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Name: 20230717_Mon_Alex
Air Date: July 17, 2023
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the New World Order, globalist goals, and concerns about AI implementation. He takes calls from listeners on various topics related to politics and society while promoting products available at InfoWars store. The speaker also highlights the importance of high-quality water filtration and self-defense measures in preparing for potential crises. They discuss upcoming events such as a book release and share information on products available at InfowarStore.com.

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And it's super popular now, whether you're in Italy or whether you're in Germany, whether you're in the Netherlands, whether you're in France, whether you're in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, to be anti-New World Order.
It's the hottest thing.
People get it.
They know about the ruling class.
They know about the WHO.
They know about Bill Gates.
They know they made the virus.
They know they released it.
They know the shots are poison.
The coroners are all coming out saying, we've never seen these blood clots before.
They're killing everybody.
Yeah, they heard us bad.
They killed a bunch of us.
They maimed a bunch of us.
But guess what?
We know they did it.
And their censorship didn't work.
And the CIA and the Justice Department taking down 55 million posts on Facebook alone, covering the truth of COVID, didn't keep the truth from getting out.
And now the murder you committed, New World Order, occupational globalist dictatorship, will never be forgotten.
And we know you did it.
And we know you're going to try to cut the power off with fake cyber attacks.
We know you're going to try to start nuclear war with Russia.
We know.
But anyway you slice it, you murdering criminals, you're going to jail.
Emergency broadcast.
Trump goes all out.
Warns U.S.
now under globalist dictatorship.
See the video?
And you're like, what's the good news in that?
Because it's being admitted.
A dictatorship of the bureaucracy and the media.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, President Trump has taken his fight against the New World Order to maximum.
And he has gone all the way and told the people the truth.
His rhetoric is not exaggerated.
It's not understated.
It's dead on sweet spot like that hole-in-one we saw this weekend.
It's incredible.
And only the real truth about where our country is and the position it's in will reverse the incredible slide into abject tyranny and collapse.
President Trump has come out.
I mean, I've got like his hour-long speech.
We're gonna play some of the clips.
And said that we live under a globalist dictatorship.
They are fascists using communist tactics, but they're fascists.
That's what they are.
Properly define them.
And that they are cementing a permanent tyranny and dictatorship over America.
And that this is the final battle.
Now he's been saying final battle for a couple weeks, which there'll be more battles ahead if they kill Trump and there'll be
More struggles, and we'll defeat the globalists in the end, but this really is the first great battle with the New World Order, occupational government, out in the open, stealing elections, spying, censoring, turning the security agencies publicly loose on the people.
I mean, this could be the final battle if he gets re-elected and gets control of the Justice Department and starts prosecuting these people, which he's pledged to do.
So it could be the final battle because we could defeat them, or they could bring in a permanent dictatorship that we never remove.
But the statements about this being an occupied dictatorship of the globalists, of these fascists, is dead on.
You know, Trump says globalists is too nice a term for him, that they're really fascist communist criminals.
And the average leftist intellectual goes, oh my gosh, communists and fascists are totally different.
No, they're not.
They're very similar.
From the surveillance, to the secret police, the black uniforms, to the centralized government.
Just with fascism, they allow big corporations to still operate and merge with the state.
And that's what we've got going on.
So, the New World Order is fascist.
It's a high-tech...
Neo-feudalistic mad scientist program of transhumanism that uses communist rhetoric at the grassroots level just like they use China as a communist system for the average person but not for their billionaire generals.
And Obama's gone around and given speeches explaining to law students in Africa and Central America and Latin America and all over.
We've played the speeches many times where he's like, now listen, we need a hybrid system of communism and capitalism, and that's the system that we're building in the New World Order.
Yeah, it's called slavery with a high-tech name.
So all of these clips with Trump are coming up.
And then, boy, you talk about leadership in the European Union Parliament, which is ceremonial.
The original EU is a unelected corporate bureaucracy that is absorbing all the nation states and even getting rid of any form of sovereignty and killing single state veto power.
But more and more, the Parliament is standing up.
And becoming a major leadership beacon in the bully pulpit, a spotlight for the national parliaments, which are throwing out the globalists all across Europe.
Major gains by the Patriot right-wing groups in Germany.
Major gains in the Netherlands.
Major gains in Sweden.
Major gains in Italy.
Major gains in the UK.
Major gains, major gains, major gains in France.
And so forth.
And now we've got just amazing clips that we'll play when we come back.
