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Name: 20231010_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 10, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various global issues such as migrant shelters in New York City, border wall controversies, attacks in Israel and Gaza Strip, climate change, cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currencies, Palestinian situation, theories regarding 9/11, cultural aspects of Israel and Palestine, and potential war with Iran. The show emphasizes the importance of staying informed, questioning information shared on social media, and taking necessary actions to protect oneself and society from globalist agendas.

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I'm just not showing any of that stuff because I don't know what's real, I don't know what's not real, and I am gonna make damn sure I'm not part of promoting any war propaganda or any false flag propaganda to manipulate this audience emotionally and draw us into a larger conflict.
And again I ask, to those saying we must support Israel at all costs, What if the cost is World War III, and what if the cost is us going to war, your sons and daughters going to war, or an attack on our homeland?
Should we still support Israel there?
Just asking.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Let me set the stage.
Gateway National Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park System, is the lifeline to the outdoors in the middle of New York City.
Facing political pressure, the Biden administration rubber-stamped a lease proposal to allow the construction of shelters for migrants inside the park boundaries.
The lease was signed, and I would not be surprised if they're constructing migrant shelters as we speak.
In New York City, where elderly American war veterans are being thrown out on the street to house the never-ending illegal invasion that may soon be flooding our national parks... What is this?
I don't know.
You don't have the right to do this.
I don't have the right to do what?
Yes, you don't have the right to film in here, that's what I'm telling you.
What is this over here, and who are you?
You hear me?
Make this the last time you approach a member of the public giving them orders!
It was very disgraceful what they did to the people in the island shores.
I said, no, no, no, no, you're not moving me.
And they said, yes, yes, yes, we are.
Everything was done behind closed doors.
Meanwhile in Chicago, the locals have finally had enough from their Democrat overlords.
My name is Beatriz Ponce de Leon.
I'm the Deputy Mayor for Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee Rights.
And if you think it was loud inside, it was just as rowdy outside because many people were not allowed in because they reached capacity.
What I want to say is to Mayor Brandon Johnson, we are disappointed in you.
This is the community that supported you.
How dare you?
Only time will tell as election season grows nearer as Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas flip-flops on his border wall hysteria.
I want to address Today's reporting relating to a border wall and be absolutely clear.
There is no new administration policy with respect to the border wall.
They had a choice.
What happened was Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, I believe he was correct when he put out a memo that said that there is this voluminous amount of historic proportions of illegal migrants crossing the border and that they need to do something to secure it.
And guess what?
They're putting up these barriers, i.e.
a border wall.
And what happens a few hours later, he's like, oh, we don't believe in border walls and we're being forced to do it.
Meanwhile, chaotic carnage streams across our border as yet another bus crash kills 18 migrants.
Unchecked disease embeds itself into the heartland as tuberculosis and other diseases skyrocket.
The city is actively monitoring 500 cases of this illness.
Tuberculosis is a serious disease that kills millions worldwide.
But in the United States, we're not used to seeing a lot of it.
Until now.
While Mexico warns that at least 10,000 military-aged men will pour into the United States on a daily basis.
And he said, yeah, the U.N.
sent me over here.
I'm a soldier for the U.N.
And they gave me this card.
It's got a computer chip in it, like a bank card, you know.
But it's got the guy's picture on it, information, number.
And he was told to go to a certain city and get a place to stay and wait.
They would get in touch with him through the phone.
He's not just going to come live here.
If he's a soldier for the U.N., he's not going to come live here for six months and then pay him $2,200 a month.
Whatever they're planning on doing, they're planning on doing it within, I would say, the next 90 days to 120 days.
Google my name, Todd Binsman, and Unit 910, and you'll see all of my reports on that.
They are clandestine agents in American cities, armed to the teeth with target lists, already drawn up, waiting for orders from Tehran.
If things really blow on the northern border in Israel and we help, watch out for Unit 910.
They admitted to us they have two dozen terrorists here in America they can't track.
220,000 a month?
What if 1% of those individuals were affiliated, 1% with criminal organizations that we know of, with cartels that we know of, with foreign terrorist organizations that we know of, and they are in and around America and have been moving in and around America for two plus months with CCP funding, Iranian support, Mideast terrorist organization financing, all to do one thing.
Establish sleeper cells in the U.S.
and wait for the right time to do this to us.
John Bauer reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, an honor, a privilege to be here live with you from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas on this Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And while I have a loaded news desk, The main topic of discussion today will yet again be the aftermath of what we saw in Israel over the weekend and of course now the attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Now, we've also got Dr. Francis Boyle.
Who is a great guest with great geopolitical knowledge coming on in the second hour.
And then we have Joel Skousen who is a great guest with great geopolitical knowledge coming on in the third hour.
And I'm going to remain neutral in those conversations and just let their experience and their knowledge come through the airwaves.
But I also want to try to remain neutral in covering all of this news because when we get emotional and we get reactionary, we can be misled, we can fall for propaganda, and we can make mistakes.
And I'm seeing way too much of that today.
And the other thing I'm noticing is a double standard.
That doesn't add up to me.
But before I get into all of that, let me just tell you the different angles, the different aspects that we have covering up, that we have coming up, that we're going to be covering today.
Now this whole story about the babies being beheaded, they're saying they found 40 babies beheaded, well this is about the worst possible thing you can imagine, the worst possible thing you can hear, And, you know, I don't even think it's fair to say, well, America's aborted 60 million babies, so what's 40 beheaded babies?
America's aborted 60 million of them.
I don't really think that's fair to say, but you notice that you will have the same people poo-pooing 60 million aborted babies And you'll have Democrats that say, yeah, you should be able to abort babies right up to birth, but then this is an act so horrendous that we need to go to war over it.
But there's another angle to that that I find more important.
There's another angle to that that I want to cover today.
But I'm going to do that when we come back in the next segment.
Now, there's also this bloodlust And this greed for never-ending war.
So how do we possibly have that going on?
Well, you've got us with the unlimited funding and supporting of Ukraine.
And now I suppose it's going to be whatever Israel needs as well.
What happens if China goes into Taiwan?
Is that going to be another situation?
And then how can the Biden administration say this?
And John Kirby confirmed it.
That climate change is still their number one concern.
Man-made climate change and carbon emissions.
How much climate change is caused by war?
That doesn't seem to matter.
They can make as many weapons as they need.
They can have as much war as they want.
That's all fine.
That doesn't cause climate change.
But you driving a car?
That's the problem.
You having a gas stove at home?
That's the problem.
You eating steak dinner with your family?
You having barbecue with your neighbors?
That's the problem.
Them making unlimited weapons for unlimited wars?
That's not in the equation of stopping man-made climate change.
And so right there on its face, this argument or any legitimacy to the idea that humans on planet Earth need to have their carbon emissions monitored and curtailed should be thrown out the window.
So the government, the world government that keeps the world in a state of perpetual war, which I'm sure isn't good for the climate, At least by their own measurements.
Says that you have to be controlled, you have to care about man-made climate change, but they can make weapons and jets and war all over the planet.
That's all fine and good.
You, the citizen of planet Earth, you need to be monitored, you need to be enslaved, you're causing climate change.
Ignore that giant nuclear explosion down the road.
Or even ignore the chemicals that they spray in the air right above your head.
But, of course, they're using this war now for some of their other agendas.
And they're saying, oh well, maybe these terror groups are funded by cryptocurrencies, so we've got to stop cryptocurrencies.
Maybe these terrorists are using Twitter to communicate, so we need to shut down Twitter.
Boy, isn't that convenient.
How convenient that is.
And now you see this other narrative coming along.
Which was always the case.
Yeah, we've got this thing called the Second Amendment.
You know, the founding fathers of this country were pretty smart men.
They were pretty advanced in their foresight.
And their political knowledge.
In ways that we really don't properly respect.
But they're saying, look!
Gun ownership, advocacy, and activism is up in Israel.
Oh, really?
Oh, other countries now see the need for the Second Amendment.
Bolsonaro becomes president of Brazil.
They get more gun rights.
The communists take over.
They strip the gun rights.
Crime goes back up.
You look at every Major city in the United States of America run by Democrats with gun control has the highest rates of gun violence.
But oh my gosh!
We're just realizing it now that private gun ownership and self-defense is an important thing.
As Israel loosens up its laws so that citizens can have guns and defend themselves.
Yeah, again.
The Second Amendment.
The Bill of Rights.
We understood this.
Hundreds of years ago, even.
Why is it a debate now?
It shouldn't be.
Then there's the Joe Biden aspect.
Then there's the Joe Biden aspect.
Why has Joe Biden been so missing in action during all of this?
Well, it's Joe Biden, and he obviously is in need of a lot of care and rest.
But there might be another reason that they don't want to tell you, because the White House is putting out all this propaganda.
Oh, Biden's been busy.
He's been on the phone.
Look, somebody typed up a 100-page statement.
It shows how hard Biden's working.
Well, no, Biden is actually being investigated right now for the last two days.
Joe Biden has been investigated for The classified documents he was storing at his private residence, you know, with the famous garage photo with the Corvette and the secret classified documents stacked up behind it.
And then also the Penn-Biden Law Center in Pennsylvania that was run by the Chinese Communists that they had access to, probably.
So, Joe Biden is actually being investigated.
I'm not saying anything is going to come of those investigations, but the crimes they're accusing Donald Trump of doing with the classified documents, Joe Biden actually did.
And he wasn't the president, as Trump was.
So he's been investigated for the last two days over that.
My guess is nothing comes of it, but the White House isn't telling you about that.
They're just saying, oh no, Biden's been very active during all of this.
Actually, he had a barbecue lunch with a live band at the Rose Garden while he's being investigated.
That's what's going on.
As I'm considering how to broach these topics today, knowing how polarized this issue is, I try to find ways and angles and perspectives that make it consumable and palatable for everybody, even if you might disagree, because Unfortunately, when there's emotional reactions during war or atrocities like this, people's common sense and their, what might be a 20-20 vision, is now skewed and is now manipulated.
And when you're emotional, it's hard to omit that, and when you see atrocities, It's hard to accept that that might be the case because we are emotionally driven conscious beings.
But I have to consider and I have to look at some other angles here.
And I'm surprised that more people don't have this same response.
And I guess I should even be more specific.
We've seen a political movement happening in this country We've seen it behind Donald Trump and even InfoWars, where people talk about fake news and where people will admit our politicians are lying to us all the time.
But so how is it that those people that understand that paradigm now, so you're saying the same media and the same politicians that you know lie to you about everything else but they're being honest about this situation in Israel?
That might stir you up emotionally, doesn't it?
But what is so irrational about what I said?
You know the news lies to you.
You know it's propaganda.
You call it fake news.
You know our politicians lie to us.
You know they lie to get us into wars.
It's the military-industrial complex.
So let's just take a step back.
The same people that you know lie to you about everything are being honest about what's going on in Israel.
Do you really believe that?
Just asking questions, which we should all be doing.
And I see this notion coming out of DC.
We have to support Israel at all costs.
We have to support Israel at all costs.
Well, even if you believe All the news and this is the worst thing ever by Hamas and the beheaded babies and the slaughter at the concert and their desire to wipe the state of Israel off the map and kill all Jews.
Let's say that it's the fully worst vision of Hamas or even Palestinians that you can have.
Let's still take a pause here.
Because actions have consequences.
What does supporting Israel at all costs look like?
And then what are the consequences of that?
If we support Israel at all costs, what if that leads to World War 3?
What if that leads to a nuclear war?
Do you want to still support Israel at all costs?
Is that still worth it to you?
What if Americans get brought into this?
What if our homeland becomes under attack or involved in a World War III?
What if it's your sons and daughters getting drafted by the Biden administration to go fight in a World War III, started over a religious war, a holy war, that has nothing to do with you?
Is it still worth it to support Israel at all costs?
What if supporting Israel at all costs means that we draw into a larger conflict with Iran?
What if China and Russia have already decided geopolitically that they're going to be siding with Iran in this escalation?
And then that leads to more escalation and more war and World War III or nuclear war.
Do you still want to support Israel at all costs?
I don't see people asking this.
I see them jumping off the ledge.
Hey, maybe you argue that morally, supporting Israel is the right thing to do.
Geopolitically, supporting Israel is the right thing to do.
But again, at what cost?
We have to think about these things.
The art of war.
That's how this stuff goes.
So to everybody out there that's jumping off the ledge, we have to support Israel at all costs, I would just ask, what if that cost is World War III?
What if that cost is our homeland, the United States of America, getting under attack?
Do you still think we should support Israel at all costs?
Who's asking these questions?
Who's considering these things in their heightened rhetoric?
Another thing I'm noticing, we humanize one side of these stories but not the other.
And this doesn't just apply to Israel versus Palestine.
This applies to really everything, doesn't it?
We never humanized the war in Yemen.
We don't humanize what goes on in the streets of the United States of America.
Pick any major American city.
This last weekend, there were multiple victims of gun violence.
Dozens wounded.
Dozens killed.
We don't humanize that.
We don't humanize the American suffering in the streets of Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, St.
Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland.
I could go on.
We don't humanize that.
We don't draw emotional responses over that.
We could, but we don't.
And by the way, that's in your own backyard.
That's right here in your own country where those humans are suffering.
But you get more emotional over a holy war, centuries-old holy wars on the other side of the planet that Really doesn't even have to affect you.
Why is it that I hear about all the atrocities that happened in Israel, but when I see an entire city in Gaza completely leveled, I'm not supposed to be emotional, I'm supposed to celebrate.
And there was a major controversy over a statement released by the Israeli government and Netanyahu, where they said, savages and animals, and they clarified, we didn't call them animals, we called them savages, and we weren't talking about the Palestinians, we were talking about Hamas.
Okay, well, I guess you could call Hamas savages, I don't think too many people would argue that after what we saw.
But are you telling me that the hundreds of buildings you just flattened in Gaza where Palestinians were living, are they all Hamas?
Are they all savages?
So that double standard doesn't make sense to me.
You make sure to clarify that the Palestinians in Gaza are not savages.
You're only talking about Hamas.
But then you go and completely level the Palestinians in Gaza.
And then they don't get humanized.
So I'm just asking questions here, folks.
I'm not picking a side.
I'm just asking questions.
And quite frankly, if I am choosing any side, I'm choosing the side of the United States of America.
