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Name: 20230805_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 5, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show discusses a range of topics including conspiracy theories, sacred geometry, satanic rituals, and political issues such as election fraud, corruption in Ukraine, and the growth of Christianity in Iran. The speaker encourages viewers to support their operation through direct donations or product purchases.

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What I do is I wait and I watch.
I think that part of the reason why we're in the mess that we're in is because we keep reacting to the talking points that are being handed to us by the Mockingbird Media.
Instead of creating our own talking points based on reality.
Yes, exactly.
So that's what we have to do, is we have to reinforce the objective reality that does in fact exist and everybody can perceive.
So in psychological warfare, you have three different universes that the individual can live in.
You have the collective objective universe, that's the universe that's real, that is actual the universe, okay, the divine matrix.
Then you have what's called a personal subjective universe.
That is where a person's subconscious mind is programmed in a way that affects their conscious mind and they perceive reality not as it is but as they are, as they think it is, right?
Based on things like neuro-linguistic programming, dogma, indoctrination, etc.
Then the last one is what is called the Collective Subjective Universe.
Now the Collective Subjective Universe is where you have a group of these people that all believe in the same personal subjective universe and then they all are living in this echo chamber where they all agree with each other on this personal subjective universe and in the process they create
Thank you!
So, this is also how it is that people like this, like this CNN producer, sentenced to more than 19 years, luring a nine-year-old into sex acts.
This is also how it is that these people that live in this personal subjective universe, or this collective subjective universe, cannot see these things.
They don't want to see it.
It causes too much of a cognitive dissonance, and it's painful.
It is emotionally and mentally painful for these people.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Dr. Charles Morgan, former CIA and consultant for the U.S.
Military on Neurological Sciences, spoke to cadets at West Point in 2018 about the current state of technology.
He briefed the cadets on experiments from 2013 where humans were given neural implants
That allowed them to control prosthetic arms with their thoughts.
Experiments where one person can control another person's hands by just wearing an EEG cap.
The person on the receiving end described the sensation as rather odd.
He said, I didn't know anything until I saw my hand beginning to move.
But the really fun part was that you're taking over somebody else's physical body with the mind of another human.
So what do you think would be the next step?
Experiments where information is transmitted from one mind to another.
And experiments where memories are erased.
Dr. Morgan admits they have the technology to target an individual person.
But you can engineer anything.
You can engineer a unique thing that would only kill one person in the world.
And are working on the ability to erase the memories of any human they choose.
Their biggest challenge five years ago was being able to interface with the hippocampus without the use of physical wires.
And this is most likely one of the motivating factors for the deployment of the experimental COVID shots.
Using dark field microscopy, Dr. Ana Maria Mijalcea has captured in great detail what the scientific literature describes as effective technologies that exist today.
Technologies such as quantum dots.
Quantum dots are nanotechnology with the ability to organize, operate, communicate, and build structures within the blood.
They do so with a tunable photoluminescence that can be programmed to dictate various tasks via optical communication.
The description and images displayed in the scientific literature, compared to what Mijel Cia's dark field microscopy has captured, are the same.
You can see the quantum dots blinking in different colors, acting as the artificial intelligence directing the self-assembly around them.
Bubbles are created within the blood that act as construction sites.
Within these construction bubbles, the quantum dots organize the various materials into self-assembly.
These technologies are being found in both the blood of the vaccinated and in the blood of the unvaccinated.
Depending on what materials are needed, the quantum dots will trigger them into self-assembly.
The COVID vaccines are full of rare and heavy metals to make all manner of nanotechnology.
But it seems as if almost everyone is infected with some sort of nanotech.
According to several research teams, everyone's blood seems to contain the materials required to produce the filaments and the latticework for this technology.
Blood samples that appear to be healthy have been completely transformed by applying a mere 10 milliamps of electric current for two hours.
And it looks as if we may have been infected by the chemtrails.
Morgellons disease was first reported in 2002.
It's when synthetic fibers or filaments are growing in a person's body.
It has been theorized for decades that this was being spread via chemtrails.
And under a microscope, it appears to be the same filaments that people today are calling blood clots, and what the scientific journals call self-assembled hydrogels.
According to Dane Wigington from geoengineeringwatch.org, nanoparticles are being sprayed worldwide.
The good news is that Dr. Milcia's research has found a remedy.
The iron in the infected blood has been oxidized to a 3-plus state, and by taking antioxidants, one is able to dissolve these filament clots.
She has found that EDTA chelation therapy will remedy infected blood within three days, and megadosing vitamin C also seems to work.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
I cannot think of a more important groundbreaking report, nanotechnology found in both vaxxed and unvaxxed.
I have a stack of new prestigious studies from the United States, the UK, Canada and Europe, where they've confirmed what we already knew over two years ago from other studies, that the vaxxed are shedding.
It's not a vaccine, it's a nanotech.
replication system, and when it really takes hold in certain people, even young people, the coroners all over the world have reported.
The head pathologist in Germany went public a year and a half ago, and they just pulled giant solid protein crystal clots out of even 15 year olds that are dead, that have clots that somebody at 80 would have, that literally drank buckets of bacon grease every day.
But it's not cholesterol, it's nanotech protein, but it also pulls metals out of your body and informs this receptor system.
Our cells are already electrochemicals, so we're being colonized with this garbage.
This report just went live a few hours ago.
It's got 50,000 views.
If you want to defeat the globalists, it needs 10 million.
And the biggest video we have on Mandot Video has about 8 million views.
That's not going to cut it, folks.
I'm not complaining.
I'm just saying we're in a total war here, and this needs 10 million views.
Get it, share the link to Mandot Video, and let people understand this is part of their master plan.
Okay, let me show you some of the headlines here.
Nanotechnology found in both vaxxed and unvaxxed.
Again, we're live.
It's Saturday, August 5th, 2023.
We're going to go for at least two hours here today.
Jake Chansley, who is very impressive now that I've gotten a chance to know him and not just see the twisted media accounts, is going to be joining us in about 10 minutes for at least an hour and a half.
Then a high-level Army psychological warfare expert.
Scott Bennett who's been blowing wide open the globalist PSYOP takeover and the Ukraine war will join us on some of the biggest developments yet in the Ukraine war and the drone attacks on both sides and a new Russian warship being crippled by a US-designed surface drone or drone ship.
So we're going to be talking to Scott Bennett as well today.
We had
Just a groundbreaking interview yesterday with Dr. Peter McCullough.
So I'm going to recap some of that now, hit the latest poison shot news, then tell you what's coming up after Jake and Scott leave us in about two hours.
So nanotechnology found in both vaxxed and unvaxxed, such a critical report.
Let's play this clip first.
Now, I watched last night after I saw this yesterday, right when the show was ending, last night I watched about an hour of this.
After I got home late, after hanging out with the great Eddie Bravo and his 10th Planet crew, and Ryan Kellen, what a comedian.
Wow, I was out with those guys about 1 o'clock in the morning.
But I got home and I said, I have got to go to the Senate hearing.
And I found a 30-minute clip of it that I'm going to really shoot to play clips of coming up on the weekday show this week.
It's 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
But here's the headline, Infowars.com.
I'm going to have Jamie White, who's doing our weekend desk, add this to the live show feed today.
They've linked to this back to the front page.
This is just simply mind-blowing.
Now, we already knew this from documents that came out all over the Western world, from the UK to Canada to the US to Australia to New Zealand to Germany.
to France.
It was also the Netherlands and Sweden this came out.
So when I see an article like this, I don't just have it compartmentalized in this one piece.
I remember.
And remember Greg Reese's report from two years ago that we played probably more than any other report he's put out.
We probably played it 50 times.
We played it last weekend on the special show as well.
I think the headline is red states being sent
Deadlier vaccine or something like that.
Let's pull that up.
The crew's really good at finding it.
Because in that, he has the scientists, the doctors, the experts, these major statistician firms that looked at the dose numbers and then tracked the fact that around half of the shots, it's the same in Europe, major studies came out just a few weeks ago confirming it.
The EU admitted it two weeks ago.
Sweden, their government admitted it.
I mean, this is incredible because we discovered this, other researchers discovered it years ago, now it's all confirmed.
That they call it range finding.
So like you fire a range finder off your rifle out to a thousand yards to know how far it is before you set the scope or whatever.
It's the same thing.
Around, on average, you know, it varied country to country, time to time, range find to range find.
They were always tweaking it.
But around half of the vaccines, that aren't vaccines, had very high levels of the poison nanotech and the spike protein in them.
And if you got that, you had major health problems.
You got sick as a dog, your body got colonized, a lot of people had heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, you name it.
Old, young, it doesn't matter, really bad.
But half the public got saline.
So half the public got saline,
Around 40% just got a little bit of it.
So some people had bad reactions, others didn't.
And then, depending on the country, 10 to 4%.
It varied.
10 in one country, 9 in another, 6 in another, 4 in another.
Like Sweden was 4%.
4% got the deadly shot.
And that's also meant to confuse the public.
Well, why did you not get sick, but you got really sick?
Or why did Ernest Romero Sr.
not get sick but his 14-year-old son in great shape to play basketball, baseball, you name it, have a heart attack and die four days after it?
So, I remember articles won at Guardian like 15 years ago that European elites get safer vaccines.
European elites, royalty, government leaders, they get, quote, clean vaccines.
Because vaccines are real technology.
They still have dangers even if you try to do it just right and don't trojan horse it.
But now it's come out and remember the head of Moderna.
Guys pull this up see when I see one article I think of hundreds of others because it all connects.
Remember when the Moderna CEO said I'm not taking the vaccine and then later he said well I took a special one.
Then we have Zuckerberg famously in that video that leaked saying to his employees, only the high-level executives, but one of them had a soul.
He reportedly was talking about a hundred people and recorded it and shared it where he said, do not take this shot.
It's experimental.
We don't know what it's going to do.
Do not take it.
That was the bare minimum of him to warn them because he obviously knew it was something much larger.
Want to see the video?
In fact, find that for later, but we got to get to, uh,
Our amazing guest is going to have a long time with us, Jake Chansley, aka the Q Shaman, here in a moment.
But now this is broken.
In the Australian Senate, Pfizer officials admit company employees received different COVID jabs than the rest of the population.
And what do you want to bet it was saline?
Or it could have been an attenuated virus for COVID that would still have issues but could protect you some.
A classic vaccine.
Here's a clip.
You read that your vaccine mandate was using your own batch of vaccine especially imported for Pfizer which was not tested by the TGA.
Is that correct?
Uh, Senator, so Pfizer undertook to import a batch of vaccines specifically for the employee vaccination program.
The full article has them explain that they took another shot than what they pushed and had liability protection for for the Australian people.
Yeah, there's the report from almost two years ago.
government targeted red states with deadly batches of vaccine.
Evidence that U.S.
That video is beyond critical.
So I'm going to have that video added to this original article that just came out yesterday on InfoWars.com.
Pfizer officially admits company employees received different COVID jabs than the rest of the population.
Please have Jamie White repost this to the front page of InfoWars, the whole article, and then add into the article
Gregg Reese's original report.
So you got to tie all this together.
Now let's continue.
Swiss study finds that COVID vaccine heart injury up to 20 times more common than previously claimed.
LifeSite News listed the major study.
This just broke the last few days.
New study and confidential Pfizer documents confirm mRNA vaccine shedding has been occurring with shockingly dangerous consequences.
And these are again, major prestigious studies.
Go read it for yourself.
There's another one breaking.
A new study from the University of Colorado confirms that COVID vaccinated have been transmitting dangerous antibodies.
Rand Paul announces official criminal referral against Fauci for gain-of-function lying to Congress.
Now, let's do a wide shot here at this table.
Every one of these stacks is just as important as what I just covered.
But we're going to do a deep dive with Jake Chansley right now.
I appreciate him joining us because I was very impressed once he got out of jail actually hearing what he had to say versus how the media spun it and he was there obviously when the feds tried to set everybody up and he's very thankful Tucker Carlson not for helping him get him out of jail because he was already being released on good behavior but because
That video that they released, that the feds had won out, vindicated him and others that were waived in after the first groups broke in.
They didn't know they were being waived in by the police that led him into the chamber saying, help us get people out.
So he goes in, he leads people in a prayer to get their attention, and then he asked them to leave.
Just like I got up and said, hey, you're great everybody, don't go in, it's going to be a setup, we love you, USA, USA, to get their attention, now come with me, don't go in the Capitol.
Well, he served 27 months for being led in by the police.
Who even asked me to help get people to not enter the Capitol.
I have that on video.
I guess I'm just blessed I haven't been sent to jail for 27 months.
They're trying to stop what happened.
But that's how they operate.
So he's out now.
We're going to be covering the waterfront with him.
All the big developments with this new indictment on January 6th that is the big one.
And the things that Trump's been saying and doing.
A huge stack of the left openly coming out and saying, we're not just going to rape your children and have sex with them and ruin their innocence.
We're going to cut their bodies up in pieces.
With the so-called influencers out there recruiting children into their occultic system that's beyond pedophilia.
Also, world food prices jumped the most in 18 months.
We told you that was coming.
We also have just a lot of other incredible information that we're going to be laying out for you here today.
Big developments on the cashless society front.
Australia is officially going cash-free.
It's all part of the New World Order.
And meanwhile, California is announcing a cashless system and state digital ID to buy and sell.
So it's all being pushed by the same globalists, being implemented all over the place.
We've got to fight it because it is critical to their control grid.
Also getting into January 6th with Jake Chansley at American Shaman on Twitter and his website is ForbiddenTruthAcademy.com.
Arizona man Ray Epps plans to sue Joe Rogan after he repeats Fox News' Tucker Carlson claim that he was an informant during the Capitol riot.
I've watched the video, talked to Joe last night too about it, and Joe says, people are saying this, I don't know if Ray Epps is a fed, all I know is he hasn't been arrested and all these other people that did less than him have been arrested and many of them put in prison.
That's the Joe Rogan quote.
Preposterous that they could win a suit, but
You've seen what they've done to me, folks.
Misrepresenting what I've said and done.
So it's a very serious situation there.
And Joe's getting more hardcore every day.
Joe Rogan can't imagine.
America wants President Kamala Harris.
Calls Newsom an effing con man.
So Joe just gets better and better.
Every day and he is officially fully Alex Jones, fully red-pilled.
So very, very, very, very exciting point that we are now at.
Jake, wonderful having you on with us yesterday for that hour, but with commercial breaks we only had about 50 minutes.
So now I'd like to
Have you go wherever you want on the new world order, on the nature of reality, on the globalist, on where you think they're going, on the Ukraine war, on the cashless society, on Trump, but then interspersed between your hosting here, because I'm going to just be riding shotgun with you for the next hour and a half or so.
I will also bring up some topics and play some Trump clips and things of what he's been saying.
Give my take on that.
But thank you for joining us.
Do you want to comment on the on this poison shot news I just rolled out or just move on to other topics?
Well, actually, I can bring it all around as soon as I kind of lay some groundwork, if you like.
You got the floor.
Go ahead.
OK, cool.
All right.
So according to the HeartMath Institute,
Our DNA acts almost like antenna kind of like our brain acts like antenna for what something called quantum physicists call is non-local consciousness.
They say that consciousness is not an emergent property of complex neural activity in the brain.
Consciousness is kind of like the laws of physics isn't it's embedded in the universe so consciousness is very like intricately and tightly knit into the fabric of reality itself and they call this non-local consciousness and they say that our DNA and our brains are like antenna for this non-local consciousness we are sending and receiving light and information or electromagnetic signals through our DNA and through these antenna on our DNA and through our brain and brain activity
So, what ends up activating this DNA is the emotions that we feel.
