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Name: 20230809_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 9, 2023
1134 lines.

The video discusses the growth of Mug Club as an alternative platform for content creators facing censorship on mainstream platforms. The hosts emphasize the importance of supporting each other's work and offer access to multiple creators through one portal at a lower price than competitors. They also mention future developments such as an investigative journalism unit, which will differentiate them from other companies. The conversation highlights the need for independent media outlets in addressing issues like gender identity that may not be funded by donors or non-profits. Lastly, they promote their private label product, Rebel Zen, and encourage viewers to use the promo code 'replatforming' for a discount on Fight Like Hell shirt at laddoscreditor.com/mugclub.

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They will destroy us?
Well, guess what?
We didn't start this fight.
We don't want it.
But if you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
I've not been this excited ever!
The replatforming begins now.
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code "Alex"
at jonescrowder.com Have you been compromising day in and day out when no
compromise is necessary?
(dramatic music)
And I'll go one further.
Where no compromise should ever be expected from you.
It is time to match intensity.
Every single one of you watching or listening right now needs to flip a switch in your head
where you will make those sons of bitches embarrassed that they ever even thought of asking that compromise.
Imagine the founding fathers looking down and going, what the fuck are you people doing?
You're talking about the same people that rail against misinformation, who platform Adam Schiff.
This case needs to be blown up and the ATF needs to be held accountable.
Why can't we not condemn evil behavior?
[Music fades]
Hello Mug Club and all you strange animals out there.
We've been hard at work with our friends at Rumble to bring you the first network controlled by creators.
And two of the biggest giants in this industry are joining forces under the same umbrella.
No more censorship.
No more big tech dependents.
No more one-sided contracts.
The time for an open, honest, and transparent network has arrived.
The time for a network controlled by the creators has arrived.
The time for a network that allows creators to focus on their audience has arrived.
If you're signing up for Mug Club today, use promo code replatforming for a free Fight Like Hell t-shirt.
Join us in that fight.
We didn't seek this out, guys.
We didn't look for the extra work of trying to start a network.
We wanted to do a show!
We wanted to make people laugh.
We wanted to educate and entertain them and try to help save our country.
But so many of you weren't being served.
It was all about scam advertising, dishonest tactics, censorship, playing ball with people that don't share your values, and we couldn't stand idly by while that happened.
They want to cancel every one of you and every one of us.
But because of you, because of Mug Club, they can't touch us.
Let the replatforming begin.
Democrats are afraid of this guy, the liberal media can't stand him, and Big Tech wants to cancel him, but you have made him uncancellable!
Welcome the strange animal himself, Steven Crowder!
You're a strange animal, that's what I know You're a strange animal, that's what I know
That's what I'm talking about!
You're a strange animal, that's what I know What's your name?
Come in with me!
With me!
Fight like hell!
Alright, welcome to the replatforming conference.
We have some members of the press and friends here.
Thanks for coming out.
We'll be taking some questions from them later.
Boy, that was a self-important intro, but thank you guys for putting it together.
I never feel comfortable with that.
I wish I were a rapper.
So, uh, look, just a few minutes we'll be making some major announcements regarding the future of Mug Club, and it's widening to a full-fledged network powered by Rumble.
And what I mean by that is Mug Club, if you go to ladderwithcreditor.com slash mug club now, one portal, and it's a network to many different creators, some of whom we'll announce today and more to come.
So we have announcements regarding new shows, new types of content, new ways to impact the country, this increasingly silly place, and the tyrannical platforms of big tech.
First, let me get into this a little bit.
Replatforming is the title here for a reason.
And because of all these announcements and the people from whom you're about to hear, Replatforming is a story about what's been lost, what's been risked, really, what's been taken from people, and what, starting today, we will all actively begin to regain.
And before that, Mug Club's been around for such a long time that it kind of occurred to me, for some of the folks new here, I haven't done a great job in explaining to you what Mug Club is, what Phase 1, at least, has been up until now, before we get to the new announcements.
It's a simple concept, Mug Club.
We bleed so you don't have to.
We've had people come up and say, hey, you know, I wish I could say some of these things that, you know, you guys can say on there, but I'll get fired from my job.
I don't want you to get fired from your job.
But when you join up, when you give us your dollar, we have to be able to say what it is that you can't say.
Otherwise, we're stealing from you.
If we play ball with big tech, if we decide to take your dollar but then say, we've got to make tens of millions of dollars off YouTube ad revenue, we're screwing you.
So Mug Club is exactly what has allowed us, all of us, to remain completely independent since 2016.
Before that, online revenue was generated by ads.
Some inside baseball here.
I knew back then, in order to maintain that, I would have to make compromises.
YouTube, Facebook, they kept telling us what kind of content we were permitted to post, what kind of creators they would be happy to work with, and exactly what kind of people, what kind of conservatives, would be put in the corner.
I couldn't stomach it then, I can't stomach it now, and no one here can, and because of Mug Club, because of you, we don't have to.
Give you some history.
Because of Mug Club, when NBCUniversal, Vox, CNN tried to deplatform all of us, meaning us and you, we survived the Vox Apocalypse.
YouTube, Google said, hey, you're not going to make another dime off ads.
And because of you, Mug Club, we said, fine.
Viewers like you, you know how PBS says that, but really they mean another grant, more money, please?
Because of Mug Club, with zero ad revenue, we were able to host the single most viewed, individually viewed I should say, election stream of 2020.
And because of Mug Club not being beholden to Big Tech's advertising or their guidelines, we were able to cover the voting dumps as they happened, the boarded up polling stations as they happened, the corrupt early calling of states as they happened, and the gaslighting of you from the media and Big Tech for believing your lying eyes and lying ears.
Completely demonetized.
We can keep fighting.
Because of Mug Club.
And when we were banned, by the way, from covering the midterm elections, 2024 kicked off YouTube just a week before happenstance.
YouTube and Google.
Because of Mug Club, we broadcast the single largest individual election livestream to occur on any other platform outside of YouTube, doing it through Rumble and the history of the internet.
Completely demonetized.
We can keep fighting and growing because of Mug Club.
Because of Mug Club, when the entire world went crazy and locked down due to the China virus, and you were going stir-crazy with nowhere to go, and even conservative hosts were suspending their broadcasting or doing it from their basement with a webcam, we were able to be right here with you and instead for an entire month broadcast two-a-days with Mug Club Quarantine.
The entire staff right here from this very studio.
Because of Mug Club, during that same time, we were able to introduce whistleblowers like Dr. Peter McCullough, other practicing biologists to the world.
The very first week of lockdown.
And when we were suspended for daring to question the status quo, we survived.
Completely demonetized.
We can keep fighting.
Because of Mug Club.
And because of Mug Club, when on the very same day, we're making some announcements here today, But think of this, the very same day Alex Jones was deplatformed from YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Spotify, along with a warning that anyone hosting him would be suspended themselves, and many of his so-called friends abandoned him, we hosted him immediately, and we wore that suspension with honor.
Completely demonetized.
We can keep fighting because of Mug Club.
And because we did, and because so many of you watched and joined, YouTube reversed course and allowed Alex Jones to appear on programs just as a guest moving forward.
He just wasn't allowed to host a program of his own, they said.
And so, because of Mug Club, we immediately allowed Alex Jones to fill in host for this very show.
And we wore our immediate suspension with pride.
Completely demonetized.
