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Name: 20230922_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 22, 2023
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In "The Alex Jones Show," recent political events such as the conflict in Ukraine and the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border are discussed. The show also examines Marina Abramovic's connections with the CIA, exploring the relationship between arts and deep state. The degradation of the arts for societal control and the use of toxic masculinity as a term by the left to label enemies are analyzed. Listeners are encouraged to visit the website for resources on war, culture critique, and power structures in relation to the arts.

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It's Friday, September 22nd, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a lot of very serious news to break down today.
We also have a lot of positive developments to lay out as well.
Coming up next segment, I'm going to break down the fact that they have had massive protests in Canada, big protests in the United States, and of course protests in the UK and Europe.
But the biggest ones have been in Canada all across the country.
Some estimates are up to 30 plus thousand people at just one event in Canada.
These are huge demonstrations for Canada, only rivaled by the trucking
Protest against the lockdowns that we saw a year and a half ago that the government tried to crack down on and it is massive.
These are huge anti-Grooming protests.
We'll talk more about that coming up next segment But it really shows people are waking up and standing up and realizing that our most basic biological imperative protect our children Is under attack and it really is waking people up and folks are rising to the challenge.
But the first thing
I wanted to hit was another attack on the Crimean main Black Sea Russian fleet, Russian headquarters there by these British made high tech cruise missiles.
Reportedly six were fired at the base.
Five were shot down.
One went right into the front of the base right to the front door and damaged much of the building.
This is only meant to provocateur the Russians into hitting major government targets in Ukraine, so that Zelensky and others who are faltering can point at that and say, look, Russia's hitting our main targets.
We need NATO to enter the war.
In fact, Poland, who came out two days ago,
We're good to go.
And it's a big deal because Ukraine has been so arrogant.
Zelensky has been so arrogant.
The Poles were some of the biggest supporters of the Ukrainians in the last year and a half plus.
And now because of Zelensky literally calling them last week Russian agents and the Ukrainian news calling them Russian agents because it wasn't enough that they've given them a large percentage of their GDP and a large percentage of their weapons and of course the criminal mafias that are in control of Ukraine took that as a green light to just completely
Suck Poland dry.
Ukraine is a drowning man.
Germany is a sick man.
You know, the drowning man will pull down those and try to help them and kill them.
The sick man will infect those around them.
The population of Europe is turning completely against this war.
And they understand that NATO started it nine years ago.
Doesn't mean Putin's perfect.
Doesn't mean we lionize Putin.
But we're on Russia's doorstep.
The West is attacking Russia.
The Pentagon admits they're trying to start a wider war.
The RAND Corporation's bragging about it.
And it's total and complete madness and insanity.
So that development's huge.
The Chinese have another flotilla around Taiwan right now doing attack drills with aircraft, the biggest drills ever.
This is just a very, very serious moment in time, and there are very powerful globalist forces that need a giant worldwide crisis this year.
I would say by December, but definitely by next February.
They need a major escalation in this war to smokescreen the economy collapsing, the bubble popping, and then bringing in their new central bank digital currency, cashless society, market-to-be system.
So we're in a very, very serious inflection point.
Also, major governments around the world, including Canada, are calling for price controls
So, inflation is completely out of control.
We'll lay it all out when we come back.
It's Friday.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Remember, you're the Paul Reveres, so share the live links to this show if you want to defeat the globalists.
The ball is in your court.
We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave them kids alone.
Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.
All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all, you're just another brick in the wall.
We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teachers, leave them kids alone.
What is that song pertaining to?
Well, we know because the writers and the performers of it, the great artist Pink Floyd, have explained it to us, what it means.
That the educational system is there to intimidate and to brainwash and to fracture and to divide the children.
And that was certainly true in the early 1970s.
We're good to go.
Globalist funding that was taking over education and really turning into something very, very dark and very, very evil.
And of course, the first modern educational system set up in England and Germany in the last 300 years were mainly set up as military academies to literally brainwash and control and turn people into non-thinking robotic soldiers like the Prussian schools.
So the roots of this
Go very, very deep.
I mean, you had the ninja of Japan, not just a Hollywood fiction, something very real, who would be taken as a young person and trained for up to a decade and literally brainwashed to be a mindless killing assassin who would then commit seppuku or suicide.
After they had carried out their one assassination, that's why they were so highly prized and very, very expensive.
And the secret schools that trained the ninja were funded by some of the most powerful families in Japan, who again needed assassins that could carry out the killing, then kill themselves so no one could be blamed for who carried out the operation.
But I digress into the history of mind control via quote,
What we know of is education.
The reason I raise this is, look at the Western schools funded by Google and Apple and Disney.
They're all funding drag queen pedophile time.
They're all funding the grooming of children.
They're all funding the exact same curriculum, the exact same operation to form a governmental corporate sexualization relationship with your child, where there is no age of consent.
And then once children don't have an age of consent for sex, and once parents' parental rights are cut out,
Well then now they own their bodies for abortion.
Now they own their bodies for being mutilated or being sterilized with chemicals.
Now they own their bodies to put in the children what they want to put in them.
So it's very, very simple.
They've moved the Overton window light years into tyranny so that
The sky's the limit.
And if they can sexualize our children, pedophilically, right in front of us, then they can get away with anything.
So that's why it's so bold.
It's why the gaslighting is so intense.
But there's major cracks in this edifice and huge demonstrations, huge protests in Europe.
In the UK, but particularly in Canada, we're also seeing some protests here.
But across Canada, tens of thousands have spontaneously, all over the nation, from small towns to big cities, marched and said, leave our children alone.
Let them be innocent.
And people are figuring out what this larger agenda is.
It was the Tavistock Institute and British Intelligence in the 1970s that developed the plan for transgenderism and then, quote, rolled it out to the universities and hospitals.
This is a large
Long-term strategic operation.
That's why it's force-fed everywhere you look on television or in the news.
Because that is the agenda.
But again, the good news is major cracks are forming everywhere and a lot of former mainline liberals
In academia and best-selling authors and top musicians, I mean, you see it everywhere, are coming out against it and being demonized and being attacked because they've got to gaslight you and make you feel bad for standing up for the children.
But the instinct to defend our youth, the instinct to defend our young, the instinct to defend our future is so strong people are bucking it.
And when you buck the propaganda and when you get organized and when you get focused and when you don't care what the enemy corporate media says, that makes you very, very strong.
That makes you very, very powerful.
Here's another big example of how we're beginning to break their will.
They're not breaking ours.
We're breaking the social engineer's will.
Their attacks on us because we're resisting make us stronger.
Instead of just giving in and letting them crush us like a steamroller, we push back and our cultural, spiritual, economic will gets stronger.
Here's an example up on InfoWars.com from Steve Watson.
Author of genderqueer book found in school says I don't recommend this book for kids, but it shows young children Having sex with each other and with adults and tells them how great it is and that they should do it It's a total grooming book, but now the gaslighting begins
Oh, I didn't intend for this to be in schools.
I didn't intend for this to be seen by kids.
I meant, like, 17-year-old teenagers that are already experiencing this.
It's a comic book for them.
It's not a, quote, comic book for kids, right?
And Joe Camel wasn't targeting kids either.
And, of course, a crack dealer trying to give your 10-year-old crack.
They're not targeting kids.
No, that never happens, does it?
I remember being 11, 12 years old and people trying to give me crack and heroin and stuff, and I wasn't even running around with a bad crowd.
Of course, I said, hell no.
But a lot of kids do.
But see, that's what groomers are.
They're trying to get you when you're young because you can't protect yourself and you don't have the common sense.
That's even in the movie Pinocchio from back in the 40s or 50s where the con artists, criminals, round up the kids and basically enslave them and take them to an island where they're abused, where they're dehumanized.
So these archetypes are out there because this has happened over and over and over again.
In history.
And these rallies and demonstrations and lawsuits being filed by people that have been mutilated and chopped up and abused.
The women that have had their breasts cut off and their children.
The men that have had their penises and genitals and testicles cut off when they were little kids.
Of course they were manipulated.
Of course they were brainwashed.
Of course it was abuse.
Of course it was wrong.
Just 20 years ago you went to the doctor and wanted your arm cut off because you were crazy.
They put you in a rubber room, but now it's supposedly good.
Now it's something we've got to support.
It's something we've got to validate.
And of course, what do we now learn all over the Western world?
The same corporate operation.
The schools are telling the children not to tell their parents that they're being transitioned.
To keep it secret.
And the schools keep files on the parents.
That's the reality of this.
And this is what we're fighting.
And imagine once they have the social credit score and the central bank digital currencies in place that manipulate and control our every move, they'll be able to pressure more people financially to follow through.
The same globals are pushing forced government euthanasia.
It's going on in Canada.
It's going on in Germany.
This is a nightmare dystopia that people need to wake up from and say no to.
And I know our audience is the tip of the spear in that fight.
But reaching out to the brainwashed left, they have to understand that
They've been conned.
They're not part of a ruling class.
They're not part of an elite.
They are the fools.
They are the schmucks.
They are the suckers that signed on to the globalists because they were trying to conform and believe it would give them a place in society, when in truth, the new world order system is dynamiting and destroying civilization and society around us.
It's a post-human world.
Now we're going to be right back after this important break, but I want to ask you to ask yourself a question.
Are you sharing the links?
Are you spreading the word?
Are you posting clips?
Are you warning people about the New World Order?
Because you are the resistance.
When you take action, nothing can stop you.
Our destiny collectively is in your hands.
And we are back here on the Alex Jones Show on this very important Friday edition.
I've got a few other important points I'd like to make.
I'm going to hand the baton to the great Owen Schroyer.
Now, last segment we got into the fact that the author of Genderqueer, another one of these non-binary people, said, oh no, no, no, we're not targeting kids in schools.
I'm not targeting children.
But that's why they put them in middle schools and high schools all over the country, and why they're teaching children in elementary school the exact same brainwashing propaganda that's been caught on film countless times.
We know what's going on.
But this is part of the gaslighting.
When their agenda is pushed too far and they see major opposition mounting, they pull back and deny it ever existed, hoping that our resistance that's formed dissipates.
It's the inchworm.
Incrementally pulling forward.
When they get pushed back, they pull back.
But they gain 2 feet, then lose 1 foot.
Gain 5 feet, then lose 2 feet.
Gain 10 feet, then lose 5 feet.
Gain 100 feet, then lose 40 feet.
But they're still moving forward.
So we organize a resistance.
We mount it.
We push them back.
We go back to sleep.
They attack again.
And what's Joe Biden doing?
He's out today.
The video's on Infowars.com saying, hey, Trump ruined the border.
Trump erased the border.
The border's broken because of Trump.
Just let me legalize all the illegal aliens and it'll be fixed, which he's basically already doing.
It's the same tactic this week.
He said, hey, gas prices are high because of Trump.
On and on and on.
Everything is Trump's fault.
Everything is the American people's fault.
Nothing is Joe Biden's fault.
So this is how they dissemble.
It's how they manipulate.
It's how they brainwash.
But as long as we have a memory and collectively understand they're globalists who have a program to enslave us via a system of technocracy, it's game over.
You think?
I don't know.
And that's why what everybody's doing is so beautiful, because the learning curve is going straight up, and that's why they're so panicked, and they're trying to crash the global economy, crash the borders, start these wars, to, again, make us so economically poor that we're so distracted, we can't organize and stop them.
But we've caught them with their pants down, ladies and gentlemen, and that's what makes them so incredibly dangerous.
I now hand the baton to the great Owen Schroyer.
All right now, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, broadcasting live here on this Friday, September 22, 2023.
And I do have a lot of news, a lot of videos we are going to be covering here today for the next seven hours.
Yes, for the next seven hours.
And I got a lot of great guests coming up today as well, not just here on the Alex Jones Show, but also on the War Room later this afternoon as well.
We will be hearing from Alex Jones again, coming up shortly with another special report.
Let me just kind of lay all this out for you because we're going to hone in on the illegal immigration news.
And this is just absurd.
What else are you to believe except that Joe Biden and the Democrats think you're stupid?
Or they think that you're so brain damaged that you don't even have a memory.
But we do have a memory.
And I remember a year ago, this is when the violent crime sprees were really reaching new levels.
And by the way, I have a stack of that on my desk today.
And the Democrats came out and they said, well, Republicans defunded the police.
As if you don't have a memory, as if they didn't protest for years to defund the police, as if they didn't actually take the political action and legislative action to defund the police in many different cities, including right here in Austin, Texas.
So no, everybody watched liberal progressive Democrats defund the police, and then when the crime rates got out of control, they said, why did Republicans defund the police?
Thinking you're so stupid that you would go to the polls.
Because the main two things people vote on, and this might be changing as people are becoming more aware,
To the situation we're in, in the United States of America, more aware of the Democrat Party corruption, more aware of the mainstream media corruption, people go to the polls and they vote, and they think about their wallets, the economy, their bottom line financially, and they think about their safety, the safety of their family, their children.
And so, well, gee, if you have those two things in mind and you're informed, you're obviously never voting Democrat.
They've crushed the economy and they've defunded the police.
The Democrats say Republicans defunded the police.
And so here's official Democrat Party pressers saying MAGA Republicans want to defund law enforcement.
I mean, that's just absurd.
Again, it's insulting to your intelligence.
It's assuming you don't have a memory.
And so that's what Democrats think about Americans.
They don't think very much.
Well, now they're doing the same thing with the southern border.
I mean, can you imagine?
I mean, I don't know which one is worse.
Democrats blaming Trump for opening the border, or Democrats blaming Republicans for defunding the police.
They're both so absurd on their face, you can't even believe that they would engage in such activities.
But that's exactly what they're doing.
But it might be worse because they called Donald Trump and his voters xenophobes.
They tore down Donald Trump's wall.
They protested against having a wall.
And see, the media doesn't really get the message.
You just had that clip of Louis C.K.
talking about how liberals believe there should be open borders.
As the Democrats are blaming the open borders on Republicans.
So I guess Louis C.K.
is a Republican now because he wants open borders?
Of course not.
That's all absurd.
This is an insult to your intelligence.
This is Democrat Party politics which cannot exist with any truth at all.
It is impossible to be a Democrat or to espouse Democrat Party policies while being honest.
Those two things are impossible to do.
So we're going to be covering that.
Obviously we'll get more into the situation where the war in Ukraine has always been a giant money laundering scheme.
But now other nations are starting to understand that.
Even Republican lawmakers who might have supported the war in Ukraine in the past are starting to understand that.
They know there's no victory there.
