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Name: 20230907_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 7, 2023
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses Google's censorship of free speech and potential dangers of AI monitoring information online. He addresses concerns about a proxy war between Russia and Ukraine that could escalate into World War III. Jones emphasizes the importance of maintaining good health by taking essential medications and being prepared for any potential COVID-19 surge. He promotes various products available at InfowarsStore.com, expressing gratitude towards his audience for their support. The show also features discussions on health, vaccines, conspiracy theories, and alternative medicine with Dr. Stella Emanuel.

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And of course, the World War 3 issue is, World War 3 has already begun, declares Ukrainian security chief.
We'll put the full show headline up there.
I'll read that for radio listeners.
Nuclear war alert, head of Ukrainian military declares World War 3 has begun.
Must watch live transmission.
I mean, I think that's self-explanatory, isn't it?
So, let's just be honest about that statement.
It's completely true.
And the Russians are escalating, the West is escalating, and we are in the Russians' backyard.
George Soros brags on CNN nine years ago that he helped overthrow the Ukrainian government.
We've been in this proxy war since then, and now it's going into a hot war.
troops are over there dying.
Heavier weapons are being sent in, F-16s.
And it's complete insanity.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Google, which is owned by Alphabet Incorporated, is worth roughly 1.7 trillion dollars.
I consider myself as an entrepreneur, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our times, Sergey Brin, who is, as you know, the co-founder and president of Alphabet.
A number that rivals the GDP of some first world nations.
This Goliath recently decided that the First Amendment no longer applies to U.S.
Think of this as a search engine for your fact checks that can help you determine fact from fiction.
To add claim review markup, you'll need to provide the following information.
The URL of the article.
The name of the organization that conducted the fact check.
Once you've provided this information, you can click create to add the markup to the article.
Google will then crawl the article and add the markup to its database.
While others in Silicon Valley tied to the World Economic Forum and the United Nations continue to build a Trojan horse of neo-feudalism.
Reducing that hateful content from being seen is one of the best examples how X is committed.
To encouraging healthy behavior online.
Internet censorship has grown since the Obama administration to be an unregulated wild beast.
Who needs free speech as long as the economy's going good?
Social media, once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge and understanding and solidarity, has proved to be just as effective promoting hatred and paranoia.
And propaganda.
And conspiracy theories.
Fast forward to 2023, and the barely acknowledged federal lawsuit, Missouri vs. Biden, is revealing a cancerous censorship network that grew between big tech, U.S.
intelligence agencies, and the Biden administration, while given cover by a mockingbird media that violently drowned the First Amendment in favor of a level of totalitarianism that directly threatens national security.
The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.
Judge Terry Doty calling the Biden administration's efforts a massive attack against free speech and targeted suppression of conservative ideas.
The decision means top White House officials and several federal agencies including the FBI and the Department of Justice cannot communicate with social media companies for the purpose of urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing
in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected
free speech. We had a big couple of weeks here, Stuart, with uncovering really a vast
censorship enterprise. At least 45 folks from the Biden administration were in constant
communication with these social media platforms to censor and suppress
Had weekly calls, censorship calls.
These social media platforms were changing their terms of service to deplatform folks.
And in addition to that, you had literally a high-ranking Facebook official texting the Surgeon General of the United States saying, hey, we did what you asked, what more can we do?
As the New York Post reported, So far, 67 officials or agencies, including the FBI, have been accused in the lawsuit of violating the First Amendment by pressuring Facebook, Twitter, and Google to censor users for alleged misinformation or disinformation.
The problem is, the mis- and disinformation proved to be true.
Right, who makes the decision of what's disinformation, what's truthful, and what's not?
I mean, after all, we saw a Russia hoax for years, and that turned out not to be true.
We saw The doctors in front of the Supreme Court building talking about potential other treatments and those videos were all taken down.
Now we know that those treatments could have saved many lives.
Unhindered, the Department of Defense contracted a New York based AI company to deploy software to target disinformation on social media in real time.
Meanwhile, Google continues to interfere in US elections, pioneer the forced entry of AI's deep mind into our personal lives, and replace the propagandist Mockingbird Media with AI journalists, while creating an online media ecosystem that will eliminate disinformation, aka independent journalism.
However, Section 230 continues to shield big tech from a tsunami of lawsuits, as our bought-and-paid-for, do-nothing Congress allows Google to quickly replace them with a one-world government.
John Bowne reporting.
That is an incredibly important report.
It's in Van Dot Video.
Get it and share it.
Let's stop these monsters.
Sleepwalking into Armageddon.
Sleepwalking into thermonuclear war.
The psychopaths running Ukraine out of the US government are marching us directly down the threat ladder of escalation or up the ladder to hell.
And that's where we are here today.
And I'm not resigned about this.
But I've really, I guess, let it settle into my psyche, settle into my soul that this is happening and that I would be lying to myself and lying to you if I did not tell you there's a very good chance that most of us will be dead soon.
There is a normalcy bias in living your life where you just think everything's gonna go on great forever and then you go to work one day and you get a call and your wife's been t-boned with your son or daughter and Your wife's dead and your son's fighting for his life.
You see those stories all the time.
It's happened to many of you that are watching and listening.
And it just sets in that, wow, this really happened.
And then four, five, six days later, you're burying your loved ones.
Or your son or daughter's in a coma.
Now that's on a mini scale.
And basically, The globalists, to use another car wreck analogy, are racing around on a Saturday night at about 10 p.m., running every red light they can, just hoping somebody pulls out in front of them and they can T-boat them.
That's what they're doing.
So I don't know exactly when they're going to run into somebody.
I don't know exactly when the crash is going to happen, but if you drive around in, say, downtown Austin, 100 miles an hour through red lights, you're going to kill somebody.
Probably yourself, too.
It's going to happen.
Might take five minutes, might take an hour.
You're going to be in a horrible car accident.
And so we're all strapped in this car, racing around at 100 miles an hour on a Saturday night, and people are coming out of restaurant parking lots, and people are going to the grocery store, and people are coming home from the football game.
And we're just all strapped in with these lunatic psychopaths.
I mean, yesterday, here's just a microcosm.
Mitch McConnell's doctor came out and said, oh, he's never frozen and he's not having any mental problems.
And the White House press secretary says Biden did a perfect job in Maui and has really responded well to it.
And it just goes on and on from there.
You know, little things like that.
I mean, Biden doesn't even know where he is now.
They're starting to make their moves to remove him.
Now they're saying, oh, it's going to be Gavin Newsom.
That's all over the news.
That man is a completely psychopathic demon.
And of course, the World War Three issue is World War Three has already begun.
Declares Ukrainian security chief.
We'll put the full show headline up there.
I'll read that for radio listeners.
Nuclear war alert.
Head of Ukrainian military declares World War III has begun.
Must watch live transmission.
I mean, I think that's self-explanatory, isn't it?
So, let's just be honest about that statement.
It's completely true.
And the Russians are escalating.
The West is escalating.
And we are in the Russians' backyard.
George Soros brags on CNN nine years ago that he helped overthrow the Ukrainian government.
We've been in this proxy war since then, and now it's going into a hot war.
troops are over there dying.
Heavier weapons are being sent in, F-16s.
And it's complete insanity.
absolute insanity.
What are we going to do about it?
And that's really the thing.
When I look at our enemies, and I'm talking about Alexander Soros and people like that, these are really screwed up people.
I mean, you can go research him and go watch his college thesis speeches and just see his activity.
I've done a deep dive on him, and the man is a psychotic demon who through his philanthropy causes the collapse of
countries, the theft of pension funds, mass crime, death, letting hardened
murderers out of jail after like two days. It's the total destruction of our
civilization and then you look at the scum that's doing it and you look at all
the other people that take the money. It's now over a thousand DA's and counting
attorneys that they own.
20, at least 21 State Attorney Generals.
You see the weaponization, what these DAs do to Trump and anybody else gets in their way.
They can commit any crime they want, any amount of money laundering, any amount of corruption, and then they constantly hound us, inventing things we've done that we haven't done.
The good people, the wholesome people, the upstanding people, from upstanding families, with upstanding histories, with outstanding records, are the bad people.
And the people from bad families, with horrible records, are in control.
We are in the grasp, we are in the clutches of basically people that would make the Joker
from the Batman universe blush.
Nihilistic crazies.
And if you've studied criminology, it's fascinating.
There's a lot of technical mumbo jumbo that goes into it, but here's the final equation.
Even high-functioning psychopaths that kill 20, 30, 40 people almost always
get reckless at the end, whereas they were careful up front,
their own subconscious programming, even though they're innately evil,
and what's in control of their cerebral cortex is anti-human, the cells of their body want to stop them.
*silence* There's still some human essence there, so they start getting reckless, they start bragging, they start trying to get caught.
And that's what all this is.
That's why they just push the most incredible pedophilia, and the most insane corruption, and the most antithetically antilogical statements, like two men can have a baby, and X and Y chromosomes don't exist.
That's a more ridiculous statement than saying the tooth fairy exists.
To say it doesn't exist.
And they teach in textbooks, there's no chromosomes.
So, they actually teach 2 plus 2 equals 5 in public schools all over the country.
I saw a graphic I meant to cover two days ago and I sent it to the crew.
You guys are geniuses at finding stuff quickly.
It was from Twitter.
And it shows that yellow-toothed teacher in Colorado with the Handsome little boy, conservative, nicely dressed boy scout type.
And he's got a little Gadsden flag on his backpack and she says, that's not allowed.
Well, in the graphic, it shows the door of the classroom is all the leftist flags and LGBTQ, all that crap.
And she says, but your flag's not allowed.
And that literally is happening everywhere.
In colleges and Best Buys and businesses.
The latest James O'Keefe investigation.
Yeah, there it is.
Go ahead and take the lower third down, thanks.
Yeah, leave that up.
I'm going to skip the break.
Just leave that up for a couple minutes.
You see, that's not satire.
That's real.
No flags allowed in this school.
And so, the Best Buy employee shot video of their computer nerd's office that was in there, or their services.
Rent-A-Nerd, or whatever it's called.
And, we've all seen the trucks, I've never used them.
But I've been in Best Buy, I've seen them.
You know, the Geek Squad, Geek Squad, thanks, I was thinking of the name.
And the guy goes, Hey man, I'm not against any, you know, these gay people or whatever, but what's going on in the office?
There's flags and signs and just crap everywhere.
And the LGBT, you know, P flag and just all of it.
And the whole queer theory thing is about pedophilia at its base by its founders.
And they said, well, You're not allowed to have a cross on your shirt, or a cross around your neck, or a cross at your desk.
She said, can I have a cross at my desk, because I've been told I can't.
No, you can't.
Because you're not going to force that on us.
You're not born a Christian.
We can't help it if we're gay.
We're born this way, so we're going to put this everywhere.
I mean, it's bullying, one-way street, total censorship, an absolute cult.
And if you just joined us, it's so powerful, I think I'm going to air it again.
As John Bowne's new report, and everything he says in there is true, but he puts in so much in five minutes, he just spends 30 seconds on what Google announced with the EU two weeks ago, and what has officially been done.
Google will now delist everyone, except for a handful of news sites, That they certify, and if you want, even per article, because your site won't ever be searchable by Google.
Not Google News, not Google Web, you won't be able to get to it.
They're going to block you completely from the search engine.
And then per article, you've got to send it through their computer, their AI, and it will tell you if it's accurate or not.
And will allow it to then be searchable.
Now all the big globalist groups, they're the ones that are already certified, so they don't even have to run
it through a computer program.
But anybody else, oh, you have an ability to come here and have it searchable, but each article
you want to be searchable, you've got to go apply to us.
And they can always change those standards as they go.
And they admit that the WEF and the UN and the EU, along with the ADL, the CIA, and the FBI,
and hundreds of other consortium groups in wolf packs or piranha schools or locust swarms say it's OK.
And then they hear, oh, well, be nice to the ADL.
They're just defending Jews, and then if you don't want to be surveilled and censored and controlled about medicine, about your body, about open borders, about election fraud, about new lockdowns, about Afghan withdrawals, there's hundreds of subjects, and they're adding new ones all the time, that are prosada non grata, from the word go, is not going to be searchable.
Google has over 90% of the world's searches.
And every time a new search engine pops up, And it's popular, Google or somebody else buys them.
So, this is the same as, you get a knock on the door, and a guy's in a delivery outfit, and you go, hey, what's going on?
And they shove a gun up under your throat and say, go sit on the couch, I'm tying you up, where's the jewelry?
But they're not just taking your jewelry, they're taking everything you've got.
The right to your body, the right to communicate, the right when you're being attacked to say something, whether you're in a group or whether you're an individual.
I mean, this is the change, baby, going on.
Your body.
And if you don't want Ukrainian war, hell, they won't just censor you and call you a Russian agent, they will all over the world now, people are being killed in their houses, they're being blown up, they're being burned to death by Ukrainian literal Azov battalion men and women with swastika tattoos are going around killing people all over the place.
So, We are being raped, we are being abused, we have been captured, and the dungeon is fortifying the doors.
Right now, if we politically, with our will, through the legislatures, through the attorney generals that we've got, that are starting to figure this out, starting to talk about it, starting to investigate it, the door is a heavy fortified wooden door right now.
But we're still men, so if you need to, you can run into that thing, even though it's got metal hinges and a metal lock, you can break it down.
Your shoulder's not going to feel good later, but you can break through that door.
Folks, they are now pulling up the delivery trucks with giant steel doors.
And steel cage to put around us.
So, the steel cages are going up, okay?
And you think, well, I'll just do my job, I'll keep my head down.
No, no.
They're coming for your children.
They're coming to brainwash them.
They're coming to literally mutilate them.
It's really true that pedophilia is their operating system and their currency, because if you'll do that, you'll do anything.
And it's horrible.
And when they get their full control in, because the last COVID release was just a test, once they get their system in place, they're going to release a real virus, or a nanotech system you saw the Pentagon talking about yesterday.
And so, everybody needs to understand, and I'm talking to people that work for the system, whether you work in the corporate system, the governmental system, anywhere, you understand, life as you know it's over.
And you can pretend you're part of the power structure.
You can pretend if you go along with this monster, it's going to eat you last.
And there's such a fundamental laziness and a fundamental... I see people, particularly young people, when I'm at the grocery store or a coffee shop or sitting in traffic, I'm very observant.
And you'll just see the teenage kids just laying there with a phone while their parents drive.
They have no desire to drive a car.
They have no desire to date.
And you look at them and they're asleep.
They're in a trance.
So we have these psychotics who are completely out of control and are always one-upping each other.
So there's an evolution in this, a social Darwinistic predator class that are replacing each other with worse and worse predators all the time.
To where you're just dealing with just absolute madmen psychotics with a total lust for mad scientist hell.
The best way to describe them, that's their, that's really the top of the pyramid in this gold rush for immortality and singularity and worshipping AI gods.
I mean, that's what it is.
And we're just expendable Genetic information and research information like booster rockets on the space shuttle.
And we just fall away and they ascend.
But of course they're not going to ascend.
If there were two globalists left in the world, because you know they're not going to stop at 500 million people.
They said we're going to leave 500 million alive.
That's official UN, official WEF.
They're not going to stop it at 500 million?
They love killing people.
They love controlling people.
You could be down to two Rothschilds, or two King Charles, in this process of evil, in a high tower together.
It killed everybody.
And they both got live assistive technologies, and they think they're immortal, and all the rest of it.
They won't really be what they were, but it'll be a thing that does go on, an entity.
In their own statements.
And those two would start trying to kill each other.
So, it's beyond the Pandora's box.
It's a countdown to total destruction.
And I'm just really sad about it.
And I'm very, very resigned.
But I really understand now when Christ said, "Forgive them, Father, for they do not...
Forgive them, Father, because they know not what they do."
It is a process of hubris and arrogance and chutzpah.
It is a process of only thinking one-dimensionally, even when they think they're thinking multi-dimensionally.
And it's really because they're so selfish and don't care about anybody, including themselves.
Because people that don't care about others, they think they've got a leg up because they don't care about anybody.
They think that's an advantage.
And it is, until you program the entire system to be sociopathic.
And by that I mean, it's predatorily at a beast level.
At some point, you can see it as only caring about yourself gets you material goods and centralizes control and gives you a power trip.
But then things like that kind of lower the overall success of the system and productivity, ingenuity, and freedom, and camaraderie, and love, and passion, and honor, and will, and civilizational society and culture.
Look at the globalist culture, it's pure death, it's ugly, it's stupid, it's bad.
Because they don't want you to have anything beautiful to lift you up, but in the process they lower themselves down even more.
But at a sick level of just transactional, one-dimensional thinking, yes, you could say early on, cancer's growing in the body, it can take over whatever it wants, it's really strong, it's great, hey, it's the boss, until it brings down the entire organism, and the cancer itself dies with the host.
And we're stage four cancer.
The planet is absolutely infested with evil.
And they are themselves aware of that.
And that's why they say, oh, we're really doing this to accelerate the decline.
So that we can then start the cycle over and it will be nice once we've got control.
That's not the case.
This is the cycle to end all cycles.
Because they're trying to control that cycle.
And In that process, destroy everyone, including themselves.
It's guaranteed.
It's the way it is.
And you see in this cowardly system that it expresses the very worst of us.
The most delusional.
The most disconnected.
The most arrogant.
Well, it takes really hard work and serious people to run nuclear reactors, and telecommunications systems, and air traffic control, and to control these bioweapon labs, even if you're going to have them.
And as you get a more and more delusional, more and more evil, more and more corrupt society with greater and greater power in its hands, we will have what I've called the Atlantean Syndrome, or the Atlantean Moment.
Whether you believe Atlantis existed or not, And they found almost everything Plato said existed, that they didn't even know existed.