We could keep fighting and growing because of Mug Club.
Mug Club is why we were able to cover the lied-about origins of COVID-19 and the potential side effects of the experimental mRNA injection while it was strictly forbidden, before it was allowed.
And Mug Club is why, when even nearly, not nearly, every mainstream conservative that we can think of said that we lived through the most secure election of our lifetime, which you can count on one hand exceptions, we were able to cover exactly why that was verifiably, irrefutably untrue, while it was strictly, again, forbidden to do so on YouTube and Facebook.
Until YouTube just officially announced that it'll be allowed.
And that's the most important part.
Something that maybe we take for granted and you take for granted.
When I say it's you, it's not just a buzzword.
It's precisely because of you, Mug Club, that these things are now even permissible
on these big tech platforms.
If you heard that voice, there's some foreshadowing.
Son of a bitch.
Because seriously, Mug Club is the tip of the spear.
Mug Club can't, for all of its flaws, and there are many, Gerald, Mug Club cannot be bought, sold, or bargained with.
That's the reputation.
Take it or leave it.
And when an entity like that, when an entity comprised of nothing more than all of you, all of you, You are who we serve.
You are to whom we are beholden.
And you're the driver of billions of views and listeners, cumulatively.
The people who want to silence you, who want to dictate what you hear, who hate everything you stand for, well, guess what?
They can't de-platform us all.
They'd have no one left to do business with.
So now, as a full-fledged network, and the announcements we're about to make, and continue to make, Mug Club is bigger than them.
Mug Club is why we don't need them.
And that's why all of us here are genuinely free.
You, Mug Club, are the reason that they are scared.
And they should be.
Because wait until you see what's next.
This was just phase one.
Hey everyone, this is Steven Crowder and what we're talking about is free speech.
Stephen Crowder.
It's very offensive.
Very offensive.
Yeah, thanks for having me, Stephen.
Piece of living garbage ass dumpster fire!
I can guarantee you, multiple people right here have been raped!
How can you guarantee that?
People call me the Tony Robbins of assassination And I'm a drunk every last damn day my baby come across
When it's a runoff, walkoff, demon baby off, I'll go off with the demon baby.
Ryan Kelly!
My girl wanted me to run an errand, and she goes, take my bike, but it has a basket on the front of it.
I was like, I'm gonna walk, you know?
I just feel like I'm a target for homophobic bandits, you know?
You know, most serial killers are white, but you know why?
To be a serial killer takes a lot of effort.
It's like a full-time job.
Black crime is just quick and simple.
You know that show, The First 48?
They have a new one, The First 48 Seconds.
It's just black crimes.
And I had a racist grandmother.
76 will commence again!
Oh, I'm back.
So, before we get to some of the new announcements new shows, new divisions that we're creating here
and again, you can go to laddarthcreditor.com/mogclub enter in the promo code "replatforming"
you get a Fight Like Hell shirt.
I want to give the microphone over to some people who've played a role here at Mug Club and growing this place and, uh, are now going to be playing a bigger role.
So first, uh, this is a man right here with a resume that you rarely find in the, I mean, quote unquote, conservative movement.
So through the last decades, he's had roles in film, television, he's hosted shows, he sold out theaters.
But with Brian Callum, let me tell you a little bit about what he lost.
Because that's what replatforming is about.
In the era of the Me Too Witch Hunt, when people were being falsely accused left and right, he not only had a top ten podcast in the sports world, he not only was a central character on one of ABC's hallmark shows, his role was so popular he was given his own spinoff on ABC in primetime.
Smear campaign later, he lost all of it.
The term cancelled doesn't even cover it.
But now, he's ready to let his freak flag fly, and beyond being in third chair, uh, and appearing in sketches, which he's done, he will be launching his weekly show on September 1st, The Brian Callen Show, but Mug Club will also be producing Brian Callen's next stand-up comedy special, more on that in a minute, one where he can finally pull no punches, show the world everything that he truly is, again, because of Mug Club.
So please welcome to the team, part-timer to full-timer, Mr.
Brian Callum.
Thank you, my fellow Americans.
Thank you, Stephen.
Listen, let's get serious.
There are a lot of bad ideas out there that have very real consequences for our democracy.
It is no longer safe to speak the truth.
It is no longer safe to even question the edicts handed down from the establishment kings.
Gatekeepers today will crush you financially.
They will censor you.
They will de-platform you.
They will label you.
They will vilify you.
The rules grow more specific, weirder, and more plentiful by the day.
And as I speak, you'll even be punished if you stand with traditional beliefs and values.
Well, welcome to the pushback.
See that?
See that?
A lot of people over here.
You can't see them.
You should see that.
How you guys doing in the nosebleeds?
They can't hear me.
Steven and the Louder With Crowder family have been battling it out on their own for a long time now.
Well, I am excited to be part of an ever-expanding group of misfits and comics that have had enough and want to join the fight.
The Pushback isn't just about fighting bad ideas with better ideas.
It's not just about shouting into a microphone.
We're here to change hearts and minds, and we are going to do it the way Steven has always done it, with humor, satire, wit, and maybe a little screaming into the microphone.
You know what I'm saying?
A little scream.
A little bit, yeah.
A little anger, once in a while, goes a long way.
We are going to entertain you so hard and so often that you can't help but hear and see the truth.
You can't help it!
There is no one in the conservative space pushing back on the left's terrible ideas with Stephen's level of funny.
No one's even in the same area code.
So when Stephen asked me to join the family, I was like, where do I sign up?
This is must-see pushback.
We are an army of funny people with a point of view, funny with a philosophy.
We are not your grandpa's conservative show.
We ain't the strict chaperone standing in the corner telling everyone not to dance.
The party is here.
This is where you get to laugh, learn, and be heard.
And I am excited to be part of it all.
No, no, you're good.
But they were supposed to be doves.
I wanted to release them.
We're the doves!
There's doves over there.
I wanted doves!
There are doves over there.
Oh, I see.
It actually does.
It says, graphics confetti.
He wasn't lying.
The promo code is... Oh, there we go.
Yeah, and we appreciate it.
We have members of the press and family here.
It's one of those things where we couldn't do this at a venue because, you know, people might shoot me.
And this next guy.
Again, this is before the announcements that we're making, and I'm incredibly excited for some of those, but this is a guy.
Alright, he's going to get mad at me because this is going to be a little sappy.
I'm just trying to think if I should even say this because he's going to be like, nah, this kid's a fruitcake.
Say it!
Okay, I can't say that.
I can't say that.
I can't say that.
There's no way I can say this.
There's no way I can say that.
Oh, okay.
All right.
I got it.
And then I'll talk about the comedy special.
You're doing your stand-up special.
When are you filming that, Brian?
Whenever you tell me.
Well, that's not how it works.
I'm just ready to go.
I'm developing it.
All right.
So this next guy, I'm just going to go for it.
They say never meet I apologize in advance.
They say never meet your heroes.
And it's an odd feeling meeting one of your professional idols.
I don't mean idolatry.
I mean professional idols.
This is before some of you guys get upset here.
And actually being in a position where you have anything to offer them of value.
I've had two comedy heroes in my life.
And you've heard me say this back since 2014.
Norm Macdonald and Nick DiPaolo.
Now, in every industry, there's often a person who people think is the man, right?
The person who gets the accolades or the push, as it's called in some entertainment industries.
And then behind the scenes, there's the guy.
