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Name: 20230912_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 12, 2023
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In a recent broadcast, Alex Jones talks about his legal battles against numerous lawsuits and attacks from the Democratic Party Deep State Combine. He encourages viewers to make donations at DefendJones.com for legal expenses. Owen Shroyer discusses the difference between how left-wing protesters are treated by law enforcement compared to conservatives, stating that there are two sets of laws in the United States today - one for conservatives and another for progressives. The narrator expresses disappointment with the current state of justice after Shroyer was sentenced to 60 days in prison for his free speech, accusing the government of breaching the Bill of Rights and court systems' responsibility to protect individual rights. The video then promotes Omega-3 fatty acids found in grass-fed beef and fish through Ultimate Fish Oil and Ultimate Krill Oil available at InfowarsStore.com. Alex Jones discusses recent events on his show, promoting Infowars products and discussing legal troubles with Owen Schroer. They talk about their experiences with government prosecution for alleged crimes related to their speech, expressing frustration with the lack of fairness in their trials, and questioning where the ACLU is during these events. Listeners call in expressing concern over the sentencing of Owen Shroyer, comparing it to a world war and urging fellow patriots to be prepared for potential conflicts. They also discuss the top brass being globalists, censorship, Elon Musk's comments about using Starlink for attacks, and the importance of patriotism, loyalty, and truth-telling in modern society.

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Our fight for freedom, our fight for truth, and our fight for justice will persist.
I believe in this country.
I believe in this republic.
I believe the founding documents are imperative to preserve.
And so we're not going to go anywhere.
And yeah, you know what?
That might mean some bad stuff for us.
But I believe freedom is worth it.
I believe the country is worth it, and I think our audience agrees, Alex, and the more they come, the more people are going to realize that what you just said, it's either patriots, freedom lovers, or tyrants.
That paradigm is going to become solidified here, if it's not already.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is September 12th.
I want to thank you for joining us on this live Tuesday edition.
I'm scheduled to be in studio during the second, third, and fourth hour today.
I am in the Info Wars offices.
Obviously, this is your host, Alex Jones, and I am being deposed for the upteenth time by the Democratic Party Deep State Combine.
But despite all of the leverage and the lawfare they're waging against us, thanks to you and your prayers and support, we are still on air.
And we've even had Greg Gutfeld come out and say, basically, Alex Jones was right last night.
And again, this is a bellwether, not that we need mainstream corporate media to give us a nod.
That has now become a maxim showing that people understand that this is a coordinated takedown, permanent emergency to destroy America and the rest of the West, which is stated by the UN, by the WEF, by the Club of Rome, by the globalists.
And as the mainstream awakens to the fact that there really is a brutal corporate transhumanist
depopulationist conspiracy against them, it is game over for them.
So I want to just salute the listeners and viewers.
The last 29 years, we have been at the very heart and have been the main engine of the
We've been the most successful out of anybody that came before us.
All glory goes to God.
But God has worked through you to make this broadcast such a focal point.
So I just wanted to thank you.
We've all gone through a lot.
We've all been attacked, ridiculed, many of us persecuted.
But it's worth it because the truth is the truth and there is no future without the truth.
So I wanted to just thank you all.
Harrison Smith's going to host the first hour.
Owen Kant, pray for him as the broadcast starts.
He's being sentenced as we speak.
In DC, and we will know very, very soon what that sentence for his quote free speech was.
So please pray for Owen.
He should be popping in very soon during this hour as well.
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And I've got a great team of lawyers that have been doing a great job federally on my bankruptcy and my appeals.
But they have not been paid in 10 months.
Neither has the big accounting firm.
And they've done a great job getting my bankruptcy together, my personal bankruptcy.
I am upside down.
They are owed.
Really over a million dollars.
And this is a real problem.
So I am upside down.
I'm completely out of money myself.
And so I need your help.
I need everybody to make the decision to go to defendjones.com, one word, defendjones.com, and make a $1, a $10, a $100, a $1,000 donation.
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They've made the donations.
I thank you.
I salute you.
I couldn't be here without you.
We raised about $125,000 when I talked about a few times last week.
Thank you.
The goal is a million.
Sounds like a lot, but a million isn't a million dollars today.
You see what they've done to Trump.
You see the lawfare there and all the criminal charges.
They're obviously trying to criminally charge me as well.
They tried to use the bankruptcy claim of a criminal, but it's been proven that I told
the truth on everything.
The IRS audited us.
I got a big return, but that's held up in the bankruptcy.
That's right, a five-year audit got a return.
They said, "Wow, we owe you money."
So this has been quite the process, but without you, I will not be able to stay on air.
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I am in your hands.
We'll be right back with the Greg Gutfeld statement.
It's pretty powerful.
And of course, the great Harrison Smith.
And then I'm sure they'll take me over.
They always do, but I'm to depose the next two days, 8 a.m. to noon.
So I am in our own building here being deposed.
And I'm gonna be coming over and doing the show here in just about an hour or so.
So God bless and good luck.
I really appreciate your help.
Jonescrowder.com, defendjones.com, and infowarstore.com.
Thank you.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith, sitting in for Alex for just the first hour or so.
As you heard in that first five minutes, Alex Jones is being deposed as we speak, but he will be sitting here behind the desk, hopefully within the hour, but certainly not much longer after that.
And actually, we're going to go in just a minute to the live statement from Owen Troyer, who has just been sentenced to 60 days in prison For his speech, and no that's not an exaggeration, he has been sentenced, a journalist sentenced, in the United States of America to 60 days in federal prison for the words that he said.
His beliefs, his understanding of the world around him.
He has been sentenced to two months behind bars.
And that's where we are as a country.
So Owen is actually making his way as we speak.
You can see the Capitol in the background to the place where he will hold a press conference and discuss this sentencing.
Hopefully we'll find out a little bit more such as when the sentence begins and whether there's a possibility of appeal before the sentence is carried out.
Yes, 60 days in prison for his free speech.
That's not an exaggeration.
That is literally what he has been sentenced for.
He's never called for violence.
He did not organize violence.
He did not participate in the riot on January 6th.
He did not enter the building on January 6th.
But they say he stoked the flames.
His broadcasts, both before, during, and after January 6th, were brought up as evidence as to why he should be sentenced.
They asked for 120 days.
He got half of that.
Still, two months.
It's two months longer than any American deserves for the speech that they express.
It's almost funny.
It's almost funny that you call people tyrants And so they send you to jail for two months.
Oh, that'll prove them wrong, right?
How can we be... We're such not tyrants, then we're going to send you to prison for 60 days.
So Owen is outside of the courthouse right now, live with his lawyer.
Owen, you're there.
Just been sentenced to 60 days.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here with my attorney, Norm Pattis.
You're gonna be hearing from both of us extensively here today about the results of an ongoing case in which I have been a defendant in for more than two years.
I'm gonna make some preliminary statements.
My attorney Norm Pattis is going to go into a little more detail and then I'm going to make a final long-form statement about the events that went down today and the events that transpired to get us here.
We have a lot to say and this is a very important case for our country.
This is, make no mistake about it, a First Amendment free speech case and I don't know if I could say it's the most important or biggest ever, but it might be.
And by the time this case is fully litigated, well, let's just say it might become one of the biggest free speech cases in the history of the United States of America.
Now, before we hear from my attorney, I just want to make some preliminary statements before I give you my long-form statement on the events that happened today and the events that transpired to get us here.
One thing is very clear, and I believe this wholeheartedly, and I believe that the evidence is in my favor.
If I had been a leftist, Democrat, liberal, progressive, and I rioted during Trump's inauguration, or I rioted during any of the years that Donald Trump was in office, whether it was the summer of rage in 2020 with the Black Lives Matter riots, or any of the events during the Antifa riots, I would not be here today, I would not be facing jail time and all of this would have been washed away in the legal system if it would have even made it that far.
And let's also be perfectly clear, there is plenty of precedent when it comes to the charges that have been made against me.
In fact, just recently, We saw dozens, if not hundreds, of Democrat protesters enter the Congressional House, go into Kevin McCarthy's office, and disrupt.
I never did that.
I never went into the Capitol.
Now, do you think any of them will face what I've faced?
Do you think any of them will have the scrutiny of the legal and justice system that I've had?
Well, maybe time will tell in their case, but we already have a case study.
We can look at even David Hogg, one of the biggest leftist activists, who has also disrupted Congress.
Did he have to go through any of this?
What about when they interrupted Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation?
What about when they interrupted Amy Coney Barrett?
What about when they interrupted Neil Gorsuch?
What about the climate change protesters that were brought in by Democrat members of Congress into the House?
Did any of them have to go through anything that I went through today?
There is precedent For my charges.
And nobody has received the treatment that I have received.
So I think anybody who's being honest about this knows that there are clearly two sets of laws and there are two different justice systems in this country today.
If you're a conservative journalist or activist, you get the full weight of the U.S.
government, the justice system, and the legal system.
If you're a left-wing Democrat, progressive activist, they will find every way and means to make sure you do not suffer and that your crimes do not go prosecuted.
Now, I have remained silent for two years, because, more than two years, because it was my belief that we were operating in good faith on my side, and that they were operating on good faith on their side.
But I'm sad to say that the good faith has been broken.
My attorney will speak more to that, but let's make one thing clear.
It was never my intention to become a free speech martyr.
Yes, I am a free speech activist.
Yes, I believe the reason why the First Amendment is number one is because free speech is probably the most important thing to the foundations of having our country.
But here I stand today, a free speech martyr.
Make no mistake about it.
And I have to ask myself this, before I allow my attorney Norm Pattis to speak here.
Is this my country anymore?
Is this the United States of America anymore?
Is this the country we want to live in when a prosecution, multiple U.S.
attorneys, and a judge quote me saying 1776 and USA in a criminal offense?
Is this the United States of America?
Is this the Constitutional Republic?
Is this what so many have fought and died for including my own forefathers?
My grandfathers?
I don't think so.
And I think many will see the results of this case and start to question if this is really the country they believe they live in.
So before I make my long-form statement on the events from today and everything that led us up to this, I want my attorney Norm Padish to take this time to speak.
This was a dark day, make no mistake about it, for the First Amendment and for freedom of speech in the United States.
The events of January 6, 2021 were extraordinary, by any, any account.
But suddenly they've been transformed into, from a riot into something that's almost looking like Waco in 1993.
Do you recall where you were in 1993 when David Koresh and the Branch of Davidians pulled up in their compound and the government had a warrant to search for weapons with the ATF?
There was a standoff and it lasted for many days.
It wasn't the right mind, but it would have ended in slaughter with the death of 80-some people, many of them children burned to death because of a federal overreaction.
The smell you detect in the air today is the burning parchment of freedom of expression.
Mr. Schroer appeared at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, with thousands of others.
Donald Trump believed the election had been stolen, and for the months that preceded that day, he encouraged his followers not to leave.
He sought relief from the courts and uniformly failed.
On January 6th, people appeared at the Capitol, and Trump spoke blots from here at the Ellipse.
If you go to the Capitol, fight like hell.
If you don't, you won't have a country anymore.
Paul Treuer was part of a cadre of journalists from Infowars who had a permit to speak in something called Section 8.
They headed that direction, and by the time they arrived, the riot was in full swing.
Warrior went to the Capitol with Mr. Jones and others, and when they got there, they were shocked by what they saw.
This wasn't a peaceful assembly of people petitioning for the redress of grievances, speaking out as is their First Amendment right, their right to be heard.
It became something violent, and they tried to stop it.
They went on the stairs, and they encouraged Mr. Jones and people to go elsewhere.
They tried to divert the crowd away.
Now, as it turns out, the referrer had a history with the government.
Earlier, in 2019, he disrupted an impeachment proceeding with Donald Trump's conducted by Representative Nadler and the House Judiciary.
He was arrested for that, and he entered what's called a deferred prosecution agreement.
Under a deferred prosecution agreement, a defendant agrees to behave in a certain way in exchange for which the government will dismiss the case.
The agreement here was that Schroer, not Mr. Schroer, not enter capital grounds or on capital grounds with the intent to obstruct, impede, hinder, or delay.
He didn't have that intent when he went on January 6th.
He had the intent, and he possessed the intent, and the right that you have.
Petition for redress of grievance.
Peacefully assemble.
Speak your mind.
He went to the Capitol that day and the government chose to prosecute him and him alone.
Of all the people he was with.
By February of 2021, they notified us that he was the subject or target of an investigation.
He was arrested in August of 2021, and I got a phone call.
Would he turn himself in?
Yes, he would.
And we agreed to waive an indictment.
In other words, we agreed to release the government of its responsibility to go to a grand jury and say to 20 up to 23 citizens assembled in private, there's probable cause, some reason to believe he committed a crime.
We waived that.
Let's get it on.
The government said at that point, look, would you agree to give us his cell phones, the cell phones he had that day?
If you do, it'll go a long way toward favorable consideration at the time of sentencing.
Now, there are different prosecutors that were in the case today.
Maybe the internal memos didn't go down all the way down the chain of command.
But I said, before we turn over any phones, let me take a look at what supports your claim that he broke the law.
And I looked at the affidavit and I said, well, what did he do?
What did he do that's so extraordinary?
He didn't enter the building.
He didn't engage in violence.
There's no claim of sedition.
No claim of conspiracy.
And I know a little about seditious conspiracy now.
I represented Joe Biggs and represent still Joe Biggs and Zach Rell of the Proud Boys.
Mr. Schroer was a citizen journalist who appeared to cover a historic event and he spoke his mind.
He had a right to do so just as you have that right to do so.
So now we fast forward some and as the events unfold we agree that the government can have Mr. Schroer's phone.
We call them.
We say, look, you want to look at the phones?
Look at the phones.
There's nothing there.
The government was desperate to try to prove a link between Donald Trump And the rioters.
And they thought that they could do so by means of Mr. Schroeder and communications with people at Infowars.
The government now knows the truth.
There is no there there.
They backed off because there was nothing to pursue.
They wanted to speak to Mr. Schroeder.
Ordinarily, in a criminal case, you have a right to remain silent because they'll use anything you say against you.
We'll talk more about that in a minute.
I recommended to Mr. Schroeder that he waive that right, and he did.
So we sat down and we talked to the government for several hours about the contents of his communications, about what he knew about the planning of the events leading up to January 6th.
Again, there was no there there.
The government never accused him of lying.
They never thought there was an obstruction of justice.
They never thought he'd been anything but candid.
For two years, he was on pre-trial release.
He never missed a court date.
He never violated a condition of probation.
He's effectively been in custody, even though there are invisible bars, for the past two years.
We were stunned.
When we saw the government's... What's that name?
The government stood in front of the judge today and said, well, Owen didn't cause January 6th, but here's what they wrote.
Schroeder helped create January 6th.
I'm sorry.
Schreyer didn't help create January 6th any more than Donald Trump created the coal mine in which we're all suffering.
There's a question that people need to ask themselves in this country and that is the following.
What in the hell is going on?
We are so deeply divided.
There's a crisis of legitimacy and citizens, patriots who care, have every right to appear at a public forum and demand to be heard.
That's what Owen did.
So the government stood up today and it argued that Owen's speech It's part of the context the court should consider in sentencing.
It asked for 120 days.
We asked out of consideration for the First Amendment, out of consideration for all that he'd done with his phone, speaking to the government, then having cooperated throughout the pendency of this litigation, that he walk.
The government gave him half of what the government asked for, which is the custom in Judge Kelly's courtroom.
The government overreaches, and then when we get half, what are we supposed to do?
Thank the judge for a discount?
This is a classic example of the government behaving as an unscrupulous merchant.
If you need a new hammer, and it's worth $10, and you go to the hardware store, and the store owner jacks the price up to $30, but puts a sign off that says, half-off $15, you're still paying $5 more than you set up for the hammer.
Are you supposed to thank the unscrupulous merchant for the discount off a jacked-up price?
There was no need for incarceration in this case.
The government broke faith with Mr. Troyer.
The government broke faith with the First Amendment.
The government chose to prosecute a man because of his speech.
They chose to prosecute a journalist because of his speech.
Think about that for a moment.
Debates in the courts and among legal scholars have raged, raged for decades about the scope of the First Amendment.
And hardliners say it pertains only to journalistic speech.
When Mr. Shroyer stood up moments ago and said this could become the test case, he's right.
This is one of the first journalists in contemporary history to be prosecuted because of what he said.
Now the government will respond and say, oh no, that's not why he was prosecuted.
He was prosecuted because he was in a prohibited place.
Well, maybe.
You know, and we pled guilty to that because he shouldn't have been at that place.
But the sentencing guidelines, that is the presumptively reasonable range of options before the judge, called for a sentence of zero days to six months in jail.
The judge explicitly said, on two occasions in his sentencing remarks, that the comments that Troyer made moved the needle, and moved the needle in the direction of incarceration.
Who among you, watching this, Who reads the newspaper, who listens to the radio, who watches television, who relies on social media, wants the person you look to for information and, if necessary, advocacy, to be incarcerated because they share your beliefs.
Make no mistake about it.
The government, in this case, has declared a war on the First Amendment, and I'm here to tell you we're going to strike back.
