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Name: 20230812_SpecialReport-3_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 12, 2023
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Now we're about to play you a clip from a well-known prestigious doctor, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, laying out some of the latest numbers.
These are hard, cold numbers.
See this for yourself.
One of the big pieces of news over the last couple of days has been a substack by a gentleman called Peter Halligan.
Peter Halligan.
He's a most experienced analyst in the financial industry, extremely used to looking at statistics and translating them into a summary statement.
And this is the summary statement, and I hope your leaders are sitting down, holding themselves, because what I'm going to tell you intuitively sounds ridiculous.
That's why it's so Incredibly important that I say this.
These numbers are best estimates at this point in time using government data for the global consequences of the Clark shot in terms of death and morbidity, otherwise known as serious adverse events such as heart attack, strokes, pulmonary emboli, etc.
We've been focusing for good reason on North American statistics during the last two and a half years.
But this man has extrapolated that into the total effect, negative effect, of the clock chart.
And these are the numbers.
Global deaths.
Directly attributable to the vaccine.
20 million, 2-0 million deaths due to the clot shot.
And 2 billion, big B, 2 billion serious adverse reactions of the type I described.
Now these numbers are beyond staggering.
They, to contrast that with history, vaccines have typically been pulled from the market when the last one, the bird flu vaccine, was pulled with only 35, 3-5 deaths.
I hope people can appreciate the scale of what is going on here, an unimaginable carnage Which isn't over.
Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw is literally the tip of the iceberg.
Go to Infowars.com.
The full videos are there.
We're playing them on the regular weekday show, 11am to 3pm.
This is a covert holocaust.
This is global depopulation.
So please, tell your friends, your family, strangers, your neighbors.
If they want to know the truth, go to Infowars.com so you can see these full reports for yourself.
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