Because we got our own problems right here in our front yards, our backyards, our kitchens, our living rooms, our bedrooms, that we need to address before stuff that goes on on the other side of the world.
Now again, I ask, Because many people who I thought understood this, we've seen a whole political movement in this country, a new renaissance in this country that understands how propaganda works more than ever before.
We call it the fake news.
We have the congressional approval rating, the lowest it's ever been.
We understand that the media lies to us.
We understand that our politicians lie to us.
But I'm sure we're getting the full truth on the situation in Israel.
I'm not going to think that way.
And I want to rewind the clocks back to a famous moment of propaganda that got us into a war.
Because you notice there's always a consistency before a large war.
There's a false flag.
There's a big lie.
There's an emotionally driven response.
And then there's a devastating war.
Now I'm not an insane person.
And I know that those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
And doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
That's not going to be us here at InfoWars.
Even if that means swimming upstream Even if that means hitting the barbed wire first.
But let's rewind the clocks back.
This is not even debated anymore.
And I'll show you with all the different headlines.
But you may recall this famous moment in 1990 that got us into the Gulf War.
And a giant lie.
Do you remember this?
My mother and I were in Kuwait on August 2nd for a peaceful summer holiday.
My older sister had a baby on July 29th.
And we wanted to spend some time in Kuwait with her.
I only pray that none of my 10th grade classmates had a summer vacation like I did.
I may have wished sometime that I could be an adult.
That I could grow up quickly.
What I saw happen to the children of Kuwait To my country has changed my life forever.
Has changed the life of all Kuwaitis, young and old.
We are children no more.
My sister, with my five-day-old nephew, traveled across the desert to safety.
There was no milk available for the baby in Kuwait.
They barely escaped when their car was stuck in the desert, desert sand, and help came from Saudi Arabia.
I stayed behind and wanted to do something for my country.
The second week after the invasion, I volunteered at the Al-Adan Hospital with 12 other women who wanted to help as well.
I was the youngest volunteer.
The other women were from 20 to 30 years old.
While I was there, I saw the Iraqi soldiers coming to the hospital with guns.
They took the babies out of the incubators.
Now it is not even disputed that that entire testimony was fake.
I could not help but think of my nephew, who if born premature might have died that day
as well.
Now it is not even disputed that that entire testimony was fake.
And you can do a quick internet search and find hundreds if not thousands of articles.
I mean, here's some I just decided to print, just for brevity's sake.
I mean, even leftist, I mean, liberal websites all admit this.
Of course, they were anti-war at the time, because there was a Republican in office, George Bush, so they're anti-war when a Republican in office.
They're pro-war when a Democrat in office.
But, I mean, let's just look.
Here are the headlines.
It's not even questioned.
How false testimony and a massive U.S.
propaganda machine bolstered George H.W.
Bush's war on Iraq.
Democracy Now!
Washington Post.
The Kuwaiti incubator hoax.
Washington Post.
The Kuwaiti incubator hoax.
The fake news in 1990 that propelled the United States into the first Gulf War.
The great lie of the Gulf War.
How a false testimony changed the public view of the war.
Kuwait's story of babies removed from incubators refuses to die.
Even though it was fake.
Remember the Kuwaiti babies?
Now again, hundreds if not thousands of these stories, it's not even debated anymore that that was war propaganda.
To get the United States involved in the Middle East and the Gulf War.
And it's not the only time there's been a false flag to get us into war.
We were lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin.
And if the If theories are true that Netanyahu or intelligence networks let Hamas have this attack so that they can launch a further war, that wouldn't be the first time that has happened either.
So yeah, I understand the emotional response.
I'm not a heartless, soulless person.
When you see the story and the headlines, Hamas slaughters 40 babies and children in one town with some beheaded, Israeli military and government says, Yeah, that's about as bad as it gets.
That's about as horrific as you can imagine.
But you know what?
When you are at war, and you are in the field, and you are in the trenches, and I'm not here comparing myself to field warriors, but you know, we are in an info war, and I am in the trenches here, and you gotta keep a level head.
And you can't get distracted, And you can't get manipulated.
And you can't get deceived.
And so, that's not gonna be us.
That's not gonna be me.
Now am I saying that this is fake news?
Am I saying that they're lying about this?
Am I saying they false flag this?
I'm not saying that either.
I'm just saying I know propaganda exists in times of war.
I know false flags lead us into more war.
And I know how they use the emotions of people with deception to get more support for wars.
For reasons and benefits that are not for the very citizens and the people they claim that they are for.
And there's a reason why I have consciously decided to not show any of the footage, really, from what's been going on since this weekend.
Now, obviously, some of it we just know is true.
Some of it's just live cameras and live reporting, like all the bombing we're seeing of the Gaza Strip today.
But, you know, some of the videos that I'm seeing of the kids, like for example, one video was going around with a bunch of kids in cages and everybody was saying, look at what Hamas is doing to kids.
Totally fake!
Totally fake.
Video from years ago and really the origins of it are debated.
Whether it was in Syria or whether it was even...
Palestinian kids in cages.
They don't know.
But everybody shared this video.
Ted Cruz, Mark Levin.
Look at what the Palestinians are doing.
Look at what Hamas is doing.
Putting Israeli babies in cages.
Fake news.
I don't even want to get into all the...
Israeli Instagram models that they have now in these videos.
Again, I'm just not showing any of that stuff because I don't know what's real, I don't know what's not real, and I am gonna make damn sure I'm not part of promoting any war propaganda or any false flag propaganda to manipulate this audience emotionally and draw us into a larger conflict.
And again I ask, to those saying we must support Israel at all costs, What if the cost is World War III, and what if the cost is us going to war, your sons and daughters going to war, or an attack on our homeland?
Should we still support Israel there?
Just asking.
You know, I gotta say... I gotta say that if the images from the Gaza Strip today don't break your heart, just like the images from Israel over the weekend, then I think you have hate in your heart.
And, you know, I understand people that might have that hate if you are from that region, if your family is from Israel or Palestine or maybe you can even date your lineage and your family history to the Ottoman Empire from hundreds of years ago when this conflict was raging and wars were raging.
You know, then maybe I understand that.
But man, if you're here in the United States of America, and you were able to escape that, and enter into a land of peace and prosperity and independence, and you're still harboring that hate in your heart, man, that's sad.
That's sad.
And when I see this all over the world now, pro-Israel protesters facing off with pro-Israel Palestinian protesters in the streets of London and Germany and the Netherlands and Australia, all over the United States of America, breaks my heart.
If you want to be a part of that culture, if you want to be a part of that never-ending holy war, centuries old, then go back to that region.
If you want to talk about how Hamas needs to be slaughtered, then sign right up for the war.
There's plenty of people in Israel that have, by the way.
In fact, hundreds of thousands have now volunteered to join the ranks of the Israeli military.
So, for them, that's understandable.
But that's not me, that's not my country, that's not my war, and it shouldn't be.
Now, ladies and gentlemen...
As I am filling in for Alex Jones today, that's because Alex Jones is currently on a top secret mission.
And it might not be so top secret by the end of the day.
I'm not so sure when this is going to come out, but it might be by the end of the day.
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Let's see, I've got...
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As this is going down now in the Biden Department of Justice and U.S.
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But just so you know, again, totally appreciative.
Thanks to you.
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The legal fight is not over yet.
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All right.
Alright, um, boy oh boy, where to go from here before we're joined by Dr. Francis Boyle.
Let me just continue to pile through, pile drive through, some of these headlines.
Now again, I'm just trying to think critically and logically here when the Israeli security minister says there will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed.
Talking about in Gaza, we are fighting human animals and will act accordingly.
But again, they say, oh, we're not calling the Palestinians animals, just Hamas, but then it's the Palestinians that are actually dealing with the aftermath of the Hamas attacks.
And the president of El Salvador, I think, put it best.
As he comes from a Palestinian background, he says, the worst thing for Palestine right now is Hamas.
But now the Gaza Strip and Palestinians are suffering the consequences for what Hamas did.
But they want to make sure, oh, we're not saying Palestinians are animals, only Hamas, but then they destroy all the Palestinians' homes.
And by the way, this is not new.
This has been part of the controversy for years.
Israel shutting off water, gas, electricity, and all the other stuff.
So, again, this is not my fight.
This is not supposed to be my emotional fight.
And when I see these issues get humanized, but not what goes on in my own backyard, with the American poverty, the American drug abuse and addiction, the violent crime wave in our streets, I mean, how about the collapsing of our economy?
Cost of living is almost unaffordable in this country now.
Nobody humanizes that.
Not to mention the wide-open southern border where all kinds of people could be coming in.
We'll address that in a second, but I think Rand Paul is right.
Rand Paul urges the United States to stay hands-off over Gaza attack.
I actually agree, and I ask one more time.
To those saying we must support Israel at all costs.
Say really?
At all costs?
What if the cost is World War III?
What if the cost is nuclear war?
What if the cost is an attack on our homeland?
What if the cost is a larger escalation with Iran and China and Russia?
What if the cost is your sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters going to war to fight and die?
Is that cost worth it over what happened in Israel?
They say at all costs, but have you really weighed all the costs?
Have you really thought about all the costs?
And isn't it perfect every time the New World Order gets to use these wars for their own agendas?
Militants behind Israel attack raised millions in crypto.
So now they're saying, oh, well, they were only able to get this money in cryptocurrency.
So see, we have to stop cryptocurrencies and we have to monitor cryptocurrencies.
Oh, that's what the central bankers want.
They want to stop the cryptocurrencies from being successful because they want their own central bank digital currencies.
X, formerly Twitter, amplifies disinformation amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.
So what?
Oh, the government has to come in and monitor Twitter now.
The government has to come back in and take over Twitter and censorship and run the whole thing.
So they're using this war to go after crypto and going after free speech on the Internet.
How convenient for the World Economic Forum corporate government.
Alright, we're about to be joined by Dr. Francis Boyle, and I gotta tell ya, I have had some really incredible, game-changing, next year's news today interviews with Dr. Francis Boyle before, and so really looking forward to getting his expertise and wisdom and geopolitical information coming up in the next segment.
Let me first go through some of these other stories.
I had a belly laugh earlier today.
The crew probably thought I was crazy, but sometimes I'm sitting here reading news at the desk and every once in a while I just blurt out a giant laugh.
And they probably look up from their stations like, what?
This one had me, this one had a belly laugh.
According to the Pentagon, the U.S.
has enough weapons for both Israel and Ukraine.
I'm sorry, it did it again!
It did it again!
Of course they do!
Sure they do!
You get a free car!
You get a free car!
You get a missile!
You get a missile!
You get a jet!
You get a tank!
Free weapons for everybody!
But you, the dirty American!
Your Second Amendment is not unalienable.
Your Second Amendment can be infringed upon.
In fact, we're going to ban assault weapons, says the Democrats.
But you get a free weapon of war!
You get a free weapon of war!
You get a free weapon of war!
But you, the dirty American, turn your gun in!
The U.S.
has enough weapons for both Israel and Ukraine.
Of course!
Who's next?
Who's next?
And how many U.S.
How many people in the Pentagon?
Wouldn't you like to know?
How many of them own stock in weapons manufacturers and weapons contractors?
How many of them bought stock in oil futures?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Wouldn't you like to know?
I know I would!
Oh yeah!
We got weapons for everybody, says the guy with 500,000 shares in Lockheed Martin.
We got weapons for anybody, says the guy with 150,000 shares of Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, you name it.
We got weapons for everybody.
But by the way, The White House says that climate change is our number one issue.
But war and weapons manufacturing, that doesn't add to climate change.
Just you eating a steak and you driving a car.
I mean, this stuff is ridiculous.
White House says it may ask Congress for more funding to support Israel and Ukraine.
It's not going to ask.
But see, by law, Congress controls the purse.
Actually, the House controls the purse.
I mean, the House could technically shut down all funding for everything tomorrow.
But we don't live in the Constitutional Republic.
As Benjamin Franklin said, you have a Constitutional Republic if you can keep it.
And then Vladimir Zelensky issued statements.
Again, these were laughable.
He's blaming it all on Russia.
Zelensky blames Israel's war on terror on Russian President Vladimir Putin.
He says, Putin is doing this to distract from what's going on in Ukraine.
This pathetic scumsucker!
Look at me!
Look at me!
I'm the most important!
I need the money!
I need the weapons!
Look at me hopping around like a fairy on crack!
A meth head!
This warmongering, money-grubbing, scum-sucking Vladimir Zelensky Putin is doing this to distract from how important Ukraine is!
God, you are pathetic.
But you know, it is worth asking, and I'm no weapons expert, but I've gone and watched people that are weapons experts, and they're saying that, you know, these weapons that Hamas appears to be using look like they're American-made.
Normally they get their stuff from Russia.
They get their missiles and their arms and their stuff all comes from Russia.
They're saying, they don't look like Russian made weapons.
Again, I'm not the weapons expert, that's why I'm not really leaning into it.
But it is worth investigating probably.
Who's to say that Vladimir Zelensky isn't sending weapons of war into those regions for his own profits, as he makes it all about himself.
Israel blames Europe for Hamas attack.
EU-funded anti-Semitic propaganda at root.
Oh, I see.
So it's the old, you're either with us or you're with the terrorists routine.
It seems like that's the old calling card once again.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
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I've been shadowbanned.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
The replatforming begins now!
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com Joining me now on the Alex Jones Show is Dr. Francis Boyle and I've got his incredible resume right here in front of me but I don't even want to waste this precious time with Dr. Boyle.
I would just say this, it was back in January and February of 2020 where I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Boyle and he said, yeah, this virus came out of a Wuhan lab and of course he's been completely proven right.
So, his knowledge, wisdom and expertise is very valued here on the Alex Jones Show.
Dr. Francis Boyle, Now, you are very geopolitically informed.
This issue between Israel and Palestinians and the whole Middle East goes back for hundreds of years.
When you see the latest developments in the last four days, and here's your book that you wrote in 2009, Palestine, Palestinians, and International Law.
With your geopolitical knowledge, what has been your reaction to what we've seen in the last four days, Dr. Francis Boyle?
Well, Owen, thank you very much for having me.
I know my best to the InfoWars audience.
I think those of us who follow the situation knew that another Intifada was coming along, given all the depredations that the Israelis have inflicted on the Palestinians.
Especially at Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.
