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Name: 20230804_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 4, 2023
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The transcript is from an episode of the Alex Jones Show dated August 4th, 2023, covering various topics such as violence in Chicago due to migrants' influx, controversy over Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signing a bill allowing foreign nationals to become law enforcement officers, and Trump's arrest for his role in January 6th events. The podcast features Joe Rogan and Patrick McDavid discussing the hypocrisy of trying to arrest Donald Trump for alleged crimes, manipulation of evidence, potential acts of violence by desperate factions within the Democratic Party, social media as an apparatus to spread misinformation and disinformation, and disruptive patents that can revolutionize various aspects of society. Alex Jones promotes various products available at InfowarsStore.com, discusses his "ultimate bone broth," and brings in Jay Dyer to talk about Operation Mockingbird, detailing the various actors involved in media control from the Cold War era to present day. He also highlights connections between British intelligence and Hollywood figures, and how propaganda films were created to promote American foreign policy.

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This is really a big deal.
So I want to come back and, like a laser beam, break down why they're going after Trump and what the repercussions are, and the fact that it's blowing up their face, what that's going to mean, and what I believe their next moves are going to be.
And it's dangerous, and it's serious, and we better get ahead of it right now.
But the good news is there's major criminal investigations of Biden and Hunter that are outing all the intelligence agencies, the cover-ups, the rest of it.
There's major investigations outing the surveillance and censorship.
And there is massive info coming out.
Dealing with the fact that the Capitol Police were basically stood down and their own Capitol Police chief says it was a cover-up and it looks like the feds were orchestrating it against President Trump, the American people.
That can also dynamite non-violently, that's a metaphor, Jack Smith and Obama and the whole deep state and what they're doing.
So the deep state's in trouble.
They've been forced to show their hand, to play their hand, take the mask off.
They're in a lot of trouble.
It's all coming up today.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's been a busy 72 hours for Chicago police and first responders.
At least four people are dead, ten others injured in shootings all across the city.
Chicago, Illinois.
It's just one of the United Nations' many subverted blue cities feeling the self-inflicted pain of kowtowing to Agenda 2030.
The UN Agenda would have you believe that immigrants bring significant benefits in the The commitment by member states to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration crystallized three core truths.
First, that migration is a fact of life, a defining feature of humanity and our world, and above all, With a positive phenomenon enriching societies and economies.
NBC reported, according to a city spokesperson, 10,019 migrants have arrived in Chicago over the past nine months, half of those by bus, with 4,151 migrants currently residing in temporary city shelters.
So it's no big surprise that the residents aren't happy.
Let them talk so they have a voice.
A call for order during a heated meeting at Woodlawn's Apostolic Church of God.
The focus?
This migrant shelter in the old Wadsworth Elementary School.
I would ask you all to go out there, go out there at night, in the middle of the night, and see what goes on.
What's going on, according to community members, is loitering, late-night partying, littering, prostitution, and at least one fight between migrants and residents.
They disrespect us, they rob us, they harass us.
and their patience is wearing thin.
They use us to fill prisons and graveyards.
For city leaders who came looking for a conversation over opening the doors of a shuttered South Shore high school to
What's important is that we really establish that this is a humanitarian crisis and we're here.
South Shore residents responded with resounding rejection.
While this crisis may constitute an emergency for the city of Chicago, it does not constitute an emergency for the South Shore community.
Incoming migrants have overwhelmed district police stations by the hundreds.
It's my turn.
It's my turn.
But city leaders could barely eke out a word of the details about a proposed respite center at the former South Shore High School.
When it comes to the total number of people at South Shore at any given point in time, it is fluid.
We'd start with 250, 500.
How could you do that without consulting us?
In his infinite stupidity, Illinois Governor J.B.
Pritzker responded to the exponential numbers of migrants flooding Illinois by signing off on HB 3751.
A controversial bill allowing foreign nationals to become law enforcement officers.
A move that critics blasted as madness.
We can now expect thousands of similar tragedies like this one.
A former Minneapolis police officer could face more than 15 years in prison.
for shooting and killing an unarmed yoga teacher.
Mohammed Noor was found guilty yesterday of murdering Justine Damon.
Noor was responding to Damon's 911 call nearly two years ago when he opened fire.
Illinois Governor Pritzker has crossed the Rubicon.
What message does this legislation send when it allows people who do not have legal status to become the officers of our laws?
This is a potential crisis of confidence in law enforcement at a time when our officers need all the public confidence they can get.
Pritzker is forcing Americans to reclaim their streets in what will explode into the civil war the left insists on fomenting.
They got one more time to deal with it, because otherwise, next time they deal with it, they're going to deal with it from the streets.
We're going to take over.
Nobody's going to be able to stop us from what we're going to do to them.
John Bowne reporting.
We're live.
It's Friday, August 4th, 2023.
The Q Shaman is joining us live and a lot more coming up today.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say I don't know what's
gonna happen at the end of this but you wanna fight.
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
If I was the deep state and I wanted to destroy America, I would rig the election with a puppet
One that was so compromised that they would never say a word about it.
I would create a false flag that allows for mail-in ballots.
I would be in charge of the ballot counting machines.
I would create a false flag to blame all who question the results of the election.
If I was the deep state, I would prosecute anyone that went against me.
I would sue and prosecute anyone that spoke up about the fraudulent election.
I would use my powers to shut down all your internet businesses and bankrupt you.
If I was the deep state, I would make everyone an example why you should never question a
Democrat ever winning an election.
I would imprison my foes.
I would use my corrupt DAs and blackmail judges to destroy you.
I would make sure all crimes I ever committed never happened.
I would prosecute my biggest competition.
I would make sure they could never run for office ever again.
Thank you for joining us on this live Friday, August 4th, 2023 broadcast.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Let me now calmly tell you what's coming up today.
The Q Shaman will be joining us to respond to Trump's arrest for January 6th.
In the second hour, Dr. Peter McCullough with unbelievable information and developments in the COVID crisis.
And their next move against humanity will be in the third hour.
We'll be hosting into the fourth hour.
Ahead of Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Central, with the vaunted War Room.
Okay, we're gonna get into all the incredible Trump developments, and there's a lot, and it's amazing.
Like the Washington Post and the New York Times and others admitting that Trump is invincible, that Trump is, quote, insurmountable.
Nobody has lost a primary after holding a lead like Trump's.
It goes on and on.
Donald Trump leads the GOP race by historically insurmountable primary margin.
But they have a plan to beat him via fraud.
They're trying to make it illegal to point out that there's massive election fraud going on.
And what's the number one rule of the State Department that polices the world's elections?
The first sign that an election in a country is not kosher is not on the up and up.
It's not above board, and that it's a fraud is that you're not supposed to question or investigate.
That's numero uno.
Number two, that there aren't paper ballots tallied at the precinct level, and then it goes from there.
And every one of the checklists that the State Department uses to call other elections fraudulent, they have failed according to their own roster.
And I think that should be Exhibit one for Trump in the kangaroo situation in DC.
But I've been through it with these judges and I've watched what they do to others.
They're not going to let Trump defend himself.
So all this talk about, oh, he'll get discovery now.
Don't be naive.
So we have this incredible group of five stacks.
All incredible that I'll cover first after I tell you what else is coming up.
These five stacks right here are amazing.
We've got to get to all of them.
Then you see these three stacks right here.
One, two, three.
Each stack is about a half inch thick.
There's over 60 articles and videos right here.
Mass pedophilia, mass promotion of pedophilia, mass promotion of sex with children by professors and administrators and psychologists, including NBC News.
Promoting children as young as five being taken to sex camps, LGBTPS camps.
S is for Satan, P is for pedophilia.
I was in Omaha three or four weeks ago, because my wife's dad had a heart problem and almost died, but he's bounced back.
And when I walk out of the hotel one day, in downtown, because he lives close to downtown, the old part of the city, the hospital was nearby, and there was a gay pride parade.
And they were wearing the Target shirts that have devils on them and that say, Pride Month But in the middle, that spells demon, with demons on their shirts, and I got photos of it.
I showed them to you.
You cannot make up the bizarreness and the over-the-topness of this.
Groomer Alert, NBC News promotes Pride Summer Camp for LGBT kids ages 15 to 13.
Remember 10 years ago, or 12 years ago or so, at the Boy Scout Jamboree, more than 50,000 people attended.
They handed out condoms to children as young as 7.
And of course then there was a bunch of rape of children that happened to that and those lawsuits now brought down
the Boy Scouts of America.
FBI finds 206 traffic victims including small children.
Award-winning ABC journalist who debunked Pizzagate pleads guilty in horrific child porn case admitted to raping small children but seeking baby rape.
And, of course, just take one look at the guy.
You want this guy to babysit your children?
Who would think that guy wants to rape babies?
I don't know.
Can't make it up.
So those are those three stacks.
So I just told you about these five.
Now we've told you about three more.
We've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 other stacks.
Let me tell you what's in those stacks.
BlackRock and Vanguard have basically taken over all the main food distribution centers, not just here, but worldwide.
And centralizing food production technologies and now they're moving to cut off the food supply and the resources to grow the food, namely the fertilizer.
Continuing a CNN poll, half of Americans think the economy is getting worse despite months of stronger economic news, and I've got a big stack of graphs and articles and reports with even third-party analyst groups that are very respected saying our economy is shot to hell, and you don't need me to tell you that, you're all experiencing it.
Inflation's off the chart.
And they're like, why do people believe the conspiracy theory that things aren't honky-dory?
We've got that stacked.
Then I've got incredible videos out of New York and photos of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens that they haven't been able to hide.
All over the streets, garbage tents everywhere, overflow hotels.
We're going to be going over all of that.
Also, Tafari Campbell's drowning death, reportedly bloodied and beat up, found dead outside Obama's house, floating in the water.
There's a big cover up there.
Huge numbers of kids permanently damaged by lockdowns and major study fines.
Some good news, Oklahoma governor issues executive order defining biological sex.
Jim Jordan launches investigation into Biden-Facebook censorship scheme.
A bunch of news on what's happening in Ukraine, the fact that Ukraine has collapsed, the resistance has collapsed, and the head propagandist for Ukraine Is this Bozo the Clown person that looks even more ridiculous than Admiral Levine, who really cares about your kid's pee-pee, transsexual to lead Ukraine's army English language propaganda, but already the top propagandist in English language in Ukraine, is a man that left his family to put on a wig and say that he's a girl.
Can't make that... Oh, and this guy's also bragging in the videos.
That an American citizen that they've grabbed and are basically torturing, that it's a good thing and they're proud of it.
Very nice people.
It's all coming up today.
Infowars.com forward slash show is the coordinates of victory.
You decide to share it, we win.
You don't, we lose.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
You know what to do.
Take action now on this mission if you choose to accept it.
Alright, I am here, ladies and gentlemen, talking to every man, woman, and child that's tuned in, whether you live in Europe, or Africa, or Asia, or the Middle East, doesn't matter where you live in the world, you can live in Antarctica, I'm talking to you, and all ships at sea.
We're under globalist attack, we're under a globalist takeover designed to cut off our resources, bring in a global cashless society, and make us eat bugs.
Sterilizes, force-injects, it's all out in the open.
You know the dystopia I warned you of was real now.
A real blueprint, a real plan.
I watched the globalists building their plan.
I opposed their plan.
We were unable to stop their plan, but now because people have been warned and they see the plan, resistance is mounting.
Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, Tugger Carlson, Patrick Bette David, Tulsi Gabbards, R.F.K Jr., The list goes on and on.
Are now singing from the Alex Jones sheet of music.
And I'm not going to let out any inside RLK Jr.
baseball, but I'll just say this.
He's been to town lately.
There's been some dinners that have gone on and taken place, and Obviously, if he comes on the show, they've used that against him, but he's on board and knows we're right.
And that's why he's been saying things that he knows will be then connected to what we're doing, like the chemicals in the water and the frogs and all that being accurate.
Same thing with Tulsi Gabbards.
I know people that are very close to her.
You heard Mickey Willis talk about it.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But let's just say it's like Fight Club.
They're on the team.
So as negative as things are, understand your support of this broadcast has put forward an operation that people know is dead on, and they're all tuned in.
RFK Jr., Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbards, Jimmy Dore.
The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
And so this operation, myself, the crew, the listeners, the guests, all of us are recognized as the leader.
And I say that not to say, hey, we're really cool.
No, to say great job, listeners and viewers, and your support, your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support, you did this.
So I'm going to hit the news, but I want to say this.
You want somebody to stand up?
You want somebody to fight?
We've done it.
You want somebody to deliver victory?
We've done it.
You've done it.
And I'm sick of treading water.
I told the crew, I told everybody else around here, We're going to expand and hire more reporters and have more shows and be more aggressive or we're going to shut this down.
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And there'll be big announcements next Tuesday.
And I'll leave it at that.
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I do this for money to fund things.
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I don't care about crap.
I don't give a rat's ass about trinkets or titles or any of that.
I care about victory and taking these people on.
I'm like a sheepdog bred to take on wolves, and I want to tear their ass apart.
That's what I want to do.
I want to fight wolves.
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All right.
Kind of went long on that plug, but I'm done plugging now.
Let's do this.
This is really a big deal.
So I want to come back and like a laser beam, Break down why they're going after Trump and what the repercussions are and the fact that it's blowing up their face, what that's going to mean and what I believe their next moves are going to be.
And it's dangerous and it's serious and we better get ahead of it right now.
But the good news is there's major criminal investigations of Biden and Hunter that are outing all the intelligence agencies, the cover-ups, the rest of it.
There's major investigations outing the surveillance and censorship and there is massive info coming out.
Dealing with the fact that the Capitol Police were basically stood down and their own Capitol Police chief says it was a cover-up and it looks like the feds were orchestrating it against President Trump, the American people.
That can also dynamite non-violently, that's a metaphor, Jack Smith and Obama and the whole deep state and what they're doing.
So the deep state's in trouble.
They've been forced to show their hand, play their hand, take the mask off.
They're in a lot of trouble.
It's all coming up today.
Tomorrow's news today.
But a lot of sites won't let you share that URL, so you just share Mad Max World, one word, MadMaxWorld.tv and get around the censors.
You're the Paul Reveres.
You are the answer.
This is your mission if you choose to accept it.
Take it now.
We've got to beat these people.
Head out on the highway, looking for adventure.
And whatever comes our way, yeah, nothing's gonna make it happen.
Fire all of your guns at once!
explode into space.
Yeah, they're getting ready for indictment number four in Georgia.
Indictment, indictment, indictment, indictment, indictment, indictment, indictment!
Fire all of your guns!
Explode into space!
We were born!
Born to be wild!
I can fly so high!
Wanna die?
I got news for ya.
You never got to die.
We're supposed to be free and we're gonna be free.
Alright folks, we got a lot to cover.
Start your engines.
I don't know how all this is gonna end, but if you wanna fight, you better believe you got one.
Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space!
We've drawn the enemy out.
We've made them reveal themselves.
Their numbers are tanking at every level.
Our numbers are shooting up.
Free humanities.
We're not rolling over without a fight.
And a funny thing happened.
Once the fight got started, and once we stopped sleeping, we started winning.
So, Let's go ahead and talk about what's going down.
Look at these headlines right here.
*thud* *thud* Donald Trump leads GOP race by historically insurmountable primary margin.
Nobody has lost a primary after holding a lead like Trump's.
The Washington Post.
Here's another one.
Nobody has lost a primary after holding a lead like Trump's.
Legal experts warn Jack Smith's... Legal experts slam Jack Smith for bringing lousy case against Trump's disinformation indictment.
Oh, you're not allowed to give disinformation, which, by the way, was true.
But it's legal to give disinfo.
I want to say the moon's made of Pillsbury Doughboy dough.
And biscuit dough, I can say it.
Jack Smith admits to making false claims in court in Trump case.
Andrew Wiseman's running the whole show.
A nice fella.
We're going to be going over all of that.
But then we see the media playing its race card all over the news, LA Times, CNN, Washington Post, you name it.
Black people are presiding over Trump's fall, his poetic justice.
And they go to say, because he's such a white supremacist and so evil, the judge is black and most of the jury is black and they're going to preside over his destruction.
Do I need to tell you that Donald Trump doubled the money for black colleges?
Do I need to tell you that Trump did the reform, letting nonviolent criminals out of jail?
I mean, it's preposterous, and you've got to be living under a rock.
And the numbers show Trump got 30% of the black vote.
That's triple what Republicans have gotten since the 70s.
And the numbers are growing.
Same with Hispanic Americans, even higher, 40-something percent.
But, there's all these headlines that he is a white supremacist.
Former prosecutor, politic justice, the Trump judge will be a black woman and an immigrant.
But none of that matters to her.
Oh, sure.
Kind of like they got illegal aliens being legalized in California, Illinois, you name it, to arrest citizens.
That's a classic tyrant move to import people to rule over you.
Black people presiding over Trump's fall is politic justice.
Now, let's talk about what's really going on here.
