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Name: 20230921_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 21, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics on his show, including legal issues, free speech, 5G technology, AI control, and the New World Order. He also promotes products available at InfoWars Store.

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It's Thursday, September 21st, 2023.
And the biggest development yet in the ongoing proxy war between
the West and Russia has now taken place.
Poland has officially announced Zero military aid now to Ukraine when Poland has been the biggest supporter of Ukraine.
And the Polish president has been very clear on why this is happening.
Ukraine and NATO have completely abused Poland in the last year and a half on a massive scale.
And that's really the moral of the story.
When you serve the globalists, you're a schmuck.
When you work with them in any way, you will be abused, you will be used, you will be punished for being an idiot, for being a servile fool.
That's the name of the game.
Total betrayal.
This is a criminal, worldwide operation carried out by the owners of BlackRock, who are seeking to undermine and collapse civilization towards their goal of forced depopulation.
That's all coming up in great detail.
Next segment.
Then we're going to get into the Attorney General and play some of the clips.
Merrick Garland.
Completely freaking out in front of Congress when their own documents and memos come out that they're persecuting Christians, that they're persecuting Amish, they're persecuting Catholics, traditional Catholics, massively they're going after, as we all know, parents that peacefully go to school boards and say we don't want our children taught they're evil because they're white or taught how pedophilia is good.
He started crying saying he's trying to basically stop another Holocaust.
And that his, sort of his family died in the Holocaust.
And so he's got to protect America from extremism by carrying out things that are very closely aligned, politically, in the strategy of control that the Nazis did.
The strategy of fear.
The strategy of totalitarianism.
We have that massiveness.
And now, in the case of the persecution of Russell Brand, it has become crystal clear In fact, Tim Bull made a great point last night when Harrison Smith was on his show, that this is the fastest conspiracy theory he's ever seen come true.
That's right, Rumble did not bow down to the British government.
Rumble was sent a letter, obviously YouTube was as well, demanding by the British government that Russell Brand, because he's been accused, no criminal charges, guilty until proven guilty, simple accusation, YouTube had demonetized him and is now moving to remove him off the platform.
And that's exactly what the British government did.
They reached out to Rumble and said, we want you to demonetize slash remove Russell Brand off your platform.
And they had all these publications attack Rumble, saying, why do you have Russell Brand there?
Why are you allowing him to have free speech?
And all this was done in concert with the corporate media.
Again, two days ago, Rumble sent a letter by the British government demanding that they censor and
demonetize/remove Russell Brand.
At the same time, YouTube removed him but didn't really give a reason.
And now we know that the corporate press was basically the artillery of the propaganda
offensive and attacked Rumble and demanded that Rumble take him off without telling the
world that they were working in concert with the British government.
And when you look at these different fact-checking organizations and groups, they're all multinational,
they're all international.
We have the UN, the EU, the WEF all bragging that they're in control of the Western world,
including America and Canada of the censorship bureaus and systems.
So just like we saw in the weaponization hearings in Congress the last few months, it is intelligence
agencies with the different prosecution and federal boards of the UK, the EU, the United
States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, literally ganging up and coming and going after people
in concert with media attacks, government demands for people to be silenced, along with
false criminal charges.
*sniff* It's a very good question.
Or just tons of satiated accusations.
So this is a total and complete formula.
It's absolutely illegal.
It is incredible oppression.
It is an absolute travesty.
We'll be laying that out as well when we come back.
But this is massive.
We've caught them with their pants down.
[Gun cocks]
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say, "I don't know what's going to happen at the end of
this, but you ought to fight!"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest, most positive development in the nearly two year war is
In Ukraine, the massive hybrid or proxy war between the United States and NATO against Russia has now taken place.
The Polish president has officially come out and said zero military support now to Ukraine and has laid out the reasons.
This is extremely good news because again, this war is leading us towards thermal nuclear conflagration.
It's already The middle stages of World War 3.
It's destroying the world economy.
And the crime syndicate that's hijacked America is using the war to launder hundreds of billions of dollars back to themselves that they then use to buy a political process and oppress us.
And while our borders completely collapse and our veterans commit suicide at record levels and pedophilia is openly promoted in the schools, The religion of the left is censorship and surveillance and war and control.
And polls show upwards of 80% of Americans are against this war and the polls are turning against them as well across Europe.
Pun intended, the polls in Poland.
The political analysis, the polls of the Polish people are showing they are now turning against the war rapidly.
And they have big elections coming up on October 15th.
And so the Polish government knows.
Which way the wind is blowing.
So let's go ahead and read this excellent Zero Hedge article that is up on InfoWars.com right now.
NATO fractures in U-turn.
Poland announces it will no longer arm Ukraine.
The dam is breaking on Unified Western Support for Ukraine, and the timing couldn't be worse for Zelensky given tomorrow he's expected to meet with President Biden at the White House on Wednesday evening.
There's a monumental news out of Poland, which could potentially change the entire course of the war.
And this broke last night.
This is the live Thursday transmission.
Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defense.
Polish Prime Minister announced just hours after Warsaw summoned Ukraine's ambassador related to fresh war of words and a spat over blocking grain.
According to AFP, Warsaw has throughout More than a year and a half of the Ukraine-Russian war, been Kiev's staunchest and most outspoken supporter.
With this massive and hugely significant about-face, mark the beginning of the end.
beginning of the end, or peace negotiations and ceding of territory in the Donbass, inevitable
at this point.
In the last 48 hours, relations between Poland and Ukraine quickly spiraled to their lowest
point since the Russian invasion, and is directly related to Warsaw, leading a handful of EU
countries to extend a grain export ban on Ukraine amid continuing anger and outrage
from Polish farmers who are suffering due to their country being flooded with cheap
Ukrainian wheat and a bunch of other corruption.
I'll get into in a moment.
Critically, Poland will hold parliamentary elections on October 15th.
The prior atmosphere of enthusiastic pro-Kiev rhetoric has drastically changed.
Now, with comparisons like in Ukraine to a drowning man, as the Associated Press explains.
Polish leaders have compared Ukraine to a drowning person hurting his helper and threatening to expand a ban on food products from the war-torn country.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky suggested That the EU allies that are prohibiting imports of the nation's grain are helping Russia.
Now Polish officials who are trying to win parliamentary elections next month with the help of farmers votes are expressing dismay over some of Ukraine's latest moves including a World Trade Organization complaint over bans on Ukraine is behaving like a drowning person clinging to anything available.
EU countries. In a surprisingly blunt and terse statement given to reporters on the
sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Polish President said on Tuesday, Ukraine is behaving
like a drowning person clinging to anything available. He went on to say, a drowning person
is extremely dangerous, capable of pulling you down to the depths, simply drowning the
rescuer. Given Ukraine's battlefield losses and it's currently bogged down and failing
counter offensive, the words no doubt had a major sting.
But as The Hill notes, the future of the domestic political context in Poland is...
Now, let's lay out the issue here.
Public sentiment around the issue however has started to deteriorate putting the ruling party in a difficult
position Ahead of a close October election the far-right Confederation
Party is hoping to capitalize on the winning support in the country
Now let's lay out the
Issue here Poland has given them Meaning Ukraine
massive amounts of their own weapons stockpile They've also had Polish soldiers in Ukraine fighting the
Russians [BLANK_AUDIO]
At the same time, the EU is trying to flood Poland with Islamic and African refugees.
The EU has been trying to sanction Poland because of it.
You can see the famous map showing terror attacks around Europe.
They're all over the place.
Churches being burned by the thousands all over the place.
But no terrorism, no churches being burned in Poland because, like Hungary and Romania, they are not putting up with the Islamic and Other third world invasion operations of the replacement migration program.
But larger than that, the criminal regime in Ukraine, again, isn't just laundering money.
They aren't just human trafficking.
They aren't just kidnapping children and selling their organs.
All of this is confirmed.
They are absolutely emboldened and believe that they're owed everything.
And as you remember last year, Zelensky said, oh, we've got to attack Russia.
Russia just fired two missiles into Poland.
And then the Poles shot down the missiles and were able to show that they had tell numbers on them that were Ukrainian.
Poland understands they're being sucked into a wider war.
They understand that Ukraine is losing.
They know that nine years ago the U.S.
government overthrew the elected government of Ukraine and they understand that this is escalating very very quickly and that now Poland has been approached by NATO to build giant weapons factories inside Poland and NATO is saying this war may last 10 10 years or longer.
So the Polish people are having major second thoughts.
And this is an incredibly positive development.
The Russians don't want to expand any further into Poland.
They just want that region in the east that's always been Russian.
They want to be able to control and protect their Black Sea fleet
and their only deep water port that they have on the Black Sea that is there in Crimea.
And Putin is ready to make the deal.
And again, this will massively deescalate problems.
It will end the grain shortages that are hurting Africa and other countries
because again, Ukraine produces about 30% of the grain in the world.
And you then have the Polish farmers who are the biggest block in that nation of...
People that have jobs.
It's a major farming country as well.
And they are having all this subsidized, with Western money, subsidized produce and wheat dumped on them.
And then when they complain and say you're bankrupting us, Zelensky says you're Russian agents.
And so insulting the Poles, who have much bigger beefs historically than the Ukrainians with Russians, and then tell them that they're Russian agents, has angered the Poles.
And so this is, again, Zelensky's arrogance.
And it's a very, very good sign this is happening.
The people that control the Black Rock interest, the globalist interest, the WEF human interest, the NATO interest that control Ukraine aren't going to give up easily.
And I believe we're going to try to have more false flags, more staged events to try to escalate the war, continue to give heavier and heavier weapons like tanks and F-16s and cruise missiles to the Ukrainians.
Hoping that as they hit targets inside Russia, they can lure Russia into an expansion of the war and to hitting civilian targets so that there is a pretext to have NATO officially enter the war.
And of course, Russia said it's a red line if NATO accepts Ukraine into NATO.
So we're going to be watching all of this extremely closely as it unfolds.
We'll be right back to break down the incredible domestic news and so much more.
Please stay with us.
And we are back.
Thank you for joining us on this Thursday Transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Alright, you're about to hear a major, major Alex Jones was right breaking story.
And this isn't about, oh Alex Jones was right again.
It's about understanding why I'm right 95% of the time.
That's because our enemies use formulas, playbooks to attack us.
And if we know the playbooks, we can recognize the signatures of their operations and we can educate the general public about it, including the courts and government, and we can stop this organized global corporate takeover.
So, last Friday, Russell Brand came out and said, There's a big media report coming out on Channel 4 this weekend.
It accused me of criminal activity.
And what I've been accused of isn't true, but you can give specifics.
I went on air, as you know, and I said it's going to be sexual assault.
And I said, and then the media is going to come out and attack any platform that has Russell Brand on it, even though it's just accusations with no proof by anonymous people 15, 16 years ago.
And then that will be used to deplatform him.
And boom, within a few days, that now has happened.
But it gets more insane.
On Monday and Tuesday, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, CNN all attacked me, Tucker Carlson,
and others that saw the signature, saw the formula of censorship manipulation and said,
"We believe Russell Brand is innocent."
That's why there's a statute of limitations.
This supposedly happened 16 years ago.
He's come out against Big Pharma.
He's come out against the war.
He's come out against the surveillance state.
He's come out against them all.
We believe he's innocent.
And we got attacked.
We went further.
We said we believe this is being coordinated by governments.
Because again, we could see the media articles.
We could see how they were all published at the same time.
How they were all written the same.
That's not news.
That's not journalism.
That's propaganda.
That's advertisement.
That's pre-packaged PR operations.
Because I've been through it.
Tucker's been through it.
Trump's been through it.
The American people have been through it.
You're all being demonized every day as a group of horrible people.
So we know what we're looking at.
Well, then it broke yesterday.
That Rumble got a letter from the British government saying we want you to demonetize slash take Russell Moran off the air simply because of unsubstantiated anonymous accusations from 16 years ago.
Guilty until proven guilty.
And Rumble released the letter.
The British government now admits they sent the letter.
They sent letters to YouTube who followed through on it.
And so they're silencing him and trying to cut off his money and cut off his voice.
So they can then demonize him however they want and roll out some of these women that they've been coaching and preparing and paying off slash or blackmailing.
So it's the same formula over and over again.
And look how the corporate media, the prostitutes, as Gerald Celente calls them, attacked me and Tucker and Andrew Tate and everybody else and said, you're crazy.
Jones claims this is a governmental black op.
against Russell Brand and now it's all confirmed I was right, it's all coordinated, it's as
plain as the nose on somebody's face, it's as plain as the trunk on the front of an elephant,
I mean this, or spots on a leopard.
It is the same signature, the same playbook, and now it's confirmed that government, colluding
with corporate media, are putting out these fraudulent, obviously false, cooked up allegations,
and now they're doing it to the man behind the sound of freedom that's bringing to the
world's awareness the giant child trafficking.
Are you starting to get a bit of a headache?
A clear picture here.
And I know how real this is because they tried to do this to me as well, but by the grace of God, they were not able to find a mentally ill person to make up the fact that I abused them or attacked them.
And that's because I've not been a major player like somebody like Russell Brand or Julian Assange.
But with guys like that, who've been with enough women, they can find the people to do it.
And or in the case of Trump just have some woman that had absolutely no proof of anything and Trump's not even allowed to say he's innocent and has to pay five million dollars because a New York jury said He's a bad person for quote saying he's innocent and that it's defamation to say that you are innocent.
This is total weaponization.
It's being run by the federal government here in the US.
It's being run by the federal government in the UK.
It's being run by MI6.
It's being run by CIA.
It's being run by the Justice Department.
And this is their playbook.
This is their operation.
That's why I stand with Russell Brand.
And Tim Ballard, and just everybody else, and Julian Assange, the list goes on and on.
They tried this on Mike Tyson in the last few years, and it turned out it wasn't true.
And nobody's saying Mike Tyson's perfect, but this is a formula where you quote, have to believe a woman, even though the FBI admits more than half the rape allegations in this country alone have been proven to be false.
So why did they do this?
Well, Russell Brand is popular with liberals.
And Russell Brand was not coming after the globalists from a right-wing perspective, and he was being very, very effective, reaching tens of millions of people a week.
He was going on all these different shows and programs and was really exposing their agenda.
So as we go out to break, I want to play a few clips of some of the things Russell Brand has said recently that put him on the target list.
The good news is people are seeing through this.
Most people aren't buying it.
They are trying to destroy Russell Brand and myself and many others to make examples out of us to intimidate you.
So the question is, do you think you're going to be safer rolling over to these people?
Or will you be safer standing up to them?
I think you know the answer is stand up to them.
Here's a few Russell Brand clips.
We'll go to break.
Come back with some more Russell Brand clips.
Then I'm going to get to the Attorney General breaking down crying and basically saying he has to save America from Nazis.
And that's why he's got to basically turn us into Nazi Germany.
The Democrats who have been saying that there are rigged elections, problematic machines, problems with voting systems for a long time now.
But who are you going to believe?
The mainstream media or your own lying eyes?
Let's have a look.
Virginia just stopped using touchscreen computer voting because it's so vulnerable.
We need to look at all the voting machines.
Every secretary of state needs to be, you know, assisted in making sure that they are not being hacked and attacked.
I continue to think that our voting machines are too vulnerable.
The researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that ballot recording machines and other voting systems are susceptible to tempering.
So you don't like the voting machines?
What about the Dominion ones?
Even hackers with limited prior knowledge, tools and resources are able to breach voting machines in a matter of minutes.
So you see, in microcosm, democracy means we get a mandate for what we want to do anyway.
In the event we lose, we complain about the system.
The Republicans do it.
And plainly, as you just saw, the Democrats do it.
In 2018, electronic voting machines in Georgia and Texas deleted votes for certain candidates, or switched votes from one candidate to another.
The biggest seller of voting machines is doing something that violates Cybersecurity 101.
Directing that you install remote access software, which would make a machine like that, you know, a magnet for fraudsters and hackers.
These voting machines can be hacked quite easily.
So the legitimacy of elections and the results of elections is something that's been queried for a long time.
Here are voices of the Democrat Party in various settings making the exact same claim.
You could easily hack into them.
It makes it seem like all these states are doing different things but in fact three companies are controlling this.
It is the individual voting machines That some pose, that pose some of the greatest risk.
There are a lot of states that are dealing with antiquated machines.
Which are vulnerable to being hacked.
So basically they just say stuff unless they win.
Unless they win, they say the problem is the machine.
You don't see anymore politicians going, listen, we lost fair and square, but ultimately we all love America and we want American people to succeed.
Workers were able to easily hack into an electronic voting machine.
It was possible to switch votes.
43% of American voters use voting machines That researchers have found have serious security flaws, including backdoors.
I think that Dominion needs to look into Ron Wyden.
He hates... Bill Gates epitomizes this trend.
I've got no particular thing against Bill Gates, but he does represent a certain mentality.
I'll do what I want to do.
You do what I want you to do.