You recall, this is called the Al-Aqsa Flood, where you have these fanatical Jewish fundamentalists storming Al-Aqsa, the third holiest site in Islam, some would say the second, and basically trying to destroy Al-Aqsa and build their so-called temple.
So it was only a question of time before Something happened and this happened.
Now, I did want to make one point that is very important.
Everyone is calling Hamas a terrorist organization.
And that's typical, not only of Israel, but also the United States, anyone who opposes what they're doing.
is automatically a terrorist.
But Hamas clearly qualifies as a national liberation movement, not a terrorist organization, as defined by the Additional Protocol One to the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949, that says, and let me repeat, it's an armed conflict In which peoples are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist regimes in the exercise of their right of self-determination.
Now, the International Court of Justice has already ruled that the Palestinians have a right of self-determination.
That's in the wall advisory opinion that Israel has grievously violated.
And certainly Hamas is fighting against, quote, colonial domination and alien occupation and against a racist regime.
So this is pure propaganda that Hamas is nothing more than a terrorist organization.
You know, they said the same thing about the PLO.
And eventually they began to negotiate with the PLO at the Middle East peace negotiations in 1991, where I served as legal advisor to the Palestinian delegation.
So I don't think we should let this turn Well then I have to go with what detractors to your comments would say.
did here. They are a national liberation movement. That's the way we have to define
the events of the past few days. Well then I have to go with what detractors to your comments
would say. How would you then define the actions by Hamas over the weekend?
Well, they're, you know, they're struggling under international law.
They have a right to use force against these Zionist military occupation regime that has been imposed on the entire mandate for Palestine as they see it.
But wouldn't it be fair to argue that going into a concert or killing innocent people is not going after the oppressors?
Or in their eyes, do they view that as anybody in Israel is the oppressor?
Well, Owen, we've been through this before with the Algerian war for independence.
Where the FLN, the National Liberation Front, took the position that the French pieds-noirs, the Colons who had immigrated from France to Algeria, were legitimate targets of attack because they were part of the imperial colonial racist regime.
And so regretfully, they did attack civilians.
You could see that movie, The Battle of Algiers, that presents their position quite well.
So I'm not speaking here for Hamas, but as they see it, all of Palestine, the mandate for Palestine, Is occupied by this brutal, racist, genocidal, Zionist regime.
And everyone there is part of it.
It's like the Pied Noir in Algeria before Algeria's independence.
Now why, because you bring up the Geneva Convention and some of this international law and some of the standard definitions when you're applying it to this situation.
Why has the international community either been torn or really rather silent on what's been going on?
Well, let me point out, Owen, that Israel officially denies That the Geneva Conventions apply to protect Palestine and the Palestinians.
They deny it and they pay no attention at all to it.
And so, unfortunately, the United States government, Europe, pretty much go along with it.
That's as we saw just during the past few days.
The United States and all of Europe mobilized to the support of Israel and branded Hamas terrorists, even though they clearly qualify as the National Liberation Movement.
Well, would it be fair to say that the Geneva Convention then is essentially a dead duck?
It's a dead duck as far as Israel sees it, yes.
And the Israeli military, they couldn't care less.
You see right now 1,400 bombing attacks on Gaza where two million people live, a shoot to kill policy against Palestinians on the West Bank, desecration of the Haram al-Sharif.
They don't care.
The Palestinians care, and there are other countries in the world that might care, but since the United States government doesn't care, there's very little they can do.
And the U.S.
government, I remember going into the embassy in Tel Aviv at that time Having spent two weeks traveling all up and down occupied Palestine and saying, well, you know, they're committing violations of the Geneva Conventions here.
And I was told by the consular official there, so well, this is an internal matter for Israel.
I said, not at all.
We're a party to the Geneva Conventions.
We have an obligation to respect and to ensure respect.
By Israel of the Geneva Conventions.
And the consular official said to me, well, you'll have to take that up with the State Department.
It's ridiculous.
We arm them, equip them, supply them, train them to engage in gross and consistent patterns of violations of the Geneva Convention.
Tantamount to crimes against humanity and outright genocide against the Palestinians.
And you saw the statement just released by the Secretary of Defense.
We're sending weapons over there now as we speak.
That's Dr. Francis Boyle.
We take a short break.
We'll pick this conversation right back up where we left it.
Honored to be joined by Dr. Francis Boyle today.
And his geopolitical expertise is much appreciated.
And I want to kind of clarify something I said in the last segment, and then let Dr. Boyle finish his statements.
Because again, you're just getting into, really, it's more just legalese talk.
It's international law when it comes to war and war crimes that you are citing here.
And it's funny, because I don't really see that anywhere else, Dr. Boyle.
It seems to be you, I know you're not the only man with that knowledge, but you seem to be the only one presenting it to the public.
And of course, it's right here on InfoWars.
Just to clarify what I said in the last segment, most of the international community is standing with Israel.
I mean, we see that not just in America, California lights up its capital in white and blue, and you have Australia, and you have all these other, and Europe, and all these countries supporting Israel, they're all in for Israel, but yet, what you're referring to here is what the international law is when it comes to war, and the Geneva Convention And so, the only statement I've ever seen anywhere near to what you're talking about, it did come from the UN, not many people heard it, but there was a statement at the UN basically condemning Israel for what they've done to Palestine.
But outside of that, why do you suppose nobody's talking about what you're talking about, and why do you think, I mean it appears I would say, most of the international community is fully in support of what Israel is doing here?
Well, first of all, it's not mostly the international community.
You have 2 billion Muslims that oppose what's going on here.
And you have 58 members of the Islamic Conference organization that oppose what's going on here.
But yes, the Western news media Except for InfoWars is under Zionist control, domination, funding, executives, pundits, experts, just watch it.
It's all being told from the Zionist perspective.
So, of course, you don't hear any of the considerations I'm talking about here today, because the international law is against Israel.
Again, that was decided by the International Court of Justice in their advisory opinion on Israel's wall.
And let me repeat, here's a review of my book.
Quote, the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Israeli wall, published in July, could almost stand alone as a review of Professor Francis Boyle's book.
The World Court judges comprehensively confirm and validate his work.
In elaborating the case for the Palestinians in international law.
That is correct.
I've been arguing for, you know, the Palestinians since I entered Harvard in 1971 as an ardent Palestinian supporter.
That's why I don't teach at Harvard.
But the Western news media is just not not going to report on this.
It's Zionist control dominating.
It's that simple.
You know, I don't know how much more you want to lean into that, but I'm glad you brought that up because there's a wild phenomenon that happens here at InfoWars, and it's not that I want to give any fuel to these wild-eyed, deranged people, but it's funny because And I know this is happening today.
I can just hear it telepathically.
The people that are tuned in, that are fully in support of Israel, and they buy into this that Hamas is obviously the only problem here.
I'm just trying to remain neutral, at least for the sake of this interview.
And I can hear them, Hamas are the terrorists!
They beheaded babies!
They raped women in the streets!
They dragged them!
They're the bad guys!
What's wrong with you?
Why aren't you condemning this?
And I can hear that, but it's funny because at the same time, there are people who are completely convinced that InfoWars or Alex Jones or myself is somehow in the Zionist-controlled media.
And so it's this wacko thing where if you actually try to be neutral, And you actually try to just deliver the reality of the situation.
All these wild-eyed conspiracies arise, so I'm just, I'm glad that you mentioned that today, because it's something that sticks in my crawl here, where it's like, you get accused of being X, and then somebody else accuses you of being Y, and really, you're neither, you're just neutral in this situation.
But, I don't know if you want to lean into that further, because I do think this is a heavy topic.
Why is it that so many people, even people that didn't fall, For the whole war in Ukraine being supported 24-7.
Immediately they're all in to support Israel.
Zionists brainwashing in the news media and in higher education.
I spent seven years at Harvard.
I have three degrees from Harvard.
I spent two years teaching there at Harvard.
Everything on the Middle East is taught from a Zionist perspective.
It's that simple.
And, you know, it's true at the other Ivy Leagues as well, elite educational institutions.
I mean, look, I was as pro-Israel as anyone else until the 1967 war.
I had been brainwashed to support Israel.
Well, when the 1967 war came, just looking at it objectively as you're calling for here, Israel struck first.
It was acts of serial aggression around to the Arab states.
They ethnically cleansed the inhabitants Out of the West Bank, out of Gaza, out of the Golan Heights and stole this land.
So I concluded that everything I had been told about Israel was a total lie and I better study it.
So I went to college and starting in 1969, I began studying it.
So But, you know, the whole milieu here in the United States is pretty much Zionist-controlled and dominated.
That's been my experience since 1967.
By the way, I have seen from Orthodox Jews, you don't see this in the media, and of course nobody wants to promote this, but I have seen many Orthodox Jews that, I mean, even in response to these recent attacks, many Orthodox Jews saying that they decry Zionism and they even decry the state of Israel.
You don't ever hear from that.
I would ask you this, we got 60 seconds till the break and we'll pick it up on the other side.
Do you think, and I don't want to hearken too much to 9-11 here, but I mean, sure, could the U.S.
have allowed 9-11 to happen to start a further war?
Do you think Israeli intelligence could have allowed this attack over the weekend to launch a further war?
There are two theories here, Owen.
One, you are correct.
This could have been that Israeli intelligence and Netanyahu knew what was going to happen and let it happen because he was domestically in a desperate situation over there.
And this now allows him to appear a warlord.
The second interpretation, however, is this is very similar to what happened in 1973 with the Yom Kippur War.
The Israeli officials treat Palestinians as if they're children.
I've been there myself.
I've seen it.
It's disgusting.
That, oh, we're the great Zionist uber-mench, and you're the little bitty Palestinian unter-mench, and you need to do just what we tell you to do.
Alright, Dr. Francis Boyle, hold that thought.
We'll be right back.
Having a conversation here with Dr. Francis Boyle, and I want to pick it up where we left off.
Let me frame it back up for you here, Dr. Boyle.
Would the U.S.
have allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to get involved in a larger war?
Would the U.S.
have allowed 9-11 to happen to get involved in a larger war?
Would Israel have allowed the attacks over the weekend to happen to further their incursion on the Gaza Strip?
And I guess I would Maybe even want you, if you would, to start with this.
I mean, there's no debate that the state of Israel has one of the most secure airspaces, if not the most secure airspace in the world, as well as one of the most advanced and penetrating intelligence networks in the world.
And we see men flying in with parachutes and rifles, killing people at a music festival?
I mean, do you believe that that could have happened organically?
Do you think there was a legitimate intelligence failure?
Or again, could they have let it happen?
Dr. Francis Boyle.
Well, you're right.
President Roosevelt knew full well that there was going to be an attack at Pearl Harbor, and he let it happen because he wanted in on the Second World War.
9-11, I think all the evidence shows That the United States government knew it was happening and the Bush administration wanted it to happen and let it happen.
So yes, I'm not ruling out that Netanyahu knew full well that this was going to happen and he let it happen because of his own internal predicament that he had there in Israel.
Now here's an interesting one, because my crew is always out there looking at stories and angles as well.
A very important crew that we have here.
And there's another angle I want to bring up that they brought to my attention.
But here's an interesting one.
Remember last week...
They had that giant emergency alert system test.
Well, apparently that's being used now in Israel, and Israel is using the emergency alert system to tell everybody in Gaza to flee, as they basically are turning it into a parking lot.
But they're saying, hmm, is this maybe evidence that they knew it was coming, but they did the test here to make sure the system works so that they could use it in Gaza?
I don't know if you want to comment on that, or pick up where you left off talking about kind of the cultural aspects of Israel and the Palestinians, and how they kind of look down upon them, or as you, I would say, described it earlier, as being racist.
Well, as for the first point, I really don't know, except there's nowhere for the two million people in Gaza to go.
Israel knows it.
And as you said, they're going to turn Gaza into a parking lot.
They'll kill tens of thousands if they have to simply exterminate them.
But as for the second part, right, I've spent many years working with the Palestinians and whenever they are there in the company of Israelis, I'm oftentimes there, they treat them like children.
It's outright a racist mentality.
I would say, again, it's, we are the Zionist Ubermensch, and you are the Palestinian Untermensch, and you should just do what we tell you to do, and be glad to do it.
So, they've grossly underestimated the Palestinians.
I've worked with them, they're very bright, intelligent, hardworking people, extremely well-educated.
So that also could be a factor here because we don't want to deny a Palestinian agency what happened here.
Let me ask you this then, because I hear this notion brainied about all the time too, which is, well the Palestinians have been given the opportunity, they've been given the Gaza Strip, they could have turned it into a Tel Aviv, that was the argument, they'll turn it into a Tel Aviv, they'll turn it into a Miami, and they didn't.
What's your response to that?
Well, uh, the uh, uh, It was Hamas that drove the Zionists out of Gaza Strip in
That's what qualifies them as a national liberation movement.
And then starting in 2007, Israel, after Hamas won a free-fair election over there, which by the way was supported by President Bush Jr.
and Condoleezza Rice, Israel imposed a genocidal economic embargo upon them to prevent them from engaging in economic development.
So You know, Israel has only itself to blame for the deplorable circumstances in Gaza that motivated Hamas to undertake this act of national liberation as they saw it.
If I may respond here, not to put words in your mouth, so correct me if I'm wrong, so essentially you're saying Israel and the powers that be never allowed the Gaza Strip to be turned into a new Tel Aviv?
No, and indeed, I've been over there.
You know, the Palestinians are extremely talented, industrious, hardworking, and intelligent.
If given a fair, reasonable chance, they would have done it, but they've never been given that chance, no.
Now, it's hard for me to tell what's real, what's not, what's propaganda, what's not, and I like to tread lightly on these things, and so I'd like to get your analysis on this, but it would appear that all the official numbers, and these date back really decades, but even if you look at modern history, all the numbers in this struggle between Israel and Palestine The Palestinians have suffered death at a tenfold rate compared to Israel.
Is that accurate?
That's correct.
Even worse than that, if you go back to the Nakba in 1948, which what I originally studied at the University of Chicago in 1969, in great length, my course on Middle East politics there.
Far superior to anything they dish out at Harvard and went through all the literature.
Right, Israel just engaged in massive ethnic cleansing of a half million Palestinians, driven into exile around the world, driven into Gaza, driven into the West Bank, to refugee camps.
And then again, happening again, the NAXA in 1967.
