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Name: 20231006_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 6, 2023
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This passage discusses various topics related to government, society, and global affairs. It mentions InfoWars being banned by multiple networks, military presence in North St. Louis, gun control, and ammunition buying spree by the Department of Homeland Security. The Great Awakening book is discussed as a source of information on globalist plans, latest developments, and an alternate plan for society. The passage also covers issues such as tyranny alert, inflation, economic cancer in the country, pollution failures in Europe, global problems that need to be addressed at a global level, citizen engagement, and the common good. The establishment's attempts to discredit Trump supporters is mentioned along with Roger Stone's interview on lawfare and his personal experience with a subpoena from the Capitol Police for January 6th. Finally, the passage covers organized crime, gang wars, power structures, big pharmaceutical companies, elite families, and their roles in controlling society and promoting certain products.

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And we had very bitter battles over all kinds of things, gun control and climate change and the economy and taxes.
But there wasn't this little tale of extremism waving, you know, wagging the dog of the Republican Party as it is today.
And sadly, so many of those extremists, those mega extremists, take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who Has no credibility left by any measure.
He's only in it for himself.
He's now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions.
And when do they break with him?
You know, because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.
A formal deprogramming right out of Mao's cultural revolution, right out of the struggle sessions.
Of South Africa.
Remember, she said back in 2016, we need camps for men.
White men.
And the FBI is officially saying that the category is Trump supporters.
We've all got to be watched.
All 80 plus million of us.
Pretty hardcore, isn't it?
We've been 100% vindicated in our predictions of 29 years.
They've been setting this up for a long, long time.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones InfoWars the most banned network in the world
*Bloodlust* *Bloodlust*
*Bloodlust* Excuse me?
*Bloodlust* In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly.
I order all those assembled to immediately disperse.
It's a military mission in North St.
Heavily armored vehicles are rolling into town.
And don't be alarmed if you see those over the next seven days rolling through your neighborhood.
If you see military helicopters flying low over Minneapolis, do not be alarmed.
Guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.
Just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
The Department of Homeland Security is apparently on a huge ammo buying spree.
It comes out to like 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.
So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
If you've got a business, you didn't build that.
Somebody else made that happen.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
Blackhawk choppers soaring through the night sky, but this is only a drill.
Heavily armed officers in Watertown search for the suspect house to house
It's a joint military training exercise involving local police also military
You're in your apartment!
I am in my apartment, sir.
Go back inside right now!
I am inside.
I have two words for you.
Predator gloves.
You will never see it coming.
The dramatic scene played out in front of our cameras.
Parents grabbing their children and running after spending the night hunkering in their houses and then finding themselves face-to-face with the muzzle of a SWAT officer's rifle.
They let them in the area, they told them they could come in, and now they're coming in like they're trespassers, punching and shoving people.
We're not turning our guns in, and we're not running, and we're not backing down!
If you want them, come and take them!
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
This is the heart of 1776.
The most banned man in America, Alex Jones.
I want you all to know something.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
I don't care how you slice it, dice it, flip it up or rub it down.
Alex Jones was right.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax, not for a second.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
You are a martyr to the First Amendment.
The government fears Alex Jones.
That's why the globalists hate me, is because I'm exposing their corporate worldwide tyranny.
Hear those air raid sirens?
Those aren't recordings from the 1960s that I've been playing many days at the start of the show to illustrate the last two years that we're in danger of nuclear war.
Those are real air raid sirens going off in Russia yesterday for their national alert they did for nuclear war.
Alright, look at that show headline that I just wrote minutes ago before I went live on air at InfoWars.com on this October 6th Friday transmission.
Tyranny Alert!
After FBI declares all Trump supporters terrorists, that's what they did, they put us in a terror database, Hillary calls for their quote, formal deprogramming and camps for American white men.
Can't make that up, we have all the clips of them saying it.
You heard me right.
Now I warned you decades ago, because we got the manuals, the training manuals, we broke the InfraGarde documents, we broke the Minac documents, we broke most of them.
I was given my Army intelligence out of Fort Hood a decade ago.
The plan to put Americans in camps.
Quote, constitutionalist.
The Army was concerned.
And of course, a year later, the Army declassified the document.
It was real.
Headline on drudge Clinton deprogram the Trump cult And so
After decades of preparation The captured federal government
Not the whole thing's not captured, but the top of it is is Making its move on the American people and duplicates of it
are being done 18 000.
18,000 miles away in Australia and 6,000 miles away in Europe.
It's being done in the UK.
It's being done just a few miles away in Canada.
It's all being directed by the private central banks, through the intelligence agencies, the surveillance, the censorship, the attacks.
Hillary Clinton.
Calling informed, bedrock, salt of the earth, red, white, and blue, Americans, the main terror threat.
That's the official U.S.
government policy since June of 2021.
We've made a big deal about it.
Because it is a big deal.
And I told you ahead of the 2024 election when they released this, two and a half years ago, that they would start launching it.
By the end of 2023.
I know their timing.
They'll be doing false flags and all sorts of criminal activity by early next year, maybe even sooner.
To make it look like it's a real terror threat, just like the Whitmer fake kidnapping plot that blew up in their face.
But much, much, much more serious.
So this country has stage four cancer.
We don't admit we have cultural, spiritual, economic cancer.
There's no getting out of it.
More and more people have been taking photos, and even financial journals have, of the real prices, not just here, but around the Western world.
Inflation's bad globally.
And prices have really doubled the last two years for food.
We're told there's a 6% increase a year, that's 12% the last two years, and that is total and complete malarkey.
They put less in the packages, they put more air in the packages, and still on average, the cost of a gallon of milk, a carton of eggs, is double, for a steak, is double, for hamburger meat, for butter, for flour, for corn, double.
And as for restaurants, it's doubled as well.
So we are being annihilated.
The inflation on energy is absolutely terrible as you know as well.
You're paying almost double what you were when Trump was in office for gasoline.
And of course, Biden is running around when he's not kicking his dog, or pooping his pants, or sniffing people, or grabbing children's butts, or selling us out to the Chai Koms, or the Russians, or anybody else will get money.
He's telling us that, man, the economy is wonderful, and the inflation is no problem at all.
But of course it is out of control.
And so the private Federal Reserve that's allowed all this to happen and engineered it is now saying, okay, more interest rate hikes.
So you talk about being caught between a vice grip, a pincer attack, a rock and a hard place.
That's what we're going into.
I want to say this 100% clearly.
We're entering the season of the occupied government trying to provocateur and manipulate people into being set up for terror attacks.
No one should involve themselves in offensive violence.
It means don't ever go out and do something.
Defend yourself absolutely.
And never get wound up into shooting your mouth off at a bar or anywhere else, or the globalist will use a third party mercenary group to set off a truck bomb or engage in a mass shooting.
And you're going to be dead in the back of a van somewhere.
And they're going to roll you out later and say you did it.
So, if you want to get recruited by some federal-run militia and run your mouth, they're not going to give people a chance like they did with the three trials for the Whitmer fake kidnapping, where two of the trials people were found not guilty, because it was set up.
They only got one jury to go along with the garbage.
So much for the Fed's 96% conviction rate.
These things are so flimsy, even idiot juries see through it, and leftist cities.
They're not going to let their next Patsy's survive.
And I want to be clear.
It won't be the FBI or ATF that carries out these terror attacks because there's so many whistleblowers inside those agencies.
Those agencies are not completely captured by the globalists, only at the top.
They will use foreign or multinational intelligence agencies or mercenary cutout groups to do it.
Like they did with Oklahoma City, it was police officers and FBI agents that actually exposed the bombs inside the building, the fact that there were all the tapes of what happened from the surveillance cameras that were also seized.
We know that because of the former head of Air Force Weapons Development, General Partin, and two FBI agents that blew the whistle, as well as Police Officer Terence Yankee, who they tortured to death and murdered.
So, we know exactly who carried out those attacks, the names of the people, because survivors in the building, because half the bombs didn't go off, witnessed those men, including senior CIA, senior FBI, senior ATF, under German government intelligence funding, they'll usually use an outside intelligence group to fund it, actually planting the bombs personally.
So, this is not our first rodeo.
And understand, I risk my life when I bring you this information.
We've interviewed literally hundreds of people involved.
The eyewitnesses, the federal informants, you name it.
And quarterbacking Oklahoma City was the Southern Poverty Law Center.
You've seen all the things they've done to me.
So, this is a very dangerous time.
And I would speak to the CIA and the FBI, who I know are different factions and compartments, And to the different intelligence agencies and the different corporate groups.
And I would just say this.
We've reached a 1943 moment in America.
And collectively, I would describe BlackRock and The Globalist and Vanguard and State Street and these Globalist roundtables that work through the governments and agencies.
Let's skip this break.
As being like a composite of Hitler.
And even though the German General Staff were Nazis and were pro-war, as soon as they saw that the Russians were going to win, it would take a couple years, they predicted.
They basically predicted exactly when it would happen.
They said, we've got about two years to hold out.
We're going to lose on the Eastern Front.
The Allies are going to land.
We'll fall sometime in 1945.
Hitler's superweapons aren't being developed on time.
And so, The Nazi leadership and the general staff, led by Erwin Rommel, developed a plan to assassinate Hitler in Operation Valkyrie, and they failed.
Now, that's a lot easier to stop the Nazis by taking out Hitler, because he was actually in charge.
Assassinations or people in the government killing people in the government is not going to stop this so I don't back any quote good guys white hats in the government killing any of these globalists because you could kill a hundred of them you could kill the top hundred that's less than a hundred run it but they've all got 10 layers 20 layers deep of people just as bad or worse ready to step into their shoes Soon with AI and robots, the globalists can all die in a plane crash and the AI will keep carrying out the mission.
That's how it operates.
So if you think the situation's bad now, it's only getting worse.
We have to kill this politically, culturally, financially, spiritually, intellectually.
With whistleblowing, with not following criminal orders, with speaking out, with going public, Before this fascist, globalist, satanic New World Order pushes us into open nuclear war with Russia, that's on one flank, and then starts an insane race-based civil war where they claim anybody against the end of the country, open borders, inflation, pedophilia, all of it, is a terrorist, and then start marching out trying to arrest and intimidate
Loyal Americans that are fighting the globalists politically as terrorists, and then the false flags that come along with that to demonize us.
The globalists hope that'll intimidate enough conservatives and Christians and people to just shut up and go along with the total takeover.
But even of a few percentage points of 85, 90 million Trump voters who have been declared terrorists in the last two days, even if 2% don't comply, It will defeat this Democratic Party, this federal government, this hijacked group.
But the carnage and the destabilization during that will bring us all to our knees.
And we have to be smart enough to see we're being played off against each other.
The people following their orders, trying to keep their heads down, the federal government,
the different intelligence agencies and the corporate combines that really run things.
And then those of us that are just trying to be moral good Americans and promote the American way and freedom and trying to stop this looting and destruction of the country.
But there's larger globalist forces directing America into a cascade of crises And crime, and collapse, and inflation, and hyperinflation, and stagflation, and collapsing third world countries that will effectively end the United States as we know it.
We are being positioned for total collapse.
And the collapse has already begun, but that's simply the First phases of this and the demoralization phase.
Now, you know, ad nauseum, I've been on air 29 years.
And I've interviewed top generals, former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, multiple ones, Admiral Moore, you name it.
I have interviewed former FBI, division directors, I've witnessed it all.
My uncle was in secret operations, he told me all about it.
And so I came to the public and I warned you.
Because I knew this was going on, and you saw it get more and more evident, more and more ridiculous.
All the newscasts about, oh, the military and police are training to fight constitutional terrorists, and we're going to take your guns, and we've got F-16s and F-15s, and you won't stop us.
and the different military officers giggling and laughing, "Yeah, we can't wait to smash the American people and the
Trump supporters."
They are really making their move.
And just like Biden said a year ago, or last December, less than a year ago, 10 months ago, remember what he said?
He said, look, we can't send F-16s and long range heavy cruise missiles and Abrams tanks.
That's World War III.
Because that's what the Rand Corporation and all the think tank groups told him.
And they're right.
And then the calculus changed like, well, we're going to go ahead and do that anyway.
So they're not just playing with fire, they're playing with Armageddon.
And in the big Newsweek 19-page article that we covered yesterday, FBI, now explicitly coming for Trump supporters, exclusive Donald Trump followers targeted by FBI, the 2024 election nears.
It quotes the Rand Corporation in there, talking about how dangerous this is to list 30-40% of the public is terrorist and how that probably shouldn't be done.
Uh, yeah.
I mean, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
And I wouldn't have been a Nazi and I wouldn't have been Erwin Rommel.
But if I was Erwin Rommel, a big hero of the North African campaign and the rest of it, That they were planning to kill Hitler and put him in charge to make a deal with the Russians and the Americans.
That would have saved a lot of Russians, a lot of Germans, a lot of Americans, a lot of French, a lot of Jews.
Most of the people who got killed by Hitler in the death camps got killed in the last year and a half.
The final solution, it would have been good if Hitler would have been killed.
I think we all agree with that.
But if I was Erwin Rommel and there was one guy we could kill, and I was in the government and people were going to listen to me, I would say, let's kill him.
And I'd risk my life to try to kill that person.
The reason I explain this is, I've looked at every angle of this.
Killing people is not gonna fix any of this, okay?
And again, I've seen the whistleblowers.
I've talked to the congresspeople.
I've been reached out to by as high as you can get in the federal government, except for that last echelon at the Justice Department.
I mean, super high level.
And they're like, what do we do?
You're absolutely right.
They're planning a big takeover.
What do we do?
What do we say?
Go look at our documents here.
Are you aware they're making us turn loose pedophiles with four or five convictions that are driving school buses in Texas at public schools?
And I'm in the same boat.
I'm like, I don't know.
We expose it.
We say no to it.
It's madness.
It's absolute.
End of America.
You are witnessing it.
Perhaps the end of the world.
The International Atomic Energy Scientist Group has the doomsday clock, the closest it's ever been to nuclear war.
Six percent of Americans.
I had the poll yesterday.
We got to re-poll it.
And 70 plus percent of the doomsday scientists, they believe, the experts, they believe that it's a very good chance it's going to happen.
And I was blown away by the fact that I said 60 percent chance a few days ago of nuclear war the next year on the trajectory we're on.
And I saw a bunch of these think tanks basically had already said 60 percent before I saw it.
So the people that all they do is study this say, It's a probability we're all dead the next year.
You might be okay if you're on Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific somewhere, or in Antarctica.
Because the way the winds work and everything, most of it will stay in the north.
That's going to throw up dust clouds, they're still going to cause a mini ice age, most analysts agree.
So, and the British military arsenal is depleted, the US military arsenal is depleted, our strategic oil reserve is depleted.
It looks to me like we're being set up to break down a civil war so China can take over the South China Sea, which it's doing.
We get destroyed, Russia gets destroyed, and then China takes the world over.
I mean, right now, that's what all the pieces look like, and it's hard to believe BlackRock and Lord Rothschild are that crazy, but they are.
And then they're just going to sit it out.
They already hit us with a bioweapon and killed 20 million people with a poison shot.
They think they're just going to shit it out in their bunkers while all this goes down.
So, I have to control myself with every ounce of my being not to get on an airplane and go to the Southern Hemisphere right now.
And I've had meetings with Bilderberg Group members several times, well-known names, In the last two years, and they asked my advice on whether they should evacuate.
So, I'm not trying to brag here, but I mean, I literally get consulted by Bilderberg group members.
Huge billionaires, and I'm just going to leave it at that.
So, I've decided to stay here.
This microphone as long as I can, but I just want all the leftists and all the bureaucrats and all the people and all the minions of the system to know you are fools and you're going to be destroyed by your own bosses.
So I have such disregard for you that I don't even want to see you destroyed or put in prison.