So, if we have a low frequency emotion, if we have a low frequency thought, then this creates a wave of fear in the electromagnetic field around the body.
And when you do that, it activates far less of the antenna on the DNA.
So, when you then have a feeling of love,
Then what ends up happening is that it's a much higher frequency emotion, a higher frequency thought.
And far more antennae are activated on the DNA.
Now, the other thing that happens is that the electromagnetic field around the body actually, during fear-based thoughts and emotions, it constricts, and it gets tighter around the body.
The DNA also really constricts, and it tightens up, and it degrades faster.
Whereas in the case of love, the DNA actually expands, and it relaxes, and all of these antennae get activated on it, and the electromagnetic field around the body expands.
By the way, what you're saying, I just want to interrupt briefly.
The quantum physicists all know this.
When they observe neutrons or other particles, they do different things when they don't observe them.
This is not debated.
When people pray and look at a neutron, they've now learned it does different things.
We are definitely having an effect like the force in Star Wars is a simple way of saying it.
This is a real thing.
Keep going.
Yes, and that's why I practice shamanism.
So, let's talk about cymatics for a second.
I'm sure you're familiar with cymatics Alex.
For those that aren't though, cymatics is basically the use of sound and frequencies to create certain patterns within mediums.
So I'm sure many people have seen the video where somebody puts like grains of sand or grains of rice on like a metal plate or a speaker.
And then what they do is they plug a sound into the speaker, they turn a frequency on, and then the frequency ends up causing the grains of rice to manifest in a pattern of sorts because of the vibration that is being channeled through the speaker.
Now, the higher the frequency, the more complex the pattern.
The lower the frequency, the less complex the pattern.
Now, if we look at Earth like it is the speaker,
And we look at the electromagnetic field around the earth like it is the frequency.
Then we as human beings, our civilizations, all life forms on the planet end up basically being the grains of rice that are on the speaker and being moved by the frequency.
Now this is really profound because if our thoughts and our emotions are electromagnetic frequencies that are tied into the electromagnetic field of the earth itself, right?
Then it would make sense that our like we were saying about like the moon cycles and people say about moon cycles and like how certain people have, you know,
Women have their periods, or women give birth at a higher percentage rate during full moon cycles, or emergency rooms are more full during full moon cycles and stuff like that.
And I've also done studies with mammals that even if women are between a wall and pheromones aren't able to go over, still the women's periods will sync up just because they're in proximity, showing that there is an interdimensional frequency.
Yes, exactly.
So, like I said, the Earth is the speaker, the electromagnetic field around the planet is the frequency, and the people and our civilizations are the grains of rice.
Now, each and every new age, from say the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius or something like that, you see here we're inexorably linked to the sacred geometry of the universe itself.
Everything is a fractal in its pattern and in its structure.
So, because we are a manifestation of the universe itself, because we are the universe looking at itself, we are made in the image of God, we are inexorably linked to this frequency that is creating all of reality.
All of reality is based on cymatics.
God was the word, the word was with God, right?
Let there be light.
What is a word?
A word is sound.
So all of reality is basically based on this notion of cymatics and energy being channeled through this feedback loop of light and information that isn't just going through our bodies, but it's also going through the planet, through the vortexes on the planet, through the ley lines on the planet.
It's also going through the sun and all of the planets in the solar system.
It's going through the stars in the galaxy.
It's going through the galaxy.
It's going through all the galaxy and galaxy fields.
It's going through the whole universe itself because everything is made up of energy.
So each and every single new age, you see here, human beings are kind of like in the middle.
Human beings are in the middle of all this infinitely complex sacred geometric resonance frequencies.
Everything is based on harmonics and mathematics.
So all the way down to the atomic and the quantum, all the way out to the universal and multiversal, it's all based on the same sacred geometry.
It's all based on the same pattern.
It's all based on cymatics.
And based on the cymatic frequency of the universe, that will determine what our thoughts, what our emotions are, etc.
And there are cycles to this energy moving through the cosmos and our bodies.
And this is why each and every new age
We are going to see a different pattern of energy manifest itself on the planet and that is going to manifest as different species in the ecosystems.
It's also going to manifest as different versions of human civilization.
It's going to manifest as different thoughts and views of reality.
It's going to manifest in different cultural behaviors, etc.
So, what's really interesting to note, though, is that when you look at, like, the cymatic patterns and when they change, when they have a phase transition from, say, a low frequency to a high frequency, what ends up happening is that in between that phase transition, in between one frequency and another, as the frequency changes, there is a period of chaos where there is no discernible pattern whatsoever.
And then, all of a sudden, boom!
The pattern then re-emerges, a new pattern emerges.
So this is why we are living through the time that we are living in because we are kind of moving through this phase transition period where we are moving into a new frequency because we have just gone from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius.
And I want to be clear here, Jake, I want to be clear just to say I am a Christian, Holy Spirit, God, but God made the universe and made all these energies and then the mainline churches don't want people to know about these energies.
That goes into the Masons and other groups that have been suppressing this information while claiming that they are bringing forward the light, but really they're bringing forth, in my research, a false light.
This is really proof of God's handiwork in the universe.
The signature is everywhere.
Yes, and if you look into like the Phi Ratio or the Golden Mean, the Phi Ratio, the Fibonacci Sequence and the Sacred Spiral and all that stuff, then this is God's signature.
The Taurus, the Double Taurus Field, the Taurideal Field, what's called the Vector Equilibrium.
All of these things are sacred geometric patterns that are fractal in nature, and because they are mathematically sound, because they are mathematically stable, and because they are harmonically stable, they are able to be built upon in size and scale infinitely large and infinitely small.
Did you see that French physicist, I forget the name, they can pull it up, type in sacred geometry Saturn, and he predicted
Over a hundred years ago, that if we were able to look at the poles of Saturn, that it would have a hexagon on it, that an interdimensional field, because it was a big enough gas giant, would manifest that, and when Voyager finally flew over it, there it was.
Yes, and that's where we get into like the Saturnian cube and that's why we see all these cubes and stuff and corporate logos and things of that nature.
Now what's really interesting about that is that it's been discovered that, yeah see there it is, it's been discovered that
When a human being looks at a pattern, what ends up happening is the multidimensional neurological structure within the brain, because our brain has several dimensions of neurological connections, the multidimensional neurological structure in the brain actually mirrors the symbol that people are looking at.
So if we're all looking at cubes or we're all looking at the evil eye of Saturn, not like in the CVS logo or something like that, then those patterns are going to manifest in our psyche and in one way or another affect our subconscious brain and therefore our consciousness.
I was about to ask you, why are the dark magicians suppressing this and why are they obsessed with the cube of Saturn?
Well, actually, I was just about to get into that.
So the reason why we are seeing
The old systems falling apart and the corruption becoming so apparent is because, and the reason why ideology is playing a really big role, is because the pattern and the frequency of our thoughts and our emotions, electromagnetic frequencies here on the planet, is changing.
But this is also why these corrupt individuals, these globalist less-than-one-percenters,
Thank you.
But they're trying to control the collective consciousness of humanity and they're doing so through psychological warfare techniques.
They're trying to keep us in a low frequency state of thought and emotion so that we don't expand our consciousness beyond the physical body so that we are living in an illusion of separation.
Now, in the Amazonian tradition, they believe that the root of all evil is rooted in the illusion of separation.
That's right.
Let me interrupt you.
I said you'd have the floor, but this is so key.
I had a top psychiatrist, medical doctor on two days ago, and she said, reading the Tavistock Institute that created the whole trans movement, is disembodiment is their religion separating us from our bodies and from the connection of the universe.
So they're literally trying to capture us in a false reality they're creating.
That is a hundred percent correct.
So it's once again, it's psychological warfare techniques.
It's about enslaving and controlling our minds to maintain and reinforce this illusion of separation.
And in turn, see, this is the frequencies of love and frequencies of fear here based on like, if you map these frequencies on the DNA, then you end up activating less DNA with a fear-based emotion.
And every one of these dots that is on the DNA is an antenna that is activated to send and receive light and information.
Send and receive electromagnetic activity or electromagnetic signals with non-local consciousness.
So they're trying to keep us in this low frequency state of fear so that they can control our thoughts, so they can control our emotions, so that they can control our behavior.
And they're doing this to maintain and reinforce a system of global enslavement to a socioeconomic and geopolitical system that is entirely based on corruption and their control.
Now, we are in the apocalypse right now.
The apocalypse isn't a bad thing.
It just means a revealing or a lifting of the veil during a time of mass deception.
It's not that things in the world are getting worse because they've always been this bad.
What's happening is that things in the world and the truth of global corruption is becoming more and more and more obvious to the average individual.
And that's why we see the Great Awakening and that's why the system's so scared and why they try to terrorize the leaders and pin us down so that we get in a space of fear so that we stop resonating as leaders in a chain reaction.
So with this whole thing regarding Saturn, right?
That is correct.
If we understand the patterns that they are trying to implant in people's brains and therefore affect the collective consciousness of humanity, because I heard you saying earlier something about all we need is like 10 million people to learn this and then everything changes, right?
So they are trying to keep the lid on human consciousness.
They are trying to scare people that are leaders that are trying to basically escape this matrix of subversion and control.
They're trying to create fear in their hearts and in their minds so that these individuals will not act like a beacon of light
For the rest of humanity so that they won't reveal the nature to this what I call death matrix because that's what it is.
The system that we're talking about is maintained by things like warfare, things like famine, things like disease, things like pollution, things like chaos, pain, suffering, right death.
That's what is maintaining this system that we're talking about.
And what did Kerry say in the last three months?
He said, we must cut the food to save the earth.
He means their globalist control of earth.
So they must have war.
They must have famine.
He's literally saying, we must cut down trees to save the earth.
They're now bad.
We must stop organic farming.
It's bad.
We must cut the food.
I mean, it's openly evil.
Well, and it's they're trying to maintain their system of full spectrum dominance.
You see, a lot of these elites believe that the greatest threat to the planet and to humanity is overpopulation.
So because they believe that the greatest threat to the planet and humanity is overpopulation, they are trying to figure out strategic ways to depopulate the Earth.
But in the process, whether it be through things like geoengineering, the jab, mRNA injections, whether it be through pollution or, you know, not allowing people treatments for cancer that are going to cure their cancer, whether it be things like childhood leukemia and glyphosate and all sorts of stuff.
Regardless, what's that?
Oh, yeah, 5G.
Well, yeah.
And what's really interesting about that is that let's talk about this death matrix for a second.
Because it is what the death matrix is actually trying to cover up the divine matrix, what I call the divine matrix, which is based on understanding of sacred geometry, understanding of the nature of cymatics in the universe, the nature of our bodies and how they are interconnected or quantum entangled to all of creation.
So that's the divine matrix and we could go into that a little more deeply later but the point is is that they these less than one percenters are trying to use their death matrix of anthropogenic chemicals which are man-made chemicals that don't biodegrade but instead they bioaccumulate in the ecosystem to toxic levels and they destroy the microbiological life in the water the air and the soil okay and they basically make ecosystems unlivable it creates what's called ecocide and mass extinctions.
They are also using propaganda to control the minds.
They are also using electromagnetic frequencies, 5G.
They are using Wi-Fi.
They are using all sorts of invisible frequencies, piggybacking in pop culture music or movies, backmasking, subliminal messaging, these kinds of things.
They are also using things like
The Child and Human Trafficking Networks, 40 million slaves to keep the consciousness suppressed, to keep enough fear, pain, suffering in the grid, in the electromagnetic grid system of the planet itself.
What they're doing to these kids, we've talked about, you know, I'm sure you know about Ronald Bernard, the Dutch international banker that blew the whistle on the satanic rings of child sacrifice.
I'm sure you know about the Franklin cover-up and Lawrence King.
I'm sure you know about Michael Aquino, the Lieutenant Colonel who was a Satanist and the founder of Temple Lissette and all the things he was accused of.
I'm sure you know about Barney Frank.
I'm sure you know about Jeffrey Epstein.
I'm sure you know about the Finders and the FBI and, you know, everything that happened there.
And the UN and DynCorp and how they're all, you know, connected to child and human trafficking.
All of these things are interconnected, and this is all part of the death matrix.
And the idea here is to use the pollution, to use the propaganda, to use the electromagnetic frequencies, to use this slave trade, and to use the financial system.
To cover up this divine matrix and create a matrix of full spectrum dominance for these less than one percenters in which they can play God, in which they can essentially control our minds and therefore control the land, the waters, the seas, the air and the airspace, the subterranean, deep underground military bases, extraterrestrial or like space and satellites, chemical and biological agents and technology.
So through the creation of this death matrix, through the creation of full spectrum dominance within this system that they control, they've monopolized all of our resources.
They have monopolized our currency systems.
They have monopolized all of our labor.
And in this way, they've acted like our global enslavers in one way or another.
But you can't enslave a mind that's already free.
You know, you can't take the trousers off of a bare ass.
You know what I'm saying?
They can't take from us what is given to us by God.
We can only surrender it.
That's why these propaganda campaigns are so intense.
That's why the symbolism in Saturn worship and all that stuff is so intense, because we have to willingly give over our sovereignty.
We have to willingly give over our Godhood.
And that's why we see headlines out of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN saying, don't ask questions, asking questions is bad.
Well, that's antithetical to common sense.
Science is not asking questions.
No, that's the opposite of science.
Everything they're saying is a straight-up lie, but they need us through laziness, not facing the truth, to accept the delusion.
And then once you shift your mind into buying the delusion, you've shifted into their paradigm to then receive even greater delusions.
Now let's go back to this notion of what you were saying about like the double-slit experiment and the power of manifestation and the observer effect.
People like Klaus Schwab want everybody to believe that in the future we're all going to wear uniforms, we're all going to live in 15-minute cities, that we're all going to own nothing and like it, and everybody's going to eat bugs, right?
What he and all these globalists are doing, especially through the
They're creating a false Oberton window of you'll own nothing, have nothing, eat bugs, drink sewage, and wear uniforms, and you'll no longer have your own home or have a car to create the idea of a dystopia to enter into our minds that it's a foregone conclusion because we actually manifest what we build and what we believe made the image of God.
So they begin to enslave our mind to believe that dystopia and not believe and build something far better.
I said this over and over again in my new book, The Great Awakening.
We can't, it's coming out soon, we can't just attack their system, we have to build the alternative.
A hundred percent correct.
And the only way we can do that is through non-violence.
The only way we can do that is through basically making our old system of full-spectrum dominance completely obsolete.
So, let's talk about this.
Well, let's go back to Klaus Schwab.
I interrupted.
Finish your point in your own words.
I know I wanted to not show off that I knew the answer, but to show that we're on the same page.
That's because it's inherent, you know, prima facie truth.
But go back to what Schwab wants us to believe.
Well, but you made the point for me, and that is that he is trying to inform or form in our minds his view of reality so that they can hijack our creative ability, so they can hijack our observer effect.
He's trying to put in our minds his view of the future that he wants.
And in the process, you got a lot of people that are reacting based on emotion and really upset about this idea.
But in a sense, by reacting through anger and being upset, you're already reinforcing his view of reality.
What we should be doing is laughing our asses off at this guy.
We should be laughing at him.
Oh, you really think that everybody's going to wear uniforms, eat bugs, live in 15-minute cities, and own nothing and like it?
