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Name: 20230923_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 23, 2023
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It's time to make up my own mind and decide if I think it's time to break the law.
What are we going to do about it?
An overwhelming number of people recognise that we are in danger.
They fear for their own lives.
Their children.
Frightened for the future of life on Earth.
No government, no major political party has ever significantly addressed the issue.
They haven't been listening to us, the climate activists.
Now, I'm not asking for anyone to break the law.
There are so many lawful ways to get involved.
Raise your voice, post a poster, sign a petition, paint a banner, go on a march, lobby your local MP.
However, for me, myself, we're in significant and obvious danger.
So, but I've got to raise my voice.
If you're an activist that's already made a decision that yes, you're going to break the law, so long as no one is hurt and there's no lasting environmental damage, then you'll have my support.
And personally,
I think I've reached a point where I now consider it the ethically responsible thing to do.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Saturday, September 23rd, 2023.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
This is an Emergency Saturday News Update Bulletin.
We're going to cover four critical stories in a row right now that are absolutely central to understanding where we are in the world and defeating the globalist agenda.
The first story is by the Vigilant Fox.
It's posted at Infowars.com.
Ed Dowd makes chilling prediction on how the COVID conspirators will cover up their crimes.
And not to steal thunder from Ed Dowd or from Tucker Carlson that this story is about, I have been saying for three and a half years that after they run the COVID course and the public wakes up to it and resists them, they're then going to launch massive cyber attacks
Blamed on the Russians, power outages, and expanded wars, as well as releasing a new virus.
Now why did I say that?
I didn't pull it out of a hat.
I didn't see it in a crystal ball.
I was reading their SPARS 2025-2028 battle report.
Uh, put out by, uh, John Hopkins, the UN, the Rockefeller Foundation, and a consortium of WEF lackeys, basically laying out in a war game what they would stage in the year 2020 through 2024.
They just set it in later years.
That way they can have their actual battle plan.
And if they get caught with it, they say, Oh no, that's not a battle plan.
Proof of conspiracy.
That's just a drill.
That we've had.
They had a bunch of other drills.
The U.N.
did Disease X, Event 201, Operation Lockstep.
We're basically precursors to that as well, but it's an excellent story that you should go read because Ed Dowd makes a lot of really good points on what's currently happening and how the public everywhere, the statistics show it, and that's really what he's an expert at, that people have really woken up and are not going along with the official narratives, so that now we enter the prime zone of them creating all these emergencies and declaring emergencies, not just to take our guns or dissolve our borders, but to
We're good to go.
And Tucker Carlson and others that see this coming.
I just wanted to add that you don't have to just see it coming once you notice the patterns.
The globalists are actually very, very honest about what they want to do.
And so this is their plan with Biden unable to talk and refusing to step down and all the things that are happening.
I believe they may assassinate Biden and blame it on Trump supporters.
They may kill Trump.
I think?
We are at a very important inflection point.
Just like we did five weeks ago in laying out, they were planning to try to roll out the COVID measures again.
So when they then, a few weeks later, did try it, there was an even bigger rejection of it because people weren't caught flat-footed.
So that's our first story today.
Now let's move on to the second big story.
Our second story ties into the first and that is
Global intelligence agencies, Western intelligence agencies, using the same formulas to try to demonize, censor, de-platform, and then even imprison
Their political opposition.
You see this happening with President Trump on multiple fronts, but also the false sexual assault front with absolutely no proof.
Same thing was under Julian Assange.
Well, and then countless others.
Now it's being done to Russell Brand because he's exploded in popularity and exponentially growing with tens of millions of viewers every few days.
Exposing every New World Order agenda that's out there.
I shot a quick video report on this where I lay out some of the basic facts, but the central point is, is that thanks to Rumble, because the rest of Big Tech didn't tell anybody, but thanks to Rumble,
We now know the British government's been pressuring them to de-platform Russell Brand, which we know YouTube and others have now done because he's been accused 16 years ago of being rough in sex, maybe rape, but of course they have no evidence and it's all of these anonymous people, the same formula over and over again.
Meanwhile, you've got all the incredible sex crimes, the globalists out in the open, the sexualization of
Brussels Belgium is in the UN or Israel's got a lot of the top globalist in it or the Vatican but New York City DC but but really at the end of the day the formulas of control the tyranny we witness is the British MI6 model in fact they developed the whole transgenderism cult back in the 1960s and 70s at the Tavistock Institute so here's my quick boil down on Russell Brand and the latest developments
Russell Brand is being railroaded.
The exact same intelligence agency factions that set up Julian Assange with CIA sex operatives, that's on record, who also have falsely convicted civilly President Trump of rape in New York, are using the same formula against anybody that challenges Big Pharma, the war in Ukraine, the destruction of our borders, the whole WEF takeover of our planet.
Russell Brand has really matured over the years.
He told me personally on air that I woke him up 12 years ago.
