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Name: 20230801_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Aug. 1, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses topics such as Biden administration policies, Ukraine crisis, globalist agendas, and promotes related products. Proposed legislation aims to ban portable gas-powered generators due to carbon emissions standards. New York City's financial struggles in 1975 led to banks taking control of its finances. Alex Jones discusses globalist conspiracies and encourages action against them. Products like high-quality probiotics and water filters are promoted as methods of countering chemicals introduced by the globalists. The book "The Great Reset and the War for the World" is presented as a historical document exposing the globalist agenda. Legal issues surrounding Donald Trump's potential strategies for trial, impartiality of judges, jury nullification, and Texas secession movement are discussed. The UN and WEF's infiltration into society through education and healthcare to gain control over people's lives is highlighted. The land grab by the UN affecting farmers globally is discussed. Involvement in politics at different levels to stand against policies such as censorship bills and cash bans is encouraged, along with supporting businesses countering globalists' agenda and independent information sources.

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We need your prayers.
But to the people trying to silence us, you need to understand that Tucker Carlson is bigger than ever.
You need to understand that James O'Keefe is bigger than ever.
You need to understand that they're so scared of Andrew Tate.
They're trying to put him in prison.
He's bigger than ever.
And as long as we don't give up, this deep state's not going to win.
I mean, look at how Biden's getting ready to go down.
Look at how the globalists are so unpopular.
Look how nationalists and populists are getting elected all over the world.
Look at how Joe Rogan's so hardcore now.
Look at all these other big Hollywood people now are coming out against Hollywood.
So InfoWars and this audience together has already really given the globalists a run for their money.
We already laid the groundwork, the foundation for everybody else that's here today.
We've got more important over the horizon work to do.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
worldwide in defense of human liberty. It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars. Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
Thank you so much for joining us here on this first day of August 2023.
Again, I'm your host Alex Jones.
We've got an incredible broadcast lined up for you today.
I'm here on the road, but I'll be back in Austin in the next few days.
So much is coming into focus right now.
So much is unfolding, completely proving everything we warned about with the New World Order.
And John Bowne put together an excellent report yesterday with the title that says it all.
New World Order stooge bans modern civilization.
And that's what Biden's doing.
I mean, they're just banning everything.
They're banning the combustion engine.
They're banning all these gas-powered systems from home heating to stoves to water heaters to generators.
They're announcing that, oh, the beef will suddenly be infected by prions, just like they infected the Cobanchats.
You can't have beef anymore.
I mean, this is a real post-industrial depopulationist cult.
Making their move on us in ways that have just never, never, ever been seen before.
And it's quite the moment to be alive.
It's quite the moment as a country and as a world.
to be faced with this.
But it's very, very real.
And when I say the world, if they can take down America
and that idea of aspiring to all this freedom and quite frankly,
large that we have, then the rest of the world won't settle for being slaves.
And so that's what this really comes down to.
We've got such a broadcast lined up for you today.
Some big guests as well.
And we've got people all over the world fighting back.
We've got folks in the 15-minute cities that have started in the UK saying no and already defeating them by standing up.
We also have folks refusing to be cashless society and demanding to pay cash and then walking out of the stores.
This is how the rebellion starts.
We have the flood of illegal aliens being brought in and images of the New York Post shot in New York of just massive Massive, massive numbers of people flooding into the hotels and spilling out of the streets.
All taxpayer paid for.
Obviously, we've got more information on that bio lab with the COVID rats and mice with the Chinese running it.
The Chinese Communist Party in Fresno, California.
I mean, this country is wide open for attack while Biden declares the American people are the number one enemy that have got to be dealt with.
So this is all coming up.
Now we're going to come back from break in a moment.
We're going to come out of break with John Bowne's new report.
I'm going to segue that into John Kerry lying about the frozen ice caps all being melted.
And I've got clips of him, just like we've got clips of Al Gore saying it.
And now he's up there saying cut off the food.
But first, the crew put together a little short one-minute promo, did a great job.
We're going to play that, and then we're going to come back on the other side with the John Bowne Report.
We're going to go right to that, and then we are going to come out of it.
I'm going to host a show here today, and obviously have some special guests, and take your phone calls.
So look for that, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we'll be right back on the other side.
Please stay with us.
When hope and love has been lost and you fall to the ground, you must find a way.
When the darkness descends and you're told it's the end, you must find a way.
When God decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne, we must find a way.
You will find a way.
Dig down and find faith.
When you're close to the edge, with a gun to your head, you must find a way.
We have entered the fray, and we will not obey.
We must find a way, and find faith.
We won't let them divide.
We will never abide.
We will find a way.
Infowars.com [Music]
Folks, no one can deny we have a climate crisis.
It's scary, it's horrifying, it's bizarre, and just over the top, as reality is.
Words cannot describe this concerted, psychotic attack on humanity.
We're undergoing a soft coup.
One Health is a concept that was created to enable the WHO, with these documents, to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems, ecosystems are all central to health.
Also embedded in this concept is a peculiar notion that humans are no longer of greater value than animals.
The climate crisis is a health crisis.
And climate solutions are health solutions.
Renewable energy, healthy and sustainable food systems, and healthy and green cities.
Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic shows that we're one humanity, sharing one planet and one health.
And the next level gaslighting that goes on.
People traveling to these countries really need to think that this could be the future of European summers, that Europe is the fastest warming continent right now.
When I say gaslighting, I mean that figuratively, also very seriously, in the real world.
Everybody who honestly believes climate change is not a serious problem.
Agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world, and we can't get to net zero.
We don't get this job done.
Unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.
Not just the term gaslighting, meaning lying to somebody and telling them that you're pissing on them, but really it's raining.
Sure, there's an old saying, to the victors belong the spoils.
There's another old saying, Senator.
Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
They're literally banning our gas stoves and gaslighting us.
How about shower heads, air conditioners, toilet flushing, light bulbs, washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, gas cars and trucks, coal-fired pizza ovens, and microwaves?
That's just for starters.
Joe Biden wants to take them away from us, all in the name of climate change.
You have all these environmental problems that are so profound, they're hard to deny.
And people are seeing them now, along with extreme super storms and droughts.
That's why I took the most aggressive action ever in all of history in any country to take on the climate crisis.
By lowering your home energy bills.
We've now gotten to the point where it's cheaper to generate electricity from wind and solar than it is from coal and or fossil fuels.
The era of global warming has ended.
The era of global boiling has arrived.
The air is unbreathable.
The heat is unbearable.
And the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable.
And the UN says it's bad, so we gotta ban them.
And polar bears are all dying, they can't swim.
We gotta ban them.
She struggles on.
Arctic polar bears are facing near extinction by the end of the century if the sea ice they depend on continues to disappear.
That's the stark warning from a new study looking at the long-term future of the bears as greenhouse gas emissions contribute to the melting of the bears' frozen hunting grounds.
Polar bear number is the biggest ever recorded.
It's the farthest swimming, fastest swimming land animal.
They routinely swim 200 miles to hunt.
In the summer on ice flows, they show you an image of a polar bear hunting up on top of an ice flow and say, look, it's the last piece of ice.
He'll soon drown.
He can't swim.
The Epoch Times is reporting it's official federal filing.
By administration rule, their filing will ban nearly all portable gas powered generators.
Smaller gas generators would have to cut carbon monoxide emissions by 50%, and large generators would have to cut emissions by 95%.
Nearly all models currently available are expected to not be able to comply with the new standard.
Is it that funny they created a standard nobody can comply with?
Because a microscopic amount of carbon monoxide is put off by a gas stove, but the cleanest thing there is but there's
just a microscopic amount that's been to
It's In
1975 New York City was over 11 billion dollars in debt and the banks were no longer there to bail them out
Instead, the bankers made them sweat, never showed up to the meeting, and then created a committee that they controlled so that the banks could manage the city directly.
This has been brilliantly documented in the Adam Curtis film, Hypernormalization.
The announcement on behalf of the Comptroller is that the offer, which we had expected to receive and announce at 2 o'clock this afternoon, is now expected at 4 o'clock.
Well, does this mean that so far nobody wants those bombs?
We will be making a further announcement at 4 o'clock, and anything further that I could say now I think would not advance the interests of the sale, which is now in progress.
Does this mean that you have not been able to sell them so far today?
We will have a further announcement at four o'clock.
What happened that day in New York marked a radical shift in power.
The banks insisted that in order to protect their loans, they should be allowed to take control of the city.
The city appealed to the president, but he refused to help.
So a new committee was set up to manage the city's finances.
Out of nine members, eight of them were bankers.
It was the start of an extraordinary experiment, where the financial institutions took power away from the politicians and started to run society themselves.
That was nearly 50 years ago, and so you can be sure that the banks manage everything now.
Politicians are merely their puppets, which was recently made blatantly obvious with the public display of Dianne Feinstein and her handlers.
I would like to support a yes vote on this.
It provides $823 billion.
That's an increase of $26 billion for the Department of Defense.
on this. It provides $823 billion. That's an increase of $26 billion for the Department
of Defense. And it funds priorities submitted.
Just say, "I."
OK. Just "I."
Great. Thank you.
Politicians are only there to keep the people divided and distracted. And they have so far
been hugely successful at that.
While a cashless society is slowly being built around us, everyone is hyper emotional about something else and focused on fighting each other.
Which is most certainly exactly what the banks were shooting for.
Because once they get us off of cash and completely onto a digital system, then the banks will have absolute control over each and every one of us.
A key difference with the CBDC is that central bank will have absolute control.
It's not just about digital forms of physical currency.
You can have programmability, you know, units of central bank currency with expiry dates,
where the government decides that units of central bank money
can be used to purchase some things, but not other things that it deems less desirable,
like say ammunition.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alex Jones?
The far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
InfoWars comes to mind.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting live from the InfoWars World Headquarters
in Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jones, the host of the show, had planned on being here at least for the first hour, but he has had to step away dealing with some emergencies, so we were hoping he would be back by now, but you have me!
And that's okay, because I was prepared here today anyway, and we got some great guests coming up as well, but we are expecting to hear from Alex shortly.
A bunch of developments into the Biden crime family.
I'm going to hold off on getting into the details of that right now.
And the new developments we have, which is the Oversight Committee investigating Hunter Biden's art deals and the Oversight Committee trying to get to the bottom of how Biden's legal counsel and Hunter Biden We're under the impression that somehow his plea agreement would rid him of the current ongoing investigation into FARA violations.
In other words, Hunter Biden acting as a foreign agent, unregistered, that he thought taking a plea deal He wouldn't have to face those charges in the future.
And of course, when the judge heard that, she said, what?
That has literally never been done before.
What are you talking about?
I'm going to hold off that and discuss that with Judge Napolitano in the third hour today.
And he's got a lot he wants to say about that.
So we'll be discussing that.
There's been another drone strike.
In Moscow, this one not as bad as the one we saw over the weekend, but clearly Whether it's Ukraine or whether it's some proxy group, somebody is trying to provoke Russia.
Somebody wants to provoke Russia into making a major move so that the United States or Joe Biden can come in or NATO can come in and say, okay, we have to launch a full-scale war against Russia, maybe even up their rhetoric and focus on Putin.
But that's clearly what's going on.
And so if you're Vladimir Putin, You're in an interesting predicament because the West is acting out of control.
They've bombed your pipeline.
They've bombed your bridges.
Somebody's blowing up drones in Moscow.
Russians have died because of this.
But Putin doesn't want to start a larger war.
Putin is He's smart enough to realize that somebody's trying to provoke him into a larger war and he's not taking the bait.
But he has a lot of the military leaders around him that are sick and tired of his patience and would like all-out war and believe they would win that all-out war.
And Putin doesn't want to go there.
And of course this is a story that the American media won't tell you.
And this is the story that your politicians that love the war so much won't tell you either.
But obviously somebody trying to provoke Russia and Putin.
That's what these drone attacks are all about.
That's why they blew up the pipeline, the bridges.
That's why they tried to false flag in Poland.
And it's most likely the same culprits, Western proxy groups, Although it's not so much a proxy group anymore, is it?
They are openly sending in the weapons to Ukraine and then they don't know where they go.
So they end up with all kinds of different groups, proxy groups, Ukrainian groups.
But it's not good on the Ukrainian front.
And even the Western media is having a problem trying to cover that up.
There's no morale.
The US The U.S.
bodies, the U.S.
groups they're sending over there, now they're having to say, oh, we're going to give you a raise, we're going to give you more money, because they don't want to be there.
These other countries that are sending volunteer soldiers there are getting treated like dirt by the Ukrainian generals, they're being sent to their death, so there's no morale to send anybody there anymore.
It's a complete disaster.
But hey!
The weapons contractors are making money hand over fist.
Their shareholders are making money hand over fist.
They've all got friends in Washington D.C.
that vote to keep the whole thing going.
And so here we are.
And so here we are.
You know, there's another story here when it comes to the climate crisis that we're being lied to about.
And I hadn't seen this before, of course not, or maybe I had and I'd forgotten, but I bring this story up today because it parallels what they're trying to do with the man-made global warming false narrative.
There was a movie, many of us probably saw it in school, I know I was forced to see it in school, In fact, guys, see if you can find the name of the movie about Matthew Shepard.
And they made you watch this in school.
Most colleges force you to watch it, if not your high school.
I watched it in high school.
And then again, they played it for me in a college course.
And it was a movie about Matthew Shepard.
Where the story goes, because he was gay, two guys took him out into a field and beat him to death.
And that's the whole narrative, oh, the Matthew Shepard story I guess is the name of the film there.
And so they force you to watch this as a kid and they tell you, don't be a homophobe, don't be anti-LGBTQ, whatever it is, whatever's the hot, the hot letter group at the time, the hot analogy, whatever it is.
And they show you this movie and they say, see what gay people have to go through, see the homophobia, see the bigotry, this is your fault, you need to accept it.
And then it creates the victim class, the victim economy, and puts individuals on a perch, which is what we've seen with different groups here in America as well.
But focusing on this, well the whole thing was a lie!
The whole thing was a lie!
So, they write a story about Matthew Shepard getting killed because he's gay.
Wasn't even that.
It was a... he was a... meth... apparently looking for meth, and meth dealers got involved, and there were tweakers that tried to rob him, and then he got killed in a robbery by meth heads.
And so they take that story, then they lie and say he was beaten to death because he was gay.
They do a whole movie depiction about it, making the white man look bad.
We're gonna beat that gay boy.
The whole thing is fake.
Didn't even happen.
And I guess this is a second one?
Do they have two movies about it, guys?
Is that what you're showing me here?
So apparently, okay, so they did two movies.
Two movies about a gay man, Matthew Shepard, getting taken out into a field and beaten to death because he was gay.
It literally never happened.
And they're doing the same thing with global warming.
They make you watch Al Gore's film, they make you watch The Day After Tomorrow, they make you watch all the climate change hysteria propaganda, and it's all fake.
It's all fake.
Go watch Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth right now.
Everything he predicts in that quote-unquote documentary, none of it happened.
So what are they going to say next?
Yeah, we lied to you about climate change.
We made up the whole thing and destroyed civilization because of it.
So what's the big deal?
What does it even matter?
That's their logic.
They justify Their lies, they justify their propaganda, they justify their evils.
Just like they did with the Matthew Shepard story, where they did two movies, forced the American youth to watch it, convinced them that gay people were victims, and homophobes were running around murdering, beating gay people to death, whole story was made up, ended up being a meth deal, tweakers robbing him, And they make up everything, and then they write the story years later in the LGBTQ plus rights section of the Telegraph.
Now a different truth is emerging, but does it matter?
Matthew Shepard's horrific death at the hands of redneck homophobes shocked America and changed its laws.
But it didn't even happen.
Does it matter?
And so they lied.
They wrote legislation based off the lie.
They used your emotions against you based on the lie.
They got their legislation passed based on a lie.
Then they admit they lied and they say, but it's a good thing we lied.
