they don't call and I say first time callers.
But we'll do first time callers in the next round of calls.
So we'll take these 12 calls and all the new callers will be first time.
Particularly head of the line, anybody calling in from the Middle East, alright?
And if you disagree with me,
I'd love to hear from you.
I mean, this is millions of listeners right now and viewers, and we're not, this is not censored.
I've seen articles, his callers are fake.
It's all fake.
Call in yourself, find out it's not.
All I ask is you have a good clean phone line.
The way I'm going to get to all your calls is go quick.
All right.
So no matter how good your call is, two minutes apiece.
Carlos in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I blame what's happening in the Middle East, particularly in Israel, with Hamas and the Israeli people, on the United Nations' failure for all these many, many years not addressing the issue.
It wants to be the peacemaker and the government of the world.
Well, then I blame it on globalists.
Because, frankly, the occupation has been realized.
I don't know any Palestinians except one mechanic that I had many years ago that was Christian Catholic.
So I really, and I have lots of friends who are in Israel even, and I want to tell you this frankly.
I blame the United Nations for not addressing the so-called under the law.
They're supposed to be under the law.
Everyone's supposed to be under the law.
And now human beings are dying.
Many human beings and children.
I'm not interested in the politics or two bald men fighting out after a comb.
I'm not interested.
I'm interested in life preserving.
The freedom to speak as I do in your program.
And the freedom to love.
In particular, I want to address another issue, which deals with globalists.
And that's all.
This idea of the World Economic Forum becoming an agency of the United Nations, such as the World Health Organization, and whatever other organizations, the Jewish Defamation League, you know, they don't protect defamation.
They are defaming everybody.
I call them the Jewish Defamation League, the ADL, with Nosferatu Green
You know, whatever.
Always accusing, always insulting people as anti-Semitic or not, when they're not.
In particular, I want to say something else about globalists and CO2.
The emphasis on CO2 is wrong, actually.
It's scientifically wrong, but because of the carbon footprint and the carbon effort, I want to tell you that soft drinks are concentrated
Thank you for taking my call.
I was talking to my son the other day.
We were looking at the comparisons or the parallels to the Israelites of old, in the Old Testament, when they were going up to battle with the enemy.
There was a particular situation in Chronicles where Jehoshaphat, he was afraid and he asked the Lord what to do.
As the enemy was approaching and camping the Israelites, the Lord, confounded, confused, had the enemy fight
I don't like a lot of what Israel does.
Powerful, globalist organization.
And then where's the liberal media attacking Black Lives Matter and the universities that are literally saying, kill the Jews?
I have the ADL saying I'm evil and I'm bad, but I've done nothing.
And then they sit there and defend these people.
I'm sick of it!
I'm going to say one thing.
I got one scripture and then I'm going to address the people that put those sorry-ass comments on your board.
Here's Galatians 515.
If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.
That's for you BLM.
That's for you left.
And for you people that are putting these comments on Infowars, sitting there bashing Alex Jones.
You don't even know him.
Calling him a racist.
Get off that!
And mind your own business.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
I haven't seen the comments, but I'm being bashed as anti-Semitic.
I'm being bashed by the Muslims.
And I'm just like, this is idiotic.
This is absolutely idiotic.
I appreciate your call.
No, our government gave six billion to Iran.
Our government gave tens of billions of dollars of weapons in Afghanistan to them.
And then when we get attacked by Hezbollah or Hormuz, they'll take my rights away.
That's baloney.
And that's what I'm talking about.
Let's talk to Al Killer in Virginia.
Welcome, sir.
You know, Alex, I want to say, I want to disagree with you slightly.
There's no right for any country to exist.
There's no right for the United States, Russia, Israel, or anybody else.
You sink or swim on your own merit.
Sometimes it's outside forces that... Well, that's what I said.
I said Russia and Israel have nuclear weapons.
They're not going anywhere.
Actually, I'm not disagreeing with you, but you're not getting what I said.
So let me be clear.
When you stand up for yourself and you have a right to exist because you make yourself exist, you have a right to exist, whether you like it or not.
I agree with that.
Now, I couldn't help but go back to a Henry Kissinger interview about 10, literally 10 years ago.
It's actually 2012.
Hold on, don't hang up.
It's funny you got Henry Kissinger stuff.
I got a Henry Kissinger clip on open borders that I'm going to play, and then another clip from the British Home Minister on this.
We'll go right back to you, Al Killer, stay with us.
There's a new video, it's only 28 seconds long, from September 7th, a little more than a month ago, where I predicted attacks on Jews to bring in the new world order.
The clip's now going viral.
We'll play that here in a few minutes.
But let me get to these clips and then back to your call since Al Killer raised this.
These are two big articles up on InfoWars.com.
From yesterday, 100-year-old Kissinger, grave mistake to let in so many people of different cultures, religions, and concepts.
He says it divides and destroys society.
Well, that's replacement migration, which the left uses to control society.
And then we have multiculturalism has failed and threatens to bring down British democracy, British Home Secretary Shuella Braverman says.
We had a bunch of clips of her.
But they knew it would do this.
It's like the New York mayor and even O'Biden, Biden, the rest of them are like, oh, we don't want open borders.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Chicago, don't come here.
It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different
Yesterday's laws are simply not fit for purpose.
So to anyone proposing de facto open borders through unlimited safe and legal routes as the alternative, let's be honest, there are a hundred million people around the world who could qualify for protection under our current laws.
Let's be clear, they are coming here.
We've seen a 500
We've seen a 500% increase in small boats crossings in two years.
And this, Mr Speaker, is the crucial point of this Bill.
They will not stop coming here until the world knows that if you enter Britain illegally, you will be detained and swiftly removed.
Now I'm here in America to talk about a critical and shared global challenge.
Uncontrolled and illegal migration.
It's an existential challenge for the political and cultural institutions of the West.
Just as it's a basic rule of history that nations which cannot defend their borders will not long survive, it is a basic rule of politics that political systems which cannot control their borders will not maintain the consent of the people and thus not long endure.
You do not have to be a clairvoyant to see how might this all unfold.
But they've been running the whole thing the whole time.
We're gonna go back to Alkiller here in a moment, but here's just a short 28-second clip.
I'll show you the Twitter account.
It's non-compliant.
That fluoridated mine.
We should actually find the full clip.
From September last month, a little over a month ago, I guess 34 days ago, where I laid it all out and predicted attacks on Jews.
Here it is.
Those are Nazis about to kill Jews.
You must silence everyone that opposes our agenda of surveillance and censorship or you're going to kill Jews.
Now, what's the next move?
The false flag.
If I was Jewish, I would not have my kids in any big synagogue or any big school.
You're about to get hit.
It's your whole future.
It's the whole future of the species and our children and their children.
We're being turned into factory farm slaves.
The very rights over our bodies is being assaulted like never before.
Now, as I continue to do this, the media says Jones throws a lot on the wall and sees what'll stick.
Oh, like when I said Russia will invade by the end of February last year, and they did?
I want to have the archive as we have the day.
Get me the full clip.
I'll play it on the Saturday show.
I'm going to go live at noon tomorrow.
We'll have like five, ten minutes, whatever the full context was.
Maybe two minutes, maybe ten minutes, maybe an hour.
I don't know.
Probably ten minutes long.
Usually each segment is a topic.
How did I know that?
Because I see the pre-programming.
Bin Laden's going to attack you.
When he attacks you, we've got to take your rights.
America will no longer be free.
Well, where did the Feds attack first?
They tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1992.
That came out.
New York Times, everywhere.
I interviewed Amad Salam, The Blue and the Whistle, Egyptian Intelligence, CIA.
I mean, thousands of other data points.
It doesn't mean radical Islam isn't real.
It's totally real.
The point is they let them do this.
It's like Israel just allowed this attack.
They didn't run Hamas and that's why they let it happen.
Well, you can see it.
And I've got polls of 87% of Jews think that Yahoo knew and let it happen.
Because they're not stupid.
And they don't want us here questioning that.
It doesn't mean we support the Islamists.
It doesn't mean we support the attack.
We don't.
But they let it happen.
And I mean, I could just see it all heating up.
And I see false flags against black people to be blamed on Trump supporters.
I see power outages.
I've gone through this ad nauseum.
I want to go back to your calls.
Play that clip.
Do it back up.
For some reason, you can't download it off Twitter.
So I'm going to play it off the computer.
Listen to what I, I remember that show now, a month ago, where I walked into why they did it and how I could tell, because it's like, how do you know a new car's coming out?
You see ads everywhere.
How do you know that a rock concert's coming to your town, or a country concert, or hip-hop?
You see the ads.
And it's like, we gotta censor you, there's imminent attacks on Jews, and I'm like,
But it's Trump supporters being censored.
We're not anti-Jew.
I mean, I don't look down on Trump, that his daughter's married to a Jew and has kids, is pro-Israel.
Great for Trump!
He brought peace to Abraham Accords.
That's great.
What does he get for it?
He's an anti-Semite.
It's a lie.
And Trump is strong.
He can handle being lied about.
I'm not as strong as Trump.
I have been a friend to Israel.
I have been nice.
I've had so many Jewish people come to me in the grocery store, airports, oh Alex we love you.
A lot of them are Hasidic Jews, you know, in their conservative attire.
And I just, I'm like, listen, what have you done for me?
It's like the Bill Maher joke saying Jews complain all day.
Well, I complain way more than any Jew I know.
I'm like, hey, great.
You want to shake my hand, take a picture?
What are you doing for me?
Because I'm not against you and I'm getting attacked.
Well, that's politics, Alex.
We like you.
OK, great.
I'm under attack, man.
So why don't you?
OK, well, yeah, exactly.
Like I didn't do anything to you and I'm not your enemy.
So you need to tell the ADL stop trying to destroy me and Elon Musk.
Like, well, hey, we're better than the Muslims.
Well, uh, yeah, exactly.
I'm talking to you.
Like, I can't sit here and take this.
We can't take the news saying white people are terrorists and Christians are bad people.
And you're like, well, we're not doing that.
The point is, if you speak out against it, people will listen.
My grandfather stood up for the Jews, on both of them almost out of the Army Air Corps.
And I don't claim you owe me some debt, but at the same time, I don't owe you anything.
And I am tired of being attacked.
And the white supremacists make a joke, oh Jones pleads to his masters, screw you, half those white supremacist groups are funded by the feds.
I'm not even having a debate with them.
I'm having a real debate with people that say they're smart.
Do I deserve this?
Why do conservatives who've done nothing to Israel deserve to be persecuted and attacked like Hitler did in the beginning?
I'm not comparing what's happening to conservatives to what Hitler did, but if you follow up 1933 to 1943, when he really, the last two years, starts murdering everybody, we're, they're following, deplatforming, putting us in ghettos, lying about us, demonizing us, you know, I mean, no, we're actually on the same track here.
And so I'm like saying, hey, you need to get behind Trump and America.
And a lot of Jews will say we are.
Okay, great.
I'm talking to you because I think you'll listen to me.
I'm not talking to the Muslims, if I can convince them of anything.
I'm talking to you because I think you can listen to what I'm telling you.
To let the ADL harass Trump and harass me and lie about us is dangerous.
Because I'm smart enough to get the Hegelian dialectic.
The general public's not.
I'm going to be completely honest with you.
I think you know that.
So you say you're smart.
I think you're smart.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
This is a setup.
Play the clip again.
