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Name: 20230825_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 25, 2023
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This is a transcript from an episode of the Alex Jones Show in 2023 discussing Trump's indictment, Biden's plans to restrict beef and alcohol sales through an ID system, and introducing new Trump- themed merchandise available on Infowars.com. The show also mentions the end of the August Super Sale with discounted products almost sold out and the continuation of a flash sale for X3 and Vitamin Mineral Fusion products. The video discusses wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, alleging a conspiracy involving BlackRock and the Obama Foundation. It promotes various products available at Infowars store, including CBD oil and toothpaste, and addresses the attack on civil liberties and need for unification to protect freedoms. Drew Hernandez announces his new show "Unauthorized with Censored.TV" and discusses federal whistleblowers' claims of possible lockdowns due to COVID-19 cases increasing. The show accuses Putin of being the reason for all evil in the world, blames him for everything going wrong, and rants about woke diversity hires and Kamala Harris. Another segment finds a moment during a debate cringeworthy where a woman suggests sitting down with communists and weaponizing government agencies before saying that women belong in the kitchen. The show also promotes Minuteman Coffee available at infowarstore.com and talks about the history of fluoride in drinking water as a way to dispose of toxic industrial waste."

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It's not just the police that shouldn't follow unlawful orders.
It's all of us.
The Germans were very moral, hard-working, per capita the smartest people in the world, historians said at the time before World War II.
The most inventions, the hardest working, but Germans are known for one thing, aren't they?
following orders, following rules.
But if there's not a rule, then the Germans will do whatever they want.
But what happens when you have bad rulers over you?
And now you'll do whatever the Fuhrer says.
This government is completely overrun.
Total corruption everywhere.
We have cancer.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
We interrupt this broadcast with a special report from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Attempts have been made to neutralize the InfoWarrior known as Alex Jones.
Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
We're not gonna go down and just shut our mouths and just put up with this.
We know where the bodies are buried, folks, and one way or another we're gonna We're receiving reports that Alex Jones has broken through the front lines and is now heading toward the broadcast studio.
All efforts to silence him have failed.
Emerging victorious against the New World Order, here's your host, Alex Jones.
Find the InfoWars transmission at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems, and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuance, or full space-time.
Where people aren't extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's News.
Hello Americans, I'm Paul Harvey.
If I were the devil.
If I were the prince of darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness.
And I'd have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree.
So I've set about however necessary to take over the United States.
President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting.
I'd subvert the churches first.
I'd begin with a campaign of whispers.
With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve.
Do as you please.
To the young, I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.
I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around.
I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square.
And the old I would teach to pray after me.
Our father, which art in Washington.
And then I'd get organized.
I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting.
I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.
I'd peddle narcotics to whom I could.
I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.
I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.
If I were the devil, I'd soon have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves, until each in its turn was consumed.
And with promises of higher ratings, I'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames.
The President of the United States is racist.
If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect the disciplined emotions just let those run wild.
Within a decade, I'd have prisons overflowing, I'd have judges promoting pornography.
Soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress.
And in his own churches, I would substitute psychology for religion.
I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money.
If I were the devil, I'd take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.
I would caution against extremes.
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
In hard work, in patriotism, in moral conduct, I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on TV is the way to be.
And thus I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure.
In other words, if I were the devil, I'd just keep right on doing what he's doing.
Now you know...
the rest of the story.
[outro music]
Tomorrow's news.
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, August 25th.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to have open phones throughout the broadcast and a ton of incredibly important news as always.
If you're a TV viewer, there it is.
The mugshot of mugshots in history.
The fourth raft of indictments turning himself in in Atlanta yesterday.
And look at the look on his face there.
Nothing but pure determination.
Regardless what you think of Trump, you can't help but admire his staunchness, his will to persevere.
He is certainly dauntless.
I think of myself as dauntless and our crew as Dogged and persevering, but man, I tell you, Trump takes the cake.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've all had our share of persecution at the hands of the CIA and the globalists that are now out in the open in a coup against our country, against our elections.
And Biden, as I told you, is announcing plans to restrict and ban beef.
And 14 cities are banning beef outright.
Biden's also announcing a plan to restrict alcohol sales through an ID system that New York's already starting.
So that's just the social credit score.
It always starts with something like alcohol and tobacco, but of course, then it's your vaccine records, your political record.
It's all about the social credit score.
So we're going to be looking at what happened in Georgia yesterday.
And we have put into production today, and they're going on sale as we speak at InfoWareStore.com, to fund the operation and to get the word out, two different variants of a new Trump shirt.
We already put out one when he was supposedly going to be mug shot before, but they were smart in New York and didn't want to give him that political iconic image.
Early backfires on them.
So they didn't do one, because they do whatever they want.
So we put out one.
It's a designer collector shirt.
When those are gone, there's gone.
There's only like 500 left.
But the two new shirts are the real mugshot.
And say never surrender on the back.
Infowars.com on the front.
Political prisoner with an image of President Trump.
And those shirts are being made right now.
You can order them right now at Infowars.com.
They're a limited edition shirt.
We're printing 5,000 of them, and that's it.
When they're gone, they're gone.
All new shirts we do, it's important for folks to know, are limited edition, high-quality designer shirts.
And when they're gone, they're gone.
So as we speak, that'll be on the shopping cart at infowarestore.com.
Also, this weekend is the end of the August Super Sale.
Christmas comes in August, so that means all the gigantic discounts, the sales as big as a Christmas sale, as big as they get, We'll be ending this weekend because so many of the products are almost sold out.
The sale that will continue on for a few days into next week is the X3 and Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
Flash sale for 40% off and double Patreon points, but that will be ending as well.
Those are both amazing products and it is your funds that keep us on air.
So I want to thank you for that.
But what's having the big effect out there is you taking clips of the show and sharing the clips is really having a massive effect and is changing public opinion, not just here, but around the world.
It was last Friday that together We were able to push the big story out based on my whistleblowers.
They were about to roll out the COVID restrictions.
And then like we rang a dinner bell or something.
That night, the whole thing was already pre-planned.
We didn't know that.
I thought they'd launch it in a few weeks.
Rolled it out.
And so now there is major pushback in Congress and in the governorships and by the people as they attempt to roll those restrictions.
Back out so they can have mail-in ballots coming up next year, which helped them steal, was critical in helping them clinch the theft of the 2020 election.
But again, it's Friday, August 25th, 2023.
They're on screen for TV viewers, you see it.
Mug shot, 45th President of the United States.
August 24th, 2023, when they took the photo last night.
And let this sink in for just a minute.
You have all the incredible crimes of Biden and his son, and of the globalists, and of Big Pharma, and of Fauci, and of Bill Gates, and the human smuggling, and the hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths, and just the destruction of the blue cities and states, and the exodus out of their collapsing systems, as Biden cuts off our energy supplies and finances defunding of police operations.
You have Hunter now, it turns out, involved in a whole bunch of other new crimes we're discovering we'll be talking about, but the system knows that they're above the law, and they are flaunting all of this arrogantly in our face.
We'll be breaking all of that down, but I gotta tell you, since the tragic Maui fires a few weeks ago, we now have a crystal clear picture Of exactly what happened.
And in the third hour today, I'm going to do a deep dive after we take calls on this, but it is incredible.
And the reason the local newspapers and the Associated Press and others had to admit the truth, that the police barricaded the people under orders into the town, even though the road was wide open, and watched them burn up and die, Under orders, that indeed that is what killed the majority of the people.
So they didn't just cut the water off, they didn't just leave the power on, they didn't just not trim the trees around the power poles, they didn't just not turn the alarm on, all of that, they confirm, and now it's on video, not just eyewitnesses, murdered the people that weren't able to go down alleys and side streets and that didn't have off-road vehicles.
And some got stuck but still were able to run to the ocean.
So this is default bureaucratic murder to get the most expensive land in the United States.
This was pre-planned.
They wanted the people dead so that they couldn't stand up for their property and so it would be more easily taken from them.
Now I'm not saying the police themselves were conscious of this.
They followed orders.
They've now talked to the press.
They said, we were told They don't say about who to do this.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a bunch of videos now, not just of what Fish said a week and a half ago, a well-known old man that lives on this, doesn't live on the street, but he works on the street, lives on a small farm, and he weaves hats and sells them.
It's not just his eyewitness reports.
Now some of the people out of the thousand plus that didn't make it out, that did get out, have now uploaded their videos.
And it is the police ordering them to stay there.
Now, I've also been criticized, I noticed quite a bit on Twitter, that I'm covering up direct energy weapons and space lasers.
Hey, Greg Reese has done reports on that.
We've had a lot of other guests on that have talked about it.
Dwight Stupeters, and of course, Mr. White.
And others.
And I think it's reasonable to look at that, and it's reasonable to discuss that, and direct-to-energy weapons are a real thing.
But if you look at California, and you look at Hawaii, they are both run by leftists, and again, controlled by BlackRock, who owns the majority of those power companies, including 90% of the power company that delivers 98%.
of the power in Maui, and they admit they didn't trim the trees back, they admit they left the power on, and we have the power lines falling in the wind and catching fire video after video.
So, we know they did it, we know they blockaded them in, now we need to know who gave the orders so they can be indicted and arrested.
You know it goes all the way to the top to Black Rock.
This is administrative mass murder.
We'll be right back.
Again, I'm going to open the phones up for the entire broadcast today.
Drew Hernandez is going to co-host the fourth hour you're visiting.
Always informative, always dynamic.
I am really stunned to my core by Maui, and I'm going to spend almost the entire third hour on it and play these devastating clips.
Of people trapped with the police not letting them out, with the fire behind them, and we have the eyewitnesses that it was totally clear on the highway to get out.
And people had such trust in the system they sat there and burned to death.
Now obviously the police, they told the witnesses this, well we're told under orders you can't leave.
With fire behind them.
That is what following orders will get you into.
And that is horrifying.
So I'm going to say it again.
We know how the fire started.
We know who owned the system.
We know who didn't trim the trees.
We know who cut off the water.
We know the two emergency managers of the state and the county were both meeting on another island in Hawaii while this was all going on.
We know they've got a 12-mile exclusion zone.
We know FEMA is having people arrested.
There's videos of that, trying to videotape.
Or take photos?
Even locals?
Just like the Feds tried to cover up what happened at Waco when they burned them out.
This has happened.
This was administratively done.
and the fact that they would pull something like this and get away
with something like this is just
staggering that they're this arrogant.
And if we just sit here and let them sweep us under the rug, none of us are safe.
We're all next if they get away with Lahaina.
And again, this is so open and shut that I am staggered by it.
Rob Duke came over to my house at 8 a.m.
this morning.
And we shot a 30 minute report on this that he's going to add a lot of documents and videos to that we'll put out tomorrow.
Also shot a report for Steven Crowder's great outfit, jonescrowder.com.
It's part of his operation.
That'll be up in a few hours.
Dealing with depopulation and the documents and the quotes and a deep dive on that.
So I'm a busy beaver.
It's become somewhat of an internet situation as well.
Let me just get this out of the way.
That is Alex Jones have COVID and I took two COVID tests.
I do not have COVID.
I have laryngitis and it is a combination of allergies and taking up cigar smoking again.
Great people like Gary Haben give me boxes of hand-rolled custom Cuban cigars that are the most delicious, sweet-smelling, tasting things on earth.
And he just gave me like 20 more of the evil things.
And I have a problem with inhaling cigar smoke.
I'll kick 90% out of it out, but I'll suck a little in and shoot it out my nose.
And there's nothing better than a Cuban cigar and a glass of whiskey on the rocks.
And so I am giving away the Cuban cigars today to the rest of the crew.
Already most of them have been given away.
I've still got about 15 left.
I don't like giving them away, because they are the most delicious things ever, but he's a billionaire, and he's a great patriot, and he's a fellow Texan, and these are the best hand-rolled in Cuba that he gets.
And it's just my favorite cigar, and I've just got to get rid of them.
So this is all self-inflicted here, ladies and gentlemen.
I smoked a big ol' fat one when I interviewed Andrew Tate, and it just makes the show go by so much better.
I didn't have any whiskey, but a nice cup of coffee.
See, now I'm lusting after the cigars.
Lord, please, why did you put something this good on earth that's so bad if we weren't supposed to do it?
Most cigars are okay, but man, when you get Tell you what, will somebody go get me one off my desk?
There's a whole bag of them in there, and I'll hand them out to you guys if you like cigars.
I like saying they're evil and bad, and I'm gonna be one of the crews like, yes, we want them, we want them.
I think my office door is open, or if it isn't, just go open it up, and bring these little devils in here, and I'm gonna give the rest of them away right now.
Because I'm actually wanting to fire one up right now, and that's not a good idea.
Excuse me, folks, we've got a lot of really heavy news, and the end of the republic, as we know it, is looking more and more like a foregone conclusion.
And I start waxing on, waxing eloquently or trying to wax eloquently on the sweetest cigars ever.
But I digress, ladies and gentlemen, and just wanted to Let you know that we're going to open the phones up on any item or any topic you want to cover.
I am not idling my engine here.
For lack of news, quite frankly, it's all so insane, so over the top, confirming everything the globalists said they were going to do decades ago.
You see, this is not things Alex Jones said are coming true.
This is what the New World Order said they would do is coming true.
And that's an important distinction because They're going to carry out the forced depopulation of 90% of us and their time frame is 2030 and they have their surrogates all over the news telling us that it's the end of the world as we know it.
And that it's our fault that all the systems are breaking down, while they deliberately go down the line, turning the civilization, the civilizational infrastructure off in front of us.
And everything else flows downstream from that.
But that's the fount of it.
BlackRock with 15 trillion dollars In liquid assets, they've got quadrillions leveraged, and they control almost every major CEO, almost every major pension fund, and they get up on TV and say, we're going to control every aspect of your life, we're going to break your families up, we're going to make you eat bugs, and we're going to, you know, do all of this.
And it's their policies that can destroy any company they want that doesn't get in line with the ESGs.
So they may be getting rid of the name ESG because people woke up to it, but the same ESG system is here.
And here's an example.
Elon Musk is being sued by the Justice Department because he is refusing to hire illegal aliens.
He'll hire foreigners.
They've got visas.
But he's not hiring people that aren't here legally.
I mean, you've seen, where they're hiring illegal aliens to be police in Illinois now.
So it's just crazy how much control these monsters already have over us at every level of our lives.
All right, we're gonna come back and just go through all the news and take your phone calls.
We'll do the deep dive on Trump and what just happened in Georgia.
All right, it's Friday.
We're 30-something minutes into the broadcast.
August 25th, 2023.
And I'm going to run through a bunch of the news right now and then give the number out and take your phone calls.
So we have the iconic mugshot.
We have Trump energized, defiant, pointing out that this is total election meddling, that this is how the Democrat Deep State conducts their campaigning.
And everything that they accused Trump of, they themselves are now doing.
Here's the Club of Trump talking about it.
Thank you very much for being here.
I really believe this is a very sad day for America.
This should never happen.
If you challenge an election, you should be able to challenge an election.
I thought the election was a rigged election, a stolen election.
And I should have every right to do that.
As you know, you have many people that you've been watching over the years do the same thing, whether it's Hillary Clinton or Stacey Abrams or many others.
When you have that great freedom to challenge, you have to be able to.
Otherwise, you're going to have very dishonest elections.
What has taken place here is a travesty of justice.
We did nothing wrong.
I did nothing wrong.
And everybody knows it.
I've never had such support.
And that goes with the other ones, too.
What they're doing is election interference.
They're trying to interfere with an election.
There's never been anything like it in our country before.
This is their way of campaigning.
And this is one instance, but you have three other instances.
It's election interference.
It's naked, open election interference.
They have indicted him, federally and at the state level, in D.C.
and in Georgia, for doing what they themselves have done.
And it's just the beginning.
They now go on Government, state-run media like MSNBC and CNN, that's what it is, and you notice they say, oh, we're going to set up Homeland Security to go after Trump supporters.
They're the new terrorists, they're the new enemy.
The very definition of living in a North Korean or communist Chinese or Hitlerian type state.
Update, Trump hires lawyer who got rapper Gunna out of prison in the YSL Rico case.
Some MAGA fans think a pro-Trump rally outside the Atlanta jail was an FBI setup.
NBC News.
No, what people are saying is be careful when you go to any of these Trump events, which you should go to, and have your cameras out and watch out for re-ebs types.
That's what we're saying.
And the idea that that isn't a threat is preposterous.
