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Air Date: Aug. 20, 2023
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses the aftermath of recent disasters in Hawaii and Texas, highlighting what he sees as a lack of respect from mainstream media for those affected by these events. He emphasizes that the situation in Lahaina, Maui is particularly dire, with thousands reported missing or dead. The speaker believes that this is the result of deliberate policy rather than negligence, pointing to decisions made by organizations like BlackRock not to upgrade or fix infrastructure. They also criticize the government for leaving power lines above ground in poorer areas, which they argue has contributed to the disasters.

On March 6th, 2001, Alex Jones first predicted the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.
You've got an element of the FBI and these war game scenarios where they can remote control a 747 and they're going to crash it into the World Trade Center.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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As most of us have feared, the lockdowns are coming back.
Federal officials from the TSA and from the U.S.
Border Patrol have contacted InfoWars and revealed that the Biden administration is now setting the stage for full COVID lockdowns.
The whistleblowers told us that they will begin in mid-September.
With incremental restrictions such as masking TSA employees and then masking other government employees and then masking non-government workers and then masking everyone.
Fires and floods are everywhere and our billionaire ruling class are now being very open about their plans to lock us all down again in order to save humanity.
One thing that maybe surprised you most?
Something you learned the last year?
Well, I learned that people don't know as much as they think they know, but the biggest thing you learn is that
The pandemic was bound to occur, and this isn't the worst one that's imaginable at all.
Society has a terrible time preparing for things that are remote, that are possible, and will occur sooner or later.
There'll be another pandemic, we know that.
We know there's a nuclear, chemical, biological, and now cyber threat.
And each one of those has terrible possibilities, and we do some things about it, but it's just not something that society seems particularly capable of fully coming to grips with.
The cyber threat, you know,
We just started.
And look at the damage that's already been done.
The mask mandates are coming back.
The lockdowns are returning.
Will you comply?
Or will you stand together against this decrepit old tyranny that seeks to rule over us all?
Now is the time to make that decision.
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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Sunday night.
We are live August 20th, 2023.
We have major updates on the plan we discovered to bring back COVID restrictions that's now the top story in the country.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We're live.
It's Sunday, August 20th, 2023.
I want to thank the great crew for being here and I want to thank all of you out there for tuning in and sharing the links from InfoWars.com forward slash show where they can find not just my forbidden attack broadcast but all the other great InfoWars transmissions.
Okay, so I learned on Thursday from a TSA source that I know personally who's high up that they told him starting the middle of next month you're going to wear a mask again
Because of the new variant out of Canada, and that we expect to make all the travelers wear masks again, and that Biden's going to give an order in the middle of October, and then just try to bring the restrictions into next year.
And I called other federal sources and confirmed with another one that indeed the Border Patrol, they've been told get ready.
Now the story became the number one story, hands down, top of Twitter everywhere, 30 million views, just on Twitter alone, just absolutely insane.
The clips from Friday's show and it caused a huge big online firestorm and the mainstream media misrepresented what I said.
I said they intend to bring these back or at least they're telling the feds that and we can stand against it and say no that's why the last lockdowns got ended worldwide.
So it's not a foregone conclusion but I was told that.
Now I came on the air at 11 a.m.
On Friday, and began talking about it, and people picked up the broadcast, they know I don't make stuff up, and they were taking it seriously, got a lot of traction.
Which is good, so we can get ahead of this, and not let them just incrementally roll it out like they did three and a half years ago.
And we know with the election coming up next year, they want to do mail-in ballots again.
And then something very interesting happened at 5 o'clock on the nightly news, ABC, NBC, CBS, all the local national news across the country, the local news, the national news, all of it said, oh my gosh, COVID cases way up, big problems, experts recommend masks again, we may have to go back to the COVID restrictions of a few years ago.
Because of it, it's the worst ever, the UN's looking at
I'm doing something about it, but don't worry, they just so happen to have just made a new Pfizer-Moderna mRNA shot for the new variant that comes out middle of September.
And then everybody in the entire populist common sense sphere, that's the dominant most popular shows, crossed the board and went, whoa!
So the internet exploded.
With taking clips of what I said in the morning, with clips that were said in the afternoon and people pointed it out, that it wasn't being said the day before.
So I happened to catch them literally right before they launched their new propaganda campaign.
Well that's obvious, they're going to tell the TSA and War Patrol a few days before.
So they told senior managers on Tuesday, this was coming, they haven't even told TSA yet, I was told.
Border Patrol, I know some senior people, they're like, yeah, we were told Wednesday, get ready for it, we'll get guidelines the next few weeks, middle of September, yeah.
And so, I went with it because it's extremely credible.
And look, I get tons of tips from really credible people, like, well, we're told the Russians are going to invade, they'll invade by late.
I was told that in October.
I got it from one credible source.
I talked to two more credible sources.
And then I just so happened to go visit some family who's got a son that is on Army Special Operations.
And they said, well, he doesn't tell us, but we know he's really in Ukraine.
He's not in Poland.
And they're told Putin's going in by the end of February.
So it was not me looking into a crystal ball, the great Karnak.
With late night TV shows like Jimmy Carson, I've made the call.
I said, I've got sources.
They say they think Putin's going in.
When the Russians said they weren't going in, I went on air and I said, the State Department's telling the truth this time.
They are going in.
Remember, the State Department official got attacked by Reuters and AP reporters saying, you're Alex Jones.
You're claiming the Russians are going to stage a false flag to go into Ukraine.
And they're like, watch, he is going in.
Because they got the chatter, folks.
They knew.
The Russians were massing troops.
They weren't playing games.
They told NATO, if you keep trying to bring them in, we're going to invade.
And they've got to invade and have at least a month before the ground unfreezes.
Because it's a giant, you know, black soil.
It's the best soil in the world.
Ten feet deep.
And the tanks can't roll across that after March.
So they've got to have a month to invade.
You've got to go by late February.
He invaded on February 24th.
So it's the same thing here.
I mean, I just tell you what I know.
It's like a week before they indicted Trump.
I have courthouse sources.
I'm not going to get into the specifics of it.
We have a lot of listeners and a lot of viewers and a lot of people.
And they were there and saw the head of security in a meeting saying they're going to indict him and it'll be next Tuesday or Wednesday and he'll be arraigned a few days later.
It happened exactly like I said, because it was exactly the source.
Now, they could have decided to not indict him on that Tuesday and not arraign him on Thursday, but what we got from eyewitnesses that saw the head of that DC courthouse say, I told you that.
Now, that's not as big a story, obviously, as new lockdowns, and I'm not saying they're going to get away with it, but on my children, this has been told to me directly by these folks in an attempt to stop it happening again.
We're warning you, you can bet your bottom dollar that this happened.
Now it doesn't mean if there's pressure or Congress hears about it, and there's already U.S.
Senators getting upset about this, that we can't let Biden and Obama that controls even the deep state know, hey, we're not going to go along with this.
So that's why we're talking about this and why I stuck my neck out.
Because I said on the show, right when I covered it, I said, if we're successful and stop this, they'll say, well, he's not always right.
See, they didn't do it.
That's fine, because that's not what I said.
I said they're going to try it.
They've already told federal people get ready.
Clearly, they're thinking about trying it.
Now, I wasn't sure they'd still try it, but they already had it pre-programmed and ready days after the feds were told for a complete rollout on the public.
Because the feds are at the Border Patrol and ICE and the military and the TSA.
They're going to ask, well, why weren't we told if it breaks on Friday afternoon,
And they're going to be like, why weren't we told?
Well, they were told before.
And then now I've got literally dozens of newscasts saying the same script.
And you've seen how people take compilations of the vaccine propaganda and other things and shown how ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, doesn't matter.
It's all the same script, the same words, the same propaganda.
Somebody needs to do this with the propaganda of Friday afternoon, Saturday and today, because now it's
It's in the local newspaper.
It's on all the local TV stations.
Oh my gosh, deadly virus, worse, terrible, major hospitalizations happening.
No one knows why there's so many deaths.
They think it's COVID.
We've got to have a new vaccine and Jiminy Crickets.
They just so have one ready.
That's coming out September 15th.
Nailing the date I was told.
The new shot rolls out, the TSA puts the masks back on, the airport workers put them back on, and then as soon as that dropped, the headlines rolled.
New York announces all the hospitals to make everyone wear masks starting next week.
So, you didn't have to wait.
