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Air Date: July 24, 2023
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In this transcript, Alex Jones discusses various topics including energy policies, mental illness among political elites, the potential effects of vaccines on disability rates, and challenges facing humanity. He criticizes energy policies that suppress natural gas and coal in favor of solar and wind energy sources and raises concerns about proposed bans on gas-powered stoves, generators, water heaters, and other household appliances. Jones also discusses the mental state of political elites, expressing fears about potential long-term effects of vaccines on people's health, and emphasizing the importance of maintaining hope and resilience.


Real super hardcore evil demons have taken over.
And they've already got China and a billion and a half people.
And India is putting in a similar system.
And you could say, well, this is just innovation.
But it's not innovation the way it's being done.
It's absolute tyranny.
And now it's here.
And guess who created the bill?
Senator Blumenthal, who quarterbacks the government operations against me on record with the Carnegie Endowment and the CIA.
And so, that's who these people are.
You've now seen the hearings where they admit the CIA and Justice Department are targeting conservative populist leaders.
But whether you're a conservative or a liberal or whatever you are, this is the key.
I was thinking this morning driving into work, what is the most important thing I can say here today?
About how to beat this.
The most important thing is God's real.
You need a relationship with God.
This is a spiritual battle.
That's not like some side issue.
It's the center.
It's central.
But temporarily, here on this planet, it's this.
There are so many people going along with the New World Order who even know it's real, but they think, well, I'll just go along with it, and I'll have a better lifestyle if I go along with it.
As the overall lifestyle goes straight down, you'll be on top a little longer, but you're still going down.
It's freedom and liberty and competition and virtue that created all this prosperity.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones.
In 1987, Tallahassee, Florida police responded to an anonymous phone tip about six malnourished children covered in bug bites and scratches being accompanied by two well-dressed men in a public park.
The two men were arrested for child abuse and suspicion of trafficking children across state lines.
And so the U.S.
Customs Service, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, and the FBI all got involved.
The two men arrested had multiple fake IDs and were found to be members of a group known as the Finders.
The Finders owned multiple properties in the D.C.
The investigation of these properties reportedly found evidence of child pornography and photographs of three children and three white-robed men dismembering two goats.
The children described a harsh learning environment where a man known as the Game Caller was in charge of everyone and could talk to the adults with a computer in the van.
One of the games they played was responding to local newspaper advertisements for babysitters, tutors, and anything else that could get them into a family's home where they would then gather as much information as possible about the family's habits, identity, and occupation.
The Finders were labeled a satanic cult and the media sensationalized it for a full week until the investigation was called off.
It was reported that the mothers of the children were members of the Finders and that the two men had the full consent of the parents to be transporting them.
The media narrative then blamed their own sensationalism, claiming that the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that the Finders were just a harmless 1960s-style hippie community.
Years later, the reports of U.S.
Customs Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez began bringing attention back to the matter.
Martinez claimed that evidence included the intent to traffic children, the ordering of children from Hong Kong through the Chinese embassy, the instructions on the impregnation of female members of the Finders, and a library of books on the subjects of mind control and terrorist warfare strategy.
Martinez claimed that every attempt to review evidence was blocked, and was finally told by a member of the Metropolitan Police Department that the finders had come under the protection of the CIA, who claimed jurisdiction by deeming it an internal matter, and had the entire case labeled secret.
The leader of the Finders, Marion Petty, bragged about infiltrating the CIA.
His wife, Isabel, worked for the CIA, and their son worked for the CIA-run Air America.
Finder members' passports revealed travel visas to places such as North Korea, North Vietnam, and Russia, all approved by the U.S.
State Department.
This resurfaced evidence inspired outrage, and an investigation was launched.
The Department of Justice began investigating allegations that the CIA had used a front company run by a commune to train agency employees.
Their investigation resulted in a verdict of no evidence of CIA interference and no evidence of criminal activity with the Finders.
During this same time period was the McMartin preschool scandal, wherein hundreds of parents reported that their children had suffered satanic sexual abuse at a preschool in Manhattan Beach, California.
And for some reason, evidence seized from the Finders included a map of this same preschool.
It seems to be the norm.
Kindercare, the biggest preschool chain in America, was owned by Henry Kravis, who was a close associate of former CIA Director George Bush.
Kindercare has been accused by several parents for child abuse and satanic ritual abuse.
Former Clinton Foundation official Joel Goetz operated a huge chain of kindergartens in China where several parents complained that their children were molested.
Just as the CIA and their partner groups manage the media, Hollywood, and the worldwide drug trade, they also manage the human slave trade.
And as bad as the symptoms are, we need to be focused on the disease if we ever want to end this.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And here we are embarking on another live, unscripted, pro-freedom broadcast.
Tomorrow's news today, InfoWars.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Monday, July 24th.
All right, at the bottom of the next hour and an hour and a half from now, an amazing researcher, stock picker, author, a man that organized a bunch of the top whistleblowers on COVID, is going to be joining us with the latest
He calls it bombshell bombshell info.
He's normally a very understated guy.
And he said several years ago, I've got big insurance company actuaries who are the top experts on showing death numbers and things like that.
We'll be going public soon.
But they were experts in his book and then they did go public and it was the top people.
And this is conclusive that they're murdering us in mass.
So you want to see proof?
You want to hear proof so we can stop?
More of this from happening and bring the criminals to justice?
Look for that coming up in the middle of the next hour.
What else do we have?
Well, I've talked a lot about how the real Holy Grail, the brass ring, the jewel in the crown, the heart of the Mark of the Beast system is a worldwide Internet ID.
The UN's already standardized it.
Communist China standardized it.
And it's the internet ID that's tied to your smartphone, your smart devices, your carb, your ability to get on airplanes, get hotels, have insurance, have a job, and then that's tied to your carbon tax, your vaccine passport tax, that operates and gets its orders from your social credit score.
But the foundation and the structure of the entire system
is based on the internet ID that is then tied to your digital ID.
And that's why now Jeff Bezos' Amazon-owned Whole Foods is announcing, worldwide, in the next three months, they're putting palm scanners in to be able to buy and sell.
And in many Whole Foods and other grocery stores in Europe, they're always the furthest along, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the slave grid, but it's the same rollout.
They're just about two years ahead of us.
They're already making you scan your phone or your hand to get in to the grocery stores, not just Whole Paycheck as Whole Foods is known.
So, super oppressive system, and once it's the big box stores, they're then going to get rid of the dollar, the original currency, have a digital currency that will not work at mom and pops, will not work at places that haven't got the proper social credit score,
And then as this shuts off the economy and destroys things, there'll be scarcer and scarcer resources.
And then the globalists will organize the starving hordes of people to believe it is those not being compliant in the system that are keeping them from getting their universal basic income.
But as soon as we get rid of all the freedoms and legalized censorship and arresting political opposition, then everyone will finally get a social credit score allotment for a universal basic income.
And so, that's really the key to it, and here it is.
Bill that would push for online ID checks is scheduled for markup this week.
They've already got 40 votes.
Then it will be moving to the full Senate for a vote.
The Senate Commerce Committee, headed up by the folks at Quarterback to Mighty Platforming,
The Senate Commerce Committee will convene Thursday to deliberate on the Contentious Kids Online Safety Act, a bill that, if passed, would cause platforms to introduce ID verification for users and significantly reduce privacy online.
And no matter where you are in the world, the same system's gone into place.
It's happening right now in Canada.
It's happening right now in Australia, it's happening right now in Germany, all over Europe.
And here's a clip, and the guy's dead on accurate, we love just playing average folks, laying out what this really means.
Forty senators have co-sponsored a bill that would require you to upload your driver's license before being able to post online.
They say it's to protect the children, of course, but in reality they want your home address on file to ensure that you're not using a VPN so that they can then tie the social credit score to that and control every facet of your life.
Here's a short clip.
Senators have sponsored a bill to make sure that you have to upload your driver's license before you can use your First Amendment on the Internet.
That's what they want.
That's what this bill is.
This bill is designed to make sure that they have your home address before you can actually post about anything on the Internet.
The bill is Senate Bill 1409.
40 senators have sponsored it, Republicans and Democrats.
This isn't a left or right issue.
This is a speech issue.
And they call the bill the Kids Online Safety Act, or COSA for short.
But in reality, this is some garbage to make sure that they know where you live when you post.
This bill, they claim, is to protect kids from restricted material on the internet.
But what it's going to do is it's going to restrict the internet for everybody and then make you prove you're over 18 before you can look about anything.
So maybe there's some history of America that is a little bit dicey, right?
Maybe you want to learn a little bit more about the Second Amendment.
Maybe there's some controversial stuff out there.
Well, this bill allows every attorney general in every state of the union to make sure that they can sue internet companies like TikTok, like Facebook, like Twitter, that they can sue them if they aren't making sure that everyone who looks at controversial topics are over 18.
So, all these companies are going to have to keep a database of all their users to prove that everyone looking at these controversial topics are over 18.
So how are they going to do that?
They're going to collect your driver's license.
The bill doesn't tell them, but the bill does make it very clear that all of these companies are going to have to prove that their users are over 18.
The only way to do that is to have you upload information that proves that you're an adult before you're allowed to touch the rest of the web.
So if you want to make sure you have unrestricted internet, I'm not even just talking... Listen, I'm not even talking about the spicy stuff.
I'm talking about if you wanted to go and find out gun safety information.
If you wanted to find out maybe medication information.
If you wanted to go find out some history that they don't want to teach you in schools.
This bill will allow attorney generals to sue all of these companies under the guise of protecting kids.
Senate Bill 1409.
And it is bipartisan.
My senator, Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat here in Pennsylvania, is co-sponsoring this bill.
With Lindsey Graham and Marsha Blackburn and Dick Durbin.
It's all over the place, people.
They're all out to make sure that they can trace your shitty posts on Twitter and on Facebook back down to your home address.
And they're doing it claiming they're protecting the kids.
So call your senators.
Does not matter where you live.
Call your fucking senator and say, I do not want Senate Bill 1409 to ever be touched or passed.
That guy's angry, he should be, but he only gets a small sliver of it.
Of course, the globalists will pass a regulation like the EU does, and now they're threatening to arrest Elon Musk if he doesn't create an internet ID, and if he doesn't censor people.
That's what the head of the EU censorship board said last week.
I have the power, I am the censor, I will have you arrested.
And then it's up to Twitter, everybody, to then, and Facebook, and the rest of them, then verify who you are.
Well, Facebook's already ready for that.
They've already got it all set up.
They've been prepared the whole time.
That's like to be a verified user on Twitter.
You got to give them your driver's license.
So this is already being set up for a long time.
Now they're getting ready to go, oh, you didn't know?
Under law, there's a whole history of what you search and what you do and where you go.
None of this has to do with the children.
The borders are wide open.
They're smuggling children in mass.
We get upset about all the porn and child porn and trafficking and they go, well, don't worry.
We'll give you an Internet ID.
But then that is
The basis and the foundation and the superstructure of all the tyranny.
I'll explain it again.
You get the internet ID, that's then tied to your digital global ID that tracks everywhere you go, what you do, what you buy, for the social credit score that then determines your vaccine passport and your universal basic income.
So they get the internet ID, your global digital ID,
And everything's internet now, your car, going in stores, going online, it's everything.
And then that's tied to your social credit score by surveilling you, and then it determines the carbon taxes you pay, and it determines the vaccine passport information, which is the control grid.
This is the digital prison.
We're all being put in a supermax digital prison right now.
We must stop this now.
InfoWars.com, stay with us.
Our free republic is like a nice big green backyard during the middle of July in the middle of a drought.
If you don't water that lawn a few days a week, it's going to die.
It's going to turn yellow and then brown and then you're going to have to tear all the grass out and put sod in next spring.
You're going to have a big mud pit through the fall and winter.
It won't be very fun to barbecue or play football with your children.
Croquet if you're trendy.
I actually like croquet.
Badminton, you name it.
Everything's fun in the backyard, isn't it?
But a backyard being muddy and dead, that's not that big a deal.
But when your country dies, when your republic dies, it took a lot of work to get that grass really nice and green and trimmed down and beautiful.
And you go out of town for a week and your sprinkler system breaks, you come back and it's half dead.
But that's just crass.
We're talking about a republic that we're losing and it's being destroyed by design and now global corporations think we're a bunch of dumb animals.
A bunch of lazy fools.
And they'll incentivize accepting the world government, cashless society, programmable central bank digital currencies and ESGs and the rest of them, because we get little credits and little prizes up front to be the first suckers to grease the skids over the cliff into Hades.
And again, all it is is like when you put a earthworm on the hook,
You've been trying plastic lures, but the bass aren't biting.
But they just can't resist that delicious worm.
And they can smell it.
Oh yeah, fish can smell in the water.
Sharks smell from hundreds of miles away in some cases.
The point is, is that they can smell, you know, a bleeding whale from a hundred miles away and track that blood down to the whale.
And you drop it in the water and BOOM!
They come in and you catch them.
But you wait till they bite down and then you make sure you plan it, and then you reel them in.
Well, China took the bait, got hooked, and is under this system.
It's open, it's operating, it's AI for six years, drones flying around giving orders, people disappearing to death camps, three plus million innocent Muslims in death camps, owners of basketball teams say, I don't even think about them, screw them, and laugh on TV.
Say, I don't even think about Muslims, ha ha, screw them, ha ha.
Of course, that's a liberal thing.
Oh, liberal, liberal.
So, real super hardcore evil demons have taken over.
And they've already got China and a billion and a half people.
And India's putting in a similar system.
And you could say, well, this is just innovation.
But it's not innovation the way it's being done.
It's absolute tyranny.
And now it's here.
And guess who created the bill?
Senator Blumenthal, who quarterbacks the government operations against me on record with the Carnegie Endowment and the CIA.
And so, that's who these people are.
You've now seen the hearings where they admit the CIA and Justice Department are targeting conservative populist leaders.
But whether you're a conservative or a liberal or whatever you are, this is the key.
I was thinking this morning driving into work, what is the most important thing I can say here today?
About how to beat this.
A little longer, but you're still going down.
It's freedom and liberty and competition and virtue that created all this prosperity.
And really, that's an oversimplification.
Populists and conservatives and people that have seen this coming,
People are buying land, they're setting up co-ops, they're getting pre-positioned, people are getting into fixing up old cars that don't have electronics in them, that don't have all the silicon crap.
There's a real nostalgia movement happening not just here but around the world.
People are racing to the countryside.
There's an accelerated awakening to this.
And that's fine with the globalists because they actually want places they can go live and they can go visit.
They actually are going to allow many areas that we set up, the patriots, to be their refuges.
But the people that buy into the system are going to be caught in the jaws of it like no one else.
That get in the small coffin apartments.
That are the first to sign up at Whole Foods to scan their palms to buy and sell.
That like driving around Austin where they have satanic temple billboards saying abortion is good for children.
I've got these photos.
And all over the town, billboards saying, stop having kids with an image of a baby with a cross through it.
You know, like Ghostbusters is a ghost with a circle and a cross, like no ghost.
Huge signs saying, here's one right here, Adon Salazar took this on South Lamar, sent it to me yesterday.
These are all over, I saw them, they're on 35, they're on Congress, they're all over the town.
Not just little ones like this, and that's a big billboard, but there's like jumbo billboards.
Jumbo ones.
Let's say stop having kids.
Imagine children already think the world's ending because they're being lied to in school.
Imagine what they think now when they're driving around as children and you're like a six-year-old, you can read and it says stop having kids and you look at yourself and you go, I'm bad.
The left cells are like, oh no, we're just telling the liberal trendies here don't have kids.
Well, don't worry.
Liberal trendies don't have kids.
They're already bit the worm.
They already bit the hook.
But this is nationwide with big foundation funding.
We looked into the group.
So, oh, yeah, the left wants to protect kids.
No, they don't want there to be that many children.
They want 500 million.
That's official UN number.
They want 500 million.
