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Name: 20230920_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 20, 2023
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Musk is seen as a tyrant.
I'm seen as a tyrant.
Anybody that's a fan of humanity, anybody that stands up for humanity, anybody that doesn't think humanity is bad, anybody that doesn't want to treat us like animals and depopulate us is a tyrant according to the ancient Greek definition that the globalists are using.
So any men that don't get in line with the aristocracy and compete to serve it or be part of it will be eliminated.
But of course, the final equation, they'll end up eliminating everybody because aristocracies really don't want smart, powerful, interesting people under them because they might actually try to overthrow them later.
So that's why these aristocracies tend to create stagnation and collapse of civilization because they go after any competition or new ideas.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
The system isn't broken.
The system was built.
The system was designed.
The globalist, corporate, world government, cashless society system
is a architecture and infrastructure to scientifically, economically, culturally, spiritually demolish all of the organic human systems that have organically developed and grown our technological world.
And the technological world is now being turned from serving humanity to destroying humanity.
There's always been elements of this.
Look at war making and things like that.
But this, ladies and gentlemen, is a ruling class decision by the aristocracy, that's how they see themselves, against
We the people and the populist movement that they call the tyrants.
Now I know that most listeners don't blame me for not studying ancient Greece, where the modern philosophies came from, but it's very informative to understand the thinking of the globalists.
Developed different systems on the Greek islands that then created competing systems that created the synthesis of the different models of governments that grew into Rome.
And then during the Dark Ages, of course, the Renaissance and then the United States, which in our modern system became the model of the world.
There is now a systematic program to remove that.
Now the reason I mention this is later in the hour I'm going to break down the historical systems and the synthesis out of ancient Greece.
I'm just going to do a quick breakdown on it.
It's much more complex and much more interesting, but we won't have that much time today.
And then I will put it in context to what's currently happening.
I want to thank you all for joining us on this Wednesday worldwide transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And the big news we're going to be breaking down is, well, quite extensive.
But the first big thing I want to lay out is the accelerating purge of what the globalists see as the number one threat.
And they see that as tyrannists or the tyrant.
I am seen as a tyrant model that they fear greatly.
Trump is seen as the ultimate tyrant model that they fear at the greatest level.
Elon Musk is now a competing tyrant.
Now people are going to be confused by this.
They're going to say, aren't tyrants bad?
Words change in their popular
We're good to go.
And the plutocrats and other authoritarian groups gave to democracy movements that then tended to be led by a champion of the people or what they called a strongman or a tyrant.
Now I've called globalist tyrants, I've called judges tyrants, because in the popular
Use of the word.
And the philosophy they follow.
The tyrants challenged, and many times in Greek history, overthrew the aristocracy.
And most of the biggest gains in Greece that led to the founding of other civilizations based on Greece came from the tyrants.
So when you hear tyrant, that means leader of the mob, or one that's able to mobilize the general public into action and one that is known for helping the general public or defending them.
Alexander the Great, of course, came before that era, but he was seen as the first tyrant or the defender of men.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
It's Wednesday, September 20th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I have some very grave, serious news for you.
The Wall Street Journal talking to, quote, federal agents of the Justice Department yesterday
Publishing a lengthy article and reported that Elon Musk is under criminal investigation by the Justice Department with an open grand jury.
So they've been investigating him, now they're trying to indict him for perks he had at Tesla
In the last six, seven years.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, things like flying on the company jet.
Things like living and having an apartment at their headquarters.
Now, obviously, none of this is illegal.
It's standard operating procedure.
These corporate chiefs can fly to Epstein Island and have sex with little kids.
And of course, that list is still completely secret.
And that's Elon Musk's crime, is he says we shouldn't depopulate the Earth.
He's got what, eight, nine children?
And he's spoken out against the pedophiles.
And he's spoken out against their entire operations.
And now he is allowing some form of free speech on X, formerly Twitter.
And they can't allow that.
So let's
Let's break down some of what's unfolding here.
The Justice Department probe scrutinizes Elon Musk's perks at Tesla going back years.
Federal prosecutors have also sought information about transactions between Tesla and other entities related to the billionaire.
Now before I drill into this, let's just pull back for a moment and remember that the ADL has gone out and stripped roughly 60%
Of X's advertisers in the West.
In Asia, they're actually doing better.
Statistically according to Musk, but they've lost 60% of their main market in Europe and in North America.
Because the bullying and the behind-the-scenes and public tactics of the ADL and others in concert with the Justice Department, the intelligence agencies, that's all come out in Congress.
They all team up and they surveil different platforms and they demand the platformers put their agents, their officers, both corporate and governmental, inside the platforms
Not just Twitter.
To not just censor and not just surveil your public activity, but to read your private messages and track your information and of course also siphon off critical
Financial data and corporate data and business data and give that to their subsidiaries.
In fact, the surveillance and censorship of political views is only one part, I would even say the majority, of their operations.
The real power is in spying on their competitors and spying on the general public and using algorithms to aggregate trends so that the establishment can stay ahead of everybody else.
In the stock market, technological developments, and energy everywhere.
And that's the other big shoe to drop.
It's come out in some of their technical papers.
It's been reported on here and there.
And obviously, historically, with any massive spy operation, it's not just, quote, political enemies.
They spy on their, quote, friends, too.
It's all about monopoly.
And it's completely illegal.
And it always leads to massive oppression.
And totalitarianism.
Because the globalists could get it down to just a hundred rulers of the planet.
And it's really less than that now that actually own almost everything.
And they're gonna start competing with each other.
In fact, they do compete with each other.
You could have two globalists left.
They could be husband and wife.
And they consolidate power with, say, AI in 20 years.
I'm not saying that's gonna happen.
And then they would probably kill each other.
So it's the very nature of these individuals.
Now, we know the model.
of promoting anti-male, anti-female, anti-family models has been going on on television since the late 1960s.
Paul Ehrlich and others that helped set it all up bragged on national television that they've sold the idea of men being stupid and not needed in the family and that relationships between men and women that are serious are bad.
Because it forms stable relationships and people are loyal to each other and they want to satimize so they can be more easily controlled.
And then of course, six, seven years ago, they intensified all this with the beginning of the Me Too movement.
What grew in the Me Too movement.
And they had Gillette commercials and countless other commercials and TV shows and movies, where if a guy asks a girl out at a coffee shop or tells her her dress looks nice, everybody goes, whoa, that's evil.
That's like worse than pedophilia.
I mean, pedophilia is good now, according to them.
And, you know, the Gillette ads where the guy just tries to talk to a girl on the street, and a guy grabs his arm and says, whoa, man, that's basically rape.
You don't, you know, talk to women.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't even ask me out.
Don't even talk to me.
Don't even say you like somebody's purse, or you like their necklace, or, you know, hey, are you new to town?
I can show you around.
Don't have that normal interaction.
That's basically rape.
In fact, the feminist movement, talking about the CIA, Gloria Steinem, says that all sex is rape.
And the same movement now doesn't call babies a blob of cells.
They just say, hey, it's my right.
It's a sacrifice for feminism.
Kill that little bastard.
So they're really taking the mask off here.
And they've tried to get Elon Musk's girlfriends and wives to come out against him.
He's been a prolific individual, having shoulders like his dad.
He says he believes in that to keep the population going.
Now you see what's happened to Russell Brand, and now you see what's happened to Tim Ballard, and now you see just every day, anybody exposing the globalist agenda, anybody exposing the globalist golden cows, or sacred cows, is going to be attacked in a myriad of ways.
So I thought we'd lay out some of those right now.
Now this is a very complex, wide-ranging issue.
And if you have an understanding of this, you'll really know how to stand up against it, educate others to stand up against it, and defeat this program of control.
The first thing it counts on is groupthink, conformity.
We're good to go.
What they call organic alpha males who humans tend to get around and support and the alpha males tend to build infrastructures that are good and empowering for the people.
So it's the guardian, intelligent, strong alpha male that drives and is the tip of the spear in civilization.
And so, even in mainline Pentagon reports that we've broken down here on air, they say, we're worried about men.
We're worried about men that we don't control.
We're not worried about terrorists.
We're not worried about somebody in a cave with a gun and a bomb.
We're worried about, quote, interesting
And in the famous Jade Helm operation, it was, quote, a drill to identify interesting leaders in the community that during a future reorganization or collapse won't go along with the agendas.
They've been getting this Build Back Better, Great Reset operation right.
And again, I'm just giving you some basic quick footnotes here.
It's a much larger issue.
And basically, it's the issue of our time.
It's everything.
So the first thing they do if they believe you're a competing member entering the superclass, which they say there's only a few thousand of that technically run the world, if you are independently building a system that competes with their monopoly and vertical integration of society and culture, the first thing they will do is try to recruit you.
And then if that doesn't work, they will set up corporate systems with the CIA and think tanks and PR firms to demonize you and undermine you in the press.
And then if that doesn't work, they'll try to do a corporate takeover or forced buyout.
And then if that doesn't work, they will then data mine all the women and relationships you're in and try to find something to blackmail you with or some corruption you've been involved in.
And of course, if that doesn't exist, they will then have whole teams of not just the Justice Department and FBI, but the other federal regulatory agencies then will go to work
Full-time trying to find anything they can twist into a crime to show a dumbed-down grand jury and then dumbed-down jury to throw your ass in prison.
And if that doesn't work, they will kill you.
Their favorite thing to do is come to your house, kill your wife, kill your children, and then kill you and say it's a murder-suicide so they can demonize you.
That's one of their favorite things.
They'll also blow your airplane up.
They've got a lot of other ways to deal with you.
Or they'll have a quote carjacking that went bad or they'll
Kidnap you put you in a hotel room and give you an overdose of heroin.
There's a lot of different things they do
So now they see Trump being a populist strongman against the globalists around the people.
That's how they define him.
They define him as a tyrant.
I'll get back to that in a moment.
Not the tyrant you classically think of, but the real classic tyrant going back 2,500 years ago in the Greek philosophies, and that's what the globalists follow, is the Greek philosophies.
That's their system.
And then in the modern age, they integrate it with the Hegelian dialectic of Hegel, but Hegel himself is following the Greek philosophers.
So this is the basis, like the zeros and ones, of their computing system and how they operate.
So if you want to know how their levels operate, you've got to know Greek philosophy.
It's actually very, very complex.
We're going to dig into the different parts of it, but in the general organization of it, it's very, very simple.
And it makes sense.
from an aristocracy's view, from the aristocrats position.
The original Greek system was an aristocracy that grew into a limited democracy and then there was different permutations and fights between those colliding systems, between the tyrants and the aristocracy.
But let me just move back into where we were a few minutes ago.
So, they're now going after Elon Musk with
Multiple criminal investigations by the FTC and by the Justice Department and by a whole bunch of other agencies.
Last time I checked, there are eight agencies that are criminally investigating Elon Musk right now because the order has gone out by the puppet Biden to shut him down.
So I would imagine their next move is
They're gonna try to insert operatives into SpaceX and start sabotaging the rockets and they may even take over the telemetry and direct one into Houston off its Texas launch pad in the
Rio Grande Valley.
I mean, I mean, they'll do anything at this point.
And Musk needs to know that, needs to understand that.
And I've seen some telltale signs about just saying that off the top of my head, where they've been demonizing his rocket program, his space program.
And saying it's dangerous, it's going to hurt people, and a rocket could go astray, awry, and oh, it burned some grass at the launch site.
I mean, they're already pre-programming that he's a bad guy because he has a successful space program.
I think this is all part of the larger sabotage of civilization.
But continuing, if you want to know if he's for real, he's definitely for real.
They see him, though,
As a competing person to their system.
They see him as someone that is capable of basically taking them out of power.
And so they just see him as competition.
Whether they see him as a good person or a bad person is really not even up for discussion.
They simply see him as someone who's intelligent and powerful and building his own systems, and who's now breaking with them and not following their orders, so he must be destroyed.
So you can think what you want about Musk, you can say what you want.
The globalists see everything as energy and resources, and who controls them.
And Musk is not playing along with their globalist operation, so they see him as a competing system.
And they see him as the ultimate threat along with Trump.
And again, why?
If you go back to the Greek philosophies, around 2,500 years ago, they develop a term called tyrants.
And of course, they had that term before.
But the tyrants were populist leaders that mobilized the general population and were, for the general population, having larger voting rights.
So you see that repeated on throughout history over and over again.
Look in our own country, where first it's limited and then it expands.
And the King of England saw George Washington as a tyrant.
Again, in modern definitions, a tyrant is Kim Jong-un, a tyrant is Xi Jinping, or it just means a dictator.
That's not what a tyrant is.
According to the aristocracy that was the dominant system going back to the beginning of Greek culture, where you had a small elite of roundtable groups, the wise men, the watchers.
The philosopher kings who would make the decisions in the society and in the culture.
And if they didn't like your philosophy, they would order you murdered.
And then they had limited democracy and it expanded.
But tyrants were the first people to create city parks and public libraries and public baths and public bathrooms and restaurants that the general public could go to.
It was the tyrants that did that.
This was a big sin to the aristocracy like Plato that came before the time of the tyrants.
But he described populists in the same way as horrible people that were going to empower the general public.
He believed the general public should be kept at very low numbers.
He believed the world was overpopulated.
This is
Again, the reality of it.
And so they do this over and over and over and over again throughout the
ongoing intellectual cultural societal battles that happened on the Greek islands.
There's a lot of different city-states, a lot of different systems, other competing systems.
Their ideas then branched off and founded what is Rome and then the Roman Empire.
And I'm moving over this quick and I don't claim to be a detailed historian on it.
I've just studied what the Pentagon says, what the Club of Rome says, what the Bilderberg Group says, and they quote
The Greek philosophers and the Greek debates and set their whole system of modern psychology and philosophy and culture and war making on it.
And so you have an aristocracy that doesn't believe in empowering humanity.
Because aristocrats always claim that they're just the guardians of the system and they know what's best for the public.
But really, on average, they're a bunch of Malthusian depopulations.
But today, they're the most radical form of
What Plato called for, and that was forced depopulation.
I think?
And that we do just need to be gotten rid of.
So getting back to what's happened with Musk.
Musk is seen as a tyrant.
I'm seen as a tyrant.
Anybody that's a fan of humanity, anybody that stands up for humanity, anybody that doesn't think humanity's bad, anybody that doesn't want to treat us like animals and depopulate us is a tyrant according to the ancient Greek definition that the globalists are using.
So any men that don't get in line with the aristocracy and compete to serve it or be part of it will be eliminated.
But of course, the final equation, they'll end up eliminating everybody, because aristocracies really don't want smart, powerful, interesting people under them, because they might actually try to overthrow them later.
So that's why these aristocracies tend to create stagnation and collapse of civilization, because they go after any competition or new ideas.
What does it say about the establishment that they've now taken the gloves off and are in the process of demonizing, canceling, debanking, and arresting any prominent man that says let's not destroy this mammal civilization?
Well, this was always where they were going.
As it becomes evident that our civilization's having the plug pulled on it, and it's more quote men,
And women, but just pro-human individuals, step up and stand up and say, this is wrong.
We see the model they're going to use.
But because we still have our own communication systems, and because people have been fighting hard, it's not going well for the New World Order.
And all the polls and all the numbers show now, when they go after somebody decades after the Statue of Limitation, like Trump or Russell Brand or Tim Ballard or Julian Assange, you name it,
It only energizes the public, including women, to recognize what's happening.
If you're a globalist, you can commit any crime you want in real time in front of the world, and nothing is done to you.
But if you stand up for humanity, if you believe in a human future, they come after you.
So I've said this many times.
We need a union.
I don't mean like a union like the AFL-CIO.
I mean a pro-human union where humans stand up.
We're competing unions of pro-human systems.
And we say, hey, we buy products made by humans.
We don't buy stuff made by a bunch of robots.
It's not that robots are bad, it's that they're being positioned to take over, so the balance is out of whack.
The robot's not bad in and of itself, but it's being positioned to replace us, so we shouldn't let that happen.
And we should demand to fly on airlines that aren't flown by AI automation.
When the automation breaks, the pilots can't even land a plane half the time now.
Did you know you're not in a plane with a human flying it?
Again, this is not progress.
This is a design takeover to make us obsolete.
So we have to have a debate about the philosophies of the world, how the globalists operate, what their worldview is.
We have the legalists out of communist China, who are following the old legalist views of China that's even older than the Greeks.