And so they're starting to go back on that.
I do have a stack of political news today.
If you didn't hear about this situation with Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, your mind is going to be blown.
Now, we thought we had a good idea of political corruption and how these politicians steal and launder money with the Biden crime family.
The situation with Bob Menendez goes to another level.
Another level unreal what's coming out here.
I've got a stack of COVID and vaccine and mask news that it's everything we knew that they've been trying to cover up.
And now doctors are coming out, even more so, ones that have been silent and saying, okay, I have to tell the truth, this is too dangerous.
And then we got a stack of criminal news.
And you know, it is Friday.
And I haven't taken a phone call this entire week.
So I do intend to take phone calls today as well.
It's the Alex Jones Show!
We'll be right back with Alex on the other side.
Since the end of World War II, the United States has never declared
I don't
On that, with the power of the purse.
But since then, with Korea, there was a UN police action, and Vietnam, that again was an undeclared war, and all the other subsequent wars, we've seen a de-evolution away from the Constitution, to where now we just have resolutions by the Congress saying that they support
What's going on?
I think?
Biden's former COVID czar is the admitted head of the new UN coalition.
Ramming through the UN World Health Treaty that they admit, and it's in the document, puts the UN in control of national and regional responses of all signatories to it in the world, and thus of your body.
And it was the UN that already ran the policies that we saw during the COVID tyranny in the last three and a half years, and they admit that was just a test or a dry run.
Tedros has said it, Bill Gates has said it.
Klaus Schwab has said it.
So this is the transfer of our sovereignty.
To the United Nations, and then to agencies themselves.
Remember what happened a year and a half ago.
The Supreme Court rightly ruled that the FDA and the EPA and other federal agencies can't just make laws on their own.
Congress has to.
And they just can't say, hey, we're going to ban gas-powered stoves, or hey, we're going to ban all new oil drilling permits, or hey, we're going to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, or we're going to say that carbon dioxide is a deadly poison.
But you notice they still do that.
They still put out their fake rulings, and then the executive branch implements it.
And so the executive branch, via the bureaucracy, is making its laws.
And more and more, the bureaucracies like the Department of Energy and others just create policies like, hey, we want all new sales of combustion engines banned by
And then California says, I'll one-up you.
We want it by 2030.
And by the way, in 2023, all new sales of small combustion engines like lawnmowers and electric golf carts and leaf blowers, they're banned.
So, this is tyrannical rule.
And it's not just the federal government doing it.
It's the IMF, the World Bank, the big think tanks.
They come out with the policies.
And then they fund even regional, local governments to have the exact same policies when it comes to keeping transgenderism secret with the children, where they don't tell the parents that the school's brainwashing them and putting them in peer groups as young as five to prepare them on this path to being eunuchs.
So this is all very cold-blooded.
Remember what came out a few months ago?
I told you about it over a decade ago.
It wasn't a secret.
Thousands of U.S.
public schools down to the elementary are funded by the Chinese Communist government and their curriculum.
Oh, and you guessed it.
They're funding the racial division, Black Lives Matter, critical race theory.
They're funding the transgenderism.
Well, of course, all that's banned in China.
They have a man-up campaign.
They're all about men and women and nuclear families.
And now they're telling Chinese to have more kids.
You see, everything the globalists are doing to us, the Chinese communists, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, Bill Gates, they're all part of a big, giant consortium ganged up on us.
And the Pentagon sits there, chasing Muslims around the desert that, in every case, they've actually funded and given weapons to, like they just did in Afghanistan, tens of millions of dollars.
And then they use that terror threat to grope our children at the airports and set up checkpoints and inject our troops with experimental shots.
The Pentagon is captured.
Most of the Senate is captured.
The presidency is captured.
The agencies are captured.
They're not American.
They're globalists running us in the ground, setting up a globalist world government coalition.
And before that's set up, we have to be basically just turned into a military colony.
And that's only for a time because they're coming out with the robots and the drones.
They're not coming out with them.
They're here to replace the humans.
So the sabotage of the military and the culling of the military and the purge of the military has already accelerated.
But just let that headline sink in.
Because they've got their little legalese, their excuses, and their mental gymnastics.
But the founders would not recognize.
What they've done and what they've set up.
Here's the headline again.
Pentagon exempts Ukraine operations for potential government shutdown.
Oh, the Pentagon exempts.
And people just hear that.
Oh, and the UN.
Tedros says stay in your house and 15 days of flatten the curve and that the shot works and you should take it.
And, you know, the UN tells us, the UN says, with all the big billboards and news articles and the schools being told, well, the UN says that this is a deadly virus.
And the UN says that we've got to put people in quarantine centers.
And the UN says we've got to have contact tracing.
They're just training us who our new bosses are.
But it's all run by a consortium of 5,000 corporations, roughly, owned by BlackRock, owned by the Rothschilds, and a few other major families, who literally want to depopulate the planet.
This is so critical, and it's absolutely outrageous.
We need to take back our governorships, take back our legislatures, take back our Congress, and take back the power of the purse.
Take the funding from the Justice Department, take the funding from the FBI, take the funding away from the Pentagon, fire all these globalist generals.
You know, they have loyalty oaths to be a communist or a globalist to work at a university now.
Those are illegal.
There's only one oath, and that's to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the United States of America with the oath of office.
So they violated piss on that oath, and most of them haven't even taken that oath.
And then they have to take loyalty oaths against this country to sign on to the whole New World Order satanic agenda!
People need to get angry.
They need to get focused.
They need to say no.
We have been conquered.
We have been occupied.
But by admitting it, we can turn this around.
And anybody that stands against this is being targeted and is being demonized for annihilation because we're loyal Americans.
And so if listeners and viewers don't support us and don't stand with us and don't go to the store and get great products that enrich your lives and books and films that will inform others, then you're aiding the enemy.
And I'm not bitching at you.
I'm not like Obama, excuse me, Biden saying, if you don't vote for me, you ain't black.
All I'm saying is, if you don't support InfoWars, I know most of you do, in some way or another, but if you don't support InfoWars, you're destroying your own future.
We are standing against the globals.
We are fighting the new world order.
We are giving them everything we've got.
We are targeted.
We are under massive attack, and we're happy to do it, because we're loyal Americans, and we know this globalist system's evil.
So it's an honor to fight these people, but I'm just asking for you to keep us in the fight.
I'm just asking for you to pray for us, and I'm asking you to empower your own life at InfoWarsTore.com.
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This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The U.S.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now, this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing it's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Internet of Things, integration, global social score, complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI weapon system now attacking the United States with traitors inside the major security agencies, blocking Trump's resistance of the program and attempting to stop us from removing the tentacles of the Chai Com slash Big Tech banking combine emergency situation.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children, and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and it's being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission.
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, you've now got U.S.
Senators questioning the whole situation in Ukraine.
It's long overdue.
Here's J.D.
Vance on with Jesse Watters talking about it last night.
The true winner in any war is always the war machine.
But we're just not talking about defense contractors.
War profiteers come in different shapes and sizes.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says endless wars are the goal.
The goal is not to completely subjugate Afghanistan.
The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the United States, out of the tax bases of European countries, through Afghanistan, and back into the hands of a transnational security alliance.
That is the goal, i.e.
the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.
War can be noble, but also a business opportunity.
So today Ukrainian President Zelensky told the United Nations what it wanted to hear.
Humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives.
This means that extreme weather will still impact the normal global life and some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes.
When islands and countries disappear underwater, and when tornadoes and deserts are spreading into new territories, and when all of this is happening, one unnatural disaster in Moscow decided to launch a big war.
What country is disappearing underwater?
And his country's getting shelled to death and he's begging us to buy electric cars?
Sounds like he's just trying to consolidate Western support for Ukraine by speaking their language.
And appealing to their green god.
Joe Biden approves this message.
I ask the United States Congress for additional funds to expand World Bank financing by $25 billion.
If we allow Ukraine to be carved up, is the independence of any nation secure?
I'd respectfully suggest the answer is no.
It's not only an investment in Ukraine's future, but in the future of every country.
So we have to save the future of the world by saving Ukraine.
That is the message.
Save democracy, the environment, and the children.
And once you say those magic words, the Clintons appear.
Today, just five minutes from the United Nations, the Clinton Global Initiative announced their very own program to rebuild Ukraine.
In other words, the Clintons have found their new Haiti.
Do we really believe we can make the future better for ourselves and others or not?
It doesn't matter if I'm rich and famous and powerful.
I can still make a difference and I can't let anything stand in my way.
Then came Hillary.
One-two punch.
I believe their fight is our fight.
Their fight for freedom.
So we have to stay with the Ukrainians.
And it is really important not to push them to negotiate when, number one, the person you negotiate with is not trustworthy.
You cannot trust anything he says.
Diplomat Hillary doesn't want a peace summit.
Why rebuild half the country when you can rebuild the whole country years later?
They're calling it the Clinton Global Initiative Ukraine Action Network, in a salute to Al Sharpton, whose charities never dodge taxes.
Early investors include actor Matt Damon, Liv Schreiber, the Ford Foundation, and of course, Airbnb.
Also, the World Bank is in bed with the Clinton Ukraine Action Network.
So what did Joe Biden just tell us?
The U.S.
is sending the World Bank $25 billion, and then the World Bank is sending the money to the Clintons, and then the Clintons are sending it to Ukraine.
Now if you think the Clintons are the only profiteers feasting on the proxy war, you're wrong.
Joe Biden just appointed a Democrat mega-donor to be Ukraine reconstruction czar.
We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to Penny Pritzker, former Secretary of Commerce, who was named by President Biden as the special representative for Ukraine's economic recovery.
So, how is Penny Pritzker qualified to rebuild Ukraine?
Well, she's a billionaire heiress of the Pritzker family who founded Hyatt Hotels and who bankrolled Obama's election.
And in return, Penny was named Commerce Secretary.
Where she just happened to travel to Ukraine at least three times.
Hand-delivering the billion-dollar loans that Biden leveraged to get the prosecutor fired.
Guess who she brought with her to Ukraine?
Hyatt Hotel executives.
You know, the company she owns.
Also, the DuPonts.
The Delaware chemical tycoons who sponsor Joe Biden.
Penny is the perfect czar.
But this gravy chain doesn't stop there.
Head of the teachers unions, Randy Weingartner has taken a keen interest in a war zone.
In the last year, I've been in Ukraine three times, I and several of my other officers, and what we have attempted to do is to support children's education and support democratic principles.
Because at the end of the day, if we do not do that in Ukraine, what happens to the rest of the world?
Your children's schools are crumbling, but Randy wants to rebuild Ukraine's schools.
And why has the American Teachers Union president been to Ukraine more than Chicago?
We'll never know exactly what Randy, Penny, and Hillary are doing there, and that's the point.
We're not even allowed to ask exactly where our $100 billion of aid we sent went.
The Ukrainian army's disinformation czar says asking questions is treasonous.
The czar's name's Sarah.
Sarah is transgender.
Sarah is an American.
Ohio Senator J.D.
Vance asked the Pentagon if she was an intelligence operative because clearly something's going on here.
Senator Vance asked because Sarah fled our country to fight in Ukraine, so is she on the CIA payroll or what?
Simple question.
Why is an American trans man the spokesman for the Ukrainian military?
Is this a psyop to rattle the Russians?
Or is this a transgender disinformation hour?
The perfect person to execute the propaganda war.
And if we ask these questions, Sarah says, we are creating gender chaos.
Senator Vance recently asked the U.S.
Director of National Intelligence, along with the Secretaries of State and Defense, if I was working in some capacity for the American government.
Simply put, I'm an American serving as a Ukrainian infantry soldier and combat medic in the dual role of spokesperson and Russian disinformation analyst.
The remaining speculation surrounding me is disappointing.
While in Ukraine we are fighting for global liberty and the ideology of victory, too many in Moscow and across the world are still caught up in focusing on the tired trope of gender chaos.
I only answer to three groups of people.
My Ukrainian commanders, the Ukrainian people, and the American taxpayer.
Oh, the American taxpayer.
So we're paying Sarah's salary.
Now, last time I checked, if you're paying someone's salary, you get to ask whatever you want.
And when Sarah, Hillary, Randy, and Penny get together, we have a lot of questions.
Let's now bring in Ohio Senator J.D.
So you've been scolded by the transgender Ukrainian American taxpayer funded disinformation czar, Senator.
Do you feel, you know, rightfully humbled?
Well, Jesse, my first reaction when I saw this video was that SNL had somehow gotten funny again.
I was sure that it was a big comedy skit, and I was not in on the joke.
And then I shockingly learned that this is actually a real person who really does purport to represent the Ukrainian military, which of course is almost entirely funded at this point by the American taxpayer.
Now, here's the really crazy thing, Jesse, is the original video that I was responding to, this person, this Ukrainian spokesperson, says that anybody who engages in Russian propaganda is going to be hunted down, literally threatening violence against anybody who engages in, quote, Russian propaganda.
But as you know, Jesse, multiple American journalists have been accused of engaging in Russian propaganda.
Multiple members of the United States Senate have been accused.
So are we really funding a military
That is threatening the free speech rights of people who disagree with the Ukrainian war effort?
That is preposterous and it gives lie to the idea that this is all about freedom and democracy.
If we're all about freedom and democracy, why are our paid guns threatening the free speech rights of all Americans?
Please don't hunt me down, Sarah.
I didn't do anything wrong.
So, Senator, when you see this new news about the Clinton Global Initiative Ukraine Action Network,
And we got Airbnb, you know, we got famous Hollywood actors now involved in the World Bank's kind of laundering American taxpayers through the Clintons into Ukraine.
It could be a noble cause, yes, but it also seems a little suspicious considering what the Clintons have been known for their entire career.
Do you agree?
I certainly agree, Jesse.
I really guess that five years from now, we're going to find out that between the Clintons and a number of American private equity firms and other hyper-global corporations, that you're going to find a lot of people have gotten rich from this.
And it's really sad, and it's really despicable, because of course, the Ukrainians didn't invite the war on themselves.
I have disagreements with their leadership, but not with the people.
But you can almost see the elites of Washington and New York City salivating over acquiring more power and more money for themselves on the backs of the Ukrainian war effort.
Anybody who doesn't see this for what it is, I think, is blind to the reality.
It's one of the reasons why, Jesse, we have to start asking tough questions about how long is this going to go on.
You need to go over there, you need to sit down, go to Poland and talk to our military commanders, spend some time on the ground in Ukraine, listen to their side of the story.
Joining me right now is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.
