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Name: 20230901_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Sept. 1, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show discusses topics such as recent fires, COVID mandates, censorship in America, lockdown measures, vaccinations during the pandemic, globalist agenda, InfoWars products, criticism of mainstream narratives, organ harvesting, digital currency, water filter systems, presidential candidates, resistance against new lockdowns, alternative medicine products, threats faced by prominent personalities and the assassination of President Kennedy. The speaker also talks about pollution, ocean conservation, the Committee of 300, crisis management, relativism, and taking control of one's health through supplements and water filtration systems.

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I should have called in several months ago, but my wife, she works for a medical procurement company.
And beginning in June, there was a 67% increase in mask orders, adult sizes, kid sizes, COVID tests.
So obviously, she brought that to my attention.
I was like, man, this is, they're probably gonna roll it back out for the election.
And by the way, I believe you, you're a credible guy.
But I don't even believe you.
You don't even believe me.
It's in the federal purchase orders that they just bought record amounts of it.
So yeah, they're rolling it out now.
So, I mean, I guess my second point would be, I believe this is a complete backup plan because I don't think these charges on Trump are going to stick.
So they need a backup plan.
They need to have these mail-in ballots to try to steal the election once again.
I think that's where we're at.
And I think that's going to be the tipping point for a lot of people, unfortunately, in this country.
You know, we can't go another four years.
The leadership that we've had, or lack thereof.
Well, I think what you just said, Justin, is so key.
It's a tipping point.
And you noticed two weeks ago, we announced the new lockdowns they have planned.
People exploded with resistance.
So I think we've already reached the tipping point.
Yeah, I agree.
I'm actually surprised.
I'm impressed with the American people for not acting out as we rightfully should.
I mean, we've been attacked.
Look what's happened in Hawaii.
They've come after our kids.
I mean, we're getting attacked from all angles.
They're attacking the family, the nuclear family, and they're attacking religion, Christianity.
It's clearly out in the open what they're trying to do.
They're right, and these are captured agents of evil from the top all the way down to the bottom, and they just have a rage, because they know their time is short, to destroy us and get us, and they are just strutting around, pissing on our faces, doing every horrible thing they can, and they're destroying themselves.
Yep, absolutely.
A few callers ago, I know he said he's a little later in life, and he said, you know, He's happy, I wouldn't say happy, but glad that his time is near, whatever he said.
But I would just encourage people that might have that mindset to be excited for this time that we've been given
because we're in a time in history where we can stand up for our kids, we can stand up for generations to come, and
it's going to take strong people to stand in that gap.
It's Alex Jones.
The recent fires in California, Australia, and now Hawaii are unlike anything we've ever seen before.
They are being called forest fires and wildfires, but they are clearly something very different.
These fires are burning homes into a white powdery ash footprint, while often leaving the surrounding green trees and shrubs practically untouched.
In extreme cases, forest fires can reach temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.
And the melting point of aluminum is 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.
So it is possible for an extreme forest fire to melt aluminum.
But there are cars with puddles of melted aluminum that were clearly not in the wildfire area.
And melted glass, which has a melting point around 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.
These are unexplained anomalies.
In the California fires of 2018, cars were randomly bursting into flames on the freeway with no surrounding fires.
We've seen these same anomalies in New York City on September 11th, 2001.
Cars completely burned out with no explanation.
In Maui, these unnatural fires spared the homes of the rich while burning the native homes of the working class.
With precision, these fires destroyed the most envied, high-valued areas of Maui.
For decades, directed energy weapons have been classified, but they have been on the public record for several years now.
Directed energy weapons, known as DEWS, have the ability to burn homes with this sort of precision.
But in order to be this precise, the area would have to be mapped out.
In January of this year, green lasers were seen over Hawaii, which could best be described as a geospatial array for mapping terrain.
We have seen that among the ashy ruins, there are blue-colored objects that have somehow survived the devastation.
Blue cars.
Blue umbrellas.
A blue boat.
Blue planters.
Videos online are going viral that show how lasers can easily burn through certain colored objects, but objects that are colored blue remain unharmed.
Directed energy weapons include lasers, millimeter wave, and microwave.
They are all based on light frequencies.
And different wavelengths of light affect colors differently.
For example, in laser tattoo removal, different wavelengths are used for removing different colors.
And this is because color is a quality of light.
Each color has its own frequency.
Interestingly enough, the frequency of the color blue is 6.66.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
So, we came out here an hour ago, and not one leftist would defend the mask from the shots with a coherent argument.
None of them could change my mind about not wanting the COVID purity protocols to come back.
Send me your non-binary Rubble Box Champion!
Tell me why we need new band-aids and new lock-downs at 5 minutes!
I didn't take a shot and I'm thankful for you that I didn't do that because you awakened me to a lot of things.
How are you doing?
Tell us real quick, would you like to wear a mask again or try to bring the mandates back?
I do not want to wear a mask.
So you're not?
Well, come tell us!
You won't?
Alright, you better speak up.
They're coming to do it.
So I'd say what?
Five to one are against it?
More shots!
More shots!
You want more shots?
You need a hug!
You need more shots!
I do!
Come give me a hug!
Please don't hurt the baby.
Please don't give him the poison shots.
Alex Jones turned out to be right, and Bill Gates and Fauci and Paul Schwab, they turned out to be wrong because they were lying on purpose, and they need to go to prison for what they've done!
But the leftists, they don't like us.
They want us to shut up.
They want to shut you up.
But we're not going to shut up, because we're at Mud Club.
We have only begun to fight in the information war and we will never surrender!
Never surrender!
Yes, you there in the black Ford truck. Are you planning to take more shots?
(upbeat music)
It's Friday, September 1st, 2023.
Get locked and loaded, folks.
Well, the gaslighting witch, that is the White House press secretary, has outdone herself every day.
It's totally insane.
Monday through Friday when she gets up to the lectern and just spews the most insane lies ever.
Got about 10 of them here today that are just each one total whoppers.
But she told the truth about a couple things.
She said, "Oh, we are looking to bring back the mask and contact tracing and the testing
and all the rest of the garbage."
She said it yesterday.
And she said, "Biden wants you to take your shot.
He's your doctor."
And they've just got a new one coming out in 14 days.
Today's September 1st, 2023 on September 15th.
Magically, what we told you two weeks ago today, they'd start the real rollout on September 15th unless they decide to change it or back off.
And then the media will say, Jones predicted this, it didn't happen.
But you've already seen the full court press and people are picking up everywhere, NPR saying we need new lockdowns.
Yesterday, I've got a stack of these.
And so, we do have to get out ahead of it.
I agree with Tucker that they're going to have a hell of a time doing it.
And people aren't going to comply.
As I told you, I went out yesterday on the hiking bike trail in downtown Austin, you know, right in the middle of the river.
They've got a big pedestrian bridge.
And hundreds of people went by, 95% thumbs up, or we don't want to wear a mask.
People that responded to us.
A lot of folks had their earbuds in and just ignored us.
But a lot of people responded.
But I'd say about 15 people said F you and you know you need to take more shots and we want mass to come back and I was asking why not?
That video just went live at Steven Crowder's website, larrywithcrowder.com.
It's powerful, and it's also a review of the last three and a half years of COVID tyranny.
But we'll also have some big excerpts for you here on air for the general audience.
But jonescrowder.com, if you want to support the broadcast, support more shows, more reporters, and really be part of the tip of the spear even more, go to jonescrowder.com, get a free month off when you sign up there.
And don't just get access to the new show I'm doing there.
But get access to all of Steven Crowder shows and all of his great team and other producers material there.
There's more than 10 different hosts there now, including the amazing Hodge brothers, the Hodge twins.
Let me do this because I did an okay job yesterday.
I got to about 70% of the news.
I at least mentioned some and we did a deep dive on five or six topics and had some big informative guests.
I've cleared the slate of guests today.
So we can cover all this news.
I think I can get to, if I'm focused and I'm going to try to be, most of this by the middle of the next hour.
So an hour and a half from now, roughly.
Then we can open the phones up.
Plus new news is constantly breaking.
We'll bring you all that as it unfolds on this Friday transmission.
So let me be a good boy and break down what we're going to be hitting here.
Lockdown 2.0s are here.
They're definitely trying to implement it again.
We're going to be rolling all of that out.
James Woods has gone completely Alex Jones, as they're saying.
They're calling him Alex Jones 2.0.
I'm very honored.
I love James Woods.
One of my favorite actors always, but also patriot, a nationalist, and just an amazing person.
Did a great job producing Oppenheimer.
Don't agree with everything in the movie.
It's not completely accurate from what I know, but it's a good movie.
That's a side issue.
One of the more good people that's ever come out of Hollywood.
He's come out in a whole bunch of tweets and a video and said that there's a new world order, global government, corporations are at war with you, and they're putting invisible digital chains on you.
And the COVID controls are about a global digital ID to enslave you and your family.
Now, you're like, okay, tell us something we don't know.
I can't really think of anybody now who hasn't come out against all this crap.
And it's funny, it's always the people I liked, even though I didn't know their politics when I was younger.
But I mean, if you start thinking about the fact that whether Vivek Ramaswamy is good or not, He's extremely articulate and is Alex Jones 2.0.
I mean, he just, it's like I'm a major presidential candidate or you are as a listener.
I mean, he's anti-New World Order, anti-WF, anti-COVID tyranny, anti-Central Bank digital currency, the tyranny of the left, of the tyranny of the minority, of the weaponization of the judiciary.
He knows that's popular whether he's good or not.
Hey, he used to be more of a liberal.
He's allowed to defect over to us.
Everybody's so mad at him and so angry at him that he's not perfect.
We're Oliver Anthony.
Yeah, he's kind of a leftist becoming more of a populist and he's not perfect.
His background's not perfect.
It's because we embraced his song and catapulted him to stardom.
He said some nice things about me on Joe Rogan when he was here in town a few days ago.
Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.
You know, it's the same thing with Trump.
He's getting better and better.
He's getting super hardcore.
They certainly want to destroy him.
Would you rather Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom or Big Mike?
So these are some of the discussions we'll have.
Also, they've come out with this UNWEF run 40 cities initiative and It's very serious.
It's a C40 initiative.
We've been covering it for about a year.
And it's run by the U.N.
And people hear us read this stuff and they think, oh, this is just some kooky group.
No, it's right out of the U.N., right out of the W.E.F.
That's who funds it, who runs it.
That's why the production is the same.
So I'm going to ask you a question.
This will be the change my mind I'm going to do on the street next week.
Are you willing to give up all meat and dairy consumption?
That's official.
Austin's trying to implement this, where I live.
Are you willing to let government dictate how much clothes you can buy?
Are you willing to give up your privately owned vehicle?
Are you willing to accept one digital currency controlled by central banks that decides what you are allowed to purchase?
Now, when you go to their site, it's the Chinese Communist Party head.
It's Sadiq Khan of London.
I mean, it's the Austin mayor.
It's all of them.
And they control the money because BlackRock is financing it.
They also want to Make you not have power at night saying you don't need power that will save the earth.
You saw they announced that in London just two days ago.
So it sounds completely insane because it is.
Just like a few years ago Bill Gates said I want to block the sun out with satellites and bigger rays in space with mirrors and with geoengineering chemtrails.
Of course already testing it for a long time since the mid 90s.
It's an admitted program, they just don't call it chemtrails.
So chemtrails don't exist because that's the vernacular, that's the popular parlance, that's the commoner speak.
Not the uber-mentioned word, but it's geoengineering.
And they're officially all over the news now today, even worse than yesterday.
It's time to cut the trees down.
Trees are bad.
So, it all ties together.
And folks, if they can tell you two men can have a baby, and that two women can have a baby in prison, and that men can be in women's sports, and that men and women are the same physiologically, and they can cut the trees down telling you trees are bad, they can do anything.
So when you hear this stuff and you're like, what?
That can't be real.
Well, what did Biden say a month ago?
He said billions of dollars will now go toward blocking out the sun.
So, they're blocking the carbon dioxide.
They're going after the sun.
All that's left is water and oxygen.
And when you cut trees down, you destroy even more oxygen.
So, they are officially now going after everything but water.
And I guess they think, well, we'll have to really dumb them down more before they think water is bad.
So, everybody, even the dumbest person, knows water is good.
You need it to live.
That you're 70% water, or whatever it is.
Depending on the person.
Like, look at it.
What percentage are we water?
I think it's like 70%.
So, yes, we're the carbon they want to cut.
So we've got that.
And I've only mentioned four of the stacks.
We have just incredible news here.
Oh, the ADL.
Ban the ADL trending.
No, we're not like the ADL.
We don't want to ban people and arrest people, and we're not pro-Hitler like they are, literally.
They're the most pro-Hitler organization I've ever seen in action.
No, we don't ban them.
They're allowed to have their horrible, evil, anti-American views, but they're not allowed to commit the crimes they commit against the public.
We'll talk about all that when we come back.
Stay with us.
It's the live, teleprompter free, powered by freedom, Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, broadcasting worldwide.
Well, we were faithful and truthful yet again, as you know.
They're trying to roll out the new lockdowns.
Next segment, we have the videos from the Press Secretary.
It's all being admitted now in a bunch of articles.
They're saying time for the COVID protocols yet again.
As soon as you heard the White House deny it last week, you knew it was official.
That's their oxymoronic doublespeak that they continue to engage in over and over again.
But let me give listeners An update on the state of Infowars right now because a lot of you want to know and I get a lot of questions about it on the street.
The next segment I'll get into all the news and boy is it important.
And boy are we ahead of this thing and I'm so proud of everybody.
I'm really very optimistic right now.
Though we're in very dark times.
As you know, unless you've been hiding under a rock, we've been targeted by the deep state.
What they've done to Trump, they've done to us, obviously thank God to a lesser extent.
They have filed hundreds of lawsuits against Trump.
They have indicted him four different times, twice federally, twice at the state level.
The word is more indictments are coming.
Just this year, he spent $70 million on lawyers.
He spent about $50 million the year before that, about $40 million the year before that.
And under the law, he's allowed to use campaign funds to do that.
And they're completely mad and trying to somehow strip that so he can't defend himself, so they can railroad him even further.
It's the same thing with us.
They filed lawsuits, ran PR firms, put out things in the news, I never said or did, had two judges in Connecticut and Texas default us and say that we were guilty, and that a jury would just be shown evidence that we were guilty and we cannot put on a defense.
People ask why my lawyers didn't do a good job.
They weren't allowed to do it.
They were given a few topics they could cover, and that was it, to have the illusion of a trial, but I was already guilty.
They just did this two days ago to Giuliani.
Oh, you're guilty, the judge says, now we decide how much money you pay.
We're talking about Georgia and all the stuff we saw there on video.
And you're like, but we see it on video.
They don't care.
They have to find you guilty because Giuliani has all that evidence.
He'd be able to put that on in a real defamation trial.
Not once you're defaulted, then you don't get to put evidence on.
The judge can put on whatever they want.
To a jury.
And I told everybody this is the plan.
But they control key state courts and some federal courts.
is obviously the worst for federal.
And that's why they've indicted him there with the January 6th, President Trump.
So, with us, we have the official biggest Democratic Party law firm, you can look it up, that is running the adversarial operations against us with the other law firms in federal court in Houston.
And they've said on the court, out steps and in court, we don't want Jones on air, we want him shut down.
Well, the law And something that went through under Trump was an expansion of bankruptcy to help the people, because we don't have debtor prisons in this country.
That's one of the reasons the nation was founded.
And that someone can only pay what they've got.
And you can't then say, no, you owe billions when you don't even have millions.
And then for five years out, as the statute, in some cases seven, anything extra you have is paid to them.
Well, okay, fine.
We stay on air.
They don't want that.
They've said they don't want that.
They've used the process to harass us and torture us and do all this.
And it just makes me get up that much stronger every morning and fight back harder and do more shows and expand.
And that's just how I am.
Somebody's attacking me and coming after me.