Norm, they declared a war on the First Amendment on January 6th.
I'm going to keep speaking here, Ashley.
We'll take questions.
We'll take questions when I'm done.
I want to address a couple things that Norm just brought up, too.
Because this somehow doesn't get brought up during any of this litigation, but there is a legal process to challenge the electors in a presidential election.
There is a legal process.
That legal process was set to take place on January 6th, where you review the election process, you review the election law, you see if any laws were broken in the process, and the Vice President has an opportunity to say, we're going to withhold the electoral votes until further review.
That is a fully legal process that the Democrats have attempted to do multiple times in their party's history.
It's been cited in 1960, It's been cited in Bush versus Gore.
Hell, some of them even wanted to do it when Hillary Clinton lost.
So if there's any precedent when it comes to challenging the results of an election, well, the Democrats are the case study.
In fact, the Democrat Party has denied every presidential election that they've lost in the 21st century.
Gore, Kerry, Clinton, they challenged every single loss.
Does anybody suit?
Was anybody brought into the courtroom?
Was anybody prosecuted?
But this legal process that we have in the country somehow gets ignored throughout this litigation and that was indeed the process that we were trying to support.
So if anything we were supporting the law that day.
Now the one other interesting aspect Is the journalism, the journalist protection that was filed when Barack Obama was president that a federal judge asked the prosecutors in this case if they broke the law when they indicted me.
Did they go through the proper protocols when it comes to indicting a journalist as far as does he have protection under the law to be there that day?
Now they never responded to that.
How convenient for them.
Now, do you have anything else on that?
Yeah, on that topic, we filed a motion to dismiss everything.
One of the very first court appearances, Mr. Shroyer appeared before a magistrate judge.
There are two levels of judges in the United States.
There are magistrate judges and there are article 3 judges.
Article 3 judges sit for life.
Magistrate judges are appointed by the district judges to handle routine court appearances.
Routine court appearances include first court appearances.
At one of Mr. Schroeder's first court appearances, a magistrate judge asked the government, did you guys get the approval of the Attorney General of the United States?
To prosecute Mr. Schroer because under federal regulations, under the Code of Federal Regulations, there is a requirement.
And what we got was some mealy-mouthed mumbo-jumbo that doesn't even rise to the level of deceit.
We got evasion and the judge accepted that as an answer.
We brought that to the court's attention and the court didn't act on it.
In the end, Mr. Schroyer pled guilty because of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement and because it was his understanding that by pleading guilty he'd get credit for his coming forward, as he were, in a forthcoming way.
The government welched on that promise today, and they sought to make a point.
They sought to make a point by breaking the back of the First Amendment, by breaking the heart of journalists who are courageous enough to insist upon it, and, candidly, by insulting you.
And your rights, and your right to be heard, and your right to choose where to get your information.
Mr. Shroyer will address this at length in a moment or so, but he'll tell you that among other things, one of the things the government told the court to consider in its sentencing is the quote-unquote disinformation that Mr. Shroyer spread.
Does that mean the government's now going to license which version of the truth they think is safe enough for us to consume?
That's not the republic we created.
We have a bill of rights to place substantive limitations on government.
We have a court system that's supposed to stand between the government and an individual accused to make sure that those substantive rights are honored.
Today they were breached, they were ridiculed, they were trampled upon, and I have not been as disheartened about my prospects or my country's prospects to live under the rule of law as I am today.
So, I am now I'm going to go into the details of the shocking sentencing memo in my case.
And when I say shocking, it's not just shocking because of all the instances in which they're trying to charge me criminally for speech.
It was shocking to us because again, it was our understanding.
And are operating in good faith that as long as we went through the negotiations and I cooperated as they wished that I would not be facing jail time.
And then they suggested 120 days even though the pretrial services recommendation was zero incarceration and there was actually two years probation which you could argue that I've already completed.
So now we're talking about going above and beyond what should have been done here today.
If you doubt that this is a free speech case, I'm now going to go into the details of this memo, and you will see exactly that this is indeed that.
I'm going to quote directly.
The government's sensing memorandum.
First quote, Troyer spread election disinformation.
That speech, that speech, paired with rhetoric, that speech, Now, this one I find quite ironic, actually.
It says, he precisely warned in November 2020 that if Biden became president, it's not going to be a million peaceful marchers in D.C.
Well, I guess they should have heed my warning then.
I guess I was right then, wasn't I?
So, in other words, I warned them that that would happen.
And what did they do to stop it?
They stood down local law enforcement and they pulled Capitol Police back.
Alright folks, we've been skipping breaks.
We have to do this break, but we'll be back with Owen Troyer live from outside the courtroom on the other side.
Stay with us, folks.
Alright, welcome back folks.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones will be in studio in a very short time.
Stay with us.
He'll be here to comment on what's going on.
This is the level of oppression that we're under.
He can't comment on his lead reporter being sentenced because he's being deposed right now.
It's coming from all sides.
Owen Schroeder is outside the courthouse right now.
He was just sentenced to 60 days in prison for his free speech.
He and Norm Pattis, his lawyer, are talking on, or speaking on what just happened.
Let's go back to this live feed.
This event took place almost three years ago and you are still prosecuting people?
I felt bad for Merrick Garland when he did not get his appointment to the Supreme Court in the waning days of the Obama administration.
But now I'm glad he didn't.
He is the Inspector Gervais of the Justice Department and he cannot find a bridge quickly enough as far as I'm concerned.
And I hope I'm not prosecuted for those words.
But he's unhinged.
Three years after the Civil War in the United States, a war that resulted in the killing of fellow Americans, 600,000 Americans, we found a way to repatriate those people and set about the business of trying to rebuild the country.
Now, on the eve of the 2024 election, prosecutors are still bringing new cases against January 6th protesters and seeking serious penalties each time they can get in front of a judge.
What is the matter with you, America?
And I would also like to point out that this insinuation or assumption that I violated my DPA is just that.
We never defended that and we chose not to defend that because we assumed that the government would be operating in good faith in the plea agreement that they would not continue to process or litigate that.
But that was obviously a lie based off their sentencing memo and based off of what happened in the courtroom today.
So no, we never got a chance to defend that and I would argue right here I didn't violate my probation.
I did my community service, and as far as my understanding of the DPA is concerned, I didn't violate that because I never went there with any intent.
But you see, we chose not to defend that because it was our understanding, as part of the plea agreement, that that case was not going to be relitigated.
Well, we were wrong.
Good faith was shattered.
There's an entire section in this memo labeled, Shroyer's Rhetoric.
Labeled, Shroyer's Rhetoric.
You're telling me this is not a free speech case when an entire section of this memo is Shroyer's Rhetoric?
Well, gee, what's a synonym for rhetoric?
That's what a synonym for rhetoric is.
In fact, it's probably the number one synonym for rhetoric would be speech if you looked it up right now.
Here's a quote in the Shroyer's Rhetoric section.
Quote, this is a quote from me.
We are still in control of this country.
Isn't that we the people?
Isn't that we the people?
Well, I guess we got a loud answer about that today, didn't we?
I guess we the people are not in control of this country.
When popular sovereignty becomes a crime, you're a criminal.
Each and every one of you.
Here's another quote.
Troyer spoke to another DC crowd through a bullhorn.
That's speech.
That's speech.
Here they are quoting something from my show on November 18th, 2020.
That speech.
That speech.
November 18th, 2020.
And I'll add, because I'm not going to go into the weeds of all the different quotes they had for my shows, but These people watched every second of every broadcast, every interview, and everything I've been saying for five years.
They didn't learn a damn thing.
So for five years these people have been obsessed with me.
So for five years these people have been obsessed with me.
Why? Why me?
I don't have a violent criminal charge ever in my life.
I'm not a violent person.
Never been.
Ask anybody I know, and I'll tell you, I'm quite popular.
And you ask anybody I know, I've got a huge heart and I have a peaceful soul.
But that somehow gets lost on this government.
In their obsession to track and trace and now litigate everything I say.
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised.
They requested my phones.
In fact, are they going to give those back?
We'll get them.
We'll see if they ever give them back.
Because who knows?
They could lie about what's in there.
They could lie about my text messages.
Well, they might put them in the National Archives, you know, as evidence of the great national threat that's rushing to our way of life.
Exhibit number 666.
Well, let's hope that actually it goes in the archives of A free speech victory.
When do we win this on appeal?
And it might get to the highest levels of the court.
I'll leave it at that.
But again, maybe they're going through my texts.
How long have they been monitoring my emails?
My text messages?
They're watching my show every day.
Why wouldn't I believe they're monitoring all of my speech?
Have my rights been violated?
Have my privacy rights been violated?
January 5th.
Troyer addresses crowds gathered in DC.
Again, that's speech.
In fact, that's a whole other section.
So there's two sections.
There's two sections of the sentencing memo that are just speech.
Troyer, here's a quote again, Troyer yelled, we are going to restore and we are going to save the Republic and all these great Americans are going to be the ones to do that.
That offended them.
That offended them?
We're gonna restore and save the Republic?
That's offensive to the Justice Department?
Here's another one.
Troyer called in to a live broadcast.
That's speech!
What I'm afraid of is if we do not get this false certification, Sorry, there's a lot of criminals in D.C., okay, in case you didn't know.
So the sirens go off in D.C.
a lot.
No, that's not it.
They're on their way right now to post bond for a guy who bugged an older woman because he was a victim of historic torches that let him not... Or maybe he was robbing a store and someone tried to stop him, and so you've got to arrest the guy.
So there's going to be police sirens because this is a criminal, a lot of criminal activity here in the Democrat-run District of Columbia, but they're more concerned about me.
Let's just, let's just make that little campy remark real quick.
Getting back to this, quote, this is a quote from the sentencing memo of a quote from me.
What I'm afraid of is if we do not get this false certification of Biden stopped this week, I'm afraid of what this means for the rest of the month.
I'm afraid of what this is going to mean to those Trump supporters.
Well, I guess we now know what it means, don't we?
I guess we now know what it means for those Trump supporters.
And I guess I was right again.
It means political persecution.
And for many, it means indefinite incarceration.
I was afraid that would be the case.
And now, here we are.
Here it is again.
Quote, Troyer addressed a crowd at Freedom Plaza.
On January 5th.
On January 5th, Troyer addressed a crowd at Freedom Plaza.
That's speech!
And you know, they say these things, and then the prosecutor had the ovaries to stand up in front of the judge and say, we're only talking about his January 6th speech.
Those are grass ovaries, folks.
Buy them if you can.
More criminals, more criminal activity, but Merrick Garland is focused on me instead of cleaning up the streets for average Americans.
More speech, I quote, Troyer took to a megaphone in front of one of those crowds on Pennsylvania Avenue, and here's the quote, in 1776 the American Patriots sent a loud message to the entire world, tyranny will not exist in the West, and so now the Democrats are posing as communists, but we know what they really are, they're just tyrants, they're tyrants.
Well, I guess they're proving me right again!
I guess they have proven me right again.
Now here's something that they mention as well.
After hearing that people may have breached the Capitol, Schroyer, in person one, it's funny that they don't want to mention whose name it is, because- The evil Alex Jones from InfoWars.
And they don't want to mention his name because all Alex can be seen doing that day is trying to detract people from going into the Capitol and detract people from engaging in illegal behavior.
In fact, it's all over the body cam footage that's been submitted as evidence.
So they say, after hearing people breach the Capitol, Troyer and Person One began leading a crowd down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol building, encircled in the red area with the megaphone.
So again, why did we go there?
To stop the crowd, to stop the activities, and to go to our Licensed speaking stage that we had already had.
Again, I quote, Breuer continued shouting to the crowd through a megaphone.
That's speech.
That's speech.
Okay, so now they're saying, now they get into, okay, I breached, I breached the Capitol grounds.
And again, this was, the Capitol had already been breached, the Capitol had already been breached, the Capitol grounds had already been breached, hours before we got there.
They even mentioned that we stood on stairs with person one and led a chant of USA!
I chanted USA!
I chanted USA!
I chanted USA and that's now being used against me in a sentencing memo.
They even quoted, and by the way, what did Person 1 say when we were on those steps?
Don't go into the Capitol.
This is going to be used against us.
And now here we are.
That's incredible, isn't it?
But then it quotes one of the members of our team that was there that day, and it says, let's take a break right here.
Let me talk to this cop and see if I can get Person 1, Alex Jones, up there to de-escalate the situation.
De-escalate the situation.
Direct quote.
De-escalate the situation.
Do I really have to explain what that means?
Maybe I should for the prosecution.
What's the synonym for de-escalate?
Put an end to the violence.
Now, this I find actually quite humorous.
Would you like to see the evidence that they are presenting to the judge of proof that I breached Capitol grounds?
Tell me Norm, can you read that sign?
You know what that says?
Not really.
Here's their evidence.
Here's their evidence that I knew I'd breached an area.
Can you guys see that?
A stopped, trampled, dirtied, muddied sign on the ground that is clearly unreadable.
I mean, that's a joke!
That's a joke!
And that's their proof that I knew I had crossed a boundary?
Folks, the boundaries were all down.
This is the best evidence they have is a crumpled up, creased up, smashed up, stomped out, muddied up sign on the ground that nobody could have read.
And that's their evidence.
Boy, I don't even know where to stop.
Here they are again.
I'm chanting USA.
A chant of USA being used against me.
A chance of 1776 being used against me.
Oh, here's a third section!
Here's a third section on my speech.
What's a synonym for statement, Norm?
What somebody said.
That's what I thought.
Yeah, yeah.
A little slow.
They quote me.
They quote me.
We want to send a peaceful message.
That's a direct quote of mine in the sentencing memo.
Don't believe me?
Here you go.
Highlight it.
We just want to send a peaceful message.
And it goes on and says to Mike Pence and others, but there it is.
I said, we want to send a peaceful message.
So what do we have presented so far?
We tried to de-escalate.
That's a quote.
And we wanted to send a peaceful message.
That's also a quote.
Here's a fourth section on speech.
Spreading January 6th misinformation following January 6th.
So we're now getting into things that didn't even happen or weren't even said on January 6th.
And again, it's a fourth section of the sentencing memo.
Criminalizing my speech.
In the weeks and months that followed, Breuer continued to peddle conspiracy theories.
In the weeks and months that followed, my speech That they were just so obsessed, I'm just curious, what are... Before that, Mr. Troyer must go to jail.
Are you going to be re-asked to go to jail for listening to it?
Are you going to be a co-conspirator because you listened to misinformation?
Will you be held to have a culpable or blameworthy mental statement because you believed what Mr. Troyer said?
Conspiracy theorists, beware.
You're next.
And I'm just curious too, What is the government going to do if I'm off air and in jail?
What are they going to do with all the time they spend following me around, watching my show, litigating all this stuff?
You guys are going to be bored!
They'll have a guy in the cell with them asking you to say more so they can cook up some more charges.
Or more seriously, they're coming for you next.
That's the serious thing.
They've got me now.
They've got their pound of flesh.
Now they're coming for you.
Again, here they are quoting things I said after that day.
Things I said after that day on May 17th.
Oh, and they misrepresented comments here saying, well, Schroer had no remorse.
Schroer had no remorse after the indictment.
Folks, this quote here is from May 17th, 2021.
That was months before I was indicted.
There was no indictment, but Mr. Schroer was not charged until August of 2021.
So this idea that I showed no remorse after the charges is impossible.
I hadn't been charged yet.
But see, we didn't get to defend any of this.
Because we took a plea, thinking the government would be acting in good faith.
We learned the hard way they work.
Check this one out.
Look at what they submitted to evidence.
Proof that I'm somehow a criminal.
A picture of me, inside the Capitol, with a piece of tape over my mouth.
And a sign that says, I've been banned from social media and they're trying to ban me from the Capitol.
Norm, should we talk about that?
Now, this is something that we haven't really discussed, but I guess now's the time.
So, but anyway, here's the picture.
I have a piece of tape over my mouth, and they're using that against me.
Now, in the original case from, I believe it was December 2019, didn't we have to go in front of three different judges because the prosecuting attorney literally wanted to ban me from D.C.
and the judges said, no way I'm doing that?
You can't do that.
When Mr. Schroer was initially detained, he was placed in a lockup, brought out, and we argued for his release, and the court was inclined and did agree to release him.
The government asked us a condition that he be banned from stepping foot on the Capitol, and our position was, huh?
Um, which part of, you can't do that, is the government not understand?
And the court sided with us, basically saying we could not be banned from the Capitol.
So they did try to ban me from the Capitol, and multiple judges said that that was beyond comprehension.
And so they requested a new judge until they could get the DPA that they wanted.
I continue, page 20.
And then they say that I was on release for nearly the same conduct?
You're going to compare 30 seconds of a disruption of Jerry Nadler to what happened on January 6th?
Nearly the same conduct?
I believe that is just an outright falsification and misrepresentation of reality.
But again, Troyer had an active order to stay away from U.S.
Capitol grounds.
No, I had an order Not to intend to disrupt any proceedings.
And I had no intention of such that day or any other day.
It then condemns me for not correcting my rhetoric in regards to January 6th or the 2020 election.
