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Name: 20230809_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 9, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics such as censorship, free speech, alternative platforms like Parler and Rumble, and promoting their own brand of CBD oil called Rebel Zen. They also talk about fake news, the power of boycotts, the battle against the deep state, political situation in the US, global affairs, and the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on people's health. The show also covers military bases being flooded due to extreme weather, unification of different religious groups against certain agendas, geoengineering and its consequences, historical vaccine safety concerns, Rand Paul's office requesting an inspection of Fauci's house and laboratory, Chris Sky's views on the globalist agenda and United Non-Compliance Phase 3, and the dangers of central bank digital currency (CBDC).

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So you can pretend that you're not under attack.
You can pretend everything's fine.
You can pretend that the only universe that exists is Netflix.
But at the end of the day, you will be impoverished if you're lucky, and killed in most cases.
And you can play along with the system.
I think if you submit to their global social score and their ESGs and their castle society that you're somehow opting in so you'll be passed over by the system, you'll be left alone.
When it's you, historically, that lower the drawbridge to tyranny, that the tyrants will eat first.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Alex Jones.
So let's take Alex Jones.
You don't have to agree with everything Alex Jones says.
You don't have to agree with everything Alex Jones says.
I like Alex Jones.
I do too.
But I don't agree with everything Alex Jones says.
And you don't have to.
But Bill Maher, famously, and credit to him, said when Alex Jones got banned, he said we shouldn't be banning people.
He said, I hate Alex Jones, but Alex Jones should be allowed to talk.
Everyone should be allowed to talk in the town square.
Alex Jones, who is not my friend, and who tells crazy lies about me, is thrown off Twitter, I think, and Facebook, and a few other platforms.
I think he's going to be...
If you're a liberal, you're supposed to be for free speech.
That's free speech for the speech you hate.
That's what free speech means.
We're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country.
If you care about the real American shit, or you don't.
And if you do, it goes for every side.
I don't like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak.
Everybody gets to speak.
That's where we all need to be.
Reactions really incredible there.
Cheering for him being banned and not a single clap for him saying free speech should be corrected.
I think they kind of felt maybe, hopefully, they were a little ashamed of themselves going, oh yeah, crap, you're right.
But look at the automatic response.
We shut him down!
I feel like when they got Alex Jones, there was no safety net.
He is a warrior, and he continued fighting, and now he's back in the mainstream.
Good for him.
But he was renegaded to his own site with his own servers, streaming every day to small audiences after they axed him off YouTube.
No one defended him?
No one.
I was on vacation that day.
I was fishing out of the country, and the company that I worked for, which is supposedly in favor of free speech, said not one word in his defense.
And it's like, first they came for Alex Jones, I didn't care because I was Alex Jones.
Yeah, it's the old, it's the old adage.
What did you think of Alex Jones?
Loved him to death.
I still talk to him to this day.
I think that he's great, and I think that many more people should have been vocal when he was initially banned.
I agree.
Because I was actually there.
I was on a fishing trip that day.
I was in Labrador, and I've regretted it ever since that I didn't come out of the box.
I wasn't there.
I was off the air.
But I completely agree.
It was not even about Alex Jones.
You can't censor people, period.
And Tucker, I remember the exact day when he got censored.
I woke up and I looked on my phone and it said, Alex Jones banned from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
He was banned everywhere.
It was a mass banning, mass censorship effort to silence him.
And again, I really didn't have an introduction into politics, but I had learned a lot of, you know, things from Alex Jones up front.
Everything that he was telling me was not false.
The people who condemn him and say that he's a crazy conspiracy theorist do not listen to his show every single day because I worked for him for two and a half years.
I didn't know the three branches of government when I started.
Now I can tell you international policy and what's going on all over the world right now because I have listened to Alex and he's talked about, you know, the government corruption historically that we've been through, all of the different operations such as Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, a lot of these things.
Tuskegee Experiment, which is why, you know, the black community is so apprehensive for vaccinations in the modern day.
He talks about a lot of these things and our government doesn't like that.
Our government doesn't like being exposed.
They don't like people who are willing to tell the truth and people who are willing to push back against the narrative.
Look at the fact that the DHS just updated their bulletin to say, hey, if you're spreading distrust in the government, that could be considered terrorism.
I don't think so.
I couldn't of course agree with you more, but I'm fascinated by the hate for Alex Jones.
I'm not a daily Alex Jones viewer.
I don't view anything regularly actually.
I think Alex Jones seems really talented.
He's smart.
He's funny as hell.
He's truly funny.
He's a lot more talented than I am in a lot of ways.
That's my takeaway from Alex Jones.
But why is he such a threat?
Like, why would you hate Alex Jones?
I've never understood that.
Because he's telling the truth, Tucker.
And again, I know Alex personally, and I've met a lot of people in this industry.
And one of my biggest takeaways is that there are a lot of people, especially in conservative media, that are in this for money and fame.
They don't actually care about this country.
and they don't actually care about America.
They're scared about being censored.
They're scared about hurting the wrong people's feelings, not getting the proper endorsement.
Alex doesn't care about any of that.
Alex cares about the truth.
He has since day one.
He has made mistakes for sure, but he comes out, he apologizes for it,
and he corrects the record, which is something that many people in our media
refuse to do.
So, the people who hate Alex Jones hate him because he is everything that they wish that they could be.
Somebody who is willing to tell the truth, willing to fight for this country, and actually cares about humanity.
Not just America, but humanity as a whole.
Now, thanks to people like Alex Jones, who took the initial brunt of the weapon, the cancellation weapon, now there are lots of different platforms, lots of different apps, lots of different applications.
I mean, Elon's taking over Twitch or what?
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Transdimensionally, over the space-time continuum through full space.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned a hundred years ago, twenty years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's News.
We interrupt this broadcast with a special report from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Attempts have been made to neutralize the InfoWarrior known as Alex Jones.
Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
We're not gonna go down and just shut our mouths and just put up with this.
We know where the bodies are buried folks and one way or another we're gonna stay on here.
We're receiving reports that Alex Jones has broken through the front lines and is now
heading toward the broadcast studio.
All efforts to silence him have failed.
Emerging victorious against the New World Order, here's your host, Alex Jones.
Find the InfoWars transmission at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Wednesday, August 9th, 2023.
I'm coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, from the Infowars News Center.
We have a incredible transmission lined up today.
The firebrand exposing the COVID emergency and hoax.
Chris Sky in studio, third hour, hosting fourth hour.
I'll be here for at least three hours.
We're going to open the phones up today and cover the waterfront of news.
All right.
Where should we begin?
Where should we start?
Maybe first with this shirt I got given a couple years ago.
And I was too fat to wear it then.
I've lost about 25 pounds.
Still a little too big, but I'm able to wear it.
I wonder what message this shirt sends to the establishment.
I wonder who gave me this shirt.
I wonder who gave me this shirt in the New York Police Department.
And they told me, you know, go ahead and wear it.
We don't care.
We want them to know that we're not with the system.
Very high-ranking individual gave me the New York SWAT team shirt and just a little message to the New World Order.
We're just going to leave it at that.
That you don't control the people you think control the American people.
We're not criminals.
We're trying to save the country.
And most of the military and police know that.
They're not our saviors.
I'm not their savior.
But together, with God working through us, we can save ourselves.
Working together.
Black, white, Hispanic, old, young, Asian, gay, straight.
As long as you don't target children, we are all on the same team at the end of the day.
But I gotta tell you, the devil's very real and I would get close to God, folks.
I'm not judging people, I'm just saying.
Alright, I was sitting here, looking at all this incredible news we're gonna cover, and I was thinking, what's the most important thing I can say when I start the show?
And it's this.
We are veterans, all of us now, of biological warfare attack.
We are veterans of psychological warfare attack.
The Pentagon admits it.
We are veterans of radiological and electromagnetic attacks with the 5G and the rest of the spectrum.
We are really victims of this, but we're going to be overcomers.
But if you're under attack and don't know it, you're going to lose the war.
What does G.I.
Joe say?
Knowing is half the battle.
So we're under attack with the open borders, and the human smuggling, and the fentanyl, and the devaluation of the dollar, and the attack on the family, and the attack on children, sterilizing them, and 20 plus percent of the public on serotonin reuptake inhibitor, antipsychotics, and antidepressants eating people's brains and livers.
We are under total, absolute assault.
And it doesn't matter who you are.
You could be a police officer, you could be a school teacher, you could be a trash collector, you could be a politician, you could be a musician, you could be a nurse.
The New World Order's coming after you, and you can pretend it's not when your son has a heart attack and can't ever play basketball again, Bronny James.
And that college made them take it.
You can pretend this isn't affecting you.
You can pretend the exploding crime and the inflation isn't affecting you.
You can pretend the war in Ukraine isn't affecting you, but it is.
You can pretend the hundreds of millions that are on the verge of starvation, more than 65 million extra that have starved to death, the UN estimates, and they ran the program to do it.
The last three and a half years with the lockdowns and the rest of it.
But that collapse of the third world will then be used to flood the first world.
We've got a lot of news on that front.
So you can pretend that you're not under attack.
You can pretend everything's fine.
You can pretend that the only universe that exists is Netflix.
But at the end of the day, you will be impoverished if you're lucky and killed in most cases.
And you can play along with the system and think if you submit to their global social score and their ESGs and their cashless society that you're somehow opting in so you'll be passed over by the system, you'll be left alone.
When it's you, historically, that lower the drawbridge to tyranny that the tyrants will eat first.
And here's a great example of the war against humanity right here in front of me.
Rand Paul Escalates fraud criminal referral.
It's an Infowars.com article and it's got his official letter and him on TV talking about it.
And it's a good headline, but I would have just said, Justice Department stonewall Senator Paul's call for criminal charges against Fauci.
Fauci ran conferences called in support of gain of function, close quote.
He's in the emails telling the top scientists in the U.S.
and Europe, let's cover this up and tell them it didn't come out of a lab and cover up that we made it.
He's on record producing the vaccine before they even released it, the so-called vaccine.
He's on record then lying to Congress and saying that they don't even know what gain-of-function is and that Senator Paul is wrong and that it's not happening.
He's caught dead to rights, not Lying like they said Roger Stone did in Congress, which he didn't.
Saying he'd never talked to Julian Assange, which he hadn't.
Julian Assange was all over TV then.
We were trying to get him.
I tried to get Roger to get him.
He said, well, I talked to this guy, Credico, that knows he maybe he'll come on.
Prison sentence for that.
Saying he lied to Congress.
He was in contact with him with no email, no witnesses, nothing.
Assange said, I never talked to Roger Stone.
How does it affect us if Roger did lie to Congress about that, which I can tell you dead to rights, I was there, he didn't.
Where's the crime?
Where's the victim?
Where's the person that's hurt?
But in the case of Joe Biden and Obama and the globalists and all the things they've done to this country, just the human smuggling alone that they've authorized and green-lit, it's just staggering.
And what have they done since then?
Well, Obama, that's who runs the administration, the third administration of Obama, the placeholder is Biden, Didn't just continue the funding to the EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Lab in Wuhan, China.
He increased the funding.
So, he's continuing the illegal research that was moved in 2015 when it became a big national issue, because scientists went public all over the news then, that Fauci was weaponizing SARS into COVID viruses, and that it was completely illegal.
And then he gets up before Congress and says he knows nothing about it.
Zero, zero, zero, zero.
When he is on C-SPAN in 2017, 18, and 19, we played the clips at nauseam, saying, we're creating gain of function, there'll be a new virus out of China we use to blow up, that's a quote.
The global regulatory systems based on our FDA, including here, Where it takes years to approve a drug or vaccine.
So the big story here is, they're making more bioweapons, they're making bioweapons in Ukraine, they now admit they are.
And the Justice Department won't even respond to Senator Paul, because they're a captured group at the top of complete criminals, endangering all of our lives, including their own lives.
Again, morons, crazy people, no common sense, a bunch of yes-men and women.
A plague on our country.
They've made themselves the enemy of humanity and of themselves!
No self-preservation.
Holy diver!
You've been down too long in the Midnight Sea.
Oh, what's becoming of me?
Oh, what's becoming of me?
Ride the tiger!
Oh, don't you see what I mean?
Gotta get away!
They asked Rodney James Dio what the song was about, and it was about Christ saving an alien species on another world.
Like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue.
The funny thing is, since I was a teenager, I knew what the song meant.
I knew it was a Christian song.
You can hide in the sun till you see the light.
Here's the best part of the song.
Between the velvet lies.
There's a truth as hard as steel!
The vision!
Life's an ever-ending wheel.
Jump! Jump! Jump!
No need to look so afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's get right to the big news.
So, we have this incredibly corrupt, evil, wicked, child-trafficking demon force who knows we're awake to them.
They know their system is exposed, their engine of spiritual power is the destruction of children and their innocence.
Desperately trying anything they can now to convince us that we're the criminals.
Here's an incredible example from last week.
I got so busy, never even covered it.
Should have.
I guess it broke Friday.
The Sound of Freedom.
Thousands of donors helped make the movie.
One man gave $500.
And then his girlfriend, who had a kid with a man, Reportedly took her child.
That happens all the time in custody battles.
Most of the Amber Alerts you see is when some mom or dad runs off with a kid.
You know, they get them for two days and then they run to another state and there's Amber Alerts and the rest of it.
And they ran the headlines.
ABC News, CNN.
Major Sound of Freedom donor.
Major producer.
Charged with child trafficking.
Thousands of donors.
Small donation.
Had on his Facebook that he'd made a donation years ago to the film that was made in 2017 and suppressed for five years.
And if you read all those articles, they never said that it was $500.
They never said that they had thousands of donors.
They never said he didn't grab a kid off the street they didn't know.
It was his girlfriend grabbing her child.
And we're not defending what happened.
We don't know the full story.
But that's how fake news works, folks.
Just like they did to me two and a half, three years ago.
We get subpoenaed.
We give them everything in these kangaroo cases.
The judges still defaulted us and said we were guilty and told juries we were guilty.
That's the new model.
Now it's happening to thousands of people, not just me.
I was the test case.
And so we hand over hundreds of thousands of emails with the keyword searches, unopened emails the judge ordered us to give them.
And they scan it and find a hidden link to child porn in an email we never opened.
And there's national headlines, Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook families, ABC News, Associated Press.
I have people walking to me on the street and say, you ought to be in prison for that child porn.
And I just laugh at them.
I go, hey, that's you in the Democratic Party.
That ain't me.
You got the wrong guy.
Not into kids.
I'm not even into young women.
I like the full bore, you know, on fire, you know, peaked out prime women, like my wife.
I'm 49.
She's 44.
That's right.
That's that.
Way better than women in college.
Let me tell you that they're in their prime.
So you got me wrong.
They got a name for it.
Not gonna, with a family show, say it, but... M-I-L, another word.
But the point is, the FBI gave us a letter, which they rarely do, and said, no, Jones is the victim of this.
He was sent unopened child porn.
But they didn't care.
They wrote that lie around the world, folks.
They wrote that lie around the world.
It's the left that wants a little intimidated, scared child to feel powerful over that they rape and they beat up.
Oh no, no, that's not me.
I want the woman where it's intimidating.
Where they're on fire and they're like a goddess and they're amazing.
Because I'm powerful too, you see.
I want to interface with something that's like me, full of life and mature and that wants to be with me.
And I'm not a masochist or a sadomasochist.
I like one thing And that's pleasure, not power over somebody.
I'm not like you sickos, Joe Biden, and John Podesta, Tony Podesta, and all the sick evil they're into, those monsters.
Because what woman wants them?
Oh, they would go for the big, powerful, beautiful bombshell, Carmen Electra types in her peak.
That's kind of my type.
But those people are disgusted by Harvey Weinstein and the rest of it.
So instead, they want power over little children.
But the reason I raise that point is, that's who they are.
And that's who the media is to say that Sound of Freedom, because one of thousands of donors to make the movie that changed the world, Girlfriend is the ex-wife of a man and didn't want to bring her kid back at the end of the weekend.
And that turns into Sound of Freedom is produced and run by child traffickers.
You see how they build on a kernel of truth?
And I know you as an audience of activists get that, but everything these monsters do is similar to that.
And I want to come back in a longer segment.
And get into Trump, because, man, he's been en fuego, en fuego, en fuego, en fuego, en fuego to the 10th power.
Just coming right out, and they're like, oh, we're going to censor you.
We're going to gag you.
How dare you say this is political?
How dare you say it's election meddling?
How dare you say we're criminals?
They've indicted him.
They're saying he's a criminal.
They're saying he's going to prison for 500 and something years.
And he simply says, I'm not backing down to you crooks, and this will be overturned by the Supreme Court, and I can't even be on the campaign trail because you plan to have me tied down in all of these trials in the next year and a half.
That is bonafide, pure election meddling.
And they go, you're intimidating people!
Don't say the truth!
And it's the same thing over and over and over again.
We'll play some of those clips when we come back, but they've really bit off way more than they can chew, my friends.
