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Name: 20230721_Fri_Alex
Air Date: July 21, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show covers various topics such as climate change, weather manipulation techniques, impact of global elites, promoting products like colloidal silver, criticizing Biden's proposed ban on portable generators due to carbon monoxide emissions, discussing electric cars and lab-grown meat, censorship of conservative voices. In another segment, Patrick Byrne takes responsibility for everything that happened during a meeting with Flynn or Trump and challenges Jack Smith to indict him publicly. The speaker discusses corruption within the US government and Obama's and Trump's executive orders granting presidents extraordinary powers in case of foreign election interference. They also talk about potential claims by Jack Smith regarding January 6th investigation. Patrick Byrne testifies before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, discussing his experiences during that day. The show promotes various products and discusses political situations in the United States including Democratic Party's reaction to Trump administration, concerns about a worldwide famine, consent in regards to sexual assault, support for InfoWars through product purchases, behavior of Twitch streamers, rise in fights over resources and demographic warfare, role of Islam as a geopolitical tool, and use of radical Islam for imperial strategies.

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What Jack Smith wants to say is that we went in with a plan about making an insurrection on January 6th.
It's all delusional.
We're finally, after all this fighting, getting to the stuff we wanted to get to in December 2020.
It's taken two and a half years of fighting, and we have enough that's going to blow their narrative out of the water.
What Jack Smith is trying to do, it's not about getting Trump into prison.
It's about blocking him.
Making this argument and then the secretaries of state, the blue secretaries of state, are saying we're leaving them off the ballot.
It's our decision, we're leaving them off the ballot.
So that's their strategy.
It's about keeping them off the ballot.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
In five years scientists predict we will have the first ice-free Arctic summer.
Self-serving skull-and-bones globalist John Kerry is rearing his fugly head as the globalists now set their sights on the next phase of human enslavement via climate change indoctrination.
Science is telling us that we are in uncharted territory.
This group has come together to try to figure out, okay, how do we deploy the funds necessary to invest to create the new clean energy economy?
First ever special presidential envoy for climate, Mr. Kerry, you're sitting in a newly created position, but from all of the research that I've done in two years, you've largely managed to avoid any real oversight or accountability in that position.
But the truth is, Because of the lack of transparency, no one really knows exactly what it is that you are representing.
Carrie's private jet emitted more carbon in one flight than your family car will in your entire lifetime.
We don't own a private jet.
I don't own a private jet.
I personally have never owned a private jet.
And obviously, it's pretty stupid to talk about coming in a private jet from the State Department up here.
Just honestly, if that's where you want to go, go there.
Mr. Secretary, in exchange with Mr. Mills, you just testified under oath that you never owned a private jet.
Mr. Chairman, I'd like to enter into the record Mr. Secretary, do you stand by that testimony that you've never owned or your family?
I personally, yes, my wife owned a plane and so all of my trips are commercial airlines.
Have you flown on a private jet in a personal or official capacity since you've taken this position?
Possibly once.
Kerry acts as a ringleader to the Mockingbird media and the many in the U.S.
Capitol going rogue for the New World Order inside the halls of our Republic.
The idea that there's not global warming, I think, can't be denied by anybody anymore.
And we're doing everything that we can to tackle the root causes of climate change.
This is why the Inflation Reduction Act is so important.
They've already announced in her office that once The public will be open to it.
We're going to start focusing mainly on climate.
So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness.
You look at the storms, you look at the disasters, and if you're still denying the impact of climate change and the impact of billions and billions of Americans pumping carbon into the atmosphere, you're living in an alternate reality.
You really are.
Do your part.
Actively declare the New World Order's climate change ruse dead on arrival.
Why do you think 195 countries in the world, their prime ministers, their president... Because they're grifting like you are, sir.
We work out that the planet is already at net zero.
About 3% of all emissions on planet Earth are from humans.
The rest come out of the oceans, some comes out of mammals breathing out, like ourselves, I'm breathing out 4% carbon dioxide, and some of it comes out of volcanoes.
So you can do some very simple calculations to show that we are being fed an enormous load of rubbish.
And to make matters worse, if you look back in the past, we can see from looking at the past that Every time we've had an ice age, we've had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now.
So it's clear that carbon dioxide cannot drive global warming.
You're saying the government has created weather tampering techniques so that the quote new world order will be able to starve millions of Americans.
Millions of Americans, and to control the rest.
Yes, sir.
And that's my belief.
As bizarre as that sounds, if somebody had told me that that equipment even existed ten years ago, I would have thought they were nuts, sir.
And as bizarre as that is, it is proven and documented.
We will supply you with those documents.
As bizarre as that is, I would say that weather wars, and this is quoting actually Senator Claiborne Pell himself, Well, my friends, here we are.
And I just paused for about 30 seconds listening to this music.
I think it really sets the mood of where we are.
I said, "Did you see him doing that?"
John Bowne reporting.
(dramatic music)
Well, my friends, here we are.
And I just paused for about 30 seconds listening to this music.
I think it really sets the mood of where we are.
And I just pulled back and I said, "How do I not understate the news?"
Because as wild as the broadcast sounds, as scary, as horrifying, as bizarre, and just over the top, as reality is, words cannot describe this concerted, psychotic attack on humanity.
And the next level gaslighting that goes on, and when I say gaslighting, I mean that figuratively, Also very seriously, in the real world.
Not just the term gaslighting, meaning lying to somebody and telling them that you're pissing on them but really it's raining.
They're literally banning our gas stoves and gaslighting us and saying we're gonna ban all the gas stoves a year ago.
Then we never said that as a conspiracy theory and now we're gonna ban them again and multiple states have passed laws to ban them.
And the UN says it's bad, so we gotta ban them.
And polar bears are all dying, they can't swim.
We gotta ban them.
Polar bear number is the biggest ever recorded.
It's the farthest swimming, fastest swimming land animal.
They routinely swim 200 miles to hunt.
In the summer on ice flows, they show you an image of a polar bear hunting up on top of an ice flow and say, look, it's the last piece of ice.
He'll soon drown.
He can't swim.
I have the news article saying it.
When we talk about gas lighting, they're back now, and they're not just going to ban all your gas stoves.
The Epoch Times is reporting it's official federal filing.
By administration rule, their filing will ban nearly all portable gas-powered generators.
What an incredible little technology.
Put the gas on a grill, cook a great steak or hamburger or hot dog or sausage or vegetables.
Corn on the cob, you name it.
Take a little can with you when you go camping.
Take a little gas stove and heat up your soup or whatever.
But you can use it to heat your cabin.
You can use it to jumpstart your car.
And they're just saying you can't have it because it puts off carbon dioxide, which they've listed as a toxic waste.
Remember, the atmosphere is 0.4.
Guys, pull over people, the percentage of carbon dioxide, it's 0.04, excuse me.
To trace, there's almost none of it.
We exhale 4%.
And that's what plants breathe.
So, we are literally life-giving, symbiotic creatures that create the atmosphere between plants and humans, plants and animals, We create the atmosphere.
In fact, there's all these reports from scientists that if it wasn't for flatulence of creatures, and everything from a lizard to a bird to a human passes gas, and that that methane that's in there helps hold the atmosphere in, and that literally animals and plants have terraformed the planet.
And that as volcanoes subsided, and as the earth cooled, we got less carbon dioxide from volcanoes.
It's just human and animal life that's barely hanging on, and the atmosphere is super thin compared to what it used to be.
A large percentage of the atmosphere was once carbon dioxide.
Now it's a trace amount.
And I could talk about a thousand different articles and incredible stories here today, but To read this article out of the Epoch Times, Biden administration rule would ban nearly all portable gas power generators.
And then when you oppose it, they will say it doesn't exist.
The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission has proposed a policy that would remove nearly all existing portable gas generators, California already banned them, from the market.
The new rule restrictions the amount of carbon monoxide, not just dioxide.
And monoxide's not good for you if you stick it in your mouth and breathe it, but it's fine outside.
The generators can emit by forcing the generators to switch off when they reach a certain level of emissions.
Smaller gas generators would have to cut carbon monoxide emissions by 50% and large generators would have to cut emissions by 95%.
Nearly all models currently available are expected to not be able to comply with the new standard.
Is it that funny they created a standard nobody can comply with?
And because a microscopic amount of carbon monoxide is put off by a gas stove, it's not the cleanest thing there is, but there's just a microscopic amount, that's banned too.
Oh, but GMO that'll literally sterilize you and give you cancer, that's up here.
Glyphosate or Atrazine, that's fine in the water.
The level they allow in the water of Atrazine is enough to sterilize you and give you cancer, but that's okay.
So that's one article I've got here.
So talk about gaslighting.
There you go.
The reason carbon monoxide will kill you if you turn your car on in the garage and there's no way for it to get out is it displaces the oxygen and pushes the oxygen out of the space.
When you walk by a carbon generating system and you walk by and you smell the gasoline or the gas smell, it does nothing to you.
And they all know that, ladies and gentlemen.
And of course, they're only banning stuff for the general public right now.
It's true of a big plane sitting on the tarmac and they're running the engines and you kind of smell the carbon monoxide smell and you kind of get a headache.
That means it's not good for you.
And that's the byproduct of an industrial world.
But they're not going to ban the big things that actually... It's not good for you to sit on the tarmac when every once in a while they got the door open and the engines are going and the wind's blowing the right way, so a bunch of carbon monoxide's coming in there.
So it's like sitting in your garage and kind of... You ever pull in the garage and you take a phone call and you forget to cut the car off, you're kind of getting a headache, you're like, oh gosh, I've been here five minutes with the damn garage door closed, I almost killed myself.
That does happen all the time, that's a serious issue.
But it's the same thing on an airplane when they got the door open and the engines are going and it's blowing in and you're like, man, I got a headache.
Yeah, that's not good for you.
Not good.
Not good.
But they're taking microscopic amounts and saying, they put a report out under Obama saying they're going to ban farming because, oh, studies show the dust from a tractor from the dirt can hurt your lungs.
Well, of course, living means you're going to die.
When you have a child, you've given them death.
You haven't just given them life, you've given them free will, you've given them death as well.
They will die someday.
When you have a child and bring them into the world, you're also going to give them a lot of pain and death, with a lot more enjoyment and the gift of consciousness.
Yep, Oregon puts gas generator in a governor's mansion despite transition away from fossil fuels and homes.
My favorite part is the Davos Group and these UN events they have all over the world and the electric car hubs.
They've got one down by Austin High, down on the Greenbelt by the Hike and Bike Trail.
They've got like 10 of the 9, 10, 12, I don't know, a whole bunch of the big supercharger fast charging stations, which means it only takes like 30 minutes instead of 10 hours.
And right back behind it in the fence is a big old gas generators hooked into the municipal gas.
And it shows that all over the world they'll show the electric car chargers at these big gas stations and places and they'll have fenced off behind them big old diesel or natural gas generators.
But then Nissan, I forgot to play it a few weeks ago.
Guys, pull that Nissan ad up from about a week ago.
Nissan's running an ad showing like your electric toothbrush has smoke coming out of it because it can't have a battery or your dishwasher can't have electricity so it's got to generate itself that has fumes coming off.
Well, yeah, but down the line, down the power lines, there's a coal power plant that is producing the power and burning coal to send the electricity to you.
The difference is with your car, it's in a combustion engine, and actually almost 100% of the energy is transferred in a combustion engine to moving the car.
Whereas with electricity, you lose on about half of the transmitted power in transmission.
That's what's wasteful.
Attention projectionists.
Adjust the lens so that your picture will be focused properly before the show starts
If you are receiving this transmission you are the resistance
Don't listen to corporate media.
Don't listen to the establishment.
Don't listen to Republican, Democrat leaders.
Don't listen to think tanks.
You want to hear why they fear InfoWars.com?
You want to hear why they fear Alex Jones?
Go to InfoWars.com and actually hear my show.
Watch what we say.
Watch what we do.
The Alex Jones Show.
Big, big, big, broadcast lined up for you today.
So start your engines, take the links, Infowars.com, Newswars.com, BandOnVideo, take clips, share them, share the articles.
You're the Paul Revere's. Without you, we lose. When you take action, we win.
So come in for the big win now. Connect to share the link now.
All right. Everybody knows my big frustration.
I'm going to be a little bit more specific.
I don't have these hundreds of articles in front of me as a prop.
Each one of these is incredibly important and I can talk about for four hours.
And I just get so prepared for the broadcast that then I just feel like I'm not doing my job once I get here because there's no way to cover all this.
But let me do the best I can.
Let me just do this.
Let me just tell you what's in these stacks and what's coming up today.
Patrick Byrne is joining us.
He was one of the few people in the room in the days before January 6th and January 6th that Jack Smith is claiming Trump was planning to overthrow the government.
And of course he's an eyewitness that that's not true.
They're preparing indictments of Trump that are imminent for quote insurrection that could preclude him, one of the few things, from running for president.
So this is the real coup against our country is what Jack Smith And the Deep State are doing so.
Patrick's going to be joining us coming up at the bottom of the next hour, in about an hour and 15 minutes from now.
Now let me tell you what else we got.
Stacks of news on world government being established to cut off the infrastructure, cut off the nitrogen, and kill billions, according to a large consortium of top scientists, including more than seven Nobel Prize winners.
So this is a big, big deal.
And they say billions and billions will die.
The globalist's goal is to get us down to 500 million.
That's 7.5 billion dead.
And I understand if you're a new listener, you hear this, it sounds completely insane.
Believe me, it is insane.
The people doing this are insane, but this is really going on.
So we have that stack.
Then I have a big stack on the incredible fear-mongering that goes beyond saying almost all polar bears are dead, like the Lorax and Dr. Seuss.
When their numbers are the highest ever recorded, like 100,000 of them now accounted for, and 50 years ago they thought there was about 10,000 of them.
It doesn't matter.
They just tell you they're all dead.
And you've got the latest with Al Gore saying now the ice caps will be melted by 2027, when he said in 2009 they'd be gone, in 2013 they'd be gone, in 2017 they'd be gone, and they're bigger than ever.
It just doesn't matter.
We have no memory, so he just does it over and over again.
A big surprise, bunch of new big studies out that electric cars use more carbon and hurt the environment more, but I don't even agree with that.
I think they're better in a way because they create more carbon, except the mining of the lithium and the other things, the batteries, is horrible and creates incredible pollution.
So electric cars are a joke.
They do the opposite of what they're supposed to.
Now, the Japanese are coming out with batteries that go 100 miles, excuse me, did I say 100 miles?
1,000 miles, Toyota is, and charges in 15 minutes.
Great idea.
They will innovate.
We will get these great things.
The issue is, it's still going to get charged with carbon.
At a coal plant or a gas plant.
There isn't enough solar, there isn't enough windmill to do 10% of it, okay?
There isn't enough hydroelectric.
And what else is a fraud?
Lab-grown artificial meat may actually be worse for the environment.
Oh, you mean it takes more carbon?
How about it's something Bill Gates owns a monopoly to?
That's why it's bad.
Also, a bunch of reporters are saying what I've been saying.
Journalists attacking the sound of freedom should have their hard drives investigated.
Well, I mean, a lot of them actually think pedophilia is a good thing that are attacking it on record.
Yeah, this is a coming out of the pedos, folks.
We have over the top, you talk about gaslighting, we have Democrats accusing RFK Jr.
being a gaslighter, close quote.
We'll play that next segment.
And then you've got this compilation from Jesse Watters last night, where they walk up to the Democrats and say, why are you censoring?
And they go, we're not censoring him.
We're just silencing him.
Because what they're doing is untenable.
What they're doing is criminal.
What they're doing is authoritarian, totalitarian.
So all they do is, two minute can have a baby.
And if we silence you, that's not censorship.
And they said that in the hearing, but now they tell the news cameras, we just want to not hear from him.
We just want to, you know, see.
They say, well, we just take you off the internet.
You've not been censored.
You can still talk from your jail cell.
They said that about me.
Well, Mr. Jones is being taken off everywhere.
By the way, Nigel Farage got kicked off his bank that he had for 30 years.
And then nine other banks refused him because they put A-a-a-alert out on him, and they lied and said, well, it's because you don't have enough money to be at this procedure's rank.
This is Richie Rich Bank, the most elite bank, of course.
He's a big stockbroker.
The guy's got tons of money.
And it turns out he got the documents.
And they said it's because he criticized transgenders when they took down all the British flags and put up the pedo flag.
He said, look at this, man.
It's a conquering ideology of our nation, which is true.
And they said, that's it.
It actually says he is conservative and not consistent with our values.
But not before the bank went out and said he was a liar, and that they didn't ban him for that.
And how did he get banned of all the other banks?
That happened to us.
Did I make a big deal about it?
Well, no one would care.
I mean, we're here to be beat up, I get it.
It's happened four times in the last five years, and I'm not going to explain to you how we even still have banking, because then they'll target that, but that's what they're trying to shut down right now.
