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Name: 20230803_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 3, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show discusses Pizzagate, mainstream media dismissal of it, pedophiles debunking it facing charges, inflation under Joe Biden's administration, criticism of the establishment and its actions, the importance of resistance against corrupt systems, support for InfoWars and MyPillow products, a possible coup against democracy in America, intelligence agencies, medical experimentation, the transgender agenda, grooming as psychological manipulation, misinformation by the American Academy of Pediatrics, various products available at InfoWarsStore.com and MyPillow.com, the Deep State's attempts to meddle in the upcoming elections, and their goal to dismantle every aspect of American society. The speaker emphasizes the importance of standing up against the deep state and not letting themselves be divided by those in power.

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And I look at the delight and the enjoyment of the establishment minions while the country burns down, figuratively and literally around them, as the dollars devalue, as the energy is cut off, as crime explodes, as the police are defunded, as Soros DAs charge people that defend themselves.
And I sit there in horror for everybody because we're all in the same boiling pot together.
And I look at the minions of the system And they're totally disconnected from that and believe they're insulated and believe they're going to be protected.
And it's been done through successive approximation.
Just like you'll go to an NFL game and sometimes the fans of one team will attack the other fans.
Because it's tribalism.
But it's just a football game.
Well, it's the same thing with this politics.
The Democrats hate the Republicans.
The Republicans hate the Democrats.
And the Republican blue bloods at the top are working with the Democrats against Trump.
Fox News is working against Trump.
We're against the American people.
But they're all pretending like they're on the winning team because they're with the establishment.
And the establishment has a long-term plan that we're now far into.
To absolutely end the industrialized society as we know it, and forcibly depopulate, and how many football and basketball and soccer and Hollywood stars are dead or dying from the shots, they didn't get a memo not to take it.
Even high-level politicians are taking the shots and getting sick, because they're not getting a memo, because the highest levels of them is just a puppet system, because they made themselves puppets, because they got their jobs, because starting at the bottom and going up, they were yes-men and women, and whatever they were told, And then you've got the crazy technocrat globalist on top orchestrating it all.
But because of myself and many others, their program's not going to work.
They've been identified.
And so, to the minions and to the controllers, I'm going to tell you, your execution of this is not going well.
And it's going to destroy civilization and take the globalists with them.
And I'm telling the globalists, you can see that.
Your own memos admit you're losing.
Back off now.
You need to give up.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
The Mockingbird Media is now using the term "pizzagate" as a verb.
For example, in 2020, NBC News ran the article, Inside the Campaign to Pizzagate Hunter Biden.
The article goes on to attempt to arrogantly debunk the boogeyman of far-right QAnon conspiracy
theories stemming from the alleged pictures on the Hunter Biden laptop of Hunter Biden
engaging in his twisted lifestyle with children.
Fast forward to post-Epstein death 2023, and those pictures are not only public record,
they continue to be ignored by Biden's corrupt DOJ.
While the mental toll of cognitive dissonance comes crashing down.
People actually believe a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and her former campaign manager John Podesta ran a child sex ring at a pizzeria in DC.
This is a lie.
This is a lie.
If you want news, go to CBS's John Dickerson or maybe the Wall Street Journal.
Investigations by the Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst have found that Instagram helps connect and promote a vast network of accounts openly devoted to the commission and purchase of underage sex content.
These pedophilic accounts are brazen about their interest, using hashtags like pedo whore and preteen sex to search for sellers of child sex material.
And seller accounts often claim to be run by children themselves and use overtly sexual handles.
Meanwhile, a slew of self-anointed champions of the propaganda movement that, quote, debunked Pizzagate or investigated child sex crimes ...are facing or have faced child sex crime charges.
Front and center, James Gordon Meek, a high-profile Emmy award-winning investigative journalist with ABC News and the New York Daily News, and also held a position as a senior counterterrorism advisor and investigator for the U.S.
House Committee on Homeland Security, had, quote, debunked Pizzagate.
Yet Meek was in possession of thousands of child sex abuse media dating back to 2014, including a video of the rape of an infant female.
Meek also networked with other pedophiles and in court admitted to transporting and possessing child sexual abuse material and now faces a sentence ranging from 5 to 20 years.
Then there is the hypocrisy of Peter Bright, aka Dr. Pizza, a left-wing Ars Technica journalist that mocked Pizzagate truthers in 2018 while dubbing himself at Dr. Pizza on Twitter.
Bright was arrested by an FBI sting after an undercover agent posing as a mother arranging A sexual encounter between Bright and her children, who were ages 7 and 9.
During the trial, the defense argued that Bright was under the impression that he and the FBI agent were engaged in age play, and that the children were in fact consenting adults.
That trial ended in a hung jury in 2020.
And back in 2017 in Australia, investigative journalist Ben McCormick, who had made a name for himself confronting an Australian television star over child sex allegations, which led to Robert Hughes being sentenced to six years in prison.
Throughout the trial he'd shown little emotion, but right at the end when the verdicts were being read out, he started to cry and he yelled out to the jury, I am innocent.
He's shown no remorse and taken no responsibility for his horrendous crimes.
But tonight, he's behind bars awaiting sentencing.
Well, Ben McCormick was later sentenced to prison himself for child porn offenses.
These examples only scrape the surface into an international billion dollar child trafficking ring that includes the Biden administration and the Department of Homeland Security.
There was a witness, a whistleblower, who said that U.S.
federal government has essentially become a middleman in a multi-billion dollar human trafficking operation targeting unaccompanied minors at the southern border.
But when U.S.
Customs and Border Protection encounters 435 unaccompanied minors per day, drug cartels and traffickers exploiting 60% of these children in prostitution, forced labor, and child pornography So where are we now?
Well, the facade of those that doth protest too much has been destroyed.
We are now in a hyper-spiritual war on this plane of existence with powers we can barely imagine.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Thursday, August 3rd.
And despite all the Deep State's actions and all the dirty tricks and the endless lies and lawfare, because of you and your support and your prayers and your word of mouth, we are still on air and rebuilding more than ever towards victory against the New World Order.
And our job's getting easier because the globalists and their system of total tyranny have taken the mask off, they have gone into full offensive mode, and the Great Awakening is here.
The great awakening of 1776 worldwide and our identification of the New World Order that you now hear coming out of the mouths of pretty much everybody in the world resisting the globalists.
InfoWars is the tip of the spear.
That means you are the tip of the spear.
All right.
I've had more time to analyze the January 6th indictment against Trump and even mainline analysts agree with what I've been saying before it even happened.
This is the big one.
This is the hanging judge.
This judge is beyond a conflict of interest.
She worked directly at the firm with Hunter Biden, managing the Burisma account.
That's the Ukraine money laundering operation and the gas company.
You cannot make this up.
The famous clip when Hunter was being investigated and Biden said, to the government of Ukraine.
We're going to hold a billion dollars back if we don't fire that prosecutor.
Son of a bitch.
A couple hours later, he was fired.
In fact, let's cue that clip up if we can.
So this is just flaunting their corruption in front of our faces.
Also, I noticed that when the indictment came out a few days ago at 4 o'clock Central, 5 o'clock Eastern, MSNBC and Andrew Weissman and all of them had it already marked up, the big long indictment, and just were ready instantly to go on air and cover it perfectly.
And they even added when they were on the show, I watched the clip again this morning, oh wow, we're really just sped read this, it just broke a few minutes ago, but here's our analysis.
And of course everybody knows Weissman probably wrote 80% of the indictment, and that's what he does.
He is in charge.
And of course ran the whole Mueller witch hunt garbage operation.
So we had Russia hoax, we had election fraud hoax, claiming Trump stole it, we had Ukraine hoax, two impeachments.
And now the very same crew with his January 6th stuff with, oh, the former, you know, head of the Justice Department and Pence, who are all double agents against America.
Why they're saying Trump knew he lost.
He never really said it, but he knew because they told him they thought there was no fraud.
Barr would not look at any of the fraud.
And of course, he was one of Jeffrey Epstein's Intelligence agency handlers and formerly basically ran Iran-Contra.
So it's an amazing time to be alive.
My biggest takeaway though is they call one of the 21 lies in there that Trump claimed illegals were voting and they're like, that's ridiculous.
No illegals vote.
That's ridiculous.
That's ridiculous.
I'm not wearing a stainless steel watch.
That's ridiculous.
I'm not wearing a blue shirt, a purple blue shirt.
Of course I am.
This is next level gas lighting.
It is insane.
Meanwhile, Biden blames USA credit downgrade on Trump.
Oh, yes.
Even though Biden has printed 62% of the money Remember last year it was 40-something percent, now 60% plus of the money ever issued or currency ever issued has been issued since Biden got in.
So yeah, there was some inflation under Trump, but there was a growing economy.
Biden has strangled the economy while putting inflation into warp speed despite these massive increases in interest rates.
And now they're talking about more increases in interest rates.
You don't need to be an economist to know what this is going to do to the economy.
So they're squeezing us from both sides.
Inflation with rising interest rates and a shrinking economy.
But oh, Biden tells us it's the best economy ever!
You want me to subject you to the clips?
You see it everywhere.
I'm not going to play them, though I have them here.
Let me tell you also who's coming up today.
I've seen this lady interviewed.
She's done impressive work.
Lost in Transnation, a Child Psychiatrist Guide Out of the Madness.
Megram Grossman, M.D.
Forward by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.
She's going to be joining us coming up in the second hour today from the great folks at Sky Horse Publishing so look for that and of course Robert Barnes to give his expert analysis on The country in crisis, and I've noticed a Talking point because I read the comments on Twitter.
I read the comments on Infowars Mainstream media many years ago took the comments off their sites because it was 90% anti-globalist The gaslighting doesn't work as well if somebody can see that nobody's buying it But I was reading the comments on InfoWars and Man.Video this morning.
Read a bunch of them.
I love to sample stuff there.
And people have profiles.
You can click on their profile and see the type of comments they do.
And the people that spam this, spam it everywhere.
They just go.
Some of the commenters comment hundreds of times a day.
And most of the commenters are real people, but the spammers are obviously hired political operatives.
They're all over the site saying Trump's a traitor, Trump's Deep State, this prosecution's all staged, Alex Jones is in on it, he's fake too.
Ladies and gentlemen, Trump is 100% real.
That means 100% pig-headed, that means he makes a lot of mistakes, and didn't listen to me about the Deep State operatives when I warned him.
But when it comes to the fact that he cares about this country and wants to turn America around, and doesn't believe in turning our energy off, and doesn't believe in cutting your children's peckers off, people say, oh really?
He had the gay flag and he's not against trans people.
No, he says if adults, if a man wants to say they're a woman and a man wants to go have their penis cut off, that's your right to do it, folks.
But Trump doesn't want to target the children.
Did a great job on the border, great job on the economy, great job on setting up in China.
I mean a great job everywhere but the poison shots.
That part doesn't matter.
He won the election in 2016, he won in 2020.
You're telling you're not supposed to say that or they'll indict you or they'll censor you.
And now they're throwing all of these kangaroo courts and this weaponized system.
He's facing 500 plus years in jail, bare minimum with all the charges.
And it is a globalist coup telling us who we can vote for and election meddling, trying to remove the candidate who gets between 50 and 76 percent, depending on the poll, of the Republican field.
I think Trump's right to say, no, I've been banned on Fox.
And I'm not going to do your debate with all the other candidates because they're a joke other than Vivek.
Raman Swani, if I'm saying his name right.
Very eloquent guy.
You can see he just takes the page directly from InfoWars.
I mean, it's literally word for word what I say and do.
And I love that.
That's the real sign of success.
Our understanding of the globalist operation is dead on.
Our understanding of how to beat them is dead on.
But I digress.
You're having your right to vote for who you want to, stolen, even if you don't support Trump.
This is a brazen coup where they're going to never let us have another free election again like Venezuela or so many other countries the globals have taken over.
They're then going to go after the Trump supporters.
That's not just the U.S.
policy of Biden saying we're the main terror threat, that homeland security is for the American people and conservatives and populist Christians and Catholics and homeschoolers and people that protest peacefully at school board meetings.
They are...
On all the channels, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, we played them last few weeks with intelligence operatives saying, well Homeland Security now's main mission is to be taking on the Trump people and we need to go ahead and start arresting them all for their lies.
Because the system's losing.
That's the last resort of authoritarians and totalitarians that have lost the people of the Tchelcheskys of the world is to then come after us for our speech.
I mean, we are in a constitutional mega-crisis the likes of which this nation's never been in.
I remember going over convincing our team, our brothers too, convincing us that we should be providing for loan guarantees.
And I went over, I guess the 12th, 13th time to Kiev and I was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollar loan guarantee.
And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor, and they didn't.
So they said they had, they were walking out to the press conference and said, no, I said, I'm not going to, we're not going to give you the billion dollars.
They said, you have no authority.
You're not the president.
The president said, I said, call him.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
I said, you're not getting a billion.
I'm going to be leaving here, I think it was, what, six hours?
I looked, I said, I'm leaving in six hours.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
I got fired.
And they put in place someone who was solid.
And put in place somebody that was solid for their giant money laundering operation.
I want to say something right now.
And I want everybody out there tuned in that hates my guts particularly to know something.
I am not your enemy.
You are your enemy.
Your greatest threat is yourself and the system you built.
History repeats itself.
History rhymes.
And we go through these cycles.
Bad times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.
Or you could reverse it because it's a circle.
Weak men make bad times.
Bad times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.
Bad times make strong men.
And it goes and goes and goes.
To have a corrupt, out-of-control establishment that is engaged in child trafficking, pedophilia, cultural promotion, transgender mutilation surgeries, fentanyl deaths, World War III.
I mean, the crimes go on and on, how they wreck cities, how they destroy civilizations.
You're the bad guys!
And I know it's cute and funny to be sucking off the greatest, strongest nation ever because we were open and we were free and we were chivalrous compared to what we are now.
We were rugged individualists on average.
People wanted to come here to get away from the tyrannies and that produced all of this largesse and all this technology.
And then we become decadent, we become slovenly, and the cycle continues on and on and on.
But I look at the people in their ivory towers at MSNBC and NBC and CNN, and they all get with each other, and they all convince each other they're invincible, and they all convince each other that they can just surveil more and censor more and sue more and arrest more and persecute more, and that somehow that's going to make you win.
Have you looked around?
The main line opposition, not just here but worldwide, is InfoWars.
My mission, my goal to become obsolete, because what we understand becomes mainstream, is approaching Now the broadcast is still needed for over the horizon analysis of the next enemy plan and what they're going to pull and we're still the best at that.
But I got to tell you, listeners with your support, viewers with your support, we've all done amazing things.
All glory goes to the big guy.
I'm not talking about Joe Biden, but God.
And every time they persecute Trump, he just gets more powerful because the
people see him under attack and they represent the power structure coming after him.
That doesn't mean he's a lily, pure creature.
Doesn't mean I put all my hopes in him.
But just the archetype of the corrupt establishment throwing everything they've got at Trump and it always being a lie, always being a fraud, always being a scam, is irrevocably Destroying confidence in the government, in the country, and in the system.
And the mid-level minions, and even high-level ones, are getting powerful and rich off this, in the collapse.
But in the end, we're creating a society where their money won't be worth anything to even buy anything.
And society will be so damaged, we'll be living in a hellscape.
Because things have become so culturally and politically and spiritually toxic.
But the higher-ups at the IMF and the World Bank and the Davos Group have written countless papers, I've read them on air, I've covered it, how they're creating an angrier world to bring down the old system.
They want a doddering crazy guy that we know stole the election, stumbling around sniffing kids.
They want you to believe he's running things and that Hunter's running things.
They want you to really believe that that's America doing that, or that the FBI is doing that, or the Justice Department's doing that.
Those are captured, hijacked institutions.
And I'll use the analogy, I'll use it again.
If you're on a plane in the Middle East, flying, say, from Egypt to Israel, and a guy jumps up and says, I've got a bomb, do what I say or I'm gonna detonate it, and then another person pulls out a pistol and they go take the cockpit, and they pistol-whip the pilot and co-pilot and put their uniforms on, they're not the pilot and co-pilot.
They're terrorists.
That have hijacked the plane.
And we're on a hijacked, runaway plane, train, bus, whatever you want to call this thing.
And I look at the delight and the enjoyment of the establishment minions while the country burns down, figuratively and literally around them, as the dollars devalue, as the energy is cut off, as crime explodes, as the police are defunded, as Soros DAs charge people that defend themselves.
And I sit there in horror for everybody, because we're all in the same boiling pot together.
And I look at the minions of the system, and they're totally disconnected from that, and believe they're insulated, and believe they're going to be protected.
And it's been done through successive approximation.
Just like you'll go to an NFL game and sometimes the fans of one team will attack the other fans.
Because it's tribalism.
But it's just a football game.
Well, it's the same thing with this politics.
The Democrats hate the Republicans.
The Republicans hate the Democrats.
And the Republican bluebloods at the top are working with the Democrats against Trump.
Fox News is working against Trump.
We're against the American people.
But they're all pretending like they're on the winning team because they're with the establishment.
And the establishment has a long-term plan that we're now far into.
To absolutely end the industrialized society as we know it, and forcibly depopulate, and how many football and basketball and soccer and Hollywood stars are dead or dying from the shots, they didn't get a memo not to take it.
Even high-level politicians are taking the shots and getting sick, because they're not getting a memo, because the highest levels of them is just a puppet system, because they made themselves puppets, because they got their jobs, because starting at the bottom and going up, they were yes-men and women and did whatever they were told, And then you've got the crazy technocrat globalist on top orchestrating it all.
But because of myself and many others, their program's not going to work.
They've been identified.
And so, to the minions and to the controllers, I want to tell you, your execution of this is not going well.
