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Name: 20230906_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 6, 2023
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Alex Jones, a conservative commentator, discusses various conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 restrictions, censorship, surveillance, advanced technologies used against citizens, bioweapons and more on his show. He emphasizes the need for people to stay informed and united against threats to their freedom and privacy. The conversation covers topics such as vaccine mandates, gun laws, mental health issues, and potential control mechanisms like Crisis Destabilization Centers.

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Nothing I'm telling you here is sci-fi.
It all exists within the medical range and how we're able to treat a variety of neurological disorders, targeting the brain, being able to get in there more specifically, affect certain neural cancers, etc.
And what we can do with some of these drugs is we can also use these techniques that we're learning on the pharmaceutical side to modify certain bugs.
And we spoke earlier about a technique that's become very well known, CRISPR-Cas9, that allows us to literally modify bugs in a variety of different ways, so I now may be able to take a relatively harmless microbiological agent, a bacterium or a virus, do some gene editing and make this thing far more morbidly viable, make it far more virulent, and in some cases even make it far more lethal.
But I don't want lethality, at least not necessarily.
What I want is high morbidity.
I want people to complain.
So what do I do?
I go to Des Moines.
Ladies and gentlemen and people on the screen, I have nothing against Des Moines.
I lived there for four years.
I go to Des Moines.
I infect a couple of sentinel cases in Des Moines.
I go to Seattle.
I infect a couple of cases there.
I go to North Carolina.
I go to Wisconsin.
What I'm doing is I'm using a dispersion methodology to be able to infect sentinel cases with a highly morbid condition.
These individuals complain.
Again, this is a central nervous system condition.
So they're complaining of whatever the bug may do.
It'll produce some cascade of neurological and neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms.
And then what I do, the real bug that I use is the internet.
I take attribution for that.
Yes, I'm a terrorist group.
And I have done this by infecting with a highly lethal agent
and the first signs and symptoms of lethality are X, Y, and Z.
These people are really sick with this.
But then I say, others who are also infected will show subdromal, predromal signs of lethality.
And what that will be is anxiety, sleeplessness, agitation.
What I've now done is I've got every individual who is diagnostically... Pause.
Back up 10 seconds.
So this is exactly what they did, run by the Pentagon, run by the defense ministries worldwide.
The fear, the masks, the lockdowns, the control.
Because we're not going along with them.
We like Trump.
We don't want open borders.
We don't want ESGs.
We don't want Larry Fink.
We don't want BlackRock.
Hit us with it.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars. Tomorrow's news, today.
In my first book, The Great Reset and the War for the World, I gave you a full analysis of the global elite's international conspiracy to enslave humanity and all life on the planet.
The Great Reset is a planned attempt to redistribute all the world's wealth and power into the hands of banks, Corporations, billionaires, and the World Economic Forum.
The only way this corporate fascist conspiracy can succeed is if the people of the world are not aware of it.
For years we've been laying out their sinister blueprint on Info Wars.
What we are witnessing is nothing less than the failed plans of social Darwinists to capture free market capitalism and turn it toward their fascist aims of controlling and depopulating the globe.
Because of the tremendous success of the first book, which received tens of thousands of orders before it was even released, we're releasing a second book, The Great Awakening.
Defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
The people the globalists fear the most are the members of their own systems of control who wake up and then decide to act against the machine.
The globalists believe they've planned for every possible contingency.
They hadn't counted on the conscience and love of truth, which lives in the souls of good people.
Order the Great Awakening now to support Infowars and defeat the globalists.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on, for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills, uh, since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength And the will to be able to face this fire.
And to give me the strength to carry on.
Because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ball games anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their opening of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
We interrupt our program to bring you this important message.
All other networks lie to you about what's happening now.
InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
It's Wednesday, September 6, 2023.
And it was 18 days ago that I told you they would be rolling out the COVID tyranny again.
And that by mid-September, the TSA were going to be ordered that they all had to wear masks.
And then by the middle of October, everyone is going to have to wear masks and that Biden is going to give the order.
Of course that was true and of course that was real and now it's all happening.
But they denied it about a week after I broke it.
The White House did, the CDC did, the TSA did, Associated Press, all of them attacked me, said I'm a liar.
And they said that's ridiculous, we're not bringing it back because that mean it was premeditated and there's a rollout plan.
No, it's got to be done.
Oh, the schools are closing, or, oh, you got to have this new booster.
Oh, the first lady got it, and now Biden's going to wear a mask.
And, oh, now the Maryland school districts are making you wear a mask.
And now, now they're bringing back the contact tracing.
And, oh, now they're bringing back the six-foot distancing.
And now they're canceling concerts.
And now?
The White House Press Secretary yesterday said something very important.
We'll play the clip in a moment.
She said, oh, of course, we're going back to the way it always is.
We're going back to the standard thing.
See, it's not that COVID restrictions are coming back.
They never went away.
We had a caller two weeks ago, when I opened the phones about this, said, Alex, it never really went away in a lot of parts of the world or the U.S.
in Democrat-controlled areas.
And he was right.
So now Tedros came out last night, the head of the WHO, that little Marxist Leninist monster, literally killed several million of his own people in Ethiopia, look it up, that's why he got rewarded with a job at the UN, cutting up your health and censoring you and taking control of your body, that's in all the official treaties we'll be covering today.
He said, oh, COVID never left and we've got to have measures to stop it.
Remember just six months ago they declared victory?
And said it was all over, and I said they're getting ready to sucker punch us and bring it back.
Because if anything is definite, it's that they lie to you.
And they love it, and it's their religion.
So breaking, the White House officially announces return to COVID-19.
She said, well, yeah, it's what you always do.
Of course, we just wear a mask.
Joe Biden's mask sparks COVID mandate conspiracies.
Alex Jones.
Maryland school implements new mask mandate.
Schools cancelling.
On and on and on.
Tedros says the increase in hospitalizations and deaths shows that COVID is here to stay.
We'll have to continue to fight it.
Oh, see it.
Oh, the lockdown never ended, he's saying.
It's just here.
Trump bringing it back.
Jean-Pierre says Biden will be wearing a mask indoors again.
On The View, they said, Whoopi Goldberg's got COVID, she can't be here.
And everybody's like, she's COVID's back!
Joy Behar, they go, woo!
We love wearing masks!
We love sitting in our houses watching Netflix while the third world starves to death.
We love the collapsing civilization.
And the head of Bayer Pharmaceuticals says, oh, we just did the whole COVID crisis to take control of your life.
We know 95% of you would refuse a gene therapy, which are very dangerous, so we just called it a vaccine.
It's so fun at the World Economic Forum Health Summit to just have them brag on video.
You know, it's all a scam to get you.
But particularly women, not all women, but statistically it's women that buy it.
I mean, look at these famous photos of women playing the flute with the nose and mouth cut off the mask, but at least they're showing subservience and have it on their face, the muzzle, the symbol of being a slave.
So, there you go.
If you wonder how they were going to spin it, if you wondered how they were going to do all of this, Boy, if Jones comes out with whistleblowers and lays it out, that it's all premeditated, and then they start to roll it out just like he said, that's discrediting.
So what do they do?
They go, oh, we're not going to roll anything back out.
We never stopped.
And so I noticed the publications attacking me two weeks ago, when it was top story for like a week, as you know, it's still huge.
Said, Jones is crazy, nothing's coming back, that's ridiculous.
Now they've shifted gears to he's a nut, of course it never went away!
We need these measures, come on man!
So, schools from Maryland to Texas to Michigan to California are closing.
Others are bringing back the mask mandates.
And they're going to bring it back in the airport unless we expose them.
And I'd love to expose this to get everybody organized and then have them back off and people can spike the football and say, see, didn't happen like Jones said, but I'm going to have my cake and eat it too.
They're going to roll it all out.
They're not going to stop their arrogance right on the dates we were told.
I'm betting my bottom dollar.
But at least we won't be flat-footed and everybody will know.
Because you know it's premeditated, you know it's a fraud, but the general public is kind of waking up.
If they hear us say, hey, it's coming back beforehand, and explain to them that it's a systematic, incremental rollout, they want to just slide in like a knife into our back while we're asleep.
No, no, we're going to have an open discussion about this and not comply.
So that's why the secrecy of their rollout Was so important.
Of course, that's one item I forgot.
They told the TSA and the Border Patrol too said, well, don't, you know, don't say it's for me.
Of course not.
I'm going to blow your cover, but say your name, duh, but oh yeah, no, it didn't come from me.
We're not supposed to talk about it.
And the TSA agent was told to the managerial position.
This was a manager's level meeting.
Don't tell anybody about this though.
The policies are coming next week.
So that was on the 18th of August.
And I'm working on getting a copy of the policy, but they're going to have to transcribe it on another piece of paper because they put watermarks on those emails and documents so they can track it back to where it came from.
Or I may just have a quick meeting and write out some hand notes on it, but there'll be nothing like getting the actual directive before it comes out.
And there it is, NBC News, state to supply COVID-19 tests, masks in schools.
NYS Department of Education will survey school districts to distribute resources based on need.
All being announced in the key blue states and blue cities.
Just like I told you two and a half weeks ago.
Massive, massive news.
Let's play a clip of the Press Secretary, and then of Ted Rose, and then of The View.
Here it is.
President Biden tested negative last night for COVID-19 and tested negative again today.
He's not experiencing any symptoms.
As far as the steps he is taking, since the President was with the First Lady yesterday, he will be masking while indoors and around people in alignment with CDC guidance.
And as has been the practice in the past, the President will remove his mask when sufficiently distanced from others indoors and while outside as well.
The increase in hospitalizations and deaths shows that COVID is here to stay and that we will continue to need tools to fight it.
All right, so what are we going to do about this is really the big question.
We'll come back and talk more about it, but then I'm going to shift gears out of this to something that Is even bigger than the COVID tyranny.
And it's hiding in plain view.
And I began to get into it yesterday, but I was just so angry over a lot of things going on that I couldn't even get to it.
And you know, I haven't really also told people why I'm particularly angry.
There's some other things going on, but I'm probably going to talk about some other key things as well.
So it's a big show.
Please, everybody you know, tune in.
And people you don't know, tune in.
That's how we break the back of the censors.
That's how we overpower the globalists.
All right, here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to talk about our top story that I'm going to cover in detail for most of the second hour, then Attorney Tom Renz has major breaking news.
It's vital to the future of humanity with the next robot of the poison shot and nanotech being put in our food and more that is coming up and that dovetails With the DARPA research and the operational programs to infect us with remote controllable prion clusters in the brain.
So all that talk you heard about 5G interfacing with the shots, it's true.
It's all confirmed before they even rolled out COVID.
I just got chills.
And this is so evil.
I mean, this is how you take over.
You colonize people.
With crystals that you can electromagnetically either deactivate and neutralize or grow.
And so you implant everybody with these, whether you've had the shot or not, it's everywhere.
There are natural compounds and things that help mitigate it.
You get these proteins growing in you and then they hit it with a frequency.
This is the Pentagon.
I have videos next hour.
They hit you with the frequency and it looks like you died of a stroke.
Man, this is bad.
And then the CIA whines and complains that when they're in Cuba or China they get hit with microwaves.
Of course they're getting hit with them.
You don't think the U.S.
doesn't do this?
It's terrible.
This is mutually assured destruction being played out.
You're not supposed to do that when you have these type of weapons.
Because the other side will use them too.
This is a small planet.
It's insane.
So they're whining about being hit with 60-year-old technology while the Pentagon's up there saying, yeah, we can implant everybody with protein crystals and then hit them with a frequency and grow the crystal and kill them.
All over your brain, hit you with it, crystals grow in the next few days, cut through arteries, cut through veins, cut through capillaries, stroke out.
Or he says we can just hit the group, Or country with a light dose and just fog everybody out and make them sick where they can't think straight.
And these are the heads of Pentagon programs.
So yeah, man, we're not in Kansas anymore, okay?
We're in hell.
And I look at all the idiots attacking me, the Justice Department and the bureaucrats, all these people.
I don't want you destroyed.
I'm not your enemy.
You work for psychotic mad scientists that have taken control and you're going to all be destroyed by them.
Where is your self-preservation?
Where is your common sense?
Where is your instincts?
You like them shutting down the economy?
You like open borders?
You like all the human trafficking?
You like the dollar devaluation?
You like what's happening to our children?
We're all being hurt by this.
But the bureaucrats and the corporate leaders and the culture, all of us, are to blame for this.
So I'm going to hit a little bit more of this and then I'm going to come back and hit the other news.
The ADL news is just unbelievable and I've got to get to all of it.
I mean, it's word for word what I said Sunday and then Tuesday, because of what took off Monday.
I said the ADL is going to come out and say white supremacist terrorists are imminently about to kill Jews and that it's all Elon Musk's fault for not turning his company over to the CIA, basically.
The head of the ADL came out and said that word for word.
I have all the articles, the tweets, the statements right here.
And then they admit the World Economic Forum and the UN are writing the censorship rules that are being implemented by all these, quote, leftist watchdog groups.
I mean, it's incredible that I have all these clips of the UN saying, yeah, we're going to control all your speech on every issue out there.
And only government approved websites will be available now to be searched on the search engines.
It is wild.
Look at the size of the stack.
It's four inches thick.
Four inches of their admissions and videos and just unbelievable.
So we've got that.
But let me hit this story because this ties into what we're going to cover next hour.
Now, this is the BBC and this is old news, but they're announcing it now.
But in the genetic engineering reviews 20 years ago, 10 years ago, hell, when I was first on air 29 years ago, 28 years ago, I've been on air a few years.
It was, I was sent because nobody really was doing a show like mine on talk radio.
People were on shortwave, but I'd figured out how to actually pay for a satellite and a bunch of stations picked me up like two years after I got on radio.
And I wasn't that informed then, but I suddenly started getting all these folders.
I mean, I was getting thousands of pieces of mail just at the little radio station by 1997 a week.
I think they were complaining about it.
It was just piles of mail.
I had to spend hours a day going through it.
And it was technology magazines and white papers and industry reports.
And in 97, most of that stuff wasn't on the web yet.
And it was British medical journals about, well, 30 years ago we created the first human clones, but we did not let them come to term.
And then 10 years ago we began implanting them in cows, but they don't have rights because we altered their genetics so they're not pure human, they're humanoid synthetic entities, and we are using them in research.
So, that was 25, 26 years ago.
I'm reading medical journals saying 30 years ago we created clones.
And I'd go on air and say that, and people are like, sure, Mr. Jones, yeah, alright, clones.
But it was there in the literature.
Now, they're just announcing it.
And I remember telling you about those reports and showing them and also talking to other people that worked in genetic engineering, they said, Jones, it's way worse than that.
They're splicing humans with plants, humans with fish.
It's just unbelievable what goes on these research facilities.
And these were very credible people.
And imagine this is such an industrial scale.
That many of the dentists, my dad knew in the mid 80s, that were some of the first implant surgeons, took the job he didn't take to move to Maryland.
In an underground project that he was told dealt with super secret cybernetic cyborg creation, but he was not given the details.
Just that he'd be months underground and then a month out.
And my mother said, I don't care if I'm being offered $400,000 plus a year.
That time that's like $3 million a year.
We're not doing it.
Or I'm moving to Austin, that's where she's from.
I remember sitting there with her telling my dad, we're not going to Maryland and you're not working in some black budget project.
My mom's not the one that wears the pants, by the way, but when it comes to things like that, she puts them on what she wants to put them on.
She's like, uh-uh, we ain't going.
And so, because he was all excited about it, almost took the job.
So that's like an 83-84.
Can you imagine how far all this crap is?
Can you imagine?
So when we come back, I'm going to hit this article.
This is the BBC.
Scientists grow whole Model of human embryos without the sperm and the egg creating a new humanoid entity is what it's called.
A new entity.
Look at that.
Not human.
So, I mean, We've got to get control of our governments, and we've got to outlaw all this crap right now.
We've got to just come together and stop all the fighting.
Folks, this is a hell world they're creating.
I know why a lot of people go along with it.
They're being offered life extension if they play ball.
You're never going to get that, folks.
They're not going to give it to you.
We'll be right back.
All right.
I treat people like they're adults.
I treat you like you're smart.
I treat you like you're powerful and deserve to control your own destiny.
I treat you like you're an incredible creature made by God, which you are.
And that said, what do the globalists teach us?
Oh, we're just blobs, we're just cells, we don't have any rights, we don't have free will, we're just programmable.
And there is no God except the God of the state and the AI that they're building, that we need to serve, we need to bow down to.
And if we don't value the lives of unborn children or trafficked children, or old people being murdered with COVID with ventilators and families not allowed to see them, we're not safe either.
And the big think tanks and the big pharma companies, in countless videos we've aired, said in the build-up to three and a half years ago with the COVID release, that we're just getting rid of the old system and we're mad scientists.
And this Pentagon group, highest level DARPA, calls itself the mad scientist group.
And they get up and talk about what's currently happening that's declassified, and it makes Blade Runner sound Like horse and buggy.
And that's because it is.
And that's why the politicians act like we don't exist and we don't matter.
Because they're so arrogant that we don't understand the system.
So when I talk about the ADL, they're just one big intelligence agency node or tentacle of this global combine.
And if you want to outlaw your opposition, if you want to demonize your opposition, what do Americans not like?
What are we proud of?
We beat the Nazis 80 years ago.
And that's all the ADL is, is an organization that teams up with the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department, it's all come out in Congress now, told you about it decades ago, all confirmed, who creates databases of people and who launches AI systems To literally listen in the microphones in your computer and phone with AI recording a text record of everything you say to then censor you or ban you based on the algorithm of not just what you say online, but what it hears you privately saying.