I just want to see you out of my life.
I wish you wouldn't be destroying yourself and us along with you, but you're doing it.
And so, I think that's what people need to know, is that in the year 2023, we're on the verge of nuclear war, they can release new bioweapons anytime, they're pre-programming everybody, that's about to happen.
And hopefully we pull back from the brink of this, and I think we will, but we all better really, really better be praying.
I'm going to say a prayer when we come back after this break and get back into the news and play the Hillary Clips.
Where she goes, I want literal re-education camps.
I want literal deprogramming.
That's brainwashing.
She says, you're brainwashed.
We need to brainwash you.
We're going to take a break here.
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But you look at this Sodom and Gomorrah, folks, I don't think it's going to be here much longer if we don't change course.
I think everybody has to agree with me on that.
So we need to say a prayer.
We'll be right back.
Very strong partisans in both parties in the past.
And we had very bitter battles over all kinds of things.
Gun control and climate change and the economy and taxes.
But there wasn't this little tale of extremism waving, you know, wagging the dog of the Republican Party as it is today.
And sadly, so many of those extremists, those mega extremists, take their marching orders from Donald Trump who Has no credibility left by any measure.
He's only in it for himself.
He's now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions.
And when do they break with him?
You know, because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.
A formal?
Deprogramming right out of Mao's cultural revolution, right out of the struggle sessions of South Africa.
Remember, she said back in 2016, we need camps for men, white men.
And the FBI is officially saying that the category is Trump supporters.
We've all got to be watched, all 80 plus million of us.
Pretty hardcore, isn't it?
We've been 100% vindicated in our predictions of 29 years.
And they've been setting this up for a long, long time.
The post-industrial world.
Klaus Schwab says by 2030, major cities will have zero private cars.
They just hit us with a bioweapon and then a poison shot that colonizes our body and grows protein spike crystals in us.
The death rate, the illness rate.
In fact, I saw articles yesterday I sent you guys, but I never got to.
Will you re-pull it?
It was a bunch of articles about world life expectancy drops in the last three years, not from COVID.
Now they say they don't know what did it.
Well, no, we do know what did it.
Donald Trump followers targeted by FBI as 2024 election nears.
Just look at that Newsweek headline.
Targeted by the government.
There's some feds.
And DC police dressed up like Trump supporters.
Started attacking police so the police shot tear gas at the crowd.
Led by Ray Epps.
Broke through the two lines.
The DC police, not the Capitol police, then broke through the doors of the Capitol.
Then the police were told, stand down.
The Capitol police, this is the Capitol police chief, and in let the crowd that was behind that, didn't even know what was going on.
I got there right when that started and I said, get out, don't go in.
A bunch of people didn't go in.
I said, go around to where we have a stage and where Trump's supposed to be.
Then I get there and there's just an empty stage, no PA, no nothing.
Trump was told he had a stage.
We were told.
We just trusted in that.
You figure it's handled by the Secret Service, handled by the Trump campaign.
All a giant setup.
And we walked right into it.
You say, well, why'd you walk right into it?
We had all these other big rallies.
We had rallies the months before that with up to Three quarters of a million people at one of them, half a million at the other.
We were worried about Antifa attacking us.
They were nowhere to be seen because they were dressed up like Trump supporters.
There's video of them taking off their black clothes or putting red, white, and blue clothes and Make America Great Again hats on.
We have it all, ladies and gentlemen.
We know how they did it and they're getting ready to do it on a much wider scale.
And that's why everyone Whether you're on Getter, or whether you're on Rumble, or whether you're on Gab, or whether you're still on Twitter, or whether you're still on Instagram or Facebook, you better get on there and expose this and point out their false flag plans and make it very clear that you don't support violence, and you don't support car bombs, and you don't support mass shootings, and you don't support poisoning water supplies, and you don't support attacking illegal alien centers that they call migrant centers.
And you don't support attacking black colleges, and you don't support attacking black churches.
Because everything we've seen to this point is a buildup to what the deep state is getting ready to pull.
It's a full 30-minute interview with Hillary, but I watched about 10 minutes of it this morning.
And the irony of her, Trump's in this for himself when he's lost half his fortune fighting.
Hillary, of course, in it for herself, made billions in theft with her foundation selling out America.
And Hillary calling Trump supporters a cult.
Look at the cult of the New World Order and the cult of all their wars.
And Christina Amanpour that went and made up fake death camps that the Serbs were supposedly running, but she got caught staging.
And the bombing of Serbia, their capital, Belgrade.
And the destruction of Libya, and the attack on Syria, and now the destruction of our border and the mass human smuggling.
And it just goes on and on and on.
I'm a guy that has courage.
I know what has to be done.
But I am shocked.
I am blown away.
I am dizzy.
I'm marveling just to be living in 2023.
And to see them building all this for all these years, and all the crimes they've committed, and all the genocides, and the Clintons helping run the Rwandan genocide with the UN, and just all the crimes they've committed.
And now to watch them systematically shut our country down and the exact same programs being used in Europe
and other areas that are under their control and to know that 99.99999999% of us
are gonna be hurt by this, are gonna be in some cases killed by this,
are gonna be impoverished, are gonna be abused, are gonna be terrorized
and to know that we're going over the edge of this waterfall into the boiling froth of tyranny.
[ Silence ]
And that's why with all my enemies, when I see them or they're attacking me or I have to face them, I look at them and I know they're going to be destroyed.
Their children are going to be destroyed.
It's not a comfort to me actually, but it gives me actually a feeling of pity and sadness for them.
Because all the prosperity and all the freedom is draining out right now like you pulled the plug on a bathtub full of water.
And it's circling the drain.
And the water's already 80% out of the tub.
But this isn't like a bathtub where the water goes out and it's no big deal and you move along with your day.
When the water goes out, when the freedom goes away, when the checks and balances are gone, and the worst control freak, megalomaniac, satanist this planet's ever seen, the biggest Assemblage of corruption and just sickos who are setting this up to just have a rampaging orgy of destruction.
It takes my breath away.
I mean, I'll be completely honest with everybody.
While I'm sitting here, I have to tell my brain, shut up and stop it.
Because my brain right now is going, get out.
Get out.
You can't save them.
Save yourself.
But I understand that that's not what men of honor and courage do.
Plus, they'll get us all later.
There's nowhere to run.
Don't lie to yourself.
Let the Spirit tell you what to do.
And the Spirit says, this will be our greatest moment and we will defeat this together with God's help.
But I need all of you now to get very serious.
So the New World Order wants to end America as we know it and then merge it into the European Union and Communist China in the next few years and bring in the World Cashless Society.
And the Hill newspaper, that's one of the biggest propaganda groups for the globalists, came out with seven wild plot twists that could upend the 2024 election.
I'm gonna be hitting that coming up the start of the next hour.
Roger Stone's gonna be joining us as well.
Also, more lawsuits are getting filed over transgenderism and the fact that not just the horrible genital mutilations and other things that are going on, like the breasts being cut off, the uterus is being cut out.
for sterilization made cool. Children brainwashed to be put on the fast track for it. Now they're
confirming the puberty blockers are causing heart attacks and strokes as well and that was out before
even COVID came along. So I don't think they're adding all the deaths from you know just the shots
saying it's the puberty blockers. They do that as well and they stunt your growth,
totally screw you up. Planned Parenthood is helping teenagers transition after 30-minute
Parents and doctors are sounding the alarm.
It's just pure evil.
Those Nobel Prize winners that just won the Nobel Prize for mRNA vaccines, they warned everybody during testing of it in 2017 and 18 that it was causing serious side effects.
But I guess that'll shut them up.
Just give them an award for what they did.
So we've got a lot to cover.
Professor Epstein had big technical difficulties yesterday.
Power went off for hours in his building where he works.
So I guess he's doing the show from home today.
I think power came back on.
The point is, is he's joining us the third hour today on the fact that they're already stealing the 2024 election.
This is beyond critical information.
So be sure and join us for that.
But during the break, I was thinking, how do I get through to the people?
that think this is a joke.
'Cause I know listeners do your own research, you're tuned in, you know what's going on.
Many cases you've got different perspectives than me, but overall you get it.
And a lot of you know more than I do in different areas, but together we have a lot of knowledge.
But when I say all this, I'm not being alarmist.
You notice everything I predicted has basically happened.
Now I'm telling you what's coming next and it shakes me up.
I mean, I get a stomach ache.
This is so serious.
And folks, I'm the type of guy that, you know, would be in high school and somebody's older 20-year-old brother, you know, who's some huge badass, says, you know, I'm going to be waiting for you at your house when you get home.
And I'd be 15 years old and wouldn't call my parents the police.
And I'd show up and get in a knockdown, bloody hellish fight with him and put him in the hospital.
And I went to the hospital.
I mean, I was a mean son of a bitch.
I loved to get in a fight.
I would not get butterflies.
I would look forward if somebody wanted to fight me to get in a fight with them.
I was crazy.
Like a gunslinger.
I like to do it.
I like to... I just had this feeling that I can't back down.
I've got to just get it done.
The bigger and meaner somebody was, the harder I could fight.
I am physically nauseous right now.
Because this is so horrible and I have children and I am fundamentally so upset with the churches in this country and the men of this country and other people that have gone along with all this because we're going to lose everything because of this.
My first film was America Destroyed by Design.
And it's a documentary about the plan to take over America, cut off the resources and
trigger civil war and bring in a police state.
Now, how did I in 1996, when I shot the movie, released it in 97, how did I make such a prescient film?
Because I was listening to G. Edward Griffin and General Parton and Ted Gunderson and all the other real experts that knew what was going on.
You can watch the film for free at Bandot Video.
That's a film that came out 26 years ago.
And you watch it, because I rewatched part of it last night, and it all happened.
And I say that for people to give you something to share to wake up people that are ready to wake up, but they don't really get how much danger everybody's in.
But you notice the Globalists have launched their full assault on every front.
There is a plan to bring in UN troops.
Subs by www.zeoranger.co.uk But first they put you under UN rule, UN regulations, UN treaty over your health care, over your digital money, over your right to travel, over your carbon taxes, over your digital identity, over your social credit score.
Then after we have the civil war, where they define everybody that isn't for tyranny as a racist and a white supremacist.
Then after a three, four year civil war, then they bring in the UN troops.
They got all the maps of the areas you won't be allowed to travel.
And if you go in those areas, you'll go to jail.
How are you going to get there when it's all driverless cars?
How are you going to get there when everybody's got a cell phone that tracks you?
Remember Australia, you can't leave your house?
Remember Jacinda Ardern saying, oh, you can refuse to take a COVID test.
We'll just lock you up for your political activity.
In fact, I have a clip of that.
Let's play.
And she's now the head global czar at the WEF.
Jacinda Ardern is now the global head.
of their Ministry of Truth Censorship Bureau that goes around the world with the ESGs, making sure the corporations are in lockstep, following all their orders.
And then if they don't, BlackRock pulls their funding.
So let's go ahead and roll a clip of her.
Here she is.
What do we do if someone refuses to be tested?
Well, they can't now.
If someone refuses in our facilities to be tested, they have to keep staying.
So they won't be able to leave after 14 days, they have to stay on for another 14 days.
So it's a pretty good incentive.
You either get your tests done and make sure you're cleared, or we will keep you in a facility longer.
So I think most people will look at that and say, I'll take the test.
No, then we'll keep you in a facility longer.
And they built these camps all over the Western world, and they're saying in their documents in the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, everywhere, the biggest ones have been built in Australia and England, and Scotland and Ireland.
Oh, those are just the new COVID camps with the soldiers that hold, in some cases, millions, while they release the violent offenders out of jail.
And while 90% of them are military-age men, starting to put the pieces together?
This is a pretty smart lady, Kaz Clarke, in a very short little boil-down lays it out.
Let me first say, I'm not a racist, okay?
But men go to war, and women and children flee war.
Where are all the women and children, please?
Everybody that's coming over are fighting-age men.
They're soldiers.
Now, are they there to protect us, or are they there to run us over?
What are these immigration centres for if we're not using them?
What are all these new prisons for if we're not using them?
Prisoners are being released early, on time.
What are the FEMA camps built for?
The largest one can accommodate 2 million people.
But where the hell do they expect to find 2 million people, and more importantly, why?
There's something else going on they're not telling us about, because it's cataclysmic.
And we should be told.
We should be allowed to make preparations.
Putin, who's supposed to be the bad guy, has made preparations for every single one of his citizens.
Man, woman and child.
But what are our governments doing for us?
Absolutely nothing.
So you want to know what immigration is really all about?
Ask them.
Because they're working with the SAS.
They're working with our military.
They are soldiers.
That's my view.
Why is it that our own veterans are living on the streets?
Why our own people are living on the streets?
And yet these people can come over and live in hotels and get £175 a week.
That's more than our unemployed get.
Because they're on the payroll.
There is something being planned, and it's not good.
Not good at all.
For any of us.
And I said before, where are all the women and children?
Men go to war.
Women and children flee war.
Why are they coming here?
There's no war here.
Why aren't they fighting for their own countries?
Why are they coming here?
And why are we accommodating them, when we're not even accommodating our own people?
They're being set up for after the full collapse.
They will be organized into military brigades all over the country.
Democrat cities from Chicago to Portland are legalizing, and so is the state of New Mexico, illegal aliens becoming police officers.
And when you go to England and they're telling you you can't protest or you can't even film in public, but everybody else can while you're under surveillance with all the cameras, people come up to you in police uniforms that can't even speak English.
Yeah, it's here by stealth.
They don't rain down like red dawn and parachutes into North Dakota.
We're gonna go on a break.
We're gonna come back.
Please remember my new book.
The Great Awakening is now available, signed or unsigned.
The signed copy is a fundraiser.
We need funds.
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Tom, we'll be back.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
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I've been shadow banned.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
The re-platforming begins now!
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at jonescrouter.com Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code "Alex"
at jonescrouter.com global warming.
No one can show from the scientific literature that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming.
Climate change is too abstract for people to understand, but the coming water crisis is something that everybody will get on board with.
From Malaysia to Mexico, from Sri Lanka to Singapore, privatization is on the move.
They're restricting water supplies all over the planet.
They've passed legislation to take pure aquifer water all over Canada, the US, England, Europe, you name it, and put it through a bunch of chemical processors to poison the living hell out of it.
And to give it way more expensive pricing to then make the cost of water go up.
Water has always been free in the UK.
They live on a giant crystal clear aquifer.
Now they're starting to charge for it.
This is how they operate, ladies and gentlemen.
One of the biggest experiments in water privatization has taken place in the UK.
In 1989, the government sold off the entire water system of England and Wales to limited companies.
More than 30 years later, that system is being criticised across the political spectrum.
Chief executives have been awarded hefty pay packages, shareholders generous dividends, and investment in infrastructure has not kept pace with population growth, leading to sewage flooding and pollution failures.
Just 14% of rivers meet the minimum European standards for water quality, for example.
The global government is failing.
They create the crises or exacerbate the problems.
Those are the saviors.
When problems arise in the Sahel or even in Texas or anywhere else, it's not because something went wrong in that local area.
It's because something is going wrong globally.
Something went wrong globally, so we've got to address this at the global level.
This is about investing in global common, the global commons, for the common good of all.
And that word, common good, is actually a radical word, because in economics we have notions of the public good, and it sounds good, because the second word is good, but it's really framed more as a correction for something the private sector is not doing.
That's also of course true with COVID, right?
We are all only as healthy as our neighbor is on our street and our city and our region and our nation and globally.
Did we solve that?
Did we actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world?
So highlighting water as a global commons and what it means to work together and see it both Out of that kind of global commons perspective, but also the self-interest perspective, because it is, it does have that parallel.
It's not only important, but it's also important because we haven't managed to solve those problems, which had similar attributes.
And water is something that people understand.
You know, climate change is a bit abstract.