Federal judge says Texas can't reject mail ballots with wrong voter ID.
Judges have also been ruling around the country, both Republican and Democrat, that postmarked ballots that came in after the law says you can have ballots will be accepted.
In Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Michigan, in Arizona, all the key battleground states yet again.
Isn't that interesting?
Total, complete, absolute election meddling.
Let's play a few more of these clips.
CNN putting his inmate number up on the chyron.
Play clip 13.
And, by the way... Sorry, this is the inmate number for the former President of the United States.
P... Is that a zero or an O?
Former President of the United States has an inmate number, and it's P01135809.
I think it's a good reminder of what Van was saying.
I think it's worth pausing here now that we've been through four of these arraignments, indictments, that our system has held up.
Here's Trump arriving.
Our system has held up.
Yes, our system.
Standing up against the criminal Trump.
While Biden and his controllers and his idiot son commit incredible crimes in front of us.
And march the world deeper into World War III.
Just staggering images.
Alright, it's going to be an absolute free-for-all.
Any question, any comment, any topic.
First-time callers, long-time callers.
Agree, disagree, have a question.
Anything goes, as long as you have a clear phone line and you're not cussing.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
The phone system is open and your calls are coming in.
(camera shutter clicks)
Now, let me go through some more of the news that we'll be delving deeper into throughout the broadcast today.
One week after we broke the news of them planning to bring back the COVID restrictions incrementally, starting with masks and vaccine mandates for all sorts of universities and other institutions, It is now all officially been announced.
Every establishment mouthpiece from the New York Times to ABC to CNN are all reporting that there will be a move to bring back COVID restrictions.
And I really couldn't believe some people doubted me or even left this media came out Friday and made fun of me.
Jones is making all this stuff up.
When it was directly from whistleblowers, and you could even go look at the news and see the rollout right then.
So now they've got pretty serious egg on their face.
And I think, thanks to listeners and viewers getting that story out, it's still one of the top stories in the world.
It's huge, mega viral, that they may be forced to back off.
I don't know how far they're going to go, but remember, we had to protest and file lawsuits and demonstrate and judges had to get involved.
To back him up the last time.
So why don't we just start resisting early now, legally and lawfully and through civil disobedience, and get on the offensive to bring Fauci and Gates and Peter Daszak and the whole group to justice.
And there are major criminal investigations going on by states.
Criminal investigations have been referred by the Senate.
So we've got a real chance here.
That's stopping this.
They're very upset with you.
They're very upset with me because they wanted to incrementally roll this out.
Oh, just 14 days to wear the mask to slow the spread.
They're actually saying that on the news.
That's a talking point.
And people aren't buying it.
But it'll be very interesting to see how fast they roll this out.
And I need to make contact again with my sources and say, have you heard anything new?
Because they were both told, in two different branches of the federal government, Border Patrol and TSA, that they were told the policies would be coming out in the next week or so, and that they would expect it by the middle of September.
And you notice what comes out on September 15th?
Magically, a vaccine that, quote, protects you from the new variant, they just magically already had ready.
So the masks go back on, but don't worry, we've got the solution.
And even though less people will take the next round of poison shots, they'll still fool 50 million, 100 million, I don't know.
We'll have to wait and see, unfortunately, that they can rope into their nets.
So you ask, why would they run the same play again?
Well, because they've got a long way down the road with it.
So, Thank God we're not just sitting here reactively, but we're ahead of the curve and got the jump on them.
And you see when we have media and we have active listeners to spread the word, we can punch through with the truth and really get the enemy off balance.
So we should all strategize the callers as well if you want to bring it up.
I'm not going to make you talk about what I want to, but I'm...
How do you think we get ahead of this even more?
What are other issues we can get ahead of?
Well, we've gotten ahead of a lot of it.
That's why we're to Mars News today.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
But we can't stand firm without you.
And that's why, temporarily, we're on this planet.
You get all the credit.
Of course, God is the director of our destiny and we choose it.
So God is the great arbiter and all credit goes to God.
But I really mean to the listeners, the viewers, the crew, everybody, you're the reason we're here.
And I want you to remember that every minute and understand how important you are.
And that's why when I come and tell you the great victories we're having together, it's not about bragging because it's very dangerous to do.
Look at President Trump.
Four indictments, 750-something years he faces, going into rigged jurisdictions, rigged juries.
The only place he's got any shot is Miami.
Because, man, let me tell you, the public is dumbed down now.
There's a lot of awake, smart people, but they're a minority.
But there are just dumbed down people and they rig these trials.
They don't let the information in front of people.
They don't want you to defend yourself.
They let people lie about you.
And then people don't really have that rebel spirit in a lot of places, especially D.C.
and places like Atlanta for whatever reason or Austin for that matter.
And it's night and day what jury you'll get in some place like Montana or Tennessee versus what you'll get in some place like Austin, Texas or Atlanta, Georgia.
Because you'd think of these as formerly more conservative areas.
They're not, folks.
Austin indicted Rick Perry, who's not perfect, but not a criminal in my view.
When he vetoed a state agency's funding, an anti-corruption watchdog agency, that was getting like $50 million a year, and the exact details, but something like half the money came from the legislature, the other half was given by the counties.
And so he said, if you don't fire the Travis County District Attorney, I'm going to veto the money.
Under the law, governors can veto stuff.
And he vetoed it and they criminally indicted him.
Took him three years and two and a half million dollars to beat it.
You type in Rick Perry talks about his criminal charges and he tells a story.
That's the same Travis County that said I was guilty and told the jury I was guilty and defaulted me and said you're here to decide how guilty he is.
That's what Trump's facing but in criminal trials.
And it works, folks.
I have sat there myself and watched them bring up to a jury with no evidence that you're a quote racist and the liberals look at you and shake their heads and you're going to be civilly or criminally convicted.
That's why my infrastructure's here, my family's from here since when the town was called Waterloo.
People ask why I live in Austin.
I don't take credit for my ancestors, that's not my deeds that were done, but they wrote the first charter for the rebellion in East Texas at Washington on the Brazos.
They were at the Hermitage with President Jackson, who sent them down here to orchestrate it.
And that's on my mom's side of the family.
They also raised Colonel Travis's son.
Colonel Travis was killed.
His final letter is to my family on my mom's side.
And then on my dad's side, it's similar illustrious stuff.
Also, Confederate generals in the whole nine yards.
But I don't live off the past glories of my ancestors, but it is a very saddening thing to We'll be looking in the next few years to having to shut this operation down here and have a leaner, meaner operation maybe in Georgetown, north of Austin.
It's conservative.
Maybe, I mean, I don't know.
But I can't live here because the enemy took it.
And it's not running to pull back to different ground in your own state.
That's why I'm so saddened by the fall of Austin.
And it's total election fraud.
I caught them back in the mid-90s.
There were newscasts about it.
The state board said they're allowed to have fraud.
It doesn't matter.
I mean, it's just, when Democrats get control, you don't have fair and free elections.
And everybody knows that.
And the evidence is overwhelming.
And you have a right to say it.
And now they're trying to criminalize investigating them.
What does that tell you?
They're going to a one-party system.
What did Senator Josh Hawley say two weeks ago?
I played the clip probably five times.
In fact, cue it up again.
Because you've heard me define this as a one-party tyranny that wants the Republican Party to be a broken regional party that it only allows to operate ceremonially.
And then you'll have an oligarchy or a plutocratic state, and all those words mean things, that run things, but they're setting up an oligarchy with
oligarchs, corporate oligarchs over the world with these plutocrats. They're in control
and you know what their religion is.
Sexualization of children, pedophilia, this insanity, total surveillance,
nihilistic annihilation of cheap energy and food for the general public.
I mean, the nastiest, cold-blooded, just sinister, psychotic demeanor and bearing.
And you see Miami and you think, wow, that's the best shot Trump's got, and it is.
And it's just absolutely disgusting that that's not even a fair shot, but it's not a completely rigged shot.
And you see him knowing the country's in trouble.
Andrew Tate put out a really powerful tweet yesterday.
I meant to give it to the crew.
Maybe you guys could scroll in there and find it.
You know what, if you go to Trump, coming back to Twitter, and it's the first one under Under him right there, under his mugshot photo.
And Andrew Tate said, Trump can look at the runway and knows that we're about to run on a runway.
And he knows he has to do what he's gotta do.
And that's what Trump has said!
Trump has said, I mean, this country is literally being destroyed by people that have sold us out to Communist China and everybody else that are involved in every crime you could ever imagine.
Mass human trafficking of children, pedophilia, Devaluation of the dollar.
Look at the cities they run.
I mean, once beautiful cities.
I mean, New York, amazing city.
San Francisco, amazing.
I love going to New York.
I love going to Seattle.
I love going to Portland.
I love going to San Francisco.
was pretty fun.
And they're scary now, folks.
I mean, real scary.
I mean, you've got to work hard to destroy something like that.
So these are some nasty hombres.
We're gonna go to break, come right back with your calls.
But speaking of nasty, the Maui thing is open and shut.
Every level, they set it up as a tender box and then set up the conditions.
no water, left the power on, blockaded the people in, that's AP's word,
barricade and blockade, and then watched them barbecue.
Watch them be incinerated.
Alright, we're going to go to break here in a couple minutes.
Let me tell you what else we got here.
I got a whole stack on Biden set to announce the climate emergency.
I told you two years ago, that would be the next thing they did after COVID because it was in the WF documents.
People said, oh, you're crazy.
New York Times, Jones is insane.
They had articles, oh, crazy people even a month ago are saying there's a climate emergency coming and he's going to cut the energy off.
What do you think he's been doing with the Keystone Pipeline and everything else?
So they deny, deny, deny while they're rolling it out.
And then once it goes full operational, they go, "Okay, big deal, it's good."
So they're going to shut down more refineries, more oil drilling, more gas drilling, more pipelines,
ban beef and other meat in 14 cities. Just ban it. I'm going to show you, ban it. Like,
you know, ban your gas stoves and ban gas heaters and ban gas water heaters and ban gas lawnmowers.
I mean, remember just a year ago, he said he was planning that.
It was in policy papers.
They went, oh, it's insane!
It's not happening!
Oh, now it's sad cars are banning everything!
So we've got all that.
I mean, look at the size of that stack.
That's amazing.
We've got the southern border now completely wide open.
They've cut everything down and they just wave everybody in.
We've got video of that.
We've got Musk vowing to sue Soros over NGOs.
We've got school board fires Satan-worshipping non-binary teacher.
We've got this latest video, Texas board has cops forcefully remove father reading pornographic book found in school library.
That's right, you as an adult can't show it in public.
It's obscene, but your child when they're nine years old can be given it and taught how to have sex with adults.
Yep, in the book, man pulls down his pants to the little kid.
You know the rest of the story.
You can't show that at a city council, or college council, or high school council, or middle school council.
You can't show that anywhere.
That's only to be given to children by the same teachers that tell them how to get in line to have their penises chopped off.
This is our psychotic, nutball government.
Alright folks, we'll be right back.
Tom Tomorrow's News today.
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I want to thank you all for your support.
Popular talk show host, Nico House, makes a really good observation here I want to play before we go to your phone calls.
And that's that you don't have to listen to Alex Jones.
Yeah, I mean, I pay attention.
I got some smart guests on.
I'm smart.
But if you just look around you, You don't need me to tell you it's in a policy report they want to ban your gas stoves.
They're doing it!
You don't need me to tell you they're shipping illegal aliens in.
Look around you!
You don't need me to tell you they're trying to bring back the COVID crap.
Look around you!
But the system ridicules those of us that tell the truth, hoping we just don't want to be ridiculed, so we'll shut up.
No, I'm not shutting up.
I'm really blown away, though, that the corruption is so insane, and the people follow orders so much.
That they would do the things they did in Maui, I'm going to cover next hour after calls, and in front of everyone, and even mainstream media admits it, and then there's no talk of arresting these people.
I mean, they just murdered a bunch of people.
It's manslaughter if they're just negligent.
But let me tell you something.
It'd be like somebody never played golf before on a 200-yard drive from the tee, hitting the ball perfectly into the damn hole, a hole-in-one.
It doesn't happen.
This level of incompetence was perfectly delivered.
Perfectly delivered.
Everything was done just right to do this.
I mean, just alone, having the police barricade the one road out, when the fire's coming from the other direction, and there's no fire in the direction they're trying to go, and the fire's coming up behind them, and you sit there while they die, and then the police drive off and leave them, and some people escape.
The people couldn't get out till the cops, oh that's the other part, till the cops finally ran themselves!
How do they sleep at night?
How have we produced such trash?
Remember him doing the hand sanitizer for 76 minutes, standing around?
Because the chief of the police in Uvalde, of the school police, just ordered them to.
People begging for their lives.
People on 9-1-1, he's coming into our room!
He's gonna kill us!
Please help us!
For over an hour.
And finally, a couple feds, not lionizing them, that's just who did it, Federal Marshal and some Border Patrol got there and ran in and killed the son of a bitch.
I mean, it's just crazy.
I know one of the guys that did it.
And it's just over the top, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely over the top.
Here, let's go to this clip.
We'll come back with your phone calls.
Here's Nico House.
So Alex Jones came out with a video saying that TSA whistleblowers contacted him and told him that they will be bringing back masks and vaccine mandates to airports by October.
Now I know some of you are going to want to say, what?
That's Alex Jones.
Why are you even reporting this?
That man is crazy.
That doesn't even sound reasonable.
No mainstream media reported this, except for a few things you should consider.
Like the fact that TSA and the federal government never wanted to lift the mask mandates to begin with.
They only did so because the courts forced them to.
Or the fact that businesses and colleges all over the country have started bringing back both masks and vaccine mandates.
Or, you can consider the fact that the news has been inundating us with COVID after COVID, after cases increase, after mask mandates, after why we should bring back this, after we're preparing a new booster shot, that.
As if they are preparing us.
To get ready for a new set of lockdowns and mandates.
You know what I also find interesting?
The fact that all this COVID-19 fear-mongering is arriving right in time for another election.
Fancy that!
Not to mention, like Jimmy Dore says here, masking is actually harmful, and the science does not actually support bringing back masks, even if COVID-19 were to have another outbreak.
Are you gonna call Alex Jost crazy again, or are we just gonna look at all the evidence around us and think for
Now into hour number two, taking your phone calls interspersed with critical news and information.
Here's the headlines coming up.
14 American cities plan to ban meat, dairy, and private vehicles.
That's right.
Also, Hold your beer, Biden regime considering strict new booze guidelines to pressure Americans to limit alcohol consumption.
The UK's already started it.
That's the social credit score to make you scan a QR code tied to a database to buy tobacco or alcohol.
And then that's really their toehold for everything.
And Bill Gates is running it with the UN.
It's all confirmed.
It's all real.
It's all happening.
We need to say absolutely no to all of this.
All right.
Let's take your phone calls.
Let's talk to folks in Illinois first.
Rob, thanks for calling.
How are you, Alex?
I'm a little, uh, my voice is a little stressed, but other than that, I'm, you know, watching the world go to hell in a handbasket, but at least people are fighting back some.
How are you?
I'm doing all right.
So I want to start by quoting the Declaration of Independence, the second paragraph.
All right.
Let me find it real quick.
And, um, So here's what it says, that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, which isn't the case anymore, might I add, because it's more of an entity that looks over our head, and I'll get into that in a second, deriving from their just powers, from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government laying its foundation on.
And here's the issue today, Alex.
Until we can do that and truly replace these evil powers that be, what we have to do is we need to get through people that are my age.
Get through people that this is important.
That to be in a functioning democracy, it is vital that people cast educated votes and become informed on all of this.
But the issue is, is that most people go through their very foggy days of distraction.
They don't think it's an important thing.
So they're essentially just falling in line, allowing...
They're ignorant to the fact that it is even a possibility that their rights are being stripped away.
So what I'm saying is we need to get through to the young generation, the 21-year-olds.
I'm 21, but I choose to be informed because I think... Well, Rob, that's wonderful.
Let me just say something here to you.
What you're getting at is dead on.
But let me state something here.
There have been billions and billions of dollars put into the Heritage Foundation that does a lot of good work, and other libertarian conservative think tanks.
But their main message is, leave corporations alone, government's the problem.
Well, corporations together now are bigger than all the governments and all the bureaucracies combined.
BlackRock It's in better financial shape than the U.S.
BlackRock has $15 trillion in just liquid cash laying around and quadrillions in leverage.
