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Name: 20230815_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 15, 2023
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The Maui fire caused deaths and suspicions of government neglect and interference. Directed energy weapons may have contributed to its intensity, while chemtrails are believed to have intensified the "super wildfires." The police chief was involved in the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting incident. Hawaii's culture and history face threats from wealthy land buyers. Listeners are encouraged to share InfoWars information. Alex Jones promotes private label products on InfowarStore.com, discussing globalist influence and attacks on democracy. Roger Stone accuses Democrats of creating a "two-tier justice system." Infowars promotes alternative search engines and criticizes private corporations becoming de facto governments. The UN's warning about mass starvation is discussed along with Klaus Schwab's connections. Alex Jones shares his experiences with globalists attempting to recruit him, promoting BrainForce supplements, RainForce energy technology, and an advanced water filtration system available at InfoWarsStore.com. Dr. Judy Mikovits discusses the connection between Simian Virus 40 (SV40) and other viruses like HIV and SARS-CoV-2. She claims that SV40 is in vaccines, but it has been ignored. The video covers various topics, including propaganda, climate change, CO2 levels, and Russia and China's advanced weapons technology.

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Biden was asked about it and said no comment.
Not our hearts go out to people or we're sending aid, in fact they're blocking aid coming in from private citizens and not bringing in federal aid.
The governor on a video announced they're gonna steal the property and turn it into a smart city with Bill Gates.
You cannot make this stuff up.
63% of Hawaii voted for Biden and how does he reward the people?
Burning and losing everything and dying over a thousand now for helping elect him.
He gives them nothing and gives 80 plus billion.
It's up to 170 billion to Ukraine and Hawaii.
Victims get $700 per household to get your life back together.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Biden actually put out a tweet saying, I'm helping you. $700.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Survivors of the Maui fire say that they received no warning and that the flames appeared so quickly that escape was difficult.
Everything was suddenly in flames and many found refuge in the ocean for hours while their homes burned to the ground and into the same powdery ash footprint we've seen in recent years.
So far, it is estimated that nearly a thousand people have died.
Locals are worried this includes hundreds of children who were home due to school being cancelled that day.
Several people are reporting that the government is not only doing little to help, but they are blocking local efforts to do so, and are not allowing local donations through, and that they are blocking life-saving medicine because it isn't federally approved.
Denying people access to bring in
Just surprise for people to live.
The government withholding every single one of our donations because we are not a part of FEMA and Red Cross.
So none of this is eligible for giving out.
Tell me why.
I have no freaking clue.
The people of Maui are on their own for now.
And aside from the federal government's bureaucratic failure, they have good reason to be suspicious.
Just like what we saw five years ago in Paradise, California, there was nothing normal about these fires.
Within a day of burning, it was like a bomb went off.
When you see the full
Local residents have been reporting bright flashes of light.
One was captured by a home security camera that appears to have been the start of the Olinda fire.
Many people are saying that it was directed energy weapons.
We know that most major governments already have them.
And during the California fires, online weather maps recorded what looks like a laser from above, striking an area just before it bursts into flames.
In his research, Dennis Mills discovered that the incendiary aluminum and barium nanodust from chemtrails is most likely fueling the ferocity of today's so-called super wildfires.
And on the day before the Maui fires broke out, locals were reporting a heavy overcast from chemtrailing that they'd never seen before.
It's also interesting to note that the Maui Police Chief was the incident commander for the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017.
La Haina is considered to be a historic and sacred land.
It was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii before it was taken by the United States.
It's been occupied by Native Hawaiians ever since, who are defiantly opposed to the mainland outsiders who have been buying up land with no respect for local culture.
Not just BlackRock and Vanguard, but billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, who owns more land on Kauai than what the government of Kauai owns, and Oprah Winfrey,
...who has bought over a thousand acres of land in Hawaii, including a new 870 acres in Maui she just bought this spring.
In 2018, the Paradise wildfires broke out exactly where the United Nations have plans to somehow make off-limits to humans.
And that same year, a report on wildfire prevention was published that was focused on the exact same areas in Maui where the fires just broke out.
All the historic downtown, all of it is demolished and all the houses gone.
But those commercial big box stores are still there.
Hawaii Governor Josh Green has been putting the World Economic Forum's Great Reset Agenda ahead of Hawaiian interests.
Just weeks before the fire, he unveiled an emergency proclamation on housing that eliminates the traditional land use commission, allowing the government more leeway to build as they see fit.
Such as building 15-minute smart cities run by artificial intelligence, just like they've been planning to do in Hawaii for years.
At some point, I will make a major donation after all of the smoke and ashes have settled here, and we figure out what the rebuilding is going to look like.
This is going to be a long and difficult process.
You're going to see a lot of Phoenix stories rising from the ashes here.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Tomorrow's news, today.
On March 6th, 2001, Alex Jones first predicted the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center.
You've got an element of the FBI and these war game scenarios where they can remote control a 747 and they're gonna crash it into the World Trade Center.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now,
InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
I would like to express my sympathy and warmest regards to the people of Hawaii, and specifically all of those who have been so gravely and irreparably hurt by the tragedy of the wildfires in Maui, something the likes of which have seldom been seen anywhere at any time.
The death caused by this catastrophic event will be far worse than ever expected, now that houses and cars in other areas are being inspected.
The sad thing is, it should never have happened.
Our government was not prepared, and very importantly, the aftermath is going very poorly with the governor of the island wanting to do nothing but blame it on global warming and other things that just happened to pop into his head.
When asked about it today, as he was getting into a car, perhaps coming home from the beach,
Where he has been spending a great deal of time.
Crooked Joe Biden, the most incompetent president in the history of our country, with a laugh and a smile, said he had no comment on the death and the tragedy.
To say no comment is oftentimes fine, but to be smiling when you say it, especially against such a tragedy as this, is absolutely horrible and unacceptable.
It is a disgraceful thing that Joe Biden refuses to help or comment on the tragedy in Maui, just as he refused to help or comment on the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, for a very, very long time.
In any event, hopefully everyone will be able to pull together so that a horrible situation does not get even worse.
To the families affected, I give you my love and sympathy.
Nothing can ever replace your loved ones.
But you will always have the memories and will feel their great love surrounding and embracing you.
Together we will continue to carry their legacy forward and I love you all very much.
Thank you.
Heartfelt, powerful presidential message from our real president.
Biden was asked about it and said, no comment.
Not our hearts go out to people or we're sending aid.
In fact, they're blocking aid coming in from private citizens and not bringing in federal aid.
The governor, I have video, announced they're going to steal the property and turn it into a smart city with Bill Gates.
You cannot make this stuff up.
63% of Hawaii voted for Biden and how does he reward the people burning and losing everything and dying over a thousand now for helping elect him?
He gives them nothing and gives 80 plus billion, it's up to 170 billion, to Ukraine and Hawaii victims get $700 per household to get your life back together.
Don't spend it all in one place.
Biden actually put out a tweet saying, I'm helping you, $700.
Illegal aliens are given in New York $10,000 a month and free housing while veterans rot on the street.
Footage I haven't gotten to for some reason the last two weeks that we keep seeing pop up.
It didn't really make national news, but it's in local news in California and Kentucky and New York and other places.
Like Louisville, controlled by Democrats, they throw old people and others that are sick in stretchers, they throw them out on the side of the road.
I mean this is just road warrior collapse.
We're in the middle of the collapse.
I've got so much to cover today.
It's a jam-packed transmission.
Roger Stone's coming on.
Dr. Judy Mikovits.
Mike Adams.
It's just an entire four hours.
It's jam-packed.
But I'm not like corporate media that
Says people say things and they don't play the clip.
We like to show you something if we say it happened.
Here's Biden when asked about 1,000 plus dead.
Some say 1,500 to 2,000.
The state of Hawaii is famously corrupt.
Never really stopped being a military zone since it was seized by the U.S.
Doesn't even really have the rights of territories.
Out West, it famously didn't have the same rights as Eastern states.
And even after a lot of the territories became states, they're still, in some cases, 80% federally controlled.
But Hawaii is really a special case.
Great people, wonderful culture, amazing vibe, but the government is totally, totally New World Order.
Here's Biden who couldn't give a rat's ass about the Hawaiian people.
Will you come talk about the Hawaii response, Mr. President?
Uh, nothing there.
Nothing there.
No comment.
Now, I was just in Hawaii for two weeks.
In Kauai and also in Oahu.
And obviously I'm well known, so I got invited out by the Hawaiians several times and got a chance to hang out with some of the leaders.
And they've all got little ancestral pieces of property right on the beach where they're being offered $20 million, $100 million for even two, three, four acres.
And there's dozens, I said dozens, more than 100 millionaires that have moved out there.
And that's all the locals told me about.
But I went on a fishing trip and things like that was how horrible they are and how they're stealing all the property and how they're waging war on them and how they burn them out.
And so the governor now said, oh, we're not giving the people their property back, which is the cultural center is where the fire happened.
That's where the Hawaiian
Royal family lived for thousands of years, thousands of years.
It's Tahitian culture that arrived there about 2,000 plus years ago.
Talk about incredible mariners, seamen, and they're just taking it.
The most valuable real estate.
On Earth, other than the City of London.
I don't mean the main City of London, there's the City of London within London, the Financial District.
That is the most expensive per square inch land on the planet.
Next is where the fires happened in Maui.
We're going to be laying this out a lot.
Emergency services stood down.
Dozens of fires started instantaneously, just like we've seen in California and all over Canada.
We have satellite footage of California, Canada, and other areas where you just see instantly over miles, sometimes 200 miles long, just instantly fire start everywhere.
There's some of the satellite footage of Canada just the last few months that happened within 30 minutes.
So you need to understand, ladies and gentlemen, that people are saying it's lasers, they're
It's things like that without proof.
I'm not attacking people that say that.
I believe it is arson.
But the old-fashioned thing to use is a road flare, a lighter, with kerosene or gasoline.
You wait till the winds are high.
It was a dry hurricane.
You've seen the high winds.
50, 60, 70 miles an hour.
That blew in, and then all over the rest of Hawaii, because it hit the Big Island, Kona right next to it, and then it hit Maui.
Kona's the most
Easterly, most westerly is Kauai, but it's really in the middle of that zone turning over, so you can see it as the perspective of, it's the most westerly, but it depends on your perspective, but it's the island second closest to the mainland west coast.
Goes Kona, and then it goes Maui, and then it goes Wahoo, and then it goes out to Lanai and Kauai, and then of course there's a forbidden island that
Literal seafaring Amish bought from the king hundreds of years ago, and then there's an Amish Hawaiian community with no electricity out on the other island that you can only go to on day hunting trips by helicopter.
If I ever get a chance to go out there, I'll do it.
Just to be able to talk to those folks.
I mean, I'm just stunned right now because
This is just insane.
Now, what's just as bad, because they're stealing our right to vote for who we choose, the Georgia incompetence of the Soros DA has completely blown up in their face.
They have been caught red-handed committing a serious crime and trying to cover it up when they published the indictments before the grand jury voted.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this live
Tuesday, August 15, 2023, transmission with a raft of incredible guests and information.
Roger Stone joins us in 30 minutes to talk about the indictment.
I've read the indictment this morning, and all I can say is, whoa, this is the globalists cementing their coup.
Over the United States.
That's why George Soros has put in over 900 district attorneys and county attorneys, thousands of judges in jurisdictions where they're elected, like Texas.
He has 22 of the state attorney generals and the globalists have control of the federal Justice Department.
This is total next-level election stealing by indicting four times the leading candidate who would win in a landslide today if the 2024 elections were held.
And the sickest part of this is having to watch them criminally leak over and over again in federal and state cases and not get in trouble because they control the Justice Department.
And to watch the complete lawlessness and to know that these people know exactly what they're doing.
Several big points.
They list in the indictment, and I'll show it to you, that one of the reasons these people are being charged, including Rudolph Giuliani and President Trump, is that they claim
That the county where Atlanta is based, where they famously blocked the windows and said a water pipe had broken that wasn't true, and then the surveillance footage showed them cramming the same ballots over and over again in the machines.
They say Trump lied and put out tweets saying that they kicked everybody out and kept counting ballots.
They're on record they did.
And it goes on and on.
This is criminalizing, challenging a stolen election.
We've all seen the Democrats challenging him, completely legal.
They're indicting him for organized crime, racketeering, for trying to create alternate delegates, something Democrats have done over and over again.
Barack Obama did it the second time he ran for president, in Hawaii.
JFK did it.
Was getting ready to do it.
This is just simply amazing.
Democrats did this, attempted to do this when Al Gore lost.
Probably had it stolen.
It looks like they did steal it.
I don't like Al Gore.
So, there's that, but there's a big smoking gun in the middle of this.
It'd be like if your neighbor at, you know, two o'clock in the afternoon, you're out watering your plants and you see your neighbor arguing with his wife and he pulls a gun out and shoots her in the head.
I mean, it's...
Smoking gun.
Got a gun, there's smoke coming out of the barrel, you just saw him shoot her in the head.
So, what is that?
Yesterday, at about 11.30 Central, 12.30 Eastern, they published on the County Clerk's Office, there in Georgia, where this happened in Atlanta, the indictment index.
Enlisted, who was being indicted, and what they were being indicted for, and it matched.
And it was the front pages to the indictment.
And they responded by saying, and I have the news articles and reports, that it's fake.
And the press did ask them about this yesterday.
About the prosecutor and the DA.
And they said, oh, that's fake.
And they said, well, why does it match it?
And why is the grand jury's names on it?
That was secret to that point.
No, it's real.
They did it before the grand jury voted.
I wonder if they'll have the convictions for Trump federal and state in New York and Georgia and Miami and D.C.
I wonder if they'll have the verdicts leaked too.
I mean, that's how big this is.
So first, let's play the surreal clip.
of the Sheriff's Department saying that they are going to perp walk Trump, have him do a mugshot, which we put out a fake mugshot.
People wanted the shirt.
There were a few of them left, says political prisoner, but we'll put a new one out with the real iconic image of President Trump.
They have until the 24th, 22nd, I have it right here, to quote, turn
Themselves in.
So it's Friday the 25th.
Trump Georgia probe.
Court clerk calls charging document fictitious.
These people are a joke.
They're all self-important Soros-funded criminals in my view.
So they're trying to block who we want to be able to run, who's in the lead.
That's stealing an election in front of us.
They're trying to say it's illegal to challenge or say they steal elections.
They'll have Obama and Hillary and all them saying the voting machines are rigged, when they lose.
And they published the indictment, or the cover pages of it, and filed it as if it was an indictment, before the grand jury even met hours later, and did the whole rigmarole, marching it in and showing the indictment.
So here they are announcing they're going to mugshot the president.
Here it is.
We are following our normal practices.
And so it doesn't matter your status.
We have mugshots ready for you.
Let's go ahead now and go to reporter asks Fannie Willis, the prosecutor, about the supposed fictitious Trump indictment posted online before they voted and why it matched.
The official judges.
Yeah, whoever made this up just got it exactly right.
And had the secret grand jury's name on it.
Yeah, right.
And I think you believe Santa Claus comes out of the chimney right on Christmas Eve?
Here it is.
We're good to go.
The former president's lawyers who are saying this is emblematic of a serious problem with your office.
No, I can't tell you anything about what you refer to.
What I can tell you is that we had a grand jury here in Fulton County.
They deliberated till almost 8 o'clock, if not right after 8 o'clock.
An indictment was returned.
It was true billed and you now have an indictment.
I am not an expert on clerks.
So, they didn't even start meeting, I think they said until like 2, and you heard her say they deliberated until 8 o'clock.
So, at 1230, it's marked here, I'll show it to you when we come back.
In the afternoon, Eastern, the thing is filed, before the grand jury supposedly deliberating came and handed it down.
That's like an NFL game hadn't started and they go, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
The Cowboys win, or the 49ers win.
You're like, you haven't even played a game yet.
Or you're watching a Yankee-Red Sox game and they go, whoa, whoa, whoa, no need to have the nine innings.
The Yankees win.
You'd be like, this is rigged as hell.
This is next level.
It's your source of powerful information.
Alright, I don't think you need me to tell you if you're a regular listener and you've got your head screwed on straight that this country's got cancer.
The world has it.