And it's one hell of a time to be alive.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Band.video, those are the coordinates of Liberty and Freedom.
Please share those links.
This is your mission.
If you choose to accept it, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I want to thank the listeners, because I want you to know how thankful I am and how important you are for keeping us in the fight.
You are the gravity, you are the fuel, you are the engine, you are the mind, the eyes, the ears, the soul of our resistance.
You hold us in the sky as a light of liberty and freedom of the world.
You are the arms and the legs and the chest and the back and the neck and the head that thrust up that torch of liberty.
You hold us high and I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart and only ask you to keep us in the fight now more than ever.
All right, let's get into Trump.
An imperfect vessel as we all are, but the enemy is after him.
It's 100% real and he has incredible courage and we know he will devastate them if he gets back in.
I really believe, and I know because Roger's talked to him quite a bit, that Trump's fatalist about this, fired up, and is on a kamikaze run like Luke Skywalker doing the trench run in episode four.
And he's going to carry out the mission no matter what happens, and there's nothing more satisfying as a man, I can't tell you what's satisfying as a woman because I'm not a woman, than to know you're in the right, and to not be a coward, and commit to a mission, and have no fear, and just be focused on that operation.
There's something incredibly empowering about turning loose of any fear or any doubt and then just committing to what you've got to get done now.
So I'm going to play some clips here of Trump.
And just remember all the crimes the globalists have committed, all the open evil, all the gain of function, creating the viruses, human trafficking, drug dealing, war, breaking up families, transgender surgeries, cutting off our pipelines, Attacking our energy sector, starving the third world to death.
It's just unfathomable what they've done.
But I want you to really energize your mind and focus on it to know the crimes they've committed.
And to commit to resist them in every way you can.
So here's a couple clips we'll play back-to-back.
Trump discusses the deep state's ultimate goal here, to criminalize all opposition to rigged elections.
And then the most important clip, he says, clip 10, I'm sorry I won't be able to go to Iowa today.
I won't be able to go to New Hampshire today because I'm sitting in a courtroom on BS because the Attorney General charged me with something.
And I'm going to do something here.
We're on hundreds of radio stations, hundreds of TV stations, and I'm not a vulgar person.
I've got a pretty big vocabulary.
But sometimes the good, you know, bullshit is a nice exclamation point at the end of something.
And we've got delays and we always delay things.
But let me explain something.
Leftist shows on broadcast radio and TV can cuss all they want.
The Democrats can cuss all they want.
Biden can cuss all he wants.
But then, when conservatives do it, still occasionally the FCC will come in and say, that's a fine, you're not allowed to do that.
Why are they allowed to do it, but we aren't?
You know, they can sexualize children and have drag queen story time with men and in some cases shaking their schlongs at people's faces.
And I'm not going to show that, but four years ago...
Was it five years ago?
Millie Weaver in Austin at a major hotel ballroom went to a drag queen burlesque show where children as young as two were putting money in the g-strings of men shaking their butts in people's faces and then dudes came out with their penises hanging out but they had glitter on them so it's okay.
And there's a dude with like, a limp, still gigantic penis, with silver glitter on it, with little kids posing while his penis dangles around.
Now, we showed that five years ago, and a bunch of TV stations, we were on a lot of TV and cable stations, calls, they said, listen, we got a bunch of complaints, you can't show that.
And I called up one station owner, in uh, Like Oregon, another called from Mississippi, a call from New York.
I called a couple of them back.
John Harmon that does relations called a bunch back and we said to him, we said, listen, this is being done to children.
Do you think we want to show this?
How do they show on PBS or NPR?
Decades ago, I'd be watching PBS when I'm 35 years ago when I was in high school or, you know, in junior high.
I'd be watching PBS sometimes, and I like science shows, and they would show some documentary, and it'd be naked kids burned with napalm and running around.
And my mom goes, no, no, Walter Cronkite showed that.
And that helped begin the end of the Vietnam War, showing little naked boys and girls with their skin burned off running down the road on 35 millimeter black and white film.
And I said, well, how do they show that?
She goes, it's documentary, son.
So it's not done to be gratuitous.
It's done to show you the reality.
So, I'm going to let our stations to give them a heads up.
And we'll do it before we do it, we'll put a parental discretion advised up.
But you know what?
If people want to dump our show over this, you're going to have to, I get it, I understand.
I don't want to look at this, but I'm going to show Walter Cronkite, we've got the clip, saying this is hard to watch, but I'm going to show this to you.
Naked children with their penises and vaginas all burned, and their arms all burned, with their skin hanging off.
And that's in the late 60s, that's on TV.
Or 1970.
Now why was it okay for Walter Cronkite to show you, but I can't see?
The left's trained us where they can go teach these kids this evil, pedophilic crap, and it's okay, but then we can't show it and say it's wrong!
We got some complaints last week from some TV stations saying, uh, please don't show a transgender surgery of male to female again.
We don't want to dump your show.
What am I supposed to do?
That's what they do to the children!
If we do not show it, how are we supposed to stop it?
You think I want to look at someone having their penis cut off?
You think that's what I want to put on TV?
Believe me, it's cringe, I get it.
And that's why, maybe we should open the phones up in the next few days and ask listeners, what do you think I should do?
Should we just hide this stuff?
Or should I show you Austin, Texas, and other recent events, because we blur this out, of men on bicycles in New York, and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, literally walking around with their genitals hanging out, shaking them in front of children, and the police say in Toronto and everywhere they go, well, they're allowed to do it because it's gay pride.
If you or I, which I would never want to do, went to a park and pulled our genitals out in front of a child, it's five years in prison and it should be.
Why are they allowed?
It's because we don't call them out and we don't show it.
Walter Cronkite was right to show the burned children naked with their clothes burned off.
And he was right to show people self-immolating.
Pull up the 8mm footage of the Buddhist monk pouring gasoline on himself and lighting himself on fire.
People don't want to see this.
This is what war is, ladies and gentlemen.
You think I want to see somebody burning themselves up with gasoline?
It's obscene.
It's disgusting.
It's happening.
And conservatives want to hide while all this is happening.
And just hide in our houses.
And hope that nobody says anything.
That's somebody that thought the war was horrible, the millions dying was wrong, so they did a sacrifice.
I'm not even endorsing it, but you gotta respect the will.
What's it gonna take us to do to get this to stop?
If I could defeat the new world order by setting myself on fire I'd do it.
I'm not suicidal.
But I respect that.
If I could beat them doing that, I would set myself on fire right now.
I couldn't get the gasoline on my flesh quick enough.
I'd definitely soak myself to the gills, though, to make sure I didn't survive, because that's hell on earth if you do.
But we don't have to set ourselves on fire.
All we gotta do is skip the break.
All we gotta do is do What we did with Bud Light, 41 billion lost in market, 25% of all their brands dead.
They've learned a big lesson.
But instead of boycotting stuff, and we should still do that, how about a boycott?
Don't even buy our products.
How about you just share the articles, share the videos?
How about you put a billboard up for InfoWars?
A lot of you have done that.
I commend you.
That gets past the censors.
I was sent over the last four days five or six examples by friends, family, and others where they're trying to send friends and family Clips of InfoWars are InfoWars links, and it's being blocked by the browsers that their internet companies are using.
So this is next level censorship, and if it happens to us, it's going to happen to you.
So we've got a word of mouth.
Tell folks about InfoWars.com.
You don't have to.
Yeah, it's 400 million in sales, but their stock is down 40 plus billion.
Their overall sales are down 25%.
But what about boycotts being used?
How about buycotts?
That's the answer.
We have to build the infrastructure.
We can't just not support the enemy.
We've got to build our own thing.
That's where InfoWars comes in.
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Tell folks about the forbidden URL.
Get around the AI.
Do it word of mouth.
Overpower the system.
Take clips out.
Keep sharing.
You know who you are.
I commend you.
You're the reason this is all happening.
You're just as important as I am.
Get a copy of The Great Reset and The War for the World, either signed or unsigned.
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That's a fundraiser.
But take action, whatever you do, and I thank you humbly for your support.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
or 888-253-3139. But look at what President Trump is doing.
Indicted three times, about to be indicted a fourth time in Georgia by George Soros
funded and installed globalist puppets and they admit when they get Trump they're coming
after everybody else.
They're declaring that opposition to their New World Order is illegal because it's unpopular and the people are turning against them.
But this criminal permanent deep state is not giving up.
They're illegal, they're illegitimate, they're a fraud, they're unpopular, they're stupid, they're corrupt, but they have the big banks and the mega corporations and the UN behind them, and they're still just bulldozering over us.
Shame on people that didn't want to be censored, who came out against Trump even before he made the mistake and pushed the poison shot, which is still a terrible black mark on him.
But I saw all these other talk shows that wouldn't support him, Seven, eight, nine years ago.
And then who loved bashing Trump all day and talking about where he didn't do the right thing or where he messed up and brought a deep state person in who he's now exposing on after, Bill Barr, others.
But they don't talk about Biden and Obama and Prince Charles, King Charles and the globalists and Klaus Schwab and their New World Order.
They just holier-than-thou all day bash and attack Trump because it makes them feel good and because they get promoted on social media when they do it.
When I knew Q was a fraud and was bad, for sure, about four or five years ago, Some of the folks that set up the original thing and it got taken away from them by MSM and Big Tech was when they told you everything was gonna be fine, go to sleep, you didn't have to do anything.
But was also when they began to attack all the original people that were real and who were public and who'd been battling the whole globalist program.
So they're going to try to infiltrate our movements.
They're going to try to lead them.
They're going to try to misdirect them.
We can't let them do that.
And we have to understand that there isn't some magic group supporting Trump.
There isn't some secret army so you can feel good.
Because I know this is scary.
You have to admit, we do have a secret army.
It's called God and His Angels.
It's called Jesus Christ.
He sent down here to give us the owner's manual and the cheat sheet.
We have free will, but God gave us a cheat sheet to make the right decision.
But you are God's army.
It's you that's going to have to spread the word.
It's you that's going to have to share the articles.
It's you that's going to have to go speak at city council.
It's you that's going to have to run for office.
It's you that's going to have to donate and support institutions and organizations that tell the truth.
It's you.
It's you.
Look in the mirror.
That's some magic secret army.
And I can tell you the good news, and I'll go to these clips.
By the grace of God and your work keeping us on air, InfoWars is the most influential media organization being listened to by the entire resistance, whether it's RFK Jr.
or Tulsi Gabbards on the supposed left, or there's Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan and the Tate brothers and all those other people.
We are the recognized Experts on this.
This broadcast, what we do, what I do.
And I'm only bringing that information to let you know the importance of your support and the importance of what you've done.
Because they tell me this.
They call me.
I have dinner with these people.
Some of the names I've met with, and I'm not going to say I've met with them, because the enemy will use that against them.
But you can put two and two together.
People get it.
They know they're under attack.
They get there's no way out of this unless we recognize we're under attack.
So we're doing our most important work ever now.
Realize the critical juncture, the crossroads we're in now.
So let's start with one of these clips.
Play clip 9 and 10 back to back.
Here's Trump knocking it out of the park.
Think of the level of election meddling.
It's beyond election meddling.
They're indicting the leading candidate.
In the primary and against Biden, they are trying to pin him down while they commit all these mass crimes in front
of us and won't even go after Fauci, who's producing bio-weapons
that could kill us all.
They don't even care about their own self-preservation.
Here it is.
But in the other case, it's free speech.
This means that we cannot ever criticize or look after election.
Once that happens, you have tyranny.
We can't look at elections.
We cannot criticize.
Well, Hillary Clinton criticized, and all of these... Stacey Abrams still hasn't conceded.
I mean, all of these people criticized.
I mean, you would have half of Congress right now in jail.
It's the craziest thing I've ever seen.
He is criticizing the election!
And let me tell you, there's a lot to criticize, which you'll find out over the coming weeks.
Isn't it terrible that a political opponent, though, can haphazardly charge you with a fake crime in the middle of your campaign in order to interfere with your time, your money, your message?
And there is nothing you can do in theory to stop this travesty of justice.
Isn't that a shame?
How can my corrupt political opponent, crooked Joe Biden, put me on trial during an election campaign that I'm winning by a lot, but forcing me nevertheless to spend time and money away from the campaign trail in order to fight bogus, made-up accusations and charges?
That's what they're doing.
I'm sorry, I won't be able to go to Iowa today.
I won't be able to go to New Hampshire today because I'm sitting in a courtroom on bullshit because his Attorney General Charged me with something.
And you notice we didn't delay that.
Walter Cronkite can show you children naked with their skin burned off and it's okay.
The Democrats can flop men's penises in front of little kids' faces.
We're not supposed to show it to you.
Democrats can cuss all over broadcast TV, radio.
They're fine.
But if we do, we're bad.
It's time to stop letting them live by double standards.
We don't want to shake penises in children's faces.
But you know what?
If they do it, we're going to show it to you.
Even if you don't want to look at it.
And that'll end this crap real fast.
If a couple little girls and boys with their skin burned off helped end the Vietnam War, what's it going to take for us to do?
Stop hiding it.
Because when we hide the reality of what's going on, we become accomplices to it.
I'm still not going to have a big crash show, I'm not going to have a bunch of cussing on here.
This is not some comedy program.
This is deadly serious.
And it is bullshit what's going on.
It's crap.
Alright, I'm done talking about that.
Let's go to a black gentleman.
I'm seeing so many black folks all over Twitter, Facebook, you name it, saying the same thing.
Man says, the more you go after Trump, the more we're going to support him.
Here's a clip.
The more you indict, the more we vote.
The more you indict, the more money we send.
We're going to vote for Donald Trump.
You can drum up dossiers.
You can drum up indictments.
You can do all of that.
The more you do it, the more we voting for Trump.
So do what you want to.
You know, throw us all in jail.
Indict all of us.
We're still voting for Donald Trump.
And it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.
It has everything to do with the job that he did when he was sitting in the seat.
Our gas prices was low.
Our economy was booming.
The world was at peace.
With nobody stealing.
He didn't need to steal.
The man's worth almost 9 billion dollars.
Joe Biden needs to steal.
He's a career politician.
He done steal and gave his family 10 million dollars.
Here, for his daughter.
10 million dollars for Hunter.
10 million dollars for his dead son.
His wife.
Everybody done stole money in his family.
For the last 60 years, this man has been stealing money.
And you wondering why we voting for Trump?
Because y'all drumming up stuff?
Because you got the FBI in your back pocket?
Because you got the CIA in your back pocket?
It's not going to influence our votes.
Now if you want to steal the election like you did the last one, go right ahead.
We know you stole it.
Ain't nowhere in the world this man having 60,000 people at a rally.
And this man's got 800 people at his rally and he wins the election.
Man, you know, Arizona holding out their results.
All these states holding out their results because they taking buy-offs too, man.
This man has been paying off.
He paid off Ukraine.
He paid off Russia for the dossier.
This man's paid off everybody, man.
And Senator McCarthy or whatever you are, Representative McCarthy, you're worthless, dude.
You're worthless.
Go handle your debt ceiling, man.
You are worthless.
You do us no good.
This man has been indicted four times since you've been in office and you haven't indicted these stealing people, not once.
Biden's stealing everything.
Stealing money, stealing access.
Okay, shut down our gas pipeline and our gas went out the roof.
You're darn right we still voting for Trump.
It ain't got nothing to do with Donald Trump.
It's got everything to do with Donald Trump's policy.
It's got everything to do with Donald Trump's past experience in the office, in the seat.
We see the difference.
You think we need to have indictment?
We don't care about no dang indictments about something he did before he was president.
Man worth $9 billion.
I'm sure he did a lot of stuff.
Before he was president.
Just because you hate him, don't mean that we hate him.
And I don't even know the man.
I don't care to know him.
Just put him back in office because he did the best job in there.
Not Biden.
Not Obama.
I don't even want to talk about that dude.
Did nothing.
Nothing for eight years.
But, I'm sorry, you did.
Evidently, you was blackmailing Ukraine.
You and Joe Biden was blackmailing Ukraine.
Cuz you the big guy!
Y'all ain't gonna ask him no questions?
News reporters scared because they Rhino?
Fox scared cuz they Rhino?
They're scared because they're bought and paid for and the people see right through it.
We're in an incredible time.
Hour number two coming up right now.
The phone's up.
I got so much news.
So many topics to cover.
So many video clips.
I'm so blessed to be here.
Thank you all for keeping us on air.
Thanks to the great crew.
We'll be right back.
Now spread the word right now.
I've been Shadowbanned.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I've survived.
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I respect China's achievements which are tremendous over the last over 40 years.
The Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.
Real super hardcore evil demons have taken over and they've already got China and a billion and a half people.
I'm here to meet one of the 10 million people who've seen the dark side of the social credit system.
Investigative journalist Leo Hu, his poor social credit rating has shut down his travel options and confined him to effective house arrest in Chongqing.
