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Air Date: Aug. 23, 2023
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On "The Alex Jones Show," Alex Jones interviews Andrew Tate regarding the globalist agenda against the Judeo-Christian West, human trafficking involving children, mass deportations, and state-of-the- art schools built for illegal immigrants in Northeast Houston. Michael Yon discusses Operation Burning Edge and addresses the rampant issue of human trafficking and the involvement of the US government in funding warehouses where these atrocities occur. The speakers emphasize that taxpayers' money is being used to facilitate these crimes, making everyone complicit unless they take action to stop it. They also touch upon the topic of mass deportations and argue for it as a solution to restore the Republic by deporting every person who gained asylum during Biden's tenure. In Texas, there have been cases of Tuberculosis in cattle herds which threatens their TB-free status and could lead to financial losses in the cattle industry. There are other diseases causing concerns such as Chagas disease, Neurocysticercosis, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis B, all brought about by an open border policy leading to a large number of people from different countries entering illegally. Todd Callender, founder of VaxChoice.com, has been researching oaths of office taken by public officials. He found that many lack the necessary oath or have defective copies, raising questions about their allegiance and authority to enforce mandates like vaccine requirements. The speakers discuss the importance of oaths of office and how those in power who do not have a valid oath are acting illegitimately. They mention that the Secretary of Education has an invalid affidavit due to lack of notarization, which raises questions about the legitimacy of actions taken by this individual. The speakers argue that people must demand to see oaths of office from those in power and challenge their authority when they cannot produce one. The speakers discuss vaccines and childhood vaccine schedules, with concerns about mandates and potential risks associated with these vaccines. Todd Callender talks about working pro bono to get children out of required shots using the Americans with Disabilities Act. Michael Bresnick discusses how military personnel are also at risk due to being required to take vaccines. In this speech, Alex Jones talks about the importance of individual choice and action against the "scientific dictatorship" that is taking over humanity. He discusses how single-stranded RNA viruses are capable of causing diseases like COVID-19, influenza virus, RSV virus, Marburg virus, Ebola virus, and Hantavirus. Jones emphasizes the need for individuals to take control of their lives by making informed choices, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. The speaker discusses the actions being taken by their organization to restore America and its values through Tactical Civics, which aims to turn the country back to Jesus Christ and teach a constitutionally accurate self-concept. They believe that America is currently under God's judgment, citing organized crime as the tool being used against it.

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You guys need to make sure that you post this on the InfoWars website.
Every single person that listens to this clip needs to read that.
I re-read it this morning.
I've probably read it, I don't know, half a dozen times, but I re-read it this morning.
Because I knew that we were going to talk about this.
And again, if you guys, I didn't catch the very beginning, you know, of the show today, you know, to describe whether or not you guys have told the audience what you guys have been up to for the last, certainly for the last 30 days or so.
And then Michael's been up and down the border, up and down the entire Central American isthmus there, if you will, and then all along the border reporting, just doing some superb reporting on
On what amounts to be an invasion of the United States of America.
So the Declaration of North America, which was really signed by the three leaders of Mexico, United States, and Trudeau.
I think that's Obrador, of course, Biden, and then Trudeau up in Canada.
It has six components, and people need to go read this thing.
So make sure you post it online and send it to me if you don't mind, and I'll post it as well.
This is so devastating, this particular declaration, which is only like a couple of pages long.
It's so devastating to the United States of America, particularly to the U.S., because the bottom line is that the U.S.
essentially is going to accept the brunt of it all.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we've got an incredible transmission lined up for you today.
I've been up since 4 a.m.
this morning.
Just did a two-hour powerhouse interview with Andrew Tate.
Excerpts coming up later in the next four hours, and we'll air the whole thing tomorrow on the August 24th Thursday edition.
But Michael Young, the special forces operator, an incredible journalist, and his crew are going to have General Flynn.
They're going to have
Stephen Bannon, they're going to have Colonel McGregor.
They're going to have it all plus major breaking news on the biggest illegal alien camps you've ever seen that nobody's reported on just outside Houston and more today.
So I'll be here at the office.
I'll be popping in live with breaking news.
We're going to be hitting it all here today.
This is going to be a massive, massive, massive broadcast.
But I just concluded a two hour interview for Budapest.
Romania with Andrew Tate.
Most powerful interview with him ever.
Like I said, excerpts coming up later today.
Tomorrow we're going to premiere the big interview.
But in the next four hours, coming back from break, they're going to be in here in the chair.
They're about to come in right now.
We're going to have Michael Yeun and the rest of his crew and a raft.
Of incredible guests.
Like I said, Steve Bannon, General Flynn, the list goes on and on.
They were just over Houston with helicopters showing these giant camps they've set up.
You're gonna have all that footage.
This is gonna be an incredible broadcast.
We always deliver by the grace of God.
Thanks for your support.
The crew is amazing.
So everybody, start your engines, share the links, infowarriors.com forward slash show.
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None of this is copyright.
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Just get it out.
This is an information war.
And when you get excited like you did last Friday and expose their plan to bring back the COVID lockdowns, which they then announced later in the weekend, it has created a firestorm.
Still the top story five days, six days later in the country.
It's got the globalists in full panic mode.
We've got more on Maui, more on the Ukraine-Russia war, more on everything coming up today.
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We'll be right back with a special broadcast.
This is not about somebody wanting to put on pantyhose and have their sexual organs changed.
It's about shocking our children.
A lot of these groups are pedophiles, let's face it.
They want to talk about sex with your kids.
In the name of tolerance, they're going to put your kids on Ritalin and Prozac, they're going to inject them with deadly vaccines full of cancer viruses, and they're going to really screw them up.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Go to wars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
All right.
It's a great honor to be sitting in Alex Jones' seat here.
We did the show last week.
Ann VanderSteel and I were on Operation Burning Edge across the southern border of the United States and Mexico.
Most of the people couldn't quite hack it and didn't make it very long.
So here we are.
And without further ado, actually Stephen Bannon is on hold right now to come on.
I don't want to take much of his time because he doesn't have much time and he's got a lot of important things to say about what's happening to our Republic and to President Trump.
Steve, please take it.
First off, what I want to say is, you know, if Alex had to... I know Alex is, I think, in court today, but if he had to pick two folks who are actually crazier and tougher than he is, Vandersteel and... Do the authorities know this?
They're going to call in like a drone strike.
You guys have done such a great job, you know, such a great job on Burning Edge.
It's just been incredible.
But Jan, normally, you know, I'm talking to you, you're either in Darien Gap coming down on like a canoe with guys shooting blow darts at you or you're in North Africa being shot at.
So I'm not used to you sitting in a
In an anchor chair, although I will tell you, the anchor chair you're sitting in probably gets more incoming than you've even taken in all the combat situations you've been in the last, what, 20 years since you've been really the top combat correspondent out there in all the hot spots in the world.
So I'm really honored to be on with you and Ann today.
I really want to hear what's going on with President Trump right now.
Thanks, Steve.
And you're the man that knows.
Actually, when Anne and I were putting the list together of people to ask to come on, well, you're in the first slot.
That's it.
So, Steve, I know you have a beat on the President and what's going down right now is nothing short of complete criminal.
Give us your assessment on the current situation on the ground for the President.
Well, I think, you see, you know, Anne, and here's what I love about Trump.
And he went full Trump.
He's in prime time.
He's in prime time tomorrow.
He's big footing the Keebler elves.
And remember what's happening here, because you guys know this from the reporting you guys do and show that's up and Michael, you and of course, all the Infowars audience knows the difficulty that all of us have of getting out there because of complete suppression.
You know, every second of the day with Alex being, obviously, the person the most oppressed.
But you've got this situation with the Murdochs.
You've got this situation where they're absolutely thrown in, because they're globalists, they're throwing in the globalists, so they're trying to have this, what I call the Keebler Elves Convention tonight in Milwaukee, which is of no interest to the War Room Posse, no interest to us, because it's just a diversion.
At the same time, the administrative state, the deep state, is in every way coming after Trump.
And they're coming after Trump not just with this, you know, the last of these indictments where he's got, I think, 91 indictments and 700 years in prison.
They're trying to drop the 14th Amendment to take him off the ballot in California and other states.
They're coming after him with all the media, you know, hits he's taken.
So, the whole thing is kind of converging and you can see what's happening in Durban, South Africa.
I think that only the third time in the history of this Republic.
Do we have an individual's fate and destiny is now inextricably linked with the fate and destiny of the nation.
We had it with General Washington in the revolution and the foundation of the country with the constitution, the formation of really the American government.
In those years after the revolution, you had it with Abraham Lincoln in the late 1850s, the convergence of this really American nationalism and the understanding that slavery had to be destroyed, root and branch, the convergence of that for the Civil War, and now with Donald Trump to really save this republic if it's not Trump and the people in this Trump movement.
Right the the country will be something quite different than was bequeathed to us and to our generation and so The stakes couldn't be higher and that's why I think Reporting like you guys do all the time and what Alex Jones provides in this show and the audience that supports it is now more important than ever
Well, so we certainly agree, Steve.
You know, when you look at what's happening down on the border, the face of the electorate is being forcibly changed by the regime in power, by the globalist agenda, and of course, destruction of America, which is standing between the world, the New World Order, and tyranny, full tyranny.
So, you know, understanding that the World Economic Forum is immigrating illegally all of these people from all over the world, how do you think that the next election is going to shape up?
Will it be denigrated by the fact that we have people out there that will be voting that have no business voting in our country?
Or will we actually even have an election period, understanding what they're trying to do to stop President Trump?
Great question.
You know, I took a clip of what you guys are doing on Burning Edge, and I've sent a lot of it, pushed a lot of it out to people, because I think what you guys are doing is extraordinary, going through the whole border of the United States and showing these incredible footage.
I actually showed to somebody that's quite well informed.
He's a former two-star Navy Admiral.
And it was shocking.
It was like the first time he'd ever seen this information.
He had no idea that there's anywhere from six to 20 or 25 million illegal aliens in the country.
In fact, quite frankly, at least 10 million.
That I think that upon President Trump's coming back to power in January 2025, we have to get ICE and we have to actually move those folks back to their home countries.
And I think this has got to be a high priority of the Trump administration.
But I think you're correct.
I think that you've seen with just taking our asylum laws.
What you're really built about protecting the country, protecting citizens, but also protecting the people that were coming and making sure they had real opportunities.
What's happening on the southern border is nothing short of an invasion.
And don't take it from me.
Just look at the footage and don't take it from Ann or her commentary or Michael's commentary or observations.
Just look, just go to Burning Edge, which is think about it.
This is the summer 2023.
You know, we've been we've been talking about this and fighting this now for 10 or 15 years.
And I would submit to you that it's worse than it's ever been.
Because now I think the really the economic interest of the globalists in our nation are also tied to continue this, this southern border.
If you look at what you guys have exposed down around Houston, Texas, I think it's
It's colonies in English, but colonias in Spanish, I think.
But if you see that, and it's tied in with the real estate interest down there, with the home construction interest down there.
So, no, we're in a fix.
And believe me, they're going to be trying to get as many of these folks on the voter rolls as they possibly can for 2024.
So, we have a crisis.
That crisis is an invasion on our southern border, and you can't call anything but that.
If you don't believe me, look at the footage you guys are just putting out.
Steve, this is straight up weaponized migration.
Just like, you know, when I flew over to Lithuania before the war in Ukraine and was warning about that, very specifically, numerous, many times, that that was a weaponized migration and that's a prelude to war.
What we see here is we need mass deportations.
But beyond that, we have children in giant warehouses, including the Walmart, former Walmart Supercenter in Brownsville, Texas.
Anne was just there.
We were there together.
They've got approximately 1,400, 1,500 boys in that one Walmart Supercenter right now.
And that's it coming on the screen right there.
We just made that video, what, maybe two weeks ago, right?
And they have other facilities for girls.
These children are being transported at night.
We're going to actually have other people talk about it later.
But actually, I would rather hear you talk because we'll go into this later.
Well, I want the one thing.
I think that's so great when I heard you were going to do Burning Edge.
Remember, your theory of the case is osmotic flow.
But you've said, hey, this is a global problem.
Look, I want to bring up a book that's very controversial and has certain racist elements to the book.
So it's a difficult read.
But the book that was written by this French guy back in the early 1970s called The Camp of the Saints really shows, I think, a lot of how the elites are dealing with it.
And I realize the book is very controversial.
If you get it, there are going to be big sections of the book that offend you, offend you a lot, because it does have certain racist elements in it.
But the book is not about that so much as about how elites deal with it.
That's what you're seeing on a global basis here.
This is a global issue.
The innovation on the southern border, that's why it's every nationality in the world that's coming in a devil-catch-the-hymo.
That's what you're reporting over the last couple of years has really been about.
Connecting all the dots from the Darien Gap to what's happening in Morocco when you were there that time a couple of months ago, to Ukraine, to all over.
So, this is a global problem, but it's being exacerbated by this illegitimate regime in the White House, and it shouldn't be lost on you that now Solomon's giving the receipts every day.
John Solomon's showing the receipts about the Ukraine.
These things are, this is not a conspiracy theory because the receipts are there.
You just have to walk through and make sure you understand the story at every element of it.
So I think that's why Burning Edge is so powerful.
One last thing, and with your footage of what's coming out, the Tennessee Assembly, which was called back in special session to do these red flag laws by this liberal Bill Lee governor, Republican, RINO governor, they've pivoted it and they're actually going after now, they're trying to put forward the toughest
Human trafficking laws in the nation at a state level because the Soros based local prosecutors won't prosecute human trafficking or sex trafficking for children.
And I think that's what you're reporting.
Particularly these warehouses are going to blow this story up.
And it's going to be just as big as Alex's big scoop about the protocols, mandates, and the mask coming back, that I think this is going to drive a whole new, it's going to be the sequel to the great film of Jim Caviezel and the team that just came out.
I think this will be, I think your footage will be the sequel and really put it up to the nation that nobody can look away anymore.
We got to deal with what's going on in the trafficking of children across this border.
Yeah, Steve, we really do.
And in fact, if you consider, this has been their playbook now.
They've destroyed Europe ostensibly.
They're moving people into our country on a daily.
Tens of thousands now are coming across daily.
We do want to call this out.
We want to put billboards up.
We're reaching out to the folks at Banners for Freedom, the AGs that have done an amazing job of bringing vaccine.
Poison death shot awareness to the country with their billboards.
So we really want to start positioning these billboards around these mass warehouses saying, you know, human trafficking is going on right here.
Call it out in the neighborhoods.
Get the people on the ground motivated and activated to start going to their county commissioners.
Like General Flynn says, he'll be joining us in the next hour.
Local action has a national impact.
It's critical we engage the true government of the people by the people on the ground for the people.
So understanding this is a habitual problem.
If you were, say, Tom Holman, right, and he's talked about mass deportations, how would you affect the, you know, the restoration of the Republic and sort of assemble back the original electorate?
Because we are completely diluted right now and it's just cancer all the way through down in the municipality.
Right before I answer that, I want to make sure to go back to your reporting about these warehouses and the important thing.
I think we've got to make this direct connection.
People have to understand in this audience that your money's empowering this.
The people that you send to Congress, people are looking the other way or either profiting off it.
But your tax dollars, those warehouses are paid for by the U.S.
government or state.
It's your tax money that's doing this.
So we're all complicit until we stop it.
We're complicit now.
It may not be with our consent, but we're still complicit till we stop it.
So everything that you're seeing in these reports is somehow underwritten by tax dollars and that's why it's got to stop and we have the power to stop it but we got to make that direct connection between local action and shutting it down.
Mass deportations, I think it has to happen.
I wanted to become a part of the
of the discussion for the general election.
I think the American people overwhelmingly support us on this, including the Hispanic community.
Because part of the problem here, besides the trafficking of children, this is all done to drive down the wages among working-class African Americans and working-class Hispanic Americans.
So, the mass deportation has got to happen.
Every, every, every person that gamed the asylum system, that came across
On Joe Biden's watch, has to be deported back across the border or to their country of origin.
It's got to happen.
And it has to happen starting in the afternoon of January 20th of 2025, the first day that President Trump takes office back again.
And I don't think we can look the other way.
I don't think I hear a lot of people now hedging what should be criminals and should be, no.
Everyone that gamed the asylum system.
That means everyone.
Has to be returned.
Has to go back to their country of origin.
If they want to come in legally, get in line to do it.
If they want to apply legitimately for asylum, which remember, as a baseline, there are no economic asylum seekers.
Just economic benefit, a better life, as much as that's heartwarming and emotionally we are quite connected to that, it is not part of the asylum system and we can't let it be like that.
Otherwise, you'll have five billion people here.
We just can't, you can't support it.
So it's going to have to be many, many tough calls.
And I think Tom Holman's right.
And I think it's something, I believe it's something we should get into the national conversation sooner rather than later, because I think it's one of these ones that two thirds, at least the American people support that.
Yeah, and right now, Steve, by the way, Panama is being destabilized.
Part of this route through Colombia and through the Darién Gap, right now, as of the last 24-48 hours, there's about three times more than we've ever seen before.
Two and a half times, right?
It's unbelievable.