And they're creating the ESG global social credit score for corporations that they then implement and make us follow on record out of Larry Fink's mouth.
So what I need libertarians and people to understand is, the idea, I believe, of a libertarian mindset, do no harm, let people live their lives the way they want to, is overall a good thing.
But we have to understand that we need nationalist populism to express the will of the people so we have an identity against this whole globalist, leftist, rainbow, corporate, transhumanist movement that's been developed by the intelligence agencies and the Carnegie and Rockefeller endowment at the behest of the big corporations and private central banks.
And then you said something that was wrong.
And I get it.
RLK Jr. does it.
I understand that in modern parlance and in modern nomenclature it means rule the people,
freedom of the people.
But we are not a democracy.
We are a constitutional republic that has a limited democracy.
And the reason that's important is our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our Declaration
independence doesn't give us rights.
It simply points out rights that we agree we have that are above the government and it makes us the sovereign, not King George, not King Charles, not Barack Obama, not George Soros.
Now, in a pure democracy, If 51% vote to take boys at age 5 and cut their penises off, because boys are bad, men are bad, in their view, it will happen.
If 51% say bring back Aztec sacrifices, it will happen if we put up with it.
In a republic, you don't have the right to do that.
Constitutional republic, and the minority rights are protected as well as the majority.
Now instead, and I meant to play it last week, guys, get me the Vivek Ramaswamy clip where he's outside, talks to a transgender reporter, and he explains to them, we live in a tyranny of the minority.
But that is what it is.
It's the global elites, with their quote, The way they checkmate majority rule, it all gets complex as a Galilean dialectic, is they claim they represent the minorities.
So now we have to teach everybody homosexuality and pedophilia and have no parole rights because we've got to protect these children by chopping them up.
So it's why the environmental movement says, oh, we got to take your rights for the birds and bees and the puppy dogs.
But really, it's about giving the globalist rights to checkmate and take your rights away.
So it's very complex.
It goes into one party rule, two party rule versus parliamentary systems.
And it takes major research and understanding to grasp it.
But once you grasp it, there's no going back.
We have the best system in the world.
But you're dead on when you say, They have superseded those by bureaucracy and by the corporate oligarchy that now controls most of the government officials and are absorbing the final powers from the government and from the people to themselves with a technocracy, social credit score, ESG, social control grid that is almost in place.
And we've got to stop the central bank digital currency, social credit score, carbon tax program.
Is it because there's a trade-off between the corporations and the government, where the government essentially, they operate through the morals of the corporation, and so the government essentially doesn't have...
Like corporations aren't obliged to work for the best interest of the people.
So sir, what it is, what it is, is it's a corporate infiltration of local, state, federal, international government and then the evolution and transference of the powers from the people and their countries and their cultures to the UN, to the IMF, to the World Bank, to the Thank you so much for the call.
Amazing points.
We're going to go out to break with this Vivek Ramanswamy clip that I meant to get to that was powerful.
Then we'll go to break and come right back with your phone calls.
Please stay with us.
I don't think it's one community.
I mean, how could it be?
You just mash together an alphabet soup.
Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay, if you ask me.
But, what's your opinion?
I'm personally pansexual, so I was just wondering what your views on same-sex couples were.
I don't have a negative view of same-sex couples, but I do have a negative view of a tyranny of the minority.
So I think that in the name of protecting against the tyranny of the majority, and there are times in this country's history where we have had a tyranny of the majority, We have now, in the name of protecting against tyranny of the majority, created a new tyranny of the minority.
And I think that that's wrong.
I don't think that somebody who's religious should be forced to officiate a wedding that they disagree with.
I don't think somebody who is a woman who's worked really hard for her achievements should be forced to compete against a biological man in a swim competition.
I don't think that somebody who's a woman that respects ...for bodily autonomy and dignity, should be forced to change clothes in a locker room with a man.
That's not freedom, that's oppression.
And so I believe that we live in a country where free adults should be free to dress how they want, behave how they want, and that's fine.
But you don't oppress, you don't become oppressive by foisting that on others.
And that especially includes kids, because kids aren't the same as adults.
And so I think adults are free to make whatever choices they want.
But do not force that ideology onto children before children are in a position, as adults, to make decisions for themselves.
And so I think a lot of the frustration in the country, and if I'm being really honest, that I also share, comes from that new culture of oppression, where saying those things can actually get somebody punished.
And in my case, it's part of why it's my responsibility to say them.
And I respect that you may have a different opinion, and that's okay.
Part of what makes our country great is that you and I can be civil and have this conversation, and that we live in a country that still gives each of us the right to speak to a presidential candidate and back, and still say that we pledge allegiance to the same nation.
So I think that's the beauty of our country, and that's my honest opinion.
Well, thank you very much.
I appreciate that.
Thank you for your civility as well.
I appreciate it.
If you studied history, you'll see periods of time where hundreds of years go by and there's a nice kingdom and a nice leadership and there's prosperity and the government's fair and states small and then they get a crazy leader.
And they just start doing horrible things.
And pretty soon they're just murdering and slaughtering innocent people everywhere.
And then over time, a few more generations, that country, that empire will collapse.
Because there are a lot of really crazy evil people out there.
But there's even more people that will follow orders as long as they believe it's the establishment.
America was always about bucking the king, bucking the orders of people who were wrong.
I mean, can you imagine in these jurisdictions where the police chief says, don't go in the school in 30 minutes, an hour, 76 minutes like Evaldi, two hours goes by?
And other departments are like, we'd never do that.
And you see other departments where some shooters in a liquor store, grocery store, I see the footage all the time of some crazy woman shooting people in the street for no reason and the cop perfectly hits her with a car right in the leg just to knock it out of her hand.
I mean, most of the police charge in, but when they have bad leadership and they're told to stand down, you get what just happened in Bowie!
And you don't need evil cops on the bottom for able to run things if the cops follow orders.
So America's not about following illegal and lawful orders.
Now the crew found the footage.
This woman's running around shooting a gun at people.
Hits her perfectly just in the leg, doesn't kill her, and they get to fire him away.
Imagine having that job.
That was out in Los Angeles.
I mean, it's happening every few minutes, this type of just lunatic behavior.
And I'm sorry, some woman's walking around black, white, I don't care who you are.
I guess that's why I'm not a cop.
You're shooting guns at people in the public, I'm gonna shoot you.
But see, they're politically correct there.
Oh, they shoot a black woman, you know, they're bad.
I don't care what color she is.
She's running around randomly shooting at cars driving by.
I'm not going to risk my life to drive into her leg with a cruiser.
I'd shoot her.
But I guess I'd get charged by Soros D.A.
and spend 20 years in prison.
But I'm digressing and I want to go to your calls.
What I'm getting at here is, it's not just the police that shouldn't follow unlawful orders.
It's all of us.
The Germans were very moral, hardworking, per capita the smartest people in the world, historians said at the time, before World War II.
The most inventions, the hardest working, but Germans are known for one thing, aren't they?
following orders, following rules.
But if there's not a rule, then the Germans will do whatever they want.
But what happens when you have bad rulers over you?
And now you'll do whatever the Fuhrer says.
This government is completely overrun.
Total corruption everywhere.
We have cancer.
And I know I've said this.
I'm going to go back to your calls.
I said I'd take a lot of calls.
I just spent eight minutes with the last caller.
So I'm going to give each caller about two minutes.
I want to hear from you all.
And we'll skip the next network break coming up, not this one, but the next one so we get more time here.
Because I really got to do a deep dive on Maui.
I probably should have just covered Maui up front because I'm so upset by this.
I mean, folks, this is so open and shut and so evil that they thought they wouldn't get in trouble for this.
Just the barricading people on the one road out, when there's no fire there, and the fire's rushing towards them, and the police finally flee, as they watch the cars and the families they kept from getting out die.
Burn up.
I mean, I've spent a lot of time researching this, folks, and even the Associated Press says exactly what I say.
This has me shook up.
I mean, I'm really shook up right now, because we know people get killed all the time, governments do bad things, but America?
The police?
Follow orders?
And that's just one thing they did!
I said I'd go to your calls.
I just... You know, I said I'd go to Hawaii.
But maybe we should just have reporters cover it from there, because I think I'd get... I'd probably get arrested.
Cause man, some cop walks over to me in the middle of that area while they're covering up what they did and starts telling me not to film.
I mean, I can just tell you at a fundamental level, this is a real line of the sand for me.
And I take it very personal what they did.
It's not like they were the Branch Davidians that shot back at the ATF and they were innocent and didn't deserve to die.
But at least there was some reason the Feds murdered him.
Some excuse.
These people didn't do anything except powerful people wanted their land.
And then the cops and the bureaucracy sat there.
But I'm not going to blame the people of Maui, but there's something I meant to say, and I'm going to say it now, and then I promise I'll go to your calls.
But I do blame, to a certain extent, And I don't say this to be holier than thou, and I don't say this to criticize.
I'm saying, if I lived in a town like that...
And I saw, for the last five years, after BlackRock bought the power company, and they still get all the tax money and everything, them cut any research of arcing that was being, they have sensors that report massive arcing all the time, fires getting caught all the time, they wouldn't repair them, they wouldn't update them, they wouldn't put rubber containers on them, they wouldn't put up shielding, they just kept all the money and didn't fix the infrastructure, just like Enron did for a decade in California, remember that?
And then they cut the water off of it and let them have it, and then they left the electricity on, and then they didn't put on the alarms, and then they blocked the people inside to die, when there's an open road and no fire, completely right there, you can see, I'll put a video next hour, and all the eyewitnesses, that broke the blockade!
And then you finally see the police, when the fire's right there, they cut and leave!
You're a cop watching fire 60, 70 yards away.
You're looking at a safe way on fire and you're 60 yards away with backed up traffic blocking the only road out.
You work there.
You live there.
You know it's the only main street out.
And you sit there and follow the orders.
What is wrong with you?
You're the problem.
People like that.
But I don't just blame the police for following orders.
In California, it's the only other state I know of doing this, where they won't cut the brush in areas they decide around the power lines.
They call it rewilding.
Notice it's in the poor areas where the rich people are moving.
So, as soon as a rich neighborhood gets up close to you, or a development they want, or a golf course, what happens?
They don't trim the trees in your area, and you burn down.
That's how California operates.
That's because it's the same scum Alright, I said I'd... I'm going to stop now.
We'll be back in three minutes.
Bam, bam, bam.
I'm going to every single one of you.
And I'll go some into the next hour with calls.
It'll take me 45 minutes to get to all the Mallory News.
So I'll go to 20 after with your calls next hour.
That gives us close to an hour.
And then I'll cover the Mallory News and so much more.
But man...
Again, the fact that they did it in front of everybody, and they think we're so stupid, they can't see what we did.
So I'm going to say this about the folks in Lahaina or anywhere else.
Use Lahaina as an example.
You can't count on the government to do things like trim trees around power lines, and that's a weapon in your backyard when high winds and it's dry.
So everybody out there better take this as an example.
Are they not cutting the power lines around you?
Alright, thanks for calling in.
I really want to hear from you.
We're supposed to get upset about this stuff.
If we don't, we're going to get completely enslaved.
Let's go to Connecticut.
Let's talk to George.
Let's talk about going after BlackRock and the corporate criminals who are not updating infrastructure anywhere for the average people, folks, selectively, knowing damn well what they're doing.
But to make sure, somebody went in and hacked the power lines with hatchets so they'd fall over.
Oh yeah, it's bad.
We're going to show you the footage of the people that did bucket and did drive around the police and survived.
The footage coming out is devastating.
Let's go to George in Connecticut.
George, go ahead.
Alex, you're in my prayers.
I wanted to make, I have a couple of main points on BlackRock, but before I wanted to go into that, I wanted to make some points on something you said.
I think we should realize that the corporate system is basically like a Gordon E. Knott.
We are the Alexanders that's got to take that sword out and slice it to pieces.
And how we do that is that the corporate system was based on, from the very ancient beginning, they had to be a benefit to the crown and the people.
This was in the whole principles.
If we take that into consideration and we find, go back to those laws, I think we can cut the Gordian Lapse by taking a big look.
You've broken the contract, you lose your licenses, you lose your patents, you lose your copyrights, and to the bureaucracy that's also part of this network now, we say if you don't adhere to your constitutional oath, then you lose your pensions and you lose your protection.
And by the way, George, you just nailed it.
Going back to the black nobility in Italy, when it was city states,
they had the first, the Chinese had them too, modern contracts, and to get them stamped,
you had to have the local nobility and usually a council of people stamp it.
Ancient Greece had this in some of its city states as well.
Then as you know, in France and then in England, with the British East India Company,
then you had letters of mark.
You're absolutely right.
When these corporations or governments become destructive of the people,
Declaration of Independence, they're null and void.
They busted up in the 90s Microsoft for doing 1 millionth what Gates has done now.
He just went and bought off the regulators and moved into medicine to run our lives.
You're absolutely right.
But for people who don't know the story of the Gordian Knot, and I just vaguely remember it, tell us that story.
The story is basically there was a legend that all Asia knew.
That if you came to the, I forgot the name of the exact town, but maybe it was Gordio or something like that.
And they had a holy temple there with a huge knot that was so intricate, nobody could untangle it.
The legend was that the first person that could untangle this knot, they would conquer Asia and the whole world.
And that's what Alexander came to.
He looked at the Gordian knot, he pulled out his sword and sliced it to pieces and took it apart.
That's right, and that's what we have to do.
We have to abolish the FBI.
We have to abolish the EPA and FDA and create new agencies.
We have to abolish the corporate credit rating of BlackRock, who's maneuvering the U.S.
to lose our ratings.
We're being maneuvered into destruction while they consolidate power and invest in China.
It's us or them.
They're literally on television saying, we're going to run your life.
No, you're not.
Okay, on BlackRock, the issues that they were actually called in on originally, we should use this great, arrogant thing that they did and bring left to right together.
Remember, we had Occupy Wall Street was the leftist thing. Well, here we are.
Black Rock is the biggest, the baddest thing that both left and right could come
together for.
Antitrust, they should be forced to be under antitrust, broken up into a million billion
pieces. Then Rico should be hit on them for all their illegal activities, because they're not
just with Lahaina, they're also with all the medical...
Well, let's expand on that.
If you watch the movie about the Deepwater Horizon that's off the court transcripts with Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell, it's incredibly accurate.
I remember following the trial at the time and having guests on about it, like Greg Pallast.
They literally go to their engineers and they say, we're spending 30 million a day drilling these deepest wells ever.
We've just decided we're not going to dump concrete into the hole anymore in these 30,000 foot deep wells.
And they said, "Sir, it will blow up."
In the transcripts, 'cause they made transcripts of these.
"If you do that, it will blow up."
And they said, "Well, we're a $43 billion company today.
"By not doing this, we'll be $48 billion by next week."
So the orders came from London.
"You will not dump concrete on top of it."
And they followed the orders, and it blew up two days later.
So, it's the same thing.
BlackRock is not trimming the trees anywhere they own the damn power lines so they get record profits.
I mean, these people are crazy!
Okay, and since they own the pharmaceuticals too, I think that is premeditated, showing premeditated murder.
as well as premeditated things for exterminating the populace they're supposed to be representing.
They should also be brought under Nuremberg as well.
So RICO, Antitrust, and Nuremberg, they should be done.
And we should start a chant that basically says that they are not - when we think about
Trump we should always yell to these stupid mindless people.
It isn't about Trump.
It's about coming through Trump after us, all of us, left and right, middle, whatever.
If we don't help Trump, they're coming for us next.
I totally agree.
And instead, these arrogant people are barreling straight ahead, saying, oh, we'll just declare our opposition terrorist and start a civil war.
It's a bunch of billionaires disconnected from reality, thinking no matter how bad the crisis gets, they can just manage it again.
And that is not the case.
Worst oil spill in world history.
Go ahead, go ahead.
them to do mathematically what they knew would explode and they followed the
orders again. Go ahead, go ahead. No, it's just crazy. I just wanted to lastly say
what do you think if we could get some of the constitutional lawyers you've had
on and others in a group to basically go after them for their their antitrust
the Rico and Nuremberg as well as their corporate breaking...
Oh, listen, listen.
There's no silver bullet, but beating the drum with their criminals, criminal referrals on Fauci.
Nobody knew what BlackRock was 20 years ago.
Now, most people know.
So, absolutely.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
Great call.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Kathy in Arizona.
Kathy, go ahead.
Yes, Kathy.
Good afternoon.
God bless you and everyone out there.
