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Name: 20230810_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 10, 2023
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show on InfoWars, topics covered include free speech, red meat allergies, transgender issues, vaccine dangers, fluoride in water, and election year concerns. They emphasize the importance of supporting Infowars by sharing content and purchasing products from their store as they fight for truth and freedom. Alternative platforms are promoted due to censorship on major ones, and they discuss Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter. Other topics include individualism, misuse of psychiatric drugs, the role of the Bible in understanding current events, AI deepfakes, censorship, sanctification, and the historical resurrection of Jesus Christ. They also promote Infowars' sale of storable food, water filters, CBD products, donations to support their cause, and a limited-time offer on colloidal silver.

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Tomorrow's news.
When castles towered over vast landscapes and knights championed honor and valor, there came an unforeseen darkness.
Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
In his most desperate hour in the battle against evil,
A radiant light descended from the heavens.
God, in all his glory and his legion of angels, stood by Alex's side.
The battle raged on, but with every blow, Alex Jones' conviction grew stronger.
With every truth he proclaimed, the demonic forces faltered.
When the enemy was vanquished, Alex Jones swore a solemn oath that should the realm need him again, he would return.
And now it's Alex Jones.
That's down to people like you.
Do you think, since you spend a lot of your life thinking about communications, the media, social media,
Where are we in five years?
Is speech restored to the average person, or is there less speech?
I would say, without trying to kiss your ass, because I'm not an ass kisser, that's down to people like you, fighting the good fight.
Depends on the American political climate, which obviously you have a lot of sway over, and America is the king of the world, whether anyone likes it or not.
I believe it's the negative ideas from England and America that have certainly made this happen to me.
Also, my case is important for countries in Eastern Europe.
Obviously, Romania is a big ally of the United States, has been for a very long time.
They have a very good relationship with the United States.
If Romania are happy to, if important people in Romania, who I know, speak highly of me, stand up and say, we're not going to publicly crucify this guy because
America doesn't like it, or because England doesn't like it.
I believe this is a very good moment for Eastern European countries as well, NATO allies, to say, look, we don't have to do everything you say.
We don't have to follow this insane agenda of accusing people you don't like with imaginary crimes and throwing them in jail.
This could be a victory for Romania.
The work you're doing could be a victory for the United States.
England's lost, so forget England.
There's no free speech.
That's over.
Yeah, so it all depends on what shifts happen.
Who wins the next elections?
How effective cancellations are?
You have people like, you know, Rumble, Elon fighting against this silencing of every idea that's counter-intuitive to the agenda of the Deep State, or the Matrix as my brother calls them.
So I don't know, but it's a very interesting time to be alive.
I would like the optimist in me would like to think there's finally enough pushback.
So let's take Alex Jones.
You don't have to agree with everything Alex Jones says.
I like Alex Jones.
But I don't agree with everything Alex Jones says.
And you don't have to.
But Bill Maher, famously, in credit to him, said when Alex Jones got banned, he said, you shouldn't be banning me.
He said, I hate Alex Jones, but Alex Jones should be allowed to talk.
Everyone should be allowed to talk in the town square.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
I feel like when they got Alex Jones, there was no safety net.
He is a warrior, and he continued fighting, and now he's back in the mainstream.
Good for him.
But he was renegaded to his own site with his own servers, streaming every day to small audiences after they asked him off YouTube.
No one defended him.
No one.
I was on vacation that day.
I was fishing out of the country.
The company that I worked for, which is supposedly in favor of free speech, said not one word in his defense.
And it's like, first they came for Alex Jones, right?
It's the old adage.
So now there is a, I don't want to call it counterculture, but if you cancel people, look, they canceled Andrew.
How successful was that?
He's sitting here with you today.
He's bigger than ever.
His voice is louder than ever.
Now, thanks to people like Alex Jones, who took the initial brunt of the weapon, the cancellation weapon, now there are lots of different platforms, lots of different apps, lots of different applications.
Mulan's taken over Twitter, which was a mainstream app, which censored people very heavily.
Um, the pushback has started.
So the optimist in me would like to look at the trend line and say things are getting better as compared to when they cancelled Alex six, seven years ago.
It does feel that way.
Yeah, it does feel that way.
So I'm going to be hopeful for the future.
President being assassinated for standing up to evil.
Candidate for president who was leading in the polls.
Ecuadorian candidate for president.
I am so angry right now over a lot of different issues and developments that I am unable to do the show.
So I'm going to have to air some special reports for a while and get myself together here.
Because if I blow up like I used to, you see that less and less on air.
It used to be a commonplace thing.
It was very entertaining for folks, but it was very real.
I would then be exhausted later today and I have too much work to do.
I'll be working until at least six or seven tonight on very important projects.
So I cannot afford to start screaming and yelling right now on air like I want to.
And my voice can't handle it.
So I am in a controlled rage right now.
Because just we are under total attack and these people are
Psychotic psychotics.
They are absolute wicked devils.
And it is just unspeakable what they are doing to us.
Now I want to play you a clip of this doctor.
Medical doctor.
And all he's doing is reading from mouse studies
The University of Texas did, we covered three years ago, where all the mice died at accelerated death, and the average was two months.
Some lived six months, but they all had their life expectancies cut in about half when they gave them an mRNA cold virus
So-called vaccine.
So I get up about 6 a.m.
this morning and I'm doing some research and I see this doctor talking about it and it reminded me of that and it made me mad because I remember covering it at nauseam but there's so much evil that even when you're on the front lines of the fight you compartmentalize it so you don't go crazy.
And then I saw all these headlines
Out of ABC News, CBS News, all of them, making the big announcement we told you was about to happen.
Oh, suddenly, millions of people around the world, including 450 plus thousand in the US, suddenly have been bitten by a tick, even though they didn't find a tick, even though a tick didn't bite them.
And they have the alpha-gal syndrome, where they can't eat beef and other meats anymore, particularly red meat.
Now, I have the CDC and FDA documents where they admit it's in the shot, so they're doing it to us.
Just like in October of 2020, the CDC and the FDA put out a prediction sheet of what they believe the shot would do and the adverse reactions.
And what did it say?
It said Guillain-Barre heart attacks, myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, and dozens and dozens of other horrible things that happened because they knew exactly what they were doing because they tested on mice and monkeys and pigs and dogs.
So at that point I get a little bit more angry.
And then I just look at article after article where they're rolling out how they're slowly killing us and their social engineering and their conditioning mutating our bodies and sitting back and laughing and they think it's funny.
The globalists and the mad scientists that run it and their moronic minions
Aren't just cutting off our pipelines, or dissolving our borders, or human trafficking, or promoting pedophilia, or starting psychotic insane war with Russia.
They are bombarding us with radiation, bombarding us with electromagnetic radiation, bombarding us with chemtrails and geoengineering, aluminum dioxide, barium salts, and also radioactive isotopes.
They are bombarding us with biological and chemical weapons through the shots and the shedding, and they are just murdering people.
And the insurance actuaries show the death rate, not in the fear of COVID-2020, but as soon as those shots roll in in England,
In October, boom!
Straight up.
And in January in the U.S., boom!
Straight up.
And in January in Canada, boom!
Straight up.
In Australia, in January of 2021, boom!
Straight up.
I mean, they start those shots, baby, and the deaths go boom!
And they're just still going right up.
And it's all confirmed, and it's all there, and it's all peer-reviewed.
And the spontaneous abortions, and the miscarriages, and the blood clots, and the murder!
And then I sit there and watch leftists and minions of the system dropping dead left and right, too.
But they all got that demonic, dim glow to their eyes, and those weird soyboy smiles on their faces.
They're cultural, spiritual suicide bombers.
And it's not normal to get up here and just laugh about all this and, oh, look, Hunter Biden's in trouble.
Oh, look, people are on Biden's tail now.
Biden is a chew toy for conservatives and populists to think we're battling something when all he is is a storm wall.
All he is is a seawall to block us off from the New World Order on the other side.
So we scrabble and scrape and claw and every other show, including our website, I can't even control it.
It's just everywhere, nothing but Hunter Biden, nothing but Joe Biden, nothing but, and it's a total distraction.
Because he's meant to be there until they're ready to get rid of him, which is very soon.
It needs to be about the UN and the World Health Treaty taking over your body, and the 5G, and the fentanyl, and the human trafficking, and the GMO, and the nanotech they are battering ramming our bodies with.
I can sit here and show you Biden in a speech he gave yesterday, I watched it this morning, and it was all unintelligible hammered shit.
But he was put there to humiliate us.
He was put there to lower our expectations.
He was put there to drag us to the mud.
Look at that pathetic, mindless pedophile.
So that's just some of the news.
We're going to get to all of it.
Got the official UN plan for world law to screw six-year-olds and take them away from you and rape the living daylights out of them.
Says we're going to take your kids and have sex with them.
Can't make this up.
A declaration of pedophilic
Offensive against humanity.
And I got the inflation spikes and the housing costs exploding and the average American can't even survive.
We're under total attack!
And then I'm the weirdo because I've studied it and I'm aware of it and I don't like it.
And I'm trying to warn you.
But I'll tell you who's really crazy.
It's the globalists.
They're never going to get out of this.
So, I guess that's the consolation prize here.
They may be killing a whole lot of us and hurting a whole lot of us, but in the end, they lit a fire under humanity's ass that when a focused, diligent, intelligent, committed minority continues to spread the word and resist, we will take back over our systems and we will defeat these scumbags because God is with us.
Who can stand against us?
So, if your neighbor, hypothetically, one afternoon, when your child was playing in your front yard, say, jumping through your sprinkler, walked over to your child and punched him in the nose and broke their nose, I think most men would come out of their front door and beat the living hell out of that person.
And when the police arrived, you wouldn't go to jail, they'd pat you on the back and say you did the right thing.
But when the globalists assault you with a non-experimental shot, they told you it was experimental, they'd already experimented with it and knew exactly what it would do, causing a whole list of debilitating and lethal diseases.
Neurological, cardiovascular, attacking the fertility systems.
Reproductive systems.
We just sit here and we take it because it's such a big attack.
It's just hard to believe even though it's all around you.
So I saw a clip of Dr. Abdul Ali Mohammed explains the sudden death two-year mark.
And he gets it almost right from the studies we've covered probably 30 times here on air.
On average the mice died in two months.
They were all dead within six.
and a half months, I don't remember the exact date, but six plus months.
And mice normally live a lot longer than that.
And they die of blood clots, they die of strokes, their ovaries, their testicles got fried.
That's what it did.
So he's on a live discussion with people and they say, sir, how do we detoxify doctor from the experimental shot?
And he says, it's not experimental.
And that's a really good point he makes.
We call it experimental.
We were told it was experimental.
Then we're also told, oh, it was all tested and safe.
Remember when you first saw it rolled out three years ago, the pieces of paper that came with it, normally with any drug, whether it would be Ritalin, or whether it would be Valium, or whether it would be Doxycycline, or whether it would be heart medication for blood pressure, whatever the prescription drug is, it's got that sheet in it, where it was made, where it was studied, what the side effects were, it's like Bible paper, big old giant sheet, tiny words you got to read with a magnifying glass.
That was clear, that was open.
But they told you it's safe and effective, and it was tested.
The truth is, it was tested to be deadly.
But depending on your genetic makeup, and depending on how old you were, depending on how good a shape you were in, it had different effects on different people.
And remember, around half the people got saline all over the world, a unified program, and then 40% on average got a watered-down version that had some of the really bad stuff in it, the nanotech, the spike protein, all of it.
And then depending on the country, around 10%, some countries 4%, 6%.
There's government studies in Sweden.
Dr. Peter McCullough has talked about it here on air.
It's in the studies now.
To give them a really strong shot.
To give you a big old juicy dose of death.
And that's what Ernest Ramirez Jr.
It's called range finding.
So they can study and look at the different groups and also confuse people.
Well why didn't you die but I had a heart attack?
Or why didn't I die but my wife did?
That's happening.
So let it sink in and understand it's a normal thing to get upset about this.
I've had crew over the years say,
Man, you came into the show with almost no energy, and once you get on air you have all this energy.
Are you snorting cocaine during the breaks?
I hate stimulants other than coffee.
The answer is no.
And some of the products we have are great.
The Brain Force Plus, the Brain Force Ultra, but no.
I'm fired up because they're killing us.
I mean, if you could be sitting there after a long day's work at 6 o'clock in your, you know, kitchen looking out the back porch.
And if you saw a mountain lion, this has happened in Texas and California, jump the fence and try to eat your five-year-old that's playing on the jungle gym.
Doesn't matter whether you weigh 170 pounds or 250 pounds, most men or most women, and it's happened, are going to run out.
They've grabbed butcher knives, they've grabbed baseball bats, sometimes bare-handed, women will go out and jump on a 250-pound mountain lion and start beating the hell out of it, and it's happened in Big Bend, Texas, it's happened in Northern California, it's happened everywhere, and women will haul that lion off of their child!
Well, I'm here trying to hold this damn thing off my neck and off your neck.
I'm freaking pissed off, man!
People don't take this serious!
We get eased into taking being murdered and being attacked all day.
About a month ago, my daughter, at about 8 o'clock at night, was brushing her teeth, getting ready to go to bed, my six-year-old.
And she's in my wife and I's.
Bathroom, and she's brushing her teeth, and I'm sitting across the other sink brushing my teeth.
And I see right through my mirror while I'm brushing my teeth, a spider going up the mirror.
And I've already killed probably 20 brown recluses the last year at our house.
I've never seen so many.
Particularly in that bathroom.
They come up out of the drain.
I put a new drain in this tiny hole so they won't quit doing it.
Anybody that lives in Texas knows about the scorpions coming through the damn drains.
You'll be sitting there in bed, turn the light on in the morning and there's a scorpion on the ceiling.
The scorpion won't kill you.
A brown recluse did.
We had a crew member bitten in October of last year by a brown recluse.
Great, incredible guy.
Loved him so much.
For family privacy, I'm not going to say his name.
Bitten by a brown recluse.
And then it caused a heart infection.
Doesn't just eat holes in your leg.
And he dropped dead on Christmas morning loading presents in the car with his wife to go visit family across town.
We love it.
We love you, Chris.
Great guy.
The good guy young.
39 years old.
Been here over a decade.
So I'm sitting there.
And I go, son of a bitch!
I know the look of that spider all the way.
There's a sink here and about 10 feet away.
My wife's sink.
Here's my sink.
I go, I see a little... That's a brown recluse.
There's a bathtub right here.
They're dark brown, fiddle on their back, black legs, dark brown legs.
And I'm not tough.
I could have picked up a piece of tissue.
I could have picked up something to hit it with.
But because it was by my daughter, I didn't even think.
I ran right over and smashed that son of a bitch up against the mirror.
And it was a brown recluse.
And I don't like poison because it attacks your liver, but at that point I went to the store that night and I got spider poison and I sprained it down the drain in the shower entry and I told my daughter, you can't come in there for a month.
Stop trying to take showers in our bathroom.
She loves to be in that bathroom.
You go take one up in your room.
And the point is, is that when I saw the brown recluse, there's one right there.
When I saw the brown recluse, I didn't sit there and even think.
I went and I destroyed it.
Because they're just as bad as the Black Widow.
And it killed one of our crew members on Christmas Day.
They did the autopsy and they said, yeah, it was a brown recluse bite.
Rotted a big hole in his shin.
Got an infection with the toxins in his arteries and ate his heart.
There they are!
That's a brown recluse.
Kills way more people than rattlesnakes and water moccasins and mountain lions combined.
And I'm off the rails here.
I'm gonna come back and get to all the news.
Now they're killing you, but
The shots are killing thousands of times what brown recluses do, and it's being done on purpose.
And I just don't get it.
Why people don't see a threat when it's in your face.
I said, go up the mirror.
I'm at the corner of the mirror.
I saw it.
The walls went, and I was like, another one.
Well, Brown recluses are the least of our problems.
Bill Gates is the real Brown recluse and one of the biggest mass murderers in history.
And none of us are safe until he's stopped.
We're going to come back with all the news straight ahead.
Stay with me.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
I've got a tiger!
The Globalists have got us by the tail.
We know what they did.
The word's spreading fast.
Joe Rogan is completely red-pilled and on fire now.
Don't need to tell you about our long dinner Saturday and what he said.
You can just see him say it on there.