He's the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.
Senator, you just heard what Lindsey Graham said.
How much money total has gone to Ukraine so far?
What has been the impact?
And have you been to Ukraine?
Somebody needs to remind the Senator that we don't have any money.
We're about 1.5 trillion dollars in debt for this year.
Over the last three months we've accumulated almost a trillion dollars in three months.
The total is 33 trillion.
So we don't have like an extra rainy day fund or a surplus we can send them.
We have to borrow the money from China to send it to Ukraine.
So no matter what your sympathies are on the war, and I'm sympathetic to Ukraine fighting off the Russian aggressors,
But at the same time, I think it's irresponsible to think about their country before I think about my country.
We have a government funding that needs to happen before September 30th.
For them to hold that hostage and to say, oh, we'll close down, you know, we're going to close down government unless you pass Ukrainian funding, we don't have the money.
So I don't think it's a good idea for our country to continue borrowing.
We've given them over, I think it's about $113 billion.
This is another $24 billion.
But you know, if you'll read between the lines, they'll tell you it'll last them about two to three months, and they'll be back again.
Every two to three months, they're over here.
You know, he'll be here again today, begging for more money.
It's not even just going to armaments.
You realize we're funding the pension of their government workers?
And we complain about bloated government here.
They've got bloated government, and they've got corruption, and the American taxpayer.
People are struggling in our country.
We're asked to fund it.
I think it's wrong, and I think most of the American people, frankly, are with me.
There's also this incredible story about an American journalist, Gonzalo Lira.
He's reportedly right now in prison in Ukraine on allegations of spreading Russian propaganda.
I don't understand this, that Joe Biden could approve $113 billion of money to Ukraine, and yet he has not tried to get this American journalist out of prison there?
How is that possible?
It's even worse than that, Maria.
They've cancelled the elections.
What kind of democracy has no election?
So next year, Zelensky said he's not going to have an election because it would be inconvenient during the war and would be expensive.
Well, the thing is, if you don't have elections, why in the world would we be supporting a country that's not a democracy?
They've banned the political parties.
They've invaded churches.
They've arrested priests.
So, no, it isn't a democracy.
It's a corrupt regime.
And are the Russians any better?
No, the Russians are worse.
But at the same time, we don't always have to pick some side to be on.
But the ultimate reason I'm against this is we don't have the money.
And when we borrow more money, it leads to more inflation, leads to more likelihood of recession in our country.
And so we just can't keep doing it.
Are you willing to let the government shut down then?
I mean, what's the fate of this bill that Kevin McCarthy is trying to wrangle members together once it gets to the Senate?
I think it's sort of the opposite of that.
I put them on notice that they shouldn't shut the government down by demanding money to another government.
We should be talking about funding our government.
I'm more than willing to sign on to short-term spending of the government to keep it from closing down.
So because the appropriations process is so broken that it never gets done, we're coming up on September 30th, and they haven't completed one bill.
The House has completed one.
We haven't completed any yet because it's taken so long to do this.
There's going to have to be an extension so the government doesn't shut down.
So if somebody comes to me and says, will you keep it open for a week or for a month?
I will, but not if they make me swallow Ukraine aid.
See, that's what they're going to do.
They're going to try to tie Ukraine aid to keeping the government open, then they're going to say, oh no, it's your fault.
Well, no, I'm pointing the finger first.
It's their fault if they want to keep the government open by keeping another government open.
So, our primary responsibility is to our government, not the Ukrainian government.
I've got to get to COVID, but real quick on this, Senator, what is your answer to those people like Lindsey Graham, who says if we stop helping to fund Ukraine in the middle of this, Russia wins, and then it goes and he moves on to Poland, elsewhere, to continue this unification, reunification of the Soviet Union?
I would say there's a great incentive for Europe to help Ukraine.
You know, Ukraine is right on the edge of Europe.
Europe needs to do more, frankly.
So we've been outspending them 2 to 3 to 1.
There's no reason why we can't cooperate and help in that way.
But the thing is, is Europe has more responsibility here and Europe needs to step up.
Frankly, we pay for everything for the Europeans.
We pay for NATO, we pay for everything.
It's time the Europeans step up and pay for themselves.
Very good point, Senator.
Let me move on to the Department of Health and Human Services.
So it's been well known for years, decades, probably most people listening to this our entire lives, it's been well known that U.S.
politicians are corrupt at Washington, D.C., known as the District of Criminals.
But we haven't really had
The view into just how it works until recently with the Biden crime family and the pay for play, the Biden crime family dealing with the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the quid pro quos.
And now.
In a story that is truly unbelievable, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez and his wife now under investigation for allegedly accepting gold bars for favors.
Now again, we get a look into how corrupt DC works with the Biden crime family, with Hunter Biden, 10% for the big guy, the cars, the payoffs, the quid pro quos, everything.
Gave us a good idea of how our government, how our Congress became so corrupt.
Now this story with Menendez is next level.
And so it is the top story on drugs right now.
Menendez charged with bribery, federal corruption case, gold bars for favors, envelopes of cash, luxury vehicles.
Technofog has all these images, all these stories at Drudge Report also have the images.
I mean, folks, we're talking stacks of cash.
We're talking brand new luxury vehicles.
Gold bars.
Gold bars.
Oh, here's a jacket.
Here's a jacket.
Oh, it's just a gift.
And then the pockets are lined with cash.
Bob Menendez, Democrat Senator.
Now, Drudge Report does have it as their top story, red-linked at the top of the page.
I guess that's not too surprising.
Do you think CNN, do you think NBC, MSNBC, CBS News, do you think this is going to be their top story this weekend?
I have a feeling, no.
Oh, I'll be watching.
I'll be watching.
But imagine.
After all the coverage they give to Donald Trump, Don Jr., Russian collusion, Deutsche Bank, all the BS nothing, going after Donald Trump, and then you have all the evidence of all the things they claim Donald Trump is guilty of with the Biden crime family, and now you have all the evidence here, over the top!
Over the top!
With Democrat Senator Bob Menendez.
It's not just Joe Biden engaging in this behavior.
It's not just Bob Menendez engaging in this behavior.
And let's be perfectly honest, it's not just Democrats that engage in this behavior.
Of course not.
It's Republicans as well.
And I think one of the ways to tell who's dirty and who's clean
Who's supporting the war in Ukraine?
Who supported the impeachment of Trump?
Who supported the impeachment of Ken Paxton?
So we've had these opportunities now, these demarcation lines, where it's just common sense.
Do you do the right thing that's obviously the right thing?
Do you say the right thing that's obviously just common sense?
Or are we sitting here confused
As to why you go along with an impeachment scam?
As to why you go along with a war in Ukraine that does nothing for us?
As to why you go along with open borders?
What's that in your pocket, sir?
Are you happy to see me, or are you getting bribed with stacks of cash?
Oh, what's that in your pocket, sir?
Are you happy to see me, or is that a gigantic gold bar?
So it's not just the Biden crime family.
It's not just Bob Menendez.
But now we get an idea.
Now we begin to understand how this corruption works.
So, will they be making a big story about this?
Will this be the top story on the weekend news?
Or... Or will Jack Smith?
Or Chanya Tutkin?
Chutkin Tanya, whatever.
Or are they gonna make a move now?
So that they can create a new headline to run tonight, Saturday, and Sunday on the evening news, so that you don't know about a Democrat stuffing his pockets with cash, stuffing his pockets with gold bars, and driving around in luxury vehicles.
I forget the congressman that asked.
During the hearing last week, and he said, tell me how Joe Biden makes tens of millions of dollars and has multiple million dollar mansions on a congressman's salary for his entire life.
He's never had a good or service he sold.
He's never produced a product.
Tell me how Hunter Biden, with no experience in the oil industry, lands a seven-figure job on a board of oil executives.
Tell me how Hunter Biden, who's never created art before in his life, is now selling his art for six figures.
See, it all goes back to what we were talking about in the last hour.
Well, how do Democrats claim Republicans are the ones defunding the police?
We all watch the Democrats chant that and do that.
How is it that the Democrats are claiming that Republicans and Trump are responsible for the open border?
When that was their main attack against Trump was how he's a xenophobe and a racist.
They would go down to the border and shake the cages and the fences and say, why would Trump do this?
Why would he build a border wall, tear it down, walls are racist, and then they say Trump is responsible for the open border?
They really assume the average American doesn't even have two IQ points to rub together.
They really assume the average American has the memory of a goldfish.
They really insult your intelligence.
They really insult your intelligence when they do this stuff to us.
So, it's almost a race against time now where
Can the American people have the renaissance, have the awakening?
Can we get good people in Congress that actually want to save this country and do something about the corruption, that aren't involved in the corruption, that aren't blackmailed or paid off, so that we can actually arrest the real criminals and that we can actually understand what's made our Congress, our politics, so corrupt?
Now they're concerned that there might be this government shutdown, which is not a real government shutdown, but there's levels to it.
The unlimited spending is basically curtailed.
But they're really panicked that next week, this government shutdown is going to happen, and they're afraid that in that instance, they're not going to be able to fund the war in Ukraine endlessly, which of course, we're talking about $200 billion.
How much of that actually goes to war?
How much of that finds its way back into politicians' pockets in one way, shape, or form, or another?
A luxury car, a gold bar.
So now, that's why the Pentagon, and that's why the Biden administration is saying, well, even if they shut down government, we're still going to have the unlimited funding for Ukraine.
Now, of course, there are no, no oversights when it comes to the funding.
There are no oversights when it comes to the weapons.
So isn't that just beautiful?
This is Congress operating rogue.
This is the Pentagon operating rogue.
This is the Biden administration operating rogue.
And it couldn't be more obvious.
They get to launder money, they get to fund wars, they get to do whatever the hell they want, no matter what you vote.
And by the way, you don't get any oversight.
Hey, where's that money going?
Can't tell ya.
You're not allowed to know.
Hey, where are those weapons ending up?
Can't tell ya.
We don't even know.
Hey, where's that F-35?
No idea, but it crashed right where he ejected and it went down because of weather.
This is your U.S.
Lying to you every day and thinking you're dumb enough to believe it.
Pentagon exempts Ukraine operations from potential government shutdown.
They just want you to know what the real priorities are.
They just want you to know what's really important to them.
And that's war.
But where are those hundreds of billions of dollars going?
Don't you ask that, you dirty American.
Yeah, we steal your money.
You don't get to know where it goes.
Biden says, no alternative but for Congress to support Ukraine aid as Zelensky begs for more U.S.
taxpayer money.
No alternative?
It's war or bust, guys!
There's no alternative?
Oh, what about maybe not funding it?
That's, that, what?
What are you talking about?
There's no alternative!
Not funding the war is not an option!
Not giving hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine is not an option!
Well, couldn't we just not give the money and the weapons?
But why is it... Why is it not an alternative?
I think...
The one angle that is underappreciated here is the blackmail on Joe Biden.
I think the one underappreciated angle of this is the blackmail on Joe and Hunter Biden.
What about the biolabs in Ukraine that MetaBiota and the Bidens are connected to?
What about the pay-for-play and the quid pro quo
Of Joe Biden and Ukraine dating back to the Obama administration.
How much dirt, how much blackmail does Zelensky or the Ukrainian regime have on Joe Biden?
And you know, we also ought to understand that Zelensky is not a serious person.
He's a puppet if there ever was one.
I mean, the guy, Zelensky is always wearing t-shirts and hoodies and this, and this green, this forest green look so that he looks like he's a military general.
I mean, he always wears the combat boots.
It's, it's, he's an actor.
And I don't mean that in a, in a sense of he's just a political puppet.
No, no, no.
He is quite literally an actor.
He was a gay kink performance actor before he got elected.
So it's like, and I sent the crew these clips earlier this week.
We never played them because the news is so serious.
I mean, you do realize that Zelensky, in case you're not aware, Vladimir Zelensky was a gay kink performance actor.
He would do, he would do, I mean, look at this.
There's the guy that there's no alternative but to fund his war.
A guy who gyrates in skin-tight silk so that you can see every bit of flub.
I mean, it's kind of a... I mean, look, as a sheer entertainment... I mean, it's pretty funny.
Hey, I mean, Zelensky's a pretty funny gay comedian.
You'd need a magnifying glass to find it.
So this is the guy who we have no alternative but to fund his war.
This is the guy who runs around now pretending like he's a combat veteran.
This is the guy who they dress up in military garb so that you think this is a serious war.
And this is the guy who's being used to blackmail Joe Biden
Into sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine and military support to Ukraine.
Where the money and the weapons end up, nobody's allowed to know.
Congress votes against transparency.
I mean, come on guys, this is a very serious person here.
But see, that's just one video.
I could show you the videos of him pretending to play the piano with his ding-dong.
I could show you the videos where he dresses up in Leather Daddy kink gear and humps and gyrates other men.
I mean, you can just go on and on.
He was in a TV show.
This is maybe the most ridiculous of them all.
Zelensky was in a TV show before he got elected president.
He's in a TV show where he plays a guy, he, in the TV show he plays a actor that gets elected president and then hires all of his friends onto his cabinet.
And then, after that, he's an actor that gets elected president that hires all of his friends to be a part of his cabinet.
And then there's the famous scene where he pulls out the guns and, and murders all the other members of the Ukrainian government.
Which I guess that isn't exactly how this is gone.
But he has sent the Ukrainians to war to be slaughtered by the tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand or more.
And Joe Biden says we have no other option but to fund this war.
There is no alternative!
There is no alternative!
They say no alternative.
Senator Mike Lee responds.
How many millions of dollars does the Department of Defense spend to undermine and attack senators, congressmen, and citizens who dare disagree with the Pentagon?
Well, thanks to Obama, they do run disinformation and propaganda campaigns.
So yeah, you don't support the war in Ukraine, they will send out money to destroy you in the media.
Who knows, maybe they send a
Maybe they send a gay club bar owner to take you out on a date and feel you up on HD video in a dark theater to try to sabotage you that way.
No alternative but to fund this guy's war.
No alternative.
Rand Paul slams corrupt Zelensky for begging for more money.
Yeah, he goes in front of the UN, begs for more money.
And I love this.
The irony here is so ridiculous.
The irony here is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.
I need more money for war, and we also need to stop climate change.
How does war help climate change?
I'm gonna go ahead and assume that war is probably bad for climate change, if you even believe that crap.
So I'm not even promoting that.
I'm just saying, if you believe that carbon emissions
are a problem.
Tell me how war is helping to fight climate change.
No, no, no, no.
