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Name: 20231001_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 1, 2023
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the government shutdown's implications for the United States with Chase Geyser. He supports the shutdown as it stops tax dollars funding Nazis in Ukraine at the expense of American citizens. The show also covers other news items, such as Biden's disappointment over uninterrupted cash flow to Ukraine and the arrest of a UK journalist reporting on Ukrainian Nazis visiting Canadian Parliament. Geyser talks about the growing relationship between Russia and North Korea, seen as an indicator of friendship between China and Russia. In addition, InfoWarsStore offers deals on high-quality food, water filtration, and Real Red Pill Plus at discounted prices.

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*outro* I am Chase Geyser filling in for the great Alex Jones.
So much news to cover tonight, this Sunday night.
Thank you for tuning in.
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So much to cover.
I don't even know where to start.
I guess we'll start with this government shutdown fiasco.
McCarthy days ago, of course, before this temporary resolution passed, said there's no path forward.
The Senate stopgap bill is dead on arrival as shutdown approaches.
And the update as of the 30th was that it looks like the Senate isn't willing to strip Ukraine funds from the continuing resolution.
In a Friday night tweet, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, said that the misguided Senate bill has no path forward and is dead on arrival.
out. The House will continue to work around the clock to keep government open and prioritize
the needs of American people. This of course was due to a conflict of interest between
Republicans who are less inclined to fund Ukraine and Democrats who insist that we should.
Of course, this can't be said for all Republicans because you'll see that we did pass a temporary
budgetary bill that seems to support Ukraine. But the problem I have with this particular
tweet is the emphasis on the importance of keeping government open. I mean, I think this
is part of the reason why people are so disenfranchised with McCarthy is that...
Like many Republicans, he just doesn't seem to understand that we've gotten to a point as conservatives, as patriots, where a government shutdown would be absolutely outstanding.
I have no problem with the federal government shutting down except for
absolutely necessary things like protecting the border, which of course we
don't do, protecting private property rights and enforcing contracts,
protecting individual rights.
And he's emphasizing here the importance of keeping the government open.
This is just immediately sort of alienating to me to look at.
And you'll see that Biden did sign the CR bill, allowing us government to avoid
shutdown late on Saturday, the U S Congress passed a continuing resolution bill
that will keep the government running for the next 45 days.
I wonder if Biden will be able to run for the next 45 days.
He always seems like he's on low battery.
The bill was then passed to the President for his signature.
President Joe Biden signed a short-term spending bill approved by the Congress, which provides continuing funding of government work for a period of 45 days until the 17th of November, the White House said on Sunday.
On Saturday, the U.S.
cleared the 60-vote threshold needed to pass the short-term bill that will continue to fund the government for the next 45 days.
The funding will include disaster relief funds, an extension of a federal flood insurance program, and FAA reauthorization.
It will not include assistance for Ukraine, as is said in this statement, but if we look at what Matt Gaetz had to say, More deceit.
Gates rages over McCarthy-Ukraine side deal to pass StopGap.
Gates says that McCarthy didn't tell House Republicans about the resolution until after
the vote had taken place, and he tweets out, "Wow, Speaker McCarthy made a side Ukraine
deal with Democrats and didn't tell House Republicans until after his continuing resolution
So, more shenanigans from the right, more assistance for Ukraine.
More betrayal of Americans.
I would much rather see the government shut down entirely than our tax dollars be spent continuously to fund Nazis in Ukraine at the expense of the American people, but...
That's just not how it goes in Congress.
Stick with us, folks.
We'll be back after this break.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, folks.
I am Chase Geyser filling in for the great Alex Jones.
It is an honor and a pleasure to be with you this Sunday evening.
So much news to cover.
It seems like the Republicans have betrayed America again and will continue to support Ukraine and keep the federal government open.
But what else is there to expect, folks?
Of course they want to keep the government open.
After all, they are the government and I have no problem with Republican voters.
And frankly, I don't have many problems with the average Democrat voter, though I do see them as very misguided.
But it's our politicians, the actual leadership.
When I talk about leftists, I'm talking about leftists in power, and that includes most Republicans in power.
To me, leftism is anything that seeks to expand the government and minimize the rights of individual people.
And it is a virus that has taken hold in this country far worse than COVID ever did.
We see now that Biden is demanding uninterrupted cash flow to Ukraine.
President Joe Biden has welcomed a bipartisan short-term budget deal that
will keep the US government open for the next 45 days, but was disappointed that
none of the billions of dollars in aid to Kiev that he had requested made it
into the final bill.
So we do have Matt Gaetz sort of accusing McCarthy of making a Ukraine side deal.
"We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine to be
interrupted," Biden said in a brief statement on Saturday night shortly after
Congress passed the measure.
Let's go ahead and run clip 11 so we can see exactly what the left complains about
in terms of our national budget versus what they're demanding here in their
uninterrupted cash flow for our foreign so-called allies.
Their bill includes devastating 30% cuts.
You heard me.
30% cuts.
You heard me, 30% cuts.
And listen to what that means.
It would eliminate 12,000 FBI agents, almost 1,000 ATF agents,
and more than 500 local law enforcement.
So they're incredibly disappointed at cuts to our own federal government and happy to spend all sorts of money on Ukraine anywhere they can.
Maybe they could work out some sort of a deal.
Where if we stop supporting foreign so-called allies, we could afford to keep employees in the federal government.
Though I have no problem with cuts being made to the ATF.
or to the IRS, because frankly I think that the ATF is totally unnecessary and the IRS
is theft.
I even question whether or not income tax is constitutional.
I know that we passed a constitutional amendment to allow it, but I think it's very questionable
as to whether or not that was a legitimate effort that was made.
And to me, just on principle, I think that the concept of income tax is totally abhorrent
to all of the principles in which this country was founded on.
A new exclusive report that a UK journalist was arrested for reporting on Ukrainian Nazis visit to Parliament in Canada tells all.
I know Owen covered this fairly extensively last week.
Of course we had the Canadian Parliament give two standing ovations for an actual formerly enlisted Nazi Of course the House Speaker, I believe the Parliament Speaker of Canada, resigned over this oversight and Trudeau was not reluctant at all to blame others, everyone basically except for himself, for it.
But they actually arrested a journalist in the UK for calling out what happened and then they impeached Excuse me, they forced the House Speaker to resign over actually doing what was reported.
So freedom of speech is totally under attack.
Meanwhile, we've got Russia and North Korea seemingly getting closer and closer, which is scary because North Korea is basically an extension of China.
So any friendliness between North Korea and Russia is an indicator of friendliness between China and Russia.
Of course, China seems to be positioning itself to invade Taiwan.
Check out clip 10 of Kim Jong-un visiting Russia.
So you can see he's visiting an air hangar.
And doing his typical Kim Jong-un thing where he looks around as if he's an expert in everything.
And people explain different technologies to him and he appears to be making suggestions or commenting on different details.
But the fact that they've had this reciprocity between Russia and North Korea is very alarming.
Especially given that China and Russia have seemed to be more and more buddy-buddy since the onset of the Ukrainian war.
There he is, meeting Putin.
Looks like he's lost weight.
Oh no, never mind.
It's just good lighting.
You can see they're exploring the hangar.
Putin's looking very KGB.
And that was reported by the Wall Street Journal.
World War III military draft could be imminent.
Are we about to be conscripted to fight Russia?
Josh Sigurdson reports on recent findings in the updated edition of the U.S.
Army War College's academic journal.
One of the disturbing pieces in the section titled, quote, casualties, replacements, and reconstitutions, end quote, says large-scale combat operations, troop requirements may well require a reconceptualization of the 1970s and 1980s volunteer force and a move toward partial conscription.
