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Name: 20230818_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 18, 2023
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including child sex trafficking, immigration issues at the US-Mexico border, conspiracy theories about the Biden administration, and Russia's claims about US virus mutation research. He promotes various products available on his website such as Colombian coffees, bone broth, and probiotic formula. Jones also mentions Vivek Ramaswamy's view that the current situation is akin to 1776, encouraging listeners to become whistleblowers and resist within their own domains. He emphasizes the importance of information and communication for exposing the truth.

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I need every crew member that has an online account to put out this article.
I need every listener that has an online account.
On every account, you've got to put it out.
We're going to stop their next lockdown.
We're going to stop their U.N.
We're going to stop them by not submitting, and this is basic civil disobedience, to say no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
There's criminal referrals to the Senate on Fauci.
We've caught them.
There's lawsuits against the Wuhan lab and the Gain of Function and Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance.
We're not rolling over and dying.
You did a great job fighting the last three and a half years.
Now they're about to hit us again!
At least put your arms up!
Some son of a bitch is coming in to slug you in the face!
Put your arms up!
And then get him in the nose, man!
Give him a right hook!
You wanna attack me?
Politically, I attack you right back, you son of a bitch!
Find your fighting spirit!
Go crazy!
They're scared of information!
They're scared of truth!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Fulton County Clerk of Court Shea Alexander says even though she's human, she strives for perfection.
And that's how the mishap happened.
The mishap was she inadvertently posted the indictment charges against former President Donald Trump, even though the grand jury was still deliberating Monday.
But I'm not like the mainstream media.
We're good.
How many ballots went through those machines in those two hours when there was no one there to supervise, to be present, consistent with your statutes and rules, to supervise the tabulation?
They're trying to make it illegal to challenge them.
Of course, the pipe never broke.
They lied.
There is now a hitch in the tabulation of votes.
Waterpipe has broken inside the arena.
They had counted 86,000 absentee ballots.
We don't know how many more they have yet to tabulate, but all the tabulation of those ballots has now stopped.
Pipe broke at 6.07.
It was repaired at 8.07.
Which day?
or P.M.?
That was A.M.
Of which day?
On election day.
Here's what the audit found.
The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump, and 11 votes for Joe Jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, zero votes for Trump, and zero votes for Jorgensen.
Wait, did you just follow that?
How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?
We'd love to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.
Just like the same group just got caught publishing the indictment index.
Then they said it wasn't true.
Then they said it was a hack.
Then they said it was fake.
Now they said it's real and nothing to worry about.
It wasn't an official document.
It wasn't official charges.
It was the drive-by and it was a work sample.
Even though it had a case number.
Alexander says it didn't have a stamp and other markings that would have made it official.
That fictitious document matched exactly the charges that we now see in this indictment.
Can you tell us more about that document leak?
Because now you have the former president's lawyers who are saying this is emblematic of a serious problem with your office.
No, I can't tell you anything about what you refer to.
What I can tell you is that we had a grand jury here in Fulton County.
They deliberated till almost 8 o'clock, if not right after 8 o'clock.
An indictment was returned.
It was true billed and you now have an indictment.
I am not an expert on clerk's duties or even administrative duties.
I wouldn't know how to work that system and so I'm not going to speculate.
Next question.
Well, Adrienne, I don't think we've ever seen such an affront to our justice system and the rule of law than what we witnessed in Fulton County yesterday.
They're going to ram this through because they want to interfere in the 2024 election.
So what did they do?
They released this indictment in the middle of the night in Fulton County, just like they count votes without observers present.
And they release these counts and charge President Trump for literally sending tweets, encouraging people to watch the news, to engage in public hearings, to hold press conferences.
And they're trying to criminalize not just his First Amendment rights, but his right to participate.
You'll maintain custody of it from here?
Senator Josh Hawley said it best.
Yes sir.
They're sending a message to everybody.
This is a dictatorship.
So I think the message is real clear.
Don't challenge us.
Don't go to work for anybody who will challenge us.
Don't vote for Donald Trump or anybody like him, or we'll treat you as a domestic terrorist.
And I tell you what, Laura, this is a recipe for one-party rule in this country.
And if that's the case, this isn't the United States of America anymore.
Our constitutional democracy doesn't exist anymore.
Where have you heard this before?
That they're setting up a dictatorship, they're coming after all of us, they're declaring us all domestic terrorists, and they're setting up a one-party state.
People now get what this is.
I know it's hard to believe, and it's terrible, and we don't want this to happen, and I mean, I'm targeted by them, I wish this wasn't true, but I mean, we're all being put in a prison.
We'll be right back with massive news.
It's Friday, August 18th, 2023.
And you'll want to mark that date down on your calendar.
I'm going to lay out absolutely critical information, not just the future of this country, but the future of the world, starting in the last segment of this hour in about 45 minutes.
And yes, I'm going to build it up so that everybody watching and listening, if you want to stop this,
What I'm about to announce, we'll tell their friends, their family, their neighbors, strangers, their email list, their text message list.
Go on Facebook, go on Twitter, go on Rumble, go on Gab, go on Truth Social, go on X, and tell everybody tune in now to InfoWars.com forward slash show, or go to Band.Video, click on the Alex Jones icon,
And share the link to the Alex Jones page with the live feed.
Because we have millions of people that are going to be tuned in this hour, but if all of you tell others to tune in for a big important announcement, and if all of you then link to the article that we'll be publishing in about 40 minutes from now at InfoWars.com, we can stop what they're about to do.
World exclusive!
InfoWars to break massive news that impacts every man, woman, and child in America, but it also affects everybody else around the world because it's the same group coordinating it all.
We also have a bunch of big guests that were already lined up today.
We're still going to have them on because it pertains to this issue.
But the last segment of this hour, I'm going to start breaking it down.
Then at 1245, an hour and 40 minutes from now, Michael Yon and Ann VanderSteel, experts on the imploded border.
Michael Yon is a famous Special Forces officer and of course also author and acclaimed reporter.
Ann VanderSteel is also an acclaimed researcher and author.
I'm the host of Right Now with Ann Vanderstil.
They'll be joining us at 1245 into the third hour.
And then I'll be co-hosting with Robert Barnes in the fourth hour on the massive election meddling and criminal activity in the fourth indictment and so much more.
Now, I know someone
Who works at a high level in a federal agency, and they're very credible.
And they contacted me yesterday after the show, and I went and met with them.
I'll leave it at that.
And then I made some more phone calls and within 30 minutes of calling other federal sources, they said, yeah, we got told the same thing yesterday.
So this individual was in a briefing on Tuesday.
My other source said, yeah, we were in a meeting yesterday and were told the exact same thing.
Now you know a couple weeks ago I said next Tuesday they'll indict Trump in DC and I named the courthouse.
That was directly from people that work at the courthouse.
So when I tell you I got a source and I tell you it's real, how many times am I telling you the truth?
Now I would love, once we expose this,
To not have it happen, and then somebody can dunk on me and say, oh look, Jones said this is what happened and it didn't happen.
Remember I told you the Russians are going to invade Ukraine by late February?
In October, the year before?
That's because I know people who are on the ground in Ukraine.
I learned about it from two different people.
One who's on the ground, who wouldn't give me the details, but said, yeah, the war is already happening.
troops are fighting the Russians.
It's two years ago.
Before it officially started.
And then I called someone else I know very close, who has a son in special operations in the Army.
And he wouldn't talk about it, but he said, yeah, he's over there right now.
Supposedly in Poland, but we all know he's not.
And the war is already going.
troops are already getting killed then.
Of course now, years later, they go, oh yeah, U.S.
troops have been there for years.
I have the sources, and really anybody that works in America and in our own welfare has sources and things as well.
That is the best intel.
But as soon as I learned this information, the top of my head exploded.
I got very upset.
And I was like, oh my gosh, all the signs were already there.
And I instantly got on my desktop and pulled a bunch of articles where they're already prepping it.
So I don't just have this from two federal officers.
I have this directly from the UN and the Canadian government and the Australian government.
I think a lot of you are pretty smart, probably smarter than me a lot of times, probably know what I'm about to break, don't you?
And the issue is we can stop this crap.
I don't want to be here in a month.
And everybody will have the clips of this going, he's incredible, he's Nostradamus, the Alex Jones tip jar.
That might be good for my ego, but it doesn't save us.
This stuff is publicly available.
And it's horrible.
And it deals with a lot of things, putting us under another emergency.
Having mail-in ballots again next year?
Yeah, you know what it is.
And they're going to do it.
They were told it's going to happen.
And here's how we're going to roll it out to the public.
They give the feds the information without really even a sliver of deniability.
They don't say, hey, this is all crap, but they just say, hey, guaranteed it's going to happen.
Here's the phases it rolls out.
So just get ready for it.
Well, what if, what if it doesn't happen?
Like you say, it's happening.
We know it's happening.
So I basically got the same speech.
I talked to one of the individuals for about 45 minutes.
The other can only talk for about five and they just said, yeah, it's all true.
And you know, obviously don't use my name, but look,
If you don't listen to me, and if we don't get a big buzz going, and we don't get Congress involved ahead of time, we'll let them control the narrative and do it again.
The people tuning in are like, Alex, why don't you just tell us now?
I've learned if I just start the show and give you some big story, nobody cares.
But if I build it up, we can actually have an effect and do something.
So I'm asking you again, unless you want to go through stuff far worse than you've gone through the last three and a half years, and all the deaths and all the crap, to listen to me now, please, for my own interest and your own interest, our own shared interest, and to tell everyone, tune in now to madmaxworld.tv.
That's the link they don't block.
Get the link off madmaxworld.tv from the Alex Jones page.
You'll see my face up in the top left-hand corner.
You click on that page.
And that's the URL for the live show.
You try to share InfoWars.com forward slash show on any of the big platforms, they won't let you.
You can do it by email, by text message, and by word of mouth, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
We'll have a big article that'll be published in now in about 30, three minutes from now, 32 minutes from now.
It'll have a link to the live show.
Tune in here for the press announcement.
But if you get interested and if you get focused,
And if you get informed, and if you get energized, and you do the same to other people, we'll stop this!
Our children are really counting on us, and it's for our own lives.
Because they're just getting started with what you've seen the last three and a half years.
You just go to...
Banned on video, left-hand side, Alex Jones Show.
It'll have my live show there.
Once it's archived, it re-streams and under it, clips out of the show, broken into subjects each day.
So, this is your mission.
Should you choose to accept it, the ball is in your court.
Whether you want their boot back on your neck, worse than ever, and this time I'd probably never take it off.
So, what are you gonna do?
Everybody you know, tell them tune in now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
In 25 minutes at InfoWars.com, the reason we exist will be exemplified yet again to discover enemy operations and plans before they launch them and to warn the public and hopefully stop them.
We've stopped many of their plans, but
In most cases, they still go forward.
We get incredible credibility.
I don't care about that.
I want to stop them.
And I cannot stop them and get them off of our backs.
They're on my back, too.
When you go, oh, you're a hero.
Oh, thank you so much.
What, for getting them off my back, too?
I can't get them off my back without you.
You can't get them off your back without me, brother.
Sister, I was so upset by this yesterday.
Dad, I got home and I told my wife and my daughters while my other children are growing up out of the house.
I said, I'm getting my dinner and I'm going to my office and I'm sorry I can't even hang out with you guys even though I wanted to.
I wanted to swim in the pool and play pool with my wife and maybe watch a TV show or something and forget about the world, but nope.
Because I understand that we're going to face incredible pain.
We don't get motivated and serious about this, and I say that to all the patriots out there, including my crew.
We get so close to these problems, and we live in this ongoing war, that it's a defense mechanism to start not caring, or to be removed from it like a trauma surgeon cares about the people he's treating, but he has to become icy cold to be able to carry out his job.
I get that, but we also have to get emotionally motivated to get up off of our asses and get in gear here.
Because if you think the garbage we just saw the last three and a half years was bad, they're gearing up for something far worse.
Again, I'll tell you about it coming up.
But we're building up here, so you've got time to take the links from Man.Video and InfoWars.com and the links to the live show.
Here's the live show feed today you can share.
It's got the live show playing in it so you can give it to people.
World-exclusive info wars to break massive news that impacts every man, woman, and child in America.
Tune in now.
At 45 after, this story will convert to a live show headline with what the story is with a link to the report and the video feed.
Our lead producer Scott this morning, when I was talking about this, got obviously visibly upset.
He wasn't red-faced or yelling, but I could see he was pissed.
And he said, we've got to have communications.
We won the Revolutionary War because we had more printing presses than the Redcoats.
We had more rabble-rousers.
And I know that's a simple statement, it's a true statement, but it's a profound statement.
Their whole operation is about suppressing us.
Because what they're doing is illegal and horrible and criminal and destructive and murderous and fraudulent.
And they're celebrating and laughing at what they're doing to us.
And I'm sick of living under these bullies.
I'm sick of watching them terrorize us and the rest of the world.
And I want it to stop.
And I pray to God it will stop.
And God says to me, through the Spirit, God helps those that help themselves.
We've let it get to this point.
You're going to have to fix it.
And God then says, but I'll carry you the rest of the way.
But God wants to see effort.
Call people on the phone.
Text message.
Share the links.
Tell everybody at your work to tune in.
Don't just sit there and let them roll out their next scenario, their next talking points.
Which are psychological warfare systems written by the Pentagon and other major intelligence agencies on record for the UN worldwide.
To quote, terrorize and brainwash the public.
And they come out with something reasonable sounding at first, and then the next week something more, the next month something more, and we'll be sitting here in January in a much deeper lockdown than we were in three years ago.
I'm going to detail it all.
Coming up.
We come out of break.
In the last segment of this hour.
And then I'll go all through it next hour until Mike Leon and others join us in studio.
Now, let me tell you what we've got in the meantime here.
Boy, Tucker Carlson's hitting on all cylinders.
It was Vivek Ramanswamy interview.
Had 55 million views this morning.
It's probably 60 million right now.
Talk about strike me down.
I shall come back more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
He'll have 100 million views by tonight.
This Vivek guy.
He's Alex Jones 2.0.
And what did he say?
He said, we're at a 1776 moment.
We're in the spring of 1776.
What comes next?
July 4th.
The war.
We're in the war.
And he said, the dam is breaking.
The question is, who directs it?
And Klaus Schwab says, angry the world.
We have destabilized the planet.
We are collapsing the civilization.
We will direct the angry population to bring in the Great Reset and build back better.
No, we have to let the population know the globalists are engineering this through administrative violence.
And we have to be aware of it, so that the awakened angry mass isn't just awakened to the fact they're being screwed, they're awakened to who's done it.
Here's a short clip from the bombshell interview.
Do you get the sense, as you travel the country, talk to people, speak, that we're on the, it feels like we're on the cusp of chaos?
I think we're on the cusp of something.
I'd like to think of it as a revolution, in a positive sense of that word.
I think that, you know, I try to be an optimist at times, but you feel like there's something going on.
I think we're like in a 1775
Spring of 1776 moment in this country, actually.
I think that people are hungry.
Now, the form I want to see it play out in is reviving those shared ideals that unite us, that set the nation into motion in 1776, that I think are innate to our nature as human beings, as Americans.
I think that there's a hunger for a revival of those ideals.
That's where we are.
But there's a lot of ways that energy could go.
The way I would like to play my small role in helping channel that energy, it's not all going to be done by the U.S.
President, but there's a role to play, is to channel that energy towards a positive revival of that which unites us across our diverse attributes or divides.
But if it doesn't go that way, there's a dam that's going to break and the river's going to go somewhere.
I hope it leads towards a national revival rather than, you know, other places where this could go.
You know, Indians are voting like 70% for Trump.
And they beat the same British Empire we beat.
And I gotta say, they fit in pretty damn good, don't they?
So, that's where we are right now, ladies and gentlemen.
And we're at the 1776 moment.
And I'm very proud of this broadcast the last 29 years.
I've been on 1776 since 25 years ago.
This broadcast, this audience, we branded.
Nobody was wearing 1776 t-shirts 20 years ago.
I go anywhere.
Auto repair shop, mall, grocery store, a beach.
1776 everywhere.
Black, white, Hispanic, old, young.
People get it that we need 1776, but that doesn't mean shooting redcoats.
In Lexington Concord, it means shooting down the lies, civil disobedience, not submitting, and stopping the deep state takeover and attempt to steal the next election, which the thing they're about to launch is all based on new lockdowns.
The details are coming up, exclusive, guaranteed.
Biden's about to try to bring the lockdowns back.
They're telling the feds it's imminent.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
15 minutes from now, I will begin reporting
On the biggest scoop we've ever gotten.
We've broken a lot of big stories before they happen.
We have incredible credibility because of it, but we have a chance of stopping this if people use their head, use their common sense, and listen to me.
And if this isn't just some blip on the radar today, and then in a month from now,
Everybody goes, oh my gosh, he's right again, incredible!
I really don't want that.
And if I was a sick globalist, and just thought one dimensionally about myself, they do this again, my show will explode even more.
I'll personally make more money.
I don't want that.
I want to have a free, open society.
I don't want to be on the verge of nuclear war.
I don't want human trafficking and a bloated border.
I don't want crime in the streets where my children aren't safe and your children aren't safe.
But these globalists love crises to get power and control and shut down the world and starve hundreds of millions of people to death and then blame it on COVID.
Oh, the refugees are pouring in because of COVID.
No, because of years of lockdown.