And it's going to destroy civilization and take the globalists with them.
And I'm telling the globalists, you can see that.
Your own memos admit you're losing.
Back off now.
You need to give up.
To really know how diabolically sick and wicked and twisted, words don't even describe it, the globalist mad scientist are, we're going to take the deep dive coming up in the second hour today with an expert on the transgender cult.
And how they plan to mutilate tens of millions of children once they get this program fully launched.
And just the mass carnage and suicide that it's already caused.
And then when they turn around and commit suicide, the system blames us for trying to save the children that they butchered.
That's coming up next hour.
But really the big takeaway on the Trump indictment is this.
Trump has terrible lawyers.
And this judge is a kangaroo judge.
It isn't going to let Trump put on a defense of Podesta and the New York Times and a battle plan to do everything Trump did.
And then 10 times more, including even the Supreme Court ruled that Trump was the president and that Biden lost.
They were going to have an alternate inauguration and had plans to have blue states secede.
Covered that yesterday.
I covered it back in the time in 2020, when it came out in August of 2020.
And I'll show you those articles and documents again.
How can Trump not sit there and read that there was a plan that Biden was being advised by Podesta on, and Obama, to have states secede and create a new country?
Talk about divide and conquer.
Talk about civil war.
And then Trump tries to have a 10-day investigation in the Senate and show the numbers and had that investigation and they're calling that illegal and saying for lying, which he wasn't, we are now going to put him in jail.
Now, new clips have come out and just like Media Matters got low-res videos, That were somehow pirated out of their computer system, where people shot footage off the screens.
Somebody on the inside at Fox, or with Tucker's people, I don't know who.
I haven't talked to Tucker in like a week.
I need to call him.
He probably doesn't know.
Has leaked the January 6th information with whistleblowers that he was fired in part for.
We also then have hearings where they have the head of the Capitol Police, Stephen Sund, saying we asked for National Guard, Trump asked for National Guard, and if you remember, Milley said he would resign because we're not quote putting troops on the street.
Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard.
They were worried about violence and Antifa attacking.
They said they were going to attack.
We went in there thinking we're going to show our numbers, have a demonstration to show that we think there's fraud.
We want an investigation.
Peaceful demonstration.
First Amendment.
And we were worried about Antifa attacking.
That was our main issue.
We're not going to go out and attack people.
That's not our MO.
We're not going to go out and invade the Capitol.
So they set us up with D.C.
Helping Antifa operatives and CIA operatives we now know who are now working in Ukraine.
Jaden X clearly in my view for all the research.
And then the Reeps is out there going to the Capitol and his text messages, I orchestrated it.
Ramming signs into the first line to get the first breach going.
And Reeps walks free.
Notice a few weeks ago, they said, oh, in their lawsuit against Fox, they say they've been told Ray Epps will be indicted.
They don't tell you you're going to be indicted.
They tell you you're a target.
That was psychological to make people think, oh, Ray Epps is finally getting indicted.
Don't hold your breath.
And if they do, it'll be like Sam Bateman Freed and the FTX, where I predicted when that happened six months ago, that they would drop the charges, and they've dropped the charges.
Because he was money laundering for the Democrats and for the CIA.
Tens of billions of dollars.
And they're so arrogant, they're not even going to burn their minion.
They're allowing FTX to reconstitute and start up again.
Under a new name.
It's all about thinking you don't have a memory.
Oh, Ray Epps is indicted.
No, he's not.
Oh, FTX is indicted.
No, they're not.
Not anymore.
And people tell me, hey, at least they indicted Ray Epps.
No, they didn't!
And I told you a month ago that story was disinformation!
So, he walks free, ramming signs into people, saying go in, saying he orchestrated it in his text messages.
He's a wonderful person.
And now we have the Capitol Police head.
And folks, I was there.
I know the Capitol has giant loudspeakers.
I've read about the security measures there.
They say evacuate the Capitol.
They have them in every hall.
And that night they turned them on and you could hear it five blocks away.
This has been declared an emergency area.
Anyone in the area will be subject to arrest.
Leave the area now.
Leave the entire Capitol complex and areas around it.
Leave the area now.
I ate in a restaurant like five blocks away.
You walk outside.
Leave the area now!
Leave the area now!
We drove down there, shot video of it, showed you.
We were on top of the roof that we'd rented with the rest of the media.
You could hear it blaring at 600, 700 yards away.
I go to the police.
We're trying to get them to go on the loudspeakers.
And I said, well, then let me go up to the top of the steps and let me bullhorn and say, come off the steps.
And they said, they came back and then they said, our superiors aren't responding to us.
They said, you can go up there and use your voice, try to stop them.
It's all on our body camps.
We had 12 security people with body camps.
We have that.
Oh, but the feds don't want that.
They reached out and said, we want you to come in and talk to us.
We said, oh sure.
If you give me total immunity, I'll be happy to come tell you how innocent everybody is and give you the body cams.
Oh no, they don't want the body cams of me going, listen, you gotta get on the loudspeakers and tell them to get out of here.
This is before Ashley Babbitt got killed.
You gotta tell, believe me, if they started blaring on that emergency system, they've got the Capitol, you know, the nuclear war is starting, or if there's a tsunami, whatever the cases are, leave the Capitol now.
This is an order.
This is illegal.
Demonstration that you must leave.
You've seen the police at events where they show up the armored vehicles and the yellow rads and they say this has been declared an unlawful assembly under code such as such such as such.
You have 60 seconds to leave!
They sent half the Capitol Police, skip the break, they sent half the Capitol Police away that day for crowd control at the DC police request.
And now we know from congressional reports and videos and congressional hearings that there were hundreds
of Capitol Police up against at least a thousand provocateurs posing in different groups,
but mainly Antifa and Capitol DC Police.
So the Capitol Police were set up, they were the victims.
The DC Police, those cadres dressed in black were ramming through and going through
and they breached the Capitol itself.
Reeps and others helped break through the first layer with the signs on video saying,
"Go in, go in," ramming the signs.
Owen Schroer went up the steps with me to help Bullhorn and get folks off.
He was charged for going up those steps when we were directed by the Capitol Police to help.
We rendered aid.
They were victims.
The majority of the Trump supporters were set up and were victims.
You didn't know what was happening 100 yards in front of you in the crowd.
But I knew people would get killed.
I could figure out.
I said, this is going to be a Kent State.
Don't go in.
Thousands and thousands heard me and didn't go in.
I hadn't been around the Capitol, on the Northeast side, where we had a permitted place for Trump to come, where we thought we were going.
I said, come around to hear Trump!
Don't go in!
You're gonna get killed!
Don't be violent!
But tens of thousands of others in front of me couldn't hear him.
By then, the Capitol Police, we have video of that.
We should make a documentary, just a 10-minute one on this.
Waving them in!
Many of those people that were waved in and were peaceful and walked in the velvet ropes, that are so famous, Through the rotunda, through all the statues, through all that beautiful marble, they were very polite, very nice.
Charged, charged, charged, charged, charged, charged, charged, charged, charged, charged.
Just because they were wearing Trump outfits.
Anybody else that went in, media, you name it, Nancy Pelosi's camera crew, they're all fine.
But not Owen Schroeder, not my other reporter that also got charged, Sam Montoya.
So, this is the reality.
I was there.
I saw it from the bottom.
I saw the setup.
I saw Trump say be peaceful and let them know that we want an investigation.
I witnessed it.
And I witnessed it all.
And now, we have the interview, part of the interview Tucker Carlson did, that he was going to air the day he was fired.
So let's play a short compilation.
of Ray Apps and then let's go ahead after we play that clip let's go ahead and play the Tucker interview Clip 2.
The lead Capitol Police chief on January 6th, according to Carlson's interview, that Fox spiked.
It was a cover-up.
I'm denied National Guard while we're under attack for 71 minutes.
And we've got the clip of the same police chief on the Senate committee hearing meeting talking about similar issues.
You have the head of the Capitol Police saying there's a cover-up, I've been denied, and then going further and saying, yeah, I don't see how you don't see there was a stand-down.
The Capitol Police chief also said it's a political organization.
He was calling up to see what he was supposed to do from Nancy Pelosi's office, and they were with her, and they would not talk or tell them what to do.
So they sent half of the Capitol Police away to help and crowd control down the road at the Ellipse and at the Washington Monument.
They denied the 10,000 National Guard.
And then they allowed their operatives to break in and get in.
And then people went in when they were waived in later.
When they did get an order, okay, stand down.
Because once the Capitol was already breached, it was happening.
The police chief said, hey, let's just stop the fighting.
And it de-escalated.
At the same time, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, running up to the commanders and saying, I know you've got a speaker system.
Get on it now.
They said, that makes sense.
Well, yeah.
They come back some months later.
They're not responding.
Go back and get somebody else.
But see, that's when you don't follow orders, folks.
When there's no order, This is military history, it's common sense.
If you're the ranking person in command, and this is going on, for any future thing like this, and everybody, it's like the same way when they'll, will tell police not to go into a building where kids are getting shot, or the police chief won't get on the line, on the radio, and tell them what to do, because he's sitting in a restaurant with his thumb up his ass.
It's happened in a lot of these shootings.
You don't wait for orders, you go in!
And that's now the doctrine of the police.
It's always been the doctrine, but in modern times they've ignored it.
So this is common sense, folks, and I'm not a military man or a police officer, but I've studied history and law enforcement enough to know, hey, get on the speaker system and tell them, get the hell out of the building.
Instead, they're waving them in, waving them in, waving them in, waving them in.
This is an unlawful assembly.
Leave now.
You will be criminally charged.
Leave now.
And it is so rich, so sick to know they are battling to put me in jail still.
And believe me, if they convict Trump with all this kangaroo garbage, they've already said they're going to go all the way down the line.
They started at the bottom, now they're attacking at the top, eat their way through and outlaw Trump supporters and say we're all terrorists, which they've officially said they are going to do.
There is a cover-up according to the Capitol Police Chief.
Let's say it again.
There is a cover-up according to the Capitol Police Chief.
There is a cover-up according to the Capitol Police Chief.
There is a cover-up according to the Capitol Police Chief.
And he said what I said.
We were not given orders.
Basically told to stand down.
We were not given the officers.
They had half the officers that day they normally have.
How obvious is that?
And then here come the D.C.
police, hand-selected goons, breaking into the Capitol.
Sure, they can get a fight with the cops going and rehabs and all that and break through the first outside lines, but the Trump supporters were fighting people and fighting the cops, dressed as plainclothes.
Say, you're a Fed, stop embattling them to keep them from going into the Capitol.
And did you know the people that fought the plainclothes police have been convicted and put in prison, some of them.
Say that again.
People that fought to keep the Capitol from being breached.
And the windows broken out, the doors opened, have been charged, and no one wants to release the tape?
Because reportedly some of the cops got hot later and pulled their mask off, and they've confirmed, according to our capital sources, that it's feds.
And what we need, and DC police, what we need Congress to do is not say McCarthy's going to release the footage and never do it.
But McCarthy has the face scanning technology.
He's now the Speaker of the House.
He's politically in control of it.
They need to release that, and they need to move for hearings on those subjects.
And it's already begun, but it's a day late, a dollar short.
So let's do this.
Let's play the Ray Epps compilation.
Clip 6.
Let's clip 6.
Let's clip 6.
I don't know why it's moved to the other page.
Okay, so play clip 17 first.
Then play, uh, clip two, and then start playing Senator Jeff Markley ask former U.S.
Capitol Police Chief about FBI intelligence report that they were denied and not given.
So they don't give them the intelligence report, they send half the Capitol Police away, they don't give them the National Guard, they don't give them orders once it all starts, they don't tell them to get on the loudspeakers, and then they tell them, go ahead and open it up and wave everybody in.
You could not make up a setup like this.
Here it is.
Back to back.
Keep your focus!
I respect that.
That's where I live!
You my neighbor?
We need to go into the Capitol!
That's where I live. You my neighbor. We need to go into the Capitol. Into the Capitol. No! No! Peaceful.
We are going to the Capitol, where our problems are.
It's that direction.
He spread the word!
You're very restrained and rational and not giving an overstatement, obviously,
but the facts that you're describing are shocking.
I've had a lot of people ask me, you know, why did you write this book?
I try to do what I can to get the truth out.
You know, they didn't want me to testify on February 23rd at the Senate hearing.
I actually had to go in and talk to a friend of mine on one of the oversight committees and say, I will come there in person.
I want to be there.
I want to testify.
So I'm glad you think I'm reserved.
I'm, you know, to be honest with you, I'm a little pissed off.
Because if people were reporting the intelligence correctly, if I was allowed to do my job as the chief, I got a significant experience.
If I was allowed to do my job as the chief, we wouldn't be here today.
This didn't happen, then see how you're out there, you're land-based and public, and it's all, you know, everything appears to be a cover-up.
Like I said, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but when you look at the information and intelligence that it had, military had, it's all watered down.
I'm denied intelligence, I'm denied support of the National Guard in advance, I'm denied National Guard while we're under attack for 71 minutes.
You're in a fight?
A fight for a couple of minutes wears you out.
One minute.
I was going to say, 60 seconds, three minutes.
Let me tell you, it wears you out.
My officers were fighting for 80 minutes before the protesters ever broke through.
Wait, can I say, so you describe this as a failure to get the intelligence to the people who needed it, but it sounds like, worse than that, it sounds like they were hiding the intelligence.
And that's what I'm getting at.
Could there possibly be people that actually needed something to happen and kind of wanted something to happen?
It's not a far stretch to begin with.
I don't know what the other explanation is.
You know, it's sad when you start putting everything together and thinking about the way this played out.
It gets to concerning what was their end goal.
You look at what's happening, was that their end goal?
I don't know.
Well, I mean, there's no question that what happened on January 6th has really helped the Democratic Party.
It's bravely politicized the U.S.
military and the intelligence agencies and the FBI.
And those are all, I think, bad for America and violations of the Constitution, but they're all good for the Democratic Party.
That's a fact.
That's what happened.
Absolutely, and I write about that because as a cop of 30 years, I'm a rule of law type of guy.
There's a reason that Lady Justice is depicted with a blindfold.
The fairness of our legal system goes out the window, and that is exactly what has happened.
They've stripped that blindfold away from Lady Justice, and it's not perceived as being fair anymore.
On January 4th, MPD arrested the leader of the Proud Boys for destruction of property and possessing high-capacity firearm magazines.
And on the following day, on January 5th, the FBI issued a report through the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes going to the U.S.
Capitol Police.
That report noted that on far-right media, the threats included things such as, the comments such as, be ready to fight.
Congress needs to hear glass breaking.
Doors being kicked in.
Blood from their BLM and Antifa slave soldiers being spilled.
Get violent.
Stop calling this a march or a rally or a protest.
Go there ready for war.
We get our president or we die.
Nothing else will achieve this goal.
Did you get that FBI intelligence report?
So I addressed that right when we started.
The United States Capitol Police Department did get that report.
I was just advised of that in the last 24 hours.
That report made it from the Joint Terrorism Task Force over to our Intelligence Bureau, over to a sergeant there, and ceased moving forward at that point.
No leadership, myself included, over at Capitol Police was made aware of that at the time of the event.
So there is, you've referred in your testimony To the individual who is the head, John Donahue, the Director of Intelligence on the U.S.
Capitol Police.
And did he receive that report, but he did not pass it on to you as head of the USCP?
Again, I have no knowledge that he received that report.
I've been told it went over to an official of the rank of sergeant and didn't move any farther from there.
Okay, well that's very concerning.
Were there not procedures for the head of the intelligence on the U.S.
Capitol Police to get the intelligence report?
And the answer is yes.
And the answer is they were obviously controlling things.
And then they go on to talk about not being given the National Guard.
Ladies and gentlemen, I was there.
I witnessed it.
You can see all the footage.
You can witness it.
This is a setup, and now they're branding the entire American populist movement, the Christian conservative nationalist movement, as terrorist, and saying, Homeland Security is now for us, and we can't question future lockdowns, or open borders, or human trafficking, or anything.
Elections, you name it.
This is what a coup looks like over the country.
It's so incredibly dangerous.
We've got a huge guest next hour.
After they leave, we'll get more into this with Robert Barnes in the third hour.
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And here's what's even crazier.
We are back live.
Got a big guest coming up next segment.
I want to get this clip in here because you can't play it enough.
And here's Biden last December saying Trump's not going to be allowed to be the president.
We're going to use the Constitution.
We are back live.
Got a big guest coming up next segment.
I want to get this clip in here because you can't play it enough.
Here's Biden last December saying Trump's not going to be allowed to be the president.
We're going to use the Constitution, it means the law, to prohibit him from that.
And I've got articles here where Obama warns Biden that Trump's more dangerous than he thinks.
And we've got to get him removed.
We've got to stop him.
That's why I believe we should really be praying for President Trump and his life's in danger.
Whenever I say that, the mainstream media makes a joke about it.
It's preposterous!
He says the sky is blue, the sun is yellow.
Why does he have Secret Service?
Obviously, assassination is what desperate deep states do when they're being defeated.
And I've looked at the angles of this.
This is just going to get Trump even more elected, even stronger, and they're going to have trouble stealing it when there's a giant landslide.
So this is a big deal.
Here's a clip of Biden.
conversation was tied to your predecessor who is about to launch another campaign.
So how do you reassure them if that is the reason for their questioning that the former
president will not return, that his political movement, which is still very strong, will
not once again take power in the United States?
Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by, if we, if he does
run, making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next
president again.
What an arrogant criminal right there telling you he would election medal.
And it's now come out that he ordered the just department to indict Trump.
Well, I mean, he just bragged he'd do it right there.
So they said, we're going to get rid of the pipeline if the Russians invade.
And then they blow it up and say, the Russians did it.
