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Air Date: Sept. 29, 2023
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In this episode of "The Alex Jones Show," Alex Jones discusses climate change, smart city development, arrest of a reporter exposing Nazis, and the promotion of InfoWars Platinum products. He argues that climate change is being used as an excuse to destroy industries and criticizes the development of smart cities for increased government surveillance. Former special forces soldier Warren Thornton joins the show to discuss his experience being arrested for exposing Nazis fighting in Ukraine's military, and they also talk about NATO strategies, ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, and potential nuclear war. The show then shifts towards the history of women's liberation movements, occult feminism, and its connection with witchcraft. InfoWars Store is promoting Real Red Pill Plus supplement containing Pregnanolone, Rebel Zen CBD product, Bone Broth supplement with beneficial ingredients, and Alexa Pure Water Filtration System for purifying water quickly by removing thousands of chemicals to non-detectable levels.

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Well, corrupt empires come and go.
Corrupt leaders come and go.
But God gives us all an expiration date.
And the Skeksis-like leaders of the New World Order can cling to life.
But the Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death, comes for us all.
And then we face the judgment before our Creator.
Dianne Feinstein has made the jump into hyperspace.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
For those who have been indoctrinated in the climate change hoax, there are many reasons why you are just dead wrong.
And even worse, you're being led to slaughter by a eugenics cult that has infiltrated our federal, state, and local governments.
When I asked Tanya Plibersek, the deputy leader of the Labour Party and the potential deputy prime minister, was carbon dioxide the big issue in relation to climate change?
And she said yes.
I then said, well that being the case, what percentage of the atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide?
What percentage of the Earth's air is carbon dioxide?
Oh, I don't know.
But if carbon dioxide is 0.04% of the atmosphere, and human beings are responsible for 3% of that 0.04%, surely if a political party doesn't know the quantum of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,
What the hell are we standing the economy on its head for?
Demonising coal-fired power, driving everyone into renewable energy which is not available, not reliable and not affordable, plonking us in electric cars, giving us nearly the dearest electricity in the world when we're rich in energy resources, exporting coal so that China and India and Japan can have cheap electricity, and we sit here swallowing this ideological rubbish
Putting industry at risk, jobs at risk, and burying the economy.
So it is ultra important that we refuse to stop digging into the ruins and future of Lahaina because it is the bellwether for the rest of the United States.
Note, misleading social media posts have been circulating falsely asserting that the Hawaii Digital Government Summit
Which is held in Honolulu each year is aimed at transforming Maui into the first smart island.
These claims are incorrect and do not align with the summit's annual focus.
So what is the C40 city group and why would they distance themselves from these claims?
And so why did you decide to enter into a global pact?
I think that the goals that C40 has set for the world are really important goals if we're going to mitigate climate change.
According to their website, C40's City Climate Change Leadership Group is a group of 96 cities represented by mayors around the world
Representing one twelfth of the world's population and one quarter of the global economy focused on fighting the climate crisis and driving urban action to reduce green gas emissions.
End quote.
Quietly plowing in the seeds of the UN Agenda 2030 with the aid of Silicon Valley towards a more equitable digitization of the workplace with exponential growth of a cloud-based government.
What we have to do as politicians is to almost be like teachers.
Work with the experts to explain, just like we do with a pandemic, explain climate change.
Well, they can't deny that Maui has been ground zero for smart city transformation for a long time by the state of Hawaii.
Maui's transportation department will be testing an all-electric bus.
As Hawaii makes its push to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2045, harnessing the wind on land has been controversial.
Between 2011 and 2016, NITO headed a smart community project called Jump Smart Maui.
Held on the island of Maui, Hawaii, a smart community was constructed by Hawaiian and Japanese stakeholders.
NITO explains, smart community is a social system that integrates advanced environmental and energy technologies and provides citizens belonging to the community with a sustainable, safe, and secure society.
Meanwhile, the EPA, with its notorious record of environmental sabotage, is scrubbing the crime scene.
According to KITV4, right now, federal, state, and local officials remain in phase one of the cleanup process following the fire devastation.
Nine teams with the EPA have been assigned by FEMA to search, remove, and dispose of hazardous materials found in structures impacted by the fires.
It's no secret anymore.
Contracts were signed to build high-rise condos and businesses in Lahaina.
But you can't build in a historical district, and you certainly can't start a smart city in one.
All I've had since day one is $700.
We are only being told, stand in this line, sign here.
What are we signing?
Who is it benefiting, us or America?
That's what I want to know.
The historical city of Lahaina stood in the way of this globalist overreach.
John Bowne reporting.
Notice the Hawaiian lady said America.
No lady, we're all getting screwed by the globalists, okay?
It's not America.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
It's Friday, September 29th, 2023.
Thank you so much for joining us.
As we transmit in defiance of tyranny, worldwide.
There's been a big story hiding in plain view that I talked about many years ago because it's part of the larger UN replacement migration plan, but I hadn't talked about it in a long time.
And Scott Bronson, our lead producer on the show, came in this morning with a big stack of
News and made the point to me and said, I think this is what's going on.
And I said, no, I agree with you.
That is what's going on.
So I had them print some more articles and get some more videos ready.
At the bottom of the hour, I'm going to cover a massive story.
How are they going to get foreign troops here to confiscate the guns?
That isn't just some rumor that's been proposed under State Department Mirandum 7277 and others since the 60s.
But how are they going to do it?
With the illegal aliens, ladies and gentlemen, and now it's happening.
And it ties into the national draft that the Pentagon admits they're getting ready and the Democrats are promoting.
This stack is beyond critical.
And it is coming up here in just a moment.
30 minutes from now or 25 minutes from now.
In fact, guys, I gave you yesterday's stack back this morning when I got here.
Will you re-pull me the big studies and the reports out of Bloomberg on corporate hiring and 94% of all new hires the last two years being non-white?
I'm going to explain the dichotomy and the social credit score, universal basic income game plan
That ties into this as well.
That's why a lot of times I should cover stories more often, but I have this tendency to want to give you a full-spectrum analysis.
So as I think about the story I want to break down, I don't just give you some one-dimensional or two-dimensional or three-dimensional layout.
I give you their documents, their statements, their master plan, where they want to go, where they're at, how it's going to unfold.
This couldn't be a bigger subject.
Pull the stack for me.
Pull that out of the stack.
It's about an inch thick.
And we will do that at the bottom of the hour.
This is big, big, big.
Now, let me mention what else we're going to be covering today.
In the third hour, we're joined by a British independent, very successful journalist who was arrested last week and taken to jail.
But he says he's not going to back down.
He broke the SS German officer, part of the key
Unit that carried out the extermination of Jews and others in Ukraine.
That's where the real Holocaust stuff did go on.
He exposed the standing ovation.
He exposed who he was.
They arrested him just a day later in the UK.
He'll be joining us.
I could have Owen Schroyer on to talk about it, or our host, but he's got to get ready to report to prison here very soon, so he's not here.
He's visiting family.
See how crazy it is?
It's not just somebody in the UK getting arrested, or somebody puts up a transgender flag and says, I think there are Nazis in the UK.
He gets arrested.
It's everybody.
The totalitarianism ain't coming, boys and girls.
It's here.
So we're going to get to that.
Now, let's walk through the other stacks here.
Senator Dianne Feinstein dead at 90.
Got a lot of interesting angles on this.
We're going to be breaking it down.
New York Democrats to distribute flyers to illegals at southern border warning them you are better off somewhere else.
They've already got blue city control and 78% Democrat voters in New York.
They don't need them there.
Though they actually tell them go to red states.
Can't make that up.
Elon Musk at the border, and more.
That's a very important stack, obviously.
Also a bunch of pedophile arrests.
How New York City gun arrests uncovered a huge pedophile satanic cult.
That's the New York Post, not Alex Jones.
Fire Department Lieutenant sentenced to 33 years on child porn charges after bust by predator poacher.
I want to get that great researcher and great activist back on soon.
Murder crisis plagues D.C.
as mayor begs for more officers after defunding the police.
UAW announces new strikes at GM and Ford plants.
Mosquitoes are a growing public health threat suddenly in the U.S.
after Bill Gates released billions of them.
That's a whole stack.
We have video in congressional testimony yesterday of OSHA head claims we didn't demand that anyone be fired despite agency issuing vaccine mandate that fired over 300,000 nurses and medical workers nationwide, 70 plus thousand in New York alone.
Genrich says no more pointless GOP debates.
Trump's going to be the nominee.
He gets 55-65% of the vote in every poll against the whole other field.
The rest of them only get 30-40%.
Elon Musk says we're running out of conspiracy theories that didn't turn out to be true.
Talks about Russell Brand and the targeting of independent media.
Can't afford California housing?
Try living in a pod.
I've said that the model pod the UN wants in their own documents was 250 square feet.
Ladies and gentlemen, I didn't know you could fit in these, but they're coming out with 40 square foot coffin apartments.
Can't make that up.
You'll own nothing.
You'll like it.
You'll have nothing, you'll like it, you will eat some bugs.
FBI caught all over the country covering up massive election fraud.
Philadelphia endured a fourth night of mass rioting.
After a police officer, who an attacker tried to stab on video, shot them.
Well, it's time to riot and loot and attack all the white people.
Because the media says so.
That's some of the news.
424 to 1, Dems join GOP to kill Biden's anti-Second Amendment scheme.
Some light at the end of the tunnel.
Can AI plan the economy?
Yeah, have you lived a total AI-controlled planned economy?
That's just some of the news we've got for you today, like this.
Pentagon says troops won't get paid during potential government shutdown, but Ukraine will, including hundreds of thousands of civil servants.
We're not just second-class citizens.
Being a citizen is now a joke.
It means you're there to be exploited and controlled.
Also, public schools are no longer safe for your child.
A bunch of data on that and videos of transgenders beating up girls, but they say it's okay because they're transgender.
Another key report by Darren McBreen.
How many feds does it take to stage an insurrection?
And Laura Logan has put out a new Part 3 report, the most devastating yet, detailing that it was a fedsurrection.
That's coming up as well.
More market analysts believe the dollar is nearing its end, regardless of bringing a new global system.
That's just some of what we're covering here on this live, original, teleprompter-free, worldwide transmission.
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And there's only until next Wednesday left, four, five, six days,
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to this live Friday edition
Well, corrupt empires come and go.
Corrupt leaders come and go.
But God gives us all an expiration date.
And the sketchy-like leaders of the New World Order can cling to life.
But the Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death, comes for us all.
And then we face the judgment before our Creator.
Dianne Feinstein has made the jump into hyperspace.
She was already basically a living dead creature propped up by drugs.
And she voted yesterday, though they're looking at the time stamp, looks like she was dead already.
A puppet wheeled around by Pelosi's daughter, one of the producers of January 6th.
Literal film producer.
And I thought of this earlier this morning and called one of our writers and said, hey,
Sea of the Babylon Bee's done this.
We're not in competition with them.
They're great folks, but I bet they haven't.
Let's come up with a headline.
Diane Feinstein to stay in office after death.
And we beat them by about an hour.
They have a similar satire story.
But Senator Diane Feinstein dead at 90.
Here's the Infowars headline by Ben Warren.
Senate changes ruled.
So Dianne Feinstein can stay in office while dead.
Senator Dianne Feinstein will continue to serve in office even after shuffling off her mortal coil thanks to a new power play from the Democratic Party.
Just days after my majority leader Chuck Schumer, Democrat New York, ended the chamber's dress codes and Senator John Fetterman could dress like an insane org, the top Democrat decided to up the ante while adhering to the party's mantra of
Inclusivity and being inclusive.
It's wrong, Schumer said, to discriminate against the dead.
Schumer told InfoWars in an exclusive interview, which this necromantic decree, I am adding the massive roster of the unliving to our ranks.
All the years of using the deceased as voters allowed for this smooth transitions.
And it just goes on from there.
And of course, the Democratic Party loves to have dead people vote for them, so now, why not have dead people serve?
They're basically already undead.
Citizens for Free Press point out, Dianne Feinstein voted yesterday.
She was marked as yes vote on securing growth and robust leadership in the American Aviation Act.
So she voted yes.
And of course, we're joking.
The media is going to say we're being serious.
It's called satire.
Dianne Feinstein is not going to continue to serve in the Senate.
Although Governor Newsom of California is set to appoint her replacement.
And that's going to make Adam Schiff very mad because he was asking her, Feinstein, to hold on through the election next year so that he wouldn't have anybody to challenge him.
But Newsom has pledged to appoint a black woman
That's foreshadowing of Big Mike Michelle replacing Biden.
Some more bad news for one of the most corrupt members of Congress ever, Herr Schmitt, Adam Schiff.
All right, continuing, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's look at the border and Elon Musk making his visit to Eagle Pass.
New York Democrats to distribute flyers to illegals at the southern border, warning them, you're better off somewhere else and directing them to Republican and conservative states.
Because again, where they're getting 75-78% Democrat voters in elections, they don't need the permanent underclass there.
They already got it.
They don't need the voters there.
They're already giving them driver's licenses, they're already voting.
If you talk about it, they indict you.
Says it doesn't exist, even though it does.
Like they've done Trump.
So they're directing them, again, and saying, actually stay in Texas.
In fact, Biden said he's going to sign an order to order them with ankle bracelets to stay in Texas, and then they're giving them, on average, a court date in 2032.
I'm not joking.
2032, nine years from now, they're supposed to show up at court.
Can't make that up.
Humanitarian crisis declared after unmarked white buses drop off thousands of illegal aliens on San Diego streets.
Here's what's really going on.
Elon Musk live-streamed southern border chaos in a 15-minute powerful video talking to local and state officials.
We'll be airing that later in the broadcast.
Chicago, Denver.
Illegal aliens declare sanctuary cities they plan to inhabit.
They brag on video about it.
New York City tells migrants you're better off somewhere else and ships them to the suburbs.
In rare New York City visit, Texas Governor Greg Abbott lauds, praises Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul for pressuring Biden over migrant crisis.
So that's just some of the news.
Meanwhile, Swedish PM, Prime Minister, vows to deploy military to wrestle back control of inner cities amid wave of gang-related shootings and explosions.
And that's all going to tie in next segment to what I mentioned, the master plan to bring down Europe and the United States that they admit to in their own documents.
So that's coming up, ladies and gentlemen, next segment.
And I realize why the crew can't find the full Bloomberg article I'm talking about.
I said it was in yesterday's stack.
That's not right.
It's in Wednesday's stack, guys.
And it's the actual study that the feds put out showing 94% of the new hires the last two and a half years are non-white, biomed corporations.
It's got all the pie charts, the graphs.
I want to show that next segment.
We don't get it next segment.
It's okay.
I'll find it.
We'll get to it last segment.
But I really want to hit this ultra-massive story when we come out, come back from this quick break.
Also, big new January 6th developments and so much more.
We've got the ongoing impeachment proceedings that have begun in the House of Representatives, very powerful clips and information on that front as well.
But all I can say is this is an insane time to be alive, but we can collectively wake up from this nightmare at any time and say no.
An illustrative of that is that Biden's new anti-gun commission
Tried to ban archery and shooting clubs from any YMCA or any public school or private school that gets any federal funds, and they voted 424 to 1.
Dems joined GOP to kill Biden's anti-Second Amendment scheme.
Yeah, why should our children, who are nonviolent and good, not be allowed to learn how to use a gun or learn how to use a bow and arrow?
So see, there is some sanity.
I think we should study this vote and how this happened and how out of this insane group they got all the Democrats but one to vote for this common sense.
I mean, I'm actually stunned.
I mean, I'm pinching myself right now.
It's like Bill Gates last week.
Oh, we need to stop pushing the global warming thing so fast.
No one's buying it.
We'll get all our controls in.
Let's be friendly about it.
Yeah, tell us the world's going to end in seven years and we've got to give you full control.
But he's not doing it because he's a good person.
He's doing it because they have the internal numbers.
We can just see them in the public.
That people are waking up big time.
The Great Awakening is here.
That's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen, today on this live Friday transmission.
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Have you?
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We'll be right back.
How many agents or assets of the government were present on January 5th and January 6th and agitating in the crowd to go into the Capitol and how many went into the Capitol?
Can you answer that now?
I don't know the answer to that question.
You don't know how many there were or there were none?
I don't know the answer to either of those questions.
If there were any, I don't know how many.
I don't know whether there are any.
I think you may have just perjured yourself that you don't know that there were any.
You want to say that again?
That you don't know that there were any?
I have no personal knowledge of this matter.
I know nothing!