There's the actual guy.
And when you ask any of that industry's peers, they would flat out tell you, oh, oh, oh, yeah, he's the guy.
In the world of stand-up comedy, for decades, that guy is Nick DiPaolo.
Nick DiPaolo is not only one of the longest-standing veterans in the industry, he's the guy who some of the world's most famous comedians still call when they need help writing jokes, to this day.
To give you an idea, when Joe Rogan went through his conflict with Carlos Mencia back in the day, and I was watching from Montreal, his primary problem was with unoriginality.
And you can go back and watch this clip.
He talked about how difficult it was to write truly excellent original comedy.
And when he listed examples of the gold standard of people who inspired him, he listed two people.
Dave Chappelle and Nick DiPaolo.
Nick's fatal flaw is that he was just never able to keep his mouth shut.
Nick Napole has always reviled the left, political correctness, or what we know today as cancel culture.
The stories of him going off on some entitled feminist who made the air of heckling him at the Comedy Cellar in New York City, they're still discussed, they're echoed through the halls of that club to this day.
He was cancelled, fired really, before that term exists, from his own radio show at Sirius XM, when a Latinx professor at Fresno State was joy-tweeting that Barbara Bush had died.
Nick DiPaolo did what he does best, and he wrote, I don't know, I hope he's okay, he wrote this tweet in response.
Dear future school shooters, please confine yourselves to college campuses, specifically faculty lounges at Berkeley Fresno State.
It was funny then, and it's funny now.
And he was fired, and he never changed.
This is not a man, just to be clear, who kept his head down, made his bones, and then decided to come out of the closet as some right-wing lunatic for clicks.
This man doesn't own a closet door, and he has always been a right-wing lunatic.
While other people in the industry, right, they would seek his advice from behind the scenes, and I'll say this because he will never say this, okay?
People will seek his advice behind closed doors, and maybe there's some folks out there who you may watch who maybe lift some of his stylings from back in Boston, softening it for a mainstream audience.
This guy was being turned down for roles from venues he's had shows cancelled.
He was even punched in the face at a comedy club by a lesbian broad in Birkenstocks.
It's a true story.
He was on our show the next day with a black eye.
Because he just could never keep his mouth shut.
And the reason that this is the replatforming conference is because this is a story not even about what was lost, but what was taken from someone.
And what, at this moment in time, for the first time, can be regained and will be regained.
and because of all this he was called of course look before you were
racist sexist homophobic you name it for his entire career here at Mug Club and myself
personally we call him the funniest man alive Nick DiPaolo
thank you Kevin And the t-shirt was not my idea.
What is this?
Aria Grande?
You look good.
Great to be here, seriously.
You came along at a good time.
My wife has a coke problem.
A lot of bills.
Got a dog with cataracts.
Steven calls me.
Where do I sign up?
Now, I'm here, obviously, for a few reasons.
First of all, all the jobs dried up in the garment district.
Too old to join a militia, and I was kicked out of Oprah's book club, that fat fuck.
I blame half the shit on her, nobody does, but she started this fucking anti-white whore shit.
I'm trying, I'm fucking very nervous, big day for me.
My career hinges on this gig.
I'm part of my club, honestly, because it's the only source for the truth right now as far as letting people know what's being done to this country and what deep shit we're in thanks to the leftist elitist scum that make up both the mainstream media and that vast criminal enterprise known as the Democrat Party.
Ah, fuck, I want to kill him.
Whether it's confronting brainwashed students on a college campus, calling out politicians on their bullshit, no one has been doing it longer and better than our fearless leader here, Steven Crowder.
Please, more applause for Crowder.
It's Crowder, right?
Is it Crowder?
Mud Club gives you the unvarnished truth, but it does... Jesus, my eyes are going halfway through this thing.
It's like trying to read the ingredients on a protein bar in the fucking font.
But it does it in an entertaining way.
It's a place where you can get the latest news, opinions.
But what makes it different is he backs it up with facts, and all while you're laughing your ass off at the same time, you can't find it anywhere other than here and MSNBC.
I noticed that Crowder and Mug Club were being consistently attacked by platforms that I fucking despise on social media.
YouTube, Facebook, LatinoHouseWives.org, and of course that, you know, that human feces that makes up Twitter.
I was thinking to myself, this guy must be doing something right to be perceived as such a threat to these Stalinist-loving fuckstains.
It is.
No c-word here.
So, when I was approached by Mug Club to enlist in this army, I was like, it was a no-brainer.
I get to say exactly what I want, no matter how offensive this is, without being cancelled or worrying about offending these bed-wetting, thumb-and-cock-sucking leftists.
And without being cancelled on the spot, so I said, put me in coach, I'm ready to play.
So, sure I have two bad hips and I'm a week away from death.
This fucking... I'm scrolling up, you motherfucker!
What the hell's in here?
Here's your real mug club.
The fact that Crowder has almost six million subs on his platform, run by people who detest everything he, myself, and all the other shows on his network stand for, speaks to how powerful Mug Club has become.
I just gotta say, stand up... I'm a stand-up comic, and the freedom I get being a part of this, it's priceless.
And Steven, I want to thank you again.
and Long Live Mug Club everybody.
Well you really must be close with Colin Quinn with the prompter issue.
*laughter* You two are enjoined twins.
You're sensitive.
You fucking touch it, it goes 40 feet.
And by the way, Nick's show is still going on.
Our show, Light of the Sky, is going to be coming back Monday, August 14th.
We were hard at work with a lot behind the scenes.
And Nick, your show is Monday through Thursday?
Monday through Thursday.
5 p.m.
5 p.m.
Eastern, so you can still watch that.
So let me get into now some of the new developments here.
And these are some major announcements.
They've taken a long time, and I can't thank the people behind the scenes enough.
And all of this is truly supported by you.
And if you watch the show, you know there are very few sponsorship placements.
We don't generate ad revenue like we've talked about on YouTube and big tech platforms.
So I want to be clear here.
This is Mug Club as a business.
And that's important, because unfortunately there's far too much non-profit influence in the conservative sphere that isn't beholden to you.
These people are appointed, not necessarily elected.
So Mug Club is a business run by you, but it's never been just business.
I've heard that phrase a lot.
If that's what it was, we wouldn't be announcing this next part.
It doesn't make sense from a business standpoint, but it certainly does from a pivotally important for our country point of view.
Investigative journalism.
It's largely dead.
And we've identified some problems out there and we're doing our best to solve them.
That's what this is about too.
Why is it largely dead?
Because it's not a money-making endeavor.
In a world where journalism is only as valuable as its clicks, or how it exploits the algorithm that day, telling a story from scratch is hard.
Educating an audience from square one is difficult.
Now, finding a story, or in the case of subterfuge, so pervasive, it runs so deep that no one even knows about it in the public, meaning that you are effectively creating that story in the public view.
It's almost impossible.
And this is a problem, by the way, that the industry faces if the algorithm favors regular uploads and consistent clicks.
And that's across all of them.
You know that.
Content creators know that.
You can't really disappear undercover for months and expect to gain any traction when you break your silence.
You're dead, according to the algorithm.
You don't exist.
Even more, depending on the people that you may be exposing, at best the big platforms won't cover it, and media outlets, and most likely they'll actively try to bury it.
Because the enemies of our country, their pockets run deep.
That's a fact that we have to face.
But so does our will, your will.