He's been on the show.
He visited in Austin.
And he's been very honest about the fact that he was a playboy.
But ladies and gentlemen, we have a statute of limitations in most countries because
Innocent people
Reportedly raping young girls, underage.
What about the Epstein Island list that they won't release?
What about Ukraine caught human trafficking children's organs?
What about the human trafficking across the U.S.
border from Mexico in the hundreds of thousands a year?
Put into sex slavery?
No, no, no.
The media doesn't care about that.
They care about Russell Brand.
And that's why Nigel Farage and myself and Tucker Carlson and countless others have come out and said we see government fingerprints on this.
Russell said it a week and a half ago when the news first broke.
And now they admit the British government's been coordinating behind the scenes with dinosaur media, the intelligence agencies and others and reaching out to big tech to begin the deplatforming of Russell Brand.
So not only will he be tried in the media ahead of being charged,
Now they're taking away his money and his platforms to communicate with people and calling for Rumble to be shut down because they're not going along with the censorship.
That's why we have a channel on Rumble as well.
They do a great job.
We show Back Over the Hill.
We also have InfoWars.com and Band Off Video with our media if you want to see what they're trying to suppress.
But I stand with Russell Brand.
You should, too.
He's innocent.
It's totally clear.
This is synthetic.
It's a setup by the evil, corrupt Deep State.
I'll see you at InfoWars.com.
Don't lie down and take it.
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Our next story comes to us via the London Telegraph.
When they broke this story a day ago, people thought that it was The Onion or The Babylon Bee.
But no, it was, no joke, Marina Abramovich, the Aleister Crowley following, admitted witch.
Who poses with the head of the Rothschild family in front of a painting of Lucifer summoning his legions.
The woman in the WikiLeaks documents with the Podestas, inviting them over for Aleister Crowley rituals.
Yes, that Marina Abramovich.
We're good to go.
You cannot make this garbage up.
Also, it's a site of a mass grave, an execution of 30 plus thousand Jews by the Nazis, whose grandkids are now fighting against the Russians today, the Azov Battalion.
Can't make that up.
She put in a giant black wall with crystals on it where you reportedly suck the energy out of the site of death.
So it's very Aztecian.
Again, very satanic.
Yet again, you cannot make this up until you really begin to research this woman.
Who admits on a Reddit Ask Me Anything that she is into the occult, but then has criticized me in the New York Times and said she's thought about suing me because it's just preposterous.
She's not into any of this, of course.
Reminds me of the author of Gender Queer, a comic book for children teaching them how to have pedophilic sex.
And she's come out and said, oh, no, I, or
It's non-binary.
This was never for children, never.
That's just why it was put in middle schools all over the country, including Austin, Texas where I live.
I wanted to just lay this out and explain to folks that the globalists are powered by the occult.
They are heavily into the occult, whether it's Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove.
This occultism is really the top of the pyramid of the New World Order.
People ask me, is it Catholic?
Is it Masonic?
Is it Jewish?
Is it Communist Chinese?
Is it Russian?
No folks, it's not one group that runs things.
It's people of every race, color, and creed and religious background that are secretly into Satan worship.
And if you look at the Super Bowl halftime shows or the Oscars or any of it now, they're no longer hiding it, but the Satanism is now everywhere coming out in the open.
It's making its move.
And so people say, this is a joke.
Why would he get this witch?
To be the ambassador of cultural ambassador to the children Well, it's because they love to rub it and they believe she's super powerful and all these Hollywood people go to her to get the power and Channel the great power she's got and oh, she never ages really looks old and ugly to me I'm not trying to be mean but but you know, this lady is an absolute total and complete abomination and
And she really represents the heart and the core of what we're facing.
She's an admitted follower of Aleister Crowley, the reported most evil man to ever live.
I don't think that's really a title he deserves, but he was very, very evil and helped popularize modern Satanism that's destroying our world today.
So I just wanted to get that on record.
If you want to learn more about her, we've got reports up on infowars.com and more.
But look up the World War II Memorial.
I think so.
We're good.
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Our final story we're going to look at today on this Breaking Saturday News Alert is a quote climate activist that hosts for many years a BBC and Channel 4 TV programs in the UK that also broadcast or rebroadcast around the world.
And he wants to ban horse racing, he wants to ban people having cows and eating meat, he wants to ban any form of hunting.
He wants basically a globalist de-industrialized world.
He wants humans to be taken out of any type of natural environment as well that our ancestors and now we continue to carry out.
But the latest thing he's done is call for censoring anyone that disagrees with this agenda and he's supporting the EU and UK legislation that will do just that.
To add a cherry on top, he has a new television program coming out, and in the title, it talks about that it's time to break the law.
Video, we're going to play it in a moment, BBC Channel 4 host, he calls himself a presenter, makes case for others to break the law, close quote, fighting climate change.
English climate activist and TV host Chris Packham just released a promo for a new eco-documentary titled, Is it Time to Break the Law?