I'll never give up.
I'll never give in.
I'll never sell out.
But I could give out.
You understand, my friends?
So it's been quite the experience.
But remember, it's for you.
It's the Social Credit Score.
And by the way, I have the U.N.
announcing new videos that this is a global social credit score.
Let me read you the quotes.
I have the quotes right here.
And it says, global digital currency tied to global digital ID will soon be required whether you like it or not.
That video of the UN saying it, at the IMF.
International Monetary Fund.
You will have it whether you like it or not, and then if you talk about it, the Bank Steep Bank keeps saying it doesn't exist, and the ADL says you're a Nazi.
It's very fun.
Because they get this in place, ladies and gentlemen, Katie Bar The Door.
So we got all that.
Oh, and New York City agrees to pay violent BLM antifa protesters $13 million after 450 businesses were damaged or burned to the ground and people were killed.
And now it's like, we're going to give you $13 million, we're going to give you $50 grand apiece or whatever, because when you were burning buildings, some of the police told you to get off the street, they violated your civil rights!
All you were doing was killing people!
Meanwhile, financing him is Alexander Soros.
But don't talk bad about him.
He's a hero.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us on fullwars.com.
Alright, so the bad news is our industrial society has been about 90% seized by psychotic globalists that want to cut the power off and slowly starve us to death in their own words.
The good news is, despite the fact that that's so hard to believe, a lot of top scientists around the world and researchers and political leaders, academics, you name it, are coming out.
And it's just exponential.
And all I'm getting is apologies.
All I'm getting is you're vindicated.
All I'm getting is love right now, basically, other than the globalists attacking me.
But in the grassroots, in public, nothing but love.
And again, I'm a public figure, so that's a benchmark of how it's going for the New World Order.
The answer is not well.
Not well at all.
Now, I could spend all day on the hearings yesterday.
We spent half the show yesterday on it.
I'm just going to spend this segment on RFK Jr.
Tomorrow, we're going to have a special guest in studio who I'm interviewing and who is also Interviewing me.
Gerald Morgan is super smart.
Co-host with Steven Crowder.
He's gonna be down there interviewing me.
I'm gonna be out there interviewing him.
And uh... I need to be specific though.
Is he doing a taped interview with me at noon?
I forgot to ask the crew.
And then I guess we were gonna go live later?
Because there's so much to schedule.
So we're taping tomorrow.
And I had some other things I wanted to do.
So I don't know what time I'm gonna go live tomorrow, but I would imagine by four o'clock tomorrow or so, we'll go live at some point, but then I'm also gonna tape something with him.
When's that taping start at noon?
All right, call Daria and double check it, please.
So much is happening on the schedule, I didn't get to completely nail down, thanks.
So, we're multitasking doing production management here on air.
Getting back to what I was saying, I'll also try to get to more of these excerpts tomorrow when we're commercial free.
Or who knows, maybe Sunday night I'll just re-air the highlights of the hearing or something.
It was so insane because there's probably ten clips we aired yesterday.
I know I've seen ten clips.
We probably aired six or seven of them.
I've got new ones that I found last night because I obviously couldn't watch the whole hearing.
I was live on air while it was on.
So he only carried half the live thing, you know, part of the tape stuff.
But there they are at the beginning saying, we're not going to let you speak.
And they tried to vote to ban him from speaking in front of the world, R.F.K.
And then they proceeded in the hearing, the government witnesses and Debbie Washerman Schultz and all the rest of these, these serpents.
They're not clowns.
They think we're the clowns.
It's not a clown show, it's a serpent show!
To say no one's censoring anybody, the government censors nobody, this is ridiculous!
And that'd be like if somebody walked up to you for no reason and hit you in the nose with a baseball bat and just smashed your nose flat on your pancake and you said, why did you just break my nose?
They said, there is no baseball bat, there is no nose, you don't exist.
I mean, that's the level of the brainwashing.
Hey, we got a proposal to ban all gas stoves.
Well, that's terrible.
Please don't do that.
We're not doing that.
What's wrong with you?
We're just going to ban your stoves.
We're not going to ban your stoves.
We're just going to ban your stoves.
And they just look at you because Cubans are meant to interface and debate and come to agreements.
They just keep pretending like they're having a discussion with us, but they're just moving forward with their attack.
That is a psychological warfare system.
And a simple way to describe it is gaslighting, based on a 1930s movie.
Where the man with a bunch of other people is beating his girlfriend up and torturing her, but everybody looks at her and says, honey, nobody just broke your nose.
Nobody's putting cigarettes out on you.
Nobody's raping you.
Nobody's slapping you around.
She's like, you all just raped me.
They're like, no, we're not.
She's like, you just, and it's like this group thing.
No, we didn't.
No, we didn't.
Two men can have a baby.
We're going to cut little boy's penises off.
It's liberal.
It's abusive, you don't cut them off!
These little kids are committing suicide if you do it!
No, it's because you didn't cut it off quick enough they committed suicide!
You didn't love them enough when we cut it off!
I mean, it's just like, they're making us follow their insanity.
So I got a couple of these clips, but here's one of the reporter from Fox following him around the halls, and they're like, why did you censor?
I'm not even gonna dignify that, we're not censoring.
Why did you censor him?
Or try?
We're not trying to censor him, we just don't want him to talk!
Again, you walk up to somebody, blow their leg off with a shotgun at the knee, and they're writhing around, why'd you blow my leg off?
They're like, I didn't blow your leg off, it's still barely hanging by a piece of meat.
And it's just mind control with a bunch of these little crooks!
I mean, I tell ya, if we put up with this, I guess we deserve to be ruled by these sacks of evil garbage.
Here, go ahead and roll the clip.
Do you think that Democrats are proving RFK Jr.' 's point by trying to stop him from coming today and censor him, that Democrats are unfairly censoring him?
I'm not going to respond to a loaded question like that.
You've already decided in your own answer.
What are you afraid that he would say under oath today that you want to stop even the American people from having the opportunity to hear?
I'm not afraid of anything he would say.
I just don't want to hear him.
What do you say to people who are concerned that you were trying to censor RFK Jr.
by trying to not let him come today?
Oh, that's not censorship.
Censorship would not be allowing someone to speak.
He can speak.
That doesn't give him necessarily the ability to have to do it in the halls of Congress.
To censor him today proved his point that he is being Normalizing absolute total tyranny.
You see, they want to lie about R.F.K.
and censor him, and then not give him a voice to counter it.
bring bigots before the Congress, but apparently that's par for the course with this majority.
Normalizing absolute total tyranny. You see, they want to lie about R.F.K. Jr. and censor
him and then not give him a voice to counter it. So what you see is them folding like a
house of cards in a high wind. This is what weakness looks like.
This is what pathetic looks like.
We don't want to censor him.
We just don't want anyone to hear him and cause any harm.
That's right.
You're going to take all our rights away because you don't want to harm anybody while you cut the nitrogen fertilizer off.
I'm going to explain something again.
I've showed you the reports in the last few months.
Worldwide nitrogen production is down over 25%.
Three million people live on the edge of starvation with less than 5% of Christian income.
When food prices go up, which they've already exploded, it's already causing mass death and it's causing collapse in the third world, which then floods us.
And then John Kerry goes, we're being flooded from global warming.
They're starving to death from global warming.
No, they're starving to death because you cut the...
Fertilizer off!
Folks, this is what the Nobel Prize winners just came out with an emergency report saying billions are going to die, that I showed you yesterday, that I'll get into more.
This is like, let me explain it.
You got people in a submarine, they got so much air.
And when the air runs out, they die.
So when you cut the nitrogen off, and you cut the carbon dioxide off, and you shut the farms down physically, in the biggest food producing places in the world, like the Netherlands, It's the third largest producer in the world.
That little country.
Yeah, there's no farmer like the Dutch.
Everybody agrees they're the best.
They're the Michael Jordans of farming.
They're shutting the majority of their farms down the next seven years.
They just shut 10% down this year at gunpoint.
Because farms are bad, including organic ones.
CNN has headlines about, we're going to cut trees down because they put off carbon.
Yeah, so do we.
Carbon's good, folks.
Trees are good.
Free speech is good!
Trees are good!
Cows are good!
It makes our atmosphere... I mean, these people are Satanists.
Whatever's evil, whatever's bad, whatever's destructive, they do it.
I got so many more of these.
In fact, I said I'd only spend this segment on RFK, and I said I'd get into all the other censorship.
I still haven't weighed in on Jason Aldean and, you know, his simple song that's a really good song, and try that in a small town and how they responded now.
CMT's banned it.
CMT is a leftist Hollywood trash organization.
Sheryl Crow is a leftist piece of un-American garbage.
And just like Bud Light, no American should watch CMT or any of the Hollywood trash that's on there.
Burn in hell, CMT and all the rest of you people.
Bunch of parasites.
They've collapsed Hollywood, now they're moving to Nashville.
Let's have some real outlaw country that's for real.
Piss on the new world order, burn in hell, CMT.
And Bud Light?
Got news on Bud Light.
Their collapse is imminent.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Humans have begun to crack the secrets of the universe and have tremendous power, but our minds are not like God's.
We're fallen, gremlin-like creatures on our bad days and can certainly begin to see at least the edge of God's mind on our best.
All right.
This clip after clip after clip, I just played you one in the interest of time, more at Infowars.com, of the Democrats, and this is what I picked up on here, it's what everybody else picked up on, was it's a censorship hearing, and they're censoring the censorship hearing, and then saying no one's censoring you.
That's the added brainwashing.
It's like, I am not wearing a blue shirt.
People are like, yeah, it's a blue shirt.
I do not have a bald head.
You're like, you've got a bald head.
No, I don't.
I do not have a salt and pepper beard.
Yeah, you do.
I do not have blue eyes.
Yeah, I do.
I do not have a space in my front eye teeth.
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
No, I don't.
I'll put you in prison.
I'll take your bank account away.
I have long dreadlocks.
I have black skin.
I'm wearing a red shirt.
Say it or I'll call you Hitler.
That's all this is.
It's bullying.
And they're trying to get us to go against our instincts, go against our life force, go against our free will, go against our common sense.
And this is a cult, folks.
This is a cult of lunatics.
And so when you see Debbie Washerman Schultz and Adam Schiff and people, they're literally the losers of the losers in the cult.
And the leader of the cults, a weirdo, Alexander Soros.
So here's Representative Hakeem Jeffries.
Who you can tell has taken NLP.
People always say, Jones probably took NLP to be a good speaker.
That's all made up, folks.
They'll sell you courses on anything.
It's made up.
Regular human cadence and things like that.
Oratory skills are genetic.
It's not taught.
It's given by God.
And then, I guess you can try to tweak it and make it better, but everything real is from the hip.
But the point I was getting at is, Mr. Jefferies does not have any charisma.
But you can tell he's been taking a lot of classes on it.
And so, you look at RFK Jr., extreme charisma, no classes, doesn't need it, plus the information's accurate.
They are just panicked.
In walks a smart, good-looking, informed guy with a lot of courage whose family was murdered trying to defend this country by the CIA, and they're trying to spin him as the bad guy.
It's just preposterous.
It's like a lion amongst rats.
And so they're so freaked out, By the former shadow of the Democratic Party and some of the few half-decent people, they weren't angels, produced by the Democratic Party.
And here are these little horrible creatures completely panicked when the lion walks into the room.
And all they can do is say, we're going to stop you, we're going to silence you, you're never going to win.
Well, no matter what they do, he'll help put nails in the Democratic Party.
Because the idea that he is out to get the Democratic Party is a fraud.
He's trying to take it back, reprove it, fix it, bring us together.
Something we need.
The Republicans aren't backing him.
Because they think he's going to hurt Joe Biden.
They're backing him because they want to stop the censorship and save the country and are completely freaked out.
I know a lot of the Republican leadership.
They're genuinely scared for their children.
So am I. I mean, this country, the world is on the verge of World War III.
Things are out of control.
And here comes someone telling the truth about things.
And people are just refreshed by that.
And you notice they say, there's no way, all over the channels, the controlled corporate government media, the dinosaur media, the enemy of the people media, they say there's no way he gets a nomination.
Because it's controlled.
The Democrat Party nomination is completely rigged.
You thought it was bad with Bernie Sanders having it stolen.
They have totally changed it now, where yes, they can steal it from Kennedy.
But, his mission to expose their agenda, We'll destroy them further.
So when they call him a false flag and say he works for Trump, that's not true.
But their rejection of Kennedy, if they got behind Kennedy and let him reform things, he would beat Trump by 20 points.
And he could then seal the gap between Republicans and Democrats and literally turn the country around.
But the New World Order doesn't want that.
They want to set each other's throats.
So yeah, they're probably not going to let him get there.
In fact, they'll kill him like they shot his dad right in front of him when he was one of the Democratic primary.
See how history repeats?
So this is epic, and this is good challenging evil.
I believe Trump is a good person as well, and I like him just as much as R.F.K.
But the point is, you can't help but back people who are under attack, who are being censored, who are being indicted, who are being lied about.
And Trump did win the election, and they stole it from the people.
That's why I support him for president, because he has the best shot of winning, and that's why they're trying to put him in prison.
Look at this demon, Jack Smith.
Look, that's him as a U.N.
Look at that zombie.
Look at that servant of fraud.
Got an expert guest on him in one hour coming up for the last 45 minutes.
So let's go ahead and listen to Hakeem Jeffries.
Now remember, when I say something can be a false flag, when I say Jesse Smollett's probably a false flag and I'm proven right, I'm bad.
When I say some of these wars they launch are based on false flags, I'm the worst guy in the world.
But now Hakeem Jeffries is trying to use that term and saying that RFK Jr.
is a false flag.
No, the Democrat Party is the completely controlled subsidiary of multinational corporations that run communist China that are in the process of leveling and destroying this country and making everybody poor so they can control us.
They're the ones destroying our cities.
They're the ones allowing fentanyl to be shipped in.
They are the ones annihilating our constitutional republic right now.
So let's hear from this talentless hack, this race-baiting, globalist fraud, Hakeem Jeffries.
I mean, the Republican hearings that have unfolded over the last few days and throughout this entire Congress are a malignant clown show that are not designed To address issues that impact the health, the safety, and the economic well-being of the American people, but instead peddle outlandish and out-of-control conspiracy theories.
The notion that Republicans would give a congressional platform to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who peddles anti-Semitic tropes and Baseless, xenophobic, conspiracy theories, which together are directed at the Jewish community and the Chinese American community, is unbelievable.
Which is why you can't take my Republican colleagues seriously when they tell you that they believe in tolerance.
Why would you give Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
a congressional platform to spew his hatred?
Here's the answer.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is a living, breathing, false flag operation.
His whole campaign Okay, that's enough.
Dennis Kucinich is one of the most liberal members of Congress ever, and he's a good man, means well, a lot of integrity.
That's why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was given a congressional platform on this week of all
Okay, that's enough.
Dennis Kucinich is one of the most liberal members of Congress ever and he's a good man,
means well, a lot of integrity.
I don't agree with his economic and policies and things.
The idea that the right wing...no, no.
The right-wing Trump populist, we just don't... We want to stop nuclear war and have prosperity.
We want to work with the Democrats.
We're tired of all this insanity.
That's why we like RFK Jr.
Because he says the things we know are true.
I've said I would love the Republican Party to be fixed and the Democratic Party as well.
When are we going to stop destroying each other like Kennedy said yesterday?
It's that simple.
The minute we remove the globalists that are doing this, These are evil globalist puppets, and they know it, and we know it, and it's time for them to be removed.
Alright, before I go any further...
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I mean big breaking intel coming up at t-minus 30 minutes.
So tell everybody, you know, tune in now.
Jade Eyre, fourth hour.
Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Central today.
And yeah, I've covered part of two stacks here.
I've got a lot more I want to hit.
I haven't talked about.
Try that in a small town.
Jason Aldean yet.
I know that's an old story now, but it's had time to ripen.
So I had one of the crew members add for context, since the left saw the music video as triggering, and since CMT, being a Hollywood parasite organization, took down the music video that Jason Aldean made, we have added some images to it And posted it to Band.Video, and we're also going to post it onto the live show feed right now.
Ask Ben to please add that.
If he's not listening, he probably is, but sometimes he gets up to go take a break.
Ben's sitting right out there posting things, as I say.
Appreciate him.
And so we're going to air that music video when we start the next segment.
I want to come in and introduce it.
And then again, I hope you all grab it and share it because it's fair game now that they're censoring it.
And this is a cultural debate we're having about this video, so if everybody gets it, puts it on Instagram, Twitter, you name it.
Our version of it, which again, we're going to have posted right now under the live show feed for the show.
Let's put the live show feed of my broadcast up for TV viewers so they can see the headline I'm talking about.
And I really want to encourage everybody to go get that link and share that link.