And so, because this is about a whole lot more than just business, uh, I'm very excited today to announce our first full-time investigative unit, Mug Club Undercover.
...and our tactics, and I don't think they'll know what hit them, because they're not prepared for what we're planning.
I think the knife explains a lot.
His last ditch is gonna be where I'm down here.
I have 10 years of investigative journalism with sleeper cells in every major metropolitan area from coast to coast.
The Mud Club Army will for the first time allow our experienced field operatives to track down leads, expose corruption, bring light to the shadows, whatever it is.
Are there children in there?
I haven't been in there.
I do not think so.
Through MudClippers, we can now do so free from any constraints of corporate media or the strings of the
government laws.
Beyond the infrastructure support, MudClippers yourself will be able to play a role in holding the Fed Senate and
in our country accountable.
For sending us your own leads and stories, we will be protected with ironclad anonymity.
We have set up an encrypted tip line at LWCTipsAtProtonMail.com, where our investigative journalists await your alerts and will work with you to ensure a voice for the horses.
You have his text, and you have confirmation, photographic confirmation, that he was at a place where he would have been with his dad!
That, in and of itself, does open you up to a national security issue.
So this is the problem.
Is the law enforced equally?
I'm not trying to, like, be a provocateur.
I'm just trying to get a real answer.
Because they never give a real answer.
How do you thread that needle of inclusivity, being welcoming while also stopping some fentanyl?
We will never surrender our sources. We will never compromise on the truth. And our pursuit
of those who live in the shadows deep will never, ever stop.
Our eyes and ears are everywhere.
We are America. We are America. We are America. We are Mexico. America.
A little scarier than I intended, but you...
We're not going to kill anybody, just to be clear.
So, we have the Mug Club Undercover Investigative Journalism Unit, we have Brian Callen's special, his new show, and of course you already have our show, you have Nick DiPaolo, you have the Friday Show, all this stuff at Mug Club.
Guns and Gear, of course, who's been, thank God he was a consultant, because that would have been wildly unsafe that day at the range.
Heat stroke and automatic weapons, legal.
The next creator announcement.
What can I say about these guys?
And this is also the story today, if you look at Nick and you look at Brian and you look at our show, you look at Mr. Guns and Gear, it's from the bottom up.
No one told you that these are the guys you should be paying attention to.
These are people who built this over the long haul.
They had to play the long game, and it's a lot harder to.
So these next guys, they didn't come through this with a non-profit, their backing.
They weren't built by a conservative billionaire.
They weren't even political.
They were just massively popular YouTubers in the bodybuilding community when YouTube was really just getting started.
I was a fan.
And so I invited them on the show as guests.
And on that very show, we not only found out that we shared values, but the world literally found out for the first time that they voted for Mitt Romney because they were just that disappointed with Barack Obama.
As black twins.
So that began their journey.
And as they began to speak out more, they were penalized more.
Videos were demonetized.
Social media was throttled.
They were shadowbanned.
But something else changed.
Their audience, suddenly their live shows, were filled with people who were there not just to laugh, but who had their backs.
And that really is one of the beautiful things about Mug Club.
No matter how much the enemy tries to create cracks, we have each other's backs here, and we know that you have ours, and we're incredibly grateful.
We'd much rather owe you a favor than Big Tech or some sponsors.
That's why we keep it limited.
This is, again, the organic story of already successful men who transformed their priorities right in front of your eyes.
From the bottom up, not the top down.
And I think their transition could be considered complete at this point when they started using the username, uh, Conservative Twins.
So now, with no more Patreon, no more tip jars, and that's a big part of Mug Club too, I think a lot of people have tip jar fatigue.
This Patreon, this tip jar.
You want to support people, but it's tough to do because everyone is there with their hand out because they have to make a living.
Well, here at Mug Club, these people get to make the same living.
They get to leave whenever they want because we want to be a family.
We want to trust in each other.
But you get one place with more bang for your buck.
So now these guys, no more Patreon tip jars.
I don't know what they're using anymore.
If it's Stripe, they'll be banned soon.
They're going to be exclusively members of the Mug Club Army and their show is launching October 1st.
A full weekly show for the first time.
Hodgetwins Uncensored.
They couldn't be here today, so I give you the reel of the Hodge twins.
My dad is a peaceful cat.
Like, black Africa?
Gays from Zimbabwe.
That place is a shithole.
We talk about my reparations for my ancestors' pain and suffering.
It's time for me to get paid.
Time to make us whole.
That's just gays sending me pictures of you flexing.
Who do I look like?
Justin Smollett?
You gay as hell, man.
I don't do that Dave stuff.
Well, just because you use Dave Prodan doesn't mean you can't talk trash about him.
You know Dave's a dumbass, right?
You guys said you voted for Obama at least the first time, right?
First time, second time, Mitt Romney.
Oh, wow.
That's surprising.
Because he's like the whitest guy ever.
He's pretty white.
I get a little scared of being falsely accused of rape.
It's dark sometimes.
I'm saying that Mug Club might be more necessary than ever because YouTube has become a liberal f***hole.
And by the way, there's a video that they'll be releasing on social regarding their new show and what you can expect
from them here at Mug Club.
And frankly, we don't entirely know.
It's gonna be good.
I mean, they do everything together.
They live in a duplex next to each other.
They go to the bathroom together when they're here in the studio.
But they're gentlemen.
Not a joke.
It's not a joke.
So, of comedy specials, we have new shows, The Investigative Unit, which we've discussed, and again, you get a free shirt at ladoscreditor.com slash Mug Club, but we have another announcement to make regarding a new acquisition here.
And by the way, I'll be taking your chats here after this.
We'll be taking some questions from the press, so you can send your chats in right now on Mug Club, and we'll be releasing more information regarding some of the developments.
But this is one that we're all Pretty excited about.
And again, if it was just business, it wouldn't make sense.
This is a man who was removed from the platforms of Apple, Spotify, Google, Facebook, Meta, X, whatever the hell it is, all on the same day.
But there's no coordination.
It's just coincidence.
And there were, by the way, many people back then who said, well, that's just him.
He's too extreme.
That's just an isolated case.
It won't happen to me.
Well, are you paying attention now?
And so people, who we all expect to stand in the line of fire, who are supposed to be brothers in arms, tucked tail and ran.
They struck plea bargains with the platforms, who for a period of time would punish anyone who even hosted him as a guest.
This is the canary in the coal mine.
These people at these big tech platforms, they tell you that they'll never come for you.
That you can keep your tens of millions in revenue, or millions that you make from their platforms, and really all that means is that if you're lucky, really lucky, they'll kill you last.
Well, they tried to kill this next man first.
And if he's honest, he'll tell you they almost did.
They did a lot of damage.
But if there's one thing you can say about this man, love him or hate him, is that he will fight for this country with every last breath in his body, and he just won't die.
So it's with as much pride that I can convey, and as much surprise, by the way, as you, in landing this white whale, the number one draft pick, without a doubt, out there, that for the first time he will launch his subscription network exclusively under the Mug Club umbrella, starting with his new Friday show.
On August 18th, ladies and gentlemen... I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
Manel Castro took the guns.
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
And if you try to take our guns, 1776 will commence again!
Sticking with Facebook, it is one of several companies today that are limiting the content of Far Right podcast
Facebook, Apple, and YouTube have all taken down content from Jones and his InfoWars channel.
Whenever I talk about Alex Jones, my wife will not let me into the house until I've been deloused.