They're allowed to fly around on private jets.
They're allowed to blow the planet up.
They're allowed to have tanks and jets and fight and war and kill.
Just not you, slave.
And there's no alternative, says Joe Biden.
But the support is waning.
NATO beginning to crack.
Poland refuses to continue arming Ukraine.
That was their number one ally in NATO.
That was their number one ally in Europe.
And if Poland pulls out, folks, it's done.
The whole thing is done.
And then they're so desperate that they have to edit.
They have to edit the speech from Zelensky.
When Zelensky speaks at the UN, half the room leaves because no one has respect for this guy.
Again, he's a former Gay King actress.
Or actor.
And so it's an empty room he's speaking in, in front of the UN, and so they edit video so that it looks full, and Zelensky's in the crowd!
Zelensky's in the crowd!
Oops, Zelensky appears to watch himself in Ukraine propaganda edit of UN speech.
You can find the story and video at InfoWars.com.
It's so, it's just unreal.
So Poland has been the biggest supporter from NATO, from Europe, as far as Ukraine,
And the war against Russia is concerned, but even the Polish are starting to realize this is not a war that can be won, at least not in the way that the West and the CIA are forcing it, because it's not even about winning, it's about them stealing your money, and it's about them remaining in control, geopolitically, of Ukraine.
So if Poland flips, I don't know where it goes from here, but that's actually more dangerous, because now,
The Biden administration or the powers that be might try another false flag.
They already tried the false flag and claim a missile attack on Poland was Russia, it was Ukraine.
Then just a couple weeks ago they tried to claim that a missile attack on a market in Ukraine was Russia, it was again Ukraine.
So they're not getting away with these false flags but the next one might be truly devastating.
But here's the president of Poland
Starting to come to his senses, saying, you know, maybe this war isn't what we thought it was.
Maybe it's time to back off here in Clip 3.
We are dealing with a drowning person.
We are the one who saves.
When a drowning person is drowning, anyone who has experienced rescuing a drowning person knows that he is extremely dangerous because he can pull you to the depths.
He has unimaginable strength due to fear and the influence of adrenaline and can simply drown the rescuer.
They say a drowning person is grasping at straws, and indeed a drowning person is grasping at anything he can.
It is a bit like the situation between Poland and Ukraine.
Is it necessary to act in such a way as to protect oneself from being harmed by a drowning person?
Of course we must act mainly in such a way as to not harm ourselves, because if a drowning person causes harm and drowns us, he will not get help.
So we have to look after our interests and we will do so effectively and decisively.
And of course the drowning man analogy is maybe not the best one here but it's well received.
That there's no point in destroying ourselves or drowning ourselves because of the situation in Ukraine but it's but it's it's
It's not the best analogy, because what we're talking about here is nuclear war, potentially.
World War III, potentially.
And it's not just Ukraine or Poland, it's the entire world.
It's a lot like the situation with the southern border now, and all these Democrat cities and Democrat states are realizing, well, gee, our policy, our open border policies are actually destroying us.
We might want to rethink this.
We might want to reevaluate us.
They're actually destroying us.
And so it's the same thing with Poland.
But again, it's not just, oh, New York City can't handle it, or Chicago can't handle it.
It's the entire country.
It's not just, oh, Poland can't handle it.
It's all of Europe.
It's the entire world.
At the face value, you say, well, this is good.
Maybe we can begin peace negotiations again.
This is good.
Maybe Ukraine won't feel so confident and Zelensky won't feel so confident in their attempt to keep begging for money and begging for weapons to just continue the meat grinder that is Ukraine right now.
But then the other issue is, OK, well, how does the deep state
How does the military-industrial complex respond if they feel like their war is about to come to an end and they still need it, Joe Biden says no alternative, well then what do they do next?
Do they blow up a major city?
Do they drop a dirty bomb somewhere and blame Russia?
Cyber attack, blame Russia?
So that's the problem.
The powers that be, the military-industrial complex and the Biden administration will not let this war end.
Even if there's no support politically.
They will find a way to keep this thing on going.
And that's the scary part about this, because you say, wow, this is good news.
Looks like maybe we can stop this meat grinder.
Looks like maybe we can have peace negotiations, NATO coming to its senses.
But then you realize, well, what is the military-industrial complex going to do to change that attitude?
And how bad and how devastating might that act be?
We're going to come back with more of this and there's some other big news out of Russia that's going to be very important for us in the United States.
But first, here's a message from Alex Jones.
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All right, so the Biden administration loves, well, they love touting this thing, Bidenomics, and of course they misrepresent everything that it is.
That's just par for the course.
If you're a Democrat, you have to invert reality and lie to the American people.
It's just that you can't.
That is, there is no alternative to that.
You know, Joe Biden says there's no other alternative to war in Ukraine.
Well, there's no other alternative than to a Democrat having to lie to you.
And what else is Biden gonna run on?
He has nothing else to run on, so he runs on Bidenomics, even though the economy's a complete disaster under him.
But folks, it's about to get worse.
I filled up my gas tank last night, and I don't know if gas has ever been more expensive in Texas, but I'm pretty sure that that was the most I've ever paid for gas.
And so, I know it's not just Texas, obviously,
And I know that Texas doesn't even have the worst of it.
California, New York, Chicago, your prices are probably higher than anybody's.
But it's about to get worse, folks.
You're already seeing prices go over $6 a gallon in New York and California.
They might be approaching $7 very soon.
And Russia is doing this strategically.
Russia put squeeze on oil market with diesel export ban.
And so the U.S.
is not only not producing or exporting oil, Joe Biden is going to once again tap into the strategic petroleum reserves until they're down to zero.
And after that, gas is going to go to six, seven, eight dollars a gallon.
You watch.
All right.
Any American with two IQ points to rub together knows that
The Republicans might not be the solution to our problems, but the Democrats are certainly the problem itself.
And so I've got all these videos now, it's happening in New York City, it's happening in Chicago, where whenever the Democrat politicians make a public appearance, they get shouted down in the streets, they get cursed at, big crowds are forming to yell at them.
Don't blame this on us, federal government, I've nothing to do with that, before you try to do that.
Because you know you'd love to.
But let's look at this news and then I'm going to show you some of these videos and show you the political shift that's happening.
Biden claims it's Republicans who are undermining our border security.
Republicans are undermining the border security and
The summers in Austin are not very hot.
Summers in Austin are actually cold.
And if you jump into the Pacific Ocean, you won't hit water.
And if you run around on an NFL football field, you won't find any green grass or green turf.
And if you're at a Dallas Cowboys football game, you won't see anybody wearing a cowboy hat.
Yes, Republicans are undermining our border.
I mean, you couldn't tell a more ridiculous lie.
But then, okay, here's the activities.
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson signs $29 million contract to build illegal immigrant camps in the city.
Is that Republicans undermining the border or Democrats that say it's a sanctuary city and now we're going to build whole cities for you?
By the way, a lot of Americans are suffering in Chicago from the economic plights of Bidenomics and from the violent crime plights of Democrat Party policy.
But don't worry, they're going to take care of the illegal immigrants.
Leaked images show Biden administration's planned ID card for illegal immigrants one step away from getting them to vote.
Yeah, oh come on in, we got an ID waiting for you.
In fact, when was the last time you tried to get an ID or a driver's license from the DMV?
What a pain in the ass that is.
But don't worry, you're an illegal immigrant.
They'll process you and have you a fresh new ID within minutes.
Within minutes.
And then you're going to be able to vote.
Aguero for Texas does great reporting down at the border, Anthony Aguero.
Viral video, row of illegal immigrants tell reporter what states they're invading.
And they're all smiling and laughing because it's just a game.
Now this is illegal criminal activity, let's be perfectly clear.
But they know that they're being supported and propped up by the U.S.
government, and so they just smile and they just say, yeah, I'm gonna go to New York.
Yeah, I'm gonna go to Illinois.
Yeah, I'm gonna go to Los Angeles.
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to going to Seattle.
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing Chicago.
It's gonna be great.
Because it's a wide-open border.
It's an illegal immigrant policy of Joe Biden.
Now, you, an American citizen,
I could use a very specific example here.
But you, or we as American citizens, we now have more fear of retribution and punishment from our government for saying the wrong thing.
That's right!
We, the American people, have more fear of punishment from our government for saying the wrong thing than illegal immigrants do when they come across this border illegally.
Okay, so that's what the Democrats are doing, but Joe Biden says the Republicans are undermining the border.
Now, Greg Abbott isn't really helping as much as he could, but...
At least some action is being taken.
Governor Abbott officially declares invasion at southern border by Mexican drug cartels, and he's done this before, and it's so they can get an emergency action and send the Texas National Guard down there, which he's done, but then the Texas National Guard goes down there, they set up barbed wire barricades, and then Border Patrol goes and cuts them down and removes them at the orders of the Biden administration.
Greg Abbott sends floating barriers to the Rio Grande to try to curb the numbers coming across.
The Biden administration sues and has them removed.
But it's the Republicans that are undermining the border.
Again, I could jump into the Pacific Ocean and I'm not going to find any water.
I can go to SeaWorld and I'm not going to find any marine life.
I could go to Six Flags and there's no roller coasters to be found.
That's right, and Republicans are undermining the border.
Dan Patrick is on it.
Texas threatens to jail convicted felons for life if caught illegally crossing the border.
We mean business.
There's a good idea.
Tell you what, you arrest and incarcerate for life a couple of illegal immigrants that already have big criminal records?
That's gonna send a message.
And then the Biden administration, in fact, I'll tell you this right now, I'll predict this.
The Biden administration will sue Ken Paxton and sue Texas
For incarcerating illegal immigrants with a criminal record.
You watch.
That's just the pattern of behavior here.
But it's Republicans undermining the border, says Joe Biden.
Yeah, Trump wasn't for strong borders at all.
Trump didn't campaign on strong borders.
There weren't chants of build the wall at Trump campaigns.
That was the Biden campaign.
Remember that, guys?
Don't you guys remember the Biden campaign events with the 20,000, 30,000 people chanting build the wall?
That was the Biden campaign, guys.
Trump vows to invoke wartime law to deport suspected foreign gang members and drug dealers.
Yeah, Trump's a Democrat, don't you know?
Trump's a Democrat trying to secure our border.
Come on, guys.
So now the party affiliation is changing though.
Because quite frankly, this is like, now when... The public notion when you come out as a Democrat is, wow, you're a scumbag liar.
See, so this is kind of the reality catching up to the Democrat Party.
They've constantly tried to...
Slander, libel, and character assassinate anybody that's Republican.
But because it's been nothing but lies, the test of time is starting to... starting to... help Republicans.
And now it's the Democrats.
Now it's like, you say you're a Democrat and people are like, oh gee, what are you, a scumbag liar?
Amarillo Democrat elected official announces party switch.
And they all used to be Democrats.
Again, I've explained this before.
I've gone down there and done my border coverage.
I've talked to a couple of the elected officials off record.
So I honor that.
And they say, well, yeah, the only reason we run as Democrat is because you can't get elected as a Republican.
There's no money down here.
If you want to get elected or you want to get any fundraising, you have to be a Democrat.
Well, it's starting to change.
One of the last remaining elected Democrats in the Amarillo area has officially announced that she is switching parties and becoming a Republican.
That's Constable Georgia Estrada.
Democrat who represents Potter County Precinct No.
2 announced Thursday night at a conservative Patriots for Texas meeting she will be running for re-election as a Republican.
So that's going to be the new thing now is nobody's going to want to run as a Democrat because that's like running as a lying scumbag.
And then you have Eric Johnson
A mayor of Dallas writes a piece for the Wall Street Journal that has gone massively viral today.
America's cities need Republicans and I'm becoming one.
Wall Street Journal.
I have been mayor of Dallas for more than four years.
During that time, my priority has been to make the city safer, stronger, and more vibrant.
That means saying no to those who wanted to defund the police, Democrats.
It meant fighting for lower taxes and a friendlier business climate.
So, fighting Democrats.
And it meant investing in family-friendly infrastructure such as better parks and trails.
That approach is working.
And he goes on and on and talks about because of this he can no longer be a Democrat.
And he says, in other words, American cities need Republicans, and Republicans need American cities.
So, how and when does this catch tread, is the real question here.
Most Americans are still politically completely ignorant and oblivious.
But there's something that's obvious.
American cities are suffering greatly.
Their infrastructures are suffering, the violent crime rates are up, the businesses are suffering, the education there is suffering.
It's a disaster.
And there's one thing that remains consistent, and that's every single one of these cities is run by Democrats.
And every single one of these cities has been run into the ground by Democrats.
So why is this story so important?
And the headline says it all.
America's cities need Republicans, so I'm becoming one.
But see, it's not just about a name change.
It's about policy.
So let's see if the policy reflects the name change.
But this is the understanding, and so good for the mayor of Dallas, Eric Johnson, who gets this now.
The realization is set in.
There's no argument here.
American cities are suffering.
The crime rates, the economy, poverty rates, homelessness, education, infrastructure, it has been destroyed and it's all under Democrat Party rule and watch for decades.
So maybe it's time for some new leadership.
Maybe it's time for some new policy.
Hmm, that means it's time for Republicans.
This would be the greatest test and potentially success story in American history if we can remove all these dirty Democrats from these inner cities, bring in Republicans, and save them.
Can you imagine how great that would be?
Alright, so again...
I've got all these videos of maybe they're Democrat voters, maybe they're former Democrat voters, maybe they're just residents of the cities, specifically in New York today.
We covered them out of Chicago earlier this week.
Screaming down the Democrat Party leadership for destroying their cities.
I got a couple of those.
You know, here's an interesting case though.
Curtis Sliwa ran as a Republican for Mayor of New York City.
He lost by a wide margin.
He hasn't given up, though.
And he's really starting to take some of the leftist tactics and use them against them, like blocking roads.
How do you feel about this?
Curtis Sliwa, I guess you could say, making an announcement here for what they're going to do in New York City to try to stop this Democrat Party destruction with illegal immigrants in Clip 19.
And if we look at just one problem that that open border provides, think of all the terrorists who previously have decided that New York City was their number one target.
I'm not going to give you the details, but we're going to tie up Southern Brooklyn, and the Irish Riviera, and Port Talbot, and Harrods Beach, and all those parts, or not.
The politicians can do what they do, but the most part, they talk.
That's fine.
That's what they're used to doing.
But let me warn you, you've seen I've always lived up to what I promised.
That bridge may not be able to be passed on.
The last rally in Brooklyn at Toys R Us, they shut the bridge down on us, the cops.