Oh my gosh, people are dying of COVID everywhere.
No, they're dying from the shots.
And I've already basically told you what it is, but I'm going to give you the details of it.
I'm going to lay it all out and tell you what the feds in two different federal agencies in the last three days have been told the exact same thing.
It's done.
I know these sources.
But I can go to the news and see them already teeing it up, getting it ready.
If you use the pool analogy, the balls are racked.
That's the goal of this.
When you realize your power of your word of mouth to override the censors,
You're unstoppable.
And look, I don't care about the credit.
As soon as this breaks, as soon as you get this out, everybody else is going to look into it.
They're going to call their sources.
Congress is going to call their sources.
And I predict if you do a good job, and I do a good job, and the crew does a good job, that by Wednesday of next week, this will be a big national story.
We won't get credit.
That's great.
The globalists will give me credit.
They'll be even more pissed off at me.
That's okay.
I wish we weren't the ones always finding out the stuff.
I wish we weren't the tip of the spear all the time.
Let me tell you, I like to fight, but not this much.
But, this is a big deal.
And the left is going to love it.
They're going to go, oh, we can sit on our ass for six more months a year and watch Netflix with our thumbs up our ass.
While the whole world collapses around their lazy butts.
All right.
I'm going to hit this coming back.
And then let me give you all the other news.
The Russians have released proof, I don't even need to know it's true because I already have all the documents, and Victoria Nuland admitted it, that the U.S.
has a bunch of deadly bioweapon labs in Ukraine, and that the globalists released the virus, and that it came out of Wuhan, and they say they're getting ready to do it again.
The U.S.
is plotting another pandemic.
Russian Defense Ministry.
You mean the globalists have hijacked us?
More billionaire club reports where the globalists are in major publications saying they want to depopulate us.
We've got that.
More reports of more fertilizer production being shut down under design, which will cause mass death.
approves sending F-16s to Ukraine for Denmark and Netherlands.
Major escalation.
We found out all these pseudonyms that Joe Biden uses.
When he's doing these illegal business deals with the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, and others, and it turns out that indeed, Peto Pete is the pseudonym for him that his son uses, because he goes by Robert L. Peters, and that's tied to the name Peto Peter.
So, even his pedophile son calls him Peto Pete.
I mean, this is just all part of the humiliation of America.
Absolutely disgusting.
Pete O. Peter, the big guy, Joe, J.R.B.
Ware, Brandon, Robin Ware, Biden, Joseph, Joseph L. Peters.
Robert L. Peters.
Also known as Pete O. Pete.
Truth is really stranger than fiction.
Also, Antarctica breaks multiple all-time low-temperature records.
The BBC attempts to rewrite history.
Big Zero Hedge article, the end of the U.S.
dollar empire is now happening.
Got a lot of news on Maui.
It's now completely confirmed.
And they're like, okay, we left the power on, and it turns out that BlackRock that owns the power company,
He used to spend tens of millions a year in Maui alone to trim the trees, and it says that two years ago they decided to go all green and not repair the power lines anymore.
That's a Wall Street Journal report.
I know that doesn't even sound real.
We can spend the whole show on that.
Wall Street Journal, BlackRock owns it, controlling interest, and they said don't upkeep it anymore, years ago.
And they had big fires in 2019, it was an emergency report, and they just said, screw it, we're not going to even turn the power off next time there's a high wind.
If you do that, you know what's going to happen.
Now the rich areas, they trimmed it back.
The rich areas, they kept watered.
They didn't turn the water off the rich areas that are right next to it.
They turned it off the people and the town that had common folks living in it.
Unbelievable until you realize this is just par for the course.
These are predators.
They're psychotics.
They're administrative killers.
They don't kill you with guns and bullets unless you stand up to them.
And they send men to do that.
They do it by turning your energy off, your fertilizer off, your food off, your education off, your police off, collapsing your borders, human trafficking, starting World War III.
We're going to go to break here in a few minutes.
We're going to come back and tell the massive story.
It is now being published as we speak at InfoWars.com.
Get it.
Republish it on your website.
Call it Tyler Durgan if you want.
Call it the Easter Bunny.
Take my name off.
I don't care.
Just get it out to everybody.
Shoot your own reports.
Talk about it.
How many times have I told you we have sources?
How many times have I told you we have the intel?
And it's 99% right when it comes to whistleblowers.
These are people that stick their necks out to talk to me that I know personally.
I'm not going to go any further than that.
But they've been told new lockdowns are coming.
They've been told how it's going to be rolled out.
And what they were told by their superiors is exactly fitting in with the larger UN plan.
Now please remember, we don't get funded by George Soros and the globalists for big money.
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Now tell everybody you know, tune in now.
Back in just a few minutes.
We are not helpless.
We are not legless, spineless jellyfish.
We do not have to sit here and take the same criminal UN Global WAF New World Order regimes second rollout of lockdowns and attempts at forced injections and travel restrictions and being told you're not essential.
We don't have to lay down and die.
And for the third world, although locked them down again under IMF World Bank control,
It is a literal death sentence.
They estimate over 80 million people starved to death the last three and a half years because of the COVID restrictions.
Ladies and gentlemen, I got a call yesterday, an individual was in town, and they wanted to meet with me that I know well, and they are a high-level manager in the TSA.
And I went and met with them,
I had a cup of coffee with them, and they said, you gotta warn people.
Tuesday, we got called in, the managers, and told that by the middle of September, that the new policy's being written, that this is done, they were told this is happening, this is not hypothetical, you all have to wear a mask again, and so will airport employees.
Then, by the middle of October, they are going to say that everyone flying has to wear a mask.
And in the meetings, people began to ask them, well, I mean, why is this happening?
They said, well, because of the new variant in Canada, and because of the WHO, they may, you know, declare this, but regardless, we've been told this is going to happen.
And then they were told, we expect by December, a return to the full COVID protocol of 2020, 2021.
And I was given many more details.
I wrote down notes on it.
Then I left.
Called the first federal connection that I was thinking of.
Didn't answer.
Called the second.
Told them what I've been told, and they said, what day was that?
I said, Tuesday.
They said, yep, we were told yesterday.
Yesterday was Thursday, so it was Wednesday.
COVID protocols to begin rolling out middle of September.
And I said, what else were you told?
Basically that they believe this new variant is super bad and that they're doing the testing and that they should just get ready for a whole new rollout of what happened before.
And this was Border Patrol connected people I was talking to and testing at the border again and the whole shooting match.
That's two federal agents
That told me this yesterday.
And then I went and looked at the news, and there they were saying Canada's looking at new restrictions again because of the variant.
And so is the EU.
And what did the Russians just put out three days ago?
The U.S.
is plotting another pandemic, Russian head of the defense ministry warns.
Now, new lockdowns will starve the third world.
New lockdowns will destroy small businesses.
New lockdowns will take the average person that's already $5,000 in the hole, and their paycheck is just on time.
We'll put them into full bankruptcy.
And the children in the mask, and the attempt to push a new shot for the new variant, and we're right back in the same hellhole we were in just a few years ago.
And why is it perfect timing?
Because you go into the election year, they had the last crisis go over two and a half years, they'll bare minimum run this through the next election, that's only 14-15 months out, with mail-in ballots again, and we have all the eyewitnesses and testimony that they'd get the mail-in ballots, and in some cases they were 99% for Joe Biden.
Who believes that?
Postal Service whistleblowers, USPS,
Poll watching witnesses, I have it all here, we'll play it next hour.
Trying to outlaw questioning an election, indicting the frontrunner, total election meddling.
It's not even the right word, it's stealing an election preemptively so Trump can't campaign, is unable to campaign, and then you've got right in the middle of all of this, a new COVID rollout.
And I was very specific with both people.
I said, to be clear, did they say this was hypothetical?
No, we asked that.
We said, how do you know?
And they said, well, we can see with the testing, it's going up.
It's already really bad.
I talked to Dr. Stella Emanuel yesterday about this.
I said, are you seeing increases?
She said, yeah, it's the COVID shots.
We're actually seeing record death, record illness in Houston, where she has a huge practice, medical doctor, compared to the height of the so-called last pandemic.
So you have 20 million people dead from the shots.
You have all sorts of illnesses.
It's all going to be blamed on COVID.
The heart attacks, the myocarditis, the blood clots, the strokes.
Because it's all kicking in now.
Some people die in just a few days or a few weeks.
Most people die years later.
That's what the studies show in mice.
The mice, most of them don't die right away.
They die in a few months.
Well, in mouse life, that's a few years in humans.
We've had scientists on.
You've seen it all.
So we're going to have major death this winter when the vitamin D goes down, the viruses that are already in them kick up.
You've been implanted with a cocktail, as Dr. Judy Mikovitch exposed a few days ago, of hundreds of these viruses.
When your body gets overwhelmed, just like herpes keeps coming back over and over again when you're stressed.
If a man or a woman has had herpes, and they're in a car wreck, or their mother or father dies, or their kid gets hurt, what comes back?
Herpes ten times worse.
When you're under stress, the viruses that are already in you come back.
I've implanted you with herpes, SV40 cancer virus, Lyme's disease.
That's in the shots.
Scientists call for people to start wearing color masks again as they sound alarm over a new variant, AB1.6, that has lots of new mutations.
Print that for me.
That's from a few days ago.
I hadn't even seen that!
And that's what they told them.
AB1.6 is the reason this is going to happen and they know because they can set the PCR test to show it's that when it's really all the other viruses causing it.
So are we gonna sit here and take this?
Are we gonna sit here and lay out of this?
And let them put the narrative out and use the fear-mongering and then it's the concerts and then it's the grocery stores and then it's the fear and all the same thing.
Are we gonna go through Groundhog Day again?
I don't tell you this is coming so when it happens everybody thinks I'm amazing.
I'm telling you this so that we can stop him.
Then they'll say, oh look, Jones said this was gonna happen, it didn't happen.
I don't mind being the bad guy.
I'll dance a little dance if we can stop this.
You know they're arrogant though, and you know they gotta steal the next election, so we'll work hard to expose it, it'll get us ahead of it.
But I got a sneaking suspicion we'll be sitting here very soon going, Alex Jones was right again.
Exclusive, Biden administration preparing to bring back full COVID restrictions rollout to begin mid-September.
They may change the plan, they may speed it up, they may back it off, they might cancel it, that's what I want.
But this, on my children, is from federal whistleblowers.
Just like I was told by my sources in Ukraine.
We're told the Russians, if they're going to invade, it'll be by late February, because the ground starts to thaw a month later and they need time to invade, and we believe we've been told they are invading.
I came on air and said, my sources say they invade by late February.
They invaded on February 24th.
I wish we could have stopped it for everybody involved by doing that.
That was my intention.
Let's not fail this time, folks.
It'll kill hundreds of millions of third world people, it'll break them down, they'll flood us more.
We'll have mass suicides, more families broken, more small businesses shut down because they're not essential in the name of the globalists.
And all the forced injections, and all the PCR tests, and this slave dance they want us to do.
We woke up, we said no, we got them off our back.
They gave us arrest, they're coming back again!
Go to InfoWars.com.
Get this article.
Share it.
We've added the live show feed to it.
Share that.
Like your life depends on it because it does.
Do it now.
You're not a spectator.
This is not entertainment.
This is fighting for our lives.
Tell everyone tune in now.
I'll break it all down in hour number two.
Stay with us.
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The replatforming begins now.
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com
The blame for the fires of West Maui is falling upon Hawaiian Electric, who knew as early as four years ago that there was a risk of fire due to their own negligence in maintaining power lines.
But they did nothing.
Hawaiian Electric, who is owned by Vanguard and BlackRock, has been shifting their focus to clean energy.
And in order to build back better, the old system must first be destroyed.
And so the power was left on to feed the flames.
The warning system on Maui is one of the most advanced and maintained warning systems on Earth.
Residents are accustomed to monthly tests, but on the day of the fire, no sirens went off.
There were no warnings.
The director in charge of this warning system was at a FEMA disaster seminar in Oahu as the fires were devastating the people of Maui.
According to documents obtained by HNN Investigates, Endaia was in Waikiki at the Aloha Lani Resort attending what was scheduled to be a three-day FEMA disaster preparedness seminar called the Pacific Partnership Meeting.
A receipt from the hotel shows Endaia checked in last Monday, a day before the fire started.
That same receipt lists a departure date of Wednesday, August 9th, the morning after flames reduced Lahainatown to ash.
According to Tuesday's agenda, the day wrapped up with a networking reception at the hotel's Longboard Club from 5 to 7 that evening.
The same time, people were running for their lives, trying to escape flames that engulfed the town.
When asked if he regretted not sounding the alarm, he said no, because he was worried that the people would run into the fire.
Do you regret not sounding the sirens?
I do not.
Have you sounded the siren that night?
We're afraid that people would have gone mauka.
And if that was the case, then they would have gone into the fire.
But instead, they burned to death at home, including an untold number of children who were home alone that morning because of a school cancellation.
The water wasn't on, fire hydrants were dry, and the Deputy Director of Water Resource Management, who was named an Obama Foundation leader, refused to release water for the West Maui fires until it was too late.
He says that in order to share water, Hawaiians need to discuss equity.
Really, my motto is always, like, let water connect us and not divide us.
Like, we can share it, but it requires true conversations about equity.
Without any warnings, and without any water, the people tried to flee.
But they were stopped by the police, who had orders to keep people from escaping.
I said, what are you doing?
He goes, well, I'm under orders to keep them here.
And I said, the fire is right around Safeway.
It's going to hit Front Street.
You know, these people got to get out of here.
And he said, I'm following orders.
No way.
And so I just kept walking.
Well, maybe he knows something I don't.
The Maui Chief of Police was the incident officer at one of the biggest cover-up operations in U.S.
history, the 2017 Las Vegas shootings.
Residents are not allowed to leave unless they get a permission slip from the federal government.
But the government recently decided to shut that option down.
While the fires burned, a book was published about the entire event.
The book blamed climate change and was written by a Dr. Miles Stones.
The definition of milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.
Hawaii is being usurped by the same billionaires pushing for the World Economic Forum's Great Reset.
They have been planning on turning Maui into a testbed for their artificial intelligence smart grid.
But the people were in their way, so they burned them out.
Maui will either be a major milestone for the ruling class or a line in the sand for we the people.
The federal government offers a one-time payment of $700 to each family that has lost their home.
And the governor of Hawaii tells reporters that the state plans on acquiring the land.
I'm already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into workforce housing, to put it back into families, or to make it open spaces in perpetuity as a memorial to people who were lost.
And if it wasn't for the local community, the survivors would be left alone to die in the ashes of their neighbors.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, here I am in 2020, three years ago, predicting what the globalists would do, which they're preparing to do again.
We've got major breaking exclusive intel.
But first, here's a clip.
This is the end of everything.
It's never coming back.
The prosperity is never coming back.
It's all over.
And they're going to, by increments, put the pressure on, get you to give up more rights, and then they'll take a little pressure off.
And then they'll tell you, give up more rights, and then pressure will be taken off.
But then, always it'll be put back on even tighter.
That's the psychology of the stakeholder.
So they're going to hit us with different waves of bio-attack over the years, locking us down tighter each time.
And they're also going to squeeze us through the educational system.
Our jobs are going to tighten down the restrictions, loosen them by the summer, and then release new strains.
Immediately, that aren't even as bad as the current strain.
They'll say they're worse, fear monger, and then clamp down even stronger.
Emergency broadcasts on this Friday, August 18th, 2023.
Federal officials raised alarm that the Biden administration is preparing new rollout of COVID restrictions.
Let's read the article right now.
Biden administration preparing to bring back full COVID restrictions rollout to begin mid-September.
TSA and Border Patrol whistleblowers have alerted InfoWars of a Biden administration plot to unleash a full COVID lockdown that will only begin with an incremental rollout in September.
I wrote that.
We've probably changed it to lockdown that will start with an incremental rollout in September.
We can stop this.
Never let the establishment control the masses with fear again.
Whistleblowers from TSA and Border Patrol have raised the alarm to InfoWars that the Biden administration is setting the stage for full COVID lockdowns that will begin with incremental restrictions like masking TSA employees in mid-September.
The first source, a high-level TSA official, confirmed
And also known to InfoWars, reached out to InfoWars and cited a Tuesday meeting in which TSA managers were told new memorandum policies were being completed that would implement masking starting with the TSA and airport employees as early as mid-September.
After hearing from the TSA manager, employers reached out to our trusted Border Patrol sources, one of which is also a manager.
This source confirmed the same directives were being given to Border Patrol.
They were told it's not a matter of if but when official COVID numbers will go back up.
Because they control the PCR test, and they expect by mid-October to return to forced masking policies that the Biden administration previously only reluctantly ended after mass pressure.
And again, I wrote this with one of the writers right before the show.
I'm going to read the rest of it, but now that I'm reading it here on air, because this was a rush this morning, for me to add the point that
In mid-September, they're being told TSA wears masks again, and airport employees.
And then by mid-October, they go back to the pilots, the stewardesses, the flight attendants, and everyone at the airport, everyone on the planes.
Mandatory masks.
So that's the key here.
And then it just continues after that.
Both whistleblowers were told this rollout will be in tandem with the new COVID variant hysteria that MSM has been reporting on this week.
InfoWars analysis is clear.
This new rollout timing is perfect for the embattled Biden administration to put the country back in a state of civil emergency slash martial law and to further divide and confuse the public and move forward in the greatest election meddling we've seen in history.