There's an aristocracy as well, or the Politburo, or the
Ruling Communist Party.
All these new systems are just repeats and rebranding of what other ancient cultures created.
Humans act the same over and over again.
So whether it was Chinese philosophy of their emperors or the philosophy of the philosopher leaders of ancient Greece, it's the competing factions of pro-elite, pro-population.
You've got to decide which side you're on.
That's why it's so preposterous that leftists
Act like they're fighting the establishment with their bankroll by the biggest banks, Hollywood, backed by the intelligence agencies, backed by the Justice Department.
But deep down, they know they're employed by it.
They know they're promoted by it.
They know they've teamed up with it.
But they're schmucks, because they're destroying their own future.
Yes, they're getting a little money and a little bit of support today, but it's because the crocodile is only planning to eat them later.
And if you study history, when the tyrants
We're in Greece.
Again, not the modern definition.
They understood this and would explain to the public that if you join with the elites and if you let them basically divide and conquer you, in the end, you will end up much worse than you would be if you stand up and learn how to read and write and learn how to organize your own groups and your own associations.
So just as the Greeks did this and just as our founding fathers did this, just as other cultures have done this,
We have to organize our own reformation, our own new renaissance, our own great awakening against this globalist program.
And we've got to realize this is happening now, and this is going on.
So they're coming from us, they're coming for everybody, they're coming for me.
They've had grand juries open on me, I told you about that years ago.
A lot of the stuff, again, I've been told in closed sessions and things, I'm not at liberty to get into.
But the system's told me point blank.
You're going to shut up and go off the air, or we're going to put you in prison.
And that's their goal.
It's not just people on TV, the lawyers, saying they want to put me off the air.
They want us all in jail.
But that's what they're building on this prison planet.
A globalist program to put us all in jail.
And so that's why we've got to come together and realize we don't want to live on a prison planet, we want to live on a free planet.
We'll be right back.
And we are back live on the September 20th Wednesday broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We have some new breaking news that I warned of more than a decade because that's actually the globalist plan and that is for New York City and other major cities in the U.S.
to remove statues of George Washington.
Because George Washington adds slaves.
Of course, George Washington helped set up a government, then set up a system that got rid of slavery, but that doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter that slavery is currently going on in multiple African countries in the Middle East.
It doesn't matter if a billion and a half Chinese are slaves, or three million Uyghurs.
No, no, no.
They're all great.
They're all good.
America's bad.
So, get rid of the rebel flag, and now let's get rid of the American flag.
Now let's get rid of
George Washington.
Because the globalists see George Washington as the first American tyrant.
Again, in the Greek philosophy, not the modern use, that he was a man of the people, a populist that organized the people, and that's the worst thing to the aristocracy.
So now, in the year 2023, they are moving officially, after taking down Robert E. Lee, to go after George Washington.
Then it's going to be Thomas Jefferson and everybody else.
They have to demonize America.
They have to get rid of the idea, because the idea of freedom that we started, that grew into something incredible, is now basically being used against us by the globalists, who want to set up a total corporate tyranny here on the planet Earth, where we have no rights.
We have nothing.
We own nothing.
We live in 15-minute cities.
We're all in a giant prison.
They're building a huge prison around us.
That's what the globalist operation is.
You own nothing.
You have nothing.
You eat bugs.
They launch giant wars.
They fry you with 5G.
They forcibly inject you.
They own your body.
This is the worst slavery ever even imagined.
And it's being set up now by the Bill Gates and the Klaus Schwab's of the world.
We owe a debt of gratitude to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
But our enemies are alive today, moving against us, and using political correctness to destroy civilization, destroy relationships between men and women.
They're the ones smuggling millions of people.
They're the ones involved in sex slavery.
They're the ones at Epstein's Island.
They're the problem.
And anything they attack is the answer.
All right.
I'm going to turn the baton over right now to the great Owen Schroer.
I'll be back in studio soon.
Remember, only way this broadcast gets out is you share the links, share the video, share the clips.
You're doing a great job.
And now, Owen Schroer.
All right.
And how do you follow all of that up?
Maybe you expand on it, or maybe you just go into the big breaking news that we have right now.
Merrick Garland getting grilled in a House committee hearing today.
We've got some big bombshell clips from that.
And it's pretty evident at this point that Merrick Garland will go down if truth prevails, if justice prevails, if America prevails.
That Merrick Garland will go down as the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of this country.
A man who is truly corrupt and a weak man.
And you can see that during the hearing today.
And this is coming from one of his top targets.
Yours truly.
Who they want to incarcerate for my speech.
Who he has teams listening to this show every day looking for anything I do that can be used against me in a court of law.
I'm sorry, I should rephrase that.
Anything I say that can be used against me in a court of law.
Or rather, in these instances, a court of injustice.
So we got a lot of those clips coming up for you.
I'm probably going to start delving into those clips in the next segment.
But it's Jim Jordan, it's Thomas Massey, it's Matt Gaetz, of course it's the Republicans calling him out for the egregious injustice coming from the Injustice Department under Merrick Garland.
But we got so much news today.
And it's a good thing that I'm doing six hours of broadcasting here at InfoWars because there is so much news to get to.
A lot is coming out and this ties into the Merrick Garland case where he's being questioned today by Congress.
And I just happen to know some of the inside baseball because I've been a defendant.
And my attorney Norm Pattis has defended other defendants.
So we have a lot of discovery.
We have a lot of trial experience.
And let's just say, I'm not really going to be the one to present this to you.
Julie Kelly has done a great job.
Some other attorneys have done a great job.
There's some other groups out there that are coalescing to really try to get this information out, but Merrick Garland confirms what had already come out in these court cases when we're dealing with January 6th.
The U.S.
government, and this is what has been argued in court, by the way,
It's just these aren't my cases and you know I've been on extra special good behavior just to show you how corrupt the government is.
You can be the best person you possibly can be and it doesn't matter to them.
They still want your ass.
But they have argued in courtrooms that
Supposedly, there are so many undercover, confidential human informants, government agents on the ground on January 6th, that they can't even possibly give a list.
There's too many.
So it'd be like, hi, can we get a list of everybody that attended the Dallas Cowboys versus New York Jets football game last Sunday?
In Dallas, the stadium holds like 100,000 people.
So, oh, we need you to present 80,000, 90,000 names to this courtroom.
They'd say, your honor, your honor, this request is unfulfillable.
They're asking for 90,000 names to be presented in this courtroom.
Your Honor, we can't do this.
That's basically what the government is saying.
Attorneys will say, in discovery, can we know confidential human informants, government agents on the ground, undercover agents on the ground, can we get that information?
And they argue, Your Honor, we don't even know how many.
There's way too many.
We can't even put the list out there.
It's too ridiculous.
We had an entire football stadium full of undercover agents.
We can't possibly present this evidence and the judge says, oh, okay.
That's probably fair.
Yeah, too many.
But see, why was the acquittal of the five defendants in the Michigan FBI plot to kidnap the governor case so important?
Because that should be the same outcome of the January 6th defendants.
If it turns out that you have government agents setting the whole thing up, government agents encouraging the whole thing, government agents there on the ground provocateuring the whole thing, entrapping people, and then they open the doors and wave you in!
Then any jury and any judge that has an ounce of integrity would say, no, this is too dangerous.
I'm going to favor with the American people here because having a precedent set that the U.S.
government can use these type of tactics to entrap anybody they want is way too dangerous.
Now the worm has not turned on this, though the evidence is out there.
This gets brought up in the hearing.
By the way, we've got Michael Yan joining us in the next hour to talk about this illegal immigration issue.
We've been to the border, you've seen our coverage, you've seen the footage.
This isn't a new story, but it's every day.
Boat loads, train loads, and plane loads.
What is the real number of illegal immigrants that have come into this country?
And so you see the footage we're airing right now?
This isn't footage from yesterday, this isn't footage from last week, this isn't footage from last month.
This is new!
This is footage from today!
And it's every day!
This is an invasion!
How in the hell is this being allowed to go on?
What is the real number of illegal immigrants that have come into the country under Joe Biden?
Ten million?
And why are they building illegal immigrant cities north of Houston in one of the most highly sex-trafficked, child-trafficked areas known in the United States?
I'm just scratching the surface on the stuff we got on the show for you today.
So don't go anywhere.
We are loaded here at InfoWars.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Is that going to be the case for freedom-loving
Citizens of this planet from the globalist tyrants, the corporate world government, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide?
Or is that going to be the story for the tyrants that want to enslave the planet and want to eliminate 7 billion people from the population in their control of the resources?
Who will have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide?
Or is me saying that now criminal speech?
Usually Merrick Garland might be tuning in and figuring out that question and the answer to it, but he's busy today being questioned by Republicans in the House.
On the activities of himself and the Justice Department.
I want to go to as many of these clips as possible.
This is an ongoing hearing.
So there's going to be incoming clips all day long.
There's going to be viral clips all day long.
Hot clips all day long.
And so let's just start going down the list.
Here is Representative Mike Johnson asking Merrick Garland about the Hunter Biden investigation in clip 11.
Anyone at FBI headquarters about the Hunter Biden investigation?
I don't recollect the answer to that question, but the FBI works for the Justice Department.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You don't recollect whether you've talked with anybody at FBI headquarters about an investigation of the President's son?
I don't believe that I did.
I promised the Senate when I came before it for confirmation that I would leave Mr. Weiss in place and that I would not interfere with his investigation.
I have kept that promise.
Have you had personal contact with anybody at the Baltimore?
So, anybody who knows legal speak, lawyer speak, knows that he's covering his ass legally by saying, oh, I don't remember, I don't recollect, I'm not sure.
So that's him trying to deny that he's talked about the Hunter Biden investigations even though he likely has and he even knows he has.
And then he acts like, oh, the Weiss investigation is perfectly above board too.
Do you buy that?
Now listen to this in clip 12.
I might have a bone to pick with this one.
Here's Merrick Garland talking about the two-tiered justice system or the denial of such in clip 12.
That means we apply the same laws to everyone.
There is not one set of laws for the powerful and another for the powerless, one for the rich and another for the poor, one for Democrats and another for Republicans, or different rules depending upon one's race, or ethnicity, or religion.
Well, I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with you on that.
Merrick, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you that I am one of dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands, of cases that prove that we do indeed have a two-tiered system of justice.
I might be one of the leading cases that proves we have a two-tiered system of justice.
But did Merrick Garland just deny that there's systemic racism in the Justice Department?
My lord, liberals!
Democrats, Merrick Garland says there is no racial discrimination in the justice system.
Are they going to go crazy over that clip?
No, of course not, because they're all in on the corruption of Merrick Garland.
Just like a Nazi would be all in on the corruption of their persecutions.
We don't go after ze Jews!
We don't ever do the Je- We do nothing!
We give them- We give them free- We give them free heating!
That's the legacy Merrick Garland is building as the most corrupt Department of Justice Attorney General of all time.
And yeah, you know, he wants to put me in the noose.
But I just have to tell the truth.
I just have to tell it like it is.
And everybody in that room knows it.
How can Merrick Garland say with a straight face that the laws apply to everyone, whether you're Democrat or Republican, whether you're rich or poor?
What a complete and total BS lie.
And everybody knows it.
And I am one of many such examples of the two-tiered justice system.
But I don't want to waste your time digging into all of that.
You know what that is.
Let's go back to Garland now.
Matt Gaetz wondering about all the shell companies that the Bidens have and if Garland has any interest in those in Clip 13.
Do you know about the money that moved through Rob Walker's shell companies, yes or no?
As I have said repeatedly, I have left these matters to Mr. Weiss.
I've not intruded, I've not interfered, I've not tried to find out what he knows.
It's like you're looking the other way on purpose because everybody knows this stuff's happening.
And you know what?
People don't pay bribes to not get something in return.
The China initiative resulted in the convictions of a Harvard professor, of someone at Monsanto.
So we were working against the Chinese, they paid the Bidens, and now you're sitting here telling me that North Korea is the big threat.
I gotta get- Merrick Garland protecting the Biden crime family.
As Matt Gaetz says, he's turning his head the other way and acting as if he's blissfully ignorant.
And then Gaetz brings up the Hunter Biden art question in clip 14.
So Hunter Biden is selling art to pay for his $15,000 a month rent in Malibu.
How can you guarantee that the people buying that art aren't doing so to gain favor with the president?
The job of the Justice Department is to investigate criminal allegations.
Do you have information?
Are you investigating this?
I mean, someone who bought Hunter Biden's art ended up with a prestigious appointment to a federal position.
Doesn't it look weird that he's become this immediate success in the art world as his dad is President of the United States?
Isn't that odd?
I'm not going to comment about any specific... Not going to comment, not going to investigate.
So, Hunter Biden associate Devin Archer told us... So what is Merrick Garland doing, exactly?
And by the way, I've got a huge stack of news.
In fact, the biggest stack of news on my desk today is dealing with law, crime, and the justice system.
Now, is Merrick Garland doing anything about the rising crime rates that are skyrocketing?
He's obviously not doing anything about the political corruption.
He just says, blissfully ignorant, I'm not involved in that.
Well, okay, fine, fair enough.
So what are you involved in, Merrick?
What is Merrick Garland involved in, exactly, if he's ignoring all the political crimes going on at the top level of government?
Well, is he doing anything about the skyrocketing crime rates across the country?
What is Merrick Garland doing?
We all know what Merrick Garland is doing.
He's doing the work of the Democrat Party to imprison their opposition.
He's doing the work of the Democrat Party to destroy, using the weaponized government and justice system against the political opposition of the Democrat Party.
And if he can lump in the dirty white Americans into that pursuit as well, then that's just a nice little gravy, isn't it?
Nice little gravy train on top.
That's what Merrick Garland is actually doing.
Trying to run a Justice Department?
Jim Jordan hits Merrick Garland on the special counsel in the Hunter Biden case in clip 15.
Quote, Mr. Weiss has full authority to bring cases in other jurisdictions if he feels it's necessary.
That was your response, Attorney General, to Senator Grassley's question on March 1st, 2023.
Just reference it when Mr. Bishop was questioning you.
Only problem is he'd already been turned down by the U.S.
Attorney in the District of Columbia, Mr. Graves.
So he didn't have full authority, did he?
I had an extended conversation with Senator Grassley at the time.
We briefly touched on the Section 515 question and how that process went.
My point's real simple, Mr. Garland.
You said he had complete authority, but he'd already been turned down.
He wanted to bring an action in the District of Columbia, and the U.S.
Attorney there said, no, you can't.
And then you go tell the United States Senate, under oath, that he has complete authority.
I'm going to say again that no one had the authority to turn him down.
They could refuse to partner with him.
You can use whatever language.
They could not.
Refuse to partner is turning down.
Well, it's not the same under a well-known Justice Department practice.
Boy, isn't it good that that sniveling weasel didn't make it onto the Supreme Court?
I mean, now that we have this Judge Brown Jackson on there, she might be worse.
She doesn't even know what a woman is.
She's been on the Supreme Court the shortest amount of time, yet she's spoken the most and written the most in her opinions.
Says a lot about her.
But, oh, we're not rejecting Weiss and his investigations.
We're just not cooperating with him.
You're in charge of the Justice Department!
You're the Attorney General!
You have the final say!
Well, yeah, but I mean, he can still do whatever he wants, but you have to move it forward.
You have to sign off on it.
That's your job.
Yeah, but I don't do that.
Because I'm just keeping my hands off this.
I'm just blissfully ignorant on all of this.
This is just unbelievable corruption.
I mean, where's the impeachment of Merrick Garland?
I guess you've just got to let this Biden administration run its course so that the American people can see how corrupt not just Joe Biden is, but all his administration is.
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Alright, let's continue with these clips.
Again, they are going to be coming in.
This has already been a hearing ongoing for multiple hours.
It is still ongoing, and Merrick Garland is just getting roasted.
And so, that's all good, and the clips are good, and him feeling the pressure for his injustice department and his dereliction of duty, but
I mean, there needs to be investigations into him.
He needs to be subpoenaed.
He needs to be impeached.
Or, I think more importantly, Congress needs to remember the flowchart of power in Washington, D.C.
They are in charge.
They can shut this whole thing down.
So all this lip service that we're getting from these Republicans, hey, that's good.
I support that.
Two thumbs up.
But let's not forget, you can shut this whole thing down tomorrow.
And you know how corrupt it is, and you know that's probably what needs to happen.
So maybe it's time you start talking like that.