You know what's going on, but let's just state it for the record.
Trump is 50 to 70 points, depending on the poll.
The low one's 50, the high is 76, scientific polls, against all of the Republicans.
All the rest of them make up that 30-40% depending on the poll.
So he's got on average 60 plus percent of the Republicans.
Then Biden is incredibly unpopular, always has been.
So what do they do?
They indict, they indict, they indict, they indict, they indict, they indict, they indict.
To overwhelm Trump, now they've got New York against him with a state deal with Alvin Bragg.
They've got the document fraud witch hunt in Florida.
They got January 6th, and now here comes Georgia.
The fourth raft of multiple indictments because he called the governor and said, I hear there's all sorts of fraud and all sorts of scams and wrong people in the rolls, illegals voting.
All we got to do is go count through the votes and find the fraudulent votes and I win.
That's what Democrats do in the elections.
That's completely normal.
It turns out they found a bunch of illegals that voted in a bunch of scams in Georgia, but getting ready to indict him for that, just rolling indictments.
And I would look for more after that.
That's their tactic.
Just fire all their guns at once and explode into space.
So none of this is going to work as approval rating goes up and up and up, as people see the fraud, they see he's the outsider, they see he's the black sheep like all of us that are being treated wrong and persecuted.
People know he's one of us, and so what do they do?
Well, they've been saying since Biden stole the election coming up on three years, over two and a half years ago, they have been saying that Trump supporters are white supremacists and terrorists.
And defining terrorism and white supremacism is questioning elections and lockdowns and forced shots and open borders and Afghan withdrawals and censorship.
Question any of that, you're a terrorist.
And they're saying imminent mass shootings, imminent bombings, imminent killing, and that the main focus of the government is battling the American people.
We played the clips last week of them feverishly with intelligence experts saying, we need Homeland Security to fight the Trump people, and you know about them sending the FBI and others to the Evil parents meetings at the school councils in Virginia and other states where they didn't want white kids being taught they're inherently evil, or they didn't want boys in the girls' bathrooms, and then we just heard that, you know, the White House wants a task force to stop those parents.
So how do you sell that ridiculous screwball fraud?
You stage terror attacks.
So it is a no-brainer.
It is 2 plus 2 equals 4.
It is the logical extension.
If I say C-T, you think cat.
If I say F-U-K, you think of another word.
If I say S-H-T, think of another word.
If I say D-G, you think dog.
So it's as simple as that.
Super Kajifragilistic Expiala?
docious the next attack will be
a false flag And what have they been pre-programming it's going to be?
Mass shootings, bombings, truck bombings, poisonings, but more importantly, the right-wing Trump supporters are going to cut the power with a hack attack And they're going to be working with the Russians!
And they're going to cut the power off maybe in the whole country.
And then the feds are going to have to cut off the internet, claiming the attacks on the infrastructure are coming to the internet and only let you get certain messages and redirect under Obama's kill switch to government and approved websites.
Corporate media.
You'll be able to go to USA Today and CNN and the Washington Post and the New York Times and the LA Times and your local TV station will still be up and running.
But everything else not approved as a trusted source.
Kind of like under lockdown.
Well, you're not essential.
You can't leave your house or go to the grocery store or go to your job.
We said you're not essential.
Well, anyone not in the new InfraGard, NewsGard program will be shut down.
You just won't be able to get to your URL via ICANN.
We'll go to break, we'll come back and talk more about this, but as sure as God put the sky up there so little blue birds wouldn't bump their heads, that's locked and loaded and getting ready to ba-boom!
So, what are we going to do about it?
Well, let's talk about it when we return.
Then I got all the PETO news, it's huge stacks today, and then Jacob Chonsley.
The Q Shaman, live, on air, responding to the Trump arrest for January 6th.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the final segment of hour number one.
The Q Shaman joins us next hour.
Well, recently, Sergey Brin was at the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab and he talked about AI predicting elections so you don't need To vote anymore, the technocrats will tell you who the winner is.
And they've always said for decades at the WEF, their goal is to get rid of elections and have, quote, technocrats running things.
That's the Bloomberg famous headline.
Elections to be replaced, leaders to be replaced with technocrats.
Well, that's called technological dictatorship, technocracy.
And here he is.
So technology now is and digital technologies mainly have an analytical power.
Now we go into a predictive power and we have seen the first examples and your company very much involved into it.
But since the next step could be to go into a prescriptive Mode which means You you do not even have to have elections anymore because you can already Predict what?
Predict and afterwards you can say why do we need elections because we know what the result will be Can you imagine such a world?
Why is it that we need elections?
Can you imagine such a world?
Well, what did one of the top election computer scientists tell Congress before they stole 2020 and 2022?
He said, Google and Facebook and others are already stealing it by making it 96% leftist propaganda and not letting you have access to what others say.
That can swing things 30 points, and it is.
Unless you're aware of it.
Buzz now!
The old days, they'd show you a push poll.
Oh, the candidate's 10 points ahead.
No need for you to go vote for the other candidate.
You'll just waste your vote.
Stay at home.
It's brainwashing.
Like Theranos that the WF and Bill Gates were involved in.
And that woman that just got convicted and sent to prison.
And they're like, oh, 100 blood tests a minute.
Oh, it was all a fraud.
2024 will be a litmus test for AI effect on elections and voters' faith in them.
Theranos scandal.
Who is Elizabeth Holmes and why is she on trial now convicted?
It's scam after fraud after scam.
Yeah, they now have top influencers that are AI, that are these supposedly beautiful women, talking about their beautiful bikinis and all the rest of it, and men are now willing to form relationships with that like something out of the new Blade Runner movie.
Yeah, there's one of them.
But it doesn't have a family history.
It won't take care of you when you're sick.
It's not going to make a child of you.
It's not a real person.
I know you know that, but that is their attempt to have illusion and a computer showing you what you think is the perfect woman.
So while the AI takes over womanhood, the left attacks real women and doesn't want them to have a role so they don't have the power in society and culture.
It's called a pincer attack.
AI influencers surge in popularity despite not being real.
Men don't care, studies show.
I wouldn't call them men at all.
So there you go.
That's their big goal.
That's how they plan to depopulate us.
Let's go to the next clip.
So there's Klaus Schwab saying, we don't need the elections.
We don't need no stinking badges.
Here's Joe Rogan and Patrick McDavid on the hypocrisy of Joe Biden trying to arrest Donald Trump.
And the people that love Trump, they feel like this is a witch hunt.
And they feel like all the things he's getting indicted for are bullsh** anyway.
And not only does it not work, but it kind of hardens their position that he's being targeted.
And that this is, these are like the actions of a banana republic.
You take your political rival and you arrest him.
And specifically, you charge him with things that you're fucking guilty of.
Like the documents, like the classified documents, Biden's guilty of the exact same issue.
You gotta respect the level of deceptiveness that's been used.
I mean, look at what Hillary did, going and saying, hey, it's Russia, but it was really, you know, what she was doing.
And now they're using a similar play as well.
Patrick McDavid on Joe Rogan.
It's not exactly right, though.
Biden wasn't allowed to have all those documents as vice president.
The President is, so that's not correct.
But again, Joe at least is going that far to say he's guilty of the same thing.
No, Trump did nothing.
So, let's go to the next clip.
This is R.O.K.
with Jimmy Dorn.
And this is, well you'll see it for yourself, but people that don't know, I don't like Bernie Sanders.
I don't like Al Gore.
Al Gore won the 2020 election.
The evidence was there.
I looked at the evidence.
Bush lost.
He was super unpopular, so you know what they did with 9-11 to try to stay in power.
Doesn't mean I support Al Gore, but I'm not gonna lie to you, and I think if you look at the evidence yourself, most of you already know that's true.
But R.O.K.
and what they did to Bernie Sanders Is the real central point now.
Bernie Sanders, and we even got interviews of Richard Reeves when he was a reporter here.
Richard Reeves, who would still be a reporter here, but he had a big heart attack and got taken out of the games.
Great guy, love him to death.
Richard got an interview in New Hampshire with a superdelegate of Hillary's, and he says at the bar, we ought to find that.
See if McBreen or Duke can find that.
It's like 2016 right before the primary.
And he says, yeah, Bernie can win New Hampshire.
He can win California, doesn't matter.
We're going to give those votes to Hillary.
And they did just that.
But they've gone further.
If you campaign in all these different states they've listed, then they automatically preclude you and take your votes away.
I mean, how is that?
So they're rigging it all for Joe Biden in front of everybody.
And again, not letting Trump, they think, run with all these criminal charges.
Not letting RFK get on the ballot in key states.
That's naked election meddling on a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11.
I mean, it is brazen, it is butt naked, and it's crazy!
But you see the average leptist programmed by big tech, programmed by AI, programmed by dopamine.
They get promoted on Facebook and Instagram and Google and YouTube and Twitter in the past.
If they just spout nonsense, two men can have a baby, two women can have a baby in prison, cut little boys' pee-pees off.
I mean, it's all a litmus test of how far will you lunatics go?
And here's RFK Jr.
Laying this out and saying to the world, how is this fair?
Well, then don't run if it's rigged.
He'll be able to inject real issues.
He'll be able to really expose the fraud.
You go into the fraud to demonstrate it.
They want you to give up because of the fraud and, hey, we'll arrest you if you question elections or, hey, we'll come after you or we'll say you're crazy.
But the majority of Americans, upwards of 80 percent, believe there's election fraud.
Because there is.
So just because a game's rigged, you don't give up.
You go out and show the referees cheating over and over and over and over and over again.
They'll say, Jones, you're an idiot.
Why do you keep committing to this?
Well, because I'm not rolling over.
And we're winning the hearts and minds.
The system is what's on the rocks.
Not us.
We're going up.
They're going down.
Resistance is victory when you have the truth.
Here's the clip.
And then the Democratic Party is doing a bunch of things to make sure that I can't, that even if I win more votes than Joe Biden, that they won't count.
Oh, the Democratic Party thinks that I may win New Hampshire, so they've removed Joe Biden from New Hampshire.
And they say that if any candidate, they've passed a rule that says any candidate who actively campaigns New Hampshire, At the delegates, they win, will not be allowed to enter
the convention.
And that now what they're saying is they're going to extend that so that
if you campaign in New Hampshire, which I've already done, that any votes that
you get in Georgia won't count for you either.
And this is what they're doing.
So I don't know, you know, that my name won't be able to appear on the ballot in Georgia if I campaign to New Hampshire.
That's what the DNC is up to now.
But I thought Democrats are saving democracy.
This seems like the opposite of democracy.
This seems like totalitarianism.
It's not a good template for democracy, this election cycle.
There are no debates.
You know, I really like RFK Jr.
I really like Jimmy Dore.
But you know what Joe Rogan told me?
And what RFK, through one of his people, told me just yesterday?
Alex, we love you and what you're doing, and I hang out with Joe on a routine basis, but things are just too radioactive right now.
It's like putting two radioactive sources together.
It'll cause an explosion.
Isn't that what we want?
I mean, I'm fine that RFK isn't coming on, and I'm fine that Joe right now has said, yeah, I wanted you on, but there's just too much going on, because Joe can then go out and tell the truth and not get as much heat and have a bigger effect, he thinks.
I don't think that's the case, but the point is, I'm very glad to be seen as, quote, the hydrogen bomb of talk show hosts.
So, there you just saw how they're trying to preclude R.L.K.
Jr., and it's fraud, and it's an attack on the Republic, an attack on your right to vote who you want, and then they want to say it's illegal to question this and indict Trump for it.
It's just over-the-top desperation.
Big D. Desperation.
But that's a dangerous foe when they're desperate.
Because they can really pull some bad stuff.
Attack the power grid, blame Ananas, mass shootings, bombings.
And I'm telling you, they got that card in their hand getting ready to play it.
We gotta expose it and back them down.
We'll be right back, hour number two.
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Now into hour number two on this live Friday edition.
The Q Shaman, his maiden voyage, joins us.
Coming up.
Next segment.
The full clip's about six minutes long.
It's posted up on Infowars.com.
We'll play a few minutes of it here.
Here's Vivek Ramaswamy, formally announced his plan to shut down the FBI.
I think it's got to be done.
It can't be reformed now.
It's got to be shut down.
Here's his breakdown.
Which brings me to the first arm of the administrative state that I have committed in my administration.
We will not just reform.
Reform is a false promise.
I don't think the people who make that promise believe it's false.
I think they're good people who fundamentally think it's true.
Mostly Republicans are the ones you'll hear it from.
We're gonna reform a government bureaucracy.
We're gonna reform the administrative state.
We're gonna reform the FBI.
I believe that's a false promise because it cannot be done.
I stand not on the side of reform.
I stand on the side of the American Revolution.
And that is why today I am announcing, formally, our plan not to reform the FBI
but to actually shut it down in a way that restores the integrity
of our constitutional republic and I'd like to explain to you why this is far more
practical than it actually sounds
I have to admit to you guys, this scares a lot of people when I say this.
I cannot tell you the number of my former colleagues and friends who were would-be donors that say my plan to shut down agencies like the ones I'm telling you about today, give them pause in supporting me.
But what I tell them back is actually, you know what's extreme is actually the existence of a bureaucracy that says that we the people have no say in how our governments actually run or held accountable.
So today, here's the structure of how the federal government's organized.
My task here is to explain to you not only what we will do, but why it is the more practical plan than the status quo.
At the local level, you have the equivalent of the Department of Justice, in the form of local prosecutors.
And you have the local police, the equivalent at the federal level of the U.S.
You do not have a separate investigative unit that sits in between.
When that 35,000 person strong investigative bureaucracy, the FBI, sits in between, that is a formula for corruption.
That is a formula for politicization.
When a bureaucracy exists that should not have existed, that is a formula for rot.
It is the same FBI.
That investigated Martin Luther King Jr.
and threatened him with suicide 60 years ago on the back of illicit collected tapes that now threatens its political opponents of a different political persuasion.
So the problems with this are clear.
We have redundancy and waste.
35,000 employees but only 15,000 of them are either agents or actually in investigative roles.
20,000 plus of those employees are just in so-called support roles.
Think about the waste.
That's an extra 1.4 billion dollars per year, just in the headcount costs for that support staff, not counting what they actually spend their money and resources on, which is about ten times more than this.
Mission creep then becomes a problem.
After 9-11 in particular, the mission of this institution completely was dissolved, so that it was able to creep in many different directions, taking on projects it shouldn't have taken on.
And that was the formula and the road that led to the political weaponization that we see today.
This is the status quo as it exists today.
And I'm proud to show you... This is how it will look by the end of 2025.
The end of my first year of my first term.
We will eliminate the FBI.
It will no longer exist as an institution.
But we will be able to move to the U.S.
Marshals, to the DEA, to series of enforcement agencies that have not been politicized in the same way as the FBI, a subset of the 15,000 employees that are actually conducting real work, and the remaining 20,000 will have an opportunity to search for honest work in the private sector.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
There's a worker shortage, last time I heard.
Jake Chansley, a.k.a.
Q Shaman, probably the most iconic image of January 6th, is our guest.
He did a great job with Harrison Smith this morning, on American Journal, 8 a.m.
Central, Infowars.com.
And he is well known for meandering.
On government property and keeping it real with Capitol Police on January 6th, saying a prayer for him.
And when the footage began to come out, they knew it was coming out, that he was completely innocent, that they waved him in, like most of the crowd, after Ray Epps and the D.C.
police broke in, he was released from prison.
They said good behavior.
Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, normally they shave 10% off a sentence for good behavior.
They shaved, what, 20% off or so, or more, 30%.
He has got a website ForbiddenTruthAcademy.com on Twitter at American Shaman.
Now let me just say something right here.
I apologize to Jacob for a few days after I got back after that disaster on January 6, knowing we were set up, knowing Trump wasn't going to replace him on the inauguration, knowing that was a psyop.
And talking to Jacob on the phone and him feeling like everything was fine, I got mad because I knew the setup was in for myself, Trump, everybody else, and I was just pissed.
So I went off like a bull in a china cabinet and said mean things.
I never said he was a fad, didn't think he was, didn't say he was a bad person.
I was just venting.
And he kind of became...
The little subject of that.
I've vented on a lot of people, including folks here at the office.
I mean, I was royally pissed off for a long time, and I still am.
But so many others, hundreds of innocent people, are still in prison.
I want to get him back soon to talk about his worldview on the New World Order and all the things that are coming out, and spirituality, and the Great Awakening.
I agree with him.
It's here.
And we'll do some of that here in the hour later.
But I want to talk about January 6th, President Trump's indictment.
Where he sees all that going, what he thinks the Deep State's going to do, and so much more.
And it's great to see you, my friend, looking great.
You know, after all the hell you went through.
And so we really, really appreciate you joining us today.
Well, thank you for having me, and I appreciate your apology.
It is warmly accepted.
Thank you.
I got a lot of questions, but let's just give you the floor here up front to whatever is most important to you to get out there.
Well, to start, there's a lot of people that think that Tucker Carlson's footage got me released.