Many times Alex Jones has warned that the system will bring back biomedical tyranny, and the launch of this new crisis in September will allow a buildup of control that will allow the use of mail-in ballots for the next presidential election that was critical in Biden's stealing of the election.
We now know that COVID lockdowns were an international psychological warfare operation run by the psychological warfare agencies of the Ministry of Defense and the Pentagon.
We're adding all that because we ran out of time before the show.
We're adding more to the article right now.
Countries worldwide implemented fear campaigns for political purposes and to push experimental shots.
But this time around, the masses have awakened to the globalist playbook of conquest and may not be as receptive to MSM hysteria.
Simply put, the deep state is getting desperate.
It's behaving like a cornered animal.
We're breaking it all down right now.
So we'll add the key point, though, that I forgot to get in there.
Mass for the TSA and airport employees, middle of September.
They told them by next week, they're going to get the actual guidelines and rules.
About mid-October, everyone wears them.
And obviously the Border Patrol and the TSA are like, the managers are like, well, how do you know?
They're like, it's going to happen.
Then they'll start
The banning of public events and it'll start voluntarily, oh the rock concerts are closed and remember how it happened last time Big Tech did it and Google closed its offices?
You're going to see a repeat of that and then by the late winter I would estimate, because they didn't go any further but we know how to track the trajectory, this is not speculation.
It'll be the horses running over people in Germany and people getting shot with rubber bullets and LRAD sound weapons in Australia.
And, oh, but don't worry, you're all going to get a check, and the central banks are going to print more money and just stay at home, and limited menus and QR codes to buy and sell, and everybody from Panera Bread to Full Paycheck, Whole Foods, are putting in hand scanners to buy and sell.
It's here.
This is round two.
They've told the feds it's happening.
But that is all just one part of the equation.
The PCR testing, the lines to get the shots.
The bigger issue is, we are seeing massive increase in death from the shots.
And now they're saying, no, no, no, not the shots.
COVID's causing all the heart attacks.
So let's play just a short little clip here of Biden as candidate and president saying, take the shot, you're protected and you can't spread it.
And then the Prime Minister of New Zealand also said the same thing.
I mean, I could play the Italian leader saying it, the German leader saying it, but because it's all a global script run by the UN, by the Rockefeller Foundation, Operation Lockstep, Event 201.
By the way, when I say these words, it doesn't sound fancy and smart.
Write them down.
Look them up.
Look up Event 201.
Look up Operation Lockstep.
Look up
SPARS 2025-2028.
Look up these documents.
Look them up on InfoWars.com.
Look them up everywhere.
Because the banking system is coming in to the end of its cycle.
It's bringing in a new cashless society.
They need it for full control.
They need you to submit to it.
And they lie to you about therapeutics.
They lie to you about the shots working.
They lie to you about the PCR test.
They lie to you about everything.
Here it is.
The various shots that people are getting now cover that.
You're OK.
You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.
But for most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need.
And if you get it, you're protected.
And if you don't, you're putting yourself and other people on necessary risk.
The shot is free.
It just means that they won't get sick and they won't die.
That's what the vaccine is for.
I have a whole compilation here that I don't want to subject you to.
Biden blaming the unvaccinated for illnesses in the last two and a half years, which we now know isn't true.
But I'm not going to subject you to that.
We already know what they did to us.
This audience is informed.
Are we going to sit here and let them do this to us again?
We need civil disobedience.
We need people protesting now.
Don't wait until they roll this out.
Say, we don't want new lockdowns.
We want prosecution of Fauci.
There's lawsuits against Peter Daszak and the Ego Health Alliance that cooked up the virus in Wuhan.
We need to get more on the offense and let them know that we're aware of what they've done.
Because as sure as the sun came up this morning, they want lockdowns in the next year to have mail-in ballots again to steal the election as their insurance policy over Trump, who they've indicted four times.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
It has been said throughout history, and it's certainly true that those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
Well, the entire Globalist plan, and the documents even come out in England with the head of their health ministry, they were using it for political control.
Quarterbacking it with Bill Gates and others.
Are we going to sit here and take the new lockdowns that our sources have confirmed they plan to incrementally start rolling out in the middle of next month, only 28 days away?
No, let's get ahead of this.
Let's say no.
Let's not just sit here and react to it.
Here's a couple clips of these monsters demonizing and lying about those that didn't take the experimental shot and saying the problems were because of us.
My message to unvaccinated Americans is this.
What more is there to wait for?
What more do you need to see?
We've made vaccinations free, safe and convenient.
The vaccine has FDA approval.
Over 200 million Americans have gotten at least one shot.
He's been patient.
But our patience is wearing thin.
And your refusal has cost all of us.
So you basically see it, this is going to be like, well it's almost like, you probably don't see it like this, there's two different classes of people.
If you're vaccinated or if you're unvaccinated, you get all these rights.
If you are vaccinated... That is what it is.
So, yep.
Yep, if you are anti-mandate, you are absolutely anti-vaxxer.
I don't care what your personal vaccination status is.
If you support, champion, give a green light, give comfort to, support anybody who argues against the vaccine, you are an anti-vaxxer.
Your personal vaccination status is utterly irrelevant.
If you campaign against the mandate, if you campaign against people being vaccinated in vulnerable settings, teachers in classrooms, I'll be really clear, at that point in time, people are actually supporting the idea of a teacher being unvaccinated in a remote community classroom.
With kids who can't be vaccinated.
I reject that.
I still reject it.
And if you are out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against this mandate, you are absolutely anti-vaxxed.
And police all over the world going around making sure you had your vaccine passport to get a cup of coffee or to get a hamburger.
Are we going to put up with this again, folks?
Got the UN treaty right now to take control of your body.
The Biden administration is running the UN campaign right now.
Let's play a clip of school children a year ago, after years of wearing toxic masks that give them bacterial pneumonia, being told they could take their mask off.
They're getting ready to do it all again because they knew we built up the resistance.
We were breaking through everywhere.
They were losing control.
So they back off.
So we go to sleep again and they come right back.
Here it is.
Starting tomorrow, we don't have to wear masks anymore!
All a giant psychological warfare operation by the mega-mechs that have stolen the planet, that are starting World War III, that are dissolving our borders, that are cutting off the resources, the power, the energy, the... fertilizer.
And look at the children after years of being tortured.
And these monsters are going to make another run at us all.
They're not just going to steal your election.
They're not going to just cut your gas off.
They're not going to just get rid of your border.
They're not going to just try to cut your son's penis off.
They're coming for everything you've got.
It's a corporate takeover.
A consolidation of power.
So if you just joined us, I'm asking for your help for my family and myself.
And I'm asking you to help your family and yourself.
Go get the article on InfoWars.com.
We'll put it on screen.
And put it on your website.
Copy the text over.
Send it via email.
Do whatever you need to do to get this out.
You're an employer, not a business owner.
Call in your employees and say, we already went through this once.
They said we were not essential.
You know it's all a lie.
They lied to us about everything.
From the shots not working, to where the virus came from, to blocking therapeutics.
We're not going to take it again or let them use the new lockdowns to cover up all the deaths being caused by the shots.
I figured this out three years ago, even before they started the shots.
Experts said it would cause all the heart problems and the rest of it, and infertility and all of it, and cancer.
I said, they'll just launch it again and claim that virus is killing everybody, not the shots they already gave you.
So they're coming again, exclusive.
Biden administration preparing to bring back full COVID restrictions, rollout to begin mid-September.
First they'll make TSA wear the mask and Border Patrol.
Then they told them in October, they're going to go back to the airlines and anybody flying.
And then it'll be, oh, the concert's canceled, or the, you can't come in the store without it, and oh, we need to give you these shots, and we'll take the restrictions off when you submit, and oh, you're staying at home, we're going to send you a check from the government.
That further destroys the economy.
And shuts down civilization.
Are you going to take it?
This is where we are as a civilization.
And look at some of these other headlines.
WHO CDC tracking new lineage of virus that causes COVID.
Yeah, it's not the COVID illness from the shot.
The World Public Health Agencies are tracking a highly mutated strain, highly, of the virus that causes COVID-19.
The newly discovered strain, referred to as BA-2.86, has been designated as a variant under monitoring by the World Health Organization.
See how the UN is your boss with their new treaty?
Due to the large number of mutations it carries, more data are needed to understand the COVID-19 variant and the extent of its spread.
But the number of mutations warrants attention.
WHO will update countries and the public as we learn more.
The WHO wrote on social media,
But all their talking heads come out, new variants spread across the world.
What we know so far, CNBC.
All you know about the COVID-19 causing new sub-variant.
Plug in Canada.
US ends last COVID travel barrier, but they're trying to bring it back.
COVID mask are back.
I've got a whole stack of news here.
I'm going to show you.
Here comes the real deal!
Oh, they had all those other scary names.
Scientists raise alarm over new COVID variant and call for return to face masks.
Daily Mail.
Scientists call people to start wearing COVID masks again as they sound alarm.
They need to create the fear and see the mask they wear.
Over new variant of BA-6, there's a lot of new mutations.
Scientists call for Brits to wear masks again due to startling new COVID variant.
New cupboard variant.
Eris has scientists demanding masks return.
Urgent cupboard warning as experts call for public to wear masks again due to worrying new variant.
New mysterious cupboard strains as experts call for plunge Britain back into restrictions.
Back into restrictions.
And you've been told from federal sources, Biden's told them we're going to roll it out with first the TSA wearing masks, employees at airports, then a month later, in October, everybody's got to wear a mask to fly.
And then it all starts over again.
Are you an idiot?
Are you going to roll over to the same scam again?
Do you have a memory?
Do you remember what they did?
If you want to fight back, go to InfoWars.com and share this article.
Take clips of this show later and share it.
And get everybody else to cover it.
And then hopefully we back them off.
But they need to steal the next election.
They need mail-in ballots again.
They need it to go into next year or so.
Unless we work really hard.
We're going to be here in a month going, wow, Alex Jones is right again.
Let's prove me wrong.
Let's change history.
Let's not just be jellyfish.
The Alex Jones Show.
There is a war on for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
And the will to be able to face this hard.
And to give me the strength to carry on.
Because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ball games anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open, unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Well, Jack Posobiec's put it out.
Alex just sent this to me.
Biden administration preparing to bring back full COVID restrictions rollout to begin mid-September.
Go to at Jack Posobiec, one of the top page rates on Twitter.
Great intelligence analyst.
And share that link like your life depends on it.
Just went out minutes ago.
It needs to go everywhere.
Again, if you just joined us,
We already showed you all of the articles where they're saying the new variant's so deadly, we gotta do lockdowns, we gotta bring back COVID restrictions.
That's being said by the UK, that's right at the center of it, they rolled it all out first.
But I talked to a very informed TSA source, known very close to me, I'll leave it at that, who we've gotten great information from before, who is senior, saying they were told Tuesday
The first, middle of September, make TSA agents and airport employees wear a mask.
Then in October, they're gonna make everybody flying and everybody at the airport wear a mask.
And then they're gonna plan to bring in everything.
They told us it's gonna be really bad, we know it's gonna be bad.
Just like everything else they told us was a lie, ladies and gentlemen.
This is such a big deal.
We don't just need to sit here after we just got raped.
By their lies, and by their Wuhan lab, and by their poison shots, and by their masks, and by their lockdowns, and by their abuse of our children.
But it makes perfect sense.
They've indicted the president, who's way ahead in all the polls, the frontrunner, in total election theft.
Four saying there's election theft.
And they need this for the mail-in ballots again so they can create all the fake ballots they need and then bring them forward.
Now I want to play a couple clips here dealing with that because they're not just going to count on Trump being so tied down in all these indictments and state and federal cases that he can't campaign because that's defeated them.
That's made him get more popular.
They need the COVID restrictions starting next month, accelerating into January, and this is speculation.
I know what the Feds were told, that they're bringing it all back, but just be ready for it.
First, you wear the mask.
Then in October, everybody wears the mask.
And then we're going to bring back the PCR testing on the border, which they stopped.
So, that's happening.
They're telling the Feds this is happening.
And then you can extrapolate.
They told him it's all coming back.
Well, what was all of it?
So I tell you what I know, then I tell you my projection.
I don't think you need me to tell you that.
You know that's going to happen.
There's nothing more I want than to have Media Matters and snubs in October take clips of this and edit it and say, look, Jones claimed lockdowns are coming.
Jones claimed more masks are coming.
Jones claimed, you know, new vaccine for the new variants coming.
It didn't happen.
Look, he's a liar.
I will literally buy champagne.
I don't ever buy expensive champagne.
I'm not even a champagne drinker.
I'll buy a $500 bottle of Dom Perignon on air and toast all of you if we're here in October and we back this off.
I'd give my left arm to stop this.
But that's up to all of you.
To get excited about this, to not roll over to it, and to say no.
But look, there's so much here.
I mean, wow.
The Wall Street Journal sounds like Alex Jones a week ago.
Vanguard and BlackRock own together over half the power company in Maui.
They, in the last four or five years, did not trim any of the trees and said, oh, we're done upkeeping old infrastructure.
What does that mean?
Power lines that aren't cut back, that the trees aren't cut back, you leave them on during high winds, is a weapon.
You know what it's going to do.
It's going to fall over and burn up.
And now all the videos are out of power lines falling and transformers blowing and fire shooting.
It wasn't space lasers.
I'm saying we shouldn't look at lasers.
Those exist, but it's not that.
You don't need to do that.
The real fire system is, oh, we just didn't trim the trees.
So let's do this.
Let's play clip five and then four.
We're going to skip this break.
Of Georgia's own poll watcher under oath about getting whole stacks of New Balance that were 90% and 80% and 100% for Biden.
Those special trucks that pulled in in Michigan and Pennsylvania, everywhere else.
And then Ethan Peace, not even a Republican, one of the many postal worker whistleblowers about what they were witnessing.
And then we're going to go to Joseph Bast about the environmental power grab.
So four, five, six.
And then we're going to...
We're going to air all those clips back-to-back right now and we're going to bring in our special guest in studio.
But again, listeners, stop thinking of this as Netflix.
This is not where you watch and you're not, you're just a spectator.
You're in the arena, you're under attack.
When you get excited, it's game over.
I need every crew member that has an online account to put out this article.
I need every listener that has an online account.
On every account, you've got to put it out.
We're going to stop their next lockdown.
We're going to stop their U.N.
We're going to stop them by not submitting, and this is basic civil disobedience, to say no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
There's criminal referrals in the Senate on Fauci.
We've caught them.
There's lawsuits against the Wuhan Lab and the Gain of Function and Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance.
We're not rolling over and dying.
You did a great job fighting the last three and a half years.
Now they're about to hit us again!
At least put your arms up!
Some son of a bitch is coming in to slug you in the face!
Put your arms up!
And then get him in the nose, man!
Give him a right hook!
You wanna attack me?
Politically, I attack you right back, you son of a bitch!
Find your fighting spirit!
Go crazy!
They're scared of information!
They're scared of truth!
We got the jump on them!
We got the drop on them!
It's like knowing you're in a duel, and he's about to pull and shoot your ass.
But if you had two seconds, where you knew he was frozen, he's about to pull his gun, you can get him first.
And I don't mean literally shoot him.
I got skin in the game, folks.
I'm at the tip of the spear.
They had CNN specials last night calling for my arrest.
Because they're going to get us all if you don't stand up now.
That's okay.
We got in this position by bending over.
And bending over needs to stop now!
We'll go to these reports.
We'll be right back with our special guest.
I estimated that somewhere between 80 and 90% were going to Joe Biden.
Throughout the day, it kept making me sicker and sicker.
Every time I saw another Biden, Biden, Biden, and then I'm going through batches.
100% of the batches were Biden.
I find that statistically impossible.
He explained to me that an order had come down from the Wisconsin-Illinois chapter of USPS that 100,000 ballots were missing.
He then told me that his post office, the one at Milwaukee Street in Madison, Wisconsin, had dispatched employees to look for the missing ballots around 4 a.m.
November 4th.
He said, and I quote, around 4 a.m.
And that only seven or eight ballots were found at United Mailing Services, my work.
Based on my previous experience and habit of double-checking for the ballots, I believe that to be a lie immediately.
The following day, November 5, 2020, I had a conversation with a different USPS employee, whose name I also know, in which she admitted that USPS employees were ordered to backdate ballots that were received too late to be lawfully counted.
I asked this employee if I would be getting in trouble for those ballots the night before with my own boss, just kind of making sure that I was covered.
Because at first I did think perhaps I did miss ballots, but I couldn't have if they weren't on the cart where they're supposed to be.
The employee said
The employee said, no, I wouldn't.
As long as they were postmarked for the third.
And then she hesitated for a moment and said, that's why they had us do that.
Referring to USPS employees.
I'm not a Trump supporter.
I'm not a Biden supporter.
I voted for Joe Jordan's in this election and I voted Libertarian in the Wisconsin governor's race in 2018, which was my first election that I could vote in.
But I know that something wrong happened here and I just want to see that something gets done about it for our state and for the people of our state so that people can have faith in our elections.
I think the American people and the people of Wisconsin have a right to know what happened.
And the bottom line of this is, why was the USPS even looking for ballots on November 4th, hours after the polls closed at 8pm?
The Heartland Institute first started to address global warming back in 1993.
And back in 1993, we identified that as the mother of all environmental scare tactics.