What else did they lie to us about?
Well, everything.
Juicy Small A?
Juicy Small A?
I was in Chicago!
And two, two white supremacists with Trump hats on at 3.30 in the morning at negative 30 degrees put a noose around my neck and yelled, this is MAGA country!
I mean, gee, who thought he made that up?
That one really seemed believable.
Just like that two rednecks just driving around and they see some guy and they think, oh, he's gay!
Let's beat him to death!
Totally believable.
Oh, they made it up.
And then they admit they made it up and they say, what does it matter?
But that might be innocent enough.
They're doing the same thing now with climate change.
But see, once you understand this psychology, once you understand how it's applied to nearly everything, they lie about Trump-Russia collusion.
They lie about global warming.
They lie about racism.
They lie about homophobia.
They lie about everything.
They lie about war.
And then they expect the world to be changed based off of the lies.
And when you say, no, that's a lie, they get mad at you.
And so that's what they're doing right now with climate change.
It's a lie.
They know it's a lie.
They're forcing you to watch their propaganda to convince the next generations that the lie is true so that they can remake the world as they see fit.
And what is it really about?
It's all energy rationing, food rationing.
If I go down the street And I say, would you like to have your energy and food rationed?
How many people are going to say yes?
But if I go down the street and I say, do we need to write laws and have more strict government on humans because of man-made climate change?
The average liberal would say yes.
Because they don't understand what that means.
They fall for the buzzwords and the propaganda.
All of the stopping man-made climate change propaganda is all food rationing and energy rationing.
Food rationing and energy rationing.
That's what it's really all about.
And they will lie to get their way, and then when you catch them in the lie, they say, doesn't matter.
Just like they did with the Matthew Shepard story.
Now, continuing this Train of thought.
I mean, do you remember?
I mean, seriously, most of the crew here is about my age.
I specifically remember they made us watch this movie in high school and in college.
And then it turns out, more than 10 years later, they report that, yep, it wasn't about a hate crime at all.
But who cares?
We got legislation passed based off the lie.
And that's how the left operates.
But they're really just... They're really just getting sick here.
Now, they're taking... It's kind of like gender affirmation.
It's like they know it's the exact opposite.
It's gender rejection.
And if your private parts don't have anything to do with your gender, then why do you have to have surgery on your private parts to affirm your gender?
So it's all mental disorders.
Now they're using this phenomenon in marketing.
New boycott as UK coffee giant celebrates women having breasts removed.
And look, there's women that have breast reduction surgeries for different health reasons and that's not what this is about.
This is obviously about children.
And I mean, it even looks like they have a little pacifier in the mouth.
I mean, I don't know what the hell this is.
But it has the, it has the mastectomy scars because they want to celebrate.
And it, they say it showcases and celebrates inclusivity.
Oh, promote, promote to little girls to chop off your mammaries.
I mean, this is so, it's like, Let's not get immature here, but it's like, you know, there's a reason why people like mammaries.
You know, it's kind of a popular thing.
You know, men kind of like them.
Babies like them too.
You know, babies like mammaries.
So it's just like, the total insult against your femininity, the total insult against your womanhood, to just say, chop off your breasts and celebrate.
Yeah, yeah.
Mutilate your womb and celebrate.
You are the giver of life.
Women are the giver of life.
It is a magical thing.
And these sick leftists want to celebrate when they steal that from you.
These sick leftists want to take away your magic.
Your divine ability to create a life.
And they want to celebrate when they destroy that.
I'm telling you, just understand, you better, you just, just be lucky that you weren't born in the body of a Democrat, because you might not have made it out.
If you get, if you get conceived in the womb of a Democrat, if you get conceived in the womb of a liberal feminist, you are probably not even going to see the light of day.
And they celebrate that.
But the boycotts work now.
Bud Light distributors now accepting the fact sales won't recover thanks to Mulvaney debacle.
I'm talking, I know people that run bars.
They say they're not even having Bud on tap anymore for the first time in years.
They can't even sell the bottles.
They just sit in the fridge.
I talked to grocery store managers.
Same story.
They've had to slash Bud Light sales down to the price of like Natty Light, Bud Ice.
We're talking about the cheapest beer.
And now Bud Light is the cheapest beer to buy.
Because they cannot sell it.
So the boycotts are working.
Oh, you got another one celebrating the breast chop.
Backlash erupts over Doc Martens shoe featuring transgender with mastectomy scars.
Oh yes!
It's all about being ugly.
It's all about destroying your life force.
That's what the left is all about.
It's why they love government oppression so much.
It's why they murder their own offspring.
But they're completely losing their minds.
Canadian minister, the health minister here in Canada, says honk honk is a euphemism for Heil Hitler.
You know, these people think about Hitler a whole lot, you notice that?
Why are leftists and liberals thinking and talking about Hitler so much?
It's like they're obsessed.
It would make sense, though.
He was a top leftist.
I mean, he was a socialist.
So, I mean, I guess Hitler is the top socialist of all time, so it makes sense that the socialists love Hitler and are obsessed with him so much.
Honk, honk.
No, you guys are clowns.
And so we do honk honk because you're clowns.
That's simple as that.
But you can't stop thinking about Hitler because he's your dear socialist leader.
Hitler was a leftist.
He was a socialist.
So you may want to know that before you talk trash on your dear leftist socialist leader Hitler that you probably love so much.
It's a victory.
Every day.
Infowars goes on the air.
It's a victory.
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Once again, Owen Schroer here filling in for Alex Jones.
He was hoping to host today.
Some stuff came up and he's had to step away.
We may be hearing from him shortly and he may actually have to return early from his workcation to come back in studio.
So we'll be monitoring that.
And, you know, We were talking about just how sick and twisted the left is getting, and I've got this video here, and there's a bunch of stuff, and half the time I can't even bring myself to play it, quite frankly, but this is promoted to your children.
Specifically, this has a big account on TikTok, but this gentleman specifically does sexual education videos for kids.
That's where his Marketing is geared to is kids and so you really got to be careful with what your kids are watching out there and
You know, maybe for some kids it doesn't matter, because, I mean, look, honestly, if I saw this when I was a kid, or if me and my friends were on TikTok and we saw this as a kid, like, we'd be making fun of this Froot Loop for at least a month.
I mean, this absolute freak show would be good for about a month's worth of jokes at the, uh, at the homeroom table and at the lunch table and then in the recess and then after school.
I mean, we'd be, you know, we'd be having a fun time with this absolute Froot Loop here.
Okay, maybe that's me and my friends.
There are vulnerable children that will hear this stuff.
And it will stick with them, and that's why they promote it to the youth.
So this is a board-certified physician's assistant that uses social media to target children with his sexual propaganda.
So again, I could play these videos all day.
They're just, they're disgusting.
But you should know, this is the kind of stuff the left is putting out there on the internet, hoping your kids find it, and turn into a sexually mutated pervert like so many of them are and so here they
are here is a board certified physician who wants to tell your children about
how much he likes sodomy. One piece of advice you would give to someone who's
bottoming or just starting out.
We know what bottoming is. Do I need to say it?
Unfortunately it's probably not something that's covered in sex ed in the classroom and
middle school or high school so for most guys that are starting out or are
interested in bottoming at some point I think it's important to just really find a resource or
information on what to expect how you should prep for it what the sensations are so you
don't go into it blind.
Really, I feel like if you're not expecting something or if you just aren't comfortable going into sex or bottoming, you're gonna get frustrated and you're just not gonna have an enjoyable time.
At Maze, we did develop a bottoming e-book, which you can find in the link in our bio.
Feel free to check it out.
It has some good information for a lot of guys that are just starting or if you have questions about it, if you've already bottomed in the past and just want more information.
They're bottomed.
That's their little euphemism for sodomy.
And look, I'm not the social, cultural judge here, okay?
You're an adult with a consenting adult.
Quite frankly, I don't really care.
But you can obviously see this is the type of stuff they're gearing towards your children.
And so, you gotta be real careful.
And now, it's not just what they see on the internet, it's what is in the classroom, ladies and gentlemen.
Now we are about to be rejoined by Alex Jones, who's working on the road right now and has been in and out of able to do the broadcast, but he joins me now.
Alex, we've discussed a lot today, including how we take known lies that they've told us from the past and we can apply it to the propaganda they use against us now, like with climate change.
When John Kerry says all the predictions were right, well we have him on video as well as others.
They're wrong.
Their own documentaries were wrong.
But Alex Jones, taking over the Alex Jones Show now.
I know you've been a busy beaver over there.
What is on your mind today?
Well, I have a very, very solemn announcement to make to everybody.
I was going to come home in a few days.
I've been spending time with some family that's been ill.
But the solemn announcement is this.
There's a lot of subterfuge going on behind the scenes.
Everybody saw what happened to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.
People can probably imagine that some similar things like that have been attempted behind the scenes.
They said O'Keefe did bad things like ate part of one of his crew member's sandwiches and paid for his wedding with Veritas Money.
The thing is, there was no wedding.
He never got married.
It's similar stuff.
I don't have a board of directors, and our bankruptcy's been going very, very well.
And then now that it's about to go through and be reorganized, It's the evidence is really building that there's an attempt to basically shut it down because they need a story where either they found corruption that I did to shut it down or incompetence or something with the infrastructure to then sit there and basically ride the horse till it dies, make money off the process, the bankruptcy.
Uh, and I'm talking about the whole system and then, and then deep six, the operation, and we're not going to just sit here quietly while that goes on.
So, so there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes going on and a lot of jockey, a lot of her players and a lot of things, but I promise this to the viewers, listeners, pray for him for us.
We'll never back down and taking us off the air is not going to happen, uh, with, with whatever's going on.
And the court's done a good job in the past.
When we had this take place about eight, nine months ago, we had some similar things go on.
And so it was the judge that intervened.
So I think Judge Lopez is a good judge, but there's just a lot going on
and it's very, very disconcerting.
And so I wanna thank the listeners and viewers and thank you for all your prayers.
I believe that the Lord is still gonna be here, but we really need your prayers.
There's a lot of powerful forces, a lot of stuff behind the scenes.
And, you know, there's the Justice Department involved, everything else.
They're very upset that we're clean, we did nothing wrong, and that we're not the villains that they said we were.
And so by other means, it appears that there are plans.
Uh, to shut us down.
Uh, so this is the, in, in the, in the 29 years I've been on air and the 27 years, uh, that InfoWars has existed, this is the greatest danger it's ever been in.
I got the term InfoWars in 1997, Wikipedia says 1999.
That's not correct.
It was first registered in, in 1997.
Anybody that was a listener and viewer then knew that.
Uh, and Vic Freeland was the guy that helped me set up the site and do that in 1997.
So in its, uh, 27 year, 26 year history, this is the greatest danger InfoWars has ever been in.
I hope I don't have to give you all the details and then we don't completely go down that road.
But politically, we are definitely to use a military term as an analogy, not a literal statement, you know, the bombers over the target, the doors are open, and the fire launch switches are ready to go to expose the whole system peacefully, politically, in a corporate legal lawful fashion.
And so there's just been a lot of attempts.
So they got Carlson, they got at least a certain level, you know, people like.
Tell us about the products, how we support you, how we support all of ourselves and the
big event coming up.
Well, yeah.
The first one, obviously, you can go to MyPillow.com, use that promo code ALEX, and you can get all these great discounts on all of our products.
And just by visiting this site, you're going to get a $20 free gift emailed to you immediately.
And there's the biggest special we have right now, the 20-year anniversary MyPillow for $19.98 for the queen size, normally $69.98.
We're celebrating our anniversary with what my employees love to invest, producing and making the MyPillow.
And the model of businessmen and women with can-do know-how using the money for Americana freedom to fight the globalists is what they fear.
That's what the debanking is about.
That's what the financial attacks are about.
That's why we've got to rush to support MyPillow.com and InfoWars.com, plus their great products at both places, because we are the tip of the spear.
All right, folks, I got slammed into that break.
And I was using the military analogy of, you know, the fact that things are locked and loaded.
I mean, in a nonviolent political fashion.
Kind of like you talk about the UT, Oklahoma, you know, games of shootout.
I guess another analogy could be the bankruptcy of Infowars is we're nine months pregnant.
We're making it through the bankruptcy, the reorganization.
Things have gone really well.
But it's been in that process that there's been a lot of attempts to shut us down by making false claims and false statements.
Notice in the media, you just saw thousands of articles saying outrageous stuff that I've stolen money, hidden money.
We had hundreds of millions of dollars.
It's all just completely made up.
But for all that stuff you saw publicly, there were other allegations made that were totally not true as well that I bit my tongue and put up with.
And then seeing that basically be prepared again Or, you know, claims about me that are not true, and things like that, definitely towards an end, to where, oh, well, they tried to go through bankruptcy.
They were shut down because they felt bankruptcy, because it looks too bad to outright shut us down.
Remember, the plaintiff's lawyer said, we don't want money.
We want to silence him on him off air.
Well, they now know I've got all these offers other places, so they don't even want that now.
Now they, quote, do want the money.
But it's not even the other side that's even doing that.
It's the things in this country are just so screwed up.
And again, you've seen the attempts to get Tucker Carlson off the air.
You've seen the attempts to get James O'Keefe off the air.
You've seen the attempts to trump up charges against Andrew Tate and get him off the air.
This is intelligence agency stuff.
And this is grand scheme type things that are going on.
And again, they want the story that they take them forwards down because I was bad or I did something wrong.
And they just haven't been able to manufacture that.
They've been able to dig that up from all the different parties, all the different factors, all the different sides.
And so now we know their track and know what their plan is.
And they're going to try to nip that in the bud and just move forward and just be honorable to people as we've been.
But if we're unable to, then you'll be the first to know exactly what's going on, what's going to happen.
But we need your prayers.
The people trying to silence us need to understand Tucker Carlson is bigger than ever.
You need to understand that James O'Keefe is bigger than ever.
You need to understand that they're so scared of Andrew Tate.
They're trying to put him in president.
He's bigger than ever.
And as long as we don't give up, this deep state's not going to win.
I mean, look at how Biden's getting ready to go down.
Look at how the globalists are so unpopular.
Look how nationalists and populists are getting elected all over the world.
Look at how Joe Rogan's so hardcore now.
Look at all these other big Hollywood people now are coming out against Hollywood.
So, InfoWars and this audience together has already really given the globalists a run for their money.
We already laid the groundwork, the foundation for everybody else that's here today.
We've got more important over-the-horizon work to do.
So, I am in South Texas visiting family.
I'm gonna get in the car here in about 30 minutes and I'm gonna be on the war room today.
So, it'll probably be the second hour of the war room, but by about 4 or 5 p.m.
today, I'll be there and I'll be there tomorrow.
And I was already going to be there in a couple of days anyway.
I was going to be hosting here from the road.
I had a great show yesterday with Steve Bannon and others.
Really powerful.
Hope you'll share that.
But please don't take InfoWars for granted.
Please don't take Bandai Video for granted.
Please don't take this infrastructure and this crew for granted.
Because we've been to hell and back together.
And they're really worried about the next viral thing we're going to expose.
They're really worried about our analysis.
That's second to none.
So I want to thank you all for your support.
I want to thank the crew for all the great work they've done.
And I just want you to know that I'm not going to be strangled slowly.
I'm not going to be set up.
I'm not going to be scapegoated.
I'm not going to be somebody that patsies along with this stuff that's been going on.
I am going to continue to stand up for what's right.
And you know, back when they tried to censor me when I had the number one show in Austin, and I got fired.
I only got bigger, and all the other stuff we've been through, God only opens bigger doors each time.
When I exposed 9-11, right when it happened, I was on over 160 stations, went down to about 30 stations, and went from bringing in about $5 million a year to bringing in $200,000 a year.
But I was using that money to build our infrastructure, so I didn't care.
We'd already built it.
And so I never back down.
I never give in.
And so I want to thank you all.