WeChat started as a messaging app, then it transformed into Chinese Facebook, and then it added a ride-hailing service similar to Uber to its platform, and then it added banking services to its platform, and now you can use it as an ID.
This will make your life very convenient, but at the same time, it also becomes very convenient for state security to track you.
To combat message interceptions, they talk through emojis.
A half-fallen rose means someone has been arrested.
A dark moon means they're going to prison camps.
A sun emoji means they are alive, and a flower means they have been released.
China is positioning itself to lead the world in artificial intelligence.
Surveillance technology is a key proving ground.
Facial recognition, body scanning, and geo-tracking, matched with your personal data and online behavior, will power the social credit system, leaving no dark corner to hide in.
And you can say, well, this is just innovation.
But it's not innovation the way it's being done.
It's absolute tyranny.
And now it's here.
And guess who created the bill?
Senator Blumenthal.
He quarterbacks the government operations against me, on record, with the Carnegie Endowment and the CIA.
This bill is designed to make sure that they have your home address before you can actually post about anything on the internet.
The bill is Senate Bill 1409.
40 senators have sponsored it.
Republicans and Democrats.
This isn't a left or right issue.
This is a speech issue.
And they call the bill the Kids Online Safety Act, or COSA for short.
But in reality, this is some garbage to make sure that they know where you live when you post.
Whether you're a conservative or a liberal or whatever you are, there are so many people going along with the New World Order who even know it's real, but they think, well, I'll just go along with it and I'll have a better lifestyle if I go along with it.
Because we see what is happening in China right now with the social credit score, where the government is monitoring and surveilling all the people from the beginning to end.
Everything that they do, everything, everywhere where they walk, it's every, you know, they control everything and they watch everything.
This is the example of a tyranny.
When the government knows everything about you, where you go, what you eat, where you enter, that's a tyrannical system.
And we've seen this system being implemented right now under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen, slowly but surely in the European Union.
The green certificate was just the first step.
There are a few more proposals right now under debate in the Parliament.
All these things that are creating a system that will monitor, control, supervise and condition the rights of all the European citizens.
The heart of the Mark of the Beast system is a worldwide internet ID.
The UN's already standardized it.
Communist China standardized it.
And it's the internet ID that's tied to your smartphone, your smart devices, your car, your ability to get on airplanes, get hotels, have insurance, have a job.
And then that's tied to your carbon tax, your vaccine passport tax.
That operates against its orders from your social credit score.
The foundation and the structure of the entire system is based on the internet ID that is then tied to your digital ID.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon owned Whole Foods is announcing worldwide in the next three months they're putting palm scanners in ...to be able to buy and sell.
And in many Whole Foods and other grocery stores in Europe, they're already making you scan your phone or your hand to get in to the grocery stores, not just Whole Paycheck, as Whole Foods is known.
That's the coolest thing ever.
So this has already been set up for a long time.
Now they're getting ready to go, oh, you didn't know?
Under law, there's a whole history of what you search and what you do and where you go.
We're talking about a republic that we're losing, and it's being destroyed by design.
And now, global corporations think we're a bunch of dumb animals, and they'll incentivize accepting the world government, cashless society, programmable central bank digital currencies, and ESGs, and the rest of them, because we get little credits and little prizes up front to be the first suckers to grease the skids over the cliff into Hades.
In a galaxy torn by conflict, where darkness spreads its tendrils across the universe, one hero rises against the immeasurable might of the globalists.
Tune in and trust in the power of the truth to lead us to victory in the great Infowar.
Prepare for the ultimate battle for truth with today's War Room broadcast.
Now, it's your host, Owen Schroyer and his intrepid crew.
Find the show and share the links at infowars.com forward slash show.
And I wanted to run that little promo for Owen Schroyer.
He's not hosting my show today, but he'll be hosting the War Room at 3 p.m.
Central, coming up in a little less than three hours, on radio stations and TV stations across the country at infowars.com forward slash show.
The Coordinates of Freedom.
It's your mission to share that link to everyone you know.
If you choose to accept it, let them know.
This is the Forbidden Verboten Links.
All right, I said I'd take calls on any subject you want to raise, but I'd like to hear from you on the Trump indictments and all the insanity and just the incredible corruption of Biden and how he's being openly protected and the escalations in the Ukraine war that there is so much we're going to get to.
Klaus Schwab's daughter has climbed out from under a rock.
He's one of the deputy heads of the WEF and said, quote, permanent climate lockdowns are coming whether you like it or not, close quote.
Who died and made these guys God?
Well, they certainly think they are God.
So we've got that news coming up as well.
But I want to play an astounding Bill Gates clip.
He just did an interview over the weekend, and I just discovered it yesterday on InfoWars.com.
And there he is on a national, international television program saying, well you'll see what he says, it's crazy.
People think I'm a cabal leader.
They think the shots don't work.
They think they hurt you.
It's just crazy.
There's a minority of people, really it's approaching a majority, who just are crazy.
So they admit the shots don't work.
They now admit they're causing myocarditis and heart attacks.
That's mainstream news.
They admit it destroys your immune system.
We have all this carnage, and here he is going jeepers creepers like people think I hang out with Jeffrey Epstein.
I only met him once.
Met him hundreds of times.
Went to his island 20 plus times.
This is Bill Gates in damage control.
And all the King's horses and all the King's men and all the New World Order's propaganda cannot put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Not the censorship.
Not any of it.
And then you got Rand Paul sending letters last week, a week and a half ago, to the FBI, to the Justice Department, saying, here's Fauci lying.
Here he is saying he didn't gain a function of research before.
Now here he is saying he didn't.
That's lying to Congress.
I want him indicted.
Cut and dry.
Like if I was in Congress and they said, Mr. Jones, what color shirt are you wearing?
And I said, I'm wearing a green shirt.
They said, Mr. Jones, you're under oath here.
You're wearing a black shirt, sir.
Just say it's a black shirt.
It's purple.
Well, you just said it was green.
No, I didn't say it was yellow.
But it's a black shirt, sir.
You need to... The Supreme Court nominees.
Can you tell me what a woman is?
No, I can't say what a woman is.
A woman is a man with a big beard, with his penis dangling between his legs.
I mean, it's the murder of logic in them saying, do what we say and we won't call you racist.
Do what we say and we'll give you a universal basic income.
You know, the social credit score won't come after you.
So, the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
is 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX. There it is on screen, 877-789-2539.
We're opening the phones up right now to talk about all this.
I'd like to get your take on what I said at the start of the broadcast last hour.
You get you're under attack.
You get you're in a globalist war to cut off your resources.
You get that you can pretend you're part of the system, but you're not.
And I know most of our listeners aren't like that, but I really care about the prodigal sons and daughters out there.
I really care about those that Have served the system.
In fact, soon, in fact, Rob Dew forgot today, and I understand he's a great guy, went to Dallas with me to a big crowd announcement.
I said, hey, you're showing me all these tweets and emails you're getting, and three members of the broadcast crew, there's only like five of them, six of them.
They, three of them have family members that since they took the vaccine, the so-called vaccine can't eat beef.
And I'm like, hey Rob, will you print a bunch of those, because I was singing them myself, and come on the show tomorrow.
Of course he forgot.
It's okay.
Because we're never really focused on our broadcasts.
It's kind of like a nebulous thing that floats around out there in orbit.
But we want to open the phones up, if not today, I mean it's a free-for-all now, but just for people to talk about meat allergies, which they admit are tied to the shots.
It's on the CDC FDA website.
Not my opinion.
They even admit it!
Trying to blame a tick for it now.
People are living in states and countries that don't have the Lone Star tick and are getting it.
Did the tick bite them from 2,000 miles away or 5,000 miles away?
Or 15,000 miles away in the case of Australia?
The answer is no.
That's a big deal too.
So we should open the phones up about the meat allergies so you can hear it for
yourself. We should open the phones up for all the heart problems that are
happening. So we can show you statistics but hearing the callers is a completely
different ball of wax, kettle of fish and so I want to do that but also I want to open
the phones up specifically on what you think the globalists are gonna pull next.
what they're gonna do next.
Rob just brought me the list here.
I wanted to have him on the show, but I guess it's my fault I forgot to tell him to get him on too.
This is just in a tweet that great folks put out on Twitter.
We're not on Twitter, but a lot of fans are out there.
The last time I checked out about 600,000 views.
And here's what people were saying in the comments.
My wife developed beef allergy after two Pfizer shots.
My co-worker and two of his first cousins became allergic to beef after the shot.
There's another one, Ariza.
I've been hyped, sensitive to allergy since I received my last pneumonia vaccine.
It makes sense.
Let me cue.
I didn't get the COVID jab, but I did get the tetanus shot seven years ago, and after driving a knife through my hand accidentally, I haven't been able to tolerate milk or beef since, because they grow it in protein somewhere.
I've developed a beef allergy, says Kate, shortly after my four-year-old shots.
I can't eat some meat, but I had the first two years ago, and it made me so sick.
Cindy Bishop, after my friend had her third vax, she can no longer tolerate beef, pork, goat meat, or stew, or other foods.
They trigger headaches and dizziness.
Yeah, that's what it says it does.
Your mouth swells up like a bee stung you.
Sandy says, weird, I know two people who took the jab and this happened to them.
Every time they eat meat, it makes them very sick.
See, you will eat the bugs.
This happened to me.
One of the secretaries at my husband's office, her doctor told her it was from a tick.
Yes, the tick.
I can no longer eat meat, says not the real person.
I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they told me I'm allergic.
I have all my immunizations for the COVID-19 infectious disease.
Maximum Martin.
Maximilian Martin says, I got this allergy from a vaxxed who shed on me.
I ended up in the hospital.
They now admit it sheds.
University of Colorado confirmed it.
I ended up in a hospital emergency surgery to open my throat.
I'm a pureblood.
That's just some of the comments.
It goes on and on and on.
I know when I covered this on Monday, I was told by the producer that three of you in there have friends and family that can't eat meat now.
Does anybody want to step up to the microphone and tell folks about this?
I'm not saying you have to, I'm just saying we've got to talk about it.
We've got to discuss it.
So that's another subject.
Alright, we're going to go to break.
In about a minute I'm going to come right back to your calls.
Please remember, the way the dog hunts, the way the transmission gets out, the way we win, I'm like bullets in a cartridge.
You don't fire them, and I'm not saying literally fire bullets, but it's a metaphor, an analogy, an allegory.
Then the gun doesn't fire, we don't win.
You have to aim the information in the direction of people that don't know what's happening.
You have to lovingly wake them up.
Tell folks about the broadcast.
Pray for the broadcast.
Please, humbly, I ask you.
And go to m4warstore.com.
We've got it in a couple days.
They're low on the water filters.
They have them in stock.
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And Vitamineral Fusion is back in stock, and we're selling out of Turbo Force and Ultimate Bone Broth.
We'll be right back.
What we're talking about here is not just words, it's reality.
We're all under attack.
We have to recognize that and recognize who did it if we're ever going to stop them.
Because they're planning new bigger attacks.
And they're imminent.
And they're ongoing.
Alright, I'm going to go write your phone calls after I play the Bill Gates clip.
Well, he's like, gee, I don't know why people don't like me claiming I'm a mastermind.
I've just taken over most of the global medical systems and have a U.N.
treaty to take control of your body and I make 22 times the money on the shots and it's all tax exempt.
Gee, they work so well.
They lie and say they don't work and they hurt people.
Jiminy Crickets, they exaggerate problems.
But Adam, three years ago before the shots even started on NBC News, Saying, well, yes, 80% get sick when they take it.
You want me to subject you to that clip again?
People think I'm like a mastermind or something.
Here he is.
You know, this was an interesting trust, a case test of people's trust in their politicians or their health system.
And, you know, statistically, Uh, we didn't do as well as I would have expected.
You know, in fact, you know, I'm cited as some, you know, mastermind of some evil plot, uh, in many, many cases.
So, no, I didn't expect any of that.
Uh, you know, in some ways the politicization of, you know, taking vaccines and helping protect other people, um, you could almost say that's a step backwards.
You know, I hope Vaccine acceptance for other diseases like measles is not reduced by this but you know a lot of people jumped in and took the vaccines but a meaningful minority in most countries were led down a path of
Believing that not only were there rare side effects, but that the vaccine wasn't properly tested or was part of some evil conspiracy.
So they admit they didn't test it, they admit it didn't work, and there's AP.
More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus, AP.
But he thinks you're an idiot.
All right, we've got Matt, Gerald, Carlos, Warren, Jordan, Kim, Charles, Mike, Craig, Ron, Michael.
We're gonna get to all your calls before Chris Sky comes to the studio next hour.
Let's begin with Matt in Florida, who wants to talk about meat allergies and the shots.
And if you watch our report that's on Banned.Video from just Monday, we show the CDC FDA website where it admits the shots are causing it, not just the COVID.
Go ahead, Matt, tell us your view on this.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Thank you for taking my call.
It's an honor to talk to you.
First time being on The Jones Show.
I've called into a couple of the other shows, but this is a great topic.
It's interesting to see Bill Gates, the guy's a disgrace, but this makes you start to think.
I think about a couple things when you hear about this.
All the livestock deaths that were occurring not so long ago.
You know, what was that all about?
Was that, were they clearing, getting rid of the healthy meat to bring in the mRNA meat?
And, you know, I was also wanting to ask you, too, what your thoughts were on why is the nanotech showing up in both the vax and the non-vax The FDA two years ago, we covered it, said nanotech has not been ruled on by Congress or the courts.
There's no laws, but normally the FDA and EPA make laws outside of that.
The Supreme Court ruled they can't do it on carbon taxes and the rest of it or carbon dioxide.
But in the case of nanotech, they said, we have no jurisdiction, it's all legal.
So big tech companies and big big pharma and big big agri are adding God knows what to everything now.
And suddenly the nanoparticles are being found everywhere.
We're under attack.
It's a war.
They're not going to hit us with army tanks and troops.
The UN is not going to come in blue helmets.
They're going to come with poison shots and 5G and poison food.
Absolutely, absolutely.
Well, I mean, I don't take part in the Henrietta Cancer Meet there, but, you know, the other thing that I find very interesting here is that you don't hear much about people that are dying that are unvaccinated.
You hear a lot about people that are passing out, you know, dropping dead left and right here and that.
Are they vaccinated?
Are they vaccinated?
You know, that's the big question.
You don't hear about anybody.
Oh, wow, you know, Bob, the neighbor, you know, he wasn't vaccinated.
You know, he's not here anymore.
Oh, he should have took the vaccine.
No, no, you only hear about people that took the shot and died.
But major studies in the UK, the US, you name it.
The shedding is real, it's happening, it's just not as bad as when you take the shot itself.
So this is a disaster of disasters.
Thank you for the call.
Let's take another call on meat allergies and the vaccines.
Jordan in New Jersey, thanks for calling.
Thank you, Alex.
Jordan here from CoronaEyes.com.
I've been calling over the last couple of years, talking about my wife's side effects.
And this is something I noticed and the report just kind of hit at the same time I started to notice it.
My wife doesn't eat meat at all anymore.
She took the Moderna.
And I had all the other side effects, had heart palpitations, all the neurological effects, which is mostly neurological, but she doesn't eat meat, doesn't have her steak, won't eat it, and it just upsets her stomach now.
So I'm just, you know, this is my observation, but as you know, I've been studying this for a long time.
You've called the last couple years four or five times.
You said you directly work for Big Pharma.
I did.
Two major companies.
And so I started my own site, and all the nanotech stuff that you've also been recently discussing, I have a whole site on it.
I urge everybody to go to.
It's all clinical papers, advanced research on nanotech.
It's called You've Been Coronaized.
It's the nanotech takeover of the human cell.
But there's also DNA and stuff in these shots, too, and it's slowly mutating the human race.
Um, and so I think vaccines, the whole modern vaccination programs, they aim at that as well.
So it's like the new, the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
They're literally mutating our evolution.
And just like Harari says, this is intelligent design by us.
They mean that, and people have to wake up and understand that.
He says, in the future, we will be under your skin and control you very easily.
Yeah, so this is the nanotech takeover of the human cell, you know, in many ways.
Well, slowly give us your website, because your phone's always a little muffled, but your points are great.
I've looked at your site before.
What's the name of the site?
It's called You've Been Corona-ized.
It's at www.coronaized.com.
Everybody can wake up, who hasn't woken up already.
Yeah, Corona-ized.
It's like humanized rats, but coronized, which, you know, my theory is that, you know, everybody's been coronized.
Can we pull this website up, guys?
We're having trouble hearing what he's saying.
Put him on hold and get it right now.
We'll put it on screen.
Get him on hold, but put it up, please.
Yeah, I looked at your site like the second time you called in about it.
Very interesting.
Yeah, I mean, this is a revolution.
They're hitting you with electromagnetic radiation, GMOs, chemtrailing, nanotech, poison shots, spike protein crystals.
You see the mass death.
You see the insurance companies showing live expectancies plunging.
This is it.
We're being murdered slowly.