The environmentalists, the left actually, not environmentalists, groups on the left,
We're good to go.
of human civilization.
But the whole idea is control energy.
And if, in fact, the combustion of fossil fuels is having a dangerous impact on climate, you have a recipe for controlling all use of fossil fuels.
That's 80-90% of all the energy.
If you can control that and shut it down, you can shut down the engines of the world.
And that is no less than what the environmental movement wants to do and has been trying to do now going on 30 years on the global warming debate.
And we should not be giving parents vaccines that have mercury in them.
I mean, that's just insane.
It's the most neurotoxic element in the universe that is not radioactive.
So why would we put that in a vaccine?
But primers are all what you're talking about has been taken out of the vast majority of vaccines.
You know what?
This is a fiction.
It's a distortion.
Um, aerosol was taken out of three vaccines.
They had hepatitis B and the D tap in our country.
It's still in all of those vaccines throughout the developing world.
So there's a hundred million kids in Africa, Asia, Latin America that are getting full doses.
In our country, it was added, the flu vaccine was added to the schedule and recommended for the first time for pregnant women and that is loaded with thimerosal.
So the kids today could actually end up getting more thimerosal and greater exposures particularly, which is more important than they could even before those other ones were removed.
So anybody who says it was removed, it wasn't removed, it was moved around.
My understanding is that it's in the flu vaccine in small amounts.
No, it's not in small amounts.
It's in the flu vaccine in the maximum, what they call bolus doses.
Trace amounts is 0.1 micrograms.
This is 25 micrograms.
So it's a huge amount of mercury and it's being given
Until recently, it was 95% of the flu vaccines.
This year, it's at about a third, 48 million vaccines, and it's being given to pregnant women at every trimester.
But it's not in any of the other vaccines, the other childhood vaccines?
No, it's not in VTAP, but it's in the flu, and the flu is being given for the first time.
We're giving it to pregnant women, and we're giving it to kids at six months of age.
The exposure to a fetus is much greater
Today they're getting thousands of times EPA's safe level.
Typically, a typical fetus will get about 870 times EPA's proposed safe level for mercury exposure.
That's just crazy.
That would be a one pound fetus.
When castles towered over vast landscapes and knights championed honor and valor, there came an unforeseen darkness.
Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
In his most desperate hour in the battle against evil, a radiant light descended from the heavens.
God, in all his glory and his legion of angels, stood by Alex's side.
The battle raged on, but with every blow, Alex Jones' conviction grew stronger.
With every truth he proclaimed, the demonic forces faltered.
When the enemy was vanquished, Alex Jones swore a solemn oath that should the realm need him again, he would return.
And now it's Alex Jones, leading a full frontal assault on the satanic New World Order.
Tune in at infowars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
All right, for the rest of this hour and the whole next hour, then I'm hosting the fourth hour with Robert Barnes, Michael Yon, former Special Forces patriot and well-known author and investigative journalist and border expert, and Anne VanderSteel, host of the great show Right Now with Anne VanderSteel, rightnow.news.
They're here with us, and ladies and gentlemen, they are about to break a 200,000-person illegal alien city
Outside Houston, I don't know if we can say this yet on air, that they're about to have Congress actually witness via helicopter.
This is all going down.
Total human trafficking.
Collapsed the border.
Guys, I want to give you the floor with the big breaking news you have next hour.
Anne, it's great to meet you.
Familiar with your great work.
Jan, great to see you again.
But you were there in the green room for 30 minutes hearing me get into this.
You see the fear-mongering.
This is confirmed.
The UK saying new lockdown's coming.
They've told the Border Patrol.
You got better sources than us.
I want you to talk to them and confirm it.
We already confirmed it, but just double confirm it.
And then I talked to high-level TSA yesterday I first met with.
They said, no, they're told first TSA, middle of next month, has to wear a mask.
Then everybody's got to wear a mask October, and they're going to bring the full thing back ahead of the election.
I mean, this was easy to predict, but it's here.
So whoever wants to jump in first with just your view on this, because a lot of folks are tuned in right now.
Well, Alex, frankly, it's been pretty obvious going forward that they had to have this agenda, they had to have this plan.
The COVID narrative has now been debunked, and people understand that that was the plan all along.
They have, you know, we've debunked the vaccines.
Yes, there's sheep out there that still believe they took something that's helping them, but it's becoming ever more evident every day as another airline pilot dies and is making national news now.
They can't hide it, Alex.
They have to lock us down somehow because the election is so overwhelmingly going for Donald Trump right now.
The polls are all out there.
Joe Biden is an abysmal failure.
This was the only plan, and we saw this coming two years ago.
The only way they can win this election going forward in 2024 is to lock us down and do mail-in ballots, which is what they perfected.
They perfected the fraud of voting.
And it worked, so why were they around the same place?
This is what they always do.
The demons don't have anything new, Alex.
This is their playbook.
So this is fully expected.
They're deploying it as we predicted.
As you've been predicting for some time.
And here we are.
Now they're telling us what they're going to do, which is exactly what the devil has to do.
But isn't that good news that we know what their next move is going to be?
You've turned out to be the most accurate man in America.
I mean, it's just we were watching in the green room what you're saying now and it's gotten to the point where I just prepare for what you've warned about.
It's not me.
It's the whistleblowers.
It is it is but they come to you because you'll actually say stuff that other people won't say now on Monday.
You know the United States is being invaded.
Not just the United States, but Europe.
And I just got back from Armenia and Georgia, watching the edges of this thing, as I always do, Japan and whatnot.
It's happening here and there and these other places as well.
We're being absolutely invaded here in the United States.
For instance, there's a colony in north of Houston, which we call... Proposing a colony is a colony.
Oh, right, a colony, right?
Well, explain this, people.
Yeah, a colony is a colony.
It can also mean, like, a slum.
But it's also a colony.
So it's a colonization community.
For instance, there's one north of Houston now they call Colony Ridge.
They don't even hide what it is.
And we call it Abbott City, because clearly Abbott has taken
Uh, $1.4 million at least from the developer, Trey Harris.
Uh, that's a fact.
We suspect there's some other things, but it'll take time to work those things out.
But yeah, we've flown over this thing a couple of times already.
I had a helicopter there, bring a bunch of people up a few weeks ago.
On Monday, we're taking three congressmen up in a helicopter.
Thank you.
Those people are not coming here randomly.
The human osmotic pressure, as Alex talks about, the famines that are coming, they're already here actually, but they're growing.
That creates that human osmotic pressure, the push and the pull, that's pushing people and pulling people to South America, which is all part of a larger operation that's going on.
And they're going through Columbia and the Darien Gap in Panama.
And I'm always down there.
Columbia, Panama, especially Panama on the Darien Gap, tracking these.
The United States government has been busy at work down there developing these pathways from the Darien Gap.
The Darien Gap, they call it the Gap because there's an area of about 60 miles that has no roads, right?
And so it's a very epic jungle.
And so at least 2,000 people a day are coming through now.
About 200 of those are Chinese, but it's actually increasing.
Month by month.
And the government's building cities for them.
So this is a premeditated, orchestrated operation.
It is.
It is.
And it's so rugged down there.
When I take teams down there, we have difficulties communicating just like we do on the border.
At one point I had to, with one of my teams on the ground in the jungle, I had to charter an airplane to get on top of them to try to make comms with them.
So actually I finally said we need satellite communications and I contacted sat123.com and they donated these radios
I think?
We'll say it's at least 10,000 people per day.
And I think that's a defensible number.
Per day, not per month.
And we see these Chinese and others coming in in large numbers.
Of course, I spent about a year running around China.
And I spent many years running around Asia and many of the countries these people are coming from.
So I can sort them out.
For instance, I meet Georgians all the time coming in from the country of Georgia.
I just left Georgia.
Stay right there.
I was there.
Michael Yawn and Vandersteel.
We're going to talk about the controlled destruction of U.S.
sovereignty and the master plan while they cut off our resources.
Stay with us.
Michael Yon and Ann VanderSteel are our guests.
I kind of feel like I should just turn my microphone off because I'll just get as a distraction here.
Two of the hardest working reporters are here with us right now on insane stuff.
Some stations join us after this segment, next segment, but just
Anne or Michael, give us a prelude to what we're about to cover.
You found the safe houses, you found the warehouses, you found where the kids are.
This is insane.
Yeah, so part of the human asthmatic pressure, as Michael was talking about in the previous segment, is importing children.
I mean, the child sex trafficking trade is massive.
The United States is really the largest purveyor of it, the largest consumers of it in the world.
It's a multi-billion dollar industry.
And you've got non-governmental organizations that are being financed by the U.S.
federal government, meaning your tax dollars, that are spending billions of dollars a month
To import these children through these non-governmental organizations like Southwest Key Programs, SLS, MVM, and others.
We spoke with a federal whistleblower, Alex, that gave us information and other whistleblowers who gave us lists of thousands and thousands of children and the addresses not only for the warehouses in which they're being sequestered into like
So it's all black?
And these children, when they're interviewed, are being told, are telling the people interviewing them that they're being pimped out on a regular basis.
It's all black.
So this is true child sex trafficking in neighborhoods that if you were to drive through, you would think it's a safe neighborhood.
You have no idea what's going on behind the door of a lot of these homes all across the nation.
So it's a permanent underclass with Democrat Party leftist corporate activists that literally feed on these children.
And again, the non-governmental organizations like Southwest Key Programs, which has taken over Walmarts.
If you remember COVID, a lot of stores, a lot of mom-and-pops went out of business.
But after COVID, a lot of Walmarts started shutting down.
And we were all sort of surprised.
Why are they shutting down the big box stores?
Well, that's because these Walmarts house 5,000 to 7,000 children under the roof at any given time.
And these kids never see the light of day.
They're in there to stay there.
So people wonder, where are they all going?
You're telling people.
We're telling people they're in your neighborhoods right now.
We drove right by a Walmart in Brownsville, Alex.
There's at least 5,000 kids in there.
And the people in the gas station right next door, oh yeah, they know what's going on in there.
Does anybody stand up for these children?
Why is that?
Mass industrial level crime.
And it's a very well-paying crime.
When we talk to the federal whistleblower, Carlos Arolano, who's been on Kyle Serafin's show, he's been on Fox News undercover, he will tell you that in the Valley, you're lucky to make between $8 and $10 an hour.
These jobs are paying $17 and more an hour.
So that's why the industry thrives around there, because these people can make real money.
This is the only industry he's ever known is working for non-governmental organizations since he became of age to work legally and collect a W-2 paycheck.
This guy has been in charge of migrants in New York City and apartment buildings holding up to 5,000 migrants, including families, where rapes and murders and people went unaccounted for on a regular basis.
And of course, the non-governmental organization was knowingly covering it up with emails, losing families, losing children, and talking about it in emails.
They don't report this to the authorities.
So when we see New York and Chicago dumping people in the suburbs, that's the overflow.
That's the overflow.
That is the overflow.
It's all about moving these kids.
It's all about it.
Alex, at any given moment, there's at least a million kids in this country under a roof somewhere that has been trafficked.
When we come back from break and a lot of stations join us, recap all this and then, what is the master plan on something like this?
Destruction of the United States and Europe and Japan.
As you know, I spend a lot of time in Japan and Europe watching these things.
You know, by the way, McAllen area, the RGV, the Rio Grande Valley, is one of the key places for the concentration of the World Economic Forum.
Governor, so-called Governor Greg Abbott, just had a small business summit in McAllen, Texas.
Anne and I attended it.
And it's all about globalism.
And, you know, the corridor from McAllen
All the way up to Canada.
WEF, the World Economic Forum, has formed another headquarters, as you know, in Detroit, right?
So, I mean, this is all... Look at the corridor.
I mean, this is... The reason I spend so much time in places like Panama and Japan and Netherlands, these are key places for the World Economic Forum.
All right, let's talk about it.
The Netherlands are going to build giant migrant cities.
They are a tri-state city.
All right.
Michael, Jan and other guests, stay with us.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
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Well, if you think you'd tune into Fox News and get even a third of the truth, you're wrong.
But you get some truth there.
But on all the other channels, nothing.
Millions and millions coming across a year.
Obama saying, bring children, we'll let them in.
Trump shut it down, it exploded under Biden.
Michael Yellen, investigative reporter, Ann Vanderson, investigative reporter.
You guys are about to take members of Congress over a 200,000 person colony that Greg Abbott has built right under our noses.
When he sends the state police to the border, they just write tickets to citizens.
When Austin cut the police, they don't go after crime, they just write tickets to old ladies.
They're parked outside our office every day just writing tickets to people doing inspection stickers.
They're not going after real crime.
I'm not attacking the state police.
It's just true that they're aiding and abetting, just like the National Guard, the State Guard.
We had reporters out there a few months ago with you.
We saw all this.
So Michael Young and Ann VanderSteel, start over with, where are the children?
You found them in the shut down Walmarts.
You found them being farmed out, being put with families with illegal aliens that again, are just an underclass.
They're this new separate country within our country, working under the state.
So you've got the floor.
Yeah, so really, Alex, the Customs and Border Protection is an agency that we all revere.
President Trump has talked about them, given them the floor, given them, you know, a lot of notoriety, supported them, said these are our guys.
But what Michael and I have witnessed, in addition to talking to CPB agents that are just mortified by Joe Biden, the regime and the open border policies, we've also seen Customs and Border Protection agents facilitating the migration of children that have no business coming in here with adult males that are basically trafficking them for Catholic charities.
So Catholic Charities is a non-governmental organization.
It's the ringleader.
We saw them with newborn babies with no ID just handing them over to people at the airport.
We got video of children that were clearly drugged and asleep while other kids are running around screaming and yelling and making a ruckus.
These kids are limp and lifeless in the arms of men that are military age fighting men.
Bringing these in and when the agents on the border are questioned about this, CPB says stop talking to us, we're just processing.
And Biden's just into the DNA testing.
He's ended the DNA testing, which frankly could solve this problem.
And that's one of the solutions that needs to be delivered.
That's the reason we're taking these congressmen up in a helicopter on Monday to show them the colonia, the Abbott City, the colony ridge that's being built for 200,000 migrants.
But these children that are being smuggled in by Catholic Charities, when you have CPB agents that are facilitating the human trafficking,
Knowingly, when you go downtown McAllen outside Catholic Charities and you see Customs and Border Protection agents bro-hugging and high-fiving each other saying, you know, celebrating the fact they've got their quotes, merchandise lined up against the wall and these people look terrified as they're being processed through Catholic Charities, then placed on buses and bussed around the country, you understand the gravity of the situation.
We don't have a border, Alex.
The North American Declaration signed by Joe Biden on January 10th of this year is all about homogenizing Canada, America, and Mexico and allowing the free flow of immigrants back and forth.
And of course, the Americans are just supposed to pay for it.
And we're supposed to give up our homes, our security, our jobs, and our safety.
National security, food security is all on the table right now thanks to this regime in power.
I mean, this is modern warfare.
Big time.
This is a big war, and it expands way beyond our borders.
This is why I'm constantly over in Europe and Asia.
Again, just got back from Georgia.
I mean, the NGOs that were on the Texas attack are handing up the European attack.
And for instance, Netherlands.
You have mentioned numerous times, Alex, Tri-State City, which they call it Tri-State City because it will be comprised mostly of Netherlands, partly of Belgium and Germany.
It's a huge smart city for about 30 million people, right?
I'm constantly over there.
For instance, I was there during the elections in March in Netherlands and I was up in Groningen where the gas fields are, right?
Natural gas.
Those gas fields are needed to create the
Thanks for watching!
BASF is the first company in the world to create the nitrogenous fertilizers that are needed around the world.
Groningen gas field in Netherlands is also vital and the government, the reason I was there in March warning about Groningen is because I sensed that they were going to shut that down and now they have, right?
It's just bit by bit shutting us down, creating that human osmotic pressure, the hop, that will send people, if you can get your feet into South America, you can get your feet into any
Uh, city or village in America.
All you've got to do is land anywhere in South America, and then it's easy to work your way to Columbia, and then once you get to Columbia, through the Darien Gap, and a week or so later, you're crossing the border.
So what is the master plan, and getting back to, you guys have discovered where the children are.
We've discovered where the children are, but you've also got to factor in what Michael's talking about, that human osmotic pressure bringing all that people in is also bringing in disease.
We know now they're going to start the lockdowns.
Your sources have just confirmed what we already predicted, right?
They have to have disease.
The WHO, as Dr. Zelenko called it, the World Homicide Organization, has to have a pandemic.
They have to have a way to secure us in our homes, quarantine us,
Give us another vaccine.
They've already got vaccines on deck already.
They're already talking about the Marburg virus, the anthrax, etc.
But we now know tuberculosis, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, is coming across the border with this migrant population.
Why is that important?
Because multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is zoonotic, meaning it can transfer from human being to animal.
So these migrants that work in the cattle industry, the beef, the dairy, are now putting tuberculosis into the population, into the herds of the cattle, which is resulting in the slaughter of tens of thousands of cattle across Texas, and actually, frankly, across the country, which is a threat to our food supply.
Alex, my beef supplier, Lights Out Beef, has told me that we should expect beef prices to go up by 30% in October.
That's because they're having to slaughter so many tens of thousands of cattle right now.
This is a real crisis.
Food security is definitely on the table right now.
And the Netherlands is the third largest producer of food in the world.
They're shutting them down.
Big time.
And in fact... How does it fertilize the farms themselves?
Yeah, big time.
