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Name: 20230918_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 18, 2023
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You can't walk on the grass, but you can cross the border with kidnapped kids all day long.
We interrupt our program to bring you this important message.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are the victim of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
An Anthony Fauci viral attack.
Do not take their poison shots.
Do not submit to their tyranny.
Be aware of the fact that you were abused.
They think you're stupid.
They think you will not realize what has happened to you.
They want to put you back under lockdown.
They want to claim they own your body.
They want to put their poison mRNA shots in you.
But just as we were here during the lockdown three and a half years ago, as they try to bring them back, we are here to tell them, stick your poison shots up your ass!
The same UN World Economic Forum that launched the last COVID relief is planning to lock you down again.
And the question is, Are you going to put up?
I love you, man!
I love you too, brother.
Stick your vaccines up your ass!
We are not going along with your tyranny, or your new lockdowns, or your sterilization shots.
Because the answer to them trying to take over our bodily autonomy is FREEDOM!
And the answer to their 1984 tyranny is 1776 at InfoWars.com!
Say no to New Mask!
Say no to Fauci!
at Infowars.com Infowars.com
Say no to New Mask, say no to Fauci, say no to Bill Gates You know the master of fraud
You know the intent.
Don't give your babies a shot.
God bless you.
We love you.
Protect your children.
The Pfizer and Moderna shots will sterilize you.
They'll give you blood clots.
They'll give you heart attacks.
Don't take the shots, unless you want to die of blood clots.
Don't take the shots, unless you want to submit to the new world order.
We told you the shots didn't work, and now the government admits they don't work.
And if you've had the shots, you need more shots.
You're OK.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go in.
Tell everybody, don't rely on the fact that you had a vaccine in the past.
It will not help you this time around.
Tell everybody, don't rely on the fact that you had a vaccine in the past.
It will not help you this time around.
Tell everybody, don't rely on the fact that you had a vaccine in the past.
It will not help you this time around.
Don't take the Pfizer shots!
Don't take the Moderna shots!
They're giving you cancer.
They're sterilizing you.
The New World Order is poisoning you.
They're trying new lockdowns.
Don't be part of it.
You own your body, not the UN.
You own your body, not Bill Gates.
You own... God bless your mother.
Almost everybody loves what we're doing.
You own your body, or does Bill Gates own your body?
Do you own your body or does Pfizer own your body?
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
They're trying new lockdowns.
Say no, I own my body.
They're trying new lockdowns.
Say no! I own my body!
Yeah! Everybody agrees!
We haven't had one person in ten minutes come and tell South Congress
that's disagreed with us.
They've announced their new lockdowns.
They've announced their new masks.
They've announced their new forced injections.
They've announced their new contact tracing.
But from what I've seen, nobody is buying it!
Fuck Bill Gates!
Fuck Klaus Schwab!
Fuck the New World Order!
Fuck Pfizer!
Fuck Moderna!
Fuck their shots!
Fuck them!
Fuck them to hell!
Fuck the New World Order!
Ladies and gentlemen, the deep state and the globalists have said they own your money!
They have said they're bringing back masks and mask mandates and the lockdowns.
I want you to join me in a big middle finger against the new world order to say, not only are we not going to accept your new medical tyranny you're entreating, but we're going to send your asses to prison And criminal rules have been made to the Justice Department by Senator Rand Paul and others for Anthony Fauci to be indicted for lying about canina function, monetization of viruses to Congress.
And they're trying to bring their lockdowns back!
But just as we did three and a half years ago, meet the leaders.
And being the impetus to the resistance to their biomedical tyranny, we are about to say no new vaccine mandates, no new poison shots, no masks, no tyranny, no new old order.
Arrest Bill Gates! Arrest Bill Gates! Arrest Bill Gates! Arrest Fauci!
Arrest Klaus Schwab!
They're trying to bring the lockdowns back.
Will you wear masks?
Will you take the poison shots?
Will you submit while those blood clots grow inside of you?
Are you free?
Do you own your own body?
Or does Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab own your body?
Will you roll over again?
And will you count on people like us to defend your freedoms once again as a biomedical global government tyranny takes over your body?
Is Bill Gates your daddy?
Is Bill Gates your god?
And we're not taking the poison shots!
How you guys doing?
Good to see you.
Down with the New World Order!
Down with Pfizer owning our bodies!
Down with the globalists!
Down with lockdown!
Down with their tyranny!
We are free and we own our own bodies.
These so-called Pfizer and COVID shots are giving people infertility and heart attacks and myocarditis.
Don't give your children the poison shots.
Don't give your children the poison shots.
Don't take the shots.
They will slowly kill you.
The globalists are trying to put you under a new lockdown.
They think you're stupid.
They think you're worthless.
They want you dead.
And if you don't wake up and say no, they believe you deserve to die.
You don't deserve to die.
No to the new lockdowns.
No to the mask.
No to the new so-called COVID vaccine.
No to the new world order.
We love you, brother.
COVID-19 was a globalist corporate attack on humanity.