And that's in the stack today.
They have bragged about it.
Now, the NSA has been doing this since the 80s with Project Echelon.
But they've got a lot more processing power, a lot more control.
They can do it to basically everybody.
They can surveil everybody now instead of surveil a few thousand targets in, you know, 1986.
They've got giant NSA centers they built all over the U.S., similar centers all over the world.
And Google and all those other big tech companies, Apple, are just fronts for this.
It's a corporate fashion system.
And so it's a distraction to only focus on the ADL, though it's a very unsavory, evil organization that creates division, that says white people are inherently bad, that creates a lot of the curriculum that you see about demonizing Christians, all of it.
It's terrible.
And so it's 100% bad, but it's a distraction to only look at it.
Because it's just a front group.
For this giant corporate takeover, the surveillance, the censorship.
Oh, it's just a civil rights group.
And if you oppose the censorship and the boycotts and the control, even verbally, and say, you shouldn't be censored, the ADL comes out and says, you're going to cause violence against Jews.
But it's really the W.E.F., the U.N., and the big corporations that are writing the new censorship policy, and the U.N.
that brags online in white papers and on TV.
We've played the clips.
We'll play them again today.
Got them right here.
That the U.N.
is in charge of your medical systems, your body, what you can say about it, what therapeutics you can get, and it's going to surveil you and censor you.
It's going to surveil you to censor you.
Remember that.
You're being surveilled first.
And so the ADL knows why they're doing this and why they've chosen to be the front group or the tip of the spear in this.
And then that's because by branding all this tyranny as run by Jews is going to create fabulous levels of anti-Semitism, which is terrible.
And the average Jew is not involved in this and is totally innocent or great people.
Because it's, it's, it's, it's, it's groups everywhere.
It's, it's, it's, it's all, they're all following the same program.
NATO and the U.N.
and the W.E.F.
are all bragging.
They're running it.
They're creating it.
And they've got Bill Gates' News Guard and they've got the Southern Poverty Law Center.
There's more than 50 groups getting huge amounts of government and corporate money just in Europe and the U.S.
And the E.U.
says, we're going to censor everybody.
We're in control.
We're going to arrest Elon Musk.
So I can now say officially Elon Musk is for real.
He used to be with them.
But they've taken his son away, his firstborn.
They're getting ready to chop his genitals off.
His other baby died from a vaccine.
Sudden death of infant syndrome.
And they've taken most of his advertisers and they got a good shot of shutting him down and beating him.
I think they might kill him when he's on his airplane.
I mean, I think he's in danger.
And I know people that know him very close and they said, no, he is 100% awake now and is going to war.
And there's a son that thinks he's a girl.
And he says, I'm mad at the left.
They, you know, I paid for this fancy school for my kids and they brainwashed and took my son away from me.
So, Musk has that humanity of blood, of, wait a minute, I'm the rich billionaire, I'm doing all this, and they're taking my son?
He's like, sure, if you want a chip in your brain because you're blind, I'm all for that too.
The development of chips in the brain is a great thing if you're not made to take it, if you opt to have it because your brain's failing.
That's a technology, it's not a bad thing, like a gun's not a bad thing, it's whose hand it's in.
And I'm not an apologist for Musk, but I've been basically read into it.
That no, no, no, no.
And I'm not going to go any further than that.
But I've been approached and I didn't even know who I was talking to.
And I was like, whoa, that's like the number three person.
And then I got approached again by a very prominent person.
They said, no, he's we're worried about him.
He's all the way now.
He's more radical than you.
And he's totally committed.
And these are not people that are being sent by Musk to tell me this.
These are people that Musk is friends with and works with and are very close with.
He's right here in Austin.
I'm going to stop there.
But that's an important note because we're selling human freedom and the future and transparency.
That's very popular.
And so we have to be ready when RFK Jr.
and Tulsi Gabbard and Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore and everybody else and Tim Dillon and all these other former liberals join us.
It's because they finally figure out, wow, this is really evil.
This is really destructive.
This is really bad.
And imagine having your firstborn son about to be castrated.
That's the line, like, wait, I'm super powerful and I'm rich, but you've got my son?
And a group of leftists have, like, sucked him away in controlling?
See, that's a bridge too far, and that's what I tell people that serve the system.
Do you have to lose your son?
Or your wife?
Or your life?
I mean, until you break with the New World Order?
You can see it's getting dark, folks.
It's bad.
It smells.
It stinks.
You want to go deeper down this hole?
The deeper we get, the more skeletons, the more crimes, the more evil.
Let's turn back.
Let's change direction.
Let's get out of here.
You know it in your gut.
I know the general listeners know this, but I really care about the prodigal sons and daughters out there.
I really care about the people that think they're part of the power structure and part of the elite and part of this big utopia you're building.
You're not building a utopia.
You're building a global collapse, at least 6 billion people to be killed.
That's the conservative estimate.
That's the official number the UN wants.
Most of the internal estimates are going to have 500 million.
You really think the globals are going to stop at 500 million after they killed 7.5 billion?
We're in the endgame.
We're in Agenda 2030.
We're in it folks.
We'll come back and I'm going to get into the ADL stack.
Now when I say ADL stack, it's the UN taking control, it's the WEF taking control of your speech, it's all the admitted censorship, it's all the control, and it's word for word what I've been saying last week with these Nazi groups popping up, that the ADLs are going to come out and say, those are Nazis about to kill Jews, you must silence everyone that opposes our agenda of surveillance and censorship or you're going to kill Jews.
Now what's the next move?
The false flag.
If I was Jewish, I would not have my kids in any big synagogue or any big school.
You're about to get hit.
It's your whole future.
It's the whole future of the species and our children and their children.
We're being turned into factory farm slaves.
The very rights over our bodies is being assaulted like never before.
And now the COVID tyranny has been relaunched yet again.
We must get the general public and those that serve the system in little ways and big ways to realize you're destroying your birthright by joining with this evil.
You must oppose it in every way you can.
All right, let's get into the big news.
It's been the top search and trend in the last week, not just on Twitter, but all over the place.
Ban the ADL.
No, we don't become what we're fighting.
If the ADL wants to go around and call for censorship and call for tyranny, that's one thing.
But when they organize with government and surveil you and then censor you and lie about you and then boycott you and destroy you by bullying away your sponsors, that's racketeering and is illegal.
But what's really behind it?
Well, here's some of the headlines.
World Economic Forum calls for regulators and tech firms to use its definitions of hate speech and misinformation and more.
And now Facebook lawsuits have revealed that even things like townhall.com, milquetoast conservative sites, were censored in the last three and a half years and basically shadow banned and blocked on Facebook because offshore third-party fact-checking groups lied about what they were saying and doing.
So it's bad enough to censor you.
When you have a list of things, like you love Hitler.
Well, I mean, let Kanye make a fool of himself and say that.
It's ridiculous.
By censoring it, it only makes it bigger.
I sat here and let the guy say it and countered what he was saying.
And told him I didn't agree with it.
And called Nick Fuentes, who said he likes Hitler.
I said, you're baby Hitler.
Now he's mad at me.
I don't like Hitler.
But the point is, is just because the ADL's bad doesn't mean something that looks like it's in opposition to it is bad, is good.
So, and I'm not attacking West or him, just give me a break.
Hitler was a predatory monster.
But that doesn't mean now a modern organization painting America as Hitler is good.
They're horrible.
And you don't defeat an evil like that by joining the archetype it claims it opposes.
That's common sense, folks.
The World Economic Forum calls for regulators and tech firms to use its definitions of hate speech and misinformation.
ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, this is an Infowars.com article, you gotta go watch the videos and read the whole thing.
It'll take an hour just to cover this one article.
ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, Elon Musk is inciting violence against Jewish people by criticizing us.
So Elon Musk is like, oh, Jews are great people.
My favorite folks are Jews.
I just wish Greenblatt would stop trying to censor me and shut me down and, you know, what he's doing is wrong.
And then Greenblatt is, oh, you're trying to kill us.
And look at these white supremacist groups that are suddenly marching everywhere, like in Florida.
We're all about to get killed.
We got to shut down Elon.
He's hurting us.
What's the final card to play with all the hype?
Biden says white supremacists are everywhere.
They're the number one terror threat.
They're killing everybody.
This is actually a super rare event.
And the next card to play is a false flag.
Now, if you're against censorship and the ADL running your life, well, you're part of the attack on the Jewish Center, or the synagogue.
One of the largest Jewish synagogues in the country in Los Angeles today.
Over a thousand people attending.
Was hit by a giant truck bomb.
I pray that doesn't happen, but when I get in the mind of the baddies, that's the next card to play.
Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.
Responded to Twitter ex owner Elon's criticism of their aggressive pro-citizenship boycott campaign by accusing him
of quote engaging with a highly toxic anti-semitic campaign which will incite violence against
Jewish people Green black noted that the campaign manifested the real
world when mash men marched in Florida on Saturday brazenly waving flags
adorned with swastikas and chanting ban the ADL I Never got to that
News clip from I guess the early 1990s We had a couple of clips here that we didn't get to.
Will you guys cue up that clip where he talks about a real case where an ADL leader was posing as white supremacist all over the country?
Cue that up for a minute.
But the point is, this goes on and on and on and on.
And then again, branding tyranny as being run by Jews, which is what the ADL is doing, when it's much bigger than that, is creating all of this Jewish hate.
And the anti-Jew people, most of them are feds or mentally ill, they attack me constantly and say I'm run by the ADL.
And the white supremacist groups death threat us.
Because their leaders are globalist folks.
And it's come out over and over again.
Did you guys find the clip?
It's in yesterday's clips.
I didn't get to it yesterday.
Or I could send it to you again.
There's just too many clips.
There's just too much evidence.
That old newscast, you name it.
So, there you go.
If you don't support total censorship, people that are against open borders, or lockdowns, or forced injections, or carbon taxes, and the fake green agenda, then you're anti-semitic.
Then you're the bad guy.
And you can look up these events that happened.
This is just one of them.
Go ahead and roll it.
Many of you may remember in February 1979 there was a big uproar because someone by the name of James Gutman applied for a permit to lead a march of Nazis through downtown Philadelphia.
Now eventually some enterprising reporters did an investigation.
You know what they turned up?
James Gutman was none other than Mordecai Levy.
who worked with the Anti-Defamation League and later split off that to form the Terrorist Jewish Defense League.
This was an operation that was run by the ADL.
They wanted to have a Nazi march in Philadelphia.
Because how can they raise money to justify their existence if American Jews don't think there's a lot of anti-Semitism?
So what better thing to do than to slap swastikas on a couple of people, lead them on a march through town, and then the next day the ADL comes marching in and says, look, there are Nazis on the street, you need to give us money so we can protect you.
And then, on top of that, have a tax-exempt status.
This was not a one-time operation.
And it's just, I've got local newscasts about it, you name it.
So, LA Times, Musk's criticism of ADL is quote, the most extreme outburst of anti-Semitism by a mainstream public figure in more than 100 years.
Then meanwhile, Boneface, it's confirmed, did fight in Ukraine, is a Nazi, is one of the leaders of this new group that popped up, and admits he was recruited by the CIA.
Here he is doing an interview.
There's a lot of hype about the FBI sending me over there, but that's not the FBI that does that.
It was Central Intelligence that got me involved in that.
The full interview is up on InfoWars.com.
That's going to Ukraine.
White House used misinformation from foreign activists to target town hall and censor Americans.
See, it wasn't just Alex Jones.
It was everybody.
And it's all broken down.
[typing stops]
Alright, I've covered 10% of this stack, but I've got to get to the rest of it.
So we'll come back and get more into all this and talk about where it's going.
Then I'm going to hit the human-animal cloning and the humanoids they've created, BBC's reporting, and what that really signifies.
But we've all got to come together and see through all this, ladies and gentlemen, understand what it is.
Just like Black Lives Matter is run by Soros and says anybody that opposes communism and open borders is a Nazi, they don't speak for black people.
And the ADL does not speak for Jewish people.
And if you fall into the trap of hating Jews and believing they're the bad guys and that they run everything, you're giving the ADL what it wants.
And these Nazi groups are fed run, it's come out, it's been documented, and it's disgusting.
Please remember, we're a list of supporters.
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We'll be right back.
Hour number two.
Stay with us.
It's just a mask.
It's just six feet.
It's just non-essential businesses.
It's just non-essential workers.
It's just until we work it out.
It's just a bar.
It's just a restaurant.
It's just nursing homes.
It's just schools.
It's just to keep from overwhelming medical services.
It's just until the cases go down.
It's just to flatten the curve.
It's just to keep others feeling safe.
It's just for a few more weeks.
It's just gyms, salons, spas, and sporting events.
It's just churches and mosques.
It's just singing.
It's just travel.
It's just until we get a vaccine.
It's just for the greater good.
It's just fact-checking, not censorship.
It's just mandatory.
It isn't just at all.
Visit defendjones.com to help fight back today.
After 9-11 and the birth of Homeland Security, fusion centers were set up to monitor U.S.
citizens, and the U.S.
Department of Justice legalized non-consensual experiments on the public.
These fusion centers employ civilians to target individuals and harass them, intimidate them, vandalize their property, and interfere with their day-to-day life.
This is known as gang stalking.
Former high-ranking FBI agent Ted Gunderson reported in 2011 that himself and thousands of others were being targeted.
FBI agent Mike German confirmed this as well.
Several federal agents have reported that they were targeting individual Americans, including people who are simply pro-life, and that they were pressured to put more people on their targeting lists to legitimize more federal funding.
These Homeland Security fusion centers are able to put any American citizen on the terrorist watch list without any reason or due process.
In 2012, NSA whistleblower William Binney reported that the feds are conducting comprehensive surveillance on nearly every U.S.
citizen and targeting whomever they please.
In 2014, Glenn Greenwald exposed the methods used to target individuals, such as hacking into people's social media accounts, posing as that person, and contacting their friends and co-workers.
Targetedjustice.com is currently working on suing the federal government for targeting individual U.S.
citizens with different high-tech weapons, including directed energy weapons.
The Havana Syndrome, when diplomats in Cuba were attacked with directed energy weapons, was not an isolated event.
There are thousands of individuals who claim to be under this same sort of attack, and they have the scars to prove it.
As far back as 1976, the technology to remotely alter brainwaves has existed, including voice-to-skull technology that allows the government to directly transmit voices into people's brains.
As bad as all this is, it is likely to get much worse.
In 2017, Dr. James Giordano gave a lecture on the latest government technologies to target individuals, such as neuroweapons to control brain function and modify memories.
I'm looking to target key individuals who may then be influential to relative aspects of their representative groups.
I can affect individuals' brain functions in a variety of different ways, both positively and negatively, by engaging or disengaging nodes and networks of the brain that therefore affect their cognitions, emotions, and ultimately their behaviors.
Something my colleague Jamie Canton likes to play with an awful lot is the idea of specialized neural operations.
And here, once again, we're talking about the use of either drugs and or devices to modify the integrity of brain function that we realize can also modify individuals' perception of time and space.
We talked earlier about how these may be used in interrogation scenarios, and this too may be used against key individuals to be able to modify their perception of time, their perception of what occurred and what did not, memory modification, etc.
Nanoparticulates that can give an individual a stroke.
So what we're able to do here is infiltrate the brain space with nanoparticulate matter that aggregates in situ, on site, in the brain.
And there's one of two things, either penetrates from the vascular space, Gets in through the bloodstream, gets in through the nose, through the mucosa, or infiltrates the vascular space and clods it.
What is the result?
What's called a nanoparticulate stroke, or a hemorrhagic diathesis, fancy word, for it's a predisposition to individuals having brain bleeds.
He explains how they can make people sick with an undetectable illness to make them go crazy.
What I'm doing is I'm using a dispersion methodology to be able to infect sentinel cases with a highly morbid condition.
These individuals complain.
Again, this is a central nervous system condition.
So they're complaining of whatever the bug may do.
It'll produce some cascade of neurological and neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms.
What I've now done is I've got every individual who is diagnostically hypochondriacal, and I've got every individual who's a worried well, flooding the public health system, banging on the door.
The CDC comes back and says, nonsense!
That's not real!
I come back and say, that's fake news.
He says they can already control insects and use them to deliver bioweapons.
I infiltrate that bug's nervous system and I control the way it moves.
Let's stop right here.
He explains in this Pentagon conference, and he's a head guy, in 2017 all this.
This isn't happening now, this happened then.
And Australia, the government passed a law to break into your social media and poses you and threaten people.
It's already happening.
While the mainstream media lies to you about what's happening now, we tell you the truth, or die trying, on what's coming next.
Alright, I began to get into this some yesterday, but now we're doing the deep dive on it.
With the leaders of Pentagon Air Force projects and the heads of university neuroscience departments.
We're focusing just on one individual now.
I'm going to do a special report tomorrow looking at a bunch of other individuals.
Pre-COVID talking about nanotech that invades your brain, makes you have hemorrhagic fever, causes strokes, and then they just say it doesn't exist or they say it's a virus.
And now they use electromagnetic systems to then activate it and grow the prions or other crystals in your brain.
I have dozens of clips from just two conferences that one gentleman gave.
And we're going to get to that now.
But first, let me just pull back here and explain why this is happening.
When you watch Fauci five years ago, or Peter Daszak four years ago, or Bill Gates four years ago, before they launched COVID and the societal takedown, this is the leading edge of it.
They say, all the old regulations and the Puritans basically, that want to have drug approval and safety tests and all this, they're in the way of progress.
We want life extension technology, and out of just deploying all this, it's going to kill a bunch of people, but out of the raw research, and they say that in these reports, we're going to find the secrets of the universe.