With folks taking it to the globalists.
The fight is on.
European citizens initiate operation against the WHO.
Power grab.
Say the UN is a criminal organization taking control through the bio attack they launched COVID-19.
This is being said in the Parliament in major coalitions forming that are winning from Hungary to France.
The worm is turning.
People don't want to own nothing and have nothing.
They're not going to be happy.
Big, big, big, b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Monday, July 17th, 2023.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And wow, the New World Order is out in the open.
It's gone operational against humanity with its depopulation, societal, civilizational collapse operation.
And it's getting blown to pieces in front of everybody.
The only question is, will this giant
Squid be able to drag us into hell with it.
Trump has gone over the top.
We're going to cover that first at a Turning Point USA extravaganza.
And just said we're under a fascist dictatorship.
They've occupied the government.
They're going to bring in a permanent dictatorship, but we don't stop them.
This is the most important election ever.
People always say that, but this time it is true.
In spades, you know it.
And just said the truth.
And now that Trump is super hardcore, he's 70 plus points ahead in all the polls against all other candidates combined.
That's Republicans.
He's 30 to 40 points ahead of Biden.
Even in skewed CNN polls, he's 20 points ahead.
This has never been seen since polling began.
Trump is wildly popular now.
Except for small leftist enclaves in collapsing San Francisco and New York City and delusional drug addicts and trust fund people that live in high-rises.
And I'm not against people who live in high-rises, but that's where they live.
And they just are not living in the real world, and they're plugged into Netflix, and into BuzzFeed, and into Instagram, and they really think that eating bugs is good, and that pedophilia is good, and that convicted pedophiles at gay pride parades shaking their ding-a-lings in five-year-olds' faces is good.
They really think World War III is good.
They think nuclear weapons are good.
They think nuclear war is good.
Sean Penn says he wants nuclear war.
Let's just have it.
That I'm sarcastic and said, yeah, let's just blow the planet up.
Oh, look, Jones wants to blow it up.
No, I'm trying to stop us blowing it up.
You're the ones trying to blow it up.
So we've got all of that with Trump.
coming out and saying, we're not going to take your guns, we need our guns, protect ourselves from a tyrannical government, the problems of the SSRIs.
Wow, new statements.
Climate change is being used to control us through fear, not to deal with real environmental problems.
The ESGs and the UN and their carbon taxes are for ultra-rich banks to shut down all their competition.
I mean, yes, total truth.
COVID-19 was a bioweapon that's designed to attack
Black people and white people, and not Chinese or Ashkenazi Jews.
That's actually in the studies, we'll be showing it to you.
He's come out and said that, and it just gets wilder and wilder as the truth comes out.
Absolutely insane.
Big developments on the ESG front, tied into their real plan and what's in command of the operation, the SDGs.
Meant to get to that last night, did not get any of that.
We've just got so much to cover here today.
Absolutely amazing and then really interesting lawyer and science buff and best-selling author Kent Heckenliebly to be joining us coming in studio, third hour.
Gerald Celente, fourth hour.
And I will open the phones up today as well.
So, without further ado, the full Trump speeches on InfoWars.com and a Steve Watson article.
Please go watch it and share it.
But here, because this truth needs to get boosted,
Is Trump on what's at stake if Democrats in 2024 are able to steal the election again?
We'll play clip 2, then we'll play clip 15, where Trump gets even more hardcore.
With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state.
We will expel the warmongers from our government.
We will drive out the globalists.
We will cast out the communists, Marxists, fascists.
He said it correctly.
It's Marxists on the... Communist idiots on the bottom, Marxists above them, and then fascists running it offshore.
And Obama's own book, he writes that.
The average liberal doesn't get that.
It's too stupid to read your master's own writings.
And then we'll play, after that, going to break here, we'll play clip 14.
Here they are, back-to-back.
Future on the line.
We are in trouble.
This country is in trouble.
The election will decide whether your generation inherits a fascist country or a free country, whether you will have a rule of tyrants or the rule of law, whether Marxist radicals burn our civilization to the ground, which they're looking to do, or young patriots like you propel America to glorious new heights greater than ever before.
Side by side, we're going to fight and we're going to win.
We have no choice, actually.
We're going to evict Crooked Joe Biden.
You know, I took the name off of Hillary.
You know that, right?
Everybody here knows that.
It was Crooked Hillary.
It was very successful.
But I think she's out of it now.