But I've got a very important group of articles here today dealing with the globalists and with world government.
And this story ties into what's happening in Georgia and all over the United States with these weaponized
Judiciary, law enforcement, prosecutory systems.
See this headline?
George Soros, which is again one of the top globalist generals in the attack on pre-humanity, has shifted all of his funding out of Europe because it's basically captured.
They are massively banning free speech.
They are setting up future lockdowns.
They've gotten rid of the borders.
Soros came out and said that they are killing their funding to the EU, basically declaring victory, turning that continent into a total tyranny.
And he's going to focus on the United States and on China, because China isn't following the globalist orders.
Then I found a C-SPAN clip of David Rockefeller admitting how they recruit people and how they control things.
It's very interesting.
We'll be getting to that later in the broadcast, but obviously the judicial takeover and weaponization in Georgia is front and center in the fact that they, in any other free country, screwed the pooch by criminally
Leaking the indictment before the grand jury had finished its quote, deliberations.
I'm going to explain that again.
Yesterday in the early afternoon in Georgia, they published in the county registry, the indictment cover pages and the charges against Trump.
And dozens of others.
When they got caught, they said, no, that's fake.
That's not real.
So a fake indictment got published in the county clerk.
And then when they released the quote, deliberations that they claim went until eight o'clock at night and were not complete.
So, so the grand jury's out, just like a regular jury.
So the jury is still deliberating on a murder case.
And at noon, it's published on the county clerk that an individual's guilty and it matches the exact charges.
You'd say, this is rigged.
This is set up.
There wouldn't just be an investigation.
The whole trial would be thrown out.
But the prosecutors, the Soros criminals, run this, just like they stole the election.
And they say in the indictment, you're not allowed to say it's stolen.
That's a fraud.
We've indicted the former president.
Now, whether he was right or wrong about that, he had the right to say that and investigate it.
Of course, he was right.
So, I'm going to say it again.
They have been caught red-handed publishing that he's been indicted and what charges it was for and the others that were indicted with the grand jury's name eight hours or seven and a half hours before they came out and said, we've reached our verdict.
He's indicted.
They have a vote on indictment.
That's what they have.
Just like an impeachment, they vote to start the Senate investigation.
So the House of Representatives in an impeachment acts like a grand jury, the Senate as the jury of the trial.
Now imagine, in any criminal case or even a civil case, if the exact verdict was published before the jury said, we have come to a decision.
You know, you saw in my Sandy Hook show trials, where the judge defaulted me in both Texas and Connecticut, said we gave him no discovery, selectively used the discovery, wouldn't let me put on a defense, had a show trial, but they told people it was a trial, let the people run on for hours saying just things that were just over the top, not based in reality, with no evidence or no proof.
Now if you think a judge telling a jury that man's a liar and he's guilty and I've already found him guilty, you are here to decide how guilty he is.
And the juries are so weaponized and so hand-selected that they then say, okay, we're going to give a billion and a half dollars to these people when I only said the name of one person.
And an FBI agent who I never said his name, I never showed a picture of him, didn't even know who he was until he sued me.
They gave him $95 million that doesn't exist.
Now you're like, that is just over the top.
That doesn't sound real.
But you saw it happen.
On national television.
Massive coverage.
Thousands of articles a week.
Hundreds of programs a day, conservatively.
Every local news station in the country lying about me and attacking me.
Saying I sent people to pee on graves.
No footage, no witnesses, no nothing.
Just people saying it with no proof.
And I'm the bad guy.
And the Soros DA that dates a gang member in cases she's over.
Yeah, she's mobbed up.
Violent gang leader.
She's a thug.
They publish the grand jury guilty verdict and it matches exactly on the Tony Clark website and they say it's fake with no evidence and then they don't even wait around to change the indictment around.
Seven and a half hours later they say we've reached our verdict.
Bring in the grand jury!
The judge, I have the verdict.
Let me... It's a sealed indictment.
I don't know what this is.
The whole world's already got it.
And they do this whole dog and pony show up there.
What is this, Captain Kangaroo?
I'm the Great Karnak.
I wonder.
What is in this envelope?
Indicted on all counts.
Look at this show they put on.
This is beyond third world.
And you got this guy up there.
And he also got caught on a hot mic making jokes and saying, isn't this everything we dream?
Great job.
We're powerful.
We can take away who the people want to vote for.
We run this country now.
Oh, we don't steal elections.
We just indict the people that are 20, 30, 40, 50 points ahead of the polls.
Oh, we just had, in the same state, Georgia, in the same county, attempts last year to keep Marjorie Taylor Greene.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
That was in January of this year.
It was this year!
And a bunch of other Congress people, they tried to disqualify them from being able to run because they were at the Capitol.
Yeah, where they were elected to be on January 6th.
And of course, they couldn't get it done because it's totally not in the law.
But they'll figure it out.
Judges say you're guilty.
Tell juries how guilty you are.
You think, well, that's as bad as it gets.
Hold my beer, says the Soros DA, the Soros prosecutor.
Hold my beer.
Watch this.
We will publish the indictments.
Seven and a half hours before they're three deliberating, put on a whole show and say, ladies and gentlemen, they have their verdict.
Hmm, I wonder what it'll be.
And the judge is like, is this everything you wanted?
Is this everything you dreamed?
I got the clip.
Crazy people!
Here's clip 7 of the Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney receives a sealed indictment from the grand jury at 8 o'clock at night hearing evidence of efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
And then I'm going to play the clip where the reporter asks, well why the hell then did you publish the exact indictment?
Well, that wasn't real.
We just published it on the county website.
Smoking gun!
Roger Stone's coming up in two minutes.
Play the clips back-to-back.
Play clip 7, 9, and 8 back-to-back.
This is a total circus.
Is it evening or night?
Hello, ma'am.
Thank you.
And the judge has got a big re-election sign up.
The prosecutor's running ads for herself.
She's campaigning, raising money off the president.
He goes, hmm, we don't know who, if he got indicted.
Let me open the sealed indictment.
He wants to publish 7 1⁄2 hours before.
I know this is boring, folks, but it's important to put this on record.
They already know it.
They've already done it.
Seven and a half hours before the deliberations were over.
Total crime, in my view, in front of everybody.
This is a smoking gun of kangaroo courts.
This is Monty Python-esque.
Oh, he has no idea what's about to happen.
He's just now learning it.
Could do this whole show for everybody.
Then he's calling a hot mic saying, this is not everything you dreamed up.
Oh, we're so powerful.
We're lawyers.
We rule everyone now.
It's our country now, not yours.
I'm just making sure.
I'm just making sure.
Mr. Royals, everything went as it should have in front of the grand jury?
Yes, Your Honor.
All right.
Alexander, you're prepared to take this.
I guess I'm delivering it to the clerk.
You'll maintain custody of it from here?
Yes, sir.
This is them trying to steal your right to vote for Trump.
This is election theft right in front of you.
Can you take the certification or is it go with Madam Clerk?
Oh, now they're going to certify it and file it with the clerk.
All right, you guys, make way.
According to the Fulton County Clerk's Office that was circulated online with charges against former President Donald Trump.
That fictitious document matched exactly the charges that we now see in this indictment.
Can you tell us more about that document leak?
Because now you have
The former president's lawyers who are saying this is emblematic of a serious problem with your office.
No, I can't tell you anything about what you refer to.
What I can tell you is that we had a grand jury here in Fulton County.
They deliberated till almost 8 o'clock, if not right after 8 o'clock.
An indictment was returned.
It was true billed and you now have an indictment.
I am not an expert on clerks.
Yeah, let's just sweep that under the rug.
Did you notice this isn't just about a leak?
They were still deliberating seven and a half hours later and this matches, but they're saying it's fake.
They're lying?
The grand jury had already made its decision or been told what to do.
They jumped the gun.
Roger Stone is a former political president, pardoned by the president for crimes he did not commit.
There's really no one out there that's been persecuted as much as him, except for a few other people, namely the president.
So he is uniquely endowed by experience and persecution to be able to speak to this nightmare.
But I have to tell you, Roger, I feel a real pain and sadness for our republic.
I've never felt that the republic's closer to death
I am saddened right now.
I'm grieving.
It's absolutely shocking, Alex.
In the 45 years I've been in the public arena, in the 45 years plus I've been in American politics, I've never seen anything quite like this.
Does anyone, anywhere, think that if Donald Trump was not leading by double digits for the Republican presidential nomination, if he wasn't leading the incumbent Joe Biden,
I have listened.
To the entire audio tape of the phone call that is the centerpiece of District Attorney Willis's indictment of Donald Trump.
I've read the transcript.
By the way, it's ponderous.
There were six other lawyers on the phone at the time participating.
It is absolutely clear that the President does not instruct the Secretary of State to go out and find 11,870 ballots.
What he says is you have
Illegally counted 11,870 votes that are illegal.
A certain number of them being convicted felons, a certain number of them being people who are deceased, a certain number of them being people who illegally registered to vote from post office boxes, and so on.
So that is a complete bastardization of what he says.
And then beyond that, if you read some of these charges, and I'm not an attorney, there actually counts against him for him going online and urging people to watch OAN.
Or in connection with a tweet.
This turns our entire system upside down.
There is a hysteria about the fact that unimpeded Donald Trump will return to the White House and he will put America first.
And they are, I think, vexed by the fact
That no matter what they throw at him, it just seems to make him stronger.
The real issue here is the state indictments in New York.
And by yesterday, by the way, yesterday, the judge in the New York business records case, which should be a civil case, but has been elevated to a felony because it targets Donald Trump.
The judge in that case, despite being a contributor to Joe Biden, declines to recuse himself.
No big surprise there.
The state charges are actually, technically I think, more problematic because when he returns to the White House, which I believe he will do, he would have the power to pardon himself of these bogus, fabricated federal crimes pertaining to his handling of records or in the matters in DC.
But he has no such ability if he is convicted in any of the states.
I would hope
That his attorneys would move immediately to remove the Georgia matter to federal court where he would have a broader jury pool and at least have some chance of having a fair trial.
Roger, if you look at page 26 and we can pull that up.
They say he lied and charges him with fraud and making false statements that the Fulton County election workers at State Farm Arena ordered poll watchers and members of the media to leave the tabulation area on the night of November 3rd, 2020 and continue to operate after ordering everyone to leave.
Guys, pull up that footage.
They admittedly put up the signs, blocked the windows, kicked everybody out.
And then we have the surveillance footage of them continuing for hours while they claimed a water main broke that didn't break, they now admit.
Jamming ballots into the machines.
I mean this is this they're indicting him for something that's on video Yeah, it's really it's really extraordinary be great if we could pull that up this entire indictment is is a is is a is a Travesty it's a miscarriage of justice.
It's a politically motivated vendetta, but let's not lose sight of the fact that it is the centerpiece of
Of course.
She then says it's a counterfeit, it's not real, except for it completely and totally matches the ultimate indictment.
It proves that this cake was baked from the beginning.
Anybody who understands the grand jury process understands it is a totally one-sided process.
The accused is never allowed to present any evidence to prove their innocence or to counter
Thank you.
And Roger, there's unity in the operations in Michigan, and in Georgia, and in Arizona, and Pennsylvania.
They kick everybody out, they block the windows so the press can't see, trucks pull up, more ballots come in, and they start cramming them in the machines, and then running the same batches, and then they've charged Trump for talking about that in his tweets about it.
I've got it right here.
I mean, this is just next level.
Just last week you had breaking news documenting more election irregularities and anomalies in Wisconsin, in Michigan, and in Georgia.
The Halderman Report, which everybody should examine, absolutely documents the election fraud in Georgia.
I don't recall Stacey Abrams being prosecuted when she denied the outcome of the 2016, pardon me, 2018 election in Georgia, when she sought evidence to overturn that result.
So I guess the way to put this is, if you question the outcome of an election, that's an egregious crime for which you should be incarcerated and most probably banned for running for public office, unless of course
You're Kamala Harris, or Nancy Pelosi, or Congressman Jerry Nadler, or Congressman Jamie Raskin, or Stacey Abrams, or Chuck Schumer, or any of the hundred-plus House Democrats who signed on to a bill to overturn the 2016 election.
This is the two-tier justice system writ large.
Roger, just on Act 25, again, they say right here,
That the Fulton County election workers at the State Farm Arena ordered poll watchers and members of the media to leave the tabulation area.
It was on TV they did it.
We have a video, we're just showing it.
On the night of November 3rd, 2020, and continue to operate after ordering everyone to leave.
Well that's admitted when they said it was shut down from a water main, they kept going.
Then, Act 26, like you mentioned, on or about the third day of December 2020, Donald Trump
Caused to be tweeted from the Twitter account, Real Donald Trump.
Blockbuster testimony taking place right now in Georgia.
People were talking.
Ballot stuffing by Dems when Republicans were forced to leave the large counting room.
Plenty more coming out, but this alone leads to an easy win for the state.
This was an overt act of furtherance of the conspiracy.
I mean, and now, Roger, they're not just trying to say we can't vote for Trump.
They're trying to say it's illegal to question elections and make public statements.
This is unbelievable.
Well, Alex, don't believe what you see with your own eyes.
Believe what they say right there in that paper.
This is a highly politicized jurisdiction.
You notice the indictments against Trump and where they take place.
New York County, New York.
That's Manhattan.
All right, Roger.
Sad day for America.
Or fact check quote news, banning it from search engines.
The next move will be banning URLs.
We're going to start the next hour.
Roger Stone is with us right now.
We'll give you his website and more on screen.
Roger, you've got so many great sites.
How do people find your WABC show and everything else?
The best place to go is StoneZone.com.
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Well, we'll talk more about it when we come back next hour.
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This is a short segment.
Roger's with us for another segment after this.
We'll get into the unbelievable UN announcement that's getting almost no coverage.
It is staggering.
We're posting it right now to Infowars.com.
Google announces worldwide ban.
On all independent media from search results, period, you will be blacked out of the search engine that gets 92% of world searches.
But first, Trump faces 76.5 years in prison.
91 counts, 727.5 years overall, plus death penalty.
That's new.
I didn't know that.
Roger Stone responds.
Look Alex, this whole thing is completely out of control.
If they could lock the president up for 100 years, believe me, they would do so.
But their more immediate goal is to stymie his campaign for president.
Completely counterintuitive.
With every one of these attacks, the president has gotten stronger and he's raked in more in small and medium-sized campaign contributions.
Meanwhile, in the latest national polls, Governor Ron DeSantis has actually slipped behind Chris Christie, both of them in single digits, and with Donald Trump with a 40-point lead.
So you're getting increasing hysteria.
Their goal is to derail his presidential campaign.
Because an awakened Donald Trump who now completely understands the game plan of the globalists and those who would move us to the new world order is their worst nightmare.
And they know it.
The president has announced that he will have public remarks from Bedminster later today.
This is a very, very dangerous situation.
The judge in the District of Columbia, evocative of my own trial, has made it very clear that if the president defends himself in public pertaining to the indictment in D.C., she's prepared to do anything necessary, including, I think by implication, incarcerating him.
So the gag order,
Uh, which, uh, which they call a protective order, uh, is now in place.
Uh, and when the president's lawyers argued that there was a political motivation, uh, and that his free speech rights should be maintained because he's a candidate for president, the judge openly rolled her eyes and said, no, he will, he will not be allowed to say certain things.
And that's, as she put it, just the way it is.
It boggles the mind.
Roger, let's in the short time we have in this segment get to this.
To me, it's a smoking gun that seven and a half hours before they completed deliberations, they published that the indictment had happened and it matched what then later happened totally.
So now they say it's fake.
They've been caught lying about that.
It's a huge scandal, not just the leak.
That's a side issue.
The fact that they already knew he was guilty from the grand jury before they completed deliberations, that proves this is a kangaroo show operation that's got to be thrown out right now.
What's the attitude to do that?
Well, unfortunately, Alex, CNN had a copy of my sealed indictment four hours before it was unsealed by a federal magistrate.
Again, unfortunately, the judge in a court in Fulton County is unlikely to be sympathetic to that motion to dismiss.
I would expect the president's lawyers will probably mount it anyway, as they should.
I've got so many questions and points, but you've always got a lot of key issues that I don't think to bring up.
What else is front and center, Roger?