Yeah, good luck with that, buddy.
Good luck with that.
And so,
Now let's talk really quick because this does kind of play into the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, and things like the Council on Foreign Relations, the IMF, and stuff like that.
So, all of our capital buildings here in the United States, and probably all over the world, but especially in Washington, D.C., but all of the capital buildings in the United States are all built on electromagnetic ley lines.
These are electromagnetic lines that are on the Earth.
They run over the surface of the Earth.
They're a manifestation of the electromagnetic field that surrounds the planet, as well as going all the way down to the core of the planet.
So, where these things crisscross on the planet itself, where it is that they intersect, this is where we see things like pyramids, obelisks, ancient temples, and
Our modern cities like the Vatican or the London Palace or Washington DC or state capitals.
Now, what is it that these people are doing in these buildings?
What they are doing is they are using words or code to create law.
Now, the law is telling us what we can buy, what we can sell, what is legal, what is illegal.
Think about that for a second.
That's going to end up affecting what?
Our thoughts, our emotions, and our behavior.
So in this way, because these less than one percenters have used not only lawfare, but also these buildings that are built on the electromagnetic ley lines of the planet, they are essentially using these buildings almost like they're circuits in a machine to control and affect our collective consciousness, to control and affect our thoughts and our emotions.
Our hearts, our minds, and therefore in one way or another kind of attempting to enslave our very soul.
Now, let's talk really quick about how a computer works and then we're going to bring it back to this idea of how it is that these capitals being built on ley lines is like a Trojan horse or a virus in a computer.
So a computer works based on the idea of plugging a computer in and you're moving electricity through the conductors in the circuit board.
So you plug it into the wall, the electricity goes into the computer, it goes into these conductors in the circuit board, and it goes in them over and over and over and over again.
And as it creates that feedback loop,
Going through all these conductors going through all these chips as it goes through it over and over and over again It ends up creating a pattern now that pattern and what that looks like can be affected or or changed through algorithms or mathematics and then through the algorithm you can end up changing the pattern in that computer and that that electrical pattern now that electrical pattern manifests as ones and zeros and
Code then those ones and zeros are then placed on the computer screen.
Okay, and that's how it is that we are able to work with it.
We were able to change the code based on, you know, strokes on a keyboard.
And if we will come back to this notion of computers in a little bit when we talk about human consciousness now.
Let's think about how this relates to human civilization, because these Capitol buildings are built on electromagnetic ley lines that are channeling the electromagnetic field of the Earth, channeling the energy of the universe, kind of like the computer is getting electricity from the wall.
And in the process, as they're in these buildings creating this code, creating this lawfare, what they're doing is they're essentially acting like a computer virus because what their laws are doing, what their code is doing, is it is reinforcing this death matrix.
Similar to how a virus can get into a computer and change the algorithm and divert all of the energy that's being moved through the computer to like 1% of the computer's hardware and thus slowing the computer down dramatically.
You can do the same thing with human civilizations.
So what has happened is that these people in these buildings, they have created really bad code.
They've acted like a Trojan horse or a virus.
And now they're using all of our work, all of our time, all of our energy, all of our labor, all of our money.
And then they are diverting it to less than 1% of the population.
And they're diverting it to the reinforcement of this illusion of separation.
And in the process, we are destroying the planet.
We are exponentially polluting our ecosystems, our water, our air, our food, our soil.
We are exponentially increasing the amount of negative low frequency electromagnetic waves that are just bathing the planet every day.
We are going to war with each other.
There are still children all over the world that are starving.
There are still children all over the world and adults that are in the human and child sex trafficking slave trade.
We are basically playing the fiddle while Rome burns as we watch, you know, the football game and drink a beer.
Oh, sorry.
I'm sorry about the language.
And drink a beer and forget about our problems.
And we're in debt, in some cases, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
So in this way,
These individuals in these buildings, they have acted like a Trojan horse of sorts.
They are serving less than 1% of the population.
Now, if we go back to this notion of free energy, Tesla Tower technology, what is that doing?
What that's doing is that is literally redistributing the power or the energy
To the people.
It is creating a whole new decentralized system that will render the old system obsolete.
That will basically get rid of the computer virus and allow the energy that was originally intended for the whole computer to reach all of the parts, all of the hardware in the computer.
So if our brains and our DNA and our bodies are like hardware or like an antenna sending and receiving the signal with non-local consciousness, then in one way or another
We are actually kind of coming back to this, like, idea of manifestation.
We are actually, like, able to stroke the keyboard and affect the matrix, the divine matrix of reality, and through the observer effect, through the power of manifestation, we are able to manifest realities in the third dimension.
You see, we are hyper-dimensional beings that are able to perceive future timelines.
That's the only way we can get up and walk across the room and get a glass of water.
Because we have the ability to see in our minds, the, oh, I'm thirsty, I'm gonna go get water.
So you move your three-dimensional body through the fourth dimension of time to this fifth dimensional reality that you imagined 10 seconds ago, where you're thirsty and you went up and you got some water.
This is why I bring up this whole thing about Klaus Schwab.
It's the reason why I bring up this whole idea of how they're trying to hijack our minds, how they are trying to control our thoughts and our emotions, what we may buy, what we may sell, what's illegal, what's legal, etc.
Because they're intentionally attempting to divert all of our energy, all of our thoughts, all of our emotions, all of our labor, all of our money, all of our hard work toward serving them.
The less than 1% and they are less than 1% and they are trying to use their propaganda machine as a means of controlling our consciousness.
They're trying to use the death matrix as a means of subverting human consciousness because when individuals like yourself Alex or myself or other people whether it be Joe Rogan or whoever start to blow the lid off of the illusions that have been created.
Well, then you become a threat to the full-spectrum dominant system.
You become a threat to... Absolutely, and I want you to continue.
This is ribboning and totally on target.
I totally agree with you.
But let's talk about just the temporal level of the awakening we're seeing, and I'm not trying to name drop, doesn't matter, but I talked to, on the phone with Joe yesterday, we were talking about the Great Awakening and how red-pilled he is, and now he totally sees it, and he's like, you're right about everything, I can't believe it, it's incredible, and you see that on air, so he's accelerating his awakening, and he's somebody that's not been spiritual, because he's all about what he can prove, what he can see, now he's having guests on about God, and how God exists, and consciousness, and good and evil, and so,
A lot of Christians will sit there and be what Christ spoke out against.
Like Pharisees, very likely, you're not perfect or you're not that, but there was Christ with the prostitutes, the money changers, and the tax collectors, because they were the ones that weren't holier than thou that he could actually get the full truth to.
And so, that's why my show's been able to wake so many people up that actually find God and find Christ, is because I'm not beating them over the head, I'm not putting on an act like I'm perfect, but I know this is real.
I've experienced
Spiritual attack, and I know the name of Christ is the most powerful name, but regardless, this awakening, call it spiritual, whatever you want, is an awakening to the larger universe, and the fact that we only see a very narrow spectrum, and hear a very narrow spectrum, and feel a very narrow spectrum
Thank you.
So they may physically destroy some of us on the front lines, but in the end, that is only accelerating the awakening.
So give me your view on the cultural, economic, political, spiritual level, if this was a football game, or use another analogy, if you'd like, Jake, of where we are.
Okay, so you're right when you're saying about like, we're perceiving less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, and what these global New World Order
One World Government types are trying to do these less than one percenters is keep us confined in that less than one percent.
This is part of why I practice shamanism and I believe that Christ was the ultimate shaman.
So it's about understanding all of this sacred knowledge and using it for good.
Using it as a means to create positive timelines, not negative ones.
So if you have these people on these ley lines in these buildings, creating lawfare, creating bad code that is creating negative timelines.
Then they're essentially hijacking not just these ley lines, not just the electromagnetic field of the planet, not just the matrix, the divine matrix by using this bad code, but they're also affecting our minds and keeping us within this narrow bandwidth.
Now, as our consciousness expands, our third eye, our pineal gland, is like a pine cone and it opens.
And as it opens, so too does our electromagnetic field or our consciousness field expand beyond our bodies.
That's why David Icke, when he was in Peru and had that psychic experience and got the downloads, it was like the top of his head blew off.
The same thing happened to me several times in my life.
But the biggest one was when I was on air about two years, I've been on air about 27 years, and it was like the top of my head blew off.
Or it's like that Gnarls Barkley song about once he goes crazy,
There's such a big echo and so much space.
It's like you've been here.
You realize your infinite eternal self.
You become one with all things.
And when you're in that state of consciousness, an enlightened person is not a profitable person.
Because guess what?
They don't care about material possessions.
They care about spiritual wealth.
And so, if you don't care about making a dollar, but you do care about making a difference, then it's really hard for these less than one percenters to control you.
And that's why I have taken the position that I have on this notion of monetary gain regarding a lot of things in my life.
Because if you put money first, as opposed to God first, then you end up worshipping the wrong master.
Well, I totally agree with you, but I want to talk about balance to this.
This is really an important point that I never get into.
I never even cared about money until I realized it was a symbol of energy to be able to do what I want.
But if I can be controlled as if it is the highest thing on my hierarchy of needs, and then I'll just simply sell out for that, then it's a bad thing.
But if I don't sell out, do the right thing, and then accumulate wealth to help others, and build up systems outside the enemy, because they want to keep us poor and control us,
Then that puts the physical third dimension together with the higher dimensions, and now we can basically do anything.
You can't just like Oprah Winfrey, imagine something and then manifest a nuclear reactor, or manifest a jet airplane, or manifest a Beethoven symphony.
There's got to be a lot that his ancestors, his training, the building, his connection, becoming deaf, going to the next level of actually hearing.
We're good to go.
Absolutely, and that's why I advocate so heavily for Tesla Tower technology and Dr. Reif and his machine.
Because if we look into what will happen when we create these Tesla Towers, number one, we'll create a decentralized energy grid.
Number two, we'll create a decentralized communication grid.
Number three, we'll end up being able to influence agriculture.
We'll be able to clean up the pollution and the geoengineering.
We will be able to use these electromagnetic ley lines in these towers to create a new supply chain and a new transportation grid.
We will also revolutionize medicine if we use Dr. Rife's machine.
Well, let me raise that point.
So we have to create a new system.
Plato, who most of what he said has been found to be true, he was a philosopher and historian, the father of it.
He said Atlantis was real and they had towers and a power that let flying machines go everywhere, but it blew up.
From your deep research, what do you think?
Did Atlantis exist or was it a psychic peeing into the future that we're building in Atlantis that's dangerous?
No, what I think happened with Atlantis, and if you look into the work of Graham Hancock and his book, Magicians of the Gods, and all of his other research, then you will find that out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, during the Ice Age, because there was so much ice and water up near the North Pole, there was so much
More land exposed and when a comet broke up in outer space and smashed into the ice sheet it created literally oceans worth of water not just dumping all over the surface of the planet but also shooting millions upon millions of gallons of not just water but soot and mud up into the upper atmosphere and this is where we get into things like black rain and stuff like that.
Now the reason why I think this happened is because
Atlantis was almost like at the end of a golden age of sorts.
It was when all this sacred knowledge began to become perverted.
So they understood the ley lines, they understood the power of thought and emotion, they understood the power and the role of energy frequency and vibration in human civilization, and they created a society that was based on embodying this divine truth.
But eventually what ended up happening is that it became
It fell to priestcraft.
And then they started doing things like child and human sacrifice.
And this isn't, I don't think this is in Graham Hancock's book, but this is my contention.
This is what I've come to believe.
That they ended up doing things like child and human sacrifice at these sacred sites, at these pyramids, on the ley lines.
And they were doing it so heavily.
That it ended up creating such a low frequency state of fear and pain and suffering on the planet that their karma came back to bite them in the ass.
And this comet slammed into the ice sheet and just wiped everything clean.
And we are like the inheritors of this lost civilization.
That's why we look around us and we see all these massive buildings like the pyramids, like not just in Egypt, but like in China or in Boston.
And also we have an epigenetic memory when we see all the technology or see science fiction, it does, it seems like we're home.
I mean, they're everywhere.
It's like, well, I know this.
So what happened is that they got to a point where they started to worship themselves and not God.
They got to a point to where they were attempting to use this knowledge for power for themselves, for selfish reasons and purposes.
And in the process, their karma ended up coming back at them and it just wiped everything clean and we had to start over.
I mean, if you look in the Mahabharata... So you don't think it was some type of free energy machine exploding or a war?
From your research, you think it was a comet?
Oh yeah, I'm quite certain it was a comet.
And it happened twice.
It happened in the span of 2,000 years.
It happened once, I think, 12,000 years ago, right around the time that Gobekli Tepe was made and buried.
And then it happened again another 1,000 years later.
And so it just reset everything.
And if you, like I said, just look into the work of Graham Hancock and you will be amazed at the things that he's uncovered.
What ancient culture do you think has the most accurate history analysis of what happened?
Well, you mean during the flood?
Well, just of the cultures we know of, of the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the, you know, the folks that were in Babylon, of all those groups, which one from the history do you think is the most accurate?
Well, they all kind of are saying the same thing, and what I've found is that it's kind of like the telephone game.
As they go throughout history, the story changes just a little bit and then ends up getting more and more distorted as time goes on.
I would say that if you look into all shamanic cultures all over the planet, whether it be the aborigines in Australia, the Native Americans here in the United States, whether it be the ancient Mongolians or the Africans, the Europeans, they all have stories of the flood.
They all have stories of the flood.
And they all have their own.
It all kind of actually comes down to this idea that God decided to save one man or one family and allow them to repopulate the earth.
Um, so I think that I think that the truth about reality
And the spiritual nature to our existence has been known for millennia, but it has been kept to a very tightly knit group of quote-unquote elite families or royal families and bloodlines.
And this is the knowledge that they are trying to keep from dispensing to the public.
These are the floodgates they're trying to hold back because coming back to this idea of collective consciousness,
And energy frequency and vibration.
Once this knowledge makes its way into the collective consciousness stream, then the death matrix dissolves.
That there's nothing that they can do.
There's nothing that they can, nothing can stop what's coming.
It's like a global flood of sorts.
Except it's like what Jesus said about the wisdom of God will fill the land as water fills the sea.
The lion will lie down with the lamb and there will be no more killing or destroying.
And that is, I think, what he saw.
He saw the future, man.
You know, and I believe that is coming.
I believe we are creating a new heaven on earth as we speak.
This is the most exciting time we possibly could have picked to be alive.
Keep going!
Look at it like this.
If human beings are the grains of rice on the speaker and the electromagnetic field around the earth is the speaker, I mean, is the frequency of the speaker, then that electromagnetic field around the earth is actually connected to all the planets in the solar system and the electromagnetic field of the sun.
Now, this comes into this idea of Saturn, okay?
And Saturn is a very strong presence, though it is not the strongest presence in the solar system, but it is a very strong presence.
Now, through symbolism, right, we have been inundated with symbols for Saturn.
And based on this idea of like what I was saying before about the multidimensional nature to our consciousness,
What they are attempting to do is they are attempting to use the cymatic frequency of Saturn, almost like a metaphysical prison wall.
To confine our minds, to confine our souls, and in one way or another affect the frequency of planet Earth.
Because as we are all tuned into the Saturnian frequency, we are actually feeding the Saturnian frequency with our hearts and with our minds.
And if these people that worship Saturn are the ones in control of the legal system, they're the ones that are creating all this parasitism, dominance, war, predation, chaos, famine, disease, etc.