But no, I thought it was more appropriate, uh, because he's crooked as you can get.
This is the most dishonest president in history.
And I wouldn't have said it.
You know, I have, I have pride in the presidency and respect for the presidency.
I wouldn't have said it, but I say things about him over the last three weeks that I would have never said before about any president.
Uh, he is a corrupt, horrible, incompetent man and he's destroying our country and we have to have it changed.
With God's help, we're going to save America on November 5th, 2024.
And when I said originally in 2016, it's the most important election, I meant that this is far more important.
This is far more important because our country is ready to go down.
Ready to go possibly into World War III, and this won't be a war like others.
This will be a nuclear war, and the level of destruction, it's called obliteration.
It's not two army tanks going back and forth, shooting at each other.
This is big stuff, and we have a man who's grossly incompetent, who doesn't even know where he is, who can't put two sentences together.
And this is the man that's telling us what we're going to be doing under Biden.
Hope and opportunity for young people.
So many young people here are being utterly extinguished.
In the Biden economy, one-third of Gen Z and millennials have no savings accounts and no saving whatsoever.
They have nothing.
They have nothing.
Home ownership has been pushed out of reach for millions with the rate of 30-year mortgages up 177% since I left office.
And by the way, that's nothing compared to energy, where we were energy independent.
And now you look at what's happened to energy.
We're getting our energy from Venezuela.
You believe that one?
Real wages collapsed 26 months in a row.
Real wages because of inflation and various other things that are happening.
2024 is our final battle.
With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state.
We will expel the warmongers.
From our government, we will drive out the globalists.
We will cast out the communists, Marxists, fascists.
We will throw off the sick political class that hates our country.
And we will rout the fake news media.
We will defeat crooked Joe Biden.
And we will drain the swamp once and for all.
We made a lot of progress, but it's pretty deep.
I want to explain something to everybody.
I know how the government works.
I know Trump.
Roger Stone and I literally pointed out Fiona Hill and McMaster to Trump and that they work for Soros.
And then she went on 60 Minutes and cried and said Alex Jones got me fired.
I don't say that to toot my horn.
I had the CIA come after me.
They ran the lawsuits, all of it.
It's all coming out.
And there's unlimited funding still by Obama and Hillary in the deep state to do this.
Trump did not understand all this.
He does now.
And is super hardcore.
And is the president, was re-elected, had it stolen, and is directly challenging them.
And you heard him.
They are fascists that control people through communism.
They're going to stay in power permanently.
I have more clips on this coming up.
He said even more powerful stuff.
And he said the key in that first clip
He said, we have to beat these people.
We do not have a choice.
They are cementing a permanent dictatorship of the bureaucracy and the corporations and destroying the economy to control us because that's how communists control you is by destroying the economy for the general public.
Venezuela was a rich, wealthy country 25 years ago.
Hugo Chavez ran it in the ground with promises to the masses about free goodies.
Same thing's been done everywhere.
This is a plan beyond cloward and pivot.
So we have no choice.
We must defeat these people.
Yes, our country is occupied.
Yes, our country has been captured.
Trump goes all out, warns U.S.
now under globalist dictatorship.
Knowing that is half the battle.
Now we remove the dictatorship.
Using my leverage over college accreditors, we are going to choke off the money to schools that aid the Marxist assault on our American heritage and on Western civilization itself.
The days of subsidizing communist indoctrination in our colleges will soon be over.
And you know, I will say this, this is a, I would say, very largely conservative group.
I call it Common Sense Group because I think a lot of conservatism is common sense.
When they ask you for a definition, it starts with common sense, but I tell them very often that you will be shocked to see colleges, even the ones that you hear are most liberal, we have tremendous numbers of people out there, I think even more.
They don't speak up as much, but they're starting to speak up.
You know, when you see Bud Light, and when you see all of the things that have happened, I mean, you take a look at that, they're down 37%.
The company is...
Nobody's ever seen it.
And you know, the radical left has always used that.
They've used their buying power.
They'd sort of name a company, go after a company.
We've never done it.
That just happened by osmosis, actually, but it's also happening.
I heard Target mentioned today and various others.
And we have tremendous power to make sure that our country goes down the right tracks.
We're going to smash the Marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracies that are driving up tuition costs and sticking you with crushing debt.
And for any universities that want federal student loan dollars, we will also require them to offer real job placement and career services as well as options for accelerated and low-cost degrees.
These institutions...