By the way, that was in reference to Ray Epps, and yesterday you indicted him!
Isn't that a wonderful coincidence?
On a misdemeanor!
Meanwhile, you're sending grandmas to prison.
You're putting people away for 20 years for merely filming.
Some people weren't even there yet.
You've got the guy on video who's saying go into the Capitol.
We need to go into the Capitol!
He's directing people to the Capitol before the speech ends.
He's at the site of the first breach.
You've got all the goods on him.
Ten videos and it's an indictment for a misdemeanor?
The American public isn't buying it.
The video that you're showing right now is something that has been out on Rumble.
And I can tell you
That from the information that we received from the Metropolitan Police Department, I can verify that this video is from a Metropolitan Police undercover officer.
It appears that this officer is encouraging people to climb the scaffolding and go into the Capitol.
It appears he's encouraging, but he's definitely helping people climb the scaffolding, and he's telling them, go, go, go.
Feds, agents of the federal government, were not just there, but were also encouraging people to riot or go into the Capitol.
That's exactly right.
Federal agents encouraged the violence that day.
How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6th?
I'm sure you can appreciate that I can't go into the specifics of sources and methods.
Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th?
Yes or no?
I can't answer that.
Who is Ray Epps?
I'm aware of the individual, sir.
I don't have the specific background to him.
Law enforcement or military agents, he said, anything to do with it, that never crossed my mind.
I never thought there was a false flag or anything like that.
I'm not a conspiracist by temperament.
I never thought that.
And then I interviewed the chief of the Capitol Police, Stephen Sund, in an interview that was never aired on Fox, by the way.
I was fired before it could air.
I'm going to interview him again.
But Stephen Sund was the totally nonpolitical
Worked for Nancy Pelosi.
I mean, this was not some right-wing activist.
He was the chief of the Capitol Police on January 6th.
And he said, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
That guy was filled.
With federal agents.
Well, he would know, of course, because he was in charge of security at the site.
The Capitol Police Chief says January 6th was a cover-up and the pipe bomber still remains at large.
Mr. Olson, on January 6th, 2021, did the Department of Justice or FBI have any plainclothes officers among the crowd at the Capitol?
Senator, I'm not aware of whether or not there were plainclothes officers among the crowd at the Capitol on January 6th.
Did any plainclothes officers enter the Capitol on January 6th?
I don't know the answer to that, Senator.
I know nothing!
On March 6th, 2001, Alex Jones first predicted the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.
You've got an element of the FBI and these war game scenarios where they can remote control a 747 and they're going to crash it into the World Trade Center.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
Everybody knows Biden, when he was candidate Biden, said, when I win the election, and I will, because he knew he would, by fraud, I want all the illegal aliens to immediately surge the border.
Well, a few times he told the truth.
And now 80 plus percentages completely turned loose.
They're busted, flown all over the country.
Hundreds of thousands of children conservatively have completely disappeared.
It is mass criminal activity.
But what's really behind this?
Well, if you look at Europe, you look at the US, you look at the UN documents, I'm going to show you here in a moment, going back to 2001, they say we're going to flood Europe with hundreds of millions, we're going to flood North America with 600 plus million by 2040.
We're already well on our way there.
And we're going to set them up and politically control them and basically only give them government-connected jobs so we run their lives.
And then when we want to, we can activate them for political control.
To vote, to be the police officers, to arrest citizens, to confiscate guns, you name it.
Just like in Tiananmen Square in the late 80s, they trained in and bussed in in a day
500,000 troops from a thousand miles away that didn't even speak the same Chinese dialect to kill everybody.
To kill thousands and thousands of people and arrest tens of thousands.
So it's balkanization, it's divide and conquer, it's the Tower of Babel.
So let's go through these documents and look how it ties into the push for a new national draft coming in.
Because they let illegal aliens become U.S.
citizens or are on the path to that by joining the military.
They had to first purge it, though, of the loyal Americans.
They do that with the critical race theory, the transgenderism, the rest of it.
Replacement migration is a solution to declining and aging populations.
Now the ADL says it doesn't exist.
You should be arrested if you talk about it.
The U.S.
military is laying the groundwork to reinstate the draft.
Von Mies Institute does a great job of laying out how they're promoting it, and how Democrat lawmakers are pushing it.
Profile of the unauthorized population of the U.S.
The vast majority are men, and the majority of them are military-age men.
This is a report from years ago.
It's far worse now.
Same thing in Europe.
Eighty-plus percent are military-age men.
Military-Industrial Complex is making hundreds of billions of dollars and they need a military draft in the U.S.
to take things to the next level.
Will the U.S.
reinstitate the draft for the Russian-Ukraine war?
The uncertain future of the U.S.
military's all-volunteer force, Council on Foreign Relations, says we need a draft.
Why bringing back the draft could end America's forever wars, some say.
No, because it's going to be illegal aliens that are given citizenship to do it.
That's Time Magazine.
CBP enforcement statistics for 2023.
The vast majority, the Border Patrol reports, are illegal aliens, military age men.
Illinois legislation would allow non-U.S.
citizens to become police officers.
Other states are doing it, already have, like New Mexico.
Now let's tie it into this, and I'll tie it all together.
Corporate America kept its promise to hire more people of color.
Minorities are driving and delivering all the U.S.
labor supply growth.
94% of new corporate jobs go to non-whites.
Corporate America promised when Biden was elected to hire non-whites.
They delivered.
After BLM and S&P 100 added over 300,000 K jobs, 23% were black workers.
Now let's look at the numbers from the study.
Here's a graph.
Here is the number of people of color hired, 94%.
And here is the white people hired in the last two and a half years, 6%.
Talk about discrimination, ladies and gentlemen.
This is it.
And here's all the breakdowns of professionals, managers, less senior roles, all of it is the same numbers.
Over and over again.
So, what's really happening here?
It's very simple.
I'm going to lay it out.
You turn off the resources with global investment and with lockdowns for three years in the third world.
Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, poor areas of Asia.
You set up UN refugee centers to take military-age men, set them up, give them debit cards, give them paths to enter, and then send them to Europe, Western Europe, and the United States.
You sign them up once they get here with Democrat Party and leftist law firms in Europe.
They then pay part of their paycheck and the welfare they're signed up for.
No one enforces it in blue cities, so they get two paychecks.
But either paycheck won't pay for them, so they've got to go on welfare and have a job, but a large portion
Of each check goes to the Global Esteem State.
So they fund themselves while they create this permanent underclass.
So the third world, 80 plus million, the UN admits starved to death under lockdowns.
Not from the virus, from the lockdowns.
They're forced to come here.
They're then brainwashed, turned into ideologues, told America's bad, given an anti-white brainwashing course.
Then they're put into the workforce and the infrastructure.
Predominantly the U.S.
military is the biggest hire of the quote migrants.
That's why they're not letting families and stuff through as much as they let military age men.
Particularly those that have criminal backgrounds.
Just like the Russians had their Wagner group that was made up of ex-cons.
This has been done many times.
And now you've got a domestic security force just as big and just as strong as our military
In the police forces and in the military.
So this isn't some wives tale.
It's not some Red Dawn scenario from a movie.
This is really going on.
And whether you're in Europe or here, they are putting the illegal aliens in bureaucrat jobs and law enforcement jobs because they don't speak the language and they'll follow orders.
They have units made up in Europe and here of the groups that will enforce.
And I'm nothing against Sikhs.
But they want their own independence, their own Hindu group.
They've been involved in terror attacks against the Indian government.
If you go to England and you look this up, for decades they have whole units of Sikhs that go out and do whatever they're told by the government.
Because it's a unit.
They can do it.
They'll all watch each other's back.
It's a mafia.
That's why Illinois and other states are legalizing illegal aliens being your police.
So they know exactly what they're doing.
They impoverish them, they destroy them, they bring who's left here, military age men, they form the men of these groups, and then the majority, the largest block, look it up, type in migrants.
People immigrating, just type, they don't call me legal aliens.
Migrants make up the biggest percentage of the new military sign-ups and recruits.
And so they get here, they sign them up, they get military training, and now our military's being transferred from being a U.S.
citizen volunteer force, and they do that to run out the volunteer force.
Transgenderism, critical race theory, all the anti-white crap.
So all the rural people, all the southerners, all the folks that know how to skin a buck, run a trot line, that made up our military, the world feared, they're getting out.
And then now you've got the military-age men.
Look at that.
You see women there?
Yeah, maybe one out of a hundred there.
I mean, look at it.
Go back to that shot and just pause it.
Look at that.
Go back to that shot and pause it.
You see any women there?
And again, we can show you a shot of thousands of people, and I'm looking at the crowd, and I see, like, what?
In that one row?
One woman.
You see any women there?
And the shot pans over thousands.
But look, where's the women?
Where's the women?
Okay, I see two women in that line.
Of like a hundred.
They're set up at UN refugee centers.
They're refusing the women and children.
Folks, look at these boats coming in from North Africa.
See any women there?
The conservative number in Europe is 80 plus percent.
It's like 84% of the people coming in are military age men.
And five years later, 90 plus percent don't have a job.
You see any women right there?
Where's the women?
Just keep that rolling.
Men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men.
I mean, we have hours of this footage.
You can go to Eagle Pass right now and see it for yourself right now.
You can go anywhere in Texas on the border and you can watch all day men come across.
You see any women there?
Men, men, men, men.
They've got time lapse videos.
We've aired them.
In an hour, 5,000 people come across.
No women, no women, no women, no women.
So you bring in your Red Dawn force.
They don't parachute in like the 1980s movie with Charlie Sheen and the rest of them.
They're brought in, they're prepared, they're brought into the cities, they're given jobs, and then later they will do whatever their sponsors say.
Because if they don't riot, or they don't kill, or they don't commit a crime, they are deported.
So they follow their orders.
So this is the globalist takeover program.
And now look at Sweden, look at Germany, basically declaring martial law.
Sweden's declared martial law, a military emergency, and put troops on the street and passports and checkpoints to counter what they've done.
So the UN ships in, you know, this is Poland.
A few countries like Poland have to quote no migrants, they won't put up with it.
So the UN purposely loads hundreds of thousands a month up against their border to tear down the barbed wire and literally attack.
The same thing in Italy.
So, the UN doesn't send in blue helmets, they send in giant, migrant, illegal, alien, military-age males.
You see any women up there?
Remember a few years ago, they'd use babies as their human shield to get in.
There it is.
Military naturalization statistics.
service members, veterans, and other families may be eligible for certain immigration benefits in recognition of their important sacrifice.
Specifically, veterans and current service members may be eligible to become U.S.
citizens through naturalization under special provisions of the Immigration Naturalization Act, N.I.N.A.
These provisions reduce or eliminate certain general requirements for naturalization, including requirements for the applicant to have resided or been physically present in the United States for a specific
Period of time for naturalization.
That's the new rules 2002.
That was changed.
That's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
It's not coming.
It's not developing.
It's here.
So let's go ahead now.
And let's roll a clip of Obama.
Right before he was elected.
Telling the world.
What the plan was, here it is.
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
So let's explain how this works.
Starting six years ago, the George Soros DAs that control every major city in the country, any major city, most even mid-sized cities, it's like a thousand plus cities, look it up, said we don't care as long as a person's brown or black, if they shoot somebody, they rape somebody, we let them out, we don't even charge them.
You see it all over the news.
We're going to allow people to loot and rob.
And then, of course, the majority of black folks and people aren't criminals, but there's a large minority of that minority that are going to do it.
And they're emboldened.
And so they rob all the major blue cities until the malls close, the Walgreens close, the CVS close, the grocery store close.
And they go, oh, don't worry.
We're going to federalize things and open up the old Walmarts.
Biden's going to give us billions of dollars.
We're going to give you free food through these things.
So this is the process, the processes.
And now the criminals are fanning out into the suburbs and the rural areas.
And when you shoot somebody, even in your small town, that's breaking into your house at 2 a.m.
with a gun, you learn that your small town of 5,000 people elected a Soros mayor or a Soros DA, and you get charged.
Figure it out yet?
And they got their Soros DAs, their Soros judges everywhere that say, you know, Trump, doesn't matter on the real estate filing, your land's worth $300 million.
You can sell it for $500 million right now, Mar-a-Lago.
We say it's worth $18 million, you're guilty of fraud.
The judge said, not a jury, we're going to take your New York properties right now.
So these judges don't just let violent criminals out.
They don't just defund the police.
They then take everything you've got.
So people said to me in the last year, hey, you got a billion and a half dollar judgment and all this.
You were found guilty by judges.
How are you taking it?
And I said, I'm taking it quite well.
You'll be next within a year.
Have you figured out you're under attack yet?
Let me explain something.
I've already figured out I'm under attack.
See, our government used to do some things that were unorthodox and dangerous because it ruined what we have now, but you know, 30, 40 years ago, the CIA was going around killing people in third world countries and even doing it here in the U.S., but it was non-citizens.
Or it was mafia groups.
Now that stuff's not pointed at the mafia, it's pointed at you.
You can say, well I'm scared of that, I better roll over and piss myself.
You know, in the last two weeks they've arrested seven federal prosecutors for killing their wife, running around the street naked, attacking people, stabbing people randomly in a red light.
All sorts of weirdness.
Child porn.
I got the articles here today.
Because that's the psychotics they've hired.
They hire people that hate you, that hate America, that hate babies, that love Satan.
And I know you say, that sounds crazy.
Satanism's all over the place now, folks.
Look at the New York Post.
How New York City gun arrest uncovered a huge pedophile satanic cult raping and murdering children.
And devil worshipping.
Oh, and they're into Nazism.
The Nazis were a satanic cult.
You'll say, well, is it a Nazi cult?
No, anything nasty.
Harrison Kleibold at Columbine had Nazi pins.
Most of the shooters have not.
You're like, well, they're Jewish.
It doesn't matter.
It's anything sick.
They get off on having an actual death camp operator given a standing ovation in Canada because if they get away with it, they rub it in your face.
George Soros said the best time of his life was rounding up fellow Jews.
He said it was exhilarating!
Best time of his life!
These are quotes!
They're not Nazis, but anything degenerate.
You want to, like, who's attracted to a kid?
Certainly not me.
Who wants to rape a three-year-old kid?
They do it because it's nasty.
So raping a three-year-old boy or girl is nasty, and being into Nazism is nasty, but basically, anything sick and evil, they're into it.
And they're into fomenting racist black people to run around and just murder whites everywhere, twenty to one.
Do I blame black people?
It's the globalists in an aberrant sickness telling sick, crazy, psychotic black people, and every group's got them, that you got a green light, baby, to go murder all the white people.
We'll cover it more in the next hour.
But that's the invasion plan.
That's the Red Dawn.
That's the New World Order.
It's not just a voting class.
It's not just an underclass.
It's going to fill up our police, our bureaucrats, and our military.
And when the units show up, like it showed, 94% brown, the world's 93% brown.
They just filter out the brown people they want that'll follow orders, have units of brown people, don't even speak your language, and they come in to arrest you, beat you, kill you, rape you, whatever, and you can't criticize them because they're, quote, the minority that's the new majority.
They're setting up a race war, a civil war.
That's their plan to destroy the country.
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You wanted it.
You got it.
The New World Order, the global collapse depopulation program, you're living it now.
Will you roll over to die or will you rally and fight?
90% of war is informational.
If you won't fight in the info war, you'll never fight physically.
Well, it's not a part of the mural, and we certainly encourage expression, but we are using the city streets for city art.
In other words, that will go away?
You will paint over that?
I actually haven't even had an opportunity to review it, Martha, but the response that we've gotten from people about the Black Lives Matter mural has just been incredible.
We need more officers.
We don't have the officers that we need and sadly we've lost three to four hundred officers in the last four years.
We haven't had officers.
But she's got illegal aliens ready to take the job.
And we have policies that make it difficult to recruit new officers.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
I want to open the phones up for first-time callers again.
Specifically on everything we just covered the last hour.
Do you see the invasion is here?
Do you see they're making them the military, the police, everything, military-age men?
I want to hear from veterans, I want to hear from police.
In fact, only veterans and police or border patrol agents, current or former.
Anybody that's dealt with this, I want to hear from you.
And if you're in New York or Chicago or Texas and you've seen the illegal alien influx, what it's doing to you, you as well.
I want to give the number out right now and what you think of my breakdown, because you know where tomorrow's news today.
I don't come here with sensationalism.
I don't come here with hype.
What we talk about sounds insane, sounds crazy, sounds over the top.
Reality is stranger than fiction, as has been said many times.
