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Name: 20230811_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 11, 2023
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses various topics including vaccine safety concerns, self- sufficiency in case of crises, water filtration systems, the Catholic Church's corruption, and the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids for health. The conversation also touches upon religious institutional subversion and its connection with feminism, arguing that traditional values and families are under attack.

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In early 2023, Bloomberg reported that U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr.
described indoor air pollutants from gas stoves as a hidden hazard, saying that any option is on the table.
Products that can't be made safe can be banned, he said.
As a former cook, I can tell you that the wait times on your cuisine from restaurants handicapped from using electric stoves will be enormous.
Of course, I can guarantee that the political elite will not be affected.
When you start making a thousand buses a year, you're going to need more room for your customers, aren't you?
The manufacturer Proterra has just filed for bankruptcy.
Yes, sir.
They've got a strong tie to the Biden administration, right?
President Biden seems to have been a fan of the company that's now filing for bankruptcy.
So as Joe Biden's energy department is on the verge of murdering the culinary industry by eliminating gas stoves,
A genuine murder mystery surrounding the drowning death of former White House chef and Barack Obama employee Tafari Campbell unravels.
Several uncomfortable questions have sprung up around Campbell's death.
Was it an accident?
Or did something sinister happen?
Social media is filled with theories, including the claim that Campbell was secretly writing a tell-all book on the Obamas.
Campbell was six feet tall and drowned in eight feet of water.
Campbell was also a competent swimmer.
Campbell's death parallels with Clinton body count member Walter Sheeb, an executive chef at the White House for 11 years under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
All right, so what did President Clinton like?
You know, I'd say we really don't get too much into that, because what happens is, especially in a time with all of the internet, is that if I say, oh, yeah, of course, President XYZ likes this, the poor guy, wherever he goes for the rest of his life, that's all he's going to get.
So they both enjoyed good barbecue.
Both presidents enjoyed Southwestern flavors, big flavors, a little bit spicy.
So they enjoyed all sorts of things.
It really wasn't one thing that they liked or didn't like.
Walter Scheib was found dead after a five-day search and rescue operation.
The 61-year-old went missing more than a week ago while hiking in the mountains alone near the Tuskegee Valley.
Everybody has their own.
John F. Kennedy was a playboy with Marilyn Monroe.
Trump, Karen McDougal, Stormy Daniels.
You know, George Bush linked to 9-11 and weapons of mass destruction.
Bill Clinton linked to Arkansas, women, all this, others.
Everybody has a reputation.
How is it
That the reputation that follows them, as people close to them, die.
You're asking a bizarre question!
Did people die?
Did people die?
No, what pisses me off, and I'm going to say this again, because apparently you're not listening to me.
You had a list of people off an obscure website of conspiracy theory, taking a Venn diagram of everyone that ever worked in the orbit of someone who served in public life for 50 years.
You are implying that something nefarious is at foot both with the question and with the list.
Hillary Clinton, she's a big girl.
I'm a big boy, you're a big boy.
The people that you just listed... They're all... Listen to me.
These are obscure people that you could not... You're a great politician, buddy.
The details surrounding the Obama family's involvement in Campbell's drowning death have been inconsistent.
Initial reports detail that police left a call log detailing Obama's private chef's drowning blank.
The call was made two miles from Obama's residence, contradicting the initial report.
Control to every town fire, water rescue personnel, Echo 90 and Echo Unit.
Respond to 7979 Turkey Land Cove.
For a 40-year-old male, possible drowning.
It's controlled to Agaton Fire Water Rescue Personnel.
Echo 90 in an Echo Unit.
While the call log of the 911 distress call received on the night of the accident conspicuously omits the reason for the call.
The Daily Mail reports a female staff member of Barack Obama had been with Campbell when he tragically drowned while paddle boarding in a pond beside the former president's estate in Martha's Vineyard.
And now the story has changed as to the whereabouts of the Obamas.
Placing them on the property at the time of the drowning, contradictory to what had been previously reported.
Why all the changes for an accidental drowning?
And as Michelle becomes a prospective presidential candidate, did Obama's personal chef know too much?
John Bowne reporting.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
When castles towered over vast landscapes and knights championed honor and valor, there came an unforeseen darkness.
Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
In his most desperate hour in the battle against evil, a radiant light descended from the heavens.
God, in all his glory and his legion of angels, stood by Alex's side.
The battle raged on, but with every blow, Alex Jones' conviction grew stronger.
With every truth he proclaimed, the demonic forces faltered.
When the enemy was vanquished, Alex Jones swore a solemn oath that should the realm need him again, he would return.
And now it's Alex Jones.
Leading a full frontal assault on the satanic New World Order.
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, August 11th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we've got an incredibly important transmission lined up for you today.
All right.
We have
Horrifying numbers concerning the increased death rate in the American people and life expectancy plunging, the fastest it's ever done in our history.
And of course, there's a different group of reasons that's happening.
They're trying to blame it on fentanyl or even COVID, but it's the COVID shots the main one.
Elon Musk has triggered a big firestorm with the CEO saying they're going to censor and censor big time.
The ADL under pressure from Elon Musk issues tepid condemnation of anti-kill the white people.
Kill the Boris song.
We've got that coming up.
Incredible video.
Watch voters demolish.
CNN psyop interview.
Say Trump won.
Slam indictments.
Bash U.S.
support for Ukraine.
We've also got new study raises alarm over leprosy cases reported after COVID.
We're good to go.
Signals she will gag Trump in the middle of a presidential election.
Incredible election meddling.
The Capitol Police head goes public after they first censored his first interview with Tucker.
The day it was supposed to air, they fired Tucker and Fox said they owned it and shelved it.
He's interviewed him in an hour-long powerful interview that's posted right now on Infowars.com.
In full.
And he has gone public saying it was Nancy Pelosi that basically ran the stand down and what happened on January 6th.
It was Pelosi, former Capitol Police Chief, reveals set up behind January 6th.
And we've got so much other news and the great Mike Lindell joining us in the third hour.
In the first and second hour, I'm going to go to your calls early.
Now, there's a paradox here and it's important to describe how I came to this conclusion because I found that if you just give people a piece of incredible news and just put it out there, it gets lost like a fart in the wind, to use the common vernacular.
But this happens to me a lot where I get a splinter in my brain.
And I have a thought in my mind, and I get very frustrated, that I cannot remember a piece of information that is the key or beyond critical to understanding the enemy takeover.
And so, what I'm going to do is, at the start of the next segment, I'm going to cover this.
Now, if I really wanted to have a big effect, I'd hype this for two weeks.
And I'd have a special Saturday show or something commercial-free, and 5 million people would tune in, and it would break out, and General Flynn would talk about it, and Tucker Carlson would talk about it.
And maybe I should just do that.
Because, you know, smart news people know how to sit on something, hype it up, and release it so it has a bigger effect.
It's like if you throw a beach ball on top of a pool, it just floats around and blows around.
But if you hold it down in the deep end, it explodes out.
But it takes energy to push the beach ball to the bottom of the pool and then let it go.
My daughter loves that.
My six-year-old daughter, I'll take a beach ball, take it to the bottom of the pool.
Our pool's five feet deep, but to the bottom, and then she watches it shoot out.
I'm not even sure I can take it down ten feet.
But I started talking a few weeks ago about vaccines and meat allergies because I saw them in the news saying it was because of ticks, when it's not.
It's happening in countries that don't have the tick.
And it's exploding and the tick's been around forever.
And then so I went back over their discussions about how the vaccines on the FDA's own website can trigger you to get this alpha-gal syndrome that's a big deal for so many reasons.
Not just you individually getting sick when you eat meat, but
What it then does, the economy wants beef production craters because no one can eat it.
Just like this happened with wheat or gluten, which again, we know what did it.
It's not an intolerance.
It's the roundup on the damn wheat.
But I was walking through the studio yesterday at like 5.30 and Owen was on and I was getting a glass of water in the break room and
I looked up and saw Owen covering this, and it was like I was slapped upside the head.
Because I knew this.
We wrote about this two years ago.
It's in other documents.
And here I am warning you that they're engineering vaccines to make you allergic to meat, and I'd forgotten the WEF admitted it!
And that they're admittedly doing it!
Bioengineering humans, which I've been saying the last few weeks they're bioengineering us, but I'm like, why do I know they're doing that?
I can see the programming, the preparation, the explosions of the meat allergies.
And then, son of a bitch, it's not just him.
I found a bunch of professors saying, we're gonna give you meat allergies through shots, through vaccines.
God, these people never stop.
Now, most talk show hosts cover one article at a time, on its face, that's it, compartmentalized.
Where we're different is, we bring you in the back story of what's currently happening in a projection.
But that was what was giving me a headache for two weeks.
I was like, there's something else.
I'm missing something.
So I've spent, no exaggeration, probably 15 hours the last two weeks researching this and didn't come back across our own research.
And it hit me like a ton of bricks.
WEF linked bioethicists calls for genetically modifying humans to induce meat intolerance.
What do you think all these GMO shots, what all this mRNA is?
It is mutagenic.
Meaning it is mutating you.
And what they always do is, oh, we might have an ESG, we might have a programmable currency in the future.
They're already rolling that out.
Same thing, oh, we might want to program you where you can't eat meat.
Already doing it.
This is such a societal assault, it'll make our brains smaller, it'll make us sick, it'll... 2 billion plus people rely on cows, major IMF World Bank studies, to live.
From India to the United States, from the Netherlands to the UK, from South Africa to Kenya, from Brazil to Argentina, from Canada to Mexico.
This is so devastating.
And there they are bragging and they're just doing it to us.
Who wouldn't be pissed about this?
Who wouldn't want these mad scientists raping us with this?
Because it's bad enough if somebody hits you over the head and rapes you.
It hurts, later you've been violated, maybe you get a disease.
But this is the whole system raping us and cutting our children's genitals off and we just love it.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
We're going to cover it when we come back.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
If you don't stand up for yourselves, you're going to be poisoned and killed.
I've been offered to join the enemy.
This is 100% real.
Now you see it in your face.
Are you going to betray your ancestors and roll over and be cowards?
Or are you going to wake up, take control of your life, and take control of this planet that God gave us the deed to?
Do it now.
Say a prayer.
Ask God to enter your soul and energize you in this animating contest of liberty.
So, I talked about this last segment and I want you to listen very carefully to me.
I don't like to hype things, but people are designed to hype.
So you grow up, they don't do it anymore, but you'd see at night big searchlights and you either know it was a car dealership with a sale or it was a movie theater.
And I was little, I'd say, dad, I want to go see what that is.
And she'd go, okay, we'll drive and see what it is.
And it was a car dealership or an acrobat fair or a movie.
And I remember pulling up one time at the town East mall and they were had spotlights out because the thing had just come out.
And I was like eight years old.
Great movie put out by
That amazing director, John Carpenter, with Kurt Russell.
My dad said, oh, it's a pretty scary movie, son.
I don't think we should see it.
And I said, please let me see it.
Please let me see it.
He said, all right.
We went in and got a hot dog and popcorn and a Slurpee and movie scared the living hell out of me.
I had nightmares about it for a year.
Now one of my favorite movies.
And I later watched the 1950s ones with James Arness.
He wasn't just in, uh,
Gunsmoke, he played the thing in that movie, the first version of it, where this alien crashes in the Antarctic and then it's able to take over other creatures and mimic them.
And it's scary that something comes into your body and it takes you over and mutates you and turns you into something different.
But their entire globalist agenda is really doing that.
They're not just attacking your mind.
They're not just attacking you psychologically.
They're not just poisoning you with 5G and GMO and nanotech.
No, no.
They're colonizing your body.
And you don't have tentacles shooting out of you and, you know, and pus flying across the room.
You don't explode into some demon creature in 30 seconds.
And all the other life forms that's collected across the universe, it just slowly takes over your body and kills you.
And it social engineers you.
So this information, I always go off my gut, I intellectually study the knowledge, but then something in my brain goes BING!
It's like the toaster is done cooking the bread, it's like BEEP!
And you go, oh, this is the big thing we should cover.
So I'm bringing in all these thousands of articles a week and hundreds and hundreds of video clips, and I'm analyzing constantly.
And not just myself, but the crew says, look, they're blaming this tick.
And they're saying meat allergies exploded, just like they said wheat allergy exploded, gluten allergy, and it was right when they started putting it on the wheat.
Not to stop weeds from growing, but to kill fungus on the weed, so you're getting wheat soaked in a deadly poison.
Now, if you think that's bad, that ain't nothing compared to this.
So I've done this accidentally before, where I do a bunch of research and I'm not ready, and I talk about something for a week, then I do a special show and it gets 5 million views, breaks out, has a huge effect, changes the world.
And I'm not good at that.
I do it by accident.
And the reason I'm doing this now is, no one cares if I just came on the show and told you this.
Maybe 5% of you just want the straight facts, and you're dialed in, you get what's going on.
The rest of you are kind of like me.
If something isn't hyped up with dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun, dun-dun-dun, with dancing girls and everything, you're just like, well, this must not be that important.
It's just mixed in with the Maui fires, and the pedos everywhere, and the open borders, and all the rest of it.
But this is big!
Because it's not just what they're doing to give us the deadly meat allergy, where you eat a piece of steak and it's like a bumblebee bit ya, and you swell up and you can't breathe and people die.
In many cases.
They're gonna do this with everything.
You don't think they authorized glyphosate on the wheat by accident.
No, they knew damn well what they were doing.
And on a scale of 1 to 10 of evil, that's about a 3.
A meat allergy's about an 8.
What it'll do to the economy.
Now they're talking about reducing rice production worldwide because it's grown in water, in swamp.
And swamp creates bacteria passing gas.
Bacteria go to the bathroom too.
Their digestive system's the same.
They've got a little, little, little, little chamber that dissolves it and then they push their poop out with methane.
Bacteria fart!
Just like cows, and just like us, and just like every other thing on this planet.
Except, I guess, jellyfish don't pass gas.
Sharks do it, whales do it.
If the Easter Bunny was real, it does it.
It's not.
If Santa Claus was real, he farts.
And I'm not trying to make a joke about this.
They've now, pull it up, listed methane!
There's swamps everywhere!
Methane creates the atmosphere, it holds in the heat, it's good!
That they want to ban rice all over the world or restrict it because it's grown in water.
And because evil bacteria are living in the swamp water and passing gas.
Think that's a big deal?
Half the world gets the majority of their nutrition from rice.
You even reduce it, it costs mass famine, unrest, and death.
Now, I pulled this up a few weeks ago.
I didn't tell the crew to get it, but just type it in.
I think it was like Reuters.
It was also an IMF report, a UN report as well.
2.1 billion people survive on cattle production.
So, 30% of the world's population survives on cattle production and survives eating meat.
Or in the case of India, getting milk and making products out of that.
They don't eat them over there.
At least the Hindus don't.
My family has a ranch in East Texas we've had under a Mexican land grant.
We still have a little bit of the land.
We don't make any money, it just pays the taxes, but we got a couple hundred cows.
They take that away from us, we can't have the property.
But we won't starve to death, but the third world will.
When I come back, folks, they admit that they're engineering you to not eat meat and poisoning us all right now.
This is so huge.
Stay with us.
So, they admit to adding protein to your shots to make you not be able to eat meat.
Are you gonna put up with that, folks?
We're under total attack.
It's all on record.
The most banned network in the world.
We interrupt this broadcast with a special report from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Attempts have been made to neutralize the info warrior known as Alex Jones.
Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
We're not gonna go down and just shut our mouths and just put up with this.
We know where the bodies are buried, folks, and one way or another
We're receiving reports that Alex Jones has broken through the front lines and is now heading toward the broadcast studio.