That's why I spend so much time with Dutch farmers.
Interestingly, the Dutch farmers in March, when I was there for the elections, they overwhelmingly voted for a party called the Bordemberger Beweging, which in Dutch means the Farmers People's Movement, right?
And this is... That removed the leader of the country.
They're putting another guy in, right?
Yeah, but BBB is actually another, they're another snakeskin for the West.
They're another rhino.
I mean, their actual signs were BB better.
And I kept telling the Dutch farmers, build back better, don't you get it?
I mean, they're telling you right in your face in your vote.
Oh, so they led the revolution.
Well, I've seen numbers, they've already cut nitrogen 25% worldwide.
Like you said, it's already happened.
That's going to kill hundreds of millions already.
I flew to Thailand to talk with a former Prime Minister, a friend of mine, Abhisit.
Big time.
And I flew over from Ireland after over there talking with key people and mourning about it.
I flew to Thailand.
I said, hey, let's have coffee.
Let's talk about the rice production and your nitrogenous fertilizers.
And everyone's going after that.
Oh yeah, I said, you know, you imported 5 million metric tons in 2022.
92% of your nitrogenous fertilizer needs in Thailand are imported.
You only create 8%.
And, you know, of course he thought that they'll just get it from China or Russia.
I'm like, check your facts.
I didn't just fly in from Ireland all the way to Thailand to tell you something's a simple fix.
You need to prepare for this.
Thailand is going to, when you're growing rice, that's basically vacuuming the nitrogen out of the soil and exporting it, right?
What was the Asian country that like five years ago cut nitrogen and they got overthrown?
Oh, that was Sri Lanka, but that was like last year.
Yeah, so it's just, yeah, it's simple.
Cut the food off, things explode, and that's the Angrier World Master Plan.
That's right.
Well, the Bank of International Settlements, right?
Everything rolls up to financial.
It's all about the money for these demons.
And of course, you have their puppets down at the United Nations with the Strategic Development Goals, SDG 16, which is all about sustainability, about vacuuming the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
Which Biden just signed on to.
Which he just signed on to, along with giving away our sovereignty under the NDAA in December of last year to the WHO.
So when you consider all of these things, the fact that they don't believe in carbon, and there's a war on carbon, which frankly, Alex, we're all carbon, FYI.
They want to kill photosynthesis, they want to kill crops.
Yeah, you're the carbon they want to cut.
That's exactly right.
So this is the continuation of the depopulation agenda that you have been talking about for a decade now.
And again, to Michael's point, you've been right about everything.
Well, I mean, it's not hard when I'm reading their own documents.
I don't get the credit.
I don't get credit for whistleblowers telling me they're about to lock stuff down again.
But it takes the guts.
Sometimes it's there in front of you, but very few people have the guts to say it.
Well, you guys are a lot more brave than I, because I go to the border and I'll be honest, nothing makes me depressed.
But I see kids being smuggled and I can't beat the guy's ass.
And I'm not trying to, I mean, seriously, I see like a little baby being handed off.
An hour later, she goes, it's my baby.
No paperwork handed away.
The kid's obviously drugged.
I feel like I'm a part of it because I don't stop them.
And I don't know how, you know, that's like in the, you know, a new movie based on, you know, true story of The Sound of Freedom, when the agent early on goes, I can't do this.
When we're not stopping it, I can't be part of this.
That's right.
I actually get that.
I don't, it's, it's hard to like,
No, it's going on.
How do you deal with that?
We do too.
We talk about that.
Like, I feel like I should actually be doing something right now because we're watching those kids right now.
That's right.
But we also know intellectually.
There's a Walmart full of kidnapped kids.
And they'll put you on the news as a killer if you went and saved them.
And they'll shoot you dead and say you're a terrorist.
That's right.
What is wrong with publishing every single location where these Walmarts are?
Would you want a Walmart full of
Hey, if you guys want to publish it here, you can take over tomorrow.
We've got thousands of addresses.
Hey, when you're done with the congressman next week, you come in here, you can host a show, you can take over.
We've got thousands of addresses.
This whole place is just a fire of the truth.
That's right.
We ought to fire the truth out there.
Some of them are close to us.
Some of these addresses are in Austin.
It's coming out.
I remember like 10 years ago, the mayor's brother got caught with a dungeon with kidnapped women and children in it, and it just got swept on the road.
Of course.
Oh yeah.
Because again, we're supposed to, we are not supposed to call these people pedophiles.
That is of course, we're insulting them, we're threatening them, and we're xenophobes because we're calling them out as pedophiles.
They are normalizing all of this right in our face and they can get away with it because they own the courts.
Well, that's the thing.
Where do the kids go?
Well, you guys have discovered it.
We know.
You don't see hundreds of thousands of kids just roaming the street like gangs.
No, they're either in warehouses or they're being shipped into- Well, even the New York Times did a little truth three months ago.
They're like, okay, they're in factories working 18 hours a day and some get caught in the machines and their face is torn off.
But I mean, they have 10-year-olds working in Cheerio factories.
That's right.
And that's the lucky ones.
That's right.
I'll tell you what, Alex doesn't throw out empty words.
You offered us to come back and I don't want to be presumptive.
You name the day.
I'll take off the day.
We'll be coming with the addresses.
We'll be back.
You guys want to take over next Wednesday, next Thursday?
Because I've got a lot of administrative stuff to do.
The show's yours.
I'll just turn you guys loose for three or four hours.
You can put their addresses up.
I don't care.
I'm nothing to lose.
I want to go full bore.
Change of mission.
And this is what happened to us.
Right here.
We were starting this Operation Burning Edge, Alex.
We started leaving SpaceX, which is where we started.
We saw the Customs and Border Protection looking the other way as drug smugglers were moving back and forth.
We left there, and we were supposed to go all the way to California, but along our way in McAllen, we met this federal whistleblower, thanks to the producer Ryan Mata from Kyle Serafin's show, who said, you've got to talk to Carlos.
And Carlos led to somebody else that gave us this massive list.
And now we're ready to, you know, we've got to go public with this.
Well, Michael, here's my problem.
I know you've got better whistleblowers than I do because you live on the border and live in these places and these bitten bit by mosquitoes and you're a special ops guy.
Like four or five months ago, we got called by a good source of ours that's a federal officer.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Not the Border Patrol.
We're talking about the other agencies.
He says, I want you to have a meeting with somebody on Zoom.
And so me and Tim Enloe, our security guy, had the meeting.
He's a veteran like you.
And it's the, it's a head federal person.
Like you know who they are if you see them.
And they're like, how do we help?
What do we do?
We want to give you these files.
Just in the last year, 20,000 children were handed over to known pedophiles that were giving us cases.
And I noticed a lot of it broke on Fox the next week.
So they were talking to them, too.
They were upset.
If I'm getting whistleblowers like that, I don't know what you're getting.
I mean, this is insane.
I'm in the meetings with federal judges.
Alex, when you have whistleblowers like Tara Rodis, right?
She went in front of Congress.
She testified.
She was visibly upset, talking about how she goes to sleep at night hearing these children crying for their parents.
And yet, what has Congress done so far?
Where is the House Select Committee?
They have hearings, but that's my point.
Not all the feds are bad.
I'm going to apologize.
I'm saying, if I'm in meetings with high-level feds, they're panicking too.
It's the same thing.
Because Biden won't let the judges charge the people.
The Justice Department controls that, so they can't charge known pedophiles caught with kids.
Of course not, because they just let a pedophile off today for his tax misdemeanor charges.
That would be Hunter Biden.
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
It's his case, I guess.
Keep going.
Yeah, no, but this isn't what we're living with.
We don't have a judicial system.
We don't have a place to adjudicate.
Frankly, it's up to the Americans.
I heard you talking about it earlier.
We have a constitutional duty, a civic duty, to stand back up the republic and take back our government from the demons that have taken it over.
The corporation is rogue.
These public-private partnerships are evil.
They're fleecing Americans.
They're destroying people's lives.
And they're trafficking children, and they're parting them out like organs, and worse.
Well, Biden won't even make a comment about Maui.
I mean, they're just, it's an arrogance.
It is.
They're always arrogant.
What is it with them and arrogance?
You know, the World Economic Forum, the CCP, I spent a year running around China and whatnot.
They're always arrogant.
They are.
And they tell you what they're going to do, like BBB Party, Build Back Better in Netherlands.
They tell you exactly who they are.
They signal it, they throw it up in the air, and then they just do it.
And people accept it.
What was it Biden said?
He's laser-focused about Maui, giving him $700?
That's a joke.
Is that a key word for how they started wires?
Whether it was power lines or lasers, the point was he was rubbing it in.
Yeah, of course.
And they admit it's the press secretary who actually writes his tweets.
Oh, that's right.
So she's the one doing that.
Hey, JP.
No water, no comms, right?
Everybody needs to have... Leave the power on.
Yeah, yeah.
Everybody needs to always have their own personal comms plan with their family.
It's really important.
Is this confirmed now?
Well, what would you do?
The police blocked people in and wouldn't let them leave.
The average cop wasn't part of it.
They followed orders.
I'm sorry, fire's coming, there's cops in front of me?
Fire behind my family and cops in front of me?
Cops better get out of the way.
Because somebody's going to get run over.
That's exactly right.
This is no joke at this point.
But isn't that where we're at right now?
We have to stop listening to these fools in Washington D.C.
because they don't work for us.
They work for the corporation, the public-private partnerships.
Isn't that where Americans are?
Well, that's like the cops in Uvalde.
One of the feds I know was there, one of the guys actually went in.
For 76 minutes, the police chief said, stand down.
If I was a cop, I mean, I guess I wouldn't be a cop.
There's kids getting killed.
I'm going to go in and get the kids.
I'm not following orders.
I mean, I don't even understand that.
Yeah, yeah.
People's families in there being slaughtered.
Cops did nothing.
I mean, what is going on here?
It's quite obvious.
I mean, how many more hints do we need?
They're saying what they're doing.
They're destroying the United States.
They're destroying Europe.
Japan is systematically being destroyed.
We are deep into the new order takedown.
I mean, we're in it.
It is.
In 1963.
But like you said, we're not helpless.
No, we're not helpless, but it requires some courage.
It requires people to understand our history.
So in 1963, they read the Communist Manifesto into the Congressional Record.
They have now implemented every single one of the points of the Communist Manifesto.
There was 59 goals.
59 goals, including having no oaths of office.
And so what have we learned, Alex?
We've now learned that
The Biden regime, including Kamala Harris and every member of his cabinet, do not have Part 2 of the Oath of Office that's required.
So under the statutes, 5 U.S.C.
3331, where you, you know, put your hand on the Bible and swear to uphold or affirm, you know, swear or affirm to uphold the Constitution, they have to also sign and notarize that.
They have not done Part 2.
It's either deficient, devoid, defective.
It is all a fraud.
It's all a fraud.
We're going to go to break and come back, but I want to give you guys a floor here.
Back to
Please come back next week because I know you guys don't blow smoke.
And I've been to some of the Walmart facilities, I've said it myself, but you guys have been tracking your whistleblowers.
I want you to come in here, name names, name the places.
Because again, I mean, what's the number?
I've talked to Border Patrol that think 80% get away.
It's millions every quarter getting in.
What's the numbers on children?
I know we don't have any exact numbers.
We don't know.
It's just some massive number.
Yeah, it's a massive number.
This is what we do and we don't know.
The federal government will say 350,000 children and 85,000 went missing.
And according to our whistleblowers, add at least 20 to 50 percent on that number.
So if it's conservatively 20 percent, you're looking at over 400,000 children.
But I think it's far more than that.
Because we know the NGOs have at least a million right now under roof.
And I see little blurbs in the local news.
Two-year-old found gang-raped in Cornfield, South Texas.
A three-year-old found... I mean, they're just... dead bodies are everywhere, too.
But it was a dead body from a shooter.
It'd be all the news.
Only got a bag of guns.
Well, it's a little Hispanic kid.
It's just a footnote in a newspaper.
That's right.
It's like their lack of respect for human beings is absolutely atrocious.
Again, these are people that don't believe in God, Alex.
They believe in worshipping Satan.
And part of their sacrifice is, of course, abortion and the sacrifice of children.
So whether you're sacrificing children to the altar of sex and your perversion, or you're sacrificing them for adrenochrome or organ harvesting, it's all about the sacrifice.
And they're all too happy just to do it right here in the open.
Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of
I don't
And it's all about the destruction of America.
And again, this goes hand in hand with the North American Declaration, which Biden signed on January 10th of this year.
And it's all about homogenizing one nation under the entire western hemisphere of Canada, United States, and Mexico.
They want it all together.
Why have they not impeached Mayorkashev?
I don't know.
He went into the camp down at San Francisco.
You have video of it?
I droned after the helicopters.
I have video.
After the helicopters were safely on the ground and whatnot, I droned when he went into the camp, right?
So I have it right over, you can see him, you can see me, Arcus, walking into the camp.
Now you look at that, now you look at photo imagery that I took of the same camp in April of this year, so one year later, and that camp has dramatically expanded.
And I've published this, and you can see that not only has it expanded, it's much more, say, corporate.
Well, the same thing with the UN, as you know.
They built all these rallying centers to bring it into Europe.
Oh, absolutely.
I've been down to Morocco looking at this.
I've been, you know, Lithuania and whatnot.
And just, I'm always in Netherlands and Germany and looking at these things here and there and the other places, right?
Europe is being absolutely destroyed.
They're in a more advanced stage than we are in destruction.
Well, let's come back and talk about how we stop this.
And you guys pick the day you want to come in.
You can get here hours before.
Give them all your documents, all your videos.
Let's name the Walmarts.
Let's name the people.
Let's get into it.
We'll do.
We're on it.
Change of mission.
Change of mission, and we'll bring the whistleblowers with us, too.
Please, take over the whole show.
I'll just bat.
You guys can host it.
You're reading my mind.
I am?
So we've got michaeljohn.locals.com, at michael underscore john, michaeljohn, and vandersteel.
I didn't read it in your mind.
You can find her at, what's the best place to find you?
At vandersteel on Twitter.
At and vandersteel.
At and vandersteel.
Where else can we find you?
Yeah, that's where my shows are hosted on the Brideyound Network.
Mike Adams.
Alright, Mike's great.
Alright, we're going to go to break in about a minute and a half, but
I can try to direct this discussion, but give us the data dump.
What else are you going to hit when you come back?
What else do you want to talk about, Michael?
I think we've got to talk about the solution side of this.
Yeah, definitely got to talk about the solutions.
And one is, just don't go along with the masks.
Don't go along with any of these things.
Do not take any more shots at all.
Unless you're dying on the gurney, you shouldn't be taking any medicines from these pharmaceutical companies.
Civil disobedience has to be priority number one for these people.
For America, if you want to survive, civil disobedience.
It's all we can do.
And by the way, I don't smoke Putin's dope.
I don't think, you know, he's an angel.
But I know what they're saying is true about the U.S.
bioweapon lab in Ukraine.
Russia just said a week ago, U.S.
plotting another pandemic.
You mean, they mean the globalist running it.
I want to talk about that some too, because
Uh, you know, they got these new variants, all this.
I'm really concerned they're going to release something a lot more deadly than COVID.
Yeah, I think they'll, and you know, I've been looking for islands where they will hole up in.
It's clear that they'll do this on, because it's clear that they're going to release something quite seriously deadly.
Uh, not just- And Larry Page didn't come back for two years.
He stayed on a yacht in the Pacific.
Now look at, where's an ideal place to do this?
Hawaii, right?
And there's a mysterious fire that just occurred, right?
I mean, Hawaii is an ideal place to sit this out, if it's going to take a multi-year destruction of the human population across the globe.
Hawaii and other places.
And they're setting it up for that?
That's my gut.
That's what I've said to my wife, is that we really want to be cowards.
We'll just run there and wait out with the globalists.
I mean, I know certain people that are living in the Bahamas right now.
A good friend of ours, Todd Callender, he's lived Oconus, and the demons are there too, but he's on the good side.
All right, here we go.
The U.S., as in 2019, began preparing for a new pandemic by searching for and mutating viruses.
We do not exclude the use of the United States of the so-called defensive technologies for offensive purposes, as well as for global governance, by creating crisis situations of a biological nature.
Russia's Ministry of Defense has released a statement revealing the murky activities of the United States military.
The ministry says that Washington's Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy searches for virus mutations to then use them to further its own interests.
As in 2019, the United States began preparing for a new pandemic by searching for virus mutations.
We do not exclude the use by the United States of these so-called defensive technologies for offensive purposes, as well as for the purpose of global management by creating crisis situations of a biological nature.
For more on this, we cross live to RT correspondent Marina Kosareva.
Marina, hello.
So, Russia's Ministry of Defense has taken aim at the potential risk of American dual-use biological programs.
What else can you tell us about these claims?
Hi Fiorella.
Well, according to the Ministry, Washington has been amassing various pathogens from its direct involvement with various biolabs around the world, which they say are for research and preventative measures.
But Russia's defense ministry is not buying that.
And they point out that whenever the Pentagon, for example, is interested in any pathogens, be it COVID-19 or avian influenza or the African swine flu, they later somehow end up becoming pandemic.
And who stands to benefit from this?
As we've seen time and time again, it's American pharmaceutical companies.
And they point out, their findings point out, that for example, that there is a possible collusion between Big Pharma and USAID via an intermediary company called EcoHealth Alliance.