Anyone who believes in Alex Jones and believes these theories, you really gotta go get help.
Alex Jones has been ordered to pay 965 million dollars.
Look how there's a move to control information.
It's always been.
And it ought to scare people, but you've got a move to indoctrinate the children of America.
If they can get you to be part of a group, an environmentalist, or part of your minority group.
Black, Latino, and indigenous people are suffering and dying disproportionately.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
They'll have their little tailor-made people that they're bought and paid for to claim to be your leader.
We're looking at a giant war in February right now.
Currently, that's the projection.
There's an entire agenda afoot to force the population to undergo different type of medical treatments, namely vaccines.
In 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order, pushing for Worldwide government.
A cashless society.
If any terrorism comes, it's from this government.
And if there was an outside threat like a Bin Laden, who was a known CIS in the 80s, running the Mujahideen War, and whose family builds all the military bases over in Saudi Arabia right now, this isn't the board of Iridium Satellite.
He's the boogeyman they need.
I've been shadowbanned.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I've survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
Alex Jones, everybody!
Thank you.
Listen, I want to thank everybody tuning in.
I want to thank everybody tuning in right now, but I'm going to be deadly serious here.
I've not been this excited ever!
Mud Club baby! Wow!
So, I've known Stephen for more than 10 years.
Don't, Steven, for more than 10 years.
I used to, you know, beg him to come on my show.
Always a really busy guy, and he's been a bit of a popper forever.
But we kind of knew each other, but as soon as I got deplatformed, he saw it as a threat and he said, I want you on immediately.
The day after, when everybody else was running away, including my friends, he was like, no, this is a danger to everybody.
I see what this is.
And then again, everybody else was shutting down during the lockdown.
I didn't.
He didn't.
And so it's that type of instinctive courage that I really respect.
We've become good friends the last three or four years.
Since then, I love coming up here.
I love the energy.
And let's be clear, InfoWars isn't going anywhere or Austin Operation, my regular show that's on talk radio everywhere, but We've been talking for years about some type of collaboration and he had to move from where he was to trailblaze and do this.
And what's incredible is it's succeeding.
But here's the key.
We don't just have the left and the globalists and big tech and the intelligence agencies.
We now know that we're censoring and controlling and suppressing election information and vaccine information and open border and human trafficking information, fentanyl info and Afghan withdrawal info.
It's the big think tanks that Crowder alluded to earlier that are so-called conservative that have billions of dollars over the last decade to buy and control the populist, nationalist, common-sense capitalist movement that this country was founded on that made it the apple of the world's eye.
And so we're not just challenging the left and Hollywood and Big Tech, we're challenging Conservative Inc.
And that didn't make sense to some people that weren't You clued in on the inside of what really goes on six months ago when Crowder was making a big deal about the other big conservative platforms that aren't conservative.
They interface with YouTube and Facebook and before Twitter was sold to Musk and literally sit around in smoky rooms laughing at the conservatives.
And I've been around it.
It's disgusting to people that have authenticity like Steven Crowder and this incredible crew.
These are real people.
These are real people right here.
Gerald Morgan, all of these comedians, all these people have turned down tens of millions of dollars to tell the truth.
I mean, there's people out there like Ted Nugent lost probably a hundred million dollars the last six, seven years supporting Trump.
It's been in the news.
Just no more stadiums, no more nothing.
It's over for him.
So there's not many people like that.
Probably should bring Ted Nugent over here.
What I'm getting down to is we need an independent network that isn't controlled.
And I'm sorry, Twitter is better than some of the other so-called conservative or open platforms, but it's still not even halfway free.
Yeah, halfway free feels better than no free, and I'm not even criticizing Twitter, it's just not free.
So many really effective people that expose Communist China and certain owners of Twitter's connection to it, they're all still censored.
not Mug Club. And I know the plan that Crowder has, he's told me about it, he's told you a lot about it,
is to literally bring on hundreds of providers, and I guess the long term even thousands,
and then use the great folks at Rumble that really are free and open to energize this.
So people always say, "Hey, if you want your own internet, why don't you build it? Or you want your
own platform, build it." Well, it's very hard to do, but he's been able to do it because of you,
the Mug Club members, and that gives him that independence.
So you literally aren't just the tail of the dog, you're the whole shoot match, you're the whole dog, the teeth, the brain, you know, the feet, the guts, the heart, the brain, the eyes and ears with the investigative unit and everything.
You are this operation, and if you get excited about this, it's game over for the New World Order.
Listen, we came and founded a new country to get away from tyranny.
We weren't perfect, but it became the freest, greatest thing ever.
So it's that the Israelites left Egypt under Rameses II, and they've now dug up all the
tablets and the history, and that's a true story.
It really happened.
It's on the Egyptian hieroglyphs as well.
So Stephen Crowder and the Mug Club and this whole operation is literally leading everybody
out of Egypt, and we don't have to wait 50 years or 40 years to cross the River Jordan,
We're doing it right now.
It's already launched, out of the gate successful.
That is a true American success story of dedication, work, not backing down, and it challenges The entire system.
So when this is successful, and it already is, but I mean super successful, it will then be the example to all the other big so-called conservative populist talk show hosts who don't like serving the globalists but are too scared to buck them to let them then have the courage to follow us.
So this is true leadership.
and history that you're watching right now today.
Now here's another key point.
If you look at the 40 plus billion that Anheuser-Busch has lost with the entire debacle with Bud Light, that's a great example of us saying we're going to withdraw support of people targeting children and sexualization and this whole transhumanist movement.
That's what it is.
I mean, even you all know Harari at the WF says, "Oh, this is just the beginning."
If you'll accept two men having a baby, you'll accept cyborgs, all the rest of it,
clones, animal-human hybrids, which is all out in the open now.
But instead of just boycotts, what about boycotts?
And that's what this is, folks.
You get all these great shows, all these great memberships, all these great things,
and know that you're part of history, bucking the system, American Revolution,
1776, Worldwide 2.0.
So the boycotts are great.
Pull your money out of the globalist system, but then spend it with the institutions
and organizations that are standing for freedom.
If Anheuser-Busch just lost, I think the number I saw last week was 41 billion,
it just keeps going up and up, 25% market share in all of their products.
Think about what would happen if people spent a billion on Mug Club
instead of 10 million or whatever.
Because this guy's putting almost everything back into the operation.
Because it is about the excitement of standing up for liberty and connecting to our forefathers and foremothers that created this country.
And that's what this is about.
Business sense to not roll over and make the hundreds of millions and salt the system.
But wait, if the whole country and the world's gone, that money doesn't matter.
It makes perfect business sense.
Because our business is prosperity and freedom and justice and Americana 1776 worldwide!
So that's what this is all about.
So we've been talking for six months about doing this, and I said, well, I'm going to keep InfoWars going, the great crew we do.
And they thought, and I said, what's your idea?
And I had mine already written down.
They said, once a week show, build off that, then start building some other shows.
with the funding we get from this we'll be able to hire back more reporters, do more investigative
stuff on the ground at the border and at Bilderberg and at Davos and the RNC and DNC. So this is a
match made in heaven. Everybody needs to tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, "Hey, you
want a second American Revolution? You don't like what's happening? Well, this is the group, this is
the organization that is the best there is. We're not up here saying, you know, we're Superman. We're
not up here saying we have all the answers." But you know what? It's not bragging when it's fact.