So now we have our own military in writing suggesting that we prepare for at least partial conscription.
And we know that partial conscription typically leads to mass conscription, if not universal conscription.
And so it seems like the U.S.
military is legitimately concerned about World War III.
I don't know that the military itself is pushing for World War 3, but it wouldn't surprise me given that the military-industrial complex does stand to make billions upon billions, if not trillions of dollars, if World War 3 actually takes place.
If the military is even considering mandatory conscription, then they indeed will enforce it later.
As it's written here, not since the Vietnam War have we seen conscription and the only way such conscription would happen is versus Russia.
While it's unlikely to see an actual ground war with China, as a naval war is more likely, China will most definitely back Russia in such a large-scale war.
Russia has far more nuclear weapons than the United States.
The proxy war we are seeing happen today between Russia, Ukraine, and China, Taiwan are completely scripted events leading us into the Great Reset.
Order out of chaos is the goal.
Globalists need an excuse to reset the currency and the culture and world order in general.
More reporting on this from RT.
Western idiots want World War 3, says ex-Russian president.
The conflict in Ukraine may lead to World War 3 because of the idiots occupying leading roles in the West, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned.
And frankly, I think he's right.
Frankly, I think that the United States is responsible for everything that happened in the Cold War.
I believe that what happened was we came out of World War II, we'd established these major military contractors, we'd established this military-industrial complex, and after we came out of World War II, all of the demand for those contractors, those businesses, those individuals, just evaporated because we were no longer in a world war.
And so, what did they do in order to make sure that demand stayed in place?
Well, they established a Cold War and said, hey, if we don't continue to build up our arms as if World War II is still going on, then communism will spread everywhere and Russia will nuke us.
And so, for decades, we expanded our military power, we expanded our nuclear arsenal, and we perpetuated this Cold War even though there probably wasn't even a real threat.
We saw the same thing happen after World War II with agriculture.
All of a sudden we started putting high fructose corn syrup in all of our food because all of the demand for our agriculture to ship overseas to supply our soldiers had suddenly evaporated.
And so what else were we going to do with all the corn that we were producing?
Oh, let's turn it into sugar and put high fructose corn syrup instead of pure cane sugar in everything.
And that's why our whole entire country is fat.
It's the same exact thing that happened with the military-industrial complex.
happened with the agricultural industrial complex for lack of a better expression.
And so yeah, I wouldn't doubt it one bit, one bit if the military industrial complex actually
wants World War III to happen. The upside to World War III happening is we would actually
see a draining of the swamp. I mean, if Washington DC got nuked, maybe it would solve a lot of our
That's basically the main reason why I think we'll never enter nuclear wars, because why would our enemies ever do us a favor and wipe out everybody in Washington, D.C.
who's responsible for all the corruption and evil and injustice that's happening to our own people?
We'll cover more of this in the next segment.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Chase Geyser filling in for the great Alex Jones.
Again, it's an honor and a pleasure to be with you covering the falling apart, the entropy of America under the Biden regime, as Norbin Laden calls it.
The regime, it is not an administration.
It is a regime.
It is embodied by corruption.
It is the very embodiment of corruption itself.
I'm going to show you a series of clips, just to give you a sense of how things are going in America.
Let's run three four five and seven You see that fist bump
Border Patrol just giving a fist bump as people cross.
Here's Philly, Apple Store.
Probably saw this on Twitter.
Got one!
Got one!
Uh huh! Uh huh!
Uh huh! Uh huh!
Free iPhones!
Free iPhones!
They do the same thing with ballots.
Free iPhones!
Here's a harbor in Newport.
I lived right outside of Newport.
Bunch of teenagers.
Looks like they hijacked some school buses.
They're just doing donuts in the harbor.
At least Chen Z can drive stick.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this.
I'm going to have to do it again.
And then, a transgender student just beats the living hell out of another student.
This is the chaos under the Biden administration.
No justice, no order, no respect for communities or rights of individuals.
Just totally, totally torn apart.
Meanwhile, close the effing border, set an island residents display banner over highway.
There's more on this, but I want to pop over to clip 9, which is a video showing Biden's Border Patrol again cuts barbed wire to help illegals enter the US.
Clip 9.
In Eagle Pass, Texas, where just moments ago Customs and Border Protection cut a hole through the Constantino wire that has been stretched by Texas DPS along the border there to allow migrants to come through.
It was initially a group of about 60 to 70 people.
It swelled to some 300 very, very quickly.
Some women and children who were sort of in the middle of the river were picked up by, I guess it would be Texas DPS,
because they're running the airboats there, up and down the river and taken out of the water and to safer ground there.
But as you can see, as we have watched for the last couple of weeks, the illegal migration across the river into the
United States continues with this border crossing in Eagle Pass, seeing
thousands of people.
And then over the weekend, we set what we believe is a new record of 11,000 people crossing into the United States in
a single day.
We'll keep an eye on this for you.
In the meantime, you know, I was somebody who didn't really care about the border until the last couple of years.
I You know, I've always been pro-borders and pro-legal immigration, and I just kind of grew up in a community that was conservative but thought, hey, you know, these people kind of creeping in, these people leaking into our country, really are just trying to work hard at jobs that we don't want to do and send money back to their families.
That was kind of what my thinking was.
But now that we have like the equivalent of the state of Wyoming coming in every month, This is a full-scale invasion.
How can you claim that we have a country if we're just cutting the barbed wire and allowing people in?
I mean, Trump worked so hard to build the wall, raised so much money to build the wall, built much of it, hundreds of miles of it, repaired hundreds of miles of it, and now it doesn't even matter whether or not there's a law because we have an administration that doesn't enforce the wall at all.
It doesn't matter if we have a wall because the administration won't enforce the laws.
If we're just going to cut the barbed wire, if we're going to cut the fencing, Then what's the point of even having a border at all or a wall at all?
This is why it's so important that we have the right administration in place.
Frankly, what's alarming to me most about this is that we've allowed the executive branch of this country to become so powerful that the differences in policy swage so drastically Depending on who's in office.
Like, if there's a major leftist in office, they shouldn't have the power to do this.
Just like if there's a major right-winger in office, they shouldn't have the power by executive authority to do a bunch of stuff that I agree with.
The executive branch is way overpowered when we can just totally neglect the Constitution of the United States, the fact that we have a country, the fact that we have immigration laws.
If we can totally neglect it, then Do we even have a constitution anymore?
To me, when you're cutting the barbed wire and just letting people into our country, it's a metaphor for what Pelosi did to the State of the Union address, as if she was doing the very same thing to the constitution of the United States.
She might as well just rip it in half.
Let's go ahead and play clip 16 while we have time, just so that we can show what's happening in Sweden, because they've let too many migrants in.
Remember back in 2017 when Trump said this about Sweden?
You look at what's happening in Germany, You look at what's happening last night in Sweden.
Who would believe this?
They took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible.
He was talking generally about soaring crime and terror attacks attributable to mass migration and open borders.
But then the media, including primarily the BBC, mocked him for talking about something that supposedly didn't exist.
Sweden to Trump, what happened last night?
Trump tries to explain remark about Sweden amid confusion.
They also mocked your boy here for saying similar stuff.
Well, they're not mocking us now.
Here's the BBC reporting today about how rampant gang violence has forced the Swedish Prime Minister to call on the army to perform law enforcement.
Ulf Kristersson addressed the nation last night during a televised speech, announcing that emergency talks will take place today with the Commander-in-Chief of the Swedish Armed Forces.
Now more and more children and completely innocent people are affected by the gross violence, he said.
I cannot emphasize enough how serious the situation is.