I don't just roll over and piss all over myself.
But I cannot stay in this fight without you.
So here's the prognosis.
I would give us a B plus right now thanks to you.
You, the listeners, are the key to everything.
9% of it's you.
My resistance, my will, and the crew supporting me and everything, and my family, that's the other 10%.
But without you, we're done.
So I'm in your hands.
That's why I humbly respect you.
I don't ask you to thank me, I ask you to support me.
So, they told the federal judge early on, when the bankruptcy started a year ago, that I have hundreds of millions of dollars.
Now, the judge now knows that's not true.
He's going to probably change it soon.
And he signaled that in court just last week.
I literally have nothing.
I'm actually upside down.
I have like a million dollars in legal bills of the last year that I can't pay.
That sounds like a lot.
One law firm, the Democratic Party law firm has to follow the court what they spend a month.
They spend 1.2 million on average a month.
They're deposing hundreds of people.
Obviously, we haven't proven it's them, but they got PIs, infiltrator groups, it's unbelievable.
It's a James Bond movie.
And we're just like, it's like they're investigating Barney Fife and Sheriff Mayberry, and we're like, okay, well, good luck with that.
Because we don't roll like you folks.
We're pretty simple folks.
This weekend I'll be in the pool with my wife and my daughter and the other older kids will come visit and I'll barbecue some steaks and that's that's about as racy as we get.
But that said, I've accrued over a million dollars in legal bills, and the lawyers have been very nice to have them paid for almost a year, because the judge said I have to pay 50% of the legal bills, because the judge bought up front, well it must be true, they're in court saying he has $400 million.
You saw him say it on TV and in the Texas trial.
He has $400 million.
I had like $2 million in the bank then.
Nothing now.
I mean, I have money there, but it's held for them and there's not even enough.
So, I don't even care about the money.
I'm not going to give up.
But the issue is when you hear in the news, oh, they're asking for a budget of 1.5 million a year for Jones's salary, that won't even pay my legal bills with a third Sandy Hook show trial with the same Texas judge coming up set for October.
Yeah, it's only a month and a half away or less.
They're probably going to move it.
At the same time, I have this big bill.
So free speech is in the black a little bit.
They're able to pay their bills.
I can't pay these bills.
And so, literally, I'm in your hands.
We need to raise a million dollars.
And that sounds like a lot, folks.
This is a war against the globalists.
You want people to fight?
Trump just spent almost $70 million this year.
You understand how expensive it is just to comply with the discovery and what the courts do.
And I'm not going to get into all the stuff.
They got a bunch of other lawsuits.
But it doesn't matter.
It all got tied up in the bankruptcy.
So that's really a blessing in a way.
And so I need funds.
I need money to get my lawyers paid and to continue the appeals of these show trials and to continue the bankruptcy.
And we're doing pretty good.
We're spending a little over $100,000 a month.
To battle these people, I think it's like about 130,000 they were saying is the average.
So free speech pays half of that.
I spent all the money I had fighting the last few years.
I don't have any money and I can't do it.
So it's very simple.
You want me out of the game?
You want this show to shut down?
I'll still be able to go to a show with Crowder and I got a bunch of other offers, but it'll hurt the infrastructure, the crew, this historic operation.
We're having a bigger effect here.
Alex Jones was right.
It's everywhere.
We are exploding.
People are waking up.
We need to stay in the game.
Because this isn't like some mindless football game or hockey game that doesn't really matter.
This is for the future of the country and the world.
The globalists see us as a prize that they want to try to shut down.
So please go now.
And I want to thank all of you that have done it in the past.
Because this isn't for free speech systems.
This is for my bills.
This is for my accountants, and the CPAs, and the audits, and the all of it, okay?
And I got audited by the IRS for a year.
They said, well, we never really see this, but you overpaid your taxes in the last five years, $4,200,000.
Here's 4.2 mil.
That's held by the court as well.
So I can't use that.
We've got to figure out what's happening there.
So it's all held up.
It's all locked up.
It's all there.
I'm out of money.
I need you to go to defendjones.com We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart.
Alright, let me finish up with the update on InfoWars.
Just a few minutes more and I'll get into all the news.
I know that's why you're tuned in, but you also want to know what's happening.
So I want to tell you.
And back to this IRS thing.
We have accountants and all this stuff, and the way this company was set up, whatever reason for five years, the CPA company, when we would pay for flights or trips or crew or things, it somehow got listed, this is just part of it, as profit to me.
And so I was always wondering, like, how am I paying more taxes than I keep?
And so we got audited.
Very aggressive.
Went on for a year.
I mean, the IRS was here, digging through everything.
And by the grace of God, you want to say agencies are corrupt?
We know that Obama sicked the IRS on conservatives.
Hundreds of thousands of them.
It was terrible.
They actually came back and went, well, this is pretty rare, but we owe you $4.2 million.
You're like, well, then your problems are solved.
No, it's in the bankruptcy.
Plus, I haven't paid taxes in over a year.
So, all that's gotta go on, that's locked up with the judge, that's not money we can get.
I'm just telling you what's going on.
But that shows that it's the opposite.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, I am like the Sheriff of Mayberry.
If he was more of a drinker and a womanizer, and I'm married, but I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm not perfect, okay?
And I've gotten good about both those issues.
But the point is, is that I'm not up here on some high horse, but when it comes to my life, I mean, I am like the Sheriff of Mayberry.
I mean, I am a straight shooter, nice guy, just like most of you out there.
None of us are perfect.
To have them project onto me like they projected onto white people.
I'm going to get to that coming up next hour.
All over the news is you've seen white people are inherently bad.
And they say that about you and you're just like, that's not true.
Or they say I'm this evil mastermind and I've done all these things.
And then they just kept hoping they'd find something corrupt.
They kept hoping they'd get me with the IRS.
They kept hoping.
And it's the opposite.
It's the absolute opposite.
And I'm not saying, again, I'm perfect.
That's why I tell you issues I've had.
I have a temper.
And I like to drink.
And I like to fight.
And luckily I've not gotten into that in decades.
And it just comes down to that.
But I'm a good person.
I love God overall.
And I'm feeling really good about all this because they have shot their wad.
And I'm going to explain this again.
$1.2 million a month.
One of the five law firms attacking us I'm not going to even give them attention.
You go to the filings, you want to read their name.
You're like, whoa, that's the Democratic Party main law firm.
Yeah, the Democratic Party, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Justice Department.
You've seen it in the news.
Justice Department investigates Jones's bankruptcy.
Jones has hundreds of millions.
He's going to prison.
Completely made up.
So when you see a lot about Trump, if you've not experienced this level, most of you haven't, you don't understand the level of lying, folks.
Remember, they had New York Times articles, there's thousands of lies that said that there was a fish tank with a goldfish, and it was an employee's, and I said, you haven't worked hard enough, and I grabbed the goldfish and I ate it.
There's never been a fish here on my children.
I have fish, I love fish.
I have fish, a saltwater tank at my house that I've had for 10 years.
I have some 10-year-old fish that I love, that I feed once a week.
When you're supposed to feed them once a week, or they get sick.
And the point is, is that I love my fish, but they come up with this stuff that just sounds so ridiculous, oh, they wouldn't lie and say, that's in Wolf of Wall Street.
So, that's the level of their deception, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what they do.
And that's who they are.
And they think they've got this country and they think they can bully us all, but they can't bully you into submission if you don't decide to submit.
And they can't bully me into submission.
So it sounds like a big number, but Trump's in the hundreds of millions now in the last few years battling these people.
And anytime I feel sorry for myself, I think about that New York case where the woman has no witnesses, anything from decades ago.
He says she grabbed her.
In a dressing room, and the jury says, well, he didn't rape her, but we're finding him guilty of defamation, five million dollars, because he said he was innocent.
Well, aren't you allowed to say you're innocent?
Which he is, obviously.
So, that's where we are, and I'm not going to give up, but I want to explain this to you.
It's like, you own a car.
This broadcast is your car, the show you've supported, it's yours.
You supported it, you spread the word, you prayed for it, it's your car.
And if you don't put oil in the engine, and I got smoke coming out the tailpipe, it's going to seize up and blow up.
So, it's a real simple equation.
You decide now to go to infowarestore.com, and that supports free speech, and that's great.
But free speech is stabilized and doing okay right now.
Not great, but okay.
But you decide to go to defendjones.com.
And it takes you to give, send, go, and those great folks over there, you make a $10, $100, $1,000, whatever you can donation, and then I can pay my legal team and I've got some great people now that have not been paid in almost a year.
And they're still cool with it.
They still believe they're going to get through the bankruptcy and that they're going to get the contract for me done so I can get paid.
You understand I'm paid 40% of my salary.
I agreed to a year ago in the bankruptcy.
They didn't have the money.
1.5 million.
That would only pay my legal bills.
No money.
I spent everything I had already.
And... They're just nicely waiting and hoping the judge approves that.
And I'm like, we don't want to be negative in the tank.
We're not talking about empty.
We're like way below empty.
We need the funds, and we need to be confident about this to be able to go forward.
Because free speech is bankruptcy, and I predict it's going to go through.
The judges signaled that.
We've been totally above board.
The other side's been caught lying over and over again.
They keep doing it.
They've been admonished over and over again.
Looks like we finally got a judge that's not a crook.
Judge Lopez.
So, I am literally in his hands, and I am in your hands.
And I trust in God.
If Lopez says, no, you're shut down, that's it.
I'll still be on air somewhere else.
It'll hurt a lot of people.
We don't want him to win, but I'm already comfortable with that.
I'm just telling you, if you don't go to defendjones.com, it is literally you, not the Globalist, not the Left, not the pedophile New World Order, not George Soros, that will pull our plug.
It will be you.
And look, I've been there when the decision's made to pull the plug on family.
And we follow their directives, and they say they're brain dead, and you love them, and you're there and they die.
I've been there five, six times, at least, when loved ones die.
But I'm not in a coma.
I've still got fight here.
And I would really like to be kept in the game.
So I'm not guilting you.
I respect you and appreciate you.
I'm just saying, I think it's a no-brainer to keep him full wars in the game.
I think it's a no-brainer to not give them this victory.
So, yeah, Trump needs hundreds of millions, and he needs it.
I need a million dollars.
So you want us to take on the big dogs, you want us to fight the New World Order, well, we're doing it, okay?
And you can see the scars.
I had a couple people on the hiking bike trail yesterday when I was shooting that asked me, you know, anything or changed my mind deal.
And they were like, why are you still alive?
Are you kidding?
There's not just evil in the world.
And I don't know why I'm still alive, other than God.
Do they need to kill me to prove I'm for real?
I mean, we devastate the enemy daily.
I've been doing this 29 years.
So, this is your broadcast.
This is your vehicle.
And if you choose to keep driving it around, and don't put the oil in the tank, and I'm not blaming you, I'm telling you, hey, you might not notice there's black smoke coming out the back.
Then, that's your choice.
But I cannot continue on and I cannot do this broadcast if...
We don't raise in the next month a million dollars, and that should not be that much.
I mean, we reach millions of people.
And if just 10,000 of you go give a small donation, and don't wait, and go to defendjones.com and defend yourselves against these tyrants, because if your lead soldiers are battling the enemy and having a huge victory, but, you know, we get shot and we need medical help, I mean, I've been politically shot up.
I'm just like, hey, my leg's been blown off, put a robotic leg on there, I'm ready to go back in.
But if you don't give me the robot leg, folks, I can't do it, okay?
It's like having a pit bull that wins a bunch of fights, but it's eyeballs hanging out.
If you don't sew it back in and feed it dinner, it's not going to be back in the pit, in the arena for you the next day.
So, it's up to you.
It's your decision.
I know we're getting a lot of new radio affiliates.
I know we're getting a lot of support.
I know that a lot of blessings are happening.
The show's having mega massive effects.
I've got some very exciting announcements coming up in October that are just amazing and all I can say is I'm very blessed.
But I don't want to say I'm a prideful man, but I also am a self-sufficient person generally.
I was never even in debt.
Bought my first car with cash that I saved working jobs.
They couldn't believe when they came in here and audited us that there was no debt and that there was no hanky-panky or anything else.
And we're here.
And so, it's up to you.
Store.com supports free speech systems.
You can create products there.
And you should support there.
Because if you don't, you support me too much and not that, then it's out of balance.
But what's out of balance is I've been a pretty good steward.
I knew all this was coming.
This was going down five years ago.
And I learned about a house in Westlake that a banker had built, but he wasn't finishing.
And he was selling it, trying to get $4 million for it.
And I had $3 million in the bank as my emergency backup, my personal backup.
I went and spent all of it to get that house.
I built, finished the house, sold it for over $7 million last year.
I took all that money and I dumped it in last year to keep it somewhere.
I took all the Bitcoin money other than I think like 100-something thousand for bonuses to crew, but that's still into the company.
And I put it all in.
And the other side, boy, they said, we're auditing you, and we got you in court, and you're going to jail.
You perjured yourself in Connecticut.
We know you kept that money.
And they got egg all over their face when it all went into this operation.
Because I don't give a damn about money.
I don't worship it.
But money is fuel to me.
Or like ammunition in the Infowar.
And so it's very, very simple.
You're going to have to spend time and energy and money to fight the globalists.
You're going to have to boycott globalist companies.
You're going to have to boycott patriot companies.
And you're going to have to belly up, because I've done the math on Trump.
Oh, he raised $7 million when he got indicted in Georgia.
He has only raised half the money Joe Biden has.
And of course, Biden's got all the billionaires giving him money.
Trump has an average donation of $52.
And I'm not trying to lobby for Trump here, but I'm going to tell you right now, they try to sell these big numbers like, oh, Trump spent 67 million this year on lawyers.
He doesn't need your money.
Trump is beat to hell.
He's tough.
He comes off as strong.
He's stalwart.
He is strong.
But let me tell you, he needs your support too.
But I need it right now.
Trump needs hundreds of millions.
I need a million dollars to fight these people.
And I cannot do it without you.
And you see the game changing and you see what's happening.
And again, I'm not bragging.
It's the grace of God.
I am so blessed.
I can't tell you off record, a lot of mom record, how much we've influenced everybody.
Whether it is Tulsi Gabbards, RFK Jr., or Joe Rogan, or Tucker Carlson, or Vivek Ramaswamy claims it, or now, you know, Oliver Anthony saying nice stuff, the point is, is that this show, your support, our guests, what we've done has changed the world, and the enemy knows it!
Let that sink in.
That's why they're so after us.
Because they know we're the ones licked them.
We're the ones that beat the living political hell out of these people.
They attacked us first.
But they smell victory.
The enemy smells it here.
Because of what we've built, what we've done together.
And so I want to thank God for putting me in this position, and I'm thankful for the persecution, and thankful for everything that's happened.
It's been bad for my family, and I'm sad for them, but I have been very honored to be here, and I just ask you to keep me in the game.
I humbly ask you On my knees, to spread the word like you've never done before, to pray for the broadcast like you've never done before, and to go to InfoWarsTour.com and to get Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, and to get Superfluo Vitality, and to get the Great Fluoride Free Essential Oil Toothpaste.
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But I need the support.
I'm out of ammo.
I'm here at the Alamo and man, I don't have any other ammo here.
I need your support.
DefendJones.com and it goes to pay.
The lawyers have professional fees because I don't have the money.
And I gotta say, I went through some rocky times, had some good lawyers, some bad lawyers.
Looked like my lawyers were terrible, but it was really because the system was rigged.
But I got first-rate people that know what's going on right now.
And it's up to you.
It's everything is up to you.
And that's all I can say.
Now, I'm gonna stop there.
But I just wanted to give you an update on what's going on and what's happening.
And if I had to show you a graph in my mind, I would say, get a full shot, please.
I would say their persecution has supercharged us into mythical status here.
But their attacks have almost shut us down.
All I need is more support and the awakening is exponential and just wait and see in a couple months.
We've really done a number on them together.