You can see what Tucker's doing.
What Andrew Tate's doing.
What Russell Baran's doing.
What everybody else is doing.
And it's you guys.
You're the reason.
So don't ever forget that.
I got a tiger!
Hear that, Bill Gates?
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas I'm your host Alex Jones.
All right let's get into what made me so mad.
I mean a lot of this made me mad and I really am working on it and I pray a little good Lord to not make me go really crazy.
But there's a
Healthy middle there.
Uh, thank God I do care.
Thank God you care.
Thank God.
We're not just rolling over, but kind of like a race car that's got 1400 horsepower in it and you've got to run an Indy 500.
We're only halfway through the race right now.
And sure, we can put the pedal to the metal and probably get a couple of laps ahead of everybody, but our engine's going to blow.
So we got to ease back and just stay in the lead.
We can only push the engine so far and not get violent until we've taken control of the judiciary and then we can bring redemption and retribution and vengeance that is the Lord's to the criminals that have committed this psychotic mass murder operation that would make Adolf Hitler blush.
Let's start with this video.
And then let's get into how they're murdering everybody.
You like them killing you and your family?
So let's hear from this doctor, talking about the studies which we've covered here.
It's all real.
And then let's get into what they're currently doing.
Here it is.
First and second dose, is there anything that they can do to mitigate any risk associated with taking a vaccine?
Is it PaxImmune?
Is it Alpha Interferon?
What can they do to protect themselves against what they've already done?
Okay, let me correct something that is a part of the disinformation campaign.
Everybody has been told that this is an experimental vaccine, that it hasn't been tested and all of that.
That's not true.
It has been tested.
When they tested the mRNA vaccine technology, they first tested it in humanized mice.
And after two months,
100% of the mice had died.
They did the same experiment injecting the mRNA technology into monkeys.
And the same result.
100% death rate.
And at autopsy, that mRNA was found in every organ throughout the body.
So again, we have to correct the record.
They did an experiment to prove that the mRNA technology is 100% lethal.
Now if you translate mice lifespan into human lifespan terms, two months of a mouse's life is two years of a human's life.
So if 100% of the mice died in two months, according to Dr. Judy Mikevitz, according to Dr. Luke Montagnier, the Nobel Prize laureate, the people who have been vaccinated will be dead in two years.
Now to get to your question, can anything be done about what has already been proven to be the case?
We should stop calling things by their wrong names.
This is a biological weapon.
The spike protein is a biological weapon to kill you.
Now, people are going to say that Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad is wrong.
Because they're going to say, well, I took the shot two years ago, I'm not dead.
That's because 50% or 50% plus got saline on record.
You got nothing but salt water.
On average, another 40% got a tiny amount of the poison.
And that's what they mainly ship to blue states and blue cities.
We've done the studies, we've had the statisticians on, we've had the insurance company experts on, we've shown you the studies, everything.
It's a fact.
But red areas and rural areas around the world got bombed.
With the real deal.
And humans are a lot tougher than a mouse.
Little secret about us is we're tough as nails.
And poisons that work on most animals don't work on us.
We're tough.
Been around a while.
Pretty special.
Think you figured out we probably didn't come from this planet.
So, this isn't our first rodeo.
Read the first book of the Bible.
It describes it all going on before.
Before God wiped it all out.
When Plato said there were flying ships, and automaton, giant robots, and people lived a thousand years.
And then they started jacking with the DNA.
It's been done before.
What's the symbol of medicine over 4,000 years old from the Egyptians?
It's a staff of life with a double helix.
And what is at the head of the double helix?
A serpent.
Not our first rodeo.
Told you.
Months ago, then weeks ago, they're about to roll out that, sorry, you heard of gluten intolerance.
That started immediately in the late 1990s, accelerating in the early 2000s, when they began to spray the wheat, when it was a week from harvest, when it was ripe,
With Roundup, with glyphosate.
It'll grow cancer?
Well, it's a miracle it'll grow, all right.
Before, they would just spread the cornfields and soybean fields and other fields when they were first planting the seeds so weeds wouldn't crowd it out.
And they'd engineer the corn and soybean where Roundup didn't hurt it.
Everything else, it'd kill.
And it would run off in the water and kill the farmers, give them cancer, get in their well water.
They made movies about all that, it's all admitted.
But then they said, we'll spray the actual wheat because then fungus won't grow on it.
So you got a big dose of Roundup.
You're not gluten intolerant.
You're Roundup intolerant.
Well, they got something a thousand times worse.
They just dropped.
So our enemies are crafty little devils, aren't they?
They know they can't launch a frontal assault against us.
So what do they do?
They hit us through the air, through the water, through the food, through the culture, through the shots.
And half the shots they send out are just water and saline.
Salt and water.
So it does nothing to you.
Hell, even saline is good for it.
That's why people take IV bags of it.
It's a Russian roulette situation.
Here's a headline, it's in Time Magazine, it's in Reuters, it's everywhere.
Why heart attacks are rising in young adults and what to watch out for.
Yeah, they got on the side of buses and billboards and why children are having heart attacks now and oh, COVID did it.
But it's not the people that didn't take the shots statistically.
They get some shedding, some are getting hurt, but mainly it's those that took the shots.
We've covered the studies with Dr. Peter McCullough last week.
It's all there.
We've given you the data.
We've given you the info.
And what does big tech do?
They try to suppress it, just like they suppress... Let me show you the documents.
That SV40 is in the Moderna and Pfizer shots.
A deadly cancer virus that monkeys have, that gets into your cells and begins replicating, and in many cases gives you lethal cancer.
And I have those articles here again today.
So they're hitting us from so many angles.
And then Snopes, bought and paid for by Soros, says it's not true.
And Google puts that at the top when you search.
Simian virus SV40 COVID vax.
They block it.
So you don't learn the truth.
That's called mass murder.
You know, somebody broke into Google's
Map app and had roads direct cars off cliffs.
Whoever programmed it to do that would be guilty of premeditated murder.
But they go in and they program it so you don't learn about any of this.
And we just sit back and take it because Sir J. Brin and Larry Page literally wear pink and purple sweaters and cute little socks with puppy dogs on them.
Heart attacks are on the rise in young adults.
Here's why.
Experts are sounding an alarm over the number of people in their 20s and 30s and 40s who are having heart attacks.
Never even happened before, just like before the 60s.
If the kid had cancer in, say, Missouri, doctors from New York and California would get on airplanes and fly there to see this white whale, to see the leprechaun, to see
This rare thing that didn't supposedly exist, and now it's like, can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit a kid that doesn't have cancer.
And there's all the children's books, getting you ready for cancer, and how it's just the new normal.
And it goes on and on.
Yeah, there's Journal for Immunotherapy and Cancer, British medical journal, as prestigious as it gets.
Spontaneous regression following COVID-19 vaccination, and people that had cancer, it's turning it
Back on.
So, why heart attacks are rising in young adults?
Well, it's COVID.
Here's another one.
Up to 450,000 in the U.S.
have red meat allergies due to alpha-gal syndrome.
Spread by ticks, says the CDC.
But the same CDC and FDA told us in October of 2000 that the shots would hurt us.
But now they tell us it's a tick.
Emerging tick bite associated with meat allergy potentially affects thousands.
And guess who's studying it and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into tick-borne proteins that cause meat allergies?
Oh, guess who?
Don't hold your breath.
His name is B-I-L-L-G-A-T-E-S.
What a nice man.
Gates Foundation funds research to control cattle ticks through biotechnology.
Oxitec launches new technology program to develop a friendly solution trademarked for the world's most damaging cattle tick that can also make you sick.
Technology CNBC backed by Bill Gates may improve testing for Lyme disease created by the Nazis brought to the
Plum Island Research Facility off the coast of New York.
Immune targets and therapy.
Here's a study.
The meat of the matter.
Understanding and managing alpha-gal syndrome.
Wow, all these people are getting bit by ticks that never went out in the forest or the woods and live in countries where the Lone Star tick does not live.
I can pull articles up about meat allergies exploding in New Zealand and Australia and France and the Netherlands and Germany and the United Kingdom and Canada and the tick does not live there.
That's not even 2 plus 2 equals 4.
That's 1 plus 1 equals 2.
Isn't that just special?
Let me say that again.
They have beef allergies exploding and alpha-gal syndrome all over the world in countries that give you the shot.
And I happen to have studies that I'm about to show you where they admit people that have taken the Moderna or Pfizer mRNA highly tested bioweapon.
And they're getting the deadly meat allergy like a bee stings you.
You swell up.
Your throat swells up.
Some people die.
They have to have an EpiPen there.
In countries that don't have the tick.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know they're using the tick as the cover story.
If in countries that don't have the tick, they have it.
But they do have the shot.
Yes, they do.
Yeah, there's a map.
Let's pull off the Chiron there and show them the full map.
That's where the tick lives.
That's where the tick abides.
And I do have a ranch in East Texas.
My dad does.
And just last summer I was out there clearing brush and I got one up.
Between my calf and my thigh, on the back side of my knee, and I pulled the little bastard out of me.
And guess what?
I have been enjoying beef ever since.
I didn't get it.
And it was a Lone Star Tick.
It's got the spot.
No, it's not the ticks, ladies and gentlemen.
These ticks have been around forever.
Now Lyme disease is syphilis put into a tick by the Nazis.
That's declassified.
Deer swam the mile and a half from Plum Island to New York and then infected the country in the 50s.
And that's a whole nother subject.
We're going to cover this more.
Blair White.
The conservative transgender individual and a friend of mine will be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
We'll cover the waterfront on that subject.
And people saying, I'm a hypocrite.
I'm against transgenderism, but I'm friends with the right.
No, I've never been a hypocrite.
The media is misrepresented.
I don't hate transgender people.
I don't hate gay people.
I don't hate lesbians.
I hate people that go after children.
And so does Blair White.
We'll be talking to Blair in studio.
Coming up, I'm not sure an hour is enough, but we'll get Blair back in studio soon.
All right, let me just say this real quick before we end this hour.
If you want us to keep fighting, it's in your hands, your decision.
Plus, we got great products you really need.
That's a win-win scenario, a 360 win, the coin I turned many years ago.
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Hour number two is straight ahead, my info warriors.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
I respect China's achievements which are tremendous over the last over 40 years.
The Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.
Real super hardcore evil demons have taken over and they've already got China and a billion and a half people.
I'm here to meet one of the 10 million people who've seen the dark side of the social credit system.
Investigative journalist Leo Hu, his poor social credit rating has shut down his travel options and confined him to effective house arrest in Chongqing.
WeChat started as a messaging app, then it transformed into Chinese Facebook, and then it added a ride-hailing service similar to Uber to its platform, and then it added banking services to its platform, and now you can use it as an ID.
This will make your life very convenient, but at the same time, it also becomes very convenient for state security to track you.
To combat message interceptions, they talk through emojis.
A half-fallen rose means someone has been arrested.
A dark moon means they're going to prison camps.
A sun emoji means they are alive, and a flower means they have been released.
China is positioning itself to lead the world in artificial intelligence.
Surveillance technology is a key proving ground.
Facial recognition, body scanning and geo-tracking matched with your personal data and online behavior will power the social credit system.
Leaving no dark corner to hide in.
And you can say, well, this is just innovation.
But it's not innovation the way it's being done.
It's absolute tyranny.
And now it's here.
And guess who created the bill?
Senator Blumenthal.
Who quarterbacks the government operations against me on record with the Carnegie Endowment and the CIA.
This bill is designed to make sure that they have your home address before you can actually post about anything on the internet.
The bill is Senate Bill 1409.
40 senators have sponsored it, Republicans and Democrats.
This isn't a left or right issue.
This is a speech issue.
And they call the bill the Kids Online Safety Act, or COSA for short.
But in reality, this is some garbage to make sure that they know where you live when you post.
Whether you're a conservative or a liberal or whatever you are, there are so many people going along with the New World Order who even know it's real, but they think, well, I'll just go along with it and I'll have a better lifestyle if I go along with it.
Because we see what is happening in China right now with the social credit score, where the government is monitoring and surveilling all the people from the beginning to end.
Everything that they do, everything, everywhere where they walk, it's, you know, they control everything and they watch everything.
This is the example of a tyranny.
When the government knows everything about you, where you go, what you eat, where you enter, that's a tyrannical system.
And we've seen this system being implemented right now under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen, slowly but surely in the European Union.
The green certificate was just the first step.
There are a few more proposals right now under debate in the Parliament.
All these things that are creating a system that will monitor, control, supervise and condition the rights of all the European citizens.
The heart of the Mark of the Beast system is a worldwide internet ID.
The UN's already standardized it.
Communist China's standardized it.
And it's the internet ID that's tied to your smartphone, your smart devices, your car, your ability to get on airplanes, get hotels, have insurance, have a job.
And then that's tied to your carbon tax, your vaccine passport tax.
That operates against its orders from your social credit score.
The foundation and the structure of the entire system is based on the internet ID that is then tied to your digital ID.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon owned Whole Foods is announcing worldwide in the next three months they're putting palm scanners in
...to be able to buy and sell.
And in many Whole Foods and other grocery stores in Europe, they're already making you scan your phone or your hand to get in to the grocery stores, not just Whole Paycheck, as Whole Foods is known.
That's the coolest thing ever.
So this has already been set up for a long time.
Now they're getting ready to go, oh, you didn't know?
Under law, there's a whole history of what you search and what you do and where you go.
We're talking about a republic that we're losing, and it's being destroyed by design.
And now, global corporations think we're a bunch of dumb animals.
And they'll incentivize accepting the world government, cashless society, programmable central bank digital currencies, and ESGs, and the rest of them, because we get little credits and little prizes up front to be the first suckers to grease the skids over the cliff into Hades.
Every medical system in the modern world, not just in the United States, is under the control of the globalist big bank, Carnegie, Ford, IBM, Combine, that Bill Gates is the front man for when he's not hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein trying to compromise scientists.
And so now, alpha-gals everywhere, and a half million Americans can't eat meat all of a sudden, and there's ticks everywhere.
Even in countries that don't have it, suddenly the tick bit them and they can't
They can't eat meat anymore.
And here's the headlines.
Bill Gates funds research into genetically engineered cattle ticks.
Now at least 450,000 Americans have red meat allergies from alpha-gal syndrome caused by tick bites.
What did I show you yesterday?
The FDA and the CDC's own website admitting that vaccines contain alpha-gal and are causing it in their studies.
But that's on the FDA and CDC websites.
That's not on the news.
Isn't that sweet?
And then we've got all this other news.
Monkey virus DNA found in COVID-19 shots.
And that's according to people that run the government programs, like Dr. Stephen E. Greer, microbiologist Kevin McKeren,
Turns out the spike protein mRNA are not the only hazards of these injections.
His team discovered Shemian virus 40 SV40 in the shots.
You hear that?
CCMB taps Green Monkey to culture virus, make COVID vaccine.
There's the Times of India.
So they admit they used
The monkeys that are infected with this to make these vaccines, but it's okay.
Uganda acquires green monkey cells for COVID-19 vaccine development.
What ingredients for the COVID-19 vaccine?
Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.
It's all right here.
We're showing you the actual documents.
And here's the non-food products according to the CDC.
...and FDA... ...that may contain Alpha-Gal... ...bovine extract... ...used in... ...all these different products.
Here's from the CDC.
Alpha-Gal... ...in... ...the... ...shots.
The next pandemic could spring from the U.S.
meat supply.
New report finds... ...USA Today... ...products that may contain Alpha-Gal...
Alpha-gal syndrome is a type of food allergy.
It makes people allergic to red meat and other products made from mammals.
They're making us allergic to what we eat and allergic to ourselves.
And here is an overhead shot of the CDC Vaccine Expert Summary Appendix B. Experts include U.S.
vaccines by vaccine.
What has alpha-gal in it?
And it lists all these different vaccines that have the alpha-gal in them.
Shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot.
After shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot.
I mean, you want me to read these off to you?
Take about five minutes.
Why don't you just type that in and go to the CDC website for yourself?
It's on the FDA website, too.
Oh, but Snopes says it's not true.
Prevalence of alpha-gal, IgE, and mammalian meat allergy in COVID-19 vaccines study.
That's out of PubMed.
Here's Health and Human Services.