So, they've made the decision that, okay, only China On a mass scale is ruthless enough to have no rules or controls and just roll this out.
Human-animal hybrids, humanoid creations, 20 years ago cows that produce human milk, spider goats, all of it, that create body armor.
It's part spider, the goat.
That's 30 years ago.
Only China is willing to do that.
So we got to get rid of all our regulations and rules and do this.
Now what's really happening is, The United States and England that won World War II dominated the planet.
They've already done all this.
They're 20 years ahead, conservatively, of the Chinese, 30 years ahead of the Russians, at least.
And so the futures here, it's just not evenly distributed.
So in these new high-tech research facilities and corporate systems, they're in the year 2050, 2060.
We're in the year 2023.
What you see deployed, what you see happening, It's almost like we're Amish people living next to a DARPA facility.
The Amish have got their horse and buggies and they don't get autism, they live the longest, they're happy, they're at church, they're praying, they're just classic, what they call, wild humans.
The whole Globalist Project is to domesticate them and all of us as well.
They're just more independent because 400 years ago they were getting persecuted for being A different branch of Christianity, and they said we can't integrate or live in the system in Switzerland or Germany.
We've got to take our money, sell our land, and move to South America, Central America, North America.
But they're the perfect example of a group that isn't dying, doesn't have autism, almost no cancer, even though they live right next to us, because they are not integrated into it.
But they want to get us all.
They want us domesticated, integrated, and then as lab rats to be depopulated while they test all this on us.
And so they are triggering through the GMO, through the 5G, through the immortal cell lines, the zombie cell lines they're giving us in the drugs, in the shots, horrible mutations in an accelerated evolution, in their words.
Whether you believe it or not, that's what they're doing.
You've seen the X-Men movie, but you don't get dumped in nuclear waste and pop out as a superhero.
As you die and as you mutate, things are created in your body that they then extract and then they use.
But they tell you through the movies, like Deadpool, where they're capturing people, torturing them, most of them die, but some survive and it creates a superhuman attribute.
That's not the literal function that's happening, but it's an archetypal extrapolation of it.
And so, the United States is way ahead, but it's not the United States, it's globalist control.
So the globalists are waging war against us, while they wage war and leverage us against everybody else.
While they divide us, while they dumb us down, while they slowly sterilize us, while they slowly poison us.
That's their operation.
But first they've got to have a UN World Treaty to be able to lock things down, to say they own our bodies, and to say they can censor any medical news that doesn't agree with their quote, owning the science, which we now know everything they told us was a lie.
We told you at the time it was a lie, but now it's confirmed.
So it's total war, but to the initiates, and I agree with Henry Kissinger and his director, his sub-director, Rothkopf, I don't agree with what they do, I agree with their statement, That there are about 2,000 superclass that are actually read into all this.
And the reason my broadcast freaks them out so much is that I have studied this and immersed myself in the research.
I'm at the parents' table like at Thanksgiving.
Everybody else is at the kids' table.
And I have, with all these experts, reverse-engineered what they're playing.
And so when they tune in, they're like, well, only 2,000 of us are read in on the full project decompartmentalized.
And Rothkopf wrote a book about that.
But they have such disdain and arrogance towards us, they couldn't believe that Just a lay person who wasn't brought in in high school, brought in in college, tested, trained, prepared, inducted.
Would actually organically study this as a futurist, and as a sociologist, and as an anthropologist, and as a psychologist, and be able to create contemporary unified field theory ways to describe what they're doing, because they don't have a master total plan.
They have a directive for life extension, for control, for depopulation, and then they change course as they need to, to maintain control and power Towards their endgame.
And because they're read in on the overall direction and project they want, and they have unlimited funding, and they have us unaware of what they're doing, compartmentalized, they have been able to get 80% control of civilization.
Now they're finishing up with a digital face scan, a handprint to buy and sell, a cell phone, a universal basic income, a social credit score, a global carbon tax as the currency.
I'm gonna play all the clips.
Starting here in a moment.
So I'm simply sitting back and actually studying what they're saying, what they're doing, and what they're building.
And the bad news is, I've read what they wanted to do in the 30s, and they stayed on their plan.
Julian Huxley, the head transhumanist.
And what they said they were going to have set up in the year 2023?
They're a little behind, but they're almost there.
And so they're accelerating the project, but humanity is waking up and saying, no, but only realizing the full horror of it and saying, I don't need to be an expert on football or baseball or be a pickup artist or, you know, just how to make money as an insurance salesman or, you know, whatever you're doing.
You better figure this out right now.
Now the sad part is, when I began to really get up to speed on this 20 years ago, I was a little naive.
I thought most people, and most people do, when they learn about this, would just instinctively want to side with their ancestors and humanity, and would instinctively and spiritually want to be against this.
A bad byproduct, and justice be done by the heavens full, of what I've done and what you've done supporting me, what we've done together.
Is that a good 10-15% of people actually learn this information from us, and they then use it for their own piratical own operations to screw people, or they go join the globalists, or a combination of the two.
But you've got to go ahead and release this information, even though some people are going to use it for bad, because it's the right thing to do, and I just, it's what the Holy Spirit tells me to do.
Because they've got all their AI, and they think advanced technology, we're jacked into the universe God created, we're given the, I mean, I'm not going to even get into it here, but folks, I have dreams that come 100% true, it's all, I mean, it's there, I like, I mean, It's just amazing.
I mean, it's just, it's totally real.
The enemy jacks into their evil entities, we jack into God, and God's angels, and it's 100% real.
And God leads me, guides me, directs me, comforts me, empowers me, protects me.
And so I just really feel sorry for those that serve Satan, because they think they're discovering the universe and all this power.
There's a program we're supposed to follow that's in God's order.
And if you don't do that, you get enslaved and destroyed.
So when you see all this power of these humans doing bad things, breaking with God, don't feel like they're invincible.
Don't feel like you've been destroyed.
See it as God's plan being fulfilled and know that it's fulfilling.
You know, we have so many clips in this hour that if I just play clips, I'll probably barely get to them.
Before I get into these DARPA meetings, highest level, anyhow, you go to YouTube, it'll have like 200 views.
I mean, no one's watching it.
That's why they're so arrogant.
I mean, they're bragging, and I read the white papers.
I know it's true.
They're like, yeah, 20 years ago, we can put a small chip in your brain with a wire in your optic nerve, and you can see the full spectrum of all radiation and all light.
Remember, we only see a tiny piece, and that's true.
So think of the positive things they can do with this, but they're not giving us the positive.
No, they gave us an mRNA technology that doesn't cure cancer, but gives us cancer.
The devil's never a maker.
He's a taker.
He comes to kill, still destroy.
You're not given technology that we already innately know and understand and will build.
We're master builders.
Satan's been watching a lot longer and knows what we're capable of, and nudges us in the direction of the architecture he wants built.
Because we are, at the end game, not in our embryonic phase, or not in our larval phase, but in our more advanced phase, infinitely more advanced than Satan, who is an off-world entity.
is a true creature.
All right?
But not omnipresent.
But trying to build through us a semi-omnipresent system.
So people get allured by all this and they believe it is a satanic program, but what it is is an inverted God's program.
And we'll implement all this stuff that God's given us the power to do, but we'll do it through God with a perfection.
The eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, your mind has not imagined the things that God has in store for you.
So, and let me be 100% clear, I am not doing this.
I could not stand against this force.
I am re-energized millisecond by millisecond by the Holy Spirit to be able to do this.
And it has been an incredible blessing to Go through this, through the furnace, and now be accelerating my understanding.
It is beyond sublime.
And I'm very, very thankful to the Creator for the opportunity, and very, very humbled.
And I'm very, very humbled and thankful to all of you.
And I know you're going through this metamorphosis as well.
And the more you go through, and the more you stay with God, and the more you have faith, the stronger and the more wisdom you're going to have.
All right, so let's talk about it right now.
Let's play clip 21st.
We're undergoing a soft coup and the idea... You guys went to it even better than I thought you would, quicker.
I was gonna read.
Dr. Meryl Nash at the EU summit put on by Christina Anderson.
In two minutes and 48 seconds lays out their battle plan on the COVID takeover and the current UN treaties perfectly that are all in black and white that I have right here on the stack.
Go ahead.
We're undergoing a soft coup and the idea is to create a whole new set of laws and ignore the existing human rights laws and other laws under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda.
The WHO is developing, through all its nations, but with the WHO Directorate and the United
States in charge, a pandemic treaty and amendments to the existing international health regulations
that will remove the human rights protections currently embedded in the IHRs, will enforce
surveillance, censorship, get rid of freedom of speech, require governments to censor and
only push a single narrative.
Also, we will be subject, if they can make this work, to vaccines developed in 100 days,
which the organization CEPI is planning to do.
And one of the people who founded CEPI was Jeremy Farrar, who is now the chief scientist at the WHO, to bring this forward.
Other things that amendments do is to bind the state so they're no longer recommendations, but enforceable edicts.
Provide a liability shield, get rid of intellectual property rights, move supplies from one country to another, enforce digital passports, and the Director General of WHO can Demand that a pandemic or a potential pandemic exists.
He can just declare it with no standards and then countries around the world will have to obey.
Also, the WHO will tell you what drugs you can and can't use in your nation once a pandemic is declared.
Obviously, the budget will increase.
One Health is another part of this.
One Health is a concept that was created to enable the WHO, with these documents, to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems, ecosystems are all central to health.
Also embedded in this concept is a peculiar notion that humans are no longer of greater value than animals.
Alright, let's go to the next clip.
This is the head of Bayer Pharmaceutical, their incredibly evil history of knowingly killing millions of hemophiliacs, knowingly putting HIV in the shots.
Look that up, I'm not joking.
It's totally insane.
This is Bayer Pharmaceutical president explaining what they really did with COVID.
Here it is.
Ultimately, the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy.
I always like to say, if we had surveyed two years ago in the public, would you be willing to take a gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body?
We would have probably had a 95% refusal rate.
I think this pandemic has also opened many people's eyes to innovation in a way that was maybe not possible before.
So it's a total takeover.
Here's the former chief scientist, vice president of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yedon, explaining that these people mean business.
Unfortunately, I think this is just the beginning.
I've learned.
When people tell you what they're going to do, don't ignore them.
So when the UN and Bill Gates and Clarence Schwab tell you that they've got a UN 2030 plan with sustainable development goals, I think there are 17 or 21 of them, And every one of them says, you won't be traveling, you won't have a private car, we won't be using international shipping to move goods around, there won't be any flights except military or perhaps very rich people, you won't own anything and you'll be happy, you probably won't live in your own house, you'll be using much less
energy for everything, including heating, manufactured goods and so on.
When they tell you that, you should assume that they're serious about it.
And so I think Covid has been part one of a multi-act play that's going to take 10 years
that will destroy the liberal democracies completely.
We've already, if you think living in a democracy, now ask yourself who you could vote for
that would change this, because I don't think there's anyone you can vote for anywhere
that would engage things.
So I don't have an answer, but I'm telling you, I think we're sliding down through the gates of hell.
I'm speaking out.
There's nothing in it for me.
I've lost lots of money, all my friends.
I'm away from my home and family, and I'm speaking out.
As soon as I close, I am absolutely sure what I've told you is substantially true.
Here is the UN Undersecretary General talking about they own the science, meaning they own reality, and that they are working to censor everybody.
Here it is.
You know, we partnered with Google, for example.
If you Google climate change, you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.
We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled climate change, we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.
So we're becoming much more proactive.
We own the science and we think that the world should know it and the platforms themselves also do.
But again, it's a huge, huge challenge that I think All sectors of society need to be very active in.
Alright, here's another WEF meeting where they admit that this is all part of a carbon tax and that all carbon will be the currency and that they will control and surveil the carbon.
Here it is.
So central banks are also starting to understand nature has real value.
Carbon, we already figured out.
And carbon is moving very quickly into a system where it's going to be very close to a currency.
Basically being able to take a ton of absorbed or sequestered carbon And being able to create a forward pricing curve with financial service architecture, documentation.
I just came out of a meeting this morning how we're trying to accelerate that.
To be quite honest, not to get very boring that we're on financial topics and things, but they're going to be derivatives and you need is the documentation if you want to trade a derivative in the marketplace.
And all of this actually matters for nature as well.
I'm going to quickly hand off, but again, I want to talk about value one more time.
Because the southern part of the world has value far greater than large elements of the northern part.
And we start thinking about and putting prices on water, on trees, on biodiversity.
We find where does that sit?
I'm doing a lot of work out of Asia, and I say that my next-door neighbor, Indonesia, is the left lung of the world, and obviously Brazil's the right.
And Africa, absolutely critical.
And we need their natural capital as a system-based world more than we need that 66 billion we've got sitting in the basement of the Bank of England.
So how do we, and I'm hoping this discussion today, at least from a central banker's point of view, on how do we start tokenizing?
How do we start building systems that actually create not only the value, but transfer that value around the world?
So they sell this as a way to empower people, but it's to cut the resources off and kill the majority of the population.
That's why they've announced they want to cut all the trees down.
So then there's even less trees.
You understand, this is...
The most satanic, upside-down thing you could ever imagine, where the sun's bad, we gotta block it, and carbon that plants breathe is bad, carbon dioxide.
We're all being targeted.
It's a war on life, where it's all gotta be surveilled by AI and controlled and transferred to these monsters.
Now, when we come back, the Pentagon DARPA videos I was talking about, where they admit everything.
And implanting you with prion crystals, COVID, to then be able to kill you with 5G and other electromagnetic systems.
It's coming up.
Everybody you know, and those you don't know, tune in now.
You are the resistance.
Waging war on corruption.
Crashing the lives and disinformation.
You know, I was watching, we only got to part of it, it's a longer report for Greg Race.
His report on targeted individuals showing CIA, UN, Justice Department documents, how they use threat fusion centers to harass pro-lifers, pastors, you name it.
And they infiltrate a lot of local psychology groups.
You think you're going to a psychologist, they're actually one of their agents.
It's through InfraGard, it's one of the terms they use, one of the groups where the FBI has recruited millions of Americans to be spies.
And it's the same duplicated all over the world.
And I was reminded watching Greg Reese's report of legislation they ran through in last year in Australia to counter COVID disinfo, which was all true.
Obviously, people were telling the truth about it.
The lockdowns are a fraud.
The masks are a lie.
The shot doesn't help you.
It hurts you.
Ivermectin helps you.
Zinc helps you.
And they have this police law where they can break into your computer, your social media, say horrible things in your name.
Delete things, you name it, and then charge you for what they said.
They put that in a law to frame you.
The gloves are off, folks.
The gloves are off.
So here it is.
This is apf.gov.au.
Overhead shot, please.
Surveillance Legislation Amendment and Disrupt Bill 2021.
And he goes on to say that they will break into your accounts, pose as you, commit crimes, and then charge you with it.
Actually, put it in the law.
I'm not joking, look it up.
Australia's new police powers allow them to control social media accounts, delete data.
Mainline headline.
Now, this deals with Owen and this deals with the rest of the January 6th people where their lawyers are like, we don't want you to antagonize the system.
We don't want you to sit there and do much stuff.
Let us try to not get them in prison.
I'm like, well, I want to defend them.
I want to talk about it.
Well, it's up to them if they want help or not.
And Owen's a smart cookie, but they're trying to put Owen in jail, in prison.
They filed last night.
He's sentenced next week.
Goes to D.C.
I didn't cover it, but the Gateway Pundit did, breaking D.C.
Prosecutors' Seek, 120 days in prison for Owen Schroer for speeding out against stolen election 2020.
Speech now on crime.
Now, that's not just the Gateway Pundit's headline.
I have, overhead shot please, right here, the charging document the feds put forward.
Here it is.
And it says, Owen Schroer needs to go to prison.
For still saying, and they list August 27th, that in August, Owen still said he thinks the election's stalling, and he called President Biden a pedophile, and they say, so we're asking the judge, because of his speech, to put him in prison.
From three months to a year.
Now, let that sink in.
In Australia, they passed a law to break into your social media and pose as you and commit crimes.
It says it right in the law.
It doesn't sound real, does it?
Human-animal hybrids don't sound real either.
This charging document, it's all over the internet, the left calling for his head.
Literally says dozens of times, he won't shut up.
He's not remorseful.
He doesn't like Joe Biden.
We want him to be in jail.
To the judge.
They don't want to just censor you folks.
They want to put you in prison.
Forgive them, father.
They know not what they do.
I mean, can you imagine the people that with a straight face live like this?
So whether it's Australia or here, it's the same thing.
So when you read the Gateway Pond headline, and it links to the document, it's totally true.
They're asking for prison time for a man that did nothing, and was there with me trying to stop people from going to the Capitol, because he still says he thinks the election was stolen.
Well, that's his right!
Plus, the evidence is there!
Then they go on and say, and he calls Joe Biden a pedophile.
He calls them tyrants.
They're openly telling you that you live in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.
They don't care about their own birthright.
That's how many soulless people have been created now.
And that's why we are cursed.
So when I see people do stuff like this, I actually feel sorry for them.
Because Owen is an upright, hardworking, strong Christian man that since high school was a youth pastor and helped disabled children.
And that's what he does in his spare time is help retarded children in the Special Olympics.
And of course, that's who they want to put in jail.
Because that's everything they hate.
But by the way, if you're a new viewer and you hear me go, okay, Australia passed a law to take over your account and say horrible things and poses you to, quote, disrupt groups.
And they say, well, if we get on there and say horrible things as them, that'll make them not have support.
It's a law.
And then we've got the EU threatening to arrest Elon Musk, saying they're taking over all the social networks.
And they'll decide what can be said and what can't be said.
And the ADL is just a front group in that.