That's the Bill Gates way.
And today, we're going to work out who's contributing more to climate change, you or Bill Gates?
Let's see!
Bill Gates has shrugged off allegations that he's a hypocrite for climate campaigning while travelling by private jet.
In an interview with BBC's Amol Rajan, Gates addressed the accusation by saying he offset his family's carbon footprint and contributes to solutions.
Oh, I didn't realise that.
That's cool.
Let's have a look.
What do you say to the charge that if you are a climate change campaigner, but you also travel around the world on a private jet, you're a hypocrite?
Well, I buy the gold standard of funding Climeworks to do direct air capture that far exceeds my family's carbon footprint.
So, you know, should I stay at home and not come to Kenya and learn about farming and malaria?
You know how you're just making up a reason for why you should be able to do what you want to do?
Everyone feels like that.
We all feel like we should be able to do what we want to do, and that we make mistakes and we're not perfect, so we try our best to make it up how we can.
And guess what?
That's what you do as well.
So, in a way, you should have stopped telling us what to do, shouldn't you?
Anyway, I mean, I'm... I'm comfortable.
Comfortable with that?
I bet you are!
30,000 feet reclining on a beige lazy boy.
With the idea that... not only am I...
Not part of the problem by paying for the offsets, but also through the billions that my breakthrough energy group is spending, that I'm part of the solution.
You are part of the solution!
He's definitely not part of the problem.
He isn't part of the problem when he's making massive donations to the media for favourable reporting.
He's not part of the problem when he's funding vaccine organisations and then getting out just before stock prices drop.
He's not part of the problem when he's giving billions to the WHO.
He's not part of the problem when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is accruing more money than they spend making a not-for-profit organisation, well you could say, profitable.
I'm sure Bill Gates has got some explanation.
Maybe he's offsetting that profit in some way by helping us in ways that we're too stupid to understand.
On the surface, it looks like Bill Gates does what he wants, then justifies it afterwards.
But I must be too stupid to understand what's really going on.
You have energy companies that profit when there's an energy crisis,
military industrial complex that profits when it's a war, pharmaceutical companies that profit when there's a
You're creating the necessity for ongoing crisis.
If the elites in a society benefit from situations that are detrimental to everybody else,
that's what reality is going to become.
That's what reality has become.
That's such an important point because that's almost undeniable.
And to say that they wouldn't do that because they value human life and morals and ethics over profit, that's never been exhibited.
That's not true.
Welcome back to this special Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We've been looking at the private corporations run by BlackRock and its shareholders in control of Western intelligence agencies and dinosaur corporate media along with the think tanks and big tech in a concerted effort to surveil and spy on the people of the world and then censor us and then if being demonized and attacked and censored doesn't work, well then they move on.
to the rape allegations and or criminal charges.
Again, they're criminally investigating with at least six agencies.
Elon Musk and mentally trying to put him in prison right now.
They've indicted Trump.
Four separate indictments, 90 plus charges.
I'm not going to list all the people they're persecuting.
You know about that.
But let's talk about one of the kingpins who's helping quarterback this whole operation because out of all the disgusting players, the ADL and Bill Gates and the W.F.
and the U.N.
and the E.U.
all concerted, all bragging that they're censoring, all bragging that they're controlling.
At the heart of it is the U.S.
Justice Department helping coordinate the censorship and control, not just here, but all over the world.
And of course we're talking about Merrick Garland, the head of the Globalist Justice Department.
He was in Congress yesterday and he was confronted over and over again, we're going to play some of the highlights here in a moment, with the documents that they're censoring and surveilling and going after the American people and saying that conservative Catholics are an extremist terror threat.
He was confronted with the FBI training manuals that are again written up by the ADL.
The same Justice Department that says white supremacy is the number one crime in America, when it's probably the rarest crime in America.
The same ADL-run Justice Department that creates the curriculum for U.S.
schools, very similar to the curriculum in Europe and Canada, saying that being white is inherently bad, and that being white is some type of crime, and that we need reparations.
And the same Justice Department that then covers up the 20 to 1 black on white crime.
The same Justice Department that won't let judges charge pedophiles who've been caught repeatedly smuggling children across the U.S.-Mexico border from Mexico to the U.S.
The same Justice Department that is literally waging war on the American people and working with Soros to defund the police and who's working with Soros to help put in their DAs.
And their prosecutors all over the country show they can let hardcore criminals go free while filling the jails and prisons with the American people.
When he was confronted with this, in over six hours of testimony, he repeatedly began to break down and pretend to cry and say, listen, I had family that was killed in the Holocaust, and so I would never do these type of things to the American people.
But he is doing these type of things to the American people.
He's doing many of the exact things the Nazis did.
The surveillance, the censorship, the targeting, the political persecution.
So here's a few clips of Mr. Garland from yesterday.
The good news is the world, not just the American people, are waking up to this.
And Congress is beginning to understand just how serious this is.
Because remember, it's Garland that's also running the massive censorship and election meddling.
And along with the corporate media, they keep it insane.
They even charged Trump with questioning the election.
They're trying to behave and act like that that's somehow illegal.
In fact, in Owens...
Recommendation for sentencing.
Remember, the Fed said over and over again, he continues to question the election.
So therefore, we want prison time for him.
So, Garland can play dumb and hope we're ignorant, but we know what he's doing on a scale of 1 to 10 for tyranny is a 10.
So here is Mr. Garland.
The system of justice is clear and it's clear to the American public and the buck stops with the man in charge.
That man is you.
The actions of the DOJ are on you.
The decline of Americans' trust in our federal law enforcement is on you.
The political weaponization of the DOJ is on you.
Attorney General, I need a simple yes or no to the following.
Just yes or no, because we don't have much time.
Do you agree that traditional Catholics are violent extremists?
Yes or no?
Let me answer what you've said in that long list of arguments, and I'll be happy to answer all of those.
Attorney General, I control the time.
I'm going to ask you to answer the questions I ask.
You controlled time by asking me a substantial number of things.
I didn't ask you those things.
I made a statement.
Attorney General, Through the Chair, I ask you, do you agree that traditional Catholics are violent extremists?
Answer the question.
I have no idea what traditional means here.
Go to church!
May I answer your question?
Yes, you may.
that someone with my family background would discriminate against any religion
is so outrageous, so absurd. Mr. Attorney General, it was your FBI that did this.
It was your FBI that was sending, and we have the memos, we have the emails, we're
sending undercover agents into Catholic churches. Both I and the director of the FBI
have said that we were appalled by that memo.
So then you agree that they're not extremists?
We were appalled by that memo.
Are they extremists or not, Attorney General?
I think that... Are they extremists or not, Attorney General?
Everything in that memo is appalling.
Are they extremists or not?
I'm asking a simple question.
Say no if you think that was wrong.
Catholics are not extremists.
Was anyone fired for drafting and circulating the anti-Catholic memo?
You have in front of you the Inspection Division's investigation.
Please tell me yes or no, please.
We have no time.
I don't know the answer to that.
Can you tell us about any briefings or discussions that you personally have had with Mr. Weiss regarding any and all federal investigations of Hunter Biden?
I'm going to say again, I promised the Senate that I would not interfere with Mr. Weiss.
So you have not, under oath today, your testimony is, you have not had any discussions with Mr. Weiss about this matter?
Under oath, my testimony today is that I promised the Senate I would not intrude in his investigation.
I do not intend to discuss internal Justice Department deliberations, whether or not I had them.
Oh, okay, so your testimony today is you're not going to tell us whether you've had discussions with Mr. Weiss.
My testimony today is I told the committee that I would not interfere.
I made clear that Mr. Weiss would have the authority.
I'm not aware, but that's not true.
Mr. Weiss's letter...
Okay, let me stop you. For a second time, sir.
Are you aware that FBI officials have come before this committee
and they have stated that there was a cumbersome bureaucratic process
that Mr. Weiss had to go through to bring charges in another judicial district?
Do you know that?
I'm not aware, but that's not true.
There's nothing cumbersome about the process.
So those whistleblowers are lying to us under oath?
Those whistleblowers are lying?
I can't say that.
Their description of the process is cumbersome as an opinion.
It's not a fact question.
All I have to do is sign a section... Okay, let me get to the fact.
Mr. Weiss has been the lead prosecutor on the Hunter Biden case since 2018, correct?
I'm sorry?
Mr. Weiss has been the lead prosecutor on the Hunter Biden case since 2018.
Now here's the question.
I've been the lead prosecutor since he was appointed by President Trump.
Okay, why, let me ask you, why has the Justice Department dragged this investigation out for so long?
Does it really take years to determine if Hunter Biden lied on a federal form related to purchasing a firearm?
Mr. Weiss was a longtime career prosecutor.
President Trump appointed him as... You're not answering the question.
Is that standard procedure?
Should it take that long to make such a simple determination?
I'm answering the question.
Give me an opportunity to do so.
He was charged with that investigation under the previous administration.
He's continued.
He knows how to conduct investigations and I have not intruded or attempted to evaluate that because that was the promise I made to the Senate.
The whistleblowers gave us testimony about serious misconduct at the Justice Department in regards to the preferential treatment afforded Hunter Biden.
Has your office requested an investigation into that?
Uh, there are well known processes for how whistleblowers make their claims.
I am a strong proponent of whistleblowers and a strong defender.
We have an inspector general's office.
We have an office of professional responsibility.
That is the way in which complaints from whistleblowers should be and are appropriately handled.
Have you had personal contact with anyone at FBI headquarters about the Hunter Biden investigation?
I don't recollect the answer to that question, but the FBI works for the Justice Department.
I'm sorry, you don't recollect whether you've talked with anybody at FBI headquarters about an investigation of the President's son?
I don't believe that I did.
I promised the Senate when I came before it for confirmation that I would leave Mr. Weiss in place and that I would not interfere with his investigation.
I have kept that promise.
In my town, FBI phone numbers all over the district.
Please call.
Call that.
People are truly afraid.
I just want to make sure if you're not aware that you are.
And this is a big problem when people are afraid of their own government.
And I'll show you some other things.
We're talking about justice system.
I don't question you probably not a bad person.
I don't know you.
But what I'll tell you, you're in charge of the department.
And people right now feel, you know, I look at the Durham report and I call on the FISA violations of queries of millions of Americans, right?
It's like KGB, but when I read Durham reports, we have this, you have a nice, you know, playbook.
First, let's have a special counsel, and then you don't have to answer any questions here.
Then, let's extend slow-walk investigation on Hillary Clinton, on Hunter.
Everything is slow-walk.
We were very quick on Donald Trump, but you were very slow-walk.
Then, by the time you know that investigation ended, Statue of Limitation expired, And all of your agents need to be tested for amnesia.
No one recalls anything.
Okay, you probably should have as part of your hiring policy.
So no one held accountable, which was egregious what happened, you know, in that report.
When I read about that, I can't believe it happened in the United States of America.
This is my frustration.
I'll be honest with you.
It's very interesting, you know, regardless what it is, even people in the Obama administration raised concerns.
You know, how can President Sondland be serving on, you know, corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs?
Do you understand that it actually can undermine the one Ukrainian effort on policy?
I think these concerns were raised.
The Obama administration didn't do anything about it.
These people are dying right now and Americans don't trust this president.
So you, I want to ask you one thing, you know, as you, you know, I don't need answer because I know you're not going to, but I think you probably good American and you care.
And a lot of these people are so afraid they cover up this I think in your department because they're embarrassed that what we became as a country to say that what our Department of Justice became.
That allows Russians to do propaganda in Chinese.
It allows them to destabilize our country.
That is danger to our Republic.
It is significant danger, and I have just one more question from you.
You know, I mean, I agree on corporate crimes and FISA stuff, even with Democrats, that we need to do a better job.
One more question for you.
Do you believe that, you know, you talk about rights to vote, but do you believe that only U.S.
citizens should be voting in this election and doing anything to make sure that only eligible people vote in elections?
Yes and yes.
Okay, I would like to see that what you do.
Thank you.
Kneel back.
Merrick Garland, the man who stands in the way of America existing.
Merrick Garland, the man who has ordered federal judges to again release all sorts of different criminals who've been caught re-entering the United States after committing serious crimes like kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, pedophilia, sex trafficking, who now has instructed The Border Patrol and ICE, along with Mayorkas, works for him to dissolve the border completely with hundreds of thousands a month pouring across from all over the world.
Giant caravans every day slamming into Texas.
careening into Arizona, spilling over into California.
The footage is very similar to what you see in Europe and the very same non-governmental organizations or NGOs that have run the invasion in Europe are running the invasion of North America.
And the longer they stay in power, the harder it's going to be to re-stabilize the country.
As our energy is cut off, as our pipelines are cut off, as our strategic oil reserve is liquidated, as they ban small combustion engines and gas stoves and now are moving towards banning the main combustion engine in cars.
But China and India and Mexico and 160 plus other third world countries, developing nations of the globalist control, they don't have to make any cuts.
In fact, they are massively expanding their coal power plants.
I know you know this, but it's important to let it sink in.
This is actual total war, total collapse of the Western world by the owners of BlackRock, Who then are going to quote bail us out with their world currency and their social credit score.
But they first have to bring us completely to our knees before they can do that.
The times we live in are truly epic.
The administrative assault being carried out by the corporate elite through the governments they control against the once free, wealthy, proud nations of the West is historic.
The wars they've started aren't just historic, they're incredibly dangerous.
The most dangerous wars to ever take place on this planet.
All the mainline analysts agree to that.
So they claim they're doing all this for stability in the name of peace, but they're conquering us because the general public is still not aware of their master plan.
And that each new crisis they create or exacerbate only leads to greater crises and a greater consolidation of their wealth.
Look at what happened during the three years, the lockdowns, the COVID tyranny.
The average billionaire doubled their wealth, while the average person in the West went deep into debt and over 80 million starved to death of the third world.
This is administrative mass murder genocide.
It's beyond purposeful neglect.
It is a directed operation against humanity.
But The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
That's a famous meme.
Nobody knows who first said it 20 years ago, but it's been on the web for 20 years.
The propaganda would not be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
And every day we gain ground.
So as bad as this information is, and as frightening and out of control as it is, remember, if we simply don't comply and simply stand against their system, we'll be easy to beat.
But if they get their central bank digital currency in, if they get their cashless society in, if they get their carbon tax in, if they get their universal basic income in, and are able to fully implode the economy, the average person will be so dependent on them, The globalists believe that they will surrender.
And that leads us into a fate worse than death.
Total dehumanization, biomedical tyranny, the deep state big pharma taking over our bodies.
They're coming for our children.
Democrats are all over the news, the same thing in Europe, saying we own your children.
Children can consent to sex at age seven.
We can put in your children whenever we want.
I mean, it's just the total, absolute, complete Power grab as Larry Fink said we're going to control people through the money and control their behavior That is slavery and the very people trying to culturally and racially and spiritually divide us are the greatest threat by magnitudes on This planet today, and they set themselves up as the saviors.
They tell us the world As we know it is going to end by 20 30, so that we have a self-fulfilling prophecy that it's our fault as civilization collapses because of, quote, global warming.
Or it's our fault when a virus arrives and kills a bunch of us, because they claim it came from the jungle in global warming, when it came from their laboratories.
That is their pretext for the dystopia they're building, and then they're the saviors, supposedly opposing the very policies that they have put into place.
This is a very simple political understanding if people can just admit to themselves how evil and ruthless and out of control our enemies are.
As we approach the end of the first hour, we've got a lot of breaking news, guests, and information coming up the second, third, and fourth hour.
I want to just remind listeners that your word of mouth is critical to bypassing the censorship and the AI grid.
You're doing a great job.
The globalists are in full panic mode at the UN, the WF.
We played the clips.
They're just pulling their hair out, saying that they've got to silence us, they've got to silence you, and that they're losing because They are losing.
Their entire plan has to operate by stealth.
And the crises they create have to be blamed on us, not on them.
And so that's why this is a life and death situation.
Also, please remember that your prayer is beyond critical.
And we thank you for your prayer and your word of mouth for the broadcast.
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I now hand the baton to soon-to-be political prisoner, Owen Schroyer.
All right, we are now back live in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And when we come back to start this hour, I'm going to show you the latest news from the southern border.
This is pretty unbelievable stuff, except we've been watching this invasion go on since Biden took office.
But I think we're starting to see the real agenda.
We all assumed that this was coming.
But it looks like the Biden administration is going to be moving forward with it.
How are the Democrats going to turn Texas blue?
They're going to turn 10 million illegal immigrants into citizens and have them vote in Texas.
There's really no other way to describe what's going on at the southern border since Joe Biden became president than to call it an invasion.
It is an invasion.
It is total criminality, human trafficking, illegal immigration pipeline, and the Joe Biden administration is running it, is facilitating it.
That's it.
End of story.
Now, as I come to you live today, just as I came to you live yesterday, we have so much footage of the illegal immigrants crossing the southern border that you wouldn't even believe it.