So, you know, if you took the casualties up, the Zionist casualties have been minimal compared to what the Palestinians have suffered, right?
Now this is a little bit more of a wonky question, and maybe you can figure out a way to make it palatable.
Why is the USA so attached at the hip to Israel?
I hear this from politicians and people in media.
The US, we need Israel.
We need Israel.
We couldn't exist without Israel.
I mean, I scratch my head at that.
I'll hold my tongue.
But why is the United States so attached at the hip to Israel?
Who needs who in this relationship?
Well, first of all, Israel needs us.
I mean, I dealt with Shimon Peres, the former Prime Minister, and at one point he said, we are completely dependent on the United States.
And that is correct.
Without the United States, Israel would be a failed state.
There's no question about that.
But American Jews have gotten together, they've gotten organized, they've put together many different lobbying groups, they've raised a lot of money, they're quite politically active, and they bribe, threaten, intimidate, and blacklist All their opponents, especially in Congress.
You could read the book by my friend, the late Paul Finley, here from Illinois.
He used to represent Abe Lincoln's district, a Republican, called They Dare to Speak Out.
If you speak out, the Zionist lobby here in the United States will slate you for destruction, as they did Congressman Finley.
Also, our Senator Chuck Percy, very fine Senator, I supported him.
They destroyed his career.
So, that's why.
That's why you only hear this.
Now, I heard you say the word there, money.
I mean, how do the Zionists have enough money to influence American foreign policy?
Well, it's like any other lobbying group.
I mean, American Jews have been very successful.
So they put their money into these different lobbying groups, you know, ADL, AIPAC, Conference of Jewish Presidents, organizations, etc.
And then it's not just money buying people off, but it's Threatening to destroy your career and actually destroy your career if you speak out on behalf of the Palestinians or you criticize what Israel is doing.
ADO and AIPAC maintain enemies lists of what they deem to be enemies of Israel.
I'm on both lists.
And people on that list, they'll destroy if they can.
So, that's just the way it goes, sure.
Yeah, and again, this gets into the wacky nature of it, is you can get put on these ADL anti-Semite lists, and then you'll have other whack jobs out there saying that you're Zionist shill and Zionist controlled, but I guess, so it's kind of like the whole just point your finger and call your enemy a racist, and then that destroys them in the court of public opinion.
So is it really that simple?
They just, they can have these groups like the ADL, they just label you an anti-Semite, and then any dissent is squashed?
Well, it's not just labeling you an anti-Semite, they're labeling you an enemy of Israel.
They go after Jews, too, who speak out and criticize us.
I've had, you know, several Jewish friends who have criticized Israel.
They destroyed their careers.
You know, they've asked me for to assist them. I've tried, but that's just the way they
work. So it's not a question of anti-Semite.
Sure, they'll brime you with being an anti-Semite. I've been, you know, Zionists have accused me of
everything but being a child molester for my support for the Palestinians. But it's,
they'll go after Jews too. Indeed, they'll treat Jews worse than the rest of us. They treat Jews
who criticize Israel as traitors. What can I say?
You have my friend Professor Norman Finkelstein there at DePaul Law School, who wrote a book exposing Alan Dershowitz as a plagiarist, and they destroyed his career there at DePaul, and DePaul is supposed to be Catholic.
And they let Dershowitz, the other Zionist, get away with destroying his career.
And he's been blacklisted.
He can't get hired anywhere, despite his outstanding academic qualifications, PhD from Princeton, whatever.
That's the way they work.
Now how accurate, I want to get back into that in a second, but the crew just put an image up on the screen, and I've kind of always felt this way, and maybe this is a mundane explanation, but it's got the rockets going up from, or going into Israel, and then it's got the Iron Dome rockets going up to blow up those rockets, and it's U.S.
taxpayer dollars on each side.
Now I think there's an element of truth to that, I don't know if that's directly a perfect A visual of how this goes.
But to me it feels like this is a lot of the same.
It's the same weapons manufacturers.
It's the same groups funding both sides.
How accurate to you, Dr. Boyle, is that image that we had on the screen?
Well, we have to understand, you know, Hamas doesn't really have rockets like Israel.
They give Israel advanced, sophisticated munitions, precision-guided weapons.
I mean, the Hamas shooting there, they're, for the most part, sort of high-grade fireworks is what they are.
They're more for public relations purposes than really, you know, killing people.
Whereas what Israel is doing is just wiping people out.
People are saying, let me just interject, because people are saying that that used to be the case, but it appears that Hamas has a lot more firepower now.
They do.
I'm not exactly sure where they got it, but it does appear they have more firepower at this point, yes, because they need it for self-defense as they see it.
Zionists are out to destroy them and kill as many Palestinians as possible.
We have to fear another Nakba.
From what Netanyahu has been saying here.
It looks like they, you know, if they get away with it, they'd like to drive the entire 2 million population of Gaza into Egypt, into the Sinai.
That could happen.
Again, they've mobilized over 300,000 troops to go into Gaza.
So we're going to see a massive human tragedy here.
Yeah, that when I saw the rhetoric from Netanyahu, I was afraid of the worst.
And even though they've been bombing Gaza for, I guess, almost 24 hours now, they're saying this is just the beginning.
The land invasion is next.
What that will look like, I guess only time will tell.
I want to go back to what you were mentioning.
Yeah, go ahead.
Let me make a point there, though.
The Biden administration has only exacerbated the situation.
By saying we are going to give blank check support to everything Israel is going to do to the Palestinians.
They know full well, there's going to be massive genocide in Gaza.
And instead of the Biden administration saying, stop now.
Let's have a ceasefire on both sides.
They have encouraged, they are arming, equipping, and supplying what is going to be a massive tragedy here in Gaza that could very well spill out of control.
We already have a shooting there by Hezbollah into the border area.
If Hezbollah gets involved, as they did in 2006, there'll be massive death and destruction on both sides.
Remember, in 2006, Israel did invade Gaza, Hamas fought back, over a thousand Palestinians were massacred, and at that point, Hezbollah entered the war.
And, you know, Hezbollah is very well armed compared to the Palestinians.
They don't have just these Well, I would not say Iran.
Dan's firecrackers, they've got rockets.
Yeah, and to me at that point, correct me if I'm wrong, but to me at that point, it's basically Iran
getting involved and now we're one inch away from World War III.
Well, I would not say Iran.
We have to be careful here, Owen, because the diehard neocon Zionists here
in the United States are trying to use this as a pretext to attack Iran.
Now, as of yesterday, both Blinken and Kirby have said they've seen no evidence that Iran is involved,
but there is going to be enormous pressure Uh, uh...
For us and Israel to attack Iran.
Things could get out of control.
You're right.
There are Iranian forces in Syria.
They're at the request of the Syrian government, which makes it legal under international law.
And Syria could get involved.
Hezbollah could get involved.
Egypt could get involved.
Jordan, we have to understand how Unstable Jordan is the Hashemite family.
The British put them in power, took them up from Saudi Arabia and put them in power.
And then we took over and the CIA keeps the Hashemite family there in power.
Half their population is Palestinian.
So this area itself could could blow up.
And indeed, I'm afraid that is why the Biden administration sent off this aircraft carrier strike force under the Ford, because they know what Israel is planning to do.
And they know that that will produce a terrible adverse reaction, certainly in the surrounding Arab states.
You know, you bring up the CIA.
I was going to go in the direction of Mossad, talk about Israel controlling our foreign policy.
Is that Mossad?
Is that blackmail?
Is that the Jeffrey Epstein types?
Because I think there's an element of that at play here, certainly, with what we saw with Epstein being a spy and Epstein Island and the Lolita Express.
That's correct.
I mean, it's well known Epstein was a front man for Mossad.
And he was running a blackmailing operation there, the Lolita Express in Orgy Island.
And he had a lot of US leaders, you know, they have a list of them there in Newsweek, who were down there at Orgy Island, probably found in compromising positions with girls, and films were taken.
So yes, blackmail is part of it.
Alright, I don't want to take you out of your league here, but I think you're probably in all the leagues.
Now, this was brought to me by the crew, and it's funny, the only reason I'm aware of this is there is some biblical stuff on this, but it was also this kind of cultural thing was featured in a Russian film I watched that I liked called Branded, and that's the red heifer phenomenon.
Are you familiar with the red heifer and what that means to Israel, and specifically the Al-Asqa Mosque that you mentioned earlier?
Yes, there are these fanatical religious fundamentalist Jews who want to destroy Al-Aqsa and build their so-called Third Temple.
Well, you know, the Second Temple goes back to 70 AD, I mean, destroyed by the Romans.
If they do this, and they've tried to do this, and indeed, if you're following the press accounts now, you have Thousands of these fanatical Jewish fundamentalists storming Haram al-Sharif, which is the plateau there, and al-Aqsa, threatening al-Aqsa, threatening to destroy al-Aqsa.
That would be a conflagration if they were to do this, yes.
So I just want to read this out so that the audience that might say, Red Heifer, what are you talking about?
Here's just all these headlines that we have compiled here on the desk.
The Red Heifer Project.
Israeli Government Part of Plan to Build Third Temple at Al-Asqa.
That was the holy ground of the Muslims that you were mentioning earlier.
First red heifer born in 2,000 years sparks fears of biblical end of days.
Prophecy fulfilled after red cow is born at Temple of Israel.
Jewish leaders in Israel needed a red heifer for temple ceremony, so Texas sent them five.
We were doing this.
Red heifer sacrifice could take place in one year in Jerusalem.
Biblical red heifer could bring millions of visitors to Samaria.
The red heifer in the third temple, end of times prophecy.
Does a heifer herald bring the beginning of the third temple?
And from Texas to Israel, red heifers needed for temple arrival.
And so I'm glad we had the time to bring this up.
I'm not surprised that you had the knowledge to comment on that as well.
Last two minutes here with Dr. Francis Boyle.
How would you like to make your closing statements here?
Yes, thank you for giving me this time.
I have tried since 1987, working with the highest level officials of the Palestinian movement, including Chairman Yasser Arafat, the PLO, to negotiate a two-state solution, starting with the Palestinian Declaration of November 15, 1988, where the Palestinians officially accepted a two-state solution.
It's in there, you can read it.
It was my idea.
I was their legal advisor on this whole project.
I was also at the Palestinian delegation for the Middle East peace negotiations, 1991 to 1993.
But in my experience, going back to November 15th, 1988, the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, accepting officially the two-state solution On behalf of the Chairman Arafat, the PLO, the Palestine National Council, there has not been one iota of good faith demonstrated by Israel.
Or American Zionists, when it comes to the negotiation of a two-state solution.
Not one iota.
And that, you know, they could have accepted, Israel could have accepted a two-state solution as far back as December 1988.
They refused, they have consistently refused.
The Zionists want all of Palestine And with as few Palestinians as possible.
That is their objective.
That is their ultimate objective.
That is what Netanyahu is going to be pursuing now in the coming weeks, unless we here in the United States stop them.
It's that simple.
And it could set off a total catastrophe, certainly the destabilization there.
Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and as usual the United States will be there up to our necks in death and destruction.
Dr. Francis Boyle, thank you for your time, your knowledge, your wisdom, and your expertise here on the Alex Jones Show.
Well, again, thank you, Owen, for having me.
me on my best to everyone there. Okay I really enjoyed that interview of Dr.
Francis Boyle and we're gonna be having another great interview with another
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Alright, we'll be right back with my next guest, Joel Skousen.
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Hmm, that seems like knowledge you might want to have.
And of course, strategic relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places.
We may be getting into some of that with Joel as well today, but...
Obviously, Joel, the big story, the developments in Israel over the weekend, the developments in the Gaza Strip today.
We're getting all kinds of experts' opinion and analysis on this.
Joel, where would you like to begin on what we've seen there in that region in the last four days?
Yeah, let's go ahead and start with Israel.
Israel is propagandizing the world by saying this is their 9/11, implying that they can
justify anything as the United States did after the attacks which they themselves engineered.
9/11 was a deep state operation from beginning to end, including the hiring of the terrorists
and the loading of the buildings with explosives.
But there's a slight difference in Israel.
Whereas we created our own attackers, in fact the United States deep state created not only
Al Qaeda but ISIS and set them off against the world.
Israel did have a role in bringing Muslim Brotherhood to Israel to counteract Fatah
and the PLO under Yasser Arafat.
And it did get out of control.
It wasn't the terrorist organization that they funded and they brought in, but it became that.
So they are partially responsible at least for bringing Hamas to the Gaza Strip.
More importantly, though, they are responsible for ousting all the Israelis that used to live in the Gaza Strip and forcing them to leave their homes and their gardens and their huge enterprises that they had built up there and handing it over to the PLO and Hamas.
They built a very high-tech fence around the entire Gaza Strip and said this is going to keep any terrorism down.
It hasn't.
But it is a very, very high-tech fence, completely censored all around with cameras and Even seismic detectors so they can detect from a few hundred feet away anyone even approaching that fence.
But what happened in this attack is that over the past year and a half, the Israelis withdrew 50 to 60, almost 80% of their troops, including any fast reaction forces they had in southern Israel at all and moved them to the West Bank.
Now the West Bank is controlled by Israel.
It's occupied territory.
So they don't really have a huge terrorism problem there.
You can't get organized there with Israeli occupation.
And so removing the troops from that left only a half a dozen small isolated military outposts that didn't have any capability of doing fast reaction.
Even though they had a few tanks there in southern Israel still, they didn't have any tank crews to man them.
And so when these breaches occurred on Saturday night, They, they bulldozed through the fence.
They got into, you know, lots of the kibbutzes and the small settlements in the area of Southern and took them over and created a lot of hostages.
The Israeli forces didn't arrive in the Southern region until six or seven hours later.
Now you can't tell me that they didn't have enough knowledge.
You know, Israel has spies all throughout Gaza.
They infiltrated Syria.
At the highest levels.
They infiltrated Iran at the highest levels.
You can't tell me that they haven't got infiltrators into every aspect of both the PLO and Hamas.
And so what really happened related to 9-11 is that Israel let this happen in order to justify tremendous international outrage at what Hamas did.
But the outrage really should be directed at Israel for letting this happen.
Now, they claim that they had a cyber attack on their computers and therefore they couldn't see the breaches in the fence.
And that isn't true at all.
There are numerous responses to the sensors, all of which don't go to computers.