The results support the proposal of developing interventions such as probiotics based on commercial bacteria with gal epitomes to modify the mitochondria, the microbiota, and increase gal-induced protective immune response and reduce severity to COVID-19.
Here's another one.
Increase a gal-induced
Protective immune response and reduce severity of COVID-19.
Your body is attacking a protein that's in you, and that it's in Mo!
See what I'm talking about now?
Cancer viruses.
All of it being injected into you.
And old Billy Boys genetically modifying the ticks and releasing them.
And the mosquitoes and releasing them to protect us, of course.
Isn't that darling?
It really is, darling.
Bill Gates is such a nice, nice man.
The meat of the matter, understanding and managing alpha-gal syndrome.
And even if you don't take the shots, you can be shed on and become allergic to beef and lamb.
Because they're red meat.
Or other venisons like white-tailed deer, or mule deer, or antelope, or axis deer.
Any red meat.
And they're all over the news laughing confidently.
Soon you're not going to be eating red meat.
You're going to be eating bugs.
And we're like, you're crazy, man.
You're never going to get us to stop eating delicious cheeseburgers.
And they said, really?
Hold my beer, you bastards.
Oh, my goodness.
Isn't it sweet?
Well, I'm done talking about that now for today.
Kind of a big deal.
You know, injecting you with a cow protein in the shot.
In their own government documents saying we're going to cause an autoimmune response to Alpha-Gal.
When Alpha-Gal is exactly what the spike protein is made out of.
And now we get the picture.
Some people it grows it out of control, embeds itself in the cells, your body then eats holes in your arteries, your capillaries, and your veins, and your brain, and your lungs.
And then some people get sterilized or both, some people have a heart attack, some get myocarditis, some get a stroke.
It's like Oprah goes, you get a car, you get a car, you get a, you get a blood clot, you get a stroke, you get a heart attack, you get myocarditis.
You get autoimmune disease.
How sweet it is!
And then it's not uniform, because half the people aren't even giving it.
The other 40% are giving a watered-down version.
It's only 10% or less that get the special sauce.
And you know when they pick you up during a financial collapse, or they take you away to a FEMA center because you're protesting lockdowns, which they say all the world are going to do.
It's all a unified UN run.
You just know that the political dissidents are going to get the special juicy hot shot.
And since it kills you on average in a couple months or a couple years, depending on your physiology, well they let you out in a few weeks, out of a camp, and then you go back home and you die later.
Because if they had you in camp shooting you, the jail guards would say, this is wrong.
But if it's a ventilator killing you, or you're dying of the shot months or years later, it's all so trendy.
It's all so liberal.
So, you have been warned.
And remember, big tech and the intelligence agencies and the whole system are going to work around the clock.
To make sure you didn't just get the last hour of information.
To make sure they can quietly strangle you to death with these weapons.
You may want to roll over and die, I don't.
But I know this, God's watching.
And if we don't stand up for the children and stop this, it's on our souls.
We'll be back!
Stay with us.
We got Blair White in studio for an hour and a half, coming up, start of the next segment.
We're gonna go all into the transgenderism, transhumanism, and more, with Blair, who's a very smart, nice person who I like, and who's a friend of mine.
And, uh, we'll dispel all the disinformation, uh, out there, or that I'm a hypocrite.
I've never been a hypocrite about this.
I don't hate transgender people, I don't hate gay people, anybody.
I hate heterosexuals, homosexuals that go after children.
And I hate people that go after children and try to mutilate them.
And so does Blair.
So let's be clear where I've always stood and who I am, and I've never been a hypocrite about it.
I love everybody as long as they don't attack children.
But I'll also tell them I think they're doing something, you know, that's destructive.
And I've done plenty in my life.
I'm not throwing stones in glass houses here.
So we'll talk to Blair in-depth discussion coming up.
Looking forward to it.
So let's talk Turkey here.
I went and did the press conference Tuesday with Steven Crowder.
It was a big deal.
Crowder was attacked all over the news after it.
Made a lot of headlines.
And I want to explain why this is so important and why it's a game changer.
I want people to listen to me carefully.
Because I don't say things I don't mean.
I don't hype things.
We have incredible things going on that are amazing.
They hype themselves.
So let me explain something here.
Infowars.com, and this whole show is barely in the black, but we're going through bankruptcy.
People thought I'd be shut down a year ago.
You thought, well, he's gone, and support went down when I declared bankruptcy.
Even though I went on air and I said it's Chapter 11, Subchapter 5, emergency organization, and if we go through this successfully, which is happening, had big court victories last Tuesday in court, because this is not a kangaroo court, this is a real judge.
The other side's apoplectic.
This is going to stay on the air indefinitely because of your sport.
But the real chink in the armor is me.
My lawyers, who are great bankruptcy lawyers, said, you're going to lose in this kangaroo court in Connecticut.
You need to declare bankruptcy now.
But I didn't.
The company did before that.
So when they created that billion and a half dollars, at that level, it becomes a whole other ball of wax on dischargeability.
But at the end of the day, they can't take your house or car in Texas, so I don't even care about money.
I care about truth and justice and freedom.
Money's just a tool to fight tyranny.
So I'm okay there, except for the fact that the court ruled I gotta pay half the legal bills for free speech systems.
And because of some cannery and some stuff going on internally that I'm not gonna get into on air at this time, I went and spent my last $900,000 a year ago to buy the Platinum line of products.
And they're great products, but that's all held up and the money from that's held up.
And so I'm unable to even get that to pay the bills and I'm completely out of money.
In fact, I'm upside down.
I'm having to fight all these appeals.
I'm having to pay for the bankruptcy.
I'm having to do everything.
So the cheek in the armor is that Alex Jones is out of money.
But the folks doing our bankruptcy and doing a great job,
They've approved me being able to do a once a week show that's going to end up being at least an hour of the show a day, and reporters and crew and expanding when it's successful, which it already is on Crowder's end.
And then part of that money goes to Alex Jones.
So when you go to jonescrowder.com, we'll put the full screen for you, that takes you right
To the sign-up page to get eight different talk show hosts that they have.
A gun expert, Steven Crowder, all his programs, Brian Kellen, the list goes on and on, Nick DiPaolo, and other shows they're adding, the Hodge Twins, you name it.
You go get one membership, but when you buy it at, with one click, at jonescrowder.com, the majority of the money goes to free speech systems to keep us on air,
And part of it then goes to me.
So you can go watch Crowder and all his shows right now.
I'll do my first three hour special show next week.
And that's what I'm finally going to do.
The PowerPoints, the live events.
It's not going to be one show a week, folks.
It's going to be so much.
You can grab clips out of it, share it.
It's going to be great.
And I'm going to do it where part of the show is free.
Part of the show is subscription.
And this is where you're funding the tip of the spear.
So it keeps us on air.
It lets me be able to continue to fight.
And Steven has a vision, he's a great guy, twice under attack, to have hundreds of shows.
And we're partnering with Rumble, that is the only main challenge now to YouTube, and is getting incredible success with everybody from, I mean the list goes on and on, from the Tate Brothers to Dan Bongino, to Crowder, to so many, I mean Crowder routinely has three, four million viewers a day.
On Rumble alone, and they're unable to censor that going into this key campaign season when you know they're going to go crazy with the censorship.
So you want us to build an alternate internet?
You want us to build an infrastructure?
We've got it.
We're the ones that have delivered.
Thanks for your support.
We've delivered together.
So now is the time to go to jonescrowder.com
Right to that link and to become a member.
Comes out to like eight bucks a month.
Get a year membership.
Get one month free when you sign up with promo code Alex.
This is beyond critical.
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You want to not lay down the world order?
Everyone listening to me must make the decision if you want to win this fight to go to jonescrowder.com.
Right now.
I could do another GoFundMe with Obanis there.
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But I'd rather you get all the eight shows, I guess nine shows that I've been added, and then it always takes me longer to do what I'm going to say, but I always do what I'm going to say.
I have what most popular shows we do that we never do, because of time and energy and crew, but that's what this is going to fund, is I'm going to start doing PowerPoints, walking around on the big screen like an Apple presentation, and devastating.
I'm going to start doing events with members.
I'm going to start doing a reality show that's a real reality show.
We've got so much planned here.
Where a portion of the money goes for crew and infrastructure and more shows, a portion goes to fund the infrastructure and free speech, and then a portion goes to fund yours truly.
Because I'm happy if I can pay my grocery bills and have insurance and a car and a house.
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So when you go to jonescrowder.com and you become a member, with promo code, I'll give you a free month.
You are literally on the front lines of the fight and it's just as important as I am or Steven Crowder is.
And everybody else over the years has been scared.
Then the worm turned about three, four months ago and all the major outlets other than Daily Wire,
Offered me a job and wanted to work with me and have me do a show with him.
But I went with Crowder because he wanted to do this a year ago and told me he was going to leave the Blaze and told me about his vision and wasn't scared to have a son and wasn't scared to get censored because he did it.
So I like Steven.
He lives right here in Texas.
We're working with him.
InfoWars goes on.
We're going to expand with this.
It funds InfoWars.
It funds Crowder creating an infrastructure and a team for me.
That's totally separate and new, that'll interface with my regular team, and it funds InfoWars.
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It's up to you now whether you want to step to the plate and accept this mission.
Please go to jonescrowder.com now.
Promo code Alex.
Take action now.
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In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum, through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned a hundred years ago, twenty years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling!
Tomorrow's News.
I don't remember the details more than eight years ago that I first became aware of Blair White when she exploded onto YouTube.
And Blair said, hey, leftists and pedophiles don't speak for, quote, transgenders.
And I remember interviewing Blair White, and Blair's been on the show many times over the years.
I've been on Blair's show a few times as well.
In fact, it was the only show I ever got truly drunk on and passed out on.
So Blair's here for the next hour and a half.
Fellow Austinite now.
I appreciate you.
Lived here a few years.
You and Michael Malice and Joe Rogan, you know, co-hosting, doing a great job.
Great to have you here.
We co-hosted here about a year ago with Tim Pool.
That was amazing.
So fun.
I just want to say this up front.
There are people that watch this show, and it became a big issue a few months ago, saying Jones is a hypocrite, he hates transgender people, he hates gay people, he hates everybody, but then he's nice to Blair White.
That's all a media lie.
I don't care if you're heterosexual, homosexual, whatever you are, black, white, old, young, as long as you're not a communist, as long as you're not targeting children, and Blair, since I've known Blair eight years, was speaking up about this targeting.
Blair's a good person.
Before anyone else, by the way.
Like before it was a national topic, before every headline was about trans kids and which states are banning whatever, I was talking about this forever ago.
So let's talk about you instead of me ranting here.
I just want to say you've been my friend.
Good friends since you moved to Austin, but I had you on.
I was lucky to have you as one of the first people I ever interviewed, really.
Yeah, I think literally the first actually.
You had me on eight years ago and it was remote.
So this is my first time actually in studio.
Beautiful studio.
Yeah, so and the reason why I've always enjoyed, you know, filming stuff with you or we did an event like at the Vulcan on 6th Street here in Austin.
Is because, first of all, I'm loyal to people who are loyal to me.
And people send me clips all the time of you defending me and, you know, people saying crazy shit about me.
Can I swear on here?
I was like, yeah, yeah, it's simple words.
So, you know, it's like I defend you too, because you're right.
It is a media lie that you're this hateful person.
You know, I've never seen it.
And I've known you for a couple years.
Well the bottom line is you're not hurting anybody and you're not like Big Pharma targeting kids with shots or any of this.
So before we get into all the news and things that are happening, tell us about yourself and your journey in your life politically, culturally, spiritually and where you are now and just your view on the world today.
Yeah, so I'm 29 years old, and I transitioned nine years ago, and I've been on YouTube for about eight years, and it's been really sort of my entire purpose of my career is to stop the medicalization of children, among other things.
You know, I talk about politics in general, but one of the things I'm most passionate about is this big pharma takeover of, you know, a very tiny community, which is now exploding due to the fact that it's not
Let's just get this out on the table.
The system will grab on to any group or any organization, but the big elephant in the room is this.
We would always hear 20 years ago, it's not a decision, it's biological that people are gay.
And so I decided to research that, and it's always happened in history, and it's gone in every culture, and we don't hate anybody.
As long as you're considering adults, it doesn't mean we're not passing some religious judgment.
All I'm saying is we're not attacking people for decisions they've made.
That's up for God to decide.
But we know the chemicals in the water and the food are affecting embryos in their mothers, particularly in the first few weeks that are
Thank you for your time.
That that's going on and that that is happening.
And so when I first talked about this decades ago, they would attack me all over the news because they were really scared that I was pointing it out.
But now Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
has talked about it and so much more.
So we're not saying people are bad because of the proclivity of what has happened.
In a genetic mutation in the embryo, because all embryos, for those who don't know, starts out as female, and in the first few weeks it then shifts and then expresses.
It's why men have nipples.
It's literally, we start out as a female, this is all mammals do, and then it depends on the XY chromosome, we shift over to that, they are literally knowingly putting chemicals out
We're good to go.
To then target them is part of something larger that I see as the sterilization of children.
And that's really what they admit this is, is the popularization of sterilizing children.
That's why they need to become adults like you did.
They need to make a decision as an adult.
So I'm going to shut up because I'll talk forever, but I watch your show all the time.
You're just as well spoken as I am when I'm not interrupting.
So I'm going to shut up for the next 10 minutes, Blair.
Yeah, so, you know, obviously it's one of the things that I get the most backlash for is my stance on trans kids and how there is a social contagion happening.
There is a, you know, media-fueled, government-fueled push to, you know, put kids through this pipeline of sterilization, of surgery, of hormones, and it's just so crazy to me because, you know, like I said earlier, I transitioned as an adult.
This is a conclusion I came to that that was right for me.
I'm all about, you know,
Individualism and bodily autonomy and just doing what's right for you.
And unfortunately, these kids aren't doing what's right for them.
In almost every case, it's what's being told for them to do.
You know, there's a very sick and twisted
Lie that is told to the parents of these kids and to the Kids themselves, which is that you know I'm sure you've heard like do you want a trans kid or a dead kid is what they say and it's like why would you put that dichotomy that false dichotomy in front of these kids and
Transition or you're dead?
You're putting that in their head.
You're making them feel like those are their two options.
And frankly, I mean, any person, any human being who is, you know, concerned at all, whether subconsciously or consciously, with self-preservation and living, they're going to choose to be trans over dead.
So, you know, it's brainwashing and I wish I fully understood why
The government has been pushing it as well, because I understand why the media would.
You know, they're very obsessed with wokeism, they're very obsessed with latching onto groups, and nothing really gets, you know, fucking clicks like the trans shit either.
You know, that shit's quick living, breathing clickbait.
But, you know, it's really, really bad, and what I've been saying since the beginning of my career, and I probably was saying this all the way back eight years ago when we first started talking, was, you know, I also don't want
Trans people who many of which I'm talking about genuine trans people who are not as you know fortunate as I am in many ways to be painted with this brush of like this is what's really going on because I look at these like fucking TikTok people and I'm like these are just people who had their brains melted by the pandemic.
And they're looking for anything to, like, give them hope.
So you're kind of saying they're stealing people's, trans people's identities, saying you represent the left, George Soros, the New World Order.
They're saying you belong to us.
Yeah, and that's the other thing.
They're making, you know, leftism and liberalism and wokeism synonymous with trans.
And for me, it's kind of like, well, I'm also a human being before that.
And so the idea that I must fall politically in line because of
A factor like that doesn't make any fucking sense to me.
It's actually stupid as fuck.
It's as stupid as thinking a gay person has to be of a political persuasion, or a black person, or anything.
It's like, people are fucking people.
Well, they're telling you who you're supposed to be, and that's really what it comes down to.
And I don't fucking tolerate that, because clearly I've chosen who I want to be.
I'm not letting anyone fucking tell me how to think after I choose to do all this to myself.
Like, I'm not choosing the fucking brainwaves of another person.
Fuck that.
We do have delays in radio, but you can do limited cussing and then do it a little bit later.
Oh, sorry, okay.
No, no, it's okay, it's okay.
You're on fire today.
So, let's talk about you, if you don't mind, as a child, as an adolescent, as a teenager, and then, that's a fascinating thing, because we don't hate you.
You're a wonderful person, smart person, nice person.
What was that process, if you'll talk about it, like?
The process of what exactly?