They said, oh, that was just fiction.
And they find the cities he said were where, and they find the battles he said happened.
And he said there was this big island in the Atlantic Ocean that had flying machines and big mechanical automatons, exoskeletons, it's all described.
And then it had a power source that were flying machines, and it blew up.
Now, whether that existed or not, And obviously it did, that's why there's same pyramids all over the world, and the same systems, and they find jade that's only in Japan, in Mexico, in the Aztec temples, I mean, there was a whole global system.
And whatever the cataclysm was, was destroyed.
Well, we're at that moment again.
And they can say, oh, we released a virus to practice a lockdown, because it's inevitable some terror groups are going to release it, but it's them doing it.
They always have an excuse they tell their minions.
Oh, we're doing this as a dress rehearsal, like Sean Penn said.
Sean Penn, you know, we know there's going to be a new bio attack that's real this time,
and so we, this lockdown is good training for all of us.
They're just training you to sit there and die in your house when they release the big
I love God.
I love my family.
I love you.
And I am resigned to this.
I'm going to fight it as hard as I can.
We have souls.
God's in control.
But I'm just telling you, everybody out there that serves the devil, you're fools.
You're absolute fools.
We can turn this around.
And I believe, we read the Bible, we do.
One-fourth of the world's population will be killed in the process, if you believe Revelation.
I think it's very optimistic, so you better hope it's true, because there's a good chance everybody dies.
All right, we'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
It's not about not bowing down to the elites.
It's about not joining Satan in destroying the Earth.
It's that simple.
I choose God, and I am blessed and honored to be here.
And any success we have is because of God working through you, the listeners, and this crew, so we can do the best job we can to take on this evil.
Because never forget, God is watching and God is real.
All right, here's what I want to do.
I want to take your calls in the second and third hour.
We have a guest joining us and we want to cover the new lockdowns they're rolling out, all the new viruses that are out there, the record level deaths that are happening.
I just decided I want to do that.
We already have a guest coming on, but there's so many articles, so many studies, so many insurance actuarials that show a 44% increase in death in the countries that took shots on average.
That's the greatest level of death, even higher than World War I or World War II.
And that's happening right now.
And then the starvation from the lockdowns around the world is 80-plus million, the UN says, and I've looked at the numbers, I agree with those, and it's the UN that had the policies that did that, and then they sit there as the sabers while they do it.
I mean, those numbers don't even compute, do they?
Eighty-something million people.
We just round it down.
I think it was like 86 million last time I checked.
New York Times.
And they sit there, as writers, quoting the UN Global Food Director.
We've played clips of him.
Hell on Earth is here.
Hundreds of millions now set to starve to death.
And they're trying to bring in new lockdowns around the world.
They've got the celebrities wearing masks again on TV.
It's all there.
It's the same rollout.
So guys, pull up some of the latest numbers from Edward Dowd.
The insurance companies, the statisticians, we need to show some of that, but we are adapting to being killed.
We're just normalizing.
And again, I want to ask people that serve the system and go along with it, because I care about you.
Because we're in this together.
That's what empathy is.
Do you feel safe in the system like this?
I mean, you like this?
You think it's cute?
You dilute yourself?
Some of you, I know, just think, oh, that's not true.
Uh, the hell it isn't.
So, this is not a broadcast about entertainment.
This is not about playing footsie with people.
People ask me, why haven't you sold out?
Or, why don't you back down?
Bashing down means knowing this is going on, and then having four children, and not fighting to secure their future?
Why would I not?
See, that's why I make this point a lot.
I'm not a hero.
And I don't want you to think you're a hero either for fighting evil.
That's what you're supposed to do, people.
You're not a hero when you breastfeed your baby when you're a woman, or you change its diaper.
You're not a hero when somebody tries to kidnap your child to fight back.
You're doing what you're designed to do.
And when we get to the point of realizing that what I've done, thanks to your support, because you understand this is the right thing to do, is the default position.
Like, not putting your one-year-old in the backyard at night by the pool, because you know they're going to fall in and drown.
It's not heroic when you've got a backyard pool to put a fence up around it.
It's what you're supposed to do.
And that's really all I'm trying to do is saying, as a culture, we're run by people that are so delusional and have so much power to commit corruption that they don't understand they're their own worst enemy.
They're like a monkey that you hand a hand grenade with the pin pulled out of it.
Here, monkey.
Here, have a hand grenade.
And then I'm trying... The globalists are like a deranged monkey on PCP.
And they've got a hand grenade holding the lever, and if they turn it loose, it's gonna blow up and kill them.
And I pick the pen up and I'm like, nice monkey, here's a banana, let's put the pen back in.
Monkey, come here monkey.
I'm talking to the government and the globalists and all you, to the Pentagon.
Listen, listen monkey, I got the banana.
Here, just give me, you give me the hand grenade.
Give me the hand grenade.
Come on, you can trust me.
I have the banana.
Give me that.
Thank you.
Here's your banana.
Now let's put this hand grenade away now.
But no!
You don't want me to have power.
I'm going to release the leather.
And I've read the philosophy of the globalists.
They talk about, we'll blow the earth up to continue willing.
Our nihilism is unrivaled.
I've got quotes in Endgame.
And it's a satanic, lunatic spirit.
So, folks, I'm just trying to put the pen back in the hand grenade.
And we've got all these yes-men in the government and in the corporations that are going along With insane, inbred lunatics like the Royal Family in England.
And I've gotten to know a lot of people and seen a lot of stuff in my life.
I don't know any multi-generational billionaires whose children are not complete lunatics.
And they all hate themselves, and they self-harm, and they go get sex changes, and they cut themselves up because They know they're bad and they want to die, but they want to do it slowly.
Well, if they want to kill themselves, go ahead.
Knock yourselves out.
But I don't want to be on that ride with you.
On that ship with you.
And so this is a no-brainer.
Our work is a no-brainer.
We consider and cover all the facets of what they're doing, and the war, and the destruction of our country, and the collapsing third world, and all the things they're doing.
And they're doing it deliberately.
They're struggling to make sure as many people as they can are trafficked.
They're struggling to make sure as much fentanyl can get in.
They're struggling to have the police not bust the fentanyl dealers.
All over the country.
They are struggling to hold us underwater.
Well, they're holding themselves underwater, too.
It's like they've got bowling balls tied to themselves.
They tied them to us and they're holding us to the bottom of the pool and you're sitting there going to the water like, you're in a brown tube!
Let me go!
Let's go to the service!
No, I'm gonna get you!
I'm gonna get you!
I've got power!
That's what they do.
Alright, I got a lot of news to cover and a lot of things to get into, but I went on the number one show in Russia for an hour last night at midnight, 8 a.m.
their time, and I just told the truth there, even though I know it puts an even bigger glowing target on me from the CIA.
Well, people of the CIA, if they have any self-preservation instincts, Need to stop yourselves.
You need to quit now.
And it's going to become more evident by the day and by the week.
And again, I'm not asking you to do some Operation Valkyrie, because there's not one guy to take out.
You have to psychologically, culturally, mentally, at the New World Order, look in the mirror, really think about what you're doing, and how you've incrementally gone along with the lunatics, and how you're destroying your own future.
And there's still time for you to salvage your humanity.
And that's the allegory of Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi.
Is like, this guy just tried to kill me and flush me.
Now he's killing my son.
Why am I doing this?
Why have I been serving this person for 40 years?
Or whatever it is.
And he grabs Palpatine and throws his ass down the reactor shaft.
And is saved in the end.
Is reprieved.
We have to culturally not murder anybody, not kill anybody, but metaphysically get Satan off our back and throw him down the reactor shaft.
Now, we're going to get zapped, those that are willing to do it, we're all going to die anyways.
So grab him, he's going to fry us, but don't sit around and wait for somebody else to do it.
Grab him and dump him.
Be right back.
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I've gotten better in many ways.
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Uh, so I would just, I guess God says, well, then the people need to respond.
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It's why you, it's the same thing.
I want a relationship with you.
I'm not a Satanist that wants to screw you and dominate you and throw you in a ditch.
I want a long-term relationship with you, so that's why I bust my tail to try to be as accurate and truthful as I can, even though sometimes it's embarrassing.
I feel led by the Holy Spirit to say I've killed probably ten of my children.
I don't know the full number.
I am a murderer.
But God has forgiven me.
And the left always runs headlines and says, why would this guy who's against abortion admit he's a hypocrite?
It's not hypocritical.
It's like if I was an arsonist, which I never was, and later I received Christ and said it was wrong that I used to like to go burn barns down or businesses down.
That's not hypocritical.
That's saying that was wrong that I did that.
And you know, I'm young.
The girls are like, hey, I'm pregnant.
Give me money.
Or I'd find out about it later.
And then I tried to stop it a few times.
And I kind of had a conscience.
And then I just realized, hey, the only way to do this is to stop having sex, because when I was younger, I could look at a woman and get her pregnant.
And so, it didn't matter if I wore a condom, any of it, these women would get pregnant.
And I'm sure in every case it wasn't my baby.
The point was, I was involved in abortions.
I would die in a millisecond for any of my four children.
Even thinking about them makes me get tears in my eyes.
And the fact that I brought them into the world, and someday they'll die, but they're eternal.
Their spirits are eternal.
So I want to defend them.
I want to defend their souls.
And I think about my children were chopped up, vacuum-cleanered out of their mother's wombs.
So, I'm not a hero, folks.
I have murdered children.
But the difference is, I know it was wrong, and I repented, and that I was given forgiveness, and that I was given a mission.
And that's why I don't care if they kill me or put me in prison.
Because that's penance.
God's like, okay, I'll forgive you, but here's your mission.
I literally was told, here's your mission.
Here's your mission.
And you will be forgiven if you truly repent and you follow these directives.
Now it's your choice, just like the devil has a contract.
Sign that contract and it's going to be painful.
You ready for this?
Yes, sir, I am.
Let me sign my name right here.
I am so sorry.
Thank you for creating me.
You are so amazing.
There's my signature.
I am on board.
You tell me what to do.
And have you seen what we've done?
Have you seen how real this God is?
And that God tells me to tell you I'm a dirty murderer.
And that's what's important.
All these people that commit these sins and evil, harden their heart when the Holy Spirit comes and says, this is wrong.
And they don't go, oh my God, I'm sorry, you're right, and I accept that I'm wrong, and I will now follow the mission.
Instead, they go, screw you, God!
And that's why abortion leads to Satanism, and all the rest of it, and depression, and death, because we know it's wrong.
If you had an abortion, and you didn't know, say you're sorry to God.
And tell God, tell you what to do, because faith without works is dead.
And you can then be separated from the evil you've been part of.
If you don't, you're going to be put in the Phantom Zone with the rest of the other bad spirits, because this energy doesn't go away, it's just simply transferred.
Your number one mission should be separating yourself from Satan and getting as close under God's wings as you can.
We'll be back with our number two.
Stay with us.
It's just six feet.
It's just non-essential businesses.
It's just non-essential workers.
It's just until we work it out.
It's just a bar.
It's just a restaurant.
It's just nursing homes.
It's just schools.
It's just to keep from overwhelming medical services.
It's just until the cases go down.
It's just to flatten the curve.
It's just to keep others feeling safe.
It's just for a few more weeks.
It's just gyms, salons, spas, and sporting events.
It's just churches and mosques.
It's just singing.
It's just travel.
It's just until we get a vaccine.
It's just for the greater good.
It's just fact-checking.
Not censorship.
It's just mandatory.
It isn't just at all.
Visit DefendJones.com to help fight back today.
Google, which is owned by Alphabet Incorporated, is worth roughly 1.7 trillion dollars.
I consider myself as an entrepreneur, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our times, Sergey Brin, who is, as you know, the co-founder and president of Alphabet.
A number that rivals the GDP of some first world nations.
This Goliath recently decided that the First Amendment no longer applies to U.S.
Think of this as a search engine for your fact checks that can help you determine fact from fiction.
To add claim review markup, you'll need to provide the following information.
The URL of the article.
The name of the organization that conducted the fact check.
Once you've provided this information, you can click create to add the markup to the article.
Google will then crawl the article and add the markup to its database.
While others in Silicon Valley tied to the World Economic Forum and the United Nations continue to build a Trojan horse of neo-feudalism.
Reducing that hateful content from being seen is one of the best examples how X is committed.
To encouraging healthy behavior online.
Internet censorship has grown since the Obama administration to be an unregulated wild beast.
Who needs free speech as long as the economy's going good?
Social media, once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge and understanding and solidarity, has proved to be just as effective promoting hatred and paranoia.
Propaganda and conspiracy theories.
Fast forward to 2023 and the barely acknowledged federal lawsuit Missouri vs. Biden is revealing a cancerous censorship network that grew between big tech, U.S.
intelligence agencies, and the Biden administration while given cover by a mockingbird media that violently drowned the First Amendment in favor of a level of totalitarianism that directly threatens national security.
The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.
Judge Terry Doty calling the Biden administration's efforts a massive attack against free speech and targeted suppression of conservative ideas.
The decision means top White House officials and several federal agencies including the FBI and the Department of Justice cannot communicate with social media companies For the purpose of urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech.
We had a big couple of weeks here, Stuart, with uncovering really a vast censorship enterprise.
At least 45 folks from the Biden administration were in constant communication with these social media platforms to censor and suppress
Had weekly calls on censorship calls.
These social media platforms were changing their terms of service to de-platform folks.
And in addition to that, you had literally a high ranking Facebook official texting the surgeon general of the United
States saying, hey, we did what you asked. What more can we do?
As The New York Post reported, so far, 67 officials or agencies,
including the FBI, have been accused in the lawsuit of violating the First Amendment by pressuring Facebook,
Twitter and Google to censor users for alleged misinformation or disinformation.
The problem is, the mis- and disinformation proved to be true.
Right, who makes the decision of what's disinformation, what's truthful, and what's not?
I mean, after all, we saw a Russia hoax for years, and that turned out not to be true.
We saw The doctors in front of the Supreme Court building talking about potential other treatments and those videos were all taken down.
Now we know that those treatments could have saved many lives.
Unhindered, the Department of Defense contracted a New York-based AI company to deploy software to target disinformation on social media in real time.
Meanwhile, Google continues to interfere in U.S.
elections, pioneer the forced entry of A.I.' 's deep mind into our personal lives, and replace the propagandist Mockingbird Media with A.I.
journalists, while creating an online media ecosystem that will eliminate disinformation, aka independent journalism.
However, Section 230 continues to shield big tech from a tsunami of lawsuits.
As our bought-and-paid-for, do-nothing Congress allows Google to quickly replace them with a one-world government.
John Bowne reporting.
Google will conquer the United States.
It'll do more than that if we don't stop them.
Alright, there are two false narratives being put in the press today.
And the Republicans, like Rand Paul, are not doing it on purpose, but he is a medical doctor.
And I know he pushed the shot at first with Trump, so he's being like Trump.
In fact, Trump's gone further now, saying we should investigate, the shots may be bad.
He said that a few days ago on a show.
I meant to get to it.
We'll play that this hour.
It's like a three minute clip.
But there's a narrative that everything's fine and nobody's dying and there is no COVID and it's, you know, it's just the flu.
It's just a cold and there is no virus.
So you basically heard that talk.
And then on the other side, it's, oh my gosh, it's terrible, and we need masking for everybody, and the president's gonna wear a mask, and here it is.
Schools across America bring back COVID masks in classrooms amid rise in infections.
Colleges are saying you got to have the new quote booster.
You can't go.
Yes, as we told you two and a half weeks ago, they're rolling it out in mid-September.
It's just begun.
And you know, they're not going to change course.
So by the 15th, I expect they'll go ahead and say, OK, TSA workers got to wear a mask unless they change course.
And in my experience, they don't.
But at least we're not caught unaware.
So, in between those two stories is, nothing's going on, or it's the end of the world, COVID's back.
And the truth is not in between, it's a totally different subject.
I read hundreds of articles a day.
I scan three, four hundred more.
I watch fifty, a hundred videos a day.
I interview all the experts that we can get on.
I know you're tuned in, you're informed as well.
I'm just saying there's a lot of knowledge here and it's hard to condense it.
We're going to be talking about the next few hours, and taking calls from our special guests.
But what I'm trying to get at here is, I know when I got COVID it wasn't that I'd been hyped up and pre-programmed that this was bad.
When I got Delta, Two plus years ago, he almost killed Rob Doo, almost died, our news director, almost killed my dad, and I felt like a gorilla was sitting on my chest for a week.
And if I wouldn't have had the budessidine and the other things, I mean, my wife is healthy as a horse.
She got it after me.
She's like, I gotta go to the hospital.
I can't breathe.
I said, baby, just take the budessidine, take ivermectin.
And she's like, oh gosh, yeah, it feels a lot better.
I mean, she's, but when she got sick, she was 40 something years old.
And she'd been around.
She's like, I've never felt anything like this.
I can't breathe.
Because it has that constricting.
You've never had asthma?
I've never experienced asthma?
I'm told that's what asthma's like.
I mean, it's like an asthma attack.
So, so, yeah, it's real, okay?
Yeah, there's a cooked-up virus.
Yeah, they inject this with something that creates prions that slough.
But I just showed you Pentagon videos in 2017 saying, we'll release this.
It'll cause strokes, heart attacks.
They'll think it's a virus, but it's really a self-replicating nanotech we've developed.
And then we have Ecolab Alliance in 2017 approaching Trump, saying we're going to release it in China to, quote, study it.
And the Pentagon said, are you crazy?
That's biological warfare.
That's World War III.
Just like Biden said, sending Abrams tanks or F-16s to Ukraine is World War III.
But now they're doing it.
So, I've had Edward Dowd on, I've had the statisticians on, they've had the congressional hearings.