People need to recognize that this operation, what Steven Crowder and his crew are doing, is the best, open, freest, biggest thing there is in the world in opposition to the New World Order.
And hey, you tune into my show, you're gonna get...
You're going to get hardcore analysis and over-the-horizon information on what The Globalist are planning next.
That's all it is.
Study it.
It's hardcore.
Don't slit your wrist after you watch it.
But the good thing is you can then tune in to the incredible, amazing, better-than-the-nighttime comedy shows.
Live delivery of these guys, and they make it fun.
That's why I like the energy here.
It's quite frankly, InfoWars, great crew, great people, but it's like you are in a bunker.
We've been doing it 20-something years, and it's crazy.
So it's a breath of fresh air to just add this family to what's happening, to be part of this organization, and to have the InfoWars crew.
Now you're becoming part of this organization.
I'm just blessed and honored.
It's incredible.
And at 11 a.m., just coming up in about an hour from now, I'll do my live show out of the classic Steven Crowder Studios.
We're going to have these guys in here with us.
It's so exciting.
So, 11 a.m.
Central, InfoWars.com, forward slash show and band out video.
But I want everybody watching, that means on InfoWars everywhere, to be part of this revolutionary act.
You want resistance?
You want somebody to stand up?
You want somebody to fight?
Go now!
To the Mug Club.
Go now, ladies and gentlemen, and use the promo codes that are there to get a month off.
Do it now.
Go to Mug Club.
Take action, because the globalists want war.
They want to destroy us.
Well, guess what?
We didn't start this fight.
We don't want it.
But if you wanna fight, you better believe you've got one!
[cheers and applause]
Alex Jones.
Our insurance covers all that liability, right?
Again, because we had to change one of the credit card processing companies that we use because of how anti-freedom they are, we're giving you the free t-shirt.
So Alex was very zealous, but you get the Fight Like Hell t-shirt.
We can't do the free month right now.
So thank you guys so much.
We're really excited about Alex, of course, Band.Video 11 Central, I guess is when it is.
Don't miss it.
We'll be in there talking about it more.
He'll be telling you about his promo code, what it is that he'll be offering.
It starts with this once a week show and then is going to be growing with a lot as things
So now I know that we said we would take some questions from the press and questions from
you in chat and to read them is Gerald Morgan, I guess, as he volunteers as tribute.
Go to livewithcutter.com/mugclub.
Let me just rattle off what we went through.
Hodge Twins, Brian Callen doing his show.
Of course, you already get Nick DiPaolo, Mr. Guns and Gear, right?
The programming that we already have.
His comedy special.
You're gonna have, I think I already said the Hodge Twins.
Undercover investigative unit.
Yeah, you guys get the Friday show a full additional hour, obviously, every day.
We're already Mug Club members.
Alex Jones, as well, on Friday.
So we just about doubled that content and lowered the price from where Mug Club used to be, you know, only a year ago.
So for $7 a month?
I think it's a good deal, but you know, that's just me, Mr. Old Fashioned.
Thank you, sir.
So let's grab some questions, and then we gotta get going because Alex has his show to do.
Alright, I'm gonna start off with one of the questions we got sent in from the press.
I'm just gonna read it for you.
So, can you expand on Rumble's announcement that since March, Mug Club already surpassed 7.5 million in subscriptions with three free months?
Yeah, so you guys know I don't really like talking numbers or money because I think it's vulgar.
But yeah, look, we had no way of reaching you guys.
You know, we created Mug Club forever.
And so because I know that a lot of you had signed up before and weren't able to get new memberships, we gave away three months free.
So that five months includes a lot of people who are still probably in their second or third month free.
Yeah, we're incredibly grateful.
Even with that, it was 7.5 million in initial subscribership, which has all been reinvested into what we're doing here and is just the tip of the iceberg.
So, it can be done, it is being done, and we can't thank you enough.
Like Alex said, let's get that to a billion so that they'll be urinating their little leftist panties.
You can win right now!
I know.
I don't want to take a billion from Anheuser-Busch, I want 40 million in my club!
There we go, baby.
I wouldn't know what to do with it, but I'll figure it out.
There are a few things.
Alright, so another question from the press.
So, how is Mug Club different from before, and what exactly does network mean?
Yeah, so this is something that we've talked about.
Let me give you an example for, I guess, starters.
So, Brian Callen has done quite a few comedy specials, and obviously Nick DiPaolo has.
I mean, these are guys who are experienced veterans in the industry.
He's going to be doing his next special with us.
Now, there's a problem, and I'll get to exactly how this relates to Mug Club, in this industry, for example, for comedians out there.
And it's not one that conservatives have particularly tried to solve because there aren't that many people on the right, you know, who would really be doing a viable special, so I understand that.
But there are some people.
There are some people who are very much worthwhile.
The problem right now in the industry with stand-up comedy is you have this choice to make, okay?
You can get paid, but that means that you go with a place like Netflix, or Max.
It used to be HBO, now it's called Max, which just means you get some crappy Discovery, Shark Week crap, which, hey, spoiler alert, it's always the human's fault.
I've been watching it this week.
So, uh, you had to do that, in which case you lose everything.
You lose ownership over everything, and you hope that it gets put in someone's featured list.
The alternative is to self-release, right?
You release it by yourself on YouTube because you want to reach as many people as possible.
Now, if you're lucky, it'll hit critical mass, and a lot of people will see it on YouTube, but you may not get paid, and if you say anything wrong, In those specials, right?
On YouTube, by the way.
I'm not talking about on a network, but even just on freely available platforms, well, you're throttled, you're demonetized, you're shadow banned, and you make no money.
So we've tried to solve that problem, and if you're a stand-up comic out there looking to do this, we don't even care if you're left or right, you just don't want to be censored.
We pay you up front.
And we pay you with a portion of the plays that you get afterwards, and we allow any creator here, any stand-up comedian, to release a long version, for free, at will, on every platform they want, and then there's an extended version, in Mug Club.
And so, the performer, the creator, gets what they need, they get to feed their family, they also get to grow their audience, the audience gets what they want, because they get a full special, and Mug Club gets the best.
You get what other people don't.
You get an extended version.
So we're not talking about a clickbait algorithm with 30 seconds.
We're talking about releasing 30, 40 minute special and then an hour, hour 10 for Mug Club.
It's the way to fill all of those gaps and allow content creators to do what they do.
We all know this.
How many meetings have we been in where all of a sudden an executive comes in and tells you what you want?
And then everyone wonders why everything looks the same and it's sanitized.
So that same thing with stand-up is we've looked at a problem out there, and this is something we've gotten a lot of feedback, because I do not take it lightly.
Like, I get it, you know, we offer this at a lower price than our competitors, for sure.
That's very important to us, because I know that parting with your hard-earned dollar means something.
But I also know that there are other creators out there who you want to support, and we'll have people say, you know, I want to join up, but I just joined so-and-so's club, and I just joined so-and-so's... How many conservatives have a HBO membership?
I mean, they've got to support conservatives.
No, you're exactly right.
Obviously, we're not there yet, but what we are doing is... No, no, Alex, Gerald's going to control the microphone.
He's going to control the microphone.
So, when you have tit fatigue, look, we want to get to hundreds of people, we want to get to dozens of people, but hey, half a dozen of people who you've already been watching, certainly myself and Alex and Brian and Nick and Hodgwin's, right?