Was there something you wanted to say?
Yeah, you know, let me let me go back to this point.
I just, you know, It's important to put January 6, 2021 in context.
There was a concerted strategy by Trump and his advisors to try to stop the process, but they didn't.
If they wanted to stop it with guns, tanks, seizing communications networks, and a coup, nobody else got the memo.
What they did is they engaged in a series of failed legal strategies.
They wanted to have slates of alternative electors ready in case an election results in a particular state were declared unlawful and they acted in that way.
They also believed, and Mr. Trump had been advised by counsel, that Pence had authority to do other than what Pence thought he did.
So if there was a constitutional crisis in the country at that time, it wasn't that one side decided to use force to subvert democracy, which is the constant theme of prosecutors in this case.
It is that lawyers realistically disagreed about what to do in an issue of first impression.
And when a lawyer says that, what that means is it was an issue that hadn't arisen before.
So Trump thought I believe the record will show, and I've read the entire January 6th House report, go to the Capitol, raise noise.
Maybe they'll hear you in there.
Maybe Trump, maybe Pence will wake up and do what we think he should do.
Pence disagreed.
Reasonable minds can disagree about the Constitution.
It is written in vague terms.
So what happened on January 6, 2021, is protesters went to the Capitol to be heard.
A riot broke out.
I represented Joe Biggs, and now I represent Joe Biggs and Zach
Rell in the Proud Boys case.
And the government knows with moral certainty there was no plan that day.
And the House committee can write its highly fictional account of the events that day
and ignore reality.
But even the prosecution stood up at the closing arguments of the Proud Boys case.
And I see some of you who were there that day and said the following.
A plan needn't be stated.
It can be implicit.
It could have been formed even after the first breach at the barricade.
There need not be an exchange of words.
And you know what?
If there was, the government would have produced it.
It didn't.
The government stood up and argued instantaneous agreement.
All of us, I guess, have just agreed to something.
I don't know what it is.
Your conduct will prove what we agreed to.
This was wrong.
Owen appeared at the Capitol that he appeared to try to exercise his lawful influence on Mike Pence.
He thought, with others, that Pence had the ability to stop the certification.
There were alternative electors, as has historically been the case in electoral context in the country, prepared to act.
It didn't happen.
And now, each and every participant in this has been criminalized, and the government seeks to throw them in jail.
It almost makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.
That's odd, because it sounds to me like now they're insinuating somehow they know how to telepathically communicate.
I'm not familiar with that capability.
Maybe they can inform us, but I guess they're now criminalizing alleged telepathic communication.
AI is pretty powerful.
Who knows what they're cooking up in the NSA.
And, you know, Justice Department, if you can read my mind, I'm asking for immunity for what I'm thinking about you right now.
So it goes on.
The court should consider the defendant's statements.
What's a synonym for statements?
In determining an appropriate sentence which would include incarceration.
That's as clear as day.
This sentencing memo from the Department of Justice, clear as day, says that courts should consider legal, lawful speech to incarcerate whoever they want.
It could have died a ham sandwich if it learns how to talk.
Now, there's a whole thing in here about lack of respect for law enforcement.
It says I have lack of respect for law enforcement.
Anybody who knows my public record and my public platform knows that I have ample respect for law enforcement.
I've had rallies for pro-law enforcement, specifically when the other side of the political aisle, the Democrats, have shown contempt for law enforcement.
Do I have to go into detail?
I think we all know.
Defund the police.
All cops are bad.
All the riots.
Bill, I've shown support for law enforcement and that has been clearly indicated through my public work throughout the year.
And there's a reason when I go into, well let me just put it like this, when I go into government buildings and police officers are there, they want to shake my hand and thank me for what I've done.
Is that because I don't respect them?
Or because I show clear respect for them?
The answer is pretty obvious.
Now it's funny because they quote the officers that were injured that day on January 6th, and let's be clear, none of them by me or anybody I was with.
We tried to work with them to protect them and protect the Capitol.
That didn't happen.
But again, show me any criminal sentencing or filing that alleges It seems like a two-tiered system of justice and I don't think it could be more obvious.
I'm about to reach the end of this document.
It's all public.
You can look it for yourself.
in the summer of 2020 during the Black Lives Matter George Floyd riots.
Show me any instance, but they have it here for me.
Seems like a two-tiered system of justice, and I don't think it could be more obvious.
I'm about to reach the end of this document.
It's all public. You can look it for yourself.
Here's one more quote.
"Troyer played a role in halting the proceedings that day."
Ladies and gentlemen, we wanted the proceedings.
Why would we want to sabotage the proceedings?
That was what we wanted.
We wanted those lawful proceedings to happen.
We wanted the review of the electoral college votes.
We wanted the review of the law and the application of the law when it took place in the 2020 election.
We wanted the proceedings.
That was the entire purpose.
Why would I want to disrupt that?
I didn't.
And the government knows that.
That's all my statements as far as the sentencing memo is concerned.
Aaron, go ahead, Norm.
So where do we go from here?
We're going to take-- we've asked the court to leave Mr. Troyer at liberty pending an appeal.
He's asked for further briefing on that.
The legal standard, in other words, what he has to find, is that there's a substantial likelihood
that Mr. Troyer will succeed and that there was something unlawful about the nature of the sentencing
The court's reliance on his speech, his protected speech in this context,
we suggest makes this a clear candidate.
for appeal. And we intend to file a memorandum in support of Mr. Troyer late this week to early
next week. And we will file a notice of appeal with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.
It's our intention to get this case to the U.S. Supreme Court because while relevant defense
conduct may be important for a court to consider in the context of sentencing, in this case,
Mr. Troyer's political speech and political activities were used to put him in prison.
And if it can happen here, you know, first they came for Owen. I mean, first they came for Alex,
then they came for Owen, then maybe next they'll come for me. But they won't stop until they get
Until the dead hand of conformity and uniformity governs this country and the Bill of Rights is made to be a dead letter.
This case is vital.
We need your support going forward.
So my final statement, is that your final statement?
So my final statement on this and everything we've discussed here today is this.
You know, I consider myself an extremely blessed person.
From the time I was in high school and writing for my student paper, and editing for my student paper, to starting up the morning news.
My high school didn't have the morning news.
I started a whole morning news program there.
Still runs to this day.
Alright folks, again we've been skipping breaks this whole hour, but we have to go to this break.
We'll be right back with Owen's final words.
Stay with us.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
Harrison Smith here.
Alex Jones will be in studio momentarily, but we go back to the street outside the courthouse where Owen Troyer has just been sentenced to 60 days in prison for his free speech.
He's making statements and answering questions from the press right now.
Let's go back to that live feed.
Well, there are about six questions in there.
I'm not sure which one they have to answer.
You know, the country, in my opinion, is at risk right now.
or you risk losing your license?
Well, there are about six questions in there.
I'm not sure which one to answer.
You know, the country, in my opinion, is at risk right now.
I was talking to one of the prosecutors earlier, and I said, "You know, we're in a full-scale
legitimate crisis.
These are dark times."
Things are tense.
And I'm worried about the country.
And he said, we've seen worse times.
And maybe he's right.
I mean, when I was coming up as a kid, the weather underground was blowing up buildings a couple times a week.
Sometimes multiple times on the same night.
But one of the things I said to Judge Kelly today is, You know, look at the world around you and ask yourself how a man who has four times been indicted is running neck and neck with the incumbent president in some cases ahead.
And that's because there's a deep and abiding anger in the American people who feel forgotten.
One of the things I learned in the Proud Boys case was just how deep their regard for the country was.
These men weren't terrorists.
They were angry.
And what they were angry about is the same thing many of you were angry about.
You're afraid to go into your city because in the summer of 2020 the streets are aflame and what's happening to the arsonists?
A vice presidential candidate is out raising bonds for that.
Do you feel at some level your government broke faith with you at that point?
Now there's a difference, I will admit, between burning down my business and attacking the Capitol, but it's not that big a difference.
There are federal arson charges and people cross state lines to engage in... They cross state lines, thus evoking the Commerce Clause and creating federal jurisdiction.
When Owen talks about double standards, that's what he's talking about.
So I think that this fight, the fight for the soul of America, has gone on in many, many different courts, Alicia, in different ways in this case.
Judges have enormous discretion about what evidence to permit, what evidence not to permit.
They make judgment calls.
I'm still aware I have enough respect for the system to retain my license and to go in to fight every day in the hope for justice.
And I don't get it, I go to appellate courts.
As to some of the other complaints you raised, um, you know, the shooting of Ashley Babbitt, um, I'm not even, I don't, you know, no charges were brought against the shooter.
Um, I don't know if charges ever will be brought.
I don't know if there's been a full-scale investigation yet.
Ashley Babbitt's mother was present in Owen's courtroom today as she was sentenced.
She's still weeping for justice.
And when will she get it?
Um, and you know, maybe never is the answer.
So Alicia, you know, I appreciate your support and the support of groups like the Gateway Pundit.
I think that they're shining a courageous light as this info wars in the dark corners of American public life.
I, you know, I see you here as well, and you're reporting it.
That's excellent.
We need to rely on citizen journalists because the mainstream media, they'll be gloating today about Owen.
And the airwaves will be filled with hostile commentary.
But ask yourself a question.
When you have a story that you want to be told about your community, is it the New York Times that's turning up at your door, or is it a local journalist?
And more often than not, it's a local journalist who has their hand on the pulse of your community, instead of the mainstream media, who often has its hands around your throat.
And I mean, I know Politico is here, and Kyle, I'm not taking a poke at you.
Your reporting has been very fair.
But there are large institutions that control the agenda in the United States, and the legitimation crisis in this country is inspired by the fact that we the people feel forgotten.
The protagonist in every dystopian story, 1984, Elvis Huxley's Brave New World, Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Frederick, these are all people who could have been perfectly happy if they just shut up and went along.
But they didn't want to go along with the program.
They wanted to buck the algorithm because what we all want is we want to be free in our own skins to be ourselves as we see fit.
We don't want to dance to the tunes set by the man.
The man beat Owen Troyer's body today, but it didn't beat his spirit.
They can have him for 60 days, but they'll never touch his soul, because a free soul cannot be defeated, and Owen's going to be counting on you for support in the months to come.
Yeah, and I'd also like to say, and I'll take a question from you in one second, and you want to ask a question too.
Would you like to ask a question, Kyle?
So I'm going to take three more questions, one from Kyle, one from Alright folks, Owen Schroyer is on the street live, Washington DC, taking questions from the press.
He's been sentenced to 60 days in prison.
We'll hear more from him on the other side.
Alex Jones in studio momentarily.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
You are watching and listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Harrison Smith, host of the American Journal here on InfoWars.
Alex will be in studio momentarily.
We are watching a press conference being held by Owen Schroer and his lawyer, Norm Pattis,
live on the streets of Washington, D.C., where he's now taking questions from the press.
We return once again to this live feed.
When you lose control of a crowd, the only way to bring the control back is to get their attention.
And usually the way to do that is to say something that they all relate to.
Like a USA.
I start chanting USA, everybody starts chanting USA, and they start looking at us.
Now in this case it was myself and Alex Jones, but so, I'm not surprised the judge didn't understand that.
I'm not insulting him for not understanding that.
He doesn't have the experience as a public speaker.
But as somebody that's done these events, I mean, even at sporting events.
I mean, that's what they do at sporting events.
If the cheerleading team wants to get the crowd focused and on a mission, what do they do?
They start chanting.
So, oh, you're drinking your beer, you're eating your popcorn, and then they're chanting defense.
And now everyone's chanting defense.
Now everybody's looking at the field, watching the game.
So that's really a standard tactic.
Anytime you are trying to get crowd control is to try to bring that control back.
And starting a chant that resonates with everybody is just a standard tactic applied to that.
And I would just go further, too.
When we start to litigate these issues about the 2020 election, well, who's having the debate about what happened that day?
Who's having the debate about 300,000 votes for Joe Biden at 3 a.m.
in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Georgia?
I can go on.
We're not having that debate.
I'm just told, no, Biden won and you're not allowed to question it.
But wait a second.
When do I get to present the evidence for what I believe?
So, I just think that that was something that would have been done in trial.
We decided to take a plea because we didn't want to go to trial.
We thought that would be best for the court, the judge, the prosecution, and ourselves.
And, unfortunately, we had to re-litigate the case after the plea was made.
Do you regret taking that plea in light of what happened today?
I'm not going to comment on that.
Yeah, Mel Hawley with 1776returns.com.
Oh, he's going to change the name!
He can't use letters or numbers now.
I'm sure you know what's going on in New Mexico with the governor.
Do you think that they know that at this point the First Amendment is dead and they're going for the Second Amendment now?
I think this is like chum in the water for tyrants or I mean at this I mean or just say Democrats if you want to get specific I think it's chum in the water I think when they see cases like this and free speech in the First Amendment not being protected with all the might of the judge and the Justice Department they see that as chum in the water and you know I'll tell you another instance of this because I notice this a lot whenever a person won Or myself gets a lawsuit, you know what tends to follow up immediately?
Another lawsuit.
And then another lawsuit.
And a lot of these times, these lawsuits are so frivolous and they just keep coming, a judge will just toss them.
But it's like chumming the water for tyrants.
Whenever they see a crack in the armor, they go in.
So they see a crack in the armor with free speech, they go in.
They see a crack in the armor with the Second Amendment, the Constitution, they're going in.
And because you raised the question about first and second, I want to give you a tip about what to watch for in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts has the right to shelter law that is more liberal, more expansive than anywhere else.
The result is it's facing a migrant crisis right now.
The governor of Massachusetts, the lieutenant governor, recently called for people to open their homes for migrants to satisfy that requirement.
First they ask, then they tell.
The Third Amendment right against quartering soldiers, against the government forcing people into your home, says they can't do it.
The takings clause has never been applied to that.
So my prediction is that come winter, Massachusetts will impose a requirement that if the government says you've got excess space and offers to pay you for it, they'll get to use it for humanitarian purposes.
This is globalism writ large.
This is the end of the American dream and the end of independence.
It's management of the world in ways that Klaus Schwab predicted.
We will own everything.
You will own nothing, but you'll be happy.
And I would just say as a final, again, whenever tyrants see weakness, in this case in our Bill of Rights and Constitution, they go for broke.
It must be perfectly clear.
The only thing standing between the corporate world government and the citizen of the United States of America is the Bill of Rights and is the Constitution.
If they remove that, good luck.
Last question, Ivan Reiglin.
Thank you.
So, Mr. Pattis, and this is basically for all attorneys and all J6 defendants.
The common theme of everybody that has been politically persecuted and prosecuted started over there at the Capitol Police Board, headed up by a consistent The first time you were arrested was under Speaker Pelosi.
The next time, it was under Speaker Pelosi.
What have you as an attorney done to pierce the veil of secrecy because you can't foil the General Counsel, Tad Tobias?
The Capitol Police Board Acting Chief, previously Yogananda Pittman, and now the current Capitol Police Chief, what's his name, Thomas Manger, to be able to identify all the documents on where they went from an original jurisdiction to prosecute, and then to escalate it, and then potentially manipulate that evidence before it was sent over to the DOJ.
Have you guys looked into all that sequence of Chain of custody of all evidence before it even went to the DOJ to prosecute.
We tried the charges that the witnesses were prepared to testify about and their motives were not certain.
The government, it is an uncommon theme, it is not a common theme.
It is not uncommon in criminal courts to say, the government's not on trial here, the defense can take your witnesses as you find them.
I think that's dead wrong.
The government is on trial in every case it brings.
It has the burden of proof.
And when the government chooses to step into a courtroom, its motives should be acquired.
How do I help you prove the motivations and the manipulation at that point?
I'm preparing an FOI request for Joe Biggs that is narrowly focused on the FBI right now and is trying to compel them to give us information about CHS's.
Ivan, what you're telling me is a much broader inquiry is necessary and obviously I don't know enough about that.
I'll be looking to you in the days and weeks to come.
How to finance that litigation, we may need help from folks because it's going to be a problem.
A pro bono.
I'm willing to do what I can, and please let's talk later.
Yes, thank you.
I'm going to make one final statement, and Norm is welcome to follow up if he wants to.
Again, I want to thank everybody that came out here from the Gateway Pundit.
I want to thank Kyle Chaney from Politico.
I want to thank Ivan Reikland.
I want to thank Mel from 1776 Returns.
Some other individuals I don't know.
My other friend is out here.
He's always supporting us as well.
I want to thank InfoWars, and I would just say this in closing.
The justice system that we have here in the United States is also a cornerstone of our Republic.
It's not just the First Amendment and the Second Amendment that are under attack, but it's the justice system that there's a belief, there's a trust, there's a faith that you're going to get a fair trial.
That means that there's going to be good faith in any proceedings and negotiations, and that the judge is going to respond to this, whether it's a trial or a plea, And that the negotiations and the proceedings are ongoing and it's a fluid thing until it's finalized.
My concern is that here in this day in American justice, decisions are made, incarcerations are set, whatever else have you, and all of this is decided before the individual ever even sees his day in court.
And if that's where we're at in this country, folks, then the justice system is truly dead.