Look, I think the most important thing now for all of us is to pray.
I know people don't think that's much of a political strategy, but it has worked extraordinarily well for me and my family.
This is the dark period, the troubled times that the Bible predicts, you know, that we were going to go through.
So you can laugh at this if you're an elitist.
You can scoff about our belief in Jesus Christ.
The most important thing every American can do right now, every person
You've been spending a lot of time with the President and a lot of Laura Loomis spent most of the day with him yesterday.
She says he's just energized.
He's just extraordinarily resilient.
I mean, he is resolute, he's determined, he's in good humor, he's in fighting mode.
Is he angry?
Yes, I can understand why he might be angry.
No other American president has been treated this way.
Bill Clinton actually sold some of our most sensitive military secrets for missile targeting to the Communist Chinese.
Hold on, we'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Alright, we are watching a
Deep state coup through the judiciary, through weaponized prosecutors controlled by George Soros.
They're not just letting people that shoot up nightclubs out of jail.
They're not just letting rapists out of jail.
California's moving to legalize domestic violence.
You cannot make that up, saying police won't respond to calls of domestic violence.
California's basically legalizing pedophilia.
I mean, it's just insane.
And now this, ladies and gentlemen, and I've seen the UN announcing this.
I've seen the head of the EU, Ministry of Truth, come out and say, we're going to sue Elon Musk.
We're going to shut down free speech in America.
And now Google, Sundar Pichai, has announced that they're partnered with the UN, which they already were, but now it's out in the open.
And that they are going to, get this, follow the directives of the United Nations to give them an approved list of new sites and organizations that are allowed to be searchable by Google that is 92% of world searches.
Google announces worldwide ban on independent media from search results.
Google's announced plans to completely ban all independent media outlets from appearing in their search results.
Has partnered with the UN, the World Health Organization, that's a censor that's already on COVID, and other globalist organizations in a new censorship tool, according to Latola Drake, head of Google News Lab.
Google's News Lab is quote a team within the Google News.
...initiative whose mission is to collaborate with journalists to fight misinformation, that means people resisting them, and other things.
And the Google News Initiative, CNI, works with publishers and journalists to fight misinformation.
So it's dinosaur media with the UN, with the WHO.
Which they now admit they've been doing to come in and tell them what to ban.
I played the clip four months ago of the head of this Ministry of Truth at the UN saying, oh, we partnered with big tech around the world, Google, Facebook, Twitter, to tell them what to ban on misinfo on the pandemic.
But they were the ones lying.
And they're also saying, oh, Bolsonaro's banned from running for office again for eight years because he challenged an election.
Their controlled court has said so.
This is a unified worldwide technocracy, Roger, the same program of these technocrats, of these billionaires, of BlackRock, of Vanguard, of State Street, admittedly doing this.
Congress must act.
Your response to this, Roger Stone.
Look, Google is the centerpiece of all evil.
Google is deeply involved in the manipulation of the last presidential election.
Oh, Google's manipulating their search results?
This isn't surprising.
Try to look up my unconditional presidential pardon.
It's buried.
In fact, anything positive about me or my family or anything I've ever done is buried.
So all they're doing is stepping up the level of censorship.
I personally hope that Elon Musk goes out and develops a new search engine that will not take directives from the UN or any other global
In all honesty, if you were a donor to my legal defense fund, for example, and you use Gmail, when I try to email you back, whether you've whitelisted it or not, it's going to spam, whether I like it or not.
Google would classify Hillary Clinton's press releases very differently than Donald Trump's, therefore all of Trump's outgoing emails to anybody with a Google address ended up in spam, while Hillary Clinton's
And that's what Professor Epstein testified to Congress for, that that is election stealing alone.
Google is the epicenter of all evil.
We know this.
It's not surprising.
All they've really done in this announcement is confirm it publicly.
It is pathetic.
But censorship is the single most dangerous problem in the country today.
It is what prevents us from having a free, fair, honest, and transparent election.
It is what prevents us from being able to make a living.
It's what prevents us from being able to get out any narrative that is alternative to the official narrative of the two-party duopoly that is busy running this country into the ground.
It's so incredible to see this, but this really is desperation because if we, by text message and word of mouth, promote radio shows, podcasts, news articles, we're still going to win.
Look at how Trump is 40 points ahead of all the other candidates combined against him running.
As Republicans, massively ahead of Biden as well.
It's only backfired, but they only double down, double down.
So you're a smart guy, one of the smartest political analysts out there.
Extrapolate out the timing of all these indictments and Trump's resoluteness and how you see all this coming together.
I think it relates, this is kind of a carbon copy of the Russian collusion hoax.
In other words, the actions of the deep state against Donald Trump are both offensive and defensive.
First of all, when it comes to the Bidens, we have evidence now of extortion, bribery, money laundering, influence peddling, illegal lobbying, multi-million dollar payments from Russia, from China, from Ukraine, from Romania.
Yet you have talking heads on MSNBC like the decrepit Andrea Mitchell saying, oh all of that is unfounded.
No, the House Republicans have actually produced banking records.
There are whistleblowers who are not conservative Republicans.
Whistleblowers who are veteran civil servants who have come forward to expose this entire fraud.
The Attorney General appoints the U.S.
Attorney in Delaware, who's already done his best to cover for Hunter Biden, as a new special counsel, despite a specific regulation, which I think is Regulation 6-300, that specifically prohibits anyone in the Justice Department, or for that matter, anyone inside government, for serving as a special counsel.
The purpose of this, Alex,
I think?
I want your take on this.
We know that Homeland Security was set up for the American people all along.
Now the talking point by the White House, by their talking heads, is we need to use Homeland Security against Trump supporters.
You've already been SWAT teamed.
You've already experienced it.
This is a real tyranny.
They know we're awakening.
They know they've committed crimes.
They have nothing to lose but to go for everything.
I don't want violence.
That's not the way to go.
They're trying to stir that up.
That would only help them.
But it is time for civil disobedience, and it is time for very serious legal and lawful action, because they're putting intelligence operatives, like the guy you see on screen, on TV saying, you know, we need to use Homeland Security on the American people.
Again, they set up police state ups during the Cold War, then they said it was for the Muslims, but it's really always been for us.
Joe Biden even admitted that 20 years ago, that he tried to get the Patriot Act passed previously against right-wing extremists.
So, this has been their plan all along.
They're a ruling class.
Here's a short clip.
I want Roger Stone's response.
What does that look like in action?
Because I know you sort of sit at the fulcrum of peering over into two abysses, if you will.
What does that sound like?
Well, I think there's a core point here, which is a lot of Americans are up for grabs.
I wouldn't dismiss it as just something that only people on the right or watching Fox News can latch on to.
I mean, we're in a battle for hearts and minds.
And there are people who are on the fence.
You've got to have leaders and messages and messengers and programs that get to those people, that bring them over into community organizing and into nonprofit organizations and away from the Patriot Front and the Oath Keepers.
And I think the parallels with 9-11 are important.
We've talked about this before.
After 9-11, the laws didn't work.
Like, they made massive changes to respond to a new threat.
And I think we have to face the fact that many of our structures, laws, and policies may not work.
After 9-11, we created the Department of Homeland Security.
There was the Patriot Act.
There was massive change in our entire society to face the number one threat, or at least what was communicated as the number one threat.
I think we need the same kind of tectonic shift.
It's got to be much more than see something, say something.
But maybe our laws need to change to respond to the fact that someone like Mike Flynn, the former National Security Director, is openly calling for violence consistently.
So they are trying to set up
A paramilitary confrontation of the American people.
just did an hour-long interview with Tucker, and what he said is all true.
It's been on record that 300 scientists in government and in universities signed a letter saying, and we're going to play it after Roger leaves, saying, please stop this illegal gain of function going on at the University of Texas.
Galveston and Chapel Hill, North Carolina and other places.
And so Fauci is over U.S.
bioweapon program and that's in the documents and RFK talked about it.
So they moved it to China and then now we have Senator Johnson and we have EU leaders coming out saying, no, we know they released it on purpose.
We know it's a UN power grab.
So the good news is even a lot of our populist leaders get this now, but the full horror
That there are hundreds of labs in the U.S., RFK Jr.
talked about, that are making level 4 bioweapons that could kill everybody.
Doesn't the average moron federal prosecutor, or the average moron FBI agent, or the average moron leftist realize this is insane and madness?
I mean, don't they understand cutting off the energy and opening the borders and doing all this is a suicide pact?
It's a death cult.
And it's incredibly dangerous.
And I just don't know how we respond to a group of lunatics like this that are waging war on life itself.
I know that's a mouthful, Roger, but they're declaring war on us.
They've got bioweapons everywhere designed for the general public.
They're leaking them on purpose.
I mean, my God, I guess pray is right, because these people ought to pray for themselves.
They're going to kill everybody.
Well, let's correct the record on one important point.
General Michael Flynn has never openly advocated violence, not even once.
That is a vile lie.
And they lie to try to justify their heavy-handed tactics.
It is vitally important that the average patriot not be goaded into some stupid act of violence.
That is exactly what they want.
Some kind of false flag that will cause people to put themselves
Yeah, absolutely.
Thank you, Alex.
That's a great idea that he had, that Elon Musk needs to launch a free open search engine.
You know there's some other so-called independent ones out there but I noticed what happened with like people like DuckDuckGo is they were really open and free for a while and then it kind of shifted away again to the model and you know that's really the problem is so much money continues to
Come in to buy up all of our infrastructure.
So I hope, you know, once Rumble continues to grow and it's really kicking by, it's the biggest viable alternative out there right now that's truly not censoring.
And the question is, will they get bought?
I mean, maybe we need foundations that are set up by the people that in their bylaws say they can't be sold or bought.
And it really is a utility.
How about the U.S.
Postal Service that doesn't really have very good use these days as being made obsolete by design?
How about one of America's greatest inventions, duplicated around the world?
How about they come out with a search engine that just goes back to, say, the year 2010, when the web was pretty open and free.
Couldn't call for violence, couldn't promote child porn, couldn't organize crimes on it.
That's not free speech.
That's illegal.
They're utilities.
That's what they are, that's in the law, but nobody's following the utility rules.
So, and I'm not even into government services, but the UN and the IMF and the World Bank and BlackRock are bigger than even the US and Chinese GDP together.
Did you know that?
They're bigger than the GDP.
They're the governments now.
That's what the ESGs are, is they're unelected systems and they're unelected laws.
Things you didn't vote for.
So the libertarian think tanks are like, oh, government's the problem.
Well, yeah, when it gets big and out of control, but now the corporations are the government.
Global corporate governance.
And you look at the Heritage Foundation and the rest of them that do some good work.
They just parrot all day long about, oh, well, let's just get rid of public schools.
Yeah, they're horrible, they're cesspools, they're leftists, they're brainwashing.
They're terrible in most areas.
But in some rural areas, they're pretty good.
And they are autonomous, and they are independent school districts, but not in the big cities.
But then you look at the private schools now, most of them are getting accredited and getting grants, and are just as bad as the public schools.
And so now they're trying to say we can't get a job if you're homeschooled or whatever because you don't have an accredited system.
So it's like getting rid of apartheid and then bringing something in ten times worse.
We're not for apartheid.
We're not defending it.
But it's like saying would you rather have gonorrhea or brain cancer?
You can get rid of gonorrhea.
Doesn't kill you.
Brain cancer does.
Apartheid is gonorrhea.
Communism in South Africa is terminal brain cancer.
And I'll take gonorrhea all day.
I'm not saying go back to gonorrhea.
I'm saying don't just think, oh, they're reforming.
When you tear a building down, you've reformed it.
That just means you change it.
The U.S.
Army Air Corps reformed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, flattened it like a pancake.
If I walk up to you with a machete and chop your head off, I've reformed you.
So when we hear the word reform, we always think, oh, it means it's better.
No, it doesn't mean it's better, most of the time.
And if it's being funded by BlackRock, who said, we're going to control your behavior.
Larry, think.
We're going to run your life with computers and with a social credit score that is now operational for six years in China and now being brought to your town, your city, run by these people.
Oh, but Google's a private corporation taking orders from the United Nations.
In fact, let's play a clip of Melissa Fleming, the Undersecretary of the United Nations, a few months ago, admitting that they are interfacing and controlling with big tech, with Google, what you can see and read.
Here it is.
It's educating.
Hopefully elevating the content that, you know, we partnered with Google, for example.
If you Google climate change, you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.
We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled climate change, we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.
So we're becoming much more proactive.
You know, we own the science and we think that the world, you know, should know it.
And the platforms themselves also do.
We own the science.
Science is questioning.
Science is trial and error.
Science is about debate.
No, we're not going to let you debate.
We own the science and everything they told us we now know was a lie on top of it.
If they were telling the truth and said they were going to censor you, it would still be dangerous.
But it's a lying criminal group.
The Rockefellers set up the UN with the Rothschilds on record.
You're now seeing their takeover.
So how do we deal with this transhumanist depopulationist psycho group?
What do we do?
We have to abolish the FBI.
The Justice Department is in the Constitution.
Congress must impeach Merrick Garland.
They've got plenty of reasons to do it.
They've got to impeach Biden.
They've got to put them on trial now.
And the Republicans act like they're fighting Google and the globalists.
And Huawei and the rest of it, but they play patty cake with it and act like they're fighting it and play dumb.
When Google is run by the NSA and the globalists, government privatized itself and set up a privatized global government to run our lives.
And they set up Communist China to control the rare earth minerals and to have a slave system that would lower the standard of living worldwide so that we couldn't compete with them.
This has been a long-term project of the Rockefellers, of the Rothschilds.
We're going to go to break.
I have a clip of that I'm going to play for you, and so much more.
But this is a premeditated scientific takeover, 110% period.
End of story.
And every man, woman, and child, whether you're black, whether you're gay, whether you're straight, whether you're brown, whether you're pink, whether you're an Eskimo, or whether you're a Mexican, or whether you're a German, or whether you're Chinese, or whether you're a Congonese African, everyone is under attack by this, whether you're Indian, or whether you're Russian, whether you're German, or whether you're Swiss.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
That's why they tell you.
The world's ending in 2030.
And I got Prince Charles.
We come back too.
Everybody laughs at him and Sadiq Khan doing the clock countdown.
The Earth's going to end.
Everything's going to collapse by 2030.
We don't do what we say.
They're the ones collapsing it, being the heroes while they turn off the energy, get rid of the borders, turn off the security, shut down the food industries, and then say we've only got six years.
And a few days to save you and then we're all dead while they are creating the catastrophe.
This is so simple once you see it.
They're telling you it's the end of the world as you know it so you accept that as a foregone conclusion.
So you accept that as a prophecy that you then self-fulfill.
Alright, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with all of this.
Folks, I'm taking on the New World Order.
I'm taking them on point-blank range, so is this crew.
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Everybody should be sharing things, be it word of mouth, if you want to win.
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Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
In his most desperate hour in the battle against evil, a radiant light descended from the heavens.
God, in all his glory and his legion of angels, stood by Alex's side.
The battle raged on, but with every blow, Alex Jones' conviction grew stronger.
With every truth he proclaimed, the demonic forces faltered.
When the enemy was vanquished, Alex Jones swore a solemn oath that should the realm need him again, he would return.
And now it's Alex Jones, leading a full frontal assault on the satanic New World Order.
Tune in at infowars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
All right, let me read you some headlines here, and then we're going to plunge into the UN documents.
We like to show you the actual documents, not just a news article.
Up on Infowars.com by the great Ben Warren, Biden's set to announce climate lockdowns, rationing of energy and food.
It's already begun as they cut off the systems.
Here's another one.
King Charles and Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, activate a climate clock today.
Total theater.
Al Gore would be proud, says the Citizens Free Press of Canada.
Until you realize that it is a military operation, King Charles has announced, with John Kerry and the rest of the criminals, to cut off the farms, the resources, the fertilizer.
It's already accelerated.
It's already begun.
If you thought the lockdowns of the first few years of their attack that they launched in 2020 were bad, this is just the beginning.
They're putting out the school children and all through the culture that most of us will be dead by 2030, but they're trying to save us if we do what they say and cut the food off, as John Kerry's been saying the last few months, that will stop starvation.
Would you like to see the videos?
I've played it about 15 times.