In the video, Packham, 62, mulls over the titular question with timid angst and desperation only to conclude that it is indeed ethically responsible for others to commit crimes
If it means people will finally listen to the climate activists.
Because they're the good guys.
It's time to make up my own mind and decide if I think it's time to break the law, said Packham.
No government, no major political party has ever significantly addressed the issue.
They haven't been listening to us.
The climate activists know they're just banning beef and opening borders and shutting off pipelines and oil drilling and causing mass starvation and now saying they're going to close down farms all over the world and it's already begun.
I think?
Nothing says in the world underdog or avant-garde political activists like being on the biggest government-run channel in the world, the BBC, and calling for crimes to be committed.
And then meanwhile, all the Extinction Rebellion people are running around blocking roads and blocking trains and we have all these different facilities getting burned down and leftists being called all over the world, burning things down and calling it climate change.
That's incredible.
So here's Chris Packham on his Twitter.
Packham, personally, I've now reached a point where I believe breaking the law for the climate is ethically responsible thing to do.
If you're an activist that's already made the decision that yes, you're going to break the law.
Well, there you go.
And personally, I think I've reached the point where I now consider it ethically responsible thing to do.
That is super, super creepy.
So here you have this establishment individual, just like somebody on the left, defended by the big banks, defended by the largest corporations, defended by BlackRock, defended by the King of England, saying, we're gonna go out and commit crimes.
Well, it is criminal in my view to hijack governments and outside of law, use regulations to shut down coal power plants.
It is unethical to lock down the third world for three years and kill 80 million people from starvation.
It wasn't the virus did that, it was the lockdowns.
It is unethical to say they want to cut fertilizer production and cut rice production that will kill billions.
This is all really happening.
This is depopulation.
And they go, look at the foxes, look at the whales.
We want to save them.
Let us cut your resources off.
Let us rule you.
That's what this is.
And it's incredibly insane.
It's incredibly dangerous.
And again, these people are Malthusian depopulationists who have these little front men out there selling it like it's to save the earth, when nothing the globalists are doing is to save the earth.
Their electric cars are a hundred times more dirty and dangerous to even produce than gasoline cars.
Everybody knows that.
It's all just a pretext for them to take over every industry and every facet of life to create a post-industrial world.
So in closing, here he is.
Watch it and listen to it for yourself and realize he's trying to get mentally ill lone wolves to go out and commit crimes and saying it's now time to do it.
What did the Democrats famously say?
Go out, be violent, be aggressive.
And then when the cities burned down, Kamala Harris would bail them out of jail.
But when little old ladies walk between the velvet ropes at the Capitol on January 6th, they get three years in prison.
When Owen Schroeder tries to stop people going in, he gets jail time.
So that's the reality.
These people work for the power structure.
They're bullies.
And nothing says anti-establishment crusader like having the full establishment back you.
These people are tools of the deep state, tools of the depopulationist globalist, and they must be exposed and they must be removed from the government and from our systems because they are nothing less than cultural saboteurs who want full control of our lives.
This is the new form of warfare.
These people are soldiers attacking us, and now they're openly calling for the cavalry, their minions to go out and commit crime.
And we know the type of crimes they've been committing mass arson across the world from Greece to the US from Canada to Mexico They've caught the left out starting the fires and then calling it climate change And I'm not saying he's calling for that, but that's what we've caught left is doing So he leaves this nebulous open-ended thing about go out and commit crimes.
Well, that means that the sky is the limit.
It's time to make up my own mind and decide if I think it's time to break the law.
What are we going to do about it?
An overwhelming number of people recognize that we are in danger.
They fear for their own lives.
Children frightened for the future of life on Earth.
No government, no major political party has ever significantly addressed the issue.
They haven't been listening to us, the climate activists.
Now, I'm not asking for anyone to break the law.
There are so many lawful ways to get involved.
Raise your voice, post a poster, sign a petition, paint a banner, go on a march, lobby your local MP.
However, for me, myself, we're in significant and obvious danger.
So, but I've got to raise my voice.
If you're an activist that's already made a decision that yes, you're going to break the law, so long as no one is hurt and there's no lasting environmental damage, then you'll have my support.
And personally,
I think I've reached a point where I now consider it the ethically responsible thing to do.
Make no mistake, the BBC and Channel 4 are being directed by the government.
To call for people to go out and commit crimes.
This toady of the state, Packham, would not be doing what he's doing unless he'd been told he's protected.
Anybody else with the national show went out and told a group of people to start committing crimes, that's not protected speech.
You would be arrested within a day or two.
And you'd be living under the prison.
But he's allowed to do it, ladies and gentlemen.
While the left claims that right-wingers and populists are a number one terror threat with no evidence and are imminently about to start blowing things up and killing people.
Yeah, we've entered the season of false flags.
So keep your head on a swivel and share this video report with everyone you know.
Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
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