Here's Thomas Massey bringing up the Ray Epps phenomenon to Merrick Garland and Clip20.
You're citing the Constitution.
I'm going to cite it.
It's our constitutional duty to do oversight.
Now, in that video, that was your answer to a question to me two years ago.
When I said, how many agents or assets of the government were present on January 5th and January 6th and agitating in the crowd to go into the Capitol and how many went into the Capitol?
Can you answer that now?
I don't know the answer to that question.
Oh, last time, you don't know how many there were or there were none.
I don't know the answer to either of those questions.
If there were any, I don't know how many.
I don't know whether there are any.
I think you may have just perjured yourself that you don't know that there were any?
You want to say that again?
That you don't know that there were any?
I have no personal knowledge of this matter.
I think what I said the last time... You've had two years to find out... I mean, let's just pause it right here, folks.
He has no personal knowledge of this matter.
Do you realize how absurd that is?
Yeah, I have no personal knowledge.
I have this video list in front of me.
See this video list, guys?
You can dot-cam it too, maybe?
I mean, this is how ridiculous this is.
This is the Alex Jones Show video list for September 20th, 2023.
And so if somebody came in here and said, hey, do you know about this video clip here about with Jim Jordan?
I have no knowledge of this video list.
I have no knowledge of this video list.
Well, of course I have knowledge of this video list.
I'm the host of the show.
It's sitting on my desk.
By the way, that was in reference to Ray Epps, and yesterday you indicted him!
Isn't that a wonderful coincidence?
On a misdemeanor!
Meanwhile, you're sending grandmas to prison!
You're putting people away for 20 years for merely filming!
Some people weren't even there, yet you've got the guy on video who's saying, go into the Capitol!
He's directing people to the Capitol before the speech ends!
He's at the site of the first breach!
You've got all the goods on in 10 videos and it's an indictment for a misdemeanor?
The American public isn't buying it.
I yield the balance of my time to Chairman Jordan.
May I answer the question?
I'm going to ask you one now.
We'll let the gentleman... Yeah.
Um... Go ahead, but... I'm a sniveling weasel!
In Discovery, in the cases that were filed with respect to January 6th, the Justice Department prosecutors provided whatever information they had about the question that you're asking.
With respect to Mr. Epps, the FBI has said that he was not an employee or informant of the FBI.
Mr. Epps has been charged, and there's a proceeding, I believe, going on today on that subject.
The charge is a joke.
I yield to the Chairman.
The time of gentleman has expired.
The chair recognizes the gentleman from California.
Alright, we have more on this coming up.
Folks, keep in mind, this is the Attorney General Merrick Garland.
This is the Justice Department that is trying to lock me up for my speech.
This is the Justice Department with U.S.
attorneys that file sentencing memos that misrepresent the facts.
To try to lock me up and put me on a continued probation, so I'm going to be... What, am I going to be on probation for the rest of my life?
Is that the deal?
Am I supposed to live in fear of the U.S.
government the rest of my life?
Am I supposed to shut up?
Am I supposed to be silent?
Because Merrick Garland and the Justice Department want to put me in jail for my speech?
Is that the deal here?
That's exactly the deal!
But it's not just Owen Schroer!
It's every American!
It's every member of the media!
They don't want you to say anything about the corrupt government or they'll throw your ass in jail!
Risking my very life hosting this show because of Merrick Garland and the Justice Department that want to criminalize free speech in this country.
And we are now joined by Michael Yan, who, well, I'll say is in an undisclosed location.
If he wants to share his location, I'll leave that up to him.
He's doing some fearless work right now, covering the illegal immigration pipeline.
And so, Michael, I've been following your work, obviously, for the last couple weeks with you down in the Darien Gap and other areas.
The amount of footage that you've captured alone is historic, not to mention all the other journalists that are covering this as well.
And when you combine it all, the story is pretty clear.
The Biden administration is facilitating an illegal immigration pipeline.
The Biden administration is facilitating human trafficking.
The Biden administration is facilitating an invasion of the country.
And so, Michael,
I leave it up to you.
Do you want to begin with you capturing on footage cash deals?
Cash deals?
Illegal immigrant coyote cash deals?
Or maybe you want to start on the literal boatloads of illegal immigrants that you've caught on camera?
Maybe it's the trainloads that we've seen coming in?
I'm overwhelmed by it, just like our southern border is.
Michael Yan, where do you want to start?
Hey, Owen, I've been following your case.
I mean, that's incredible.
I mean, you've been fighting it out, duking it out very courageously, but obviously could end up in the dungeon.
I mean, this is really dark ages in the United States.
Yeah, yeah, I'll spend more time in jail than any of these illegal immigrants will.
Almost certainly.
And you can see these people.
I made this video the other day in a place called Las Blancas and Daring Gap.
These are people that are just coming out of the Gap.
Unvetted, 3,000 to 4,000 a day right now.
82,000 last month.
But now the numbers have increased.
And they're increasing week by week at this point.
And I would, I'm going to show you Highway 1.
Highway 1 is right here.
And we had, I'm with Ann Vanderstil.
We just stopped on the highway on the way to Panama City.
We're looking into some canal issues at this point.
So if it wasn't for Elon Musk's Starlink technology, you wouldn't even be able to get this news out.
Nope, it was sat123.com actually sent me the Starlink.
So it's running in the back of that truck with the EcoFlow, if you can believe that.
So I mean, it's just amazing.
We can set it up in one minute.
It took maybe two minutes by the time it was booted up.
So anyway, so we just pulled over in this restaurant to get to hit with you.
And this is Highway 1.
This is Highway 1 right here.
This is the highway that goes all the way from Yavitza to the end of the Darien Gap.
We were just down there.
And it goes, well, you can go to anywhere in the United States from this thing.
Right now, this is where all the migrants come to.
Right here.
All the aliens come right on this road.
Highway 1.
They come up in about probably 60 buses today.
About 6-0.
Roughly 5 dozen.
They'll go to the Costa Rica border.
They're allowed to go into Costa Rica now without showing their passports.
In fact, there's one now.
And so, that might be it.
That's a local bus.
Anyway, it's the same sort of bus, but that's a local bus.
So, yeah.
At this rate, they're building more infrastructure.
The United States government is paying for a lot of this.
Openly paying for it.
It's not hidden whatsoever.
And paying for the camps.
The United States is paying.
Our flag is in those camps.
I'm in those camps often.
And now, this year, the flows, last month was $82,000 according to the Panamanian government.
Aliens came through Highway 1. $82,000.
And I would strongly bet that next year will be over a million in 2024.
Because I'm watching the camps being built.
For instance, we just about five days ago, we were out in the Darien Gap near a village called Lajas Blancas.
There's a there's a new camp being built by Lajas Blancas.
Lajas Blancas is a village of Imbara Indians I go out to pretty frequently.
And that's way out in the Darien Gap.
It takes three hours or four hours by foot.
I walk.
I made that video last week.
These are Chinese.
They're building a new camp out there.
So a few days, about four days ago or five days ago, we were out there and about more than 100.
That's a camp by drones last night.
Actually, that's in the camp right down this road.
They're building a new camp out there that's multiples bigger than that one.
I'd say seven times bigger, roughly.
And, uh, yeah, easily seven times bigger.
This new camp is going to be big enough for, it's about 14 acres so far, but we saw over 100 Imbara Indians out there with their machete cutting the jungle down to make a new camp.
That's why I'm not just randomly saying that I think at least a million people will come down this road next year.
I mean, last month alone was 82,000, and this is rainy season, right?
And so I think whatever I give an estimate like this, it's usually pretty conservative.
If you go back and you audit this at the end of 2024, you'll probably see it.
Some number far higher than a million.
And so that's it.
This is the invasion.
This is not the only place where invasion takes place.
You're down on the border a lot.
You know what you've seen.
I've been down there with you.
I mean, and so there's many other flows that join besides the Darien Gap.
There's flows through, of course, many of the Chinese will fly to Cancun first.
They'll fly to Mexico City first.
Many will fly to, actually, Bahamas, and they're coming up on Florida shores in boats that they buy in the Bahamas.
Of course, we've got a lot of people coming over the northern border from Canada, a place formerly known as Canada.
And then we have also, again, going back to Central America, many people fly into Nicaragua, many Cubans fly into Nicaragua, and many fly into
Also, El Salvador and other places, and they make it their way to work.
And not only that, I mean, there's places in Guatemala where the villages are essentially empty.
I mean, the villages have emptied out, and they're in the United States.
I mean, so basically, we're getting a bunch of favelas.
And you see on that train right there, I think that one goes probably through Piedra dos Negros.
I spent a lot of time down there.
I'm guessing that's where that one goes through.
I didn't make that footage.
It's unbelievable.
We're going to go into a war, a kinetic war, that's very obvious.
We're going to have food shortages, that's very clear.
Can you even wake up these days without seeing a food fire, or some sort of food disruption, or the FDA, or the Department of Agriculture, or somebody closing some chickens down, or slaughtering hogs, or, you know, it just goes on and on and on.
It's not just in the United States, it's in Europe.
Often when I leave Panama, I'll fly straight to Europe, to places like Netherlands,
To watch the situation there, which is also crucial.
And not just that, but the Chinese Communist Party is clearly collapsing in and of itself.
I don't know if... Let me qualify that.
I don't know that the Chinese Communist Party is collapsing, but the Chinese economy is collapsing.
The China is... You see these jungles are filled with Chinese coming through.
Now, you don't see many Chinese come off these boats right here.
I would say maybe less than 5%.
Three or four percent of the people coming through here are Chinese, but they go through a different route, not far away down a different river called Rio Canaan.
So they come down to a village called Canaan Mambirio.
And, I'm sorry, Rio Mambirio.
And they go to a village called Canaan.
And I've been out there many times as well.
That's the way that most of the Chinese come through, because the Chinese have more money.
They'll take, from Colombia, they'll take a boat around and they go to these Kuna Indian villages.
They rent horses out there, actually.
So a lot of the Chinese coming in, they're in much better shape.
They're not... Every day, dozens of people are dying in the jungle.
We don't know how many, but let's just say, for argument's sake, to be directionally accurate, three or four dozen.
At least three dozen, I would say.
But we don't actually know.
I tell you, the death toll about three years ago when I started coming over here...
We're probably 10%.
That's just over-the-top insane.
Now, I would say probably 1% or less.
Well, let me just pause you right there.
Let me just pause you right there and retreat for a second because you bring up the issue of these camps becoming permanent installments and the expansion of them.
This is a very important aspect that I think
Solidifies the... I mean, this is a government-sanctioned, paid-for, illegal immigration pipeline that they're now building the camps and making permanent installments.
I mean, I'm...
And by the way, this is a city north of Houston that they're going to turn into an illegal immigrant city.
It's a massive infrastructure they're building just outside of Houston, one of the most heavily human-trafficked areas known in the United States of America.
They're turning it into an illegal immigrant city.
The entire thing is going to be an illegal immigrant city.
But talk about this permanent installment.
This is stuff that you see for businesses.
This would be like if I decide I'm gonna start, like, a basketball camp, and maybe I've got 20 kids that want to attend my basketball camp, and I'm on some outdoor court in the city, and then maybe there's a hundred kids, and then maybe there's a thousand kids, and so now I'm building a giant gymnasium.
Now I've got a multi-court basketball facility, and now I'm running a huge basketball camp because it's a success, and it's a money-making thing.
This is a business!
The government is running the illegal immigrant business by building these massive permanent infrastructures.
I want you to really hone in on that.
I mean, how do we communicate this to the people so that they properly understand what's going on?
Yeah, that colonia north of Houston.
I've been there quite a few times now.
Just did another helicopter ride up there a few weeks ago with a couple of congressmen.
In fact, I first went out there with Todd Bensman.
That colonia near Plum Grove, they call it Colony Ridge.
We call it Abbott City.
Todd Bensman describes it in his last book called Overrun.
In the last chapter of Overrun, he describes this colonia.
So Todd and I were actually briefing some influential people in Texas.
We're good to go.
With Dave Cannon, a great local patriot, who's got a helicopter.
We flew with him several times.
He's taken me up over there quite a few times.
And so we took some congressmen on the last trip.
We took Daily Wire.
We took Anne VanderSteel, who's been blasting it out everywhere.
So yeah, that's Colony Ridge right there, where again, we call it Abbott City.
Now this is good.
This is large enough, according to the Daily Wire article, which Spencer wrote, Spencer Jordan, it's big enough for
Well, it's about 60 square miles.
How many people can you put in that?
Neighborhoods and complexes for residents and homes and everything.
I mean, this is a massive development.
And so, and another angle to this too, Michael, and I don't know how much of this you've dug into, but if you want to know why politicians, if you want to know why certain groups of Americans in the private sector support the illegal immigration, I'm sure this is a billion dollar project.
Somebody's going to make a billion dollars developing this illegal immigrant city, Michael.
It's hard to imagine that's coming in at less than a billion.
Look at 60 square miles.
In fact, Dave flies over there once a week and sends me the photos.
I'm watching it grow every week.
I don't publish all the photos, but I'm watching them and saving them.
Same with these camps down here.
I was just droning one again last night.
Been droning them for a while now.
You can see these camps are exploding.
The camps of the Darien Gap.
Again, this is Highway 1.
This is the highway where many of the people are coming up that are going to live in that colonia.
They're coming right here to that colonia.
And places all over the world.
All over the United States.
New York and Florida.
Yeah, they call it Colony Ridge there, but we call it Abbott City.
Now, Abbott could shut this down by shutting the border, for starters.
I mean, all this stuff, all this nonsense about sending people to New York and Washington, that's just injecting poison deeper into our hearts.
These are guys coming to the dairy guy.
How's this guy even survive, right?
But he made it somehow.
And numerous people with dogs every day.
I'll see three, four, five dogs come through.
Yeah, I'm seeing like ten infants.
There's like ten infants just in this one little arrival, this one little delivery.
And that's what this is.
This is human capital.
And so they're delivering their human capital and they turn it into billion-dollar enterprises.
No, they're going to replace us.
You know what they're going to do.
This is straight up war.
I mean, they are coming to take our homes.
I mean, literally kill us, right?
This is no joke.
This is an old war strategy.
It's been done year after year and generation after generation all over the world.
Keep in mind, I have, I developed context on these things.
I was over recently in Morocco and Greece and Lithuania and
And the good Lord, so many different places.
I'm watching this.
It's the same rat trap with the same rat chief.
Now, you can say these poor Indians and Kuna Indians out here in the jungle, they're just getting taken advantage of.
But at the same time, when I go over to the Netherlands, the so-called very sophisticated people of Netherlands or New York,
They're falling for the same traps.
You know, the Dutch people are falling for the same traps.
They're overwhelmed with migrants now in Netherlands and all over Europe.
In Germany, where I was just at recently as well, same thing.
Same story almost everywhere, but not Poland, not Hungary, not Czech Republic or Slovakia, because they didn't fall for it.
But Sweden sure did, and Sweden's going to die.
They're going to pay a very heavy price.
They will die from this.
I don't know how Sweden... I don't see enough testosterone in Sweden.
Well, did you see the Italian island?
There's an Italian island of... I want to make sure that I get the name of this right.
Italian island with about roughly 6,000 Italians that live there.
They have now been overwhelmed with almost 10,000 illegal immigrants from Africa.
They've overwhelmed the population on one Italian island.
Some fish don't mix well in the same aquarium.
And a lot of people are getting these, uh, cultural enrichment right now.
For instance, I was just watching some cultural enrichment at Lajos Blanca's camp the other day, where the Venezuelans and the, and the, uh, Afghans almost went at it.
This was down this road, back down about four hours, out in the jungle.
Uh, you know, and the day before that, it was Haitians versus others.
And, you know, it's every day.
They have, there's a lot of violence in these camps because of the not,
The Center Front, who is the Panamanian Border Patrol, they're extremely professional.
And they call things down.
They're very good at it.
But they're also outnumbered.
And, you know, you get a bunch of Haitians together with a bunch of Venezuelans and Afghans, man, it's game on.
And so, you know, you see a lot of pushing matches.
You see, you know, at one point when I was out there with Ann the other day, we were looking for an escape route just in case because things were getting really riled up and they were starting to push each other around.
It's coming.
You'll see, one of the things that you'll see, for instance, in Japan right now, Kurds, who you might love, I spend a lot of time with Kurds, I get along with them very great, but the Kurds, once you get a bunch of Kurds together, they start fighting each other.