Now they're going to strike back.
And I'm not stupid.
They could kill me or something along those lines.
So we're in that season.
I'll never commit suicide.
I want to make that clear.
But it's getting serious.
I'm not going to get into everything.
People don't want me to.
But their harassing crew.
Well, Owen didn't tell me not to talk about what's been happening to him.
I am.
They pull Owen over every day when he leaves work.
And almost every morning.
And harass him.
It's in a database.
They harass the limits on it.
And folks, that's just part of the course.
And we're not victims here.
We're not, oh, I'm just telling you, they're on our ass.
But that's okay.
We're real Americans.
We're not cowards like they are.
And we're not backing down.
But I'm gonna explain it again.
I don't back down, I don't run, I don't know how to.
It's terrible.
Somebody starts a fight with me, I just cannot back down.
I just wanna... It doesn't matter if they're 6'8", and then, you know, I just... In fact, the bigger and meaner they are, the more I wanna fight them.
I just... I can't... It's like this thing, I just... I just can't do it.
But... I can give out, folks.
And... That's all I'm telling you is, please keep me in the fight.
Please realize how serious this is.
Understand how horrible this is.
But listen, it's just going to get worse if we bow to them.
These are the most evil people you can imagine, and they just plan to do more and more horrible things to everybody.
And so there's got to be some point where we just say to them, I don't know how all this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
But I can't fight without you.
All right, I didn't mean to spend 20 minutes on that.
I'm done talking about it.
I get so prepared for these shows, I'm almost exhausted even before I get on air.
I mean, you'd think I'd be up here tooting my horn.
Oh, look, the White House press secretary said they're bringing back COVID testing and shots and masks and, quote, everything's coming back.
I'll play the video, coming up.
And I've just got more of them saying we're going to cut all the trees down and block the sun out and mad scientists running around all insane, saying they own our bodies.
And then meanwhile, they got hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in New York, giving them $10,000 a month.
They don't have to take the shots, but they're telling the citizens they do.
When you got this, New York police will use drones to monitor backyard parties this weekend.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
Half of vaccinated people will never stop producing spike protein.
Study finds, yeah, they colonize you with a damn prion that's very similar to what causes spongiform and cephalopathy.
And I just look at the average person serving the system and I'm like,
"They're injecting you with mad cow prions?"
You know, I wish that rumor that it was snake venom was right.
Because you can at least detox off snake venom.
Folks, it's very hard to get rid of protein prion crystals.
If you don't know about it, you better learn.
We'll cover all that.
Meanwhile, I told you the press secretary just did stuff that was next level gaslighting.
Laughable, except it's not.
White House claims Biden reacted in record time to Maui fires.
Parents find remains of teen son hugging dead dog in Maui home destroyed by wildfire.
We were told that two weeks ago and now it's all confirmed.
Video pastor forcibly removed from school board meeting for reading aloud porn book.
So, hey!
You silly thing!
Child porn books are for kids, not for adults to look at or read in public.
You get arrested for indecency as adults reading what you want taken out of the school.
Oh, you're a book banner.
You're a book burner.
I don't believe we should serve two-year-olds Jack Daniels for breakfast.
Doesn't mean I'm for prohibition.
Just like I'm not for the criminalization of marijuana, doesn't mean you give it to five-year-olds.
And I am for the criminalization of graphic images of children having sex with adults, telling children, if your next door neighbor wants to have sex with you in the tool shed, that's one of the books they have in schools in Austin, go ahead, it's fun!
Priming children to not want to go out when they're 11 or 12 and ask a girl out to the movies with your parents and have some ice cream.
No, no, no!
You can become a new gender and be taken from your parents and put in a government home with a bunch of pedophiles.
It's beyond sick and it's us that let it happen.
But you resist at defendjones.com.
But it really is up to you and I'm done talking about it.
Ladies and gentlemen.
But they say, you know, a man by his friends and his enemies.
And I'm known by all you great people who are my friends and I'm known by my enemies.
And I know it's hard to believe how evil they are.
Ted Gunnarsson told me 27 years ago about the new world order, how they traffic children in mass and sell their organs.
I looked him up.
He was credible and former FBI section chief over Southern California.
But I still just couldn't believe it.
There's a place called Bohemian Grove where they worship a big statue and burn a kid in an effigy and we found dead kids in the area and I went and looked it up and it's all true.
Then I snuck in there and sure as hell he said on July 15th every year they do it and I got in there at night and on July 15th it happened!
He broke down how they've taken over whole towns all over the country with Satan worshipers and now that's come out in the documents.
He told me like in 1997, he goes, every July, on July 15th, they do this ritual and they compromise people there and they do all this.
And later I talked to people that actually worked there and they said it was true.
So I sneak in on that date and it happens.
Uh, yeah, I think Ted Garner sounds a little bit crazy.
He goes, you get in there and nobody else has been in too.
But he knew that I'd snuck on military bases and done some other undercover stuff.
He said, you need to get in there.
Well, we did.
And just like TV Guide used to tell you, oh, coming up tonight, John Wayne and the Searchers, 8 p.m., and you'd sit down with your popcorn and your Coca-Cola, put your feet up, and John Wayne comes on.
Boy, I snuck in there July 15th, and the sun went down, and they came out in their hoods and robes, and they worshipped the devil.
Just like I turned the TV on for, well, it's the premiere of the NFL Monday Night Football.
7 p.m.
I know it sounds crazy, because it is.
These people are nuts.
And they believe they're the power structure, and they're a bunch of predators, and they believe they're immune to bully, and attack, and hurt us, and poison us, and take over our bodies and our children.
But he's mad he's waking up.
So I'm going to get focused.
I'm going to get mean.
I'm going to get serious.
And when we come back, I'm going to hit lockdown 2.0s.
They're officially trying to roll them out.
Then James Woods knocks it out of the park.
Then all the attacks on free speech.
The ADL trending number one.
Ban the ADL.
And so much more today.
But even if you can't make a donation at DefendJones.com, I totally understand.
But it's the middle class and wealthy folks that sit on the fence are the ones that really shouldn't get off the fence.
Trump's getting almost all his donations from hardworking middle class and working class folks.
It should be people that got something to really lose financially should be fighting the globals more.
But regardless, spread the word about the broadcast.
Tell everybody you know, however you're listening, AM, FM, TV, cable, or Infowars.com forward slash show or band on video.
Tell them the forbidden show the bad guys hate is on.
Pass it on.
We'll be right back.
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If it keeps on rainin', Lebanon's gonna break.
When the levy breaks, have no place to stay.
All right, I'm going to get into the new developments with our admitting attempts to bring back the COVID tyranny.
So we're totally vindicated two weeks later.
I'm not going to spend much time on that.
I want to tie it into James Woods, though.
It's really important in some other key clips next segment.
But in this short segment, let's get to Ramaswamy, who, everything he says is pure gold.
It's hurting the globalists.
They're all after him.
They're demonizing him everywhere.
And I see a lot of right-wingers, and I've even kind of joined in a little bit, saying, oh, we can't trust him.
He's bad.
We've got to be ready to win and have defectors come over.
But here he is, pledging to release the Epstein list that they're really suppressing.
Here it is.
Anyway, my question is Epstein-less.
Please, for our sanity's sake, make that list public.
I'm tired of being called a conspiracy theorist.
Well, I think what we have a lot of in this country are a lot of conspiracy realists.
And so, it's not one of them.
Just because everything that you sort of suspect oftentimes comes true.
But I want to be tied to the facts, not to the narratives.
So we will publish the Jeffrey Epstein client list.
No doubt about it.
No doubt about it.
And I think that that's part of a broader pattern of just restoring and rebuilding trust
in this country.
But if I see there's some Republicans on there that need protection, nope.
I'm thinking about the people who have spent millions of dollars of congressional hush
money, taxpayer money, used to settle sexual assault allegations for members of Congress.
It's a secret list.
If our money's being spent to do it.
Let's just see it.
Roll the log over.
Let's see what crawls out.
That's the first step to actually restoring trust in this country.
Any time a government official has pressured private actors to do through the back door what government couldn't do through the front door, at least publish it.
We've got to see it.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
And I trust the people of this country to say it's not just when it's easy, but when it's hard that we will confront the truth.
That's right.
Policy-wise, I see no fault with the guy.
He's great.
I know he was more relentless before.
We gotta not totally trust him.
Trust would verify, but I really think we should get off his back.
Because some Republican seems to threat Trump.
He's not.
He's a supporter of Trump.
That's my opinion.
We can take calls.
You can disagree with me on one.
But here's another video.
We just had one two days ago.
This is in Florida.
Pastor forcibly removed for reading what's being given to children.
Here it is.
Now on the topic of these pornographic books that you keep calling these, uh, point of contacts on as it relates to whether they should be read or not, um, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, currently in Storm Grove Middle School and Freshman Learning Center.
Page 265.
As if letting him finger me was going to cure all my problems, but in the end, Sir, I will stop you there, and then we will continue.
I'm going to stop you there, please.
Can you cut the microphone, please?
Cut the microphone.
Cut it.
Stop it, please, sir.
Stop it.
You don't stop.
I'll ask you to leave.
Thank you.
Yes, sir, I ask you to stop.
And you're going to have to leave if you don't continue with that.
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
I ask you to stop.
I ask you to stop.
Sir, if you don't... Sir, I'm asking you to stop.
If you don't do it, we're going to have you removed.
Thank you.
I've asked you to stop.
Yes, sir, I've asked you to stop.
Sir, I'm asking you to stop.
When I stop, it's removed.
And I've asked you to stop.
You're going to let us sexualize your children and you're not going to show the world what we give them.
And by the way, that book's nothing.
They've got one in that school district and everywhere else.
They put it in every school district.
It's in Austin.
In the middle school.
That tells little kids and shows graphic cartoons of sex acts on children.
That's what they're doing.
So, Breitbart's editor came out with a big article, if Dems win at 23-4, you lose your kids.
Yeah, that's it.
If they win, you lose your kids.
They're coming for your children, we've got that coming up.
Hell, they're not coming, they're already here.
There's no limit to these people.
And if you criticize it, the ADL is coming after you.
We'll talk about the ADL.
Big broadcast.
Stay with us.
Back in 60 seconds.
Infowars.com, man.video, newswars.com.
Those are the coordinates of Liberty.
I suggest you spread them.
All right.
All of this is interconnected.
We're going to lay it all out right now.
Are we facing Lockdown 2.0, a really good article from the Brownstone Institute on ZeroHedge.com, and it's just the author going, I turn on the television, I turn on NPR on the radio, it's we've got to have masks, we've got to have contact tracing, we've got to have school closures, and then we've got football games canceled and high schools closed all over the country, and masking going back everywhere.
The Democrats control things, same things happening around the world.
Right as they try to put in the UN treaty on quote health where they take control of our bodies and censor us and that's how we start getting into the ADL news.
Look at this giant stack when we get to that coming up this hour.
So here is the press secretary yesterday in between saying Biden did a great job responding to Hawaii Here is the Press Secretary saying the Biden Administration will be encouraging all Americans to get their updated COVID vaccine, which isn't even a vaccine.
Then she says, we have tools at our disposal, whether it's vaccines, whether it's home tests, whether it's masks or more.
So, it's on, they're doing it, they just don't want us to respond and say, no, we don't want this.
Like, you're going to eat bugs, we're going to take your property, and we're going to cut your energy off and take your car.
I don't want that.
Nobody wants to take your car.
Nobody wants to make you eat bugs.
Hey, we're going to ban your gas-powered stoves and water heaters and generators and everything else, and your light bulbs.
Well, we don't want that.
Well, nobody's going to take your, nobody's planning to take any of that.
Next day, we're taking it all.
So they never respond to you even in a real debate.
They say, talk to the hand.
So let's play clip 19 and 20 back to back.
And so when updated COVID shots become available in mid September, we've heard from
the FDA and CDC, they announced this last week that there will be new vaccines next,
this, we're in September, next month, mid September.
We'll be encouraging all Americans to get updated COVID vaccine.
Look, because of this work that this president has done from the beginning of his administration,
making sure there was a comprehensive approach with dealing with this pandemic,
with dealing with COVID-19, we have tools at our disposal now.
Whether it's vaccines, whether it's home tests, whether it's masks, we do have effective treatments, obviously.
We do have these tools at our disposal, and I think that's incredibly important.
So I told you this two weeks ago, here it is.
So, confirmed, boom, Alex Jones right again.
But I wasn't right.
I had a whistleblower confirming their sources, and there it is.
And people say, I can't believe they're trying it again.
Well, you're not brainwashed like they are.
They've got most of the cities, they've got the universities, they've got most of the hospitals.
They've got the military, they've got administrative control, so they're going to try to force all this again on everybody.
And a bunch of people will be bullied and bamboozled and hoodwinked into it.
So, it's not a question, are they going to try it?
They are trying it right now.
So continue to say no.
And man, there are governors and legislatures and members of Congress, the House and Senate coming out against this.
Trump coming out against it.
James Woods coming out against it, but saying it's a New World Order takeover.
They want to enslave you.
They're evil.
And again, listeners are like, we already know that.
But it's everybody from Russell Brand to James Woods.
From Tucker Carlson to Joe Rogan.
From RFK Jr.
to Vivek Ramaswamy.
To the list goes on and on.
From Tulsi Gabbard to you name it.
I mean, you got... Alice Cooper.
Love Alice Cooper.
Patriot, Christian.
Best rock show I've ever seen.
Coming out saying...
Stop targeting our kids, trying to sterilize them, the trans cult's evil.
And now they're trying to pull us sponsors.
It doesn't matter.
People are going to have to decide which side they're on now to the Black Rock Bullies.
It's that simple.
So let's go through a few of these articles.
Really good Zero Hedge, Brownstone Institute goes through it.
Lockdown 2.0, high school game cancelled, football cancelled over outbreak of COVID.
Politicians across America stand with them for wars.
We will not comply with new COVID lockdowns.
Here's NBC, CBS, all of them fear-mongering.
New COVID-19 variant, Piola, BA.2.86 is the most dangerous.
Should India be worried?
Here's what you need to know.
Earlier testing suggests, it goes on and on.
So, they're in full, absolute fear-mongering mode.
Right now, but remember this, new big studies out, go read them for yourself right now.
Half of vaccinated people may never stop producing spike protein, another major study finds.
So yeah, you can be colonized by the virus that's nanotech and produce spike protein, but nothing compared to the shots.
Whether it's virus vector or whether it's mRNA, they do the same thing.
Because that was Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates' prescription.
Make your body produce a poison prion crystal, a protein crystal, in your body.
Remember how they were told that the vaccine stays in the arm and It's harmless.
Spike protein is only produced for a couple of days.
They said they were sure about that despite no data to confirm their statements.
They've actually done testing on rats.
They always say never tested.
Actually, it was experimental, folks.
They knew exactly what it was.
Well, sadly, it turns out they lied to us.
The data is now in and it proves such claims wrong.
A clever scientific study Mike Borgen, just published, detected the presence of spike protein in COVID vaccinated people six months after vaccination, and excluded the possibility of cross-examination of experimental data with wild circulating COVID injections, and they break down how they did it.
So there's already a bunch of other studies that show this, but, overhead shot please, but now it is all scientifically, yet again, confirmed.
Alright, well that is an important stack.
But now let's move on to this stack.
And this dovetails obviously with it.
This is all interconnected.
James Woods, and it's not just his tweets, it's his statements here.
You could read these all day long.
James Woods is his dire warning.
They want you in invisible chains.
And he goes into how it's a global takeover.
And he embraces America First worldview against the globalists.
And absolutely knocks it out of the park.
And again, that's just one more person finally getting there is a global evil cabal out to get you.
you but before we air that I want to play clip 11 from yesterday I didn't get
to this lady is really awesome I don't know who she is, but the way she looks like a crazy leftist, the way she says it, is so powerful.
And again, it fits in perfectly with what James Woods had to say.