I'm asking people to go look at the Nicaraguan Costa Rican border now and the Costa Rican Panama border to figure out what the situation is there.
I'm unclear if actually if Costa Rica or Nicaragua is blocking the flow north right now.
There is some blockage, but that puts Panama in a very particular bind.
When the flows through Colombia are so heavy right now, and there's definitely some blockage at the Costa Rica-Panama border, but you can see geographically how Nicaragua can play a strong hand in actually destabilizing Panama, just by not allowing any of the migrants to go through, or let's say aliens to go through on controlled flow.
This is a massive situation.
No, I think it's going to get worse, and here's why it's going to get worse.
The cartels are not, people have to understand,
Probably the most rational actors in this entire drama are the illegal aliens or migrants and the cartels and government officials down there that are pushing them up.
They understand.
They can read polling very well.
They keep on the news.
As you've reported, Michael, they're very sophisticated on social media.
They understand that we're making this a massive issue in this campaign.
And to the American people, you've seen what we forced Abbott to do down in Texas.
That's because of the Alex Jones Show, Your Guys Reporting Worm, and many other podcasts and shows.
Abbott's even forced at the tip of a bayonet to step up and do it.
They realize that the sheriff's gonna arrive here, the cavalry's gonna arrive, and the border's gonna be shut down.
That's why the next year, I think the next year, you're gonna see levels of this.
Uh, in dangers around this, in the trafficking and trauma like this, like you've never seen before.
I think we're only, I think it's going to ramp up for the simple reason they understand they're going to have 12 months or 14 months to get into the United States.
Understanding they're going to call our bluff.
They're going to say, hey, we'll get into the U.S.
and we'll see how big Tom Holman and Steve Bannon and Alex Jones and Vandersteel and Michael Yan are about mass deportations.
We'll take the bet on that, but we've got to get into the country first.
I think you're going to see levels that people have felt have been incomprehensible before.
Yeah, I completely agree.
This is not going to be a pretty situation, Steve.
It's going to be really difficult for the American public to digest what you just said in real time, watching this happen.
But you're right, it actually has to happen, because as you talked about earlier, Michael and I, several weeks ago, flew over this Colonia in Houston, Texas.
It's been in progress now for years.
This isn't a new development, but it's just now really starting to grow very, very quickly.
They've built three state-of-the-art
We're good to go.
Uh, to see the colonias.
And, you know, it was quite interesting, their responses.
We also brought Sheriff Capers from San Jacinto County, who really, you know, took a very strong line, Steve, to, you know, discuss how he would sort of step in there and start to figure out who's who in that zoo so they could start to arrest the people that really need to be extradated, extricated.
From that development.
Would you be surprised if members of Congress just really don't seem to show interest in wanting to change and fix what's being a cancer growing inside of Northeast Houston?
Doesn't shock me at all.
I think because their donors want them to look the other way, so it doesn't shock me at all.
I tell you what, for all the things you just said about American people, heads are going to blow up.
The single biggest thing that's going to blow up is when you get into those warehouses and are able to interview the children.
Wait until you get to interview the children and the American people can hear firsthand what their money is going to pay for.
When the American people understand that, hey, we're paying for this, that's when you're going to get congressmen tossed out.
That's when you're going to get real change.
No, it doesn't shock me at all.
The whole system looks the other way.
Like I said, I had a two-star
Do you get into those warehouses and start interviewing those kids, and the camera and microphone, and let them tell you how they got here, who brought them here, what they've been used for.
Let the American people see that.
And that's when you're going to have revolutionary change.
That's when people are going to go, we can't do this anymore.
Because that, I'm going to be held accountable for that on Judgment Day, because I knew about it, right?
And I didn't do anything about it.
Yeah, a hundred percent.
Michael and I spoke with several of the whistleblowers, Carlos Arellano, as well as Tara Rodis, and they'll tell you that these children inside these warehouses, Steve, will tell you that they want to go home.
They thought they were coming here for PlayStations and a better life.
Instead, they're living from warehouse to warehouse.
And sadly, some of these kids, when they get shipped around, get peeled off from going to another warehouse, and they're put in private automobiles and taken and delivered into neighborhoods
I think?
Telling the chaperones from these organizations like Southwest Key Programs, like SLS, like MVM.
These are all organizations that are trafficking these children.
They're telling them, we're doing this under the cover of darkness because we don't want the kids to be, you know, affected by this.
Meaning, you know, we have to protect the children.
No, they're protecting what they're doing from the public, from the voting public.
And the worst part, Steve, is
A lot of these homes are being occupied by illegal aliens that make these black sites, i.e.
the state government, i.e.
in Florida, which is a big recipient, New York, Texas.
None of these governors have to actually say that they know this is going on, when in fact they know this is going on.
A disgrace.
It's a disgrace.
And we've got to stop it.
They're not going to do it, so it's you guys, it's Alex Jones, it's this audience.
The audience is going to put an end to it.
It's tough, but we're going to have to do it.
It's going to be hard, but it's got to be done.
You can't look away.
You've got to get it done.
Steve, we've got 45 seconds left, and I think it should go to you.
I don't think Alice could have picked two better guys.
Although, I will tell you, Michael, Anne's a little easier on the eyes, a little more telegenic.
That's true.
I take a lot of incoming, Steve.
The drone is hovering right now.
Don't worry, I might not be here much longer.
You guys are going to have a great... Alex couldn't have picked better, and we can't wait to get Alex back, but fair winds and following seas today.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Well, we'll be back with the next segment.
We've got Chris Martinson on deck with Peak Prosperity.
Looking forward to it.
In my first book, The Great Reset and the War for the World, I gave you a full analysis of the global elite's international conspiracy to enslave humanity and all life on the planet.
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We're good to go.
It is a huge honor to be sitting in the lightning seat for Alex Jones today at InfoWars.com.
I'm with Ann VanderSteel and we're on Operation Burning Edge and we have an incredible guest.
Well, Dr. Chris Martinson.
I've been watching Chris now for at least three years since the beginning of the pandemic when everybody was looking for serious sources of information.
First of all, that knew what they were talking about.
Which is one thing, and then having the guts to say it, which is the hard thing, right?
And so, Dr. Martens had had both.
So that's when I started watching his show constantly, every single update, and I'm still watching it very closely.
He's more than just a pandemic analyst, but he was very accurate on that, and the things that he occasionally got wrong, he quickly course-corrected, corrected himself publicly, and that just built more trust.
I don't want to say anymore because I think Dr. Martinson has more important things to say.
Hey, Chris.
Hi, Michael.
Good to be here with you and Anne.
So, such a pleasure.
Good to see you, Dr. Martinson.
Again, I've told you, my husband and I watched you religiously in the early days of the pandemic because you really did have the best information out there.
You were just solid every single night.
It was sort of our evening ritual.
You know, you've got a book out, The Crash Course.
It's very popular, but you've distilled it down into economy, energy, and environment.
Taking a look at the horizon right now with all the conditions brewing, the news breaking that they're going to be masking people.
Alex broke it here on the show on Friday.
We were actually here
They're in the studio.
TSA sources, federal government sources, they're going to be bringing back the mask mandates.
Dr. Stella Emanuel and others already hearkening.
COVID's back!
You know, look at the tea leaves.
Where do you see this going over the next 6 to 12 months?
Well, let's break it down.
First, I don't see COVID itself doing much at this point in time, particularly for healthy people.
It's a cold.
You know, this is the nuance that was always lacking from the whole thing.
It's like, everybody has to get vaccinated, everybody must mask, everybody must lock down.
That's nonsense because, of course, this is a risk-adjusted disease that obviously hits older people and people who are sicker.
More than people who aren't.
Those two things.
Okay, that's part one.
But part two is, are they going to try and implement more controls?
That was clearly a thing that they loved doing.
They liked the control of saying Target can stay open, but this mom-and-pop restaurant has to close.
And I think we're going to see a resurgence of that prediction time.
I don't know a lot of people that are going to go along with it, or many, many, many more people are not going to play along this time around.
So what does that mean in terms of the next phase for these people?
We know they're demons.
We know that this is, you know, they have an agenda, Chris.
They're marching forward very, very, very strongly right now.
And they seem to be unafraid.
They seem that they can do this without impunity.
So if they know that we are going to be like, you did this to us once, shame on you, shame on us if you try it again and we go along.
What is their next mode of operation then?
Well, there's a battle undergoing.
We're in the middle of a war.
It's a fifth-generation war.
It's about perception.
It's about controlling our cognitive space.
And, you know, I have the same experience as other people.
If I spend too much time on Twitter or on Facebook or somewhere else,
I come away kind of depressed, demoralized, and I believe there are programs running out there to make people feel divided, distracted, alone, isolated.
My work at Peak Prosperity, also working with the FLCCC and the great inspired people there who are bringing medical freedom back to the world,
And is that we notice something really important happening.
There is already a movement underway.
I'm sure many of the listeners at InfoWars are part of this movement.
The war is being fought on the information side of things.
We know that we have successes, right?
Oh, look at the number one song right now.
Rich Men North of Richmond.
Look at what happened to Disney's earnings.
See what happened to Bud Light sales.
Notice all of these things and you find out that there is actually a majority of people or a very sizable group of people
We're not going along with these plans and that's good news and I just want to reflect that and make sure that we're keeping our eye on the ball that there's a lot to be positive about now.
The Great Awakening has happened and the more that Great Awakening is playing out in real time, Bud Light sails, we're going to see them, they in this story, get more and more desperate.
That's how I see the mask mandates that they're talking about now.
It's just pure desperation.
You know, they're trying to crush us psychologically.
You talk about that all the time.
You go into detail about that hour after hour at times.
It's very important.
You know, many people ask me why I don't seem to have any PTSD, and I don't, from so much combat that I did in various wars, years of wars.
And I don't do any drugs.
I don't drink alcohol.
I drink maybe too much coffee.
But I think it's because when I would take breaks in the wars, I would go for very long walks.
I walked up to Mount Everest.
I walked, you know, sorry about that.
I'd walk all over the place, right?
And just walking and getting in the sunshine, like you're out working in the garden all the time, and there's something about that that's just a natural medicine.
Walking in the sunshine and walking alone and being quiet and thinking is medicine.
Well, it is, and thank you for bringing that up.
And I think another thing we can add to that, of course, is
Being around other people who are not insane, who are capable of critical thinking, who can see the world clearly.
Because there's this old skit by Richard Pryor, right, where he's in bed with another woman and his wife walks in and he works hard to convince his wife that she's not seeing what she's seeing and she keeps going back to it.
Eventually he says, who are you going to believe, me or your lion eyes?
I invite everybody, just believe your lion eyes.
They're trying to sell us a bill of goods.
And, you know, to the extent you can resist that, you will have more mental health in this whole story.
So that's the invitation.
Just believe what you're seeing for yourself.
And the other part of this is, Michael and Ann, we're in the middle of a psychological warfare.
People who manage to resist this the first time around
Underwent the most intensive program of military-grade psychological operations that's ever been unleashed on the Western world.
So, that's what we just went through.
There's more of it ongoing.
The good news?
People can see it for what it is now, but it's very powerful and we have to recognize that.
You know, one more thing.
God gave us sunshine.
Go out and walk in it.
It is the ultimate medicine.
Yeah, and the psychological aspect of this cannot be ignored, Chris, because, you know, they are going to use that same playbook again.
So what do you recommend, other than the obvious of what we're just talking about here, be at peace with yourself in the sunshine, but prophylaxis.
There's doctors like Dr. Zelenko who are very much, you know, pro-hydroxychloroquine, pro-ivermectin, pro-zinc.
There's supplements God put on this planet like quercetin to be, you know, paired with zinc that do wonderful things for your immune system.
What are you out?
You know, sort of evangelizing right now as we roll into phase two of their operation, you know, destroy America, destroy humanity.
And this is such a great point.
I'm working very hard both on the board of the FLCCC, which includes doctors, you know, Pierre Cory and Paul Merrick and all that.
And there's a movement afoot right now, away from a sick care system that feeds us bad food, put people on
I know people, myself included, who are now afraid to go to the hospital and that's a bad thing.
We've lost our trust, maybe rightly so, in a system but now what?
Where do we go?
And that's where there's a whole movement starting and if the FLCCC people can find that and other doctors who are part of direct primary care networks who now go by the data, go by the evidence, not what these ridiculous edicts are,
And this movement is very positive.
We're going to get our health back.
We're going to take our country back.
You got it.
Chris Martinson is with us right now with Peak Prosperity.
Chris, stick around.
Come back after break.
We want you on for a couple more minutes.
Can you?
All right, it is such a huge honor to be sitting in the lightning seat for Alex Jones today.
He's got a lot of work to do, and so we have the great honor, Ann VanderSteel and I, of hosting the show today, all four hours.
And now we have on Dr. Chris Martinson from Peak Prosperity, but also
I want to mention MadMaxWorld.tv is important to tune into and Infowars.com.
And right now, Dr. Martinson, who turned out to be very accurate on the pandemic, how that unfolded and the various aspects on lockdowns, amazingly accurate.
He was batting up there with Babe Ruth.
And so a few strikeouts, but mostly home runs.
And so now we want to ask him what it means
When these millions of aliens are coming into the United States bringing dengue, malaria, tuberculosis, which is a big deal, Dr. Martinson?
Well, this is a huge concern, of course.
If you look back at disease in human history, U.S.
history, they were the number one thing that actually harmed people.
So that's something we have to be very concerned about, because we had a lot of things that were no longer really endemic or part of our culture anymore.
And killed people.
And now they seem to be coming back in.
Since Joe Biden took office, the number I read, 7 million people have come across the border illegally.
And so some of them obviously are coming from places that are carrying these diseases.
So we're starting to see an uptick.
In these diseases, people have probably read about tuberculosis showing up again, a variety of these other diseases, and my concern would be that, you know, these things somehow become endemic again and just get reintroduced and that would not be good.
No, it really wouldn't be good, Chris.
And, you know, there's just so much concern we're hearing from other doctors, specifically Dr. Michael Vickers, a veterinarian that we spoke with.
He was with Texas Agricultural Commission for a long time.
He's sort of Texas' top doc in terms of veterinary practices.
And he's talking about the zoonotic nature of, say, tuberculosis, which has now gone multi-drug resistant.
Not only is it impacting humans, it's impacting even border patrol agents.
Children are getting sick in the schools from the migrant children that are being put in the classrooms.
But it's jumping to the cattle.
And so Texas right now is actually at risk of losing their TB, tuberculosis-free status because they're slaughtering cattle by the tens of thousands here in Texas.
And as these migrants are shipped to other parts of the country, we're also seeing them infect the dairy cattle as well.
So from an MDMR-TB problem we see here,
What should people be doing to fortify their immune system against all these diseases that are coming in with the migrant population?
Well, Anne, that's a great question.
And the hint was in what Michael said, which is there's a salutary benefit of being out in the sun.
A lot of things we get from the sun.
Infrared radiation is awesome for our mitochondria, but more importantly, we get vitamin D. And this is actually one of the biggest untalked about things that's going on in this country.
We know now from COVID that if people had blood serum levels that were over 15 nanomoles per milliliter,
That they almost never showed up in the ICU and weren't part of the death statistics.
So we knew this.
We knew this early on.
This is one of the early tells where I knew that we had a corrupt, very, very off the track, off the rails NIH, NIAID.
Fauci never got on his bully pulpit and said people should be taking vitamin D. We never had a national program to fortify the milk or some other broadly consumed items with vitamin D. We never told people or shipped them even
Vitamin D, which would be a very easy remedy.
And the reason for that, unfortunately, is because if people have adequate levels of vitamin D, not just COVID, but almost every communicable disease, they have a better outcome for if not complete resistance to it seems right or a very high resistance level to it.
So that would be an easy fix that we don't do that.
Why don't we do that?
Well, sadly, it's probably because too many pharma CFO spreadsheets would get blown up and the profits would go down because vitamin D, healthy people don't need a lot of other things.
And so that would be one thing people could do.
We spend more time inside.
You know, I'm of an age where I remember that my neighborhood, it was all kids outside all the time.
Now you can drive through neighborhoods.
It looks like a neutron bomb went off.
There's nobody outside.
You know, where are the people?
So, people should, yes, get outside, get the natural vitamin D, you know, take supplements to the extent you need to, talk to your doctor about that, you know, to make sure you got the right levels.
It's a very easy test, a blood test, to find out where your levels are.
I think that one thing, if we did that, we would have so much better health outcomes in this country, where we have a metabolic health crisis ongoing right now.
It is bad, and I think a lot of that
is addressable just with that one simple thing and the fact that our health authorities aren't talking about it is a tell in this story.
I mean a tell as in you're sitting at the poker table and somebody's gotta tell.
You know, we're starting to also hear, in addition to the fact that they're hinting that masks are coming back and they're talking about it in the school system, they've now just recently in Michigan, of all places, a judge actually ruled against the manufacturing of remdesivir and any hospitals that are using it saying, if you've been harmed or killed, you actually have a case now.
So, of course, what we're now learning in the pipeline is they have another drug, which is sort of a remdesivir-like drug.
This one creates mass inflammation.