Just take the articles, take the videos, share them like your lives depend on it, because they do, but pray I pray that enemies of free speech and those that would set
up snares for us, that those snares be frustrated and be defeated and that
God deal with our enemies however God sees fit.
But again, I want to thank you all for your support.
And I want you to know that I'm not going to take any of the stuff lying down.
And so hopefully this type of stuff goes away.
But if it doesn't, then so be it.
God bless and good luck.
Well, I wish there was more of an effort to have Anthony Fauci investigated.
Charged for his crimes.
But Rand Paul seems to be the only one leading the way.
But he's not giving up.
Rand Paul says he has Fauci dead to rights.
There's probably never been a government official caught more red-handed lying to us.
Senator Rand Paul discussed his criminal referral of Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice in an interview Tuesday declaring that we have him dead to rights.
And of course, Fauci knew all about the gain-of-function research.
He lied about it under oath.
Fauci knew that his department was funding the Wuhan lab, the Chinese military bioweapons lab.
He knew all of it.
He lied about all of it under oath.
Oh man, it's just... See, I have this problem.
It's like a weird, maybe it's like a, call it a quirk, or maybe it's even like a, maybe a mental problem.
When I look and I dive into something and there's a gigantic logical fallacy in front of me, my whole brain just breaks down.
And the whole Anthony Fauci thing is the perfect example.
All the American media tells you how scared you need to be of COVID.
The American media says you need to be scared of COVID.
It's deadly.
It's bad.
It's the worst thing ever.
Lock you down.
Take your rights.
Everything, right?
We all remember that.
We all experience that.
And then here's the guy.
Here's the grandfather.
The godfather.
The daddy.
The head honcho.
The guy that made the virus.
Funded the lab.
Responsible for the death.
And he's the hero?
All you leftists out there.
You need to close your business.
You need to take a vaccine.
You need to wear a mask.
You need to practice social distancing.
You're gonna get somebody sick.
COVID's really bad.
Worst thing ever.
Where did it come from?
Who made it?
Who paid for its production?
Oh, we don't want to talk about that.
They'll blame Donald Trump for COVID and they'll tell you Anthony Fauci deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
I mean that is just such a sign of broken civilization, a broken people.
It's just like a dagger right in my stomach.
Because we all went through it.
We all suffered through the COVID lies and BS and tyranny.
And then there's the rat bastard responsible for the whole thing, Anthony Fauci.
And somehow, not only does he get a pass, he gets the praise.
He gets rewarded.
He gets profits.
Don't stop, Rand Paul.
Don't stop.
Please don't stop, Rand Paul.
Keep it going.
Anthony Fauci needs to be criminally charged, investigated, and probably at least in jail.
For what he's done, and all the people that talked about how bad COVID was and loved all the advantages you got from the COVID economy and the COVID climate and everything else, and then you give Anthony Fauci a pass?
You are despicable.
You are demonic.
By the way, how are those vaccines going?
Not so hot, actually.
More young athletes.
Giving out during athletic competition.
Chinese tennis star Yibing Wu, 23 years old, collapses in scary City Open scene.
And he was in the middle of a tennis tournament.
He was winning the match.
Set to win the match in advance in the City Open.
When he passed out, Staff was rushed over to provide him aid as he collapsed to the ground and this is the second time that this has happened to this individual.
He may never be able to finish tennis competitions again.
Kind of like Bronny James.
Young athletes giving out post-vaccine, nothing to see here.
Here's another one.
Broncos, NFL Denver Broncos, to cut wide receiver KJ Hamler after he reveals a heart condition.
Heart condition, he's been diagnosed with a heart condition, pericarditis.
Having chest pains and couldn't finish workouts during the summer camp.
He has been cut.
Again, the number one vaccine side effect, the cardiac issues, he's now been cut.
Does KJ Hamler know what has happened to him?
Well, I'm sure his buddy Damar Hamlin will let him know.
Oh, wait, no.
Nobody's allowed to mention the vaccine and Damar Hamlin's name in the same sentence.
No idea what's happening to all these young athletes.
And neither does Anthony Fauci, I'm sure.
And neither does the mainstream media.
What could it be?
Mainstream media shocked by 30% increase in heart attack deaths among ages 25 to 44.
25 to 44, many of them young, healthy people having the heart problems post-vaccine.
But don't say that.
So it's like they're all on TV because it's a story they can't help but cover.
It gets ratings.
People dropping dead with heart problems.
What is going on?
A great mystery.
More at 9.
This segment brought to you by the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine.
Side effects include all the heart attacks we're talking about.
When we come back, we'll pretend like we don't know what's causing the heart attacks.
A recent study revealing young Americans have seen a 30% increase in heart attack deaths since the spring of 2020 is puzzling mainstream media pundits who must have forgotten about the experimental COVID jabs forced onto the world right at the exact same time.
Yeah, they don't really want to bring up that...
How they forced them onto you issue, do they?
They want to pretend like that never happened.
They want to pretend like these tyrants never showed their true identities during COVID with the lockdowns and the masks and the vaccine.
No, you showed your true colors.
Global government, no bodily autonomy, no free market, total tyranny.
And they loved it.
They loved being able to tell you what to do and, wear your mask!
Have you taken your vaccine?
See, again, it all goes back to the same story.
It all goes back to the same story.
They lie in order to perpetuate their tyranny.
Whether they lie about climate change, whether they lie about a virus, whether they lie about a homophobic attack in the 90s.
They lie, then they write legislation off of the lie.
And then you're forced into the tyranny because of the lie.
And they do it with everything!
And this is how the left has operated throughout human history.
It's no different today.
We used to understand this as Americans.
We used to understand the dangers of communism and socialism so much so that we despised the ideologies.
Not anymore.
What has happened?
Propaganda and brainwashing.
And look at this as a perfect example.
Angry New York City Democrats stage a rally, an anti-Biden rally, ripping him for being asleep at the wheel on migrant crisis.
So it's Democrat politicians, Democrat city councilmen and women, all Democrats, have an anti-Biden rally And they say, the president is asleep at the wheel.
Here's one councilman, Robert Holden.
The president is asleep at the wheel on this one, folks, and I'm a Democrat.
So you're telling me the Democrat voters that voted Democrat, that vote for the open border policies, that vote for the sanctuary city policies, that now have their cities overwhelmed with the immigrants that they voted to have there, are now mad?
This is your own decision!
This is your own work!
You did this!
And they say Biden is asleep at the wheel?
You voted for Biden!
You're asleep at the wheel!
It's not Biden being asleep at the wheel.
Biden might be asleep at the wheel or not.
You're asleep at the wheel.
You, the Democrat voter.
You, the liberal progressive.
You, the anti-Trumper.
You, the Biden denial syndrome victim.
You are asleep at the wheel.
Everything you voted for is about to crush you and you're going to blame the guy you voted for.
There have been two train derailments in the last 24 hours in Texas.
You had one in Bryan, Texas, Union Pacific, cleaning up a train derailment near Midtown Park.
And then Lubbock, Texas, train derailment reported near US-84 between Amherst and Sudan, Texas.
The train derailments But don't worry, because Pete Booty Juice is all over it.
He is on it.
He likes trains.
Yeah, we're not talking about those trains.
Pete Booty Juice.
He's got all the answers.
All these train derailments under his watch, the flight delays, everything.
Are you surprised that Pete Bootyjuice is too incompetent to find out what's going on with these issues?
Where is he even?
I think he's on mother's duty.
I think he's on mommy duty today.
So he can't be bothered with that, obviously.
You can't be bothered with that.
Maybe the health minister, Rachel Devine, the woman with the penis and balls, Maybe she can help figure this one out.
Vegan influencer, 39 years old, dies of starvation.
And her friends suspected this was going to happen.
She was so malnourished, refusing to eat anything but fruit, she's now dead.
From starvation.
But that's just the epitome of what the Left World Order has in store for you.
Starve you to death.
Ration your food.
But first they have to tell you that all the good things are bad.
Meat is bad.
Freedom is bad.
Cars are bad.
Energy is bad.
Death is good!
Death is good!
Is what they want you to think.
Maybe that's why they love this war so much.
They want to see this war with Putin.
Are they going to call for war with China too?
Now, somebody is provoking Russia into a larger escalation here.
Moscow tower hit for second time in drone strike.
Russia accuses Ukraine of new drone attack on Moscow, hitting a tower for the second time in three days.
A skyscraper in central Moscow was struck in a drone attack for the second time in about 20, excuse me, 48 hours, damaging the building's facade and further underscoring the Russian capital's vulnerability.
These are most likely proxy groups doing this, and that's not to Take this lightly, because somebody is clearly trying to provoke Russia into a larger escalation here.
Which is what the West, NATO, and Biden need to launch a full-scale war.
And so Russia has not taken any of the bait.
They blew up the pipeline, they false flagged Poland, they blew up bridges, and Russia just refuses to escalate.
So they're just going to probably keep peppering them with drone attacks and anything they can.
And just see if they can provoke Russia into a larger attack.
And we should not be Folks, this stuff doesn't happen slowly.
These things happen at the flick of a switch.
No, I don't want Russia to nuke anything.
I don't want Russia to strike anywhere.
I don't want the West to strike anywhere.
I don't want a war here.
But let's be clear.
Somebody is trying to provoke Russia into a larger strike.
And if they do it, then all bets are off on where things go from there.
Hungarian Foreign Minister says the European Union expects to fund the war in Ukraine for another four years.
A never-ending war.
Always taking our money to fund it too.
Our money, our weapons.
Now we're broke, have no ammunition.
But hey, it's for Ukraine!
Slava Ukraine!
Nothing is enough for Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky says.
Nothing is enough.
He needs more money.
He needs more weapons.
What about peace?
Not interested.
So what is the ultimate agenda here?
Do they really want to remove Putin?
Do they really want to have Ukraine in NATO?
Is it just a giant money laundering operation?
Weapons laundering operation that they just want to go on perpetually?
But then why try to provoke Russia into a larger attack when you'd be hurting your own golden goose?
Or maybe there's just rogue groups blowing up Russia that really just hate Russians.
We know that goes on.
I mean, you've seen the American left.
Disturbing footage.
Ukraine civilians killed and maimed by Western-supplied missiles launched by Ukrainian military.
Now, they were claiming that these were Russian rockets.
They were claiming that this was a Russian attack, but it was Missiles that came from the West It's really just disgusting that that that We're funding all this it's just it's so evil.
It's so despicable our politicians are just gross people I mean oh My gosh, I mean just you can't even imagine oh You can't even imagine.
And then it's like, I have to deal with these Democrats that claim that they don't want war and then they vote for war every time.
AOC does a whole speech railing against the military-industrial complex.
She votes for it every single time, every single chance she gets.
And now our treasure is being used to promote the death of hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine.
And how any of our politicians can continue to vote for this and not feel bad at all is beyond me.
It just shows how inhuman they are.
Every time they voted for this war in Ukraine, every time they've sent more weapons, more ammunition, it's resulted in tens of thousands of more people dying.
Never had to happen.
Totally unnecessary.
The blood is on our politicians' hands.
And it's like they don't even care.
They really just have no remorse at all.
That hundreds of thousands of people have died because they want this war in Ukraine to go on.
And, you know, Zelensky ain't exactly a freedom lover.
He's been persecuting journalists and churches.
And one journalist that we hadn't heard from in about a month has just re-emerged.
That's Gonzalo Lira.
Many people were worried for his life.
He's back trying to escape Ukraine.
I'll try to get as much of this in as possible before the break.
Right now, I'm about to try to get out of Ukraine and seek political asylum in Hungary.
This is Zelensky regime trying to have this man arrested or killed for telling the truth about what's going on in the war.
Either I'll cross the border and make it to safety or I'll be disappeared by the Kiev regime.
This is what's happened to me over the past three months.
He got arrested for his YouTube videos because he was telling the truth about what's going on and, you know, Zelensky, the freedom lover, had him arrested.
He shows the documents of the indictments, where they admit that he didn't commit any crimes against any property or person, but because he's reporting the news, they had to have him locked up.
He says, that's Zelensky's Ukraine, that's what his thuggish regime cares about, the perception of democracy and the rule of law, so as to mask the sordid, corrupt reality.
And of course, sitting behind it, cheering the whole thing on, is the American liberal.
With its hands dripping in blood, the American liberal celebrates the tyranny in Ukraine.
So a stunning thing has been discovered in California, and it's almost making no headlines.
I'm actually still stunned as I monitor the news all day and all night, how this barely even makes a story.
They had the Never-ending COVID coverage, the never-ending COVID death count, the red alerts, the... I mean, you saw it all.
And then they find an underground biolab linked to the Chinese in California with COVID and mice that can carry it and spread it, and it barely even makes the news.
Here's one news coverage of it.
Again, secret biolab with COVID and bioengineered mice found in California barely makes the news.
I don't know, you'd think they'd be more shocked, and the will to cover this would be a lot greater considering the COVID freakout, and yet it's barely a news story, but here's some of the latest.
I've never experienced something like this in the last 26 years of my county career.
So this is, I think, a very unique situation.
A lab operating in Readley has been shut down after an investigation found it was filled with hazardous materials, chemicals and medical waste.
The lab was discovered last year after a simple violation opened the door to something authorities say was much more disturbing.
A facility operating unlicensed and unpermitted.
Action News reporter Brianna Willis joins us in the studio tonight with the timeline of the investigation and more on what authorities say they discovered inside.
Margot Warren, the legal action started in March of this year when the Fresno County Department of Public Health worked with the city of Readley to get a court-issued warrant to inspect a property in Readley.
Through the process, health officials say they found the company, Presidio Biotech and Universal Meditech, had refrigerators filled with chemicals, human blood, illegal COVID and pregnancy tests, and just under 1,000 mice.
But as of earlier this month, all of those materials have been properly disposed of by health officials, and those I spoke with say this is something they've never seen before.
It all started back in December 2022 with this green garden hose running through this property in the city of Readley.
Our code enforcement officer really paying attention, driving down the streets, sees something that looks out of place, stops, knocks on the door, and lo and behold, we discover folks who are storing things, operating in 850 I Street, unlicensed, unpermitted.
By March of this year, court documents show Fresno County, in collaboration with the City of Wrigley, applied for a warrant to inspect the property after inspectors found reasons to believe it did not meet health and safety standards.
They later applied for a warrant to abate conditions on the property that were deemed a public nuisance.
Joe Prado with the Fresno County Department of Public Health says, through those orders, they found Prestige Biotech and Universal Meditech Biotech Inc.
have biological agents at the facility.
Is that there was some laboratory mice on site at this location.
What we heard from the business owner that they were doing some type of testing with those mice to see whether or not their COVID test kits were actually effective in detecting COVID.
So that was one example of what they shared and what the purpose of the laboratory mice were being on site.
In addition to the 951 mice that were either dead or in distress, a state medical waste investigation shows refrigerators and freezers with blood in containers labeled as serum or plasma and found Prestige Biotech is not registered with the department as a medical waste generator.
Court documents also show 20 potentially infectious to hepatitis.
And city sta lab told them they are mak COVID-19 test.
to hepatitis and city sta lab told them they are ma
19 test. Readley City man says they learned the comp
in Fresno. Our understand was in Fresno, that there
them and for an interim m happened to be really tha
storage and interim operation.
Through the abatement warrant approvals, officials have stopped the lab.
On July 7th of this year, we were able to abate all the biological agents at that particular site.
Both Ziva and Prado say the virus gets out of a lab, people get sick, and the mainstream media tells you you have to abandon all your freedoms, live in total fear, and COVID is your new daddy, and so America is suspended because COVID.
But they don't want to know the source of it.
They don't want to get down to the bottom of it.
They don't want to know who created it, why it was created, who funded it.
And then they find this lab in California with COVID and mice engineered to contract it and spread it, and they don't want to say anything about that either.
But you know if there's a COVID outbreak, they're going to tell you, hey, you need to lock down and we're taking over again.