For a few weeks or a month to see if I was right about this.
You've seen it in real time happening.
So I'm going to talk about this some when we come back, but I want to give you the big news.
What's this really connected to and how this is working?
Because they didn't have the big deaths in 2000, so they called all flu illness and death.
Remember there was like zero flu all over the world.
It was COVID they claimed.
This time they've got record deaths, and I have mainstream news in the US, Canada, and in the UK, and in Germany, all reporting record deaths, and they say we don't know why all these people are dying.
Well, the hell you don't.
You know exactly what's going on.
So all these deaths start up,
And then they say, oh, it's the new COVID when it's the people that have taken the shot.
And we have the studies on it.
So we've got a good chance of beating this, folks.
We're not going to be caught flat-footed this time.
We've got to take this very serious.
So however you're tuned in right now, on radio, on TV, on internet, tell everybody else you know, tune in now to InfoWars.com forward slash show, because we are taking the globalist on, but we can't do it without you.
And great job spreading the word Friday.
It's the number one story.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
If we work together, my friends, we can stop the new rollout of lockdowns.
The UN has said they want new lockdowns just a few months ago.
On Wednesday, the Russian government came out and released a list of U.S.
bioweapon labs in Ukraine that are confirmed to be bioweapon labs now by the U.S.
ambassador to the EU, Victoria Nuland.
And they said, we believe the West to bring in COVID lockdowns again is preparing to release a new virus.
And I said, I don't know if that's the plan.
That was on Wednesday.
Then I get the call.
I confirmed that the feds high level are being told this is coming back out.
Then five, six hours later, they roll out a PR campaign.
They already had pre-programmed saying, indeed, that's the case.
We're going to go through some of those clips and cover those news articles.
But two big things here.
This is not an entertainment show.
This is not where your spectators, you know, drinking Bud Light, eating popcorn, watching a baseball game or a basketball game.
This is the real world.
And you got excited.
You got upset about this on the Friday show.
And you made sure our article and our videos and our reports went out everywhere.
And when I say 30 million people watched at least 30 minutes of my show, that's the numbers we've collated is 30 million, just where I spot checked the different platforms.
And one on Instagram had 16 million views before they took it down, so it's really higher than that.
There's at least 15 million views on Twitter right now.
One has 7.5 million views.
We're talking not just a five-minute clip, we're talking 30-minute clips where I had time to really lay all this out to people.
And that's what they don't like, is when I can get a full communication out to people and show them what I was actually getting into, not just something out of context.
Everybody needs to go to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We don't normally have technical issues with so much traffic coming to the site right now.
It's locked up.
It's still working.
But we can't post new articles the last five hours.
And we can't get show headlines up for you to share.
But you can still go to InfoWars.com forward slash show and share that link.
Because when you get excited and you get focused and you take action, instead of reacting to the globalists like we're in the bleachers, you can be on the field politically, culturally, spiritually, economically, and we can beat them.
And we're not going to let them launch.
Mask on our kids again and not let people see their families in the hospital and killing them with ventilators and blocking therapeutics and pussing poison shots without us in the streets in opposition.
And I'm going to be protesting.
I'm going to be bullhorning.
I'm going to be calling for rallies all across the country.
Ahead of this, if they continue the rollout exactly as I was told, they would do it.
I told you mid-September, they're going to announce Hysteria, and I didn't even know they had the new variant shot ready.
They didn't announce it until Friday night.
People are like, whoa, he said September 15th, and they just announced September 15th.
This is a big deal.
I got a big guest coming on who's on the ground in Lahaina, Maui.
It's worse than we thought.
And we got Sunday Night Live with Harrison Smith coming up, or is it Owen tonight?
6 p.m.
I'm not sure.
It's Owen Schroer.
But then on my show tomorrow, we're going to be opening the phones up, and I'm going to ask Harrison to do this too.
For TSA workers, for Border Patrol, for ICE people, for hospital staff, hospital administrators, to call in with what they're hearing.
Because I have the stacks of news.
I'm going to show them to you here next segment.
Where hospitals Friday announced, hey, New York, we're going back to mass next week.
And I've got it all here.
So let me tell you what I was told by the Border Patrol and by the TSA happened.
I was talking to a
Very respected talk show host this morning, and he said, look, I believe Alex that you were told this, but it's hard to believe they're going to try it again.
Do you think these people are planning disinfo on you?
I've known this person that works at the TSA for a long time.
I'll leave it at that, more than a decade.
And they've only given me a few pieces of info.
I just know them through family connections.
I'm going to leave it at that.
They're just wanting me to know they're upset about it.
The Border Patrol connection I've known about four years.
Great person.
I called them.
Get on.
They said, yeah, we were told similar things.
So they're being told this.
Does that mean they're going to do it?
I don't know.
We're going to try to stop it together.
The future is uncertain.
We don't just sit here and respond to what the globalists do like jellyfish.
We have arms and legs and brains and bones and guts and souls and
Look, we don't have to sit here and let them, oh, it's scary, oh, wear the mask, you know, they're canceling public events, oh, the kids gotta wear them again, oh, there's a new shot, oh, you gotta show your vaccine passport to get into Walmart, and whether it's Whole Foods or these other big stores, they're all this month putting hand scanners in to be able to get in and even use the place, not just buy.
And major chains, major fast food chains announced they're about to make you scan to buy and sell.
And this is all about the cashless society.
It's all about the control grid.
So this is their agenda.
They want to change the situation from Fauci and criminal referrals by the Senate for gain of function and all the lawsuits against the EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Lab and all the lawsuits against Bill Gates and everything that's coming out.
They want to change the subject, go into next year and have mail-in ballots in swing states.
A lot of people say, well, red states will never put up with this.
A lot of red states did, like Texas for a while.
But yes, I don't think we'll have 60% compliance like we had last time.
I think it'll be 20 or 30.
But that's in the key swing states for the mail-in ballots that allows them this fraud and how they win.
So, here's the ace in the hole.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna start the show and I'm gonna open it up just for callers that are medical workers,
TSA, state workers, health department workers, anyone that has witnessed what we're talking about, or if you've not heard it, we don't screen your calls, just tell us who you are.
But then, if you want, we've done this many times, after you're a caller, give us your name and number, and then all we need to do is in a FaceTime, so there's no record of it here, or on a Zoom, we will look at your ID, we will confirm who you are,
And then we'll use you as a whistleblower for another big story.
And I have a sneaking suspicion, in fact I know what's going to happen tomorrow, because I have the articles where it's already happening.
I don't, I don't need you to, I want you to call in, I thank you for calling in, I don't need you to tell us because we already have them saying hospitals are going back to mask.
We already have all this.
But people need to hear from you, so we know what areas it's happening, so we can build a mental map of what's going down and track this, because this will starve the third world to death, it'll wreck the economy here, it'll explode crime, depression, suicide, hurts our children, the mask, the bacterial pneumonia, all of it, and all the new poison shots.
But the key, when we come back,
Yes, I have.
The BBC.
In fact, I forgot to print that one, guys.
Probably the BBC headline.
Unexplained deaths.
Record deaths.
I have CBC.
I have the German news.
I have the U.S.
I have them all.
The British news.
All reporting on record-level deaths.
Party of the Insurance Actuaries.
And they say, we don't know why it's happening, and why is this important?
Because they're going to, and they already are, attributing it to COVID, even though it's mainly the people that have taken the shots that are getting sick and dying.
So I'll explain how it all works, we've really got their number, when we come back.
But this is life and death stuff.
11 a.m.
Central, my show starts.
And I never tell the shows what to cover, because I hire people, I respect them, they do a great job.
But I'm gonna call Harrison Smith when I get off tonight.
I'm gonna say, Harrison, I don't care what guest you got tomorrow.
Scrap them!
I want three hours American Journal, 8 a.m.
Central, taking calls on the HUMET, the human intelligence of the people, what they're seeing and hearing.
I'll do the same thing, and then Owen will tomorrow.
This is gonna be big.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I want to be 100% clear to all the viewers and all the listeners that tuned in Friday and took action.
We broke this major story about Biden and the globalist plan to roll out new lockdowns incrementally, starting with masks and then from there, the attempts to force injections again.
It's not just that we've had over 30 million views in my report, conservatively, Friday, and that it's the number one story out there.
Drudge, you name it.
It's that
Everywhere the feeds are filled with people remembering folks getting tasered or beat up for not wearing masks in the US, Australia, Germany, you name it, Canada.