Let's go ahead and roll it.
We need you to stay in your home for a couple weeks.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to close your business, just for a short time.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to stay home just a little bit longer than two weeks.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to wear this on your face.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to wear two of these on your face.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to inject this into your body.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to spend the holidays alone.
It's for the greater good.
You must inject this into your body if you want to feed your family.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to stop eating that.
It's not good for the environment.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to stop driving your car and flying.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to stop heating your home so often.
It's for the greater good.
We need you to stop saying that.
It's hurting some people's feelings.
This is for the greater good.
We need you to stop having children.
It's not good for the planet.
This is for the greater good.
We need you to stop talking about your faith.
It's offending people.
This is for the greater good.
We need to separate you from your children because you're not complying.
This is for the greater good.
We need to hold you in a facility for a little while for not cooperating.
This is for the greater good.
Well, I don't know who she is.
Somebody find out.
I want her on the show.
All right.
James Woods has put a bunch of stuff out.
But I want to play this Dr. Michael Yeadon clip dealing with global government and dealing with depopulation here in just a moment as well.
I don't know if I saw it on the list, do we have that?
Clip five.
Let's go ahead and play this clip.
This is the former chief scientist at Pfizer, who we've had on, who's analyzed it and who predicted the blood clots and myocarditis and heart attacks.
before it happened and followed an emergency lawsuit in the EU.
Here he is.
This episode starting in 2020 is never going to end unless enough of us wake up and say to hell with it.
You know, we're not going to comply with this nonsense anymore.
And I think what's happening here is if we continue we're going to end up all of us carrying
digital ID.
Now you might think digital ID isn't a big deal, don't you have digital passports?
But no, there's something coming, and it's definitely coming, that's different.
So first, Your passport is 190 different formats in the world.
There isn't one format.
What is coming now globally is a single format digital ID.
Second, it will be what's called interoperable.
When your ID pings the system, not only can it make a decision as to whether to allow you to enter a door or buy a product, but it can make A mark on that digital ID and edits it.
That's not true of any ID at the moment.
That's called interoperability.
Global format.
And here's the worst part.
It contains all of you.
Your health data, your unique ID data, your financial data, your driving history, where you live, what you've bought.
That is what is coming down the pike for us.
If you don't believe me, then I'm just going to paint a picture as to why it's the last important decision free humans are ever going to make.
And I'm going to refuse it, even though it may exclude me from banking, for example.
I don't need digital ID, you don't need digital ID.
Evidence for that?
My last 63 years of my life.
They need you to have it, the people who have run this pandemic.
What else?
What are they going to do with this?
The other two things that are coming down the pike are the gradual erosion of cash.
All of you who are listening to me will be able to see that cash is getting harder to obtain and harder to use.
And lots of supermarkets are getting rid of humans, so it's only a machine.
And I promise you, as is happening in France and the UK where I live, they're abolishing the checkout assistant.
You'll only be able to pay with a bank card or an app, no cash.
And finally, you can check this out.
All central banks are toying with what's called central bank digital currencies.
You will want with the central bank in your country.
So now let me give you a scenario.
You walk up to the shop floor and you're required to beep your digital ID.
Because we're moving into what has been described as the zero trust world.
These are not my words.
These are their words.
Zero trust world.
So you need to prove who you are at every moment.
You wave your ID.
If they've decided, because I've said bad things on social media, they're not going to admit me to food stores, the door will not open.
This is how bad it is.
Let's say they let me in the store and I had a steak yesterday and I go to the butcher's counter and I pick up some meat and I go to the automated check app.
The computer in the sky checks and says, you've already had eight ounces of steak, nothing for you.
And when I try and pay for it, the money won't pay for it.
Or if they say, here's something that will frighten you.
Because this has happened in Britain.
Climate lockdowns are being mooted.
It's absurd that they are.
If they say to you, you may not move more than five miles from your registered address and you are six miles from home and go into a store and you attempt to buy a bottle of water or a sandwich, Your central bank digital currency and digital ID will prevent that transaction occurring.
That's what is coming for us.
So when they say, oh, you need a digital ID so you can prove who you are, tell them to, you know, insert it somewhere else.
You do not need digital IDs.
They need you to have it.
That's the control mechanism.
There are only two parts to it.
Digital ID, interoperable one format in the globe and cashless CBDC.
That's it.
And then finally, I believe this is what's going to happen.
I wish it didn't.
And I pray to God I'm wrong.
I think that the third dimension of this is depopulation.
Because there's been lots of things that have happened in the last three and a half years that have actively increased the amount of injuries and deaths.
I know it's upsetting for people to hear that but I am very sure of it and I'm not the only person saying it.
And I pointed out to you as an experienced pharmaceutical researcher That the design of these mRNA-based vaccines are inherently dangerous.
What I can tell you is the companies and the governments have said they're so happy with the performance of these products, they are busy building factories to manufacture billions of doses of them around every continent on the world.
So what I think they're going to do Is you'll have your digital ID if you're unwise enough to sign up for it.
No cash and only central bank digital currencies.
The WHO will tell you there's a pandemic.
Remember, they're looking for these powers right now.
They'll say there's a pandemic.
That's their job.
Pharmaceutical companies will cook up the mRNA inverted commas vaccine appropriate.
And then that's their part.
And then the government will tell you you have to have the jab to keep your digital ID valid.
And I think most people turn up and get the jab.
And I think over a period of years, the people running this can trim the population to any number they like with plausible deniability.
Very powerful information.
All right, I want to go to this James Woods video he put out.
We're going to slow it down so we can read it on air.
It's not really Inducive for radio, we're gonna have a lot of radio stations, but it's very powerful video-wise.
The video's being posted in fullwords.com under the live show feed, but this is just some of the videos he's been putting out, the texts he's been putting out, saying there's a global government, corporate interests are out to get us, they're enslaving us, they want to kill us.
And resist the new attempts at lockdowns.
And then we'll go to break in like six minutes and we'll come back with...
The C40 cities, and if you think you've heard of 15-minute cities, this is what it's like to live in a 15-minute city.
So, and this is from the UN, from the WEF, and this is happening in almost every major city in the world.
So this isn't coming.
This is here.
This is how they're gonna get you to eat the bugs.
But here's one of the videos that James Woods has put out.
I will read this for radio listeners.
It's just...
A mask.
It's just two meters.
Start over.
I messed that up.
Because I want to cut this and be able to put this out later.
And I'm sorry.
I'm not good at doing things canned here.
So we're live on air.
Let's start over.
It's just a mask.
It's just two meters.
It's just three weeks.
It's just non-essential businesses.
It's just non-essential workers.
It's just until we work it out.
It's just a bar we're closing.
It's just a restaurant we're closing.
It's just care homes, nursing homes.
You can't visit your family.
It's just schools.
By the way, you can't visit.
The kids are ours.
It's just to keep them overwhelmed medical workers able to do their job.
It's just until the cases go down.
It's just to flatten the curve.
Just two weeks.
It's just to keep others from being scared.
It's just for a few more weeks.
It's just gyms, salons, spas, and sports that are shut down.
It's just churches and mosques.
But the big box stores stay open.
It's just singing.
Don't sing.
It's just no happy birthday, no shared cakes.
You can't visit your folks at the nursing home when we kill them.
It's just travel.
It's just that medical care you needed.
It's just three months of lockdown.
It's just some more markings and temporary screens to create the fear of the hysteria.
It's just a one-way system.
It's just until we get a vaccine that isn't a vaccine that's experimental and dangerous.
It's just an app to track and control everything you do.
It's just for tracing you.
It's just globally set up by the UN.
It's just to let people know you're safe to be around.
And we got a UN treaty to run your life too.
It's pretty good too.
It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with.
It's just for some areas.
It's just government guidelines.
It's just for your own good.
You're not going to have a heart attack, get a stroke or cancer.
It's just for protecting others.
Don't you want to protect others?
Don't you want to be a hero?
It's just fact-checking, not censorship.
Sure, we're banning them.
We're blocking therapeutics.
It's just mandatory.
It's just the law for now.
Remember Biden saying, unvaccinate or the enemy?
It's just scientific fact.
Don't question us.
That's not science.
Not questioning science.
It's just only these scientists, not those.
Gotta censor the other scientists.
It's just because of the second wave.
The third wave, the fourth, the fifth.
It's just to save your granny.
It's just another lockdown.
It's just for four more weeks.
It's just Christmas cancelled.
It's just school.
They can do it from home.
It's just almost a year.
It'll be better soon.
It's just a swab.
See how we're halfway into it?
It's just for medical information.
It's just a jab.
It's just a card to store your medical history.
It's just so you can travel.
It's just for your passport.
It's just permanent.
It's just so you can go into stores and pubs and get your social credit score.
Oh, sorry, you're politically incorrect.
It's just so the ADL can track you and your family and your children and the school and run your life.
Because they're good people.
It's just so you can get your driver's license.
It's just so you can have a bank.
It's just so you can vote.
It's just so you can go to a concert.
It's just a facility to keep you separate from others.
It's just a few more years.
It's just for those people.
It's just, just better we keep it this way.
The full video is on InfoWars.com.
Now is the time to resist and say no.
This is the takeover.
It's not just, just, just.
It's just the end of your life if you submit.
It's official!
The plan to block out the sun, chemtrail you and your family, make you eat bugs, cut off your energy sources, castrate your sons, sterilize your daughters.
Sounds insane, but it's all in the news now, and it's coming after you and your family.
And now, the plan's official.
Cut down all the trees.
Bill Gates has billions of funding and the chopping of trees has begun.
Bill Gates and other investors are betting Kadama Systems can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by chopping down and burying trees, which has raised $6.6 million in seed funding from Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy and others.
Scientists say burying trees can reduce global warming as well.
I don't know where they find these scientists, by the way.
To help address the problem, the U.S.
Forest Service aims to thin out 70 million acres of western forests, mostly in California, over the next decade, extracting more than 1 billion tons of bone-dried biomass.
Normally, when you cut down trees, when you're a lumberjack, when you have a lumber company, you're selling the lumber to build houses, people buying from Home Depot or whatever.
They're arguing that they want to, rather than sell the timber, take all that wood and just bury it.
Because they're saying that that is a better solution.
And so, in other words, this is a business.
Because they're getting money to create carbon offsets.
And this is what Bill Gates is financing.
That's the Epoch Times.
Okay, so... You're like, that's preposterous.
That doesn't make sense.
Well, it makes perfect sense.
They've got to have the most insane things.
Mothers and fathers are bad.
Babies are bad for the earth.
We are carbon.
Block out the sun.
That's one-fourth or really more of the cycle.
Without that, we're all dead.
But sun, water, carbon dioxide, oxygen.
Got to have those four things.
They're openly going after two of them right now.
But by cutting down trees that put out the majority of the oxygen, they're going after the others.
So one thing they haven't come out against is water.
But I expect that imminently.
I've even done men on the streets years ago where I go out and I say, have you heard about this thing that's in the environment called dihydrogen monoxide?
And it causes excessive urination.
It can kill you, because if you drown in it, it can.
And I sit there and talk to people and they go, yeah, let's ban it.
I'll sign your petition.
And they go, thank you for banning water.
They go, water?
Got a scary name, huh?
Dihydrogen monoxide.
Almost as scary as carbon dioxide.
Or oxygen.
Oh, I, oh, mmm, mmm.
So before we get into that, I'm going to give the number out to take your calls.
On any subject you'd like.
But obviously I'd like to talk about, if you are witnessing it, some of the new COVID attempts at the new rollout.
I'd like to get your take on any of the news we've already covered here today.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
All I ask is that you be ready to tell us what you think, and that you have a clear phone line.
Thank you so much.
Alright, we could spend the whole show on this, but I reported on this C40 Cities a couple years ago.
And then a couple months ago, I reported on it.
And there were articles saying, Jones is insane.
He claims these cities want to ban dairy and beef and want to ban cars and want to do all this.
And then one of my crew members yesterday texted me yesterday afternoon and said, hey, you ought to ask this question at the next Prove Me Wrong deal like we did yesterday that is premiering today at A lot of them with Crowder.com and JonesCrowder.com.
And the question is, will you give up your cars?
Will you give up but only three pairs of clothing a year?
You know, you hear all this and they have the fact checkers.
The fact checkers come out and they say at the New York Times or else they say, oh, no one wants to do that.
And they don't list the C40 city.
They don't go there.
Go watch the videos.
Go look at the board.
The head of the Communist Party, the mayor of London.
governors, the Austin mayor, and it's all run by the U.N.
and the World Economic Forum.
And they're going to reinvent them.
So if you want to know what it's like to live, when you hear about a 15-minute city, which they're already setting up in the U.S.
and in England, where they just block off the cars and say, sorry, that's the way it is.
That's what this is.
So, here's a Texas scorecard, great publication, did an analysis of this a couple days ago.
Austin and Houston eliminate meat and dairy consumption by 2030.
Then they quote it in the article from the website.
Almost as crazy as two men can have a baby.
And here is C40.org.
Yes, C4 to blow up society.
C40 is a global network of nearly 100 mayors of the world-leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis.
Raising their climate ambitions has shut down even more ahead of the Paris Treaty.
Beyond it, building equitable and thriving communities means giving themselves all the money.
Building a global movement.
Look what they've already done to your cities.
That's why they're destroying them first and then come back in with this.
Scaling up climate action.
Facilitating access to finance.
Ah, BlackRock and the green jobs.
Which they all administer.
And China is the main driver and funder of C40 cities.
They build 3 or 4 coal power plants a week, we tear down 3 or 4 a week, or more.
But there they're telling us we can't even have natural gas, gasoline, but we can have their toxic solar panels though.
They're incredibly destructive to me.
Not against solar power, let's just be honest, it's about as dirty as it gets.
The way they produce it, just like the batteries.
China's coal power binge accelerates.
Over 300 more plants on the way just this year.
Right part.
Photos, LA's mid-century smog.
67 years ago was so bad, people thought it was a gas attack.
Truth is, our skies are some of the clearest in the world.
And it goes on and on.
America's data on trees and carbon dioxide.
USA, according to the federal government, produces 5.1 billion metric tons of CO2 a year.
trees absorb 63 trillion metric tons of CO2 a year.
So we want to cut trees down because they grab CO2 out of the atmosphere and then sequester it And it's not even released for thousands of years, usually.
Hundreds of thousands, depending on how large a tree is.
So their answer is, cut them down, but that's how God created balance.
Our Creator had already provided the solution to the problem.
So that's their so-called science.
I'm going to read that to you again.
America, U.S.
government data on trees and carbon dioxide.
USA produces 5.1 billion metric tons of CO2 a year.
trees absorb 63 trillion metric tons of CO2 a year.
Actually, cutting trees down will actually increase CO2.
The globalists don't care.
It's just all about slaughtering things.
So guys, get a calculator up on screen for me.
Can we see what percentage 5.1 billion goes into 63 trillion?
In fact, the earth is very low on carbon right now.
Maybe we should cut some.
I'm joking, but this is insane.
Across the science, the science.
And the average leftist, I want to ask him, so you want to cut trees down?
In fact, when I do that, it changed my mind.
Guys, I gave my sheet I had to Rob Dew about change my mind for next week, but I want to read that change my mind.
So go get it off his desk or I'll grab it during the break.
This is wild.
We're going to tie this in with the next phase of their We Will Eat the Bugs operation.
How do we stop it?
Say we're stopping the new lockdown.
Saying, you're a fraud?
You're a criminal?
Hell no!
I'm not complying.
How about that?
But they get their central bank digital currency and we're screwed, blued, and tattooed.
This is an extremely aggressive group of corporate criminals making a total run at our goodness to tell us we're bad and let them run our lives and cut our resources off for the earth.
But we're the clowns, not them, if we let them do this.
So next week I'm going to go back on the street and ask, and the next change my mind, are you willing to give up all meat and dairy consumption?