All efforts to silence him have failed.
Emerging victorious against the New World Order, here's your host, Alex Jones.
Find the InfoWars transmission at infowars.com forward slash show.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You know, that's a fun little AI thing that, uh...
Geyser put out for us, and you know, people like the Avengers, they like the idea of battling aliens when they land and attack the planet, and it's all very romantic, but the globalists believe they're creating alien species on Earth and genetically engineering us, those of us that survive, to be a new species.
So we can look at fanciful fairy tales and fiction and have some fun with it, but at the end of the day, we're living in a real science fiction dystopia that's getting worse by the day.
And only becoming aware of it gives us a very good chance of stopping it.
So, again, before I cover this, I'm building it up because it's so important.
If I hypothetically, and I wouldn't do this, drove across town to your house and knocked on your door, and when you opened the door, hit you in the face with a baseball bat, tied you up, tied your wife up, and raped your wife in front of me, in front of you,
You would have a right to put me in prison.
You'd have a right if you could get out of the rope to kill me.
But when the globalists sit there and openly brag about attacking our bodies through shots and GMO and the food and the water, we just sit here and take it.
There's another video, it's up on Infowars.com, meant to give it to the crew, it's Senator Paul, came out on TV yesterday, and he said we've never in the history of Congress that he's looked at, and I agree with him, he consulted the Senate historian archivist, never seen someone lie to Congress this cut and dry and say we've never done gain of function, there is no gain of function, not here, not at Wuhan, nowhere.
When he sent emails saying we're doing gain-of-function research, then he said we've got to cover up the gain-of-research.
He had conferences called in support of gain-of-function.
It'd be like if you said the Dallas Cowboys don't wear baby blue powder silver uniforms and their symbol isn't a blue star inside a blue star.
You'd say, no, the Dallas Cowboys wear that uniform.
But the bigger issue is, why won't the FBI and the Justice Department do a damn thing?
Because they're captured, and they work for these people.
They control the internet, they're censoring, they control the Justice Department, and they made a run at us with a bioweapon and a poison shot, and have killed millions of people around the world, and have maimed even more.
And then when they find at prestigious universities, SV40 cancer virus in the Moderna and Pfizer shots,
Google and Bing go and cover it up and block it and force feed fact checkers saying it's not true when it's true on record, aiding and abetting, killing people.
So, did you hear me last segment?
Type in, world rice production must be cut for the environment.
Rice bad for the environment.
More than half the world gets more than half their nutrition from rice.
It's like if you have a fish tank, and you turn the oxygen off.
You turn the little bubbler off, and the fish are dead in two days.
You turn that off, or you go out of town, the power goes off, the pump doesn't turn back on, and your favorite fish are all floating dead.
And you guys are putting up the India ban on export because they've had lack of production?
That's not the story.
The story is rice is bad for the earth.
WEF calls for cuts in rice production because it causes greenhouse gases.
And there's all the headlines about banned farming, farming bad for the earth, the Netherlands, India, everywhere.
It's literally
Everywhere saying we want to shut down farms.
I've got CNN headlines.
There it is, World Economic Forum.
This is how rice is hurting the planet.
And they're going in and paying people with fiat money they got not to produce.
Using money to kill productivity and starve people to death.
They poison the wheat.
They're cutting off the rice.
20 plus percent reduction in nitrogen production.
That'll kill hundreds of millions, they admit.
It's already been done.
They went and pulled the plug on the oxygenator, and the fish are swimming around and they'll be dead in 24 hours.
They're cutting off the pipelines, they're cutting off the fuel, they're telling you you'll eat bugs, you'll love it, you're not gonna eat meat anymore, you'll laugh at them and say I'm not gonna stop, and they go the hell you're not, we're gonna give you a shot that doesn't just give you myocarditis and heart attacks and strokes and blood clots, but to where you have violent
Meat allergies?
And then I'm researching this and talking about it!
I'm going, why am I obsessed with this?
I see them in the news pre-programming the Nobel meat soon because of this tick.
Countries that don't have the tick are saying that they have the same thing.
They don't even have a reason why.
They're saying COVID creates a meat allergy.
All this BS.
And then I remember, wait a minute.
The WEF came out two years ago and said we need to engineer people, and he wrote papers on it, through injections to give you a meat allergy so you can't eat meat.
How much more of a confession do you need?
It's happening.
It's going on.
It'll hurt you.
It'll hurt your quality of life.
It'll wreck the global economy.
It'll start billions to death.
They're already setting up their factories, these big warehouses, all over the world to produce bugs.
And already at grocery stores all over the Western world, from Japan, to Germany, to England, to Canada, to the United States, it says bug protein, but they give it a code.
Cricket protein.
You know how toxic chitin is?
And the hard shell of a bug?
The reason you don't want to eat them is because your brain knows they're toxic.
This is unbelievable.
They're like, you will eat bugs because that's the protein they're going to allow you to have.
And you're like, well, I won't eat the bugs.
They're like, then you won't eat anything because we're injecting you where you cannot even eat it.
And I showed you the documents, the articles, we'll go back through them, but then it hits me.
Oh, there's an Infowars.com article about this, from 2021, and overhead shot, please.
Huge report, big study, human engineering and climate change.
That should say raping humans and mutating them to our will.
Listen, if I hypothetically,
Pulled up in front of your house.
You don't know me.
I got a little baseball bat in my back pocket.
I knock on the door and say, hey.
I'm here with the census.
I got a question.
You open the door and I say, hey, how you doing?
Right in your nose.
Kick you down.
I break your nose.
Take handcuffs and tie you up.
Your wife runs over to stop me.
Elbow her in the face.
Kick her in the groin.
Slam her down and tie her down and rape her.
If she gets pregnant, I just bioengineered your wife.
If I give her a disease, I just bioengineered your wife.
That's rape!
That's rape!
Did you hear me?
Exclamation point!
Double hockey sticks!
But these creeps and these cowards do it covertly.
And they get away with it.
And they think it's funny.
And the average person sees this info and says, that can't be true, it's too horrible.
Under Stockholm Syndrome.
And they waddle on off to their oblivion.
So play a clip of the guy on TV.
And when I saw this last night, I did more searches and found a bunch more of them.
Extinction Rebellion, the UN.
We gave people, the UN says, in the 90s in Africa and Asia.
A tetanus shot with a femoral hormone that's secreted in the second trimester to cause spontaneous miscarriages.
And it happens for the rest of your reproductive life.
So when they get up there and they introduce things like, soon you'll have ESG, soon you'll have digital currencies, they're already doing it.
Soon you'll have social credit scores.
How fun it is!
And they're just telling you what they've done, like Fauci did four years ago, right before COVID.
He goes on C-SPAN five years ago and says, we're going to blow up the old system of authorization of drugs over several years, and we're going to bring you mRNA, and we're going to use a virus, probably a bird flu out of China to do it.
Because they want to brag to their criminal buddies up there and flaunt how stupid they think we are.
I guess we are.
Because if some random dude comes and rapes your wife, he goes to prison for five years.
Unless he's in a Democrat jurisdiction, maybe a month.
But when they rape us with bioweapons through the shots, it's all cutesy and it's all funny.
So there's an article a few days ago that I guess I missed on InfoWars that we republished
linked bioethicists, that's the ethics of medicine, called for genetically modifying humans to induce meat intolerance.
Now let's look at his report.
Human engineering and the climate change.
Here it is.
Oh, it's to save the earth.
Forthcoming as a target article in Ethics, Policy, and the Environment, S. Matthew Liao, L-I-A-O, New York University, Anders Sandsburg Oxford, and Rebecca Roach Oxford.
February 2nd, 2012.
But he made the announcement two years ago.
We're already inside the operation.
And how does he say we do it?
Exactly how they're doing it.
Engineering humans show that we have a smaller carbon footprint.
He wants to make humans smaller.
Genetically engineer us.
Give us shots so we can't eat meat.
Taking human engineering seriously.
Poisoning us.
Raping us.
Potential concerns regarding human engineering.
Isn't it all just cutesy-tootsie?
But don't just read his paper!
Hear it out of his own mouth!
And then look at what's happening to you right now!
Where's your instincts?
Where's your territorialism?
Where's your life force?
I'm not talking to our audience.
I'm talking to new viewers and listeners that think this is all funny.
You know, if somebody walked up to you at your office and said, I'm going to take your sandwich and I'm going to eat it, you'd probably say no.
And if they picked it up for eating, you'd probably grab it from them.
You might get in a fight with them because that's your sandwich.
You're not going to let somebody run over you.
You're not going to let somebody tie your wife down on a bed and rape her in front of you.
But we let these academics rape us because we're epigenetically threatened by Hitler in a dark uniform or soldiers or tanks.
We see that, we're ready to fight.
But when it's a little trendy, lisping, Naval Noah Harari, or this scientist, we just let them do it to us because we don't see that as a threat, of Bill Gates as a threat, when they are.
So here it is.
I'm gonna have it posted back to the front page.
Glad Jamie White wrote about this three days ago.
I missed it.
I'll have it posted to the main front page of InfoWars.com right now.
WEF-linked bioethicis calls for genetically modifying humans to induce meat intolerance.
We can use human engineering to make the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat.
To certain kinds of bovine proteins.
We can give you an injection that makes you allergic to bovine protein or other meats so that you can never eat them again.
World Economic Forum included Lao's proposals in the Great Reset discussion to shift human diet away from beef to mostly bugs and synthetic meat.
Now wait for this, it gets ten times worse.
Where do you think Bill Gates' company, patented, grows its meat?
What kind of meat grows?
You cut out a piece of my bicep and you put it in a Petri dish, it doesn't grow.
Use your head, folks.
What type of meat, if you cut it out and put it in a petri dish with cuter, with protein and sugar, a base to grow life forms, what type of cell, hmm, riddle me this, Batman, what type of cell grows outside of a blood supply?
But not just any old cancer.
Most cancer needs a blood supply.
It'll just grow faster than regular cells.
Outside of its genetically designed order.
No, ladies and gentlemen, super cancer.
Immortal cell lines that never die and never stop replicating.
And you can take a chunk of an immortal cell line.
They only admit two people they found with them.
A black lady in the early 50s and a tumor grew over her whole body in like a week and killed her.
Pull up
The first immortal cell line for people.
And then a little boy in the 1970s that was aborted at nine months.
A little white boy.
And almost all the biotech, everything you have is grown off them.
They have reportedly grown hundreds of millions of pounds of her meat.
And they can take a big chunk of it, a T-bone sized steak, and throw it into a vat and come back in a month and there's a giant, huge vat full of her meat.
I forget her name.
It's a black lady, Henrietta... There it is, Henrietta Lacks.
Henrietta Lacks show.
If you take growth hormone, it was grown on Henrietta Lacks.
They just take human growth hormone and put it in there and it grows it.
Almost all the genetic treatments, Henrietta Lacks.
Factories all over the world, ladies and gentlemen, with her cancer.
And what does Bill Gates do?
His new synthetic meat has patented Henrietta Lacks' tumor.
So you're actually eating your cannibal
Well, the synthetic meat eater is drinking sewage water.
Teaching you how good it... Oh, look, it's good to drink sewage.
It's good to eat bugs.
Thank you, Bill Gates.
He goes to the comedy shows.
I'm gonna make you eat bugs.
I'm gonna make you eat poop.
I'm gonna make you eat... Oh, yes, fine.
I'm gonna make you eat a dead black woman's tumors.
Now, see what I mean?
It's beyond Hellraiser.
You can't make this up.
So they grow these big vats of tumors off this dead black woman, or this white, dead white kid, but she's the main one.
I'm sure they found others, they just don't talk about it.
And they got cancers, folks, that are like the movie The Blob.
Then they could dice them all up and turn them into whatever type of meat they claim it is, and you're eating Henrietta Lacks' meat.
I thought about five years ago, oh Hollywood stars are going to sell their cells so people can eat steaks made out of Brad Pitt.
Remember that?
If you think I'm joking, look it up!
But you know I'm not.
So when I say we're not in Kansas anymore, that's an understatement.
Human engineering and climate change.
Human engineering and climate change.
Here's all the reports, the articles, how great it is.
While we all need to go on the planetary health diet to save the world, he says, by eating tumors of a dead black woman and we need to shrink humans like they do and downsizing is actually somewhat possible and is not such a bad idea.
Business Insider.
Also, let's block out the sun.
Bill Gates said so.
Now the government signed on to it.
Five ways bioethicists want to change our bodies to fight climate change, man.
Oh, they didn't want to just ban your gas car or your gas stove.
They didn't want to just shut down your barn, baby.
They're going to kill your ass.
And you're already eating.
When you go get the great, delicious, synthetic meat that everybody refused and rejected, you're already eating it.
In many cases.
They also grow the flavoring on the bodies of dead babies.
So, let's go ahead and just play a clip of this good ol' boy.
Just a good ol' boy.
Never meanin' no harm.
Been in trouble with the law since the day they were born.
Yeah, the bad guys are sellin' the moonshine.
The bad guys are smokin' cigarettes.
The bad guys are bein' male chauvinists.
The bad guys got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel drive.
But the good guys are little professors.
Poisonin' your shots.
Poisoning you and your family, and collapsing every major food supply we got, while they giggle and laugh, because we're too stupid to figure it all out.
You will eat bugs, you will eat tumor meat, you will own nothing, you will have nothing.
How about we say, NOOOOO!
Would you eat lab-grown human salami cultured from celebrity cells?
It's called Bite Labs!
I'm not making any of this up!
Believe me, brothers and sisters.
I wish I was making every damn bit of this up, but I couldn't make this up.
Nobody could make this up.
The Bible says in the end days, the satanic world government system will invent new evils.
How do you do that?
You just saw it.
They're invent... It's been said by the Egyptians, nothing's new under the sun.
Not true.
This stuff's all new.
So where's your dignity, folks?
Where are you?
Who are you?
What limit will you not put up with?
All right, let's go ahead and go to this clip.
W. E. F. Link, biophysicist, calls for genetically modified humans to induce meat intolerance by putting proteins via shots in your body that make you allergic to red meat to start, and it's here.
They're doing it now.
He wrote about it in a paper in 2011.
2012, February 2nd.
Here's the paper right here.
Just like they won a Nobel Prize in 1992 for chemtrailing, and it was being done two years later.
And they're just doing it to us.
Here he is.
So I'll give two examples.
So one is that people eat too much meat, right?
And if they were to cut down on their consumption of meat, then it would actually really help the planet.
But people are not willing to give up meat.
Some people will be willing to, but other people, they may be willing to, but they have a weakness of will.
They say, wow, this steak is just too juicy.
I can't do it.
I'm one of those, by the way.
So here's the thought.
So it turns out that we know a lot about, so we have this intolerance to, so I, for example, I have milk intolerance.
And there's some people are intolerant to crayfish.
So possibly we can use human engineering to make it the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins.
And there's actually analogs of this in life.
There's this thing called the long star tick, where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat.
I can sort of describe the mechanism.
That's something that we can do through human engineering.
We can kind of possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.
They're way past putting Atrazine in the water to bend your son's gender.
And we shouldn't hate the people that have been hurt by this.
They're victims.
We should care about them and love them and look at what happened to them.
Because they're going to take more and more of the mutants that have been hurt and tell them they love them, they care about them, and that we're the bad ones when they're the ones doing it to them.
All right, I'm going to give the number out.
Right now.
And I'm going to take your calls next hour on this subject, and this subject alone, human engineering by the globalists.
How do we stop it?
Alex, 877-789-2539.
We're doing first-time callers today.
First-time callers, please.
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We'll be right back with hour number two.
Stay with us.