Military, police, border patrol, federal agents, federal marshals, I want to hear from you.
I meet with you privately.
I want to hear from you about where you see this going.
But this is their invasion.
This is the admitted U.N.
Also, get to some of Elon Musk's live coverage of the border today.
We've got that coming up as well.
So here is the toll-free number for people with direct contact with the invasion.
I don't know what Troyer's on right now, but he's spending time with family before he reports to prison for his free speech.
Just remind you of that.
That's how close this is to home.
We have a reporter on next hour who was raided by the police in the UK when he broke that a Nazi death camp operator.
Death camp operator.
That's the cream of the cream.
That's as bad as it gets.
That's the Diablo hombre.
And they're saluting.
Again, if I ran death camps or I rounded up Jews, I'd probably be on the ADL's award list like George Soros.
I mean, again, you can't make it up.
You can't swing a stick in the U.N.
or swing a stick in the dark in the W.E.F.
or any of these places and not hit a Nazi.
And boy, the white supremacists have a fit about that when I say, what is this sick relationship with the ADL and Nazis?
Because they don't want to say Nazis are bad, too.
I say the ADL's bad, and the Nazis are bad.
They're all vermin.
Out to destroy us.
Out to divide us.
Using racial division.
The Nazis use race to control.
The liberals use it.
The left uses it.
That's why I say, hey, they're calling everybody Nazis.
Closest thing I ever saw to a Nazi is a leftist!
The Democratic Party!
The KKK!
They say the NRA is the KKK.
Remember that?
That was a big talking point in the last five years.
The NRA was founded to counter the KKK.
It's upside down world!
I'm sick of it!
I'm tired of it!
I'm tired of 20 to 1 black on white crime and white people being preyed upon.
There's a bunch of black people being brainwashed.
We deserve to be killed because we're a virus.
We're a mosquito.
We're a piece of garbage.
We need black people, which are starting to do it, to speak out against it and say, we're not part of that.
Like white people saying, we're not part of the KKK.
I want black people to say, we're not part of these racial attacks on white people.
If you don't, you're a part of it.
On March 20th, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq.
Exactly one year before the invasion, Alex Jones predicted it.
So now everybody's going, wow, it really was the Iraqis.
That's just because they're getting ready to invade Iraq.
What a beautiful setup.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
I'm watching the midterms.
Man, you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala, they're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You bought a truck!
You bought a truck!
Who in the president?
And you would think everybody in the country is just like, to the bunker.
We put that video out with Jon Stewart five years ago in the midterms before 2020.
Six years ago.
And there's Jon Stewart that says Tucker Carlson is pure evil.
He says Alex Jones believes what he says and is just mentally ill.
That's a quote.
But Tucker Carlson is a liar.
And knows he's lying.
About what?
I know the facts.
Tucker Carlson is as accurate as it gets.
But Jon Stewart, whose brother ran the New York Stock Exchange, big insider, he says, oh, nobody's invading you, nobody's attacking you, nobody's coming after you, there's no crime, there's no defunding of police, there's nothing happening.
And now you've seen it all done.
Let's fire up the phone system, guys.
I want to take these calls.
We're talking to military, we're talking to law enforcement, we're talking to former or current Border Patrol.
About the completely open borders, the replacement migration, the military's largest group they're hiring is illegal aliens.
Illinois, New Mexico, other states are passing laws.
California for illegals to vote.
They're giving them driver's licenses.
They're letting them become police officers.
They are bringing in the outside group to rule over us.
Can you guys fire up the phone system for me so I can see it?
Thank you.
So here's the toll-free number for police and military.
Maybe the crew missed it last segment.
I gave the number out.
So if he tried to call in and couldn't get in, call in again, because we're taking first-time callers from police and military and border patrol about my analysis in the last 30 minutes of the last hour, and your take on what I said and what you think about it.
You agree, you disagree, you want to add something to it, we want to hear from you.
And please, regular callers, don't call in or the military and law enforcement and border patrol cannot get through.
We won't keep you on hold long.
I'm going to go to you.
I'm going to go to the next person.
But militarily, this is admitted by Obama and the globalists and the UN as their takeover strategy.
I know I'm right.
's taking control of the treaty over our healthcare and our bodies.
The U.N.'
The U.N.'
's taking control globally over our free speech.
The U.N.'
's coming with bureaucracy and regulation and surveillance, and with social credit scores, and with not hiring white people, so they get more and more angry when they can't get a job because of what color they are, and then they're going to sit there and say, it's these brown people did it, because 94%, 93% of the world isn't white.
So the globalist big corporations bring them in, brainwash them, make them anti-white, put them in positions of power as their foot soldiers while they just killed 80 plus million brown people with the lockdowns the last three and a half years.
They hate you just as much as they hate me, but they're playing us off against each other.
Can't we see the real 3D chess?
Jim, Jordan, Jay, we are taking your phone calls on this huge subject.
As Obama said, we're going to have a domestic security force just as big and just as strong as our military.
They cull, they purge the military with the transgenderism propaganda.
With the four shots, with the critical race theory, and the good people, race, black, white, Hispanic, doesn't matter.
The citizens get out, just like they purge the police.
Then they bring in their people, with their loyalty oaths, just like the universities, that you're a leftist, and you believe white people, who are the minority worldwide, 8% of the population, conservatively,
Are the devil!
Now how Nazi is that?
The Nazis are pro-white, a minority of whites, Aryans.
Hitler thought the Germans weren't as good as the British.
Hitler thought, read his books, that the British were the supreme Aryans.
He didn't want to go to war with England.
He had a secret deal with them and a treaty that England broke.
He thought the Brits were the cream of the crop.
He thought all the other white groups were basically subhuman.
Some northern Europeans, some Swedes, the Scots, the Irish, the British.
That's it.
Everybody else, once the world government was in place, they'd turn your resources off, they'd play against each other, they'd poison you, they'd kill you.
And now they've got a race-based system that white people are bad because of the color of our skin.
No, Martin Luther King Jr.
was right.
You don't judge somebody on the color of their skin, you judge them on the content of their deeds.
But if you don't know who somebody is, white or black, when they're banging on your apartment door, let me in, let me in, and a white woman sees a black guy, she says, well I don't want to be racist, she opens the door, he murders and kills her, that's not black people did that, it's a crazy evil black person did it.
I got articles where these white women literally roll over because they believe this religion that blacks have been oppressed like nowhere in the world here in the United States.
But that's not the truth.
You know, I saw this on Twitter.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls.
And it's so illustrative.
Put this up on screen, please.
Some leftist Schroeder snitchy belly says, I swear to God, every historical fact trotted out by the right is either some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory made up by someone like Alex Jones, or like in the case of this map, something literally everybody but them has known since learning it in junior high.
No, it's not taught in junior high that 98% of black slaves were sent to the Middle East or to South America or to Central America.
Or the Caribbean?
It's got the numbers, yeah.
90 plus percent of the slaves were sent to Brazil and were sent to the Caribbean and were sent to the Middle East and were sent to India and were sent to Madagascar.
So, oh, you kooks are nuts, but your map's right.
And here's my deal.
Is a Brazilian guilty that their ten grandfathers before him bought some black slaves at a slave... No!
I mean, if my brother, I don't have a brother, but if my brother robbed a bank, I'm not guilty, I'm not part of it.
If you're black and your cousin goes kill some white person for no reason, are you guilty?
And you're like, no, my cousin did that, not me.
This idea that white people are to blame.
And so the left's so pissed that these maps are out of the Atlantic slave trade.
And they go, okay, you're either ignorant.
Well, okay, your map's real, but everybody knows this.
No, everybody doesn't know this.
And it goes down page after page with the numbers, but the larger the arrow, the larger the group.
Where did the majority of black people go?
And are they doing bad in Brazil now?
No, they're doing great.
Not saying slavery's good.
The point is, where'd the rest go?
The Caribbean.
Tiny amount went to Virginia, folks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us on FullWars.com.
We have a normalcy bias.
We still think we live in the old America, a free country.
We don't.
We live inside the New World Order.
You're under assault.
If you don't admit that to yourself, you'll be destroyed.
But if you wake up, you'll be part of the second American Revolution.
A information war.
A decision you make to not comply with the system.
That's how we beat them.
Not shooting people.
Because 99% of the public doesn't understand what they're part of.
It's not like a straight-up army attacking you.
It's all done by stealth.
Jay, Jordan, Justin, Larry, Dave, Anonymous, Chris, David, Jeff, we're getting to all of you.
We'll go to Anonymous next, but first, Chris in California is a police officer on the purge of the old republic.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hi, Alex.
I'm honored to talk to you.
Go ahead.
Nice to talk to you.
I was with San Francisco PD.
I was part of the
We were purged in October 2021 because I wouldn't take the shot.
And I wanted to agree with you that looking back, I mean, even during it, I realized it was a purge of all of us that know the Constitution, that would uphold it.
And you look at Maui as an example.
I mean, there's no way people, cops like me, would have blocked that road.
We would have been helping them get out.
And you got these people, it's not, like you said, they're not necessarily bad, but they'll just follow orders and not question anything.
Yeah, huge fires rushing towards people, and you just say, sorry, you gotta stay here until you die.
Yeah, I mean, and that's what happened.
A lot of, and that whole thing still bothers me.
A lot.
Well, what do you think of my breakdown of hiring illegal aliens to be police, illegal aliens in the military, after they purge it, it's very clear what they're doing.
It's absolutely clear.
You couldn't be more right.
And it's scary.
And I think about with the military, I mean, the Chinese, literally, I'm wondering if they're thinking of invading the mainland.
They could just walk right in, because even my co-workers, my former colleagues, have no clue, like, how easy that could be.
They're too busy watching their, you know, March Madness or their football, but they didn't have time to research the shots.
They don't have time to
Uh, do all this.
And I want to bring up one thing.
Remember the big fires we had in Santa Rosa?
Uh, I think it was 2018.
I, after lineup, I asked the lieutenant if I could talk.
Yeah, I was in patrol.
And, um, I told them all at the time to watch for, I was thinking more terrorists, like ISIS, because Portugal was having the same problem.
The difference was their government was acknowledging that terrorists and ISIS were encouraging people to set fires near big cities.
So I warned them, keep an eye out for people starting fires.
And they all called me conspiracy theorists.
Oh, come on.
You know, you're getting all paranoid.
So I was sitting in the lunchroom one day and they come back from their mutual aid helping Santa Rosa and the two that were laughing at me shook up and I go, hey, how was your mutual aid?
How was the overtime?
They come in and they say, you know what you told us the other day at lineup?
I said, yeah.
They said, we actually did catch two people trying to start a fire.
I go, what'd they look like?
So, looking back, it was Antifa-types, but at the time, they still called themselves Occupy and all that.
But they actually caught two white Antifa-types starting fires, and they held them for Santa Rosa PD.
And I'm like, I told you guys!
Greece caught them, they caught them all over the world.
Canada, the left goes out and burns stuff down because they're trying to create a destabilization.
Exactly, and all my co-workers at work at Mutual Aid said, and I didn't even bring it up, they said the fire, they looked strange.
They said, because you know sometimes fires they will skip a house and everything, but they said even the paint on the trim of the house or the windows were not even melted.
The grass wasn't singed.
They just have a whole house that was totally fine.
They said it was really odd.
Um, and that white ash was everywhere, like at the Maui fires.
That real, like, looked like everything was just incinerated.
Well, they got so many satellites in space, they block out the stars.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you, Chris.
Thank you for calling.
Anonymous in Texas, on top of the military takeover.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I appreciate you having me on.
Thanks for everything you and the crew do.
We're trying.
That's obvious.
I wanted to give you
My personal experience from my service in the military, they are trying to neuter us from the inside out.
That's the game they played.
Yeah, before the military takes over America, you gotta take over the military.
They played us hard because they knew they couldn't invade us.
So what they did was, they got to all of our politicians and our military leaders, and they turned everybody from the inside out.
And that's essentially what cancer does.
It kills you from the inside out.
You don't even see it coming.
So it's too late now.
And I can attest to it.
I was going to serve and retire in the military.
But based on what I saw, I decided I'd get out.
Because I couldn't sacrifice my morals and my ethics.
They no longer aligned with the militaries.
They were looking to
Endorse changing people's sex.
Teaching critical race theory.
All of those things over the core values.
All of that took place.
Or took precedence over everything.
And that's a simple plan.
You made people go against their oath.
Good Americans.
They get out.
Now you bring in people that will follow orders.
And they knew what they were doing.
They're smart.
They've got tons of research into this.
Tons of money into it.
They're not stupid.
What they're gonna do next is get us to fight each other.
When we're vulnerable, because we're fighting each other, and divided, they may try to come conquer.
People need to get ready, just like you said.
They need to make sure they have an emergency plan.
I don't have a job.
I have twins on the way.
But I still wasn't willing to sacrifice my moral ethics to let these people control me.
And get me to go against my own country.
It will not happen.
And I will absolutely stand up against it.
You sound like a smart guy.
How do we counter this?
Because I want to be clear to listeners.
I don't get up here to be sensational.
This is happening.
This is going down.
It's so sad to see us being taken like this when the average idiot that's decided to serve this will be more destroyed than us.
And it's so sickening.
I get nauseous.
A lot of times before the show I can barely do the show because I look at all this intel.
I'm like, this shouldn't happen.
People should say no.
But remember, they're not informed like you or I.
They've not lived it or been in it.
I've been in this in the information war.
You've been in the information war and physical war.
Anybody that's been in it can get it.
The people that haven't, they don't, they are so weak, and I don't mean that in a good way.
I feel, I look at how soft our people are.
I don't think they have any idea what they're up against.
It's intentional.
It was all by design.
The first thing they did was attack our families.
When they attacked our families and separated the parents from the kids, they then attacked the education system.
Once you dumb down the kids,
Get rid of the math and the reading, which, I don't know, did you hear about LeBron James' school?
They haven't passed a math test since they opened.
Wonder why.
Once you attack their education, and those people grow up with no... Oh, the majority of high schools, the majority can't pass any test.
Yes, and that's the plan.
People thought it was a joke when we said 20 years ago, oh, the new curriculum says 2 plus 2 equals 5.
They thought it was a joke.
No, they teach that.
If you can't figure out what 2 plus 2 is, Alex, how are you going to be able to tell if a p-value on a study is accurate or not?
Well, that's what George Orwell wrote about.
And he was the deputy head of propaganda for MI6.
He said the goal is people won't know what 2 plus 2 equals.
And that's the goal.
So they've already done that.
We've seen it.
So you've already seen that all these things are happening or happen.
If that's the case, then
How can we get any further?
You have to let the system fall.
I hear you, Anonymous.
More calls straight ahead.
So, look, in a war, you break a lot of stuff, you kill a lot of people.
The globalists want total control of technology, civilization, your lives, your bodies.
They want to use you as guinea pigs.
And I'm not heroic to be opposing this.
I'm not a slave.
A guinea pig?
Me and my children?
Your family?
Total world government?
Race war?
Everybody divided at the end of the family?
That's why I'm pissed at people, not our audience of activists, but the general public.
But I'm not like Bill Gates who says we'll just kill them, they're dumb.
But Bill Gates has got a point.
At least he's an evil murderer.
He knows what he's doing.
He is serving Satan.
But we sit here and we put up with this because the Netflix is still on, the golf course is still there, you can still polish your Corvette.
It's disgusting.
Absolutely disgusting.
Massive human trafficking.
Massive crime.
Federal prosecutors every day caught raping kids, child porn, stabbing people at red lights, raping their wives.
And that's the good news is these people that serve the system are so messed up.
They'll never rule us.
They think they'll collapse things and then we'll line up and kiss their asses.
No, we'll eat your ass.
And that's why I did that three years ago, went viral.
I said, since civilization collapses and my kids are starving, I'll haul your ass up by a chain and eat your ass.
And I was doing an analogy of the modest proposal, the famous satire.
Millions of Irish were dying.
There was only one British Lord that was Irish.
And the House of Lords was saying, let's just kill all the Irish.
Screw them.
Let's not help them in the potato famine.
And so this British Lord wrote an op-ed under a pseudonym saying, yeah, the Irish should quit bitching.
We should just tell them to fatten up their babies and sell them to us and eat them.
And the British weren't used to satire.
There was a debate.
They're like, yeah, maybe we should.
A minority of people, maybe we should just eat the Irish.
You think you're safe when you eat people's kids?
Think that's a world you want to live in?
I mean, seriously, folks, there's no bottom to this when you go along with it.