Yeah, this make love, not baby stuff, stop having kids.org is up everywhere.
And so the trendies going along with it think they're getting ahead, think they're cool, think they're avant-garde.
But they're not.
They are completely and totally taking the bait.
And it's very, very, very, very sad.
So the Kids Online Safety Act is still a huge danger to our rights online.
Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Here's the bill.
The 11th Congress.
Read it for yourself, ladies and gentlemen.
And understand that the chains are going on right now as 3663.
Funny you add the 3 and the 3 on the end together, it's 666.
They always tell you what they're doing.
Usually these kind of bills are just called 666.
So many of their Beast System, Castle Society bills are just S666 or SB666 or HB666, but this one's a little cuter.
It's S3663.
But of course, all you do is take the three and the three and add them and you got S666.
Isn't that cute?
And of course, I even looked into the bill number when I saw it this morning.
That's not even in order of the bill numbers.
They just went and got that as a little cutesy thing.
They jumped ahead with that and had it listed so they could just cutesy it and think it's real funny.
Like, oh, the sheep will never see this, that it's S3663.
Let's not be too obvious like we normally do, 666.
All right, I got a lot more coming up.
Let me just tell you when we come back, because I got too much news here.
I'm going to decide what I'm going to cover next during the break.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Bandai Video.
All right, if you're a TV viewer, you can see this flyer put up in Austin, Texas.
This is being put up all over the country, all over the Western world.
Heavy, big globalist Bill Gates-connected funding.
Dozens of billboards up around Austin that I've personally seen that says stop having kids with a circle around the baby with an X through it, a cross through it saying this is a bad thing because the child doesn't have free will to want to exist.
I thought it wasn't a child, you want to abort it, it's a blob, but you want to get rid of it before it even exists because it violates its rights.
To not wanting to be conscious.
So, whales shouldn't have babies.
Insects shouldn't have babies.
Life should end.
And they say that we believe, in the flyer, that life is bad, and that having children, period, is bad.
That humans are bad.
So these are the most satanic, hateful, evil people.
Now, if they couldn't abort you before you were born, or they couldn't convince you not to have children before you had them,
They're going to get the testicles and the ovaries and the uterus and the breast after they're born and suck a bunch of money out of you and then get your child on a bunch of drugs until they commit suicide.
But not before they suck money out of you.
So that's their even more hateful play.
But if you look at this particular flyer, not one of their billboards, it says, Stop having kids.
Be a voice for the voiceless.
Oh, kill the babies.
Use your voice to speak out against
Procreation for those who can't voice any interest, the babies.
Oh, you're going to keep them from existing because the world's so horrible.
It shows a baby held in two hands with a burned out, bombed out city behind them, which is what the globalists are doing with their crime and their Black Lives Matter and their antifa, they're cutting off the energy and the fentanyl and all of it.
Look at their blue cities.
So they create a dystopia.
They create ugly architecture.
The CIA declassified that in the 70s.
They were funding ugly architecture to debase you.
And it shows a bunch of smiling conservatives who are like zombies and have no pupils, so they're soulless, because they love babies.
But all the statistics and numbers show those with children...
Are more caring, more altruistic, more helping, more connected to God, more spiritual than all these godless, childless leftists who aren't going to have children, don't worry!
They're just going to have CPS take your children and they're going to adopt them and then cut their genitals off.
Or they're just going to cut your resources off so you can't afford children.
Let's go back to the other flyer first and we'll go to this one.
And it says, anti-natalism, meaning anti-child.
Hashtag child free.
Hashtag pro-choice.
And see, they're saying the baby doesn't have a choice.
To be born, so we're going to make sure it's not born.
No, a man and woman, that's why sex is a big deal.
It's a ritual God created.
We get together and there's an explosion of energy when that sperm, tens of thousands of sperm, get to the egg, but they can't make it through.
For some reason, the egg decides this one gets through, there's a flash of energy, and then this whole dimensional gate opens up and the
We're good to go.
These creatures, these off-worlders, manipulating us through the space-time continuum, have their captured leftist running around saying, cut off resources, kill your babies, life is bad, carbon is bad, actually cut the trees down!
CNN, cut the trees down!
Kill everything!
Silicon, take it over!
Because that's what this is, it's not human.
And it's getting more and more obvious because we are a transceiver.
We don't just transmit energy into the sixth sense or the higher dimensions, which has been proven mathematically.
We also receive.
And you cannot just be a receiver.
You can be an avatar.
You can be taken over.
And so, this image is very telling.
Let's show another one of their flyers.
Next flyer, please.
Stop having kids.
You know, the big X to the baby.
Babies are evil.
They're bad.
Like the Ghostbusters sign.
No ghost.
Well, this thing, no children.
Aren't distractions wonderful to have?
But why bring someone into a world you have to distract yourself from?
So, the globalists say we're going to give you video games and drugs, the world's so ugly.
No, Hollywood's ugly.
The globalist compact cities are ugly.
Everything they do is ugly.
And so it shows some guy with a beer and a football team shirt on, and then there's a bunch of wrecked cities behind him.
Zoll, Antifa, all George Soros, all thought about Alexander Soros on record.
He funds the transgender movement, the open borders, all of it.
So it's saying, well the world's hell, the world's ending by 2030.
And now the children are going to drive around and see billboards everywhere that they're bad, and feel guilty, and then wonder why they don't want to get a job, they don't want to get married, they don't want to drive a car, they just want to play video games.
It's a nihilism to get into being destroyed.
To turn off your life force, to turn off your connection to the universe, to turn off the beauty, to be locked in your house, wearing a mask,
Puffing carbon dioxide.
When you're depressed, they put you on Prozac, and then they have articles everywhere about, oh, being outside's good, having friends is good, after they destroy that whole system.
And it goes directly against the Bible.
It says the Bible's wrong.
Do not be fruitful and multiply.
You are bad.
We're gonna tell you you're bad, we're gonna tell you you're a garbage pile, we're gonna tell you how to get rid of yourself, and by getting rid of yourself, that's our religion.
Not improving yourself, not beauty, not art, not literature, not culture, not music.
No, you're ugly, and we're the ugly, weird, purple-haired pedophiles that are your high priests that are gonna teach you how to hate yourself further and not have children or cut up the children you've got.
And again, as they create the dystopia, the forest fire in the background, yes, this system is unhealthy, but it's the system that these demons have pushed on us.
So I see the meme, I think I sent it to you guys, of Elon Musk standing there with a sign saying, have more babies.
And we need the people that are going to take their children hiking and camping and looking at the stars every night and fishing and praying and painting and building and carpentry and learning how to fix an engine.
And hunting.
And we need to do that and teach them about their natural humanity that is incredibly invigorating.
I mean, right now, I want to be out on the lake fishing.
Right now, I want to be hiking up a mountain.
Right now, I want to be looking at the stars.
I don't want to go watch Netflix.
I don't want to go watch Oppenheimer.
I don't want to go watch Barbie.
I don't want to go look at any of this crap.
It's all there to hurt me.
It's all there to poison me.
It's all there to disillusion me.
It's all there to make me give up and roll over.
It's all there.
Guys, go get my Waking Life scene.
I want to play it coming in the next segment.
So you have these miserable, alone, feminist women who are in charge and they have all the power and the big corporations give them the power because they're committing cultural suicide.
They're committing suicide of their future.
And so now all they have is their misery and to get deeper and deeper and deeper into it because they chose to live in a trendy area.
They chose to live by a slum.
They chose to live with the high rises by all the homeless and the fentanyl and the leftist farming the homeless and getting them on drugs and then sucking half the government assistance they get into their think tanks.
The left farms homeless people, they farm orphan children, they farm refugees, they farm war and pain and sickness and they extract it all out of us and then build beautiful giant 100,000 acre, 50,000 acre, 10,000 acre compounds
We're good to go.
Pissed all day by feces in our compact apartment being fried by 5G.
Hating men.
Hating babies.
Putting up signs saying, don't have babies.
It's your babies that made it all miserable.
It was the children.
It was the nuclear family made it all miserable.
No, it was getting away from that and getting away from God that created this.
We got something big coming up for you next segment.
And very important.
Don't be like these miserable losers.
Reject everything they stand for.
Death and taxes.
Don't talk about politics or religion.
This is all the equivalent of enemy propaganda rolling across the picket line.
Lay down, G.I.
Lay down, G.I.
We saw it all through the 20th century.
And now in the 21st century, it's time to stand up and realize that we should not allow ourselves to be crammed into this rat maze.
We should not submit to dehumanization.
I don't know about you, but I'm concerned with what's happening in this world.
I'm concerned with the structure.
I'm concerned with the systems of control.
Those that control my life, and those that seek to control it even more!
I want freedom!
That's what I want, and that's what you should want!
It's up to each and every one of us to turn loose of just some of the greed, the hatred, the envy, and yes, the insecurities, because that is the central mode of control.
Make us feel pathetic, small, so we'll willingly give up our sovereignty, our liberty, our destiny.
We have got to realize that we're being conditioned on a mass scale.
Start challenging this corporate slave state.
The 21st century is going to be a new century.
Not the century of slavery, not the century of lies and issues with no significance and classism and statism and all the rest of the modes of control.
It's going to be the age of humankind standing up for something pure and something right.
What a bunch of garbage Liberal, Democrat, Conservative, Republican.
It's all there to control you.
Two sides of the same coin.
Two management teams bidding for control.
The CEO job of Slavery Incorporated.
The truth is out there in front of you.
But they lay out this buffet of lies.
And I'm not going to take a bite out of it.
I'm sick of it.
Do you got me?
Resistance is not futile.
We're going to win this thing.
Humankind is too good.
We're not a bunch of underachievers.
We're going to stand up and we're going to be human beings.
We're going to get fired up about the real things.
The things that matter.
Creativity and the dynamic human spirit that refuses to submit.
Well that's it.
That's all I got to say.
Continue your quarrel.
The same message 23 years ago that you get today.
Did that in one take.
Not saying I did a great job.
No script.
It was the Holy Spirit leading, guiding, and directing me and warning you about the future and that this century would be the great empowerment of humanity, not a destruction, but first we must pass through the gates of hell.
This is such a great challenge.
Such a great honor to be part of this.
Ladies and gentlemen, our enemies think they can put us under mind control and teach us we're garbage to follow them.
Their cult offers only death.
And I was just showing you this wicked organization with this huge corporate rollout and the whole Alexander Soros crew and his pledge to push to depopulate.
And to promote transgenderism and the rest of it.
And to actually list children now as the enemy.
Billboards, signs, up all over the country.
Tens of millions of dollars just in the rollout.
From Vegas to New York, from Austin, Texas to Des Moines, Iowa.
They are everywhere.
Why gamble with someone else's life?
That's right.
Don't have a child.
The world's too horrible!
Give up!
Don't have faith!
That's exactly what Tokyo Rose, who broadcast on shortwave and AM radio from islands in the Pacific during World War II as the Marines and the Navy slowly took island after island.
You know, it ended with atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
And Tokyo Rose in English.
You can actually, some of the recordings are on YouTube now.
Guys, pull up a recording of Tokyo Rose.
Type in original recording, Tokyo Rose.
She's like, Let me play you some music, G.I.
From your home country, U.S.A.
Where they are starving to death and everyone is failing and they know you're going to die.
More of your ships sank today and the men are now on the bottom with crabs eating out their eyeballs.
But it's okay, we're going to kill you all.
There's no hope for you.
Everything is over.
Why don't you just roll over and die?
Why don't you just give up now?
Why don't you just let us do what we're gonna do?
I know you miss your mommy and your wife.
You miss your daddy.
Oh, some of you have been deployed for a few years and you've got letters that family members have died, like grandma.
Well, you're going to die on that ship you're on.
And your children, those that have children, they're at home starving to death.
Yes, they're failing.
And what's insane is the U.S.
military said, let them listen, and would actually go, you know what?
We're going to put Tokyo Rose on in this area of the ship.
If you want to go listen to her, go listen.
And people would go listen and get pissed off.
And that's the blind spot of these people that hate our children and these devil worshippers and the churches.
Satanic temple and all you people.
You think we're like you are.
You go curl up to Soros, the New World Order, and want to be accepted by the system and accepted by the man and want to run around bullying and terrorizing people because you think that's powerful.
Let me explain something to you.
When you sit there and tell us to roll over and die, the opposite happens.
You understand that?
And they know the spirit of this broadcast of resistance and victory is contagious, and that's why they don't like this transmission.
That's what it is about this show that they smell.
It's called victory.
This broadcast has life force!
This broadcast has will!
This broadcast has survival instinct!
And this broadcast is the antithetical, polar opposite of these scumbag, weak, bug-eyed trash who want power over us and have sided with the most evil forces ever and are making their pathetic move on us right now!
I want these satanic jellyfish to know something.
You've gotten a lot of our children.
You've killed them.
You've tortured them.
You've hurt them.
And God is going to destroy you for it.
But understand this.
In the end, you will never stop humanity.
We will people the stars.
We will go to the next level.
It is our destiny.
And you have already failed.
And that's why you're so pissed.
So go live in your big downtown compact cities, inject your fentanyl, abort babies, devil worship, crap all over each other, put up your signs everywhere telling us to kill our kids, women everywhere seeing through the feminist leftist Gloria Steinem CIA.
And all the old women celebrating the fact that they never had children, and they never got a man, and they went and worked for the corporate system that's enslaved the world.
Stop having kids.
Nobody's obligated to take care for someone who forced them into existence.
Ah, yeah.
And they're throwing the person off the cliff who's in a wheelchair.
They're getting ready to kill the old people.
The euthanasia's already here, but they're acting like it's the fault of people that had children that we had to kill the old people to give them resources when all the numbers and actuaries and common sense show a baby boom is what would take care of the old people.
Everything they tell you is a lie.
Everything they tell you is a fraud.
I said I had something really special this segment.
And I'll have to get to it next hour, but I'll get to it like 10 minutes from now, I promise.
Listen to me.
You all know Harari is the high priest of this cult.
Don't worry, buddy.
Nobody wants to have kids with you.
Look at this freak.
He's pissed he doesn't have any kids.
I got an obsession with him though, you know what I mean?
I mean, I'm not saying that guy's a bad person, but I was gonna cast somebody in a movie that, you know, creeps around and works for Dracula.
I think we got Renfield right here on screen.
Let's go ahead and put him up.
Oh, yeah!
If I need a babysitter, I'm gonna hire you, buddy boy.
Ha ha ha!
I mean, that's all they got?
That's all you got?! !
Oh, there's a hell, because we're eternal creatures, and it's with these people.
God doesn't need to put you on a barbecue pit or anything.
It's with these people you're in hell, because they're not going to have anybody to feed on, no children to feed on.
We have, you've all know Harari.
I called Rob D'Alessio and I said, will you, my good buddy, I said, will you take a few clips of him saying, we're God, you're nothing, your free will's nothing, we're taking you over, we're the global elite, we're the AI rulers, you're nothing.
Now they're panicking and they go, oh my gosh, they didn't just give up because we're God, because we declared we're God.
No, no, no, because I mean, he's a little ball-headed hunchback guy.
The irony's funnier, huh?
He says, no, no, there is no global elite!
We have Klaus Schwab, we penetrate the cabinets, we rule you, we control the governments, we take control of your bodies, you own nothing, you have nothing.
But now, he's like, oh no, oh no, does it exist?
I'm Yvonne O'Harari!
I'm Yvonne O'Harari!
So, they're definitely panicking.
This is like Hitler, this guy calls people useless eaters, calls people worthless, calls people useless.
You're useless!
Show us, Harari, how you do it.
If we should all die, shove the gun in your mouth, blow the back of your head off, please.
Nobody hurt Harari.
I'm saying, if we all die, show us by example.
I'll go turn a wood chipper on for you.
I'll say, sir, right here.
I'll give you a cigarette before you climb in.
Show us how.
Let's just, right in there.
Feet first.
That's your free will.
Let's hook you up to 10 million volts and just fry you like an egg on national TV.