All right, I talked about Rand Paul with critical information on the master criminal Fauci.
We're going to play a clip of this from Fox News.
To come back, go right to your phone calls and so much other news.
Stay with us, InfoWars.com.
Dr. Anthony Fauci now referred to the DOJ for criminal investigation.
We knew this was heading here.
He accused of lying under oath to Congress about his knowledge of the U.S.
funded COVID research in Wuhan.
Knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
Senator Paul, I have never lied before the Congress, and I do not retract that statement.
You do not know what you are talking about.
Senator Rand Paul filed a criminal referral and joins us now.
Senator, you've been all over this.
You've been determined.
You've been aggressive.
It seems we're at the threshold to the point where you called Matt Graves and said, I need you to look at this.
What turned the tables for you?
What evidence do you have?
Well, you know, I don't think there's ever been a clear case of perjury in the history of government testimony.
And I don't say that lightly.
He said adamantly that the government never funded this gain-of-function research.
We now have the Government Accountability Office, the GAO, has admitted that the funding came from the NIH.
We have the acting director, Tabak, of the NIH admitting it in writing that it came from the NIH.
But now we have really the smoking gun, and that is Fauci in private saying the opposite of what he was saying in public.
When he was publicly telling me that absolutely we do not fund gain-of-function research in China, he says privately, we are suspicious that the virus has been manipulated, and we are suspicious because we know they are doing gain-of-function research.
He then goes on to describe the research, and it's exactly the research that the NIH funded.
So he's caught dead to rights here, but we have an incredibly partisan Attorney General Garland who's refusing to act.
So I've taken the extraordinary step of actually going to the local US Attorney in DC to see if he will act.
Now the problem is, is there are partisans littered throughout the legal system and people are seeing this.
You don't get prosecuted if you're a Democrat under this administration no matter what you do.
And one of the lines in the internal communication that were recovered was, Tony doesn't want his fingerprints on any origin stories.
Why would that be?
Well, because ultimately, culpability attaches.
Think about it.
A million Americans died.
This is one of the biggest events, you know, in our lifetime, other than, you know, the wars that we've been through.
But in my lifetime, you know, this is a million people.
In Vietnam, as horrible as it was, 60,000 something, I think, was the total death toll.
But a million people died.
More people died than in the Civil War.
And if it came from a lab that we funded, wouldn't we want to know?
And if someone made the decision, and here's what in all likelihood happened, there was a safety committee that was supposed to review dangerous research and decide whether or not we should fund it.
Fauci went around the committee.
He won't admit it, but I think ultimately there's going to be written proof, and I think the House is going to get this if we continue to look into their records, because the government is holding these records tightly, but evidence that Anthony Fauci
took this dangerous research and said no no they get an exemption they don't have to be reviewed by the committee to see if it's dangerous and so they were mixing viruses together to see if they were more transmissible in humans or more dangerous in humans it turns out they found that they could create viruses that were more dangerous
Yeah, some platypus and bat in a cave, or was he really as concerned as us and had as many doubts about that story as we did?
One of the quotes from the internal communication was, there were mutations in the virus that would be most unusual to have evolved naturally in the bats, and there was a suspicion that this mutation was intentionally inserted.
That doesn't sound like a guy who's trying to tell you it didn't come from a lab leak, right?
And exactly a month later, in a paper that was being written at exactly the same time, in public they say absolutely that this virus was not a construct of a laboratory.
So in private they're saying it has all the hallmarks of being created in a lab, in public they're saying it absolutely didn't, and then they were attacking people like myself and others, other scientists as well, they were attacking us and saying we were conspiracy theorists, while in private they're saying
This is no conspiracy theory.
This is a real thing, and it's the most likely thing that happened.
So, this is a real definition of a conspiracy, of a cover-up, and we're going to get to the bottom of this, because we need to try to make sure this doesn't happen again, and they're still funding this type of research.
Senator, I appreciate you staying on it.
You staying to the facts.
Well, we know who broke the law.
It was the feds helping orchestrate the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, and they're trying to indict Trump for that now.
They have indicted him.
They're trying to put him in prison for it.
Exposing their operation can and will bring down their entire fraud.
Because they're using January 6th to brand the American people and any person that's a loyal American as a terrorist.
Now I want to go to your phone calls on the big subject if you just joined us out there in radio and TV land.
They admit exploding beef allergies.
They admit on the FDA, CDC websites that the vaccines do have the protein that causes the autoimmune response.
It makes you allergic to beef.
They're trying to blame the Lone Star Tick.
Even though all over the world where they're getting the shots, people now are having problems eating beef.
They even have violent reactions.
Some people even die.
It's like if you have a bee allergy and you get stung by a bee.
And then,
The crew's like, don't you remember?
Here's the W.E.F.
scientist writing a paper in 2012 with Oxford and the U.N.
to give you shots with the same protein that's in the Lone Star tick so that you can't eat beef anymore.
I played the clip last hour.
I'm going to play it again right now and then I'm going to
Getting to some of these reports.
Moving towards sustainability.
The livestock sector and the World Bank must ban 40% of the cows.
How injuring the human body could combat climate change.
The Atlantic.
To help save the planet, cut back on hamburger and a half per week.
And it just goes on.
This is the geoengineering.
We're going to inject something in you to give you this protein.
They said
Eleven years ago at the UN and at Oxford and at the WEF, he brags about it two years ago, and it's ongoing.
We know they're doing it through the shots.
I showed you those documents the last few days.
On Monday, I put out a whole report that's on Bandot Video that went viral on Twitter.
Think about the idiots that work for the system that just go along with this, but forget them.
What about us putting up with it?
So I want to get into more of this, but it is such a big deal.
Let's go ahead and play this clip, then I'm going to hit the Tucker Carlson Capitol Police News, then go to your phone calls.
So I'll give two examples.
So one is that people eat too much meat, right?
And if they were to cut down on their consumption of meat, then it would actually really help the planet.
But people are not willing to give up meat.
Some people will be willing to, but other people, they may be willing to, but they have a weakness of will.
They say, wow, this steak is just too juicy.
I can't do it.
I'm one of those, by the way.
So here's a thought.
So it turns out that we know a lot about, so we have this intolerance to, so I, for example, I have milk intolerance.
And there's some people are intolerant to crayfish.
So possibly we can use human engineering to make it the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins.
And there's actually analogs of this in life.
There's this thing called the long star tick, where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat.
I can sort of describe the mechanism.
That's something that we can do through human engineering.
We can kind of possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.
Solve our problems if we take control of your body through human engineering.
What did the UN got doing in Africa and Asia in the mid-90s?
They got caught.
It came out in the news.
Adding a hormone to the tetanus shot that caused women during second trimester when the body released that hormone to not be able to complete the pregnancy.
100% spontaneous miscarriages, forced abortions, infanticide, murder of babies.
And from here they've just taken off with everything.
The medical system may have some good doctors and nurses and clinics and people in it, but at the top, the technocracy, the bioethicists are eugenicists, transhumanist murderers.
And you have to avoid everything they push, like the plague.
They have a license to kill.
Now look at this headline.
The full video is up on Infowars.com.
It was Pelosi, former Capitol Police Chief, revealed set up behind January 6th.
The full 59-minute interview with Tucker.
is up on InfoWars.com.
But here is a few clips.
Former Capitol Police Chief Stephen Son tells Tucker about feds in the crowd.
Then, former Capitol Police Chief Stephen Son reveals to Tucker, New Jersey State Police beat DC National Guard to the Capitol on January 6th.
They had DC Police
And others there.
Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Son reacts to shocking tapes of rehabs during January 6th, protection that followed for political cases and law enforcement.
They try to intimidate people, rehabs and say he's going to sue everybody and sue Joe Rogan for simply pointing out these news stories.
It's crazy.
So let's go ahead and play these clips back to back and go to your calls.
Aftermath of January 6, there's been a huge debate over to what extent, you know, there were federal agents or people who are working in some way for federal agencies in the crowd.
And the initial explanation was, well, none.
And you're insane if you think that.
You know, you're Alex Jones.
You're crazy.
And then over the last couple of years, we've seen people confirm, people in authority confirm, actually, yeah, there were a lot.
I don't know.
Assets, agents, people working for federal agencies in the crowd in civilian clothes?
There always could be.
And for like inaugurations, there would usually be some combined teams out there.
One for communications, but just, you know, for situational awareness.
So it wouldn't be surprising, you know, Fourth of July, different things like that, where you have threat pictures or concerning threat pictures.
And what does that look like?
Does that mean, you know, FBI agents dressed in dockers and
Tennis shoes?
Just plain clothes.
Plain clothes to blend in.
So that wouldn't be unusual.
It'd be just standard police work.
That'd be good police work.
So coming into January 6th, and I talk about it in the book, with the fact that shortly after January 6th, I'm driving through Loudoun County.
Actually, I just talked to somebody from the Hill.
And I get a call from overseas.
And it's press.
I don't remember what it was.
It was somebody from Great Britain.
And they started asking me about feds in the crowd.
I was like, no, I would've been told.
I said, no, we're getting word that there's feds in the crowd.
I said, no, I would've been told.
I've got lots of friends with the Bureau.
They all have my cell phone number.
They would've told me.
You know, thinking about that and Jill Sanborn's testimony in 2021 where she said they were taking overt action to keep certain people from coming to January 6th to Washington, D.C.
That's big for FBI to start taking overt action.
I mean, that's not covert, overt.
That's a big deal.
Fast forward to February of this year, 2023, in the GAO report that says, on January 3rd, the FBI was tracking four domestic terrorists that we're talking about coming to Washington, D.C.
The Washington Field Office, their AOR, Area of Responsibility.
By January 6th, they were tracking 18 or 19, it's in the GAO report, domestic terrorists.
So think about that.
They have 18 or 19 domestic terrorists coming to this event.
So of course they're going to have resources on them.
And they're not, you know, you're not going to be just putting one agent.
You're going to have multiples.
So it'd be multiple with that.
And I don't know how many they actually had.
Folks never said, hey, we got this from military intelligence.
Aftermath of January 6, there's been a huge debate over to what extent, you know, there were federal agents or people who are working in some way for federal agencies in the crowd.
And the initial explanation was, well, none.
And you're insane if you think that.
You know, you're Alex Jones.
You're crazy.
And then over the last couple of years, we've seen people confirm, people in authority confirm, actually, yeah, there were a lot.
I don't know.
And I don't have the answer to this question, and I hope I don't ever pretend that I do, but it does raise questions about the behavior of some of the people in the crowd who were instigating others to break the law.
Um, and who weren't arrested.
And, you know, given our facial recognition software capabilities, hard to believe they can't be found.
And I would specifically cite a man called Ray Epps, who's now a hero on the left and funded by the Democratic Party, etc.
But take the politics out of it.
What is that?
Here you have a guy on camera repeatedly saying, go into the Capitol!
We need to go into the Capitol!
Into the Capitol!
And he's not in jail?
When people who didn't go into the Capitol are in jail?
What do you make of that?
Again, that's something I actually address in the book.
It's funny, there's a lot in here.
So, my concern with that, and I look at it from a chief of police point of view, is you have somebody that's down, and I believe he's right near the old executive office building on the 5th, the day before January 6th, talking to a group of people, talking about, we have to get into the building, we have to get in the building.
And then the next day to see him at what's called the Pennsylvania Avenue gate, it's one of the two fence lines I had down at the West Front,
And he's there and he clearly sees the metal crowd control barriers that are up with the signs saying restricted.
So he knows that's a restricted area.
And he's up there and you see him lean in and he whispers in somebody's ear and he covers his mouth in such a way so you can't read his lips or anything.
Whispers in somebody's ear and that person moments later is attacking my officers.
That's suspicious as hell to me.
It raised a lot of concerns for me.
What is that?
And what's interesting is, I believe... And that's verified.
The person into who's here, he whispered... Yeah, I think if you watch the video, you see that person immediately go and start pulling on the gate and start fighting with the officers.
And what's interesting is, I believe he went on 60 minutes.
And on 60 Minutes, what he said was he went up to the officer and he told that officer, these officers are on our side.
Don't hurt these officers.
I believe that was, pretty much, not verbatim.
But don't hurt these officers, they're on our side.
Don't hurt these officers.
Well, if that's the case, why would you cover your mouth and not yell it to everybody?
Because it didn't seem like that protester was the only one that was possibly going to be hurting the officers.
We had a whole bunch of people next to him.
Why wouldn't he tell it to the whole group?
I don't know.
I know that
Epps is being encouraged by partisan Democrats to sue people who raise these questions, but they're fair questions and I'm going to raise them anyway.
How, given that tape, could the January 6th committee defend Ray Epps, which they did?
Doesn't make any sense to me.
Yeah, I'm having trouble answering that one.
I don't know.
Set it up that they denied them the National Guard and they would not respond to him for help that day.
It's an incredible interview.
It's up on Infowars.com.
But this is truly disgusting.
Ray Epps in his text message at what, 245 after they'd already gotten to the Capitol was like, I orchestrated it to his family.
I orchestrated.
The attack on the Capitol.
And then he's there ramming signs into him as well.
So, it's just ridiculous.
And then they threatened to sue Joe Rogan because he says, I don't know if he's a fed, but people are calling him a fed.
Why isn't he arrested?
Oh, I'm going to sue you!
They put out that disinfo a month ago that he's been charged.
He hasn't been.
It's like Elon Musk saying he's going to fight Zuckerberg and it has the effect that he fought him and he says, well, I'm not going to fight him now.
It's psychological stuff where they tell you that Ray Epps has been indicted.
Oh, well, that he wasn't a Fed.
He's not been indicted.
And don't hold your breath.
But these are the games they play.
All right, Bill, Noel, Tina.
Ian, Granny Green, Angry Man, Stu, George, Chad, we're going to all your calls right now.
Let's go to Noel in Colorado on Human Engineering.
You say it's going to get worse from here.
Go ahead.
All right.
So you hear me, Noel?
You're not there?
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to a caller in Connecticut.
Let's talk to Tina.
Tina, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex.
God bless you.
God bless you for guiding us through this nightmare.
I'm so grateful.
I'm just stunned today based on your report.
I never miss you.
If I do, I watch you later.
But I have been injured by the shot.
I went to a prestigious hospital.
They basically kicked me out after 10 days, said, yeah, we don't know.
Go see one of our doctors, outpatient.
And, you know, you shine a light, you guide us.
We will be victorious in the end.
So this is God's will, but gosh, we need you.
We support you.
Gosh, we love your Alexa Pure air filter.
Not air filter, sorry.
There's an air filter, too.
They're both excellent.
Look, I'm in the same fight as you, Sar.
I want to thank you for keeping us in the fight, Tina, as well.
What's happened to you since you took the shots?
Oh, gosh.
Well, the doctor that I saw thought that I had a stroke, so went to
The hospital and my veins actually closed up.
I had the best veins.
I had, it's called pot syndrome.
Not able to eat anything.
I was on apples for the longest time.
Now I only have like two things that I've been eating for three years.
I've developed an allergy to corn and corn is in everything, even derivatives.
I couldn't even, and sulfur.
I couldn't even wash my hair with shampoo if it
Did you take the Pfizer or Moderna shot?
It's the same shot, just the Moderna's many times stronger.
Did you get better?
Did something mitigate this?
Or how are you doing now?
I would say slowly over time it feels like it's detoxing.
I'm just starting to expand my diet to rice.
I'm still suffering.
I've lost, you know, I'm 114 pounds now, so I was 130 and it's just, you know, not able to tolerate anything.
How fast after the shot did this happen and did your doctor deny any length?
The doctor said that he had heard of some people having reactions.