Sweden has never seen anything like this before.
No other country in Europe has seen anything like this.
Christensen blamed the quote, unsuccessful integration of the millions of migrants who have poured into the country.
As one of the primary reasons behind the chaos.
This after the former leftist Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson acknowledged that mass migration had led to violent parallel societies.
In just 12 hours two men were shot dead in Stockholm.
And a 25 year old woman was killed in a blast at her own home.
12 people have been killed in gang violence so far this month alone.
Grenade attacks and riots have become commonplace.
Not to mention the soaring rates of non-violent crimes.
Gee, I wonder what changed.
Wow, they've really identified the true cause of runaway gang violence and ethnic riots.
Gee, I wonder what changed.
No one's laughing now, are they?
I guess Trump was right all along.
But according to the spokesperson of a group linked to Amnesty International,
the real root of the problem isn't being addressed.
And that's that there aren't enough youth clubs and sports centres for young people.
Wow, they've really identified the true cause of runaway gang violence and ethnic riots.
There just aren't enough table tennis facilities and squash courts.
Yeah, I'm sure that'll fix it.
We'll be covering more in the next segment.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I am Chase Geyser, filling in for Alex Jones.
So much news to cover.
It's the same story.
You know, I've been listening to a lot of the broadcasts way back to 2001.
Just for fun, I throw them on.
I like to listen to on this day, 20 years ago.
We're trying to see what Alex said, and it's the same story.
He's been talking about the New World Order for over 20 years, and all we're seeing are different variables in the same formula.
They're expanding power, they're trying to conglomerate power, and they're trying to mitigate individual rights, because international leaders have incentive to protect each other against their own constituents, against their people.
They come together at these meetings in Davos or wherever they meet, And they conspire to keep each other in power in exchange for favors, in exchange for expanding that power as an effort to mitigate any sort of constituent bases, any sort of people of any individual leader.
They want to make sure that no people has the power to overthrow the status quo.
Biden labels the entire MAGA base extremist.
Let's run clip one and then talk about that.
There's something dangerous happening in America now.
There's an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs in our democracy.
God, I hope so.
The MAGA movement.
Not every Republican, not even a majority of Republicans adhere to the MAGA extremist ideology.
I know because I've been able to work with Republicans my whole career.
But there's no question that today's Republican Party is driven and intimidated by MAGA Republican extremists.
Their extremist agenda they've carried out with fundamentally all of the institutions of American democracy as we know it.
My friends, they're not hiding their attacks.
They're openly promoting them.
Attacking the free press as the enemy of the people.
Attacking the rule of law is an impediment.
Formatting voter suppression and election subversion.
Did you ever think we'd be having debates at the stage of your careers where banning books, banning books and burying history?
Extremists in Congress more determined to shut down the government, to burn the place down than to let the people's business be done.
Our US military, and this is not hyperbole, I've said it for the last two years, is the strongest military in the history of the world.
Not just the strongest in the world, in the history of the world.
Most diverse, most powerful in the history of the world.
And it's being accused of being weak and woke by the opposition.
One guy in Alabama, It's holding up the promotion of every hundreds of these officers.
Frankly, these extremists have no idea what the hell they're talking about.
No, I'm serious.
They're pushing a notion to defeat a former president expressed when he was in office and believes it applies only to him.
And this is a dangerous notion.
This president is above law, no limits on power.
Trump says the Constitution gave him, quote, the right to do whatever he wants as president, end of quote.
I've never heard a president say that in general.
He says that we're attacking the free press because we call the press the enemy of the people when we know that the press has been systematically compromised by the intelligence community since the Red Scare.
So there is no free press anymore, folks.
If we've learned anything from Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter and the Twitter leaks, the Twitter files, if we've learned anything, we know that there is no free press in the United States of America.
When you see network after network after network say the same thing over and over again at the same time on the same days from a central source, You can't say that there's a freedom of the press.
The right does not attack free press.
The right attacks a deep state press.
It attacks a political press, not a private press.
And how could he claim to be the advocate for the First Amendment right of freedom of press?
After we know that the Biden administration has systematically done everything it possibly can to censor free speech in this country, because freedom of the press is just an extension of free speech.
They're basically the same thing.
They just wanted to explicitly state freedom of the press as well as freedom of speech.
It doesn't just apply to individuals, it applies to journalists and organizations as well.
It's the same right.
So he's saying that we're attacking the freedom of the press when we know that they're coming into these major big tech companies and asking for specific censorship of specific voices?
But where are the enemies of the people?
Where are the ones that are extremists when his administration is literally getting hammered for bullying platforms into silencing individual Americans?
He's saying that we want to ban books.
We don't want to ban books.
We just don't want porn to be purchased with our taxes and placed in public school systems.
No one's saying that genderqueer can't be published or that individuals can't purchase that book if they want to off of Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
We're just saying we don't want it in our public school libraries, but you're calling us book burners?
Just last week, I covered on the American Journal.
The press is saying that we're dog whistling to right-wing extremists because we have a six-month plan in 2025.
And they're saying six months is how long it took for the Nazis to take over Germany.
So by having a six-month plan instead of a hundred-day plan, that's a dog whistle to right-wing extremists.
And now they're calling us...
Book burners like the Nazis, against the freedom of the press like the Nazis, and extremists like the Nazis.
They're trying to frame us as Nazis while they steal our money and fund it to literal Nazis and give standing ovations to formerly enlisted Nazis.
And I'm not just using hyperbole here.
When they're giving standing ovations to formerly enlisted Nazis, it doesn't get any more pro-Nazi than that.
It's the same exact thing.
Let's go ahead and run clip 17 to see what I mean.
What about what Elon Musk has done to Twitter?
Lowering guardrails against misinformation.
Does that contribute to it?
Yeah, it does.
Look, one of the things, as I said to you when I thought I wasn't going to run, I was going to write a book about the changes taking place.
And most of it's directed over the years for these fundamental changes in society by changing technology.
Gutenberg printing and the printing press changed the way Europeans could talk to one another.
All the way to today.
Where do people get their news?
They go on the internet.
They go online.
And you have no notion whether it's true or not.
So he's saying that we're against freedom of the press while he complains about freedom of speech on X. Claiming that Elon Musk's X has made it so Americans have no notion whether news is true or not.
Joe Biden claimed Elon Musk's purchase of ex-formerly Twitter has made it so Americans have no notion of whether news is true or not, or what news is true or not.
In a pro-Publica interview on Sunday, Biden claimed Musk's ex-platform is contributing to rise in misinformation, which basically is a dog whistle for, we need to censor more.
What about what Elon Musk has done to Twitter, lowering the guardrails against misinformation?
Does that contribute to it?
The host John Hurwood asked.
And Biden blamed Elon Musk for misinformation.
Meanwhile, the Lincoln Project founder is roasted for claiming that January 6th was worse than 9-11 during a podcast.
They're doing everything they can to try to label you as an extremist.
That's what's going on here, folks.
They're trying to do everything they can to say that you are a domestic terrorist, you are an extremist, because if you're classified as a domestic terrorist, you don't have the same rights as an American citizen, and they want to come after you, they want to persecute you, they want to tax you, they want to audit you, they want to silence you, they want to bully you, they want to harass you, they want to strip your friends and family from you, they want to divide America against you, because we're the extremists.
Stick with us, folks.
We'll get more into this in the next segment.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Chase Geyser filling in for the great Alex Jones.
Make sure you visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link.
Because while other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
In new news, Jack Smith demands a gag order for Trump for claiming General Milley should be executed for treason.
I believe Twitter used this excuse to censor several people after the most recent, quote, election.
And frankly, I think that you should be able to say that somebody should be executed for treason.