And they're trying to do that, by the way.
They're saying there's a COVID wave happening right now.
So they're already spreading the propaganda.
But don't talk about that lab!
Just live in fear of the virus.
This government tyranny knows no bounds.
The whole concept behind cryptocurrencies is to get the government out of our transactions.
And something we can have, that it's not a fiat currency controlled by the central banks, but you're loving governments getting involved in that as well now.
And by the way, how they used it to launder money and political campaign finance violations with Sam Bankman Freed, they dropped all those charges.
So they use crypto to steal money and enrich themselves, but you're not allowed to.
Crypto staking rewards are taxable once received.
The IRS is now going to be coming after your crypto.
SEC requests Coinbase to halt trading in all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin, CEO reveals, which probably just means that They've already got the plan in place to steal your Bitcoin and to make you pay the government money to have Bitcoin.
Total tyranny.
They can't have the power of the purse.
They can't have the power of their central bank currencies to be stolen from them.
So they're going to try to destroy crypto now and intimidate you out of having crypto, intimidate the crypto community out of doing payments and transfers in crypto.
And this is what it's all about.
So, we the people say, we're sick of your rigged fiat currency.
We're going to have a cryptocurrency that we're in charge of, that we're going to mutually agree on its value and do payments and exchanges.
And here comes the SEC and the IRS and they say, not so fast.
You thought you were free.
You're not.
You thought you were going to escape our fiat currency control over you?
Not so fast.
Here comes Biden's IRS.
Here comes Biden's SEC.
I don't think this story goes anywhere.
And I'll be interested to see what backlash or protest the crypto community has in response.
They're very active on the internet, but they don't really get politically active in the streets.
But if the SEC and the IRS crushes all of their crypto assets and savings, well, they're going to have a problem on their hands.
And that's exactly what they're intending to do, ladies and gentlemen.
They also want to tax your unrealized gains.
We just need to end property taxes altogether.
It's really that simple.
Just probably end all taxes, but we shall start somewhere.
We'll end property taxes first.
That's why we're having a rally to end property taxes.
September 23rd, in front of the Governor's mansion at noon.
We'll be there.
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When we come back, I'm going to get into the latest Biden crime family news, and then Judge Andrew Napolitano responds to it.
All right, ahead of Judge Napolitano joining us, he wants to talk Biden crime family, Trump's legal problems as well.
Let's just look at all the developments here.
Devin Archer testifies Joe Biden was on speakerphone for 20 calls with Hunter Biden and so of course that means Joe Biden lied that he never talked to his son or had no idea about his business dealings but we already knew that from other voicemails and texts as well.
But now the media is spinning it and saying, hey he just called to ask about the weather.
Of course, we trust you guys.
Devin Archer testifies Joe Biden met with Moscow's mayor, Moscow mayor's wife in Georgetown, who wired three and a half million dollars to Hunter, and then Joe kept her off sanctions list.
It's pay for play, see?
They did it in Russia, they did it in Ukraine, they did it in Kazakhstan.
It's the Biden crime family.
When Biden gets political power, he sells that influence and enriches himself in the process.
The New York Times spinning it today.
Headline, Biden spoke with Hunter Biden's associates repeatedly, says Devin Archer.
Now remember, Joe Biden has denied this.
The mainstream media has carried water for this lie.
And then here is the first sentence from the New York Times story.
It has long been known that the elder Mr. Biden, that's Joe Biden, at times interacted with his son's business partners.
Oh, they knew it all along.
Well, of course they knew it all along.
We all knew it all along.
We've seen the texts.
We've heard the voicemails.
So, yeah, we knew that all along.
But the New York Times and Joe Biden lied and denied it.
Now they're telling you, hey, well, no, no, no, we all knew that.
There's no breaking news here.
So it went from Joe Biden never talked to Hunter's business partners to, of course Joe Biden talked to Hunter's business partners.
We all knew that.
There's nothing new here.
These Democrats, they're soulless.
They're just totally soulless.
Devin Archer tells lawmakers Joe Biden is the big guy.
So 10% for the big guy.
That's now confirmed.
And now they're spinning it and they're saying, it was the illusion of influence, as if that's better.
So okay, maybe you're not committing treason, but the liberal media is saying, oh, it was the illusion of influence.
So Hunter Biden meets with these wealthy international businessmen.
And he's able to land himself million-dollar jobs and million-dollar payments under the illusion, they say, the illusion that they were getting access to Joe Biden.
Okay, let's even accept that BS.
So, in other words, the Bidens have no ethics.
So that's what they're going with now.
Because it's all been caught.
I mean, you know, Joe Biden was selling the country out for millions of dollars.
Hunter was his bag man, his mule.
So was his brother.
It's just, we know it.
But now the media is saying, oh, they were just selling the illusion of influence.
So in other words, hey, yeah, the Bidens have no business ethics.
The Bidens have no ethics at all.
They lie to people.
They screw people over.
They rob millions of dollars.
But hey, he wasn't actually selling the country out.
He's just an unethical bastard.
That's their defense today.
Should we remember?
See, now, I got to say, there's actually whoever Joe Biden's lawyers are, they're smart enough to build up Rhetoric for years as a legal defense.
So all this time when Joe Biden talks about, I always call my grandchildren.
Now they say, see, he just he always calls his grandkids.
Yeah, he calls Hunter Biden on the phone to ask about the weather.
Oh, but it turns out his grandkids are getting money, too.
And it turns out his grandkids are meeting with Russians, too, and meeting with Ukrainians, too.
Oh, but he's just calling him to check on the weather.
I'm sure it's not them saying, hey, here's my dad.
Ha ha.
Hunter Biden to daughter Naomi Biden, January 3rd, 2019, quote, I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything this entire family for 30 years.
It's really hard, but don't worry.
Unlike pop, I won't make you give me half your salary.
That's a Hunter Biden text to Naomi Biden.
We've had this all along.
This isn't new news, but it's just a reminder.
So, was Joe Biden getting 10%?
Was Joe Biden getting half?
Apparently the family didn't like that Joe was taking all their money, because they'd be going around selling his illusion of influence, and then Joe would take all the money.
And then Hunter pretty much lays it all out here in these texts to Naomi, to all the family.
All the family, I hope you all, that's all Bidens, I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.
It's really hard, but don't worry, unlike Pop, I won't make you give me half your salary.
They were all selling the illusion of influence.
The illusion of access to Joe Biden.
They're caught red-handed, the only question is, Do the Republicans, or does anybody in this country, have any testicular fortitude or spine to do anything about this blatant criminal family in the White House?
Hunter Biden caught misleading judge under oath over bar membership in Connecticut.
The judge asked if he was a member of the bar.
Hunter said yes, District of Columbia and Connecticut, but he was suspended From practicing law two years earlier for failing to pay his annual fees, Connecticut lawyer Kevin Rene says this statement from Hunter Biden is extraordinary.
A lawyer who was asked under oath where he is admitted to practice and does not include in his response that he is suspended from practice in one of them has misled the court.
A Biden misleading, misrepresenting the truth?
Couldn't be.
Not the Bidens.
Oversight Committee, GOP Oversight, Biden Family Investigation.
Representative James Comer is demanding documents from a high-powered Democrat donor who bought Hunter Biden's art and was appointed to a commission by President Biden.
Pay-to-play scheme?
House panel demands documents from Hunter Biden art buyer Elizabeth Naftali.
Yeah, Hunter Biden selling his art for millions of dollars is perfectly normal.
Nothing to see here.
Finally, the House is investigating that a year later.
House Oversight Chairman James Comer says some of Hunter Biden's blow paintings, no pun there, that's what he does is he takes the straw that he used to snort coke through and now he blows paint out the other end and calls it art.
And they were going to China!
They were going to China.
That surprises nobody.
House Republicans launch investigation of Hunter Biden's deferred plea deal.
So now they want to get down to the bottom of this plea deal.
And it's a pretty fair question to ask.
I doubt Hunter Biden's lawyers are this stupid.
But this is the illusion, because apparently the Bidens are all about illusion.
This is the illusion.
They want you to believe that Biden's lawyers, Hunter Biden's lawyers, didn't understand that his plea deal would not protect him from future crimes or future investigations or applicable to this situation, an ongoing FARA violation.
So Hunter Biden acting as a foreign agent without registering as a foreign agent, that is an ongoing investigation by the DOJ.
Now obviously Biden's DOJ, you don't expect anything to come of it, but yet that investigation is ongoing, and Hunter Biden himself and his lawyers were nervous enough about it that they wanted it wiped off the map.
So when they found out that no, this plea deal is not gonna make you immune from not registering as a foreign agent, that there's another investigation is on, then the plea deal fell apart.
So what, how do Hunter Biden or his lawyers fall under the impression With no reason whatsoever.
I mean, it'd be one thing if they had the deal worked out.
Obviously, the deal wasn't worked out.
They just assumed that the charges would be dropped?
They just assumed that the investigation would be concluded?
Why did they assume that?
Well, the House Oversight Committee wants to know why they assumed that.
But also, it goes beyond that.
As to why Hunter Biden would get such a sweetheart deal in the first place.
in the first place. It's happening.
Chairman James Comer spoke with Speaker Kevin McCarthy about impeachment following Devin Archer testimony.
Yeah, it's just time to move forward with the impeachment.
Just impeach Biden.
Get all the crimes out there.
Give us Kamala Harris.
We just have to accept it now, folks.
I get it.
Kamala Harris.
Oh, what a disaster.
What an embarrassment.
Folks, it's already an embarrassment.
It's already a disaster.
Give the Democrats what they want.
They voted for Kamala Harris.
They want the first female president.
Let's give it to them.
Let's give them cackling Kamala.
Let's show what an embarrassment they really are, because they don't want Kamala either.
Kamala is a complete joke.
Everybody knows it.
She's the cackling magic school bus lady.
She can't even... I've met sixth graders that are better public speakers and more eloquent than Kamala Harris.
GOP Representative Scott Perry, it's going to take an impeachment inquiry to get answers.
The Biden DOJ and IRS are stonewalling.
So, yeah, they can't get anything out of the IRS and the DOJ.
They're protecting the Biden crime family.
So they gotta move forward with impeachment.
And it's time for us to just say, yeah, Kamala Harris is an embarrassment, but let's give the Democrats what they voted for.
First female president ever is gonna be Kamala Harris.
Way to go, ladies.
You've really done it.
(gentle music)
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It's scary, it's horrifying, it's bizarre, and just over the top, as reality is.
Words cannot describe this concerted, psychotic attack on humanity.
We're undergoing a soft coup.
One Health is a concept that was created to enable the WHO, with these documents, to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems, ecosystems are all central to health.
Also embedded in this concept is a peculiar notion that humans are no longer of greater value than animals.
The climate crisis is a health crisis.
And climate solutions are health solutions.
Renewable energy, healthy and sustainable food systems, and healthy and green cities.
Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic shows that we're one humanity, sharing one planet and one health.
And the next level gaslighting that goes on.
People traveling to these countries really need to think that this could be the future of European summers, that Europe is the fastest warming continent right now.
When I say gaslighting, I mean that figuratively, also very seriously, in the real world.
Everybody who honestly believes climate change is not a serious problem.
Agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world, and we can't get to net zero.
We don't get this job done.
Unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.
Not just the term gaslighting, meaning lying to somebody and telling them that you're pissing on them, but really it's raining.
Sure, there's an old saying, to the victors belong the spoils.
There's another old saying, Senator.
Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
They're literally banning our gas stoves and gaslighting us.
How about shower heads, air conditioners, toilet flushing, light bulbs, washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, gas cars and trucks, coal-fired pizza ovens, and microwaves?
That's just for starters.
Joe Biden wants to take them away from us, all in the name of climate change.
You have all these environmental problems that are so profound, they're hard to deny.
And people are seeing them now, along with extreme super storms and droughts.
That's why I took the most aggressive action ever in all of history in any country to take on the climate crisis.
By lowering your home energy bills.
We've now gotten to the point where it's cheaper to generate electricity from wind and solar than it is from coal and or fossil fuels.
The era of global warming has ended.
The era of global boiling has arrived.
The air is unbreathable.
The heat is unbearable.
And the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable.
And the UN says it's bad, so we gotta ban them.
And polar bears are all dying, they can't swim.
We gotta ban them.
She struggles on.
Arctic polar bears are facing near extinction by the end of the century if the sea ice they depend on continues to disappear.
That's the stark warning from a new study looking at the long-term future of the bears as greenhouse gas emissions contribute to the melting of the bears' frozen hunting grounds.
Polar bear number's the biggest ever recorded.
It's the farthest swimming, fastest swimming land animal.
They routinely swim 200 miles to hunt.
In the summer on ice flows, they show you an image of a polar bear hunting up on top of an ice flow and say, look, it's the last piece of ice.
He'll soon drown.
He can't swim.
The Epoch Times is reporting it's official federal filing.
By administration rule, their filing will ban nearly all portable gas-powered generators.
Smaller gas generators would have to cut carbon monoxide emissions by 50% and large generators would have to cut emissions by 95%.
Nearly all models currently available are expected to not be able to comply with the new standard.
Isn't that funny?
They created a standard nobody can comply with.
And because a microscopic amount of carbon monoxide is put off by a gas stove,
it's not the cleanest thing there is, but there's just a microscopic amount.
That's Bantu.
And now, honored to be joined by the great Judge Napolitano with what has emerged now,
his YouTube channel as one of the most informative YouTube channels out there.
I'm surprised they still let you tell the truth.
Over there, Judge Napolitano.
But joining me today to discuss the latest revelations in the Biden crime family, get into Donald Trump's potential legal woes in the future as well.
Judge Napolitano, let's start with yesterday.
Now they're telling us that we knew all along Joe Biden was talking to Hunter Biden's business associates, even though he denied it, the media denied it.
Now they say they knew all along, Judge, but they were just selling the illusion, the illusion of influence.
Judge, how does that hold up in a courtroom?
Well, I mean, it depends what job.
First of all, Owen, it's always a pleasure to be home with you, my dear friend, and deeply grateful for the time we can spend together, as always.
And thanks for your kind words about my podcast, Judging Freedom.
How would this hold up in a courtroom?
I mean, it depends on what the charge is.
I think yesterday, or whatever leaked out from yesterday, here's a little bit of background.
This fellow, Devin Archer, a former partner of Hunter Biden and confederate with the Biden family, refused to be interviewed by investigators.
Now, when you refuse to be interviewed by investigators, you have every right to decline to chat with them.
And you received the subpoena.
They're going to interrogate you in secret because they don't know what you're going to say and they don't want to be embarrassed.
So the interrogation yesterday was the first time any members of the House committee, Republicans or Democrats, had heard him say anything.
I think the Republicans over promised.
And Mr. Archer underdelivered, because the best he could say about Joe Biden was that whenever Hunter needed some sort of boost to his credibility, he picked up the phone and called the Vice President of the United States, who happens to be his father, who basically talked to him about the weather.
So To the question, did Joe Biden discuss the business deals that Hunter was offering with the people from Burisma in your presence?
No, he did not.
So that's not exactly what the Republicans expected.
On the other hand, as you just pointed out, the president has said many, many times he never discusses his son's business dealings with him and has never discussed it.
And we now know from testimony under oath that there were many, many phone calls that the son had immediate access to the father while he was the sitting, working full-time vice president of the United States, just to sort of say, yeah, I'm his dad.
I'm here.
He's a good guy.
The weather's nice.
So this is like Billy Carter selling Billy beer or, uh, What's his name?
Trump's son-in-law borrowing money from the Saudis on the basis of the credibility of his father-in-law.
People using the names of others in power with whom they happen to be related in order to sell a product.
Is there a crime here?
On the basis of what leaked out yesterday, there does not appear to be a crime with Joe, unless the money Hunter made went to Joe and he didn't report it on his income tax returns, or unless Joe performed some governmental favor which Hunter was able to barter or bargain away.