The deaths In 2020, we're nothing.
It was hype.
It was mainly flu.
Then the vaccine comes in.
It starts replicating.
It starts shedding.
That's what it was doing.
Then people get prion infections, and it was 100% real.
And the death numbers don't go up in 2020.
Up in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, they're going straight up.
And it's the vaccinated that are mainly doing it, but they're also shedding.
I can see it.
I have the studies.
I have the reports.
We have the information.
So, you need to get fortified.
You need to get healthy.
You need to get ready.
Because whatever they've fandangled, whatever they've set up, whatever mutation they know is going to be in this shot that rolls out in eight days.
I predict when they start giving the shot, just like last time, all hell's gonna break loose.
And how many women, millions of them went online and said, my boyfriend got the shot and now I have periods twice a month or three times a month or no periods at all.
80 year old women are having periods 20 years after menopause, 30 years after.
And we have studies out of University of Colorado, Zurich, Switzerland, all of them, that it is shedding.
So they're about to release their bomb, they're about to release their weapon, and all hell's about to break loose.
And that's why they'll have the backdrop of the new lockdowns is because They're gonna do it all over again.
And we've shown you the graph, pull it up again, that showed in Israel, and in Morocco, and the UK, and in Australia, and in Canada, right when the shots come in, here's the level of illness, hospitalization, death, and it goes BOOM every time.
BOOM every time.
BOOM every time.
And the studies are there.
It's mainly the vaccinated that are getting sick, hospitalized, and dying, but then they also are hitting us.
Shedding is confirmed.
Moderna and Pfizer admit it.
They make us the engines.
They don't need drones to deliver this, or a beetle to deliver the bioweapon, like the Pentagon said, or a mosquito, which Gates is doing.
They're doing it through our bodies.
So get ready.
And I've had all the experts on.
I'm not a Ph.D.
or medical doctor, virologist, or epidemiologist, but I've had them all on.
I've got the studies.
I've got the reports.
You know, there's William Shakespeare.
Not the original, but named after him.
Took the shot, dead a week later.
Hank Aaron.
The list goes on and on.
All the heart attacks.
Myocarditis exploding.
Now, headlines.
Oh, it's normal for kids to have heart attacks.
It's the new normal.
Oh, COVID did it!
Yeah, COVID's causing heart attacks later.
All right, she's gonna be with us for an hour and a half or two hours if she can do it.
I appreciate her coming on.
Dr. Stella Emanuel.
She is famous, of course, for leading the charge for therapeutics and being demonized and attacked for it with the press conferences in DC.
She's a fellow Texan, lives here in Texas.
She's an M.D., successful physician, has treated hundreds of thousands of people through telemedicine.
Thank God Trump got that law passed.
And of course, tens of thousands or so personally.
So we're going to talk about the current developments, the current news, how we prepare for this, what we do.
Because the Rand Pauls are on TV saying, oh, this is all hype.
Everything's fine.
No, no.
No, no, no, Rand Paul.
You pushed it.
At least Trump's backing off now.
It's going straight up.
And that's the big thing.
They said, the CDC said last week, I guess Monday, We'll pull up the headline.
They said, if you've had the so-called COVID vaccines, you're more susceptible to the new variant.
They're saying, if you've had shots before, it's erased your immune system, you need more.
Remember what that...
Pfizer, chief scientist, we played the clip over and over again.
Him saying, oh, in our test we did, we found you have almost no antibodies after your third shot.
You'll need continued shots.
So this is a plan, people.
And we're walking into it right now.
So just like I told you two and a half weeks ago, they were going to roll this out, starting with hysteria and masks, and it's here.
I'm telling you.
That when these people get injected in eight days, it usually takes, in all the graphs, two weeks for it to replicate and start shedding, and all hell's going to break loose.
I want to play a clip of her and then go to her.
But here we are three years ago, plus, in the middle of the so-called pandemic, Dr. Stella Emanuel being censored, being attacked, being blocked.
Simply trying with a bunch of other doctors to say, we have treatments, we have therapeutics, which they've all been vindicated.
Remember, they were censored by Big Tech.
They were banned.
They were blocked.
They were attacked.
People called for their arrest.
The government went after some of them.
Clinics got raided.
They were giving people vitamin C or vitamin D. That's evil.
That's cold-blooded.
But they want us to forget that we were the ones that were right, and they were the ones that were wrong.
And now we've got to not just say we were right and warn people and get people ready, we've got to expose that they're incubating this and using us as engines, ourselves, to create the nanotech that I played the Pentagon official in Globalist yesterday talking about.
Here she is, play the clip.
I'm here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID.
Patients that have diabetes.
Patients that have high blood pressure.
Patients that have asthma.
Old people.
I think my oldest patient is 92.
And the result has been the same.
I put them on hydroxychloroquine.
I put them on zinc.
I put them on Zitromax.
And they are all well.
For the past few months, I've taken care of over 350 patients.
We've not lost one.
Not a diabetic, not a somebody with high blood pressure, not somebody with asthma, not an old person.
We've not lost one patient.
And on top of that, I've put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know on hydroxychloroquine for prevention because by the very mechanism of action, it works early on as a prophylaxis.
We see patients, 10 to 15 COVID patients every day.
We give them breathing treatments.
We only wear surgical masks.
None of us has gotten sick.
It works.
So, right now, I came here to Washington, D.C.
to say, America, nobody needs to die.
The study that made me start using hydroxychloroquine was a study that they did under the NIH in 2005 that say it works.
Recently, I was doing some research about a patient that had hiccups and I found that they even did a recent study in the NIH, which is our National Institute of Health.
They actually had a study.
I'm going to look it up.
Type hiccups and COVID.
You will see it.
They treated a patient that had hiccups with hydroxychloroquine and it proved that COVID is a symptom of hiccups.
It's a symptom of COVID.
So if the NIH knows that treating the patient with hydroxychloroquine proves that hiccup is a symptom of COVID, then they definitely know that hydroxychloroquine works.
I'm upset.
What I'm upset is that I see people that cannot breathe.
I see parents walk in, I see diabetics sit in my office, knowing that this is a death sentence, and they can't breathe.
And I hug them and I tell them, it's gonna be okay, you're gonna live.
And we treat them, and they live.
None has died.
So if some fake science, some person sponsored by all these fake pharma companies comes out and say, oh, we've done studies and they found out that it doesn't work, I can tell you categorically it's fake science.
I want to know who is sponsoring that study.
I want to know who is behind it.
Because there is no way I can treat 350 patients and counting and nobody is dead.
And they all did better.
They've taken up four or five medical licenses in the U.S.
alone from the people she's talking about that said ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine didn't work.
That just came out in the last few months.
So the comeuppance is happening.
The truth is coming out.
But here she is in July of 2020.
Saying she's treated 300.
Now it's, I forget the number, hundreds of thousands.
It's an insane number.
But just think about that.
Knowing in their own studies, government studies, that it would save people not letting you have it.
That's what murdered them was failure to render aid.
The violation of the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates.
You're going to tell me that you treated 20 people, 40 people and it didn't work?
I'm a true testimony.
So I came here to Washington D.C.
to tell America, nobody needs to get sick.
This virus has a cure.
It is called hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zitromax.
I know people want to talk about masks.
You don't need masks.
There is a cure.
I know they don't want to open schools.
No, you don't need people to be locked down.
There is prevention and there is a cure.
And let me tell you something, all you fake doctors out there that tell me, oh yeah, I want a double-blinded study.
I just tell you, stop sounding like a computer, double-blinded, double-blinded.
I don't know whether your chips are malfunctioning, but I'm a real doctor.
I have radiologists, we have plastic surgeons, we have neurosurgeons like Sanjay Gupta saying, oh yeah, it doesn't work and it causes heart disease.
Let me ask you, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, hear me.
Have you ever seen a COVID patient?
Have you ever treated anybody with hydroxychloroquine and they died from heart disease?
When you do, come and talk to me.
Because I sit down in my clinic every day and I see this patient walk in every day scared to death.
I see people driving two, three hours to my clinic because some ER doctor is scared of the Texas board or they are scared of something and they will not prescribe medication to these people.
I tell all of you doctors that are sitting down and watching Americans die.
You're like the good Nazi, the good one, the good Germans that watch Jews get killed and you do not speak up.
If they come after me, they threaten me, they threaten to, I mean, I've gotten all kinds of threats.
Oh, they're going to report me to the bots.
They're going to, I say, you know what?
I don't care.
I'm not going to let Americans die.
And if this is the mountain, if this is the hill where I get nailed on, I will get nailed on it.
I don't care.
You can report me to the bots.
You can kill me.
You can do whatever, but I'm not going to let Americans die.
And today I'm here to say that America, there is a cure for COVID.
All this foolishness, it's not, does not need to happen.
There is a cure for COVID.
Dr. Stella Emanuel, and now the federal courts have ruled, they've all ruled, Ivermectin, all of it works.
They suppressed it, they lied, they murdered people following a WAF-UN directive, and the ADL, talking about Jews getting killed by Hitler, worked to censor With their systems people talking about alternative treatments.
So we're literally talking about what happened in Nazi Germany.
Dr. Stella Emanuel, I appreciate you joining us.
I'm sorry I got times messed up with you.
I was up to like 2 in the morning last night.
I hope you can do the whole next hour with us.
I want to do a to do a big introduction because you've been the tip of the
spear, totally vindicated.
And if you can stay with us in the next hour, we will take phone calls and medical questions
for folks.
We have a lot of requests for that.
But thank you so much.
It's now official.
They're trying the new rollout.
You contacted me over a month ago before the whistleblower and said, "Listen, I'm seeing
a lot of new cases.
It's happening."
So, again, we know where it's coming from.
We're going to get into so many big subjects here with you today.
I've got a whole list of them that we're going to be talking about.
People are asking about Mallberg, lockdowns, mass preparedness, your prayer camp, COVID coming back, CBDC, Market the Beast, and people can go to DrStellaMD.com, DrStellaMD.com, and with promo code Alex, they can get a big discount.
Oh no, we've probably seen over 120,000 patients.
get a discount on the great supplements and people can get ready.
So yeah, we're gonna fund ourselves, fund you, save lives, a win-win situation.
DrStellaMD.com, we'll talk more about that as well.
But wow, looking back three plus years ago, I know it's bittersweet, you've saved a lot of people.
How many patients have you and your team treated now?
There was 300 back then.
Oh no, we've probably seen over 120,000 patients.
I'm counting, and of course, we've taken care of that many patients,
but of course, we reached out because at some point, we just sent out our protocols to different doctors
and everything all over the world.
So, we don't know the level, but we know that at least on record, we've probably taken care of over 520,000 patients.
And we're still taking care of a lot of patients still today.
I tell the American people, COVID is treatable, COVID is preventable.
There's no need for people to get scared.
And do not say, you know, like you said earlier, it's not, don't say that it doesn't exist.
We know that they've not really been able to isolate exactly what we're dealing with, but we know it's causing sickness and disease.
And we know that nonspecific antivirals like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin works.
We also know how to treat respiratory illnesses.
We know how to treat people that are in respiratory distress that can't breathe with buresonide and aguinal breathing treatments.
We know how to take care of patients when They can't smell and they're not eating and they need some IV fluids.
We know how to do that.
So this is the first time in medicine they are telling people just go home.
You know, I know you can't breathe, but just go home and wait.
Or I know you're dehydrated, but I'm not going to give you IV fluids.
Go home and take some Tylenol.
It is atrocities beyond what we can even think.
But I tell the American people it's good to be prepared, to be ready.
That is why I think that's why God moved me to Texas because I'm sure if I had been in Louisiana, I don't think that I would still be practicing.
But God moved us to Texas where there's a little bit of freedom and kept people in the Texas Senate that really, really protected the doctors and allowed us to practice medicine like we see fit.
So I tell the American people, we have the telehealth services.
Right now, don't wait till the thing gets to your house.
Don't wait till you can't breathe.
I'm telling you, people call me.
Even last night, somebody was calling me, oh, they have COVID, they're in the hospital.
I can't help people when it's already too late.
The best time to treat COVID is when it's early.
So if you get hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in your medicine cabinet, I've been screaming from the roof.
That's right, because these things, from what I've read, don't hurt you.
My personal medical doctor says ivermectin is therapeutically good to take a few times a year anyways to cleanse yourself
from all sorts of things.
The minute you feel like you have a cold, sore throat, snivels, sinus infection, the minute you start getting sick, you've
got to take it then.
They knew that. That's why they would turn people away and say, "Come back."
When you can't breathe, then they'd ventilate them, and they'd get $53,000 for murdering them.
Yes, so COVID is treated early.
And if you have the medication at home, You know, I trained in West Africa, in Nigeria.
I'm from Cameroon originally, but I trained in West Africa where we were used to taking care of malaria.
I grew up taking Sunday, Sunday medicine for malaria.
But the reason why COVID did not really seep into West Africa and did not really affect people in West Africa is because they have anti-malarias over the counter.
And the mindset back home is, if somebody gets a cold, gets a fever, they go over the counter, they buy malaria medicine, they take it, it knocks the COVID out.
So that is why COVID did not really cause the kind of destruction it did out here in sub-Saharan Africa.
So that's why I tell people, go on our website, DrStellaND.com, Make an appointment.
Make a telehealth appointment.
We're going to look at your medical records.
We're going to look at your allergies.
We're going to look at your weight and everything.
And we're going to prescribe the medication.
And then we're going to send it to our mom-and-pop pharmacist that will ship it to you.
Most mainstream pharmacists will not feel hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
Today, they will not do it.
So we have been lucky enough to be able to call mom-and-pop pharmacists.
That's right.
And in my view, before there's a big run, Oh yes, oh yes.
Shedding is a real phenomenon.
get ready. Do you agree with me, because I've seen the studies, I've seen the reports, that
it's the shedding and right after people take the shots, that's when you see the explosions,
not just in illnesses of those that took the shots, but then those around them. And so
I'm expecting, what do you think of my breakdown, that once this new booster rolls out in eight
days, we're going to see all hell break loose?
Oh yes, oh yes. Shedding is a real phenomenon. A lot of people are like, shedding did not
Remember Alex, when they would tell people that take the chicken pox shot not to hang around pregnant women because they can shed on them?
Or they'll tell you that if you took the live MMR vaccine, don't hang around people that have like low immunity or like cancer patients because it can actually affect them.
Because shedding is a real scientific phenomenon.
That is why they did that and a lot of people are being shedded upon right now and shedding is real and people are getting sick and people are complaining.
You see people that the husband took the shot and now the wife is getting recurring colds and everything.
I put my patients that have family members that they are close to that are shedding on them.
I put them weekly hydroxychloroquine or weekly ivermectin and I tell them to take vitamin C, D, zinc and quercetin to keep themselves safe.
So yes, shedding is real.
I know a lot of medical doctors, top people, including my doctor and my nurse practitioner, and they said every doctor they know is taking Uh, Ivermectin twice a week.
And you were saying Sunday, Sunday.
People who don't know, I looked it up, Africa had the lowest infection rate of COVID, the lowest death rate, only 6% took the shots, and Africa out of any country, basically it didn't exist there.
So explain what, and I know Indians do it too, they all know about Ivermectin, they know about hydroxychloroquine.
We're gonna go to break, we're gonna explain this when we come back.
Why did Africa not get hit?
What did they know?
What have they been through?
That's where Dr. Estella Emanuel was trained, and she's also here in the United States, and she's experienced it.
This is really life-saving information.
Stay with us.
Anybody can type it in for themselves.
Came out last Friday.
Got married.
CDC says you need to take the new COVID booster, the gene therapy, if you had the previous shots, because if you have the previous shots, you're more susceptible.
Then they put fact checks on it, as if that means it's not true, and the fact check said, well, yes, it does mean that.
So, that's a big deal.
Here's the guy that headed up the British, although he's American, program, three years ago, with Pfizer and Moderna.
Admitting that it was going to erase your immune system.
So from history's vault, here it is.
So the key message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who've had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies.
Now these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.
So we found that that's less for people with two doses.
We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood.
And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward is that we see that the older you are, The lower your levels are likely to be, and the time since you've had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be.
So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads.
So, we played these clips yesterday, but let's play a clip for Dr. Stella Emanuel.
I want to respond to that last clip, because it's now been announced by the CDC.
Oh, if you had the shot, you're more susceptible now.
Need the shot again.
I mean, what an amazing statement that got almost no news coverage.
B.A.I.D.2-86 may have more capable of causing infection in people who were previously had COVID-19 or have received COVID-19 vaccine.
And that's a lie.
Oh, if you've had it, you're more susceptible.
That's not how it works with real immunity.
But that's from the CDC's own website.
So, we'll get her response to that, but here is the Pentagon and the Director of Operations for these Pentagon projects out of Georgetown, Dr. James Giordano, talking about colonizing you with nanotech.
Here it is.
Well, we heard earlier about the idea of nanoparticulate matter that can be utilized in a weaponizable way, and here, too, we're looking very, very strongly at what nanoparticulate matter can do to the nervous system.
Some ongoing studies with our colleagues in the medical branches of NATO have, in fact, shown that the use of nanoparticulate matter in a scatter arrangement can be used to incur what looks to be broad-scale epidemiological stroke epidemics.
So what we're able to do here is infiltrate the brain space with nanoparticulate matter that aggregates in situ, on site, in the brain.
And there's one of two things.
Either it penetrates from the vascular space, gets in through the bloodstream, gets in through the nose, through the mucosa, or infiltrates the vascular space and clogs it.
What is the result?
What's called a nanoparticulate stroke, or a hemorrhagic diathesis, fancy word, for it's a predisposition to individuals having brain bleeds.
Oh, absolutely!