Then they believe, these Satanists or Saturnists, these Saturnists, they believe that all of that pain, chaos, death, suffering, disease, famine, all of that is going to Saturn.
It's all going to feed Satan.
That it is a sacrifice to Satan.
And same thing with the testimony of Zachary King.
And let's go forward with this.
The Romans worshipped Saturn and a bunch of other gods, but that was their basic Satan cult.
And if you study what the globalists think today, they believe the planets, especially the gas giants, are interdimensional portals to which they send the energy.
So they see Saturn not just as a god, but as a jump point.
So all of these planets are in one way or another cymatic vortexes of energy that are creating a field around them that is creating a very specific pattern, a cymatic pattern in space and time.
So basically the planets are like different keys on a piano and they're just hitting the Satan panel constantly.
Boop, boop, boop.
They're just hitting that tone.
And it's a very low frequency.
It's a very low frequency tone.
Now Jupiter, Jupiter is a very high frequency and it's actually completely the opposite of Saturn.
Saturn is Kronos, Kronos eats his children and Jupiter is Zeus and Zeus helped to basically rally the gods to defeat Saturn, to defeat Kronos.
Okay, so when we look at ancient mythology, we can actually find that they understood this interdimensional stuff quite well.
And when we get into this notion of like cymatic frequencies and the downloading of information into the planet, and this information encoding the electromagnetic field of the planet itself with
With data that we can then branch to in space and time, otherwise we wouldn't be able to create reality.
So, it's almost like the Earth is like a massive supercomputer, a massive supercomputer of sorts, that is downloading massive amounts of information that we can then use and channel through our bodies to create specific realities within that space-time paradigm.
What is the sun in this?
Because again, Earth is the third planet out, symbolizing third dimension.
You've got Venus, you know, second dimension, the most base of life.
Then you've got Mercury that's actually just the matter.
What does the sun symbolize?
Well, in my opinion, the sun symbolizes the love of God.
Almost like the great... That's right, we don't worship the sun, but it's a symbol of God giving us energy and warmth and light.
Yes, exactly.
And what does it say in the Bible?
You know, that God shines the sunlight on the wicked and the just alike.
Well, the first thing God says is he looks at the darkness and he says, let there be light.
Let there be light.
So if we look at each of these buildings that are built on these ley lines, as though they have a satanic pentagram over them,
And that within the satanic pentagram is massive amounts of energy from the earth being drained into like a low frequency portal and then they are sending that energy over to Saturn.
In this way they are hijacking the destiny not just of every man, woman and child on the planet and future generations.
They're hijacking the very destiny of the planet, and it's almost like the collective mind of humanity and the planet itself are basically being drained of their energy, being drained of their soul, and it's by this vampiric force within our solar system that is Saturn, that is this mythological being that eats its children.
This is why these globalists do these sick and heinous rituals.
I mean, and we could get into things like, you know, the way that they do things like sex magic and demonic and things how that, you know, relates to the creation of certain leaders and figures, whether it be in politics or entertainment or banking or corporations, etc.
We could get into things like, you know, blood drinking and child and human sacrifice and how that's been going on throughout the ages for centuries.
Let's do that.
And you mentioned Belgium and the Netherlands in the
Late 80s, early 90s, they had a giant scandal with top judges, the head of the federal police, all of them, with children in cages, hundreds of dead bodies that they found, children being murdered, their blood being drunk.
That came out in the news.
You know, Jimmy Savelle, murdering children, dead bodies, Prince Charles.
This is all there.
Folks, this is really going on.
So you get the archetypes of
Dracula and all of this.
And then what does Prince Charles say?
He says, I am the original bloodline of Dracula.
He is the founder of the Saxe-Coburg Gothas.
And he actually lives half the year at Dracula's castle.
In Transylvania.
Folks, they couldn't put out official books.
Bram Stoker, you know, 150 years ago, he'd have been arrested if he said all that stuff.
So they put it in a fiction book.
And whereas Prince Charles doesn't live forever, the entities or the interdimensional spirits that are programming and using those bloodlines are literally avatar-ing, like the movie Avatar, through their bodies, and the same entity is handed down generation to generation.
And that's why it's Skull and Bones.
We know this from their annals that got leaked.
Charlotte Isserby's dad was there.
She gave it to Anthony Sutton.
This is the Senate Archivist.
This is on record when the 70s came out.
They lay in coffins for days asking these angels from the different planets to enter them.
They bathe in feces.
They drink blood.
They do all this stuff.
They dig up dead bodies.
And this is just 20 year olds doing this.
That's how the parents get their kids ready for what comes next.
And they're doing this to
To resonate with the darkness and to push the Holy Spirit energy away so they can be a clear transmission zone for this.
And it is a slow initiation into full-on demonic possession.
That's why a lot of people think, like, how is it that these people could do something like this?
Like, to children or to people in general, how could they move toward global extinction?
And it's because
For centuries, for millennia, their familial bloodlines have been passing this on, this ritual.
If you look into the testimony of Zachary King, he was an ex-satanic wizard and warlock that did satanic rituals in Bohemian Grove.
He also did satanic rituals in abortion clinics.
He talked about how it was a part of his satanic baptism to be baptized in blood and feces.
And so, yes, what it's about is basically chasing off the Holy Spirit.
It's about getting in tune with that piano key of darkness over and over and over again and resonating that cymatic frequency within your own personal life.
And by the way, I'm just going to interrupt you to back you up.
There have been cases the last 30 years in Texas, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Michigan, California.
People can look this up.
The crew will just type it in.
We don't pre-plan this.
I just say this stuff, the crew looks it up and finds it.
We're not making any of this up, no matter how insane it sounds.
Where many of the actual third trimester, a lot of the doctors that do first trimester and stuff, they believe in it and they believe it's birth control and people's rights and they're just, you know, they're doing it and sucking the little baby out of the vacuum cleaner.
But the ones that, they keep the babies alive a lot of times, they rape them, they do rituals with them, and they've been busted because the workers catch them, call the police, and they go to jail for it.
And then what if the satanic temple come out and say last year and they just lost court cases all over the country?
Thank you.
Well, yeah.
What has happened, I think, is that the jig is up.
The mask has been taken off of the very evil face.
And we all kind of, that are awake, have begun to see what's actually going on here.
And they're going to basically do everything they can now to normalize what it is that they're doing.
That's why they're trying to normalize things like pedophilia and genital mutilation.
That's why they're trying to normalize things like abortion and child sacrifice.
That's why they're trying to normalize all this stuff in Hollywood.
That's why they're trying to normalize it in, um, um,
And by the way, let's put that last article up.
The Satanic Temple, from memory, filed four federal cases
In Texas, Missouri, several others, saying, we kill babies as part of a ritual, we have women get pregnant, and they go in and kill it as a ritual, we wait until the ninth month, and we go to special clinics and we have a ritual.
Now that's in their damn filing, okay?
Then they turn around and make fun of the Supreme Court saying, this is evil, you can't do it.
So they always have that double satanic gaslight, they love to do it.
So they go, we're killing babies in a ritual, in an abortion clinic, but we're not doing it and you're crazy.
What's that about?
Is that like a lesser magic where they have to tell you, but then they twist it again?
Yes, they have to tell you what it is that they're doing.
That is a part of their religion.
They have to tell you.
They have to put it in front of you.
And it's kind of like in contract law,
If, say, somebody violates the contract or is doing something with the contract that is not something that you want, then you can file paperwork and say, hey, this is what you're doing.
I don't like what you're doing.
You need to stop this.
Otherwise, the contract's void.
If you don't respond within 30 days, then I will send you another notice.
And if you don't respond to that notice, then the contract's void.
And if you just continue to allow it to go and go and go, and you don't respond to what it is that's being said, well,
Then it's as though you consented.
Oh yeah, I saw that.
Yeah, ABC News reporter who debunked Pizzagate pleads guilty to child abuse.
This is the guy that attacked me.
This is the guy that attacked me.
Yeah, this is what they do though.
Look at him!
Look at it like this.
If you look at it like this.
In Sun Tzu, The Art of War, what he says is that if you want to find out who your spies are, what you do is you take one of each of your generals and you bring them into your tent alone.
And you give each of those generals a different piece of disinformation.
Why do you do that?
Because then, when that piece of disinformation pops up in the enemy camp, you know who your spies are.
So it's almost like putting a different color dye marker in each of these different places, and then you see where that dye marker pops up.
It's like when they squirt the radioactive isotope into your veins to see where you've got a leak or where you've got an issue.
Right, it's very similar.
They also did the same thing with the Money Pit on that island to find out where all the water was coming from and stuff like that.
Now, if we look at the people that are pushing this pedophilia agenda or denying that it exists, or if we look at the network that are pushing this anti...
Uh, sound of freedom and stuff like that that are that are basically trying to deny that any of this exists that it's all a conspiracy theory that these people are crazy.
If we look at those networks and we take a closer look at those people.
Then, we can almost view what it is that they're saying like the dye marker in the water.
We can see who is in league with these globalists, New World Order, less and less dissenters.
Exactly, exactly, and that's Rolling Stone.
So it's Mockingbird Media.
It's the attempt to control the narrative.
Now back to your point how we can use the same tactics, and I don't ever like to lie, but so how do you morally put out a story?
Give us an example of how this is done, because I mean I could do this all day, but I have this
Well, I have a very strong aversion to lying and deception, so I just don't do it.
Um, what I do is I wait and I watch.
I think that part of the reason why we're in the mess that we're in is because we keep reacting to the talking points that are being handed to us by the Mockingbird Media.
Instead of creating our own, our own talking points based on reality.
Yes, exactly.
So that's what we have to do, is we have to reinforce the objective reality that does in fact exist and everybody can perceive.
So in psychological warfare, you have three different universes that the individual can live in.
You have the collective objective universe, that's the universe that's real, that is actual the universe, okay, the divine matrix.
Then you have what's called a personal subjective universe.
That is where a person's subconscious mind is programmed in a way that affects their conscious mind and they perceive reality not as it is, but as they are.
As they think it is.
Based on things like neuro-linguistic programming, dogma, indoctrination, etc.
Then the last one is what is called the Collective Subjective Universe.
Now the Collective Subjective Universe is where you have a group of these people that all believe in the same personal subjective universe and then they all are living in this echo chamber where they all agree with each other on this personal subjective universe and in the process they create
Thank you!
So, this is also how it is that people like this, like this CNN producer, sending some more 19 years, luring a 9-year-old into sex acts.
This is also how it is that these people that live in this personal subjective universe or this collective subjective universe cannot see these things.
They don't want to see it.
It causes too much of a cognitive dissonance.
And it's painful.
It is emotionally and mentally painful for these people.
So they don't want to see it, because what that means is, is that they have to then question everything in their reality.
This is why... And let me just interrupt you, because you're right.
When you look at all these child predators, they're literally gremlins.
That's not a person, that's an entity that's in there.
Yeah, yeah, so and it does link into things like addictions to pornography.
It does, you know, bleed into things like the worshipping of demonic entities and black magic and stuff like that.
So the only way to fight lies is with truth.
And even if you are a minority of one, you are the truth.
The truth is the truth and you are a vehicle or a beacon for that truth.
Keep going.
Okay, so
We as human beings have the capability to speak truth.
Now, if we're talking about like what we were talking about, cymatics earlier, right?
If you want to affect the quantum entangled universe, if you want to affect the quantum realm, then the way to do so is through sound.
You can actually change the spin of not just your electromagnetic field, but therefore the spin of all the particles around you through harmonics, through sound.
So if you are speaking the truth,
Then that is very, very powerful, especially in a world that is living and swimming in lies.
So what does the old saying go?
During a time of mass deception, telling the truth is an act of revolution or something like that?
In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Yeah, yeah, there you go.
Thank you.
Yeah, George Orwell, exactly.
And wouldn't it be nice to make 1984 fiction again?
Yeah, they use it as a handbook.
Oh yeah, it was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual.
So by telling the truth, that's the only way that you dispel lies.
Now, here's the other thing.
When you tell the truth, you have to do so from a place of peace and calm inside of yourself.
Because what's going to end up happening is that these people that believe in lies are going to become unhinged and they're going to start yelling and screaming and you don't want to get caught in that black hole of darkness and pain and suffering.
What you want to do is be a beacon of light and show people like, no, when you are empowered with the truth,
This is how you behave.
This is the kind of peace it gives you.
And then what will end up happening is you'll have people come up to you and be like, yo dude, what's your thing, man?
How do you stay so calm?
How do you do that?
What's your secret?
And then you tell them, hey, this is what I do, this is what I practice, this is what I believe, and I can give you some articles that you can check out, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And that's how you plant seeds.
That's how you get people to look into these things for themselves.
You're never going to get there, like, look at it like this.
When was the last time you decided to change your mind because somebody was yelling and screaming at you in anger?
Doesn't work for me.
Yeah, doesn't work for me.
So you represent the God that you worship, you see, and the whole point of worshiping God is to become more and more like the God that you worship, to become more and more one with that God.
We are what we consume.
Yes, we are what we think, we are the way we process reality.
We also say that God works in mysterious ways.
I grew up and had a lot of really bizarre experiences and I now realize God put in my path to train me for where I was at.
And I was always a Christian, was born again when I was about nine.
But by the time I hit puberty, I mean I hit puberty like when I was 10 years old.
I looked like I was 16 when I was 12.
Looked like I was 20 when I was 16.
People in high school thought I, when I moved to Austin for the last year of high school, they thought I was a cop because I looked like I was 25 years old.
But I wasn't.
And you guys go to my wife's Twitter.
We just tweeted out when I was 11.
You know, picture me.
We can show that.
It's Erica Wolf Jones on Twitter.
But I did flirt unconsciously with demon possession, with more of the pride.
I've talked to a lot of really big experts who were really tapped in, and I described what it was.
They said, no, that's a Luciferian temptation, is the pride.
Like, you're going to be victorious, you're going to dominate, you're going to be unstoppable.
And, you know, growing up in Dallas, which is very rough for whatever reason, I was being demonically attacked now, I realized, because the enemy could see what I was doing in the future.
I didn't understand it then.
But it was like, you know, this strength I had to win these fights and these things that happened, and I began to rely first on chaos energy, which then we know swings towards satanic energy.
But I'd say from about 12 to about 16, I flirted with Luciferian energy unknowingly, and that immediately like popped up the satanist.
I don't mean people in trailer parks, you know, taking acid and, you know, drinking blood or having an orgy.
I mean like,
We're good to go.
It is definitely an energy because it was like once I started firing up that satanic energy and began to flirt with it it was like they came out of the woodwork like oh yeah you know we want you and it was that big temptation like you're gonna be the leader and it wasn't like a false temptation was like we want you and imagine that it got me for the devil what that would have been like and I'm sure it's stuff like that's happened you and other people that
But this is definitely energetic, so we don't physically see it, but people that are tuned into God see it on their side, but the Satanists also have their knowledge and their understanding on their side.
I mean, is that accurate from your perspective?
It's magnetics.
So, when you start resonating these frequencies, they can feel it in the ether.
These people are very psychically advanced, okay?
And they're wicked smart, alright?
But here's the thing, and this is something that may be an unpopular opinion with some of the people in your audience, but not all Freemasons are bad, not all Illuminati are bad.
If you look into people like Leo Zagami.
Leo Zagami, he's the guy that wrote Confessions of an Illuminati.
He blew the whistle.
He blew the lid off of all of that stuff.
He gave everybody everything.
He showed everybody everything.
Well, let me back up what you're saying here.
We're good to go.