Or you just go to band.video and the Try That in a Small Town censored video is posted right there for you to share.
Friday live, Congress smears RFK.
They put JFK Jr.
up there.
That's kind of a fun typo.
I didn't write the headline this morning.
No big deal.
We just might want to change that.
We might want to open our eyes.
Become conscious.
Let's put it back on screen.
Yeah, they didn't smear him.
He's dead.
Congress smears RFK Jr.
for citing COVID facts while downplaying bombshell FBI document that exposes Biden crime family.
Yeah, the whole Biden crime family thing's interesting, but it's still a diversion.
Nothing's going to be done.
We need to be exposing ESGs and shutting down farms and the open borders and how we're under attack and how the globalists don't care about us.
You know, I didn't like the headline this morning.
I love the crew, but I usually write the headlines in the morning.
I'm going to rewrite the headline when we come back and I play that censored music video.
I'm going to rewrite the headline because it would be White House insider or White House witness Patrick Byrne drops huge January 6th Jack Smith bombshells.
See, in news, it would be about your big guest or the big thing you were breaking.
Not chasing the old headlines of yesterday.
And I'm not mad.
You know, I've kind of been doing this a little too long, is the thing.
And I've really gotten tired of telling people what to do.
I don't enjoy it.
I don't like it.
And them four words has gotten a little long in the tooth.
God Almighty.
But I think people are going to care more about this place if I just walk out of here and don't come back for about a year.
I think, I think it'll get the world's attention.
But see, I'm not a false flaggy type of guy.
That's why I'm just being honest with people about it.
The needle's moving closer to me splitting.
I love everybody, but I just can't do this forever.
And if you guys want to cut your child's penises off and worship Satan and have nuclear war, let's just get it on.
All right, I'm going to come back and try to get in a better mood.
Stay with us.
Be right back.
So if you read even mainline history, they don't even hide it.
The last 150 years, very powerful private banking families that could issue unlimited currency out of the UK and out of the US, and Europe to some extent, bought up all the major corporations and began to study mine war and ways to brainwash and dumb down the public.
And it's been a long-term project, but they've been somewhat successful.
But also the industrialized world tends to make people become decadent and unconscious as well.
And so a lot of this has been our own cultural rot.
They've just been exacerbating and basically greasing the skids with that.
And so you have these bullies, these private central banks that own and control the media and most corporations that have their godless anti-human agenda.
In place, against us, and they want to be able to censor and control all culture so they can force feed us things that are absolutely destroying us.
And here's a headline that deals with it.
Gavin Newsom fines California school 1.5 million for rejecting LGBT materials that included genderqueer, which teaches children to be raped by adults and be involved in pedophilia.
So Gavin Newsom finds school for not promoting pedophilia is the real headline.
And you know, he can do that all day long as the American Psycho.
Patrick Bateman 2.0.
But here's the good news.
We find Bud Light over $40 billion now.
Their overall Anheuser-Busch sales are down 34%.
Bud Light's popularity at bars and restaurants is almost non-existent.
No one is drinking it.
And so you can get somebody, in fact I forgot to play this clip a few days ago, get me the Charles Barkley clip, I want to play that in a minute.
We'll play that after the Jason Aldean clip.
He's paid to do that, that's his ESG, that's how he tips the hat, bows the man, and he goes, hey you rednecks, you don't want to drink Bud Light, you hate gay people.
No, I don't hate gay people.
I don't, legitimately.
Sit there.
I'm not thinking about what they're doing.
I'm not running.
Leave kids alone.
You want to swing around on the chandeliers and dress like a clown?
You want to have sex with, you know, the light socket?
You knock yourself out.
Stay the hell away from the kids.
Or I want your ass swinging from the end of a rope.
I don't care if you're a pedo that likes different sex, or a pedo that likes same sex.
I don't care if you're a homosexual pedophile or a heterosexual pedophile.
You're zero, in my view.
And your whole coming out is disgusting.
So Charles Barkley's dead to the world.
The man is a complete joke and a fraud.
And I'm sure he'll get a big contract increase now for going against humanity.
Charles, it isn't about hating trans people or any of this.
It's about hating people that come after our kids.
And that's what Dylan Mulvaney and all this stuff's about.
And shame on you, siding against the children, shame on you.
So let's play him first.
And then we've got a Jason Eldeen music video that's been censored, taken off by CMT,
that we added some images to, that's posted at band.video right on the front page.
It's a featured video.
At least it was 20 minutes ago.
Probably isn't now.
And then we'll add it in the live show feed underneath the show and on the front page of InfoWars.com.
Because when I asked Rob to do that, that means we should probably post it the website as well.
That's kind of, you know, like, if something's a priority, we don't want to bury it.
Like, if I want a music video made, we don't want to, like, take it and tie a bowling ball to it, drop it in the Atlantic Ocean, the deepest part.
Or, like, find a canyon and just throw it off or something.
Because, you know, if we don't promote InfoWars, nobody will.
But you know what?
I got the listeners and the viewers that are doing it.
And I appreciate all of you.
And I appreciate everything you're doing.
And I'm very thankful for all of you.
And I'm just telling you, I'm fighting these guys as hard as I can, doing the best job I can.
And I can't do this without you, so I appreciate you, and I thank God for you, and I ask you to spread the word about the articles, to take clips out of the videos, to just do whatever you can.
And I know you've been doing it, but I'm telling you, when you turn loose the power, when you take action, nothing can stop you.
As long as you're aligned with God.
So I thank you all.
Now here is Charles Barkley acting like a total fool, and siding against the children, And again, you put out a video about small town, try to come burn down our city hall, you try to burn our houses down, we're going to get you.
And he put one news clip in there, didn't show, and they called it racist.
So it's racist if you don't want to be burned out of your house and killed when it's a bunch of white antifa communists that are leading.
That are leading.
The George Soros funded minority of black people, small number of black people, that they tried to put their revolution to bring the country down as if it had a black face.
You're being scapegoated.
You're being used as camouflage.
And black folks are voting triple Republican what they were just a decade ago.
So it shows they're waking up and seeing through it.
It's disgusting.
The Democrats dangle free student loans and reparations.
You'll never get any of that.
It's all a lie.
The money doesn't exist.
Remember Joe Biden said black people are super predators and put them in jail.
Remember that.
All right, let's go ahead and roll.
First Barkley and then the music video, then we'll go to break.
I want y'all to drink this beer.
I want y'all to drink this beer.
I got three kisses before I bite.
Hey, and I want to say this.
If you're gay, bless you.
If you're transgender, bless you.
And if you have a problem with that...
I want to be clear in how I characterize this.
This is mostly a protest.
It is not, it is not, generally speaking, unruly.
The building is collapsing!
The building just exploded!
Oh my God!
city's third precinct police station on fire.
These were largely peaceful demonstrations.
♪ So good ♪ [Music]
These farmers are dropping their own crops for the day.
A friend is in need and they've come to help.
It's what this community and a lot of our community stand for.
Somebody needs some help you'll get it Monday through Friday from 11 a.m
to 3 p.m.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
The most demonized, lied-about attack transmission on Earth.
For good reason.
I've studied the enemy.
I know their battle plan.
And I know how to beat them.
They know when they tune into this broadcast, we hold the keys to their destruction.
All right, let's go to a really powerful clip from yesterday of RFK Jr.
defining why free speech is so critical in the First Amendment.
And I know he harps on the word democracy, which a lot of constitutionalists and conservatives, rightfully so, get nauseated by.
Because the left has said, in a democracy of 51% of people, say, take the guns, it happens.
Or if 51% say make black people slaves again, it happens.
In a republic that became the model of the world, we were the first, there's over 100 plus now, a real republic, not a communist republic in North Korea, but a real conscious republic, everybody has basic rights, but the minority rights are protected as well, and there's basic enshrined freedoms that aren't granted by government, but are protected by government.
Right of free speech, self-defense, mobility, to be tried by your peers, things like that.
And so yes, we are a democracy, little d. We're not a direct democracy, we're a constitutional democracy.
But that's been conflated.
But the left has made the word democracy this holiness thing, so when he invokes that, he's getting to remember that, hey, there is a democracy of speech.
That's where it goes.
Only speech you can't say is, fire, fire, get out of here, there's a gunman, there's a gunman.
You can't put a false alert out.
You can't call the fire department and say, hey, the house at the corner of Elm and 37th is on fire.
Because that diverts resources away from other fires and things that are happening, and it's a lie.
And when they're driving that ambulance at 60 miles an hour down the middle of the road, somebody can get hurt.
You don't yell fire in a theater.
But other than that, folks, that's it.
It's all protected.
And the answer to bad speech is good speech.
And the system knows they're losing, so they're having to push this idea of taking our speech.
So here's RFK Jr.
I'm going to start calling RFK from this point.
And then here's Trump on the level of evil as well.
Two key clubs back-to-back.
The founders and the framers of our Constitution knew that democracy was a very inefficient system and it had all of these built-in inefficiencies and difficulties.
They felt that it would give us the one thing that would give us an advantage over totalitarian systems was this capacity for the free flow of information and a complete lack of control of debate so that ideas that would eventually mature into policies would be annealed in a furnace of debate and then rise through the marketplace of ideas rather than being dictated from above.
And that's what would give The energy, the vibrancy, the vigor, the democracy.
When they invented this democracy, we were the first one in the modern era in 1780.
1865, five other nations had imitated us.
Today it's 190 nations based upon our system.
We are supposed to be the exemplary democracy and the Exactly.
foundation stone of our system is freedom of speech all of the other
freedoms depend on it if we lose that not only do we lose our democracy in
this country but the entire world. Exactly. Exactly I couldn't have said it better.
I couldn't say it better.
Man, I just, I'm liking Kennedy more and more.
Because I've always liked him, but they have been censoring him and blocking him for years.
And he says, that's what he said at the hearing, he goes, people can finally hear what I really stand for and who I am.
And they are crapping gigantic bricks.
You know they're going to bust a cap on him or try.
Let me tell you, I told you before it broke a few months ago that he is very concerned, does not want to speak outdoors, and knows they're gunning for him.
I mean, they already got a hit team ready, and they got some drugged up patsy ready.
I mean, they're going to try to kill him.
The Kennedys just know how to trigger the globalists, man.
They really know how to jerk their chain.
I mean, I think it's a good chance they kill him.
And I'm not trying to, like, predict that or ask that.
He knows that.
And the media, oh, Jones is crazy.
He says they'll try to kill RFK or Trump.
Yeah, when a corrupt political group's getting their ass kicked, that's what they do.
Trump and Kennedy are slaughtering the New World Order politically right now.
It's like a football game or it's like a basketball game where one team has 100 points and the other team's zero.
I mean, it's a route.
Here's Trump.
And we have a corrupt, compromised president, crooked Joe Biden, who is dragging us into World War III.
And that's what's happening on behalf of a nation that paid his family millions and millions of dollars in obvious bribes.
All you have to do is take a look at how much China, how much Ukraine have paid the Biden family.
It's a total disgrace and a very dangerous one.
Under these circumstances, the notion that we would even consider Admitting Ukraine into NATO at this time is completely unhinged.
Joe Biden can't even walk up a flight of stairs on Air Force One, and he can't put two sentences together.
The last thing that this incompetent administration should be doing is risking war with a nuclear-armed Russia or China or other countries.
We have somebody that doesn't have a clue representing us.
And it's like blood in the water to have Biden literally pedoing on TV, grabbing on kids.
I mean, it's just, it's crazy.
And here's something I want to say that's really key.
I'll say this once we go to break and I'll come back with our special insider, White House insider information.
But the first thing I'm going to say right now is this.
We're in a crossroads right now, and I know everybody knows that, but I want people to really have that burn in, where your voice and what you say and what you do, you have no idea who it's going to influence to turn the tide.
And back when I was on there 29 years ago, I had no idea that even back then how influential I was on local access TV.
I learned about it later from major movie directors and TV producers, people that lived here.
Rick Linklater.
Oh, Bruce Willis.
Mike Judge, I mean, those are people watching me in like 95, 96 that I had a big effect on.
And that's just little old me.
All of you calling into C-SPAN, calling into talk radio, going and speaking to your Congress people, praying for an awakening, sharing articles, videos, all of it does incredible things.
And you do it constantly and never stop.
And I would thank you from myself and my family, but also for your family as well.
All right.
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That is a big deal.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
We're at the halfway point in today's Friday transmission.
And Patrick Byrne is with us.
Very prolific individual.
I'm not going to read his whole bio.
Former CEO of Overstock.com and a lot of other companies.
He's also been involved with the FBI on major stings on criminal operations and the rest of it.
He became one of the big advisors, really in the last year or so of Trump's administration,
but knew him the whole time, but particularly towards the end, when Trump was being abandoned,
on how to deal with the deep state and what was happening.
And so Jack Smith, the deep state torpedo being shot at the current president, Trump,
who really won the election, and who was the front runner, according to all the polls out
there massively, either in the primaries or against Biden, he has already indicted Trump
once on documents, which is totally fraudulent.
And now is looking, Trump says, they've been told he's a target, to indict him imminently,
I mean, any time, as early as next week, for insurrection on January 6th.
Well, between Patrick and myself, I was on the ground at the Ellipse and helped get the financing together for a peaceful Trump rally.
We've done that many times.
Because again, the president and the executive branch doesn't pay for rallies.
The campaign does.
And we were having a rally on January 5th.
They said, hey, we want to move to the six.
We want you guys to be involved.
So we helped get the financing, brought in the donors.
I stepped back and then said, OK, then I was told.
Well, about a week before, more than that, the Secret Service, you know, says that Trump wants you to lead the march that's going to be behind the Capitol, where they got the permits on record and had the stage set up, and so I thought I'd go there and Trump would be there.
Trump was abandoned by the Capitol Police, by the D.C.
Police, by the Secret Service, in my view, and then no one was there when we got there except Antifa and Ray Epps, and we now know D.C.
Police have confirmed members of Congress breaking into the Capitol.
So they set up a few thousand people out of a million that showed up once the doors were open to go in.
And so I'm at the bottom of this seeing what really happened to set up.
Patrick Byrne is on the top because if you looked at those last months and those last weeks, Patrick and General Flynn and others were there almost every day trying to advise Trump.
And so he's got a lot of critical intel.
He was an eyewitness to these meetings about what Jack Smith is claiming what's going on with insurrection.
I was not talking to the president at that time, but I can tell you, he said on the ellipse,
"Go be peaceful."
We were all there to be peaceful.
We had rallies in the months before in D.C.
We had been totally peaceful.
Our concern was Antifa attacking us.
That's what we thought might happen.
We had no idea they'd provocateur and do this.
So Patrick's a really smart guy, has a lot of sources, but he was there at these meetings and has a lot of breaking news that deals with this because, folks, out of the state attack in New York and out of the federal attack in Florida, in Miami, none of those are anything compared to the January 6th move.
This is how they want to kick him off the ballot because under the Constitution, insurrection can do that.
They've now arrested a bunch of the alternate electors in Michigan, where the Democrats have their own alternate electors and so did JFK and so did Obama.
So this is really a coup.
This was not a Trump coup.
This is a deep state coup because he's so popular.
This is true election meddling.
So I'm done talking about that.
We're going to skip this network break coming up so we have more time.
Patrick Byrne of DeepCapture.com.
And on Twitter, at Patrick Byrne.
Thank you so much for joining us.
There's a lot to unpack here, but thank you for being here.
Alex, good to be on your show again.
Thanks for having me.
So, where to begin?
Well, you know, that's a good point.
I hear that Alex, I hear that this fellow Jack Smith is moving in on the famous December 18th meeting and the January 6th events.
I can answer 100% for what happened on December 18th.
I take all responsibility.
It's all my fault.
It's all my doing all and how interesting it is, Alex.
I spent nine months.
I took out advertisements around D.C.
telling the J6 committee, hey, have me in.
I'll come in.
No subpoena, no warrant, no lawyer.
I'll just come and answer all your questions.
It took nine months of prodding them before they finally cooperated with an attorney.
They would only have me in and talk to me through an attorney to have me come in.
So and that's because they know my truth.
Offends and actually puts a hatchet through the narrative that they are trying to create.
So I will answer for everything that happened on December 18th.
They're trying to connect December 18th to January 6th.
I can answer all these questions.
Everything that they're taking months and months and years torching our country with.
I can really answer almost all the questions.
Some stuff about J6, I don't know.
And I have impressions, and you have impressions.
I'd love to, on air, live, kind of match our impressions and try to figure out what happened.
But I can answer so many of the questions, and it's hilarious.
They're dragging this on for months and months and years, and they're afraid to talk to me.
And I'd love to talk to Jack Smith.
And with all due respect, Special Counsel Smith, I'd love to... You call Collect.
I'll come in there and I'll answer all your questions.
Let's save the nation a lot of time and turmoil.