We're able to show animal models of same, and the Italian group has done a fair amount of work demonstrating that nanoparticulate matter can be highly disruptive, not only of brain vascularity, but brain function.
You may not necessarily incur a stroke, but you're going to begin to disrupt the network properties of the brain, and as a result, engage something more of a long wars effect through the use of these types of matter, where you now begin to influence the population in increasingly concentric circles of expansion.
That's a lot to respond to, Dr. Stella Emanuel.
Let's tackle the first clip and the second clip first, but respond to both, please.
Yeah, first, you know, the CDC says people that took the shot, they are more vulnerable to get COVID, so they should take another shot.
So basically they're telling a lot of these, I call them dumbos that keep taking the shots, that listen, you're going to have to be relying on shots.
You're going to have to continue taking the shots in order to survive.
Because of course, when they take the shots, it destroys the natural immunity.
And when it destroys your immune system, then you're going to have to keep taking the shots.
And the issue is, As you continue to take the shots, it increases the ability for you to get strokes, it causes more inflammation in the endothelium of your gland vessels, increases myocarditis, and they found out that more of the people that are getting the sudden death are people that have been taking two shots and boosters.
The more boosters you take, the more vulnerable you become.
So, I don't even understand how people can continue to fall for this, but that's what is happening.
And is that why they call it, is that why they call it VAIDS, Vaccine Induced Autoimmune Defense Disorder?
Yeah, they have, you know, the vaccine autoimmune disorder is very...
It's actually, it's a real thing.
Oh, let me tell you, I worked for a large animal vet and a small animal vet.
That was the jobs I had in junior high and high school.
And they would quietly tell their, their patients who owned the cats and dogs, don't give your cats every year, like they say, because they would give them a form of AIDS.
Sorry, go ahead.
You know, you know, antibody dependent enhancing, antibody dependent immune, um, Antibody-dependent enhanced immunity, kind of like just knocking out your body.
You know what I'm saying?
So, I'm trying to tell the American people and people that are taking these vaccines to wake up and stop, and start trying to repair your immunity with supplements or whatever, Natokinase or whatever to repair your immunity.
But there's something that I think is even deeper and more sinister.
It looks like those that have taken the vaccine are kind of programmed I don't know whether it's fear programming or the way they are programmed that they always want to run off and go take more.
You see the clip that you showed from the Pentagon?
We actually had another guy, he's called Charles Morgan, that did a lecture at West Point that was talking how they're going to be able to program something to go into your brain or program that can tell you, that can pick up a person programming while you sleep.
So they've been planning this stuff and they are not hiding it.
The only thing is that they are hiding the information from people.
If you were to put this on YouTube or Facebook, they would block it because they don't want the masses to see it.
That's right.
The mad scientists, that's what this group at the Pentagon is called.
They call themselves that.
They talk up here and then we talk about it.
We're not allowed to talk about it because they're the adults.
They're just killing us.
It's loving.
It's liberal.
And so you're absolutely right.
He goes on to say, We're going to spray it with drones on you and we're going to give it to you via insects we're going to infect.
And then now Bill Gates is flying around in Florida and Texas with literal black helicopters, we'll show the video, spraying millions of mosquitoes on people.
This is serious.
This is like unlimited warfare against humanity.
That is why, at the end of the day, Alex, when you look at everything going on and the level of warfare that we're against, they're even trying to put nanotechnology right now, mRNA, they want to grow it in our vegetables, they want to inject it in our cows, they want to spray it, because the bottom line is they want every one of us genetically corrupted with this nanotechnology.
Those whose immune system will fight it, they will end up dying, and then the rest of us will remain just like some kind of human cyborg.
That is why I do believe that we are at the end times and God is going to come and stop this before everybody is destroyed.
So we need to be prepared.
Everybody needs to be prepared.
Spiritually prepared, physically prepared, medically prepared.
Stock up medicine in your medicine cabinet.
Make sure you grow your own food.
Make sure you come out of the big cities.
See whether you can get farms and communities where you can be able to protect each other because the warfare is going to be severe.
They're continuing it.
They are not stopping.
They backed up a little bit because people fought back and they are coming again.
And we need to learn about this warfare and learn to fight back and say no.
Because if people start saying, look at the truckers in Canada, they came out and they scream and scream and then that affected everywhere.
Everybody said, okay, let's stop before the truckers come out to scream.
So we have to stand up against this tyranny.
But one of the things that I tell people that is, do not stand and then you can't breathe.
So that is one thing that I'm screaming from the rooftop.
Get hydroxychloroquine, get ivermectin in your medicine cabinet.
Get it now, get it today, don't wait till it's great.
Even people that are vaccinated, we ask them to take hydroxychloroquine, as I mentioned, to protect themselves.
I was about to ask, how do people, so let's help people right now.
And you're a great sponsor and you've got great telemedicine, you've got great mom-and-pop pharmacies everywhere.
I believe what you're saying is absolutely right.
I know it's right.
People should stockpile this ahead of time so that as this stuff unfolds, hopefully it doesn't but it already is, people aren't waiting or they're not getting gals or any of that.
What do people do to call?
What do they say?
And how do they go to your website DrStellaMD.com, promo code Alex to get five to 10 to 15 percent depending on the product, a discount on telemedicine, on these packages, on other things people need, and also the supplements are there as well.
You're a great sponsor, DrStellaMD.com.
I feel so good funding this operation, exposing the globalists, fighting them, while at the same time literally getting people prepared and ready because They're gearing up for more control and lockdowns.
You already see it.
They've got an ace up their sleeve.
And that's, I believe, we know.
We saw the head scientist with Pfizer do a study in the UK that the shots are going to erase your immune system.
And then we have the other studies that turns you into an engine to create the spike proteins.
That's the whole COVID family.
And it's a cover for that.
So what do people do?
How do they call?
What do they ask for?
Actually, they should go on our website, drsarahmd.com and do a telemedicine appointment.
You can use promo code Alex to get a discount.
Do a telemedicine appointment.
You will enter all your information, just like you're seeing a doctor.
And we have, we see patients in all 50 states, and we have pharmacies that will ship to all 50 states.
So if you go or you click on the telehealth tab on drsarahmd.com, then you make an appointment, you get everything ready, and then Why is it important that you take care of it now?
Our doctors will review your chart and everything, send your prescriptions to the pharmacy and
they will ship it directly to you.
Why is it important that you take care of it now, you don't wait until you're sick?
You know, when we call these prescriptions to, if we call hydroxychloroethylmectin to
mainstream pharmacies, they still have a lot of demonic pharmacies that will not feel it
and they will just fight us.
So if we're going to ship it to you, sometimes it will take three days, four days a week to get to you.
And right now that we're having increased patients, by the time we get to everybody and ship it to you, it might take three to four days to get to you.
And that way you have it in your medicine cabinet.
You're not waiting three to four days to get the medicine.
You know, when people get sick and they come home and they're frantic, it's actually a little stressful.
I have people that will sign up on Friday that are sick.
Pharmacies cannot even ship to you till Monday.
So you're waiting Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
But if you have this stuff in your medicine cabinet, you start taking it when you get a cold.
I tell people there's no such thing as a regular cold right now.
We are in a time when this bioweapon is endemic.
So if you start getting a cold or something, you take two pills of hydroxychloroquine or you take an extra dose of ivermectin.
What I do is that when I travel to places where there are going to be crowds, I take an extra dose of hydroxychloroquine.
I take my vitamins.
I don't get sick, even though I hug people all the time, I treat people all the time, because I just have learned, being that I grew up in a place where malaria was endemic, we got used to taking Sunday-Sunday medicine.
That means we took, our parents would line us up on Sunday and give us Daraprim or Flavopin or Nivapin so that we don't catch malaria.
So we got that into our brain.
So right now, I'm kind of like, I've been on Sunday-Sunday medicine.
For the past three years, I have people that are taking it Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, whatever, but weekly hydroxychloroquine and weekly ivermectin and your vitamins will keep you safe.
You know, and I have doctors, I mean, a lot of doctors that I have that come to our website that we take care of and make sure that they are safe while they are seeing patients.
And the other thing that I talk about a lot is quercetin, vitamin C, D, zinc and quercetin.
We have been in COVID fights, but here's the thing.
Zinc is a potent antiviral.
Most RNA viruses, whether it's flu, RSV, coronavirus, bird flu, zinc can actually kill a lot of them.
But zinc cannot enter into the cell.
That is one of the ways that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine works.
There's another over-the-counter medicine that you can use or supplement.
It's called quercetin.
Quercetin opens zinc channels and allows zinc to go into the cell so that it can kill the virus.
We have put vitamin C, D, zinc and quercetin in the right proportions.
In our supplement that we call Covivite.
It's $39.
You have it and then you can, that is what I would advise people to take on a daily basis.
I mean, you can buy it over the counter, but you have to make sure that you take the right amount of zinc.
If you take too much zinc, it can cause anemia and it can, it can cause, it can, it can cause copper deficiency.
So we put it together so that you can take it and that can be what you can take on a daily basis.
We even have like vitamins that we have elderberry and everything.
For children, for people that are worried about children.
Even though I would tell people don't be worried about children, children don't really get any serious COVID, you know?
But who knows what this new injection and shedding is going to do?
It's real simple.
Everybody, I do this myself.
I stockpile it.
I give people stuff all the time.
And I've gotten stuff from you.
I've gotten stuff from Dr. Peter McCullough.
I've bought stuff from India.
We just, I mean, literally just handing out, helping people.
I mean, it's insane.
People need to get ready now.
Plus, it helps what you're doing.
It helps what we're doing.
It's a win-win.
It's very simple.
Everybody's got a fire extinguisher.
Everybody's got a flashlight.
Most people got a gun.
And I'm going to tell you at the end of the day, as important as having a gun or water filters or storable food, it is more important with what's coming up and going on to have these things.
Because whether it was a B-decadent or an angular, they were trying to charge thousands of dollars to get those two years ago.
All this stuff.
People were gouging.
You're not doing that.
People need to go to DrStellaMD.com, promo code Alex get a discount.
They need to do it.
So, expanding on this, you called me a month ago a bunch, and you don't normally hound me to get on the show.
You're like, hey, COVID's back.
I've seen a lot of pages.
This is real.
We're going to try to roll it out.
Dale Bigtree, I didn't know the same day, two and a half weeks ago, that I broke my whistleblower.
He had his big investigative reporter saying, we're told it's coming back.
Attorney Tom Renz, incredible guy at organizing whistleblowers and all sorts, he confirmed with 15 federal sources that they won't give them memos.
They don't want the details because then we know it's set up.
They're telling them it's coming back and coming back in the middle of this month.
So we already see the massive rollout of propaganda.
I'm not going to go through it all, but concerts being canceled, football games being canceled, schools being closed.
People said you got to take the shot, vaccine mandates.
I mean, it's spreading.
A talk show host wearing a mask on air when they're at home by themselves.
Whoopi Goldberg today on The View.
So they're doing the Kabuki theater again, but not because nothing's going to happen.
They know when the new quote booster, God knows, because, you know, they won't tell you what's in them.
It's a white piece of paper that comes with a shot.
Any other drug?
You get prescription.
As you know, doctor, explain that people, has that big, that piece of paper you fold out, it's like Bible paper, super thin, and it's just a big giant sheet in small print, kind of a magnifying glass.
It tells you the studies, the treatments, the side effects, what it does, who made it, the history, the approval, the law.
This is just a white piece of paper.
God knows what they're about to put in this quote, new special shot they've got for us.
What are your views on that?
You know, I'm a trained pediatrician, the first lady working in the emergency room.
And if we, any vaccine that we have had like a whole slew of side effects and you have to tell the parents a lot of side effects and get the parents to sign a consent and everything.
But the COVID vaccine, basically, like I said, it's a blank sheet.
So we don't know what's in it.
But if you go and read on the CDC, FDA, CDC, they actually have all those side effects.
You know, all these issues about, you know, you know, pericarditis and all that stuff.
They have it there.
It's just that they know that you're not going to go look for it.
I don't know what they are trying to bring back this month.
But I know for a certain that the agenda is actually depopulation and control.
I say this over and over, that now the devil has decided to use science and technology to destroy humanity.
But we have to be ready.
We cannot just sit down and wait for them to come after you, and then when they are standing on you, then you don't know what to do.
Alex, I sent out a tweet in July 31st.
That is when I sent out that tweet.
I said, COVID is back.
I don't know why.
Because it should not be a virus of the summer.
When I said that in July 31st, before I even called you, it's on my Twitter feed.
And everybody's like, oh, come on, Dr. Stella, you're fear-mongering.
I said, no, we're getting reports.
You know, I like sometimes to go read all the things on CBC and everything, NIH.
I say, we're getting reports that COVID is coming back.
So when we put that and people are like, okay, no, we're just going to wait, you know, please don't wait.
Go on our website, get hyped.
If you can You can fly to India, you can go to Mexico, you can go wherever and get it.
If your doctor can prescribe it for you, please do.
But if you do not have any of those sources, go to DrSelaMD.com, make an appointment.
We have something we call the COVID Complete Pack, where we have We have Budesonide, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak in a pack with a handheld nebulizer that you can use to take your breathing treatment and if they take electricity you can charge it with a power bank.
So we have this COVID complete pack and that pack has everything you will need if you get sick.
I admonish you, get it for yourself, get it for your children, get it for your family.
You see, Alex, I'm a physician and I have nurse practitioners, nurses and everything, RNs that work with us and everything.
You know, what we charge, and I'm going to say for telehealth, is $150.
Including all the Absolutely.
Some pharmacies were charging $2,000 for a nebulizer.
They were charging $500 for ivermectin two years ago.
to keep doing what we're doing.
So we don't charge that much because I mean, regular, I could be gouging people, we don't do that.
And then our pharmacist--
Absolutely, some pharmacies were charging $2,000 for a nebulizer, they were charging $500
for ivermectin two years ago.
You weren't doing that.
Are you marking?
You know, we don't do that.
One of the things that we do is that, like if a nebulizer, our nebulizer, everything,
pharmacy, we have to get the pharmacist I said, listen, this is what you're going to charge our
We're not going to, I know this is how much ivermectin costs.
This is how much hydroxychloroquine costs.
And this is just, this is the amount that we're going to pay you.
So we have to do a price control with the pharmacist so that we can, they can be able to help the American people.
That is why our prices are not like crazy, but you can get everything you need, including a nebulizer, everything you need.
But you made a key point.
They are coming out with the licenses and taking them of people like you.
You're fighting.
That's why this is a war, folks.
And that's why it's a win-win.
It keeps us on air.
It gets people ready.
I am stockpiled to the gills.
My office is stockpiled with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, budessinine.
And, you know, one of my crew, you know, was sick.
And I said, hey, just, you know, use this.
And boom.
It is so amazing.
So I want to shift gears.
I want to open the phones up.
For anybody out there listening that wants to talk to a medical doctor that was right three plus years ago at the press conferences that said we can save lives, they're suppressing this, she's been vindicated, she's been proven right, and now they're back again.
And folks, they're not just gonna try to roll out a new COVID lockdown without some fear.
It's gonna be the new shot, the shedding, get ready.
I'm actually really pissed off.
I killed some of my friends, hurt my family.
I am mega pissed about this.
In fact, it gets me right up to the edge.
So the best thing we can do is just warn everybody and get ready.
So we're gonna open the phones up next hour.
Dr. Stella Emanuel.
We're not talking about the war in Russia.
We're not talking about the open border.
We already covered that.
That's important.
We're talking to people for their questions for Dr. Stella Emanuel or your stories about what therapeutics have done for you or didn't do for you or anything COVID.
What's happening with your loved ones.
You're a medical worker.
This is our time and we're going to go to you quickly.
Bam, bam, bam, get a quick comment from her and move to the next person.
So the toll-free number to join us on this live Thursday, September 7th broadcast is 877-789-2539.
We're going to be taking your phone calls when we come back.
Dr. Stella Emanuel, take a break.
I'm going to air some promo reports and things for the next five minutes that are important we need to get to.
And then we're going to come back to you.
And I'm going to get more of the DARPA garbage here as well.
But folks, it's very simple.
There's a whole class of prions.
They're protein crystals.
It's very clear that British intelligence was involved in the Mad Cow garbage.
They're obsessed with this.
They can colonize you with a whole families, not family, families of prion crystals.
And the HIV delivery system is a prion replicatable Weapon.
And I have the Pentagon admitting this and being approached to release it on us.
I have London Telegraph, I have it all.
So we figured out what it is.
They're bombing us with sprays that get into the public and make them sick, and that replicate kin.
But most bodies fight it off.
The shot, depending on what study you look at, is dozens of times, whether it's Pfizer or Moderna, Moderna's the same shot, just three times, four times stronger, depending on the dose.
So they're bombing us with this, and they're back.
And so when you talk about medicinally or therapeutically or preemptively, what were you to get ready?
Because believe me, I'm getting ready.
I mean, I got my dad here this morning.
I had him come to the office.
He's here every once in a while, and I'm like literally shoving pills in his mouth, DNA force and ivermectin.
And I've got my wife doing it, and I'm doing it because I'm not going to sit here and put up with this.
I'm not going to go down without a fight.
And God gave us tools to defend ourselves and great leaders like Dr. Stella Emanuel to warn us and raise the alarm.
She's a real Paul Revere.
We'll be right back.
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Other leading brands are like 70% curcuminoid.
Most brands are 5% cumidin.
And that still does a great thing for you.
This is the strongest anybody makes.
95% curcuminoid.
I am so glad this is back.
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I've not been this excited ever!
Yeah, Mud Club, baby!
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Within two weeks, there will be major cities quarantined.
and a giant biological warfare drill
We're being murdered. Most of you are gonna be dead soon They're gonna kill you and your family.
And most of us are already dead.