Because it comes with the implication that there would, of course, be a trial.
And there would be a jury of the accused peers.
And only if found guilty would that execution occur.
And frankly, I agree with Trump.
I think that Biden and Milley and many others within the Biden regime should be charged formally with treason.
They should be given the opportunity to defend themselves.
A jury of their peers should render a verdict and when found guilty, they should be hanged.
Special Counsel Jack Smith submitted a new court filing demanding a gag order for former President Donald Trump, citing his disparaging remarks against the judge in his case, Judge Tonya Chetkin, as well as outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley.
Because they're doing everything they can, they're using any excuse they possibly can to censor the former president because they are concerned that he is going to win the election in 2024, and by God, wouldn't that be a travesty if that element of democracy, that democratic element of our constitutional republic...
Be allowed to take place.
They seem to love democracy so much.
They want to protect democracy so much.
We saw a clip in the last segment of Biden talking about the importance of the freedom of the press so much, the importance of not book burning so much.
Yet they want to make sure that a candidate for president, the most popular candidate for president, mind you, is not allowed to be on the ballot, let alone speak during this election process because God forbid that most people would actually vote for him.
Smith two weeks ago filed a motion for a limited gag order against Trump, but on Friday Smith submitted a new motion in response to recent criticisms the former president made against Millie Chutkin, former Vice President Mike Pence, and former Attorney General Bill Barr.
And I spoke with Tony Schafer, man, a couple of years ago when I first started my podcast.
There's a cliff somewhere we might be able to dig it up.
Before the end of the show today, Tony Schafer told me that Bill Barr called him and just straight up asked him to stop investigating election fraud.
Right after the election.
Donald Trump, meanwhile, slamming lawless leftists at California GOP Convention.
course he mimics Biden 80 getting lost on stage and claims Gavin Newsom is
plotting a 2024 run because why not I still think it's gonna be Michelle Obama
I'm with Ted Cruz on this.
Meanwhile, is Google rigging the 2024 election?
The controversy over invisible Republicans.
A new report from the right-leaning Media Research Center concludes that Google is burying search results for 2024 presidential candidates.
But an expert in search engine optimization has suggested it's unlikely.
Please, just go on Google right now and type in American inventors or famous inventors.
I'd be interested if the crew would do this too.
I wanna see what pops up.
Because if you're telling me, and they could've changed it since I last did this.
I did this a couple of years ago, so maybe they fixed it since then.
But if you're telling me that Google is not manipulating search results,
then you probably lost your mind.
According to various tests conducted by MRC and Just the News, the online visibility of these sites in generic searches for the GOP's 2024 bench is practically nil and not significantly better for RFK Jr., Biden's primary challenge on the left.
Oh, they fixed it!
They fixed it!
A couple of years ago, the only results that would come up for American inventors were people of color.
And it looks like they largely corrected it.
Well, good for them, fixing that problem.
But they were definitely experimenting with manipulating those search results specifically.
But we know that if you want to look up any information regarding COVID-19 or vaccine safety and efficacy, we know that all of the search results are filtered to only show the state-mandated narratives results.
We know that if you want to search Alex Jones or InfoWars on Google search results, you're only going to see negative press and you're not going to see any InfoWars articles actually turn up in the search results.
Because as a fake news media site, we are being censored.
We know that Google shut down Tulsi Gabbard's ad campaign during the Democratic primary in the last cycle, right after a tremendous performance in a debate where she practically ran over Kamala Harris in maybe the most embarrassing performance of anyone in the history of Democratic primary debates.
And as soon as that happened, they shut down her ability to run ads.
She had to sue In order to get that resolved, but by then of course it's too late regardless of the outcome of any lawsuit.
Trump vows to hold Silicon Valley tech giants accountable for censorship.
I wish that he would have done this in his last term because in large I think the censorship is the reason that the state got away with so much that it did.
I mean during the entire pandemic you couldn't claim that the virus came from a lab.
Because that was considered racist.
Now we know that the virus did, in fact, come from a lab.
At least that's by far the most likely explanation that the virus came from the lab.
You couldn't say any criticisms of any of the vaccines, particularly the mRNA vaccines, on any of the platforms.
And we know now that they're causing all sorts of health problems, including myocarditis.
And we know now that the vaccines were not 100% effective like they said they were.
We know that they didn't stop the spread of the virus like they said they would.
But for saying that on social media during his last term, you would totally lose your account.
Meanwhile, IRS contractors are leaking tax info of rich Americans, including Donald Trump, the DOJ reveals.
A U.S.
Internal Revenue Service consultant has been indicted for allegedly stealing and leaking the tax returns of wealthy Americans, reportedly including then-President Donald Trump.
The media outlets I wouldn't be surprised if he was put up to it by the government, by the deep state itself.
This is what I was talking about when I was covering how Joe Biden is classifying right-wingers or MAGA Republicans as extremists or domestic terrorists.
This is the type of harassment that we are going to be faced with.
This harassment from the IRS targeting specifically right-wing individuals.
And they always start with the influencers.
They always start with the Donald Trumps or the Alex Joneses, but it won't be long before they come for you.
Obviously they've come for us here at InfoWars quite a bit.
We know that Owen is facing a couple of months in prison for speaking his mind at the Capitol.
And it's just going to work its way down from influencer to individual.
Meanwhile, Bill Maher calls for Biden to drop out of the 2024 race.
And he looks at saying that he looks like his own skeletal remains.
I don't agree with Bill Maher.
Bill Maher, excuse me, more Bill Maher.
I don't agree with Bill Maher most of the time.
But at least he's willing to talk out against the left.
At least he's an example of somebody that's of the left that is a Democrat that speaks some sense to the establishment left.
And it's absolutely true that Joe Biden should back out.
But frankly, I think that the Democratic Party itself wants Biden to back out.
I think they know that it's a long shot for Biden to be able to win against Trump in 2024.
After all, it was a long shot to even say that he won in 2020.
And I think they want to put someone else, anyone else in It's so funny to me too, because if they were to run RFK Jr., I think they would win.
I'm a Trump supporter, I love Donald Trump, but I think if they ran RFK against Trump, that they would have a really, really good shot at winning.
There's the Tony Schafer clip on the screen there, showing where he told me that Bill Barr tried to shut him down.
Is that clip actually embedded in that article?
Okay, deleted off of Twitter.
I know Citizen Free Press covered it at one point in time.
That's so funny.
Oh my god.
Okay, so, Bill Maher speaks the truth to the left.
I think the left should run RFK Jr.
if they know what's good for him, but they don't want to run him because he, like Trump, won't play ball.
I don't agree with him as much as I agree with Trump, but he's similar to Trump in the fact that he is an outsider, despite the fact that his last name is Kennedy, and he won't play ball with the establishment.
He speaks his mind.
He has his own opinions.
He has his own views.
And they only want people they can control, which is why Joe Biden was the perfect candidate for them because having dementia and being basically weakened at Bernie's, he is the most malleable president in the history of presidents since Franklin Pierce, who basically couldn't get anything done because his family tragically died right before he was inaugurated and he was distraught during his entire presidency.
Handsome fellow, though.
Anyway, we'll cover more of this in the next segment.
Make sure you stick with us.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Chase Geyser filling in for the great Alex Jones.
As we stand all along the watchtower keeping an eye out for the globalists, I want to show you guys a series of fun clips.
I actually saw this clip for the first time today.
Elon Musk channels Alex Jones and John McAfee fires a .50 caliber rifle from HIP at Texas Ranch.
Let's run clips 14 and 15.
I like these 50s.
My type of gun.
John, you just got done shooting the .50 over there.