It's not just Kurds fighting Turks or Kurds fighting Arabs, it's Kurds fighting Kurds.
Well, and let's be clear about this, too.
This is a Trojan horse, and I'm not saying it's like the Trojan horse where a bunch of people are going to jump out, military people, to engage in a kinetic war.
This is an economic Trojan horse.
Oh, these are just migrants.
They're classified as migrants so they get to roam about and get free stuff wherever they go.
But see, then you have, and this is the mayor unironically telling the truth about the situation but missing the bigger picture because he's a Democrat and he's not very smart.
New York Mayor Eric Adams sounds alarm on migrant crisis, warns a financial tsunami is ahead.
The mayor warned that the city department will likely see budget cuts to address the anticipated $12 billion price tag of the migrant crisis.
And he says it will destroy New York City.
It's not just New York City.
It will destroy the entire United States.
Why don't they see this?
This is the economic Trojan horse of the New World Order.
This is the economic Trojan horse of the UN.
They are sending them in as quote-unquote migrants, like in a Trojan horse, and then they get unloaded and they crash our economy.
Oh, and you know exactly what's happening, because I watch your show.
I mean, you know, this is actual war.
This is actual war.
This isn't, maybe there'll be a war, or there'll be some pushing matches.
They're coming to kill you.
They're coming to kill you and take your home.
Just like Stalin did with a lot of war.
Just like Mao did.
All pot.
It's an old strategy.
It's what they did to the Nazis.
The Nazis did to the Jews.
Demonized the Jews.
Make America start again.
Say that the Jews are the ones causing all the problems and then go take their stuff, right?
That's what happens over and over and over.
That's why you have this big hate campaign against Caucasians in the United States and it's coming.
They're going to unleash hell.
You're going to have to fight or run or die.
I mean, you got that choice as well because that's what's coming.
These people are coming over.
Again, I'm being cautiously
When I estimate a million will come up here in 2024, just on this feeder route, just this road right here, this two-lane road, a million will come up that lane right there.
So let me ask you this, let me ask you this.
They say, Michael, they say, they anticipate it's been somewhere between four to six million illegal immigrants since Joe Biden has taken office.
That's just the numbers and the rough data that we can get.
It's about four to six million.
What do you think the real number is?
I don't know, but it's got to be some number far higher than that.
I just don't know, because there's too many ways to get in.
There's the entire northern border, which obviously is massive, and there are a lot of people just landing at the airports.
I mean, that are just being allowed in.
I mean, what are those numbers?
We just don't know.
Oh, and the time is going to come.
I would not, you know, when the crazy people used to say that the super centers would be used as camps.
Well, in Brownsville now, children are being kept in a super center, a Walmart super center.
And Vandersteel's is right beside me here.
We were just over there.
I mean, it's there.
It's not conspiracy theory.
Anybody can go there and look.
Anybody can go to that camp and look themselves, right?
And so that wasn't conspiracy theory, it turns out.
It wasn't crazy.
It was true.
And it's very clear that this route is being developed.
The Darien Gap route is being expanded.
So the routes from Colombia into Panama are now shorter, they're safer, they're still very dangerous, but they're shorter, they're safer, they're faster to get through, and the infrastructure here, the camps are now larger and the camps are more efficient.
I mean, this is nuts.
This is nuts.
I'm just so floored by this.
I'm trying to find ways to get the sense of urgency here, because that's what this is all about.
We're trying to raise a sense of urgency.
Folks, I'm not telling you to give up, I'm not telling you America's dead, but I mean, obviously our constitutional republic is at like 1% battery, and obviously this is a consolidated and conscious attack on our country.
My dad used to work in Texas when he was younger.
He was a traveling salesman.
And he used to tell me he would drive Dallas to Austin, Austin to San Antonio, Austin to Houston, whatever.
Those were the routes.
And he'd mostly be going off one-lane highways, maybe some two-lane highways.
Well, now it's developed!
Because it's a major economic area.
And people travel it.
And so you develop it.
Now you've got two-lane highways and four-lane highways.
And you've got businesses and restaurants and towns popping up.
That's now the illegal immigration pipeline!
They're developing it like it's an economic bomb!
But it's not even us, it's not even legal, it's not even America!
I mean, how do we get the sense of urgency here, Michael?
Highway 1 is a syringe of poison into the United States and they're opening up to Colombia.
They're hard at work to open up through Colombia.
The Panamanians don't know that.
Even though they're building a bridge down near Yavitza, we just droned it a couple days ago, they're building a bridge across the river for road traffic at this point.
So how do we get a sense of urgency?
If we had lost already, you would not be treating that face.
I would be, you know, I've traveled this world a lot, I know places where I can go.
Yeah, alright, Michael, look, I gotta take a break.
That sort of thing.
Hold right there, hold right there, Michael, I gotta take a break.
I'd love to hear from Ann VanderSteel, too.
She's sitting there silently behind you.
I'd love to get her take from all this when we come back from break.
She's welcome to join us.
But I wanna talk about that as well.
Folks, look.
Again, this isn't about, I'm giving up, America's dead, we're under attack, we're dead, it's time to take action and leave the country.
I mean, we might be there in a couple years.
That's not what this is about.
This is about the sense of urgency.
This is about members of Congress realizing how serious this is.
This is about the average American...
And their awareness level of what's really going on here.
This is groundbreaking stuff from Michael Yan and Vandersteel is with us.
They're both going to be rejoining us here on the other side.
Folks, I haven't even plugged today.
The information is more important, but if we don't have the money to stay on air, we can't even get the information out.
So, InfoWarsTore.com.
Shop at InfoWarsTore.com.
Get the water filters, get the emergency food supplies, get the great supplements so that you can stay in the best possible health for your life and longevity.
Keep us on the air, folks.
This is way too important for us to be off air.
Alright, we are calling a quick audible.
We will be rejoined by Michael, Jan, and Ann VanderSteel coming up in about 15 minutes.
We're calling a quick audible to get Jack Posobiec on with us because he is now dealing directly with the situation and corruption in Ukraine.
Where they have this hit list that they put American journalists on.
And this is the Ukraine that the U.S.
government wants to fund.
This is the Ukraine that the U.S.
government wants to keep at war with Russia.
And they put out hit lists with American journalists on it.
And now Jack Posobiec's name has ended up on that list.
So we're getting in touch with him here shortly.
He should be joining us for a couple minutes this segment.
Here's a couple of the headlines.
Ukraine will get Abrams tanks soon, according to the Pentagon.
And Joe Biden is essentially promising this in front of the UN the other day, while Zelensky was there asking for more money.
He also was complaining that Russia was even allowed at the UN, calling them terrorists.
But, you know, there's a bit of a rub there because, remember, first a Ukrainian missile hit Poland and they tried to blame Russia.
It was a Ukrainian missile.
Then a Ukrainian missile hit a market and killed people in Ukraine.
They tried to blame Russia.
Even the New York Times had to admit, nope, that was a Ukrainian missile.
I mean, here's the New York Times headline.
Evidence suggests Ukrainian missile caused market tragedy.
So who's the real terrorist, Zelensky?
And it's Zelensky who's going into the outskirts of Ukraine and recruiting men and women to go fight the wars so that the rich oligarchs in Kiev
Don't have to.
And so Jack Posobiec now joins us over the phone.
We've got some developments in Ukraine.
The man pretending to be a woman, who is the alleged spokesperson, is apparently now out.
But you've now been put on the Ukrainian, the enemies of Ukraine, hit list.
This is the U.S.
government funding this Ukrainian war and now they're targeting U.S.
Jack Posobiec, your response?
Well, Owen, you know, I look at a day like this where this individual, this spokesman for Ukraine's military, completely illegitimate from the start.
Placing me on this list and then saying that the Ukrainian intelligence services apparently were going to be used to come after me, to come after other Americans on this list.
I think it's a good start that this person has been fired.
This mentally insane person who is completely deranged, obviously, has been fired from this position.
But remember, Owen, there are still Americans on this list.
And there are still Americans that are being held behind bars, held hostage in Ukraine right now.
One of them, Gonzalo Lira, was a blogger that was working in Kharkov, Ukraine.
Who posted statements that were critical of Zelensky's government, critical of their decisions, and he was arrested for this.
And so that is an American blogger that's currently being held hostage in Ukraine right now.
Why are we paying money to a country that has an American hostage currently, and then is putting people like myself, like other Americans on a list?
It's a joke, and we should pull every single plug.
Well, I guess it does remain consistent with the Biden administration's domestic policy because they put American journalists, they hold American journalists hostage.
They try to incarcerate American journalists like myself.
So I guess this is really consistency from the Biden administration.
They support the Ukrainian government holding American journalists hostage and they support the U.S.
government holding American journalists hostage like myself.
But let me ask you this.
With your military intelligence background, how does this individual, Mike Cirillo, and guys, pull up Jack's Twitter account where he put this image up, go from a big-time Barack Obama, big-time public Barack Obama supporter, a bald man, big, I mean, big dude, looks like he works out, nice goatee there, how does he go from that to, I mean, like an SNL skit, dude in a wig pretending to be comms for the
We're good to go.
You know, Owen, the reason that they're going after you is because they want to shut you up in the United States.
They're going after every patriot, every dissident right now.
That's why they're cracking down.
And you go and look at this individual, Mike Cirillo, who was a failed candidate for Democrat city council in Las Vegas at one point, was trying to infiltrate Republican groups, he claims.
He's just some grifter, basically, who said, all right, I can't get in politics.
I can't get in Republican, Democrat.
Now I'm going to go trans.
Now I'm going to fly over to Ukraine and be the first trans war correspondent that actually gets a couple of bylines in the Daily Beast, a super far left rag that everybody's heard of.
Then, when that starts drying up, because even the people over there started getting sick of his crap, he decides to go and take it to the next level and pull Malcolm Nantz and actually join the Ukrainian military.
So here's what's even worse from Big Mike over there.
This is Big Mike!
A lot of Big Mikes running around apparently.
That he's actually under Ukrainian military, whatever their equivalent of
The military justice, the UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice, that means it will be military court or military adjudication.
He's going to be under investigation from the exact same special agency, the SVU, that he was threatening me with.
So there's a lot of big mics apparently in the Obama camp here.
But I mean seriously, this was worse than an SNL skit.
It's like they weren't even trying.
They take this big dude and they just put a blonde wig on him and a military uniform.
It couldn't have been more ridiculous if it was an SNL skit.
You wouldn't even believe it except that we saw it.
And so what's next for this individual?
Well, I think what's next is that we need a full investigation of this Ukrainian hit list.
We need a full investigation of what Americans are currently on this list.
And of course, if there are Americans like Gonzalo Lira, even maybe even ones that we don't know about, because people that have been over there that are on this list, gone over, that are being held hostage, they need to be brought back immediately.
That's what needs to happen next.
And then furthermore, what we need to do is start asking, why is the United States paying
We're good.
The child trafficking that's going on with these displaced children.
We've got a huge story up at HumanEvents.com all about that.
That's right, and let me plug that story real quick.
Let me plug that for you real quick, Jack.
This is on HumanEvents.com.
Arrested child trafficker admits to boarding school used as front for organ harvesting network in Ukraine.
A big story you've got.
Jack, I know you've got to run.
We've got about 90 seconds left here.
What would you like to say?
Everyone go up to humanevents.com, you can see how they're doing it.
Oh, and they're taking war orphans, they're taking surrogates from the baby factories, and they're putting them on the black market as menus of organs for children coming out of Ukraine.
This is what the harvesters use wars and famines and earthquakes and these natural disasters for, and when we can stop one, we must stop one.
That's for the good of Ukraine.
And everybody knows that when you have these war-torn areas, human trafficking becomes a massive issue, and the U.S.
government cares more about the Ukrainian border than our own border!
Well, that's exactly right.
They use the exact same thing on the southern border in the United States right here.
That is a child sex trafficking and organ harvesting bonanza right there on our southern border every single day.
And yet, we're supposed to give billions of dollars to Ukraine that puts American journalists like Jack Posobiec on a hit list, and then in one of the most ridiculous, unironic, humorous things you've ever seen, they put a giant man in a wig and a Ukraine military uniform and say, look, here's the Ukrainian intelligence officer giving you updates on the war.
Alright, Jack Masovic, I know you've got to run.
Thank you for joining us in short time.
And, wow, I guess you must be angering the warmongers if they put you on a hit list, brother.
Get upset.
We're praying for you, Owen.
All right, there goes Jack Vesovic.
Now, when we come back, we're going to be rejoined by Michael Yan and Ann VanderSteel, and we're going to talk more about the open southern border that is just, I mean, it's wide open.
I don't know what else to say.
It's total criminality down there.
This has been a loaded transmission.
We're going 1,000 miles per hour.
We're now rejoined by Michael Yan, Ann VanderSteel, and I just wanted to get her take on all of this because she's down there at the southern border working with Michael Yan as well, and so Ann joins us.
And here's my goal right now.
I'm not declaring the United States of America is dead.
I'm not telling people, hey, you better find a safe haven because the tyrants are here, the communists are here, the invasion is on.
That's not my message here today.
So if people are taking it that way, I want to be clear.
That's not my message.
I still believe we can politically, peacefully save this country, but we have to raise the sense of awareness.
We have to raise the sense of urgency.
With everything you've witnessed at the southern border, how do you communicate how serious this issue is to the American people, to our lawmakers, to Congress, to the American media?
And so
You know, and that's a great question because unfortunately America is so conditioned to
I think so.
Billions and millions of people coming across the border right now that are used to paying 25 cents for a cup of coffee and they can live without air conditioning.
They can live without power.
These are people who are coming from very poor countries.
They're used to living off the grid and we're not.
They're going to show up and come into your neighborhood and look around and go, hey, that's a pretty nice house over there.
I should be able to knock on the door because that's what I do down here.
So their whole culture
It doesn't translate to what we're used to, and Americans are just used to having it their way.
Look, that's the campaign slogan.
Have it your way, right?
Get your hamburger the way you want it.
And it's not going to be like that for much longer.
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in Texas
We're good to go.
In their face.
And that's what's happening.
This hot stove is getting transported right up to Pan American Highway here at ever increasing speed.
And it's going to be in their face really soon.
And you know, the reports that we just are getting right now from Brannon House, right?
I spoke to him last night.
He just called us a little while ago.
FEMA just put up
We're good to go.
The people that they contracted with said, hey, you know, we can get you in the schedule, la la la.
They paid three times the actual going rate for that tower because they needed that tower functional before the end of the month.
So what does that tell you when they need to have comps?
They're talking about the CBS test, right?
That's coming up in October, early October.
You've got the PSAs going out from Department of Homeland Security in New York City.
Be prepared, you know, start practicing your nuclear radioactive fallout, your shelters, all your protocols.
The billionaires are building, you know, world-class, you know, multi-million dollar, you know, dugouts for them to go and hide in and, you know, get fallout shelters, get away and have airtight
We're good to go.
So what does this tell you that's coming when the government is broadcasting this across their different networks that, frankly, the Americans are reading because they're too busy with their Instagram and their social media and the dumb crap on TV.
I hate to say it, you know, we're going to lose a lot of Americans.
The Diegel Report talks about the decrease in the U.S.
population by 20, 25, 68 percent.
Well, you lose power for three months or six months.
A lot of people are going to die, Owen.
And unfortunately, like the jabs, until people start dying suddenly around you, we just as Americans never seem to wake up because we're too comfortable with our stupid Instagram.
That's what's going on.
The ease of access and the comfort level has a lot of Americans in a trance.
You know, the football games, the Kim Kardashian fake boobs and everything else.
And so... Right.
You know, and this is what's shocking to me, because
It's frustrating.
I take my case for example.
I'm sitting in a courtroom and I've got a judge and I've got prosecutors and I've got a whole legal system trying to jail me for free speech, right?
And I'm just sitting there and I'm like, look...
I get it, you're doing this for political points, or you're doing this because you want to keep your conviction rate good, and you're trying to climb a ladder, or whatever, and it's like, don't you understand there's not going to be a country?
Don't you understand that you throwing Owen Schroer in jail?
I'm the one fighting for you!
You're not going to be able to afford groceries, if they're even available.
You're not going to be able to afford an energy bill, if there's even power to be turned on, and it's like I have this whole system and the people inside it, like, bearing down on me, and I'm like, hey, I'm not the one turning off your power!
I'm not the one opening your borders!