Well, when you when you were like, well, I don't feel like I'm a boy or... Yeah.
So I always say my earliest memories in life were feeling that sort of like weird disconnect in the gender dysphoria.
So I was probably like four or five when I was feeling it.
And people try to, you know, point out some sort of like hypocrisy on my part and say, well, you felt like you were this way at four or five.
So why are you against, you know,
Kids transitioning, and I'm like, that has nothing to do with my ability to consent to surgery and hormones.
Well, yeah, it takes the parents out, it's the state.
Yeah, it's completely separate, but yeah, you know, the feelings just intensified as I got older, and then, you know, once I had... Was it you felt like a woman and wanted to bake cookies or put on a dress, or was it you wanted men?
What was the feeling like?
Never wanted to cook.
Knew I liked men.
I don't know, it was just a feeling of overall disconnect with the way the world was perceiving me and the role I was expected to fit in society.
Because back when you transitioned eight, nine years ago, it was not a big thing.
So what was it like?
You were just like... No.
Yeah, it wasn't.
And in fact, you know, there's like this big de-transitioner wave, which I think really, you know, solidifies my point that a lot of people who are not meant to do this are being pushed to do it.
Yeah, a lot are bullied.
So you're saying you weren't bullied into it?
Oh, no.
This was something that persisted in the face of all odds throughout my entire life in the sense of like, you know, I was growing up, like getting, you know, in fistfights for, you know, people calling me the
Yeah, they're calling me a faggot.
Who looks like Hulk Hogan and he starts breaking stuff saying it's ma'am.
We see that as a fraud.
He's a former prisoner.
He's doing this because it lets him be in general population with women.
He's a convict.
That's a fraud.
But we see somebody that has transitioned and a woman by every aspect.
And I think people kind of like
Okay, somebody made that decision because that is actually what they were.
And people can realize if it's not attached to a political thing, we don't hate you.
We think, oh, that makes sense.
Blair White looks like a woman, is a woman, compared to what these giant men are, who just want to be in general population with women in prison.
Right, and that's the unfortunate part is that we have this society that is obsessed with tolerance at all costs, obviously, and inclusion at all costs, and so there are literal
You know, convicts and people who commit crimes, sometimes violent ones, that understand that, at the very least, them saying all of a sudden that they're trans is going to maybe not get a sentence reduction, but it's going to place them in a little bit of a nicer prison.
It's going to place them in a little bit of a nicer situation.
And, you know, a lot of them are also... That's the other thing.
Okay, if we want to go deep, there's really several types of trans people.
There are people who felt that way from a very young age, and then whatever, like me.
And then there are people who do it for a fetish, and it's like a sexual thing.
And those are the ones that are attracted to women.
And those ones are very different.
Those are the ones that love, there's gonna end up being- They're the perverts in the bathroom.
Whereas for me, you know, there was nothing ever sexual about it.
It was just about who I was and what I wanted to do.
Do you, I mean, you, you, you, I would say like you put you in front of 10,000 people, they say, that's a woman.
Do you think it was the chemicals that, that, that, that,
Because we know the studies are there that embryonically put you that direction?
Uh, I'm not writing it off.
I mean, I've thought about it a lot.
I think, like, okay, so what caused this?
Because it's clearly an anomaly, right?
Even at best, you know, the trans community... But we shouldn't be mad at you for that.
This is who you are.
I mean, as society has room for anomalies, I think the problem is when you try to make anomalies normal.
And by definition, it's not normal.
That is heavy.
I don't hate the anomaly that's obviously legitimate.
I hate a forced thing on our children.
Right, and you know, your audience is very smart.
And even though they may be predisposed to be like, what is going on with this?
At the same time, they're smart and they have nuanced opinions about things.
And so a society, they can understand that a society is always going to have anomalies.
There's going to be people that don't fit into certain expectations.
And the disarray comes when you try to normalize it to the extent of teaching it in schools.
Putting it in curriculum, you know.
It's one thing to teach your kids that when they, you know, as they go through life they're going to see people that are different than them or gay or trans or whatever.
It's another to be like, so what do you identify as to a four-year-old?
Like, that's nuts.
You know, it's planting a seed of doubt.
So, you know, being anomaly isn't normal and I don't think not being normal is a bad thing.
Like, you're not normal.
I'm definitely not.
I've heard you talk about it.
They're hijacking and saying you represent them.
You don't support that.
No, no, no.
It's sick, really.
I mean, it's like an SNL sketch.
It's just like a joke.
You can believe your own two eyes when you look at it and you see that it's a problem.
You don't have to go into the weeds of, well, what do hormones do and what about, you know, the height or the bone mass or whatever.
You can list out all those facts of why a biological male is always going to have an advantage.
You don't have to even do that because you can just see it.
Like, you look at Leah Thomas standing next to the women in the competition and it's like... Yeah, pull up Leah Thomas.
He's like three feet taller.
Whereas your bones look like a woman.
So I think, like, biologically people say, like, it's like, well, you look like a woman.
I mean, this dude is a dude.
I mean, it's... Right.
And it's, you know, if he didn't do the trans thing, it's like he'd be like a hot dude.
Like, he's like...
He's a buff dude.
He's bigger than most men.
Look at this.
It's ridiculous.
It's like Andre the Giant versus girls.
And you know, all of that does is portray to the community, the world community, like just regular society, that this small community of people, the trans community, doesn't have their shits together.
When in reality, you look at how white liberals co-opt every single group, and trans is one of them.
I would challenge people to, there's a lot of crazy trans people on the internet but next time you see like a crazy thing being said like in support of trans shit, look at who's saying it.
90% of the time it's some white liberal woman who just is you know co-opting the group and it feels comfortable to speak and then she'll attack me for having my own opinion.
Well it's like if some KKK member says I want to kill black people, that's not white people.
Right, right.
And the other thing is, I'm a double anomaly in the sense of usually trans people who actually transition, like myself, they don't want to be on camera like this.
They don't want to have a career in the public.
They want to blend into society.
So that's the other thing stacked against them is they don't speak out because what's in it for them, you know?
So it's perfect.
It's still there.
Oh, it's perfect.
It's a small group, and then even within that, the ones that are really trans usually just want to live, you know, quiet lives.
Whereas, you know, I'm out here running my mouth every day, but that's just because I'm called to do it, so.
How has the left responded to you?
Oh my God.
How much time have you got?
We've got a lot of time.
Death threats on death threats on death threats.
FBI calls on FBI calls.
People showing up at my house.
I've been docked every single place I've lived since I started this.
You know, I do speaking events sometimes, and they'll come, and they'll come with, like, bike locks in their hands, like the kind that you would just, like, bash someone over the head with.
Like, just crazy, you know?
And so, for me, I grew up
In a very small conservative town.
And so I feel like because of that, I had maybe a bit of a resentment towards that archetype of person.
Because in the beginning, that kind of person was the person who was kind of against me.
I was getting bullied a lot as a kid.
But as I got older, I realized those people really hold society together.
Not because, you know, their kids were being, you know, drugs, but because there are so few people with morals anymore.
And if you get that from religion, if you get that from God,
I'm so happy about that because, you know, the past few years I think we've seen what happens when people just have no higher purpose and no, you know, desire for goodness.
It's like they burn cities down.
I totally agree with you.
And so what I'm saying to viewers and listeners, my viewers get this, 90% of them, you're not the enemy.
This is, it is true, folks.
The chemicals, I don't know if it's your case, Blair, but it's happening.
We can't hate people that are confused because these chemicals were dumped on them.
It's a fact, it's happening.
So, instead of them, they're confused, this is happening, and the globalists come in and say, we're going to cut you up, we're going to hate you, you know, we're going to say you're under attack, be with us.
We need to lovingly care about everybody, and then scientifically look at what's going on here.
And then people that have gone through this, then not hate them, but actually embrace them.
Yeah, you know, the more I think about it, because we've had these conversations before about, like, the chemicals in the water, and if that was a factor, and, like, what ultimately made me this way.
And I think it probably was, because at the end of the day, I was four years old, still had the same mannerisms, still had the same, like, walk.
My voice didn't even drop, like.
When I hit puberty, it's straight up, this has been my voice my entire life.
So it's like, yeah, I clearly encourage some sort of, like, feminization through chemicals.
Well, I mean, the chemicals do that in mammals and frogs.
It's male biologically, but it has a female build.
I mean, it's female.
Right, and if you're dealing with that in the best way you know how, which involves, you know, I paid for my transition my entire self, like, you know, if someone chooses to deal with that in the way they deal with it, it's like,
Who is anyone to be mad about?
We've heard the horror stories.
I don't want to get personal, but... Yeah, we can.
Was yours horrible, or was it okay, or...?
Like the surgeries and stuff?
No, no.
I've had, like, 100% success rates, recovery rates.
Everything's been great.
But that's not the case for everyone, obviously.
Well, all I know is we're all being biologically changed right now.
We need to admit they're doing it to us.
And then not hate people that it's happened to.
We need to admit it's happening.
Yeah, 100%.
There's no point in being denial about anything in life, and that can seem hypocritical for people who don't really have a lot of familiarity with the subjects, but, you know, I'm one of those people who 100% knows I'm biologically male, 100% is okay with it, and I've actually never understood.
Why I shouldn't be okay with that?
Like, in terms of like, yeah, I can, you know, alter my appearance and live the way I want, but like, what is the shame in being like, yeah, that's where I started from?
Well, I gotta say, out of all the transition people I've seen, you know, on TV and everywhere, I mean, I think, like, like, my, my genetic says this is a woman.
And, but whether you're, well, whatever you, you're a human that God made.
And so what I'm concerned about is these new babies that are, oh, gay men don't want a woman, two men spliced for genetics.
Well, without a woman, it's not mitochondrial DNA, it's not a person.
It may look like a person, it may walk around, but this is, the least of our issues is people like you.
I mean, we're all Blair White.
I mean, we're all being, like this meat allergy they're giving us?
They're jacking with all of us.
Yeah, and look at how many kids have autism now.
Look at how many kids are dealing with issues.
Yeah, you're lucky you just had this effect.
You're like an X-man or X-woman.
Imagine what the kids can't even talk!
That's what's so scary.
I look at the way the next generation is, and it's not only just the way they've been sort of altered chemically and societally, but also these.
These have them looking like they have no attention span, they can't hold a conversation.
They call them cyborgs.
Yeah, exactly.
The globalist brag.
So you're a biological man that feels like they're a woman, who looks and acts like a woman, and is a great person.
We're already cyborgs with this.
People are pissed off that men think they're women.
We're already a cyborg.
Right, everyone's a whole robot.
But also, what happened to... I was just thinking about this the other day.
There used to be so many, you know, news stories about... Hold on, let's come right back.
Dr. Charles Morgan, former CIA and consultant for the U.S.
military on neurological sciences, spoke to cadets at West Point in 2018 about the current state of technology.
He briefed the cadets on experiments from 2013 where humans were given neural implants that allowed them to control prosthetic arms with their thoughts.
Experiments where one person can control another person's hands by just wearing an EEG cap.
The person on the receiving end described the sensation as rather odd.
He said, I didn't know anything until I saw my hand beginning to move.
But the really fun part was that you're taking over somebody else's physical body with the mind of another human.
So what do you think would be the next step?
Experiments where information is transmitted from one mind to another.
And experiments where memories are erased.
Dr. Morgan admits they have the technology to target an individual person.
But you can engineer anything.
You can engineer a unique thing that would only kill one person in the world.
And are working on the ability to erase the memories of any human they choose.
Their biggest challenge five years ago was being able to interface with the hippocampus without the use of physical wires.
And this is most likely one of the motivating factors for the deployment of the experimental COVID shots.
Using dark field microscopy, Dr. Ana Maria Mijalcea has captured in great detail what the scientific literature describes as effective technologies that exist today.
Technologies such as quantum dots.
Quantum dots are nanotechnology with the ability to organize, operate, communicate, and build structures within the blood.
They do so with a tunable photoluminescence that can be programmed to dictate various tasks via optical communication.
The description and images displayed in the scientific literature, compared to what Mihael Sia's dark field microscopy has captured, are the same.
You can see the quantum dots blinking in different colors, acting as the artificial intelligence directing the self-assembly around them.
Bubbles are created within the blood that act as construction sites.
Within these construction bubbles, the quantum dots organize the various materials into self-assembly.
These technologies are being found in both the blood of the vaccinated and in the blood of the unvaccinated.
Depending on what materials are needed, the quantum dots will trigger them into self-assembly.
The COVID vaccines are full of rare and heavy metals to make all manner of nanotechnology.
But it seems as if almost everyone is infected with some sort of nanotech.
According to several research teams, everyone's blood seems to contain the materials required to produce the filaments and the latticework for this technology.
Blood samples that appear to be healthy have been completely transformed by applying a mere 10 milliamps of electric current for two hours.
And it looks as if we may have been infected by the chemtrails.
Morgellons disease was first reported in 2002.
It's when synthetic fibers or filaments are growing in a person's body.
It has been theorized for decades that this was being spread via chemtrails.
And under a microscope, it appears to be the same filaments that people today are calling blood clots, and what the scientific journals call self-assembled hydrogels.
According to Dane Wigington from geoengineeringwatch.org, nanoparticles are being sprayed worldwide.
The good news is that Dr. Mielcia's research has found a remedy.
The iron in the infected blood has been oxidized to a 3-plus state, and by taking antioxidants, one is able to dissolve these filament clots.
She has found that EDTA chelation therapy will remedy infected blood within three days, and megadosing vitamin C also seems to work.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Blair White's our guest in studio, coming up in T-minus 60 seconds.
Everybody you know, tune in.
About to drop some major truth bombs.
So, let's not fall into the trap of attacking people.
That have been chemically altered in the first trimester of their development that all the studies show.
Let's not buy into the globalist trap that all the things are doing to our children are Blair White's fault.
This is so important.
I'm not an apologist for Blair White because Blair White's done nothing wrong.
And Blair White, since going public eight years ago, has done nothing but stand up for our children and independence and freedom.
But Blair asked a question earlier we'll get to now.
Why is the government pushing the trans movement?
I said this decades ago, but Yuval Noah Harari in his latest book says, the trans movement is the tip of the spear of the transhumanist movement, that after World War II was embarrassed they were the eugenics movement, Hitler, and so they became the transhumanist movement.
So, all of us are trans.
All of us are being hit with synthetic chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals, electromagnetic.
They're giving us shots, not just the COVID shots, that give us this protein.
The alpha-gal syndrome where we can't eat meat anymore.
They have mutated us.
We are all mutants.
We are all being attacked.
We are all being targeted.
This is the reality.
And instead of hating people that have been hit by this, we should talk to them and understand because we're all in the same boat in different perspectives.
And it's crazy that Blair White
Since Blair transitioned nine years ago, has been public fighting this before it was the top big issue in the last three, four years.
And it just shows you how God works in mysterious ways and how you have somebody that they would love to be their spokesperson.
I haven't asked you this, but I know.
I bet you've been reached out to by Hollywood.
I bet you've been reached out to by the power structure.
You're an articulate, amazing person, a beautiful person.
They would love for you to be their spokesperson.
But instead, you from day one have not been, and I think inherently at a spiritual level, I realize that God's working through you, and it's an amazing thing.
How do you feel about that statement?
I mean, I struggle with my belief in God.
Well, thank you.
I don't know how much I believe in God.
That's a journey I'm kind of on, and I'm actively trying to get there.
But the older I get, the more I do.
And the older I get, the more I feel like, even though I'm actively choosing all the things that I do, I've made a choice not to.
You know, assimilate to the talking points of the left because it would get me more popularity.
And make no mistake, I know for a fact it would, right?
Well, talk about that.
I've never asked you, but have you been... I'm sure they've reached out to you.
Oh, for sure.
You know, there's been just things over the years that are, you know, I've been, you know, sort of asked to compromise my values for a lot of things.
And I think now it's kind of understood that I'll never do that.
I've been very consistent for almost a decade now.
But, yeah, you know, that's why people think, you know, they call me sometimes a grifter or that I'm just like, you know, faking my opinions for popularity on the right as if I wouldn't have ten times the popularity on the left if I had those talking points.
You'd be hosting a national TV show.
I would have maybe two or three shows on CNN, but I would rather die than do that because I don't want to ever have to mute any part of myself to do that.