Those are Nazis about to kill Jews.
You must silence everyone that opposes our agenda of surveillance and censorship or you're going to kill Jews.
Now what's the next move?
The false flag.
If I was Jewish, I would not have my kids in any big synagogue or any big school.
You're about to get hit.
It's your whole future.
It's the whole future of the species and our children and their children.
We're being turned into factory farm slaves.
And that's the bottom line.
I'm gonna go to your calls.
If we don't figure out a way to save the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims and the Hindus and the Buddhists, everybody else, if we don't find a way to work together and get past all this, we're gonna kill each other.
And I have no desire
To see Muslims destroyed and put in graves, or Jews, or anybody else.
But, you are literally attacking Christians.
The FBI, all of it.
Like we're in 1935 Germany, and let me tell you what happened.
The average conservative has been a really good person.
The average Christian is a really good person.
And a lot of them are smart, but not that sophisticated.
And they're like, well I never did anything in my life to these people.
Why are they attacking me?
And you're making enemies.
So I suggest this stops right now, okay?
All I want is prosperity and justice and freedom for everybody.
And to have your culture, I respect all your cultures.
Islam is blasting, taking over.
You have like six kids.
I respect you, but you don't respect me.
You talk about how I will submit to you.
No, I'm not going to.
And that goes for the leftist Jews that think they're going to create some kumbaya thing where we all have one culture and somehow you run it, or some leftist group, some black rock.
Man, that's not going to work.
We're diverse.
We're separate.
We're different groups.
Leave us alone.
Israel's made dozens of runs at the Orthodox Jews.
And takes their kids and everything else.
Leave the Orthodox Jews alone.
Leave the Christians alone.
Leave the Catholics alone.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
Leave us alone.
And then you can have your life and we'll have ours.
Just leave us, leave our children alone.
Leave their penises alone.
Leave their vaginas alone.
Leave their uteruses alone.
Leave their, I mean literally, the globalists literally want our children's future.
And does anybody think, in this fight, anybody's safe?
When I see a bunch of Palestinians killed, I don't go, yeah, we're doing good!
Or I see a bunch of Jews killed, I don't go, whoo, yeah, that's really good!
No, it's BS.
And it needs to stop.
But you can't punch somebody in the face and expect them not to punch back.
So the powerful globalist forces are looking to start a civil war.
And they're starting it right now.
What did I say over and over again the last year?
They're going to do the Ukraine, they're going to do the Middle East, and China's going to move on Taiwan.
See things counting down here?
We're going into a full world war.
And the powerful globalist forces in control of this think we're all a bunch of dumb animals.
They're going to get away with this, but they're not.
So we're strapped to this runaway train together.
That's why I respect everybody.
That's why I tell you straight what I think.
Because I respect you.
And I want you to know what I'm saying.
I want you to hear me talk straight to you.
Like, hey, I'm talking straight to you.
Here's how I've been abused.
Here's what's been done to me.
I'm complaining.
I'm tired of this.
I don't appreciate this.
I don't deserve this.
And your problem is, not everybody is as smart as I am.
And the level
of anger by Christians and by white people of being abused by this media and this government is outrageous.
And, you know, the ADL, the Democratic Party, they think they got this all figured out.
You don't have anything figured out.
You're the dumbest people I've ever seen in my life.
Because I've learned no matter how badass you are, there's always somebody can kick your ass.
And you guys are conjuring up a monster.
That you can't even deal with.
You can't even comprehend what you're doing.
And you sit there.
And you think you're winning and you're not.
You're losers.
The illusions of grandeur have to end.
The power trips have to end.
We gotta get serious.
Or we're gonna all kill each other.
And that's where I stand.
Promoting Americana and competition and freedom and right of choice and diversity.
But this is not diversity.
They tell us diversity is unification under one idea.
Under whatever these corporations cook up.
And I'm not going to go on with that.
Alright, I've had callers hold for 15 minutes.
I'm going to take calls all the way through the next hour.
The toll free number is 877-789-2539.
Nobody's gotten through yet from Israel or the Gaza Strip.
But I'm going to now give each person about a minute or two, because I got to get going.
I apologize.
I've been pontificating.
I'm going to stop right now.
Al Killer, you got caught off by the break.
You brought up Henry Kissinger.
I played the club.
Go ahead.
All right.
So about it was September 30th, 2012.
He gives an interview.
I believe it was with Cindy Adams of the New York Post.
And he says, in 10 years, Israel will not exist anymore.
I find that really coincidental.
That we know we're 11 years and then we have this going on.
So Israel has a demographic issue.
There's only 6.8 million of them that live in Israel.
And as you said, Muslims have on average about six kids in the Middle East.
So they're running into a demographic issue where they're going to be, regardless of nuclear weapons, they're going to be outnumbered.
You know, I also find it funny that the ADL was
Wasn't Benjamin Netanyahu over here meeting with Elon Musk, and you were hearing all this ADL comments about anti-Semitism rising on Twitter, or X as it's called now.
And you know, you bring up Benjamin Netanyahu, he can't form a government.
At all.
They've had five elections, I believe, in what, four years?
And they don't value their... The leadership over there don't value their people.
How could you
How could you openly say that your people are going to be experiment?
So, I think that the globalists, they really... Israel is just a political football for them, and the same thing with Hamas.
It's a political football for them to kick back and forth because it gives them leverage.
So they really don't care what happens to Israel or to the Palestinians.
It's about the power grab that they're going to get.
And I believe it was
Zelensky said that Ukraine was going to become the big brother Israel.
So, there's so many moving pieces that we don't even know specifically what's going on.
There's nothing that can happen in Israel that somebody in the IDF or somebody in the Mossad is not going to know about.
No, I really do not appreciate your call.
Alright, let's go to Joe in California.
Joe, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, the Survival Sealed X2, everybody's got to get some of that, especially old guys like me.
Just I wanted to plug because you haven't been.
Europe, I took my family for the first time to Europe about five or six years ago and the Eiffel Tower, you couldn't even get through all the Syrian refugees selling their tchotchkes.
So Kissinger was right.
I think they always tell you what they're going to do or what their plan is.
And I think Kissinger is a
New World Order icon.
My question for your staff is though, you guys are great at finding videos.
And my point is, they always tell you what they're going to do.
Biden, in his little sniffy voice, when he goes up to the mic and whispers, a few years ago, somebody asked him a question and he said, he came to the mic and he said, Oh, you think we're Satanist?
We're drinking baby's blood?
He said that on the microphone.
I remember.
He got a Sergeant Biden baby blood quote.
I remember that.
I need to find that, please.
Alex, one more thing, and let me just say this.
I want to thank you.
You brought me back to God, and you helped me stop drinking.
And I haven't drunk alcohol in two years.
I know you, last time I said that, you went to you and said, uh, don't drink that much.
But you helped me personally, and I wanted to thank you very much.
God bless you, sir.
Well, God bless you, and I appreciate your call.
Yeah, I remember Biden talking about baby's blood.
Biden says he doesn't drink baby's blood.
We'll look that up.
You can't make this stuff up.
Charlie in Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me on the show.
So, I just wanted to agree.
Yeah, I listened to you about an hour and a half ago, and you were talking about how just leave me alone.
And I absolutely agree.
Owen Troyer was also saying like this is like a thousand year thing that's going on and like why does everybody have to be shoehorned into this, right?
So I couldn't agree more.
But I just wanted to give you a bit of a nuance from the Canadian perspective and like from all the media that we've been seeing up here, I've just noticed the concerted effort with all of the conservative pundits.
Like Ben Shapiro, all of the Daily Wire people, even like Jordan Peterson.
Jordan Peterson just tweeted, give him hell.
You know?
And, like, it seems like over the last couple of years, they've really tried to... Like, they've gained a lot of conservative-type, right-wing-type, new conservatives on the conservative side.
And it seems like the right-wing has really, you know, gotten the... gotten the support from, like, the convoy crowd and all of that.
And then all of a sudden, now that this attack has happened, in lockstep,
Every single conservative pundit, or most of them, on the right wing, is pushing for World War III and trying to shoehorn us into this.
And it's just, yeah, it's just really upsetting.
Like, just leave me alone.
That's right, they're pushing for an attack on Iran.
And I don't think that Iran wasn't involved, but why did our governments give them all the money?
I see it everywhere.
I mean, I see, like, we gotta attack Iran, we gotta go to war, we need to bomb Gaza Strip.
So we've just segued from Ukraine right into this.
And the next is China.
Yeah, this is about the Belt and Road Initiative, right?
Like, this is all about new supply chains, the new petrodollar being with the gold-backed BRICS currencies and all of that stuff.
So, I mean, this is all about change.
And the Hegelian, like, they're really shoehorning us into this, right?
And it's scary to see, like, family members and all sorts of people, you know, they're just frothing at the mouth for war.
Ready to go.
It's dangerous and it's insane, but no discussion of why did our governments arm them.
Speaking of money, we're not fun about the globals, we're fun about you.
We have a flash emergency sale that is only running for a couple more days, right now, at M4 War Store.
Up to 60% off, right now.
Thank you for having me.
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All at InfoWarsStore.com.
We'll be right back.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
And a key tool in that fight is the Great Awakening
Defeating the Globalists and Launching the Next Great Renaissance!
Now, you know, we get on air and callers call in and remind me of things that I remember that are so crazy, I think, wait, did Biden really say they claim we're drinking baby blood?
Well, he did say that, but it sounds crazy to say they said that.
Like, Bill Gates says we're going to block out the sun, we're going to bury trees, cut trees down.
He said two weeks ago, we need to cut trees down.
He said trees are bad.
Environmentalists need to stop thinking trees are good.
So I told the crew during the last segment, a lot of you were watching that, I said, go find that.
And they found it.
Here he is.
Can you clarify what you said about no, that there's no one in the Democratic Party is anti-police?
I know that you have said you don't want to defund the police.
I didn't say that.
I said that is not the Democratic Party's position.
I'm the Democratic Party.
I am President.
So is the Speaker of the House and so is the Majority Leader.
We are not defunding the police.
Alright, so he says he's not defunding the police, but they've done it all over the country.
Again, total lies.
Here's a short clip of Tom Fenton.
I don't
Killing people that have car wrecks for their organs.
It's all going on.
Taking Uyghur Muslim organs, all of it.
And they sit back and say, no, that's not happening.
That's all in your head.
So I thought I'd play this short clip.
Go to break.
Come right back with your calls.
The order they received, Ed and then Daryl.
And then everybody else, Joe, we're going to go to all of you when we come right back after this one minute break.
But here he is, Tom Fenton of Judicial Watch, saying the next speaker should commit to leadership to stop the procedural abuse of Trump and other elected election rigging and Biden's open border invasion.
Here he is.
This is so key because this is where they're getting it all done.
It's how they're getting all their power.
This is how they're shutting the Republic down.
And we'll be right back with your phone calls right after this.
Here's the clip.
I'm Tom Fitton.
I'm president of Judicial Watch, America's leading government watchdog organization.
We have a simple request for Congress.
Do your job.
It's not enough to do investigations and reports.
We need to stop the government corruption and abuse that is so concerning to the American people.
In this new budget fight, or basically the old budget fight that we're being asked to pretend is new,
There's an inflection point.
Are we going to continue to fund Republicans in the House, the wild abuse by the Biden administration of its political opponents, the mass censorship of tens of millions of Americans, the border invasion we've heard so much about, and the other wild abuses of power that are right now fully funded with Congress?