Flavor to it because it predates Christianity and it was hidden as a ministry school, meaning occult or hidden.
George Washington was a Mason, 33rd degree.
George Washington wrote letters about the Masons are being taken over by the French Illuminati that's actually a false Illuminati.
So yes, light is light.
It's like saying the rainbow.
I wore this shirt today and people joked, why are you wearing a rainbow shirt?
The rainbow is a beautiful thing and a symbol, and NASA put this out in the 80s before the pedos took it over, and it's a symbol of the sun's low in the atmosphere, it's going through the elliptical, it's red through all the dust, as it goes higher it's orange, it's gold, and then it's blue when you stare up into a pure blue sky.
That's a beautiful thing!
That's a good thing!
That's not bad.
That's not Illuminati in their Illuminati system.
We are illuminating.
We are shining light.
They are the false light, or the black sun.
And so I totally agree with you.
When I said the Masons, I mean the modern Masonic order is mainly just a bunch of outer people that aren't in the inner group, but I would say most of the Masonic system is captured.
I mean, I think that's a very fair thing to say.
Yeah, well, the OTO, Order of the Template Orientis, Aleister Crowley, Thelemites, and stuff like that, they largely co-opted many Masonic lodges and have placed themselves in really high levels of power throughout the world.
There's no denying that.
That's one of the things Leo Zagami talks about in his book.
I mean, George Washington was thinking about running for office again when they killed him, and he didn't want to do it, and he really wrote, he'd go to the National Archives online typing, George Washington
Illuminati letters.
And he literally sounds like Alex Jones or sounds like you.
I mean, he's describing them taking over, taking it over, how horrible it is.
Alex, he was like, he was like, I'm for free speech and we got to outlaw this stuff.
I mean, it was just like.
Well, here's the thing.
From what I understand, these mystery schools were divided into two groups.
And the best way to kind of relay this information and what these groups were is to kind of give it in an ancient Egyptian fashion.
So, I'm sure you're familiar with Ra and the Law of One?
So, there is Ra and the Law of One, and there's that ancient mystery school where they're basically illuminating people into these things, really bringing them into a state of knowledge that is used to help humanity, that is based on this idea of unity and a unified field.
We are all one.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Basically, the Christian teachings.
Okay, because Christ was largely initiated into these higher enlightenment Dimensions these higher dimensions of enlightenment and illumination.
Okay, so That's one route and in this route.
They would use things like pyramids They would use things like sacred sites like the obelisks and these ancient temples and stuff like that To do rituals during very specific times days planetary alignment solar alignments moon cycles solar cycles, etc
Okay, equinoxes, solstices, and they were using these windows of energetic opportunity to channel energy in and through the ley line grid system into their bodies, embody this knowledge so that they could expand the consciousness of humanity, so they could lift and raise the consciousness of humanity on a collective scale.
And in many cases, they were also doing things like eating heroic doses of psychedelic mushrooms and stuff like that.
But that's only relevant because with the other side, the other aspect to these mystery schools, one is Ra, the Law of One, the other side is the worship of Set, or the ancient Egyptian version of Satan, or Saturn.
It was Saturn worship.
And these individuals believed in death.
They believed in sacrifice, and like, so while the Law of One and the Law of Satan... Pretty clear the Aztecs were fully dialled into that.
Oh yeah, yeah, and so this eventually became a global phenomenon, kind of like what I was saying before about the Atlantis and Lumeria and stuff like that, and how it was a global thing.
So what ended up happening, as far as I can tell, is that very small portions of this ancient Atlantean-Lumerian global civilization that built all these megalithic sites all over the planet,
Very small portions of them actually survived.
And this is why when you look in a lot of these ancient myths, they talk about like the seven sages or the seven priests.
Or the three wise men followed the star to go to Jesus.
Well, no, that's something a little different.
Other side, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, so the Three Wise Men were actually magi, okay?
And they belonged to these ancient mystery schools of the life magic, light magic, that were trying to battle this evil interdimensional force off of the planet centuries, millennia ago.
And so this has basically been like an interdimensional war between good and evil for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, going back to before the Flood.
Okay, now these set worshippers, the Saturn worshippers in Egypt, they would do things like these pedophilic rituals, human and child sacrifice, blood drinking to get a high from it, and stuff like that, to communicate with these demonic entities in these other dimensions, to send this low frequency energy to echo throughout the consciousness of humanity and to send it back to Saturn, okay?
We're good to go!
When we talk about, like, for example, the three wise men that came to see Jesus at his birth, how they were led by a star.
They were led by an angel, and they were communing with this angel telepathically, as far as I understand.
And it was leading them to where it is that they were supposed to go.
And when they found Christ, they didn't just find him because the star was there, they also found him because they could feel his presence on the planet.
Each side, whether it be the Law of One, light side, or the Satan worship, dark side, they have a very finely tuned... And that's why Pharaoh said, kill all the firstborns, because they knew Christ was coming in.
I mean, when you really know how to read the Bible, it is so incredible.
I mean, it's telling you everything right there.
And so what we're with the Bible, when you read the Bible with this perspective, what you're actually seeing is this ancient occultic war being documented, this ancient war in the heavenly realms between positive angelic entities and negative demonic entities.
And how this registers to the electromagnetic spectrum is the demonic entities are on the infrared side, the low side,
Which program we download?
Right, and which timelines get created.
So that's kind of why we're coming back to this idea of like the ley lines and the Capitol buildings and stuff, is that like if you look at these Capitol buildings, whether it be in D.C.
or throughout the states, the Vatican, London Palace, if you look at them like they're satanic pentagrams sucking in massive amounts of energy.
Well, if you look at D.C., it's set up as a giant pentagram.
Guys, pull up D.C.
pentagram map.
I know, I know.
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say.
And it's also a pyramid.
And from what I understand, the pyramid and where the eye of the pyramid is at is actually the Masonic Temple in D.C.
Yeah, people aren't making that up.
I mean, you've got the White House in the belly of the owl and the Oval Office and all of it.
This is absolutely insane.
We've done an hour and 20 minutes or so.
Commercial free.
We've got to do this again.
So let's pick a time sometime next week.
During the week to tape a couple hours.
I'm going to air this interview.
It's streaming out now.
We're going to post it to InfoWars.com.
But I'm going to air it.
I don't normally do that on the Sunday night show tomorrow.
In fact, we might just
Do like Saturday Night Live commercial-free, and for two hours, re-air this then, and then air excerpts of it during my main show, so it gets a full boost.
We've got some other huge guests and information.
Scott Bennett, former Army psychological warfare expert officer.
All right.
Take on your worldview completely or not, I come from a Christian cosmology perspective, and I know Christ is my Savior, the Holy Ghost, the Trinity, but I'm saying everybody should know what the enemy knows and understand that what the view you're laying out is their view, but you're from an opposing view of their operation.
American Shaman on Twitter, American Shaman, and website ForbiddenTruthAcademy.com.
This is dead on.
Give us a two minute closing comment.
We'll have you back very soon.
And as soon as your probation officer lets you come here, I'm going to get you in the studio.
I would love that.
Thank you.
I'll try to wrap this up in two minutes.
The psychic space, the astral realm, the ether, whatever you want to call it, the spirit world.
This is a area that is like a dimension of space and time that is very real and existent.
And things like fluoride in the water and the pollutants in the ecosystem, the vaccines, the propaganda, it's all designed to shut your third eye.
It's all designed to keep you shut out of these higher level dimensions, okay?
Now, I understand that there's a lot of people within the Christian community that look at all this and they say, oh, well, that sounds satanic, when no, it's not, okay?
How do you think Jesus was able to know and see these evil spirits?
It's because he had this open pineal gland.
He had this open third eye.
He was able to literally see into these other dimensions, okay?
That's kind of what shamanism is all about, is learning to see into these other dimensions, learning the role of sound, frequency, vibration, energy, learning about the ecosystem, learning about vortexes, learning about the ley lines, learning about the role of the spirit world and how the physical world and the spirit world are merged and how they are actually one.
And I want you to kind of view all of this knowledge and the ether, astral projection and all that stuff kind of like this.
Look at it like a really high level hill.
Look at it like a high hill.
And you, in battle, you want the high ground, okay?
Well, simply because people are afraid of what they don't know and don't understand and have been told is bad by a Catholic or Christian church that is largely co-opted, by the way, and has Satanists in their ranks, you know, look at the Vatican for God's sake.
Think of it like this.
The Satanists have taken that high etheric hill.
They have taken the spirit world hill and they are using that as an opportunity to dominate everybody in the valley.
So what you got to realize is that just because something is unfamiliar or unknown doesn't mean it's wrong or doesn't mean it's evil.
What it means is that you just don't know or understand it.
Okay, and Christ knew and understood these things.
I would recommend people read The Yoga of Jesus.
I would recommend people read John Allegro's book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross.
I would recommend people look into Greg Brayden's work in The Lost Mode of Prayer.
I believe in Jesus.
Jesus is my role model, alright?
I'm trying to walk in the footsteps of Christ, and I believe that Christ was the ultimate shaman.
He called out the Pharisees and the Sadducees for practicing all of this evil Babylonian black magic BS, and he did so in public.
He saw what they were doing and he called them out in the temple, dispelling evil spirits from the temple.
He overturned the money changers and their tables outside the temple.
What we're talking about here is the same nefarious forces, the same dark and evil occultic forces that have been trying to rule and control the planet for thousands of years.
Now they actually have the technologies and the tools capable of doing so.
And the only thing that's going to stop them is if we awaken spiritually to these other dimensions.
If we awaken spiritually and we take that hill and we take it for God.
Okay, so, and the only way we can do that is through attaining a certain level of inner peace, love, forgiveness, unity, okay, and pray, meditation, and in many ways also, and this is the final point that I'll make,
I advocate every Saturday and I'm about to go do it now.
I go down to the Arizona State Capitol every Saturday at noon because it's built on the ley lines and there are no politicians in the buildings.
So there's nobody controlling the ley lines.
On Saturdays.
So me and some people that are here in Arizona that understand my vision, we go down to the Capitol, we go down to the ley lines, we do a guided meditation where we say a prayer, number one, and number two, we envision the future that we want to create and we plug it into the ley line grid system.
We envision Tesla Tower technology.
Well, you're literally trying to hack into it.
Well, regardless what people think about this, this is how the globalists operate.
It's what they believe, and it's a very important cultural experiment to have you here, and you're a very interesting fellow.
We'll talk to you again very soon.
Jake Chansley and your American Shaman on Twitter, ForbiddenTruthAcademy.com.
We'll talk to you very, very soon.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you for having me.
God bless.
Well, that was very interesting and informative.
We just did an hour and 40 minutes.
Our special guest has been holding for 10 minutes.
I appreciate him.
I'm going to take a break.
I'm going to air a couple of special reports.
We'll come right back to Scott Bennett, former Army officer, psychological warfare expert, special operations officer, psychological warfare analyst, who is one of the smartest people out there about this escalating war, the persecution of Trump, what the deep state's planning.
I cannot wait to pick his brain commercial free for an hour if he'll do it.
Straight ahead, he's got amazing websites and outreach.
He's doing globalfreedomtv.com.
Globalfreedomtv.com bookmark it, check it out.
So I appreciate him letting me go 10 minutes over.
I got things going late today.
We're very honored to have him.
We're going to take a break.
Air this special report on them setting up foreigners to be our police, part of the U.N.
plan, State Department memorandum 7277.
Remember, everything I say is not just made up stuff.
You can write down everything I say and look it up.
When I say memorandum 7277, when I say U.N.
takeover, they're not going to show up in blue helmets.
They're going to do it covertly, defunding the police and putting their own people in.
We're going to talk about all that, but I've got to do a short plug or we won't be here, because I'm about to re-air this until tomorrow night, and we're going to re-air all this again.
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We'll go to break and come back with Scott Bennett.
We really appreciate Scott Bennett.
We'll be right back.
It's been a busy 72 hours for Chicago police and first responders.
At least four people are dead, ten others injured in shootings all across the city.
Chicago, Illinois.
It's just one of the United Nations' many subverted blue cities feeling the self-inflicted pain of kowtowing to Agenda 2030.
The UN Agenda would have you believe that immigrants bring significant benefits in the form of skills strengthening the labor force, investment, and cultural diversity.
The commitment by member states to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration crystallized three core truths.
First, that migration is a fact of life, a defining feature of humanity, and our world, and above all,
With a positive phenomenon enriching societies and economies.
NBC reported, according to a city spokesperson, 10,019 migrants have arrived in Chicago over the past nine months, half of those by bus, with 4,151 migrants currently residing in temporary city shelters.
So it's no big surprise that the residents aren't happy.
Let them talk, so they have a voice.
A call for order during a heated meeting at Woodlawn's Apostolic Church of God.
The focus?
This migrant shelter in the old Wadsworth Elementary School.
I would ask you all to go out there, go out there at night, in the middle of the night, and see what goes on.
What's going on, according to community members, is loitering, late night partying, littering, prostitution, and at least one fight between migrants and residents.
They disrespect us, they rob us, they harass us.
And their patience is low.
They use us to fill prisons and graveyards.
For city leaders who came looking for a conversation over opening the doors of a shuttered South Shore high school to migrants.
What's important is that we really establish that this is a humanitarian crisis and we're here.
South Shore residents responded with resounding rejection.
While this crisis may constitute an emergency for the city of Chicago, it does not constitute an emergency for the South Shore community.
Incoming migrants have overwhelmed district police stations by the hundreds.
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
But city leaders could barely eke out a word of the details about a proposed respite center at the former South Shore High School.
When it comes to the total number of people at South Shore at any given point in time, it is fluid.
We'd start with 250, 500.
How could you do that without consulting us?
In his infinite stupidity, Illinois Governor J.B.
Pritzker responded to the exponential numbers of migrants
Flooding Illinois by signing off on HB 3751, a controversial bill allowing foreign nationals to become law enforcement officers, a move that critics blasted as madness.
We can now expect thousands of similar tragedies like this one.
A former Minneapolis police officer could face more than 15 years in prison for shooting and killing an unarmed yoga teacher.
Mohamed Noor was found guilty yesterday of murdering Justine Damon.
Noor was responding to Damon's 911 call nearly two years ago when he opened fire.
Illinois Governor Pritzker has crossed the Rubicon.
What message does this legislation send when it allows people who do not have legal status to become the officers of our laws?
This is a potential crisis of confidence in law enforcement at a time when our officers need all the public confidence they can get.
Pritzker is forcing Americans to reclaim their streets in what will explode into the civil war the left insists on fomenting.
They got one more time to deal with it because otherwise, next time they deal with it, they're going to deal with it from the streets.
We're going to take over.
Nobody's going to be able to stop us from what we're going to do to them.
John Bowne reporting.
Tell us about the products, how we support you, how we support all of ourselves, and the big event coming up.
Well, yeah, the first one, obviously you can go to MyPillow.com, use that promo code ALEX, and you can get all these great discounts on all of our products.
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We're celebrating our anniversary with what my employees love doing best, producing and making the MyPillow.
And the model of businessmen and women with can-do know-how using the money for Americana freedom to fight the globalists is what they fear.
That's what the debanking is about.
That's what the financial attacks are about.
That's why we've got to rush to support MyPillow.com and InfoWars.com, plus their great products at both places, because we are the tip of the spear.
And the Republicans better get tough and they better get smart because most of them look like a bunch of weak jerks right now.
And you gotta get tough and smart and you have to fight fire with fire.