But in fact, I had a year shaved off my sentence, six months for good time, six months for doing programs in prison.
And that's because of the First Step Act or FSA credits.
So I got six months for good time and six months shaved off for First Step Act credits.
And then I was released to the halfway house two months before my sentence was up.
I had my release date in mid-February before that footage ever aired and then the footage aired like three weeks before my release date and that was most certainly divine providence because I had been praying for vindication I had been praying for redemption because I knew everything that was shown in the Tucker Carlson footage, but the public did not.
So I think that it was really a paradigm-shattering Segment for a lot of people in the world, not just in the United States, but around the world, because everybody had come up with a narrative of what happened on that day based on what the Operation Mockingbird media told them.
And the use of my image to create a shock and awe campaign and the use of me as a straw man.
And then this footage got released and people came to realize that, oh, this guy that they made the face of this thing, you know, he Isn't a bad person?
A horned man not bad?
Horned man not crazy?
You know?
And I'll just tell you now, Alex, the reason why the police were escorting me around the building was because I offered to help them.
I offered to help them stop vandalism, stop violence, if there was any, there wasn't, and stop anybody from stealing anything.
And I also offered to help them clear the building, which I did later on.
You know, I used my megaphone to help, you know, get people out of the building and, you know, we were escorted out by the police and that's that.
But as you say, though, it's very vindicating.
We just showed some of the footage.
Of them waving you in, them leading you in, them helping you.
You go in, you say a prayer for everybody and for the police.
We now know it was the DC police with Antifa and Ray Epps and others who said he "orchestrated it."
They just released yesterday his text messages in January 6th, where he said he led the attack.
So he's walking free, but you spent... how long did you spend in jail?
Well, I spent 10 and a half months in solitary confinement.
And then I spent a total of 27 months in prison as a whole.
So, like, 10 and a half months in solitary, and then around 17 months or so in, like, prison.
What is it like for you when you see Ray Epps saying, attack the Capitol, go in the Capitol the day before, the day of, ramming signs, the first breakthrough over the police, and then saying he orchestrated it.
What is it like to see him defended by the New York Times and by the Justice Department, and then you spent 27 months in jail?
It's very indicative that there is a collusion between government entities and the media.
That's why I call them the Mockingbird Media or Operation Mockingbird Media, because essentially at this point it's state-run media.
What is it like for you to watch President Trump being arraigned yesterday inside the sewer that is the District of Mordor?
What is it like for you to watch that?
Well, it's tragic to say the least, but, you know, it's also kind of interesting because now all this evidence that the other courts and other states refuse to hear can now be subpoenaed.
It can now be made public evidence.
So I kind of wonder a little bit how much this is actually going to work out the way that the shadow government, Deep State, wants it to.
Um, the conspiracy charge though, that is a charge that's very difficult to beat.
It was made difficult to beat on purpose because it was used to go after the mafia.
But it is also since it, uh, since it was created, it's been used to go after countless American citizens.
And that now includes Donald Trump.
Who is 70 points ahead of the Republican candidates and 20 or 30 ahead of Biden.
If that isn't election meddling, I don't know what is.
Oh yeah, totally.
It's quite clear that there is panic.
And that they don't quite know what to do.
And the harder they try to fight and corner, not just Trump, but the American people in general, then the more exposed this oppressive, tyrannical, deep state apparatus becomes.
But it's also the reason, that is also the reason why I advocate so heavily for peace, for love, for unity.
For forgiveness and a non-violent, non-cooperation campaign with evil.
Because the fact of the matter is, we are talking about less than 1% of the population that is attempting to control the other 99.9%.
the other 99.9%.
And if we simply just say, nope, not doing it, no, we're not gonna eat bugs.
No, we're not going to live in 15 minute cities.
No, we're not going to wear uniforms.
Yes, we are going to own our own property and you can't tell us how to live our lives.
Then there's nothing that can be done, especially if and when we stay peaceful.
You know, just look at what happened in Romania.
When the government wanted to kill that pastor and they had the candlelight vigil, and then lo and behold, oh, you mean you don't have to fight a tyrannical government with firearms?
This is a crisis of consciousness that we are dealing with.
It is a lack of education.
It is a lack of information.
And I think it was a CIA director that said something along the lines of, once I think it's something like, when, once everything the American people believe is false, or our disinformation program will be complete, something along those lines.
Yeah, the former CIA director said once everything the public knows is wrong, our disinformation campaign will be complete.
So, it's about controlling the consciousness of a nation or of humanity through psychological warfare techniques.
They use trigger words and they use trigger images to create an emotional response in the subconscious brain of a neuro-linguistically programmed individual.
Then they use that emotional response to target certain groups or target certain individuals as a means of using the public to do the work of the tyrannical New World Order types.
They want the public to do their dirty work for them.
And by the way, let me just back you up on that.
After the COVID lockdowns in Canada, the US, UK, Germany, all over, they brag that militaries worked worldwide with the UN to, quote, terrorize, create fear, brainwash.
These are headlines.
to terrorize the public into staying indoors and believing the lies,
to then create the new system for climate lockdown.
So that's all admitted, this is illegal.
And then they've been surveilling us, they've been censoring us, they've been coordinating it.
It's all fabulously illegal and it's all coming out.
So you've been saying from the time before January 6th that you thought a great awakening was here.
I agree with you on that.
I think it comes a little bit later than what you originally thought.
But I mean, can you speak to that great awakening?
Because we're not just hyping that and saying we're winning.
We are winning A, but then B, how do you think the enemy strikes back
to try to stop that?
The old saying goes, Satan reasons like a man, but God thinks of eternity.
And this may take a little longer than we would like to, you know, like it to take, but it is happening and it's happening slowly.
I think that they're going to try to combat that great awakening through fear.
Through propaganda, through psychological warfare techniques that have been used in other countries to destabilize governments.
I mean, these are the things that Yuri Bezmenov talked about.
Destabilization, I mean, demoralization, destabilization, crisis and normalization.
And in particular with COVID, what was the slogan?
The new normal.
So they are attempting to normalize this global new world order, one world government type control.
So I think that it's really imperative that we understand the psychological warfare techniques that are being used against us.
How it is that neuro-linguistic programming, critical factor bypass, and mass formation hypnosis play a role in all of this.
How it is that demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization all play a role in this scheme of theirs.
And once we have that awakening, once we understand these techniques, they are ineffective.
They become obsolete, and then that will once again increase this Great Awakening and its speed.
So, if we want the Great Awakening to increase in speed, then what we have to do is truly understand how it is that these psychological warfare techniques are used to basically weaponize our own minds against us.
And in the process, the Great Awakening will happen in much more rapid succession.
I agree.
And just an example of this, they had hundreds of articles in the National Post in Canada and the Washington Post and the BBC about PSYOP groups ran fear campaign to terrorize public, to brainwash public.
Hundreds of articles we covered.
I've been searching while you've been talking.
It's all off Google.
You gotta go to DuckDuckGo or someplace else, but they're even now trying to sponge all the records that they did that, or that they said that the shot would protect you.
The crew found it, London Telegraph.
Use of fear to control behavior in COVID crisis was totalitarian, admit scientist.
And it goes on to admit the military was used to do it.
And it was unified.
I mean, that is so illegal.
Military campaign to influence public opinion continued after defense chief shut it down, CBC.
I mean, there you go.
Yeah, well, the court of public opinion, I think, at this point has become the most powerful court in the land.
And it's because the collective consciousness of humanity plays the largest role in the way that we function as a culture, as society.
Once the truth becomes viral, Everything changes.
But this is why they choose to use these social media and mockingbird media apparatuses to spell misinformation and disinformation on the public.
And it is a spell.
It is the creation of an illusion.
And then through that illusion, people's minds are governed.
And anybody that controls that illusion is then in control of the minds of the masses.
So as they lose control, you're a smart guy.
What do you expect him to pull to try to maintain that power?
Well, one thing I've noticed is every time there's a story about Biden's corruption, they indict Trump.
I also think that it's important to note that whenever they get into some deep water, the deep state always pulls out aliens and UFOs.
So if you look into things like Operation Blue Beam and stuff like that, the idea of a faked alien invasion may not necessarily be out of the question.
Holograms are very real.
You've seen what these holograms can do in places like China or in places like Japan where these things have been used for entertainment purposes.
that means that they could also be used for a nefarious agenda.
You know, I'm going to grab the clip when we come back in a while.
We've still got more time before we go to break.
But have you seen the new AI influencer videos that are everywhere that are fooling men?
I mean, talk about an illusion or a spell.
This is it.
Oh, yeah.
Well, the thing is about AI is that what it's really doing is it is obscuring or blurring the lines between what is real and what is fake.
And when we get into like a spiritual level to all of this, what real spirituality is about is understanding, grasping, and acting on the perception of objective reality.
So if you're able to obscure the line between what is objective reality and what is an illusion, then you can really put on a mass spell that influences the minds and the hearts of any and every person that falls into that trap.
And if we look into the way that fear-based frequencies affect our DNA and our electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies, the way that it affects our brains and the production of certain neurochemicals and neurotransmitters, then it's quite clear that people not knowing what to believe, fear of the unknown is the worst fear of all, people not knowing what to believe will create chaos.
Well, that's absolutely right.
I've got so many questions.
It's fascinating to have you here.
We have the Q Shaman joining us, Jake Chansley.
Jake, would you like to take some phone calls from the listeners?
Well, let's do this.
I never run from controversy.
I love it.
Let's fire up the phone system.
Get it turned on.
Get John in there to take the calls.
And in about five minutes, I'll open the phones up.
Or in about three minutes, we'll open the phones up.
There's a computerized phone, so it's going to turn it on.
And then we will open the phones up and you can talk to the Q Shaman, Jake Chansley.
Let me ask you this.
One reason I got mad at you, and we'll play some clips coming up of it, and I've apologized and went overboard, because I was just mad, and this was, you know, venting on you, and I shouldn't have been, and that's why I'm sorry for it, and you're definitely a victim of this, but you're also a very intelligent, thought-provoking guy, and I've seen you on other interviews, and really, really like you, and I almost had you on as one of the first interviews, and then I had an emergency I had to go deal with, so that didn't happen, so I'm glad you're here a few months later.
But what is your view of the whole Q movement now?
And do you still refer to yourself as the Q Shaman?
Or, you know, the Q people said, oh, Biden won't be inaugurated, Trump's going to take over.
You know, this kind of false hope they give, so we the people don't take action.
Well, I never referred to myself as the Q Shaman.
Let's just start with that.
When it comes to false narratives, this is where I'm talking about we have to understand psychological warfare techniques.
Infiltration instead of invasion.
Okay, so the Anons were infiltrated by counterintelligence forces, either like in the world, like MI6 or something like that, or maybe even within the intelligence apparatuses here in the United States.
And what they did is they Infiltrated the anons and then they began to spew disinformation that could easily be disproved.
They began to give out all these predictions that gave people senses of hope or gave people a sense of seeing a bigger picture than anybody else.
And then in the process when these predictions didn't come true or when it was quite clear that this information, this disinformation that was, you know, Placed into the Anon community became debunked, then they demoralized the people that believed it.
This is why I don't buy this whole JFK Jr being alive and Donald Trump's vice president crap.
It's the reason why I don't buy the flat earth crap.
It's the reason why I didn't buy into any of these predictions.
And I just said, we're going to see what happens.
Um, because I understand psychological warfare campaigns, how they operate and how it is that, um, essentially what we're witnessing here is one PSYOP, the Q PSYOP, versus the Mockingbird Media PSYOP, and how essentially what is happening is one is trying to dispel the narrative of the other.
Now, how does that occur?
What happens?
What happens is infiltration instead of invasion, the dispensation of disinformation into the community, getting enough people to believe it, then the mockingbird media is going to use those disinformation agents to shine the spotlight on the community, say these things are clearly false, these things never happened, And then misrepresent what the awake community, just like Pizzagate, you have it in the WikiLeaks, you have the confirmed pedophilia, you have them delivering children to the Podestas, you have Podesta in the Washington Post saying he likes pedophile stuff and showing photos of his art with pedophile things happening, kids in dungeons.
And then by diverting off to a pizza place where stuff wasn't going on,
where there wasn't a basement, that then discredits all the real stuff.
So the Q thing, it's built up, it gets infiltrated, then it does a bunch of stuff that's discrediting,
and then that's used to discredit anybody, like the Sound of Freedom or you name it.
Precisely. And so if we understood these psychological warfare techniques,
if we understood infiltration instead of invasion, then the Q community,
the anons would never have allowed this to happen.
They would have just marginalized it and pushed it to the side.
But that wouldn't stop the Operation Mockingbird media from highlighting the things that are being said by these infiltrators.
Sure, they have their operatives that they then point at that they claim speak for us, and they create a false dialectic in the Hegelian dialectic.
That is 100% correct, and it all goes down in neuro-linguistic programming, the programming of the subconscious portion of the brain to govern and control the way that a person consciously perceives reality.
And it's all based on syntax, it's all based on cognitive labels, the use of words to program through linguistics, program the subconscious brain to perceive reality a certain way.
Alright, stay there, we gotta go to break.
We gotta go to break.
Jake Chansley's our guest.
And on Twitter at American Shaman.
Be sure and follow him there.
And he's a really smart guy.
Probably got even smarter in jail researching all this.
How do we deprogram ourselves?
How do we win?
What does he see unfolding?
Big interview coming up.
Your phone calls as well.
We'll take a few phone calls on the other side for the Q Shaman.
I love you, dude.
I love you, but you gotta let me talk.
Oh, highest level military intelligence!
Tell me more about it!
Are you listening or are you waiting for your turn to speak, sir?
Are you listening or are you waiting for your turn to speak?
Tell me about the highest level military intelligence.
You keep interrupting me I'm just telling you
Oh, he's part of the larger thing of Q. Is he Q?
I understand magical powers.
I'm happy with your wizard powers Oh no, from some small part of the larger Q universe
We're now learning the secret of Q-power He is a Q-priest, he is a religion
Q told us that Hillary was in a prison He's a well-meaning person, but he's a lightweight
Jake the Barbarian, I guess, was his earlier incantation or incarnation
We have Q on the line Q-shaman
Listen, you're a Q-wizard Q-shaman
You are a shamanic wizard We get that
Q-shaman Go ahead, Q-shaman
You keep interrupting me Because you're lying
You're full of shit I will not suffer your Q-people after this
Because you're lying You're full of shit
All of it, dude And I'm sick of it
Q is my...
Alright, so, and that's another example of psyops.
They took out of context what I said, ranting it general against the Q people.
I made it about Jake Chansley.
That's why I apologize, because he's a good guy.
He's a smart guy.
I've seen his interviews.
I really respect him, and I appreciate him joining us.
So, Jake, I want to give the number out for people to call you.
We'll only be able to take five or six calls at the time we have.
I want to invite you back up to do a two, three-hour show with us and really get into the esoteric and the New World Order and the different dimensions and what they're doing, because I agree with you.
I think you're really dead on.
They'll even see the Pentagon talking about the stuff in front of Congress.
It's getting crazier and crazier.
The toll-free number to talk to Jake is 877-789-2539.
Quick questions or comments for Jake.
We've only got time to take about five calls.
Quick questions or comments for Jake.
We've only got time to take about five calls.
But Jake, getting back to the PSYOPs, the brainwashing, the programming,
how does the average person become aware of this on a daily basis?
A lot of our audience is already aware of it.
How do we get other people shaken out of it?
Because the average leftist serving BlackRock and the New World Order and supporting all the transgender surgeries, the human smuggling, the open borders, the Ukraine War, the GMO, the eating the bugs, it's all going to hurt them.
They're useful idiots, but they feel like they're winning because they're in a daze, they're under a trance, they're under a spell.
How do we shake them out of it?
Well, one of the best ways is to ask questions.
So, if you ask questions and you're not trying to bombard them with facts, then you're more likely to gain some ground.
Also, remaining calm, remaining at peace inside of yourself, and not allowing the fact that these people are willingly and willfully blinded and under this spell to get to you emotionally.
So what you want to do is ask questions in a very calm fashion.
For example, you could say to them, so you think that the government is corrupt, right?
And they'll say, yeah, yeah, you know, the government's corrupt, or at least they most likely will.
And then you say, okay, so how is it that trusting the people that created all these problems in the government to fix them in like two to four years, how is that going to solve the problem?
You know, what you want to do is plant seeds.
And you have to understand that you probably won't win people over right away.
What you want to do is plant seeds that will cause them to then question the reality that they have been spoon fed.
And another way that you can end up helping to reprogram people's minds is by implanting or talking about things
that they haven't heard about.
For example, most people in, for example, in the environmental community, in the environmental activist community, they don't even know who Nikola Tesla is.
They don't even know what Tesla Tower technology is.
They have no idea that the JP Morgan and Rockefellers and all these people stood in the way of infinite, free, clean, wireless electricity getting out to the people over a hundred years ago.