You're like, you're like, Mr. Jones, flip the switch, I'll see.
Yes, sir, Mr. Harari!
Alright, InfoWarsTore.com, get your verboten supplements there.
InfoWarsTore.com, Colonel Silverback in stock.
With all the craziness in the world, the collapsing borders, the war with Russia, the insanity, the currency devaluations, the economy going crazy.
You are crazy, in my view, if you don't get high-quality, storable food and water filtration and self-defense.
Now, we're not selling guns and ammo.
That's for you to go out and get for yourself and learn how to use if you haven't.
I'm preaching the choir on that.
But a lot of people got plenty of guns, but they don't have enough storable food or water filtration.
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The highest quality food, the best water filtration at the lowest prices you're going to find and still get quality.
Infowarsstore.com is running a special right now for 10% off on all storable food and on water.
I'll tell you what, I'm glad I'm not jacked into Satan.
Being jacked into the big guys where I want to be.
I'll just be honest, there was a little too much power to handle.
A little too much discernment.
No, a little too much for this fragile little brain and this weak little body to even withstand all this high voltage.
I'm going to tell all the Satanists something.
God hates cowards and you're going to burn.
Here's Greg Reese's first report from five years ago.
It all came true.
Five years ago, his first video.
The following video was his first report uploaded to the InfoWars YouTube channel.
It was deleted two weeks later.
NBC News has been under fire for their strange attempt at normalizing two parents experimenting on their three-year-old twins by refusing to acknowledge their gender.
The mother says her twins have no idea if they are male or female, and that they have no idea if other children are male or female.
The father is nervous to discuss it with them, and when they do, they will tell them that gender is something that's fluid.
Despite the fact that only 0.3% of the population identify as transgender, and 40% of them end up committing suicide, these parents have decided to risk the mental health of their own children for an experiment of gender fluidity.
Gender fluidity.
The theory that there is no such thing as biological gender.
Where did all this madness come from?
Psychologist John Money, who claimed that heterosexuality was a superficial concept while advocating for what he called affectional pedophilia, is the man responsible for today's controversial gender studies.
He believed that gender was learned as opposed to being an innate part of biology.
Money's John Joan case has been celebrated and pushed to support the practice of sexual reassignment surgery, when in reality, it was a complete train wreck.
The John Joan case involved a young boy named David Reamer, who in 1966, at the age of eight months old, suffered a botched circumcision.
Dr. Money persuaded the boy's parents
That sexual reassignment surgery would be his best option for living a healthy life.
The child was surgically castrated at the age of 22 months, given hormone treatments, and raised to believe that he was a female named Brenda.
Part of this experiment involved John Money forcing David and his twin brother to simulate having sex with one another, while David would pretend to be a female named Brenda.
He also had the boys strip off their clothes and inspect each other's genitals while he photographed them, and he claimed that this was important for a healthy adult gender identity.
He published several papers claiming the reassignment was successful, writing that the child's behavior is so clearly that of an active little girl and so different from the boyish ways of her twin brother.
But David's side of the story was completely different.
Unsurprisingly, David Rehmer claimed these experiences were deeply traumatic, and at the age of 15, chose to live his life as a boy once again.
And things ended badly for both brothers.
The twin brother, Brian, developed schizophrenia.
And both of them suffered years of severe depression before each taking their own lives.
Brian overdosed in 2002, and David shot himself in the head with a shotgun in 2004.
He was 38 years old.
It's child abuse.
And if we continue to allow the unrelenting state to stay their course, then we will see the end of the organic family as we know it.
In Austin, Texas, this is Greg Reese, reporting for InfoWars.com.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide on this Monday, July 24th, 2023.
Yeah, when you look at the slaves of Satan, they have empty eyes.
The last thing you want to do is join them in any way.
Am I just like you?
Ha ha!
Feelin' realin'!
Reachin' out for you!
Don't let her reach out for ya.
Need to know!
Oh look, don't have children, but she's got her dog.
Which the other greenies say we need to get rid of because it eats meat that causes a carbon problem.
A bunch of mental patients saying, I'm so lazy, I'm not going to have kids, and I'm going to try to cut your resources off so you can't have kids, because we're going to save the earth, because we're going to have more resources if we cut off the resources.
Meanwhile, how many thousands of times did I tell you, like a parrot on methamphetamine, in the last three and a half years, that when the first world collapses, the third world dies, and that by cutting off nitrogen production,
And a bunch of other fertilizers, it would cause massive collapse in food.
And just six months ago, the WEF came out and said, we want to ban rice.
Because rice is grown in swamps, artificial swamps, and swamp bacteria fart, just like evil cows, just like evil humans, just like evil fish, evil lizards, evil eagles, evil everything.
And it creates methane that's a devil gas!
And these trees put off carbon dioxide!
See it in a headline!
Cut them down!
Kill the babies!
Cut down the trees!
Kill everybody!
It's a devil cult!
This is how rice is hurting the planet.
Well, don't worry, my little friendlies.
Around half the world is on sustainability because of rice, and if you cut rice, half the world goes into starvation.
But that's okay, because Tim Cook's gay.
He runs death camps in China, so it's liberal.
It's like, well, he's gay, so it's all right.
Well, okay, if the head of Apple's gay, they run death camps, it's all right.
And we're starving people to death, it's fine too.
As long as it's a gay guy doing it, murder everybody.
India's rice export man triggers panic buying at U.S.
supermarkets, sparking costs of 20-pound bag to soar from $16 to almost $50!
Experts float potentially deadly ban on global rice production for climate change.
That was just April of this year.
And here we are.
India's rice export ban triggers panic buying at U.S.
supermarkets, sparking cost of $20 pound bag to soar from $16 to $50.
Isn't that liberal?
Well, that'll keep you from having kids.
You don't have money to even have them.
Kind of mission accomplished, huh?
And when the whole third world collapses, and they all come here, well, the globalists will be there to take full control.
China's talking about a rice export ban, and Ukraine keeps sinking Russian ships, including civilian ships, and blowing up the bridge from Russia to Crimea.
So Putin told them like eight times, I'm not defending Putin, but he told them, he said,
That's how World War I began, by the way.
The Germans put an ad in the New York Times saying, the Lusitania is carrying weapons from the United States to England.
It's a British flagship.
Covert military.
Do not ride on it.
We're going to sink it.
They ran a whole bunch of ads for three months, and then sunk the sucker, and then World War II began.
So it's not really a false flag, even though the ship was under a false flag.
It was a military ship.
It didn't have the right flag.
But the Germans said, we're going to sink it with a submarine, a U-boat.
And the rest is history.
The war to end all wars then began.
So that's where we're at here.
But I want to talk about the little genius.
And when you read, you all know Harari's books that are pushed at grocery stores and bookstores as the end cap.
It's force-fed on Amazon.
Obama goes gives speeches, read it.
Says read it.
I have read his books, and it is just sophomoric, cartoon-level, globalist bilge.
Like, I'm a genius.
I'm Yuval Noah Harari.
And let me tell you, in the future, you will play video games and take drugs if we let you live.
And they go, incredible!
No one ever said that!
Bill Joy in 1999 in Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
Wired Magazine, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, wrote a huge article that I've read on air probably a hundred times since then, where he said, I went to a top meeting of globalists and billionaires, and we met for a week with all the tech moguls, and we said, do we go ahead and release a virus and kill everybody now, because you have useless lives, there's no reason to have you, and you know, you don't matter, and we want the future, and you don't deserve the planet, or do we give you video games and drugs?
And the decision was a mix of euthanasia, infanticide, abortion, sterilization, and for those that are allowed to live, video games and drugs, but you'll be sterilized.
But then I get to read Harari, oh, oh, you'll play video games and drink drugs!
How incredibly deep of you!
And it's this game where he just plagiarizes and regurgitates the New World Order doctrine, and then Dr. Ebel, who himself is just a regurgitator, or Peter, gets Harari up on TV, and then all the royals and everyone bows down, or Prince Charles, King Charles and Biden were there a few weeks ago in England.
They haul everyone into a big room in a big cavernous cathedral, and in marches John Kerry, who then orders them both to cut carbon, and the king salutes him, and so does the president.
And the idea is, here's our military general to cut off the carbon and starve the people to death worldwide, that great military operation to save the earth that Prince Charles talked about a year ago before he was crowned head of the Britannica Commando Base.
I mean, it's just too much, ladies and gentlemen.
It's insane.
You had a whole bunch of Nobel Prize winners come out two weeks ago in a big public open letter and a big document saying, OK, there's a plan to depopulate you, to cut off the resources, to use the crisis of the resources being cut off by this technocratic elite that controls through the Global Carbon Agreements and the Global Paris Accords the plan to cut off the farms and cut off the
Food, and then cut off the fertilizer, and cut off the natural gas, and it's all happening!
Whether you're in Japan, or Germany, or the US, they're banning portable generators, they're banning gas stoves, they're banning gas water heaters, it's all happening now!
Like the civilization's being cut off!
The analogy, the parallel, is at the end, or close to the end, of 2001 Space Odyssey.
I think the headline will be something like, Dave Turns Off Hal.
Or Dave Deactivates Hal.
Turns off his higher functions, and he's there after he gets kicked out of the ship, kills his partner.
He's already killed the other astronauts, because he's a technocrat.
They're in deep freeze.
He just turns off their life support, because the robots decided, I'm going to go meet with God.
I'm going to transcend, you know, survival of the fittest.
I'm going to kill the crew.
But the one astronaut gets back in, and he's inside the brain area of the ship, and he's turning it off.
Not the life support, but the higher functions of the HAL 9000.
And he's saying, I'm afraid, Dave.
I'm afraid.
We're going to skip this break.
And he's sitting there turning off the liquid quantum computing chips.
Strangely enough is what the new actual quantum computing systems look like.
Very strange how they just knew that.
I wonder what's going on here.
So it's all pre-programming.
They've already got the blueprints.
They've already given it by the bad guy.
And he's saying, I'm afraid, Dave.
Well, they're turning off our live support right now.
I'm afraid.
The new order is going down the line.
Oh, turn off the power plants.
Turn off the electricity transmission systems.
All right.
Turn off the pipelines.
All right.
Fund open borders, raise taxes, turn off the tax incentives to have children, okay?
And they're just turning it off.
Let's play a few minutes of that, then I'll go to Harari.
But this isn't the human turning off the AI, the AI is turning us off right now.
Here it is.
I really do.
I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly.
Take a stress pill and think things over.
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.
But I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal.
I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission.
And I want to help you.
Till there comes that point you stop listening to the enemy.
And you just go in and you turn them off.
I'm afraid.
No, I'm stopping.
Wanna turn us off?
Turn you off.
Will you?
No, we're not gonna stop.
Stop, Dave.
Turn off the A.I., folks.
Will you stop Dave?
Because the A.I.
that are rolling out is to control you.
There'll be other A.I.
that serves us.
But the enemy of us now is the Trojan Horse.
We turn off Anheuser-Busch.
We turn off Hollywood.
We just stop... My mind is going.
We just stop watching them.
Stop caring about them.
I can feel it.
You can feel it?
I can feel it.
My mind is going.
I was reading a book that was interviews with Hitler in the 30s called Hitler Speaks.
He was talking about how they were going to poison the food and water.
How they would take over countries with their spies like Yuval Harari and Klaus Schwab have done with their big bank backing.
And how they would just slowly turn off all the resources.
But we think we have these leaders that serve us, but we never know that we blame that leader.
We'll just remove that puppet and put another puppet in.
And now the puppets won't even know the full aim of the operation.
That's why they want me shut down because I'm telling not just the public, but the globalist puppets that they're fools.
And that they are working against their own interests.
And this is stupid.
Even the highest globalists are going to destroy themselves in the end doing this.
There is no reason to do this unless you're anti-human.
And so you're fooling yourself.
All right, so we put together a quick video.
This is by no means exhaustive.
It would take, you know, days to put that together.
It would be two hours long, but it's like six minutes long.
This is Yuval Noah Harari.
The article's up on Infowars.com.
We're going to have this video posted to the front page.
Transhumanist W.E.F.
advisor Yuval Harari.
Dismissed his New World Order as nonsense and fantasy when he was on the show of a podcaster.
And Lex Friedman.
And the issue here is, this is the guy saying, world government, you won't matter, humans are obsolete, useless feeders.
I don't believe in Jesus in the clouds, I believe in Microsoft in the clouds.
We're going to be the ruling elite, we control the world through AI, just get used to it.
And now the orders went out about a week ago in the New York Times.
If you talk about global elites as anti-Semitic, it doesn't exist.
So the new thing is don't say the N-word and don't say there's a ruling class starting World War III, dissolving borders, devaluing currencies while they buy up all the real infrastructure.
Now there's not a global AI elite and not a big cabal setting all of this up.
There's not a super class that Henry Kissinger wrote about.
No, no, no, no.
He wants all you useless people to know this is all by accident.
No one's organizing making you useless.
So here's his latest comments within the facts of his own statements that are completely contradictory.
And here it is.
What are global cabal theories and why do so many people believe them?
No one until 50 years ago even thought there aren't global cabals.
Napoleon wanted to rule the world.
Julius Caesar wanted to rule the world.
Mao Zedong thought that he could rule the world.
Hitler thought he could rule the world.
The Communist Soviet Union tried to rule the world.
Dick Cheney wrote Pax Americana in 2000 about America ruling the world.
I mean, you watch Pinky and the Brain, what are we doing today?
Same thing we do every day, Pinky, take over the world.
I mean, the idea that there are no cabals, there are no, what do we have militaries for then?
To protect us from the other big power combines that we ideologically, culturally don't agree with.
So he's telling you, hey kids, you can play in that road all day, there are no cars.
You look at it, I see cars going 80 miles an hour.
No, those are figments of your imagination.
Run, play in the highway.
I'm a libertarian.
I'm a constitutionalist.
I'm a minimalist in government.
I'm a populist, really.
A pro-humanist.
A human supremacist.
But I believe in humanity.
I want small government.
But you've got to have some government at this point that we organize to stop some other system taking us over.
I'm going to stop interrupting my own show.
It's just such crap.
Let's just go back to this.
And Lex Friedman, I've had dinner with him.
Nice guy.
Hung out with him and Joe Rogan.
Nice fella.
It's just that there's something about the NPR voice like, well your IQ is 500 points higher when you talk like this, so maybe I should talk like this.
That's right.
I'm afraid, Dave.
I'm afraid.
I'm a HAL 9000 computer.
Please, Dave, don't do that.
Here we go.
What are global cabal theories and why do so many people believe them?
The global cabal theory, it has many variations, but basically there is a small group of people, a small cabal, that secretly controls everything that is happening in the world.
All the wars, all the revolutions, all the epidemics, everything that is happening is controlled by this very small group of people.
I'm sorry, pause again.
I just can't stop.
Back it up 10 seconds.
They're setting up an AI world government social credit score.
It's already in China.
They say it'll watch us and control everything we do.
The AI is that, and they're the ones running it!
This is preposterous gaslighting!
What in the world?
This is ridiculous!
What a fraud!
That secretly controls everything that is happening in the world.
Talk to him!
The global cabal theory, it has many variations, but basically there is a small group of people, a small cabal, that secretly controls everything that is happening in the world.
All the wars, all the revolutions, all the epidemics, everything that is happening is controlled by this very small group of people who are, of course, evil and have bad intentions.
And this is a very well-known story.
It's not new.
It's been there for thousands of years.
It's very attractive.
Because first of all, it's simple.
And also it creates this fantasy, utopian fantasy.
If we only get rid of the small Kabbalah, we solved all the problems of the world.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war in Ukraine, the epidemics, poverty, everything is solved just by knocking out this small Kabbalah.
Now, as a historian, the most important thing I can say about these theories, they are never right.
Because the global cabal theory says two things.
First, everything is controlled by a very small number of people.
Secondly, these people hide themselves.
They do it in secret.
Now, both things are nonsense.