Some people understand it really well.
Some understand it a bit.
Some just don't understand it.
Every kid knows how important it is to have water.
When you're playing football and you're thirsty, you need water.
So there's also something about really getting citizen engagement around this and really, in some ways, experimenting with this notion of the common good.
Can we actually deliver this time in ways that we have failed miserably?
They're admitting they're bringing in global currencies that are already here, already running China.
They tried it in Nigeria, now it's massively backfired.
They're pulling it out there.
But it just devastates economies, but it consolidates power.
Remember those headlines?
Workers lost 3.7 trillion in earnings during the pandemic, the plandemic.
World's billionaires get richer by 3.9 trillion during the pandemic, more than doubling their wealth.
Yet in 2016, the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee found that Ofwat were too generous.
And as a result, water companies made windfall gains of at least 1.2 billion between 2010 and 2015, from bills being higher than necessary.
What happens in one part of the world ...ends up in another part of the world that's intrinsic to the climate crisis and water is intertwined with that climate crisis.
And honestly, we have a common language on climate.
But we don't have that on water.
And that's, that's in my view, that is exactly what we need to have in order to progress towards a common goal.
And so what's happening is the general public and people in the government and big talk show hosts across the board realize that They're being targeted, too, no matter how rich and powerful you are.
If you're not in the inner club, you're being targeted.
And the globalists get blowback themselves.
They get hurt by their own attacks.
It's insane.
It's satanic.
It's crazy.
You'll be back.
Stay with us.
So very powerful multinational corporations that inherited the British Empire and now control America have launched a giant war with Russia.
We are running headlong into thermal nuclear war.
Global inflation has been accelerated by them.
They are making record profits while impoverishing the general population, cutting off resources and energy.
But the good news is humanity is waking up and there are leaders at the state and regional and national levels across the world that are saying no to this.
And that are organizing against it and that recognize exactly what happens.
They can't get their plan through and get this agenda through if they continue to be exposed.
Roger Stone joins us at the bottom of the hour.
Trump is set to travel to the Capitol for the first time since January 6th with a speaker vote coming up next week.
And he says he'll accept the speakership, but right now he's supporting Jim Jordan.
That is a big deal.
We have a lot to hit before Roger Stone joins us, but if you just tuned in, they have officially said the main terror threat is white people because you're white and you're bad.
And that's the corporate, government-funded, critical race theory.
And now the FBI is creating a database of Trump supporters saying just being a Trump supporter makes you a potential terrorist.
That's the social credit score, that's all of it.
If you roll over to that, and you're scared to do that now, if you think they can get all, you know, 80, 90 million of us, then you're already done.
The truth is, this totally convicts them, it's election meddling, it's being completely politically involved, and even the Rand Corporation is in the big article with over a dozen former and current high-level FBI officials, saying this is horrible.
So this is breaking, not because they wanted it to come out, but because for several months, whistleblowers, I guess, decided to go to Newsweek in this multi-month long investigation.
And again, I'm not here lionizing the FBI.
I'm not saying they're white hats, all of them, and they're going to save us.
I'm just being honest that There are a lot of people that aren't completely evil or who are good people, normally mid-level or low-level, but a lot of high-level people as well that realize this is very destructive.
And I use the Operation Valkyrie analogy.
Guys, get the trailer for Operation Valkyrie with Tom Cruise from like 10 years ago.
It's a very accurate movie of what happened, but it simplifies it because the story is so big.
Erwin Rommel was running it, and he was going to replace Hitler when they killed him and then stop the war.
And that would have been better for everybody, obviously.
And they came to his house and made him drive down the road with the SS and they gave him cyanide or they were going to kill his whole family.
But you can't just kill one person and stop this.
Hitler was in charge.
This is a global bureaucracy of banks and think tanks that come to roundtable discussions and consensus.
We have to expose their agenda, fight their agenda at every front, the open borders, the carbon taxes, the wars, the pedophilia, the transgenderism, the critical race theory, and we're winning that fight against that.
And the FBI listing traditional Catholics as terrorists and all this, and harassing homeschoolers and Amish, it's hurt them.
And the public's woken up to it, and all the persecution of Trump, the Sybil, and criminal charges has backfired.
So the establishment is not backing down in the face of failure.
They're what?
Doubling down, doubling down, doubling down again and again and again.
And that's the threat letter when they're losing against the Russians.
Heavier weapons double down, Russians double down.
Same thing.
Well, let's just declare all Trump supporters terrorists and call them a fringe group when they're the largest block of people in the country and the lowest crime rate, the hardest working and the best people there are.
The numbers show it.
So the establishment's calling any common sense person, and there's more and more of them, Record numbers of Hispanics, blacks, women supporting Trump.
Because they see him not as perfect, but as anti-establishment, which you better believe he is.
You can call him an egomaniac, whatever you want.
The guy gets more energy the more he's under attack, and he's got ice water for blood, and he's going up against them.
He's full on.
And so, this is an incredible, Time to be alive.
But since I mentioned it, let's just play the short clip of Hillary saying, we need literal re-education.
Formal, that means re-education camps.
Re-education means putting you in a camp.
And remember her, almost seven years ago, floating the idea in the full interview that white men are bad particularly, but all men need to be sent to camps for re-education.
Here's the clip.
Very strong partisans in both parties in the past.
And we had very bitter battles over all kinds of things, gun control and climate change and the economy and taxes.
But there wasn't this little tale of extremism waving, you know, wagging the dog of the Republican Party as it is today.
And sadly, so many of those extremists, those mega extremists, take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who Has no credibility left by any measure.
He's only in it for himself.
He's now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions.
And when do they break with him?
You know, because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.
I have decided we really need camps for adults.
And we need five camps.
That you all run.
I mean, really.
We're, you know, none of the serious stuff.
None of the, you know, life-challenging stuff.
More fun.
I think we have a huge fun deficit in America.
And we need to figure out how to fill that.
Certainly for our kids, but also for the rest of us.
North Africa is lost.
You can serve Germany or the Fuhrer.
Not both.
It's just that talk that had you sent here, Colonel.
What I said was much worse.
I serve my country, but I have betrayed my conscience.
*OOF* We need to kill Hitler.
There has to be a chance of success.
That's why you're here.
Any problem on earth can be solved with the careful application of explosives.
But remember, nothing ever goes according to plan.
If I fail, I'll come for you.
All of you.
I know.
We have to show the world.
But not all of us will like it.
With one word, I can have you disappear.
Every second we stand here is a second lost.
If you want to live through the night, you'll do exactly as I say.
Operation Valkyrie is in effect.
Do you realize what you've done?
But we can't cut off the head of one snake and defeat this.
We have to cut it off in the information war, in the economic war, in the spiritual war, in the action war, in the civil disobedience war.
But make no mistake, this is more dangerous than World War II.
Nuclear weapons were not proliferated.
Bioweapons were not one billionth as bad as they are now.
Mark my words, every one of you watching will be in a world of hell, in a world of hurt, You don't understand that I told you all of this 29 years ago.
I told you 20 years ago.
I told you 10 years ago.
I told you 5 years ago.
I told you last month.
They are going to openly declare... Get the Senator Josh Hawley clip ready.
They're going to openly declare Trump supporters illegal and terrorists.
They've now done it.
And then they're going to move on to the Republican Party itself.
They want a one-party state.
They've been talking about it.
Because they've seen Venezuela succeed.
They've seen Cambodia succeed with the Khmer Rouge.
They've seen Fidel Castro succeed.
They've seen North Korea's evil leaders succeed.
They've seen it succeed.
It's the model they want.
David Rockefeller, when Mao Zedong died, wrote op-eds in the New York Times supporting what he did, killing 80 million of his own people.
Here's Senator Josh Hawley months ago telling you what I've been telling you for years.
This is a message, they're trying to send a message loud and clear and the message is don't mess with us.
And why are they going after Trump?
Because he messed with them.
He challenged them across the board.
He challenged their pro-war policies.
He's challenged them on Ukraine.
He's challenged their globalist agenda that's ripped off our working class for years, hollowed out the industrial base of this country and made our workers in this country Slaves compared to China and these other nations that have taken away our jobs, taken away our technology.
Trump challenged all of that and the message is if you challenge them on this stuff, if you challenge them on these policies they hold dear, they will come after you.
If you challenge them on their pro-abortion religion, they will come after you.
So I think the message is real clear.
Don't challenge us.
Don't go to work for anybody who will challenge us.
Don't vote for Donald Trump or anybody like him, or we'll treat you as a domestic terrorist.
And I tell you what, Laura, this is a recipe for one party rule in this country.
And if that's the case, this isn't the United States of America anymore.
Our constitutional democracy doesn't exist anymore.
And that's the former attorney general of Missouri.
The current one's a great guy too.
So we got some good men and women and They are so frustrated.
And that's what they've testified to in Congress and have lost their careers.
And so it explained, the government is not our enemy.
The government is hijacked, as I've said a thousand times the last 20 plus years.
If you're on a British Airways flight or an American Airlines flight, and a guy jumps up and says, I've got a bomb!
But somehow he snuck a pistol on.
And he takes control of the plane and says he's going to blow it up if they don't fly it to wherever.
You don't then say, oh, British Airways is terrorist.
You say the plane's been hijacked.
But you've got to know it's been hijacked.
And so everybody on that plane is not a terrorist except for the terrorist.
And the people running our country are not Americans.
They're globalists.
General Milley retired last week and said, I don't serve dictators.
Trump wasn't a dictator.
You guys have set up a bureaucracy that worked against him from the time before he got elected on, from the time he got the nomination, saying he was a Russian agent with no evidence.
It's all been debunked.
And now you've declared his supporters or people that support what he's doing as the enemy.
It is a total discrediting of them to the next level.
It is preposterous.
And I predicted it, and Senator Howley predicted it, and Ted Cruz predicted it, and Rand Paul predicted it, and Ron Paul predicted it, and G. Edward Griffin predicted it.
And so what's happened?
Our credibility as the populist movement in this country that's beyond, quote, conservative, that's much bigger than that, and some label, is the antidote to these people.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to discredit us or try.
And how do you do that?
Well, I actually called this.
The Archivist found it a few months ago.
I said over and over again, they've been hyping power outages and cyber attacks.
They'll say some nebulous group.
They've been saying that.
I said later, they'll say the Russians and that the Russians control Trump supporters.
Mad about what they're going to do to Trump.
So, that's their ace in the hole.
Cut the power, not actually blow up the infrastructure, but say right-wingers working for Trump have cut the power off in a part of the country or a large part or maybe the whole thing.
But the way the grid's set up, all the key infrastructure will still have its power.
They plunge us into darkness or they cut the internet off bare minimum.
Only send you to their websites, claim oh that's the internet kill switch to protect you from the cyber attack.
We had to take the web over and say Trump supporters did that.
I've seen the most pre-programming on that and usually, in fact always, what they pre-program they do because they want it in the back of your mind so when it happens you've already been told who did it.
You don't really remember, it's more subliminal or ethereal.
Got a top psychologist joining us next hour to talk about that.
So we're on, not the verge of this, we're in the beginning of this.
And it's pretty powerful that we've got their number.
It's a big tool, and no show, and I'm not trying to single myself out, believe me.
It's a lot safer for me.
See, I'll do whatever it takes to tell the truth, under imprisonment death, but I'd rather fix this easily, and I'd rather have everybody else adopt the perspective I've got, see it for themselves, take the red pill, because they don't parrot what I say.
They take the red pill, they put the glasses on, like they live, and they see it.
They wake up, they stop being naive, they open their eyeballs up, they open their brain up.
And then everyone adopts this perspective and we win.
If Alex Jones is still the cutting edge, if Alex Jones is still the best, every day that I'm the best analyst, every day that I'm the sharpest, every day that I'm the best, and I am still better than anyone.
Not at presentation.
Tucker Carlson's the best at that, and he's at my level and in some areas past it, but when it gets into absolute mass spectrum understanding, I am still numero uno.
Well, you don't want to be a top general in a fight strutting around in your official uniform, do you?
But this show is, this broadcast still is, number one.
The most accurate predictions, the greatest historical understanding.
We're the best there is.
And the enemy knows it.
Do you know that?
I'm going to say this again right now because nothing is more frustrating than this.
We've cut staff, we've cut back, we've cut to the bone around here.
You see these lying articles, have all this money, it's all a damn lie.
And I am so sick of treading water.
But that's the way God wants us, that's the way it is.
I have so much I want to do.
Plus these are great products you need.
I, literally, I've had meetings with my accountants and with the groups in the bankruptcy, the reorganization, and they're like, can you get a little more money in here?
Because we're battling all these leftist organizations trying to shut us down.
And there's literally just enough to operate.
And month after month for a year in bankruptcy, this happens.
And to be sitting here, flogging this thing, and to just have enough funds to operate, you're probably about to see my pillar go down.
You know, he's a funny, you know, goofball like I am, but he's done a lot of great work.
They're targeting him, the CIA is.
Oh, I'm sure once Lindell goes down, which is I'd say about an 80% chance now, maybe People will be like, oh my God, we need to support him.
Well, you know how much hard it is to reconstitute a system once it's taken decades to set up to then just put it back together again?
Then it takes five times more money to do that.
So, on my children, on my soul, we need funds.
And it's not even insurmountable.
We need like a half million dollars more A month to completely stabilize and do a first class job beating all these attacks and get a few new reporters and have funds to go out and cover big events that always go viral, brings in more listeners, breaks through the censorship.
It has us win.
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So it puts me in this trap.
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Defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
It's a powerful, important book, full of the enemy's operations, what makes them operate, and how to defeat them.
But really, it's a fundraiser.
Get a signed or unsigned copy.
The signed copies are $99.
The signed copies are $24.
It's a big, thick, hardcover.
We need money.
So where were you when the fight went down?
I know a bunch of listeners support us, and I appreciate you, and I'm not complaining at anybody.
But I don't see how anybody that's paid attention to this sits there on the fence.
I know there's ads everywhere, promotions everywhere, and all this crap.
But, I mean, who really has delivered?
Who really is the tip of the spear?
Who has broken the majority of the big stories?
Who does the enemy really hate?
Because here's the thing.
I hate begging for your support, but there's something I hate way more, and that's giving up.
So it is your decision whether or not to keep us on air.
It is your decision whether or not to share the articles and videos.
It is your decision whether or not to pray for us.
And I really think we've got an important mission to continue on, especially now that most people now agree with us.
All I get to love on the street.
I got a lot of hate a few years ago.
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Roger Stone has got huge breaking news on the Trump front.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
Hillary Clinton, we played the video already twice today, said there needs to be a formal deprogramming Trump supporters, the FBI has declared Trump supporters terrorists.
That's what they've done.
They really did it back in the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism in 2021, but now they've officially done it.
This is really turning a lot of heads.
It's absolutely illegal.
Congress has to defund the FBI right now.
I mean, remember the left bitching that the FBI was violating the rights of Muslims, and I thought that was dangerous because I said it'll end up doing to everybody.
And now, they're openly trying to outlaw their political opposition.
Senator Josh Hawley has agreed with that.
I can't think of a better time to get former political prisoner, former host of the War Room of Owen Schroyer, Roger Stone on.
In fact, when Owen's in prison, Starting on the 24th, hopefully we can get you scheduled, Sam Roger, to come and host the show for him while he is in the brig or in the huskow.
So let's definitely get some days penciled in for you to come in and host a few hours of your old show.
Obviously, the McCarthy thing's huge.
All this is huge.
Trump's set to go to D.C.
Will he really go to the speakership?
Now he's endorsed Jordan after saying he would be drafted into the speakership.
I think it's a great idea.
Talk about throwing it back in their face.
Roger Stone, there's so many angles to hit, but you're the consummate expert on this.
And of course, a very close confidant of our real president, Donald J. Trump.