And I don't know what we're talking about with a clean CR
I see a dirty CR.
A CR that will fund the worst of dirty politics and corruption in our federal government.
And there's a positive moral obligation right now, not next year, but right now, to stop the abuses, the effort to jail Trump on pretextual, unprecedented charges in a way never seen before in American history.
An obligation to stop right now the Biden administration censorship of tens of millions of Americans.
The obligation to stop right now the illicit use of tax monies to fund abortions in our military and elsewhere.
We need to stop right now the attack on children through the promotion of transgender extremism.
We need to stop right now.
The lack of serious investigation into the Biden administration corruption, specifically Biden corruption.
We need a Justice Department or a special counsel that has confidence of the American people.
All of these issues can be addressed in this continuing resolution.
And if they don't want to address it, that suggests to me those who vote for it
Are on the side of corruption and those who oppose it are on the side of justice.
Thank you very much.
I did pretty good taking calls last hour, but I want to do really good this hour.
So I'm going to give each caller 90 seconds, and I'm going to give a 30 second comment, and move to the next person.
Ed in Pennsylvania, you're on the air, go ahead.
I'm sitting on the ground in the middle of a dirt road by two dogs.
There's an eagle nest about 100 yards away.
We used to talk about this, Alex, 20 years ago.
I'd call twice a week, hunting, fishing.
We don't have time for that now, but...
Two great movies you must see.
Yul Brynner, a Russian actor.
The Journey.
And Taras Bulba.
Explains the Russian people, especially the Cossacks.
Right where Zaporizhzhia is.
Right where the war is right now.
I love Yul Brynner.
So he's in a movie called The Journey.
And Taras Bulba.
Two movies.
Will really show the Russian people.
What's the other movie?
Taras Bulba.
It's a famous Russian story.
Yeah, that's one of my mom's favorite actors is Yul Brynner.
The Journey is actually filmed during the Hungarian Uprising.
He's a major in the Russian Army.
It was actually filmed during the Uprising.
It's such a great movie.
You and your wife will love it.
I love Yul Brynner.
What else is going on?
That's it, brother.
I wish we had more time to talk about it.
No, you gotta keep going.
So you've been listening.
It sounds good where you're at, brother.
I wish I was there on the back floor.
I know you do.
Hanging out, brother.
I know you do, bud.
God, it's so, you know, I'm going to talk about this next week, but I just spent a time with a guy that I would describe as the conservative populist version of the guy that wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls.
And it was just incredible to hang out with him for a few days there in the middle of nowhere, and we're talking in the middle of nowhere, and I would describe it as incredible.
But you're right, man.
When you're out in the countryside, the middle of nowhere, and the people, it is so refreshing.
Ernest Hemingway.
He was a big outdoorsman.
He was a liberal.
They said he was a communist, but you read his books and you hear what he was into.
He was a man's man and just obsessed with the outdoors.
So am I. I don't even let myself do it because if I ever go do it, I'm gone.
My family is, you know, hunting and trapping and raising cows and chickens and working.
And that's what most of my family does.
They're so happy.
And man, if I ever even went that direction, I'd never come back.
Thank you so much for the call.
All right, Joe in Florida.
Joe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, I'm here, Alex.
I'm fishing every day down here.
I can't out in the outside, out back, any chance I can.
I just wanted to say God bless you.
You're an American patriot.
And my question to you is, what are the odds?
You guys were almost hit on the head earlier.
Joe, Joe the Demon, with everything going on, his back towards the wall.
What are the odds that Iran and Joe have started a war, in quotation marks, just to stop Trump from... because they both hate Trump.
Oh, absolutely.
Listen, listen, listen.
I like Ronald Reagan, but Ronald Reagan got approval for vaccine liability protection.
He approved Aspartame.
He approved Glyphosate.
Ronald Reagan sat there and greenlit all this evil stuff that's killed hundreds of millions of people.
So, Ronald Reagan was not a bad person, but he literally signed off on the worst stuff in American history.
So let's just be honest about Ronald Reagan.
And it is the same thing now that is basically going on.
And Iran made a deal in 1980, 1979, into 80, to hold those hostages to get rid of Jimmy Carter.
I don't like Jimmy Carter.
My point was, that was the deal.
And Iran has backdoor deals with the left.
To attack America when it's needed, to suspend the election, but then we won't attack Iran.
It's like they're not blaming Iran now, even though Iran's behind this attack on Israel.
And so, that's not debatable.
That's the facts.
And I think Iran is going to pull some major sleeper cell stuff in the next 13 months ahead of this election, to help Joe Biden and the globalists.
And I totally agree, the CIA put the Ayatollah Khomeini in, and they don't control him, but they're working with him, and that's going on.
Yep, and that's why they had so many people come through this border.
None of them want to assimilate with us and our culture, just like Michael Savage says about language borders.
Nothing against the Persians, but if we think of Machiavelli, we think of sick double dealing.
We think of just mental illness, triple, cross, BS.
That's the Persians.
I mean, and they meet the CIA and it's like two demons having sex.
I mean, Iran is deep in this.
Deep in this.
Well, one last thing.
I just want to shout out my little brother.
He got me the Great Reset sign last year for Christmas.
So, shout out to you.
Brother, thank you.
Joe, if your brother hadn't got you that book, we'd be off air right now.
We sold $2 million of that book.
And I gave 95% of it to free speech systems, and I took 5% to pay my legal bills.
And here, it's a very liberating feeling, because I'll never give up, I'll never back down, skip this break coming up, but I could give out.
And a sick part of me has done this so long that I'm like, I've done my mission, I'll be even bigger if I just disappear, but I can't give up.
So, I'm going to tell listeners, you bought The Great Reset and The War for the World last year.
$2 million came in roughly.
It was like $2.1 million.
We had to pay for the books though, so it was like a million and a half bucks.
I gave that all to free speech systems, even though I owned it and controlled it, and I got back my $400,000.
Sounds like a lot.
I'm a million dollars plus in the hole in bills.
And it's a very liberating feeling because I've never had more podcasts want me.
I can sit at home.
And do my show, but I wouldn't have the infrastructure, the crew, wouldn't be on talk radio.
We're selling hundreds of radio stations the enemy can't control.
So it'd be a big victory if they shut us down.
But I'm having to take a hit financially to do that, which I'm willing to do.
I just want listeners to know, now part two is out.
200 pages longer.
Huge book, incredible.
The Great Awakening.
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This book, I spent five times, at least, more time on it.
In fact, most of this book I wrote, we had to cut 300 pages out of it.
And they had a researcher, a lawyer, to make sure that they didn't get sued that was over me and checked every part of it.
I spent five times, conservatively, bore tile on this book than the last one.
And the last book's good.
It got the loveliest quotes and their operations and what they're up to.
But this book is a grand slam.
And the last book's a home run.
This is a grand slam.
The Great Awakening, Infowarsstore.com, sign or unsign.
But regardless,
These are products you need.
And we have the flash sales going right now for 60% off.
It's got to end this weekend.
Real Red Bull Plus, DNA Force Plus, Brain Force Plus, the great nootropic, right now, InfoWars4.com.
All right, Daryl in Missouri, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hello, thanks for taking the call, Alex.
I'm MissouriBattleFlag on Twitter and I have a lawsuit against the ADL.
And I'd like folks to look it up.
I'll repost it at the top of my page.
Well, I can buy you a chicken fried steak if you're here with me.
Tell me about it.
Well, I talked to you about four months ago and you asked me if I was in the Klan and I'm not.
And I think we have to, you know, you were saying, let's not kill people.
And you had a whole list there.
And I'd say, let's not kill the Muslims either.
And, you know, they're calling them animals.
And I'm accused of being a racist hater, and that's not true, and I'd like people to read my complaint.
They've put a motion to dismiss forward, and it's really a summary judgment.
I'm a pro se attorney.
Well, why did I ask you if you were in the Klan?
I mean, here's the deal.
The Klan's fed run.
They have a picture of me at a Klan rally where someone said, hey, Daryl, say hail Christ, and I made a salute.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
I called you the KKK.
I don't know who you are.
No, you asked me if I was in the KKK, and I said I'm not.
And I'm not.
They have a picture of me.
If you Google my name, Daryl McClanahan, it has 17 million views, and they tell everyone I'm a white supremacist racist.
And I'm not.
One has 17 million views.
The ADL article about me.
Okay, here's the deal.
I don't know all this.
I vaguely remember your call.
I guess you brought this up.
I asked, are you a member of it?
Like, I'm accusing you.
I just asked you.
I don't, you know.
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into what you do.
And, uh, the, you know, why did ban the ADL go viral?
I filed a lawsuit against him about a week before that.
I think they were setting this up for, to take the attention off of Ukraine because everyone's done with Ukraine.
And you know what?
They are behind everything that goes on.
Not you.
But they're behind everything that's going on.
Well, there's no doubt the Israeli leadership and the majority of Jews and Poles say that.
Almost 90%.
I'm not against the Jews.
I'm not against Israel.
But I'm not going to lie.
Israel's leadership knew the attack was coming.
Obama, oh Biden, gave them the money.
And that's a fact.
If they go in there with ground forces, all they're going to do is inflame the Muslims more.
They killed a teacher in France.
That's all part of the plan.
I totally agree.
But here's my deal.
I don't support the Muslims either.
So I'm just saying, OK, yeah, Israel knew.
Let it happen.
I just have to say the fact that I'll be attacked by the ADL.
I'm just like not lying here.
And so that's where I'm at.
You understand Israel's got thousands of nuclear weapons, right?
So they're not going anywhere.
And I don't, like, I've never been to Russia.
I don't work for Russia.
I don't like our government starting a war with Russia.
All I'm saying is this needs to stop.
I agree.
Whenever you talk about the children with the penises and the vaginas, I'm outside, but often it's playing and my children are in the room.
I wish they could say privates or things like that.
I mean, they're 8 and 10, the little ones.
No, no, I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
Let me speak to that.
I'm not a vulgar person.
I have a big vocabulary.
But you see these parents in Austin, Texas.
It's happened like four times, I know, including our reporter, Christy Lee, last year.
They have for her kids that are in middle school.
She's got like five kids.
She's got a couple in middle school.
They have a book that has pedophilia in it with actual graphics.
She went and read that at city council and they threw her out and threatened to arrest her.
You think I want to read that crap on air?
You think I want to be vulgar?
They're arresting parents in other areas.
You've seen the videos.
In Virginia, you name it, Florida, that read those books.
You think we want to get on air, because I get it, I'm on some TV stations, some cable stations, radio stations, we have an affiliate relations department, John Harmon runs it, and every time I show Genderqueer, the main book that's everywhere, there's a bunch of others, we get stations call us, they say, listen, we really like Alex's show, it's successful, but we're going to have to turn his show off if he does that again.
I don't want to be turned off your station.
I'm not challenging them.
So, let me ask the stations a question.
Let's just sit back and just talk about this.
I'm supposed to not read out of a book or show you what's in it, even though I've never looked at pedophilia, but I've read that book, so I've seen pedophilia.
When I read it, I was so offended when she brought it in.
I've covered it before, but she brought it in with the AISD tab on it from the library, and she said, can I cover this on air?
And I opened up my office.
And I had lunch, and I hadn't eaten yet the whole day, and I couldn't eat my lunch, and I was like, I was like, what the heck?