Building for compliance with the digital marketplace, EU confirms six mostly US tech giants are subject to Digital Markets Act.
Now let's move on to the big enchilada.
When the Pentagon was approached by Bill Gates and the EcoHealth Alliance, they wanted to release protein crystals in China, and the Pentagon said, here's one telegraph, that's a bio-attack.
That could lead to nuclear war.
We're not going to do that.
Well, that now takes us to Dr. Giordano, who's the head neuroscientist at Georgetown at the top Pentagon Air Force DARPA meeting.
Laying out, not what's theoretical, but what's already been done.
He says over and over again, this is all declassified.
And I know everything he's saying, because I research it myself, but it just hits me.
He's in 2017 saying all this.
We're going to be showing you in the days to come stuff he said last month that's even crazier.
And when you listen to this, realize this has all been deployed.
Colonizing you with protein crystals so they can then hit you with electromagnetic frequency that they've tested in the bodies of lab rats to grow and kill them.
And that's just one thing he talks about.
Let's start with clip 5, nanomatter in the brain.
Here he is.
Moreover, you heard earlier about the idea of nanoparticulate matter that can be utilized in a weaponizable way, and here, too, we're looking very, very strongly at what nanoparticulate matter can do to the nervous system.
Some ongoing studies with our colleagues in the medical branches of NATO have, in fact, shown that the use of nanoparticulate matter in a scatter arrangement can be used to incur what looks to be broad-scale epidemiological stroke epidemics.
So what we're able to do here is infiltrate the brain space with nanoparticulate matter that aggregates in situ, on site, in the brain.
And there's one of two things.
Either it penetrates from the vascular space, gets in through the bloodstream, gets in through the nose, through the mucosa, or infiltrates the vascular space and clogs it.
What is the result?
What's called a nanoparticulate stroke, or a hemorrhagic diathesis, fancy word, for it's a predisposition to individuals having brain bleeds.
Oh, absolutely!
We're able to show animal models of same, and the Italian group has done a fair amount of work demonstrating that nanoparticulate matter can be highly disruptive, not only of brain vascularity, but brain function.
You may not necessarily incur a stroke, but you're going to begin to disrupt the network properties of the brain, and as a result, engage something more of a long wars effect through the use of these types of matter, where you now begin to influence the population in increasingly concentric circles of expansion.
The long war, the long COVID.
He goes on to how he can take out whole countries, we'll never know what hit them.
And when the FDA gets contacted or the EPA, they just say it doesn't exist.
Using, let's do clip six, bio-modified organisms to fracture trust in public health.
See, they plan to destroy public health.
They got public health to go along with this to destroy it, to bring in their new system, the UN Treaty.
Here it is.
As I either use a drug in very, very low concentrations that may not necessarily be traceable.
And again, this is highly doable.
You just have to permeate the edge of a drinking vessel or an atmospheric vessel.
Get the drug on.
Hit pause.
Start over.
Oh, did you hear next month the new COVID variant vaccine's ready?
Not next month.
We're in September.
It comes out in nine days.
So a week and a half from now.
It's a new nasal spray.
You just talked about nasally, which gives you a thing that grows protein crystals and you spread.
Isn't that loving and liberal?
Here, go back to it.
As I either use a drug in very, very low concentrations that may not necessarily be traceable, and again, this is highly doable.
You just have to permeate the edge of a drinking vessel or an atmospheric vessel, get the drug on board.
It kind of auto-assembles in situ because of nanopharmacology.
Very difficult to trace and pose a biological downstream.
Start over.
It self-replicates insight in your body.
It's so liberal, and then now your whole body is the engine that kills everybody.
Isn't that liberal?
As I either use a drug in very, very low concentrations that may not necessarily be traceable, and again, this is highly doable, you just have to permeate the edge of a drinking vessel or an atmospheric vessel, get the drug on board, it kind of auto-assembles in situ because of nanopharmacology, very difficult to trace, and it creates a biological downstream effect.
Nothing I'm telling you here is sci-fi.
It all exists within the medical range and how we're able to treat a variety of neurological disorders, targeting the brain, being able to get in there more specifically, affect certain neural cancers, etc.
And what we can do with some of these drugs is we can also use these techniques that we're learning on the pharmaceutical side to modify certain bugs.
And we spoke earlier about a technique that's become very well known, CRISPR-Cas9, that allows us to literally modify bugs in a variety of different ways, so I now may be able to take a relatively harmless microbiological agent, a bacterium or a virus, do some gene editing and make this thing far more morbidly viable, make it far more virulent, and in some cases even make it far more lethal.
But I don't want lethality, at least not necessarily.
What I want is high morbidity.
I want people to complain.
So what do I do?
I go to Des Moines.
Ladies and gentlemen and people on the screen, I have nothing against Des Moines.
I lived there for four years.
I go to Des Moines.
I infect a couple of sentinel cases in Des Moines.
I go to Seattle.
I infect a couple of cases there.
I go to North Carolina.
I go to Wisconsin.
What I'm doing is I'm using a dispersion methodology to be able to infect sentinel cases with a highly morbid condition.
These individuals complain.
Again, this is a central nervous system condition, so they're complaining of whatever the bug may do.
It'll produce some cascade of neurological and neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms.
And then what I do, the real bug that I use is the Internet.
I take attribution for that.
Yes, I'm a terrorist group.
And I have done this by infecting with a highly lethal agent, and the first signs and symptoms of lethality are X, Y, and Z. These people are really sick with this.
But then I say, others who are also infected will show subdromal, predromal signs of lethality, and what that will be is anxiety, sleeplessness, agitation.
What I've now done is I've got every individual who is diagnostically hypocritical.
Back up 10 seconds.
So this is exactly what they did, run by the Pentagon, run by the Defense Ministries worldwide.
The fear, the masks, the lockdowns, the control.
Because we're not going along with them.
We like Trump.
We don't want open borders.
We don't want ESGs.
We don't want Larry Fink.
We don't want BlackRock.
Hit us with it.
Wrecking your life.
Making you slowly die.
Softly killing you.
He even says later, softly killing you.
Which is a Pentagon term from the 70s.
And there's one of their main directors.
He goes on and on and on. 2017.
Now we've dug up his latest talks.
Oh, they're even worse.
Starting to get the picture, boys and girls?
Go back to him.
...lethality are X, Y, and Z.
These people are really sick with this.
But then I say, others who are also infected will show subdromal, predromal signs of lethality,
and what that will be is anxiety, sleeplessness, agitation.
What I've now done is I've got every individual who is dying...
You've got to lock them down to invoke that to create the fear, release a new variant,
as the British Health Minister said.
It's time to release the new variant.
And they did.
Which isn't even there.
They're droning you, but they're also using humans that have had the shots that then express it and shed it on you, and then it begins colonizing you.
I'm going to play clips of him talking about that next.
Oh, yeah.
Here it is.
And what that will be is anxiety, sleeplessness, agitation.
What I've now done is I've got every individual who is diagnostically hypochondriacal, and I've got every individual who's a worried well, flooding the public health system, banging on the door.
The CDC comes back and says, nonsense, that's not real.
I come back and say, that's fake news.
It was a consequence of do- 2017, fake news they're talking about.
He loves- this is all the top guys.
The conference goes on, he does an hour.
There's a whole day conference with, oh, the head of DARPA, great job!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
And they're all just up there wargaming what they've already got ready.
That every individual who's a worried well, flooding the public health system, banging on the door.
The CDC comes back and says, nonsense, that's not real.
I come back and say, that's fake news.
And as a consequence of doing that, what I do is I create a schism between the polis and the public health system.
I fracture the integrity of trust and reliance upon the population and its government.
And of course I'll be able to then incur a ripple effect and if you want to see what this looks like in an action all you need is look back at those days prior to or post 9-11 when individuals were sort of sending white powder through the mail and everything was anthrax.
Which we don't know the FBI did with the Army.
So he's telling you three years before they release it Two and a half years.
Oh, terrorists are going to do this, as if terrorists could make this.
And we now know they'd already made it.
The Pentagon.
And Peter Daszak and the rest of them under Obama's orders.
And they, that same year, approached the main Pentagon and said, we want your authorization to release this in China.
And they said, that's World War III.
That's bioweapons.
I showed the London Telegraph.
But you're seeing the whole rollout, how it worked, to again, what did I say three and a half years ago?
Once the medical system does this, it'll destroy trust in it, and make society break down further.
So people are staying home, or they're locking people out of their hospital rooms, families.
Making kids wear masks, believing, let's just get through this, it's how we rough it through this.
But no, it was designed to destroy society.
And that's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document.
2028 document. It's really the year 2023. They say this will then destroy health confidence
and health confidence in the government.
Because again, the globalists control the government, but they want to wreck the government and have the people hate the government, and then have a violent, angrier world revolution.
Instead of just removing the globalists, they want us all to tear each other apart.
So again, the average FBI agent sitting here watching this right now, they admit in these filings yesterday, they watch everything we say, they go, they need to be arrested, they're saying Biden's bad, you know, they're saying elections are bad.
Imagine with straight faces, in this document I showed you earlier, we've got to arrest these people, Judge.
We've got to put them in prison.
Straight face!
Meanwhile, you've got the Pentagon running around, obviously releasing it at the military games in November of 2019.
It's all come out.
These FBI agents' kids are going to die from this.
They're hit, too.
But they actually believe they're holding the government up.
They believe we're trying to destroy the government.
They believe we're trying to destabilize things.
They're like, well, we've got to crack some eggs and make an omelet.
We can't let Jones discredit the government.
That's what I've been told by high-level people.
You better stop.
You're discrediting the government.
You're destabilizing.
No, I didn't cook this up.
I didn't release this.
I figured it all out.
I reverse-engineered it with all the top experts.
The author of the U.S.
Biological and Chemical Weapons Law was on this show in February of 2020 laying it all out.
He got Henry Kissinger's Ph.D.
by The Globalist.
They give one a year.
We know this.
We know their operation.
So the average person in government literally thinks that they're saving things by coming after us, and there's the Pentagon bragging, oh, this will destroy confidence in the system.
They knew the shots were going to kill people.
They knew it was going to piss everybody off.
They knew it, but they think they can then misdirect that revolution into wrecking the country.
We're trying to stop that.
99.9% of us are going to be screwed by this.
And in the end, the Globals will be screwed as well.
I backed our guest off 15 minutes to the next hour because I've got to get to more of these clips.
Is there more of this clip left?
That's it, okay.
What an incredible clip.
Play clip 10.
What we're looking at is the use of drones, for example, unmanned vehicles, aerial vehicles, ground vehicles, aquatic vehicles, to deliver payloads of various forms of neurological chemicals, neurological microbes, whether those be bacteria and or viruses, neurological toxins, to a variety of different populations that range from the individual to a fairly large aggregate of individuals utilizing multiple drones and or other forms of unmanned vehicles.
The other thing that we're concerned about is certainly the use of gene editing techniques.
CRISPR, Cas9, Cas12.
We'll start the clip over.
Gene editing gain a function.
Illegal as hell.
He talks in these conferences about, we've been very discreet about the things that we're not supposed to be doing, but we've done them.
Now you think Al Qaeda's got a gene editor machine that costs three million dollars?
The terrorists run the government, folks.
And all of us are being targeted.
We can play along.
We're part of the system all day.
I could join the system a hundred times.
The hair on the back of my neck stood up any time I even entertained it.
Which I never entertained it for real, but you feel kind of like, well, should I join them?
I mean, you know, no, because I just feel like chills up my spine.
The Holy Spirit goes, do not, do not do that.
All my combined intellectual archetypal instincts, hereditary compression of information, my current analysis of the situation, my fourth, fifth, sixth dimensional antenna, all of it goes, no, no, no, don't do that!
And you're like, of course don't do that!
But these guys can't help it because, what's their conference called?
The Mad Scientist!
And they say, oh, the Pentagon's got to war game all this to know how to stop it.
Yeah, they've got to have the bioweapon labs to produce five billion years of evolution virus, of five viruses that no one would ever put together, not in a trillion years, and then that very virus gets released.
But it's all in the name of protecting us.
Go back to him.
What we're looking at is the use of drones, for example, unmanned vehicles, aerial vehicles, ground vehicles, aquatic vehicles, to deliver payloads of various forms of neurological chemicals, neurological microbes, whether those be bacteria and or viruses, neurological toxins, to a variety of different populations that range from the individual to a fairly large aggregate of individuals utilizing multiple drones and or other forms of unmanned vehicles.
The other thing that we're concerned about is certainly the use of gene editing techniques.
CRISPR, Cas9, Cas12, not just taken alone, but in concert with excellent gene editing techniques.
The relative ease of acquisition of these techniques and their relative ease of use.
Again, this is not for the completely naive, but someone with basic gene editing and or microbiological skills and molecular biological skills could in fact
utilize these techniques to modify an existing microbe, an existing virus,
perhaps even existing structures of various organisms to create something that is modified or perhaps a new.
And the problem we have with that is that those particular new entities might not currently be covered,
categorized by the Biobiological Toxins and Weapons Convention.
So here we have the opportunity to sidestep the scope and tenor of those conventions by creating
something new or modifying that heretofore has not been listed as a weaponizable agent.
Furthermore, if we take a look at some other- We're gonna come back with more of this, but you get it?
Oh, none of- oh, nanotech.
None of this is illegal because it's not in the law, so we can do it.
Total madness, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We'll come back with more of this for about 15-20 minutes, and our special guest joins us on the same topic, Attorney Tom Renz.
Please tell everybody you know and don't know, tune in now.
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So if you love the Army Mad Scientist team, because you're on it, I hope you do love it, you want to connect to past content.
And why is this related to our next presenter?
Because the way this works is, is we're connected every day to bright people who are thinking about things maybe the Army's not hearing all the time.
And that's how we came across Dr. Giardina.
skills and molecular biological skills could, in fact, utilize these techniques to modify an existing microbe, an existing virus, perhaps even existing structures of various organisms to create something that is modified or perhaps a new.
And the problem we have with that is that those particular new entities might not currently be covered, categorized by the Biological Toxins and Weapons Convention.
So, here we have the opportunity to sidestep the scope and tenor of those conventions by creating something new or modifying that heretofore has not been listed as a weaponizable agent.
Furthermore, if we take a look at some other enabling technologies, for example, nanotechnology, nanotechnology can be used to provide scaffolds or micelles that then allow the auto-assembly of molecules in situ, allow their penetrance into a biological system.
They can work as chaperones.
As well, we can utilize these nanomaterials independently because of some of the characteristics that the nanomaterials possess and some characteristics that can be imbued upon them.
Auto-aggregation, clumping, disruption, and these can have physiologically disruptive effects when they're introduced into a biological system.
And one of the more recent developments has demonstrated that these types of nanomaterials are aerosolizable.
We can spray them into the air.
Now again, the aerosolizable field at present is rather limited in terms of its size and with regard to its durability and its distance.
But these are simply steps toward what may then be probabilities and/or possibilities
of how nanomaterials might be used either alone and/or in tandem with other things to
either be force multipliers and potentiators or to be used as weaponizable entities themselves.
The idea of neurosensory devices and a whole host of trans- and intracranial pulse stimulators.
And of course these can be used for a variety of things with key individuals.
Once again, particularly when it comes to trans- and intracranial devices, I'm not looking
for this to be weapons of mass use.
I'm looking to target key individuals who may then be influential to relative aspects
of their representative groups.
I can affect individuals' brain functions in a variety of different ways, both positively
and negatively, by engaging or disengaging nodes and networks of the brain that therefore
affect their cognitions, emotions, and ultimately their behaviors.
Moreover, by understanding the way the brain works as nodes and networks and not as key sites that are doing any particular thing, I can also utilize various forms of electromagnetic radiation and energy to be able to disrupt brain function.
The brain is an electromagnetic organ, and like any other electromagnetic substance, the integrity of those networks is reliant upon the electromagnetic pulses that flow in between them.
Utilizing electromagnetic sensory and disruptive devices in this way, with ever greater fidelity and with ever greater granularity, can be used as not only an organ against individuals, but against groups.
And in fact, this is some of the work that we've seen that has been conducted previously in what was the Soviet Union.
All right, that's good.
We're going to come back with more in one minute.
to what electromagnetic pulse generation can do to the brain with regard to treating diseases
and also incurring certain disease states in individuals who may then be susceptible
or may be exposed to such pulses.
Of course, the dual use viability of that becomes evident.
Something my colleague, James--
All right, that's good.
We're gonna come back with more in one minute, but they also describe it here again, how
to have you filled with nanotech, then they can hit you with certain frequencies and get
rid of certain people they want.
So it's all coming up on the other side, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones.
We can defeat this together.
We have to realize, though, this is a civilization-ending weapon system.
So here's Dr. Giordano at the main DARPA Army Interface multilevel command from just one speech.
In 2017, laying out everything they've whirled out later.
We've got more of what he said this year and last year coming up in the days to come.
We got a special guest joining us here in about 15 minutes, so let's get to these clips.
Here he is talking about how to get around treaties on bioweapons, and then he gets into weapons of mass disruption, that's what COVID is, to break down, create a post-industrial society, the globalists exempt themselves from the regulations that they only operate moving forward.
weaponizing insects and more.
President, the Biological Toxin Weapons Convention, Chemical Weapons Convention, along with other
signatory treaties and international law, do place particular constraints and in some
cases definable prescription against the development, import, export and use of a variety of tools
and techniques that would be viable as weapons.
Again, there are certain drugs, there are certain bugs, if you will, certain toxins
that are prescribed and constrained.
understand that.
But where things become a little bit more amorphous and ambiguous is when we then begin to discuss things like neurotechnological devices.