So when you introduce an idea like that, you say, yeah, I agree, these pollutants are terrible, they're causing cancer, they're destroying ecosystems, they're, you know, the GMOs are just god-awful and they're destroying the life of bees, colony collapse is happening all over the world, I totally agree.
Have you heard about Nikola Tesla and Tesla Tower technology and infinite free clean wireless electricity?
And then a lot of the time they're like... Exactly!
They're suppressing all proven.
They did a hoax saying Flans and Pyshton were wrong 30 years ago.
It turns out it's all real.
They're suppressing it.
So what we're doing is we're creating neutral ground that Republican and Democrat voters can agree on.
And everybody can agree that if there's an infinite free clean source of wireless electricity that we can tap into, That will stabilize our economy, will create independence all over the country, all over the world.
Your free energy will revolutionize everything.
It'll free us.
Yes, and it creates a decentralized grid.
And what are the globalists trying to do?
They're trying to centralize the grid system.
They're trying to get everything on electronics so that they can then shut off your refrigerator or your stove or your lights if they don't like your political opinion.
And so that's one aspect.
Another aspect is everybody in the world, I think, everybody in the United States, every Republican and Democrat voter can agree that if there's a cure for cancer and other diseases, and there are many, Then they should be released to the public in spite of the fact it will have negative effects on the pharmaceutical company's profits.
Everybody can agree on that.
And when you start talking to them about Dr. Reif, that's R-I-F-E, Royal Raymond Reif, and his machine, where he was actually working with Nikola Tesla to create this thing, where they would destroy disease through the use of sound frequency.
Hey, let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
I talked to one of Bloomberg's head people, and I'd already heard this from another high-level individual, And they said that not only does he use it, and there's a lot of fraud selling fraudulent machines, folks, so I'm not saying go out and buy all these right machines, but, and I also learned this from some of the people that actually treat these folks, but then I talked to the people that witnessed it, where, and just to show this is a real story, for Bloomberg and everybody else, Bloomberg has deformed feet that are four inches long.
So he wears size 10s and packs them with newspaper, And he also wears what he calls lucky socks he's had for 40 years that are all patched up.
He's crazy.
He has four inch feet.
He wears fake shoes that are fake because they make his feet look bigger.
And that's just a little tidbit about how true this is.
Just like I said a week and a half ago, I said Trump will be indicted on Tuesday, put himself in Thursday.
That was directly from the courthouse.
But he has a Royal Raymond Rice machine that was made by the Pentagon.
So the Pentagon has these.
There's a Pentagon patent on it, and he has to basically lease it from the Pentagon, and he has an army officer in plain clothes with him, and that he literally couldn't get off the jet one time, and they hooked him up to this for an hour, and he was fine afterwards.
So, whether people think this is real or not, Bloomberg's got one, that's what he does.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, this is where we get into this notion of the 5,000 to 6,000 disruptive patents that we as taxpayers have paid for and have been classified and are being kept and withheld from the public because they are, quote-unquote, disruptive patents, which means that they would disrupt the monopolies that these globalists... Yeah, they call them disruptive... I'm interrupting you just to back you up.
They call them disruptive technologies.
So these patents have the capability of transforming our society.
They have the capability of doing things like, yes, curing disease or getting rid of pain.
They have the capability of creating infinite free energy.
They have the capability of cleaning up all of the pollutants that are in the ecosystem, in the water, in the air, in the soil.
All of these things.
They have these capabilities.
They have the capability with like anti-gravity craft.
I mean, Donald Trump He declassified three patents during his administration in 2020.
One was a room temperature superconductor, two was a zero-point energy engine, and three was a TR-3B, a triangular-shaped craft that uses inertia propulsion or anti-gravity in order to move through space and time.
Nobody's talking about this, and I don't understand.
Look it up.
Salvador Pais.
He's the one that filed for the patents.
These things were released in 2020.
I just don't understand why even Donald Trump isn't talking about this.
This is like the future for humanity here.
Jake, there's no doubt.
Like, this changes the game.
There's no doubt.
When my dad was in high school, he got selected for Plan 2 at UT when he was 14.
By 15, he was in secret programs.
They had a secret nuclear reactor under UT.
People didn't believe me, and later it came out.
And my dad was being inducted into this.
He got out of it later, but it was a whole breakaway civilization.
They had CD-ROMs.
When my dad was 17 years old in like 1966 at UT, and they were showing him computers and CD-ROMs that didn't reportedly come out until the 80s.
So absolutely, look, we're going to get you back in the near future.
I'll come in tomorrow if you want to do like a two-hour commercial-free show with you, if you want to do it.
Because I want you to be able to send us everything you want to cover and just go through without these breaks.
We're obviously on talk radio right now so we're on that clock.
But I want to take some phone calls for you from Daryl and Brian and Thor and Chase and Ariel and Katie and others.
But spend a few minutes on anything else you want to get out today.
Well, I think that what we really need to understand is that Once the collective consciousness of our species shifts, once we're in that change and once that great awakening has happened, which we're already in the process of doing it, what's going to happen is that we're going to see an entirely different socioeconomic and geopolitical system.
But the only way that can happen Is if our spiritual view of reality changes.
So the reason why our socioeconomic and geopolitical systems are so corrupt and distorted is because our spiritual institutions and our spiritual perspective is so distorted and so corrupt.
So, we have to take the knife out of the hand, stop putting a band-aid on the wound.
That's why I talk about Dr. Reif, that's why I talk about Tesla and Tesla Tower Technology, because if you look into these things, and this is why I advise people to use this to red pill people and kind of neuro-linguistically program people, because if you look into these three things, number one, what you find is corruption at its very inception here in the United States.
Number two, what you find is all of the potentials for these technologies and why it is that they have been suppressed, how they could create a new energy grid, a new communication grid, a new transportation grid, how it could affect agriculture, how it is that it could affect the cleansing of ecosystems of anthropogenic pollutants.
And lastly, and this is really important, In order to understand how this technology works, you have to understand energy, frequency, and vibration.
Now Nikola Tesla himself said if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.
So by investigating this stuff, You uncover the government corruption at its inception.
You also uncover all the technological advances and how they could be used to improve our civilization.
And that's why they want world government to block it.
A new Nobel Prize was just given, proving that there's a more powerful dimension above us, the black matter, the dark matter, that's bleeding in and that there are actual other dimensional waves coming in that we're actually able to capture as energy.
How incredible is that?
Well, yeah, and so that gives us, that leads into the final point of this idea that as you investigate this stuff, you get these two things, and the last thing that you get is the secrets of the universe begin to unfold before you because you understand energy, frequency, and vibration, and how everything is interconnected, how everything is one, everything is one unified field of energy.
And there's infinite energy.
Hey, you want to do two hours tomorrow?
Hell yeah!
All right, guys.
Game, we're going to come in.
We're going to go live noon to 2 p.m.
I'm down.
Central, we're doing it.
All right.
Saturday show with Jake Chansley at American Shaman.
And I know you don't want to be called, you know, I used to be big into pirate radio and help put them up all over the country.
We were able to buy over a thousand Quarter watt transmitters that we can then put into a bigger system.
In some cases have radio stations that went out 50 miles in all directions.
We put them up all over the country.
And we actually were able to buy stuff that was resold out of Eastern Europe that the CIA had put in and helped bring down the Soviet Union with these pirates.
And the pirate broadcasters would get so mad when I would say, the pirate radio stations.
Well, they go, we're micros or we're unlicensed.
Don't call us by that name.
I was rehabilitating the micro-broadcasters.
No one knows what a micro-broadcaster is.
You've got to use the term they're known by.
The Q Shaman thing is something that they've done.
I notice you don't wear the headdress.
You don't do that anymore.
I'd love to.
I know you're on probation right now.
No, I still do it.
No, I still do it.
Well, maybe tomorrow you can wear it for us because it's powerful iconography.
All right.
All right.
We'll do the show tomorrow.
And that's how you get it.
All right.
Well, I'm impressed.
I thought you were really, you know, dumb, but they were taking you out of context.
And that's what they did to me, too.
They take stuff I do out of context and it sounds completely ridiculous.
People hear the real show and they get it.
So I apologize for, you know, Not following my own advice and just going with the official story.
Let's go ahead and go to some phone calls.
I want to take a mean phone call first because I don't agree with him at all and I'm not mad at Katie.
But Katie says, we don't ask you to tell us what you want to talk about, but if they volunteer it, they put it on the board.
Katie in Las Vegas says, some folks think Jacob is a fed because he was released.
I want to say something.
Trump's not a Fed.
Jake's not a Fed.
I'm not a Fed.
Stop thinking there's only evil and there's not good people.
Now, he was in for 27 months.
They knew the footage was coming out.
They let him in and let him in.
Like everybody else, I believe they were like, whoa, he's a good guy.
We really, this is too obvious.
He doesn't think that fed into it.
I think it did.
They knew that Tucker was about to release this.
Regardless, he's not a Fed, folks.
And to say that, he didn't help break in like, like, uh, Ray Epps or the DC police.
So, so, but let's hear, I'm not mad there.
It's not a bad question.
I think it's good to get it out there.
I can just tell you unequivocally, not true in my view.
Kate, go ahead and ask your question.
Okay, thanks.
Thanks for letting me ask my question.
First, I'm going to tell you why I think that I'm suspicious of you, Hi, Jacob, and then I'll let you respond.
The reason why is I was at the Arizona rally, the Stop the Steal rally, in November after the election, and I saw you there, and you were talking about child trafficking and things like that, way more than you were addressing Stop the Steal.
And then, after that was January 6th, and I found out you had a Navy background.
And everyone knows, like Matt Bracken, who everybody, I won't say what he did, but everyone, everyone knows what Matt Bracken did, who has a Navy background on Alex's show.
And then a lot of other people who have Navy backgrounds, like you do, have a intelligence background as well.
So all of that combined with you not getting out, um, or getting out earlier and all those other people not getting out.
And, you know, well, that's my question.
Why did you get out so much earlier than other people, have a Navy background, and go to a Stop the Steal rally and not talk very much about Donald Trump?
Okay, let's let you respond to Katie.
Go ahead.
Okay, so I got out earlier than other people because I went in earlier than other people.
I was arrested on January 9th.
I was not allowed to be released on pretrial release.
I was given a 41-month sentence.
I served 27 months in prison, a total of 29 months in BOP custody, and I got 12 months off of my sentence, like I said before, due to six months of good time.
You only serve 85% of your time in federal prison, as long as you have good behavior, and I had six months worth.
of First Step Act credits or FSA credits that gave me a total of 12 months off my sentence.
Okay, now yeah, I was in the United States Navy.
I served my country proudly.
And when it comes to being at a Stop the Steal rally, I was actually forced out by the people like Ali Alexander
because I wasn't towing their talking point line.
I was doing everything that I could to expose the deep state at its core and what it is that the deep state was doing, not just regarding the elections, but also the suppression of technology.
Because once this technology gets out to the people, everything changes.
Our consciousness changes.
Katie, Katie, you want to come back real quick because I have to move on to other callers.
Go ahead.
No, it's just that there are a lot of people who haven't even had their trials yet still in there and I wish you would start talking about them if you really don't have some other agenda.
You know, those people, we need to make sure they get out and get their cases heard.
Okay, Katie, I appreciate your call.
I'm not trying to be mean, but I mean, I really find no fault with this man.
He spent 27 months in jail.
They know he's innocent.
They knew the footage was coming out.
That's incredibly damning.
So they let him out right before or right after that.
We disagree on why that happened.
But I mean, how is him exposing the New World Order and mind control and free energy?
I don't see that serving him.
That's the opposite of what they want.
And I just I never understand when there's so many obvious operatives on MSNBC and CNN saying arrest all the Trump supporters.
Make-A-Seat Bugs, Force Injectors, and then a guy against all that is a Fed.
Or, if you ever were in the military.
A lot of my family was in the military.
People say Jones is a PSYOP because he said he had family in the CIA.
I've been saying that for 29 years.
They're the ones that told me the government was bad.
My uncle told me the government was trafficking kids.
He got out of the government because of that.
So the idea that, oh, you worked in the government, so you must be bad.
I mean, look at Edward Snowden.
Look at all these whistleblowers.
I mean, we need to celebrate these people, not sit there and say they're feds.
There's this holier-than-thou thing that goes on.
I'm not attacking you, lady.
Where people go, well, Jones is good, but he's a controlled opposition.
Well, if I'm controlled, I don't know it.
I mean, I'm under massive sustained attack.
They're trying to put me and Owen in prison right now.
And I just, I'm just, you know, I appreciate your call.
I don't mean to rant.
You want to say anything else to her?
I just want to say, I think that this is really important.
Like what we were talking about earlier about people not knowing what to believe.
Okay, because the unknown is what people fear the most.
When people don't know what to believe, they'll believe anything that gives them comfort, that gives them some sort of a feeling like they have a grasp on reality.
So I think a lot of these people that think that I'm a Fed or that I'm an actor or a CIA asset or whatever, BLM, Antifa, I think that what they have to do is admit to themselves that they don't know what's going on and then that actually terrifies them.
But if you just watch my videos, if you go to my podcast on Rumble, Forbidden Truth Podcast, if you go to my Occult Apocalypse Show on Rumble, if you watch my interviews, then you will find that I'm one of the good guys.
All right.
I think you're one of the good guys.
And I think it's a reasonable question.
I'm not mad at her.
I just, I just fed, fed, fed.
They don't have all the power, folks.
Believe me.
Four in Texas here on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Jacob, I appreciate everything you've said today.
God bless you and Alex and all of us, all the listeners.
I disagree also with the last caller.
Go do 10 months in solitary, lady, and then come talk to us.
Jacob, my question to you is this.
I agree with everything you've said today, by the way.
We are all good people that want to resolve this peacefully, but at what point in time Do we stand up?
I mean, we're starting to hear talk of we need to have our militias and Vanderstil said it, you know, others.
I think Alex said it yesterday, but at what point do we push the talk aside for a moment?
We keep it not that we don't shelf it.
We just push it aside for a second and we protect ourselves because what they're about to do is shut the power, our communications off and try to roadblock us into Okay, so first of all, love that name, Thor.
What do we do when they release a new virus, cut the power off and try to put our leaders
in FEMA camps?
Because we're winning peacefully, they're not going to let us do that.
That's a really good question.
Okay, so first of all, love that name, Thor.
All right.
Second of all, what I want you to try to understand is this.
The real battleground is the mind.
There's something called full-spectrum dominance.
It is a military term.
It means, first of all, control of the psyche of the population through psychological warfare techniques, and then from the control of the population's minds, you get control over the land, over the seas, over the air and the airspace, over the subterranean, deep underground military bases, over the extraterrestrial or space and satellites.
Over the chemical and biological agents and over technology.
Things like cell phones, cell phone towers, televisions, radio, computers, etc.
So this is full spectrum dominance.
Now the globalists, these less than one percenters, knew that they could not be God, but they could actually try to play God by creating a system within which they have full spectrum dominance.
Now they maintain full spectrum dominance through the fiat currency.
All right, but the one thing that gives them full spectrum dominance more than anything, fiat currency, the, you know, psychotronic weaponry, the computers, the, you know, chemical biological agents, all that stuff, what gives them real control is control of our minds.
So the battleground is the mind.
You're totally right.
We've got to go to break.
We've got Dr. Peter McCullough with huge breaking news coming up, but he comes on at 6 after.
Do 5 more minutes with us, and then tomorrow, 12 noon central, 2 hours commercial free with Jake.
Jake, stay there.
Do 5 more minutes with us, okay?
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All right.
Let's talk to Ariel.
You're on the air, Ariel, from Oregon.
Go ahead.
We're gonna do two hours commercial free so you can send us all his links all his videos and he'll basically be hosting
the show I'll just be riding shotgun tomorrow 12 noon info wars.com
/show All right, let's talk to Ariel you're on the air Ariel from
Oregon go ahead All right. First of all, I want to thank you for for your
courage and Also, I want to thank Tucker Carlson because I didn't
really have an opinion about what happened until I could actually
See it and that has impacted Everything for I probably a lot of people
Jake I've been through something really strange myself.
On September 9, 2020, I received a threatening email, and then 95 minutes afterward, a lieutenant ran a red light under cover and totaled my vehicle.
And so this was extremely, you know, like caused some brain damage, and it was extremely stressful because It put me in a situation where the city wasn't in a position to investigate the email.
So, I feel like you're a really good authority on this.
What do you do when things happen that are You know, really bizarre and that where you feel like you have to rely on God and you have to look for the good in people and not be overwhelmed by the possibility that they're not behaving in a good way.
We were just talking, I appreciate your call during the break, about prison and how many really bad people were actually in there and how crazy the level of evil is, not just on the top but the bottom.
Jake, you want to take that?
You know, there's no testimony without a test, dear.
And I know it's really hard, and I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through.
I would say that if you're having brain damage and stuff, maybe you should look into lion's mane mushrooms.