That's what the Republicans are looking for.
Now if we were to go into the details we would say the best examples might be the Moscow mayor's wife that avoided sanctions after sending the millions to the Bidens or perhaps with the Burisma deal when Burisma was getting investigated by the Ukrainian Prosecutor Joe Biden says you're not going to get the foreign aid unless he's fired.
Son of a bitch, he gets fired.
Is that the evidence they need or do they need more evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that that's what happened?
Okay, great question.
It depends on what they want to do.
If they're looking at evidence of crimes to send to the Justice Department, well, first to publicize and then send to the Justice Department and pressure the DOJ to appoint a special counsel.
They are hopelessly out of date because the statute of limitations on bribery is five years.
Now the statute of limitations on income tax fraud is 20 years.
So if they're looking for evidence of crime, they need to ship it to a federal prosecutor.
There are still some federal prosecutors around who are intellectually honest.
One of the chairs of one of the House subcommittees Wrote a letter to the trial judge in Hunter Biden's case saying, we have some things you should know about.
And she basically said, don't tell me Congress can't interfere with this.
If you have evidence of criminality about this defendant, send it to the prosecutor and they'll decide what to do with it.
On the other hand, if they're looking for evidence to impeach him with, it would be nearly impossible to impeach him now for something he didn't do while he was the President of the United States.
So it's almost as if Joe and company have figured all of this out.
Again, unless it's income tax return, income tax fraud, it's too late to prosecute.
Pardon me.
It's not too late.
To prosecute Hunter Biden for failure to register as a foreign agent, if the government decides that Burisma was substantially owned or controlled by the Ukrainian government, and by representing Burisma, the younger Biden was in fact a foreign agent and didn't report it.
That's a felony.
So, you know, that's an interesting angle.
I've thought of that myself.
I'm imagining there's probably no precedent to really even point at here, but to say, hey, can you impeach a president, a sitting president, for something they did while they were vice president?
I mean, is there precedent there or is this something it's open and shut?
No, you can't.
Well, there is precedent for impeaching Donald Trump after he was no longer the president.
So effectively, they would be impeaching vice president Biden.
For something he allegedly did while he was the vice president, because they can't impeach President Biden for something he did before he was in office.
There's an exception to that, but that has to do with the fraud on getting into office.
So if, for example, just a hypothetical, There's evidence that Biden bribed members of the Electoral College.
He could be impeached for that, even though technically he wasn't president.
But that's the only exception that I'm aware of.
All other impeachable events must have occurred after the officeholder legally entered the office.
At this point, I think impeachment is a necessity, and if I'm giving Kevin McCarthy any benefit of the doubt, then I'm saying, okay, he's really taking his time and he's taking his measurements to figure out what is going to be the most effective way of going about this, or what gives me the best odds of a successful impeachment here, because he's going against the Senate that has a majority Democrat, so that's already going to be tough.
But again, let's say hypothetically speaking, we know, and we can get into this momentarily, we know that Hunter Biden is selling his artwork, and now James Comer has said many of those sales are made to China.
We know that millions have come in to the Biden family from China.
Could they somehow link Biden's current foreign policy, which might be advantageous to China, to those foreign deals?
Is that a possibility?
Well, before they do that, they'd have to show that the money for the sale of this so-called artwork is making its way into Joe's pocket.
And then they'd have to find out whether or not Joe reported that to the IRS.
That would be a far easier route for them than saying there's a quid pro quo because you are buying garbage as if it were the Mona Lisa.
And spending a lot of money on this garbage that you're treating as if it were the Mona Lisa.
It's going to affect the President's foreign policy.
I think that's a difficult case to make.
If they could make it, that would be bribery.
That would be a classic basis for impeachment.
The Constitution says treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.
The House defined Lying under oath in the Clinton years as the other high crimes, as an example of the other high crimes and misdemeanor.
Uh, but bribery would be right smack dab in the, in, uh, articulated in the constitution, but a tough case to prove.
Once again, Judge Napolitano, our guest here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm telling you folks, judging freedom on YouTube has become a mainstay for me to get information.
The quick interviews you're doing, 30 minutes in and out with great guests like Colonel McGregor and so many others.
Sometimes your guests even disagree with one another.
That makes the conversation even more interesting.
Judging freedom on YouTube, getting millions of views regularly.
I'm one of those regular viewers.
Now, getting back into the art deals.
And we can get more into the Hunter Biden, but just generally speaking, when it comes to the courts and the justice system, it's pretty well known that money laundering goes on through art sales.
But how does the court approach this stuff?
How hard is it to look at art deals that, let's just say, are obviously suspicious and say, hey, there's a crime here, or is it too ambiguous?
Well, it would require a federal prosecutor.
Uh, which means the Department of Justice, which means Merrick Garland, or it would require, and this is the Kevin McCarthy route.
I am not a fan of Kevin McCarthy at all, but I do believe he's doing the right thing on this.
Such enormous public pressure, uh, on, uh, Merrick Garland, uh, that he appoints a special counsel.
Now he did that with respect to Joe Biden's retention of national defense information.
In his garage in Rehoboth Beach, Florida.
We don't know what has come of that investigation, but the special counsel there is a serious career prosecutor, not beholden to politics, a registered Republican and a former appointee of Donald Trump.
So nothing can get to a federal judge by way of allegations of crime, but through a prosecutor.
Which means somebody in the DOJ now.
I can't imagine the entire DOJ is compromised.
Certainly the head of the DOJ is.
That's where Kevin McCarthy comes in.
If the evidence is overwhelming and if the public can understand it, the pressure on Merrick Garland to appoint a special prosecutor would be irresistible.
It's been said, more or less, from Representative James Comer, that when they try to get answers from the IRS and the Department of Justice, they get stonewalled, they can't get the answers, and essentially, impeachment is their only shot, they feel like, to get the answers, to get the information that they need.
Is impeachment as a strategy to fish for information effective?
No, I think the best way, that's a wonderful question, Owen.
I think the best way, I've said this before, not with you or Alex, but I've said it on other shows.
The best way to deal with Chris Wray when he doesn't want to divulge information about what FBI agents were present on January 6th, or the IRS.
Or DHS talking to and coercing and cutting deals with Facebook, whoever it is, whatever they want.
The best way to do that is to go across the street and get a federal judge to order it.
Because then the failure to comply with that order triggers incarceration.
Now Congress cannot incarcerate Chris Wray or any of these other recalcitrant People in the executive branch who have information that Congress has the right to look at.
But a federal judge, literally just a few blocks from the Capitol building, can do so.
That's the way to do it.
So there are two types of contempt.
There's contempt of Congress, which doesn't hurt anybody.
But contempt of court results in incarceration.
And you'll be incarcerated until you cough up the information that they're sought after.
So it's an open-ended Incarceration.
It's not like Chris Wray's going away for two weeks.
He's going to go away until he provides Congress with the information that it's the subject of the judicial order.
Now perhaps that's a reach or a step that the Republicans don't want to take at this time, but if they are desperate to get that information, you believe that is going to be the most effective way to do so?
It's really the only way to do so because a contempt of Congress has no sting.
They just censured Adam Schiff.
He views it as a badge of courage.
And I would imagine if a Democratic Congress had censured Jim Jordan, he'd view it as a badge of courage too.
But there is no badge of courage in being locked up until you cough up the information that the court has demanded of you.
Alright, let's get into the Hunter Biden plea deal now, which, you know, Judge, I'm looking at this and there's some stuff that's like, okay, I could see how that happens, but then there's some stuff that it just seems like it's impossible.
I highly doubt, I mean, maybe Hunter Biden doesn't understand legal proceedings, but I highly doubt he would be hiring incompetent lawyers that would be so uninformed to think that The plea deal in the current charges are going to somehow exonerate him from the FARA investigations that's ongoing.
What do you think really happened there?
Do you really believe that Hunter Biden's legal team was shocked and stunned when they found out Hunter wouldn't get immunity for future crimes or for the ongoing investigations?
Or do you think it was some sort of a deflection and they're just pretending that they didn't know that even though they knew it all along because they think this might be advantageous to keep the investigation away from Joe?
So I have probably taken about 1500 plea bargains, plea deals in my career as a judge.
And I would say a good 10 to 15% of them collapsed in the courtroom.
And they always collapse because of miscommunication between the two sides.
I can't answer your question because I don't know the lawyers involved in this case.
I do know that the federal judge had questioned the ethics of one of the members of the defense team because the federal judge claims that one of the members of the defense team called her chambers and gave the impression that that person, a female, that she was a lawyer for the House of Representatives rather than a lawyer for Hunter Biden, sometimes miscommunications happen.
But in the courtroom, when the judge said to him, do you know that you could still be prosecuted for other crimes?
And he said, no, I have immunity.
She looked at the feds and says, are you giving him immunity?
Because I don't know about it.
Only the court can give immunity.
So she was correct to ask for that.
The government can drop a charge, but it can't give immunity.
The government only gives immunity when you give the government information that it wants.
Immunity is involved in the investigation of Trump and Giuliani in Georgia.
We can talk about that in a little while if you choose to go there.
So by asking this question about immunity and other charges, it became obvious that these people had not communicated or that the defense thought they could pull a fast one on the prosecutors.
You also raised something very interesting, which you and I We'll appreciate it.
And I think everybody watching us now, the gun charge, which says it is unlawful to possess a gun, even legally, if you are a habitual drug user.
She said, well, that statute might be unconstitutional.
Well, what is she talking about?
She's talking about the new Supreme Court opinion.
It's now a year old.
Which says the Second Amendment shall be interpreted today the way it was understood when it was first ratified.
Well, when it was first ratified, almost all the Founding Fathers grew and consumed a form of hemp, which was a mild hallucinogenic, and they still possessed their weapons.
So this is to Hunter's benefit that she said this.
The program you're going to enter, this pre-trial diversionary program, might be predicated on a statute that's unconstitutional.
So all of this came up.
Nobody had thought about all of it or articulated all of it.
Now the defendant is entitled to know all the charges against him.
So that if there's five charges against him, he's going to plead guilty to three and go to trial on two.
He needs to know that.
And the government is obliged to inform him of that.
So we won't know where this goes.
I think the new date is somewhere around the 27th, 8th, or 9th of this month, of August, exactly what the plea deal will be.
But whatever it is, they know with this judge, A Democrat appointed by Donald Trump that this judge is going to want to know everything before she accepts anything.
You know, I would imagine most Second Amendment activists would probably argue for Hunter Biden's Second Amendment rights, whether he's just railed a line of Parmesan cheese or he's been sober for two years.
So that's an interesting one that may come up in this.
But let me let me ask you this, because, again, when you And you know, lawyers don't throw terms and phrases out there without meaning.
The word immunity has very important legal meaning.
For Hunter Biden to be confused about that and to have that word used doesn't seem accidental.
Do you think Hunter was under the impression that he was going to get immunity?
And on the larger issue, do you think maybe there is a level of cooperation somewhere within the Biden family or their associates where people are thinking they're getting immunity?
How does that even get brought up?
It's a great question.
It is a technical term.
I don't know.
Obviously, I don't know the guy.
I don't know what Hunter Biden's understanding of immunity is, but immunity is never given for free.
Immunity is given and it's got to be approved, unless it's the Congress granting immunity like they did to Ali North.
If the prosecutors are going to grant immunity, it requires the approval of a judge.
And it is always, underscore always, a quid pro quo.
It is always, we're giving you immunity in return for what you are giving us.
So in the fake elector situation in Georgia, There are 16 Republicans who signed documents saying they are the true electors from Georgia.
The government says all 16 committed perjury.
The government gave immunity to 12 of them, not because they like them, but because those 12 have said something to the grand jury, probably about Donald Trump or Rudy Giuliani, that the government wanted them to say.
So the government more or less bribed them.
By giving them immunity.
So back to Hunter Biden, immunity is just the wrong word.
The government can say, we have five charges against you.
You're pleading guilty to two.
You're entering into a diversionary program on one.
We're dropping the other two.
They can do that.
But to use that word, immunity, always means a quid pro quo.
And again, unless it involves Congress, or requires the approval of a judge, that's probably What made her ears go up when he used that word?
Where he got that word from, I don't know.
It is possible that as a layperson, as a non-lawyer, he thought that the dismissal of other charges or a decision not to prosecute was a form of immunity.
It's not.
Well, he did tell the judge that he had his bar license.
So, I mean, he's technically claiming he understands the law, but then making that mistake.
I do want to get into the Trump stuff.
We got 60 seconds left here.
I'm just curious, would a judge ever be curious enough during a deferred sentence like this, if a situation happens and you find drugs and paraphernalia at the house where you're either residing or doing business with your father, would the court be interested to find out if the drugs were yours?
Even if it's the biggest and most famous house in the country.
The short answer is yes.
Okay, well that's good.
Alright, when we come back from this break with Judge Napolitano, we'll get into Trump's legal woes that are ahead of him.
But I'm telling you folks, when I log onto YouTube, one of the first channels I go to is Judging Freedom.
Some of the best interviews you're going to find on the war on Ukraine, legal issues with Judge Napolitano, Judging Freedom on YouTube.
He's our guest.
We'll be right back.
You know, I kind of got the judge there with that last question, didn't I?
I'm proud of that one.
Judge Napolitano, our guest, the host of Judging Freedom, a great YouTube channel.
That I frequent.
Here we are in the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer filling in.
Alright, I want to jump over to the Trump issues here, and I'm going to ask you kind of a long-form question.
Feel free to take this wherever you want, but let's just put it like this, Judge.
If you are Donald Trump's lawyers right now, because here's the thing.
I can try to follow all the different bouncing balls, and I can try to reach and grab some of them, and some of them are real, and then some of them end up being a projection.
Kind of like this obstruction of justice.
Hey, they were deleting security footage from Mar-a-Lago.
Okay, wait, never mind, that never happened.
And so it's hard to keep up with all this.
But if you're Donald Trump's lawyers right now, And I think we're all anticipating a third indictment coming soon.
With all the legal stuff going on, if you're Donald Trump's lawyers, what are Donald Trump's advantages?
Where are things that will go Trump's way?
And then where are the things you're concerned about?
Where are the things that you think are a disadvantage to Donald Trump legally as he moves forward here?
Well, I mean, I would be very concerned about January 6th.
But of course, I haven't seen the indictment, and so I don't know exactly Uh, what they're going to charge him with.
I don't think that they would be foolish enough to charge him with inciting, uh, an insurrection.
I have already written extensively on how he has substantial First Amendment, uh, protections to, uh, the speech that he gave, uh, outside the Capitol, uh, that day.
Everything he said there is absolutely protected, uh, under the First Amendment.
But I would be very worried about Mar-a-Lago.
The evidence in that case, there is two kinds of indictments.
So this is inside baseball.
But everyone, that's why you asked a great inside baseball question, Owen.
There's a silent indictment and there's a screaming indictment.
A silent indictment lays out the charges against the defendant that the government says it can prove.
A screaming indictment Lays out the charges and provides all the evidence that the government has.
These two Mar-a-Lago indictments, the original and the superseding are both screaming indictments.
There is far more evidence in there than is normally in an indictment.
And the evidence of guilt is overwhelming.
The most recent indictment, the superseding indictment, which basically reincorporates everything in the original indictment and then adds a few new charges, basically shows how the government will prove intent.
Federal crimes, the feds have to prove intent, that you knew what you were doing and intended to do it.
So if the police are knocking at your door and you run away, blight is an indication of intent.
If your house is filled with security cameras and you tell the people that run them you better erase them or you better hide these boxes before the FBI comes.
That's Uh, evidence of intent.
So those are the things that they added.
Not that the security cameras were destroyed or deleted, but that he ordered them destroyed or deleted.
Uh, and that wasn't done.
That is an attempt to obstruct, uh, justice and its consciousness of guilt.
That's what I'd be worried about.