And to the Hawaiian Islands, Maui, God bless you.
God is very angry.
I am very angry.
I think this is day 17.
I am still shaking.
I'm grieving for all your souls.
Where are the bodies that can't even have a decent burial?
People should be outraged sharing these stories all over the world.
God is not going to let these bastards get away with this.
And you're going to get trillions to rebuild your island.
Well, I mean, look, here's the deal.
I care about Lahaina and all the dead children.
It's terrible.
But it's the globalists that ran this operation as some type of test.
And now they blocked it off and they're trying to cover it up.
And because they control the Justice Department and FEMA, they're getting away with it right now.
So all I'm saying is they're covering up a crime scene.
They're caught red-handed.
It's insane.
And what do we do about it?
We're going to have a special on it.
I wanted to get to two other points, if I may.
I want to address PTSD, if people are suffering.
I'm actually, I think I'm going through it right now, thinking of the masks coming back and stuff.
I can't take it.
When I go out in public, my neighborhoods, they're walking their dogs with masks on.
I just can't take it again.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
I wish I could go to an island right now. Drive around, bullhorn them, exactly.
Just don't let them shut you down.
Resist. Don't let it overwhelm you. Resist it and spread the word. Anyway, I'd like to know how many
other people are going through this. This is part of the PSYOP, I'm sure. But the second question is
if there's some smart genius out there, including yourself.
Why in the hell have we let these monsters run this country down in the world for two and a half years?
Why can't we not shut down the D.C.
dirty rats?
Well, I mean, we've got to recognize the D.C.
is run by BlackRock.
Thank you for the call.
All right, we're going to move quick now.
Al Killer in Virginia, you're on the air.
Hey, first off, Alex, I just want to say that your nitric boost and that new goodnight sleep formula, that's like the old knockout used to be, but without the sludgy buildup.
That was the only issue I used to have with knockout.
Now, that formula is phenomenal.
You may have to dose it in half, so you can take two if you want the full dose.
But I just want to hit on real quick with the Tucker interview with Trump.
It was incredible.
Yeah, it was incredible, but there were a couple of train wreck moments where he was talking about the CIA and how we did so many wonderful things, and he gets pressed on it, and he says, oh, we took out Soleimani and al-Baghdadi, but it wasn't the CIA that coordinated it.
So he needs to get with, I think he needs to get on the Vivek, Train where these agencies got to go or we know it's definitely more informed than Trump and Trump also said oh I think Epstein probably killed himself but then went but actually they turned the cameras off and covered the whole thing up so maybe they killed him yeah that was uh that was weak but but I mean overall it was pretty strong.
Again and I want to support the guy and I'm going to vote for him but if you don't know it like we're six years into him now and Look, Trump, you need the team around you.
You need Bannon back.
He should be giving interviews with you.
He needs Roger.
He needs General Flynn.
He needs the people that know how to dismantle this thing.
Because we can't run into another four years of, you know, why doesn't Trump bring up Blackrock?
Because he thinks he can, because he knows he's a good guy, he thinks he can maneuver these I hear you and I appreciate your call.
Look how upset the Atlantic is.
That's owned by Steve Jobs' widow, one of the most frequent visitors to Epstein Island.
The mug shot is a warning.
Donald Trump's booking photo was supposed to be an exercise in humility.
He turned it into a threat.
Look, we can worry about what Trump's going to do when he gets re-elected.
He said in the Tucker Carlson interview that I meant to play that clip.
Guys, see if you can find it.
It's an hour long.
Where he says, look, I was ignorant before.
I didn't know how D.C.
Now I know it's all run by multinational intelligence agencies.
We're going to dismantle them when I get there.
That is a declaration of war against them.
That was a hardcore statement.
But Al Killer, I do hear your points.
All right, let's talk to a caller in Denver, Colorado.
Let's talk to Tyler.
Globalism hitting a local level.
Go ahead.
Alex, how's it going?
It's Tyler.
So yeah, there's like a recent story out of Denver that I think the newly elected governor said he's going to stop breaking down these homeless camps.
And I've been seeing it like firsthand, like right down the road from my house, just constant buildup.
And it's a damn shame.
And the welfare pays for it all.
They let the drug dealers give them the drugs.
It's a formula that they have these leftist NGOs that then milk part of the welfare.
They can get up to $100,000 a year per person, particularly disabled.
Sometimes even more in California, up to $200,000 a year.
And then the leftist groups, like they control illegal aliens and milk them, they then milk the homeless.
So the problem gets worse as the left runs it.
These are milking farms for welfare.
Yeah, exactly.
It's all a plan.
Like, that's actually, I'm glad you pointed out that program you said in California, because they actually started a program here in Denver, I think it was six months ago, giving like homeless people up to like 50,000, I think up to like 100,000.
And it's just insane, you know, like, but like you said, this is all a globalist plan to, you know, deteriorate the cities.
I just want to thank you for Your service, you know, for all these years of waking people up.
And I just, you know, want to reiterate the points that, you know, Patriots, we got to hold the line, you know, we're, this is a God plan.
God's on our side and, you know, you're a direct line to that, you know.
Well, we're all connected to God one way or another, but I'm trying to be connected to God.
I just know that everything they do is designed to destroy society.
I mean, they want to sterilize our children.
They're doing it.
So, great point, sir.
Thank you so much for the call.
Kim in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Kim.
Six major head injuries, so I'm going to read what I'd like to say.
First, I apologize to Alex for saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was from Chitty Chitty Bang Crank Bang with Pedo Peter.
I was wrong and I'm sorry.
Second, the important part.
With Hawaii and the bioweapons jab, I say no more.
No more masks, no more shots and people, pets or livestock.
Food businesses and power plants need to be protected with cameras and guns.
All towns need to band together and act like the Amish and rebuild the food processing building homes as it is up to us, the people.
Towns need to make sure your trees and shrubs are cut back to a safe distance from power lines.
My town fails on that.
This must be done for the murdered children or they will murder them all.
Semper Fi and I love you.
Well thank you so much, appreciate the call.
Icarus in Wisconsin, welcome.
Hey Mr. Jones, you're always over the horizon with your predictions and what you talk about in your show and kind of slipped through the news this week about how you talked about India landing on the south pole of the moon.
They are just cruising their rover this morning and they landed on the 23rd at 833 a.m.
23rd at 833 a.m. Eastern Time. Their lander is called Valor or Vikram in
their language and the rover is called Wisdom.
And I remember you talking about that and other moon stuff, and at the same time China... I know, I said 15 years ago the Indians are going to be given the moon mission, told where the water is at, so they will discover the water.
If they would crash a probe 10 years ago on the moon, find the water, then they would land right where the water was found by secret NASA missions, according to Buzz Aldrin.
And I'm on record saying that because I talked to Buzz Aldrin.
Yeah, and guess what they're looking for?
They're openly looking for water, and it's like a checkerboard lander.
There's pictures of it.
Yeah, and they already know right where it is.
And that's why everybody says we didn't go to the moon.
No, ladies and gentlemen, they gave you fake photos and some images because they need to show you the real stuff and what is the moon on.
They have more advanced spacecraft, larger spacecraft, but the landers themselves and things are real.
Notice the Indian lander is basically a copy of our landers, so things are way more advanced than people are being told.
I knew people like Raymond Teague that was a mission director of communications on three of the Apollo programs, and I knew him well.
A good friend of mine, he even worked here for a while.
That guy was 100% real, Air Force Intelligence Vietnam, and he said 100% it was all going on.
There was a whole other backup mission and other stuff from the military that they weren't supposed to know about, but they would pick up some of the communications sometime of what was going on.
And the real truth is, it wasn't Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong that were first to go there.
They had a lot of volunteers and a bunch of people died, just like the Russians had a bunch of missions that they admit are dead, dead on the moon.
I mean, there's crash craft of dead Russians, dead Chinese, you name it.
So it's so embarrassing they don't put it out there.
The United States threw hundreds of missions at the moon before they got five or six in a row successful and were willing to put that on television.
But then they dolled up photos and stuff because you can't bring film footage back through the Van Allen radiation belt and fry it.
Now they can because it's held on digital chips.
But before they couldn't.
So they created all that for a PR operation.
But there's definitely a giant space program.
It's way bigger than the public knows.
Yeah, they've spent, you know, tens and tens of trillions of dollars just in the U.S.
Like, I wonder what they've all put up there.
And of course, I think, you know, they've put weaponry up there.
Oh, we don't think we know.
I knew the head of the Star Wars program, Dr. Bob Bowman, who, big tough guy, Air Force Colonel.
He's on record running it, when it was a secret program, right into Reagan.
And he came here and he said, "Yeah, I'm dying of leukemia,
"I'll probably be dead in a week or two, "but I'm gonna go ahead and give you the secrets on air,"
'cause they actually leaked some of 'em.
And he said, "Yeah, about 1979, "we had a bunch of platforms with SABO, DU, meteor guns,
"and at least 50 robot-controlled decapitation weapons "that could kill all the world leaders in an hour."
And he said, "All right, I'll see you later."
Got in his RV, drove off, and died two weeks later, just like he said he was.
Tough man, tough guy.
And yeah, he was the real head of the program.
So yeah, we actually know what was really going on.
And you know, how we have in space, the space treaty with Russia and China,
you know, adversary countries.
You mentioned Maui and kind of linking it up there.
I think we should have a similar effort for natural disasters and wildfires where like how Chile calls Russia's IL-73 super water bombers to come put out their wildfires.
There's no reason why those IL-73 water bombers just sit in the hangar as Hawaiians are barbecued and however the fire started if it was... No, but that's all part of it.
Turn off the water, don't cut the trees, don't cut the power, don't put on the emergency sirens, and then the coup de grace had the police on the main one road out that's totally fire free blockade them in to die.
I mean, that's all confirmed now.
And then they're blocking an investigation of the people they murdered.
We need to know who gave the orders.
Thanks for the call.
All right, Dave and Trace.
And Titus, and Kevin, and Tammy, and Tony, and Joe.
We're gonna get to Ollie when we come back.
That'll be it for calls though, these 8 or 9 calls that are there.
Because I gotta spend the time on Maui and do it right.
Get it on record what happened.
Because it's, one thing to have me tell you about it, it's a whole nother ball of wax.
To actually be looking at what they did and the actual footage of people that got out.
Because, I mean, they're backed up, the cops won't let them through, there's fire all around the cars, and then finally the cops leave and they get out.
Because they're up at the front.
The cops finally went, well, I guess I'm not going to follow orders to sit here and die.
Which, again, the cops weren't in on it, folks.
They're told to go do this.
Man, I tell you, it's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
Because following orders in the face of death, when you know the fire is behind the people, the buildings are burning, you look and the roads are totally open to the highway, and you don't let people go through?
So what if you get fired later?
But you're not going to get fired!
Your boss is going to go to prison!
And I'll tell you, the cops that kept those people there, Manslaughter.
They should all spend 10 years in prison.
But whoever premeditatedly ordered that needs to get hung.
And that's not a vindictive thing.
They murdered all those children and people.
I want an investigation.
I want indictments.
And I want death penalty.
I want those people to be executed, just like they executed those women and children.
How much of this are we going to take, people?
This footage coming up will make you vomit.
I haven't even shown it yet.
I don't even want to look at it again.
I got like six, seven videos of the fires around the cars and the cops are stopping people.
I mean, I, I, I... While the emergency managers were on another island together at a hotel.
Pretty obvious, folks.
We're going to go on a break.
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Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com All right, I meant to open the broadcast up with the point that our next caller is about to make, but I see it on the board.
Dave in St.
Louis says, combat vet on warfare against America.
And when you really boil this down, this is asymmetrical 21st century You there, AJ?
God bless you and your family.
I'm a combat vet.
down the country.
And I mean, that's it.
And you can admit you're under attack and decide ways to mitigate it and help others
mitigate it or you can roll over and die.
So I'm glad you called in on that same point to remind me, Dave.
I guess our minds think alike.
Go ahead from St. Louis.
You there, AJ?
Yes, sir.
God bless you and your family.
I'm a combat vet.
It sounds like I don't have that long, so if you'll let me get through a couple points.
I'd like to say as I'm not hearing a lot of how or what people can do.
Uh, people need to get local, get to their sheriffs.
They need to keep eyes out on things, any new people out, suspicious people.
Uh, what we're focusing on, like in Maui and these places, are battles.
But if you take the thousand foot view, You'll see that there's a lot of battles.
This is the war.
It's about a calling, depopulation, and they have to use various ways.
These guys can only make phone calls and push buttons.
They literally, some of them can't even tie their own damn shoes.
So that being said, we are actually doing this to ourselves.
So the kingdom is within.
You have to get to the mind, and then you have to get to your own people, and it is a mindset.
What has happened is they have played the long game and they've got two key people and they use manifestation of telling us this or that or whatever's going to happen and they have to.
That's because they have to use it.
Use us.
They cannot do it on their own.
So you have to get to the mind.
So we have to organize.
It's scary to me because I don't think there's nowhere to run like 1776.
So I think we're going to divide within.
A lot of people are going to move around in this country.
It's going to be a divided states.
And I see a lot of the red or whatever that's against whatever's going on in there right now.
I see what's going on.
They are going to have to move in different areas and we are probably going to go at it with these people for a while.
And it really comes down to what what we said in the military.
It's all God, country, family.
And if anything goes against those things, then you need to question who's in there.
You know, I think people hold on.
I'm going to let you finish your point.
You're making really important points, but I'm not blaming the people of.
Lahaina or Maui, but most of them sat there while the cops said, "No, you can't drive through," and died.
And what you're saying is, it's globalist punching buttons, and then we all follow the orders,
and the police follow orders, and the citizens follow orders, and we all die,
and we have to give the mindset of, "No. If somebody's telling me something that goes
against logic and common sense, I'm not going to follow their orders, because in many areas,
these governments are controlled by the technocrats who are literally killing us
It's an easy equation.
Blackrock-controlled power companies are not, in many areas, cutting back the power lines.
Then they control that.
They leave the power on.
They know it's going to burn everything down.
People need to look at that and say, hey, they're going to burn us down.
The power lines are in brush.
And like you said, you've got to look at all the ways they can kill you.
Because they're not coming to kill you with a man with a gun and a blue helmet.
They're going to kill you through a shot.
They're going to kill you through GMO.
They're going to kill you through 5G.
They're going to kill you through electrical fires.
We are at war, people, and that's what people don't realize.
As soon as they look in the mirror and say that to themselves and they have that sobering thought that there is a 1% of the people out there that thinks there are too many of us, which is complete BS.
Anybody that's been on an airplane knows there's plenty of land everywhere.
All over the place.
It's just a matter of how many of us they can control, and they got the God Syndrome.
So it all comes down to us.
Do we do it, or do we not do it?
And Trump is not Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ has already came.
He's already came and gone.
This is up to us.
So people quit standing in lines, watching Trump, and start doing something.
I mean, the man's old anyway.
He's not gonna be around forever, okay?
Jesus has come and gone.
This is on us.
I appreciate your call, Dave.
Be safe in St.
And you're right.
Our heads should be on swivels.
We should be aware of what's going on.
And we've got to know that we are under globalist attack.
We'll be right back on the other side with more of your phone calls.
And then Titus!
And so many others.
And then I'm going to show you these videos and things out of Kauai, out of Lahaina, Maui.
It's just disgusting.
I mean, it is cut and dry.
They murdered those people.
Trump is not going to save us, as the last caller said.
But realizing the deep states persecuting him and trying to destroy him to get to us and complete their coup over America is true.
We should be praying for President Trump.
We should be praying for the other institutions and groups and organizations that are fighting the New World Order and are focal points to lead a resistance against this.
Let's go ahead and talk to Trace in North Dakota.
Trace, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones.
God bless you, brother.
Love you, man.
Hope I get to shake your hand someday.
I appreciate everything you do.
I appreciate you, brother.
Love you, man.
And it's hard to even go to what I was going to talk about just, you know, hearing you talk about Maui.
I mean, I can't even think about that.
It's so infuriating.
But if you have a few minutes, I did have two points, but I think the second point was more important.
But I'll do the first one quickly.
I did time in the feds years ago, and I'm originally from Montana.
And I don't know if you knew this, but every state has a federal defender office.
Like your court-appointed attorney, if you don't have one, when the feds are charging you?
And the one in Montana is in Great Falls, and that's where I was, Cascade County Jail.
And my federal defender at the time, my attorney was David Ness, and the head federal defender was Tony Gallagher.