We're going to go to break.
Come back and have our guests join us.
Amazing information.
So critical for our children in the future coming up.
But I want to just say this right now to the viewers and listeners.
We're in a real tyranny.
America is in the middle of a coup that is now moving to outlaw populist constitutional resistance, to outlaw questioning elections, and to convert this country into a place like Venezuela where we have elections but everybody knows they're a rubber stamp.
For a one-party state.
But there's a big awakening.
People are really upset.
There's a lot of criminal investigations against the Bidens, the Obamas, and all the rest of these minions.
And so we've got a real chance, if the general public continues to get the truth, and if different legislatures and attorney generals and others continue their investigations and their lawsuits at stopping big tech censorship and control, and exposing the intelligence agencies that have been sick on the American people.
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We'll be right back on the other side with our special guest and their best-selling book, Lost in Transnation.
Stay with us.
What if I told you 20 years ago they would be cutting the genitals off of little boys and little girls?
They would be cutting the forearms and the fronts of their legs off for girls and creating painful artificial penises that create nothing but pain.
And huge wounds on little boys where their genitals once existed.
And then when they commit suicide, blaming it on the public for not going along with it.
If I told you that, you'd say that's something out of a science fiction horror movie.
That's not real.
But it is real.
And there's a larger agenda at foot in here.
And we're going to be talking to the author of Lost in Transnation, a child psychiatrist guide out of the madness.
Miriam Grossman, MD, medical doctor, forwarded by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.
Incredible book.
I just got done reading it.
Skyhorse Publishing.
Great people.
You need to get it.
You need to share it with everybody you know and put it in the library as well because it will put up with this, will put up with anything from these mad scientists.
We'll talk about what's really behind it more.
Our guest is going to join us, but I want to play part of her testimony in Congress.
Here is part of her testimony.
We'll have more of the testimony throughout the interview.
Here it is.
Chair now recognizes Dr. Grossman for five minutes for your opening statement.
Thank you, Chairman Guthrie.
Chairman Guthrie and members of the subcommittee, thank you for the opportunity to address you.
My name is Miriam Grossman.
I am a board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, author, and senior fellow at Do No Harm.
I have been taking care of patients for 45 years.
I'm going to use my time to respond to Dr. McNamara.
First, I'm struck by her use of the phrase, sex assigned at birth.
Sex is not assigned at birth.
Sex is established at conception and it's recognized at birth, if not earlier.
Dr. McNamara claims that her views are science-based, but to claim that sex is assigned at birth is without any scientific basis whatsoever.
Its language misleads people, especially children, into thinking that male and female are arbitrary designations and can change.
That is simply not true.
Dr. McNamara claims that social and medical interventions are the only evidence-based treatment and that scientific evidence shows it is life-saving.
Without it, she's warning us, kids will commit suicide.
Well, a growing number of countries have effectively banned the care to which she's referring.
And thank God there's been no wave of suicides or other mental health catastrophes.
Three years ago, Finland Place strict limitations on medical interventions for minors.
Sweden did the same thing after a 14-year-old girl was found to have osteoporosis and spinal fractures from puberty blockers.
An investigation concluded, quote, the risks of anti-puberty and hormone treatment for those under 18 currently outweigh the possible benefits.
The UK conducted a review and called the evidence very low.
They've also placed severe restrictions on the care that Dr. McNamara calls life-saving.
Norway also analyzed the data and has made similar changes in policy.
The National Academy of Medicine in France warned, quote, great medical caution must be taken in children and adolescents given the vulnerability of this population and the many undesirable, even serious, complications the therapies cause.
Doctors in New Zealand and Australia have published similar statements.
Is Dr. McNamara suggesting that all these countries are rejecting evidence-based treatment and placing their kids at risk of suicide?
Regarding that point of view, Finland's gender expert, Dr. Rita Kaltiela, said, quote, it's purposeful disinformation, the spreading of which is irresponsible.
All seven countries, and Florida too of course, concluded that kids don't need their development interrupted, the girls don't need their periods stopped and their voices lowered, and the boys don't need to grow breasts.
What they need is psychotherapy.
I have other objections to Dr. McNamara's testimony.
She insists that her position, only hers, represents standard medical care.
What she doesn't want you to know is that there is no standard.
There's a debate.
There's a fierce debate.
And on the side opposite her stand such prominent figures as Stephen Levine, Kenneth Zucker, Paul McHugh, and James Cantor, among others.
These doctors are giants.
In the field.
They have been treating transgender patients and gathering data and publishing papers about them, and I mean no disrespect here, but since before Dr. McNamara was born.
The point is that those veteran clinicians and others who have wisdom and experience are ignored because they disagree with the current narrative.
They're against medical interventions for the same reason those seven countries are.
There is no evidence of long-term benefit, but there is evidence of harm.
I'll end by quoting Jamie Reid, the courageous whistleblower from the Children's Gender Clinic in St.
I believe that that hospital receives the medical education funding that we're discussing today.
She said that doctors at that clinic said, we are building the plane while we are flying it.
We are building the plane While we are flying it.
That's how they described the treatment at their gender clinic.
Our precious tax dollars should not support such a perilous experiment.
Thank you.
Alright, for the balance of the hour, the author of Lost in Transnation, a child psychiatrist guide out of the madness, Miriam Grossman, medical doctor, joins us.
And we're very honored to have her and congratulate her on how well the book's doing.
It can save a lot of lives and turn this cult back.
We're going to play a clip of another lady pointing out later that This is like Japanese soldiers that didn't know World War II was over five years later and were still fighting on islands.
The parents that have done this aren't going to admit that they were wrong, many of them.
They're going to dig in deeper.
And then when the Frankensteins they've created go out and start shooting up and killing people, they're going to defend it.
We've already seen that happen.
Many, again, go out and commit suicide.
And since she testified to Congress, the UK is moving to block the surgeries and the chemicals.
It's just incredible to see this unfolding.
It doesn't seem real.
You have to pinch yourself and believe you're in some alternate universe created by the devil.
But this is very real.
So, Doctor, thank you for joining us.
I think it's just best with this audience of millions that everybody be reminded that everybody listening, tell somebody to tune in now.
Share the link from infowars.com forward slash show or band.video.
To the live show feed under my name there, go to that page, that many millions more will listen.
If they tell them to share it, many millions more, and it's that chain reaction that will bring down this tyranny.
I think they've run really far with the whole trans agenda pushed by Hollywood and Big Pharma.
We'll talk about why.
But now they're running into very stiff opposition, and I believe the tide is starting to turn.
Just look at the Dylan Mulvaney situation.
But thank you so much, Dr. Grossman.
I'm going to try to give you the floor until we go to break in about 15 minutes.
So you've got the floor.
Well, thank you so much, Alex, for inviting me on.
I appreciate it.
Like you said, I'm a child and adolescent psychiatrist.
And for the past few years, I have been treating exclusively children and adolescents and other young people who have distress about their sex, about being male or female, as well as their parents.
So I'm really, I'm in the trenches.
I'm in the trenches and what I'm seeing is, I'm seeing atrocities.
I'm seeing, I'm sorry, I've been talking so much that I'm losing my voice.
I'm seeing atrocities.
I'm seeing indoctrination of children, vulnerable children.
I'm seeing parents and children become alienated and estranged because of this belief system.
And that's what it is.
It is a belief system.
The idea that a person can be born in the wrong body.
The idea that the way a person feels takes precedence over their physical reality of who they are.
So this is what children are being taught.
It's not something new.
I explain in the book.
Well, that's yeah, that's a good picture.
That's a picture of a girl's arm who had skin and other tissues removed.
In order to create what they are telling her would be a penis.
It is not a penis.
It is a structure created by surgeons.
Some of those surgeons do not have the well-being of their patients in mind.
I would venture to say that what they have in mind is their bank accounts.
Now, Yeah, there you have videos of how this horrific procedure is done.
The removal of healthy breasts of young girls as young as age 12.
This is happening in our country and these are atrocities.
Now, the medical field, my profession, sad to say, there is a history of medical scandals that have taken place and brought terrible harm to families and to individuals.
For example, not long ago, we were doing lobotomies on mentally ill people.
And we, in fact, I was reading yesterday, Rosemary Kennedy, JFK's sister, who had mental health issues underwent a lobotomy.
Yes, there are the little girls, what you're seeing now, the young girls.
It's hard to look at.
These are little girls.
They might be 11, 12, or 14 years old.
They have had their healthy breasts removed.
Now, these girls have a mental illness.
They should be treated for the mental illness.
They should not be climbing on the operating tables, which is what's happening.
And I am warning parents, and I want them to understand that we're in the midst of another medical scandal, such as the lobotomy scandal, in which we took these poor, mentally ill individuals and actually drilled holes in their brains Or entered their brains with an ice pick-like device through their eye sockets.
And we did these horrific things to them.
Cutting their brains, severing one portion of the brain from another.
Again, this was done to Rosemary Kennedy.
And the reason I'm bringing it up is because certainly the Kennedy family had the very best medical care.
They would not have chosen to do something so drastic to their child if they had not been told at the time, this is the only thing available to help your daughter.
There's a medical consensus.
I want you to remember that phrase.
A medical consensus.
And so they went ahead and they signed on the dotted line.
And at the age of 23, she had this barbaric procedure done.
And by the way, the inventor of this procedure got a Nobel Prize for it.
So what I'm trying to underscore here is that we have a history, unfortunately, in my field of doctors coming up with what they claim to be solutions for psychiatric conditions, and they end up committing atrocities.
Parents need to be warned.
They're not going to hear what I'm saying from their pediatrician.
They're not going to hear it from the guidance counselor at school.
They're not going to hear it from our government officials, like Admiral Dr. Rachel Levine, who calls these barbaric procedures that have no evidence of long-term benefit.
And Dr. Levine calls these procedures Life-saving.
And Dr. Levine calls them medical care.
Essential medical care.
This is not what we as doctors are supposed to be doing.
We took an oath to do no harm.
That oath seems to have been forgotten by many of my colleagues.
It gives me no pleasure in saying this.
So, I wrote the book, A Lost Inn Transnation.
Not only for parents who are currently going through this disaster in their home, the disaster of their son or daughter coming forward and saying, I'm not your son, I'm your daughter.
Please call me by this new name, pronouns, and take me to the gender clinic.
I'm writing this book also so that parents who are years away from that possibility ever happening are given the tools to prevent And I believe that parents can inoculate their families.
I believe they can be inoculated against what is a social movement, a social political movement, a turbocharged movement.
It's a system of beliefs.
It's a belief system like a religion.
It is not based in any medical facts or science.
The idea that a person can be born in the wrong body, is a irrational belief.
We are teaching these irrational beliefs to children, and children, when they're taught things by authorities, and they hear about it at school and on social media and through Disney and from our president, they believe it.
And so I see patients every day who genuinely believe that it's possible to be born in the wrong body.
And that the only solution for that is to change their bodies and get a new body.
Now, this is a dire situation.
And I am so pleased that I'm on your show so that I can reach as many parents as possible.
So there's a lot that parents can do.
And my book is not written for professionals.
It is written for regular moms and dads.
It's easy reading.
Easy in the sense of it's not written in a professional way.
It's not easy reading in the sense that it's not upsetting.
It's terribly upsetting.
But there's a lot you can do about it.
And you can prepare your child.
You can reach your child before the ideologues do.
That's what you must do.
And I give you all sorts of information and tools and ways that you can reach your child And conversations that you need to have with your child, with your pediatrician, and anyone else who's trying to voice this belief system on your family.
So again, I wrote this as a doctor.
I'm a medical doctor.
I'm also a person of faith.
But I did not write this as a person of faith.
I wrote it as a medical doctor.
For example, I provide appendices written by expert lawyers.
Lawyers that are expert in the field of parental rights.
Parents have a constitutional right, and the Supreme Court has been very clear on this.
Parents have a constitutional right to direct the upbringing and education and medical care of their kids.
Now schools and others are trying to subvert those rights.
And for example, I have a chapter in the book about schools providing examples from my practice of families that went through the ordeal of finding out not from their child and not from the school but from some other parent in the school that they ran into in the market that says, oh did you know your daughter is using the boys bathroom at school?
And the parent looks into it and discovers lo and behold that for the past three months their daughter has been given permission by the school To use the boy's bathroom, to use the boy's changing room, to be called by a different name and different pronouns, and this has been going on, this is called social affirmation, so-called, Orwellian term, Orwellian term, because when you affirm these kids in their new identity, of course, you have to deny their biology.
Doctor, we're going to go to break here in a few minutes.
We'll have you continue on, but let's just recap what you just said and we'll talk more about it.
This is a religion.
It's a scientific cult.
It's basically psychological warfare, creating a new religion.
And they, all over the country and all over the world, where the same programs launch, whether it's Australia, Germany, the UK, the US, Canada, it's all the same program.
They have files and they tell the child, you may be another sex, you may be something else, or a pediatrician may ask when mom or dad's out of the room.
That's come out.
And then they put them in a file and say, oh, we can't let the parents know.
They create an intelligence file on the parents and they begin taking your child away from you and creating a new identity.
This is classic cult programming.
I'm not a psychiatrist or medical doctor like you, but I've studied history.
I mean, is this not mind control we're talking about?
This is very, very scary stuff.
This is the state stepping in, taking control, influencing your child in a direction that you do not agree with, and then emotionally manipulating your child.
To believe that if you don't go along with this belief system, and if you refuse to call your son by a female name and female pronouns and get him placed on blockers to stop his development... You are abusive!
And when they get depressed because they're doing this, it's your fault they're depressed.
That's right.
That's exactly what's going on and I tell those stories and I give parents the information they need so that they can avoid this catastrophe.
So just like we have to tell our children about gangs or tell our children about child molesters or kidnappers or tell our children about drugs, we've got to tell them that the system has now become predatory in many areas, funded by Big Pharma, funded by the Pritzkers and others, and that they're literally preying on children.
So we'll talk more about this, but when we come back, lost in transnation, I know we want to send it to number one.
It's already doing very well on Amazon.
It's a great place to get it.
Where else can people get lost in transnation?
Let me just say something here.
You have to be really careful because there are bogus books up there trying to trick parents into buying the wrong book.
Please get the right book.
And the way to do that is to either go on my Twitter, there's a link on my Twitter at the top, Miriam underscore Grossman, or get it on the link that's on my website, MiriamGrossmanMD.com.
Do not buy the wrong book.
And we're going to talk about it when we come back.
I've experienced this.
This is intelligence agency run, folks.
So it's very sophisticated.
And this is the jewel in their crown.
So they can get away with this.
They can get away with anything.
Two men can have a baby, putting men in women's prisons.
I mean, they are murdering logic and common sense and biology and science.
We'll be right back with our special guest.
If you go back to modern medicine developed the last 300 years, it's done incredible things, what you call Western medicine, but a lot of psychotics and really mad scientists, that's where you get that archetype in Hollywood and culture and literature, get into it because they're Joseph Mingala types, they're mad scientists.
And Dr. Grossman really made a key point that there were millions of people in the Western world that were lobotomized, and of course against their will, And it was a terrible practice, and there was a particular doctor that drove around the country in a truck and would do, you know, public garroting of people's brains with an ice pick on public stages.
Just absolutely dehumanizing.
And we later knew that was wrong and said it was wrong to ski experiment with a syphilis.
The list really goes on and on.
A lot of these doctors are around so much blood and guts that they also just become very, very numb to it.
So they're working right next to psychotics and sociopaths and they go along with it because there's all this authority of the white lab coat.
But what they're doing to boys, what they're doing to girls is unspeakable.
It's the takeover of society and civilization.
We talked about Rachel Levine, the Admiral, and all the rest of it saying, you know, we can't let children go through the wrong puberty, and we've got to get access to little kids.
This is the state taking your children.
You've got Washington and other states passing or trying to pass laws to take children and then not say where they are, not even tell parents the state has them.
I mean, this is human trafficking, and this is being done scientifically.
The Tabastock Institute, the CIA, MI6, major funding of this.
I've been on there 29 years really exposing this because I was aware of it.
I had a very close family member that became one of the deputy heads of PETA, and they learned that it was really a Peter Singer transhumanist movement, and then information we got to Regulatory Publishing finally pretty much brought down PETA.
That's just one of the things we've done.
It sounds amazing, but it's on record.
So, we have a real transhumanist agenda understanding, and they say, if we can say there's no X, Y chromosomes, if we can sell this anti-science movement as science, We can get away with anything.
So viewer discretion is advised.
For TV viewers, radio listeners, you'll be spared this, but this is being done to children as young as seven years old, some cases younger.
They're gearing up with all these big medical centers bragging they're going to make all this money.
You've seen those videos.
To do it on an industrial scale.
So viewer discretion is advised.
We have some TV stations carrying us some cable.
They complain.
I understand you complain.
We're putting viewer discretion up here, but this is being done to children, so I don't want to look at it
You don't want to look at it, but here's from 20 years ago 35 millimeter footage of a man's penis being cut inside out
and of artificial vagina being made that becomes a bleeding Stinking diseased mass that's why what 40% of them end up
committing suicide Then when the system basically murders these people, they turn around and say it's our fault for not embracing them and going along with the cult.
Now we have transgenders trying to commit suicide in Canada, where they'll kill you if you say you're depressed.
But no, no, you can't be depressed.
They won't kill you when you ask to die in Canada, because this is such a gift that you have received.
So this is a cult?
They know what they're doing, and they're moving against us on all fronts.
So I've laid out a lot there, Doctor, author of Lost in Transnation, a child psychiatrist's guide out of the madness.
But something you said is fascinating, and we'll skip the next network break.
This is too important, so you have another 25 minutes uninterrupted.
This is too important.