And there's something that needs to be understood about this.
This is not footage from yesterday.
This is not stock footage that we have in a file to roll anytime we talk about this story.
This is all new footage from this morning.
So imagine, all the videos we saw yesterday of the illegal immigrants on the trains, under the bridges, by the tens of thousands, that was yesterday's videos.
We now have the same videos from this morning again.
And they're pulling dead bodies from the Rio Grande.
Some adult men, some children.
So I told the crew, Look, there's so much of these illegal immigrant videos, you guys just gotta put them on the screen as I cover this news and explain what's going on.
How many trainloads, as you see another one here, how many trainloads carrying what?
2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 illegal immigrants have been coming to our southern border
hell, not just in the last week because we know of at least four
we've seen at least four of these trains On video, we've seen at least four of these train loads in the last week.
How long has this been going on?
How many illegal immigrants have poured into this country by the train load that we don't have videos of?
We're talking masses.
We're talking huge crowds of people.
Every morning now, tens of thousands coming across the southern border.
If you're an audio listener, I'll try to explain.
Have you ever been caught at a train stop?
And it's one of those never-ending trains?
Well, imagine that, except there's huddled masses Packed into each car, so filled, so packed, that they're hanging off the edges.
And imagine watching that pass by you as you're sitting at a train stop.
That's coming across our southern border every day.
You're at the Dallas Cowboys football game.
The game just ended.
Zeroes on the clock, game over, and now the crowds are pouring out of the exits and into the streets.
This is happening at the southern border every day.
The crew is now showing another dead body being pulled from the Rio Grande.
This is happening every day.
So, what are the ramifications?
Well, aside the Aside the economic bomb that this is about to blow off in our country, who's paying for these illegal immigrants?
You are.
While your grocery bills are going up, inflation is going up, gas prices going up, energy prices going up, taxes going up, you're also paying for illegal immigrants to come into this country and get a free ride.
Literally a free ride.
Three meals a day, a roof over their head, travel wherever they want.
But now our worst fears are starting to manifest.
And the Democrats' plan to turn Texas blue has been revealed.
And I got a feeling that this might have been what was behind the impeachment of Ken Paxton.
Thank God it failed.
He had a great interview with Tucker Carlson aired last night.
We've got an important clip from that.
Why is there a massive illegal immigrant city being built in Texas?
And why is the Biden administration about to make them all citizens?
Think about that.
So at this point in time, it would appear at least 20,000 illegal immigrants are crossing the southern border here every day.
That's not just me saying that, that's me showing you the footage now every day.
Again, to be clear, all the footage that we just rolled in that last segment is from this morning.
That's not footage from yesterday, that's not footage from a week ago, that's not footage from last month, that's not stock footage we have in a file to play when we talk about this.
This is footage from this morning.
And I will tell you, I expect the same thing to happen tomorrow.
I'll have another 10 videos of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.
Now again, you can do the math.
20,000 a day, times 365, I mean, times 4 years of Joe Biden.
Do the math, folks.
Do the math.
And that's just what we know about.
So let's put it all together.
What is really going on with this?
Well, this is an economic bomb.
This is a cultural bomb.
These people aren't coming here with prospects.
They're coming here for free stuff.
This is a UN agenda.
They classify them as migrants.
Then the UN then says you have to take them in.
Again, they don't have prospects.
They don't have jobs.
They don't have anything to offer.
They don't have dreams.
They have a handout asking for free stuff.
And they get it.
And you pay for it.
Three meals a day.
A roof over their head.
A ride, in a plane, a train, a bus, wherever they want to go.
You pay for the whole thing, you suckers!
So let's bring it all together.
Images show Biden administration planned ICE ID card for illegal immigrants.
Biden administration gearing up to give photo IDs to illegal border crossers who are released into the U.S.
Now that's one step away from making them citizens.
And when they become citizens, they can vote.
And now, what are you hearing from Illinois Democrats?
What are you hearing from New York Democrats?
Oh, we have to have borders.
Keep the immigrants in Texas.
Oh, I see.
So keep 1, 2, 3 million illegal immigrants in Texas, give them all IDs, fast-track them to citizenship, and then have them vote.
And now, it was confirmed by Ken Paxton last night with Tucker Carlson.
We also have the videos as well.
They are building an illegal immigrant city north of Houston that looks like they'll be housing as many as they want there.
It's just an infinite development.
They can build it forever.
And so now you're going to have an illegal immigrant city in Texas.
The Biden administration is going to make them legal so that they can vote.
And then you're going to turn Texas blue.
And the Democrats will never lose another election in the history of this country.
That's what this one party totalitarian state, the Democrat Party, the most corrupt party in US history has in store for you.
And now, I would reason that this is what was really behind the Ken Paxton impeachment.
Because they knew Ken Paxton would not allow it.
They knew Ken Paxton would do everything to stop it, and so they had to get him out of the way.
Now, to respond to this, Our attorneys, Bob Barnes and Viva Free, joining me now here on the Alex Jones Show.
Now guys, I'm not a legal expert, so I don't want to say anything inaccurate here, but would one of you like to volunteer for me?
Can you just walk across the border?
I thought there was this thing called legal immigration and you go through a process.
I'm sorry, but this seems to be complete lawlessness here, guys.
Robert, I think you gotta field this one.
I don't know.
You know what it's like to come here legally, Viva.
Compare that to how it's going at the border.
Well, the jokes sort of write themselves in a cynical way that, you know, for me to get a temporary visa, paperwork, however many thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars on an attorney to fill out the paperwork, go to the border, risk being turned around, submit all the filings, the paperwork, pay the taxes.
The problem is it's a humanitarian issue.
Everybody understands people want a better life, and they analogize this crisis at the southern border to historical forms of immigration, which we're not lawless like this, but this is nothing shy of lawlessness.
And you have Eric Adams saying that New York can't deal with it, and it's going to radically, I think he said, destroy the city of New York as anybody knew it.
And so it's a little bit more of the Democrat NIMBY hypocrisy.
We'll tolerate it for the virtue of it, but it's going to be someone else's problem.
And, oh, and you raise a very interesting point about Sarah Tish's way of flipping Texas blue so that there will never be another Republican election won in the future of America.
Bob, do you think there's any validity to this logic that I have?
Because you scratch your head, you say, well, gee, why would they be so blatant in their complete frivolous illegality trying to remove Ken Paxton from office?
They haven't even let him do, done his job in the last four months.
He's been suspended.
Then we have this illegal immigrant city popping up.
Now we have the Biden administration saying, hey, we want to give them IDs.
To me, I think the plan is revealed here, Bob.
I mean, I think there's multiple aspects of it.
I mean, one aspect is political change, the hopes that illegal immigration will lead to more votes for Democrats, particularly from those illegal immigrants themselves, if they're able to rush through some form of illicit citizenship or get them to pad the ballot box.
By unduly expanding and extending the franchise.
I mean, Pennsylvania is talking about automatic registration with your driver's licenses.
And many of these same Democratic states are putting illegal immigrants on those driver rolls.
So all of a sudden you could have them on the voter rolls.
And you could pad the voter rolls.
So you have that issue of political change, then you have the issue of economic change.
That this floods the low-wage and lower blue-collar income sectors of the economy from a wide range of work, from landscaping to construction to services and the like.
And who that hurts the most is younger and blue-collar workers on the lower end of the wage scale.
And so they bear the burden.
And then on top of that, you have which communities bear the brunt of it?
You have the Biden administration trying to lock people into Texas, trying to prohibit illegal immigrants.
They're trying to bring them into Texas and then lock them into Texas by not allowing them to go to other states, whereas before they were flying them to different states.
In part, that's because the sanctuary cities are going berserk when they actually have to deal with the problem of illegal immigration.
But also they want to concentrate the social, political, economic burden of illegal immigration disproportionately on working class neighborhoods and communities.
It's their schools that get overhit.
It's their roads and bridges and infrastructure that's overtaxed.
It's their areas that suffer the most consequence negatively and adversely, while it's the upper income and the wealthy and the affluent and the corporate communities, as Bernie Sanders once admitted.
said, you know, illegal immigration is a way for the Koch brothers of the world to get
fabulously and fantastically rich.
So clearly that it's part of cultural transformation, economic transformation, political transformation,
a revolution from within by authorizing, encouraging, incentivizing, and maybe even going into bed
with the cartels that are bringing an invasion from without.
And we know that the Democrats are doing everything right now, not just to assert themselves,
assert their dominance politically, but make it so that there's no threat for them in the
future either.
And when you look at the Ken Paxton thing, he has been, and they admit this, he has been, as far as an Attorney General is concerned, the biggest thorn in the side of the Biden administration.
They know he's not going to take this illegal activity at the southern border.
In fact, On his Tucker Carlson interview last night, he even called out the fact that he doesn't believe Biden won!
He said straight up that the 2020 election was rigged.
Now, he might be hearing from Merrick Garland's Justice Department soon, and you know, they might sentence him to 120 days in jail for rhetoric like that.
You know, that's how that goes.
But when you see this story about illegal immigrants getting photo IDs, I mean, to me that says one step away from citizenship.
What does that say to you guys?
Well, it's definitely designed to facilitate all of the privileges and freedom of citizenship.
So that, you know, creating that kind of ID card is intended to allow them to have free access to the labor market, free access to various forms of voter registration, to driver car registration.
Remember, it's explicit in a range of democratic cities now.
Portland, Oregon, LA is under consideration, Boston, Massachusetts, other cities across the country are trying to make it completely legal for illegal aliens to not only vote in their local elections, but in the case of Illinois, they're considering giving them sheriffs and police deputies.
Yeah, I mean, this is hilarious.
So they've realized, I mean, the Democrats aren't as dumb as they seem sometimes.
They know they can't get Americans to vote for them anymore.
So they're looking around the world and saying, will anybody out there vote for us?
Come on in here.
We'll give you free stuff.
We'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
So we've seen an incredible phenomenon.
A couple years ago, the Democrats were sanctuary cities, and they were telling you how great and they're so much more virtuous and moral than you are, you scumbag conservative.
They'll take all the illegal immigrants.
They're sanctuary cities.
They love them so much.
Of course, they won't put them in their own homes.
You know, that's where they draw the line.
But let's take a look here at Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York, in 2021 versus Kathy Hochul yesterday.
As you know, the Statue of Liberty is inscribed, it says, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled young masses yearning to be free, the wretched refuse to a teeming shore.
And that statement encapsulizes our values.
We want people to come here.
Despite where they came from, or despite the circumstances that drove them to this country and to this state, we say you are welcome here.
You're welcome with open arms and we'll work to keep you safe.
We'll not only house you, but we'll protect you.
So our message to the world is, send us your people, send us those who need the cloak of comfort that we can demonstrate as New Yorkers with big hearts and open arms, and we'll provide a safe haven.
We have to let the word out.
That when you come to New York, we're not going to have more hotel rooms.
We don't have capacity.
So we have to also message properly that we're at our limit.
If you're going to leave your country, go somewhere else.
But the smarter thing is to apply for asylum before you leave your country.
Okay, Kathy Ogle issues dire warning to migrants coming to New York.
We are out of space!
So it's the governor of New York, it's the mayor of New York City, it's also Chicago Democrats, they're all saying the same thing.
Hey, we're a sanctuary city, we're better than Republicans, we take illegal immigrants.
But not really!
We don't actually want you to come here, we don't have the space, we don't have the resources, so please actually do not come here.
Now, Aside from the fact, gentlemen, that obviously these people are total phonies and liars when it comes to this, why don't they understand, why are they so nearsighted?
It's not that New York is out of space, or Chicago is out of space, the country is out of space!
We're out of resources!
New York City gets like 3% of the illegal immigrants!
Where are the others going?
To other places that can't afford to have them there and don't have the space.
Why do they have this nearsighted problem?
Or do they really not understand?
Are they really that stupid?
Viva Fry!
I got it right this time.
Viva, go ahead.
Don't worry.
Could you imagine listening to the governor of a state Appealing to the rest of the world to send people to her state instead of governing the people that she was elected to govern?
I mean, I don't throw words around like treasonous or seditious or whatever.
What it clearly is, is disloyal to the people that she was elected to represent.
And it's nice to want to have a big heart and say, look, the people out there come from countries of tremendous turmoil.
And okay, we'll take the asylum seekers in the most extreme circumstances, but an open-ended invitation two years ago, when it's politically correct, when it's virtuous on social media, when it's good for elections, and then at some point the chickens come home to roost and you say, holy crap, we can't do it anymore.
And now you say, don't come here?
I mean, if a Republican says, immigrants welcome, just don't come here, go somewhere else, they'll get lambasted.
HOKL says it two years after appealing to everyone to just come and flood the state,
and they can't even serve their own that they were elected to serve.
They should be elected out of office, but that doesn't seem to work.
Impeached out of office, if that's available.
What it is, is it is disloyal and arguably worse to the citizens they were elected to
New York City has turned into what it's turned into.
I mean, it's worse now from what I understand than it was in the 90s when people refused to go there.
It fails at some point because it's unsustainable, but they got the virtue signaling points two years back.
Now the reality has hit home.
Bob, have the Democrat policies become damaging and destructive enough that liberals will stop voting for them, or does it have to get worse?
I think it depends, and I think you're seeing a disparity between different cities.
So some cities are not experiencing the same kind of crisis that the cities on the East and West Coast are.
But what New York is facing, what Chicago is facing, what LA is facing, what San Francisco is facing, is a quartet of crises.
One crisis is the illegal immigration problem that they welcomed, invited, and now regret The second is that the combination of defunding the police and aligning themselves with criminal gangs and disguised as racial protesters, much like the late 1960s when the Black Panthers were quickly converted into a criminal gang support operation.
And, you know, gangs like the Crips actually were organized as a political protest organization, but were really always gangs.
Well, that criminality is exploding in places like New York City and places like San Francisco.
Then you have the third crisis that they have, which is the homelessness crisis.
Again, a crisis kind of brought on by themselves.
A crisis brought on because they didn't make sufficient allocation for shelter while at the same time inviting the homeless into their cities and into their locations.
And the net effect of combining that is you have a homelessness crisis, a crime crisis, an illegal immigration crisis, and then you have the remote work related issues that is killing office real estate compounded by people not wanting to go to the downtowns of these cities because they're no longer desirable shopping centers due to the various liberalization of laws, whether it's we're not going to require any kind of bail conditions in places like New York.
In places like parts of California.
We're going to, as in places like in California and parts of New York, decriminalize a range of laws of dangerous criminality.
We're going to reverse the broken windows theory, which was, you know, under Giuliani's era, it was like no more letting minor crimes off because minor crimes become major crime.
You know, the theory that if you have a broken window in a neighborhood, it leads to deterioration of lawful authority throughout the community.
So, you know, New York City, you can go back and watch the movies from the 70s and 80s.
You can go back to San Francisco.
I mean, where is Dirty Harry?
Dirty Harry's in San Francisco.
Why is he in San Francisco?
It was crime ridden.
It was riddled with homelessness issues, riddled with drug issues.
Riddled with the same set of issues that is now coming back, and then you put a commercial real estate, office real estate problem, with people not wanting to shop in those locations, people not wanting to live in those locations.
Figured out during the pandemic... Oh yeah, keep talking.
I just want the crew to roll clip four here.
Beverly Hills has now turned into a ghost town because of all the crime.
I just want to give some evidence to support what you're saying.
Go ahead.
I mean, you have Walgreens pulling out of New York.
You have a pulling out of San Francisco.
You have a Walmart pulling out of Chicago.
I mean, there's just no way to operate in these major cities because of the explosion of retail crime due to the combination of defunding police, illegal immigration, homelessness on the streets.
And then you combine that with not wanting to shop downtown, not wanting to live downtown,
not wanting to work in office centers downtown.
But what does that cause?
That causes an implosion of commercial real estate.
And what does that lead to?
That leads to a dramatic decline in property taxes.
What is the primary source of local income for local city governments in Chicago,
in New York, in San Francisco?
It's property taxes.
So all of a sudden they don't have the funds to have basic services.
Well, at the same time, they're trying to run these little mini socialist states
in places like New York, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.
And we're seeing 70s levels disaster and debacle in these places.
This may be the nadir of America's major urban cities as the socialist left experimentation has left them in a state of complete disaster.
Your only option if you live there is to get out and not stay there.
Yeah, because you can't defend yourself because they're disarming you as well, so that's a bit of a problem as well.
All right, we've got Viva Frye, we've got Bob Barnes with us here.
I got a shocking clip from Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick coming up.
And we had such a great show last night, myself and these two.
I want to re-delve into kind of that in the last segment.
We got a lot more with the two great guests.
Don't go anywhere, though.
This statement from Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick last night is going to solidify exactly what we're talking about today.
Alright, I've got a shocking clip from Dan Patrick coming up.
And then, I gotta tell ya, Viva Frye and Bob Barnes host a great show on Rumble.
I was honored to join them last night.