Have gone up, the pricing has gone up more than just about any industry.
You look at their costs and they drive them up because the federal government gives loans to everybody so it's more expensive.
But somebody has to pay back that loan, except under Biden, but the Supreme Court decided that that wasn't going to happen.
Alright, and I'm not an apologist for Trump.
I have issues with him, but he's the real deal.
They're coming after him.
They're scared.
There's a clip we've got where Trump announces he's nice to Hillary now because they are friends.
What happened to Donald Trump?
Never back down, ask.
Trump is being sarcastic there when he says, I'm not for, we're not going to call her Crooked Hillary anymore because she's out of it, right?
And now it's Crooked Biden.
That is a very astute statement.
The Clinton crime syndicate is another arm that shared power with the group behind Obama.
The globalist clique that controls Obama is in control of Biden and is quarterbacking things.
And the Bidens and the Clintons, the Obamas and the Clintons actually don't like each other.
That's well known.
And so Trump's explaining, Hillary's out of it.
Hillary is no longer a contender with her foundation and her system.
They're done.
Their dynasty, their cult, the left worshipping them, all their minions that were promised jobs and things if she got in, they were so pissed off.
They're gone now.
And Obama and that arm is who we're dealing with.
100% with John Kerry and all of it.
That's the clique.
And a bunch of neocons working with them.
So people see this and they go, what does he mean by that?
He's explaining their political dynasty is over.
And they've been slowly cut out the last two and a half years by Biden.
And so now it's an Obama third term.
Here it is.
We took the name Crooked away from Hillary and we gave her a new name.
I call her beautiful.
She's so beautiful.
But I took it away because I don't believe in the same name for two people.
I don't like that.
And I've never done this before.
You know, I haven't.
And you have to live with that name for the rest of your life.
I'll go over the different names, but I won't.
Because many of them are now friends of mine, okay?
So what he just did was declare victory over her and say she's politically dead.
She's not in it anymore is the full clip.
That's what that is.
And he's explaining our main battle is with the Obamanoids.
The Bidenites.
Because yeah, they're just puppets at one level, but there's different camps.
And the globalist camp, like Alexander Soros, is absolutely behind the Obama crew.
So that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And remember, Trump said this back in the last campaign, in 2016, or the campaign before last.
He said, listen, I know you pay them off, and it's all legal, because I've had to buy most people on this stage, and I want to fix the system.
He just got up there and said, the problem is too many federal dollars to own education.
The more you throw at it, the more it creates inflation, and there's these big corrupt institutions.
We need accelerated degrees, accelerated new colleges, new systems.
You know, that teach you basic business and then basic trades.
And then if you want, after that, get a doctorate or an engineer, you know, degree.
That's what everything's moving towards and Trump's telling people that.
Now, when we open the phones up, I want to talk about Trump.
You can attack him, you can say you love him, but regardless, what do you think the globals are going to do to try to stop him?
Because they're kangaroo trials, all of this is just going to make him bigger.
Constitution says he can run from prison.
And even if they accelerate these trials and say put him in jail three months before the election, that's the soonest they could, that's going to blow up in their face no matter how much election fraud there is.
When you're winning by 30, 40 points, there's not enough dead people that they can put in the machines with their system of fraud that Facebook helped set up to take them past that.
And then he can pardon himself from the prison.
They're not going to let it get to that, though.
So we should not be overconfident here, ladies and gentlemen.
There's a very good chance that the deep state is going to try to assassinate Trump.
We know it's already happened.
I hope they don't.
But this is such a dangerous period.
We're at war with Russia.
They're trying to start war with China right now, who I'm not a fan of, but I don't want war with them.
Here's Washington Post.
Would allies fight with U.S.
for Taiwan?
Japan is wary.
And so Biden's saying, are you ready for war with China too?
So this whole world is teetering, and they're trying to bring in the new global government, the new central bank digital currencies.
They're trying to bring in the new SDGs.
You've heard of ESGs, but they're commanded by the SDGs.
So are we talking about SDGs here today?
I mean, I cannot stress to you enough that I hear people say, life's so boring, Netflix shows.
That's because you're watching, the majority of the public is watching up to five hours a day of Netflix alone.
Of the most trashily boring, low grade, high school play level crap.
With a bunch of CG.
And if you're watching crap like that, you're not in the real world.
So you're bored.
Wall Street Journal also reported the same headline.
If you're awake and living in the real world, my friend, you're not bored.