And they do something called neurogenesis, which creates new neurons in the brain and also creates new nerves, endings and stuff throughout the body.
I would also look into other nootropic vitamins.
if you're trying to help heal your brain.
There's also things called Life Wave patches, that's L-I-F-E-W-A-V-E,
that can help you with all of that.
Now what I did is, of course, when you go through really tough times,
you have doubt.
But the only way that the fire of faith can be replenished is when logs of doubt are placed upon it.
And then the fire of faith is able to burn through those logs of doubt throughout time.
So I would just say that vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.
And anybody that tries to screw, has ever tried to screw me over, has Especially since I don't seek revenge, they've ended up just screwing themselves over.
And the laws of karma are very real.
So if anybody is trying to screw you over, if anybody's trying to, you know, be a nefarious force in your life, what you got to do is just basically trust God, get this person out of your life, or trust God and understand that the circumstances that are in your life are temporary.
That's the one eternal truth.
Everything is always changing.
Nothing is permanent.
And this is an opportunity for you to grow.
All obstacles are in fact opportunities in disguise.
So I would say use this as an opportunity to grow.
We're out of time.
I really wanted to go to Brian, guess how to deal with these elites.
And Darrell had an even better question or excellent question.
Jake's take on Ashley Babbitt.
I'm going to get their names and numbers.
Tomorrow, we'll talk for over an hour and then we'll take commercial-free calls tomorrow and we'll call Daryl and Brian back if they choose to have us do that.
We got 30 seconds left.
You're on Twitter at American Shaman.
Closing comment.
Okay, yeah.
So, the mind is the battleground, ladies and gentlemen.
Because the mind is the battleground, that means you must take back your mind.
You must reclaim your mind.
You must understand these psychological warfare techniques.
You must understand neuro-linguistic programming, critical factor bypass, and mass formation hypnosis.
You can be an agent for change only by being and remaining peaceful.
You can be an agent for positive influence in the world, and you're going to do so one mind at a time.
All right, Jake.
We'll talk to you tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much. Great job.
I beg you to think about how important your word of mouth is and you sharing the articles
and sharing the videos and telling people get the forbidden truth you're not supposed
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And Dr. Peter McCullough has been fighting in the information war, unlike anybody else, in the whole COVID emergency.
But the establishment has wanted to be a permanent emergency.
And there have been so many big developments on the mortality rates from the shots around the world, on the cover-ups with Fauci, and now Senator Paul filing a criminal complaint referral to the Justice Department.
But also, about a week and a half ago, Dr. McCullough, who did visit With Jamie Foxx, who was concerned about the shots.
Turns out he was upset from other witnesses from the first shot he took.
Reportedly took more.
Now he won't talk about what happened to him.
You have LeBron James' son, Bronny.
Never will play basketball again professionally.
He was set to be a number one NBA draft pick down the road.
And has a heart attack.
His heart stops.
That just disappears.
LeBron said he got himself and his family to take the shots.
There is so much to cover with Dr. Peter McCullough.
OnlineHealthNow.com and on Twitter, P underscore McCulloughMD.
Doc, there's so much to hit first.
Let's get LeBron James' son, Bronny, out of the way and the Jamie Foxx.
Because I know you don't want to attack Jamie, neither do I, but you said he's not being honest.
Now, he didn't officially come to you as a doctor.
But he did want to talk to you, you did talk to him.
You respectfully did not say, back when he was really sick and still looks terrible, what he specifically said.
But now you've said he's not being entirely honest.
So I think with these big public figures, Stalin said one man dies, it's a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
Well, one celebrity gets sick from a shot.
That could really wake people up if they were to speak out.
We see Ice Cube saying he refuses to take it.
He has friends and family got sick from it.
Elon Musk has friends and family, like his brother, got deathly ill from it.
So there's a lot of casualties, both living and dead, from this.
And so the system's really having a problem trying to give us collective amnesia.
And thank God you're still fighting harder than ever.
So thank you for joining us, sir.
Well, thanks for having me.
So let's tackle LeBron James and Jamie Foxx.
Well, let's take, let's take Bronnie James.
Here's the context, Alex.
Nick Uechuchu was on the U.S.
team last year, has a cardiac arrest.
USC Trojans basketball, he's resuscitated and he gets an ICD.
Presumably he's gotten a subcuticular ICD, the same type of ICD that Pilot Bob Snow of American Airlines received.
I recently met with Bob Snow.
He showed me his ICD.
The newer ICDs, Alex, they don't go into the blood system.
They don't go inside the heart.
They actually sit outside the chest wall.
So theoretically, athletes like Nick can come back and play for the USC Trojans, okay?
Now, with the USC Trojans already having one cardiac arrest, we hear that Bronny James, son of famed basketball player LeBron James, has had a cardiac arrest.
Although, we didn't hear details of... Not to interrupt, but just to be clear, that's two in one year at the same school.
Two in one year at the same school.
Now listen, USC has a vaccine mandate for students.
Bronny James had gone to a private high school which had very strict vaccine mandates, no exceptions.
LeBron says he's done his research and he and his family took the vaccine, so we're nearly certain Bronny's taking the vaccine.
He's had a purported cardiac arrest, but there's no report of defibrillation or intubation.
He's in and out of the ICU in a few hours and home the next day, so I don't think Bronny James had a full cardiac arrest.
He probably had a near-miss, Alex, but this is not looking good.
I can tell you, there's a paper out in circulation.
It's on social media today.
It's going wild.
First author is you.
Why you?
Published in Circulation, our best cardiology journal.
And get this, Alex, 58% of these kids who have myocarditis, a year later, the heart is still damaged.
It still has a scar in it.
And what we're thinking now is some of these kids that are taking heart damage, about half of it feel them, half of it feel the heart damage, half of them don't.
There are people walking around who are at risk for cardiac arrest.
So let's slow down.
Give us the study.
I'm sure it's on your Twitter.
We'll pull it up.
What is this particular study?
Let's talk about that and then we're not top cardiologists like you.
Walk us through it like we're five years old and explain why it's the athletes, what the heart scarring does and why it's such an issue.
Alex, you and your audience are pretty far ahead on this.
I have to give you a lot of credit.
You know, in cardiology, how we assess myocarditis or vaccine heart inflammation is by measuring blood tests, EKG, echocardiography, and cardiac MRI.
Now, the cardiac MRI is critical.
Because the contrast that we use called gadolinium, it can actually tag in the areas where the heart is damaged.
It's called late gadolinium enhancement.
And what you and colleagues showed in this paper in circulation, I think I've retweeted it from some others.
If you can follow up just my Twitter feed, I've retweeted this.
Is that the correct study, sir?
No, no.
This is one that's related.
This is one that I'm an author on about the fatal cases.
But what you and colleagues showed in circulation, Alex, is that at baseline, the MRIs show myocarditis.
We were hoping it was going to heal.
These are all young kids.
And what we're finding out in the you study, 58% of them a year later still have ongoing damage.
We don't know if it's a permanent scar or not.
But it's the area of damage or a nascent scar that is the site of which the abnormal heart rhythm forms, and that's what causes a cardiac arrest.
Wow, and you know, the national media a few weeks ago what's happened to Brani just picked up on my lay terms
that those aren't inaccurate, but are just a common person's talking about this on air's
view. And I don't know what you'd said, and others said that with regular problems like this, and I
always mispronounce it, myocarditis, that within five to 10 years, a lot of people die. The
statistics vary. And I was simply saying, imagine how many people are walking around with these
damaged hearts with a scarring that don't know it. I'm a lay person, but you just kind of
repeated that with a lot of grab and toss.
Can you explain that to us? The best predictor that the heart is okay, and there's not going
to be a cardiac arrest is a stone cold normal MRI.
This is very important.
So I had a young kid see me this week.
He came from up north.
He's going to university.
He's had some chest pain.
He's taken the vaccines.
Alex, this kid looked at me in the eyes, deadpan, and he asked me, Dr. McCullough, am I going to have a cardiac arrest?
So whether these young kids are saying it openly or not, they are all scared to death now because they're seeing so many people having cardiac arrest.
So what I'm doing in practice is I'm doing a battery of blood tests, EKG, echocardiogram, and cardiac MRI, and I'm trying to put it all together But Alex, I have to tell you, the most worrisome case is the case of Oscar Cabrero Adamas.
I don't know if you know about this case, but he's a European basketball player.
See if your team can pull him up.
Adamas, A-D-A-M-E-S.
He has a cardiac arrest in 2021 on the basketball court, and he tweets that he has COVID vaccine myocarditis.
He's got the problem, so he's honest.
And then in 2023, he's hopefully recovering.
He gets on the treadmill to kind of readiness to recover to the league, Alex, and he dies on the treadmill.
He can't, they can't resuscitate him.
I'm a cardiologist.
I've done treadmills for decades.
I've never had a patient die on the treadmill.
So I'm telling you, this vaccine, myocarditis, is serious and we really need to, you know, go after this with a full front of research, risk stratification, risk mitigation.
The shots need to stop and all the athletes, I think, need to be called in for an evaluation.
We're going to go to break and come back and talk more about this.
Also, the Jamie Foxx situation, why you're saying he's not being honest and more.
Dr. Peter McCullough, stay with us.
All right, we are back live and we did get the study he's talking about.
Cardiovascular assessment up to one year after COVID-19 vaccine associated myocarditis.
This is a big, big story.
Very respected.
Here you see it posted at the NIH.gov.
Start over how big a deal this is and in layman terms, explain it to us.
This paper is a very big deal, Alex.
You know, when the FDA announced that the vaccines cause myocarditis in June of 2021, the FDA said that the myocarditis is mild.
It is, you know, not serious and it's transient and nothing can be further from the truth.
This bombshell paper describes that when the follow-up MRI is done in a year, That 58% of the time, these kids still have ongoing heart damage or scar formation.
It's consistent with a paper from Yale published just a few months earlier, where they came up with 80% of the MRIs are still abnormal at nine months.
And then in the U paper, they point out the other consistencies with the established papers.
This myocarditis is serious.
It's long lasting.
It's not going away.
And I have a senior author paper under review at the same journal, Circulation, indicating that in some cases the myocarditis is fatal.
And I think it's the cause of these cardiac arrests that we're seeing in athletes and other public figures, young people all over the world.
What do you make of the spin we're seeing everywhere?
Even as COVID rolled out, it was like, it's normal for kids to have heart attacks now on billboards and TV and the sides of buses and them with unauthorized drug pitching it on Sesame Street.
Now they're saying, oh, everybody's having heart attacks and myocarditis from COVID.
But then the statistics are showing us it's the so-called vaccinated.
Remember in 2020 there were no vaccines, so there was an opportunity to evaluate myocarditis and it was.
The NCA Big Ten, they did MRIs and blood tests and all these athletes, they came up with a handful of potential cases and there were no hospitalizations and deaths.
There was a paper by Singer using ICD codes.
Again, myocarditis was very, very rare.
Two potential hospitalizations, no deaths.
The U.S.
military had a program.
They dropped it in 2020, couldn't find any cases.
And then an Israeli paper by Tuvalu and colleagues showed that with COVID, Rare cases of myocarditis weren't any more frequent than the background rate.
So COVID infection does not cause frequent or serious myocarditis.
That's a false narrative.
The vaccines are the problem.
They are the culprit.
We can't blame COVID in 2020.
For these cardiac arrests we're seeing now.
The next cardiac arrest that occurs, Alex, the first question I ask is, what vaccines did they take and when did they take them?
My concern now is we're seeing cases of cardiac arrest that are probably a year or two after they've taken the shots.
And that's backed up by this prestigious study saying that's what they're seeing with these lesions.
What is causing the lesions if it's connected to these shots?
It turns out that the messenger RNA is not broken down readily in the body
and it keeps recirculating and recirculating.
The athletes draw more and more blood into the heart with each practice session, with each game.
And so the heart is getting progressively loaded with messenger RNA, which is installing the genetic code
for the lethal Wuhan spike protein, that protein that was engineered
in the Chinese biosecurity lab.
That protein is very unnatural.
It can't be broken down by human enzymes.
It directly damages heart muscle cells.
It draws white blood cells and inflammatory factors into the heart.
That begins to cause inflammation and swelling, damage, early scar formation, and then the electricity does not conduct normally through that zone.
That's what triggers a cardiac arrest.
And you know what's actually the trigger in the end is a surge of adrenaline.
So the two time points we're seeing young people die is during sports, during a sprint, or just after a play, and then also during sleep.
Because between 3 a.m.
and 6 a.m.
there's a surge of adrenaline in the normal waking cycle.
So if you hear about a young person who dies in their sleep, perfectly healthy, someone, you know, a healthy young person, athlete, dying, the very So, COVID-19, vaccine-induced myocarditis.
So, in the first year of COVID, no upticks in myocarditis or any of this.
The shots started to explode.
So, the media literally puts out the disinfo with no evidence.
They just say, it might be COVID.
It's Boulder Dash.
It is.
I think it's actually a form of a cover-up.
It's an institutionalized cover-up.
The American College of Cardiology, in their fall of 2022 document, you know, they falsely allege that COVID causes more myocarditis than the vaccine, so therefore we should give the vaccines and cause more myocarditis.
It's the most Ludicrous recommendations.
I wrote every person on the committee, I have a substat coming out on this, where I call them out and say, listen, I'm a senior person in the college, and, you know, I know you guys.
Now we've got fatal cases and cardiac arrest.
You better reevaluate that statement pretty quickly.
I CC'd even the president of the society, and you know what, Alex?
It's been two weeks.
No response.
So let me ask you this question.
They are obviously not stupid.
Dr. Michael Yedon, before they even started the shots, the former Vice President of Pfizer, predicted what would happen.
You issued warnings.
But then we have the FDA document in October of 2000 predicting myocarditis and everything that happened.
So how did you know?
How did Yedon know?
How did they know?
And why would the FDA put this out?
And then still roll out the shots.
I mean, they can't come after you, come after your license, do all this crap, when you're actually going off their own warning.
You're right.
Now, I was slightly ahead of this.
I published an op-ed in The Hill.
You can still find it in the website in The Hill, which is a widely read journal for the House, the Senate, and the White House.
And that was in August of 2020.
And the title of the paper was The Great Gamble of the COVID-19 Vaccine Development Program.
I was the only public figure in the world to put it in writing.
That these vaccines were a medical gamble.
And boy, was I right.
You know, two months later, you showed the slide, the FDA in that October 22nd, 2020 meeting, the FDA said, we expect myocarditis, blood clots, Guillain-Barre syndrome.
They called it ahead of time.
And you know, all the medical societies, instead of being neutral, the medical societies were openly supporting vaccines.
They had no equipoise there.
And is that because the regulatory leaders have been captured in the revolving door?
Yeah, it's absolutely.
The regulatory leaders have been captured.
The money had flowed.
You know, Pfizer came out December 7th, December 10th of 2020.
And on December 17th of 2020, the American Board of Internal Medicine, which holds my certifications and all the specialists in the country, on December 17th, they told us all to go out and get vaccinated, take selfies of ourselves in our vaccine card and show it to our patients.
How did they know it was safe Seven days after it was released, especially when the FDA said in October of 2020 it was going to cause those complications.
You can tell all the societies, they knew ahead of time this was dangerous and they were going to force it anyway.
There you are warning, really, beforehand of anybody of this right there.
That's right.
I am the only person who made the call.
And you know, Scott Atlas was in the White House at the time.
Scott was publishing in The Hill as well.
We were emailing.
Scott never brought that forward to the President.
He met with the President every day.
And unfortunately, Trump, Scott Atlas, Brett Giroir, Deborah Birx, they met for months And according to Atlas in his book, they only focused on masks, lockdowns, and waiting for a vaccine.
Stay right there.
Stay right there, doctor.
I want listeners to listen to me very carefully.
The left instills victimology in their people to be losers they can control that aren't upwardly mobile.
That's negative and bad.
There's an extreme with populists, conservatives, Christians, and just good hard-working people.
We have a survival mechanism that God gave us evolutionarily to where we get attacked and hurt and we just kind of forget about it and move on and just try to overcome it.
And so people are like, hey, the COVID thing's over, let's move forward, we've got other things to deal with.
They're gearing up with a UN World Treaty, they say new viruses are coming, they want masks back on, they want new lockdowns, they're not going to give up.
We have to work even harder.
This is their main program, is this virus disease X thing to take over.
And they're building all these camps and all the rest of it.
This is the jewel in their crown of control.
Of all the hydra heads, this is the biggest and the meanest.
We have to prosecute them, not just for the victims.
They're important, but they're dead and dying and sick and we're sad for them.
But this is about taking over society.
It's about the children and the whole shooting match here.
So when Senator Paul does criminal referrals to the Justice Department on Fauci for gain of function and lying, it's life and death.
We'll get to that in a moment, but I just want you to understand that we have to put this front and center.
I'm the same way.
I want to just move on.
That's what I do.
You don't move on on this.
You're in a ring with a gladiator, and they just hacked off one of our arms.