To what do you say to those people who are being told, oh, you're fine, go home, but if you get sick, go back to the hospital, because now we know they've got Remdesivir 2 stacked in the waiting rings.
These are all such terrible ideas.
So one of the charts that Pierre Corey put together just showed, hey, here's 40 things that we can do for early treatment to help people.
And the only ones that were recommended by the NIH COVID treatment guidelines that most hospitals use and adhere to were ones that were on patent.
They were hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to administer.
And of course, they didn't have data that they stacked up nearly as well.
That's the system we have.
If you go to the hospital or I'll call it an asleep doctor,
You're going to get somebody who's going to tell you that old song.
Like, go home, drink some fluids, come back if your lips turn blue.
That was horrible advice.
You know, the only way I could get past Twitter censors for a long time was my name on Twitter.
My handle was Chris Early Treatment Martinson.
I couldn't talk about early treatment for a while because that got me banned all over the place.
But early treatments, we have them.
We know they work.
There's a variety of off-patent medications, things we can do to boost our immune system.
I mentioned vitamin D, but obviously there's a linkle protocol.
You want zinc in there as well.
You know, there's all sorts of things like elderberries and nigella sativa and other things that provide these phytochromes that are very good for our health.
I don't know.
Go home, come back if you get much sicker, without some early treatment options being put in, with cheap over-the-counter things we can do, is getting bad advice from the doctor.
I highly recommend you go find a different health care provider, because you're not getting good advice.
But that's the system we have, and again, millions of people are waking up to this.
It's a terrible system.
It never should have been this way, but now that we're out there working to fix it.
It's funny, you've mentioned elderberries for years now.
My grandmother, my grandfather, they both used to talk about that all the time.
And they lived pretty healthy and long.
So, I mean, you know, they knew those old ways and those are the things you often talk about.
For instance, Nigella sativa.
What benefits does that actually have?
Well, it has a whole range of effects.
This is one of the things.
It's like talking about Ivermectin.
It doesn't just do one thing.
Our medical system, medicines, they're targeted to do one thing, right?
But in fact, they have many different effects.
So with Nigella sativa and Ivermectin and other things like that, sure, it targets viral replication, seems to limit that, but it also tunes up your immune system.
I think so.
I'm agnostic where you get it from, but when I get that first scratch in the throat, I just start taking it.
And I still get sick, but it's like it lasts half as long, and it's maybe half as bad, so it's 25% of the experience.
It just, it works great.
That's exactly what you said three years ago.
As soon as you get that scratch, I remember you saying that.
I sent it to some of my friends actually and then when I started getting a little sick one time I took it and I think it you know I tested positive for COVID whatever that means and but I wasn't sick very long and I never even missed one minute of work but I went straight for the elderberries I had them stocked up.
Yeah, Natural Solutions is where it's at.
Chris, you have been such a proponent for that.
We appreciate all the work that you've done over at PeakProsperity.com.
And of course, check out your book on Crash Course on energy and economies and of course, our environment.
It's critical that we understand how these are all synchronized together.
Chris Martinson with PeakProsperity.com.
Thank you so much.
When we come back after break, we have General Flynn on deck.
Thanks, Chris.
It's been a great honor for you to come on.
Same for me.
Thank you, Michael.
Thank you, Anne.
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Well, it's a great honor to be actually sitting in the lightning seat for Alex Jones today.
I mean, it's an unbelievable honor.
And I'm here with Ann VanderSteel.
We're on Operation Burning Edge, and we've got some incredible guests today.
The next up, believe it or not, is General Michael Flynn.
He's actually on.
He's standing by.
I'm going to hand it over to Ann real quick, and then we'll get with Michael Flynn.
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Well, General Flynn, it is great to see you.
I'm glad you're able to join us today.
Where are you?
Out in California or Las Vegas?
I know I'll be seeing you soon out in Las Vegas.
I'm undisclosed.
I'm in an undisclosed location right now.
I'm out west.
We like it.
We like it.
And part of that is because, you know, and you know this Anne,
Michael does, too, to a degree, I think, and because it just in our interactions.
But, you know, this is a this is an interesting time that our country is going through.
And those of us that have these profiles, you know, I mean, I'm in a I'm in a decent place with great people.
And I'll be speaking to a group of people tonight that are basically taking their county back.
And that's kind of what it's about.
But I do want to say to you guys, and I want to say to the audience, I really have always appreciated Alex, Adam, Daria, who always reaches out to me and the entire team at InfoWars.
I mean, they've been doing some extraordinary work under extremely harsh conditions.
You know, talk about, you know, band, right?
Band, the word band that Alex likes to use.
And so to the entire audience out there,
I know that this team appreciates your loyalty and coming back all the time and doing the kinds of things that you do to help them get the message out.
And that's what Michael and Anne are doing today.
And so I'm ready.
I'm ready for whatever you guys want to come at me with.
Well, sir, the Declaration of North America, this was published by Joe Biden on January 10th, 2023, really just basically giving away the borders of the United States and making Canada, United States and Mexico one homogenous region, ostensibly, and really focused on the migration of people into our country and sort of just denigrating the sovereignty of the great United States of America.
He's done this with Trudeau and with Obrador from Mexico.
What say you on this catastrophic declaration that they've made?
Yeah, so first of all, you guys need to make sure that you post this on the InfoWars website.
Every single person that listens to this clip needs to read that.
I re-read it this morning.
I've probably read it, I don't know, half a dozen times, but I re-read it this morning.
Because I knew that we were going to talk about this.
And again, if you guys, I didn't catch the very beginning, you know, of the show today, you know, to describe whether or not you guys have told the audience what you guys have been up to for the last, certainly for the last 30 days or so.
And then Michael's been up and down the border, up and down the entire Central American isthmus there, if you will, and then all along the border reporting, just doing some superb reporting on
On what amounts to be an invasion of the United States of America.
So the Declaration of North America, which was really signed by the three leaders of Mexico, United States, and Trudeau.
I think that's Obrador, of course, Biden, and then Trudeau up in Canada.
It has six components, and people need to go read this thing.
So make sure you post it online and send it to me if you don't mind, and I'll post it as well.
This is so devastating.
This particular declaration, which is only like a couple of pages long.
It's so devastating to the United States of America and particularly to the U.S.
because the bottom line is that the U.S.
essentially is going to accept the brunt of it all.
Sir, we're going to stop right here real quick, give you a pause, and we're going to come back more on the Declaration of North America with General Flynn.
We've got to cut to a quick commercial break.
We'll be right back.
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All right.
Again, it's a great honor to be sitting in the lightning chair of Alex Jones.
I mean, lightning strikes this thing basically daily.
And I'm here with Anne VanderSteel.
We're on Operation Burning Edge.
And we just had Mike Flynn on, General Flynn, and we seem to have lost him.
But Anne, is Mike back?
General Flynn is back.
He's back.
We were talking about the Declaration of North America with General Flynn before we cut to commercial.
General Flynn, you were just breaking down.
It has six points on the Declaration of North America.
Tell us what you think to be the most alarming, or are they all equally just, you know, alarming?
The whole thing is out of control.
I mean, this declaration
And every single American needs to read it, but definitely people that are that are going to, you know, stay active and be active in this country.
But, you know, you're talking about there's six points.
The first is diversity, equity and inclusion, which basically it specifically states the indigenous population, which then it doesn't define that.
It talks about the whole nonsense about LGBTQIXYZ in diversity, equity and inclusion.
The second
Key point is about climate change and the environment and it goes on to talk about how we must invest all kinds of resources into this idea of climate change and our environment.
And I mean, it's just out of control.
It talks about the use of methane and how we're going to have to improve the use of methane.
It also describes the, then the third point is about competitiveness.
I'm all for competitiveness, but I'm not for competitiveness at the expense of the United States of America.
And it's not just competitiveness between those three countries, Mexico, the U.S.
and Canada.
It's competitiveness on a, really on a global scale.
But what it's talking about is that almost like it gets back to the first point about equity in the first, in the first category.
So there's going to be an equitable sharing
Of the of the benefits, you know, based on how they how I read this competitiveness clause in this thing.
I'm saying to myself, wait a second.
What if we're working our tails off and we're innovating and we're doing the kinds of things that we can do as American citizens and we're watching, you know, these other countries and not, you know, and I've been to I've been to both of them.
And there's not a standing up of the competitiveness factor like I know that we can do here in America.
The fourth point is really the one that you guys are honing in on today and what you've been doing, Michael, so well, reporting on so well, and that's migration and development.
One of the phrases that they use in there is labor mobility.
Labor mobility.
You know, again, no description, no definition of what that means.
What does labor mobility mean?
Does that mean let, you know, people from 150, 160 nations on the planet just, you know, just illegally enter the United States of America with no ability to control or track?
And especially the children that we know are coming across the border and they're being abused as they come across the border.
They're being abused once they get here.
We still are looking for 85,000 of them in our own system.
There's another component of migration and development that they talk about and they call it labor and humanitarian programs.
Labor and humanitarian programs.
Well, so I understand labor and I understand bringing
You know, migrants in to do some of the labor and many of the farming industries that we've had.
And that's been going on for many years.
And that's that's been a sort of an ebb like the tide.
It's been an ebb and a flow back out where people come in.
They do migrant seasonal work and then they go back home.
But then they throw in this humanitarian issue, the word humanitarian, and you say to yourself, OK, so so for every person on the planet, we're going to allow them to illegally come into this country.
And we now know that they're all getting when you come across that border, you get a packet of stuff, you get a list of NGOs that you can go to.
You're going to get you're probably going to get on the U.S.
government dole of about twenty two hundred dollars a month.
When people who have worked their asses off for 30 years, 40 years, they're going to be lucky to get, on average, about $1,400 a month for Social Security.
So if you worked your ass off for 30 years of your life and then all you're going to do is collect Social Security, you're going to collect about $1,400 a month.
We're going to allow, because of humanitarian reasons, we're going to allow somebody to come in here illegally
And immediately start putting them on the U.S.
government dole, not on Canada, not on Mexico, the U.S.
government dole to the tune of about $2,200 a month.
That's within just the fourth point.
The fifth point, and you just had a great guest on, and I listened to probably the last 10 minutes, but the fifth point is about health.
And as everybody knows, and I think we need to highlight it right here, and you guys need to talk about this more today, because I'm going to be talking about it
You know for the next couple of days probably the next week we are we are now looking at another health crisis made up totally made up another made up health crisis and they're going to put us back in masks I was just given a an update from one of our military bases where somebody told me that one of our military bases is now going back to masks and they actually put out a
A statement from one of the commanders where, you know, if you're in your office by yourself, you can have, you don't have to wear a mask, but any meetings you attend, any formations you're at, you're now going to be imposed back into a mask.
Now, the military is a little bit different place.
That's a, that is a, I call it a socialist type environment and you got to follow the orders.
But if the military is going to start to do that, what we're going to see is we're going to see that trickle down into society.
And I mean, we're going to see it happen pretty quickly.
We're already hearing this issue of masks coming back in.
We're hearing about these variants of COVID.
And to me, a lot of this stuff is just total bullshit.
Excuse my Irish, and I don't mean to go that way.
No, we're good.
I think most fired up.
And that has to do with regional security.
Regional security.
So what does that mean?
What does regional security mean to Mexico, America, and Canada?
To me, it means that we are going to have shared responsibilities for security.
Does that mean security from foreign powers?
Does that mean security from the rise of drug programs, these drug cartels, right, that live and breathe in damn near own Mexico, right?
Does that mean that we are going to follow some of the things that the Trudeau, communist Trudeau government is imposing?
Does that mean we are going to have to
Bear the cost, which is really what it means.
The sixth point about regional security.
This is why people have to read this declaration.
It is so staggering.
And it also goes back to, in the declaration, they talk about this Los Angeles Agreement, which consisted of about 26 nations.
Most of those nations were all the, you know, the Americas, North America, Central America, South America.
But the bottom line is the U.S.
is going to take the brunt of the illegal invasion.
We're going to take the brunt of the costs and those costs are not just financial.
It's in our education system.
It's in our health care costs.
It's in rising crime.
I mean, rising crime in this country is outrageous.
It's in the cost of deaths on our street.
I call it killed in action.
We have a thousand killed in action from fentanyl because of the drug cartels that are controlling what's south of our border.
That's called the country of Mexico.
You know, it's hard to even say the government of Mexico and the Mexican government can get they can get pissed off at me if they want, but you know, they need to do a far far more and frankly, you know, we've been dealing with this problem for a long time and they've never solved it and I and I think that there are ways to solve it, but it will not be solved by this administration.
In fact, they are going to continue to destroy this country.
They're going to continue to say we need to build back better which in their
In their definition of build back better, it is destroy everything first and then build it back better in their image.
So we're in a crisis here in America.
This Declaration of North America is just one of the indicators that defines that crisis that we are in.
And if we don't get out of this downward spiral, we are not going to have a country.
And one of the ways to get out of it, of course, is
You know, we elect new leaders, but as you know, Ann, you and I have been at this for a while on the election side, you know, to trust our election system.
But we have to do something.
We can't just sit on our ass and complain.
People got to get involved.
They got to get up, you know, stand up, step up, speak up, like I say.
And I love the phrase, local action has a national impact.
So anyway, that's my diatribe for the first half.
And maybe you guys have a few questions.
Well, this is incredible.
I wanted you to keep going, actually.
I'll just say a couple of things and then give you a breather.
You know, the same thing is happening in Europe, where I spend a lot of time.
You know, for instance, Netherlands is just being picked apart.
The farmers are being, and the fishermen, not just the farmers, but, you know, the globalists are working hard to make Tri-State City a smart city of 30 million people, which would be comprised mostly... Go ahead, sir.
Right, yeah.
So let me bring up the Netherlands, Michael, because you and I talked a lot about this over the last probably year.
A lot of people in this country, our country, the United States, don't realize that the Netherlands farmers are some of the best.
And this will tick off some of my friends out in Iowa, where I was just at a little while ago.
But the farmers in the Netherlands are some of the best, if not the best in the world.
The amount of food that they produce for the world.
Now they have somebody sticking their thumb on them and their ability to be able to do that, or others putting their boot on their throats and threatening their ability to do that.
And actually, they also chose a government in the Netherlands that was a build back better government, and that government
They turned on them and they stuck a knife in their back as far as I'm concerned.
I want people to understand because I haven't really said it on my time.
I haven't been on this show as much and I love coming on with Alex or Adam.
This notion of build back better
You know, the Biden administration used that as a bumper sticker going into the 2020 campaign.
But that's not a bumper sticker that Biden came up with.
You know, the Democrats use it because the globalists use it.
That is a globalist bumper sticker.
Build back better.
And I've heard so many leaders around the world that are members of the World Economic Forum that use that bumper sticker.
Build back better.
And when you hear it, all it means, folks, is that we, the globalists, know better than you, you know, the, the, you know, the minions of the world, as they would say, or I would describe it, you know, those, those of us, you know, those of us slobs that, that live, you know, day to day, and I, you know, and I'm being a little bit over the top using
I'm being a little bit hyperbolic here, but their intent, these people that use the phrase Build Back Better, their intent is to destroy what currently exists as sovereign nations, and in the case of the United States of America, a democracy under a constitutional Republican form of government, which we must protect at all costs,
Their idea is to destroy everything, and one of the ways that they're going to destroy it is through this Declaration of North America bullshit, excuse me, and allow millions and millions of illegals to come in here from all over the country.
We haven't even started talking about the Chinese infiltration, Michael, right?
And Anne, you know this, but Michael, you know this from your days down in the Darien Gap.
So, Build Back Better is BS and it means to destroy everything first and then build it back better in their image.
And who's there?
They're T-H-E-I-R.
It is the globalists and it's guys like Klaus Schwab who sits there with his arrogant look on his face on a stage and says, we have 600 of the smartest people in the world, right?
And so what does that mean?
That there's not
There's not smart people around, you know, on the American landscape.
One thing that we Americans, we have God-given common sense and we know when something ain't right, right?
If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck, moves like a duck, it's a duck.
And there's other ways to state that four-letter word.
That's right, General.
You know, they're building a Trojan army right now in our country with these ages, the Chinese age military men that are coming in across the border, all of the other young military age men from around the world that are coming in across the border and being housed in camps right now.
But, you know, there's been plans put in place before that have talked about how do we
Well, here's what we're facing.
So we have, you know, the two competing powers from an American perspective is Americanism versus globalism.
And so Americanism is essentially what I just said a little while ago.
It's the idea of our democracy under a constitution, which is a beautiful document and it's guided us up to this point.
And there's people in our current government that want to destroy it.
So that's Americanism, is our democracy, constitutional republic, led by an effective rule of law where we the people, you know, are the voice of reason and the voice of power, and we rule, not those that we elect rule.
The globalism side is an assortment and an array of real people and real organizations.
I mentioned Schwab and the World Economic Forum.
So if you looked at them as sort of a headquarters, and there's a few other organizations that do dictate above them.
There's the big financial corporate structures that are out there, Vanguard and BlackRock, for example.
Well, let's just say Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum is the main headquarters for, you know, the opposing forces in this case.