They shut the bridge down.
And they denied it.
By the way, we didn't know.
Yes, you did.
What about if we shut the bridge?
We all have to come together.
We are the rebels!
And I am the rebel leader in all five boroughs!
And some of you in my mentality know when I say, up the rebels, what that means.
We're not playing the Wolfgangs here tonight.
For many of you know damn well what that means.
There's tyranny, there's oppression, and these politicians have treated us as if we're
As if we are the worst imaginable thing.
Instead of embracing us, the people, they have embraced the illegal aliens.
I swear on the grave of my mother and father, Jessica and Francesca.
My grandparents who were at St.
John's on Woodhaven Boulevard, Fidel and Nicoletta Bianchino, on their graves, I swear, we will make them pay for what they have done to our streets, our states, and our country!
America fights their foe, folks!
We put up our flag and we won't stop!
Independent Republicans don't have a head on a migrant's head.
They are not the fault of this.
They are pawns of a politician who are out to destroy us, and we will not let them forsake us.
Onward to victory!
Let's save our communities!
Save our states!
Save our nation!
Let's save our neighborhoods!
It's not an empty threat.
People don't want it.
Are you going to close the bridges?
Of course!
I've said it.
Everything I say will do.
If they think they're going to bring illegal aliens in to Floyd Bennett Field, 7,500 single, able-bodied young men with nothing to do and nowhere to go, then they are going to be in for the surprise of their life.
They don't have enough cops.
They don't have enough handcuffs.
So, okay.
I mean, using some of the leftist tactics against them.
Not sure how you feel about that, but
In a way, I guess this is a new level of culture jamming.
And, I mean, there's almost the same phenomenon, but at a micro level of the Trump-Biden 2020, where Trump would have rallies, 20,000-30,000 people, Biden had a rally, 20,000-30,000 people.
I mean, Curtis Lewa loads the streets with supporters when he goes out every night.
Eric Adams goes out and he gets cursed at.
And so, maybe we'll show you some of those videos on the other side.
But it's like, how do these Democrats keep winning?
I don't find or see any public support for them, ever.
So, there's been a major culture and political shift in the last, let's just say, eight years.
Because, if we're being honest, there were massive Trump protests, and there were Democrat events that did pretty well.
I mean, Bernie Sanders had big rallies.
Hillary didn't, but she somehow beat Bernie.
We all know about that.
There's a book written about it.
What happened to Bernie Sanders?
And now RFK Jr.
is calling out the Democrat Party corruption internally and saying, yeah, they're not going to let me win, so I may have to run as an independent here.
It's not what I wanted to do, but why would I run inside the Democrat Party when the whole system is rigged?
But no.
There were legitimately people in the streets against Republicans, and there were legitimately people in the streets for Democrats.
That is now truly a thing of the past.
And I would even argue it's the opposite now.
And it's not necessarily in support of Republicans.
It's realizing that Democrat Party policies have destroyed our livelihoods, our country, our cities, our future.
And so now the culture shift is people are getting out in the streets and they're calling out the Democrat Party corruption and destruction.
Here's another example in clip 17.
But only offer, only talk to black people about voting.
And that's what you're doing up in here today, pandering for votes to all of these students up in here.
You're sitting on your hands, literally, and then you're going to be disrespectful and walk off the stage.
But you won our vote.
Sir, we've been coming for 60 years, and we haven't gotten a damn thing from you, Elgin, or Joe Biden, or Governor Young.
We haven't gotten anything.
Sir, I'm sorry.
No, because I'm mad as hell, sir.
60 years we've been voting.
What have we got other than being at the bottom class?
And this clown here- 60 years we've been voting Democrat, and what have we gotten?
And I hope you're not buying into that bullshit.
I really hope you're not buying into it.
I'm pretty sure you don't.
No, with that being said, with that being said, I seriously hope that you guys don't go to the polls and vote for no more of these fuckers that sit in office and ain't doing a damn thing for us.
But these niggas getting $7,000 in DHS, did you know that?
They getting $7,000 a month, food stamps, vouchers, e-bikes, scooters.
They taking jobs away from us.
Y'all sitting here in college paying all this high ass tuition and probably won't even be able to get a damn job when you graduate.
Because guess what else?
They haven't told y'all.
The certification attached to your degree?
You're gonna need certification to go with those degrees.
And if you haven't checked into that before you start at school, when you go for a job, they're gonna tell you that shit when it's over.
So now I've said my piece, I came to state my point and state my piece and I've done that.
So here's what's interesting, that it also needs to be understood.
And they're writing stories about this all over the place, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and it's, oh yeah, Democrats are losing the black vote.
This is kryptonite to them politically, and it is.
It is.
If Democrats lose the black vote, they lose all the inner cities, and they lose the electoral college, and they lose everything, which is what they deserve.
So now they're importing new voters, and they can't get them in fast enough, and they can't get them to register to vote fast enough.
So that's what is going on here.
There's multiple levels to the illegal immigrant invasion attack on our country, but one of them is 100%.
The Democrats know they're losing the black vote, and so now they have to import voters.
And they have to put them in New York City, and they have to put them in Chicago, and they have to put them in Texas, because they have to keep those areas blue or turn Texas blue.
So they're just importing voters.
And it just goes to show what we always knew.
The Democrats don't give a damn about you!
All they give a damn about is your vote.
And I like the way that lady puts it.
Again, it's not that they're out here supporting Republicans.
They've just now understood that Democrats are the problem, and that the Democrats are liars, and that the Democrats have destroyed their homes.
The cities in which they've lived their entire lives.
So, it's like, do you really want to send a message?
Next time you vote, vote for a Republican.
That's the message.
Now, will this happen in the next wave of elections?
I don't know.
Maybe things aren't bad enough.
Do people even trust our elections?
Less and less people do.
But it'll be even more obvious.
We got a long way to go.
Before the 2024 election.
But it'll be even more obvious at this point when the same people that used to stump for Democrats and march and protest for Democrats, and now none of them like Democrats and they're all looking around like, yeah, we're not voting Democrat anymore.
And then the Democrats keep winning.
Well, they're going to be scratching their heads.
And they're going to be saying, wait a second here.
I don't know anybody that votes Democrat and how do they keep winning?
But you better be careful.
Because questioning an election when a Democrat wins is potentially illegal, criminal, and incarceration-worthy activity.
Sadly, I know all too well about that.
But listen to Attorney General Ken Paxton.
And this is one of the reasons why the Deep State RINOs and Democrats tried to remove Ken Paxton from office.
By the way, Dade Phelan, the Speaker of the Republican House, has added again today, he ruled with the Democrats that we're not going to protect the southern border.
I mean, this guy is a total clown and needs to be removed from office immediately.
What a fraud, phony Dade Phelan is.
And what an embarrassment.
But he has no shame.
And he tried to remove Ken Paxton from his Attorney General's position, and this is one of the reasons why.
Listen to what Ken Paxton told Tucker Carlson in clip 20.
They stopped counting votes on election night?
Because what they needed to figure out was how many real votes there were, so they could figure out how many mail-in ballots to apply to the election.
That's what they would have done in Texas, I'm convinced.
So you think that was fraud, right?
I have no doubt, having been through that whole process... It wasn't just a water leak?
It was definitely planned.
I mean, it would have happened in Texas.
I promise you.
But can you just stop counting ballots on election night when everyone's watching TV?
Oh, I know!
Have you ever seen that before?
For three years?
Well, you tell me!
You're the one who's in politics.
I've never seen it before in my life.
I was like, I knew it when they stopped.
And it was, and Trump is leading in all these states.
I knew exactly what they were doing.
They were, because there's no way to know where those mail-in ballots came.
Anybody could have filled them out.
There's no way to know where those ballots came from.
That's, that's not a game that's conspiracy theory.
Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy.
It's... I watched it happen.
I was a part of it.
So, this is what's so frustrating.
And part of this is about making logic, common sense, and reasoning illegal.
Anybody that possesses any logic, anybody that possesses any reasoning, anybody that possesses any common sense and still has integrity and honesty would look at what happened in the 2020 presidential election and say, okay, clearly, clearly there's some shenanigans going on here.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Trump is winning all day in five states.
They stopped counting at 3 a.m.
and then Biden gets a ballot dump for 300,000 plus ballots and then at 3.30 Biden's ahead.
I mean, come on.
Come on!
But I guess people don't possess any logic, any reasoning, any common sense.
I guess people don't have any integrity or honesty anymore.
And that's what's so frustrating is now they criminalize logic, they criminalize common sense, they criminalize reasoning when you voice it, and now they want to incarcerate you for it.
But again, anybody could have seen that.
But this is why they had to get rid of Ken Paxson, because he watched that and he sued those states.
He said, hey, wait a second, you're taking away Texans' votes because we had a legal and lawful election with a result
And these five states did not, and so we sued them.
And so that's why the Bushites in Texas and the Democrats tried to remove Ken Paxton.
But thank God they failed, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, let me just, let me just wax for a second, if you wouldn't mind.
Would you just, you guys just bear with me for a second here as I wax.
And maybe keep the inspirational music running, because... You know, everybody loves a good underdog story.
Everybody loves a redemption arc.
I can't think of a better underdog story, I can't think of a better redemption arc than the United States of America, we the people, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Democratic Republic, returning to glory.
I can't think of a better underdog story, redemption story, than our inner cities that have just been torn to shreds.
Infrastructure falling apart.
Crime rates increasing.
Homicide increasing.
The education failing.
The students.
I can't think of a better underdog story redemption arc than that of the United States of America and our people.
And that's what we're doing here.
That's what it's all about.
That's what we're doing here.
That's what I do on the air every day.
That's what Alex Jones built.
That's what our guests have done.
That's what our crew does.
That's what our audience does.
And I want it bad.
Let me tell ya.
I want it bad.
I want it so bad.
It's all I want even.
It's all I think about at night.
It drives my life.
We suffer immensely.
We put it all on the line.
Because that's what we want.
And we know it's possible.
We know it's possible.
We know it in our hearts.
We know it in our souls.
We know it in our mind's eye.
We have the vision.
We know it in our spirit.
It all takes us one direction.
Redemption for those that have come before us.
Redemption for those that have shown us the way.
Redemption for those who have put it all on the line.
Redemption for those who have given their lives.
And you just feel like the time
Is now.
And it's always darkest before the dawn and I do expect it to get more dark, ladies and gentlemen, I do.
But human beings and the American people have such untapped power and potential that even our wildest imagination and vision I don't think can comprehend the level of freedom and prosperity that we can accomplish together.
And so this is what we do, this is why we're here.
And that's it.
But can you think of a better story?
I mean, forget about the Hollywood movies, forget about the Disney movies, the superhero movies, all that jazz.
Hey, that's fun, that's entertaining.
We're in it!
We are in it!
A better plot, better characters, better...
It's all worth it.
It's all written in the stars, ladies and gentlemen.
It's what we're all doing here.
But you gotta believe.
You gotta believe.
I believe.
And I believe.
All right.
All right.
Done waxing here for a minute.
I just couldn't help myself.
I just couldn't help myself, all right?
I just couldn't help myself, so just bear with me.
Now, I don't believe my crew, okay?
I think my crew is playing a trick on me right now.
I gotta tell you.
I think this is their idea of a joke, right?
You guys are joking with me here?
They told me in the break, they said, hey, we got a story for you.
It just went live on the Telegraph.
They're gonna bring Marina Abramovich in as an ambassador for Ukraine.
Oh man, I'm like, you guys are funny.
You guys know how to lighten me up.
You guys know how to make a good joke.
This is a joke, right?
You guys are spoofing the Telegraph.
You guys created this article, right?
This is a joke on me?
You guys are playing a prank on me, right?
This isn't real.
I mean, no.
See, the crew is in my ear talking to me.
Zelensky asks Marina Abramovich to be ambassador for Ukraine.
Hold on a second.
Hold on.
Let me just... Hold on.
Because if you're tuning in, maybe you don't know who Marina Abramovich is, and so you don't understand why this is so ridiculous, or you don't understand why I don't believe it.
Marina Abramovich is a woman who has satanic ritualistic blood ceremonies?
I don't even know what... It's just she does satanic witchcraft ceremonies for some of the biggest names in entertainment like Jay-Z.
She's in the Podesta Democrat emails from the WikiLeaks years ago.
And she does what they call spirit cookings.
She's very in tune with the dark spirit world.
I mean, I don't even want to tell you... I don't even want to tell you the type of stuff that she does, but again, you're here tuned in.
This is her painting human blood and feces and semen in a satanic ritualistic art display.
And again, she does this with all these big Hollywood people, all these big political people.
They call it a spirit cooking.
I mean, I'm barely scratching the surface of what this woman has been involved in.
And Zelensky wants her to become the ambassador.
So this is real.
They just published this.
This is real.
Let me tell you what this is really about, because this is the mind-blowing stuff.
And I will tell you this, and I'll speak for myself.
Alex Jones will return next week but you know InfoWars has had to kind of and it's not even because of the lawfare it's not even because of
Like we censor ourselves, it's just our audience has grown and our respect in the world has grown to such an extent and the media has expanded to such an extent where we don't really have to go into these dark crevices of conspiracy and we don't have to go into these dark crevices like with spirit cookings and stuff.
We like to stay more kind of in the main now because more people are listening and the main is so crazy that we can use the main to bring people in and then expose the truth.
But... I've ran long here, so... When I come back, I'm gonna tell you what this is really about.
And we're gonna go classic InfoWars on you when we come back from this break.
But you gotta understand, folks, we... The goals here have not changed, and I can't even believe it.
I didn't... This was not intended.
My soliloquy to start this segment, and now this news that they brought to me,
Was not planned, as I'm breaking this down.
But see, this is why InfoWars has to stay on the air right here.
Because nowadays, InfoWars is just, I mean, we're just hitting every fastball out of the park.
And we usually don't swing at pitches in the dark anymore, and we don't swing at the pitches in the dirt, and we're not swinging at pitches that we don't want to hit.
We're choosing our pitches to hit now.
But I'm gonna swing at this knuckleball in the dirt.
When we come back, I'm going to swing at this knuckleball in the dirt.
And by the way, we're like Vladimir Guerrero, the famous baseball player.
He would hit balls off the dirt.
They would throw a ball, it would bounce before it got to home plate, he'd hit it out of the park.
So we're going to do that on the other side.
I'm going to tell you what this is really about.
We're going to go classic InfoWars on the other side of this break, folks.
Because this is just, this is insane.