We'll all be getting cancer soon.
We'll all be sterile soon.
It's over.
You're dead already.
You don't like giving your little boys transgender drugs?
How about we just kill you, everybody?
Like, we tried to just let you die quietly, but since you didn't, you've chosen the path of pain!
But the people doing this that serve the fallen one The fallen one, Satan, was very real and wants to destroy
you and your family forever.
I felt sorry for the people attacking me.
'Cause, I mean, I'm like an insane killer ape.
'Cause, I mean, I'm like an insane killer ape.
Like an insane killer ape.
You're gonna burn in hell.
You're gonna burn in hell.
You're gonna burn in hell.
You're gonna burn in hell.
I'm sayin', you kill me, I kill you.
*crunch* Because judgment day is here.
I need sleepy time right now.
I need sleepy time right now.
A nice place I go to when I'm asleep.
But I think this energy signifies our energy.
relentless against the storm with the storm, growing into it
yes, yes, grow more, getting stronger, you're getting weaker
you'll kill a lot of us, but in the end you'll fall (music)
If we if we don't.
If we don't slap ourselves in the face, you know, say, wake up, put some cold water on our head, do an ice bucket challenge, whatever the hell you want.
If we don't do that and get serious, we're going to lose it all.
You understand?
They're already putting cancer viruses in all the vaccines.
They're already killing you.
Most of us are already walking dead.
We're losing years off our life expectancy, basically every year now.
You understand how that compounds?
People are going to be dying at 50 in just a few years on average.
You know, your kids are all going to die.
Everybody's going to die.
You understand?
They already killed us.
We've got to reverse this now because they're exponentially escalating the soft kill right now.
We're entering the frog point when the water gets so hot that if he doesn't jump out now, he passes out and dies.
We're passing out right now.
Wake up.
Man, if I had to cut my fingers off, get your attention, I'd do it.
You understand that?
I'm serious, folks.
People say, why are you willing to die for this?
Because it's death for everybody.
The only way out of this is saying no.
The only way out of it is having an epiphany and admitting they're this evil.
I know you aren't like that, so you can't believe it.
I understand that!
But now it's all out in the open, and you better find your humanity, and you better find God's strength, and you better find out ways to get this out, or we're gonna lose everything.
Do you understand me?
I'm not gonna stand by and watch my children committed to being slow-killed and poisoned.
And I swear to God to all the globalists, if we don't fix this peacefully and you pieces of demonic filth continue to win, you will be held as an accountable, and you know it.
I swear to God.
God on the altar of God that everyone needs to pray for your destruction and your downfall and you to be punished
for serving evil and what you've done.
But children need us and the children demand and cry out to God for justice.
And we are God's answer.
Alright, I want to go to your phone calls here momentarily, but I want to bring up something really important that we
focused in on a few years ago.
And we see similar syndromes in humans.
This is from PBS.
This chicken vaccine makes its virus more dangerous.
See that?
Here's another one.
This is PubMed.
An anti-tumor vaccine against Marek's disease virus induces differential activation of memory response of YOT cells and CDAT cells in chickens.
Revaccination with Marek's disease vaccine induces production, infection, and superior immunity.
Marek's disease in poultry.
Basically, they give these chickens this vaccine to stop them from getting a virus, bird flu, and other things.
And then it erases their immune system and they've got to have more and more of it.
And finally they just mutate.
All their joints swell up and they turn into big, giant, fat blobs.
Guys, type in Marek's disease.
A chicken with Marek's disease.
It's incredible.
You look at a lot of the public that look like they already got it.
But this is just one example of the type of stuff that's going on.
And then Dr. Stella Emanuel, you were also going to get into Marburg and a lot of these other things that are going on that they're hyping up and that they're fear-mongering right now.
What's going on with that?
There's something going on.
We're hearing about Marburg.
We started hearing about Marburg.
It's a hemorrhagic fever like Ebola.
We started hearing about it like maybe a year and a half ago.
We actually, so I went on the NIH website and I was, usually I always like to look at, you know, different studies that they've done on how they can help different diseases.
So, there was a study that was done on the NIH website about proteases, like, you know, non-specific proteases in effects on Marburg or hemorrhagic fevers.
Because, you know, Marburg virus has a glycoprotein covering And that if the proteases can split that glycoprotein covering, it can reduce its infectivity and transmission.
So we went on and so we read that and then so we kind of put together a supplement that has like non-specific proteases and has elderberry and ECGC and other things that can just build immunity.
We call it Vira Immune Plus.
It can build immunity for other things.
So that people, it can help people protect themselves against Marburg.
We're hearing that, I don't know, I don't have a confirmation of this, but there's stories going around how they injected, the Marburg virus was actually programmed into the shot, and that a particular pulse of HIV... Yeah, that's what Judy Minkovit says.
Judy Minkovit says they rolled out all the COVID shots, infected with everything, to cover up that all the old vaccines did this, already had it as well.
Yeah, I cannot confirm that.
I know Dr. Bhakta, you know the physician that passed away?
That's one of the things that he said just before he passed away about the whole Marlboro thing.
So we are hearing that.
I don't know.
I can't confirm that.
I usually would like to get better confirmation before I put my neck on something.
So I don't know.
So a lot of people are asking me, Dr. Stella, what do we do about Malva?
I said, well, we have a viral immune plus that can help you build your immunity against hemorrhagic fevers because we started caring about it a year and a half ago.
Alex, that's what we've been doing.
Like when they say something is coming up, we start looking around and we have a network with naturopathic doctors, you know, to just see how we can We're going to produce something to build immunity to our team.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, they're planning something big.
We know the shots create shedding and illness.
They're getting ready to roll a new one out.
Show get ready.
We got Laura.
We got Nurse Keith.
We got Zach, Ryan, David, Mary, Chaz, Ann, Samara, Dominique, Granny Green.
We're going to go to all of you in the order.
Your calls are received.
Laura, in Illinois, you're on the air with our special guest, Dr. Stella Emanuel.
Hi, Dr. Stella, and hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Last week, I was uploading my 14-year-old twins' medical information for their high school, and I noticed on their immunizations that they had COVID-19.
They had the COVID shots that were given to them in May of 2021, and the next month later, In 2021 and I wasn't the person who did it.
So I found out that they were given at Walmart and my ex-husband went behind my back and vaccinated them without my permission.
I'm destroyed.
I've been looking everywhere.
I found your website and nothing's happened to them so far yet.
But I did order spike support.
From, I think, the wellness company.
But it's hard for me to get them to take anything because they're so brainwashed by their dad.
Well, let me give you the good news.
Let me give you the good news.
We have it on the U.S.
Let me give you the good news.
I'll let you talk.
I'll let you know.
Here's the good news.
If they don't keep it below 87 degrees, the nanotech dies.
That's in the studies.
They admit that.
So a lot of places are lazy.
And so, when we get cellostagalus, which is what I know, and globally, half of the shots were saline, they now admit, in range finding.
Then about 40% were a small dose of the poison.
I don't know what to buy.
I mean, I'm on your site.
on what country they hit or red areas.
Red areas more like 20, liberal areas more like five.
So you're in Illinois, that's more leftist.
So who knows?
I mean, there might have been 10% of the shots where you were, were loaded.
Or they might have been hot.
So, so keep going, Dr. Stella's chomping at the bit here.
Okay, and I am just, I don't know what to buy.
I mean, I'm on your site.
What can I do to help them detox from these shots?
Well that's the most common thing I get told is just in general, whether you get it from
Stella or anybody.
And I don't think we're claiming a panacea here because this is all next level stuff.
But, Dr. what do you do personally to try to, because you're around a lot of patients,
we obviously you're getting shedded on.
What do you do to help people that have been shedded on or that we believe have this spike
protein infection?
What are they doing for long COVID?
They admit exist.
Yeah, what we do, like I said, one of the things that we do, all our staff, we're all on weekly either ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, and we take a daily vitamin C, D, zinc and quercetin.
Man, one of the things that, because I see this as not just a physician, but also somebody that is a minister of the gospel.
If you go on my Twitter feed, I posted like a really amazing prayer That you can pray for people that have gotten this vaccine that are scared.
That you can pray for your children.
You know what I'm saying?
Because we are in warfare that is both physical and spiritual.
So, you can do detox and you can also pray for them.
I know because I have family members, very close family members that took the shot and I just couldn't... They are brainwashed and I couldn't do anything about it.
So, we all have to just keep praying for them and hopefully that they will take the detox.
We have a detox on our website.
You see Vax Detox?
Where, you know, it's like... It has a cleanse that has like...
Milk, Teasel, Elderberry, EZ, all kinds of stuff in it.
So if they will agree to take it, they can take it.
We also would advise people that took the job to first of all go on a course of Ivermectin.
What we do is that we put them on a course of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.
We tell them to take the detox part and then after that we put them on weekly Hydroxychloroquine or weekly Ivermectin like everybody else.
I'm so sorry about what happened to your children but I want you to just, you know, Hold the faith and pray, and just pray for them.
All the studies show prayer is amazing, both for people and for yourself.
But let me bring this up to her.
The good news is, Laura, is that in many cases they didn't keep it refrigerated, and half of it was just saline.
That's confirmed.
So thank God your children haven't shown any signs.
That's wonderful.
Well, God bless you all, and I have hope, and I pray for you, Alex.
I buy your products, and I'm going to go buy Dr. Stella MD's products.
Well, hey, we're all in this together.
It's all a win-win.
Thank you so much.
But yeah, it's horrifying, and... You know, the same thing happened to me with one of my children.
I'm going to leave it at that.
So, I'm in the same place with you.
It's outrageous.
Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon and your experience with COVID and patients.
Go ahead.
Thanks for calling.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Dr. Emmanuel.
I'm a nurse.
I'm a wound care specialist, and I have to deal with about 60 patients a week shedding on me, just dealing with whatever illnesses they have.
And Dr. Emanuel knows this, that most of our patients are, the problems they have are kind of self-imposed.
And so it's our job as clinicians to figure out how to root out the problem and then, you know, fix whatever acute thing we're dealing with or chronic thing.
And I'm not terribly concerned about COVID.
I'm exposed to it all the time.
But like I said, people don't take care of themselves.
Simple little things like, like taking, you know, the products you guys make are awesome.
They're, it's the best stuff out there and I'm getting it cheap.
You know, if I were to go to, if I were to go to, you know, Whatever trendy store and buy their top shelf stuff, it's the same stuff you guys are selling, but I'm paying half the price.
And so, you know, a lot of times when I'm dealing with these patients and I'm trying to fix a wound that I've been chasing for, you know, three, four months, and, you know, I happen to look at all their comorbidities and figure out why is it that, you know, why is it that this wound is not healing, et cetera.
A lot of times it boils down to what are they doing to themselves?
And so...
All this fear about catching, it's a bloody cold for crying out loud.
You know, yeah, is it going to kick some people's butts?
You bet.
No, I agree with you, but there's the long COVID from the spike protein.
And so it sounds like you've got some great immunity and your body knows how to kick this out.
All I know is the statistical numbers is that we have the highest death rates and the life expectancy in the Western world is dropping.
For the first time ever.
So, something big's going on.
You're saying, yeah, it's the GMO, it's not getting exercise, it's not drinking clean water.
What do you think it is, Nurse Keith?
Well, it's all those things.
And, you know, like I was trying to allude to is that most of the things that we have going on with us are self-imposed.
You're not getting enough sun.
You're not eating good food.
You're, you know, going too hard in the paint on, you know, Whatever your vices are.
And little things that you can do like I okay, the other day I was exposed to a COVID patient.
And so I came home.
I grabbed a bunch of your supplements out of my out of my my cabinet.
You know, I popped you know, I popped the what was it I grabbed I grabbed a C and zinc and then I grabbed some Yeah, just like in Judaism, taking Saturday off or Sunday off is so important.
Thank you for the call.
Yeah, I mean, I will say this.
When I feel like I'm getting sick, and boy does it annoy the family, I love garlic, but I will go home And I will slice a bunch of garlic and onions and grill it.
And I'm talking about like a whole garlic clove, at least or two.
And then I scramble some eggs and put it on top of there and I eat the whole thing.
And it works like a charm.
Because what is it, Dr. Emanuel?
We'll go to more calls in a moment.
What is it?
I mean, we know there's this essence.
What is it about garlic?
Because I know that that's really helpful as well, right?
I don't know the specifics on garlic.
But one of the things we do is we do medicinal herbs.
Like we do a ginger, turmeric, a moringa, a lemon, mint, you know what I'm saying?
We have medicinal herbs.
You know, most coals, if you can actually take like ginger and turmeric and Make a tea out of it.
It can help you.
When we were growing up, if you started having malaria or fever, our parents would put all kinds of stuff and put lemongrass and everything, boil it up and cover you with it and you would inhale it.
So there are many, many things that, like the last call I set up, can help you to build your immunity.
And like I said, the reason why We have a lot of colds and viruses in the winter.
It's low vitamin D. That is why we put together the COVID Vita has vitamin C, D-Zinc, and Quercetin.
If your vitamin D is up and your vitamin C and everything, it can help.
Let me ask you a question about this.
Because we now know from science, so many of the Asian, African, European, Latin American folk remedies are all actually based in science.
What type of folk medicine did you have before you got a medical degree and when you grew up in Africa?
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
We had all kinds of meds.
My parents, my mom used to actually go and cut some grasses and grind them and everything
and treat cough and all kinds of things.
I wish I even knew what those things are.
But we grew up taking a lot of herbs and teas and everything.
Have you ever heard of what black Americans in the south called Hindu tea?
My dad was my grandmother's firstborn and he had a black nanny who was a member of the family.
She was kind of like a witch doctor.
She knew all this old African medicine, and my grandmother kept him so clean, my dad, and wouldn't let him crawl in the dirt and stuff that he was sickly when he was about two.
And then she snuck and went in there because they had, you know, chickens and got chicken manure,
boiled it, called it Hindu tea, I guess, to give him immunity. And then after he was given Hindu
tea, he was basically never sick again. So that's just and who knows what's in that chicken manure.
But that was like some African remedy that had been passed down from her ancestors when they
got hauled over here. But my grandmother was like got sold on it and then started letting him play
in the dirt and do everything. But because he wasn't getting the natural immunity. But she put
it in him with that chicken crap. I don't know about chicken manure.
That's just something my grandmother, he was not sick for like five years after that.
She gave him that and it was over.
I guess he got the flora of it.
Who knows what it does?
There's something Alex that I want to correct.
The last caller said that COVID is just a bloody cold.
It's not.
It's a little more serious than that.
I don't know what it is.
It sits on people's chest and they can't breathe.
Usually flu doesn't sit on people's chest and they can't breathe.
So there are various, there's a level of COVID that's just a cold,
but there's a level of COVID that actually...
actually gets into the system and really can make people can breathe.
It's not like this.
No, I totally agree with you.
He's just been blessed.
He hasn't had it yet or hasn't had what I had or others have had, but notice they just pulled up a study
on chicken manure tea as an incredible probiotic and a major study.
So boom, I didn't even know that.
Guys, put that back on the screen.
Chicken manure tea, effective microorganisms, enhanced growth.
Sorry, go ahead.
Uh-huh, okay.
I mean, we hear new stuff every time.
I have to look into that.
Well, that was something passed down from her African ancestors, literally brought over here on the slave ships.
It's pretty important information.
I never even knew that.
I never tried to search it.
My dad says it's amazing.
And then they ended up giving it to his brother, and he was great, too.
Let's talk to Zach in Florida.
You're on the air with Dr. Stella Emanuel.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Dr. Stella.
Thank you guys for all you do, sacrificing to bring the people truth.
Thank you.
We're grateful.
There's a lot of us, but exponentially more waking up daily because of what you guys do.
So, the nation and the world really is indebted to you all.
No, we're indebted to you.
We love you.
Thank you.
Thanks, Al.
My question is about the new vaccine and vaccine shedding in general.
If we're around somebody who has multiple vaccines or a vaccine, this new vaccine, and if we're surrounding shedding, Is that similar to kind of taking the vaccine ourselves?
And I'm also kind of just wondering if this can be spread from mosquitoes because in Florida that freak Bill Gates released a bunch of mosquitoes in our backyard too.
So I just kind of wanted to kind of clear up on that.
Yeah, let's talk about Bill Gates and his mosquito operation.
Bill Gates is weird.
That guy is, I don't know, he's really weird.
But okay, let me talk about shedding.
I talk about shedding.
I talk about COVID, long COVID, and then vaccinated.
If you have COVID and then you recover from it, you have COVID and it stops the production of the spike protein.
If you get shedded upon, that means somebody is producing the spike protein and it's affecting you.
If you move away from that person, It stops affecting you.
But if you are vaccinated, you are actively producing the spike protein.
So it's not the same as if you're shedded or upon.
So I tell people that if you have like, if your husband is vaccinated and you're kind of concerned, I have one of my staff that the husband is vaccinated.
She used to get colds all the time, cough all the time.
And I kept like, she's always sick.
So at some point I said, I think you're going through shedding.
Now she takes hydroxychloroquine weekly and she takes COVID vites daily and she's really fine.
You know, so the same way that we will help to protect people that are vaccinated from getting the COVID, because people that are vaccinated, we actually think it's a must for them to actually be on weekly hydroxychloroquine and vitamins, so that they could kind of protect themselves from actually just even catching the disease.
So the same way we'll protect them, that's the same way we'll protect regular people and those that are shedded upon.
But I just want people to not feel like shedding is like your doom, because you can move away from the person that But if you're living with a person in your house, I'm not
going to tell somebody to divorce their husband or wife because they got vaccinated.
So what I do, I tell them to protect themselves by taking weekly hydroxypropane or ephemerctin
and get on the vitamins so that they can stay safe.