It's insane.
And I've warned the left.
It won't be Alex Jones you got to worry about when stuff goes south, which it already is.
It'll be your neighbors.
And the Pentagon's own reports admit within 10 days anyone that doesn't commit suicide in a collapse with no food or water starts murdering.
Within 15 the majority become cannibals.
The power goes off within a month.
Mass cannibalism.
Now in that world, I've been honest with my children and my family.
Some guys show up to rob my house.
I'll be waiting for them in the bushes.
I wipe them out.
We don't got any food.
I'm gonna butcher them.
I'm gonna eat you.
My family's not gonna- I will eat human flesh.
I will cut your ass up, I'll eat you, I'll cook you on a spit.
I don't want to, but before you kill me, I'm going to feast on your flesh.
You're the ones brought us here.
You're the ones took us to this point.
I'm made to dominate.
You're not.
And I'm talking to the left.
You're a bunch of candy asses.
You can't even eat beef.
You want to eat bugs.
So I'll tell you again, the world you're leading us to is cannibalism.
And in that world, I'm the gorilla.
I'm the lion.
I'm the tiger.
I'm the alpha male.
I'm the killer whale.
I'm the apex predator.
I will destroy you.
And while we're getting our farming set up and our emergency energy system set up, we'll have a meeting.
Thousands of people in front of me, and I'll say, we don't want to eat people, but they put us in this position.
Before we get the protein we need, we're going to have to resort to cannibalism.
Are you ready?
And they're going to literally tell me, yes, Jones, we're ready to eat man flesh.
And I'll say, let's do it!
You don't have the will to kill people and eat them.
I do.
But I'd rather bypass this.
All this beautiful civilization we've got can be kept in place if you'll just back off, globalists.
We'll give you abstention.
We'll let you take part of your wealth and run off somewhere.
Just stop the attack.
You started it.
I'm going to explain something, folks.
In the Great Depression, they estimate tens of millions starved to death.
We were 90% rural, 50% self-sufficient.
We're 10% rural, 5% self-sufficient right now.
Humans, your neighbor will become a piranha-like demon after 10 days of no food.
But a piranha-like demon will just run up to your camp trying to eat you with a machete in their hand.
We're just sitting there waiting for them.
All right, haul them up, let's eat them.
I don't want to go to that economy, but in that economy, I will eat you.
Maybe that gets to you at some genetic level.
Because the people playing Predator aren't the Predators.
I'm the Predator.
My listeners are the Predators.
They actually care.
They don't want to do this.
But if you put us in that wheelhouse, I'll eat you.
I'll eat your ass like corn on the cob.
I'll haul you up by a chain.
But I don't want to make a soup out of your blood.
You get sick if you just drink blood straight up.
Just boil it, add some potatoes.
But before my children die, I'll cook you.
You really want me to cook you?
You really looking for daddy to stand up?
You keep looking for the alpha male, you keep looking for somebody to show you how it's done.
I'll show you.
That's all that's going to be going around when the food's cut off.
The energy's cut off, it's going to be people.
The pigeons, the rats, we'll try to eat them first.
Squirrels, they'll be gone in a couple weeks.
Then guess who's on the menu?
Plane crashes in the Andes, 100 on board.
Half of them down the crash.
First week or so, nobody eats the people, they're like, this is immoral.
But as soon as their kids start sirening them, they go, alright, let's cook them.
And the globalists want to put us in that position.
Let's not do that.
Let's bypass that.
Let's say no to that.
But you've got to do it now.
Who's up next here?
I'm taking calls from where they're received.
Who's up next?
Jordan, Michigan.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, sir.
How are you?
Well, I'm thinking of recipes.
Fair enough.
I wanted to ask, because I believe in the light at the end of the tunnel, and I believe either Mr. Trump or Mr. Kennedy will be our president come 2025.
What do you think our military will look like with Trump in charge versus Kennedy in charge?
Well, first off, they've changed the primary system where Kennedy can't get elected other than third party.
He can just run and maybe beat Biden and get more points to Trump.
There's election fraud.
The fraud only goes so far.
So the landslide's so big they can't block.
So Kennedy's not feasible.
Let's just be honest.
Trump, the deep state knows they've committed all these crimes.
If he won the election, they'll assassinate him or try.
And so that's the level of crisis we're in.
Well, that's a shame because I got out of the Marine Corps and I want to go back in along with our youth who wants to serve our military and we can't trust our current Commander-in-Chief.
I mean, he's the second most... Well, he's not your Commander-in-Chief.
He's a globalist puppet.
You're right.
Exactly, yeah.
Aw, that sucks.
Well, what do you think?
Is there any hope for our military then in the future?
Our military...
It's completely globalist run right now.
And so, everybody keeps looking at the military to save us.
Our military men and women are great people on average, but the top is controlled.
So, I mean, that's up for debate, but I just don't see the solution coming from that.
Fair enough.
Thank you for your time.
I appreciate you.
Thank you, brother.
And only one of the cannibalism rant illustrates how serious it is.
Alright, who's up next?
Justin and George, you're on the air worldwide.
Hey Alex, I appreciate you taking my call.
Listen, from my undisclosed vantage point, I'm a contractor, military, and what we're doing is pounding out migrant toilets at a record pace.
We've been doing them for the last three months, probably $2,200 a piece.
We got figured into them.
I don't poop on a $2,300 toilet at home myself.
So you're setting up bathrooms for the illegal aliens?
Basically, and they're not cheap.
And we're doing quite a few of them, you know, because of the migrant influx, illegal alien influx.
And another thing I see from my vantage point, actually what they're doing is they're starting to bring back
Uh, the unvaccinated.
Back into the military.
Because there's a huge staffing shortage.
And they're also... Exactly!
They over... They over-purge.
So letting a few back in while they get the illegal aliens ready.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I've been seeing a few people around.
I've been like, I haven't seen you in, you know, a year.
A year and a half is when they first started purging them.
And now they're being brought back.
They're being... They got... They call them up.
Say, I want your job back.
They're actually getting them back.
So nothing against you, Justin.
Nothing against you, Justin.
But did you take the shot?
No, I was under, me and my wife, made good money and we were willing to give it all up and we said no.
And that was before I even started listening to you.
Beautiful, so you stood up, that's good.
No, it wasn't no way.
In fact, we had just had COVID right when the mandates had come down.
So the biggest thing I had against it was, wow, I'd already had it and you're going to make me take it again?
Yeah, natural immunity is bulletproof, yeah.
Right, so that was one thing that we just weren't going to do.
Plus, I'm extremely pro-life and you got the kidney cell thing that they did where they harvested live kidneys to produce this vaccine.
I know that they're using those types of things in all products across the consumer spectrum, but when you know about it, you don't do it, right?
So, extremely pro-life on that.
And one of the things, another topic I wanted to bring up is, uh, one of the things that woke me up before I even knew who you were or even listened, you know, I voted for Trump primary and general election, but I listened to nothing but NPR news just to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth for four years.
But, uh, one of the things that woke me up was an NPR documentary called What's Wrong With Perfect.
No, a PBS documentary, What's Wrong With Perfect.
It basically lays out that Hitler got all of his ideas
Well, I'm surprised they told the truth about that.
Yeah, the U.S.
and British eugenics created Hitler.
That's a fact.
They got into Margaret Sanger.
You gotta watch the documentary.
It's quite brilliant.
And I was just shocked and floored that they were even admitting this.
They tried to tie it in to, oh, illegals coming across the border and those people didn't want them to come.
But the point is that
Hitler, I mean FDR, was praised by Hitler for being a socialist and saying that why wouldn't a government treat its own population the way a farmer would treat its own livestock?
And we had the Margaret Singer deal.
Hitler loved him for Margaret Singer.
So it's the idea of eugenics that started by our American elite
In our country, and Hitler, and we were just doing soft kill, we were doing sterilization, we were doing marriage licenses and saying you too can't procreate because you have this disease somewhere in your family.
We were controlling who and who cannot reproduce.
Uh, we were sterilizing prisoners, um, and basically what Hitler did is, I'll do you one better, we'll start eradicating this unwanted life, this useless eaters.
So, if anything, Nazis... That's right, that was the main Nuremberg defense of the Nazis.
They were taught it by the U.S.
and British government.
Now there it is, the PBS American Experience, the Eugenics Crusade.
I haven't seen it, but what you say is dead on.
It's covered in my film, Endgame.
God bless you, brother.
What do you think of them hiring illegal aliens, trying to make it our new military?
Well, you know, it's the great purge.
It's not the purge of the white worker, as most would say the right are saying they're doing.
It's the purge of the American worker.
That's right.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
They bring in the foreigners, they pit us against us, and we can't get jobs.
That causes a civil war.
That's the plan.
All right, let's look at these calls here.
Who is up next?
Who's been holding the longest?
Larry in Ohio.
Larry, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Can you hear me alright?
Go ahead.
I can, Larry.
Alex, I'm going to give you first my opinion of you yourself, okay?
When I was in the Navy in Vietnam, if I was in a platoon going into the field, there's two people, and I've met a lot of them in and out of the service, that I would want either on the point or behind me.
On the point, because I don't trust them,
On the behind me because they're watching my back.
Sir, you are the number one man that I would want behind me watching my back.
I have got so much of your stuff.
I've been listening to you for so many years.
I mean, it's just I've gone after stuff.
Well, I appreciate you, brother, because we're all got each other at six now.
I got into this.
Without you, it wouldn't be here.
So I want to thank you.
And absolutely, I've never betrayed anybody knowingly.
I've made mistakes.
I hate my mistakes, but I'm 100 percent in to win.
Man, I'll tell you what.
If I could have you right here in front of me, we could talk for hours, I could tell you my experiences, and it's unbelievable since 9-11.
I got into this totally by accident by going to the library looking for a tape to watch.
I got into the Iran-Contra Affair.
I didn't know all that stuff.
Anyway, beyond all that, where I work at, I see drivers come in, picking up steel coils, aluminum, whatever.
Most of them are foreign.
And they get their license because their granddaddy threw them.
They can't drive.
They don't know what they're doing.
They can't speak English, most of them.
Indian, Arabian, Russian, uh, Mexican.
I've spoke to drivers from Canada, the drivers coming down from Canada.
I asked them about what was going on up there, how they felt about the truckers' strike up there.
They either didn't want to talk to me or they were afraid to talk to me, so I just broke it off.
I was like, shut up before you get in trouble.
Stop there.
Okay, you just mentioned about military-age men coming in.
You showed it.
I watched your video and stuff.
Alex, I thought about this over a year and a half ago.
You know what militia camps are.
I've heard you say you know what militia camps are.
I've asked people.
I asked a man right across the street who's the preacher.
He used to be an ex, or he's an ex-state highway patrolman.
I asked him if he knew what it was and stuff.
Alex, I know for a fact, and I can tell you how I know all this, but we ain't got time.
They're everywhere, every 50 states, every territory.
I know that.
I know that for a fact.
They're waiting for what you said.
The sleeper cells say, come on, it's time to do this thing.
And I know my own prediction from what I've watched, listened, seen.
My own prediction is by Halloween, by Halloween,
Something big time is going to happen and we're going to be under Rex 84.
I want to be clear.
I want to be clear.
The malicious Constitutional, we support it in the Constitution, the Second Amendment.
But almost all of these main militia groups that believe they're patriots fighting tyranny, which is reasonable and right, are being led by a Fed to trigger the Civil War.
Do you understand that?
I understand that completely.
I know exactly what you're talking about.
The reason I'm saying militia camps with foreigners, okay?
When this started... Foreigners, right.
Not American citizens.
Not Vietnam veterans.
They want full-spectrum dominance.
Right-wing militias that believe they're doing good, led by a Fed, versus the leftist militias.
Yes, I agree, that's going on.
Okay, but when they said, and this has been, what, a year and a half, two years ago, suddenly all these adult military-aged male disappeared.
What was it, a couple million of them?
They just up and disappeared, and they don't know where they went.
And I got to thinking.
So I went and started looking stuff up.
I went in to the Camaro Rouge.
You know what the Camaro Rouge is?
Yeah, that's uh, that's uh, Cambodia.
I looked into that and I'm thinking, is something like this gonna start?
Because I'm watching these kids.
How easy these kids are programming with that telephone.
Like when uh, Pokemon come on.
And all these kids start running around, around the globe.
Stealing their dad's money.
Getting on planes and stuff.
Calling a false figure, a cartoon figure.
No, no, no.
Jaden X is a perfect example of them.
Yep, there you go!
But like I said, I've got hours upon hours of your stuff.
I was getting it through the library.
Then they, when you got your name, and they started backing off and saying, you can't get that because we're not allowed to bring it to you.
I thought, okay, so I'll go around that.
I went into this and started getting your stuff and everything.
I've got hundreds of hours of stuff.
9-11, you protesting.
I mean, everything you could imagine, I've just about got it all.
And that's why I say, I listen to you, I watch you, I get tired of you sometimes, but I don't back off because I know I need you.
Brother, I hear you.
I get tired of me sometimes, too.
Keep it up.
I love you.
Ryan in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
You hear me good?
Hey, Alex.
I do, brother.
Go ahead.
First of all, I wanted to call and say Governor Northam did get his gun banned, just quietly.
By the way, I should add, you're a police officer purging of America.
Go ahead, Brian.
And Obama's been dumping illegal aliens into these cities, and they have been coming, cops and all that other stuff.
I don't know if you remember, there was a famous shooting up in Minneapolis by a legal alien that Obama made legal, and he actually shot a gun right after this.
You can probably look that story up.
But I've rubbed shoulders with some very powerful people in Virginia.
And I'll tell you what, Alex.
One, I believe they're going to put Trump in jail.
I believe they got the jury ready to go.
And as soon as he gets into that courtroom and you know, the rest of history, look what they did to Roger Stone and Orange Warrior and the rest of them.
They're just waiting to get Trump.
But if Trump
For some reason if Trump does get back in there, Trump, he needs to go after the big fish, like these bankers, the head of the Federal Reserve, all of them need to be arrested for treason.
Yeah, they all need to be arrested for treason.
If he doesn't go after these people that control the minions in Washington D.C.,
He's just going to put the damper on a fire and it's just going to smolder.
And then down the road, we're going to have to deal with this again.
So, I hope if Trump does get back in there, it's going to be a miracle if it does happen.
But, you know, these illegal aliens are running around everywhere.
They've been doing it.
Obama's been doing it.
And they dumped a bunch of them in Washington, D.C.
and up in Michigan and New York.
And they're out there.
They're out there, and everything you said, they use them in the military first, and then they put them out on the street as police officers, just so they can have them ready to go when they need them.
That's exactly what's going on.
Can you believe the reporter?
Well, we need more and more people out there to speak out, you know, and I hope that Tucker does go get to interview Putin because I want to hear that story.
I want to hear Putin's side of the story because all we hear is
The Lenski side of the story.
Let's hear Putin's side of the story.
And think about this.
Think about this.
I want people to think about this.
Alex, you know where the worst neighborhood is down here in Austin, Texas.
You don't go over there and start messing around because you know something can happen to you.
Nobody messes with the big dogs unless they want to mess with the big dogs.
It's like 9-11.
Ain't nobody going to attack America unless the government wants them to attack America.
It's the same way with all these illegal aliens.
They don't want illegal aliens in this country unless they want illegal aliens in this country.
So, if I was American people, I hope you wake up and I hope Trump gets this message.
Another thing too, Trump needs to tell people about how we're paying our taxes to a private bank.
He needs to tell people.
I hear you, brother.
We're out of time for this hour.
Thank you, Brian.
We're going to go to break, air a special report, come back with a reporter arrested for exposing the Nazi being saluted at the Canadian Parliament last week.
That's coming up and I'll finish up with Luke, QC, Chris, Aaron, Kelly and others.
Hour number three, straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
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I've been shadowbanned.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
The replatforming begins now!
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com
For those who have been indoctrinated in the climate change hoax, there are many reasons why you are just dead wrong.
And even worse, you're being led to slaughter by a eugenics cult that has infiltrated our federal, state, and local governments.
When I asked Tanya Plibersek, the deputy leader of the Labour Party and the potential deputy prime minister, was carbon dioxide the big issue in relation to climate change?
And she said yes.
I then said, well that being the case, what percentage of the atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide?
What percentage of the Earth's air is carbon dioxide?
Oh, I don't know.
But if carbon dioxide is 0.04% of the atmosphere, and human beings are responsible for 3% of that 0.04%, surely if a political party doesn't know the quantum of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,
What the hell are we standing the economy on its head for?