You talk about something that is a big issue of When you're exposing a key globalist operation, they will create fakes to divert people and distract.
When it comes to the trans agenda, I was told by a senior YouTube official...
Oh, ten years ago, or nine years ago, in front of my producers on the phone, they said, you can cover anything you want, and we'll leave you alone, but stop exposing the trans situation.
So this is very special to them, and perhaps you can speak to that, but people need to know the tactics they're using, because I'm interested in this, because I've seen it myself, but not with your book, with other books.
What are they doing to try to off-ramp people from getting the book?
Well, lots of things.
First of all, on Amazon, there's been something like 10 or 12 bogus books that have been put up there trying to trick people into buying the wrong book.
For a while, for about a week, there was a paperback edition up.
There is no paperback.
They actually sold quite a few copies.
So, yeah, there's that.
Then there's the fact that Barnes & Nobles The largest book retailer in the world is making it very difficult to find my book, to order my book online.
If you go into a store, people are told that it's out of stock.
But when I checked with Tony Lyons, my publisher, he told me that Barnes & Noble actually never bought any.
So, they're using all these ways of trying to avoid the truth from reaching the people that need it most, who is the parents.
Now, I just want to underscore, Alex.
Doctor, I want you to underscore, but I want to hit this point.
Here's my, and you'll have the floor.
Why is it the jewel in the crown?
They protect it like nothing else, and people slavishly work to keep this going.
Why is it so central to this transhumanist movement?
Because it goes to the core of our humanity.
There is nothing more central to our humanity than being male or female.
And when you deconstruct that, and when you seep out the meaning of the word woman, so that it no longer means anything, because anyone could be a woman, you are going to the core of what it means to be human, And their goal is to revolutionize the meaning of what it means to be human.
Humanity 2.0.
That's right.
They are stealing our identities, taking our identities away to then give us a false identity, the transhumanist cult.
And Naval Noah Harari admits that.
He says the trans movement is the tip of the spear.
He said it is the icebreaker for the entire transhumanist movement.
Doctor, I interrupted you.
Make your point.
You've got the floor.
Yeah, thank you.
You mentioned Admiral Levine, and I wanted your listeners to be aware of something.
Admiral Levine, a number of years ago, I think in 2017, was interviewed and said very openly, and I quote Admiral Levine in my book, I do not use preferred pronouns.
My speech is not going to be compelled.
So I call the Admiral Dr. Rachel Levine.
I call the Admiral.
The Admiral said in this interview that, and I know this is cumbersome, but that the Admiral is pleased about having transitioned to living as a woman later in life.
After having children.
And the Admiral says, I can't imagine life without my children.
So now let's look at that closely, everyone.
This is the same Admiral Dr. Rachel Levine that is standing up over and over again and telling the parents in this country That the only response, the only treatment, the medical treatment that they should pursue for their child who's confused about being a boy and a girl, is the medical pathway.
Blockers, cross-sex hormones.
Now those blockers and cross-sex hormones, what do they do?
They sterilize these kids.
So here we have on the one hand, Dr. Levine saying, I'm so pleased that I have my children.
I can't imagine life without my children.
And yet, Dr. Levine is playing a major part in producing a generation of sterilized, asexual young people.
And I'm going to take this opportunity right now.
I challenge Admiral Levine to a debate on this issue.
Right now.
I'm waiting to do it.
I've been waiting years.
Let's stand up and let's talk about the medical care that you are saying is the only way for these kids.
What these kids need is psychotherapy and they need to go off the internet.
That's what they need.
They do not need their puberty to be stopped.
They need to climb a tree.
They need to go to summer camp.
They need to get a job.
So, what's going on here is an atrocity.
It's a medical scandal.
And I wrote the book to help parents avoid it.
And they can avoid it.
They can reach their kids first.
And they can tell their little kids, you know, you were a boy or a girl from the moment you were created.
From the very moment that you existed on this earth, you were either a boy or a girl.
And that's wonderful.
And that is never going to change.
Now there's all kinds of boys and all kinds of girls and not every boy is a football player and not every boy wants to be a builder or an engineer or what have you.
And not every girl is into makeup and fashion.
That's ridiculous.
There are all kinds of boys, all kinds of men, all kinds of girls and women.
And let me just briefly interject on that.
We have confused, unhappy children, an unhealthy culture, obsessed with entertainment, video games, divorced from reality, and then they're told, oh you're unhappy, this is the answer, but the statistics show this is the highest level of suicide, the highest level of crime, the highest level of mental illness.
They are diverting, and I've had members of parliament on from the UK decades ago, That they noticed around half the children being targeted were artistic or Down syndrome.
They have TV shows about this now.
So they target the mentally ill or the mentally handicapped for this.
And as you said, Admiral Levine, he had his children, but this literally sterilizes these boys and girls.
And so really it's they're making sterilization fashionable.
Well, we are creating very, very sad.
It's so, so sad, Alex.
And I see patients.
I have seen patients who have had their genitals removed, their reproductive system removed.
They are sterile.
They cannot respond sexually.
They don't have breasts.
And they are in mourning for the rest of their lives.
And it's those people whose suicides concern me.
I'm concerned about suicide in those individuals, the detransitioners, and in the parents of these kids.
Those are the suicides I am genuinely concerned about.
You're a very smart lady.
You've written a definitive book on this to warn people and a roadmap to protect our children and our future and to break with this cult.
I've studied it, and it's the most powerful corporations and intelligence agencies behind it.
Can you give us your view on what, who's behind it, what the long-term agenda is?
Well, you know, as I said, I mean, as a psychiatrist, I am focused on the families and the kids, and providing parents with the information that they need in order to prevent this happening.
But in terms of the larger picture, Well, yeah.
I mean, the transhumanism movement, which is led by a number of extremely wealthy individuals, some of them are transgender themselves, and they obviously wish to promote this.
And it's a philosophy of disembodiment.
So it's encouraging children to feel separate from their bodies because their bodies are wrong.
And that's a mental illness when you are so disembodied that you actually wish to have a different body.
You want to climb onto the operating table and have healthy body parts removed.
So, I'm not an expert in terms of the, you know, the macro from 30,000 miles kind of thing.
I would recommend, I'm going to mention the name, Jennifer Bilek.
You should have her on, Alex.
Be Like Boy, I-L-E-K.
And she has studied This for years.
She has analyzed the money trail and the transhumanist philosophy.
Again, my book really doesn't go there.
My book is practical.
How to talk to your kid.
How to talk to the teacher at school who might be promoting this.
Your pediatrician.
How to get control of your child's internet use.
I cannot underscore how important that is.
You can't just let your kid have a smartphone and be out there 24-7.
You might as well just take your kid, drive to the worst, most horrible part of town that you can find, and just let your kid out of the car and say, you know, enjoy, see you tomorrow.
That's what the Internet is.
And the internet is filled with groomers, adults who want to reach your child and groom your child.
Now remember, grooming means the psychological and emotional manipulation of a vulnerable person in order to exploit that individual at a later time.
Now, there's sexual exploitation, there's financial exploitation.
This is ideological exploitation.
And let's talk about that, because the high schools and colleges now at Career Day bring in the, quote, trans person to dance in front of the small children.
In many cases, parents aren't told.
And I've talked to people who have also read the articles.
They admit that a large portion, approaching a majority, of trans people end up being sex workers, and they're told.
You're not just going to do this to yourself.
You're now going to be a sex worker.
So you talk about the exploitation.
This has all been blueprinted out.
Because no matter what country you're in, it's the exact same attack profile.
Well, I would mention, Alex, that you see the sex workers in the statistics that we have of transgender identifying individuals being killed.
A good number of those numbers of tragically murdered individuals are men who are living as women and they become sex workers and they do not reveal that they are actually men and they end up being murdered by the men that pick them up when those men discover that they just had sex with another man.
That's an important thing for people to recognize.
It seems to be, I'm no expert here, but it seems to be, for the men that are living as women, a very big accomplishment to be able to attract heterosexual men and have sex with them.
Well that's a big thing pushed by the media, that you're a racist or a homophobe or whatever, a transphobe, if you don't have sex with these people.
Yeah, well, you know, what I think, what I want, the point that I want to make at this moment is that, you know, the title of your show is Info Wars.
Now, there are Info Wars going on all over the place, but what parents don't know is that there's an Info War going on in the medical world.
Your pediatrician is not getting the information that she or he needs to have in order to help your child.
Your pediatrician has been led to believe by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the whole thing, the whole nine yards, the whole belief system, you can be born in a wrong body.
It's normal to want to have these body parts removed.
We have to put the child in the driver's seat, no matter how old they are and how mentally disturbed.
The parents need to take a back seat.
The pediatrician needs to take a back seat.
So all the evidence, all the research has to be thrown aside.
So let me ask you this.
Let's talk about some of the good news, or correct me if I'm wrong.
They got everybody to first accept Bruce Jenner saying that he was a woman.
And we're like, okay, sure, he's an adult.
He can do whatever he wants.
I mean, I don't hate people just because they're mentally ill or whatever they're doing.
Then they go, okay, well now your children feel like this.
You've got to affirm them.
But we know statistically highest rates of suicide, highest rates of drugs, highest rates of crime.
They're super depressed, they're unhappy, obviously.
And now they're in this cult being abused.
But I see the UK moving to block it, or has blocked it.
A bunch of European countries have done it.
You testified to Congress on that.
Now a bunch of other dominoes have fallen.
So it seems like people really get this is fundamental.
Can you tell me, if this was a football game, where you think we are, what quarter, who's winning, and then what we can do to fully push back?
I know there's lawsuits getting filed, lawsuits getting won.
I know a bunch of other countries have backed off, going, well, this really is Hellraiser, you know, Joseph Mengele 2.0.
So as negative as this is, it seems like humanity's starting to wake up, despite all the corporate push by Admiral Levine and the rest of it.
But then how do you expect them to counter-strike?
As far as Sweden, Finland, Norway, England have done a 180.
And they were very big on so-called gender-affirming care, which where you put the child in the driver's seat and you just accept their new rubber stamp, their new identity.
And they have, all those countries have done exhaustive analyses of the literature and of the research and they have all unanimously said that we have no we have no robust literature whatsoever no evidence that this is helping our kids in the long term and therefore we have to stop we have to make these interventions unavailable aside from perhaps a very small group of kids that will be in a clinical trial
So that is correct.
And even more importantly, perhaps, is that about two weeks ago, a letter was published in the Wall Street Journal signed by 21 different experts in this field from nine different countries.
And essentially they said, what are you doctors in the U.S.
doing with your kids?
What the heck are you doing?
There's no evidence for this.
So, this is all fantastic.
I'm very glad to report on that.
Now, in terms of your football analogy, you'll have to excuse me.
I know, I don't know, I'm not into football, but I know baseball.
So, if we could switch to a baseball analogy.
Please, please.
So, I would say that in this country, well, I'm going to say that maybe we're in the fifth or sixth inning.
I think that there might be additional innings.
I think it's going to be a long haul.
It is starting.
The lawsuits are starting.
But the pushback is massive.
And the money and power that's behind this is absolutely massive.
So it's a war.
And it's a war against evil.
And I think that it's important.
I'm a doctor.
I don't usually call things evil when I write or when I speak.
But now I am going to do that.
This is evil.
It is evil to plant these ideas, these false ideas, in the minds of little kids.
The idea that they may be in the wrong body.
It is evil to Lead them on a path that may end up with these dangerous experimental medical treatments, which may end up with lifelong disfigurement and sterility.
Now, we haven't mentioned, Alex, that these kids become lifelong dependent on pharmaceuticals.
So, you could look at my book, As a way of helping parents to prevent their child's lifelong dependence on drugs.
Because that's what it is.
They become dependent on pharmaceuticals, a lifelong patient.
Worth about a million dollars each child.
And we've seen the different university medical center heads brag how much money they're going to make off this.
It is an open conspiracy against humanity.
It's the mad scientists trying to set this benchmark of anti-science insanity so they can have their way with everybody.
The best way to make sure they don't get one of the fake books is to go to merriam-grossman-md.com.
One word, merriam-grossman-md.com.
Get the book.
Share it.
Please come back on Owen Shroyer's show, The War Room, whenever you want.
It's 3 p.m.
Please come on Harrison Smith's American Journal, 8 a.m.
And if you're ever in Austin, we would love to have you in studio.
Please join us again soon.
You're amazing.
If you want, I'll send you, they're like $20, an external mic, because your information's 100%.
Your audio's a little off.
You had an external mic, obviously, or it's not hooked up.
We really look forward to speaking to you again, and I just want to thank you for what you're doing, for not just myself and my family, but for obviously everybody's children and our human future together.
So we salute you.
Well, thanks so much.
I apologize about the audio.
I'm a little tech disabled over here, trying my best.
I hope people could still hear my message.
Oh, no, it was amazing.
It was amazing.
I'm just saying, a $20 microphone and you're going to be next level because your video is great.
So just get an external mic and come on next week if you can.
We love you.
We appreciate you and great job, Tony Lyons, publishing your book.
We'll talk to you very, very soon.
Thank you.
We're going to win, folks.
I mean, we've got ladies like that versus Admiral Levine, the sicko, and we're going to win.
Robert Barnes is scheduled coming up.
I've got more to say after she leaves about what she said.
You've got to protect your children.
And the number one gate is those phones.
It's like a Palantir in Lord of the Rings.
He's like, why don't we use these?
He goes, because we don't know who else is watching, who else has them.
And of course, Sauron's reaching right through that thing.
Don't give your children any internet unless you're watching them or you are nuts.
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Well, one of the smartest people I know, and I know a lot of smart people, Robert Barnes joins us for the hour.
Good friend of mine.
He's not just a top constitutional lawyer and former Trump lawyer during the whole January 6th situation.
He, and I was out there investigating with him in Georgia, you name it.
He is a really smart lay historian.
He really knows his stuff because I'm obsessed with history.
I've forgotten way more than most people ever knew about it.
I'm not bragging.
It's just what I'm into.
You're into football.
You're into sports and all about it.
I know all about history.
This guy knows as much as I do or more.
So it's great to have him to cover the waterfront.
To me, obviously, we knew that January 6th indictments would be the biggest attack.
It's the main attack.
It's Mordor.
It's the rigged juries.
It's this judge who worked at Burisma with the accounting firm, with Hunter.
I mean, you can't make this up.
They've now announced Pence.
New York Times is the star witness against Trump.
Running against Trump.
So this is election meddling 10.0, not 2.0.
I mean, they're not just taking the frontrunner 50, 70 points ahead of all of the Republicans.
All other Republicans get 30%.
He gets 70 on average.
He's not just 20 points or 30 points depending on the poll against Biden.
This is total election meddling.
They admit it's election meddling.
Biden says we can't let him win.
We're going to stop him in December.
We're going to use law enforcement.
None of that will be allowed in front of the jury.
But now we've got Pence Said to be the main witness, the star witness against Trump, running against him!
In the same courtroom!
And you know they're not going to televise it, because they want to control everything, and they're going to put the shackles on, but two fake impeachments, Russiagate, all the rest of it's failed.
Yeah, I mean, it's a level of insanity.
the pissgate stuff, all of it fake.
What are they going to do now?
Because this is the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
Robert Barnes, let's tackle this, my friend.
Yeah, I mean it's a level of insanity.
I say it's equivalent or equal to the early 1960s in the sense of what the future of the
country holds.
I mean, then the deep state got so out of control, it assassinated one president, it assassinated a presidential candidate who was likely to become president, and assassinated our leading civil rights leader.
And did all of that in, you know, half a decade.
And then conspired to take out Richard Nixon and use him as the sacrificial lamb for their own sins.
Uh, given that, as is now known, Deep Throat was actually Deep State.
And so now we're, instead of it escalating to assassinations, they've decided to weaponize all institutionalized means of power here by trying to use the federal and state criminal justice processes to prevent Trump from winning.
Now, they can't prevent him constitutionally from being on the ballot.
They can't prevent him from taking office.
The Constitution is clear.
There's only three requirements.
You have to be 35.
You have to be a natural-born citizen.
You have to have been a resident of the United States 14 years.
That's it.
So, they can't prevent or prohibit any of those actions, but they're hoping to effectively discourage and dissuade.
You know, really, the template was lawfare against Alex Jones.
And what did they say at the end of that?
They said our goal is not to collect money.
Our goal isn't for so-called justice for families.
Their goal is entirely to shut up and censor InfoWars.
And by what means?
They thought all the lawfare would discourage and deter the InfoWars audience from continuing to support InfoWars.
The same logic is being applied here to Trump.
They believe that these consecutive indictments will ultimately, particularly if they can get a conviction before election day, effectively derail Trump's presidential aspirations because some part of Trump's vote, they believe, will abandon him once he's a federal convict.
That's what they really believe at core.
So they're going to try to rush one of these three cases in New York, the state case.
They'll probably be a Georgia state indictment.
The Georgia sheriffs are already down there bragging, the Democratic-connected sheriffs in Fulton County, how they're going to mugshot them, they're going to fingerprint them, they're going to release a mugshot to the world.
I mean, it's another insane prosecution with insane legal theories.
By the way, let me just inject something here and then you'll have the floor.
They said, when we finally indict him, his poll numbers will drop.
They went up.
And they said, well, now this new federal one will make them drop.
They went up.
And I saw that about Georgia.
Well, once we perp-walk him, he'll go down.
I predict it goes even higher.
They are tone-deaf.
They are crazy.
Yeah, I keep telling folks, it's very much like Marie Antoinette let them eat cake.
That we have an elite that is so disconnected.
And that's what makes them actually dangerous.
In other words, it's one thing to be evil like Kissinger.
It's a quite different animal to be evil and stupid.
And that's what we have in our elites.
We have people that are like the elites that took down in, you know, less than a decade four great empires.