And my attorney told me that Gallagher used to be a federal prosecutor, but he got so tired of seeing Dude's, you know, taken away from their families.
You get put away for 30, 40 years that he went, he wanted to represent them and not put them away anymore.
And, uh, I mean, I was in jail with grown men.
I've come back from this one guy, this was 2003 and four.
So he was like 60, but he came back crying from visiting.
And his daughter was, came in there and said, uh, the feds showed up at her and her husband, which would be his son-in-law.
And like, Rip through their house, and they were threatening to indict them if he didn't plead to what they wanted to.
That point was just that.
This is really bad, everything that's going on with the Department of Justice, but I think it needed to happen.
I don't think people realize how bad the feds have been for so many years.
They're just putting away people for 30, 40 years, you know, on a little bit of dope or something, and for every gun they give them five years.
My girlfriend at the time, her grandfather was also in front of the feds, and they gave him five years for each gun.
He was 63.
And then he had a World War I or II gun that his grandfather years ago gave him.
I mean, we're talking 100 years.
I don't know.
A long time ago, this gun was old.
It doesn't even work.
And they gave him five years for that.
And they don't run them concurrent.
They're consecutive, every gun.
So they just add them up five years each.
You know, 50 years if you got 10 guns.
Yeah, the federal government is overall a very parasitic organization.
It's completely stood down on the border, it's aiding and abetting the human smuggling, and it is beyond disgusting.
What was your take on Trump?
You wanted to talk about Trump or you had something else to add?
Well, I actually have kind of a two-part way to actually get, I think it's the only way we're going to get the country back.
Doesn't Congress have a bailiff?
They do, right?
Okay, well, I know what a true bill is.
I know that Congress doesn't have the power to formulate true bill indictments and have them served, but they have a bailiff and they have their own police force.
I think they should call in Fauci and Mayorkas and all the other liars.
Have them testify in front of Congress and read back to them where they lied about something and arrest them on the spot.
Have them arrested and detained.
No bail.
Let the feds figure it out.
The Patriots need to have visuals.
The Democrats always use visuals.
Trump's mugshot.
I've done time in the Fed.
Anything federal they try to charge, it's just going to get thrown out.
Nothing he did was a crime.
But state-wise is where it's scary because they're going to try to threaten each other.
His co-defendants are going to threaten them with tons of years and they're going to get At least one or two of them to break, but I think they have to arrest these guys with their bailiff in Congress, in front of the American people, and then the American people that don't know what's going on will say, oh, hey, they're arrested.
Well, they must have been lying about something.
They have to start taking a stand.
I appreciate your call.
Congress refers charges to the Justice Department.
The problem is they've seized control of the Justice Department.
That's why you see this incredible Arrogance is taking place and they've completely weaponized the Justice Department against the American people.
And they admit that's their plan now.
So it's going to take a pulling back from the government and just the public recognizing we have an illegitimate federal government.
I mean, remember the school board said, oh, we want the feds to come in and harass the people at the school boards.
And then it was the feds told the school districts to call the feds.
The feds now want to go muscle moms that don't want their seven-year-old being given pornographic pedophile literature.
That if you try to read at the school district, you get arrested because it is indecent.
Nobody's banning books.
We're saying you don't give pedophile books with graphic images of little kids having sex with adults and telling them how great it is to children.
I've got video of that.
I want to go to more calls here in a moment, but let's break some big news here.
I told you last Friday that my sources said they plan to roll the lockdowns back out starting the middle of September.
That 100% happened, I told you, on my children.
And you see all the other big news we break, most of that's sources, and my sources are accurate 95% of the time, because sometimes The power structure changes course.
But my sources are good.
There are people in the inside.
And you saw it all roll out the last few days.
Universities, hotels, Hollywood production companies, going back to mass, going back to, you gotta have the shots, you can't work here.
And then calls to return.
To the controls.
All over CNN, all over BBC, it's all over Australian news.
It's a unified UN globalist program.
When you're seeing the same newscast with the same talking points the same day, all over the world, that's a concerted, organized operation.
Well now we have this.
South Texas School District closes over COVID-19 surge.
A school district nearly two hours southeast of San Antonio is closing its doors until next week.
Claiming the COVID-19 cases have jumped on its campuses.
Orange ISD announced Wednesday, August 23rd, that it will be shutting down the rest of the week until Tuesday, August 29th, according to KENS5.
School district.
Again, South Texas temporary closures.
This is all to create the fear.
As COVID cases flare, some schools and businesses reinstate mask mandate.
CBS News.
So see, I told you.
This is the fear.
This is the rollout.
Because we weren't buying the global boiling.
Well, now send in the new COVID variant.
The head of the British response Who coordinated with Fauci and Gates in his text messages that came out last year said, it's time to release the new variant that will scare them into submission.
Here's another one.
Reggie Chaney, college basketball star who helped lead Houston to the Final Four in 2021, dies at age 23.
21, dies at age 23. You want to guess what he died of? It's the same thing over and over
Now, they've got articles telling you, oh, sorry.
The COVID shots don't work.
Yeah, they never worked.
Other than making you sick.
Now, I mentioned this last hour from the big interview.
When I say big, last time I checked, what is it, 300-something million?
Let's go to Tucker Carlson's.
Twitter account on X. Last time I checked it was 240 million.
Let's see what it is now.
I haven't checked since last night.
Fox's whole thing had 5 million viewers.
See, it's a paper tiger.
It represents the establishment.
Nobody believes it.
Except a few fools.
But I asked the crew, I said, I thought one of the most powerful points Trump made was, I'm aware of the deep state now, I know how the federal government works now, when I get back in I'll be able to stop him.
255.7 million views.
What did I estimate it would get?
300, 400 million views?
I don't remember.
I estimate it would get 300, 400 million views, I don't remember.
I guess 500 million by Monday.
We'll see if I'm right.
But there it is.
And here's that key clip, in my view, key takeaway.
Here it is.
I had great people.
We'll have even better people if we do this, because now I know Washington before I didn't know Washington.
But guys like Bill Barr were terrible.
I mean, they were, I would say, Bushies.
I say that with respect to the Bush family, but they were Bushies.
And just it doesn't work out for us.
How do you, if you get elected again, go back to Washington, how do you keep the agencies under control?
How do you keep FBI and CIA specifically under control?
The way you do it, like I fired Comey, that was a big deal.
You know, a lot of people said, and I fired him very early.
Somebody said, oh, I wish you would have fired him.
There's a real question about firing him.
Anyway, you understand, because, you know, when they have a 10 year term, there is a question.
I fired Comey.
That was a great thing.
If I didn't fire Comey, maybe I wouldn't be talking to you or I'd be talking to you about real estate or something else other than politics, right?
That was a coup, in my opinion.
That was a very sick deal.
That was the insurance policy.
You remember the insurance policy?
Oh, she's going to win, darling.
She's going to win.
But just in case she doesn't, we have an insurance policy.
And the insurance policy was what they were doing.
And we caught them with that.
That was a very important tweet or whatever it was, text.
It was a big deal.
That was a big deal.
The insurance policy.
She's going to win 100 million to one.
That's not good odds.
At least they gave me one, right?
100 million to one.
But just in case she doesn't win, we have an insurance policy.
And everybody said, that's strange.
That's strange.
But we caught all that because I fired Comey.
Because when I fired Comey, it was like throwing a rock into a hornet's nest.
No, I'm not.
into a nest of bees and the place went crazy.
So when you were president, are you confident that you knew everything, say, CIA was doing?
No, I'm not.
It's a very interesting group of people.
I had very good relationships, I thought, but I was a little surprised when I got out
that things go on.
Look, it's a... What were you surprised by?
I was surprised, I think, at some of the people.
I was surprised that there was... I had a group of people.
Look, we killed many, using the CIA, I have to say this, bad, very bad actors.
We were very good at it.
You look at Soleimani, you look at al-Baghdadi, bigger than Osama bin Laden.
I mean, Osama bin Laden is, but al-Baghdadi, Did ISIS, and he was rebuilding ISIS very strongly.
And there was a CIA that did that.
Uh, that was really us that did that.
That was really us that did that.
And Soleimani was us that did that.
Not so much CIA.
He specifically said, I know how DC works now.
I didn't know before.
I'm going to be able to stop it the next time.
And he said similar speeches about, I'm going to war with the deep state.
It's us or them.
Final battle.
We're going to remove them.
Doesn't matter.
240 million people saw it, you know what he said, but that's what he said.
He said, I didn't know how DC worked before, I know how DC works now.
I didn't know how DC worked before, I know how DC works now.
That's the clip I'm looking for.
All right, let's go to Joe in Florida.
Joe, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on.
I'm sorry if I'm not feeling well.
I said a little prayer for you while I was waiting.
I hope you feel better soon.
Well, real quick before I get to my main point, I just want to say that Larry Alex Ton pointed out that we do need to fix the ballot situation, you know, go with paper ballots because, uh, you know, who knows how, how much they can steal.
Um, but, uh, the main thing I wanted to tell you about was, um, that Vivek Ramaswamy, I've been like red in the face, if you could become red in the face from posting things on social media, um, about trying to get people to understand that this guy, it would almost be like an electing a Fauci.
Because he's directly involved in biotech.
He developed the lipid nanoparticles through his subsidiary of Rovant called Genovant.
They make lipid nanoparticles.
They say, quote, best-in-class lipid nanoparticle RNA products is what they make on their website.
And they're suing Pfizer for using the lipid nanoparticle Delivery technology.
Oh yeah, I mean, look, Big Ramaswani's not been around long enough to know whether he's good or bad.
I know he's suing Dave O's crib for saying they said he's part of them or whatever.
So, I mean, his rhetoric's really good right now, and that's why he's so popular.
But yeah, I mean, I don't think we've got enough track record with him.
I agree with a lot of the things that he says, but I mean, after, you know, as much effort as we've all put into trying to expose this medical tyranny, and I know how, you know, I really appreciate your work on that.
I just can't believe that we would be considering electing a guy who literally makes the shots, basically.
I mean, he makes the lipid nanoparticle RNA.
Which we know is really, really, really bad.
That's a great point.
Anything else?
You know, biotech is also the field that's brought us GMOs, like BT corn, which BT corn, you know, it's a BT toxin, which we actually use in organic crop production.
I'm a horticulturalist.
Yeah, so bugs die from eating it, but it's okay for us to eat?
Well, it's not okay for us to eat, necessarily, and it's banned.
I'm being sarcastic.
Well, right, right.
But the thing is about it is in organic production, you can spray it on and it can be rinsed off by rain or irrigation water.
But a GMO corn plant, I don't even want to call it a plant because it's a hybrid between a plant and a bacterium, it actually makes that toxin, the Bt toxin, in every cell in the plant.
And so you're eating that toxin when you eat it.
The only reason we don't die right away from eating Bt corn is because We have an acidic gut, whereas a caterpillar has an alkaline gut.
It's like the opposite.
And also, we don't just only eat corn, but there are, you know, long-term effects from eating this stuff.
And then the other, you know, big bad, another one of the bad GMOs is the Roundup Ready Soy, because they blanket spray these fields with Roundup, because the soy is resistant to it.
And now every fresh water source in the world has detectable levels of glyphosate.
And then, of course, another biotech problem that that industry brought about is the gain-of-function pathogens, which we all know what that's brought us with the, you know, pandemic.
Well, another bad thing about Ramaswamy, Newsmax reported a couple days ago that he took $90,000 from George Soros' family for not a scholarship, but as a grant to attend Yale Law School.
And he claimed that he needed the money at the time, but actually he reported to the IRS that he made $2 million there.
Alright, well I got it.
Ramaswamy's got some issues.
Great points, thank you so much.
And the bigger issue is, everything you said is admitted about all this BT Corp and all this other stuff.
And it's just killing us.
And that's why our life expectancy is going down and everybody is so sick and little kids are getting cancer everywhere.
And this is the world the average bureaucrat wants to live in, the average globalist, the average minion.
And the people sit there when the cops say, no, you can't leave down the road with no fire.
The fire is 100 yards behind you.
Just stay right there.
You're going to die now.
That's how it works.
Cabot in Seattle, thanks for calling, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Long time listener, big fan.
I'm a part of the age group that frequently gets talked down upon, and the demoralization and miseducation has really rotted a lot of people's brains, I know.
And we've been misguided for a long time, but thanks to you and others on your program, I've been able to get rid of some of the rot.
But where are things I can do to bring real change I can see in my community?
I feel sometimes the power structure's too powerful for me to do anything.
That's where they want us to be, but I'm tired of seeing hate winning and evil thriving.
So what advice would you have for young men like myself and others out there that really just hate what's going on right now?
Well, I mean, I wouldn't be a victim.
You're on a beautiful planet in a beautiful universe with amazing stuff all around you and realize that there's some really bad people that want to control the future, want to use us as guinea pigs, who want to play God, and that That this is the Animating Contest of Liberty, and so it's an incredibly dangerous, dynamic, wild, scary, but also invigorating, empowering town to be alive.
And as the New World Order can't help but want to kill everybody and take full control, as it tries to carry this out, you're just going to see opposition ramp up.
And the enemy can't help their nature, so they're going to keep attacking no matter what.
We're going to win this in the end one way or another, but it's going to be spectacular.
And so I would just realize that it doesn't matter how nice your car is, it doesn't matter how cool you are, none of that stuff matters.
What matters is your relationship with God, and what matters is how you're engaged in informing others.
You have the confidence to do that, and that at the end of the day, exposing the New World Order is the most important thing we can do.
And then conversely, exposing that God's real, and that people have a choice to make.
Anything else?
That's it.
I hope to have a beer with you one day.
Follow me at Swerving Media on YouTube.
Say that again, because you said it real quick.
Where are we following you on Twitter?
On YouTube.
Swerving Media.
S-W-E-R-V-I-N Media.
No, I got it.
I got it.
Thank you so much, Kevin.
All right.
Let's jam in one more call, and we'll come back and cover the Maui information.
Tony in Georgia.
You've got a minute, 55 seconds.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for taking my call.
I just got a few points.
The lady that said yesterday, or the other day, that was a, I think a lawyer, that said all of the administration of Biden didn't have any notarized alphabet.
So his administration is illegal.
So my thing is, is we run 98% of the country.
Uh, the conservatives do, uh, or the counties, 98% of the counties.
Um, we are, we are allowed self-defense, so when they do this new lockdown, we make arrests.
You have four to eight, uh, members of your team, and you just make arrests of people that go along with the system.
Um, and, uh, the reason is, is because you can charge them with attempted murder because, uh, the, Lockdowns and the masks have been, went through a court of law saying the masks give you a bacteria pneumonia and the lockdowns have killed people.
So that is my... Well that's right, their attempts to put us under house arrest have killed a bunch of people and have been adjudicated to be illegal and I agree.
Grand juries and stuff should get together and indict these local health officials that are on the globalist payroll and stop this dead in its tracks and no one should comply with any of it.
God bless you.
Alright, that's it for calls.
I'm going to come back and get into the Maui information.
And it is disgusting beyond belief.
But it really happened.
And again, if they can do this to these folks, they can do it to anybody.
This is just mass murder.
Administrative mass murder.
We'll be right back in Footworks.com.
For President Trump to admit he didn't know how DC ran, but now he does know and he elaborated on it.
We'll, in post, put the fuller clip in once we post this to Bandai Video later today.
Obviously we can't do that now because we're live.
But that's quite an admission from Trump.
He never wants to say he's wrong or didn't know what was going on.
He should do more of that.
That's good.
Here it is.
I had great people.
We'll have even better people if we do this, because now I know Washington before I didn't know Washington.
But guys like Bill Barr were terrible.
I mean, they were.
Then he went on and elaborated and went through the bad guys and who the good guys were.
Let's now go ahead and start going to this footage, because we had the witnesses that said they saw this.
Now AP talked to the police.
They admitted, yeah, we were ordered to block people on the main road going out, even though the fire was coming from the other direction.
That would be like It was a 10-story apartment building.
The old-fashioned ones that have the fire escape on the outside.
And... or on the inside.
You got the stairs, and the building's on fire, and then people get to the second floor, and there's cops with guns saying, you can't leave the building.
And they're like, well, the fire's up there.
We're on the fire escape.
Or you're coming on the outside of the fire escape, and police are on a bullhorn saying, you are not allowed to come down.
And you go, why?
I've been ordered to not let you come down.
Well, there's a fire!
And a normal cop in a normal world that is under my control would say, yeah, come on down.