So as the war in Ukraine
It's not going the way the globalists and the military-industrial complex want it to.
They summon their witch, and they summon their demon, Marina Abramovich, to get involved.
Now, I'm gonna read this story that just broke from the Telegraph, and I'm gonna break this down to you in a way that only InfoWars can.
This is what we're built for, folks.
And by the way, it's not just me on the air, it's the crew.
Where this story breaks and we've already done the life of prep work enabling us to actually present this segment for you better than anybody else.
So what you're seeing on the screen as I read this story is Marina Abramovich and her spirit cookings and her weird satanic behavior.
So just understand that's what you're seeing on the screen as I read the story.
Here it is breaking now from The Telegraph.
Zelensky asks Marina Abramovich to be ambassador for Ukraine.
Vladimir Zelensky has asked Marina Abramovich, the performance artist, to be an ambassador for Ukraine.
Abramovich, a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin's illegal invasion, said the Ukrainian president had asked her for help in rebuilding schools.
The 76-year-old Serbian is holding her first solo exhibition in the UK, and is the first female artist to have a major show in the main galleries of the Royal Academies of the Arts in London.
Visitors to the exhibition must squeeze between two nude models to enter the show, or opt to bypass what one journalist dubbed the naked gates.
Quote, I was the first artist to support the Ukraine war against Russia and to give my voice.
It is definitely a repetition of history.
She said in an interview with the Modern Art Museum in Shanghai.
I've been invited by Zelensky to be an ambassador of Ukraine to help the children affected by rebuilding schools and such.
She added,
I have also been invited to be a board member of the Babin Yar organization to continue to protect the memorial.
The Holocaust Memorial Center to Jews murdered by Nazis in Ukraine was damaged by Russian missile attacks in March this year.
Abramovich installed her work, Crystal Wall of Crying, at the Memorial Center in Kiev four months before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.
The wall, 40 meters long and 3 meters high, is made of coal and has a large quartz crystal sticking out of it.
Visitors can touch the installation which mirrors the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
It was not damaged in the missile strike which killed five people and damaged a building.
Like it was protected by demons, or maybe it wasn't the Russians and somebody else that took it out.
I'm paraphrasing out on my own words here.
Getting back to the story.
Making the crystal wall of crying was just the first step in dealing with the new history and figuring out how to help heal our increasingly divided world, Ms.
Abramovich said.
The artist posted a video online days after Putin launched his unprovoked war.
In it, she spoke about being born in the former Yugoslavia, which was once invaded by the Soviet Union and called Ukrainians proud, strong and dignified.
Yes, Zelensky, very dignified.
I have full solidarity with the Ukrainian people on this impossible day, she said in the video.
An attack on Ukraine is an attack on all of us.
It's an attack on humanity and it has to be stopped.
What is that, a political message?
Yes, it is.
I conclude, the story concludes, shortly after the invasion, Ms.
Abramovich restaged one of her most famous performances, the artist is present to raise money from Ukraine, in which Christians would tell you is a sacrilegious display, making fun of Jesus Christ and Christians and the crucifix.
Oh, I'm sorry, there's one more page to this.
I continue.
She was asked how she reconciled the transcendent nature of her work, transcendent nature of her work, with the cruel realities of the modern world.
I think true change only comes by changing yourself.
By changing yourself, you can change thousands, and you can change the world, she said.
She compared herself to Gandhi?
Is this a joke?
Gandhi was one example in history who made a revolution without dropping a single drop of blood.
Folks, she is mocking this reporter.
I continue.
Misa Bravich is just one of several celebrities, celebrities, to be recruited to help Kiev public relations battle, ensure continued support for its struggle.
Mark Hamill, the actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars films, has raised funds to buy
Reconnaissance drones for the frontline Ukrainian troops.
Okay, that is the conclusion.
Alright, so, as I'm reading this, you're looking at all the stuff that Marina Abramovich engages in.
This is her art.
This is her performance art.
Now, knowing nothing, knowing nothing, and just watching this, what would you think about this woman?
She's clearly deranged, she's clearly demented, and she's very into what would appear to be Satanism.
Any ignorant neutral observer would see this and say, okay, well that's what this is.
Now, let's give a little more context on Marina Abramovich.
She's in the Democrat Party Podesta WikiLeaks emails talking about spirit cooking parties and other such things for the Democrats.
Now I'll explain why in a second here.
She also, and this is all just to solidify her dark witchcraft,
Is in the introduction of the Microsoft technology where you put on the VR and you enter into the digital world and she's like the godmother in that digital world.
That's all done intentionally to put this witch in there.
And I don't say that as an insult.
I mean, you can see she's literally a dark witch.
And so that's to make her the godmother of the new digital world, a satanic world, a false world, an insult to God, the creator.
This woman does spirit cookings, as I've said, where they take feces and human blood and semen and animal blood and semen and rub it on themselves and they rub it on walls and paintings and they call it performance art.
Now, Marina Abramovich is very popular in the Hollywood world, which obviously doesn't have many morals, if any at all, and they like to consult her when they do their dark, twisted art.
Now, why this woman would be involved in rebuilding schools is a whole other deck of cards.
That it would seem
Is a direct insult to children and an attempted satanic indoctrination of the children.
She doesn't have any experience or resume to be involved in rebuilding schools.
Her resume is a satanic performance artist.
Of which you're seeing a lot presented on the screen in front of you.
So here's what I think is going on here.
They know that the war in Ukraine is failing.
They had larger agendas for this war in Ukraine, and it really might be World War III, kill 7 billion people in a nuclear war.
And so they have to call one of their leading dark arts, satanic witch doctors to try to call on the demonic spirit world
To get their mass depopulation World War III back on tracks.
And so, this is why the modern education system and the modern philosophy wants to teach you that you evolved from monkeys.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
You are a divine creation.
Demons are real.
Angels are real.
God is real.
They know it.
The ancients knew it.
They don't want you to have access to this world.
They don't want you to have the curiosities of your own divine creation.
And so they're cutting you off from it while they know it's real.
They are summoning demons, in my view.
They are summoning demons to help them get their World War III nuclear holocaust and kill 7 billion people on this planet.
And so they are re-emerging
One of their dark art satanic witch doctors, Marina Abramovich, to do just that.
And as we go to break, I know there's people tuned into this that think that's crazy.
But have you noticed the world around you?
Have you noticed what art looks like now?
Have you seen on the screen what Marina Abramovich is involved with?
And you think I'm crazy?
I wouldn't discount anything I've said.
I would not discount anything I've said, because this is exactly what's going on, folks, in my view.
Now imagine, and this is the cognitive dissonance of people, you tuned in, and we weren't expecting to have this Marina Abramovich story, but you tune in, again this is a Democrat spirit cooker, a Democrat spirit cooker, Marina Abramovich, gonna be an ambassador to Ukraine.
Imagine, you tune in and you hear that last segment and you think, my goodness, this InfoWars, this, these people are out of their minds, this Owen Troyer host is completely out of his mind.
You know what?
I don't really care.
I'm out of my mind.
I'm crazy.
Uh, but, now what about Marina Abramovich?
Now let's see Paul Allen's card.
Oh yes, I'm crazy.
But the woman who douses herself in semen and feces and blood and calls it art, that's normal.
I'm crazy.
And now she's going to be an ambassador to Ukraine.
That's not crazy.
The guy who talks about it and thinks it's crazy is crazy.
And isn't that how crazy it all is?
But see, that's the issue right there.
That's the cognitive dissonance people have.
Is that they will tune in and think that this guy is off the rails, InfoWars is bat crap crazy, and yet they can't stare into the same abyss that I stare into when a Democrat spirit cooker that rubs human waste on her body and uses it for art
Becomes an ambassador to Ukraine.
Like, there's something wrong with you.
I'm fine if you think I'm crazy.
That's fine.
I have no problem with that.
You can hate me.
You can think I'm nuts.
Out of my mind.
Maybe I am.
But if that's your response to the last segment, and not, what in the hell is this woman doing?
Why in the hell is she an ambassador in charge of rebuilding schools?
Then you are suffering from cognitive dissonance, and you have been brainwashed and mind-controlled, so brain-damaged, that you can't even see the world in front of your own eyes.
So I would just re-evaluate your perspective.
I would re-align your vision.
Because this isn't about InfoWars or Owen Troyer being crazy.
And if that's what you think it is, then you've already lost the war for your mind, and you've already lost the war for your soul.
And you know what?
This is actually even more amazing.
I've got a lot of news still on my desk.
I am going to be hosting the InfoWars War Room coming up.
I'm going to take a ton of phone calls.
But you know, I don't know if there's a better fourth-hour host
Then Jay Dyer to respond to this.
Now, I don't know what Jay Dyer has on his docket.
He always comes extremely prepared with his multiple books he's written.
Esoteric Hollywood, I've read them.
Very interesting stuff.
Very convincing stuff.
And so, Jay Dyer always comes prepared for his duties when he hosts the fourth hour.
But this news story breaks.
I'm not sure there's a better person to respond to this, actually, than Jay Dyer.
Because this has been his lifelong work, is exposing the Satanism and the cult rituals around the globe and in Hollywood that Marina Abramovich is deeply involved in.
So, that's going to be a fourth hour that you're not going to want to miss, is Jay Dyer.
And I would imagine he's going to be responding to this because it's all over the news now.
But, you know, maybe I should just kind of do this.
Before I hand the baton to Jay Dyer, and then I'm hosting the InfoWars War Room, where I'm going to take a bunch of your calls.
And we can doc him this, guys.
You can pull up a news story.
Because it's just like, it's all ridiculous.
AIDS Memorial Sculpture Sparks Debate in Palm Springs.
Okay, well, an AIDS Memorial Sculpture.
Well, alright.
There's nothing inherently bad about that, I suppose.
I mean, is the memorial to honor the victims of Anthony Fauci's policies when the AIDS epidemic happened?
The whole movie, The Dallas Buyers Club, was based off of that.
But, um, tell me, do you guys see anything odd about this AIDS memorial sculpture?
Does anybody, uh, does anybody find something ironic about this AIDS memorial sculpture?
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are watching this right now, you know I'm not making this up and I'm not joking.
If you're an audience listener, I will explain to you.
The AIDS Memorial sculpture here is a butthole.
That is not a joke.
The proposed AIDS memorial sculpture in Palm Springs is at the center of a heated debate with its design sparking concerns in the community.
You don't say putting a giant butthole in a park for an AIDS memorial is controversial?
The controversial sculpture meant to honor those who lost their lives to HIV and AIDS is facing scrutiny for its abstract design and perceived inappropriate connotations.
In addition to concerns about the abstract nature of the sculpture, some residents have raised eyebrows over its perceived resemblance to certain body parts.
Uh, an anus hole.
What in the hell is going on?
You can climb through it if you want.
You can climb through the AIDS Memorial Sculpture butthole.
Will you be voluntarily climbing through it?
Would you like to experience the AIDS phenomenon?
It's like, this isn't about making fun of AIDS, but what in the hell is going on when you do an AIDS memorial sculpture and it's a butthole?
This is like, they put out, remember?
I mean, this is your modern-day art, and it's all liberals trolling you, by the way.
Remember they put some sculpture up in New York City that just looked like a giant ding-dong?
Remember that one?
I mean, that's what they do.
They tear down Thomas Jefferson statues, they tear down Theodore Roosevelt statues, they tear down George Washington statues, and then they put up giant phallic statues and butthole sculptures.
Like, you realize this is just the left trolling you, right?
That's all this is.
These are leftist liberals that just love watching the world burn and laughing at you because they act like they're all virtuous, but then they mock you because you fall for their fake virtue.
And so they put a giant butthole statue up and they say this is an age memorial.
How did that one pass design?
How did that one pass inspection?
No pun intended here.
But, uh... There you go!
There you go.
I'm about to hand the baton over to Jay Dyer.
This is gonna be an interesting fourth hour, I can promise you.
I'm certain he's going to respond to this Marina Abramovic story, and his expertise on that is about as good as it gets in his analysis.
So I'll be listening in myself, and then I'm going to be back hosting the InfoWars War Room 3-6pm at Band.Video, and I'm going to take a ton of calls.
Maybe just open the phone lines up right out of the gates.
I do have a couple guests as well, but we're going to be taking a ton of calls.
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Very important.
Now, it's pretty clear that there
Is an agenda to start a giant war with Russia, which could potentially be World War III, which could potentially be nuclear, which could potentially be a nuclear holocaust.
Now that might be worst-case scenario, but we know, we know the dirtbags that love to destroy our country want to put us through some pain, folks.
They want to put us through some hurt.
If you don't have emergency food supplies, you're nuts.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis and you just heard Owen there referencing the character of Marina Abramovich and how her artistic skills apparently prepare her to be an ambassador.
But I think this suggests something that I think really vindicates what we've been talking about for a long time which is that you know the arts aren't really separate unfortunately from
The arts have always been a tool for the power structure for the regime for geopolitics, even to push a form of what we call soft power.
And this is probably 1 of the greatest examples of modern history.
I could think of.
I mean, next to this would be the 60s counterculture.
And even before the 60s counterculture, we had, for example, when we covered the Johan Ratu book on the Milner and Fabian history, their collusion together between the Milner circle and the Fabian socialists to utilize the arts in the 1890s.
They were using and pioneering the idea of brutality, even bestiality, and all kinds of bizarre things in the arts to push
In the culture of Britain at that time, in the late 1890s, as a way to social engineer, to change the existing culture, it's a kind of aesthetic warfare, they call it, to brutalize the public through really bizarre and you could argue even demonic forms of so-called art.
It's not really art because art and aesthetics, aesthetics is just a fancy philosophy term for the theory of art, the philosophy of art.
What is the beautiful?
What is the good?
It goes back to the ancient Greek philosophers.
And in classic and medieval aesthetic theory, at least in Western philosophy, medieval philosophy, the idea is that you would have order, harmony, proportion, symmetry.
Those would all be necessary to something beautiful.
A great symphony, a statue, a carving, a cathedral, right?
These would all be manifestations of these principles of the arts.
And the weaponization of art, which really started, as we said, with the Fabian Socialists in the 1890s, and then picked up in the 19, you could even argue in the 1930s, 20s and 30s, the German Expressionist movement, where they began to really experiment with a lot of the satanic in the arts openly.
Expressionist film,
Uh, was very involved in this, especially in Germany in the 1920s.
Then we get the later manifestations in Hollywood, uh, in the 19, say, 60s.
Uh, you could argue even before that, perhaps.