But how amazing is that?
That, um, you know, what's crazy?
My dad's black nanny, and I knew her.
She died when I was about 8 years old.
We used to go visit her 3 or 4 times a year when we'd go see her.
She looked like 80 years old, 90 years old.
Her name was Stella.
And they called her Aunt Stella.
I forget her last name.
That's just crazy.
And she looked just like you.
And she dressed just like you.
That's what's crazy is she kept all that African culture even through that.
And then there she was.
She would also, I heard about this when I was a kid.
My dad told me about it and I read about it later.
She would go with all the different clays in the county and dig clays out.
And then she would eat that clay.
Obviously we know it has minerals in it.
And we also noticed the deer would go eat the same clay.
So it's just crazy all that folk medicine that's been passed on that we've lost.
And with white culture we lost almost all of it.
I think it's a great thing.
It's terrible that black people were so poor and oppressed.
But it made them go with the natural things they knew, and a lot of that's been passed on.
Have you heard about how good some of these clays are?
I know that some people crave eating clay when, you know, especially like, they call it limestone, you know, when they're pregnant.
They crave it and then they start eating clay.
I think it's because they actually just crave minerals.
Alex, unfortunately, I was also programmed by the white people if that's, you know, I went to medical school.
So pretty much, it's right now that I'm beginning to look into natural medicine.
I practically went to medical school when I was, I graduated medical school at 25.
I've been a physician for a long time, 30 something years, and just practice like, program
like every other man.
I'm not attacking Catholics, but it's well known, the Catholic Church for a thousand
years all over Europe killed all the herbalists, saying they were witches.
And so that's why that was all lost.
So we don't have much of that.
We have the Asian, which is incredible.
Everybody knows how amazing their stuff is.
And we have the African, and we have the Mesoamerican.
We don't have all the ancient stuff of the white people, because you got literally murdered, burned at the stake if you talked about it.
So this is the first time governments and systems have tried to suppress medical information.
Yes, because they know that they don't want to do those herbal medicines and everything, because if they do that, then how can, you know, how can Rockefellers make money from their crazy medicine that they got everybody into, you know?
Dr. Stella, stay there.
We got to go to break.
DrStellaMD.com promo code Alex.
Get huge discounts, telemedicine and amazing supplements.
She's a great sponsor and you need these products.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're broadcasting worldwide on this Thursday, September 7th transmission.
We gotta race quick with your calls to get to everybody.
Ryan in California, you're on the air with Dr. Stella Emanuel, go ahead.
Hey Alex, hey Dr. Stella, I love you guys so much.
I appreciate all that you do.
Yeah, and you may not be heroes, but your willpower is something to behold.
I've been watching you, Alex, since 2000 in the public access days in Austin.
Long time, man.
I've seen a lot of stuff come true.
No, but you said it.
We're not heroes, but we are fighters and so are you.
And our wills are strong.
It's not heroic to fight tyranny, but it is good to be strong and to fight against it.
And I will give you that.
Our wills are strong, so is yours.
Yeah, and imagine if everyone had took their willpower and used it the way that you guys do.
We'd be out of this mess a long time ago.
Anyway, I was calling to call in.
I've been wanting to call in all week about this booster coming up as the trigger for the next COVID lockdown.
So I felt like that was being overlooked.
So it's really crazy that you started talking about it today.
Oh, that's it.
That's the weapon.
The weapon gets deployed in eight days.
Tucker was saying, you know, oh, they're not going to be able to pull this COVID thing off.
And we're all like, oh, yeah, they can't do it.
You know, people are pissed.
They're not going to take it this time.
But I feel like they're a little smarter than that, and like you said, they're just gonna roll this thing out a couple weeks later.
And let me say, I think it'll be far worse.
I think it's gonna be horrible.
Gut level, I've been waking up at night having anxiety, my brain's been scanning it, my spirits, you're dead on.
I think all hell breaks loose within two weeks.
All hell breaks loose.
Yeah, and people, people, you're crazy if you don't go to Dr. Emanuel's site like today and get Hydroxychloroquine.
Get Ivermectin.
The fact that we can even get it in this country in the mail.
Because I had Delta when it came out.
COVID's definitely real.
I'm a guy that takes care of himself.
I got a medicine cabinet full of Alex's supplements and every other thing on earth.
And I got sicker than I've ever been in my life.
It was all in my stomach.
Oh yeah, I mean I've had flu.
I've had colds.
I used to get sick every five years.
This hammered my ass.
I've never had anything like it.
Yeah, so we gotta warn people that anyone that doesn't have to take this next booster, and then anyone that's on the fence about it, please just try to tell them not to take this.
Obviously, people are gonna be forced by their government jobs and everything else.
It's gonna get out, and I mean, we got so much to deal with this coming year.
Beyond that, we got the economy coming down, we got World War III, people, we gotta use our willpower, get out there, spread Alex's message, and just We've got to take care of ourselves.
I agree.
Everybody, whether it's one man or one woman, should be out with signs saying no lockdowns, arrest Fauci, no World War III.
I mean, we got to get in the streets.
And, you know, just once again, thank you guys for all you do.
I heard somebody mentioned once to try to get Whitney Webb on.
If you could try it once again, she's amazing.
She wrote a book called One Nation Under Blackmail.
It's a two-part book.
She's got a memory like yours Alex.
She knows every little factoid about all these scumbags.
It'd be an amazing show.
Alright, we'll look into it.
Thank you so much.
Dr. Stella, you want to comment on that before we go to David?
Yeah, like you said, it's time for us to stand up for humanity to just rise up and say no We're not going to let this happen.
And the war, you know, Alex, you've been talking about info war.
This is an information war.
So take the information, spread it, share it to your family.
That is how you participate in the battle.
By taking what we do and sharing it.
That is how you participate in the battle, by getting information, getting medication, getting supplements for your family members.
Sometimes you might have your leftist family members that are not listening to COVID hits them and then they come to your house and you're like, okay, come, come, come.
I have something for you.
I can help you out.
So we are all part of the battle.
And as we speak, your part of the battle, as you listen to us, is to share as wide as possible and get information out to everybody.
Absolutely and you know it's crazy I was sitting there talking to you and remembering my dad's nanny who was like a mother to him and I was like Stella Stella that was her name it's just it's just crazy how we're all interconnected now they want to divide us but we're just one family that's beautiful let's go to David in Seattle David you're on the air go ahead.
Hi Alex and Dr. Stella I have stage 4 metastasized melanoma of the lung I've been living with it for four years and I'm I'm feeling pretty good actually.
Can I take Ivermectin or the other medicines you're talking about as a cancer patient?
I actually read an article on the NIH about Ivermectin and cancer.
I don't know I don't know what is the dosage for it.
I don't know exactly what to give you.
I don't know if people have contacted us.
Yeah, let's be clear.
We're not treating anybody here, but I do know according to Dr. Megovich and a bunch of stuff, ivermectin is anti-cancer.
Now, I'm a lay person, but that's like known in the literature, right?
Why is it anti-cancer, doctor?
We don't know why.
They did some studies and they found out that... Caller, don't hang up, David.
Why has Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize, but it's horrible and we shouldn't take it?
Why is it so special?
What is the mechanism?
That it's anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-parasite?
Anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic.
Ivermectin is one of those tiny molecules that works in all kinds of ways.
Ivermectin is really good medicine.
What is Ivermectin?
What is it made of?
What's the molecule?
Guys, pull up the molecule for Ivermectin.
So what I tell people is that I can't prescribe Ivermectin for cancer because I don't know the dose, I don't know how it works.
But if you come and get Ivermectin for COVID and you can use it, that's between you and you.
You know, so people have a way of getting around things.
And if you're taking Ivermectin to prevent COVID and it can help you with cancer, I guess that's good.
But we don't know the dosage, you know, so we can't treat it.
She can't treat you over this.
She's not a cancer doctor.
But, I mean, all I know is go do your own search about ivermectin and cancer research.
It's very well known.
Stella, do you know the history of it when the Japanese invented it?
And what they first used it for?
Ivermectin has been used around for like over six, five years.
Over 65 years.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, they use it for river blindness, and they use it for strong ureosis.
They use it for all kinds of parasites.
You know what I'm saying?
That is why they even give it to animals to treat parasites.
So it's been around for a long time.
It was declared like WHO, one of the best, one of the top drugs in WHO for years right now.
So azometa has been around for a long time and they use it It's over-the-counter in many, many countries.
It's just in America where it's not.
David, does that answer your question?
She can't give me that answer.
You've got to do your own research.
I wasn't really asking for a cancer cure, but yeah, I understand.
And I'll do some more research.
One more quick question about the doctor's website.
Do I have to join or do I have to do a telemedicine visit before I can get Ivermectin?
Because I don't see it listed in your product.
Ivermectin and hydroxypropanol are prescription in this country.
In many other countries, it's over-the-counter, you can just go buy it.
We don't sell medicine.
So, we see you and look at your medical record and then write your prescription according to your weight and then send it to the pharmacy, then the pharmacy will feel it and ship it to you.
So, ibumectin, budesonide, hydroxychloroquine, it's not over-the-counter.
Yeah, let me answer David's question this way.
David, thank you.
We want to be 100% clear.
Dr. Stella has amazing supplements.
I use them.
Ours are great, too.
Got them right here.
Give them to everybody, okay?
Here, let's put this on the desk right here.
This is the supplements that are over-the-counter and are amazing.
That you can get in her book right away at drstellmd.com and she supports us.
We get a percentage of it.
Keeps us on air.
We help everybody.
We help you.
We help ourselves to win-win.
Okay, it's semiotic.
for the prescriptions you call her and of course they have to then talk to you and it's
a real consultation, then they don't sell you the drugs, they put you in contact with
a pharmacy like any other doctor does.
She's not selling you Bidecidine, she's not selling you Ivermectin, she's not selling
you Hydroxychloroquine.
You call and do, it's the law.
An online meeting with them and a doctor or a nurse or nurse practitioner then sets it up for you.
So there's two things.
There's supplements you can get at DrStellaMD.com with promo code Alex.
Get a discount.
And then there are the medical prescriptions.
That's how it works.
Go ahead, Stella.
Thank you, sir, for the call.
Yes, you got it right, Alex.
Because since we have to legally see you and see you as a patient, I have a doctor-patient relationship.
before we can prescribe it to you.
So that is the telemedicine part.
But on the supplement side, like I said, we have the COVID Vite that I think everybody
should be on COVID vitamins because it has vitamin C, D, zinc and quercetin, and it can help you deal
with the spike protein.
You know what I'm saying?
And then, of course, Everybody's talking about Ebola and Marlboro coming.
We have a viral immune plus that we put together that has proteases, peptides.
It has ECGT, elderberry, echinacea, and those are things that can help you build your immunity against many, many viruses.
We have all that we have not.
You know, when you have respiratory illness, it helps you to, you know, it's antioxidant, it can help break loose cold.
We have all kinds of stuff that we have put together.
We even put together Pox Defense to prevent against monkey pox and stuff like that.
Yeah, let's explain things.
Let's explain things.
I didn't know.
Doctor, I didn't know.
We'll get more calls.
I didn't know that when I just said, hey, my dad's black nanny gave him, you know, old African, you know, before there were doctors, you know, medicine for his immune system.
I didn't know they pulled up a study and it was actually a big thing and people love it and it really, you know, I didn't know that.
It's the same thing.
Before there were modern medicine in the last 200 years, Western medicine, every culture had these things through compounds and through herbs and through plants.
That's the old medicine.
Big Pharma has a lot of great things, a lot of bad things too.
It's trying to outlaw all this.
It's trying to shut all this down.
And so you have those two branches.
So we have the supplements that are the science, the research on what God's compounds are.
And of course, all the ancients were giving people the same plants for the same things.
They didn't know why.
They didn't have microscopes or spectrometers, but they knew it worked.
Now we have the science on the supplements.
That's the right arm, I would say, that God gave us.
Then you have pharmaceuticals that are the left arm.
And so Stella has both those at StellaMD.com.
DrStellaMD.com, whether it is the natural or whether it is the pharmaceutical.
But with the natural, you can get it right away.
You go to a telemedicine meeting, it's super easy to get the other stuff.
You know, COVID-Lite is one of, like, our most... When we put COVID-Lite together, we did it to help people dealing with COVID-long symptoms.
Now, all of us take it.
You know, everybody loves it.
It gives you energy.
It has pomegranate.
It has Korean ginseng.
It has guarana.
It just... It has CoQ10.
It just has a lot of stuff, and it has vitamins that you need.
And then, right now, we created gummies for children, because everybody wanted to know about gummies.
So, we created gummies for children, too.
This has been a very interesting time in my life, Alex, for the past three years.
My brain has like shifted from just, I'm a medical doctor that writes prescriptions, to wanting to really teach people about wellness and put together supplements.
And each time they're thinking about bringing up something else, we start looking at the science behind the supplements that we can put together to help people.
So that's what we've been doing.
And what's incredible is they have all the studies on ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, they knew it worked as you pointed out in that press conference three plus years ago, three years and three months ago.
I mean, we know and they know and they're suppressing it because they don't want you to know.
So there's two paths.
There's the pharmaceutical route, which they're trying to block to you of therapeutics because they want you to take the poison shot.
She has that.
And then there's the supplement route that is the modern version of what the ancients did.
And again, I'm up here like, hey, my dad's black nanny gave him boiled chicken manure and he totally was not sick anymore.
And then we pull up a study.
I mean, the ancients already had it figured out, folks.
They didn't have doctors.
They had people that tested things out to see what would work, and they passed it on over thousands and thousands of years.
And that's what supplements are, is that knowledge now, scientifically.
conducting it. We're actually doing MediHerb, like really just, we're putting, like we have,
right now we have ginger and turmeric grown from back in Africa. My family grows it with non-GMO
and then we're going to be putting moringa, mint and lemongrass, which you can make in a tea that
is like non-GMO grown from back home.
I just packaged and sent some.
Think about that relationship.
Africa is such a giant garden, Sub-Saharan Africa, and then grow it there and use it here.
It's just beautiful.
And we all win.
And then Africa will be so successful, we'll all want to move there.
Alright, let's take some more calls.
Dominique in Denver, you're on the air with Dr. Stella Emanuel.
Go ahead.
Hey, guys, I love you very much.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
And now I've been doing a lot of research and I've been and I think that parasites might have something to do with this.
Dr. Carey Magie found that parasite in that vaccine sample.
Dr. Brian Artis has been going on and on lately about his parasite research and cancer and then ivermectin has had such an outstanding effect on on people and their health.
I think that maybe these parasites, they've been evolving for millions of years.
They know how to move around inside of us.
They control our thoughts, make us want to eat.
Oh, by the way, by the way, they admit the cat brain worm, something like a third of India has it.
That's why they call them crazy cat ladies.
A microscopic worm, similar to syphilis, programs your brain where you want the smell of more cat piss, which is associated with the brain worm.
And then you get more and more infested.
There's also another brain worm that gets in a slug Makes the slug climb to the top of a tree so birds eat it and crap it back out and create more that the slugs eat.
I mean, there's a lot of weird stuff going on.
I recommend everyone do a parasite cleanse.
Yes, toxoplasmosis is a lot more prevalent than we know.
It makes you docile, makes you not want to resist, makes you not want to fight, and it's a perfect chapter out of this globalist playbook that they would spray these things down because you can breathe them in.
You transfer billions, millions of organisms just by shaking a hand, touching a telephone, I think that these parasites are more prevalent than we think.
Even though we take three showers a day, live in the suburbs, have millions of dollars, we think we're clean.
Think again, and I would throw everything in the kitchen sink at COVID with neem leaf, diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar, black walnut, ginger, turmeric, everything that you guys
have been saying on that natural front.
And I'm sure Dr. Stella knows all about it being from Africa and fighting these creatures
that look like serpents inside of you, telling you what to do, who to make love with to transfer
this parasite to other people.
It actually is a lot deeper and in slaughterhouses, they'll admit they keep the cats and the mice
there to transfer that toxoplasmosis into the cattle so that they are more docile and
they are just open to the slaughter.
Wow, thank you for the call.
Wild call.
Granny Green in Canada, you're on the air.
Thank you so much Alex and Dr. Stella for all you do.
We Canadians truly appreciate you.
The reason for my call today is, I don't know if you know this, but in Canada our dictator is now making it so very soon trying to pass a law that we're not going to have.
And he is a dictator.
He got 30% of the vote.
He's parliamentary manipulation to stay in power.
And he says, I want to be a dictator.
I admire dictatorship.
He got 30% of the vote, he's parliamentary manipulation stay in power, and he says, "I
want to be a dictator, I admire dictatorship."
Go ahead.
Well, he has definitely got his desire because he is truly a dictator.
Now the thing is that where we live, we're not in an area, there are some farms around
us, okay, where you could possibly get some ivermectin that way, but in reality, everybody's
keeping it for their family and their animals and such.
But I've been racking my brains for the last couple of years, and I've, you know, dabbled in a lot of different home remedies and that because of my granny.
And I just was wanting to ask Dr. Stella, she has mentioned a few, but I wanted to ask her what she would think for people like this in my area, if we use a Dimash, I can never, Mischief Earth, and the neem powder, and a variety of squash and pumpkin powders.
I have the moringa, I have Brazilian nut powder, I have berberine, Um, and also I grow all of my herbs, my own herbs, a variety of peppermint, oregano, variety of basils, rosemary, thyme, as well as my own garlic, as well as my own ginger.
I have also like organic turmeric.
I am wanting to know if I put all of these compounds together, I mean, they're all anti-parasitical, anti-worm, anti-fungal, you know, anti-inflammatory.
I'm just wondering if this combination, and we took that, say, and added to a smoothie, would that be somewhat of a benefit along with like the, you know, vitamin D, 3, C?