All of the smaller outposts had sensors to tell whether or not the fence was being breached.
All of those weren't breached by cyber security.
They made calls to the Israeli army telling them the breach is occurring.
But they had no rapid reaction troops at all in southern Israel.
And so this was allowed to happen.
And now it's going to be very difficult to undo.
It obviously gives the Israelis the opportunity to go in and clean out Hamas, but that's literally an impossibility.
With 1.3 million people in Gaza, there's just no way that you're going to go in without a lot of casualties and do house-to-house fighting and root out Hamas.
Even though it really needs to be rooted out.
And so they're going to go back to the traditional view of bombing Gaza.
And we've seen lots of apartment buildings exploded and demolished.
And that's because, you know, they have intelligence, the Hamas and other allies have been living in those apartments.
But the civilian toll is going to be high when you do that type of destruction.
What's the motive then of letting this attack happen?
Well, it's not going to be to remove Hamas.
They've had multiple opportunities to do that in the past.
They will claim to kill a few Hamas leaders, as they have.
But I think the big possibility is that they finally want this war with Iran.
You know, they've been attacking Iran on a daily basis for almost two years now in Syria, in the Iranian bases.
And Iran has not arisen to the provocation.
They have not attacked back at Israel, even though they could have justified uh... some of those attacks
but this may be the big nine eleven excuse that gives them a chance to go to
iran and if they do
this is gonna be a major middle east war that the u_s_ is going to have to get
involved in it's not going to be israel alone i want to hone in on a lot of those things that you just
said It's amazing.
I had a bunch of questions written down for you to answer, and I didn't send them to you, but somehow you managed to just about answer every single one of them.
But, you know, this is my biggest fear.
When I see, and it's all over, it's media, it's politicians saying we must support Israel at all costs.
Even, let's say even I'm fully on board that Hamas is the bad guy and Israel is the good guy, let's even say that's my worldview, how can I not pause for a second and think, well wait a second, what does at all costs mean?
If the cost is a war with Iran, if the cost is a nuclear war, if the cost is World War III, if the cost is our sons, our daughters, our grandkids getting drafted into war, if the cost is an attack on our homeland, Is that worth it?
Joel, why aren't people pausing and before they're saying at any cost thinking, well, what actually is that cost?
Well, the United States isn't going to tell you what the cost is, but it would be horrendous because Iran is a very powerful military force.
And if, you know, the Iron Dome system of Israel isn't very effective against volleys of rockets that have come in from Hamas and are now coming in from Hezbollah.
It just simply overwhelms and the Iron Dome Interceptor missiles are a hundred times more expensive than the rockets that are trying to intercept.
They're really designed to stop Iran from throwing in large, heavy missiles, which it can stop.
But the U.S.
has sent in the Ford, the most modern and effective aircraft carrier that we have, and one more now is on the way.
Now, these aircraft carriers are not going to intervene with Hamas or do any more bombing.
Israel's got 600 aircraft and they're capable of bombing the hell out of Gaza and killing a lot of civilians.
But that's really not going to solve the problem.
If Iran gets involved, the Iranians will attack U.S.
forces as well as Israel in the area, including the U.S.
forces that shouldn't be in Syria.
Trying to starve Syria from the oil that is legitimately there.
They will attack U.S.
bases in Iraq.
We're out of Afghanistan and, of course, gave all those weapons to the Taliban, so there's no targets there.
But this is going to be a very bad war that will get the U.S.
And I don't think it will lead to a nuclear war just because a nuclear war simply does not Is not totally effective unless you can occupy and stop the country from rebuilding and coming back to get you.
And, uh, you know, Russia can't even occupy Ukraine, let alone Eastern Europe or the United States.
They have to wait for China to be ready to have a nuclear war because China does have the conventional military manpower and power to cross the ocean and to occupy.
Though it would be difficult with a country with a billion arms and private hands as the United States has.
Now Israel, interestingly, had done a lot of disarmament.
They used to allow all of the settlers to have automatic weapons.
All right, Joel, we're up against the break.
I want to pause you right there and pick it up on the other side.
Folks, this is deep, deep geopolitical knowledge and expertise that you're getting right here on the Alex Jones Show with Joel Skousen.
And quite frankly, I'm not hearing it anywhere else.
So stay tuned.
We'll be right back.
All right, so much to dissect here with Joel Skousen.
The intelligence failures.
Who created Hamas?
What it looks like now is the bombing of the Gaza Strip, is the ground troops moving into Gaza, really them fighting Hamas?
But I want to pick it up where you left it off, Joel, and we'll hone in on those other things.
This notion of, we must support Israel no matter the cost.
Well, what is the cost?
I mean, let me kind of frame it like this, and you can take it where you want.
Do you see a strategic Yes to Russia and Iran, but not China.
China's going to stay out of this completely right now.
China and is the United States considering this when they're thinking
about their support of Israel? Yes to Russia and Iran but not China. China's
going to stay out of this completely right now. They're not ready to engage
the West.
But the fact that they're moving two aircraft carriers into the area is not because they're going to be used against Hamas.
As I say, Israel has plenty of firepower in their fighter bombers in order to take care of whatever bombing mission.
The U.S.
certainly isn't going to put troops on the ground to fight Hamas.
They are preparing strategically for a war with Iran.
Now that is going to have very strong strategic consequences for the West.
For example, it's going to guarantee that you're not going to be able to continue sending arms and military equipment to Ukraine.
And that's one of Putin's goals.
There was an article that just came out yesterday from Business Insider talking about Putin's general plan, because he can't win the war as long as there are Western equipment going in and arming Ukraine.
He's got to stop the West from doing that.
So he's had a large and massive propaganda campaign aimed at Republicans and conservatives to get them to cut off aid.
Now I am not in favor of monetary aid to Ukraine because of the corruption left over from Ukraine during the phony fall of the Soviet Union where they left all the communists in power in Ukraine and that corruption is still ongoing.
But Putin has been very successful at putting out the propaganda or the image that he's against transgender and homosexuals and woke and he's a Christian and all kinds of other falsehoods that really impress Christians to think, yeah, he's really helping us overcome our own globalist government, which isn't true.
Well, it's true in the sense that they're trying to overcome Western globalism so they can establish their own globalist new world order, which will be very, very tyrannical and ruthless, Russia and China.
But Iran is an ally in that, and if Russia can get Israel to attack, Iran won't start this war, Iran won't attack Israel directly, but they're waiting for Israel to do their plan, and they've been planning for a long time to attack Iran.
And when they do, it's going to be a massive Middle East war, and it's going to get all aid cut off to Ukraine, and so Russia will be at least able to secure the Crimea and the Donbass on a permanent basis.
Well, you know, I don't want to wade into this topic lightly, because it's obviously a very sensitive issue, but you know, we're told that somehow American blood and treasure has to be sacrificed or has to be put on the table for this, and I suppose if you're Israel, then you need that.
But when I hear this coming from US politicians specifically, that we need Israel, Israel doesn't need us, I can't help but take that with an extreme sour taste in my mouth and just say, no, the exact opposite is true to me.
Yeah, you're right, Owen.
Israel, you've got to remember there's two aspects to Israel.
Israel does have a right to exist.
The Israeli people are just as blindsided by their own globalist government as we are with ours.
The Israeli deep state, or the Mossad, And the actual higher levels of government are very deeply involved in the globalist world affair, WF Forum, like the United States is.
They've been propagandizing, and there's people about climate change.
They've been doing surveillance on their people.
They've been doing gun control on their people, just like the WF and the globalists are trying to do here.
Yeah, they have the mandated vaccines on the Israelis as well.
Terrible mandated vaccines.
So you see, I have sympathy for the Israeli people and the right to live, you know, peacefully.
And they've tried to coexist with the Arabs to a great extent.
But the Arabs, for example, in Gaza propagate in the education system hatred towards Israel to an extent that you wouldn't believe.
It's just incredible.
When I've been in Israel many times, there is an Arab Feverish mentality of hatred and of torture and other things.
I mean, for example, the Israelis, yes, their soldiers have done some war crimes.
American soldiers have done war crimes.
Every army has its bad apples in there.
But the Arabs are particularly pernicious in this.
When I was there in Israel in the 1990s, there was a case where an Israeli soldier was captured and he was literally skinned alive in public and the Arabs, you know, were just Running around clapping their hands at them.
I saw Arab children torturing a cat one day and just gleefully thinking, you know, that that's something that doesn't happen in Western societies.
And it's not to say that, you know, the Jews are any paragons of morality.
It's like a typical Middle Eastern city, people honking horns and yelling and screaming at each other.
There's no spiritual feeling at all in Israel, you know, from a religious point of view.
But the globalists are going to take advantage of this in a certain way, and it's not going to be good for Americans.
I don't think American blood is going to be shed in Israel, period.
Israel does have the most powerful military in the Middle East and can handle that.
It's a different story if Iran gets involved.
Israel cannot handle Iran alone, and the U.S.
will get involved, and American blood will be shed.
And it's not worth the price.
Yeah, I think it's a hard thing for Americans to... I mean, I guess the best analogy that I would make, and maybe it's not...
Maybe it's not fully appropriate here, but kind of the anti-white hatred that we see sprinkled into our education system and our doctrine now, I mean, the hatred for Jews that is in the doctrine in many of these Palestinians or even Muslim upbringings, I think is not fully understood and there is that deep-lying hatred.
So I would go into it like this.
Is there any way, and I mean, I guess this has been the ultimate question for more than a hundred years.
Is there any way they can solve this conflict on their own, Joel?
No, it will never be solved.
I mean, biblically or politically or any way you look at it, the Arabs are never going to get along with the Jews, period.
And so it has to be a very strong defensive relationship and a separate relationship.
And Israeli strength is important in that regard.
I mean, for example, in the right of return, the Jews cannot allow the Arabs the right of return to come back into Israel or they would be the dominant political force and then politically you would get annihilated and you would have No rights whatsoever.
So they do have to, you know, keep the Jewish majority in order to maintain, you know, in a raw democracy, unfortunately, with a bad constitution, you can't allow raw democracy to create democratic tyranny.
And that's what happens when, and even happening in the United States, when if the Democrats fully get in power with the President of the Congress, it's, they'll just vote away your rights.
And that's not right.
And we're seeing that now.
Joel, I'm sorry, hold that thought.
We're up against the break.
We'll pick that back up where we left it and then also get a little more detailed about what's going on in the Gaza Strip today and what it really represents.
We'll be right back.
And my guest, Joel Skousen.
We're getting deep geopolitical knowledge here you're not hearing anywhere else.
And Joel, I want to just ask you this.
Let's pick it back up.
But as we're watching today, The bombing of the Gaza Strip and Israeli forces saying they're about to do, I guess, their ground operations next.
Now, I've made a conscious decision that I'm just not going to be showing a lot of these videos.
I mean, we'll show the ones that are pretty much 99.9% we know are real.
That's the bombing, the buildings and everything going off.
Other than that, I'm just hesitant to show anything because I don't want to be a part of any war propaganda.
Whether it's what they're saying is going on in Israel that Hamas did, or videos that I see now coming out of Gaza, where again, it's the same thing.
Whether it's children dying in Gaza, or children dying in Israel, I don't want any of that going on, but it's odd how we only see one side, but it is happening on both sides.
And with all the other stuff going on, like these Instagram models, oh they get kidnapped,
they get raped, now they're dead, wait no now they're back alive, oh now we need to
go find her in Gaza.
It's like this reality show for the US consumer, and then what's actually going on on the ground,
I don't even know if we fully understand.
So what do you see as the real story here that's actually going on on the ground when
it comes to their bombing the Gaza Strip?
Is this to take out Hamas?
Is that really the end goal here?
Is that even how it can be done?
And then what happens if Israeli forces move in on the ground?
What is what we're seeing in the Gaza Strip today actually represent?
What does it actually mean to you, Joel Skousen?
Well, Hamas really has to be eliminated, but it won't be eliminated.
I mean, Israel has made these kinds of incursions into the Gaza Strip before.
They have bombed apartment buildings.
They have bombed headquarters.
Now, none of the Hamas leaders that I know of, you know, are going to be in those headquarters when they're targeted.
So you have to go in and root them out specifically, but that's going to cost a lot of casualties.
You're going to lose over a thousand troops, Israeli troops, if you go in house to house and try to root out Hamas.
Remember this is a fairly large area, a large city with a large amount of concrete buildings.
It's just a death trap to go in and try to root out Hamas.
So, if it follows the historical pattern, they'll go in with ground troops and do some, take a lot of casualties, it'll get very unpopular, the people will want a ceasefire, they'll want to call it off, and that's exactly what has happened three times before when they've gone into Gaza, they call it off with a ceasefire, then it goes back to the status quo, the international monetary people, including the United States, continue to give millions of dollars each year to the Gaza Strip, You know, they're completely dependent on Israel for electricity, for gas and for water supply.
Those are cut off now, starving the population.
This is just an impossible situation to do.
And so I don't think that this is the real reason that they have let this war start.
I think the real reason is to induce Iran and Israel to go to war again or give Israel a justification for doing it.
And this will increase as Hezbollah continues to fight Israel.
That's the second front that started today.
And Israel is fighting Hezbollah in Lebanon and hitting targets and rockets are flying between Hezbollah and Tel Aviv.
The death toll is now over a thousand.
It's going to get much worse.
And this is going to justify a widening of the war.
So I really don't think that Gaza is ever going to be, you know, solved.
Israel just doesn't have the manpower or the will to take the kinds of casualties that are going to go out to clean out Hamas.
So, this is going to become a wider war probably rather than more of the Gaza Intifada that has gone on before.
You know, it's crazy to hear this, because obviously there's all the different propaganda, there's all the different emotional manipulation and deception, there's what could have potentially been a conscious decision for this intelligence failure or to let this happen, and I guess the immature, naive side of me says, well, you know, Maybe just Israel wants the Gaza Strip to be annexed so that they can have a new tourist location and beachfront property and all this other stuff.
But to think that these psychotics would be drawing this to a larger war with Iran, I mean, it just blows my mind.
I mean, that's just, that is the most psychotic thing that I can imagine.
And then people would say, support it at any cost!
Have you even measured the costs?
Yeah, but remember, Owen, that it's the globalists that want to take down Iran.
And why?
Because Iran is the only Muslim country that is independent of both East and West in arms production.