Um, but I actually went to them and thought that I had MS.
So that was probably two months, two months after, I think.
I mean, my mind is shut, too.
So went and had the MRI and oh and then called 9-1-1 because I had chest pains and and um... Wow.
Yeah, so it was a nightmare.
Well we're glad you're a lot better and I'm so sorry this happened to you.
Were you a listener then or did you become a listener after or did you get bullied into the shot?
Why'd you take the shot?
I was afraid that I was going to give my husband
The virus.
So I believe... So you did it to help people, just like Ernest Ramirez did, yeah.
Well, once bitten twice shy, were you a listener to that person before, or were you a listener after?
I was a listener after, and I am so dedicated to you.
I shut everything else off when it comes to 12 o'clock.
How horrifying is it, or is it horrifying to you that
We now know they're putting it in the shots.
They admit it in the FDA documents to give us a beef allergy and obviously with you, so many other allergies.
Once we've taken this, I mean, this is so murderous, so criminal, so abusive.
It's total rape.
I'm shocked.
I mean, I like to think I'm very awake, but yeah, but it makes perfect sense.
It's diabolical.
Diabolical meaning of the devil.
Well, warn everybody you can.
Nobody can stop you individually spreading the word.
Please tell everybody about InfoWars.com and God bless you, Tina.
Disgusting what they did to her, huh?
And they admit they're doing it right here.
We just showed you all the evidence.
Incredible evil.
It's on the FDA and EPA website, CDC website, that the shots are causing this.
They don't even deny it.
But I think you're too dumb to find it.
And it's got cancer viruses in it.
Showed you that mainstream news yesterday.
Granny Green in Canada, alpha-gal syndrome.
Give us your take on it.
Well, thank you once again Alex for being you.
You have done such a wondrous work sharing the truth and boy you helped me out too because I've been on the same track as you for over 30 years and I look like a crazy lady back in the day but not so much anymore.
The reason why I'm calling today too is I don't think this is our first round of trying to stop us from eating meat.
20 years ago I was misdiagnosed and
We're good.
Oh yeah, once you've been poisoned by something, just the smell of it makes you sick, and then again, they make meat poison.
Yeah, Paxil, Paxil's really bad.
It causes all sorts of weird disorders.
Well, the minute I got off it, and basically I couldn't eat any meat, I like literally dropped my B12, went right down and everything else.
And the minute I stopped taking those pills, I was able to eat meat.
I could look, well, first off, it was interesting to be able to even look at it.
So I really don't think this is, you know, like this here is the first time around.
I'd be interested to know how many people that have been on some sort of antidepressant have
I saw that!
Well, he's a dear friend of ours, Alex, and what they did to him was totally injustice.
It was not right.
He left five babies and a beautiful wife.
And I would just ask that the audience please pray for this family.
Hold these children up.
He was such a good man, such a good father, and such a good warrior for the cause.
He stood up and he went and helped out nurses, whoever he could help out.
And that's the technocracy for you.
Won't take the shot.
Total Nuremberg violation.
If you take somebody's medical rights or their rights for not taking a forced treatment, that is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, punishable by death.
I was familiar with that case.
For people who don't remember it, tell us this victim of the biomedical tyranny's name again.
We're going to pull that up.
I remember seeing that.
So sorry to hear that, Granny.
Be safe and God bless you.
Keep spreading the word.
We're going to go to break.
Come back with Bill.
Ian, Angryman, Stu, George, Chad and others, the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And yeah, this is total war by the deep state, by the medical tyranny.
They love it.
They think it's funny.
Now, your average doctor's not in on it, but the bioethics boards are in almost every case.
And they are eugenicists.
They are a Peter Singer death cult.
Look into it for yourself, and they are attacking us, and they're laughing, thinking we don't know what they've done.
Fauci's one of their top people.
Bill Gates, all of them.
And it is just going to get more insane on from here.
There it is, Ontario man dies after being denied kidney transplant for being unvaccinated.
Absolute evil.
We'll be right back.
InfoWars.com is the tip of the spear.
Save lives.
Share the link now, now, now, now, now, now, now.
And we are back live broadcasting worldwide on this live Friday edition.
We're taking your phone calls.
We open the phones up.
We're not screening your calls other than where you're calling from and if you want to give us a topic, just so you have a clean phone line.
But nobody's calling in that loved the Pfizer shots and Moderna shots.
Nobody I know wants more of them either.
In fact, it's just person after person.
Three crew members out of six have family members that can't eat beef now if they took the shot.
And then we have all the studies that they know it, they're doing it, it's funny.
They brag about how they're going to do it to us so we can't eat beef.
And we just sit here and take it.
And Fauci has gain-of-function and lies to Congress, and we have his own documents where he ran gain-of-function programs and called them gain-of-function, and Senator Paul sends them the whole dossier, and the feds say, we're not even responding to you.
Hey Alex, it's a real pleasure talking with you.
I just wanted, I don't know if people know this, but we have deaf systems on our trucks, semi-trucks, so we have to use the diesel exhaust fluid stuff.
Hey brother, I really want to be able to talk to you, but it sounds like you're in a windstorm.
So try to get in the cab of your truck, close the window, and I'll go back to you in a couple minutes.
Okay, we'll try again.
Let's talk to Chad in Nebraska.
Chad, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me okay?
I can, Chad.
Go ahead.
You can?
Pleasure to talk to you.
I've been a fan for
Since like 2011.
I'm just so angry with what's going on in our country right now.
And I know that you talk a lot about, you know, we've got to do this in peaceful means, but when they're literally trying to kill us, how can we do that with peaceful means?
Well, again, they don't do it through an army.
They don't attack you in uniforms.
They don't show up in UN blue helmets.
They get the bureaucracy.
They kill you by cutting off energy.
They kill you by shipping in fentanyl.
They kill you by poisoning the food.
They kill you with 5G.
They kill you a hundred different ways.
We have to become aware of it and pull out of it and dismantle it peacefully.
The average cop doesn't know this has happened.
The average FBI agent doesn't know that.
You could walk up and kill them all day.
That would actually help the globalists create more destabilization.
We have to pull our children out of the public schools.
We have to stop eating the GMO.
We have to not put up or use 5G.
We have to not take these poison shots.
I mean, I know it seems easy, like if some guy in a village a thousand years ago killed your son.
You get a club, your wife saw him kill your son for no reason, you beat his brains out, problem solved.
Yeah, it does.
It's just frustrating, you know, when you're raising kids in this country, and it's not, it's not, this country doesn't look anything or feel anything like the country that I grew up in, you know?
Well, it's the whole world, brother, and let me tell you, we need to sue Fauci, we need to call for his indictment, people should peacefully protest him, he should be hounded everywhere, so should Bill Gates, people should pull their stock out of those companies, people should protest at all the clinics, I mean, people have to stop taking it lying down and make a big noise.
What happens
When a crow, one of the smartest birds out there, you know, in the whole raven family, crows always go in twos, in groups of twos, and when they see a person, they know it's non-threatening.
They go, ah, ah, a certain call.
They can even count.
My dad had a pet crow growing up as a kid that fell out of a tree.
And Mr. Crow lived like 10 years until an owl killed him.
Yeah, well, it was a real pleasure talking to you, Alex.
I know you've got other calls.
No, it's a pleasure talking to you.
I mean, what else do you think we should do?
I mean, I hear you.
Once we get the government back, we need Nuremberg trial.
They need to be tried, convicted.
They need to be executed.
I mean, they deserve it.
I'm not an addictive person.
I'm not into death.
But, I mean, we need to see national hanging of these people.
They need to be not killed by us extrajudicially.
They need to be killed politically by exposing them nonviolently.
Kill their name.
Convict them publicly.
And then physically convict them, and then they need to be hung.
It's very simple.
I agree.
They're the self-appointed masters of the universe playing God on us, folks.
And, you know, you go watch a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy.
I was in a hotel room Monday night in Dallas, and, you know, I couldn't go to sleep.
So I said, OK, let me watch Guardians of the Galaxy.
The first two were OK.
And it was a mad scientist that's kidnapping children and doing medical experiments and accelerating, uh, evolution and trying to play God.
And that's, that's, they're telling you who they are.
I mean, that's not a movie, folks.
That's what they're doing.
Thank you, Chad.
Angry Man in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Are you there?
Everybody keeps asking if I'm there.
I swear to you, brother.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Let's do this.
Angry Man.
Angry Man.
I'm here, brother.
I'm here.
Hey, 25 years I've been listening to you.
God bless you.
And I'll tell you right now, before you could stop something, you have to know when it's coming.
And the people in this country don't know what the hell is going on.
And most of them don't care.
And if you try to tell them anything about it, they don't want to hear it or they don't believe it.
So how do you stand a chance of changing anything when nobody knows?
I don't think it's going to happen.
Yeah, I see the comment you put on the screen is, no chance to stop any of this.
I think until the public stops laying over and going along with this, I don't think there is a chance to stop it.
Well, that's the problem.
You can't get them to wake up.
Nobody wants to hear it.
And what they do, they don't believe.
So, like I said, I think we stand about as much chance of a change in anything.
Well, let me say this.
Historically, it's always darkest until the dawn.
Things have to get really bad before they get good.
There is a big awakening happening.
But people are still at disadvantage because they can't believe how evil this is, or how premeditated this is.
And I totally and completely agree with you.
And because we're so selfish and so self-centered, all of us, we're very decadent in this society.
People used to have to depend on each other so people had more empathy.
They're able to get away with all this, and when your neighbor dies or you get sick, nobody cares, because nobody cares about each other.
Nobody, you know, all this, I mean, our listeners care, but that's what the globalists hate, our listeners, because you really do care.
You're a major hope.
You're one of the major focal points and bright spots.
This audience, I'm not kissing your butt, it's true.
And so...
People are too self-centered and too lazy to go read the insurance actuaries.
In fact, I have a stack of articles I'll cover coming up next segment.
There is just mass death in the actuaries.
This is not debatable.
These are hard statistics.
And they're killing us.
And it's only getting more insane.
They're just normalizing it.
And it's so sad, brother.
Well, I've had it up to here, I'll tell you.
So I don't know what the hell else to do anymore.
So I've tried telling everybody I know, and they just don't want to hear it.
They don't believe nothing.
They're gonna come askin' me what the hell is goin' on.
I'm not gonna explain anything to them, so.
But, alright, I'll explain.
Well, thank you for everything you do, brother.
I'll talk to you later, Alex.
All right, we'll try back with Bill, then Todd, Ian, Stu, and George.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
Listen, I know it's rough to discover you're being covertly abused by a bunch of twit, mad scientist jerks.
They're mass murderers.
They're Joseph Mengele's idols.
They make the angel of death look like a Boy Scout.
And I mean, I know that's why people can't handle this show, because I mean, I just showed you the last two weeks, the FDA, the CDC saying, here's all the vaccines that give you protein, allergies to beef, that can be violent and even kill you just like a bee sting.
And then I showed you the WF and the UN saying, we'll just give people shots.
In 2012, they started talking about this.
To make you sick and make you unable to eat.
And it's so illegal, it's so out of control.
But the same people sterilized millions of poor blacks, whites, and others in the 20s, 40s, 60s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and it stopped.
Last state was Washington State in the 1980s.
The last cases of government sterilization of people that may like B-minuses but were from single homes.
They would take you and sterilize your ass.
Look it up.
So you're like, how'd they get away with that?
They just, we're the bureaucrats, we're the health department, we're gonna do it.
Hey, there's too many people, we're gonna give you a shot where you can't have kids, we're gonna give you a shot where you can't eat beef.
And they're on a power trip, folks, they got the power, they're doing it!
And people just can't deal with this.
I send links to all these prominent people and a lot of times they respond, almost always they respond.
But I sent one link to the number one podcaster in the world.
We just had steaks and I sent him my report and he responds to everything.
I sent him, didn't respond to that.
And I need to call him today.
But the point is, because it just sounds too unbelievable.
And if somebody addicted to red meat, like a Joe Rogan,
I am too.
I mean, it just doesn't even seem real.
It's like the government's going to give you a shot where you are allergic to oxygen.
I mean, you know, a big old juicy rib eye, folks, is as good as, you know, sex with your wife.
And let's just get down to reality here.
It's like telling you somebody's going to chop your dick off.
It's just as bad.
I'm sorry to be vulgar here, but I mean, people just don't want to admit this is happening.
And look, I totally get it.
You think I like this?
You think I like taking these people on constantly?
But I cannot sit here and watch them crap all over us.
That's why callers call in and say, oh, we thank you.
You're so great.
You're so wonderful.
I say, stop it right there.
I appreciate you tuning in.
I appreciate you supporting.
You understand we're all under attack.
This is self-preservation.
This is not heroic.
This is not extraordinary.
It shouldn't be.
Standing up to people bragging that they're putting protein in shots, to where when your body has an autoimmune response to the COVID, or to the hepatitis, or to the tetanus, your body also then has a response to the thing it's bound to, and now you're allergic to it.
This is not rocket science!
And they have turned us into these sick invalids with this crap!
You know, I've had people in business cheat me, rob me, scam me.
But I can always try to make more money and fight the globalists.
It's not my guy, so don't get that mad about it.
But I know people in business that if somebody rips them off for $1,000, they almost have heart attacks, they take them to small claims court, they go crazy, they do all sorts of vindictive stuff, they call the IRS on people.
I mean, it's just, it's all just petty.
But when somebody steals your health and even your life, if it's the medical system or the government, people go, well, that's just what they do.
I'm so tired of it.
So when I try to cheer up the last caller, I'm cheering myself up.
But things have been bad for a while.
We're just learning how bad they are now.
And I have faith in humanity and faith in God.
And it's a tall order, though, to go, man, they really are putting chemicals, protein crystals.
They're obsessed with them.
You know, COVID's a protein crystal.
Mad cow's a protein crystal.
What causes it?
HIV's a protein crystal.
Figure this out yet?
And because there's so many protein crystals already out there, they can hit you with this and it's hard to signature who did it.
Because your body takes them and then changes them themselves.
Alzheimer's, neurological disorders, they're all off the chart.
They're killing everybody!
And that's why when the Democratic Party and the CIA and the Justice Department mess with me, and Congress, the January 6th Committee, and all of them really jack with me hard,
I've talked to the lawyers and other people and I've seen them do interviews and they admit, they go, this guy's crazy.
We just can't break him.
Nothing we do seems to do anything to him.
Do you think suing me and trying to take money away from me and interrogating me in stupid depositions is anything compared to the fact that I know they're putting cancer viruses in most of the major vaccines and I showed you yesterday the FDA's website admitting it?
I mean, I'm a thousand times more freaked out about that than you messing with me.
I'm freaked out that you're minions of the system and think you're an adversary with me, and you're gonna get a pat on the head by the power structure for trying to take me down, when all I'm trying to do is save myself and you along with me.
Because that's how the universe works.
If I can't save you, I can't save myself.
This is survival instinct.
That's why when Patrick bet David, I said, I love my enemies.
The ones that don't know what they're doing.
Like Christ said before He gave up the ghost, He said, Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.
And I'm not Christ, and I'm far from Christ, but I follow Christ, and I understand what Christ was saying there.
He could see how they were destroying themselves, how they were hurting themselves, and how sad they were, and how captured by evil.
And He said, Forgive them, Father.
Where they know not what they do, and that's what God wanted from his own son to say that, and say, okay, I will now forgive them, and wash them in your blood.
Because you asked for it in your dying breath, and he gave up the ghost.
And things are gonna get worse, and worse, and worse, and the people that serve the system are gonna get more vehement, more aggressive, more hysterical, believing that
I've used this analogy, we'll go back to your calls, and then we got a special guest joining us.