Now they have been studying the diversity of bat population since 2015 and they've also been looking at mechanisms how to transfer coronavirus strains from bats to humans.
And we know that just two months before the world ever heard about COVID-19,
There was an exercise conducted at the Johns Hopkins University in New York where that exercise entailed scientists transferring an unknown at the time strain of coronavirus from bats to humans via a pig.
So of course all this and the office that is now being opened
...leads them to question why this is happening.
And of course, they also point out that the US government, for example, in May this year said that... Ann Vander Steele and Michael Yaun, two incredible investigative reporters, are in studio with us tracking the giant.
Human trafficking happening, all part of the collapse of our country.
We just joined us, a lot of people are tuning in right now because we have broken the news.
They've told the Border Patrol, and they've told TSA, I talked to sources yesterday, confirming my first source, that indeed they're planning to bring about masks next month for TSA workers, and Border Patrol, and then in October, masks for everybody on planes, and then larger lockdowns into the election next year.
A perfect strategy for the mail-in ballots.
In the 25 minutes we have left in this hour, you guys will be back next week.
You're about to fly Congress over a 200,000 person city they're building outside Houston.
Just huge intel you guys continue to break.
Let's talk about any other areas you haven't hit and then solutions of what we can do.
I don't know.
Such that has been programmed.
These are bacteria that are plague bacteria that are coming out in all the vaccines 2022-2023 and in the childhood vaccines such as chemical compounds laced with plague and leprosy bacteria and matrix M proteins which are a gene-linked protein.
All of this designed to be weaponized and toxic to the people that are receiving these jabs.
Now we're seeing that.
I had Dr. Judy McIllinan on.
She said they're loaded with a whole bunch.
And then they're gonna say it's COVID and have lockdowns and everybody's sick and dying.
That's right.
Which is happening.
That's right.
So we're under biological attack.
Clearly, clearly.
And not just, also the cattle.
For instance, the tuberculosis that Dr. Michael Vickers told us about.
He came down to McAllen and briefed us a couple of weeks ago.
He's a veterinarian, an important veterinarian in Texas.
He's been practicing for over 50 years in Mexico and Texas.
Tuberculosis has come in with the aliens who work with the cattle, dairy cattle, and now they're slaughtering thousands of cattle in Texas.
This does imperil Texas's tuberculosis free status on the cattle, which means that has massive implications for Texas and our food supply.
Of course, this won't stop at Texas.
It'll spread to Oklahoma and Florida and places beyond.
Because remember, tuberculosis is a zoonotic disease.
It goes from humans to animals and animals to humans.
And not just that.
Things that we talked about on your show before, Alex, a long time ago.
I don't know, earlier this year, I guess.
Also, dengue, malaria, typhus is making the comeback that, as predicted.
Some of this is like, feels like cheating.
Because it's right there in front of you.
And you say it, and it sounds like you're Nostradamus, and you're not.
You're just like seeing a snake and warning about a snake.
It's very clear for everybody to see if they will accept what they actually see with their own eyes.
Cutting off the gas pipelines.
They're flooding the border, devaluing the currency.
They're trying to collapse the country.
Well Alex, I think frankly that's what's going to get everybody's attention.
We've been screaming about all of this stuff for a long time.
We've been telling people, please, please, please protect yourself, get your food supplies going, get your money going, get gold and silver.
Yet nobody's doing it.
We talk about child trafficking.
Sound of Freedom came out and still you don't even have kids, excuse me, adults up in arms about Sound of Freedom and the fact that we're doing child sex trafficking across our own border and consuming it right here in the U.S.
President Trump controlled the world with the wallet.
It was the trade deals that got everybody to heal and bring world peace.
I'm afraid that's what we're going to have to look at right now.
We're going to have to look at complete collapse of the global economy right here in the United States.
In fact, it's already being, sabers are rattling about JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.
JPMorgan Chase way overextended with their gold ETFs and not enough physical cover that.
The central bank's Ponzi scheme is coming to an end.
That's right.
That's right.
They want to collapse things and blame the collapse on that so they can be the saviors during it.
That's exactly right.
That's exactly right.
And as I'm sitting here, I'm getting from Lisa McGee, lead researcher over at Vax Choice, some incredible information.
The funding that's coming with these vaccines that has all this bacteria in it has been supported in part by the U.S.
Department of Defense, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency under the contracts that they have over there.
And of course, they claim that the funders had no idea about what was designed in these studies, the data collection analysis,
They're just pushing the money, yet what you're seeing is, like Dr. Judy Mickiewicz confirmed with you when you had her on your show, is that they're putting a lot of other really deadly compounds in these vaccines.
So they're making their move on us.
In a big way.
The famines clearly are coming.
And again, that drives that.
Remember, every time you get a big famine, you always get pandemic and you always get war.
This is like a triangle.
The angrier world that Schwab talks about, that they believe will bring in their global government.
And there will be a significant human reduction population.
Guys, we're going to skip this break so we have more time.
Get that Vivek Ramaswamy clip, not the promo clip they put up, but the clip we grabbed out of his interview.
It's got like 60 million views now since yesterday with Tucker Carlson, where he explains, we're at the 1776 moment.
They've collapsed civilization, but if we don't guide the water the right way, they're going to bring tyranny in with it instead of bringing liberty in.
Here's the clip.
Do you get the sense, as you travel the country, talk to people, speak, that we're on the, it feels like we're on the cusp of chaos?
I think we're on the cusp of something.
I'd like to think of it as a revolution, in a positive sense of that word.
I think that, you know, I try to be an optimist at times.
Do you feel like this is... Oh, there's something going on.
I think we're like in a 1775...
Spring of 1776 moment in this country, actually.
I think that people are hungry.
Now, the form I want to see it play out in is reviving those shared ideals that unite us, that set the nation into motion in 1776, that I think are innate to our nature as human beings, as Americans.
I think that there's a hunger for a revival of those ideals.
That's where we are, but there's a lot of ways that energy could go.
The way I would like to play my small role in helping channel that energy, it's not all going to be done by the U.S.
President, but there's a role to play, is to channel that energy towards a positive revival of that which unites us across our diverse attributes or divides.
But if it doesn't go that way, there's a dam that's going to break and the river's going to go somewhere.
I hope it leads towards a national revival rather than, you know, other places where this could go.
So that's the moment we're at.
We're in the war.
We're in the attack.
If they can hide the fact they're behind it, they win.
They'll pose as the savers.
If we expose them, they lose.
So I guess information's key right now.
Oh, absolutely.
Communications is everything.
And that's obviously why they banned you in every place that can possibly be banned, except for kicking down the door at this point.
And as you know, eventually they'll come for us in that way as well at this point.
But we are not jellyfish.
You say that all the time and things like that.
We can resist, and we are foiling their plans.
We have caused a lot of problems for them, and we continue to cause problems for them.
And we can make it even worse if everybody steps up and resists in big ways and small.
Everybody can resist in some small way every day.
Just not forwarding a letter, not passing a message.
You can do it in passive and active ways.
And just resist every day.
Well, it's like the feds that contacted me and said they got a new lockdown plan.
Yeah, that's right.
I saw it in the green room.
This is unbelievable.
No, it's completely believable.
And we know it's coming.
People should stand up for their own common interests.
That's right, and there are millions of us.
It's not like there's a few of us sitting in this room.
There are tens of millions of us in the United States that know something is wrong.
Now it's time for every single one of us, whether you're a border patrol, U.S.
military, U.S.
intelligence community, we know you're all watching this, everybody should resist within their own domains, within their own ecosystems.
And to encourage others to resist.
Become whistleblowers.
Do you really want to be with Biden and Soros and all those evil people?
You've got to choose a side right now.
Yeah, because they're going to lose eventually.
One way or the other, they're going to lose and there will be a reckoning.
And it will not be forgiven or forgotten.
That's key.
Expand on that.
We're not just saying that.
Historically, you can feel it, you can see it.
We're going to win.
The question is how bad is it going to get before we win?
Yeah, and we're going to win.
Eventually we're going to win.
And if those who have chosen the wrong side will not be forgiven, they will not be forgotten.
There is a list.
I mean, in other words, the people that are forcing the jabs into people, putting children up on, you know, basically doing Aztec sacrifices, practically dropping them off the steps.
I mean, you know, literally murdering people, forcing them to get these jabs and forcing these other things that are clearly illegal.
And that includes every
Admiral and General who didn't stand up.
I know a lot of you know me and are watching this.
Might have been great in the wars, but right now you had no moral courage.
Did not stand up.
Bottom line.
Everybody working in these child camps at the old Walmart Supercenter in Brownsville.
You're all criminals.
These are felonies.
Just because everybody else is doing it with you, doesn't mean that it's not a felony.
That's right.
And Lloyd Austin, he knows he does not have an oath of office on file that is worth anything.
And that's what started this campaign, frankly, for us to look into why is the military executing their members of the branches of the military by force vaccinating their people with something that is clearly... It was a purge to get the smart folks out.
It was a purge to get the smart folks out.
It started with Obama taking out all the top leadership and bringing in his woke class from the officer class.
And I know... Well, that was the beginning of the coup, yeah.
It was the beginning of the coup, but let's be really clear, Alex, I've talked about this before, and you know, General Flynn has heard me talk about this on the stage at the Reawaken America tour, and the fact they still let me talk about it tells you it's the facts, it's the truth.
1868 was a critical time frame in our country.
It was right after the Civil War, it was right after Reconstruction, and the Union had to, you know, get the band back together.
They wanted to bring in the South, you know, the South lost.
But here's the thing.
41% of the states did not want to be part of the United States.
That's when they passed the 14th Amendment.
They ratified it unconstitutionally.
So 41% of the states said, we don't want to be a U.S.
We want to be a citizen of Virginia, New Hampshire, New York, Florida, whatever.
Finally, at the very end, Ohio and New Jersey held out until their entire legislative branches were exchanged with the Union Stooges, which is really part of the Crown.
And the United States moniker took over the American citizen.
You became a U.S.
citizen with the privileges, not the rights handed down by God, but the privileges from the U.S.
That was the beginning of this massive progression we've seen, which included birth certificates, your corporate identity, the Federal Reserve Act, the 16th Amendment, and so on and so forth.
And all of these agencies, it's all about the corporate contract.
And now you can understand the public-private partnership aspect of all this and how they've co-opted everything and these industrial complexes across all industries, whether it's the speech cartel, you know, big agriculture, military, pharmaceuticals, they have control because we allow them to have control through this public-private partnership of the corporations.
That construct has to be deconstructed, Alex.
We've got to take it back for the people.
We've got to stop- Well, Klaus Schwab brags that
The new capitalism is not about the investors or the people, it's about stakeholders.
It's all about global corporations and that none of us have any rights.
That's right.
What a horrible system.
It's horrible.
You'll own nothing, Alex, and be happy.
Do you sleep at night knowing that?
How does that make you feel?
Well, he means we'll be dead is what we'll be having.
That's exactly right.
Yeah, this is the decarbonization is the new delousing.
That's exactly what this is.
So how else do we defeat them?
Well, I like what Vivek Ramaswamy said.
This is 1775.
It's 1776.
We are at that breaking point where people have to stand up.
You have to choose a side, America.
You have to decide.
Do you want to go the way of the corporation?
Do you want to be a corporate serf, a municipal servant to the government where you... And you see how... I mean, one thing if they were corrupt and evil and gave us a bunch of good stuff to get us to sign on.
They're like, we take everything from you and we poison you and you better... Like, they're trying to switch us into a Stockholm Syndrome where we get scared.
They're abusing us.
So, looking at this,
Pulling back from this, I think overall their COVID power grab failed, so they're gonna try it again.
We know that now.
I think if we say no to this, it basically breaks them.
I hope so, Alex.
I hope that's what it's going to take.
I hope the Americans will stand up for this.
This time we're primed to resist.
This time we are, though.
You're right.
You are.
We're primed to resist this.
I think we have enough people that are listening at this point, and they haven't stood up yet, but when the banks collapse, and that's going to come, that's part of this.
I tell people, if they're telling us masks are coming by October, be prepared for bank collapse by October.
I think that's what their plan is, because they need to sequester us and scare us into submission.
So that when we can't go to the bank and withdraw our money... Well, they changed the subject with that.
Right, right.
I mean, that's the timing I see this.
That's the playbook I'm reading into.
That's the... Well, let's talk about Trump.
He's not perfect, but he's obviously the real deal.
They hate him.
He actually stands up for America.
These four indictments are cartoonish.
They indict him for saying, for tweeting things and questioning the election.
That's going to fail.
That only made him more popular.
So now they've got the mail-in ballot, the new lockdown.
I mean, that's what they're going to do.
So, I mean, your response to Trump and where you see that going?
I think Trump is, frankly, going to be the tip of the spear in leading the retrolution.
Revolution is a word that gets you in trouble with the agencies, and they'll send the men with the guns to your house.
And you have a choice which way you want that to end at this point.
But retrolution is a return to what America was in 1868.
We need to return back to our roots.
We need to restore the Constitution.
There's an organization out there, and I talk about these guys all the time, TacticalCivics.com.
Incredible organization of patriots that are putting together chapters in every single county.
Right now, they have 705 chapters.
At last count, I heard from David Zuniga.
He wrote a book called The Great We Set, and it explains very simply
Setting up citizen grand juries in addition to Second Amendment protected militias.
And those militias are there for defensive posture only.
And when the sheriff doesn't do his or her job in your county, if you have indictments from the grand jury and that sheriff won't arrest to set up a court date and, you know, go forward, then the militia steps in.
Alex, that's how our Constitution is supposed to work.
Well, let's talk about that.
The whole cloud and pivot strategy of defunding the police, all the
Massive crime that's shutting down all the different stores.
I mean, that's part of a larger plan, because when the big store goes down, all the little stores go down.
This is all part of the ongoing lockdown.
And where's the sheriff in Brownsville, Texas, that knows that the Walmart, the Walmart Supercenter, former Walmart Supercenter, is filled with children?
And they're being shuttled at nighttime.
Where are they going?
We saw when we were there a few years ago and again this year with you.
There's these women with Grim Reaper tattoos, MS-13 tattoos, and they just hand kids over, no paperwork, and they disappear.
And you're sitting there literally watching it, but then we saw men saying, I'm here with my white van, I want children, I was promised kids, I'm taking them to show them the way of the Lord in Pennsylvania.
It's like some super creepy dude.
I mean, wow, think about this.
Think about who his Lord is, though.
Is it his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
Or is it Lucifer?
I mean, it's down to that, isn't it, Alex?
I mean, you're talking about creepy men licking their lips, getting little kids.
That's exactly.
And loading them in vans with no paperwork.
I mean.
And a couple of the whistleblowers have told us about how often when the kids are being turned over, the recipient is actually drunk or obviously on drugs.
And for instance, some are turned over at baggage claim at Orlando Airport and Jacksonville Airport.
They fly from Texas and some will go to New York, others will go to Jacksonville Airport, picked up at baggage claim, or they're taken by rental cars to addresses of which we have thousands now.
And Michael, we watch this lady particularly over and over again, deliver dozens of children just each time we're there.
And like, think about this.
Who's the list?
How do they decide who randomly gets kids?
What's the database?
That's what we're looking into and it's quite strange because you know we asked, well this is developing.
We'll give you some of this.
We'll give you the database.
It's unbelievable.
There are addresses all around us here now.
Austin is one of the main hubs.
And so what's going on?
Well, it's Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and then Chicago, Dallas.
Jacksonville's a major hub as well, and that also connects to the Gulf Tainers story, which I'm sure you're familiar with.
Thank goodness we've got those ports back, but that's the same area.
The people that own Gulf Tainers are known pedophiles.
That was the Kevin Spacey story with the thespians he was bringing over to the United Arab Emirates.
Under the auspices of studying theater.
But they were really child trafficking and child sex trafficking.
And Kevin Spacey's a pedophile.
He's a known pedophile.
So this is so massive and so pervasive.
It's a cult.
It's a cult.
But it's the cult that's everywhere, Alex.
It is a cult.
So what percentage, because they're legitimizing and selling pedophilia now, does anybody have a sociological, anthropological breakdown of what percentage of the U.S.
has been converted to pedophilia?
I don't.
I don't know, but we talk about it now more frequently than we've ever even imagined.
Well, I've got all these shows and TV Disney shows where pedophilia, it's everywhere.
And it's clearly just epidemic.
And what is happening with these children?
How many, how many ways are they used, right?
They're clearly being used, whether it's in sex trafficking, whether it's, I don't know, organ harvesting.
I'm just throwing that out there.
I don't, something is off.
They sign them up, get their welfare, steal their money.
Look at the HHS.gov website, and right on the splash page, I looked at it again last night, is like about human trafficking.
They're like signaling again, you know?
And they are the human traffickers.
Yeah, you know, the organ donation program is under HHS.
It's under Health and Human Services.
Coincidentally, yeah.
Well, in Ukraine, they've dug up mass graves full of kids that have their organs taken.
That's right.
Including babies.
That's exactly right.
This is a massive, massive problem.
And again, you have to ask yourself, the CCP's been doing this with the Uyghurs forever, right?
They've been desecrating the Uyghur population for their organs forever.
Because they're clean.
They're clean.
The Falun Gong are clean, so they've been using these people for sex, for forced labor, and for organs.
This is how they view human beings.
This is the kind of debauchery- It's turning us into a commodity.