I got as much feedback from that transmission as I've done other big shows and interviews, so we're going to kind of revisit a lot of that as well, talking about the attack on the First Amendment and the precedent that might be set with my case, which is ongoing.
But first, before we get into that, here's a special message from Alex Jones.
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Alright, I want to play this clip and I want to get the response from our guests here because...
This stuff is hard to believe.
That they would be building an illegal immigrant city in Texas that's expansive and on huge lands.
I mean, we're talking about the biggest property development, residential property development you're gonna see ever.
And so, I think this is why they tried to get rid of Ken Paxton because their plan is to turn Texas blue with these illegal immigrants.
Listen to what Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said on local radio last night.
Governor Patrick, I asked for listener input and the number one question I got, I'm looking at, is probably 30 emails out of the first 50 that came in within about three minutes after I said that.
Colony Ridge.
This is a big issue.
Are the cartels involved in this?
It's a development outside of Houston.
I don't know if it's made it to your desk yet, but it's a legal alien settlement and people are very, very concerned.
It's been profiled nationally now.
Do you have any thoughts on that?
Yeah, that's the Plum Creek subdivision.
I'm very aware of it, and it was interesting when I was campaigning last year on my bus tour, I kind of wrapped up in that area, and I was not familiar with it.
I'd heard about it, but was not very familiar, and I talked with the law enforcement over there, and they were telling me what a huge problem that is.
And it is very interesting you say that, because I'm going to ask, once I get a little bit more legal foundation on this to see what we can do.
I'm going to ask Governor Abbott to look at addressing some of these issues in a special session if we can.
It may be too soon to get a legal opinion.
I'm going to talk to, now that Paxton's back on the job, I'm going to reach out to him today.
I had this massive complex of people here illegally creating their own city.
Um, just north of Houston, um, is, uh, it's just unacceptable how it's been laid out.
Again, it's a, it's a private development, so we have to look at how we deal with this, but we can't have, we can't have entire cities of people of color illegally, uh, with basically no law enforcement.
In some cases, I'm told they're running water.
Um, uh, it's a very dangerous place to be.
This is not what America was built on.
And this is why the Joe Biden policy about open borders has to end.
But real quick, I was on the last night, I gave these numbers.
By the time Biden has finished his first four years, he will have led in somewhere between 11 and 15 million
people illegally.
We apprehended 2 million a year, another million got away.
So over four years, that's nine.
We don't apprehend everybody.
The law enforcement thinks we get one for one.
That would be 8 million.
Let's be conservative.
Let's say another 4 million get it.
We didn't see it, didn't catch.
That's 12 million people on top of the 25 to 30 million people who were already here.
So you're talking about 10 to 15% of our entire population of America being here
A lot of them uneducated, bad health, they don't know our foundation, don't know our history.
This is a takeover of our country by the Marxist left who are behind Joe Biden as president.
All right, so let's just frame all this up, and then I want to get Viva Frye and Bob Barnes' response to this.
You've got an illegal immigrant city being built in just north of Houston that, I mean, it's expansive, it's a huge development, I mean, who knows how many people they could move there.
As many as they want, I suppose.
You've got the Biden administration getting ready to give government IDs to illegal immigrants. You just had the
attempted removal of Ken Paxton, who's been the strongest attorney general against the
corruption of the Biden administration.
And now you got New York and Illinois saying no more illegal immigrants here, keep them in Texas.
I want to get the response here, guys. I mean, even maybe just let's put our legal hats down.
Let's put our analyst hats down. We're just sitting at dinner. We're just having a talk
at the bar. I mean, Viva, what do you what do you say in response to this?
Oh, and if you were trying to destroy a country and make it look like an accident or make it
look like the indirect effect of policy, what would you be doing any different?
You would be doing nothing different.
And incidentally, it's not just an American thing.
In Canada, Canada's talking about doubling its population by the end of the century,
going from 40 million or 30-some-odd million to 100 million by 2100.
And you got the mayor of Toronto asking people to open up their rental units to asylum seekers,
kicking out homeless people from shelters to make room for asylum seekers.
This is sort of a global thing.
It's not even limited only to Texas or the States.
But if you were trying to destroy a country, if you were trying to ensure that you remain
in power forever, not by swaying people to vote for you, but by importing people to vote
for you, you would be doing nothing different.
At some point, Steve Bannon says, one time's an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action.
This is clearly enemy action at this point.
It's a deliberate plan, concerted, and you asked earlier, when are Democrats or Liberals going to change their vote?
Do they have to suffer more before they change their votes?
I'm convinced that they also view this suffering as some sort of noble proof of their virtue, and that they're prepared to put up with it.
Oh, you're right!
In fact, guys, pull in the Louis C.K.
clip from yesterday, and I'll go to that just to put more proof of what you're saying out there.
Not to cut you off, but guys, let's pull that in, because I want to play that clip, but continue.
It's like they take virtue, they take solace in their suffering, but they'll also find a way to blame it on Republicans.
New York is going to say, if only Texas dealt with this, we wouldn't have to.
Not in my backyard.
We want all the virtue that comes along with inviting, opening our borders.
Everyone send them here.
Just don't send them here.
Send them to Texas.
Let them deal with them.
We're not a border town.
Bob Barnes.
Yeah, I mean, that scene you were showing earlier of the private village reminded me of the opening scene of Sicario.
People forget, you know, that the third part of that trilogy yet to come out.
But, you know, the Sicario, the second film, explains how the number one profiting tool and technique of some of the most brutal elements of the Mexican drug cartels is now human trafficking, not drug trafficking.
Many of these people are coming in from Central America and they're literally being trafficked across multiple borders against the laws of multiple nations.
And the net effect of it is to destabilize North America, not only the United States, but Canada.
And we're seeing a comparable phenomenon in Europe.
Destabilizing Ukraine, unleashing immigrants throughout the rest of Western Europe.
And Eastern and Central Europe?
The same thing happened over the last decade, in terms of destabilizing the Middle East, destabilizing Central Asia.
For what effect?
Mass immigration into Western Europe, leading to destabilization of the local economy, the local polity, the local society.
And anybody who second-guessed it is morally evil.
Anyone who second-guesses it must be motivated by some racially supremacist vision.
Not just ordinary people responding to undue stress on their systems due to lawless actions incentivized and encouraged by the globalist elite.
And this goes back to George Soros' ultimate goal, plan, and ideal, which is that open society means open borders.
Uh, that by creating open borders you defeat national identity.
By defeating national identity you open the door to globalist elite control.
Soros hasn't been bashful about what and how he thinks the world should be governed.
He thinks a small group at the top Should globally govern the world in institutions independent and free from democratic restriction and restraint, much as the European Union is already so governed.
But to take that to its worst possible central bank, centralized planner, driven society and economy, just replacing one group of elites with another one.
And immigration has been one of the critical tools to do so, taking advantage of disadvantaged people and populations that they have helped decentralize and destabilize.
Many of these Central American governments have been undermined by the same globalist crowd.
Look at El Salvador.
What does the president of El Salvador do?
He comes from the left populist tradition.
He recognizes that immigration is created by the destabilization of his country.
He objects to the constant immigration of his population outside of his country.
What does he do?
He decides he's not going to tolerate the cartels anymore.
He locks them up in masks.
Isn't that amazing?
It's proof that it can be done.
And Donald Trump basically made that statement last night in Iowa.
Trump vows to invoke a wartime law to deport suspected foreign gang members and drug dealers and other illegal immigrants.
I mean, it was proof that it can be done!
I mean, he has radically reduced crime overnight in a country riddled with crime, dramatically improving its economy.
It's not a coincidence he also introduced Bitcoin as a substitute currency, recognizing that the globalist control of the centralized and financial banking systems poses an imminent risk to freedom and liberty around the world.
And so you have, and what does he think of Donald Trump?
Remember all the, oh Hispanics hate Trump, Trump's racist.
When he came and met Trump at the White House, he said Trump was cool, just like him.
So that's the, these are populist rebels uniting from across the political spectrum, left to right.
You see it in the Argentinian presidential candidate, libertarian populist that Tucker Carlson interviewed right before he interviewed Ken Paxton, the populist attorney general of Texas.
You're seeing it rise throughout Europe.
You're seeing it rise in Asia.
You're seeing it rise in Central America.
The Central American popular leaders don't want this mass immigration either.
The Mexican president, Obrador, has said nice things about Trump and objected to the mass immigration coming into his country as a transit into the United States.
The drug cartels have so much power in Mexico that they pose an imminent risk to the government itself, not just the broader society, where they effectively govern large parts of the nation.
Oh, and let's be clear too.
The Mexican cartels have more control and power at the southern border than the US government and the Biden administration have.
That's exactly what Sicario 2 portrays.
It portrays the other, how else that could be done.
And people should look at some of the people coming across the borders.
These aren't, you know, Mexican day laborers anymore.
The people coming across the borders are people from China, people from Africa, but people we have no idea, people from the Middle East.
I mean, Sicario 2 starts out with how Mexican drug cartels could be used for human trafficking.
I get the feeling, Bob, that you like the movie Sicario 2.
It's just a hunch that I have.
I don't know.
It's just a feeling I have, so maybe I'll have to check that out.
All right, but I want to go to this clip now to prove exactly what Viva was talking about.
This is Louis C.K.
Who's pretty much lost his career, mostly by his own demise.
But this is exactly what Viva was talking about.
Here's Louis C.K.
on the Joe Rogan Podcast.
Listen to this.
But my feeling is they should open it, the border, and just let them pour it, let everybody pour in, and then the answer, which is, well, then there'll be all these problems.
Yes, there should be.
It shouldn't be so great here, is what I'm saying, in America.
It shouldn't be.
It's a weird thing to sequester a certain group of people and try to keep upping their lifespan and their lifestyle.
And just keep trying to increase that for this group of people, and then this pressure of people trying to come in so they can enjoy it, and then it gets worse and worse down here.
I mean, I'm not Canada.
It's really just from down here.
There's something wrong with that.
That's not a system that's working, and it forces people to do cruel things to other people.
There's a lot of people that die so Americans can be safe.
They're just dying, you know, weddings that are drone-bombed in Yemen, because the guy said something that might have resulted in American insecurity.
Not even like definite American deaths, but like, just so we can breathe a little easier.
Folks die.
And folks do labor in unsafe places so that we can keep the prices where we like them.
There's so much about American life that other people pay for.
That's part of it.
But also, it's not good for us either.
It's not a good way to live in a gated community, you know?
If you let folks pour in, like any other wave, it'll kind of slosh.
And then y'all just, things will be different.
I don't know, like, what'll really happen?
A bunch of people, like, will they just come with knives and start killing everybody?
Yes, actually, a lot of illegal immigrants are murdering people.
There was just a Peruvian illegal immigrant the other day.
So, I mean, look, there's a lot to unpack here, and I'll let you guys respond to this, but Louis C.K.
obviously lives a very high elite lifestyle.
He's not going to open up his mansions to illegal immigrants.
He just wants to sit here and destroy our way of life.
But, you know, here's what I think is actually going on here, and you guys can unpack that however you want, and then let's get into last night's powerful show that I did with you in my legal case.
But, you know, here's what I see happening here.
Here's the phenomenon that I actually see happening.
Liberals can no longer deny that they're the problem.
They can't.
Liberals can no longer deny that they're the problems with society and their policies are doing damage and destroying our country.
They can't deny it anymore.
So this is their new pivot.
Their new pivot is, well, you just deserve it.
You just don't deserve to have a good life.
And because other people are suffering, you just have to suffer too.
To me, this is the new pitch from liberals.
They can no longer pitch that they're the moral people.
They can no longer pitch that they offer better policies.
So this is their final line, I think, as far as politics is concerned, is that, well, you just deserve to have a worse life.
So just get used to it.
I thought I had listened to Louis C.K.
on Rogan, and I don't remember that part.
When he first started talking, I thought he was saying it critically, as in judgmentally, like it's sort of sarcastic.
Yeah, well, we have it too good here, so let's lower our quality of life, and maybe that way people will stop coming in.
To the extent he's being serious, it is the NIMBY of the stars, you know?
Those who are the most privileged, economically, financially well off, they'll have bigger fences, they'll have bigger guns, and they'll have more security.
But, you know, the hoi polloi are going to have to deal with it because it's just the way it was.
First of all, he also said, you know, like, people have to die so that Americans can maintain their well-being.
They get killed by the government that actually exacerbates all these problems by causing strife in Syria, in the Middle East, causing the migrant crisis to other countries, and then they come in through the south of the border.
And, you know, locally, they don't care so long as they think they're going to be Democrat.
The irony was, The media's attention perked up to the immigrants crossing the border at the southern border when they found out that there were like 5,000 Russians coming in there.
Then immigration becomes a problem.
When there are Cubans who might be more conservative, then, you know, they're more prone to closing off the borders and making it more difficult.
But no, Louis C.K.
exemplifies the absolute hypocrisy of promoting something that will not affect you because you have enough money to protect yourself from it.
And I just gotta finish with my joke that Louis C.K.
destroyed his own career at his own hands, bada bing, bada boom.
It's nice to see him back, but he's not making much more sense now than he was before, to the extent he was being serious.
Hey Bob, do you know any liberals, open borders liberals, that open up their homes for illegal immigrants?
Not very often.
I mean, you have some conscientious types out there that actually back up their words with action.
But you look at Robert Kennedy.
Robert Kennedy is someone who comes from a family that supported legal immigration for a long time.
His Uncle Ted passed the immigration law that liberalized things in the late 1960s.
And he went down to the border and said, this is an unmanageable disaster.
He said, this is a disaster for everybody.
It's a disaster for America.
It's a disaster for these countries of Central America.
It's a disaster for working class Americans.
It's a disaster for the people being trafficked into here.
Because they're in no-man's land.
They don't have cultural, political, or legal protection.
They're at the whim and subject to whatever brutality the cartels visit upon them.
Or once they get here, to the degree they're outside of the control of the cartels, they're often still subject to their extortion because of the cartels' connections to their family and friends back home.
And then they're often trying to have to send whatever funds they have back home, to the degree they can.
Think you're subject to labor abuse here in the United States?
So he pointed out that no true humanitarian would support this mass illegal immigration taking place because it's anti-humanitarian at every level.
What Louis C.K.
really represents is the elitist contempt I'm going to have to interrupt and correct you here.
I think you're limiting their true approach here.
When he talks about...
You know, I'm going to have to interrupt and correct you here.
I don't...
I think you're limiting...
I think you're limiting their true approach here.
I think they despise and hate everybody.
Oh, well, I mean, to a certain degree, yes.
But I think they have a particular contempt.
You can tell Louis C.K.
is the kind of guy who drives through small-town Texas and just looks at everybody as if they're a character from Deliverance.
That, you know, that's, you know, he's that kind of snob.
You know, he just... You know, he probably wishes he was in that scene.
Well yeah, there's always a little bit of that going on.
You can see, Louis C.K.
dreams at night that he'll be squealing sometime soon in Georgia.
Play his own Ned Beatty.
I mean, he looks like the guy.
I wish I was in the scene!
I watched Deliverance and I'm sitting there saying, I wish I was in that scene!
Why wasn't I cast for that scene?
It should have been me in that scene!
Alright, I'm making jokes.
Well, you see the weird laugh when he talked about serial killers?
I mean, the guy comes in, especially with those glasses, he's got total serial killer glasses.
The dude, I mean, I have a whole new approach to Louis C. He's not only a pervert... Oh, I don't know if you want to approach Louis C.K., all right?
By the way, do you remember his... I mean, there's lots of reasons not to get... You better hope the only thing he's got in his hand is something of his own equipment.
Because, I mean, this guy is a whoo-hoo-hoo.
I mean, that's the message I got.
By the way, everyone has to refer back to one of his bits from a while back, which was, you know, if only humans had the defense mechanism of a skunk, like spray smelly stuff and it'll scare people away, and he analogized it to playing with himself.
And then you find out what he did in real life and you realize there's a lot more truth than jest in his jokes, and so if you digest everything he says with that truth and jest principle, Then some of his stuff goes from being funny to being scary very quickly.
But, no, Robert, yeah, the disdain for the lowly citizens who, they don't deserve the good life that they have.
They didn't build that.
They're not entitled to safe communities.
Or the problem's not that bad.
Stop complaining.
It's progress, moral and social.
But I'll sit here in my Manhattan sky rise and I'll look down at the homeless people in the streets.
It's tremendous, but it is all political.
It is the idea that at some point, in Canada and in the States, you can't convince people to vote for the Liberals or the Democrats because of policy, and so what's the long-term plan?
Bring them in through illegal immigration, and you'll import your vote instead of having to persuade people to vote for you.
Yeah, you just can't trust a guy who likes to make jokes, pedophilia jokes.
I mean, there's something about that guy, that little scene from Rogan is more disturbing.
I thought before he was just your classic Hollywood elitist pervert.
But that is like a real sicko.
That's a guy you don't want to know what's going on at home.