I knew a couple people in business, and then one cousin, who was a pretty smart person, but there's an old saying, you can't con an honest man.
But people that want to believe in delusions, you can con them.
This was really bad in the mid-90s up until about 2000.
It was a Nigerian email scam.
Remember that?
And the Nigerians had a scam.
Where they would email you and say, Prince Abubu Mashaka, the crown prince of Abuku Mahuka, literally, stuff like that, Bubu Bubu, he has picked you and decided to give you an incredible investment because we've done an analysis and you're the person.
But he cannot get his $5 million out of the bank and give you $500,000 of it unless you send him $5,000.
And you send out a million emails, you get a couple thousand people that do it.
I knew a talk show host on GCN who was a young guy, pretty popular, having a good effect, did a good show.
And Nigerians emailed him and said, we have got a major investment for your radio show.
So he started trying to raise money on air.
They wanted like $100,000.
And they were going to give him like whatever millions it was.
I forget the exact numbers.
And he raised the money, gave it to them.
And when they screwed him, I call into the show.
And I said, hey man, that's a scam, bro.
You're not going to get more money.
And they're going to, once they know you've given some money, you don't want to admit you're a scam, so you give more money.
And some people, they would get five or six payments from each one bigger, but the Crown Prince will give you more this time.
They're like, I can't not give them $200,000 because Prince Abubu is going to give me $100 million.
And that's what people are like that serve the New World Order.
They just can't admit they've been conned.
They can't admit they've been scammed and they just, they stay in it and they get deeper in it.
At least you're not in it.
At least you know it's out of control.
At least you know the situation's very serious.
At least you know that you're under attack.
These people don't even know it.
They think they're serving it and getting power!
With a group of mad scientists?
Putting HIV and cancer viruses and beef protein in the damn shots to just cause havoc?
You gotta be delusional as hell!
Take cheesy cartoon in the 80s, He-Man.
And in some of the episodes I watched when I was a kid, some, you know, they get some town villager to sell out to Skeletor to be a spy and then always Skeletor kills him or enslaves him in the end.
I mean, there was a dude like Skeletor in a dark mountain and he was evil.
Would you go to him and say, I want to serve you, Skeletor?
I mean, you know Skeletor is going to screw you over in the end, right?
Well, that's a kid's cartoon, folks.
Like, Emperor Palpatine wants to work with you!
You're gonna go sign on with Emperor Palpatine because it makes you feel powerful?
You're a chump!
You're a schmuck!
You're a fool!
You're an idiot!
OG Skeletor, will you be my friend?
Sure, I'll be your friend!
Just give me the keys to the drawbridge and I will!
Skeletor, what's my reward?
Your reward is eternal enslavement!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Hour number three, straight ahead, InfoWars.com
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Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
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All right, the great Mike Lindell is going to join us for about 30 minutes and then longer if he wants.
Then we're going to take phone calls for George and Stu and Kendall and Tim and Todd.
And Bill will be first, the truck driver.
But we're going to talk to Mike Lindell about some of the huge developments taking place in the world.
January 6th is Jack Smith.
Some of the big announcements Mike Lindell's got.
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Mike Lindell, stay with us.
All right.
We really appreciate one of the hardest working men to employ Americans and fight tyranny at the same time.
The great purveyor of the MyPillow empire is Mike Lindell.
And to cover the waterfront, what's currently happening in America and the big event he has coming up here in just a few days is the one, the only Mike Lindell.
Mike, good to see your face.
Oh, thanks for having me on, Alex.
Well, you've got a lot to cover and a lot happening.
Give us your take on the latest political developments.
Jack Smith, January 6th, the Capitol head police officer saying Pelosi orchestrated it.
I mean, things are really falling apart for the system right now.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, to be honest, all the stuff that's going on right now there for me has just been a huge distraction because of the event I have coming up.
We're going to announce a plan that will secure our elections immediately.
Remember, everybody, if we can't have secure elections, all this stuff that's going on is
It's just destroying our country.
These things that are going on should be driving people to watch this event because this event will secure our elections and everybody's going to embrace it.
It's one of the things that has never been done before.
This plan has never been done before in history.
It's never been even talked about.
So it's not meltdown the machines, because I've already talked about that.
So it's going to be a it's going to be pretty amazing.
Well, you wouldn't even tell me on the phone a few weeks ago.
Give us a hint, though, because I know you got big stuff going on.
Others scared of you.
I will tell you this.
I went to you know, it's like using a pillow, Alex.
If I you know, you use my products and I give the hosts all the products to use, because then you're telling it from the heart.
And so what I did is I went out to Turning Point.
I went out there and met with Charlie Kirk and those guys and said, here's a plan to secure elections.
And I told them the plan.
I spent six hours there.
And they go, wow, this is the most amazing plan because it works.
We don't have to rely on legislatures.
We don't have to rely on judges.
It's just us, the people.
They couldn't get him on murder, bootlegging, gambling, racketeering because he had the judges in his pocket, the law enforcement in his pocket, the media in his pocket, the politicians in his pocket.
And the people in Chicago felt hopeless.
So they went and came at him from a different angle.
They got him on tax evasion, he ended up in Alcatraz.
Well, right now, it seems hopeless to a lot of people in our country because these things keep happening, these nonsensical things that are going on, this living in this twilight zone, this end times of spiritual warfare of good and evil.
And we're in those same things where we've worked so hard for two and a half years, hundreds of thousands of people on the ground trying to get, you know, you go in and you do lawsuits and you do this and you go and then you get pushed back even by our own party.
Well, you know what?
Last year I had in prayer, I said,
You know, I feel it was right from God going, you know what?
You've got to come at it from a different angle.
And that's what this plan is.
But we're going to do two things.
This coming, it's only five days away or six days away now.
Next Wednesday, August 16th, we're going to have a whole day where every state's going to go up there and tell them about the hope that's going on in their state.
There is hope in every state.
You just don't hear about it, everybody.
And we're going to do that.
And then Lou Dobbs has agreed to do an address to the nation.
He has not done a single event or anything since Fox got rid of him on February 5th, 2021.
So when I talked to him, he said, Mike, I said, Lou, could you could you do this?
He goes, absolutely.
It's to save our country.
Then he said, I said, well, I'll pay whatever you need.
And he goes, Mike, I don't want anything.
I want to help save our country.
And I said, well, that's good because I'm out of money.
And anyway, so we have that first day.
Then the next day, everybody, it goes 9 a.m.
on the 17th to 9 p.m.
on the 17th.
And we are going to show you the plan.
And this plan will take
All right.
Hope and a plan, because everything seems so overwhelming when they keep hearing about these things, you know, all these just things that 20 years ago we would have thought, come on, this would be a fairy tale, this would be science fiction, the things that are going on right now.
So I'm very excited and everybody, you can check out LyndaleEvent.com
We're good to go.
Let's get to the bottom line here.
We're ragtag organizations and groups.
We're beating the globalists just barely.
The left always calls us grifters because you have thousands of employees and you're a self-made man and I'm a popular talk show host that funds ourselves.
We're not funded by big money globalist Soros.
We're funded by the Listers.
If they want us to fight a fight, they got to support it.
I'm not complaining.
It's really up to them.
But now is the thick of the fight.
This coming up election.
Everybody always says this election is the most important.
I know everyone in their heart knows that's not hype.
This is the most important election since 1776, which was not an election.
It was the kickoff of a civil war and a battle for independence.
So this is such a historic moment.
The enemy's mask is off.
Their whole operation is out in the open.
And now is the time for maximum political effort, maximum financial support, and maximum prayer.
Yes, absolutely.
We can use all the help we can get because, you know, I tell you what, you know, Alex, the one thing about me, if they say I'm a grifter, I got to be the worst grifter in the history of the planet because I've never asked for money.
I'm just saying, this is on, folks.
We're in the thick of the fight right now.
Yeah, and that's why everything you guys buy from MyPillow.com, everything you do there, this is supporting not only all the families that work there, I have over 1,500 employees there.
This is an employee-owned company that was sued by these machine companies that attacked them for like, I mean, sued for like $8 billion with a B. For what?
Did I execute my First Amendment right of free speech?
So everything you're buying using that promo code, Alex, you guys
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Well, Mike, let's do this.
Mike, let's do this, because they're such quality products.
They're made in America, and it keeps you on the air and me on the air.
They put these big billion-dollar numbers out, even though we'll win on appeal, even in rigged courts, to make everybody feel like it's over.
We're defeated.
We're annihilated.
I don't
Thousands of entrepreneurs and their Made in America products.
I mean, this is what it's about.
Instead of just boycotting Anheuser-Busch, which is great, how about we boycott?
What could we do?
They lost $40 billion in stock.
What would happen if we had $40 billion?
It'd be game over.
I like that.
You're just seeing the sandals went by everybody.
These were $60 sandals.
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Nineteen ninety or nineteen dollars.
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Using promo code Alex, you guys.
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He said it right.
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Yeah, Ashwagandha, yeah.
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This is a platform for them.
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And, uh, on all of their products because they need help.
They need, you know, they need help too.
MyStore.com forward slash Alex or promo code Alex get even bigger discounts.
Well, I just admire you because you're a cheerful warrior.
You go on all these late night shows, comedy shows, they attack you.
Everybody says you win.
Uh, I mean, it's just, you, you really rise the occasion cause you're pretty good on my show, but you're amazing under pressure, better job than even I think Trump does sometimes.
And I'm serious when I say that, what happens when you're on,
Jimmy Kimmel, these other shows, and they're attacking you viciously, and you just laugh and win the crowd over.
They start cheering for you.
I mean, you do something I've seen nobody else do.
Well, you know what?
This is all we've had.
You guys realize when this started, we lost the conservative media.
We lost Fox News, Newsmax, Salah Media.
They're not going to report about anything with our elections or the vaccines or anything like that.
They got a whole list in front.
You cannot talk about this.
So they went silent on us.
Now the left media, the media on the left, like your Jimmy Kimmel's, I go, you know what?
If I got to go sit in a claw machine to get the word out, I'm going to do it.
And you know what's easy for me, Alex, is the truth shall set you free.
I don't have to be, I don't have a PR person that says, or a PR controller, and yeah, here he is, there I am in a claw machine there, if you got, and it helped get the word out, and it was amazing, and this is what I have to do, because you know, I don't, the questions that he hit me with- But I wanna go back on this for a second, interrupt you.
I love how they thought it would make you look stupid, but even mainline media said it made you look great how cheerful you were.
It made them look like clowns that they made you get in a claw machine.
But you still did it because you knew you weren't the clown, they were the clowns.
Yeah, well, and plus, I don't care what I gotta do, I gotta get the word out.
We have to fix our election platforms.
You know, whatever it takes, it doesn't matter to me to get the word out.
The people, the public's onto this now.
They realize that when the media over there, the fake news attacking, it's usually the exact opposite.
And if you're able to, if they're able to read between the lines, and that's what, you know, that's what's worked for me to be able to get the word out for over two years now.
Just like, here's another thing, Alex, you know, you look at things, it's just, it's the opposite of what it is.
You talk about our great real President Donald Trump.
When he got, what, number third indictment or whatever, I've said it before and I said, you know, I said, actually I told him that.
I said, you know, you keep getting indicted and your polls keep going up.
I said, they're doing these attacks and every time they do, his polls go up.
And I said, you know, pretty soon he'll have more votes than there are people.
Of course, of course the media attacked me.
Mike Lindell says Donald Trump's going to get more votes than there are people in the United States.
Hey, Pennsylvania does it all the time.
They have more votes than voters in their election.
But my point being is the more they attack, the more people realize that this is the bucket of common sense.
And as long as we don't give up.
We had a six-year war with the British Empire, never defeated before, not by the public and not by anybody.
And because of perseverance, Washington lost all the battles for the last year, but he persevered.
Since you mentioned this, the full video is on Infowars.com, but it's incredible.
They tried to get a group of voters together, and they said the election was stolen, the indictments are a fraud, none of them bought it.
Here's a short clip.
Friends and family around the table, don't watch and don't trust CNN.
There is reverence for Ronald Reagan here.
But listen.
The trust is gone.
Reagan's optimism replaced by Trump's grievances.
We gotta find our own way to take care of ourselves.
Reagan's disdain of big government replaced by Trump's distrust of just about everything.
I think he thinks he was stolen from him.
Still questions about the 2020 election.
And I had a lot of people who agreed with him.
Criticism of the Trump prosecutions.
But nothing about that deal is the American way.
I don't think.
And this.
If you think the United States should be supporting Ukraine in the fight against Putin, raise your hand.
You don't have to be that smart to connect the dots, right?
And so, is the war to cover up sins committed, so you can cover your tracks?
There's too much money that's been thrown over there.
Do you think all the NATO countries would do what Biden told them to do?
Because he's trying to cover up some Hunter Biden business deal by... Um, it all depends on how, uh, Zelensky, how much dirt he has on Biden to keep the money coming.
That's, that's, that's out there.
No, it's not out there.
Well, how do you, how do you trust when you know the government has shut down Facebook and shut down Twitter and told them to not show certain, certain news stories?
A few days here makes clear Trump's grip is very strong.
CNN has like 200,000 viewers.
They're a joke.
Mike Lindell.
Absolutely, and that's the way things are right now with the people.
Everybody's pouring into this bucket of common sense.
The more things are out there that don't make sense, they're going, what is this going on over here?
What is this?
They're jumping in this bucket from both sides.
Alex, I want to tell you, this just happened two days ago.
You know the 16 that were charged in Michigan because they stood up with their own electors or whatever?
Well, Michonne, I forget what her last name is, she was going to come to my event this week and she was invited and she's come before.
And the Attorney General, Dana Nessel of Michigan, told her, if you leave, you're going to get arrested and you're not going to Mike Lindell's events.
It would be the equivalent if you got a DWI and you went to a wine tasting event.
I mean, how can you tell people where to go?
Total election meddling.
Total election meddling.
Just like now they have these three, four indictments to pin Trump down during the election.
Everybody sees through it.
We see through it.
The public sees through it.
Any other time in history, if you had some stuff like these going on, the media would win.
When you're destroying Michael and Jill's election, blah, blah, blah.
I would have probably been destroyed right out of the gate.
But the people see through all these lies.
They see through the media.
The only ones that are really blinded are the ones that are sitting over there watching Fox and Newsmax because they don't know what's really going on.
It's one thing to not talk about.
We have media outlets.
We chose to watch and trust that they would at least give us the news of an oncoming storm.
And they're not doing that.
It's all deflection.
All these things going on is just a big deflection and a big distraction.
They want you, hey everybody, look over here, look over here, while they're destroying our country.
That's why it's so important we fix our election platforms immediately.
Who do you want running our country, everybody?
Do you want, in this age we're in with artificial intelligence and everything coming, do you want people that we really elect?
Making the rules?
Or do you want people that are selected making the rules?
This is where we're at.
We're at an apex in history.
This is biblical.
This is a spiritual battle of epic proportions.
And you know what?
We are winning.
God wins in the end.
We're going to look back someday, like I said, everybody, and you're going to see all these bad things you see happening.
And when you pull out one of the bad, maybe we don't get to this great place.
Remember, God uses all things for good.
And all these things going on, you've got to look at it from another way, going, hey, it's getting more and more people to this virus.
That's right.
The enemy is being revealed, and it's painful to see how bad it is, but the enemy is being revealed, and that is a big deal.
And you're absolutely right.
Our problem's not MSNBC and CNN with their small audiences and brainwashed people.
It's the mainline conservative so-called outlets that are suppressing what's really going on and keeping control of conservatives.
Yep, absolutely.
That's it, everybody.
You're not hearing the news out there.