So unless Norm Pattis would like to follow up, that's going to conclude my statements for today.
I'd just say this, you know, there's been a weaponization of government committee from the House.
It hasn't been nearly aggressive enough, nearly courageous enough in the questions it's asked and the answers that it's been required to give.
We had an FBI agent refuse to answer certain questions.
We should have been held in attempt. Congress has plenary oversight in the run on power.
I have respect for Congress as an institution, but Jim Jordan is asleep at the switch.
He needs to stop posturing, stop playing footsie with Marjorie Taylor Greene, get up
off his ass and do his job.
There are serious questions that need addressing and Jim Jordan is not getting the job done.
Thank you guys. Thank you very much.
Alright, so that wraps up the impromptu press conference there after Owen Schreier has been sentenced to 60 days in
We have skipped every ad break that we can, that we could have for the first half of this show, so please folks, do go to InfoWarsTore.com.
We need your support.
You know we're not, we don't have to fake it, we don't have to play it up.
You can see with your own eyes how we're being oppressed, how we're being constantly bothered, constantly Attacked on every side.
I mean, Alex Jones isn't in here right now because he's being deposed for something else in a different room in this building.
So he will be here in just the next few minutes.
But please, folks, we are only able to survive this onslaught because you go to Infowarsstore.com.
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They're trying to intimidate us into giving up our free speech.
We will not give it up.
We will continue to insist on our First Amendment.
Go to hell, New World Order!
What kept you?
We, uh, ran into some old friends.
Is your ship alright?
Seems okay if we can get to it.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
Harrison, visit InfoWars.com/show now.
I hope that old man got that tractor beam out of commission.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show today.
That means that somebody like Governor Ron DeSantis could declare an emergency and just change the laws of the nation.
I've had enough of people declaring emergencies in order to take control of our lives.
I know that mass shootings are bad, but if we're going to do the numbers, then let's do the numbers, okay?
It's exceedingly rare compared to car fatalities.
Why don't we declare emergencies on that?
We can declare emergencies on anything.
It's part of a bigger problem that we're seeing unfold.
Permission to go Alex Jones.
I'm going to decline.
Okay, this 30-day suspension of a constitutional right is meant to be a trial balloon, right?
A test for something that may happen in the next year, in the run-up to the election?
Saying that the Second Amendment is not absolute and then having a few gun control fanatics
go "Whoa, hold on, that's theater."
You got Trump.
Trump's, I feel like he's going to go to jail.
You're seeing parents being cleaved from their kids with this bill in California.
Free speech!
It's not just the Second Amendment.
You've got the First Amendment.
There's a number of examples of free speech being flexible.
You know, you could lose your medical license, you know, if you decide to say something different about COVID.
We now know that the government did suppress, try to suppress information, First Amendment, so that people wouldn't speak out against what they believe to be right.
You have these retail theft laws, you know, the $900 ceiling.
That's another trial balloon for the end of private property in my conspiratorial theater.
You can see these all kind of go together.
You're seeing an attack on speech.
You're seeing an attack on personal protection.
If you get mugged, I mean, look at the guy in the subway who tried to save people's lives.
If you look at theft, end of private property.
I have a feeling that this timing is strange here and it might get very weird.
I think this next election will make the other two, I don't know, look like a game of pickleball among friends.
I mean, why would you suspend the Second Amendment?
So, and this is where I become Alex Jones, so militarized action will succeed without friction.
Stage an event, call a clampdown, disarm the public.
Very good.
Thank you.
Judge, does it drive you crazy that people who are in positions... So there you go, folks.
That is Greg Gutfeld channeling Alex Jones, as he says.
I think I know what's going on here.
I think I know what that is.
Because we've experienced it in our personal lives, if you're an info warrior, if you're a conspiracy theorist, as they say.
By the way, hi, I'm Harrison Smith, and I'm the host of American Journal.
Alex will be in studio momentarily, just a few minutes, so don't go anywhere, folks.
He'll be here to respond to and react to the news that Owen Schroyer has been jailed, or will be soon jailed, sentenced to 60 days in prison for his free speech.
So stay tuned for that.
Alex Jones will be in studio momentarily.
But I think I know what's going on with Greg Gutfeld.
They're finally starting to connect the dots.
They're finally starting to see the constellation rather than the stars, not treating these instances as individual and totally disconnected examples of tyranny, but rather...
Very necessary components of a larger machine that's being built.
Little puzzle pieces that all form together to create the image of global government, total open-air concentration camp slavery for the vast majority of people, while the very few at the top enjoy endless privacy and own everything.
They're starting to get it, they're starting to understand, and it's such a Powerful realization.
It's such a terrifying realization, because it is.
It really is.
I mean, when you realize how thorough this takeover is, the consequences of all of these things being implemented, it's sort of scary.
So they are starting to get it.
They're starting to understand what's going on, but they're still scared.
So what they have to do is make it a joke.
They have to make, oh, I'm just impersonating Alex Jones when I say this, in order to make it a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more easy to go down, you know.
I've talked about this on my show a bunch, just in our personal lives.
I've had this with my friends where I had a friend in, he was in New York, he was sort of a liberal dude, but he was talking to some Indian girl and she's like, what do you do?
And he says, I'm a director.
And she's like, another white dude director.
And he's telling me this story and he goes, and I thought, man, if Harrison was here, he would say something.
If Harrison was here, he would, you know, have not taken this lying down, but he does take it lying down.
And it's not that.
It's not that I'm something special.
It's that he knows how he should be reacting.
He has an innate reaction that is appropriate to being insulted like that.
But he's uncomfortable with it.
He has to put it off on somebody else.
He has to put it off on his conspiracy theorist friend and say he would say this.
So that's what Greg Gutfeld's doing.
He gets it.
He knows what's going on.
He's starting to see the forest for the trees.
And he goes, but he's still uncomfortable, he's still, it's like still too big of a revelation to just deal with sincerely, and so he has to put it off and pretend it's a joke and pretend he's mimicking Alex Jones, because this is something Alex Jones would say.
Well, it's the truth.
It's not just that Alex Jones was right about the things that Greg Gutfeld listed there, but that he's been right the entire time, and that these things are not necessarily new, they're just ramping up to an intolerable level.
So that was Greg Gutfeld asking permission to go Alex Jones.
He was denied permission.
They're like, no thanks.
We don't want to connect the dots.
We'd rather just deal with all of these as individual problems and then offer no solutions and then be surprised when they keep doing it and keep imposing these and keep establishing the groundwork and the foundation for the prison that they're building for all of us.
And it's amazing to see that on Fox News.
I mean, the list that Greg Gutfeld was going through, and you can see him glancing like he clearly has... It was almost exactly the same as my list for today.
My list of topics that I'd want to discuss.
It's kids being taken away from their parents.
For their parents not affirming their gender.
Of course, that only comes after the kids themselves have been propagandized and seduced into transgenderism.
So, first they propagandize them, and then if you don't go along with it, they take your child away.
He talked about the Trump indictment.
He talked about the border being open.
Of course, the FBI is rounding up people, and in some cases, simply murdering them in their homes.
You know, three people have died in FBI raids in the last month.
You've only heard about one probably, the guy in Utah, but there are two others that are just as egregious.
He talks about the destruction of the First Amendment, how the Second Amendment is of course being destroyed wholesale under the claim of a health emergency, right?
It's the same I mean, it was so obvious.
We've called this from so long ago.
It was at least a year ago, probably two years ago, they started talking in this way.
They started realizing, oh, if we have a medical emergency, we get to do all sorts of unconstitutional things.
Gun violence is a medical crisis, is a medical emergency.
Racism is a medical emergency.
They just put that label on it and realize that scares people into allowing their constitutional rights to be taken.
Of course, there is some pushback on this.
Either I or when Alex is in the studio, I'm sure he'll go into the sheriff video opposing the unconstitutional order, which is nice to see, would have been nice to see under COVID, would have been nice to see any of the other times our constitutional rights have been violated or completely abolished, as it were.
But it's nice to see Fox News finally starting to wake up, dipping their toe in the water of realizing what the hell's going on in this world, and we can only hope to see more of it.
Folks, we'll be back in just a minute.
Don't go anywhere.
Alex Jones will be in studio momentarily.
This is Harrison Smith asking you to go to InfoWarsStore.com to keep us on the air and in the fight, because it is a fight, folks.
We're not giving up.
We're not slowing down.
We're not abandoning our rights to these tyrants.
That means that somebody like Governor Ron DeSantis could declare an emergency and just change the laws of the nation.
I've had enough of people declaring emergencies in order to take control of our lives.
I know that mass shootings are bad, but if we're going to do the numbers, then let's do the numbers, okay?
It's exceedingly rare compared to car fatalities.
Why don't we declare emergencies on that?
We can declare emergencies on anything.
It's part of a bigger problem that we're seeing unfold.
Permission to go Alex Jones.
I'm going to decline.
This 30-day suspension of a constitutional right is meant to be a trial balloon, right?
A test for something that may happen in the next year in the run-up to the election.
Saying that the Second Amendment is not absolute and then having a few gun control fanatics go, whoa, hold on, that's theater.
You got Trump.
I feel like he's going to go to jail.
You're seeing parents being cleaved from their kids with this bill in California.
Free speech!
It's not just the Second Amendment.
You've got the First Amendment.
There's a number of examples of free speech being flexible.
You know, you could lose your medical license, you know, if you decide to say something different about COVID.
We now know that the government did suppress, try to suppress information, First Amendment, so that people wouldn't speak out against what they believe to be right.
You have these retail theft laws, you know, the $900 ceiling.
That's another trial balloon for the end of private property in my conspiratorial theater.
You can see these all kind of go together.
You're seeing an attack on speech.
You're seeing an attack on personal protection.
If you get mugged, I mean, look at the guy in the subway who tried to save people's lives.
If you look at theft.
And in private property.
I have a feeling that this timing is strange here, and it might get very weird.
I think this next election will make the other two, I don't know, look like a game of pickleball among friends.
I mean, why would you suspend the Second Amendment?
So, and this is where I become Alex Jones, so militarized action will succeed without friction.
Stage an event, call a clampdown, disarm the public.
Very good.
Thank you.
In a galaxy torn by conflict, where darkness spreads its tendrils across the universe, one hero rises against the immeasurable might of the globalists.
Tune in and trust in the power of the truth to lead us to victory in the Great Info War.
Prepare for the ultimate battle for truth with today's War Room broadcast.
Now, it's your host, Owen Schroyer and his intrepid crew.
Find the show and share the links at infowars.com forward slash show.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas.
The U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
complete command and control system. It is the virtual reality AI weapon system now attacking
the United States with traitors inside the major security agencies blocking Trump's resistance of
the program and attempting to stop us from removing the tentacles of the Qaikon/Big Tech hanging
combine emergency situation. I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this
information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can. They want to double use me
as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception where every angle of my
good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars.
And so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Alright, it's 1239 Central Standard Time, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I got out of one of the unending depositions run by the Globalist against us about 15 minutes ago.
I had to call Owen and get up to speed.
I know he was on with us last hour.
I'm at 60 days in jail for the First Amendment.
It is in the federal filing.
And it's just staggering, even though I knew the tyranny was coming and was going to get more intense, absolutely staggering.
This is where we are.
And in my bankruptcy deposition, it was all, if you're lying, we're going to put you in prison, you're going to prison, you're going to prison.
Of course, I wasn't lying about anything.
And people can be intimidated by this, and we'll lose everything, or people can realize we got bullies coming after us civilizationally, and we can stand up to it and turn things around.
But no one can deny the country's being run purposely into the ground.
No one can deny this, this absolute evil's taking place.
Owen is going to pop back in.
He's gotten more information, bottom of the next hour.
But they could have him reporting to jail for 60 days in the D.C.
Who knows what they'll do to him in there as early as next week.
I had told Owen, because I know that he's been paying most of his expenses and is out of money, that he should do a personal expenses bill.
He's been paying for his own airplanes, everything.
In the bankruptcy, we can't help Owen in any way.
And so I think he raised $40,000 at DefendOwen.com.
He's going to shut that down today if you want to go donate there for his personal expenses.
But you've got to be clear.
He says it's for legal and spends $1 on a plane ticket or for a CPA or whatever.
They'll put him in prison for wire fraud.
That's why he has to now kill that promotion, that fundraiser that is for his personal expenses because he's out of money.
Let's start a new one for a legal defense fund.
He's got to appeal this.
This is a First Amendment case.
He can say, oh, just go serve your 60 days in jail.
This is a journalist who tried to stop January 6th on record that the feds say in the filing.
I've already showed you 10 times at least.
Hey, he's not remorseful.
He still says the election's stolen.
We want 120 days in jail or a year.
Minimum 120.
And yeah, it's not 20-something like Enrique Atario or 16 or 17 like Joe Biggs, but they're just getting started.
Where's the ACLU?
Where's the Wall Street Journal?
We've had corrupt media for a while, but they used to at least defend their own system a little bit.
But no, it's pure predatory now.
The legacy dinosaur media is at war with the new independent media because we're so much bigger than they are with actual listeners and viewers.
They have a thousand times the funding by big corporations and the defense complex and big pharma.
In fact, I was watching, I'm not a big sports guy, but I was watching Djokovic Sunday.
My wife's a big tennis person, plays tennis and watches it, and he hadn't been allowed in the U.S.
for three, four years, and he won that big victory, and right as he wins, they go, brought to you by Pfizer!
So even though he said no to all that, they're still making money off of it.
It's literally criminal how they're trying to take our bodies over, and this should be a nonpartisan issue.
So, Owen is going to fight this, but he may not even get the appeal.
The judge, if the judge is distraction, he may just be put in jail and they basically disregard the appeal.
And you can say, well, he'll just do it 60 days.
No, they could easily Jeffrey Epstein him in there.
So go to DefendOwen.com and make a donation.
Separately, I'm going to just say this right here, because I've done full accounting.
I just got interrogated for five hours by the big Democrat party, a top law firm, and people said, Well, it doesn't even matter.
And just going over all the finances, I am a million dollars plus in the hole.
And I got great lawyers that have been doing a really good job of my federal issues.
And I had to have a big accounting firm, reverse engineer everything, improve everything.
I had to pay for the outside accounting firm that the judge appointed that's out to get us, and they had to admit we told the truth.
The U.S.
Chapter 5 trustee, Justice Department appointed, put a report out, obviously three months ago, saying I told the truth and have done nothing wrong.
Because obviously, folks, I'm not Lex Luthor, even though I have the haircut, when it comes to finances in life.
I mean, I'm a straight up, you know, God, I would do good in Mayberry, RFP, and I wish we were still like that.
I understand evil people, though.
I know how to study them, and that's why they get freaked out that I have knowledge of them.
But just because I have knowledge of how they operate doesn't mean I do it.
If they're going to set me up, put me in prison, it's going to be deliberate, and they're going to be 100% in the wrong.
I won't be able to continue this show in a month myself if I don't raise a million dollars.
We've already raised like $140,000.
We put up defendjones.com.
And again, a million dollars isn't what it used to be.
It sounds like a bunch of money.
We reach tens of millions of people every day.
You know that.
We trend all the time everywhere.
We create the talking points of resistance.
We've raised $133,000.
And we're in the hole for a million.
And that's almost a year of my lawyers taking the case, doing that.
And then we had deals promised within my pay-to-be-raised and things.
You heard on the news to $1.5 million.
That would just pay the legal bills and give me about $300,000 to live on.
And with all my expenses and things, that's nothing, and I don't care about that.
I'm wearing a shirt I bought like eight years ago, and I love it to death.
I wear like ten pieces of clothing, you all know that.
I don't... If anything, I like to go to nice restaurants.
That is my deal.
I like to go on a couple nice vacations a year, but I think I pretty much have earned that in this fight.
I'm not complaining, but I mean, it's real simple.
You go to defendjones.com And you make a donation, and whether it's $5 or $1,000, you know who you are.
Make the donations.
I want to thank you.
And I need to get that money in the next couple weeks.
I've got an extra car.
And I've got a piece of property, a little farm outside Austin.
It's not worth a ton, but it's worth something.
That's all held up in the bankruptcy.
I'm not even allowed to sell that without permission.
And I'm probably going to do that so that, you know, in a few months, because I just would have paid off my old bills, I'll need to sell that just to get money for the next six months or so to pay the bills.
And that's all I want to do is stay in the fight.
I'm homesteaded.
I got my house, my wife, my youngest daughter still lives with us.
And we're just worried about the country.
We're worried about you.
We're worried about World War III.
We're in this together.
I'm not going to be spending the money on fancy haircuts or anything, don't worry.
But, I mean, if you want to keep me on air, DefendJones.com.
And, you know, if this place shuts down, I mean, I'll go move to Frisco, it's an open door, host a show with Steven Crowder, but the archives and the crew here, and it'll just be seen as a victory for the enemy, and I just don't want to give them that.
So it's your decision.
I want to thank those that made donations.
I don't like asking for help, but I have to.
You know, they go, oh look, Trump spent $67 million this year on lawyers.
Yeah, he's got hundreds of lawsuits, four criminal indictments.
They demand all this discovery, and he's getting all these federal raids.