I mean, this guy is like John Wayne Gacy of comedians.
Do we know, has Jeffrey Toobin ever hung out with Louis C.K.?
Does anybody know?
I don't know, but if nobody knows who Jean Lajoie is, he's actually a comedian from Montreal, or Longueuil, which is sort of south of Montreal.
He did a bit like 10 years ago called Rapist Glasses, and it was a humorous bit, like, looking too normal?
Wear these glasses that will make you look like a bad boy.
Louis C.K.
went out and bought a pair.
He's looking for a sponsorship deal.
That's terrible.
But just listen to Louis C.K.' 's humor and jokes and older jokes from the past and understand how much truth we have now discovered was infused into them.
And, you know, you'll hear him differently, but he does exemplify the... I couldn't tell if he was being serious there.
Was he being sarcastic?
We have it too good here.
Too many people die for America, as in American foreign policy results in the death and killing of people, the destabilization of other nations, which then leads to migrant crises in Europe and through the south of the border.
I guess it's kind of like this.
I guess we'll close the hour kind of like this.
It'd be like...
Let's just say, hypothetically, somebody got caught masturbating in public and then just saying, Oh, it's just a joke!
I'm just joking!
That's all this is.
It's just a funny bit that I'm doing.
I'm not a pervert.
See, I'm a comedian.
All right, we'll be right back with Viva Frye and Bob Barnes.
Don't go anywhere.
Alright, I just want to do a quick five minutes on some news here with Bob Barnes and Viva Fry.
And then in the next segment, I want to get into last night's show where I was on their Rumble channel.
And I'm telling you, the feedback was great for it.
You guys should check that out.
The Viva Fry, Bob Barnes podcast on Rumble.
But guys, there was a big story out of Chicago.
I just want to get your quick, let's say 90 second response.
No cash bail in Chicago.
Viva, what does this mean for the city?
Start with Robert on that one.
That's mild news to me.
I mean, I think it depends.
I mean, I do believe in the Eighth Amendment, and so I believe in very liberalized bail standards.
The problem is the selectivity in which it's being applied.
In other words, bail should be required to secure somebody's appearance in trial, and take for an example the most egregious failure to impose reasonable bail restrictions.
We over, the government and the courts impose, undo limitations on bail in the cases of January 6th defendants and a lot of other people in my view.
I believe Sam Bankman Freed was also wrongfully denied bail.
In fact, I was for bail for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
Because what we found out, you know, Jeffrey Epstein, eternal truth number one, didn't kill himself.
But look at who they give easy bail to.
In other words, when they're giving easy bail to street criminals and gang members who they know do have a substantial risk of flight, do have a substantial risk of causing more mayhem, the other group they give easy bail to, or require no bail, is a legal immigrant under the Biden administration.
This is classic catch and release.
The Biden administration is not only inviting people in effectively, often giving them money and funding them when they first get here, but also allowing them to roam free without any detention.
No real bail requirements at all.
And so what you see is selective bail.
No bail for the people who deserve it under the Constitution, and easy bail or no bail requirement at all for those who are the most dangerous to our way of life.
Well, I just see these cities already in horrible danger.
And so to me, this is just going to make criminals even more emboldened to commit crimes, knowing not only are we probably going to be let off by a Soros DA, we might not even spend a night in jail.
I mean, people are learning the political discrepancy and political disparity and sentencing and bail and every aspect of the civil and criminal justice process is, you know, you've got to experience.
Well, exactly.
And I'm hoping, I mean, we've petitioned in our appeal that the government allow me to remain free during the appeal.
They have to respond by the 27th.
We can get more into that on the other side.
I want to let Viva speak before we take this short break.
No, I was just going to say, like, we see the consequences, it would seem, in real time of what happens when there's no cash bail implemented in various cities, various states.
But the flip side is exactly what Robert says.
The bail should be reasonable, proportionate, and should fit the alleged crime.
We're dealing in situations where you have violent criminals being released on no-cash bail and then re-offending in short order, and then you have January 6thers not released at all, period.
Years in pretrial detention, the Whitmer kidnappers, a couple of them who were ultimately acquitted, in two years of pretrial detention up in Canada, The dude who drove a van into protesters in Winnipeg released on cash bail.
It was a substantial amount.
But then you have others accused of mischief, but it's politically oriented mischief, kept in jail for one, two, upwards of five months in the case of Pat King.
So the issue is bail reform is not something to be disregarded on its face.
But my goodness, when it's violent criminals There has to be the cash flow might not be the worst thing on earth But just a bail system that is that makes sense given the nature of the crimes and not one that is just totally weaponized Politically which we're seeing in real time.
Yeah, and let's get more into that on the other side of this break because again folks and and we'll pull up the Viva Barnes Channel on Rumble because I'm telling you I've done probably since last week when my case was was trending all over the news probably like 20-30 interviews and the Tim Pool one obviously got a lot of response and hype but the Viva Barnes Show last night I got a lot of response and and let me tell you when it's when it's my mother saying hey that was really good I really enjoyed that then you know that it was a great show
So let's kind of just recap all of that with Bob Barnes and Viva Frye on the other side of this break.
And I mean, I appreciate them giving me the platform.
And so we're just paying it forward here today.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
Now, if you like this transmission, if you like the Alex Jones Show, if you like the work of InfoWars and myself, remember to shop at InfoWarsStore.com so we can keep it going.
And so let me just give a couple legal updates in my case because I've gotten so much support from this audience.
I want to keep you guys updated and I want to remain transparent.
We have filed our appeal.
The government has to respond by the 27th.
We are asking the appeals court to deal with the Blatant overreach of the government in this case and the criminalization of free speech in this case.
And so we'd like the case to be thrown out because that would be justice.
I've served more than two years probation.
And quite frankly, I believe that the US government needs to be sent a message that no, you're not going to criminalize speech.
You're not going to overreach in cases like this.
So we're also asking that I am allowed to remain free during this time.
When we get an update on that I will let you know.
In another instance, one of the great attorneys over at Barnes Law, Lexis Anderson, we have officially filed a cease and desist today to an individual who is stealing my digital identity and quite frankly I would say defaming me On the platform known as X, a cease and desist has been sent to that individual and a cease and desist has been sent to X as well.
Not only asking to have them stop this digital identity theft, but also restore my original account.
That's where we're at right now.
When the next level of that breaks, I will give you an update there as well.
And you can find that story at InfoWars.com.
And Lexus E. Anderson, representing me in this case, you can follow her there on Twitter.
Now, guys, we had a really great show last night.
It was about two hours.
We got a little personal, but we covered the legal stuff as well.
You know, what are your takeaways from that now?
Which was, again, a lot of people reached out and said it was such a great show.
What are your takeaways, just kind of reflecting on that from last night?
I would say that my main takeaway is that there is a war on free speech, there's a war on free thought, and you're but one of the many victims, but the way that the war starts, and I've learned this now as a result of, you know, my experiences with Barnes and him sensitizing me to this, they start with unpopular figures, or at the very least they start with figures who they've made you believe are unpopular, because The defamation is twofold.
It's the de-platforming so that you can't defend yourself, and then the incessant defamation when you're not there.
In French, we say, les absents ont toujours tort.
Those who are not there are always wrong.
So they de-platform you, and then they say all sorts of horrible crap about you, so that people who don't know better because they're living busy lives believe a percentage of what they hear, but it's enough to say, I don't really care, it's not my problem, if I'm good, it won't come to me.
And then you have, you know, what they do with the Russell Brands.
Then you have, I had on actually, Owen, before you, the journalist Stephen Horne, one of the January Sixers, a journalist.
They're documenting, you know, Cameron and all, charged with four crimes and convicted.
Convicted for journalism, convicted for free speech, sentenced to jail time, while, bringing it back to the cash bail, you have criminals roaming free, violent criminals roaming free.
But the way they do it, it's a system, it's a pattern.
They ran the blueprint with Alex Jones and they're running it with you right now.
They get people to think that they hate you so that they don't care about what they're doing to you.
But if people were to find out, they would care.
And I think if they got to know you, they might not hate you quite as much as they think they do hate you.
No, actually most people like me.
I've had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Bob Barnes and Viva maybe someday we'll get to hang out as well.
And let me just put it like this way, because Stephen Horne's case is another very important case.
It's a little different than mine, but very important nonetheless.
And folks, it's not a coincidence that Horne's case is following up mine.
Mine is the precedent-setting case, and then everything that follows is going to be because of that precedent set.
Bob Barnes, what are your takeaways?
Yeah, I think what people need to recognize is that the consequence of your case goes beyond you.
That the case goes to, it's the first that I am aware of, overt attempt to increase criminal punishment, to impose criminal punishment, based solely on speech.
That the entire sentencing memorandum requested an exceptional deviation from the sentencing guidelines and customs and norms that the due process of law requires a court to follow.
And to what's called an upward variance and impose a prison sentence on something that is not supposed to involve a prison sentence.
Solely and wholly based on press, speech, and petitioning the government, that those three core First Amendment fundamental freedoms, they now claim, the United States government, in the case of the United States v. J. Owen Schroer, are saying that they have the right to put somebody in prison and inflict higher punishment upon them, impose incarceral punishment upon them, solely and wholly based on a completely otherwise constitutionally protected activity.
And that's why the case is so consequential, and credit to all those people that are continuing to support at DefendOwen.com, because the case goes beyond your case.
It's what I talked about when they were coming after Alex.
When they came after Alex in the social media context, said they're going to do it after others.
When they came after him in the lawfare context, said they're going to do it after others.
Well, let me just hone in on this for a second, Bob.
is well what's happening to Russell Brand and Rumble? What's happening is
they took the template of Alex Jones just like they're trying to take the
template of Owen Schroeder to impose criminal punishment on people for press
and speech and petitioning the government in the United States. They use
the case of Alex Jones, the example of Alex Jones to now go after Russell Brand.
Well let me just hone in on this for a second Bob. Let me just hone in on this
for a second because not only was Alex Jones the test case for internet
censorship and and thus we've seen the dominoes fall afterwards, they also had
another legal test case with Alex which is you're not even gonna get to defend
yourself in court.
And now they're doing the exact same thing to Rudy Giuliani, and I would suspect they do the exact same thing to Donald Trump.
And so, let's just be clear and honest about this, and everybody, I think, recognizes this.
InfoWars is the most relentlessly truth-telling team of broadcasters, journalists, guests, and crew on the planet.
And so, of course they have to use us as the test case.
Whether it's Alex Jones Internet censorship, whether it's Alex Jones, you don't even get to defend yourself in court, or whether it's Owen Schroer, your speech is going to land you in jail.
This is what has played out, and I'm hoping the American people, or even the integrity, if there's any left of the US government, can stop it now.
Owen, it has to come close to people for them to care, and then even then they might still say, well, he must have done something to deserve it.
With Alex Jones, it wasn't, you know, just deplatforming, unpersoning.
Then stripping of defenses and holding a show trial, which is effectively what they just did with Steve Bannon afterwards.
Strip them of any of their affirmative defenses.
And then have a, you know, a bogus show trial so that people can think they have the semblance of justice.
And then they think that they did.
People think that they saw a trial for Alex Jones in which he got convicted and they don't even realize he was foreclosed from pleading in default and that trial that they thought was a trial on the merits was only on the damages because guilt had already been determined via a declaratory judgment or a default judgment.
They won't care until it happens to them.
And it's, I mean, I put up a tweet earlier today also about Google.
I just noticed on AdSense it says, given the war in Ukraine, Google is demonetizing content that is, it was so ambiguous.
Oh, I won't remember the terms.
But anything that is not critical of Russia, if it condones, minimizes, or whatever, the war in Ukraine, demonetize.
This is the war to put people in jail for their thought, put people in jail for their speech, make them change their outward discourse for the sake of making a living, and also, I'll go one step further.
Or for staying out of prison.
Well, and they're going after you for the 1776 comment as if that word means something inherently violent or whatever.
They're going to use that to pivot to Vivek Ramaswamy after this.
1776 moment.
If they can send you to jail for saying it because it's so bad, well they can certainly prevent a presidential candidate from saying it during a campaign.
And let's of course speak into the irony here of the same people telling us we need to stop man-made climate change are the same people starting wars, which I'm sure isn't good for climate change.
Final 60 seconds here of this segment, Bob Barnes.
What's happened with Russell Brandt, I mean you look at, they used it as a Me Too scandal from 20 years ago that has very little evidentiary support, never had his day in court civilly, never had his day in court criminally, never even been accused in court, lack of empirical evidence substantiating the claims, and yet what happened?
Within a day, the United Kingdom government saw what the Biden administration did and decided to replicate it And where's the precedent here too?
I mean, Cardi B brags about drugging and robbing men.
What about R. Kelly and his charges?
I mean, so what's the deal here?
I mean, I think everybody should be allowed to exist.
Whether you're the worst criminal or not, you should still be allowed to at least exist on these things.
We're going to hear more from Viva Fry and Bob Barnes on the other side of this break.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
We have the most beautiful attorneys right now on the Alex Jones Show.
Let me tell you, bigly, let me tell you very bigly right now that Viva Fry and Bob Barnes.
You're going to want to learn about these two.
You're going to want to check them out.
Check them out on Rumble, a free speech platform.
We all know about it.
All right.
Thank you, President Trump.
Okay, I am about to sign off for the day.
I want to give a couple updates here, and then I want to hand the baton to Bob Barnes and Viva Frye, who are going to take us the rest of the way.
Hot off the presses, just published, Infowars.com, our great writer, Kellen McBreen.
InfoWars Owen Schroer sends cease and desist letter to imposter social media account demands X take action.
You can find the cease and desist there as well as the other information imperative to this.
And here's why it's so important to support InfoWars folks.
A great young attorney, Lexis Anderson, is representing me in this.
She tunes into InfoWars and finds out about Bob Barnes.
Now she ends up working for Bob Barnes and is involved in cutting her teeth.
This is a very young lady, great attorney.
She's cutting her teeth in some of the biggest cases dealing with pharmaceutical fraud right now out of the Barnes Law team.
And so that connection would have never happened if not for these transmissions.
And thanks to Lexus, I don't know if I would have had this cease and desist ready to go in such a short order.
And so, this is why it's important to keep InfoWars on the air, the Alex Jones Show on the air, and support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
And let me just say one more thing before I sign off and pass the baton here.
And I'm telling you, check out the Viva Frye podcast on Rumble.
You're really going to enjoy it.
When you support us here, When you support me here, folks, we don't disappear.
We don't go and lay down.
We stand taller.
So we will always pay it forward with your continued support.
That's my way of showing how eternally grateful I am.
So I'm not a litigious person.
Quite frankly, I deal with lawyers too much.
Not that I don't like them.
But I already deal with lawyers too much.
So I'm not a litigious person, but this had to be done.
And because of your continued support, I said, OK, well, what can I do next to pay it forward and show the audience that we really mean business and that we act in good faith when they support us?
So the stories at Infowars.com.
Read all about it.
I sign off for the day, but I'll certainly be tuned in as Bob Barnes and Viva Fry take us the rest of the way.
Guys, take it away.
It's extraordinary the degree to which there has been an effort to spread disinformation in the name of stopping disinformation.
Here's a classic example.
Because Owen has been banned and deplatformed from Twitter, now called X, Has allowed people to pretend to be Owen, defame him, invade his privacy, cast his name in a false light, in order to do what?
Spread disinformation!
In order to stop disinformation, we want to stop Owen Schroer!
But it's in order to spread disinformation that they must stop Owen Schroer.
And it's just one more illustration and an example of that.
Now the latest Me Too victim of this disinformation and defamation campaign is the one and only Russell Brand.
Uh, we've seen the UK is, you know, speaking of 1776, Viva, the last time the Brits tried to tell Americans what kind of speech we could and couldn't do, it didn't work out so well for the Brits.
What's your thoughts on the disaster of what's taking place with the rumble in the UK?
It's crazy.
For those who don't know, I can't, I don't know if I can bring up stuff as easily here, but I posted the letters because this committee for the UK government has been going crazy.
The Committee of Culture, Sports, and something or other.
It's part of the UK government.
They've been issuing letters left, right, and center to social media companies, to the BBC.
And it's like the way the mob works.
They write a letter to TikTok.
And they're like on a first name basis with all of the CEOs.
Hey, Theo, we want to make sure that Russell Brand, we're not telling you what to do.
We're just inquiring.
Is Russell Brand still making money on TikTok?
It would be terrible if he were to make money off his response video.
He's, I won't say unsubstantiated accusations, but they're certainly not tested in court, not tested anywhere officially.
They are, for now, allegations.
They go to TikTok and say, he can't make any money off of anything related to these allegations, even his response video.
But what we want to know, is he still monetized on your platform?
And then lo and behold, TikTok apparently, from what I understand, demonetized Russell Brand.
If not entirely, at the very least, as relates to his response video, they send a letter to the BBC.