We're going to put that on the TV show next week, but right now you've got that .223 M4 Scorpion.
You ready to try it out?
Well, I don't even know what's here compared to the .50 caliber.
This feels like a feather.
That's right.
You just hand-held and shot the heavy .50 over there.
So this is a piece of cake.
These are one of my favorite guns.
The AR-15 or its equivalent.
There's some equipment here.
Yep, M4.
Alright buddy, we'll let her rip!
Check this one out.
It's got the aim point sight?
Yes sir.
God, I love McAfee.
I didn't know he was a lefty.
It makes sense, a lot of creative people are.
There's a Steyrn right-handed though.
[Sounds of battle]
You're like seven out of ten.
In slow motion of Elon Musk there firing a .50 from the hip at a Texas ranch.
It's hard not to like him, guys.
Hard not to like him.
Can you imagine any elected leftists posting a video of this?
Absolutely amazing.
You know there's a great book you guys should check out called No Domain by Mark Eglinton who interviewed for hours upon hours McAfee shortly before his death.
I highly recommend that you guys check that out.
Curious Republicans call for Democrat who pulled fire alarm during crucial shutdown vote to be expelled and prosecuted like a January 6th rioter.
Roger Taylor Greene spoke on this extensively, but New York Representative Jamal Bowman was allegedly caught on camera pulling the alarm in the Cannon Building, which houses numerous congressional office spaces, as lawmakers scrambled to pass a plan to keep the government funded before it ran out of money on Saturday at midnight.
You guys can check out the clip of that at Band.Video.
He released a statement in which he claimed that the door marked emergency exit is one he usually takes to get To vote and says that he thought pushing the big red box that said fire would open it.
So he seems to be making up an excuse, making up basically a lie in order to justify his behavior there.
And it's probably going to work because it seems like when politicians lie, they usually get away with it these days.
We're going to cut to break.
When we come back, we're going to cover more great news.
We are going to take calls at the end of the hour, half past the hour mark.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Chase Geyser filling in for Alex himself.
More COVID news coming in with A really sort of embarrassing attempt to try to make the vaccine look cool.
Let's just go straight into clip 8 of Mr. T getting the updated COVID-19 shot.
Hey everybody, it's Mr. T. I'm about to get my COVID vaccine booster shot.
I'm in my sketches.
Yes, I do everything in sketches.
Yes, I get healthy in sketches.
You heard me.
Get your vaccination booster. I hope this doesn't happen, but how crazy would it be if he just died in 30 days?
Dr. Scott Atlas, politicians and doctors still pushing COVID-19 vaccines are a complete disgrace.
Former White House Coronavirus Response Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas blasted doctors and politicians who are still shilling for the experimental COVID vaccines and boosters, calling them a complete disgrace.
And let's run clip 12 of Biden talking about divergence of opinions.
Things that I also, it doesn't directly relate today, but Arthie and I talked a little bit about it earlier this morning, is that what leaders say matter in terms of people's confidence in things they're not sure about.
And one of those areas, you saw what happened with regard to the crisis, health crisis we had that cost us, lost well over a million people.
And as time began to move on, you had more and more voices saying, no, no, no, you don't need to get that shot.
You don't need me.
You don't need to.
And we have a new strain of COVID now and we have answers for it.
But I just would urge those in public life and both political parties or no political party to be cautious about sometimes Inflammatory things you say about this because people's lives are at stake.
And the last piece was when I was vice president for a slightly different reason.
I spent a lot of time going between rural areas and urban areas.
Dr. Scott Atlas goes on to say, I don't know if we've elected the dumbest people in the country to be in charge or what's happening here, but we have a country that now recommends a booster for everyone over six months of age, an experimental drug for a virus particularly children have no serious risk from who are healthy, Dr. Atlas told San Diego's KUSI News on Thursday.
Meanwhile, the globalists on the other side of things seem to leak a little bit of a confession That the water crisis will succeed in establishing world government where COVID and climate change failed.
Let's run clip 13.
That's also of course true with COVID, right?
We are all only as healthy as our neighbor is on our street, in our city, in our region, in our nation, and globally.
Did we solve that?
Did we actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world?
So highlighting water as a global commons and what it means to work together and see it both Out of that kind of global commons perspective, but also the self-interest perspective, because it does have that parallel.
It's not only important, but it's also important because we haven't managed to solve those problems, which had similar attributes.
And water is something that people understand.
Climate change is a bit abstract.
Some people understand it really well.
Some understand it a bit.
Some just don't understand it.
Water, every kid knows how important it is to have water.
When you're playing football and you're thirsty, you need water.
So there's also something about really getting citizen engagement around this and really in some ways experimenting with this notion of the common good.
Can we actually deliver this time in ways that we have failed miserably other times?
And hopefully we won't keep failing on the other things, but anyway.
The interesting thing about that to me Is if you've watched the big short, which had Steve Carell in it and Christian Bale in it, it's based on the true story behind what happened with the housing crisis in 2006 through 2008.
Christian Bale portrays Michael Burry, who's a famous investor who famously predicted the housing crisis before it happened and made a bunch of money at his hedge fund for his investors and himself.
Investing according to that knowledge, that insight.
And at the very end of that movie, Michael Burry, who's sort of this like on the spectrum savant type person, it shows what his investments were in at the time that movie came out.
And he was investing heavily in natural water resources.
After he accurately predicted what would happen with the housing market.
So, I'm very interested to see what the WEF has cooking, what the globalists have cooking as far as water resources are concerned.
Are they going to institute a false shortage, a fake shortage, in order to push us into crisis as a pretext to mitigate our rights even further and take over?
I don't know.
Meanwhile, mandates are alive and well.
Texas College imposes COVID vaccine mandates for students and faculty.
The Baylor College of Medicine issued an email declaring that all students, faculty, and employees must receive the new COVID vaccine by the end of November.
The email from the Texas-based college sent on September 28th claims the vaccine is an important tool to protect yourself and others from the effects of COVID, despite admitting protection from the previous COVID shot fades over time.
An updated COVID vaccine has been approved by the FDA and is now available.
The email states a single dose is recommended for individuals six months and older.
And I believe that the FDA actually only approved this vaccine for people 12 years and older, but there's an emergency use authorization that allows the six months and older.
So this is really kind of a mischaracterization of what happened.
Because protection from prior vaccination fades over time, and this updated vaccine better matches the currently circulating strains, the updated dose is recommended.
So there you have it, folks.
Mandates are alive and well.
We gave our rights away with the pandemic the last time, and now they are gone forever unless we reclaim them.
I want to open up the phone lines because in the next segment, I think I want to start taking calls at least by half past the hour.
Make sure you call in 877-789-2539.
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
I want to hear what you think about all of this news that we've been covering tonight, everything that's going on, whether you think they're going to institute a fake water shortage.
What do you think is going to happen in 2024?
Do you think that they're going to successfully get Trump off the ballot?
Or at least silence him during this campaign.
Trump did sue Christopher Steele over the hoax dossier.
Finally this is happening.
Zero Hedge reports today former President Trump is suing Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spook who assembled the infamous Steele dossier.
A collection of fabricated Kremlin-y rumors about Donald Trump, which was funded by Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign via a law firm intermediary and primarily subsourced from a Russian analyst, Igor Danchenko, who was later found not guilty of giving false statements to the FBI, even though these hoax allegations were determined to be false and funded by the Clinton campaign.
Why is it?
Again, like every time I see stuff like this, it just makes me think of that clip that we showed at the beginning of the show of Joe Biden talking about how we're the extremists coming out against freedom of speech, coming out against freedom of the press, who want to burn books, who are dog whistling to Nazis, despite the fact that the left is the one primarily interested in funding literal Nazis.