But, you know, sometimes... Well, that's it.
You could be their ultimate sales lady, but you're not.
Yeah, because that's demented.
And again, I struggle with spirituality sometimes, but that is the devil.
I mean, anytime you're pushing kids to hurt themselves, it's like, wow, you're just evil.
What do you think of the women cutting their breasts off?
That's what I think about all the time.
So the way it affects biological females.
Seems to be, in some ways, even more brutal than, like, the males.
Oh, how they cut their arms and legs and make a fake?
Yeah, I mean, it's demented and it's harder to come back for the females, too.
I've noticed that.
Like, the detransitioners, you know, their voice is permanently altered and, you know, those scars, it's like, what even gives you scars that big?
I mean, I don't know.
And then, you know, the penis that they give them is obviously
I don't know.
I realize, you know, people say, like, well, what about, you know, why are you siding with evil conservatives?
Because they're just going to be backlash and take away your, you know, right to transition.
I'm like, first of all, I already did that, like transition.
And second of all, you could take anything away from me if it means helping a child.
And the fact that more people don't have that.
The mentality or that instinctual, like, inclination boggles my mind.
And frankly, I don't even really like kids that much.
I don't want kids in the future.
I don't, like, love when kids are around.
You know what I mean?
But I still recognize the insane injustice that's being done to them under the guise of- Well, they're stealing their free will because they can't make a decision until they're older.
And we seem to understand that in every other area of life, right?
Right, right.
Except for this one.
Yeah, can't get cigarettes, can't get alcohol, can't join the military.
But you can chop yourself up.
Right, and if a child can consent to that, what can't they?
I mean, there's a hell of a lot better argument for, you know, a 14-year-old to drive a car.
Then to do any of the stuff that they're pushing them to do.
No, I agree.
And there's this whole pedophilic piggybacking on the trans movement.
What do you make of that?
So that is multi-layered.
So anyone who knows sort of the history of like the LGBT movement or community knows that there once was a time where the community recognized that pedophiles needed to be stamped out.
People might remember NAMBLA.
It was that group back in the, you know, last century actually now.
Like 60s, 70s.
And that stood for, do you remember what that stood for?
North American Man Boy Love Association.
Right, glad it came out of your mouth and not mine because ew.
But they were stamped out of the community with a swiftness because gay people and trans people said, that's not us and how dare you try to take cover under our umbrella, basically.
And now, people seem to not be able to.
Do that, you know, kicking out of them, which is crazy, because it would be the best thing for them.
There's a doubling down from everyone.
If you say anything perceived as anti-LGBT, people feel like they have to defend it, and they find themselves defending pedophiles.
I see every day people, whether they know it or not, some of them do, some of them don't, defending pedophiles.
I see it every day, whether it's the books in Florida, or not just Florida, all across the country.
Yeah, again, conservatives aren't banning books.
We're saying don't give them to kids.
Nobody's banning a hustler, just don't give it to a six-year-old.
Right, if you want to read a book about how to give a blowjob, have at it, but your kids shouldn't be reading it.
Exactly, like, nobody should be banning adults buying Jack Daniels, but don't give it to seven-year-olds.
And, you know, I was watching a clip from TimCast, TimCast IRL, where there was this liberal host that was a guest.
And Tim asked her, like, what about this book?
It was called, like, This Book is Gay or something like that.
And she blindly just said, oh, that's a great book.
I love it.
Kids should read it.
Instinctually, she had that response just because the word gay is in it.
She didn't even know.
And Tim let her know.
This instructs how to give blowjobs.
And how to get on Grindr, an over-18 app.
Is that really like a book for third graders?
And then she, you know, she stuttered and she got scared because she realized she was acting like a kid.
Well, look at genderqueer.
It's telling kids to have sex with adults.
Literally priming them to be kidnapped.
Right, and that's the thing about, you know, the elites and about sort of the people who actually run the world is there's actually an incentive to normalize it because we see what they do.
We see... Well, they want us to dehumanize ourselves, but I want to go back to this.
For new listeners or regular listeners or whoever's tuning in, you're like, Alex, you know, what are you endorsing?
I'm not endorsing anything.
I'm covering what's happening.
And if you put atrazine in a fish or a amphibian or a mammal or a marsupial or anything, it makes the males
Females, it sh- it- it shrivels their genitals down to nothing, it changes the brain physiology, so it really is true that it's bending someone towards the feminine.
And then the frog is attracted to another male.
The- the- whether it's a bird, it doesn't matter.
That's real!
And then, because this happened, we can't now, when they did this, oh, you've all been hit by this, we represent you, we love you, the people that did it.
We need to tell people, hey, this was done to you, we don't hate you for how you are now, but
Everybody has to admit that a giant biological experiment has been done, and then we should, like, not hate the victims of it.
So what about the girls?
Because is the atrazine, that explains, like, the feminization of the males.
But what's, for me, it seems like for the girls that want to be boys now, the high schoolers and whatever, is they're actually uncomfortable with the fact that they're developing as a woman, and it's hard to develop as a woman in this society.
You start getting looked at differently, and they have body issues.
Blair White, that's an incredible point you just raised.
We've got the studies.
Anybody can pull these up.
What happens to a woman after she has menopause is she starts producing more testosterone out of her ovaries.
And so the chemicals that bend a fetus towards female attributes or female characteristics in a girl makes them go into puberty earlier.
Three-year-olds are going to puberty.
Used to be 12, now it's like 9 is the average age.
That's crazy.
Chemicals do on average, there's a bunch of them, is they put girls into puberty earlier, they make them hyper feminine, and then that accelerates them into, I want to call it masculine, but I'm not trying to be mean to these women, but you see these women, they look like male creatures or something.
They look like a, you know, and they're like, this is the body they're in, because those chemicals did that to them.
So the answer is, it doesn't make them male or female, it makes them a mutant.
Right, and you know, it's also, teenage girls have so much body issues just psychologically, you know, and there's a lot of these detransitioners that are now suing, which I think is going to make the difference for, you know, going forward.
Talk about that, that's what's going to stop it finally.
Oh yeah, and we see that it, you know,
The US is always like a little bit behind Europe in terms of the trajectory of certain issues.
So for this one, you know, European countries like the UK, Sweden, Australia, name one, right?
They were doing trans surgeries on minors before the US.
And then they started seeing the negative ramifications, all the kids coming out, you know, saying this ruined my life, and they started suing.
And now they're starting to revoke a lot of the guidelines saying that it is appropriate for children.
Yeah, they're saying teachers and activists can't recruit children.
Right, and also you can't even, in a lot of these countries now, be placed on hormones as a minor anymore.
They've rescinded all the... Which is good, you think?
It's 100% good.
And, you know, that'll happen in the U.S.
as well, but it'll just take longer because we're slower.
But they are starting to sue now in the U.S., which is going to make all the difference.
So I want Christians and conservatives to listen to me, because I only tell you what I believe is true.
I know this in my heart.
You're a good person.
You love the children.
We're very blessed to have you as an amazing, beautiful, smart person who has been through this and who is being honest with people.
You're the perfect spokesperson to expose this.
Because I've literally been through it.
And I was able to make that decision as an adult and weigh the pros and cons.
But guess what kids can't do?
They can't weigh pros and cons and they can't foresee the future.
I can't have biological children anymore, and when kids go through transition, they can't either.
They become sterile for life.
And the idea that a child can consent to that is just...
Well, and that's the thing, is that they count on us hating people that have been changed by the chemicals.
No, we don't hate those that have been triaged of this.
And the way God works in mysterious ways, it creates beautiful things.
But the agenda isn't beautiful, it's evil.
So we don't hate people that have been targeted, but we have an open debate about it.
Oh, 100%.
And, you know, I do feel as though everything is so nuanced and there's just no black and white in this almost.
It's that, you know, I'm living my optimal life right now.
Like, I can't imagine if I hadn't transitioned, I would be living a quality life even close to this.
Does that mean that's the case for, you know, everyone and everyone who feels like they should transition should?
Absolutely not.
Well, that's the thing.
You are a success story.
Most of these aren't statistically.
Massive depression, massive suicide.
Can you speak to why these other people
Yeah, so that's the thing is that, you know, the corporate press, they only show one side of the issue, which is the success stories.
So again, if I were parodying leftist talking points, I'd be on CNN every day as a success story about transition.
So they don't show the other.
Oh, you'd be a rock star.
Right, but they don't show the other side, which is these kids having their lives ruined.
And because of that, more kids get sent down the pipeline because all they're seeing is success stories.
They're not seeing the other side.
So that's why I like to highlight it.
I've interviewed so many of these young people on my channel, and it's very interesting.
What they all seem to have in common is they're all running away from homosexuality.
It's like... Talk about that.
I've noticed that.
The boys that transition to girls, it's like they don't like being, you know...
I totally agree with what you're saying.
They feel bad and guilty for how they feel, so they do these surgeries.
And what is it like for you to watch the big clinics and big colleges say, we're going to make 100 grand off each kid?
That, to me, is exploitation.
And then that goes even deeper.
There was once a time, five seconds ago, where the left was against big pharma.
And now they're, you know,
Each, all the leftists I see ever are like bigger drug dealers than your average drug dealer.
You got vaccines pushed on you, hormone blockers, puberty blockers.
You can't talk to one of them without them talking about antidepressants, pills, hormones, whatever.
It's, I can understand how it would seem hypocritical for me to say this, but people are too medicalized.
They're too medicalized.
So what, how do we, how do we do this?
I think we don't hate anybody because of what color they are, what their sexual preference is.
We agree we leave children alone and we decouple it from politics.
If we want to get down to the nitty-gritty of what we should do, it's return, you know, transsexualism to the medical definition, which is that it is a mental disorder.
I do believe that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder.
They took it out of the DSM, to be politically correct, but if we're going to say that social anxiety, which is in the DSM as a mental illness, how the hell is gender dysphoria not?
You know what I mean?
You, I would call a success story.
Are you saying you were in dysphoria or what happened?
I was.
And for me, I pretty much cured it by transitioning.
I mean, you can't, I don't think you can ever completely get rid of it, but I cured like 95% of it.
You know, it's like, it's pretty much gone.
Do you wish, I mean, are you happy you transitioned?
Yeah, I would never take it back.
But that's the difference.
It either helps your life or it doesn't.
And what I'm seeing is that it's hurting so many lives.
What's the average?
It looks like it's mainly negative.
It's hard to say because we're all... Like a carpet bombing operation.
Yeah, and we're all caught up in our own algorithms too.
So if you're in a right-wing algorithm, you might be more inclined to only see the negative stories.
And if you're in a left-wing algorithm, it's all rainbows and sunshines, you know.
But that's why I try to show both sides.
Well, why are so many getting into sex work?
Why are so many committing suicide?
And they blame conservatives who are saying this is dangerous as if we made them kill themselves.
So the sex work part is that historically
I mean, there's just a market for it.
I mean, if you're a trans woman.
The trans men thing, no.
But if you're a trans woman, it's like, there is a market for it.
And so they make a lot of money if they look decent.
So that was how they kind of worked back in the day when there was more of a social stigma and they couldn't get hired at Target or whatever.
Now Starbucks will hire you if you're trans.
There's really no reason to do it anymore.
But as far as them killing themselves, I have, I think, an interesting perspective on that.
I don't necessarily believe the suicide statistics coming out of that.
Because even conservatives, when they cite the suicide statistics, they cite them mainly from gay organizations.
That are just reporting what they want.
Right, and to like GLAAD and the Trevor Project and all these massive organizations that are pro-gay and pro-trans, they feel that if they put it out there that trans people are killing themselves, they think they're portraying a situation that trans people are victims.
And they think that's a good thing to portray them that way because it makes people have empathy and sympathy.
Whereas to the outside world, it just makes them look like suicidal ticking time bombs.
So there's so many numbers that come out of
So you ask the question, why is government pushing it?
I think just to confuse all the roles, get rid of the family, have human-animal hybrids, chimeras, I mean, I think it's just anything goes, basically.
Okay, yeah.
I mean, there's clearly a trajectory that they're on, right?
It's like trans is just one leg of it.
It's one piece of the puzzle.
And then again, the over-medicalization in general of the children.
I mean, if you have a kid who maybe isn't paying attention so much in class or just exhibiting normal behaviors, they're put on 60 milligrams of Adderall every day.
Just meth, you know, speed.
So we over-medicalize people in general.
Which is a huge problem.
Because there's profit.
People seem to be blind to the fact that there's a profit behind all the trans stuff.
And the mad scientist wants us to opt into experiments.
A massive profit.
This is the perfect way to do it.
The Nazi motherfuckers.
Sorry, I'm lost.
They are Nazi.
No, you're right.
That's what I got the playbook.
Nazi motherfuckers.
I was talking to Roseanne Barr the other day and she's like obviously big into Nazi history and all that because she's a Jew and she's against Nazis.
101, duh.
I read the news, she's for them.
Right, right, that was an amazing- Yeah, I am too, supposedly, but yeah.
I mean, Kanye was here, and you seemed like the most, like, pro-Jew person ever, compared to him.
How dare they?
I mean, that was nuts.
Well, I mean, the Jews aren't perfect, nobody is, but Hitler was really bad.
Like, yeah.
Right, right, I mean, that's just 101.
But, uh, but yeah, but Roseanne was telling me, it's like, you know, all this is just straight out of the Nazi playbook.
History, nothing's new under the sun.
Everything's a repeat of, like, history before.
But they're just taking it to the next level.
So where do you-
There you are with Roseanne Barr recently.
I love that.
Where do you see this ending?
Because they're doubling down, they've attached pedophilia to Tranz's agenda, which is a corporate agenda.
You know, you see the whole Dylan Mulvaney thing, and Anzor Bush.
I mean, if Anzor Bush had you as a spokesman, he probably would have increased their market cap.
Because you'd be like, hey, I love America, and I'm trans, and don't hate me.
People go, oh, I get that, but it's... That's my phone background.
Well, let me see it.
Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
Overhead shot?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, overhead shot, guys.
So this is what they probably should have done over at Bud Light, but they didn't do that.
I mean, Dylan Mulvaney's super creepy.
I think Mulvaney's trolling people or is mentally ill.
I mean, he has zero feminine aspects.
Well, that's the thing about most people getting psyoped into believing they're trans now.
You know, I felt this way without any influence.
Like, let me make that clear.
Like, what influence could I have had at four?
This was before anyone really knew what it was.
You know, this was something that was always persistent, whereas now... So you were into Barbies, you were, you know... Yeah, yeah, I was trying to steal my cousin's Barbies and all that.
So I was having visions of war and like, just when I was four, so I was a little, kind of male.
Whereas, you know, Dylan Mulvaney, there's videos of him being very, very comfortable being male on game shows and, you know, other videos he did.
Right, right.
Whereas, like, back before I transitioned, I would never be caught dead on camera.
I was scared of cameras.
I would never want to be seen because I was not comfortable.
You felt like it wasn't you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, it's a very human attribute.
As a species, we change our environment, we change ourselves.
And adults have a right to do that.
I respect that.
Right, just don't push it on kids, because otherwise you're going to hell for that.
Well, that's right.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to try to get you.
Because this is an amazing interview, Blair.
What else do you want to help me with?
We're so glad you're here.
And they'll go like, Jones is a hypocrite.
He had Blair White on.
He hates Trump.
No, I hate people targeting children, just like you do.
Right, right.
But I don't feel threatened when I go to sleep at night that you exist.
I feel good you exist.
I mean, it's at the end of the day, you know, you're either contributing positively to the world or you're not.
Thank you.
And what someone does with their own body without pushing it on someone else, it's like, what does that do to anyone but themselves?
I'll go with the spirit.
I don't feel threatened by you.
I feel good.
Because we're more than this, right?
We are.
We have spirits.
And I feel good.
When I see Bill Gates, I go, I'm going to war.
There's an instinctual, like, oh, that's the devil.
That's the bad guy.
Right, right.
And because we are more than this.
I struggle with spirituality, but I do believe we're more than this.
Well, we're gonna get you on board with Jesus.
We'll be right back with Blair White.
Stay with us.
Oh my God, they found the picture.
Amazing job.
That was great.
When castles towered over vast landscapes and knights championed honor and valor, there came an unforeseen darkness.
Amidst this impending doom stood a knight called Alex Jones, a brave and outspoken herald known as the Truth Sayer.