Let me help you.
And I've been to Lahaina many times.
I know it.
We've seen the reports.
The AP's confirmed everything we already said.
They're literally trying to flee.
The flame's coming this way.
And the road's this way.
And they see the hills and the mountains.
And it's wide open.
And they just block them in and burn their asses up.
And then only some got out.
Because the cops finally left.
Now they found the power poles, the ones that didn't fall over, hacked in key places with precision by Axis so they would fall over.
Yeah, folks wanted that land.
And could it be locals in a conspiracy to do it?
I don't know.
Was it Black Rock who wouldn't cut the trees for five years and left the power on?
That's why they've got an exclusion zone.
That's why they're covering up.
That's why they're acting so suspicious.
Because they've been caught, folks, in the most perfect negligence, hole-in-one negligence, pure 100%, perfectly to hurt people, just magically by accident, and that... I'd give that 1% chance that's real.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
It was default.
It was set up.
It was planned, just like California.
You go, why is all this stuff burning down?
Remember, made fun of Trump.
Trump goes, you're supposed to rake the forest.
So they call it Europe.
Go to Europe, it's all, there's no kindling, there's nothing on the ground.
It's all taken out by the foresters in Germany and France.
And then you don't have those big issues because it's not there.
Why would they leave it?
Anywhere you go in the country, you see power lines with trees all in it?
Uh, no.
You see power lines with bamboo growing up all through it?
And BlackRock that owns that company, 90% of it, cut the money.
Anytime you drive down the road, in the summer particularly, you see shredders and big trucks cutting the trees back.
Well they better do that, or they'll fall on the power lines!
In fact, they estimate a third of the cost of your electricity is not even the generation number of the power lines, it's the upkeep of the right-of-ways.
This is engineering 101 turned off in only two states I know of, Hawaii and California.
This is the first harrowing clip.
Lahaina man talks about them blocking roads in Lahaina, hindering people, and there's video of it, here it is.
Good luck.
Look at this.
Holy sh**.
This is a nightmare.
I don't know where he's going.
Probably to block our street.
They're gonna fucking barbecue all these people down in Lahaina.
We're all trapped down in here.
They're blocking off all exits.
And everyone is just stuck.
Going in a circle in a fire pit.
Now that's the few people that escaped because they were blocking all the main roads and Front Street.
Here's Fish, a fixture of Lahaina for decades, runs a little roadside shop that sells woven hats.
And here's what he said.
This is all confirmed now.
But here's what he said.
I think we should get out of here because of the speed of this wind.
It could be here in two minutes.
So about what time was this at?
By the way, if you guys don't know who this is, this is Fish.
He's been sitting next to Cheeseburger in Paradise, selling the most awesome stuff, right, for years.
He's a, uh, he's like a legend.
And everyone loves Fish.
And Fish loves everybody.
But he's one of the wisest people that I know.
Anyway, Fish, continue.
So I went around back to Front Street, and all the cars were lined up, but none of them were moving.
And I walked all the way from Safeway to the Chart House.
Not one car had moved.
And I was wondering what was stopping the traffic.
Well, it was a policeman.
And I got to the end and I looked up north.
There were no obstructions.
There was no reason to keep those cars there.
Are you serious?
I'm serious as a heart attack.
And I said, what are you doing?
He goes, well, I'm under orders to keep them here.
And I said, the fire is right around Safeway.
It's going to hit Front Street.
You know, these people got to get out of here.
And he said, I'm following orders.
No way.
And I keep walking down the highway, and I look behind, no cars are coming out.
I walked all the way to Waikuli Beach, still no cars coming out.
And I started hearing boom, boom, boom.
And then I heard people screaming and stuff.
You're saying they were blockaded in by the police?
At the end of Front Street?
Like, where that restaurant is?
Right, where the charred house was.
Where the charred house was, I should say.
There was a blockade there, and they could not go any further.
I walked all the way from Safeway to there.
Not one car had moved.
All the way to, like I said, the Civic Center.
And then I started hearing all the explosions and there was no one walking behind me or on bicycles or anything.
And I just...
Dude, that is unbelievable.
I had no idea, you know, until the next day when I walked down there, what had happened.
So did you go up north to your place?
And then you just hunkered down for the night?
So, who ordered the power to stay on?
Who ordered the water to not be transferred?
We know, the Obama Foundation guy.
Who didn't trim back the trees?
BlackRock, that owns 90% of the company, and said they, in a press release four and a half years ago, they weren't going to update it anymore.
They had all these reports of power arcs.
They have sensors.
They had a maximum alert, 70, 80 mile an hour winds.
We'll play a newscast in a moment.
Coming in, and they go, nope, you don't get water.
And we're leaving the power on, and we're going to have the cops in the one road out block you in.
And again, I've checked the news, I've checked it all.
AP, we covered yesterday, is a nine-page article.
Everything I've said is in that.
That's crazy, they're reporting the truth.
I mean, is there any self-preservation left?
Maybe there is.
Maui utility may have compromised evidence in fire probe, lawyers say, Washington Post.
Look at this Hill headline.
Maui residents who disobey barricades survive fires, AP.
Maui utility may have compromised evidence in fire probe, lawyers say.
In deadly Maui fires, many had no warning and no way out.
Those who dodged the barricade survived.
We're all trapped.
This is the article you gotta read.
From yesterday, I'll have it reposted at Infowars.com by Don Salazar.
This is one that has dozens of videos you've got to go watch.
They're blocking off all exits.
Driver furious as police vehicle speeds past him to trap residents fleeing Lahaina wildfires.
By the way, I saw the video when Jason Jones was on last week and I should have aired it.
He's like, oh don't air it, it's too horrible.
but it's women in a car and they're blocked by the police and then they were
live-streaming as the fire gets there it cuts off they all died. So again here's
AP and deadly Mali fires many had no warning and no way out.
Those who dodged barricades survived.
And this AP article describes all how they did it.
Here's the InfoWars article about it.
Report valley residents burned to death in their cars because of barricades blocking escape.
So you can pull up maps of it, but here's the ocean.
And here's the main road out.
And then here's the town, and there's no other main roads out over here.
The road goes this way, but there's fire all right here.
The police block the only main road.
Some people drove around, drove through the woods, drove through, you know, to get out and get to the highway.
But the police, so there's fire from all the power lines burning.
It's over here and all over here, coming your way.
And you're trying to get out, and you block them.
I mean, come on, folks.
You're cops, and you see a wall of fire and burning vehicles, and you won't let people out.
And they finally, some got out because the police left.
I guess they finally disregarded orders then.
These are crazy people.
And you've got to ask yourself, who are they taking orders from?
So let's b-roll clip 20 and 8.
For all the directed energy weapon people, and I'm not against you folks, but the directed energy's not turned the power lines off and not cutting the trees and not letting them have water.
And they now know that's where the fires came from was the falling power poles in that all along the town as the wind blew in.
And so there's footage of the power lines falling and starting the fires.
That's it.
That's what did it.
That's what unfolded.
Now, let's go ahead now and go to clip six.
Before tragedy in Maui, Lahaina local Hawaii weather reporter gives fire warnings.
Here it is.
Down trees, power outages, a possibility with this high-pressure fan continuing to build in.
There's a big pressure difference from that high-pressure fan and also DORA low-pressure system that you can see to the south of us.
With that hurricane, it's still a major category four And you see the winds at the center, 130.
Now it's going to make its closest approach to the island.
And then that area of high pressure, they're going to both work together to funnel in very strong winds across the entire island chain.
And that's going to last within the next 36 hours.
So a windy batch coming our way.
In fact, we have a red flag warning.
High wind warnings are up for all of the islands.
Dry brush, also low relative humidity and very gusty conditions.
Gusts up to even 50 miles per hour coming our way tomorrow.
So that's all common sense. They knew it was happening.
And now they don't want you to investigate. Here's clip nine, Lahaina witnesses
on police deadly traffic blockades. That's how all those people died. Here it is.
By the time we got to Safeway, guess what was behind us?
Wow, so you went north?
We went north.
Was there downed power lines anywhere on the highway?
Everybody was stopped.
The cops had everybody stopped.
He had no idea that the road was stopped and they wouldn't let us move.
And I'm looking in the rearview mirror and the sky is getting blacker and blacker in my rearview mirror.
And I'm like, I got out.
We were stopped.
I got out.
I beat on his door.
He said, you scared the crap out of me.
I was like, you see that field?
You see that field?
If they don't let us go, you drive this fucking van right through that goddamn field into the ocean because That fire is coming right now, and we're not going to make it.
That's all those people wanted, because they wouldn't let nobody go.
But why wouldn't they let them go?
It's because they're down power lines.
Yeah, that's the reason.
They couldn't go around the power lines?
The power lines can't... They let us drive right through the Gaggenpot.
They weren't lit.
There was no electricity.
The power was out from the day before.
Right, right.
So there's no power in the lines.
Well, it was that morning.
Because we were trying to look at the length of the poles.
They wouldn't cross the whole highway.
There should have been the lanes.
There was enough room that you could have gone underneath.
Right, right.
Oh, you've got pictures of it.
I wanted to drive through there.
So, what direction are we looking at?
They stop the traffic right there going north.
That's Kipuna Kea right there.
That's Kipuna Kea.
And they would not let people move.
So, how did you guys eventually get your car out of there?
Fighting our way through the parking lot over at Safeway.
Creeped through.
A police officer came off the bypass here and so the traffic lane that was supposed to go... We forced ourselves into the two lanes and forced our way out of the parking lot.
I wouldn't get off his bumper.
I did not care about the rules and the laws of who you're supposed to stop and let the next person go because we got separated before.
And I'm not going to get separated.
Were you guys in separate cars?
Yeah, I was in one van.
He was in the other van.
Were there any fire trucks anywhere?
No, I don't think so.
All I saw was the people that were directing us because of the power line.
There was police officers that were telling everybody, go, go.
And there was somebody standing in the street saying, go, go, go.
One guy was driving this way, and when they were coming down this way, they were making them turn around at the Civic Center and go back.
So one guy was in the street, On almost like a left-hand turn lane, but not quite.
And a power line came down and was hooked on his truck.
And he was out of his truck telling the people that were trying to come down to stop.
It was just an individual person.
And to let the people that were coming from the fire, you know, go that way.
But you then, by then, there's like one and a half lanes, two lanes to go that way because the lines had went down.
Alright, now again, they left the main power on in the town the day before some of the power lines on the highway had fallen.
So that's the insanity.
And then no water is given up until the fire hit the town.
They're on record, Washington Post talked to them.
They said, yeah, we didn't give you water until the fire hit the town.
Now, look at this.
This is out of King 5.
Mainstream news.
Very dangerous.
Police and FBI investigate power poles cut with chainsaw.
This is happening all over.
The Pacific Northwest and in Hawaii, they're finding the power poles hacked into so that they don't fall right over, but a high wind snaps them.
And they've caught Antifa setting fires everywhere.
They've caught Antifa derailing trains.
And this has been reported in areas of Maui as well.
So this is a big, big deal.
And you heard some of the police were blocking people in the town.
Other police were out saying, get out.
So not all the police follow the orders.
That's why there's a cover-up because they don't want people to know who gave the order to block the people in the town.
Same guy that ran the Las Vegas cover-up.
We all know Vegas was a cover-up.
We're not supposed to question mass shootings, but they never even told us who did it.
This is the guy that did that.
So, bare minimum, they didn't trim the trees.
Bare minimum, they left the power on in those areas.
And bare minimum, that's what happened there.
There's a bunch of other clips we haven't gotten to.
Let's go ahead and go to clip 7.
Here's clip 7.
They said, everybody get off this highway, go down this way, down into town.
Then they started blocking everything off there.
So you got corralled onto Front Street?
You started on the Honopilani Highway?
And you ended up on Front Street?
Couldn't go anywhere.
They just said, go north, go north, go north.
And then when we got on Front Street, embers were coming over the buildings and landing on our vehicles.
And we're all in a line trying to get to the end of Front Street to go north, like they told us to, not knowing that the police blocked off the end of Front Street so nobody could move.
All of a sudden, nobody could move anywhere.
So all I did was try to inch my way over to another yard and drive up through a sidewalk, come back around, and then I went... The cops were moving around one exit, so I ended up getting up on the highway, even though they were trying to direct me another way, and then I hightailed it to home.
So you basically had to climb up on sidewalks and go against what the cops were telling you you could do.
You had to break traffic laws essentially.
Basically, I was in my truck going to check on some customers' properties and all of a sudden all the roads were being blocked off right in front of me from the cops and I would go to the next street and that would be blocked off and the next one and they just blocked everything off, forced everybody down on Front Street In which then the flames were coming over our vehicles, not on our vehicles, but the flames were coming over top of our vehicles.
What street are you on at this point in time?
Front Street.
You're on Front Street itself?
So you got directed onto Front Street?
Where did you start when you started this journey?
I was going down the highway and they blocked it off and wouldn't let me go any further.
So you were coming from Laniapoco?
No, I was coming from Waikouli.
Well, okay, so you're heading down the highway.
You're heading south.
And then they stopped us from going up on the bypass.
Then they wouldn't let me go past the bypass to the other exits to go up there.
So you couldn't go up the bypass?
And then all of a sudden they said, everybody get off this highway, go down this way, down into town.
Then they started blocking everything off there.
And then you were down on Front Street.
And I got all the way down to Safeway.
So you got corralled onto Front Street.
You started on the Honopilani Highway, and you ended up on Front Street.
Couldn't go anywhere.
They just said, go north, go north, go north.
And then when we got on Front Street, embers were coming over the buildings and landing on our vehicles.
And we're all in a line trying to get to the end of Front Street to go north, like they told us to, not knowing that the police blocked off the end of Front Street so nobody could move.
And then everybody panicked.
And they all started, everybody went up on the sidewalks and through yards, took out the other lane.
Nobody, then all of a sudden, nobody could move anywhere.
So all I did was try to inch my way over to another yard and drive up through a sidewalk, come back around.
And then I went, the cops were moving around one exit.
So I ended up getting up on the highway, even though they trying to direct me another way.
And then I hightailed it to home.
So you basically had to climb up on sidewalks and go against what the cops were telling you you could do.
To get home.
You had to break traffic laws, essentially.
Basically, yeah.
I'm not saying... Alright, I'm not repeating.
Let's stop right there.
I don't mind the police here.
They followed orders and didn't know what was going on.
But the emergency manager for the state, the counties, and the city were all at a meeting about the future of that area on another island, I guess on Oahu.
Like FEMA's $1,000 hotels right now, they're in Maui, and they're busy covering this up.
And the bottom line is, environmental rules, not to cut the trees back, not to update things, leaving the power on, led to all of this, and it's a microcosm of how they're killing us.
And it's got people's attention, that's what's important.
Now here's a clip.
Of men in a car seeing a woman basically dying on the street and not rendering aid.
Just to give you an idea of what's going on.
We're almost to the end of the mill.
We're almost to the smoke stop.
Oh, we made it.
We're going to land on the road now pretty soon.
Oh, somebody's down right there.
Somebody's down right there.
Yeah, somebody's down.
Just go dad, we cannot do nothing for her.
Oh my god, bro.
Just go dad, just go.
We cannot do nothing for her.
What the fuck, dude?
Just go.
Go, people, go!
Beat the war, dad!
Oh my god, bro.
Beat the war, just go!
I can't see!
Yeah, I know, you can't see.
And we have the footage of the young woman buried.
Do we should play that?
I don't think I wanna play it.
So this is a microcosm of ineptitude running government or government against you.
And they won't cut the brush back in California.
And they won't do it in Hawaii now.
And so they're allowing this threat to grow and grow and grow.
But it's sexy to say it was space lasers.
And I'm not saying direct energy weapons don't exist, and I'm not saying that couldn't have been it, but it's the power lines, and it's the high wind, and it's not trimming them back, and it's them denying water, and then it's directing everyone to go into the flames and then blocking them on the main one dead-end street.
How as police do you look at a map and then direct people off the highway into a town and then sit there while they back up and then only panic
and leave when the flames reach you.
Is it perfect ineptitude?
Is it perfect idiocy?
Because we are living in idiocracy.
Or is it deliberate?
Regardless, there's a 12-mile exclusion zone.
Regardless, they're covering it up.
I want to end this hour with Texas school board has cops forcibly remove father reading pornographic book found in school libraries.
I've got shots of the book.
I'm not going to show these on air.
It's child porn.
But it's children having sex with adults.