The Russian Empire, British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
All of them collapsed thanks to their foolish policies that led to World War I. And none of them saw it coming in terms of their empire status.
Russia disappeared entirely.
The Ottomans disappeared entirely.
The Austro-Hungarians disappeared entirely.
And, you know, it's not a surprise the Austro-Hungarians were run by a family, the Habsburgs, that liked to, you know, have uncles banging nieces.
So, you know, I mean, their jaws, they were deformed because of it.
That's the kind of intellectually incestuous and bubbled elite currently governing our country.
Biden is a mid-level thug.
He's a street-level thug.
He's halfway decent at being a street-level thug.
He knows how to do extortion.
He knows how to do bribery.
He knows how to do intimidation.
Those are the things he knows.
He doesn't know how to run a country.
He doesn't know how to keep us out of war.
He doesn't know how to help an economy.
He doesn't know how to string two sentences together in his current demented state.
But he does know how to be a street-level criminal, and he's behaving like that.
Uh, against President Trump.
And they really believe that they can scare and intimidate people just like they mistakenly believe they could run off the InfoWars audience.
I mean, what happened when there was those constant, continuous attacks on you in the law fair?
The audience rallied because they could see through this nonsense.
Same will be true of Trump's crowd.
They will not be able to deter him.
In fact, what's happening is he's gaining support.
A liberal pollster admitted this today from non-white working class voters and particularly millennials and zoomers.
What's happening?
Two things.
Those voters are getting hammered economically despite the lies of the Biden administration.
Their credit card rates are the highest they've ever been.
They can't afford housing.
Their rents keep going up.
Their wages are way behind price increases.
But the other factor is, Donald Trump has become the guy that's against the man.
You know, Donald Trump went from a lot of Zoomer, Gen Z, Millennial kids who saw him as, like Eminem saw him, Snoop Dogg saw him, as THE man, to now being the guy that's being attacked by THE man.
So they now relate to him.
They now understand him.
They now see him as an underdog, as an outsider, as an outcast, as like them.
Some billionaire from New York that they couldn't relate to before, now they can relate to easily.
And what's happening?
Trump is surging amongst that group.
That's the number one reason why Biden is DOA electorally, as some of the smarter Democratic pollsters think.
And that's what they think, well we'll just keep escalating the charges, we'll keep escalating the exposure of criminal conviction.
So Robert, I want you to flesh all this out for us, but let me ask this question then.
I know Psyops when I see it, so I see all over Twitter, all over Facebook, all over Instagram when I've been looking, all over InfoWars.
They're attacking from the grassroots saying he's really Illuminati, he's a fake, this is all a setup with the Justice Department, when obviously they really hate him, this is real persecution.
Trump's 100% real, he's got issues, but he's a real guy, they don't control him.
And that's what they're scared of is a real president who acts on his own.
That's why they didn't like JFK.
They didn't like Nixon.
They weren't perfect.
Both men.
But they were trying to be the president.
I'm seeing the talking point because they know the establishment attack is making him popular.
Now they're trying the snoob.
attack that really he's part of the establishment. Give us your analysis of what Trump really is,
and how his brain works, and what his actual plans are, and what makes him tick. I see a populist,
wants to be America turnaround guy, that believes in prosperity, who is it for depopulation,
and who thrives off of conflict with these tyrants, and who is very, very
stoic when it comes to resisting them, and who is energized by this.
But what do you make of the talking point?
They're trying now, I see everywhere, spamming that, oh, it's all staged.
Well, I think they really thought, I mean they convinced DeSantis, for example, that these indictments would take Trump out.
And when that hasn't worked, the DeSantis supporters, the Never Trumpers, the neocons, how they've tried to spin this with their social media bot influencers and actual bots, is to say that really it's a 4D chess move by the system to sucker Republicans to endorse Trump.
Which is insane.
That isn't why they're doing what they're doing.
The reality is you can often, as they say, you can know someone by their enemies.
And you can know by the Trump's enemies and Bill Gates and George Soros and the entire deep state apparatus, you can reasonably infer what they think of him.
They see a guy who's a challenger to their monopoly on power.
They see a guy who's going to second-guess and question their desired policies domestically and overseas.
They see a guy who's a wild card, who will play his own Trump card whenever he wants.
Someone that they cannot control.
That is their real objection to Trump, is that he's the first president since John F. Kennedy that they cannot control.
Reagan they controlled through Poppy Bush as the Vice President in control of staff.
But Johnny Kennedy they couldn't control.
Robert Kennedy they couldn't control.
And Donald Trump they can't control.
And Robert Kennedy Jr.
they can't control.
And so they're trying to rig the election to hold up this dead man who's a good face man, face operation of the deep state.
He'll do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, however they want, no matter how stupid or dangerous it may be.
Even if it leads us to the precipice of World War III.
So I think we're going to continue to see those kind of attacks.
But you're right.
What they misunderstand is they really don't get who the American people are, who the supporters of Donald Trump are.
They've never understood who this group is.
They misunderstand it.
They think it's some small, tiny, misled group.
Uh, and they don't understand.
No, it's people who understand exactly what's happening to America.
It's the core of the audience of Donald Trump's base is the same as the core of the Infowars audience.
It's an audience that's way above average in terms of the information it understands and appreciates and realizes what we face right now is a constitutional crisis of a historically unparalleled.
I mean, the Civil War was a civil war, but it wasn't a constitutional.
I mean, let's walk through the conflicts of interest, the judge working with Hunter, with the Burisma account.
I mean, you can't make this up.
Pence to be the star witness while he runs against Trump.
The timing, trying to accelerate.
They didn't make the indictment bigger, so it's only one man, so they can get it done quicker.
Obama sending an emergency message to Biden.
The Washington Post reports Obama promises Biden he will do all he can to get him reelected.
He goes on to say you need to really take Trump's political strengths as a threat.
I mean, I think they realize that it's hard to steal a landslide.
And that brings in the assassination issue.
So, of course, we're showing footage of Trump set at 3 p.m.
Central, 4 p.m.
be arrested, that's what an arraignment is, in front of the court. Will they mugshot him? Will
they perp walking? George has promised to. We'll also speak to this, Robert Barnes.
Yeah, I think that you probably won't. The people who control
the process today are the United States Marshals.
And so the U.S.
Marshals control everything about the processing, either any fingerprinting, photographing, etc.
They tend to be very above board.
They're probably the least corrupt federal agency that exists.
Doesn't mean they're pure.
I've had issues with them in the past.
But as a group, they tend to be a highly ethical, highly professional group.
They're like what people thought the FBI was, is who the Marshals generally are.
So you're probably not going to see them do any of that.
They've probably already worked out with the Secret Service that he'll just probably come in and leave, and then that'll be it.
In terms of the bail, the proceedings will probably not be before the District Court Judge, but before the Federal Magistrate.
Those are appointed at 10-year terms.
And the Federal Magistrate, I don't think, will do anything crazy.
I think he'll be released on his own recognizance, as was the case in the Florida case and the New York case.
I don't think the magistrate will say anything stupid about trying to gag him or use as a condition of his release controls or constraints on either his travel or his speech.
But we're going to find out.
I mean, the big question I have is, is the federal judiciary willing to sink America's constitutional democracy?
Because that's who's on trial here.
As I talked about throughout your cases, Alex, I said, you know, the court system was on trial more than InfoWars was on trial.
Can they provide a fair and impartial proceeding that meets the rules of evidence and the rules of law and prove that they could not?
But this is at an entirely new scale because of the criminal context, because it involves the former president and future likely president of the United States, number 45 and 47, kind of like Grover Cleveland.
And I think the net effect of that is going to be that the court system, I think, will be cognizant of this risk and will be more restrained.
Now, this particular judge, as you note, is very problematic.
It comes from the true Obama base, which is the black upper middle class women who serve corporate America.
I mean, that's who Obama really was.
Obama was not, he didn't come from the streets.
He didn't come from the projects.
He didn't come from the black preacher tradition.
He, like this judge, you know, she's Jamaican born, right?
You know, another non-American, you know, presiding over a power base.
By the way, look at this footage live from D.C.
Trump coming in.
neoliberal professional managerial class corporate connection. The law firm she
worked at is David Bowie's law firm. David Bowie's is a guy who remember was
you know he was who had different kind of issues connected to the Epstein cases
purportedly was prosecuting them when it looked more to me like he was covering
it up. David Bowie's is infamous he shows up. By the way look at this footage live from
DC Trump coming in this is crazy. Yeah that is.
But I'll agree with you.
So there's definite risk with this judge.
This judge may go off the res.
Trump will have multiple opportunities to appeal any decision she makes on bail.
If she makes a bad bail decision, he can appeal that.
A bad decision on trying to gag his speech.
Uh, he can appeal that.
If she makes a bad decision about transfer for venue, which I'm sure that they should bring up right away, they should say this case doesn't belong in the District of Columbia, the witnesses are not in the District of Columbia, the jury pool is completely and hopelessly contaminated in the District of Columbia.
Trump does not reside in the District of Columbia.
The case should be transferred to a court in the Southern District of Florida which is already presiding over proceedings that over the same defendant Donald Trump that have shared issues of constitutional questions including whether or not the impeachment clause prohibits this Indictment from even existing in the first instance.
So let's talk about timing and let's talk about the indictment itself.
They're obviously, Jack Smith admits, the UN prosecutor trying to accelerate this.
So what's their hope?
Put him in jail like Mandela before the election?
It's really, they've let the cat out of the bag over the last day or so, last 24 hours.
Various commentators out there in the liberal democratic space.
The goal is to get a conviction.
Bill Barr's out there telling everybody.
I always, you know, say we need a meme that, you know, has it from the Godfather where he says it was Barzini all along.
Well, it was Barr all along.
The co-conspirators were Bill Barr and Mike Pence to undermine the president, to cover up for the corruption and fraud of the 2020 election, and then to use the fact that Trump challenged and contested the election as grounds to never let him get elected again.
That was really what was happening.
That's right, because there's only a few things that preclude you if you're convicted and one of them would be this so-called insurrection or defrauding.
I mean, can they keep him from being on the ballot?
There, that's been pretty, that's been litigated.
It got litigated aggressively during Obama because people challenged whether he was a natural-born citizen.
And what the courts have held, and they've held this all the way back, going back a century, is that the states cannot limit someone from having access to the ballot as long as they either are a party member.
Sure, because that's pure election meddling.
So what is their hope?
I mean, I'm sure you read the indictment I have.
It says, oh, he told 21 lies that illegal aliens vote.
A bunch of cities are legalizing illegal aliens voting.
Pew Research, 25 million illegals can vote.
I mean, they're hiring illegal aliens to be police officers now.
So they're saying one thing, doing another.
I guess their only hope is the uncharged co-conspirators.
They hope they'll lie about Trump like they tried to get Roger Stone to do.
He wouldn't do it.
And I guess they're hoping that that is enough.
Oh, I mean, I think they're relying entirely on their control of the DC court system and the DC jury pool.
And I think their goal, put simply, is they're not going to be able to get him locked up pending trial.
If some judge goes off the res and tries to do that, even after a conviction, Supreme Court's likely to intervene.
And I would note here, both Professor Jonathan Turley and Harvard Professor, former Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, both agree that the January 6th case is so bad constitutionally that the Supreme Court will have ultimately no choice but to throw out all the charges.
Sure, and aren't the issues of the First Amendment, because it opens by saying, as you know, now you've got free speech, but this isn't free speech, he lied.
Well, lies are protected by free speech, even though these aren't lies.
In fact, it's a direct attack not only on the right to associate, the right to publish, the right of free speech, the right of association, but most importantly, it's a direct attack on the right to petition the government.
You know this, Alex, but Amy Coney Barrett did when she was in front of the Senate.
One of the most forgotten rights of the First Amendment is the key fifth right, which is the right to petition your government for redress of grievances.
And you know from our history that was considered the most important for a lot of our founders because that was the right being denied by both the King and the British Parliament.
And what this indictment says is, yeah Trump you can go to court and we won't call that a crime but if you go to Congress we'll call that a crime.
If you go to the public we'll call that a crime.
If you go to a governor we'll call that a crime.
If you go to the Secretary of State We'll call that a crime of an individual state.
Well, that's his right as an individual to petition the government for redress of grievances concerning a false, fake, and fraudulent election that did not meet constitutional standards.
And so that's what makes this so dangerous an indictment.
They're not only trying to prevent Donald Trump from ever being president again and strip American voters.
They're trying to outlaw questioning elections, which the State Department that goes around policing elections worldwide, as you know, says the number one rule of free election is you're allowed to question and challenge it.
It's very much like the Alex Jones and Infowar cases were really about making it illegal and subject to civil remedy, civil torts, and big monetary punishment if you challenged or questioned a big traumatic event.
This case is about making it a crime if you challenge or question how an election was conducted.
See, and that's what makes it, and to even go beyond that, your right to petition for redress of grievances.
They're saying you can only go to court if you have a problem with an election.
You can't talk to the public, you can't talk to Congress, you can't talk to the legislative branches of the states, you can't talk to the governors.
But in fact, our Constitution doesn't call for election contests in the presidency to go to court.
It calls for it to go to Congress!
Where, in fact, John Adams exercised that power as Vice President, where Thomas Jefferson exercised that power, according to Jack White's indictment.
First, as Alan Dershowitz noted, Jack White committed a crime himself by his own theory because he makes false statements by omission and commission in the indictment, which means he's trying to interfere with an election and deprive people of their civil rights according to his theory, which means he can be prosecuted under his own theory for bringing the indictment in the first place.
But putting that aside, do you look at what Pence is claiming that he didn't have the power to do?
There was a long history of people doing it.
Jack White's theory would make John Adams- You mean Jack Smith?
I'm sorry, yeah.
Jack Smith's theory would make Thomas Jefferson a criminal, John Adams a criminal, Alexander Hamilton a criminal, everybody in 1876 a criminal, Richard Nixon and John Kennedy in 19... But here's the question, will this idiot judge, who's the worst Jan 6th judge, total tyrant, will she even let that evidence be put on?
Oh, I think she'll do everything she can to rig the case.
So I think the very first motion they should bring in this case is a motion to disqualify the court and lay out not only the political prejudice, but the personal conflicts.
She's going to know people who are going to be witnesses in the case in one way, shape or form.
Hell, she worked on the Burisma account with Hunter.
The big question is, is she on Hunter Biden's laptop?
Stay right there.
We'll be right back with Robert Barnes.
Stay with us.
Alright, Robert Barnes is our guest constitutional lawyer, historian, really smart cookie, former Trump lawyer.
Barnes, let me ask you this.
Look, I could have told the establishment, you start indicting Trump as approval rating goes up, people hate the system, we're in the middle of a fourth turning, major political realignment, and they should have just laid low.
Instead they go forward with this, and I know you've looked at all the angles, how do you currently see this playing out?
Because the only way I see them winning this is assassinating Trump, and then that doesn't do it either, then they turn him into like a Christ-like figure.
And I'm not comparing him to Christ, but that's, that's, I mean, it's going into those areas here, like, you know, a Mandela situation.
He was a horrible communist, but jailing him turned him into an icon.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, they are, why did they go with this?
Why did they do this?
Why did they, why did they engage in this type of activity?
Well, it's very much, instead of U.S.
vs. Donald Trump, it's Deep State vs. America.
And the question is, who's going to win?
And to be honest with you, that's still an open question.
Because the question is, will our federal judiciary completely implode as well?
That the federal prosecutorial process has long been corrupted but has now reached a new apex of corruption.
Our legislative branches are mostly inept and incapable.
And the deep state has co-opted large parts of the administrative bureaucratic state across the board.
So all that's left to protect us, other than the American people doing things on their own in terms of voting and acting in the court of public opinion, only thing that's left is the federal judiciary to stop this from getting inane or insane and going too far.
And I think that's what we're going to find out over the next year.
How much is the federal judiciary equally complicit in the collapse of the American constitutional democracy and republic?
And if I don't think it will be, I think ultimately the courts will not go too far, that ultimately Election Day will be America's verdict in all of these cases.
A verdict on Biden and a verdict on Trump.
And I think that verdict is going to be the election again of Donald Trump to the presidency.
Now, as you note, then there's a new set of concerns you have to worry about.
But it could very well and very easily be a little bit like 1974, after the deep state went too far, taking out Nixon after they'd assassinated John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
And some would suggest the complicity and assassination of Malcolm X as well and some other folks internationally.
The blowback ended up big because the American people sent a bunch of reformers.
Frank Church took over his committee.
And that's how we found out publicly all this information that nobody in America knew in terms of the assassination of both Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, but also MKUltra, the coup plotting overseas.
And that crippled the deep state until what?
George Herbert Walker Bush got in.
So that crippled them for about 15-20 years.
And so it almost was a death nail.
And I think it kind of shocked them.
And I think it's what has had them step back from going the assassination route.
Instead, they're trying now the legally weaponized route.
But that's been used before against a lesser level of political officials.
Huey Long.
Yeah, Huey Long, Jim Curley, Big Jim Folsom, they put under criminal investigation.
Pretty much every populist in the history of America has been subject to either impeachment, indictment or both.
So they're just escalating it to the presidency.
But I think what they under-appreciate is that this will not deter the Republican or Trump base, nor will it deceive the independent voter.
The independent voter sees it for what it is.
If they were going to take Trump out, they need to find a real crime, not these fake crimes, these made-up crimes.
So how does R.F.K.
play into the calculus?
RFK Jr., frankly, is kind of insurance for Donald Trump.
So as long as he poses a serious challenge to Joe Biden or for the presidency, then that restricts their ability.
If the deep state's choices are Donald Trump or RFK Jr., they start mapping out where they can go and avoid extradition.