So, if my neighbor killed a bunch of people in the neighborhood and buried them in the backyard, should I call the police?
Because it's horrible and gross to call the police and have them dig up dead bodies, but you stopped them killing more people.
I mean really, folks, I get your call, brother, but just, you got your children listening in your house, and thank God they're probably homeschooled.
Do you understand they're teaching elementary students this?
Do you understand this is going on in the schools?
And then they've got us because city councils across the country, I've seen probably 10-15 videos the last few months, where they start reading genderqueer, which is the main one, but there's a bunch of books, and the police come and say, you can't talk about children having sex in front of this video feed.
Which I agree!
It should not be on air, it should not even exist.
I'm not against books.
But pedophilia is illegal.
I'm against those books.
And we are banning those books in schools.
We're not burning them.
Quite frankly, those should be burned.
If you write a book about how to kidnap, rape a kid, burn the damn thing.
It's illegal.
It's not a book of free speech.
It's a book of crime.
It's a blueprint.
So, listen, I get Christian conservatives.
My mother is the same way.
I go over there every couple weeks for dinner with my family and they'll bring up politics and I say, can we just shut up about this?
Because the minute I start talking about real stuff, my mom goes, I don't want to hear it.
This is too horrible.
Okay, great.
Then I don't want to hear any of it.
I'm going to say it this way.
How am I supposed to do my job when I've been mailed a stack of books with library tags on them that is stuff I didn't even know as a 49 year old man?
I mean, they describe in these books, I'm in my backyard.
The neighbor is a nice man.
He wants to take me in the shed.
He tells me he wants to blank.
I pull out my such and such.
He's such and such as me.
It's so great.
I love this.
Now, I mean, it's pedophilia.
It's grooming children for me, right?
And I get it.
We're not supposed to read that on air.
I understand that.
How do I tell you it's going on unless I show it to you?
A mother gets up, a father gets up, a coach gets up, and starts reading these books, and in 30 seconds, the police are there taking him to jail.
So you can read that to children, but I can't tell you what they're doing.
They are literally gearing up to castrate millions of children.
They've done it to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands around the world.
I mean, am I supposed to quit?
Am I supposed to hang up my spurs?
Because believe me, man, I don't want to sit here and read this crap.
My reporters come to me all the time.
Hey, can we cover this on air?
HBO has a new show about raping children.
And I go, I don't know.
Can I see the, are you sure?
Well, yeah, I got to see it.
And it's a guy raping a little boy.
It's on HBO.
I'm not supposed to watch that.
I don't want to watch that.
And I'm watching simulated rape of a five-year-old boy.
And I'm like, I'll be honest with you, they win.
I didn't ever cover it.
Oh, and a month ago says, Hey boss, can I cover this?
I said, if you want to, he said, well, watch the clip.
And I'm sitting there in my office right before he comes on.
And I'm like, what?
It was a three minute clip.
I cut it off in a minute.
And I said, what else happens?
Well, this happens.
And then you call me and I'm not mad at you.
I'm not mad at you.
But you call me and say, my children are listening, and I wish you wouldn't.
This is not a show for children.
You should listen to the show, take clips you want, that you think they can listen to, you curate, you decide what they hear, not me.
I'm talking to adults, and I'm not mad at you, but I'm pissed.
Not at you, but the situation.
I have been put in an impossible position.
How am I supposed to report on what they're doing in the schools with your children and then as adults you don't want to hear what they're doing?
You think police that investigate pedophilia like it?
No, that's why most of them quit.
They get sick.
You think cops that dig up dead bodies or find dead bodies like it cover with maggots?
No, it's their job.
And you're the grand jury!
You're the jury!
How am I supposed to report to you what is going on?
Do you agree?
Because there's kids in the audience.
That we're not supposed to show you what they're saying and doing.
Let that sink in.
And I get it.
It's not normal to go on the radio and TV and read books with color graphics, cartoons, lifestyle, like a picture.
This is illegal to show a real image of a kid being raped, but they'll show it in these books.
So you're looking at children being sexually abused.
And then I show you those.
We're on a lot of TV stations and cable stations.
Good people put this on.
And I get, station managers get calls.
Hey man, you're showing kids getting raped?
Yeah, they're showing it in school.
And so imagine the cops.
The cops are standing there at a city council.
Hey, this book my eight-year-old's reading says this and that.
The cops are like, you can't read that.
Absolutely you can't read that.
You can't read that in city council, and you can't give that to children.
Do you got me now?
Do you understand me now?
Do you know where I'm coming from?
Comprehend that!
I said I got loaded phones, and I do.
I just want to take your calls, but man, just look.
Ted Gunnarson, who was the head of the FBI in Southern California, who was in line to be the FBI director, he ran Cointelpro.
He's famous, okay?
He's dead now.
Bladder cancer.
He told me in 1997 at dinner,
In Austin, Texas.
He stayed at my house that night.
He told me they sell kids in auctions and they traffic them all over the world.
And I didn't think he was wrong, because I knew he was very credible.
And later it all came out he was right.
And then eight years ago, when my uncle was dying of pneumonia before he passed out and died five days later,
He told me, he grabbed me by the arm, and he said, you're right.
I was there running operations in Central America.
I was in charge of all the airfields and operations, but I wasn't involved in the actual operations on the ground, just the logistics.
And they were shipping children out of the orphanages in Central and South America.
And the word was they were being sold around the world, and I had to get out there, and I just want you to keep fighting, whatever you do.
And he's crying.
He was dead five days later.
He passed out the next day.
And he's literally going, you gotta stop him.
Well, do you want me to get on air and tell you what he told me?
Or is it too scary for everybody?
That William Forrest Hammond...
Super decorated, Vietnam combat vet, helicopter pilot, clandestine operations, secret army officer, Latin America, all of it.
And he did all this stuff for the government.
He even told my mother this.
She doesn't want me to talk about it.
But he did what he was told in Vietnam.
He was in Laos and Cambodia.
He ran operations with opium.
He did what he was ordered to do.
He did it all, folks, because he thought it was some greater good.
And then he finally saw kids being loaded on C-130s.
Little five-year-old, six-year-old kids.
And he said, what is this?
And they said, shut your mouth.
And then they tried to kill him and his partner and some of his guys that were under him.
They tried to kill them all.
And I picked him up when I was like eight years old off a C-130 in Dallas, the Air Force Base, and he came off in a wheelchair on that thing.
They'd shot him up and killed his aide-de-camp.
And that's how real this is.
And am I not supposed to sit here and tell you what they did and tell you who they are and tell you what they're doing?
How do I do that for you?
How do I do that?
I don't know how to thread that needle.
So fine, I won't mention what they do to the kids.
They'll just keep doing it forever.
You're right.
Stations are right.
Everybody's right.
We won't talk about it.
We'll just ignore it and let it keep happening.
I promise you, we won't talk about it anymore, okay?
We are live, broadcasting worldwide from Austin, Texas.
Infowars.com is the coordinates of Liberty.
I didn't mean to spend 10 minutes ranting at the caller.
But this is an adult show, okay?
And I've got to tell you what's going on.
And I don't want to read the books our kids are reading.
I have to.
And those parents don't want to go read those at City Council.
What are they supposed to do?
We're doing the right thing.
But don't worry.
I'm the one that does the cover this.
You don't have to call and tell me not to cover stuff.
I feel guilty that I hold this stuff back because I don't want to look at it.
I've already seen a whole bunch of it, and then the stuff gets worse and worse, and that's what they're counting on, is that we're so horrified by this that we just give up.
So I should canvass our radio and TV stations owners.
I should canvass the listeners.
What should our policy be?
Because I don't know what to do.
We should do a whole show on that.
Should I show you what our children are being given?
Because as adults, we don't want to see it.
I get it.
It's profane.
It's illegal.
It's disgusting.
But then if I don't expose it, I'm part of it.
I don't know what to do.
Like I said about a month ago, Owen says, Hey, uh, boss, I'm about to play this on the show.
Can you watch it?
And I'd already gone off air, I hadn't seen the clip, and I went, when it was already on air, and I looked at it, and like, it was a three-minute clip, and like a minute after that, I stopped it.
Because it was the rape of a little kid on HBO, and the little kid loving it.
It was a sex scene, a little kid getting raped, and how great it was.
And I was like, what the hell?
And I walked in, I told Owen, you go ahead and cover it, but I'm not gonna look at it.
And then no one really didn't even cover it because he didn't want to cover it.
I get that.
It's like, you don't want to see this?
Believe me, I don't want to.
I don't need that in my life.
Okay, then the kids are wide open.
It's like asking the police to not investigate a dead body.
Oh, the police don't want to look at a dead body full of bullet holes and dead in a field with maggots all over it.
Okay, great.
The person gets away with it.
You think that's a fun job?
And we can't just put this on the police.
They're overwhelmed, their funding's cut.
We have to admit all this, is what I'm saying.
And I don't know the perfect way to deal with it.
But don't think for a minute we're having fun talking about this stuff.
Don't think for 10 seconds I want to sit there and watch the carnage in the Middle East or any of this stuff.
But the way we beat it is admitting it.
I'm going to shut up now.
We've got a load of phone lines.
Kelly in Arkansas.
Army on evasion of Hamas.
Next events.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, good morning, Alex.
Yeah, I forgot to tell the screener that I was also a veteran of the Gulf War.
I'm 53 years old, brother.
I've been a lesson in SEALs for a long time.
Well, over in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iraq for the duration.
And I felt like we let them down as we're gathering prisoners.
There was fear.
I felt like we were liberating the press is what we're lied to about.
But I appreciate you guys, your guys validity, your neutrality.
You are you're a blessing.
And I would love to bear witness to your judgment as
Through your, your testimony that you you tell almost daily.
Anyway, my point is, I wanted to get to as I have a talking point with my friends and buddies, fellow infantry, Chief Warren wrote a rotary wing combat aircraft pilot.
I'm like, what point what operation?
Have you ever been involved with where you leave kit and uniforms?
We're good to go.
So, that's how I stand, but that's my talking point.
Well, I can tell you're really smart, and a little bit of this is above my head, so talk to me like I'm five years old.
I'm listening to you, you've got plenty of time here.
What mission are you talking about, or what's going on?
So, any mission, any missions in Infantryman or Special Ops guys on, you don't leave your equipment on site.
And so, we immediately saw that in the propaganda news.
Yeah, so you're talking about Afghanistan.
Tens of billions of dollars of weapons left, or what are you getting at?
Well, I'm getting at the point that we immediately saw photos of equipment that allegedly Hamas left behind.
Equipment and uniforms here in this recent attack.
And my buddies, I'm trying to get with them, what point did you ever leave equipment and stuff on site?
They don't.
Now refer to the Princess Bride, a goofy 1985 show where Prince Humperdinck
Was trying to start a war against the Kingdom of Builder by framing them for the murder of Princess Buttercup by leaving a uniform patch at her body.
Sure, sure.
We're not even attacking.
You're saying when there's obvious signs of a setup and a frame-up.
So what did you see in this latest thing that leads you to that or what are you saying?
Well yeah, it was an immediate
So as a police, former police officer, after I got out of the service, because of injuries and all, otherwise I'd probably still be in after 35 years, brother.
But, what you do as an investigator is you slow down, you take control of the scene, you try to figure out what's going on, and yeah, possibly items of, those are evidence.
But with Hamas leaving that stuff there and them immediately putting it on the air and showing everybody, look at all these weapons, it's Hamas.