You are horrified, but also very excited.
People ask, man, Jones, you kind of seem tired before you get on air.
And as soon as you get on air, you're like electric.
Well, I mean, when we're sitting here talking about race-specific bioweapons that'll kill my whole family and a very good chance they're going to release them, I mean, I'm kind of pissed off.
You know what?
I kind of like living.
I don't just roll over when somebody walks up and punches me in the face.
And are you going to roll over?
Because that's really what the question is here.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to get more to Trump later.
I want to get into the incredible movements against the New World Order and the WHO in the European Parliament.
Incredible developments.
Incredible clips coming up.
And so much more.
Please remember, we've got Patriot Pride Month to counter all the leftist pedo-pride.
Just pride in freedom, pride in God, pride in America, pride in promoting our freedom against tyranny.
I really just, you know, want to counter their whole pedo-pride stuff.
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10% off storable food, water filtration.
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Brain Force Plus, Brain Force Ultra, both 50% off individually.
All of it.
Last night on the Sunday broadcast, I answered a very common question I get.
Really, any time I go out in public.
Any crowd, I get the question at least once.
Is Tucker Carlson for real?
Is Joe Rogan for real?
Is President Trump for real?
Is RFK Jr.
for real?
Is Elon Musk for real?
Things like that.
And I say, well, I don't really know about Elon Musk, but I've known Joe Rogan for 25 years, and I've known Tucker for over 10.
And yeah, they're totally for real.
Doesn't mean they're perfect.
Neither am I. And yeah, Trump's for real.
He for real scares the globalists.
He for real is the president.
He for real is his own man.
Does he make mistakes?
Do I disagree with him some?
But that's an important question, because people say, well then why is all the prominent people, from Russell Brand to you name it, Tulsi Gabbard, the list goes on and on, why are they all coming out against the New World Order?
If you tune into the Fox News shows, the guy that replaced Tucker, sounds like me every night.
What's happened in the world?
How has it gone from InfoWars being the first popular show decades ago covering the New World Order
Because before it was kind of academic type guys covering it and putting out films and writing books and having a huge effect.
The most effective before me would be a G. Edward Griffin.
And then an Aaron Russo.
It's not about who's good or who's bad or who's the goat.
It's about understanding what's happening now.
So, Megyn Kelly's been coming out and saying nice things about me.
Why is that?
Someone who attacked me, someone that was hired by the system to be a mercenary, fired by the system, now out on her own because she failed as a mercenary, and now she sees which way the wind blows.
She's a lawyer.
She now is not just saying nice things about me.
She's basically trying to become Tucker Carlson, which is Alex Jones 2.0.
Now, I want to get into the incredible developments in Europe here in a moment.
But first, here she is on Alex Jones and the Gay Frogs.
I remember interviewing Alex Jones, and he was saying all the crazy things about frogs.
And I was like, oh my lord, this guy's a lunatic.
And then we went back and checked it.
And lo and behold, the son of a bitch was right.
The frogs are turning female.
Like, the water's turning frogs into girl frog.
Boy frogs into girl frogs.
It's happening.
They're like trans frogs.
And they're gay trans frogs.
I'm like, he's a lunatic.
It was true, but it doesn't mean it's happening to humans, right?
There is a leap to be made there.
I'm telling you, it's bizarre shit!
Let me just tell you.
Really, I went back to NBC and I'm like, oh, he's a lunatic!
And then the NBC fact-checking team came back and they're like, it's true!
I'm like, oh my god!
But of course they didn't put that in the NBC piece.
So, what does that signify?
It's not about Alex Jones being right.
It's that that's a maxim in the face of the system saying, you did everything you could to shut this guy down, to demonize him, to lie about him.
To misrepresent who he was, but it's failed.
We didn't buy your propaganda.
And we know that we, the people, are right, and that you, the globalists, are wrong.
And now, across the board, every major talk show host is hat-tipping to this broadcast, except a handful of people like the Young Turks.
The Young Turks.
And they've even been coming out now and saying nice things about Trump.
Because they realize that people have moved on.
Trump won.
The straw poll of Republicans at turning point by, what was it, 75 points?
I mean, just absolutely amazing.
In fact, it doesn't say on here.
I went from memory with 75.
Will you guys grab this?
It's a clip right here.
It's Charlie Kirk.
We played the clip last night.
I've actually got it in my stack.
The point is, he won it by an even larger margin than the Rasmussen poll that had him at 72.