That's what it costs, folks.
That's what it costs at his level.
At my level, Akin Gump and Democratic Party law firms are spending, they have to follow the court, on average $1.2 million a month.
To try to shut us down and just depose and go after everybody.
Hundreds of people they're deposing and going after.
And just telling them, you're going to jail if you lie.
Tell us that Alex Jones told you to lie.
I mean, I was getting that stuff today, and I'm just sitting there totally innocent.
There's a confidence to that, but it's also scary when they've already got all the documents that know you're totally innocent.
And to them, they just want a brownie point with the establishment to destroy Alex Jones.
And in the process, they're just destroying all of us along with themselves.
So I don't want to make a story about us, but you want somebody to fight, we've done it.
We've changed the world.
This audience, our guests, myself, and what we've done has been incredible.
And, you know, what God put on my heart in discernment in like 1997 was, I think, about the year where I was given basically the download.
I wouldn't call it a vision.
It was just this massive, like my head blew up, blew off, and like, like Narls Barkley said, you know, since I went crazy, I've got so much space, and there's this big echo now, and that's basically what happened.
It also happened when I was about 18, a few years before, a little head blowing off.
This was like, boom!
And since then, I've had the head explode.
The head didn't start exploding until about...
2016 exploded again.
Now I'm having these spiritual explosions every week.
And I can't even handle the knowledge or discernment now.
It's just, it's my little mortal brain being jacked in.
God just keeps upping my discernment and my weapons level politically.
Till now, the globalists are scared of me, and that's all God.
But I am now a major focal point, and it's, I mean, the discernment, it's unbelievable.
I mean, it's psychic power.
Uh, and, uh, but it's only for missions God wants.
I can just look at massive things and understand them and give you the right answer.
Little personal things in my life, you know, I can't tell you, you know, how much bacon's in the refrigerator or, you know, can't remember my first cousin's name who I'm good friends with.
That's all gone.
But all the knowledge is now how to fight the new world order and they tune in and they hear me talk and they get scared, folks.
That's why Henry Kissinger tried to hire me and a lot of other people because I've been blessed by God.
I've been given discernment.
And so have you.
And so it's an honor for your support, but I think it's an honor for you to be involved in this level of the fight supporting us.
It's a big deal.
So defendjones.com, defendjones.com, and it's a multi-winged bird.
We've got to fund free speech that's barely in the black, or the court can shut us down.
But the bankruptcy's going through right now, and the other side's panicking.
But we're barely, you know, got that wing going.
Alex Jones has been neglecting Alex Jones.
That wing's in trouble.
So that's DefendJones.com.
Or JonesCrowder.com.
You get my new show every week.
We've been over-performing.
We're going to add new shows.
Get all the Steven Crowder's programs, all their comedy shows.
The Hodge Twins, they really deliver on the content.
You go to jonescrowder.com, use promo code Alex or the Mug Club at Steven Crowder's website and just use Alex Jones promo code when you get a year membership, you get a month free.
That also funds me personally, though I'm using a lot of it to fund free speech and I've already allotted what's coming in, a large portion of it to this operation.
That's just how it operates.
So I'm trying to balance all these facets here, but jonescrowder.com, Or simply go to www.DefendJones.com and don't forget Owen's site as well.
We'll put that on screen for you.
But he told me, I just talked to him 20 months ago, hey don't plug that site.
I think I got enough for my back expenses.
I don't have any legal expenses now, but I'm still giving you a chance to go to that Owen's site.
And I told him to do it a few days ago, but I forget the URL.
Can we put it on screen?
What did you say it was?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You're talking to the speaker, so I can't hear you.
So, DefendOwen.com, DefendJones.com, and JonesCrowder.com.
But this is a big, big deal.
Owen is clean-cut, handsome, Christian.
He never tells people this, but spent his summers in high school and college taking care of mentally retarded children.
It just you can't get a better person and physically makes me sick that the enemy is this bad and that they they think that we can be bullied and that we can be intimidated and it's actually the opposite.
I pledged to you to work even harder.
I pledged you to not back down a single centimeter.
I'll never give up.
I'll never give in, but I could give out.
And I've been honest about this.
You know, back when I got remarried seven years ago, I wanted to phase out the Daily Show, do a podcast, write a book, make a film, really do quality stuff all the time that's really hard-hitting.
But that's not my position, because they want to make me quit.
I can't do it now.
When that comes, I'll never give up, I'll never give in, but I could give out.
I need your support.
And Free Speech Systems has great products.
You need the books, the films, the t-shirts.
There's a few signed copies that are the fundraiser of the Great Reset and the War for the World at InfoWarsStore.com.
That supports free speech.
There's the regular book unsigned for a lower, much lower price, one quarter the price or less.
And there's the Environmental Fusion sold out.
Bodies is back.
It's incredible.
And so is DNA Force Plus.
We got the new coffee that's so good.
It's just incredibly dark times.
All right.
I got up at 5 a.m.
this morning.
I was being deposed by 8 a.m.
And I did a lot of preparation last night before I went to bed.
There's been a lot of new developments here.
But just let this headline from NBC News choke in.
And later we'll go to Twitter.
I haven't looked yet, but I know what it's going to be.
Total celebration.
InfoWars host Owen Schroeder sent us to 60 days in January 6th's case.
And it's such a huge story.
And it's got Tim Bull saying, death to tyrants, 120 days in prison, recommended rehabs.
We have to go into the Capitol.
No charges as of yet.
Defended by media and Democrats.
Told the January 6th committee he orchestrated the attack on the Capitol.
Owen Schroeder tried to stop it.
Savannah Hernandez, D.C.
protester, trying to put Owen Schroeder in jail for 120 days because he stood outside the Capitol building on January 6th, January 17, 1776, called Democrats tyrants.
He said, yeah, 1776, they're tyrants, but don't go in.
He had to get their attention.
And they say he also said on his own show that he, just a few months ago, on the show, he said all this.
But, you know, here's the good news.
Greg Gutfeld, I know, is a really funny guy.
And the Five replaced Glenn Beck.
I thought I was doing a great job on the show other than attacking me.
But he knows that's the way to pat the establishment on the head.
But gut felt to everybody now, though, the battle chant to let the establishment know you're awake is Alex Jones was right and let me become Alex Jones.
And it's because people now realize I told you the truth, the whole truth about the truth, except a few mistakes.
And this is 100% real.
And I told everybody this, and it wasn't like some big secret.
My enemies always run around it, but I grew up around people on the sharp end of the stick that actually worked in the nastier parts of the government.
I don't mean pencil pushers.
I don't just mean door kickers.
And I mean people in charge of stuff.
And I was blessed to grow up around that so that I had a leg up and be way ahead of everybody else.
I've been on air since 21.
21 years old, folks.
I'm basically 50 in a couple months.
And I'm not bragging about who I am.
I've been very blessed to be in this position.
And now you're seeing everything we warned you about come true.
But the good news is that I'll have to take my licks.
Trump will have to take his licks.
Owen will have to take his licks.
And many others will have to take our licks.
But it's worth it in the final equation to take the licks.
Because it's worth it for the children, and as men, we're not supposed to be a bunch of cowards.
At least we're not dying in some evil war for the globalists, but still those men have courage.
They believe that it was right.
But most of them, once they get older, realize that they were manipulated and lied to.
But this is the age of Great Awakening.
The evil power structure is scared, and so they're making their move.
I want to give the phone number out to talk about Owen Schroyer, American journalist, Recommended prison time, which he's now been given, for his speech directly in the document.
And where is the media defending a journalist?
This is so dangerous.
It hurts America standing in a world so big.
This is a huge deal.
We're taking calls on Owen only.
No other topics.
I'm going to give the number out, so let's turn the phone system on.
Here is the number to call on Owen Schroyer only, and your quick comment on it, I'd love to hear from you, and I appreciate all your support, and I want to appreciate your prayers.
Just like I was a test being deplatformed and debanked, and I told you they're coming for all of you next, this January 16th is demonizing all loyal opposition to the New World Order.
I don't mean their loyal opposition, I mean loyal Americans who are in opposition against the New World Order, labeling us as criminals.
And now they're saying, On CNBC, you name it, we need to use Homeland Security against the American people.
We need to outlaw Trump supporters.
So this is a one-party state being set up.
It is beyond dangerous.
It is beyond insane.
877-789-2539. 877-789-2539. I know it'll be popping in the bottom of the hour, but he's got to get on an airplane back
to Austin.
They're going to tell him to report on the next week when to report to prison, but we're going to try to appeal that.
And this is a very serious situation. Owen's a very, very private person.
He's also taking care of family and things, and I'm just going to let him talk about that himself.
But his personal life is very, very private because the Antifa has targeted him at his home and more, and because he's on probation.
He's not allowed to have a firearm.
He's on probation for wearing a piece of tape over his mouth at the Capitol while Code Pink threw fits and attacked police and was never arrested.
So, 877-789-2539.
A very dark day for America and the world.
DefendJones.com, DefendOwen.com, JonesCrowder.com, and if you want to support Free Speech Systems, great products at InfowarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
But support it all, it all needs your support.
If you believe in what we're doing, you want to make us strong in this fight, we'll never back down, we'll never give in, we could give out.
We'll be right back, please stay with us.
Let me remind you folks to go to InfoWarsStore.com to keep us on the air and in the fight.
We really do make it easy for you to support us by having really incredible products.
One of the most incredible, I have to say, is DNA Force Plus, and it's one of these supplements that you really don't know what the effect it's going to have on you is until you try it.
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Go to InfoWarsTore.com and of course, best of all, you can You keep us on air and in the fight and fighting back
against the mental, spiritual and physical poisoning that we contend with on a daily basis.
I've not been this excited ever!
Yeah, Mug Club, baby!
The replatforming begins now.
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com.
It was never my intention to become a free speech martyr.
Yes, I am a free speech activist.
Yes, I believe the reason why the First Amendment is number one is because free speech is probably the most important thing to the foundations of having our country.
But here I stand today, a free speech martyr.
Make no mistake about it.
And I have to ask myself this.
Is this my country anymore?
Is this the United States of America anymore?
Is this the country we want to live in when a prosecution, multiple U.S.
attorneys, and a judge quote me saying 1776 and USA in a criminal offense?
Is this the United States of America?
Is this the Constitutional Republic?
Is this what so many have fought and died for including my own forefathers?
There is a legal process to challenge the electors in a presidential election.
There is a legal process.
That legal process was set to take place on January 6th, where you review the election process, you review the election law, you see if any laws were broken in the process, and the Vice President has an opportunity to say, we're going to withhold the electoral votes until further review.
That is a fully legal process that the Democrats have attempted to do multiple It's been cited in 1960.
It's been cited in Bush versus Gore.
Hell, some of them even wanted to do it when Hillary Clinton lost.
So if there's any precedent when it comes to challenging the results of an election, well, the Democrats are the case study.
In fact, the Democrat Party has denied every presidential election that they've lost in the 21st century.
Gore, Kerry, Clinton, they challenged every single law.
Was anybody sued?
Was anybody brought into the courtroom?
Was anybody prosecuted?
But this legal process that we have in the country somehow gets ignored throughout this litigation and that was indeed the process that we were trying to support.
So if anything we were supporting the law that day.
Now the one other interesting aspect Is the journalism, the journalist protection that was filed when Barack Obama was president, that a federal judge asked the prosecutors in this case if they broke the law when they indicted me.
Did they go through the proper protocols when it comes to indicting a journalist as far as does he have protection under the law to be there that day?
Now they never responded to that.
How convenient for them.
That's why today, I am directing our House Committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.
This logical next step will give our committees the full power to gather all the facts and answers for the American public.
That's exactly what we want to know.
The answers.
I believe the president would want to answer these questions and allegations as well.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say,
I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The enemy has tried to pin us down.
Both Owen and I could not be on the air in the first hour of the show.
Or I couldn't be.
He could do his own show.
Because they're trying to put him in jail.
They are now.
They're trying to put me in jail.
That's how real this is.
That's how hardcore this is.
They're coming for everybody.
They're coming for your children.
They're coming for the value of your currency.
They're coming for your sovereignty.
They're coming for your bodily autonomy.
And I don't know what maniac out there could play along with this totalitarian system we're in.
And now the same system started World War III.
So I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and go to Jose.
Robert, Brad, Robbie, Liz, Keating, Savicks, Mike, Rick, John, Nick, and others for your take on this devastating attack and devastating blow against the First Amendment.
And I am starting to see some of the press get upset, but it's mainly establishment Republican types.
At least they're coming along, but this is so dangerous, folks.
You're either going to get the Alex Jones worldview, which is the most accurate, or you're going to be a slave, just like Greg Gutfeld said last night.
We'll be right back.
They're betting on our weakness.
They believe they can destabilize civilization and bring us down to the ashes of history.
But the trap they've laid for us will be their destruction, not ours.
If we trust in God and if we are valiant and have courage to speak the truth and not comply and engage in civil disobedience and not join the masses, Who have decided that they are the scum of the earth.
Who have decided that they will join with this soulless corporate system.
As for InfoWars, we are going to steadfastly continue to fight in the information war with our weapon, the truth, against the enemies of humanity.
And we put our faith, and we put our trust, and we put our destiny in the hands of God.
Because it's been said a trillion times, if God be with us, who can be against us?
McCarthy greenlights Biden impeachment without a vote.
Speaker, perfect storm.
He'll be removed if he doesn't.
MTG was here a week ago and promised you he was about to pull the trigger.
Another promise delivered.
And right in the middle of DrudgeReport.com, under the Aaron Rodgers story, political prisoner Owen Schroer, InfoWars host, sentenced to 60 days in January 6th case.
We're going to add the live show feed to that article.
Go get it and share it like your future depends on it.
Let's change the headline to First Amendment martyr Owen Schroer sentenced to 60 days in January 6th case.
We'll add the live show feed.
Owen's scheduled to be popping in with us in about 30 minutes.
I'll host into the fourth hour as well.
Emergency broadcast, free speech.
Martyr Owen Schroer sentenced to 60 days in January 6th case.
And it is a message to everybody.
We will put the press in jail.
We'll put Trump in jail for questioning the election.
You're right, your duty.
What an incredible time to be alive and a message to everybody else.
Bow down or we'll put you in jail.
How's it working out with Greg Gutfeld saying Alex Jones was right?
How's it working out with Tucker Carlson saying Alex Jones was right?
How's it working out with Joe Rogan saying Alex Jones was right?
How's it working out with all of them from RFK Jr.
to Tulsi Gabbard to Russell Brand to Jimmy Dorch saying Alex Jones, Jimmy Dorch said Alex Jones was right?
They all have to admit I was right.
They admit you're right.
They admit we were right.
And so how's it going bullying people?
Like when Hitler started bombing during the Blitz, civilian targets, he thought that would make the Brits give up.
They went from 90% anti-war, because they'd just been through World War I 20 years previous, 23 years previous, 22 years previous, and losing millions of men, to being 99% pro-war.
So I don't know who these globalists are and who they think they are.
I mean, I know who they are, but I mean, they think we're like them.
They offer people money and power to sell out if they have any talent.
Everybody else they exploit.
If you stand up to them, they come after you.
I just don't know.
Like, I can't help it if somebody walks up and punches me in the nose, I attack them.
It's not like I've got courage or anything.
If you hit me, you're going to get attacked.
I mean, it's a guarantee.
There's no debating it.
There's no nothing.
You hurt my children, you know what's going to happen to you.
I'll break your neck like a toothpick.
And I'll just say that, folks.
You know, most people been born, they got these governors in their souls, they don't know how to turn it on, folks.
And that's what the New World Order's done, is they've learned to put us into a trance.
Well, here's the deal.
I'm not in a trance.
And I'm not gonna break somebody's neck, but I'm gonna break their system.
And that's where we're at.
But I don't like seeing you get raped.
It's not because I'm some goody two-shoes that wants you to know I love you so much.
It's because I do care about you.
It's because I care about myself.
It's because I can't sit back and watch these crooks run roughshod over us and bully the living hell out of us anymore.
They're trying to start a civil war.
I think they're going to kill Biden.
He's not going to step down.
I think they're going to try to kill Trump.
Now, that doesn't mean that's going to happen.
It's not Alex Jones predicts Biden will be killed.
Because that's up to a lot of factors.
And they're going to try to kill Trump.
Hell, they already have a bunch that's come out.
That's why he's got Secret Service.
But we are not in Kansas anymore.
And I'm just honored to be here, shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight, and to get to meet the best men and women ever.
Man, look.
There are a lot of weird white people that do bad things to other people.
But per capita, white folks, because I'm a white person, I've been around, I've seen things, are good people.
And loving people.
Christian people.
And I've had black folks do a lot of bad things to me, but I don't blame other black folks.
Some of the best people I know are black folks.
I'm not their enemy either.
That goes for Hispanics, everybody else.
We all were made by God.
We all got red blood.
We're all men and women.
We all have children, or want to have children, and live the same life together.
And I gotta tell you, I don't care whether you got white skin or pink skin or brown skin or red skin or dark brown skin or black ebony skin, you're just like me, you don't want to be a slave.