And then they have a structure around them, and that structure around them is something, you know, places like the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations.
You know, none of these, those first three, health, bank, and trade, none of those are elected officials.
Those are all appointed officials, and you look at some of who their leadership are,
And they're off the likes of the World Economic Forum, or in some cases, they're communists.
They're hardcore communists, or Marxists, or even worse.
And we have some of those same people inside of our own government, by the way.
So, we have those two competing forces.
Now, to bring it back to your question,
You know, it's too early right now to say, because I think that what we have to start to do is not project what I would want to do or what we need to do, but I think what we have to encourage people to do, and now I'm talking to Americans.
I know this is an international audience, but I'm talking to Americans specifically.
You know, this is not a politics as usual time in our country where, you know, we're just going to go through another election and everything's going to be fine.
Where, you know, Republicans like small government and Democrats like big government and Democrats like
More taxes and Republicans like lower taxes.
That's gone.
We're now in a place where we have one shot left and that shot is in 2024 and I will take it to the hearing now because you're probably going to see, you know, the leading candidate of all parties for the next President of the United States,
And the former president of the United States has, I think, 71 or 72 felony counts against him.
Looking at 720 years, I think it's just, it's laughable if it wasn't insane.
You know, we're looking at him getting, you know, booked, you know, book him Dan O today, right?
And mugshot it.
And some, you know, equity, inclusive, diverse person in one of these places is going to leak a photo of, of course, Donald Trump standing sideways with his... I mean, this is the kind of
Madness that we're facing because the people that are in our system of government and that are in our judicial system, not so much on the judiciary side, although I can talk about that in specifics, but on the side of the executive branch, those district attorneys, those in the Department of Justice, those in the FBI.
I mean, we're in a place where we've never been.
This is not precedented.
When people tell me, you know, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War.
No, we have never been here before.
So now what we've got to do is we can look for examples in history, in world history, and there might be a few.
But we are looking at the end of the Republic as we know it.
If we, the people, don't stand up and start speaking up in all these places where we're operating, meaning and mainly in our counties and in our local communities.
That's where I'm at today.
That's where I'm going to be
We're good to go.
You know, I see, I watch this, and when these military age men, you say to yourself, where the hell are they going?
And who are they working for?
And the problem is not just at the border.
You know, there's a great guy, and you guys know him, Jason Jones.
He gives a wonderful presentation about the problems that we're facing on the border.
And he always says, it's not just at the border.
This is up in Minnesota, it's up in Detroit, it's in St.
Louis, it's in Kansas, it's in Wichita.
You know, it's inside of the fabric of the United States of America.
And you have to ask yourself, so are the cartels then bringing these guys in?
Or are they being trained as militia somewhere?
I mean, what the hell is going on?
What the hell is going on?
And there's a lot of them.
We're not talking about, you know, a couple of hundred.
We're talking about millions of people.
And Michael, you know this, and you're amazing reporting from the Darien Gap down there in Panama.
You know, and the connection between Central and South America, the number of Chinese military age men that were coming across the border, you say this and they're coming from China.
And I will tell you, the Chinese aren't letting them go for free.
The Chinese are giving them a mission.
So anyway, I just those are just some some touch points that people need to be aware of, you know, in this great segment of of InfoWars, because I think, you know, to hone in on this on these specific issues is really important right now for where our country's at.
Let me say something on that regard to the Chinese.
Man, we need 10 hours with General Flynn.
We do.
I mean, seriously.
Listen, you know that camp where we found Chai Ninja we talked about in detail before?
That camp is now filled with Chinese.
That's the camp that Mayorkas has gone to twice.
I've been there twice when he went.
Mayorkas went there in April of 2022.
I waited for him for four days.
He came, landed in front of me with three Blackhawks, Southcom brought him down, and then I waited there for him.
This year again, in April of 2023, that camp has more than doubled in size, and as of yesterday, it's filled with Chinese.
And the other camp nearby, Las Blancas, has about 6,000 people in it yesterday.
It's unbelievable.
It's completely flooded.
So let me just say something about these type of visits, right?
These command, I call them command visits.
In the military, we call them command visits.
You know, when somebody that's high up in the superstructure of our government, whether it's in the military or in the government, you know, a guy like a New Yorker shows up.
What they do, there's a tendency, because everybody knows they're going to show up.
They're going to show up to the U.S.-Mexican border.
They're going to show up to a place like that.
They're going to show them the facilities.
It's one big dog and pony show.
And anybody that, you know, particularly in our military, our military guys know dog and pony shows.
I'm going to tell you, I've been the dog and I've been the pony.
And I'm going to tell you, when you, when those types of people come in and you, you make everything pristine and proper and, oh yeah, everything's wonderful.
It's fake, okay?
Sir, he's increasing the size of the camps and he says he's doing it.
It's fake.
And he's intentional about it.
And that's just not there, but that's all along our border.
I mean, I went down to Eagle Pass and that, when I saw Eagle Pass, when it was first being constructed, that Eagle Pass is like a military camp.
I mean, it's giant.
And that's sort of equivalent to the one
General Flynn, we have to go to break right now.
I'm so sorry, but thank you so much for your time.
We'll see you this weekend.
We have Tara Rodis and Gary Haven up next, joining us here live on the Alex Jones Show on MadMaxWorld.tv.
We interrupt this broadcast with a special report from the front lines of the Infowar.
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Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
We're receiving reports that Alex Jones has broken through the front lines and is now heading toward the broadcast studio.
All efforts to silence him have failed.
Emerging victorious against the New World Order, here's your host, Alex Jones.
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Again, it's a huge honor to be sitting in the lightning chair for Alex Jones at Mad Max World TV and also InfoWars.com.
And here we have Gary Haven.
And just flew in, had some issues, but got here.
All right.
And what an interesting man this is.
I've been reading up more and more about you, watching a lot of your old... You've had an incredible life.
And you've actually sat in this chair, I think, a lot as well, right?
I have.
It's been a while.
Tough finding a place that's been so long.
And by the way, you say challenging flying here.
I'm the pilot.
Did you mask yourself and give yourself a booster shot before you got on the plane, Gary?
Yeah, I frisked it myself, made sure there was no weapons.
Yeah, that's how we do it.
But for those that don't know, Gary Haven is the founder and CEO of the fitness chain Curves International.
Just world-renowned, very, very successful businessman.
He and his wife, tremendous people, wonderful philanthropists as well.
We got the chance to actually sit down and meet with you a couple of weeks ago down in McAllen with major federal whistleblower Carlos Arellano, who
Basically walked Michael and I through these places that the United States government, as Steve Bannon said, your tax dollars are funding the housing and trafficking of tens of thousands, actually hundreds of thousands of children under roof right now.
And Gary and his beautiful wife Diane took an interest in this and decided they wanted to step in, which is why Gary's here today.
We also have another whistleblower standing by who testified before Congress, Tara Rodas.
Actually, I sold my company, Curves, 11 years ago.
So that was a season of my life that was spectacular.
It took me all over the world.
I got to meet a lot of famous people with influence, and so these last 11 years of the season has been to try to make a difference, to use my resources and my time to tell the truth.
To tell the truth.
We love that.
So I want to bring Tara in right now, if we can.
Tara, you're a whistleblower.
You've been testifying before Congress before.
Your testimony brings tears to people's eyes.
Frankly, it gives me nightmares to reflect on your nightmares, hearing the children screaming for their parents in the Pomona facility, housing thousands of children.
Welcome to MadMaxWorld.TV, the Alex Jones Show.
It's great to have you on.
Well, Anne, Michael and Gary, it's just an honor to be here with you, and I just
Thank you so much for shining a light on what we now know is government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded child trafficking.
So I appreciate you all and everything that you're doing to make people aware of this crisis.
Yeah, we are.
Gary, you've really stepped in this in a big way.
Michael and I were witness with Carlos.
It was shocking, shocking information when we were down there going around and looking at some of these facilities.
We took you along the border so you could see some of the migration.
Give us your thoughts right away and then, you know, ask Tara, what more can we do here?
Yeah, thank you for what you're doing.
You know, being a whistleblower today, it's the whistleblowers that are in prison and the criminals that are out free, right?
And I'm familiar with a number of people.
We had lunch with Carlos down in the Valley the other day and he told his story about moving children into a vulnerable situation and he reported it, tried to get some accountability and was told to stand down.
So, getting that information first hand was something.
You know, when we were in the valley last week, about seven days ago, we were in no man's land, which as you go through the wall, where there are openings, and the wall to the river is no man's land, and we were standing there
As two young women and three children slowly walked up, they'd just crossed the river, and I speak Spanish, so I interviewed them and I said, where are you from?
And one was from Guatemala, the other was from El Salvador.
And I asked the woman, I said, was the journey difficult?
And she began to cry.
And then I said, was it dangerous?
She began to cry more.
And then I said, were there bad men?
And she just, in fact, we all started crying at that point.
It was obvious that she had been raped probably multiple times on that journey.
I asked her, do you have family in the States?
She said, my husband's in Boston.
So I said, let's call him.
And we did.
And she was able to get him on the phone and tell her that she was alive and on the side of the river.
And we were able to comfort her.
But those are human stories that are real, that are happening.
As a result of the policies of these evil people in the federal government, you know, our so-called president is facilitating this criminal act of exposing these young women, these children, to the horrors of making that journey.
And you're an eyewitness to it.
Yes, definitely.
It was a shocking revelation.
To be sitting at the Pomona Fairplex emergency intake site on what I thought was going to be one of the most incredible jobs that I had ever done as a federal employee, which was what I believed was reunite children with loving families.
I thought that I was going to be putting children in loving homes.
And very quickly, what I thought was going to be this great assignment turned into a terrible nightmare.
As I saw the children in front of me in total crisis, could not say who they were going to, talking about how they had never met the sponsor, the sponsor's complete lack of no one ever seeing them.
The case managers, I think a lot of people don't realize that these case managers, they're not law enforcement, they're not investigators, they're just regular people who are responsible for moving children
In 10 to 14 days, if they can, the Pomona Fairplex moved over 8,300 children in less than six months.
In less than six months, to sponsors they never saw face-to-face, to homes they never saw on tax dollars.
We were literally taking these vulnerable children, putting them on planes, on buses,
As Carlos explained, right, and sending them out.
And it was very interesting because not only did I have the privilege to testify before Congress, but so did the head of Office of Refugee Resettlement.
And she said during her testimony on Capitol Hill in April, she said that once ORR releases the children, we no longer have responsibility.
And that's why 85,000 children are missing.
No one is responsible for these children.
The policies of this administration have resulted in 85,000 children being unaccounted for.
They have brought in over 300,000 children.
I think people need to understand 300,000 children.
They have been shipped them out all over the United States and children today are calling
They are saying I'm being trafficked.
I'm being abused.
I'm being neglected.
Children are saying, I don't know my sponsor.
You know, there was a young girl in Texas, 16 years old.
She said, the woman tells me she's my aunt, but I've never met her.
And she's pimping me out for sex where I'm living.
You know, we had other children say that, you know, they wanted to go to school, but they had to quit school to pay their debts to the cartels.
This is absolutely preventable.
And for some reason, there is absolutely no will or concern to stop.
And we know that these children are going into perilous situations.
We know that some of these sponsors are criminals.
They are traffickers.
They are known members of transnational criminal organizations.
Many of you, in addition to Carlos, who is a great hero,
May have heard of the DHS whistleblower, Aaron Stevenson.
Aaron Stevenson has served our country honorably, and he came forward in early 2021 and said that members of transnational criminal organizations are sponsoring the children.
Now, fortunately, I was sitting on the Pomona Fairplex when this brave whistleblower came forward.
When Aaron said it was members of transnational criminal organizations
Like 18th Street Gang, MS-13, Russian Vulcan Crime Syndicates.
I saw his disclosure.
And because one person told the truth, I was able to circulate that information around the Pomona Fairplex.
My husband is from El Salvador.
I also speak Spanish, which is why I volunteered for the mission.
I wanted to help these kids.
But when I heard that MS-13 and 18th Street Gang might be getting these children,
I thought, this is absolutely unbelievable.
And had I not seen it for myself, with my very own eyes, it took us only two weeks to find the first MS-13 sponsor that we were even aware that they were sponsoring these kids.
And it took us two weeks to find the first person who's an MS-13 actor.
And if you've seen The Sound of Freedom,
What will be horrifying for you to learn that this MS-13 person was female.
She worked in a hotel.
The coyote or smuggler who she was working with was also female and brought over a group of 22 children who they were distributing around the country.
This is absolutely unacceptable.
There are no words to describe the horror
That I felt knowing that we were sending children to MS-13 members.
Yeah, Michael and I... It's incredible.
It's unbelievable, Michael.
We saw a list.
We were actually given a list of 8,600 children.
This is just out of one facility, that over a four-month period.
I believe we even have that list.
It's just a massive list of children that have been farmed out to, as Tara's talking about, members of transnational criminal organizations.
These are people that are illegals.
You know, how does this strike you?
Yeah, Doc Chambers is in the green room right now.
He's been checking out some of these addresses.
It's over 8,600 addresses.
Well, there they are, scrolling right now.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
Zip codes and everything.
We talked with the sheriff about it on Monday, actually, as we flew those two congressmen over the Colonia.
Yeah, this is just from a four-month period at one facility.
And as Tara knows, these children are being flown out of places like McAllen and Harlingen at nighttime, and they're often flown with escorts that are like 19, 20, 21 years old, unvetted.
And the children are picked up at baggage claim in Orlando and Jacksonville, and others are dropped off by rent-a-car to addresses, which we have some of the addresses now.
And often when these flights from places like Harlingen and McAllen, if they have a stopover and they get delayed, these escorts stay overnight in hotels with these children.
So you might have a 20-year-old escort escorting five children, and we were told, Carlos told us for instance, that the escort, because he was an escort,
That they're told to just sleep on the couch and let the children have the bed.
There's no overwatch.
I asked Carlos, what happens when you lose a child?
He said, well, you'll get fired.
For losing a child?
I mean, the SWAT team in Brownsville should be hitting that former Walmart Superstore right now.
They should be busting the doors down, arresting everybody there, and checking out all these children.
I mean, I get fired up thinking about this.
I know.
Gary, you're a humanitarian.
I mean, you're putting your life now to work to actually tackle projects like this.
What should we be doing?
What should the people be doing?
You know, we should, first of all, make sure we're listening and paying attention and getting informed.
Then I think the next thing we need to do, and Michael, you demonstrated it quite well, you need to get angry.
And then now you take your anger and you direct it to the people that are responsible.
And the people that are responsible are the ones that work for the federal government and enforce these policies that have been deliberately established to put children at risk, and then our Congress.
I look congressman in the face, I look the governor of Texas, the lieutenant governor of Texas, and I have said to them, if you don't stop this, you are complicit, and when it comes to the facts, which is another subject, you are an accomplice, an accessory to murder.
And those of us that are people that care,
I think?
We're the ones that are seeing the children.
We're the ones that care at this level.
We need to get angry and we need to go to the people that we've elected and hold them accountable for this massive child abduction event that they have orchestrated and silence
is no longer acceptable for you and for you and for me.
We have to shout from the rooftops.
Children are being harmed.
We cannot look the other way as if this is not happening.
Not if we're people of values.
That's right.
And I think most of our audience would agree with that.
Let's get informed.
Let's get angry.
And then let's take action.
You know, you're right.
I think about myself as a parent, Gary.
If one of my children was taken against my will and taken to another country and held hostage, that's ostensibly what's happening right now.
These kids want to go home.
And of course, Tara, you talked about the fact that some of these kids actually aren't even children.
There's suspicious activity reports showing that these
People that are claiming to be children so that they could be trafficked in here aren't children.
In your best estimation, Tara, how many of those people really are not of age to be considered and classified as children but have been provided to be trafficked in here and then deposited in homes around the country?
Oh, well, yeah.
Many of these are what we considered age-outs or age redeterminations where they are trying to sneak across.
So this is one other type of fraud scheme.
That the administration right now is allowing to happen.
So they can discover that a person is actually in their 20s.
We had someone who we believed was over 30 years old.
I mean, we had people on our site who were 29 because they know that if they can sneak in as an unaccompanied minor, they have a better opportunity of being able to stay in the United States.
But there are serious consequences to that because one of the people who came into this country pretending to be a minor was then sent to Florida and murdered his sponsor.
He was not a child.
He was not an unaccompanied minor.
He was in his twenties.
So that is just one other way that this program is being exploited.
And I want to make sure that I'm clear.
Office of Refugee Resettlement has lost control of their program.
They've lost control.
They've lost over 85,000 children.
There's no program that any business or any government could run that has that level of failure.
Lost or sold?
I mean, we don't know if they lost them.
We just know that they're unaccountable.
We don't know where they are.
Yes, exactly.
And what business or any operation could stand up to that?
That's why I told Congress that there is a simple solution.
But see, nobody wants to do the simple solution.
And the simple solution is to turn the database, the UAC portal, which has every child and every sponsor, they need to simply turn that over to the inspector general community, to the data analysts, and they would be able to very quickly
Look at that data.
Analyze it.
They would be able to say, hey, these 25 people, each one of them have gotten over 80 children.