Look it up.
He did say it.
John Kerry says we must cut farming by 30% to stop global warming at least!
And they're going to ban 90% of the farms in the Netherlands in the next seven years.
They already banned 20% more than 10,000 farms.
They're the third largest food producer in the world in one year.
Mass starvation.
Hundreds of millions dying as we speak.
And the UN says, oh, everybody's dying.
Give UNICEF more money.
While they kill us.
So let's play the clip from yesterday of them hitting the countdown to doom.
Only six years and a few months and a few days if you don't do exactly what they say, which is cut off all the resources that will cause the societal collapse.
Because people aren't just going to starve to death quietly.
Cities and the world will collapse and burn.
An angrier world, as Klaus Schwab talked about.
Show, go to the club.
3, 2, 1... King Charles helped turn on a climate clock at a summit in London this afternoon.
It triggers 150 similar clocks across the major cities of the UK, counting down the seconds to 2030.
The estimated deadline for limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
The UK's climate watchdog had a stern warning for the government today.
The Climate Change Committee said it's confident that the government would meet its own legally binding targets for cutting emissions by the end of the decade had fallen markedly.
Like the emissions from cows?
What do cows put out that...
The coal power plants put out.
Water vapor and carbon dioxide.
Something else puts out carbon dioxide.
Whales, and dolphins, and birds, and turtles, and fish, and bunny rabbits, and humans, and deer, and possums, and mice, and plankton.
But they're all bad.
Carbon is evil.
Here's a clip of David Rockefeller in the 90s admits he recruited Kissinger.
Klaus Schwab then admits he was recruited by Henry Kissinger.
And Klaus Schwab and the WMF are the puppets of the Rockefeller dynasty recruiting the other leaders as they quote, penetrates the cabinets and takes control of the governments.
And what else do we do?
We set up basic dictatorships.
My protégé, Justin Trudeau, tell the national TV what you admire.
Oh, you admire basic dictatorship and Xi Jinping.
And what has Klaus Schwab said many times?
Well, China is the best model, and we would like to have it here.
And you're going to have it.
Drones giving you orders, forced conscription and forced labor camps, as well as harvesting the organs.
Liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal,
Okay, alrighty then.
Here's the clip from Book TV on C-SPAN with the Scion of the New World Order, David Rockefeller!
And you mentioned David Henry Kissinger, and I think he first was noticed by the Rockefeller family after he wrote a very erudite work on nuclear weapons and nuclear war back in the late 1950s.
Wilson's In Foreign Policy.
And it was then published.
And from that time on, he became pretty close to the Rockefeller family.
Well, he did.
Actually, I guess I was the first one who got to know him because
He was a member of an organization called the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, and there was a study group at that time that he, as then a young instructor at Harvard, presided at.
I was so impressed by him.
That I introduced him to my brother Nelson who was then governor in New York and was then considering seeking the presidency of the United States.
They became great friends and actually Henry became Nelson's foreign policy advisor as long as he was in public life.
And I think he is one of the remarkable international statesmen in the world today.
Even 30 years after he was Secretary of State, he is still asked by heads of state when he travels the world for their, for his advice.
Let me go back to the time you said when you came here it transformed your life.
Was there a course?
A professor who really made that difference for you?
Yes, there was one course, one seminar of Henry Kissinger, which really opened my eyes.
I wasn't accepted to the seminar, but I sat in.
I think he let me in because I was German.
And it was relatively shortly after the war, so there were not too many Germans here.
And this created a friendship which has endured until today.
And you know, Henry has been several times in Davos.
And I think it was mainly participating in his seminars that I developed my interest for geopolitical affairs.
So let's give you the real fact of history.
We'll go to break.
Klaus Schwab's father and grandfather were top Nazis.
They come from royalty in Germany, and they owned the third largest weapons manufacturer in World War II, and his father was at the Bilderberg Group meetings early on, and Henry Kissinger was in OSS with David Rockefeller, and they knew each other in World War II, in the OSS, and that's all on record.
Oh, I just happened to come to the, uh, meeting, and he just let me in.
I met him at Harvard.
I just happened to be there.
And now look all the fun things we've done to you.
Of course, Henry Kissinger put out State Department Random 200.
You might want to read our plan to depopulate you forcibly with toxic waste and cutting off the resources!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Heil Hitler!
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Remember, Nazism is brought to you by the ADL.
So, one person a year at Harvard University, that really is the heart of the New World Order, that's where Xi Jinping sends his daughter, one person a year is given a special PhD that Henry Kissinger was the first to be trained by the globalists at Gibbon, and then he would train
Like a Sith Lord, one apprentice every few years.
And Klaus Schwab was one of those apprentices.
Francis Boyle was given Henry Kissinger's office.
He was top scorers in the country, became a top UN prosecutor, and he's a lawyer, people know that.
But he never joined them, they just figured that he was there, they chose him, and that
He would be one of their people.
And then when he got the degree and the knowledge, he said, now I'm going to fight you.
And we have him on and people don't even know how important he is or what a whistleblower he is.
And he didn't like him from the beginning and was that smart and went through the system and got the degrees he was supposed to get to then be brought in and given that special PhD.
Like a whole bunch.
He had to get what?
It was like a Harvard degree.
He had to get a, what was it?
It was a Chicago business school.
Which teaches a Straussian philosophy that basically Hitler followed as well.
So when we say they're Nazis, they're not Nazis with red armbands and they're saying how Hitler and the Aryan race.
The end justifies the means.
Everybody's dumb animals.
They're going to take over.
They're going to be gods.
They're the supermen.
They're the uber mentions.
And you are the under mentions.
You're the little people.
And I'm going to explain this to you because it's important.
I'm not bragging about it.
There was one time in meetings I've had with these people, and I've had at least 15 meetings with globalists over the years.
Fox News tried to hire me.
Roger Ailes tried to hire me.
That was the lower level stuff.
Clear Channel tried to hire me 18 years ago.
Stuff like that.
But those were private meetings, off record, so I've never given the details of those.
Because as a journalist, and as somebody, when somebody says it's a private meeting, unless they discuss crimes, it's a private meeting.
And I've had dinner with Bilderberg group members, and I've had dinner with billionaires that are household names, okay?
And those are private meetings, and that's that.
15, 16 years ago, John Harmon, the oldest employee here, used to be my producer.
Now he's an affiliate relations head.
I said, I told the producer, I said, I want Rothkopf, who was the head of the Kissinger Group, Kissinger's right-hand man.
You've all heard the story, but for new listeners, I'll tell it again, an abbreviated version.
I said, he's written a new book that I just read about how there's only a few thousand globalists and how they run the planet and how they're a super class and how they know best.
It was just basically a coming out of the closet event for the New World Order, as you see them now doing times 10.
And so we get him on for an hour interview.
And during the first break, he says, listen, I may leave.
So I'm talking to him during the break.
I can punch up guest.
And Harman is sitting in the control room at a different office, just like this.
It's a smaller studio.
He's listening to it.
So I'm a witness to this.
And he says, listen, Alex, you are going to be part of the superclass.
I came on here to be friendly.
I came here to be nice.
We know who you are.
We know that you basically are the Patriot leader.
We have big things in store.
And I'd already been offered big jobs.
They'd already, other groups under them had already come and tried to hire me at that point.
They could tell I was a talented, smart broadcaster and I understood things.
And he starts saying, and it's always the same speech from these guys, you're talented, you understand things, the public doesn't, you need to sit at the table with us.
You could be a star and actually have some of your views listened to, but you'll go nowhere on your little crusade.
Why don't you come to New York?
Oh, we're going back to break, going back live.
Let's have a friendly interview.
And I'm like, well, we'll come right back.
So we do a second segment.
Somebody find the Rothkopf interview.
It's 2005-2006.
Whenever Superclass came out is the year that we had him on because it had just come out.
It was a bestseller.
I do another 10-minute segment.
We go to break and he goes, no.
Yeah, there he is.
He goes, I'm leaving.
And I said, why?
And I said,
He said, well, you're just not listening.
You just don't get it.
And you're silly.
And you're going nowhere with this.
If you come back and are friendly, I'll do the rest of the hour.
But it's just you're not listening to me.
And you don't understand this is something we've got to do.
And it's for everybody's best interest.
And I got the same speech one time when I was flying to be on The View.
I think like a year later.
And I'm in first class in American Airlines.
And there's the head of the third largest bank in the U.S.
sitting next to me.
He was visiting his dad, a retired general, in San Antonio.
And I got, we talked to him for three hours.
We didn't talk the first 30 minutes.
I got the same speech.
Look, corporations know how to run things.
The public's too stupid.
You need to get on board, Alex.
He's laughing at me.
And I've got my hair sticking out, it's early in the morning, and I'm sitting there, and he gets up in his perfect suit, puts on his perfect black trench coat, just laughs at me at the end of it.
And I can tell you now, and I've had meetings with these people, other ones,
Very high level.
They're not laughing anymore.
They're like, yeah, there's a good chance it's going to get out of control.
The planet's going to be destroyed.
So what do you think about this?
What do you think about that?
Three, four hour meetings.
No, we want to hire you.
We want to get you on board.
Now they're like, yeah, this, this looks like it's going to go bad.
So they've tried to recruit me.
I've named names here.
Now my father, 14 years old,
Genius, top of his class, top of everything.
His mother was a school administrator, and my grandmother really into education.
Patty Jones.
And she put him in all these science fairs and contests and kept winning them.
And at 14, Union Carbide says, out of Houston,
David Jones has just won this one contest.
We've got another contest for him.
And if he can pass this, he's going to be given a very special offer.
And he's got five days to complete the task.
A truck is arriving in three days at their ranch, their farm, working farm in East Texas.
An 18-wheeler pulls up.
And lowers a big crate in the front yard with no plans or no designs.
My dad tears it apart and in two days builds a high powered ruby laser that was some type of cyclotronic particle beam and starts frying
He was wearing three pairs of sunglasses.
He was blind for a month, burned his eyes.
They thought he'd never see again.
They came back and they said, Mr. Jones, you're being recruited by NASA.
You're going to be put in Plan 2 in six months when you're 15 years old, and you're going to be part of NASA.
It's not NASA.
He gets sent to UT, gets evaluated by all these guys, and they go, OK, David, we got your first job.
They send him to MD Anderson Cancer Research in Houston.
And at 15 years old, my father, for a year, was part of secret medical experiments on cancer patients.
Then they bring him back to UT, and he never told me this until he saw Endgame, before it was finished.
And he went ahead, I knew about it, I heard about it from his mom, he built the laser, and was sent to UT and all this.
And then, whatever he did after that, for a while, he won't talk about, but by his late 20s, after I was a couple years old, he got out of it.
And said, it's bad.
Now, that's just my dad, folks.
Do you have any idea how many people they have recruited for this thing?
Because the head of the UT Botany Department that ran the Plan 2 program, that's what it was called, Professor Strauss, called my dad in
And said, David, we've searched the whole country of the six finalists.
You're the number one finalist.
We're now going to reveal to you what this project is.
And it's basically everything you see now.
Worldwide government, worldwide eugenics, the whole shooting match.
And then they gave him some other mission he won't tell me about and he got out of it.
That's the real world, folks.
That's how things really work.
Grow up!
These people are gonna kill every damn one of us.
Now, I didn't join them, and my dad didn't join them.
But I want you to understand, this is as real as anything on Earth.
We'll be right back.
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But your thoughts soon.
Dr. Judy Mikovits will be joining us for the rest of the hour, starting in six minutes.
But I mentioned this, so I wanted to show it to you.
On the road again.
Here I am.
Up on stage.
Turn the page.
So we're under UN world government with an endgame to slowly collapse society while the collapsers pose as the saviors as they kill seven and a half billion people at least.
We are at the verge of oblivion.
But you just want to explode.
Yeah, I see the unwashed masses.
I see how they're lazy and dumbed down.
I see how the system's done everything they can to make them that way.
But I see the globalists.
The inbred scum, the self-appointed arrogance.
They're the disease.
They all killed themselves.
Then I might respect them a little.
Then I might listen to their plan.
But they're not in a position to play God.
And God is going to destroy them.
And if we don't stand up against them, God's going to destroy us and say, I don't know you.
I don't need to intellectually comprehend their operation and decide whether I want to join them or not.
Because my cells, my soul, my guts tell me it's evil.
My maker tells me to fight them.
My maker commands me to resist them.
What does your maker tell you to do?
Because if you side with these people, God is not your father.
Your father is the devil.
Google announces worldwide ban on independent media from search results.
But let's not just believe the news article.
Let's look at this.
Sweden's Psychological Defense Agency.
Ooh, that's a better name than the Ministry of Truth that they were setting up here.
The Government Office of Fact Checking.
Remember that?
Which is operating.
No, the Psychological Defense Agency will cover up medical disinfo.
It'll tell you the COVID shot works when it's not true.
Or that mask work, but it's not true.
Yeah, that's what they're setting up, that interfaces with the UN.
And here is the UN website.
Contributions, the online consultations of the Global Digital Compact.
A global compact!
A global ruling government of the UN and the corporations that program it.
A global digital compact on an open, free, and secure digital future for all, which is the complete opposite.
You might want to go read it.
It's got its sun symbol here.
It's Rainbow Sevastica.
All how the UN is interfacing, running the censorship.
But I just showed you the Undersecretary General, the Deputy Secretary General, telling you, Segunda, the number two, how they're going to
Shut off our communications, and then they're going to shut off our hearts.
Dr. Judy Mikovits joins us in 60 seconds.
Start your engines.
Well, many years ago, Dr. Judy Mikovits was set up and arrested by Fauci for exposing that human simian virus 40, amongst other things, was being put in the vaccine supply.
And I was thinking about her last week when we spent five days, large parts of those broadcasts, showing the FDA website admitting that simian virus 40 is in many of the vaccines, that it's in the COVID shot, major studies that it's there, but then snopes and the fact-checkers in Google telling you it's not, and the UN running that censorship.
Also, alpha-gal and the bovine protein that they admit causing many of the allergies, that's in the FDA documents, and I left that stack of documents on my desk at home that I covered last week.
You all saw it, so I have Rob Dew, who's really on this, printing it all for me, so I'll have that by next segment.
I had them all highlighted, you saw it like five times last week.
But she's written books on it, she's made films on it with the great Mickey Willis, who's going to be on with me Friday on the new special show that I'll tell you about in a moment.
But breaking horrific update!
HIV infected green monkey DNA found in COVID-19 vaccines.
The human genome is permanently altered.
Plague of corruption, the subsections of our New York Times bestseller.
That gets into all that.
She is beyond vindicated.
So we'll look at AlphaGal.
We'll look at SimianVirus40.
And again, we'll reprint all those and do real fast highlight them.
I was like, oh, where's my folder?
Oh, it's I've been so obsessed with it.
It's on my desk at home.
I was reading it yesterday and I forgot it.
But anybody can look this up, and it's, well, I guess you try to go to Google, though, that says they're delisting all alternative media that's not certified by the UN.
I covered that last hour.
It's on the FDA website, they admit SV40 contaminated.
It's in the studies, but you type in SV40 COVID vaccine, all the fact-checkers, doesn't exist, doesn't exist, doesn't exist.
Just like ivermectin doesn't help, and vitamin D doesn't help, and vitamin C doesn't help.
All the things they knew did work that they lied about.
So she is a top scientist, virologist, worked at the top labs, an incredible whistleblower, just a true hero, and she joins us here in just a moment.
Rob New has the whole stack separately.
Look at that.
Got it quick.
I just had another highlighted stack.
I got so many of these.
And then tell Rob, the stack I have at home is about twice as thick, so just give me everything else you got.
Because I'm going to show everybody this.
Look at that.
FDA, CDC, overhead shot.
Not pulling this out of my rear end here, okay?
On the AlphaGal, on the SV40, on it all, okay?
We're going to get to it all.
Yeah, I need all the SV40 stuff.
Okay, there's the SV40 stuff.
So, we're going to be getting into all of this.
Coming up... We got that quick.
Sorry I dropped the ball, guys.
So, we're going to go to Judy here in a moment.
We're going to skip this break so she has more time.
But let me just say this here right now.
So many listeners have called the show.
So many people on the street have said, hey, why did you get rid of presentplanet.tv in 2016?