So, this is a total rejection of the power structure's power grant.
But let's talk about what's happening in Europe and then get into the ESGs, the next level of the ESG, why the ESG is supposedly being scrapped, is not being scrapped, and it's really about the SDGs.
But that's okay.
We're going to scrap the SDGs too.
You're like, oh, we fought and exposed the ESGs and now they're removing those.
Well, they're not going to give up at first.
You've got to pound them in the face.
Just because they play possum doesn't mean you give up.
You have to make sure they've been defeated.
And they're far from defeated, but yes, we're on the initiative.
That's what I want people to know.
We're on the front foot.
They're on the back foot.
We're on our toes.
They're on their heels.
Now I want to go to this amazing clip.
Just last week she said, you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
Christina Anderson, a member of the European Union Parliament, and now a leading leader
Says European Citizens Initiative against the WHO power grab will not stop and that they're going to defeat them.
And it's super popular now, whether you're in Italy or whether you're in Germany, whether you're in the Netherlands, whether you're in France, whether you're in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales.
To be anti-New World Order.
It's the hottest thing.
They know about the ruling class.
People get it.
They know about the WHO.
They know about Bill Gates.
They know they made the virus.
They know they released it.
They know the shots are poison.
The coroners are all coming out saying we've never seen these blood clots before.
They're killing everybody.
Yeah, they heard us bad.
They killed a bunch of us.
They maimed a bunch of us.
We know they did it!
But guess what?
And their censorship didn't work.
And the CIA and the Justice Department taking down 55 million posts on Facebook alone covering the truth of COVID didn't keep the truth from getting out.
And now the murder you committed, New World Order, occupational globalist dictatorship, will never be forgotten.
And we know you did it.
And we know you're going to try to cut the power off with fake cyber attacks.
We know you're going to try to start nuclear war with Russia.
We know.
But anyway you slice it, you murdering criminals, you're going to jail.
Emergency broadcast.
Trump goes all out.
Warns U.S.
now under globalist dictatorship.
See the video?
You're like, what's the good news in that?
Because it's being admitted.
A dictatorship of the bureaucracy and the media.
But they don't have a dictatorship of your mind, of your house, of your backyard, of your farm, of your business, of your school, of your church.
Their only beachhead is in your mind.
But as they bring out the ESGs and the cut off of the industry and their own admissions to cut off the power for control, then they get us in a position of under siege.
And now we're like a bird in a cage that only lives if they bring us water and food.
We do not want to get to that position of being prisoners.
But that's what the COVID lockdowns were in their own admission.
A radical transformation from a free society with open mobility and choice to tyranny.
That's the QR codes.
That's the Amazon Whole Foods wanting you to scan to go in.
And people are pulling out and not going to Amazon.
They're closing stores.
Go to the mom and pop.
Go to the place that's got rotting manoleum on the floor to buy your food.
You'll pay half the price anyways.
Because it's going to be those systems that are going to let us survive in the future.
Doesn't mean you can't sometimes go to a big corporation, or you don't fly on a corporate airplane.
It doesn't mean that you can always avoid it, but when you can, don't give your money to the Fortune 500.
They are unified.
They want your children.
They literally want to cut your son's genitals off.
I mean, old elites just wanted to capture and control your country.
Sometimes they'd kill the men.
No, they want to get rid of our men, period.
They want to get rid of our future.
They want to capture us forever.
They want to annihilate us.
Like in Last of the Mohicans, it's a composite of true stories and real things that went on, but it's fiction, historical fiction.
And there's the last Mohican there.
Daniel Day-Lewis is a half-breed.
There's one Mohican left.
And the underchief of the other tribe that's been fighting him for hundreds of years says, today, not just you die, but your seed dies.
And forever, your people leave the face of this earth.
See if you can find the HD version of that.
Last time I wanted to play it, you guys found that quick.
How did you find that in five seconds?
Yeah, crank this up.
Go ahead and turn it up.
Crank the audio up.
I don't know how you guys found that in five seconds.
Skip the break.
I am seriously impressed.
Because this is not a scripted show.
They did not know I was about to do that.
No wonder they don't have audio because they just pull it up on YouTube.
How fast can you type?
How did you pull up the exact scene in five seconds?
I'm impressed.
Pull it into the computer and let's play it.
But you have to understand, that's what this is, okay?
And the seed they want to kill is the freedom and the Christians.
It's not a race of people.
It's that they want to kill the Renaissance.