They're building drones that are heavily involved in the Ukraine war.
They're building fighter jets.
They've got F-4 Phantoms.
They've got F-14 Tomcats, which they are learning how to keep and maintain on their own.
They're building a tremendous arsenal and the globalists can't tolerate another Uh, country, especially a Muslim country that isn't controlled either by East or West.
So they want, and so globalists, uh, Israel being a puppet state of the globalists will go after Iran.
And, uh, this is inevitable at some point.
Now it's going to really cause havoc.
If China takes advantage of this by attacking Taiwan at the same time, we'll have a three front war in Ukraine, as well as in Israel and Iran.
And then in Taiwan and the U.S., you talk about military munitions shortages going on right now because of the, you know, going on to Ukraine.
It's going to be exacerbated tremendously and draw down our supplies to a very dangerous level.
Almost a level of zero, kind of like our strategic oil reserves as well.
So shifting back to the Gaza Strip, how long do you see this going on?
I mean, how many buildings are going to be flattened by the Israeli bombings?
How many Palestinians are going to die?
I mean, how long is the ground forces moving in?
How long do you see this lasting?
Well, if they decide to go in and clean out Hamas, it would probably take a year and that's not going to happen.
The Israelis, remember, they've got 300,000 reservists called up.
That just kills the Israeli economy.
You just can't take that many people out of the economy and make things work.
You know, Israel is telling the Gaza residents to flee.
Well, where did they flee to?
There's no place to go.
They can't get out.
It's a walled city.
There's no nation that's going to take any more Arabs and put them in refugee camps.
So I don't believe, frankly, that this is going to go on longer than a month before either a ceasefire is called or a larger war with Iran starts.
And then we'll forget about Gaza and Israel will have to concentrate on Iran.
Yeah, and again, folks, you can pick any area you want, whether it's Israel or Gaza, and show the devastation of this war, and it should be heartbreaking on all sides.
Now, you mentioned this earlier, the shutting off of the utilities and the resources.
This isn't something that the Gaza Strip is necessarily a stranger to.
Well, that's right.
They've used that effectively before, when there have been terrorist attacks.
to make the people suffer.
But really that's quite unfair.
You know, those people are as hostage to Hamas as other people.
There's only probably about 20% of the people that are diehard supporters of Hamas in there.
There are moderates which support the PLO, which has taken a backseat to Hamas.
But I really think that you have to somehow get those people
to eradicate Hamas, and they don't have any weapons, so they can't do it.
How do you rise up against Hamas and kick them out of your little city-state if you don't have any weapons?
So, I just don't see any resolution to this other than continued warfare, and that's what people have to get used to.
Forget about peace.
I don't think we're ever going to see peace again on the earth.
I think we're going to see constant warfare from now on.
Oh my gosh, and that's just, that's just devastating.
And it's really a shame that we don't have more world leaders that want peace.
It seems like they want war for whatever reasons.
Their bloodlust, their greed, maybe they're blackmailed.
It's just, it's amazing to think that this could be the case.
But Joel, let me ask you this.
I played some speeches from Ron Paul in the early 2000s, and his son Rand is now basically echoing the same sentiment, saying, hey, let's keep our hands off of this.
Let's not be involved at all.
But it was Ron Paul in the early 2000s warning that eventually the U.S.
money, the taxpayer dollars, and the weapons going into that region were going to support terror regimes and were going to be used by groups like Hamas.
I think that he's been proven accurate, and there's an image going around right now that No, no, I don't at all.
going into Israel and then the Iron Dome rockets going to intercept them, both paid for by
the U.S. taxpayers.
I'd like to get your response on that.
Do you think that's a fair analysis, that it's the U.S.
taxpayers funding both sides of this war once again?
No, no, I don't at all.
It's Iran dollars that are mostly paying for the explosives and the infiltration of equipment
to build those rockets.
Those are indigenous rockets being built in by Hezbollah in Lebanon.
There's only the stupidity of American tax dollars going into the international funds, which give millions of dollars to Gaza as humanitarian aid.
And that some of that is being, you know, used for other purposes.
Some of that's getting to a mosque.
But it would be, I think, a great disservice to say our tax money is actually building those rockets.
It's mostly Iranian money.
What do you think about the notion of the timing where Biden gives Iran $6 billion for hostages and then this attack gets launched a month later?
Well, this hostage thing is something that the West has never been very good about.
For example, Israel always gives in.
You get one soldier captured and they'll give up 100 terrorists for one soldier.
And so that's one of the reasons why they didn't have a rapid response to this.
They wanted to allow Hamas to have hundreds of captives and hostages and their plight is real and that You see, that was what was holding up the negotiations between Saudi Arabia recognizing Israel was hostage release.
Are you going to let all the Hamas and Palestinian terrorists go as part of this peace deal?
And they wouldn't, but now they have to.
Now you've got enough hostages that you're going to be able to trade for these terrorists, and that's a very bad thing.
Now, I personally don't think that Biden ought to have given, you know, it's Iran's money, but given or released.
Six billion dollars for a few hostages, but we're suckers for hostages.
And, you know, the policy should be we never give in to hostage chasing, period.
I don't care how much you're suffering as you just never give in, you never pay them.
That's something if you get kidnapped, you never pay a ransom.
That's just an iron law of never giving in and paying a ransom.
And the West is doing it now and they're going to pay the price.
But they let this happen.
They let those hostages.
I mean, If they had a rapid reaction team, those hostages would have never gotten back the 10 miles back into Gaza again.
They never would have made it back.
They would have been closed off from taking those hostages.
Yeah, you know, this is an interesting one for me, too, because my heart, my heart kind of says, and look, I'm about to be a prisoner of the Biden regime.
And so my heart kind of says, I mean, let's do whatever we can to release people from a hostage situation or a prisoner situation.
However, when you're talking about these negotiation strategies, obviously, when you start paying for hostages, you create a scenario where hostages are going to become a prime.
They're going to become a necessity.
So how much of that goes into this?
They see, oh, they're going to pay billions of dollars for hostages.
Let's take as many hostages as we can.
Yeah, absolutely.
That's what's happening.
It's a bad policy.
And Israel's a sucker for that, especially Israel.
They have just done terrible hostage release things and things.
Let me just say before we get to the end, you know, let your listeners know that I publish the World Affairs Brief every Friday where I discuss and give this kind of geopolitical intelligence.
And if any of your listeners want to get a free sample copy, they can go to the website.
And as you'll see on the picture on the left hand side, it says request a sample.
Now, if you want to, it's a one time sample.
For those looking to subscribe, if you want to get the Friday Brief, which is going to be all of the intel about this Israeli-Arab war and the Iran elements of that, request your sample on Friday afternoon.
Otherwise, you'll get this week's sample, which is about the speakership and the other machinations going on within our government.
All right, that's Joel Skousen, you just heard him, worldaffairsbrief.com.
And I'll tell you what, on that note, Joel, let's change course and let's talk about one of your other expertise issues, and that's strategic relocation, preparing for an emergency.
I mean, I could sit here and list a dozen reasons why it'd be time to think about that and consider that.
You've been considering it for decades.
Let's talk about this.
What can the American do right now that maybe hasn't followed your work before, hasn't read your books before, but is starting to have a sense of urgency, starting to realize the sense of things around here, and maybe is thinking about emergency preparedness or relocation?
Joel, where is a good place to begin?
What are things that people might not be thinking about that they need to be when considering this stuff?
Well, the major weakness of people who are preparing is they don't really understand the threats.
The threat is important to understand because this third world war, which is going to be a nuclear war, is inevitable.
We have a hundred percent chance.
Why is it inevitable?
Because the globalists want it.
It's the only way that they can drive Americans into a militarized global government is to let an attack fall, a nuclear preemptive attack fall on our military.
They're not going to strike cities at first.
Russia and China want to blackmail the West into submission.
They don't want to destroy it.
But you have to understand that it's going to begin with an EMP strike.
And that's going to take down the grid for at least a year.
Why a year?
Because we don't stockpile any of the transformers, the long-distance transformers.
They're as big as a truck.
And they're all made in China.
We don't stockpile them in the West.
And so the grid isn't coming back anytime soon, and that means there's going to be pillaging.
So you gave some very wise counsel about preparedness at the beginning of the show.
You talked about getting your food storage, getting your water storage, stocking up on natural medicines and other things so you won't be able to depend on drugs and you shouldn't depend on medical drugs.
You can't trust the medical establishment anymore after COVID.
But the most important thing that I've emphasized to people, whether you can relocate or not, is that you've got to be able to secure those storage items.
And weapons or ammunition or any self-defense things that you have, you've got to get it into a secure safe room that is concealed.
If it's not concealed, the pillaging will get to you.
I mean, it's going to start two to three days after there's no electricity and people will start to pillage for food.
The stores will be empty.
So it isn't enough to have a year supply.
It is enough to have six months supply.
You've got to have it concealed and secured.
And that's best done underground.
And that's one of the reasons I put out the book, um, about the high security shelter or how to implement a high security shelter in the home was the original publication name, which used to sell at InfoWars stores.
But this tells people how to do a concealed high security shelter within the home and preferably in a basement.
Now, strategic relocation warns people that you've got to prepare to get out of the cities.
Your major threat in any crisis, especially a war where there's no electricity, is population density.
If you're in an area of a thousand people per square mile, as in most of the East Coast cities, there's just no way you can survive that.
Eventually, they're going to tear down everything trying to get food.
And so you've got to prepare to get out and retreat to rural areas.
But even in rural areas, we have a retreat.
If you expect your supplies to not be pillaged when you get there, either from hunters or itinerant bad guys in the local area, you've got to have a concealed safe room and preferably, you know, in a basement space that's concealed.
My preferred areas for basement secure storage is under a garage because nobody expects there to be a basement under a garage.
It's a great way to start.
In my books, The Secure Home and The High Security Shelter give you direct architectural plans on how to do those types of things.
Now again, you've written many books on this, some of them like How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home, The Secure Home, Architectural Design, Construction, Remodeling, and Self-Sufficient Residences and Retreats.
And Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places.
I find that book with all the graphics in it to be extremely informational, especially because I'm somebody that has a photographic memory.
And so if I can see something, it's like I'm a visual learner type thing.
So that's really a good book for people to have as well.
But let's say, as you said, you're in a high density population area and maybe you can't relocate.
What are some things that you can do?
Well, in Strategic Relocation, I talk about these things.
Here's some basic hints.
First of all, if you're in a major metro and you can't relocate, at least try to relocate to the periphery of the major metro.
You don't want to be in a highly dense area that you have to get on a freeway to get outside.
And remember that in every major metro, there are beltways, that is freeways, that circle the city.
And those are like a moat.
You can't get past that without going on to an on-ramp or an exit ramp, which will be blocked.
With everyone's trying to leave the city as happened in Katrina.
Now, if you look carefully on Google Maps and go around and look at the on-ramps and off-ramps, there are two to three in every location, ways to get over that freeway or under the freeway that do not correspond to an on-ramp.
You can't get on the freeway.
You just can go past it.
Those are your secret ways out of the city.
You've got to find those and route your areas, not through major city, but the back roads.
To be able to get out of the city.
And you've got, of course, you know, stockpile enough supplies and, you know, if I were making an escape from a city in a car, I'd also have a bicycle tied to the back of the car so that if you get blocked in a traffic jam, take out the bicycle or a small motor scooter or electric bike even, and then get out of town.
You know, I think it's unfortunate we have to talk about this, but given the state of things in the world and the country right now, I think it's more important than ever.
I mean, what do you think is most likely, though?
Is it going to be Well, first of all, we can always face an economic downturn because we're living in a bubble constantly and it's only being inflated by the Fed to keep it going.
That's why inflation will never stop.
So get used to high inflation.
now to our homeland?
Well, first of all, we can always face an economic downturn because we're living
in a bubble constantly, and it's only being inflated by the Fed to keep it going.
That's why inflation will never stop.
So get used to high inflation, it's never gonna stop.
Now, it can't really turn to hyperinflation in the United States because in hyperinflation,
you have to have the government mandating by law that everybody's salaries increase
according to the rate of inflation.
They don't do that in the United States.
We have a token COLA or cost of living allowance for Social Security, but that's why the Fed and the Bureau of Economic Statistics understate inflation.
By about three times so that they don't have to pay those inflation taxes to Social Security recipients.
But it's important to realize that no real economic collapse comes until war comes.
As long as people can maneuver and survive and go back to basics and things, there won't be an economic collapse, just a downturn.
And it could happen again, but so far the Fed continues to pump this economy up with inflationary modes.
So I think the only strategic Existential threat you have to prepare for is this coming war.
And EMP is an existential threat.
And a lot of people asked me, said, well, why can't they just throw an EMP strike and not attack us with nuclear weapons?
It's because the U.S.
military is hardened against EMP, so they can still respond and attack those countries that hit us with EMP.
So they have to throw a nuclear strike at military forces about 15 to 20 minutes after an EMP strike.
And that's the military doctrine of both Russia and China.
Alright folks, this is the reality of the situation, and it's like I say with emergency food, you'd rather have this information and not need it, than need it and not have it.
Joel Scott has been a great source for that.
Joel, thank you for your time today, excellent interview, excellent geopolitical expertise, and again, we just thank you for your time.
Thank you very much.
Good to be with you.
All right.
There goes Joel Skousen from World Affairs Brief.
And I'm serious.
I'm serious.
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And one thing is for sure, we have seen so much propaganda coming out of the lying media over the past few days.
First of all, I want to say that in absolutely no way is any of this okay.
Neither is the human suffering that is happening on both sides.
There are horrible acts being committed by both sides, and this is the nature of war.
It would be naive of us to think that in the middle of war, one side's not going to retaliate or defend themselves or whatever the case may be.
It is absolutely atrocious to watch this happening.
What I will say is that I've been disgusted at the number of people who I'm witnessing warmongering right now, encouraging this, saying, you know, siding, picking a side, which is exactly what the orchestrators of war want you to do.
They never want you to call for peace or de-escalation.
They want you to pick a side and behave like a vicious monster because that's what they are.
And we've seen this.
We've seen people tweeting about, you know, I mentioned a Jordan Peterson tweet that disappointed me, in which he said, get Netanyahu.
I've mentioned the fact that in Sydney, Australia, we've got pro-Palestine supporters chanting, gas the Jews.