You can't allow this to go on.
The USA is a mess.
Our economy is crashing.
Inflation is out of control.
China, Russia, Iran, North Korea have formed together as a menacing and destructive coalition.
Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world standard.
The way it's going, we're going to lose our currency as the world standard, which will be the single greatest defeat for this country in 200 years.
That will be catastrophe.
It won't happen with me, not even a chance.
Just like Russia would never have invaded Ukraine, and China would not have even thought about Taiwan, as I said.
If you took the five worst presidents in the history of the United States and added them up, they would have never done the destruction to our country as crooked Joe Biden and the Biden administration have done.
Nobody's done damage to this country like this.
Our country is
Well, you don't need me to tell you we're at a historic inflection point.
The war in Ukraine has escalated to new heights.
The dollar is being devalued.
Gold is becoming the world reserve currency.
Interest rates are going up.
The borders are wide open.
The super frontrunner, Trump, no president in modern history has had numbers like this, has been indicted again by the deep state in D.C.
The most serious indictment.
The U.S.
has been downgrading its credit rating.
I'm going to really try to give our guests the floor.
They'll all want to jump in a lot because you make so many great points.
I want to back up.
But, Scott Bennett?
Um, is a PhD U.S.
Army Special Operations Officer, a psychological warfare analyst, was unlawfully imprisoned on trumped-up charges by the Obama administration for filing intelligence reports exposing terrorist finance corruption involving the Clinton Foundation, the Muslim Brotherhood, and U.S.
Central Command, and Booz Allen Hamilton.
He was then beat and was exonerated.
Remember, they have a 96% conviction rate.
He was in prison and fought his way out, but not before continuing his research and finding additional reports to Congress from inside jail using intelligence materials provided to him by WikiLeaks.
Edward Snowden, fellow Booz Allen colleague, and Swiss bank whistleblower Brad Brickenfield, Second Lieutenant Bennett, reported one of the greatest examples of betrayal and government corruption against the military in the history of Western civilization.
He is a U.S.
Army Special Operations Officer, 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs Psychological Operations Command, and a Global Psychological Warfare Counterterrorism Analyst, formerly with Defense Contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.
He received a Recommissioned Officer, held the top secret compartmentalized information, TSCSI, security clearance, and worked at the highest levels of international counterterrorism in Washington, D.C.
I'm not going to read the next two pages of his bio, but believe me, you want to read it.
Thanks for coming on, sir.
We're 20 minutes late here.
I'm going to try to give you the floor to go wherever you want first.
But man, what a time we're living in right now.
Well, God bless you, Alex.
You're the guidon bearer for the patriots of America.
I applaud you and I know God is pleased by you.
Well, let me just say, as you open this up with regards to Trump and his speech, let me give you some good news.
There's an amicus brief and a few of them actually that are being filed.
And an amicus brief in support of President Trump.
And this is one of the exhibits that's going to be put in there.
And this is also a memo that I sent to Trump, which I also gave a deposition about when I was back in Washington in November of 2020.
And in this memo, it's in the book Shell Game, but the memo outlines for President Trump all of the deep state operations they were doing under the Obama-Biden Clinton Foundation, Clinton State Department regime.
McCabe, details McCabe and how his wife was picked by Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton to run against Senator Dick Black because Senator Dick Black is one of the
The great Americans that exposed the fraud in Syria and other things.
So this memo is one of the exhibits that is going to go to President Trump in an amicus brief since they filed this third indictment.
This is another document that's going to be submitted.
And this is, I don't know if you can see it on the TV, but this is the election fraud.
And this was a compilation of everything that Sidney Powell and Pat Byrne and Joe Flynn and General Flynn and myself and many others that were working back there.
And of course, I have the Book of Exhibits.
This was another book of all of the letters and documents that went to all of the usual suspects in Washington, D.C.
that were senators and congressmen, various committees, Jason Chabot, Saxby Chambliss, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo.
I've got all their letters in this Book of Exhibits.
This will also be part of the amicus brief that goes to President Trump.
And of course, we may also throw in the 9-11 truth book that I put together with Robert David Steele and a host of other experts on 9-11.
So this will be an amicus brief that exculpates, exonerates, and demonstrates to the American people in the court and the judge that Donald Trump is not guilty of any of the charges that they've alleged, but they have opened up a Pandora's box.
And all of these exhibits and other items and testimony from myself and many others that were back in Washington can be admitted as evidence and expert testimony that I think will shake the very foundations of the Deep State and cause it to come crumbling down as Samson pushed the towers and crumbled that
That Citadel of Dagon, if you remember the Old Testament story.
So I think this is an exciting time because they've opened up a Pandora's box, and what they are trying to do to Trump is going to come back upon them.
And I have no doubt he will be completely exonerated.
But in these legal filings, you're going to see the American people wake up like never before.
Why are they so desperate to try something like this?
Well, as we've chatted before, they're delusional, they're narcissistic, they're hypnotized in their own reflection.
They are consumed with humanism and their own sense of bulletproof anointing, as Thomas Sowell wrote in his book, Vision of the Anointed.
The Democrat, leftist, atheist, God-hating, family-hating individual has this
This obsession with power and control over other people and it's rooted in their own spiritual self-hatred and impulse to annihilation.
So Donald Trump represents the awakening of the American people.
The Enlightenment of the American people.
The separation from the establishment.
That's why he was hated by Paul Ryan and hated by Newt Gingrich in many ways.
They'll never admit it fully.
Hated by people like Mike Pence, who was his Judas.
Stabbed him in the back.
He's a complete liar.
Hated by Romney and all these other Tom, you know, John Thune and Mitch McConnell.
All of these castrated hypocrites and parasites represent nothing but a bureaucracy of idiots in Washington, D.C.
And Donald Trump represents the opposite.
You know, he's a successful businessman.
He's a handsome man.
He's a good talker.
He's a tough guy.
Beautiful wife, beautiful family.
They have existential envy because they hate themselves and Trump loves himself and he loves America and they just can't stand it.
That nails it right there like you just described.
That's right.
The envy and the self-loathing and the hatred.
They see him and they gnash on their teeth like the Pharisees gnashed on their teeth when they saw Christ.
And it's something to behold.
But Donald Trump, this is a big tug of war.
And what they're trying to do to Donald Trump, the American people are going to be witnessing them trying to do it to them.
This is why you're going to see all of the Republicans, all of the Conservatives, all of the Libertarians, all of the moderate Reagan Democrat types.
The sensible people coming to Donald Trump's side, not because they like him, not because they like Republican politics, but because they hate the danger of a tyrannical government police state being weaponized against their PTAs, weaponized against their mothers and their wives, weaponized against their children, trying to castrate their children and send them into transgender brainwashing MKUltra programs.
The American people of every tribe, ethnicity, and color recognize this terrible tsunami of police state that is trying to engulf Donald Trump.
And they have to be the breaker.
They have to be the shield, the wall.
To defend Donald Trump.
He is the light.
And if he's extinguished, they're all extinguished.
That's why this is becoming an existential American issue.
And it's even being recognized by people like Zakharova in Russia, when they've had their St.
Petersburg conferences.
She's a brilliant woman.
She has championed the trials and the police state of persecutions of American patriots.
And so has Lavrov.
They've called American Trump-supporting
conservatives and traditionals, patriots.
And yet the Biden administration, the FBI under under Garland and Ray and you know ATF and all of these Gestapo agencies have come against the American public, you know, anti-Catholic bias.
We've seen the hearings with Jordan and Gates and all of these and they're very powerful and Monica Taylor Greene
So the international community recognizes the police state is rising.
The American public as a whole recognizes it.
Donald Trump recognizes it.
And I think this is only going to get bigger and louder after Labor Day.
That's when all the fireworks start going off, including amicus briefs like this.
That will come riding into the defense of Donald Trump like the cavalry and I'm happy to blow that bugle call and let him come pick a fight with me because I fought with him before and I will destroy anyone that comes into a rhetorical legal debate argument with me.
And I look forward to marching into that court with my amicus briefs because I was an officer.
I held the top secret clearance.
I was at the State Department.
I had CIA officers come up to me.
I exposed Obama.
I exposed Biden.
I exposed Hillary Clinton.
There are 19,000 Swiss bank accounts from Union Bank of Switzerland that was financing the various terrorist operations.
I also exposed Union Bank of Switzerland working with the Chinese Communist Party, buying ES&S through Staple Street Capital, ES&S Dominion, and Premier voting machines.
All of that material went to Donald Trump.
Pat Byrne will confirm it.
Sidney Powell will confirm it.
General Michael Flynn will confirm it.
It's on record that much of Trump's blueprint he got from you.
So let's talk about this.
This historic moment we're in where the deep state's having to reveal itself.
You have a media that has an 8% approval rating.
Congress with a 10% approval rating.
You have Trump getting 70% of the vote against the other Republicans.
20, 30 points ahead of Biden depending on the poll.
We've never seen numbers like this.
Even the Washington Post had a headline.
Here it is.
Trump has an insurmountable lead.
No one's ever had it.
No one's ever defeated it.
Washington Post.
Overhead shot, please.
Here's another headline.
Nobody's lost a primary after holding a lead like this.
They recognize that, but because they know he's coming after him, and he just put on true social, we can pull that up.
He said, you come after me, I come after you.
That's not a threat.
They're everywhere saying he should be killed, put him in prison.
He's got 50-something charges against him, three indictments, more in Georgia, and he's telling them, when I get in, I'm going to come after you.
That's not a threat.
This is the rules of war.
They are literally attacking our champion.
They are literally attacking someone that is as popular as George Washington was.
I don't think we've ever had a president except maybe FDR in the middle of World War II since George Washington.
Correct me if I'm wrong, you're quite the historian, sir, but George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, not saying he was a good guy, but he was very popular, and Trump.
I mean, I think he is already in legendary status.
I've talked to Rogers, I've talked to him all the time, and other people, and I'm going to leave it at that.
I was in Florida a few months ago, and let's just say I had some meetings.
I'm going to stop there.
Trump is energized in those eyes, guys.
He says, I don't care if they kill me, put me in prison, I'm not stopping.
He is higher than a kite on this mission.
He feels the love.
The focal point, he's energized.
As the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
He literally, and I knew Trump was a quote, light Christian, he believes in God, but now,
More and more.
I've talked to his personal pastors and others.
I was in Florida.
He literally is having daily prayer meetings that he doesn't put on TV.
It's not a fake thing.
I mean, he is literally, I mean, they have got a big problem.
This is Trump 2.0.
Well, you know, bless you be the Lord my strength.
He teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.
Donald Trump is being anointed by the Lord, whether he likes it or not.
Donald Trump is being protected by the prayers of these
This American people and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much.
Keep praying for Donald Trump.
Pray for Alex Jones.
Pray for all of us because we are in a spiritual battle.
We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and powers of the air and things like that.
Donald Trump is being energized and radiated.
That's when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.
And I seriously see him being energized.
Like Samson slaying a thousand Philistines.
And the joy of the Lord is your strength.
We have nothing to fear, Alex.
We have the truth on our side.
We have righteousness on our side.
We are on God's side.
We believe in the family, believe in the sanctity of marriage, believe in children, believe in life.
We do not believe in this transgender monstrosity.
...monstrosity and castrating children and giving them hormone pills.
We do not believe in eating bugs.
We do not believe in this climate change religion, this Wiccan demonism.
We do not believe in this.
And John Kerry saying, we're cutting a third of the food this year.
That'll kill 100, 200 million people.
I mean, they are doing stuff that makes Hitler look like an amateur already.
They've already cut off 25% of the nitrogen.
You're an expert on this.
You want to explain to people what, because as bad as it is for them, let's talk about what it's like for the general public.
Why are they deep sixing the economy?
They don't get that they're going to get the blame?
I know they want an angrier world where they destabilize things and they pose as the savers, but no one's buying it.
I mean, literally, a total conversion, R.O.K.
Jr., Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Rogan.
I mean, I talked to some of these people, I'll leave it at that, and they are fully red-pilled now, brother.
Yeah, and to answer your question, why the delusional obsession with trying to push all these failed policies and destroying the food and destroying factories and destroying farms and shooting at farmers like they've done in the Netherlands?
You see a glimpse of that when you played your first video of the Chicago board, when the people, the townspeople of Chicago are standing up, outraged by these migrants that are abusing the citizens, abusing the people, flooding the police offices.
And yet the board sits back and nonchalantly, you know, just is oblivious and thinks they're invulnerable, thinks that they can do whatever they want because
They've got a policeman in front of them, guarding them from the townspeople.
Let me tell you something, that whole room of townspeople get up, and that policeman, if he's smart, is going to back up and run out of the room, because he'll be killed first, and then everybody on that board.
That's how close things can take off.
It's very easy for a French Revolution.
Look at what's just happening in France.
Well, look at Ceaucescu.
Sorry to interrupt.
Do France the new Ceaucescu.
Well, France is, of course, Germany's Merkel, and these fools brought in all of these migrants after we've destroyed the African and Middle East countries into Europe, into Italy, and by taking out Libya, more and more Qaddafi.
That's another part of the amicus brief that Obama and Sarkozy and Cameron and Hillary Clinton were all part of.
And taking out Gaddafi opened up the floodgates of all these people pouring up into Europe and now you've got Europe saturated with people that can't speak the language, they don't have any loyalty to the heritage or the history of France or Germany or Europe.
Remember, these countries are not European.
They're individual countries.
Germany is different than France.
And by the way, while you're speaking, Africans are rioting in France, Belgium, and Sweden right now.
I mean, just tens of thousands just going completely crazy.
They're locusts, Alex.
In a very real way, they're locusts.
They're blood drunk.
They're furious.
They've got nothing to lose because they've not been given anything.
They've just been given a bus ticket and dumped in France.
You know, expected to get jobs and many of them didn't get jobs and what are they doing now?
They're just locusts eating and consuming and destroying the local infrastructure and it's going to lead to political chaos.
And look, thousands, thousands of these people marching and I looked at the photos with UN flags organized, brought in by the UN as a destabilization force.
Yes, and that's what it's going to do.
It's interesting.
I think it's going to blow back on them, of course, because Russia is a very key part of this.
Russia is not going to fall.
They're not going to have a coup d'etat.
They're not going to have regime change.
Putin is going to be staying in.
The Ukraine war is going to be terminated probably October, November.
They're not going to give any part back.
They're going to go right up, probably, to the borders of Poland.
They're going to take every inch of Ukraine needed.
Well, this is a good time to start because you really have been covering this.
You're an expert on it.
Where is the Ukraine war?
The offensive failed.
Let's walk through the last few months and the current times.
Spend some time on this.
Well, of course, the Ukrainian war started after, you know, the U.S.
took over the Ukrainian government in 2014.
They flooded the country with drugs and, you know, gave ecstasy tea to people in the
In the Kiev riots and all the people, you know, were used by McCain and Victoria Nuland and Obama and John Kerry to overthrow Yanukovych, who had originally, he was the president of Ukraine, and he said, we're not going to go the way of the European Union, we're going to go the way of Russia because we're a Christian Orthodox country and we can't accept homosexuality and transgenderism as
As you know, something that is in clash with our culture, our religion.
And Obama and all of them threw Yanukovych out of power after that.
And then you started the massive civil war.
You had the Nazis come to power, essentially, these tattooed demoniacs.
That then began a nine-year genocide of the Eastern Ukrainians and Donbass and Lugansk and Donetsk and Crimea.