They want to kill the prosperity because they're bringing in a new dark age of tyranny upon the world.
So, emergency broadcast.
Trump goes all out.
Warns U.S.
under globalist dictatorship.
This is so important.
And what's happening overseas?
Major coalitions have formed.
They're winning national elections, local elections, in every European country.
I've watched Russian TV, folks.
Is this the stuff pointed at us?
Because I wanted to make sure, like, five years ago, they're claiming they're becoming more Christian, anti-globalist.
I'm like, is that just propaganda on RT to make American conservatives support Russians?
I started going and looking, and I mean, you turn on national Russian TV, it's like the talk show hosts are all Alex Jones.
They'll have some idiot liberal on there too, but it's half the talk show hosts aren't just mainline conservatives.
They're anti-New World Order, know the whole thing, we don't want war with America or China, we want prosperity, we want freedom, we want right to religion, we want to own guns, we don't want our sons to have their penises cut off.
That's on the Russian TV, I go read the transcripts of it.
All over Russian TV.
And I've confirmed, because the Russians talk about it on their TV when I'm not even on it.
I've been a guest on some of those shows, they're like, and we learn from people like Alex Jones, what's going on, and we're now aware of it.
And I'm not bragging, I want the listeners to know there was no show like this.
Nigel Farage has come on many times and said the majority of the UKIP, and the reason UKIP exploded was Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson 20 years ago, 15 years ago, when we were rated like 20th on Alexa in the UK.
At one point we were like number 20.
And people were tuning in for the first time.
We had millions of UK listeners a day for a long time.
We still have a big audience.
But you should open the phones up.
You've heard them.
It'd be like half the calls are from the UK.
So that's the power of this broadcast.
That's the power of what we've all done together.
I salute you and I thank you.
This is amazing.
So as negative as things are, I want the globalists who are in their own bubbles, too, to know they're losing and the people are against them.
Oh, Alex owes a billion and a half dollars.
Alex Jones is a loser.
Alex Jones is going down.
And they just can't stand the fact that the truth is coming out.
Did you know the Democrat Party law firm
The quote pro bono is trying to shut this company down in our bankruptcy.
Our reorganization has been spending $1 million a month trying to shut us down.
$1 million a month.
And we're spending around $100,000 to block that.
So we're in a war with these people.
Do you understand that?
When you go to Infowarestore.com and buy books and buy films and buy supplements and buy t-shirts and do that, you're literally funding something that the New World Order dragon is blasting everything it's got at us.
Just shut them down!
Shut them down!
Shut it up now!
Well, I want to declare victory, not over the whole war, but over the battle.
This operation is victorious.
All glory goes to Christ.
We have now converted all the major opposition.
People now get the whole paradigm, the whole globalist operation.
They now know the game.
They know how it operates.
And once you see it, you can't unsee it.
They're not getting info from me now.
They see it, they get it.
And once you click, there ain't no going back.
I can't tell you about the Matrix, folks.
You just take the red pill.
And I'll take you to Wonderland and you'll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
So we've reached that Morpheus moment.
Did you guys pull Laszlo Higgins in place?
Okay, let's play the short clip that I'm going to play.
Christina Anderson.
This is such a key clip.
But here's the scene where he tells Laszlo Higgins, I'm going to kill you now and it's the end of your people right now.
And that's what the New Order wants.
Total domination.
Here it is.
I don't want your son's testicles, your daughter's breasts and uterus.
It's total domination.
I'll narrate this for radio listeners.
She's telling... The bad guy's telling her to come with him, so she jumps off a cliff instead.
And then the other folks catch up to him.
Yeah, the final fight scene.
Maybe we can skip ahead to that.
But the point is, is that this is an allegory of what we're talking about.
The New World Order's never gonna stop, folks, until they're defeated.
Think about it.
Is Satanism taking place?
Is pedophilia taking place?
Yeah, you know it is.
I mean, they're openly chopping girls' forearms.
As Russell Means, I was good friends with him.
A great guy.
The media would misrepresent what he said and do.
He was a really good guy.
Here, go ahead and crank this up.
Here's the final thing.
They cut little girls' forearms and thighs out and create giant fake penises that don't work with a piece of PVC plastic pipe to pee out of.
I mean, how crazy and satanic is that?
And they call it care.
The evil is out of the open.
I mean, it's just right there.
If they get you to accept that, you'll accept anything.
I mean, what's coming next for these people?