We just stabbed them in the guts.
They're bleeding to death, but they're still going to try to take us with them.
I use that as a metaphor.
So here we are.
Dr. Peter McCullough just laid out mega bombshells, prestigious reports confirming major heart damage in these people that have been given the shots, that it didn't come before the shots from COVID.
It's all a lie.
We already know that, but now it's confirmed.
And We have to prosecute these people.
We have to first convict them in the court of public opinion.
You said something during the break that's so critical.
We'll hit this Winstrop House Oversight Committee report and then get into Fauci and then get into Jamie Foxx and the rest of it.
But you said, I said, are we winning, doctor?
You said, hell yeah, we are.
We said, not in those words, you bet we are.
This is a one-way street.
So explain that first.
So we've got the initiative, but we better use it.
Explain what that means.
I showed you that op-ed I published about the Great Gamble.
It was obvious I was questioning the vaccine agenda before the vaccines came out.
Now we see a one-way street.
One by one by one, doctors, other professionals, people of all walks of life, To this day, Alex, our government is pushing these vaccines.
Medical societies are pushing the vaccines.
If someone's following the narrative, Alex, they're on their seventh shot.
the world did not have people's best interest in mind in advancing these vaccines.
To this day, Alex, our government is pushing these vaccines.
Medical societies are pushing the vaccines.
If someone's following the narrative, Alex, they're on their seventh shot.
Do you know anybody who's taken seven shots?
I know.
I don't either.
I don't either.
I mean, nobody's come out and said they've taken seven shots.
No one can figure out why these are still on the market.
And being advanced, and boy, that House Select Committee report by Chairman Brad Winstrip, a representative from Ohio, I think was, it was in itself, really dropped the evidence on what was going on early in January of 2020 regarding origins.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
I've got the Winstrip releases alarming new report on proximal origin authors NIH suppression of COVID-19 lab leak hypothesis.
This is what was going on.
Scientists started calling Anthony Fauci all over the world.
They said, hey, listen, this virus came out of the lab in Wuhan, China.
So Fauci and his boss, Francis Collins, called a conference call.
Prominent people, Christian Anderson from Scripps, Edwin Holmes from University of Sydney, Jeremy Farrar from the Wellcome Trust, Peter Daszak from the Ego Health Alliance, who was very involved in the creation of SARS-CoV-2.
They have a conference call and apparently Fauci convinces everybody to lie.
And the lie was the vaccines came out of nature, a fish market, or they were naturally occurring.
And now we have emails that they knew that was a lie, but they got together in a conspiracy to cover up the origin.
In fact, the origin was Nailed down in publications by Ralph Baric in 2015, Nature, Medicine and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
And in fact, one of the scientists was emailing Holmes and he says, F Eddie, how are we going to cover this up?
So these guys knew they were involved in a cover up.
So they conspired to conceal a national security threat, a public health threat to the entire world.
And so this deception that went on caused harm.
If they would have come out and said, listen, this came out of the lab, this was a U.S.
designed, created project that was outsourced to the Chinese via the EcoHealth Alliance, we could have been on it sooner.
The scientific community could have been on it sooner, but instead they deceived us intentionally And it looks like Fauci is at the center of the deception.
Christian Anderson published the first of what was 12 fraudulent papers in the peer-reviewed literature saying that there was a natural origin of SARS-CoV-2.
And then they covered up the therapeutics, told people to go home, to get a higher death rate, got paid $50,000-plus to put them on ventilators, and it was a unified program in every Western country showing total premeditation, as Dr. Michael Yeadon says.
It's true.
He had it right.
And it's coming out in these reports.
You know, there are some inside analyses that even this report is heavily redacted.
That is way worse than what's in the Winstrip report.
So let's talk about the criminal referral of Rand Paul for Dr. Fauci.
So what this has done now is because the Ralph Baric papers in 2015 say that Fauci and the National Allergy Immunology Branch funded the gain-of-function research.
It says right in the Baric's papers that this is gain-of-function research.
It was grandfathered in.
It started before the ban on gain-of-function and it was outsourced to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
What Rand Paul is saying is, listen, when Fauci was called before the House and the Senate He said that it was not gain of function.
And it clearly was.
It was violating the U.S.
And because Fauci lied to Congress, that he now has committed a crime.
The crimes, as we see here today, are fraud.
As well as, I think, what will ultimately be determined to be mass negligent homicide.
People who died of the virus that they shouldn't have, and people have died after the vaccine.
So Rand Paul is calling for formal criminal charges and prosecution of Anthony Fauci.
Which in and of itself is a big victory.
You're a smart guy.
You ought to go off what's currently happening, but looking, we've had private conversations years ago and they turned out what you said was accurate.
Now you're saying more of it publicly, but looking into your crystal ball or into your radar scope is a more modern analogy.
We see the propaganda.
We see them saying a new virus is coming.
We see the UN treaty.
I think it's overwhelmingly clear they're planning something new.
What is your view on that?
And what can we do to stop them?
Because again, it's not about vindictiveness or even the victims deserve justice.
That's important.
But for me, it's all about the future and my four children.
And I mean, I'm very selfish.
People say, why do you fight so hard?
I mean, these people are going to release bioweapons.
They're going to kill more of my family.
I lost family.
I feel actually At a primitive level, like a coward, that I haven't gone out and done something physical, but I realize that's how we'll lose.
We need to push the whole thing, convict them in the public, and get them all, try them, and then punish them.
But at a fundamental genetic cellular level, I can feel the threat, I see the threat, and I want to know what do I do to stop their next attack.
The first thing we have to do is get ahead of every story.
And I think we did that successfully in the monkeypox scare.
Remember that the WHO declared a monkeypox emergency.
President Biden declared a monkeypox emergency.
You and I, Alex, were way ahead of this.
We were telling America correctly that it was a sexually transmitted spread pattern, that generally the general public was not at risk.
We didn't have to rush out and get vaccines.
And then with no fanfare, no press release, finally Biden drops the monkeypox emergency declaration in January of 30, 31 of 2023.
So monkeypox is gone.
We've had now a malaria scare.
Oh, that the malaria cases.
Well, we always have some malaria in the United States.
I've seen it my entire career.
It's always a question where it comes from.
But then right after a malaria scare news report, then a New Zealand company announces that they have a messenger RNA vaccine for malaria.
And now we've heard scares regarding leprosy, tuberculosis.
Well, continue.
And so with each one of these disease scare reports, look for a declaration that there's a vaccine.
So it's scare.
And we can't have the public fall for this.
You know, one that's really playing out, Alex, is respiratory syncytial virus.
Now, this is a mild viral syndrome that little children can have.
Most of the cases are under age one.
We treat it with a nebulizer, sometimes some budesonide.
It's simply not a big deal for normal kids.
Do you know that they've had a rushed approval of a respiratory syncytial virus vaccine for pregnant women?
I'm already seeing TV ads and billboards saying the name of the virus and saying get your shots.
So they're just using it as get your shots, be protected from this.
As if those shots even do anything.
Right, so respiratory syncytial virus, a vaccine for pregnant women, children and adults that's largely not needed, and now monoclonal antibodies.
Listen to this, Alex.
What they're proposing is, and this is the CDC ACIP panel, they're proposing that every child born during RSV season get an injection of monoclonal antibodies against RSV on the day of birth.
Let me tell you what, normal children just need to adapt to, you know, life outside the womb and the mother.
But don't newborns already have a really powerful built-in immune system?
They do, and this is completely unnecessary.
It's not medically necessary.
It's not clinically indicated.
Why do babies, because I'm not a doctor, like you have, I just read about it, such an incredible immune, what, for three to six months?
What is that?
Sure, they have an immune system and it's bolstered by antibodies in the breast milk called colostrum.
And so children don't need any of these shots early.
Hepatitis B shot is a complete overkill.
It's only needed in IV drug abusing mothers and those with active hepatitis B. Respiratory syncytial virus monoclonal antibodies and vaccines would probably only be needed in kids with lung disease like cystic fibrosis.
We need to use risk stratification and not blanket the entire population.
Sure, sure.
Only if a mother is an intravenous drug addict or crackhead will we even look at this stuff then.
Right, for hepatitis B, that's right, and probably only a child with cystic fibrosis or otherwise have lung disease for the respiratory syncytial virus.
You know, we're doing overkill by trying to inject everybody, and it's a big gravy train for these companies if every single human being born takes all these injections.
All right, we got about 10 minutes left and there's so much to hit.
I know Jamie Foxx sought you out.
You had a private conversation.
It wasn't as an official doctor.
You were very nice and didn't say what he said, but that it was about the vaccine.
You said a week and a half ago on the national news for folks that missed it, you basically said he's not being entirely honest.
I'm not mad at him.
I'm not mad at LeBron James.
But, you know, this whole thing of Delmar, all of them, this stuff happens and they clam up.
Obviously, they're being approached or being told.
When you said that, can you elaborate or why you're saying Jamie's not being entirely honest?
Well, let me tell you, in 2021, I met Jamie Foxx, we talked, we took pictures, and he knew the risks of these vaccines.
And what Hollywood reporter A.J.
Benza, who's apparently close to people involved, says, Benza says that Jamie was essentially forced to take a shot to be on a movie set.
And then he suffered a stroke.
Now, Jamie is not heard from for months, then he comes out and makes his own video.
And he says that, you know, he's had a very severe illness.
He's had tubes in him, presumably an endotracheal tube and a feeding tube.
He's obviously lost a tremendous amount of weight.
His left side of his face has changed, looks partially paralyzed.
You know, I can tell you as a doctor, he looks like he's had a stroke.
And any type of stroke where you have a feeding tube and a tracheal tube is a very serious stroke.
So what's the end conclusion?
You know, he's probably had a vaccine-induced stroke.
What Jamie's not doing, he's not coming out and being honest with the public.
simply telling us what happened and the reason why he should be honest is
because he can favorably help other people. If he warns other people it's
gonna have a big influence he has a big following. The same is true for Damar
Hamlin, for Bronnie James, for all of these individuals.
Justin Bieber, look at Justin Bieber's face is frozen.
He's missed two years of concerts.
He has Ramsey Hunt syndrome, the same syndrome that actually Nancy Pelosi has.
You know, these are signature vaccine injury syndromes.
Sure, and how many hundreds of athletes have dropped dead?
I mean, it's usually one dies a year.
It's top news just every day.
I think about Ernest Ramirez.
He believed the social contract was there.
He believed it would protect him and his son and they would help others.
They went out and got the Pfizer shot.
He was okay.
His son died four days later.
He was a sports guy, went to play basketball, fell down dead, 14 years old.
He didn't cower and shut up.
He went out and saved probably millions of lives, potentially.
On the talk circuit, I'm just asking them, be like Ernest Ramirez.
Speak up so that the death... I mean, we don't blame Ernest.
He believed the system.
He believed he was... He believed... He was speaking a lie.
He believed the medical system that we now know is captured to a great extent.
And we need to be more like Ernest Ramirez Sr.
You know, not just letting his son die in vain, but save a lot of lives in the process.
That's right.
And you know, another family doing this is the Phillips family.
You know, their son, Sean Phillips, hockey player up in Canada, dies about a month after the shot.
I've been asked to be an expert in that case.
I've looked at the data.
You know, I can tell you, I've looked at the autopsy report of Ernest Ramirez.
The parents are right.
The vaccine is the cause of death in these young people and the autopsy shows it.
Well, it's just amazing when we look at that photo of Ernest Ramirez there.
And you know, you've given us so many big guests.
You've recommended other guests we should have on.
You told me about a guy, a man that worked in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that's going to be coming to town to be on Del Big Trees, a high wire show.
So send us any big guest you think we should have on.
Tell us about that individual.
Yeah, why don't you bring him up?
Gert Vandenbosch.
He's formerly Gates Foundation.
He's a veterinarian by training, just like Albert Bourla.
But, you know, he trained and he worked at the Gates Foundation, other big pharmaceutical companies.
And what Vandenbosch said is he said it is going to be a disaster if we vaccinate the entire world for this problem.
Because anytime you vaccinate the entire world, there he is, Gert Vandenbosch.
You know what he said?
He said that all you're going to do is make the virus more and more resistant to these vaccines, and the virus is going to hang around forever.
And Alex, that's exactly what's happened.
If we didn't vaccinate the entire world, this thing should have burned out by now.
I mean, come on, it's still out there.
You said that three years ago, and it's proven true.
Which they know is common sense virology.
I'm not a virologist, and I know that.
An epidemiologist, all those terms.
Who else should we interview?
Because if we're going to get him on, who else should we talk to?
You know, I got to tell you, I think there's some terrific people who are doing great work.
Probably one of the people who's keeping the best track of athletes, Alex, John Stockton.
Remember, he played as a guard for the Utah Jazz Superstar.
He's keeping track of every U.S.
athlete, high school, college, and pro.
Bring him on!
And, you know, bring him on with Michelle Tafoya.
Remember Michelle?
She was on Monday Night Football.
You know, they appear frequently together.
She took the shot, and now she's lost her job with the NFL.
She's not supporting the vaccines.
So I can tell you, we need to hear more about these athletes.
I think these public figures are very important to come forward.
And to disclose what's happened.
We need to hear it.
The people have heard from you and me, Alex.
I'm a doctor.
I'm trying to do the best I can.
But we need to hear from other public figures who are willing to come out and tell the truth.
Well, absolutely.
And something important to note is they're not just gearing up with this U.N.
treaty that takes over our bodies and our health care that Biden's former task force head heads up at the U.N.
They're still trying to make us take shots to go to Europe.
They're trying to make people take shots to come here, though they claim they backed off.
They're still trying to make people that work at hospitals take them.
They're still trying to make you take them to go to private schools or college.
They've not stopped all this bullying at the airlines, everywhere.
This is ongoing.
It's true.
You know, there's a Twitter account, No College Mandates.
A woman named Lucia runs it.
There's still 100 colleges that are mandating These shots, you know, in the state of Massachusetts, a few days ago, they introduced a bill that would force both the flu shot and the COVID shot.
On kids, if they wanted to attend school in Massachusetts, it's still going on.
What I want the parents to know is that the COVID-19 vaccines are not safe, not effective, and you know, they cause permanent damage and problems.
Last night I was at a meeting in Dallas, Alex, and I gave a lecture.
A man came up to me, told me about his nephew.
His nephew was at Indiana University, was forced to take the shot.
And develop blood clots shot to his lungs, blood clots in his brain.
Now the kid is absolutely destroyed.
His aspirations of going to college are gone.
Parents need to prioritize their kids' health.
The kids need to wake up and understand these vaccines are an imminent threat to their health and survival.
It's the beginning, the leading edge of the depopulation agenda to see if they can get away with it.
It's a beta test.
Imagine what the real attack would look like.
In closing, Because I get this question on the street and on air more than any other question.
And it's, what do we do if we haven't had the shots or we have had the shots to get the spike protein out?
I've had Dr. Mickiewicz on and she said, hey, I love your nitric boost formula.
It has a bunch of compounds that are known to clean up the blood and things.
I know I'm working with you guys.
And all the doctors and scientists you have in the online pharmacy and more at OnlineHealthNow.com.
And that takes you guys to the wellness company.
You're the chief science officer of OnlineHealthNow.com.
It is so important for people to realize, whether you have the shot or not, with the things going on in our environment, the things that are happening, there are things God gave us through Mother Nature that help us overall be a lot healthier.
So I know we don't have a Holy Grail yet, but from the research, What should people be looking for to try to make sure that their cardiovascular system is healthier?
We have a major paper coming out, fully accepted now in the peer-reviewed literature, Alex.
Go to onlinehealthnow.com and get Spike Support, wellness company, best-in-class Spike Support, two capsules twice a day.
That's going to be bolstered by curcumin, 500 milligrams twice a day, and bromelain, 500 milligrams a day.
So three things.
We call it base Spike Support.
You can add Nitric Boost and so many products you have in your store to that.
But again, base Spike Support.
Is the wellness company spike formula two capsules twice a day plus bromelain 500 milligrams a day plus curcumin Preferably the best kind liposomal 500 milligrams twice a day that will come out we're gonna widely message this This will be the answer to start getting rid of some of the spike protein in the body that the body can't break down itself People are getting loaded with this stuff because the vaccine genetic code doesn't turn off And then what about the sloughing?
I've read medical journals that say it does exist.
Does it exist?
How bad is it, the shedding?
Yeah, it does.
Now, Alex, I've interviewed Helene Bannoune, a former research scientist at Inserm, one of the top institutes in France.
She's in Marseille.
Alex is real.
Shedding is real.
People are getting shed on by spike protein.
The women know this because it changes their periods.
They feel sick.
And we think probably a lot of extensive close contact.
They may transfer the vaccine itself, certainly.
Well, I've seen a lot of liberal women that bought all the propaganda, but didn't take the shot, but their boyfriend or husband did, and now they have just ruined periods.
It's true.
There was a big project in the UK called the EVA Project.