The other thing I'd be worried about, uh, Owen, is that most of the evidence in this Mar-a-Lago case, uh, comes from the mouth, mouths, uh, Of his former lawyers.
He had every reason to believe that everything he said to them was protected by the attorney-client privilege.
He's not a lawyer.
He can't be charged with knowing what the exceptions to the attorney-client privilege are.
But the feds persuaded a federal judge That the communications he had with his lawyers were outside the attorney-client privilege.
Therefore, the lawyers had to surrender their notes.
And therefore, the lawyers had to testify before the grand jury.
And therefore, those lawyers, who obviously don't represent him anymore, will be witnesses against him at trial.
He has a very good shot at suppressing that evidence.
If he does, there's a big hole in the government's case.
Now just to get technical here to the lay audience, why is that?
When does the attorney-client privilege get waived?
So you're a lawyer and the client comes to you and says, I just robbed a bank and expect to be charged.
Or, I expect to be charged with robbing a bank.
What are my defenses?
You go through the defenses.
It wasn't you.
You weren't there.
The money was yours.
Anyway, insanity.
You don't remember.
The bank stole the money from you.
Whatever the defenses are.
That conversation is privileged.
But if you're the lawyer and the client comes to you and says, I plan to rob a bank and I need your guidance as to what defenses will be available to me if I do so.
That conversation is not privileged.
That is called the crime-fraud exception to the attorney-client privilege.
And it states, in general terms, if the client plans to use the lawyer's advice to perpetrate a fraud or commit a crime, then the communications about that subject matter, not everything they said, but about that subject matter, are not privileged.
So in this case, Remember, the National Archives asked for these documents.
They sent 15 boxes back.
The National Archives, which apparently counted every slip of paper in the White House, said there's still, you know, 100 boxes that aren't accounted for.
Then went to the DOJ.
Then the DOJ convened a grand jury.
Then the grand jury sent a grand jury subpoena.
When Trump told his lawyers, told lawyer A to tell lawyer B That lawyer C had conducted a search and there were no documents in the house still subject to the subpoena.
And lawyer B said that under oath.
That the government persuaded a federal judge was Trump using his lawyers to perpetrate a fraud on the grand jury and to commit a crime because it's perjury.
And therefore the communications with the lawyers is not privileged.
Trump's people appealed that determination and a federal appellate court upheld it by a vote of three to zero.
That triggered the surrender of the notes and one of his lawyers kept shorthand and one of the lawyers took down verbatim everything in the conversations.
And in one of those conversations, Trump said, I want you to take these documents, national defense information, out of Mar-a-Lago to your hotel room.
And pluck out the real serious ones.
And then it would be nice if they didn't return.
Well, when the grand jury heard that they voted to indict immediately.
How did the grand jury hear it?
Because the lawyer told them.
How did the lawyer told them?
Told them because four federal judges ruled that there was no longer an attorney-client privilege.
So my argument would be How could Trump possibly know what is subject to the attorney-client privilege or not?
He's been using lawyers his entire life and always believed everything he said to them was privileged.
And when I went to law school, the crime-fraud exception to the attorney-client privilege did not exist.
There were no exceptions.
And there's no grandfather clause into that, I would imagine.
If the client wants to reveal what the lawyer told him, the client can't.
But if the client says to the lawyer, zip your lip, your lips are zipped.
But the law has since changed to insert this crime fraud exception.
And there's no grandfather clause into that, I would imagine.
Trump can't claim that, oh, it wasn't always like this.
No, that would not help him.
The only thing Trump can claim is that this was sprung on him.
He didn't know about it all of his life.
He believed that it was like going to confession.
It could never be revealed.
I don't think that will work, but that's about the best shot he has.
Short of that, and I know he doesn't want to do it, and I know he doesn't want to hear this, and I say this as somebody who's been his friend for 35 years, and I have a lot of Respect and personal affection for him.
I mean, he once picked me up like I was a baby and kissed me.
I mean, I really have a unique relationship with him.
He should consider plea negotiations because in the modern era, the post-World War II era, no one has been convicted of this charge and not gone to jail.
Well, and I wonder, too, if his perspective is, no matter what happens here, the mass public perception, at least from my supporters, the people that are going to vote for me, is it's all political persecution.
It doesn't matter anyway.
But when it comes to the client lawyer privilege here, let's say Trump's lawyers don't want to cooperate.
What sort of tactics could be used to force their hand?
Or have been.
Well, they didn't cooperate.
When they received the subpoena, they moved to quash it.
And the federal judge said, well, I have to hold a hearing because I have two different versions of events here.
So Trump's lawyers actually testified at a secret hearing.
And as a result of that hearing, The judge ruled that the crime-fraud exception applied.
Now, I don't know exactly what happened at the hearing because it was secret, but it went on for a week.
They actually took testimony, put the lawyers on the stand, and then Trump's lawyers got it.
A new set of lawyers got a chance to examine their colleagues on the witness stand in an effort to take the sting out of what they said.
But the judge ruled against them.
She did not quash the subpoena.
And then it was appealed to an appellate court, which upheld her three to nothing.
Well, let's talk about strategy here.
I know you earlier mentioned the plea agreement, or thinking about a plea agreement.
When it comes to strategy, is there a legal strategy for Donald Trump to try to get all of this done and out of the way as quickly as possible?
Or is it this thing is going to go on as long as possible, that's what the government wants to happen, and so there's no point in trying to fast-track it?
I have argued Not on your show or Alex's show, but elsewhere, that Trump's lawyers should assert his right to a speedy trial, because I don't think the government is ready.
I would demand a trial in the next month or so, A, to catch the government flat-footed, and B, to get it over with.
But Trump, I think, has instructed his team to follow his normal practice, which is to delay it as long as he can.
I honestly think that Trump expects the Republican nomination and expects to win and expects the pardon himself.
That's another constitutional issue as to whether that can be done.
If those events were to happen, that would not help him in Georgia.
He hasn't been indicted there yet, but that's coming.
And it would not help him in New York.
He's been indicted but not convicted.
What if the self-pardoning were upheld?
Mar-a-Lago goes away and whatever's coming, we expect this week, maybe even today, January 6 goes away.
So you think it's really that wide of a margin here?
We're talking about either him pardoning himself in 2025 or asserting his rights to a speedy trial and trying to have all of this done before 2024.
I think he will catch the government flat-footed if he asserts his right to a speedy trial, and I've been saying that consistently for a while.
By the way, that is almost always the case.
The government is rarely ready.
In this case, the government itself, the original trial date was August.
The government said, well, we're not ready until August.
Give us December.
And then everybody looked at, there's over a million pages of documents, over a million pages.
Everybody looked at this million page pile of a million pages and said we'll move it to May.
So right now it's scheduled for May of 24.
If I were him I would do it now, get it over with, get whatever the outcome, it's not going to go to jail immediately, but get back to campaigning and have it behind you.
How much does this weigh on the judges that are involved in this?
I mean, whether you believe this is politically motivated or not, obviously that is in the judge's mind.
And I'm not saying the judges can't act impartially.
We can judge that based on what goes on.
But I mean, how much does that weigh on these judges?
I mean, we're talking about these are some of the most politically implicated cases in U.S.
history, and that has to weigh on these judges.
Well, it does, from a human perspective, I can tell you that, having been there, not on the federal bench, but on the state bench, and having tried very high profile cases.
But legally, the argument that this is a political interference is not one that the court will even hear.
That is not a cognizable defense.
That would come out of Trump's mouth, because that is basically an argument for jury nullification.
So jury nullification says put aside guilt or innocence.
This is a case that shouldn't be brought against this defendant in this courtroom at this time.
Now there is precedent for jury nullification in this country.
Judges hate it.
Judges will not tell juries about it.
But there are ways for a sophisticated defense counsel to remind the jury That even if they believe the government has proven the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty, they can still acquit if they believe that this charge should not have been brought against this defendant in this courtroom at this time.
Well, and jury nullification.
For those out there, if you get a notice for jury duty when they're selecting, just don't even say anything.
Just say jury nullification.
They'll get you out of that courtroom faster than you can split a wig.
But this might be the one case where Trump's legal team might actually want jury nullification.
They might hear somebody say that and say, we need to actually try to keep this guy.
Now obviously the prosecutors are going to want to get anybody that has that notion If the government can prove everything in the superseding indictment, if they can prove everything, if they can prove 90%, if they can prove 60% of what's in there, Trump's best out is jury nullification.
And the basis for it would come out of his mouth on the witness stand.
And then a very, very sophisticated argument that doesn't mention that phrase.
An argument like, you know, if you believe these charges shouldn't have been brought, you can do the right thing.
I don't think a judge would interfere with that.
But if you ask for permission to argue jury nullification, you are hearing out of the mouth the only judge in the United States that permitted that.
So that would be another groundbreaking phenomenon for these legal proceedings.
Now Trump's defense, his continued defense, is the Presidential Records Act and the Bill Clinton socks case.
How strong is that defense, Judge?
Not at all.
Not at all.
The Bill Clinton socks case was based on a plea deal That the Feds worked out, which resulted in the prosecutor becoming a federal judge.
It was reprehensible, but that happens.
The Presidential Records Act basically says if you want something back from the White House after you left, we can't take it with you, but if you want to identify things back, tell us and we'll We'll look at them and decide if you can have them.
They are not a defense to the unlawful criminal retention of documents.
So let's try to have an exercise here.
Let's have Judge Napolitano put the gavel down, take the robe off.
When you see all of this going on, whether it's the Trump legal issues, the Biden legal issues, both of them happening at the same time, the tit-for-tat with the charges, the indictments, the testimony, new indictments, everything that's going on, what do you think about?
Where do you see our country is at right now?
This is a Cold War D.C., is what I see.
I want to know what Robert Herr, H-U-R, The Republican Special Counsel investigating Joe Biden has.
I want to know that, whether I'm Kevin McCarthy or whether I'm Andrew Napolitano, voter in New Jersey.
You asked me to take my judicial hat off.
I want to know what that is.
Is it national defense information?
Or sometimes things are made secret that are silly, or is it a silliness?
Was it intentional or was it an accident?
And why is it that?
Jack Smith has completed his investigation of hundreds of national defense documents and Robert Herr has not completed his investigation of fewer than a dozen.
That's what I want to know.
Big picture?
I agree with what I know Alex has said and I think you have said.
The country is on the verge of falling apart.
Your grandchildren will not know the United States of America as you and I and the people watching and listening to us now do.
The federal government will collapse of its own weight.
We will break off into separate republics.
Texas will be where you are, will be a very desirable place to live.
The Northeast where I live will probably be even more heavily regulated than it is now.
But we can't continue with this debt and we can't continue with the empire building and we can't continue with the perpetual wars.
It'll catch up with us and crush us.
Yes, I know Colonel Douglas McGregor has said similar things, especially in regards to the war in Ukraine.
Now, look, you tell somebody like that, you tell somebody like me that, I'm thinking, OK, you know, how can I push fast forward here?
Let this corrupt government collapse.
Let them get out of my lives.
But let's say you're trying to get ahead of this.
Let's say you're the governor of Texas, and to use that as an example, or maybe the governor of Florida like Ron DeSantis.
What type of measurements can you make to put your state in the best position to do so?
I mean, to me, the obvious one would be, if you're concerned about political corruption in DC, or if you're concerned about politically motivated charges, investigations, FBI, whatever, is there some sort of a Move that a governor can make that says, hey look, the federal government has no bureaucracy, the bureaucracies have no jurisdiction in my state.
We will cooperate with you if you request it, but you can't come in here as the FBI or any federal bureaucracy and take our citizens.
We won't send them to you.
We're not going to cooperate willy-nilly.
You're going to have to get our cooperation.
Is there something that can be done to avoid any further political persecution if that's what a governor is afraid of?
All right, so there's two ways to look at it.
One is there's a Supreme Court opinion called Texas versus White, which has to do with a guy from Texas redeeming Confederate bonds after the war between the states was over.
And the Supreme Court said for a state to leave the Union would require the consent of three quarters of the others.
There is no authority for that.
That is just the opinion of the Chief Justice who put that in the case.
It's what we call dicta.
It's a statement unsupported by fact, unsupported by precedent, and not necessary for the resolution of the outcome of the case.
The other way to look at this is, and this is the nuclear option, Texas was an independent republic before it became a state, as was Vermont.
Texas and Vermont each retained the right to secede when they joined the union.
So Texas would begin gradually by nullifying federal statutes which violate the Texas state constitution and eventually move toward secession.
I don't know what the outcome would be and I don't know how long it would take, but I can just imagine The federal, the IRS, and that crowd reacting if they couldn't get their hands on cash from Texans.
Oh, they would go absolutely into conniption fits and quite frankly I'd be here to watch it like a 4th of July fireworks show.
But Texas seceding?
I mean, Vermont, that would be a little more interesting.
You're right, they're kind of in the belly of the beast in the Northeast.
If Texas did secede, we have actually a massive movement here, the Texas Secession Movement.
It's at the Capitol every day.
They're influencing politicians.
The governor here has flirted with the idea of ending property taxes.
I know you've been a loyal New Jersey New Yorker your whole life, but would Judge Napolitano, freedom-loving American, think about moving down to Texas?
We would gladly welcome you with open arms.
I'd pick you up and kiss you like Donald Trump.
You gotta show me some good Italian restaurants.
Well, that might be a little more challenging, but I'll work hard to find some.
Judge Napolitano, really appreciate your time today.
Again, folks, Judging Freedom on YouTube, I'm telling you, it's a daily visit for me, the great interviews you're doing there.
Judge, what's coming next on your show?
Well, we have Colonel McGregor.
Iron Scott Ritter on Thursday.
I have Matthew Ho now, H-O-H.
Captain, retired Marine Corps Reserve in the State Department in the Trump administration.
He just devastates the CIA, the MI6, and the DOD for their intellectual dishonesty in the Ukraine war.
And I'm very much looking forward to him doing a dance on their heads.
Just 15 minutes from now at 315 Eastern.
Alright, I'll be looking forward to watching that archived later as well.
Judge Napolitano, Godspeed and God bless.
Thank you for your time today.
You're a great American.
Thank you, Owen.
Always a pleasure.
Wishing my best to Alex, to you and to your family.
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Having Turbo Force Plus at work, home, in the car or in your bag is the ultimate answer to a sluggish day.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z, from zmedia.com, reporting to you from the land down under.
Well, let me tell you, the lockstep operation of Agenda 2030 has been a problem for every single country.
You saw an ad earlier in the show about, or a break in the show, rather, about Biden banning gas, microwaves, all sorts of Ridiculous things like this.
We have Antonio Guterres, the Chief of the United Nations, talking about global boiling now.
It is getting more and more ridiculous by the day.
Now, today I have joining me Senator Malcolm Roberts from Australia.
He's a freedom loving senator, really been standing up for the Australian people, but not just the Australian people.
Senators like Senator Roberts Are really standing up for the free people of the world and you can really count them on two hands right now.
The number of politicians that we have accurately representing the will of the people as the people wake up to this agenda and more and more it is happening as they realize something is very very wrong.
They are looking to people like Senator Roberts, Christine Anderson, MEP from Europe, just a select few people that are really, really calling this out for what it is, which is a complete and total global domination.
So if the team have Senator Malcolm Roberts on right now, he's joining us and we are very, very happy to have him.
Senator Roberts, thank you for joining us.
Good morning, Maria.
You're very welcome and thank you for what you're doing, spreading the truth.
Thank you so much.
I admire your courage.
Well, I appreciate that, especially coming from you, Senator Roberts.
We have a number of different things to talk about today.
Australia is certainly moving very hard and fast where Agenda 2030 is concerned.
We're going to talk about how the United Nations is leading this, gas bans on new homes, new censorship bill in Australia.
Where would you like to start, Senator Roberts?
Well, let's start with the word you used, boiling.
These people are now desperate, Maria.