And the father tries to read it.
And he gets removed and arrested reportedly.
Because you can't tell adults about what children are shown.
A system protecting the evil?
Here's a clip.
Pay attention to what I've asked you.
Mr. C, please continue, sir.
On page one.
Who wants my hot wiener?
Oh, yeah, thank you, sir.
We're talking about a hot dog here.
It's a hot dog.
Page two.
Family man with a bad temper.
He's a bad temper.
He's a bad temper.
He's a bad temper.
There's a lot of bad temper.
He's a bad temper.
I'm going to have to get him out of here.
I'm going to have to get him out of here.
I'm going to have to get him out of here.
I'm going to have to get him out of here.
I'm going to have to get him out of here.
I'm going to have to get him out of here.
Easy now!
You can't let parents see what we're teaching the kids!
Take your time!
Hey, hey, hey, easy now, easy.
Let the parents see what we're teaching the kids.
Take your time.
Gotta keep it secret.
Always heading into abetting the evil.
Don't touch him!
Don't touch him!
You don't have the authority to!
You don't have the authority!
You will not show them what the middle schoolers are shown in the school.
And they have the footage of him reading from the book that started it all.
Stop pushing me!
You need to fix this.
Stop pushing me!
You are not going to read the books we show the middle schoolers.
See, we're not banning books.
We're trying to keep pedophilia away from children.
We'll be right back.
Final segment before the amazing Drew Hernandez takes over.
There's new footage up on InfoWars.com being reported on by ABC and NBC News.
An arsonist trying to burn a church in Florida catches himself on fire.
Tens of thousands of churches have been burned in Europe.
We have all these other headlines here.
Videos, school board fires, Satan worshiping non-binary teacher.
Where are these people coming from?
Why are they Doings!
A teacher at Illinois elementary school was fired by the board of a conservative influencer, libs of TikTok pointed out.
The non-binary person was also a Satan worshiper and had a history of bipolar disorder with mania and psychosis.
Overhead shot please.
Look at who wants to get a teaching certificate and teach her children.
This is what we're up against.
They're everywhere.
This is the satanic move on civilization.
Here's another video.
I Will Rape Jesus.
Illegal alien, they call a migrant, shouts obscenities on video while smashing Swedish Catholic Church windows with rocks.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
All right, I didn't get fully into 14 American cities to ban meat, dairy, and private vehicles, or Biden's plan to restrict alcohol and track you with a digital ID, but it's all going down now.
Look, he's even wearing the Target Satan transgender shirts.
These are very nice people.
Let's give these lunatics access to children immediately.
But they have to get you to be overwhelmed by all the craziness to accept the new central bank digital currencies and the globalism and eat the bugs.
They're selling you a dystopia and saying, we're going to give you a dystopia and if you don't like it, you're a bad person.
So, Drew Hernandez takes over, I had Owen Schroer in one hour.
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Again, I will be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., and so much more.
We did a new shoot this morning for Steven Crowder, JonesCrowder.com, for our new once a week show on depopulation and the fires in Maui.
That report's gone up now.
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All right, that's it for My work today here on air.
But I will return, Lord willing.
And I'm very thankful to all of you and the crew.
Pray for folks around the world.
Pray to stop World War III.
Pray for people being smuggled across the border and the traffic sheltered.
And pray for the people of Lahaina.
Lahaina, they're in Maui.
Alright, we'll be back with Drew Hernandez.
Stay with us.
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It feels like eternity.
We've been screaming the truth to the world.
And it's remarkable that we get proved right time and time again.
And when we say something new is coming, people still look at us like we're crazy.
I mean, how many times do we have to be correct?
And we're now building two camps.
We have the camps of losers and winners, and the winners are telling the truth, and the losers are just adopting all of the slave mine programming.
And unfortunately, it's becoming more and more dangerous now to even say the truth, because these losers band together like hyenas and attack anybody who stands up and tells the truth, like they've attacked you and like they've attacked me.
They literally want to turn us into pod people.
Oh, absolutely, pod people!
And pod people can't have any remnants of warrior spirit inside of them because they're not gonna be able to live in their pod.
So this is the point.
The world's over in 2030.
Why go to the gym?
Why get strong?
Why work hard?
Why get rich?
Why be funny?
Why be charismatic?
Why do anything?
It doesn't matter.
The world's gonna end.
Sit in your pod.
How dare you!
And all of these leftist policies are designed to create a slave class of people which have no interest in trying to preserve the sanctity of the nations they live within.
The people who are in charge of the planet, who are in charge of global finance, make all the important decisions, and who are in charge of money, they are called globalists for a reason.
They have no particular interest in any one country.
All they care about is control and maximizing profits, and I don't think many people understand that.
You will own nothing.
What you build, you have to own.
The globalists are threatened by men being independent because they can't be pushed around and controlled.
If they don't have men in the way, the globalists are going to be able to rule over us.
They want us all miserable on antidepressants, eating the bugs, watching the TV shows.
Because then when something happens down the street that's not supposed to happen, we don't care.
That's all war ever is, and life is war.
We are fighting a war right now, and there is a war against our minds.
That fucking interview is over the top.
That's fucking the best sh** we've ever done.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit Infowars.com/show and share the link today.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
And we are here in Austin, Texas.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez, here on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Good to see every single one of you guys in studio.
Usually I'll be in via Skype or remotely, but I'm here in studio to take on the fourth hour.
Good to see every single one of you guys.
Listen, I'll be honest with you.
You take a look at this bug shot with Donald J. Trump.
You take a look at the attack on our civil liberties.
You take a look at the attack on the United States of America.
You take a look at that.
That is a mirror.
Okay, when you take a look at that mugshot, that's you!
That's a mirror!
That's you!
That's me!
That's your mom!
That's your dad!
That's your teacher!
Okay, that's your loved one!
That's your grandmother!
That's every single one of us!
If you're living right now in this simulation that they're trying to cultivate for every single one of us, and you cannot realize by this point, in this time, right now, in the United States of America, that everything, absolutely everything, is on the line!
Our freedoms, our lives, it's no longer even Trump 2024 MAGA anymore.
It's just do or die 2024.
That's it.
Campaign slogan moving forward for the rest of time for the United States of America will be do or die 2024.
And you ask yourself why?
Because this has gone way far beyond Republican or Democrat.
This has gone way far beyond left or right.
This has gone way far beyond Just a political difference of an opinion.
Everybody knows it.
Good versus evil, the devil versus Satan, the pedophile groomers are going after our children, the New World Order Satanists are raping everybody of private ownership and autonomy, where everything will be a renter society, a 15-minute city, where you have to ask permission for everything, even to go take a piss!
You gotta ask for permission for that?
You wanna go take a dump?
You gotta ask Bill Gates for that too.
You wanna scratch your back?
You wanna scratch yourself?
You got an itch?
You gotta ask Klaus Schwab if you could itch that itch.
Okay, listen.
These people are not only gonna attempt to monetize everything, monetize your pain, monetize sickness, monetize your fear, monetize everything that goes against what you believe, which is good, honest, and true, that stands for God.
But they're also going to manipulate it, so they can weaponize it, and it's a total technocrat, like, really think about what they're doing, right?
With the technology, so everything is monetized, and it's all technologically advanced, so it's power controlled, so that no one has any personal autonomy moving forward.
But I want to continue to speak about this Trump mugshot, because what happened, listen, what we're seeing right now, in the United States of America, I talked a little bit about this with Harrison Smith this morning, go watch that on the American Journal, total based interview, total based episode, But I think what the Deep State and the New World Order is failing to recognize is that when they pull these kinds of operations, it's very similar to 2016.
Because 2016, the fake news media cartel, CNN, even cucked out Fox News, all these losers and these...
You know, these betas in the mainstream media, all the attacks on Trump, the slanders on Trump, the attacks on MAGA, the attacks on anyone that's a patriot.
Just remove Trump for a second and just put yourself in that position.
Everything you stand for is going to get slandered in the same way.
You see, all this does is it causes the revolution to grow.
All this does is it causes the freedom movement to even further advance.
What this does is it causes everyone to unify around what the United States of America is.
And it's a good thing.
And the reason why I say it's a good thing is because, listen, so many people are still getting red-pilled.
So many people are still getting Christ-pilled.
And you ask yourself, why is that continuing to happen?
Because the reality of evil will always push that.
The reality of evil will always push Okay, people to realize, number one, that evil is abundantly a reality in the world that they live in, but also, it'll push them to the reality of God.
What is the God reality?
Well, God is reality, because God is truth.
And if God is truth, then God has not only programmed the universe, he's the chief architect of the universe, he's the chief architect of The realities that we can see, the multi-dimensional world that every single one of us are experiencing, but when people wake up to that fundamental reality and they get connected with their Creator, it's over, dude!
It's over for everyone that's opposing God, because once you're unlocked, once you're plugged out of the Matrix, Once you are truly read, God, Christ filled, and your mind is taken into a place where you're no longer a slave, where you're no longer bound to Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness, you really start to get activated.
And you see, this is truly what a Great Awakening truly is, and this is why InfoWars is important, this is why exposing the New World Order and the global regime and Cabal is important.
Because when people see this for what it really is, it becomes hard to disprove.
It's harder to disprove the New World Order, okay, than it is to prove it now in 2023.
And I know all the info warriors know this, but guys, what a time to be alive right now, where you and I are on the front lines fighting for the future of the United States of America, fighting for the future of our children, fighting for the future of society, and every single one of us play a part right now.
And I know this is said a lot every single election cycle.
This is the most important election of our time.
This is the most important election of our time.
This is far beyond an election.
This is far beyond a selection.
This is whether you're gonna allow, listen, this is what it comes down to.
It's either you're gonna allow these notorious, powerful, deep state, global cabal pedophiles, okay, that are all targeting your children.
It's either you're gonna allow that to continue to advance in your society, in your culture, in your community, in your church, in your kids' school.
You name it, dude.
Either you're gonna allow that, Are you gonna plant your two feet in the ground and you're gonna say, no, hell no, no longer, no more, we will not stand for degeneracy, we will not stand for evil, we will not stand for Satanism, we will not stand for everything that's opposite of God!
Flood the schools with Christ!
Flood politics!
Flood the government with Christ!
Flood education with Jesus Christ!
Flood it all!
The sciences!
The medical healthcare industry!
Flood it all with Christ!
With godly men and women that care and that are in obedience and submission to our Creator!
Why is that such a bad idea?
Why is that such a bad idea?
You see, you start triggering the liberals when you talk like this.
Oh, Drew, you're just a Christian fascist.
Oh my gosh, a Christian nationalist.
Oh my God.
Well, what do you suggest, huh?
Some kind of society where the pedophiles are given a slap on the wrist and they're allowed to come after your children?
To each their own.
I don't really care.
Well, you know what?
I do care because God cares and God calls the degenerates to repent.
And if we're going to have a shot at winning anything back, then we have to bend the knee to Christ.
It's the only way Otherwise, we'd lose.
We'll be right back.
Alrighty, guys.
I got some breaking news with all the InfoWarriors today and all the Patriots worldwide.
Good to see every single one of you guys.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
This is the fourth hour of the most banned transmission on planet Earth.
The Alex Jones Show.
Banned out video, banned out video, banned out video.
Got a huge announcement for you guys.
Got a new show coming up.
Been talking about this for the past couple weeks.
Shout out to everyone that watches me on Rumble.
Drew H. Live.
Drew Hernandez Live.
Everyone that watches me on LFATV based America.
Well, I got a new show on the way and I want to announce it and share it with every single one of you guys here exclusively with the InfoWars family, Bandot Video family, and those that love and support me and that support the United States of America.
I want to say thank you to Alex Jones for allowing me to do this today.
It's definitely awesome.
Definitely great.
But I'm launching a new show.
Called Unauthorized with Censored.TV.
Unauthorized with Drew Hernandez.
Exclusively on Censored.TV.
It drops next Friday.
First episode drops next Friday, September 1st, 2023.
It'll be every Friday at 9pm.
Eastern Standard Time.
That's 9 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time.
And let me just give you a quick little teaser of things to come and I'll explain a little of what's actually coming.
Take a look.
Folks, it's June, which of course is Pride Month.
Have you seen a pride parade?
That is super happy fun America.
Black skin is the most threatening weapon of all.
No American citizen needs an M16.
Bait 'em in!
All these retards, you know what I mean?
All these retarded morons that think they're fighting for social justice.
I love my whites, dude.
This stuff pisses me off, and I'm not even white.
You know what?
I'm white.
Black people don't even like Juneteenth.
What happened to the wiggers?
Everything has to be black.
Black, black, black, black, black.
They get some kind of representation, but they want to cancel it.
Everything's cultural appropriation.
Like, what do these people want?
I don't think they want anything.
I think they're just retarded.
Brand new show, ladies and gentlemen, hosted by yours truly, Unauthorized, with Drew Hernandez on Censored.TV.
Drops next Friday, September 1st.
It is a, I'm gonna come out and say it, it's a right-wing late-night comedy show hosted by myself, because I'm sick of all the beta males, I'm sick of all the cucks.
I'm sick of all the limp-wristed nonsense and cuckery that you're seeing all over, especially with, you know, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, and God, whatever happened to Jimmy Kimmel and all of the rest of them.
And it's something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.
It's something that I've been planning for a very long time.
It's an idea that I've been sitting on for a very long time, and now's the time to do it!
And, uh, shout out to Gavin McInnes and all the guys on Censor.TV.
So make sure to go and use my promo code, Censor.TV, promo code Drew.
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It's going to be amazing.
It's going to be incredible.
It's going to be a show off limits.
And here's the thing about this show.
Total late night vibes, just roasting anybody and everyone.
Everyone gets it.
Everyone gets it.
And when I mean gets it, it doesn't mean you'll understand.
I mean, you will get it!
You end up in the crosshairs, you're gonna get it.
Unauthorized opinions, unauthorized minds, unauthorized people, unauthorized guests, conversations.
And I'm super excited because the big thing about it too is, it's not gonna be on YouTube.
It's not going to be anywhere that could be touched.
It's going to be exclusively on Censored.TV.
Totally uncensored!
So we could actually say what we really want to say.
So I'm super excited about that.
Again, guys, go to Censored.TV.
Use promo code Drew to sign up for 20% off.
Again, unauthorized with Drew Hernandez.
Next Friday, September 1st, 2023.
So shout out to every single one of you guys.
It's going to be insane.
Well, let's continue with other news today.
I wanted to, uh, I actually wanted to talk about Alex.
And I talked a little bit about this on my show Drew Hernandez Live and I wanted to kind of expound a little more on it with the Infowars family because what I found to be interesting was what happened with Alex, I think it was last week.
Dropping the news with the federal whistleblowers of the oncoming possible lockdowns, obvious restrictions that we're seeing in the news.
There's countless articles here all over the desk.
I could give you guys just a few examples here.
South Texas school district closed over COVID-19 surge.
South district in South Texas temporarily closes due to uptick in COVID-19 cases.
As COVID cases flare, some schools and businesses reinstate mask mandates.
And the list goes on.
A familiar era safety measure is making a comeback as new COVID-19 variants surface and cases of the disease flare in some parts of the U.S.
mask mandates.
I mean, what I found interesting about this was how it happened backwards.
Did you guys notice that?
Because usually Alex will come out and report on something.
Maybe like, I don't know, it could be 10 years, it could be 5 years, it could be 2 years, it could be 2 months ahead of the curve.
Tomorrow's News Today, right?
That's the Infowars slogan.
That's what this is all about.
But what I found interesting was how it happened backward.
It almost happened backwards.
Where Alex got the scoop.
With something that they would usually slander.
You see what I'm saying?
They would usually come out and say, well, Alex Jones conspiracy theorist is coming out saying it again, that there's going to be COVID lockdowns again.
What does that mean?
What is that?
Just another conspiracy theory.
That's usually what they do when someone comes out and reports.
But it's like it happened almost backwards.
Alex came out.
With the federal whistleblowers, it ended up becoming confirmed, and almost within hours you saw the mainstream media come out and confirm what he was saying because of the whistleblowers.
But here's the point, I thought it was strange because usually they try to demonize the man, but this time they try to get ahead of the man.
Did you guys notice that?
Usually they try to demonize InfoWars, but this time they try to get ahead because they were behind.
And what sticks out to me about this, and I'll talk about this more when we come back from the break, is I think this does unveil their plans.
This does unveil their plans.
You see this report in the AP.
