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Name: 20230728_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 28, 2023
60 lines.

Robert F Kennedy Jr., a high profile presidential candidate, has been denied Secret Service protection by DHS while globalist minions like Hunter Biden are granted immunity and Sam Bankman- Fried's charges have been dropped. This highlights the corrupt US establishment and double standards in its justice system.

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His father was murdered right in front of him in 1968.
And in 1963, his uncle was assassinated by the CIA in Dallas, Texas.
And the Secret Service served up John F. Kennedy on a silver platter.
I understand that RFK is pointing out that he's not being given security.
What R.F.K.
needs to know, asking the Secret Service to protect him is like asking the fox to guard the hen house.
It's not just R.F.K.
that has stepped into the arena with the New World Order.
It's not just President Trump.
It's every man, woman, and child in America that wants to be free.
Because we are the ultimate target of the globalists.
And our destiny is not in their hands, it's in our hands.
So now is the time to take action and retake our country and the world.
In 1968, Robert Kennedy Jr.
's father, Robert Kennedy, the former Attorney General, the brother of JFK, was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, was murdered in California when he began to win the primaries and was the leader of the Democratic field.
Now, fast forward all those many decades later, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is right behind Biden in the polls.
And his Secret Service protection is denied by Mayorkas and the Department of Homeland Security.
Now, here's what's really crazy about this.
Before 1968, with Robert F. Kennedy being murdered, right in front of his son, by the way, who's now running for president, they didn't give Secret Service protection to candidates, only presidents.
But they began to give it to candidates if they were showing any polling numbers.
If they were having a real shot at it.
Well, it's very, very clear that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is right behind Biden and is super popular and that the law was passed because of the murder of his father and to now have the arrogant Justice Department Say no, you don't get that after months and months and months of them with political wrangling really shows you how weaponized and political the Justice Department has become.
Meanwhile, Sam Bateman Freed of the whole cryptocurrency scam and FTX has had all the charges of Campaign finance violations dropped on him when he stole tens of billions of dollars reportedly in public.
And now the Justice Department is saying that Hunter Biden, the son of the puppet Biden, is about to get immunity from the Justice Department.
So you've got the deep state protecting all of its dirty minions.
And filing new indictments against Trump today over secret documents that the President had, which is totally legal, while at the same time denying secret service protection to RFK Jr.
The system is showing you there's a double standard.
They want you to know they're in charge.
It's like many famous comedians have said, but George Carlin said it best.
We have a corrupt establishment, it's a big club, and we ain't in it.
So pray for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Pray for President Trump and pray that this corrupt, hijacked Justice Department, this rogue state, this rogue government will somehow be removed from control of our country because our nation is living under a globalist coup.
America is not being conquered.
America has been conquered and only until we recognize that we've been criminally taken over do we have any hope of reversing this.
If we wake up and admit it and speak out and say no and use non-violent political systems of civil disobedience, lawsuits, voting, you name it, we can change it.
We don't want to get tricked into violence.
But we have to admit at the same time we've been conquered.
America is an occupied nation.
And the fact that R.F.K. Jr. has been denied Secret Service protection, again, when the law was passed
because of the murder of his father, is emblematic of all of that.
I'll see you back with the weekday radio show, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Central,
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God bless and good luck.
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