It had 100,000 subscribers.
It was bringing in lots of money.
And it's because it was the archive of our show.
They were starting to censor us and take our videos down that were free.
And so listeners knew they were members.
So they would fund this.
They get first access to stuff.
It would be an archive, but then we put it all out for free as well.
It was truly a way to donate and have a backup.
Then we were bringing in plenty of money in 2016.
I was getting the money in, hiring more people, didn't need more money myself, so I said prisonplanet.tv is now free.
And now it's an archive of the world.
People are going through it, it's incredible.
Over the years, the lawsuits, the attacks, I've not been as persecuted as she has.
They tried to criminally charge me.
That's come on the news.
A bunch of grand juries have been in panel, but by the grace of God, knock on wood, that hasn't happened yet.
I hope it doesn't happen.
But this is serious.
I mean, we're risking our lives here and our bodily autonomy for freedom.
So it's not a risk at all.
People say, hey, if you want us to support you, why don't you start a subscription show?
Well, I do three, four hours a day.
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He reaches millions and millions a day.
And so I do want to start doing the fourth hour in the future commercial free with special guests and things that subscription.
I'm starting a three-hour show that we tape every week.
That airs Friday.
We're going to do a deep dive on Bill Gates.
Unlike anything you've ever seen for two hours with Mickey Willis, that's going to go out Friday.
We're going to shoot it tomorrow.
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Around that, and it's not just going to be the fourth hour, there'll be a subscriber in the future, in a few months when we get this done.
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Everyone listening must go to jonescratter.com and get a membership.
And if you got the money, buy 10 of them and give them away to friends and family.
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And then obviously we'll have highlights and clips from the subscription site.
And if it's successful, which I believe it is going to be, it's already somewhat successful, then we will take most of it and make it free after you get first access to it.
But this is about funding a resistance.
You've already seen we're not playing games.
We don't back down, but we can't do it without you.
All right, Dr. Judy Migovitz.
Dr. Judy A-M-I-K-A-V-I-T-S.
You can't miss her.
She's an amazing lady.
Mike Adams takes over the fourth hour with big breaking news as well.
You need to get her book.
You need to check out her shows.
You need to support what she's doing.
Out of all the medical doctors and scientists, she has been persecuted the most, and she's been the most hardcore and over-the-target, telling you tomorrow's news today, while the globalists lie to you about what's happening now.
She tells you the truth about what's coming next.
Truly, tomorrow's news today.
So, Doctor, we salute you.
I'm going to skip the break.
I'm going to try to shut up.
You've got 16 minutes until break.
Uninterrupted, you are hosting the show.
Okay, well, Simian Virus 40 is an XMRV.
It's actually
manufactured in the Vero Monkey kidney cell line.
This is the same African green monkey cell line that actually also houses HIV at the GP120.
Remember last time we talked, it was the realization in this discovery in the movie, Plandemic, originally Plandemic from May 4th,
The polio vaccines, there's a typo there, but that's alright.
The polio vaccine is made in Vero Monkey kidney cell lines.
So the SV40 that's hitting the news was known to us in the 1980s.
The Vero Monkey kidney cell line has been used to grow viruses since 1960s when it
So I've made subclones of that in 1990 called Vero E6.
So of course the DNA virus is found in the shot because the cell line is where you grow the plasmid, the expression vector.
And of course we knew this not from our book Plague of Corruption, but from our book Plague.
And what I'm showing you is the Ventura County Star newspaper article.
From 2011, when I was kidnapped as a felony fugitive from justice, and we all know now that justice is Tony Fauci.
Oh, I was never arrested and held in that jail.
I was kidnapped and held there and attempted to be tortured and attempted to get me to lie about the facts that XMRRVs
SV40 is the first XMRV.
It's the 40th virus isolated from the monkeys.
It's an African green monkey.
We have semi-immunodeficiency virus.
We're good to go.
Yeah, they've all been manufactured, gain of function, since the 80s.
SARS-CoV-2 was made in 2004.
And injected in every polio vaccine grown, manufactured from that same Vero E6.
Go back to Tony Fauci's paper of 2014.
This is all exactly, that comes straight from Bobby Kennedy's foreword of our book.
All of these things, the monkey viruses, we all now know beyond a shadow of a doubt, not a single vaccine
The vaccine had a placebo control.
Why do you think Bill Gates in 2020 said, everybody go get a polio shot?
Why do you think people are testing positive?
Um, for SARS-CoV-2, because it's grown and manufactured.
Oh, and they tried to make me do it in 1980 with the deadly HTLV-1.
Oh, in an open-air centrifuge in Fort Detrick.
This isn't a China virus at all.
They never, ever filtered.
Never, ever did a placebo control.
You know, so this is all rewriting the literature, criminally fraudulent literature to cover up.
Why is my pen on my microscope a picture taken in 2006 in a local newspaper where they murdered my husband in 2021?
You know, and called it COVID.
No, there never was a COVID, folks.
HIV is
Lyme disease, GP120.
They changed the name of CCR5.
Had a cure called peptide T. And it's in our book, Ending Plague, where Frank Corsetti and Luc Montagnier talked in great detail before Luc Montagnier was murdered too, February 8th of 2022.
And they killed the Nobel Prize winner, he was as well, who said the PCR test was a fraud, who invented it.
And this, it never was an infectious virus.
This is COVID syncytia.
This was a picture taken in 2006 from my work.
Why is it in a Ventura County newspaper talking about our first book, Plague of Corruption?
I'm sorry, Plague, which came out November 16th.
The other book, Plague, November 16th, 2014.
Why is COVID in Ventura County, California?
In 2014, COVID is premeditated murder of all the people you object to.
Sorry, I threw that across the room.
Of all the people that you injected with SV40, with HIV, with simian immune deficiency virus, with Ebola, every one of those viruses, the paper was published in 2011 after I was locked down out of my lab, fired on the street, and Tony Fauci took control of all the samples,
Of all the solutions, of all the cures, and then between 11 and 14 while I was held silent.
That's it.
Intrepid search.
What is chronic Lyme disease?
It's HIV.
Adam Lanza had Lyme disease.
Psychotropic, neurotropic.
It's not mass formation.
It's causing these brain injuries.
He shot those kids because Fauci first shot him, if you want to use a little... Yeah, people are being shot.
Fauci knew women and children got XMRVs.
Breast cancer.
Oh, talking about Mickey Willis' mom and brother.
They were forced on a hepatitis B vaccine.
HIV is the first gain of function.
It never was LAV.
That's what Luc Montagnier isolated.
None of us ever said cause any disease because look how good our God-given immune system is.
Any one of these doesn't have to cause disease.
If you don't keep injecting these kids, if you don't keep poisoning these people with drugs that drove your diagnostic strategy.
Antibody positive means immune.
And we're done.
Done with Fauci and the media coverage.
Look at that.
You know, I'm held in jail.
My husband's killed.
My daughter-in-law's killed.
You know, denied drugs that could save their lives.
And that's 2014.
And every medical personnel in Ventura was lied to.
That's five years to six years before COVID.
Bobby knew all of this when he wrote the foreword of our book.
That book was finished in the summer of 2019.
I started that book August 31st.
2014, that was the day I met Brian Hooker and read the little CDC from William Thompson's notebook.
What are we gonna do about the problem with the blacks?
To Julie Gerberding, to the whole head of the CDC, what was the problem with the blacks?
That when you injected
MMR, three RNA, mRNA viruses, never cleaned out of those monkey cells, never cleaned away from any one of those other viruses.
Recombining chimeras.
Oh, put a little HIV head.
The simian virus, the monkey virus, didn't kill anybody except those poor little black boys who were injected under the age of three.
And people hate it when I talk about this.
Well, they're going out right now.
By the way, Judy, I said you got the floor and you're doing a great job, but we forget Fauci, and before the media was totally controlled, it was even in the New York Times, in the late 80s, early 90s, they took tens of thousands of black children from poor black mothers and then put them in secret HIV testing with drugs and more.
Fauci ran that.
He didn't just take German shepherds and beagles and remove their vocal cords and torture them with flesh-eating worms.
They literally tortured tens of thousands of black children to death.
Absolutely, and gave them four times the dose of flu vaccine.
And as I was standing on the curb with Riza from Riza Islam at the CDC in 2018, and this is on our website, The Real Dr. Judy, we just tweeted it today.
My talk saying the flu vaccines are killing everybody.
It never was COVID, that was premeditated murder of everybody they injected and injured and
Experimented on without informed consent without informed consent for 40 years not a single safety study We're following Aaron Syrian his brilliant work on the high wire last week where he showed you again the interview from years ago Yeah We've all been on the ground fighting this for a really long time and somehow now Bobby Kennedy's a racist and
And somehow his statements, he knows all the truth.
And so does President Trump.
They know all the truth.
And look how they're going after him.
Oh, racketeering?
That's the lawsuit I filed in November.
November 18th of 2011.
Right when they published that in the newspaper article.
Oh, and the Ninth Circuit Court, the FBI and the DOJ.
The FBI and the DOJ left.
Literally, that case, my RICO case, Ki Tam, I submitted it pro se with the help of lawyer Michael R. Hugo, who helped Barbara Lowe Fisher write the compensation program for the injured as they experimented.
In our book, Plague of Corruption, is the corruption that is the so-called
We were right there in Atlanta, February 27th and 28th of 2019, as they tried to give you a Japanese encephalitis vaccine.
And I wasn't allowed to comment, but I sit in every meeting and I heard them and they said, get written comments, those written comments.
Or right there where Dr. Rossetti and I talk.
It's on our website at all.
It's in our Crimes Against Humanity tour for two years ago.
They, Fauci, killed the women and children.
Remember Arthur Ashe.
Remember Wyan White.
Never forget.
The people who died and the laws act up gave us.
You can't ask if somebody's HIV infected.
They give out oral immunization.
Oral immunizations.
I've got that in my room right now.
They're called Genvoya, Discovy, Truvada.
Oh, those are AIDS drugs and you can, the media shows you every night.
Highly active antiretroviral therapy after they poisoned everybody.
After they poisoned everybody.
Oh, they made oral immunization strategies so you can live your lifestyle and they give it away to every single HIV infected person in this country at the cost of the taxpayers of three to ten thousand dollars and they aren't even residents.
They aren't even citizens.
The taxpayers are paying
Are paying for the crimes Fauci committed in the 80s?
Doctor, listen, I've studied this for years, and so I can follow you, but you're moving so fast here, Doc.
Just give us a big picture.
There's clearly an operation.
Fauci's been running it for 47 years.
To put these viruses into people and as you said last time that nobody else is saying and I agree with you they then use this five virus chimera to cover up the fact as it's coming out that they'd infected the entire vaccine supply.
They had C-SPAN talks about what are we gonna do as it comes out that we've given hot billions cancer and an autoimmune issues and and done all this as if it was an accident.
And then they give you a new shot that has all of it, that pollutes everybody even more, so they can later point back to that, which they then have liability protection for.
Is that what you're saying?
Yeah, and not new shots, but most importantly, here's how easy it is to fix it.
Never again get another shot.
Don't walk anywhere near a grocery store with a pharmacy in it.
They're shooting the poison around the room, and they always had in every flu shot.
They knew it.
It wasn't COVID, it was influenza.
4,000 people a week dying from the ones they cloned from the 1918 Spanish flu.
The first authors read the paper in Journal of Virology, 2004.
And so what you're saying is we're gonna go to break is this is part of a long-term plan.
I want to ask you how it's going for them.
They're saying new viruses are coming, new pandemics, more lockdowns.
I understand you said we're going to beat them, and I believe you, but what is their plan knowing the enemy?
What's their next move?
Dr. Judy McIvitts, stay right there.
The latest book, bestseller, Plague of Corruption.
Find all of her information right now at TheRealDrJudy.com.
Stay with us.
Talking to Dr. Judy McIvitts really upsets me because I've been on air 29 years, and I remember
All the different, sometimes lethal, medical experiments in Africa, in Latin America, and in poor white areas of Appalachia.
Here's some of those headlines.
But, this is really eugenics.
This is mad scientist.
Government tested AIDS drugs on foster kids.
NBC News.
NIH tested AIDS drugs, lethal ones, on foster children, mainly black.
Government concludes some AIDS drug experiments on foster children.
Even the New York Times said it was horrible.
You click images, it shows the little black children particularly.
They would, in cases, they would, you know, the woman would have a two-year-old.
They were going to take that child, too, unless you shine off on your eight-year-old.
And they would take them and slowly kill them.
And sometimes the kids would escape.
They'd send them back and still kill them.
And Al Fauci blocked what was really happening with HIV and gave them AZT and killed people.
Judy, you've moved over a big waterfront here, and I want you to speak about the history of this.
But first, what do you think the globalists are going to pull next?
They say a new deadly thing's coming, more lockdowns.
They've tried the monkey pox.
They've tried Marburg fear-mongering.
Even the UN has admitted and the head of the Clinton Foundation has admitted that now the public and statistics show it, don't trust these shots even more than ever.
So there's a lot of positive things happening.
Millions now killed, 20 million around the world from the shots.
Top European doctors are breaking down the numbers.
Insurance actuaries show this.
I mean, this is the greatest crime in history.
It's ongoing.
What were they planning to do?
What's the ultimate goal of this from your deep research?
And then how is it going for them?
Well, the ultimate goal is to destroy all the evidence of this.
Destroy all the evidence of, you know, here, I spoke up about what Fauci's doing.
And remember, we're on a lot of radio stations, and a lot of folks listen via podcast or audio, so talk about those news articles of where you exposed them so they came and arrested you.
I mean, you've been totally vindicated.
So this news article is from the Ventura County Star, and it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which was one week after that book, Plague, came out.
I was kidnapped, felony fugitive from justice.
The fugitive was Fauci.
Police and actors.
Actors in uniforms.
Actors, bad actors, but good enough to fool the Ventura County Sheriff?
Oh, yeah.
They held me in that jail and tried to get me to say I made a mistake about the XMRVs again.
Look at the mechanism he's showing you on the wall.
We knew exactly how HIV caused AIDS.
That was my PhD thesis in 1991.
So why did you inject an HIV GP 120 and change the name?
You know, change the name of Lyme disease?
Why did you inject women and children with contaminated Hepatitis B vaccines, giving them breast cancer-causing XMRVs?
SARS-CoV-2, again, all of these viruses were made in 2004 and manufactured.
So their next move, they played next week.
Last week, your DOJ and your FBI, oh, we found this lab.
A bioweapon lab in Webring, China.
And it was in Northern California and Fresco, California.
Oh no, maybe that was the freezers in the laboratory and the material that we show you in the last chapter of Plague of Corruption.
Maybe there's a one last chapter I should show you.
Because we saved all the samples.
We have all the proof.
We have all the freezers.
We have all the hard drives.
Bobby and Trump both know where they are.
Where all the cells are.
Where all the contaminants.
We're catching rats.
They knew.
They knew.
Read the last chapter.
Read the last chapter.
We have the cures.
We have the cures.
They're all in those freezers too.
So they're going to try to scare you with Ebola or whatever else.
Ebola was made in the 1990s and injected by way of Obama and his little game to cover up 2014 William Thompson's confession.
Let's stop right there then.
You're totally on target.
Let me just illustrate what you're talking about.
Here is PubMed.com.
NCBI.NIM.NIH National Institutes of Health Immunization Safety Review SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccine Cancer.
Now they admit that over 100 million people died of cancer by the time they put this report out in the 90s.
So this is on their site.
Now I have the mainline reports in this Epoch Times that link to the U.S.
government scientists
And the studies that they found, what you said three years ago would be in there, because they'd already made it, as you said, in 2004, the COVID shots with the SV40 that, again, causes cancer.
Now look at Google.
Let me just show them this.
Look at the evil Google.
If you type in monkey virus DNA COVID vaccines,
It says there is no monkey virus, there is no RNA, no DNA.
It doesn't exist.
Even though I just showed you the government websites admitting it.
So, this is Google.
Not just saying masks work when they don't and give you bacterial pneumonia.
Not just saying ivermectin doesn't work and get people killed.
Not just telling you the vaccine works when it's not a vaccine and it hurts you.
But literally blocking this in live time and they admit for the UN and for the WHO and this whole UN treaty.