Sir Alex Jones was not alone.
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God designed this planet where we slowly genetically change, not their mainline evolution, but we do mutate.
White people are a mutation of black people.
That's in the scientific literature.
It's a fact.
So I'm not saying Blair White is some horrible mutant or abomination.
I'm simply saying that they're giving us shots now that make us allergic to meat for life.
That is a trans attack.
And so people that persevere and overcome what's been done to them,
You can only see them as a fellow human who's not a bad person.
What matters is what they stand for and what they do.
But make no mistake, this is genetic for most people.
They're trying to make a culture where, you know, in Oregon and Washington State, 40% of the kids say they're, quote, gay.
That's brainwashing.
And Blair talks about that.
That's being done on purpose.
But we cannot deny that the frogs want to have sex with male frogs because this chemical did it and it does it to humans.
We don't hate those frogs.
We hate the fact their population is plummeting and it's all about depopulation.
And the UN says this agenda is about us not having children and getting rid of people.
But then people that have been attacked, and we've all been hit in different ways, we don't then hate them.
We reach out to them as a coalition to understand what's being done to us.
We're being manipulated.
We're being controlled.
You wanted to get into a whole bunch of issues that are political, that are separate, because, you know, you're obviously trans and a very interesting, smart person, and we're obsessing on that the last hour.
We'll do 15 minutes the next hour, and then Drew Hernandez takes over.
You've got a lot of other things that just aren't about who you are and your identity, and I get it.
It's kind of like, if I was on the show, let's talk about how you're a man for two hours and what it's like.
What else is on your radar?
What else is going on?
I mean, just so much, you know.
Obviously, I feel like the entire planet went through a really, really terrifying
I don't
And now all of a sudden I'm seeing headlines about how, you know, blackouts may be the cure for climate change, you know, rolling blackouts.
And then I'm remembering, oh, when I lived in L.A., there was a lot of blackouts.
They were, like, shutting off the power in huge parts of the city for, like, a day at a time.
You know, and it was, like, a whole thing.
So... And the government districts are exempt.
So it's very interesting to me how, you know, people discount you a lot.
People discount both of us.
I mean, in many ways, we're underdogs.
But, you know, stuff like that.
I'm like, OK, you can say what you want about Alex Jones.
You can say what you want about whatever.
You're right about a lot of shit.
You know, it's I'd never heard of climate lockdowns until you said it to me in private with nothing else on camera, nothing.
And then all of a sudden it's coming out in the media that that's like clearly the trajectory they're on.
Well, I like to act smart, but they put it in all their documents.
So what do you think about Trump and the indictments and just America and the world in general?
I think, you know, I'm really scared of the election year.
I mean, the last election year was hell on earth.
You know, they shut the entire planet down for it.
It was terrifying.
So I'm not looking forward to living in fear.
God knows, I'm sure BLM will come back.
You know, I'm sure all the cities will be burning again.
Mostly peaceful.
Right, and then I'm sure everyone will be gaslit into thinking that the people who are just defending their house, defending their property, are the bad people.
And the people invading it and, you know, violating them in that way are the people you have to defend, which is insane.
I think of that couple, like with the guy, remember the viral couple with like- East St.
Louis, yeah.
Yeah, and I remember, like, just how- The McCluskeys.
Right, right.
I mean, their relationship goals for me, I mean, they were amazing, but I remember it was the wildest thing for me to see the way in which people reacted to them.
I'm like, in what world do you not react to rioters coming onto your yard by holding a gun and just letting them know- And breaking down your fence.
Well, that was why I left L.A., because it was just so unsafe.
And, you know, I had one, like, little, like, baby Glock when I lived there.
Now I have 20 guns on that I'm in Texas, because you can here.
But that's the point, that it's like these blue cities, you have to, you're forced to live in fear.
And you're gaslit into thinking that that fear isn't valid.
There was like a TikTok the other day.
Do you see the TikTok of, like, the woman who got spit on in San Francisco?
Yeah, talk about that.
In fact, pull that up.
I meant to cover that.
I mentioned it.
But yeah, another, people are getting beat up.
Yeah, and a lot of maybe, speaking of San Francisco, a lot of Asians are getting beat up by a white supremacist demographic as well.
So the amount of gaslighting that goes on is scary.
And just knowing how bad it can get, which was what we saw over the past few years, I'm not looking forward to the election year at all.
And I'm not looking forward to whatever societal consequences are gonna come from what happens, I'm genuinely asking, I don't know, what happens if
Trump wins from behind bars or, you know, because I don't think that's what needs to put him behind bars.
Let's talk about it.
They're going to try that.
You're as bad as I am, Blair White, about not promoting yourself on other shows.
I just did Jimmy the Bulgarvano for two hours yesterday.
It's going to air next week.
Oh, that's cool.
And I didn't realize until the very end, I never plugged InfoWars.com, or hey, I'm censored.
I'm still on air.
Please find the link.
Please share it.
That's key to fight the censorship.
You've not said one time where you're at.
BlairWhite, YouTube.com, forward slash Blair White, Twitter.com, forward slash MsBlairWhite, MsBlairWhite.com.
Yeah, so I have YouTube, I have Instagram, I have Twitter, I have a podcast channel.
And it's exploded?
Yeah, yeah, I've been very lucky to have, like, an amazing longevity with it.
Like I said, eight years.
I have over a million subscribers on my main channel, and I kind of have, like, a cult following, which is really cool.
And, you know, anything you want to see me talk about, I pretty much talk about it on there.
When I read the comments, when I've been on your show a few times, there's tens of thousands, like, I thought he hated me.
I thought he was, you know...
Right, but you know what, the gag of it is, I wouldn't even do an interview with you if I felt that way even a little bit.
So it's like, I was talking about this the other day with Roseanne actually, I don't remember if it was on camera or not, but it was, the people who are treated as the most villainous, like on sort of like the right side of the political spectrum, the libs who think they're like, these ones are the worst, they're usually the best people.
Whereas the ones who have the prettier image are behind the scenes evil.
So it's like you're villainized so much and you're actually a good person behind the scenes.
And I see a lot of other people who have, you know, pretty, you know, neutral images in the media, even by liberal standards.
And like, they're actually like the devils behind the scenes doing deviant shit and just being bad people.
So I could ask you a thousand questions.
We've got a few more segments left.
We'll go to some in the next hour.
But what else are you looking at?
What else are you concerned about?
I am concerned about AI.
I feel like we're right at the last few moments of anything being real.
Humans changing themselves is the least of our problems.
I mean, we got a robot takeover.
Well, I think we're literally living in the last days, and I say days literally, like probably the next year, of anything being real.
I mean, I've fallen for deepfake AIs.
I got a fake Tucker Carlson call and they spoofed the number.
And it's Tucker Carlson's number, he calls, he says, Tucker Carlson, I want to have sex with you.
And I'm like, Tucker, this is AI.
And that's all they got.
I mean, that's... I got it immediately.
I'm like, Tucker Carlson didn't... People kidnap a girl or they record her voice off TikTok, then call the mom.
Mom, help me, I've been kidnapped.
The mother gives them $100,000.
There's deep fake porn of me.
I get sent like, is this you in this video, in this picture?
And I'm like, no, I've never taken a nude image in my life, but there's deep fake porn.
So it's like, anyone can just be a porn star now, whether or not you partake in it at all.
So that's scary.
Terrifying, actually.
We need discernment now more than ever.
Blair White.
is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Blair White.
Blair White on YouTube, on Twitter.
MS Blair White.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Well, Blair White is in studio with us.
Really appreciate Blair White joining us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We have Drew Hernandez coming up here in about 30 minutes.
We'll do about 15 minutes the next hour.
You want to talk about God.
Let's talk about God, Blair.
Yeah, earlier we were just getting into this concept of being more than our bodies.
And obviously as someone who has, you know, done a lot to my body, I feel like maybe people would think I'm less connected to that concept because of it, but I actually think I'm more.
Because, you know, even though it helps me in like the trans aspect, it made me happier in that front, it doesn't actually bring you, you know, any deep sense of fulfillment, you know.
Right now, I feel like we live in a society that is very much focused on just, like, the shell.
And the older I get, I feel like it's apparent that we're more than just our bodies, which is why, like you said, if you're sitting in a room with me, you can, you know, have an instinctual, like, this is a good person.
And if you're sitting in a room with Bill Gates, you can get an instinctual need to, like, you know, fight or flight, basically.
So, that, I think, is proof we're more than our bodies, you know?
I agree.
Yeah, I just feel like, you know,
For a long time, I never said I was an atheist, but I definitely didn't really care about the concept of God, but with the way the world has gone the past two years, I find myself gravitating more towards it, you know?
Not necessarily in a religious sense, maybe I should, I don't know, but just in an overall spiritual sense.
Well, the system is religious, but there's a real spiritual sense that's happening.
Right, I mean all the political stuff we've been talking about this whole episode is all religion in many ways.
How do you see the corporate system?
Hitching its wagon to the transgender movement and all this.
How do you see that unfolding?
Because we have Greg Abbott signs law banning trans athletes from college sports amid Denton protests.
Protestors oppose Texas Governor Abbott's signing of Save Women's Sports Act.
And it just goes on and on.
Rhonda Sanders attempts to erase trans people from Florida schools is now underway.
Governor, it just goes on and on.
I mean, so many... Where do you see this fight going?
I think that it's going to continue, obviously, to be a state-by-state thing, and different states are going to have different laws.
I mean, those are examples, of course, of right-wing states pushing back, but you look at the blue states, and California is a sanctuary state for trans kids.
You can take your kid and get a sex change in California, whereas you can't in Florida, which is insane.
I mean, I believe in state rights, but the idea that the state has the right to abuse children, I don't think that falls under a state right.
So it's pretty terrifying.
I mean, there is that case, you probably, you've heard of this case.
There was like the dad who lost custody of his child.
Yeah, that was here.
I mean, look at Washington State, where they're gonna take kids and not tell the parents where they are.
Right, but then anyone who thinks that that's not connected to communism, I mean, that's basic 101, that's the state feeling like they have ownership over your child.
You belong to the state, you don't belong to your family, you don't belong to your parents.
So, yeah, the whole world is trending in that direction.
So I'm not saying I'm super alpha male masculine, but I think I am masculine.
When I was three, four, five years old, my earliest memories were like war and fighting and, and, and, and, and like weapon systems and guns without even, even people, my parents weren't trying to get me to be like that.
I was like.
Super aggressive in politics, history.
I was attracted to geopolitical systems.
I was totally like on fire with masculine energy.
What was it like for you when you were little?
You were like, what were you attracted to?
You said you were this proclivity towards a feminine very early.
What was it like?
Yeah, you know, I definitely had, like, the world wanting to suppress it a bit.
You know, my dad didn't want, like, a kid like that.
He wasn't abusive towards me because of it, but, you know... What were you doing, though?
You were like... Oh, yeah, I would steal my cousin's Barbies.
I would, you know, watch shows that were, you know, marketed towards young girls.
You know, all that stuff, you know, all the sort of typical 101, but the deeper part of that is...
Like, these libs will use things like that as a reason to trans a kid.
Because, but at the end of the day, there are gay boys that like the color pink.
You know?
There are, you know, gay men who like those shows or do feminine things.
So, it is deeper than that, you know?
And so, I think that that goes into your argument that there clearly is, like,
I don't know.
Clearly if they're all doing it, it's not like a choice.
Like they have those natural tendencies.
So that's chemical.
You know, your body instructs, your brain instructs how to walk.
So men walk a certain way, women walk a certain way.
And the brain kind of instructs that because we're also built differently.
So wider hips on women, more shoulders on men.
And so that's how you walk.
Men walk with their shoulders, women walk with their hips.
So if you see a population of males walking with their hips, you can assume it's probably something chemical.
And we know it is.
You asked a question we first got on over an hour ago.
Why is the government pushing it then?
Because I think they don't want the human system.
We're not mad at anybody that's going against that, or who are quote, been affected by this, but there is an agenda to end the nuclear family.
Oh for sure!
And you know what?
It's so crazy because that's something I was aware of even like as a really young kid.
I would watch TV shows and I remember actually picking up on the fact that fathers were devalued.
Like as a kid I'd be like, why is every dad in every show a clown?
Why is every dad in every show like, you know, fat and gross and like, you know, the butt of the joke and then, you know, the woman can do no wrong.
I picked up on that very young.
I was like, okay, there's clearly a characterization happening here.
I don't
I don't know.
With, you know, unfiltered access to social media, Twitter, you know, X, Instagram.
I mean, the amount of crazy stuff I scroll past that I probably even subconsciously filter out because I'm just so desensitized to it.
These kids are seeing it for the first time and it's probably traumatizing them in many ways.
What do you think of Elon Musk?
I don't know him, but I think that he shouldn't have changed the name to X.
Do you think it's for real?
For real, I feel like it could be a phase.
I feel like many of the people that kind of start making more sense, it's almost a phase, and they kind of go in and out of it.
Because to me, if you're not that way from start, like if you don't see the world kind of for what it is, I understand people wake up all the time, but like, I've always had sort of an instinctual, you know, intuition about what's evil and what isn't, and I've always been pretty much right, you know?
So if you don't have that for all the years that he was in Hollywood... A leopard can't change his spots.
Right, right.
I mean, I guess I kind of did in some ways, but yeah, 100%.
You know, so I don't ever trust necessarily the people who jump ship.
I mean, look at Kanye.
Everyone was hailing him, and then he had like a, you know, crazy episode.
Now everyone kind of just is acting like it didn't happen, you know?
These celebrities like to jump out, but at the end of the day, it's almost always a phase.
And I guess he's more than a celebrity, but still.
When you're gone later, we'll be on for another 20 minutes or so, think about what you wanted to say and say it now.
You know, in my mind, before I came here, I was thinking, the main thing I would like to impart on people is individualism.
You know, I believe in individualism, not collectivism, and that's how I've lived my life, that's why I'm here, and that's why I can be myself, be a transsexual, but not be part of the trans community, not be part of a movement.
I think that everything sort of derails when people start seeing themselves through a collective and using we as a pronoun.
We should not be a pronoun.
You shouldn't ever be talking for, from, or within a group.
Speak for yourself.
And also understand that there's nothing political about trans other than the fact that liberals have made it political like they do with every group.
Just like they make black political.
They make gay political.
They make straight white men political.
Who we are isn't inherently part of some
Like political football or tribe like that.
Who we are should be like closer to our true selves, which is so much more than all of that.
I agree with you.
When we come back, we'll do 15 more minutes, but 30 seconds left.
How often does your podcast come out?
Oh, I do a podcast once a week.
I also post on my main channel all the time.
I'm pretty active on all my stuff and right now I'm working on so many things.
Everyone should go watch the podcast with me and Roseanne.
It's so funny.
I just put that on my channel as well.
I haven't seen that yet, but that looks great.
So funny.
When did that happen?
That was like a few days ago.
So Blair White, Roseanne Barr, everybody can find it.
Yeah, on my channel, youtube.com slash BlairWhiteX.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion, paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration global social score complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI
We're good to go.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars.
And so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this, KE, will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
It's not true!
That's impossible!
Search your feelings.
You know it to be true.
You're a white male!
I'm 1776.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones.
Move, bitch!
Get out the way!
We pledge allegiance to one
And that flag is the American flag.
Infowars helped fuel the rumor that President Obama is an ISIS supporter.
It's been a cozy relationship from the beginning.
I will not let you down.
You'll be very, very impressed, I hope.
And I think we'll be speaking a lot.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
This means that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones!
We interrupt this broadcast with a special report from the front lines of the Info War.
Attempts have been made to neutralize the Info Warrior known as Alex Jones.
Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
We know where the bodies are buried, folks.
We're receiving reports that Alex Jones has broken through the front lines and is now heading toward the broadcast studio.
All efforts to silence him have failed.
Emerging victorious against the New World Order, here's your host, Alex Jones.
Find the InfoWars transmission at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
And now for Troyer.
Where darkness spreads its tendrils across the universe, one hero rises against the immeasurable might of the globalists.
Tune in and trust in the power of the truth to lead us to victory in the great Infowar.
Prepare for the ultimate battle for truth with today's War Room broadcast.
Now, it's your host, Owen Schroyer and his intrepid crew.