We need to go after them.
It would be a quick way to identify where resources need to be placed to go recover these children.
There are children in crisis.
Today, there are children being raped because this program exists.
Today, there are children who are working overnight shifts in slaughterhouses, in restaurants, and we are allowing it.
I really appreciate what Gary said.
We need to get loud.
And, you know, I'll just quote Samuel Adams here.
He said, it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.
Today, if you are a case manager,
If you have worked in transportation with MVM, if you are working with one of these NGOs and you have witnessed this, it's time to come forward.
It's time to blow the whistle.
You need to speak the truth.
There are other people who will stand with you.
We need your voice.
The children need your voice.
Let's stand up and be the voice for these children.
Imagine one voice.
Governor Abbott.
Where is he?
You know, nothing.
No pulse from Abbott.
We went down a couple of weeks ago.
Abbott was in McAllen giving a small business summit.
Not one word about the children.
Not one word about the border.
Just basically talking about giving the country away.
I mean, the guy works for the World Economic Forum.
That's the bottom line.
The local law enforcement could go in there and bust those doors down and start arresting people.
We need a billboard outside that former Walmart Supercenter that houses those children for a hotline and telling the people inside, hey, you're felons, right?
There will be a comeuppance at some point and you need to do something right now and get on the right side with this.
You know, there's $2.9 trillion in the Health and Human Services budget.
$2.9 trillion, Tara.
So, if you're talking about reunification, true reunification, Gary, you know, Tara, if you were going to put your heads together, how would we get these children back to their homes and get them, you know, that mental help that they need?
Because so many of them, most of them, have been gravely abused.
Yeah, you know, Terry, you're so well spoken on this.
What a wonderful person you are to have the ability to articulate what's fairly complicated.
You know, we have
A voice here, and you're a wonderful voice in that, and you guys, you're dedicated to this.
I'm really proud to be sitting here with you.
This is a good start.
We need everybody to be talking about this.
And these people that we've elected that are sitting in Washington and are standing down
I think?
But when it comes to children, that is something that people will get behind and get motivated on.
So, I'm hoping our audience paid attention to you.
You know, the Inspector General has the capacity to go in and do his job.
Unfortunately, look at what the Inspector Generals have done over the Trump stuff and all these other things.
Washington is so corrupt and I believe heavily involved in pedophilia.
They stay quiet about this because there's so many people in power that participate in this evil.
But we have got to shine a light on it.
What we're doing today, people all over the country, this needs to be raised up to perhaps the number one topic that we should be focused on right now.
And by the way, I can afford a billboard outside that Walmart in Brownsville.
We'll get the text written up and we'll get a hotline set up and a website.
Encourage more people with the courage like Tara.
I mean, what you're doing is inspiring.
And also, you and Carlos both, we know how dangerous this is.
This takes guts.
Yeah, thank you so much, because it's the courage from folks like you that'll actually bring the information to the public, bring it into the ethos, bring it into the conversation, which it just isn't getting enough conversation about.
Thank God for Sound of Freedom, but we need more.
We need that next level, and it's whistleblowers like you and Carlos Terra that are standing up and bringing it out here, and it's just critical.
It's absolutely critical.
You know, we want to talk more about this.
I know we've got to cut to a break here fairly soon, but, you know, Gary, can you stick around for a little bit longer after the commercial break?
Like two days?
That's like the next two days.
That would be nice.
Tara, again, thank you so much for the work that you've done.
Thank you for everything that you continue to do.
We have a debt of gratitude.
I know there'll be more coming forward.
You are going to inspire more whistleblowers.
I believe you've perhaps even got a couple on deck that are ready to step out.
So we are live here on the Alex Jones Show.
Pinch us, huh, Michael?
We're still here.
There's a lot more I want to ask Tara.
There's not enough time.
Like she was talking about the children crying at night.
She talked on previous phone calls wanting to go back to their home country.
Stick around, Tara.
Stick around.
All right, good.
Live here.
I'm in the lightning seat for Alex Jones again.
Unbelievable honor to be here.
I'm here with Anne VanderSteel and Operation Burning Edge.
And actually, I'll let you take it from here because we've held two important guests over because the things that they're saying are so incredibly important.
Yeah, they really are.
You know, Gary, again, thank you so much for what you're doing for the conservative movement.
You've been just such a staunch supporter.
You've helped so many people, pretty much all behind the scenes, which is just a beautiful way to be, and that's what God would expect.
Tara, coming forward, is facing demons, frankly, with the information she presented to
Well, I will tell you, and I'm not ashamed to say, that I cried a lot of tears.
And sat with a lot of case managers who told me their horror stories, and I cried with them as well.
So I don't want anyone to walk away thinking, wow, there's miscourage.
No, I'm a person who daily depended on God.
And, you know, Isaiah 4110, God says, you know, I'm with you.
Do not fear.
I will help you.
I will strengthen you.
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
And that is how I lived daily.
Okay, if you will just help me for one more day.
Because there were days when you see children crying, when you watch a child have a panic attack, when you know that a kid had to be put in the psych ward, right?
They're on suicide watch.
This was a horror that I just did not know was going on.
And so it was very challenging to sleep.
But it also made me very determined because when I learned
After we submitted the first case of what we called Suspicious Sponsor.
Because remember, we did not know they were trafficking children through the program.
It was only then, right, that I learned that they know there's been trafficking going on in this program as far back documented as 2014.
So people should go onto YouTube and put in Trafficked in America.
They'll see exactly how this was working back then.
And exactly how it's working now.
But when you've seen the children in crisis, that, you know, you have to stand up, you have to speak the truth.
And so I'm hoping that other people will see that you can stand up, you can speak the truth, that one voice can make a difference.
And we need more people to come forward.
Your voice will make a difference.
You know, this really is the spiritual battle of our times.
Because the enemy wants to take the innocence from children.
And a lot worse than that.
Adrenochrome and you know, that whole thing.
The Holy Spirit told me to go and open an orphanage outside the slums of Mumbai in India.
And you know, there's 800 million people there that live on a dollar a day.
And so you ask yourself, what good is it going to do?
Well, we built it and we have 50 little boys and 50 little girls and they're being fed and in medical care and in school.
And it was an act of obedience.
My wife sends a million pounds of food a year to Haiti and has done that since the earthquake.
We're called to do what we can with what we've got.
And I'm speaking to the audience now.
All of you are called to do what you can with what you've got.
And you know what?
If we all are obedient to that, we are a giant army of people that can overwhelm the small number of perverted criminal people.
And we live in a society that is ruled by criminals.
That's right, we do.
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Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
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All right, this is Michael Yon in the hot seat for Alex Jones.
It's such an incredible honor to be hosting InfoWars, and just, I can't believe it.
And so we've got Dr. Michael Vickers on standby, and Dr. Michael Vickers has been a veterinarian in Texas and Mexico for about 50 years, so about 5-0 years.
He's an expert on anthrax, but we asked him a few weeks ago to
to Dr. Vickers to explain to our team what's going on with the tuberculosis and other diseases that are coming across the border and getting into our livestock and our other animals.
So, Dr. Vickers, we don't have much time, so I want to give it all to you.
And please take it from here, sir.
Okay, well, there's a lot of diseases coming across.
One of the more serious ones that's affecting livestock is TB.
And over the past several years in the panhandle, we've got huge dairies in the panhandle and just about all the dairies in Texas and even the United States are milked.
The people that work in those dairies come from Central America, Mexico, South America, all over because they're very familiar with the process.
A lot of them have their own little dairies in the mountains in Mexico and Central America and have maybe 20 or 30 cows.
What we found out, these dairies were showing up positive for TB, and the TB turned out to be exotic strains, strains that weren't seen before in the United States.
But not only that, they were human strains.
One of them in particular came from Honduras, and the other one from the Iberian Peninsula.
And over the past couple of years, these dairies are being tested by the USDA and the Texas Animal Health Commission on a regular basis so that they can pull the positives out, eliminate the positives
And in one situation in Castro County, there was one dairy that had over 10,000 cows in it and the USDA identified it.
In other words, the infection rate was so high, they went ahead and bought the herd from the owner and paid fair market value for it.
And then slaughtered the cows, and that eliminated the problem there.
The other herd, another herd of over 13,000 head, is still an ongoing process.
Over the past couple of years, the USDA and the Animal Health Commission are testing this herd.
And just here recently, it looks like they finally got all the positives out of it, and that herd could be released.
The problem is, you know, the Public Health Department got involved.
Uh, being that these were human strains and they tested the people in these herds that worked in these herds, uh, and worked with the herds.
And, uh, my intel was telling me that last year, uh, there were as many as 12 positives out of 100 people tested in this big herd of over 13,000 head.
The problem with TB being in Texas and being at this magnitude in these big herds, it threatens our TB-free status here in Texas.
Losing that TB-free status could be a multi-multi expense for the cattle industry.
It can have an adverse effect on exports to all the countries throughout the world, including Mexico.
And so with that, you know, it's a big threat for agriculture, not only here in the United States, but in
Yeah, I mean in Texas or the United States.
And the problem with the people is still an ongoing process.
The Texas State Health Department got involved.
Yes, folks, and it was my understanding through some in that these 12 individuals and maybe more were being treated at a health clinic on a weekly basis with some real strong antibiotics.
One in particular refampirin is a huge
Very, very strong antibiotic that's seldom used in veterinary medicine, actually.
And so, anyway, this is a process that's ongoing.
I've heard and been told that the families of these individuals that are positive, the kids are being tested on a schedule.
And the problem also is that we're not being able to get the truth out of the public health department for privacy reasons.
They want to protect the individuals that are being treated even though they're here illegally.
So it's a huge problem.
We have other diseases that are a problem as well.
Chagas disease, I've heard estimates from some reliable sources that over 2,500 people coming across on a daily basis from these other countries and third world countries have Chagas disease.
And this is one of the top cardiac problems and diseases that people encounter here in Texas.
It's at the top of the list as far as cardiac issues.
This is a
A disease, an organism that affects the heart, and a huge percentage of the people coming in here illegally are coming in with Chagas disease.
We also have, we're dealing with Neurocysticercosis.
This is a parasitic disease.
It's been a few years ago, but the head of the state health department as far as the zoonotic division is concerned, this is the division that
I think?
Are huge, as far as all of this open border and all these people coming from the rest of the world.
The Chinese, a huge percentage of them have Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B. This is what our residents here in the United States and Texas are being exposed to because of this open border.
Dr. Vickers, that is an excellent summation.
Thank you so much.
You know, none of this sounds very good.
This is why this Declaration for North America we talked about with General Flynn has to be terminated and we have to stand up.
A nation without borders is not really a nation.
It's not even a country.
And we're not a region as defined by the Biden regime.
So, Dr. Vickers, thank you so much for your time.
We've got to get to our next guest because we're going to be talking about how it is these people are getting away with it.
So, joining me now is, and with my good colleague here, Michael Yan, is Todd Callender, an attorney who probably doesn't need too much of an introduction.
He also is the founder of VaxChoice.com, and he's been leading a one-man band essentially with another string of attorneys that really, frankly, don't even like to be called attorneys, Michael.
They're not the typical.
It's like I hate to be called journalist.
I never have been.
That's right.
I have to take a shower every time you call me journalist.
He's a war correspondent.
He's not a journalist.
He's a war correspondent.
So let's bring Todd Calender in because we're going to be talking about how it is these people have gotten away with what they're doing.
Our government is run amok and it doesn't seem to be a government of, by, or for the people.
So really, who are these people and to whom do they have an allegiance?
Todd, if you're available, we'd love to have you come on set right now because
You and your team with Lisa McGee have done an incredible job of researching these oaths of office that are behind these demons that are simply, you know, putting out the death march in terms of vaccine mandates, masking up, and of course the remdesivir protocols.
Todd, good to see you.
Yeah, always a pleasure to be here, Ann.
I don't know what's going on with my camera, but you're absolutely right.
Let me answer your two questions.
First and foremost, they are actors, and who do they serve?
They serve themselves.
They are supposed to have a sworn document of allegiance to the country they serve, the country that pays their bills, that pays their salaries, and they do not.
Thank you, Lisa McGee, for your diligence in finding out exactly how many of our federal government officials, those impersonating federal officials, actually have one.
That's maybe one or two that we've found so far.
So I want to bring Lisa McGee in.
She is the head researcher for VaxChoice.com.
She has spent the past 9 to 12 months doing the due diligence of research, and she was basically instigated, if you will, because Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin decided to put the poison death shot in everybody in the military.
And she said, what kind of person would do this and to whom do they have their allegiance?
And so she FOIA'd, did a Freedom of Information Act request for his oath.
Lisa, talk us through some of the information you've learned and all of the different people that you've actually FOIA'd and what are we sitting with right now in terms of a government?
Hi, Anne.
Thank you very much.
I'm honored to be on.
Michael, hi.
It's nice to meet you in person.
So we started this, like Todd said, it was a, you know, a quest to find out if these public officials have the authority to be doing what they're doing and these mandates and, you know, several, everything that they're doing.
So the first person that we decided to FOIA for his oath of office, and it was an extremely, I don't want, you know, easy, I just uploaded, I used their online service, electronically uploaded,
You know, a request for Lloyd Austin's oath of office.
There was an immediate response, automatic response that comes back, you know, for various reasons, they can't help me.
And then a couple more came in that were pretty kind of red flags right away.
And then after, after the bit of the pushback, I decided and, you know, discussed it with Todd, like, why, why stop there?
Let's just FOIA everybody.
It was a year, actually July, that this whole process has taken place, but we have FOIA for, there's now over 75 plus FOIAs for oaths of office at the federal level, state level.
We're helping people at the local level, but every single one of Biden's administration, minus we didn't get an oath for him, are void of a oath of office.
Or the ones that we've gotten back are defective.
Copies are defective, but we have officially gotten back copies of their Oaths of Office.
So I want to put up on the screen, if we can, Miguel Cardona.
He is the Department of Education Secretary.
He's the Secretary of the Department of Education, really the indoctrination head for the country right now, Michael, right?
Poisoning the minds of children with CRT.
This is his oath of office, if we can get that up on screen.
I want Lisa to explain exactly what is wrong with this particular oath of office.
And this comes directly from a Freedom of Information Act request that you submitted to determine whether or not this guy should legally be sitting in those shoes.
Yes, and this just came, this, I mean, talk about gods.
Planning, right?
We are on God's time with this entire mission.
This, you know, we're at the beginning of the school, uh, you know, school year for kids and they're whispering and the whisperings are getting louder to become a command that, you know, the vaccine, the masking.
And we just got this yesterday that he does not have an oath of office.
I FOIA for this in February.
Uh, so if it's up, so, um, and this was significant, this is significant, obviously.
And this was a pattern in, um,
A couple of other of the oaths at the executive level.
So if you'll see the date appointed on the oath, you want to pull it back up.
Oops, so the date of appointment is empty.
Right after Secretary of Education.
That's obviously huge.
When was he appointed?
And then it is not.
So this is the
All affidavits are to be notarized, you know, notarized.
This is not notarized.
There's no seal at the bottom here where it will have an affidavit underneath the letters C. There is no, the witness, Antonia Harris, there's no identification of who she is.
It has to be a specific person who is a witness.
And where it says seal, there's no seal.
So his affidavit is invalid because it has not been notarized.
There's an additional piece to this, which is the... I want to just cut to Todd really quickly, though, because I want to stop here.
Todd, what does this mean in terms of this particular individual sitting in the Secretary of... as the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardozo?
What does this mean for that role, for the country?
It means they're acting.
It means they're not there.
The way the statute reads, it's 5 U.S.C.
3332 and 3331.
They're the operative statutes.
They require that within 30 days of your appointment that you have a sworn affidavit oath of office.
Raising your hand by itself isn't enough.
And unless you have that sworn affidavit, then your duties do not exist.
Everything that this person does as an actor is void ab initio, as though it did not happen.
So what is happening?
These people are issuing rules.
They're not laws.
They're not following the Administrative Procedures Act as required by law, as required by our Constitution.
They're just making it up as they go, and people are saying, okay, well, I guess I'll go along with it because they seem to have power.
They seem to have power, Michael.
What should the people be doing about this?
They should be seemingly using their power to get them out of office.
They're not our bosses.
They're not our gods.
We've got one god and they're not it.
They just put on the robes and play like they're in charge and they're not.
They're only in charge because we just go along with it and play the game.
That's it.
That's it.
You play like the leader and we'll play like the slaves.
That's basically it.
I'm not wearing the mask.
Todd had an excellent point that Todd has been such a mentor and you too, so much so.
But Todd made, it just resonated with me.
It said, you know, we're living this perception of what a government does or this system.
It's a perception.
And if we continue to allow the perception to persist, then it's going to.
I mean, you know, it is scary to stand up.
It's scary to take that first step and to say no.
And, you know, it could be risky.
There could be some consequences.
But if we don't, the consequences are that much worse.
I mean, we are at that place.
And, you know, these mandates and these orders, since Biden came into office, and it's been happening before, we found, we're finding that
Oaths, judges don't have oaths that go back that were appointed in the, you know, early, late 1900s, but you know, for years, several years, but they are, so it's been going on.