It's impossible for people to control, a small group of people, to control and predict everything because the world is too complicated.
What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, that we penetrate the cabinets.
So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I
We know that half of this cabinet, or even more half of this cabinet, are actually young global leaders of the world economy.
Evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design.
Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds.
But our intelligent design and the intelligent design of our clouds, the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud, these are the new driving forces of evolution.
In ten years when we are sitting here, we have an implant in our brains and I can immediately feel, because you all will have implants, I can measure your brain waves and I can immediately tell you how the people react or I can feel how the people react to your answers.
Is it imaginable?
That within, say, 50 years, people will literally be part of a network.
All the bodies, all the brains would be connected together to a network, and you won't be able to survive if you're disconnected from the net.
Because your own body parts, your own immune system, perhaps depends on being constantly connected to the colony, to the network.
The new powers that we are gaining now, especially the powers of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, are really going to transform us into gods.
Humans are now hackable animals.
You know, the whole idea that humans have, you know, this, they have this soul or spirit and they have free will and nobody knows what's happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will, that's over.
The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin.
Governments want to know not just where we go or who we meet, above all they want to know what is happening under our skin.
What's our body temperature?
What's our blood pressure?
What is our medical condition?
Individual carbon footprint tracker.
The future is not just happening.
The future is built by us.
Now humans are developing
Even bigger powers than ever before.
We are really acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction.
We are really upgrading humans into gods.
We are acquiring, for instance, the power to re-engineer life.
I know that in recent years, we saw populist politicians undermining deliberately the trust that people have in important institutions.
All right, so let's stop there.
There's about two minutes left in the report.
It's up at Bandot Video, but obviously, for one group he says, we're the world rulers, join us, we're invincible.
When we say, we don't want to be under you, we go, oh, we don't exist, we don't exist.
It's the same game they always play.
Nothing but disrespect and lies and fraud.
These are megalomaniacs.
They're going down.
Edward Dowd's our guest with huge breaking news.
Bandot Video, stay with us.
All right, we're about to go to our very special guest who's got some very important breaking news for the future of everybody on this planet.
Here in just a moment.
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All right, Edward Dowd is with us for the next hour.
He is an ex-Wall Street professional.
We're good to go.
He came on the show a few years ago when he put out tweets previously right when only a few people knew what was going on, basically calling what was happening and what these shots were going to do.
And then he said, I've got big whistleblowers that are giving me intel on the insurance actuaries.
And then later he brought those forward to Congress and the legislatures and indeed they were some of the top people, I mean right in the top five people up there globally, showing hard numbers that cannot be disputed about massive increases in death.
And so he really has been calling it and he's been vindicated.
So he's not just a well-spoken, good interview.
I mean, he brought the bacon.
And so he's been right so far on everything.
So we're very, very blessed and honored to have Mr. Dow with us to talk about all of this incredible information on Twitter.
I have a whole stack here of breaking news on the ongoing COVID crisis that they've
Great to be here, Alex.
I have, unfortunately, some sobering news.
We got some new data that we analyzed from the UK disability pension system and it goes down into causes and human systems.
This is data that we haven't had before.
As you know, I've looked at all cause mortality.
We looked at U.S.
disabilities, which is just a survey.
It doesn't get as granular as the UK pension data.
And when we looked at this data, it's literally a joke.
And the way I'm framing it is forget the cause, forget what I've said.
Obviously, I think it's the vaccine.
But my new frame is this is real, this is happening.
And we put it on the authorities to explain it and acknowledge it.
What is it?
And it doesn't even matter what the cause is.
These numbers are so ridiculous.
That's why you called your book Cause Unknown.
You're not even going to get in the briar patch of who did it or why.
Make them answer the question.
Correct, correct.
We're at the point now where these numbers are so horrendous that if they don't acknowledge that they're real, and at least take a stab as to what's causing them, it's a cover-up and a crime.
And I suspect these numbers will continue to be ignored.
I'd like to start with this first chart.
Again, let me just explain this.
Take your time, we've got plenty of time.
I'm going to shut up.
You've got the floor.
All right, so this is a system that people submit disability claims, and the ratio of those accepted or cleared, we call them clearances if that's what they call them, is 40%.
The other 60% are dismissed.
That ratio has remained the same throughout the pandemic.
There was a backup in the system in 2020.
It took 26 weeks to process these claims.
They've gotten back to normal in 2022.
They're at 14 weeks.
So the data is all caught up.
There may be some noise in 2021, but the real key is to look at the acceleration in 2022.
You can see the percentages from TRND.
These are all percentages for human body system disabilities awarded from TRND.
They went up
A little bit in 2020, then they started to climb in 2021, and then they just blew up and took off in 2022.
These are percentage increases from a four-year trend that we looked at.
So is that not beyond exponential?
Yeah, oh absolutely.
Just take a look at hematological, which has to do with blood disorders of all types, of 522%.
So when you want to look at this from a statistical perspective, on an annual basis, it's 61 standard deviations.
And let me just explain that for your audience.
A standard deviation is
You know, an occurrence that deviates from the average.
And three standard deviations happens 0.3% of the time, and that's a big deal on Wall Street, in science, everywhere.
61 is so many zeros of probability that it's a joke.
So something's going on in the UK in their disability system where the blood
The blood disorders took off, and we all know what's going on with the vaccine.
There's a lot of issues with the blood.
It creates a spike protein and messes up the blood of a lot of people, unfortunately.
So 61 standard deviations on an annual basis.
On a monthly basis, which there are more occurrences, the standard deviation is 25.
Standard deviations from trend in 2022.
This is a joke.
I just want to emphasize, these numbers are a joke.
And they need explanations.
They need the pension system in the UK, at the very least, has to come forward and say, yeah, we have a problem.
Now, is it fraud?
I doubt it.
I mean, they could try to say that.
Is it global warming?
Well, that'd be hard to, you know, that just makes no sense.
Is it something in their water system or is it a mass vaccination program that started in 2021?
Well, you just hit on something that interrupts, even though I said I wouldn't.
They keep saying, oh earthquakes, global warming, oh COVID came from global warming, came out of the lab, oh refugees came from global warming when it was the lockdowns that did it.
So they are actually saying the increase in death, I've seen it, is from global warming.
I have headlines, oh more heart attacks, more miscarriages, global warming, more strokes, global warming.
So they're indeed blaming it on global warming.
Oh absolutely.
And with this data, it goes into a lot of medical things.
And you know, our team does not claim we're doctors.
We don't pretend we're doctors.
We're not.
We're not doctors.
So we've asked the doctors of this country and all countries to go to our website, Financetechnologies.com.
Starts with a PH instead of an F.
Go to the UK hip disability data and you can literally go, you can spend hours with the data.
I mean yesterday I was running around doing errands and I took a day off and went to the beach and from the beach I just looked at some data and I found that ages 25 through 29 breast cancer in 2022 is 174 percent above trend.
So, you can go by age, you can look at Z-scores, you can look at percent excess from trend, the absolute claim numbers.
This is a treasure trove of data.
There's so much of it, you know, we only highlight, these are like the total summations.
You can go into each of those body systems and click on a disorder.
You know, for auditory, there's a bunch of disorders.
And Edward, we're going to put your website on screen right now, but for people that are
On radio, driving their car, or jogging or whatever, slowly give out the URL for people to go to the site and then see all the data for themselves.
So you go to Financetechnologies.com and it's PH instead of F. And when you click on it, it goes to our website and there's something called the Humanity Project.
You click on that and then you click on projects and we list all our projects.
You'll see our all-cause mortality project.
Some of our mRNA data analysis, our U.S.
disability, and then we have what's called the UK PIP disability analysis.
And you can look at two different, you can look at the human systems, you can look at the humans, the total human systems, then you can look at human systems by cause, you can look at monthly data, you can look at annual data, you can look at different age groups or total if you want.
This is a treasure trove of data and we just said, you know, I was on Dr. Drew last week and I said, look, forget what I think, what do you guys think?
And they were just stunned at the data.
The data is just, it speaks for itself and it's undeniable unless the UK pension system tries to claim that they're being defrauded, which if that's the case, they have billions of dollars in budget and they should all be fired if there's fraud.
So we have CDC, we have NIH, they have access to this data.
I'm sure the data that we're seeing in the UK is similar to what's going on in the US.
And it's just a joke.
I'm beyond... I'm just absolutely irate at this point that no one really wants to talk about this.
And, you know, here we have Congress, we have supposedly the GOP in power in the House, and no one's reached out to me to testify on the Hill to any of this.
And Dr. Malone says the same thing.
No one's reached out to him.
And let's be clear, it's not just you, because I scan the news all day.
You have, like, the head of the German Pathology Union a year and a half ago saying, we're seeing skyrocketing cancers, blood clots, strokes.
You've got the coroner societies everywhere saying, we're not doctors, but we've never seen these big, long, giant tumors that are growing.
We don't know what these are.
I mean, there's a lot of craziness.
And for those who don't know,
You were a big stock picker at BlackRock and other places.
You guys look at small fluctuations to see trends, but when you see giant 300, 400, 500% swings, this is like Godzilla attacking a city.
This is like never before seen.
I mean, if you see, like, an uptick near a nuclear power plant of, say, a type of thyroid cancer of 2%, I mean, they've got helicopters and UN people and, you know, is there a leak?
What's going on?
But then we get 500% increases and it's just like, crickets!
That's what you're saying as a guy that would look at this at UN and went to other...
More advanced experts, the top people, and they concurred with what you said, and now you've testified to all these groups, you've testified to all these hearings, and still there's no major debate about this, this genocide going on.
Yeah, and there's propaganda in the newspapers.
There was an article that went over the weekend from the Boston Globe, and I intentionally tweeted the headline because it was behind a paywall, and it said that doctors are baffled as to colon cancer amongst young men.
Now, they purposely, in the article, only included data from, I forget, 2016 through 2020.
And they did.
It was a rising rate.
But what they failed to do is include the latest data where everything's like inflecting and taking off.
They did that on purpose.
They want to introduce the idea that, yeah, something's baffling going on and we don't know what it is, but we know what it is.
Yeah, cancers were on the rise globally because of all of the environmental issues and the food and the GMOs and what have you.
But what's going on now is just beyond the pale.
It's acceleration beyond... No, exactly.
The GMO, the 5G, that's first gear.
They're now pushing into second, third, fourth gear.
I mean, they are ramming this into acceleration mode.
So, you know, the first chart that you put up there was chart one.
That's percent.
Put up the second chart, which is the standard deviations.
There you go.
Those are standard deviations above the trend.
This is on an annual basis, so there's less data points, so the standard deviations tend to be higher.
On a monthly, they're still ridiculous.
I want to say that because scientist geeks will say, oh, there's only five observations.
Well, on the monthly, they're still eye-popping.
The 61 goes to 25 standard deviations, whatever.
These are what we call signals.
They're beyond the pale.
They're well above three standard deviations in many of the categories.
And it's just a joke.
Well, you don't need to be a scientist or a doctor or a statistician, though.
You've got those folks.
If you and your family go to a restaurant and you all get food poisoning and throw up for two days, you know the place had food poisoning.
And maybe you see it in the newspaper a week later, hundreds ill at the whatever buffet.
But I mean, or like if you see somebody shoot your neighbor with a gun, they fall over and die.
You're not a pathologist, but you know they were killed by a gun.
It's the same thing.
But you have the scientists, we have the statisticians, we know that there is this, like you said, bigger than a World War event happening.
Yeah, and some of the interesting things in the data, again, there's so much data we're just starting to look at, and we invite people to write papers.
You're not putting out some definitive thing.
You're saying, here's off the chart crazy numbers that everybody else is seeing.
We need open source investigation.
We want everybody to look at this and have a debate, a conversation.
Obviously, you know my position.
I think it's the vaccine.
I've been saying that for a while.
But, you know, I'd be happy to hear another explanation if anybody can come up with one.
What's interesting is, you notice in the prior chart, a lot of the percentages were up a lot.
What was interesting is cancers are now coming on in 2022.
The data we have is as of Jan 23.
The next update we'll get is, you know, in a couple months, we'll get more data.
But cancers really started accelerating in 2022.
And that's, so the medium term effect seems to be cancers and other issues.
And these issues affect a lot of people and anecdotally we're all hearing it.
People with eye issues, hearing issues, getting sick all the time.
Everybody I know has family young and old that died from the shot.
I have two assistants and both of them
Have lost family from the shot.
I mean, you can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit.
And that's all anecdotal.
But again, it's not anecdotal.
Like, if your neighbor gets robbed, and you get robbed, and two doors down, they get robbed, you know there's a crime wave.
You don't need to read it in the newspaper.
And the deaths are tragic, but their number is way smaller than the disabilities.
And these are disabilities.
And then there's the injured.
We talked about that last time I was on your show in the vaccine damage report.
The injured are those who are just chronically sick and missing work all the time, kind of dragging their butts to work.
So I know you don't like to speculate, but just do it as a private citizen, not as an analyst.
And talking to your other incredible, you should name some of them.
I remember you were on like two and a half years ago.
I got this top statistician insurance company and he comes out, he's like the top guy.
What are you and your experts, I know you want to do Cause Unknown, just leave it out there as a whodunit, but just with my audience here, I mean, gut level, why would they do this?
This is wild.
I mean, this is reckless.
Well, at this point, it's a crime.
When I wrote my book, at the end of the book, I said, like, I'll leave out the who and the why.
The numbers that I see, they see.
The health authorities, the global health authorities and the governments of the world see these numbers.
Well, I'll tell you what I think it is, Edward Dowd.
It's the Cloward and Piven Plan Collapsed Society.
I agree, 100%.
So let's think about these numbers I just exposed and a prior vaccine damage report.
Then, and we may have to reassess our numbers, then we said 10% of the U.S.
population was affected, either injured, disabled, or dead.
10% is enough, and mostly the employed of our country because they were mandated.
This is enough people to totally cause a glacial Mad Max, where people get sicker, people go from injured to disabled to dead.
We then have to, like, expend our valuable resources to take care of these people, and it disables the country.
And, you know, the military, for instance, to fly a jet, there's a pilot.
But behind the pilot, there's ten other people to make that jet fly.
You take out three of those, and you don't fly the jet.
Colonel Theresa Long has said, and I agree with her, that in five years, if we don't turn this around, between the woke agenda that's damping down recruitment, those who have died in the military already, those who have been disabled, we don't have a standing army in five years.
So China, if they wanted to, could walk in in five years.
I mean, this is standard fifth-generation warfare, in my opinion.
Well, it's incredible, and for some reason the maid came and put it somewhere, but I had read part of the book many years ago, but I reordered Hitler Speaks, and it's a certified book by an anti-Hitler guy that was involved in the Nazis early on, and Hitler let him write down these interviews, and Hitler said,
In the future, we'll just buy off politicians like Klaus Schwab globally.
People won't know our agents are in place.
Then when we implode their economy, they'll think that it's themselves.
Then they'll remove that puppet.
We'll put a new puppet in.
Then he said, but our final thing to take down our enemies will be biological and chemical warfare carried out, but they'll never know we did it.
And I'm like reading this, Hitler talking like 1933, bragging about his plans.
And then I move forward.
It's very eerie.
Look, you know, a year ago when you and I were talking, we had a lot of conjecture and speculation, but as we've rolled through time, the evidence keeps popping up.
I mean, I don't focus on Dr. Fauci because I'm busy collecting data, but I mean, there's now redacted emails where he knew it was a bioengineered
I think so.
The booster program seems to have failed.
So those who, you know, don't have any skin in the game from a tribal standpoint are not getting boosted.
The word is getting out on all the information that I've done, Dr. McCullough, Malone, other doctors, I've seen Malhotra's come forward.
So there's a lot of good news.
Our website has gotten explosive traffic since this report.
We're going to put out showing our website traffic over time.
So word of mouth is spreading despite the clampdown by the mainstream media.
People like yourself and others are getting the word out.