Number two, are you willing to let government dictate how much clothes you can buy?
Are you willing to give up your private owned vehicles?
Are you willing to accept one digital currency controlled by the central bank that decides what you are allowed to purchase?
That's all in the C40's city plan.
And then that ties into this.
Billionaires add $5 trillion to their fortunes during pandemic.
And now you wonder, and now you know, the rest of the story of why they want more lockdowns.
Because they're not going to be locked down.
This broke yesterday.
61% CNBC.
61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
Inflation is still squeezing budgets.
Consumer confidence craters.
Bank to stop giving loans for fossil fuel cars.
Crime waves.
And that leads us to this.
Bill Gates funds scheme to chop and bury trees to fight climate change.
And they did the math.
If you put the 5 billion metric tons of CO2 that the U.S.
produces, including humans breathing every year, it's 24 times more that trees breathe and then sequester CO2, even if you believe it's a bad thing.
Simply astounding.
Here's CNN.
Plant trees, sure, but to save the climate we should cut them down.
Florida's ditching palm trees to fight climate change.
They're bad.
I'll tell you what trees you can have.
Just know that the ones telling you to give up everything won't be giving up anything.
There's Bill Gates marching through the countryside.
Beautiful trees and grass and sheep and cows and birds.
What a terrible polluting environment.
Oh, pesticides and solar panels and dead animals and windmills.
Oh, this is so good.
Big push here.
Why we need to give insects the role they deserve in our food system.
We need the UN to run our food and control us.
Of course, Elon Musk says the people in the world who are operating under the false pretense or impression that we've got too many people.
This is not true.
Earth could maintain a population many more times the current level.
But once you cut a peak level, it causes a collapse event.
Millions of Brits told to not heat homes at night to save the Earth by the C40 city initiative.
But don't forget, they've got weather weapons, and here it is in a 1965 document.
From the US government admitting it all.
So we now have James Woods coming out saying it's a global government and tyrants that want to depopulate us.
You got the former chief science advisor saying it, I mean basically everybody who is on the bad guys team saying it.
Ramaswani, who, again, I love his rhetoric.
People say, I don't trust him, he should be a leftist.
Are we not allowed to have people switch sides?
Ramaswani, today's politicians are hollowed out husks serving as puppets to the globalist machine.
And man, is that not 110% totally and completely true?
Now, here's what I want to do.
I want to go to your phone calls for a while.
And then I've got a big stack on the ADL.
The ADL is just one component of the private corporate globalist intelligence agency takeover.
What they're doing is totally illegal, as you saw in Congress, but they're getting a pass.
Big Tech, the Justice Department, the CIA are getting in trouble for illegally spying using taxpayer money.
The ADL is at the heart of this.
And it's been the top trend the last day and a half on Twitter and other places.
Abolish the ADL.
Or ban the ADL.
Now I don't want to ban my political opposition like they want to do me.
I want to point out the ADL is a sophisticated psyop.
And it's designed to create a dialectic.
And I'll explain that coming up.
And I know you're smart enough to understand it.
So we're going to be laying it all out after we take phone calls.
And then I've got Major Whistleblower Steps Forward Reveals Private Facebook Group, that's how we're going to get them, where state clerks discussed stunning evidence of organized fraud in the 2020 election.
So, they're desperate to put Trump in jail for questioning the election because they know they've been caught doing it.
That's all coming up.
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Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com Here's Harari saying, we're gonna make aliens on Earth.
We're gonna merge the machines and be a new life form, a new ruling alien class on Earth.
See, they're building the aliens.
The biomedical AI merger with our flesh.
The raping of humanity.
It's the same story from Roswell in the late 40s.
With Colonel Corso, heavily promoted everywhere by the biggest publishers, by the biggest movie makers.
That was system funded.
Because they don't want you to understand the full specter of interdimensional contact.
And the fact that it's always been here, and these things actually aren't alien, they're part of our existence and part of our story here.
If anything's the aliens, it's us.
We're here on this planet by God.
And there's these things that were already basically here.
We've probably not been here as long as this thing's been here, if you really read the ancient text of the Bible.
So they don't want you to know it's far more complex, and they're not in control of it.
All they're doing is being demonically inspired by these creatures that will only give them Hellraiser visions.
It will only give them how to have technology for evil, because it doesn't like us.
This is just a training camp where our father has put us here.
We think we're only living on one life so that we're in this super scared position but having all these spiritual and ancestral intergalactic interdimensional memories and it's all a giant three-dimensional real scenario war game and And they don't want you to know that.
And they don't want you to understand they signed on to the wrong team.
They joined with the destructive force, the evil force, so they could have power during the third dimensional simulation?
It's a three dimensional, genetic, universal simulation.
It's a real simulation.
It's just that it's forever war.
You don't die when you die, folks.
You're an electrochemical multi-dimensional creature.
This is only one lowest manifestation of you.
You have glorified heavenly bodies.
There's this first heaven, the second heaven, the third heaven.
It's all right there for you to understand.
And what is the heaven?
A dimension.
They are programming that aliens are these little stupid gray things and they want to kidnap us at night and take stuff from us.
And there is There is some evidence for some lower level creatures,
they're like a biological android.
This whole big UFO thing is a distraction that, oh, the aliens are harassing our ships,
the aliens are harassing our troops.
No, that's the globalists with their advanced technology playing games
so they can brand contact with the angels and God as the devil,
when really we're here with the devil.
We're not locked in here with the devil, the devil's locked in here with us.
Go to hell, new world order.
We, uh, ran into some old friends.
Is your ship alright?
Seems okay if we can get to it.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
Harrison, visit InfoWars.com forward slash show now.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alright folks, we got loaded phone calls.
Diana, Justin, Frank, Max, Rusty, Logan, Tina, Bart, Abraham, Will, Margie.
We're going to all your calls.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
350 million or more people in Africa, and then 12 die of Ebola in one little town.
They go, Oh, Ebola!
Oh, Ebola!
And they had CNN people saying, saying, diseases will be coming out of the rainforest because Mother Earth is mad!
Literally like witch doctors going, Booga booga!
Some not come back!
You know when we have floods and rain and meteors might hit the earth?
What if a meteor hits the earth tomorrow and destroys a city?
Are they going to say this is because the people of earth have been bad?
That meteor just came from space?
It's a very primitive control apparatus.
That's how chiefs and medicine doctors used to control the earth.
control and shaman with control of people say, "Oh, if you're not good, the crops won't
come. Oh, the environment, if we're not good." I don't want to eat a piece of meat that's
got dioxins in it from plastics production. I don't want them dumping nickel cadmium and
heavy metal grignard reagents in the waters so my kids are deformed.
I don't want that.
I'm for the environment.
But these international corrupt people financing global population control, which is just nothing more but dictators' excuses to kill men, women, and children, and girls in slave labor camps in China making Nikes, you call that good?
And all these Hollywood people that say they love you are the ones that speak out against slave labor, are the ones you find out later, are the ones that own all the sweatshops making their clotheslines?
They're all hypocrites!
They're all hypocrites using you.
So here it is.
Global plan to fight infectious diseases sought.
I haven't read this yet, but... Washington, a new plan to coordinate...
International efforts to track and combat infectious diseases will be announcing by the leaders of the G7 group of industrial nations at this weekend's summit in Denver.
White House aides said Monday, and the combustion engine is the greatest threat to civilization, like Al Gore says in Earth and the Balance.
No, Mr. Gore, the combustion engine is civilization, and the combustion engine's getting cleaned up.
That's from 1997.
The Infowars News Vault.
Just like we got the horses out of the streets 100 years ago, and we don't have a horse manure problem anymore.
Humans move forward. I know the bureaucrats don't want that.
You want us to stay down and lowly. You don't want us to transcend, do you?
That's from 1997. The Infowars News Vault.
No matter what they do to this operation, the truth marches on.
Alright, let's go to calls.
First, let's talk to a lady in Georgia.
Diane, welcome and thanks for holding.
How are you?
Pretty good.
Alright, thanks Alex.
I love your show.
I just wanted to talk to you about Bill Gates and this deforestation.
This is so criminal.
It's just, it just kills me what these people will do, what lengths that they will go to.
Now wait a minute, you don't believe trees are evil?
What type of, maybe the ADL needs to shut you up a little bit.
Yeah, you know, let me tell you, I've been watching these scumbags since I was seven years old and they killed our president.
And I've been watching them ever since and we've been on a steady slide ever since they killed, you know, JFK.
It's just, uh, it's criminal.
I hate to see what America's going through.
No, you're right, and their entertainment is literally dumbing us down, making us poor, and killing us.
Yeah, and I mean, we still need to educate these people and tell them.
I mean, trees take in our carbon dioxide, and they release oxygen.
So, I mean, with that- Well, the good news is, look at the massive awakening that's happening.
I mean, people are really getting it.
Yeah, it's making me feel a little better, but I'm 68 years old and I don't know, these people better wake up.
I mean, they're... Wake up and not submit.
Thank you, Diane.
God bless you.
Let's go to Rusty in Colorado.
Go ahead, Rusty.
Rusty, you're on the air.
All right, Rusty's gone.
Let's go to Max in Wisconsin.
Max, you're on the air.
Mr. Jones, can you hear me all right?
I got a little bit of a phone issue today.
My phone's audio is a little low, a little tinny, but I don't know if the last person can hear me, but yeah, do you hear me, Max?
Yeah, I hear you perfectly.
Good, go ahead, sir.
Okay, I saw the interview you had yesterday with Mr. Stone, and he was talking about Well, that's right.
election and I think one of the things that's going to happen and you can see
it in the tennis world with Djokovic, Novak Djokovic, is that they're going to
say that the election is already over before it's over and that AI predicted
that Trump will lose. Well that's right in fact they just had Klaus Schwab a
month ago with the head of Google or one of the founders Larry Page, that was
Sergey Brin and they said soon AI will tell you who wins so no more election
computer tell you.
So yeah, it's all a big foregone conclusion thing.
Yes, so then also on the Ukraine-Russia war front, I don't know if you saw the rumors from Chechnyan soldiers who said at night there are large drones coming with claws and scooping up their wounded.
And taking them for organ harvesting.
I thought that was in your wheelhouse.
Well, I don't know about drones doing it, but they've caught the Ukrainians harvesting both Ukrainian and Russian troops and stolen their organs.
That's confirmed.
Yeah, it was happening in the Balkan Wars.
They were doing live organ harvesting.
And I also think that organ harvesting tied in with Bluebeam, the alien stuff, is a good Alien abduction stuff is a good cover for the organ harvesting and adrenochrome.
Well, they don't even need to do it with some claw at night with a drone.
I mean, it came out in the news, even on 60 Minutes, a lot of hospitals will kill you.
They've got bad managers for your organs.
Yeah, they said they were doing it with the claw and drone, the large drones for spraying like pesticides on farmland.
And they send the drones in so they don't send soldiers in.
I don't mind speculation.
We have it confirmed that millions of aborted babies in the U.S.
have their organs harvested.
That's in federal documents.
It's not available.
Yes, yes, yes.
And because of you, I don't know if you realize, I think you should, you and Owen should, you know, every day take note that, you know, they already say about 33,000 Hi Alex, it's an honor to speak with you.
with the overturning of Roe versus Wade, that's seven pounds a baby.
That's like quarter million pounds of babies that you guys have helped save.
Well, we've all saved them through God's grace.
Thank you, sir.
Frank in New Jersey on the new lockdowns they're trying to impose,
the White House now admits it.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's honored to speak with you.
So my prediction is with these new lockdowns, how do they get the people to stay home?
They start the digital currency on your phone.
So they force you to stay home, where your phone always has to be with you.
Well, I meant to make that point when I got into the C40 cities, is they say, if you don't eat beef, you let us track you, and you don't have a car, and you do what we say, we will give you a 200 square foot coffin apartment, and we will then pay for your whole life.
You can just lay around.
So that's how they're going to get the first groups to do it.
I'm with you 100%, and that's the way I was seeing it as well, is them moving to reward you to stay home and follow their directions, where not having a life anymore.
Locked into your apartment, just the same way like they give you the gems on these stupid games on all these phones.
You watch a 30-second commercial, they give you a reward.
So they'll give you a reward for staying home for a week.
An extra $200.
It's like when they put cheese out for a mouse.
If the mouse knew it was a trap, he wouldn't get in it.
We have to not play the game.
What do they say in that great 1980s movie, War Games?
The only way to win is not to play.
That's true.
And the sad thing is, my friends and I are all starting to say the same thing.
We're glad we're at the end of our lives.
Just because of seeing what's going on in this world.
Well, brother, it's all an animating contest of liberty.
It's all a test, so use the time you have left, Frank, to defend as many innocent people and wake up as many people as you can, and be fearless, brother, because this is an amazing time to be alive, brother.
Thank you for the call.
All right, let's take a call from Margie in Minnesota.
Margie, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, I'm so glad you're feeling better.
You sound amazing.
And your spirits are up, I can tell.
I was a little under the weather last week.
I had a little bit of a laryngitis, but I'm better now, thank you.
You're doing good.
Hey, I want to comment, first of all, on the electrosphere filter.
One thing you're failing to talk about, Alex, and I love to cook and have people over, the water.
Everyone comments how well and amazing the water tastes, which is important.
It's very important.
You know, you think what the, everything you're taking out of there, you know, what's it going
to taste like?
Cause they put stuff in it to make it taste good.
And I get so many compliments that the water tastes so good and people have gone, friends
have gone out and bought them.
So anyways, I just wanted to get that out of the way.
I'm going to make a comment on that.
Folks, I don't lie consciously.
We all make mistakes.
We all get things wrong.
But when I went out and got Alexa Pure water filtration systems now over a decade ago, It was because they were the highest rated stainless steel gravity-fed filter that cut thousands of chemicals out by 99.999999% and thousands of chemicals are non-detectable, meaning even the best spectrometers can't pick anything up.
So, you're getting a top-rate, top-of-the-line gravity-fed filter at the lowest price out there.
So, I mean, I don't ever sell somebody something that I'm not personally using, so I'm glad that people like the filter.
Oh, they love it.
And I've been over to friends where they have those filters in their refrigerator.
The water is disgusting.
I don't even want to mix it with my Windsor.
Well, that's something everybody should listen to.
Because a lot of those little filters in refrigerators just cut out taste and they reduce some bad stuff, too.
I mean, it's better than nothing.
But you got to get rid of those every year or so if you're using the water.
So because once they get filled with toxins, they now are concentrated toxins once a Yeah, I think it's $5,000 for a filter.
So anybody that's got an Alexa Pure water filtration system, after it does the 10,000 gallons or whatever it is,
I think it's 10,000 gallons, you gotta replace the filters.
Yeah, I think it's 5,000 for a filter.
But you know, initially I bought it because, and I bought all my filters from you too,
just to prepare for stuff.
One of my dogs was diagnosed with bone cancer.
And then doing my own research, That's what you get from unfiltered water.
From what they're feeding us.
Oh yeah, hydrochloric acid is the number one cause of bone cancer.
That's an admitted fact.
Yep, and you know, I switched about a year and a half ago, and she was supposed to be dead a year ago in August, and she's thriving better than ever.
I don't know.
I'm not saying the election prosecutor, but it sure did help.
So anyways, I think Trump and Roma Slami for the VP.
What do you think?
Well, I love Ramaswamy's rhetoric, and he used to be a liberal, so we don't totally trust him.
But I like what he's doing now, and if I see anything weird, I'll come out against him.
But I think we should give him a bit of the doubt.
You know, Christ is on the cross with the thief and the murderer, and one of them believes he can be healed and get forgiven, and the other doesn't.
He says, well, to one of them, you know, tonight, I'll see you in paradise.
So, yeah, I mean, I think that's why the whole media is coming out against Ramaswamy.
And so I'm not saying he's perfect, I'm not endorsing him, but I do endorse what he says.
Yes, and a lot of people are spreading rumors on the internet that he's a globalist and he's, you know, this and that.