But Biden's administration, you know, since he came in, it is just been rule after rule, like Michael, you just said, not a, that is not a governing of we the people for the people.
That is, that is a dictatorship telling people what to do.
Can I just add to this?
All we have to do is stand up and say, where is your oath?
Look, if you had this position of power, wouldn't you be proud of it?
Wouldn't you frame your oath and stick it on the wall proudly?
Here is the authority by which I act.
That is what rit quo war honto actually means.
By what authority?
This is what we filed with a U.S.
attorney circa three months ago.
And guess what?
They never answered because they also have no oath of office.
This is a pattern.
This is the point.
None of them have a valid oath of office because none of them want one.
And the reason for that is if you look at treason and sedition, the jury instructions in particular, you will find that we would have to prove to convict them that they had a duty.
How does one do that?
You manifest it in writing, a sworn oath of office.
I'm sorry.
No, go ahead.
May I ask a question?
What about the January 6th judges?
Do they have oaths?
No, they do not.
You know, in the case of the Attorney General, just like Lisa showed with this one, there's no appointment date.
And in the case of Graves, the U.S.
Attorney, again, a defective oath of office.
It is not notarized.
It is not sworn under penalty of perjury.
They have no business, no authority sticking anybody in jail.
So, there you go.
We're sitting here obeying to a bunch of people that are a bunch of criminals right now.
We're saying yes to all of this.
This is absolutely abhorrent.
And again, you look at the Declaration of North America, which we covered with General Flynn in the opening segments, or the second hour, I should say.
It talks about just homogenizing all of us from Canada to Mexico and everything in between.
And we, the people, are supposed to pay for it.
Because we have the Federal Reserve sitting inside our borders and they just want us to print the money.
The whole thing is just fake.
It's criminal, and it's time for the people to stand up.
Todd, how do we organize the people?
Well, I think it really starts at the county level.
And by the way, Lisa and I started on this journey, as she mentioned, long ago in Colorado, because the county board officials, the sheriffs,
They didn't have oaths of office to school boards.
So we stand up in these meetings and we say, where's your oath of office?
And we demand it, because the states all require it too, by the way.
And if they don't have one, we chuck them out.
Officer, this person is impersonating a state official, federal official, account official.
Arrest them.
Your obligation, sir.
Did you swear an oath to the Constitution when you wear that badge and gun?
Yes or no.
Where's your oath of office, Sheriff?
I mean, it's really that simple.
It starts there and it rolls like an avalanche.
That's incredibly important.
So they're actually, if they don't have the oath of office, to be clear, that means they're impersonating an official.
That's right, and that's a crime.
That's quite simple to understand.
Arrest that person.
Arrest that person for impersonating an official.
You can't do that.
It's against the law.
Here's the statute, Deputy 5.
Your job is to arrest them.
This is the so-called government that also keeps children in a former Walmart Supercenter in Brownsville, Texas, who rarely see the light of day.
Oh, and we pay for that, by the way.
They're forcing us to pay for that.
The usury fees of the money they're printing, basically the interest, and of course your taxes, it's all just a big scam, isn't it, Michael?
It's enriching all of them at the expense of all of us.
Yeah, it's basically Animal Farm.
I don't know if it's that.
That almost sounds comical.
Lisa, you know, I know you're going to continue on this journey with continuing to, you know, sort of extoom these people out of the ground and take them out of the tombs and show them to the light of day.
They're vampires, really.
They're blood-sucking vampires, these people that are posing as public officials.
What's next on your journey here?
Because you're also doing a lot of work into these vaccines and the childhood vaccine schedule.
We've got a couple minutes before we go to break.
I want to start on that and pick up when we come back.
Well, I just wanted to just add really quickly too, you know, for parents of students, of kids that are in public schools, private also, teachers, superintendents, they also take an oath.
So if your superintendent is starting to say that your kid has to wear a mask or, oh, they've got to take this heinous COVID-19 vaccine that's on the schedule.
They asked them for their oath of office.
They are required to take an oath of office to the teachers teaching this crap in school.
They are required to take an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States and its parental rights.
And you ask them for their oath of office.
And like Todd said, they should be hanging on a wall.
They should have copies in their drawers to hand to people.
That want copies of those.
It is our right.
It's not a privilege to ask for it.
It's a right for them to have it.
All right.
Listen, I appreciate you.
Stick around a little bit.
We'll have some more with Lisa McGee and Todd Callender after the break with Vax Choice.
We've got Josh Yoder on deck also coming up.
So don't go anywhere.
Freedom Flyers, the battle they're involved in, and it's not pretty, folks.
That's right.
People in the conservative movement are trying to take money from other people in the conservative movement.
Michael, have you ever heard anything so crazy?
This is incredibly important.
More coming up.
When the darkness descends and you're told it's the end, you must find a way.
When God decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way.
You will find a way.
Dig down and find faith.
When you're close to the edge, with a gun to your head, you must find a way.
We have entered the fray and we will not obey.
We must find a way and find faith.
We won't let them divide.
We will never abide.
We will find a way.
All right, this is Michael Yon with the great honor of sitting in the hot seat for Alex Jones today with my partner Ann VanderSteel on Operation Burning Edge.
We've been doing all sorts of things on the border between Texas and Mexico, and we flew a couple of congressmen on Monday over the huge colonias north of Houston where 200,000 aliens will be housed soon.
Some are already there.
Actually, we have the honor right now of having two other guests on who are very important.
I'm going to let Anne take it from here.
Yeah, so we have right now Attorney Todd Callender with FactsChoice.com and his lead researcher Lisa McGee.
We've been talking about, you know, the quandary that we find ourselves in, specifically with the oaths of office, the ones that are supposed to be on file for our public officials.
We look to these people to be our public servants, our leader servants, if you will.
Learning quickly that none of these people are actually validly in office.
They're posing as public officials.
That's a felony, number one.
So everything they're putting out there, we shouldn't even be paying attention to.
Right now, we're going to move into the part of the discussion I think is vitally important for our future.
It's our children and the childhood vaccine schedule.
Because yes, they have another pandemic.
Planned and ready to go, and one of their solutions is going to be coming out of China, of course.
It's a very deadly drug that's going to cause high inflammation.
It's sort of the sister drug to remdesivir, which is now being exposed as a killer out there.
I want Todd to talk to us about the vaccine schedule.
We'll have Lisa explain a little bit about what they're finding in these vaccines.
Todd, tell us about it.
Thank you for the opportunity to do that.
So again, part of a journey, and that we, during the COVID crisis, from a pandemic such as it is, we really specialized in getting people out of the shots because we knew they were poison.
And that's what sparked Lisa into yet another exercise in understanding what's in these shots, these compounds.
And there's some 400 and something thousand pathogens that our government created
For sale, that they put into all of our medicines.
And she traced them all the way back to something called Death Associated Protein 6, otherwise known as Gene 1616, and Kinase.
And sure enough, they put this and variations of this protein into most everything.
They're poisoning us, is the bottom line.
And of course, the CDC wants to make sure that every kid gets poisoned, because let us remember, folks, that in 1994, thanks to the Cairo Population Accord, 7 billion of us must go.
There's too many of us on this earth, according to all 196 countries and territories, so 7 billion people must go.
Given that as our predicate, it's pretty easy to understand that they would poison us any way they could, and that's what they do with all these shots.
So, of course, the CDC recommends that there are nine childhood vaccines that the kids must get, and from the time they're born, the hospitals are poking them with God knows what, and it's just pure poison.
This is what we've come to find, and of course, the schools turned recommended from CDC,
So we've been really working for the last three years getting kids and adults out of these shots where they are supposedly required.
We largely use the Americans with Disabilities Act to do that.
But it's really thanks again to Lisa's incredible research.
From God's lips to her ears, we have found all of it.
Well, you say working.
You've been doing this pro bono, Todd.
So big, big thank you for all the thousands and thousands of lives you've saved, more importantly, in our military.
Lisa, tell us about what's inside some of these vaccines, because it sounds to me like they're pumping diseases into the vaccine, sort of like sleeper cells, if you will.
Well, you know, it's it has been quite a journey.
And the consistent theme is that, you know, these vaccines are not about immune
Immunizing humanity against a pathogen or a virus.
It is about, they are vehicles that actually are the diseases and disorders that people create in an infection from a pathogen.
And so they are marketing and trafficking diseases and disorders into, via these vaccines, into our children, into us.
And so,
It started off with the, Johnson & Johnson was a huge one, but I also did Pfizer and Moderna, and started seeing an extremely alarming and heinous consistent pattern that there are old school pathogens, the plague, you know, the bacteria and yeast that these pathogens, that these bacterias can create.
In a person that a person will create this infection, but they, they, you know, took specimens, they took samples, and they literally have been morphing them and distorting and mutating them at universities, you know, NIH, our government FDA is on patents, and, you know, created these recipes of using these specimens and samples.
And then what they're, you know, and as time has gone on and technology has been advanced and, you know, now we know that the DoD is involved, they are military drones that are programmed to specifically attack a particular domain in the body.
They are, you know, they are loaded with cancer.
They are loaded with smallpox, with HIV.
You're saying these are in the vaccines that are just sitting around waiting for a timed release?
What is the mechanism of action that will cause these vaccines to become these time bombs?
I mean, this is terrifying.
How many vaccines have you taken, Michael, in the military?
They didn't kill me yet, but I hope they don't start.
Yeah, well, you think about it.
It's like, you know, the whole plan is to, and this is what I have learned on this journey.
This plan is to mutate and distort and alter all God's living being, our system.
And they also need it, not only for energy, I believe it's about, let me backtrack for one second, what is very consistent also, and this is a theory that I've come to through my research, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, it is God that is having me see this, and that is the truth.
It is also about, you know, a certain percentage they need to die off.
But I also think that they're using the corpses and that energy also, you know, for some nefarious reason.
But it is about a transformation of the way that we convert and metabolize oxygen and carbon dioxide.
That's become very prevalent and consistent also in the way and the formatting of the way that they're using these ingredients.
And what is, what everybody needs to know is that when you talk about an HIV, a strain of HIV that is in a, you know, in the flu vaccine for a kid, they have altered them or transformed them into chemical compounds.
So they register and they represent as chemical compounds and it's extremely deceiving.
When it's got a name of a compound, but it's laced or morphed with HIV, smallpox, the plague, you know, tuberculosis.
And so, and all of them have that.
I mean, I think, I'm confident, not I think, we can confidently say that we have discovered that dating back to the 80s, but really in the last probably 10-15 years, they have become so incredibly toxic.
Another thing that people need to know, these ingredients, these chemical compounds, they have EPA environmental contaminant numbers on their database.
They register as environmental contaminants.
They're so rotten, they're used to clean sewers.
And they are putting them into our vaccines.
Wow, this is so highly disturbing.
It's breathtaking to hear that they're injecting our beautiful children, our future in fact, with toxic chemicals that the EPA has now regulated for human use.
We have to let you guys go.
Lisa McGee, lead researcher for VaxChoice.com, Todd Callender, attorney.
I know Michael wants to say one thing.
I've actually seen, Todd Bensman and I, the author Todd Bensman, we've seen pregnant women being vaccinated
Injected, let's say, at the Mexican-U.S.
border to get into the United States.
I mean, very pregnant.
This can be another conversation, but I do think that part of this immigration, you know, influx is that the Dungy vaccine
It's funny, I just heard Alex Jones talking about getting prepared for food and water issues, and I'll second that thought.
You are crazy if you're not getting prepared.
Food is one of the issues I study all over the world, and there are famines coming.
That's a done deal.
Write it down.
Anybody who's read my work for the last 20 or 30 years knows when I say something with that much confidence, you better buckle up.
It's a great honor to be sitting in Alex Jones' hot seat here and it's unbelievable actually to get this honor.
First time I've ever hosted a show it's on Alex Jones' seat.
That's like the first bicycle you ride is a Saturn V rocket.
So anyway, we've had some incredible guests on today.
Josh Yoder is up next with USfreedomflyers.com.
He's a co-founder and president.
Very important.
I first got to know Josh on the People's Convoy Across America.
It started somewhere in Southern California and we went all the way across America and that's where I got to know Josh.
And now he's doing incredibly important work
On keeping the skies safe.
Actually, we know many pilots have been injured.
Nobody's got more expertise on this than Josh, so I'm going to be quiet and let him roll.
Hey, Josh, good to see you.
I mean, your work is outstanding and what you've done so far to help keep the pilots as safe as possible in these challenging headwinds is unmatched.
But now it looks like you're at war with people that perhaps are even on our side.
We've got to get an update on what's going on with U.S.
Freedom Flyers.
Yeah, thank you so much.
It's great to see you both.
And, you know, I just echo that back to both Anne and Michael Yan.
It was amazing on the trucker convoy, all these people standing up for freedom.
That's what U.S.
Freedom Flyers is about.
It's about freedom of choice for everyone.
We believe it's incredibly important at U.S.
Freedom Flyers.
We're continuing to forge ahead.
We have so many things we're working on at the moment.
We've obviously seen the new proposed mandates
We're good to go.
And as you've said, we've certainly had challenges with Health Freedom Defense Fund, an organization that we contracted back in 2021 to manage the funds that were raised for us.
And this was just up until the time that we could become an independent 501c3.
And unfortunately, Leslie Mnookin at the Health Freedom Defense Fund has decided to wage war on us to try to take our donor funds, which don't belong to her.
And, you know, I look forward to digging deeper in that today and helping the public have a better understanding of what's happening at U.S.
Freedom Flyers.
Yeah, so let's talk about that, Josh.
You know, there's been a complaint filed by Leslie Mnookin, who's the president and founder of Health Freedom Defense Fund.
Like she said, an organization that was actually, when people hit donate on your website, Josh, that money was deposited in her Freedom Defense Fund account because she was already a 501c3 that was approved.
You were still pending your approval from the IRS to get that designation, to get that status.
Subsequent to you getting that status and a lot of money being accrued, about eight hundred and some thousand dollars in six months,
Leslie refused to release the funds back to your organization, and now she's suing you to have the laws changed?
Is that even something you can do?
No, it's absolutely ridiculous what she's doing.
I think it was about the first nine months around $800,000, and we had a working relationship.
We have a contract.
We were bringing litigation.
We brought three separate cases that we paid for, and everything was good up until about July.
Of 2022, we had to terminate a relationship with an attorney that we had for a variety of reasons.
As a matter of fact, we were going to hire the Todd Calendars law firm who was just on this show a few minutes ago.
And Leslie seemed to have a major issue with that.
She accused us of attempting to misappropriate funds, which I found to be very interesting.
She's made accusations, but she's never come out with any documentation.
She can't prove this.
So the money's been tied up from July of 2022 until the present day.
On May, I think it was May 22nd of this year, I brought a resolution or a proposal to the board.
I said, why don't we just vote to send the money back to the donors rather than getting into litigation with Lesley Mnookin, fighting over the money, spending donor funds for a purpose for which they were not intended.
I think it would be the prudent move just to vote to send the money back to the donors and the board agreed with me.
So we took that vote, we sent the demand letter to Leslie Mnookin, and what she's done in response is she's now turned around and sued our organization, seeking to gain control of those funds for her own purposes.
And the real question is, do the funds even exist?
We've asked her for accounting on multiple occasions, and the only thing that we've ever received from her is an Excel spreadsheet.
She's always refused to provide the source documents to actually prove that that money exists.
And in the lawsuit, she states that it's sitting in a bank in Idaho.
And yet she won't actually show us the bank's statements.
And so we've been led to believe at this point that the money may not actually be there, which would change the course of what's happening here at U.S.
Freedom Flyers.
Meanwhile, we've got a lot of pilots and crew that have been jabbed with the death jabs, as Dr. Zelenko would call them.
And every time I talk, we just, you and I flew together this Monday with the congressman, right?
In the helicopter.
And every time that I talk with you, there's another pilot that's collapsing somewhere and dying or unable to fly.
I mean, what's happening with this?
We've had actually six now this month already, and the latest one was August 18th, I believe.
Is that normal?
It was an Army helicopter pilot.
Is that customary?
Is that normal and customary?
No, it's not normal.
Josh, I mean, how many pilots collapse every month flying typically before the vaccine?
It was a very rare event, and we're certainly seeing an increase.
Distance would say that it has nothing to do with the vaccine.
It could also be myocarditis from COVID.
Regardless of what is causing the myocarditis and these pilot incapacitations, it's something that needs to be investigated.
And where my frustration truly lies is the fact that the airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration, who's the federal regulator, they're actually covering this up.
They're not being transparent with the American public.
And they're not sounding the alarm or investigating and that's where we have a real problem.
We know that in cases of myocarditis, more than 50% of cases are subclinical, meaning that the pilot doesn't even know that they have a cardiac issue, where often the first symptom can be sudden death.
So this is what we're so concerned about.
There isn't proper screening is not being done.
Freedom Flyers has really made as a focal point.
That's something that U.S.
We do have companies that we're working with that do provide anonymous and comprehensive cardiac screening for pilots, those who wish to know their results without getting the Federal Aviation Administration involved in the process.
This is really... I mean, we're supposed to fly in a couple of days, Michael.