It was an attempt to bring in a world treaty run by the UN and to force injections on us and to take over our bodies.
And as for me, give me liberty or give me death!
Governor Evan!
Governor Evan!
We want to believe in you, Governor Evan, but last time you bent over.
To the globalists!
We want you to say no to new lockdowns, and no to COVID tyranny, and no to the globalists now!
Governor Abbott!
Governor Greg Abbott!
We are here to put you on notice that you do not have the right over our body!
You do not have a right this time to put us under Fauci and Bill Gates's lockdown!
Governor Abbott!
They're trying to roll out a new lockdown, new mask, new curfew.
And we are here to tell Governor Abbott and put him on notice that you will not own our bodies and you will not help Fauci and Bill Gates and Barack Obama and Klaus Schwab and Joe Biden rape our bodies.
Governor Abbott, We are here because we know Texas is under siege.
And we don't completely blame you for this.
But we want you to know that we will not put up with new lockdowns.
We will not put up with new masking.
We will not put up with your regulations.
See, if we're illegal aliens, we're fine.
But if we're media and U.S.
citizens, we're bad.
I'm not against the state police, but come on!
Our crew is here getting footage, so they get pulled over because they're not illegal aliens shipping stolen kids or fentanyl!
Oh wow, so now, NOW, what state law What state law says we can't be on grass?
Since when in America... I'm not trying to get arrested.
Since when in America am I on the grass by the governor's mansion and I'm not supposed to be on grass now?
There's no pedestrian crossing, and if there's an available sidewalk, we're on reserve.
So you're telling me, state law says I can't be here.
You ready to challenge that court?
I think he has the right to be on that damn grass.
This is not a curb, this is a grass.
Where are we supposed to walk?
On the sidewalk.
Alright, well I don't want to go to jail today, I'm going to do it, but I don't know what you're talking about, we can't be on the grass.
That sounds weird.
Look at this, they're running our guy, over here.
So, they're busy running us, when they all know who we are.
Instead of the fentanyl, and when the state police have it against them, they get ordered to do it, they go down the Texas border, they write tickets to people's feeding because they can't even arrest illegal aliens because the feds release them.
And this is the country we live in, folks.
Hey, get ready to wear your mask again, get ready to take your poison shots again, because all we're here doing is covering this.
You can't walk on the grass, but you can cross the border with kidnapped kids all day long.
And the state police, because we're not illegal aliens, are not child smugglers, are upset that we would protest Governor Greg Abbott.
We're against open borders and COVID and lockdowns and tyranny.
Get the footage.
They are now harassing and pulling us over.
If we were illegal aliens, smuggling children, and fentanyl, they'd bring us right across, under orders.
But because we're not smuggling children, and we're not smuggling fentanyl, we are now the bad guys.
So, that's America.
You drive around, next to your place, you're left alone.
You're a citizen.
You're a mark.
You're a chump.
You think you live in a free country?
No, you're not.
You're to be targeted and driven into submission.
No, no, no.
You don't protest us in America.
You're a bad person.
So the border's wide open, fentanyl's all been shipped in, and they've got us pulled over, harassing us for our papers.
But if we're illegal aliens, they can just let us fly and do whatever we want.
I'm not even against the state police, but this is why America's so pathetic.
Citizens are harassed, citizens are hit to a higher standard.
We're out trying to say no to new lockdowns.
This is what's happened.
So Greg Abbott, we're coming back now.
Yeah, there's the state police pulling over more citizens, giving them more tickets.
When they come down to the border, they just write tickets.
They don't stop the illegals, none of any of it.
So, we're here, we're saying no to lockdowns.
So again, to get a month free for your membership for all the great stuff, Steven Crowder's Offset, his show, my show, all the other shows, Oshwin's, you name it, his promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com I'm witnessing them harassing our favorite person in the whole world.
Don't try it.
We're onto your shit and we're not gonna do it.
It will not happen.
Uh, let's not do, uh, lockdowns anymore.
I'm not cool with that stuff.
But anyways, hi mom!
This is disgusting, man.
All the state police are here to feed on the citizens and act all friendly, while they pull us over and give us tickets.
It's just absolutely disgusting.
That's why now, I haven't been down here in three years to protest Abbott, we're coming back down here to make sure he doesn't do lockdowns, because they did this.
There's important news tonight about the new COVID shot, and it comes amid an uptick in cases and hospitalizations.
Today, the FDA approved updated COVID vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna.
The boosters are designed to target the new dominant variant.
If the CDC signs off as early as tomorrow, the new shots could roll out later this week.
Booster shots!
Come get your booster shots!
Come on, everybody!
Booster shots!
Come get your booster shots!
Booster shots!
Come get your booster shots!
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Go to hell new world order Protectors we are all friends
Is your ship alright?
Seems okay if we can get to it.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
Harrison, visit InfoWars.com/show now.
I hope that old man got that tractor beam out of commission or this is gonna be a real short trip.
Okay, yeah!
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show today.