And I know it's terrible.
I know it's horrible.
But it's the reality.
So whether you are an auto mechanic, Or a farmer, or a rancher, or a shopkeeper, or an insurance salesman, or a police officer, or in the military, or a lawyer, or a paralegal.
It doesn't matter whether you're a masseuse, whether you're a grocery checker, you're under attack!
And you can pretend you're not, but it's not a big frontal assault.
And your brain sees all the movies, entertainment, Mission Impossible, like, oh, there's all this action.
Your brain sees that as real and thinks that's what's important.
Meanwhile, the covert attack is taking place.
The nanotech takeover of the human cell.
Well said.
You have done well.
More calls straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Share the link if you want to live.
Stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive.
You're about to receive the truth.
The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
What do the globalists want you to receive?
Poison and lies and betrayal and death.
We're going right back to your phone calls after I hit one more big story.
Energized with liberty and total resistance to tyranny, tyrants are our target.
Alright, so I mentioned Rand Paul last hour, sending letters to the Justice Department saying he lied to Congress, found he's a fraud, cut and dry, here it is, indict him now.
He's endangering humanity, making more deadly bioweapons.
He was met by static.
So that leads us to this next big story.
If you type in monkey virus DNA COVID vaccine, The enemies of humanity who were invested in EcoHealth Alliance making the virus, Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin, war criminals, be around there with Fauci.
All you get is AP and health feedback and National Institutes of Health saying there are no SV40 monkey viruses, shimmy monkey virus SV40 that is on record giving at least a hundred plus million Americans cancer according to the FDA CDC-owned website.
So, here's the Epoch Times.
Monkey virus DNA found in COVID-19 shots.
It's all in the studies and the literature.
microbiologist Kevin McCracken, a former researcher and team leader for the MIT
Human Genome Project, discovered massive DNA contamination in mRNA COVID-19 shots
including simian virus 40. But your good, loving, liberal When Sergey Brin was on with Klaus Schwab a few weeks ago calling for an end to elections, that we no longer need elections, AI will tell you who your leaders are.
Sergey Brin's wearing like a pink shirt or a purple shirt.
He's like, mm-hmm, I'm a liberal also.
Let me just slip this dagger into your kidneys.
I'm liberal though I'm non-threatening.
I'm a geek nerd.
Building such a beautiful world for us.
Giving you the cancer viruses.
A cocktail of death.
All different ways to kill you.
So many ways to murder you.
So many ways to do it.
I almost think it's more effective that I even do this show anymore, though I'm going to continue doing this.
We're on a lot of radio stations.
When I just shoot a 10-minute report on all these different so-called vaccines that cause the beef allergy and meat allergies, and I show you the mainstream documents, it gets millions of views.
And this show gets millions of viewers, but it's just kind of such a huge thing.
I just spent two minutes on that.
About as big as it gets.
Cancer virus is in the shots.
Confirmed, scanned.
Multiple governments confirm it.
All these major scientific research facilities.
Then we just spent two minutes on it.
It's like, oh, that crazy guy up there.
And think of the folks that just trust the government and trust the system because it's their religion.
And they roll their little sleeves up and wonder why they get cancer six months later.
All right, let's go back to your phone calls.
We're gonna go in the order these calls have been received.
Michael in California, thanks for holding your on the air.
Hi Alex, I just want to first tell you that we love you and you're like a part of the family.
About seven years ago, well I should say that I've grown up here in Hollywood around these people in the entertainment industry, and I guess after I got into it with them, They had something put into my food and it hit me like one of these bioweapons.
Hey listen, about 8 years ago I was in a sushi place.
I had like one vodka soda, didn't even have a buzz.
Literally had to be helped back to home, passed out.
I don't even remember getting there.
It's not just government groups that poison people.
Yeah, they've been using this not only to torture me.
It's a massive criminal network that they can target you wherever they need to.
And the people that are doing the surveilling, your handlers, they're the ones directing these people that are everywhere.
Something, allegedly, that 2,000 Mules was showing, that these people were being directed by whoever was on their phone, telling them what to do.
Well, there's definitely giant criminal networks.
Facebook set that up to steal the election.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Let's go ahead now and take another call.
Let's talk to Craig in Ohio.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, you know when you get to a place where words just aren't enough to describe what you're seeing?
Yeah, I think we surpassed that point a long time ago.
Okay, good, good, good.
Alright, so I've called him before.
I've traded all major markets through all the Black Swan events for the past 25 years.
Do me a favor, just back off your phone a little bit.
Okay, is that better?
Yeah, go ahead.
Okay, good.
So through that, through 90,000 hours of watching these markets, I've learned to, you know, see a signal, right, and then watch the events unfold.
And what I've been seeing over the last couple weeks is as crazy as I've ever seen in these markets.
And like I said, I've been in this for, you know, 30 years, and all the black swan events you can think of over that time.
So, I think these globalists are up to something.
You know, I've... Oh yeah, that's an understatement.
I think the globalists are up to something.
Yeah, they're up to collapsing civilization.
Well, let me be more specific, right?
You know, so, before COVID, right, I could see it through the, you know, through the repo crisis.
I could see the trading pick up, I could see the repo crisis come into play, and then COVID came right on the heels of that.
So I'm trying to, I mean, I guess I should be more specific like that, right?
So, you know, we're seeing movements in the NASDAQ here.
These guys are exposing themselves, right?
I built this model that's able to, you know, find the structure of markets, right?
I mean, it's unbelievably accurate.
They'll tell you you can't predict markets, but that's BS, right?
You know, so I'll leave it at that.
But the point is, when you can see these levels come into play, and you can see what they're up to, and you can see how they work around these levels, I think these levels are God-given harmonic levels.
Things that just go on in the world that we may or may not even know about yet, right?
And they can't be broken, right?
But these guys do everything they can to manipulate around these levels, right?
And I'm seeing it more than I've ever seen it.
Well, you're right.
I wasn't poo-pooing you by saying, yeah, they're up to something.
I was saying that was an understatement.
There is the invisible hand of Adam Smith, and they admit they have real trouble because every time they suppress something, it makes something else blow up that they didn't control because things are so complex.
So, you know, I guess the big thing is, you know, I've, you know, you develop something and you kind of keep it to yourself, right?
But I'm at the point where this is, I mean, this is for real, you know, just like when... So what I'm saying is what you're seeing now in the markets, what does that point towards?
Well, again, you know, Well, two things.
I either think they're in trouble and they're on the run and they're trying to extract their money before everybody else.
Because the way they normally play this game, right, is they use other people's money, all this wrapped up 401k money that they've suckered us all into putting out there for them to use at their disposal.
They go into private equity and then they pump all this money into Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, all this, you know, all the usual suspects.
And they come in like a plunger and they plunge their private equity investment.
So they get in first.
They get out first, right, and they leave everybody else holding the bag at the end, right?
That's how it works, right?
So, you know, Ed Dalton, well, I won't go into that, but the point is, you know, it's either that or they're plotting something here, you know, it's one of the two.
Either they're on their way out or they've got something cooking because They're putting big money at these markets, and it's summertime.
This is normally time where they're out in the Mediterranean or they're out on their boats, right?
These people are playing for keeps right now.
I'm just saying this is very unusual behavior, right?
And I guess what I'd like to be able to do, and you just can't find the right venue, is, you know, how do I show this to people?
Because, you know, just like we did, you know, to Anheuser-Busch, just like we did, you know, Back in the day to, you know, the AMC, you know, movie theaters and, you know, these other... I mean, the people have the power.
It's always been that way.
But if we can't unite, we're useless, right?
You have the platform, Crowder has the platform.
I mean, is there any way that we can start to show people this stuff?
We're just missing a major dialogue.
I hear you.
Why don't you do a YouTube video or something with your graphs and give us your take and specifically say what you think is about to happen.
Real briefly, what do you make of the devaluing of the U.S.
debt to AA?
You know, the question is, well, okay, so I think they already had that.
They already knew that ahead of time.
They knew that was going to be released.
They'd already pre-positioned for it.
And then they released it.
You know?
No surprise.
I mean, the AP polls are such a scam.
They've been that way increasingly over the last 10 years.
So, you know, before something happens, it's almost like they send it out to their buds.
Well, sure.
BlackRock said we deserve it.
Send me some info, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to the next caller here.
Get everybody in here as fast as we can.
Let's go to Warren in Idaho, then Carlos.
Warren, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, can you hear me okay?
I can, thanks for calling.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
I'm a pastor, Alex, out in Idaho.
Our church never closed during the pandemic.
We were threatened and all that, but we never closed.
I wanted to give you my testimony on, I believe I was vaccine shed on back in September of 2021.
Like I say, never took the vaccine.
I was watching TV and the next thing you know, I have blurred vision and double vision in my left eye.
Never had anything like that before.
So, to make a long story short, because I know you're pressed for time, I've had, through a series of time, I had the MRI to see if I've had a stroke, carotid artery to see if I've had a stroke, you know, all those things.
Never smoked, never drank in my life.
So, healthy male, why then do I get my eye going crazy?
So, I have to wear a patch for about seven months over my eye.
I go online because I know I'm thinking outside the box.
I know my regular-eyed ophthalmologist says, oh, we'll give you some inverted lenses and you'll be able to see again.
Well, that doesn't help anything.
So, I found a gal in Chicago, Dr. Julie Steinauer, paid $150 for a consultation over Zoom.
And here's the first question she asked.
So, Warren, did you take the vaccine?
I said, no, never.
She said, you were shed on.
She says, my office is inundated.
This is in the Chicago area somewhere.
My office is inundated with people having strokes and going blind.
And I think she let me in.
She was a very, very busy gal, but knowing that I was a pastor, she gave me some priority, paid some big bucks anyway.
So I had to rehab my eye back.
I believe I have a military surplus store besides being a pastor.
I believe the best we can figure somebody came in.
I had close contact with them right after they got the, you know, the vaccination.
And so that's that's a story about being shut on brother.
Well, I believe I was.
I believe my dad and mom was.
Rob Dew was.
It almost killed him.
Almost killed my dad.
None of us took the shot.
But I mean, we know there's different ways it does it.
By them giving all those so-called shots during the, quote, pandemic, it made the virus mutate.
It made more spreadable forms of it.
But we have a whole bunch of studies.
Again, a new one came out by Colorado University last week confirming massive shedding from the Pfizer and Moderna shot.
It is so diabolical, brother.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So just have the people seek out alternative sources.
Hey, by the way, we are big supporters of the store.
One of my favorites is Brain Force.
I always take a dropper of Brain Force before I preach.
About an hour before I preach, I take a dropper of Brain Force just to give my, you know, a little bit of an edge there when I'm preaching.
So you like Brain Force Ultra?
Yeah, yes.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much for the support.
Yeah, I mean, RainForce Ultra is a liquid under the tongue that kicks in 15 minutes and goes away in three hours on average.
So I like it when I've got to go out to a business meeting or do a later night show and I like to go to bed about 10 o'clock.
It's like 9 o'clock, the show's coming up.
If I drink coffee or if I take a Brain Force Plus or forget Turbo Force, I'll be up for 10 hours.
I go, oh, so we designed Brain Force Ultra with concentrated herbs and their compounds.
Hits quick, dissipates quick.
So I can take it, have the energy boost in 15 minutes, gone in two and a half, three hours.
It's amazing.
It's really a nootropic.
It's not just a stimulant.
It's a very special product.
Everybody should get BrainForce Ultra, BrainForce Plus, TurboForce is selling out right now.
Thank you for the support.
Without you, we wouldn't be on air.
Carlos in Canada, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless in your projects.
I hear there are many good changes coming along, and I hope that people will boycott like crazy because that's the way to go.
Yes, sir.
Alex, you mentioned a couple of times the word discernment, and you left it like a dying participle, you know?
What is discernment?
You have a clip, also from a video movie, where a fellow puts on a pair of glasses and he can see things that, when he takes the glasses off, are not evident.
Usually they're lies.
Discernment is something that your previous scholar just before mentioned, after many years being in the trading market, he can see patterns and things.
And in the field of cognitive psychology, which is my strength, the discernment I even experienced myself.
A person looking at a Gansfeld, which is like a random noise on a screen, can see in one hundredth of a second, can see uh... uh... pattern of symmetrical
uh... people that are experienced uh... in x-ray uh... pictures of uh... bones broken to talk on can detect
things within milliseconds that are as accurate as whether they look at
it seconds even minutes later
They're accurate.
My dad's a dentist and oral surgeon.
I remember when I was a kid, he'd be looking at x-rays and he'd go, you see that?
He'd see a crack I couldn't see and I've seen other doctors saying, you know, and I've had broken bones or fractures and I can't see it.
And they go, don't you see it?
Don't you see it?
Then finally they blow it up and I can see it.
It's because their eyes are trained to see it.
You got it.
Not trained.
Cognitive discernment.
And you, sir, you have it.
I have it too.
So did people in history.
They had it.
It comes after having 10,000 hours or doing something.
You begin to integrate it.
And then you begin to see things that other people don't see and people like Mozart and so on are able to do incredible things where others couldn't.
Why am I telling you this?
Because when you hear someone like Sergey Brin saying you don't need to have, let's say, any more...
Elections, because of our official intelligence.
Well, the first thing that comes to me is clear.
Okay, how do you make 30 billion dollars, 30 trillion dollars disappear?
Well, you get everybody to go into electronic money, and then you have a six month power failure.
Absolutely, and they also tell you AI is God, so let it make the decisions.
It's already told you that you're worthless, you're an animal, you don't have a soul, and the next thing is you don't need to vote.
I mean, it's just, you will eat bugs.
It's all selling dystopia, thinking that it's so outrageous, we'll just rationalize it and
accept it because we don't want to fight back against it, even though submitting is a thousand
times worse than fighting back.
And discernment gives you the ability to have a 35,000 foot view, which you have mentioned
many times.
Now, InfoWars is bringing about collective discernment.
You don't realize this, but over the years, you have been enlightening people to see things
that they wouldn't have otherwise have seen.
For instance, when I mentioned to you the other day, there was a hidden monarch, which
was able to, through the power of owning such colossal portfolios, to have hundreds of thousands
of money managers control companies to maximum profit.
Regardless of how fake the techniques are, you end up wondering, like I wonder, why is
Pfizer and Moderna not under trusteeship?
These are enemies of society!
These are... Why?
You don't have the discernment until the time comes, and it goes critical mass, and then people will start saying, hey, wait a second, companies are supposed to sell widgets.
They're not supposed to run countries.
And that's where we're at the threshold.
That's why InfoWars is bringing us to the threshold of discernment.
And that's the point I want to make.
One day we may talk about it longer.
Well, that's interesting.
We just pulled up the definition of cognitive discernment.
Maybe we can do it again.
Once you get enough of the historical pieces and common sense and what's going on in the world, you begin to see things.
But so much of it is people get hit by tyranny and they'd rather brush themselves off and ignore it because they think, well, they can't change it.
So they just decide it doesn't exist, that they cognitively engage in cognitive dissent.
That's right.
And someone like Charles De Gaulle had discernment.
syndrome, the term I coined, instead of cognitive discernment, the skill of intentionally understanding
the greater truth to make predictive decisions, the ability and skill to prepare and create
what is yet to come is discernment.
That's right.
And someone like Charles de Gaulle had discernment, because if you look at what he mentioned about
the UK, US, Atlanticist power over Europe, he predicted exactly what is happening today,
and he tried to avoid it, he tried to prevent it.
Well, that's what the British Empire did, is it merged with America and then created
this global system, not to empower America or the UK or anybody, but to enslave everybody.
It's run from...
The City of London, and it's those international, huge portfolios that are controlled by, you know who, what is this hidden monarch, and what the will of the monarch expresses is carried out by all these minions all over the world without realizing that they're really following the Directive.
I'm not a monarch like a clown wearing the crown and all this pomp and circumstance.
I'm talking about the portfolio managers Who managed a huge, colossal portfolio that has been accumulated over the years.
The secret, silent, if you want to call it monarch.
Now, monarchs have been silent and secret for many, many generations.
I mean, as early as Alfonso XII in Spain, he would walk among the people and would never realize people never asked.
He was the king of Spain because nobody saw the king.
Nobody saw the monarch.
But the monarch today and the way that people behave, Under the will of the monarch is really what you are beginning to point out in InfoWars and you're bringing the people to discernment and hopefully you will continue forever as long as you live, Alex.
Well, God bless you, Carlos.
Great points.
All right.
We got Chris Skye.
Is he in the building yet?
I'm excited about this.
I never met him in person, but I look forward to it.
He is great.
He's coming in at five after.
Let's keep taking calls here.
Who's up next?
That would be Ron in Arizona.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Well, hello, Alex Jones, and hello to all the millions of humans listening.
And, you know, Alex, I think I have an answer.
I have a hypothesis of why there's so much death, you know, on the horizon.
Here it is.
Humans are not the smartest creatures on the planet.
We're just the best killers on the planet.