And let me tell you the difference between a black liberal leftist globalist and a patriot awake black human man.
They got a sparkle in their eye.
They got a fire in their eye.
It's the same thing for a white person, an Asian person, anybody.
We're alive, we're awake.
We have God in our hearts, and they don't.
And they're coming for us.
Because this is a satanic takeover.
And all I can say is guard your children.
Pull out of the system as much as you can, get around folks you can trust, because the end of the financial system is coming maybe next week, maybe next year, maybe two years from now, maybe five years, but it's not, they're desperate to get their new ECG, Central Bank Digital Currency, and it's all going down now.
Skip the break.
It's all going down right now.
And I'm not gonna sit here and be in service to the truth, Because I wouldn't be anywhere else for 29 years and back down now.
I am more fired up than I've ever been.
I'm stronger than I've ever been.
I'm smarter than I've ever been.
I've got more will than I've ever had.
In fact, I just, I can't even stand it, it's so insane.
And I'm trying to find the people that agree with me, understand how much power God's given you to beat these bastards.
Unfortunately, this show is about to completely explode and become more insanely popular than ever.
You're like, that's great news.
Well, yeah, well, hear me out.
It's going to become even more popular, folks, because everything we've warned you about is already happening like dominoes falling.
So the byproduct of that is, oh my God, this is all real.
And then Greg Gutfeld's like, oh, Alex Jones is right.
Holy hell.
Because he sees how destructive this is, and the other hosts gasp because they're a bunch of cowards.
He can't help but want to say, I'm with the people.
He said, I don't like all this coordinated collapse of the country.
Nobody can deny it.
Alex Jones is right.
Because he's not a fool, folks.
He's smart.
All these other comedians, he has the top late night comedy show in the country.
Like double the ratings of anybody else.
They admit he writes all his own jokes.
Those other people have 30, 40, 50 riders.
They did their own show.
Something Force 5 or some stupid thing with the five late night hosts.
I heard it was so horrible I had to watch an episode.
Unwatchable dribble.
And then here's this guy.
Just dominating, just like Jimmy Dore.
Because you gotta be smart to be really funny.
And if you're really smart, you're like George Carlin.
Hey, there's a big club and you ain't in it.
And this thing is coming to an end, ladies and gentlemen.
And we want to be part of the future.
We don't want to be part of the collapse.
So anybody that actually has a brain can see you don't want to be with the New World Order.
Well, how do you say I'm not with the New World Order?
What's the one way you say it that everybody gets?
Alex Jones was right.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's like Spartacus.
Where is Spartacus?
Spartacus is about to step up because they're threatening to crucify 10,000 people if they don't say who the rebel leader is.
Everybody jumps up and goes, I'm Spartacus.
So it's not me.
It's not about my ego.
Believe me, it makes me a bigger target.
It's not me.
It's the host, the show.
Everything we've done is a focal point of Alex Jones.
And so now that I am Spartacus, I am Alex Jones, I am So blessed and honored to be in this position, though it's extremely dangerous.
And the enemy is salivating like a mad dog to get me.
And I want to spend time with my children.
I want to spend time with my wife.
I want to swim around the pool and throw the football.
I want to eat incredible beef enchiladas like I ate last night my wife made.
I want to go fishing in the deep sea.
I want to climb mountains.
I want to take care of my parents.
But you know what?
If I gotta die, I'm ready to die.
And if I gotta get put in prison, I'm ready to get put in prison.
I'm just so sad for the children, because this system is targeting them as their number one enemy.
And I just can't believe there are so many bad people or so many asleep people that it isn't so clear to them now to stand up against evil.
But hey, we were 2% of the population aware of the New World Order 30 years ago.
We're 30% now, all over the world.
And it's game over for the globalists unless they pull something really big.
And that's where this is.
That's where this is.
And anybody watching me, including my enemies, if you've got any soul left, knows that you're destroying yourself.
And you don't know what to do.
Call out to God and ask God to lead you in the right direction.
God will tell you what to do.
All right, I'm done pontificating.
Let's go to Jose in Texas on Owen, the Free Speech Monitor.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I just want to wish Owen many prayers and the best of luck.
He will come out stronger than ever.
I had the opportunity to meet Owen back in April of 2021 when he visited the Rio Grande Valley doing a report on the illegal staying in the hotel.
A very good man, just like all of your crew.
And honestly, I want to know what the end would actually look like.
I mean, we have all the proof on the corruption of the current administration.
They can't arrest them as quick as they did to Owen.
So, that'd be my only question, and like I said, I really hope Owen... Well, brother, I'm listening to you, but you said you want to know what?
I want to know what the end would look like.
Like the end of the New World Order, how would that process look like?
I mean... Well, until Christ's return, there's nothing close to a utopia.
But there could be a reorganization and a... Instead of a Communist Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the best thing to do is bring in the brainwashed and show them how they were lied to and not ridicule them or attack them or have struggle sessions, but just publicly through truth, not forcibly, Re-educate people.
And it's going to be a long process.
Evil won't be defeated.
But this current global cabal is a really nasty variant of tyranny.
The worst I've ever seen in history.
And so they've got to be stopped.
That's a very sophisticated question.
But I just have a whole panel of experts.
You know, what do we replace the globalist system with?
I appreciate your call.
The first thing we do is ban Western intelligence agencies and other agencies from domestic operations.
And then they'll say, well, what do we do about foreign intelligence agents or people?
Back when the country was a lot freer than it is now, 30, 40, 50 years ago, if there were Russian or Chinese spies or anybody else, the army just went and killed them.
Not U.S.
They couldn't surveil them, couldn't touch them.
But there were Russians and people here and they were trying stuff and people like my Family members would just go kill their ass.
And that's the little... Instead, the globalists just let it all grow and do this whole thing, and then they actually let them infiltrate.
And the Russians aren't doing that now, it's Chinese mainly.
And then they use that to build up their budget to counter the Chinese Communists, but really it's all against us.
It should be the death penalty for these agencies to operate domestically and to be up against the American people.
So the first thing you do is you put a bunch of people in prison For engaging in U.S.
intelligence operations against the U.S.
citizens, it's already a federal crime.
And then you pass laws that it's the death penalty.
But you also, if you've got real intelligence chiefs, you let any other agency or group know, whether it's the Mexican cartels or the Chi-Coms, we're just going to send the Green Berets to wipe your ass out in plain clothes if you operate in the U.S.
It's real simple.
You're dead.
And we got some Russians operating in Chicago.
Agent Simmons.
And then they're dead.
But instead, that whole thing has been turned around and used against us.
And it's wrong.
So I'm not saying it's some kumbaya PC perfect thing.
But US citizens are the kings of this country.
And you don't mess with them.
And you don't play games with them.
Any foreign intelligence operations come in here, we wipe their ass out.
You never hear about it.
They've let the Mexican Mafia and MS-13 run wild.
That is a whole different ball of wax.
And I'm not even endorsing all that, but it's how the world works.
Instead, we have all that pointed at the American people.
And that's why these bastards that run things are so arrogant.
Brad in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, I agree with you about the intelligence operations going on against the American people and specifically against you.
Your company and you and Owen because they know you're the voice that we're listening to out here because it's good, honest news.
I've been saying that for 20 years.
I've been listening to you.
It's just I look for good, honest news, but not in the mainstream media.
It's not there.
That's why.
So where do I go?
You know, you look for alternate sources.
That's how we find you guys.
That's why you have such a big audience.
And they're just lying to us.
And they're going after you to stop your free speech.
Well, it shows how desperate they are.
But this is a real Rubicon they crossed.
Yeah, and is Merrick Garland running all this?
saying he deserves jail time for his speech.
Not illegal speech, not go kill this person, go do something illegal.
Straight out speech that, well, we didn't like, he called Biden a pedophile on May whatever,
it's right here in this document.
And then the judge goes, yeah, I'm gonna lock your ass up for that.
Yeah, and is Merrick Garland running all this?
I'm sure that he or-- - 100%.
What's that? - 100%.
Yeah, I agree.
And it's a weaponized government going against conservatives.
You're right.
And it's unbelievable.
I mean, it's a shame.
Owen, Enrique, Tarrio, all these guys.
Joe Biggs.
When is it going to stop?
I mean, maybe because of this, we're all going to stand up and wake up now, hopefully.
And Alex, do a money bomb, dude.
Get back on, you know, I know you're overworked and underpaid and you're out of gas.
I get it.
But you've got to, if you want some funds, get a money pump.
Well, I mean, we're doing the money pump.
Let me explain.
Because of manipulations and lies in the court, I have not gotten but 40% of my paycheck.
My legal bills are over a million a year.
My paycheck's four hundred and something thousand dollars.
So I'm a million dollars plus in the hole.
So the money bomb is DefendJones.com.
And people have already given $150,000.
I appreciate that last week or so.
I don't want to take away from free speech.
It's barely got its funds.
We're in a war here.
Go to DefendJones.com.
That's where the money bomb is.
That wing doesn't have fuel in it.
It needs the fuel right now at DefendJones.com.
God bless you, sir, and I appreciate your call.
Let's go to Keating in New York.
Keating, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Alex, God bless.
Really terrible news about Owen.
You know, it's a sign that we are in DEF CON 20.
You know, there was a lot of people there alongside you guys.
I was there on January 6th, just maybe like 20 feet away from you.
They're coming for us all.
And, you know, Owen Troy, I get the impression he's like a son to you in a lot of ways.
And my own son is the victim of all this COVID, mass hysteria, he had a massive mental breakdown because of the whole COVID lockdown.
I want to be clear.
Owen is a brother.
I wouldn't call him a son archetype.
He's a manly man and he's been, he's been, and so I would call him a brother, but go ahead.
Yeah, I understand that.
I'm exactly your age, but what I was saying was family members, you know, people close to us being attacked by this tyranny and The only way out of this is, you know, everybody has to speak out about it and open their mouths and support you guys and support freedom and support Trump.
But that's all I really had to say to you guys.
I just wanted to say you're in our prayers and our thoughts.
Well, God bless you, sir.
And thank you.
I'm sorry about your son.
How is he doing?
Not great.
You know, we're exploring all different options.
You know, the psychiatric world is another scam.
He needs God, brother.
He needs God.
I agree with you.
And we've been praying over him.
What's your son's name, Keating?
He's a fan of yours.
His name is Regan.
Let's put Regan or Reagan?
Yep, Regan.
Regan, we love you, but God that made us loves you so much more than we do.
You are such a beautiful person.
Just reach out to God and ask the Holy Spirit to come in your heart and heal you.
And just transcend all this.
And if you've got bad friends, get new friends.
And just relax and know that your relationship with God is everything.
And just get yourself stabilized and empowered and ask God to empower you so you can help others.
And I think, Regan, you're going to empower yourself by reaching out to God and by helping others.
And it's in the process of helping others who are going to transcend this.
In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Thank you so much, Alex.
No, don't thank me.
Every person is precious.
God loves his sparrows so much.
Think how much more he loves our people.
Thank you.
Whether they're black or white, we love them so much.
We love Owen.
Let's go to Robert in Florida.
You're on the air, Robert.
God bless Owen Shoyer.
God bless his family.
God bless you, Alex, and your family.
I moved to Florida from Washington State to get away from the big system up there.
Got down here.
I don't think it's any different than anywhere else.
Oh no, Texas and Florida are not panaceas.
They're just a little better.
I think people need to, you know, football season's here.
Everybody, you know, this, that, and the other.
These 280 million dollar quarterbacks who can't even take one snap of the ball and break their Achilles, which you dealt with.
It's a scam.
It's a sham.
People need to open their eyes and stand up for their freedoms.
They are throwing everything and anything at us, and everything that they're doing is sticking to the wall.
Orange Shore is going to be a prime example of it.
People take these rights for granted.
I don't.
And I feel bad for him that he is now no longer to express his Second Amendment rights.
That's key.
Our forebears fought the greatest empire ever and fought and died to stand up for these rights.
They didn't give us these rights.
They stood up for them to enshrine them.
And our birthright, folks, more valuable than your car, your house, anything, is being stolen from you right now.
And you know, this new Mexican governor But there are other good police standing up against her.
These guys that sit next to her wearing a police badge can't even have the calmness
to say anything.
But there are other good police standing up against her and yeah, she was told to do that
as a trial balloon.
Absolutely, absolutely.
They're throwing every, this, the whole climate change crap, these fires, everything.
All the big fires they later admit as a footnote.
Oh, the fires in Greece, the fires in Italy, the fires in Germany, the fires in Canada, the fires in California.
Arsonists, arsonists, arsonists.
I lived in Washington State when they tried to pull that crap.
My family works for the, you know, they're firejumpers.
They know all that.
They said that they don't go out and clean the forest anymore.
This is all being perpetrated.
And people want to sit there and sit on their phones.
They made fun of Trump saying you gotta clean the forest.
You're supposed to cut the undergrowth.
You're supposed to cut firebreaks.
They don't do it now.
This is all being perpetrated.
People need to pick up the sword.
The sword is the Bible, the word.
Pick up a sword and fight for your right of life and your family.
I have two brand new children because of this pandemic.
You know, when I was done having kids, I'm your age, Alex.
I got two brand new babies.
That's beautiful, brother.
It caused an exodus to the... By the way, when I chased that guy, I had a fully blown Achilles still, so people can overcome stuff.
I never took time off to get it fixed.
I have no Achilles now, and I can still run.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Escape from the New World Order, Prison Planet.
I'm going to go back to your calls into the next hour.
Everybody holding, I will get to you here in a few minutes.
But Owen Shore is getting ready to go to the airport, back to Austin before he learns when he's supposed to report to jail in the District of Mordor for prison time in the federal filing for his First Amendment.
They cite his free speech.
They say he still says the election was stolen, therefore we ask for prison time.
And they list a May broadcast.
The media has picked up on hundreds of stories, the fact that they said we want jail time for his speech on January 6th, which was de-escalatory, and saying don't go in.
But the key is, they put in here, speech on his show.
Now that isn't illegal, that isn't tyranny, I don't know what is.
So Owen has got to get to the airport here quick.
But I roped him in to give us a new update and to lay the stuff out in response.
DrudgeReport.com is linked to a live feed of the show right in the middle column.
It's linked up on Infowars.com.
If the listeners get excited, there's millions of you, and send out the link and say, hey, they're now arresting journalists for prison time for questioning the election.
Email, text message, let's get millions of extra folks to learn about this.
Let's get excited and upset about it.
Please share the links, InfoWars.com, BandOutVideo, or copy the links into your own Twitter, your own webpage.
Go to MadMaxWorld.tv, go to the live Alex Jones feed, see the Alex Jones icon there, click on it, it's the top link.
It's MadMaxWorld.tv forward slash Alex.
That link isn't being blocked currently, you can share that on Twitter and more.
Well, there's a lot of shocking facts about this case, Alex.
in January 6th case for his speech.
All right, Owen, wow, I was stuck in a deposition where they were saying they're going to try
to put me in prison.
So I was unable, as soon as I got off, so what happened to Owen?
And they said 60 days in jail.
And again, this precedent is so dangerous.
Owen Schroeder.
Well, there's a lot of shocking facts about this case, Alex.
I'm not sure where to begin.
I don't know how much you want to talk about this, but you've got the floor for as long
We're going to continue to take the calls, but just go wherever you want.
Well, I do first urge everybody, we are going to have the full HD press conference after the case concluded today up at band.video.
I urge everybody to watch that.
The statements from myself and my attorney, Norm Pattis, that's where you're going to get all the information you need.
And I would say it's this crazy thing now, Alex, where first I had to do a fundraiser just to pay for myself to go on the road and have security and just You know, continue to grow professionally and we weren't expecting to have an ongoing legal battle.
We thought after today that this fight would be over after everything we've been through.
Did I not tell you to launch a fundraiser two days ago?
I told you this was going to happen.
Did I not tell you?
And so now I have to launch a legal fundraiser, Alex.
Now I have to raise more legal funds because I'm going to have to have this fight in the courts.
And let's be clear, listeners will say, why doesn't free speech pay?
We're not allowed to under the bankruptcy.
Yeah, and I don't know how much into detail you want to get about that, but that's the case, is that we're not allowed to fund the things we need to do and want to do, and that's fine.
Our audience is still going to support us.
They've proven that.
And so now I have to have a legal fund.
I thought it would be over, Alex.
I really thought, I mean, we operated in good faith.
We cooperated.
It's not about toot my horn, but what did I tell you when I told you to launch a fundraiser three days ago?
What did I tell you that I thought would happen?
Yeah, and so now here we are.
You can go to DefendOwen.com and we're redirecting it now to a legal fundraiser.
But like I said, we thought the legal fight was over after today.
We've been cooperating.
We've operated in good faith.
We didn't think speech was a criminal activity that was going to land me in jail.
And again, they also spun it that you were going to turn against us.
No, you cooperated and you were innocent.
And you gave them your phone because there was nothing there.
And they're just mad about that.
And they said they would not give you jail time if you did.
They lied.
Well, we're now expecting this to go to the Supreme Court, Alex, and so now I've got to have a legal fight up to the Supreme Court, but let's talk about that.