Horses running over men, women, and children.
Truckers being arrested for protesting two years of lockdowns in Canada.
People are remembering the abuse they went through.
And what the deep state did and saying not only are we not going to put up the new lockdowns and your new tyranny, we are going to make sure you get prosecuted and any politicians that support an attempt at this new rollout of tyranny are going to be removed from office.
So folks are doing a splendid job and I've told my crew and I've told my other host we need to go maximum coverage of this because
I didn't know when I learned this Thursday and I reported Friday that they would launch it that afternoon with all the propaganda that, oh, it's a deadly variant, we may need masks again in lockdowns and just BBC and AP and Reuters and New York Times.
I mean, I don't want to subject you to all these newscasts.
You can turn on any television and see them.
But I have dozens of articles and dozens of clips of them in the last two days.
So, what my sources told me is already confirmed they're trying it.
People are like, but it's unpopular, it's insane, they've been discredited.
My wife went to the grocery store this morning and she came back, she said, oh my gosh, a third of the people were wearing masks.
You might see one person, when you went to a crowded grocery store in Texas, in Austin, before this, the last six months, a year, she said, no, it was masked everywhere.
The propaganda has been flipped on like a light switch.
Remember who ran the propaganda?
The defense ministries of all the major Western governments took the orders from the UN, I played the clips, played them again last week, where the UN ran big tech and our government and military response.
The UN didn't come in in blue helmets, folks.
They're in control of the federal response.
Does that mean the average federal officer or agent is our enemy?
They're as pissed as we are.
Absolutely not!
They're not stupid.
The persecution of Trump is specialized teams.
There's only two teams going after him.
Two federal teams.
It's the same thing.
Out of hundreds.
Selected, crazy jurisdictions.
Like D.C.
and Atlanta and Manhattan.
And I'm not here kissing the Feds' ass.
They want us to have a civil war.
I'm just simply stating the Feds are just like us in a country captured by this tyranny.
They want us to have a civil war.
They're not our enemies.
It's the Feds that are giving us the documents on the human trafficking.
It's the Feds telling us the new lockdowns are coming.
The good ones.
And some of these are extremely senior.
I haven't reached out to my most senior federal contact.
I'm gonna do that tomorrow, but that can't be done over my phone.
That has to be done from another location.
And we have to go through a lot of stuff to do this stuff.
This is serious business, folks.
This is serious business.
And I want listeners to realize how serious this is.
They estimate, and I've got the UN food chief admitting it,
That 80 plus million people during the lockdown starved to death in the last three and a half years.
That's on top of the 15 million that die a year on average.
That's 80 million people that starved to death, folks.
They didn't do lockdowns.
They'll be mild here because we're land of the free, home of the brave.
As bad as we are, we're the best house in a bad neighborhood.
But they do this in the third world.
Man, it's mass murder.
It's just insane.
Not just the suicides here, not just the old people getting killed on ventilators, and not just the therapeutics being denied, and you know, millions die.
We're talking about tens upon tens upon tens upon tens upon tens of millions of people.
That's how evil the globalists are.
Wait till you learn the developments next hour from Maui as a microcosm of this.
So I want to get to
How the PSYOP works, and I predicted this three years ago, but it unfortunately happened just like I knew the enemy was doing it, because I've got their number.
That's all I do is study them.
Eat, drink, sleep, dream.
That's all I do.
We know what they're going to pull.
They've already pulled it.
And I want to explain it coming up in a moment.
But since I said I'd show you, let's go ahead and do it.
I'm going to show you some news headlines and a couple of the clips of the dozens.
of the absolute fear-mongering that started Friday night, ahead of the magic new shot that I didn't even know they had ready, because they didn't announce until Friday.
Oh, don't worry, the virus is deadly, it's horrible, it's really bad, hospitalization's up 60%, but don't worry, we've got a new shot in the middle of September.
What was the TSA told?
Your masks go back in September 15th.
Were the new protocols you'll have next week.
Border Patrol told, middle of September, new protocols.
All the newscasts say September 15th.
We caught them with their pants down.
They already had their script out.
They already had it battle planned.
I'm just irritated with myself that I was contacted Tuesday
And didn't get back with him until Thursday, because I'm just so overwhelmed.
And I'm not complaining.
I feel guilty, actually, that I wasn't on this earlier.
But it was The Lord Works Mysterious Ways, because we caught him five, six hours before they did it, and the people went, what the hell?
He just said it, and they just did it.
People were like, there's no way.
People are too awake.
And it was like, boom.
They're like, whoa.
Yep, New York Hospital reinstates mask mandates.
It's on, folks.
So let's go to one of the clips.
Let's go to clip 40.
Yeah, there's 50-something clips here.
Let's go to clip 40 with a few of these newscasts.
Across the U.S., with hospitalizations up 60% in the last month, according to the CDC.
CBS's Errol Barnett on what's behind the summer increase.
COVID didn't take a summer vacation.
I do expect the numbers to go up a little bit more just because there's been a lot of activity.
Dr. Bernard Kamens is the Medical Director for Infection Prevention at Mount Sinai.
We are traveling.
A lot of families are on vacation and so it's exposure.
COVID numbers are rising again.
How concerned are you about that?
It's not a cost for a long
I think it's important for us to just pay attention, especially those who are at risk for hospitalizations or deaths from COVID.
The highest risk groups for severe illness from respiratory viruses like COVID include the elderly, young children, people who are immunocompromised, and pregnant women.
For people considering a COVID shot, do you recommend they wait?
Yes, I do think that the best thing to do is to wait until the new booster is available.
Vaccines for other viruses like the flu are available now.
The new COVID booster could be available as early as May.
Oh, they cut the clip as mid-September.
Guys, I don't know why that got cut off, but that's in the clip.
Let's play another clip here.
And notice, just like three and a half years ago, oh, it's not a big thing.
Just be ready.
They're getting your confidence now.
They're rolling it out.
Let's go ahead and play clip one.
Media and scientists unleash new COVID-19 fear campaign.
Here it is.
COVID is making a comeback this summer, so many of us would like to leave it in the past, but cases are once again on the rise.
So when will new booster shots roll out?
Anne Thompson asked the CDC director.
This summer, most Americans left COVID in the past, gathering together once again mask-free.
But tonight, signs of a COVID resurgence.
Across the country, COVID hospitalizations jumped more than 14 percent in the most recent week, but far lower than pandemic levels.
NBC News medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel.
What's behind this uptick in COVID that we're seeing?
The main driver of this is a variant that's relatively newer to the scene, EG5.
It's easier to give and get, so that makes it kind of easier to pass along.
It's been almost a year since the last COVID booster came out.
CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen.
The new COVID booster is expected to be approved by the FDA and then we will make recommendations from the CDC probably by the second or third week of September.
Will it protect against this new strain?
The booster is tailored to what we are seeing circulating now.
Critics say the federal government is behind once again.
People knew there was going to be a COVID resurgence.
So why don't we have a booster today?
Why do we have to wait until next month?
The way we go about doing our, just like we do with our flu shots, right?
We make sure that we're looking at the ways in which the virus changed.
They look at and evaluate that.
The FDA is doing its work.
We likely will see this as an annual COVID shot, just like the flu shot.
Just in time for fall, when we'll also face RSV.
Can you take the flu shot, the COVID booster, and the RSV vaccine all at once?
So, for flu and COVID, yes.
RSV, again, is only available for older adults.
That's one where I'd say, talk to your doctor about what's right for you.
So until the new COVID booster comes, get prepared.
Stock up on at-home tests.
They do cover that new strain.
Keep a mask handy in case you're in a crowded place.
And most of all, get your shots.
COVID, flu, and RSV all by Halloween to give yourself your best chance of staying healthy.
A reminder that COVID never went away.
And thank you.
So, what did my sources tell me that I told you Friday before all this aired?
Friday night and Saturday.
They have more clips, more articles.
Middle of September, federal workers, TSA, airports, masks go back.
Then by the middle of October, everybody has to wear the mask.
They look for a presidential order, and then it just continues on from there.
They're going to see what we'll put up with, but I'm going to give you the rest of the story.
It's so critical, here in just a moment, but let me go ahead then and just show you some of the fear-mongering headlines.
Here comes the real deal!
Scientists raise alarm over new COVID variant amid call for return of face masks.
Daily Mail.
And I've got it.
Same thing.