Yeah, they don't want to talk to me about Jan 6, they don't want to talk to you, because you're at the top saying there was no setup, I'm at the bottom saying there's no setup, and instead they want to claim we're all ridiculous insurrectionists.
So, I think the best place to begin here would be with what happened... Can I, can I... Go ahead.
Real quick, I think that something did happen on January 6th.
I may be different than you in this opinion, I don't know, but maybe.
I think something did happen on January 6th.
It was absolutely a Fed's erection, and to some degree, and John Sullivan's brother, John Sullivan's the anti-Fed, BLM...
His brother has come out and said, my brother has an Excel file.
He had 224 Antifa assets in there.
So I think 800 people entered Congress.
John Sullivan's brother says, Jay Dynack says, 224 were anti-f- or my brother had that many
activists there.
Stephen Sund, the Capitol Police chief, has come out and said the crowd was filled with
federal agents.
Well, you know, that's a good place to start because we've had Capitol Police tell Tucker
we were told to stand down.
A bunch of them were feds.
They were D.C.
Members of Congress have released the videos.
We know that now.
So basically, just like Hunter Biden's laptop's real, the world knows it, but still the government denies it's real or tries to.
The FBI finally admitted yesterday it is real.
This was a feds' erection.
They are the ones that broke in.
And then once the police stood down, then they tricked some innocent folks to go in.
And those innocent folks are in prison, and the feds, like Jaden X, is totally safe, running a CIA operation reportedly in Ukraine right now.
But besides the Fed's direction and the Antifa aspect, suppose I told you I do think that there was some, I suspect, I speculate there was some Republican involvement, but it isn't the Trump Republican, it's the anti-Trump Republican.
Of course.
I think we're cooperating with them.
Well, I'll tell you what, start then if you want, but I just wanted to start with this first.
When they came out on Monday and said, we're looking to indict Trump, and Trump said, yeah, I've been told I'm going to be indicted, which he's been accurate the last two times, so I hope it's not true, but it looks like it's about to happen.
Then everybody went, wait, here's the New York Times and then here's the Podesta war game saying they were going to have alternate electors and then not even accept it and have their own inauguration and have the West Coast secede, which is a civil war and is illegal.
So they're doing a hundred times what they claim Trump did.
How does Jack Smith do that when the Democrats have done alternate electors before, legally, but this time plan to have the West Coast secede and not accept it one way or another?
I think all these guys like Jack Smith are going to end up in prison themselves.
I'm wishing they would back down.
I'm the only guy on my side of this table that understands what truth and reconciliation is, and they are making it harder and harder.
But these guys are all going to end up in prison if they don't start minding their step.
This is not going to go their way.
Let's go back to December 18th, this famous December 18th meeting, which Jack Smith, I've been hearing it's all going to circle in and focus on that.
I love it.
I take full responsibility for everything there.
And to get to Flynn or Trump, they have to come through me.
So come through me, Jack Smith.
I'd love to answer for everything said in that meeting.
Let's do it publicly.
And I've sent you a magazine article that has just come out, Alex.
Yes, I have.
Yeah, have you had a chance to read it yet?
I have not.
I just got it a couple hours ago when I was already on air.
The insurrection, or no, the inaugural issue of Capital Times Magazine.
It's going to keep you busy for, there's material to keep you busy for weeks in there, Alex.
For one thing, if you turn to page three or four, you see a little note from General Flynn, and General Flynn confirms, yeah, that.
Why don't you confirm, read that for a moment.
Go ahead, read it for us.
I mean, you've got the floor here.
This is big news.
And you were there at the meeting that Jack Smith reportedly is going to try to indict Trump for.
So, tell us all about it.
Before you do that, why don't you read that last statement from General Flynn about me?
Okay, I'll read it.
A statement by General Michael T. Flynn regarding Patrick Byrne.
It says, through my work as a senior intelligence officer in the world of national security, and special operations. I have known about the courageous
work of Patrick Byrne and has been directed to do on behalf of the United States government.
Most people don't understand the work of national intelligence assets, but that is what
Patrick Byrne has been asked to do when it comes to the opaque world of government to
government relationships.
He's been placed into extremely difficult positions and has had to use his judgment to understand how to best accomplish his direct missions to the best of his ability.
This takes extraordinary judgment and courage.
I've gotten to personally know Patrick over the past few years because of his USG directed role in rooting out corruption.
He has been unshakable when it comes to his relentless pursuit of exposing the deep levels of corruption within our government.
For a man who thought his life would be spent engaging an overseas adversary, he found himself battling his own government.
The incredible story of bribery, blackmail, rape, murder, and other tales, normally the stuff found in fiction novels, are the truth coming from a man who's been asked to enable, encourage, and conduct these actions on behalf of a very own government.
Patrick's story is for real.
He is for real.
The corruption he's exposing is for real.
And it only gets worse the further you read.
And then I can't wait to read the magazine.
I guess that's encompassed here and is a key to this whole story.
So there you are with Trump in the critical meetings that Jack Smith, the UN prosecutor, is focused on.
Tell us what really happened.
Was Trump planning an insurrection?
No, absolutely not.
And my point in asking you to read this was this.
This is, this is the first time it, well, a federal prosecutor and now General Michael Flynn have confirmed that I've had a relationship with the government.
I've actually had a very unusual relationship with the government for a very long time.
So, and it's now been confirmed through that.
So when I was in the, I pulled together the December 18th meeting and, and I, I pulled it together and I kind of, So I got it together without really either side.
Anyway, there may have been a little mischief involved.
It was in the newspapers that you organized those meetings.
So that's not debatable.
So what happened?
So, uh, no, what was discussed, here's the whole thing.
What the meeting was on December 18th had nothing to do with anything that's been reported.
It was not about theories of South Korean jets pulling in ballots or vote flipping from space.
Here's what it was about.
It had nothing to do with that.
The government itself, well, there's two buckets of things you need to know.
And this is just what we walked the president through.
Alex, I'll tell you, just like we did with the president, the one bucket of things was there were two executive orders signed, one by Obama and one by Trump, that said, and I think Trump was just extending Obama, but if a foreign government interferes in an election, a president gets extraordinary powers.
And Obama had signed this, okay?
So he wrote it.
So, and he can do an investigation, he can rerun the election, anything in between.
He really gets any powers he wants.
So that was one set of things to know.
And then the other thing set was the government itself, the federal government in the fall of 2020, put out statement after statement about the hacking that was going on.
The December 9th annual report of the DHS identified hacking of our election as sort of right there on page two or three.
But on October 20th or 22nd, they put out something saying Iran is targeting our elections.
They're going after the, they're trying to hack into our elections.
There's advanced persistent threat actors.
And they, it was just an announcement that says Iran is trying to do this.
Well, given the set of powers from the executive orders from Obama and Trump, think of it like a scale.
Does that pebble Does that pebble give enough weight to trigger those executive orders?
I would say not.
Not the DHS and CISA and FBI.
Let me just stop you.
I know about these executive orders.
For those that don't know, that's how Obama put stay-behind networks in the government to thwart Trump with the $2 billion in the Defense Authorization Act of 2017 that he signed right before he left office, the Countering Foreign Misinformation Propaganda Act, Allowed him to put his people to stay behind networks in, then labeled Trump a Russian agent with no evidence, then allowed them to engage basically in the soft coup that Trump was under for four years.
So you were simply explaining this to Trump about the real powers he had.
Well, one part of the conversation which Sidney led was explaining to Trump the real powers he had if a foreign government interferes in the election.
Now we're saying, Mr. President, what are the, what's the evidence That a foreign government has intervened in the election.
Well, the federal government has now put out its own statements about what's going on.
And first is a statement from October 23rd or so, saying Iran is trying to hack our elections.
Well, that by itself is not enough to trigger those presidential powers.
But then on November 3rd, the federal government came out and said, and this was FBI, DHS, came out and said, Iran has successfully hacked one of our state's election rolls.
Other states are now under attack, and other nation-states are joining in the attack.
Well, you add that pebble to the scale, and an argument could be made that that itself triggers, by what they said on October 24th and November 3rd, that that itself triggers.
Sure, and we see John Kerry and Obama running their shadow government.
Making deals with Iran even when Trump's in, operating like Obama's still the president, working with Iran, I think probably working with them to run the attack, using them as a cut-out.
So, but again, so that's all going on in the background, but we're staying very specific.
We're not bringing to the president any magical theories about John Kerry or about South Korean jets filled with fake ballots.
We're saying, Mr. President, your own government has issued this statement on October 23rd and this statement on November 4th.
Well, that's not enough to trigger your special powers under the Obama executive order, Obama-Trump executive orders.
But now let's look at what the government said on December 6th.
On December 6th, they put forward something that said there's been this massive cyber attack across the United States, massive hacking.
And then finally, and here's the kicker, on December 13th, the Director of National Intelligence, FBI, DHS, put out a statement that said the United States of America Corporate and government has been hacked straight through to the teats.
Pardon me.
It's hacked.
500 Fortune 500 companies, 425 got hacked.
The DHS, CIA, State Department, DOD, NSA, everyone you can think of, they announced on December 13th had been hacked.
Why had they been hacked?
Because they all used a product from SolarWinds called Orion.
It was a network security product, and it turned out to have been hacked.
And on December 13th, that was announced.
In March, they announced, okay, we've identified it was the Russian FSB.
But on December 13th, everything across government had been hacked.
And so if you put that on top of it, government and private, including CISA, including the network for the government that's supposed to be taking care of our elections.
Including the opposite personnel management hack, where the Chinese have everything.
The network security.
So we were saying to the President, sir, it doesn't take any theories of vote flipping from space or South Korean jets or anything else.
The federal government has made these four or five very powerful releases in the last two months.
We believe these trigger your executive powers under Obama's executive order.
And if you agree with that, You get a range of options from light and this is where, so that's, that's one set of questions where we're right about that.
I made the argument, so, but that's the, so it's all on me, Jack Smith.
Come after me first.
I made that argument.
Don't see anything, you know, you can't indict Trump for having listened to an argument.
Uh, now the question is, then, what did we suggest to do?
And I was the one who laid all of this out.
Sidney Powell laid out the reasoning about the executive orders, and she and Mike Flynn answered a few questions about these federal announcements.
What I laid out was simply this.
Mr. President, you have a range of light footprint, heavy-handed options.
We are recommending Uh, the lightest footprint there are, but there's three questions to answer and on each question, you're going to have a range of options from very light footprint to very heavy handed.
So are you ready to hear them?
And he said, yes.
And I said, okay.
If you agree from this set of facts that the government statements themselves about this hacking going on successfully against us triggers your orders.
We're asking you to run a very light investigation.
You could do anything from a light investigation to a presidential commission to, you know, you can rerun the election if you want.
We're saying let's do the lightest thing possible, a quick investigation.
The three questions you need to answer are, what is to be investigated?
I'm sorry, where is to be investigated?
What is to be investigated?
And who is to do the investigation?
And I stopped and let him And he got all that.
So are you with me, Alex?
I'm listening.
You following me?
The question is, where is to be investigated?
Mr. President, we can just go into the six obvious counties where there's all this distress
and they're shutting off Ballard County and all this crazy stuff.
We could expand to 13 counties where we suspect, or we've selected a set of 31 counties that
represent a real broad spectrum of America.
City, suburban, rural, white, black, Hispanic, Democrat, Republican.
And if we can go into 31 counties and investigate, we will finally be able to answer this question that has been dogging us for decades.
How much fraud is there really?
Really, or you can just keep it as minimal as the 6th of July.
Sure, and so what did President Trump say?
He immediately said, go with the 6th.
Go with, just keep it as light as possible.
So that was the first question he asked.
Okay, so I want to get next hour into what really happened, because you're there, they admit you were running the meetings, and Jack Smith is focusing in on this.
What is Jack Smith going to claim?
And then how soon do you think the indictment's coming, or is it not coming?
I can tell you, Jack Smith, what they're going to go for is to claim that the December 18th meeting was really about setting up January 6th and that it was all some color revolution that was planned and all this kind of stuff.
And it's all fantasy.
It's all total fantasy.
I was the guy who laid out those options.
And based on the example I just gave you, Alex, wouldn't you agree that that's the most light handed approach you could take. He said let's just take it.
So he took of all the options that were ever given him, he always took the most light
footprint possible.
And the only mention of January 6th was I said, "Sir, this is going to take us two weeks."
The paper says it'll take us two weeks.
We really think we can get this done in a week, maybe in a few days.
If we don't find what we think we're going to find, I think you need to concede as quickly as possible.
He cut me off immediately to say, Patrick, you have no idea how easy that's going to be for me to do.
I can, on January 20th, Marine One's going to land right over there.
He was sitting at the Resolute Desk, looking out the windows, and it's going to land right there, Patrick.
I can walk out of here on January 20th, my head held high.
I did more than anyone's accomplished.
No problem.
But can I really do that if I think that this election has been rigged and there's a foreign nation involved?
How can I do that?
So I found that to be a totally morally appropriate reason.
Nothing in it.
And he leaned over another time.
We had a moment alone as we went through a doorway and he, like, emphasized to me, Pat, you have no idea how easy it's going to be for me to walk out of here.
If I lost this election, that's just fine.
But if I think this and By the way, Roger Stone told me that too, that Trump was ready to go if they hadn't stolen it.
He wanted to go play golf.
He just wanted to fix the country.
And we know all that.
So we're going to go to break, come right back.
But it's so crazy now that Jack Smith is going to try to claim those meetings are a plan to then have a bunch of feds and re-eps attack the Capitol.
I mean, are they crazy enough to indict Trump and then try to convince a jury of that?
That just sounds wild.
The only mention of January 6th was me, when I said, Mr. President, if you can't wait until January 6th and then ask us to do this investigation, that would be sore loserism.
They're totally hanging their hat that January 6th was reported at that meeting, and that was you just bringing up that date when Congress certifies it.
That's the only mention in the whole meeting of the day, January 6th, and it came up in this other context, and I brought it up.
The papers that we brought, the plan, turned out... Hold on, I want to hear more about this.
This is incredible.
Stay with us.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Patrick Byrne, CEO, journalist, patriot, is our guest here, and he's there at the key meeting.
I remember reading about it in the newspaper, and I remember Flynn doing interviews, and Byrne like, you ever talk about options to investigate the election fraud and look at it?
Democrats investigate elections.
State Department goes around the world and investigates elections.
I remember Trump talked about some of the options.
I mean, everything Byrne's saying and who was there running the meeting has pretty much been admitted.
And all I know is I woke up in a world every January 6th where I ran the attack on the Capitol and Trump told me to attack it.
Complete baloney.
Trump's like, peacefully, respectfully go to the Capitol and let them know our numbers for a 10-day investigation in the Senate.
And, you know, he took Patrick's advice and said, yeah, let's have the rally then and let's show our numbers and call for a Senate investigation, something Democrats have done before as well.
And now Jack Smith, some stations don't care this first five, but we can recap it.
But Jack Smith seems very nervous in the one press conference he had.
He could barely talk about stuttering.
It's like he's blackmailed or something.
He is just going forward like a zombie, even though it makes Trump's numbers go up.
What are you expecting?
Are they planning to indict him as Trump, right?
Let me, uh, I don't know about that, but let me correct something you just said, because it's real important.
There were two competing approaches.
The other approach is what you're talking about, is they call the Green Bay Sweep.
It's what Steve Bannon talks about.
And that approach was, we're going to get to January 6th, enough states are going to raise objections, enough Congress, House members and Senate members.
That was that approach.
We were saying, setting that aside, we didn't talk about that at all.
We were saying, we can just do this investigation and we can have an answer for you really in about three days, by at least by Christmas Eve.
It was December 18th.
We said no, I understand you were looking directly at the local stuff.
I'm saying it's me, a little guy on the ground.
I was just there because Trump wanted to rally.
He was going, I think, with both approaches.
Yeah, but what happened was, this is what happened.
So let's walk through real quick.
I'll be concise but methodical.
The other two things on who is to do it, the document we had was written Well, what was to be, who was to do it?
The document said DHS, and we had discussed DHS or FBI, and I presented as DHS, but then I said, and sir, I think, I know that there's a taboo against involving military uniforms, but I think there's been a total social, a breakdown in social trust.
The DHS could do this, but as well as that, I think you ought to consider bolting a federal marshal to small National Guard cyber teams to do this.
We had already decided what should be done was not seizing equipment.
It was imaging hard drives in six places.
So that's another thing they misreport.
What we were talking about is what ultimately I laid out a range of options from imaging hard drives, seizing hard drives, seizing equipment.
And again, on that range, he took the lightest.
We're just gonna do the imaging.
Because I told him, if you just image, that's 80% as good as he's taking it.
Sure, but then Trump never did that, so how is Jack Smith gonna try to indict him?
Because Jack Smith is saying...
Oh, that the military, the discussion of the military, that was all me.