Humans can kill bears.
Humans can kill lions, tigers.
But yet, whales are smarter.
They use sonar.
Birds use gravitational waves to navigate thousands of miles.
Ants use their antennae.
You know, they may be way more intelligent, way more smarter.
But we're the best killers.
That explains the wars.
Why there's a drive for the end to humanity.
Why, you know, even abortion.
We kill our own I mean, I think the globalists call us killer apes.
the smartest just I mean I think the globalists call us killer apes I'm not
saying we're apes but I would say for all different types of complex
knowledge and information we are the smartest because we can build our own
We create incredible art, literature, culture, mathematical equations.
We also have magnetic connections in our brain.
We just in modern times aren't conscious of it as much as say a duck or an ant is or a fish or a whale, a mammal, a marine mammal.
But we have incredible highs and incredible lows.
So I think You know, a killer whale's highs are amazing, but its lows are kind of close to that.
It's not doing that much complex stuff other than what it's doing, picking up the sonar and singing.
But they're very similar to us in many ways.
They're just on a different arc, a different path.
So, I mean, I think we are actually great lovers and great builders and great killers.
And I think we're very powerful.
So when we do something wrong, it's manifested in a much greater way.
We've risen to the top by being the greatest killer.
Maybe I should say, we can kill the whales.
I wouldn't even say, but I mean, you don't see whales building ships or whales building aircraft or whales, you know, I mean, I think, I think, I mean, I think it's not just that we're killers.
But I do think in primitive times, because we had more advanced intelligence with toolmaking and teamwork, that we were able to stop sabre-toothed tigers and cave bears and woolly mammoths.
And then what, and then the only other predator we have, the only other challenge we have is apex predators, our own species.
So because there is no other predator against us, really, we have to create another apex predator against ourselves.
The globalists believe, under social Darwinism, they are the apex predator.
They're actually entering the space to bring equilibrium to things.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
The replatforming begins now!
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com In a world filled with uncertainty, you can be prepared with InfoWars Life Select.
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I meant to hold that last caller over.
That's a whole show debate.
I appreciate him calling.
He made a really good point.
We should debate why humans are the most powerful creature on this planet that we know of.
Made in the image of God.
I mean, I think my analysis was dead on, but we can have a debate.
I think his points were well taken.
Let's go to the next caller.
Gerald in South Carolina.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
How are you?
I'm all right, brother.
Okay, so the vision that I've been having about this shot, it starts out where they're manufacturing the vials that they constantly show on TV.
You see the little blue thing in the center where they put the needle through?
Reminds me of a primer on a gun, on a bullet on a gun.
Next stage of the vision, AR.
It morphs into the needle, the real assault weapon.
Yes, sir.
That's it.
That's the vision I've been having for the last few years.
Well, the crew just brought me this CDC document I'll cover with Chris Sky, where they admit the simian monkey virus in the shots.
And then I've got Google saying it doesn't exist.
That's aiding and abetting murder.
These people are killing us with information.
Pisses me off, man.
I mean, these are creeps.
These are eugenicists that think we're animals and are here to die.
Well, I got news for Sergey Brin and Larry Page.
You're gonna pay for what you've done.
I appreciate your call, Gerald.
Kim in Wisconsin, go ahead.
Alex, Tito Peter is the child catcher off of Titty Chitty Bang Bang sniffing out the kids.
I gotta be honest with you, I'm not making out what you're saying.
It's a very old phone, I'm sorry.
Peto Peter, Joe Biden, is the child catcher off of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, sniffing out the kids.
Yeah, I don't know.
I've heard of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I don't know what it is.
Oh, he's a child catcher, and he sniffs the kids, and he captures them all in town and collects them in the caves, and he's It's Joe Biden, you gotta check it out.
Wow, so I've heard the term Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I didn't know what it was, that's some kind of, is that like a fairy tale or something about a gremlin or something?
Yep, it's where Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious came from.
You said it the other day and I thought, oh he's gonna get it, and you didn't and I thought... Guys, give me the etymology of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
I believe you.
I just don't know about it.
Enlighten me.
You learn something new all the time.
He sneaks around and he collects all the kids and I try to hide the kids from him and he keeps them in a dungeon and he's got this big nose and he sniffs them out like Biden does when he sniffs kids.
You know, most of those wives tales and things have a basis in reality.
Like Little Red Riding Hood, I guess they found him.
I guess that's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
He kind of looks like Biden.
And Little Red Riding Hood's like, hey, when you walk to Grandma's house, watch out for a man who poses as a woman, just like the pedophiles now.
Well, thank you so much.
Tell me more about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
It's a fairy tale with a dad and his wife dies and then he meets a rich woman and then he makes candy and they fly off in this imaginary car that they built and then they land in this other world and there there's no kids.
And they brought two kids with them.
So they're like looking for the kids and because they could start smelling them and people and then they had to
disguise the kids and a toy maker Helps them he takes the kids and and hides them in a
basement and the child catcher comes in he's sniffing for him
and he knows they're there and and at the end they um, they get all the kids out and they free
the kids and Then they fly back to the real world Wow
Man, I tell ya In the meanwhile, that's Joe Biden.
Incredible call, Kim.
Thank you so much.
We're going to break.
Chris Sky in studio.
We'll take more of your calls as well.
Leah, Jim, Frank, Steve, and Henry.
No more calls after them, but keep them on hold.
We'll get to them with the great Chris Sky.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today as well.
So much we learned from history, both fiction and mainline history.
We'll be right back.
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Countless attacks have been witnessed and reported in an effort to bring him down.
Alex Jones has been sighted on the battlefield fighting against the forces of evil.
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What's going on everybody?
It is Wednesday morning.
I'm here in Austin, Texas at the 1886 Cafe about to smash a breakfast.
I just finished at the gym and I guess you could say the tour changed the world.
Kicked off the moment I crossed into the U.S.
and I made it.
That was probably the hardest obstacle for the tour but I'm going to say it's officially kicking off today.
I'm going to Info Wars Studio in person.
The first time I've ever done a live in-person show anywhere outside of Canada.
I'm pretty excited for it.
And here's the best part.
The first hour it's going to be Alex and I And then they have just asked if I will take over Alex's desk and host the show on InfoWars today, the second hour that I'm going to be on.
And what a way to start the tour.
I'm going to be on InfoWars, hosting InfoWars this weekend.
I'm at the American Liberty Awards.
Then I'm going to be driving through from Texas to Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, on route to Miami.
Have a meet and greet in Miami on the 15th.
We have Vero Beach on the 17th with Mr. Stu Peters in the studio and a meet and greet on the 17th.
Then we're driving back towards Texas.
We're looking to stop in Dallas and hopefully meet up with Mr. David Harris Jr.
That has not yet been confirmed, but we're working on it.
And from there I'm going to be in New Mexico with my man, King Bao.
We're going to talk about his new child grooming thing with Jimmy Kimmel, who did not respond, of course.
What's he going to say?
And from there, we're going up to Colorado, and we're going to be with wonderful people at Conservative Daily.
And that's just in the next couple of weeks.
We've got more stuff coming up after that.
If you guys want to contact me, if you want to see me when I'm driving through here, stay Anything, you know how to reach me.
It's 416-400-9994.
Get at me.
I'm going to be busy as hell, but I'm going to make it happen.
I love you guys.
Can't wait for today.
Info Wars, American Liberty Awards, Stu Peters, hopefully David Harris Jr.
King Bao, Conservative Daily, and much more to come.
Contact me, 416-400-9994.
God bless you guys.
God bless you guys, love you.
All right, I've known Chris Scott for over three years.
He's the number one Canadian activist against Trudeau, who is a dictator.
We'll explain how that really works.
He's supposedly elected, but he only got 30% of the vote.
And the total tyranny of the WEF is taking place there.
We've also got the latest pedophile news from the UN, where they openly have put out an official document calling for sex with children as young as five, as long as it's... as long as they want it.
Oh, your child wants their penis cut off.
Oh, your child wants to have sex with a pedophile.
This is incredible information.
I have the document right here.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is all coming up.
Also, Google has committed a crime against humanity.
They weren't just invested in the EcoHealth Alliance Wuhan lab, but they were helping suppress what really happened with it.
We're going to hit some incredible breaking information.
But I want to play a clip.
I saw the one they put on screen was His later prediction, there's the famous one with him just straight on, six months before they kept the lockdowns going, when they were saying, oh, just 15 days to flatten the curve.
He laid it out perfectly, what their plan was.
But here's one of his predictions.
Hey man, did you want to do an interview?
Sure, what's up buddy?
Nice to meet you guys, man.
So we saw you speaking earlier.
What's the main message you're trying to get across today?
That the response to COVID is a lot worse than COVID.
And COVID isn't about a virus, it's about increasing government control over our lives by using fear tactics to make people comply with giving up the rights and freedoms that millions of people fought and died for.
Cool, and what do you say to the people, we spoke to some of the people across the street, they're saying you guys are all stupid, that a lot of them say mandatory masks outside is what they want.
How do you respond to people who are against what you're standing for here today?
Well, the fact of the matter is, I just came from Netherlands.
The Dutch are not stupid people, they're smart, they're independent, and they have balls.
So guess what?
They have no masks.
They have 17 million people, If you go to a train station, maybe 1 out of 20 people is scared enough to wear a mask.
Their bars are open.
The girls are still working.
You can go smoke a joint in their coffee shops.
You can eat in their restaurants.
They're open till 2 o'clock in the morning.
And they've had less than 200 people up to age 60 die.
Also, Amsterdam is one of the top three cities in all of Europe for international travel.
50 million visitors a year from all over the world.
So I met people from all different countries when I was there.
Guess what?
The only other country that's stupid like Canada and wearing masks on their school children was Germany and Belgium.
Belgium's EU and UN headquarters and Germany's had millions of people protesting in the streets over it.
Italy, no masks on the kids.
France, only masks for 12 and older.
Egypt, no mask on the kids.
Iran, no mask on the kids.
Sweden, no mask on the kids.
Finland, no mask.
Denmark, no mask.
So, why do we need them here, where all these other countries are just fine without them?
You don't.
And when you have real world examples, that's the proof.
It's that simple.
You don't need a mask.
The mask is about compliance.
Because they know Canadians like to do what they're told.
So they tell you, you have to wear a mask.
Next they're going to tell you, you have to contact trace.
Then they're going to tell you, you have to take the vaccine.
And because Canadians like to do what they're told, they're hoping that everyone just complies.
And then guess what kids?
Once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person that doesn't know any better, They're gonna tell you, sorry, the vaccine isn't as effective as we thought it was gonna be, so now you still gotta wear your mask, still gotta get contact trace, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and still take your vaccine.
And then what did you get out of all of this?
You got a whole year where you weren't allowed to travel, your business was closed, they took your rights and freedoms, they forced a vaccine on you, and What happened?
The same amount of people died.
Everything is the exact same.
And now they're going to put you back on lockdown and bring it all the way till July of next year so they can do the same thing again.
Bring you from July, August, and September, getting you off lockdown, but just to bring you back on lockdown again.
If you idiots haven't figured it out yet, it's a perpetual cycle that you never get out of.
And it's a way to take your rights, your freedoms, close your business, take your wealth.
So you become dependent on government.
If you're independent, the government works for you like it's supposed to.
If you depend on the government to give you a paycheck to feed your family every month because they closed your business on you, now the government doesn't work for you, the government rules you.
So instead of a middle class, we have the government, upper class, and the lower class dependents that rely on the government to survive.
In other words, we have a slave class.
And that's what they're trying to do.
It's that simple.
Alright, thanks a lot Chris.
Why didn't the cops shut it down today?
Cops didn't shut it down because they don't have the power to shut it down.
I'm on quarantine.
I was just in Ireland speaking to 15,000 people.
They grabbed me before I could even get out of the car and said, you're not allowed to be here.
Get out of here.
No, no, no.
I said, what are you going to do?
Find me?
Arrest me?
Go for it.
Do it right in front of everybody so I can challenge it, make it public.
Challenge it with all the different Charter of Rights and Freedoms that you're breaking under these emergency laws that you do not have demonstratable justification to uphold, and then I will win, everybody will know your laws are bullshit, and this whole charade collapses.
They found over 600 people breaking quarantine.
You know how many got fines?
It's not because they're cutting them a break, it's because they don't have the power to do it.
Just like they don't have the power to shut down your business or give you a $100,000 fine if you stay open.
It's all lies.
It's all smoke and mirrors.
And none of it will hold up in court.
And I'm proof.
They grabbed me.
I'm here.
I'm speaking to you.
I'm speaking on the van.
I'm not hiding from anyone.
You want me to take you and go talk to the police right now?
I will.
That's September of 2020, almost three years ago.
It's easy to share that now and go, oh, that guy's just talking about what happened.
No, he was talking about what was about to happen.
He'll tell us what he believes is coming next.
And I'm honored to have a hand in this guy's great development.
Been listening to me since he was 14 years old.
That's decades ago.
Chris Sky is here at Chris.
What's the best place for people to visit you?
That's right.
You give out your personal number, 416-400-9994.
You're here for the Liberty Awards, coming up at the Vulcan Gas Company.
One of Joe Rogan's haunts this weekend, this Saturday.
Yeah, apparently I was nominated for Best Public Servant.
I'm the only non-American nominated.
And I believe that's the only reason I actually got across the border.
I haven't been in the U.S.
for about 10 years.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
That's a whole other area.
I get detained when I go to Canada, too, for six hours.
You got detained for six hours.
Tell us what happened to you.
So I wanted to come for the awards.
I was in Mexico basically on a vacation and I figured it'd probably be easier for me to cross from Mexico into the States than anywhere else.
So I jumped on a bus and I tried to make it across and when I got to the border and they scanned my passport it set off a literal alarm.
In the city, in the station.
And they all just stopped what they were doing.
The phone rang.
They got a call.
They separated me from everyone in my luggage.
I got detained just like you did.
I got questioned.
I was detained for so long.
Shift change happened.
Then they didn't know what to do with me.
They said they needed to wait for more information from different departments.
So they just threw me in a cell.
By that point I was so tired I used it like a hotel room and went to bed.
It was actually way more comfortable than the cells in Canada.
And after like six, seven hours, they interviewed me one last time, saw that I was there for the award, saw I'm up against people like Donald Trump, and they said, welcome to the United States.
So I'm actually in a really, really good mood because they had the sole ability to deny me, and it showed that they truly still believe in freedom here in the United States.
Oh, when I came back from Cancun about six, eight months ago, They go, hey Alex.
He goes, whoa.
He goes, we got to pull you aside.
And by the time they were done, they apologized.
They said, yeah, you need to do a FOIA request.
This is BS, man.
They put some really bad stuff on your record.
We know you're a good guy.
No criminal record.
They had me basically singled out as a terrorist.
And that's just the bureaucrats up there can do that, but there's still the discretionary power of federal and state law enforcement.
They can just say, this is BS.
And that's, that's why I got to big them up because I've dealt with A law enforcement all over Canada, every province, border services, etc.
And over there you could tell these men and women were dedicated to their job, but they were also dedicated to your constitution.
And it was a really good feeling to know that they actually cared and it actually mattered.
So the alarms went off when they scanned your passport?
Like a siren.
I don't know if you want to call an alarm a siren.
Something went off in the thing.
It was weird.
And then the phone rang right away and the only thing the guy said is, really?
You want me to do that right now with him?
And they just hung up the phone and they just brought me to a secondary area by myself and it started.
But they were nice.
Well, it's the same thing with me.
They go, really?
They go, okay.
Alright, Alex.
We're gonna, okay.
It was just like, alright.
And they come out and go, "This is BS. You need to do a FOIA.
This is not right. We're letting you go."
And the next time I came back in, this was about a year ago, I came back and they're like, "Alex,
today we're not even... just go on through." I mean, it's because they're sick of it. They
know it's BS. They know, especially COVID was the pinnacle of the BS.
They made all these law enforcement go against their oath, go against their own conscience, go against morality, go against their own people and families.
And that wages a toll.
And they've had enough of it.
And I noticed it in Canada.
They're trying to make the police, everybody take the deadly shots.
And they're still trying.
In fact, they already announced that in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, they're trying to reinstitute mask mandates for the coming school year.
They're trying it here?
It's ridiculous.
And they started talking about ARIS, the new variant.
They started talking about upticks in cases.
They're doing the exact same predictive programming that they did at the beginning of the pandemic.
Because all of their agendas stalled.
COVID was working very well for them.
We kind of stopped it in Canada with the trucker convoy.
That's what stopped our mandates.
That's what got our travel restrictions gone.
That's what got our businesses open.
That's what basically stopped everything.
So then they started with climate change.
Climate change.
And by the way, we had the Project Veritas a year and a half ago saying, we've been told the next thing is terrorize them and say it's the hottest ever.
Of course.
But none of that's true.
It's not true at all.
But now what are they doing?
They're naming heat waves like they're hurricanes.
And they're using air quality as both reasons to try to keep people locked up.