Certainly, these devices have gained in their sophistication and capability over the past decade, decade and a half, and their viability and potential value for use in various forms of weaponology has increased as a consequence of not only their sophistication capability, but also their facility of being developed and then being employed operationally.
In many cases, their technological readiness level and Your military readiness level is up to par so as to at least consider forms of testing and deployment that would then render them operational under a range of circumstances and conditions.
That has not escaped the auspices of many of the groups that are participatory in the Biological Toxins and Weapons Convention, most notably the Australia group that a couple of years ago at the review committee, the RevCon, of the Biological Toxins and Weapons Convention, noted that these devices certainly need to be an increased focus and should be addressed as part of the BTWC.
But beyond that, I think there are some interesting things that also need to be considered.
The last two things we're talking about were devices and data.
And I think when we're talking about devices, it's not just the devices that are the neuro devices themselves, but are there enabling devices?
Are there current technologies that can be then radically leveling that could then allow the use of a variety of these different neuroscientific tools and techniques to then be implemented as either instruments of mass disruption and or perhaps as tools of intermediate to mass destruction?
So let's break that down.
There's a lot of facets to that.
But he's talking about laying in the first part of the binary weapon to have the receiver systems in you, so when you get hit with the second half of the component, you're taken out, and they give themselves a therapy that blocks either one or both of the components, or three or four components.
Again, they're all talking about stopping terrorists, but then exactly what they're laying out was deployed.
Now, do they take these battle plans and huge projects that he talks about in the beginning of his speech, where there's $125 billion a year being spent in the U.S.
alone on this, mainly in the Defense Department that Eisenhower warned of?
He said, mad scientist.
In 1961, his farewell address.
$120-plus billion.
That's 2017.
He gives that first speech.
He played clips of it.
We played clips of it.
It takes billions and billions and billions of dollars to do this, and he's telling you, oh, we better be worried the terrorists are going to do it.
But Bill Gates said on NBC News, before they even rolled out with the vaccine, they said, oh, the first little micro study showed 80% got sick.
He goes, well, the real threat will be the second wave when terrorists release a bioweapon.
He means us when we get the shot and produce a spike protein.
You'll need a drone to deliver that.
You have an open program, people accept, they take it, they do it themselves.
And you have the government, as he said, the CDC and FDA deny it's happening while it's happening.
Wasn't that funny?
And he, you know, is just so confident while he talks about it.
He doesn't quite do the thing that Bill Gates does, the duper smirk, but it's here.
That's what this is.
And it's not just I go off what he says, I've already researched all this, I already know it's altering.
You've already heard all this here before, but here they are talking about it.
We can develop a variety of different drugs that can be used in warfighting scenarios.
Now, what I want to make sure you understand is that these drugs can not only enhance the warfighter with regard to maximizing their particular capability, but can also be used to maximize warfighting capability by then affecting others.
So clearly, I can affect others by either what I'm doing, making me better, or what I do to them, making them, quote, less better, or at very, very least, not wanting to fight.
In the main, these are... And he goes into this later.
He says you can hit whole countries that are not submitting.
They don't know why they can't fight now.
They're all just sick.
You don't give them enough to cause strokes in all of them.
Some will get overbaked and die.
You just hit them though with enough to get them where they're confused.
And we're the enemy.
The government's shutting off our pipelines, opening our borders, devaluing our currency, brainwashing our kids.
I mean, we were uppity.
We didn't bow.
Hit them!
They already shipped all our jobs overseas.
They already dumbed down everybody with the education system.
And he talks a lot in these speeches about the interest of the defense complex, never about America, never about the people, never about the greater good, never about an open society, all about the defense establishment's interests.
And because you won't study them, because you don't know who they are, because you don't think they exist, they've got free reign over you.
It's very alluring when you're a PhD and a scientist to be brought into this, to be offered the power.
I'm not a PhD.
I went out and became a major influencer decades ago, and they tried to hire me.
And I got the same speech.
Join us at the table, Alex.
You'll be able to influence people.
You won't be out on the outside anymore.
You'll actually have a seat at the table.
We're really for the greater good, Alex.
And it's easy to lie to yourself then for all that power to go along with it, but you can see what they're building.
It's not good.
It's not nice.
You could say 25 years ago when I first talked about this in detail, oh, well, that's your opinion.
It's not my opinion now that this is poison.
...can develop a variety of different drugs that can be used in warfighting scenarios.
Now, what I want to make sure you understand is that these drugs can not only enhance the warfighter with regard to maximizing their particular capability, but can also be used to maximize warfighting capability by then affecting others.
So clearly, I can affect others by either what I'm doing, making me better, or what I do to them, making them, quote, less better, or at very, very least, not wanting to fight.
In the main, these are indeed weapons of mass disruption, not destruction.
And the reason that I mention this to you is that that absence of mass destruction has, in some cases, veiled them for closer scrutiny, but the disruptive effect can be huge.
So, for example, one of the things that we can do is we can use a variety of these new forms of drugs that target specific functions of the nervous system, such things like affiliation, amelioration, attitudes, behaviors, and cognitions, and we can target key individuals.
Earlier this morning, the head general spoke to all of us, and he gave us a very rousing message and talked to us how specifically we need to engage science and technology.
If I were, for example, able to modify the coffee that he drank, the water that he drank this morning, with an undetectable chemical that was delivered at a very, very low range... What does hydrofluoric acid do?
Dumbs you down, destroys your fertility.
What does Atrazine do?
Bends your gender, sterilizes you.
I mean, are you getting how they just sit up here and openly talk about all this like we're animals?
And the reason my show is so successful, I don't know why, I'm one of the only people that does this, I sit around and watch Pentagon reports.
I read their papers.
I read what DARPA's saying, and so does Dr. Michael Yedon, one of their former chief scientists, and went, whoa, you're gonna kill everybody!
That's your plan!
Incrementally, though, as the crisis gets worse, they pose as the saviors, they get more power, they get more wealthy, they get more control, while they're saving us as the Earth dies, and they're building some new thing.
Now you understand.
They're playing God.
We've got to cut their funding off.
We've got to stop them.
And their argument is, well, if we don't, the Communist Chinese will do it.
The globalists put Mao in power.
They set it up.
They gave him everything.
They built a big evil enemy, so we've got to be big and able to beat them.
Does this guy really think he'll have a future as children with this?
No, they have a form of subconscious Stockholm Syndrome, where they're scared of this as they get deeper into it, and they just decide to go with it.
As a defense mechanism, I'm smart enough, instinctively, but also intellectually to know, you don't make a deal with something like this.
Because I've watched a bunch of his speeches.
There's nothing about stopping this.
He says it's foregone conclusion.
This is all going to happen.
We've got to do it first to protect society.
He didn't even say that.
He says, so we're dominant.
Well, I guess the Chinese communists might create a black hole and blow the earth up first.
So, let's... Well, if they're going to do it first, we might as well just create a black hole and suck us in and compact us down to a ball the size of a baseball and just kill everybody.
Because, you know, if we don't kill everybody, they'll do it first.
And that's really the secret.
Oh, and we bring peace under the Rand Corporation.
And under the Carnegie Endowment, and the Rockefeller Endowment, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Endowment, we've got to get rid of everybody, have a total tyranny, or someone will deploy these technologies that destroy us, and then meanwhile they're deploying all the technologies that destroy us.
We need world government to stop this.
We need total control to stop this.
And then they're the ones with a bullwhip hitting the horses, dragging the trailer here, to get us over the cliff as fast as possible.
Play the Weaponized Insects clip, and let's get our guest on.
Anything biological can then be weaponized.
Here, what we're talking about primarily is the idea of weaponized non-human animal drones.
And clearly, the one that comes to mind is something referred to as the DARPA beetle.
This is nothing prototypic.
This was a research, development, test, evaluation, and small-scale use enterprise where DARPA was looking to understand and understand how to affect the nervous system of a living organism through the use of integrated biosensors and engaging articulative devices.
And what the DARPA beetle as well as the DARPA fly demonstrated pretty well is that we can harness the nervous system of an insect, particularly a fairly large insect such as a beetle of this magnitude, as well as smaller insects the size of a large bee and perhaps a large fly, as we'll see subsequently.
And by harnessing into their nervous system through the use of very, very fine scale wiring
and the use of optogenetics coupled with an onboard battery pack that is solar sensitive
so the battery never, never runs out and the use of onboard RFID sensors
that allow us real scale both sensing and communication with that simulatory pack,
it allows us to engage the nervous system of that organism.
So that would be as if I'm saying I take a particular thing, I strap it onto my bug,
I infiltrate that bug's nervous system I control the way it moves.
By controlling the way it moves, I control the way it goes.
I control its wings pattern.
I control where it hovers, where it flies, where it articulates.
And what I can also do is I can then couple this to a very, very small scale set of either biosensors or cameras.
And what I basically have here is a biodrone.
I can go one step further and I can also impregnate that individual, that individual organism, with a very small-scale weaponizable delivery mode.
In other words, if I'm using a very, very small-scale bioweapon, such as a very potent organotoxin, or the delivery of a very small level of microbes that we know, Can either replicate and infect, or is genetically modified to have a very, very high morbidity effect, I can then utilize this not only as a reconnaissance drone, but also as an infiltrative weaponizable drone that can then deliver some payload to a specifically small and contained group in a very specialized way, or if I use enough of them, an ever expanding larger group.
Like Bill Gates in Central and South America and Florida and Texas, releasing billions of mosquitoes out of helicopters that are genetically engineered to deliver God knows what.
They're not beta, they're operational.
For the rest of the hour, Tom Rins, one of the leading attorneys, leading a lot of whistleblowers against the globalists, the infiltration of the food supply, the poison shots, all of it.
The new lockdowns are back.
They're rolling all of that out.
A lot of new major studies.
He's at TomRins.com, TomRins.substack.com, and Rins-Law.com.
Thank you so much, Tom, for coming on with us.
What you're covering now obviously dovetails of what we've just been breaking down.
Yeah, absolutely.
And good to see you, Alex.
You know, it's crazy.
I was watching you here in this last segment and it's blowing because you're listening to what they're telling us.
Yet when we present it, when a guy like you or like me presents this, when I talk about
weaponized mosquitoes, when I talk about the fact that they're biologically engineering
these non-vaccines to manipulate our food supply, when I talk about all of these different
things, everybody likes to call us a conspiracy theorist, but you just had a professor from
Georgetown talking about weaponizing bugs in military context and nanoparticles that
are going to do this and do that.
I mean, you've got to be kidding me.
You've got to be kidding me.
But yet, you and I, Alex, we're the conspiracy theorists.
We're the conspiracy theorists.
So, again, people ask, how on earth does Bill Gates have the right to release genetically
modified organisms that land on us, put their proboscis into us, pump their saliva into
our body to insangriate and suck blood out, and then leave a payload in us?
And he admits he's doing that.
If I try to go over to my neighbor, That's one of the best analogies I've ever heard.
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, listen, Alex, here's the deal.
This is completely illegal.
I'm going to go to prison for 20 years and I should.
But if a mosquito-designed Bill Gates comes and does it, it's liberal and trendy.
That's one of the best analogies I've ever heard.
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, listen, Alex, here's the deal.
This is completely illegal.
It's completely illegal.
Bill Gates doesn't have to follow the laws.
Is anybody going to put him in jail?
I'm sorry to use that analogy, but this is rape, Tom.
I mean, you're a lawyer.
I mean, can you describe it as what it is?
Well, medical rape is rape.
Medical rape is rape.
Yeah, I mean, instead of being raped in a parking lot like a woman at midnight coming out of her job, we're being raped by a syringe and a bioweapon.
Or a damn mosquito.
When you violate my bodily integrity without my consent, It is illegal, it is unethical, and it is amoral.
And it doesn't matter... And you're a lawyer, but I don't know... It's listed as an assault, is what it is.
Well, it would absolutely be an assault in most states.
And, you know, there's informed consent, there's all the different things that you're supposed to do, there's all the civil penalties, there's all the legal... I mean, you know, we could go back to the Nuremberg Code, really, on this.
I mean, you know, violating someone's ability to provide informed consent.
Listen, this guy is Absolutely sick beyond words, but so are a lot of these guys.
They're doing it right in front of us, and we're all, we're all walking around with our heads in the sand.
Remember, two months before they released COVID, Peter Daszak does an interview with Internet like 50 times, where he says, oh, we're combining a bunch of viruses to then create a vaccine for them with chimeras with SARS.
He's on video.
Oh, absolutely.
Listen, here's the deal.
We have the study.
I submitted it to court.
It's been out there forever.
They had a study.
The Moderna patent that had the spike protein genetic sequence in it was a one in a billion chance that that was a coincidence.
They had this back in the mid-20-teens.
This vaccine was sitting on a shelf waiting for them to put this virus out.
And I don't believe this was an accident.
I'm now to the point where I am finding it a little bit hard to believe that this just accidentally leaked out of the Wuhan lab.
Of course not.
You know, why would Bill Gates have his... Event 201 right before it.
Give me a break.
Of course it stayed.
Well, and not only that, listen, let me tie this in with Trump, right?
Because when we look at the 2020 elections, COVID was the reason that we're stuck with this crooked scumbag that we have in the White House right now, right?
But for COVID, you don't have drop boxes all over the place.
You don't have massive, massive voter registration fraud occurring on a scale that no one's ever even imagined.
And you know, the thing about the voter registration fraud, yeah, I'm talking to some of the guys up in Michigan.
I got some friends up there.
We got firsthand witnesses.
The Michigan GOP is actually speaking out on this.
And, uh, you know, they're talking about what they saw.
Christina Cormer took over the Michigan GOP.
She was running for secretary of state.
She personally witnessed.
I personally witnessed this voter fraud going on.
And so you do all this voter registration fraud, which we're now seeing come out in these police files that have came out and they leaked it.
The registration fraud could only occur because of COVID.
Once they do the registration fraud, then it's easier to steal the election, to do whatever they do after that.
And now they're trying it again.
And remember, remember Alex, God bless you for breaking the story.
And by the way, I just, for anybody that's calling you a conspiracy theorist, I've had about 15 people from the federal government confirmed to me exactly what you said, Alex Jones, that these guys were absolutely and still are absolutely planning more lockdowns, more masks, more this, more that.
Well, that's big news because you told us about whistleblowers three years ago, some of the top scientists, vice president of the alliance.
So everything you said with total credibility happened, they testified to Congress, you name it.
So you're a very credible guy as well.
You say you've talked to 15 feds.
What did they say?
Give or take.
Give or take.
I've talked to about give or take 15 or so people who I know that are in the federal government and they've all told me the same thing.
Yeah, they're hoping they can do these lockdowns.
And I want to tell everybody, listen to this.
I want to tell you how this works.
So, you know, Alex, obviously you've got a huge show, a huge platform, people listen to you.
So this gets out there.
Here's the thing.
I shared immediately when I saw that you put that out there once I was able to talk to some people and you know get some confirmation and I shared that as well and I did it for this reason when we get these whistleblowers that come forward what happens is and Alex you can tell me if you disagree with me but this has been my experience I'll get these whistleblowers they'll come forward they'll tell me this is gonna happen that's gonna happen like for example with monkey pox we had a bunch of information on on what was gonna happen with that monkey pox if it could So what we did then is we went out there and we rallied we the people.
We shared.
We told people.
I think that's a great example.
We helped shoot that down so that so it didn't work and we're doing it again with this.
That's exactly what we're doing.
So make no mistakes and I don't mind coming on your show and saying very publicly it was confirmed to be by a number of people.
This was going to happen.
Now whether or not it still does, I don't know.
I mean, God willing, people are speaking out, people are saying hell no, and they better say hell no.
Because this is going to be used to steal the next election if they can.
They're going to use it to lock us down?
Oh, totally.
They want mail-in ballots against subsistence.
But this is big news, though.
You talked to more than 10 of your federal sources.
And what specifics, because I got specifics from my TSA and my Border Patrol, and now we see it right online.
They're still going ahead with it.
But what did your sources say?
What did they heard?
What I'm hearing is very similar to what you're hearing.
Now, they weren't giving me specific dates.
What they're saying is that the memos are coming down, that they're getting info from their bosses.
All the bosses, I think once you blew the whistle on that, and it's gone so viral, I'm getting a lot of, hey, we can't talk about this at all, we can't give you, because I usually, these guys, some of these guys will give me paperwork, and I've been trying to get paperwork to back up what you said, but I can't get a piece of paper on it.
They're telling me that right now, getting that paper is like pulling teeth, because there's a, you know... Well, that's because they know... They don't want us to know it was pre-planned, but if we have this, it is, exactly.
Yeah, there's no question.
So I'm still working on that, and I've got... But notice with the TSA, they told, oh, in a few weeks, you'll get paperwork.
Almost like they didn't want paperwork, they're just kind of putting it out as a rumor.
Oh yeah, yeah.
So, and we've seen this before, right?
You know, plausible deniability.
You know, hey, get ready, but we don't want to put out a memo on this yet because if it leaks, we're in trouble.
But I don't think there's any question about this.
Listen, going into this winter, we're going to have people sick because there's so many people that have gotten this stupid COVID vaccine.
More people are dying than any record before.
You said it.
I mean, it's in the actuaries.
They're going to blame the COVID deaths from the COVID vax on the virus.
Well, listen, I came on with you in the summer of 2021 and talked about the fact that, you know, you get the vaccine, you're going to get a new variant.
I didn't get the vaccine.
I'm healthy as can be.
I haven't had any trouble.
I haven't had trouble.
I got COVID early on and that was it.
I've been fine.
But I didn't get the vaccine.
Now remember, the longer out you are from getting the vaccine, and the more boosters you get, the more damage it causes.
By the way, stay there.