That's just my point.
What's up with that?
It's fishy.
No, I agree with you.
So what specifically, because I did see some uniforms, evidence of them on, so maybe they killed soldiers, they showed it, but I'm not, so bring me up to speed.
What did you see that looks staged to you?
Well, it was the fact that the news, whoever was filming over there at the scene, were showing videos of the Toyotas of war with weapons in the back of them and uniforms.
Well, let's expand on that.
Clearly Israel knew it was coming and stood down, just a fact.
And when I try to post on Twitter, I'm not allowed to, but Hamas and Hezbollah can show all the kidnapping and murder.
Why are they allowed to do that?
I don't know.
It's just fear-mongering.
Brother, in 1990, in August, I saw that lie that we found out later.
I was bloodthirsty like every other patriotic American, and I wanted to go liberate the people of Iraq.
I see the emotion building up.
I see it now.
Talk to me like I'm five years old.
I'm on a combat special ops veteran like you.
What are you saying you saw?
What's the final analysis?
What do I say I saw?
We never left our equipment on site.
On the objective.
So what do you think is really going on over there?
Because clearly the Israelis stood down.
I mean, no one debates that.
Brother, I don't want to see anybody's babies dead.
I love Israeli people.
Muslim people.
I love I want to love everybody.
I want to love as Christ because I'm commanded to love my neighbor and That's everybody but I don't trust this this entire thing as nefarious and what do we get immediate?
immediate photos and film No, we got more footage in one day than a year and a half and in Ukraine
Right, absolutely.
That's what everybody's saying, including all my military contacts.
That's my point.
They're like, instant coverage, instant everything, instant.
So I haven't figured out exactly what's going on, but it doesn't look good.
Me either.
Nope, me either.
And brother, I appreciate you.
I got a plug for everything.
All your products are good.
The Copacabra is excellent.
I drank that with Fijian Infantry while deployed again to an MFO, Multi-Force National Observers mission over in Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, that area.
Worked with some IDF.
Man, it was a great thing.
Your stuff is phenomenal.
Your dad's products are great.
Owen Troyer, love ya.
My name is Kelly Hewitt.
I'm on Twitter.
I'm just trying to get out information and I plug for you guys constantly and I'm trying to get you on.
And they're ready to blow stuff up.
And the government's not going to have to create some fake cell.
The Ayatollah Khomeini gives an order, it all starts.
And I am going to go next level on this government.
I don't mean violence, but I mean, I'm going to protest outside your house.
I'm going to sue you.
I'm going to get people to get hurt to sue you.
Whatever it takes.
We are not going to sit here while your little Islamic pets attack us.
Because I'm not going to sit there
And take this.
That's all I'm saying.
So understand that.
I am not going to sit here while you bring these people in, and they attack us, and then you get budget increases.
It's not happening.
Would you get a budget increase to turn the country loose and leave us alone?
Yeah, we're not against people making money here.
But man, this is over, folks.
It's over.
It's over.
All right, let's go to Tony in Chicago.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm glad to hear that you're doing your levelest best, you, Owen, and the other hosts, to give an even balance.
Yeah, let me add this and I'll let you talk.
I appreciate you.
People are like on the side, I see the comments like, well one site, one article is anti-Israel, one article is pro-Israel, one article is neutral.
We're taking all the interesting stuff and I told my crew, I said show all perspectives.
We want to just show everything.
That's basically what true journalism is.
I believe you're the last of the true journalists left that have a white audience.
I remember Paul Harvey when I was a kid and I do remember even Tex Marsh.
And it just really indignates me that the media, the general media, is going to be on one side or the other.
When he killed the Iranian general.
That's right.
At the last moment, Netanyahu backed off.
He backed out and he did not want to go with Trump on that and Trump went ahead and did it.
That's right, because they got backdoor deals with them.
That's right.
We actually wiped them out before it, but we don't do that.
You don't have to kill a million Muslims, you kill their leaders.
That's right, and that's what General Pershing did in the Middle East in the First World War.
When they came in, he just gathered all those mullahs, and he just basically machine-gunned them down, or made them force them to eat pork.
I mean, he put a stop to that quickly.
And that was General Pershing during the First World War, especially when the Ottoman Church were massacring and butchering the Armenian Christian Orthodox Christians.
Yeah, no, war's a nasty thing, and the globalists don't want to win a war, they want to keep it going.
That's right, because it's a trillion dollar money-making... Well, let's be bottom line.
Whoever runs the Israeli government, they act like, oh, support Israel, support their government.
The Jews don't support their government, like 65%.
Whoever's over there is getting power out of this.
That doesn't defend the Muslims or what they did.
Let's just not be little kids here.
And let's admit, they're getting power just like our government is out of it.
Now, I'm going to confess.
I'm going to make it known to the world that my mother's side were Sephardic, Jewish of the Mexico, Spain, and Mediterranean, Italy and such.
So I'm of mixed blood.
But I'm Sephardic Jewish on my mother's side of the family, okay?
Where Salazar, Cisneros.
Well, you know under Jewish law, that makes you Jewish that your mother was.
That's right.
Now, the thing about Bibi and Netanyahu is that he's half and half.
His father, I believe, is Sephardic, and his mother is Ashkenazi.
So he could go either way.
Well, here's the deal.
I've studied history.
It's very interesting.
I don't get the Jews' business, but the Sephardics are 100% the real Jews.
I don't get the Khazars.
But you could debate all day whether Ashkenazi are real Jews or not.
The point is, the Sephardic are definitely the line of Judah.
They are definitely the Jews.
And so, you know, Aaron Russo was a great guy.
He was a Sephardic Jew.
And I love all the Sephardic Jews I know.
I love everybody.
But the people I really know that are really magical people are the Sephardic Jews.
You know, I'm not attacking the Ashkenazi.
They're really smart folks, like Dr. Zelenko was an Ashkenazi.
Great guy.
Beautiful person.
And that's what's so sad about this.
I'm not an enemy of the Jews, but I'm not going to sit here and let politics say, turn in your guns, give us your body, you're anti-Semitic.
Open your borders or you're anti-Jews.
I'm telling the Jews, stop letting politicians own you and claim that they represent you.
That's all I'm saying.
Yes, I totally agree with you, Alex, and I just want to put this plug quickly for the American people to know, as well as the Israeli people, and I think they already know, that 90% of the Jews, professing Jews in Israel, 90% are Sephardic.
10% are Ashkenazic.
It's the opposite here in the United States.
90% are Ashkenazic and 10% are Sephardic.
And it was the Sephardic Jews like Chaim Solomon, Aaron Lopez, who helped George Washington win the American Revolution.
They were Sephardic Jews, not Ashkenazic.
There is a, uh, my ex-wife is, uh, I mean, they were non-religious, so I didn't even really think about it, but she's, uh, she's Ashkenazi, and it's just, the whole thing is just, and then the stupid-ass white supremacists attacked me for that, like, I love everybody, and I just want to, like, be peaceful and not do this, and I love everybody.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another call.
David in Florida, you're on the air, go ahead, David.
Hey Alex, let me say I sympathize with you.
With what you were talking about earlier, there's unspeakable evil going on in this world, and it's hard.
But if you give me some time, I just want to make three quick points here.
First off, Jesus is King, and for God to love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.
So point one is, as Christians and believers of the Bible,
Looking at the New World Order, I want to say, how can we stop it, or why would we even want to?
And I just think we should be looking for the Antichrist and watching for Jesus.
Point two is, I'm looking at Turkey.
You know, we're basically, we're at Ukraine, we're at Israel, and once Turkey gets involved, there's going to be a solid divide there between the world.
Between Russia, China, North Korea, the Muslims.
And us, Europe and Israel.
So I just want to say that that's an interesting spot to look at what's going on.
We've already got reports of Israeli forces going into Lebanon.
And it's crazy.
The devil has this crazy plan.
He's divided the whole world, simultaneously dividing all of our countries.
So it's a recipe for disaster.
And point three, I'm looking at how they're going to definitely get another terrorist attack.
No, I totally agree with you and I appreciate your call.
And that's where we are right now.
In early August, predicting attacks on Jews.
Because I could see the programming.
So I asked the crew to find a longer clip.
I haven't seen it yet.
They grabbed the actual clip.
The full 10-minute clip, the segments can be uploaded to Bandai Video.
Alex Jones predict attack on Israel.
We'll get that up.
But here's a short clip.
We're selling human freedom and the future and transparency.
That's very popular.
And so we have to be ready when RFK Jr.
and Tulsi Gabbards and Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore and everybody else and Tim Dillon and all these other former liberals join us.
It's because they finally figure out, wow, this is really evil.
This is really destructive.
This is really bad.
And imagine having your firstborn son about to be castrated.
That's the line, like, wait, I'm super powerful and I'm rich, but you've got my son?
And a group of leftists have, like, sucked him away in controlling?
See, that's a bridge too far, and that's what I tell people that serve the system.
Did you have to lose your son?
Or your wife?
Or your life?
I mean, until you break with the New World Order?
You can see it's getting dark, folks.
It's bad.
It smells.
It stinks.
You want to go deeper down this hole?
The deeper we get, the more skeletons, the more crimes, the more evil.
Let's turn back.
Let's change direction.
Let's get out of here.
You know it in your gut.
I know the general listeners know this, but I really care about the prodigal sons and daughters out there.
I really care about the people that think they're part of the power structure and part of the elite and part of this big utopia you're building.
You're not building a utopia.
You're building a global collapse, at least 6 billion people to be killed.
That's the conservative estimate.
That's the official number the UN wants.
Most of the internal estimates are going to have 500 million.
You really think the globals are going to stop at 500 million after they killed 7.5 billion?
We're in the endgame.
We're in Agenda 2030.
We're in it, folks.
We'll come back, and I'm gonna get into the ADL stack.
And when I say ADL stack, it's the UN taking control, it's the WEF taking control of your speech, it's all the admitted censorship, it's all the control, and it's word for word what I've been saying the last week with these Nazi groups popping up, that the ADLs are going to come out and say, those are Nazis about to kill Jews, you must silence everyone that opposes our agenda of surveillance and censorship, or you're going to kill Jews.
Now what's the next move?
The false flag.
If I was Jewish, I would not have my kids in any big synagogue or any big school.
You're about to get hit.
And I came back and covered more of it.
You can track all those.
It's so predictable.
Let's jam in more calls.
Flint and Chicago, you're on the air.
Hey brother, sick and tired of hearing about everybody else's border when our own politicians don't care about our own.
I don't know where Gaza starts, I don't know where Israel starts or where it ends, or Ukraine or Russia for that matter.
But there's no leadership, plenty of taxpayer debt to spend to decrease the value of the dollar even further.
I mean, the Democrats break stuff just to come up with more
Solutions for taxpayer debt to fix what they broke in the first place.
Yeah, it's just a merry-go-round of insanity.
I got caught up in the 9-11 stuff.
I don't know exactly what happened.
I don't claim to be an expert on it, but I got riled up.
I wanted to go bomb them, go level Afghanistan.
I cannot fall into that trap again.
I've spent so much time hating other people.
That I just give up.
I look out my window every morning and I say, OK, I don't have anyone attacking my house at this moment.
I'm not in the same place.
I love everybody.
But I see the manipulation and people come to attack us.
Our whole media says white people are inherently bad and the ADL runs that.
That's why I said that the most Nazi thing I've seen, the Nazis were race based.