That's why they're using this exaggeration.
We're boiling!
We're going to end!
The world's going to end!
We're going to get fried!
These guys are full of shit.
That's the only thing you can say.
And that they are losing.
They're starting to realise they've got to ramp up the rhetoric.
They're desperate.
Yesterday, I moved a motion in the Senate for a matter of urgency.
And I'll quote my motion.
Fear-based, net-zero climate policies are harming everyday Australians and have no environmental justification.
We ended up, Maria, with three Liberals, the usual good Liberals, and in Australia a Liberal is a Conservative, the three Liberals standing up and speaking with us on this.
Senator Hanson spoke, another Senator spoke, and I spoke.
And the Greens were nowhere to be found!
The Greens were absent from the debate, because the previous day they made a complete fool of themselves.
But get this, the Liberal Party, when it came to the vote on my motion, urgency motion, the Liberals abandoned the Senate.
They evacuated quickly.
So that tells you something enormously powerful because just a few months ago they would have voted against this, against us.
They would have voted with the Labour Party and the Greens.
Instead, they were so embarrassed they left the chamber rather than vote with us and rather than vote against us.
So that shows the Liberal Party is starting to move.
We've also seen, as I said yesterday, Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, Invoked anti-2050 Net Zero campaign and won a decisive victory in a by-election in Oxford, I think it was, in Britain just on the last weekend.
So it's starting to crumble before the United Nations' very eyes and the World Economic Forum.
We're starting to see some runs on the board.
People have been standing up.
And what's more, the The Davos retreat, you know, that used to go on, that still goes on.
It used to get a free ride in the media.
It was slammed this past January.
It was ridiculed.
And so the United Nations and the World Economic Forum realized that the people are waking up.
I have to agree with you.
The ridicule was evident.
Senator Roberts, the ridicule was evident.
People did not want to be seen to be associated with the World Economic Forum.
More and more people around the world are realizing that association with this organization is in fact an embarrassment.
It's shameful and many people pulled out and that's what we want to see.
After the break we're going to talk about some of the reasons why more people need to move away from these organizations.
The egregious Crimes of the United Nations and much, much more.
Don't go anywhere.
We're here with Senator Malcolm Roberts and we'll be right back.
And we are back with Senator Malcolm Roberts.
He's a gift to Australia and a gift to the world.
Truly, truly for the people.
And we're so grateful for his time this morning.
Senator Roberts, you said something on the phone to me yesterday which really stuck with me, which was that, you know, the term global boiling that's come out of Guterres' mouth recently is really working in our favour because as their moves get more ridiculous, As their rhetoric gets more ridiculous, the people realise just how farcical this entire agenda really is.
So we want to talk about some of the steps that they've been making.
I know there's a lot of pushback on this new censorship bill in Australia, which is essentially a carbon copy of what Canada has done.
So talk us through some of the steps that are happening in our country, including this new censorship bill.
What pushback are we seeing?
Well, let's have a look at the bigger picture overall, because this has been going on for decades.
The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971.
The United Nations was founded in 1944.
They've both been working.
They had an alliance formed in 2018.
But they've been infecting just about every instrument of our institutions.
Education has become indoctrination, not education.
The distortions of the United Nations curriculum that's driven through our federal education department.
Child sexuality, the United Nations World Health Organization.
Child mutilation for gender dysphoria.
They're pushing gender dysphoria, affirming it.
Child grooming for pedophilia.
This is how they're destroying our children.
When you look at our health system, the COVID came from the United Nations.
The United Nations want to control our health system around the world, every country.
They've suppressed medicinal cannabis because it doesn't suit big pharma.
Family Law was brought in this country in 1975.
It's the slaughterhouse of the nation.
It came from the United Nations in 1975.
They're trying to control and limit energy.
They don't want different energy from solar and wind, Maria.
They want less energy so they can control it.
Everything about the United Nations and the World Economic Forum is about control.
They want climate change so they can control our use of How we live.
Our property rights have been stolen in this country.
They want to create lab meat in vitro meat.
They are creating it.
They want to control everything we eat.
Their policies are anti-human.
I'm just reading this from a list so we can get through it quickly so that you can see it in context.
Every aspect of our life.
Abortion has been pushed by the United Nations.
Destroying of life.
Child mutilation.
They've stolen our water rights in this country.
We've got We've got corporations overseas owning water that our farmers need.
The taxation of multinationals in this country is virtually non-existent, and that's been going on since 1953, I think.
Globalists control money.
Henry Kissinger himself, another globalist, he said that if you can control food, if you can control money, and if you can control energy, you can control a continent.
He was referring to the United States.
We've had native title Legislation in this country since the 1990s, which is purporting to give back land to the Aboriginals.
It just stole land from everyone and locked it away.
The biggest problem facing our Aboriginals in this country when you go to the communities is the inability to access land so that they can build their own house, build their own business.
This goes right through.
It's ceding our sovereignty to the United Nations because the bastards in Canberra,
that's our political headquarter, political capital, are working for the United Nations,
just a few party power brokers.
The rest of the people are asleep.
The rest of the members of parliament are asleep and just wavered through.
So we've ceded our sovereignty and our governance is now based upon newspaper headlines,
looking out for vested interests, rather than on data and making decisions,
laws and policies based on data.
So what we've seen is the removal of data as a foundation for policy and legislation and replacing it with fear, with emotion, with headlines, looking after mates, vested interests.
What you see the United Nations does is they come up with something that's non-existent, can't be measured, and they put fear around that.
Whether it's COVID, whether it's climate, whether it's stealing property rights, whether it's stealing Whether it's supposedly bringing in a voice for Aboriginals, which is really about control, and then they ramp it up and they use it as an instrument of control and people are none the wiser.
What I'm trying to show you with that list is it's comprehensive, it goes through every aspect of our life, but people are starting to see it.
Pauline Hanson, our party leader, was awake to this in 1996 and she called it out.
I only became awake to it in about 2010-11 and we've been calling it out since.
Senator Roberts, for the viewers or the listeners that are tuning in today that don't know what's happening in Australia, I just want to mention really briefly, in WA, in the state of Western Australia, we have this new legislation that concerns what you can do with your land.
So if you want to disturb more than 50 centimetres of your own soil on your own property, if your property is 1,100 square metres or more, you have to then go and consult what they call an Aboriginal consultant, someone
who is allegedly representing the Aboriginal community. That's anywhere from $160 per hour to
over $3,000 a day for this person plus food and accommodation costs to come and tell
you if you're allowed to plant a tree for goodness sake. What the WA farmers are now
saying is this is absolutely disturbing their ability to farm.
Now, the reason I'm bringing this example up is because we see a similar attack with the Dutch farmers.
We see attacks on the Amish in the United States.
And what people fail to realize, again, is that this problem is a United Nations problem.
The land grab is worldwide, Senator Roberts.
Would you agree?
Completely, Maria.
We had a Prime Minister in this country, in the name of climate change, steal farmers' property rights.
Property rights, when you buy some land, whether it's a suburban block of land, whether it's a city block of land, a city apartment, or a large cattle station in Western Queensland, you are buying the right to use that property.
It is your property, you're buying the right to use it.
Now, farmers had that right stolen from them by the Howard government in 1996-97, onwards to 2007.
The United Nations, we need to understand, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are pushing a communist takeover.
What they're wanting is global control.
They have said that, they're not my words, they have said that.
Now, what the communists do, the first thing they do is steal property rights.
So that destroys the will of people to To be motivated and to make improvements, make initiatives, take initiatives, to engage in free enterprise making businesses.
Because if you can't own your property, what's the point of working for it?
So that destroys initiative.
Property rights are fundamental to responsibility.
They're fundamental to free enterprise.
They're fundamental to meeting people's needs.
They also destroy religion because that gives people no faith and they turn to the government.
They destroy family.
These are historically proven and they do it repeatedly and they're proven in their policies that I just read out in what the United Nations is doing.
So they're destroying families and they want people to become dependent on government.
And what they then do, what the United Nations has been doing, Maria, is been using basically bullshit to con people into being afraid.
Because when people are afraid, they don't think rationally.
We bypass our gift of thinking rationally.
And so we then become victims and fear-driven, and we then are easier to control.
And that's what they're doing.
Climate is about fear.
And the other thing that they do is that they make sure that the beneficiaries are in some well-known billionaires who are making money out of solar and wind subsidies, for example.
Everywhere along this path they use COVID, for example, Big farmer making money.
So what they do is they line up vested interests who are pushing their own barrow, getting more money, and they're transferring wealth from the poor to the rich, and the rich are then driving this.
So what you'll see in this country is a few billionaires pushing the climate scam, pushing the COVID exaggerations and mismanagement, and that's the way they operate.
They come at us with fear, and everything that they push is invisible.
Climate, COVID, etc.
So they make an imaginary thing to fear, to be desperate about, go to the government and be protected by the government.
That's the worst place we can go to.
That's the way they operate.
You're absolutely right, and I guess this is part of a broader conversation which we'll have right after this upcoming break, Senator Roberts, but really I don't believe that the UN, the WEF and the WHO are at the very top of the food chain, but they definitely are operating as the puppet masters on the front, if you will, We want to talk about the importance of leaving these organisations, every country, right now because time is running out.
They are implementing certain measures, control measures, that really are complete dictatorships through various laws.
We're going to talk about that after the break and the need to exit these organisations.
Don't go anywhere.
Alright, we've given you the 30,000 foot view right now.
Let's bring it to about 5,000 feet because before you identify the solutions to the problem, you really need to look at the problem.
I want to look at some of the symptoms Of these organisations and what they're pushing.
And the reason why it's so important to hear about Australia and hear from this amazing Australian Senator is because this problem is not isolated to our country.
We're dealing with a global problem and you can be sure that when you see New Zealand banning cow farts, that that's coming for your country next.
And I was just thinking last night, Senator Roberts, watching a nature documentary and seeing thousands upon thousands of animals in the desert, for example.
I mean, how are we going to ban all of those animals?
Just the farcical nature of some of these things that they suggest in order to save the climate.
Really should be an indicator for people that this is just lies and propaganda.
But they don't seem to understand, Senator Roberts.
What do you think the key is here to really bring this knowledge to the forefront of people's minds?
Well, I think that one of the key aspects is to tell the truth about what's going on, like we're doing.
So that's educating people, waking them up.
Pointing out, secondly, pointing out to people what the cost is to them and how ridiculous it is.
But they will ultimately pay the price.
While we work to get him back on, I really wanted to talk about a couple of things that are happening in our country specifically.
For example, this new censorship bill that they're proposing and you've got the same thing in Canada where one of You know, one of my contacts over there sent me a screenshot.
You go to look at an Instagram account and it purely says this content cannot be viewed in Canada.
This is not allowed for the people to see, which goes back to what Senator Roberts was just saying.
Never underestimate the power of telling the truth.
Imagine if you didn't have this broadcast.
Imagine if you didn't have this conversation.
They're trying desperately to ban it.
We've got Senator Roberts back on.
Please continue.
So where were we up to?
We're telling the truth and continuing to speak up and talk to people about the effects on them specifically.
And I agree with you because people are inherently selfish.
They only care when it personally impacts them.
But that's okay.
Knowing human nature, we can use that tactic.
Well, I actually don't think people are inherently selfish.
They're very caring.
The essence of humans is that we care.
And that's how the globalists take us over because We, most humans are wonderful, caring people.
None of us would be here if someone hadn't cared for us in the early years of our life.
But what they do is they hijack that and they say, they give us something to care about that's based on lies.
And so people are just diverted onto that.
And so, because we care, that's why they hijack us.
That's how they hijack us.
What we have to do is to wake people up with data, with evidence, and we have to show people why it's harming them and why it's harming humanity.
And so, that's our role.
What we're starting to see now is they have gone over the top with their ridiculous claims.
They've also gone over the top with the impacts on humans' everyday living and the controls that people see.
And the cost to people.
People are now starting to say, hang on a minute, this is hurting me.
This cost of climate lies is hurting me.
Now they're starting to do something about it.
And that's what was significant in the Senate two days ago on Monday.
The Greens went ape crazy.
They just went nuts because they're suddenly looking at the people waking up all over the world about this climate bullshit.
And they're saying we'll be politically irrelevant.
The Greens were terrified, Maria.
We could feel it on them.
They were coming out with the planets boiling.
Nick McKim, the Green senator, said, we're going to have billions of people die.
Complete rubbish.
But they were shown to be what they are, fear peddlers.
And now they're afraid.
And what we're starting to see is as people are waking up The politicians who have been pushing these lies are starting to feel the pressure.
They're starting to become politically irrelevant.
As I said, the Liberal Party as a whole, rather than be seen to voting against us, actually evacuated, abandoned the Senate chamber.
So we're starting to see some victories.
But what they're doing is they're pushing the... Look, it's based on deceit.
The aim is to control and to transfer wealth.
Once you understand those three, you can see it everywhere.
Climate, COVID, stealing of property rights.
So what we have to do is to wake up people with data.
We have to wake up people by exposing these madmen from the World Economic Forum in the United Nations for what they are.
Then people are starting to wake up.
We've got people going from 5% of Australia probably knew about this before COVID.
We now have 15% and increasing.
People are starting to wake up and that's the important thing to understand.
Well, I agree with you and I think that the more that people, I see this real thirst for people where they are incredibly informed, they're not easily fooled.
And during the times of the lockdowns, for example, I can say this openly as a broadcaster, people were just Fearful and not thinking as rationally as they are now.
I see in my audience in particular, you know, really critically thinking people, examining every bit of information.
So they are determined to be informed.
The InfoWars audience is the same.
I'm sure that any truth broadcast is the same.
People want the truth and they want to think for themselves.
I think that's the key here, Senator Roberts.
People don't want to be told how to think.
They want to think for themselves.
Are you saying the same thing?
Yes, I am.
And what we're seeing is that this has been a consequence of several things.
First of all, we've been peddled with bullshit.
That's been peddled at us non-stop, day and night, through every aspect of the media.
You mentioned before that the UN and the World Economic Forum, there are higher people up the pecking order of them.
That's Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, these major funds.
What they're wanting to do is to control people.
They want to own everything and then we'll be happy, they tell us.
But they want to own everything and they want to control everything.
They want us to go back to being useless eaters and serfs basically producing for them under a feudal system.
That's what they want.
But as people wake up, they are taking a stand.
I don't know if you're aware of it, but the Morrison government introduced a cash ban bill, which the Labour Party supported.
It was banning cash for anything above $10,000, which they then would have in future years reduced that to $2,000, reduced it to $200, then put in place no cash at all.
Once they've got that, they've got you open for a social credit system, complete control of our lives.
We woke the people up with that.
My office went out and we hammered the crossbenchers.
We got them involved.
And then we went to the people directly.
And the grassroots members of the Liberal Party and the Labour Party put pressure on the Labour Party and Liberal Party senators.
And they consigned the bill to, even though it passed the lower house, the House of Representatives, they consigned it in the Senate to a committee.
And then I moved a motion a few months later to get it off the books altogether.
And we won.
We got it off the books.
So what I'm saying is that people have enormous power.
It's just that they have been so trusting because the majority of people are trustworthy and caring, and they assume that everyone else is like them, trustworthy and caring.
Whereas we've got a few grubs in Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street.
We've got many grubs in the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and a few party power brokers in this country and in America and in New Zealand that control things.
And they're not to be trusted.
But what you're pointing out a little while ago was absolutely correct.
These initiatives are being seen in New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Britain.
Australia, parts of Europe, and they're coordinated because they come up with the same slogans.
Build Back Better, for example, came out within 36 hours around the world and some of the other initiatives.
The censorship provisions that you raised... We're going to continue on the censorship issue right after this short break, Senator Roberts.
We so appreciate your time and everything that you're doing for us right now.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back with the Senator after this short break.
Well, the globalists have massively, massively overplayed their hand.
People are starting to wake up.