Well, they said that about you, they said that about Trump.
It's all a side up, if you ask my opinion, is to get us to turn away from you.
No, I totally agree with you.
They use it against me.
That my uncle was an Iran-Contra, and I talked about it, and he was a great guy, and the main reason I'm awake.
And they go, oh, his uncle worked for the CIA.
I said that 25 years ago.
He'd say, please shut up, he's dead now, I can talk about it.
But the point is, he told me all this stuff.
He was good.
It's not like, oh, they found out this, and so, I mean, like, if my dad was a murderer, which he's not, am I guilty because he was?
But the point is, is that, is that, like Snowden, people don't trust Snowden.
Because he exposed the CIA illegal spying.
They want to kill Snowden.
He had to run to Russia.
Of course he's for real.
And so, we've got to be ready to have defectors come over to our side, and then, I mean, we turn our back on them at first.
But, look, Snowden's for real, Assange is for real, I'm for real.
And the idea that people then say that we're feds or something is, it is a side out by some bad guys.
But that's who puts it out.
And I noticed the media, big tech, boost all the attacks on us from that.
But it's the grassroots people that want to feel really powerful.
And so if they could say, oh, Alex Jones is controlled opposition, that makes them feel big.
That makes them feel like, well, I'm better than him.
Look, great, you're better than me.
I'm bad.
OK, whatever.
Believe your lie.
Go out and help some people instead of running around attacking patriots all day.
Because, I mean, I know so many people that just spend all day attacking Trump.
It's not perfect.
But they spend no time attacking Biden or the globalists or the ADL or the New World Order.
And it's just stupid.
And people see through that.
No, I'm persecuted.
I'm under massive attack.
I'm 100 percent real.
And they know that.
Not 100% perfect.
I make mistakes, but I love God.
I love the truth.
Thank you for the call.
Justin in Ohio.
Justin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Good, brother.
Hey, I just wanted to bring your attention.
I should have called in several months ago, but my wife, she works for a medical procurement company, and beginning in June, There was a 67% increase in mask orders, adult sizes, kid sizes, COVID tests.
So, obviously, she brought that to my attention.
I was like, man, they're probably going to roll it back out for the election.
And by the way, I believe you.
You're a credible guy.
But I don't need to even believe you.
You don't need to believe me.
It's in the federal purchase orders that they just bought record amounts of it.
So, yeah, they're rolling it out now.
Right, absolutely.
So, I mean, I guess my second point would be, I believe this is a complete backup plan, because I don't think these charges on Trump are going to stick.
So, they need a backup plan.
They need to have these mail-in ballots to try to steal the election once again.
I think that's where we're at, and I think that's going to be the tipping point for a lot of people, unfortunately, in this country.
You know, we can't go another four years.
The leadership that we've had, or lack thereof.
Well, I think what you just said, Justin, is so key.
It's a tipping point.
And you noticed two weeks ago we announced the new lockdowns they have planned.
People exploded with resistance.
So I think we've already reached the tipping point.
Yeah, I agree.
I'm actually surprised.
I'm impressed with the American people for not acting out as we rightfully should.
I mean, we've been attacked.
You look what's happened in Hawaii.
They've come after our kids.
I mean, we're getting attacked from all angles.
They're attacking the family, the nuclear family, and they're attacking religion, Christianity.
So it's clearly out in the open what they're trying to do.
They're right, and these are captured agents of evil from the top all the way down to the bottom, and they just have a rage because they know their time is short to destroy us and get us, and they are just strutting around, pissing on our faces, doing every horrible thing they can, and they're destroying themselves.
Yep, absolutely.
And a few callers ago, I know he said he's a little later in life, and he said, you know, He's happy, I wouldn't say happy, but glad that his time is near, whatever he said.
But I would just encourage people that might have that mindset to be excited for this time that we've been given because we're in a time in history where we can stand up for our kids, we can stand up for generations to come, and it's going to take strong people to stand in that gap.
I totally agree.
In fact, I wanted to say that to him.
Hey man, this is a historic crossroads.
I know it's depressing at one level, but it shows evil's real, God's real, and as things get worse and worse, people are going to listen to those of us telling the truth more than ever.
God bless you, Justin.
So you heard Justin.
Folks in his life that work as medical workers say, massive increase in PPE, masks, and Preparedness items for COVID.
I mean, it's here.
The good news is, they wanted to roll it out without us resisting, and we are resisting, and so, here we are.
And we're in this paradox of, yeah, you need to wear a mask again, we're gonna shut the schools down, you gotta take the shot, contact tracers, yeah, we gotta do more testing, but nobody's, nobody's planning to bring it back.
Just sit down and take it.
Well, we're not sitting down and taking it.
Let's go to Logan in Oregon.
Logan, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
So I just wanted to thank you for being a freedom fighter and no matter what the globalists try to do to you, you never back down.
So thank you for that.
Now the one thing I wanted to mention is that I just found out recently the VPN that me and my significant other are using was purchased by the World Economic Forum recently.
Wow, so elaborate on that.
So, um, back in 20 or late, uh, early 2021, we decided to boot Gmail, um, get rid of our cell phone and go find a, uh, a VPN that would, you know, be a little more protective from our, for our information.
And, uh, so we found one called ProtonMail.
And at the time they talked about not being a part of the Nine Eyes countries.
They would pull their servers if anybody tried to get your information.
Well, recently my significant other.
She started thinking, maybe we should check to see who owns them, because there was no issues with them back then.
So she actually started looking into it, and I'm on their website right now.
If you type in WEF Proton, you pull up the World Economic Forum's website, and they are plugging ProtonMail.
So now we've got to get rid of ProtonMail and switch everything over to somebody else that's not a globalist.
Yeah, I'm not denying what you're saying is true.
I haven't had time to look into it, but imagine you're the globalist and you have 50 quadrillion fake dollars.
And that's why they had to burn out Lahaina in Maui.
They wouldn't sell.
And so, they're going to bring in a social credit score and say, cut your son's penis off, we'll give you money.
I mean, it's that simple.
And they're so mad that they've got all this fake money they gave themselves, but we won't take their money.
And so, yeah, that's how they do it.
They buy everything up, and who won't sell?
We're an example.
They come after.
That's why you gut listeners, you've got to back the people they're after.
I mean, you cannot understate this.
You cannot overstate this.
This is such a big deal.
So, I'm glad you researched that.
So, the WEF on their website, what did you search to find that?
They use ProtonMail now?
You can just type in WEF Proton and you'll see, you'll come to a site, you pull it up, let me back out here real quick.
Yeah, because ProtonMail is what?
Wiki, not Wikileaks, Veritas, and everybody was using it.
That's one of the reasons we went with it too, because back when they were legit with James O'Keefe, and they still advertise without O'Keefe, they still advertise ProtonMail on their site.
And I've heard other people talk about ProtonMail, and we're like, okay, I've seen Freedom Fighters, and we had to go on the Wayback Machine to find out when it showed up on the World Economic Forum site.
And there's hardly any information, but if you use the Wayback Machine, you're able to find that it showed up in October of 2022.
Alright, well I'm not defending ProtonMail because I don't know, and the crew's pulling it up right now.
But the WEF will also claim they own or run things they don't as a reverse PsyOp.
So we need to get a press release and a response from ProtonMail.
I'll get our, hey guys, put like a Don Salazar or maybe Kellan McBrainer, put one of the writers on this.
Let's find out what's going on, okay?
I want to make sure these guys are legit and not globalists.
Thank you, Logan.
We'll look into it right now.
Thank you.
That's why I love taking calls, man.
So many of our big stories come originally from a caller.
And that's why I love taking calls and love reading your emails.
Which I can't respond to.
I give you a fake auto-response, folks.
We read a lot of them, but if we don't respond the first time, they just keep hitting us.
Carlos in Canada, Tina, Bart, Abraham, Will, Lee, and others.
Your phone calls are straight ahead on the other side of this quick break.
Remember, the coordinates of Freedom are InfoWars.com, Band.Video, and NewsWars.com.
Only way the dog hunts is you.
You gotta let us out of the cage.
On March 6th, 2001, Alex Jones first predicted the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.
You've got an element of the FBI and these war game scenarios where they can remote control a 747 and they're going to crash it into the World Trade Center.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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Can you keep him in the dark for life?
Can you hide him from the weighted world?
Oh, Mother!
All right, let me give you some inside baseball right now before I go back to your calls on this live Friday broadcast.
Tell your children not to understand.
Alright, let me talk about this.
And I'm not going to talk about any private conversations.
But I can tell you something.
The Globalist really messed up.
I know the biggest talk show hosts in the world.
I actually know them all.
I know Joe Rogan very well.
I know Carlson very well.
I know... I know them all.
And the ones you think I don't know, I do know.
The ones on our side.
And they really messed up, you know, last year, threatening people.
And threatening their lives.
And that's why you're seeing what you're seeing.
Because see, these globalists are followers.
They're cowards.
They're ass kissers.
And they want to work for Satan.
They want to work for the New World Order.
They want to bow down.
There are a lot of people out there that stood on the sideline until they got threatened.
And the globalists thought that when they punch somebody in the nose, they'd be like them and get in a catatonic position and piss all over themselves.
But I knew who you were.
I know all you very well.
I think you're just like me.
And you know what?
My gut is right.
You are just like me.
You don't want to live as a slave.
You're not rolling over and bowing down and you're done playing games.
So yeah, the new big top Yahoo story is, oh, Russian propaganda says they're going to kill Tucker Carlson.
Well, don't think Tucker Carlson hadn't been threatened.
And don't think I haven't been threatened, and don't think we haven't been followed around, and don't think we haven't been jacked with, and don't think that's why we're fighting harder than ever!
Because if you want to bang heads with me, I can show you what it's like.
So at the top of Drudge saying, Tucker, assassination fear.
That's a message to Tucker, because everybody's already talking about that.
But oh, the Russians said it.
But it's really the media picking it up to tell Tucker, you shut your mouth or we're going to blow your airplane up.
Well, good luck with that.
Because if you strike down Tucker Carlson, he'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
But it's crazy with the new world order.
They threaten me and stuff and they say the horrible things they can do.
To the subsidiaries, to their intermediaries, to their proxies.
And I always sit back and just say on air, but in person, gee, I didn't know you were bad people.
You just smuggle kids all over the world.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
You mean you could set me up with a grand jury and put me in prison?
Oh, you could take everything I got?
Hold on a minute.
I thought you were these bad evil people I was fighting.
I didn't know you were bad and evil.
I didn't know you want to hurt me.
I better give up right now.
Because they're like, hey, you know, we're a bunch of cowards and we're going to really hurt you bad.
Oh, you're going to hurt me.
Oh, my gosh.
You know, I'm actually afraid to become like 90 years old and not be able to get up out of bed and all the rest of it.
I don't want to die.
I don't have a death wish, but I do want to die with a sword in my hand.
And a sword in my hand means being on air against you.
You could put a gun to my head or my children for that matter.
You're going to kill them anyways if we lose.
And that's what they can't stand is our total commitment against them.
There's a freedom in total commitment.
There's a freedom that I wish those of you that never experienced it could taste.
Total commitment.
Total means complete.
Total means absolute.
Total means all the way.
So it's a prediction I've not made and I guess I kind of did a little bit the
start of the show today but I said we're in the season we're in the time of
assassination So it goes without saying in a globalist coup, the top of the execution list is Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, and because the system trying to push around other people didn't work,
Joe Rogan.
Notice Joe Rogan's gotten real hardcore all of a sudden.
He's gotten real wild.
Because you see, somebody like Joe wants to navigate and balance things and be successful and wants to fix things peacefully.
But see, when you start threatening people like that, their brains shift over and they go, well, I can't deal with these people.
They're not going to be reasonable with me.
Skip the break.
So I gotta go to war with him.
But that's why I try to start this show, explain to listeners, do you know what I'm doing?
Like, I'm risking my life here, because I believe in you.
Not because I'm a hero, not because I'm this great guy.
I have a real problem being a slave.
I have a real problem bowing down.
I have a real problem.
If some superior political system came that did great things, I'd be like, well, I'll just join that.
This is not superior.
This is a pedophilic, greedy, selfish, demonic, horrible, stinking pile of crap.
So it's not a sacrifice to be destroyed if that's what God wants in the service of defeating this.
It is a honor.
It is a pleasure.
And I told the story five years ago, right before I got deplatformed.
My dad's smart.
One of the smartest people I've ever known.
Maybe the smartest.
He never gets in my business.
He never tells me what to do since I was about 16.
He shows up at the house for breakfast on some Saturday morning, Sunday morning, I can't remember.
I told the story last week.
He comes in and he sits down at the table and I put some eggs and hash browns on his plate.
We sit back and drink coffee and he looks at me and he says, well, I know you know what you're doing, but I can see you're passing a line.
And if you pass this line, it's going to be rough.
And I said, Dad, they're going to get everybody anyways.
We've got to do it.
He said, I know you'd say that.
And I'm proud of you.
And I'm really glad you're doing this.
But I love ya.
And you need to get closer to God.
And it's those moments in life that are timeless.
When you hold your daddy's hand on Saturday morning cry.
And you join your ancestors in being honorable.
And I can tell ya, Tucker Carlson's real as it gets now.
Fully awake.
Fully pissed.
And so are so many other people.
And so we can't look at people like Vivek Ramaswamy wanting to join us and say, oh, he's an infiltrator.
You don't do the stuff he says and does.
They're all coming after him now.
No, he wants to join us.
There's no debate about it.
I'll be political and say, oh, well, he's probably good, but let's not trust him.
He's on board, folks.
He's not going to save us.
God's going to save us.
But the point is, is that this is the time when everybody's going to come over to the side of our ship.
And we can't be here on a power trip at that point, rejecting people that are trying to flee the enemy because
we were awake before them.
But they could kill me today.
Not predicting they are, I'm just saying.
I can feel the angel of death's wings flapping around me.
But that's because you can all feel it.
Nuclear war, global government, new world order, open demonic pedophilia, surgical surgeries of hundreds of thousands of children, sterilizing them.
I mean we're in hell!
But when you're in hell, you can look up to the smoke and see the mountaintop and God.
And you can make the decision Tucker Carlson made, and the decision Joe Rogan has now made.
Told me.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
To turn the ship.
To join the resistance.
To join your ancestors.
To be honorable.
To be strong.
In the face of this deluge.
In the face of this assault.
In the face of this attack.
It's the decision that matters.
Not your body that'll pass away.
Not your wealth that means nothing.
But who you are at your core.
What you stand for.
That's your essence.
That's your soul.
And these are the times that try men's souls.
This life is a trial!
And I just want to make it across the finish line with my nose.
Because I want to be with God.
And I want my heavenly body to be accepted in The spirit group of my ancestors.
I've already seen them.
I've already been there.
I've already been there.
I get to see my grandparents, folks.
I get to literally go to the third heaven whenever God allows me to do it and just be there with all the beings of light, the angels.
I'm there.
I've already transcended the enemy, folks.
It's so real.
It's absolutely true.
I cannot believe that I became within millimeters of joining Satan.
Through pride when I was a teenager.
But I was not recruited.
I did not sign the enrollment.
I was not conscripted.
I signed on with Jesus.
Let's go to Carlos in Canada.
Carlos, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you very much.
I want to just bring back the people to the John F. Kennedy assassination and how that relates to the possible attempt to assassinate President Trump.
John F. Kennedy assassination was a revelation and it saddens me to see Robert Kennedy Jr., you know, talking about, you know, who was responsible.
I don't think He pretty well has the information.
For instance, I'll give you an example.
The Cubans couldn't have done it because Cuba was monitored by Russia.
Russia was in continuous contact since 1941 with Charles de Gaulle.
Charles de Gaulle had his agents all over New Orleans and so on.
He was going to be visiting Mexico, so he had it all set up.