So good to have you with us, Roger.
Alex, great to be back with you.
I'd be happy to pick up some of the slack for Owen.
Let's talk about that.
But it would just be great to be back there at the War Room.
I was very proud to be a Co-host there for almost 18 months.
What we've seen in Washington is seismic.
This is not supposed to happen.
I think Matt Gaetz is an individual of enormous courage.
This idea that he that he moved to vacate the chair, i.e.
remove Speaker McCarthy out of some personal ambition or to get the limelight or because he wanted to raise money.
All of that is absurd.
He is now a target of the Deep State.
My sources tell me that Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy will now team up to try to expel him from the House entirely.
That, of course, would require a two-thirds vote, a tall but not impossible barrier when you combine every lockstep left-wing Democrat and rhino Republicans.
I haven't had a chance to do the math, but it may actually be possible.
Well, that's right.
And he just tweeted today, with Hillary attacking him, that he will not kill himself.
Well, she's beyond belief.
I mean, this is going all the way back to calling us deplorables.
This idea that we denigrate those who disagree with us politically, that we would seek to outlaw their views.
I mean, what are we talking about here?
Prosecution for thought crimes?
It really is a slippery slope, but If you have been in their sights as you have been, as I have been, as General Flynn has been, as President Trump is today, it's a very dangerous and scary place to be in America today.
Roger, it's surreal.
I mean, they're openly Trying to outlaw Trump supporters and saying we're the main terror threat and saying the FBI is gonna be watching all of us.
It's got to be abolished.
I mean, when they call it a minority, even if it was a minority, like Hillary said, we don't deserve to be persecuted.
No, we're the largest political bloc out there.
80 plus million people, they really won, 90 plus million.
And now they've indicted him and all this.
To try to stop him from being able to run.
They've been caught everywhere meddling with big tech to manipulate elections.
They've been caught red-handed and now they go, well, we're just going to declare the Trump supporters the main terror threat and have an FBI task force in an election against the presidential front-runner in the primary and the general election by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
This makes the stuff the Church Committee investigated look like child's play.
Well, and you also see the way that they're now targeting Elon Musk, which is just beyond belief.
We're now investigating his acquisition of what was then Twitter.
Six criminal investigations, just like that.
And he's not a, you know, he is, generally speaking, one of the wealthiest men on the planet.
He's a member of the political establishment, but he's stepped out of line, and he's allowed there to be, you know, a substantial modicum of free speech on his platform, and therefore he must be investigated.
It's almost beyond belief.
And his reason is, I don't want World War III, I like living, I have eight children.
Yeah, this I think was probably the straw that broke the camel's back for the rebels in the House, was not that Kevin McCarthy ignored his commitments for spending reform, he ignored his commitments to move towards term limits, he ignored his commitments to make the January 6th camera footage public, but it was the secret backroom deal
to finance the war in Ukraine that I think really hastened the move by Matt Gaetz and the
Band of Eight to remove him.
These people seem committed to World War III.
We have no peace talks going on.
That's the part I really don't understand.
I would like to see us avert the killing, but I'd also like to see us avert World War III, to which we are moving closer and closer.
And no military expert that I know, or those that I consult, There's so many things going on.
holds that the Ukrainians are kicking the daylights out of the Russians.
I don't think that is the case, but I think it is the single most dangerous thing going
on in the world today.
No, I would not like to see World War III.
There's so many things going on.
How is Trump doing?
You know, I think that from a political point of view, I'm not a lawyer, as you know, and
this legal decision against him in New York, I just think to the average person looks extraordinarily
The idea that first we have the verdict, then we have the trial.
Right there.
People say that doesn't seem very fair.
It doesn't seem very American.
Alex, you've been subjected to that same thing.
And then this idea that Trump's not rich.
Trump's not wealthy.
Who in their right mind believes that?
Where are the victims?
Who was victimized?
Are the banks suing Trump?
No, they got paid in full and at a healthy interest rate at that.
They had their own lawyers.
They had their own appraisers.
So I think from strictly a political point of view, Trump was very effective when there were breaks in the official proceedings, when people saw this demonic-like judge grinning, when they see The Attorney General Letitia James say, I never said that I was out to get Donald Trump.
And then they play, you know, 20, 30 individual audio and video bites of her saying exactly that on the campaign stump.
So I predict again.
After a few days of settlement here, Trump will go up further in the polls and millions more in small and medium-sized contributions will pour into his campaign.
I think at least this civil case within the tsunami of lawfare against him has once again worked to his advantage and worked against theirs.
The decision itself, I'm told, will go to appeal.
That appeal could take several years.
But in the meantime, you know, they're holding up his business licenses, his ability to do business in New York State.
And I guess the status of his iconic real estate properties are in question.
Historically, let's imagine we're looking at this for 500 years in the future.
The Democrats are super unpopular.
They're falling apart.
Everyone's turning against them.
So they're trying to cement control and basically bring in a Venezuelan-style system where you still have elections, but everybody knows they're a fraud.
I don't think America's Venezuela for all our problems.
I don't see this going well.
They seemed outright panicked.
We've seen Clapper and Brennan and a bunch of them saying, oh, Trump's going to arrest us and put us in jail.
He's a dictator.
We saw the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley, saying that.
But it's total projection.
They're the ones saying they're going to arrest Trump supporters.
They're the ones saying we're going to use anti-terror against it.
They're the ones censoring us.
They're the ones surveilling us.
And the public is getting it, not just currently, but it's accelerating.
It's parabolic.
This does not go well for them, but I'm not...
Arrogant like they are, I'm not full of chutzpah and bravado and hubris.
It looks very explosive what they're doing.
I think it's exceedingly dangerous.
Let's be clear.
We are not the ones advocating violence.
We renounce violence.
Violence is not the answer.
This is projection.
This is, once again, Alinsky's rules.
I saw Rachel Maddow several nights ago saying, if Donald Trump is elected in 2024, it'll be the last presidential election we ever have.
I think that's entirely wrong.
I think actually, unless he is elected in 2024, it will be the last presidential election we have.
I really don't think it is a conspiracy theory or outside the pale, the idea that we could go to a I don't think that that's a possibility.
And therefore, under the War Powers Act, the legal mechanism is in place to postpone the
next elections indefinitely.
I don't think that that's a possibility.
Not certain it will happen, but I think it is entirely possible.
And as these poll numbers get worse, as the impact of their policies continue to deteriorate
the Democrats' position among the electorate, I think that becomes more and more of a real
What about the speakership?
Trump reportedly is going to DC.
Trump eyes Capitol visit for first time since January 6th.
He gave a couple comments, as you know, saying, yeah, I'd take that job.
But now he says he supports Jim Jordan.
What's the current calculus?
I think it is unlikely that Donald Trump becomes the speaker.
Would I love it?
I would love it.
But I also think it It doesn't necessarily fit with his drive to regain the presidency.
What's more important than who becomes speaker is how will they proceed.
In other words, if we're right back to business as usual, usual. A big continuing resolution, these omnibus spending
bills, where there really is no reduction in spending, where members can't look at
individual pieces of the budget and make decisions. If we don't move on term limits, if we
don't have some reckoning regarding January 6th and an exploration of the January 6th Committee,
which has very conveniently, I guess, erased all their records.
Then it won't matter who the speaker is because they too will ultimately be replaced.
So it's not just who that person is as much it is.
Are they committed to a reform agenda?
It's hard for me to understand.
Why the House Republicans are not as aggressive as the House Democrats?
I think they're intimidated by the Justice Department and the legacy media, Roger.
Well, that has to be the answer.
I mean, the investigation into Hunter Biden has certainly not been nearly as aggressive as the investigation into a non-existent Russian collusion or January 6th.
All right, Roger.
Let's talk about Hail Mary's.
The globalists are a cornered weasel.
That's being mean to weasels, but it's true.
But what is our Hail Mary's?
I think the answer is these governors, these attorney generals, need to be on all the big talk shows.
Tucker should have both the attorney generals that are doing a great job in Missouri and Louisiana.
There's several of them.
We need to just be on the offense here and just really aggressive and we need to be Also pointing out, they want to get rid of Biden.
The deep state's turning against Biden because, as you predicted two and a half years ago here, now they admit they want Michelle Obama, aka Big Mike.
That's getting ready.
They're now putting out reports that Biden's beating his animals, which we already knew.
So clearly they want to... That's a bunch of questions, but what are our Hail Marys we could be launching here?
These are desperate times.
And then what do you expect to happen with Biden, the election, the shakeup that's clearly going on?
There's a lot there to digest.
I mean, in all honesty, we need to be thinking about how to ensure that the next election is free, fair, honest, and transparent.
I don't have any question that Trump is going to continue to gain political support, enough money necessary to both pay his legal fees and at the same time, finance a campaign for president.
He's never been stronger.
Since he got into politics, I don't consider him a politician, but since he got into politics, then he is at this moment.
By the way, let me interrupt you.
You're totally right.
I should have led the interview with this.
Professor Epstein is on next hour.
He says they're already still in the 2024 election with the censorship, the Google.
All that came out in Congress in the last six months, you know, but they've doubled down.
So as you've been saying, what does Congress do instead of just having hearings?
I'm very interested in that report.
I know he was scheduled to be on yesterday and then there were some technical problems because I was tuning in for that.
So I'm very anxious to see what Google is up to.
Again, we have control of one half of a branch of government.
We either use that to force a reform through the democratic process, or I do think all is lost.
If we have a free, fair, honest election, unencumbered by the manipulation of Silicon Valley and the tech giants, Donald Trump will win.
Otherwise, I fear that we'll have a replay of what we saw last time.
All right.
I've asked a lot of questions.
I've got 10 more, but we only got eight, nine minutes left.
What else is on your radar?
You know, Alex, it's amazing to me that this week I got a subpoena from Hunter Biden's lawyers.
This is just beyond belief.
Hunter Biden's lawyers want to know what I know about How the laptop material became public.
Now in view of the fact that everything I know about Hunter Biden's laptop, I read in the New York Post or subsequently at Breitbart News, the answer would be nothing.
This crazy narrative That the content of Hunter Biden's laptops passed through my hands or the hands of my attorney, Tyler Nixon, prior to publication by the New York Post, is just fiction.
It's insanity.
But this is lawfare.
This is how it works.
They grind you down with enormous legal fees.
I just got a subpoena, as I told you days ago, from the Capitol Police for January 6th.
I tried to stop it.
Yeah, lawfare is a giant problem in the country and it's just continued harassment of patriots.
Now I have to go out and I have to go hire a Delaware attorney because this matter was brought in the Delaware Superior Court, where I'm unrepresented, to try to quash it.
It's a fishing expedition.
But you see, like you, Alex, I'm clickbait.
So to the extent that you can throw my name in a headline, whether the story itself is accurate or not, it's almost immaterial.
Trump, what else?
I know you're going to private advice you give him.
I know he listens to you.
What could Trump be doing different right now?
He seems strong.
They're trying their gag orders, as you predicted, while they attack him in press conferences.
What else can Trump do?
Well, actually, his lawyers in the last 72 hours, I think it is, filed some very strong motions to dismiss in D.C., also to dismiss the documents case.
I'm a little perplexed about why They waited so long to try to move the Fulton County Georgia matter to federal court where his claim to do that is much stronger than say Mark Meadows or Jeff Clark based on what I have read.
But there does seem to be a new aggressiveness on the behalf of the president's lawyers.
I think that is a good thing.
thing. This is going to be fought out in the political realm, but obviously also going to be
fought out in the courtrooms. And I'm glad to see him taking, or his lawyers taking, a more
aggressive stance. Beyond that, his mood continues to be amazing. Now, in New York, watching him in
these breaks between the proceedings, I don't think I've ever seen him that angry in my entire life.
It was a controlled anger, but he was- I was about to say, while you were talking, I told the crew, pull up Trump at the New York fraud case.
He was like laser beam eyes.
You know that meme of the eyes glowing red?
He walked in there and was staring them down.
Yeah, he was furious.
He's angry as I've ever seen him.
And you can understand it.
I mean, he built a great company.
There is no victim.
He defrauded nobody.
This is a politically motivated prosecution.
And it's one of many.
But that is not the look of a happy man right there.
Not at all.
Why does Trump scare the hell out of the left?
Because I think he now, now that he is awake, this is a different Donald Trump that went to Washington in 2017.
This is somebody who fully understands the epic corruption of the Uniparty and the two-party duopoly.
Well, that's my next question.
What does he do when he gets in?
Because, yeah, they're trying to put us all in jail.
We've done nothing wrong.
They've committed a bunch of crimes.
It's actually true.
He's going to throw their ass in jail.
Well, but he also believes in the rule of law.
I'm not sure that they do, but he certainly does.
So he's going to need an attorney general.
He's going to need cabinet members who are faithful to the America First agenda, but also faithful to the U.S.
You can't, you can't Criticize them and then act the way they do.
So everything he has to do, if he returns to power, has to be done constitutionally.
The tools are there, but it has to be done, I think, absolutely consistent with the law and the Constitution.
Melania, we want to get into inside baseball, but she has not been seen in five or six months.
How's she doing?
Everything I hear is very good.
I mean, look, she has never loved the national spotlight.
She's a very private person.
She's an excellent mother.
Her son, her youngest son, is now, I believe, in his senior year in high school.
She doesn't want to live in a fishbowl.
Blame her for that, but any claim that she is less than supportive of her husband's campaign for president is categorically false, and I think you will see her on the campaign trail down the road when it's appropriate.
In the meantime, he certainly is putting the time in in Iowa and in New Hampshire, and he is clearly on a path to be re-nominated And I think ultimately re-elected.
It is the single best, and I think perhaps the only way to save the country.
No, I agree.
And imagine when he's there next week in the Speaker vote, that's going to be, that is just totally, nothing the left's doing is working.
So they go, oh, let's say he's not rich.
Oh, let's say he's a criminal.
People see right through it.
Roger, what's the best website for people to find all things Roger Stone?
They can go to StoneZone.com, StoneZone.com, and they can check out my show every day at 5 o'clock Eastern at StoneZone.live.
Thank you, Alex, and have a great weekend.
You too, brother.
All right.
Speaking of Professor Epstein, that had technical difficulties yesterday, he's going to go.
I'm not even going to talk.
I'm going to literally just turn my mic off.
I'm going to try to give him the floor and say, give us the data dump.
He's got his big report on how they're already stealing the 2024 election.
That is coming up next hour.
So, Professor Epstein is joining us straight ahead.
We're going to go right to him on the other side.
Some stations don't carry the first five, that's fine.
We'll get in his curricula vitae, who he is for people who don't know.
One of the leading experts out there on this fraud.
And we're going to give him the floor.
I'm going to skip a few of the breaks in the next hour.
Please remember, We have millions of viewers, but you're already awake.
That's great.
You're amazing.
We want the prodigal son.
We want the prodigal daughter.
We want the new people that don't know, that are hungry for the truth now.
Take the feed.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Take the feed.
Video from the Alex Jones Channel on Man.
Go to Man.
Click on the Alex Jones feed.
You'll see the live feed right there.
Share that link.
And tell everybody you know and those you don't know, tune in now with Dr. Epstein to look at how they're stealing the election.
Hey, there's a top expert on election fraud on dropping huge truth bombs right now.
Tune in.
And once we archive this tonight to Bandot Video, take it and share it.
We're in an info war.
The whole Q thinks that we were going to win.
We were invincible.
That was a lie.
No, it's up to all of us to do it.
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The 2024 election is already being stolen.
We have a top expert who testified to Congress and laid out a lot of key information with us for the next hour.
A lot of people have been tuned in wanting to hear this.
We were unable to finish our interview yesterday because of technical difficulties.
Dr. Robert Epstein is our guest.
Doctor, a few stations don't carry this segment, but I don't want to waste your time.
Give us a prelude of what's coming up.