So I understand what you're saying.
You're the big whistleblower.
You've done an incredible job.
My question here is, Doctor,
They tend to cover up one crime with a bigger crime.
And we now have RFK Jr.
pointing out that there are hundreds of these labs in the U.S., not just in China.
It was already a big controversy in 2015 when they moved it to China.
We've covered it, but now RFK Jr.
is reaching tens of millions saying it and laying it out.
My issue here is with Rand Paul criminally referring Fauci.
These guys tend to double down.
You've already been falsely imprisoned and totally vindicated.
What do you gut-level, you're a smart lady, think they're gonna pull now and how do we bring them to justice?
Again, SARS-CoV-2 is the other monkey virus.
SV40 means the 40th virus they isolated out of there in the 60s, 70s.
The work is Adi Gazdar.
And he was the one that showed in 2011, these things went through the air from one flask to another, contaminating uninfected cultures always.
They're trying to put you back in a mask.
The mask will drive the lung cancer from SV40.
That's what it did.
That's this explosion in cancer.
They're going to try to tell you they're going to release something.
I'm telling you, they've injected it into all of us, unchecked, since 1986.
And all we need to do to bring them to justice is never get another shot.
And we also know from studies they bombed conservative and rural areas more with the more deadly shots.
Is that, from your research, true?
So cover that.
And then as you said, why does it give some people myocarditis, some blood clots, some heart attacks, some cancer?
Because I guess it's a cocktail and depending on our physiology it hits us different ways.
So they cover up all the stuff they already polluted us with and flooded with a new even bigger system.
They signed governments on liability protection.
And then I guess get local governments and doctors to sign on with bioethicists to the crimes they're committing to fully corrupt the medical system to cover up the crimes they've already committed.
If you get a second shot, a third shot, you already have antibodies.
Gerd Van Den Bosch, antibody-dependent enhancement, pathogenic priming.
When Magic Johnson tested positive in 1991, he had an antibody.
He was immune.
What didn't you do?
Inject any other shot or you would activate the HIV.
There was a 2016 paper, it's shown on my slide, that I always show at these various events and in these crimes against humanity.
Standard vaccines increase the production of HIV mRNA.
Standard vaccines.
Never get another shot and we can heal with our own God-given immune systems and clean out these things.
This is my focus.
Oral immunization, highly active antiretroviral therapy are pills.
We give it away on the streets of San Francisco thanks to the work of ACT UP.
Laws were passed.
People have forgotten.
We must remember those who were killed.
And let me raise that, because you were there.
A lot of listeners don't know the history of this.
They're smart, but they don't remember or they never heard about it.
For those that don't know, my dad is an oral surgeon, smart guy, heavily in the medical literature.
I remember him in the 80s saying, son, HIV is a manufactured situation.
It's the drugs that kill you.
The people that are dying from it already destroyed their immune systems with methamphetamines and stuff.
He was involved with doctors that were in the Dallas Buyers Club.
I mean, he was actually involved in it.
Helping people get the drugs they needed.
I'm trying to make my dad a hero.
He was, you know, when we say that.
And so, he owned a hospital.
So, all that was going on, all that was happening.
So, Fauci's been defeated before.
That's why suddenly, Magic Johnson, and suddenly we don't hear about HIV so much, because if they're not somebody they can target, like the Africans with quote, HIV drugs, they're unable to kill you.
Give us the science, and when you keep bringing up ACT UP, and the activists, the good gay activists did a great job,
Yeah, right there, that last sign.
Release Peptide T. Read our last book, Ending Plague, or better yet, listen to it.
Frank Rossetti talked for the first time ever.
It was published August 1st, 2021.
And he showed you Peptide T.
...is a cure for HIV, GP120, and Lyme disease, and myalgic encephalomyelitis... So Magic Johnson's worth a billion bucks.
He gets the real treatment.
He gets that, yeah, there were hot lots, that was your question.
Yeah, when you run a phase 3 clinical trial, it's not an it, it's a them.
Not one manufacturing plant was ever checked.
How dirty were they?
How contaminated?
Every time you add, that's it, release peptide T.
1980s in the biological response modifiers program that I worked as a technician 25 years old until I got my PhD in 1992 showing HIV didn't cause AIDS.
Doesn't matter if these gain of functions.
Don't inject them and don't ingest GMO and you'll live a really long time.
I got I'm immune to everything.
Antibody is immunity.
Stop folks.
You're fine.
No matter what they released last fall, they already released it before.
The Ebola that killed 21,000 Liberians came straight from the Vero Monkey cell line by way of Obama and Fauci to cover up William Thompson's confession, if we don't remember.
The people that were killed before.
If we don't remember, if we don't stop all of this and peacefully, no thank you, no more shots, SV40 is because you will cause lung cancer if you wear a mask.
Not another mask, ever again.
We will never tolerate this again.
I'm in an office where I have every one of these cures.
I have the oral highly active antiretroviral therapy they give away and I have lots of it and I will give it.
And let's be clear, you said this in 2004, you wrote a book, you've been totally vindicated, they instantly deep-stated you.
Because you were an insider and it just blown their whole operation.
This is so incredible.
And so let me ask you this.
How is their program going?
And what do you think, again, of RFK Jr., what he's saying, and the admitted labs, and of the criminal referrals for Fauci?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
hasn't always been on site since 2019, when he wrote that—it's not a foreword, it's a chapter—when he finally realized what I was saying, that's the last chapter.
I called him and I said, Bobby, you better hurry up and get this out.
They're going to kill a lot of people.
And he's like, Judy, there's something missing.
And I said, I know you're busy, Bobby.
Read the last chapter.
Because the last chapter of Plague of Corruption, when he drafted the foreword, was the way forward.
How do we cure it?
I'm always an optimist.
There was a way forward.
Page all the way through that and you'll see the last chapter.
And we're going to talk about that.
We're going to talk about that.
But so let's talk about the number one question I get is, we know it's shedding.
That's in the major studies.
A new one came out of Colorado University two weeks ago.
We know the actuaries from insurance companies show 20 million dead, not from COVID, but from the shots.
What do people that have been shed on and people that have taken the shots, what do they do to protect?
Can they repair it?
Can they reverse it?
What do we do?
Like I said, I have an office full and we created the website, TheRealDrJudy.com because I was one of those people in the Dallas Buyers Club straight from the Biological Response Modifiers Program.
I led the lab of antiviral drug mechanisms.
I know how the drugs work.
The healing is right there.
The courses are right there.
That pre-bundled solution, Cardio Miracle Proline Greens.
And pro-immune solutions right there.
All we need to do is nourish ourselves, drink real clean water, do not eat GMO.
They're all right there.
All we have to do is learn what we learned in the 80s.
That's why the book Ending Plague is the highest censored
Most censored book really of all times.
Nobody even knew about it.
It didn't come out in audio to March of 2023.
It came out in 2021.
Bobby Kennedy in the book, The Real Anthony Fauci, described every one of those horrific experiments on children when the hot lots went to the inner cities in LA.
Slow down, explain what a hot lot is.
We know from studies
Early on they bombed rural and conservative areas this time, but notice no black activists talk about this that are controlled because they're so controlled, but in particular they targeted blacks though in the 80s and 90s.
Now they've moved on to rural and conservative areas.
We know that.
Explain what a hot lot is.
Yeah, stop it.
Agency heads are scared to death if XMRV works out.
Oh, why?
Because in 19, a hot lot means you sent to the inner cities in those countries exactly what you said.
The highest dose, you know, the highest dose to, and you gave it to the poorest who were eating the glyphosate and the manufactured food.
It's not, GMO is not real food.
The kids who were forced to in those Head Start programs.
Before they're three years old, we get a head start on killing you because little white children stay home with their mom.
And I'm not trying to be mean here, because I stayed home with my mom until I was five years old.
And I thank God I didn't get shot before that, because it's not these parents' fault.
They were lied to, and the inner cities were where they sent the deadliest, the highest doses.
They experimented, and it's all in Bobby Kennedy's book, The Real Anthony Fauci.
And interestingly enough, you won't even see
The word.
You won't even see XMRV because Robert Malone and the editors of that book, I had been so heavily censored.
They didn't even know.
And I believe them when they said it because I talked to them personally.
And that's, you know, the gift of Mickey Willis in Plandemic 3 is talk, have a conversation.
When we talk to each other, we're like, yeah, we were lied to.
We have to forgive each other.
We have to forgive each other.
I totally agree.
So here's the bottom line.
I think it's fair to say, to disagree, because you're the expert, the wheels have come off the globalist program.
They're in total fear.
Fauci got caught with illegal federal protection forces, even though he supposedly retired.
I think they're on their heels.
How do we bring them fully to justice before they release a new bioweapon?
Well, again, they cannot release another one.
They've already been injected.
We've already been injected with all of it.
It's all a PSYOP.
You just change the PCR test to find the strain du jour.
The papers are all right there on our website showing they're all there.
How did we get mouse viruses into bat cave in China in bat feces in 2011?
That's the paper, the meta-analysis.
It's right there on our website.
We've educated you all.
We've shown you tens of hours of classes to show you this.
All you have to do is take away your money.
Don't pay taxes.
Don't go in a grocery store with a pharmacy.
They're poisoning you.
We're good to go.
I have the FDA and CDC website admitting that a whole bunch of the so-called vaccines have alpha-gal.
They cause meat allergies.
They claim it's a tick.
But countries that don't have the tick are having alpha-gal meat allergy explode.
And then we have the WFUN saying we're going to put stuff in vaccines to make you allergic to meat in 2012.
So that's an ongoing project.
Give us your breakdown on alpha-gal.
Well, it's always there.
It's something, a chemical we use in manufacturing detection, just like luciferase is.
Alpha-Gal is just one of the things we use when we manufacture and we make these cell lines and we stabilize them.
It's always been in them because they never tested another.
They're not releasing it.
Nothing under the sun is new.
Not one single shot since 1986 was tested or cleaned up or filtered.
They could have done this.
And in the summer of 2011, when Adi Gosdar proved, yeah, there you are, we put them in all of it.
They're in all of them.
Read the 2017 GOTI paper.
Antoinette GOTI 2017.
It's on our website.
Look at all the garbage in all the shots.
They're just making it up now and saying COVID-19.
There's no such thing as COVID-19.
It's chronic Lyme disease.
It's all the cancers caused by not only simian virus 40.
That was the 40th.
How many new viruses have we created?
Yeah, look.
Those came straight from our website and class is not yours in your hands.
But look at the monkey kidney cell line.
Look at the MRC5.
I'm showing FDA, CDC websites admitting that they're giving you meat allergy in the shot.
And they always have.
That's the importance in our chapter in Vaccine Corps.
2012, 2011.
And I'm going to start today releasing the cases we did and showing you they knew exactly how to cause what we're seeing now that they're calling COVID.
They knew exactly the molecular mechanisms.
That's why when you were showing Fauci drawn on the blackboard and F Kappa B, that was my PhD thesis.
Yeah, 1991 we cured all of this and the answer was don't inject anything.
Any mRNA.
And by the way, they admit that they gave all these different military quote shots were full of all the viruses and Gulf War syndrome.
So this is depopulation.
It's them playing God.
It's XMRV.
There's no such thing as Lyme disease.
It's HIV.
It's HIV GP 120.
The game was to kill them, cover up the evidence.
Let me raise this.
I worked off and on for four years for a large animal vet who was very successful and I think still practicing and he would tell
Because he did large animal and small animal, you know, in two clinics.
He would tell people, you don't need these shots.
And they knew that cats and dogs were dying.
And I've seen testimony of other veterinarians that it's also the animals.
And so now, why are they injecting pigs and cows with the COVID shot?
Um, to cover up all the things you just showed there on that thing so that our meat becomes contaminated because we're going to blame this all on global warming and it's really pollution and poisoning of our food supply and that is the goal.
That is absolutely the goal.
If you can't eat anything other than processed food and nobody should be in those stores, don't go.
That's right, the headlines everywhere.
Washington Post, USA Today.
Global warming will soon poison the meat.
Global warming will make viruses come out of the jungle.
No, they're poisoning the meat and they're creating the viruses on record!
They just say, oh, and the countdown clock, you're all dead within seven years because they're trying to trigger a catastrophe.
And all you need to do is don't use present tense.
They already injected it since 2004 and most of us are fine.
Only the heaviest vaccinated are dying with those shots.
But Birx and Redfield.
Used a J&J-style gene therapy HIV vaccine on the military in the mid-90s, and we have absolute proof.
Oh, and those freezers of mine, they just happened to find some of those in Northern California after they kidnapped me and held me and tried to get me to turn on the... Well, let's elaborate on that and do five more minutes, and then Mike Adams is loaded for bear taking over.
I know you said on the show and written in your book that you've got everything saved.
Are you saying that facility they raided two weeks ago, you're part of that?
No, I'm saying that the FBI made it up.
They knew about it when I was arrested in 2011.
I gotta say, you told them that stuff was all there being saved, and now they're raiding something they knew was there.
Correct, well, they put it in a different location.
Oh, look what we found from China!
It's not from China, it's from Fauci!
Show back the 2007... Oh, you're saying, I know you're a genius, you gotta talk to us like we're not an expert like you.
You're saying, wow, oh my gosh, so now they're covering their tracks.
Oh, the gain of function, wow.
Alright, we're gonna do five more minutes with Dr. Judy Megibetz.
Remember, if you wanna see my new show I'm launching, go to jonescrowder.com.
Final short segment with Dr. Judy Mikovits.
We're looking at geoengineering and the plan to kill the planet.
The Bill Gates is running the plan to block out the sun, the giant multi-million dollar carbon dioxide scrubbers are setting up.
This is reverse terraforming.
Mike Adams coming up in T-minus six minutes.
Dr. Judy Mikovits, author of Plague of Corruption, is our guest.
Elaborating, this is big news making information.
You're exposing Fauci, his program, it's all come out, running out of function, and you're saying they just moved everything to a warehouse to make that a distraction, to then blame it on the Chinese.
Elaborate on that.
Guys, turn her up.
Start over, go ahead.
Who came after me?
The FBI and DOJ?
Tony Fauci doesn't do anything.
He just sends out his minions.
He paid off the owners of the Institute who had committed, oh, a little tax fraud, some Medicare fraud where they sold an unvalidated PCR test.
You know who owns the patent test?
The patent for the variants on all of COVID?
Frank Ricetti, the National Cancer Institute, not the NIAID.
You know, the game.
What is the game?
The game's been all about patents, as we said in the beginning.
You can't patent nature.
HIV never was LAV.
How many other than the 40, the hundreds, the thousands of viruses that are in all these dirty cell lines?
We need to clean up all of these, and our government is selling them, and they're having debates.
Who owns?
Whose intellectual property is it?
Whose intellectual property are cell lines where the tumor was transformed by the chimeric virus?
Is it the maker of the chimeric virus?
Well, that's what we're all talking about.
Who owns me now if I got injected by that stuff?
You know, who owns?
Whose property are you?
And that's what we're talking about.
People must wake up.
Do not allow anybody near you with a needle.
And that's why Henrietta Lacks, who they use her immortal cell on, they say they own her.
Well, right.
And they concluded all of this.
So what did we do?
I developed these cell lines.
Who owns them?
Who owns them?
I work for the federal government.
You do.
And you own the cures, too, because I developed the cures.
I didn't develop the cause.
The bioweapons were made by DARPA and BARDA under the capture manager of Robert Malone.
Well, that's what RFK Jr.
just pointed out.
Fauci runs the whole covert bioweapon program.
That's what SARS-CoV-2 means.
It's a monkey virus, a kidney coming from the, you know, it's, call it the 41st or the 42nd or the 4,000th.
There are zillions of them in there.
Don't inject them.
Our God gave us the immune system we need.
And all of those products you just showed.
And Doc, let me back you up.
Here's a short clip of Rand Paul a few days ago bringing up the Fauci.
And Fauci said, I don't have to tell you.
I want to ask you how much money you think he's actually been paid.
Here's a clip.
Here's what I want to know.
It's not just about you.
Everybody on the Vaccine Committee, have any of them ever received money from the people who make vaccines?
Can you tell me that?
Can you tell me if anybody on the Vaccine Approval Committees ever received any money from people who make vaccines?
