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Name: 20230812_SpecialReport-4_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 12, 2023
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You are about to see a message from Dr. John Campbell, one of the most respected doctors in the world who has a following of more than 50 million people online and YouTube.
Dr. Campbell goes over the European Union's own statistics, which are watered down, just like our VAERS system, so he estimates it's much worse, showing massive increases in death in every age group, not from COVID, but from the vaccines.
We've got insurance company numbers, we've got other governments' numbers.
This is a holocaust, ladies and gentlemen.
This was done on purpose.
Here he is talking about it.
This is from Eurostat.
This is the official European Union statistics.
EU excess mortality from Eurostat.
Now, looking down here, it conveniently breaks this up into different countries, so we can hover over and get the information.
So, Finland we see 12.4% excess mortality.
Ireland currently 12.16% Portugal 2% just over 2% Spain 2.1% France 3.85% more than we would expect Austria 13.175% higher than we would expect but and this is really interesting when we look at some of the Eastern European countries some of the poor European countries
Again, coincidentally, some of the countries that didn't vaccinate as much for COVID, we see Bulgaria 8.74% less than we would expect.
Romania, 12% less than we would expect.
Hungary, less than we would expect.
We're seeing in these countries death rates less than we would expect.
Now, this is what we would expect everywhere, really.
This is what we would expect everywhere.
Because, during the pandemic, the people that died were the people that were most vulnerable.
And therefore they died a few years earlier than they would have done, and they're not dying now.
So we would expect lower death rates, globally, everywhere, at the moment.
But we're seeing the exact opposite of that.
Think about these increases.
These are bigger death rate increases than World War II or World War I. Finland, 12.4.
Ireland, 12.16.
Austria, 13.175.
And it goes on and on and on.
And we've got similar numbers here in the United States, similar numbers in Australia.
This is horrifying.
That's up to one in every 246 people died within 60 days of having the shot.
Ladies and gentlemen,
They're testing depopulation right in front of us.
They're seeing if we're so stupid that we won't realize what's happening.
That's why InfoWars, that first broke this news three and a half years ago, is so important.
That's why you're so important.
They're getting ready to release new viruses.
They're getting ready to have new lockdowns.
But we've got a fighting chance to expose these monsters before they launch their next power grab.
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