And you know, about three quarters of women actually experience shedding from another person, from vaccinated, where that changes their period.
So it's real.
OnlineHealthNow.com, that's the wellness company.
Tell people just briefly all the different great services that are there.
Well this company has verticals of health education, nutraceuticals and product, lead product, spike support, the best in class product that exists, all US sourced, of the highest quality, doctors have certified all of these, it has telemedicine.
Doctors on call, by demand, community dentistry, community pharmacies.
If people need treatment for COVID, they need ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, they need exemptions from vaccines, go to onlinehealthnow.com and sign up.
Monthly fee is less than $10.
See a doctor is $60.
They even have programs, Alex, where monthly fees, people can get unlimited healthcare.
And let's expand on this.
The Google sends you to all the bad people on average, but there are a lot of good scientists and doctors and nurses and pharmacies.
That's where you find Dr. Peter McCullough.
And then we just build our movement of liberty and we support the good doctors and nurses and pharmacies.
It's a win-win.
Healthcare without the propaganda.
They're an amazing group and organization and sponsor of this show.
Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you for your tireless work.
Have a great weekend.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thank you.
And please send me all the guests you want on the show.
I totally respect you and love you.
Say hi to your wife.
All right, I'm going to come back, introduce the next news and information.
And then as I told you, I'm back live tomorrow, noon central.
You don't want to miss that on Saturday.
When hope and love has been lost and you fall to the ground, you must find a way.
(upbeat music)
When the darkness descends and you're told it's the end, you must find a way.
When God decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way.
You will find a way.
Dig down and find faith.
When you're close to the edge, with a gun to your head, you must find a way.
We have entered the fray, and we will not obey.
We must find a way and find faith.
We won't let them divide us.
We will never abide.
We will find a way.
Infowars.com All right, the mighty Jay Dyer, expert historian on the New World Order, goes right to their documents.
You want to hear it from the enemy's own mouth?
Well, he'll be there documenting it.
He's not the enemy, but he'll be reading the enemy's own statements.
Coming up in the balance of the hour in T-minus five minutes from now.
And tomorrow I'm coming in to do at least two hours live with the Q Shaman.
As he's known colloquially, but really, Jake Chansley.
And also, then I'm going to hit this, because I said I would do it, and I have this problem.
I do a bunch of research, and then the stack builds up over like two weeks.
So I've got two weeks of pinot news and clips that is just insane.
And then I got busy with all the other news and all the other guests, and I didn't hit it.
Tomorrow, all these stacks right here, NBC News promoting sex camps for five-year-olds.
You can't make this up.
That's one article.
Look at these headlines.
Groomer alert!
NBC promotes Pride summer camp for LGBTPS kids.
Journalism professor claims children should be exposed to adult genitalia to prepare them to accept transgenderism.
Swiss study finds COVID vaccine hurt injury up to 20 times more common previously claimed.
Sorry, that's the wrong stack.
Look at this.
Here's the actual report saying sexualize your children.
Former Hays, this is right here in Austin, CISD band director sentenced to 30 years for child pornography.
It's just everywhere.
Board certified physician assistant is upset some middle schools aren't teaching kids about the sensations of anal sex.
FBI finds 200 sex trafficking victims, including children.
And then it gets into all the other stacks I've got right here.
And this is broken in the last few weeks.
I've talked about it some, but it turns out a bunch of the journalists saying pedophilia doesn't exist.
Pizzagate doesn't exist.
They're pedos that rape children in their own words, and we're seeking to rape babies.
Baby rapers.
That's all.
I mean, look.
Here's your... Here, he's ready to babysit.
So we're going to be hitting all of that as well tomorrow on the Saturday show 12 noon Central.
Then of course the Sunday show 4 p.m.
4 to 6 and Owen comes in with Sunday live 6 to 8 p.m.
Coming up next Monday and Tuesday there's gonna be some big announcements.
Gee I wasn't gonna launch big shows and I wasn't gonna you know work with other big groups but Gee, they just want me to shut up, so... I guess I'm gonna rise to the challenge.
The Eye of the Tiger.
In fact, can we queue up Eye of the Tiger?
Maybe in the last minute, go out with that, if you can find it.
As soon as you get Eye of the Tiger, because... Rising up!
Straight to the top!
Had the guts, got the glory.
Now that I'm on the top, I'm not gonna stop.
Praise God and pass the ammunition and the info war.
And don't forget, Vitamineral Fusion back in stock, Nitric Boost back in stock, Colloidal Silver back in stock, all big discounts, InfoWarsTore.com.
Without you, roll whenever you're ready.
Without you, we will not be on air.
We will lose the New World Order.
But if you take action, nothing can stop our human... Nothing can stop our intelligence.
Nothing can stop the organic resistance.
I can feel your power.
I can feel the history of your ancestors.
So it's time to roll up those sleeves and tell the globalists, I don't know how this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
Our enemies are afraid.
They know we've already broken their back.
The only question is, can they claw us into hell with them?
So pray to God and pass the ammunition.
Jay Dyer takes over straight ahead.
Great job, crew.
And then 3 p.m.
Central, the War Room with the vaunted Owen Schreier!
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You can follow me also on all the social media outlets under my name, Jay Dyer.
Today, I'm going to be talking about something that was brought up early on in today's show, and that's Operation Mockingbird.
I just did a really long deep dive on Mockingbird on my channel.
That'll be a two-part series.
You can get into that by subscribing to me on my website or at Rockfin.
But I want to distill that, kind of break it down into the essence of what this is all about for you guys.
And I think Mockingbird matters because if you want to understand the architecture of how they implemented and ran the Twitter file censorship, the big tech collusion and all of that, We really have to go back and look at Mockingbird, which is the predecessor to all of this.
And this was really the CIA's Cold War management scheme for controlling media.
Now, it kind of ballooned into a worldwide control mechanism that is still in place.
In fact, there was a journalist who went on RT some years ago.
His name is Uwe, U-W-E from Germany, talking about how the CIA was still controlling German media up into the time of the Iraq War and all the way up into the propaganda that they want to put out for, I think, the Assad regime and all that.
So in 1948, we go back to the cold right before the real heat of the Cold War, so to speak, before it's really ramping up right when it kicks off.
You had a guy named Frank Wisner who was appointed the director of the Office of Special Projects.
That eventually became the Office of Policy Coordination, which as we've discussed in many of my lectures, was really the CIA's early black ops section.
It had this really innocuous name of Office of Policy Coordination, but that was because it was actually engaged in espionage, counterintelligence, propaganda, economic warfare, preventative direct action, Demolition, evacuation, subversion, etc.
The justification for all this was, of course, the Cold War.
We have to fight against anything that the Soviets are going to do.
Later on in that time frame, Wisner established what he called Operation Mockingbird.
And it was stated to originally be a program that would influence all domestic American media.
His first recruit was Philip Graham, husband of Catherine Graham of the Washington Post.
This project was essentially then expanded out to multiple other media outlets.
They recruited at that time people who had formerly been in military intelligence and then went into the news and media section of the economy.
This included people like James Truitt, Russell Wiggins, Phil Galen, John Hayes, Alan Barth, Stuart Alsop, Joseph Alsop, James Reston.
All of these were originally recruited out of the Jesuit University of Georgetown.
They're known as the Georgetown Set.
According to Deborah Davis in her book, Catherine the Great, about Catherine Graham, by the 1950s, Frank Wisner of the CIA owned the special respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS, and all of the other major communications vehicles.
So by the 1950s, This was firmly in place domestically to control American media, to put out what the establishment wanted.
And everybody bought into this, not because they were bad people or because they were nefarious, but again, because of the exaggerated threat of the Soviets.
And we now know, going back to the Kenan doctrine, going back to containment, going back to what they wanted at the time of the Cold War, people like C.D.
Jackson, was to exaggerate the Soviet threat.
Doesn't mean that there weren't Soviet spies, doesn't mean there weren't NKVD, doesn't mean there weren't people like Aldrich Hiss or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, but those stories were exaggerated and trumped up to implement the control mechanism.
And you'll see this pattern all the time.
Where has this pattern recently been repeated?
Oh, Russia.
Buying bots and supposedly stealing the election.
Russia hacking the DNC.
All these lies that justified the implementation of the control mechanisms of social media that are still in place.
They're still in place, they're still there, on the basis of the supposed Russia bot farms and collusion.
Exact same model and structure of, going back to the Cold War, Mockingbird.
I'm not saying the Soviets are good guys.
I'm not saying that everybody in America is a bad guy.
I'm just pointing out the reality of the power politics that the control structure and the mechanism, the architecture of that control is the exact same system.
It's just been updated to Mockingbird 2.0 rather than Mockingbird 1.0 with all of these legacy media outlets.
One of the most important journalists recruited under this was Alsup.
And I also went to recruit and help with other journalists being recruited.
This included the New York Tribune, New York Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, through Henry Luce and C.D.
Jackson, The Daily Mirror, Walter Lippmann, some people out of Tavistock Institute, Hal Hendricks, Miami News, Chicago Daily News, and Hal Hendricks matters because he's one of the key figures in the JFK event.
So it's actually Hal Hendricks that supplies the information that Lee Harvey Oswald is the patsy or is the person behind it.
He leaked that information before anyone else knew about Lee Harvey Oswald or even the FBI knew about Lee Harvey Oswald.
So in other words, that was a story planted on purpose by Hal Hendricks from Miami News That's now all admitted, and this also involved the buying of the Zapruder film by Henry Luce, who paid, I think, $100,000 for the film at that time.
William C. Bragg, Herb Gold, Miami News, Chattanooga Times, basically all the major news outlets, for the most part, were gradually being recruited into having editors and journalists who were either bought off or actual assets of the CIA.
And the way they would do this was either buy them off or provide them with classified info to give them a hot leak or a hot story.
At the 1950s, this network was then overseen by Alan Dulles, the new director of the CIA.
By this time, Mockingbird had now influenced over 25 major newspapers, including William Paley, former OSS and now with CBS, Henry Luce of Time Magazine, and a host of other new recruits.
The Office of Policy Coordination was funded by siphoning off funds from the Marshall Plan.
So this is, again, what kicks off the Cold War when Stalin rejects the Marshall Plan.
That's exactly what causes the Cold War to kick into high gear.
In fact, in 1954, Wisner arranged for the funding of a Hollywood project, Animal Farm, based on George Orwell's novel.
3,000 salaried contract CIA employees were eventually engaged in this giant propaganda effort.
In fact, at this time, the CIA began to plot to overthrow governments in Iran and Guatemala.
And Henry Luce played a key role in this because as the skull and bones controller of Time Magazine, Luce's politics hardened in the post-war years by becoming increasingly Cold War obsessed.
And that's because they wanted this Cold War to be ramped up.
And it's fraudulent because the same people engaging in this would later be suspected of themselves being communists.
I'm talking about people from the CIA like Cord Meyer, people engaged in a lot of the Cold War activities.
They were investigated and suspect by the FBI and the McCarthy hearings, questioned by the McCarthyites because They seem to be supporting so many communist, socialist, leftist ideas.
And yet they're supposed to be the CIA.
I thought they were fighting the Cold War.
Why are they training Mao's guerrillas?
Why are they funding communist regimes?
Why are they helping out communists in other countries while they're also supposedly fighting them?
Well, these suspicions eventually led to hearings, and the reason that McCarthy and other people couldn't figure this out, the people from the John Birch Society, was that they figured out, hey, wait, this actually goes up above and beyond Moscow.
This actually seems to point to very wealthy, powerful people in the military-industrial complex, very wealthy, powerful people in the West, families, banking dynasties.
Industrialists, robber barons, they seem to be really pushing and supporting communism and socialism.
And in other words, Fabian Socialism.
And that didn't go away because guess what?
Some of the people involved in crafting the Steele dossier, the Peagate nonsense, well they just happen to be Fabian Socialists and members of the Fabian Socialist elite of the UK, exactly.
But to get back to Henry Luce, we need to talk about him because Luce has these connections not just to Skull and Bones and the CIA, but we're going to find out that there's Hollywood connections.
Even at this time, for example, they were engaging in sexual psyops.
Claire Booth Luce, for example, the wife of Henry Luce, was known to be a honey trap, a sexual spy.
And she made her way around to compromise people.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
We're doing Operation Mockingbird when we come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're covering the history of Operation Mockingbird so that you have a good idea of the way that media control has been exercised in the past.
And then we'll come to understand this architecture of the present day media control which is just passed over into Mockingbird 2.0 via Twitter files, via tech collusion, via mass deleting and banning of people like Alex Jones.
My website was deleted in 2018 at the exact same time as Alex was deplatformed across all Social media.
So I was kind of lumped in with you guys there because we're all trying to discuss the truth, get to the bottom of all of the issues.
And even if we get one or two things wrong, we're about 90 to 95% accurate on everything else.
So that's why the system is so scared.
That's why they have to resort to typical, tyrannical, heavy-handed tactics like banning, deplatforming and so forth.
And everybody knows this, but remember that for many years they said, no, that doesn't exist.
There's no deplatforming.
We don't do that.
And now it's come out.
Oh, that was all lies.
We're going back to the Cold War period, the 1950s.
Claire Booth Luce, the sex operative spy wife of Henry Luce of Time Magazine.
She was actually engaged in going around and compromising and in fact, even had a role in To a degree, what amounts to Gladio operations in Italy, because she did a lot of colluding there with the Gladio operatives there.
According to the book, there was basically a mini book that I'm reading Operation Mockingbird by John Simpkin, which you can go read over at Spartacus Educational.
It's a really good, lengthy treatment with a lot of footnotes and references to the history of Mockingbird.
Another book that came out called Spiritual Industrial Complex by Jonathan Herzog also deals with the co-opting of a lot of these religious and Hollywood forces via Mockingbird, including figures like Cardinal Spellman, who comes up in the David Wimhoff book quite a bit as somebody who was potentially compromised.
And as we read through the text, he talks about how they realized that it would be much more successful if they were able to compromise and recruit people from Hollywood.
Because Hollywood would play a key role beyond just what we get in Time Magazine, right?
Because they realize that fictional stories are much more effective.
This ties into the two books that I wrote on Hollywood and symbolism, Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2, which you can get signed copies at my website in the shop.
Because I talked about this many, many years ago as well, that Hollywood's really a giant engine of propaganda.
And that has a lot of facets to it, including things like predictive programming, including things like basic level propaganda, war propaganda, and so forth.
And once we understand that, we can really understand how destructive and powerful that entity is.
Even though nowadays it's kind of losing ground to the Internet, Hollywood has still been effective in basically demoralizing and deconstructing the United States of America.
But I think it's a mistake to think that this is all the work of Soviets and Communists.
You have to understand that people like Henry Luce, who believed that, quote, a morally slanted press was a responsible press, because that meant they could be controlled, that meant they could be steered.
In fact, it was the success of Communism in the Cold War period in other countries that made the American power elite worried that If there wasn't something to replace the loss of spiritual foundation in the West, that people might fall to communism.
And so the new push became Americanism and democracy as a new form of almost quasi-religious commitment.
This is why we see Hollywood, for example, beginning to push Americanism in this Cold War period through a lot of films, as well as the churches beginning to push Americanism because they're now becoming tools of soft power.
Again, it doesn't mean that I am saying that Soviets are good because the church is being utilized by the American government to push Americanism.
It just means that now the church is taking on a new master.
This new master will be a choice between kind of a Marxist-Socialist idea of liberal social gospel and liberation theology, or will it choose Americanism and the principles of America?
Of course, neither of those is actually what Christian theology is.
But the state and power players typically have a vested interest in turning the church into an adjunct of its own power, to make the church into a tentacle of the octopus of power.
And that goes all the way back to the medieval world as well, when you have, for example, Byzantine emperors in the Byzantine Empire who wanted to make the church into their own version of Christianity.
Maybe they believed in this or that view, and so they want to turn the church into basically something that they control.
The same thing happened in the medieval Renaissance papacy, where the papacy becomes a tool of certain powerful families like Borgias and Medicis and so forth.
So by the 1950s, as we said, we get a new head eventually of these offices of OPC that merge with other directorates of planning to become the new office of the DPP.
At this time, this is important because Hoover was getting to be a little jealous of the growing power that the CIA now had.
And Hoover famously described the OPC as Wisner's gang of weirdos.
He began carrying out investigations into members of the OPC and their past, and this is when we get a lot of suspicions of activities of OPC members in left-wing politics all the way back to the 1930s.
The information then from Hoover was passed on to other members of the OPC, And other members of the Intelligence Apparatus, FBI, and eventually this comes back to McCarthy.
In fact, Hoover gave McCarthy details that Frank Wisner had had an affair with the Princess of Romania.
Her name was Princess Karajan.
And Hoover hoped that this would sort of tarnish and mess up the OPC because if it could be shown that Wisner was colluding with a suspected Soviet, this princess, Then this would undo the OPC.
So you have these kind of internal power dynamics between the FBI and the CIA slash OPC here.