That's more than any other network out there on the right or left from the ground up has ever had.
Now, there have been people where Millions of dollars have been spent to tell you that you want them.
These are people who have been around for a long time.
It's not hundreds of creators yet, but one portal, one network, and you get access to all of it.
And hey, everyone else out there, if you have to make the choice, this is a problem that a lot of creators face.
We know this too.
They go, well, hold on a second, if I go with a network, one of these people out there, I'll get maybe more exposure, right, if I say what they want me to say, or if I happen to kind of, you know, strike a chord with the audience, but I lose ownership over everything forever.
Or, I go off on my own, create my own tip jar, my own Patreon, whatever it is, whatever service is being used that day, and I make more money because I get 100% of it, and I can feed my family, but I don't benefit from any exposure.
Our contracts are structured so that you have your subscribers, and if you want to take them with you, you can, and everyone benefits from an overall network, one portal, multiple creators, and we want it to be much larger in the future.
And of course, Rumble is the platform for that.
You have Rumble, and then another umbrella they've specifically helped create for us is Mug Club that exists on Rumble, and then all the creators there.
But you can go to loudestcutter.com slash Mug Club, and you'll be able to see any of the shows or content that is in the network.
Yeah, and you guys will see that new layout today.
We actually just rolled out the network view, so when you log in, you're going to see those videos, the most recent one, something that's live, it's going to be right there, all of the new shows that we're adding.
Because we did, by the way, we have heard some of your complaints, of course, with where there was that, and there was locals, and it was, you know, because this thing grew so quickly, just to be clear.
You guys joined up so quickly that we had to adapt, and we had to grow, where it all exists on Rumble now, and it's a lot closer, if not right there today, to looking like the network that you would, you know, You only, you don't have to see 8-year-old's asses like cuties on Netflix, you know, but similar experience just without the degenerate evil.
All right, let's go to one of the chats here.
So this is the bottom chat in that first series.
I'm kind of skipping around a little bit so they know which one to pull up.
So at R3DL, so here's the question.
Were they named by Elon Musk?
I don't know.
Yeah, it seems kind of random, R3DL.
Given the large platform you have obtained, the new programs and shows, do you intend to begin to engage politicians and parties more to influence policy and change the country?
That's a good question.
Let me let you in on a little secret.
Most politicians suck.
Now, we've done the show for a very- and we've had, by the way, a lot of people on the show.
I mean, you know, we've had- I mean, we've had- you can go through the- pretty much everyone who's run for significant office really has been on at some point.
But we won't have people on to just hit talking points.
And actually, the night of the debates, which is one of the primary debates, the date- I believe it's Wednesday the 23rd.
So Wednesday the 23rd.
Okay, Wednesday the 23rd, when those debates are going on, right?
Rumble is helping host that.
We are going to have a Mug Club booth there.
Where everyone participating can sit down in that booth and we can talk with them.
But they aren't going to be softballs.
They're not going to be the questions that are handed to them with the talking points from their people, and so often some of these folks don't necessarily want to come on the show.
Now, I said under the tutelage of Andrew Breitbart, and he always said that politics is, I don't know if it's upstream or downstream, I think both apply, is upstream, culture is upstream from politics.
Think about what we just discussed.
HBO, right, Max, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Big Tech, the entertainment industry, it's all part of one unholy amalgamate.
If you would take the power of a senator or a presidential candidate who's really just running to sell more books over the power of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, I think you need a CAT scan.
And so we will have politicians on as they serve the people, and if they serve you, not to serve them and their handlers.
Look, I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but you know what?
Let's start with Mitch McConnell because I'm in a bad mood.
Nick and I were talking about this, and Brian, right?
Well, we were talking about this.
We were on the road, right?
Thousands, hundreds of thousands of people just last year alone.
Anytime I mention Mitch McConnell, It's nothing but boos.
Same thing for whether it's Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Chris Christie.
And I go, whoa, hold on a second.
I've not met one Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham fan.
Not one!
But these people are always in positions of power.
That tells you that there's a disconnect, not just with the left, but with people on the right.
Because it's a coronation, a lot of the time.
And we will take part in supporting politicians, people who support our values.
But first off, this is an entertainment network.
It's not just political punditry.
And second, they have to serve you.
We don't serve them.
So if they're okay with those terms, hey, we have a booth at the presidential primaries, the debate.
Go on.
Step up.
It's going to be fun right after it.
You guys will see some of those candidates come by.
We've already got some booked.
It's going to be a fantastic night.
For some, we need a wide-angle lens.
I think we can all guess.
Okay, chat.
So, right above that one, we've got AtSweetPatata918.
Patata, as you may say it.
I know you're all excited about the future of Mug Club, but which new development do
you foresee making the largest impact?
Well, you're already number one, so I think tripling the audience to 50 million is good.
Well no, look, I will say this.
Alex is our hype man.
Yeah, Alex.
I love it, yay.
It's deaf comedy Alex.
You know, it's tough.
I'm really excited about the investigative journalism unit, and I always wonder when
you look at these other companies, like, "Wait, you have hundreds of millions of dollars?"
Why don't you do this?
Everyone should be doing it, right?
If we really care about it.
That's a big one.
And look, I will say, I feel like there's no win.
I love everyone here, but everyone else is too afraid, I will say, with Alex Jones to take that on in a partnership.
And we've always tried to, even though I don't agree with Alex and everything, we've talked about that on air.
It doesn't matter.
If they come for him, they can come for all of you.
And there has never been a one-two, and I don't want to say one-two punch because, I don't know, they're both overhand rights with me and Alex on the same network.
That's something that really hasn't been done before, and the only reason that it could happen here is because when you reach certain levels of success, like Alex has, people who want to dangle the carrot don't offer you anything of value if freedom and authenticity really matters to you.
So the reason that I say he's a white whale, he's an unbelievable get, is because it means that there's something here that we do that is fundamentally different from everyone else out there, and so that, with everything else that we're doing, I mean, I'm excited about all of it, but that does speak to the fact that, hey, I appreciate it means we offer something that he wanted to be a part of.
Well really quickly, you mentioned the undercover thing being a really important and big part of what we're going to do.
I just want people to know, we still love and support James O'Keefe and what he's doing out there.
We're not looking to replace that, but we have so many people coming to us with information that at some point we... So many of you mug clubbers out there, eyes and ears everywhere, coming to us, saying these things, and we just didn't want those things to fall on deaf ears anymore.
No, no, absolutely right.
And that's why I said largely dead.
James O'Keefe obviously is doing a lot of great work and he was a target too.
Yeah, he was.
He wants to bring him down.
Oh yeah, we would love to.
We love James.
And here's kind of the big difference too with what we do.
This is what's never really existed before with investigative journalism.
Uh, James O'Keefe, at least in the past, right, a lot of it, for example, you had donors.
Um, and that often means that these donors have specific, specific goals they want to accomplish.
Now, I don't mean that these goals are nefarious at all.
As a matter of fact, sometimes these donors, right, are entirely aligned with freedom.
But, unless it moves the needle and a politician is ousted, or it's something that is a huge newsmaker, the investigative journalism does not get funded.
And here at Mug Club, hey, guess what?
A local drag queen story hour, where the person who's heading that up also happens to be the head of a local school district, that's enough.