So that's where, to a certain degree, Robert Kennedy's presence makes them have to stick with Joe Biden, because if they pull Joe Biden, Robert Kennedy may win the nomination.
If they try to put in Newsom or anybody else, Robert Kennedy will surge.
He is the most popular politician in America right now, public official, by a pretty good margin.
And so the only reason he's losing to Biden right now is support with the Democratic Party for their incumbent.
if you take out the incumbent, basically they are forced to get stuck with Biden because
they fear Robert Kennedy Jr.
The other aspect is that they have to be careful about how much they take out Trump, that they
don't do so in such a way that it backfires and leads to more support for Robert Kennedy
Well, that was my next point.
Newsom is now about to be in a debate with DeSantis.
They basically admit now he's going to come in.
But it looks like Biden, who is a puppet, thinks he's the president, and Jill thinks that.
So how do they get rid of Biden?
How do they bring in Newsom?
That's going to be crazy.
They basically can't.
There's two major hurdles they have.
Kamala Harris will not give up the vice presidency and she won't give up the presidency to Newsom or anybody else.
There's long-standing hostility between her and Newsom that goes back decades.
She comes from the Willie Brown wing of the San Francisco Democratic political machine.
Newsom comes from the Pelosi-connected, Feinstein-connected San Francisco wing of the Democratic political machine.
People don't know that they're at odds.
Uh, the, the, Willie built his own independent political machine there and was pretty effective at it.
One of the best effective politicians in American history.
However much people may dislike what his politics stood for.
Uh, so, but she ain't going nowhere.
And I think now Joe Biden made a brilliant choice.
I think he picked Kamala Harris because he knew they could never replace him with her.
And she would never let them replace him with anyone else because that would mean jumping her.
So that's their first big hurdle.
Now their second hurdle is because of Robert Kennedy's campaign, they really can't let somebody else in.
They can't sub in for Biden.
So they got the Kamala Harris problem is the biggest problem they have, but now Robert Kennedy poses such a threat.
Uh, to the deep state apparatus, that they can't allow anyone but Biden be the nominee.
Because if anybody else is in the race, Robert Kennedy easily surges and may win the Democratic nomination.
That's what happened with his father.
When Lyndon Johnson stepped down is when Robert Kennedy's junior, uh, Robert Kennedy's senior, uh, took power.
You know, started winning all the elections, winning big in California, and then that's when they assassinated his father.
It's probably not a coincidence that they are denying Secret Service protection to Robert Kennedy Jr.
It's another threat that's out there.
I represent Robert Kennedy Jr.
in some potential cases that may be upcoming, but it's fair to say that there's been constant escalation of indirect threats.
So what this telegraph says is a deep state in crisis.
This is not the signs of a strong group.
It's the signs of a desperate group.
But as you pointed out, that makes them the most dangerous.
We're showing footage of Trump who's landed, who is now in his motorcade on his way to the federal courthouse.
This is unbelievable.
This is so historic.
And I think this doesn't send the signal and the message that they think it does.
They think, oh, look, you know, that now that people see this man is an accused criminal, people will start walking away from him.
And that's because if you understand federal prosecutors and the deep state.
They've never lost, right?
They're not accustomed to, they're accustomed to railroading people and getting away with it.
They're not accustomed to it backfiring.
And they've done everything possible to take out Trump now for eight years, and it's only backfired.
And this too will backfire.
Because I think the ordinary person out there sees this, and they don't see a criminal being perp-walked, they see the American Constitution being perp-walked.
They see America's democracy being purged.
They see who they want to vote for, who had an election stolen, who's way ahead in the polls against all the Republicans and Biden, them trying to silence them.
I mean, you try to play with a dog with a toy and tug of war, they're literally starting to tug of war with us.
I mean, a five-year-old should understand this.
And what it is, is they're accustomed to getting away with this with people that are at lower profile.
So, you know, when they're doing it with Ruby Ridge and Waco and Oklahoma City, you know, they're doing it at a level that Americans were not yet fully awake.
Their eyes were half open like Lord of the Flies.
And consequently they didn't fully see and appreciate what's going on.
Trump has been a crash course in how corrupt the deep state really is and how corrupted it has made our criminal justice and our civil justice system and large parts of our political process.
I mean, there's a reason why Eisenhower did his speech in 1961, where he explained we've got a major problem in the post-war era.
We've got a new, not only military-industrial complex, but people forget the other aspect of that speech.
He said there's a growing administrative state that's co-opting our universities, our scholars, our intellectuals, that is going to corrupt, ultimately, the governance of society, and not just the governance of government itself.
And that's what we're seeing all of these come home to roost.
Meanwhile, what do you make of the Russians are winning in Ukraine?
All the numbers are coming out.
Now two credit agencies have taken us from AAA to 2A.
Biden's blaming Trump.
I mean, I agree with you, though.
I'm not in some war with these idiots.
They're mental patients.
I want to stop.
Can they not see that they're literally cratering America and making us look weak and pathetic?
There are in complete denial on this.
And that's why you see a bunch of liberals running around today, the Secretary of Treasury yelling out there saying she doesn't understand how Fitch could possibly do this.
Well, I mean, just look at all of the, you know, housing is unaffordable.
Credit card debt is at its highest rate.
Savings are being rapidly depleted.
Wages are falling behind core prices.
You know, just be able to buy a car is one of the most expensive you can get.
Just because Biden says there's no inflation is a lie.
Here's Janet Yellen literally saying that she doesn't agree with the credit agencies.
Here it is.
The past few years, the American economy has seen an historic recovery from the depths of the pandemic downturn.
Over 13 million new jobs have been created since January 2021.
This is the woman that bows to Xi Jinping?
They said she was on mushrooms?
Can't make this up!
I said she was on mushrooms?
I mean what?
Overall annual inflation is declining every month for the past year and our economy continues
to grow.
She on mushrooms now?
In the longer term, the United States remains the world's largest, most dynamic and most
innovative economy with the strongest financial system in the world.
This decision is puzzling in light of the economic strength we see in the United States.
I strongly disagree with Fitch's decision, and I believe it is entirely unwarranted.
So they put a bunch of incompetents in to scuttle the dollar, bring in the new global currency, which the WEF and others said was the plan.
I mean, so these are idiots.
Biden and his controllers are idiots.
But there's a larger group, Bob, behind this that knows exactly what it's doing.
Yeah, and they're just directly threatened by Trump and the support of the American people for Trump.
That's the combination of the two.
And that's where the, and they're trying to kill America's constitutional democracy in the process, that they're going past.
I mean, Trump has a very simple campaign for 2024, which is, you know, when I was president, we had peace abroad and prosperity at home.
With Joe Biden, we have war abroad and poverty at home.
And so if you want to return to peace and prosperity, there's only one option, and that option is Donald John Trump.
And so, and that option is going to succeed at the polls.
And none of these criminal cases, none of these attempts to derail it, none of these smear campaigns, none of these weaponized lawfare against them is going to change that result.
Exactly, and they don't have a unified deep state against him, so assassinating him is a real problem.
So let me ask you this, what are the wild cards?
Because we need to be the enemy right now.
How does the enemy grab victory from the jaws of defeat, Robert Barnes?
Yeah, I think they're going to wait and watch this out and they assume they'll definitely get a conviction and that conviction will turn them.
And so it's kind of like 2016, right, where they never really took Trump seriously and then were shocked on election night.
I think you're going to see a repeat of that just in a different direction in 2024.
Yeah, so they're already printing up the Newsweek Madam President stuff.
They're just delusional.
They all tell each other they're winners.
Uh, it's insane.
Oh, yeah, you read like, just read the New York Times articles and editorials over the last two days.
Great indictment.
Genius indictment.
Brilliant indictment.
You know what I mean?
Insane, ludicrous nonsense.
Nobody that's a constitutional scholar would tolerate this gibberish for half a second.
If you argued this in law school, you'd fail the exam.
I mean, this indictment challenges your right to petition, your right to free speech.
Well, I've got the indictment right here, so we've got ten minutes left.
Let's walk through the indictment, because I'm not a lawyer, constitutional lawyer, former Trump lawyer like you, but it says stuff like, he lies and says illegals voted, indicted.
Illegals are voting everywhere, they admit it.
I mean, it's preposterous.
And to those out there that have asked, they have put at issue, as both a subjective matter of what he believed and what he knew, and as an objective matter as to what is true, a whole bunch of issues with the election.
I'll give you the dumbest one they included.
They included that there was no problem whatsoever with the Georgia signature matches, because Mark Meadows just looked at one little part of the process and said that little part of the process was going okay.
I know as a matter of fact that the Georgia signatures did not match to the degree that could justify the election being declared for Joe Biden in Georgia.
I was in Georgia on that issue.
They were terrified to give us a simple signature match observer check.
They never gave it to us the entire time.
So the idea that the signatures match shows you how delusional these people are that brought this indictment.
Because not only in my view does this entitle Trump to subpoena, not only subpoena witnesses and documents, but I believe for trial, but also subpoena the underlying ballots themselves.
And they do, and the underlying signatures themselves.
And the prior voter signatures.
And Trump has officially landed, he was driving a motorcade in New Jersey, he's landed in D.C.
One hour from now, or about 6-7 minutes from now, he's scheduled to arrive and be arraigned.
We've got a fourth-hour guest coming up, but that last segment, we'll commandeer that and just run the raw feed.
I'll be here in studio.
I'll be with Owen Schroeder at 3 p.m.
Central in an hour and 12 minutes when he's supposedly going to arrive for the arraignment.
I mean, this is crazy.
This is, I mean, anybody can look at this and say, this is coffin nails for the New World Order.
It's kind of like You got a girlfriend and you start harassing her and saying, I know you're cheating on me, and you start slapping her around.
She's gone.
And I mean, they're literally slapping us around constantly.
We're gone.
It's over.
I mean, you may beat us up and lock us in the closet.
We're going to get out of the closet and never come back.
It's so they can like lock us in a bedroom for a couple hours, but we're gone.
We're gone.
There's no coming back.
They blow stuff up.
They blame it on the Patriot movement.
They're branding.
I'm sure you've seen the talking point all over the news.
Oh, the Trump supporters are terrorists.
They're about to kill everybody.
They're about to cut the power off of the Russians.
I mean, are they going to go that far?
And that's not going to work either, Barnes.
No, it's not.
I mean, I think the only upside to their incompetence is I think they really think this indictment will lead to a conviction which will lead to the voters turning on Trump.
And as long as they are mistaken about that, that actually deters them escalating into some other area.
Because the risk is that this just keeps going.
They start locking up Trump supporters, they start locking up members of Congress, they start locking up senators, they start locking up people across the nation in ways that go beyond January 6th participation.
So the concern is that we go full Third World, full Banana Republic, because this is a big bad step towards Banana Republic status, what this is.
And it's going to make us a mockery, and already has, around the world, around the globe.
I mean, America will never be in a position to lecture anybody ever again about indicting one's political opponents.
Well, yeah, I don't want to compare Trump to Christ.
I'm not doing that.
I'm saying the archetype of the guy that's not done wrong with what they claim, he's done things that were wrong, being pick-headed, literally arriving to a kangaroo court Persecuted over and over and over again, going through this gauntlet, carrying the cross to the Golgotha.
I mean, you couldn't script this worse against them, but they're 100% real.
I know they're trying to put me in jail.
They're trying to put Owen in jail.
They're trying to put Sam Montoya in jail.
I mean, I know how real they are.
I've been there.
I've seen their hatred.
This is not some staged thing between us.
This is really a group that wants to cut children's genitals off and have open borders and child trafficking and war with Russia.
They are lunatics!
Oh, absolutely.
They have a very distorted moral worldview, and that is compromised by a level of intellectual ineptitude and decrepitude that endangers the country.
Not only are they evil in a way that fascists and communists were evil, but they're also dumb in the way the big empires before World War I were dumb, and utterly destroyed their own governments and societies in the process.
Uh, and that's what they're doing in these cases.
And I think now Trump has many legal remedies he can assert.
Practically speaking, they'll try to rush the trial.
There's no grounds to rush the trial.
Uh, the judge may prevent him from presenting a defense, but then he can provide in the record all the things he wasn't allowed to present to the jury.
Let me say something else about Trump.
He loves to buy old buildings.
They're about to demolish and fix them like the DC, uh, uh, Postal office.
He turned into a hotel.
I love how that plane's 40 years old and he pays more money to fix it up and keep it than to get a new plane.
That's so archetypal about Trump.
Like, why blow up something old and beautiful when you can keep it going?
I mean, it's just the airplane alone tells you what Trump's like.
Oh yeah, and it's also brilliant branding and marketing by Trump.
And he's got the American flag on the tail of it.
But America's like that old airplane that we're not just going to throw away.
That's exactly right.
And the key is that Trump is like the Founding Fathers in having an incredible backbone.
Backbone made of steel.
So what they have always underestimated is the same thing they underestimated when they came after you.
They really thought, okay, if you were the caricature they thought you were, or if Trump was the caricature they thought he was, then those people fold and capitulate under pressure.
They caved in.
You and Trump are both the same in that, in fact, it makes you stronger and push back harder.
And it's because they've never understood who Trump is that they keep pursuing this path.
You can see Trump's like, I consider it an honor today that I'm going to get arraigned because it's on behalf of the American people.
It's on behalf of honest elections.
It's on behalf of the American constitutional government.
And so, you know, that's who he is.
That's how he welcomed it.
And that's the same mind and spirit that led to George Washington being willing to be a general, almost sacrifice all his wealth just to be able to preserve, you know, a small country.
Well, let me stop you because I want to get this clip.
I missed it.
Trump said today he's honored to be indicted?
Yeah, yeah.
He said, he put it out in a truth statement.
He put it on a truth.
He goes, you know, I'm going down, be reigned, and I consider it, and it's an honor because it's for America.
Well, I know you're busy and got a lot going on.
I'm going to be co-hosting with Owen in about an hour and six minutes from now when he's scheduled.
We've got Drew Hernandez taking over, but he'll be covering this live.
I don't know, Barnes, could you pop in an hour and a half just real quick?
Sure, no problem.
All right, so we're going to call you at 3.30 Central for the War Room, just to do a couple of segments, and get your take on that.
Again, Drew Hordanis is about to take over for an hour, and then I'll be back.
As they say, Lord willing, Barnes, you do so many great shows.
You've always been huge, but you're all over the place.
How do people find the great Robert Barnes?
Oh, sure.
They can find all the fun content and a fun community at vivabarneslaw.locals.com.
Say it again, Barnes.
Viva Barnes law dot locals dot com. All right, Drew Hernandez is going to take over
But but let's let's put that back on screen the the the true social Trump put up the barns told me about Donald J
Trump at real Donald Trump I am now going to Washington DC to be arrested for having
challenged a corrupt rigged and stolen election It is a great honor because I am being arrested for you
make America great again. What a statement How could we not support him now Barnes? I mean, it's just
it's just insane They are playing to Trump's strengths.
Trump's strengths are that he has, you know, Cohen is the size of a couple of continents.
He's someone who's unafraid, unfazed, unimpacted, and the more they come after him, the stronger he's going to get.
The assassination threats didn't deter him.
Bankrupting threats didn't deter him.
Arresting him and imprisoning him doesn't deter him.
And look at the body language of Jack Smith two days ago at that press conference.
He looked like A man that had a gun to his head.
He looked like he was being blackmailed.
He looked like he was in hell.
Yeah, I mean, he's taking on a fight he's totally unprepared for.
I mean, this is a guy whose cases have been overturned repeatedly by the U.S.
Supreme Court.
I mean, do you know how many prosecutors have ever had their case overturned, least of all by the U.S.
Supreme Court, least of all repeatedly?
I mean, the guy's an intellectual fraud.
All he's good at is doing is taking orders.
That's what he did when he was at the International Court of Criminal Justice.
That's what he does with the U.S.
Attorney's Office.
That's what he did when he was busy covering things up for Barack Obama.
He is literally a disgusting person.
Alright Barnes, we'll see you in an hour and a half.
God bless you.
Absolutely, glad to be here.
You don't want to miss what's coming up next hour.
I'm going to literally go battle to keep us on air in the next hour.
Then I'll be back with Owen.
Drew Hernandez is taking over.
Please remember, we're standing up for you.
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I'm standing up for my family.
But collectively, we're all together.
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This is the fight. This is the tip of the spear.
All right, the fire-breathing pastor, Drew Hernandez, takes over in hour number four.
And we'll be back in the War Room live.
When hope and love has been lost, and you fall to the ground, you must find a way.
When the darkness descends and you're told it's the end, you must find a way.
When God decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way.
You will find a way.
Dig down and find faith.
When you're close to the edge, with a gun to your head, you must find a way.
We have entered the fray, and we will not obey.
We must find a way and find faith.
We won't let them divide us.
We will never abide.
We will find a way.
Infowars.com All righty, InfoWarriors, welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We're just going to continue with this coverage.
President Donald J. Trump, the most persecuted president that hasn't been assassinated physically.
The political assassination continues as the crooked prosecutor that is UN-affiliated, that we all know has global ties.
I mean, you see all of this coming to fruition.
And by the way, I mean, it's always great listening to Alex Jones, but Robert Barnes is incredible, man.
That was that last hour, guys.
You guys got to make sure you rewatch that because that was some heavy stuff.
So I'm going to do my best to continue this conversation.
Don't go anywhere, guys.
We're going to continue with this historic coverage.
President Donald J. Trump.
This is the political assassination.
He has officially become a political martyr.
If you thought the sham impeachments and the witch hunts were getting pretty bad and all of these multiple indictments that are all going down, this is true.