I want to commend the good Senator for coming on this broadcast today to really shed some light onto the world of politics in Australia, but also his bravery in continuing to speak up about these issues.
I heard recently, Senator Roberts, about, this is anecdotal, but I heard that because the big banks in Australia, for those who aren't aware, are really trying to limit cash.
People are going to the counter, they're being told, no, we don't have any cash at the bank, you can go to this ATM and pull out $1,000 and then the ATM doesn't have the cash either and people are really furious about it and so I heard That some of these branches are actually rolling this back because the people just aren't having it.
Now you mentioned before the awareness that your party, One Nation, drew to the cash ban initiative and how we actually stopped it last time.
I think that more and more people are realising that they don't want control of their money.
What's going to happen though, Senator Roberts, when they really push this digital currency, digital ID?
Australia's just announced that as soon as next year we're going to have digital ID.
Do you think that people will push back enough?
Do we have enough pushback in politics?
Well, we had enough pushback in politics with the cash ban that caused the Labour Party and Liberal Party to drop it.
We can get the same with the media, the same with the control of free speech.
The removal of free speech.
You mentioned a number of topics in the introduction to this show, Maria.
You talked about the new censorship bill in Australia.
That's the federal government implementing United Nations World Economic Forum policies.
Second on the list was the gas ban on new homes, which is the states implementing the United Nations World Economic Forum policies, the state of Victoria.
Then you mentioned the council shutting down meetings, stopping residents from voicing their concerns.
That's councils implementing the United Nations World Economic Forum.
So what that shows is that on all levels, these World Economic Forum and United Nations policies are being pushed.
But it's not the people who are aware.
It's because the people have been unaware.
When the people start standing up, that's when the pushback comes.
So the censorship bill, what we're trying to do there is get the People to wake up to what's happening, because what the United Nations wants to do is to ban topics or conversations at any time they can through social media.
They recognise that the media was the key culprit to indoctrinating people, so they owned the media.
BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard owned most of the media.
So then we had social media and social media then was bought off by people like Bill Gates and paid money to suppress the truth about COVID.
Now we're getting suppressed in the truth about climate.
So people are now starting to look at alternative and alternative communications.
That's direct.
Communications from people to people.
So we need to be aware of that and move.
We're starting to see people, we're not starting, we've seen now for five years or so, people like yourself independent of what I call the independent truth-seeking, freedom-pushing media.
And that's, it's the people's media.
And so that's where we're starting to go more and more now.
So I think these alternatives Freedom will never be extinguished from planet Earth.
Never be extinguished.
It's had its ups and downs, ups and downs as tyrants come.
None of this is new.
They've just tried different methods.
What we're seeing is an age-old battle for control.
You know, it used to be, Maria, that someone would hold a gun to her head or put a tank in the streets.
Now, what people are waking up to at last is that this has all been done subtly through control of our institutions, our educational system, our universities.
You know, people who haven't been to universities are actually, and I've been to one of the world's best universities, People who haven't been to universities are the ones whose brains are uncontaminated.
I tell my children, do not go to university.
And I'm serious.
My wife and I have been to one of the top institutions, one of the top three institutions in the world.
We've been to undergraduate as well in prime universities.
But we told our children, unless you need a piece of paper for a qualification like a lawyer's degree or a medical degree, do not go to university.
And the studies in America, they recently did studies with interviewing people, the woke people all went to university.
So what I'm saying is that people are now starting to wake up when they don't see a gun pointed at your head, But they see the indoctrination that's been continuing ever since they were babies.
We've been indoctrinated.
So what we have to do is wake people up to that.
People are inherently free and people stand up for freedom once they're aware there's a problem.
Most people have been asleep.
We've got to wake them up.
That's the answer to your question.
But they're operating at the federal government level, the state government level, the council level.
And so we have got to be operating as citizens at all of those levels.
We're starting to see pushback.
With the censorship bill, our One Nation party is running a conference on Saturday the 26th of August in Brisbane, inviting members of the public.
We'll have some very prominent speakers, people like Alan Jones and David Flint and others at that session.
We've We've got a petition organised and that's getting signatures.
We want it to be the biggest petition ever.
So what we've got to do is marshal the people against the politicians and wake people up.
That's what it's all about.
And people like you have an enormous role to play because that's what I call the independent new people's media.
I really love your approach and your party's approach, Senator Roberts, because you're actually involving the people in this.
You're talking about marshalling the people together to stand against this.
In the next segment, I really want to talk about what other politicians around the world can be doing to really rally the people, gather the people, because we have a lot of Politicians that talk big game and that's great and their intentions may be 100% wholehearted, but what about when you have the power of the people supporting you and backing you?
It's very, very powerful.
So, a few of the pressing issues that I really think need to be addressed.
First of all, here in Australia, so that people are aware, Senator Malcolm just touched on it, Council's banning Or shutting down meetings.
This is happening because people are aware of the C40 Cities Network, the Global Covenant of Mayors.
We recently exposed that on one of my other broadcasts on Uncensored, the Shoe Peters Network.
The Global Covenant of Mayors, all these mayors in different municipalities across the world signing up to what they call a covenant, which is, you know, it really is a religious term.
It's bizarre.
And they've signed up to this covenant.
To control meat, to control your travel, to control all sorts of nonsense, how many items of clothing you can buy.
And I've shared this story publicly before, Senator Roberts, but I want to share it with you as well.
I had a group from New Zealand contact me.
And run past me what they were doing.
They had built relationships with their local council members and gotten to the point where they were able to come forward with a presentation and teach them about AROP, C40 Cities, the Global Covenant of Mayors, and teach them what the agendas inside their own councils were actually about because not everyone is in on it.
And so I thought this was really great progress.
Rather than people being shut down from their council meetings, they were able to engage with them.
What other suggestions do you have, Senator Roberts, on that front?
I think that's a critical thing you've just mentioned.
The majority of politicians are not awake.
They're asleep, they're ignorant and they're gutless.
And they form part of the party system.
It's no coincidence that in America you have Democrats and Republicans.
And many of the Republicans are rhinos, Republican in name only.
So you've got the Democrats taken over, owned by Soros, who's a globalist.
So you've got two parties there that are essentially the same party at the end of the day.
In Britain, you've got the Labour Party and the Tories.
Again, two major parties.
In Australia, you've got the Liberals and the Labour Party, two major parties.
But Maria, here's the thing.
Here's the really enticing news.
When I was a boy 40 years ago, 50 years ago, it was 45% of the people voted Labour and 45% of the people voted Liberal.
10% swung, and they determined the government.
Then it became 40-40, 20% swinging.
Then it became 35-35, 30% swinging.
Then it became 35%, 35%, 30% swinging.
In the 2019 federal election for the state of Queensland, the Senate vote in the state
The Labour Party got 22 per cent of the vote, just over one fifth.
So people are waking up.
The current government is in power in Canberra, our capital city, with less than a third of the vote.
The second party, the Liberal Party, got 34%.
That meant one third of voters voted for someone other than Labour and Liberals.
So that's what's working.
We've got to take a break, Senator Roberts.
We'll be right back on the other side of this break.
I really want to talk about this because it's a trend that's happening worldwide.
Don't go anywhere.
Everywhere you look worldwide, the polls, the numbers are showing in favour of politicians and in people who are freedom-loving people.
The fact is undeniable and no matter what they present to you, what propaganda and lies they present to you in the media, this is the antidote to their lies.
It is the truth and it is the growing love of freedom and human liberty And it's made possible by the people who are not afraid to speak the truth.
I want to ask the audience right now and all the listeners, everyone, when have you heard, especially in recent times, a politician Talking about calling out BlackRock, Vanguard, the World Economic Forum.
You go to Senator Malcolm Roberts' website.
On the homepage, I want to read it to you.
One of the key focus areas is ending the control of unelected bureaucrats over Australia's way of life, exiting the United Nations and restoring our sovereignty.
These topics are dangerous.
For politicians to suggest in this day and age, and yet it is exactly what they need to be doing.
Senator Roberts is speaking the words that we actually need every so-called elected representative to be speaking.
So in the last segment here, Senator Roberts, I would really love For you to rally all of the other Senators, Members of Parliament, everyone that is there to represent the people.
That is their function.
Really rally them right now and share with them what is the most important area of focus.
We need to exit the WHO.
We need to put an end to this treaty, the IHR amendments, regardless of what progress we're making in that regard.
We actually just need to exit these organisations.
The floor is yours, Senator Roberts.
Thank you very much, Maria.
The World Economic Forum recently, well six or nine months ago, put out a page on strategy, the headline, I can't remember the title, Strategic Thinking, whatever it was.
In that page, it was only half a page long, in that page they called out Australia for being full of racists, rednecks, extreme far-right, homophobes, islamophobes, transphobes, etc.
I mean this is Australia, it's complete rubbish, you know?
And then they went on and they did I think we may have lost connection with Senator Roberts there again.
Again, I just want to emphasize while we wait for him to come back on, who do you have, and I'll speak to the Americans right now, who do you have representing you right now that is speaking in this manner?
Who do you have?
Have the words BlackRock, Vanguard, World Economic Forum, exit the United Nations, exit the WHO, have these words left their mouths?
If not, why not?
If not, I would suggest you get on the phone to them today, share this broadcast with them, say, hey, why is this Australian senator able to speak about these things and these problems without fear and boldly say that this is what we need to be doing?
I agree with that and we need to do the same thing here in America.
We need to encourage these elected representatives to do the same thing.
And this is for every country, every single country.
Welcome back, Senator Roberts.
Please go on.
Thank you, Maria.
So what we saw is they named One Nation specifically.
Now, that's very, very rare, but it shows that we're getting under their skin.
We've been hitting them pretty hard and they're very aware of it.
The other thing we've been doing, I've got a post here that I put up on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, is I've been taking the mickey out of them.
I've been ridiculing them.
For example, there's a post I put up yesterday about a plexiglass screen between a cashier and a supermarket checkout.
Dear Plexiglas, thank you for protecting me from the cashier who just touched every single item I'll be taking home with me.
So, you know, this period in history will be known as the dumb ages.
We've got to ridicule these things.
When we get to ridiculing, ridiculing the World Economic Forum.
You know, recently we saw there are so many good news stories.
Recently we saw streets burning in Paris.
Where were they protesting?
They were protesting at the front of Blackrock offices.
The people are waking up.
We saw on The Weeknd, the only Australian national daily paper we have is The Weeknd Australian.
The front page headline across the whole of the paper was about the Covid scam.
Dr Cadillac, a former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the US Department of Health, admitted gain of function, which has been illegal, was funded by the United States in Wuhan.
He said, quote, we think vaccine research resulted in the pandemic.
It's not a pandemic, but anyway, that's what he said, the pandemic.
That vaccine research was the proximate cause.
The huge resources used to suppress the truth have been overcome.
We've got the members of the administration now outing people like Fauci, who's a genocidal maniac, in my opinion.
We've got Davos being ridiculed last January.
We've got the World Economic Forum naming one nation.
We've got the World Health Organization's international health regulations being outed.
We have protests at Blackrock.
We have Ivermectin now approved again.
Bit by bit, they are starting to come out.
We have a network of members of Parliament globally.
Bridgen in the UK, Christine Anderson and others in the European Union,
Ron Johnson in the United States, you have RFK Junior,
you have Rand Paul.
We've got some fabulous people around the world and they're starting to connect.
We've introduced ourselves to each other and so what we need to do also is for the people to jump on and speak up, share what we do and if you haven't seen my videos, go and watch some of them and please share them.
We've got to spread the news.
But there are so many people now who are waking up, Maria, who understand what we're talking about.
We need people who've done their own research to share that research with their friends, their colleagues, their workmates, their church group, their social group.
Then we need to celebrate people like Dr Philip Altman.
Philip Altman was working for Big Pharma for 40 years and working with the TGA, our equivalent of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in this country, And we needed support for a doctor who was getting an application for ivermectin and other drugs to be used against COVID.
And Philip got involved.
I think we've just lost Senator Roberts again.
The connection's a bit unstable.
We are on the other side of the world.
He's talking about Dr Philip Altman.
If you watch our last week's broadcast on Zero Time, we're talking about retribution for COVID crimes.
We've got a major lawsuit that's been lodged here in Australia, focusing on the fact that the regulator did not declare to people that this was genetically, a genetically modified organism.
And we actually interviewed Dr Altman as well, who gives a very, very stark warning We're back with Senator Roberts.
Please go on, Senator.
So we've got ivermectin now being approved, being re-approved in this country.
We've got, under my questioning of Senate estimates, we've got the head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration admitting to me that they did no testing.
But then he said, oh, but that's OK, because what we did was relied upon the Food and Drug Administration in America, because they have a budget of $8 billion a year and 15,000 employees, which we haven't got in this country.
The Food and Drug Administration admitted it didn't do any testing either.
It relied on Pfizer.
But this is starting to come out now.
We've got Scarrett resigned.
We've got the head of the Health Department resigned.
We've got the Health Minister resigned last year.
We've now got the Liberal National Party starting to want to see the contract, and they're comfortable with exposing the contract.
When government fires a contract, in government they wouldn't do it.
So there's so many things that are happening, and agencies are getting nervous, as some of us are putting pressure on them.
And the people are putting pressure on them as well.
So what we can see is it's very, very important to get behind politicians who are telling the truth and speaking up.
It's very, very important to stop paying for the mouthpiece media, the Big Brother media.
They're owned by the same people that control your government in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, Australia.
It's a control media.
Go to people like Infowars, go to people like Maria Z. These things, the private, independent, truth-seeking, freedom-loving, people's media, that's what I call it.
And that's what we've got to do.
Start, you know, Speaking up at school meetings as well, because principals have had the power to run schools removed and they're now controlled by the bureaucrats who have been infiltrated by the United Nations.
Parents getting involved at P&C meetings and school meetings can really do a lot of beneficial work in restoring control back to the parents of schools.
If we can get schools back in the hands of parents and principals, then we're a big way down the solutions.
Well, everything that you're mentioning really depends on people taking action, Senator Roberts.
Again, even when it comes to sort of getting politicians to speak up about the right things, as you have been, it really just is demand from the people.
I know for a fact if I contact you about something and I feel it's really pressing, you and your team will respond.
But this is the pressure that people need to keep applying To see the results that they want while we still have a functioning political system, albeit, you know, not the best currently, but we need to be doing that.
So people need to continue to be involved, continue to care about We've got 30 seconds left, Senator Roberts.
So what I really just want to do is for everyone watching this today, you can find more information on One Nation and everything that Senator Roberts is doing on MalcolmRobertsQLD.com.au.
He's on social media, Instagram, Senator Malcolm Roberts.
We are so grateful for your time today.
We're grateful for everything that you've done.
And I just hope, hope, hope that every single politician around the world looks to the example that you're setting.
We are just very grateful for you.
Thank you, you're welcome Maria, and keep doing what you're doing.
You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator, but the last time...
*thanks for watching* One of the greatest talk show hosts in American history came on the broadcast.
He compared me to a gladiator, and I was very, very honored.
Well, Alex, you're the gladiator, and you keep on pounding the opposition there.
I love it.
How do you keep doing it?
What are you taking?
I really am in the arena, and I'm all the way in the arena, and I realize it's that animating contest.
So when it comes to battling the globalists, I'm not trying to entertain you.
I'm trying to inspire you To politically not submit and to say no to them.
But at the end of the day, are you not entertained?
Are we not the standard, together, the audience, the guests, myself, all of us, of resistance?
I'm just blessed to be here and blessed to know you.
Here's that clip.
Thank you.
(Glass shatters)
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Is this not why you are here?
Metaphysically, Infowars has done this and beyond.
Because of your support, your prayers, what you've done.
We're not doing this for entertainment, we're doing this for the future of our children.
But I can't get out there, we can't get out there together in this fight without your support.
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I'm very thankful and appreciative for your support.
Again, thank you so much.
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