I'm not the one destroying the future for your lineage!
And so it's this frustration that even smart people, even people in the system that are a part of this, it's like they don't even get what they're doing!
Yeah, you know, and in some aspects, first of all, brother, man, I feel for you what you're going through, because that thought, you know, the thought police, the thought crime, the free speech police are coming at you hard, and it's getting a lot of press.
And thank God it's getting a lot of press, because people got to wake up from their slumber.
But at the same token,
Sometimes don't you wonder when they attack you the way they do, because I've been under the firing squad and I'm getting crazy calls again, and they start to really publish articles about you.
Is it because they need a distraction?
Sort of like this government shutdown, which we need the government to get shut down.
I'm sorry, I know it's going to upset a lot of people that depend on government stuff, but you know what?
At the end of the day, the government has been warring against the people anyway.
Look, they're bringing in these illegals right now, paying a $2,200 a month per person.
You put 10 of those in an apartment, which is fine with them.
They're used to living like that.
Now you've got, you know, 10 illegals, $2,200 a month, $22,000 a month.
They're going to live nicely!
They're going to live a lot nicer than the Americans getting $1,400 a month out of Social Security.
So the replacement population, like you said, on these screens, they're coming in.
It's going to be a very nice life for these people, a far lot better than where they're coming from.
Let's face it, when Venezuela crashed and burned,
Their best and brightest left early on, and they were leaving before the country went up in flames.
Now, Venezuela's entering their prisons, and they're sending us their worst.
They're not sending us the doctors, the lawyers, the bankers.
They're sending us the criminals, the hardened criminals, the gang members that only know how to rape, and pillage, and steal their way through life.
And, you know, when they get handed 22 bucks a month, that's going to give them the opportunity to go out and buy some really nice, high-powered weapons to come and ravage even more.
So, if you think you're going to be able to sit back in your house and watch the football game,
I sit on Phil's Instagram all day and these people have made a concerted effort to go through hell and fire and brimstone to get here coming out of the jungles and the Darien Gap between Columbia and Panama.
You don't think they're going to come knock on your door with a high-powered gun and take everything you have?
Hell yeah they are.
They're doing it to each other.
They're robbing each other in the middle of the jungle.
They're robbing each other in these camps.
The Embraer Indians have been overrun.
They've set up a whole new economy, a whole new ecosystem around the migrant population that is now on the verge of destroying their way of life because their whole way of life has now shifted.
This is an age-old problem of human migration.
The human migration happened on necessity.
It wasn't because it was forced.
It wasn't because they were lured with the promises of money.
And they're getting the money, believe me.
It wasn't because they had coordinated NGOs.
You know, Ben did some incredible work with Oscar Blu in the jungle over the last week up there and, you know, they were put to the limit.
They were stretched to the limit with these conditions up there, the dead bodies that they witnessed.
You know, and again, this is, you know, blah, blah, blah.
I mean, it's literally, it's literally, everything, everything Ann just said, people would be like, oh, well, that's not actually happening.
No, that's literally happening, folks.
That's not just rhetoric.
Emptied its prisons and sent them to our southern border.
There are literal boatloads, trainloads, busloads, plane loads.
And so, we're about to take a break in, but let me ask you this.
It's like, we live in Austin here.
It's been one of the most booming metropolis cities in America for about a decade now.
I can drive like 10-15 miles out of the city and there's big housing development structures being built.
You know, and so what does that mean?
Well, that means there's a booming industry here and people are moving here, so they build these developments.
And yet all of them pale in comparison to the development that they're building for illegal immigrants just north of Houston.
So it's like, how do we not see that this is an industry?
This is literally an illegal immigration industry, a criminal industry, the Biden administration facilitating it.
Yeah, well, you know, Owen, I know you've reported on transhumanism, right?
So when you consider they're going to replace the white-collar job with AI, right?
You don't need engineers and AI to build your infrastructure or whatever it is.
What you need is people that will go out in the field and do the heavy lifting and the work and the construction.
They haven't perfected robots yet.
So that community right there, AdvoCity, as Michael and I call it, and as the Daily Wire did a hella great job reporting, incredible job reporting on a really masterful article on the Twitter set,
We're good to go.
This is better than what the average American in Baltimore or in Chicago or in St.
Louis or in San Francisco.
This is a better living condition, better education school than they'll have.
Ann VanderSteel is my guest.
We've got a short break coming up.
I want to ask Ann a couple more questions on the other side of this break.
Folks, I mean, if you're seeing this, you know how bad it is.
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All right, I really appreciate Anne VanderSteel and Michael Yon's time.
I know what it's like to travel on the road, especially covering the border issue.
And so, folks, they're literally just trying to grab a bite to eat here and still joining us.
So I do really appreciate that.
Anne, let me ask you the question, because you mentioned the Dan Patrick statement earlier where he said the real numbers
of the illegal immigrants is probably closer to 10 or 15 million.
I mean, do you have a guess?
I mean, I would agree that the numbers we're getting from the government, they're saying maybe max 6 million illegal immigrants since Joe Biden took office.
I mean, where do you think we really stand here?
No, Dan Patrick said 40 to 50 million.
That's what he said.
40 to 50.
Not 5 to 10.
40 to 50 million.
And I had some people, I think Rick Stute, I just didn't believe the number, and I love Rick Stute, he's awesome.
But, you know, these are his numbers, and when you consider, alright, one location, right, Las Blancas, Las Blancas has four to six thousand per day, and that's in the rainy season, where it's more difficult to make that, you know, that difficult journey through the jungle.
When the dry season comes up, those numbers will be force multiplied by, God knows, it could be double, it could be triple, who knows?
They're coming, and they're coming, and they're coming, and never before were they so enticed to come.
So I definitely think we have far more illegals in the country than what Joe Biden and the regime is going to tell us.
So why would they want to tell us that?
I mean, you don't have to look around too far now to see they're going into Jupiter, Florida.
They're flying in, they're washing up on the store, you know, 20, 30 people jumping out of a little, you know, 20-foot boat in Jupiter, Florida.
Some of them getting picked up, some of them not.
Illegals living on park benches.
They are being
That's everywhere.
And again, this is part of the whole design.
You know, Greg Abbott, a World Economic Forum puppet, is pushing the people with disease into the country.
Texas, I'm sure Michael talked about this, but Texas at risk of losing tuberculosis free status for their cattle because the immigrants are bringing tuberculosis with them.
And that disease rubs off from humans to animals.
So you've got cattle, you know, herds in the tens of thousands being slaughtered because you just need one cow with TB.
It's over.
You've got to slaughter the whole herd.
This is not only happening in Texas, but those same migrants are now being busted in, like, say, Chicago.
Well, there's some jobs for these migrants in Chicago.
So they take their asymptomatic tuberculosis and they go work on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.
And they now slaughter that herd because the dairy cows are getting TB.
You know, Owen, this is a grand design, a plan.
They're destroying, recycling, you know, factories all over the country so that we won't have plastic bottles and plastic to sell goods into anymore.
They're destroying the food industry.
We've now offshored all of our pharmaceuticals through China and India.
We are at such risk right now with what's happening.
So, I don't care if it's 1 illegal or 50 million illegals.
The infrastructure in the US is completely plumbing undone.
We have 1 million, 2 million, 50 million illegals in the country.
We're going to break the system because it isn't going to be enough to go around to the people that are already here.
They're taking it away from those of us that are here lawfully, and they're adding more illegally and unlawfully in the mix.
So, it doesn't matter, Paul, what the number finally is.
They're destroying the infrastructure that supports the lawful people here already.
As we're speaking, there's roughly 5,000 illegal immigrants about to enter at Eagle Pass.
And so again, I mean, anybody can crunch these numbers and try to land on a conclusion.
We're obviously not going to get the accurate number from our government who would trust it, not to mention the number of getaways.
But I mean, right now, there's roughly 5,000 illegal immigrants about to enter through Eagle Pass.
This is happening every day.
At, say, 40 different entry points.
And so this is just ludicrous.
There's only one way to classify this.
It's an invasion.
And it's the UN classification of these individuals as migrants that's facilitating and allowing it.
And of course, the Biden administration also responsible for this.
That's right, that's right.
They're building their Trojan horse inside this country.
We have seen so many military achievements.
In fact, one of the Afghans that came up and spoke to us, this kid, was clearly shattered by what he had seen in the mountains himself.
He's like, look,
I'm telling you, don't come this route.
Go a different way to get in the country.
It's too dangerous.
He saw many dead bodies.
He saw a couple that were, you know, lying there dead together with frost and a Bible on them.
He said it was absolutely horrific conditions.
He was robbed at a knife point by men that looked like they were center front because they were dressed in military gear.
They were not military.
There are people pretending to be military to lure you into a false sense of security and then they rob you of everything they have.
Oh my goodness.
Ann VanderSteel, we're up against a break.
If you want a break for lunch or join us on the other side, I'll leave that up to you.
But we've got to take a break.
We'll be right back.
The Darien Gap, we've got Ann Vandersdiel with us for another segment right now.
I appreciate their time.
They're taking their lunch break to bring this big breaking news here.
And so, again, you know, Ann, here's something that I constantly feel I have to explain to people, because we show this B-roll every day, right?
We show the B-roll of the train loads, the boat loads, the plane loads, the bus loads, them just walking right across, the night vision, heat vision, all this stuff.
Folks, this is not just B-roll we're sitting on.
This is all new footage every day.
I think it's important for people to understand that the footage that we're rolling here is not old stock footage that we just rerun every time we talk about this issue.
This is new footage that we get every single day.
Every single day, Anne.
Your boots on the ground.
You witness it.
The numbers... I mean, I explain it like this.
I've been to music festivals, Super Bowls, everything.
This is like when the end of the music festival happens, and it's a rush of 80-90,000 people to the gates.
But that's at the southern border every day.
Oh, and let me be really clear about that.
You brought us the Night Vision Goggles.
I've done a lot of work on Fast and Furious reporting, and the Night Vision Goggles are coming from our own military.
In a lot of these cases, this isn't Chinese equipment, this is our own military equipment.
We were exporting this stuff during Fast and Furious down there to cartels under the pretense that we were tracking all the gear that we sent, all these rifles and guns.
In fact, what we're still doing out of Nevada,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So again, this is a government weaponization against we, the people.
They're weaponized against you all, and they're trying to shut you up.
They don't want you making these protests.
They don't want you out here exposing what they're doing.
We now know the DOT has been behind, you know, this entire COVID War feed, manufacturing of the bioweapons, and they slapped Moderna, slapped Pfizer's label on it, and away they went.
And of course, those guys got paid off in billions of dollars just to put their name and face on a product.
That is killing millions of people around the world.
Five and a half billion arms.
And now, you know, that's a replacement population that you're showing on this brand new footage coming in every single day.
So when the Senate governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, says, hey, I think we have between 40 and 50 million illegal from this country, thanks to the Joe Biden regime.
I also think, yeah, that's just, you know, we're only talking about the stuff that we're seeing coming through Texas here.
We've got people going from California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida.
We're good to go.
For some reason just think okay this is just great TV you know they're just really good at making us all hype stuff well they're gonna say wow we told you so just like with the jab right how much did we warn everybody about don't take the jab well now now it's too late now we've got 5G to contend with and you know what's happening there you know so this is our this is a really serious situation and I hope people you know leave these warnings going
I think maybe the best case point to say, look, the Biden administration is consciously facilitating this illegal immigration, this invasion, has to be the stories out of Arizona and Texas, where the Biden administration opened the border
And so local government said, OK, well, we got to find a way as like an end around to try to put an end to this.
So let's just put, quote unquote, trash down there as a border wall.
And they took these old used crates like that you might see on trains or semi trailers, and they just put these down at the border and they stacked them up and they said, OK, we've got a little makeshift wall here.
It's not the it's not the border wall that Biden
Canceled and had removed, but we'll put these crates down there as a wall.
Biden administration sued Arizona, made them remove the border barrier.
Same thing happened in Texas.
The Texas governor here, who, as you correctly point out, I mean, he's not really doing enough, not near enough.
He's helping facilitate it in many different ways.
He said, OK, we're going to put barbed wire out there.
We'll send the Texas National Guard and put barbed wire out there.
Biden ordered Border Patrol to cut the barbed wire and remove it.
So then Abbott said, okay, fine.
We'll put a floating barrier in the water to try to stop them.
Biden administration sued and said, nope, you can't do that.
I mean, could it be more obvious?
The Biden administration has canceled the border wall construction that we already paid for, by the way.
We're not getting a refund on that.
The Biden administration had Arizona remove the borders that they put up, the barriers.
The Biden administration had Texas remove the multiple types of barriers they put up.
I mean, that's it!
Case closed!
The Biden administration is consciously facilitating the illegal immigration and the invasion.
How much more clear can we be when they don't believe in free speech and they want to jail you for your free speech, right?
They want to throw you in prison for that.
And then you have to go back to January 10th of this year.
Biden signed the Declaration of North America along with the Mexican president, Obrador, as well as the Canadian president.
That fruitcake up there, little Castro Fruto.
They all signed the Declaration of North America, ostensibly dissolving the borders between those two countries, making this one homogenized region, and it's all about migration.
We talked about this when Michael Yan and I were in your studios for four hours a couple of weeks ago, sitting in for Alex.
We showed it.
We showed your audience that the Declaration of North America isn't just an idea.
There it is.
Thank you so much.
Your production team is bar none the best.
I think so.
I don't know.
Okay, so let's get down to brass tacks.
I've got two minutes left with you because you're hitting the heart of the issue now.
So let's get down to the brass tacks.
Folks, throughout human history,
I mean, you can look back, 20th century, great example.
Governments always get out of control.
Governments always become oppressive.
Governments always get weaponized against their people.
Whatever the form is, whatever the fashion is, whatever the name is, that's always the case, okay?
And so, people say, well, where do I go?
Where can I go to live free?
Where can I go to get away with government tyranny and interference in my life?
That's the United States of America!
That's why we founded this country!
If they get rid of it, it's over!
It's a corporate world government tyranny for all!
I'm just... I get it!
People are seeing this tyranny.
They're seeing the oppression.
They're seeing the corruption.
They're saying, where do I go?
How do I get away from this?
This is it!
This is the last bastion of freedom, man!
Yeah, dude, all I can tell you right now is tacticalcivics.com.
This is using your Constitution.
Citizen grand jury is getting ordinances passed in every single county for a citizen grand jury.
And once you indict these people that are criminals for crimes against humanity, election theft, whatever it is, you have the constitutional right to get the enforcement arm stood up and get an ordinance passed for your Second Amendment constitutional militia, which is like your sheriff,
Your enforcement arm, if the sheriff won't make the arrest and you present the indictment to the sheriff, that militia needs to arrest it.
And you go to an Article 3 court with the jury of those criminal spheres and you let the prosecution take its course.
They get prosecuted and the jury finds them guilty, so be it.
They get whatever the punishment is.
That's how the system is supposed to work.
We're the government.
We're supposed to do this and we're not doing our job because we don't even know what the job is, Ellen.
Yeah, exactly.
If I'm down at the southern border and I'm running a coyote illegal immigration money operation, well, I'm going to jail.
That's an illegal human trafficking operation.
But when the U.S.
government does it, when the Biden administration does it, of course, that's fully legal.
Ann VanderSteel, where can people follow your work?
And thank Michael Yan for us, too.
We're good to go.
Well, you and Michael Yan are really doing Pulitzer Prize winning work.
Same with all the other journalists that are covering this.
But oh no, they give the awards to the fake news journalists at CNN for covering fake Russian collusion.
Alright, we've already had a loaded broadcast.
We've got Donald Trump live in Iowa.
By the way, they were lined up.
Before sunrise, before sunrise, they were lined up outside of this venue to see and hear Donald Trump speak today.
I'd love to see Joe Biden have an event where anybody even shows up, let alone lines up before the sunrise.
And so that was the case in Iowa.
Trump is now speaking live.
Let's pop in real quick.
Almost win a state you become so Pat Buchanan's an example in New Hampshire.
He came in he did well He did very well, and he's a terrific guy in many ways right we all sort of know him and he did he did really well I think he came in second, and you know he had a wonderful political career We came in first in almost every state think of it as a group first and we won and then we won the election against beautiful Hillary beautiful beautiful woman
So it's pretty amazing.
So it's the greatest, it's the greatest movement of all time and in this country, and I think probably largely beyond this country.
But if we win this time, this will be bigger than anything we've ever done.