The paper said DHS, I propose consider using the military.
Trump's lawyers cut me off, said no.
Rudy and Mark Meadows advised against it, said just stick with DHS.
He turned, Trump turned to Mike Flynn.
Mike Flynn thought for a bit.
He said the DHS has resources that are perfectly adequate for this.
And Trump said no uniforms.
And I even made the argument again a bit.
Sure, but just wargaming something.
They're going to try to say Trump won the military coup.
But remember, it's Nancy Pelosi and all them saying, no matter what, on January 20th, the military will frog march him out.
They're the ones on TV saying they're going to use the military against Trump.
Yeah, so they're wrong.
The only use of discussion of the military was Patrick using the National Guard.
And by the way, I'll point out that Biden just used the National Guard in 14 states in 2022 for elections.
Stay there.
Some states are going to join us.
Recap what you just said, how huge that is.
And you're the only one that talked about January 6th.
And you're the only one that talks about using the military.
And I remember reading about that in the newspaper, it said that.
I mean, all this is on record.
But thank God you're a witness that was there.
A key person.
We'll be right back with Patrick Byrne.
Stay with us.
This is critical.
back in 60 seconds.
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All right, Winter Soldier Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock, General Flynn says a secret operative of the U.S.
government and intelligence battling the globalists, and that's pretty obvious, Byrne's been doing that for a long time, is here with us.
And there's a big new magazine issue, Capital Times Magazine, being distributed all over the Capitol to educate folks about what's really going on.
Jack Smith is set, Trump says, and he's been accurate twice now, To be indicted very early for claiming that January 6th that he was raising money, fraudulently, off saying the election's a fraud.
Whether you're right or wrong, he's been able to raise money to challenge the election.
That he got these alternate electors, which again, JFK did, Obama did in Hawaii.
That's totally lawful.
And that he planned an insurrection at the Capitol, which I know is totally untrue.
I watched the feds break through and set everybody up and I tried to stop them.
So Patrick Byrne, now let's get...
Well, recap what you said last segment.
Some stations don't carry that.
And why you're such a key witness at this meeting that you basically called and were running.
That's even admitted in the Washington Post.
And what you expect to come out of this.
When you say, Jack Smith and Obama, we know it's really Obama running Biden, in my view, have bit off more than they can chew.
Yeah, I agree.
I want truth and reconciliation.
I don't want a civil war.
I don't want their heads on pikes.
I just want this insanity to stop.
That's why RFK Jr.
is so popular.
Yeah, we're just saying, let's just stop the insanity.
Let's stop the innocence now.
Let's stop going along with, like, stay behind Chinese funding with Hollywood to cause a race war.
It's like our government's already fighting China, but the old policy of China winding us up to kill each other is still in place through Hollywood.
It's just very schizophrenic.
So just lay it out for us.
Okay, here's the fundamental reason his connection of December 18th to January 6th is flawed.
What really happened was after four and a half hours of this, and we sort of had a tentative, we thought that they were leaning towards yes, we left at 12.15 in the morning.
It turns out that Rudy, in two minutes after we left, Rudy turned him around and said, Mr. President, if you go forward with Byrne's plan, we're all going to end up in prison.
And Trump went up to his bedroom.
What happened about an hour and 15 minutes later is President Trump picks up his phone and takes Twitter and says, hey, everybody come to D.C.
on January 6th.
It's going to be wild, whatever he said.
He did that because he'd been reeled down.
All of his people told him he was defeated.
We snuck in.
We snuck into the White House.
A bunch of people got in trouble for this, but we got to the Oval Office.
I won't explain how again.
And we had all this to show him and talk to him about, and he was all excited for four hours.
Then we leave.
Rudy tells him, we can't do this.
We're all going to end up in prison.
Forget it.
And Trump, okay, forgets it.
He goes up.
And in my book I explain how over the weekend it all unraveled.
We only found out about it over the weekend.
He goes up and tweets this out about January 6th.
That's what happened about Come to D.C.
That's what happened.
What Jack Smith wants to say is that we went in with a plan about making an insurrection on January 6th.
It's all delusional.
By the way, I was reading the news at the time, but also talking to people involved.
That's exactly what happened.
And Trump went with the Steve Bannon plan to basically just get the states to line up to find evidence of fraud and to show our numbers peacefully and hope the Senate had an investigation.
And then they set us up on January 6th by having Antifa cohorts there, DC police there.
There's a setup, there's something bigger in the setup there, Alex, that I respectfully, I think your work is great.
I think you're correct.
No, it's fine.
Tell me what you think.
Go ahead.
That January 6th morning was not supposed to be a pep rally for Donald Trump.
It was supposed to be, and we had been led to believe that we had 30 minutes to prepare.
It was General Flynn, myself, and two very Sober government scientists.
Very sober.
One NSA and one from Los Alamos who have made a study of this.
And General Flynn was going to come up and do the general thing.
Why this was so important and historic, each of those scientists were going to take 10 minutes to explain why we thought that the world, the Senate, the American people, and the world needed an explanation of why we thought the election had been rigged.
These two scientists were going to get up and explain it, and it was going to be three minutes from me about the need to keep the peace.
That's what was supposed to be the heart of the speech on January 6th.
It was not supposed to be a Trump rally.
The night before, the afternoon before, some people close to Pence got a hold of it.
And there's a woman close to Pence.
She has something to do with protocol.
I block on her name.
She turned the whole nature of that January 6th morning, away from what I just described, eliminated that and made it a Trump pep rally, which with all due respect to 45, the last thing the world needed that moment was Rudy to get up and talk about Joe Frazier voted and Donald Trump to get up and say, I was cheated.
It needed Michael Flynn to set the stage for five or 10 minutes.
Two very sober government scientists to explain we've been studying election fraud for decades within the government.
This is what we see.
We think the Senate needs to take another week to look at this.
We need to think the state legislatures.
People need to go and take another week to look into a few things.
A very sober half-hour presentation.
It was Pence's people the night before who ripped that out and destroyed what was supposed... So, that would have been a very powerful thing, because you would have had all these senators, you would have had the American people watching, learning for the first time, unfiltered, about what was, we believe, was really going on from real sober scientists, and the senators and the congressmen would have heard it, and then they could have voted.
And you know what?
I understand you're going over the history of that, so that's important, but neither your plan nor Bannon's plan, and I remember those two tracks, had anything to do with a civil war or any of this, or people walking between the velvet ropes there and being set up.
So where do you think January 6th is going now?
What do you think Jack Spitz is going to do?
I agree with you that they've been off more than they can shoot.
Give us your 35,000 foot view on what's currently happening now.
Well, okay, I will close off the last thing.
I think there was a plan to get it to O'Violet, and that was the Antifa, that was the Feds, and I think that was part of that decision by the people around Pence to totally ruin what the point of the rally was the next morning.
And they pulled that out.
And I think that their decision to pull that out was part of their desire.
They were somehow involved.
I think there were Republican elements who were working and involved in making this go.
They kept changing.
They made such bad decisions.
I think that they were some anti-Trump Republican elements were involved in January 6th, frankly.
That's one, along with feds and anti-feds.
Where it's going now is Jack Smith is going to indict.
How is he going to indict?
You know, if they try to indict anything about this January, December 8th.
You know, they got to say, you know, Trump listened to me for four hours and 15 minutes, and then I walked out and in two minutes he decided against it.
So what can you indict him for out of that?
They can't indict Mike Flynn or Sidney Powell.
I told them we had a meeting.
I told them to come with me to the White House when we didn't really have a meeting.
And we just sort of, I sort of got them inside the gates.
I had a couple of staffers kind of them tricked, thinking they were going to give me a tour.
And so I got Flynn and Sidney inside the gate and only then did Sort of, I explained that we really didn't have a meeting in the Oval Office.
We had to, you guys gotta... Obi-Wan Kenobi did.
Yeah, so they, so they, you know, if there's anyone to indict, Mike and Sidney didn't know that we were, what we were doing.
Trump, Trump just... We understand that.
I'm asking your view on Jack Smith.
I mean, what is going on with these people?
This is... You know what he's doing?
He doesn't care about having an indictment, a conviction on this.
What they're going to make a case is this violates What Trump did was, in the 14th Amendment, after the Civil War, there was something passed that said anyone who took part in the Confederacy can't hold public office.
They're going to try to apply that, say this was an insurrection, and because Trump took part in it and Flynn was part of it, they can't ever run for office.
That's what they're doing.
Yeah, that's the same thing they convicted the Proud Boys and the folks with Stuart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers, for.
Yeah, however, I think August is going to go badly for them.
I can tell you there's some research.
I think there'll be something public on August 4.
Their narrative has gotten pretty tired, but I think by August 4, it's going to be blown up.
What is August 4?
There are some facts coming forward, and we're rushing to get them forward in one state before Sidney Powell goes for her final appeal.
on certain matters.
We want to get this into the public.
There are some scientists who have had access to stuff and there's some, we're
finally after all this fighting, getting to the stuff we wanted to get to in
December, 2020, we're just, it's taken two and a half years of fighting and we
have enough that it's going to blow their narrative out of the water.
What Jack Smith is trying to do, it's not about getting Trump into prison.
It's about blocking him, making this argument and then.
So, they admit they want to take him off the ballot, and it's only an insurrection that can do it.
say we're leaving them off the ballot.
It's we're just not even, it's our decision.
We're leaving off the ballot.
So that's their strategy.
It's about keeping them off the ballot.
Well, that's absolutely right.
So, so they admit they want to take him off the ballot and it's only
an insurrection that can do it.
What do you make of the AG totally Soros run in Michigan and what she's doing?
I think that's part of it.
I think she's a crook.
She's going to go to... I think she and the Secretary of State belong in prison.
You know, they went after... Here's something I can share.
In Michigan, they sent out, shortly after that election, the Secretary of State sent out unlawful instructions for everyone to erase their hard drives and thumb drives.
A bunch of sheriffs, a bunch of people said no.
They took the materials.
There's been a completely legal law enforcement operation, investigation going on in Michigan.
And you know where it all leads to?
It all leads to Jocelyn Benson and the AG.
The Secretary of State and the AG, both of them are goons from Soros.
They are implicated.
And so what they're doing now is they're trying to bring criminal charges against the sheriffs
and the lawyers and the expert witnesses who've been working in this investigation.
It's the most Banana Republic thing you've ever seen.
And now this is just another Banana Republic move.
Well, I mean, I totally agree with you.
If you watched the R.F.K.
hearing yesterday, They literally said, we don't want you to speak, but we're not censoring you.
And then just went mad dog crazy and looked totally scared.
They're not acting like a party that's in control.
They're acting like chickens with their heads cut off.
Well, I'm hoping that someone adult starts emerging on the Democratic Party so there's someone we can talk to.
Because if there's not, this is going to get nasty.
I'd love someone who can diffuse it.
And I think RFK is great.
So, yeah, but they are running around with it.
They're really at a loss.
And their best move would be to start simmering down.
There is no way they can escalate their way out of this.
They've lost the public, they've lost government employees themselves, or frankly, 85% of government employees are on our side.
I was about to say, you know what I mean?
I mean, I totally, I see the numbers and I experience it.
I agree.
They've totally lost the public.
Like, this is beyond a political realignment.
This is like a super realignment.
And, but I don't think they're going to stop.
These people are crazy.
Well, they, it's, Yeah, they don't show it.
I think that they've lost command and control.
Networks under pressure break down.
They break down and start making bad decisions and they're not making good decisions.
They should be stepping back and trying to find some way to get through this because they're going to lose this one.
I'm afraid they're going to start like a nuclear war this fall or something.
No, I agree.
Or cut the power and say Russia did it.
They've already said, oh, right-wingers for Trump are going to cyber attack and cut the power.
I mean, come on.
They are so desperate.
So let me ask you this.
You're a smart guy.
I respect you.
Patrick Burns here with us.
What are the scenarios they could pull to keep power?
I was about to say nuclear war, cyber attack they stage.
What are the good scenarios where they back down and things get fixed?
I mean, knowing them, what do you expect they're going to pull?
Well, I actually fear that some of these things you've been talking about for a long time, such as they've been engineering A massive worldwide famine.
It seems that we're going to have, in six months, we may have food for 4 billion people on this planet, which is really problematic because we now have 8 billion people.
And they've engineered this collapse in the supply chains for urea and other aspects of fertilizer.
You know about what they've done to the diesel and the DEF supply chain, right, in the U.S.? ?
Yes, sir.
I mean, I know about a lot of it.
Give us your take.
You're a former CEO of a major company.
They have a whole bunch of things.
So, since 2010, every American diesel engine has to have this fluid that you add to it that reduce the exhaust.
And they're now designed so if you don't have that fluid, it's not diesel fuel, it's a different fluid that goes in as well.
If you don't have that, the thing shuts off.
Well, they have engineered a reduction in the reserves of that, so that we could be within... anytime they want, they can just do a couple things, and within 20-30 days, we're running out of They're banning gas-powered stoves, gas-powered generators.
It's a full move against our infrastructure.
Yeah, and I'm afraid this fall they do something like they pull the trigger and we're in some kind of economic winter.
This was all modeled out 20 years ago in Washington, D.C.
Well, that's how Lennon and that's how Mao took control.
I mean, people's like, oh, how mean.
He killed 30 million farmers.
Now did.
Yeah, because he was taking control.
I mean, they just shut the food off.
They shut the energy off.
But they seem to be, the U.S.
ultimately, people can grow their own food.
They seem to be engineering a worldwide food collapse.
You know, if you don't fertilize farmland, and you just grow natural on it, versus if you fertilize it, you can often get like four or five times as much food out of it by fertilizing it.
By eliminating the, or breaking down the fertilizer supply chain, as they're doing with the Ukrainian war, they're creating this situation.
We're going to have far less food than we need to serve 8 billion people.
The U.S. may not be the hardest hit, but it's just going to destabilize things geographically.
Well sure, and then we'll get flooded.
For those that don't know, worldwide nitrogen production, Ukraine's part of it, but also
globalist cuts, 26% of the nitrogen has been cut off the last two years.
They've done equations.
That's hundreds of millions starving to death.
So this has already been done.
It's very simple.
If you go down in a submarine with not enough air, you're going to die.
This is already done.
They've already cut the energy for plants that feed humans.
They're cutting the energy that runs our machines.
This is a very cold-blooded move.
Yeah, and they've done it up the top of the supply chain, so it takes some time, a year or two to work through.
Well, they did a year or so ago, so now as we work, now the big shortages are working through and I think they're going to hit before the end of this year, which is why people should be buying those products you sell about the prepping products.
Believe me, I wish, but that's just for individuals to be protected.
So why are they, why are the mega banks and others so, is it because the dollar is coming to its end, the Ponzi scheme, like we're going to have hyperinflation, or we're going to have depression?
I mean, is it because we're coming to the end, they just want the crisis to bring in the central bank, digital currencies, and the ESGs?
Well, I think it goes far, far beyond that.
I think it's Cloward Pivens.
They've never been down with Republican, constitutional Republican, limited government.
For 250 years, Central European powers have been against it.
They want to destroy us.
This is Cloward Piven reaching its end.
It all collapses.
They emerge in charge of some goon state, is how they view it.
something like the Hunger Games, and it may be true that they intend to starve
80 or 90% of us out.
I think that what really happens, if you read the Chinese national security literature,
the lefties here are going along with that 'cause that's how they think it ends.
What really happens is then there's a three-year period where the cartels and the UN blue helmets
are given three years to rape, pillage, loot and burn and destroy America.
When it's nothing but a carcass, the keys get handed off to China.
They colonize.
It solves the food problem that for 2,500 years the Han have faced.
The greatest problem they face is food.
They colonize and they occupy us.
And if that all sounds nutty, just read their national security link.
Look, I'll send you a link, Alex, the secret speech of Cher Haotian, the retiring Minister of Defense in 2003.
No, I know, I know.
And look, look how America's already been humiliated, how we've been trained to just accept all this.
Yeah, you're right.
First they softened us up with collapse for three to five years.
Then the Chai Koms come in as the savers with the UN.
No, I think it's I think they don't come in.
Yeah, I think something like that.
I think that the cartels get three years to just completely once they've collapsed our supply chains.
So this was all studied 20 years ago in DC.
Whatever the crisis, whether it's Ebola, whether it's an EMP, whether it's a financial crisis, if the crisis is bad enough, supply chains collapse.
Within two weeks, we go through a tipping point in society that we can't tip back out of.
And in the following year, 90% of us die.
And it doesn't matter.
There's a book called One Second After that you should know.
It captures a bunch of learnings from a national security expert.
I've read it.
I've read it.
No, you're absolutely right.
That's why they started with the COVID lockdown, was to cattywampus it and only shut down their competition to vertically consolidate for the big companies to get ready to weather this storm.
So COVID was them battening down the hatches before they go to the next phase.