All of them.
Scientists call for people to start wearing COVID masks again as they sound alarm over new COVID-BA6 that has a lot of new mutations.
Scientists call for Brits to wear masks again due to startling new COVID variant.
So, within hours of me reporting this, they had their rollout already ready.
New Ministry COVID Strain sees experts called to plunge Britain back into restrictions.
So is Alex Jones right?
Yeah, they're trying it again.
I'm not making this up.
And I'd rather have people attack me in a month or two and we back this off and say, well, it didn't happen.
Jones lied to us.
No, I said, they're trying it.
We need to stop them.
Now, let me give you the rest of the story.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And boy is it the rest of the story.
You see this stack?
This is life and death stuff right here.
This is so important.
Please pay attention.
This is the Globe and Mail.
The BBC.
The Express News.
The CBC.
And that's the real globalist-controlled countries where they launch it first, England and Canada.
And what do they say?
More people than expected are dying in Canada in 2023 for reasons that are not yet clear.
The worst death numbers in 50 years.
Insurance actuary numbers show worse than 2020.
Excess deaths in 2022 amongst the worst in 50 years.
It's the same numbers we gave you a year ago from the insurance companies.
5% death increase on average is about 12.
Usually you have up one point, down a half a point, you know, it varies.
No, in the life expectancy is plunging, it's all happening.
After you took all the shots.
Experts call for urgent investigations as excess deaths spark dangerous theories.
The Express of the UK newspaper.
An urgent investigation is needed into why excess deaths are near pandemic levels because the lack of explanation is fueling wild and dangerous theories.
Government figures suggest the number of extra unnecessary fatalities this year is at an all-time high, in particular, and it goes on the 15 to 44 age group.
Meanwhile, we've got all these studies.
New Pfizer
New study proves Pfizer vaccine causes turbo cancer in rats.
Rutgers set to disenroll students on August 15th if not compliant with COVID vaccine mandates.
Remember these young cycles from a single Belgian team that were suddenly afflicted with severe heart problems shortly after receiving the COVID vaccine.
And it goes on and on and on.
Interesting cartoon.
It shows the devil talking to one of his demons.
Phoning in the new year.
Evil plans for 2023?
The demon asks the devil.
The devil hands him a mask and says, oh, let's just do 2020 again.
I think that says it all.
And I got Bill Gates telling you, oh, the next plague will be even worse.
So here's how it works.
They call all the flu deaths in 2020-2021.
There's no flu in the world, they said.
Remember that?
They said, oh, it's COVID.
Then you take the shots, starting in 2021, and death rates, show the graphs, go straight up, and now there's all this death in the people that have had their immune systems destroyed, who've been taking these shots, and in the studies, it's almost all the vaccinated.
And they turn around and say, oh, it's COVID's really bad.
We got record deaths.
You need to take more of the shots they admit don't protect you and erase your immune system.
I played the clip on Friday, trying to dig it up again, of Biden, twice, but also the different leaders around the world, New Zealand, Germany, you name it, saying, if you take the shot, you cannot get COVID or spread COVID.
That was when they've been giving the shots for six months.
They made you more sick.
Studies show it makes you more sick.
Destroys your immune system.
Makes you get COVID in many cases.
And then Biden blamed the unvaccinated for the problems that were happening.
But we know that's not the case.
If you have normal immunity to anything, you're bulletproof.
But they told you that didn't exist.
We played it on Friday.
It's two clips.
Biden says, if you've had the COVID shot, you're protected.
You can't get COVID.
You can't share COVID.
You've got Rachel Maddow singing.
You've all seen the clips.
Let me know when you get it.
Okay, guys?
No, that's not it.
That's the compilation of him blaming people that haven't had the shots.
We'll play it next hour, but I got another subject next hour.
It doesn't matter.
I know I sprung that on you.
We played it Friday.
Yeah, I think that's it.
That's it.
Okay, get the audio piped in and play the clip.
Here it is.
For most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need.
And if you get it, you're protected.
And if you don't, you're putting yourself and other people on necessary risk.
The shot is free.
And we've got all these other clips.
Yeah, what we played Friday was three clips.
Two of him saying it, and Jacinda Arden's.
See if you can find that, because I don't want to... I'm not like mainstream media.
I don't tell you something and then not show you.
I want you to see it for yourselves.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
That's where we are.
And this is a big, big, big deal.
I've got a lot more on this.
That I haven't gotten into yet, and we will continue to cover it, but I want to cover, again, the other big leg of this.
And that's these clips and these news articles everywhere that I'll show you right now of the head of the World Food Program,
Saying, oh, we need all this money, we need all this human power.
When I can play you, and I'll do this tomorrow, because I forgot to tell the crew to do it.
Actually, I did, and one of them forgot, but it's no big deal.
Tomorrow at the start of the show, so the guy's got plenty of time, I want a compilation of John Kerry in the last six months all over the world.
He did it again three weeks ago.
Saying, we need to cut food production all over the world to stop starvation and to stop global warming.
So if a diver doesn't have enough oxygen in their tank, we need to take the oxygen out of their tank, show they don't effisciate.
That's not the word.
I'm having a Jesse Jackson moment where I can't talk.
How do you say it?
Yeah, can't do it.
Hey, just try going underwater without oxygen and see how it does for you, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm turning to Joe Biden here.
I mean, look, if people want to be killed by this, if this is what you want, knock yourselves out and enjoy yourselves.
But you will smother, you will die of lack of oxygen if you don't have oxygen.
And it's the same thing here.
They're cutting the food off worldwide and then telling us that it's our fault
And then blaming it on COVID and global warming.
That's the plan.
Collapse the world by 2030 and tell you, while they administratively shut everything off, your power, energy, your food, your fertilizer, your police, everything, while they tell you and concentrate and transfer that power, that it's your fault.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on.
So I'm gonna wait on the UN Food Director till tomorrow.
Or maybe, maybe at the end of the next hour.
Because here's the deal.
They're all like 30-minute speeches by John Kerry.
I don't want to play those here.
Can somebody in there pull up John Kerry says shut down farms?
John Kerry says shut down farms and stop global warming?
And he actually says we've got to cut food production 30%.
That's kind of powerful while they're already doing that.
And then I have the UN Food Director on video and all the articles right here.
United Nations Food Chief David Beasley warns that hell on earth food shortage will occur in 2023 as a result of fertilizer shortages.
The world produces enough food to feed everybody on the planet, over 7.7 billion people.
50% of that food is because of fertilizer.
So if you don't have fertilizer, you can't harvest and the yields that you need.
This is like turning the oxygen off to somebody in a submarine.
They know exactly what they're doing, and we better take it serious.
Yeah, slashing farm emissions, critical to fighting climate change, John Kerry says.
We'll play the videos, they're on Twitter, we're gonna do it.
Because this is total war, and almost no one's covering it, almost no one is taking it serious!
And I'm tired of sitting here and watching him kill people administratively, like we'll expose next hour has happened in Maui.
It's all a test.
It's all to see what they can get away with.
Because here's the Times of London headline.
Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation.
And they say cut off the food and starve you.
And then the UN, the very group doing it, comes out and says they're saving him.
By the way, I can't fund this operation without your support and your help.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, I got a call yesterday.
An individual was in town.
And they wanted to meet with me that I know well.
And they are a high-level manager in the TSA.
And I went and met with them.
Had a cup of coffee with them.
And they said, you gotta warn people.
Tuesday, we got called in, the managers, and told that by the middle of September, that the new policy's being written, that this is done, they were told this is happening, this is not hypothetical, you all have to wear masks again, and so will airport employees.
Then, by the middle of October, they are going to say that everyone flying has to wear a mask.
And in the meetings, people began to ask them, well, I mean, why is this happening?
They said, well, because of the new variant in Canada, and because of the WHO, they may, you know, declare this, but regardless, we've been told this is going to happen.
And then they were told, we expect by December, a return to the full COVID protocol of 2020, 2021.
And I was given many more details.
I wrote down notes on it.
Then I left.
Called the first federal connection that I was thinking of.
Didn't answer.
Called the second.
Told them what I've been told.
And they said, what day was that?
I said, Tuesday.
They said, yep, we were told yesterday.
Yesterday was Thursday, so it's Wednesday.
COVID protocols to begin rolling out middle of September.
And I said, what else were you told?
Basically that they believe this new variant is super bad and that they're doing the testing and that they should just get ready for a whole new rollout of what happened before.