Demonising coal-fired power, driving everyone into renewable energy which is not available, not reliable and not affordable, plonking us in electric cars, giving us nearly the dearest electricity in the world when we're rich in energy resources,
Exporting coal so that China and India and Japan can have cheap electricity, and we sit here swallowing this ideological rubbish, putting industry at risk, jobs at risk, and burying the economy.
So it is ultra important that we refuse to stop digging into the ruins and future of Lahaina, because it is the bellwether for the rest of the United States.
Note, misleading social media posts have been circulating falsely asserting that the Hawaii Digital Government Summit, which is held in Honolulu each year, is aimed at transforming Maui into the first smart island.
These claims are incorrect and do not align with the summit's annual focus.
So what is the C40 City Group and why would they distance themselves from these claims?
And so why did you decide to enter into a global pact?
I think that the goals that C40 has set for the world are really important goals if we're going to mitigate climate change.
According to their website,
C40 City Climate Change Leadership Group is a group of 96 cities represented by mayors around the world, representing one twelfth of the world's population and one quarter of the global economy, focused on fighting the climate crisis and driving urban action to reduce green gas emissions.
End quote.
Quietly plowing in the seeds of the UN Agenda 2030 with the aid of Silicon Valley towards a more equitable digitization of the workplace with exponential growth of a cloud-based government.
What we have to do as politicians is to almost be like teachers.
Work with the experts to explain, just like we do with the pandemic, explain climate change.
Well, they can't deny that Maui has been ground zero for smart city transformation for a long time by the state of Hawaii.
Maui's transportation department will be testing an all-electric bus.
As Hawaii makes its push to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2045, harnessing the wind on land has been controversial.
Between 2011 and 2016, NITO headed a smart community project called Jump Smart Maui.
Held on the island of Maui, Hawaii, a smart community was constructed by Hawaiian and Japanese stakeholders.
NITO explains, smart community is a social system that integrates advanced environmental and energy technologies and provides citizens belonging to the community with a sustainable, safe, and secure society.
Meanwhile, the EPA, with its notorious record of environmental sabotage, is scrubbing the crime scene.
According to KITV4, right now, federal, state, and local officials remain in phase one of the cleanup process following the fire devastation.
Nine teams with the EPA have been assigned by FEMA to search, remove, and dispose of hazardous materials found in structures impacted by the fires.
It's no secret anymore.
Contracts were signed to build high-rise condos and businesses in Lahaina.
But you can't build in a historical district, and you certainly can't start a smart city in one.
All I've had since day one is $700.
We are only being told, stand in this line, sign here.
What are we signing?
Who is it benefiting, us or America?
That's what I want to know.
The historical city of Lahaina stood in the way of this world's overreach.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, reporter arrested for exposing the Nazi in Canada.
Zelensky's speech received at least a dozen standing ovations.
There was also one for this man, a 98-year-old Ukrainian-Canadian who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War.
Obviously it's extremely upsetting that this happened.
The Speaker has acknowledged his mistake and has apologized.
But this is something that is deeply embarrassing to the Parliament of Canada and by extension to all Canadians.
I think particularly of Jewish MPs and all members of the Jewish community across the country who are celebrating Yom Kippur today.
I think it's going to be really important that all of us push back against Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation, and continue our steadfast and unequivocal support for Ukraine, as we did last week with announcing further measures to stand with Ukraine in Russia's illegal war against it.
I have your attention.
It's with a heavy heart that I rise to inform members of my resignation as Speaker of the House of Commons.
It has been my greatest honour as a parliamentarian to have been elected by you, my peers, to serve as the Speaker of the House of Commons for the 43rd and 44th Parliament.
I have acted as your humble servant of this House, carrying out the important responsibilities of this position to the very best of my abilities.
I would like to thank you, my colleagues, for your support and for your collegiality during my term as Speaker.
This House is above any of us.
Therefore, I must step down as your Speaker.
I reiterate my profound regret for my error in recognizing an individual in the House during the joint address to Parliament of President Zelensky.
That public recognition has caused pain to individuals and communities, including the Jewish community in Canada and around the world, in addition to survivors of Nazi atrocities in Poland, among other nations.
I accept full responsibility for my actions.
My resignation is effective at the end of the sitting day tomorrow, Wednesday, September 27th, to allow preparations for the election of a new Speaker.
Until that time, the Deputy Speakers will chair the House proceedings.
Alright, so he's resigning because Zelensky brought a Nazi with him, but what about the Nazis of the main military?
In the war against Russia.
Who didn't know the Ukrainians were with the Nazis against Russia in World War II?
It's a big story, but bigger than that is the attack on the free press.
UK journalists arrested for malinformation after exposing Trudeau of plotting Nazis.
So we found who first broke it, Warren Thornton.
The journalist working for the front line at LeeDawson.tv.
He's a former Special Forces and has protected aid workers in war-torn countries for many years.
He has a wealth of military and aid worker independent journalists and embassy contacts, as well as the trust of soldiers in many conflict areas, leading him unequivocally positioned to break stories around the world.
So Warren, you're quite the thought criminal.
I saw the reports, I've seen the reports, the videos, you're doing an interview, they come and arrest you, they take you in for questioning.
They were very mad that you broke this.
So let's walk through what happened.
But first, how you're the guy credited with discovering, I mean obviously anybody that knows World War II history knows the Ukrainians that were against the Russians were Nazis.
But then how you found his name, his info, and then why the British government thought coming and arresting you, which they backed off later and released you, would be a good thing to do.
So thank you for joining us.
Thank you very much for having me, Alex.
It's wonderful to be here.
Yeah, basically what happened was I went digging on the way through.
And when I was digging through, I went through various sources that I know in various places, and including just some background information.
And I found out that the guy, first of all, had been posting lots of WAF and SS pictures of himself
I've been to the Hauser department.
And I know how thoroughly you are vetted before you are allowed to go in there.
So it was very much the story on the Friday night.
It took me about four or five hours to dig through some war records, stuff like that.
And along with a couple of other guys, we pretty much nailed it down to what he'd done.
And he'd actually, his unit had killed a Slovakian boy of 15 years of age.
Thank you very much.
Let's talk about the particular SS unit he was in.
With your military background, you were able to ferret this out.
What triggered you to look into him first?
Because you're the guy that exposed the biggest story of the week that really illustrated that the main force over there is Nazi.
So with your special forces background, or what was it that, was it the fact that, wait, people fighting the Russians were Nazis in World War II and Ukraine?
I mean, what was it that triggered you to do the research?
The first thing that triggered me to do the research was what should have triggered any really good journalist who's not mainstream I think is first of all you've got a 98 year old there and you turn around and you go okay so he was of soldier age in World War II
Sure, and he fought against the Russians.
Who fought against the Russians who were Ukrainians in World War II?
Hmm, that was the Waffen-SS.
So I went and looked into his... I got all my books out on the Waffen-SS, found out what they had done,
And then found out and went through a source I know, and he confirmed that this guy indeed was a war, you know, and carried out with his unit absolute atrocities all over the place, including Slavs, Jews, Poles, you know, and some of the things that he got up to or his unit got up to.
I can't turn around and slam that at him.
And then it was a short walk from there to go and check his profile out.
He had his own website.
And I found lots and lots of pictures and various things of him in the Waffen-SS 14th, which obviously are, you know, the Galatians, which are quite a horrific bunch of people who executed many, many people of the Galatia Division.
Some of the war crimes that they carried out was absolutely horrific.
So, you make a good point.
There's no way the Canadian Parliament that this guy brought in there didn't know.
I mean, even an idiot knows that
That the Russians fought the Nazis.
People fighting the Russians were Nazis in World War II in Ukraine.
Why do you think?
Is Ezra Levant Jewish?
He runs Rebel Media.
He tracks Trudeau and others going to Ukraine and meeting with pro-Nazi people.
He's a great guy.
Now, were they just flaunting this as a dog whistle to the Azov battalion?
Did they think we wouldn't discover it?
And then, let's get into your story.
Why would they then come arrest you?
I mean, that is just crazy.
Yeah, it's a very strange thing, because when you look at the Azov battalion that they've got, you've got the Black Sun picture, which is a symbolic thing, and then you've got the WAF and SS, and what they've done on the Azov battalion is to overlay the Black Sun.
We're good.
When the Kosovo players walked off the pitch when they played Serbia, seeing the banners, and it was quite clear that they were upset by those banners, but the England players were quite happy to go along with Nazi regalia all around the stadium, which also, you know, there's no question whatsoever that Zelensky knew, and indeed he's got many, many people that are part of that.
There's also no question whatsoever that Trudeau knew, and I have a source quite close to Trudeau who says that everybody knew, because he was vetted well beforehand.
He was wondering about waving Ukrainian flags.
This man is not a, shall we say, somebody who's been hidden under the radar.
We broke that story late Friday night, then Saturday it was sort of getting out there and getting traction, and then on Sunday I was in a live with Fiona Ryan.
I'd also broken it on warrenthalton.com and The Frontline with Lee Slaughter and Lee Dawson.
I was in Alive with Fiona Ryan and a guy called Johnny who's a cafe revolution, I'll just give him a quick shout, and he's an Australian reporter in Donetsk City.
He is absolutely chronicling every single shelling that these neo-Nazi brigades are doing against the people of Donetsk City.
And we're going to expand on that.
But as a former Special Forces soldier yourself, looking at this, who is this Yavaslav Hanka?
And again, to get into the craziness of the British police, they would come arrest a veteran and take him to jail.
Of course, you didn't back down or apologize.
They had to let you go.
You were live on the show when this happened.
Described, did you find out who called them or what they thought they were doing to punish you for exposing this?
Yeah, I pretty much did.
So during the middle of the live, I literally popped down to get a cup of coffee, popped outside, popped something in the bin and there I bumped into police officers on their way.
And the next thing was they asked me if I would like to come and answer some questions.
I politely refused because I was in the middle of a live.
I had my phone on me, thankfully.
And then I was taken away to answer a load of questions.
And then I just managed to text Fiona.
I mean, let's go over those questions.
Slow down.
We've got the whole hour.
Slow down.
You're there.
You're outside your house getting a coffee.
The police are there.
They're looking for you.
What did they question you?
What did they say?
They turned around and said, we'd like to ask you some questions on mal-information.
And the whole idea then was that I turned around and said, no, thank you.
And then they got me in, left me overnight.
And in the morning, they said, we want to investigate 15 or 16 videos for mal-information.
And I actually turned around and said, do you mean disinformation or misinformation?
Which obviously, one is lying, and knowing you're lying, that's disinformation.
But still, that's called being liable by a court.
They'd have to take you to court if you were lying.
This other term just means info they don't like.
So, malinformation is when you tell the truth, you have the correct information, and they don't want it moving from the private sphere into the public sphere.
And that was their concern with 15 or 16 years.
And they were proud of themselves against a British veteran exposing a live Nazi.
Yeah, it's absolutely crazy, isn't it?
And I actually turned around and quoted the journalist charter that I thought it was in the public interest to show when people were deceiving people, either an organisation or an individual, and that's in the journalist charter.
I also quoted Article 39 of the UN Charter saying that we had used various acts... Shouldn't these police be investigated?
Shouldn't there be a trial of who gave them orders to arrest a veteran for his truthful reporting?
There's certainly questions need to be asked there, isn't there, when people are using it as their own private force and they've done so very, very much so.
We've only got a look at Julian Assange and what he is suffering at the moment and various other reporters out there that have been silenced and people will have actually moved to Russia to get away from this sort of, well, we all almost are in Great Britain, a Nazi state in terms of what the police can do to you.
Lauren, I keep interrupting you, this is so insane, they admit they arrested you.
Were the police proud of themselves doing this?
I think the orders must have come from above, to be honest, Alex.
He very much turned into Elmer Fudd halfway through.
They were stuttering?
Yeah, it was quite clear when I started quoting Article 39 and the journalist charter at them.
I don't think they quite expected that.
I think they thought they were going to just give me a quarter and I'd be on my merry way.
And I think that's happened to a lot of people.
So they were just trying to shut you up by intimidation, but that didn't work?
Yeah, exactly that.
I don't know if they knew that I knew my stuff, but it was very much along the lines of, let's try and give him a caution, which of course was politely refused.
Either charge me or let me go.
All right, I'm going to shut up here.
Start over.
This is so riveting.
You're the main guy.
You work with a great team of people, but you're the guy credited.
You expose this, and the police come and arrest you for exposing a real live war criminal.
I mean, you should get a medal from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Instead, you're arrested.
Yeah, it is crazy, isn't it?
But then again, we've seen this a lot though, Alex, haven't we?
Because let's face it, Trudeau did two apologies and he's lying in both.
He absolutely
And at no time, he banged on about Russian disinformation to try and cover up the fact that he was supporting Nazis.
And you're looking at, you know, 27 million Russians died fighting the Nazis, and you're talking about, you know, Russia clearing out 80% of the Nazis.
Where was the apology to them?
And I think, too, the British police probably owe me an apology for even bothering to turn up at my door.
I'm going to shut up.
We're eight minutes to break.
You've got the floor.
Just wherever you want to go.
I'm just speechless right now.
Yeah, I think it's very, very important to know.
I mean, there is an army, I don't know whether you're aware, you probably are because you're a very white guy, but there is an army of online trolls and people like that who try to get videos banned.
I first started out with all my contacts turning around and saying, look, Warren, this is going on, but if we speak out about it,
We're going to get banned.
So I opened up a TikTok.
I thought I'd be talking to 20 people and it ended up 50, 60,000.
And people just have a thirst for the truth and the mainstream media and the people that go online, the trolls.
Try and stop that truth coming out.
And it's very much like your show.
They'll do anything they can to shut you up because it doesn't fit with the narrative.
There are these, as of Battalion, remember that Victoria Nuland and the National Endowment for Democracy overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014, which started all this off.
And then we had Poroshenko, who was in charge of Ukraine, who started, who actually is on video, saying, we will make the children of the Donbass hide in cellars while ours go to school.
And for the next eight or nine years, they spent most of that time shelling and shooting and bombing these people.
And there's a place called Zygryaz Beach.
Which was full of holidaymakers.
And the Ukrainians actually waited.
And this was many, many years ago, long before the Russians got there.
The Ukrainians waited until the beach was full of men, women, and children.
And then it flew over and dropped cluster bombs.
And there's actually a place... So it's all about a Russian?
It's trying to provoke the Russians?
Yes, absolutely.
There's a place called the Alley of Angels, which is very difficult to find, Alex.
And now, because Wikipedia is starting to get rid of it, and they've also tried to doctor Hunker's Wikipedia page, and they're trying to get that taken down.
So it's anything to stop you getting the information.
It really is bad.
Keep going.
Just keep winding up.
Yeah, so basically what we had then, and Cafe Revolution, Johnny, he's actually an Australian reporter in the Donetsk area, we had cluster bombs dropped on a maternity unit.
Now there's not a military installation anywhere whatsoever near, you know, Donetsk city.
The cluster bomb, he's actually got videos of cluster bombs laying on the floor, and they take time out of fighting the Russians.
Every single day, to drop bombs on civilians.
And they fire on Donetsk city maybe four or five times a day.
They killed an aid worker friend of mine.
His name was Laurent.
He was a Red Cross worker and he was outside the supermarket when they dropped a bunch of cluster bombs and killed him.
That was in 2015.
And they've killed many, many men, women and children.
And the Luhansk and Donetsk Republican Army was born really to fight those people who were killing so many of their people.
And I've indeed got a video outside a polling station when the mostly Russian people in Donbass wanted to be part of Russia.
And they went to a polling station to vote and there were Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov Battalion outside shooting
I think?
Before the Russians went in there and managed to save the Russian-speaking people there, we had a peaceful protest, because Ukraine have banned the Russian language, and they've also started burning all the books, which is very... And banning opposition parties, and setting down the Orthodox Church.
Yeah, and they've also got a website called Meritadets, which is a Ukrainian kill list, and they've already killed over 16, 17 journalists on that list.
Oh, they've been threatening to kill Jack Masovic!
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, they've actually carried some out.
The Tartaski bombing in the St.
Petersburg cafe was carried out by the SPU.
They got a woman to do it.
And they killed Alexander Durgin's daughter.
Yeah, yeah, Dario Dugan, they went for him and they missed him and they blew up the car instead.
Even the Pope was on this kill list for about three days and they had to take him off.
I mean, it really is crazy.
Let me ask you this, going to break, you'll have the floor, this is riveting.