We're going to go to break, but the CDC came out two days ago and said, previously vaccinated are more at risk, so you need another shot.
What an incredible admission!
Yeah, yeah.
I got the document.
Well, we'll talk about that when we come back.
I know you've got a raft of issues to cover.
If you've got time, Aldo, 15 minutes the next hour or so, I've got you on late.
But man, they are definitely trying to roll it out now.
You see that, folks.
And we should not comply.
We'll talk about how we stopped this with Tom Rins.
TomRins.com, stay with us.
On March 20th, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq.
Exactly one year before the invasion, Alex Jones predicted it.
So now everybody's going, wow, it really was the Iraqis.
That's just because they're getting ready to invade Iraq.
What a beautiful setup.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
All right, Tom Renz.
We've always got an open door for you.
You're one of the top people fighting.
The incredible whistleblowers you brought forward are amazing.
The lawsuits you filed have been game-changing.
And so I've said, open door.
Anytime you want to come on, you're on the show.
And I've been so busy, I didn't even ask the producer what you want to come on about.
So I've been asking some of the questions leading the last segment.
But what's front and center on your radar after you respond to this?
Because this came out, what, four days ago?
Got almost no coverage.
The CDC says, you're in more danger if you've had the shots of the new variant.
You need the new one.
Well, we already knew that.
It erases your immune system.
That was in the previous studies, but they're admitting that as a selling point.
How do people that took these shots not go, what the hell?
I'm in more danger because I took the previous so-called shot?
So-called vaccine?
I mean, that is just massive.
Yeah, but we've known this, right, Alex?
So you and I have known this.
We've talked about this.
Like I said, since summer of 2021, I've been coming down here and telling you that, you know, hey, get the jab, get COVID.
And, you know, look at what they call her, Taco Jill.
You know, she's over there sick again.
Look at all these guys who keep getting the jab, they get sick again.
Did you see the guy on Fox News last week?
He said, I've had seven shots and I've been sick four times or whatever.
And he said, "I'm gonna take the..." Guys, cue that up from like Friday. I think it was Friday.
That was a Fox and Friends or whatever.
And he's like, "Well, I've had seven shots and I've been sick a bunch, but I'm gonna take the new one."
Yeah. Well, listen, you know, you can't fix stupid.
Yeah, you just, you know, it's like...
I keep saying to people, "When do you trust a liar?"
Because these people keep lying, we keep proving that they're lying.
There's no dispute about it.
I'm showing you government documents.
The government documents say one thing.
The crooks in the government say something else.
By the way, I love the fact that I did see you tweet out the thing two weeks ago.
I appreciate the help.
You said, hey, I'm looking into this.
Even though you know I'm not a liar, even though you know I don't have a history of that, I'm not perfect, you went to investigate to then confirm it for yourself and you talked to a bunch of people in the government and said, yes, this is happening.
The point is, even if you know someone's a truth-sayer, you need to go research it yourself so you're fluent in the info.
But these are known liars!
How does anyone believe anything that comes out of their mouths?
Alex, my verification process for information is mind-blowing.
Dealing with rumors and what information's good, what's bad, I do an immense amount of work on that.
And the thing about it is, it doesn't matter.
Yeah, I mean, listen, we've known each other for a while.
You are a rock-solid source.
I mean, Alex Jones was right again, is perpetually trending on Twitter.
I mean, you know, you are.
But I still always, always, always double check.
Because ethically, if I was to submit it to court, I have to verify it myself.
Plus, I want you to find out it's true and get more whistleblowers.
Oh, listen, and I can tell you, in my experience with you, and I have no problem going on record with this, in the year, a couple of years that we've been doing interviews and everything else, and you know, I was down at your studio, I mean, I have never, ever, ever had an experience where you didn't put something out there that you firmly believed was true and researched.
So, you know, I have never seen you do anything like that.
So I absolutely trust you when you tell me stuff.
But now, trust me, look how they're rolling it out everywhere.
Oh, right, right.
But I checked for myself.
So what I did was I called it.
Here's the process, right?
So depending on how this works, if I can get a piece of paper from someone, then I'll verify that piece of paper with one or two other people.
Be like, hey, have you seen this?
Does it look credible?
Is it this?
Is it that?
Um, if I'm getting word of mouth, which is what I got on this, right?
So no one could give me a piece of paper and I'm still researching it.
And by the way, if I find one, I'll send it to you so that you can, you can, uh, blow it up all over the place.
But, uh, what I got was, yes, they're planning on doing this.
Can you share, can you give me anything on this other than you you've heard?
So I call the next guy.
Have you heard anything about, you know, what, what Alex is saying?
Well, we've heard that this is coming and they've told us to get ready.
Can you give me anything on it?
No, they're not writing it.
They're just telling it.
My supervisor told me.
He told me we're going to be doing this and this and this.
So I end up doing that and I do it in various places.
So I talk to people from HHS.
I talk to people from DOD.
I'm not going to say where in DOD or where in HHS.
I talk to people from Another place that I, several different places in the government, right?
And understand that we have to take extensive steps to make sure our sources don't get burned.
But we, we do very, we very much protect our whistleblowers.
And we called it, they all said the same thing.
They said, listen, Um, the plan seems to be pretty fluid from what we're hearing because, you know, we don't know, but we know that they're planning on doing the lockdowns and the masks and the this and that and whatever they can get away with is, is the general consensus.
And the thing about that is, is it makes total sense to me, right?
So when you tell me they gave you some specific dates, I absolutely believe that.
Um, but what I'll tell you is that my experience with whistleblowers in the past and the way that this works is when it leaks out.
And a big platform like InfoWars puts it out.
And then you get other people sharing it and it starts getting picked up and starts running.
They'll modify the plans somewhat.
You know, they're going to push as hard as they can.
But the thing you got to understand, and that I hope that the audience is understanding, the one thing these globalist tyrants fear is we the people.
They fear we, the people, knowing what we want to do.
And they don't want us to get ahead of it.
Now that you made me think, that's why both my sources, Border Patrol and TSA, because I did like you, I tried to call their people, one guy didn't answer, the next answered the same day.
I know this other source really well, so I went with it because they weren't BSing.
But that's what they asked.
This is high-level managing.
Where's the memo?
They said, oh, you'll be getting it soon.
So again, it's the same deal.
They didn't want to have a paper trail.
And that's what you got.
Right, right.
And that's exactly what I got.
So no paper trail, but it's all common.
And here's the problem for a guy like me, or a guy like you, and understand, I'm not trying to be news.
I'm an advocate.
I'm out here fighting for freedom, right?
I'm not trying to be an independent journalist.
I do journalism.
I do analysis.
But my job is to advocate, and I advocate for freedom.
So when I get this stuff, once I've done my job and done enough verification that I feel confident that I can stand behind it and I can look the people in the eye that trust me and tell them this is what I believe.
Once I've done that, then I have to make a decision.
Okay, is it verified enough to put it out, first of all, and second of all, If it's close, how important is it that the information gets out, right?
And by the way, you were the first a year ago to say they're going after the beef supply.
Now they admit Australia's ordered all the cows shot up with mRNA.
And this isn't about credibility because everybody knows we're credible, but it's an interesting process to deal with.
I remember you on this show like two plus years ago saying, I've got this giant whistleblower inside one of the main groups.
And then it was the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, you know, The doctor, I mean, how many of those guys have you brought forward?
Because it's just like Edward Dowd said a year before it happened, he goes, I've got some of the top statisticians from insurance companies coming out saying massive death increase.
And then a year later, he brought them out and they had huge testimony.
So not toot your horn, but tell folks about some of the whistleblowers you brought forward versus the ones you're unable to bring forward.
Oh, well, I mean, one of the one of the biggest and best things was back and I want to say this was in maybe late spring, early summer of 2021.
And I'm trying to remember the date exactly.
But I did a speech in California.
And we had a whistleblower from HHS, wonderful, wonderful lady, she's still, you know, doing anything she can.
And she had given me the Medicare Medicaid data.
And that Medicare-Medicaid data showed at the time, and we submitted this to court, so I put my money where my mouth was on this.
We verified.
That Medicare-Medicaid data showed at the time that there were about 45,000 deaths from the vaccine that likely occurred as a result of the vaccine.
And this is only a few months into the scheme.
Yeah, that was early on.
You were the first.
Yeah, and we went from there.
I mean, we had more whistleblowers from HHS, Medicare, Medicaid.
We ended up with Social Security.
We had a whistleblower death counts from the Social Security database.
We had whistleblowers from, you know, I mean, Dr. Andrew Huff.
You know, he literally worked for EcoHealth when they were making this.
And you know, we brought that out.
He was the vice president and basically the director.
Yeah, yeah.
And by the way, still not widely reported.
You know, Andrew wrote a book on it and that did real well, I think.
But not widely reported is that Andrew also talked about EcoHealth's direct ties to the CIA and that the CIA was
Intimately involved in this I mean and again even as I had the head of projects at major government bases
I mean, oh, yeah, he He worked in Sandia. I
Mean Sandia National Labs, which is you know DARPA I mean, this guy, this guy is a combat vet.
He's a PhD.
Very smart guy.
I mean, he's been through hell.
But, you know, and then the harassment that he endured from this was mind-blowing.
Yeah, for those who don't know, they had feds all over his property in the middle of nowhere in Michigan until he had a shootout with them.
I mean, this is just crazy.
So this was, this was a mind blowing thing, you know, and, uh, you know, we, we had him, we had, uh, I mean, I've had whistleblowers come forth, you know, we've had, uh, I'm going to say this.
So I actually can tell you this Alex, and I'm going to do this, uh, in a very, I hope clever way.
So we had a whistle whistleblowers come forward from the Rockefeller foundation.
Now I can't say anything more than that.
But what I can tell you is I know that based on the... Let me interrupt you.
The Rockefeller Foundation is the top of the pyramid.
Yeah, they're way up there.
Well, it's Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller.
That is the top of the New World Order.
And I can't...
Unfortunately, I just can't say much about what we got, but what I can tell you is we did find out that one of the groups that they watch, that your name came up in the documents that I was able to review several times, right?
So just in case you don't think that anybody's paying attention, right?
So, you know, these guys, we've had whistleblowers.
Of course, we had the DMED whistleblowers.
We had the whistleblowers, you know, from the military.
Those wonderful people, Teresa Long, Sam Siglow, all these guys, Pete Chambers.
And the reason I raise this is you're the guy.
Because I've thought about opening the phones up to whistleblowers, and we've got to vet it and crawl through it.
How do whistleblowers contact you on the new COVID plan, which they're already launching, so we know it's real, it's happened now.
But how do people contact you that want to do it through proper channels?
So, we have a bunch of contact stuff on the websites, and this and that and the other, and I'm hard to get a hold of.
I really am.
And it's not intentional, it's just that I have thousands of contacts a day, so I can only deal with so many.
But you've been effective at probably getting more whistleblowers out than anybody.
Yeah, we have.
We've done a lot of work on that, and it's been yeoman's work.
I mean, it's tough.
Um, and I'll tell you, so just to give you an idea, Alex, um, and this is, I would swear on a Bible on this.
I have literally had some situations where I've been told, Hey, you need to meet me alone at midnight in this empty parking lot so that I can give you this stack of documents.
I've had the, some of the stuff that I've had to do to get these documents is mind blowing.
Oh, believe me, I've done it myself.
I know.
Oh, I know you do.
And that's what I said.
It's like, Not just some guy from Ohio, right?
So I'm like, meet me at midnight in the park?
What the hell are you talking about?
What is this, a spy novel?
But, you know, that's legit.
It's legit.
And it's happened.
And then once you get those documents... How did Dr. Huff, I think he's your biggest, I mean, the vice president of Eagle Alliance, you know, admitting it's a CIA project, all of it, we now know, that's been confirmed.
How did he contact you?
Uh, so a couple people had told me about this guy, right?
And at the time, Andrew had, uh, had been, you know, trying to get someone to listen to him.
I mean, he was taking all sorts of hell for this.
I mean, the guy was getting harassed unmercifully.
He'd gone to Congress, got no support.
He had gone everywhere and he was a credible guy telling the story.
After a while, I had a couple people reach out to me.
One of them was a guy named Eric Feintuch out in New York.
I'm giving him a shout out.
He'll be excited to hear his name out here.
He and a few others.
had contacted me and said, "Hey, you know this Huff guy, you really need to talk to him."
So I, you know, when I get a few recommendations like that, I'll talk to someone.
And, you know, probably 75% of the time, it ends up being an epic waste.
20, another 20% of the time, it ends up being, you know, some of it's useful, some of it's not.
But it's only probably 3 to 5% of them that actually end up being, you know, big, big, big things.
Obviously, Andrew was a huge, huge deal.
And, you know, the first thing that Andrew needed was just to keep his family safe and to get these guys off his back.
And so, you know, I mean, we did some stuff that that helped mitigate that, I believe.
Well, imagine Bill Gates and all them are crapping bricks when, like, the head, their head operational director is going, trying to go public.
I mean, no wonder they had.
Well, not just Gates and crew, but I mean, remember, you got the CIA, DIA, DOD involvement in this that no one was talking about before, you know, Andrew and I talking about this.
I mean, no one was talking about it.
I mean, Fauci sucks, Fauci sucks.
But the thing is, is no one was talking about the fact that Fauci's position was one where he was involved with overseeing biowarfare.
He was involved with the DOD, CIA, DIA.
He was quarterbacking it and he's now been criminally referraled.
Yeah, well, and he needs to be criminally referred for a bunch of other things, but they also need to be investigating the conspiracy to commit these crimes, which was, you know, when you're talking about the stuff that, uh, I would say there may have been a conspiracy to commit perjury that ought to be investigated because, you know, he was referred for perjury, but are you telling me that the DOD, CIA, DIA aren't telling him, you know, lie about this?
Was there a conspiracy?
Oh sure, he's a field marshal. So we're in a little bit of the next hour here, but I've been asked the questions.
You're on today. What else is on your radar with them trying to bring back lockdowns and coming out that you've
had the shot, you're more susceptible to COVID. I mean, what else is on
your radar right now?
One of the top things I want to get out is Donald Trump and Operation Warp Speed.
This is really important that we recognize that story.
By the way, as you know, he came out two days ago in an interview and said we should criminally investigate and we should look at adverse reactions.
I think that's a big move for him.
It's a huge move.
It's a monumental move.
We now have two leading presidential candidates, Kennedy and Trump.
And Trump is, you know, far and away the, you know, the leading.
I mean, he looks like if they don't steal it, he's going to win it in a runaway.
And, you know, Trump and Kennedy both though, have now said that we need to investigate.
This is a monumental thing, but I'm going to tell you what I think is going on here, Alex.
This is a new Russia collusion.
And it was the Russia collusion on steroids.
If you go back, and I want to make this argument for you.
So we've got the data.
We know that COVID was made back in the mid-20-teens.
We know that they had the vaccines in the mid-20-teens.
We know that, you know, that this whole thing was planned.
We had the tabletop exercises.
It's a real stretch to me to argue that this was released by accident.
I think this was an intentional release, but, you know, because why would you have The event 202 and all of these other things right before that happens.
We're supposed to believe that was a coincidence.
We're supposed to believe that the W... That's like if I walked up to you and you're a big guy, I wouldn't do it.
But if I walked up to you, wound up and punched you in the face, it's not a coincidence I did it.
You see the wind up, I do it all, I hit you.
I mean, they wound up and they did it.
Well, listen, I mean, you have all of the PCR tests and all the different, you know, things that were being sold and moved around the globe prior to COVID's outbreak.
PPE acceleration.
You see, you have all these different things.
So let's, let's think about what was occurring.
So we've got COVID sitting there on the shelf.
We've got 2020 coming.
They can't have Donald Trump in.
And you've heard Peter, what is this?
Peter Stroker or whatever his name was.
You know, we got the insurance policy against Trump.
I'd like to ask this question.
Was Operation Warp Speed really the insurance policy against Trump?
Of course it was.
Because here's the deal.
No Fauci said a virus will challenge Trump as he was being sworn in.
Yes, he did.
Yes, he did.
And so then fast forward, right?
Fast forward.
Donald Trump is under attack from every direction imaginable, including the Republicans.
The rhinos didn't like him.
Remember, we couldn't roll back Obamacare in 2016, despite the fact that we had the House, the Senate, and a Republican president, and the Republican predecedent wanted to roll it back.
We couldn't do it.
The rhinos didn't like Trump.
The rhinos didn't want anything to do with this.
The Uniparty was dead set against this man.
This guy was under attack.
He had Russia collusion.
We had all these fraudulent charges, all this garbage.
This guy was attacked by everyone.
Everything was failing.
Teflon Donald, right?
The guy, the guy just, I mean, he's a powerhouse.
But he's an executive and he's a brilliant businessman.
But he deferred to his scientific staff who brought this to him and he did it just like he backed all the therapeutics.
He was like, yeah, green light everything.
He trusted them.
Well, listen, when you're running a multi-million member organization, which our federal government is, with what are supposed to be the best and brightest people on the planet, which is what we're supposed to have, Uh, you know, and they tell you universally with a single voice, hey, this COVID pandemic, this is one of the worst things ever.
There's going to be millions of people dying if you don't stop it.
And you're under attack from every direction.
Every one of your advisors are telling you the same thing.
We've got to fix this COVID pandemic and Fauci's the guy to do it.
As you said, now they're going to try to hang it around Trump's neck.
So they build this up.
They lie to the man.
They convince him that this is the only way forward.
They tell him he's a hero for what he's doing.
Afterwards, we hear Deborah Birx say that my job was to lie to the President every day.
Now, we can ask whether that constitutes treason.
And he's starting to figure out he was set up, so he's beginning to extricate himself, which is great.