McCarthy then began accusing other members of the CIA of being very high-level security risks.
So this is where we're starting to get McCarthyism.
You see it ties into this stuff to Wisner and the OPC.
McCarthy even said at this time that the CIA was a sinkhole of communists.
He claimed that he would root out a hundred of them.
One of those first targets was the famous CIA operative, Cord Meier.
Meier was still working for Mockingbird.
In 1953, Richard Helms, who was Wisner's deputy at the OPC, told Meier that McCarthy was after him.
The FBI then added to the smear by announcing that it was unwilling to give Cord Meier any security clearance.
So now if you saw Oppenheimer, right, this is what you saw in that movie, right?
Because Oppenheimer was part of the same time period of being suspect of, oh, he's involved in labor union and Marxist causes.
Maybe he's a Marxist.
But the real issue here is that that's just one level of this that people were not really figuring out.
John Birch Society and Joseph McCarthy were gradually kind of sniffing around the edges of the fact that the real threat here was not a foreign power, but was actually the wealthiest people in the West.
And they started to actually figure that out, and that's why they got shut down.
So there's a level of truth to which, yeah, some of these people in the CIA were not communists or radical Marxists in the sense of being Soviets.
They were Fabian socialists.
And that's what they couldn't figure out.
Because the people running British intelligence, many of them were Fabian Socialists.
That's Marxism-Socialism allied to big money capital.
And that's why it was confusing so many people.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And you can follow me there.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis.
I want to remind you guys that if you're looking for some good entertaining debates, I've got a big debate coming up tomorrow night with one of the top Muslims, Daniel Hikikachu, and I will be doing a debate tomorrow night.
If you go to my social media, you'll see it.
I'll be posting the link everywhere, so follow me on Twitter or on YouTube or Or wherever you'll find that debate.
I think tomorrow night in the evening seven or so somewhere in there and other debates coming up to in the near future with the multiple Islamic opponents Jake the Muslim So-called metaphysician will be doing a debate.
I think in the near future as well.
So look for those debates coming up In regard to that'll be I think my fifth or sixth Islamic debate that I've done and I want to get back to this issue though of McCarthy and Because things are now heating up in this Cold War period, the 1950s, and when Cord Meyer is not given security clearance, much like in Oppenheimer, when you see that he's denied his security clearance, the FBI then refuses to explain why.
Allen Dulles then counters with this, coming to the defense and refuses the FBI the ability to interrogate Cord Meyer.
McCarthy then realized That he didn't realize what he was taking on.
Wisner then unleashed his mighty Wurlitzer of the press, and the entire press came after to destroy McCarthy.
Drew Pearson, Joe Allison, Anderson, Walter Lippmann of the Tafelstock Institute, and Edward R. Murrow all went after McCarthy.
So you understand the real background to this is it's a little more complicated and nuanced.
It's not just right-wingers versus commies.
It's more complex than that.
The press all went into a full attack mode and permanently damaged, basically destroyed McCarthy and the coverage regarding Wisner.
Now remember, McCarthy is concerned that there's Soviets and Communists in the government.
But at this time, everybody thinks that it's Stalin and the NKVD running all of this.
And there's a level to which, yes, there were NKVD operatives.
But what's happening is that McCarthy is starting to realize, hey, wait a minute, there's actually a lot of CIA people connected to the CFR because, as you guys remember, many of the early CIA directors and heads, there's a whole string of them, 12 or 15 of them, they're all from the CFR.
McCarthy's beginning to realize that, hey, a lot of these Council on Foreign Relations people, they seem to be kind of on the same page with socialism.
But they're not Soviets, but even some of them want to align with and reconcile and have a new global government where capitalism merges with Sovietism, the third way.
And so they're starting to figure out, hey, wait a minute, some of these people that are very wealthy, that are even involved in the Cold War, they might be anti-Soviet, but they're not actually anti-Marxist or anti-Socialist.
You see the difference there?
This is why the OSS and CIA bring all of the Frankfurt School Marxists over to the U.S.
to be engaged in cultural warfare or cultural Marxism.
Mockingbird then went into active attack to engage in overthrows of foreign governments, including Arbenz, Guatemala.
Henry Luce was able to censor stories, for example, that would ever appear sympathetic towards anything against This establishment's cause.
Alan Dulles was even able to keep journalists that were critical of these events from traveling anywhere near Guatemala.
Now, again, that doesn't mean that the communists or the socialists are good guys.
It just means that this control mechanism is in place and it's now beginning to extend to foreign governments and foreign news stories.
Frank Wisner then steps into the realm of Hollywood.
And according to Hugh Wilford in his book, Mighty Warlitzer, How the CIA Played America, The CIA then began to take on the notion of cultural Cold War.
This is the work of Frances Stoner Saunders and her book, The CIA and the Cultural Cold War.
Now they want to recruit patriotic anti-communist movie studios.
And again, please think beyond the dialectic here.
It's playing on people's patriotism to get them to support not a real anti-communism, but a Fabian socialist merged model, you see.
This is why the world government that we're going into now is not run by actual outright Marxists or Soviets.
It's run by Fabians who align with big capital.
This is why Klaus has a bust of Lenin.
This is why David Rockefeller wrote about how he liked Mao Zedong.
Wisner was helped by the fact that the House Un-American Activities Committee, chaired by Parnell Thomas, was carrying out investigations into the Hollywood Ten.
Hollywood, HUAC, they interviewed 41 people from Hollywood, including everybody knows about the Hollywood 10, like Bogart and Catherine Hepburn and so forth.
Others like Bertolt Brecht, a playwright, eventually moved to East Germany.
So some of these people were actually into Sovietism, right?
CIA and FBI provided right-wing Sovietism producer Vincent Hardin information about all the left-wing figures in Hollywood.
But again, part of this was really to just hype up the notion of a Cold War and the threat from the Communists.
Because Humphrey Bogart and Gavin Hepburn, they had star power and influence.
They weren't literally turning the country into a Marxist hellhole.
People like David Rockefeller had a lot more power to turn the country into a socialist hellhole.
Then we enter figures like Howard Hughes, who come onto the scene.
Excuse me, I mean, Howard Hughes is already on the scene, but I'm saying that he comes into the picture because he gets involved in the Cold War as well and wants any future profits for any future Soviet wars.
According to Saunders, in her 2000 book, Who Paid the Piper, Wisner recruited several important figures for Operation Mockingbird in Hollywood.
This included OSS filmmaker John Ford, Studio bosses Cecil B. DeMille of Paramount and Daryl Zanuck of 20th Century Fox.
This is where we begin to get the Hollywood studios recruited into this operation.
Even Howard Hughes, boss of RKO Pictures, according to Charles Hyam, was involved in this because Hughes was interested in the anti-communist crusade so that he could have airline profits from Korean and future Soviet wars.
So it wasn't really about Americanism and winning against the Russians or something like that.
But that's important to understand that this is now the recruitment of Hollywood figures.
And if you saw the recent Guy Ritchie film that was a pretty decent action spy comedy called Operation Fortune, in that Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza movie, you'll notice that they recruit an actor, right?
Josh Hartnett plays a famous actor who's blackmailed.
So they go to this actor and they say, hey, we know about you and your mistress.
You're going to come work for us in this intelligence operation run by British intelligence, which is, I guess, again, about AI.
So it turns out that Just like in the Mission Impossible film, there's an AI that's going to be set loose that will basically cause the world's financial markets through a cyber attack to collapse.
And so British intelligence saves us from the cyber attack, sure.
Yeah, right.
No, they would be the actual ones running the cyber attack, not saving us.
Problem, reaction, solution.
But that movie echoes, in a lot of ways, this new Guy Ritchie movie, what we're talking about here.
Going to these figures like Howard Hughes, Cecil B. DeMille, and saying, hey, we want you to start helping us out with the Cold War.
Aren't you a patriot?
Do you want the commies to win?
No, you're going to work for us now.
Now, why does all this matter for today?
Because it's no different than now.
What happens now with the propaganda that's churned out, say, in the last 20 years from Hollywood, or from the blue checkmark army of controlled, co-opted fake journalists, is the exact same as the model what they did back then.
The only difference is that now it's online.
Then it was print media and Hollywood.
Now it's online with Twitter files, including with, as the Biden administration just admitted, yeah, we asked Facebook to censor anything we didn't like.
And they did, right?
So, same in the COUF.
The Office of Strategic Services, as its Chief Deputy of Psychological Warfare, C.D.
Jackson, in 1943.
Jackson was also head of the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Expeditionary Force, and then he went to work for Henry Luce, Skull & Bones, at Time Magazine.
And this gets into Eisenhower, and when Eisenhower starts to learn about this, this is where we get the famous military-industrial complex speech.
He's talking about this stuff.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Jay's analysis in the fourth hour covering Operation Mockingbird and how it's really the architecture and model for the regime's Total control and censorship across media, not just in the old print legacy media or the old TV network media in Hollywood, but now also a model for NewsGuard and how they censor everything online and the collusion between the regime and Facebook for the last several years.
And the excuses of Donald Trump and Russia collusion and Peagate and the bot farms, all of which has been shown and admitted now to be completely made up, completely deceptive.
And as I said, some of the British intelligence operatives who were involved in the crafting of the Peagate narrative, they're actually openly Fabian socialist figures.
As we said, This figure, C.D.
Jackson, is important because as the managing director of Time-Life International, working for C.D.
Jackson in one of the largest publishing empires at that time, he really just became a complete mouthpiece of the CIA.
And remember, C.D.
Jackson is also the architect of the CIA's doctrinal warfare program, which is intent on co-opting all of the churches for the Cold War in order to make them the mouthpiece of Americanism.
Now again, you might think, yeah, but that was justified because we had the communist threat.
Yeah, but now that explains why the Vatican and all these other entities, our controlled religious institutions, now echoing the World Economic Forum talking points.
Because they took on masters at this time.
You understand?
And it's no different with the media.
The media echoes the same mouthpiece disinformation talking points because they're owned by these people.
Same structure still in place, just transferred over to Big Tech.
In fact, according to the Eisenhower Presidential Library, C.D.
Jackson's area of responsibility was defined as international affairs, Cold War planning, and psychological warfare.
Jackson was a key figure in Operation Mockingbird, and this was revealed after his death in 1971.
His wife gave her husband's papers to the Eisenhower Library.
It was then Made clear that he was in contact with CIA operatives at various Hollywood studios.
It's speculated in various books as to who those CIA operatives might be at MGM, RKO, and other studios in order to ensure that the scripts, screenplays, and Hollywood films were put out in line with the establishment's narrative at that time.
Again, it doesn't mean that communism is good any more than I think that the regime's narrative of radical Islam, even though that was a PSYOP through the 90s and into the 2000s, right?
That was utilizing Islam at that time for the War on Terror as part of the PSYOP to pick an enemy, exaggerate that enemy, and then use that enemy as the regime's excuse to do whatever censorship, whatever they want to do.
Think about The Smith-Muth Act.
The Smith-Muth Act went away right before all of the Pegate stuff.
Now, the regime has done propaganda to the American people, like we're saying here, all the way back to the beginning of the big newspapers and the big networks, right?
But after the Smith-Munt Act, I think in 2013, going away, now it just became legal to do, right?
So they just removed one of the roadblocks.
It makes it even easier to do now.
And I don't think it's accidental that after that you get the stay-behind units of the Obama-Biden regime basically running all these operations against Trump.
And that's where we get the integrity leaks.
That's where we get this establishment narrative concocted that Trump was a Russian agent.
It's the same people.
These are the same people, I'm saying, running the same strategies of the War on Terror OBL stuff and the Cold War stuff.
So my critique of this establishment's approach Does not mean that communism is good or Soviets were good any more than it means that I'm saying that Osama Bin Laden and the Salafis and the Wahhabis and radical Islam are good.
I can disagree with both positions, you see.
And all I'm trying to illustrate to you guys in the audience is that in order to understand how we got to where we are today, we go back to the cancelling of the Cold War.
People getting cancelled back then.
In the 1950s, Wisner's OPC arranged for Joe Brain to recruit anti-communist filmmaker Louis de Rochemont to produce a movie in Britain that was disguised to keep it hidden as a CIA project.
In fact, they created a shell corporation at that time called Touchstone.
This is different than the Disney Touchstone pictures from the 80s.
And E. Howard Hunt, the basis for Tom Cruise's character in Mission Impossible, Ethan Hunt, was one of the key agents involved in the production of the film Animal Farm.
His role was to remove the socialist elements in Orwell's allegory.
So even Orwell's allegory wasn't enough because Orwell was talking about not Stalinism per se, but Fabian Socialism.
Now, in 1984, you could argue that he's talking about the danger of Stalinism and Ingsoc, or English socialism.
But Animal Farm was still not conservative enough, and so they even wanted to edit that.
And again, I'm not pro-Soviet.
I'm just pointing out that you understand that the CIA is now getting directly involved in full-on fake movie companies.
Shell Corporation movie companies.
Now do you think that they stopped doing that?
Or do you think maybe that Zero Dark Thirty and American Sniper and these other films coming out, maybe those are the same types of things.
Do you understand then how it's a control mechanism?
That's what I'm trying to get across to you.
In fact, the CIA did not like certain scenes in the movie and in the story of Animal Farm where the pigs and dogs face a liberation-style uprising of the other animals, so they wanted to even alter the existing story and script.
In fact, the CIA then told the other studios that they would like to see more democracy pushed in Hollywood and in films, because the Soviets might try to capitalize on a lack of democracy in films.
In fact, Graham Greene, who published the 1955 novel, The Quiet American, wrote the novel as a critique of the American approach to the Vietnam War.
In that novel, an aid worker, goes under the cover of aid worker, is really a spy, employed by the CIA, and that character is based on the real world PSYOP CIA figure of Edward Lansdale.
Graham Greene then worked for the British Intelligence at that time and wrote this novel as a critique.
And then ironically, the novel, which was a critique, was turned into a pro-American story that recruited Audie Murphy to play the key role of the Edward Lansdale character.
So what was originally a critique of American foreign policy actually became a propaganda film when they cast Audie Murphy as Alden Pyle in Graham Greene's story.
Now again, I'm not saying that that makes communism good.
I'm just giving you examples of how the intelligence agency's collusion with Hollywood and the big studios during the Cold War allows the regime and the power structure to be entrenched in these relationships that continue into today.
In fact, there's whole movies made about this.
Wag the Dog is a movie made about this, where we have the establishment really telling directors and people what to do at times.
You watch that movie, you'll notice that the Robert De Niro character is doing that very thing.
Eisenhower then became concerned about a lot of these activities, including the CIA's covert activities.
Now, does that mean that because Eisenhower begins to be concerned that he's now a commie, is everybody who's concerned about this suddenly pro-commie?
If that was the case, then we would begin to think that McCarthy is a commie, because McCarthy's concerned about the CIA's relationship to communism, and perhaps a lot of these people are actually socialists on the down-low.
Because guess what?
They weren't.
That's the point.
They're not Soviets!
They're Fabians.
They're socialists.
They're pro-socialists.
Eisenhower was worried about this and so he appointed in 1956 David Bruce as a member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Consultant Board.
Eisenhower asked him to do a report on the CIA.
What are these covert actions really up to?
A lot of these things don't align with our supposed stance in the Cold War.
They seem to be more and more left and socialist.
What's going on here?
Turns out the appointee, the Bruce guy, was actually very critical of Operation Mockingbird.
He says, why are we controlling other countries' newspapers, buying them off, pushing things that are not always American or actually right-wing?
So it turns out, yeah, that this giant media empire, and this gets into then the character of Hal Hendricks, who via the CIA plants the story Leaks the story that it's Lee Harvey Oswald behind the JFK assassination.
Of course, nobody really knew that yet, but the story is planted by this figure.
And that's very reminiscent, very, very similar to the story that's planted about Donald Trump, right?
They plant these stories.
Oh, he's a Russian agent, PGATE, collusion.
Oh, they plant the story of Osama bin Laden before anybody knew anything.
Oh, we know that Osama bin Laden did 9-11 right away.
Exact same model of the stories being planted.
And that's how Operation Mockingbird worked.
Now, if Mockingbird worked then, and Mockingbird worked for the planting of the Osama Bin Laden story, guess what?
Mockingbird works today with the planting of the P-Gate story and the DNC hack and all the other fake stories that
Operation Mockingbird 2.0 has run You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator but the
last time One of the greatest talk show hosts in American history
came on the broadcast He he compared me to a gladiator and I was very very
Well, Alex, you're the gladiator and you keep on pounding the opposition there.
I love it.
How do you keep doing it?
What are you taking?
I really am in the arena and I'm all the way in the arena and I realize it's that animating contest.
So when it comes to battling the globalist, I'm not trying to entertain you.
I'm trying to inspire you To politically not submit and to say no to them.
But at the end of the day, are you not entertained?
Are we not the standard, together, the audience, the guest, myself, all of us, of resistance?
I'm just blessed to be here and blessed to know you.
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