It's turning us into a commodity, which is why they've now corporatized you with your social security number.
What do you make of Biden's, uh, you know, his son called him Pete O. Pete.
And now it turns out that's basically his code name, Robert L. Peter.
I mean, it's sick.
We're at least waking up, the enemy's panicked, their own internal documents come out, they think they're losing.
I don't want everybody to think we're winning, but I mean, we don't have a choice, we gotta just keep fighting.
That's right.
Many people watching this are in key offices, in key positions, and just use your imagination, little things you can do or not do that will help trip them up.
The average person's not even bad in the system, they're just compartmentalized.
Right, yeah.
What we see on the border is an example.
Border Patrol.
Border Patrol, most of them are very frustrated, very angry.
But they do continue to load the children onto the buses, which tires cost probably $1,000 each on those buses, right?
And those buses keep rolling, right?
I mean, everybody can do something.
I didn't say anything like that.
You're right.
I almost said they should all quit because then it would just be a quagmire, but instead of their facilitators.
I mean, they are actually, you know, they're just doing their job.
They're like a little gear in Big Ben.
My job is to be a gear and turn right and to turn the other gear to turn left.
You know what I mean?
So everybody's just doing their job.
But when you're working for Hitler, you stop following orders.
That's right.
It's time to stop following orders.
Stop just being a gear in the system.
Realize you're part of the system.
If we could have an Operation Valkyrie that would work, we would do it.
But Hitler was in charge.
The globalists have distributed power.
That's why they're so smart.
It's a whole bureaucracy.
Very hard to take off the head of the snake.
Well, the Texas National Guard is pretty disgusted with what's going on, Alex.
I mean, there is definitely a group inside the Texas National Guard.
We met with some of them that are saying, look, we do not like what Border Patrol is doing.
And we are at war with them.
And they're being used to basically shuttle the flow of the migrants into where the CPB processing stations are, on land, right there in these national refuge parks that are all over the place to be handy for the migrants to just walk on.
The National Guard, I give them some credit, but
They're sort of powerless, right?
Because they're having to take direction.
It's all being done bureaucratically from the top.
That's why we have to admit what's happening.
Administrative genocide.
Administrative human trafficking.
Administrative tyranny.
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Fulton County Clerk of Court Shea Alexander says even though she's human, she strives for perfection.
That's how the mishap happened.
The mishap was she inadvertently posted the indictment charges against former President Donald Trump, even though the grand jury was still deliberating Monday.
But I'm not like the mainstream media.
It just tells you that Fulton County, Georgia put out a report.
Here it is.
Office of the Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts Honorable Shea Alexander.
And Trump, in the indictment I showed you yesterday in Georgia, is being indicted.
They say it's a fraud, that no one shut it down, no one kicked people out.
But they did, and they kept counting, and that's on the surveillance footage.
How many ballots went through those machines in those two hours when there was no one there to supervise, to be present, consistent with your statutes and rules, to supervise the tabulation?
They're trying to make it illegal to challenge them.
Of course, the pipe never broke.
They lied.
There is now a hitch in the tabulation of votes.
Waterpipe has broken inside the arena.
They had counted 86,000 absentee ballots.
We don't know how many more they have yet to tabulate, but all the tabulation of those ballots has now stopped.
Pipe broke at 6.07.
It was repaired at 8.07.
Which day?
or P.M.?
That was A.M.
Of which day?
On election day.
Here's what the audit found.
The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump, and 11 votes for Joe Jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, zero votes for Trump, and zero votes for Jorgensen.
Wait, did you just follow that?
How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?
We'd love to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.
Just like the same group just got caught publishing the indictment index.
Then they said it wasn't true.
Then they said it was a hack.
Then they said it was fake.
Now they said it's real and nothing to worry about.
It wasn't an official document.
It wasn't official charges.
It was the drive-by and it was a work sample.
Even though it had a case number.
Alexander says it didn't have a stamp and other markings that would have made it official.
That fictitious document matched exactly the charges that we now see in this indictment.
Can you tell us more about that document leak?
Because now you have the former president's lawyers who are saying this is emblematic of a serious problem with your office.
No, I can't tell you anything about what you refer to.
What I can tell you is that we had a grand jury here in Fulton County.
They deliberated till almost 8 o'clock, if not right after 8 o'clock.
An indictment was returned.
It was true billed and you now have an indictment.
I am not an expert on clerk's duties or even administrative duties.
I wouldn't know how to work that system and so I'm not going to speculate.
Next question.
Well, Adrienne, I don't think we've ever seen such an affront to our justice system and the rule of law than what we witnessed in Fulton County yesterday.
They're going to ram this through because they want to interfere in the 2024 election.
So what did they do?
They released this indictment in the middle of the night in Fulton County, just like they count votes without observers present.
And they release these counts and charge President Trump for literally sending tweets, encouraging people to watch the news, to engage in public hearings, to hold press conferences.
And they're trying to criminalize not just his First Amendment rights, but his right to participate.
Senator Josh Hawley said it best.
They're sending a message to everybody.
This is a dictatorship.
So I think the message is real clear.
Don't challenge us.
Don't go to work for anybody who will challenge us.
Don't vote for Donald Trump or anybody like him, or we'll treat you as a domestic terrorist.
And I tell you what, Laura, this is a recipe for one-party rule in this country.
And if that's the case, this isn't the United States of America anymore.
Our constitutional democracy doesn't exist anymore.
Where have you heard this before?
That they're setting up a dictatorship, they're coming after all of us, they're declaring us all domestic terrorists, and they're setting up a one-party state.
People now get what this is.
I know it's hard to believe, and it's terrible, and we don't want this to happen, and I mean, I'm targeted by them, I wish this wasn't true, but I mean, we're all being put in a prison.
Well, I know this.
Nobody can say we live in boring times.
We're living right in the middle of a deep state totalitarian takeover.
The greatest election meddling ever seen trying to block the president that we were going to support, who is way ahead in the polls.
Uh, the Google announced that they're going to block all websites not approved by them, period.
So you can't even search them or find them.
That was days ago.
Under consultation with the UN, uh, the Russian defense ministry saying the U.S.
government's preparing to release a new pandemic.
And then now they're saying, oh, there's this new variant.
My federal sources say they've been told masks go back on the feds.
The airport's going to replace this next month.
By October, they're going to try to roll out masking to fly again, and then the lockdowns ahead of next year's election.
I mean, this is just wild.
Constitutional lawyer and really smart individual, Robert Barnes joins us to talk about the indictment.
The latest in Georgia, the craziness of it, and just all the inside baseball that is unfolding.
Robert Barnes also hosts his own show, we'll tell you about that, and we'll put up his website as well.
So, Robert, wow, where to start here?
Well, you know, if the first indictment of President Trump was Caesar crossing the Rubicon, the Georgia indictment of Trump is what Caligula looked like governing Rome.
It's that level of insanity taken to an extreme.
When I heard they were indicting everybody who questioned the election in Georgia, I was wondering whether you and I were going to end up listing in that indictment.
And apparently they're not finished.
Apparently they're looking at trying to indict the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.
That's how nuts and crazy this case is.
And it goes along with, you have the Biden administration in Texas looking at indicting the Attorney General who led the election contest to the U.S.
Supreme Court, Ken Paxton.
So this just keeps getting crazier and crazier and crazier.
They've made tweets a crime, texts a crime, setting up a meeting a crime, phone calls a crime.
They even made constitutional law a crime.
John Eastman, a constitutional law professor who provided legal advice on the Constitution, is now indicted because that's all he did!
Mark Meadows is being indicted because he set up a meeting!
Because he made a text!
Because he made a phone call!
And this all relates, now what's interesting about this indictment, there's many legal grounds for President Trump to challenge it, try to remove it to federal court, to move to stay it, move to dismiss it, get it up to the Georgia Supreme Court, get it up to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
There's a lot of options legally and procedurally and substantively he has.
But what's extraordinary about this indictment is that it, more than any of the other indictments, makes what happened in 2020 a relevant issue in the trial itself, if such a trial ever occurs.
Because the nature of it is they claim that the Georgia election was all on the up and up.
And you and I were both there, and there's no chance of that whatsoever.
That the election contest filed by the President,
That, you know, Twitter, I guess X or whatever it's called now, issued a community notes when I pointed out to Governor Kemp that he was flat out lying to people about what happened in Georgia.
Even the Twitter folks don't know that a Georgia election contest was filed by President Trump and that the Fulton County Courthouse illegally, unlawfully,
And it was only dismissed because the courts never schedule it before January 6th, and it had to be scheduled before then for there to be any legal remedy.
But that election contest included over 400 pages of affidavit, sworn testimony.
The petition itself was a verified petition.
We're good to go.
They had people who cast a ballot in a manner that was illegal under Georgia law, because their signatures did not match and their identification was not produced.
And then the votes were counted in Canvas without the presence of third-party observers, without the presence of candidate observers, without the presence of the public, in direct violation of Georgia state law, making that unaccountable.
And by the way, that's item 25.
I'm not a lawyer, but it says he falsely claimed they shut down and kicked everybody out and kept running ballots.
They admit they did!
We were there, remember?
I mean, what happened, for those that don't know, Fulton County decided to have all the ballots counted at one location.
That, by itself, I thought was a violation and a major problem, because that should be counted at each local precinct.
It shouldn't be at a centralized location where they could bring in and remove ballots.
And there are all kinds of questions about what ballots showed up there, what ballots disappeared from there, and the transportation part of the process.
While there, party observers were there to watch the counting of those ballots, but also what's called the canvassing process.
And the canvassing process involves making sure the signatures match on the ballot application to the ballot before the ballot is even open to be looked at.
Well, what was happening is the party observers were there and they all of a sudden stopped counting.
And what they told people is there had been a busted pipe that was going to require them to stop counting and they weren't going to come back and start counting until the morning.
That's when a bunch of party observers, Republicans in particular, went home.
I was contacted by several of them who told me they went home because of that.
Then they find out, as we saw in the videotape with later proof, they pulled out ballots from underneath the tables in those big boxes.
And as Steven Crowder also talked about and documented at the time, they only objected to whether it was this definition of a box or that definition of a box.
And then they started counting the ballots without party observers being present.
That is in violation of the Constitution because it's in violation of Georgia election law.
So a lot of this is important to go back over.
Most people know this, but you talk about the recklessness of this.
They show tweets.
He's indicted for saying, major anomalies, let's investigate.
I mean, as you said, this giant net, clearly they're getting ready to steal the next election.
Clearly they're sending out a chilling effect saying, if you challenge us,
We're going to put you in jail.
No doubt.
I mean, this indictment threatens the constitutional rights of everybody.
This says that if you have no right to assembly, no right to speech, no right to press, no right to petition the government for redress of grievances, that you don't even have a right to legal advice.
You don't even have a right as a lawyer to give legal advice.
All of it is considered a crime.
I mean, it's insane what they're trying to criminalize in this case.
And what they're trying to cover up.
I mean they give people a quick reminder course.
People who were dead voted in Georgia.
People who were too young to vote voted in Georgia.
People who had moved out of the state voted in Georgia.
And by the way, there's been a bunch of indictments in the state over this.
This is not debated.
And it's all detailed in the 400 plus page election contest that Trump filed.
Trump only filed one election contest in the entire country.
It was in Georgia.
If they thought they were right, they would have heard it.
Instead, the defense refused to produce an answer.
The courts refused to produce a hearing.
Nobody was allowed any discovery.
No trial ever occurred.
And consequently, the Fulton County Courthouse abdicated its duties and obligations.
The same courthouse now provides... Basically, this is a cover-up of what happened in 2020.
This indictment
This is a continuing cover-up and a conspiracy to not only deprive people of their right to vote in 2020, but as you know, Alex, to deprive them of their right to vote in 2024 by trying to jail and imprison and mugshot.
They're talking about trying to stick Trump in Fulton County Jail, which is one of the most dangerous jails in America, just as part of the process of getting mugshot, which has all kinds of problems.
And they're eager about it.
Fulton County Sheriff bragging about it.
So they're on incredible power trips and is the system desperate?
Are they scared?
Are they on a power trip or is it a mix?
I think it's Caligula-level governance of Rome.
I mean, that's what we have.
We have a decrepit dementia candidate as president.
We have insane people in power who are addicted to their own power, who will keep misusing it and abusing it until the American people sufficiently respond in kind by making Election Day the verdict day and end all this nonsense forever.
They have no sense of limits anymore.
They have no sense of restraint anymore.
This is a very dangerous time for America's constitutional republic.
All right, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is our guest.
We are literally here at the twilight of the end of our country, or is it the dawn of the rebirth of our republic?
I think that's really up to us.
They got new lockdowns ready.
The exclusive on that's at InfoWars.com.
Everybody just say no to this now.
We'll be right back.
All right, folks, I'm giving Robert Barnes the floor in this segment.
He was there as a Trump lawyer covering Georgia.
They caught him red-handed.
They've been doubting him for questioning the election.
They're openly trying to steal the election that way.
They've got new lockdowns ready.
We can stop them together.
You got to share the links.
He said it.
We talked during the break.
I mean, who knows?
He'll probably come after us.
I mean, this is CNN at a huge big piece saying, basically, I attacked the Capitol.
I was there trying to send people going in.
They've got this Kenneth
Chesbrough, alleged architect of fake electors plot, followed Alex Jones around the Capitol.
January 6th, Jack Posobiec said so.
He recorded Alex Jones telling people not to go in the Capitol.
I mean, you watch a CNN report that edits that out.
This is total weaponization.
We know they're fake news, but they're coming after us.
What's the big picture here, Robert Barnes?
It's a very dangerous time period that they're doing something that they've never done before and weaponizing the criminal justice system against the leading presidential opponent of the incumbent, doing it against the former president of the United States without going through the impeachment clause, ignoring the Senate acquittals that took place in multiple cases involving President Trump, including the facts relevant to both the Georgia indictment and the D.C.
And now they're going after lawyers and allies, including Jeffrey Clark, former Department of Justice, Assistant Attorney General, who's just doing his job.
They're going after John Eastman, Constitutional Law Professor, Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff.
This is an attempt to criminalize... They say Tom Fitton.
I said I wouldn't interrupt.
Tom Fitton's next.
I mean, it's only a matter... The only question is, can they lock up 75 million Americans?
Because, I mean, that's the kind of length they're going to, and I think they're going to try to criminally pick off.
They'll use the January 6th cases and these cases against Trump to continue to accelerate and elevate the weaponization of the criminal justice prosecutorial power, to do Berea-style justice, show me the man, I'll find you the crime, to go after everybody of any significance, consequence, or influence that is a problem for the Biden administration.
And we've seen the timing, I mean, is it a coincidence that the same week we find out that Joe Biden had a secret pseudonym, secret emails, secret burner phones, in order to communicate the bribery campaign as vice president, including directly to the made-on-coup Ukrainian president after 2014, is it any coincidence that a day or two later the Georgia indictment is announced and comes down the pipeline?
As soon as they know there's bad news coming, there's another indictment of Trump.
Now there's talk of indicting Trump in Michigan.
Talk of indicting Trump in Arizona.
I mean, what other states are going to join in?
Are there going to be 50 indictments, 100 indictments, 200 indictments?
I mean, it just keeps going.
It's going on and on and on and on.
It's making it a crime to be an advisor to the President, making it a crime to be an agent of the President, making it a crime to be a supporter of the President, making it a crime to be a legal attorney doing your legal due diligence and your duty of zealous advocacy to and for your client.
They've indicted Rudy Giuliani on RICO!
Even Professor Dershowitz has said this entire indictment is a joke.
That RICO is never meant for any of these things.
RICO doesn't even apply.
RICO is when the mob infiltrates a business and extorts it for their personal profit against federal criminal law.
It has no application to an election contest.
It's never been applied in this context in American history.
So it's not only that it's unprecedented that these kind of charges are being brought against whom they are brought, when they are being brought, and we have to look at the timing here.
Here's a case that they could have brought this indictment all the way back in 2021 if they believed it.
Why did they wait until the eve of the election?
Why did they wait until President Trump was beating Joe Biden in the polls?
Why did they wait until half the timing of the trial to be a day before Georgia votes in the primary process?
Total desperation.
Oh, completely.
And what's dangerous is when you combine power with desperation with incompetence, is when you get the most dangerous times in the history of the world.
That's when you get what led to World War I, and World War I birthed fascism, World War I birthed communism.
But for the horrors of World War I itself, we don't get the horrors of World War II.
We don't get the hundreds of millions that die under either communism or fascism.
Thanks to the disasters of World War I and the banking financial crisis, both of which only occurred because we had desperate, incompetent elites in positions of power.
And that's what these cases prove.
That's what these cases manifest.
Now, the President has a robust litany of defenses.
Well, what about impeaching the prosecutors and people?
Well, I think that's the right move.
The Georgia state legislature is looking at it.
They need to get up.
They should have been involved in this.
They screwed around in 2020.
They did.
They took no remedial action.
And along with the corrupt governor, Kemp, who, by the way, gave contradictory statements.
Governor Kemp originally signed and supported my letter, publicly stated support of it, back in November of 2020.
People can go back and look, and he said a signature match audit should occur with independent third party or party observers from the Trump campaign allowed to do it.
That's what Rattmurder promised, specifically promised me, through his lawyers.
And what happened is they never did it.
They never provided it.
They never gave it.
There's some talk out there about the Bureau of Investigators.
They hired their own people.
And this is actually in the indictment.