Neither is okay.
We should never be encouraging ending human life, especially not When there are so many holes in this story.
Now we're trying to establish contact with Shimon Janowitz.
He's been on with me many times in the past.
He's an engineer and he's actually been in the nanotech war.
He's been fighting very, very hard to get the truth out about this.
He's actually one of the people that contacted me about, if you recall some time ago, we aired footage of what appears to be fiber optic cables inside of people.
But he's also in Israel.
He's an Israeli living in Israel.
And he has some interesting insight to share with us.
But the team will let us know once we're able to get him on.
I just want to say, you know, there are so many bits of footage that have come out of Israel via the mainstream propaganda machine that simply, I feel, cannot be trusted.
For example, the building that we saw.
That was bombed apparently by the IDF, looked very much like Building 7 as it collapsed.
And if the team have got that footage, it would be good to air it right now.
If not, we can go back to it after the break.
We need to consider that the most heavily guarded area in the world was suddenly penetrated by some guys on motorbikes and a couple of trucks.
How did they get through?
And the fact that you've got Israel's Iron Dome, which is intercepting missiles mid-air, doesn't detect and can't stop a few people on parachutes coming through.
A very interesting detail that has emerged as well is that allegedly the music festival that was held where the people came through on the parachutes was moved to a different location only two days before it started.
Apparently another site in southern Israel fell through.
The new site featured a pair of stages.
So that is very, very interesting detail.
The other thing that needs to be considered is the lack of response to the alleged invasion.
I think the team's airing the footage now of that building.
There is better footage that I'll send through on the other side of this break that we can review.
All very, very important.
The other thing that's really got me up in a stink is the fact that we have people seemingly forgetting that the Israeli government Just like every other government in the world waged bio-warfare on their citizens through the COVID injections.
I reported heavily on Israel during the rollout, talking about the fact that they were, at one stage, the most highly injected population with the highest deaths and the highest rates of COVID.
So we're going to get into all of that and more, hopefully establish contact with Shimon Yanowitz.
And then later on, I've got Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers coming on from a US perspective.
Huge broadcast, don't go anywhere.
And we are back, just trying to establish contact with Shimon Yanowitz live out of Israel.
Very, very good insight from someone who's on the ground.
The overwhelming response that I'm hearing from Israeli people is that they do not trust What is coming out of their own government?
It is just impossible that there was such a breach of the advanced defence systems that Israel has.
Of course we have, Owen just mentioned it with his previous guest, the $6 billion that Biden just sent over to Iran, allegedly a hostage deal.
And then you have Hamas thanking around for those funds.
So are we going to talk about that or are we just going to go with the mainstream media
It never ceases to amaze me how the immediate response of people to just buy what they are
told on the mainstream media hook, line and sinker and then of course they go on to pick
a side.
I'm on the side of humanity.
I'm on the side of stopping brutal killing of innocent people so that we can line the pockets of the warmongers and the military-industrial complex.
When we get Shimon on soon, hopefully, what he's told me is that as far as he can gather, the Israeli army has given the invaders from Gaza at least eight, probably 12 hours of head start, doing nothing, while the Hamas invaders went on uninterrupted shooting spree in the villages, towns, and roads close to the Gaza border.
He's also spoken about the ultra-high-tech fence and other manned and automatic intelligence and alert
measures surrounding Gaza that were either ignored or worse, neutralised from within
However, the most dumb measure of responding, this is from Shimon directly, to the barrage of rockets launched from Gaza went down completely unresponded.
And it is, he says, my unproven thus far impression that there were forces within Israel operating prior to 6am invasion time who was tasked with furnishing uninterrupted passage to the invaders and
even providing means of transportation for them to move quickly in, within and out, even carrying
bodies and hostages back to Gaza in masses.
I think that, oh here's the footage that I sent over to the team.
Here we go.
Here's the Wall Street Journal footage.
Have a look at this.
Does this not look like Building 7?
And we're being told that this is the IDF responding.
Look how swiftly they're taking care of business.
And if anyone understands how buildings collapse when they're bombed like that or missiles hit them, they do not collapse in a stack from the bottom like that.
So, I mean, Everything should be questioned right now.
And, you know, when you're assessing the New World Order, I think you have to look at the patterns of these people, the patterns of war propaganda.
And Owen made a really good point in the last segment when he said, I'm not sharing this footage that's just flooding social media being accepted as fact right now.
I'm not doing that because none of it's verified.
A lot of the footage that's coming out is largely unverified.
Just think back to the Russia-Ukraine situation.
We were being told, oh look what Russians are doing to Ukrainian soldiers, but actually it was Ukrainian soldiers.
You know, look what the Russians are brutalising the people, and that was false.
We had footage of Russia allegedly levelling places in Ukraine, and it was old footage.
You had footage from a video game being shared on the media as fact.
So these things are absolutely crucial to consider.
Now the team should have one more video.
I want to air that right now from Benjamin Netanyahu.
Team, if you've got it, cue that up right now.
I want to remind people who we're actually battling against here so that they don't forget that The same people that waged war on us three years ago with COVID and the bioterrorism that was waged by the globalists on humanity through the poison shots.
Have we forgotten that every government did that to us?
Have we forgotten what they subjected us to and bragged about it?
Team, if you've got that clip, air it for me now, please.
We have five main things that we can drive now.
Human progress.
Not only wealth and progress for Israel, but human progress.
I'll give you one example so you'll see, because I don't want to bore you with detailed plans, but they are detailed in my mind.
We came out of COVID first.
I described that in my book, my conversations with Albert Bourla, Pfizer.
And I persuaded him to give tiny Israel the necessary vaccines to get us out first from the COVID.
And the reason I could do that is because we have a database.
98%, a medical database, 98% of our population has digitized medical records, a little card, and anywhere you go, in any hospital in Israel, North, South, doesn't make any difference, boom, you punch it in, and you know everything about this patient for the last 20 years.
I said, we'll use that.
To tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people, not individual people, not with their individual identities, but statistically, what does it do to people with, you know, with meningitis?
What does it do to people with high blood pressure?
What is it?
You know, you want to know that.
So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer.
And that's how we did it.
We got out and we gave the information to the world.
Not only it's been published in medical magazines and so on.
That's What database we have?
I intend to bring on that base, database of medical, personal medical records for entire population, a genetic database, genomes, okay?
Give me a saliva sample, volunteer, but I'm sure most people would do it.
Maybe we'll pay them.
Now we have a genetic record on a medical record Of a robust population.
You have to have diversified populations.
We have people from a hundred lands.
This is a very powerful engine.
Now let pharma companies, let medical companies, let them run algorithms on this database, okay?
I'm telling you right away that I'll give preference for a few years to Israeli firms, but you can create, and then to the world, but you can create, you know, a biotechnological Industry that is unheard of right now.
Unheard of.
Let's look at some of the things that were said here.
Israel became the lab for Pfizer.
Have we forgotten that the Israeli government did this to their own people?
Have we forgotten that every single government worldwide participated in this?
To support any government right now is ludicrous.
I don't care what side we're on, and we shouldn't be taking sides, because it seems we've forgotten that the ones who want to destroy us are pulling the strings behind every single one of these events.
There is always a greater purpose in light of the greater goal, which is the Great Reset, which includes bankrupting you, which includes destroying your bodily autonomy.
He also went to say that, you know, 20 years of digitised health records.
He's created 20 years of digitised health records.
He's led that with his buddies at Pfizer.
And let's not also ignore the fact that he's saying, you know, now they've got this database of genomes for all populations, a hundred countries there.
People from a hundred lands.
Dr Francis Boyle was on earlier today.
He spoke to me about the dangers in future of creating genetic bioweapons, ethnic-specific bioweapons.
We've heard that even from Dr. Mike Yeadon.
The data that they collected through, you know, How Bad Is My Batch, for example, when they saw that certain batches were harming people, certain batches were, they were released into, say, a red state.
The harmful batches.
And we're forgetting that Israel took place, took part in this.
What I'm trying to do, I'm not trying to demonise Israel here.
I'm trying to remind people that our common enemy are the globalists and every single leader in government that has participated in the real war on humanity, which this war is part of now.
It forms part of the greater war which is against all of mankind.
No country is exempt.
The globalists do not love the Jews.
They do not love the Palestinians.
They do not love Americans.
They do not love Australians.
They love no one.
They don't even know what love is.
All they have is hatred and destruction in their hearts.
And considering all of the things that don't add up about this particular story, I would say that they're behind this too.
We'll be back right after this short break with Lieutenant Colonel Chambers.
We're struggling to get Shimon on.
I'll see you in a moment.
All right, folks, this is the beauty of a live transmission and we're dealing with three different countries.
We've finally got Shimon Yanowitz here live from Israel for the next few minutes before Lieutenant Colonel Chambers comes on with a U.S.
military perspective.
Shimon, thank you so much for joining us today.
We appreciate it.
Thank you very much, Maria.
It's good to have you.
Doing well, thank you.
I just read the first part of the email that you sent me regarding your belief as an Israeli in Israel and many others from that region share your sentiment that the Israeli government allowed, if not facilitated, this so-called invasion.
We have about eight minutes, Shimon, so if you can give us a brief rundown of, you know, what the general feel is from the Israeli population right now and why you believe this is happening.
Well, I guess that the Israeli population is divided like they are on COVID, the injections and all the stuff that has been going on for the past three and a half years.
So some of the population, the more sober part, I guess, realize that this was a well-planned and orchestrated operation, while maybe the other part thinks that this was some kind of intelligence failure or some kind of innocent mistake, which it clearly wasn't.
Well, you're an engineer, Shimon.
Is it possible that this was an engineering, an intelligence failure on the part of Israel with one of the most advanced defense systems in the world?
Totally impossible.
And not only that, this comes exactly 50 years and a day.
So it's the 50th Jubilee of the Yom Kippur War of 1973, which interestingly had a very similar event.
Yes, yes. So, uh...
Perhaps a surprise attack combined by the Egyptian and Syrian armies, although all the intelligence was there.
Now I'm past 50 years, so I was a young boy when that happened.
The traumatic memory in Israeli public mind is still there from that miserable war.
All the intelligence, all the information was there.
Right, okay, so you've made a comment to me further down when we spoke, and yesterday as well, that the fingerprints of Henry Kissinger are all over this.
land for the purpose of some negotiations.
Right, okay, so you've made a comment to me further down when we spoke, and yesterday
as well, that the fingerprints of Henry Kissinger are all over this.
Why do you believe that?
Well, we now know that Henry Kissinger and General Moshe Dayan, who was the Defense Minister
of Israel at the time, under the puppet Prime Minister Golda Meir, they were the masterminds
behind it.
And Anwar Sadat, the former Egyptian president.
They were the--
They carefully designed all this Yom Kippur War.
And the purpose was to allow the enemy, Egypt in that case, because... You can try and stabilize your camera a little bit.
It's really shaking a lot.
It would be maybe a bit distracting for the audience.
There we go.
That's a bit better.
Yeah, that's better.
Thank you.
Please go on.
So, you know, the intention was to try to establish some peace agreement between Israel and Egypt then.
And to give back the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.
Now, if public opinion is very strong against this, then what do you do?
You create some kind of trauma in the public opinion, and then you prepare people's mindsets for the sacrifice that you require of them.
As I think happened during COVID times, right, when they Had all this mainstream media propaganda of killer virus, all intended to prepare people to accept the jabs.
So there is obviously something similar going on here.
They want to prepare the mindset of people for some kind of a very problematic settlement arrangement or maybe a war.
So they did this.
You said that to me yesterday that you believe that this is just an extension of essentially the terrorist attack that the globalists launched, you know, years ago now, but very obviously during the COVID times.
And nothing's really changed.
It's just that the location perhaps has and the people that suffer.
Tell me, Shimon, because you said there's also a threat of Hezbollah now in the region.
What's happening in regards to that?
Let me just add, Maria, I forgot to say that just over two weeks prior to this attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited New York and he met with Henry Kissinger.
He also met with Joe Biden, but that doesn't count, I think.
His main meeting was with Henry Kissinger, who this year celebrated his 100th birthday.
And I must say he's doing very well.
It may not matter if he met with Biden.
Depends if Obama was in the room.
But yes, do go on.
He's the oldest globalist alive, you said to me.
Yeah, Andrew Kissinger is the oldest globalist alive and he was the mastermind of the Yom Kippur War.
So I think my guess is that Netanyahu has been given his briefing and instructions to go back with to Israel to prepare for this mega event.
Now, Answering your question.
So first of all, this is not the war.
This is just some battle in a war that has been raging for three and a half years now, which is called COVID or whatever you want to call it.
And yeah, regarding Lebanon and Hezbollah, there is the concern that this could escalate to the Lebanese border.
And there is Hezbollah, another extreme Islamist force.
And we, as citizens, right, or as conscious people, clearly don't want that.
But the globalists may want that.
So this is the concern.
We are now in a very tense and volatile waiting to see how this develops.
Shimon, I can't even imagine what it's like being in Israel or any country really, knowing full well that the people that are telling you that this is, you know, we were breached or this was some sort of a failure on our part or an intelligence failure, knowing full well that it was very likely orchestrated, very likely allowed to happen to the people.
I'm not sure if you caught it before, I played the clip of Netanyahu bragging about how Israel became the lab for Pfizer.
I'm sure that you, as an Israeli, don't feel very nice about knowing that the Prime Minister has submitted you to be in a lab with Pfizer.
Not only has he submitted us to be in the lab with Pfizer, he made sure that Israel was the
first country in the world to receive these precious and as we know highly toxic Pfizer injectables.
We're almost out of time today.
I'm so sorry to cut you off here because I wish we had more time with you.
But listen, our genuine prayers are with the people, all people affected.
Please stay safe and please keep in touch with us.
We want to know what's happening on the ground there.
And I just hope you or you and all of your family are very, very safe.
Thank you for your time today.
Don't go anywhere.
We're back with Lieutenant Colonel Chambers.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee.
Apologies everyone for the short segment there with Shimon Yanowitz straight out of Israel.
We needed to get to Lieutenant Colonel Chambers who'll be joining us in just one moment.
You know, we will definitely, definitely get Shimon on.
I'm planning on talking with him about some new discoveries that he has Regarding the injections, which is what I usually interview him about, and we'll definitely touch on the geopolitical with him in that interview as well.