Truly American history and you and I are watching something that the world has never seen the American people experience ever is you have a politically charged and weaponized three-letter agency and so-called justice system That has not only been polarized, but infiltrated and subverted, that has been weaponized against, I would love to say, and just straight out come and say, probably the greatest president of at least my, you know, lifetime and my generation.
Probably arguably one of the greatest American presidents of our generation.
And you know, they know this, and the Deep State understands fully fundamentally, they're totally disconnected from American culture, they're totally disconnected from what the American people actually want, but it's not like a naive disconnection.
It's not like a, well, we're boomers and we're old wineskins and we just don't get it.
There's a level of that, but there's also a level of absolute disdain and hatred for those that love the United States of America.
That's why the PSYOP for the past few years and the acceleration has been, well, everything that resembles the red, white, and blue is white supremacy.
It's white nationalism.
It's Nazism.
It's the Fourth Reich.
That's why you've been seeing the PSYOP get installed since Trump came down that damn escalator in 2015.
Right, the fake news media cartel, they launched their PSYOPs, the intelligence agencies, they all started to prepare.
They miscalculated because they truly believed that Hillary was going to be the one that would be installed.
Deep state NWO puppet.
Okay, the advent of Trump came in, they totally lost their minds because the anomaly known as President Donald J. Trump and MAGA, which is every single one of you that are watching this transmission, Put a stop to those plans.
And we actually really did throw a wrench in all of that.
So there was a little bit of a delay.
Everything that you're seeing now with President, puppet President Joe Biden was everything Hillary Clinton was going to be and maybe even worse at a faster and more rapid rate.
I don't want people to lose sight, because President Trump is en route right now.
He's en route to D.C.
Trump Force One just landed.
The media, of course, is going to be all over this, covering it on both sides.
You see CNN, the fake news media cartel foaming at the mouth.
This is the ultimate endgame.
Everything that had to do with J6, with the PSYOPs, and the operations run on the ground, ground game, even the media operations, okay, even when it came to the You know the J6 committee hearings and they're all like Hollywood produced with the dramatic music and there's only one narrative and anytime they would show any footage from that day there was always some kind of like Christopher Nolan you know soundtrack behind it like you're watching the Dark Knight.
All of that predictive programming while at the same time the propaganda to set up the narrative that you live in America.
Okay, there's a reason for all of this.
Calling Trump a Nazi.
I know it gets exhausting, right?
Especially, like if, I mean, all the guys know exactly what I'm talking about.
You hear this stuff all the time.
Nazi, fascist, Nazi, fascist, Nazi, fascist, Nazi, fascist.
That repetitive PSYOP and propaganda that's been installed for the past eight years was for this moment today and for this moment and these specific indictments, especially with the J6 PSYOP, that leads all directly to this moment.
There's a reason also why they've been installing the narrative that mega Republicans are domestic right-wing terrorists.
They're threats to what?
They're always saying the same talking point, isn't it?
Doesn't it always sound like they're just kind of on repeat?
Like there's some kind of download that they're just playing over and over again?
Mega-Republicans and right-wing domestic terrorists are a threat to our democracy.
A threat to our democracy.
A threat to our democracy.
The repetitive propaganda that gets installed in the minds of millions of people, they do that for years.
They'll do it for months.
They'll do it for decades.
So when they finally move on their target, When it's finally all said and done, it'll be justified in the minds of the millions that do not think for themselves.
We're going to continue this historic coverage when we come back from the break.
Do not go anywhere.
We'll be right back.
All righty, ladies and gentlemen, the historic arraignment of President Donald J. Trump,
another arrest, totally based, totally based because we know that when the deep state and
these hijacked, infiltrated intelligence agencies, when they come out and they say, that guy
that represents the USA, that guy that stands in the gap between the American people and
the global New World Order and the deep state operations that want to subvert the United
States Constitution and our God-given inalienable rights, because that's what's on the line
Alright, because Trump comes out on Truth Social and says, I am being arrested, I'm being, okay, arraigned for questioning, okay, an election.
And it's an honor, it's an honor to be arrested, again, because I am being, what did he say?
I'm being arrested for you.
Hey, that is the reality of the situation right now.
Because you go after the man, you go after the movement.
And you go after the movement, you destroy any aspect, any word, any idea, okay, or any future, you know, perspective of possibly ever doing anything like this ever again.
Okay, so the entire country is watching.
This is meant to Send a message, not only to you and me, not only to everyday Americans that are all affected, okay, by these globalist, you know, rhino, obvious Democrat, communist infiltrators and operatives.
That our legislating policy that's destroying our entire lives, that's surveilling the United States American citizen, which by the way, even in several different states right now where they're giving power to non-US citizens, which by the way, I wanted to make this contrast because I was thinking about it today.
Take a look at the direction things are going, okay?
In several different states recently, They have given illegals, non-US citizens, the ability to arrest, make lawful arrests of even US citizens.
And you take a look at this appointed federal judge that's overseeing the Trump J6 indictment case affiliated with Obama.
Has donor ties to Obama and is not a natural United States-born citizen?
Like, this is the direction of things.
This is an attack on America.
This is an attack on the American.
The American.
That's it, ladies and gentlemen.
This is an attack on the American.
You and me.
An attack on the American.
And, you know, people have to set everything aside right now because this should be problematic.
And I've been making this point On various other shows the past couple days because the Mike Pence phenomenon is not a surprise to me.
We know that Judas Pence was going to come out and make his move eventually when the deep state was going to finally attempt to make a slam dunk on President Donald J. Trump, which is going to backfire like it always does.
But the deep state is throwing an alley-oop to all of their deep state plants in the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.
Drew, what do you mean?
Dude, it's not a surprise.
Mike Pence is a deep state plant and operative.
He was put there for a reason from the very beginning for moments like this.
Because if the deep state ever ran into a problem where Trump became uncontrollable...
I would argue that Mike Pence was probably the first deep state plant that was put in the Trump orbit, dating back to when he finally decided who his VP was going to be, because that's what these people do.
They appoint individuals inside the cabinet, inside the Trump orbit, inside his press team, inside the campaign team, to influence him to do things that are a little more acceptable when it comes to American politics, to do things that are a little more acceptable when it comes to the independent voter, because you don't want to push people the wrong way.
The very thing that got Trump elected, okay, is the very thing that we need now and more and what he is doing.
Okay, this kind of energy of never backing down.
If there's one thing that Trump truly has taught me, just as like a young man, you know what I mean?
Just as a young man, a young American, it's never to give up, never to back down, never get intimidated by these people and just keep Keep the ship moving forward, no matter what.
I've learned that from Donald J. Trump, Alex Jones, various other individuals, Roger Stone that have been targeted just like this.
Put on public trial, public crucifixions.
For people to get the message that you do not ever become an Alex Jones and question an official mainstream media narrative.
You don't do that!
Or else you're gonna have to pay nearly a trillion dollars, okay?
In debt!
And we're gonna destroy you and anything you've ever tried to do.
The same thing with President Donald J. Trump.
This is meant to send a message to Americans.
You never even think about, do not even have the idea hatching your mind of opposing us or anything that we plan to do in the future.
Because if you do, we will politically crucify you.
And I truly believe if they have to, last resort is going to that old school CIA, you know, assassinate Kennedy.
And, you know, I'm pretty sure they've thought about it.
But I think this is more of, in their minds, of a sophisticated way of sending a true message.
To the American people that you don't do this, okay?
Because listen, this is Great Reset.
This is Build Back Better.
This is a part of the plan, okay?
Andrew, what are you talking about?
They have to dismantle, control, demolition absolutely everything.
Everything from the economy to American politics, American culture, the religious systems that we have, the American media.
Everything has to be dismantled, infiltrated, and destroyed.
What does Great Reset have to do with this?
With this Trump indictment?
This is an absolute decimation of our so-called American justice system.
The Constitution is on trial here, not Donald J. Trump.
It should actually say the United States versus the United States Constitution.
Because in reality, that's what they're fighting up against.
And they know it!
Because Jack Smith knew that he had to push out the counter-narrative because he didn't have enough time.
Time ran out.
Time ran out because the Biden crime family is being unmasked.
The Biden crime family, there's a back and forth, there's a push.
There's a war between the deep state and patriots on the inside.
You can clearly see it.
You clearly see the narrative war.
Guys, this is like by days.
By days.
The Biden crime family, revelations come out a day later.
Another Jack Smith Trump indictment comes down.
Guys, this has happened multiple times.
So there is this internal civil war going on within the intelligence agencies, within American government, within D.C.
There is an internal struggle going on.
But right now, at the end of it all, guys...
I think we truly have to understand this historic moment.
Man, I'm watching this live on TV.
I cannot believe that I'm on InfoWars right now covering this.
I would have never thought in a million years.
I mean, I could believe the situation that's going down.
But guys, like when you think about great American war heroes, when you think about great American patriots, the George Washingtons, the Thomas Jeffersons, you name it, the Lincolns that have gone down in history that took a stand for this country, for this nation.
It was always for one thing.
What was it and has it always been about?
It's always been about standing in the gap against tyranny when no one else would and maybe even no one else could!
This is the biggest message of freedom I think we're ever going to see in the 21st century, guys.
Because right now we are watching the dismantling of our republic, and they're doing it through a president that truly is taking a stand.
Because, you know, I know people will come out, and this was mentioned earlier, people will say, well, maybe this is just a gigantic psyop.
Maybe he's just a New York billionaire that was planted for stuff like this, just to bring polarization in the country, mass destabilization, so that the deep state and the New World Order has an excuse to say, well, these humans are out of control, let's just, like, You know, have some full government overreach and let's just put an end to it all because these people are uncivilized and they can't handle it.
Like, really?
Like, how could President Donald J. Trump be a deep state plant like that and not get the sweetheart pledials and treatments that they all receive and get?
And again, I point to Mike Pence, because Mike Pence coming out and launching a full assault on his former commander-in-chief, that is tra- that is traitor, dude.
That is a traitor, despicable, Judas human being right there.
You are watch guy- this is like a movie, dude!
You can't- you can't write this stuff!
This is beyond a movie.
This is our reality here in the West.
The attack of American democracy, the attack of the American Constitutional Republic, the fall of the Republic with a revolutionary figure.
And I'm not sitting here worshiping.
This isn't Trump worship.
This isn't Trump, you know, absolute just praise because, you know, I love President Trump.
I will vote for him again.
I have some issues with him just like Alex does.
But this, guys, this should concern everyone.
Does it matter what your political affiliation is?
Because if they pull this at this kind of level, and I'm going to explain why this matters when we come back from the break, if they pull this at this kind of level and what this means and the implications for every single one of us, this is very advanced lawfare to the point where they understand what the consequences will be for every single one of you if you decide to go down this path.
Are we skipping this break, guys?
Confirm yay and nay?
Okay, we're going to continue guys because this is historic coverage and I'm on a sick one right now because like I just, I take a look at this and let me explain what I mean by this.
I point to Mike Pence because the way that the deep state operates, you don't have a concern.
If you're a part of the machine, I've been saying this for the past few days, when Pence decided to come out and really unmask himself.
He already has, but he's just full-blown.
Dude, Pence is the villain right now, dude.
If there's anyone that's the villain, it's freaking Pence, dude.
I've just been on this Pence thing for the past few days because this guy is so beyond, like, anti-Christ, dude.
Just straight Judas behavior.
A traitor to his nation, his former commander-in-chief, a traitor to every single one of us, MAGA and the United States of America, and American history, and every single American that has bled and died for this freedom.
Pence is a literal traitor and committing treason against right now.
But anyways, you say, Drew, what do you mean?
What's the point?
Dude, if you're a part of the deep state, you do not get a pass, which means Excuse me, if you are a part of the deep state, you get a pass.
If you're not a part of the deep state, you do not get a pass.
So what that means is you're not, Mike Pence is not concerned.
There are Democrats in DC right now that are watching this and they're seeing possibly themselves in the future.
There are Republicans right now watching this in D.C.
that are seeing themselves in the future.
That could be your head on that guillotine someday, because this is not about Republican or Democrat.
This is not about what's actually just or what's true.
This is about the fundamental constitutional right of questioning an election, questioning election results.
I'll even tell you what even is more of an obvious deep state, you know, red flag.
An even more obvious deep state, I guess we could say birthmark or fingerprint?
Dude, these people, and I know we make this point a lot, but post-2016, Trump rigged the election.
Trump rigged the election with Russia.
He colluded with Russia.
They brought that from a campaign smear, this is all confirmed.
They brought that from a campaign smear with Hillary Clinton, and that transformed because it originated with the Obama administration.
Guys, this has been in development for years, dude.
And that turned into sham witch hunt impeachment.
And that was disproved.
So the point is, guys, is when someone is a part of the deep state, they're not afraid and they have no concern about any consequences.
And I'll also even go as far to say that someone like Mike Pence is so compromised and probably so blackmailed by the deep state.
That he has to do this!
He has to!
You have to do stuff like this!
You know the little handshake on J6 when he certified the election?
When he said that, okay, things are really not gonna- You know, just days before at the Turning Point event, just lied to the American people?
The little handshake J6 certified the election, receives that little coin, receives his 30 pieces of silver, turning his back on President Trump, turning his back on the American people, and the American patriots that have gone down in history before us?
That was it.
It's compromised.
You have to do stuff like this.
You have to bend the knee.
You have to.
You have to be in compliance with their agenda.
And you don't have a worry.
The only worry you have is, well, if I don't do this, I won't get a seat at the table.
Because they will install someone like a Pence.
They will install someone that appears to be Republican.
They'll install... This is the game that we've all awoken to.
The Great Awakening is truly understanding there is no Republican Democrat.
The Unit Party, it's all the same.
It's Global New World Order.
It's Deep State.
It's demonic beings, Satan versus humanity because they all hate God and they're at war with God.
Psalm Chapter 2, they wage war against the Messiah and God looks down at them and laughs at them.
When someone's a part of the machine, they have no issues.
They will maybe get thrown overboard every now and then.
But the historical implications of what every single one of us are watching right now is absolutely insane.
And there are some Trump supporters on the ground.
Guys, do we have some of those?
Do we have that clip that I sent you guys?
I want to see if we can maybe play that, if possible.
Okay, just send me a tweet right now I sent it to Daria, but we have several Trump supporters on the ground right now that are showing their support and, you know, it doesn't matter what your American politics are right now.
It really doesn't.
Because this is part of what that PSYOP has become, where you get people to actually believe that they're on the right side of things, but in reality, this is the future.
This is the future.
This is the fate of every single one of us.
This is the fate of every single one of us, and the consequence That every single one of us will experience if we do not capitulate.
This will be the consequence to every single one of us if you question an election.
If you question the... Listen, this isn't even about the election particularly.
This is just about questioning the powers that be.
And I think Robert... You have it?
Alright guys, let's get that clip up because this is the kind of stuff that people need to see because this kind of support is not going away.
It's not going away anytime soon.
Let's run that guys.
You're here supporting Donald Trump?
Yeah, gotta support the boss.
Well, you're live on Sky News.
Tell me why.
The only way to save America is with Donald Trump.
They would have it, the prosecutors.
He's the man who tried to destroy America, subvert democracy.
That's another made-up story.
It's another made-up story, another made-up indictment.
They've been after this man since he came down the escalator eight years ago.
You gotta remember, when was America great?
2017, 18, 2019, until the Commie Democrats called their bosses in Wuhan to release the virus.
Remember, we had a thriving economy.
Stock market was through the roof.
Energy independence.
We had respect all around the world.
We were the number one superpower.
We were doing great.
America first.
First Constitution.
He put the Constitution first.
And it all went to shit 30 months ago.
Everything you're seeing today is the result of a stolen election.
John, I apologize for the language by the way, but listen.
Number one superpower, you say, not the number one democracy,
the prosecutors would say because of this man.
The man who will appear here.
We're going to remember, where are you from?
Well, here in America, we're a constitutional republic.
We follow the constitution and the Bill of Rights.
It might have been an autocracy had Donald Trump had his way.
That would be the way the prosecutors say.
We got a guy now that thinks he's king.
So, you know what?
We had a Trump there, king with an America first king.
So I would support King Trump coming back, occupying the White House again in January 2025.
You see, this is what they're trying to stop.
The rest of the world, these deep state proxies, okay, they are there only to push this narrative that Trump is the dictatorial fascist that's a threat to the nation.
You're gonna keep hearing this over and over and over and over again.
Okay, even foreign media is pushing this narrative because they want to watch this country dismantled, but you get a based American patriot like right in your face!
Just laying it down.
See, they're trying to tell us who we are!
They're trying to tell us what we're dealing with.
They're trying to tell- you get these foreign media, like, what do you want, dude?
This is America, get out of here.
This is a constitutional republic.
This narrative is threaded throughout the entire New World Order apparatus.
And you get this globalist, this globalist fake news media cartel getting thrashed, literally on the ground right now.
The support for President Trump is never going away, okay?
If there was ever a time to get seriously activated, I'm not going to use the word politically activated because this is not politics any longer, okay?
You see clips like this, it's just all coming out!
Or they're just straight up like, yeah, they're filming at the mouth.
We got him.
We got him.
He's a threat to democracy.
He's a threat to every single one of you.
No, why don't you shut up, sir?
This is America first, okay?
Like, this is our country.
We love our president.
Our country was freaking killing it before he got dismantled and fell for Operation Warp Speed.
And, you know, now he's hopefully more awake at this point.
But, like, who the hell are these foreign entities coming and telling us how our country's gonna go?
You see, but this is what this narrative is.
This is the fall of the West.
Like, they don't want to even acknowledge that we're a constitutional republic.
They don't even want to acknowledge that.
They just run with the narrative that orange man bad, orange man fascist, and that's all you ever need to know.
It's totally low IQ, low information, because we know that's easy to believe and you don't have to really do a lot of research.
Just listen to what we say.