We'll go to break, join a whole bunch of radio stations, and give you the floor on the next hour.
Well, first of all, the link that people should go to is my Google Research That's probably the one and only link, mygoogleresearch.com, because that has videos and it has links to my scientific publications and articles I've written.
So there's lots of information there about the work that my team and I do, which is unique in the world.
All very scientifically rigorous, published in peer reviewed journals.
So it's mygoogleresearch.com.
That's also important because The work I'm going to describe to you is very expensive to do.
We're doing the one thing we know that will stop these tech companies, that will make them accountable to the public for the first time, that will stop them from manipulating our elections and indoctrinating our children.
And we need a lot of financial support to make this happen.
We currently have almost 12,000 field agents.
Uh, in all 50 states, they're all registered voters.
We pay them a token fee of $25 a month.
That's all.
But if you take 12,000, and that's by the way, a small fraction of the people we're going to need so that our data are admissible in court, uh, and can be used to stop these companies, uh, 12,000 times $25 a month, do the math.
That's about $300,000 a month just in these small amounts that we're paying these wonderful people who are allowing us to monitor real content coming into their computers from the big tech companies.
That's the only way to know for sure what they're doing and we're recording all that information.
We are recording information that these tech companies never thought anyone would record.
It's what they call internally at Google Ephemeral content.
So if that phrase, if you've never heard it, write it down, remember it.
It's running the world right now.
Ephemeral content.
That's what they call this content that they use to manipulate us and our kids.
So is that like almost subliminal?
It's real quick.
It leaves it in our mind.
It's almost subliminal.
It's content like search results.
Search suggestions, news feeds, it's content that's generated for all of us on the fly.
It's personalized very often and it affects us.
We click on something and then poof, like a puff of smoke, it disappears.
And guess what?
It's gone.
Oh, thank you so much for putting that up.
I love that.
It is gone forever, just like a puff of smoke.
It disappears forever and, uh, And in 2018, there was a leak of emails from Google to the Wall Street Journal in which Google employees were discussing how they could use, and I quote, ephemeral experiences to change people's views about Trump's travel ban.
This phrase, if you've never heard it, is one of the most important phrases you'll ever hear in your whole life.
When I saw that in the Wall Street Journal, my head just was spinning because We had been doing research since 2013, very rigorous research, showing the power that online ephemeral experiences have to change people's thinking and behavior and to change their votes.
And we were stunned By the results that we were getting, we're still stunned 11 years later and we're doing more and more of this research and we're finding all kinds of ways in which Google and other companies are using ephemeral experiences and content that's fleeting, disappears in a puff of smoke, is stored nowhere.
Leaves no paper trail. - All right, stay right there. A lot of people are tuned in right now, like Roger Stone, tuned
in yesterday, and you had to go because of problems.
Everybody, including Roger, watch right now. Share it with everybody you know. Talk about it. Tune into Dr. Epstein.
This is stuff they don't want you to know. Straight ahead.
Everybody, share the word. Now we'll be right back. I can't get no relief. Knowledge is power. The people perish for
lack of knowledge.
All right, the big interview everybody wants to hear.
One of the leading experts, behavioral psychologist, on how they're already stealing the 2024 election.
Everything he broke years ago was documented to be true, and he joins us right now.
Briefly, for new viewers and listeners, tell us your background, who you are.
Most folks know who you are in this audience, but recap that, and then let's get into your deep dive.
Investigation, we'll put your website up on screen, your big report, Google triple threat to democracy, our children and our minds, what's really going on.
This is the same stuff going into AI.
We're so blessed to have you.
So, Doc, you've got the floor.
Thank you, sir.
First of all, the website you want to have in mind is mygoogleresearch.com.
That'll get you to pretty much everything, including that report that Alex was just so kindly holding up.
My background is roughly as follows.
I have a Ph.D.
from Harvard University in experimental psychology.
I was the last doctoral student of one of the most famous psychologists who ever lived, B.F.
I've published 15 books and more than 350 articles in scientific journals and mainstream publications.
I was editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine for four years and was an editor at Scientific American for, I think, 15 years.
So I have lots of credentials.
Most of my career, I've worked as a professor.
And for the last 11 plus years, I've been doing extensive research on new forms of manipulation that the internet has made possible.
I've been a researcher altogether for more than 45 years.
The last 11 years have been incredibly intense and a little bit dangerous, frankly.
My team and I are the only team in the world that is now focusing on new forms of manipulation that the internet has made possible.
Many of these new techniques are in the hands of just one company, namely Google.
And bottom line, this relates to what Alex just said a minute ago, if we don't stop them, and we can stop them, and I need your help to stop But if we don't stop them in the 2024 election, Google alone will be able to shift between 6.4 and 25.5 million votes to one candidate.
Now, I happen to lean left myself, so I might even like the candidate that they're shifting votes to.
But I don't like the fact that they're undermining democracy, that they are picking our presidents and our senators and our members of Congress and our attorneys general.
I don't like that.
You shouldn't like that.
You shouldn't allow that.
And they're also indoctrinating our children on a massive scale.
I'm a father of five.
I don't like that either.
I'm going to tell you what I want from you.
And I shouldn't do that till the end, but I'm going to tell you now and then I'll repeat it when I'm done giving you all the details here about how I've come to learn what I have learned.
What I'm going to need from you, if you can do it, if you have the means, is to sponsor a field agent.
We now have just short of 12,000 field agencies.
They're all registered voters in all 50 states.
And these wonderful people, these are, these are real patriots.
These people have allowed us to install special software in their computers.
And they do all of this in secret.
Just like the Nielsen families helped the Nielsen company to rate television shows.
All of our field agents help us to monitor the content that Google and other companies are sending direct to voters, to children.
These people have allowed us to install special software in their computers so that we can monitor content on their screens 24 hours a day.
Let's be clear, that's the ephemeral, the stuff that's not stored, but is the covert, subliminal garbage.
That's right, and I have to emphasize here, because Alex, you're absolutely right, that this word ephemeral is so important because these companies Never, ever imagine that anyone would be able to capture this kind of content because by definition it appears, it just disappears like a puff of smoke.
It's gone forever and there's no record of it.
There's no way for authorities to go back and trace it.
That's why these companies use this kind of content.
To manipulate us and our kids, and that is what my team has figured out how to preserve.
And again, I'm not a psychological expert like you, but just to interrupt quickly, I noticed about a year ago, CNN started on its front page headlines that are never true and are ten times crazier.
When you link to the article, the headline isn't that, and you go back, that headline's gone.
But it still creates a perception.
That's correct.
That's an excellent example of ephemeral content that has an impact on you.
That's called clickbait.
And that is ephemeral content that gets you to click on something, gets you to do something, takes you somewhere.
And it might take you somewhere that affects how you think about an issue, about a candidate.
And then it disappears and it's gone.
And there's no way you can go back in time and trace it.
And that's what we have learned how to preserve.
And as of this moment in time, we are just a few numbers short of having preserved 48 million ephemeral experiences on Google and other platforms.
Now think about that.
Again, these companies never imagined that anyone would preserve any of this kind of content.
And we're preserving content, believe me, that they have no idea we're preserving, that they thought would be impossible to preserve.
We're doing this through this nationwide panel of people we call field agents, all registered voters, and many of them have allowed us to sign up their children so that we can look at content coming into their children's devices.
I see it everywhere.
I'm not a computer scientist or psychological expert like you, trained by, you know, the top guy of the century.
But I see this where they show it and it disappears.
They're hoping no one's recording this.
So you've got 12,000 people that know how to screenshot this and how to record this and create logs of it.
This is important.
Well they're not screenshotting it, that's the thing.
Our software is passive monitoring software that we developed from scratch starting in 2016.
We were urged to do this, challenged to do this by an Attorney General of one of the southern states.
He was AG of Mississippi at the time, Jim Hood.
And we have developed this system, we've strengthened it over the years, and we've been collecting with each election more and more data.
We're about to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding the 2.5 million ephemeral experiences we collected in the days leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.
We have overwhelming evidence of extreme political bias sufficient in 2022 to have shifted tens of millions of votes in one direction.
Probably not a direction you would like.
And, uh, you know, we know, for example, in that election, based on our data, uh, that if Google were taken out of that election, had not been interfering with its ephemeral content, then the GOP would now have in the Senate between a two and eight seat majority.
What they actually have is a two seat minority.
So what Google is doing has an impact.
In 2020, our data showed without any doubt that Google shifted more than 6 million votes to Joe Biden.
So if you take Google out of that election, then the popular vote would have been very close and Trump would have won 11 of the 13 swing states, not five.
Which is what he actually won.
He would have won 11 of the 13 swing states.
You take Google out of the picture, and he would have been re-elected as president.
And you have all the data.
That's why this is so key.
They don't steal it the day of the election like everybody thinks.
They steal it just like blocking the Hunter Biden investigation.
That's a microcosm.
They do it by what they show you, what they do, and by this stealth Propaganda that disappears like, like, like, like, like in Mission Impossible.
They give them the order and then the order blows up.
So it's gone.
But you're saving it forever.
That's right.
We're not only preserving it, we're archiving it and we've learned how to analyze it faster and faster.
And so what we're going to be providing very soon, just a matter of weeks, We're going to be providing a live dashboard where all Americans and journalists and members of Congress can actually see the bias that is being presented to our voters and the bizarre content that's being presented to our kids.
You can go to AmericasDigitalShield.com if you want a preview of what's coming.
So you're going to turn human intelligence loose against this AI?
Well, what we're doing is we are turning tech, good tech, against bad tech.
Because laws and regulations move very, very slowly.
And our government in Washington, D.C.
is completely dysfunctional.
So there's really no chance at all that laws and regulations are going to take on this problem and address it effectively.
Uh, but monitoring is tech monitoring moves as fast as tech moves and monitoring sheds light, shines the light on what these companies are doing.
Monitoring makes these companies accountable to the public for the first time.
Does this work?
Oh yeah.
Because on November 5th, 2020.
Senator Ted Cruz and two other senators, based on my data that we had collected in the days leading up to that election, that presidential election, sent a very threatening letter to the CEO of Google, two pages long.
If you want to look at it, it's lettertogoogleceo.com, lettertogoogleceo.com.
You can look at the actual letter sent by three senators to the CEO of Google.
Very threatening, saying, you know, these are data that Epstein and his team have been collecting.
How do you account for this?
And on that day, November 5th, 2020, Google shut down all of its election manipulations in Georgia, and they remained shut down in Georgia until the two Senate runoff elections were held on January 5th, 2021.
How do we know they were shut down?
How do we know Google pulled out?
Because we had more than a thousand field agents in Georgia.
We preserved more than a million ephemeral experiences in Georgia.
We saw Google shut off the bias in their search results.
We saw Google turn off its partisan Go Vote reminders.
Think about that as a manipulation.
That's ephemeral.
When on their homepage they put a big sign saying Go Vote.
What if they're sending that mainly to members of one party?
Which they do.
How do we know that?
Because we're monitoring.
We're capturing those homepages.
We're capturing millions of them.
We are accumulating data that is going to be admissible in any court in the United States.
That can be used by the Federal Election Commission, the FCC, the FTC, to take these companies on.
Look how they admit in mainstream articles that none of the Democrat challengers are even listed by Google, which is 93% of search results.
And now they're saying if RFK Jr.
campaigns in Iowa or other states, he can't be elected there.
He can't be on the ballot.
I mean, they're fixing it in front of everybody.
Well, yes, but there's a big difference between people kind of getting that impression and coming up with anecdotes and a team like ours and 12,000 field agents like ours actually documenting this.
Documenting it in a way that makes it court admissible, you know, because our field agents are politically balanced.
We're gathering representative samples of people in all 50 states.
Uh, we've hit our minimum thresholds now in 10 states.
We'll hit those minimum thresholds in five more states within the next few weeks.
We're doing well, but we're still building.
And if, and we're paying just $25 a month to these heroes and we need to, and I'm starting today, starting right now, starting on your show, cause this, you're the guy who can make this happen.
We need to have a national campaign.
We need to get tens of thousands of Americans.
To commit to sponsoring field agents, which is $25 a month.
You can go to mygoogleresearch.com.
All donations are tax deductible because we're a 501c3.
Public charity.
So it's MyGoogleResearch.com.
We need tens of thousands of Americans to sponsor these amazing people whom we call our field agents.
I totally agree.
So everybody wants to know the Google triple threat, what they're currently doing.
Everything you said six, seven years ago in Congress came true.
It happened.
You were dead on.
What are they currently doing?
What's happening?
Well, what's happening, in fact, we're monitoring this now in real time because we're collecting massive amounts of data 24 hours a day.
So I can give you a glimpse of some of the things that are really happening.
First of all, in Google searches, anything that's election related, the content going to people in all 50 states.
Now think about that.
The content is heavily biased towards Democrats.
Now that's in content they're sending people through search results on Google
to people in all 50 states.
Now we have on our dashboard, which is at americasdigitalshield.com,
we have these two maps side by side.
And on one map you see whether the state is red or blue.
And of course, most of the states are red.
The other map you're seeing the political bias in Google content going to people in all 50 states and every single state is blue.
Now that's that's wrong.
That's absolutely dead wrong.
That undermines the free and fair election.
Let me also point out here that we're talking about shifts in the millions.
This isn't like ballot stuffing and ballot harvesting, which here and there makes a difference of a few hundred or maybe thousands of votes.
What Google is doing shifts votes by the millions.
It also costs them nothing to do these things.
For them to send out partisan go-vote reminders, or partisan register-to-vote reminders, or partisan mail-in-your-ballot reminders costs them zero.
So we need your help.
We need every one of you, if you have the means, to sponsor one of our field patients.
No, you're right.
We'll talk about that more, but let's get those particulars here.
You're right.
This is election meddling.
This is campaign money.
But it's digital, and Google's just doing it, so it's off the books.
Yes, it's off the books, except for us, because we're capturing it.
We're capturing all this ephemeral content.
See those two states side by side, the maps of the 50 states?
And you'll see how the reality is that most states are red, but on the right-hand graph, that right-hand picture, you're seeing the political bias that Google is sending out to registered voters in all 50 states, red or blue, doesn't matter to them.
They are sending out highly biased content.
And we know from experiments we've been running since 2013, these are controlled experiments published in peer-reviewed journals.
We know that if you send people biased content in Google search results, that brings them to biased web pages.
And if those people are undecided, if their opinions have not been made up, that shifts between 20 and 80 percent of undecided voters like that.
Without their awareness that they're being manipulated.
So what that comes down to is in a national election, that means Google, because of what it was doing in 2020, was easily able to shift more than 6 million votes to Joe Biden.
It means in 2016, Google easily shifted more than 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton.
It means that next year, if If we're not running, if we're not operating, and we're not getting the word out 24 hours a day about what they're doing, in other words, if we're not shining the light on them next year, they will shift.
Google alone will shift between 6.4 and 25.5 million votes in the presidential election.
They'll also be affecting all of the senatorial and congressional elections as well.
Every election in the country, they will be manipulating, and that will determine who controls Congress.
That will determine the governors of our states.
The power they have is, in my opinion, it's obscene.
It's obscene.
I have to use a word like that because it's obscene.
No company, no dictator in history has ever had this kind of power because they're exercising this power, not just in the United States.
They're exercising this power all over the world.
I was just approached a couple of days ago by an official in South Africa, begging us to help them set up a monitoring system.
I said, no.
That's the seventh country, by the way, that's approached us.
And I said, no, because in this case, here's one case, one instance where I actually agree with Donald Trump.
No, in this case, it's America first.
We have to do this here first.
Now, this is a very, very expensive project.