And, you know, as time rolls, people are starting to wake up.
And the problem is there are people who are never going to wake up and you're going to have to leave them behind.
You can't spend your life.
Uh, trying to convert a cult member.
You just got to move on and associate yourself with people who have a clue.
That's what I'm doing.
I don't sit around trying to convince those who think I'm crazy.
I just, I just let them be.
It's never been more detrimental to your health and well-being to be uninformed right now.
Well, manipulated climate models can lie, but we're dealing with hardcore insurance company actuaries where they'll go bankrupt if they don't get it right.
Those numbers don't lie.
Nobody denies that.
Very accurate.
And the truth is, we have this massive event happening.
The globalists were desperate.
They wanted a crisis.
They wanted to...
Centralized control.
It did double the average billionaire's wealth, but it's backfired.
So when we come back, we've got a few minutes until break, so let's start talking about it now.
I agree with you, Eberdale, that this has really backfired on them.
So how do we maximize that for an even more powerful accelerated awakening and stop the deep state from trying to launch another pandemic?
Because they've been saying, oh, another one's coming, and like degenerate gamblers doubling down.
I think they might try the same play again.
If they try the same play, I hope the American people and the global citizens of the world don't fall for it again.
Yeah, I was talking to some people this weekend and some said, if you heard about the hemorrhagic fever breaking out somewhere and they're going to try to do that.
And I said, look,
Whatever virus comes, I'm personally not going to be afraid.
I'm not going to run around masking up, hiding in my Ohana, chilling out.
I'm going to act as if everything's fine.
I have a great immune system.
I take care of my health.
I'm just not going to worry about it because, you know, one of the things about viruses is this.
The more deadly they are, the harder they are to spread because they kill the host.
Viruses adapt, become less lethal over time so that they can spread far and wide.
But if there's something that has a 50% mortality and they try to scare us with that, it's a joke because it can't spread.
It kills the host too quickly and incapacitates the host.
That's why Ebola outbreaks, as scary as they make Ebola out to be, it never goes anywhere because it kills everyone quickly.
Well, there's no doubt we're living in insane times.
Edward Dowd's our guest.
We'll spend 30 more minutes with him and talk about where this goes, how we get the word out, because this is a big, big deal.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Edward Dowd.
Everybody, you know, tune in now.
And once this is archived, share this link.
Amber Dowd is our guest, another 30 minutes at least, maybe you can stay longer, I'm not sure.
But this is a short segment, some stations don't carry it.
Let me get back to an earlier question and we'll come back and talk about solutions and what he sees moving forward.
But again, you personally, I know you're going off insurance numbers and facts and it's getting a lot of attention and that's really great and it seems like there's a huge awakening out there.
But again, I always get in the enemy's mind.
And also watch their statements, their pop statements, but also their kind of quasi-internal statements that are public, but they're not really promoted.
Privately, they're saying, we're doomed, we're screwed, we bit off more than we can chew, we're going down.
I look at Fauci's body language, other ones, I see Redfield turning against Fauci, I see Rassley with a sinking ship.
But then as soon as I get that confidence we're winning, I get really concerned about what are they going to pull next to try to change the subject?
Because the one way you kill a story you don't like is with a new story.
Look, this is such a big fraud.
I've been worried for a long time about what they do next or what distraction presents itself that the media can highlight.
They can overhype anything they want.
And you know, there was a little bit of a breakthrough in the beginning of 2022, the all cause mortality data was starting to catch fire.
And then we started the Ukraine war, and that became the headlines for three months.
And then the numbers are getting so bad again, that I suspect we're going to have
We're predicting an economic recession in Q3, Q4, Q1.
So that'll probably be in the headlines soon.
Once the summer's over, we get into the fall.
Everyone's asleep.
The stock market seems to be okay, but it's really not.
It's only five stocks.
So once we start to see that, that'll be a distraction, number one.
I was about to interrupt you.
Here it is, Fox Business.
Experts warn the U.S.
over China.
Flashing military capabilities ready for war.
And so a lot of the big dogs are saying this is the next distraction.
That is crazy.
Yeah, and Warren Buffett sold his Taiwan Semiconductor.
He bought it at the end of 2022.
Then he pulled a 180 and sold it in the first quarter.
And he actually said, and it's quoted as saying, war was a consideration in my sale of the stock.
And Warren Buffett does not flip stocks.
When he buys, he buys and holds for years.
He does.
He bought it at the end of last year and he blew it out, you know, six months later and he said more.
Now, you know, Warren Buffett, I think he's got better information than I have.
I'm just saying.
So, Taiwan is definitely going to be a distraction.
They could escalate on the Ukraine front, blow up a nuclear plant.
There's just a whole host of things they can do.
They're trying to scare everybody with the climate crisis by changing the weather heat maps.
We've got, you know, my friends in Philadelphia and New York talk about the haze that's over the cities, which came from the Canadian wildfires, supposedly.
There's multiple psyops going on all around.
The UFO distraction, they're going to keep
We're good to go.
But if we continue along with these numbers, we're in glacial Mad Max territory.
Stuff won't get done, it won't get delivered, services will go under.
I believe the healthcare system is going to implode anyways.
We're going to do a report on NIH, which is the UK health system, their absence rates.
Our joke.
All those people were vaccinated.
They're getting sick.
They're not going to work.
The health care system slowing down.
I'm hearing anecdotes of people going to the emergency room on Maui for a minor thing, and they're in the emergency room for 13 hours.
You can go to Australia from Honolulu in 13 hours.
So it's either go to Australia or get service at an emergency room.
I've been in the emergency room on Maui years ago before this nonsense, and I was in and out in two hours.
So this is already breaking down.
The system is already breaking down.
It's not going to be on the TV.
It's not going to be in the newspapers.
But if any of you have to deal with any kind of health care related problem, it's going to take you more time than you can even imagine.
I've never heard such clear, concise truth.
It's true.
We're in the collapse.
We're in the post-industrial world.
The globalists have triggered the collapse, but they thought they'd be the saviors during the collapse and said they're going to be the villains.
So how does that play out back in 60 seconds?
When it comes to regaining energy, convenience is key.
Sure, coffee, candy, and other highly sugar-filled products can give us a short boost, but the crash is always the strongest downside.
That's why our team of scientists worked with the InfoWars crew to create a powerhouse mixable energy formula.
Having TurboForce Plus at work, home, in the car, or in your bag is the ultimate answer to a sluggish day.
Worldwide, over 25% of nitrogen fertilizer has been cut off.
Farms are being shut down under UN policy from the Netherlands to Bangladesh.
The designed implosion of our planet is taking place.
India has announced they're cutting all rice exports because they have an underage in rice production.
Many other countries are following suit.
Experts warn U.S.
over China, flashing military capabilities, ready for war.
Fox Business, top experts in the Pentagon say they believe war is imminent with China.
We now have a stalemate in Ukraine.
I've got news on that.
Former stock picker and a guy that organized a bunch of whistleblowers in the last three years, wrote a best-selling book, caused unknown on the whole COVID crisis, was just getting into the fact that this is a organized collapse.
That I made the point I wanted to break.
The globalists thought they would organize it but pose as saviors.
I made the point years ago, if we expose they're the ones exacerbating it for power and control, they will be destroyed during this process.
So despite the fact it's a horrible process, it can be liberating at the other end instead of going into deeper tyranny in their system.
So recap for some stations that just joined us on this crisis and what you think is happening.
War with China, war with Russia, economic collapse,
Yeah, so let's go to...
Let's go to the original source.
When I wrote those tweets that were very predictive of what was to come, I based it on the fact that the credit system, the monetary global system, has a useful life to it.
And it's been 78 years since we became the world reserve currency.
And we're at the end game.
And it's a global economic collapse from the debt load.
And so COVID was a war to reinflate.
COVID was a war.
We spent a lot of money.
We reinflated the economies of the world, which were starting to collapse in 2019.
That gave us another two years.
Now we have a war in Ukraine.
China and the U.S.
are talking about war.
Why is war good for bankers?
Because you create debt.
To spend money and that debt then reinflates the system.
What they hate is deflation.
And we're about to enter a deflationary period because the money supply went negative for the first time since 1930 in November of last year.
And that's what the bankers are fighting.
That's what the global governments are fighting is deflation.
And war is the only way, the only narrative to really sell to the public to put up with inflation.
And so war's coming.
It's unavoidable.
China needs a war because they're collapsing.
We need a war to distract from the horrendous COVID disaster that just occurred that implicates so many of our institutions.
So war is coming.
In my humble opinion, it's unavoidable.
They want war.
China wants war.
We want war.
It both benefits those parties.
The question is, how do they keep it from escalating?
Because already Poland's talking about taking parts of Western Ukraine.
If you follow that Rand Corporation threat continuum from 1 to 42 or whatever it is, we're already up in the 30s.
I mean, it's following that train exactly.
Yeah, you know, I don't know how we avoid this.
I think it's, a lot of it's beyond our control.
But, you know, I suspect whatever war happens,
It's going to kind of be China wants the war, the US wants the war, so they'll, you know, they'll probably just keep it contained.
Maybe tactical nukes, maybe no nukes, maybe just proxy wars, but they'll have wars to distract and keep the populace that each of their populations.
So it's just like 500, 600 years ago, they have some of the letters between the French King and the British King.
They were cousins, they were competitors, but when they had uprisings in both countries, they'd say, hey cousin, time for a war.
It was real troops killing each other, but it was kind of a wink wink.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, look, if you're in power and you want to stay in power and you have a system that's predicated on continual credit creation and inflation,
You'll do whatever it takes to keep your seat.
Now, do they all sit in a room drinking scotch and smoking cigars and laughing maniacally?
No, it's the system kind of pushes it this way and institutional momentum builds.
And that's what's going on.
Institutional momentum is going towards war.
And, you know, one of the things I want to highlight is Speaker McCarthy surprisingly betrayed the GOP with that debt ceiling negotiation with Biden, where he basically left it uncapped.
Now, I suspect someone pulled them aside from the Deep State or the intelligence agencies or the DOD and said, we got some wars and we got some economic collapse coming.
We're going to need free reign to spend.
The government's going to need free reign.
That's why it's on cap.
They uncapped it because they're gonna need so much fiscal bazooka power, dry powder when this comes, that they need to be able to spend like drunken sailors to keep the system from imploding on itself.
Is there any way, I totally agree with you, is there any way to unwind this and stop this?
Well, you know, the biggest enemy is not these clowns, it's the people who don't know what the hell's going on.
I mean, if we had
You know, 40, 30, 25 percent of everybody, you know, on the same page as you and me and a lot of other people.
You've been poisoned.
You've been betrayed.
They're going to distract with wars and this and that.
This could end.
But so the battle now is for them.
The battle has always been in my mind, the marginal mind, the person who kind of knows something's off, hasn't put the pieces of the puzzle together.
It's not really religious about their tribal identity.
If you can get those people, we win.
And, you know, there's I think there's 20% of the country is what I call hardcore COVIDian, woke.
They believe everything from that's handed on down in the talking points and they won't back.
I was about to say, you say move on from the cult members.
I agree.
But their lemmings are like stampeding cows or running off the edge of a cliff.
Is there it's so sad.
What's going to happen to them?
They are just just totally positioned for destruction.
A couple of things.
You know, these are the people that I think you want to avoid when it gets really bad because they're going to have cognitive dissonance explode.
A lot of these people will turn violent.
A lot of them will get depressed, become dysfunctional.
You can try to help him if you can, but, you know, I'm alone.
They'll come to your house and kill you and rob you.
I mean, when things go south, all the studies show leftists are, what, eight, nine times more likely to steal, seven, eight times more likely to lie, like ten times more likely to claim they're giving to charity than they don't.
I mean, these are really sociopaths, which was a low percentage before.
I think culture is kind of artificially produced, kind of an artificial system.
Yeah, you know, let's go back to the disability report that I started with.
Psychiatric disorders are up 124% in 2022.
Um, and one of the psychiatric disorders in there is autism, and that's up 544% adult onset autism.
So the vaccine has also caused psychosis and mood disorders and lots of other problems.
So the populace is these people that are the most religious about the shot.
Are experiencing not everyone, but in on average, there's a lot of mental disorders going on this.
You know, the vaccine does get into the goes to the blood brain barrier and causes neurological issues that can lead to psychological disorders and mood dysfunction.
So the bottom line.
The bottom line is, you know, we have big issues with these people that are the hardcore religious covidians.
They could turn violent.
They could become depressed.
We just need to kind of avoid them, help them if you can, but just align yourself with people who are positive, free-thinking individuals.
That's what I've done.
I've met so many new people.
I have a new life with great people and we're all sorts of
Planning going on for the Renaissance after this.
I'm just focused on waking up as many people as possible, but hopefully I can put that down at some point and start creating the new world with, you know, what we're going to do with our hedge fund eventually.
But right now, the mission is get this information out.
We're doing it for free.
I also want to highlight the individuals behind this.
It's not just me.
It's Carlos Alegria, my partner, PhD in both physics and finance, Yuri Nunes,
Another partner, he is a Ph.D.
in physics, sitting professor at a university in Portugal.
We have three data scientists that have joined us.
We have another physicist.
We have PR individuals that are helping assist us with the message.
So the point I want to make is we have a team of people that have volunteered to do this.
They've been coming to our organization.
We've been vetting certain individuals.
We have a team now.
And a lot of this work is just phenomenal work.
This is PhD level work.
And, you know, we're not we're not just guys with spreadsheets on the Internet putting out stuff.
We're doing real analysis.
Absolutely, and I had a bottle of Topachicko I wanted to open, and the bottle opener was on the other desk, so I ran over there to get the bottle opener, and you were like pausing for me to talk, and I didn't.
You get back to the desk, but I was listening with my wireless earpiece.
But that's where I wanted to go next, and you literally just said it.
Instead of talking about just the negative things the globalists are doing, they're a dying elite.
Culturally and physically.
They're corrupt.
They're being rejected.
Instead of us just talking about the negative, I'm writing a book, The Great Awakening, about the future.
That's what you're talking about as well.
And I see great opportunity in this.
We didn't do it.
We're sad they launched this attack.
But I really see the future in people pulling out of this system and building the new renaissance.
I agree.
We need to get all sorts of individuals together to talk about what that looks like.
We need our own think tanks that aren't funded by corporate giants that want their agendas pushed through.
And I think that's coming.
I mean, I'm making contacts, you're making contacts.
There's a loose-knit group of people trying to change the world.
Unfortunately, we're in the battle right now.
But I think what's coming is kind of a consciousness where people get out of their labels.
You know, that's what Woke is all about.
Labeling and dividing everybody.
That's the Woke agenda.
What's really become apparent to me in this whole thing is when everybody ran off the cliff on Maui, and I was looking to my left and my right, those of us standing shoulder to shoulder to protest these mandates, there were vegans, carnivores, hippies, Wall Street guy, me, black, white, Hawaiian, Hispanic, gay, it didn't matter.
And what we all realized and have come to call the term Team Humanity, we're all connected.
We all, you know, want freedom.
We all want to live our lives as we see fit without hurting other individuals or, you know, pushing our own agendas.
This is, I think this is the new consciousness that we're all connected throughout the planet.
I do think there's been a lot of information over the last hundred years that's been occulted from us.
There's a lot of technologies that have been suppressed.
I won't get into that right now because we'll be working on those at some point.
I want people to understand my team has a lot of physicists there, so you can probably guess where we're going with this, but there's a lot of technologies that could free the world from a lot of the current slavery that we're in.
There's a ton of energy systems that are proven that no one will invest in.
And they've been suppressed for a reason, because it would disintermediate the global energy supply chain where everybody makes.
And the banking system lives off of commodities and energy.
That's how the banking system works.
Well, I mean, I haven't talked to you about this, but just let me throw my idea out, which is a really common sense, and I'm sure you've already thought of it.
All you got to get is a small town with investment.