They said it's a crime that Mark Meadows asked to observe the signatures being matched.
That's his constitutional right!
That's President Trump's constitutional right!
That's the American people's constitutional right!
That's their statutory right under Georgia law!
And so they're saying, trying to find out whether corruption occurred, trying to have transparency in the election process, following internationally recognized election norms, is now a federal crime!
I was about to say, the State Department says the number one rule of a free election is it can be inspected and it can be questioned.
So we run around policing the world's elections and by our own rules, they're violating it.
So why would they brazenly say, you can't tweet and question an election, you can't say we shut down the tabulation center in Atlanta, which they did.
Well, it's like cartoonish!
Why would they post the indictment index early?
I mean, what are they doing?
It's so Orwellian, it's almost too Orwellian for Orwell to even preview.
So that if you say 2 plus 2 equals 4, that's now a crime.
Because the state says no, 2 plus 2 equals 5.
And as long as you keep saying 2 plus 2 equals 4, they're going to shock you once, and then they're going to shock you twice, and then they're going to shock you again.
So it's too big to have a baby.
It's that.
Yeah, absolutely.
And if you deny, if you state reality, if you say the Emperor is naked, you go to prison.
And even if you're the former President of the United States, even if you're the leading presidential opponent in the United States, even if you're a constitutional law professor, even if you're a Justice Department official, even if you're an Attorney General of the United States.
That's why the... No, we have made fun of other countries for doing far less.
I mean, other countries have not been anywhere near, even Pakistan in illicitly removing Prime Minister Imran Khan.
They didn't go so far as to lock him and everyone up.
That's what we're trying to do in the United States.
And it's happening in places like Georgia.
The legislature should have never let this happen.
And at least they can take remedial action now by opening up a special session
Investigating the Attorney General, the District Attorney, impeaching and removing that District Attorney, defunding that entire office, and stopping this nonsense in its tracks, lest the state of Georgia be left as a mocking embarrassment to the entire globe of what constitutional democracy and republic is supposed to look like.
Well, that's really the cherry on top, is the carnival atmosphere and the giggling and the laughing by the judge.
They're acting like they're on a cakewalk here.
This is insane.
But it's a group of criminals that have hijacked the nation, folks, and they mean business.
They're starting World War III with Russia.
They're human trafficking.
We'll come back and talk about solutions and how Robert Barnes sees this unfolding.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is our guest.
Please stay with us.
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So Barnes,
You already said Caligula, and I agree with you, or Nero literally burning Rome to expand his palace.
That's where we're at.
All this Hunter stuff coming out, all this Biden stuff, the world's seeing the Justice Department do nothing.
It's causing a huge awakening.
Going into next year, we'll get to this after you talk about this and give us your expert view.
I have whistleblowers inside the TSA and the Border Patrol, because I call the Border Patrol to just double check, even though I know the TSA person is senior, saying they're going to bring back masks for TSA next month.
They're going to bring back masks for everybody in October.
That's the plan.
We may change it, exposing it.
And that they plan to then, by next year, roll in all the same COVID restrictions and mail in ballots.
They didn't say that.
I could extrapolate out.
That's why it's happening.
But this is huge.
What is your view on all that?
Well, I mean, I think, I mean, the other risk that they face, not only is Trump beating them in all the polls, so they have a major problem that they're trying to remedy and fix by recreating 2020 all over again.
But the case that we broke here exclusively on InfoWars at the time, the Brooke Jackson whistleblower case against Pfizer, the federal district court just reinstated the case and said, we can bring an admitted complaint to prove that there was fraud all the way through the entire process about what Pfizer did and how they did it.
So, they're going to be facing potential discovery, they're going to be facing a wide range of... Let's be clear, because they have the 1986 immunity, but they don't have it if it's fraud.
They don't have an immunity from stealing from the American people.
That's what they never had immunity from.
And President Trump, to his credit, required in the contract with Pfizer that Pfizer deliver a safe, effective vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19.
Pfizer knew that's what they never delivered that.
And the Biden administration has been busy trying to cover it up.
But the court said unless the Biden administration publicly admits
That what they provided was not what they promised to deliver, and that the Biden administration would still write a check anyway, and the Biden administration doesn't want to publicly admit that while Robert Kennedy is challenging Biden in the primaries, then the case gets to be reinstated, we get to amend the complaint, and we get to go forward.
So, they're facing multiple levels of public exposure.
The Biden corruption concerning Ukraine, the Biden crime family corruption exposing biolabs, the Biden corruption involved with Pfizer in the cover-up of the unsafe, dangerous nature of the COVID vaccine that didn't permit transmission of COVID at all.
So, how are they going to get around that while they're losing in the polls despite these wave of indictments against President Trump?
And the Russians are winning in Ukraine.
Yeah, I mean, even they had started admitting, Washington Post, the favorite publication of the CIA these days, used to be the New York Times, now it's Washington Post, because of how deeply in bed Bezos used to be with them, and they stay that way even though Bezos is selling the Post.
They admitted, I think yesterday and today, Ukraine's losing.
Ukraine's not winning the counter-offensive.
Ukraine's not able to... Now even NATO's saying they should give Russia part of the territory, even though they're sending F-16s.
Well, what do you expect to happen there?
I think, I mean, the question, I mean, even Kissinger, whose competence I've never questioned, but moral competence has been broken from the day he got into positions of power, admitted a year ago this was an unwittable conflict.
The economic sanctions weren't working, and they weren't working because Russia's independent on fuel and independent on food.
They don't depend on imports for either, so the ordinary Russian is not impacted by sanctions, not impacted by the ruble falling, not impacted by any of that, because they don't depend or rely upon that.
And so the economic war against Russia has failed, and now the military conflict in Ukraine is failing.
I mean, as you reported from day one, as now being public, that it was one massive money laundering operation in which President Biden has been richly rewarded and his family going on a decade.
Going all the way back to the Maidan coup when he cashed in on it.
And it was Obama that put him in position of power so that he could engage in mass criminality.
Now you dig in and you're gonna find it goes beyond the Biden crime family, goes beyond the Democratic Party, goes beyond the Clintons and Obama, but it implicates the deep state because Hunter Biden was directly involved in the complicity to place bio labs in Ukraine that the Russians now claim are actually connected to COVID-19.
Because they were developing some of those experiments there before they got relocated.
So if you're a globalist in your ivory tower, how are you feeling right now?
You know, what's fascinating is their arrogance exceeds their competence, and that can be dangerous, but it can also be at times a form of insurance against a false flag or staged event occurring over the next year, which I think those risks will escalate as their indictments fail to achieve their political objectives.
But right now, they are confident.
They believe there's no chance they can lose.
That the leading opponent is indicted, the American people clearly won't vote for him, and that will guarantee Biden's re-election, and they can just skate on, keep doing their same nonsense and their same gibberish.
And that's the insanity of the incompetent leadership.
There are some people who recognize within the power structure that that's not achievable and attainable, and they need to redirect their energies.
And those can be some of the most dangerous people because of their desperation.
They may do something that's very, you know, we're already seeing it.
I mean, when's the last time we've seen Ruby Ridge type event?
We just saw it a couple of weeks ago in Utah.
You go in and execute a 75-year-old disabled man on the grounds of supposed social media threats under his own name that don't even rise to the constitutional level of true threats?
A guy who can't even walk out of his own house?
And you go in and you do a Ruby Ridge-style execution of him?
And then I guess there's talk today of an FBI, something else happened in Tennessee where they shot somebody dead and it's not explained why or how.
So it looks to me, I mean, you remember it, you lived it in live time, you reported on it in live time.
You combine Ruby Ridge and Waco and they use that to stage Oklahoma City.
And they used Oklahoma City to rally power behind Clinton, cover up all the Clinton corruption and fraud, get Clinton re-elected, allow the FBI to expand its power base in the post-Cold War era, and we saw the disaster of it.
So there has to be an alert awareness
That's right.
Make sure not to take any of that bait.
Be smart.
Be productive.
Look for constitutional remedies.
Reassert your democratic power.
An example of that is InfoWars.
In other words, people providing, keeping InfoWars on the air long after you're supposed to be gone.
You're supposed to be financially DOA.
You're supposed to have been buried two years ago.
The lawyers came out and said so after the lawsuit.
Their whole goal wasn't to win money for anybody.
Their whole goal was to shut down silence forever.
I don't know.
That's the way to continue to fight back productively, intelligently, wisely, sagely, through the court of public opinion, through our constitutional processes, and utilize those to assert in our remedies, because our founders knew of this risk, and that's why they guaranteed certain rights.
That's why they provided certain remedies.
That's why the judiciary needs to step up to the plate.
The state legislatures need to step up to the plate.
Matt Gaetz is right.
Let's put these corrupt federal judges under investigation, these political partisan hacks who are denying their constitutional oath.
We need to assert all of our constitutional and legal remedies to keep the American Republic alive, because that's what keeps it alive, what's in the hearts and minds of ordinary everyday people.
Well, you just say one thing about Trump and what we've done, it's gotten the globalists to take their mask off.
So if you were Trump, and I want to get into their future lockdown plans, the big story today, if you were President Trump, what would you be doing right now?
Well, legally, I would assert every single constitutional objection.
I would look for motions to dismiss, motions to remove.
I would look to stay the cases.
Say, hey, let's make election day verdict day.
And let's stay all these cases until after the election so there's no interference or impairment of people's right to vote meaningfully and constitutionally.
And that could be an effective remedy as anything else.
So assert all of your remedies in court.
Be fearless.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be bashful.
Don't cave in or capitulate to any of their threats.
And so far he hasn't, and I think that's the right move.
When and if does the Supreme Court get involved?
The Supreme Court should get involved as soon as they can and there's going to be multiple opportunities.
There's going to be motions to disqualify the judge in D.C.
There's going to be motions, there's already motions to remove going before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the New York case.
There should be motions to dismiss and motions to stay the proceedings that can go right up to the Court of Appeals and right up to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
They could hear this case within months and they need to take proactive action because what's happening is not only endangering America's constitutional republic, it's endangering the integrity and impartiality of the judicial branch.
Well, we've already had our credit rating drop.
I mean, we're a laughingstock.
I mean, I mean, we actually, I mean, it's amazing is you have the Secretary of State going out there and attacking Russia for prosecuting a low-level, marginal, Lyndon LaRouche kind of candidate in Russia, and at the same time that the administration is actually indicting its lead political opponent, which no Western nation has done in decades.
America has never done.
And so we are a complete mockery.
And if the Supreme Court does not step up to the plate, they will endanger the credibility of the judicial branch forever.
They will endanger the Ameri- I mean, over half of Americans will believe that our judiciary is as complicit and participant in the corrupt efforts to impair and impede their rights to vote for who they want for presidency of the United States in ways that will be utterly unrecoverable.
Bush v. Gore was controversial enough.
The failure to take action here would be far more controversial, far more damning, far more devastating to the credibility and confidence in our judicial branch, even being an impartial branch that we can rely upon to protect constitutional right and remedy.
So that's what we have to take.
They have to get involved.
The Congress needs to get involved.
It's time to start impeaching Joe Biden, impeach the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mayorkas, impeach the Attorney General Merrick Garland, impeach the Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco, and bring investigations into all the illicit activities of Jack Smith.
And as well as the Hunter Biden bogus inquiries and investigation that is clearly being used as a massive cover-up campaign.
That was dismissed today so that the DA, the U.S.
Attorney's Office, can hide all the evidence from Congress on the grounds there's a continuing investigation.
And they violated federal law and took the prosecutor in the Hunter case and made him a special counsel.
I mean, that violates federal law.
Yeah, it's specifically for him to become, to have that power, he needs to either be appointed with the consent of the Senate or he needs to be outside the entire Justice Department process.
He is neither.
He was given authority, he was not jurisdictionally, legally, constitutionally entitled to, and he's doing it solely to cover it up.
There was no basis to move the case out of Delaware.
So we're in a whole new universe.
What do you expect him to do next?
And that segues to this.
I talked to high-level TSA.
I talked to Border Patrol to see if they'd heard anything.
They said, yes.
We're told they're going to make us start masking in mid-September.
They're going to try to make everybody on airlines do it in October.
They're going to try to bring it all back through the winter with mail-in ballots next year.
You can see the utility of that for them.
They just did it in 2020, and then we're able to steal things with that.
How big a story is that exclusively at InfoWars.com right now?
Well, the other reason they're thinking about doing it is you look at what's happening economically.
Millennials, there's been a massive shift from 2020 to now amongst working class minorities and millennials.
Because economically they're getting hammered.
They can't afford to rent.
They can't afford to buy a home.
They can't afford or even lease a car.
They can't afford basic grocery items without borrowing it from
So don't worry, a new lockdown begins and they give them a check.
If we're able to back this off, they'll say, oh, Alex was wrong.
They're planning this.
They tell the feds it's coming.
I want to stop this.
Yeah, I mean, they want to evict, because they want moratorium.
Look at the homelessness expansion.
Over rose to the highest level it's ever risen last year.
What's that part of?
Part of it's drug issues, part of it's mental health issues, and the lack of treatment for it.
But the other part of it is people who no longer had the benefits of the eviction moratorium.
So they would like to reinstate the eviction moratoriums.
They would like to give basically people free rent.
They'd like to send people free STEMI checks.
They'd like to suspend again the student loans on repayments under emergency grounds.
They almost have to do so because of the economic situation they're facing.
Then it gives them political control at a level they love during the pandemic.
And then last but not least is what you're talking about.
It gives them the green light to once again violate state election law rules and allow the indefinitely defined to be radically expanded to vote in Wisconsin, allow mass mail-in balloting everywhere else without meaningful standards being enforced and applied, because they know it's the only mean... Even with all of that fraud that they did in 2020, they still barely won!
What happens when Trump is winning by such a big margin that it's outside the margin of fraud?
That they got to do something desperate in order to be able to keep and sustain power.
And so that's why we have to be on high alert for false flag events.
We have to be on high alert for them reinstating pandemic-style controls.
We have to be a high alert for a risk of World War III because we've got people that dangerous, that desperate, and that dumb in positions of power.
When I look at the corporate media with almost no viewers or support now, they're really cornered rats.
I mean, is there any way out of this for the establishment but to escalate?
Unfortunately, no.
I mean, I think if they were smart and savvy, they would come to a reasonable compromise the way Kissinger has been recommending in Ukraine and domestically.
But I don't think there's enough Kissinger competence level corrupt people in positions of power.
We just have people that are just that are dumb and dangerous.
Well, we're like the last stages of a dying empire.
You know, that's how you get the Caligula types running places like Rome.
Not only because they crossed the Rubicon, but because they continued to degrade with politically and culturally and intellectually incestuous unions that produced dangerously incompetent people like the end of the Habsburg Empire that fell apart after World War I.
Or the Ottoman Empire, similar story, fell apart after World War I. Empires that had lasted six centuries disappeared in a decade.
That can happen to the United States, America's constitutional republic, if we don't stay hyper-vigilant, hyper-alert, hyper-aware, and hyper-involved in protecting America's constitutional liberty.
People are basically on call for Paul Revere's ride, and we're experiencing Paul Revere's ride in live time as these dangerous elites continually escalate the threats to our entire globe.
For those that don't know, they never indict somebody when they're running for president if they're the leader, or even a top candidate, because it's obviously election meddling.
And I think with the piling on, we will see Michigan and Arizona indict Trump.
How are they even going to line up all those trials when they're not just interfering with the election, they're interfering with each other?
I mean, right now he's scheduled for trial in March in D.C.
and in March in Georgia by the government's request.
And trials are supposed to go months long.
Then May and also March in New York.
Right now you have D.C.
requesting a trial in March, Georgia requesting a trial in March, and New York already scheduling a trial in March.
And then he still got the Florida case in May!
So it's utterly, it's obvious what they're trying to do.
It's utterly insane!
It shows how it's a desperate effort to interfere with and impair people's right to vote.
What they're accusing Trump of, just like with Ukraine, just like with Russiagate, what they're accusing Trump of is what they themselves are guilty of.
A confession through projection.
The Georgia indictment is what the Democrats did in 2020, and what they're trying to use the indictment to do in 2024, which is a conspiracy to defraud ordinary Americans of their right to a free and fair election.
That's what the January 6th election-related DC indictments are also all about.
And so these collective efforts to evidence, and I think it's so desperate, so egregious, so over-the-top, so excessive,
Then when you're losing the Dershowitz's of the world, and the Turley's of the world, and liberal democratic law professors of the world, when they are saying this is nuts, it's going to put massive pressure on the Supreme Court to intervene, or some other court, lower level court, to say, hold on a second, we got to put a stop to all this.
They are forcing these courts, if they are conscientious, to simply stop all of them, stay all the actions, let Election Day be Verdict Day in America, and that will resolve things fully because if Election Day is Verdict Day, then Donald Trump is the next President of the United States.
Unless they find some means to steal that election as well, and that's why we have to be aware of the risk of another lockdown-style intervention by the federal government.
Well, that's perfectly said.
And we also hear that, well, since New York and Georgia have indicted him, that's pardon proof because that's state.
But couldn't the governors of those states, I guess you have to have a Republican governor in New York, couldn't they then pardon him?
So yeah, in Georgia, it's up to the Pardon Commission.
So they have a... 1943, they amended their constitution so that a commission pardons them, and if they believe he's innocent of the charges, they can pardon him at any time.
So that's what can happen in Georgia.