Because at some point, they're going to blame him for this.
He needs to get ahead of it.
Well, he does.
He does.
And this is a wonderful thing for me, because what I think is going to happen Is and I've been talking about this for a while.
I think they're going to try and the fact these vaccine injuries are so profound and they're going to get worse and we knew in 2021 three to five years is what I said.
We're going to start seeing massive, massive reproductive problems, health problems, casualties, you know, died suddenly all this stuff.
We knew this was coming three to five years out and then up through 10 years.
We knew that the cancer was going to explode.
We knew that all this was going to happen.
So, first of all, what's that do?
Three to five years?
Well, that puts us squarely in the 2024 election cycle so that we can lock back down.
And they don't have to lock down the whole country, by the way.
They only need to lock down key cities.
Key cities, key states, so that they can get enough election fraud to steal the election.
Because they didn't steal it across the country in 2020.
They stole it in key cities and key states.
Five, five, five states, like ten cities.
Yep, yep.
So what this whole thing was, was a way to steal 2020, to insulate on 2024, and to really make sure that they had the ultimate insurance card against Donald Trump.
Plus, as an added bonus, Just before 2024, when all the casualties start mounting up, we just heard the New Zealand Prime Minister this weekend start to acknowledge these vaccine casualties, and he said, this guy actually had the dastardly to say, well, it was your choice to get the vaccine.
This guy and one of the most- They said, we never made you take it, even though we have the compilations of them saying you must take it.
Oh, this sick little weenie.
He looks like a 13-year-old little weenie.
He looks like he needs his butt kicked on the playground.
That little turd.
But this guy, this piece of garbage out there saying, the next step, the next step is, well, but it's Trump's fault because this was, you know, mRNA is super safe and super effective, but because Trump forced us to do this too fast, we had these manufacturing defects.
When they now know, they came to him and said, oh, we can do this.
Stay there.
Let's do 15 more minutes next hour.
Tom Renz, amazing, is our guest.
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We'll be right back with our number four with Tom Renz and more.
All right, Kate Daly takes over in about 15 minutes.
We're finishing up with Tom Renz.
Tom, you got caught up by the break.
Other big things that you're looking at, other big things that are happening,
obviously I go back to, they're announcing school shutdowns,
new injections, masking in Maryland and all over.
I mean, they're masking for the president, the White House press secretary said yesterday,
say yeah we're going back to the standard plan like it's no big deal. Head
of the UNWHO says yeah COVID never went away we're right back in and it's
just exciting that we got this information and aren't being caught with
flat-footed. Yeah no this we're not being caught flat-footed this time. You know
the good news is is that you know when we started we were caught flat-footed.
Yeah I've got plenty of plenty of stuff now.
So I mean, we're not starting from ground up.
The question is going to be what they do and what they don't do.
So we've got lawsuits that we can file.
We've got things that we can do.
We've made progress in the law.
We've made progress in a lot of places.
But, you know, some of that is reactive.
Well, the courts and stuff like that, that's reactive.
What's most important is that we the people continue sharing everything you're doing, everything that we're doing, everything that we're getting out there, and hell no, should be trending every day on Twitter.
If hell no is not trending, then there's a problem.
If we will not comply is not trending, then there's a problem.
Because at the end of the day, I've seen this happen in a bunch of places.
Already we're seeing these mandates roll back out.
And as soon as enough people tell them where to go, They back down.
These guys are bullies.
If they can get away with it, they're gonna.
But if we stand against them and say no, we're not gonna.
So one of the things, Alex, I talk a lot about lawfare, right?
And I've talked about it as the intersection of legal work, political work, and public education or PR, right?
The thing about that is, is everybody thinks that lawfare, they've got it all screwed up.
They think that lawfare, and I use myself as a demo, I'm a nobody, but I've gotten, I've built a platform because I've implemented lawfare.
The enemy uses lies for lawfare to come after us.
We need to use real issue lawfare to destroy them.
We do, but we also have to understand, what I do in a court will always be with the utmost professionalism and with the extrinsic, Exquisite focus on the details related to the rules of ethics.
Okay, I really, the ethics are everything.
We the people, my role there is different than my role here.
My role here is to share information and to educate people with integrity.
There I've got processes and rules, all sorts of things.
Probably 70 to 80% of lawfare is what we're doing right now.
I've got to empower we the people with true information.
I've got to make sure that the people of this country know what's happening legally and how they can fight back and what they can do.
If I don't empower we the people, then I am wasting my time because the courts are filled with judges and lawyers and people who are we the people.
And if they haven't heard any truth in 2020, when I launched the case, it was the first case that I launched on this first major case.
700 pages of documents that showed everything about COVID was fraud.
Everything about this was a lie.
I go into the court and, you know, there's some very interesting things that happened, but without getting into too many details on that, one of the things that became just mind-blowingly apparent was if no one knows but me and I walk into the court, it's going to seem pretty implausible.
If everybody knows, If it's well accepted, if it's standard knowledge, and I walk into the court, well, all of a sudden I'm a far more credible guy when I'm talking to that judge.
So we have got to do... You know, what you do here is information warfare, getting the truth out so the general public's informed.
Thomas Evers has said, enlighten the public and freedom and liberty, and tyranny will vanish like phantoms at dawn.
Listen, no government exists without consent.
When you look at the law like I do, you understand real quickly The law is a manifestation of public will.
If everybody's driving 75 and the speed limit's 65, does anybody get pulled over?
No, they just up the speed limit.
Right, right.
And that's the way the law works, because if we're not willing to capitulate with this fraud, it doesn't work.
We've got to stand together as people.
We've got to come together.
We've got to fight.
We've got to stop them from these lawsuits.
And by the way, when I'm in a 75 and I catch myself going 85, I go, you know what?
I think it's kind of reasonable I back off to 75.
We all kind of have this will.
75 is good.
Yeah, yeah.
But not 55.
In fact, come in with Sammy Hagar.
I can't drive 55 if you can.
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We'll explain in a moment, but first, the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar!
The law is a manifestation of the people's will.
And Soros is unfunding our police and creating mass death.
We can see through that and take back control of our local communities no matter how much money he's got.
Tom Rims, great lawyer, key guy in the battle against the cub in tyranny with a big rollback out.
You made that point that it's civil disobedience.
It's collective will.
And you were saying that earlier.
Go back into that analogy and finish up.
Well, you know, that's it, right?
I mean, at the end of the day, when you look at law as a lawyer, you recognize that law is always a manifestation of the will of people, right?
There's a few people that run the government, there's a few people that make the laws, but if they make laws and we're not willing to follow it, they might as well talk in the wind, right?
It doesn't do any good.
So, you know, you look at North Korea and tyranny is always an illusion.
So you got this little potbellied dictator in North Korea that treats his people like absolute garbage.
And yes, they've got a military and yes, they've got this and yes, they've got that.
But do you think that if the entirety of the people of North Korea rose up, that they wouldn't be able to retake their freedom?
See, the key to tyranny is that the tyrants always trick you into believing they've got more power than they do.
They always try and trick you into believing that they've got more.
That's why Goebbels was such an important guy for Hitler.
You know, his job was to propagandize and to lie and to do this and do that because you can't have tyranny without that.
And at the end of the day, if we, the people, demand change, if we say, no, we're not locking down, no, we're not going to tolerate more election fraud, no, we're not going to do this, no, we're not going to do that, you know, we win because there's more of us than there are of them.
And we don't have to live that way unless we choose to.
I totally agree.
In the time we haven't left before, our great guest host takes over.
Cade Dowell, you always knock us out of the park.
What other big things we know about?
Biggest thing I'm working on right now, and this is a sneak preview because I'm not quite ready to unveil it.
We've been working very hard, and I'm going to tell you right now that while I haven't got the report written yet, I am 100% comfortable saying that we're not only going to be able to show the association between these vaccines and cancer, but I think we might even be able to show that they knew what was going to happen.
These COVID vaccines absolutely are causing cancer.
We saw it in the DMED statistics.
We saw it elsewhere.
And we've got a line of facts and a fact pattern that I think is going to be very strong on this.
Well, remember, there were headlines during the rollout that, oh, it looks like you have cancer, but just have your cancer doctor say it's no big deal.
It's just normal to have tumors grow.
I mean, remember those headlines?
No, yeah, yeah.
And, you know, my wife's fighting cancer.
She's not vaccinated.
She's not vaccinated.
I mean, no one in my family is getting that.
So, you know, cancer is a pretty big deal to me.
But it got me thinking.
I was looking at this.
And so I started down this line of research.
And I think one of the next big things is We're going to demonstrate, we're going to show, not only that it causes cancer, because I don't think that's debatable, right?
No one's given me an explanation for the skyrocketing spike in cancers that we saw in the DMED, which, by the way, no one's actually been able to discredit under oath.
I mean, the military has not yet responded to the fact that they murdered thousands and thousands of their own soldiers.
All they did was say, "Fact check, it wasn't true, there was a glitch in the database."
Well, they didn't say it under oath and they never discredited those numbers.
So until they actually discredited it with raw data and a solid explanation under oath...
Well, did you see how now they're trying to keep, shut down the online reporting for VAERS and the other apps?
Yeah, the V-SAFE.
But here's the thing, Alex.
There are, there is, you know, eight, ten other databases that they have internally where they've been tracking this.
Project Salus, where I brought, you know, I broke the Project Salus thing.
You know, they've been getting weekly reports on the dangers and the issues.
And that was the Pentagon AI, right?
Yep, yep, that was with the Pentagon AI program.
Listen, they have all of this information.
And by the way, for listeners, you notice Tom and I, I never talk to Tom off air.
He's been here once, I've been here probably ten times.
We finish each other's sentences.
We're not making this up.
You can look it up too.
No, my respect and appreciation for Alex isn't because we're drinking beer on the weekends.
It's because we just, yeah, I see that he does his homework.
same spot I do and that's good. That just means that you know he's done his
homework and I know I've done mine so you know this is a really big deal right
because it I can assure you I'm about as independent as it gets and you know I
don't really care who says it I'll be happy to argue with you I've argued with
everybody. We do our homework we do we find this stuff out this data this stuff
this information all this stuff it's out there.
They have the information.
They know how many people are dying from these vaccines.
They know how many people are getting sick.
Well, they're surveilling everything!
They're surveilling everything.
They know about the skyrocketing cancer.
They know that it's destroying your immune system in a way that is facilitating this cancer to explode in your body because your immune system no longer has the capacity to fight the cancer.
So it grows unchecked.
Uh, this whole thing, and by the way, here's where this goes, Alex.
This is the biggest thing I'm going to say to you today.
Operation Moonshot.
Have you heard about, you heard about that, right?
That's, Biden says he's going to cure cancer.
Mark my words on this.
They knew this was going to cause an explosion in cancer.
And they have been telling, we've got leaked to us several times.
We're within a year or two of being able to cure cancer.
You can't make mRNA illegal because then you won't be able to cure cancer and all the cures are going to be mRNA.
This is snake oil sales.
Let me tell you what they're going to do.
They gave you the vaccine.
It's going to cause massive cancer.
They're going to have a new vaccine to fix the cancer, but it's going to cause another set of problems.
And you're going to be just where they want you, stuck on a big pharma cycle for the rest of your life, which won't be that long anyways, because you're going to be miserable until they kill you.
Unbelievably powerful.
Tom Renz.
Tom Renz.
Tom Renz.
You're amazing.
And whistleblowers, help.
Maybe I'll get you on the phone and this person will talk to you.
I'll put you maybe in contact with my TSA guy.
If you need anybody, I'm happy to verify for you, Alex.
I'll be happy to do it.
No, I know.
I want to push this out in a beat because we got their number on this.
Tom Renz, thank you so much.
Thank you.
All right, Kate Daly's about to take over, but I wanted to talk about the listeners.
Folks, we're in a big war.
We're in a big fight.
And Trump is spending $80 million, whatever it is, $70 million so far this year to fight
all the lies.
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Breaking DC prosecutors seek prison for Owen Troyer for speaking out against stolen 2020 election.
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In the next network break, she gets her time back.
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I love her so much.
And then coming up in about 42 minutes, Owen Schroyer.
With the war room.
Can't drive 55.
Can't support pedophilia.
Can't support open borders.
Can't support fentanyl deaths.
Can't support World War III.
So at the end of the day, it's up to your free will to say, hey, I get your point.
Oh yeah!
Kate Dowling, take over.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you, Alex.
Today I bring you the latest in gun control laws that you need to be aware of with my guest, William Kirk, how to talk to a woke person who has never obviously read a history book, and about the importance of the Second Amendment.
And I want to end this hour with a really, really important thing that you need to know about.
And these buildings are cropping up all across America, and you need to know the danger that I think it represents to all of us.
So, let's start out with William Kirk, an attorney from Washington State on gun laws and regulations.
He's great.
The YouTube channel is Washington Gun Law, and there are many great videos there that you can kind of understand what to legally, what you can own, the new laws, all of these things, all these gun control measures that are coming out, as well as WashingtonGunLaw.com.
And, of course, how this God-given right is conceived.
William, how are you?
Well, thank you so much for having me, Kate.
It's a great honor to be here.
Thank you.
You bet.
Let's start out with the new laws.
People need to know what's going down the pike and to hurt us with our God-given rights.
So let's talk new laws on the horizon.
Yeah, well on a statewide level obviously we've seen things in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois.
Illinois being perhaps the most egregious.
My home state Washington has been doing a pretty effective job of trampling over what is supposed to be otherwise inalienable rights.
But what viewers on the national level really need to be worried about is not so much gun
control legislation because Congress has shown an inability to really tackle any issues there,
although with the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act we may have been set up for something
But what we really got to be careful of for on the national level, especially with this
particular administration, is the grotesque administrative overreach that we see with
the ATF or what we really see in this whole administration is kind of that fourth branch
of government, which is the administrative state.
So tell us a few of the laws.
What's coming down?
I mean, people need to understand what's happening in the nation.
So the three areas of major attack that we've seen in the Biden administration involving the ATF has been, one, firearms with attached stabilizing braces, or what a lot of people used to call AR pistols.
The federal government now wants to call them all short barrel rifles.
The ATF promulgated a rule kind of out of nowhere.
They allowed for public comment.
There was well over 200,000 negative comments, and when the ATF finally published the real rule, it really in no way, shape, or form even resembled the original rule.
Of course, that rule went into effect, the lawsuit started flying, and so we're beginning to see some successful litigation on that front right now.
Another issue that everyone probably is aware of, and some of your viewers may have already actually got a little nasty letter, From the ATF and that is a reclassification of a device known as a forced reset trigger or wide open trigger.
The ATF now wants to classify that trigger standing alone as a machine gun.
They have been rounding them up as much as they possibly can.
I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people around the country in communicating with the ATF about this trigger.
That is now subject of a pretty successful lawsuit brought by the National Association for Gun Rights.
I'll put a plug in for them.
They did a really good job in this litigation here.
And it's actually based on some successful litigation that had come out of the Fifth Circuit in a case called Cargill v. Garland, which was actually where the court found that ATF's ban of the bump stock Actually was without lawful authority and essentially we're operating on the same technological issues there and so I do believe that ultimately that issue is going to prove to be pretty successful in litigation.
There's ongoing litigation with ATF's new rule on what your viewers probably call 80% lowers.
The liberal media calls ghost guns, I like to call untraceable or unserialized firearms.
That is also the subject of a suit right now.
That's actually a case called Vanderstock v. Garland.
That is again really seen some very successful outcomes on that and basically what the court saying is is listen Congress delegated authority to the ATF for you to regulate firearms We didn't delegate authority to you to do basically regulate chunks of aluminum, and that's what you're doing in this situation here So those are just a few of the highlights that we've seen and now lately ATF has just promulgated a new rule on And what they're saying is it's the crackdown on rogue gun dealers.
But when you read into it, what they're actually doing is they're going to be attempting to shut down every single private sale and all of your gun shows.
Now, I live behind the Iron Curtain in the People's Republic of Washington.
So all of our sales have had to go through FFLs for a number of years now.
But there's many of other your viewers that still live out in the United States of America where gun shows are a big part of the community.
And the in the Biden administration, this Department of Justice has shown an Absolutely.
They are hell-bent on going after all of that.
And the problem with this particular rulemaking order, unlike all the other ones I've previously highlighted, is last year we did pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which did change some of the federal definitions in law as to what it constitutes to be an FFL.
And so the ATF may be on slightly firmer footing on this issue than they were on the other ones that we're seeing them kind of flounder around now once they're being challenged in court.
Wow, it's a lot to digest.
A lot of things going on.
You know, the constant reference to assault weapon.
What do you say when you keep hearing this term being used by the King Frodelot in all of his beds?
This term is everywhere.
What does that mean?
I think, knowing that the majority of the viewers here are going to be right-leaning, I think that we've been getting our tails whooped in the labeling game for years now.
An assault weapon is a made-up term.
It's a made-up term.
They're semi-automatic rifles.
Okay, is what they are.
There's no such thing as a high-capacity magazine, and yet we allow these terms to be used too frequently.
And so I think that for those who actually are trying to preserve our, what is supposed to be an inalienable right, we got to start labeling things correctly too.
And one of the things that I think we really need to quit using the term is gun control.
Because we say all the time gun control is not about the guns, it's about the control.
And I believe that completely.
So therefore it's not gun control, it's civilian disarmament.
And so I think for all our viewers, we just need, and that's how we refer to it on our channel, is it is an attempt at civilian disarmament.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
You remember when Papa Bush, George Bush, at the turn of the 90s, presented the Disarming the World document, that state document, which was Publication 7277, and it was all about the overall goal of the United States to basically disarm.