Yeah, it's all in there.
She's not a nutritionist.
As she said, she's a medically trained person in that, but obviously what God gave us is what we're supposed to have.
Thanks for the call.
Dr. Stella, comments on that?
We have something like the Covid Cleanze.
We have neem actually in the Covita Spray because neem helps with allergies and then we have like milk tea seeds and Covid Cleanze and everything.
So what I usually do is that we actually go to a real manufacturer and we tell them these are the different things we want to put in there and then they sit
down and they look at the compass and look at how they How they mix and interact with one another so I can't tell
you I'm not a chemist So we actually do have somebody that sits down and look at
how they interact with each other before we put them in the supplement
Obviously natural foods and all the ancient things that are known
Like you said turmeric mint all of it. Let's talk to Chaz in North Carolina. Thanks for holding her on the air
Good evening y'all Just to lay the groundwork for my question is I work a very
demanding job, which I'm doing right now I'm out in the hundred degree heat, sweating in the sun, boosting heavy things.
And, uh, at my workplace, they went through the whole mess of if you even feel under the weather, stay out for a week, get a COVID test, blah, blah, blah.
Since 2017, I've only been seriously ill once.
I got the flu in 2021.
At least I believe it was the flu.
I went and got a COVID test that day.
I threw up 30 minutes before I got the test and it came back negative.
I've been around dozens of people who have caught COVID once or twice.
I've been around a handful of people that are vaccinated.
And somehow I have yet That's a great question, doctor.
So I have a question I think I might know the answer to already.
But why haven't I caught COVID?
That's a great question, Dr.
Your view.
I mean, you have different people have different levels of immunity.
I remember that COVID is not a coronavirus and it's been around for a long time.
It's not new.
There are some people that caught SARS-CoV-1 that have developed immunity to
what is coming right now.
And maybe you caught a subclinical COVID that you're just your immunity so it's everybody has a different level yeah
you you never got sick as you beat it never knew it yes so i mean coronavirus is a common quote
that we get all the time is a coronavirus so coronavirus has been around for years and so it's just
it's just enhanced and souped up anything else chas yeah i mean uh you know if if that's the case i
called it and i didn't know it then it's just the fact that i am a product of the info wars
products I take, religiously, the Whole Foods multivitamin.
I used to take the Heron Beard formula because it was the best value.
You get so many pills for such a low price.
I moved on to the Whole Foods multivitamin.
I have three packages of Vitamin Mineral Fusion waiting on me.
I've been using the same bottle of X2 nascent iodine for almost two years now because there's like 650 servings in one bottle.
It's insane.
I take it every day.
It's really strong.
It's finally coming soon.
It's so hard to manufacture though.
But I take the vitamin C with zinc a couple times a week.
I take the vitamin D3 and calcium every time winter comes around.
I start taking that a couple times a week, but religiously every day.
I take the multivitamin, I take turmeric, I take the krill oil or the fish oil, whatever happens to be open, I go back and forth.
I take the nascent iodine and ultra B12 under the tongue every single day.
Jazz, that's beautiful.
Thank you so much.
We got a guest host coming up, but I want to continue, but let's take a little bit of their time, to talk to Anne Marie, Anne, Anne, Virginia.
Three calls with Dr. Stella Emanuel, DrStellaEmanuel.com.
Promo code Alex, you get a big discount, depending on the products, 5 to 15 percent, and there's the telemedicine, it's all there.
Yeah, the prescription stuff is telemedicine.
You got a call, talk to a nurse, talk to a doctor, boom, you're there.
Supplements are there, DrStonemanual.com.
Don't forget, InfoWarsTore.com.
We have DNA Force Plus, finally back in stock, discounted.
We have Ultimate Turmeric Formula, bodies back in stock.
And that's what funds everything we do, and all the interviews, and everything I do around the world, is you supporting us.
We bring you great products, and you support us.
It's a symbiotic relationship, the opposite of Satan's system.
I want to thank you all.
Hour number four is only two minutes away.
A few final calls, Dr. Stella Emanuel, and then the guest host takes over.
Stay with us.
Bright midnight.
End of the line.
End of the line.
Anne Marie in Pennsylvania, you're on the air with the mighty Dr. Stella Emanuel.
Go ahead.
God bless and protect you both and your families, first of all.
Thank you.
Dr. Emmanuel and Mr. Jones.
Back when all they put their foot on our neck so we could really feel it, you know, when all this COVID garbage started.
I sent my husband all the videos that you put out, Alex, and videos from other truth tellers about why not to take the shot and how bad it was.
And he swore up and down he wouldn't take it.
Well, I found out by accident that he did take it.
And aside from the spike proteins, aside from getting COVID, okay, which I think I've already had because I'm a nurse, with the graphene oxide and the self-assembling net nanoparticles, I have not had sex with my husband since I found out that he took the shot.
And I want to know from Dr. Emmanuel, please, if I'm doing the right thing, because I'm afraid... Well, I mean, I'm not a doctor, but I see the studies.
Years after the shots, half the people that took it, that's, they put it, you know, part of it, still are producing spike protein.
Ma'am, I... Because I'm also a pastor, I cannot tell you, break up with your husband because they took the shot.
But, there is the risk of him shedding on you.
from taking the shot.
So those are things that you're going to have to deal with.
I have a staff that the husband took the shot and she gets sick all the time.
We put her on hydroxychloroquine weekly and vitamins because those are choices that she and her husband make.
This stuff that we're dealing with, people make wrong choices.
And some of the times those wrong choices affect the rest of us, especially people that are around them and love them.
So Um, I don't know, ma'am.
I don't really know what to tell you on that one, you know?
Maybe you could use a condom?
I don't know.
I don't know how you price, what I expect, whether you can go through that or not.
But I will tell you, just, you know, I'm not going to tell you to break your marriage because of that, because many, this is, all of us are under attack.
So that's why I'll tell you, make sure that you take your vitamins, take some ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine weekly.
And the rest of it, you know, I will just pray because it's between you and God on that one.
I really don't, I can't, I'm not qualified to give people advice on what to do with their spouses.
Yeah, because here's the issue.
I'm not a doctor, but even touching people or doorknobs, there's spike proteins everywhere.
So I would rather mitigate with supplements and things, spike protein, than, you know, and I'm sorry your husband did that, but you know, I don't want to see you guys, I mean, it's really up to you.
So I don't think we can tell you what you're going to do.
Well, there'll be the self-assembling nanoparticles and the graphene oxide.
Is that transmitted in the semen too?
Does anybody know?
Well, yeah, it's a blood product.
I mean, yeah, obviously, you can touch somebody.
In a major University of Colorado study that came out last month, you can get it.
Well, I mean, of course.
You're a doctor.
Dr. Stella, she's asking the question.
It's transmitted in all your body fluids.
In fact, it can be transmitted from skin, sweat, and stuff like that.
And it's transmitted through body fluids, yeah.
Well, thank you.
That's what I sort of thought.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
That's very sad.
If you love him, I'd roll the dice.
I mean, you know, at the end of the day, it's everywhere.
But I'm not going to, like you said, doctor, we're not going to give her advice on what to do with her husband.
That's up to her.
Just get some supplements, you know.
Ride it, you know.
Have your husband detox.
Both of you detox, yes.
When you get married, it's your ride or die partner, you know.
You know, for better or for worse.
So, I don't know.
We're going to go to break.
DrStellaMD.com, promo code Alex, big discounts.
What is the main detox products you've got?
We have actually COVID, we have what we call detox, we have like, we have COVID cleanse, COVID light,
and COVID vise, and we do for detox, and then we make that, we put them on one,
we tell them to get hydroxychloroquine, they go on one week of that, or five days of that,
and then we put them on the detox.
Stay there, we'll be right back, right there.
We got two more calls, two more calls.
Welcome back to hour number four, the informative, the dynamic,
the amazing Fernanda is set to take over in about five minutes.
But we're taking a few final calls with Dr. Stella Emanuel, and in New York, and Virginia, and North Carolina.
Go ahead.
I'm in New York City, and I am so happy to have this opportunity to speak to both of you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
When I saw Dr. Stella on my Computer, because I don't have TB.
That first day when she was saying, nobody has to die, I liked her immediately.
I immediately went to her website and I got the hydroxychloroquine and I sailed through the whole pandemic years.
And there were people who told me that not only was she not a real doctor, there were people who told me she wasn't even a real person.
And the other thing, Dr. Stella, that I want you to know is that I had the opportunity to meet you at an event in New York briefly, and there was something about you, your glow, your energy.
Long story short, you are the inspiration for me going back to church, opening up the Bible.
I became born again as a result of your Your ministries and the things that you talked about in your book and on the internet and just looking at your faith.
And I just, I'm 73 years old and I was thinking, I want to be like her when I grow up.
And so I want to thank you for that.
I want to thank you for everything that you've done.
I've already got my supply of hydrodoxychloroquine.
I call it my Tuesday, Tuesday medicine or whatever they're going to throw at us next.
And I just want to thank both of you for just The information keeping me awake, just everything that you're doing.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Beautifully said.
Do you have any questions or comments?
Oh God, we're fighting the devil here.
We need Jesus to fight it.
So we need to get our hearts back to God, get back to prayer, so be prepared spiritually, physically, medically, and make sure that you're not afraid.
Because I tell people, those that are prepared are not going to be afraid.
Remember, don't be so afraid to die that you're willing to let them inject whatever in your body, because if you give your life to Christ, you'll die in Christ's name.
So that's one of the things that I tell people.
I'm not afraid because I know I'm a child of God and I belong to Jesus.
I'm able to stand and fight this battle because of that.
So I tell people, get prepared, get ready, today, today, today, get hygroscopic angiomectin in your medicine cabinet.
Today, don't wait till you get sick.
Get COVID VITES, you know, take it daily.
Make sure that you are safe.
And if you go on our website, if you use promo code Alex, you get a discount.
So just try and be prepared today.
And that's all, you know, just be prepared and read the Bible.
We're in the book of Revelation.
Read Revelation 13.
The CVDs are coming.
You're not going to be able to buy or sell without taking a mark.
Be prepared, stock up food, water, everything.
Just make sure that you're paranoid enough to build up a fortress where you can survive.
Very well said.
Thank you, Ann.
Let's go to Virginia.
Last caller before the great Derren Andes takes over.
Go ahead, Virginia.
Last caller.
You're our tail gunner.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you, Dr. Stella.
Praying for you both.
My question for Dr. Stella is this.
A couple of years ago, I came down with COVID.
Both my husband and I got very sick.
I did take supplements, but unfortunately got the better of me.
I was hospitalized.
And their protocol of course was and I knew nothing about Rendesivir.
They put me on a five-day regimen of Rendesivir but by God's grace, I walked out of that hospital because God was watching over me.
And I do take all of the supplements that Dr. Steller is talking about.
I have Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Budesodine.
I mean we're just stacking up on all of it.
My question for Dr. Steller is this.
What else can I do, Dr. Stella?
Since I was given this Rendesivir a couple of years ago, it's very toxic.
Thank God I'm okay.
I praise God every day for that.
I do drink teas.
I drink Get Clean, Dandelion Root Tea, Pine Needle Tea.
I do detox with Milk Thistle.
Is there anything else?
I mean, God is the one who's in charge.
And thank you both.
But is there anything else that I can do for myself to make sure, and I do not believe in vaccines.
Yes, I was vaccinated as a child, but not these vaccines.
These are poison.
This is the devil working through these demonic people.
And so is there anything else I can do, Dr. Stella, that you can suggest?
You seem to be quite on top of everything.
Like I said, if Randy Sever didn't kill you in the hospital and you're okay, we're thankful for that.
And you know, just continue to, you know, build your immunity, get stuck up and be ready.
So I think you're doing the right thing.
And on top of that, you know, trusting God to take care of all of us.
And everybody should be like you, stuck up on your hydroxypropane and ivermectin and make sure that you have your vitamins, make sure you're taking your vitamin D and turmeric and ginger and stuff like that.
And I mean, if you go on Alex's website, on my website, we have enough for you to stock up.
We have something we call the pandemic prep pack that actually has something for COVID
and something for just the different pandemics, including even getting nuked
and getting potassium iodide as you get nuked.
That's right.
So DrStellaMD.com, promo code Alex, get the discount.
Thank you so much for the call, Virginia.
All right, we're out of time.
Dr. Stella, amazing two hours plus.
Thank you for the great job you've done.
I look forward to speaking to you soon.
Let's do it again.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Totally vindicated.
It's all coming out.
They're trying the lockdowns again.
Get all the supplements there at DrSellamd.com.
Promo code Alex.
Get 5 to 15 percent depending on the product or some are even higher.
And then you got the telemedicine there as well.
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I've been shadowbanned.
I've been called a liar.
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They've tried to destroy me, but I survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
The replatforming begins now!
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com Alright, Drew Hernandez, syndicated talk show host, Censor TV with Gavin McGinnis, all the other great work he takes over now.
Alex, thank you.
You guys are now watching the fourth hour of the most banned show in the universe, the Alex Jones Show.
Like Alex said, I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
Lock and load, guys.
We are in it for the remainder of the show until the war room comes on with the great Owen Schroyer, as always.
But guys, I mean, it's very interesting.
I could, can you, can you just feel it?
I could, I could, I could feel it every time I'm listening.
I mean, every time I've ever listened into the Alex Jones Show, War Room, American Journal, or throughout the years, listening on InfoWars, all the great hosts and guest hosts, you just hear this increase of Christ and Jesus getting inserted into the conversation, no matter what's being talked about.
Have you guys noticed that?
No matter what's being talked about, whether it's some kind of climate lockdown on the verge of society, Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030 or Agenda 2050 or whether we're talking about the incoming COVID restrictions and lockdowns that are looming over the horizon again for the future of the United States of America.
No matter what we're talking about, whether we're talking about the hacking of the genitals of children or human beings at that, or all these degenerate agendas that are attacking humanity, that are depopulating humanity.
Whether it's the warp sciences of the New World Order and the Dr. Fauci's of the world that are imposing their own expert advice on the peasants, which by the way, Dr. Fauci came out the other day.
I'm pretty sure this was covered all over InfoWars, but I found it interesting and I wanted to comment on it when Dr. Fauci was interviewed by CNN recently because they're rolling out the great high priest of the COVID cult.
He's got to make a comment because they're locking and loading and getting ready for all the COVID restrictions.
Don't you find it interesting?
They're like, oh, it's a conspiracy theory.
Some of the media was saying it was a conspiracy when Alex dropped the Fed whistleblowers that came out.
To warn the world that incoming COVID restrictions and possible lockdowns are coming.
Some of the media said conspiracy theory and some of them try to get ahead of it because that's the agenda they're all going with.
Then they roll Biden out and Biden says, oh, well, we're about to, you know, we're fully funding an incoming vaccine and, you know, we're, we're, we're, we're considering recommending it, right?
It's just like, and then they roll out Fauci and Fauci's on CNN telling everybody, well, I hope that the people I don't know.
He was signaling to the federal government.
I don't know.
I really hope that the people, they do abide by the recommendations.
I just, I don't really know.
And a lot of people on Twitter, I think with good intentions, they'll take that and try to make a narrative out of it and say, you see, Fauci's scared!
Fauci's scared!
Now Fauci is the Great High Priest of the COVID cult in the New World Order, and whatever that guy says, goes.
So that's a part of the plan.
They're all building blocks.
They're all building blocks that get inserted, removed, replaced.
And he's definitely one of those founding building blocks of the New World Order lockdowns and COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates in the United States of America.
Even predating that to rolling out AIDS upon Americans and rolling out AIDS on Citizens of Planet Earth, but that's a whole other conversation.
But in terms of the COVID cult, we all know that the Great High Priest, Dr. Fauci, is definitely a prominent voice.
When he comes out and he signals to the world, and of course the United States, we know how this works now.
How is the United States government functioning?
We have a deep state and then we have bureaucrats that are all New World Order plants that come from organizations like the World Health Organization, organizations like the CDC, organizations that are not necessarily government established, but they're somehow government funded.
They get around to it through some kind of legislation and funding, or they'll just use an NGO proxy to somehow fund the organization so they could just show face and say, well, you see, it's not actually happening.
But I think everyone woke up to the reality and the fact that in 2020 and post-2020, it were these bureaucrats.
It was the experts.
And they turned to the experts that are all New World Order plants.
They do the same thing with social media with the fact-checkers.
The fact-checkers are the experts.
They're the arbiters of truth.
They are the ones that are overseeing your soul.
They are the ones that are overseeing whether you are going to believe in something or not, or whether you can believe in something or not.
Who fundamentally has the right to pull the trigger, not only in what I want to see and what I want to watch or what I want to read or what I want to listen to, but who has the authority to pull the trigger on what I want to believe myself as an autonomous human being?
You see, this is why the info war is so important to understand.
The federal government understands we're in an information war.
The New World Order.
And when I say New World Order, you could point to organizations like the CDC, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the EU, I mean, the World Economic Forum and all their proxies.
And it's like, umbrella all the way down with all these separate organizations and nonprofits that are all unified under one mission, one mandate, one vision, and that is a global unified police state that is Surveilled with AI technology in the future.
That's why Klaus Schwab comes out and says, oh, we love China.
They're so great.
They're the model.
Bill Gates, too.
Whoever masters the technology of the future, masters the future.
You'll become the master of the future.
All these people are in unison because they're all abiding by the satanic antichrist agenda.
We all know that.
That's when the cashless society comes in.
The digital dollar already exists.
They want to do away with physical currency.
They've already rolled out all of these systems.
Where they can implement it any day now, by the way.
Any day this can get rolled out.
It's only a matter of time.
But one thing I think people need to always remember is just exactly how this is fully operating out in the open.