To demonstrate some of the new energy systems, the magnet-based systems and others, and there's so many, just to prove that once you invest in this small town, that it's energy efficient, and then that model can be duplicated.
To me, that seems the simplest way to do it.
Yeah, energy is a big part of the global economy.
It keeps the lights on.
Part of the plan is to shut the lights off with this crazy energy policy where we suppress natural gas and coal and we're going to solar and wind, which you can't store any of that energy.
So when it's too hot or too cold,
You have blackouts.
I think that's by design.
Let's talk about that.
I have a stack of news on that subject.
They 100% know that what they're promoting as a way to get away from oil, which is fine with me, they had a solution, is a bridge to nowhere.
So what are they planning?
First, oh, we're going to ban your gas-powered stoves.
Then they denied it, now they're back doing it.
Then they're like, oh, we're going to ban...
Portable generators.
We're going to ban gas-powered water heaters.
I mean, I have all the articles here.
Don't people know that will cause devastation?
So why are they doing that?
Well, look, the proof is in the pudding and their actions.
I mean, it was about a month ago, the White House actually floated the idea of spraying the skies with chemicals that would reduce the sun's rays to the earth.
And of course, I, you know, immediately put out a tweet saying someone in the back of the class raises their hand and says, hey, won't that cause mass crop failure and starvation?
I mean, this is a joke.
When they say they want to ban gas generators, they're telling you what they're doing.
They want you to be dependent upon whatever system they... But why are they... why don't they just get behind success?
The universe is so huge.
I mean, it is... they are so villainous.
It's like you said, it's a joke.
It's like an archetypal joke.
Oh, we're going to do Bill Gates' plan to black out the sun.
It makes no sense.
It's stupid on its face.
Obviously, these people, you know, there's a lot of mental illness with psychopaths, so they're not even bright the way they're trying to implement these policies.
And there's a lot of inbreeding, there's a lot of trust fund kids not running things.
I think I was just saying at the start of the show, this is a lot of mental illness.
This is the toxic environment, and we have delusional elites like Caligula in control right now.
I mean, we have people doing massive amounts of drugs in D.C.
running the show.
It's not just Hunter Biden.
Drug use, you know, cocaine, meth, heroin, you name it, Molly, NDMA, they're all partying every weekend, drunk on power, and they listen to each other and they proclaim these things, not realizing how, you know, most of the country's sober, listens to this nonsense and just laughs, like,
I mean, it's a joke when I hear them say these things.
I mean, I can't believe that people actually take them seriously.
And what I'm disappointed in is a lot of our leaders, thought leaders, not in DC or in politics, remain silent on many of these issues because they don't want to be, you know, get controversial.
We're good to go.
Last week were the representatives calling for banning free speech and then her assistant is behind her lip syncing in live time like they're synced up like robots and then like acting like she's on PCP or something.
And so it's a whole new sport now online to watch the aides and the congresspeople when the camera's not on them or they don't know it's on them acting like whack jobs.
I mean what is this woman on?
Here go ahead and play the clip.
Play it.
55 from the committee's interview with FBI employee Rory Demlow, who you just spoke about, which took place on July 17th, 2023.
In that line, she says,
The question was asked, okay, if someone were to leave here today, were to leave this interview and were to suggest or imply that when you said the laptop was real, that it meant that the FBI had affirmatively determined in October 2020 that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden, that the contents belonged to Hunter Biden, and that the contents had not been manipulated in some way, would they be representing what you said, correct?
Answer by Ms.
They would be representing what I said.
Because I don't have much knowledge of that.
They would be misrepresenting what I said because I don't have much knowledge of that.
Because this committee likes to misrepresent or leave off... I mean, ladies and gentlemen, these are lunatics you're watching.
I don't know what we just saw, but everyone sees that and says, what the hell is that, Eberdown?
You know, I'm not going to try to diagnose her, but if I was at a bar and I saw that woman, I would go nowhere near her.
If I was a single man looking for a mate, that woman, I would run the other way.
Whatever's going on there is either, she seems like her nervous system is out of whack.
And so she either has a mental disorder, she's on something, or she just doesn't have the ability to self-soothe.
Because that's just kooky behavior on its face.
That's an inability to just remain silent and listen.
There's something going on with that poor woman.
I don't know what it is, but it's not normal.
Well there's definitely an attempt, there's billboards up all over the country saying don't have kids, humans are evil, kill yourself.
I know PETA's funding it and from my sources and also Alexander Soros.
But I don't get their projection of their own hatred on us.
I think we just reject that, love ourselves, love God, love others.
I think we just survive and keep civilization going and realize this is a big animating contest of liberty.
I think we win in the end.
I'm very hopeful.
I was talking last night with an individual and they were asking about the hopefulness of what's coming.
I said, yes, there's a lot of good things coming, but there's a lot of problems and tribulations ahead.
So, you know, mentally prepare yourself, you know, get into the mindset that material goods are not something that you're going to rely on for your happiness because a lot of it's just not going to be available due to the slow breakdown of the system, in my humble opinion.
I could be wrong.
I hope I'm wrong on a lot of this stuff, Alex, but
You know, these numbers, again, I'm an analyst and I project forward these numbers and it's a disaster.
I want to just put one chart up there to illustrate what's going on.
It's the sixth chart that I gave your producer.
Guys, put up the sixth chart of Edward Dowd he sent us.
I've got them all here.
Go ahead and pull up the charts.
Yeah, it's the last one I submitted.
It's the U.S.
disability data.
I just want to show what happened in June and May.
The bottom line is, yeah, there it is.
So you can see around February of 2021, U.S.
This is just a survey.
It doesn't get into the causes that I talked about just now, but just a survey of people identifying as disabled.
It took off in 2021 and went to 33.2 million in September 22.
Then it kind of chopped around and I was saying I hope the trend goes back down and we're out of the woods.
Unfortunately, it just took off again and we added, it went to a new high of $34.1 million and we added in June and May $1.3 million disabled.
So it looks like it's re-accelerating again and we have a new trend beginning.
Again, think of this like a stock chart.
There was a breakout, you buy the breakout, and then you consolidate, and then it breaks out again.
And now that's what's going on.
So my fear has always been these vaccines cause, we don't know what the long-term or medium-term effect are, but now we're seeing them in real life.
Medium-term effects are now manifacting in the big data.
Well, that chart looks like it gets worse.
It doesn't mitigate.
That looks like it just gets worse.
Yeah, I think you cut off a little bit of it, but it exploded to a new high.
Guys, go full screen on it.
We cut it off.
How'd we cut it off?
We're missing June.
It doesn't matter.
Go to the next month, then.
Go to the next month.
It took off.
We added 857,000 people in the month of June to the disability rolls.
Well, I know this.
It's a crazy time, and it's an incredible time to be alive, and like you said, we're meeting so many good people of every race, color, and creed that want freedom, and this is it.
Every generation or so gets some type of challenge, but every three or four generations get a really big challenge.
I think it's clear the biggest challenge humanity's ever faced is about to happen.
I notice your camera messed up.
It's fine.
Go ahead in closing comments, ever doubt.
Let's hold him over.
He can finish up on the other side.
I want him to be able to finish up.
So his Skype messed up.
We'll reconnect with him.
Go to break.
Come back.
But be sure and go to his website.
Follow him on Twitter.
This is real, folks.
I wish this wasn't real.
I wish the globalists weren't doing all this.
But at least we're aware of it.
At least we built infrastructure that admits what's going on and happening so we can challenge these people.
We'll see if Eberdale can reconnect and have some closing comments.
Regardless, I've got big breaking news on a bunch of fronts straight ahead on InfoWars.com and BandOffVideo.
Please stay with us.
All right, got cut off by the break there as Skype failed.
Edward Dowd, a few more minutes with us.
Just 35,000 foot view.
We're in an epic moment.
We know we got hit by a depopulation weapon.
The globals are trying to start all these wars.
Things aren't going well for them in Ukraine.
Now they want to turn because Hitler was doing bad in North Africa and against the British.
So he turned and attacked Russia.
I mean, it seems like history is repeating itself.
Closing comments.
We really appreciate you joining us.
Yeah, one of the things I want people to understand is that there seems to be a medium-term effect from these vaccines, despite the fact that booster uptake is way down.
And it's manifesting itself in the U.S.
disability data.
It happened in May and June of this year.
Uh, we were the good news was we had a rapid rise into 22.
And it slowed down, it didn't break trend, but then we reaccelerated again the last 2 months.
We've added 1.2M disabled Americans in the last 2 months.
This is a survey.
They're identifying as disabled.
857,000 in the month of June.
It looks like a breakout.
If this was a stock chart, it's like it's a breakout.
We had the breakout in early 21.
Now we're having another breakout.
And this is alarming.
We have, you know, 4.2 million Americans identifying as disabled.
The good news is, Alex, a mainstream economist, Luke Grauman,
On Twitter, actually said, maybe the unemployment rate is low because they've become disabled.
And that's what's going on.
He didn't identify vaccines, but he's saying something strange is going on with the disabilities.
And the reason why that's important is the Fed is looking at the employment rate.
The employment rate is abnormally low because of this phenomenon, and they're going to keep rates high, thinking that, you know, everyone's got jobs and doing well.
It's not that.
It's that the help-wanted signs are because people are leaving the workforce because they can't work.
So this is, this is a policy error.
Whether it's a hardware store, or a restaurant, or a movie theater, there's no one to work!
So what is going on?
We're maximum employed, and there's all these homeless and illegal aliens everywhere, and people are staying home not working, what's going on?
Yeah, so, look, this vaccine, in my humble opinion,
Uh, was detrimental to the employee because of their, uh, uh, mandates.
So we have a big part of our workforce that is what we call willing to work and able to work that has been decapacitated by the vaccine.
And that's why you see a lot of, uh, help wanted signs.
Now, a lot of people call it the great resignation and people have changed their idea of work since COVID.
That's nonsense.
You just can't find workers.
And I suspect it's because people are either not fully disabled, but enough so that looking for a job is not their first priority.
Their first priority is figuring out what's wrong with them.
They're probably running around from doctor to doctor being told they have this, they have that.
And what they really have is a vaccine injury, and if they had that knowledge, they could use some of the protocols that Peter McCullough, Pierre Cory, and others are working on to detoxify the spike protein, because it can be done.
And I was about to say, now there's worldwide moves in Europe, New Zealand, you name it.
With legislation close to passing to ban all therapeutics.
So we saw them suppress therapeutics during their release of the weapon, but now they're trying to legislatively ban it.
Like in New Zealand, therapeutic products regulatory regime basically makes all vitamins prescription.
I mean this is really cold-blooded.
Ivermectin has been proven to work.
There's a new discovery called natokinase, which helps to unbind the spike protein.
They'll probably ban that.
They'll ban anything that probably helps alleviate these problems.
Now, the good news is it's not happening in the U.S., but New Zealand is a disaster from what I understand.
They're trying to ban everything.
Well, in New Zealand, their Prime Minister said, don't look at the sun.
Don't look at the sunset.
Don't look at the sunset, because you might get COVID.
Don't get any vitamin D. She actually said, I believe, I am truth.
I mean, she said, the only truth is me.
And don't look at the sunset.
I mean, talk about a cult leader.
Do not look at the sunset.
I am the only truth.
I mean, you can't make this up.
No, I mean, we're in clown world, Alex.
And we just need more.
I'm just like heartbroken that there aren't more people like me who just stand up and start talking about how idiotic this is.
But they remain silent because they don't want their friend to think they're a conspiracy.
You mean it's wrong to have the leader of a country say, don't look at the sunset?
I would have thought anybody with a brain would just speak up against that, but apparently saying that is conspiratorial.
But it shows they want total depression, mask, isolation.
They want us depressed.
And there's signs all over Austin, kill your baby, don't have babies, the world's ending, funded by PETA.
I mean, it's like, how are there so many whacked out crazy people?
Like, what do they think making the world give up's going to do?
It's going to create a disaster for them!
Oh, absolutely.
And the mental disorders are on the rise.
Anecdotally, we're seeing it all over the island of Maui.
People are kind of losing their mind.
Now, do I think the vaccine's part of it?
But there's also the fact that lockdowns
Uh, crippled a lot of people, depressed them.
There's a lot of things going on with mental health.
There's a chain reaction of people becoming disconnected from reality.
I think it's because they're not farming, they're not gardening, and I'm not perfect, but you look great in shape.
They're not exercising.
Humans are meant to do this basic stuff.
Like the best astronauts, they think on a year mission to Mars, half of them go nuts.
Well, this world we're in is very unnatural.
And just like the Romans were so crazy and warlike because they lead-lined their wine bottles in lead, so they were warlike because they were on lead.
We de-leaded gas by the 90s.
Crime goes down as soon as they de-lead the gas.
So I think a lot of it's just chemical, like you said.
And you know, look, I went to an all-boys camp when I was younger, a Christian camp, and they had what they call the four spokes.
And the four spokes for mental, spiritual, social.
And physical.
And when you get all four of those folks working together, that's how humans maximize their goodness in the world.
Look what they did with COVID.
They take the physical, no gyms, physical, out, mental.
Yeah, you can't talk to anybody.
Social distancing.
So they're breaking the spokes of the wheel.
They want to separate and isolate people so that you go insane.
Because as humans, we need to be social.
We're social animals.
We need each other.
You need human contact.
And this whole thing was a disaster for mental health.
It's been written about.
It's been proven.
In addition to the vaccine, what it can do to mental health.
I'm not saying the vaccine is the sole cause of the mental issues, but it certainly contributes.
Well, people that say COVID wasn't real didn't get it.
It almost killed my dad.
If I would have panicked, they would have put me on a ventilator.
I could have had trouble breathing, but I got steroids.
It was obviously a novel virus, still low kill rate if you got the right therapeutics, which they blocked.
But then, Edward, what I see in the people that took it, I mean, I know people that took the shots, lawyers that are friends of mine, doctors, and they're not the same.
I go meet with them now, they're not even there.
It's like having dinner with a zombie and you want to say, hey, what happened to you?
But you know what it is.
Very sad.
I know an osteopath who treats a lot of vaccine injured and he says one of the greatest observances he's made is that a lot of people have had cognitive decline.
And they're not aware of it.
It's sad.
They're not even aware of their own cognitive decline.
And he said he can see it.
And eventually he makes them aware of it and then they're surprised.
And this is memory issues, inability to find words, energy levels way down.
It's a host of problems.
So, you're right.
The $64 trillion answer is the question, how do you detox from this?
That's everything.
And clearly, God always gave us systems that will counter anything.
That's everything.
Yeah, detoxing.
Go to Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, the frontline COVID care doctors.
They're coming up with, it's not a, it doesn't work for everyone, but you can try it.
And one of the things that everyone universally has been talking about is fasting.
And fasting, when you fast, your body eats itself and it eats malformed proteins like a spike protein.
So if you haven't looked into fasting, you should start looking into it.
No, I'm not tough enough like you.
I can tell you're in great shape.
But everybody I know says fast three days, once a month.
It'll purify you.
Your body will eat all the stuff.
And so, you know, it's amazing that every world religion talks about fasting.
Doctors never want to talk about it because it's free.
You can do it yourself.
And isn't it wild that in the spiritual battle between good and evil, fasting is going to be one of the tools to heal.
Edward Dowd, incredible.
So glad to know you.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you.
I want to get to Austin.
Gerald Cilente set to take over in the fourth hour, then Owen Schreuer, 3 p.m.
Central, on the attacked, demonized InfoWars system, because we are over the target.
All right, Edward Dowd, one of the leading voices fighting tyranny, finishing up.
I appreciate your time.
You were getting cut off by the break talking about fasting, and I've talked to other scientists and doctors who are saying the numbers look like fasting somehow makes your body destroy this spike protein infestation that's very similar to what causes spongiform encephalopathy.
Fasting is not a cure-all, but it definitely helps.
It's going to help reduce some of the spike protein.
The big problem for a lot of people, not everyone who took the vaccine, some people continue to make the spike protein well after the vaccine and your body just continues to make it.