This will be at a level that's never been done much bigger than had we done it the traditional way, which we did do, but we just didn't get credit for it.
We'll win it three times.
But we did do it.
I mean, that's the way I look at it.
We'll win it three times.
But this psychologically and in many other ways, and you understand the different ways, but because one of the things of taking this pause is it shows how bad they are.
It shows how bad their policies are.
You look at the border, you look at all of the things that are so horrible that are happening, and it shows how bad they are.
And we'll be able to do things and get things fixed in this country that probably you couldn't have really done politically or otherwise.
If you did it the traditional way.
So it'll be something really spectacular.
It's going to be, I think it's going to be amazing.
And I will tell you, so we've run twice.
I've never seen the spirit that we have this time.
And a lot of that spirit because you're longing for the good old days with the greatest economy ever and all those things.
How about gasoline at $1.87?
How about that?
Gasoline record highs today.
We've got that in the news.
Remember I told you I made great deals.
I don't even talk about China because of COVID.
But I made one of the greatest deals ever with USMCA.
But maybe the best was China.
$50 billion.
And do you remember?
Let's pull out of that for one second.
We will rejoin Trump's campaign a bit in Iowa.
And you got to ask.
Because I could sit here and say, try that Joe, go to Iowa and campaign Joe.
Nobody would show up.
And so, but is it Joe Biden's not campaigning because it would be an embarrassment that no one would show up?
And thus people would say, gee, how did this guy get 81 million votes?
No one shows up to a rally.
Or is it that everybody knows he's not
Not going to be running when the time comes.
But folks, we've had a loaded show today and we've got still hours of loaded news broadcasting for you today at InfoWars.com and of course our video sites now because we're banned everywhere.
Banned.Video or the link to share now MadMaxWorld.TV.
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So please continue to support us at Infowarsstore.com.
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Let's go back live now to Iowa.
President Trump still speaking.
Wow, just a little bit more than a year.
But a lot of bad things can happen in a year.
Tremendously bad things can happen in a year.
And a lot of stupid decisions can be made.
Yesterday I watched at the United Nations and I still haven't gotten over the six billion dollars for five people.
Six billion.
They freed up six billion dollars for five people.
They got five.
We got five.
It was a hostage swap.
They got five.
We got five.
That was the good news.
The bad news is they also got six
Billion dollars, right?
And you say, how the hell?
Who would do a deal like that?
But they're all bad deals.
They're all so yesterday Biden was speaking and.
Uh, I won't even comment on the speech.
But he said one thing that we got rid of our gas, you know we have gas weapons, and they're terrible, they're horrible, they're unbelievably lethal and powerful, but they're terrible.
And he said that they basically ended all of it, they've gotten rid of them all.
And then he sort of indicated that sadly other countries haven't followed suit.
Of course they haven't followed suit.
They haven't followed suit because you don't get rid of them first, you get rid of them last or simultaneously.
So we got rid of this tremendous, horrible, lethal power that we need if other people have it, but other people didn't get rid of it.
How stupid is this?
How stupid is this?
So, it's gone from us, but other people have it.
And it's just step-by-step, day-by-day.
So, with having these people in there, I mean, the only thing they're good at is cheating in elections.
It's really true, in my opinion.
They're professionals at cheating, and you've got to watch those elections very carefully.
Now, that's funny stuff right there.
That's good stuff.
You run a good ship, but in some of these states, it's just horrible.
It's just horrible when you look at what's happened.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Well, thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
So, if you want to save America from the... You know, I have a script here.
So far, I haven't looked down at it.
I'm trying to... I'm saying, when am I going to look at this script?
I have these brilliant speechwriters, and I tend not to use them too much, but it's better that way, isn't it?
Isn't it nice when you have a president who doesn't have to read a script?
Isn't that nice?
So if you want to save America from Crooked Joe and the Radical Left, then get out and be patient.
And we've had the biggest inflation we've had in 52 years, so that's a lot of years.
And it's been a lot of suffering.
I see bacon is up six times, six times.
Who would think, right?
So people aren't ordering bacon.
Then they say, oh, it came down a little bit.
Yeah, they're not ordering it, which is not good for you either, by the way.
But they're not ordering it.
But so many food products now are going up and through the roof.
So we're going to stop it.
And I just want to tell you that it's an honor to have
We're good.
We didn't need anybody's energy.
We didn't have to guard the Gulf.
We didn't have to do anything.
We had all, you know, we have more liquid gold under our feet than any other nation by far.
Think of it.
And just think of how incredible that is.
So under
Under our leadership, we built almost 500 miles of wall.
You know, they like to say, oh, it was really 58 miles.
No, no.
You know what they do?
They take this, how vicious they are.
And you see the wall.
You see miles as far as the eye can see.
We built almost, and I had to do it because we have Mitch McConnell working with the Democrats all the time, you know, which is a horror show.
Horror show.
So I took it out of the military.
I said, you know, this is an invasion of our country, and I'll take it out of the military.
And we did that.
And it was a tiny fraction for the military, and the military agreed with it.
What they did is, in order to demean, because they always try, they're misinformation, disinformation, almost the same thing, by the way.
Somebody, anybody want to give me a definition of the difference?
Because it's almost, it's close enough we won't waste our time.
But what happens is, if there was a two-by-four, 50 years old, laying there rotted, where there used to be a little wall, a little barricade or something, they'd say, oh, well he didn't build the wall there, that was a renovation, even though we'd throw that junk out.
We'd take down like, uh,
A one-foot wall of wood that was rotted and gone, and just literally gone, and take it away, and then we put up 30-foot and 40-foot walls right all over, all steel, everything that, those walls, that's not what I wanted, I wanted to have concrete plank.
But the people of Border Patrol are fantastic people, and I, these are fantastic people, they don't get enough credit.
And they say, sir, they say, sir, you have to,
You have to be able to see through it.
You have to see who's on the other side.
So that went my idea of plank, you know, like from a parking garage, you can do 60 feet, 50 feet plank.
But you just try to keep the graffiti off as much as possible, right?
Because the graffiti begins in which I hate.
I hate to see it.
But that's what I wanted to do.
But we had meetings with them and we actually had mountain climbers coming in and climbing different
We're good to go.
I'd never heard that one before.
That's something else.
They climb a wall like there's nothing to it and they have 200 pounds of drugs on their back.
They're going up like, it's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
We had people show us things that I would say are pretty impressive.
But that's an anti-climb bar, they call it.
It's a very important element to stop people from climbing over the wall.
So we did almost 500 miles of it.
And then we were all getting prepared.
We had it all bought.
And we could have done another 200 miles because we needed more.
We did what we said we were going to do.
But then we could have done more and we had it all bought.
And we had the election was ended and rigged, by the way, and we didn't take over.
And what they did, and this is the first time I realized they were serious because I thought they were playing games.
I realized they didn't want to build
They want to have an open border so that people can come in from other prisons, from prisons all over the world, from mental institutions and insane asylums all over the world.
We have people coming in from all over the world, not just the four or five countries that we think of our neighbors as neighbors.
We had we have people coming now from all over the world.
We had the safest border
In the history of our country.
Now we have the worst border, I believe, in the history of the world.
I don't believe there's any third world country that has a border like we have.
And I think the real number is going to be when you really add it up, and I think if the numbers ever come out, I think they're gonna have 15 million people by the end of this year would have come into this country under this lunatic regime of fascists and communists and everything else.
So I think it's a terrible, terrible thing.
But when we get in, we'll be able to stop it.
We have Tom Holman.
We have all of the greatest people.
We have such great people.
You know, if Biden went to the beach, you know, he goes to the beach all the time, right?
You ever noticed?
Somebody's working him.
He's got these consultants, and I think they think he looks good in a bathing suit.
And he doesn't look good in a bathing suit.
And somebody's giving him very bad, very, very bad advice.
And, uh, when you look at it, and, uh, all he had to do is if he went to the beach and didn't do anything, you would have the strongest border you've ever had right now.
But they decided to get rid of, say, in Mexico.
We had a policy, remain in Mexico.
Remain in Mexico.
How good is that?
And we had to do that with Mexico.
You think that was easy?
We had
I went to the Mexican government, I said, we need a lot of people coming over in these caravans.
I came up with that name, I think.
Thousands and thousands of people heading up.
But they knew, yeah, sit down, everybody.
You have a couple of minutes, right?
Sit down.
Sit down.
Whoever has a seat, whoever's lucky enough, otherwise I'm sorry.
That's a little bigger crowd than we anticipated by about triple.
But we had all of these people coming up.
And I said to the Mexican government, remember, you know, the enemy, they say, he didn't get Mexico to pay for the wall like hell I didn't.
I got Mexico to pay for 28,000 soldiers free of charge while we're building the wall.
That was more money than paying for the wall.
They paid.
They were there for a long time.
And they didn't.
They're not politically correct soldiers either.
These are soldiers.
And anyway, so that was sort of interesting.
And they stopped it.
The State Department, a woman that works at the State Department, a good woman, good woman.
She's worked really covering Mexico, I think, for 20, 25 years.
And I told her, I said, we're going to have to get Mexico to give us soldiers.
Well, they won't do it.
I said, yeah, they'll do it.
And they're going to be free, too.
Sir, they won't do that.
And then I said, so remain in Mexico.
I want the soldiers.
We want catch-and-release ended.
It's catch-and-release, but we release them in Mexico, not here.
You know, catch-and-release is called, we catch them, we find out they're criminals, and then we release them into our country.
We say, come back in about five years for the trial, okay?
Nobody ever comes back.
No smart one comes back.
A couple of them came back, but not too smart.
But nobody ever comes back.
So we had to get rid of that.
But we had to go to Mexico.
And I said to the top representative right under the president, and the president, I like him a lot.
He's a socialist, but I like him a lot.
I can't have everything, right?
And I said, we want 28,000 soldiers along our border, because you're sending a lot of people over, and we want your soldiers to protect us, and we're not going to pay anything.
And he laughed at me.
No, no, no, we're not going to do that, sir.
Oh, sir.
I mean, what a stupid request.
I said, you're going to do it.
I mean, 100%.
What do you mean 100%?
I said, no, 100% you're gonna do it.
No, no, we will not do that, sir.
I said, next is remain in Mexico.
What's next?
People can't come into our country.
They have to remain in Tijuana.
They have to remain in here.
You have to see hundreds of thousands of people were backed up.
Not in our country.
They were remaining in Mexico.
All of a sudden, Mexico got stronger on their borders, okay?
Because they didn't want this, because it was remain in Mexico.
And he said, no, no, we can't do that.
We couldn't do anything.
And I said, here's the story.
We're listening to President Trump speaking live from Iowa today.
A big campaign stop obviously with Iowa being some of the first votes cast in the primary season and we're all expecting Trump to win bigly when it begins.
We'll be right back here on the Alex Jones Show.
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Let me just give a quick programming note here, and I want to finish off today's show.
I'm assuming Trump is still speaking, guys?
We're going to finish off today's show.
We're going to go back to the Trump speech, but let me just give you a quick programming note.
We do have Kate Daly coming up, hosting the fourth hour of today's show.
Doc Canby, guys, I've still got tons of news here, but there's no point in me trying to even hit the gas and get through any of this in the final segment of today's Alex Jones Show that I'm hosting.
So I will be back hosting the War Room 3 to 6 p.m., and I will tell you we've got multiple guests, multiple big guests, and I've got another big legal announcement today.
I think?
Or the U.S.
government that wants to throw my ass in jail for my speech.
So that's all going to be coming up on The War Room, including these huge stacks of news.
I mean, I got big political news.
I got a huge stack of law, justice, criminal news.
We've got some COVID vaccine news.
We're still loaded for bear, so I'll be back to host The War Room.
But let's just finish off my segment before Kate Daly takes over on The Alex Jones Show with more of Donald Trump's speech today in Iowa.
But the great silent majority is rising like never before.
And under our leadership, the forgotten man and woman will be forgotten no longer.
I used to say that in 2016, and then I didn't have to say it.
You know, another thing I didn't have to say, I used to talk about the border.
We had a very bad border in 2016 when I was running.
Border was a big part of the election.
And in 2020, I couldn't talk about it because it was a solved problem.
I used to say, we solved the border.
And you know, people have short memories.
I'd say we solved the border problem, and people didn't even remember they had a problem.
So I couldn't even talk about it.
But in 2016, it was probably the biggest thing.
I used to talk about it all the time, build the wall, all the things that I did, that I ended up doing, and we solved the border problem.
So in 2020, I didn't have that.
Who would think that now it's possibly the number one problem we have?
I mean, when you look at our cities being overrun and everything else.
But we'll get it solved very quickly, and we'll get a lot of people, we'll get these people out.
Because this is not sustainable by any country.
No country could do it.
No country is that rich.
It's just not sustainable.
With your help, your love, and your vote, we will make America first.
It's about America first.
I mean, these people want China first.
They want other countries first.
Ukraine first.
They want all this stuff.
We give every time somebody comes over from Ukraine, they walk out with $25 billion.
And we want to help Ukraine, but you know, Europe right now is up to 25 billion and we're up to 200 billion.
Now one thing we all know is that it affects Europe a hell of a lot more than it affects us.
So why are they not going with equalization?
So they have to equalize.
Let them put up... You know, Europe's about the same size as us if you add it all up.
You add all the countries up, it's got about the same economy as we have.
So they have a lot of money, Europe.
But they don't pay the money because we have stupid people running our country.
Very stupid people.
You know, so... But remember...
None of this can happen, none of what we're talking about.
We're going to make our country so good, we're going to make it better than it was before.
And we've learned, and I've learned.
I also know everybody now in Washington.
When I got there, the rhinos are recommending people, all this.
We know so many people that I know the good ones, I know the dumb ones, the smart, I know more people.
I know the tough ones, the great ones.
I know the people.
I know the rhinos.
I got to know the rhinos.
They're, I think, a dying breed, but I got to know a lot of rhinos.
You know what that is, right?
Republican in name only.
That's true.
But we got plenty of them, but there are fewer than there were.
But you got to show up on Monday, January 15th.
Defeating crooked Joe Biden is imperative because this country can't.
I don't know if it can take another year.
You want to know the truth?
OK, you know, we still have a year.
I don't know that it takes another year, but we have no choice in that.
So go.
To IA.DonaldJTrump, IA.DonaldJTrump.com and sign up to help us organize what I will call the victory for the ages.
This is going to be a victory for the ages.
You know, I used to talk about 2016, that 2016 is the biggest election of our life, and I meant it 100%.
This is going to be bigger.
Didn't say it in 2020 because we had a great thing going.
We had a problem with COVID, but we had a great thing going.
We had strong borders.
Nobody coming into it.
Very few people.
Drugs were down to an all-time low.
People coming in were down to an all-time low.
And only getting better.
If they left it alone, it would have been a beautiful thing.
But they didn't do that.
But we are going to make this country stronger and better and more beautiful than ever before.
Not just get it back.
We're going to make it better than ever before.
But we have to win this election.
So I just really appreciate everybody in this room.
You've been my friends right from the beginning.
Most of you from and I recognize so many like you.
I recognize so many.
But we have to go out and we still have to win something.
You know, we have a lot of great people watching.
It's going to be very hard for them to cheat.
They always cheat.
That's what they do is they cheat.
That's the only thing they're good at.
They're no good at policy.
They're no good at borders.
Think of it.
Who wants an open border?
Who wants high taxes?
Who wants high interest rates?
Who wants not to be able to buy a home?
Who wants education that's a disaster?
We're going to close the Department of Education, move it back to the states.
Alright, Donald Trump putting some finishing touches on his speech today in Iowa, where they were lined up before the sun even rose this morning.
I would challenge Joe Biden to campaign in Iowa, but I think we all know why that's not going to be happening.
One of two, if not both reasons being,
He can't.
Physically, he can't.
And it would be an embarrassment because nobody would show up.
And then two, it might already be known, the decision that might have already been made, that Biden is not going to be the nominee.
So they're gonna have to pull a switcheroo.
I hand over the reins to Kate Daly.
She hosts the fourth hour of today's Alex Jones Show.
And then I'll be right back here in the news desk, in the news chair, hosting The War Room.
You don't want to miss it.
Big news coming up.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
So glad to be with you.
I have a fantastic guest for you today, but before we go there, I just want to tell you a quick story.
A story ran on NPR a year ago, and the story was meant to tell you that this county in Washington state was a bad county for not following the government.