Do you even want to get on a public plane with commercial flight?
I mean, what do we do?
Ask these pilots?
Are you jabbed?
Is this what we have to come down to now?
I mean, it's getting quite serious.
And Josh has brought up other things like maintenance.
Other people in the airline industry have told me about diminishing maintenance issues.
I mean, this is...
It makes me wonder what's happening in the space industry.
Are astronauts going up in space who are jabbed?
I mean, in all seriousness.
In all seriousness.
Josh, so looking forward, I know you had some important deadlines this week, ongoing litigation.
Is there any update you can give us on your current situation in this war of the money per Leslie Mnookin, who's asking to have laws changed so that she can keep the money that was raised for U.S.
Freedom Flyers in her bank account?
Yes, we actually filed a response yesterday.
Yesterday was our deadline and we did get that in.
What was really interesting is Leslie seems to have many of the attorneys in Idaho locked up.
That's where she's suing us.
She also has a close relationship with the Attorney General.
And as we discussed previously, Anne, on your show, there seems to be a tremendous amount of corruption in the state of Idaho.
I'm not sure we have time to get into all of that today, but
You know, we are going to be successful here.
We're going to win.
It's very clear in the documentation that we have.
You know, we have a contract.
I have text messages from Leslie Mnookin that state very clearly that it's U.S.
Freedom Flyers money.
And also on the donor receipt, when people clicked on that donate tab on our website, it said, thank you for your donation to U.S.
Freedom Flyers.
And then Leslie, further down on that donor receipt, she actually petitions the same donor
To go to Health Freedom Defense Fund and to donate to their general fund, clearly defining that there are two separate funds, one for U.S.
Freedom Flyers and one for the general fund of other litigation that Health Freedom Defense Fund was working on.
And, you know, the arguments that Leslie is making, they don't make sense.
I have emails from her where she actually requests my permission to pay legal bills.
This is, you know, she's said publicly that I've never been an agent of U.S.
Freedom Flyers, the money doesn't belong to us.
And yet we have email documentation where she very clearly asked for our permission to pay those legal bills, those attorney's fees that were being submitted.
So, what this is, is it's a classic case of lawfare, and it's really unfortunate that it's happening within the health freedom movement.
You know, there appears to be so much corruption.
When I got involved in this, you know, back in August of 2021, I had high hopes.
This is important, but I'm specifically interested in what's going on with these pilots.
I mean, that's where people fall out of the sky, right?
You don't like to use the term fall out of the sky.
But, I mean, with the aircraft, you're a pilot yourself.
We've got about 40 seconds left, Josh.
You know, should the flying public be concerned is the question right now.
The flying public should get involved, and they should be placing pressure on the Federal Aviation Administration and the airlines to at least look into these situations.
There seems to be a cover-up underway when, you know, they do their very best to keep these incidents quiet, and we typically hear about them from, often, family members or fellow crew members, and we know that the incapacitations that we're seeing are only a fraction of what's actually occurring.
There are many that we don't hear about.
So it's certainly not a comprehensive list, but the numbers are very concerning.
Josh Yoder, USfreedomflyers.com.
Thank you so much.
Up next, we have David Zuniga with Tactical Civics and Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers on deck.
Stick with us right here on Alex Jones.
We're sitting in the hot seat.
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The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
And the will to be able to face this hard and to give me the strength to carry on because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards and I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ball games anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open... of unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
So there's a class of viruses called single-stranded RNA viruses.
And some of those viruses include all the COVID strains, COVID-19, influenza virus, RSV virus, Marburg virus, Ebola virus,
The point being is that they all are single-stranded RNA viruses that use the same common pathway in making copies of their genetic material.
That's something called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.
That's what I've been talking about for the last two years in the context of COVID-19.
But if we extrapolate that to think more broadly,
And it's the same mechanism of treatment using zinc ionophores and zinc could inhibit all the strains of COVID-19.
Influenza virus, RSV virus, Ebola virus, Marburg virus, and Hantavirus.
This has tremendous amount of national security implications and I don't think anyone realizes this and so I'm pleading with our scientists and the honest people in our government to investigate this because as the
Recent chatter in the news is going, we're seeing hemorrhagic fever from China.
There's concern about Marburg virus, antivirus, and Ebola virus.
These viruses carry, you know, to some estimates, 90% death rates.
So I think there may be a solution to all... Here's to the crazy ones.
The misfits.
The rebels.
The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes.
The ones who see things differently.
They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can't do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Okay, I return.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
Alex Jones literally has changed the world.
I cannot believe I'm sitting here in his chair talking through his microphone.
It's an incredible honor.
I'm here with Anne Vandersteel on Operation Burning Edge with my good friend, Dr. Pete Chambers, actually a retired Green Beret doctor, and I mean actual Green Beret who actually went through selection and all those difficult things, which I went through as well.
So it's interesting, Doc was just with us on Operation Burning Edge, and before we started we had a generator problem, and Doc was up all night long
Fixing this generator, which was brand new by the way.
So it's really good to have somebody around so if you get shot, gunshot wound or whatever, sucking chest wound, he can fix that.
Or if your generator's not working, he can work all night and fix that.
So anyway, he does a lot more than just that.
He knows this border very well.
He knows a lot about combat because he's done a lot of combat.
He knows a lot about Joe, his incredible dog sitting down here.
And he knows about other things.
We're tracking the children who are missing, and Doc was just, actually, I'll let you take it from here.
You know, Michael, first of all, thank you for letting me come on, because this is really important to me.
This is our backyard.
You know, when I left active duty in 2015 and came to the Texas National Guard, it was my duty to protect that border.
1,250 miles of southern border along the Rio Grande.
Operation Lone Star, when it kicked off, I was there from the beginning until I lost my job over doing informed consents.
Totally different deal.
Had to do with the shots and all that, but it turned me into an activist, right?
I said I took off that uniform and went into the army of God.
And that's an Ephesians 6 thing.
But from that, when you work every day and you see what normal looks like, abnormal is really easy to find.
And that's what you guys are doing.
And by getting this out there to the people, more and more people, and this is what was so great about listening to Tara earlier, that list that's out there, that list represents people.
Every single one of those lines is a human being.
And you guys sent me down, I took it upon my own, but we did it together, to go and look at these places in the Austin area.
There's really children being stashed in Austin right now.
And you drove by and checked one out and even sent a video out.
I put it out on my Telegram channel.
Tell us about what you saw.
So that area is essentially controlled by a gang called Los Cholos.
And that means the gang, or gang of children.
And these are not children.
When we drove through there the other day, the dog and I and another pipe hitter, this is a rough neighborhood.
It's a really rough neighborhood.
There's 109 kids in this particular block that were on that list.
And these are kids that came directly from, via HHS, all right, directly from the border facility.
Now when you go down there, you see something different.
This is a school day.
There's kids outside from the ages of, you know, toddler to teenage, probably some of them older than they should be, saying that their kids being kept in these places.
But you've got one guy that was attributable for two different addresses in there that had kids that he's supposedly sponsoring.
And we're going to get to the bottom of it and we're going to hold people accountable.
We have to.
And joining us now also by phone and the author of the great WeSet is David Zuniga of TacticalCivics.com because we're talking about solutions here.
We can't just keep bringing more problems and more problems and explaining all the problems.
We're very focused on solutions.
These two guys that have been downrange are solution-oriented gentlemen and so is David Zuniga.
David, great to have you here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Appreciate you coming by.
Thanks, Anne.
Good to be with you.
Yeah, so let's talk about some of the solutions, because this, as you say, it's not grassroots.
We're not on the bottom of this hierarchy.
We're at the top.
We're the top leaves on the trees, the trees of liberty.
And the people are all those leaves.
And of course, the roots really are the government.
That's where we stand on top of, and government takes direction from us.
So let's explain a little bit about Tactical Civics.
There you go.
Tactical Civics.
Well, it's the only action mission right now.
To restore America that is full spectrum, that is lawful, that is peaceful, that is multi-generational.
We have 735, 736 county chapters as of right now in all 50 states.
We're adding more every day.
Tactical Civics is a, we ask you to take up a new self-concept and a powerful new way of life
And it is primarily and predominantly at first all about Jesus Christ.
It's about turning this country, this Republic of States, back to Jesus Christ, where we were when we began.
You gain a constitutionally accurate, new self-concept.
We teach you the Constitution.
We show you just word for word what we're supposed to do, what our servants are supposed to be doing.
It entails a lot of reforms.
It's going to take decades to flesh out entirely.
But, you know, I used to be an architectural engineer.
I designed buildings and all of their systems, structural, mechanical, electrical, etc.
And 9-11 really bothered me so much.
It took me years to really take it on.
But I knew that DC had become this beast, just like ancient Rome, except on a larger scale and on steroids.
And I had founded four K-12 classical Christian schools in three states, and I graduated from a classical Christian school myself, so did my brother Oscar, co-founder.
We knew a lot of shocking facts of Western history, and one of the things we knew is that Lincoln created a new DC beast to turn it on his own people, and people think that Obama started all of this.
No, no, you need to go way back to see where this started.
So, during that time, it was Lincoln, Marx, and Darwin.
You have to know that those three men tore apart, softened the American mind, and hardened our hearts in preparation for the Industrial Revolution, which is where people started dismissing God because we saw, oh wow, so many powerful things that mankind could do.
What do you need God for anymore?
So, Marx, Darwin, and Lincoln worked together in one generation to completely
Tear the foundation out from under us.
So the tool that God is using to judge us, we're under God's judgment right now.
The tool that he's using to judge us is organized crime.
It's just organized crime.
That's what DC is.
I call it DCCP because it operates
Much like the CCP.
And if you go back, all the way back to ancient Rome, you see the Senate with the wealthy families and the guilds.
It was the same as what we see right now.
And you go back to Italy under Mussolini, the fascist system of Mussolini.
Well, fascism is what the ancient Roman Senate and wealthy families and guilds had.
That was fascism.
So Mussolini had it and DC
I think?
Look, you're talking about just one of the crimes.
This trafficking, this illegal, unconscionable women and children being trafficked like animals, it's just one of their crimes.
And so when we look at what's happening, we say, okay, how can we stop that?
How can we?
Well, since the problem isn't necessarily the bad guys, the bad guys are part of God's
Thank you.
Now will we wake up?
All right.
And we reprinted the only history of the American grand jury.
It's called the People's Panel Grand Jury in the United States, 1634 through 1941.
It had gone out of print.
It's now back in print, thanks to us.
It's a tactical civic reprint.
You read that, and you see what grand juries can do.
What was that book again?
Can you say that more slowly?
Yes, it's called the People's Panel.
And if you just type that in,
You don't need the rest of it.
The Grand Jury in the United States, 1634 through 1941, by Richard D. Younger.
He taught at University of Houston.
He was a history professor.
And it's the only book of its kind, and it shows you just how powerful we are when we're impaneled on a grand jury.
It's amazing.
So we wrote, I wrote a little book.
It's only 108 pages.
It's very small.
It's a green book called Grand Jury Awake.
Because after you read the big black book, the people's panel, you say, wow, okay, I want to do grand jury.
How do I do grand jury?
So we built a little book that shows you no matter which state you live in, we show you the rules for all 50 states and we walk you through how do you get impaneled,
What do you do?
No, you don't impanel yourself.
There are people trying to do that and it's totally lawless.
What happens if the judge won't impanel the grand jury?
All of that.
We walk you through the, what do you do when you're sitting on the grand jury?
How do you, you know, how do you operate?
So we have that book and then the other half of the 1,000 year old law enforcement power of the people in English and American law is the militia.
And I'm not talking about guys in, you know, camo and MOLLE gear with AR-15s and all.
I'm talking about a very, very different view going back to the original view of militia, well-regulated militia.
So I wrote a book on that.
It's called Time to Start Over America.
And I walk you through how very, very different the militia has to be so that it will be respected again, so that it will be, you know, so that the people will vote for it.
So you have to take it.
We have two in both of these.
This is Doc Chambers.
I got a question for you because I want to link up the tactical on the ground with what you're saying, which is very strategic and very historical.
So in the history, from what I understand,
Politicians, politicians, whether they're left or right, if you get these people together and you unify a message, that's called a cartel.
That's an old history cartel definition.
Now, we know what cartels are on the border.
I saw what they were doing to set prices on human beings.
I saw them.
But what can you say about
The history of the cartel in the sense of a unit party and sometimes we talk about Bastiat in 1850 when he's talking about the legal plunder post-revolution of France, but also what happened to the United States.
Could you speak on that a little bit?
Well, it goes all the way back.
It goes back to
The very first, well, our 11th president, George Washington, his aide-de-camp during the war was Alexander Hamilton, who was not born here.
He was a foreign national.
He was born on the Isle of Nevis.
And so he couldn't be president, but he really, really wanted to rule.
And so this little guy, very, very sharp guy, lived in New York, and he was the father of American banking.
And so he almost ran much, much of Washington's administration and John Adams' administration.
So from that time, you see people who have nothing to do with government.
They have everything to do with money, mostly bankers, but also many other industries.
Uh, running these politicians.
They started with, with Hamilton, but you can see Hamilton.
Hamilton taught Henry Clay.
Henry Clay taught Lincoln.
Lincoln taught Woodrow Wilson.
So you didn't actually literally teach them, but they were the mentors for the next one.
So you see this string going all the way through American history from the time the war ended, our war for independence ended.
Until today.
So if you look to Washington D.C.
or to your statehouse and you say, well, they will solve it.
They can't solve it.
They are engaged in essentially cartels and in organized crime activity.
How do you stop that?
Well, what do we what do we stipulate in the Constitution?
It's the highest law we have.
Well, we say militias to execute the laws of the Union.
That's the only place we find law enforcement in the Constitution.
Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.
What does it mean, execute the laws of the Union?
Well, it means, it certainly means law enforcement.
Alright, what's the law that really needs to be enforced right now?
Well, the U.S.
Has it ever been enforced?
Not once.
Believe it or not, not once.
Now we don't even, the courts don't even have, they have no, there's no court cases, there's no history of anyone trying to enforce that law.
Well, because who can enforce it?
Only we the people.
Now, John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, did admit that in the first really extensive or really important case in the Supreme Court history called Chisholm versus Georgia.
And he said, the people, since the revolution, the people are the sovereign.
In our form of government.
The people are the sovereign.
What does that mean?
That's something that I want to jump in real quick because we don't have a ton of time.
We the people, and this is what I've been operating on since, and I took an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, but it's we the people.
And so what I see with this Operation Burning Edge is we the people doing it.
You got people that own land, people that own helicopters, people that are stepping in, that are riding along with you, supporting it financially, making all this happen.
It's been we the people.
And anybody watching out there, this is very important because it's we the people that are going to do this.
We're going to expose.
So when we shut down ISIS in Syria,
It was done through an F3EAD.
Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate.
Done very quickly when Trump took over.
This is what we have to do now.
We can't finish because we're not technically going out there on the line stopping them physically.
But we can exploit, we can analyze, we can disseminate, and we can then...
Set you free with the truth, and that's what this is all about and I think it's we the people that are doing it So thank you David because that's that's a that brings it full so you're welcome.
I'm certainly not alone We have almost 100 leaders and thousands of members and 735 chapters now in all 50 states we've got people standing up with every kind of PhD and every kind of experience record it's fascinating that's one like you said doc and
There are people all over this country plugging in.
Anne was one of the first really big, you know, names out there, influencers out there.
I found it fascinating.
You know, I actually heard about it through Scott McKay talking about it and I said, I've got to look at this because this is exactly, I call it
It's called the Add Water and Stir Recipe Book for We The People, mobilizing as General Flynn says, local action has national impact.
And you need local action at your county level, because again, everything is, you know, the government isn't getting me out of bed and putting on my pants and brushing my teeth in the morning.
I got to do those things, right?
So it comes right back down to the family unit, making sure that's solid and branching out into your community, into your county, etc.
But, you know, critically, we have lost control of government completely, and we're now being dictated by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats that were never part of our Constitution.
You know, Pete, you're in the Texian Rangers.
You know, this is a big deal.
This isn't just something you throw out there as a, you know, as a comment.
It's the Republic of Texas, and it's a thing, folks.
Now it was annexed illegally.
I got it.
And like the Alamo, though, it takes foreigners like me from Florida to come in and help Texas.
Hey, what's going on, Texas?
Why am I from Florida coming on the border of Texas?
That's bad news.
I have to show up to save Texas?
Seriously, I'm a Florida boy.
Yeah, well, and we appreciate it.
So did they appreciate the Tennesseans as well on the wall?
Go ahead, David.
I live 30 miles northwest of the Alamo, and I can tell you, Michael, we appreciate guys like you coming in.
There are problems in Texas right now.
Texans feel too much like everything's okay.
You know, they don't want to look at stuff.
But what we do, we support true county grand juries.
We have a grand jury ordinance that we get passed in the county.
Then we have a militia ordinance right behind it.
They have to work together when the grand jury and militia start working together.
Now we can start going after the paid law enforcement who are bent.
We can go after the DA who is bent.
We can go after the judge who is bent.
So the only way to do that is to go back to that thousand-year-old set of institutions, grand jury and militia.