This is one arm of the British government sending a letter to the other arm of the British government, their propaganda arm, saying, We'd like to inquire into the work environment at Channel 4 News and yadda yadda yadda.
Also, we would like to, what did they say?
Encourage other people to go to the police with similar accusations.
When does anyone need to be reminded that they need to go to the police if they've been the victim of a violent crime of any nature?
You got the government basically wink wink, nudge nudge, hey BBC, ask your employees if anybody else has got any stories, go to the police and help us You know, load up with some more ammunition.
And they sent the same letter to Rumble, and Rumble replied, thanks, none of your damn business, and we're not going to start cancelling people based on out-of-court accusations that have not even resulted in a conviction, and it's none of your damn business.
It's wild, Robert.
It's wild, and we all knew that this was not about Russell Brand.
This was about something bigger, broader, and I would say more important with, you know, no disrespect to Russell Brand, everybody's free speech.
They want to control the narrative and they want to make sure that anybody who goes against the government narrative gets demonetized and gets utterly destroyed and thus rendered unable to do so.
Yeah, and can you explain to people how significant Rumble has become?
The French government went after Rumble, demanding they take down RT.
Rumble refused, and so Rumble was removed from access for the entire French audience.
People that want to watch us on Rumble got to get a VPN or some other mechanism or means to do so.
Now you have the UK government, and as you know, Russell Brand, Netflix shows basically demonetized, a book deal, Strip taken away from them overnight, demonetized on YouTube, demonetized on TikTok.
The one source that was held out against this demonetization has been Rumble.
Why is Rumble such a threat to the establishment and the global order?
Well, my people are going to say, well, they're going to come after Twitter as well.
I do.
I think they issued a similar letter to Twitter.
I'm not sure what the response was.
Musk actually congratulated Chris Pavlosky and said he was going to follow Rumble's path.
That's very encouraging.
I said cynically.
This was, this, look, I've been worried about connecting dots that don't exist or having the trauma of conspiracy theories.
So, like, I start seeing conspiracy theories where they don't exist.
I said, oh, they're going to go after Russell and they're going to use this as a pretext to go after Rumble.
And within 48 hours, that's exactly what they did to some extent.
Some people are going to say they're not coming after Rumble.
They're just going after everybody.
The ones that want to comply will comply.
They found their political permission slip to comply.
TikTok's going to say, well, I don't want to fight with the British government.
Also, we don't mind it.
We want to control the narrative as well.
Why is Rumble so important where it's become the target On open markets.
It's become the target for DDoS attacks.
It's become the target for for hit pieces in the media.
They're obviously a target because people perceive them as a target.
The powers that be that want to ensure fortification for upcoming elections.
Everyone should refresh their memory on the Time Magazine article from 2020.
They want to control the flow of information, they want to control perceptions, change the laws, they want to ensure outcomes while making it look like democracy, and this is how they have to do it.
Censor them, get them off platforms so that people don't even have access to their videos.
YouTube hasn't pulled... And we'll be right back with more on that, right after the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
Special guest host, special edition of Viva and Barnes coming at you.
You can find all of our content at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com Up next, we're going to be discussing J.D.
Vance exposes a tranny spook!
Overseas that leads to the Ukraine having to answer some unlikable questions and what the consequences might be of funding and more fake broadcasts from the Ukrainian government including Zelensky apparently speaking to Zelensky at the United Nations because they were too busy faking the audience.
We'll be discussing that.
We'll also be discussing Attorney General Paxton's appearance on Tucker Carlson and some of the corruption he exposed.
We'll be talking about what happened with the other Attorney General who should have been impeached.
Paxton was the one who should not have been impeached.
And then we got the one, Garland, who should be impeached, up committing more perjury yesterday before the House of Representatives.
And we'll be discussing where does his background come from?
When did Attorney General Garland first show up and prove his political bona fide?
Does it have a little tie to something in the 1990s known colloquially as Oklahoma City?
We'll be discussing a little mini hush-hush on the real roots of Attorney General Garland.
And then last but not least, we'll be talking about the FDA's back to doing what they do well, which is lying about kids vaccines, in this case COVID vaccines.
And a certain famous comedian who managed to come down with COVID despite all of the times he's bragged about being vaccinated, and when he decided to read a little COVID kids book in honor of those vaccines as well.
But we're going to be going up next briefly to an advertisement for InfoWarsStore.com.
That's what my favorite little Tumblr here is that I got, been having for years, is from InfoWarsStore.com.
The whole goal of all the criminal prosecution, civil lawfare, deplatforming, defamation, discrimination, denial of basic civil rights and civil liberties was meant to scare ordinary people away and the audience away from InfoWars.
Because what they knew in the current bankruptcy proceedings, as long as the audience continues to support InfoWars, InfoWars stays on the air.
That's the legal obligation of the bankruptcy trustee.
That's why they were obsessed with using these show trials in Austin, Texas and Connecticut.
The goal wasn't to get a legitimate verdict because that wasn't a constitutionally legitimate verdict, just as 2020 wasn't a constitutionally legitimate election.
The goal instead was to manufacture a censorship and shaming campaign that would scare the InfoWars audience away from the InfoWars support.
And that's how you can continue to shame them and what they did wrong by going to InfoWarsStore.com.
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for 40% off at info war store.com welcome back to the Alex Jones show special guest host
today Viva and Barnes you can get all of our content at Viva Barnes law dot
locals dot com and now Now we'll be getting into it.
Vance exposing a trainee spook overseas.
We'll be getting into the attempt of the FDA to lie about kids vaccines.
But Viva, what was your take yesterday on the Attorney General hearing?
Robert, they're lying.
We know they're lying.
They know we know they're lying.
It's laughable on its face.
They repeat the same.
It's not a trope.
It's just a maxim, a cliche.
No one is above the law.
We follow the facts where we take them.
The more they say that, the more you know that it's absolutely not the case.
Fannie Willis, was it Fannie Willis?
I'm pretty sure it was Fannie, saying, We're not politically motivated.
We follow the facts where they go and we don't follow the facts where they don't go.
They're lying and we know they're lying.
Nothing seems to happen when some people lie under oath, lie to Congress and When others don't remember or produce equivocal statements, we see what happens to them.
So, not encouraged anything's going to happen, but not surprised that they are just getting caught in lie after lie because it's in your face.
We talked about it Sunday night.
The indictment of Hunter Biden is not justice, it's a cover-up.
And so, no one's above the law.
We just let charges lapse.
We take so long to investigate certain people.
And then when it comes to others, We go and, you know, we scour the interwebs, we scour their homes, we fly across the country.
We know they're lying.
It has to be a political solution.
When are they going to impeach Merrick Garland, Robert?
That's the question I ask to you.
Yeah, and another question is maybe when he should have been impeached before.
After the break, we'll come back with more discussion over the real roots of Attorney General Garland.
But before we go there, I'm going to ask Vivo, what's the normie view of Oklahoma City?
The normie view, because I don't still have it, but it's what's fresh in my memory.
Some crazy dude blew up a government building because he was angry at the government.
End of story.
Don't ask any more questions.
Go home.
I know more now, Robert.
And do you think the ordinary American ever heard anything about Southern Poverty Law Center paid informants, East German spies, John Doe number two in the truck, the Elohim City Aryan gang drug runners and gun runners and money launderers and prison gangs, people that are connected to the informants and infiltrators.
And we found out yesterday the FBI had so many informants On January 6th on those Capitol grounds, so many infiltrators, so many instigators, that they couldn't even keep count of all of them.
But do you remember any of those stories popping up during the days of Oklahoma City?
I can unequivocally say absolutely not.
When I watched the docuseries on Waco, That in and of itself blew my mind.
Like I always knew back in the day there was an argument that the government may have overreacted.
I did not know the full extent to which, again, not a setup, it happened.
People reacted badly because the situation was set up so that it would react badly and then they would have the justification they needed.
But when I started finding out about, you know, the FBI or whoever it was, the ATF, testing out these psychological torture methods of blasting music, flashing lights, when I realized how many children were in there, when you realize that Who started the shooting and why didn't they just arrest this guy if that was the goal on any one of his many voyages to town?
I'm talking about David Koresh in Waco.
Once you understand that that's what happened in Waco, once you understand what happened in Ruby Ridge, a sniper shooting a woman with a baby in her arms for deliberately, like for no better reason, killing the kid, killing the dog, once you understand what the government's done under certain circumstances, I don't take anything for granted anymore and I presume there's more to the story than the media narrative.
Indeed, the same sniper that showed up at Waco showed up at Ruby Ridge.
And who was the U.S.
federal prosecutor who coordinated the conspiracy to cover up the truth of Oklahoma City?
And does he have anything to do with our current Attorney General?
Right after the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
This is a special edition guest host, Biba and Barnes.
You can find all of our content at bibabarneslaw.locals.com.
So who was that federal prosecutor coordinating, conspiring, covering up the truth about Oklahoma City?
Well, we'll get to that in a little bit.
But first up, Senator J.D.
Vance, the best populist representative anywhere in either hall of Congress these days.
Thomas Massie did a fine job yesterday with his interrogation of exposing the criminal perjury of Attorney General Garland.
Might not have been the first time he'd done that.
Remember, that was a man that Obama wanted to put on the Supreme Court of the United States to replace Justice Scalia after he Died on a trip of accidental causes.
So, you know, we'll get to that in just a bit.
But thanks to J.D.
Vance, he exposed a really another weird story out of Ukraine.
And it wasn't just the Senate dress code that there's discussions with Senator Fetterman about, as Senator Vance pointed out today.
Somebody else was busy violating that dress code, a certain Zelensky, a former comedian-turned-actor-turned-president-turned-master-money-laundering grifter.
Asking for billions and billions more, but J.D.
Vance is helping rally the opposition on Capitol Hill to any more cash into that money laundering machine for the Biden family and the military-industrial complex of that disaster of a war that continues to be a debacle for the world and for America.
By highlighting what in the world is a tranny spokesperson from the United States suddenly showing up over in Ukraine, being their spokesperson, making vague veiled threats to add Jack Posobiec to what is a disinformation list that appears to be in certain circles an assassination hit list.
Senator Vance highlighted how insane this was.
Of course, Viva and I introduced people to this lunatic character years ago when she was cheerleading the torture and death at the time that she thought of journalist and still in prison journalist, American citizen, Gonzalo Lira.
But this story kept taking a total crazy circle.
If people haven't seen the video, it looks like a Saturday Night Live skit, where Jack Masovik has been added to this Ukrainian, they call it a hit list, others call it a disinformation list.
At least one or two people on it have been assassinated, but they're definitely more political targets.
You look at this video.
It looks like a Saturday Night Live skit.
I mean, seriously, and I'm not trying to even be funny or mean.
I thought it was Dana Carvey or someone.
And this person is talking about hunting down people who spread disinformation and, you know, Slava Ukrainian and it's a righteous war and anybody who's against it is an enemy of freedom.
And it's serious.
It's real.
Well, it's real and serious in that sense.
And they added Posobiec to it.
And J.D.
Vance, I mean, he's bringing the attention of people who didn't know that there's a person purportedly working for taxpayer dollars.
In one of these videos, he, she, I don't even know who the person is.
He says, I answer to the taxpayers who fund my activities.
I'm the official spokesman.
What the hell is going on?
And I'm looking in the backdrop here at the picture of Chuck Schumer and freezing Mitch McConnell, looking at Zelinsky as though, you know, it's their cash cow, it's their golden goose, asking for billions more for this endless war and all of the disaster that it's causing.
Geopolitical, environmental, they're looking at him like licking their lips like, yeah, this is how we get more billions to Ukraine so nobody can keep track of it while they still, you know, could have rebuilt Lahaina for the amount that they lost, that they misaccounted for in going to Ukraine.
It's outrageous.
But if anyone hasn't seen that video, you gotta watch it.
No doubt about it.
I mean, it exposes what the entire Deep State Ukraine operation is all about.
The fact that they've laundered all this money, that you have this trainee spokesperson who tried to infiltrate the Republican Party, then somehow shows up in Eastern Ukraine, then shows up as the American spokesperson, and until Senator Vance put her on blast, the American media was going along with this nonsense and insanity.
So credit to Senator Vance.
But in the same sense of insanity, the FDA continues to lie to the American people.
Even though the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal just last week told them no more recommending medical advice.
They have no authority under the Constitution or Congress to give medical advice to anybody, medical recommendations to anybody.
They said in specific, don't use the word recommend.
And what are they out doing today?
They're recommending, using the word recommend, telling people to go get their kids as young as six months To have needles stuck in their arm and take the COVID kids vaccine because of how wonderful it is.
I never give medical advice, and this is not medical advice, this is just logical advice.
Anybody who gives that to their six-month-old, their six-year-old, their twelve-year-old has a screw loose in their head.
This is now, they've had their updated vaccine, they call it.
In Canada, they issued the updated vaccine, Health Canada or whoever the heck, whichever authority authorizes this, safe and effective, I don't even know that it's been tested on people, but even according to their own statements, it was tested on 50 people with a follow-up time of 20 days.
And you have them recommending it for six months and up.
You have Hochul out of New York giving a press conference that looks more like a ransom note reading, saying, the age is six months and up.
I know it sounds young.
Just go out and do it.
It's madness beyond words.
You have them turning the Empire State Building into a syringe.
To commemorate their new god, this new vaccine that hasn't been tested adequately, so no one misquotes me.
I was watching or listening to Berenson on Rogan talking about the stats from the FDA itself as to how many people you need to vaccinate to prevent one death, and lo and behold, the death and destruction from vaccinating that many people.
For the adverse events is wildly exceeding the number of people you allegedly purportedly save from doing so.
But it's your new God.
It's the new golden calf.
All hail it.
And don't, don't avoid taking it.
Otherwise, you're a filthy anti-vaxxer, anti-science individual.
Indeed, one guy who went big on it was fake comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who actually designed a children's book that you're supposed to read to your kid in the name of this vaccine, promising how safe and effective it is.
But of course, Jimmy just recently had to cancel some of his concerts.
Because it turns out Jimmy got COVID again.
That's how safe and effective the COVID vaccine was.
He keeps getting it after he supposedly took all the shots and the boosters, the ones he was trying to get your kids to take.
There is a crazy woman out of Canada called Nilly Kaplan-Mirth who's on Twitter.
She blocks everybody, but she still posts a pediatrician, a doctor, she's a practicing doctor apparently, masking up nutcase.
Shrieking about the mask, shrieking about the vaccines, shrieking about the boosters,
blocking everybody who disagrees with her, has now gotten COVID and is six days into
it taking Paxilovid and tweeting about how she's still feeling like crap.
The mask that she was wearing obviously didn't work.
The boosters that she took obviously don't work.
And now Paxilovid doesn't work.
Robert, it's insanity by definition, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
different results.
And there's no shouting for her to hear.
I don't wish ill even on the crazy woman at Nellie Kaplan and I don't wish ill on the
evil man that is Jimmy Kimmel.
And there's no but to that.
Maybe now they're gonna think twice about having been the ones to say, you remember
when Jimmy Kimmel said, if you don't get vaccinated, no hospital bed for you, Weezy?
Oh, maybe, just maybe, they'll reflect and say, maybe not.
Well, maybe things.
I don't give medical advice, but maybe they'll start asking themselves some questions.
You know, it has to hit home before they start asking the hard questions.
Indeed, just look at the recent data out from Children's Health Defense that people can find at their site, where a study was done comparing the excess data rates compared to when COVID hit, compared to when the vaccine hit, and what they are finding in country after country, demographic after demographic, time period after time period.
What the principal cause of excess deaths has been over the past half decade has been correlated more with the COVID vaccine than with COVID, especially amongst young, vulnerable populations.
So don't take the advice of FDAs which should rename themselves Dr. Death, given the way in which they have been so deferential to big pharma.
Now in our last segment... Go ahead.
The numbers are astronomical, but everyone can go do their own research, even if that's a right-wing thing to do.
Yeah, exactly.
According to Jimmy Kimmel, it was.
But good luck with your latest version of COVID there, Jimmy.
Now, in our last little tidbit, Who is the attorney culpable for the coordination of the cover-up and the conspiracy over Oklahoma City to keep people from knowing the full scale of its connections to Waco and government misconduct, Ruby Ridge and government misconduct, Operation PatCon, an effort by the FBI to infiltrate and create its own fake militias,
In order to inspire domestic crackdowns, the cover-up of what was happening with the corruption of Discovery in the case, about John Doe number two who never got found, about the East German spy who disappeared on a plane, about Elohim City, about the Aryan gangs.
It was the same man as the man who was lying before Congress, the one and only Merrick Garland.
Now you know.
The French government, and you know they're doing this just to hold Apple hostage and get a bunch of the money.
They're not doing it because they care.
Maybe the scientists do, but not the government itself.
Goes, oh my god, the new iPhone has way more radiation than the other ones, son of these droids, and it's causing massive illnesses and cancer in rats.