We can do anything, and by the way, it could just be interesting, informative, it doesn't have to exist on a national scale, because you chip, chip, chip away, it's a battle of inches, and we can claw for every single one of those, because we don't have to worry about a donor saying, hey, I want to make sure that the 51st Congressional District is ousted before election time.
We don't care, we want to serve you, and sometimes that doesn't mean just political, but cultural.
I mean, we're at a point in this country, think about it, where we might be banned, or we might be suspended right now for simply saying that men and women are a thing.
There's investigative journalism there that's important that may not be funded by donors
and non-profits.
So we have...
Change my mind?
Change my mind.
Yeah, we're working on it.
We're working on it.
We're going to do, so we've got a lot of really exciting announcements for Supervideos and things like that.
Really quickly before we move on, so if you do have a tip out there right now, let's start getting them in.
LWCTips at ProtonMail.com.
That's LWCTips at ProtonMail.com.
Okay, let me go back up a little bit here to another chat about this.
This actually relates.
So HydroManBlues said, undercover investigative journalist.
This is exciting.
I want to help.
How can we contribute?
I think we kind of gave you the answer right there, right?
So send your tips in.
There's other ways that people maybe be a little bit more aware of what's going on.
There you go.
Get more eyes and ears out there.
That's a great way to do it.
Look, it's a simple equation.
The more of you who join up and the more of you who watch and share, that's what does it.
It's that simple, right?
And for us to get you to do that, We need to give you something that is worth tuning into, sharing, and the more that you help with these stories, one thing I will say is that people here are willing to go to jail to protect their sources.
So, yeah, a big part of this is crowdsourcing, where we have experts here and people in every major city, but you guys can do a lot to get some stories going on in your neck of the woods.
Oh, I sound like Al Roker, who looks worse!
The more people we got, then they get activated.
As it develops, it's game over.
Alright, so this one's towards the bottom a little bit.
So it's at Wilcat03.
We want to grab two more and then go.
Two more chats.
This is one that we're going to have one more after this.
Is it banned?
If you say that we'll get removed from YouTube.
No, no, no.
Okay, hold on.
It does exist.
What are you talking about?
B So we gotta get going because he has to go use the studio.
Oh my gosh, I thought you already got married.
We're getting married officially later.
Our covenant before God is already recognized.
Alright, so one more after this one.
So, are you really protected from getting deplatformed?
Or is this finally something we the conservative, God-loving Americans can rely on being here long-term?
Basically, is it for real this time?
Yeah, yeah, I can tell you this.
Well, here's a good example, actually.
For example, when we spoke with some people, they go, well, you know, Alex Jones is already, you know, he does his thing.
We go, yeah, hold on a second.
You're technically on Rumble, right?
Yeah, but not really, because you still have to do your thing closed circuit.
You were de-platformed everywhere, right?
And I get it.
You're like a battered housewife.
You were de-platformed, right?
So you don't trust anybody.
And I understand that.
And so we here, you know, Light Earth Cracker, for example, was on Rumble, right?
We were on Rumble.
But, in name only, we were on YouTube, and we might get a few thousand plays on Rumble.
And then, it moved to hundreds of thousands of live viewers.
That second on Rumble.
And millions of viewers, cumulatively, where we get far more of our viewership on Rumble.
Now, Rumble, I think, just exceeded 6% of the video place market share, which doesn't sound like a lot, but that is unprecedented.
And I can tell you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that, you know, these are people who are invested in the cause, and they want you to be able to have a platform.
They want you to be able to speak freely, and I tell you what, we're incredibly... So we could be, we could be removed from YouTube.
This is a good example though.
Alex Jones already is.
He can now regain it.
it. He can be re-platformed on a better site, at a better place, and regain everything that
was lost.
I get it.
Yeah, we've definitely had these conversations with the guys, and we can trust the guys over at Rumble, so this is a great place for us to be.
Alright, final question.
This one's a little bit more lighthearted.
It's one of the first questions that we actually got.
So this is from RayRay1776.
We Muggers know you guys work hard behind the scenes and during the break, but was there anything you were able to do to relax on your time away from being on screen?
Now, let me just preface this.
A lot of times guys think, well we're not on screen so we're not doing anything, and one of the most intense periods of time that we have is when we're on break.
Summer quote-unquote break.
We're doing this and we're trying to sign new talent and get the network up and running, get this announcement ready to go, get the show back, get everything going.
There's a lot that goes on, but we do get a tiny brief moment to get away, so were you able to do anything fun?
I got about four days.
Four days?
Four whole days?
With the family, yeah.
It was kind of last minute.
Oh yeah, well that was one thing.
I tried to take my little ones to the splash pad and the municipality said, oh, there's a shortage of water, so I took them to boiling concrete and steel, where they shut everything else off.
It's good for kids.
I was texting Jill, like, hey, don't you have something like in your neighborhood?
I was like, yeah, yeah, I think I do.
He's like, what are you, you're in the middle, it's like, it's like Mad Max for crying out loud.
You're just out there, it's just beams of metal where water should be.
Admitting, and it doesn't.
So, I got a few days, but this was, I would say, honestly more intense than even the surgery that I got.
This was probably the most intense break where we did not have a minute, and one thing I will say that I'm incredibly grateful for.
And look, you've seen this going on everywhere else, and I guess if that's the last question that we're doing, you can go to laddoscreditor.com slash mugclub, you get the shirt, Fight Like Hell shirt.
If you use the promo code replatforming, Alex is going to be doing his show here in a few minutes.
You know, a lot of people here have been under attack.
As we've grown this and of course the Knives really came out when Mug Club had its first phase that was launched you know with Rumble earlier this year and obviously with someone like Alex Jones and the announcements we expect them going forward as well but because of this and being under fire You know, Gerald knows this.
I have a very close, I have for a very long time, circle of trust.
People who I've known for an average of over 20 years.
Gerald's in it.
My friend Johnny Boy, my dad.
Tim, the tool man, who you see.
But it's expanded because, you know, pressure creates diamonds.
And we have some people here, I don't even know if we want to use their names, but I'll just say N, M, thank you so much.
T, thank you so much.
There are so many people here.
L, because I don't know who we need to keep anonymous.
There are people here who really, really understood what it was that we were trying to build.
And I saw them go into war mode.
And that's not something that a lot of people will do.
That's not something you do for a job.
That's not something you do if it's just business.
And I just want everyone there, right now in the control room, to know that it's not lost on me.
I'm incredibly grateful.
And honestly, being able to expand that circle and have more people who I call brothers in arms and sisters in arms and Z's in arms, and your guess is as good as mine, is something that has been very meaningful.
I love it!
Thank you so much.
Lauderwithcrowder.com slash Mug Club.
You can watch Nick DiPaolo's show, still going on right now, but we come back August 14th, same week.
Alex Jones.
Don't miss it.
Thank you.
We're excited.
I've been Shadowbanned.
I've been called a liar.
I've been silenced on virtually every platform created by man.
My life has been threatened, repeatedly.
They've tried to destroy me, but I've survived.
And that's why I'm joining Mug Club.
The replatforming begins now!
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And then use that as the cover for civil emergencies, societal control, crackdowns on free speech.
Obama put the internet kill switch in five years ago.
And when he got confronted by Congress, he said, well, it's in case the bird flu or SARS gets out.
Just type that in.
CDC says internet kill switch is in case bird flu or SARS breaks out, and they have to control panic and direct every website in the U.S.
to one government announcement.
And we looked at every angle and believe a bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the U.N.
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