As a former Special Forces operator, as a respected guy, what woke you up?
What got you engaged in this?
What got me engaged in this was former Special Forces people, as I knew, and embassy workers and aid workers.
Now, normally when a military attaché goes to a country, when you see them there, they're not really part of the embassy.
They're there to look after Iran country's interests, military.
And quite a few of them were contacting me and going, Warren, you will not believe the brutality that's going on here.
They said they'd never seen anything like it.
Now, you're talking about people who have been in, you know, various war-torn countries like Panama, when Noriega was going crazy and the Dingbats or the Dignity Battalions were going around battering everyone.
They'd seen action in El Salvador.
They'd seen it in many, many countries.
And they said, this is on a level of brutality we've never, ever seen before.
It was quite disgraceful.
And it sort of woke me up and they said, can you get our message out there?
And that's what I started doing.
And as I say, I delved into it more and more and I've pretty much got an investigative mind anyway.
And I just keep going.
And the deeper you dig, the more you see this absolute, absolutely horrific thing that is driven.
As you can see on the picture there, you've got a picture of the black sun over the top of a Waffen SS
We're good to go.
And then you, you get with your team, point out that it's an SS officer involved in massacres, and they arrest you!
Yeah, yeah, I would have thought.
But then again, it doesn't fit the narrative, because it's a wonderful term now, Alex, isn't there, is narrative, which is a wonderful term for bare-faced lies.
We're on the wrong side of this conflict in the West.
We always have been.
We just stop people from hearing it.
And anybody that dares to raise their head above the parapet and talk about it will end up either getting arrested and warned or they'll get in some sort of trouble.
Or they'll come after you with some sort of sex crime, normally.
Warren Thornton, stay there.
I'm impressed.
Here's one of those magic moments.
You've got a former special operations soldier, becomes a journalist, begins exposing things, goes and researches with his background, who this guy is, finds out he's an SS officer, an SS operator in a unit that carried out real holocaust operations, and obviously the big tell is, well wait, it was the Ukrainians were fighting the Russians in World War II, they were working for the Nazis, and then he gets arrested by the police.
Because the system was so mad.
You know it was MI6.
You know it was Trudeau.
You know it was the intelligence agency.
He said, go shut him up.
Intimidate him.
Because he did this.
Of course, it didn't intimidate Warren Thornton.
And he said that.
Now he's fighting even harder.
But imagine the arrogance of these people.
But that's the power of the average man or woman.
You could be
Warren Thornton, you can be white, you can be black, you can be old, you can be young.
You can go out and do research too.
That's what they fear.
So they think by intimidating and trying to threaten and put in jail, Mr. Thornton, they think that's a message to you.
But you're like me.
When you know a tyranny is upon you, you're not going to be intimidated by that.
It's worse to roll over.
It's better to speak out and fight.
So Warren,
They say that the Germans killed no one.
You can debate numbers, but they say no, none of it's real.
So this was a real test of arrogance to go, look, we have a hero that fought the Russians in World War II, as if we're that dumb.
I think it was a dog whistle to the Azov battalion.
You point out it's been broken up and put in leadership positions, because that's the military that lost the last war.
That's who's been running the networks.
We have the deputy
Prime Minister of Canada, whose father was a Nazi.
She's the deputy head of the World Economic Forum.
Klaus Schwab's father and grandfather were top Nazis.
His grandfather ran the third largest German weapons munition program.
So there's a real Nazi stay behind that work.
They didn't just go to Brazil or Argentina or to America via the Rat Line.
They went to Canada.
And a lot of them stayed in Ukraine.
And so there's this coming out we see.
That's what I see happening.
And it blew up in their face.
And they got mad and didn't think, oh, we're going to go mess with some former Special Forces soldier and try to intimidate him.
I mean, I'm no rocket scientist, but I know that doesn't work with people like you.
I don't know what they were thinking.
What do you think they're thinking now?
Well, I think the reason they went to Canada is because there's a wonderful woman I work with called Fiona Ryan and she pointed out that Canada had never extradited or deported a Nazi war criminal from their country and there was over 2,000 of them.
In fact, there's a very good guy, I think his name is Rauben, who documents a lot of these people and wanted to go after them.
And the thinking behind this is we can just push anything we like on the people out there.
And, you know, Trudeau's love of tyrants has long been established.
And let's face it, with everything that they've done with the Covid and everything else, it was almost a test to see just whether we would push back.
Very much that ideology has been handed down today.
To say that Ukraine doesn't have a Nazi problem is absolute nonsense, but the Americans seem to be okay with getting into bed with anybody.
Who is willing to kill Russians?
Let's not forget in the Iraq war when they used depleted uranium shells and to my great disgust my country has sent depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.
The depleted uranium blew up half of, shall we say, southern Iraq and 96% of the children in southern Iraq
And it lasts for hundreds of millions of years.
I'm no British phobe, that's my background Welsh, but the UK seems to be the most aggressive with heavy cruise missiles and DU, even worse than my war mongering country.
What's going on with the UK?
It's absolutely terrible.
What we've got is a bunch of guys who are basically a satellite state for America, I believe.
Whatever the warmongers on the neocons, and we're talking Lindsey Graham, Victoria Newland is a prime example of that.
And in fact, Victoria Newland's sister-in-law, Kimberly Kagan,
We're good to go.
So what are they going to do as the Russians win the war?
Escalate weapons?
That's already happening.
Yeah, well, they're going to try and open up another front, Alex, because they've already tried that.
First of all, they tried and wanted to know whether or not they could send aircraft carriers to Japan.
And Gilday turned around and said, are you out of your damn mind?
And I have that from a source who actually heard him say it.
And the other thing they've tried to do, they've tried to open up another front with, you know, obviously Armenia and Azerbaijan.
You've got the French and the Americans now in Niger and Mali trying to open up another front there, because they're losing this so badly.
They've lost the air war, they're losing the land war, and now it'll be go through Romania and the Black Sea and let's try and have a naval war, because it's pretty much the only thing they've got left.
So just like when Hitler was losing in North Africa and against England, he opened a new front, they're literally following Nazi methodology, that when you're losing on one front, open another.
Yeah, absolutely.
Because they tried it, and the other day, and it hasn't been reported very widely at all, but there was gunfire on the border between Kosovo and Serbia, where the Kosovans had literally got round all sorts of Serbians living in the north, and said that they were actually shooting at people, and they were not.
It was actually a monastery that they were actually attacking.
And, of course, you've seen Zelensky attack the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and basically call them all Russian spies and putting handcuffs on 18-year-old priests.
So what do you expect these mad dogs to do next, other than a new front?
Try to arrest anybody?
Criticize him?
Yeah, I mean they're going to start arresting anybody who criticises them with the new online safety bill we have in England.
And the other thing that they're going to try and do is try and get Eastern Europe to fight the war.
Now they tried to get Poland.
Poland were making all sorts of noises until the grain deal went south because they found that the Ukraine grain was tainted.
And now they're trying to get Romania to start the war.
So they want to use Eastern Europeans because they know if they put English, American or, you know, German or French troops in there, the body bags are going to start piling up.
Remember that they've lost 120,000 soldiers in Bakhmut, in the Bakhmut area over... And the Germans have confirmed there's US dead and wounded at German hospitals.
Yes, that's absolutely correct.
I have absolute evidence that shows that the French military, the U.S., and the U.S.
were crawling around in Ukraine in 2020.
In fact, the French intelligence services rented an apartment for seven months, only 200 yards away, from a known American mercenary horn.
And there's a lot of people putting on Ukrainian uniforms and going into battle there.
Wow, so is there any way to get them to do a peace deal or is the NATO just going to accelerate this?
Well, the peace deal, because Russia are winning and you always try and get from a position of strength.
So what they're doing at the moment is, first of all, there were three things, Alex.
So the Americans wanted to take the nuclear power plant at Zaporozhye, which they said the Russians were going to blow up.
But it so happened that the IAEA were there and they turned around and said, there's no bombs here whatsoever.
It's the Ukrainians that are doing the shelling.
And in fact, they shelled it while they were still there.
No, no, no.
The Ukrainians bragged they shelled it and hit it with missiles and dams.
Then they would turn around and blame the Russians, but there was still a record that they attacked it.
Yeah, exactly that.
Because the IAEA, who inspect these nuclear power plants, was actually there when they fired at them.
And then they, of course, want to try and break the land bridge into Crimea.
That's what NATO wanted.
And Ukraine wanted to keep hold.
So there's an internal battle.
Ukraine wanted to keep hold of Bakhmut.
Now, what they've done is they've turned around and said, you can have more weapons, but you will try and break through to the Crimea Lambry.
And of course, there's a big battle outside now of a place called Vobova and Robertinia.
And Ukrainians, they've lost 71,000 men in this four-month counteroffensive.
And the Americans are just throwing men in there.
Some are going in on foot, some are going in on APCs.
By the way, you're the soldier guy.
From what I've seen, the Russians have only put in about a quarter of their force.
Talk about this.
They expect NATO to go full bore.
They're ready, so they're holding back their main force, including their more advanced weapons.
Is that accurate?
Yes, that's absolutely correct.
They've got 320,000 people in training on Reliably Informed.
They've got another 180,000 reservists that they're rotating.
And at the moment, you know, America and everybody haven't got involved.
But they have three aims, and that's to denazify Ukraine,
That is to make sure that the people are in those eight oblasts, which are like counties, like Maine or whatever, and also to make sure that they do not become part of NATO.
Well, they can't become part of NATO while they're in a war.
The denazification is going well.
They've killed over 500,000 troops since this conflict began.
Uh, killed and wounded.
And then you're also looking at, uh, you know, these people charging full length into tank ditches here, Alex.
You know, and they're in APC.
This is like World War I, isn't it?
Yes, Ukrainian servicemen.
There's actually a call sign that they can use on the radio to surrender to Russians.
And what they do is the Russians door be on a wall, Ukrainians come along, and they're surrendering in units.
Because if you surrender as a unit,
You're not treated quite so badly.
Mercenary soldiers that are going over there are getting slaughtered by the tonne, because the Russians don't feel that mercenary soldiers from Great Britain and Germany should be doing it.
And in fact, we had a situation where one of these wonder tanks, you know, the leopard tanks that were sent from Germany, got blown up.
There were eight Germans inside it, and one of the German mercenaries actually said he was a serving German soldier, so he didn't get executed on the spot.
Continue, this is just wild.
Yeah, so what we've had is we've had lots of them crawling around.
I actually speak to quite a few of these people.
Of course, I know some mercenaries who have been out there.
And they said it was absolutely appalling.
In fact, someone I know quite well.
I know some US forces.
They say it's like World War Two.
They say it is just nothing like they've ever seen.
Yeah, it's an absolute slaughter.
It is absolutely crazy.
And what we've got is when people go into ditches now, we've got drones, missiles, we've got coronet missiles who can take out a tank from 10,000 yards.
So we're sending over, America are sending Abrams, we sent over Leopards, we sent over Challengers, and they're just getting blown up before they get anywhere near the front line.
The Ukrainian Air Force is completely nonplussed at this moment in time.
The Patriot missiles that they said was this wonder system of air defense got absolutely smashed to smithereens.
So where is it going as the Russians gear up?
How do you see it unfolding?
It's going to last for quite a long while unless there's a peace deal on the table.
Because you have to remember, Russia do wars different to us.
They do attrition.
And what they do, they'll quite happily sit there for the next two years and keep picking Ukrainians off and picking NATO forces off if they want to go in.
Remember, there's only 80,000 British soldiers
Other angles I haven't mentioned?
At the other angles that you maybe haven't covered here, and there really is here, this is an ethnic cleansing squabble.
It's not a case of they want this area back.
They want the area cleared of ethnic Russians.
Now, in those eight oblasts, about 80% of them are ethnic Russians, and they just want to
We're good to go.
We're good.
Are these ethnic cleansing lunatics?
So how does it feel?
Well, exactly.
You've got to feel satisfied, though, for all your military service that you've done, that you and your team did the research and exposed that they were trying to salute an SS Nazi, actual death camp operator in front of the world.
You've got to be very satisfied deep down.
Yeah, very satisfied actually, because it's through, and it's not just blowing smoke, but it's through programs like yours and things like that that we actually do get the real truth out.
And then when we can actually strike one for the ordinary citizen, because it's not a person, trust me on this Alex, there's not one normal civilian.
If you took a poll in many, many countries... 80% of Americans don't want this war.
Yeah, they don't want it in Britain.
I speak to Polish people, I speak to Slovakians, I speak to loads and loads of different countries when I have my podcast with Fiona Ryan.
And they tell us, the people of their countries do not want this war.
It is the governments that are pushing it.
And for me, it's going off the deep end a bit, but I don't think it is.
It's the New World Order thing.
Let's get rid of Russia first and break that apart.
Remember that in 1991 there was a State Department headed paper between Baker and Gorbachev and Eduard Shevardnadze.
It said that if they let a unified Germany join NATO, they wouldn't take one step, not one inch further east.
Well, what'd you make of Stoltenberg last week bragging, okay, we bullcrap the Russians and we don't care, we kill all the Ukrainians, it's made NATO more powerful.
A very cold-blooded statement.
Yeah, and the other thing about Stoltenberg is he's a proven liar, because he said no such agreement ever existed between America and Russia.
And I have it on State Department-headed notepaper.
I've had the State Department head people on the show that were there and did the deal.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it is absolutely crazy, isn't it, that he would come out with something like that.
And let's not forget that BlackRock and Vanguard also have a vested interest in this war.
And there are major, major, shall we say, resources underneath the Ukrainian side.
Does anyone want to rebuild it?
Use it as a...
New base to destabilize all of Europe with their new Marshall Act or Marshall project that they want to, Marshall Plan they want to bring forward.
So looking at this, I'm concerned about the Rand Corporation threat escalation.
We're already up to like 27, 28, going to the 30s year of nuclear war.
They keep escalating.
The Russians are winning.
I guess we, the good news is in Congress,
They're pointing out that Pentagon says U.S.
troops won't get paid during potential government shutdown, but Ukraine will.
Europe's turning against it.
I guess political pressure here at home is key at stopping this before it goes nuclear.
Yeah, absolutely.
Because we know that if Trump runs, he wins.
They've got three chances stopping him.
They can either assassinate him, they can put him in jail.
But if he runs, he wins.
And then the war's over.
The moment you cut the aid to Ukraine, it is all over.
But the people like you, Lindsey Graham's
And your Brinkins and your Victoria Newlands.
And let's not forget Victoria Newland.
Every time the National Endowment for Democracy turn up in a country, war, pestilence, people dying, riots soon follow.
They did it in Venezuela.
In 1947, it's just a front for the CIA.
In 1947, in Guatemala, they went to war over tinned fruit.
I mean, you can imagine what they're going to do when there's trillions of dollars under the soil.
Wow, in the few minutes we have left, speculating deep down, how do you think this ends?
Just right now?
This ends with Russia getting what they want, and if they don't get what they want, then this war continues.
And I'm not lionizing the Russians, they're certainly not perfect, but Hitler and Napoleon found out the Russians aren't going to give up, plus they're the biggest nuclear force, so NATO says they're winning by expanding NATO, but they're discrediting NATO
Yeah, there's a massive problem here, Alex, because the Russians not only see Putin as their political leader, he's also a spiritual leader, and you know as well as I do, if somebody's a spiritual leader of a country, people follow him far more than they would do a political leader.
I mean, to be honest with you, Alex, would you follow Biden?
Would you follow Sunak, Mike?
Would you follow Trudeau?
Would you follow Macron?
Of course you won't.
So as a spiritual leader of the country, Putin's rating is through the roof.
And I always say to people who say, oh, we've got to clear Russia.
I turn around and say, Russia are not leaving Ukraine.
Putin is going nowhere.
What else have you got?
And they can't come up with an answer.
They don't have an end game plan.
I just go back to you being arrested.
Just describe a little more of it for us.
Did they apologize at the end?
They tried to intimidate you?
They had to release you?
What were they... They were trying to get you just to be intimidated?
Because I noticed your statement after was, I will not be intimidated.
Yeah, but that was pretty much it because, you know, halfway through started turning into Elmer Fudd and then it was a case of, you know, we can issue a caution, no thank you very much, either charge me or let me go.
So another discussion ensued and then it was a let go, no apologies or anything else.
It was one of those, it's just questions, it's just questions.
Did you ever say to them, how do you feel arresting a veteran for free speech who exposed a real Nazi?
Do you say shame on you dumbasses?