The claim originated on August 18th episode of the Alex Jones Show, where its namesake host said an anonymous anonymous high-level manager in the TSA, an unnamed Border Patrol connected source, told him about the alleged announcement Jones is known for spreading conspiracy theories.
Well, at the same time, they were attempting to get ahead of the narrative as well.
And I found that to be interesting.
I found that to be interesting because I think this shows us a kind of like a confirmation of the path forward for the New World Order and particularly for the election.
You see, we're moving into a different time where these people don't necessarily have to launch those attacks.
Yeah, they'll call you a conspiracy theorist here and an article there and here and an article here, but ultimately now they're just trying to get ahead of what we're saying.
So this is a good indication that the information that's coming out now is actually doing some damage, but at the same time, they're going to try and play some catch-up and they're going to try to get ahead of the information.
But why?
Because that's the plan all along.
I think we've been speculating, will it be a climate change lockdown?
Will they go with the fake alien UFO invasion?
But I think it's abundantly clear.
Here we are heading into the 2024 election.
And what worked in 2020?
How did they rig that election?
What's the playbook?
Coach Schwab?
Coach Gates?
Huh, daddy?
Just launch another variant.
Mass mail-in ballots.
Shut down the world.
Jack the United States of America.
We'll be right back.
Really tripping out still on this Trump mugshot, man.
A lot of people are saying that it's very similar to the American symbol, the bald eagle.
You guys put that up together?
Put the Trump mug shot next to the bald eagle?
I think that's pretty accurate.
Very accurate.
That's the face of retribution.
Trump 2024.
Revenge on the government.
I'll tell you one thing, if you need an example of how much the government hates you, just take a look at Maui.
I spent a lot of time on Maui today on the show, but I want to continue to talk about that, because you can just tell by the response.
You can tell by the response of the local government that's supposed to oh so care about the people, because they care so much about democracy, don't they?
They care so much about democracy, That, oh, we have to put a stop to those mega-terrorists!
Those right-wing domestic terrorist white supremacists!
Gotta put a stop to those pesky Americans that want their pesky freedom!
Yeah, but if you end up in a situation like Maui, you're not gonna get an answer from the Chief of Emergency Operations.
Of course he resigns.
He'll ride off onto the sunset, protected.
Oh, there you go, look at that, look at that.
Tellin' ya.
Something about this, man.
I don't know what it is.
But there's something about this.
I don't know if he planned that.
Wouldn't be surprised if he did.
But those photos represent something.
I'll tell you that.
I'll tell you that.
But back to Maui.
Back to Maui, man.
I mean, really think about it.
You got the local government trying to run cover for anything and everything.
Whether it's some kind of intentional controlled demolition of the society, or whether they're not letting a good crisis go to waste, what I can say is the response of the so-called local government is to screw the people, let the people die, let them incinerate, oh, and then the Biden administration will come and say, well, here's $700 for you!
That's just great!
Here's $700 for a month's worth of milk, some synthetic milk, and some synthetic beef!
Brought to you by Bill Gates!
Isn't that just nice?
Isn't that just nice?
We have to rebuild our community!
We don't have money for anything!
Oh wow!
We know!
We know!
So here's $700 for every single one of you!
And you get this cucked out governor that takes to the media and is like, did you hear that interview?
What a, what a, what a cuck, dude.
The guy's like, well, I know nobody wants to talk about this, but we have to talk about it!
It's climate change!
It's climate change!
We told you climate change would get you killed!
So the reason why your grandmother was incinerated and died was because of you!
Because of climate change!
It's you!
You carbon-based life form!
You didn't listen!
So your daughter is dead!
You see, it's either you join the cult or you don't.
And Biden rolls through.
Two weeks later, falling asleep in the meeting with the community and the community leaders.
Dude can't even stay awake.
Of course not, because he's dying.
He's literally dying.
Every time we see a video of this guy, we're watching him die.
Did you see the other clip where Biden comes out and he says, oh, well, you know, there he is, you know, falling asleep while they're all crying.
Dude's straight catching Z's.
Yeah, this was the clip where Biden comes out and says, oh, well, you know, I almost, I almost experienced a fire too, you know, and I almost lost my 67 Corvette.
But no kidding aside, just making jokes out of dead kids.
Making jokes out of dead children.
Oh yeah, the team says we have it.
Listen, listen to this.
I don't want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense, Jill and I, what it's like to lose a home.
Years ago, now 15 years ago, I was in Washington doing Meet the Press.
It was Leon and everything.
It was a sunny Sunday.
And lightning struck at home.
On a little lake that's outside of our home, not a lake, a big pond.
And hit a wire and came up underneath our home into the heating ducts, the air conditioning ducts.
To make a long story short, I almost lost my wife, my 67 Corvette, and my cat.
But all kidding aside.
All kidding, alright, get him off.
All kidding aside.
You see what I'm saying?
Like, things have gone beyond, like I said, opening up the show, not Republican, Democrat, this is, this is like, you either join the cult, and not only do you die, you either join the cult, or you die as we laugh at you and your children incinerating, and we piss all over their graves!
And you know what?
Here's $700 to help you and your desperate, poor, peasant family.
You know, never mind, give us that $700 back.
That's going to Ukraine!
It's going to Ukraine!
Because Ukraine matters!
Because Putin is destroying everything!
I caught a cold today!
It was Putin's fault!
I got rear-ended on my way to work!
It was Putin's fault!
Everything that happens to me that is bad is Putin!
Guys, Putin is responsible for everything!
Don't you understand?
Putin is the reason why there's evil in the world!
He's the origin of sin!
It's Putin!
Everything bad happening all around me, it's Putin!
Donald Trump!
Pooh's fault!
How did we even get a Putin?
That's even Putin's fault!
It just, you know, it just never ends.
You know, it's like, oh my gosh, I got beat up today, that was Putin's fault.
Oh, a dog took a crap on my carpet, that was Putin's fault.
Putin, he influenced him too!
Oh my god, we need Joe Biden!
We need Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky to save the day, guys!
You know the sad part?
The sad part is that this is what these people roll out, you know?
I think it was, what's the date today guys?
I'm all messed up on my dates.
Today is the 25th.
I think tomorrow, I don't know if you guys saw this, tomorrow they're literally, on August 26th, if they didn't cancel it by now, they were still going forward with some like Ukraine Awareness Day in Honolulu in Hawaii.
Could you believe that?
Dude, like, wow, yeah, yeah, yeah, we got dead children, the community's incinerated, the government's getting exposed for leading people into the flames, not warning anybody, and then the people come out, reporters come out, questioning that hack mayor, oh my gosh.
Talk about, oh dude, that guy, that mayor is evil.
Straight up.
Like, you got reporters, citizens saying, what about the children?
Do you even know about the incinerated children?
Why didn't anybody get warned?
The people are saying, if they heard a siren, then maybe they would have had a chance to survive, and others would have too!
And what's the response?
Hey, shut down, man.
Shut down.
Shut down, all right?
You can wait your turn, okay?
This is Maui, this is my city.
Like a mafia?
Like, shut up, man.
You wanna wait your turn?
We could shut this whole thing down right now!
We could shut it down right now!
It's all these woke diversity hires.
Always, always with the woke diversity.
These people are gonna get you killed, dude, okay?
These woke diversity hires that are all the way in the White House with Kamala Harris installed there, she's gonna get you killed!
Okay, look at the DA, look at all, look at all the, uh, look at all the riggers in Georgia.
We gotta jail all these riggers, guys.
All the riggers going after Trump.
Those riggers, we gotta catch them.
We gotta catch those pesky riggers.
If we don't catch those riggers, we're not gonna have a free and fair election.
Ha ha!
I got you!
You know what's funny about that, actually?
It was CNN, okay?
Because Trump came out and said, you know, they don't go after the riggers.
The woke white women, the next day, went on CNN and said, could you believe what Trump said on Truth Social?
He said, riggers!
We know what he means.
He's talking about black people!
Dude, CNN defined rigger, dude!
CNN did that!
I didn't do that!
Trump didn't do that!
InfoWars didn't do it!
Dude, it was CNN!
Based CNN!
If we could even say that.
Do those two, does that word in three letters even exist together?
Like, it almost makes you want to throw up, huh?
I just, I love, I just so love that it was the woke white women on CNN that defined the word riggers as black people.
On Trump's true social policies!
You just can't make that up, dude!
You just can't make that up!
Get the Riggers!
Get the Riggers!
We gotta find them!
We need a free and fair election!
If we don't, the Riggers are dismantling society!
The Riggers are the ones that are gonna collapse the West!
It's the Riggers!
We gotta find them and arrest them so we have a free and fair election!
I'll be right back.
*outro* All my Riggas!
Let's go!
You know what?
Maybe we should change it.
Hey guys, what do you guys think?
Crew, should we change it from Riggas to Triggas?
Mix Trump with Riga?
*laughs* *laughs*
Oh, there you go.
Oh, there it is.
There it is.
It's like Pierce Brosnan Trump.
All my triggers worldwide.
All my triggers.
Anyways, you guys want to roast Mike Pence?
I really want to talk about this guy.
You want to know why?
He's so gay.
Like, he's just... Mike Pence is so gay.
You want to know something?
Alright, this is my opinion, alright?
Let me say this.
There used to be all these articles written about Mike Pence.
When he was VP, when he was, you know, Judas pretending to be by Jesus' side, you know, Judas pretending to be by Trump's side, pretending to be a faithful VP because he loves America.
There used to be all these articles about Pence being a closeted homosexual and, you know, I used to sit and think to myself, Man, that's probably a lie, but now I'm like, you know what?
They might be right.
That's my opinion.
This guy, dude, I have never, I have never seen someone get such a hard-on over another country before.
Like, dude, when you watch this guy during the debate, any time you watch Mike Pence, okay?
When you watch Mike Pence talking about Ukraine, it's like his eyes just go off into la-la land.
He just starts staring off into space.
It's like sexual euphoria in his mind.
Like all the endorphins in his mind are just like total just, you know, orgasm.
He's just thinking about Ukraine.
I've never seen that before.
Like, you know, I love the United States.
I love my country.
But Mike Pence, this guy, when he talks about Ukraine, I mean...
It's so cringy.
Look at the debate.
This guy spends minutes, minutes just praising Ukraine.
Ukraine that's like, dude, do you even live in America, bro?
But we know he's a rhino.
He's a deep state, you know, plant.
That's why he, you know, which by the way, if you guys watched, um, Absolutely, astronomically, which by the way, I have this article right here, total blowout, Fox News debate ratings are downright pathetic as President Trump's Tucker Carlson interview soars to over 240 million views.
It's probably even more right now, I guarantee you, and it's climbing and climbing and climbing.
I'm interested to see if it gets to half a million.
I don't have a billion, excuse me.
That would be wild.
That would be insane.
But look at that.
That's, you see what this is?
That's the, uh, this is the mainstream media, uh, getting destroyed by the independent media.
You see what this is?
This is the establishment getting destroyed by the outsider.
That's what that is.
That's what that means.
Every single one of us need to understand that.
But the point is this, the point is this, you know, with Mike, it's just, you take a look at the Trump interview and I thought it was interesting.
When Trump told the story of what was going on pre-J6, leading up to Judas turning his back on Trump in America, receiving that little silver coin handshake when he sealed the deal for the election, right?
I did my constitutional duty!
It was crazy how Trump said, well, you know, some of the lawyers said he can't, some of the lawyers said he can.
And I said, well, I think you can, Mike.
I'm not asking you to overturn the election.
I'm asking you to send them back so that the state can make sure and secure that they're all legitimate because there's some serious issues in these particular states.
And the narrative is, well, Trump was saying overthrow the election.
No, Trump made it clear on the interview.
I was telling him to send them back so they could vet to make sure that this is authentic.
What is wrong with that?
That's why Trump said in the interview.
Well, that's why I was trying to make the argument.
So if this guy gets like Millions of fake votes?
He just has to send it on through?
And then Trump goes on to say, well, Pence was told by his lawyers that that's not constitutional and a vice president can't do that.
But the moment they sealed the deal for the 2020 election post-J6, the moment they sealed that deal, what did the Uniparty do?
Allegedly, according to Trump, the Uniparty gets together and they shut down the ability of the Vice President to ever do such a thing.
Good job!
Great job, Deep State!
This guy Mike Pence is really something, man.
This guy's a traitor.
I feel really uncomfortable with him on the screen behind me.
Like, look at this guy.
You know?
He's... He's probably talking about Ukraine in this photo.
I guarantee you, he's probably talking about Ukraine in this photo.
This guy, you know, I guarantee you his wife...
You know, they probably have, you know, not the best, you know, intimate relationship.
I guarantee you his wife has probably had the result, you know, just to get her husband, you know, interested in her.
You know, just to turn him on a bit.
You know, what does Mrs. Pence have to result to?
Not wearing lingerie, you know, not tickling his favorite little spot, you know, not trying to seduce him in a marriage.
Now, what does she probably have to do?
She probably just has to start talking about Ukraine, you know.
Just talk about Ukraine.
You'll get Mike Pence all turned on.
Just talk about Ukraine.
And that's probably how she gets him all turned on.
Because that guy, I'm telling you, man, that whole debate was cringe.
DeSantis total bobblehead.
But Pence, man, I can't get over this dude, man.
It is so wild to see someone just turn their back on a country and then stand on a stage and sit there and tell you, well, you know, I'm actually the right choice.
That's when you know someone is deep state.
You understand that?
And then you got DeSantis up there trying to look around the classroom and make sure he's making the right decision.
It's just total cringe.
And who was the guy all the way on the end of the stage?
Not Aza, the other guy.
It was like some kind of multiverse Governor Gavin Newsom.
Do any of you guys know who I'm talking about?
There was like some random dude all the way to the left.
Not the right.
Not this way.
This guy right here.
Who was this guy?
Who was that?
Like some multiverse Governor Gavin News- I don't know, you know?
I don't know who these- where these people come from, but... It is abundantly clear, America, where the choice is.
It is abundantly clear- oh gosh, don't even get me started on this guy.
Job of the Hut 2024, you guys.
Job of the Hut 2024!
Free jelly doughnuts for all!
Free jelly doughnuts for all!
Everybody gets high cholesterol, higher cholesterol, higher taxes, higher calorie intake!
Nikki Haley.
Did you see Nikki Haley's comment?
In the debate?
I guess we're just gonna roast all these people right now, you know, why not?
Nikki Haley's comment in the debate.
She's like, uh, if you really want, you know, ask a man to do something, but if you want it to get done, you know, you ask a woman.
I know all the guys felt that.
Just like, UGH, the cringe!
Okay, boss lady!
Ugh, what a feminis- that feminism is so cr- ISN'T FEMINISM CRINGE?!
It like- it's like...
You know when you're watching, yeah that guy, the multiverse Gavin Newsom, how did he get up there?
Anyways, dude, like, the Nikki Haley feminist cringe is like the equivalent to watching footage, you know like that crazy footage of like skateboarders or, you know, dirt bike riders, like, extreme sports dudes like just flying off of ramps and, you know, skating and breaking femurs, breaking their wrists, and you see it, and you're like, oh, that's what I feel!
That's what I feel when I hear feminists speak.
It's like, woman!
Shut up!
Get in the kitchen!
Make a sandwich or something!
Just stop talking!
And then that one, did you see when Nikki Haley was like, we need to communicate to people that if a woman gets abortion, we're not gonna throw her in prison.
We're not gonna throw, it's like, no, we should throw her in prison!
If abortion is murder, then these women should be prosecuted!
If it's murder, then let's be based!
You wanna be based, America?
Then let's put murderers in prison!
Drew, that's a little too far right for me.
Okay, then you're not pro-life, because if you were someone that murders an infant...
Simple stuff.
This is simple stuff.
But it's just cringe, you know?
It's super cringe.
We have to make sure we show people.
We have to reach across the aisle to make sure that people understand that we're just as liberal as they are.
Oh yeah, that's great!
Yeah, let's just, let's just, let's just sit at the table with the pedophiles and figure out how we can find some common ground!
Let's sit at the table with the communists that want to destroy you and your family and weaponize the FBI and weaponize the DOJ and the CIA to not only go after Trump or anyone in his political orbit, but you and your family.
Yeah, let's sit at the table and let's hold hands.
You know, in theory, that's how things are supposed to be.
Oh, this woman, this woman belongs in the kitchen, dude.
Oh, the cringe.
The cringe is so unbearable.
I can't tolerate it.
I genuinely hated that moment when she said that.
I hated it.