The ADL is race based.
I'm not the Nazis.
You're crazy.
They say Jones claims the ADL are Nazis.
No, I'm saying the most Nazi ideology of race-based is the left saying being white or Christian is inherently bad.
That's race-based politics.
That's Nazi.
They're not Nazis.
I'm saying they're the closest thing to Nazis I've ever seen.
Where did this brainwashing occur?
I mean, it's been over time.
If you look at every commercial, who's the stupidest person in the room?
It's the white male.
And who's the brunt of all the dirt?
Yeah, and all I say is, who runs Hollywood and why are you doing this to me?
I've supported you.
I've been nice to you.
Why are you doing this to me?
Stop it.
Well, God bless you, Alex.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Anything else, brother?
No, that's it.
I'm just unbelievably frustrated and I just, I'm living paycheck to paycheck.
And I, you know, I got to deal with every damn problem of everybody else.
I'm asking Hollywood, like, why do you destroy yourself?
Why do you attack the people that are nice?
Because we are nice.
And the fact is, the left knows whether they're a Jewish leftist organization or a black radical organization or a Palestinian organization, they know white Christians are open and sweet and good.
We're like the right whale.
Why did everybody kill humpback whales?
Because they were sweet and nice and didn't run from the harpoon boats.
And we don't run from our pumbos.
We're like, oh, we want to love you.
And it's like, it's like, you know, so I'm done.
I'm done being nice.
I mean, the ADL says I'm a Nazi.
Even though they support real Nazis like
George Soros, so at a certain point I'm like, no, I'm not a Nazi, but I'm not your slave.
And I'm not gonna take your crap.
I didn't do nothing to you, I'm a good person, and I care about people, and I'm not gonna take your lies.
And I'm not gonna be your villain.
You're the villain, you're a bad person.
You are bad.
Not me.
You are bad.
You are bad.
Doesn't mean I go sign on with the Islamists who are even worse.
But that's all you got?
Okay, so you're better than them?
I want to see Jews come out against the ADL, and they are.
I want to see more of it right now.
Because I'm your friend.
And we're being set up like World War II.
All right, we're going to start the next hour.
Jay Dyer's coming up, and I'm going to finish up with Peter, Jeff, and Caleb before he takes over InfoWars.com.
America is special.
Everybody wanted to come here because of the idea of freedom, and we deliver more than any other nation.
So let's stop being guilty about America, whether you're black or you're white or you're brown.
If you love freedom, I love you.
You can be Jewish.
You can be Muslim.
You can be Christian or Hindu.
If you love freedom, I stand with you.
But I will not sit here and be accused of being a bad person because of what color I am anymore.
And I will tell the left, whether it's a black leftist, a white leftist, a Christian leftist, a Jewish leftist, a Muslim leftist, that I've got to bow down to prove I'm not bad.
Stop bowing to the left is the bottom line.
That's what I'm saying.
Alright, let's go to Peter in Ohio.
Peter, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call today.
Yes sir, go ahead.
Um, I just, I've kind of given up at this point.
I don't think that the government's ever going to do anything that I need it to do, especially the federal government.
So, I'm just waiting for them to invade my house, and that's what I'm preparing for.
I don't think Trump's going to get elected, I don't think the people who are
Running our federal government in the House and the Senate or doing anything?
It just, it doesn't seem to be a country.
No, you're right.
A nation is a rule of law and a social contract.
And a social contract is broken.
But Klaus Schwab wants to break it to make us blame the government.
The government's got problems.
It's a representation of us.
But it's not our government.
It's the hijackers of it.
That's why they say I'm anti-government.
They're a liar.
Does that make sense?
Well, I've seen the wires continuously.
That's been my main issue.
I mean, these are the people that took away my job with COVID.
I don't see anything that they've said that has ever come to fruition in the years that I've been watching this.
And I just appreciate you being at the point of the spear, giving me information, but I just don't have a lot of hope at this point.
It just doesn't look like... I'm too small, and it's too big.
Brother, I know that feeling of being overwhelmed, that's why we got God, but it's disgusting and it's a problem and I hear you.
Anything else?
You wanted to say winning the war, Peter, what was it?
Which war is that?
I saw on your call thing, it says winning the war.
Oh, no, I don't think so.
What's up?
That's awesome.
So, I have a question for you.
I know with all the Israel stuff going on, people are beating the bandwagon to get Trump back in office and that Trump could stop this.
My question is, at what point do we stop trusting Trump?
Just in the past two months, he's told us we need to listen to Lindsey Graham, who's now calling for us to bomb Iran, and he's told us that his vaccine saved millions of lives, even though we know it killed, at the very minimum, hundreds of thousands of lives.
At what point do we stop trusting Trump?
Did he call for attacking Iran?
I missed that.
I believe it was Lindsey Graham who was calling for attacking Iran.
Oh, you said Trump was calling for that?
No, no, no, no.
Trump has told us to back Lindsey Graham.
He's told his supporters that we need to listen to Lindsey Graham and back Lindsey Graham.
And Lindsey Graham, as always, is beating his wardrobe.
No, definitely not.
But my point is, it seems like Trump is almost in bed with the same people, because
He's backed the vaccine.
He backed the lockdown.
He's told us that the vaccine saved millions of people, even though all of us know people who dropped dead at work from the vaccine.
No, I hear you.
The vaccine, I'm a big critic of Trump about that, and so that's why I'm almost apoplectic.
I'm just like...
At this point.
I hear you.
I hear you.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
Jay Dyer is about to take over.
I'll introduce him next segment.
Back in 60 seconds.
Owen Schroer in 56 minutes goes live 3 p.m.
Central, The War Room.
He reports to federal prison coming up in like 14, less than 12 days from now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Now, the amazing Jay Dyer, and skip both network breaks, who gets his time back, takes over.
Thank you, Alex.
Yeah, I think it's helpful in the confusion and the madness of all of what's going on recently to step back and try to learn the big picture, the history of
The present Israel-Palestine conflict.
And to know this, to understand this, you really have to go back to the time of the British Empire.
And if we understand that, then we'll have a better understanding of both sides of the issue and what each side, both Israel and Palestine, have as their legitimate disagreements and their complaints.
The media and I think the world would like this, the elites would like this to be an either-or situation where you immediately take a side and then get caught up in the issue of the time as part of dialectical manipulation.
And I think there is precedent for that.
There's a lot of reasons to believe that it could actually spark a bigger world war.
We could be going into World War III and a lot of analysts, a lot of people have been thinking that.
Like Alex said earlier, it would be conflicts like Russia and Ukraine, like China, Taiwan, and like perhaps North Korea or perhaps even in the Middle East that would contribute to this larger world war.
World War 3.
So how do we understand the history of this?
How does this actually help us?
Well, we have to go back to the British Empire and what we call in many of our lectures the Milner-Fabian Circle.
That's the circles that were running the British Empire under the mandate of Cecil Rhodes, who sets up the Secret Society, the Society of the Elect, according to Dr. Carol Quigley, that would run the inner party of the British Empire.
They would have as their outer core
We're good to go.
And they had an idea for the Middle East that was not actually completely Zionist.
A lot of people think that because Lord Balfour was really working as Lord Rothschild's representative to set up the Balfour Declaration to help create the nation-state of Israel, that this was completely one-sided.
But actually, if you look at what Quigley says about this, this was a British imperial strategy of partitioning
We're good to go.
Divide and conquer in all of these regions.
You go back to Caesar, you go back to the ancient empires.
This was a strategy of how you ruled all of the different dominions, is that you would keep managed conflicts and managed splits, partitions in those regions.
That way, no one could ever align against the ruling elite.
And this has worked very well for millennia.
Humans are very easily ruled in this way.
And because they don't consider even the possibility of higher-level strategists and elites ruling them in this way, they fall prey to being trapped in a very dialectical, either-or, tribalist type of view.
And unfortunately, in the Middle East, the tribalism is in the extreme.
In fact, the British Empire had many famous Arabists who themselves became enamored with Islam.
And so it is wrong to think that the totality of the British power structure was completely aligned with or was totally pro-Zionist.
In fact, there was a giant portion of the British elite, even to this day still, who are very pro-Arab and have a fascination with Islam and Arabic culture.
In fact, King Charles himself was at one point inducted into a Sufi mystical order and has had
A long-time fascination with Islam, to the degree that many think he might be even a covert Muslim convert.
Now, to be fair, in terms of King Charles, he's also done similar things with all the religions, so he seems to be a kind of a perennialist more so than a Muslim, but Sufism actually fits very well with perennialism.
If we go back to what Dr. Carroll Quigley says, writing from the archives of the Council of Foreign Relations and the elite in their own history of the 20th century, he gives us a lot of big bird's eye view, God's eye view perspective here, where he says that the origins of the mandate system of the British Empire were largely the results of the Milner Group, the Milner Society.
What have I been talking about this whole time?
He says that Palestine, this mandate applied to them as well as all the other mandates.
Palestine, however, had a particular position among the mandates because of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which states that Britain would regard with favor the establishment of a national home for the Jews in Palestine.
This declaration, which is known as Balfour, should rather be called the Milner Declaration, as it was Lord Milner and Lord Rothschild that were the real architects of this policy.
This was not made public, however, until 1937.
And then he goes on to say that
This draft was drawn up and the support for the British Empire here for this partition they thought would be of a tremendous advantage in the Middle East.
And so initially this seemed to work, however there was opposition as the Labour Party that came into power soon after that then would not allow any Jews to, or very few Jews, to actually go to Palestine.
And so this notion of an outpost was not working very well because obviously this fostered a lot of contention with putting Jews into the region when there was existing Arab populations.
And so the British elite were kind of split amongst themselves as to whether to favor the Arabs or whether to favor the Jews in this region.
At that time, the Jewish local government or control structure was known as the Jewish Agency.
And they were getting more and more tired of the British rule.
And so, eventually what happens is they decide that they would like to be independent of British rule.
And so, there's an interesting article in the history of this that I wanted to reference.
This is in the public academic text from The Conversation, which is a public academic site.
It's not controversial.
It's just talking about the history of
I think?
A dispute over British restrictions on Jewish immigration into Palestine began in 1939, and that was the result of the Labour Party's decision to limit that immigration.
And the reason for that, I think, is that the Labour Party was always very close to the Fabian Socialist movement, and the Fabian Socialists were always opposed to any forms of nationalism.
And they would have been thus against Jewish nationalism or against any people group having a nationality because they were international socialists ultimately in their orientation even though they had a progressive approach to the implementation of Marxism, Communism and Socialism.
So then what happens is, with the rise of Hitler, which was actually fostered and funded by the same elite power structure in the West that is funding and aiding the Communists, and I'm going to read from Quigley's famous text or tragedy, and I hope he has a great section on 1059 where he says that
By the summer of 1953, almost irresistible forces were building up against Mosaddegh.
This is in regard to Iran and the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh by the CIA.
The lack of Soviet interference gave the West full freedom of action.
The British and the Anglo-Iranian oil company, which would later become BP, the World Petroleum Cartel, and the American government and the older Iranian elite led by the Shah combined to crush Mosaddegh.
The chief effort for this came from the American Intelligence Agency, the CIA, under the personal direction of its director, Alan Dulles, the brother of Secretary of State.
Dulles was the former director of Schroeder Bank in New York.