But the good news is, Alex, is like your show and many other things.
Remember, they tried to take us out forever on January 7th and 8th and 2021.
That's the day they tried to take our voice forever.
1.2 million Americans got de-platformed.
Everybody that was speaking up, you got de-platformed on Vimeo, YouTube, Sucker Bucks, Facebook, Twitter, all these places.
We got attacked by our hijacked government.
And Parler got shut down two days later.
But you know what?
They did win because our voice, maybe it was real small then, but it expanded.
And now we have all these different social media platforms.
Now we have podcasts.
People are getting their news and information from other sources other than the propaganda that's been feeding us for decades.
That's right.
We're out of time.
Come back again soon.
I want to go to your event.
I'm looking at it today.
If I don't make it, I'm going to be covering it live here.
In closing, how do people find the event?
How do they share the event?
Yeah, go to LyndaleEvent.com, everybody.
Get signed up.
Get a free gift right now.
Free gift right now just for putting your email in and getting signed up for the event early.
It's going to be live-streamed on LyndaleTV on FrankSpeech.com.
There it is, everybody.
Go to LyndaleEvent.com.
It is so important that we have... The only way this plan fails is if enough people don't watch it.
That's right.
And finally, go to MyPillow.com forward slash Alex.
Use promo code Alex and get great products while funding Mike Lindell and the Infowar.
A 360 win for everybody.
Mike Lindell, we love you.
We'll be covering your event.
I'm probably going to come.
I just feel like I have to.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to try to call you if you can talk this afternoon, okay?
All right, we've got it.
Thank you, Alex.
Beautiful American.
Really honored to be working with somebody like that.
Thank you, Mike Lindell.
All right, callers that were on hold and other breaking news, I'm going to come back and go right to you right now.
All of us see the sunset or beautiful snow-covered mountains or shooting stars or little fish in a pool or beautiful jungle plants or a cute little baby, you know, in its mother's arms.
And you recognize goodness.
You recognize wholesomeness.
You recognize things God made that we communally share in God's creation and we worship our Heavenly Father.
He's given us the system of Genesis that is our mother, but it is God, the Godhead, the male energy of will and building and striving.
I'm just high on creation, man.
I can't handle how alive I am right now in the fight against these tyrants.
And how hard I'm going to push to go after them because I'm so full of life and so full of resistance to these murdering pedophiles who want to get in the way of God's plan!
I tell you, anybody who tries to get in the way of the incredible plan the big guy's got for us has got me pissed and I'm just begging to stay on the team now.
Just put me in the game, coach.
Whatever you say, coach.
I know I'm weak.
I know I'm pathetic.
Man, you're amazing.
I'm so lucky, you baby.
What do I do, boss?
What do I do?
I'm like a hunting dog, man.
Just take me out of the house.
Just turn me on them.
Just tell me what I gotta do.
Tell me how I serve you.
Tell me what I can do for you right now!
Alright, thanks for holding callers while Mike Liddell was on for a half hour.
Let's go to your calls.
The order to receive right now.
Bill in North Carolina tried to get on but he had a windy phone so he got in the cab of his truck.
New regulations on trucks destroy 18 wheelers, which 80% of our deliveries are made by.
Bill, tell us about this.
Thanks for holding.
Yeah, well, ever since, what was it, year 2000 or 1998, they put in this system called Diesel Exhaust Fluid System.
I just want to let the callers know.
These new engines, they don't last but 500,000 miles.
On the older engines, they would last a million miles if you could rebuild them.
And what that diesel exhaust fluid does, it eats through the engine.
And what they're going to start doing, that they're going to cause truck drivers to start burning more of it with the newer trucks coming out.
So what that's going to do, it's going to affect the supply chain.
Already these big trucking companies, in order to keep their stuff going, they have to have two trucks per driver.
Because if his truck is broken down, they can put him in a truck and get him moving.
So, in the days in which you would just have one truck per driver, now they have to have two, and one's a backup.
And it's only going to get worse.
That's all I was calling in about, Alex.
I think people need to be aware.
Yeah, they're doing everything they can, not for the environment, but to shut our industry down and to force humans with the lawsuits and the cost out of trucks and make it go to robots.
And then the other thing is, it's my understanding that the exhaust that's coming out of the pipe, because you're burning this urea along with the diesel, it actually forms the gas
It's much worse than what the old trucks were putting out.
Just like they made them do all sorts of weird gas additives the last 30 years that bend our genders.
Yeah, they know exactly what they're doing.
They turn industry into a weapon against us.
Tell us the world's ending while they're ending the world as we know it.
Yep, and then on top of it, they have us on what they call ELDs, electronic logging devices, and they claim that they're for safety.
Well, if you take a look at the statistics, and you can even look it up,
Or even contact the OOIDA, which is the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association.
And they will show you that the statistics, ever since they put the ELDs in, the accident rate has gone up in truck.
You know, prior to that, we only ran paper logs.
And I could pull over any time I wanted.
Okay, if I felt tired, take a nap, or whatever.
But with these electronic logs, once you start rolling, you gotta run.
And if you get sick during the day, you better keep going because, you know... No, I've talked to a lot of truck drivers.
So imagine you ate something bad, you gotta pull over at a truck stop and use the bathroom.
Or when you're tired, you can't pull over two hours and go another eight.
That's counted against you.
You gotta do what it wants.
It's just, it's so evil.
It takes human control out of the equation.
Yes, it does.
And then you wonder why these guys are having wrecks, you know, because of this stuff.
This isn't about safety.
They don't care about people.
It's about AI, computer control.
Great points.
Thanks for holding.
George in California, you're on the air worldwide.
Brother Alex, number one, God bless you and the crew.
Secondly, there's this gentleman I think you'll have a fascinating conversation with.
His name is Russell J. Gould.
It's punctuated with a colon and a hyphen.
He knows the language of laws.
I think you two would have an amazing conversation.
But what I called in about was I got back into school in 2020 and I took a year off from 21 to 22.
Coming back in in 22,
They were having me submit my childhood vaccination records.
And when I looked at the ones they wanted, I had most of them.
Thank God I had all of them.
But there was the one that Darren talked about, the Tdap.
But there was also a Tdap.
And thank God I didn't need the COVID shot because I had a medical exemption.
So I was clear with that.
But they were pushing really hard for me to get these other... Yeah, well, let's be clear.
Whether it's the university or hospital, there's waivers for all of it.
They're buffaloing and BS-ing people.
It's a scam.
There is no law to make you take shots other than the military, and they can't make you take experimental shots of the military, which COVID was, so it's all a fraud.
Absolutely, brother.
It got to my attention when you talked about the alpha thing with the meat allergy.
It's like, wait, they couldn't get me to do the COVID shot, but they were pushing real hard for me to take not just that DTaP, but there's this other one called the Tdap.
And both those have the alpha-gal protein.
I've got the FDA document right here.
I'm going to say that again.
A fact.
Most of these shots have alpha-gal in them.
They will give you a meat allergy.
They know what they're doing.
They brag on TV.
At Deimos, they're doing it to you.
They don't have a right to attack you and quote, what's the document called?
Here it is.
Overhead shot, please.
Human engineering and climate change giving you shots to cause autoimmune response to beef.
Yes, sir.
And it's like if they can't get you with one thing, they'll get you with another.
I was just amazed how hard they were pushing for me to get these other supposed childhood vaccinations updated.
It's like, hey, I already took them.
So why are they pushing it so hard?
I don't need them.
They're covering all their bases, and I'm sure there's other stuff in there that's going to... Absolutely.
Thank you so much.
And look, we're tough creatures.
They don't want to hit us with one thing that kills us outright, usually.
They hit us with a bunch of stuff.
That's why it's so important
That you support the broadcast.
Our most important work is at hand.
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And then you simply put the poison tap water with the fluoride and the bisphenol A and the atrazine and all of it.
Thousands of chemicals in the average water.
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The lakes are even worse.
Filter your water.
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We also have Vitamin Mineral Fusion back in stock.
Alright, a couple big announcements here.
A couple big things to talk about.
We knew this was coming.
Look, I don't like Hunter.
I don't like Biden.
They're probably going to kill Biden and blame it on us.
I mean, that's definitely in the plan.
But you knew this was coming.
A special counsel now, because the Justice Department won't indict him and won't do anything, and so they want to make it a political event into the future, and then he'll do some plea bargain and get probation two years from now.
Hunter Biden prosecutor and now special counsel A.G.
Garland announces, because it's so transparent, they're prosecuting Trump for nothing while protecting this crackhead, pedophile, communist, Chinese, Russian agent.
Remember, everything they say about us, yeah, Trump's a Russian agent, he's got monkeys flying out of his rear end, and so am I. I'm a Chinese jet pilot on the weekend, too.
You could put a gun to my head.
The US government could put a gun to my head and say, do what we say or we'll kill you.
I mean, everybody, like, gut level.
Alex Jones a Russian agent?
No, no, no, you know that.
You know you're not a Russian agent.
It's ridiculous.
Now, I'm not trying to attack people, as I like a lot of the folks out there that are saying this, but it's just not true.
People are saying that laser beams are causing the fires with the high winds in Maui that have killed 55 people at least.
Hellish images.
I've been to that area of Maui.
It's devastated.
So it's not happening because of a tsunami or an earthquake or a volcano.
It's happening because of fires and high winds.
And high winds is what causes fires to get big.
Now, am I saying space lasers can't start fires?
They have stuff like that.
And if you get a super clear day, a laser could fire from space and could start a fire.
But the energy they need, they need to be nuclear reactor satellites.
And that's been done.
It's super secret.
There's not many of them up there.
It's very dangerous.
The solar arrays, the average one has
Do not have the power to energize these to do this.
Plus, if there's any atmosphere, any clouds, the laser doesn't shoot through it, like trying to shoot a flashlight through a cloud.
It just, it stops it.
The cloud lights up, but the light doesn't go through it.
Now, that said, I do believe this is 100% staged.
Remember the 2020 election in Oregon, in Washington, California, other areas, there were hundreds of fires a day.
Sometimes started at the same time.
Just happened the last few months in Eastern Canada, but also all over Canada, but Eastern Canada was the worst.
And they would bust Antifa, the police would catch them setting fires.
And leftist environmentalists all over, they wait till the winds get higher.
They go out with gasoline behind a fire breaks, because you know, they don't put it the direction of where the wind's blowing towards the road.
They put it on the backside where they've got a big clear group of grass and scrub and trees.
And so you got 50 mile an hour winds, dry conditions, you pour gasoline, hate to tell folks how to do this, but any, you know, these arsonists know how, and then the wind does the rest for it.
It's kind of like an old bellows and a blacksmith.
We got this big system that you pump to shoot air into the coals to make it white hot so you can get steel, malleable and build a sword or build horseshoes, whatever you just want to do.
So they don't need space lasers.
But I've looked at the fires and how they popped up in dozens of locations within a few hours a few days ago.
And you can bet my bottom dollar, I'd give it a 98% chance environmentalists are torturing that sucker.
There's big globalist moves to get rid of the poor people, the regular houses, the businesses that were there, and that prime real estate.
You wipe all that out, and then you can build whatever you want on it.
But people say, oh look, a tree's still standing where all these cars are burned.
If you got a tree full of water and full of foliage, and fire sweeps through, it burns the leaves off, but it doesn't burn the trunk.
But cars have rubber tires that light on fire and they burn down.
In fact, that very place that just was incinerated there in Maui, I was there four years ago.
And I get there to do whale watching in February.
We were only there for a week, my wife and I. And there's helicopters and boats everywhere.
And they go, listen.
The whale watching crew, they were marine biologists, you know, that do that as their side job.
They go, we've never seen anything like this.
I've got it on an iPhone somewhere.
They said, this is the most incredible thing ever.
We have this particular species of whale that's mating.
I forget which one it is.
It's the gray whale or whatever.
We were out there for only a three-hour trip.
The sea was almost completely calm, crystal clear.
And there were giant whales.
The female of that species races and runs.
And sometimes for days the males chase them.
So the males don't even eat for months coming down from Alaska.
They get there.
There's no plankton there for them.
But they're there to breed.
And the male whales were going under our boat.
You're not supposed to get close to them, or they come by you, you can't stop them.
Huge whales going under our boat.
50 yards away, they rise, and like a semi-truck going 30 miles an hour, this whale hits the other male whale, and blood sprays everywhere, ripping the flesh off of him.
It happened so close once, blood hit me in the face.
You say, why did you show that footage?
I don't know why I didn't come back.
I was there when I got married seven years ago in Kona, and the guy was illiterate.
He goes, we're not supposed to fly right over the volcano, but it's active.
It was erupting then.
He goes, I'm going to fly you in it.
We go over it, and there's a lot of them, like 100 yards below us.
I go, oh, I've seen enough.
We can go now.
Magic place, man.
If you look at the area that's over 100 years old of houses, it's a lot of little houses, little businesses, little people in the town that burned down.
And yeah, I think the left set the fires.
I think that the space laser thing, it's not how they work, folks.
Let me explain something to everybody.
They don't like space lasers.
Because a laser is pure light and bounces off things very easily.
You can have a glass surface, say, on a spaceship, and if you shoot it with a laser, most of the energy is going to bounce off.
What they have is cyclotronic particle beams in space that cycle up in a cyclotron, a small superconducting supercollider, and then they fire particles at something, and that fries their systems and makes them explode.
Well, you shoot particle beams in a tree, though, it doesn't do anything.
So they got particle accelerators in space.
This whole space laser thing that's just ongoing is just not under physics feasible.
I mean, even on the aircraft carriers and destroyers they've got, and they've got some jumbo jets that the whole plane is basically, the whole guts of the plane is a chemical laser.
And they could shoot out, you know, 20, 30 miles and zap a missile, zap a plane, but it takes an entire jumbo jet.
With a laser in its nose to fry those missiles.
Well, you try putting loads like that in space, it's very expensive.
So, that's the expertise on that.
I'm going to go on a break, come back with your calls.
Stu, Kendall, Tim, Todd, and then we'll hand the baton to the mighty Jay Dyer, who I just did an interview with, Sammy the Bull Gervano.
It's going to air, I guess, next week with him.
That was amazing.
We love Jay Dyer.
He is coming up.
Please, whatever you do, share the article, share the video, share the links.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
You know who you are, taking the clips out.
You know who you are, spreading the links.
You're doing an incredible job.
It's the viewers supporting us and taking clips to share them is 90% of our success.
Keep it up.
You don't know how critical you are.
I salute you and I humbly thank you.
Hi Alex.
You were talking about power structure taking down the opposition and all that and you were really hammering it with the
Hi Alex.
The shot, and it's kind of really, I think it's all linked, but you've got the physical takedowns with J6 and what happened, what's happening there, and then the chemical.
But you know, there's 1,100 people who've been charged, and they've got to list a whole bunch more along.
I got two questions, but I kind of want to start with this first one.
When they take down Trump here, Smith comes at him, and Kelly, Julie Kelly says he's going to get, he's going to get seditioned on J6, charged to him.
And now it makes sense because I see these polls now, you know, 60% of Iowa Republicans say, oh, Trump should still run from Prince.
So she says they're going to charge him with sedition for J6, which means more than likely, and that judge is going out of her mind.
I think she's threatening Trump now with his free speech is limited and it's scoped
And what's going to happen when they throw him in jail?
What do you think happens?
I think it makes it even more popular.
I think the Supreme Court intervenes at that time.
Or we officially have a dictatorship of Merrick Garland and the Justice Department.
They have to.
The Justice Department has to know that the public completely hates them now.
That they're a complete joke.
I mean, let me tell you, they've been off more than they can chew.