So we're training people.
First, what are the two institutions?
We show them the history.
We teach them how to get the ordinances passed in their county.
We have to do this in phalanx.
We're going to do it in about 100 counties.
How to get this done.
Then we have some national, we've got our first right in the Bill of Rights, the original first right in the Bill of Rights, still standing open under Article 5, has been for 234 years, still not fully ratified.
It calls for U.S.
congressional districts to be 50, no more than 50,000 people, which is 1 15th the size they are now.
It'll bring all of the 31,000 plus
Small towns in America back alive again.
It'll bring all of that red part of the map back alive again, because people will have a voice in the U.S.
Electoral College, and they'll have a voice in the House again.
All the small towns in America, all the farms and ranches and homesteads out there that are not heard from.
So, and then we have, once we do that, and we end up with about 6,500 members of the House, and people say that's too many, and I say, all right, you look right now.
And we have 7,838 members, legislators at the state level.
Why is that not too many?
That's right.
So what I show them is, look, when we, when we're, when, when the district is that small, they won't fit in the, in the House chamber.
They certainly won't.
There'll be too many.
We bring them home.
And once we bring Congress home forever, who is more perfect to do that, to sign that bill than Donald John Trump?
He would love to sign that bill.
He would be the guy in history who finally... You talk about being able to get back at that monster that's been trying to kill him.
Can you imagine him signing that bill?
I can.
I think it's tremendous, David.
This is what our country needs right now, is to bring these members of Congress home so they can listen to We The People, because frankly, sitting in D.C.
is not serving any of us well.
I want to appreciate David Zuniga joining us here from TacticalCivics.com.
We're getting ready to go to break.
I'm sitting here with Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers, my esteemed colleague, Michael Yan, Operation Burning Edge.
Take us out, Michael.
Thanks, David.
Again, huge honor to be here in Alex Jones' studio.
He's taking the day off today, and we're hopefully doing a good job for you, Alex, if you're watching out there.
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All right, we're live.
I don't see Mike Adams.
I see Oscar Blue.
All right.
It's a huge honor, I want to say it again, to be sitting at the electric seat for Alex Jones, who's taking a break today.
And next up, we have Oscar Blue and Mike Adams.
I'm not sure where Mike is, so let's go with Oscar first.
Oh Mike is connected as well.
Let's go ahead and go with Oscar first.
Oscar just got back from Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland and who knows where else.
We've been down to Dairy and Gap together.
Oscar got very sick actually both times in Dairy and Gap which is a
I think you've been to three trips to Darien Gap now, which is pretty adventurous, and you're about to do another one.
And I'm very curious why you ended up bedridden twice, but none of us will know that answer.
But in any case, Oscar, what did you find on your trips in Darien, and what's going on now in Darien Gap?
Well, sir, thank you so much for the invitation.
What we have heard right now, it is that an exacerbated amount of migrants, they are flooding the Gandadarian.
You have been to this part, the migrant camps, the epicenters of Bajo Chiquito, Lajas Blancas, and absolutely, you know, you got ultimately San Vicente.
But when it comes to Lajas Blancas,
They're expecting now per day that they're crossing through these, uh, to these villages from the Colombian side, uh, that is Acandí and Capurganá.
Their numbers are exacerbated, 2,200 and 2,500, and that has exacerbated into another amount that they're coming from in east part of the jungle, and in conclusion, they have almost 5,000 per day that they are arriving into these migrant camps.
It is a complete disaster.
The most amazing thing about it is that not too long ago, two to three months ago, there was a
The United States, the Biden administration compromised themselves that they were going to help the Panamanian government because they're the ones that they're suffering.
It's a small country and they're spending millions and millions of dollars on food, on health, and ultimately on shelter.
And the Colombian government said that they were going to do their part also to slow down the organized crime and to slow down these cartel organizations.
That sadly on the second trip that we were there we got into a crossfire fight with these criminals, but...
The Panamanian government right now, they're extremely upset of the Colombian government.
Because this was a surprise.
It was decreased for some months.
They were arriving by the hundreds.
You were talking about quantities between 300, 500 per day.
So it was watered down.
And ultimately, the line to go to Central America and from there up, it was decreasing little by little.
But now you get this exacerbated amount of people.
And they are extremely upset of Colombia, that they're not doing anything, and it looks like they're a part of it, Michael.
Oscar, you know...
Very important.
I made about 10 calls last night, very curious what's going on with the Costa Rican border in Panama.
An indigenous group has shut part of the border there, and I'm curious if Nicaragua is doing the same with Costa Rica.
Because as you know, if the controlled flow program that was negotiated by the United States between Costa Rica and Panama to keep this controlled invasion going into the United States, if that gets cut off by, say, Nicaragua, then Panama will end up, because if Nicaragua
I think?
We know there's going to be problems in Panama.
There already are problems in Panama.
So, if I don't get an answer to this soon, I'm going to go down there myself and find out.
Because this could be a big deal for Panama.
And it's a huge problem.
It looks like they're trying to destabilize Panama on both sides at the end.
It looks like they're trying to destabilize it from the Costa Rica border and ultimately from the Colombian side of the border.
Because Panama has been the only one that has, you know, tried to do something to combat the organized crime in the cartel, the Cartel El Golfo, and also La FARC, and all these organizations that they operate freely on the other sides of Colombia.
And they have been the only ones.
I was there
We're good.
You were in a firefight with him and on another trip they allowed you to the Special Forces team helped you and Ben Birkwam get through.
Every experience I've had with Cinefront has been good.
Now of course they have a big job with that very torturous jungle that you seem to like to go into.
Oscar, a quick question for you and also for Mike Adams because Mike's standing by as well.
We've got a lot of supply chain disruptions going on in Panama right now with the Panama Canal having difficulty getting ships through due to the fact that the lake there that drains to fill the locks of the canal is really depleted.
We're seeing drought down there conditions.
So food supply is of concern.
I want to know from Oscar quickly, is it of concern down the Central American region?
And Mike,
Tell us what you're doing with the Brighteon store and what you're doing as Health Ranger as well to help those prepare for what's really coming here in the States, which is going to be more famine.
Well, in terms of what is happening in the Canal of Panama, it is extremely important.
It is a concern right now to Mexico because we have an international treaty with the United States and everything that comes from the Canal of Panama, it is going through Mexico and it is going to affect enormously the importation and exportation
I don't know.
But when it comes to this food crisis that is occurring now in Europe, and ultimately it looks like it's happening, it's having a critical effect, as Michael Young has done a vast study in Europe and now it's having a critical effect over here in the continent of America.
We need to put attention to that.
Okay, Mike, comment on this because your job is going to get ever more critical to feed the nation.
Well, I think we're looking at siege warfare, Anne.
And by the way, thanks for having me on.
A great lineup there, and hello to Doc Chambers and Michael Young there as well.
But siege warfare against the American people, combined with the burning out of the innocent victims in Laha'aina on Maui,
A massive FEMA cover-up underway.
As you well know, you can't fly drones, you can't get footage.
FEMA put out a letter ordering all videos and footage to be taken down from the non-profits that are responding to that because they don't want anybody to see that the government of the United States, which is illegitimate in my opinion, they rigged the election in 2020,
They are now waging warfare against the American people in exactly the same way they waged warfare against many other countries around the world, such as Libya, for example, or even Iraq, going back to Desert Storm.
We are suffering now.
The American people are suffering under the weaponization of siege warfare.
A fertilizer plant in Texas just burned down a few days ago.
Michael, Jan will know, again, they're taking out the fertilizer supply.
They're taking out the food infrastructure hubs while they are flooding the United States with military-age young males through Panama, through the Darien Gap, just as you have been covering and describing.
So this is basically, I'm going to call it, from their point of view, it is a kill-and-replace strategy to kill the Americans and replace them with non-Americans.
That's what we're watching.
All right, Mike Adams, stick around.
Oscar Verloo, thank you so much.
We have another guest coming in from Maui.
I want Mike to hear this and comment as well.
We'll be right back.
More on Alex Jones live here.
Don't change the channel.
Thank you, Oscar.
Thanks, Oscar.
Hello, this is Michael Yan bringing you the Alex Jones Show with my partners and friends.
Doc Chambers, Green Beret doctor.
He can fix a generator or a sucking chest wound.
And Anne VanderSteel, an incredible partner down on the border and many other things that we've done together, running across America with the People's Convoy and so many other things.
And now we've got Janelle Ragusa actually coming in from Maui.
And also Mike Adams is here as well.
And I want to ask Janelle,
About food issues.
I mean, we know there was just a terrible fire.
There's still people missing.
And is there enough food and water?
Are the people squared away there now?
Or do you need anything?
Can you hear me?
We got you, Janelle.
Oh, hey.
You know what?
That is how it started.
The rush for supplies right away because they were being blocked.
To us and then we started rallying as people and getting boatloads of supplies over the ocean and then picking them up from the beach and then setting up shelters all over the place.
So it was kind of a unorganized people's panic, but we all came together to get the supplies to ourselves.
Once that started happening, we started getting blocked from military on all fronts and
Then they started confiscating containers full of supplies.
Who was confiscating supplies?
The military?
Well, so I don't know.
It was FEMA.
FEMA was confiscating your supplies, that people were helping each other.
So people to people, FEMA was interdicting and taking your supplies.
Pete, you're down on the border.
Are there any videos of that?
Is that normal for FEMA to take food from people?
FEMA did that during Hurricane Katrina.
When people would try to help out and come in, they would try to control the flow of supplies.
That's what is being said.
What's being done is those things ended up rotting over periods of years in connexes throughout southern Louisiana.
Mike Adams, you're listening to all this.
I mean, I know you've got questions because this is somebody live on the ground who, you know, went through, you know, survived the fire.
Still, you know, over a thousand people missing.
Mike, what are your thoughts here?
Well, I want to hear more from her because this is bombshell breaking news right here on the Alex Jones Show that FEMA is interdicting food supplies.
It's just what I said in the last segment.
This is siege warfare against the American people.
The governments of both the county and the state of Hawaii and the federal government through FEMA have done everything possible to harm the people of Laha'aina and Maui, and they are continuing to do so.
So please, let's hear more details about this, please.
Yes, so it was being confiscated and I don't know why.
I mean, there's two sides to every story.
So I don't know if they were checking the containers that were coming in.
You know, you could look at it that way or they were literally blocking supplies to the people.
Control the food, control the people, right?
So after that kind of calmed down a little bit, I've been driving around assessing the needs because everybody keeps saying we need food and we need water.
But there is food and water everywhere, and it's actually now just sitting in the sun, and I'm like, okay, so now there's just supplies all over the island, and they're going to perish.
Because they're not really containers to store them in, so they're just in parking lots and under tents, if we're lucky, under tents.
But they're kind of just all over the island, and I was just in Costco yesterday, and I still see people loading up pallets and pallets of food and water, but they're
They should just be redistributing from where they already are.
So I honestly, I am not seeing a shortage anymore of supplies.
I think it is keeping people busy.
Their tummies full so that they're not asking questions.
So let's talk about what the real question is.
And you know, this is from what we're seeing on the outside.
It looks like a land grab.
Joe Biden only offering $700 for people who lost everything.
This is unbelievable.
We're sending $2,200 to illegals coming across the border per month.
And then, of course, we're sending billions and billions to Ukraine.
So really, what is going on?
Are the people in Maui, in Lahaina, are they standing up saying, you're not taking my property?
What are they doing to organize?
Um, you know, and actually the FEMA people are staying in thousand dollar a night hotels, which is also interesting.
On the other side of the island.
So it's a thousand dollars a night where they're staying, but they're giving out families $700 per household.
So that's the interesting part.
Um, the people on the ground actually are aware of the land grab coming through.
So there is one community, uh, Hawaiian homes.
And they are holding their ground.
I went through there and they are set up like they could live off grid how they are for like a year.
They have almost everything.
They have generators.
They have food.
They have water.
They have gas.
I mean, they're like set up that they're not leaving.
They have protein.
They're not going anywhere.
That's like a local, local community.
But we are seeing that every day people are just up and leaving, up and leaving because there's no sustainable income.
You know, there's, there's no work to go to.
There's no schools to go to for the kids.
You know, that's the biggest part.
Yeah, Michael, you know, you and I talked about after the East Palestine debacle, that was the train that was derailed with the toxins.
We talked about the land grab from there, and remember, you know, I got back from that, and that was, to me, by the locals, told to me, it was a land grab.
This is a common thing.
And Ms.
Ragusa, you know, we feel for you, we understand, but remember, Mike, are you agreeing with me on that, that this is a land grab with Ms.
Yeah, absolutely.
Clearly, that's what this is.
I mean, the governor of Hawaii came out and basically said that.
He wasn't even trying to disguise it.
This is a land grab, and you link it to East Palestine, I think it's the exact same thing.
So, again, and Michael Young can speak to this, but all of the weapons of destruction of infrastructure and land and chemical contamination and things that the U.S.
deep state operators have used around the world for the last few generations to depose
Thank you.
You know, you talk about color revolutions, Micah, just breaking right now, General Burgosin from the Wagner Group, his plane seemingly shot out of the sky, potentially, and of course they're trying to blame Putin, but we don't really know who's behind it yet, because of course we don't have those details.
This war is real right now, and it's coming at us, as General Flynn says, it's 5GW, Fifth Generation Warfare.
I just want these guys in the military to weigh in on this right now in terms of how you relate this to Hawaii, how you relate to what's going on in Russia, Ukraine, and what's happening here in the United States as the border is concerned.
Unfortunately, these folks in Hawaii and us on the border with these people that are used as pawns to come across, this is all part of a scheme to create chaos behind the lines.
And we are behind the lines now.
We are behind the lines of this war.
Those folks in Hawaii are behind the lines, in captured territory at this point, if you really think about it.
And it's up to us, as we had our previous guy talking about tactical civics, we the people are doing this.
And Mike's been doing a great job in Texas and all around the world, really, for that matter, from his listeners.
Getting people together to realize that we cannot dial 9-1-1 anymore.
We don't have a 9-1-1.
We don't have an effective military anymore.
I spent 39 years of my life in that uniform.
We don't have that anymore.
It's gone woke.
It's gone broke.
And that's where we're at.
And I wish I could drive all the way to Hawaii.
I'd come out there and help you folks because I got my dog.
I can't fly.
But it's we the people.
Kudos for you folks for getting together.
No matter how chaotic it is, just remember this.
Control the controllables.
You did it, and God bless you guys.
Well, listen, we want to thank Janelle Ragusa and Mike Adams.
With Friday on TV, stopping by Janelle on the ground in Maui.
Really appreciate your reporting.
And again, our hearts and our prayers are with everybody in Maui.
What the government's doing is nothing short of just full-on terror and warfare against we the people.
And I want to thank our esteemed colleague here, Lt.
Pete Chambers and Joe, who are in the studio with Michael and I today.
It's been an honor to... Joe, hop up!
Come on, show the world how beautiful you are.
There he is.
This is where we met Mike Adams, right here.
That's right.
That's a familiar face.
That's actually a very serious dog.
He's a good boy.
That is.
So I want to remind everybody before we cut out here to head on over to TheInfoWarsStore.com.
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And Michael, what a great honor to sit in here for Alex Jones today.
This has been a tremendous honor.
I can't even believe it.
It's like a lot of Christmases stacked up to sit in Alex Jones' chair and host his show.
Wow, I could go on for weeks because there's so much more to talk about and I'm just getting warmed up.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you everybody here for allowing us to do that.
And thank you to all the guests who came on, including Joe.
And Doc, of course, thank you, Anne.
Thank you, God.
Yeah, of course.
Operation Burning Edge rolls on, everybody.
We'll see you out there in the field.
I've not been this excited ever!
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Now we're about to play you a clip from a well-known prestigious doctor, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, laying out some of the latest numbers.
These are hard, cold numbers.
See this for yourself.
One of the big pieces of news over the last couple of days has been a sub-sack by a gentleman called Peter Halligan.
Peter Halligan.
He's a most experienced analyst in the financial industry, extremely used to looking at statistics and translating them into a summary statement.
And this is the summary statement, and I hope your leaders are sitting down, holding themselves, because what I'm going to tell you intuitively sounds ridiculous.
That's why it's so
Incredibly important that I say this.
These numbers are best estimates at this point in time using government data for the global consequences of the clout shot in terms of death and morbidity, otherwise known as serious adverse events such as heart attack, strokes, pulmonary emboli, etc.
We've been focusing for good reason on North American statistics during the last two and a half years.
But this man has extrapolated that into the total effect, negative effect, of the clock chart.
And these are the numbers.
Global deaths.
Directly attributable to the vaccine.
20 million.
20 million deaths due to the clot shot.
And 2 billion, big B, 2 billion serious adverse reactions of the type I described.
Now these numbers are beyond staggering.
They, to contrast that with history,
Vaccines have typically been pulled from the market when the last one, the birth of the vaccine, was pulled with only 35, 3-5 deaths.
I hope people can appreciate the scale of what is going on here.
An unimaginable carnage.
Which isn't over.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw is literally the tip of the iceberg.
Go to Infowars.com.
The full videos are there.
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