And ban all gas-powered systems.
They're doing that already.
In Toronto they're trying to force everybody to give up their lawnmowers, give up their trimmers, give up anything that's gas powered.
They even enacted a zoning bylaw for all over the greater Toronto area that forces developers to adhere to new climate emergency policies that put in Restrictions on the amount of parking.
And before it was minimum amounts required.
Now there's maximum amounts of car parking allowed.
And it's going right along with the World Economic Forum plan of a 75% reduction.
And you're a builder, so you know this.
It's a global standardized system, just like the shot.
It's all you and Ron.
What's coming next from these people?
That's what you're really good at.
What's coming next is they realize that COVID worked really well to disarm people mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.
Because there was real fear for instantaneous death for everybody.
And now with climate change, they're trying to do the same agenda, but people aren't scared.
They don't believe these stupid predictions.
They don't believe we're all going to die.
So they're trying to guilt people into submission, to guilt people to give up their rights and freedoms.
A man died in Death Valley!
Exactly, but it's not working the same.
So I believe they're going to try to do a combination of things to bring up the level of fear, to once again bring up the level of compliance.
Because they want to push through the climate allowance, they want to push through 15 minute cities, they want to push through digital ID, and 100% they want to push through a digital currency.
But they don't have the fear in the public or enough chaos to be able to do that.
So that's why we're going to see a resurgence of all this COVID or triple-demic, whatever type of propaganda they can, to try to scare us back into submission, so they can get us all into that state of fear.
Remember a year and a half ago, Prince Charles, now King Charles, I asked the crew to get the clip.
If you guys forget, if you don't, let me know.
If you guys find the Prince Charles clip, he gets up and gives a speech.
He says, we need a military mobilization to cut the carbon.
Well, trees are carbon.
We're carbon.
And now Biden came out with PlayClip 16.
We're preparing the military for trying to deal with the climate stuff.
So this is their excuse to now literally cut things off, shut down the resources.
Here's the club.
How is the U.S.
preparing the military?
Well, we're preparing the military by trying to deal with the climate stuff.
For example, many of the bases that have flooded, many of these massive floods, they've flooded out military bases in the Midwest and the South.
That has a profound impact on readiness.
And so what we have to do is change the way in which we generate energy.
And that's the whole of it.
And the military is doing their part.
Hit pause.
Hit pause before we go to Charles.
I want to just say something.
The hottest temperatures ever recorded were in like 1907, 1909, and then 1913, 1922.
That's on the NOAA website.
It's on the federal site.
It's the same thing.
They've caught operatives of the climate change cult putting thermometers on blacktop at airports and stuff to show a higher temperature.
They're saying Death Valley broke its temperature record 330, I mean 130.
Its record's 134, folks.
This is a hot summer.
It happens.
Yeah, it's hot in Texas.
It's hot in Death Valley, Nevada.
That's why it's called Death Valley.
You go there, you're probably gonna die.
It's 130 degrees.
This is idiotic.
Don't go to a place in summer called Death Valley for a reason.
There's no life there.
Not even cactuses.
Okay, so only thing there's like caves in the mountains that bats fly out of.
That's it, ladies and gentlemen.
That's it.
And so it's so, and I can play all the clips of John Kerry in 2009.
By 2013, all the major ports will be flooded.
It hasn't gone up one centimeter.
It's a lie.
It's a fraud.
And then there's Joe Biden saying the military bases are all flooding.
What the hell?
It turns out we've had less hurricanes in the last 20 years.
Less flooding.
We always have flooding.
It's like, I saw them say climate change in Maui, a volcano.
Volcanoes are under the earth.
It's always, it's volcanic islands.
The volcanoes are always going off in Kona and Maui.
This is ridiculous!
Well, and then they talk about the wildfires that we had in Canada.
Oh yeah, what happened with those hundreds said at one time though?
That looks staged.
Not only hundreds said at one time, they actually arrested dozens of people around the country for arson.
That's right.
They were all environmental activist types.
Pretty much, and they were all... Remember three years ago during the Trump campaign where all those fires in California, Oregon, Washington, they've arrested dozens of antifa now, charged them, they were doing it!
Of course.
Sorry, I'm ranting.
There's no such thing as wildfires.
They're fires that are caused by people, and they're caused by people with an agenda.
And the climate change agenda is just like the COVID agenda.
It's about, like you said, climate change is about reducing carbon.
We are the carbon they want to reduce.
That is why Every type of their so-called environmental solutions involves you giving up some mobility, giving up some freedom, giving up some money, giving up some opportunity for your future.
It requires you limiting your way of life and getting used to less and less.
You're non-essential, they're treating you to live in a prison.
That's exactly what it is.
And that's what these 15-minute cities with mixed-use developments are.
I've been in development for over 20 years, so I understood this right away when they do it.
They're setting up these buildings right now in Toronto, 60 stories, the top 40 floors is where people live, the mid-20 floors is like the gym, the Starbucks, the grocery store, virtually everything you need, and then the bottom 20 floors is commercial and retail.
There are probably about a thousand units for people to live and work in there.
Meanwhile you'll only find parking for like 100 to 200.
Where are the rest of the people supposed to be?
Oh don't worry, you have bike parking.
And now you don't need a car because you're gonna work upstairs, or live upstairs, you're
gonna work downstairs, and everything else you need is in the building.
It's exactly like prison, except you can leave when you want, but where are you gonna go
on a bike?
I can't, you live in Texas.
It's gorgeous here.
It's like over 100 degrees now, but even in the winter, it's nice.
You can take a scooter.
You can take a bike.
In Toronto, the most populous area, the whole GTA of Canada, there's like 40 million people.
There's 10 million people right there.
25% of the population and majority of Canada is under snow five to six months out of the year.
So where are you going to go if you don't have a car and you live in these cities?
And on top of that, your district, and they call them districts, by the way, that's not my word.
That's their word.
Your district is designed to be identical to the district next to you.
So why the hell are you going to go over there when it's the same gym, the same grocery?
And again, only select corporations are allowed to even be in those areas.
And how do they do that? It's very simple.
All those wonderful small businesses that have been the backbone of cities downtown,
they require vehicle traffic.
Because their customers are not coming from downtown.
Their customers are coming from the suburbs many miles away.
They're driving there specifically for that business.
What it does is it kills all the small businesses, which is what COVID was designed to do.
A hundred percent.
What, the average billionaire doubled their wealth during COVID?
At least.
And that's just, that's just on paper.
And then how many... It was a vertical integration war.
And you heard Gates say, this was all a test.
I played a clip today.
A test.
Can you imagine the real thing?
Well, that's what they're gearing up for, and that's why they wanted all their climate change agendas in place.
Because if they can have the carbon allowance set up, if they can have the digital identity set up, the digital currency set up, and already have the 15-minute cities being built, and then they do another COVID-style lockdown, and everybody's locked up, businesses are closed, people are masked, people are jabbed, people are mandated through travel, they'll be able to push through all the climate change agendas.
Well remember China and Australia and New Zealand were the model.
Remember when all the trendies that were in the 50-story skyscrapers couldn't leave their houses?
You're in a COVID lockdown already!
That's how it is in China right now.
They have every one of those buildings has like gated turnstiles like you'd have at a subway station or something and you have to scan and you have to show that you've been tested and you're okay and then you're allowed to leave.
But meanwhile our border is wide open.
So they're setting up internal checkpoints for us in TSA but then the border is wide open.
Well, because they have selective entry and exit.
They want certain people to come in and they don't want certain people to leave.
It's very obvious.
They're building the prisons and trying to entice us to get inside the cage.
Don't do it.
Chris Sky is on fire.
He's here for the Liberty Awards.
They're going to be this Saturday at the Vulcan Gas Company.
I don't even know if tickets are still available.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, we got a real fighter in studio with us.
Your phone calls are coming up.
Chris Sky, get back into big picture and what the enemy's going to try next, because you're really good at analyzing that.
A smart cookie.
But before you do that, how would you describe the awakening that is happening right now?
I think it's exponential.
I think the globalists have bit off more than they can chew.
Oh, totally.
They showed their hand, they woke everybody up, and we can use simple math to prove that when they try the next pandemic, it's simply not going to work.
They're not going to be able to institute the mandates like they did before.
And how can I be so sure of that?
How can I prove that?
Well, in the U.S.
alone, they already admit that what?
30% of the people didn't take the first or second or third or fourth jabs.
No, they didn't take any.
So how many people out of the 70%, whether they took two jabs or seven jabs, have said that they're never going to take another jab?
The majority.
A lot of them.
So if they can't get that 70% again, they can't mandate.
60% is not enough.
50% is not enough.
So unless they can get the exact same level of compliance that they got the first time, they're not going to be able to mandate it.
If we've done our job and people like us have done our job, that means we're going to get at least 10, 20, maybe even 30% of the population now more on our side.
And let me interrupt to back you up.
I meant to play at him two months ago, but she's so disgusting.
I just couldn't do it.
Chelsea Clinton was hosting the Clinton Foundation event.
And I sent the clip of the crew.
We never did it.
We had an article on Infowars about it.
But she said, after COVID, even less people trust the shots.
So we've got to even do a better job to make them take it working with industries and government.
She's right there saying we're kicking their ass.
It's true, and we are.
They had to throw away millions and millions of dollars worth of shots.
They're running a massive propaganda campaign right now in Canada to try to get people to take it as an annual shot like just another flu vaccine.
A tornado destroyed millions of them a few weeks ago?
Yeah, I'm sure that was just a wonderful act of God.
And this is the kind of stuff that's happening all over the world.
Moderna's stock is down like 50% and they're begging for more government money.
Isn't it funny how all these stocks got pumped up with We got government-funded tax dollars, and now that they're in the toilet, they want more government-funded money.
This is how Big Pharma works, and that's why they're doing this whole agenda.
We've got to talk about the agenda they're doing against the kids, because it's part of the Big Pharma industry too.
Because they can't fool the adults, so they're going to target the children, like all...
Drug dealers and pedophiles and scumbags do.
Well yeah, the children's mind is the most malleable thing on the planet.
So you can teach a child just like they're doing.
You can teach a child that there's really 75 genders.
You can teach a child that they can choose their pronoun.
You can tell a child the Easter Bunny's real.
Yeah, you can even tell a child, hey, you want to be the Easter Bunny?
You can be!
And they do things like that in the schools today.
And if you try to go against it, they pretend that there's something wrong with you.
They tell you you need to be open-minded.
And it got to the point now that Pride used to be a parade in Canada.
Then Pride turned into a month in Canada.
Now, Pride in Canada on the Government Wednesday is officially an entire season.
Do you think that helps our tourism?
Do you think people want to come from all over the world to summer, the only, like, warm time in Toronto?
Where a bunch of people push their sexual preference on you.
It's weird.
Not even push their sexual preference on you.
It's worse now.
They've actually made it in law that it is legal, and we have police officers on video saying these words, that it is legal for a man to walk around completely nude with his genitals completely exposed unless It is, and I quote, I'm quoting a police officer now, unless the person's penis is fully erect, and they are currently masturbating.
So if they have a half-erect penis, and they're getting... The sergeant said on tape, no, if it's a gay pride, they can do anything, including naked in front of children.
And we're supposed to be okay with that.
If we're not okay with that, it means we're not open-minded.
In Toronto, I exposed how they used taxpayer dollars to hire, and this was endorsed by the Deputy Mayor of Toronto, Jennifer McAlvey, and using our dollars to hire what they called an award-winning drag queen to go to a middle school with children as young as 12 And not just read Drag Queen Story Hour.
No, no.
This was a full-on performance where this man is dressing up in scantily clad female outfits and then stripping it down to female underwear that is not designed to hold male body parts.
And let's talk about this.
Imagine if your buddy invited you out to a company party at a steakhouse and you get there and everybody's wives are dressed in G-strings like hookers shaking their ass.
You'd go, this is some kind of weird sex cult.
Amongst adults, this is bizarre.
Or if somebody tried to take a child to a topless bar, they'd be arrested.
But if it's the LGBTPS group, then it's okay.
It's not even okay.
It's celebrated.
It's promoted.
They'll actually take video clips of a mother giving a dollar bill to an 8-year-old child to go put in a 45-year-old, 220-pound man's G-string.
It is absolutely ludicrous, and it's happening on a daily basis.
We've been exposing it.
So how bad is it going to get?
Because they just get crazier by the minute.
Well, it was getting really bad until they came out with something called SOGI in Canada, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.
And when I was running for Mayor of Toronto, I made it one of the forefronts of the discussion.
And now, they awaken the monster in Canada.
For the first time, I... I was about... People are protesting everywhere!
Not just people.
For the first time since I've known, since I've been around, we have a whole section of Muslims combined with a whole section of Christians combined with a whole section of atheists.
And they're all together.
And they're all saying the exact same thing.
Leave our kids alone.
They're pulling down pride flags.
They're calling out superintendents that are trying to push this agenda.
And they're finally speaking out against it.
And that ties into Dylan Mulvaney.
Oh my god, that was the biggest blunder I believe in advertising history.
I don't think if there's anything bigger, I don't think we're going to see anything bigger.
And it just goes to the adage, go woke, get broke, and you should.
How can you take something like beer and then try to promote it with a trans ideology?
It just doesn't work, I'm sorry.
It may work with like autistic five-year-olds, but nobody else.
Well, look what Italy just did.
They banned transgender females, I use that lightly, from performing in beauty pageants.
And they were looked at as bigots around the world, but I applaud Italians, and I have Italian background, and I say they're the first country to actually stand up for women and actually protect women's rights.
And I believe more women around the world should be complaining about that.
It's beautiful how they banned Leah Thomas, I can't even use that name with a straight face, from competing against other females in the pool.
But we should be having a complete ban on transgenders competing in sports.
It just doesn't make any sense.
And you never see a transgender male wanting to compete against males.
It's always a transgender female, which is a biological male, who wants to compete against females.
So that's just because they want an unfair advantage physically, and that's exactly what we're seeing.
There's not women transgendering and competing against men because they'll get destroyed.
It's cheating, and they know it, but the system says if we can sell them this, they'll put up with anything.
Yeah, and that's what they're doing.
It's like Orwell said.
He was more worried about leaders being able to change the meaning of words and rewrite history than he was nuclear bombs.
Because if you can create a world where every single thing that people believe is a lie, now you've manipulated every single choice that person makes, every single hour of the day.
And that's what the government wants.
They want complete control.
Well, if you don't have a language that's based on reality, you can never break out.
You're in a complete prison, whether you know it or not.
You're in a prison of the mind, a prison of the body, and pretty soon you're going to be a prison of a 15-minute city.
Well, I know this.
Five, six years ago, I had to have bodyguards to walk the streets.
Still had mainly people that liked me, but I had a lot of hate.
A year now, I've had one guy come up and get in my face.
And now I sit there in restaurants, mainly people shake my hand, buy me a drink, and people, you know, a few will sit there and stare at me, but they don't open their mouths now.
Something changed, because they know they're chumps.
No, you're right.
I've noticed from 2020 to now, I've noticed a complete 180 in society, and that's how I know that we've been very effective at going through at least phase one And two of united non-compliance.
Phase one, the global awakening.
Phase two is be taking action.
But we've fallen short of phase three.
I'm a little bit disappointed.
Phase three is holding these people accountable.
And we're not seeing any accountability.
And Rand Paul's trying, but the FBI, what do you respond to him?
Yeah, and it's the same thing in Toronto.
We actually filed an election fraud lawsuit, two election fraud lawsuits, for the Toronto mayoral election, July 21st, 2023, and we are still awaiting an initial acceptance of the filing and a response from the government.
Well, that's why they're so arrogant, is because they control federal law enforcement.
We'll be right back with Chris Sky, stay with us.
Don't forget, Chris Sky is going to be hosting the next hour.
I'm about to take Jim, Frank, Steve, and Henry's calls.
In an hour and about 15 minutes, Owen Schroyer takes over with The War Room, 3 p.m., weekdays, Central.
It's powerful.
Tune into it.
Alright, uh, I want to take these calls.
You'll be able to host next hour.
What are you going to be covering next hour and what else is on your radar screen?
Well, I want to be covering exactly why I'm here in the U.S., where I'm going to be going from here, and why I'm doing what I'm doing.
That's going to be the main thing.
And basically, it's a message for all of humanity.
We want to network.
We want to combine people's resources.
We want to combine people's connections.
We want to combine people's voices.
And we want to get one singular message that freedom Is not something that can be taken from us and freedom is essential, not just in the United States, not just in Canada, but in every country around the world.
Otherwise, they're going to do what they did globally on a global scale, but they're going to target each individual country one by one and take them out that way.
That's right.
The first lockdown was beta.
They even admit that to size up each nation.
They have to see which nations are going to be compliant, they have to see which nations are going to fight back, and then they can tweak the individual programs per country to get the maximum compliance and the maximum benefit for themselves the next time they try it again.
That's right, the sociologists have to tweak it.