Because it has been ordered to pull its iPhone 12 from the market in France.
A government agency there says the gadget produces a radiation level that is too high in some cases.
A test found when the phone is in a person's pocket or held close to the body, it emits nearly two watts per kilogram more than what's allowed by European countries.
Recently, Consumer Reports in the United States advised that nobody keep a phone in their pocket.
And this is just a little simulation here of the radiation as it's moving.
And one of the things we know is that the dielectric constant of the penis and the testes is rather high because they're full of fluid.
The more fluid in a part of the body, the higher its absorption will be.
And this is just a simple illustration of the dose to the gonads and the bone marrow.
And that is why, in fact, this is one of the secrets of cell phones.
They are always tested in a holster.
Yeah, because it's 5G enabled.
Now, we already had the studies 10 years ago, they were studying 5G, that it's way worse than regular cell phone radiation.
Normal cell phone radiation from the towers and the phones causes massive brain tumors, massive breakage of DNA.
We've been spending years covering all that.
It's a fact.
Here's Wired Magazine.
5G smartphones cause cancer.
Big wireless doesn't want you to know.
Mind control by cell phone.
Scientific American.
And then they can put over different wavelengths to actually control your brain with the carrier web that's on it.
Developed by the DARPA and the CIA.
Doctors says children particularly vulnerable to the dangers of 5G.
5G danger.
Hundreds of respected scientists sound the alarm about health effects of 5G networks go up nationwide.
Cancer cluster at California Elementary School results in removal of Sprint Shell Tower.
Even the teachers are dying.
It's like saying, do you smoke light filtered cigarettes or do you inhale cigars?
You're going to get lung cancer quicker inhaling cigars than smoking light cigarettes.
They're still both bad.
Apple, it's now been caught sending out memos to their employees to cover this up.
And it's gonna be just like cigarettes.
They knew cigarettes gave you cancer 150 years ago.
Those people that have a 5G phone and thinking, oh, I can just turn off 5G on my phone.
You can't turn off that level of radiation.
And I've been saying that for so long.
It's like, you know...
There are certain things that that phone carries, certain antennas, certain pulsations that you cannot switch off.
What we're going to be seeing now is them trying to strip back the regulations.
They're trying to say like Apple needs two weeks to, you know, counter this argument.
It's all within regulation.
The regulation The standard is to test on the dummy Sam.
So the damn Sam is literally feeling too radiated by an iPhone 12.
That is what's going on.
The iPhone 12 with the dummy is feeling too much radiation.
But the average leftist globalist, they don't think second order, third order development.
They're not actually following a dialectic.
They use dialectics on us, but they don't.
Go by the same rules they have for us.
They know how to manipulate us using dialectics, but then they can't look out and see how all these waves are going to combine and what they're going to form.
I was asked to share the following message with the world.
Remember, I'm only the messenger.
What you choose to do with this information is up to you and your own free will.
On October 4th at 2.22 p.m.
Eastern Time, the emergency broadcast system will be activated across the entire United States under the leadership of FEMA, disguised as a test.
However, this test will be used to send a specific high-frequency signal through devices like smartphones, radios, and TVs with the intention of activating graphene oxide and other nanoparticles that have been inserted into billions of human beings around the world through the obvious means.
If the October 4th date does not occur for any reason, the backup plan will be to do it on October 11th at the same time.
In the case that this is not able to be stopped, I ask you all to shut off your phones and all other relevant devices at 2 p.m.
Eastern Time for a period of two hours to be safe.
The atrocy in the water, all of it.
The globalists let it happen to us.
They brag how it's sterilizing us and bending our gender, but They're being hit by it too.
Welcome to the fourth hour.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
Good to see every single one of you guys.
I think that the global New World Order is advancing on many fronts, many fronts, just like Alex broke a couple of weeks ago.
They are pushing the COVID fear porn.
They're pushing that agenda forward so they can come full blown and take over the election.
That's the ultimate end game because they'll come out and they'll say we need mass mail-in ballots, which, by the way, You see what they're doing in Pennsylvania.
They're already setting that steal in, baby.
They're already setting that steal in, baby.
All the new driver's licenses are gonna be automatically enrolled for voter registration.
But I thought that voter registration, I thought that any form of ID was racist.
You see how they play that retarded game?
But they do that for a reason, because they just don't care at this point.
They know exactly what they're going to do.
They know exactly what they want to do.
Okay, we all know what's going on with the elections.
You're not even allowed to question it!
You're not even allowed to ask questions!
You're not even allowed to take a look under the hood!
Because if you do, you will get the FBI and all of the three-letter agencies, the Department of Justice, they'll throw the entire book at you.
They will be weaponized and mobilized And you will be accused of being a radical, right-wing domestic terrorist.
Because you asked a damn question.
You simply asked and you asked, well, are our elections actually real?
Can you imagine if you're just a normie right now in 2023?
I mean, I really wonder what these people are thinking.
It blows my mind.
There's no way people are not waking up to this satanic cabal that is attempting to hijack our entire country.
I know a lot of people are.
They're getting breached out of the Matrix.
They're getting pulled out of the Matrix.
People are waking up.
But you gotta ask yourself, what are people thinking these days?
How could you sit there and still tell yourself, everything is fine?
You take a look at Joe Biden, the man is gonna die any day now.
I'm not calling for his death, okay?
CIA, FBI, I don't need a, I'm not, what I'm saying is just look at the guy, they even know!
The Secret Service, they even know!
You take a look at the Gateway Pundit, they put out a huge report, I think it was yesterday, I think it was actually a proxy report via, I think it was NBC, that apparently Joe Biden is walking around the White House and White House aides are getting kind of worried cuz he's getting worried.
Apparently out loud, he's saying out loud that he's worried he might die before his crackhead son Hunter Biden's cases Will be resolved.
Okay, so if the sniffer in chief knows the writing is on the wall and he sees death around the corner, I mean, there's no way anybody believes this guy is seriously gonna run in 2024 and wanna do good for the country and win and go forward.
I think maybe the last thing that Joe Biden knows is that he has this sick, twisted obsession for children.
And that he's a puppet.
He knows his role.
He's just going to stand there.
He's going to be told where to walk.
He's going to be told what to say.
Read the teleprompter as if your life depends on it, Joey.
Read the teleprompter as if it's like a six-year-old little girl.
Just read the teleprompter like it's a six-year-old little girl, Joey.
She's right there.
She wants you.
Just all you got to do is read it, and she'll open up right for you.
They probably tell him I love that.
You know what I mean?
That's how they motivate him to do a good job.
He's like a wet little puppy.
He just totally botches it.
I mean, the guy goes to the UN and can't even handle his earpiece.
The guy's damn hearing aids!
He can't even turn on the damn hearing aid!
Without botching the entire thing.
So, you know, I think it's clear.
I mean, even Joe Biden knows he's gonna die.
Joe Biden knows that he's gonna die soon.
Even he knows it!
Nobody could sit here and tell themselves, well, you know, I think he's maybe got another, uh, he's got another maybe five years in him, you know?
He could finish up 2024, run a strong campaign, and then go another four.
There's no way, dude.
There's no way.
Anybody that is saying that or concluding that is just lying to themselves and lying to everybody else.
But we know why he's there.
He is simply the vehicle.
Joe Biden is the vehicle.
It's like this busted up If Joe Biden was a vehicle, maybe the crew could find this.
You know like those sus big white pedo vans, you know what I'm saying?
That's what Joe Biden is.
If Joe Biden was a vehicle, he's a big ol' sus white pedo van.
Those giant white pedo vans where you see those sus dudes with the pedo mustaches driving up and down.
They show up in front of elementary schools and they drive really slow and they look over and they just keep going.
All right, Joe Biden is that vehicle, that's what he is.
All right, he's nothing but a shell of a man.
He's the vehicle and everyone inside, you got the commies, you got the globalists, you got the satanists and the pedophiles and the luciferians.
You got the uniparty, the left-wing sect, the right-wing sect.
There it is right there.
If Joe Biden was a vehicle, that's him.
Creepy pedovan right there.
Free candy for all.
But the windows would be tinted.
You're not allowed to look inside.
You're not allowed to look inside.
You just get lured in.
You get lured in by Joey, and then he starts massaging your traps.
Then he starts sliding his palms.
He always does that.
He goes with, like, the traps first, and then he starts, you know, he starts sliding the palms, like, their breasts, to, like, little girls, and then he'll get a- he'll get a slip in there.
You know, he'll get a- start whispering in their ear, like, all sexual.
It's, like, really sexual.
It's like, you know what I mean?
It's like- it's like you're having, like, a romantic, you know, you're having a romantic night with your wife, and...
You start talking dirty to her, and you start rubbing your wife up, and you just start getting- It's like, that's what Joe Biden does to children and little girls publicly.
But anyways, the vehicle is just a gigantic pedovan, and inside are the pedophiles, and the communists, the Satanists, the Luciferians, like I said, the Uniparty, the left and the right-wing sect of all of this.
You got the weaponized FBI, weaponized DOJ, the CIA, NSA, You got the weaponized fake news media cartel.
You got CNN in the pedo van.
I mean, obviously, with all the pedos.
They've been having to, oh, they're having to fire.
Oh my God.
You got Fox News in there too, because Fox News has been infiltrated.
Because they want all their host employees to, you know, submit to the whole ESG.
Everything has to be homosexual and so-called trans or whatever that means.
It's all just gay.
They're all in this van, dude.
They're all in there.
All the riggers, too.
The riggers are all in the Joe Biden pedo van.
All the riggers that are running around rigging everything, stealing everything.
The riggers, what is up with these people?
All they ever want to do is just steal.
It's like their culture.
They're just born with theft, like professional thieves.
You know what I'm saying?
But these riggers gotta be dealt with.
I don't know what we're gonna do about the riggers, but the riggers, we gotta do something.
I mean, we gotta prosecute them, we gotta fine them, and we just gotta jail them all.
All the riggers should lose their freedom.
All the riggers should lose their freedom.
I don't think riggers should have freedom.
Because, I mean, look what happens when you allow the riggers to have their freedom.
They just start stealing everything.
So, obviously I'm talking about people that commit theft and robbery.
So, uh, however you interpret that, uh, to each their own, baby!
To each their own!
So, anyways, you know, they're all, they're all in this car, they're all in this pedovan.
But, that's, uh, I mean, at least my analysis, what I've been noticing for the past few years is I see, uh, I see the New World Order going with the least competent, uh, the least cognitive, and, uh, I would go as far to say, I mean, this is why you're getting Federmans.
I mean, they're just going with just straight retards at this point.
They're just propping up the mentally ill, the mentally unstable.
They're propping up the elderly.
They're propping up the dementia patients.
They're propping up anyone who literally is mindless and gone.
So you're going to see a lot more mentally retarded people appointed.
You're going to see more Federmans.
That's why you're seeing this.
That's why you're getting Federmans.
Did you guys see that video the other day?
It was like some Federman clone.
Some Fetterman clone was let loose.
I think it was in the Dallas... Was it DFW?
You guys might be able to find that.
Apparently a Fetterman clone was running around naked loose in an airport.
But, you know, it's just... I don't know what the whole Fetterman thing... I really don't know, but I mean, it wouldn't surprise me.
I mean, the New World Order is totally into cloning and animal hybrids and everyone accused Alex Jones of being a psycho for talking about it.
Oh, lo and behold!
The CCP and the Chinese, they love that!
But anyways...
I predict you're going to start to see a lot more of that.
You're going to start to see a lot more mentally retarded people, senators, and congressmen and women.
I mean, they're already putting the mentally psychotic up there, and these people can't even define what a woman is.
So, where do we go from here?
It only gets worse!
It only gets worse, baby!
So lock and load, buckle up, InfoWarriors, InfoWars.com, Band.Video, InfoWarsStore.com, support the broadcast.
We have a lot more when we come back from the break.
We'll be right back.
Well, if Trump is the great MAGA king, what does that make Joe Biden?
Is he the great rigor king?
I don't know.
That might be a little too based for Joe Biden.
I might be giving him a little too much credit.
Maybe he's just the You know, the great, the great pedo king.
Maybe that's a little more appropriate for the sniffer-in-chief, you know, because the guy's just obsessed with children.
Yeah, I don't think the great rigger king, I think that's a little too based.
I think that's a little too based.
That's a little too based for Joey.
Maybe it's just the great pedo king.
You know, he's king of the pedos.
We'll just, we'll leave it at that.
But anyways.
I mean, we are, we quickly have become the laughingstock of the world.
I think things are a little worse now than they were under Obama.
And I'm not saying that, well, I'd rather have Obama than Joe Biden.
I mean, I think that's why we are where we are, just like I left off Before the last break is, you're gonna continue to see the rise of the mentally ill, the mentally unstable, the mentally retarded, those that are totally mindless, low IQs, diversity hires, affirmative action, path takers all the way to the top, and even the whores.
You're gonna see a lot of prostitutes.
A lot of prostitutes, male and female, make their way up to the top.
You guys know what I'm talking about.
Straight up Kamala Harris tactics.
Making your way up.
All the way to that VP, baby!
Knees down!
All the way to the top!
Kamala Harris, baby!
Let's go!
You're gonna see a lot more of that because you're dealing with total depravity.
You're dealing with just a level of lawlessness that equates to just total degeneracy across the entire board.
You're gonna see an advancement of all of this, and all of the people that get propped up are gonna be those people.
It's gonna be that very, very small, specific class of people.
Well, there will be geniuses at the top.
I mean, when you talk about people like Bill Gates, when you talk about people like Klaus Schwab, when you talk about people like George Soros, Alex Soros, these are people, there's a reason why they are where they are.
They are the real shadow government.
They are the real puppet masters.
Okay, all these other retards, you know what I mean?
Joe Biden, Fetterman, Kamala Harris, all these retards I'm roasting right now, the AOCs of the world, the Mitch McConnells of the world, you know what I'm saying?
All these other retards, they're just the useful idiots.
But the people at the top truly are advanced.
They're intellectually advanced.
These people are smart as hell, I'll tell you that right now.
And I don't say that because, oh yeah, let's all just worship Bill Gates and his large, gigantic breasts.
Give me milk, Bill!
You just, you can't underestimate your enemy is what I'm saying.
Never underestimate your enemy and never overestimate as well.
You have to have That steady balance, that steady balance that comes with the discernment, the Holy Spirit of God filtering everything for you.
Make sure your information is accurate.
Find just exactly where the truth is.
You make your decisions and your judgments based off of that.
And when you're dealing with these types of people, when you're dealing with globalists, these are very, very smart, advanced people.
You're not dealing with a bunch of retards.
You gotta separate them.
It's like a, like the, there's like classes, you know what I mean?
There's like ranks in the New World Order.
You got these advanced, high IQ geniuses at the top.
And then somewhere in the middle, you just have like the commanders and the generals and NGOs and world governments, different sects of the government and education, the sciences, like the Dr. Fauci's.
You got like the faces, the poster faces that just take the orders, they translate them to the culture, they translate them to the workforce, they translate them through the media.
And then, and then you got, you know, the useful idiots.
You got, you got the retards that get propped up.
You know, like the Murdochs of Fox News, the executives, you know, at Disney, like the Bob Shapex, the Bob Igers.
Those are like the commanders in the New World Order that take the generals, that take the orders, and then they distribute them through all the useful idiots at the bottom.
You know what I'm saying?
Those that actually control the universities and the world banks.
They decimate what's going to go.
They make the policy decisions at the top.
We're all just going to worship ESG, right?
And the useful idiots like the Don Lemons and the AOC retards.
They're the ones that get propped up because of affirmative action.
Kamala Harris.
You know what's going on with the Riggers in Georgia.
You got, you know, Miss Fanny over there.
She straight up comes out and says, I don't really know what's going on.
I just know that I have to go after Trump.
You know, I know somehow that, you know, the jury charges that they all decided on, they got leaked.
I don't know how it happened.
I don't really know much.
You continue to see it.
But that's why they're at that level.
This is why Soros is funding Okay, but millions of dollars, crooked DAs, judges, races at these levels because they are just going to take the orders.
They're just retards.
That's all they're going to do.
It's very simple.
If the New World Order could have it their way, I think this is why they will get ahold of Neuralink.
It's going to happen.
I don't know what Elon Musk's intentions are.
For Neuralink, maybe it is a piece of technology that could help people with Alzheimer's or dementia.
Dementia, I don't know what his intention is.
I don't know the man's heart, you know?
But what I do know is that that piece of technology, I am willing to predict, will be obtained.
It will be hijacked.
It will be weaponized against mankind at some point in the near future.
It's just going to happen.
Look what they did with Big Tech.
Look what they've done with the Internet.
Look what they do with any piece of communicative technology.
You don't think that's gonna get weaponized against all of humanity?
Like, you're a retard if you can't see that.
Like, come on, man!
It's so abundantly clear that's where things are ultimately gonna go.
And like I said, you know, I don't really know Elon's intentions with that.