Even paying $25 a month for our field agents, since we have now almost 12,000 of them, do the math, that's about $300,000 a month.
just giving paying this token amount of money to these wonderful people
so we need a nationwide campaign in which tens of thousands of americans
setup uh... i should say stand up
uh... and commit to sponsoring a field agent which is twenty five dollars a month
what you predicted seven years ago it all came true and three years ago it came true
We need human intelligence with the program watching it and showing us they disappear it.
They disappear it.
They disappear the links.
They don't think Congress is going to watch.
Congress is still super ignorant, but they're way more awake than they were a few years ago to this going on.
Well let me just give you some examples here because one of the papers that we're about to publish and you can access it at searchsuggestioneffect.com is about those search suggestions they flash at you when you're typing a search term.
We've shown in controlled experiments that those search suggestions can turn a 50-50 split into a 90-10 split with no one having the slightest idea that they have been manipulated.
Think about that.
That's entirely under their control and they never in a million years imagined that anyone would capture those very rapidly disappearing search suggestions.
We're capturing them.
In recent months we have we've captured more than 21 million search suggestions and we're finding out all kinds of things about search suggestions that Google lies about.
Google lies and claims that in search suggestions they never include negative suggestions about anybody.
And that's not true.
They include negative suggestions about people they don't like, about candidates they don't like.
For candidates they do like, they suppress the negative suggestions.
They show only positive ones.
If people click on those, that takes them.
The web pages that make that candidate look good.
Dr. Epstein, stay there.
I want to come back and talk about this, but I'm not a computer expert like you, but I remember Just six, seven, eight years ago, if I used a Google search for a gas station or a restaurant, wherever I was, in New Jersey, in California, Minnesota, Texas, it would show me every restaurant, every gas station.
Now you click it, and I'm like, wait, there's a gas station right there, and right there, and right there, but it doesn't tell you they're there, and you missed the gas station.
So it's not just political.
If you're not paying them, they don't even tell you.
Then it's there.
So we're going to come back and talk about it.
It's not just politics, folks.
It's everything.
So you trust this group.
You trust this organization.
It's lying to you at every front.
The real answer is get rid of Google and don't use it.
But it's still got 90 plus percent of global searches.
Are there searches that are good?
We'll ask.
Dr. Epstein, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Here he is right here.
Let's go.
Sundar, you know Google is helping China with Dragonfly, and you know they're helping Sensor, and you know they've sold this country out, and you won't even help the Pentagon, you'll help the Chi-Coms.
You bet on the wrong country, Sundar!
You know they're helping censor.
You know that he sold this country out.
And he won't even help the Pentagon, he'll help the Choc-Nogs.
You bet on the wrong country, Sundar.
Here he goes, ladies and gentlemen.
That guy is going to be in the whole Congress without censoring.
He's a lie to Congress.
And you'll be arrested just like that Chinese spy got arrested in Canada two weeks ago.
All these people get censored.
Sundar, you know they're not Americans.
You can't work with Chinese.
You can't work with communist Chinese, Sundar.
You can't work with communist Chinese on a grand plot censoring and rounding up dissidents.
Sundar is arresting dissidents in China.
Apple is working with China to suppress their people.
Sundar, you're engaged in treason.
You've had Google executives lie to Congress and you're not censoring conservatives.
Sundar, you will not silence the people!
Your censorship will not work anymore, Sundar!
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people, and gaming your search results.
Google is evil!
I've done a pretty good job shutting up, and I brought a lot of good points up to Dr. Epstein, but Doc?
I'm gonna shut up now for the next 25 minutes, we have left this hour, and just get into what we had happened before, what's happening now, what we can do.
You're hosting right now, you've been proven right, they're so arrogant, and it's so incredible, we are literally enthralled, we are captured by these people.
Wow, first of all, I have to say that I was just blown away by the footage you just showed.
I had no idea.
I would have come on your show years ago had I known that you have these strong interests that overlap with my own.
I just didn't even know that.
So I have to applaud you on your courage for speaking out against Google because, as you know, when you speak out against Google, you pay a price, and I'm sure you've paid a big price.
Yeah, and when they come after you, one of the things they do is they demote you, they delete you, and your traffic takes a tremendous hit.
They took away 90% of the traffic from Breitbart a few years ago.
They can take down anybody and they do so... But if humans are aware of it, they can boost us back.
And that's why sharing our links, your links, my links are capital.
So let's talk about this.
What's happening?
You documented the election theft.
What should Congress do?
I'm going to shut up.
Just talk.
Everybody tunes in.
They want to know the next enemy attack.
Google triple threat.
A lot of folks are tuning in right now.
I'm going to shut up.
You've got the floor.
Well, first of all, please help us.
Please go to mygoogleresearch.com.
It's got links to lots and lots of content, and it has links to where you can Make a donation.
You can support a field agent for $25 a month.
Your gift is fully tax deductible.
And we desperately need help.
So today, really, I'm launching a campaign on Alex Jones' show, which we're calling Sponsor a Field Agent.
We've got to come up with a better name for the campaign, obviously.
But anyway, we're starting the campaign literally today.
We need you to help us.
We have almost 12,000 field agents.
As of tomorrow, we'll break 12,000.
Uh, in all 50 states, they're politically balanced.
We have preserved now, uh, almost 48 million ephemeral experiences on Google and other platforms, ephemeral experiences.
That's the fleeting kind of puff of smoke content that they use to manipulate us and our children.
They never thought anyone, anyone would ever be able to preserve that kind of content because it normally leaves no paper trail.
That's what we've learned how to preserve.
I've been studying new forms of manipulation since 2013.
Since 2016, I've been building bigger and bigger monitoring systems that preserve this extremely dangerous content.
And if you go to AmericasDigitalShield.com, you can get a glimpse of one of the public dashboards where you will see in real time the biased content that they are sending To all Americans, partisan go vote reminders, partisan mail-in-your-ballot reminders, you name it and they do it.
Last year, the Republican Party sued Google for diverting tens of millions of emails that the party was trying to send to its constituents.
Tens of millions of emails diverted by Google into spam boxes.
It got thrown out of court almost immediately, partly because they didn't have the data.
We have the data.
That's the point.
These systems, these monitoring systems preserve ephemeral content so that you can go to court And finally, take on these companies, make these companies accountable to the public.
Now, let me just shift over to another kind of manipulation of theirs, which is extremely frightening.
And we call it the YouTube Manipulation Effect.
So we have done experiments.
They're about to be published.
In fact, if you go to YouTubeManipulationEffect.com, you can get a glimpse of a scientific article that'll be coming out very soon.
On YouTube, they control the order of those videos, which videos they're going to suggest.
They call it their Recommender Algorithm.
And they control which video is going to play next automatically if you do nothing.
They have admitted, YouTube, which is part of Google, has admitted that 70% of what people watch on YouTube is suggested by their Recommender Algorithm.
Think about that.
That's worldwide.
Those videos are extremely, extremely persuasive and powerful.
And 70% of the ones people are actually watching are recommended by Google's algorithm.
We've shown in controlled experiments that Just by manipulating those videos in our experiments, we can easily shift the opinions and the voting preferences of undecided voters by 40% or more with no one having the slightest idea that they have been manipulated.
That's an example of the kind of power this company has.
I could go on and on with different areas of research that we've been involved in.
But in fact, what I want to do, which is a little odd, I actually want to read you a couple of sentences from a paper of ours that's going to be available on Monday.
So this is the first time anyone in the public is ever seeing this.
But we have a paper now in which we show, we present controlled experiments in which we show That Google can use its search engine to shift not just voting preferences, but to shift people's thinking about anything.
Now, Alex brought this up just a few minutes ago, but Alex was speculating.
This is no longer speculation because we are about to publish in one of the top scientific journals in the world.
A series of controlled experiments which show that Google can shift people's thinking about anything.
So I'm just going to read you a couple of sentences from this paper, which we'll make available to you, to Alex's audience on Monday.
A couple of sentences here.
We are exposing what might be considered a fatal flaw in search engines.
Namely that even without human intervention, search algorithms will inevitably alter the thinking and behavior of billions of people worldwide on perhaps any topic for which they have not yet formed strong opinions.
Now think about that.
Think about that power.
And they know they have that power and they have been exercising that power deliberately and strategically for years.
This has been confirmed by leaks from the company.
This has been confirmed by whistleblowers.
This is not my imagination.
This is real.
Now I'm going to tell you something that might upset you.
If you haven't been a little bit upset already by what I've revealed, I'm going to tell you something that might upset you because it goes more to maybe some beliefs that you currently have.
A lot of my conservative friends, and I'm not a conservative myself, but I have a lot of conservative friends now because of the research I do.
A lot of my conservative friends are obsessed, and you know what I mean, they're obsessed with all kinds of voting fraud conspiracy theories about ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing and, you know, you know the drill.
And you know what?
All that stuff is true.
It's important.
But all that stuff is competitive.
It's inherently competitive.
It doesn't have much of a net effect on elections.
So why is everyone talking about it?
Why are people obsessed with this stuff?
Because Google and Facebook and other tech companies have spread these stories.
They've spread these stories deliberately so that you won't look at them.
This is what magicians do.
It's called misdirection, right?
That's what magicians do.
Look over here and then they do their trick.
And that's exactly what these companies have done.
If you want to read about my thinking on this issue in detail and how it applies to the 2022 midterm elections, you can go to howgooglestoptheredwave.com.
The point is that Google and other companies are getting you to focus on, well, you know, real manipulations, but they're very small and they're inherently competitive.
The problem is that when a company like Google Wants to support one candidate or one cause or for that matter, what one brand of guitars.
There's nothing you can do to counteract it.
And they can use techniques like the search engine manipulation effect, which involves bias search results.
They can use techniques that you can't even see.
How can you fight that?
You can't even see what they're doing, even though it shifts a lot of thinking, the thinking of millions of people.
And how can you counteract it?
It's not like a billboard.
You know, in other words, if Alex buys a billboard, I can buy two billboards.
Alex buys a TV commercial.
I can buy five TV commercials.
But if a platform like Google, a company like Google, wants to support one candidate or one cause, let's say by sending out partisan vote reminders, there's nothing you can do.
You can't counteract what they're doing.
Generally speaking... So what do you do?
I mean, obviously laws, Congress, organizations exposing it, or just anything.
Don't use Google.
Anything Google's... I mean, is there a search engine that's good, doctor?
In fact, right now, my staff and I, my family, we all use Brave.
So you should use brave.com as your browser.
You can do this on Macs or on PCs.
And Brave has its own search engine now, which doesn't track you.
These are tools that don't track you.
If you're interested in that issue, go to MyPrivacyTips.com.
That's MyPrivacyTips.com, and you'll get to an article of mine, which begins, I have not received a targeted ad on my mobile phone or computer since 2014.
That's MyPrivacyTips.com.
So yes, you can protect yourself to some extent, absolutely.
That's what I do.
Yeah, so search engines and cookies are not just part of it, they're the whole game.
People have to learn about this, they have to take back control.
Well, it's more than that.
Google alone is surveilling you through more than 200 different platforms, most of which people have never heard of.
It's not just through Gmail, which no one should use.
It's not just through Google.com, which no one should use.
Uh, their browser, which is called Chrome, which no one should use.
It's not just through Android phones, which no one should use.
Android is part of Google.
Those are all surveillance.
So you're saying out of all the evil big tech, Google's the kingpin?
Oh, absolutely.
There's no question about it.
I mean, isn't it really the NSA?
Well, they work closely with intelligence companies in the US, but also intelligence organizations around the world.
They have worked closely off and on with the Chinese government.
Yeah, you never hear the Chinese complaining about Google or the EU or any of them.
They love it.
So notice, it's a projection.
Don't be evil.
We are pure evil.
Well, they dropped a... It's so funny because everyone always brings this Don't Be Evil slogan up, but they actually officially dropped that slogan a few years ago.
So I've created an alternative version of it.
I think their current motto is, don't be evil unless it makes us money.
They are the most powerful mind control machine that has ever been invented.
They have more power to shift thinking and behavior and attitudes and beliefs and purchases and votes.
than any company or any dictator has ever had in the history of humankind.
They are impacting more than 5 billion people every single day, and they're doing it in a way that involves very, very intense social engineering.
Well, let's talk about that, but are they feeling any heat?
Or are they more arrogant than ever?
Oh, they're more arrogant than ever.
In fact, one of the leaks from the company is an 8-minute video.
If you go to The Selfish Ledger and then put in my name, so put in Dr. Robert Epstein, The Selfish Ledger.
That's an eight minute video made by their Advanced Products Division which talks about the ability the company has to re-engineer humanity.
They call it behavioral sequencing.
Say that again because I've read that a year ago or something.
I want to see it again.
Very slowly.
Where do we go?
What do we type in?
I want to put this on screen right now.
Type in the selfish ledger.
The selfish ledger.
That's right.
And if you type in my name.
You're going to get to a transcript that I made of this video that has annotations on it.
And you'll also get to a link where you can get to a copy of it that they have not been able to take down.
And this is an eight minute video in which they're talking about the ability the company has to re-engineer humanity.
They call it behavioral sequencing.
And it specifically says, and I'm not kidding you, you just look for yourself if you don't believe me.
It specifically says, To do this according to Google's values.
That's right from this little video.
Google's values.
That's what we're up against here.
And their arrogance knows no bounds.
They are so arrogant.
Well that sounds like Yuval Noah Harari saying the human history is over.
You're just animals.
Big tech rules you.
It's like the Borg.
The Borgs never assimilate you.
They just say we're getting rid of us.
What are Google's values?
Well, some people would say that they're progressive left values.
Some of those I sympathize with, but I don't sympathize with the idea that a private company that's not accountable to the public, to any public, is in control.
So let me just bring you back a few decades to 1961, President Eisenhower's final speech as president.
Everyone knows he warned about the rise of a military-industrial complex, but I went back and read the original speech and was shocked to find... He warned of a technological elite in control of it.
He warned of the rise of a technological elite that would someday control public policy without us being aware, and he said we need to be vigilant.
And we have not been vigilant, and one of the pieces I just wrote for a book that Hillsdale College published is called The technological elite are now in control.
And they are.
But we can stop them.
How do you stop them?
You do what Justice Brandeis said a hundred years ago.
What did he say?
He said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.
And the other half of that quote, which only I know, is that street lamps are the best policemen.
And it's that kind of thinking that has gotten us to develop The world's first nationwide digital shield that will make these companies accountable to the public for the first time ever.
Every single breath they take, we will record.
Analyze and present to the public as rapidly as we can.
If you go to AmericasDigitalShield.com, you'll get a glimpse of one of the public dashboards that's going to be... No, I can't wait.
We'll have you back again next week.
I'm going to talk to Tucker soon.
I'm going to try to get you on the show.
But let's just expand on this.
When we look at their mindset, they're supporting the war in Ukraine, they're supporting open borders.
I don't think they're really liberals.
That's their cover.
These are people that want an AI to take over the planet.
I've read the Google documents from their founding in 1998.
They said, we're building an AI.
That's what Schmidt said to take over the world.
I think that's what we're dealing with.
You know, you're surprising me, Mr. Jones, because I really haven't followed you very closely, and you're surprising me, because your insights are really quite true.
The fact of the matter is that although liberals in this country think Google is their toy that helps them, that Google, if you look what they do, They do something different in each country.
They do whatever serves them the best, and whatever gives them the most power and the most control.
In Cuba, for example, they do not support the left.
The left are in power.
They don't like the people in power.
They support the right.
And of course, they work with the Chinese government, helping China to control its own people.
They do whatever they want to do.
So they're very sociopathic.
Well, they're very self-serving.
Not just in making big bucks, but self-serving in spreading whatever kind of agenda they want to spread.
And it's not as if they announce it.
There's not a statement somewhere saying this is... And from your research, who makes the decision?
Is Sergey Brin and Larry Page still in charge?
Or is it Schmidt?
Or is it Sundar?
Who's making the decisions?
That's not clear anymore.