He was the old associate of Frank Tiark's, partner of the Schroeder Bank in London of 1902, the director of the Bank of England from 1912 to 1945, as well as Lazar Brothers Bank and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
It will be recalled that Schroeder Bank in Cologne is who helped to arrange Hitler's accession to power as Chancellor in 1933.
Not only that, in Quigley's two chapters on Britain's dual appeasement strategy, the British were secretly at a pact with Hitler telling him that they would support him if he invaded Poland and they were giving him tremendous amounts of money.
I think it was to the tune of a billion dollars at the time.
And so there's a dual policy where publicly the British were saying that we oppose Hitler, he's a monster.
Secretly they were allowing him, goading him into telling him they would support him if he goes into Poland and if he engages in this war.
So, that's relevant for today's discussion because as Hitler made his moves, and Hitler did have an anti-Jewish policy, he did say, in fact there are even discussions of this in the writings of Himmler as well,
That Judaism has to be gotten rid of because the God of the Old Testament, according to Himmler, for example, he says, is a monster.
And so there's a Gnostic, a sort of Marcionite philosophy in Himmler's theology.
And so that was a motivating factor in this.
And so Hitler did want to stamp out this ideology and this people group.
And so this worked, though, however, for the formation of the to help form the modern nation state of Israel.
So Balfour Declaration is earlier on.
And then by the 1930s, when we have the beginnings of the rise of Hitler, this is pushing then Jewish refugees to want to go to Palestine.
And so you see that people are forced into these situations.
It's not their fault.
Ultimately, they're tools for the power elite on the grand chessboard.
And so it's not an either or of one group shares all the blame versus the other group.
Jews did want to flee from the persecution of Hitler, and so there was an agreement made, for example, in 1933 between the Zionist Federation of Germany and the, it's called the Havara Agreement, and the Nazis to allow Jews to leave Germany to go to Palestine.
And so you see that it's actually, this would have worked in the sense of
If Jews have been allowed to go there.
But when the Jews go there, they're then put into a powder keg situation where Arabs don't want them there.
And originally the British Empire supported the Arabs because they were the existing people group there against the newly arrived Jewish refugees.
So you can see how this is just a nightmare situation on both sides.
And then it gets even crazier because
As we mentioned in the Conversation, an academic essay, Conversation is a website that has academic essays, it notes that after the Balfour Declaration and after this powder keg and the anger of Jews at the British Empire for not letting Jews come while they were also secretly supporting Hitler, you see?
You see how this is causing the anger and the British geopolitical strategies
Which is not totally wedded to either Zionism or Arabs, it's trying to play both sides.
Key point here, because maybe the American Empire tries to do the same thing.
Playing both sides results in all of these destructive policies and these tragedies.
So this partition, which was intended to be a managed dialectic, is becoming a problem because now Jews are mad that the British Empire is not allowing
The refugees to come and there could have been various reasons why they wanted that.
Maybe they wanted more outrage.
Maybe they wanted to use Jews as a tool to get international outrage to further the Second World War because we know the British elite and a lot of these money makers, power players, corporations, they want to benefit from a Second World War and ultimately they want to create a world government, you see.
So then,
Some of the forces within Israel decide that they've had enough of British rule, and so they decide that they want to start working against and fighting against British rule.
And so you get David Ben-Gurion and other figures within the Jewish militia at that time, known as the Haganah, or the Defense, who were auxiliaries to the British police and army.
Its intelligence service, called the Sherut Hayediyat, or the Shea,
Supported Britain in the war effort and cooperated in the suppression of anti-British Zionist terrorism led by other future Prime Ministers Menachem Begum and Yitzhak Shamir.
Ben-Gurion then learned from a source in the cabinet that Britain would prevent Jews from entering Palestine.
So you see how that's the thing that kicks this off.
He then authorized secret cooperation between Haganah and organized crime groups known as the Irgun and the Stern Gang.
So this would kick off a bunch of attacks, militia assassinations, bombing.
The Jews assassinated, I think, a person from the UN and one of the British lords.
And then you got the King David Hotel bombing.
And that led to the death of 90 people, including people from GCHQ, which is the British version of Signals Intelligence, or the NSA.
And then, oddly enough,
Deceptive intelligence was disseminated by none other than Kim Philby, the Soviet traitor to Britain, later unmasked to be a Soviet mole, who sent Palestine's top security and police officers to Beirut.
Britain's poor security at its headquarters was thus compounded by the absence of those meant to interpret the warning's intelligence.
Terrorism thus destroyed part of Britain's top secret intelligence service and then you get you began to have the aligning of the establishment of the 1948 soon after that or soon after these events rather 1948 establishment of the nation of Israel but that's relevant as well because the in regard to Islam because remember that Britain typically had in their elite structure an equal support for both
The Arabs and the Jews, because they wanted to manage both sides as part of imperial geopolitics.
In fact, Quigley goes on to say that, and this is from Tragedy and Hope, excuse me, from Anglo-American Establishment, he notes about this time period that some amongst the Milner group elites were pro-Arab, they were neither pro-Arab nor pro-Zionist.
Although many of them were supporting both the former and the latter, the group was never anti-Semitic.
And not a shred of evidence in this direction was ever found.
In fact, they were sympathetic to Jews and to their legitimate aspirations in terms of their faith, to overcome their faith.
But this feeling, it must be confessed, was general.
It was not personal, and it had to do with what he says is purely academic or imperial geo-strategy here.
The feelings about antisemitism were actually remote and academic.
On the other hand, most of the British upper class supported the Arabs.
Many members of the elite have been in Arab countries, were Arab experts, Arabists, and many of them had, in fact, converted to Islam.
Think of the character W.T.E.
Lawrence, or the character of, I mean, I just mentioned Kim Philby.
Kim Philby's dad, St.
John Philby, converted to Islam because he was a British intelligence operative in the Middle East, and he helped to establish Saudi Arabia.
So remember, most of the Middle East, as we know of it today,
Is a creation of the British Empire, whether it's Iraq, whether it's Pakistan, or whether it's the nation state of Israel.
All of this was really established in terms of British imperial geopolitics.
And so they wanted to manage both sides of this, T.E.
Lawrence, St.
John Filby, all these characters, and the Milner-Fabian socialists, they again tended to favor Islam, and I'm going to talk about why they favored Islam here in a moment, from Yohan Razi's book on the history of Fabian socialism, because they saw Islam as a way to gradually bring into Europe and into the entire West an internationalist order.
Don't go anywhere, this is the Alex Jones Show, we're covering the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Today's analysis, we're going into the very complex, very difficult, no easy answers history of the Arab-Palestine, or the Jewish-Palestine conflict.
And we were talking about the establishing of the modern state of Israel in 1948.
Interestingly, not too long after that, one of the Nazi collaborator figures known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a position completely invented by the British Empire, and in fact the Grand Mufti himself was a British intelligence operative, then claimed, remember he was a Nazi collaborator, British intelligence operative, then he proclaimed that there would be an Arab government of all Palestine, again further provoking the flames here.
And again, that just shows that the motivations were on the part of the British Empire.
Pure imperial geopolitics had nothing to do with necessarily favoring some people group over another people group.
British efforts to invoke the 1936 alliance with Egypt and to justify British military action against Israel were blocked by Egypt's refusal to allow public display of Egypt's helplessness.
Five British planes were attacked,
And shot down in 1949 by Israel and this led to Britain's de facto recognition of Israel.
As a nation-state.
And part of the reason that Britain wanted to do that was to try to maintain imperial power versus other rivals and versus other groups.
Britain felt like if they could maintain Muslim support, if they could control areas like Mecca as part of their old geopolitical strategy, they could sway the Islamic world into favor with the British Empire where they could try to manage it or control it.
And so as they failed in these endeavors, you can see how their manipulation strategy was more and more transparent to history, as history progresses.
In fact, it gets even more hairy and confusing when you look at the fact that after World War II, some of the most famous of the SS individuals, these are articles that are still public on Tourette's,
The strange case of the Nazi who became the Israeli hitman, Otto Skorzeny, was one of Mossad's most valuable assets, but was in fact a former lieutenant colonel in the Waffen-SS and was one of Hitler's favorites.
And that's because it's not just Otto Skorzeny, but it's also the figure of Reinhard Galen, who actually also helped out in Israel's Six-Day War.
It was Galen who was, now that he worked with the CIA,
Thank you.
We're good to go.
You understand that that helps explain why you can have things like the former SS guy in Canada being cheered on by the West because the West has for a long time worked with these people as have groups in Israel and that's why it's a
If you know the inner, deeper history in geopolitics, it's not surprising that Hamas was a creation of the West.
In fact, the clip of Ron Paul saying this is still going around on Twitter.
I played it the other day.
And he was just years ago talking about how we helped, much like the British Empire caused a lot of this at the time, we helped foster this conflict by sending aid and money to both sides of the conflict.
And some of that's done secretly and covertly.
In fact, Hamas was created out of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was an old British intelligence-controlled Islamic network.
In fact, British intelligence and their agents helped to set up the Muslim Brotherhood famously, and they were out of that is partly where you get Hamas.
There's also the CIA, British intelligence, and Mossad as well helped to work with
The establishment of Hamas.
And so that might explain partly why some of this intelligence was ignored when Israel was warned by Egypt and other places that there might be a coming attack.
I mean, that's speculation, but we know that a lot of this, it's not like, you know, Israeli intelligence didn't know what was going on or what the opposition was up to.
So it's really odd because, you know, when somebody comes out and tries to say something with sanity, in fact, Gal Gadot, who used to be in the IDF, she was getting attacked by both sides because she said something about how, you know, she wished that there could be peace and that Jews have a right to exist and that also that the neighbors next door should also be allowed to exist.
It's odd because, I mean, she was in the IDF, surely she would have some knowledge of this situation, right?
Wouldn't she know about it, being a former IDF soldier?
I mean, I think that people in those situations kind of see it up close and they understand that it's complex, it's not an easy either-or, but the media, the elites, they always want everybody to really get wrapped up in some either-or and people don't know the history and they don't know either side of this.
And the contentions that both sides have.
And so I think it's important to know this and to understand that the old strategy was to play both sides.
And I think, I mean, I don't have exact proof of this, but when I hear about, you know, the U.S.
money, especially the Democratic Party that tends to favor working with Iran and the money that's sent to them, some of that could, I mean, this is speculation, but I think it goes back to the overthrow of the Shah
Uh, and, excuse me, the overthrow of Mosaddegh, the installation of the Shah, and then also the CIA helping to make backdoor deals with the Ayatollah, which Alex just talked about.
And that had to do with Iran-Contra.
It had to do with actually still continuing to arm Iran, even under the Ayatollahs, and again, backdoor deals under the Reagan era.
But it also relates to something that you know about, which is Iran's involvement in the international drug trade.
That's a big part of this.
It's not just oil, it's also drugs and opium.
And according to Dr. John Coleman, former British intelligence writer, the Ayatollahs covertly gave the okay to allow a lot of opium and drugs.
We're good to go.
You know, again, the point is that all of this is complex.
There's no easy answers.
There's no simple solutions to this because it goes back to old imperial geopolitics.
And so now that we're under the American Empire and the breakdown of the American Empire and the
I mean, it really, none of this makes any sense now that the, I mean, what does the American empire stand for?
If these conflicts continue and if our borders open and the country begins more and more to collapse and have economic catastrophes, which is very likely, what are we actually fighting for?