I know he's very skeptical with full-blown AI taking over the world, so... Maybe he has wishful thinking.
I just know I don't trust the guy.
So that's me.
That's my own Belief and opinion based off of what I'm seeing happen in the world, but this isn't a transmission about Elon.
The point is you have to be able to identify how these operations are all unfolding so you can make sense of the world.
So you can make sense of what's going on around you and also so you can properly articulate to normies and all of your normie friends at work or all your normie friends at Even at church, if you go to a church and you're under some cucked out pastor that's like, I don't want to get involved with politics because that's just divisive.
It's like, dude, stop being gay.
Can you just stop being gay and like actually put in some work, dude?
Like you claim to have the Holy Spirit of God and you're like righteously armed to the teeth with the Bible and you don't want to go engage like the satanic world of politics where they need God the most?
That's a coward if you're under a pastor like that.
I'm just going to be straight up with you.
That's a coward if that's your pastor.
Oh no, I don't want to get involved because politics is divisive.
No, you just, you probably don't even know.
You probably don't even, you probably wouldn't even know where to start.
I've talked to senior pastors that come out and say things like that.
I'm like, do you really believe that?
Or are you like afraid?
And they've confessed to me.
I've talked to them.
They're like, honestly, you know, honestly, I wouldn't even know where to start.
Honestly, I feel like I'm not educated enough.
And I'm like, well, dude, you're pastoring in a culture where a lot of educated satanic Luciferians are attacking Christianity, attacking the validity of the Bible, attacking the existence of God, attacking the validity of the historical existence of Jesus Christ.
And you mean to tell me that you're not educated enough to engage the world of politics biblically?
If you're under a pastor like that, I mean, I'm going to be honest with you.
That's a church that's going to lose its way quick.
That's how you get invaded with all this LGBTQ nonsense, because they're unwilling to stand against it publicly.
So why would they stand against it ever?
All right, guys, we got a lot more when we come back from the break.
So stay with us InfoWars.com.
All righty.
We are back.
You are now watching the fourth hour of the most banned transmission in the universe.
The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
A little bit of a spicy show today.
I guess we're just roasting anybody and everyone today.
I mean, we're always doing that, but as I was saying, it's like you got this ranking system in the New World Order where you got the high IQ and the intellectually advanced at the top, the world bankers and the multi-billionaire trillionaires that are pulling all the strings.
They're influencing governments, states, countries, NGOs, corporations.
And then you got the commanders and the generals in the middle that receive those orders and they decimate them all to the peons in education and the sciences, like the Dr. Fauci's throughout the media as well.
The AOC's, they're out there just yapping, yapping, yapping on, you know, on the Uniparty as well, the left and the right wing sect.
And then you get down to the useful idiots.
And this happens on both sides, by the way.
You could, uh, you can be a useful idiot And whatever political ideology you find yourself subscribing to, I'll just put it that way.
Because I don't believe in left or right.
I don't believe in just Republican, Democrat.
I think that's a psy-op, dude, I really do.
I think that's meant to keep you low IQ like, there's only two sides in the United States of America.
I can't expand my mind to anything else.
Like, all right, great.
How do you think you're being so manipulated?
You know what I'm saying?
And they're pinning everyone against each other.
It's good versus evil, dude.
Expand your mind.
At least try.
But anyways, I know people will get there.
They'll get there.
You could be a useful idiot for any one of these sects in the media.
Like I said, the Democrat wing of things, the Republican wing of things.
If you're not thinking for yourself, if you're not dealing in truth, if you're not dealing with information, Through your own brain?
And if you definitely don't have the assistance of God, you're gonna end up in a very, very dangerous place.
You will be manipulated.
You will be deceived.
You will believe something that's not actually true.
So you gotta ask yourself, like, what am I?
Like, where do I fall in all of this?
Like, am I just like a retard, useful idiot?
What am I?
Because, you know, it's interesting, and I think what's the development you've been watching the past few years is, You know, it's like it's like the generals put out a call.
The New World Order generals, you know, the old style was like, OK, let's let's just get some people that could at least, you know, articulate what we want them to articulate, you know, when they go on CNN or they go on Fox News or, you know, these politicians that have the ability to articulate, you know, what what we're going to do and start just obeying orders.
And that's it.
But now with the whole affirmative action and the diversity hires and the whole, you know, puppet Joe Biden installment presidency era of things, now they're just like, there's like a call to arms.
They're just, they're calling up, they're calling up the retards, man.
They're calling up the Federmans and the Joe Bidens and the Kamalas.
And I think that's by design, because if you really think about it, the culture doesn't care anymore.
Unfortunately, you still see people out there that are like, Joe Biden is just a sweet old man.
He's just old, leave him alone.
Look at Kamala, isn't she a sweet black girl?
She deserves to be the vice president.
First black female VP, she deserves that.
Yeah, there's such low IQ people out there.
They've been psyoped to just be like, that's great, everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
You know?
The whole country is burning down.
The economy is collapsing.
Our culture and morals are gone.
American sovereignty has been raped and molested and thrown to the abyss.
It's gone.
We've lost everything.
And it's only getting worse from here on out.
It's crazy.
You guys know people like this.
That's still... There are a lot of people waking up.
Trust me.
I know that.
I'm aware.
But there's still some people you're like, man, dude.
It's like that meme with the dog that's sitting in the burning house and it's like, everything is fine.
Just gigantic eyeballs.
It's like, no, everything is not fine.
It's not fine.
It's not fine at all.
We're losing everything and the pedophiles are advancing.
They want to come after your children.
They want to groom them and rape them.
That's the ultimate end game.
They're already chopping their penises off and God knows what they're doing with them.
What are they doing with all these kids' genitals?
You know what I'm saying?
What are they doing with them?
Ever wondered that?
Like, what the hell are these sick, twisted pedophile doctors?
And so-called, you know, nurses and hospitals.
What are they?
You know, where are they all going?
Oh, they're taking them home and they're playing with them, putting a little dress on them.
You know what I'm saying?
And playing house.
They got a little dollhouse.
I would not be surprised, man.
We're dealing with sick, twisted individuals that want to chop the genitals off of children.
I mean, maybe they're going into some kind of harvesting.
I mean, we all know that's been taking place, but they predominantly do that with the dead babies, the dead infants that get aborted, aborted.
Isn't that a psy-op too?
It's abortion.
No, it's not.
It's murder, dude.
Like women that get abortions, they should be arrested and thrown in jail, like straight up.
Like, you know, like if you're pro-life and you're gonna come out and be like, it's murder, it's murder, but if a woman got abortion, she shouldn't be arrested.
Well, there should be consequences in society, just like I believe legally and lawfully.
Pedophiles should receive the death penalty.
That's it.
No questions asked, dude.
You want to go rape and touch a kid?
That's it.
You're done.
You're done.
Give them the gospel, tell them about Jesus, but dude, you're done.
That's it.
It's the only way to communicate to this kind of society that this stuff ain't gonna fly, dude.
Like, we've been murdering babies by the tens of millions, man.
I don't know.
That's just how I feel about the situation.
Because, you know, the left comes like, was it Nikki Haley at the first Republican debate?
She was like, we're not!
Like, all screeching.
We're not!
No, we're not!
We're not going to arrest women that got abortions!
It's like, hey, Nikki, I thought you were pro-life.
And that means that, you know, abortion is murder.
But no!
No, we're not!
We don't want to be what the left says we are!
I watch this stuff and I'm like, how does anyone sit here and take people like this serious?
I'm pro-life, I believe in God, but how dare we even think about prosecuting a woman that murdered her baby?
That's mean!
But what about the baby that died, that should have had a shot at life?
What about the baby that had the opportunity to live?
What about the baby that should be alive today?
There's forgiveness.
There's forgiveness.
I'm a Christian, alright?
There's the gospel.
Anyone could be forgiven, but I just think right now where we are at society, like, that should be communicated right now.
You want to murder babies?
You die, okay?
Legally and lawfully.
You want to murder babies?
Okay, you die.
You want to molest children?
Okay, you die.
Legally and lawfully.
I'm not saying take matters into your own hands.
I'm just saying, I think that's where, I mean, that's where we should be.
I know a lot of people feel this way.
And when I talk like this, it gets uncomfortable because it's like, oh really, dude?
Like, that's kind of harsh.
Well, I think killing children is harsh, dude.
Have you ever watched an abortion?
Have you seen these?
Have you seen what they do to the infants?
Okay, and now they push for what they call post-birth abortions.
We'll keep the baby nice and comfortable.
The baby will be nice and comfortable.
He'll, you know, he'll be okay.
We'll resuscitate the baby and we'll give him some drugs until the mother could make the decision whether she wants to murder her child or not.
That's her decision.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
A woman doesn't have a choice whether she's gonna murder a baby or not.
No, no woman, no, no human has the choice as to whether they're gonna, like, The only exception, I think, is biblical.
An eye for an eye, and I think the death penalty, a life for a life, is appropriate for pedophiles and women that want to murder their babies.
Can we at least start there, you guys?
Like, how do you think you get into such a limp-wristed society?
Why do you think all the pedophiles right now, all they get are slaps on the wrist.
Oh, wow, they got six months in prison for raping a child.
That's gonna mark and scar them for the rest of their life.
It's because when you're soft on this insane criminality that the Bible condemns, then it's only gonna spread, it's only gonna get worse.
Lawlessness will abound.
And not only will lawlessness abound, lawlessness will begin to take advantage of you being a limp-wristed cuck that won't draw a freaking line anywhere to save your life!
Yeah, well maybe when it finally hits home you'll wake up, but...
I don't know, guys!
This is the Mind of Drew.
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We will be right back.
Alrighty, guys, we are back!
I am your guest host, Drew Hernandez, here on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I just want to thank you guys for tuning in.
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All right, let's continue.
I really wanted to get into this.
Speaking of the useful idiots and Pete O'Joe is raising up an army quite, quite literally.
I think the crew has this article I sent them earlier.
Biden to create new deal style.
Climate Corps are like militarized.
I told you they were going to go in this direction.
The whole climate change cult is going to be militarized.
Biden create New Deal style Climate Corps program via executive order.
President Biden announced on Wednesday that he will be bypassing Congress through an executive order to create an American Climate Corps, which is an initiative that will serve as a green jobs training program.
Well, it gets even deeper.
The American Climate Corps will employ more than 20,000 young adults.
Ooh, the Biden youth.
Ooh, young people.
I'm sure Biden will like that a lot.
The American Climate Corps will employ more than 20,000 young adults to help promote conservation and help prevent catastrophic wildfires.
They will also assist with installing solar panels, planting trees, and building trails, according to the AP.
But what's interesting is if you take a look, At the announcement, the official announcement from the White House, WhiteHouse.gov, there's a very interesting statement made in about the second paragraph.
It says, today, through his investing in America agenda, President Biden is delivering on that commitment by taking executive action to launch the American Climate Corps, a workforce training and service initiative that will ensure more young people.
Ooh, more young people, Joe!
We did it!
To have access to the skills-based training necessary for good-paying careers in the clean energy and climate resilience economy.
The American Climate Corps will mobilize a new, diverse generation of more than 20,000 Americans, putting them to work conserving and restoring our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, deploying clean energy, implementing energy-efficient technologies, And advancing environmental justice.
There it is.
There's the cult.
All while creating pathways to high quality, good paying, clean energy and climate resilience jobs.
My question is, what does that mean in the public and private sectors?
My question is, what is a climate resilient job?
And we all know what environmental justice really means.
The climate change death cult is being mobilized.
They're raising up an army.
The federal government is now pouring millions of dollars, taxpayer dollars.
Okay, this is all for the future.
Their idea of climate resilience jobs could literally mean anything.
Oh, they say it's just, well, you know, a bunch of Gen Zers are going to be running around learning how to install solar panels and windmills and, you know, planting grass.
Remember the Lark Farm and Chaz in 2020?
That's kind of the vision I have here.
Is that what this is going to be?
The Biden climate army, it's going to be the LARP farm in Chaz, remember in Seattle?
The autonomous zone, they had their own little farm.
Wow, I can't wait for the commie utopia.
It's going to be great, guys.
It's going to be amazing.
And the pedo-in-chief is going to be ruling all of us.
But guys, what does that mean?
What is a climate resilient job?
I mean, we're already dealing with A weaponized FBI.
We're already dealing with a weaponized DOJ, CIA, NSA.
We're already dealing with weaponized non-governmental programs that are funded by the government via proxy, somehow, someway.
We're already dealing with a big pharma medical health care industry that is mobilized against the people.
We're already dealing, no matter what, the culture, the media, the enemy of the people.
So what's next?
There it is, guys.
That's going to be the There's the LARP farm.
They're going to show up to your house and start planting grass.
It's going to be Joe Biden's 20k plus LARP farm.
Oh, man, coming soon.
I can't wait.
It's going to be great.
It's going to be great, guys.
But in all seriousness, I think what does this really mean, though?
Does this mean environmental justice, Antifa, is going to make their way in?
Because I've seen these people and I cover the 2020 rights.
They were all integrated.
With all the climate cult activists on the ground, they all come together.
They're all the same people.
Now they're all going to get federal funding to hit the streets.
And now what?
Are they going to show up to your house?
Are they going to show up to your house and they're going to start measuring your carbon footprint?
As whether it's a high or too low, and then what are we gonna say?
Eventually this is gonna turn CCP style stuff, right?
Where, well, eventually you can't have too many kids.
I think a poll recently came out, Democrats, you guys can maybe find this somewhere.
A recent poll came out where Democrats are saying, yeah, having less kids is good for the environment.
Like I told you, eventually we are carbon based.
They're gonna go after humans.
They're gonna go after humans themselves, and it's gonna be like the CCP.
You can't, you can only have one child at that.
Because we got to control the population, the economy.
But the climate death cult is going to be like, well, you can't have too many kids.
If you have too many kids, well, the 20K plus climate change death cult army is going to show up.
Like, where are they?
Where are the kids?
Where are they?
We want to molest them and rape them.
Where are the kids?
Like Nazi Germany all over again.
We're gonna be hiding under floorboards and hurting our children.
From the climate change, death cult, homosexual army, they're all going to be waving their Ukraine, you know, LGBTQ, BLM flags, and start showing up to your house.
But, I mean, this is what the Mao regime did.
They influenced the youth.
They influenced the young people because they know that they set the trends of the day, and they're very influential.
They caused them to rebel against their parents, by the way.
Rebel against any religious institutions, any voices of dissent, and rose up an army of young people To establish through lies, oh, the commie utopia, it's gonna be great.
But then when this authoritarian machine was installed, they all get slaughtered.
They all get slaughtered, right?
It's the same thing here.
It's the same thing.
And you wanna know what's more dangerous?
I think about this.
I think the COVID death cult is pretty dangerous.
Obviously, the so-called abortion.
Okay, the murdering baby death cult is insane.
These are the same people we're dealing with.
But we're dealing with people that actually believe that the actions of other humans is ushering in the end of the world.
And you guys saw the hysteria that came due to COVID in 2020.
And did you, I'm pretty sure you went to a Costco and you were just like, whoa, am I in some kind of doomsday movie?
When people get desperate, people start getting violent.
And when you're already dealing with a group of people that have already been Given affirmation that violence is acceptable whenever it has to do with any form of social justice, whether it has to do with George Floyd and black people, or whether it has to do with environmental justice.
I can assure you, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be violent.
At some point, this is going to get violent because when humans get desperate, especially evil humans that believe that their life is about to eminently end, People start murdering each other, man.
People start killing each other.
I'm not saying, patriots out there, this is what you need to go out and do.
What I'm saying is, they will initiate this.
Because you're dealing with a death cult that believes that your existence as a human is ushering in the end of the world.
Yes, they attack fossil fuels.
Yes, they attack the machines that use fossil fuels.
And yes, now they've gone on to the food, and next will be the animals.
They'll start wanting to mass-execute a bunch of animals, and PETA's just gonna have to deal with it.
But ultimately, they will go to humans.
And when they do, they will blame you.
You've seen these climate death cult activists.
You're gonna stop!
We're gonna shut down the freeway!
Shut down the freeway!
Hit me!
We're all gonna die!
We're gonna die because of you!
Because of you!
They're already blaming you on the death of millions of people.
How dare you!
They're propping up Greta's.
And they're blaming anyone that does not abide by the cult's doctrine.
So lower your carbon footprint as the reason for the end of humanity.
I can assure you, this is going to get authoritarian real quick.
Because people believe the end of the world is imminent because of you.
Because you won't join the death cult.
Be ready, ladies and gentlemen.
Two-way up, baby!
Second Amendment, self-defense advocate forever.
That's my encouragement to every single one of you guys out there because we have some authoritarian days ahead of every single one of us.
Love every single one of you guys.
Hope you guys have an incredible day.
The war room starts in just a couple minutes.
It's about to get spicy and based.
Infowars.com, ban.video.
Thank you guys for tuning in today.
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