And this was Border Patrol connected people I was talking to and testing at the border again and the whole shooting match.
That's two federal agents
That told me this yesterday.
And then I went and looked at the news, and there they were saying Canada's looking at new restrictions again because of the variant.
And so is the EU.
And what did the Russians just put out three days ago?
The U.S.
is plotting another pandemic, Russian head of the defense ministry warns.
Now, new lockdowns will starve the third world.
New lockdowns will destroy small businesses.
New lockdowns will take the average person that's already $5,000 in the hole, and their paycheck is just on time.
We'll put them into full bankruptcy.
And the children in the mask, and the attempt to push a new shot for the new variant, and we're right back in the same hellhole we were in just a few years ago.
And why is it perfect timing?
Because going to the election year, they had the last crisis go over two and a half years.
They'll bare minimum run this through the next election.
It's only 14, 15 months out with mail-in ballots again.
And we have all the eyewitnesses and testimony that they'd get the mail-in ballots.
And in some cases they were 99% for Joe Biden.
Who believes that?
Postal Service whistleblowers, USPS,
Poll watching witnesses.
I have it all here.
We'll play it next hour.
We do not have to sit here and take the same criminal UN Global WAF New World Order regimes second rollout of lockdowns and attempts at forced injections and travel restrictions and being told you're not essential.
We don't have to lay down and die.
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Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
I close my eyes And I wonder why I don't despise Now all I can do Love what was once so love you
At the bottom of the hour, Real America's Voice Nick Sartor will be joining us from Lahaina, Maui.
He's there, he was on live Friday with Steve Bannon and trendy white liberals come over and say you can't be here, you're not allowed to be here, get out of here and try to kick the media out.
We now have the mayor saying we're not going to talk about the missing kids, we're not going to discuss it.
They found all these
We're good to go.
Now, the head of the Water District, who works for Obama and his foundation, admits that they asked for water that day.
Wouldn't give it to them.
Once the fire started, they then said, sure, you can have water now.
Kind of like two years ago when Texas had the power outage for two weeks and all those deaths and everything, and the feds wouldn't allow Texas to up its power output.
People blame the state.
The state's under federal control.
I think the state should say no and pass a law and say they're not following it.
So this is administrative mass murder.
Now, Jason Jones is a filmmaker, activist, reporter, traveled all over the world.
People know him well here.
He has been in Maui for three days.
He has been down to that area.
He's talked to locals.
And he's joining us to give us the latest, because this, you can say, well, that's just Lahaina.
That's just Hawaii.
We have BlackRock that owned the power company, admitting for four or five years they haven't updated the power lines or cut anything.
They say, because we're not investing in old energy.
So they did this, they didn't turn the sirens on, they've tried to block aid coming in so folks are bringing in boats and jet skis.
Jason Jones is involved in that.
So he joined us Friday, joined us Thursday to give us an update on what he has witnessed.
Jason Jones.
He joins us now.
Alex, good to see you.
Great to be back on your show.
So give us the download.
What's actually happening?
Well, first of all, I want to share this with you, Alex.
You can judge a man by his friends, and your audience responded like nothing I have ever seen.
After being on your show, they went to HopeForHawaii.com and donated so much money that we're going to do two more charter flights this week, filled with life-saving necessities that the people of Lahaina need.
And you see, this is some of the goods we brought by boat, and then jet ski, and then a bucket brigade to the trucks.
The people of Lahaina, the people of Maui, the people of the Hawaiian Islands have taken the lead of caring for each other.
I've had a privilege in my life to be a part of a lot of beautiful things, but as we say in Hawaii, this gives me chicken skin.
I've never seen anything so beautiful as
Boats coming from all of the outer islands, dropping anchor, and then you have a bucket brigade of jet skis bringing it to the bucket brigade of people on the beach.
And that's because they're blocking the roads still in a 12-mile exclusion zone.
So I know you're having to work there, you're being diplomatic, but let's talk about what's really going on now.
Yeah, I'm going to tell you what I think, Alex.
First of all, there are a lot of theories, right?
The fires were either started by a lightning strike or man-made.
And if they were man-made, it was either an accident or it was intentional.
Then the response was either great, or there was nothing they could have done, or there were mistakes made.
I believe, Alex, you know, first of all, on the ground I've talked to a lot of people
All the theories you see online, you can hear people sharing who are locals on the ground.
Personally, what I believe is that this was caused by a downed electric line.
You see Hawaiian Electric, this is just my belief.
It's not your belief!
I have a 45 minute clip put out by a local internet group that has cameras all over the town.
You see them falling and the fire is happening.
That's right, and now the Wall Street Journal has reported that Hawaiian Electric is beginning to reorganize to protect themselves from liability.
You know, then you have the response.
So, here's the thing.
The Emergency Management Director has resigned.
He's given several reasons why.
Can you imagine, he said it was health, resigning the day after this, one of the greatest catastrophes in American history.
Really, two years to the month, almost two years to the day of the greatest military catastrophe in U.S.
history, the debacle, the one we pulled out of Afghanistan that led to 20 million Afghans living in severe hunger.
Now we have one of the most beautiful, beloved communities in the world, the community of Lahaina.
And we know, here's what we know Alex, there was a fire.
We know that the casualties are much higher than the reporting.
There's over a thousand people missing still.
Locals on the ground have reported that they already can give names to 580 of the missing people.
And then we have the government doing nothing but dissembling.
What my hope is, Alex, and why I'm so grateful to be on your show again, is that regardless of how the fires were started, regardless of how the government responded, we know what the great threat is.
And the great threat is, vultures like Black Rock are descending upon Lahaina, and they are preying on a people in the wake of an unbelievable catastrophe.
Alex, can I tell you what?
I've been in war zones.
I just got back from Ukraine.
I saw some of the saddest sights.
My team and I, as we were driving through this burned out town that looked like a tactical nuclear bomb went off, there was a woman walking through the wreckage alone, crying, looking bewildered, dazed and confused.
When we were on the beach doing this bucket brigade, there were people smiling and laughing and then you would notice intermittently people just breaking down and crying.
And I turned to my son and I said, these people are getting a moment of relief from great sorrow.
I said, son, we are surrounded by people who still have loved ones they lost and loved ones that are missing and loved ones that they know that they have lost.
It is really an unbelievable tragedy.
And so here's my hope, Alex.
Your audience started this hashtag, keep Lahaina local.
They started it.
On Twitter, I saw countless, endless messages to Elon Musk.
We need to get that trending, keep Lahaina local.
We need to stand with the locals.
We need to care for those who are displaced.
We need to bury the dead.
That's something at the Vulnerable People Project that we're really committed to, to making sure that the dead are treated with respect.
And I think that's one of the best ways we can honor their families.
And Jason, I agree.
Ship the food and help the people.
The globalists that did this need to pay.
They didn't put on the sirens.
They admit they didn't give them the water when the fire was already going.
They admit, yeah, we refused the water.
They had plenty of water.
This is insane.
And they have the power line footage.
We have hours of it falling down, fires everywhere.
And then now they're trying to still keep the media out.
We have a reporter coming on they tried to kick out.
It wasn't some local, it was some libtard.
They're clearly trying to cover something up and not saying where the children are.
Here is the mayor, just yesterday, being confronted.
Here's the video.
Yes, you do.
How many children are missing?
If I knew the answer to that, I would be happy to answer that.
You have no estimate as to how many children are missing?
I guess we can end this right now, if you guys want.
So, thousands of dead.
You normally have them doing it, they're just saying, no, no media, stay out.
People have to deliver food by boat.
It's obviously a cover-up going on.
Yeah, and they won't address the question, how many children have died?
Alex, for me, for the life of me, I can't understand it.
I cannot understand the dissembling, the gaslighting, the failure of the mainstream media to talk about this.
And sadly, look at how Biden won't talk about it.
He could be a hero.
It's because they know we have the Wall Street Journal article.
We even said it before they did.
I'm not bragging.
But the Wall Street Journal said no, BlackRock for five years did not update anything.
They said no more money into classic power.
Well, you've got the power lines.
There's no new power.
Trees are going to fall on them.
We're going to skip this break, guys.
Your producer, she must have thought I lost my mind, but I'm sending her CNN and Wall Street Journal because they're saying what you were saying last week.
So they're going to slowly bleed out the truth because they know if the American people, if the truth of this was presented to them at once, they would be overwhelmed with grief and the response would be unbelievable.