Disarm everybody around the world so that the United Nations could be our new law enforced.
It's kind of amazing.
Yeah, the New World Order.
I don't even remember that.
Yeah, and well, unfortunately, a lot of people think that a lot of these attempts at civilian disarmament come exclusively from the left.
However, that is not true.
For example, one of the things that right now the ATF has been really criticized over was the method in which they banned bump stocks.
That ban took place under President Trump.
And candidly, President Trump had the political clout right after that Las Vegas shooting.
He had the political clout to probably get legislation passed.
For whatever reason, he chose not to do that.
And he did what the Biden administration is doing right now, which is to treat the ATF as like it's some attack dog and you just kind of let it off its leash and let it go, you know, kind of tear everything up.
And that's how President Trump handled the bump stock issue, which is it's coming back to haunt his Department of Justice now and the way they handle that because It's been thrown out by the 5th Circuit.
I mean, this is really a right-left game, and I think a lot of people excused it and said, well, it's just bump stocks.
It's not a big deal, right?
Isn't that kind of what people did in the press?
Yeah, exactly.
What's the big deal?
It's a bump stock.
But, you know, the problem is, and we're seeing this with the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.
You know, for a lot of times, I thought this was just political conjecture.
But now that I see the game plan being played out in front of us, if you give them an inch, they will, in fact, take a mile.
And so you go back to the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.
You know, Marco Rubio was one of the sponsors of that bill.
OK, and so so here we are.
We we pass some legislation.
Oh, we're just redefined.
We just changed a couple of definitions of what it means to be an FFL.
It's not a big deal.
Well, it is a big deal now.
Because now we've seen new ATF rules coming out that are using this new definition to basically shut down all private sales.
There's a lot of big third-party purveyors.
Arms List, GunBroker.com.
These are big websites that lawful and responsible gun owners use all the time for hard-to-find items.
They're absolutely hell-bent on shutting them down, they're hell-bent on shutting down all the home-based FFLs, they're hell-bent on shutting down all the gun stores, and they have the statutory framework in place to make a plausible argument for it now.
We have a lot of rhinos and a lot of lefties hard at work to remove this God-given right.
I'm going to come right back.
How to talk to somebody that's very woke who's never read a history book, obviously.
We'll be right back with William Kirk on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
So happy to be with you today.
My guest is William Kirk.
He's an attorney.
You can go to the YouTube channel, you can go to Washington Gun Law, and you can see many videos of William telling you all about what's legal to own, your rights, everything that has to do with guns.
You're going to love his channel.
And of course, WashingtonGunLaw.com.
And so I want to bring you back, William.
This is an interesting conversation.
I know a lot of people out there have, well, let's just face it, everyone has woke people in their family and friend circles who just either don't know history, can't read history, I'm not quite sure, but are walking around thinking that the removal of our Second Amendment is just nifty and that it only pertains to muskets of old.
So somewhere it was written, you know, and so long ago that it doesn't apply now.
What would you say to somebody?
Because I love your answer on this.
Yeah, no, you and I had a chance to have this discussion once before, and so I appreciate the opportunity.
So, as a preface, what I believe, the way we're going to actually win this battle on the Second Amendment, because of the law and the facts and the Constitution, is on our side.
But we're not going to do it through legislation or litigation or intimidation.
We're going to have to do it through education.
And I believe that a large, large segment of those who support civilian disarmament are actually completely naive.
They feed from a mainstream media trough.
They listen to their more liberal friends.
There's a segment that probably has been very negatively affected by gun violence.
And we have to acknowledge that there's probably, they're not coming back from those beliefs.
And I think we just got to respect that.
But I think a huge, huge majority of it is in the middle.
And so you'll see the three most, this is what I like to call the three most common arguments
that you get, okay?
Number one is you have to be part of a militia first, okay?
Now the actual Second Amendment reads that a well-regulated militia being necessary
to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms
shall not be infringed.
So it's spelled right out right there.
Now if you go look at, most of you, if you guys really wanna geek out on this stuff,
go look at your state constitutions.
A lot of times they don't even mention militias whatsoever, they just talk about how the citizen themselves
has the right to keep and bear arms.
And then let us also remember that the Heller court number of years ago,
absolutely positively decided that once and for all.
So that's a misnomer.
The second one.
Why does anybody need this, okay?
Why do you need a semi-automatic rifle?
Why do you need a magazine that holds 30 rounds, okay?
Rights are not based upon a person's needs.
They're not, okay?
And you can educate people by asking them why do they need to vote.
Why do you need to go to church on Sunday?
Why do you need to vote by absentee ballot?
Why do you need a mail-in ballot?
Why can't you just shag it on down to the polling place Tuesday morning and get it done like everyone else?
We don't really restrict access to rights whatsoever, okay?
So that is another argument that I think we see.
Now the most common argument is this one.
Well, we wrote, the Second Amendment was written when all we had was muskets, and therefore the Founding Fathers could have never envisioned what we would have today.
And I agree, they probably would have never envisioned it.
But you know what else they didn't envision?
You see, when they wrote the First Amendment, they really only had two forms of communication.
Either you talked to a person, or you wrote something out on hemp paper with a feather pen, right?
Do we honestly believe that the First Amendment only protects that type of speech?
Does it affect all forms of modern communication?
Take a look at how the press operates in the late 1700s versus how the press is operating right now as you and I speak.
Do we honestly believe that the First Amendment only protects printed press?
Does the First Amendment only protect the nine religions that were in existence at the time we ratified the First Amendment?
Or does it protect everyone's religious beliefs?
And of course, we know the answers to that.
So why would not the Second Amendment grow with our time and society as the other amendments do?
Take, for example, the Fourth Amendment, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
Now, back in the late 1700s, the only type of search and seizure you were subject to was getting your door kicked in and someone rummaging through your things.
But nowadays, there's electronic surveillance and all of these sorts of things.
Does the Fourth Amendment protect you from all that?
It most certainly does.
The Eighth Amendment on cruel and unusual punishment.
How did we, you know, execute people back then?
There was a very limited fashion of doing it back in the late 1700s.
There are far more ways of doing it and much of that litigation, successful and unsuccessful, focuses around whether it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment under how we understand the Eighth Amendment to be today.
And that is why that argument that it only protects muskets is absolutely inconsistent with the rest of how the Constitution functions.
It's all about principle.
It's not the specifics of the mechanisms.
It was only the mechanism of the day.
And so it applies to the principle.
And that's what people don't understand.
And you're right.
They don't talk about any of the other amendments that way, only the Second Amendment, which is kind of amazing to me.
Well, we don't even talk about any of the other amendments as a need.
Why do you need that?
When we talk about our first amendment, you know, why do you need to go to church on Sunday?
Nobody will ever ask a person that question.
Of course not.
Of course not.
And it's all about defending yourself against your government, sadly, or against, you know, an intruder can be against anyone that would come into your home, whatever.
But you still always have the right, and you don't even have to be in your home, and it's not about hunting.
It's like they've gone off in all these different directions.
Getting back to the labeling.
We don't have a right of just self-defense.
We have an inalienable right of self-preservation.
And that's again, that's a label.
If we want to play this labeling game, let's start calling what it is.
We have a God-given right of preserving our life and lifestyle and the lifestyle and the lives that we've chosen for our families and loved ones.
That is an inalienable right that was given to you by whoever you believe your creator to be.
Alright, and so let's start talking about what this is.
This is a right of self-preservation and this is a push for civilian disarmament.
I couldn't have said it better.
And I appreciate you coming on to talk about that because, you know, the holidays will be approaching soon and I can't believe this year will be coming to a close.
And, you know, there's going to be a lot of talk about the dinner table and people need to have, you know, ways to talk to loved ones because I think that it's just getting difficult and probably in the extremes.
Anything else you want to mention?
Yeah, and when you're sitting around the table with everyone this holiday season, I got a video that just came out on this, and it's this.
We have a horrible problem in this country with violence on our roadways.
It's oftentimes caused by impaired drivers.
We know we have a problem.
Everyone can agree on that problem.
Do we ever talk about banning the cars?
Do we ever talk about banning the booze?
And in some jurisdictions, they refuse to ban the drugs.
City of Seattle being one of them here, okay?
So why then?
Because we focus on the person who's the evil person behind the wheel.
That's the way we need to deal with gun violence.
It's not a gun violence problem, it's a violence problem.
We have to focus on the individual who's behind the trigger.
Just like we do with all of these problems on our roadway.
Thank you for coming on, William Kirk.
You can go to WashingtonGunLaw on YouTube and WashingtonGunLaw.com.
Check it out.
He's got so many great videos.
Thank you for coming on.
Really appreciate you.
I want to talk a little bit more.
I just wanted to include the paragraph of the state publication 7277 while we're on the subject.
It was the disarmament goal and objectives that Papa Bush put through, Mr. New World Order himself.
It said this, the overall goal of the United States is a free, secure, peaceful world of independent states adhering to common standards, common, of justice and, of course, international conduct.
And subjecting the use of force to the rule of law, a world which has achieved general and complete disarmament under effective international control.
You realize he never talked about America, right?
And in a world in which adjustment to change takes place in accordance to the principles of the United Nations.
It's, uh, it's sickening.
And brought to you by the Bush family.
So on the right and on the left, you have people that have been pushing this through For a really long time and it's really disconcerting to see both sides at work on that.
So I wanted to talk to you about these buildings that are cropping up across the United States really quick because I think this is a really big deal and I don't know if people are paying much attention to it because they think that the idea of it fits within something that society needs right now and I'm going to talk about that need.
But William mentioned the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and there's a lot more going on with this And so I want to talk to you about this.
This is basically going back, if you go back to 2014.
They created a new community mental health demonstration project that enabled Medicaid to pay mental health clinics based on what it actually costs to care for patients, okay?
They started this back in 2014 and this has been a steady rollout.
About five or six years ago, I was visiting with people from my own state legislature in Utah and they were very, very consumed with the idea that mental health was our biggest The biggest problem in America.
The biggest by far.
And that the government was going to have to tackle this problem.
And only the government would bring solutions.
And we started seeing all of this bipartisan crap hit the fan with bipartisan this, bipartisan that.
Look at the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, right?
As a show of, we're unified behind the curtain of DC.
They're always unified.
Give me a break.
They could call everything bipartisan.
So, what happened was, was they started this rollout, and when King Ding-a-ling Fraudalot got in, and his little Ding-a-ling Harris, the first thing, or the day after they got in, they announced that they were going to be tackling mental health.
That that was going to be their biggest issue, right?
And so what's interesting is we were just talking about guns and all of you are probably pretty aware or have had the thought that they are going to go after gun owners, Christians, people that, of course, what is the tagline we always get?
That dumb Christian who has a gun, you know, that's where they go with it, right?
And so we've thought, and I'm sure you've thought, that at some point it'll be a mental health problem to want to own a gun, right?
So I bring that in just because of William being on the show.
I wanted to kind of go there with the gun thing too, but also to tell you there was a new facility that opened up in nearby to me where I live and also in the northern part of my state.
And this was kind of heralded as the new project, this new amazing resource crisis destabilization center.
These are cropping up all over the United States, and I mean all over the United States right now.
The King Dingaling's administration announced millions and millions and millions of dollars for new funds.
To tackle mental health.
They did 300 million in September of 2022 and then did another 15 million in new grants.
Now, you know, whenever I say a number, it's going to be usually at least triple that, right?
So what they did was they said, thanks to the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, these clinics are Get the word, transforming mental health and addictive services across the country by delivering the services that they say and stated in their own goals, in their own documentation, that they want to be able to keep people in there for longer, they want the government to pay for it, and they also want it to broaden and transform what mental health problems there are.
What does that sound like to you?
They also said with these additional funds we're delivering on President Biden's commitment to strengthen mental and behavioral health for all Americans.
Why is the government involved in your mental health?
What role do they have in your mental health?
It's completely unconstitutional.
A hundred percent.
We realize that, right?
The government has no role in your medical well-being, in your mental health well-being.
And let me say this too.
Look around your city, okay?
All of a sudden they tell you there's a huge need for these new crisis destabilization centers with a lot of beds in them, okay?
They tell you that your community needs this right now.
Do you realize that, because my husband's a therapist, I can tell you, that there are plenty of private companies and plenty of therapists out there to go to?
A quick Google search and boy, you have hit all kinds of options in your community if a health need or a mental health need arises in your family.
There is no basic need for the government to jump all over this and get involved.
And I see big, huge danger signs with this.
In fact, they said this will be to all 50 states.
These new centers will be cropping up in cities right now, Arkansas, Alabama, Utah, just to name a few of them,
all across the United States.
And the HHS approved the nation's first Medicaid mobile crisis intervention services program,
and that was launched in Oregon, okay?
That was September a year ago and they also talked about the fact that this was the Secretary's national tour to strengthen mental health.
Why are they so involved in your mental health?
It was launched the day after the State of the Union to address the mental health challenges that have been, they said, exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
No, the only thing that happened from the COVID-19 fake-demic was the fact that we all got lied to, okay?
But they're trying to blame mental health problems on that.
They also had articles coming out of, like, say, The New Yorker reinventing, this is the title, reinventing the ER for America's mental health crisis.
How units are advancing a radically new approach to psychiatric emergencies.
Do you feel like you'll ever be the emergency that they're talking about?
That's what I think.
In Missouri, behavioral health clinics are serving more than 30% more patients all the time, right?
They put a therapist in every police car by using an app on an iPad.
And not only that, they also have short-term care facilities for people facing all these acute crises, right?
But it's the government involvement that I have a problem with.
Time Magazine also did a no way to take care of mentally ill people.
America just has no way to serve anybody.
Are you kidding me?
They're everywhere.
There's options everywhere.
All kinds of private clinics by the use of capitalism have cropped up where you can go get help.
What do you mean there's no options and the government has to come in?
Give me a break.
So a couple of the things that you need to be really aware of with this, because I see a big problem coming in.
They keep saying that right now there's no adequate system in place, not enough psychiatric beds available.
And then also the stated goal in Biden's new plan, King Dingling, he said to build the capacity of long-term care facilities.
To deliver behavioral health care, of course paid for by the government as I mentioned before, but that of course they want to transform behavioral health and then they are touting it with, look, friends and family, if you know somebody that's a danger to themselves or others because of, you know, things they say or ideas they have, you just bring them on down to these crisis destabilization units.
And what is that going to mean?
If you disagree with the government, you remember Katie Couric and all the pundits getting on TV saying that we needed to be rehabbed, right?
Because we liked Trump.
We needed to be rehabbed.
You guys remember that, right?
That footage.
So the Biden plan also identified that the Department of Defense is also hiring 2,500 new personnel over the next six years to comprehensively address risk.
For conditions like mental illness.
Why is the Department of Defense hiring 2,500 new personnel over the next six years to do that?
Department of Defense?
Is this a... I'm gonna ask the big question.
Is this the total desperation for the shots?
Is it a buildup of sort of a weaponry inside of our body?
You think that might happen or could happen?
Before you shake your head at that idea, oh, that's so far out there.
Not really.
1978, a book entitled Microwave Auditory Effect and Application by James C. Lynn described how audible voices can be broadcast directly into the brain.
There's also a feeling that Manchurian candidates work this way as well.
In December 1980, in the edition of the U.S.
Army Journal called the Military Review, a column by Lieutenant Colonel John B. Alexander was entitled this, The New Mental Battlefield, Beam Me Up Spock.
The New Mental Battlefield, Beam Me Up Spock.
Provided further insight into the technical capabilities at the disposal of the comptroller.
And in 74, another guy, another one, G.F.
Shapitz came out and talked about the fact that there's an investigation will be shown that spoken words of a hypnotist may also be converted into electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious part of the human brain.
Without employing any mechanical device like on the outside right for receiving or transporting the message.
This kind of influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.
There are so many things like this that make me very nervous about the capabilities of our federal government.
The transmitters, they talked about this from the Laurel Electro Optical Systems in Pasadena, California, where they did mind control operations and technology.
It included transmitters that broadcast at the same frequency as the human nervous system.
So my point is, is that there are projects from the government that have been written that have included this Sort of influence, if you will.
I'll call it influence, right?
As if they were building a weaponry that had kind of a drip system.
That's why you needed all these shots that landed in the body.
Let's just suppose, okay?
And all of a sudden they could give somebody suicidal thoughts or give somebody some sort of mental condition, right?
All these kinds of things could result in somebody being put in these units all over the United States.
I am telling you that there is no need, nor is it legal, or is it constitutional, it is not constitutional for the government to be involved in mental health.
But this is their biggest black hole of money now.
Money being directed and telling you, the citizen, that of course we have to do something.
We have to do something to make you safer.
So, you get the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, right?
Both sides of the aisle in on this.
You realize the right just as much as the left wants to just go ahead and make sure that you are safe from all those people with mental health problems.
Could the vaccine program have been causing more mental health problems all along and we didn't know it?
I would probably guess yes on that.
Do we have issues where we could be looking at these types of new technologies?
Let's put it this way.
They're desperate to get those shots in you.
They have now rebranded their campaign as, look, it won't stop Blovid, but it'll just stop it from getting really bad, right?
It's not going to be wild.
It'll be mild.
Can you believe this kind of crap?
They're trying to sell you on the shots at every turn.
Their desperation for these shots is out of control.
What is in those shots that makes them want to get them into your body?
And I'm not talking about profit.
You could say profit all day long.
What I'm talking about is there has to be something inside that shot.
And there are many more coming because I know that Pfizer is trying to get a lot of governors on board to be able to implement more facilities.
They're kind of vying for these facilities to come to their neighborhoods.
So the governors are all aboard these crisis units with your tax dollars being built everywhere, everywhere, all across the country.