Let's talk about the... Well, where's the ACLU?
First, where's the ACLU?
They're trying to support eight-year-olds being taken from their parents to have their penises cut off.
No Alex, let's talk about the cooperation that you just mentioned.
Because there was a lot of fake news out there, a lot of lies were told in the press as well, that somehow I'd flipped on Alex, or I'd flipped on Trump, or I'd flipped on something else.
Folks, I fully cooperated with the government because there's nothing to flip!
There's nothing to hide.
They went through two electronic devices.
I sat through questioning sessions with them.
I gave them answers, fully transparent, fully honest.
If there was... They have access to my bank account information.
If there was anything there, they would have found it.
There's nothing there, Alex.
Fully cooperative.
And so I guess the frustration is that because there's nothing there, now they have to go after me for my speech.
But I mean, if we're talking about the First Amendment, And we're looking at this case, then we have to sit here and wonder what the First Amendment means.
And we have to sit here and ask ourselves, what type of jurisdiction does the government have now to criminalize free speech?
And so, I mean, quite frankly, I didn't get in media to talk about me.
I didn't even expect I was going to become a free speech icon or martyr.
But now this is the fight I'm in now, Alex.
I am now selected by the government To be one of the biggest free speech activists on the planet, of course alongside yourself.
And so this is where we're at now.
But we always warned people.
Whatever they do to us first, they're gonna do to everybody else.
Look at what they've done to you, and now they do the judgment cases against Rudy Giuliani.
Look at what they did to you with the censorship.
Now they censor everybody else, myself included.
So folks, understand.
If they can get away with criminalizing Owen Schroer's free speech, they're coming for you next.
That's not a cliche.
That's not just, that's not just something we're saying here to fluff ourselves or make this stupid.
No, no, no.
They've had Homeland Security people on CNN, on MSNBC saying, we want to use Homeland Security as its main mission against the people and Biden says his main mission is Trump supporters.
This is them trying to outlaw their opposition.
It really, it really hurts my heart, Alex.
It really hurts my heart that the country that I love and that the country that I fight for And I believe it.
I believe in the ideas and the values of America.
I believe the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is fundamental to forming the best Republican country on the planet.
And it hurts my heart.
It hurts my heart that I have to sit here and my lawyers have to sit here and the audience has to sit here and we have to say, what is the state of the country I'm in right now?
Do I even have a country anymore?
Do I even have a Bill of Rights anymore?
Do I have a First Amendment anymore?
Do I have a Second Amendment anymore?
Do we even have a real justice system anymore, Alex?
I know you've got to get on the car to go to an airplane soon to get back tomorrow to host the show and be here with
me as well in studio.
But let's talk about, I know you've not antagonized the judge, you've wanted to see what's going to happen and I
called you a couple days ago and I said I think they're going to nail you.
And so you need to get ready and raise money.
And he said, oh no, I don't think so.
And I'm not trying to toot my horn.
They're out of control.
The orders come down.
Intimidate America.
Go after them.
They're not smart, and this will backfire.
It's not about, oh, I was right.
It's about that I understand the enemy mindset.
What was it like in the courtroom?
What happened there when the judge got up there?
What did the prosecution say?
Well, the prosecution laid out their case and it was actually, it was contradictory and ironic in its presentation because they continued to argue that this wasn't about free speech and this wasn't a case about speech, but then every argument they made in front of the judge was about my speech.
In the very sentencing memo, and we covered it all in the press conference today, they cite my speech, I don't know, 20 times?
30 times?
There's four different sections in the sentencing memo and each headline is my speech, my rhetoric.
And they phrase it and they change the wording and the lexicon to make it not use speech, but it's Rhetoric.
It's, he said.
He was on a megaphone.
He presented.
It's all speech, Alex.
We will not accept the fake election.
We're here protesting.
And then they even mentioned stuff you did a few months ago on your own show.
Yeah, they're clearly tuned into the show every day.
They made that quite clear.
But Alex, they even quote in the document that we tried to de-escalate.
It's a quote.
They say, we want to send a peaceful message.
How dare you?
Good Lord, this is evil.
Look, May 15th.
Oh, he said they stole the election.
Biden's a pedophile.
They quoted me saying we want to send a peaceful message and they quoted us saying we want to de-escalate the situation.
So, so how is that adding, as they put it, to any of the mobs or how is that amping up any of the crowds if my own speech that they're citing in their document is peaceful message and de-escalate the crowd?
It's all contradictory, Alex.
And, you know, I gotta tell ya, I hate to assume the worst.
I'm interrupting you.
They say the worst part is you say Trump will win in 2024.
They say we want prison for that.
And maybe I'm still naive here, Alex.
Maybe I'm still being naive, but I just feel like with that presentation and with the conclusion of the judge that not only do I don't believe I got a fair trial, I don't even think there was ever really any process.
I feel like the decision was already made.
They could have gone up there and... Oh, kind of like in Georgia, where eight hours before they put out the exact indictment that later said they did and later meant they did?
Because, um, I don't understand how they can argue that this isn't about speech, but then every insinuation of my criminal activity is about speech.
Well, they say, he's not repentant.
He still says Trump won.
They say it.
I just showed it.
Where's the media protecting itself?
I mean, this is insane.
When everybody goes and takes your rights away, they're taking their own rights away, Owen.
Well, and let's be clear about this aspect, too.
You ladies can go ahead.
Let's be clear about this aspect, too, Alex.
We've been operating in good faith.
That's why I engaged in the cooperation.
That's why I turned over the electronic devices and information that they requested.
That's why I engaged in a question and answer session like they requested.
And that's why I took the plea bargain.
Because the understanding in the good fake negotiations was that as long as I cooperated and gave them even more than I had to, they didn't have a warrant.
I mean, I waived all my rights, Alex.
I waived all my rights to cooperate with them under the good faith understanding that they would not push for jail time.
And by the way, my pre-trial services, essentially my probation officer for the last two plus years, they said I've been on good behavior.
I've passed every test.
I've been to every court date.
I've taken every meeting.
And let's go further.
There's a third group, not just prosecutors and defense or the judge.
There's a fourth group, I guess you could technically say.
They're under federal law for 20 years because of out-of-control federal sentencing.
They have a body in the federal court that recommended no jail time for you.
So, the court itself recommended no jail time, but the judge did it.
The pretrial services said zero jail time because of my good behavior on probation.
And it was our understanding, operating in good faith, that the prosecution would also not ask for incarceration because I went above and beyond when it came to cooperation.
Then they did ask for jail time.
So the good faith negotiations were completely shattered, which makes me wonder if they ever intended on operating that way.
What do you make of Enrique Tarrio on the show yesterday naming names, just like he did with Roger Stone, calling him in and saying, if you say Trump told you to do this, something you didn't do, we'll give you no jail time.
And by the way, Alex knew that I turned my phones over.
Alex knew that there was nothing to hide there.
There was nothing to sweat over.
There was nothing there!
Yeah, you said, do you mind if I do this?
And I said, no, Owen, I haven't seen your phone, but we didn't do anything, sure.
If there was anything there, Alex, do you think we'd be talking about stuff I said on the show?
Or do you think we'd be talking about stuff that was on my phones?
Of course.
So, Owen, let's expand on that.
This is how they divide us.
The feds did the same thing to me a year and a half ago.
They said, yeah, we're looking to indict you.
They told my lawyers that.
But if you'll just proffer and come meet with us and give us stuff, we will leave you alone.
I said, I don't trust you.
Give me total immunity.
And we told them, plus there's nothing there.
Except us, the cops saying, yeah, go try to stop it, which they lie about.
We have that video.
I haven't been released yet.
And they said, no, we don't want that.
And they ran headlines, Jones just offered to turn Trump in.
No, I offered to show him we haven't done anything.
And so it was shocking, not just in the sentencing memo that they are trying to criminalize free speech.
It was shocking to us that they asked for incarceration.
We weren't expecting that.
We were expecting no jail time.
That was the cooperation.
That was the good faith negotiation.
So, getting stabbed in the back.
But Alex, again, I mean... Well, everybody wants to know about what you've been told about the process.
You're able to come back to Austin.
They're going to try to sentence you.
Can you do an appeal?
We know you can do an appeal retroactively.
Sixty days in their gulag, who knows what they'll do to you.
I mean, Owen, you're a mate.
They're going up to the press now.
They mean to this as a mode of intimidation.
What did Norm Pattis, your famous, well-known lawyer, tell you?
So, we're still working on some of the follow-up details.
We do, of course, plan on appealing.
The judge might... we might get rejected.
They might just reject our appeal and just say, no, you can't appeal.
In which case, today's sentencing will be final.
But we do plan on appealing and I will just go ahead and tell you right now, we'd like this case to make it to the Supreme Court, Alex.
Alright, in closing, Owen, I'm going to go to calls.
You're going to be hopefully back tonight.
You're going to be hosting your show tomorrow at 3 p.m.
Well, I'm hoping I'm going to be back tonight.
Tim Poole from TimCast is making every possible measurement to get me on his show tonight.
No, that's a great idea.
Go there.
No matter what Alex, I'm going to be in studio tomorrow.
No matter what, unless some unforeseen circumstances, I will be in studio tomorrow.
where it is in West Virginia around the border of Maryland and then try to fly
out in the morning and then we'll get folks to co-host your show or I'll do it
for you but I think you should do Tim Kess. I told them no matter what Alex I'm
gonna be in studio tomorrow no matter what unless some unforeseen circumstances I will be in studio tomorrow as you can
imagine I'm getting thousands of requests but we're gonna make it all work. No,
no, no, no, Ashley Owen here's the problem I don't have funds and free speech to pay for it.
So I don't know where the money comes from.
I guess you said your expenses, so now you're allowed at DefendEllen.com to do that.
People can donate.
Do whatever stuff you want.
There's a lot of big shows you want to bet Bannon wants you on.
So Bannon's about an hour and a half away from when Tim Pool is.
Maybe go do Tim Pool, do Bannon tomorrow, do whatever you need to, brother.
You're in command now.
You make whatever you want, brother.
Make whatever decision you want.
Thank you, General Jones, but let me tell you right now, I want to be back at the InfoWars studios.
That's our flagship station that is the mothership in the resistance against tyranny, and so I want to be back.
I'm dying to get back, and the rest of the interviews I'm going to be able to do from our studios or from our hometown of Austin, and so the plan is to go on Tim Pool tonight, and then I'm going to be back in Austin as soon as possible, but I will be back in studio tomorrow.
Well, he's got an audience of 5-10 million, so be sure to tell them to tune in at Infowars.com forward slash show.
And Tim's smart.
I love how Tim, he used to be a big liberal.
As they attack more and more, he's totally joined us.
Because old-fashioned liberals were good people.
They were just, you know, not politically aligned with us.
But now, there's only patriots and tyrants now.
That's where we're at, Alex.
Closing two-minute comment.
Anything else you want to say?
Well, let me just respond to that.
You know, Alex, we always knew that this fight for freedom was upon us.
We always knew it.
That's why you started InfoWars.
That's why the Alex Jones Show is what it is today.
And that's why I wanted to join the team and expand our live transmission.
So I think it's just it's like when we're when you're finally getting airdropped onto the battlefield now.
I mean, we are in the heat of it now, brother.
And I can't say enough words of Thanks and gratitude and love for the support that I've gotten in the last 72 hours at DefendOwen.com.
I can't express how much that means to me and I just want to assure all of the people that donate at DefendOwen.com and I want to assure all the audience members here is that Our fight for freedom, our fight for truth, and our fight for justice will persist.
I believe in this country.
I believe in this republic.
I believe the founding documents are imperative to preserve.
And so we're not going to go anywhere.
And yeah, you know what?
That might mean some bad stuff for us.
But I believe freedom is worth it.
I believe the country is worth it, and I think our audience agrees, Alex, and the more they come, the more people are going to realize that what you just said, it's either patriots, freedom lovers, or tyrants.
That paradigm is going to become solidified here, if it's not already.
Beautifully said, and you just said it.
It's like we're paratrippers being dropped at the Battle of the Bulge.
I mean, it's... Let me guess, because I don't know, but you seem more empowered, more invigorated, because we've been proven right.
The enemy's come, and we're men, and we're going to measure up to our ancestors right now.
We're measuring up right now.
It's a fight I didn't really expect to be in probably 10 years ago.
Definitely not 20 years ago.
I'm sure most of my family and friends never expected to see this moment.
But you know, Alex, I'll tell you this too.
I've really been a good person my whole life.
I really have.
Everybody I... I'm extremely popular, okay?
Everybody I've ever crossed paths with loves me.
And so I'll just tell you, it's kind of like the Bible says, what you do to the least of my people, you know, shall be done to you.
I'm the least of the people, Alex.
I'm the guy that is, I'm a lover.
I'm a peace lover.
I'm a peaceful guy.
Everybody knows that.
Everybody knows what I stand for.
And everybody knows what I stand against.
And so when they see me taking the fire, and when they see me as a marked man with a target on my back, It's going to cause a major awakening process.
I'll tell you, I'd rather probably not be going through this, but in the fight for our republic, in the fight for truth, in the fight for freedom, if it has to be me, then it's worth it.
Well, that's it.
I mean, if anybody knows politics and history, persecuting somebody like you is a really bad move, just like Trump.
But they just decided to go full takeover, which means they got something really bad planned.
That's why I'm worried about you if they put you in there for 60 days.
They're planning something big, false flags, Owen.
So everybody better be praying and getting ready.
We both are separate.
We're not being funded now by free speech.
I'm here working actually in the negative, beyond free.
I'm working at a deficit.
And a lot of people involved in it think it's funny, but it doesn't matter, because every minute we become more popular and more successful in the fight, and God is using us to our credibility with the public, and our reach is growing while we go through pain.
And I'm willing to go through that pain to do this, and I appreciate you, Owen.
Owen Troyer, we will hopefully see you back in the studio tomorrow, but go to Tim Pulley.
He's been a big defender of you the whole time, and then get back to Austin as soon as you can.
God bless you, and good luck.
Anything else?
Roger that, General.
Love you, Owen.
There goes my brother, Owen Schroyer.
Brother from another mother.
All right, I appreciate callers holding.
We're going to go to the next hour with you.
In fact, I'm going to go to you.
Here as soon as the next hour starts, Savick and everybody else that is patiently holding.
But yeah, I sit here like a baby bird just begging for money constantly because I can be intelligent, I can be informed, I can be well-read, I can spend all my time researching this, but we, by the grace of God and your support, built this platform with the satellite uplinks on the roof and the AM and FM affiliates, the cable and TV affiliates, and the internet, giant audience, and everybody taking clips of the show.
29 years of work, all God's doing, has led us to the position we're in now to contend with the enemy.
That's what God told me.
God said, you're going to build the big resistance, your audience will build the resistance, you will enlighten the people, and you will see all these leaders pop up from what you and your audience does, and then you're going to get hurt really bad.
Do you want to be Christ-like?
And I was given a little idea.
A little taste, a little phew!
Not the baby Holy Ghost, just God loving you like a blanket, but horror.
And just a microcosm of what Christ had put on him, of the pain and the sins of the world.
I was just given just a one-one trillionth of what Christ was given.
And I said, I said, I want it.
And God literally said, here's the contract.
And I signed that contract.
And I'm signing it again metaphysically in front of all of you right now.
There's the contract right there.
I've signed it in blood.
Victory or death.
And that's where we are.
So I need provisions in the fight.
I won't back down.
I won't give in, but I could give out.
InfowarsTour.com to support free speech and great products.
Biomineral Fusion back in stock.
Oh, wrong. Biomineral Fusion comes in about three months.
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One-time donations at voltwarestore.com or sign up for recurring ones.
We want people to fight.
We don't have the Federal Reserve with unlimited money.
They just make up giving it to people.
We have you.
And then of course DefendJones.com.
Straight donations.
Second thing out of the hole I'm in.
And defend Owen.com.
And that's it.
We really are in your hands.
I want you to say a prayer for Owen, say a prayer for me.
I've been telling you the last few weeks, if I spend all the time on the stuff they're doing behind the scenes, it's nasty, folks.
But that only makes me even stronger in my conviction that, man, we were right about these people.
It's worse than I thought.
I gotta take them on.
Every fiber of my body, every cell I got, Just wants to fight these people.
Because we care about the children.
So thank you for your support.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with hour number three of your phone call.
Stay with us.
Hour number four.
And more on our forum.
It's just a mask.
It's just six feet.
It's just non-essential businesses.
It's just non-essential workers.
It's just until we work it out.
It's just a bar.
It's just a restaurant.
It's just nursing homes.
It's just schools.
It's just to keep from overwhelming medical services.
It's just until the cases go down.
It's just to flatten the curve.
It's just to keep others feeling safe.
It's just for a few more weeks.
It's just gyms, salons, spas, and sporting events.
It's just churches and mosques.
It's just singing.
It's just travel.
It's just until we get a vaccine.
It's just for the greater good.
It's just fact-checking, not censorship.
It's just mandatory.
It isn't just at all.
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When castles towered over vast landscapes and knights championed honor and valor, there came an unforeseen darkness.
Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
In his most desperate hour in the battle against evil, a radiant light descended from the heavens.
God, in all his glory and his legion of angels, stood by Alex's side.
The battle raged on, but with every blow, Alex Jones' conviction grew stronger.
With every truth he proclaimed, the demonic forces faltered.
When the enemy was vanquished, Alex Jones swore a solemn oath that should the realm need him again, he would return.
And now it's Alex Jones, leading a full frontal assault on the satanic New World Order.
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On March 20th, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq.
Exactly one year before the invasion, Alex Jones predicted it.
So now everybody's going, wow, it really was the Iraqis.
That's just because they're getting ready to invade Iraq.
What a beautiful setup.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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That was a private in God's army 2000 And I wasn't even in that in 2000.
Seems like a thousand years ago.
But then in 1997, I was given the spiritual commission and shown the future.
And now here we are.
I'd die a thousand deaths for this.
This is the animating contest of liberty.
This is what we were born for.
Alright, I promised to go to your calls and I apologize I made you hold, but we got Owen on so we had to talk to him.
I think you all agree and understand that.
Savick in Seattle, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
I've been in this country for about 20 years, and I became a citizen when I did that.
I didn't sign up for this.
I didn't sign up for a short American dream.
I signed up to defend the Constitution of this country from enemies, foreign and domestic.
You didn't sign up for a globalist nightmare?
No, sir.
Owen Schroeder, our prayers go to you, Alex, to you, to the January Sixers.
And this is our V for Vendetta moment when we all put our Owen Shroyer, Alex Jones, General Sixers masks and we say no and we take action.
We're gonna share that Greg Reese's report, the latest one about Owen Shroyer.
I haven't seen it.
Get it ready guys, I want it.
Yes, translate the heck out of it.
Share it to the world and just so the system knows that if you silence Alex, Owen, or anybody else, that's for free.
Let me say this, brother, and I'll hold you over, but that's it.
It's a spiritual test, and God wants to see who's real.
We can't falter now.
We can't bow now.
It's out in the open.
These are the worst people ever.
These are the worst people ever, and we are going to defend this country no matter what.
Please, please, help with buying the products.
Help with the funds for Jones and Schroer.
And also, just so the system knows, if you silence Alex or Owen, another hundred Schroers are going to come up.
Another hundred Alex Jones are going to come up.
You are not going to stop us.
This is our moment, people!
Let's go!
You know, as bad as America is, it's still the best house in the bad neighborhood.
Everywhere else had worse lockdowns except Eastern Europe.
And people say, why is Eastern Europe so free now?
It's not perfect, but people have been through a lot there.
Hold over, Savick.
I want to hear where you came from, what you have to say.
I didn't know Greg reached the new report.
So much content's been put up by M4, they can't keep track of it.
But man, what a team.
I mean, all our team.
I love every one of them.
You know, I chew them out all the time to fight harder.
And, you know, give it a Jedi mindset.
Serious mind.
While the controlled corporate media lies to you about news that's happening now, we tell you the truth about what's happening today.
I didn't know that our great researcher, Greg Reese, had done a report on Owen before he was sentenced to 60 days for the First Amendment.
Here's his report and we'll go right to your phone calls.
Which is why what the founding fathers of these United States gave us is so revered.
They drafted a form of government unlike any other in history.
A revolutionary form of governance based upon the foundation that all men are created equal and independent.
And that all are born with the inherent and inalienable right to the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
George Washington wrote, If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us, the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led like sheep.
To the slaughter.
Benjamin Franklin wrote, "Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government.
When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny
is erected on its ruins."
And this is where we are at today.
Our First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
And it has been stripped away from us by tyrants.
News host Owen Schroyer is being charged with the crime of questioning the results of the 2020 presidential elections, the most blatant election fraud in U.S.
And he did so peacefully, which is his God-given right under the U.S.
Schreuer isn't being charged with conspiracy, incitement, or any actual crime at all.
He is being charged for exercising his freedom of speech.
The sentencing document goes on for pages, quoting him for saying what Americans on both sides of the crippling two-party system have been saying for over a century.
In short, that the government is tyrannical and criminal, which should be obvious to just about everyone at this point.
And this is not a crime.
It is the first line of defense against tyranny.
Our freedom to call it out.
The document mentions a simple misdemeanor that involves Schroer being on Capitol grounds.
This was a violation of a court order that resulted from a 2019 arrest when Schroer stood and protested a House Judiciary Committee meeting.
But this is not the crime he is being charged with.
The 30-page sentencing document is nothing but hot air being blown by a legal team held on the leash by tyrants who occupy the halls of our government.
What Troyer is actually being charged with is best summarized on page 20.
Where it states, his statements and actions after January 6 illustrate his complete lack of remorse.
To date, despite a number of opportunities he has taken to speak about the election and January 6, he has yet to sincerely demonstrate genuine remorse for his conduct.
In other words, he won't shut up about the stolen 2020 election.
This is his God-given right.
But the criminals who have hijacked we, the people's government, are letting the rest of us know that those days are over.
And we are now their slaves to be experimented on, thrown in jail, and murdered.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Four thousand years ago, in the Middle East today, the prophet Ezekiel was being threatened with murder
by the worshippers of Baal and human sacrifice if he did not silence himself.
All right.
And he wrote then, that they have dug up the scrolls.
It burns in my bones.
I cannot stop even if they kill me.
That's me.
That's Owen.
That's you.
It burns.
I'm going to read that quote.
Put it back up.
I'm going from memory.
He said, it's burning in my bones.
I can't stop.
They've come with men with swords to kill me, but it's burning, burning, burning, burning.
God, the master, told the dry bones, watch this.
I bring the breath of life.
You guys found another one.
Look up Ezekiel.
It burns in my bones.
I told the crew like 10 seconds ago it's not their fault.
In fact, they even found that.
It's incredible.
But he says it's burning.
It's burning!
It's burning.
I can't stop.
They've come to kill me.
It's burning.
I can't stop.
It's burning!
I've got to do it.
I've got to call out against the child sacrifice.
I've got to call out against the transgenderism.
I've got to call out against the open borders, the human trafficking.
I've got to do it!
It's burning!
I'm burning!
It's burning in my bones.
Type in Ezekiel quote, burning in my bones.
There's a couple of them, but you guys found the other one.
The point is, is that we are here.
It is burning in my bones.
Burning, burning, burning, burning, burning.
You can't ignore it.
You can't deny it.
It's the order to resist from God.
Savicks, you were going to finish your point.
Where are you from?
What did you witness?
Why'd you move to America?
Yes, I'm originally from just outside Mexico City.
I came to the States.
I already had some family members.
So I wasn't really doing much down there.
I was 18, 19 years old.
And I wasn't a very good kid at home.
My parents told me, you need to go to school or you need to find a job.
Or you gotta go with your family in the States.
Fine, I'll go to the States.
At first, I didn't really care much about being here.
But after learning about you about 10 years ago, that's when I started realizing that the system is against us.
And that's why I decided to start sharing the word, started doing the little content, sharing great research reports, and translating it to Spanish, share it to Latin America, and then we've been growing little by little ever since.
So, yes, I became a citizen with the legal process, and now I'm here, and now I'm with you guys.
We are all Alex Jones.
We're all Owen Schreier.
We're all generous Dixers.
Absolutely, brother.
And I appreciate you and thank you so much.
All right, let's go to Rick in FEMA Region 4.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Truly unfortunate to get to speak to you under these circumstances.
I usually like to have lighter-hearted dialogue with Owen, but right now, man, I'm sad.
Frankly, like the movie The Network, I'm mad as hell with what these sick, twisted, globalist lunatics have done to him.
And Rick, I'm going to give you time, but I want to be a trillion percent clear.
It's not about him in jail for his free speech.
It's about what it means they're doing and how they're coming for all of us and what it signifies.
Does that make sense?
Myself and everyone listening should be embarrassed, if not disgusted, by this dystopian, real-life, 1984, politically motivated justice system that we're under.
I mean, that said, the times I've gotten through to Owen or Harrison, I like to tell the listening audience to not take this broadcast for granted.
And I'll be honest with you, with today's event, I'm speaking to the 98 or 99% of you That you do take this broadcast for granted.
You take all this knowledge, you take this insight and whiz them in.
Yet, you've yet to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get something that's going to improve your health or immune system.
Or if you don't want some supplements, by not giving five, ten, whatever dollar amount donation you can afford.
You're just allowing these globalist clowns to continue to destroy the world and life that we all... Let me interrupt you again.
They don't have an ESG global carbon tax yet to shut everything down yet.
Money can still fight them now.
And so people need to understand, it is literally money that is like ammo in the fight.
This is it.
You want somebody to put up a fight?
Folks are coming for everybody.
It is a no-brainer.
I'm not mad at God.
It's God's plan.
But we should be flooded.
Instead, we're barely hanging on.
I'm with you, man.
So, out of respect to Owen, I have to do this.
Oh yeah, the clown horn.
Guys, go find Owen's clown horn.
Where is that?
Is it in his studio or in his office?
Keep going, brother.
Hey, God bless you.
DefendOwen.com, DefendJones.com.
Truly appreciate what you guys do.
Be well.
Thank you so much, brother.
John in Minnesota, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Go ahead.
I got to start with one statement out of his sentencing document.
Schroyer cannot light a fire near a can of gasoline and then express concern or disbelief when it explodes.
That's a circular reference, just like in a spreadsheet.
It does not compute.
Yeah, he goes... I'm gonna let you start over.
I'm gonna let you start over.
Give me the four.
He goes to a political rally peacefully, and if someone does something else wrong, he's guilty.
That is communist logic.
What I wanted to say, General Jones, sir, I respectfully ask that you let me make my point on my own.
Make your point.
Go ahead, Megan.
Okay, my point is, we are surrounded by people that are cowardly, but they don't, they just can't help themselves.
They know that this election was stolen, okay, but we have to forgive them for their cowardice and show them the way to rectify their soul and self-respect.
And I'm just going to say, you know, 2020 was a fraud.
We have to say it out loud.
And there's a lot of people that are on the very edge of that.
They know it was stolen, but they're afraid.
I hope you can get people to understand they have to voice their concern.
Say it out loud every day.
And the last thing I want to say is, just like that statement I said was circular.
This government cannot light a fire near a can of gasoline and then express concern or disbelief when it explodes.
So they better... I really think they should get Secret Service.
They should be protected.
And I want to plant that seed in their mind.
They better not, you know, just like that statement says, don't light a fire near a can of gasoline and then express concern or disbelief when it explodes.
Because that's where we're at right now.
And what we have to do is wake up the rest of the people.
They're almost awake, but they're not quite awake.
We have to forgive them for their cowardice and then show them the way to rectify their soul by speaking out loud.
2020 was fraudulent.
We're going to get Trump back in there.
He's going to get let Enrique and Dom and all these people, J6ers, he'll Commute their sentences, they'll get out of jail, and we'll have our country back online again.
Alright, I appreciate great points.
Sorry to interrupt you earlier, but you made your point.
Thank you, sir.
It's not about Ellen or Alex Jones or Enrique.
Yes, we deserve support, and I appreciate it.
Folks, they're outlawing political dissent.
They're outlawing free speech.
They say it in the document.
Ellen's favorite toy.
(toy squeaking)
Owen's favorite toy.
(toy squeaking)
This is absolute, total and complete clown world.
And obviously the globalists don't think one step ahead and pass what they do.
It's insane.
It's nuts.
It's incredibly destructive, but they're mercenaries.
Nick in Oklahoma, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Mr. Jones, how are you doing?
I'm alright, brother.
I mean, they're putting our reporter in prison for trying to stop a Jam 6 riot, while Ray Epps said he orchestrated it in his text messages and going to the Capitol and rammed signs into cops.
I mean, it's just a murder of logic.
Well, it's more than a murder of logic.
It's a murder of our Constitution, Mr. Jones.
Yes, sir.
The way that I see it is, and it's very unfortunate, I myself, I'm a combat veteran, served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I see, I unfortunately see that, you know, I heard a quote a long time ago, when diplomacy fails, war is inevitable.
And unfortunately, I see this on, as we're calling it, World War III, and I see this trying to come to fruition here in the United States.
You're absolutely right.
They're using Owen as a martyr.
Um, but more so, they're kind of like us, what's going on in New Mexico, doing a test balloon.
They're just throwing the gauntlet down.
They're going to throw the gauntlet down.
And that's exactly what's happening here.
And so, so my advice, my advice to all the fellow Patriots that are out there is you don't need to begin to get ready.
You need to be standing at the ready.
God help us.
That's all I can say.
No, I agree.
I'm not a cowardly person, but I'm shaken by what we're in.
I mean, they're making their move.
I mean, this is it.
And the way that they figure it is if we can take an outstanding person such as such as Owen and we can throw him in jail for simply saying the wrong things, and maybe we can spark some patriots to stand up and come to arms and start a civil war.
And if that civil war starts, then that'll be an excuse for us to, you know, for other countries to come over here and... And here's why we're against the civil war.
The Declaration of Independence says we have a right to do it.
I agree with it at this point.
They're already cutting the power off.
They're already cutting the pipelines off.
The border's wide open.
They want us to all kill each other, so they're doing things that we provocatively think.
But the minions are just front people.
But the state's moving against BlackRock.
The Attorney General's pulling the money.
The legislature's pulling the money.
It's war.
It's not shopping at Target and not buying Anheuser-Busch and going to church on Sunday.
The war is emancipating yourself and taking your child out of public school.
You see what I'm saying?
So we think at a level, and I get it epigenetically, I just go out and defeat an enemy.
I defeat Santa Ana, I defeat King George III, my ancestors did it, but instead we've got to defeat the enemy virus within our minds.
You know, I've been sitting here and I've been listening to this going on for weeks.
I've been listening to what happened with Owen today, and I'll be honest with you, I'm quite reminded of a quote, you can't fix stupid.
And it's very true, you can't fix stupid, but you can eradicate it.
You know, the sword is the word of God.
People say the saying, the pen is mightier than the sword.
Well, maybe to some, but the truth is better... Well, the reason I say that, brother, is the pen directs the battle space of the sword.
That's why the First Amendment directs the second.
The pen creates the battle space for the resistance.
That's right.
And the truth of the matter is the ultimate sword, the Word of God, can cut the hand that holds the pen off and begin to rewrite its own history.
Metaphorically speaking, of course.
So what do you think we should do with what's going down?
They're trying to put Trump in prison, we're starting World War III, the borders are wide open, giant human smuggling, pedophilia everywhere.
I mean, I've got footage I've even played of like mayors at pedophile events with little kids in California.
I mean, these people are out of control.
Okay, so let's look at this realistically.
You know, we've got what, 1.5 million service members worldwide that's strewn out across the world, right?
Let's go in as a country, and I'm not advocating for violence here, but simply walk in in mass numbers and escort them out the building and tell them you're fired.
That's it.
Allow the military to protect our country at its borders and make sure the military is very well known.
The problem is the top brass are globalists.
And they should be fired just the same.
What's the difference?
I hear you Nick, I appreciate your call and God bless you.
Let's talk to Liz in Australia.
Liz, thanks for holding, go ahead.
Hi Alex.
Welcome, I know it's, what is it, like 5am there?
It is 5am, 4.54am and this phone call cost me a fortune but the stars are aligned because today I awoke to my first package of InfoWars store goodies.
I'm waiting on my coffee and my bio.
Owen, thank you.
You paid a princely sum to get that shipped to Australia, so thank you, darling.
No worries.
And the other thing I would like to say is I'm so happy to see you on Mug Club, because we need to hear your voice everywhere.
In regards to what's happening today with Owen and everything else, I'm sure Maria Z has spoken to you about what's going on in Australia at the moment.
Our government, at this very moment, is trying to cede our sovereignty to a deep state cabal of politicians.
Oh, they're announcing the government's going to break in your computer and frame you under law.
They're saying you're under UN control.
It's disgusting.
Well, they're preparing a referendum for next month called The Voice.
Which will basically feed sovereignty to aboriginals and indigenous folks to allow them to claim tribal land basically wherever they want.
So we could all be living in homes that are owned by people that don't pay their mortgages if this goes through and we are hoping and praying that it doesn't.
The word on the street is it won't.
But, as I said, we have a deep state cabal going on in this country.
It doesn't matter whether it's New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, they all follow WF Globalist's paradigm.
It is a worldwide corporate cabal.
Well, free speech is a selective right these days and communists don't understand communism until they're in the gulag with the resistance.
So, you know, That's just the way it is.
And every time the people that open the doors to tyranny are the ones that are put in the camps.
That's right.
They don't understand that they're going to be next because they think that they're on the side of the right.
But they're only on the side of the right until the left, in this case, sees them as a problem.
But in saying that, Alex, I would like to also, I produce a small A show on Rumble, and I'm founding a new network on Rumble as well, and I'm in development at the moment for a new program that I'm calling Frontrunners, and I'd like to offer you and Owen the opportunity to come on and express to Australians... Beautiful!
We're about to go to break.
Tell us the website.
Tell us the name again.
The show will be called Frontrunner.
It's in development at the moment.
I have a channel on Rumble called Bunker Studios and TV.