And the questions that are not asked today, which are relevant, are who financially would have benefited in either direction for the assassination of the President of the United States What country would have dared to do so?
And who would have the largest to lose in the event that it was done sort of like by some crazy nut job from a window in a building?
So the point I'm making is that no one to this day, 60 years later, is looking at who was short selling.
The stock market at the time that it happened.
But on November 22, 1963, the stock market dropped from 12 o'clock noon or so.
Just the biggest drop since the 1930s.
Now, who benefited?
And the point is, although President Kennedy had a lot of people wishing to have him dead, okay, and just like with President Trump, there was a building of, you must hate him, you must hate him, you must hate him.
Oh, he'd be better if he was dead.
Days even before he was assassinated, you had the fact that the vice president could have organized, oh, listen, I want to kill the president.
I got the deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt.
We all know who did it.
It was the CIA.
And they used some Cuban cutouts and mafia cutouts as fallback groups to blame.
Charles Harrelson was there.
It's all well known.
It's like everybody knows they killed Kennedy.
And yet all the people concerned, like for instance, let's say Zapruder.
Abraham Zepruder.
You think that was just a guy taking a video?
Well, do you ever research Abraham Zepruder?
Who he was?
Where he came from?
Okay, what about the people around that?
Let's say a person that would shoot the president from a window, okay, when the president is going to be passing below, and then he's having a sandwich and a Coke.
Just like that, you know, and then later on runs away.
Has anybody investigated who, in fact, internationally would have given the go-ahead to do so?
Because internally, the United States didn't... I mean, imagine a country trying to kill the President of the United States.
They would never predict what the reaction of the United States would have been.
In any event, I don't, for one second, invite anybody to think about it from the perspective that, oh yeah, the CIA, sure, cover up, of course.
Yes, you know, all individuals you mentioned in the United States could have been involved, like Hoover on the cover up and so on, and President Johnson knew, and people knew that he was coming.
That I understand.
If you look even at the Mafia, for instance, there have been agreements between the government and the Mafia.
The Mafia would not kill politicians, judges, or, imagine, the president.
And Carlos Marcello, and Frank, you know...
I mean, the entire establishment wanted Kennedy dead.
that would have been associated with the mafia were very close to the Kennedy's.
They already had videos of the Kennedy's when he was a senator in a hotel in Berlin.
You can find it out from Gino Rossi, for instance, who wrote his...
I mean, the entire establishment wanted Kennedy dead.
They all got together, they decided on it, and we basically know...
I mean, I'm not mad at you bringing this up, Carlos.
I'm just saying, we've kind of been over this ground.
I mean, the shadow government killed Kennedy.
There's no debate about it.
I mean, it's... They wanted him killed because everything that, and now back to President Trump, everything that Kennedy did was undone by immediately after by the Vice President becoming President.
That's right.
Trump is trying to be President.
He's being his own man.
He's the one against the globalists.
They want him dead.
I appreciate your call.
You're absolutely right.
And now you look at DrudgeReport.com and Drudge obviously is a globalist captured institution and organization now.
And look at it, Tucker assassination theory.
That's the message to Tucker.
We're going to kill your ass if you don't shut up.
I'm not saying Drudge is making that threat.
I'm saying that's what it is.
Well, don't think Tucker doesn't already know that.
So I predict Tucker gets more hardcore after this.
I just have a little feeling.
Because that's the good part about this.
I don't wish Tucker any harm, and I don't wish myself any harm.
But you kill either one of us, it makes your problems ten times worse.
And you already know that, don't you?
But you might not be able to help yourselves.
Just know this.
We'll get you in the end.
Oh, yes, we will.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I would be killed for liberty for just one millisecond of
And I've already been given an eternity.
And you Satanists don't know, because you've never tasted it.
You have no idea.
You have no idea.
No idea.
And you're fools.
God's real.
You know you serve Satan.
You know Satan's real.
You love the devil.
You love cheating.
You love the power you got.
You know, I said I'd cover the ADL today, and I didn't.
But I'm coming in here at noon tomorrow live for at least two hours to cover false flags and the globalist New World Order plan for tyranny.
And everybody can join me at noon Central, 1 p.m.
Eastern, 11 Mountain, 10 Pacific.
And share that link.
When you get excited, tens of millions tune in.
When you don't, a million tune in.
And we're going to really take the New World Order to the woodshed and decode the whole enchilada.
Tina in Maine, you're on the air.
That's where Tucker is right now.
Tina, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thank you for supporting and fighting us humans on this earth in the fight for our civilization.
You literally We'll go down in the history books for being a disciple that you are.
So God bless you and God bless your family for sharing you with us.
God bless you.
I'm calling, I got a few plugs I want to make on three of your amazing products.
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I've been in and out of hospitals in oxygen tents due to breathing issues and immunity issues.
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Whenever and wherever we moved, we had to take mandatory vaccinations.
And just recently, Alex, I went into my vaccine records and discovered that I've been vaccinated 72 times.
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Uh, she, um, well, uh, lastly, uh, my husband, uh, he's been talking about this t-shirt that he thought it would be great if InfoWorth could come out with.
Everybody's talking about white supremacy, and unfortunately nobody talks about who those white supremacists are.
So he came up with this, uh, design on the front of the t-shirt.
It would be like a German swastika, and then A face in each one of those blocks, and one would be George Soros, the other would be Klaus Schwab, the other would be Bill Gates, and then Fauci.
And then on the back side, on the health ranger Mike Adams' website, he had a picture of Biden's face with COVID spikes coming out and doing fear-mongering and all.
So if you actually said who the white supremacist people are, maybe it might help the Americans know that You know, it's not just the white people.
I mean, it is the white elite people that are the white supremacists.
That are creating racial division.
And I'm going to do a lot of time on this tomorrow.
I said a lot of research today, but...
I'm out of time before the next guest host takes over.
We'll take a few more calls when we come back.
But absolutely, I'm going to go do the deep dive on the secret intelligence agencies, the ADL, and how they're censoring the crimes they're committing, and how to stop them tomorrow, 12 noon Central Time.
Tina, thank you so much.
Yeah, X, X3, it's basically sold out.
Vitamineral Fusion, basically sold out.
Superfluid Motality is amazing.
It's all there.
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All right.
It's a long haul.
It's a long fight.
Hour number four, more calls straight ahead.
Stay with us, with us, with us, with us, with us, with us.
So now the corporate media, Woo!
Let's move on to talking about Tucker getting killed.
They are desperate.
So the Globals are trying to block the sun out.
They're trying to cut down trees.
That cuts oxygen.
What else is there?
Banning water.
That's the new thing.
The only thing they haven't banned is part of the carbon cycle.
Bart wants to talk about that in Georgia.
Bart, welcome.
Yes, sir.
I heard Carlos discussing the murder of John F. Kennedy.
I want to discuss the murder of the world's ocean by pollution.
They ignore, I mean, they push global warming, yet ignore all the plastic in the ocean.
Oceanic plankton is bad because it makes 50% of our oxygen, Alex.
We need to get rid of that oxygen.
That's racist.
Yeah, we need to get rid of that water.
Like I last said, when I was in the Philippines, Manila Bay and Subic Bay, about four hours later, we're totally devoid of all fish.
That was nine years ago.
It's probably much worse now.
No, you're right.
We've definitely overfished.
The earth does have some issues.
Well, I think it's more of, in the Philippines, it's more of a pollution issue because from all the chemicals and all the plastics, I believe this is part of Killing the ocean by design.
What do you think?
How many people are going to die if the ocean dies?
Well, in Revelation it says the ocean basically does die.
What do you think is going to happen?
Oh, they're killing it right now and not many people are doing anything about it.
Yes, sir.
Well, that's the biggest thing.
The whole globalist fake environmental movement saying carbon dioxide is bad and the sun's bad diverts from all the real issues we've got.
Yes, sir.
We've got to save the ocean if we want to save humanity.
What did you see when you were in the Philippines?
You said it was just dead?
I mean, I'm scared of sharks and I wasn't scared to swim out there because there's no feed, no sharks.
There haven't been any sharks in that Pacific Bay.
It was where the old US military base was.
God, since the 80s.
I mean, there's no fish.
Well, you know, they make a lot of the pharmaceuticals in the Philippines and a bunch of stuff.
Yeah, they just dump it in the water.
Yeah, I do a lot of dynamite fishing, and I may wonder why there's no more fish.
Good points, brother.
Appreciate your call.
Abraham in Vegas, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Mr. Jones.
Welcome, sir.
I appreciate the honor to talk to you.
I've been a big fan for a long time, but I wanted to discuss something in regards to... I'm not sure if you've ever heard of a gentleman, sir, by the name of Mr. Philip Schneider.
He used to work as a geologist for the United States government back in 1979, and there was something called the Dulcey Wars.
I know this is going to sound crazy, but back in 1979, he was in charge as far as building underground bunkers.
As far as geologists and engineers involved in the construction of deep underground military bases known as DUM.
No, no, I interviewed him before he died.
I remember like 20-something years ago.
Oh, you remember this?
Oh, okay, okay, great.
And obviously, you know the history in regards to this gentleman and talking about the New World Order.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know if he's accurate about underground bases and alien wars.
I don't know.
Okay, gotcha, gotcha.
It's just very eerie that the information that he brought about and talk about the Black Budget Project and the trillion dollars that's been since that time.
Uh, but the thing is that he discussed in regards to the fact that the plan wasn't, again I know it sounds crazy, but as far as like trying to take our Second Amendment rights in order to defend ourselves, that it would happen right around 2028 or 2029.
And it just sort of coordinates with what's happening right now in this world.
So... Well I interviewed him right before he died, he died a couple years, like a year after I had him on, and I, I mean I don't know, I just go off what I can prove.
And I mean, they're cutting children's genitals off, they're, the world government's here, they're starting war with Russia.
I mean, we are, you know, they've indicted the presidential frontrunner.
I mean, that's just, I got so much stuff I can prove that I can't even hardly even think about all the stuff I can prove.
But I don't know if all that's true.
I've never seen an alien.
I don't know.
Gotcha, gotcha.
Well, that's interesting.
You did interview him.
I didn't know that.
I apologize.
Well, you're not supposed to know all that.
I've been on air 29 years and I'd say only I'd only say about 20 years is really online, part of it.
The stuff before that, very little is up there, and we don't really have copies of it, so, you know, that's a problem.
But people are finding it here and there, and it's going everywhere.
All right, brother, thank you, Abraham.
I can't get to Will and I can't get to Lee, but I'll call you tomorrow during the noon show I'm going to do,
because the great researcher Jay Dyer is taking over.
A lot of listeners have complained in the last two years that our amazing,
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Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
I'm in my makeshift studio, so that's why you see the corny green screen behind me.
So when we get this fixed, it'll be a better background, I promise.
Today I want to talk about a book that we haven't talked about yet in the fourth hour.
I know Alex has mentioned it many times over the years, and it's a key text because it was so accurate in what it said, and it was so Lambasted and it was derided at the time in the early 90s and that's the 1992 book.
The Committee of 300, the conspirator's hierarchy by Dr. John Coleman, a former British intelligence agent who eventually found out about this, what we can call Anglo-American establishment elite, the secret government, the shadow government that runs the Atlanticist establishment.
Every time I say that, people think I'm talking about Atlantis.
No, it just means the Western elite.
It doesn't mean Atlantis, it means the Atlantic and the elite.
In relationship to the Atlantic, as opposed to the Eurasian continent and so forth.
And this book was written right around the time that things were really heating up in regard to Bush, Bush Sr., the Gulf Storm, all that, Iraqi freedom, and the subsequent Iraqi false flags and invasions.
And he predicted that the false left-right would be used in the future As a way to corral the citizens into losing their liberties.
And so it was very accurate, very, very prophetic, even you could say.
And that's why I think for the skeptics for Dr. Coleman's work back in the day, back in, I remember in the 90s and the 2000s, when I was first getting into this kind of literature, I would see people saying, Oh, you can't trust his stuff.
He's just some, some guy it's all just made up.
And one reason they said that is that he doesn't provide a lot of sources.
Now that could be because...
At that time, a lot of writers, you know, typically, the further you go back in history, the less you find footnotes.
If you go back to the early 1900s, people didn't really footnote.
They might mention things in bibliographies or something like that, but it was kind of assumed that if you were in academia, that you were going to be forthright, you were going to tell the truth.
Now, it does list a lot of texts in the back, but he doesn't have a lot of footnotes for a lot of the claims.
But he also says that, you know, a lot of the stuff I got firsthand from being in British intelligence, And so there's not going to be an easy document that I can publicly reference everybody to.
So a lot of people kind of had to just take him at his word, maybe not on everything, but at least in some of the claims in the book.
And that's not surprising either, given the fact that, you know, there's strict laws in the UK that pertain to the National Secrets Act, Official Secrets Act.
So people in these situations could be prosecuted if they talked about anything that they actually knew about.
So a lot of British writers would write these things into fiction.
Well, Dr. Coleman wrote The Conspirator's Hierarchy in 1992, and at that time he was explaining what we would see in the coming decades.
And some of these predictions are so on point and accurate that I think the book is absolutely vindicated.
In fact, He lists some of the things to expect early on in the text, and he says that here is what the One World Government plans.
He says that they want to bring in a unified church, a new world religion, and a unified monetary system.
It will be under the direction of a single world government.
And it will do things like combine various religions into one.
And so the actions that we see with Pope Francis and the new Abu Dhabi Faith Center, which combines the three monotheistic religions into a new religion, Krislam, this kind of stuff, these are all manifestations of the things that were being written about decades ago by Dr. Coleman.
He says that this will entail, in part, the destruction of all national identity and national culture and pride.
So you can't have a nation-state because that's one of the firewalls that's in the way of globalization.
The utter destruction of all traditional religions, especially Christianity, has to be engaged in.
And this is his list of the things that they're going to try to do early on in the text.
Every person will be controlled through what Brzezinski calls technotronics, and we've covered Brzezinski's Between Two Ages many times.
I don't have to rehearse that.
That was written in the early 70s, and that's what got Brzezinski recruited into working for Kissinger and Rockefeller.
He ran, after that, the trilateral commission that was set up just for him.
The next stage that they want to engage in is what is called Zero growth society or ZPG, zero population growth and not just population growth, but zero growth in every other area in terms of the economy.
So you can't have, you're not going to have your own business, your own means of transaction.
You're not going to have your own capital that you're able to save up that you can bequeath to your children, inheritance, all these kinds of things.
And again, it's absolutely correct that these line up with Marx's planks of the Communist Manifesto.
It's not ultimately Marxists that run all this.
As Dr. Coleman accurately points out, it's the Committee of 300 who are above Marxism, who are actually monopoly capitalists and international usury-based corporate banking elites that run this whole system.
He says that, and that's what the Federal Reserve, right, is that system, that usury-based fiat system, the debt-based system that I'm talking about.
There will be an end to all industrialization and production as part of the zero population growth slash zero growth society.
So zero, ZPG doesn't just mean people.
That's the ultimate goal, getting the numbers down.
Get the numbers down.
But it also means not having any economic growth.
Banking elite, corporate elite, technical elite, putting in the means to destroy economic progress and destruction.
So you have to understand that it's not just incompetent people in Washington.
It's an actual strategized plan, and you know when we were covering Dr. Coleman's book that he has, for example, on Tavistock, he focused on how Tavistock was one of the leading psychological warfare think tanks.
Pushing a lot of this stuff and he wrote back then around the late 90s early 2000s when he wrote his tab stock book That they would push the new status of sexuality and it would be geared towards children So again, he was absolutely 100% correct in that book that the trans agenda would be pushed as the next phase after the the rainbow agenda And you have to understand that they're studying things.
I just got this one.
We know, as you guys know, we've lectured through Dr. Carol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope, but there's other texts, not just Anglo-American Establishment.
Dr. Quigley also wrote Evolution of Civilizations, which I just got.
And there's a lot of similar information in that book as well that shows that they study civilizations.