Find the show and share the links at infowars.com forward slash show.
All right, the great Drew Hernandez coming up here in about 10 minutes.
I'm going to skip this next break.
Owen Troyer comes up in about 53 minutes with The War Room.
Blair White is here in studio with us challenging the whole globalist narrative and the trans agenda targeting our children.
We got 10 minutes left until Drew Hernandez takes over.
We're skipping the break so he has more time.
We'll skip the last network break too so he gets all his time back.
Always love hearing from Drew Hernandez.
But you wanted to get into the Santas, Trump, the election, not just obsessed on the trans issues.
So you got the floor, Blair.
Take it away.
Well, we can talk about anything, but I was just thinking, it's interesting how for a minute I felt like I was gravitating towards DeSantis because of how we handled the pandemic versus Trump, which is, you know, Trump is the king of the vaccine in many ways.
But now I feel like the energy for me is shifting back towards Trump.
I wanted to see how you felt about that.
Like, are you, what's like the way forward?
Is it Trump?
When DeSantis was being himself, he was doing a great job.
As soon as he got Jeb Bush and Karl Rove on his team, it was like he was a deflated balloon.
Yeah, and he really proved people right when they were saying that he was the establishment choice and he was this and that because I didn't even necessarily believe that at first.
I was like, how could he be establishment based on the way he handled the pandemic?
Because at a certain point... No, he wasn't established until he joined them to try to win.
Right, right.
They lied to him and said an indicted Trump, he can beat that?
I mean, a five-year-old could tell him that it's politically savvy.
Right, and if he hadn't made that choice, you know, I think he'd be in a much better position because at the end of the day, there was a point in time where I think the only free place on the planet, including some like third world countries, that was open during the lockdown was literally Florida.
You know, it's like the entire... That's a shame to watch himself immolate.
Yeah, it really is.
And, you know, Trump's not perfect, but there's just nothing for me like...
The Trump energy and the way he energizes like his side.
It's like, well, the whole power structure for indictments, you know, I mean, you know, the Georgia indictments imminent.
This is ridiculous.
But even that's scary.
I don't want to live in a country where you have, you know, presidential candidates getting each other arrested and shit like that's scary.
I agree.
So you say a lot on your podcast, I can ask questions all day, but what else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners?
How do you see, there's a backlash now against the leftist dehumanization, target the children, pedophilic thing, piggyback to the trans agenda.
How do you see this unfolding?
I mean, I would say just kind of place the backlash where it's deserved, right?
It's like, you know, there's people responsible for certain things, and then there's not, and then there's useful idiots, and then there's people being co-opted.
That would be me, you know?
So, it's like, just place it where it's deserved.
Criticize what's worth criticizing, you know?
And also, I think the argument can get weakened when people fight against children transitioning,
By also like throwing adult freedom and adult autonomy, bodily autonomy in with that, like out with the water, right?
It weakens it because it's then people just fight against all of it.
Well, it's how they lie and say conservatives are banning books.
No, the left's banning books and free speech everywhere.
On record, we're trying to ban eight year olds being given horrible pornographic books.
Right, but this is how they lie because in Tennessee,
Uh, there was a story, it was, oh, drag is being banned.
You know, people were DMing me and commenting, all my comments were like, when are you going to talk about Tennessee banning drag?
And I'm like...
Let me see.
So I look it up, and of course it's not banning drag at all, it's keeping it in over 18 clubs.
But that's the way they'll lie because it keeps that community of people living in this state of perpetual fear that the world is coming down on them, when in reality I don't think there's any rational, you know, way to think that... I agree.
Let's pull up the haunted face of the woman that transitioned to man.
She looks like a demonic clown.
And now they're suppressing the manifesto that we've got parts of that was anti-Christian and going and targeting a church, a school full of children.
That was a Christian hate crime and no one talks about that.
Talk about it.
If that was any other group of people that got shot up like that, any other school, not even people, it was children.
Children of people, you know what I mean.
Any other group, it would be called a hate crime against them, right?
If it was a mosque, it would be an anti-Muslim hate crime.
If it was a synagogue, name any group, right?
So I just don't like even that, the sort of minimization of that, because that's what it was at the end of the day.
That was the first thing I thought.
You can put the word trans in it.
I'm like, this was a Christian hate crime.
This was a girl who clearly was unwell, but she had resentment and hatred towards Christians.
Can we put up the Tennessee shooter?
It's that haunting photo where she looks like a total clown, and she looks so haunted while she's killing these kids.
Yeah, yeah.
It's so scary.
Right, and not to make a no true Scotsman fallacy here, but when I look at her, I'm like, so what exactly makes this person trans?
Because now they make that definition so clear.
Look at that face.
Literally, the devil.
I watched the video of her getting taken out and looked at the pictures a few times, because I was like, thank God.
But I look at that person and I'm like, I get that they say that they're trans, but having pronouns in your bio doesn't really make you trans.
Well, what did the psychiatrist do to this poor woman?
I mean, look at this.
Look, a beautiful young lady turns into this.
Right, and there's clearly like- Shooting six-year-olds.
Right, and have they released like what drugs she was on at all?
Because you know- No, they admit she was on a bunch of drugs.
What were they, like psychotics?
They said it was antidepressants.
Which on the drug says can make you do psychotic stuff.
Right, it's like people don't understand.
I've never met someone who takes
No offense to anyone who takes antidepressants and makes that choice, and maybe it's good for them.
Like I said, what's good for you is good for you, me for me.
But I've never met anyone who, from the outside looking in, seems to benefit from antidepressants.
I've been very honest about my life.
I've drank way too much.
I love tobacco.
And I've taken hallucinogens a few times.
I tried cocaine a couple times.
It made me so sick in high school and college, I never did it again.
But I had a girlfriend in college that took Prozac.
So I thought, let me see what this feels like.
They claim it has to build up.
I took one Prozac pill one day, another a few days.
I was in a dream that week.
When I took Prozac for one week, I was like, didn't even remember it.
Like, I mean, they say it doesn't even kick in for a month.
What must that be like?
And also, a lot of, you know, I was on, just to be very transparent, I was on a little bit of an Adderall kick a while ago, where, you know, I was maybe taking Adderall for a week or two to get a lot of work done, and I couldn't believe, it was my first time taking it, and I couldn't believe what it was doing.
I felt like I was on crack, and I think about, like, they're putting kids on it.
Little kids.
I don't know.
Taking this drug to not kill yourself might make you kill yourself.
It's like, then why take it?
It doesn't make sense to me.
Well, we've got about 60 seconds left.
We're going to skip this break.
Blair White, thanks for coming in.
I'd love to come back on your show back when I was censored years ago.
You were the first host to have me on.
I appreciate that.
Any other things you'd like to add?
No, I just, you know, am very thankful to be here.
You know, it's been a long time coming.
Obviously, we did a remote one like eight years ago, so it's just cool to be here and we'll do more stuff in the future.
And thanks to everyone for hanging out.
What are you doing next on your podcast?
Just running my mouth.
All right.
Well, don't run off.
I'm going to introduce Drew Hernandez.
I'm going to say bye to you and your crew.
And then Owen's coming up in about 45 minutes.
Owen Troyer.
Blair White.
You can find Blair White's website at msblairwhite.com or twitter.com forward slash msblairwhite or on youtube.com forward slash Blair White.
Thank you so much, Blair.
Of course.
Thanks for having me.
Again, this is going on.
This is happening.
We need to discuss it.
We don't want to kill each other.
We'd have an open discussion about who represents who and not let the left misrepresent who they control and what's going on.
That's what Christ would want is for all of us to be open and have a discussion.
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And now,
The mighty syndicated talk show host and patriot and pastor Drew Hernandez takes over right now.
Alex Jones, thank you for having me again.
Here you are on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, the most banned transmission
In the universe!
My name is Drew Hernandez, your guest host for the remainder of the fourth hour before the legendary Owen Schroyer, the Kuk Destroyer, shows up on The Infamous, according to who you ask, or the famous War Room.
But guys, let's like really ask the fundamental question that Pontius Pilate
was asking himself when he was on the verge of crucifying Jesus Christ, and it's a very fundamental question that we see fact-checkers attempting to dictate, that we see authoritarian regimes attempt to dictate, not only here in the United States of America, deep state, global cabal, CCP, and their authoritarian digitized state of all their surveillance state, big brother, always monitoring everything, whether it's in the 20th century, the 21st century, the 19th, 18th,
Human history dealing with authoritarianism, it's always fundamentally based on one thing.
And that is the question of what is truth?
And people have to ask themselves this question, not only every single day, but when you get into a realm in your life where you start to really open up your mind to what happens when we die?
What happens when this is all over?
What happens in the future?
What happens to my family?
What are the consequences to certain actions, not only in society, but in a family unit?
Every single one of these questions surrounds, or thoughts, surrounds around the question of what is truth?
Now we know truth is the ultimate defining reality of what the fact of the matter literally is, whether you're dealing with religion, whether you're dealing with God, whether you're dealing with
Politics, whether you're dealing with a situation, whether you're dealing with media, whether you're dealing with gender, sex, whether you're dealing with biological realities, it doesn't matter.
Whatever you're dealing with, you have to always fundamentally ask yourself, what is the fact of the matter here?
Now, the big question here in the debate that everyone has been having, I mean, that everyone has been having in human history for thousands of years is, well, who gets to determine what is true?
Is it the state?
Is it Big Brother?
Is it the media?
More recently?
Is it Big Tech and the fact checkers?
Is it Joe Biden?
Is it Kamala Harris?
Is it Donald J. Trump?
Is it Infowars?
Is it Alex Jones?
Is it Drew Hernandez?
Is it your favorite commentator, whether left or right?
What is truth?
Who gets to determine what is true?
Who gets to determine what is righteous?
Who gets to determine ultimately what is objectively 100% accurate when it comes to a perfect, perfect bullseye determining the truth.
Now this is why people strive to land on the target and land on the bullseye of absolute 100% fact.
And we know that those that are seeking to determine those facts, that are vetting those facts, to communicate those facts, those are the ones that either get A, extremely demonized and slandered and discredited, and you see this on a daily basis, anyone that's honestly a truth speaker, that finds the fact of the matter that they're talking about, gets absolutely obliterated, destroyed,
They will not be and they shall not be listened to because that is how an individual gets jacked outside of the matrix.
But the other response is an individual will be greatly respected.
An individual will be seen as someone that is a trusted source of information that does vet their own information that is willing not only to seek the truth but communicate the truth at the cost of getting destroyed and obliterated.
You get respected for such an act like that.
And especially if you're a part of this movement where people are truly awakening to this truth of reality, of God, of the universe, the multi-dimensional world that we live in.
It's one of two.
It's one of two.
You're either going to get demonized or you're going to get well-respected by an individual.
But a truth speaker, a truth seeker gets hit with both.
But ultimately, we don't worship, man.
We don't serve a human being.
We're not trying to please human beings because the fear of man is a snare according to the Bible?
Now, what does that mean?
When Pontius Pilate, when, you know, a Roman, you know, a Roman captain and leader at the time was faced with the question, you know, what is truth?
When Jesus checked him, this guy was hit right in between the eyes, could not even answer it within himself.
What is true, especially in this situation?
Because we have an innocent man here that has no crimes according to Rome, but Rome viewed Jesus Christ as a threat to the state, the ultimate insurrectionist, because he was riling up the Jews.
He was a revolutionary Jew that was causing an uproar, not only in Jerusalem and Galilee and all of the spots that Jesus did his human ministry,
But also the Jews, the religious zealots of the day, the Pharisees and the Sadducees were pushing for the execution of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
So when Pontius Pilate was put in this position, he was ultimately presented with the fundamental question that we all ask ourselves every single day.
What is truth?
Now, when you peel that back, theologically speaking, the same one that prompted that question in the mind of Pontius Pilate in such a serious time in his life,
About to crucify an innocent man and murder an innocent man publicly, he ultimately caved, and this was all according to the will of God, he ultimately caved to the fear of men.
To the religious Sadducees, the radicalized Jews of the day that were pushing for the crucifixion and execution.
Of an innocent man.
That's the gospel message, okay?
That's all according to God's will.
He was offered up as the innocent lamb of God for the sacrifice and the forgiveness of sins for all of mankind for eternity.
But it's based on whether you receive that free gift or not.
It's by faith alone.
Grace, not of works, lest any man shall boast.
But when that fundamental question, when your reality gets breached,
Like when Pontius Pilate, his reality was breached in that moment, maybe never even thought about that ever in his lifetime.
What is truth?
It's a Christ pill moment.
It's a red pill moment.
It's a God pill moment.
It's the ultimate moment where truth does breach the mind.
You will not be red-pilled if you are not dealing in truth.
You will not be Christ-filled if you are not fundamentally dealing in truth.
You can't dance around it.
You can't thwart it.
You can't debate it.
You cannot debate the truth and win.
Because if you do, ultimately, you will have to result to lies, slander, and anything but the truth, in order to give an illusion that what you're saying is the truth.
But if the ultimate fact of the matter is something opposite of what you're saying, then you, my friend, are a liar and a deceiver.
And that's not where we want to be.
We want to be on the side of Christ, ultimately.
Every single day and every single situation, every single ideology has to be filtered and has to stand up against the Bible.
If you are a self-proclaimed Christian, this is the reality of your existence.
You are a truth-bearer.
You are an agent of truth, an agent of Christ.
You are an individual that must deal with truth every single day of your life.
Now the reason why this is important to understand is because, well, Jesus Christ comes along and says, I am the way, the truth, and the life.
Jesus Christ comes along and says, and no man comes to the Father except through me.
Jesus Christ comes along and claims to be, ultimately, exclusively, the truth of mankind, fundamentally.
Jesus Christ comes along and says, I am the fact.
Of the matter of the universe.
I am the one, the architect.
I am the Alpha and the Omega.
I am the beginning and the end.
I am eternal life.
I am the bread of life.
I am the eternal water of life.
I am.
Christ is the origin.
God is life.
Christ is life.
Who ultimately understands and holds the future.
Who ultimately understands the past perfectly.
He is the author of mankind.
His will will ultimately always win in the end.
No matter what humans say.
No matter what humans think.
God will always be right.
And listen.
I'm going to be honest.
If God before us, who could be against us?
But the way that I view that is I don't expect God to be on my side because I'm not perfect.
I don't get it down right all the time.
That's why I have to ask him for help.
That's why I have to take my ridiculous weak mind and bring it to him, the truth.
So I make sure I'm on his side!
I'm on his side!
I'm weak!
I'm powerless!
I'm nothing without Christ!
I have nothing!
Literally nothing!
I want to be on his side every single day.
So when you're talking about truth, who is the truth?
If Christ is the truth, that means his word is what?
The Bible says, is truth!
His word is true!
It's a lamp to your feet!
It's a guidance!
It's a path!
Here in this human experience that we have, not only in life temporarily, but in life eternally.
Who's got the blueprints?
Who's got the blueprints for the universe?
Who's got the blueprints for the multi-dimensional universe that we all know exists?
Because you can interface with it.
I don't recommend you do, because you start dealing with demonic activity and powers.
And if you're not a born-again Christian, you will not shake them.
You will be tormented.
We'll be tormented.
A lot of people wake up to this reality when they start dabbling with the occult and witchcraft and mediums and interfacing with spirits that claim to be their grandpa from World War II.
They're all demonic beings that have been around longer than you and I have been alive.
These demonic powers, Lucifer, they have perfect theology.
You say, Drew, whoa, what does that mean?
Oh, these beings have been in the presence of God in eternity.
Before mankind was even established.
They know who God is.
That's why they are masters at manipulating the truth.
God is truth.
God is life.
Christ is truth.
Christ is life.
What is the reality?
Who is reality?
Who made reality?
These are fundamental questions that the Bible reveals to every single one of us.
And, of course, there will be a pushback.
And, of course, there will be a rebellion.
And, of course, there will be, well, that's just all mythological.
Is it?
Then why has this existed for so long?
Then why have some of the most prominent men in human history that were confronted by the historical figure of Christ been confronted with this fundamental question, what is truth in Saul, Jesus Christ?
The Bible will always be right in the end.
God will always be correct in the end.
You're dealing with the New World Order, you're dealing with the Antichrist, you're dealing with the satanic, anti-human agenda that is an attack on God.