This is at the magnitude of 9-11.
You take the population of Lahaina and you have over a thousand missing.
That is like over 800,000 New Yorkers gone missing after 9-11.
And yet the mainstream media is not treating this with the respect that they deserve.
And, you know, people talk a lot.
When I go all over the world and people know that I'm from Hawaii, they all share with how much they love Hawaii.
Well, if you love Hawaii, right now you'll stand with the people of Lahaina and you'll tell the truth.
And we will make sure that Lahaina stays for the Kama'aina, that Lahaina stays for the Hawaiians, and that Lahaina stays local.
Because the dissembling, to me, is what's unbelievable.
Well listen, people ask why I have so much empathy for people in Russia, or Ukraine, or Australia, or New York City, or San Francisco, or Maui.
Because they're all under the same globalist attack, the same enemy's attack, and then they're coming for us next.
We gotta care about them, but also study the enemy operation, because they're getting ready to do it to us.
I watched Texas for two weeks.
And I saw the federal, the state, five days before it sent a letter saying, let us up the power of the coal power plants and the gas plants.
They said no.
And then we froze and people died and businesses were destroyed and houses flooded and it created hell.
So I've watched the administrative mass murder.
And then anybody knows you trim trees away from power lines.
And you turn the power off if you haven't, when a hurricane comes through.
So they knew what they were doing, or they were idiots hired to do it.
But I guarantee you, BlackRock, when they say, don't update power lines, or cut power lines in California or Hawaii, those are the two states that are really doing it as a test, that's mass murder.
So I get you want to help the people, and we are, and it's great, it's wonderful, and they need help, but it's us next.
So I'm saying, we'll save the next
We're good to go.
Water turned off, we got the electricity left on, we got the trees not trimmed.
These people are criminally negligent.
I want them indicted now, Jason, now!
I'm with you Alex Jones, and you know, here's the thing.
The Green Agenda...
We'll be deadlier than the Reds in the 20th century.
You know, National Socialism began from poetry clubs in the late 19th century in Germany, where they were dancing around the Maypole and trying to resurrect old German poetry.
And that led to organizations as you know, the Thule Society, and from that you get the Nazi Party.
You know, it would be hard to believe in the 19th century if you saw a bunch of Germans reciting poetry, dancing around a maypole, that this could lead to great catastrophe, world war, and genocide.
Well, you know, when we were growing up in the 70s and 80s, it might have seemed absurd that environmentalism would lead to mass death.
But we see, we see it with famine.
I work around the world where we're serving people on the margins and we see it in using food for energy with ethanol.
They use staples like corn and sugar and the land that we can be growing food to feed people with.
To fight plant food that is carbon dioxide.
We see this in Hawaii.
And we saw this in Texas.
You're right.
The green agenda has gone berserk.
And to see that you can tell these people are drunk with ideology because they show no empathy.
It was embarrassing that I broke down crying on your show last time, Alex, but I got all these messages from your audience saying, isn't it strange that you broke down crying, but the mayor and the governor
And all of the people responsible for this were smiling, were talking with authority and with no shame, and I think what explains that?
That's a really good point.
They're literally yards from barbecued families inside cars and houses, and I've seen all their press conferences.
They act like they're liking it, actually.
They're full of arrogance.
Yeah, Brian Schatz in one of the press conferences, they didn't let him speak.
He's our senator and he built his career on this myth that he was a great savior of the environment.
You picking up cans around Punahou High School where Barack Obama went when he was a boy.
I remember when I was chairman of the College Republicans and I saw his stunts.
I said to my chapter, we're going to have to deal with Brian Schatz for the rest of our life.
I never realized how fast he would skip into a Senate seat.
But he was there smiling the whole time.
He seemed like he was smiling, and then it seemed like they were wasting his time, like he had somewhere else to be.
I mean, Alex Jones, this is, to a state the size of Hawaii, to an island with the population of Maui, in a town... This is like a city being blown off the map by the Russians.
Yeah, it is.
It's gone.
We drove through there, and I was there with my diplomatic liaison from our Rome office, and I brought her here.
She works in Europe trying to resettle the Afghan allies that we've been hiding in safe houses in Afghanistan and Pakistan and trying to resettle.
We were together in Ukraine, and as we went through Lahaina, she said, this is unlike anything we have seen wherever we have been in the world.
I brought her here.
And when I was, by God's grace, I forgot a satellite phone, that we brought satellite phones to distribute to people, and I'd forgotten a satellite phone in my car.
When we were getting ready to go back to the airport, I'm in Oahu now, I'll be going back to Maui early this week, but I saw a family loading their car with so many, I saw them, they were getting coffee and their car was loaded with goods.
I said, excuse me, are you going to Lahaina?
And they said, yes.
I said, can I give you a satellite phone that you can give to the folks up there?
And when I shared with them what they were doing, and I also said, please let folks know, here we give them our cards, we're also willing to pay for funerals, they began to cry.
And they had lost family members.
Everyone we talked to says they had family members missing, or they lost family members.
So let's explain what's happening.
Discreet if you're discreet, I know you won't because it's the truth.
Thousands are dead.
There's hundreds and hundreds of cars barbecued with people inside of it.
They know they didn't trim the trees.
They know they left the power on.
They know they didn't give them the water.
It's a perfect storm of evil.
It wasn't negligent.
It was policy.
For five years, BlackRock that bought this didn't trim the damn trees, saying, quote, we don't upgrade or fix evil infrastructure.
They use it as a weapon.
They knew this stuff was coming.
California's doing it as well.
In the poor areas, they don't trim the trees.
And so they're just hoping we all forget and move on to the next story after they just killed all these people.
That's why they don't want media there.
That's why they don't want this discussed.
That's why they don't want this talked about.
Alex, it's two years since the collapse of Afghanistan.
And I've been in Afghanistan for two years.
I'm not leaving until the last SIV is safe with his family.
We delivered three million meals to our Afghan allies, widows and orphans who were killed in action.
Hawaii is my home.
Yeah, they'll never, they'll never, this will never be swept under the rug.
I can promise you that.
And I thank you for sharing your audience.
We will never let this, they picked the wrong place, they picked the wrong people.
If they think the Hawaiians, they think the Kaumaina.
This is one thing, and you've seen Alex, and you have so many fans here, and you've seen the Instagrams from the Hawaiians.
They're not going to sweep this under the rug, but you made a good point.
Down power lines.
You know how you know when you're in a community that the government doesn't care about or respect?
The first thing that you can see?
And you see this, you know that the schools aren't getting the support that they need, the roads aren't going to be paved the way they're supposed to be.
Well, how you know that is they have above ground power lines.
These power lines in affluent neighborhoods would be underground.
They would be underground.
And if they had underground power lines, you wouldn't have had this fire.
I remember being six years old and moving into a suburb of Dallas from Dallas with my dad and my dad had just bought this nice house
And he said, son, you know how this is a rich neighborhood?
I'm like six years old.
I go, no, dad.
He goes, you see those green boxes?
The power lines are underground.
He goes, that stops fires.
It's that's that's the future.
And it was just a weird statement my dad made that I was just thinking that when you said that it's here's the footage.
Of the local cameras on houses got the power lines falling and the fire starting.
So you were there, you've been there the last few days.
You're saying, what is the sense of the people, because all I see the videos is them saying, we know you stood down, you didn't give us water, you didn't turn on the emergency sirens, you didn't cut the trees, you killed us.
I agree with you.
I think they bit off more than they can chew here.
Yeah, they definitely bit off more than they can chew.
But I will say also the sense of the people is, you know, just they're bewildered, as you can imagine.
I don't know.
But as you allowed me to say, and I thank you for that second hour you gave me by myself, I got to talk in depth about what I really believe, and I'll say this to the people of Hawaii, what I really believe is that since GATT, and since the mid-early 90s when they closed agriculture, the industry that knit this community together, that gave people jobs and upward mobility, when that was swept away,
That was the beginning of trying to sweep the communities that the globalists created through the agriculture industry a hundred and some years ago when they overthrew the kingdom of Hawaii and brought the Filipinos and the Chinese and the Okinawans and everyone in the how he's like me who came in the military and then we intermarried and had families and created a community they mean to slowly sweep everyone away then they'll bring in a transient servant class and they can have it all to themselves but I believe
That the Hawaiians should have Hawai'i.