Are you going to let me answer a question?
Soundbite, number one, are you going to let me answer a question?
Okay, so let me give you some information.
First of all,
According to the regulations, people who receive royalties are not required to divulge them, even on their financial statement, according to the Bayh-Dole Act.
Yeah, regulations, he wrote.
Closing comment on that, Dr. Judy Migovitz.
What was the first thing I said in Plandemic from May 4th, 2020?
Get rid of the Bayh-Dole Acts.
The taxpayers paid for my information, my intellectual property, my brain, since I walked into the University of Virginia, September of 1976.
You own the tech data.
You own the data.
Who owns the data wins.
You own the data, taxpayers, and this medical-industrial complex now.
Well, Dr. Judy Mikovits, join us again soon.
Dr. Judy Mikovits on Twitter, TheRealDrJudy.com.
Everybody should share this feed once we post the archive of it to Bandot Video.
We salute you.
It's in the hands of the people now to save themselves and save the lives and save our civilization.
We salute you, Dr. Judy Mikovits.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams.
Stay with us.
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All right.
Mike Adams is in Central Texas in his studio.
He's having an audio issue.
As soon as he's ready, we will go to the great Mike Adams with a massively important information about the mad scientist, tarot farming and geoengineering, our atmosphere and our world.
You just saw in the last hour, if you just tuned in, you missed it, an hour with Dr. Judy Mikovits.
Incredible, all-on-record trailblazer, whistleblower, top scientist, life-saving information.
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We got Mike's audio fix yet?
Or is it that bad?
I can host the hour, I guess.
Mike is ready.
Because I've been asking to get Mike on.
He's been busy.
I've been begging to get him on.
We'll skip this network break so he has more time.
We'll skip both the breaks.
Both this one and the one at 45 after, 50 after.
Because I want Mike Adams to get into the geoengineering, the murdering of the planet, the outlawing of carbon that we're all based on, and just how big this is so it's all there.
But please don't forget, I'm going to tape tomorrow.
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All right.
Mike Adams takes over right now.
All right.
Hello, Alex.
Thank you for having me on.
I apologize for the delay.
But it is part of what's happening in our world right now.
Technical issues.
I've been doing a deep dive for the last several months into a lot of the science behind the climate change fraud.
Which I now am characterizing as a terraforming operation.
This is part of the evolution of genocide against humanity, where governments have evolved more and more deadly weapons against the human race over the decades.
They started out with weapons of kinetic death, such as the Holocaust, rounding people up, gassing them to death with Zyklon B.
They then migrated to food, engineered famine death, mass starvation.
The Holodomor, for example, that killed millions of Ukrainians and was a weapon system.
Then they've advanced now into geoengineering and weather control systems that cause droughts and floods and crop failures, leading to famine.
And then now we have the most advanced weapon of genocide or democide of all.
And that weapon is terraforming.
And the terraforming operation is sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere in order to shut down photosynthesis that drives the entire global crop yield
Uh, operation.
Without photosynthesis, of course, you don't have rainforests, you don't have grasslands, you don't have aquatic ecosystems, ocean life plunges towards zero, and you also don't have animals and insects and humans.
And then you don't have oxygen in the atmosphere because oxygen is created as a byproduct of photosynthesis.
So what we're really looking at right now, Alex, is a terraforming operation now with a new announcement by Joe Biden that $1.2 billion will be funding a new pilot project in Texas and Louisiana.
In order to, again, to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, to sequester it, and deprive the plants of planet Earth access to the CO2 that they need in order to function physiologically and to produce oxygen and food for the human race.
So this is the dark genesis of genocide against humanity, is being able to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere in one place, but to affect the entire atmospheric chemistry of the planet.
This way, the globalists who are in, let's say, the United States or Europe, they can mass murder people in India or China or Nigeria or Syria, anywhere on the planet.
They will all be impacted by this.
And the pilot program right now that's just been announced by Biden is designed to be scaled up to a mega
Operation, multiple machines, large scalability, hundreds of billions of dollars behind this in order to drive Earth's atmosphere into a state that will produce a cold, dead, lifeless planet.
A post-human future for planet Earth.
That is what is being planned and deployed right now.
This is no longer a theory, and it's certainly not a conspiracy theory.
It's a White House announcement.
It's a press release from the White House.
They are 100% behind this, and unlike in other examples of democide or genocide against humanity, where the people fought back.
You know, some people resisted the Holocaust.
Some people fought back.
Jews with firearms, for example, fought back.
And some people fought back against the starvation and tried to grow their own food.
This genocide that's being carried out on a global scale has recruited
The people who have been brainwashed into believing in the climate change agenda.
These people have been brainwashed to go along with the death cult.
And so they demand their own deaths as part of this operation to quote, save the planet.
It's all disguised as a planet-saving operation when it is in fact a planet-killing operation and a humanity-killing operation.
But never before, never in the history of genocide, were the governments of the world able to recruit people to say, hey, line up and agree to be killed.
Nobody did that until now.
Now the climate change cultists, they line up and they agree to take CO2 out of the atmosphere that will kill them all.
So that's where we are right now, in history.
Now, it's going to take some time for the globalists to achieve the CO2 sequestration and alter the atmosphere to the point where it will shut down photosynthesis and kill most life as we know it on planet Earth.
So, they have other plans in the interim.
One of those plans, as Dr. Mikovits was just speaking about, is, of course, the vaccine bioweapon.
And additional pandemics, as Mickey Willis talks about in his films.
So, long-term is to alter the atmosphere, shut off sunlight, block photosynthesis.
Medium-term is to deploy vaccine jabs, depopulation jabs, infertility jabs, and also additional pandemics.
But short-term, how are they killing people now, today?
Well, Laha'aina.
Which I believe is the correct indigenous pronunciation of that town in Maui.
Laha'aina, many people believe, was hit with directed energy weapons.
Or DEWs.
Or, many people believe that maybe the fire started naturally and then the authorities were called off.
The fire department was called off.
They said, oh, it's under control, and they left.
Knowing that 70 mile an hour winds were approaching.
Knowing that hundreds of children who were sent home from school
Would be home alone as their parents were still at work.
And that those children would be engulfed in the flames of death.
Just like children thrown into the mouth of Moloch.
Child sacrifice operation.
Hundreds of children burned alive.
Many of those indigenous Hawaiian children.
Their ancestors were the Polynesians that originally settled Hawaii, which was then, of course, annexed by the Empire of the United States, to take the land, the resources, to pillage, and then to control.
Just as the U.S.
has been doing all over the world, with many other countries, to pillage and to control.
And if you don't go along with it, well, they destroy you.
They bomb you.
They kill you.
They destroy your infrastructure.
This is what the U.S.
did to Libya.
This is what the U.S.
did to Afghanistan and to some degree Syria.
This is what the U.S.
Empire, again, run by the current Satanists in charge.
This is not the real spirit of America, but this is who's in charge right now.
They've run around the world bullying and destroying everything in sight.
And now they've turned those weapons against the American people.
And recently against the people of Laha'ina in Maui.
If they can do that to that town, if they can burn those children alive and stand back and watch it happen, they can do it to any of us.
Now through the combination of geoengineering and direct energy weapons, they can first create the conditions of mass fires.
You know, Dane Wigington speaks about this quite a bit.
And he's right.
They can control the flow of moisture in the atmosphere in order to have extra moisture in some areas to cause floods, i.e.
certain parts of China right now, in order to deplete the food supply there, and in other areas to deprive those areas of water to cause droughts, to create fire conditions, to create those conditions where everything is a tinderbox, where there's no moisture left in the plants or the trees.
And then, once those conditions are created, they can use DEWs, direct energy weapons.
Which, there's no doubt in my mind that those are orbital platforms that can fire these direct energy weapons to set grass on fire.
To just, all they need is a few sparks.
They can set fire in almost any location they want.
And then, because they've created those conditions, those fires can burn and they can call off the fire department.
And get the cooperation of local law enforcement and local government to back down and back off and block the roads.
Did you know they blocked the roads so that people could not evacuate Lahaina?
You know people burned alive because the roads were blocked?
And children burned alive because they were sent home from school to be alone?
So, this is an engineered operation as a demonstration
And also I think a warning against any indigenous populations in Hawaii who might be thinking about, you know, perhaps reclaiming their nation or seceding from the United States occupying force, because Hawaii is an occupied nation, occupied by the U.S.
Empire and its military bases and its military presence and its fraudulent senators who claim to represent Hawaii, but only represent death and destruction, as we are now seeing.
So this tragedy, as horrible as it is, is also waking a lot of people up to the reality of what's happening.
A lot of Native Hawaiians are waking up right now like never before.
And some of those people probably voted for Biden and are now realizing what a horrible mistake that is because, you know, Hawaii tends to vote Democrat.
But if you vote for Democrats, sadly, in a horrifying way, you often get the tyranny that you voted for.
And that's exactly what they are experiencing right now.
And I think many of them are realizing they have to put a stop to this.
They cannot tolerate this.
They cannot tolerate the destruction of their land, their family, their, their, their towns, their communities, their cultures by this occupying force, which has now engaged in war against we, the people.
And as a backdrop to all of this, of course, you have elements of the Biden regime now filing additional criminal charges against Trump.
And, you know, many other people, Sidney Powell and others, Rudy Giuliani, completely falsified charges, the most ridiculous charges, claiming it's a felony to tell people to tune into TV or that it's a felony to schedule a meeting room.
If they can level these felony charges against Trump and his team, what can they do to you?
If they can burn the children alive in Laha'aina, what can they do to your town, to your state, to your country?
At the same time all of this is going on, the Biden regime is asking for, I believe it's $40 billion to build cities in America in order to house illegal immigrants.
Building them cities while the American people go homeless, while the American people face food scarcity.
While the American people are taxed to death and their dollars losing value every single day because of the Federal Reserve money printing that has no end, no end in sight.
They have to print more money to send more weapons to Ukraine and more kickbacks to the weapons manufacturers.
While they build cities for the invading illegal force that is occupying this country, there's no money to protect the border.
Seemingly there's almost no money for the victims of the fires in Lahaina.
There's no money for veterans and VA hospitals.
There's no money for housing of the American people who have lost their homes because of the shenanigans of the central banks playing havoc with interest rates.
But there's money to build cities for illegal invaders?
I recently interviewed Michael Yan.
I know he's been on with Infowars here.
I'll be interviewing him, I think, on Friday as well.
And he has witnessed and photographed a city north of Houston, Texas that is being constructed on private land to house tens of thousands of illegals once it is completed.
This is a private ghost city of sorts where Texans are not welcome.
Americans are not welcome.
Only illegal aliens will be housed there.
And it will only be a staging area, an FOB for those of you in the military, Forward Operating Base.
This is the beachhead for the invasion of the United States in Texas.
And at the same time, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is taking over children's soccer fields in order to build migrant camps in New York City.
And there's a petition among parents there who are complaining about that, saying, oh my gosh, how could this mayor take away our children's soccer recreational activity to build migrant camps?
You want to know the honest answer?
Because you voted for Democrats.
That's why.
Because you voted for a Democrat mayor.
Because you voted for Democrat legislature to run the state.
And you, the American people, the New Yorkers, the local, real New Yorkers,
Third, fourth generation New Yorkers, you are considered expendable by Mayor Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul and others, right?
The governor, the mayor, the legislators, they consider you to be expendable.
You're being replaced.
They're building cities and camps for the illegals while you can't afford to pay rent.
Because again, they're printing the money to build the camps and that causes a theft of the purchasing power of your dollars.
So you will go broke.
The migrants will get free housing and free health care and free education and free everything.
See what's happening?
This is no longer a theory.
Alex was warning about this more than a decade ago, repeatedly.
And was called a conspiracy theorist.
Oh, there's no plan to replace the American people.
They said, oh, there's no plan for an invasion.
Oh, that would be crazy.
Nothing like that is ever going to happen.
They're not going to build cities for illegals.
No, the American people just fine, you know, sit down, shut up, be quiet and, you know, keep taking your vaccines and keep taking your psychiatric medications and you'll be fine.
And for far too long, the American people slept or they were sleepwalking through life.
And they believed that, oh yeah, must be all a conspiracy theory.
None of this could possibly be true.
No one would be that evil.
No one would want to get rid of Americans.
No one would allow the border to be invaded.
No one would actually use the powers of government to build weapons of mass destruction to carry out genocide against our own children and burn them alive.
And it turns out that Alex was right.
It turns out that your government is a terrorist organization.
That your government wants you dead.
Now, I'm not calling for any violence or any uprising or anything of that kind.
I'm calling for an end of violence.
An end of government violence against the people.
And if there is a way to vote our way out of this, that should be option number one.
And we do have a vote coming up if we can make it that far, if we can get there.
And even if Donald J. Trump is in prison because that's where they want to put him,
I think as of what just happened over the last 24 hours, I think we, the American people, we need to come out in droves and we need to vote for Donald J. Trump simply as a way to push back against the lawlessness and the evil and the Satanism that has infiltrated and taken over the government of this country, which has been weaponized as a terror weapon against the American people.
Donald J. Trump, after being thrown in prison, might have the presence of mind, I think he will,
To be able to take office and do what finally needs to be done, what many of us hoped he had done in his first term.
And that is to use the executive power of the Office of the Presidency to gut the corruption, the filth, the Satanism, the evil that has taken over the bureaucracy of the United States federal government.
This may be our absolute last chance.
And Trump can win the election even if he is behind bars, by the way.
And we have a duty to help him do that because that may be the last remaining option to turn this around before it goes into the final totalitarian kill phase.
The kill phase has begun.
We have to stop it before it claims even more lives.
I'll be back here on Infowars.com after this short break.
Thanks for tuning in.
I'm Mike Adams.
Be right back.
Welcome back, folks, to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
All right.
I'm Mike Adams stepping in here.
It's been a while since I've been on the show and I'm happy to be back.
I've been doing a deep dive into many areas and one of which I want to share with you.
In my food science lab, we have acquired now dioxin testing equipment, which is another mass spec instrument with a dioxin testing interface, which is really a gas chromatography or GC interface.
And that's it took a lot longer than we thought.
But after the so-called accident in East Palestine, where they released dioxins onto the farmlands of Ohio and Pennsylvania, and also the Amish farmlands there,
We decided to go ahead and invest in that and we will be up and running in a couple of months to be able to conduct those tests.
We've got some people including the resistance chicks who live in Ohio have provided us with some soil samples and we have connections with some of the farmers in that area and we're going to be conducting free testing for those farmers of their food.
In order to help those farmers if their food is clean so that they can certify that their food is clean and they can still sell you know their meat and their cheese and their milk or whatever they're selling from you know from their animal farms there.
And then for those who have a contamination issue, we'll be able to help them pinpoint that so they can, you know, deal with it and resolve it.
And I want to mention that in the last segment, you know, I talked about the government running terrorism operations against we, the people of the United States.
And I believe that that train so-called accident in East Palestine was no accident as well.
You look at the pattern of the sabotage of the food facilities.
Look at the pattern of the fires and explosions affecting refineries and natural gas export hubs.
You look at the pattern of what just happened in Laha'aina.
You look at even this so-called train derailment releasing dioxins, which are extremely toxic at very, very low concentrations.
I mean, femtograms, which is an extremely tiny unit of mass, by the way, femtograms.
That was designed to destroy more farming operations in the United States and to make the food supply even more scarce.
So we are fighting back against that with this lab testing.
Again, we're going to be donating the lab test to the farmers there so that they can still sell their food without people questioning whether it's contaminated.
Because a lot of farms, even though they may be in close proximity to that so-called accident, they were not downwind from it.
So we'll be able to help them, you know, certify their foods as being dioxin free.
At the same time, we're also going to be able to spot dioxins that are in the food supply in grocery stores, which I'm told it's going to be present at some level in many, many animal-derived products, so we're going to start to create a baseline.
Notice that the FDA did not conduct this testing, nor did the EPA.
The government agencies care nothing about your safety or your health.
Literally, they are trying to kill you.
That's what their goal is now.
They're trying to kill you.
And it's up to us, we the people, with our own media operations, like this one, InfoWars, or with our own labs, like my lab, we're going to be doing the job the FDA should be doing.