And there's a little bit of tickets left.
It will definitely be sold out if you want to go to this Saturday's event.
What is it, like 7 to midnight?
They're at the Vulcan Gas Company on 6th Street, right next to Joe Rogan's club.
That's where he was for the last two years.
He built his own club.
I'm going to be popping in.
Matt Baker's going to be there, Owen Schroer, of course Chris Sky, and so many others.
You want to be there?
It's this Saturday, and we'll put that URL back on screen.
AmericanLibertyAwards.com, if you want to come.
All right.
I want to take some of these phone calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Before we go to Steven in South Carolina, I want to ask, he's on Trump indictment.
What is your view on Trump?
On the indictment or in general?
The indictment, him pushing the shots.
You think he's a good guy, bad guy?
Well, on the indictment, I know a lot about getting charged frivolously.
I know a lot about getting charged with fake charges, with politically motivated charges, and having your name characteristically assassinated.
So I believe that's exactly what's happening to him.
I don't think he's going to be found guilty of anything.
I think it is going to be a long-drawn-out court battle, expensive, not that that matters for him.
But it is going to, they are going to try to tarnish his name and hurt him politically as much as possible.
It's about pinning him down with all these charges while he's trying to run.
Of course.
That's exactly what they do.
Because the more charges they put on you, the more resources and time you have to dedicate to this.
That's less resources and time that you can dedicate to your political campaign or any of your business ventures or even your family.
So it's just a way to slow you down.
It's a way to bog you up.
It's a way to put you off course.
It's a way to dishearten you.
And it's a way to ultimately make you unsuccessful in whatever it is you're trying to do.
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We're almost there.
We're in the black a little bit.
We need you to support us.
I thank you for your support.
Let's go to Steve, then Henry, and then Jim.
Steve, you're on the air with Chris Scott.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
And Chris, thank you for everything that you've done.
You've been an inspiration to me in the fight against the fake COVID.
Hold on, let me just stop you.
Absolutely been an inspiration.
You have been a hard charger.
He's not a whiner.
When he tells you he's persecuted, they have bird-dogged the hell out of you.
That's 100% true.
Actually, I talked to a person who's a senior investigator at the OIPIRD, and that is the branch of police investigations who investigates officers and decides whether charges should be filed against officers.
And I asked him if there's anybody in Canadian history who has been charged, not just arrested, but charged with more crimes than I have, and I'm in the 70s now, and I still have zero convictions.
And she actually looked into it for me and she got back to me and she confirmed that there's no other person, in Canadian history at least, that's been charged more times and still not a criminal.
So that means one of two things.
It means either I'm the luckiest man alive, or it means that I'm being illegally targeted and persecuted by the government, And by the way, I looked into you.
You're a successful builder.
You have no criminal record.
I mean, you're a guy that got pissed about this and they're trying to destroy you, which again is a badge of courage.
Well, it's not even that I got pissed.
It's that I saw necessity to act, not just for my own business, because we're not a business, like you said, we're in development and building.
We're not a business that just pays a rent and pays a few employees.
We have large financial obligations.
But in reality, the small business sector is the backbone of the North American economy.
It makes up over 95% of the businesses in all of Canada and the States, and it's linked to around 70% of the jobs in Canada and the States.
And during COVID, and not because of COVID, let's be very frank here, because of government policies to supposedly combat COVID, we lost around 30% of all the small businesses in both countries.
It's a war against prosperity.
They're cutting off the pipeline.
Sorry to interrupt, Steve.
Go ahead.
Oh, that's fine.
You know, everything that you have done, and everything that Chris has done, and all of the books that I sit here and have read, whether it's Klaus Schwab's COVID-19, The Great Reset, your book, The Great Reset, The War for the World, R.F.K.
Jr.' 's book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Ed Dowd's book, Cause Unknown, and I can go on and on.
Richard Fleming's COVID-19, A Bioweapon.
You know, it is an information war.
And everything that they are doing to us right now, and Chris has talked about this when I've heard him through the years, it's all a distraction.
It's to get us away from what they're really doing to us.
They're hammering us in every, from every direction.
And when your guys were asking me, what did I want to talk about?
You know, the geoengineering.
That they're doing the spraying of the barium salts and aluminum dioxide.
In South Carolina here, I've been telling people about this.
I've taken pictures when it's really been bad.
And like the last week, it's just, you don't see a blue sky anymore.
And this is one of the things that they are constantly hitting us with every single day through the whole country.
And if we don't stop it, They're going to kill us all.
That's Agenda 2030.
They want to kill all of us.
Well, the aluminum alone is killing the trees and the plants, and so much of the soil now is infertile because of it.
Really great point, Steve.
Thank you.
Comments on that?
I couldn't hear anything he was saying.
Your earpiece must have popped out.
I don't know.
My earpiece is in, but I could only hear the first guy talking, the second guy that came through.
It must have unplugged out of the thing there?
But we're going to have them come plug in.
That's one issue we hear.
These plugs are too short.
And I don't know why I have a complaint to the crew that we need to get extensions on these.
Because it's an ongoing issue that happens.
We may have to change the audio system we use.
Or maybe have the guests go to a wireless system so this stops happening.
But this is an ongoing thing.
I'm not bitching.
But it seems like when I say something on air, we tend to fix it so people can actually hear what's going on.
He was bringing up the geoengineering, the chemtrailing.
Oh, well people are still in denial that it exists, even though I actually posted job offerings online that were showing people exactly what type of aircraft they were going to be using, exactly what type of spraying system they're using, and they actually have two separate categories, geoengineering, cloud seeding.
So, people say that cloud seeding is geoengineering.
No, it's not.
Cloud seeding is cloud seeding.
Geoengineering is spraying God knows what into the sky to affect the climate in ways that they determine need to be done.
That's right.
Cloud seeding is like if a place in Colorado pays to have it done to make sure there's snow on the ground.
They can spray and make it snow.
Create precipitation.
Geoengineering is the whole planet wide.
Yes, and they're doing it specifically in different areas.
They're spraying these heavy metals and other toxic substances that inevitably make their way down not only into our food supply, but contaminating the soil, contaminating our skin, and we're seeing all different types of side effects from this type of All right, I'm going to do two more segments with Chris Scott.
He takes over the last 45 minutes.
They'll be on The War Room as well and Harrison Smith's American Journal, 8 a.m.
Kendri and Jim, you held over before our guests got here.
I'm going to go to you when we start our number four today.
And then in T-minus 63 minutes, Owen Schroyer and The War Room.
So be sure and tune into that and share those links, because if you don't, we're screwed.
You take action, we win.
It's all up to you.
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Yeah, Mug Club, baby!
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All right, Chris Guy is going to co-host and take over here in about 15 minutes.
Fingering your calls right now.
Let's go to Henry in Chicago.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex, hi Chris, I wanted to plug in your products.
I'm happy taking the Nitric Boost, the X2 and the X3.
Thank you.
I'm calling because Fauci, you can look it up, it's October 2014, Fauci Letter Authorized Genome Function Research.
And we need to prosecute this guy and take his money away on their... By the way, we should have a record skip noise or a car wreck sound there.
Yeah, he wrote a bunch of letters.
He funded conferences called in favor of gain of function, and then he tells Congress, which they never did it, he should go directly to prison, but he doesn't.
Right, and then they should take his money on the article 1, section 6, paragraph 2.
It's a moment.
Profit arising from office in an office.
He's got $332 million I agree.
So what do we do?
What do we do then, Jim or Henry, about a captured Justice Department that literally lets them commit all these crimes while they persecute Trump for nothing?
I have the solution.
Why don't we designate the WEF, the WHO, The Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS, and all that, as terrorist organizations.
Well, they've listed the American people as terrorist organizations.
I'm not even blaming the mid-level FBI agents, because the truth is they're just doing regular jobs.
It is the top.
Let me ask Chris Stripe, what do you do, like you have in Canada, with a Governor General that really controls your Parliament, they can suspend Parliament at any time, you're really still under the British Crown, we're now under the new Crown, the Justice Department, what do you do when you have corrupt groups hijack the government?
Well, that's what we're dealing with right now, and that's why I said we really haven't achieved phase three of united non-compliance of holding these people accountable, and him talking about Fauci is a perfect example.
We have emails that Fauci knew they were lying to the people, we have the gain-of-function research, and then what did Fauci do?
He took his $330 million, he called it quits, he retired, and he took his golden parachute and flew away.
Now he's hiding out, he's got his money, and he didn't get any charges, he didn't get any- And taxpayers illegally pay for federal marshals to guard him.
Yeah, exactly.
It's fraud.
If a federal marshal picked up a hamburger for you on the job, that's a felony.
They're literally like six agents, 24 hours a day, not on the books, paid for by the feds.
It's lawlessness, lawlessness, lawlessness.
And that's what they're doing.
They're using lawlessness on top of lawlessness.
And that's why you can try to change things from a municipal standpoint, politically, locally.
Or you can do what we've been trying to do, and that's unite people all around the world under the auspice that the government is not your friend.
All these things they're trying to do are not for your own interest.
And the best thing you can do is simply just say no.
Let's talk about phase three when we come back.
It's a one-minute break.
Some stations join us.
Henry, you've got 60 seconds for closing comments.
Great point.
Okay, thank you.
All I've got to say, we've got to fight for our republic, because it's been taken over.
We have to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, which are the mafia that's taking away our money, which is unconstitutional.
And they're funding all the illegal black-op objects and all the other stuff that they're doing.
I agree.
I mean, it's like you have a contractor repair your house while you're on vacation, and you come back and he's in your easy chair saying it's his house.
I mean, it's BS.
Well, there was no income tax before there was a Federal Reserve, and before there was a Federal Reserve, the United States dollar was always able to be traded for one ounce of silver.
And now what do you have?
Henry, great points.
Look, at least we're identifying this coup, though.
And I mean, I don't think the people of the Justice Department are happy campers.
At least that's happening.
Thank you, Henry.
Alright, we're going to come back with one more call.
Jim in Kentucky.
I want to hit this big vaccine story and the pedophile story I mentioned earlier.
And then you're going to be covering a lot of stuff the next 45 minutes after that.
Yes, sir.
Chris Sky, great to meet him in person.
Can't wait to be at the Liberty Awards this Saturday.
And the tickets are almost all gone.
You can go to the AmericanLibertyAwards.com.
You get the final tickets selling out now at the Vulcan Gas Company this Saturday on 6th Street.
I'll see you there.
Here's the latest attack on R.F.K.
It's getting really crazy.
This is Blueanon.
Worse than QAnon.
The Biden administration just denied our request.
Okay, I'll stop there because the important part's already been out there.
Now what they're saying about this now, a tweet from the count of Democratic presidential candidate RFK on Friday used language that many observers say evokes the no Nazi hate symbol 1488.
And so there, you put 14 and then, and they're saying that you did this intentionally.
I also used the word 67 down there.
Uh, okay.
Oh, down here, 67.
Is that also bad?
No, but I mean, I was... Anyway, you can see at the bottom, it says that it got, at that point, that you photographed, it's got almost 30 million views.
I think they were trying to figure out a way.
It got somebody's attention.
Let's put it that way.
Well, those numbers came from Gavin DeBecker, who runs the most, the premier security agency
in the country, and he was, he did my negotiations with the Secret Service.
And the Secret Service, his first contact with them was whatever, 88 days prior to the,
I think it was the 21st of July or whatever, when Mayorkas wrote me back.
And so those numbers I got from him, I didn't, you know, invent those numbers.
But, you know, what's ironic about this, Jimmy, is that these are people who have been accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist.
You need a ball of red yarn to get this thing, you know.
You gotta twist yourself on a pretzel to come up with this one, man.
This is amazing!
This is like, wow!
I was really almost tip of the hat for how crazy this is.
But you know what?
They're going to get people to believe it.
Oh yeah.
And the reason I played that is...
We have all the documents.
We have all the admissions.
They want to lock you up.
Climate lockdowns.
Forcibly inject you.
World government.
New World Order.
Chopping children's genitals off.
And the QAnon people are looking for code words and magic stuff.
And oh, I heard there's a FEMA camp.
Here's the documents for the camps worldwide run by the U.N.
Here's the U.N.
Here it is.
Here's the U.N.
openly passing their new regulations saying sex with six-year-olds is okay if it's consensual, even though they're not of the age of consent.
I mean, I'm going to show you the U.N.
report, but instead it's like, oh, there's hidden bases.
With kids in it, and then the Blue Anons, even more insane, where I said, you know, this Texas judge looks like a demonic goblin, and they go, anti-Semitic trope, she's not even Jewish.
Like, they just inject, I mean, thinking about Jews, she looks like a goblin, she's not even Jewish, it's crazy.
So let me show people some documents here, and then we'll take a final phone call.
I don't know what's going on with the audio system, I just lost my audio, too.
Well, we'll figure it out here in a minute.
I may not be able to take a call now.
But historical vaccine safety concerns right here.
And this is from the CDC's own website.
CDC, Disease Control and Prevention.
And then it says right here, Simian virus SV40 was put in the polio vaccines that the general public was given.
And that over 100 million people got cancer.
So I'm showing you the CDC's own document.
So the Epoch Times comes out, monkey virus and DNA found in COVID-19 shots.
That's according to a bunch of prestigious studies.
Microbiologist Kevin McCarran, a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome Project, has discovered massive DNA contamination in the mRNA COVID-19 shots, including simian virus 40 SV40.
But then look at the crime being committed right here, right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Google, you type in monkey virus mRNA COVID vaccine.
They all tell you it's a conspiracy theory.
Does it exist?
They're doing this premeditatedly.
They know exactly what they're doing.
Chris Sky.
Well, this is the common tactic.
We already know that they did that with the polio vaccine.
It was common knowledge.
There's literally multiple peer-reviewed, published medical journals talking about the contamination of the SV40 virus, how it was given to tens of millions of Americans, how it could even be passed off to offspring, and how it was 100% The reason that so many Americans got cancer.
We're now at the point of our lives where at least one in three people are going to get cancer.
And it was not like that before.
And it's not because people are eating worse.
It's not because people are spending too much time out in the sun.
It's because people are injecting more and more toxic poisons into their body.
And the mRNA vaccine for the COVID vaccine was the worst of the worst.
We already know all around the world that millions of people either suffered and were maimed for life or died specifically because of this shot.
We already know for a fact that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had to be discontinued and banned because it was causing too much damage.
We already know that the AstraZeneca vaccine had to be banned because it was causing too much damage.
We already know that the Moderna vaccine was banned by most of the developed world for young people because it was causing massive injuries to people's hearts.
Meanwhile, There's another segment of the population that believes so much into Big Pharma and so much into government that they took five, six, seven of these shots.
A monkey pox shot, a flu shot, an HPV vaccine, and they can't wait to take more.
Now, if you're thinking about that and you're listening to us, think about it logically.
Do you think any of these shots are actually going to make you healthier?
Or do you think that every successive shot you get has a chance of getting you sicker and sicker and maybe- And the statistics show that's the case, so here's the deal.
I have the CDC website saying this is in the shots, been in the shots, now it's in the new shots, and they literally come in and say we're liars to hurt people.
These are evil.
Sergey Brin is a mass murderer.
Well, it's a lie.
Larry Page is wearing a little pink outfit.
He does that as camouflage.
They brag about it.
Bill Gates wears pink to be non-threatening.
If Hitler wore a pink uniform, he would have won.
Seriously, people have said, he's wearing a pink uniform.
If he'd have hired a bunch of housewives to be his generals, they'd have said, well, it's women, they're not threatening.
Because epigenetically, we're not threatened by a guy in pink.
Well, especially not a Bill Gates-looking type of guy in pink.
Let's take a final call.
You get in the seat right here and you take over.
Let's talk to Jim in Kentucky.
Thanks for holding your own here with Chris Sky.
Yes, I called Rand Paul's office today and requested for Mr. Paul to go ahead and request from a judge to have Fauci's house inspected, including a laboratory that he's working with due to the China laboratory found in California.
He's using that as the link why to get the permit, because Fauci's not out.
He's definitely in and he's working on it.
Oh, you're right.
It came out a month ago that he's still secretly running everything.
Therefore, this new thing he's going to release, he's probably got in his hands now.
And if Mr. Paul can get this done, instead of trying to prosecute him for a past crime, he can prosecute him with the evidence of the crime going on right now.
No, I totally agree.
I mean, we're literally sitting here waiting for a known mass murderer that helped launch HIV and now this, and he says something uneminent.
Remember, he said Trump will be challenged by a virus in 2017.
We're waiting for this mass murderer, a known killer, to attack us again.
That's why he needs to, you know, his house needs inspected, his laboratory needs inspected, let them find another bio... We got total probable cause to give this guy a proctology exam.
This is the evidence that's needed to prosecute him now.
And that's why he officially took himself out of the picture to buy himself another level of insulation from being investigated and from having exactly what you just described happen to him.
And again, just like a pyro- great point Jim, thank you.