But we have, in the counterculture, this movement that a lot of people don't know about, which is called the Congress for Cultural Freedom.
And this was a CIA front, now admitted across many academic texts, including Francis Stoner Saunders' book.
Um, about the cultural Cold War, uh, there's a whole chapter on it in the classic book on Operation Mockingbird, the Mighty Wurlitzer, how the CIA played America.
And this, of course, deals with people like Frank Wisner and deals with Alan Dulles.
And it deals with people like Cord Meyer, people that tie into a lot of the, the, the black ops, the drug running, uh, that we know about through Operation Gladio, for example.
But in the Mighty Wurlitzer, we have sections where people were recruited to be the CIA's face of the arts.
And the idea, the argumentation, the logic here was, well, we had to combat Soviet realism in the arts.
And because of Soviet realism, and prior to that, because of Nazi fascism,
Different forms of the arts were 100% utilized and experimented with to see how they would be culture-driving powers, how they would be culture effects.
And this goes on a global scale, even to the point where French deconstructionists, poets, weirdos, French Jesuits are included in this, Derrida, these kinds of people.
This is all public record as part of the Congress for cultural freedom as well as other other operations going on.
And the idea was how far and what could we promote in the arts with this idea of absolute freedom?
And that would then give us a wedge culturally as a form of soft power against the Soviet approach, again, which is focused on Soviet cosmism, Soviet realism, all these kinds of artistic movements in Eurasia.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
When we come back, we'll continue to discuss Marina Abramovich and her deep state connections.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're kind of giving the background, the big picture as to why somebody like Marina Abramovich would be considered
As a ambassador, as the role of an ambassador.
And it has to do with the older model that the West and the CIA utilized in, as we said, the World War II period, when the Frankfurt School was brought over by the Rockefeller Foundation and by Bertrand Russell and others who wanted to weaponize and utilize their approach to culture critique, or Kulturkritik, and use that as a way to combat fascism and Nazism.
Then after that, the same approach to using the arts was done against the Soviets during the Cold War.
So you had this creation of this entity called the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and it had a bunch of satellite magazines and student organizations, and the idea was total freedom would have to be pushed in the arts to combat the ideology of Soviet cosmism and realism that Stalin and others were pushing.
And again, this is what we call soft power.
Soft power refers to cultural influence through pushing ideas and ideologies.
For example, America, Americanism, pushing American ideas in other countries through Hollywood.
Hollywood is a classic form of soft power and cultural influence.
And when it comes to the notion of the arts, as we said,
At that time, you had a lot of famous figures that were getting money and were funded by the CIA front.
Does that mean that people like Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, does that mean that Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol were secret CIA agents?
They don't have to know who's funding their artworks or what the cutout is that's really pushing a lot of this.
And it wasn't just abstract and degenerate art, it was also classical symphonies, anything that would project the ideas of Western civilization.
But the problem is that they started, as I said, experimenting with pushing postmodern art.
And really wild abstract art and the idea that there's no order, symmetry, boundaries.
It's absolute and unbounded freedom.
And ironically, even
Ayn Rand, of all people, had a really interesting critique of this, which you might think, well, Ayn Rand's kind of a classic libertarian-minded person.
Wouldn't she support this against the Soviet approach?
Well, even she realized in her book on aesthetic theory, which I actually recommend, it's really good, she has all the same critiques that you just heard me make.
She talks about how aesthetic theory, for example, can't be divorced from order, harmony, symmetry,
Principles of geometry, right?
You can't get, you can't remove those from the arts.
For example, music, right?
If music doesn't follow certain orders and patterns, right, it becomes cacophonous, it becomes noise.
But that's exactly what happens to music over the decades after the cultural revolution.
Music becomes more and more degraded, more and more noise, more and more cacophony, and more and more based around
Uh, social engineering and programming, right?
It's debased and it's done that.
It's debased on purpose.
And this is what so many people have a hard time understanding.
They can't figure out.
They think that this is too conspiratorial, even though it's in all of these books.
It's not even, not even up for debate.
I mean, you can go all the way back to ancient empires, go back to Plato.
Plato talks about the need to, I think it's the dialogue is ion.
Uh, and then there's another in the Republic.
He says that the artists have to be censored and have to be controlled by the state because the power of art is such that it can film it or foster revolution.
That means that the state or the super state can study it and also weaponize it.
And that's exactly what happened in the 20th century with many of these movements, such as Frankfurt School.
Such as what the CIA is doing with the Congress for Cultural Freedom.
And so now you have this technology of utilizing the arts.
And so fast forward to what we have then today with the much-touted WikiLeaks revelation of spirit cooking with Marina Abramovich, which if you remember, she did a Reddit AMA.
And she did explain that her perspective on spirit cooking was that it was a kind of intentional, magical operation or using the will to affect what you would like to happen in the world.
She cited kind of Crowleyian type, Aleister Crowley type stuff as her view of what performance art is and what art so-called is.
And that's where we begin to see all of these manifestations of the bizarre.
And in the arts and it gets weirder and weirder and weirder because the idea is that arts are really the forefront of culture revolution to remove all boundaries.
So what is art simply the removal of boundaries simply the transgression of all boundaries and so it can no longer be about beauty.
Symmetry, order, harmony, synthesis, symphonia, etc.
It can't be about them anymore.
It has to be about the perpetual pushing the envelope and new levels of shock and awe.
And so this means then that there is no such thing as art.
Anything is potentially art and then nothing is art.
And so it really just becomes this front, I guess you could say, because this is why, by the way, a lot of the art world, the high art world,
Is famously known to be a vehicle for a bunch of money laundering.
You know, you have drawings of garbage, pieces of trash, bananas taped to a wall that sells for a million dollars, right?
Well, that's just quite obviously a way to avoid taxes and this kind of stuff.
And pretty much there's famous documentaries on Netflix that have delved into this for years.
So it's very well known that the art world is a front.
The high art world is a front for this kind of stuff.
But it's not just that.
When we get into a lot of these famous artists like this that are operating at an international level, like Marina Abramovich, I mean, she's kind of had this stepping into the statecraft geopolitical world for many years as well.
If I recall, she had some previous connection to traveling under the State Department's purview or something like this.
I don't remember exactly all the details, but I think that came out a couple of years ago.
So it's not surprising that she would be tasked with a job or a role like this because she not only is a kind of a culture driver, because as you can see, she hangs out with the biggest celebrities in the world.
And so that's also very useful for, you know, for spy work.
Now, I don't know that she's a spy for sure.
I'm just saying that you can see that the usefulness of a position like this
To intelligence agencies, it ties into what we've talked about for so long on my channel in terms of famous celebrities recruited into intelligence agencies and spy work.
Again, I don't know that Maria Romesh is quote a spy.
But again, it doesn't have to be to be recruited into working at some high level of, you know, a government type of position.
And that's what we see now.
Now that this now this is literally coming out, she's actually being, you know, picked for these kinds of roles.
And it's nothing new.
If you remember, and if you go to my channel on YouTube, I did a video of Hollywood spies.
Famous people in the history of Hollywood who were recruited into doing just this kind of work.
And it's all well documented in public, verifiable history texts.
Not conspiracy books, just public history.
For example, we think of the most famous Norwegian actress during World War II.
Her name was Sonja Vigert.
There's a movie called Spy on Amazon.
I recommend going and watching it because what you'll notice is that the most famous actress was actually recruited by her government into having to spy.
They more or less forced her into this.
She had to sleep with the Nazi high command to be a kind of sex operative or a honey trap.
And she didn't have any choice about it because they said
If you don't, your dad remains in jail.
We're going to keep him in jail until you do this.
And again, I highly recommend go watch the movie Spy on Amazon with the story of Sonja Biegert.
It's a really well done foreign film.
Ben Affleck has made famous comments publicly that the CIA and Hollywood are flip sides of the same coin.
Houdini famously worked in an intelligence capacity, I believe for Interpol, if I'm going from memory.
Jimmy Stewart famously worked with the FBI as part of the FBI's anti-communist efforts in Hollywood.
Julia Child, the famous TV cook, worked for the OSS.
Errol Flynn supposedly was a Hollywood spy for Hitler.
Add Hitler sympathies, or at least he was suspected of that.
And then they asked, the OSS asked Cary Grant to spy on Errol Flynn.
Or perhaps whatever was prior to the U.S.
as the inquiry or something like this.
Ian Fleming famously was British intelligence and worked closely with Hollywood on the entire James Bond saga.
Christopher Lee, famous assassin for the, I think the RAF or RAS, I forget exactly who, British assassin.
Walt Disney worked with the CIA and FBI.
So then none of this is surprising.
When we come back, we'll discuss more of this on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're getting into the history of
The connection between the arts and the power elite, or the deep state, or the shadow government, or whatever terms you want to use, the powers that be, the oligarchy, how the arts have always been seen as a necessary tool to manage, to control, to utilize, and to weaponize, to really prop up the power structure's approach to project, as we said, soft power.
Most people just think this is implausible.
They don't think it exists.
But it's amazing how much of the academic literature actually does discuss this.
And it's pretty easy to verify.
And we were listing a few examples.
I mentioned Cary Grant and people like that being asked to spy on Errol Flynn.
There's the case of John Huston and the famous director and his ties to the OSS.
Billy Wilder, for example, worked closely with C.D.
Jackson was closely connected to the emergence of the alien and UFO phenomenon in the 1950s and various Hollywood movies that would project this imagery and this idea into the consciousness of the outworld invaders and space invaders.
I mentioned Ian Fleming, his connections to the whole Bond franchise, the Deep State.
I mean, he's the founder of the Bond franchise.
He was a high-level British intelligence.
We've mentioned Christopher Lee and his work as an assassin.
We talked about Noble Coward in the past.
Again, people in the circles of British intelligence and the irregulars, the famous actor and author.
I didn't mention Frank Sinatra.
Sinatra was, of course, known for his connections to the organized crime world, but also known as an FBI asset and an informant as well.
A lot of people don't know that Audrey Hepburn was a famous informer and tried to help anti-fascist resistance movements, and so she had a degree of spying as well, and this led to her going on to being engaged in United Nations work later on in her career.
Marlene Dietrich, as we said, the famous actress from Germany, was a suspected Nazi spy, but the story apparently is that she wanted to spy for the U.S., and so she would kind of give secrets to the OSS.
She would leak things.
But at the same time as she was leaking things to the OSS, she was suspected by the FBI of being a spy.
Many, many other cases.
Of this, the list just goes on and on and on.
And, you know, it didn't end in the Cold War, right?
It wasn't something that ended there.
But when you get up to the end of the Cold War, interestingly, there were a lot of known CIA operations like the event of, is it Tesla?
I always forget these.
These boomer rock bands, the ballad bands, I get mixed up.
Uh, winds of change, right?
This this big event that happened at the fall of the Berlin Wall.
That was all actually a CIA project.
Even the Guardian is reported on this as a form of media and cultural warfare.
And it's not any different with the.
For example, the way that the CIA utilized John Paul II, they would actually shoot a lot of symbolic photos of John Paul in certain places and certain poses as a kind of media and symbolic warfare.
That's covered in John Kaler's book on the relationship between the Vatican and the KGB and what spies had infiltrated the Vatican during the Cold War.
And so this shows us again that there's not a divorce between these worlds that most people think are not connected.
It's so well documented in the literature.
Even mainline documentaries will cover this stuff.
But again, people just don't know about it.
They're ignorant of it.
And their first gut reaction when we start talking about this is that they think you're crazy or they think it's a conspiracy theory.
No, it's all very well documented, and it has a long history.
Countless books, lives of people from Hollywood, right?
Their biographies come out with this amazing information down the road.
So I want to fast forward then to the case of the degenerate art that we see in Marina Abramovich.
Again, it's clearly a form of cultural warfare and it's something that unfortunately the West allied itself to since the time of the Cold War and the Congress for Cultural Freedom and pushing all of this outlandish, bizarre, disgusting art.
There's really no reason that we have to be aligned with this and many people are rejecting it.
And the weird part is that anytime you reject
This kind of stuff and you want the beauty of Renaissance art or medieval art or cathedrals or whatever.
Oh, you're a fascist, you see.
All this is tied to fascism.
There's actually a reason for this because one of the famous modern semioticians, Umberto Eco, who left his Catholic faith and became, I don't know if he became an atheist or an occultist or something, but I read many of his books over the years and he noted the deep connection between the true liberal
Has to oppose not just political Power structures, but what he says is truth itself.
It's a famous essay He wrote called or fascism and he says that the ultimate fascism that has to be opposed is any notions of truth at all I don't divine truth objective truth political truth Philosophical truth truth has to be warred against because there's no such thing as truth.
That is the true fascism of
According to Umberto Eco, the famous essay, it's called Refashism, and he's really just echoing, I guess, what you could say is the postmodern, you know, true revolutionary liberal approach.
That then means that anybody who believes there's such a thing as truth, there's such a thing as objective morals, objective right and wrong, such a thing as beauty in the arts at all,
There's such a thing as good, better, best, worst.
Those are value judgments in political systems or philosophies or economics.
That has to be warred against.
That there is a God.
That's objectively the case.
Any kind of transcendence.
All of those things, according to what he outlines as true liberalism,
True, true radical liberalism.
That has to be fought against.
And there's no place at which you can grant common ground or, quote, objectivity or truth.
So when we try to understand why today's so-called left does what it does, you have to understand that's its operating system.
There is no truth.
There is no beauty.
There is no good.
There is none of those things.
And that anyone who proposes that those things are the case
Are the enemy and must be warred against.
So, as long as you keep thinking that you can find common ground or that you can placate these kinds of people, it's never going to happen because they have a completely different philosophical orientation from their chief thinkers, you see.
And so many people in the so-called conservative right-wing world, they're completely idiots and they don't understand what they're up against and they continually lose because they keep trying to fight their battles
On the same plane as their opponents.
They keep assuming common ground.
They keep assuming that they're going to operate on the principles of honor and honesty and freedom and truth and dignity.
And they don't believe that.
Those things don't exist, you see.
For them, those things are pure power relations.
Power dynamics.
So everything is oppressor-oppressed.
There's no such thing as logic.
Logic is a tool that the power structure, whether economic or establishment or whatever, political, it's just used.
That's a tool that's used.
It's not something that's objectively the case.
It's a tool that you use to browbeat and destroy people.
So this is the real motivation of cancel culture.
Cancel culture is a war, and we're going to get into the Russell Brand thing here in the next segment.