Why is it that they can get away with doing stuff like this, literally funding misinformation, literally funding disinformation?
Using the intelligence community in leveraging international relations to formally institute and propagate disinformation.
They're the ones that can get away with this, but we need to be censored on social media because freedom of speech is a danger to the truth?
Biden's coming out saying that people don't know what to believe anymore because free speech is rampant on Axe.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is funding fake news of Russian collusion allegations against the Trump administration and no one has been held accountable for it.
And the Clintons fired up the Clinton Foundation again recently in order to support the rebuilding of Ukraine even though Ukraine is still being invaded and destroyed.
It doesn't make any sense to me how these people get away with this.
When are we going to stand up and do something?
Call in 877-789-2539.
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
I want to hear what you think about all this.
Do you think that these people are ever going to be held accountable?
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We need your help, folks.
We need you to help us fight against tyranny.
Get something for yourself, for your friends, for your family, for your loved ones.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, folks.
I will be taking your calls for the remainder of the hour.
Make sure you call in 877-789-2539.
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
First up, let's hear from Name Redacted in New York.
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
First up, let's hear from Name Redacted in New York.
You're on the air.
How you doing?
I'm good.
How are you doing?
Good, good.
So I'm a healthcare worker and I work for a major New York medical center.
And something that I wanted to bring up is the fact that we just got our flu vaccines, which are mandatory for all employees.
I want to zoom out and give you a little bit of a timeline.
The flu vaccine was invented in the 30s and it was made available to the public through, you know, military testing, et cetera, in 1945.
So that means that it's been around for 78 years.
So, the mandate for employees to get the flu vaccine at this major medical center was October of 2016.
COVID dropped, the pandemic dropped, December of 2019.
So, up to that point, October of 2016, the flu vaccine had been around for, what is it, 73, 74 years?
Something like that?
So what are the chances?
And at the time, everybody was very confused, like, why are we being mandated to get the flu vaccine?
You know, and the excuse was, well, we do no harm to the public, right?
So that doesn't make any sense, because the amount of traffic that you get in a major medical center is, I mean, all kinds of people are coming in.
You know, patients, visitors, first responders, it's like Grand Central Terminal, you know?
What are the chances if you run that through your supercomputer that they mandated a vaccine, which they never had done before, in what, 74 years?
Three years previous to COVID dropping.
It's a titration.
So you think it was a test run to like a proof of concept to, hey, if we can get this done, then it'll be easier down the road to force other vaccines and we'll sort of accustom the people that work for us to this sort of mandate?
Yeah, I think it was normalization.
I think it was a titration of the normalization.
I think it was, you know, incrementalism.
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me.
What are the efficacy rates of the flu vaccine?
Isn't it just sort of hit or miss every season anyway?
It's a guess, yeah.
Yeah, and if we didn't use the flu vaccine ever, would it have a negative or positive impact on herd immunity to the flu generally?
That I don't know.
It's not exactly my department.
I mean, I don't know how you're going to run those numbers.
It just seems utterly impossible to me that having 70 some odd years to do it, all of a sudden you just mandate this vaccine, which everybody was up in arms about, 36 months before the big one hit.
Yeah, I know.
I'm with you on that.
I think that's very suspicious and alarming.
I wish that we would have noticed that in 2016 when it happened, so we could have put a stop to it then.
Thank you so much for your call.
I appreciate it.
I want to hear next from Bart in Florida.
Bart, how are you today?
Yeah, I want to talk about the new COVID shot and it's being mandated at universities.
And why?
Because I believe this one's going to be a doozy and they want to sterilize as many young people as possible.
Back to you, Jason.
So you think that the COVID vaccines actually sterilize?
Oh, that's what Alex has been telling us.
I'm interested to hear.
I think that's...
That's a very reasonable take that these vaccines could have alarming effects on things like fertility.
Certainly, everything else that we've been doing for the last 50 years seems to.
I mean, if you just look at the studies, it's not arguable that sperm counts and fertility rates have plummeted.
I mean, we're coming to a place where we're entering the movie Children of Men.
I don't know if you've ever seen that movie before, but the whole premise of that movie is that nobody can have kids anymore.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, the lucky ones, if they just get sterilized, they're going to be the lucky ones.
Well, obviously the left is pro-sterilization because that is their suggested response to the whole trans issue.
I mean if you actually think about what the left deems to be health care and just and
righteous and compassionate for transgender people beginning at the ages of 12 or however
little they are, what they recommend is mass sterilization.
And we're the Nazis, right?
So somebody's transgender or they show symptoms of perhaps being transgender, you know, even
prior to puberty and the left says, "Okay, what we need to do is we need to sterilize
these people regardless of what their parents say because they've demonstrated these symptoms."
That's mass sterilization because you can't go through transition.
Without being sterilized, whether you're going from female to male or male to female, your fertility is just shot.
You're screwed, right?
And so that's what the left says.
Mass sterilize all of the trans people.
That is the compassionate move.
And I wouldn't be surprised one bit if these vaccines, even if these vaccines specifically don't impact fertility, which I'm not saying they don't, but even if they don't, these mandates set the stage for other products, other vaccines, other medications, other procedures down the road.
Hey, how you doing?
that would force depopulate.
Thank you so much for your call, Bart.
I do appreciate it.
Let's hear from Corn Pop in Maine.
Corn Pop, what's on your mind?
Hey, how you doing?
Good, man.
Can you hear me all right?
You sound great.
So the first thing I wanted to say about the vaccine is if a new breaking new thing that just came out was that the vaccine was actually produced by the U.S.
military and was thrown labels on it by Pfizer and all that.
And that was actually under the Trump administration.
That's very interesting.
Well, we know that Operation Warp Speed was under the Trump administration, so there's no doubt about it that these vaccines were catalyzed and created under his presidency.
Do you think that makes him responsible for it, or do you think that's just like an oversight?
No, so the reason why I'm bringing that up is because of a report that was actually done by Greg Reese where he said that a lot of the vaccines were failing, right?
I'm possibly throwing out there that maybe under the Trump administration, because if you remember when he actually talked about other remedies, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, what happened to him?
He got shut down.
He got shut down.
So maybe all the vaccines under the Trump administration were saline and now this new vaccine is the death jet.
Just, you know, not, not, not, not being a conspiracy theorist, just maybe throwing it out there.
What I really wanted to talk about was 2024.
What I think is going to happen in 2024, I think with Trump being indicted for the election of 2020, how do you finally prove, how do you finally present evidence that he has had that has, you can call it classified, whatever, how do you finally present that to the public in court?
So I think that no matter what, I don't think we're going to have an election in 2024.
I think they're going to try to shut it down.
I think that Trump has been saying, he's been telling us for the longest time, what happens when you steal the diamonds?
The diamonds have to be returned.
I think we're going to get our four years back.
I think Trump has been telling us this for a while.
If you look at his new hat, even on his new hat, it says 45-47.
It doesn't say 45 and 47.
It says 45 through 47.
I haven't seen that.
say 45 and 47 it says 45 through 47. I haven't seen that that's awesome. Trump also came out in his last speech and
he said something about a second term.
And he's talking about what's going on right now.
He wouldn't want to claim it as a second term, but this term was to awaken the American people.
Very interesting.
To finally show them what is going on.
Thank you so much for your call, I appreciate it.
Stick with us folks, we'll be back with more calls in the next segment.
Make sure you call on 877-789-2539.
I want to go over.
war store dot com today welcome back to the alex jones show on chase guys are
will be taking your calls for the rest of the hour
michigan any seven seven seventy nine two five three nine p m called in yet
first up i want to take william arkansas william what's on your mind
or i want to go over
are you there yet is on great uh... i want to go over the uh... understanding of
contamination cross contamination with three types of techniques when you're
dealing with health care.