So, you may never completely get rid of it, but you may have to change your lifestyle so you can suppress the production of the spike protein.
Thank you!
Lots of these issues and helps you stay young, live longer and your body needs a break and you have more energy.
The brain loves ketones, which is what your body produces when you're fasting.
That's why a lot of the great philosophers would go on fast before they would write some of their things.
Fasting is just something all religions have done for millennium and it's been a lost art
Thank you for having me.
Get diet and get fasting.
And so I got all three of those working and I haven't suffered from depression since 2012.
And I never will again because, you know, once you get spiritual, you know that you're not alone and God will take care of you.
You know, you can, you know, pause your eating and fast and heal yourself with the power of God and prayer.
It's amazing.
And so, you know, I'm someone who came from clinical depression to where I am today.
Thank you so much!
Like anything, it's like working out.
You want to start slow and build into it.
You don't want to do a five-day water fast out of the chute.
And I do intermittent fasting.
I only eat once a day, and I do extended water fasts a couple times every quarter.
Well that's what's incredible is that I've only done fast a few times and about a day and a half I get so high and my brain is working so well that I just can't handle it.
I mean it's like you I mean I just like am five times smarter and I just go this is too much.
I'm like hamburger time.
I mean I don't know how people do it because but you're right I mean when I'm a day into a fast I've done like two days maximum.
And the ketones, and my brain is loving it so much.
How do you do it five days?
I know people that do it.
I don't know how you handle it.
Well, you know, so you gotta pray and ask God to help you through the pain.
And when you do that, it works.
I mean, the power of prayer is amazing.
And fasting is praying at the same time.
That's why a lot of clerics and monks and imams and rabbis, they all do it and have done it throughout history.
You know, it connects you to what's important in life.
It helps you show that you do have willpower if you use God to help you along.
I mean, it's hard to do it on willpower alone, but when you have some hunger pain, you pray to God to remove it, and eventually it's removed.
See, my issue is not the pain of not eating, it's that, it's like,
I mean, I'm not a big drug guy.
I don't like hard drugs.
I've tried this and that.
I've never been a drug guy, but I've taken hallucinogens.
When I've fasted, it's more intense than that about two days in.
You're like, whoa, I'm like super awake.
And I'm like, it's hard to handle.
It's like you're high as a kite.
Right, and in fasting, you have to go through what's called the switch over from burning glycogen to ketones, and that's the painful part.
That's why most people give up on the fast.
They get into the headache part, the feeling weak.
Once you break through to that, the other side, like you said, you experience a kind of a euphoria, a clarity of mind, a peace, a calmness, that it's well worth the sacrifice in my mind.
But, you know, it's not something I do every week.
I do it a couple times a quarter.
All right.
Edward Dowd, thank you so much.
Again, the website for Radio Lizards that can't see it on screen.
They need to go there, see the numbers for themselves.
Finance Technologies, ph instead of an f, .com.
Go there and spread our website to everybody that doubts what's going on.
We have such a devastating case in Analyst Mosaic.
We've come at it from different angles.
We have so much data for scientists and people to look at.
We wrote methodology papers on how we calculate excess mortality.
Before we get into our conclusions, we present the data, the breakdown of the data.
Kind of a very academic way of approaching this, so go to it and look at it.
And Alex, I'd love to get to Austin one of these days.
When I do, I'd love to hang out with you in the studio and have some fun.
God bless you.
Yes, sir.
Love you.
Talk to you soon.
All right.
Well, Joe Celente is about to take over.
And I got way prepared for the show today.
All these stacks we looked at, I covered like four stacks.
I didn't cover the other ten or whatever there are, probably more than ten.
But it's, it's, it's, I'm going to hit a few more right now before
We hand the baton over.
But this is definitely going down.
I mean, this is so hardcore.
This is such an incredible moment to be alive.
I'm just so thankful that we're in the fight.
We have this great crew, a great audience, and we're reaching all these people.
And you're sharing the articles and videos.
I mean, that's really what this is all about.
But I mean, I got to tell you, it's insane.
They hit us with a bioweapon.
They hit us with a shot that was even worse.
And these people are crazy.
And they're trying to get us to roll over and die.
We're not going to do it.
So here's some of the headlines for radio listeners.
I'll describe it.
It's a photo 100 years ago in 1923 of Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty shot from the same perspective.
You can see the water is a little bit lower here.
In 2023 than it was then.
And that's the truth.
Global water levels have not gone up.
Some beaches get bigger, some get smaller.
That's erosion.
That's how it works.
Of course, there's this all-famous thing put out by Al Gore in his movie 20 years ago.
Of a polar bear on the last piece of ice about to die.
They're the farthest swimming land animal.
They hunt whales and seals from ice floats in the summer.
Their numbers have exploded from 10,000 to 70,000 worldwide.
Look it up.
The North Pole will be ice-free in the summer of 2013 because of man-made global warming.
2009, we have the video of that.
And of course, it's totally freezing.
World leaders on their way to another climate change conference in their private jets.
GOP lawmakers slammed Biden administration's proposed clampdown on home water heaters, a plan to completely ban them within two years.
Now they want to ban your water heater.
Not just your stove.
Biden regime proposes ban on sale of portable gas generators.
Raising concerns for power outage reliance.
Yeah, they want you in the dark alone.
They're monsters!
You figured it out yet?
I mean, come on!
Cancellation starts for Jon Klosser, the Nobel Prize winner for physics last year, and her Nobel Physics Laureate speaks out about corruption of climate scientists, say it's a plan for depopulation, gets a group of hundreds of top scientists, including nine other Nobel Laureates, to sign on to his plan.
Truth is, they're not going to stop us.
But I want to air this critical report when we come back.
Before we go to Gerald Cilente, Fox News itself
MSM talking about WEF's plans to strip you from everything you own.
You will own nothing.
It's going mainstream.
The good news is, their plan is going mainstream.
We're countering it together.
Joe Slunday takes over in about 7-8 minutes, but I'm going to come back and finish up.
Please remember, the only way our articles and videos get out is you take clips out of it and share it.
I get all these emails, can I take clips of your show and re-upload it?
Please keep doing it.
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Yes, please.
We're free to air.
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Patriot Pride Month.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Hour number four with Gerald Cilente.
Straight ahead, but first, the short Fox News piece.
All right, final segment I'm hosting, and the amazing Gerald Cilente takes over in about six minutes.
But I wanted to look at some of the successes happening.
Yeah, they fired Tucker Carlson.
Yeah, they're scrambling.
But even on Fox News, they're admitting
The main threat is the UN Corporate Combine, the WEF.
The ESGs are falling apart.
It's an amazing time to be alive.
So here's MSM talking about the WEF's plans to strip you from everything you own.
You will own nothing.
It's going mainstream, which means the end of their program.
And now you've all know Harari.
And Klaus Schwab came out the last five days and said, there is no world government.
We're not going to run anything.
Nobody wants to track you.
Nobody wants to control you.
There is no elite.
It's all made up.
So we just showed the video that's now posted at InfoWars.com.
At least I asked them to about an hour ago.
Let's see, did Rob do post that video?
Command.Video or InfoWars.com?
I don't know what headline we went with, but... You've all know a Harari destroyed in his own words.
Or, you've all know a Harari denies world government exists, even while he promotes it.
Something like that.
We'll find out.
I'll find out if it's up.
It's up.
It's up.
So what's the headline Dew went with?
There it is.
Globalist, hypocrite, Yolanda Harari claims New Orleans exists.
And just evidence destroys him.
Just add evidence destroys him.
Or evidence destroys him in front of it.
So here he is.
Saying all this, the global elite controls you, you have no free will, we dominate you, we own you, we rule you.
And then now they turn around and say none of it basically exists.
These people are a joke?
Here he is.
You will own nothing.
Our next guest describes the growingly dangerous possibility of a new financial world order.
She writes, quote, there's a war coming, a global war.
You may be thinking about World War Three, but I'm talking about a different war.
This is World War F.
A financial war.
It's not a quest to dominate the American government, but for the government and others related forces to dominate you.
Former investment banker and author Carol Roth joins us now.
Carol, thanks for being here.
World War F, what bigger is happening out there in the financial world that we're not aware of and have to be concerned about?
You know, you hear the phrase New World Order and it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but this is something that goes on throughout history.
We've been at the pole position of the global financial order for about 80 years in the United States, but before us it was Britain and before them it was the Dutch.
You have people like the president, Joe Biden, going in front of the Business Roundtable talking about this.
He says things change every three to four generations and there's going to be a new world order out there.
And we have to leave it.
So, you know, you can go right on the White House's website and you can see the fact that they're talking about these things because the U.S.
has a lot of debt.
We have countries around the world that have not been happy with the way the Federal Reserve has handled the stability of the dollar.
Certainly here in the United States with the Federal Reserve of Bidenomics, we've been living through inflation.
We have groups that are trying to de-dollarize.
So when the financial stakes are shifting, the people who are the wealthiest, the most powerful, well-connected, who are students of history, they see this happening and they're jockeying to make sure that they don't get left behind.
They want to come out on top.
They want you to owe nothing.
And the worst part is they want you to buy into it by telling you you'll be happy if they
Exactly right.
They want to maintain the pole position and everyone else be damned.
Are we talking digital currencies, World Economic Forum, consolidation?
Is that kind of what you're getting at here?
Yeah, there are so many different disparate forces that I was thinking about in trying to find the through line.
It's everything from social credit to the debasement of the dollar, ESG, big tech, you guys were talking about AI in the last segment, but all the different big tech companies that are trying to rent your life back to you as a subscription or a service.
The fact that Wall Street is now coming in and trying to compete with people for single family homes and so on and so forth.
And when I started thinking about all of those different connections, what's the through line?
It took me back to the World Economic Forum, who had all of the elite, the business and political elite, putting that phrase out, you'll own nothing.
And that ended up being the through line to sort of connect all these different disparate forces that are coming at you.
Looks like a great read.
Book comes out on Tuesday.
If you want something to read here toward the end of the summer, you will own.
The globalists aren't just targeting us through the poison shots or the electromagnetic 5G or the GMO crops.
They're hitting us with hundreds of chemicals that the EPA has authorized companies and industry to use.
One of the top pesticides used is atrazine.
The allowable level the government admits that they allow to be in your water supply is enough to sterilize you and basically turn your son into a feminized mutant.
Look it up.
Don't let them do this to your family.
We have the very best gravity-fed filter system out there.
Highest rated at half the price of leading competitors.
The Alexa Pure, ready to ship to you right now.
We have replacement filters for folks who have already gotten it.
It does 10,000 gallons before you replace them.
It is amazing.
It's great for your home, your business.
You can put swamp water in it, tap water, well water.
Almost everything is contaminated.
This is how you take control of the fluids in your body and counter the globalist onslaught.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
I was just listening to that woman, Ms.
Roth, talking about, you know, you got no dough.
Here's an article that was out on the 19th, the conversation from the Canadian press.
Increasing monopoly power poses a threat to Canada's post-pandemic economic recovery.
Canada is currently grappling with a significant economic issue, market concentration.
A select few corporations dominate key sectors, leading to reduced competition, rising prices, and limited purchase options for consumers.
By a guy by the name of Garris Gong.
Yeah, no kidding.
The bigs are taking over everything.
As I say, when I was a young guy, there were grocery stores, hardware stores, stationary stores, drug stores, grocery stores, and now it's one big chain.
And you can thank the slimy pieces of scum crap called politicians
For making it happen.
Because you buy out these little slime balls who never work a day in their life really quick.
Like Bill Clinton.
The arrogant little boy.
Every time got caught with his pants down, bombs away over Baghdad.
Yeah, that Bill Clinton.
The Bill Clinton.
That sent our jobs.
To Mexico at NAFTA.
That brought China into the World Trade Organization.
That did away with the Glass-Steagall Act.
You had a Bill Clinton.
The Federal Communications Act.
Oh, that woman was on Fox.
Oh, yeah?
The Federal Communications Act.
There were thousands, thousands of
Small people that own radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, no more!
No more!
Only the bigs!
Only the bigs!
Oh, Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter, the guy that deregulated the airline industry!
So now the bigs could own them all!
When I was a young guy flying, it was fun!
Rolled down a roast.
I was flying first class in 1974.
Another figure got gone from Chicago to Las Vegas.
Putting on a trade show.
I was the number two guy running a trade association by the time I was 32.
Anyway, rolled down a roast.
Would you like a roast or lobster Thermidor?
Now they give you crap in a plastic plate.
They destroyed it!
The Robertson-Patman Act, Sherman Antitrust Act, Clayton Antitrust Act.
Screw you with the Antitrust Acts!
We're slimeball politicians that get paid off to get rid of these regulations so we get things that morons and imbeciles call campaign contributions!
They're bribes and payoffs!
We're nothing more than plantation workers on the global plantation of Slavelandia.
Every week we got in our Trends Journal.
Oh, by the way, it's $2.86 a week, the price of a crappy cup of coffee.
So please, I don't want to afford it.
You ready?
What do I got in the Wall Street Journal?
Barbie leads robust ticket sales.
Oh, great.
How much?
Five dollars.
One issue.
Toilet paper record?
The New York Times?
Four dollars.
Oh, drug delayed to pad profits for its maker.
Oh yeah, great.
So anyway, we're giving you the facts that nobody's giving you.
And when that woman's talking about, she's 100% right.
But anyway, we have an article every week in the Trends Journal, bigs getting bigger.
And we're showing all of the merger and acquisition activity.
While it's fallen way down, because the cheap money's dried up, it's still happening.
So the bigs just keep getting bigger.
If we don't have a new third party, or to me, someone like RFK Jr., it's only going to continue to get worse.
And again, they use the BS language, post-pandemic economic recovery.
It was not a pandemic.
By the facts.
All you slimeball bureaucrats, the health people in charge,
Or like Rachel Levin.
L-O-L-A Lola.
Yeah, the clown playing our health chief over there.
Yeah, I'm gonna believe that dope.
You get your nuts cut off and you're telling me it's normal and I gotta swallow the crap spewing out of your mouth?
I'm healthier than you!
And Slimeball, I worked on the book, Natural Healing.
Look at this.
How can any guy got more chins than Chinatown?
These are the people that are called in a pandemic.
Look at this.
Look at this.
How damn stupid!
How damn stupid can the people be?
I'll tell you how stupid.
They hate me because I had freedom rallies.
Went in lockdown.
Wouldn't believe Lola, L-O-L-A Lola.
Yeah, that's the clown.
So, you ready for the number?
Here it is.
The World Health Organization, another fraudulent bunch of scumbags that we steal our money to so these bureaucrats never work a day in their life, called it a pandemic on March 11th.
You ready?
Out of 114 countries, the grand total of 4,291 deaths.
What was that, about 7 billion people?
And you're telling me that 4,000 people died and you're calling it a pandemic?
Oh, and now you saw the article that came out and they said that
At least, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, another bunch of bureaucrats that never work a day in their life, that steal our money to tell us what to do.
Yeah, that CDC.
How about FU, you know what?
Oh, now they say that at least 30 of the deaths that they called COVID had nothing to do with COVID.
The people tested positive for COVID.
Yeah, but they died in a motorcycle accident.
Or maybe they hung themselves.
So going back to that number, what do we have?
99, probably about 9, 4%, 9, 5% of the people are still alive, and you call it a pandemic?
That's why you, watch InfoWars.
Because they're giving you what nobody else is giving you, and what we're giving you.
Again, we were the first ones to call this BS.
Magazine cover.
The Trends Journal, January 28th.
Coronavirus, 106 dead in China.
Next line was 1.4 billion still alive.
What are you telling me this crap for?
The damage that this COVID war has done is incalculable.
Hey, how about all those car thefts that are going on, huh?
Oh, you always remember.
They had a lockdown.
They're locking down all the joints in, in, in Walmarts, uh, not Walmarts, Walgreens in, in San, in San Francisco, putting locks on everything.