And then the next phase is I think it gets, I think we go through another even bigger moment sometime in the near future, another COVID, an Ebola, a financial collapse, who the heck knows what, it collapses.
Then we have, if it all goes according to their plan, we have like a year where 90% of us die.
Somewhere in there, the cartels and everybody are just told we become like a Mad Max territory for three years.
And then when we're nothing but a husk, the Chinese take us.
If you don't believe me, read the book Unrestricted Warfare by Two Chinese Colonels,
or The Secret Speech. I'll send Alex the link after this show.
So that's what happens by 2028.
I'll put it this way.
Their plan since 1949 was to conquer us by 2049, to reduce us to a vassal state.
In 2010 they changed the due date to 2030.
They now believe it's 2028 or 2027.
Deeds have already been issued in China.
Alex, some Chinese general has a deed to your home there in Texas.
And he probably looks on Google Earth once a month, he sees the new hot tub you put in your backyard, he thanks you for it.
He believes he's living there by 2028.
That's how they've already distributed the deeds in China to homes across America.
By the way, that's true.
That's actually come out.
I mean, we've been totally sold out.
And I wonder if the average bureaucrat knows this isn't a game.
Like, this has really happened.
I mean, they're already cutting off millions of our children's genitals.
I mean, it's just, the sky's the limit now.
I doubt it's millions, but it's... No, I mean, it's millions worldwide.
They're gearing up for millions.
I learned a new fact recently that is kind of decisive.
I mean, not that it needed any new facts, but did you know no person who's ever gone through this transgender reassignment has ever had an orgasm again?
Well, how can you tell me a 10-year-old or a 12-year-old can give consent, can give informed consent to such a decision?
It's absurd.
And a child, it's like saying my cat... Oh, it's total hellraiser evil, and then when they commit suicide, they say you weren't nice to them, they committed suicide.
No, you literally cut... I mean, look, the little boys, it's horrible.
They cut it off, create a huge hole that rots, never heals.
With the little girls, they cut the forearms off, and the thighs, and build... They're even more gross.
Not even a little fake blob of meat with a PVC pipe.
I'm serious.
A piece of tubing to pee out of.
How can a child make an informed decision on that?
The whole essence of our tradition, Alex, is consent.
Consensual exchange in free markets.
Consent in sexual relations.
Well, consent of the governed in politics.
Well, consent is something that philosophers would say can only occur among rational agents.
If a guy rapes a woman, he can't say, well, she gave her, she was drunk, but she gave her consent.
A guy at Stanford.
No, because she couldn't give consent, she was drunk.
And a child is underage, they can't give consent.
But I'm saying, but once they get these women and parents to commit to do it, they can't admit they were wrong.
Now they're like a cult.
Yeah, you know, that's why the parents are so... By the way, this all really started due to some papers written in Europe, especially, I think, in The Lancet.
Hold on, Patrick Byrne, one more segment with us.
I wonder about what's coming next with you.
Patrick Byrne's our guest.
We'll be right back.
Patrick Byrne on Twitter.
You know, Patrick Byrne said something about 30 minutes ago.
He said, I believe the establishment's lost command and control.
And I believe that is a completely true statement.
You watch how panicked they are, you watch how they're gaslighting.
Like, we didn't censor Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
We just did let him, we tried to not let him talk.
Those are quotes from multiple Congress people at the talking point.
We didn't censor him, we just don't let him talk.
We don't want him to talk.
It's a desperateness and there's all these bureaucracies and all these systems and it's all insane.
Patrick, can this be salvaged?
Where do you think this is all going?
Where it's going, if we win, is this is what we have to start pushing for.
When we win, it's denazification.
Just what we did in Germany after World War II, we have to denazify the institutions.
Just as Gramsci and the cultural Marxists were all about the long march of the institutions, we have to denazify the institutions.
We have so many Nazis in our institutions who don't understand when you restrict people's right to free speech or assemble Say for having religious meetings because COVID or try to take their guns away or restrict their voting.
That's Nazi.
They're the Nazis and we need to denazify our institutions and we want to do it peacefully like we did after World War II in Germany, but we have to denazify our institutions.
And you know, Nazi's a good word for them, but what are they really, totalitarian cult?
are. I mean, what are they?
Socialists, international, there's international socialists, there's
national socialists. At the end of the day, these are all different flavors
of totalitarian, totalitarian. They were always against these European,
these mediocre European intellectuals were always against the American
experiment. And this is their chance at it. And we have to deny it.
You know, what's.
The American left thinks they walk out running some new world.
They ought to look at what happened to the VC after the Vietnam War was over.
They were the second people destroyed.
This all gets turned into a farm for China, and you just have to read their national security literature to see that.
But so far, the techno-fascists think that they're going to end up in charge of some new
Hunger Game world.
They have a big surprise coming for them by a couple years down the road.
But no, none of that's going to happen because we're going to win.
We're going to expose a whole lot in the weeks and several months ahead.
And we're going to be back in charge, the people who care about the Constitution,
Democrats and Republicans, and we're going to denazify the institution.
Well, this is something I wanted to say when you first came on,
and I just forgot to say it, but you've kind of already said it.
Once social engineers, who usually only have their own corporate goal,
institute some brainwashing or some propaganda, they may get that goal,
they may win one level in, but then it'll create >> I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm
Ripple effects that then end up causing unintended consequences.
You get a whole bunch of corrupt functions doing this.
It creates a disaster.
And so many people on what you call the left, and I'm not right-wing or left-wing, I'm just a populist, pro-freedom, pro-security, pro-common sense, pro-human.
I think you are too.
The labels mean nothing.
Don't destroy ourselves and be prosperous.
And, but once they set us against each other, how they used Trump to radicalize the left and how, you know, back and forth, the very people following this are being destroyed by their own support for it.
But just because they hate the other side, they don't see they're destroying themselves.
And I don't know how you get them to understand what Robert Kennedy Jr.
said yesterday.
He said, look, we got to stop destroying each other.
This is really happening.
And I don't know how you get that through to them.
There's a certain type of person who doesn't care.
I think it's about 10% or less that they really don't care.
They're so lefty, they don't care.
They would consider it an accomplishment if what they did was bring it all down and destroy the United States.
Karl Marx said, This thing, when he was 24, he wrote something about how I want to be, I want to destroy everything, I want the institutions to be in rubble around me.
This was before he developed any theories.
He just wanted to do that to the world.
He didn't have any theories of how to do it or how the world worked or anything.
Well, let me explain to the communist people.
You go take the system over, you don't burn a palace down just because your enemy built it.
You see what I'm saying?
Yeah, but some of these people are so puny and bitter and jealous.
They're very strange.
I could go into it with a story, but I've already used up too much of your time.
No, no, you're not doing that.
No, no, explain that because really their mindset is blow it all up because it's so pretty.
Well, when Rome finally fell in 410 to Alaric de Visigoth, The Germans in Visigoths came in and they saw some of the temples were so beautiful that they didn't burn those because they thought this is just too beautiful to burn.
It's the opposite with the left or whatever you call them.
They want to burn the most beautiful things because they're, instead of conquering it and owning it, they want to destroy it because they existentially don't want it.
That makes no sense to me.
I can tell you just the type of people they are.
I've been around them.
I went to high school with some people in D.C.
Two of them were real intellectuals who went on to Ivy League schools.
One was this lovely guy.
Not a great student.
He dropped out after a term at college.
He started something called the Bethesda Cinema and Draft House.
The idea got 30 grand together from friends and family, rented an old theater, put in a pizza oven.
Well, by the time we got out of college, this one kid who had sat in the back of French class, he was rich!
He'd gotten rich.
We were all so happy for him.
We thought this was so terrific.
I ran into those two people, and it was two people who went to Ivy League schools, which I did too.
And these two people, when I met them, instead of being so happy for Roger, they were so jealous and nasty.
And can you believe we live in a society that rewards serving pizza rather than I have spent my last four years, you know, managing the way of mastering the works of Foucault.
And Foucault's deconstruction of asymmetric power relationships.
Society doesn't reward me.
What kind of awful society is this?
That's literally the kinds of things these two people were saying.
Well, that whole mentality, they're just puny, bitter people who feel passed over.
And they hate entrepreneurship.
They hate success.
They think people like them should run the world.
And this is their chance.
They just are bitter because people like them aren't running the world.
You know who has a great feel for all of this, Alex?
It's you and the book The Great Awakening.
Right on, man.
Good for you.
I'm sure you pushed that on your show.
I haven't even seen you push it.
I'm telling your readers, you've got to get The Great Awakening.
Well, thank you.
Well, join us again, Patrick.
You're a hard guy to get on, and when you reached out to come on, I said, you asked yesterday, I usually ask you to come on, you're too busy.
So, anytime you want to be here, Patrick Byrne, Patrick Byrne on Twitter, that's Patrick, B-Y-R-N-E, and at DeepCapture.com.
We've got two minutes to break.
Final points for anybody out there that wants to learn what you're doing.
Final point is, the day after the Durham report was Delivered, a certain very well respected retired military officer called me and said, Patrick, our Republic's hanging by a thread.
It may be lost.
If we have any chance, you've got to get your story out there.
That led to a series of interviews, which became that magazine.
If you read that magazine, Alex, you'll have fodder for the next month of your shows.
You're going to be shocked when you see what's in that magazine.
It's been vouched for right there in the opening.
So if you read that magazine, I'll come back on your show and discuss it.
You've got the answers to a lot of things you've been talking about.
I worked for Brennan and I worked for Comey and I went into bribing.
I bribed Hillary Clinton.
I set up the Russian collusion delusion and I created a rape and murder sting and forced the deep state into approving a rape and murder in order to go forward with a plot.
You got to read that story.
You will have me back, I think.
I will.
All right, Patrick Byrne, thank you so much.
Be safe.
Take care.
Wow, that's wild.
All right, we've got Jay Dyer, always knocks it out of the park.
He couldn't do last Friday because his plane got delayed.
He was flying back.
He's got a lot to say.
I want to talk about the transgender cult because it's millions of children that they have in the cult set for surgeries.
I think the estimate is 2 million in the US alone.
Something like 300,000 in the UK alone.
I mean 100,000 in Canada.
This is a full court press.
And it's in the hundreds of thousands that they've chopped their genitals off.
So we need to talk about What's going to happen once the parents realize they've committed this crime against their child?
And you heard Byrne.
None of them ever had an orgasm.
We get mad at the Muslims cutting little girls' clitorises off, and that's terrible.
They can still have an internal orgasm.
This is little kids literally having their genitals cut off and their lives ruined, and little girls' is even worse.
They build a fake penis out of meat out of their thighs and arms.
This is like insane.
Oh, you're mentally ill?
Let's give you a big rotting flesh blob.
I mean, come on folks, we'll be right back.
We are back live.
Final segment of the third hour.
I'll be hosting into the fourth hour some with Jay Dyer.
So, Patrick Byrne was just talking about going to Ivy League schools and watching the weirdo rich kids whose grandparents or great-grandparents made the money.
They'll study Foucault or they'll study Nietzsche or Alexander Soros gives endless little weird PhD speeches on Nietzsche and gets all upset and reads it all weird like he's smart, can't even understand it.
And they just have a hatred of the public as their third, fourth, fifth generation inbred twits.
They're the spoiled brats to the next level.
And then they fund Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion to go to working class places in Europe, in the UK, and block and attack trains and attack people.
And I saw one video today where they jump in front of a car and a lady swerves and runs into a guy's Mercedes And the woman's crying, and the guy shoves her, so a guy gets out and punches him!
And all the little leftists sit there and get upset about him.
You know the cops will arrest the guy.
Because they're jumping in front of their car, making him a car wreck, man, you deserve to get your ass beat.
There's a new footage, just went up on Infowars.com, and Don Salazar wrote an article about it.
Video, angry mother taking baby to hospital confronts climate activist blocking her car.
They're not blocking the migrants coming into the country on their Zodiac boats, no.
They're there, funded by George Soros, to get everybody fighting with each other, and to say, your cars and your infrastructure are bad, go starve to death and die at home.
And look at these trust fund slobs.
They're there to disrupt society.
But the globalists on top are cutting off the pipelines, and blowing up the pipelines, and blocking, stopping forest fires, because they have a hatred for us, folks.
It's who they are, and people are sick of it.
Let's go ahead and roll the newest one, Angry Mother, then we'll play a compilation.
I mean look at these slobs.
They're blocking your cars for the good of the earth.
They love electric cars that go 50,000 times the sludge to build one.
They're just... They're all trust fund kids.
Look at them.
They're all the good guys.
They're willing to do it.
Just stop oil.
Just shut down civilization.
Just starve everyone.
Do any of these people have kids or have sex?
They are miserable.
And they want to destroy you.
This is what your colleges turn out.
This is what the Rothschilds turn out.
this is their hate they're like well these are idiots
They got control of the schools and your children.
They're going to cut your children's genitals off.
The carbon they want to cut is you.
They're obstructing your life, your job.
You're going to the grocery store for food for your family.
You're going to the doctor.
You're going to church.
They're in your way.
They're letting you know, hey, you gotta cross through me.
And they're all funded by BP and the oil companies who really run the whole carbon tax scam.
Enron came up with it.
Look it up.
You'd never expect that, would you?
Man, that's sexy, that hot chick dragging that girl up in the air.
I mean, just stop putting up with the crap, folks.
Look, jumping in front of a truck.
And where are the police?
They're all there to enforce and make sure.
People love the police here because they're not fully controlled by the globalists.
Folks, the police are the enemy once you're under leftist control.
They will be leftist enforcing all this.
Look at this idiot.
Glues his hand with quick cement.
And now he's begging them to get him out of it because it hurts and he's eating his hand.
And I love that video.
They're bitching, hurry up, get my hand out of this.
Ha ha ha ha!
I mean...
And this happens in Austin.
Antifa and Black Lives Matter shut down roads.
One night, my oldest daughter was coming home from her job just a few months ago, and there were fireworks exploding, people going crazy, people banging on her windows because she was white.
And it was white people banging on her windows because she was white.
I mean, you've got to get into the mind control of this, folks.
So people are going to not put up with it, but don't worry, though.
Jack Smith, though, man, he's a U.N.
Officer and he's gonna get your president.
He's gonna teach you good They sided with the evil guys folks, all right, let's go to this next clip This lady talks about how the left are like Japanese soldiers after World War II ended.
As it comes out that Big Pharma funded it and it's mutilation and the kids are committing suicide and they never have an orgasm and they're in incredible pain with an open wound.
It's like Hellraiser on PCP and all of MI6 psychological warfare tests.
What's going to happen to the parents though that took their child to get sterilized with either chemicals or physically?
And they're never going to admit they're wrong.
Same thing with the poison shots, the doctors that gave them and everybody.
They know how to corrupt you, folks.
They get you to commit a crime.
And then if you don't admit it's wrong, not to the world, but to God, your heart gets hardened.
I remember the first time 20 years ago, I admitted that I funded abortions when I was younger.
And then God touched my heart and rebuked me and said, those are your children, and that was wrong, and then set me on my mission.
The left goes, what a hypocrite!
He funded abortions, but now he's against them.
What does that mean?
It's like if I was a murderer and I repented later and said it was wrong, which I am a murderer.
I am a murderer.
I've murdered my own children.
Not consciously, I was deceived, but by admitting it, I am now no longer a murderer.
God has forgiven me because I realized I was wrong.
But if you don't admit you did that, then everything else you can't see.
Everything else wrong, you can't see.
So imagine, you get tricked by a school in the system to sterilize your daughter or son, cut their breasts off, cut their genitals off, or cut parts of their arms and legs off to make a... It's so abusive.
They'll just make some little penis, where it'd be a little bit of muscle.
Because my Achilles is totally gone, I didn't get it worked on, so now they're going to have to take meat out of my ass because I won't go get a cadaver from China.
And you know, I'm like, oh man, I wish I got that fixed earlier.
But that's for something to really fix me.
But I'm still going to have to have that happen when I finally get the surgery done.
Imagine telling a little girl, we're going to give you a penis because you're a boy and it's a big, rotting, stinking thing of muscle with a piece of PVC pipe in it.
Imagine a horror movie where they trick kids to cut their penises off.
You'd like that would never happen.
It's happening.
That's who this is.
Hell, this is real.
These are demons.
So here's Helen Joyce, who's a big leftist economist, worked for the Rothschilds.
She's turned out against him.
Good lady, here she is.
There's a lot of people who can't move on on this, because that's the people who have transitioned their own children.
So those people are going to be like the Japanese soldiers who were on the Pacific Islands and didn't know the war was
They've got to fight forever.
This is another reason why this is the worst, worst, worst social contagion that we'll ever have experienced.
A lot of people have done the worst thing that you could do, which is to harm their children irrevocably because of it.
Those people will have to believe that they did the right thing for the rest of their lives, for their own sanity and for their own self-respect.