Wells, Toynbee, all of these people did civilizational studies for Wellington House, for British Intelligence, for Tavistock.
And that's because we're not under the British Empire.
We're under the same elite that ran the British Empire.
The Eastern Seaboard elite that aligned themselves with the real elite that run the British Empire.
When it failed, they just took over the engine of America.
That's why America engages in all these foreign wars and escapades, pushes all of this stuff across the globe.
It's because it serves the agenda of these people.
This is the actual elite international government.
And it's made up of a whole host of people and countries.
In fact, he calls them the Olympians because there's a comparison to the wise men
or the gods of Olympus or the ancient sages or Plato's Council of the Night, which is in Plato's Laws.
That's a secret shadow government that Plato came up with in his later writings.
And so that's why they're called the Olympians is that from their perspective,
they correspond to the gods and to these, the people who determine history
and are not viewers of history.
They're the ones that make history from their perspective.
The next strategies that would come into play would be the intentional legalization of drugs and all forms of sexuality and pornography.
And that's done as a weapon and as a means to control and debase society.
So you understand it's an intentional strategy of warfare.
It's not just incompetency.
It's not just people who are degenerate, who are in positions of power.
Certainly at the government strata, the government level, there's a lot of incompetent, stupid people,
but they're not the ones calling the shots.
These people are, the Anglo-American establishment, the Atlantis elite, that power block is calling the shots,
and they intentionally push these things through all of these think tanks,
foundations, NGOs, and so forth.
He goes on to say that large cities eventually would be compacted, but there would also
be depopulation measures put into place.
So how that goes about, we don't exactly know.
We don't know what they're going to do when they try to move us into these smart cities, but we know that the smart cities are absolutely part of this planned technocratic agenda to push everybody into, out of the rural places and into these giant nightmare dystopian cities like Blade Runner 2049, right?
And so, once that happens, the scenario, the stage is set for whatever means they want to try to use.
It might be offers of universal basic income for sterilization.
It might be bioweapons.
It could be anything.
We don't know.
But that's definitely part of this long-term plan to get everybody into megacities and smart cities.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, covering Dr. John Coleman's Committee of 300 Text, one of these classics.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You're listening to Jay Dyer, guest host.
And we are going through the classic text from Dr. John Coleman that predicted so many things that are now coming true.
He wrote this book in 1992, and he said, look, here is the New World Order plan.
Here is their agenda.
And pretty much everything that he wrote about in the book, he lists about 21 points that they have as part of their agenda to get done in the
next coming decades.
Most of these have been achieved and completed.
And a lot of the citations that he does give when he does cite things are books that we've
covered that we've lectured through.
He cites a lot of books like Changing Images of Man, The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn
Ferguson, Tavistock Institute books and texts pushing a lot of the agenda, the Club of Rome
agenda for austerity, the first global revolution, on and on and on.
Many of those texts are things that we've discussed, even to the point of getting really sophisticated in how British intelligence utilizes things like the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamic sects.
How that's been a tool of the British Empire for control all the way back to the time of Kim Philby and Kim Philby Sr., St.
John Hunt, excuse me, not St.
John, Philby Sr.
and T.E.
Lawrence, excuse me, St.
John Hunt, that relates to the JFK assassination.
But that's covered in the text by intelligence writer Stephen Dorrell.
When he gets into a lot of the inside covert operations.
This is an academic text as well.
This is not a conspiracy text about the history of British intelligence and their massinations.
And so what he writes in that book again, mainline text actually lines up with a lot of what Dr. Coleman goes into.
Now that's a mainline text, so he doesn't go into every single plan of the future, but he does mention MKUltra.
He does mention bio-warfare research at Porton Down.
He does mention things like Bilderberg Group, Anglo-American establishment, Royal Institute for International Affairs, as the very things in the background.
A British intelligence, and that's exactly what we've seen in many other texts that we've lectured through here, like the Yoan Ratio text on the Milner-Fabian circle.
So understand, all that stuff that I was talking about in the past, that's not disconnected.
These aren't a million different groups.
They're all part of the same structure, and it's the same people that go to the same groups, steering committees, meetings, etc.
It's that simple.
CFR, same people making up that structure.
So if you're getting confused or you think that you're getting lost in the weeds when you hear me lecturing through books like this about by Patrick Wood about Trilateral Commission, that's just another higher level of CFR people that Brzezinski ran.
It's all the same people, just different groups and meetings.
And probably a lot of that is intended to just confuse the public, right?
I mean, it's like, well, I can't keep up with all these groups, and so are you saying it's the Bilderbergs that run it, or are you saying it's the Club of Rome, or are you saying it's this other group?
No, it's all of these together, and the high-level people, right, in these groups, the 300 top, most important, powerful people are the ones that are calling the shots.
Ballers and shot callers, okay?
So the real shot callers.
People like Kissinger and Brzezinski.
Now those are the brains, right?
They're not the most wealthy people per se, but the really wealthy people will ask people like Kissinger and Brzezinski, hey, how do we get this done?
What do we do to move this technocratic agenda forward?
And that's why, for example, Kissinger and the CIA and Harvard set up the project that would create The Davos group out of Bilderberg, and then they put Klaus in that position.
So you see a pattern here of Kissinger spots Brzezinski, puts him in trilateral role.
Kissinger spots Klaus, puts him in Bilderberg and Davos role.
It's that simple.
This isn't even conspiracy, this is reality.
Anybody can go and verify and see if that's the case.
And so when Dr. Coleman was writing about these plans, the fact that all of these are spot on, I would say 90% of what he wrote about in that book has come to pass.
And so we can say, this is almost certainly correct.
He was legit.
Because I think if somebody writes a book and they're saying, here's what the plan is, and here's what they're going to do, there's tons of fringe wackos out there that put books out.
And most of that stuff doesn't ever happen.
Oh, Planet X is coming in, there's a poll shift, and it's next year.
If you've been in alternative media, you've been hearing that for 20, 30 years.
And most of the time, nothing ever comes out of that stuff.
But when you see a book like this saying, hey, I'm former British intelligence, you might think, okay, well, I'll be a skeptic.
Maybe you were, maybe you weren't.
The proof is in the pudding.
If what he wrote about has come true, and a lot of these are really shocking things.
He's not just saying that we're going to have a worse future.
Things are getting bad.
No, it's very specific.
For example, he says that you will see true scientific developments will be suppressed And false scientific theories will be pushed.
I think we've seen that quite a bit.
And what specifically are we talking about?
Well, he goes on to say the Global 2000 Report that was put out.
This relates to things like the Rio Summit that Alex talks about signing on to Kyoto Protocols back in the day where they're trying to really push all the green agenda back in the 90s.
He says that that will be pushed in the future under the guise of fake science, climate, etc.
And that the goal for pushing all of that is to get in place austerity measures that will kill at least, their target goal is at least three billion useless eaters in the third world.
So what you heard Alex always saying about the lockdowns killing millions of people, that is part of this.
Now that's not the, they didn't achieve everything there.
But the goal of these Malthusians is to eventually get to bringing it down to 3 billion, knocking down 3 billion and knocking it down to eventually just 1 billion people.
And then lower from there.
Greg Reese just did a report on that.
Where you saw some of these older climate green agenda people saying that.
I just watched a 60 Minutes report from, I think it was pretty recent actually.
And they were interviewing a bunch of today's Malthusians, including Paul Ehrlich, right?
Paul Ehrlich saying, It might have been an older interview, I don't remember, but I just recently watched this from 60 Minutes.
You can find it on, it's YouTube's presentation of World Wildlife Federation and 60 Minutes and Paul Ehrlich.
And they're literally just saying that we're not going to survive unless we get rid of everybody.
So this has not gone away.
It didn't go away because in the 90s they didn't get everything through with the Rio Summit and all that.
They just keep pushing it.
It's back.
And the COVID stuff, as everybody now knows, ties into that because they were able to see what happened to the economy when they shut everything down, what happened to how people interacted, social organization, and it fits perfectly into what they wanted.
Now, they may not have got everything that they wanted in that event, but that is a test that can tell them what to do in the next event.
And it's very likely that they're going to push a new version of that, as we've seen Alex broke in the last couple of weeks, the TSA whistleblower.
So you know, what do they say?
Climate lockdowns, climate lockdowns.
And so if there's a real lockdown beyond what we saw last time, a real pandemic or something like that, it'll be all the more justified to bring in these measures, which actually will be about mass depopulation.
Exactly how they'll do that, I don't know.
But according to Dr. Coleman's argumentation, He says that when they accepted a lot of this Malthusian stuff under Nixon and Carter Presidential Memorandum 200 with Kissinger and depopulation, he argues that the real stated goal was by 2050 to reduce the American population to under 100 million.
So that's just for the U.S.
That's not for the other countries.
I'm sure it's also massive as well.
Culture war is crucial as well, as he moves on to talk about the pushing of satanic pop music, satanic culture.
We've seen nothing but a tenfold explosion of that since the 1990s.
Gangster rap in the 90s is tame compared to what we see in pop culture nowadays.
It's pretty wild.
But when we come back, we'll get even deeper into Dr. John Coleman and the Committee of 300 on The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're working our way through the infamous, famous text that was much maligned and criticized and kind of neglected for many years, Dr. John Coleman's conspiracy hierarchy, the story of the Committee of 300.
And we're walking through his 21 point plan as to what the global elite had planned.
From the 1990s and before up into our day and up to 2050.
So remember there's actuaries and plans on the basis of various decades as to what they want to do by 2030, 2040, 2050.
Remember that the Club of Rome, or excuse me, the World Economic Forum put out in 2016 their things to expect by 2030 video.
And it included the possibility of the discovery of alien life, It included the demoralization and destabilization of Western civilization and the United States is no longer a superpower.
You will eat bugs and not meat.
You will have mass population displacement, demographic warfare.
You will have drones delivering everything to your door and you won't go shop anymore and you will own nothing and you will be happy.
That was the first point in that 23rd.
So that's what they have planned, the circular economy.
Look up the lectures of Ida Alkin.
This is just technocratic communism under a different name.
And everybody's going to fall for it because they think they're going to get a universal basic income.
They're going to get to live free and they're going to have a coom pod and they can just lay there and have sex with dragons and Mark Zuckerberg all day long.
That's what they think they're going to get.
But you're not going to get that.
It's all a trap.
And the various cities that are signing on to the Smart Cities Initiative that they're now pushing.
I think there's something like 15 cities that want to move in this direction.
This is all being sold to you under the guise of ease and simplicity and security, right?
You're going to be secure.
Everything can be surveilled.
Everything will be within walking distance.
It's going to be so easy.
That's why other cities were talking about a target goal.
I think Glenn Beck covered this of Basically getting rid of cars, right?
Banning meat and getting rid of cars.
Now, this wasn't a law that they passed.
And so when the fact checkers were trying to quote fact check this, they were debunking something that wasn't even being claimed.
These were just planned World Economic Forum goals that certain blue cities want to shoot for.
So there you have it right there that these blue cities are saying, we want to ban cars and we want to ban meat.
At least by 2030, 2040, that's what they actually said.
Future goals, future plans.
So you understand, even if you don't think any of this stuff is real, or you are a skeptic or whatever, they openly say, this is what we want to do by those decades.
And you read books like this, Dr. John Coleman's text, they said a lot more than that many, many years ago.
So this is absolutely a real plan.
We just talked about the drastic reduction in population that they want to do.
We talked about the promotion, lastly, of radical occult and satanic pop culture as part of the plan.
It doesn't mean everybody in the Committee of 300 openly worships Satan.
Some of them probably do.
I think many of them probably do.
But they don't have to because, from the vantage point of the technocrat, degenerate pop culture is a weapon.
You see that the passions, base, desires, these things can be weaponized to control and debase a society.
So they're useful as forms of warfare, siege and strategy.
The youth of the land, he says, will be encouraged by means of pop music drugs to rebel.
But this rebellion is not a real rebellion.
It's actually intended to destroy the family.
And that's a stated plan.
Now, could you imagine what John Coleman would have thought if he were able to, in 2023, see what Tavistock would be pushing across the world to all of the children.
I mean, even further than what he expected.
I don't know that even he expected that they would get to push globally the trans view.
But he says that if you read books like The Aquarian Conspiracy, which he believes, as many others believe, was not actually written by Marilyn Ferguson, but was actually written by Willis Harmon, who wrote Changing Images of Man, then you can see how this all fits into a corporate push.
Because in Marilyn Ferguson's book, she says that the push for this new Aquarian Age is actually going to be pushed by the corporations.
The corporate HR departments, That'll eventually be run by women and then the CEOs, which will eventually be women, it'll be much easier to get them to push this circular economy agenda and all of this as a package deal when the feminist feminocracy is in place.
So you understand they had to get the feminocracy in place first before this could happen.
He says next that the management of crises will be key.
So when there's a crisis, there will have to be things in place.
And he says that FEMA is one of these early versions of this.
But he says that other agencies will come along.
Of course, we've seen the TSA and other agencies come about since 1980 with FEMA and since Dr. John Coleman writing this book.
We've seen all kinds of secret government agencies.
We've seen the military have secret agents that they recruited thousands of,
the famous thing that came out about the army a few years ago.
The U.S. military has agents everywhere, and on and on.
So there's this giant bureaucracy of spies and agents everywhere.
And they play a role in not just surveilling, but eventually managing crises.
And crisis management, never let a good crisis go to waste, is one of the key elements of the elite.
It's a Hegelian process control mechanism where you not only create the problem, you are already there with the solution to the problem that you either steered or caused to bring about the end results that you wanted.
More control, loss of civil liberties, and that's what all these operations like 9-11, OKC, those all led to the future control mechanisms that we now have.
There will be a massive influx of new cults and New Age movements.
He says these are crucial.
He says that you can go back to the 60s counterculture to see the beginning of the studies of those things,
how to engineer music and things like the counterculture.
And he says that will eventually result in the promulgation of mass cult beliefs.
And when I see people who believe that they're animals, and I see furries and these kinds of weirdos,
those are just manifestations of this very thing.
A cult doesn't have to be somebody with a crazy-eyed leader who's up there telling them what to do,
you know, Jim Jones or something.
A cult can be a bizarre manifestation of a delusion that society now says is acceptable.
Like identifying as something that you're not, or identifying as a dog or a cat or whatever you feel.
And that couldn't have happened without the mass promulgation of relativism.
Okay, whenever I say this, people think I'm talking about Einstein.
I mean, that might be a physics corollary to relativism.
No, I'm talking about in the philosophical sense, relativism is the idea that there's no truth that's objective, and there are no morals that are objective.
Everything is subjective.
And so it's whatever you feel.
Or it's a social construct.
So you see that the population had to be injected with philosophical relativism through a hundred years of state education brainwashing to believe there's no such thing as truth.
To then be prepped for the system dictating to you that a man is a woman, if they want it to be.
That you can be a dog if you identify as that.
Any delusion is now acceptable because your own subjective will can determine reality like magical thinking.
You couldn't have that done without the population mass brainwashed with relativism.
That first, then you can have all of these things that are the inversion of truth and reality, the inversion of hierarchy, the inversion of patriarchy, the inversion of morals, None of that could have happened or been successful without decades and decades and decades of brainwashing people into relativism, moral relativism, subjectivism, epistemic relativism.
That just means that there's no truth.
No, there's nothing in terms of knowledge that's true.
You don't know anything true.
I don't know anything true.
Everything is whatever floats your boat.
Whatever you want, do whatever you want.
Do what thou wilt.
You can see where it leads.
If there's no truth, then anybody and everybody can just determine their own truth.
And if that's the case, then I can identify as a puppy dog today.
I can identify as a piece of popcorn tomorrow.
It's funny though, because I can't identify as Bill Gates.
I can't identify as Elon Musk and, you know, suddenly be a billionaire, right?
No, no.
You can only identify as what's degenerate.
That's the key.
This is the Alex Jones Show.