These people don't operate in the shadows as much as they used to.
These people are not necessarily a shadow government anymore.
You know, I haven't really been using that term a lot lately.
And it's not because I don't believe in it anymore, and it's not because it's not a reality.
The shadow government is out in the open!
Anyone like why do you think in Georgia all the blacks are waking up?
Because they understand what Rico means and they slap that on Trump and everyone's all all the black people in Georgia like oh well That's that that's a fed up.
That's a total fed up.
They're slapping Rico on Trump We know what that means because all their families have gone through that they understand what's going on there You see the more tyranny begins to rise in advance, and I'll even use the word succeed If tyranny is going to succeed in our culture, in our society, that only means one thing.
That only means freedom is inevitable.
That only means America First is inevitable.
That only means, I mean...
I'll tell you for sure, Christ is king is inevitable.
The kingdom of God is at hand.
2,000 years ago, Christ Jesus was walking the earth and proclaimed that very publicly and bluntly to his generation of that day.
And those words still echo right now, 2,000 years later, and we're still talking about it right now, live on the air on Infowars.com, band.video.
This gospel has made its way all around to the ends of the earth, just like God prophesied it would.
You see, Christ is King, the Kingdom of God is inevitable.
But who has the authority, back to the question, who has the authority to mandate and pull the trigger on what you decide what you're going to believe in?
See, now we're getting into Brave New World and 1984 and every single one of us are Winston.
And every single one of us are being told that 2 plus 2 equals 5 and anything otherwise makes you a threat to the state.
And why are you a threat to the state?
Because it's not about whether the statement is true or not.
It's not about whether the statement that we are telling you to recite, or excuse me, that we are telling you to state, 2 plus 2 equals 5, it's not about whether that's true or whether that's false.
It's about whether we say whether it's true or whether it's false, and it's about whether we told you to say it or whether we told you not to say it.
We want you To get death jabs, you'll get the death jabs.
Well, what about the research?
You see, 2 plus 2 equals 5.
Well, why should we get mandated to death jabs?
What about the science?
What about the negative side effects, especially for people that are compromised already with their immune systems?
Well, no, no, no, no, no.
2 plus 2 equals 5.
You don't research anything.
You don't look into anything.
You don't even read.
Do not read.
Do not enhance or amplify your IQ to educate yourself.
The last thing the New World Order wants is a fully armed, educated, and informed info warrior That is in this war that totally understands what's going on around them.
Whether you're a grandma boomer or you're Gen Z just getting ready to take on the future for the next 70 to 80 years or even younger than that.
The last thing these people want is not just one person.
10 people, 100 people, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, and the billions that occupy this planet.
The last thing they want is us waking up to the reality fully informed.
That's why they're engaged in the Infowar.
That's why they run their disinformation campaigns.
That's why they call everyone a conspiracy theorist.
They try to discredit everybody.
CIA tactics, we all know this.
They understand what the Infowar truly is.
That it is a battle for the mind, it is a battle for ideology, and ultimately, from a spiritual perspective, as a Christian and a Biblical perspective, the Edbald War is all about what?
It's the battle for the soul!
The information of the Gospel unlocks what?
It unlocks the mind, which leads to the unlocking of the soul, which leads to the unlocking of salvation and the forgiveness of sins forever, which leads to the ultimate unlocking of an eternity with God and paradise and heaven forever!
See, when you talk about an information war, that's ultimately where this goes.
Because when Jesus was asked, what's the greatest commandment, right?
They try to catch him, they try to catch him slipping, and because he was God in human flesh, he turns around and says, well, love your neighbor, excuse me, love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your soul, your strength, and all that else did he say?
Your mind.
You want to talk about an info war?
Christ understood this as well.
And then he said, I love your neighbor as yourself.
Without that, you cannot love anybody in proximity around you.
You will constantly always be aggravated.
You will constantly and always be.
At odds with somebody, because if you have no peace with God, if you have no stable relationship with God, you cannot have a stable relationship with anybody in your life.
Whether it's your wife, whether it's your kids, whether it's your co-workers, those that work under you, or someone that works above you.
You will not have the stability to be able to deal with anybody, because if you don't have peace with God, you will not have peace with humanity!
The Bible's very clear because that's flipped and says the unbeliever is at enmity with God, is at war with God, so they cannot have peace with humanity in any way, shape, or form because they live based off of the violation of, according to Jesus, the greatest commandments.
Love the Lord your God with all your soul, your strength.
Your heart and your mind and your neighbor is yourself.
So they're inverted on that because they're Antichrist.
So that's why they're ultimately Psalms Chapter 2.
They're at war with God.
They're at war with Messiah.
They will see that out to the very end.
That's what all the Antichrist agendas are all about across the entire board.
The depopulation of the attack of traditional biological marriage instituted by God.
Okay, the depopulation agenda of the so-called trans.
Hacking the genitals of human beings, male and female.
Whether it's the death jabs being implemented on human beings.
And right now we're just experiencing the COVID ones.
Just wait till they roll out the more serious ones.
And wait till they, like Alex said today, wait till they roll, or he said it today or yesterday, wait till they roll out a more serious bioweapon.
Virus on humanity you think the fear hysteria was bad over covid just wait till something more serious gets rolled out and then you will see some serious fear and mass formation going on because people will be in a total.
Panic and hysteria beyond what we've already seen in twenty twenty.
And it gives them the excuse to roll out the lockdowns.
There are studies coming out saying that locking down actually got more people killed.
I think that's an Epoch Times study that came out today.
I was reading it earlier this morning.
Anyone can go find that right now.
But also, whether the depopulation agenda, like I said, is rolling out a bioweapon, decrease the population, or vaccine mandates decrease the population, Or rolling out the cashless society, world coin, which already exists, doing away with physical currency, doing away with precious metals at the end of the day, doing away and making everything centralized and digitized in one central location.
And it's all AI driven, so it's controlled and the entire world could be monitored and it will be enforced without even someone having to look at it.
All you need is a program that understands human behaviors.
Those things all exist today.
Sounds like a sci-fi movie if you were to talk about something like that maybe in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
But the technology has rapidly advanced and it exists in our day here in 2023 and that could get rolled out any moment now!
Again, depopulation.
If you do not have access to the economy, you do not have access to food.
Therefore, you do not have access to survival.
Therefore, you will die.
So that's depopulation.
All of these agendas, whichever one we want, and of course the climate cult, they start locking everybody down.
They start locking you out of access.
Social credit score, your carbon footprint is too high.
Right now, listen, this is the sequence with the climate change call.
I'll tell you what it is.
You want to know what it is?
The sequence is, they start with the fossil fuels, they attack gas, nuclear energy, they attack oil, demonize it, demonize it, demonize it, attack it, attack it, roll out Al Gore, attack it, attack it, attack it, right?
And then they go to inanimate objects.
They go to planes.
Then they go to cars.
And they want to roll out all the EVs.
And they want to be full EV by 2050 or 2030.
It's coming in the next two or three decades.
They go to cars, and then they go to your stove, and then they go to your refrigerator.
Well, that's too hot.
We need to get rid of that, too.
And then they go to your A.C., and then they go to your heater.
The Biden administration this year announced that they are going after gas-powered generators.
They not only want to ban the ones that exist, They want to push forward a ban to discontinue the future manufacture of any gas generators in the future.
So then they go to machines and inanimate objects because those carbon footprints are too high.
And they'll do that with anything.
That's why you got the whole ESG right now.
So everything and all these companies are we're environmentally friendly because our building itself might be our building ourself.
Well, if we have to have a high carbon footprint that our our business can exist in the new world order because.
All right, guys, I want to apologize.
I cut myself off.
That's me.
You know, retards do retard things.
Got to pay attention.
But anyways, so I really want to break down what I think the sequence of the climate cult is going to kind of Look like for the next few decades and what we've already been seeing you didn't catch it before the break is they started with attacking fossil fuels oil gas nuclear energy etc.
And then, they've transitioned to inanimate objects, they've transitioned into machines, and they've gone after planes, they've gone after cars, they've gone after machines that are gas-powered, they've gone after nuclear energy, they've gone after, well, the plants as well, they've gone after trains, they've gone after coal, they've gone after anything that's powered by that!
And ultimately, like they've been rolling out more aggressively this year, they're going after the household appliances.
So they go from, you know, the corporate America, they go after businesses, they go after tools, and then they go after cars, and then they go after, like I said, planes.
And then eventually, they're invading your home now.
They're going after your stove.
You're going to go after your heater, your A.C.
And like I said, the Biden administration this year has openly come out and said that they are going to be going after the gas power generators and attempting to stop and discontinue the manufacture of any gas power generators in the future.
You see, what's the leap from there?
And we know a couple days ago, this huge news that's been breaking out that the Bill Gates affiliated donations are funding organizations that want to chop hundreds of acres of trees down, bury them in the ground, and they say, well, why do we got to do that?
Why do we got to take out all the trees?
Because they have too high of a carbon footprint too.
And now they're going after plants, now they're going after trees, which is interesting.
I wonder how all the tree-huggers are dealing with that one.
I would love to interview one of them.
How's that supposed to work, you know?
You love the environment, and you say we need to go full green, but now you got ol' Willie over there just chopping down the forest!
Because that's too high of a carbon footprint!
So what happens?
What happens?
Are the tree-huggers gonna go hug the trees, and they get chopped down, and they get buried underground, and Bill Gates is sitting there just laughing?
So good!
Maybe, maybe.
And then they'll go to animals, that's the big one next.
They've already done that.
That's why they're pushing synthetic meat.
That's why they're pushing bugs.
Yes, that's why they're literally, there's some viral videos that went out the other day
where these psycho, (laughs)
these psycho New World Order plans are like, "Oh, we have a substitute for milk."
And it's just, uh, it's, it's, it's, uh, it's black fly larva.
And we just, we take like hundreds of them and then we blend them and it looks like milk.
And it was crazy because in the video.
It was like these, like, woke New World Order, you know, white women?
And they're making this, like, black fly larva smoothie.
And then at the end of the video, they're, like, feeding it to black people!
And the black people are, the black people are like... And they're like, should we eat this?
And they didn't tell them what it was.
And at the end of the video, the woman is like, oh, well, um, it's not ice cream.
It's not milk.
Would you be shocked if I told you it was insects?
The Woke White Women Feeding Black People Insects.
You gotta love it.
You gotta love that guy.
It's somewhere on my Twitter, I think, if you guys want to find it, but it's just, it's so good.
It's so good.
You see, but this is what they're going to continue to do, and then they'll go to the animals.
Okay, you will not be able to have livestock anymore.
They're attacking the farms while Bill Gates goes and buys up all the farmland because he's going to survive, right?
They'll go after the animals.
They'll execute and slaughter all the animals.
They'll start with livestock first, and then they'll go to pets and domestic animals.
You're going to have to slaughter your dog.
You're going to have to euthanize your cat.
You're going to have to euthanize, and it'll all be facilitated by veterinarians and pet hospitals or wellness centers for animals.
And you'll have to euthanize all your animals because that will be mandated by the New World Order.
That will be mandated by the Feds.
PETA is going to have to make a decision.
They're going to have to make a decision.
It's either do you get along with the New World Order or do you continue to fight for animals to survive?
Because if you don't, we're not going to survive.
We're all going to die because they are causing too high of a carbon footprint.
Do you see all that?
Do you see what they're doing?
Do you see the amount of the cat litter that you're spending every single month?
The dog food unit?
They'll just attach it to something!
They'll attach it to a damn manufactured company to... Who makes the dog toys?
You know what I mean?
Well here you go!
You see?
You see they're gonna get us killed by the next 30 years!
You got to execute and euthanize your dog!
You got to execute and euthanize your pet kitty!
The family kitty's gotta go!
Go to domestic animals.
We'll slaughter all the animals, and then the last stop will be humanity.
The last stop will be you.
That's the end game.
The end game, total depopulation will be you.
It'll be you, it'll be me, and maybe they'll start... You know, maybe they'll get old school with it, you know what I mean?
Like, they'll get old school eugenicists.
First, they'll start with executing the political opponents that resist.
They'll start there.
They'll start there against their will, while these people do not want to submit Just like you don't submit to the lockdowns, you don't comply to the COVID lockdowns, or restrictions, or vaccine mandates, when they roll out the COVID cult lockdowns, they'll start executing, because this is like life or death for these people.
You know how they lost their minds?
And all the psychos with 10 masks on all over the street, you're not staying home and selling lives!
You're not staying home and saving lives!
You're not vaxxed 10 times!
You're gonna get us killed!
You're a murderer!
You're a murderer!
Why is this person in prison?
Doesn't matter.
If you get sent to prison, they'll just let you out because of COVID.
We're all right now.
But with the climate cult lockdowns, they'll take it to another level, dude.
Because the hysteria will be brought to a level, again, even heightened.
Well, they all believe the end of the world is coming.
The giant tsunami is coming.
Oh, we're going to get incinerated by a solar flare.
Oh, we're going to go into the next ice age.
We have to prevent that.
Our entire world is going to rise in temperatures.
We're all going to be living in 200 degree temperatures and have to live underground.
What a psy-op.
I think they could actually pull that off.
You know, where things are right now, they could convince the entire world.
I mean, obviously you and I wouldn't fall for it, but...
The next five years, we're gonna experience temperatures over 200 degrees.
We have new 15-minute cities, but they are updated.
They will be underground in a hive.
You gotta live there or die.
There would be, I guarantee you, there'd be millions of people that would flock to that crap.
But, so they'll start with those that are resisting.
They'll start with the rebellion, the resistance people that listen to InfoWars, the patriots, the Trump supporters, just people that want freedom and humanity.
They'll start with them, mass executions.
They'll round them up.
They'll use all the FEMA camps.
They'll establish concentration camps by region.
If it's in the United States, obviously they all already exist.
They'll round everybody up, show up to your house.
They'll measure your carbon footprint.
Maybe they'll give you an opportunity to lower it, but if you have already been living for more than a year and you've already been mandated to lower your carbon footprint by your appliances, executing your trees and your plants, executing your pets, eating nothing but bugs, if you still can't make it okay, then you are mandated to get executed And if you don't comply to any of that, then you, you will be first.
You will be first.
They'll start there.
And then maybe they'll start with the homeless.
Maybe they'll start with the homeless.
They'll go to them next, because they're just, no one's gonna, you know, in their mind, no one's gonna speak for them.
They could just get executed and no one would ever know about it.
And then maybe they'll get old school and they'll go to like, You know, the maybe, maybe like the mentally impaired or the physically impaired, the physically disabled.
They'll go old school.
I mean, they still are eugenicists.
They're still psychopaths like Bill Gates.
Maybe they'll go there.
You know, they'll go straight up Hitler.
Like we need to get rid of anyone that has a physical disability and a mental disability because it requires too much of a carbon lifestyle to keep these people alive.
You see what I'm saying?
Like they can go so many ways with this and they'll just start executing everybody
and the elites will remain at the top.
The elites will still have their jumbo jets.
The elites will still have their oil reserves.
The elites will still have their fossil fuel powered Lamborghinis and cars.
They'll still have their homes that are fully operational fossil fuel powered while you and I will be living in the streets, eating bugs, owning nothing, being happy, just waiting for our execution.
And if all else fails, there's more.
When we come back, I think this gets even deeper, so don't go anywhere, guys.
Banned out video, banned out video.
Infowars.com, get it out.
All right, guys, we are back.
You are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
Guys, I want to thank you guys for tuning in today.
Make sure to follow me on Twitter, at DrewHLive.
And you guys can check out my show that I host Monday through Friday at 8 p.m.
Pacific, 11 p.m.
Eastern, exclusively on Rumble, Drew Hernandez Live, that's rumble.com slash Drew Hernandez.
So, in the future, this is what I predict, in the future, with the climate cult lockdowns and that full rollout, the total endgame, there will be Pfizer, CDC type, World Health Organization, suicide assistant centers.
Kind of like you can go, you know how they had their little, they were like always ghost towns in 2020 and 2021?
They had like their little vaccine tents, you know, like little drive-thru tents where you can go and get your jab.
It's totally awesome.
Or you can go and get a COVID test so we could stick this gigantic, we could stick this, we could stick this gigantic stick straight up your anus.
You like that?
Oh, let's see if you got COVID.
You got COVID?
And it's like some pervert, just like, you know, some gay pervert like, yeah, let's see if this guy's got COVID.
Yeah, COVID!
I love this job!
Isn't it crazy?
Those are the kinds of people that end up in those kind of jobs.
Why wouldn't or how couldn't they end up there anyways?
These FEMA camps, they'll have these very similar suicide assistance camps or tents or centers.
I mean, they're already doing that in Canada, aren't they?
There are already programs that exist today to assist you in suiciding yourself if you decide to no longer live anymore.
But they'll roll, you know what the crazy part is, they're already rolling that out now.
So there it is, the suicide booth in use.
People can just come and suicide themselves.
It's already, I'm telling you guys, this is the future.
It's literally the future of these suicide booths to where you can just walk up, drop in a quarter, you know, or there won't be quarters.
There won't be quarters in the New World Order.
It'll just be, you just, you flash your right hand up, You flash your biometrics, or your eye scanner, you go like that, and then your whole life flashes before your eyes, and then some kind of laser just shoots you straight in between the eyes, and you're dead.
And then you fought and then a gigantic, you know, hole opens up and it swallows you forever and you fall and you get incinerated in the center of the earth and you're never to be heard from ever again.
So that's how they're going to fight climate change.
But you know, the thing about it is there will be people lining up for this stuff.
There will be lines.
I'm talking lines, just like when WorldCoin was dropped.
Just like when the vaccines are dropped and just like when the COVID tests You had people lining up in some places around the world because they were so desperate.