So that will be up on Zaymedia.com and Band.video in due course.
Lieutenant Colonel Chambers should be with us now online to give us the US military perspective, but he's the perfect person to speak on this as well because he served such a long time in the Middle East region.
Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, thank you so much.
You're welcome and good to see you again, Maria.
It's great to see you.
Look, I think that this is a very precarious time.
I just spoke about President Vladimir Putin says that the creation of Palestinian state is a necessity.
This is a very, very, I mean, this is a statement of biblical proportions.
We're looking at potentially a lot of Christians are perceiving this as the Gog and Magog War.
But I want to talk to you about the border.
Michael Yon was just on InfoWars this week discussing the fact that many, many, apart from the fact that we all know military aged men are crossing the border a lot from the Middle East.
What do you think could unfold here, Lieutenant Colonel Chambers?
In the fog of war and in the chaos that ensues, you know, back in the old days they put smoke screens across the battlefield.
Well, now the smoke screens are created by the information wars that take place.
And, you know, you can use PsyOps, which is a different form of information war, and you can use fear.
Now, the enemy, the Cabal, uses fear.
And so this fear that has been created, in my estimate, in my understanding, look, Israel, this situation with Israel pertains directly to this border situation as that kind of smoke screen.
But for them it's not a smoke screen, now it's the mainline effort.
And when you see something like this take place with one of the most astute intelligence agencies in the world, unable to predict that this was about to happen, that doesn't make a lick of sense, as we say here in Texas.
So, we have to consider that, and that makes the red flags go up.
That's when the flags go up and you say, alright, this is not the Israel that we would expect to respond to something like this.
Therefore, our flags go up here on the border.
And so now we're talking about, I mean, I didn't get the chance to send this through to the team before we started today, but we've actually had pro-Palestine supporters here in Sydney, Australia, chanting in the streets, gas the Jews, which is abhorrent.
And, you know, of course, as soon as propaganda comes out, From the lying media, people go and pick a side.
It's what I started this segment talking about and it's exactly what they want you to do.
But, you know, what are the... we're talking... Shimon just alluded to the fact that Hezbollah is a very real threat and Lebanon may come in and, you know, use this opportunity.
What about in the United States?
You've just had an EBS test.
You've had all these people flooding the border.
What are the chances of this type of escalation there as tensions increase in the Middle East?
Right, so I'll paint the picture here for the past 20 years, and especially for me over the past several years working on the border, paying attention to national security issues, cells inside this country, and for different things.
But before I do that, I want to clarify something with this.
When people start getting emotional and start picking sides, The cooler heads have to prevail.
We have to talk facts because we got to dispel these rumors of fear and stop these because these things are what are separating and dividing us.
You know, divided we fall kind of thing.
So that's number one.
So what we're looking at here is Hezbollah and Hamas both are operating in this country.
They have been for the past several years.
I speak regularly with Todd Bensman, who's a senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.
Very astute gentleman when it comes to this, and he writes a lot of stuff.
And he has things go back 10 years on this particular infiltration, if you will.
So let's just consider Hezbollah at this time.
So there's a Unit 910, 9-1-0, that is the It's the external security organization.
So think of them kind of like they're doing intelligence operations, which is, you know, gathering information and within our within our borders.
They've been doing it for a long time coming across.
So several of them have been rolled up coming across our southern border over the past 10 years.
So when we get down to the story, what they're really doing, those particular individuals were not rolled up for a pre-911 or a pre-terrorist attack, but they're preparing the battlefield for those next cells to come in.
That's where we're at now.
So they also function as a money-gathering institution as well, kind of like the Mafia, leaning on people in the local communities that are of Lebanese or Muslim descent.
So you have that combination of what those ESOs do, those external security organizations do.
Now, now we look at Venezuela and the tie to Hezbollah, and that's what I'm going to deal with right now because that's closest to my canoe, I use that term, and Hezbollah is Iran.
Shia Muslims from Iran that were Ayatollah Khomeini's Disciples, if you will.
And so those people operate out of Lebanon.
But there is a close tie to Hezbollah with Venezuela.
So Venezuela is in upheaval the last 10 years or so.
And now we see regularly, regularly on my border, on this border, Hundreds of countries coming across and the predominant Muslim nation countries that have come across now are Venezuelan, but not Muslim country, but the ties to Muslim countries of terrorist organizations.
Straight up.
Lots of folks just come out of jail down there.
They were released from prison.
And that is right now, within the past month or so, I know of at least the numbers right around 10,000 have come across the southern border.
And that is Venezuela.
I mean, your information matches exactly what Michael Yones reported.
You're both doing tremendous work on the border, and we're so grateful for you.
What does this mean for the United States, considering all these people with terrorist ties are just flooding in?
Are they preparing for something?
Well, we have to think that way, because if they're bringing in people that are not just collectors on the street, not just information or intelligence collectors, but we're bringing in people of nefarious character and nature and more violent, extreme-type characters, then I have to go there.
I have to go there.
I cannot do anything but think that.
I don't have anything particular.
If I did, I would probably get it to the right sources, but I have not run across anything particular of any elements like that inside.
I know they're here, I just don't have anything that I can pinpoint.
Well, we appreciate that insight and also dispelling the fear because, you know, this isn't about telling everyone that we're at imminent threat.
But it's also the point is to always be aware that you're at imminent threat because we are at war.
We have been at war for some time.
Just because we can't physically see it like the people in Israel and Palestine right now, or the people in Russia and Ukraine, doesn't mean it's not happening.
On the other side of the break, I want to get into some of the other developments inside the United States with you, Lieutenant Colonel Chambers.
Maybe you can verify for me, I just heard word that there is Texas is making efforts to ensure that mandates can never come back and there are some very positive things happening.
Do you think that Texas is going to be really the shining light for the rest of the country?
Texas is the shining light from my standpoint because I'm here, but also I'm seeing some wins.
We had our Attorney General that just came out of so-called, you know, sabbatical because he was being investigated.
He's out, he's swinging now, he's swinging on some information that Michael Yonan, Ann Vander Steele, and myself were able to reveal over there with this big 40-square-mile property for illegals to be housed.
Those things are happening.
He's coming out, he's squaring up for it, the fight, as well as the counter-mandate fight, which is amazing news here.
But remember this, for the United States, Texas is the first domino over the flyover states, the center states, not the East Coast or West Coast, the conservative strongholds.
Texas is that first domino, and it cannot fall.
Absolutely agree with you.
Having visited Texas myself and seeing what you're saying firsthand, I couldn't agree with you more.
Stay with us.
We'll be back on the other side of the break with Lieutenant Colonel Chambers for his closing comments and analysis and share this broadcast everywhere.
You're not getting this anywhere else.
We are living in times of biblical proportions, people.
Russian President Vladimir Putin says creation of Palestinian state is necessary.
Meanwhile, breaking news, Joe Biden has said, issued a warning to other powers, quote, thinking of taking advantage of the situation, end quote.
And he says, quote, I have one word, don't, end quote.
So, very, very interesting developments right now with Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers live.
Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, I want to ask you, Biden is, you know, breaking his word right now, talking about, you know, building the wall now.
Do you think that the United States may rethink their, or the Biden administration may rethink its position on this wall considering this threat?
Or has it been planned all along?
What do you think is going to happen now?
So anytime I hear anything about Joe Biden, first I have to consider what's going on in the shadows behind the background of this next smoke screen that he's putting up.
So we have to watch out.
So be on the lookout for the next laptop or the next, you know, child trafficking story that's linked to the cabal in D.C.
I'm telling you right now, that's what this is.
This is all just smoke screen.
There will be probably some panels put up on the border with the With the new fence that he's now decided to do, but it's going to be an optic once again, and it's a shell game, and just remember, keep your eyes focused on the deeper subjects, the more meaningful.
This thing is, that's just an optic.
Anytime he says anything about the border or any of them, it may arc us with the EHS optic.
Right, but of course the awareness is growing amongst the US population as to how serious this border problem is.
Are you seeing more people involved in actually putting a stop to this?
At the local level, yes.
The local action is what's doing it.
It is the state.
Actually, Governor Abbott is coming forward now with stronger words, but also action to go behind it.
And DPS is conducting operations a little more hands-on.
We had a fight on the border at Fronton, the island which is in the Rio Grande Valley across from About the Roma area.
If you look on a map, you'll see it.
And so there's an island in the middle there where it was used as a stash island.
Mexico was claiming it was theirs.
The CDN, Cartel de Noreste, was running operations also with CJNJNG, Jalisco Cartel.
Our guys went in there and said, first of all, we did a survey.
The state of Texas did a survey, said, no, it's ours.
It doesn't belong to either the federal government or The Mexican government.
So Texas took a stand on that and our guys went on to the island and took it back and are now burning down all the foliage so they can't hide anymore on there.
So that's what's happening.
Well, I'm very encouraged to hear that.
I'm glad to hear that more people are taking action.
Pathetic that the government of the day is doing nothing about it, but I'm glad to see that Abbott's taking some action.
I want to ask you about People are starting to, and we're seeing it a lot on social media, encouraging Americans to arm up or even warning them to do so.
Some pretty big heads saying it as well.
Not for the sake of, you know, a violent insurrection as the media would claim.
And no, these people do not need to be re-educated, Hillary.
But for the sake of protecting themselves, Do you think that there is a very real reason for people to consider that right now?
Well, in my state, that's the norm.
And you know this.
It's just the norm.
That's how we live.
And there's a lot of respect that takes place.
When you take the weapons out of the legal citizens, you know, lawful citizens' hands, then it's the bad guys that end up doing all the shooting.
But yeah, I would say that in the appropriate locations, and I don't try to judge who is appropriate to own a weapon or not, but I definitely don't want to see it in downtown Chicago with a gang.
But the rest of it, yeah, we kept the Japanese, you know, in their mind from wanting to step foot on American soil when they said behind every bush will be an American with a gun.
There is a feeling across the world when I travel.
I mean, Americans, oh, cowboys, America, you're dang skippy.
And that's the way we need to keep that.
So, yeah.
What else do you think that people need to know in light of the current tensions in the Middle East and everything really that's unfolding in the world?
What are the immediate things to be aware of?
Yeah, so immediately, what I would continue to do is always be prepared for any type of false flag event while that is happening, because once again, that's a big, big ticket item, and I feel for those people.
I've taken care of people on combat fields that were the victims of war, and it's a terrible place to be.
We have to be careful that some false flag or some flag that actually triggers some sort of event like a cyber attack or, you know, when we had our alert the other day, a lot of people were worried about that.
I think a different story on that.
But honestly, We just, we stay focused on our controllables, and I always say that.
Stay on the things that you can control, and you'll be okay.
You'll get through this.
And there are enough of us now, where I believe, and when I say us, the real white hats, you know, the Americans that are doing things, or people in this world, I mean, you're a white hat, I mean, for that matter.
It's not just Americans, but in my, you know, where I live, that I believe that we're seeing a shift, and that's why the cabal is so on their heels, and that's why they're so afraid.
And they should be afraid.
Because Nuremberg 2.0 will come.
There will be a retribution.
Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, but sometimes faith without works is dead and we might have to be those hands.
I agree with your sentiments.
I think that this new development from coming out of Putin's mouth about the Palestinian state and immediately Joe Biden warning those who are planning to take advantage of this situation Uh, very, very, uh, you know, these are comments that need to be watched.
Some people may feel like, you know, their news feed is full of this right now, but this is, this is stuff that's impacting the whole world.
We're no longer dealing with just local issues, although local issues need to, local action, I should say, needs to happen.
Uh, you know, we're dealing with everything that happens anywhere in the world affects the rest of us because this is the nature of the Great Reset and the New World Order.
Everything is orchestrated to affect the whole world because they want one world government, one world religion, everyone in the same cities, You know, cutouts, synthetic humans that can be, you know, that are malleable and no longer think for themselves.
And so this really is the war of humanity.
Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, we've got a couple of minutes here left.
I want to ask you about the difference between this war and watching, you know, I mean, you've been in physical war, obviously, and you've seen war propaganda, but the greater war of the Great Reset Against the People, what are the main differences?
Right, and so when you prep the battlefield in kinetic warfare, when we say prep the battlefield, that looks like artillery going in, that looks like, remember the early phases of going into Iraq when you saw the jets flying in Iraq 1 and 2 and blowing up the highway of death and chasing them all off into the desert?
That's what that looks like, that's prepping the battlefield.
This preparation has taken 20 years, 100 years, it's a lot more nefarious, it's insidious, right?
It's an insidious onset.
And so that onset is like a slow-growing cancer that all of a sudden just, boom, appears and you say, oh my gosh, it's here now.
So that's what that looks like and that's why that's so hard to fight because you think that everything's okay and then it just pops up in your face.
They take away your freedoms one at a time and you just fall in line like a good lemming in a sheep when you really didn't know it was coming.
So that's why this war Onset is is so now all of a sudden everybody's going what's happening?
I mean family members are calling me friends are calling me from around the country.
What's going on?
I didn't know this was how did you not know but this is going to wake up more people.
It's okay.
It's just you know, get on a program folks.
Well, you know, one particular thing I've noticed, I'll share this observation with you, you know, the number of people that were, I thought, were awake and understood that the media lies to us, immediately jumping on one or the other side, you know, thinking that they have all the facts.
I mean, this is literally a carbon copy It's not because there's different suffering and different people but it's a carbon copy of the Russia-Ukraine campaign is what I'm saying.
The campaign is a carbon copy where all politicians are coming out siding with one side immediately.
We just have to support this.
We're not going to ask any questions about this so-called invasion.
Everyone just follow along and you know the support for Israel is very widespread.
In the United States.
That's why, and all over the world, that's why I played that clip earlier to remind people these governments don't care about the people.
It doesn't matter which country you're in.
It's the same thing.
Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, we're out of time today.
We so appreciate, first of all, your service, everything you're doing on the border and your time today.
You can find more of his work at drpeachambers.com.
I want to encourage everyone.
I've ordered Alex's book, the autographed copy, as a fundraiser to support InfoWars.
I want to encourage everyone to do the same.
I guarantee you, you are not going to find up-to-date information like you have today on any other broadcast.
That's why InfoWars is so important.
I'm honoured to be part of it.
On to Owen Shroyer.
I thank you all and God bless.
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