And I believe that the Kama'aina who intermarried with the Hawaiians and who were knit together over a hundred years to create the most unique and beloved community in the world should have, they should have Hawai'i.
This was knit together through the love and through intermarriages and through hard work.
Yeah, they should be in the driver's seat, not Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey and all those, and the governor saying, yeah, we're going to take the land.
He screwed up two days into it saying that, didn't he?
Yeah, that was bizarre.
Like, don't worry.
I'll take your land so those big bad guys don't take your land.
But see, Alex, and this is where I think.
In Hawaii, you cannot build where Hawaiians were buried.
Very sacred land.
This is sacred land.
This cannot go to people who aren't Hawaiian.
This cannot go to people
And that starts with the prosecution of the mayor and the water manager and a black rock.
I agree.
We need to go on the, the people need to be calling for the prosecution of the people that did not repair the power lines or cut the trees, but they still took the tax money in the last five years.
They are murderers.
They, they administratively killed those people.
Yeah, and I was told that the Maui Emergency Management Director, who resigned for health reasons, could you imagine no sense of duty?
No sense of civic responsibility.
No transparency.
Mistakes were made.
Say mistakes were made.
This was an unbelievable catastrophe.
It happened so fast.
We're going to get to the bottom of it.
We're ashamed at what happened.
I will tell you this, and Alex, I want to make sure I say this, because I talked to a lot of folks.
I talked to one gentleman who stood shoulder to shoulder with firefighters.
And he said, and he was kind of hurt by a lot of the conspiracy theories.
He said, listen, I was there and I was with the firefighters as they were fighting.
And we watched the fire be like hundreds of yards away and we were surrounded by it in seconds.
So there is no doubt that people fought hard.
Oh, they were compartmentalized.
The stage was set.
The atmosphere was prepared for this.
Thank you so much, Jason Jones.
We'll talk to a reporter on the ground.
We'll come back.
Thank you, Jason.
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An all-globalist operation is a sabotage of civilization.
We have a reporter on the ground in Maui.
And his Skype just broke out.
Nick Sartor in Lahaina.
He'll be joining us here in a minute.
The left has been there trying to stop him from reporting.
We'll be talking to him as soon as he reconnects.
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So please make the decision to keep us on air and stronger than ever.
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All right, while we're getting him back on, and if he can't do video, guys, we have a rule.
After 10 minutes of failure of video, we go to phone.
That's what we do.
A lot of other shows will just idle and just for hours try the same failed thing over and over again.
We're not going to do that.
We're not going to do that.
I've got a lot of other news to cover.
We'll just abort the cast.
Here's Real American News, Nick.
Short tour on Steve Bannon's war room being interrupted and cut off by Leptis trying to report on what's happening.
People's minds here.
Hey, what's up, Nick?
I've been trying to reach you.
Trying to reach not you on X. You're supposed to be meeting with people here.
What victims have you got?
Okay, yeah.
So this is... So you're seeing this live right now.
People actually tracked me down.
I thought you were saying an attempt.
You said you were coming and saying an attempt.
You're taking up resources.
I'm not taking up any resources here.
So that's where we are right now.
They don't want us to know what's happening there.
And you say, well, that's Hawaii.
I've never been there.
Why do I care?
It's the same administrative attack everywhere, turning off our pipelines, our infrastructure, our energy.
They know exactly what they are doing.
People say, why do you care so much about people in Hawaii?
Because they're coming for all of us.
It's the same globalist program everywhere.
Over and over and over again.
Now I'm gonna play clip one, intros.
McBreen's new promo.
And it's no big deal.
We don't have our guest.
We will not have the guest on today.
We'll have him on tomorrow.
But I'm not going to do the... Like when people call in like talk shows, it's that joke with prank callers where they call in.
I'm not saying it's a prank caller.
And they just, hello, hello, hello.
You do this dance.
We get guests on early before to make sure they're tested to do it.
That's how we do it.
Here's the clip.
Can't play it either.
All right.
I'm leaving then.
I am so sick of all this.
I told you guys, it's clip one intros.
AJ, the dude McBrain clip.
Alright, I'm out of here.
Come on, man.
I'm human.
Fulton County Clerk of Court Shea Alexander says even though she's human, she strives for perfection.
And that's how the mishap happened.
The mishap was she inadvertently posted the indictment charges against former President Donald Trump, even though the grand jury was still deliberating Monday.
But I'm not like the mainstream media that just tells you that Fulton County, Georgia put out a report.
Here it is.
Office of the Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts Honorable Shea Alexander.
And Trump, in the indictment I showed you yesterday in Georgia, is being indicted.
They say it's a fraud, that no one shut it down, no one kicked people out.
But they did, and they kept counting, and that's on the surveillance footage.
How many ballots went through those machines in those two hours when there was no one there to supervise, to be present, consistent with your statutes and rules, to supervise the tabulation?
They're trying to make it illegal to challenge them.
Of course, the pipe never broke.
They lied.
There is now a hitch in the tabulation of votes.
Waterpipe has broken inside the arena.
They had counted 86,000 absentee ballots.
We don't know how many more they have yet to tabulate, but all the tabulation of those ballots has now stopped.
Pipe broke at 6.07.
It was repaired at 8.07.
Which day?
or P.M.?
That was A.M.
Of which day?
On election day.
Here's what the audit found.
The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump, and 11 votes for Joe Jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, zero votes for Trump, and zero votes for Jorgensen.
Wait, did you just follow that?
How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?
We'd love to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.
Just like the same group just got caught publishing the indictment index.
Then they said it wasn't true.
Then they said it was a hack.
Then they said it was fake.
Now they said it's real and nothing to worry about.
It wasn't an official document.
It wasn't official charges.
It was the drive-by and it was a work sample.
Even though it had a case number, Alexander says it didn't have a stamp and other markings that would have made it official.
That fictitious document matched exactly the charges that we now see in this indictment.
Can you tell us more about that document leak?
Because now you have the former president's lawyers who are saying...
Serious problem with your office.
No, I can't tell you anything about what you refer to.
What I can tell you is that we had a grand jury here in Fulton County.
They deliberated till almost 8 o'clock, if not right after 8 o'clock.
An indictment was returned.
It was true build and you now have an indictment.
I am not an expert on clerks duties or even administrative duties.
I wouldn't know how to work that system and so I'm not going to speculate.
Next question.
Well, Adrienne, I don't think we've ever seen such an affront to our justice system and the rule of law than what we witnessed in Fulton County yesterday.
They're going to ram this through because they want to interfere in the 2024 election.
So what did they do?
They released this indictment in the middle of the night in Fulton County, just like they count votes without observers present.
And they release these counts and charge President Trump for literally sending tweets, encouraging people to watch the news, to engage in public hearings, to hold press conferences.
And they're trying to criminalize not just his First Amendment rights, but his right to participate.
You'll maintain custody of it from here?
Yes, sir.
So I think the message is real clear.
Don't challenge us.
Don't go to work for anybody who will challenge us.
Don't vote for Donald Trump or anybody like him, or we'll treat you as a domestic terrorist.
And I tell you what, Laura, this is a recipe for one-party rule in this country.
And if that's the case, this isn't the United States of America anymore.
Our constitutional democracy doesn't exist anymore.
Where have you heard this before?
That they're setting up a dictatorship, they're coming after all of us, they're
Yeah, I should play it.
Well, way out west, southwest, down in Texas, there's this fella, fella I want to tell you about, fella by the name of Alex Jones.
At least, that was the handle his freedom-loving parents gave him.
And he made pretty good use of it himself.
This, Alex Jones, well he's a straight shooter.
He calls himself an info warrior, a globalist killer.
He's a truth bomber, dropping nukes of knowledge across radio waves, television sets, and all over the world wide web.
Many have tried to stop him, shut him up, or silence him, but it never quite worked out.
Not for a man like him.
He's a real Paul Revere of the 21st century.
A truth teller.
Hell, even more honest than old honest Abe Lincoln.
That's Alex Jones.
There's a lot about the man that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
Not until I tuned into Info Wars, that is.
Then things started to become clear.
The tyranny encircling the globe and every freedom-loving patriot on it.
Inch by inch, mile by mile, power-hungry politicians and money-hungry whores were swallowing the whole damn thing whole.
A real prison planet.
Not even God was allowed to remain untouched by these Satan-serving degenerates.
Not God or his son.
Until Alex Jones had something to say about it, that is.