I mean, this is like, you weigh 100 pounds and can hardly walk, and you start a fight with Mike Tyson in 1989.
I mean, you know, I mean, in 1989, Muhammad Ali and his prime couldn't beat Mike Tyson.
I mean, they're like literally...
Getting in a tiger cage and punching a tiger in the nose, it's insane.
And I don't like them.
I don't care about them.
They have no value to me.
I don't want a war with them.
I don't want to kill them.
I don't want them to kill me.
It's like dog manure.
You just throw it in a trash can.
It has no value.
It has a negative value.
But at the same time, you know, they're doing what they're doing, and so they're just idiots.
They're total scum.
And that leads to my second question, because you just said it.
So, gentlemen in Utah, Greg Robertson, okay?
I want to ask you this, and I want to ask your opinion on something.
So, you know, he would never, he'd still be above grass.
The guy said whatever he said, but he's 70-some years old.
I get it.
He can barely walk.
It's a 300-pound man with a cane taking care of his disabled son, and they went in there to make an example of him and shot him right in the heart.
And you know who turned him in?
This is what I'm going to, Groot Social, whatever you call that, that division that
Listen, I'm sad the guy died.
One time I got sent a letter like 20 years ago when George W. Bush was president and it said,
Bush is coming to Nashville or Knoxville or whatever it was in Tennessee next week.
I've got guns, I'm gonna kill him, and I'm gonna go murder him.
And I thought it was a setup, some leftist, because he called the show a bunch, he sent emails, and he sent a letter showing the map and how he was gonna kill Bush.
Now, I didn't like Bush, but I thought it was a setup.
I called the Secret Service, it was in the newspaper, they raided him, he was planning to kill the president.
Now this old guy was just shooting his mouth off.
They'd come to his house.
He said, I said, it's my dream that I would do this.
I'm not serious.
So they've been to his house before.
Now, he was playing with fire.
He shouldn't have done it.
But yeah, they could have picked the old guy up when he went to the grocery store or something.
They wanted to make an example.
Shame on them.
But folks, don't shoot your mouth off about killing people.
Plus, the last thing we want is somebody to blow Biden's ugly head off, man.
He'll turn him into a victim.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I just think this wasn't the guy.
Because they, like you said, they already checked him out.
They saw him.
I mean, he's, I'm not... They love it.
Look, look, look, look, look, look, look.
It's like the Oregon standoff where they just shot the guy in the car for no reason.
They got some mental patients in the military.
The FBI hires them.
They're not all bad, but I mean, because I'm going to lie, they were all bad.
A lot of them aren't.
They blow the whistle.
But all I know is...
They gotta feel real good looking at that old fat man they shot right in the heart.
Good guys.
Good job guys.
You're real men.
Let me tell you.
The thought-provoking, always informative, Jay Dyer.
Set to take over in mere minutes, but I promise to hear your calls.
So we're doing it right now.
Todd in the Great North, Alaska.
You're on the air.
Hey buddy.
I've been a long time listener.
I was listening to your program the other day with Chris Sky and you guys were talking about the simian virus number 40 that was discovered in the polio vaccine back when Dr. Salk and Dr. Clay... And that is now in the COVID shots.
Yes, I believe that they added it to the COVID shots, as you guys said, but that stuff was discovered
And in a book, there's a book, it's called The Virus and the Vaccine.
You can get it on Amazon for about $20.
And with my current and longstanding distrust of the pharmaceutical industry, because of course, we already know that the Rockefellers started all the pharmaceuticals and the poisons.
They're all based with petrochemicals.
So, I mean, you want to step that in your body.
Of course, it's your choice as an American.
You're free to do so, but at least get educated about it.
I recommend that book to anybody.
It will give you a valid argument about why you should not be taking vaccines.
And because if we don't help wake people up soon, there ain't gonna be people left.
You know, I hate to say that, but there ain't gonna be people left.
We're going to get genetically modified by all these poisons and all these shots, the allergies and all the rest of it that is just coming out.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
No it is, but let me back you up.
It's not just in the polio vaccine my grandmother was given that died five years ago at 92, that her doctor told her she was given polio by the shot, and AP and Reuters reporting the number one cause of polio worldwide is Bill Gates' U.N.
Here is the Epoch Times with the director, with the studies, with the U.S.
government's monkey virus DNA found in COVID-19 shots, SV40.
And then here's Google saying it's not true, aiding and abetting the murder.
So they know exactly what they're doing.
Yes, they do.
They discovered that polio, that SB40 back in the development of the polio vaccines.
The NIH covered it up then.
The NIH has covered stuff up now.
They're continuing to do so.
And eventually, we're going to have to make sure that these people cannot cover anything else up.
Because again, like I said, they're killing it!
Absolutely, they're murdering us, they're testing it, getting away with it, it's depopulation, it's their plan.
Thank you so much, sir.
Tim in California, you're on the air.
I got this headline from truthout.org and also it went to ProPublica and later The Guardian.
The EPA, you know, the Environmental Protection Agency, they approved a fuel ingredient nearly guaranteed to cause cancer over a lifetime for everybody on Earth.
This is how bad it is.
They say it's a million times higher than what the agency usually considers an acceptable risk for new chemicals, and it's actually six times worse than the risk of lung cancer from a lifetime.
What's the chemical?
They're burning waste plastic.
You can get it from a report.
Oh, you're talking about dioxin.
Well, it's the EPA releases report on 10, 17, and 22.
No, no, they legalized, what, years ago, burning dioxin.
Yeah, you're right.
Chevron's waste plastic fuels.
We have only 6% of our plastic being recycled, so they're just going to burn it.
That's right.
So the average, I meant to cover this, the average goody two-shoe recycles all of it, not knowing they're going to burn it and put docks in.
There it is.
EPA approval of fuel ingredient, even though it could cause cancer in virtually every person exposed over a lifetime.
Absolutely, brother, it's sick.
And then they tell you the world's ending because they're deliberately ending it as we know it.
And they say the reason why is because it's part of the Biden-Harris administration's action to confront climate crisis.
And they admit this is $250,000 a time.
Yeah, gotta burn plastic.
That'll save the Earth putting it into the atmosphere.
I mean, you're totally right, brother.
It is.
They are murdering us.
And these idiots, Jill Biden, Joe Biden, they're all breathing it too.
And they say, look, 7 in 100 people who eat the fish after they start doing this,
It's 77,000 times the normal accepted risk for even what goes in the water from this burning of this... I agree.
They've gone full tilt, boogie, bum rush to turn the earth into a toxic hellhole.
I'm glad you raised that.
I meant to cover that.
They are... They have gone crazy.
That's what I'm saying.
They admit that, look, out of 100 people that eat fish, 7 of them are expected to die, which is 77,000 times the normal accepted risk.
They admit to this.
They just break all the rules.
It used to be one out of a million.
We can your thing.
You can't have your new ingredients.
But they try to ban colloidal silver.
But now it's 1.3 to 1.
Not one in a million, 1.3 to 1.
In other words, every single person will get cancer they reasonably expect, and they're doing it anyways.
That's why I said they're working with aliens to kill everybody.
I mean, it's the only thing that makes sense.
It's like, thank you so much, Tim.
Great point.
Kendall in South Carolina will skip the break and let Jay Dyer take over.
Go ahead, Kendall.
Hey man, how you doing?
Man, I can't believe any of this stuff.
It seems like they're hitting us from every angle, man.
I started listening to y'all just a few months ago, really.
I don't know, it's really opened my eyes to a lot.
I always knew something wasn't right, and COVID really opened my eyes to that.
And you know, I feel like COVID was the alarm that woke me up from my sleep and then you're like the first show I watched that I feel like has told me the truth since anything and all of this has started.
And I just want to thank you for everything you do and everything all of y'all do.
I watch you and Harrison every day.
I'm getting off work when Owen comes on, so I don't watch as much of him, but
I mean, yeah, I want to thank y'all for what y'all do.
Y'all have great, great products.
I started out with X3 and it just, man, it's great.
I've tried TurboForce, BrainForce, the Real Red Pill Plus.
That's probably my favorite.
I started taking it and, man, it's insane how quick my muscles are growing.
It seems like I'm on steroids almost.
Well, you are on steroids.
Until the 70s, it was the number one thing prescribed for arthritis.
Your body produces the main ingredient is preglanone.
And with all the chemicals in the food and water, it blocks preglanone.
Even if you produce it, it blocks it.
So your body makes preglanone and then makes testosterone and everything else out of it.
So whatever the hormones are you're supposed to have, you're a male or female, preglanone is what all the bodybuilders take.
But it's not like
It's not like an anabolic steroid.
It's the precursor naturally to everything you need.
That's why Real Red Pill Plus works so well.
Thank you for the call.
All right.
Jay Dyer takes over right now.
Jay, great talking to you.
Thanks for letting me take part of your time.
We're going to skip the break.
That's right.
I told him to play that as Jay's intro.
Turn it up.
Jay's analysis, best-selling author, good friend of mine, great researcher.
We're going to skip this network break at the next one so he gets his time back.
But man, I hope they air it soon.
They said the next two weeks.
That Jimmy the Bull over Govano interview that we just did together was a powerful hour and a half, Jay Dyer.
Oh, it was wild.
It exceeded my expectations.
I wanted both you guys to get together and kind of cut loose, and you did.
You guys went nuts.
How did you get hooked up with that guy?
Going on Sean Atwood's podcast, he covers a lot of true crime stuff and I think Sammy and his people saw those interviews that we did about Vatican corruption, about the history of the mafia, organized crime, and the intelligence agencies, and so they reached out and said, hey, come on some of our interviews, and I said, yeah, I'd be glad to.
So they reached out and said, hey, we'd love to talk to Alex, so I put that out there.
Do you know when that airs?
They said a couple weeks from now.
Yeah, I think a couple weeks.
They usually edit their stuff for a couple weeks and then it goes up.
But yeah, I think you're going to have him on your show as well, right?
Yeah, please set it up or help me.
All right, Jay, take over.
Thanks for letting me have some of your time.
Have a great weekend.
Jay Dyer.
You too.
Thank you, guys.
So today I want to talk about a subject that we touched on a little bit in previous fourth hours of the Alex Jones Show, but we didn't really go deep with an expert guest.
So today I have my friend Tim Gordon.
Who's coming on?
I can't think of anybody better to cover this topic of religious engineering and why religious engineering and what we call institutional capture when it comes to the attempt of various power blocks, various NGOs, various think tanks.
We're good to go.
They also really promote feminism, and that's why Tim is great for all three of those topics.
He is the author of Rules for Retrogrades, Case for Patriarchy, and Don't Go to College.
So, Tim, let's start it off with the question of the corruption of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.
Not to single out the Vatican, certainly this corruption is rife within the Orthodox Church, the Protestant world as well.
But could you give us a breakdown of why Vigano and these different figures that are very well known, why have they written these critiques and warned about what's going on in the papacy?
Thanks for having me on today.
Certainly, Vigano is a holy man in the Catholic Church that's pointing out what this Vatican under Francis has undertaken since
Almost right off the bat in this pontificate, really the second summer he was Pope, a year and a half in summer of 2014, Jeffrey Sachs, who you guys all know well, and Ban Ki-moon of the UN spent much of the summer at the Vatican helping him to write his document on like
Environmentalism and conservationism called Laudato Si, which lends to the population control agenda.
That was summer of 2014.
There's also been Vatican collusion in a similar direction with the WEF at Davos over the last four years.
It's all population control in the name of environmentalism there at Davos, WEF.
We've been thoroughgoing Vatican collusion with China, CCP China, and even the kind of, I don't know, ratification of fake CCP sponsored bishops that the Catholic Church, Catholic pontiff, should never cede over to an extrinsic force, particularly one so hostile to the Church as the Communists.
Remember, even a little bit further back, there were the emails that were dumped on WikiLeaks.
This is going back to, you know, a week before the 2016 Trump election.
And of course, it's like the third, third and a half year of the Francis Pontificate when guys like Podesta,
We're saying that there's going to be a Catholic spring, heavily insinuating a kind of collusion between the Obama-Clinton axis of America and the new Vatican, which is Pope Francis.
And this is all culminating this fall with a synod, my church, the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, in October, which really seems to be nothing other than preparation for
Agenda 2030's realization.
And that has all kinds of insinuations for your second and your third theme today, Jay, which is new world religion and feminist matriarchy taking over everything.
They're all kind of the same topic.
Yeah, and for those that are maybe not familiar with the Orthodox view, we have a similar situation with what we call the Ecumenical Patriarchate, who's kind of the first amongst the bishops in the Orthodox Church in terms of honor and historical privilege.
And the Ecumenical Patriarchate is also on board with all the exact same things that Tim is talking about with the push for inclusive capitalism, the push for environmentalism.
I think Bartholomew even penned a book that was promoted by Al Gore and Bill Clinton on the
You know, UN Agenda 2030 style austerity population control agenda, even though they might not openly say they support population control.
If you're supporting, you know, the Lynn Rothschild agenda of inclusive capitalism and the World Economic Forum Davos set, then you are supporting, by extension, the population control agenda.
Because you can't divorce, you know, the UN, UNESCO from that.
In fact, UNESCO was set up
By Julian Huxley by design when he wrote the philosophy UNESCO for the purpose of rebranding depopulation as a kind of you know left as a cause of Helping the developing nations by reducing population and now that's been expanded beyond reducing population to the third world to the entire world and particularly the Western world and One of the key things they had to target was the Vatican and I think there's a long process of this one last thing I'll say on this before I throw back to you is
We all know about this in the Cold War with the way that the Soviets, for example, would replace bishops in Russia with KGB bishops.
So you have these kind of, you know, guys that were really just KGB kind of wearing cloaks and vestments pretending to be bishops.
And a lot of people knew that this was the case.
And I think people think, oh, well, that was the Cold War.
That happened back then.
And we're not in the Cold War anymore.
But it's not any different in the sense that you can have essentially
We're good to go.
The danger for Alex's audience here is to think the Orthodox Church
I think so.
They have bishops who stand directly in line of the apostles.
That's why they're being targeted, because they don't have the vetting powers that the NSA or the ONI or the FBI or the CIA have.
They don't.
So in Orthodox seminaries or Catholic seminaries, they're simply just taking people on their good word.
And sometime after the shadow of Winter Palace, 1917, sometime after the French Revolution,
The enemy here on earth realized that they could infiltrate, and this is a matter of geopolitics as much as it is a matter of concern for Christians like you or me.
We have, of course, several records of this.
You mentioned Bella Dodd, Jay.
I mean, Bella Dodd, after she was a Catholic Italian-American girl who fell away from the faith, fell in with Stalinist Russia, and was planting
Implanting evil guys in Catholic seminaries at the behest directly of Stalin.
She claims after she reverted to the faith at the behest of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, she admitted to having placed 1100 men in Catholic seminaries and she said a handful of them are in the highest places of the Vatican right now for some reason.
My chagrin, Archbishop Fulton, she didn't have her name names, but she did a tremendous amount of evil.
There's another account of this by a French-Canadian nun who tended to a guy who had been in a motorcycle accident called the Confessions of AA 1025 or sometimes SS 1025, where he had a dossier, which
More or less vindicated what Bella Dodd had said.
He, in other words, is presumably one of those 1,100 plants that Bella Dodd had made into North American Catholic priesthood.
And he was essentially an evil dude who is of the LGBT persuasion that would, from within, corrupt the doctrine and bend it in a feminist direction.
Bend it in a religiously syncretist direction.
That means all religions are the same.
Stuff you hear from stoners every day in bad movies.
And bend it in a one world government direction.
And there's a kind of, it's not a trifurcation there.