All of those republics declared their independence the moment the coup d'etat occurred and Poroshenko was put in because they recognized and they were being out, their languages being outlawed, they were being persecuted, they were being treated like subhumans, so they declared their independence and that triggered this U.S.
All right, his Skype just cut out.
Let's see if he reconnects.
Or if he comes back in, we'll reconnect with Scott Bennett.
Be sure and visit his websites.
Be sure and get his books.
We're going to reconnect with him right now.
And then, meanwhile, U.S.
Capitol Police Chief testifies highly trained violent provocateurs were in Crowd Capital on January 6th, believes there's a cover-up of that.
And what's the response?
Arizona man Ray Epps plans to sue Joe Rogan after he repeats Fox News' Dick Carlson claim that he was an informant during the Capitol riot.
He just said people think he's a fed, and why has he been arrested when he said he orchestrated it?
And said, go into the Capitol.
That's the question.
Why are they so scared?
Why don't they want us asking those questions?
And if somebody intercepted his Skype or Zoom or whatever it is and took it down, let's just go telephone.
We're not going to have him being shut down here.
We're going to have this information on air today.
While we work to get him reconnected, I want to play a short clip here.
This is the type of folks on TikTok recruiting children to send them to doctors themselves.
They're passing laws in places like Washington where children have parental rights, parents have no rights, and they get picked up by the system and taken to be sterilized.
Let's play clip 8.
Here is clip 8.
Do I need to be on hormones to get top surgery?
The short answer is no.
There's a common misconception that all surgeons require hormones for you to get top surgery, but that's not true.
Some surgeons do require you to be on hormones, but this actively excludes people who don't wish to be on hormones or don't have access to hormones.
People ask me all the time whether or not I take hormones.
I do not take hormones.
And truthfully, I don't have any interest in taking testosterone.
Because I simply don't want the changes that go along with taking tea.
That's why it was extremely important to me to find a surgeon who had worked on non-binary patients before.
All I did was research surgeons in my area that took my insurance, and then I just called to make sure that they had worked on non-binary patients before and that I didn't have to be on hormones.
Remember, gender is so individual.
Any gender can look like anything.
If you want top surgery but you don't want the changes that go along with taking hormones, you don't need to take hormones.
You could even get top surgery and then later decide that you want to be on hormones.
Never feel pressure to take hormones if you're not sure because you have your whole life to take them.
And a lot of the changes that go along with hormones are permanent.
And don't forget, you don't need to do anything to be trans.
The only requirement for being trans is feeling trans.
So, if you feel trans, then you are.
Honestly, it's so simple.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to answer them.
This is beyond pedophilia.
Those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation,
Words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.
And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance, a depression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have sensors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subverting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Alright, I don't know if they killed his internet, but that's definitely what the technocracy can do.
They're trying to censor all of us.
They've gotten into the instant messages now.
That's all over the news, so who knows if they killed Scott Bennett's internet.
If it comes back, we'll get him via video.
But Scott, continue on to what George Soros bragged on Fareed Zakaria on CNN like seven years ago.
The State Department with him overthrew the government.
We're good to go.
So it'd be like if Russia took over New York City, but it's even older than just, you know, 400 years old.
This is a thousand years old.
And so, Scott, you were getting up to the point we are now, and then what's unfolded, the failed counteroffensive, and now NATO's saying we're going to be in this war for at least four years.
If you look at the escalation line, well, then at the current escalation line, we're in tactical nukes in a year and nuclear war, full-on nuclear war in a year and a half or sooner.
But you're saying major
I don't know.
Yeah, the deep state likes to cut off our internet when things start getting good, I guess.
But the Russian military intervention ceased the genocide that the U.S.
was facilitating, and it also discovered all of the material evidence of the biochemical labs, 46 labs in Ukraine, many in Georgia, of course, too, and Africa and elsewhere.
And these biochemical labs can be directly related to the research that was
Thank you for having me.
Of course, all the big pharma companies, Johnson & Johnson, Gilead, Moderna, big pharma companies that were all part of the research, and it went directly back to the Democrat Party.
And specifically, that's what you're seeing revealed now, although we all knew it.
I think you were ahead of the curve, of course.
But we're seeing that all coming to the relation of Congress when they start having all these hearings indicating Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in Burisma, as confirmed by the Devin Archer testimony.
Joe Biden, Hunter Biden were all part of a racketeering scheme to defraud and extort and engage in mafia style thievery.
And of course, there's the Chinese connection.
I think Ukraine is the gift that keeps on giving because it not only shows the corruption of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, not only does it show the corruption of the FBI and the Department of Justice by covering this up, not only is it showing on the laptop of Hunter Biden's all of the child pedophilia and all of these documents, as well as other things,
Uh, it shows enormous corruption within the United States government and specifically Joe Biden.
So he's a dead man walking.
Uh, it's just a matter of time before they take him out.
And as I've said before, I think they're going to put Gavin Newsom into Kamala Harris's position because Kamala Harris can't be president.
She's not a natural born citizen and the Democrats know that.
So Gavin Newsom is going to probably be slotted into the Kamala Harris position, then they're going to assassinate Joe Biden, and then Gavin Newsom will ascend, carrying the dead body of Biden in that Manchurian candidate moment, and then he might appoint Michelle Obama as his vice president.
But I don't even think that's going to put Humpty Dumpty back together.
I think you're on the verge of a civil war in the United States, a quiet one, a soft one, and a discreet one, but a civil war where people are going to be rejecting the tyranny of federal agencies, federal authorities, federal jurisdictions,
Let's just recap that.
They tried to say that
The CDC could seize all housing and control all rents, and the Supreme Court said no, totally insane.
I mean, there's so many things that they did.
They've announced they're going to put federal police under a new federal agency via the Capitol Police all across the country.
I mean, yeah, this is just, like you said, though, they're really delusional, a bunch of crazy, weird lawyers.
I don't know.
I just have a very strong feeling and intellectual understanding they're going to kill Biden and blame it on the Patriots.
And my mother's never wrong.
She believes that's their main plan.
I hope it doesn't happen, but the other part of the equation is then blame it on the right wing.
It's not just kill Biden because he thinks he's president.
Jill thinks he's president.
He's refusing to step down.
We know that now.
They've already shot the shots across the bow of the hunter and they're letting it all come out.
He doesn't give a damn.
So do they quietly poison him and not make a political issue or do they truck bomb him or shoot him and then use that to blame the right wing?
I think the latter is what I've been saying is going to happen for a long time.
Your mother and I are certainly in agreement.
I think they are going to make it a dramatic assassination, a very ugly, you know, shock and awe sort of assassination, I believe, to develop the political capital and develop the sense of a martyr.
When you generate martyrdom and political capital, it translates into all sorts of
Justifications for tyranny, justifications for the police state actions, which is what the Democrats are going to do.
They're never going to have a fair free and fair election.
They're never going to relinquish power ever again.
They think that they will.
So they're creating a permanent one party state in their own words.
So the only way to override Trump's real ongoing martyrdom is to create a false martyrdom.
Yeah, and I think irregardless of what they do, Donald Trump is going to ascend and say, I'm the president and every American
Is that true?
Well, I think that's what patience and the slow boiling of the frog, I should say, a slow awakening does.
It's like coming out of an anesthetic after surgery.
That's what's happening to Rogan and many other Americans.
They're not being shocked with a bucket of freezing water doused on them.
They're being slowly de-anesthetized.
They're being slowly bringing back to sanity and consciousness.
And the weight of common sense
is buoying them above the carbon monoxide.
It's like the garage is filled with carbon monoxide and suddenly you throw open a window and that fresh air starts to bring them back to coherency.
Well, the coherency is we're Americans, we're the best people on the planet because we've been given the Constitution by God through his servants and the founding fathers and our
Rights are unalienable.
They can never be taken away, not by a president, not by a Congress, not by a court, you know, failing a constitutional amendment.
But our right to speech, our right to keep and bear arms, which are necessary for a free state, meaning any opposers of a free state, the Second Amendment was given to you to defend against.
So it's not to hunt deer.
It's to maintain your security and your safety and your freedom.
That's what the Second Amendment's for.
And your power of speech, your power of association.
They're trying to put a gag order on Donald Trump.
I think he'll say to hell with you.
And his lawyers and everyone will say the same thing.
All of these rights and all the revelations of the anti-rights of the Democrats have bought people like Joe Rogan and others to say, wait a minute, this is not America that I grew up in, in the 50s and the 60s and the 70s and the 80s.
This is completely off the rails.
These people are hysterical.
Look at that little, you know, black lesbian girl, the press secretary, who's always up there
You should be ashamed to ask me any questions.
You should be ashamed if you're a racist or a bigot or a homophobe if you don't back these far-left ideals.
Well, the American people are center-right.
They're not leftists.
And I think that is being more and more confirmed.
So that's the value, although we've all been red-pilled from the very, very beginning.
Now Gen Z is trending, massively conservative.
So I interrupted you on the assassination thing.
I don't think people buy it if they kill him or shoot him and say, we did it.
And I agree with you, but I think that is definitely in the cards.
But you were segwaying into more of Russia, the current drone attacks, clearly trying to get, I think, Putin to escalate attacks on civilian targets to try to get NATO drawn in, the attack on this missile cruiser in the Black Sea.
What do you expect Zelensky and his controllers to do next?
And now, what percentage do we know of the Western armor and weapons that has been destroyed?
And then you were talking about some type of peace deal?
Well, I do think Zelensky is rapidly sinking into the sand, you know, the tar pit of his own lies and fraud.
He's being socially isolated and rejected by a lot of the European, you know, aristocrat, bureaucrat types.
That's right.
He was a useful tool, but now they're getting ready to blame it on him.
Yeah, I think that's inevitable.
And I think Russia has played this very diplomatically slow for the very purpose of letting the Europeans feel the pain that they've inflicted upon themselves.
And it's... And there goes his Skype again.
Oh, he's back.
Go ahead.
The pain they've inflicted on themselves.
Go ahead.
The pain that the Europeans have inflicted on themselves through the sanctioning of Russia is going to come to haunt them this winter when they start to freeze because of lack of Russian oil.
And see, Europe is going to run back to Russia like the prodigal son, Alex.
Russia is going to welcome them with open arms.
And that's going, like Russia has done to Africa.
The entire continent of Africa is waving Russian flags and putting up Russian-speaking schools.
They're in love with Russia because Russia has shown love to them, kindness to them.
They should learn from this in the U.S.
State Department.
China's kind of got the same way.
They've shown them love and building bridges.
Well, again, I'm not a rocket scientist, but the reason the Afghans turned on us in the statistics, I saw the studies, was they said, you're going to teach me to chop my son's genitals off?
And boys are girls?
I mean, the State Department's not dumb.
When they come and say, we're the Americans, instead of prosperity and freedom and medicine and communications and freedom, we're going to bring you, cut your son's penis off?
I mean, so there's a larger plan.
We see the dollar in trouble.
We see the credit rating lowering.
I see a larger global plan here.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, the spiritual discernment of people, when they look into the hearts of many of these elite American diplomats and politicians, they sense a rottenness in them.
They sense a deception in them.
They sense something that they just don't like, and I think it's the spirit of evil, where they don't sense that in Russia.
And that's why Russia is, I think, going to win the hearts and minds of a new Europe that is rising, and you're going to see Britain and the United States and Australia basically become increasingly isolated.
America, of course, has this invasion on the southern border, which Colonel McGregor has said that's going to be the next flashpoint, this massive invasion that the Chinese are also a part of.
You could see all sorts of cartel outbreaks on the southern border.
Now, I could see them assassinating Biden, too, and blaming Russia.
I could see them setting off a false flag, a nuclear or dirty bomb or something in America, so that they could then try and impose some draft.
Remember, Biden's already started the clock ticking towards a draft by activating reserve components.
And I think they could set off some assassination false flag event, blame it on Russia.
Hell, they try to blame them for the election meddling, all that nonsense.
They would probably do that again to try and generate a war to escape their domestic exposure.
Remember, I said this on a TV interview I did yesterday.
I said,
As the U.S.
puts sailors and marines on ships in the Persian Gulf, that's a preparatory operation for a probably oil tanker catastrophe that they'll try and blame on Iran.
They'll try and have a United Nations Security Council meeting about it.
They'll increase their presence in the Persian Gulf.
What are other rabbits they could pull out of hats?
North Korea?
What other flashpoints?
Well, you know, I don't think these countries are going to take aggressive action against the United States.
They will respond to aggression shown at them.
So the Iranians won't fire first, but they will fire last.
If the United States sailors and Marines start opening fire on
I think?
Those countries are united because if one of them falls, all of them fall.
And folks don't know, Iran's not like Iraq or other places.
They've got Hezbollah and sleeper cells all over the world.
They're very, very powerful.
They're not hostile to the United States.
It's a very large Christian community in Iran that's growing.
I've been to Iran.
I've lectured at universities there.
And they're not hostile to Americans.
They're very happy, joyous people.
So I do not fear
It's not an open conflict.
It's not like a Wahhabi madrasa that has a religious fanaticism that wants to convert everybody to Islam.
That's not the Shia or the Alawite.
For those who don't know, in Shia it's more like a royalty.
If you're not related to Muhammad, you're not in the game.
That's why they're the minority Islamic group.
Yeah, and they're open, they're growing, they're changing.
The headscarf thing has slowly been depleted.
I mean, when I was in Iran, they don't throw homosexuals off rooftops.
In fact, they had a gay park where the homosexuals would go and congregate.
So it's not as tyrannical and bloodthirsty as the mainstream media have tried to project, as Israel and its Mossad operations have tried to project.
Iran is not that way.
It reminded me of India.
Let me ask you this, what do you make of Israel and what Netanyahu's up to in this quote judicial reform?
The Israelis I've talked to say that Israel's going to a pure dictatorship right now.
Yeah, I think you're right.
I think they're going to play a role in a false flag in the Persian Gulf with the United States, again, targeting tankers or other things.
I think Netanyahu needs a war to deflect against this internal decomposition, this internal police state that he's got rising.
I think he's, you know, Netanyahu goes back, we can go back to the 9-11 issue, and Netanyahu having close ties with a lot of the scoundrels that were a participant in 9-11.
Uh, you know, there's, there's, there's all sorts of connections to Mossad involved with there.
The Israeli company that was involved at the development of the Pentagon reinforced structure where the auditors were examining the missing funds of the two point trillion dollars that my boss, Dov Zakheim, was the comptroller of.
And then after the explosions in the Pentagon,
We're good to go.
And then I've already said it other places, Netanyahu says, we're going to use the Israelis as guinea pigs to test drugs and see if they work or not.
I mean, he literally just says that.
And then Jordan Peters is like, interesting.
He goes, yeah, we're going to be the medical center of the world because we're going to legalize forcibly testing on all our people.
I mean, that's like fabulously evil.
I mean, that's just...
Fabulously evil.
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, he is a demoniac.
I mean, the sad part is if 90% of the Israeli people have been vaccinated with the real COVID-19 vaccine, then they're going to be dead in a couple of years.
Maybe that's why they're trying to... Certainly sterile, but I mean, Joseph Mengele did forced medical stuff on Jews.
I mean, I was never even against that, Yahoo, but I mean, he's on TV saying, we're going to be the head of the medical system worldwide because we will test on our people and we will make them take it and we will see what it does to them and if it works or not.
I'm like, what?
I mean, that's like, we own your bodies!
You know, I was in the Bush administration, George W. Bush administration.
I was at the Heritage Foundation from 2003 to 2009.