Remember, those people are still board members.
And remember too, that they hired people over the years that they wanted to work there.
They hired people like themselves.
96% of their donations go to Democrats.
Uh, you know, they're, they have a very strong corporate culture and that corporate culture is progressive left, but who's really calling the shots country by country.
That I don't know.
I do know that we have to have monitoring systems in place.
What do you make of, give us an honest assessment, what do you think of Elon Musk?
Elon Musk is very hard to figure out.
I think if he knew about what we were doing, if I had any way to reach him, I would do it in a flash, because I think if he knew what we were doing, which is preserving data... Well, don't worry, he listens, his people listen every day, so you're talking to Elon Musk right now, so go ahead.
I think he would support us.
I think he would support us in a very big way.
But it's hard to figure him out.
He's a very unique kind of thinker.
Very eclectic.
Very eclectic, very unique in his thinking, and it's hard to even pin down what his politics are.
But he's smart.
He is very smart.
Forget Elon, the fact is you're impressing me quite a bit yourself because you're showing me that you actually understand these issues.
And I've been on dozens and dozens of shows and sometimes I'm talking to people who just don't get it.
And you do.
In fact, you obviously got it before I ever came on this show.
You've obviously understood these issues and the dangers here.
Uh, you do understand them extremely well.
That's very rare.
Senator Ted Cruz is another person who understands these issues.
After I testified before Congress in 2019, by the way, people can watch that at EpsteinTestimony.com.
After I testified before Congress in 2019, Senator Cruz invited me to have a private dinner with him in DC.
And so we talked tech for almost four hours.
The guy really gets it.
But I kept saying, so what are you going to do about it?
And then, then we ran into trouble because he explained to me that the Democrats in this country will do nothing.
Because at the moment, these companies, Google especially, are helping the Democrats and they're also donating big time to the Democrats.
And he said, Republicans don't like regulation.
So where does that leave us?
That leaves us with.
monitoring systems because that's how you make--
You have five more minutes with us, doctor.
Because that's the thing, you can call me a libertarian, except the corporations are bigger than government.
So libertarians, like lead corporations alone, they're bigger and more powerful.
They are the government.
So we need to use government for us against it.
Well, we have to try to get the government on our side, but our government, we have to also admit,
is ineffectual, is dysfunctional.
Uh, you know--
It's like you said, they don't study this.
They don't even understand.
I remember even five years ago when Sundar testified, I was there, they were still asking him, does Google track people?
And he lied and said they don't.
That's an element.
I'm not a tech guy to study this.
That is elementary lie.
Right before I testified in 2019, an executive from Google was under oath.
He was asked by a senator, does Google have blacklists?
And he said, no, Senator, we do not.
That's a blatant lie.
A few weeks later, Zach Voorhees comes out of Google with 950 pages of documents, including three blacklists, which are actually labeled blacklists.
Of course they have blacklists.
Stay right there.
Back in two minutes with Dr. Epstein.
Jay Dyer, always amazing, is set to take over here in about 6-7 minutes.
But we're talking to Dr. Robert Epstein.
Doc, closing comments for this audience.
Well, first of all, I have to say thank you so much for having me on.
Thank you for showing me the deep understanding you have of these issues.
And I also want to address your audience directly, announcing today that we are starting a campaign, a nationwide campaign, to get people to sponsor one of our field agents.
We have almost 12,000 of them now.
We pay them a measly $25 a month.
And for that, they allow us to look over their shoulders, capture content from their computers, and their kids devices as well.
Oh that's what you didn't get to.
You'll come back next week if you can, but you said that beyond election meddling, the
targeting of children, not just in schools, not just in media, but online by Google, which
we're just snapshot singling them out because they're the biggest.
What are they doing to our children?
They're indoctrinating our children in ways that we don't even understand, but we're capturing
That's the most important thing.
We're capturing the data.
There is creepy stuff going to our kids, and it's going through Google and YouTube, which is part of Google.
It is scary as heck.
And next week I'm going to come on and tell you about that, even though I don't really even understand it very well yet.
But yeah, if you just scroll on that page, AmericasDigitalShield.com, you'll see some of the content.
You're a respected top behavioral psychologist and you can't even figure out, you just know it's dark.
We will figure it out.
We run across these things all the time with Google, and we do figure them out.
Sometimes it takes us a while, but we do figure them out one by one by one, and we're going to figure that out too, what they're doing to our kids.
But meanwhile, to your audience, please go to mygoogleresearch.com.
Please sponsor a field agent.
Tax-deductible donation of $25 a month.
It's critically important.
We're the only team in the world, the only research team in the world that's doing this kind of work, that's measuring these manipulations, that's capturing all this ephemeral content, this very dangerous content that's being used to manipulate billions of people around the world.
We cannot do our work without your help.
So please, please, Help us.
And I look forward to coming on again next week and giving you more details, especially about what these companies are doing to our kids.
So if Google's the kingpin, who's under them?
Well, if you go to Google.com and you type the letter A into their search bar, they're going to show you suggestions that you go to visit Amazon.
So Amazon is part of the problem.
To a lesser extent, Microsoft.
Facebook, big time part of the problem.
Instagram, which Facebook owns, part of the problem.
We're starting to monitor everyone.
And if these platforms are sending out partisan go vote reminders or sending creepy stuff to our kids, which they are, Okay.
We are preserving that information.
That's what we're doing.
That's never been done before.
And these companies never imagined that it would ever happen.
And that's what we're doing.
As of this point in time, we're just a hair's breadth away from having preserved in recent months, more than 48 million ephemeral experiences on Google and other platforms.
That's what you can help us do by sponsoring one of our field agents, MyGoogleResearch.com.
Thank you in advance.
Thank you for helping us and thank you, Alex.
I'm tremendously impressed.
I really... Well, I appreciate you.
I appreciate you, Doc.
But we'll talk to you again soon.
We've got big news breaking next week.
I'll just leave it at that.
Let's just all stay tuned in next week.
Big, big, biggest thing we've ever done.
Biggest thing we've ever done next week.
And Dr. Epstein, thank you so much and God bless you and your family.
Thank you, sir.
He didn't make a big deal about it when he was on with us, so I didn't bring it up.
But you know, his wife mysteriously died right after he went public to Congress.
This is a real war, folks.
They are so scared.
But we can defeat this.
Jay Dyer!
Is set to take over and he is the guy that goes right to their documents, right to their plans, right to their own words.
And that's, that's their biggest Achilles heel is they think we're a bunch of animals so they admit the incredible evil they're involved in when they talk to each other like we're not here at the big person table.
It's like Thanksgiving, we're at the kids table, they're at the adult table.
Well, I've been at the adult table since I was a little kid.
So, I'm talking about adult table, big stuff here.
All right, and Owen Schroyer, before he reports to President, is on in about 55 minutes at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We're paying a heavy price to fight for humanity, but we're humans and we're pro-human.
We'll be right back.
I got final words, I got a jade iron.
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He can't even figure out what it is.
It's meant to just destabilize them, scare them, and then bind them to Google with the messages they're sending.
They're just scaring them.
That makes them pay attention so they can control them.
That's the main operational mission there.
I can give you the answer before it comes out.
There are studies, I know that.
It's why they want to trauma-based mind control them with all the pedophilia and garbage.
And so I look back in hindsight on Google and Facebook when they were first getting big, trying to get me to go meet with them, and their vice presidents want me to come, and I didn't do it.
They're like, watch your show today, 50 million views.
Now work with us, that'll continue.
But I didn't, so they banned me.
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Now, the bestselling author of Jay's Analysis joins us right now, Jay Dyer, to lay out the globalist in their own words with smoking gun evidence.
Jay Dyer.
Thank you, Alex.
Glad to be back on the fourth hour.
Today, I want to talk about a lesser known secret side of the establishment.
It's one of the biggest Lynchpins, it's one of the biggest foundation stones in the establishment's power structure, how it works, how it runs things, and how it controls society that very few know.
Alex knows this, he's covered it for many years, but I want to talk about how the elite families, the oligarchs that still run our country and our world today, or at least most of it, How they actually made their money, because few know this.
People think, oh, they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and they sold their cogs and their widgets at the factories because they were such hard workers.
No, no, no.
I'm talking about the elite families of the Eastern Seaboard of the American establishment and of the British Empire.
How did they make their money?
Oh, they sold a bunch of tea.
They went and through their colonies, they got tea and spices.
That is not Give you the leverage that would equate to more than the wealth of even Black Rock today.
What other thing?
You might say, oh, human trafficking.
No, no, no, not even that.
Even more valuable than that.
And not only did this become a key element to make the Council of 300 of the British East India Company fabulously wealthy, something else happened.
This actually became an element of warfare.
The opium trade.
Many people do not know that the elites of the West, the oligarchs of the West, gained their power and their money through drug running.
You know that drugs are still the Stable of the world economy, that's what the dollar is actually based on.
Few people know this, but it was actually uncovered many years ago in one of the first big 9-11 books.
It's the book that was written about crossing the Rubicon.
I read that book back in 2004 or 5 about the rise of the opium dollar, post 9-11 opium.
And after the invasion of Afghanistan, the drug trade exploded.
And a few people connected this to not just 9-11, but also to the global war on terror and to the control of black markets.
Now again, black markets, we think of things like human trafficking, we think of, which again, is a terrible real thing going on in the world.
We've got movies like the recent Jim Caviezel movie, Sound of Freedom, that exposes a lot of that.
But even bigger than that black market again is the drug trade.
And we know about the 20th century elite.
We've covered the Milner Circle, the Fabians, we've covered the Cecil Rhodes and the Lord Rothschild, and we've covered the way that the British Empire was sort of co-opted.
But we didn't really get into the means, the mechanisms of how that occurred prior to those days of the late 1890s and so forth.
Let's go back to the 1800s.
There were actually chartered companies, again you go back even further, to the British East India Company.
And the founding of the British East India Company at first had to do with various privateers, people given a license and a charter to kind of go out and chart and obtain things for the crown.
So if you were licensed, you got a charter that meant you worked for the crown, you had the approval of the crown to do that.
And actually some of the most famous pirates were actually licensed chartered privateers.
When you watch Pirates of the Caribbean, we actually just re-watched that, my wife and I.
And I didn't realize, I'd forgotten how crucial to the plot, especially part two and three, the British East India Company becomes.
And a lot of that, I mean, it's goofy, right?
It's got, you know, gods and goddesses.
It's got Jack Sparrow, Imad Brokeh, right?
You've got these Caribbean goddesses like Calypso.
But beyond all the kind of goofy stuff, there's actually a pretty deep esoteric plot going on with The British East India Company basically trying to create a global monopoly of the trade, controlling the sea lanes and that's actually what they did.
The British Navy became very effective at this because really the Crown, which eventually took over the British East India Company, adopted all of these trade routes and lanes that were drug trade routes.
That the British East India Company has had set up and they were making at that time just outlandish amounts of money.
It was it was unbelievable.
Nothing had ever been seen like this in the history of the world.
At least if you tried to scale it out in terms of the wealth that was being made through the global opium trade from the British East India Company.
British East India Company also had a very Shall we say Malthusian and Darwinian perspective on how to dominate the world and seafaring empires, you know, Britain being the classic example versus land empires or land based nations.
This is the classic kind of geopolitical way to sketch out what different nations are or how they how they function.
Seafaring nations function on the basis of monetarism and merchant trade.
And land-based nations are typically, or empires, are married to the land.
And so they have a very different idea of culture, of what is valuable, of law, and so forth.
Thus you could see, because of the sort of churning nature of the sea and the oceans, the sort of chaotic Elements of the ocean and the trade that's constantly going on, that kind of an empire would be much more susceptible to things like wild levels of usury and wild levels of monetarism.
And so the British Empire became very adept at this, became, in my view, pretty much a front for a lot of these elite oligarchical families.
And by the 1800s, they had really consolidated this power.
And when the British East India Company was in decline, the crown just took it over.
They took over all of the Dominions and the ships.
They already had these colonies, but they had a deal with the British East India Company, which really, again, was identical to the British Empire.
And so the Crown took it over and still, I believe, exerts a lot of influence and power in terms of the Royal Society, the Royal Institute for National Affairs, and these elite bodies that still to this day have a lot of power and influence in Obviously in the world, but specifically also in terms of the drug trade, as well as many big banks that were set up to be basically big drug laundering banks.
This is how our world really runs.
This is how it really functions.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
We're going to get deeper into the secret intelligence networks and the drug trade behind the New World Order.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My guest is Jay Dyer.
Jay's analysis we're talking about.
The history of the international drug trade, particularly the opium empire that was built up by the British East India Company, which was later taken over by the Crown.
And the same people, of course, allied themselves with the elites in the 1800s in the United States of America.
So in other words, we've been under this shadow oligarchical drug empire without even knowing it.
And in fact, this isn't just covered by people like Dr. John Coleman and his Committee of 300 book.
It's also covered in the history of America's secret establishment.
Anthony Sutton's book on the history of the Order of Skull and Bones, which would later produce the OSS and the CIA.
So people out of Skull and Bones at Yale or who were the early recruits and continue to be recruits into the OSS and the CIA.
And he talks about, for example, early on in the book, the power structure, how it worked in terms of There's concentric circles of power.
You would have people at Skull and Bones.
This is in the 1800s, principally, right?
So you would have the Order, you would have the White House, the Executive Branch.
It would influence that.
Foundations and think tanks would be influenced.
The Federal Reserve System would be influenced by it.
The banking, the industrial complex, law, education, media, and also churches.
The perspective of the oligarchs here was society-wide.
It was all of society.
And again, they had adopted for a long time the attitude of Malthusianism, depopulation, and total control.
Now, this circle also, in terms of today, according to Sutton, functions in a similar way with groups like Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Club, the Atlantic Council, And he places Skull and Bones as one of the key elements there.
It's not the totality, it's not everything, but it's one of the key elements in the power structure, ultimately, that would be aligned with the British elite structure and the founding of the OSS and the CIA.
And the strategy of tension that they adopted a long time ago is a Hegelian philosophy.
It's a thesis-antithesis-synthesis model where you Put intentional stressors and shocks on the society, on the system, to demoralize it and to collapse it.
It doesn't have to be right away.
It can be a slow-kill Fabian model, or it can be a right-away model.
We might even see in the next 12 months things get really crazy.
Dr. Sutton gives an analogy, a little chart here, where he says that the way that they functioned in the 20th century was to have the thesis of Marxism and the antithesis of fascism.
And together, this clashing, as well as Western capitalism, produces the desired long-term synthesis here of a future third-way technocratic order between Bolshevism, fascism, and capitalism.
So you have to, in their philosophy, clash these things together, right?
Kind of like what Samuel P. Huntington writes about in The Clash of Civilizations.
It's not just two economic systems.
You clash, for example, Christianity against Islam.
You clash all of these things together, these different systems.
Eastern Communism versus Western Capitalism.
Clash them together in the Cold War.
Because they think that this is a necessary process of history, process philosophy.
The idea is that, well, doesn't this occur in nature?
The survival of the fittest.
The one that's the fittest, the product of the clashing, In terms of biology, is the synthesis.
And so they would view this as just fundamental to nature itself.
Biology, they believe, teaches you that good and evil are relative principles founded in and grounded in the natural order and it's clashing of things together to produce whatever the synthesis they want.
Now, if you go back to an example of this in the 80s, Dr. John Coleman in his book on the Committee of 300, which again is another study on this institution and this power structure in the West that comes out of these 1800s era oligarchical drug families, he says that gang wars were actually planned at Stanford University.
That is the same Stanford that produces Changing Images of Man, all the white papers, SRI, all of that.
And Tavistock.
They deliberately designed the shocks to society that caused the ripples of disturbances.
By 1958, there were in excess 200 of these gangs.
They were made popular by various Hollywood movies, musicals, things like West Side Story.