Those are the, those are three parts of the same attack.
So this plan had gone even, even further back into history, into the middle 19th century.
And we know it in terms of intercepted documents by the Popes in the middle 1800s.
One of the documents is called the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita.
Yeah, which is an attack by P2 Lodge, basically secret societies, highest secret society in Italy there, saying
We are going to take the next hundred years until about the middle 20th century.
And even though the soldier will die, the march will carry on.
We're going to corrupt Catholic doctrine, which had not been corrupted to that point.
It had never been touched.
For 1900 years, we're going to do it from within.
So whether you're talking Marxist, Mason, or some other term for it.
The same stuff was going on at the late 19th century, early 20th century.
And it's not just conspiracy theory, the way like goofball left cats will charge a far right wing Catholic of holding.
You have the writings of Popes like Leo XIII, turn of the century Popes, Leo XIII, Pius X, even one by Pius IX.
On a kind of modernist infiltration of the church, which will conduce to these precise three themes that you and I are talking about today.
And by the way, folks out there might not know what a papal encyclical is, Jay, but it's, as you know, a papal letter of usually warning to all of the faithful, all the bishops in the world, the most common topic, the mode,
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, and to back Tim's point up there, what he's talking about, there's actually a single book that actually covers this.
It's a great book called Poets Against the Modern Errors, and I'm citing this because it really shows what Tim's talking about isn't a conspiracy theory, but rather
Really, the Western Episcopal teaching for a long time until you begin to have these fissures where there's a really strong push, like you said, for a lot of Masonic ideas.
P2 is a great example because, as you guys know, here on The Fourth Hour and on my channel, we've done a lot of deep dives into the history of the P2 Lodge and their connection eventually to elements within the CIA, particularly Kissingers, who found
Peter to be a formative way to not just control the government of Italy, but to actually set up the Gladio network, which we've covered when we lectured to the Paul Williams Gladio text.
He's a Catholic professor who is a little more on the left side of things.
But what we found interesting when we dove into that was that his overall thesis also ties into a pro CIA right wing Catholic narrative that we got from John Koehler.
Who's kind of authoritative when it comes to the history of the Stasi.
Both of those texts really point out that you have an infiltration of the religious world from the secret societies, Masonic networks, allied with certain elements of the CIA.
And I don't want to be too overly broad because, you know, if you have British intelligence or the CIA in the Cold War, certainly there were a lot of right-wing elements within those structures that wanted to promote Catholicism, wanted to promote genuinely conservative ideas.
But the problem is that the real power in my
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were just talking about religious infiltration and how intelligence agencies, governments, secret societies have attempted, at least for the last few centuries, you go back to the ancient world as well, to try to control the church, to try to control what would be preached from the various religious organizations, to steer them in the direction of what the state wants.
You know, there's an old movie that I think of
Called Beckett and it's about the history of Thomas Beckett in England and in that in that movie Peter O'Toole Plays the evil king who puts his drinking buddy in as the Archbishop of Canterbury To try to control the church, and this is a big problem in the in the West and the East as well It's known as the investiture controversy in the East you have the history of this with various emperors trying to control and change the theology of the church and
So this is nothing new and if we get to the modern period, if you think about the British Empire, a lot of people don't know or they may have forgotten that the British Empire controlled through basic ideas like divide and conquer.
There's a great book called Secret Affairs written by a Royal Society researcher.
So this is somebody from high level in the establishment and he's just really tracing the history of the British Empire's usage of radical Islam.
And so one of the ways that people try to control is through controlled opposition, and that can include religious groups, especially if they're really radical.
So the British Empire would use these radical Muslims to really divide and conquer in the Arab world so that they could control the Arab world.
That was one of the jobs that, for example, Kim Philby Sr.
had, or
That's right.
And I've been lecturing on Mockingbird recently.
Operation Mockingbird included C.D.
Jackson as well as a lot of Hollywood people.
So, you know, what we were talking about there was the Cold War stuff.
And really what I was trying to get to was just that power structure that was really in the background of the Cold War that really liked a lot of elements of Fabian socialism.
They didn't really like Sovietism, but they liked socialism and slow kill, slow communism known as Fabian socialism.
And you can see that actually with the Rockefellers.
In their authorized biography, there's a whole chapter on their funding of two different things that we're going to talk about now.
The first of which is a new world religion.
The Rockefellers put tons of money into the ecumenist movement from its earliest days, millions of dollars, to create the National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, with the explicit goal of bending and turning Christianity
To a new kind of Christianity that melds more in a syncretistic way, like Tim said, with an emerging world religion that they will control.
Without a doubt.
The evidence is plenary.
I think you're second to none in terms of being voiced.
It shows it's absolutely real.
There are a lot of people online that assert the conclusion baldly.
What I've always respected about you, Jay, you bring the receipts.
I mean, look, if someone out there, whether they're a Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic, Christian, is still scratching their head skeptically,
Consider the Abu Dhabi statement signed in 2019 by Francis and other world religious leaders.
To me, this is the ultimate source document.
The main paragraph here, that's now famous, infamous is, it reads as such, the pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race, and language are willed by God in his wisdom through which he created human beings.
Now, it was a slight of hand because, of course, we're used to liberalism by now, 150, 200 years, shoving down our throats the diversity of all these other categories.
And they're not nearly so offensive, irrespective of what your real view on it is.
They're not nearly so dangerous.
As diversity of religions, particularly when you're saying that the diversity of religions, meaning true faith, one true faith, irrespective of what you think it is, and all the false faiths are willed together by God.
And there's an important distinction here.
Not just willed by God in what we call his permissive will, those wicked things which he will suffer, which he will allow because of the free will of human beings, but specifically in his wise will, or willed by God in his wisdom.
So this is to say in his proper will, his wise will.
This cannot be
There are a couple of bishops, you mentioned Beganow, in the Catholic Church.
There's also our Archbishop Athanasius Schneider, who's aptly named, one of the other heroes in the Catholic Church, who rushed to point out that this cannot happen.
God might allow the diversity of religion, which just means error.
It just means errant religion to coexist alongside true religion.
He might allow it to exist in what we call his permissive will.
That's a kind of equivocal name for it, but not in his wise will in terms of what Providence actually designed and hopes for if human beings make the right decision.
This is proof.
You can cite book after book after book of good stuff and you always bring the receipts, but this is a record, as we would say in the law.
The Abu Dhabi statement is ground zero for proving the case to skeptics.
Yeah, great example, and that's actually the basis for the multi-faith center that they built in Abu Dhabi, which is this idea that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can have a kind of a chapel, a triad chapel of evil, as if they all believe the same thing.
And even though there might be a tacit recognition that there's differences, the idea here is, well, let's ignore all of the really
Significant differences like Jesus, right?
And let's just pretend that we kind of all have the same idea.
And, you know, this is a manifestation of what I would say is the same power structures planned from a long time ago.
Let me give an example.
The very infamous H.G.
Wells, who was a high-level Freemason by his own admission, who was an atheist,
At least in public perception.
But he wrote a lesser-known book that I have an old copy.
It's a 1917 copy of his book, God the Invisible King.
And a lot of people think, well, he had to be some kind of, you know, scientism, soy man, atheist.
No, actually, if you look at what he says, if you go to page 101, he says that our God is actually Prometheus or Lucifer.
And people don't know that he was actually a pre-60s counterculture New Ager.
In that book, and in other books, he says, we're going to have to have a New Age religion.
And his other cohort in Fabian Socialism was a woman named Helena P. Blavatsky.
And she was a Theosophist.
And what's interesting is that both of these characters, whether it's H.G.
Wells or Blavatsky, they were close to a group of people known as the Milner Circles.
And they were both Fabian Socialists.
And they both pushed the idea of a New Age religion.
In fact, I think, I'm pretty sure Blavatsky cites various Masonic authors to say that we will have to create a New Age religion.
To go along with the global world federalist government.
So this is not a new plan.
It didn't come out with a bunch of boomers in the 1960s smoking weed and saying, yeah, we just have like one religion or whatever.
No, no, this is an old socially engineered plan by the wealthiest people in the West to have a religion that they control.
And, you know, like Tim said, it's like it's explicitly there.
Tim, we got about 30 seconds here.
What do you think about that?
Well, I think for the folks out there who are... level of religiosity, what they need to consider is why would the evil elitists who run everything really do this?
Here's why.
Because the drive to know supernaturally, or at least to worship supernaturally, what we call organized religion, is a natural drive.
It's a natural drive.
And they know that even if they push
Reductionist materialism.
There will always be that supernatural drive, so they're going to cull it and steer it the way they want.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show!
We brought back with feminism.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and I want to remind you guys that look for that Sammy the Bull Gravano interview that we did with Alex, and I was honored to be a fly on the wall to listen to that wild conversation.
That'll be coming out in a couple weeks.
And I want to remind you guys, too, that if you go to my channel, you'll see some links to Jamie Kennedy, the comedian from Scream.
From Malibu's Most Wanted.
You know, we did a live show together in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, and Jamie had us on his podcast, and it's over on his channel, the Jamie Kennedy channel on YouTube.
So, it's a really wild, funny talk, and a lot of people in Hollywood are getting red-pilled.
So, go and check that out over on Jamie Kennedy's channel.
Today, my guest is, as you guys know, Tim Gordon of Rules for Retrogrades.
Rules for Retrogrades!
I can't say they're ours today, but
Tim's got awesome books over there and we're going to transition into the next segment which is actually ties into what we're talking about with religious manipulation and the new age world religion and so forth.
Tim's kind of one of the pioneers out there writing about the resurgence of patriarchy and although Tim has some great books he doesn't have a book
With himself on the cover with a marshmallow gun like Kurt Russell in Escape from New York.
So you can get my book over at Jay's Analysis Essays on Theology and Philosophy as well as my two Hollywood books.
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You can get Tim's books by going over to Rules for Retrogrades.
Tim, look, I'm listening to this.
I'm in the audience.
I hear you guys talking about religious institutional subversion and then I hear you talking about New World Religion.
What in the world does that have to do with feminism and patriarchy?
How does that connect?
Literally everything.
Christian masculinism is the true patriarchy, the true red pill for that matter.
And it's literally, even for our Protestant brethren at the family reunion, the patriarchy means Christianity.
Orthodox and Catholic, no, it's a bifurcated patriarchy.
There's a clerical route, priests and bishops, and a laity, a lay route, most of us who have wives and families.
But the point is this, Jay, the entire attack that these evil guys have been leveling on the church's center around what for us is the original sin, supplanting men with women.
That's the original sin, Adam and Eve.
Everyone out there, think about this.
How fundamental feminism is to the heart of all the isms, all the evil things that have ever killed human beings on planet Earth, in body and in soul.
It's feminism.
When Adam stood down, Eve stood up, right?
And say, John Chrysostom says, well,
Sorry, ladies, but a woman was tricked by a beast.
Adam then got sort of counter-tricked by a woman, but she's close to his equal.
But a woman was tricked by a beast.
That's how the serpent knew to go after the woman.
So this is my book, The Case for Patriarchy, where we outline that all of this collective psyoping of the West in what I call third wave gender dysphoria, you know, transforming
That's not the real game.
And neither was second wave gender dysphoria, which is, you know, the L and the G and the B. The original gender dysphoria is the attack on Christian masculinism by the feminists, which took place really in the mid 1800s.
1848 is when there's something called the Seneca Falls Convention in upstate New York, where Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other Satanists like that, first wave feminists.
I learned that from you and Rachel.
First wave feminists got together and they outlined real feminism line by line.
It's the same year that Marx and Engels did their thing, of course.
But let's back it up a second.
First wave feminism, second wave feminism, third wave, it's a distinction without a difference.
If you look at the lines of the Seneca Falls Convention memorialized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in this document called Declaration of Sentiments,
It's just recognizable 2023 feminism.
They want women in the clergy.
They want women, most of all, away from children, because that's really how they take control of this, which is a huge part of the global elites you're talking about in the 1930s, 40s, 50s.
They want women away from men, they want a war of sexes, and they want women in the workplace specifically, not just out of the home, but out of the home, in the workplace.
Then the state will run the kids, like Book 5,
The Republic says, but dig this before I finish.
When you trick a group of people that women can act like men and men can act like women, that's the original sin of Adam and Eve.
Then it's not such a big claim to say, well, women and men can act like one another in the bedroom, which is
The L and the G and the B. And conceptually then, it's not such a leap to go to the third iteration of gender dysphoria, which is, all right, if a dude puts on a dress because he can act like it, then he can identify as a woman, ontologically.
And guess what?
Here's the real game.
I convinced my friend Michael Knowles of this and Matt Walsh over at the Daily Wire.
The most destructive one by 10 to the power of three,
Is the original.
Feminism, right?
That's what influenced all of us root and branch.
We were all raised in the matrix of the matriarchy.
And it was filtered through our churches.
Vatican II verifies this.
Through the 20th century, through our governments.
And we're not really that influenced guys like you and I by
L or G or B or T. Are we J?
But everyone I knew, even the half of my friends who didn't come from a divorced household, it was their mom running the household.
And that's what messed everyone up.
That's what allows evil to prevail in the world.
And that's what was the original sin.
I'm taking a broad view.
What do you say?
Yeah, I agree, and to bring it up to the 20th century in terms of power groups, power elites, there's a lot of admissions of this as well.
That same authorized biography that I mentioned, The Rockefellers by Collier and Horowitz, there's a whole chapter not just on the creation of a new world religion and the ecumenist movement, but there's a separate chapter that deals with the funding of feminism, particularly third-wave feminism.
I think so.
Also, radical egalitarian feminists.
And then to bring it up to the present day in terms of some of the mouthpieces of this, one of the psychonauts, Terrence McKenna himself, who worships the mushroom.
Why, he talked to the mushroom and the mushroom told him.
That the religion of the future will be the goddess to return.
Literally, there's a whole chapter in Food of the Gods about the goddess being the religion of the future.
And we see a lot of these psychonaut guys as well, just as another example, pushing this in the counterculture, the Aquarian Conspiracy, which is actually not a conspiracy text for those that don't know.
It's a Tavistock-created text by Marilyn Ferguson about how the world is going to change post-60s counterculture through the corporate world.
And the educational system adopting feminism.
The book is about feminine attitudes being adopted across the social sphere, corporate world, legal world.
Tim, you can probably speak to that.
So would you say that this has basically taken over the institutions beyond the religious world as well?
Of course.
I mean, the religious takeover was actually last.
We have more of a doctrinal starch blocking.
Yeah, I think.
And yeah, it's sports of all things.
Yeah, I mean, I like sports.
A lot of my fans and my viewers don't.
They don't like the sports ball, but I do watch it.
I do care about it.
And if you don't care about it, you still ought to be able to care about this.
It occupies a major section, lobbying section, special interest section in Agenda 2030.
Why would that be?
Isn't Agenda 2030 about ecology or some nonsense?
It's a major section.
It's culture war.
They need women in sports.
I have taken a shellacking so many times during an MMA fight or sometimes during the Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder trilogy fights where they're putting women on the undercards.
Why are they pushing this so hard?
Why are they pushing the WNBA so hard even though 27 seasons it's never been in the black?
Why are they pushing it?
It doesn't work.
These are businessmen, right?
It's really important.
Because there's something called the Female Athlete Triad.
It meant women are getting so much testosterone that they stop having their periods.
Women are getting so much testosterone that something like 98% of the WNBA is purportedly L. And this is important because it not only propagates the culture wars, but it does so in a particular way where the family
...is going to be exploded, imploded from outside pressure.
Why would that be the agenda?
That's the end.
Rules for Retrogrades is the channel, the site, and check out Tim's books.
Love to have you back on, Tim.
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