Who gave you your orders?
I actually turned around and said thank you because what you did was you did all 16 videos that you've so-called been investigating.
You've done it for malinformation.
So that shows I had exactly the correct information.
That shows exactly the sort of people you're working for.
Are you not troubled by that?
How do we find your forbidden information sir?
Forbidden information, you can find me at www.warrenfalton.com or The Frontline, that's with Lee Slaughter and Lee Dawson, or the War and Peace podcast that I do with Fiona Ryan, who's a wonderful lady.
I want to invite you and Fiona Ryan, I know who they are, back next week.
We love you.
60-second closing comment.
60 second closing comment.
First of all, thank you for all the work you do and thank you for having me on.
It is very important that everybody out there fights for their own free speech and with this new online safety bill, make sure you're covered.
Have a look at the journalist charter and have a look at article 39 if you're going to do anything to do with this war, what is an illegal war that started with Victoria Newland and the National Endowment for Democracy.
And for those that don't know, the online safety bill is the end of free speech, but they still haven't got rid of the old laws that say it's protected.
No, that's correct.
It's the digital safety, the EU one.
But it is one of those where we're going to find our freedoms are curtailed even more with anything that they deem harmful.
And it is a case of who deems it harmful.
That's the question we should be asking.
And Harmful is exposing a real SS death camp operator.
Yes, and if I find another one, I'm going to expose him too.
And I think Trudeau should resign.
He must go.
He knew in his life... Trudeau, I agree.
What do you think of calls by Poland to extradite this Nazi?
Yeah, absolutely.
But I don't think... I've got a feeling it won't happen because Canada as... Canada have never, ever extradited one.
That's a troubling thing, isn't it?
They've never exedrated, never deported a Nazi in their entire history.
They just call anybody that opposes World War III a Nazi while they coddle real Nazis.
Warren Thornton, warrenthornton.com.
Thank you so much, brother.
Thank you very much indeed for having me, Alex.
It's been a pleasure.
Well, come back next week with an update.
There's so many, thank you, good men and women like him out there of every race, color and creed, fighting tyranny.
Jay Dyer is about to take over.
I got loaded phone lines and I tried to get to all of you.
I'll do two or three more before Jay comes on next segment and then I'm going to hand the baton to Jay.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I'll be back Monday, maybe Sunday.
And just like today, we called callers that were still on hold yesterday.
I'll get to you.
I apologize, but I'll try to go to a few right now when we come back from break.
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Limited Supply Back in Stock, 1776 Testosterone Boost, Pain MD, all Back in Stock.
I don't have pride in the fight against tyranny.
That's the thing of how great I am.
What I have is satisfaction.
And I just talked to Warren Thornton and I said, let me guess, you're feeling pretty satisfied right now, blowing that Nazi wide open.
He said, yeah, that's the right word.
I'm feeling satisfied.
Like sucking air in your lungs or, you know, doing something that's right.
That's all about satisfaction.
It's about satisfaction, doing the right thing.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go to Aaron in Colorado.
Aaron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
It's an honor and a blessing to be on today, Alex.
Thank you for having me on.
Love you, brother.
Go ahead.
Well, what affected me is I went to, I served in the Army from 93 to 2003 with the reserve units.
My dad worked for the studios, Warner Brothers, Universal.
Couldn't wait to enlist, get out of that house.
I just got my degree in geology and archaeology in Alamosa, Colorado, Adams State University, home of Danny Pruitt.
I remember when you covered him.
Alright, go ahead.
And, um, I've been in contact with him.
I was in the Veterans Club representative at Adams State and reached out to him, uh, just as, as, you know, not for any hype.
I don't remember.
What's going on?
Who is he?
He was shot in the back by a city attorney.
Oh, I remember that.
Yes, sir.
And the District Attorney, Alonzo Payne, shortly having him on campus, finals week was underway.
I was arrested on campus.
Danny Prew was also charged.
It's just Alonzo Payne let people go, let murderers actually get off the hook, and then come after myself and Danny Pruitt.
Yeah, they let the leftist murderers and killers off.
You were calling about military Red Dawn.
That's what we were talking about.
Yeah, Red Dawn.
I love the Milius.
I think Don Milius.
Man, my dad worked on a miniseries called America with a K. It was a 13-part miniseries on ABC.
Um, I suggest everybody watch it.
Independent Film... Yeah, that's with Chris Kristofferson.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Anything else?
No, I'm just, um... I'm just glad you do what you do.
I've been following you since the days of the app, where it just had your audio on the app, on the Windows app store.
I remember.
They took that app away.
Thank you, Aaron.
Only way we get out now is you spread the links.
Thank you so much.
Up next here, in the order they're received, Chris in New York.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, God bless.
Thanks for having me on.
Thank you.
Hey, so I was born in West Germany to two American soldiers during the fight for communism.
I grew up and served our nation during OIF, the Global War on Terror.
I knew before I went that it was an illegal war thanks to all your hard work.
While I was over there, I was a Black Hawk crew chief and my company commander was an order from George Bush.
I want to let you know, too, that all of my family has served pretty much.
And during 2020, some family members deployed to Washington, D.C.
with the New York Army National Guard in support of, you know, insurrection threats.
And that was tipped off by FBI buddies.
So everything that you've been saying is true.
You know, these are false flags through and through.
And, you know, the little bit of advice that I got
Is that the state governors here in the United States need to remember that they're the commander-in-chief of their National Guard.
And the National Guards were kept to oppose the federal army in times like this.
So if our Republican governors don't shore up who they got and don't welcome our civilian patriots, so that way they're not led astray by, you know, further undercover feds, you know, we're not really going to have a chance at this thing.
But I think if they show that they have a hand on their hard power,
Then that'll really put the politicians in line in D.C.
and I think we could really turn the tables here.
And again, we gotta start educating our brothers and sisters and hoping that Jesus Christ softens their hearts and shows them the truth.
But, you know, we need to be prepared to back up the First Amendment with the Second.
No, you're right, Chris.
Amazing call.
Sorry I'm out of time for QC.
Luke and Kelly, I'll call you back on Sunday for the show or Monday.
But Jadar takes over right now.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Jay's analysis today, we have with us one of my friends who we've done some great interviews in the past, but we've not had Rachel Wilson on the fourth hour here to discuss her popular recent book, The Occult Roots of Feminism.
And so if we have Rachel, I'd like to bring her up and maybe we could rewind kind of to the French Revolution because, you know, for me, that's a key era.
I know, of course, witchcraft goes back way further than that, but I'm always touting and a big fan of this book of the history of revolutionary thought from that period, James H. Billington, Origins of the Revolutionary Faith, because guess what he devoted a whole chapter to in his famous, it's not a conspiracy book, it's a
Famous scholarly history book from the Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington.
Chapter 17 is called, The Role of Women.
A giant chapter in the revolution.
Especially the French Revolution devoted to this new idea at that time of feminism.
So wait a minute.
First of all, Rachel, let's talk about the connection between feminism to revolutionary philosophy with Mary Wollstonecraft and all that.
And then we can get into this element that maybe most people would be really surprised by, which is the witchcraft side of it.
What's the connection between witchcraft and feminism?
Yeah, so going back to the revolutionary period, this is really when we kind of deviate from ancient forms of thinking with metaphysics and, you know, we had the church and we had the altar and this is a brand new period where things like Marxism and collectivism are coming out as new ideas and everybody's trying to throw off the yokes of authority, right?
So, it's kind of,
Feminism was really important to revolutionary thought because you can't kind of overturn the social order without including women's liberation in that.
So like you mentioned, Mary Wollstonecraft was
Strangely, you would think if women were so oppressed, it would be strange that this woman was traveling all over Europe with Thomas Paine and other French revolutionaries.
She was having children out of wedlock, she was making a living on her own as a writer, and she wrote one of the first big treatises on women's liberation.
That made her kind of an instant celebrity overnight and got her in with these intellectual revolutionary circles and something you'll notice over the course of what we're going to talk about today is that certain women were kind of plucked from obscurity and shoved to the forefront by people with lots of money.
Um, because they felt like those people's ideas were helpful to the cause.
And when you have a woman saying it, people are much less likely to, you know, behead her or things like that.
So it was, uh, kind of expedient to put women at the forefront of some of the revolutionary ideas, uh, because they might get a little frowned upon or something like that, but it wasn't as likely that they would, you know, face serious political repercussions.
So it's a good tactics move, right?
In part, but also, as you said, it is itself a move against
Conservative traditional norms of boundaries and roles that men and women have.
And so if you have a revolutionary philosophy, you want to disrupt the existing social order.
What better way to do that than things like putting women in the men's role, putting women into the workforce, putting women into battle, all of which was actually beginning at this at this time period.
Yeah, yeah.
People might be surprised to learn.
We think that like the gender swapping or gender abolition ideas are new.
A lot of people think that's from the last decade or two, but these are actually very old ideas that do go back to this period.
You could arguably even say they go back to ancient times, but certainly during the revolutionary period in France you had people like Simon Gannot and Mary Wollstonecraft and other gender-bending figures who wanted gender abolition.
You know, we're talking the late 1700s.
And this was always a part of feminism.
Feminism always had elements of it that wanted gender abolition and basically just to erase any sort of boundaries or differences among people.
One of the people I wanted to mention today too is Mary Woll, not just Mary Wollstonecraft, but Victoria Woodhull, who was an American women's lib person from the 19th century and she gave a famous speech
Where she made appeals to religious liberty in the American Constitution, which was, you know, born out of this revolutionary period as well.
And she insisted that the natural conclusion of the ideas in the Constitution and of this revolutionary period were going to be abolition of marriage and even gender abolition.
Because she said these things were, you know, central to liberty, like this ultimate liberty for liberty's sake, right?
We're going to just
Get rid of divisions between people, boundaries and differences that could cause conflict, and that's going to lead us to this new age, one world era of peace.
So these are very old ideas that were baked into feminism right from the start.
So you couldn't have, as you pointed out, the present day, you know, trans movement
If you had not had bump it back three or four quote revolutionary movements to feminism.
Feminism is what prepares the way for where we are now.
And this is precisely why, for example, a lot of the mainline conservative movements will go after the biology attack, the trans agenda, but they won't talk about the prior revolution of feminism because too many so-called right-wingers are themselves feminists.
Now there was a woman, there was a movement that
I'm sure you know of, called the Saint Simonians, and they followed this philosopher called Saint Simon, who was one of the philosophers of this period, and they eventually came out with this idea of the future female Messiah that would replace the Christian idea of Jesus as the Messiah, or a male patriarchal deity.
And so, you know, this happened in the 1800s in France, the Saint Simonians
We're good to go.
of the rise of the feminine principle to overtake the patriarchal masculine.
So now we're getting into religious territory and into cult territory.
Were you familiar with that?
Do you think that overlaps with the idea of witchcraft tying into this?
Yeah, absolutely.
People might be really surprised to learn that in the 1840s alone, in America, there were over 80 experimental utopian cults that came out of this period with ideas about swapping gender roles, about a divine feminine.
And some of these were even kind of like Protestant offshoot type of cults and communities that were experimenting with ideas of human liberation and these revolutionary ideas.
And they they kind of rejected the idea of God the Father as this, you know, because a lot of this was against the church as well, right?
The revolutionary period was not just against monarchy.
It was also against
The power and authority of the church, the Roman Catholic Church in England especially, but all throughout Europe.
So there was a lot of efforts to kind of bend and twist Christianity into something that was unrecognizable to the previous centuries of Christianity and also to kind of move Christians toward the occult.
For example,
You have the Saint Simonians and then also here in the United States you had Elizabeth Cady Stanton and 24 other feminists rewrite the first five books of the Bible.
It was called the Woman's Bible.
And it was one of the most popular books of its day.
Now, it's not a Bible at all, so the name is a bit misleading.
And what Stanton said, her whole aim with rewriting the first five books of the Old Testament from this feminist perspective, she said, we would love to do away with Christianity and the Bible altogether if we could.
She actually, she's often labeled as a Christian, but she said in the preface to her own book that she never believed that any man saw or spoke to God.
She didn't believe that God gave us the Mosaic Law.
She basically didn't believe Christianity at all.
But she said, look, it's too influential.
The Bible is so popular worldwide and so many people believe it that we really can't get rid of it.
What we have to do is revise it to the point that it's unrecognizable.
Because she firmly believed and said in the preface to the book, women's liberation will not be possible as long as Christianity is in our way.
So you get a lot of these weird little cults experimenting with utopian Marxism and gender swapping and bringing this element of the divine feminine into Protestant Christianity on a big scale.
And this is something that's never really talked about and it happened both in America and in Europe around this time.
Yeah, the chapter on revolutionary feminist women in the Billington book has a section about the St.
Simonians where it says, quote, their first goal was to build a new type of family, which was the prerequisite for a new type of society.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show with my guest, Rachel Wilson.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were just reading in the famous James H. Billington book
The argument about how if we wanted to renovate and redo all of society, the area that we would start is the family.
That's the Saint-Simonian revolutionary technique and target that they had.
And they knew that because they understood if they could destroy the family unit and make it something part of the collective and part of the state,
Then you could have a supposedly new type of society because the family is the first quote fascist institution to a lot of the Marxist socialists.
And so that's the first area that you would have to target and destroy.
And then we were getting into this element of witchcraft and the occult.
So I'd like to move to that next and then maybe in the next segment we'll get into some of the more recent cases of elite funding and establishment for radical feminist organizations and
We're good to go.
I've read on medieval and late medieval and Elizabethan era witchcraft and Wicca and all that, where it arises from, European witchcraft.
And yeah, the notion of the male principle being at war with the female principle and the witch is choosing to sort of side with the feminine principle, that seems to be the logic of how it would be useful for feminist movements to pull from.
How would you explain this to people?
What is the connection between feminism and witchcraft?
Right, so the reason my book is called Occult Feminism, it's actually kind of a two-fold meaning.
One is that it's occult in the traditional sense of just meaning it's hidden.
This history has been completely obscured and gatekept because women's studies programs starting in 1970, which were created by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and all the lovely folks associated with those entities,
Did not want relatively Christian America.
We're talking 1970s suburban families, right?
That they're trying to really promote feminism to at this time.
They didn't want this history of it being bound up with things like theosophy and the occult to be well known because Americans are going to reject that, right?
Most of the normal family people are going to reject it.
Most people don't know, almost every suffragette you've heard of, almost every famous women's liberation activist from all the way from the beginning of the revolutionary period through when suffrage was passed, and even after that, they were spirit mediums, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, they practiced
Various forms of witchcraft, theosophy, or occult magic.
The Golden Dawn had its own female priestesses who were suffragettes who were out marching and doing terrorist acts in England and in the United States as well.
So, there's an old saying that there was hardly a suffragette that didn't sit at the seance table.
This was certainly true.
So, if you are a feminist, right?
It's kind of a chicken or the egg situation where it's like,
Are feminists drawn to the occult because it's a complete inversion of Christianity?
Christianity being a patriarchal religion built on God the Father and a literal patriarchy.
Therefore, all of this occult goddess worship stuff is very appealing, or is it that goddess worship and the occult developed as like an antithetical religious system to something like Christianity?
Either way, let's say you're a young woman who goes off to college and gets radicalized into some of the really crazy feminist stuff.
You're going to reject any Christian upbringing you had as oppressive, and so you still need some kind of spiritual dimension to your life, especially for women.
She was the first founder of the first American witch coven.
Susanna Budapest said this.
She said, women need a spiritual dimension and feminism is the political arm of witchcraft.
That was a quote from her.
She started the first American witch coven called the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One, and she was the first person in California to get witchcraft laws overturned in, I believe, the 1950s or 60s.
So there's always been this link where if you're a rebellious woman,
You don't want to, um, be under church authority or you want, you know, political liberation.
These occult religions are very, um, appealing.
Even now, they're very appealing, even in modern times.
In fact, various forms of witchcraft are the fastest growing religions in both England and America now.
Things like Wicca, um, you know, green witchcraft that's very like environmentally activist or, or, um,
It kind of all ties in, right?
The socialism, the Marxism, the veganism, the feminism, yeah.
It's all kind of a rebellion against anything male, anything patriarchal, anything like God the Father or men, masculine principle.
They do see, because you guys probably know this Marxist oppressor, oppressed narrative, they see
The history of men and women as being in opposition to one another.
That's why if you go to Wichita, you're going to see lots of women who are really into Lilith worship.
It's kind of like a pick-your-own-goddess buffet.