All of these narratives that have been getting installed for the past few years, it's all leading up to this moment.
It's all leading up to this moment.
Because they solidified in the minds of millions of people, still, still, that... After every single one of us, because listen, listen, let's think about it, right?
Do you have the political power in pool?
Do you have the multi-million dollar war chest to go to lawfare, okay, and legal war with the freaking deep state?
Do you have that?
No, you don't.
I don't have that.
InfoWars, Alex Jones is, by God's grace, is barely just making it through.
The ship is just all, there's all kinds of, you know, you look at InfoWars, there's all kinds of, like, missile holes through the ship.
It's, there's smoke fires being put out.
You got the crew running around putting out fires, plugging up holes in the ship.
It's barely going.
You got Alex Jones commanding the ship.
It's the same thing with America.
The same thing.
It's the same concept.
That's the American spirit.
And even though the ship is on the verge of sinking, we don't abandon the ship.
Even though the ship is on the verge of sinking, and the tyrannical redcoats and the threats are right there, we don't turn our backs and run away.
We move forward, and we're willing to put our lives on the line, alright?
So we go down as free men and women.
That's what this is about.
That's the lesson with all of this.
That's what I'm learning as a young person.
As a millennial that's watching like Alex Jones, Donald J. Trump, Roger Stone, the greatest example they could have ever set for someone like me?
This is my future, you guys!
When I watch Bandot video and I watch Alex and I watch Donald Trump, I'm like, dude, this is literally my future.
I've been dealing with this kind of stuff on a scale, but this is literally reality and future for anyone moving forward, not just in American media.
But this is the future for every single one of us.
You can't question mainstream media narratives.
You can't question an election.
You can't question anything these people put out there.
You cannot question the power structures.
You cannot question the man.
And I think what Robert Barnes said was phenomenal earlier because it's very true.
A lot of Zoomers and a lot of millennials at first were like, oh yeah, we'll just listen to like the rappers that are all like, you know, once they loved Trump so much because they could relate to Trump in the past.
Rich billionaire, New York tycoon, live-in-the-life style of the rich and the famous.
They once could relate to him.
But then, the deep state came in with all of their fake narratives, slandering his name, destroying his reputation, calling him a white supremacist and a Nazi.
All those psyops got ran for years, and a lot of young people believed it, unfortunately.
But now the rise in some serious right-wing, American first politics, the rise of America first is inevitable.
The reason why the rise of America First is inevitable.
You want me to tell you why America First is inevitable?
I'll tell you why.
Because the deep state will never stop.
Because the global New World Order will never cease.
These people will never stop with these kind of attacks.
This is meant to tear you down, okay?
This is meant to wear you out.
This is meant to deteriorate you emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, politically.
In every way, shape, or form, this is meant to just tear you down, wear you out, and just, you know, isn't it easy to just give up?
Just give up!
Just tap out, dude!
Just tap out!
All this could go away!
You could just ride off into the sunset!
Alex Jones, ride off into the sunset!
Take another job!
Just let Infowars die!
President Donald J. Trump, just ride off into the sunset!
Just let America die!
Let us do what we need to do!
You could just put a stop to all of this, take your billions of dollars, and ride off into the sunset, and probably still be considered an American legend!
Just stop!
We're not gonna stop.
Because what's on the line here is freedom.
Not only for us, but for our future, our children, our kids, and our kids' kids, and our kids' kids' kids, and their grandkids.
That's what's on the line.
That's what our Founding Fathers looked to.
You wanna know what our Founding Fathers looked to when they stood against tyranny?
They looked to this.
You and me.
So it's our time, ladies and gentlemen.
You are in this fight.
We'll be right back.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, before we continue our coverage, I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
You are now watching the most banned transmission on the face of planet Earth, arguably the universe.
The fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Kind of a bit of a pre-show.
President Trump has arrived.
Donald J. Trump has arrived at the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C.
We have a live feed up right now as you guys can see.
This is his story.
This is historic.
The American people are on the line here.
The American Constitution is on the line.
We're going to continue with this analysis and we have some other clips coming up as well because there's tons of support on the ground.
police, Metro police have been Uh, obviously deployed to the streets because they, uh, probably believe another J6 is going to happen.
And who knows, maybe another, another PSYOP will happen.
And, uh, but I think, uh, there's been reports going out that they even have the Capitol gated up guys.
I think that was, uh, at BG on the scene on Twitter.
Um, yeah, I think the Capitol is gated up right now.
So obviously there it is right there guys.
So, uh, they're getting ready for another J6 and obviously, you know, uh, the Trump people, uh, Trump supporters.
Mega Republicans are not seeking violence and I'm always going to come out and say this.
Everyone make sure to remain peaceful.
If you decide to peacefully protest, which as you should, be on the lookout for operations, be on the lookout for feds, be on the lookout for the next REAPS, be on the lookout for Any kind of operative that's influencing violence.
Because we as the people want to remain peaceful.
So I just want to make sure I say that out on the air.
Because I'm fully aware that there's thousands of people watching.
And we do not want to influence anyone to violence.
So there they are.
They're getting ready.
They're locking down D.C.
But obviously Trump is there.
His supporters are down there.
And we do have a clip.
Guys, is that clip good to go?
The one that I sent you guys to Rob?
Okay, guys, let's run that clip.
Here's some more of the support.
Oh, by the way, yeah, this is an unauthorized clip because you are not supposed to see black people supporting the racist, orange man, white supremacist.
Take a look, guys.
This is going on down at D.C.
I'm here to support Trump.
My brother's gonna come over here.
I want them over here with me.
Come over here.
So I'm here to show Jack Smith that he's a punk.
That's right.
And that he's an ugly sellout.
That's right.
And I'm here to let him know that he's going to jail for treason.
That's right.
Him and Biden and Obama and all of the other suckers.
that are going against Trump for no reason.
They want to parade the man that we call King Cyrus, like they did in every other country.
They have conquered the country and parade the king around in handcuffs to humiliate us.
But I'm here to testify that you will be humiliated.
That's right.
Because I'm here to humiliate you.
Because you are a sellout and you are a person that...
You see what, you see guys, this is why I say, before we ended the break, this is why I say, America first is inevitable.
Okay, doesn't matter what your skin color is, doesn't matter if you're white, you're black, you're brown, you're Asian, doesn't matter.
The reason why, and this is what you're watching in real time, the reason why America first is inevitable is because the harder these people push, And the more they continue to push, the more that people continue to wake up.
And the number one unifying factor in not only American history, but world history, the number one unifying factor has always been tyranny.
Because there's something inside of the human heart.
There's something inside of every single one of us that God has put in us.
And it's called free will.
And when that free will gets violated, and when that free will is getting threatened, and you get put in a corner, there's two kinds of people.
There's fighters, and then there are those that cuck out and bend the knee.
And the majority of people, I'll tell you right now, you're gonna see more and more clips like that.
You're gonna see black people, you're gonna see white people, people that's like, because that's reality.
And here on InfoWars, we're gonna show you reality.
Alright, the simulation is that everybody hates Trump because he's a racist, so he deserves to go to jail because he, uh...
Petal conspiracy theories.
And what did Mike Pence say?
He believed he was above the Constitution of the United States, so he doesn't deserve to be President.
Oh yeah, and you do?
You do, Mike Pence?
You care more and you love Ukraine more than you do us, the American people?
Yeah, screw you, Deep State Pence!
Screw you!
Go back to the freaking hole you crawled out of, you disgusting little worm!
Mike Pence is a worm.
Doesn't he look like a worm?
He's just a worm, dude.
Doesn't he look like a human?
Judas, dude!
Never trusted that guy.
But anyways, the harder these people push, the more that they expose and reveal who they really are.
Because you cannot put an end to that free will in the American spirit.
You cannot put an end to free will in the human spirit.
Because once it realizes and it's awakened to the reality that it's being violated, At an extent and a level.
See, the biggest mistake.
This is why Trump was such a threat.
And this is why anyone that's in Hollywood or that's a celebrity that has massive influence or following.
That's why anyone must be.
Must be.
Do we have counter protesters here?
That what it is?
Lock the traitor up.
So look, here they come.
Here come the NPCs.
Alright, I wish someone would just go interview that guy.
I think he's got like a little Hitler mustache on.
So here come the NPCs in D.C.
They've been waiting for this moment.
The CNN Don Lemon lickers.
All right.
The CNN Don Lemon lickers.
They're all coming out of the woodwork because now's their time.
There's drones in the sky in D.C.
It's obviously the D.C.
They're surveilling the situation.
This is like CCP, bro.
Like, this is it, man.
You know what I mean?
Like, you're watching it, man.
You got You got political opposition.
You got the freedom fighters coming out supporting their revolutionary freedom figure.
You got drones in the sky.
My goodness, guys.
This is it.
We are experiencing Skynet.
Like, we are living in the future.
We're not about to see the future.
We are living in the future.
We're facing Skynet.
They're surveilling the American people.
It's J6 all over again, dude.
But I don't predict that there'll be anything violent today.
Trump will go through the arraignment.
Again, this is only going to make him more politically powerful, by the way.
But I mean, it's predictable that you got NPCs running around there.
Of course, the same thing.
Trump is Hitler.
It's the same narrative.
It's always going to be the same thing.
But I do think we have some more clips.
I'm going to send you guys some stuff very shortly.
But let me just say this at the same time as well, is when you see the threat of freedom on the line, It only has one result, like I said, is people are going to continue to wake up.
You're going to see white people.
You're going to see black people.
You're going to see Asian people.
You're going to see all kinds of different people begin to wake up to the reality that this is all real.
While at the same time, the cult will be right there to oppose it.
The cult will be right there to oppose what's actually reality.
And these people with their BLM flags, These people with posters of President Trump with his head shaved in a prison jumpsuit.
Okay, these people are in support of their own destruction.
These people are in support of their own destruction because they are the ones that are propping up the police state.
They don't understand, like, and maybe some of them do.
These are the useful idiots here up on screen.
The useful idiots that are all in support Of the greatest president of all time getting politically persecuted by deep state operatives.
Okay, and then it's like, oh, they care.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we're facing fascism.
We're facing a tyrant.
We're facing a dictatorial system.
He's a traitor.
We got to get rid of him and arrest him.
When in reality, that's what's actually happening to him and Mega and you morons and useful idiots out there are going to be the very ones that get executed first in the police state, not by us, but by the very police state that you are upholding.
These people don't care about you.
They never have and they never will!
They never have and they never will!
These political operatives on the ground that are in support of the arraignment, arrest of President Donald J. Trump, they are praising and supporting their own destruction.
There's another loser on the street.
No one is above the law, apparently.
Except for Joe Biden, you know?
Is he out there to protest the crimes of the Biden crime family and Hillary Clinton and various other Democrat operatives and RINO operatives?
I'd be willing to bet probably not.
But that's the PSYOP.
That's what I was talking about earlier.
The PSYOP has come to fruition for this kind of moment.
And now you're watching it because there still is a pop.
Oh, by the way, I'm going to talk about this when we come back.
Look, take a look at what's on the ground.
You have Trump supporters, but you do have a heavy amount of those that are in support of the indictment and arraignment of President Trump.
I'll break this down.
Full analysis when we come back.
Do not go anywhere.
The arraignment of Donald J. Trump, Washington, D.C.
Exclusive Infowars.com banned out video coverage.
You are watching a live feed.
President Trump has entered the courthouse.
He has arrived.
The entire world is watching.
Entire world is watching the destruction and the dismantling of the so-called American justice system, constitutional system.
But I also not only wanted to hit on the political implications of all of this, not only for future politicians, Americans.
Because through lawfare, they'll take every single one of us out.
Because I don't know if you have, you know, half a million dollars laying around just to get through the first phase of a court battle between the FBI, the deep state, the United States versus you.
I hate even saying that because that's not what it really is.
The deep state versus Donald J. Trump.
That's exactly what we're facing right now.
But I wanted to play a couple of clips.
We'll come back to the coverage on the ground, but I want to show you what the media is saying as well.
Because when you see the optics on the ground coinciding with what Jack Smith has launched, it gives them a certain narrative so that CNN and MSNBC and all the state-approved media can run with so they can secure that narrative with the optics alongside of what the indictment, the arraignment is.
And this is how they function.
The propaganda goes out.
The message goes out, and then they make a move.
The message goes out, they make a move.
The message goes out, they make a move.
This is how they function.
And this is how they continue to control the minds of millions of people.
You're already seeing a bunch of woke, tired losers just show up out there.
Not the Trump supporters, but people that are still psyoped, and that are still in the simulation, that can't understand that they are praising and supporting the destruction of their own civil liberties.
We have a clip from MSNBC.
The rhinos are in full force.
Here's a clip.
Asa Hutchinson, MSNBC, on Trump's indictment.
Listen very closely to how he is putting out the narrative.
There is no Republican.
There is no Democrat.
There's just deep state and those that go after true populists and American patriots.
Here's a perfect example of that.
Let's take a look at what MSNBC is trying to say right now.
To actually get on the stages and play a major part in this debate.
Well, the polls are real.
Donald Trump's strength is a realistic proposition we all have to face.
But we also have to look at the country.
And whenever you look at what's a common appearance in court today, going in for an arraignment is an extraordinary time for our country.
And there's a choice here.
Do you support the rule of law and accountability, or do you support Donald Trump and support the chaos that he brings and a disregard for the rule of law?
Those are the serious issues that we face as a country, but also as a party.
And so, yes, I'm going against the grain.
I hope that, and I believe firmly, that the Republican There it is.
It's so out in the open.
And I've been saying this for months.
I've been telling people on InfoWars, on my show, or anywhere I'm at, is when it came to this Republican primary, pay attention to the Republicans that use any one of these deep state indictments against Trump.
Okay, pay attention.
If any one of these guys come out and they use this as political leverage, as an attack on their political opponent, this is not like your traditional smear campaign during an election season.
This is a deep state operation, alley-oop, being thrown straight up to any deep state plant or operative, Republican or Democrat, that's willing to take it and attempt to dunk over Trump with.
Pence has already done it.
Aza's doing it now.
And because they're doing it because they don't care about America.
They're not for America!
These people have been unmasked.
They will continue to be unmasked.
But these are the narratives that they want to peddle out there in the media.
You got to make a choice.
Do you choose crime and accountability?
Or do you choose the criminal Donald J. Trump?
Well, I choose the political thought criminal, alright?
Donald J. Trump.
Because we know, screw you, Asa Hutchinson.
Come on, man.
You think we believe you?
You believe that guy?
Give me a break.
The guy that's probably jabbed himself up God knows how many times.
Tried to flex on Tucker and got slapped in the face in front of thousands of people.
Anyways, nobody believes that guy.
But this is what they've resulted to.
And they have to do this because they are deep state plants.
They have to do this.
They can't not do this.
They're obligated to do it.
Because if they want any chance of not being voted in and supported by the RNC, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Planted in and put in according to the deep state on both sides.
They'll give you an appearance of right-wing conservatism.
They'll give you a Mike Pence.
They'll give you an Asa Hutchinson that doesn't give a damn about Donald J. Trump.
This is every single one of us.
Every single one of us.
And obviously the freaks are out full force.
The freaks are out in full force.
Because the freaks are the ones that are causing their own demise, their own destruction.
They don't even know what inalienable rights means.
They just want an opportunity to go out there, make a mockery out of President Trump when in reality, they're making a mockery out of this country because they are the ones that are building the infrastructure of their own destruction.
So that's MSNBC.
Let's take a look at what CNN is saying.
I sent this to you guys as well.
Do we have that clip?
CNN is putting out their narrative as well.
We have that.
Let's throw that up, guys.
I want to show the people what CNN is saying.
They are still on Team Trump.
That's where they think their voters are.
That's where they think the power is to get re-elected.
That's where they think the money is.
I do think, as we're watching this today, Caitlin said earlier about how it's become routine.
Donald Trump has made being indicted normalized.
We are now sitting here for the third time watching something that shouldn't be normal happen.
And just really big picture, today is about one thing.
No one is above the law.
Donald Trump is being held accountable.
He is being arrested.
He is being charged for his attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power.
Oh, the gaslighting is so insane.
It's so it's predictable at this point, isn't it?
No one is above the law.
He's being held accountable for questioning an election.
No one is above the law, but we don't want to talk about Hunter.
No one is above the law.
We don't want to talk about Crooked Joe.
No one is above the law.
Don't bring up Burisma.
Nobody is above the law.
Don't bring up the more than 20 shady phone calls with foreign shady business deals with shady crackhead Hunter.
No one is above the law, guys!
Give me a break.
Don't bring up Hillary Clinton with FBI-confirmed classified information on her servers that she tried to scrub preemptively.
Don't bring that up!
Or any of the crimes, the deep state crimes of the Democrats' connections with Jeffrey Epstein.
Don't bring up any of that!
No one is above the law, guys!
Wink, wink.
You have to be an absolute moron, dude.
You gotta be like a moron like this guy on screen.
Look at this kid's like, what is wrong with this loser?
Dad, dad, what is this?
Son, that's a moron, son.
That's a retard, son.
Don't ever be like that, son.
So, America first.
You know what I mean?
It's just like, you can't make this stuff up.
That's what America has become with people like this.
It's easy to be like this.
It's easy to throw on a mask and just You know, sit there and mock Trump when you're watching the destruction of this constitutional republic.
But that's all by design, right?
That's why they're poisoning the food.
They're lowering the IQs.
Affirmative action.
They're lowering the test scores.
They want you to just accept, you know, owning nothing and being happy and eating bugs and insects.
They want you to just always throw a mask on, whether it's a surgical mask.
Or a Donald J. Trump mask mocking the greatest president of our time while he's being literally politically persecuted.
That's the mindset of the low IQ New W