Cancel culture is a war predicated on pure power dynamics, which is ironic because that's almost Nietzschean, which you would think is against the leftist position, but no, actually many of them are pure pragmatic power political people.
Everything is oppressor-oppressed, master-slave dynamics.
It's ultimately Nietzschean in its motivations, and that's why Nietzscheanism and postmodernism have quite a bit in common.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are breaking down the long history of the connection and collusion between shadow governments, power structures, empires, and the arts, and how this ties into culture war, culture critique, and soft power.
And we use the examples of a lot of people in Hollywood history, Congress for Cultural Freedom, the CIA's operations in the Cold War,
And now I wanted to move forward to what's going on in the cancel culture, because this is also part of the technique and strategies that were used, formerly actually by a lot of socialists and straight up Marxists, was the idea of humiliation sessions, struggle sessions.
We see a perfect analog to today's cancel culture coming out of those socialist Marxist regimes and what they expected you to do in order to get the blessing of the establishment and the regime again.
But ironically, as everybody knows in today's society, you can't actually placate the people.
It was when you went with the left, when you do your prostrations and when you do your public struggle sessions through the cancel culture,
It doesn't work, right?
They just expect more, they smell blood, and they want more and more and more.
And that's because you're not dealing with people who are, quote, liberal.
You're dealing with a liberal ideology that has evolved into a kind of pure postmodern power politics and pragmatism.
And so the Enlightenment ideas of classical liberalism or the modern progressive ideas of everybody being rational and everybody operating on the principles of truth and justice and we're all altruism and so forth, the ideas of what we would think of as liberalism or classical liberalism or modern progressivism, that has really capitulated to
Postmodernism, you could even say Freudianism and Nietzscheanism.
Now, why do I say Nietzscheanism and Freudianism?
Well, if you go to my YouTube channel, I recently did some analyses going through Dr. Jordan Peterson's lectures on personality, and he's covering a lot of important 20th century
Figures like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.
And in those lectures, Dr. Peterson brings out a lot of interesting facts about symbology and psychological warfare and how these ideas and these symbols were used in fascism, Marxism, socialism, and even in Western ideology.
He admits a lot of what I'm talking about.
Back in his 2014-15 personality course lectures that are on YouTube.
And he talks about how you couldn't really have Freud without Nietzsche.
Because one thing that Nietzsche did in his philosophy was bring to the fore the idea that we're not actually guided in our ideology or our thought process as human beings by reasoning and logic.
Very few people are.
We're actually guided by our instinctual impulses, our biological drives.
Sex, food, dominance, etc.
That was a very Nietzschean idea that we pretend that we're guided by reasoning and by logic and by, you know, the ideals.
But in reality, what's motivating us is something much more primal, much more base, much more fundamental, much more biological.
This prepares the way for Freud.
Who then turns that into, as everybody knows, a lot of the sexual and psychoanalytical approaches to what's motivating human operations and actions and social functioning.
And so this then kind of underlies, for example, a lot of
I think?
So, Victorian era, very repressive, fascist art, repressive is the idea.
Then we get total liberation, and the West adopts this total liberation model, which is why we're at the point where it's like, oh, now every boundary has to be destroyed and transgressed.
Biological boundaries, sexual boundaries, all boundaries must go, because that's the internal functioning logic of
Absolute liberation and freedom.
So you don't just see it philosophically, you also see it in the arts.
That's what we see with people like Marina Abramovich or Damien Hirst, these kinds of establishment artists that have been promoted and funded by taxpayer dollars, for example, right?
Piss Christ, this kind of stuff.
Those are
Done on purpose, supposedly to, you know, to be edgy and to go against the system and go against the establishment.
But they're actually just funded by the wealthiest people in the West.
It's not actually anti-establishment.
It's 100% establishment.
It's what the establishment wants.
Because if you debase the culture, if you degrade the culture and the people, they're much more malleable, much more easy to control.
It's very simple, very obvious.
It's basic, you know, psychological warfare.
That's why the arts are always used.
In foreign cultures, in even military operations.
So when we come to the figure of Russell Brand, what I think is going on here is pretty obvious that this is a repeated pattern of another kind of not just struggle session and not just cancel culture as an echo of Maoism and public humiliation rituals.
It's another pattern of how the arts have to be.
It's a manifestation of showing how the arts are controlled.
And the people in the arts have to fit into the system, have to fit into the box.
You can't step off of that reservation.
Soon as you do, then what happens is the system wants to then destroy you.
And what's really common is the pattern of looking for the dirt in the person's background in regard to sexual improprieties.
So, I don't know what Russell Brand's history is.
None of us really know exactly what happened in his past.
We all know that he's talked about being promiscuous in the past.
Many of us, I've been promiscuous in my past.
People will then look for, oh, well then, where was the person that he maybe raped?
And then let's concoct a rape story.
Again, maybe that, I don't know.
We don't know the background.
But the point is that
It's not an accident that in every prominent person who comes on the scene, there is the immediate looking for, what did he do in his background that we can use to destroy the person?
And then people always reply by saying, yeah, but you're saying then that he's a hero.
Well, I don't, I don't know.
No, I'm just making the point that when Julian Assange came out with his stuff, he's immediately involved in a sexual entrapment operation.
When, you know, most recently we had this woman that claimed that Trump accosted her decades ago in a dressing room.
No witnesses, just her word.
And then she basically discredits herself when she says wild stuff to Anderson Cooper.
Uh, Johnny Depp, right?
The story, oh, Amber Heard is abused.
No, it turns out Johnny Depp's vindicated in that case, right?
And so people are starting to figure out that the traction of believe all women doesn't work and it's not actually coherent.
It's not, it's not true.
You can't just believe all women.
Doesn't mean that there aren't people that, uh, there aren't women that are, certainly women are abused.
Certainly these things happen, but it's not the case that you just believe all women.
That's ridiculous.
Women, for example, ever since feminism have demanded responsibility and rights that they perceive to not have before the rise of feminism.
And so now, with all of those rights and with those responsibilities, we're seeing that no, actually, they still want to not have rights and responsibilities for their actions, and they want to always be considered victim and always be considered correct.
But again, this is just evolving into actually
Victim, oppressor, oppressed dynamics.
Everyone's a victim and it's actually been shown in psychological papers.
The recent paper on the dark triad traits and virtuous victimhood status, very famous paper that's going around.
In the, on the internet and psychology circles, it's actually showing that very cunning and Machiavellian manipulative people are figuring out that in a society based around supposed egalitarian and equalitarian values, you can actually get ahead by claiming and constantly portraying yourself as a victim, even when it's completely not true.
And with that, that's actually lying and it's actually a disservice to real victims, you see.
But people are figuring out that this is actually a technique
To destroy people and to get ahead, they think.
So this is also a big motivation in the cancel culture.
And it shows that it's not just struggle, session, and control.
It's actually a Machiavellian psychopathic technique to try to destroy people by which those people think that they will get ahead.
That's proven in the psychology paper that I just mentioned.
Everybody should go read that paper.
It's a fascinating paper.
It's an insight into how our society functions.
This is Alex Jones Show.
This is Jay Dyer.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were talking about the intimate connections between the arts and the power elite.
And this is a well-known, I guess you could say a secret for millennia, that the arts project and they reflect the spirit, the soul of the people.
And so you can degrade the arts, then you can also degrade and
Essentially control the base of society as well.
And so when we have a lot of what's being pushed in the public sphere, we think a lot of people think, well, this is just, uh, it's just sort of inner, it's random, it's organic, it's just happening.
There's no overriding connection.
There's no real reason why, uh, you know, Piss Christ or Damien Hirst or Marina Abramovich's art is lifted up and hailed to be, you know, the, the, the preeminent great art of our time.
But in reality, we see that there's a long history of this this connection.
And that it is part of social engineering and social societal control.
And also, when we come to the cancellation of people from the world of the arts, this also has to do with them stepping outside of the reservation and what they're allowed or supposed to say.
So in the case of Russell Brand, for example, he fits into the pattern of many people who, as soon as they really go off the reservation of establishment arts or establishment politics or establishment party politics or whatever, social commentary, then comes suddenly all the skeletons in the closet, the dirt.
So again, it doesn't mean that
The person didn't do things in their past.
I don't know.
And I don't have it.
I mean, I thought Russell Brand's been saying a lot of good stuff lately, the past couple years.
And so, you know, whatever the people's motivations are, I'm happy that the truth, people are saying true things.
People are coming out.
That's great.
We shouldn't, I think, jump on the bandwagon of assuming that everybody who leaves the establishment or starts saying true things is a phony or cointel or a shill.
We don't know that.
There's no point really in endless speculations about people's motives anyway, because you're never going to know ultimately people's motives.
How can you judge everybody's motives from behind a computer screen or, you know, on mass media?
You can't.
So we're not privy to, we don't have access to people's motives.
There's not really any point in trying to judge people's motives.
Look to the fruit of the works, right?
Look to what's happening.
And, you know, it kind of, again, echoes a lot of prominent people.
Remember Kavanaugh?
Everybody's already forgotten Kavanaugh.
I don't have any opinions on Kavanaugh per se, but, you know, as soon as he was proposed by Trump, out comes all these, you know, rape stories.
And it's always way past years later.
People say, oh, well, you know, they didn't have a chance to come out.
Well, why didn't they go to the police at the time?
Why are they contracting out the investigations to news organizations?
Why aren't the police involved?
Isn't that who you would go to if you were really raped?
I mean, wouldn't you go the next day?
You know, that's what I think what you would do, but
Really, again, it's a tool.
It's a card that the system can play, and they will really just try to find anything in anybody's past if you rise to any level of prominence.
And after a while, I think if you've seen this so many times, it doesn't really have much effect, I think, to people who are becoming wise to this.
It's almost like, okay, you just expect it, right?
And it fits perfectly into a society where now, you know, women are the majority of voters, as I understand, where there's the idea of a nanny state that will prioritize security and safety, supposedly, over liberty and freedom.
So we're actually getting the flipping over into, now that we've been
Turned degenerate, we've been debased.
Now the society has been effectually feminized and castrated.
We can have a society where the nanny state comes to the fore because its job is to protect its citizens and be a mommy to them, right?
Not even so much big brother.
Big brother's too patriarchal.
We gotta have the nanny state, the mommy state.
And the mommy state's there to make everybody feel good and to give you your feelies.
And then anybody who is toxically masculine is now the enemy of the nanny state.
So a lot of, you know, commentators and people think, oh, well, I'll just be a masculinity or a health type of person.
I won't focus on any of this.
I won't talk about this kind of stuff.
It's I'll avoid it and I'll live a good life by just being a health guy or a fitness guy or whatever.
No, no, no.
Toxic masculinity, they're now saying, is, you know, right wing supremacy, right?
It's a right wing extremist.
If you go to the gym, you're a right wing extremist.
If you want organic food, right wing extremist.
That's by design.
It's not accidental, you see.
But again, notice how the narratives, they keep collapsing with each of the people.
So whether it's Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, right, that narrative collapsed.
Johnny Depp ended up vindicated.
That, again, echoes the same situation with the idea of
Me too, basically merging into, tying itself to Believe All Women and just accept the accusations.
The scariest part is that the cancellation occurs just on the basis of accusations or allegations.
There hasn't been a
To my knowledge, in the case of Russell Brand, and I've been trying to keep up with it, so I haven't seen if there's new news reports today.
I haven't seen, but at least I think there was a report yesterday about him flashing a woman decades ago.
What does that mean?
Mooning her?
I mean, is that now sexual assault?
I mean, they're saying basically anything could be sexual assault, right?
Again, I don't know what Russell Brand did, but the point is that it doesn't matter in the sense of
Whether there's not been any prosecution.
Big Tech wants the ability to have trial by media to destroy anybody that's that goes against the system of the establishment.
That's the key point.
That's the that's the struggle session power control.
And by the way, I think Max Blumenthal had a great point, which was that the system does not actually obviously care about women and women being raped.
If they actually cared about women and women, you know, getting raped or something like this in a handful of cases, which is bad if it happened.
But we're supposed to believe that no, the system does care about women, even though millions of women have been murdered and killed by the Bush and Obama regime in the past few decades.
Oh, but they care about a handful of cases, right?
The British government as well, of women allegedly raped in the case of this or that famous person, right?
So a handful of cases, it's international news.
Millions of people being killed on the basis of
Illegal and unjustifiable wars.
Absolutely state-sanctioned.
Don't pay any attention to that.
Again, Blumenthal's point just absolutely highlights the hypocrisy and absurdity that we're supposed to believe that the British government calling for the cancellation of a Russell Brandt on Rumble, that they care about women.
When they push policies that destroy countries like Libya or countries in the Middle East, which kill at least, what, 500,000, 100,000, or a million in a few cases, right?
Oh, those people, that's okay, because what, it was ultimately for women's rights?
I mean, who believes this, right?
Are we destroying these countries for women's rights?
No, it's for
Well, it's for all kinds of imperialist and corporate reasons, obviously.
But it's also to establish in these countries systems, neoliberal ideas, which are destructive to those countries as well.
For the purpose of corporate 100, corporate, or Fortune 100, Fortune 500, right?
Same situation with Ukraine.
A big part of Ukraine is pipelines, energy control, who will give energy to Europe, and it's money laundering, and it's all of that.
It's, you know, all the scandals with the Biden family.
Again, the establishment, what about the Hunter Biden?
How many people has, women, has Hunter Biden been involved with?
Was that a big deal or is that not a big deal?
We don't care about that.
No, only Russell Brand's case matters.
Only Trump's case matters, you see, in terms of the power structure in mainstream media.
Well, that's obviously absurd and it's a contradiction.
And these social justice champions and activists everywhere supposedly care about morals and hypocrisy.
The whole thing is immoral and hypocritical.
It's absolutely a contradiction.
You have Madeleine Albright, different people like this, bragging about the numbers of people that were killed, children that were killed in these wars.
And it's, yeah, but we had to do it, right?
It's necessary.
And on what basis?
Oh, well, Saddam was connected to 9-11.
No, he wasn't.
Oh, well, Yellow Cape weapons of mass destruction.
Well, that was fake.
Well, we got to go over those countries to help the women.
I mean, who actually believes this?
It's crazy.
Anyway, obviously we can see that there's a lot of shenanigans and political opportunism at work here, not altruism and social justice.
If you want to get my books on these topics, you can head over to my website, Jason Alsace, and in the shop, you can get my books on culture, war, culture critique, and the connection between the power structure and the arts.
That's at EssentuaryHollywood1 and 2.
Sign copies at the website, as well as my other books.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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