Now this story that's about to unfold, it started back in the late 90s, just about the time the Twin Towers collapsed.
Like two tall stacks of pancakes with hot boiling syrup pouring on down, bubbling up from the inside out.
I only mention it because, well, sometimes there's a man.
I won't say hero, because what's a hero?
But sometimes, there's a man.
And I'm talking about Alex Jones here.
Sometimes there's a man.
Well, he's the man for his time and place.
He fits right in there.
That's Alex Jones.
Live from the Central Texas Command Center, deep in the heart of Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Folks, I don't put on an act here that I'm very upset about war with Russia.
I'm very upset about all the new poison shots they're rolling out.
I'm very upset about new plans for lockdowns.
I'm very upset them not trimming the trees and BlackRock ordering no upkeep for five years on those power lines and then turning the water off and killing all those people.
They'll do it to all of us.
And this is their model.
And these people are sick and they're evil.
Sartor is our guest.
He's a talk show host and does a great job as independent journalist taking deep dives into stories via on-scene reporting.
You can find him at Nick Sartor.
That's N-I-C-K-S-O-R-T-O-R.
He's in Maui.
And he's been harassed, not by local Hawaiians, but by leftist operatives there trying to stop any reporting.
He got caught live Friday on The War Room with Steve Bannon.
I joined Steve Bannon at 5 p.m.
Eastern tomorrow for his show.
So Nick, thanks for going through hell.
I know you're exhausted and been there.
We only got like 10 minutes left of my broadcast.
I'm gonna give you the floor.
Tell folks what you witnessed.
We appreciate you.
Alex, I have covered a lot of disasters.
I'm one of the independent journalists that blew the lid off of the East Palestine story because obviously the mainstream media doesn't like to cover any of this stuff.
And so I ended up here on the ground and this is by far the most catastrophic failure of government in every single
I don't know.
I don't
Tell us what you've witnessed when you got there and then who these Antifa type people are.
They're finding you in the woods reporting.
You were telling Steve Bannon you're being tracked by these people.
Yeah, so Alex, I actually, and I'm sorry it's very windy here today.
No, we hear you loud and clear, brother.
It was 5.45 in the morning, and I was standing by my hotel at the time.
I have since had to move hotels.
I had to change out my car because I was terrified that these people were going to know.
This guy followed me at 5.45 in the morning.
He was waiting on me to come in and
Try to intimidate me.
I don't know.
You know, who are these people?
Why is this happening?
Why am I getting death threats just for reporting the news?
Why have they put a 12-mile seclusion zone?
Why are they blocking aid?
Why did they cut off the water and refuse it?
Why did they not cut the trees?
Why did they leave the power on?
Why did they turn the sirens off?
Why are they not saying how many dead kids there are?
This is bad.
They're arresting residents that are trying to go into their houses that are in the seclusion zone.
There's one right now that is waiting to get out of jail.
And he is, he's suffering there.
And he's a resident.
His house was destroyed.
And he's not allowed into the exclusion zone.
Maui police decided they were going to put him in jail and he's been there.
Yeah, the land's worth $5.4 billion.
When they build on it, they say $20 billion.
This is, this is the mafia.
They had the ability to stop this fire, Alex.
The firefighters and the government, it was their commanders, it wasn't the firefighters actually, it was the commanders that decided to deem this fire contained.
100% contained is what they said.
And then so they sent all the firefighters out of town to another part of Hawaii that had, you know, very minor fires in the middle of big open fields.
They sent them there.
Meanwhile, this fire ended up exploding across the town of Bahaina, and the residents don't know why.
They're like, this happens every single year.
This time, actually, there have been four wildfires out here.
They should be prepared for this stuff, theoretically.
But all of a sudden, they're not prepared for it?
This blindsided them?
How did this happen?
Well, we only got six minutes left.
I want to invite you on the show tomorrow for the weekday show, but you've been there.
What are the locals saying?
What's your best breakdown of what's going on?
Alright, so the best breakdown is that there's hardly a breakdown because people don't know what's going on.
They're being lied to by their government.
They were told by the governor on Monday that all of the sirens were broken, therefore they couldn't turn the sirens on.
And then he came out Tuesday and was like, well, only some of the sirens were broken.
And then the next day, it comes out that nobody actually tried to activate the sirens.
So they're lying.
People can't get any answers here.
They want to know how the children are.
The, you know, the most important thing in people's lives.
I can't even imagine having a missing child, but these people are so terrified.
They're just looking for answers.
They want to find their children and they can't do it.
They're not getting any answers from their government because their elected officials are just covering their own butts.
Well, I'm sure you've seen the clip.
I mean, obviously you interviewed the governor, but the governor's like, we're going to take this land.
They've got the mayor saying, I don't know about dead kids.
I mean, the arrogance level is bizarre.
Biden won't even say he's sorry.
Won't even talk about it.
This is weird.
So Alex, I'll say one more thing before you cut away.
The Biden administration, we found out, you know, they said they were going to give $700 checks.
And you know, we know they gave, that's under $2 million.
All right.
And originally they were going to give it to people that were economically displaced here as well.
Well, they all of a sudden backtracked and decided they're not going to do that.
And so some people get $700, but $700 here does almost nothing for these people.
They can't afford their own accommodations.
They're having to stay with, in some of these rooms that they're being put in, they're staying with three and four other people.
And they have families.
But they're putting in these rooms with three and four other strangers.
I mean, it is like, this is a, the relief effort here by government is absolutely abysmal.
It is catastrophic, Alex.
Well, we got about three minutes left.
What are you seeing?
The locals are saying they're not seeing hardly any relief.
There's nobody there except police blocking people getting in.
Locals are having to bring supplies in by ship or by boat or by jet ski.
What are you seeing?
So this is actually one of the most infuriating parts about this story, is they weren't allowing relief supplies in, in the beginning, okay?
You had a lot of locals, a lot of islanders that were stepping up from other parts of Maui, trying to bring supplies into the residence, okay?
But they had this massive exclusion zone, even the main road was shut down.
You couldn't get in or out, alright?
And they were turning away.
They were barring.
FEMA, in particular, was barring relief supplies to come in.
They couldn't bring water.
And using the dead bodies of the people they killed is the reason?
They're hiding something.
I mean, I have never seen... You know, people were telling me that you could get closer to the World Trade Center after 9-11 than you can getting in here.
They built a wall around this entire town.
You know, if they were to do the same thing on the border, I mean, it would be the most secure place you've ever seen.
But they're not doing that.
So people actually came out, residents, decided to take their boats and their jet skis and illegally cross into the zone in order to bring these relief supplies.
And the fact that they even had to do that is just, I mean, that is a tragedy in and of itself.
I don't know what's going on in there.
Nobody does because we can't see.
So the problem is we don't know what we don't know.
And it's gotten to the point where I've spoken to so many different locals.
I've spent so much time here on the ground.
All day, every day.
Trying to talk to residents.
They don't know.
They don't even know what questions to ask at this point because, you know, for the simple questions that they have, they still can't get the answers for those.
And so I am ferociously trying to go after the elected officials here, and I'm about to post a video on that where I made a bunch of news here because I chased the mayor down because he didn't want to take my questions.
He was trying to run away from my questions.
Who is this Antifa-looking guy that showed up in the middle of nowhere following you around?
I don't actually know.
I don't know.
I don't know where he came from.
He just all of a sudden showed up behind me.
I've never seen it.
I was almost speechless.
Bannon was speechless.
We didn't know what to say because, again, this is 545 in the morning behind my hotel.
I mean, he's a white guy, okay?
He's clearly not a native Hawaiian.
The tan that I've gotten since I've been here is much darker than his is.
Where did he come from?
He doesn't look like you.
Clearly a cover-up is going on.
Operatives are on the ground.
This is huge.
At Twitter, Nick Shortor.
Nick, join us again tomorrow if you can.
Godspeed and be safe.
This is a beta test for administrative mass murder in my view.
Appreciate it, sir.
Let's talk tomorrow.
And then so much more.
They got the new shot they just announced.
It's just totally insane.
I appreciate the crew.
I appreciate you all.
This place is shot up to hell.
I don't even know if I'll be on air tomorrow.
We're going to try, though.
11 a.m.
And we'll, I've got the Monday morning show.
8 a.m.
with Harrison Smith.
Hopefully we'll be covering all this.
All right.
Owen Shorter takes over.
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