You know, I used to go to CPAC religiously all the time.
I've been, you know, always in the conservative ranks.
I remember Netanyahu, and I used to be on his side.
I was a hardcore right-wing American.
But as knowledge comes to you, as revelation comes to you, as wisdom comes to you,
You start to evolve out of it.
You start to shed these prior skins and misconceptions and you start to be cleansed of propaganda and you start to see things as they really are.
And I think that's happening on a global scale.
And the thing is in America, I think we have the strongest people in the world.
Patriots like yourself, I think the great state of Texas, the great Midwest, Florida, we have Americans.
That are the tip of the spear when it comes to the preservation of our rights and law.
And I think we're also, as we wake up and we reject the American deep state and the American police state, we're also going to be rejecting this endless military-industrial complex juggernaut that has sent us on war based on the false flag event of 9-11.
Up until now.
We've gone into Afghanistan.
We've gone into Iraq.
We've gone into Syria.
We've gone into Libya.
We've gone into Yemen.
Now we're in Ukraine.
I think the American people are sick and tired of it.
And when Tucker said to Mike Pence, you know, what about America?
You look at all the stuff happening in America and you're not concerned about that?
You're concerned about Ukraine getting more tanks that are getting blown up right and left?
He says, none of my concern.
And it was a real moment of candor.
What about all the dying?
What about the fentanyl?
What about the homelessness?
What about the veterans on the street?
None of my concern.
Really lowering his defenses and saying that.
Why would you say America's none of my concern?
I think because he's a traitor and he's a liar.
His Chief of Staff was instrumental in the in the Strock, Lisa Page pinch of General Flynn.
Covington & Burling, of course, another law firm that handled a lot of the Union Bank of Switzerland money racketeering, money laundering that the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton State Department were doing.
That law firm, Covington & Burling, sidled up to General Flynn until I told his brother and said,
Here's what that law firm's all about and he promptly fired them and hired Sidney Powell and Sidney contacted me and we gave her some more material and suddenly the Department of Justice dropped all charges when they recognized the incestuousness between the Department of Justice and Covington and Burling was about to be revealed.
That's why General Flynn's free.
And I think the same incestuousness is coming out.
We see it.
Uh, and taste it with regards to the Department of Justice, the FBI, Merrick Garland, all of these fools that covered up the Hunter Biden laptop and have been weaponizing the government against Christians, Catholics, moms at PTA meetings.
The American people won't stand for this.
And it takes a lot to get them off their butts, but I think the heat has been turned up so quickly as the summer months end and people get into the political season of September and beyond, you're going to have a righteous rising.
You're going to have patriots in every community, in every state, in every town beginning to be much more demonstrative and flamboyant and firm.
And speaking out against the most horrific crime of our century, which is the transgender brainwashing and castration of children, the pretending of men to be girls, to run in women's races, or to swim against girls.
Yeah, they're trying to destroy logic and common sense, because to go along with the New World Order, you'd have to be insane.
In the few minutes we have left here, we're going to get that Pence thing queued up, because I don't want to just make that claim for something.
He might have been hiding under a rock and didn't know he said that.
I don't like to say something so crazy and then not actually show it to you.
Mike Pence had the duty under the Constitution to stand up and say, I have been given material, because he was part of the briefings that Sidney Powell, everybody gave him.
He can say, I've been given material that there is a foreign interference, specifically in the case of Union Bank of Switzerland, the Chinese Communist Party, purchasing ES&S Premier and Dominion voting machines.
Based on that alone, I'm not accepting these votes until we have a more thorough
Sure, and then you've got the 400 million spent by Zuckerberg to go and get all the names of people that were dead or moved out of the district.
I mean, they're saying, they say in the indictment, the latest one in D.C.
on January 6th, that one of the 21 lives is illegals voted in Georgia.
They arrested 1,600 of them that did it just last year.
I mean, the idea, all these jurisdictions are legalizing illegals voting and being police officers.
I mean, here's the clip.
Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past three years.
Drive around.
There's not one city that's gotten better in the United States.
And it's visible.
Our economy has degraded, the suicide rate has jumped, public filth and disorder and crime have exponentially increased, and yet
The gift that keeps on giving.
But they're so disconnected in their bubbles.
They're so arrogant, like Biden.
Yeah, they're investigating me for bribery and payoffs, my son.
It's not simple to take a billion dollars if you don't fire that son of a bitch.
And they fired him within an hour.
And you know what?
They put a gun that was reliable.
I mean, that's a quote.
I've played it.
Get that quote ready.
I mean, I've got it memorized.
It's so ridiculous.
But that arrogance only works so far, doesn't it?
Yeah, yeah.
And that's the major miscalculation is not understanding the human capability of processing information and changing.
As F.A.
Hayek had said, people are not pieces of wood to be whittled and shaped and carved.
They are gardens.
They grow and cultivate.
Uh, and that's the difference between Democrat leftists and conservative Republicans.
We understand people can change.
We understand as good information comes in, bad information gets pushed out.
That's what's happening to Rogan.
That's what's happening to so many other people.
As good information as
The facts and the evidence of crimes and stupidity and arrogance, like we're seeing here, people get exposed to it.
They can't help but having in their gut a sense of, that's wrong, and if I vote with them, I'm on the wrong side.
I'm voting wrong.
You're voting against your own interests and common sense and the children.
And I know what happened with Mike Pence, and I've talked to Tucker about it.
Pence gets up there and he sees, you know, somebody like Carlson has appeared.
Carlson's incredibly famous, well-spoken.
You know, dad ran all sorts of secret programs, not just Voice of America against the Soviets.
And so he's sitting around with a bunch of bigwigs, forgetting he's on TV, because that's how they talk behind the scenes.
He's like,
Well, it's not of my concern.
It's part of a larger, like America just doesn't even matter.
In fact, they hate it.
And he just forgot where he was.
I mean, again, how smart and elitist is that?
He's not.
How smart is Biden saying something like this?
Here it is.
I remember going over convincing our team or others to convincing us that we should be providing for loan guarantees.
And I went over
I guess the 12th, 13th time to Kiev, and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollar loan guarantee.
And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor, and they didn't.
So they said, they were walking out to the press conference, and I said, we're not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority, you're not the president.
The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm going to be leaving here.
I think it was, what, six hours?
I look, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Got fired.
And they put in place someone who was solid.
Oh, without a doubt.
It's not even just corrupt, Alex.
It's turned into a monstrosity.
House of Horrors, Hell on Earth, with the drug manipulation of minds.
Remember, it was the CIMK ultra brainwashing that began developing in 1997 in Ukraine to generate a hatred for Russia, to blame Russia for all the woes of Ukraine, which is complete fraud.
This has been a long time growing and cultivating.
That's what you see with all these Nazi tattoos and worshippers of Bandera and add to that the methamphetamine drugs and the mind control and then saying go cut out these organs and you'll get a thousand dollars or more.
You've got this monstrosity that's unleashed and
There are tremendous war crimes that are being prosecuted right now in Russia, and it's only going to accelerate.
Russia has presented this to the United Nations, and Britain and France and the United States objected to the introduction of evidence where the U.S.
biochemical labs were seeking Slavic DNA.
Which first they denied a year ago, but now Victoria Nuland admits to real.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right.
These biochemical labs were real.
The work they were doing was real.
They slipped the plot into the last James Bond film, No Time to Die, where they were targeting DNA-targeted weapon systems, dropping diseases, communicable diseases, through flies and mosquitoes.
Go ahead and tell them.
Well, there, you know, I've got friends of mine who are in Ukraine fighting, you know, for their lives and their preservation.
And many are Americans, former military guys from Texas, in fact, who've got, you know, relatives and blood there.
And they're talking about the Ukrainians would, you know,
Take the window caulking glue, right, that you caulk your windows with, and they would shove that into the anus or vagina of captured civilians and torture them because it expands, right?
So they would rip apart inside and put glue and tear out.
Also, we see them tying people up to light poles and stuff with plastic.
Tying them up, electrocuting them.
Of course, burning them with torches.
You know, I think the movie Hostel is a very accurate depiction of what the United States CIA has been preparing these people to do.
CIA did that in Libya, too.
The U.S.
They were cutting off women's breasts and putting them in the refrigerators of Libyans to traumatize and to intimidate them.
That's CIA mind control operations, I know.
So, we've had a part, and the Mossad have been involved with this too.
The Mossad teaching the Ukrainians how to waterboard and engage in torture that the Mossad have been doing to the Palestinians.
I saw that when I was in Lebanon.
So, the horrific tortures and the things like that, Russia is going to eventually prosecute.
Zelensky is going to be dead.
He's going to be caught in a cage and prosecuted, or he's going to be, you know, found dead, but he's not going to escape.
He's not going to be given safe haven.
He may try and escape into his mansion in Florida, but he'll be killed there too.
The Russians are not going to back down.
They, you know, revenge is a dish best served cold, and the Russians know that.
And I think, in a sense, they're going to serve that upon the Europeans.
As they get cold this winter, they're going to go, wow, if we return to Russia, at least we can live.
And, you know, we can, you know, abandon this U.S.
So you mentioned earlier, you think there may be a peace deal.
Talk about that.
But let's digress again, in the time we have left here, this is fascinating, to the so-called coup and with the Wagner Group and all that.
What was really going on there now that we have some hindsight?
Well, I think there's a lot of experts.
Larry Johnson, former CIA guy, and I are in agreement that this was a planned PSYOP operation.
That, Wagner, what you see in the Western media, what you see projected, is not actually what was occurring on the ground.
Putin and the Prishkin fellow who was leading it.
I think they did this as part of a maneuver, a deception operation to position themselves into Belarus.
I think Belarus and Russia, of course, and Crimea are going to close the cauldron on the Ukraine.
They're just allowing them to run out of men.
The Ukrainian army is like 43,000 people now, down from 500,000.
So, Ukraine is... So that was a pretext to move the mercenaries into Belarus?
Yeah, they're going to move them into Belarus because eventually all of Ukraine is going to be... The Russians are not going to allow Ukraine to have a peace deal or do a timeout or do another Minsk agreement.
Remember, the Minsk agreements were
Put forth by Merkel and the French to say, let's stop the war between Ukraine and Russia.
And instead, Russia said, okay, fine, we'll do a ceasefire.
And instead, the Ukrainians used that as their
Opportunity to refurbish their forces to basically get their second wind and then they they violated everything in the Minsk agreements.
Russia is not going to be fooled again into into doing that.
They're going to annihilate slowly.
Every single weapon system, every single Nazi and every single member of this political regime.
And I think they will set Ukraine up as a no man's land.
You may have a, you know, a complete pro-Russian replacement of the government.
But I think as a nation, Ukraine is no more.
And it's going to be absorbed into the Poland, Lithuania, old empire they've always claimed.
I was about to say that's what I've been thinking and reading.
It's going to be carved up.
Yeah, I think so.
And it always was.
It was never really a nation of its own.
It was always part of Russia.
It was, you know, you can go back 500 years and see all of those musical chairs have been shifting and turning and, you know, changing governments and boundaries.
So that whole area has always been Russia.
And I think as the West is disintegrating into decadence and madness and COVID-19 death and infertility and being overrun by African migrants and all that jazz, Russia isn't.
I think as the West deteriorates under all of the fleas that have infected it, it's, you know,
The confidence in the Russian belief and its values and its empire are only going to grow.
I was about to say, I know the Poles and the Russians have a lot of ancient beef together, but I look at Polish internal policy, it's very similar.
I'd say the closest to what I see is Russian policy.
Well, Poland has always been described as kind of a mad hatter.
They've got animosity in Germany, they're trying to force the Germans to pay reparations, and then they're
The US, of course, has lost its own personnel there.
The US group called Spirit of America was all these former military guys, including my old boss Admiral Eric Olson.
All of these people were in Ukraine doing broadcast operations, propaganda operations, and you had people that were close to Trump.
That's why Trump needs to learn from his mistakes in the past and not hire or have anybody close to him in his government that has any connections to these deep state.
Look what happened to him when Mike Pence was his vice president.
It was the undoing of Trump, literally.
And you look at all of these people that have stabbed him in the back.
We said that in the very beginning.
No, exactly.
But if NATO says it wants four more years of war, do you think that's wishful thinking?
You gave a date earlier.
When do you think Russia wants to end this?
You already elaborated on it, but how would Russia do it?
Russia has 900 tanks.
T-34 is, I think, the most advanced tank in the world.
The NATO countries have 600.
They also have hypersonic missiles.
They also have torpedoes that can travel around the world, nuclear-powered torpedoes.
The Russian military and its weaponry is built for wars.
Our weaponry and our military is meant now for social experimentation with drag queens and rainbow flags and phagatosis and all sorts of perversions and endless spending on projects like the F-35, where multiple components are put together in multiple states
Not for the purposes of combat.
So our military industrial complex is a house of cards, where Russia's is a citadel of steel.
And they've got far superior weapons.
They haven't even shown some of their best weapons.
But they're not bloodthirsty.
They're not trying to pick an overall fight with the West.
Because they realize the West is coming to Russia.
Not physically, not politically, but commonsensically.
Isn't it crazy how the roles are reversed?
We were supposedly the free country, and now Russia, comparatively, not promoting drag queen and all the pedophilia and being pro-Christian, is now compared to us, the reformer.
It's just incredible and very, very scary.
All right, Scott Bennett, thank you so much.
Tell us, you've got several great websites, I check them out all the time.
GlobalfreedomTV.com, you also have one for your whistleblower book.
Tell us about your sites, your shows, and what you're doing.
Well, we have a weekly program on Global Freedom TV.
We're launching some amicus briefs for helping Donald Trump.
We're also training people in the art of rhetoric and presentations and legal strength and legal rights.
How citizens can go into their town councils and school boards and make them basically all fall backwards and affirm your rights and make legally sound proclamations.
We're doing that.
We also have a website Destroy-Cancer.com for anybody who's got cancer or tumors or leukemia.
We have Indian Black Salve and other things to heal that.
I had a skin cancer.
I was completely healed using this Indian Black Salve.
So Destroy-Cancer.com.
And my books, which people can see, which are going to be part of the evidence of the amicus brief helping Donald Trump, is at shellgamewhistleblower.com.
And I'll send you a copy of the amicus brief, Alex, after we do some things.
I think it's a great time for all Americans to pray for President Trump.
Pray for you, of course.
But we are going to win this.
I have no doubt.
And what they're trying to do to us, what they're trying to do to Donald Trump, is going to cause the vast majority of the American people to say, you know what?
I don't like Trump, but I hate police state tyranny more.
And I'm standing up with him to stand against you.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
And every American sees an overzealous government, as George Washington saw an overzealous government, as the enemy of the people, a tyrant, a fire that has to be extinguished.
And I think Donald Trump is the rain that's coming.
All right.
That's right.
A government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, like fire, once released, very hard to contain.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Talk to you soon.
God bless.
All right, we're coming up on three hours of live transmission kicked off today at noon.
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I thought we really did a good job today.
The crew did a good job.
He's out having an interesting evening last night.
I don't go out a lot with the boys, but I did go out last night with Eddie Bravo.
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If you just tuned in, we didn't just have Scott Bennett on, but we also had the Q Shaman on.
Very informative and thought-provoking.
And viewer discretion advised, this is dangerous to tyranny.
This is dangerous to the new world order.
This is something that globalists do not like at all.
So, God bless you all.
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A biological attack is imminent!
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This is a biological warfare agent that had leaked out of the Wuhan laboratory.