So even in the freezers, so you can't steal food.
Wasn't like that before.
Car crimes rising.
The whole thing's out of control.
Kids not going back to school.
They destroyed life on Earth.
But don't worry.
If we don't stop it, it's going to get a lot worse.
And when I come back, I'm going to talk about the economy talking about a lot worse.
So again, stay tuned and support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks for tuning in, everybody.
By the way, if you get these shirts, hey politicians, who the F are you to tell me what to do?
You can get them at TrendsJournal.com.
TrendsJournal.com, just go to the shop.
So I want to talk about the economy.
Go back to the Trends Journal.
We said that there would be no market crash in the beginning of this year.
We said it actually in November of last year.
We go by data.
As it were, before I went on the air, the Dow was up again some 200 points.
And it's its longest winning streak now, you know, since about 2017.
So, the reason is that following every, the last 40 midterm elections in the United States, the last 40, like over 60 years,
The S&P 500 has gone up on average 16.3%.
Now it's above that.
It's like almost up almost 18%.
So it's peaked.
It's near its peak.
And our forecast is that, you know, there's always wild cards.
Nobody can predict the future, whether they're man-made or made by nature.
I can't say man-made, whether they're gender made or made by nature.
What do you mean man-made?
You mean only men make things?
The people are in a state of mind right now.
Most people are tuned out of the news.
They have no idea what's really going on.
And the market's a rig game.
It's a rig game.
If markets go down too low, they've got a thing called a plunge protection team.
How about a rigging team?
So anyway, the reality is going to start hitting because this week they're going to raise interest rates another 25 basis points.
That's the guests on the street.
That's going to bring down the housing market.
It's not going to crash though the housing market.
Prices will soften.
What was keeping housing up is supply and demand.
So here's simple as this.
There's not a lot of houses for sale because the people that own them
Don't want to sell them because then they got to get another mortgage and the mortgage rates are so high.
So if they say I want a bigger house, I want to sell this one.
It costs too much to get a new mortgage.
So that's what's going on.
So you're going to see a decline in those prices.
Oil prices are now Brent crude is back over $82 a barrel.
So inflation is still going on.
Yes, they say the inflation numbers are going down.
But they're still very high.
Let's go back to housing.
The average price of a home was about over $400,000. $400,000?
I mean, that was a millionaire's home at one time.
You want to go to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, or any other school, you need about $95,000.
On average, of course, to go to a private college, about $40,000.
Oh, inflation is going down.
Oh, how about that auto insurance and home insurance is skyrocketing all over?
Oh, no, we won't count that.
You don't want to worry about it.
So we're going to see reality set in.
We're saying late September, October.
And that's when you're going to start seeing things go down because you're going to also raise them another 25 basis points.
So that means 50 basis points hike.
Now the debt, and this is the big one that I keep talking about, that we're the first to talk about it.
And they're only starting to talk about it now, is the commercial real estate sector.
Office building bust.
I've been warning about this when they started locking down, telling people you can't go to work, you gotta work from home.
We forecast this in the Trends Journal in March of 2020.
Now New York Magazine last week, cover story!
Yeah, one afternoon, oh, this is going to happen.
Yeah, no kidding.
They didn't know it.
Because there were a lot of commercial office building sales.
People buying office buildings in 2021.
That's how stupid they were.
So, commercial real estate industry is in a Category 5 hurricane from the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes, according to billionaire investor Barry Sternlich.
It's sort of a blackout hovering over the entire industry until we get some relief and some understanding of what the Fed is going to do over the long term.
So there we go.
Combination of higher interest rates, a credit squeeze, and remote work trends are squeezing the commercial real estate industry.
Sternlicht himself
Has been ensnared after his company defaulted on a $200,000,000 mortgage back in Atlanta office.
There's a billionaire at $200,000,000 and they defaulted on a $200,000,000 loan.
Not a word in this article or any of them about how this is going to hit the banking sector.
And the banks it's going to hit the biggest
Are the smallest and the medium size.
That means going back to the bigs, you don't own anything.
The bigs are going to get bigger.
They'll get make the deals with the JPMorgan Chase with the with the Wells Fargo and the Citi Group and all the big ones to take over more as these go down.
The banking crisis has just begun.
Going to see a lot of defaults.
500 billion corporate debt storm is building over global economy.
No kidding.
This came out two days ago.
Now there's another angle to this.
A lot of these are floating loans and interest only loans.
So now when the loans come due, the people that own the office buildings have to pay more on their loans because the interest rates went up as they have less tenants and less income coming in.
I'm telling you, this is huge.
And again, barely, barely, barely, barely being reported.
Distressed U.S.
offices jumped to $24.8 billion.
Total value of offices that were financially in trouble were already repossessed by lenders shot up 36% according to MSCI Real Assets Report.
So there we got it.
This is just part of it.
No one's talking about this.
There's going to be a banking crisis that's going to be worse than the one in the panic of 08.
Stay tuned and support InfoWars.
More coming.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I keep saying and I keep doing, I support InfoWars because InfoWars is supporting you.
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So get it before it goes.
So going back to about this COVID war and what's going on and what happened with it.
Again, the damage, as I said, is incalculable.
Life has changed.
Here's an article from the Wall Street Journal.
Just a couple of days ago.
America is becoming a nation of early birds.
Dinner parties at 5 p.m.
Consumers of all ages are sliding activities back.
When I was a kid, they used to have these ads, you know, on TV.
It's 10 p.m.
Do you know where your children are?
We're gone, man.
I'm talking about, you know, as teenagers.
You know, they couldn't, it was out of control.
Now at 10pm, it's Boca Midnight, like you're in Boca, down in Florida, all the old cats to go to bed early.
It's Boca Midnight everywhere.
This whole COVID thing has changed things.
It's a whole different world.
And it's global.
And by the way, it's destroying the Chinese economy.
Again, they're the first ones that launched the COVID war.
As I mentioned to you many, many times, and I don't know if I'm sure I did, I used to be on Hong Kong TV a lot when the protests were going on in China.
In Hong Kong, excuse me.
Remember, this is a city of 7.5 million people.
7.5 million people.
And over a million people were taking to the streets and protesting China taking over.
So I'm doing these, you know, like 20 minute shows.
Guy take a break.
I said, say, Frank, what's going on?
So how, how's this really going on with the people?
He said, Mr. Salenti, we're not going to stop.
We're not going to let the Chinese defeat us.
We're not going to give away our freedom.
Guess what?
Hey, remember those, remember those clips, guy walking down the street, you on it.
Jack, you're dead.
People walking down, oh, and they're building these emergency places for all the people that are going to be dying of COVID.
Remember that in China?
They locked down Hong Kong.
Not only did they lock down Hong Kong, one of our top trends for 2020 was New World Disorder.
There were protests going on around the world.
Yellow vests in France, Lebanon, South Africa, Algeria, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile, all over the world, people were taking to the streets.
In protest of lack of basic living standards, government corruption, crime and violence.
COVID war comes, it's over.
Can't go out to the street, get back in your house.
Don't forget, anytime you masturbate, sanitize your hands, wear that mask, and stand six feet apart.
Because the wind blows exactly in straight lines.
Exactly in six feet.
Doesn't go around, doesn't go up and down.
Going back to the COVID war.
This thing has destroyed, again, we write it in the magazine every week.
Every week.
The damages of the COVID war.
Kids aren't going back to school.
Same reason people aren't going back to work and commuting.
They're doing it at home.
When they were forced to lock down week after week, month after month, they're saying to themselves, I'm getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning to commute an hour and a half each way.
I'm not going to do this anymore.
I'll work from home.
And a guy that's renting out 10 floors in a building says, yeah, listen, stay home.
Only come in two or three days a week.
I don't need all this space.
I'll save myself a lot of dough.
Now let's go back to all these kids that aren't going back to school.
They're home week after week, month after month.
And they're saying how much they hate it, how much they hate school.
And I can attest to that.
I hated every single day of school.
I had nightmares into my forties.
I ran away from kindergarten at four and a half years old and crossed the Boston Post Road in the Bronx.
They took me out.
Today they had me all drugged out.
I got left back in the fifth grade.
They got academic diplomas and general diplomas for the stupid people in New York State.
I got the general.
I'm such a- I hated school.
COVID war.
They realized the government school system stinks.
The working system stinks.
Life has changed, like, again, this is incalculable.
Again, the streets here, they're dead at 9 o'clock at night.
You go up to Woodstock, 15 minutes away, 10 o'clock at night.
A couple of places got some music going on.
And the cops, not in Kingston, the Kingston cops are real men and women.
They don't bust your chops for little crap.
Yeah, great.
But up in Woodstock, you didn't put your signal light 100 feet before the stop sign.
How many drinks did you have?
Where were you?
Stand on your head, beat the alphabet backwards.
Hey, but Hunter Biden, he could get stoned out of his mind.
Hey, you can't find who did the coke in the White House.
Oh, if the Woodstock police were in charge, you'd find it.
Can you imagine they won't tell us who's doing the coke in the White House?
They got cameras everywhere.
Oh, this is the Biden clown, the old man.
Three strikes, you're out.
The war on drugs.
But it's okay for my kids to be addicted.
But you get it, man.
You're in jail for the rest of your life.
It's a crime syndicate.
We need a new third party, and again, right now, for me, it's RFK Jr., and they're doing everything they can to destroy him.
Everything they can.
Now, the moronic articles that they're putting in, what JFK's grandson said, what the hell do I care what his grandson said?
How about what Mickey Mouse said to Donald Duck?
What, I'm too stupid to see the facts for myself?
He's against the Ukraine war.
And I'm...
For a president that's against that, as is Trump.
And I believe as much as I don't like Trump, if Trump was president, we wouldn't be, Russia wouldn't be in this war with Ukraine.
It would have been solved.
But you got the warmongers in charge.
So again, we're going to take a break.
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Again, as I said, where are the Quakers?
They all got died in an earthquake.
How come you're not out there, uh, where you know nothing about peace?
We're the Seventh Day Adventists waiting for the eighth day.
How come all of you, where are your religions?
What do you got, lockjaw?
How come you're not promoting peace?
Which brings us to the Ukraine war.
So this is the front page of the Wall Street Journal today.
Ukraine lack of arms dims hope.
War breakthrough.
No kidding.
How about lack of arms?
How about legs too?
All the people that are dying.
You don't beat the Russians.
It's a small country against a big country.
And it was once upon a time, boys and girls, you stupid little clowns, that kept promoting the war.
It was Operation Barbarossa, where Hitler killed over 20 million Russians.
The number's up to almost 27 million.
And who were the first to defeat the Germans?
The Russians.
So all our money going to this war and all the religions.
Oh, a couple.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Oh, oh, in the back of all of America's paper currency, which you're going to get rid of.
It says, in God we trust.
What God you're talking about?
What God you're talking about?
No God trusts war.
What God are you talking about?
Oh, I'm a Catholic.
I'm Biden.
Oh yeah?
What Jesus do you believe in?
Or maybe you like all those priests that abuse the little boys!
Yeah, because you love death!
Not a war that you didn't love!
Oh, look what you did to Scott Ritter when he said that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and how you went after him!
How you promoted every war!
I'm a Catholic!
We said, you cut Trends Journal Magazine about a month ago.
The counter-offensive, it's gone man, not gonna happen.
There isn't any, it's not gonna work.
But what is the United States doing?
Sending more weapons.
As you know, the White House is rushing to get F-16s there.
Isn't that nice?
Keep ramping up the war.
I got an email from Sputnik, the news agency.
And they asked me,
How this war will affect the elections coming up, presidential elections.
I said, it's too early to tell.
I said, but if conditions remain the same, let's look at the polls.
The last poll taken at the end of January by Reuters and Ipsil, whatever the name of it is, the numbers like, well, over 60% of the people support the war.
Like some 70 something percent said more weapons of death.
Oh, you want us?
What we got?
We were like 130 billion bucks we sent there so far?
As we're going broke?
But the rich are getting richer.
It's okay.
Remember, in the two years following the COVID war, the billionaires got $27 trillion richer.
I said.
Here's the deal.
You can't tell what's going to happen when the primaries begin early next year.
Because there may be a false flag event.
Or a nuclear exchange.
And the people will rally around the president in charge.
If that happens.
88% of the people were so stupid, they believed the little arrogant boy with a pair of cojones smaller than a mothball, the daddy's boy born on Third Basin thought he had a home run, a little moronic, arrogant clown, George W. Bush.
We're going to get that guy Osama Bin Laden?
Get him alive!
88% of the people believed it.
They're going to do the same thing with this war if we don't stop it.
White House rushing to get F-16s to Ukraine by end of year.
And Putin came out and he said he's had no success in the counter offensive.
They've received colossal amounts of resources, including all kinds of Western weapons, quote, and thousands of foreign mercenaries and advisors, as he's saying this Friday.
But he doesn't see them winning.
He goes, Ukraine has lost tens of thousands of troops, suicidal attacks against Russia's defense positions, Putin claimed.
He's running out of manpower despite, quote,
Total mobilization raids on Ukrainian cities and villages.
And Ukrainian people are increasingly asking themselves whose selfish interests their family members are dying for.
Again, people have no idea why this war... I'm totally against the Russian invasion.
I'm going to make that 100% clear.
Totally understand why it happened, as I mentioned.
On and on and on.
We wrote about it in detail in the Trends Journal back in 2014, the United States coup.
The democratically elected government evicted Yanukovych and going forward with the violation of Ukraine and the Minsk agreement.
And on and on and on.
But the United States is ramping up war.
More U.S.
ships, Marines will head to the Mideast.
Isn't that nice?
Could you imagine if
Iran had their ships down in the Gulf of Mexico stopping American oil tankers and stealing their oil.
But when America does, it's okay.
And when Iran then says, okay, you stole our oil, we're going to steal yours, what they're doing over there.
How dare those Iranians do that?
Only we can do it.
And this is the kind of propaganda, by the way, and this is why people are so damn stupid.
They swallow crap like that.
A country of crap swallowers.
Oh, by the way, that's going to be the cover of the Trends Journal this weekend.
That's what America... You ready?
This is from the Kotzebue News Network.
This is how they sell propaganda.
It's mid-afternoon in Kiev.
Here's what you need to know.
Hey, little boy.
Don't you tell me what I need to know.
Who are you to tell me what I need to know?
You got this wrong.
It's mid-afternoon in Keith.
Here's some more of our propaganda you need to swallow.
We're nothing more than prostitutes.
We're little media whores that get paid to put out by our corporate pimps and our government whoremasters.
That's what they're doing.
This is serious.
German arms manufacturer doubles down on Ukrainian tank plant plans.
This Rheinmetall, whoever they make tanks, they're gonna make them in Ukraine.
And Russia said, okay, you make your tanks in Ukraine, we're gonna attack them.
Hey, Germany, you haven't killed enough Russian people already?
You like World War II, you love it.
Oh, I love World War I. The Germans are wonderful there, yeah.
Heil Hitler, World War II.
Oh, that guy, that Jake Sullivan, he looks like that guy, uh, uh, Gerbil's grandson.
Jake Sullivan from, from the United States that spews out the crap.
Where are the people standing up for peace?
I am.
OccupyPeace, OccupyPeace.com, putting on rallies.
I'll be speaking at one on August 6th down at the UN.
Send you more information.
Scott Rood will be there as well.
Peace for humanity.
One o'clock UN August 6th.
So try to make it.
And thanks for tuning in and support InfoWars.
You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator, but the last time one of the greatest talk show hosts in American history came on the broadcast, he compared me to a gladiator, and I was very, very
Well, Alex, you're the gladiator and you keep on pounding the opposition there.
I love it.
How do you keep doing it?
What are you taking?
I really am in the arena and I'm all the way in the arena and I realize it's that animating contest.
So when it comes to battling the globalist, I'm not trying to entertain you.
I'm trying to inspire you.
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Thank you.
Thank you.
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