You've got the basic clean technique, soap and water.
You've got disinfectant, which is just a simple disinfectant.
A sterile field has to be totally free of all microorganisms.
Those are three different techniques.
If you throw a piece of pool equipment, a dirty glove from one area to the other, you have cross-contaminated those fields from a clean to a septic to a sterile field.
When you're in the operating room, and I spent 24 years in the operating room, I've been a nurse since 86.
I learned all this in the Army, Fort Sam Houston in 84.
I'm working off of education from a long time ago, just for this subject matter.
I'm not a virologist or a microbiologist, but every time you turn on an autoclave, you are sterilizing things.
I can break it down.
I can break it all the way down to the DNA inside of a spore.
A spore has a hard shell around it, right?
And I don't have time for all that.
There's not an hour to do that.
It's not an education seminar.
In the operating room, let's say you're doing a total hip or a total joint.
You keep the door shut once the patient's in the room.
Bones have a high propensity to become infected.
Once they do, it's hard to get rid of it.
You don't take a dirty mop handle, a mop head, from one room to the next.
That's cross-contamination.
But yet, the governor, what's his face?
Well, it wasn't New York and all these idiots all over the country.
Every doctor knows this.
Every surgeon knows this.
Every healthcare provider knows this.
You have cross-contaminated Stick people into nursing homes.
It's real basic.
I don't have a PhD.
I'm not a dean at Harvard.
I'm not, you know, head of the local county health, you know, commission.
If I were to take a bloody sponge from one room to the next and squeeze it on the floor and then argue with management that I didn't contaminate that next room, I mean, it's just stupidity, you know?
Maybe I can be pregnant, too.
Does it sound like I can be pregnant?
So, you know, what's going on is just blatant ignorance in front of our face.
The other thing I want to comment is on the colony of northeast of Houston.
I was raised all in that area.
That's going to contaminate the Sheldon Water District area.
The people that are receiving water down there, Salina Park area, along the ship channel and all that, Federal Road, you know, I'm just mentioning that so you people know the area very well.
And that's where all that water goes.
There's a canal that runs right through the San Jacinto Community College.
Down into that whole water treatment facility that's there in Galena Park.
And all that water that's going in there in a few years is going to be so nasty and contaminated it'll be like Flint, Michigan.
You know?
You heard it first.
You're on Alex Jones Show!
Well, thank you so much for your call.
I do appreciate it.
Let's hear next from Jay in Kentucky.
Jay, what's on your mind?
The sky's on my mind.
No, I'm just kidding.
Um, you're doing a good job.
I buy all the products there, and I'm waiting on some shirts.
Anyways, I'm in the middle of a transition right now.
I went from the middle class to get a divorce, and now I'm in the poor class.
I'm sorry to hear that, man.
You'll get through it.
Yeah, I'm a little bummed out.
But the good news is my brain's still functioning.
And I'm a little disturbed to see that some people, they don't know how to use the internet and they're not paying attention.
And that Mr. T character, I always loved Mr. T, you know?
Yeah, of course, ever since he was in Pee Wee Herman, man.
Yeah, even Pee Wee Herman was kind of funny, you know?
He was anyways, but they give him that damn shot.
Geez Louise, you know, how can he not know what's going on with all the information here on the program and other programs?
I sat with a couple of drivers in a Santa Fe lounge there, and they were in military.
And we were talking about, I was wearing Alex Jones' right shirt.
I'm a big, I spread the word all the time.
I got all this shirt, all your shirts.
And he's like, oh Alex Jones is too much for me, but he knew all the commercials, and he knew all the Gregg Reese reports, but he's a Joe Rogan fan.
But some people, they think, oh he's over the top, and this other military guy, who's Alex Jones?
And the guy tried to explain to him, and I gave him the website.
And people, I'm surprised people aren't as awake as they need to be.
And I want to say, as for Olin, you know, I'm 59 years old.
I don't have a whole lot to lose.
And with the proper instructions from the proper general, and I don't know who that general is going to be, you know, we could set up a line of armed militant men to say, you want this guy?
You come get him through this line of armed military men in front of the jail.
And really, I'm surprised that people aren't up With their arms demanding to release the January 6th people.
Give me the sign and I'm on my way.
Yeah, I'm with you.
I feel frustrated too.
I was thinking about this earlier today.
We don't call for violence on this network.
And I was thinking to myself, man, I'm surprised that we've gotten to a point in this country where no one's organized any violence.
And I'm not advocating it.
I'm just surprised that it hasn't happened.
And I think the right thing to do is violence once civil disobedience sinks exhausted.
And we haven't even begun to engage in civil disobedience, right?
We saw with the civil rights revolution, that whole movement, the civil disobedience worked.
They would sit in at restaurants that sought to divide people or not allow people of color, right?
They would sit in, they would do it anyway, they'd get arrested.
And that worked.
And so what we have to be thinking about is ways in which we can engage in civil disobedience.
So, okay, if you're going to arrest January 6th protesters, then I, as a small business owner,
am not going to pay federal taxes.
And you can arrest me if you want.
I'm not going to do anything violent.
But I am not going to write a check to the government.
Or if you're going to fund actual Nazis, enemies of America, literally enemies of America, the Nazis, you're going to fund them in Ukraine, then I am not going to pay federal income tax.
That's the kind of stuff that we need to be doing.
It's painful.
It's hard.
People have to risk.
things like having SSC's or being arrested, but that's a step you take before you just show up
with an AR-15. Now, same thing with the border. I can't believe that no one in Texas hasn't
organized some sort of a militia to just go say, "Hey, if you're not going to protect the border,
we'll do it." And it would be very tempting for me to volunteer for something like that, frankly,
be honest with you. And I'm not saying that's the right thing to do, but that would be the
type of thing that I'm surprised hasn't happened, and if it were to happen, I would seriously
consider it. But, same thing goes, like, civil disobedience first. Those are my thoughts on
it. What do you think?
I agree 100%. I mean, I just can't believe that this country has fallen. I mean, it's...
We really need real generals, real people to stand up and say, "We're gonna form over
here a militia, and we're gonna do just like you said, go to the border, go to the..."
Really, we just need to go to the Pentagon and just start tearing all these Thank you so much for your call.
I do appreciate it.
We do have to cut to a break here in about a minute.
money going over to the Ukraine.
I mean, in the House and in the Senate, they're a bunch of criminals.
This is worse than the mafia.
Thank you so much for your call.
I do appreciate it.
We do have to cut to a break here in about a minute.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Chase Geyser filling in for the great Alex Jones.
We are going to be taking calls for this segment before the Sunday Night Live broadcast in the next hour.
Next up, who do I want to talk to?
Let's hear from...
Jefferson in Virginia.
Happy Sunday, Chase.
Happy Sunday, sir.
How are you?
I'm alright.
I'm just confused by these medical professionals that just accept the notion that they can get a flu vaccine every year mandated for them.
How do you have any idea what's in anything that's being injected in you anymore?
Why would you trust them to not put in the injection whatever they want to put in it?
Yeah, and that's one of the reasons that we haven't given our kids the flu shot, and I don't think we're going to do it anyway.
But one of the reasons that we haven't done it is because it's like, how do we know that the COVID vaccine isn't just laced in it?
How do we know that it's not laced with COVID vaccine?
Right, they're putting mRNA in your food now and you don't know it.
But when it comes to the emergency use authorization for this latest so-called booster, How do they get an emergency use authorization when there are therapeutics on the market that they admit are therapeutic like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine or monoclonal antibodies?