That was the whole purpose of the story.
Of course, everyone knows that NPR is a total joke.
I mean, it's the beloved liberal programming radio.
It is the CNN of radio, okay?
Everyone knows this, right?
Like Time Magazine, okay?
But this story about this county in Washington State, whose commissioners very wisely voted to get rid of an Albert sensor that was placed on their, in their election, uh, county election machines.
And NPR said the commissioners took up a proposal to disconnect a recently installed cybersecurity device from the county's computer network.
They wanted to disconnect it.
And the device known as an Albert Sensor was designed to alert local governments to potential hacking attempts against their networks.
That's what they were told, right?
That's what we were all told.
More than 900 Albert Sensors had been deployed across the county by this time, and primarily to states and counties everywhere.
They had been kind of this key component to the federal government's cybersecurity response following Russian election interference, such a joke, around the 2016 election.
But these commissioners in Ferry County, Washington, had come to the conclusion that the censor, which had been provided by the state, of course at no cost, right, was more of a liability than an asset.
So they voted to get rid of it.
And they said, bye-bye Albert Censor.
Literally, they said that in the meeting.
So of course NPR wrote, and I quote, another county in Washington state also disconnected its censor, and a third decided not to install one.
It's an isolated trend in Washington at this point, but one that represents a stark example of how Republican, of course Republican mistrust, not the people, Republican mistrust in elections and government systems was more broadly threatening to dismantle
Bipartisan progress.
You mean bipartisan progress in fraud.
That's exactly what that means.
Both sides of the aisle.
Over the past decade to improve election security.
And they even had a quote from Matt Masterson, who led the election security efforts, okay, up into the 2020 steal.
And he basically chimed in and said this, decisions are being made that are hurting the overall security of elections based on lies and untruths.
Well the truth is, that's exactly what the Albert Sensors were doing.
This device is in charge of the lies and untruths.
If you don't know that by now, you're missing the biggest component of election fraud that there is, or that has been uncovered.
It's the exact opposite of what the government says.
Big surprise, right?
So this is coming from the Homeland, Department of Homeland Security, Cyber Security, and Infrastructure Security Agency.
And if you want to know about election fraud, then of course we speak to Patrick Kohlbeck, a former state senator from Michigan who also ran for governor.
His website, letsfixstuff.org, is helping everyone understand the major pieces of the election fraud.
Yeah, there's ballot stuffing.
It's been going on a long time.
But the takeaway from this hour, you will walk away knowing how to explain this
To someone else, especially as the holidays are coming up and you need to explain this to family members that are woke.
This will be the piece of evidence that you need to discuss.
We've done a lot of shows on election fraud, but this truly is the biggest component there is to this.
So I welcome Patrick Kohlbeck to the show.
How are you, Patrick?
For some reason, I can't hear you, but we'll work on that.
We will work on that when we come back.
Oh, perfect.
Okay, there you go.
We're going to go to a break in about 40 seconds, but when we come back, I really want you to go back 20 years ago to the main infrastructure that was developed to carry out the selection fraud.
And really kind of piece it together for the audience, because you are sort of the champion at this.
You can do this like no other.
And all the documentation that we're about to talk about, if you want the facts in writing, you can go to Let's Fix Stuff dot org and find out.
I welcome you, Patrick.
Sounds good.
It's a big challenge.
I can't go back 20 years, but I can go back to 2017, which is when our election systems were designated as a critical infrastructure component.
That is the biggest piece.
We're going to come right back.
More with Patrick Kohlbeck when we come back.
You're going to want to hear this.
Trust me.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
So glad to be here with you today.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
And my guest is Patrick Kohlbeck.
He's a former state senator, also ran for governor in Michigan, and has a lot to share about this process.
I love his forthrightness and his ability to talk about what he found in politics.
Not only that,
But also, the major pieces on this election fraud.
Okay, Patrick, take us back to 2017.
Alright, well in 2017, our elections were designated a critical infrastructure component.
Just like our electrical grid, just like our food supply, they're all designated as critical infrastructure components.
So, when you're designated a critical infrastructure component, you get a data center that's monitoring the status of that critical infrastructure component.
And in 2017, a data center was established called the Election Integrity ISAAC Center, which stands for Information Sharing and Analysis Center, and a contract was led by Department of Homeland Security to an organization called the Center for Internet Security.
And I just want you to remember that name if you can, because I'm going to take you back to the 2020 election.
When I served at the TCF Center in Detroit as a certified poll challenger, in addition to being a former state senator, former vice chair of the Election and Government Reform Committee, I'm a bit of a geek.
I'm an aerospace engineer.
I worked on cabling design for the International Space Station, and I'm also a certified Microsoft small business specialist.
So I understand
We're good to go.
You know, your machines are connected to the Internet, and they all denied it.
And I said, guys, this is real easy to confirm.
Just take your mouse, roll your mouse cursor over the bottom right-hand corner.
There's a little icon there that, once you roll your mouse over it, it's going to say connected to Internet.
They refused to do it and said I had to trust them.
Well, I don't trust them.
And here's why this is a big deal, and it ties back to these Albert sensors.
These Albert sensors were deployed to all 50 states.
You highlighted what happened in the state of Washington, but it's important to note that every single state in the nation has access to this.
So if you're going to try to mess with elections on a national scale, not just the county scale, not just the city scale, not just even the state scale, but you want to mess across all elections, you need a centralized control center to do that.
And the Center for Internet Security makes the ideal control center for taking all these internet connections that I witnessed at the TCF Center on election night, taking that information and sharing it in a centralized manner so they can determine, oh, you know, we just lost Florida.
Maybe we need to stop elections or tabulation across maybe five battleground states and recalibrate our algorithm so that we can have a new election results.
And so you need some sort of centralized management hub to do that, and the Center for Internet Security is the place to do it.
Now, keep in mind, this is against that backdrop of all these election officials swearing up and down that these machines are not connected to the Internet.
I mean, we've got, you know, there's testimony in Michigan with the Dominion CEO, John Polis, and he swore under oath that these machines were not even designed or capable of connecting to the Internet, even though their contract with the state of Michigan asserts the exact opposite.
Of course, they're being secured by a company called the Center for Internet Security.
So, you know, there's what it's really exposing it.
There's a bunch of lies that are going on.
We're being lied to about these machines not being connected to the Internet.
And now we see that this information that is collected, which is, by the way, all this information is the vote results before anybody else sees them.
It's the poll book history.
So we know who voted.
All that data is communicated electronically.
All the voter registration data is all communicated over the internet electronically.
So this Center for Internet Security, which deploys these Albert sensors using funds provided by the Department of Homeland Security,
Has access to all this information and they've been working very aggressively to have access to that data real time.
And I've got FOIA requests that assert that they're not only looking at this data, but they're looking at it in a decrypted state.
Thank you for that.
What's so hypocritical and fascinating and insane about this whole thing is that they named it the Albert, you know, named after Albert Einstein, Albert Sensor.
And what the government tries to pass this off as is it's an intrusion detection device that looks for known bad actors and malicious IP addresses on the network it's connected to.
They're the malicious IP addresses.
They are the bad actors.
Exactly, they're the Trojan horse.
Yeah, the concern around internet connections is the man in the middle attacks.
Oh gosh.
They are the man in the middle.
Yes, yes.
And by the way... In that story.
I was just going to say, this doesn't stop at access to election records.
The same EI Isaacson ran by the Center for Internet Security.
I mean, the title of the show is Info Wars.
Guess who's on the front line of this info war?
It's the folks at this EI Isaac Center.
They are a major player in what's called the Election Integrity Partnership.
So if you're familiar with Twitter files, if you're familiar with the censorship that's going on at Facebook and all these other big tech platforms, guess where the center of gravity for Election Integrity Partnership is?
It's this Center for Internet Security.
Oh, so true.
And I mean, they're bold enough and they think we're stupid enough to even go with Center for Internet Security to look out for us while it's not connected to the internet.
The machines that they swear are not connected to the internet are being secured by the Center for Internet Security.
I just, yeah, it is a problem.
It is bold, I'll give them that.
They've got cojones.
So this program started really back, they started kind of messing with it in 2011 from what I understand.
Then it was ramped up after the whole Russian story for three years that we got nailed with, right?
And 2016 elections, sorry.
And then the Russian hacking attempts, right?
Russian hacking, yeah, Russian, okay.
Always Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.
And so then they started in with this and it's all, it's all,
This is why they had such a problem with Washington.
This is why they wanted to do the NPR smackdown of you bad county, you, you get it together, you, you're not following Department of Homeland Security is because they said we don't want it.
Well, they're giving them for free because they're getting federal grants, right?
Center for Internet Security to give these.
And they got all the value for their money.
So there's ballot stuffing.
They got rid of them because
You know, I don't think you touched on this in your story, but in Lincoln County, one of those counties in Washington, they actually got subject to a malware attack, a ransomware attack, a month after they installed the Albert Center.
That was the impetus to say, hey, are these guys really protecting us or what?
And they said, no, they're not.
Get rid of them.
Yeah, that's why they felt like, why are we doing this and is there maybe something else to it?
And I love how NPR painted it was only the Republicans that were mistrusting these devices, not just Americans.
Americans as a whole, we should be really wondering why the government is taking so much control over this, why they insist on having these devices.
I know these devices are on all the counties in my state, probably in everyone's state.
And what's so sickening about it is is they paint it as the exact opposite.
So everyone walks away going, oh, this is going to help us.
And they buy into it.
But I do think and I hate to say this because I don't want to paint this huge broad brushstroke, but I think I kind of can after being in this industry for this many years.
Is that they're kind of dense, and a lot of people do not realize that, geez, when the government says something, it might be the exact opposite of what they're doing.
Across the board, county commissioners and all these count, 3,000 counties in America, right?
Kind of dense, a little bit.
And it's part of an overall trend that I think is even more concerning than just this, is that more and more of our election operations are being outsourced to non-government organizations.
And why is that important?
Because non-government organizations are not subject to oversight.
They're not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.
You can't ask them questions.
And so it's like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.
You're not allowed to go off and ask
Pertinent questions, and if you want us to trust in the results of an election, you need more transparency, not less, and they're doing the exact opposite.
They're trying to hide it and cover it up, and we need to go off and address that.
And when they start shaming people and shaming counties for not wanting this, and truly, if you want to know the key to helping yourself out of this election fraud in your own county, it would be going after, number one, the Albert sensor, right?
And making sure that they can't steal from the software already in the machine.
There's ballot stuffing, yes.
That is one component, but it is not the biggest piece of this.
They can do this using the cellular network.
And here's the simple argument, by the way, getting rid of the Albert sensors.
You tell us that they're not connected to the Internet.
That's designed to protect you from the Internet.
So getting rid of them shouldn't really make a difference, should it?
We'll be right back.
More with Patrick Colbeck.
Isn't he amazing?
We'll be right back.
Let's fix stuff dot org.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
So, this incestuous collaboration, and this is from David and Erin Clements, they wrote a fantastic piece on this, between the Department of Homeland Security, the Election Assistance Commission, leftist globalist funding, foreign companies, private partners, allowed for real-time monitoring, this is what Patrick's talking about, of all election data, and more importantly, the ability to change the results.
The ability to change the results
From that software being collected, okay?
So experts couldn't really explain how the individual precincts, which are supposedly air-gapped, were adding votes in real time, such as no ink poll pads in Texas that added hundreds of votes to the 2022 midterm election after the polls had already closed.
To accomplish election fraud at individual polling places, it's necessary to have this air interface with supposedly air-gapped equipment networked at the polling place.
So they wrote, and also along with Sophie Anderson and communications engineer Dr. Charles Bernadine, they uncovered these mechanisms, right, that were used to connect our election equipment at polling places across the nation.
And this is what Patrick Kohlbeck is talking about, former state senator of Michigan.
And this is such a fascinating thing because I don't think most people realize that this is tied into FirstNet and that this is tied into when they
Put it as critical infrastructure.
A lot of people out there, Patrick, might think, well, it is critical.
Voting's critical.
They might have that thought.
What would you say to them?
It is critical, but it needs to be transparent.
We need to go off and share as much of this information about how the process is executed as possible.
And when you outsource it to an NGO, like Bepro, frankly, I mean, I was in Wayne County, Michigan, and Bepro is actually the one who provides what they call total vote software.
And why this is so concerning, why the internet connection is so concerning, is that this software has been shown in some circles to provide two-way communication.
It's not just a read of the data from the lower level, from the precincts and from the municipalities up to the county.
There's actually an ability to push data down to the, from the county, to the precinct, to the municipality.
Since we can't get into those Ethernet cables and actually look at that data transfer as a poll challenger, and I can't monitor it, there's a big security risk associated with it.
And when you tie in the fact that you got an organization like the Center for Internet Security able to go off and manage these connections and this data flow and these data transfers nationwide, that's a point of concern.
And this is why they did the move of critical infrastructure.
They knew that they could protect the lies.
They knew they could protect the facade, right?
Because then you can't even hardly do a file request to get any information from it because it's critical now, right?
Critical infrastructure.
No, the critical infrastructure part doesn't hide it.
What hides it is the fact that CIS is a non-government organization.
They're not public.
So all I can do is nibble around the interface with government entities and ask for their contracts and actually monitor the activities that I can monitor.
If you go out to my website at letsfixstuff.org, you'll see that there's a lot of information on this very topic.
I was actually, in addition to being a poll challenger on it,
TCF Center in 2020, I was actually a poll challenger that decided I wanted to witness how the county actually tallies the vote back in 2022.
And the common narrative is that this is all handled via sneaker net and sealed envelopes with flash drives and they're transferred via couriers and then uploaded to the internet via once you take the flash drive out of the sealed envelope at the county level.
That's not what happened.
I was seeing updates of the county election results on their website for communities that hadn't brought in any flash drives.
So either they had carrier pigeons going off and transferring it through an open window that I couldn't see, or they were using the internet.
And I've got surveillance video now that took about a year and a lawsuit in order to obtain it, and that validates all my findings.
You can see that up on my Rumble channel, Election Integrity.
The common denominator on all this is that they're just lying about it and they're getting away with it because the media is providing cover for them and folks like myself and yourself and our fellow meddling kids as I call them all across the country are not giving up on this.
There's nothing else more important than election integrity.
I don't care what your policy issue is, you cannot affect change on that policy issue unless your voice is heard at the polls.
Yes, unless we know what we're fighting against.
Because a lot of people just think ballot stuffing.
They do.
They think that's the problem and that's not the only problem.
That's the smaller problem, I think, amidst this.
Make it the bigger problem.
But it is critical.
It's not the one that tips the scales.
So when King Dingling did not go out and even hardly do a press conference as he was running for president and everyone wondered why that was and he was claiming COVID but never ever came out of the coffin they keep him in at the White House.
That should have been our first clue.
They knew they could do it this way.
They knew they could do the steal and really this should be called the steal because it is
Absolutely stolen from the American people and that has nothing to do with NPR painting it as Republicans are concerned.
Republicans have mistrust.
This should be all people concerned about the election process with these tools that the government's developed.
Yeah, our first clue should be when he announced before the, while he was campaigning, that he'd assembled the most comprehensive election fraud organization in American history.
So, from my perspective, that was kind of like a little bit of a red alert.
Yes, just a little bit of a slip, right?
Oh my gosh, that was just, it was just funny to watch him say that actually.
FirstNet was, and when I say go back 20 years, FirstNet was hatched in the wake of 9-11 when all the congested cell networks
They thought they were a bottleneck for first responders.
So in 2012, Congress created the First Responder Network Authority under the Department of Commerce to oversee the build-out of FirstNet.
This comes from David Clements.
And the original intent provided its sponsors that FirstNet would serve police fire at EMT.
But oh no, that was expanded into and include water, energy, transportation infrastructure, and voting, right?
And elections.
So it was that expansion that just hurt this so bad under the guise of a
Yeah, I've got a unique perspective on these emergency communication networks.
I think it's their insurance run, if you will.
That makes sure that we have a highly reliable network able to share that data.
It may not be the primary network in some cases that's actually used to convey it.
I know this is just a hardwired Ethernet connection connected to an Internet gateway out at the TCF Center.
It didn't even have to be wireless there.
But when you get out into rural communities,
You know, they need something that's reliable that police officers, law enforcement agencies can go up and use.
That's why they use FirstNet.
That's why it's so critical, because they need to be able to plug into any of these organizations that they'd like to plug into or jurisdictions.