Those made in God's image, biological males, biological females, getting twisted, perverted, distorted.
It's an ultimate attack on God.
You read Psalms Chapter 2,
The fallen world, those that are not born again, are not at war with Trump.
They're not at war with America.
They're not at war.
Well, fundamentally, yes, they are.
But ultimately, their war is not with patriotism.
Their war is ultimately against Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, because the ultimate showdown in the end, when the New World Order is fully installed, when the Antichrist
Rises and is installed, which the Bible says he will enter into the third Jewish temple in Israel, the state of Israel.
Right now, the Temple Mount is empty when it comes to a Jewish temple.
You got the Temple Mount up there.
The Muslims have their religious site.
But there is no third Jewish temple.
There is no third Israeli temple, which they are pushing for.
You will watch the Antichrist according to the Bible.
He will deceive the Jews.
He will deceive the State of Israel.
They will receive him as Messiah.
And they will not even understand and realize that they are accepting Satan with open arms.
But why that's fundamentally imperative to understand is that when this New World Order is installed, this anti-human
Agenda is installed.
It will be the epicenter in the Middle East.
It will be predominantly in Jerusalem, Old City, Jerusalem.
The Bible targets this very specifically.
He will go into the third Jewish temple that will be built again, because in human history you only see two.
There will be a third one that will be erected, that will be established.
The Antichrist will ultimately walk into it.
He will sit in the Holy of Holies and declare himself to be God.
And at that point, the Jews will realize that they've been deceived and they've made a huge mistake because salvation will come to the House of Israel and to the tribes, the 12 tribes, and God will save them in a remnant.
But that deception and that level of deception and the installation of the New World Order where you see
This fall of humanity, and you see this fall, it comes alongside of it.
Yes, you see the mark of the beast.
You see this mark in the right hand and in the forehead.
You will not be able to access the economy, the cashless society, not only in one region of the world.
This will be worldwide enforced.
But alongside, you will see, the Bible does say, especially particularly in the times of the Antichrist, lawlessness will abound.
Now, is that only law and order falling in a country?
Is that a police state installed?
Yes, there will be an authoritarian, psychotic machine that the world has never seen before.
But you will see total degeneracy at the same time because it will be lawlessness also in the heart.
It'll be lawlessness also with those casting away the law of God, casting away morality that they've been given because God's law has been written on our hearts.
These end times will be accompanied with a lawlessness that you have never even seen or experienced before.
That the world, that planet Earth,
That's why Jesus came out and said, as in the days of Noah shall be these times, these times of the end of the world, the times of the Antichrist, the end days.
And they'll probably be even worse because you see Romans chapter one and you see the ultimate degeneracy.
You see the attack on traditional biological marriage, getting traded in for something perverted, inverted and disgusting.
Which is also accompanied with mass mental illness and mass instability.
That's what the so-called trans movement literally is, whether it's adult or child.
That's literally what it is.
And the truth is gonna hurt, but the truth is gonna unlock.
An open rebuke is better than concealed with love.
The Christian is given the task to expose and unveil what is being done in the darkness.
And all of these are New World Order antichrist systems that are meant to depopulate the earth and plunge humanity into a place of desperate, desperate times to where you accept and you willfully accept the authoritarian regime yourself.
Has God not mandated biological procreation in the context of holy matrimony between a biological male and a biological female?
Is that biblical doctrine from the very beginning of mankind?
Anything outside of that is not only heretical,
I would go as far to say doctrines of demons because it's anti-Christ.
It's the literal opposite of what God has instituted for mankind from the very beginning, from the very jump, from the very start of who we are as a civilization.
This is fundamental to our existence.
That's why it's depopulation.
That's why on a scientific, on a physical, biological level, it is depopulation.
You will not, you cannot have a society
That has a future that does not practice biological procreation, especially in the context of holy matrimony.
You will spread disease.
You will have to result to abducting children.
You will have to eventually result to going back to biological procreation, biological male, biological female, because the homosexual community, the so-called trans community, which is all just gay anyways,
Has no biological future.
That's just the reality of this situation.
Now, is that what God desires?
Because we can't sit here and say, well, we're anti-depopulation, but we're not going to address this part of it.
As a Christian, like I said, who gets to fundamentally determine what is truth?
Now, is telling the truth to someone, is that hate?
Well, that's how the Deep State and the authoritarian regime is seeking, and the New World Order is seeking, to define that.
Truth is hate.
Truth is hate.
Hate is truth.
They're defining, that's why fact-checkers all over Facebook, that's why it doesn't matter whether you're talking about kids or an adult, it doesn't matter!
Across the entire board, they're creating protected classes because it's about censorship and shutting down anyone that comes out and what?
Tells the truth!
Is the truth meant
To be a sniper bullet of hate?
Or is the truth meant to be, metaphorically I'm speaking, a sniper bullet of truth and love in order to unlock the mind of those that are deceived?
I would argue the Bible does teach that truth is meant to unlock those that are deceived.
Because every single one of us that have come to Jesus, that have given our lives to Jesus, we all were degenerate at one point in our lives.
So when we move forward, we don't walk in our past.
We don't walk in the powerless inability of our past.
But I will tell you, no one's perfect.
But if you are living a double life, you have no power.
That's why you don't believe you have the power to speak the truth of God.
Doesn't mean you have to be perfect, but the Bible is very clear.
You must be authentic about your profession in Christ.
Obviously, you're going to struggle a little more than others or less than others.
That's all determined between you and God.
But you never sacrifice the truth.
And you will only sacrifice the truth if you yourself are compromised.
That's it!
Doesn't mean you have to be, because, you know, what they call in theological circles, what I'm describing is what they call hyper-grace.
Hyper-grace is the teaching in belief where no matter how bad something is, no matter how degenerate something is, no matter what, you don't address it righteously, you don't address it with any righteous discipline, you don't address it with any kind of
Righteous unveiling.
You just allow it to keep going and going and going.
Give it a pass.
Give it a pass.
Give it a pass.
And nothing changes.
That's not fundamentally what the Bible teaches.
The Bible teaches repentance and acknowledge of truth and acknowledge of sin and acknowledge of your fallen state.
And this not only goes beyond when you coming to Christ and you become born again, this goes beyond, this is part of what theologically we call your sanctification process.
So now you go from, okay, I'm redeemed, I'm forgiven, I'm declared righteous, I'm positionally righteous and perfect before God.
My position before God.
I'm no longer at enmity with God.
I am positionally perfect.
If I were to die today, I'm going straight to heaven because of the blood of Jesus Christ is my salvation.
I am positionally there.
But as we live this Christian experience, now you enter into the realm of sanctification.
So now you grow in holiness, you grow in righteousness, you grow as a Christian, you grow in your discernment, you grow in your biblical understanding, you grow in how to live a Christ-honoring life.
You're not this perfect little holier-than-thou person, but you do grow in holiness.
Anyone that comes out and claims to be a Christian and comes out and says, well, you know, God just forgives me and I just continue to live like hell every single day, you're a blasphemer of Christ!
That renders the gospel powerless because the gospel is not only the power to forgive sin, but to free from sin.
Now, everyone has their own path.
Everyone has their own journey.
But as a Christian, we cannot sit here and compromise the truth because, A, we're compromised ourselves.
And if you are, you need to repent and come to Christ.
And not shame others that are walking with Christ
Walking in holiness and truly fighting on that front.
We fight against the New World Order, but I'll tell you, this personal walk with Christ, you fight.
You fight this holy war.
That's why the Bible says, flee youthful lusts.
That's why the Bible says, flee unrighteousness.
That's why the Bible says, really?
You're either a slave to sin or you're a slave to God.
It's either or.
So, you know, what I'm giving you guys is
Theology, I'm giving you guys some fundamental Christian teachings in the Bible, and it's gonna offend people, but at the end of the day, like I said when we opened up the show, who gets to determine what is true?
You see, I, on one hand, believe that Jesus Christ not only is a accurate historical figure, it's very hard to disprove that.
Extremely hard.
It is very hard to disprove
The historical reality of Jesus Christ, an actual historical figure, and man, there's a reason why in the first century you do not see any atheism.
You don't.
I challenge anybody.
Find me some atheism in the first century.
The first hundred years of the existence of the Church.
Show me one piece.
of atheism in the form of Christ doesn't exist.
Christ, God in human flesh, doesn't exist.
Fine, show me, show me.
You want to know why?
Because as famous as that man was in Galilee, and you know, a lot of us think, oh man, I only have 500 followers.
I only have a thousand followers.
I only have 5,000 followers on Instagram.
That's nothing compared to the people that have a million.
You understand that Jesus had
Somewhere upwards, a lot of theologians believe around, I mean, he fed the 5,000, he fed the 7,000.
Some theologians believe Jesus had crowds up to 10,000 people following him at once on foot.
No social media, no TV, no radio, all word of mouth, and the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of men at that time, because the Son of God was walking planet Earth.
How do you deny that?
How do you deny the multiple eyewitness accounts, not only by the religious zealots and the Jews?
Hey, even Nicodemus is a historical figure.
Caiaphas, the high priest, is a historical figure.
Jesus Christ, a historical figure as well.
Pontius Pilate, a historical figure as well.
All of the famous Bible characters of the New Testament.
Especially during the time of Jesus Christ on planet Earth, can be 100% authentically, historically verified.
And you will not see people trying to say that Jesus Christ didn't exist.
It would be like saying right now, in the 21st century, in 2023, 50 years from now, that Donald J. Trump didn't exist.
You see what I'm saying?
Doesn't that sound absurd?
Like 50 years from now?
100 years from now?
Donald Trump was not an actual historical figure.
Really, right?
And even right now, fast forward, what do we got, 70 plus years later?
Imagine coming out and trying to say, well, Adolf Hitler didn't exist.
He wasn't a real person.
He was just a mythological figure that people drew up in their minds.
Does that sound absurd to anybody?
70 years?
We're approaching 100 years later?
The point is, it's the ultimate reality.
It's very hard to disprove Jesus Christ being a historical figure, but the big question is, was he God?
Because that's what got him crucified.
That's what got him murdered.
What was the ultimate charge?
What drove
The religious Jews and the Pharisees over bored when it came to Jesus.
Okay, he was healing on the Sabbath.
That's blasphemy.
Okay, he's not really one of us.
This kid is a revolutionary.
He's going against our laws and traditions that go outside the Old Testament books of the Bible.
All right, this guy's a he they viewed him as a heretic.
But what was it that ultimately drove him?
Over the edge.
It was that he claimed to be God.
He claimed to be God in human flesh.
I am the I am.
He claimed to be equal with God the Father.
He claimed to be deity.
That's what drove the religious Jews of the day to murder Jesus Christ.
You see, that's the fundamental question that everybody has to ask themselves.
Number one, not only does Jesus exist, is God even real?
But also,
Is Jesus Christ God?
Because if he's not God, then I have no hope, I have no power, I have no assurance of salvation.
Because you gotta ask yourself, this is the ultimate Christ pill for a lot of people that they don't understand.
If Jesus Christ is truly God, if Jesus Christ is truly a historical figure, his life, his death, burial,
And what does that mean?
What does that mean?
Was he just a religious historical figure?
Like, what does that really mean?
What are the implications that you could literally prove the historical resurrection of Jesus Christ?
People saw him alive, the same guy that was murdered publicly, executed by the Romans, colluded by the Jews and the religious zealots of the day, instigated, conspired.
Those same people, that same public that watched him ride in on the donkey on Palm Sunday,
Hosea, Hosea, Hosea in the highest!
He's here!
Our king is here!
They thought they had a human king!
Oh no, he's a failure!
Look at him!
He's not our king!
He's being crucified by the Romans!
Take yourself down from there!
We thought you were a king!
You claimed that you were going to usher in the kingdom!
You said you were going to destroy the temple!
You claimed that you were going to revamp everything!
We thought you were the one!
They turned the saint... This was public!
Thousands of people that publicly
Viewed him as the king of the Jews, then mocked him in their arrogant, ignorant minds when they didn't realize he is the eternal king of the Jews.
And he will usher in the eternal kingdom of heaven.
And he will return and reign and rule, but he had to take care of sin first.
What does that mean?
What does that mean when there are multiple thousands of eyewitnesses historically that not only watched him identify as a king, they received him as a king, but because he got captured by the Romans, crucified and publicly humiliated by the Romans, they threw him aside, they cast him aside, they began to mock him.
Look at him, look at you, you piece of trash!
We thought you were our guy!
We thought you were our guy!
And those same people, the same one that they received, then turned their back on because he was publicly executed, saw him resurrected.
Man, you have to really deal with this.
This is a historical reality.
If this is true, which it is for me because I've
Dug into this, I have tried so hard to find a problem with this and can only come to the conclusion, okay, not only is this real, but Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave.
Like, dude, the implications of this is he's not just a historical figure, he's not just a revolutionary religious figure, he's not just some kind of
You know, anti-establishment figure that had a following and then died?
If he rose from the grave, then he must be really God.
Because who has the keys to life?
Who has the keys to defeat death?
Who really has that?
Not only to claim eternal life, but to come out and deliver on eternal life.
He is the path.
He is the way.
That's why he claimed, I am the truth.
So, the reason why, you know, I wasn't planning on breaking this down today, but I think the reason why we are living in such a critical time, we're going against the New World Order, we're going against
False gods.
We're going up against false ideologies, false gospels.
We're going up against anti-Christ systems.
That's what the New World Order is, biblically.
Anti-Christ systems, ideas, ideologies.
When you address homosexuality, when you address the death jabs, when you address the so-called trans issue, whether it's kids or adults,
Like, I love people enough to sit here and say, yeah, I don't want to see you mutilating your body.
Why is it that when a young kid becomes a cutter, or even an adult, when a young kid or an adult becomes a cutter, you guys know what I'm talking about.
It's demonic.
It's satanic.
It's sad.
I was a youth pastor for six years and I had to deal with this with the youth and our youth group.
These young kids get these ideas in their minds where they're depressed and they're hurt.
There's something inside of them that's driving them to suicide or trying to relieve the pain by slitting their wrists.
You guys have seen people like this.
The kids in our youth group, they would, you know, I'd have to talk to their parents about this because their whole arms, their whole wrists, mutilated, sliced.
They would take it even to their necks.
They would take anywhere there was a vein on the back of their on the back of their knees or some of them would even go as far as their heels, their Achilles.
It's crazy stuff.
You know, when you see that, any person is like, oh, my gosh, dude, like, why are you doing that?
Like, what's going on in here?
That's not that's not the remedy.
The remedy to the broken heart, the remedy to the mental instability, the remedy to the depression, the remedy to what's going on in here is not a physical mutilation of your body.
Yeah, you might experience some kind of like relief of pain, maybe some kind of emotional temporary little high, but the pain always remains.
Why is it when we deal with cutters in the youth,
Or deal with cutters even in adults?
Oh, well, that's obviously demonic.
But when it comes to this, uh, so-called trans mutilation of genitals in youth and adults?
Oh, well, you know.
We gotta make sure we're not hurting anybody's feelings.
To me, arguably, I would say the hacking of genitals of children and adults is probably even worse and more satanic and antichrist than just cutting.
I would say that's taking it to the next level.
Oh, because you got something in here and you think that the remedy is physical to make it right again or to make you feel better.
Well, at the end of the day, fundamentally, as a Christian, that's a botch.
That's an attack of a human being made in the image of God, whether it's a child or not.
Because if you've been biologically engineered by God, this is the depopulation, this is the attack on God, this is the Antichrist agenda, and it must all be addressed!
Death jabs, like I said, abortion, murder, it must all be addressed!
Homosexuality, it must all be addressed!
The so-called trans movement, whether youth, minor, or adult, it must all be addressed!
Whether the climate cult,
Pulling fossil fuels.
All depopulation.
All depopulation.
Poisoning the food systemically.
Poisoning the water systemically.
Chemically destroying human beings.
It's an attempt to thwart the human race from the fundamental command that was given to mankind.
Be fruitful and multiply.
Be fruitful and multiply.
Holy matrimony.
Not in fornication.
Holy matrimony.
God established marriage.
So I guess the question is this.
What side are you on?
You have to decide.
Every single one of us have to decide every single day.
Determine what is true.
You'll find it.
The truth shall what?
Set you free?
Seek, knock, you will find.
Come to Christ because he is the truth.
Not the suggestion, but he is.
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