Inanna is my favorite and I'm going to worship the Divine Feminine.
It's just very appealing if you have this feminist political ideology that's opposed to hierarchy.
Yeah, exactly.
One question I have, which I'm sure a lot of, you know, this is probably the most common rebuttal that you get, and it's, well, Rachel, but wait a minute, weren't all the women prior to this basically in a slave relationship?
They were oppressed.
Why would you be against freeing them up from the oppression that they were under?
Is that even true?
Yeah, so a large part of my book is devoted to kind of debunking that myth.
As we just explained, I mean, how were women traveling the world and being paid and promoted by the wealthiest elites to push feminism in the 18th and 19th century if they were so oppressed?
You would think that they would have suffered some kind of consequence, but that wasn't true.
And this is another thing that most people don't know.
Suffrage and women's liberation was extremely unpopular right up until the time that it passed, right?
Until suffrage passed in 1918 in the UK and then 1919 here in the US.
They tried holding a couple of referendums to see if women wanted the vote and the few women who bothered to show up, only 4% of them voted.
In favor of women's suffrage.
And the suffragettes actually, after this, blocked any women's referendums on voting.
So it's very ironic, right?
The very women who are saying, give women the vote, give women the vote, are saying, but don't let them vote on whether they want the vote, because they'll say no.
And you might think, oh, well, that's because they they'd always been so oppressed that they didn't know, you know, they were scared of life not being oppressed.
They were afraid to be liberated or something along those lines.
But that was actually not the reasoning they gave.
And Susan B. Anthony herself said in her history of women's suffrage.
That the reason women didn't want suffrage is because they were very happy and enjoyed a lot of protections and provisions under male suffrage that they did not want to give up.
And there was a vast amount of anti-suffrage organizations all through the 19th century and the early 20th century.
Who had much bigger membership than pro-suffrage groups.
They had very thoughtful people who would debate.
They would put out pamphlets.
They would put out, you know, posters explaining the reasons they didn't want suffrage for women or this idea of women's liberation.
And they knew, they could foresee that this was, the purpose of this was to break down the family and to destroy the family.
Hold that thought.
We've got to go to commercial, Brian.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
If you'd like to support my work, you can go to my website, jaysanalysis.com.
And in the shop, you can get access to all of my books over there, as well as my wife Jamie's books, Deconstructing Hollywood, Philosophy Books, etc.
You want it, it's all there.
All signed copies in the shop.
Today my guest is Rachel Wilson.
Her book is Occult Feminism, and we're talking about the roots and origin of the modern women's liberation movements and all the different phases and waves of feminism.
And we were just talking about some of the objections that, well, but weren't women oppressed and weren't they basically slaves back then?
Which isn't really the case, and what would you say to the objection, Rachel, when people say, well, but what about maybe a third wave feminism's bad, but those older ones are all good.
That's kind of the new so-called conservative talking point, is that third wave feminism, that's where it gets really bad.
All the other ones are virtuous movements.
Yeah, well, part of this is a symptom of their literal rewriting of the history.
There's a wonderful paper by Professor Joe C. Miller, where he looked at the 13 mainline history textbooks used in universities to study the history of women's liberation from about 1900 on.
And when he examined them, now he's a more of a progressive liberal professor himself, but he examined these and he said, OK, they've actually, as time gone on, written out large sections.
Of the movement because they were not politically expedient and they did not help with the propaganda so they didn't mention the fact that like theosophy and spiritualism which were huge movements in England and America in the mid 19th century.
We're inextricably linked to first-wave feminism.
There's a book by author Joy Dixon.
It's called The Divine Feminine Theosophy and Feminism in England.
And she says that theosophy was a major influence on suffragettes in both England and the United States.
Helena Blavatsky worked closely with a lot of them.
There was a really disproportionately high amount of membership in the Theosophical Society among suffrage activists.
Um, and as we, as we already mentioned, a lot of them were anything from snake oil salesmen to faith healers to automatic writers.
Um, and some of this was a bit.
Yes, yes.
Some of this was a bit of a bid to be able to say things publicly that maybe they wouldn't be able to otherwise.
But they also did a lot of things like readings for a lot of the wealthy elites of the time.
And this was a way to get funding for suffrage.
So a really good example of this would be Victoria Woodhull, who I just mentioned, gave the speech about gender and marriage abolition.
She said she was contacted by the spirit of Demosthenes, the Greek order.
Who told her to go to Manhattan and find Cornelius Vanderbilt and give him a reading.
So she did just that and they worked together.
So that's where a lot of her funding came from.
They actually ended up gaming the stock market together.
They ripped off the stock market in the first Black Friday crash for $23 million.
And the papers went to Vanderbilt and said, wow, how'd you... It was kind of like they were asking him, are you doing some insider trading?
They said, how could you know?
Like, how'd you know this was going to happen and you made all the right moves to make all this money?
And he said, do as I do, consult the spirits, right?
Well, it turns out that Woodhull had a great friend,
Who Josie Mansfield, who was kind of a madam, and she had a prostitution ring where she had spies that were connected to a lot of Vanderbilt's business rivals and a lot of wealthy stock market guys.
And that's where she had gotten these tips from.
So some of them were true believers.
Some of them used it more as a front to conduct espionage and things like that.
Yeah, and I would say Theosophy really, in my view, is that as well.
Theosophy functioned as a way for the British power elite to have agents like Blavatsky, who was really, in my view, just an agent of the Milner-Fabian elite.
She was herself a Fabian socialist.
And that was why she had so many contacts in the Soviet Union at that time amongst Bolsheviks, who were also many of them into Theosophy.
You mentioned this character, this woman you're talking about, this very closely parallels one of the other female messiahs of the mid-1800s.
The figure, her name is Flora Tristan E. Moscoza, and she left her husband and then went to London and became a radical socialist who tied
The notion of women's rights to the workers, proletariat rights to, quote, prepare the world for a future utopian civilization.
And it says after she visited the famous lunatic asylum of Bedlam, she came away with a sense of her messianic destiny.
It was now her job as a feminine messiah to proclaim that all religions and everyone in the world, we are all one.
So she has a new universalist monist religious calling to proclaim the future feminine dominated society.
And I bring that up because she wrote a book where in the fiction story, the feminine messiah meets a billionaire banker and converts him.
And they saved the world together.
It's funny how the socialist Marxists are so adamant about trying to find the billionaires that they can convert to their cause, which really they should just look to the funders of their causes because that's a good segue into what we wanted to talk about.
In the Rockefeller's Authorized Biography by Collier and Horowitz,
There's an entire chapter on Cell 16 and the radical feminists of the third wave and all of the money and support, quite a substantial amount of money and support that they got from Abby Rockefeller who herself was a radical feminist who hated femininity, hated her own gender and decided that the way to achieve, again this is a Rockefeller, this is not a
College professor, Marxist, a street-level agitator.
This is somebody from the dynasty of the most wealthy people in the United States, or one of the most wealthy, powerful families in the United States, pushing Marxism-Socialism.
And it reminds me that when Alex Jones did the interview years ago with Aaron Russo, that clip is on my Twitter.
It's got quite a few views.
If you look at it, it's just a little brief clip where Aaron Russo talks about talking to Nick Rockefeller, another member of the family, and Nick Rockefeller told him that
The job of that family in regard to women's rights was to push it to the degree to where it would be recognized throughout the country so that women would get out of the house into the workplace.
That's more taxation and it cuts down on population because now women will not be having children.
They won't be moms.
They're going to be in the workforce as a slave now to their new patriarchal master, Mr. Corporation.
Yes, exactly.
There's one other really important figure we should mention in this section.
Her name's Alva Vanderbilt Belmont.
It's quite a mouthful, and yes, she has a couple of different last names.
That's because her first husband was William K. Vanderbilt.
He was the grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt and one of the founders of the Jekyll Island Club.
Who was the same group, this group of six men that met at the Jekyll Island Club in 1910 to secretly draft the legislation that would create the Federal Reserve.
That was her first husband.
She married two elite bankers.
He was the first.
She was granted a divorce from him, one of the first wealthy women, you know, prominent, famous women to get a divorce.
She got $320 million in today's money from that divorce.
And had been having an affair with William Vanderbilt's best friend, Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont, from the Belmont banking family, which were the primary agents of the Rothschild interests in America at this time.
So she got this like double inheritance.
Oliver died soon after they got married so she was one of the wealthiest women in the world and had all these elite connections and she decided to fund basically almost all on her own the National Organization for Women's Suffrage in America.
Both in England and the United States, she would bail out terrorist suffragettes who would do bombings or arson fires or even assassination attempts in order to, you know, push suffrage.
She bought many of their headquarters.
She funded most of the conferences.
Without that money, I'm not sure that we'd see women's liberation as it's happened today.
And then the other big one would be Phoebe Hearst.
She is from the Hearst, you know,
uh media empire was um she was the mother of
of William Randolph Hearst, and she was a member of the Bahá'í Faith.
If you guys don't know what that is, probably one of the first big globalists.
It was a particularly a globalist faith.
It's still around today, but not as popular.
It called for a global New World Order government, a one-world religion, a one-world language.
Hold that thought.
We gotta go to a break.
Hold that thought.
We gotta go to a commercial break.
This is the Alex Jones Show with Rachel Wilson.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking about the history of occult feminism, the secret history of women's liberation by Rachel Wilson.
Another thing that we were getting into that reminds me of establishment push and funding for this is not just, well, the elite love socialism, they love leftism, the billionaires push this because it's great for
Collectivization of wealth and then transferring that wealth offshore.
Another reason they like it is because it's a better way to create a malleable and controllable population when the super state, the corporate state, becomes the mommy and the daddy figure at the same time.
So it's not just big brother, it's also nanny state, it's mommy-daddy state.
Both can be, the role can be fulfilled by the super corporate state.
That's what they would like to have in their technocratic agenda.
And there's many examples that we can find of the intelligence agencies, NGOs, and think tanks, deep state shadowy private groups that have actually put extensive amounts of funding into these kinds of things.
One of the, we mentioned Abby Rockefeller's support for third wave feminism, which was quite a substantial amount of money to get that going.
And that was done in part through CEL16 and Chicago University, which was itself a Rockefeller founded university.
But there's also the history of Gloria Steinem, the famous activist feminist who, when she worked with Miss Magazine, it was later revealed that Miss Magazine received a lot of CIA funding and she openly admitted that, yes, she was actually part of working with the CIA.
And then, in fact, the CIA was not a conservative organization.
It was an anti-Soviet organization during the Cold War.
That does not make it a conservative or a right-wing organization, per se.
In fact, that organization, as well as many intelligence agencies and deep state entities, have typically been more favorable towards liberal approaches, socialist, Fabian socialist approaches.
So, we have to be careful how we understand these entities and organizations.
Rachel, what do you think about that story of Gloria Steinem admitting that she was a very close collaborator with the CIA during that 60s counterculture period to push liberation as supposedly a, which I think is a false dialectical opposition to Sovietism?
Yeah, definitely.
So again, we'll see that Gloria Steinem's grandmother and mother both were theosophists.
A lot of people don't know this.
She wrote a column about it a couple decades ago, I think.
I found this really obscure column that she had published.
It's really hard to find now, but I do mention it in my book.
So she does have this background of theosophy going on in the family and she goes to like the preeminent women's college, Smith College, and gets recruited pretty much right out of Smith College by the CIA to travel the world and through the Congress for Cultural Freedom push feminism as like this dialectical opposition to communism, which is very ironic because
If you go back to the Bolshevik government, the Bolshevik government under Lenin had one of the first female cabinet ministers of all time.
Her name was Alexandra Kolontai.
We have tons of her writings now, now that we've got more documentation from this time period, where she explicitly talks about how we need to break up the family.
The family has got to go.
Because this is how men establish a legacy, how they earn private property.
The motivation for them wanting to start a business or own anything is the family.
So we have to get rid of that and do away with it so that there's no longer any motivation for men to do this and everything can be done through the state.
And she was perfectly willing to work with a lot of liberal feminists of the time, even though you would think the Marxist feminists and the liberal feminists were opposed.
In theory they were, but in practicality they often worked together.
They wrote letters back and forth explaining to each other how they're getting their agendas passed.
There's really not this, like, opposition to a lot of the goals of capitalism and Marxism that people think there were.
And feminism is one of the great historical pieces we can look to to see this synthesis happening, right?
Well, now, wait a minute, though.
Why would capitalists want to fund something like feminism?
Isn't that more of a socialist thing?
And now you're saying that, why would capitalists like
Like feminism.
Now, again, it calls to mind what we just mentioned with Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller and his comments about getting them out of the household.
But doesn't this then contribute to overall depopulation in your view?
Yes, feminism is also historically linked to both eugenics and depopulation with people like Margaret Sanger, but it's not coincidental that feminism did not become this like dominating political force until after the Industrial Revolution, the passage of the income tax, the passage of the Federal Reserve Act,
So getting women out of the family where, you know, both capitalists and Marxists lamented that women's labor was not being taxed.
Women's labor was not accessible to them.
They couldn't monetize it for the corporate system.
And they could foresee that getting women out of the home and into the factories would allow them much higher income tax base, cheaper labor.
It would also allow access to the children because the children have to go somewhere during the day if both parents work.
So then you see state daycares in early Soviet Russia.
They were called creches.
They became indoctrination centers.
And we had our own liberal version here in the West of pushing kids into state-owned daycare and public school systems, which also began to crop up around the same time period.
So these things are all working together for the same goals.
And we see birth rates drop off, right?
We see birth control.
They've really, through feminism, achieved a lot of their goals.
Probably more than any singular revolution, I would say.
Yeah, I remember the name of the book Escapes Me.
You would probably remember it.
The Collins Brothers wrote an article about this, too, where some of the leading academic feminist writers today in the academic world
There's a book about the Luciferian connection and feminism as a form of goddess Luciferian worship.
And then there's also statements, I think, from those authors saying that
We would need to kill God the Father in order to bring about the full liberation.
Do you know which book I'm talking about?
I think you're talking about Satanic Feminism by Per Faxnald.
He's a professor in Sweden who wrote this.
His PhD thesis was about how women of the suffrage era openly declared Luciferianism to be their founding guiding principle.
Yeah, it's always been an opposition to God the Father and to fatherhood and to paternity and to patriarchy.
Well, and there's something about...
Uh, you know, women have a lot of great things that they're good at, you know, when it comes to nurturing and, and, and raising fam, uh, children and all the things that guys can't do.
Guys don't have that.
I mean, if there's a emergency situation where somebody dies, then the guy has to fill that role.
And vice versa, the woman has to fill the role of a man leaves or something like that.
But we're not actually fitted to do the exact same things.
We have different skill sets and different abilities.
So, that's just part of the natural order.
So, it seems to me that all of this is really a rebellion against nature itself and the natural order.
And by that, I mean the natural order that God created.
I don't mean natural order in some, you know, Enlightenment naturalist sense, in a materialist sense.
I mean natural law in the sense of Roman law and so forth, right?
We're made clearly with a purpose and that's even stamped into our bodies, into our biology.
And all of this seems to be actually motivated by a kind of demonic rebellion against even that, against nature itself.
The idea that... Yes.
So it's not actually, what I'm getting at is that feminism and all this is not actually an exaltation of women.
It's actually an attack on women.
Yes, exactly.
I would agree with you on that.
And Koh-Landai wrote herself that once we get the social order inverted, once this social question is solved, our next and final frontier is to conquer nature itself.
And this is why you see this rebellion against the natural order, against the almost Gnostic
Yes, she explicitly says that.
It's a neo-gnostic revolution of process.
That's actually what dialectical materialism of Marxism is, a neo-gnostic dialectical process philosophy, mystical, mystery religion.
Yes, exactly.
That's exactly how she described it.
I was just going to say, this is very tied in with like a new form of Gnosticism as well, this idea that nature is bad, God the Father is the evil demigod who created us in this restrictive order that we have to invert and overcome.
The process, by the way, of conflict, they believe, is itself the end goal.
The conflict and chaos never goes away.
And so it's in the pre-Socratic philosophy, this is called Heraclitianism, which is the idea that all reality is constantly changing in influx.
And so that actually is itself the mystical process that brings about apotheosis.
But it's not really apotheosis, it's actually a self-destructive negation.
It's actually an act against nature and existence.
So, Rachel, thank you so much.
The book is Occult Feminism and you want to give us your links?
Yes, if you want to follow me on Twitter slash X, I'm at Rach, the number four patriarchy.
You can find a lot of my other writings.
I've not been this excited ever!
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