So they'll still be fighting.
And each one of those people destroys entire organisations and entire friendship groups.
Like, I've lost count of the number of times that somebody has said to me of a specific organisation that has got turned upside down on this.
Oh, the deputy director has a trans child, or, you know, oh, the journalist on that paper who does special investigations has a trans child, or whatever.
The entire organisation gets paralysed by that one person.
And it may not even be widely known at the organisation that they have a trans child, but it will come out Like people will have sort of said it quietly, and now you can't talk truth in front of that person, and you know you can't.
Because what you're saying is, you as a parent have done a truly, like human rights abuse, a level of awful thing to your child, that cannot be fixed.
There are specific individuals who are really actively against women's rights here, and it's not known why they are, but I happen to know through the back channels that it's because they've transed their child.
And so those people will do anything for the entire rest of their lives to destroy me and people like me, because people like me are a standing reproach to them.
I don't want to be.
I'm not talking directly to them.
I don't spend my time bitching about them.
But the fact is that just simply by saying, we will never accept natal males in women's spaces, well, it's their son that we're talking about.
And they've told their son that he can get himself sterilized and destroy his sexual function, and women will accept him as a woman.
And if we don't, There's no way back for them and their child.
They've sold their child a bill of goods that they can't deliver on.
And I'm the one who has to be bullied to try to force me to deliver on it.
So those people are going to be the people who will keep this bloody movement going, I'm sorry to say.
Because they've everything to lose.
And it's a fight to the death as far as they're concerned.
It's a fight to the death as far as they're concerned.
They're fully committed.
They cut their children's genitals off.
They mutilated their daughter.
And they're going to make you accept it.
It's a cult.
It's a satanic plan.
Stay with us.
Well, Jay Dyer can give you the answers and so can I. And we're about to right now.
You don't have to wait till you die.
Till the day I die.
You gotta be born again.
That's the whole point, son.
It's some real poetry right there.
Alright, I'm gonna let Jay Dyer, the great American, take it over here in about five minutes.
I was gonna even host the next segment, but I'm not going to.
Let's just do it now.
Rand Paul's office in Kentucky got firebombed.
So he's had his lungs punctured and ribs broken, shot at, shot a member of Congress trying to kill him, Scalise.
What else?
Surrounded, attacked in D.C., and now his office is burned down.
So things are getting pretty crazy here in the New World Order.
And then when I pull back, And just look at everything.
It is, it is hellish what the establishment's doing, but it's their death throes.
They are so, the globalists and their gremlin force are so upset by our productivity, our creativity, our beauty, our ability to do magic things, that they just want to destroy us.
And so that's really the point we're at.
And so I just hope listeners understand that laying down to these people and groveling to them and letting them dictate how you talk and what you do and where you live and what you stand for only makes them worse.
And so it's very simple.
Stop bowing to the system.
Stop groveling to it.
Stop caring what it says.
And it has no more power.
I can go to the most leftist restaurants in the most leftist areas now, and they sit there and smile and come and shake my hand, or they just sit there and keep their mouth shut.
And again, I'm just a bellwether of that, like a device or a sensor or like a thermometer you lower down a mineshaft to see what's down there.
And I'm telling you that it's a paper tiger.
But doesn't that really say something about us?
Our enemy's incredible weakness and the fact that they're still in control is really a testament to how we have advocated, not advocated, abdicated, like given away our crown of authority and power.
We have laid down to the scum of the earth, and they don't want to rule, they want to destroy us.
Because they know we are still the leaders and have the potential to build the new world, the universe.
And so that's why fundamentally we can't be nice to these lesser people and ever hope that they're going to come up and just be our friends and be nice to us.
They've set themselves up as the elites, said all humans are trash and garbage and they want to kill us all and mutilate our children and do all this because it's a ritual of their own hatred of themselves projecting their hatred.
Whereas I think you're beautiful and have incredible potential, and I want to see your success, and I want to see us do amazing things together, and I am just a big fan of humanity.
You know, they got that devil's advocate with Al Pacino, and he's there in the movie with the lawyer he wants to get on his side, the Christ figure, Keanu Reeves.
He goes, I'm a fan of man!
I just want to, you know, the devil's not a fan of man.
God made us in his image.
God is a fan of us.
So the big lie of that movie is that Satan is a fan of man.
Satan hates man.
Satan hates our potential.
Satan hates what we're going to do.
And I say to hell with the devil.
And I'm tired of bowing down to these devils and people that fell to the enemy.
We have a responsibility to have dominion over this earth.
We have a responsibility to go to the next level.
We've been given full consciousness and full blueprints to dominate the universe for good and create life everywhere.
And we're going to green the entire universe and beyond.
And Satan will not stop us in the name of Jesus Christ!
I'll see you back with a special show tomorrow, broadcast on Sunday and more.
Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, author, researcher, takes over in T-minus 60 seconds.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now!
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Get on over here now!
Uncle Baby Bill is bubble bonkers time.
Come on now!
We're time to get serious.
I'm going to talk about proving to you that the future is planned.
Now, I don't want you to get blackmailed and think that the future is always planned, as if you can't make a difference, but we still got a large chunk of the population that doesn't understand that the future is planned.
16 years ago at The Guardian, the quote liberal website, which is a completely establishment website, 16 years ago, 20 years ago, they did do some decent reporting.
There's an article there called, Revolution, Flash Mobs and Brain Chips, Grim Vision of the Future.
This is an article that The Guardian wrote based on the British Ministry of Defense's white paper called Development Concepts and Doctrinal Center, drawing the report on the future projections of flash mobs, electromagnetic pulse weapons, ELF, VLF, the rise of a new type of Marxism-Socialism proletariat revolution, so-called, and collapse.
The new weapons of the future would be ELF, VLF, would be things that would be psychotronic.
I just watched a movie last night that I just thought it was a normal John Cusack film with Christina Ricci and it's called Distortion and the whole movie is about an MKUltra project basically using a smart city, smart tech building.
To mind control and program people and set them off to use various signals transmission subliminals and so forth to basically cause revolutions to cause chaos.
This document is talking about this in a mainstream way 16 years ago now there's older.
Discussions of implantable chips.
We just saw, for example, the WEF, the former WEF guy in the Greg Reese video, say that back in 2003, he and Klaus were talking about these kinds of things.
Implantable chips going under the skin.
Now, that's the old technology.
Now it could be something more nanotech, I'm sure.
So it's not microchips per se.
But they still might use some kind of implantable chip.
In fact, now in a lot of groceries, a lot of Whole Foods, you can just pay and scan with your biometric code.
So we're already at the dystopian future.
But the document said from the white paper from the Ministry of Defense, the British Ministry of Defense, that by 2035 an implantable microchip will be wired directly to the brain.
That's what's coming.
That's what they want to do with the CBDC.
That's what they want to do with the wallet that everybody has.
You get this universal basic income.
You get on this system that is predicated on austerity.
Now, where does the austerity limitation model come from?
You might think, oh, it comes only from Marxism-Socialism.
That's part of where it comes from.
Because Marxism-Socialism is predicated on the notion that there is a control that is unfair by the nature of capitalism itself.
And so the answer is enforced fairness, enforced universal basic income.
The document notes that the middle class could be engineered into becoming a new proletariat, a new Marxist revolutionary force.
And so I think that's what they want to do, is they want to take the middle class, they want to take middle America, they want to take the average conservative, radicalize that, or at least give the impression that they're radicalized, which is exactly what the entire Biden administration has been about.
The MAGA, Trump, all these people, all the middle America is part of this revolutionary force that's going to destroy and take down things, and they're going to have to have another OKC, Right, another kind of Tim McVeigh who was a sheep dip Black Ops Patsy person.
He was used in that operation which was done as a deep state operation in my view.
They're going to need something like that and so you have to be aware of that.
Anything that happens like that, most likely 100%, 99.9% will be some mentally unstable weirdo person that was provocateured and led into this kind of a thing.
If you remember the New York Times many many years ago had articles talking about how a lot of these so-called terror events We're actually honeypots, honey traps run by the FBI.
Front page of the New York Times.
Many, many years ago.
You can look it up.
So here you have all of these mainstream admissions.
These admissions have been there for years in the white papers.
And when you talk about this, as we and everybody at Infowars have been doing for many, many years, Alex, 30 years, me, 20 years, I can recount countless incidents of, you're crazy, this doesn't exist, you're insane, it will never happen.
This is a ten-fold crackpot theory.
It's absurd.
And now that it's rolling out, oh, you're a bigot!
How dare you oppose this?
This is such a good thing.
Nobody ever said it was bad.
It's a great thing.
That's the gaslighting they always do.
It's gaslighting.
It's a trick.
It's a psychological operation trick.
So now that it's all rolling out, can we not admit and realize that this is going on?
Go look at this paper from 16, almost 20 years ago.
Revolution, Flash Mobs, and Brain Chips, a grim vision of the future.
I know nobody reads anymore, right?
We all just watch videos of insane 19-year-old girl Twitch streamers going, gang gang, gang gang, gang gang.
Ice cream, ice cream.
Ice cream!
Bill Gates!
Bill Gates!
Get the numbers down!
Ice cream!
What even is this?
I don't know.
What the hell even is that?
What is this?
I don't know, but maybe you want to go look at revolution flash mobs and brain chips and not insane elf girls doing Tourette's Syndrome.
I don't know what it is.
It's like we're all, everybody watches girls doing Tourette's Syndrome now.
I don't know.
You can go to my Twitter.
I did a whole spoof of this nonsense.
Which, uh, getting a lot of views.
Follow me on Twitter, by the way.
I'm getting a lot of traction on Twitter.
It's doing well.
Doing well.
I can get hundreds of followers a day on Twitter now.
I get, uh, 30 followers a day on YouTube.
So, I don't know what's going on with Twitter and Elon Musk, but I like that I'm getting normal growth, and that I'm not throttled and shut down like I am everywhere else, which is really annoying, because I put a lot of work into what I do.
Now this document went on to talk about other factors that would occur.
There would be a rise in fights over resources.
There would be a rise in demographic warfare.
Now wait a minute, I thought that doesn't exist.
You're not supposed to talk about that, even though there's entire books about it, like Kelly Greenhill's book.
Weapons of mass migration?
Oh, it doesn't exist, you see.
And when it does exist, it's a good thing!
It doesn't exist, and here's why it's a good thing that it does exist, right?
All of the liberal article titles, right?
When you see an article title like that, you know you're in for trouble.
The document talks about the rise in Islamic groups again.
In my opinion, I agree with what Alex said about the Tate situation, which is that It was a mistake to go down the route of Islam.
Islam is a tool, in my view, in the global power structure to use against the West.
And if you go back to that book I've been lecturing through for the last several months, because it's really, really good, The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy, the last 200 pages of this book, which is pretty spicy, gets into how Islam is a tool, a geopolitical tool, that the British Empire used to use.
Think of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Basically started and run by British intelligence.
The same model of the imperial strategy of using radical Islam.
What do you know?
By the 1970s, Brzezinski borrowing the British model and strategy for the American Imperium, utilizing radical Islam.
Can we not figure this out?
Now I'm not pro-Islam, but I don't think that Islam was ultimately behind the Big Nine event.
I think that was used.
That doesn't make me pro-Islam.
So I think in the case of Tate, it was a mistake to go down the route of Islam because now, Islam is heavily being pushed, not just in Europe, but they're going to try to push it social media as well.
And that's part of the problem.
And it's not based, it's not tried and based.
Maybe on a couple areas it is.
But you'll notice after a generation or two, just like any other group that gets exposed to CIA-created toxic counterculture, Within a generation or two, they lose that heritage, tradition, that religion that they're raised with.
So it doesn't take but one or two generations of smartphones, abortion, Coke, Pepsi, foundations, feminism, all that in your country, and then all that stuff goes away.
So it's being used as a tool, and then it will be turned into the next phase of the liberal global world order.
That's what they do.
And all this stuff is actuaried out and game-planned.
If you don't believe that there are actuaries, game plans, strategies, white papers, go read the freaking article!
One article!
Now guess what?
There's a thousand more articles and white papers and documents that prove this point.
Boomers, wake up!
Send this to your family and friends and tell them to go read the freaking article!
And stop being naive and dumb!
And stop watching Insane retarded girls on Twitch going ice cream ice cream This is the Alex Jones Show Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jason Ailes.
I just want to remind you to follow me over on Twitter because things are opening up.
Also follow me over on Rockfin.
You can catch me every Friday here at Alex Jones as well on Bandai Video.
I want to talk about, as we've discussed this paper from almost 20 years ago that planned out,
predicted our future, another book that ties into this.
What are the institutions, what are the entities that coordinate and really structure the future
in our world order?
Why is it that no matter who goes into office, typically speaking, we have the same overall game plan
that marches forward?
Well, that's because although politicians can do some things,
there's higher level control groups, steering committees, right?
And they really chart the course of where we're going to go, and they have a vast corporate and university system structure that they utilize to help roll out this stuff.
And one example of this is the Trilateral Commission, which is a kind of an adjunct of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations.
Now, the CFR was created back in 1921 as a think tank By basically the Rockefeller family.
David Rockefeller played a huge role in setting up the Council on Foreign Relations.
And in 1973, the proud internationalist David Rockefeller said we need to set up a separate group together with Henry Kissinger, he said, that would help steer things at an even higher level beyond just the CFR.
And in that regard, he recruited, it was the big man Brzezinski, he and Henry Kissinger together set up this higher level planning committee, the Council on Foreign Relations, which really has had its kind of stranglehold on the U.S.
government for many, many, many years.
Back when Barry Goldwater was running, he mentioned this, and it was a huge scandal, a big deal.
And that helped the media then crushed his, you know, his campaign.
I think Reagan mentioned this once, the media then turned and crushed him, because you're never supposed to mention this.
But now we're in the age of the internet where you can mention these groups.
And again, the same people that go to the CFR are the same people that go to Bilderberg, and there's the same people that go to the Trilateral Commission.
So a lot of people, I was talking to some people, some boomer age people the other day, and very awake, very red pill good people, but they were saying, well who runs all this?
Is it this group or this group?
Is it that guy or this guy?
There's one group of people that are part of varying steering committees, varying groups, various meetings.
So it's not just one thing.
Different committees and groups run different things.
So, for example, the people that go to the CFR, many of them are the Fortune 100.
They will also attend Trilateral Commission meetings.
They will also attend Bilderberg meetings, you see.
So, very important CEOs, Fortune 100, Fortune 500, very important PhDs, people from MIT, people from the media.
That's who goes to these.
That's who steers the steering committees.
They're called steering committees.
That means they steer things.
And how are we at the point where we don't know this?
All of these things are public.
All of these things are in big policy papers and books like Tragedy and Hope.
Like Brzezinski's books, which I've lectured through, right over here.
See this shelf right here?
There's Brzezinski, there's Rockefeller, there's Klaus Schwab, all right there.
These are all public academic books, but nobody reads books anymore because we got to watch those Twitch girls having Tourette's breakdowns.
I want to talk about this book that is a great history of the Trilateral Commission written in 1970s, I think it was 1979, by Professor Anthony Sutton and Patrick Wood.
Now, Professor Anthony Sutton, as we know, is the famous historian economist who wrote about Skull and Bones, he wrote about Wall Street and the Bull Street Revolution, and he wrote about Hitler and Wall Street.
But he wrote a lesser-known book that's really important because even though it's dated, as I've talked about, I mentioned it last time I was on, It's called Trilaterals Over Washington.
Volumes 1 and 2.
Now you say, why would I care about a 1979 book?
It's so dated.
No, no, you understand that this book shows everything the CFR was planning in the 1970s is now rolled out.
Again, testifying to the fact that the future is planned.
Not every single event, dummy.
You're saying every single this plan that's crazy.
No, I didn't say that.
The overall plans of where they want to go.
The UN just said they're behind.
Like two days ago on their 2030 goals.
You can go to the UN on Twitter.
They have a Twitter.
They say here's our goals for the future.
Getting rid of cars.
Getting rid of families.
Breaking everything down.
Banker austerity.
Shutting down freedom of commerce, promoting every form of degeneracy, to end the family.
It's not for your freedom.
What is the Trilateral Commission?
It is a high-level CFR steering group, higher than the Council on Foreign Relations.
It was started by Brzezinski, or for Brzezinski, under the Carter administration, and you'll notice at that time, As F. William Engdahl points out, the Carter era and its oil crisis, that was actually run by Bilderberg and these people.
That was an operation.
And Brzezinski said back at that time, the goal of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and all of its adjuncts is to create an IMF-NATO-run New World Order.
IMF-NATO-run New World Order.
What's the IMF?
What's NATO?
They're Fabian socialist institutions, as Ratio proves.
They are not anti-communist.
They're anti-Soviet, not anti-communist or anti-socialist.
And that's why Europe is a socialist country.