And we're doing it, you know, at no charge to the farmers.
We're going to be telling the truth in a way that the government would never state, because they have to cover up and lie about all of this.
There's something else I want to share with you that also explains a little bit of my absence from this show.
And I did share this with my audience, but I'm going to go ahead and share it with you now.
Almost three months ago, I nearly severed my finger.
I nearly lost my index finger.
This finger right here.
I hope it's in focus.
And you wouldn't be able to believe that by looking at it now.
But I showed the photos of it almost being cut off.
I severed ligaments.
I severed blood vessels and nerves.
Temporarily lost nerve feeling in the fingertip.
Of course, it was bleeding all over.
It was a horrible branch accident.
And I did not sever the main ligament underneath here, but I severed all the lateral ligaments and it was a mess.
And I was told by some people, you know, you're lucky you have your finger, number one.
And by the way, this will matter to you, just stay tuned in.
I'm going to tell you something really powerful here.
But a lot of people said, there's no way, you're not going to get your feeling back, you're not going to get the use of your finger back.
And they said, oh, you're never going to be able to, you know, fire a gun again.
I'm like, no way that I can't deal with that.
I'm definitely going to be able to fire firearms, whatever it takes.
I'm going to retrain this finger.
I'm going to regrow the nerves.
I'm going to do whatever it takes.
And I'm happy to say that as of right now, uh, over the weekend, I think I, I did like 300 rounds through a Glock 19 and it's all working just fine.
But how did I do that?
I want to share that with you.
One of the secrets that's been kept from us is that we can regenerate nerve tissue and we can regrow blood vessels and we can rebuild our bodies using natural medicine and molecules in nature.
That information has been kept from us in exactly the same way that the truth about ivermectin was kept from us.
The establishment wants you to die from a lack of ivermectin and so the FDA attacked it.
Doctors refuse to prescribe it.
And there are many other substances like that that can be life-saving.
And what I found, after I nearly cut off this finger, I found that, and this is not something that I'm selling here, and I'm not plugging a particular brand or anything, I don't think Infowars carries this, and I don't either, but I found there's a medicinal mushroom that you can grow yourself called Lion's Mane.
Lion's Mane mushroom.
And Lion's Mane rebuilds nerve tissue.
And with other nutraceuticals and good nutrition and vitamin C rebuilds tendons, by the way.
Did you know that?
And with zinc, which helps rebuild skin injuries, you know, skin tissue.
And with many other natural substances, some of which boost immune function and so on, in a little over eight weeks, I was able to rebuild the nerve tissue to where I not only got back
Normal sensitivity of my fingertip, I got back 150% to 200% sensitivity.
I now have, I mean this is going to sound strange, I have a fingertip now that is like double sensitive.
Like I feel like I could read braille at this point.
Because it actually had to regrow the nerves that carry those sensations and those nerves are now brand new.
And doctors say that you can't do that.
You can't rebuild your nerves, you can't regrow the ligaments, you can't regain that kind of function.
Well, folks, I did it and I'm a speedcuber now and I'm doing Rubik's Cube all day and I'm doing, you know, cube solves and all of this and I'm shooting Glocks and rifles and everything.
So, I came back from the near loss of my finger and folks, I never once went to a doctor
At least not at first.
I went later to check, like five weeks in, I went to check, is everything looking good, and that doctor was amazed, but I didn't go to an emergency room, I didn't get any stitches.
And now I can't say that that's right for you.
You got to make your own decision and I'm not your doctor.
But I decided to have no stitches, no x-rays, no emergency room, nothing.
I turned to natural medicine.
I was able to stop the bleeding because I know how to stop bleeding.
That's not that difficult.
You know, apply pressure and put on blood stop and you can stop the bleeding.
But I decided I did not want to go get stitches.
I did.
I do not trust the doctors.
I don't want to go catch some horrible super bug at the emergency room.
That was my decision.
Again, I can't say that's the right decision for you.
You probably should go to the emergency room.
But I decided not to.
I decided to heal it with nutrition and medicinal herbs and mushrooms.
And as a result, here now, almost 12 weeks later, I almost have 100 percent recovery.
Which mainstream doctors would say is impossible.
Not impossible.
And this is the kind of stuff that I drink every day.
Avocados and turmeric, you know, flax seeds and superfoods and anthocyanins, all kinds of stuff in here.
This is what works, folks.
So, you know, I didn't say this to plug in for Wars Store, and I'm not trying to plug any particular product, but I'm just saying as a general principle, I want you to know something.
Nutrition absolutely works.
Now, I'm not saying that nutrition is a replacement for a real medical emergency.
If you're bleeding out, you know, you should obviously seek medical assistance.
But I'm talking about situations here when there is no doctor, when you're in a collapsed society, which is probably coming because of the financial collapse.
I'm talking about situations where you can't get to a doctor or you're way out in the country or you don't have a functioning system, power grids down or what have you.
And then you have an emergency.
There are things that you can do that work.
And I just went through hell and back with this finger.
I mean, I couldn't type for three weeks, I think.
I couldn't even, you know.
I mean, imagine, I couldn't unzip my fly, folks.
I mean, you know, you lose a finger, it's tough.
And I have a lot of compassion for people who have, you know, physical impairments and disabilities at this point, because life was hard just not being able to use one finger.
I can't imagine not having a hand or an arm or, you know, the combat veterans who've lost a leg.
I really feel for them more than I ever did because I went through this.
But I want you to know that you can heal.
That your body can regrow nerves and blood vessels and tissues and muscles even in ways that doctors do not believe is possible.
And I'm living proof of it.
I'm living proof of it right here.
I have the photos.
I'm not going to publish them right here.
I mean, number one, they're bloody and gross.
But if you look at my finger right now, you almost can't see any scar tissue at all.
You almost can't see a scar.
And it's unbelievable to people.
So I just want to share that with you.
That's one reason why I wasn't even writing stories for a while.
I was focused on healing.
I was focused on this injury recovery.
I was focused on physical therapy to be able to shoot again.
And now I'm back.
All right.
That said, let's move on to a couple other stories about the EPA.
But thank you for your understanding and thank you for allowing me to share that kind of personal
Trial with you that was that was difficult for me to go through But God and Mother Nature.
Oh, yeah, I prayed a lot too.
Yeah, God and Mother Nature provide the solutions All right.
Check out this headline guys You can probably bring it up there at the in the control room young environmental activists prevail in first-of-a-kind climate change trial in Montana and This this story
Here we go.
Talks about a decision by a judge in Montana who has decided that the state of Montana is responsible for protecting the imaginary delusional climate fears of children.
That's essentially what this case has decided.
So because these children, the youngest of whom I believe was nine years old, because these children have been psychologically terrorized by the climate cult media, by the climate death cult establishment,
Because these children wake up terrified that the planet's going to be destroyed if they don't stop, you know, combustion engines or something.
This judge has ruled that the state has to, has to halt the fears of these children.
Absent any real evidence that carbon dioxide is any kind of a threat to the planet whatsoever, or that fossil fuels are any kind of a threat.
So now, the question becomes, well, what other childhood fears
Will the state be compelled to protect against?
If a child is afraid of, you know, Chucky the doll.
Oh my gosh, Chucky, the nightmare Chucky!
I thought I saw Chucky in my room, under my bed, in my closet, eating waffles in the kitchen.
Is the state going to be compelled to protect children from Chucky the doll delusions or other delusions?
Some children might be afraid of fairies or mermaids or garden gnomes.
Are states going to be compelled to deal with every delusional fear that has been propagandized and injected into the minds of these children?
Because that's what this looks like right now.
So we are now living in a nation where lawsuits are compelling governments to appease delusions of the masses who have been propagandized.
Now this gets right into transgenderism, because transgenderism is also a delusion.
There's no such thing as transgenderism.
A man can't become a woman.
You know, despite what Neil deGrasse Tyson believes now as a, quote, scientist.
That's, oh my gosh, how hilarious is that?
A man can't become a woman.
But if children think it's possible, then I suppose the state has to be compelled to somehow go along with the delusion.
That's where we are in this nation.
It's a very dangerous place to be.
Because children are often, of course, irrational.
They're not well-informed at 9 years old, nor 15, nor even 20 in most cases.
There are a few exceptions, but most young people are not that well-informed.
And so they're easily subjected to propaganda to be brainwashed and swept into these movements, these delusions, these cult-like bandwagon operations, which is what climate change is.
It's a complete hoax.
There's not a shred of scientific truth to it.
But this kind of lawsuit is going to be filed now in more states across the country, and at the federal level as well, compelling the EPA to protect children from their delusional fears.
Which means that the national policies of the United States of America will now have to adhere to the delusions of teenage girls.
I mean, think about that for a moment.
If you've ever raised teenage girls, or if you've ever known teenage girls, or perhaps dated one in high school or whatever, or maybe some of you listening, maybe you are a teenage girl or a boy, it's not just about girls, but can you imagine national policy being set by the whims of teenagers?
Because that's where we are.
Now, there was a story in the Epoch Times, this has also been covered by David Icke here, two Princeton and MIT scientists say the EPA climate regulations are based on a hoax.
And here it is from David Icke's website.
And it talks about these prominent climate scientists that are saying that the EPA's new rules, quote, will be disastrous for the country for no scientifically justifiable reason.
And they go on and say that the models are wildly exaggerated and that, in truth, there is no risk that fossil fuels and carbon dioxide will cause catastrophic warming and extreme weather.
You see?
That's the truth.
And that's what I've been saying as well.
And in fact, if you continue to read this story at the Epoch Times, it goes on where the scientists are saying that the rise in carbon dioxide from 280 parts per million to about 420 ppm, which is the current level,
Has resulted in a 20% increase in crop production globally.
Not a decrease.
And that rise in carbon dioxide has resulted in the greening of the planet.
Which is something that NASA satellite photos have also proven to be true.
As carbon dioxide has risen, and it's still very low historically compared to the history of the planet by the way, it was many times higher in the past.
I mean, a hundred times higher.
It's still very, very low.
But as it rose from 280 to 420 ppm, which again is very minuscule, crop yields increased by 20% and the planet became more green.
We also know from published scientific studies that rainforests have more flowers.
More flowers means more pollinators.
We also know that higher levels of CO2 can convert arid regions into farmable lands.
When you could plant more crops and you could have more food production for the planet, and that many marginalized developing nations that are just barely getting by on the verge of mass starvation at any given moment, with higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, they could feed their populations.
They could do well.
They would not have to starve and suffer and die.
So the truth is that higher levels of CO2 help set humanity free.
Higher levels of CO2 create abundance for humanity and they end human suffering.
Higher levels of CO2 make populations more sustainable.
And that is exactly why the Biden regime is at war with higher levels of CO2.
They want to reduce CO2 down to almost nothing.
Because that would be disastrous for the planet, disastrous for humanity, disastrous for food production.
You see what this is?
So, if we want to have a future, then we have to actually increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere rather than decreasing them.
And the way to increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere is to drive a combustion engine vehicle, not an electric vehicle.
Electric vehicles actually deprive the planet of the release of CO2 that would make it available to the plants that produce food and that produce flowers for pollinators.
You understand?
Driving a combustion engine vehicle, as you need transportation anyway, actually makes, essentially, fertilizer available for food crops all over the world and helps developing nations not starve to death.
No one in the media will ever tell you that.
They will say that driving a car or especially an SUV, oh, it's a horrible thing, horrible for the planet.
Oh, you're using fossil fuels.
Yeah, we're releasing carbon to make it available to the food crops that feed marginalized populations in Africa and all over the world.
By driving a combustion engine vehicle, you are actually helping to feed starving children.
It's a scientific fact.
It's absolutely true.
Once you understand carbon dioxide.
Of course, the Biden regime wants to block the sun as well, which is one of the three inputs required for photosynthesis.
The three inputs are, of course, carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water.
So, carbon dioxide is being pulled out of the atmosphere.
Sunlight is being blocked with the stratospheric aerosol injection.
And also basically polluting the skies, which is something that the White House is openly talking about now.
It's a special kind of geoengineering operation to darken the sun, block sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth, which is where photosynthesis takes place because plants are on the surface of the earth and not floating in the skies, by the way.
Hopefully that should be obvious, but I'm explaining that for the mainstream media journalists who are scientifically illiterate.
So they don't even know how photosynthesis works.
I mean, I learned that I think in the ninth grade in high school photosynthesis.
But today's New York Times science writers have no idea how photosynthesis works.
But then again, they don't understand what money is either.
They think dollars are money instead of fake fiat counterfeit currency.
But there you go.
We have really no education among the journalist class in America today.
But if you block two out of the three of the inputs of photosynthesis, you're not going to get plants.
You're not going to get food crops, folks.
You're going to get mass global starvation.
And all by design.
All by design.
Now, at the same time all of this is happening, you saw the story recently about China developing a new laser technology.
And I've got a headline here for you from, I think this is a South China Morning Post.
Chinese military scientists claim to have achieved a huge breakthrough in laser weapon technology.
Now, this relates to everything we're talking about.
The difficulty with laser weapons is that they produce a tremendous amount of heat so they have to be cycled on and off in order to be used in battle.
The advantage of lasers is that, of course, they fire mostly in a straight line.
Because although light is affected by gravity, it's not noticeable at battlefield ranges.
And so you don't have to account for ballistic curves like you do with artillery and bullets and things like that.
You basically just point at the target and you fire.
Lasers required enormous amount of energy in order to penetrate things like steel armor
And thus they produce a tremendous amount of heat.
Well, China has figured out how to dump that heat so rapidly that the lasers that they produce now can fire on an ongoing basis.
They never have to be cycled off, which means that a laser, a military laser built by China can track the motion of, let's say, a target point on a U.S.
aircraft carrier at sea.
The laser can just pinpoint an area like, oh here, this 5 inch diameter, just like melt a hole through the hull of that ship.
You know, right into the, I don't know, the ammo storage area or the nuclear power plant on board the aircraft carrier.
They can just burn a hole through there because they can keep that laser going constantly.
They never have to turn it off.
This is such a game changer in war that it's going to make America's current military even more obsolete than it already is.
And America is behind the curve in terms of not having hypersonic missiles like Russia has.
And America's ICBMs are ancient compared to Russia's.
Russia has hyperglide reentry vehicles, for example, on their ICBMs.
America does not have that.
So now with Russia having hypersonic missiles that can deliver nuclear weapons that America has no defense against, and then China building these military lasers that can burn holes in American ships once they're deployed, we are finding ourselves in a place where the United States military is obsolete on the world stage.
And it's being run by a bunch of woke people that are trying to push
Transgenderism and culture wars in the military instead of building men who can fight and defend this country.
So not only is our government at war with us, the American people, our government is now incapable of fighting a war against America's enemies.
Think about that.
And that's all I have time for today.
But I'll be back now that I've got my fingers back and functioning.
And I'll be back here again in the future.
Thanks for watching today on InfoWars.com.
I'm Mike Adams.
Take care.
I've not been this excited ever!
The replatforming begins now.
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Now we're about to play you a clip from a well-known prestigious doctor, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, laying out some of the latest numbers.
These are hard, cold numbers.
See this for yourself.
One of the big pieces of news over the last couple of days has been a substack by a gentleman called Peter Halligan.
Peter Halligan.
He's a most experienced analyst in the financial industry, extremely used to looking at statistics and translating them into a summary statement.
And this is the summary statement, and I hope your leaders are sitting down, holding themselves, because what I'm going to tell you intuitively sounds ridiculous.
That's why it's so
Incredibly important that I say this.
These numbers are best estimates at this point in time using government data for the global consequences of the clout shot in terms of death and morbidity, otherwise known as serious adverse events such as heart attack, strokes, pulmonary emboli, etc.
We've been focusing for good reason on North American statistics during the last two and a half years.
But this man has extrapolated that into the total effect, negative effect, of the clock chart.
And these are the numbers.
Deaths, global deaths, directly attributable to the vaccine, 20 million.
Two zero million deaths due to the plot shot.
And two billion, big B, two billion serious adverse reactions of the type I described.
Now these numbers are beyond staggering.
They, to contrast that with history,
I hope people can appreciate the scale of what is going on here.
An unimaginable carnage.
Which isn't over.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw is literally the tip of the iceberg.
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