Although I don't think today's gangs want to classify themselves as the Sharks and the Jets.
Although that would be pretty funny.
In 1966, they began to increase throughout the near decade of gang violence.
The public reacted according to the profile response of Stanford Research.
As they expected, society would then not comprehend gang warfare.
And they adapted to it in a maladaptive response model.
This is the Tavistock model of not just thesis, antithesis, synthesis, but Shocking the system and basically traumatizing the masses to put them into a maladaptive dissociative state.
This is in their own documents, their own psychology.
So gang wars produce the fragmentation of society.
Society then reacts with a maladaptive dissociative response.
So this is studied and designed this way.
It's not just all chaos and one damn thing after another.
When the intelligence agencies work with various gangs, Like the 80s.
I lived in California in the 80s.
I remember the Crips and the Bloods and the gang wars and all this kind of stuff.
And what will we do?
How will we stop the drugs?
We'll have a drug war.
We'll have a war on gangs and violence.
All of that was window dressing because the establishment is involved in steering and engineering the gangs.
Freeway Ricky Ross.
Remember him talking about how the crack cocaine epidemic was actually Fostered by the establishment and the intelligence agencies.
They would work with certain cartels, work with certain gangs.
Think about Pablo Escobar as another example.
And this is amazing because everything that Dr. John Coleman had written in 1992 in his book actually is the same stuff that later came out with various journalists and people exposing the complicity of intelligence agencies in the drug trade.
1989 gang warfare as a social conditioning model to change was introduced into the streets of Los Angeles.
Within a few short months, the first incidents of gangs began to proliferate.
This led to crack houses and rampant prostitution, which proliferated.
Drug dealers then dominated the streets and anybody who got in their way was gunned down.
The outcry of the press was loud and long.
Stanford research targeted large population groups And defended itself with slogans.
This is what Tavistock called the first phase of the targeted group failing to identify the source of the crisis.
So you think that it's teenage lack of education.
We need more social programs.
Failing to recognize that the problem was at the top itself.
And this is always what happens, and this is why the whole country is collapsing and going to garbage and trash.
Because nobody identifies the actual problems.
It's always the deflection and concern with, it's the libs!
It's the incompetency in the government!
Never failing to understand that it's a technocratic social engineering plan from the top down.
It's not incompetence.
There's a layer of government incompetence that covers up for the psychopathic layer of the elite control specter level organizations that are behind this stuff.
It goes on to say that the gang war crisis implemented a fragmentation in society that Stanford Research and Talvestock intended to be the case.
Through their maladaptive process and the period that resulted in dissociation afterwards.
So again, what happens to an individual in terms of trauma can be applied to society as a whole.
Don't go anywhere.
This is The Alex Jones Show.
We're covering the drug war.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jason Anastas.
We were talking about the 1980s drug war as an example of an engineered shock and stressor put on the system.
As a kind of research project by the technocratic elite.
And this is not surprising because the same thing occurred a few generations earlier in the 1960s counterculture revolution, which initially I think had a lot of organic support, but was initially, eventually, perhaps even from the outset, really fostered and steered by the establishment Into promoting mass drug use LSD and mind control projects and experiments from the top down.
And we cover this in detail when we a few weeks ago, a few months ago here on the 4th hour, we got into depth with various eldest Huxley books.
It was one of the key ideologues figures and members of the elite power structure who was behind the push of this 1960s counterculture.
He was kind of the high priest of their psychedelic Dionysian cult.
Other people like Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary played key roles as psychonauts for the establishment pushing all of these drugs.
And so we saw in the 1960s a mass change in society, a vast cultural revolution that wasn't organic ultimately, but was steered by the establishment and had top-down promotion even as high as Time and Life magazine when Henry Luce of Skull and Bones, the promoter and owner of Time Life Magazine when he started promoting Gordon Watson and the Magic Mushroom on the cover of Time Magazine.
So what supposedly was counterculture was being pushed by the top of the establishment itself.
And this had to do with a lot of British influence in terms of Far Eastern philosophies that were being pushed in the West by design through a lot of these institutes and steering committees and think tanks.
And also the Laurel Canyon scene and all of its intelligence and deep state connections in terms of the band and the music and the 60s culture that was being pushed out of that scene.
That was actually the original scene prior to Haight-Ashbury.
And when we look at the various big pharmaceutical companies like Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, which was the means by which LSD was pushed out In the 1960s, that was the company that was basically tasked by the OSS and CIA with producing this new synthesized hallucinogen.
Books like Dope Inc.
and books like Commedia 300 by Dr. John Coleman had long ago discussed this model of cultural warfare.
Drugs are not just things that bad guys do and sell to make money.
Drugs are a tool for social control, and it's not a new idea.
That's what I'm trying to express to you.
This is an old strategy that the British oligarchs figured out when they would import this to China intentionally.
Eventually, the Chinese government was noticing these devastating effects on their people, and they started to try to ban it, but they couldn't ban it because the British would just use fake Christian mission cutouts like the Inland Christian Mission, which was a front that the British used for the pushing of opium under the guise of being Christian missionaries, by the way.
These fronts and these organizations and the clipper ships that they had, the Chinese just couldn't stop these and they couldn't stop the smuggling.
And so these are the predecessors to what would become later on the intelligence agencies.
And that's because these smugglers and these Navy men and these pirates, you could say, got really adept at how to smuggle and how to be effective in their ops when it came to bringing drugs and then also people, human trafficking, into various countries and out of various countries.
These lanes, that would be the Golden Triangle, the Golden Crescent, these various regions, it became a very standardized, systematized, and amazingly logistical projects about how they would ship opium from different regions in different countries, the rough refining process, and then how that money would be paid only in gold, and how it would go through certain banks, and then it would be shipped to certain countries and sold.
And sometimes the countries where it was shipped and sold was done as part of warfare.
Warfare is not just tanks and bombs and guns.
Warfare is also economic.
It's also cultural.
It's social.
It's also religious.
It's ideological.
Warfare is total.
And the oligarchs and elites of the 1700s and the 1800s knew this very well.
In fact, people, the elites knew this thousands of years ago.
But the perfecting of the use of drugs as a form of warfare became very precise and scientific, you could even argue, in the 1800s, when you had a lot of these very powerful wealthy families in the UK, in Europe, France as well, and in the United States, such as the Astors.
The Astors made tremendous wealth, supposedly under the guise, John Jacob Astor, of selling pelts No, you don't become fabulously wealthy by just selling beaver pelts.
Although I know the beaver pelt market is huge.
You get, you get, you stack stacks for selling opium underneath all of them beaver pelts.
What's under your beaver?
Opium, baby!
Not more beavers.
It's not beavers all the way down.
It's opium all the way down.
And that, again, this is the model of the British East India Company.
The Council of 300, which Dr. Coleman argues is actually the predecessor to the Royal Institute for International Affairs and what he calls the Committee of 300, which is really the top 300 elite globalists, people like Kissinger and Brzezinski and these characters.
They had sent envoys, basically, to American oligarchs to introduce the wealthier American oligarchical families in the 1800s to this process and how it occurs and how you do it.
So when you're watching movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, of all things, And you're watching the second one and the third one.
You'll notice that the British East India Company is the ultimate villain of that plot, of that narrative, because they were really trying to establish this monopoly.
It's not really mentioned in the movie, but what do you think they were moving in all of these fast clipper ships and all of these amazingly designed battleships?
It wasn't just human slaves, although the British East India Company did eventually have, I think, a monopoly on human slave trade as well.
They were moving drugs.
They were moving opium.
And it became a very scientifically ordered process, again, of every step of how you do this.
Now, as we get into the 20th century, this doesn't really change.
After the Crown takes over the British East India Company, I think in the 1800s, The process, all of this still continues, and the advancement of technology and advancement of, you know, how ships advance and become more sophisticated and all of that, shipping lanes, it just continues and the refining process gets more and more scientific and sophisticated.
In fact, Dr. Coleman links a lot of famous deaths such as Grace Kelly, who was married to the Prince Rainier of Monaco, That this was a hit on her due to the Prince Rainier not going along with all of what the elites in Europe and the Committee of 300 had planned for taking over the global drug trade.
Now, they already had a tremendous influence, but they didn't have, for example, all the Latin and South American cocaine trade under their grips.
There were various cartels, cartels in Colombia and Bolivia, places like that, that were not
fully under the control of the Western power elite.
And so a lot of times when you see the drug war going into effect, say in the 1980s and
the 1990s, Dr. Coleman argues that Manuel Noriega was taken out by Bush precisely because
he was getting in the way of some of what the Western intelligence agencies had planned
for the drug trade.
Doesn't mean Noriega was a good guy.
In fact, he was put in there by the CIA and is intended to be a puppet, just like Saddam.
But they don't always do as they're told, and sometimes they go off script.
And then you get a regime change, or in his case, you get extradited and kidnapped.
He argues that David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, for example, came up with the Caribbean Basin Initiative, and this was to basically control the marijuana trade out of the Caribbean Basin.
This is also, again, modeled on the older British East India Company model that even people like Rudyard Kipling wrote about when he wrote about the empire in his novels and their speedy clipper ships, the T Clippers.
They weren't just selling tea, they were selling opium underneath the beaver pelts and the tea.
This is the Alex Jones Show. I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis. We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking about the history of the drug trade and how the oligarchs that run the Western world in the 1800s had really amassed their power and their fortunes that enabled them to continue in their dynastic succession to have their committees, their steering groups, They're working groups still to have the power to run or most of, if not the entire world, or at least they're still working on that.
And in fact, you're going to start to see, hey, wait a minute, drug networks, drug lines, drug war, drug companies.
Maybe we're still under the same oligarchical structure.
Big pharmaceutical companies are today's British East India Company.
They're today's Committee of 300, or Council of 300.
Council of 300 was the 300 people on the board, you could say, of the British East India Company.
That became the structure and the model for the later Royal Society, Royal International Affairs, higher level steering committees, Society of the Elect, and the Committee of 300.
During the Opium Wars, Hong Kong became key for the UK oligarchical elite to control the drug trade throughout China.
In fact, this war against China, he says, was designed to put the Chinese in their place, according to Lord Palmerston himself.
The British Army, in fact, did just that, with these oligarchical feudal lords making untold billions in the process.
This left China with millions of opium addicts, even up into the era of the bloody rule of Mao Zedong, who, as we know, was a Yale in China.
Initially, as we said, the Chinese government opposed this and tried to figure out ways to stop this because it was decimating their people.
Eventually, however, they decided that rather than try to fight it, it's much more profitable to go in league with the British oligarchical elite and to share in the opium trade.
This continued even into, according to Coleman, the communist period.
The major problem that arose in the Sino-British relations in the last 60 years concerned China's demand for a larger slice of the opium heroin pot.
This was settled when Britain agreed to hand over Hong Kong to the Chinese government that will eventually come into effect in the future.
Now, you know, again, it's kind of unclear for me, from my vantage point, to see exactly what Taiwan and all that relationship is, but I kind of think that it relates to the drug trade.
And a lot of people don't talk about that.
A lot of people in libertarian circles, they want to defend the Western base there against
And I'm not saying that – I'm just saying it's a little more complex than just good
guy versus bad guy.
A lot of what's going on there relates to the drug trade.
And Coleman goes on to say that the oligarchical families that comprise the Committee of 300
are entrenched in Canton and have been since the height of the opium trade, and they've
left their descendants in these positions.
If you look at the list of prominent British residents in China, you'll find many of them
among these higher committees of the Western elite structure.
The same holds for Hong Kong.
The plutocrats of the feudal era would like to return the world to a feudal society.
When it comes to gold and the opium trade, Hong Kong is the center.
Burmese and Chinese opium growers get paid in gold because they do not trust the U.S.
paper $100 bills.
This is why so much gold is traded on the Hong Kong exchange.
The Golden Triangle is no longer, however, the largest producer of opium.
That title has changed since 1987 and is now shared by the Golden Crescent of Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon.
And this relates also to Afghanistan and Turkey.
And so he argues that a lot of these corporations, a lot of these entities that... He's writing this, remember, in 1992, and none of this has really changed.
In fact, a lot of the biggest banks out there are clearinghouses, he argues, for the drug trade.
So the very secretive banks, like the Vatican Bank or like the Bank for International Settlements, these are actually gigantic drug clearing banks, according to Dr. Coleman.
So it's a giant global empire and a global business.
And that's what most people don't understand about this structure.
And again, if you think about this, it makes perfect sense, though, with how we're run today by giant pharmaceutical conglomerates that are able to push and foist a gigantic alteration in the world's daily operating system.
Suddenly, we're all told that we have to wear masks, and we all have to stand six feet apart from one another, and then we have to take our masks off, and then we have to put them back on, and that's the power of this superstructure here.
Now, it's not just about making money.
That's a part of it.
But the elite drug trade is just one of the weapons in the arsenal of the establishment.
And as I said earlier, it's also a key part of social engineering.
Now if we start to think about Fentanyl and the drug crisis in America, Dr. Coleman even talks about studies that the elite have about how when the economy gets worse and worse and worse, more people turn to drugs.
And in fact, this is the goal to eventually have people broke, homeless, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, but you'll also be given the drugs that the system will legalize.
Eventually, he argues, The plan is to legalize every drug, and then corporate conglomerates will have a monopoly when they're allowed to have the government charter to sell the drugs.
Not just weed, or not just alcohol, but all of the drugs, including the hardest drugs.
Eventually, when society is degenerated and demoralized enough, we'll all be legalized at the right point in time, when it's ripe for this harvest To eventually get the population drugged into becoming mindless zombies.
Now, we already have a giant portion of the population that is a bunch of mindless zombies, but the plan here is eventually to have the legalization of all these things as a mass social engineering warfare culture war project.
Because when people don't have work, and when they don't have jobs, when they don't have things to do, they will turn to not just alcohol, but Pill forms of all these things and we already see people doing this when you go to the biggest cities in America and I've been to all of them, not all of them, but I've been to many of them from coast to coast.
LA and so forth.
Austin over the last four or five years, you start to notice the these giant hordes of people that are now fentanyl zombies and homeless people roaming the streets, even in small towns, we were beginning to see that.
And it's only going to get worse because this is not a problem of low-level drug dealers, of guys coming over the border.
Now, that is part of the problem.
They do bring the drugs in, but this is not run by low-level people crossing the border.
This is run by some of the wealthiest people on the planet.
And because no one can figure that out, and no one thinks to figure that out, it never changes.
It just marches forward.
And this also ties into the intelligence agencies and how they took over these drug lanes after World War II especially.
This also ties into a lot of the interviews that I've done with the mafia figures and organized crime because they were involved with working with the intelligence agencies and these various groups to actually be one of the middlemen in this refining and exportation process.
The organized crime figures as well as street gangs, right, were key elements in this giant business, this big superstructure international business.
Think of it like an international corporation.
That's how the drug business is run.
And that's why it's never stopped.
And that's why it keeps going.
And that's why ultimately it's not even black markets.
Nowadays, it's becoming normalized markets because the big pharmaceutical companies are legal drug pushers by design.
Because it's the top elite families that run it and they're above the law.
And people like Kissinger and Brzezinski strategize and know and understand this history and how the black markets do this because the world is run by these people.
It's not run by Joe Biden.
It's not run by the people that you elect.
It's run by inner party groups like the Royal Institute for International Affairs.
And when you go and read the people that run and research and write public books from the RIIA, like Mark Curtis, who wrote the famous book, Secret Affairs, the history of Britain's collusion with radical Islam.
Mark Curtis of the Royal Institute for National Affairs says that this is a tool of the Western power structure of these people.
I'm talking about radical Islam and their push for all kinds of Strategy of tension shock models right just another example just another weapon in the arsenal We've talked about this at length as well in the past shows and so you can go back and watch those They're all on band video or on my channel.
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