Just like a pyromaniac, great to have that be our last caller, great point.
A pyromaniac can't help but burn down buildings, same thing with this guy.
He can't help but release viruses.
Well, that's what he's been doing for how many decades?
45 years.
All right.
Great job, crew.
Chris Sky takes over for 45 minutes.
The Mighty Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Tune in.
Spread the links to the War Room.
You're going to be back on the American Journal tomorrow.
When are you on the War Room?
Sometime today, they didn't give me.
Oh, beautiful.
So you're going to be on with the War Room today.
All right.
Thank you to the crew.
Thank you to Steven Crowder.
Yesterday was amazing.
We've got a free month over there with a new show to be launching.
There's just big stuff going on.
You back us, we'll explode and defeat the globalists.
You don't, we're all screwed.
I think it's that simple.
I want to commend you all for the great job you do.
That means everybody, from the listeners to the crew, to our guests, to everybody else, of course, all glory to God.
Chris Sky gets in this chair, coming back in four minutes.
Get ready, and as I told you, who's coming up at 3 p.m.?
Owen Troyer!
Alright, Infowars.com is the coordinates of Liberty.
Hello everybody, we are back on InfoWars.
You are with your host, Chris Sky.
And first of all, I would just like to thank Alex and the crew for giving me this opportunity.
And while I'm here, and while I have you all to myself, I want you guys to listen up.
I want you guys to listen closely.
Why am I here?
And not just on InfoWars, why am I here in the United States?
Why am I talking to you in the first place?
Well, we did not finish our job.
We fought back, we fought hard, we pushed back the COVID restrictions, but we did not stop the globalist agenda.
All the same things that they want to institute with COVID, getting rid of personal responsibilities and individual freedoms, Making us dependent on government, controlling our finances, controlling our mobility, control, control, control, is all still very much on the table.
And we did not complete Phase 3 of United Non-Compliance.
Nobody's been thrown in jail.
Nobody's been held accountable.
People like Trudeau just shuffled their cabinet.
People like Fauci just retired and they moved off into the shadows.
People like Joe Biden are still in power.
Nothing's happened to the medical establishment.
Nothing's happened to Big Pharma.
Nothing's happened to the media.
All the people that have lied to you, all the people that have impoverished you, all the people that have taken advantage of you are still there and still talking, and now they're getting ready for another round of recession, another round of a so-called global climate crisis, and of course another round of some type of pandemic.
COVID was the test run.
They had to see how every individual country would respond.
So now they can tweak their global response for every individual nation to get the maximum level of compliance.
And it is more imperative than ever that we stand up, not only as a nation, Not only as a continent, but as a global voice with one idea, and that idea is freedom for all.
And that is why I am embarking on what I called a tour to change the world.
A few weeks ago, I was on an international show that had representatives from the United States, from Canada, from Australia, and New Zealand.
And we started off talking about voter fraud.
And we all seemed to notice that the very same methods of voter fraud were employed no matter what part of the world they were in.
Just like the COVID restrictions.
Just like the global climate restrictions.
So this was a global problem.
And it needs a global solution.
We need a global voice.
And I said at the time, if I can get myself into the United States The Bastion of Freedom, the largest standing army in the world, the people that care more about freedom and have a document called the Constitution that absolutely enshrines freedom into their daily lives.
This would be the perfect place to start.
And this would be the only country that I knew I would have trouble getting into.
And after being arrested 27 times in the last three years, after facing over 70 criminal charges, I knew that no matter which way I tried to come into the United States, it wasn't going to be easy.
And I knew it was going to be not a fun time, but I knew it was something I had to do.
I knew it was the right thing.
And I knew if I could successfully get into the United States, it would be a sign that I was on the right path and I had to do what I had to do.
I came up from Mexico, I took a bus, I got to the border, and sure enough, I got stopped, we set off an alarm, I got questioned, I got detained, so long that shift change happened.
Got questioned again, got put in a cell, passed out for I don't even know how long.
Then I had to do an interview while locked up to a chair and I was completely at the discretion of the U.S.
Border Control Guards if I was going to have entry into this country and if my purpose would be able to continue and if my tour to change the world would officially be able to actually happen.
And after seven hours of being detained and seven hours of not knowing what was going to happen, these brave men and women showed that they value your Constitution.
They valued the rights and freedoms of a non-American citizen.
And they granted me entry into the United States.
And when I walked across that border into Texas, literally walked, because my bus had long left me.
I had never felt more proud, and I am not even an American citizen.
So if I were you and I lived in the United States, every single morning I wake up, I would be thanking God that we have something called the Constitution, and I would be thanking God that your law enforcement officers truly believe in it, truly believe in freedom, and truly believe in your country.
Because after spending three years in a COVID-ravaged Canada, I saw the complete opposite.
I saw compliance with the government tyranny even in our law enforcement and I did not see that kind of attitude that I saw here and it let me know that I have come to the right place.
The United States is the perfect place for me to start this world tour and the idea is we need everybody to start Thinking the same.
We need everybody to understand that they have power and we need everybody to be able to react in the same matter at the same time.
When we can speak out in one voice, when we can just say no on a global scale, there is nothing these people can do except retreat into the darkness and give us our lives and give us our independence back.
And I'm starting over here in Texas Basically, to my mind, this is probably the perfect place to start, and I'm going to be heading over from here through Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, on my way to Miami, then Vero Beach, then coming back through Texas to New Mexico, to Colorado, and that's only in the next two weeks.
We still have a couple more weeks after that.
After I am finished in the United States, I am planning on going to Europe, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and finally I'm going to be heading off to Australia.
Because I said, if I had to be, I would be the link that connects the Commonwealth around the world.
I would be the one to bring a message that everybody can speak on together
that is going to get them the result they want, and that result is going to be freedom and prosperity for
An idea is more powerful than any man, an idea is more powerful than any law,
an idea is more powerful than any tyrannical government.
An idea that takes root and takes hold on a global scale in unison
can defeat any tyranny they try.
And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, they are still trying.
The climate change agenda is even more nefarious and even more dangerous than the COVID agenda.
And let me explain.
The COVID agenda Worked because it played on your heartstrings.
It made you feel like if you didn't go along, you're going to kill grandma, you're going to kill baby.
And they told you it was only temporary.
Climate crises last generations.
They are literally trying to transform your way of life.
Not just for a few years, not just temporarily.
But for you and your children's children's children's children, they are setting up a technocratic control grid that is literally foolproof because they know their kids are like Hunter Biden, crackheads that couldn't run up McDonald's.
So how would they enslave a global population with tyranny?
They set up a thing that does it for them.
And we're going to talk about that when we come back.
I don't know if they want me to take any calls, but I'd love to take some calls and talk to some people.
And we can talk more about what I plan to accomplish on this tour and what they plan on doing against you and your family in the coming months and how you can prevent it from harming you.
Thank you guys.
We'll be back.
Hello everybody, we're back on InfoWars.
I'm your host, Chris Sky, and we're going to take some callers.
So if you want to call in, the number is 877-789-2539.
Give me your calls now and we'll take some calls, we'll take some questions, because I just talked a lot and I know people are going to have a lot of questions for me after that rant.
But we have an interesting time.
We're in the middle of August right now.
So you're going to start seeing predictive programming come out in all the different types of media.
And you're going to see they're going to start trying to push COVID measures.
You're going to see they're going to start carrying on with these so-called climate catastrophes and Every single thing is going to have one thing in common.
It's going to try to scare you and it's going to try to prep you for more restrictions and more giving up of your rights and freedoms because that's what this game is all about.
It is not about health and safety.
This is about control.
This is about governments trying to limit how well you're allowed to live your life and limit what you're going to be allowed to pass on to your children and ultimately limit the potential of generations of your family's well-being.
And we have Sherry in Wisconsin on the phone, so let's... We're talking about this because we keep encountering this argument when we talk to people about, and it's awesome because of the way, you're like more patriotic as a Canadian to America, and it's kind of weird.
So what I want to point out is I think we have forgotten That we are a government of the people, by the people.
When we send a representative out to speak for us, we need to stay in touch with that representative.
And we're not.
It's weird.
Well, it's because of complacency, and I'll address the first part of your question is how, why, and how.
To me, it's not weird that I'm more accepting of the patriotism of Americans and I'm more excited about it because you guys are used to it.
When you have something your whole life, you take it for granted.
I live up in Canada where our Charter of Rights might as well be toilet paper compared to the Constitution.
And when it was put to the test, both documents were put to the test like never before in our lifetimes as they were in COVID, I saw that our Charter of Rights was literally just Literally paper!
And over here, the Constitution was holding up in court, the Constitution was holding up in the school system, the Constitution was holding up for unions.
And people need to understand how important that document is at limiting the powers of government.
People have become so complacent over the years, just like you stated, that they elect
these people without even knowing anything about them.
And once they're elected, they literally just let them have complete control of the ship
without even asking questions, without any accountability.
And at the same time, they acknowledge that their choices are almost always the supposed
lesser of evils.
So they're actively empowering what they know to be evil, and then acting surprised
that evil does evil things after you've enabled them, and then given them the keys to the
kingdom without any accountability.
And of course, from living in any other country and looking in on America during COVID and seeing how we had no rights and freedoms and seeing how your rights and freedoms stayed strong, that's how much I can appreciate Americans' freedoms.
But at the same time, I can also see why Americans sat back and didn't see COVID as a real threat, because their Constitution was still protecting them.
In Canada, we didn't have the protection of the Constitution, so we had no choice but to literally stand up physically for ourselves.
And it made it a lot more difficult, but it made us a lot more passionate about it, and I believe that's why our trucker convoy was able to get almost 10% of the entire population into the capital city that day.
Just made my point.
And my sister and I were saying, here's so many people, oh what can I do?
I work all the time.
I make it to the ballot box.
Oh my gosh, this starts at the local level.
Most people in federal government started at the local level.
And we do not stay in touch with them and tell them what we think and what we want.
And how can they speak for us if we never interact with them?
How do they know what we think?
And I told my sister, I said, here's what we're forgetting.
Corruption happens, money, obviously a lot of it is through money.
You've got a representative out there, he's not hearing from his constituents, we're not talking, we're not getting out there on the local level, and then somebody comes up with some money.
Oh, here dude, I really would like this to get passed because this helps my business or me.
I don't know how tempting it would be to have tons of money thrown at you just to do a little favor.
I don't know how to handle a temptation like that.
I've never been encountered by it.
We don't know what they may be coming up against, but if we are not talking to them, because we, the people, are the government, how can they do their job effectively?
I agree 100% and like you said it all has to happen at the local level because it's not like you're going to be able to pull the levers of the federal government but you can on individual counties and individual towns and even smaller cities quite easily if people are organized and people are loud and people are persevering.
We've got to fight harder.
We may all have jobs.
We may all have lives.
We may be busy.
We may even be overwhelmed.
But we have got to look at this seriously and we have got to figure out how to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.
And get back to the government that our founding fathers put together.
I agree.
And once you hold them accountable here, you can provide an example for the rest of the world.
And that's one of the reasons, probably the main reason, why I started the world tour to change the world in the land of the free, the United States.
Thank you so much.
Kyle in Texas.
Hey, Chris Sky.
Welcome to Texas.
I'm calling from West Texas.
I've been following you.
I was going to request if you would stop in Lubbock on your way out to New Mexico.
It's probably our only big city in West Texas, and we've got a lot of Patriots out here.
The reason people live in West Texas is because it's considered no-man's land, which means it's not easy to live out here.
So all the people out here have a small-town vibe.
Uh, it's pretty big town and everyone's pretty tough-minded out here, so if you can make it out here and rally the troops, I can, uh...
We can get together and work on that.
I know we need a big push.
Well, thanks for reminding me, because I wanted to give everybody a point of contact for me.
That's why I'm doing shows like this, because I had all this not planned, because I was not sure that I was even going to be able to get into the country.
So within hours, I was already booked in multiple states.
And I did that because I give out my personal number, and that's how I connect with people.
They know they can contact me directly.
And I'm going to give it out right now.
And there it is, actually.
It's 416-416-4162.
I'm always looking for people to contact me in different states if they want me on a show, if they want to do a meet and greet, if they just want to do a private thing.
We're looking for sponsors, we're looking for support in any way possible.
And for anybody who sees this that has a show in the states and wants me on it, Where's Joe Rogan?
Where's Tucker Carlson?
Where's Del Bigtree?
Where's even Andrew Tate?
Why isn't he helping?
If I had the money of Andrew Tate, this problem would already have been solved.
So I gotta call out these big name people because they have the platform, they have the resources,
they have the connections that if we did work together and we did proliferate these ideas on those platforms,
we could reach every continent of the globe literally overnight and we can spark
a global revolution of thought in the vast majority of people.
We've reached millions of people, we need to reach billions of people.
And when billions of people are thinking like us, when billions of people have the courage to stand up for what they know is right, and when billions of people have the foresight to see what will happen if they don't, and they have the foresight to see what will happen if they do, I am quite confident that we will see a joining of the minds and resources all around the world like something we've never witnessed before.
Or I wouldn't be wasting my time doing what I'm doing right now.
Am I still on?
Thanks, Kyle.
Send me a text and see if I can get down there.
We'll go to Steve in Florida.
Hey, Chris.
It's really a pleasure to talk to you.
We only got 45 seconds for the commercial, so please make it quick.
And I'll address it when we come back.
All right.
My main point is that you do a lot of good predictions, and the more I analyze it, the more I research it, I'm kind of seeing the CBDC push, I think.
Well, I'm going to talk about that as soon as we come back because I think that's probably the CBDC is probably their their final nail in the coffin.
I think it's the linchpin for the global tyranny and I'm going to tell you exactly why when we come back and I'm going to tell you exactly why we need to stop it on a national level and an international level.
So stick with me and we'll be back in a couple minutes.
Thank you, everybody.
Hello, everybody.
Welcome back.
This is the last segment on the Alex Jones Show.
And right before we got off, we were with Stephen in Florida and he was asking me about central bank digital currency and what I believe that to be.
I think that is the linchpin of the globalist plan.
I believe they won't need any more pandemics after that.
They won't need any more climate change edicts after that.
If they can get everybody onto a digital ID and a digital currency.
They have 100% control over every man, woman and child on this planet.
And once they have that control, once they can choose when and where and what you can spend your money on, they're going to use the most sinister thing they've thought of yet.
And they're literally drooling at the idea to be able to implement this upon you.
And this will be the nail in the coffin For society, for generations to come, until society rises up in a violent revolution to dispel these people from power.
If they allow this to happen.
And what am I talking about?
I'm talking about the ability to make your, and I use that term lightly, your money expire.
They want you on a digital currency that they not only can control where and when you can spend your money, they want to put an expiry date on your money.
So if you do not spend your money by that certain time, they will recuperate it under the auspice that you are hoarding more than you need.
All part of the climate change agenda, of course.
Now this Obviously is not a good thing, but if you look at it in a deeper way and analyze what it truly means, it is the most horrifying aspect and the final nail in the coffin of every one of their COVID and climate change agendas wrapped up into one.
Because if your money expires, no matter how smart you are, no matter how much you work, no matter how successful your business, no matter how many different businesses you own, no matter what you do, they will have complete control over your social status.
You will not be able to improve your financial situation.
You will not be able to pass on anything of worth to your family.
They have now locked you in a state of perpetual servitude where they are the rulers, you are the slaves, and they don't even have to manage you.
It's all managed for them.
It all happens automatically, it all happens digitally. They can be
chilling on their yachts every single day while you're stuck in your 15-minute city,
250 square foot condo, going downstairs to work, going upstairs for your
coffee, going upstairs for your gym, going to the grocery store, and spending 90%
of your so-called life inside the same building so you can control your so-called
carbon footprint and do your part to eliminate the carbon which in reality
is eliminating life on on planet Earth.
They want to eliminate life.
They want to eliminate where you can go, what you can do, what you can eat, the experiences you and your family and children would have otherwise had.
Let's go to another call.
We're going to go to Tom in Canada, my home country.
Hey, Chris, Tom in Toronto.
How are you, buddy?
Very proud you're representing us down there.
Thank you.
And I was just, I wanted to ask about the accountability piece, because, you know, at the City of Toronto, when we look at, like, you know, the vaccine mandate and all the harms that were caused, we had, you know, the mayor's now gone.
Mayor Tory's gone.
Chris Murray, the city manager, he, you know, left.
Tracy Cook, the deputy city manager, left.
They all left, like all these rats jumping off the ship.
Like how do we get that accountability?
'Cause I am so angry about what they put us through and I don't think people south of the border
can appreciate what we went through in Canada.
And I just would like to get your thoughts, I guess, on how do we get some accountability
from the trios of the world?
'Cause they seem to rig the game so that they never have to face the music.
Well, that is the trillion dollar question, and that is what we've still been trying to figure out over the last three years, because we've been taking action, which was phase two, in every way possible.
We've been speaking out.
We've been doing lawsuits.