And, you know, we've got some strange, you know, stories that have been shared with me from clerks on the ground regarding these little antenna trucks coming around their facility that validates FirstNet.
When we come back I want to hear about those and this is why, because we're going to go to break, but this is why King Dingling was all about making sure, remember when he said how stupid rural people are and how they needed internet and how they had to have cellular and he was going to go around and make that happen because he thought we were too dense to find places to vote and so forth.
It was really a big tell in structuring the rural areas like you said.
That's a great point of interest right there because I don't think people realize
When they're doing all of these things, there's pieces to the puzzle that they're putting in and showcasing and showing us, but we just don't believe them.
We need to start believing when they do these things.
We'll be right back more with Patrick Holbeck when we come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
So good to be with you.
Not only do cell phones provide tracking and the ability for the NSA to spy on us 24-7, like they describe in LifeLog.
Just go to LifeLog from 20 years ago and they spell out exactly what pieces of information they want from you.
The original plan to build FirstNet was to build a separate network with nationwide coverage that used a dedicated cellular band portion known as Band 14.
This comes from David Clements and Sophie Anderson.
Years and billions of dollars later, AT&T had built out the FirstNet Band 14 network with all kinds of coverage across the United States.
So Barack Obama's vision of using FirstNet to connect all election equipment was going to be realized by the 2020 election.
What are your thoughts on that?
With AT&T also offered to the first responder network authority preemption services on its entire network in 2017.
What are your thoughts, Patrick?
First of all, Dave Aaron and Sophie and Dr. Bernardin, who's actually a network specialist.
I mean, that's what he used to do professionally.
They did some great work on covering this.
But I think the crux on all this for the FirstNet and frankly WistNet and some other areas when you get into the emergency 911 services,
They are looking for something that is reliable and it's a backup for when they can't go off and access it any other way.
So for them, this is a big insurance run and the fact that we've gotten to this stage where they're just trying to kind of
Clean up the fringes of the election security if you are their ability to manipulate elections tells me that they've got one heck of an infrastructure in place if they're just working around the edges by and so yeah this is a concern the whole thing's a concern and I wrote about how they stole the election in 2020 in a book if you don't mind I mean I just want to highlight this because it's a primer on exactly what was happening it's called the 2020 coup
And if you go to mystore.com and use the promo code Meddling Kid, you can get a discount.
But I say that not to push the book, although that would be nice because I still have to keep the lights on here while I'm investigating this stuff.
But the key thing is people need a primer on what happened in the 2020 election.
Now that
We've got information pathways that are opening up that are allowing us to talk about this before the 2024 election.
We need to take advantage of it.
We need to take advantage of the fact that Twitter at least has the appearance of being much more, you know, into free speech than they had been in the past.
And let's take advantage of this and get the information out.
Well, we have over 3,000 counties in America, and those counties could put a stop to a lot of this nonsense.
How could they do it?
Well, first of all, find out if you're a member of the EI Isaac Center.
If you've got a membership agreement with the Center for Internet Security,
Get rid of it.
And don't give these guys an opportunity to peek under the hood of your election system, because that's all they're doing.
It's amazing.
They say that they're there just to protect the security of your system, but we've got, and I think it was Dave Clements that discovered this out in New Mexico, they found one of the service agreements actually was asking them questions about specifically, what election systems do you have connected?
If they're just worried about malware,
They're not asking that kind of level, that information.
What they're doing is a profile on them for manipulating the election.
So, and by the way, even if CIS isn't directly involved in the manipulation of elections,
They're definitely enabling it.
And if I were a third party actor, say from China or something like that, I would just have a single point of failure that I would have to compromise in order to get access to the whole kit and caboodle of our election data for our whole country.
So that is a point of concern.
And, you know, there's some other things that have happened even outside of the electronic realm.
I don't know if you have time to go into it, but it deals with Wayne County, Michigan.
We, you know, we have these 16 electors that have been charged by our Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel with forgery and conspiracy charges for offering an alternate slate of electors.
Same thing going on in Georgia as well.
Well, I figured this would be a good time to go off and, you know, dot the i's and cross the t's on whether or not the election in Michigan in 2020 was actually lawfully certified because
The whole, all these charges hinge upon the assertion that the 2020 election was lawfully certified.
As it turns out, in Wayne County, which is where I live, it's the home of Detroit, the certification paperwork that was submitted and signed by Wayne County was missing one of the required signatures in order to certify the election.
And there's a good reason for this.
It wasn't a clerical error.
It was because both Republican canvassers in Wayne County refused to vote yes on the election.
Now there's a whole rigmarole and timeline.
If you want to find out the details on that, go to letsfixstuffs.org and you'll see all the details.
But the bottom line is,
The official certification document from Wayne County shows that it was not certified.
And if you take out the votes from Wayne County in the state vote tally, remember this is the home of Detroit, all of a sudden the rightful winner of the election in Michigan in 2020 for president is Donald Trump, not Joe Biden.
That's kind of a big deal.
And it frankly, from the perspective of these electors,
Now they have a trial by jury, and the bar for that is beyond a reasonable doubt.
I'm telling you, there's at least reasonable doubt that these elections were ever lawfully certified.
The purpose of these alternate electors was to have that debate out in Washington D.C.
on January 6th.
And coincidentally, somebody didn't want that debate to actually happen.
And that was not Donald Trump, by the way.
So somebody who didn't want that to happen is making a big deal out of making sure that these alternate slate electors are being charged and threatened with incarceration.
And it's just not right.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg around the defense for these 16 electors.
And I'm hoping that this information can be useful in Georgia and with some of the sanction trials that are going on with the intrepid lawyers like John Eastman and Sidney Powell.
Oh, yes, for sure.
And why have signatures and why have to sign off and certify if they're going to push through and do it without the certification?
And then what's the point of certifying in the first place?
I mean, that's really the forgery.
The real forgery was when they forged these certificates without the requisite signatures for Michigan state law.
And how many states did this happen in, right?
How many people knew and started seeing these anomalies and would not sign off?
Pretty amazing.
And so when people say, you know, don't talk about election fraud, that was in 2020, move on.
Well, we're coming up on the 2024.
Has anything changed, Patrick?
Not at all, right?
Well, we're on to how they stole the election now.
We were kind of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed going into 2020, and we were just saying, hey, I mean, I know me.
I wasn't expecting the drama that we've had coming out of 2020.
I was just doing my civic duty, overseeing the execution of the elections and trying to understand what's going on.
Instead, I'm sitting there at 3 30 in the morning, seeing a bunch of ballots dropped off at the back door of the TCF Center without any chain of custody.
I'm going,
This isn't the way it's supposed to be working.
And so, yeah, it should be pretty boring, but it's not.
And I'll tell you, if everybody says that this is three years ago, why are you bringing this up?
Well, our Attorney General just brought up these charges, what, about a month ago or two months ago for these folks, three years after the election.
So, heck yeah, we're going to go off and do the research necessary to get them exonerated.
In 2022, I think everyone went to the polls and just crossed their fingers and hoped that things would be different and that the outcome they were going to get was a true outcome.
But we hadn't changed anything.
We hadn't exposed everything.
We didn't even know what game we were playing up against.
And so we can't just cross our fingers and hope to die and go, Oh, I just hope, I just hope that everything's going to be different magically.
No, we just can't do that.
We've got to make strides and changes and people can do that in their own counties.
Yeah, you brought up the key point, which is getting rid of these Albert sensors and bringing that to their attention.
Ultimately, the whole idea that these non-government organizations are running our elections is a core issue.
And so if you're looking for a kind of a magic button, like that one button, you push this in a case of emergency and restore elections, it's transparency in a word.
If we had access to the same data that these non-government organizations have, and it was made public, like our voter rolls, when somebody changed it, like rock the vote behind the scenes, instead of just rock the vote understanding
We're good to go.
We have to wait sometimes a year after the actual event to actually get that data and file lawsuits to get access to it, all kinds of stuff.
If we had real-time access to the same data that the bad guys have access to, they'd be forced to play in the elections with all their cards face up.
It's un-American not to question it.
We'll be right back.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kay Dally, your guest host.
Some facts before I bring Patrick back on for a moment.
Some facts.
It's un-American not to question an election when you detect problems or issues or actually see numbers change before your eyes on TV as the media says nothing as they are complicit.
Questioning an election is not a crime.
Questioning an election is not treason.
But using the government to control elections is a crime.
So we need judges who will not do the bidding of the government.
Exposing the tools that government is using to subvert this country is not a crime.
Exposing those tools is not a crime.
Leading up to the 2024 election, this should be the topic daily, to push those in power to make changes.
All Americans, I don't care what party you're on, should want transparency in elections, right?
We want a level playing field here, right?
Don't we lose the republic if we don't have this structure in place?
And if the government itself is trying to
Subvert it.
I have Patrick Kohlbeck on with me, former state senator, Michigan, and he ran for governor as well, author of the 2020 coup.
You'd need that book.
Tell people where to get that, Patrick.
Mysore.com and use the promo code meddlingkids.
Meddling kids.
I love that.
Yeah, that's exactly how it feels, doesn't it?
It's like none of the people that are supposed to be investigating this are up to it.
You leave it to a bunch of ragtag kids with a dog that likes Scooby Snacks to go off and get to that point where they uncover who is actually guilty of the crime.
And that's what we're doing.
That is so true.
And I really appreciate you doing this because there's not a lot of Americans that will in this climate that we're experiencing.
And the playbook, I want to talk just for a moment about the states.
You served State Senator in Michigan, and so I feel like you have a lot of knowledge that people out there don't have about how government works, but is the playbook for the deep state for them that are controlling this country, it's making sure that they have several key people in place in each state to make sure that this is never brought up as a problem, this whole Albert Sensor thing, this entire infrastructure, right?
Who are those people?
Well, there's three people that control the policy initiatives in every state, and actually it's analogous at the federal level as well, but it's the Governor, it's the Senate Majority Leader, and the Speaker of the House.
Those are the three that run the table.
If you decide to go against the policy direction of Senate Majority Leader, which I was known to have done, I actually did not get any chairmanships my second term, even though I improved our veteran services as chair of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs from 53rd in the country to number two in three years in regards to the quality of services.
That didn't matter because I didn't go along with the Senate Majority Leader.
I was pushed out and later I was taken off all my committees in the second term.
For the sin of not letting the Senate Majority Leader know that I was in his district at a Right to Life dinner.
So this is the craziness that happens and they are the ones that control the policy direction.
So if you go off the reservation,
from them and speak out against some of the policies that they're promoting.
They will do what they did to me.
They will take you out of out of key positions and try to silence your voice.
And thankfully, they weren't successful at that.
And I did something that many people that serve in public office aren't able to do.
I left after eight years with my integrity intact.
Oh, I so appreciate that about you.
And you can tell, too.
And here's a big tell about what you just said.
When you see the folks with all the chairmanships, when you see them, they are very, very much willing to play ball.
And it should be one of your biggest tells to not re-elect these folks.
I don't know how much fraud will happen within cities, states, and counties, but I'm telling you that
They can't pull it off unless they show a lot of support from the people and the people have to stop the support of the individuals that are in all those chairmanships because that's the reward.
The punishment is you don't get to be on our committee.
So if people can finally realize this, maybe we could make some headway in showing some non-support for those people that are in those committees, right?
Because those are the ones willing to play ball.
You need to make sure that they're always reminded of who they work for.
They don't work for the Senate Majority Leader.
He likes to make you think that you do.
As a matter of fact, he took away all my staff.
I said, well, what he didn't realize, that just gave me more time to go off and investigate the issues and provide good solutions.
So you got to have people up there that have that mindset, that never forget who they want up there to serve.
And it's tough.
I mean, they will tell you everything you want to go off and hear.
I actually wrote about this in a book as well.
I don't want to keep pushing books, but this is actually topical.
It's called Wrestling Gators, An Outsider's Guide to Drain the Swamp.
You can get that up on Amazon if you want.
But for me, I wanted people to know how government really works on the inside.
How did these guys even get in the position of Senate Majority Leader and Speaker?
The people don't vote for that.
This is stuff that happens behind the scenes, and it's always a money's game.
And to your point at the beginning, who's influencing these people?
How are they being
Convinced to go off and take a certain policy position?
Well, it's the money, people.
And it's the big money.
That's how you get to be Senate Majority Leader and Speaker.
It's who's giving you the money to actually go off and hand out in exchange for votes for Senate Majority Leader and Speaker.
And then they have to pay them back when they actually serve in that position.
And that's what happens.
Well, and always it's who will play ball with the governor, and those governors are inserted.
I'm sorry, but they are.
And there's a lot of questions around there, around certain people getting into office.
My governor is one of them.
My governor is going around the country telling everybody it's government's role on how to teach people to disagree.
So they don't know the proper role of government.
That's exactly what the deep state wants.
They don't want people that know the proper role of government.
They want people that will play ball.
And as long as you're spending money to do these things, and as long as you don't look at election fraud, and you don't make it an issue, and you say everything is squeaky clean in our state, that's what we got, squeaky clean, a hundred percent perfect, is literally the work we got, then you know there's cover-ups, you know there's a problem.
So I know with a few minutes left, people are thinking to themselves, okay, I know a county commissioner, I can get this information to them about the Albert sensor and the group that they might be tied in with,
Can the counties be sovereign enough to break away from state power?
Because with the CARES money, you know, that cemented a lot of relationships in each state, right?
Cities and counties to the state.
I mean, it's like the biggest bribe ever.
So can they still use sovereignty to separate themselves away from the state and say, no, we're not going to do this?
They can technically, but here's the way the game is played, and it's the same game that's played between the federal government and the states.
They dangle money, and they say, we will give you this money, and they become dependent on that revenue flow to keep their finances balanced, and they say, well, you know what?
If you don't want to deploy these Albert sensors, then obviously you don't need any money to go off and provide IT security for your system.
So we're going to take that out of your budget next time, and you're just going to have to deal without that.
And that's what they do.
They use the power of the purse to go off and bludgeon them, and that's the game that's being played non-stop across the country.
Well this is where the counties then have to have long conversations and town halls with the people of their counties and explain to them why it is exactly we have all of these so-called Albert sensors enter the system and we have more fraud than ever.
So if the result of doing all of this is more fraud, then they're obviously to do that very thing.
So when the government says that this will work against fraud, what a joke, when the only result you get, right?
By their fruits you shall know them, right?
When the only result you get is more and more and more election fraud.
So, we have to instruct the people, and those counties can go around instructing their people so that the people back them when they don't get the money to do it, and maybe they take money from other things and put it towards the very thing that they're being stripped from, right?
That's the key, is to show support for these local officials.
And when they take these hard steps, make sure that you show the support.
Out in Ottawa County, Michigan, one of the most conservative counties in Michigan, they only seem to have very liberal and progressive leadership, though.
And now we've got a very conservative county commission there, and they're ready to go off and storm the castle, so to speak.
And they want to go off and do the right thing and make sure they return back to constitutional governance.
And the people are supporting them.
That's what needs to happen across the board.
You need to support these guys when they do the right thing.
You can't just sit there and beat them up when they do the wrong thing.
These guys, they love attention.
Not the folks in Ottawa County.
They're true patriots.
But most of these folks that serve as state senators, state reps,
What they love is significance.
And if you feed that significance, you know, trough for them, they love it.
If you drain them of attention, they hate it.
And so make sure you support them when they're doing the right thing.
And know that in most cases, you're not working with the cream of crop of intelligence, okay?
So across the board, people are elected because they'll go along.
Yeah, they'll go along and not question.
I mean, there's a few individuals like Patrick, the cream of the crop that make it in that actually understand what's going on, but many of them don't.
But they love that about them, right?
Because they'll go along.
So we got to stop that.
They don't want people that ask questions.
They definitely don't want them.
And what's most concerning about some of the people that go in there, we don't expect them to know everything there is about every single policy area.
I mean, the first policy issue I had to deal with in the Michigan Senate was on feral swine.
I don't know anything about feral swine.
I live in the Detroit suburbs, right?
But you've got to ask questions.
You've got to be curious.
And most of the time, they're not even curious.
I know it.
We're going to run out of time.
Wrestling Gators, go to letsfixstuff.org.
And of course, the 2020 coup.
Patrick Holbeck, thank you so much.
You're awesome.
Oh, it's great to be with you, Kate.
Keep on cranking.
I've not been this excited ever!
The re-platforming begins now.
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