If they know what kind of antibody they're trying to create with this new booster, then they know how to create that monoclonal antibody and use that as a therapeutic.
So we've completely forgotten about Regeneron and how that was an effective therapeutic the last time.
So there should be no Well, and the Emergency Use Authorization just applies to people 6 months old up to 12 years old, right?
They had to do that to get the very young demographic?
And that's the demographic that's least vulnerable to the actual virus itself.
It's not an emergency for that age range.
Right, but they're trying to sterilize people and you not realize you're sterilized until 20 years from now, when you actually try to have children and can't.
That's what they're counting on, is that most people aren't trying to have children anyway.
If you vaccinate a six-year-old, she's not going to try to have kids for 16 years or more.
That's when you find out you're sterile.
It's a slow kill of the population without us knowing it's going on, so they get away with it before we actually find out what they've done to us.
Yep, 100%.
And just the amount of cowardice that it takes to be convinced that the right thing to do is to give your infants a COVID vaccine is just beyond me.
Because if you do just two seconds worth of research, even the government-published research, you'll see that like less than 2,000 kids or something like that under the age of 12 months old have been victims of COVID, and that number is even questionable,
Because these kids might have had COVID, but they might have also had leukemia, but
they got marked as a COVID death.
So the fact that you're so afraid of this virus, that you're gonna inject this
substance into your kids, because you think that it's safer to do that,
than it is to allow them to have the virus, is just totally beyond me.
And frankly, the fact that we trust these pharmaceutical companies that all,
after all the things that they have done over the years that have clearly been
lethal, is beyond me.
If you look at what happened in the 80s, I talked about it with Alex when I was a guest on this show.
I've talked about it a number of times on my own podcast.
I'm a type A severe hemophiliac.
I have a bleeding disorder and I have to take injections in order to clot.
Otherwise my joints cripple and I bleed internally to death.
My life expectancy without medicine is 11 years.
And in the 80s, the way they treated Hemophilia, before they developed new medicines, was they would do blood transfusions and they would create synthetic medicine using blood donors.
And the pharmaceutical companies knew, for years, while Fauci was involved in leadership, mind you, that the blood products they were using to create the medicine for hemophiliacs contained HIV and hepatitis and estimates of up to 10,000 hemophiliacs in the United States alone.
It's a very rare condition.
Up to 10,000 of them died of AIDS in the 80s because the drug companies did not tell the mothers of these children that they were injecting their kids with HIV.
This is documented.
This is not disputed.
There were lawsuits over this.
There were settlements over this in the 90s.
And they knew for years these drugs were contaminated.
They gave them to parents unwittingly to inject into their children because their thought
process was it was better to die of AIDS than it was to die of hemophilia, which was not
their decision to make.
And then once they got caught for it, what did they do with their inventory?
Well, it was illegal to sell the inventory here in the United States once they got caught
for it, but they had all this backlog of inventory to sell, so they sold it to third world countries.
So they sold the contaminated products overseas to countries that did not outlawed or had
not yet outlawed it, knowing that it would contaminate and infect thousands of hemophiliacs
all over the world with HIV and hepatitis, which of course becomes AIDS and kills them.
And so we're supposed to trust that the government and these pharmaceutical companies actually care about our health?
They only care about the bottom line.
They only care about power.
These mandates have nothing to do with saving lives.
They only have to do with making tremendous amounts of money and empowering the government in a greater and greater way until you have no rights left.
They do not care about you folks.
All of the world's genocides, mass murders have been committed by governments.
The government doesn't care about you because no one in the government actually feels responsible for what the government does.
These institutions are so large, like Enron or something.
Where if they're doing something unethical, no individual entity within that organization actually feels responsible for the unethical thing being done.
Oh, you know, I'm a member of the Nazi Party, but I'm just a guard, so it's not my fault that these people are being gassed, because I'm just a guard.
But everybody plays a small part in this corruption, but offloads all of the guilt or accountability.
To other people.
So these organizations, once they reach this size, like these pharmaceutical companies, like the government, they get to a point where they do incredibly evil things, but no individual within these organizations actually feels responsible or culpable for the evil that's being done.
It's like American taxpayers.
You probably pay your taxes.
I've certainly paid taxes in the past.
Do any of you feel responsible for the Nazis being funded in Ukraine?
Probably not, because you're being forced to do it.
Well, I'm telling you, if you pay taxes, you are partially responsible for the fact that Nazis are being funded in Ukraine.
Next call, Allen, California.
Allen, what's on your mind?
Chase, you there?
Yep, I can hear you.
First of all, you're doing a very scholarly type of style, and I like it a lot.
Thank you.
Kind of funny, I called in on the one topic, you asked a question and I have an answer for you.
But then you got into all this vaccine stuff and all the medical industry.
I actually retired out of the health insurance industry here in California, which really drives a lot of it.
And the bottom line, a couple things.
Number one, after 30 years in the health industry, just put it this way, the health insurance companies don't want you healthy.
Yeah, it's kind of like anything with the government or big corporations.
They want you sick.
They want you having chronic diseases because they make more money.
Not only does the pharmaceutical companies and all the big medical groups make more money, but the insurance companies make more money.
And here's how it works.
I don't want to take up all your time.
I know we're limited.
Here's the biggest part.
Especially, and Obama put this into overdrive with the Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, you know, obviously backwards named.
Because they put in that whole factor of the insurance companies could only make 10% profit on the health insurance contract, meaning they had to pay out 90% of all the money that was being paid into them by all the consumers and into health care.
Excuse me, they had to reimburse for medical procedures and in prescription drugs, okay?
So they were only allowed to have 10% across the top.
That's what that law change did, right?
So what happened was, you're a smart enough guy, you know some math.
Would you rather have 10% of $100,000 a year, which is only 10 grand?
The more expensive healthcare becomes, the more they can crank the premiums, which means the greater volume of profits that they make.
And the bigger profit for them.
So, you know, I've been telling people this for years.
So screwed up!
It's infuriating.
You know, they go, oh no, they don't want me to go.
I said, it's the opposite.
They want you to go to the doctor.
They want you to get more prescriptions because then they get to turn around because every health insurance company has to justify their rates to all the 50 states and or the federal government when it comes to Medicare.
So then that way they can go to the Medicare, if it's a federal Medicare program, or the different states, and say, well, we gotta raise our rates 25%, because look at all the utilization.
And then of course the rest of it is all... It's a conflict of interest.
But it's a circle.
So, that's what they're doing.
And one last thing, one of the other, and all the prior callers with comments, and the nurses and stuff, and they're right on the spot, but here's the funny other quirky thing, and God just puts me in weird places in my life, my entire life.
He's blessed me tremendously.
My brother-in-law happens to be an actuary in the big health insurance industry for decades.
I'm on the marketing side.
See, I saw this.
Because I saw marketing with the sales, with the premiums going up, and by the way, my commissions were going up too, okay?
But I saw the premiums getting ridiculous where people couldn't afford it.
But my brother-in-law's on the actuary side.
So the point is, he's in the corporate side, and it comes back to that guy who said, you know, I don't understand how doctors and these people are taking the vaccinations.
In the corporate side, he was getting a hefty sa- well, he still does.
He's getting a hefty salary from these corporations to do all this stuff.
And they mandate him and his wife, and they're in their late 50s and early 60s, to get vaccinations.
But see, he still has that cognitive dissonance.
He thinks the health insurance company is doing a good thing.
People don't even understand the depths of the corruption, the conflicts of interest that exist in our country today.
Thank you so much for your call.
Thank you for tuning in.
Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the Sunday Night Live show and visit InfoWarsTore.com.
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