Are we just fighting to extend gay rights in other countries so that everybody can have Coke and Pepsi and Subway and abortion?
Is that what we're going to all the other countries for?
And people are figuring out that all of the foreign aid and all these foreign interventions is ruining our own country as our country itself collapses.
And so we're told all day long that
It's bad to have borders, it's bad to have guns, but we've got to defend every other country's borders and send every other country billions of dollars of weapons and guns.
And all the citizens now need to be armed.
But Americans can't be armed because that's racist.
I mean, everybody has figured this out, that it's completely hypocritical and it makes no sense.
It does make sense, however, if the goal is to actually weaken and destroy America, because the long-term goal is to bring all of the countries into a
Single global order out of all of this chaos and that's precisely what the global elite have said is their goal Whether this isn't is going to be World War three.
I don't know but it certainly could turn into that and Some of the theorists as we said believe that out of World War three Well, you would get a lot of death destruction and chaos, but you would get the synthesis of you know Russia China the Muslim world versus
The West, out of this synthesis, you would get the future technocratic world order, the Davos plan, the global, you know, one world order, one world religion plan could come out of this synthesis of East versus West.
But that's the key thing here, and that's what, you know, one of the figures that plays into this, who was involved in some of these Israeli operations at that time, Bernard Lewis, is the father of neoconservatism.
And Bernard Lewis, if I recall, taught Samuel P. Huntington, who wrote Clash of Civilizations, and Huntington talks about basically this idea that the West would clash against the Islamic world
And there's a lot of different theories and scenarios as to how that might happen and what the result exactly might be, but the overall result would be a new kind of order out of that, a new world order out of dialectical manipulation and synthesis.
It sounds like everything that you've heard me talking about.
Now, for the idea that this is only a Jewish power bloc issue, remember that the Milner-Fabian circles have always supported and aided and promoted Muslim causes.
Why would they intentionally constantly promote Muslim and Islamic causes in this regard?
Well, according to
Johan Ratu in his whole chapter about the Islamicization of Britain, you can see in a microcosm what their plan was.
And the idea was that through early on in the early 1900s, the importation of Sufi Islam, because it's ecumenist and because it's kind of open to a lot of different mystical practices and whatnot,
Sufi Islam is a way to soften up a society for the later importation of more fundamentalist versions or serious versions of Islam.
And so the Fabians and the Fabian social circles of the Milner group, that was their overriding political ideology and strategy.
They were fine with bringing in these figures and these characters and the promotion of the Islamic revival at Oxford and Cambridge.
In the 19-teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s, and this continued all the way up until today, which is precisely why England is Londonistan.
When you go to London, it is Muslim.
I went a few years ago and did a lecture there, and it's Islamic.
Now, is this just all accident?
No, no, it's not accident, because it's actually the Fabian strategy, as they themselves said, they would Islamicize
England first, and then the rest of Europe.
That was their plan to strike.
In fact, the original Fabians were either atheists or Christian socialists, and thus they had a very soft spot for Islam.
They wrote about it.
And they thought that because of Islam's universal brotherhood teaching, that it could be a tool for global domination.
It might even be a potential future world government from their vantage point.
HG Wells praised Islam in his book, A Short History of the World.
George Bernard Shaw said that Muhammad was the greatest Protestant religious force in the world, like a George Fox or a John Wesley.
Other leading Fabians were apologists for Islam, like Witch Annie Besant and like Bertrand Russell.
This is known as the Fabian Window, which carried, well, the Fabian Window, which is that famous window, glass window, carried the motto, Remolding the World According to the Heart's Desire.
The Fabian Socialist model to remold the world is taken from a Muslim poem by Omar Khayyam.
Khayyam was in vogue amongst the progressive liberal faction of the British elites.
And thus, what's significant about him is that he was believed to be a follower of a kind of Sufism, and that Sufism would, for many British elites, serve as the instrument for softening up non-Muslim populations to the later penetration of real Islam.
Because it was mystical, it could appear to work together with other religions in a society, and it also overlapped with
Socialism, Gurdjieff's New Age philosophy, Freemasonry, and Theosophy.
So Sufism, which then got more and more into vogue, and keep in mind Prince Charles was initiated into a Sufi order.
They more and more brought in entities, groups, and academics to teach and push Islam throughout England.
And I'll tell you some of these figures.
Yeah, the figure at Cambridge, you had the promotion of a guy named Mohammed Iqbal, a lawyer who combined the teachings of Sufi poet Rumi with Islamic revivalism in the 1930s.
Iqbal pioneered the idea of a Muslim state in the 1930s and collaborated with the Fabian Socialist leaders, including people like Mohammed al-Jinnah, in the creation of Pakistan.
Sufism and Islam were also promoted by
Various disciples of these characters at the University of London.
Annie Besant was busy preaching Theosophy and various brands of reformed Islam as they were being planted throughout England.
In 1913, another lawyer from India named Kamal Uddin was established in the Woking Muslim Mission.
Many British, including Lord Headley,
wrote a Western Awakening to Islam book in 1914, which was very popular.
In 1916, the London Sufi Order of the West was founded by Indian Hazrat Inyat Khan, who taught that the Prophet Muhammad brought the message of democracy to the world.
Wells could not have said it better, according to Raju.
Following the footsteps of Colin, Idris Shah was the chief architect of Sufi deception in Britain and elsewhere.
He started Octagon Press in 1960 and a foundation called the Institute for Cultural Research, the ICR.
This allowed for the publication and progress of Sufism throughout England, as well as eventually Prince Charles's overt support for Islam, which began in the 1980s.
And this then led to the Labour Party and their policy of open borders to bring in more and more Muslims.
Again, why?
Because Labour and their Fabian Socialist origins have always favoured the destruction of the nation-state to bring in the technocratic order.
And so you can see that obviously they're not going to be pro-Israel or side with Israel.
That's why you find a tendency amongst the left
and Communist Socialists to support Palestine.
That does not mean that everybody in Palestine is Communist Socialist, so don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying that.
Many people in Palestine are Orthodox Christians, for example.
Sufi Neoplatonism is a crucial element of the Perennialism and the Ecumenism that
is able to then change an existing culture, not just demographically, but also ideologically and religiously.
So this is why Sufism is a good tool for that.
And that's exactly what happened in the UK.
It began with those kind of new-aging mystical groups, and then now it's completely overrun in London and in England throughout the UK with Muslims of all variety.
And that, again, I think plays into this
Shock strategy of tension model, which is to do this on purpose.
An angrier world.
Well, that's just what Brzezinski talked about a long time ago when the strategy of the CIA was to arm and fund the Taliban, the Mujahideen and so forth in Operation Cyclone.
And even earlier than that.
So you can see that it's a way to exploit the clash of civilizations model.
And ultimately, the idea here is to destroy
Christianity and the West.
And perhaps some of the other entities will be destroyed in the process, right?
Maybe Islam versus the West could result in some sort of mass destruction.
Who knows?
But the reality is that the power elite are not actually against either of these groups in the long run.
People are used as chess pieces on the chessboard, if that makes sense.
And so, if we grasp this, we begin to understand that it's a bigger picture than just choosing a side right away.
And so, I wanted to point out quickly says also that some of the British, for example, in the support of Israel, thought that you could have a Western outpost, not just for the point of geostrategy and oil and stuff like that later on.
Some thought that maybe they could introduce democracy to the Middle East and that this would then heal the tribalism and the ancient warfare in the Middle East that's been there for millennia.
But this didn't work out because it's just this bizarre, silly notion.
I don't think that at the top the real power elite cared about this, but some of the more academic intelligentsia people in the U.S.
and in the U.K.
probably thought that, oh, if we just export democracy to all these places, then they'll see that science and technology and having running water and having, you know, refrigerators and iPads or whatever, they'll prefer that to
The sort of tribal warfare and the regressive third world status that some of these places have remained in.
But that doesn't work, typically, right?
Not every country wants the exportation of democracy.
And ultimately, it's not about the exportation of democracy.
I think everybody who's somewhat sophisticated knows this.
It's about control, right?
Democracy is not actually a thing that's exported to help people.
That is a front, it's a cloak for exporting and expanding the Atlanticist empire.
And that's what even Brzezinski said.
Brzezinski says, Kissinger say, America is the successor to the British Empire.
It's just another type of imperial control strategy.
The poverty, chaos, disunity of the Arab world were a consequence of the organizational and moral factors rather than of the objective obstacles, especially in the case of Israel.
This is Dr. Carol Quigley.
It was less than 8,000 square miles with no significant resources and hampered by endless obstacles.
The Zionist movement has constructed the strongest, most stable, progressive and democratic hopeful state in the Near East.
Quigley is writing this in the 1960s about
Where things were at that time.
This was possible because of the morale of the Israelis, which was based on outlooks antithetical to the outlooks of the Arabs.
The Israelis were full of self-sacrifice and discipline, social solidarity, and readiness to work and cooperate with open hopes for their future.
This ideology was largely Western, with a devotion to the notions of science, democracy, individuality, technology, and so forth.
And these were anathema to the Arabs of that time, whose hysterical views and their hatred were not really aimed at the loss of Palestine, but the presence of the Israelis, whose qualities were a reputation of the generations of Arab self-deception and pretenses.
So, Quigley clearly thinks that the nation-state of Israel represented Western democracy, and that the older Arab models were a regressive approach.
This precarious balance that the British tried to keep in Palestine between the promises to the Zionists and to their efforts to placate the Arabs was destroyed by Hitler's determination to annihilate Jews in Europe and the conditions of World War II, which made it seem that he would be successful.
So you see how complex this is.
And remember, the British elite are also at the same time, according to Quigley, supporting Hitler.
So they're always trying to play both sides, and that's why
This ultimately results in all kinds of chaos and destruction.
The Jews, their supporters, and allies tried to smuggle in Jews that could be saved from Europe.
Since there was nowhere else that they could go, many were smuggled into Palestine.
British efforts to prevent this, in fulfillment of their obligations to the Arabs under the League of Nations mandate, led to the guerrilla warfare tactics between Jews and British.
That's the Ben-Gurion-Iraq war battles that we were talking about a minute ago.
The Arabs were attacking the former intermittently, and this problem reached the acute form with the conquest of Germany, opening the doors for the survival of Jews to escape from the horrors of Nazism.
In 1945, President Truman asked the British permission to admit 100,000 European Jews into Palestine, but these requests were ignored by the Labour government, you see.
Ignoring such permission, large-scale efforts were made to smuggle the Jews into Palestine.
That then led to more Arab anger at Jews coming into Palestine.
And so all of this had to do with, again, the UK mandate, and then the uprising of the Jews against the British, their Haganah, which then eventually becomes the Army of Israel, as we know it today, I think.
So, you see how difficult this is?
There's no simple solutions to a situation where people have been on both sides there for a while.
And so, it's not no Jew that lives there today, it's not their fault that they're there, right?
And the Arabs that were there before the Jews were put there, it's not the Jews' fault that they were put there.
They were allowed to go there via the Balfour Declaration and then through machinations in Europe that forced them to go there.
And also there was laws that were in place that didn't allow them to go there when they wanted to go there.
You see how complicated this gets?
And also the British elites were continuing to support the Arab side as well, through the higher level elites of the Fabian Socialist Circles, which supported, and still support today, both sides of it.
In our government, in our power structure, as we see with the money given to Iran.
So you see how this continued, the geo-strategy of the Imperium continues on today.
So it's no easy issue.
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