I mean, I know it's a bunch of countries, but you know what I'm saying.
The EU is a socialist entity.
Now, I'm not saying that, oh, then we need monopoly capitalism as the answer.
No, no, you understand.
That monopoly capitalism is now united with, and has always funded and fostered, socialism.
Sovietism was a different thing.
Sovietism, especially under Stalin, Khrushchev, and all those people, they were another kind of opposition to the West, just like the Axis powers were an opposition.
But they still had Western support and funding.
Those things are gone.
Sovietism doesn't exist anymore.
Hitlerism doesn't exist anymore.
Axis powers, those are gone.
Now what we have is a push for global neoliberal technocratic Fabian socialism.
It's the hybrid.
That's what's emerged.
So it has elements of all the previous systems.
There's elements of fascism, elements of capitalism, primarily monopoly capitalism, with this whole agenda being put into place by the Fortune 100, Fortune 500.
It's not commies in Moscow doing it.
Do you think that the KGB runs the Fortune 100?
Are the CEOs of Target and all these companies, are they KGB?
Are they run from Moscow?
No, they want to destroy Russia.
That's why Zelensky, Zelensky, Zelensky says, come to Ukraine.
If you are BlackRock, come to Ukraine.
We will open it up.
We will rip the country for you.
Have it, take it.
It's a corporate plan.
We got to get out of thinking in the dialectics of capitalism versus communism.
It's commie capitalism is the future, and that's what HG Wells said a hundred years ago.
That's what Bertrand Russell said a hundred years ago.
The people that laid out the plan we're going into, those are the architects of the New World Order.
It is not pure Marxism or socialism.
It is a combination of all of these.
To the worst of capitalism, socialism, Marxism, fascism.
The worst!
The third-way synthesis, as Brzezinski said a long time ago, would be the New World Order, technocracy.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Let's talk about what Patrick Wood and Professor Anthony Sutton Well, let's look at how a lot of these plans have come to pass and then we'll understand that these same institutions are still there perched on top of our nation, perched on top of our great country.
Turning it and steering it into horrible things.
That's why we have all these endless wars.
There's entities like this because the wars don't actually serve America or America's people.
They serve really powerful corporate interests.
I do believe in self-defense.
I do believe in standing your ground.
But we've been conned by a lot of these wars.
A lot of these wars were for the benefit of the Fortune 100.
And so this third-way synthesis that I was talking about is an invented plan back when Brzezinski wrote this book here, Between Two Ages, if you can see it here on my shelf right there.
The Technocratic Plan for the Future.
Brzezinski said that the nation-state would have to transition into an internationalist organization and be demoted.
So, things like the COOF, right, the COVID nonsense.
What were we told?
Everything that is going on in a national sense is going to have to be subordinated to entities like the World Health Organization, the Bill Gates, Melinda Gates Foundation, the CFR, all these entities would now take press.
Rockefeller Foundation would be basically running our whole health agenda, and we would have to transition into the new era, the new world.
Management by crisis, control crisis, is how they do that.
So all the way back in the 1970s, you understand, Professor Anthony Sutton, you see here, Professor Anthony Sutton, talking about elements of control, was writing that this is all managed by crisis, controlled crisis and chaos.
And they know that because during the Cold War, the end of the Cold War, Brzezinski instituted a strategy called the Arc of Crisis in the former Soviet states, the Baltic states.
And that was a strategy of chaos, strategy of tension chaos, much like Gladio, very similar to Gladio, to disrupt and bring in tighter controls and Western power.
Now, that doesn't mean that Sovietism is good.
I'm not saying that.
But it's just two different masters, right?
Do you want Stalin, Khrushchev, and Dropov?
Do you want the Stasi and the KGB as your masters?
Or now, do you want, you know, Tourette's, Insanity, Twitch-based CIA control?
Which one do you want?
Do you want Satan or Lucifer?
Who would you rather have?
Now, the book goes on to say that the structure of the Trilateral Commission is primarily one with a financial oligarchical elite at the very tip-top of the pyramid.
And that's a lot of old families and a lot of corporate people.
In the Sutton book, they list 109 people.
And in the 1970s, it really had this superpower status.
It's very similar to the listing and structure of Dr. John Coleman and his book, Committee of 300.
So you can see the cross-pollination there, right?
Both of those books written roughly in the same time frame.
I think Committee came out in the 70s or 80s.
This book came out in the 70s.
And so we can see that independent research is leading people to the same conclusions.
And so what happens is that this really powerful financial corporate elite then runs this 109 people underneath them.
Uh, the trilateral group, which was, again, 100 or so people in the 1970s, and then underneath them is a whole network of the managerial class that put a lot of this into practice.
This group has dominated the United States presidency and the elected officials ever since its inception.
So it's just another high-level group with more power and more influence than even the CFR previously had.
So you begin to see how from the 1960s up to the 1970s, right, post-JFK, up into this era, it's getting more and more top-down, more and more control, such that the normal political class is being forced and cajoled to submit to this supra-political class.
So everybody is still focused on presidents and senators and all this stuff, which they do have a degree of power, there's no doubt about that.
They do do things.
But a lot of times they're cajoled, blackmailed into doing what this group wants, which is a higher-level, semi-public, semi-secret group.
He begins to talk about the composition of this pyramid.
Again, this is back in the 1970s, and he gives an example of how this pyramid was structured back then.
You'll notice that he says that we have, up here at the top, a very powerful financial brotherhood.
And a lot of that centered in New York.
Underneath that, we have the Executive Committee in the US.
Underneath that, we have Europe, Japan, Trilateral Commission.
Then we have core countries.
And then we have sort of that class of managerial group people that put it into practice.
This gets filtered down then to the university professors, the academics.
Not every university professor.
The ones at the important Ivy League institutions.
Harvard, Yale, right?
Cambridge, Oxford, MIT.
This is where Stanford, you know, all the Silicon Valley stuff.
Now again, this is right when Silicon Valley is beginning to rise.
Then he lists the key think tanks, NGOs, and universities that are the brains behind this, okay?
So like Tabistock, for example, premier psychological warfare research institute in the world.
Tavistock openly, publicly for the last several years behind the entire trans agenda.
Tavistock Clinic pushing this, pioneering this in the UK.
So hard and so crazy that the UK public even reacted against this.
All in the mainstream news.
Thousands of articles in the last five years.
So who are some of these key think tanks even back then in the 1970s that were identified in this amazing way ahead of its time book?
Aspen Institute, Maurice Strong, Brookings Institute, Center for Defense Information, Columbia University, Georgetown University, International Studies Departments, Harvard, Hoover Institute, Hudson Institute, MIT, the RAND Corporation, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, and now that would be the Soros Foundation, which has surpassed the Ford Foundation as the world's leading foundation.
Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, Carnegie Endowment, Borden Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, World Peace Foundation, Woodruff Foundation, New York Times, CBS, LA Times, Time, Inc., Foreign Policy Magazine, Foreign Affairs, Chicago Sun-Times.
Now, how does this happen?
They couldn't run the world, it's too much, they couldn't do it.
Well, guess what?
Brzezinski is on the friggin' board of half of this stuff.
David Rockefeller's on the board of half of this stuff.
It's not that hard.
You just set up, because you have all the money in the world, you set up all the entities that you want.
Endless think tanks, foundations.
It is a matrix.
It's a great analogy.
Countless think tanks, foundations, NGOs.
Did you not know there was an entire investigation in America?
The Reese Committee, decades ago, investigated this and found out, yes, it turns out, Private foundation think tanks, NGOs are steering and controlling the country.
And then it was just like, okay, cool.
Now we know, but it doesn't exist.
And if you talk about it, not existing, if you say it doesn't exist, you're a bigot because it does exist and it's good.
It doesn't exist.
And when it does, it's a good thing, right?
So this is way ahead of its time book, and I want to again note that as the book progresses, he goes on to talk about other, I would say, you got to get this book and you'll see what I'm saying.
He talks about some of the things, the policies that they pushed back then that have now come into play.
The 1970s, the Ford Foundation, for example, the Rockefeller Foundations were really interested in taking over and controlling unions.
And they did that successfully.
And by doing that, they then had control of a lot of their opposition.
I'm not saying everybody in the union is bad.
I'm just saying that the unions were bought up by the Rockefeller Foundation.
That's well known.
And then a lot of the Fortune 100 began in the 1970s to begin to put into practice in their corporate policy the decisions of the Trilateral Commission.
So you see, this is how the Fortune 100 We're brought on board to this.
You understand that if this had not happened, we could have never had the last three years of the Fortune 100 pushing mass social distancing, Coofid, Stabbies, and now what Target pushes with the Skittles agenda.
You could have never had all of this from the corporate power perspective if the trilaterals had not bought and got all of these CEOs on board in the 1970s.
and into the 80s. And when anyone called attention to it like Barry Goldwater or Reagan, well you
saw what happened to Ronald Reagan when he talked about it.
This is the Alex Jones Show, don't go anywhere, I'm your guest host Jay Dyer, Jays Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm your guest host Jay Dyer, Jays Analysis. You know if
you've heard of things like Cloward and Piven, there's other things like the Swoaps Plan, right?
And there's other notions like the Great Society of LBJ.
And a lot of that was sold to everybody as if, oh, this will help society.
And I'm not saying that there's something wrong with some kind of safety net or something like that.
But the problem is that these were actually social engineering techniques.
These were actually strategized and planned out by high-level corporate elite planners and strategists in the government and in the private sector.
And you have to understand that our system is not a free market system.
It's not a system of this.
It's actually a public-private partnership that operates in a semi-secret way to steer things.
And that's how the country actually runs.
That's what the deep state actually is.
It's a corporate deep state.
We can talk about the CIA and these kinds of entities, but really these were created by the Rockefeller family and other oligarchs.
They don't really run things.
They're kind of on the floor, kind of like busy bees out there doing things in media and in the legal world and running a lot of operations globally to topple countries and this kind of stuff.
But there's a higher level group above that, right?
It's not that they run everything in the world.
It's that this higher level corporate group can pass down the plans, the steering, the strategies.
And it's they meet openly and they've done it for many, many years.
Read Daniel Esselstyn's Bilderberg Group book.
It's a classic.
But I noticed that one thing that came up in this book was the trilaterals are also very into Studying crises and tweaking and managing and steering in them.
What effects can you get out of the crises?
And back in the 1970s, they were discussing the power of control of food.
Now, if you don't know, the push for beyond meat, beyond burgers, the push for Bill Gates and all these people pushing their fake meat, That's part of controlling the diet of the population of the American public.
They want to control everything in your life.
Diet is key.
That's an old warfare strategy.
It goes back to Sun Tzu.
It goes back to Machiavelli's Art of War, where in book six Machiavelli says you can actually try to starve out the enemy.
You know, you can poison the enemy with the food and drink.
That's diet warfare.
So you can weaponize diet and you can contrive shortages.
Remember the logistics problems and shortages during the COVID crisis?
Well, if COVID was a large-scale psychological operation, which it was, then guess what?
All of that was also part of the psychological operation.
Food shortages, oh, we're not going to have it all.
Well, you can't rely on these supply chains if the elite know how to disrupt them.
Disruptive shocks, that's what the lockstep document calls them.
And they talk about how they know that disruptive shocks condition the public to accept their solutions, you see.
Problem, reaction, solution.
The disruptive shocks are known and controlled and planned, oftentimes, not everything, in order to control food resources and supplies.
Water and food, that's number one.
What else has to be controlled according to the Trilaterals back then in the 1970s?
Controlling family.
In other words, more taxation so that families have a harder time making it and having children.
Increased taxation according to the CFR in the 1970s would harm families so that families would have less children.
So they thought.
In fact, they even talked about in the 1970s, there was a nationwide farm strike.
And that ultimately, some of the biggest corporations, including farm corporations at this time, some of the top 100, Fortune 100 at this time, were farming corporations, not big pharma, but farming.
Well, when they bought into this agenda, a lot of these top elite farming corporations, this was so that Farms could be shut down down the road.
Guess what?
Dutch farming going away.
In order to save the planet and to save the animals, we're going to kill the cows.
Yes, exactly.
They're crazy.
They're dumb liberals.
No, they're not.
They're wicked, mad scientists who have an agenda.
And they write about their agenda in all of these documents.
So the real goals of the Trilateral Commission were actually to create and manage shortages, such as the managed and created fuel crisis of the 1970s, such as food shortages in the KUF crisis, in my view.
So big ag, big agriculture was actually bought into and part and parcel of this CFR Trilateral Commission energy scam all the way back then.
The next chapter they cover in this amazing book is The energy crisis.
They have to stage crises and claim that there's no energy, there's no food, there's no water, there's no oil, we've sucked all the dinosaur juice out of Mother Earth and now she's crying, and it's because of the bad humans.
This is all a scam.
Peak Oil is a scam.
In fact, Peak Oil was written about by H.G.
Wells and Brzezinski a hundred years ago.
How they could bring in the notion of peak oil to blame the public for the excess use of resources.
There's not enough to go around.
There's not enough to go around.
While they also suppress new inventions and new energy technologies to control and manage the crises.
Crisis management groups.
Blame the public for the usage of energy, blame the public for the problems, and then implement the Rockefeller and Ford Foundation energy plans.
This was the 1970s.
The Rockefeller and Ford Foundation energy plans, the Seven Sisters oil monopoly, was merged and became a trilateral entity back in the 1970s.
Thus, the trilaterals connected the banks, And the boards of many of the largest power and utility companies in the world.
It is interesting to note that although Bank of America is a powerful shareholder in other oil companies, and he points out that it's back and forth, they own each other's stock.
And now what has arisen since then is BlackRock, Vanguard, all of these things you see.
And guess what?
What is the goal that Alex has been talking about all week of BlackRock, Vanguard, SDIs, Our SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, DEIs, all of this basically is social justice stuff forced down your throat.
Who cares about all the acronyms?
That's what it's about.
Why do they want all this austerity to come in?
Isn't that bad for the corporations and the profits?
At a certain level, they don't care about profits anymore.
It's about power and control and where they want to take us in the future.
It's about global governance.
Don't you understand that?
I think a lot of smart people think that, well, I'm really proficient in my field.
I know everything about trading.
I know everything about Wall Street.
I know everything about the oil business.
Okay, but do you know everything about the CFR and the higher level groups, the Bilderberg Group?
Because they set the policies that most of these Fortune 100, Fortune 500 go along with and listen to.
And every one of you who says this kind of a thing, because I don't want to sound like a quote conspiracy theorist, every one of you knows that you go broke or you go woke, you go broke.
So why would the corporations continue to do this if it's all about money?
Don't you think that they know this?
Well, they know it, but they're dumb.
No, they're not.
It's an agenda.
It's a hundred-year-plus agenda, in terms of written public documents.
Bertrand Russell, H.G.
Wells, Cecil Rhodes.
Last will and testament to Cecil Rhodes, create a Federalist Socialist World Government.
A hundred-plus years ago.
Create austerity, create crises.
I mean, go watch the freaking Mission Impossible movies!
I just did a huge breakdown on my channel of the new Mission Impossible movie.
What's the plot?
AI predictive algorithms using social media and mass data, metadata, not just for predictive minority report style stuff, but to socially engineer, to cause crises.
It's Chad GPT with AI with social media.
All the stuff that The social media whistleblowers like Jason Lanier and all the Facebook people and all that stuff.
All the stuff they've been saying.
It's literally in the new Tom Cruise movie.
That is like the big blog buster that everybody's watching.
The movie's telling you what really goes on.
It's about technocracy.
In fact, they even say in the screenplay This tech can be used to identify future patriots and have them eliminated.
Because it's based on future actuaries, future predictive algorithms.
That's what the internet and social media exist to do, as the whistleblowers say.
It's in your face in the new freaking movie.
And by the way, I recommend seeing it.
It actually is worth seeing because it tells you this.
You don't believe in predictive programming.
You don't believe in revelation of the method.
Oh really?
Well then how come it's in this giant movie that's out?
You can get my books at Jay's Analysis in the shop.
Signed copies of Esoteric Hollywood.
Signed copies of my 600-page book on geopolitics and philosophy.
Head on over there right now.
You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator, but the last time one of the greatest talk show
hosts in American history came on the broadcast, he compared me to a gladiator.
And I was very, very honored.
Well, Alex, you're the gladiator and you keep on pounding the opposition there.
I love it.
How do you keep doing it?
What are you taking?
I really am in the arena and I'm all the way in the arena and I realize it's that animating contest.
So when it comes to battling the globalists, I'm not trying to entertain you.
I'm trying to inspire you.
To politically not submit and to say no to them.
But at the end of the day, are you not entertained?
Are we not the standard, together, the audience, the guest, myself, all of us, of resistance?
I'm just blessed to be here and blessed to know you.
Here's that clip.
Thank you.
Thank you.
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Thank you.
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