Well, you know, humans grown in tanks.
The W.H.O.
says... that by 2030, no children can be born in the womb.
And I guess it's earlier in the movie he says, I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna destroy your seed, I'm gonna kill you and your people forever.
Stay here.
Before you die, know that I will put under the knife your children, so I will wipe your seed from the earth forever.
All right, let me get back to what I was saying, because there's so much news to hit we've got to get to.
Let's get to the European Parliament having a major meeting, a major conference, and you've got real leadership here from this amazing lady, Christina Andersen, out of Germany, and here she is explaining to the globalists that the beginning of the end is nigh.
Here it is.
Because an unelected body like WHO, who is controlled and run by multi-billionaires, should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government.
They will be exposed.
Each and every one of them.
By name.
Because guess what?
There's elections coming up and the people might be interested in who is responsible for the abolition of democracy.
Yeah, thank you so much for coming today.
And thank you, Mislav, for really putting in the work and making this happening today.
And I really will have to say I am so very honored to be here with seven very brave citizens.
Who came here today to launch an initiative for a European Citizens Initiative.
An initiative which will hopefully be accepted by the EU Commission, although I don't really hold my breath to be quite frank, but I seriously hope we will be able to do that.
These seven citizens are so incredibly brave because they stand up against the despicable attempts by the globalitarian misanthropists to strip us of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.
They simply say no to the attempts of granting an unelected body governing powers.
They simply say no.
And that's what we all should do.
Because this will end if we simply say no.
And that's what we're here to do today.
Because an unelected body like WHO, who is controlled and run by multi-billionaires, should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government.
Never, ever.
In democracies, ladies and gentlemen, it is government of the people, by the people, for the people.
And any government
Of anywhere in the world who disregards this fundamental principle of democracy by supporting this unprecedented power grab by WHO is an anti-democrat demonstrating nothing but is utter contempt for the people.
And these seven brave citizens, they will not stand for this and neither will we.
I will expose anyone, whether it's a member of a government in a member state or a government around the world, or a member of parliament in the European member states or parliaments around the world, who do not
Respect the people and do not respect democracy.
I will see to it they will be exposed.
Each and every one of them by name.
Because guess what?
There's elections coming up and the people might be interested in who is responsible for the abolition of democracy.
So, we are here today.
To tell you, WHO globalitarian misanthropists, we are here today to tell you.
You picked this fight.
You wanted this fight.
Well, guess what?
You've got it.
Let's fight.
Because these brave citizens, my colleagues and I, we will not tire to fight you every step of the way.
These brave seven citizens and millions and millions more around the world, these are the people you will have to reckon with from now on.
Because we are millions.
Millions around the world.
It is you that is the small fringe minority.
You are the ones who do not have the right to dictate to the people what they want and what they don't want.
So, take it from me, take it from us, take it from these seven citizens who gathered here today.
Take it from the millions and millions of people around the world.
We will bring you down.
And we will not tire until we have done just that.
So brace yourselves.
We are here and the fight is on.
So let's commence with the fights.
Why don't we?
Thank you.
And you can see Professor Desmond, and she's got some of the members of the European Union Parliament up there with her, at the EU Parliament.
And believe me, this has got them scared, and patriots and constitutionalists and anti-globalists are getting elected all over the European Union right now.
Now, listen.
She was elected to the European Union Parliament, but that's only ceremonial.
The EU was set up under a trade pact in 1947, then in 1956 they did the official deal, supposedly just as a corporate board.
It's like the UN now is setting up treaties where they get the authority over medical care.
Totally criminal.
Our government can't do it, but it's trying to through Biden and Obama that controls him.
But it's the same thing here now where the countries still have elected governments.
And so when she talked about France trying to take their rights away, she said a French minority.
It is Macron right now, along with the German leader, the German chancellor, that are pushing
For EU veto power.
EU veto power over nation states where they will now officially be under the EU board.
So the EU Parliament is ceremonial and the EU governments themselves will now be ceremonial and the EU will be a dictatorship.
So, oh, and by the way, I have the head EU regulator here today.
I am the regulator.
EU Commissioner warns social media to censor after French riots, including in the United States, beyond what Biden is censoring right now, illegally through the FBI.
And I mean, so again, we're under UN control.
They're getting more and more control.
EU, UN globalist control, because our government lets them do this and lets them sue and attack US companies.
Because our government won't defend freedom of speech and in fact attacks it and then it lets outside groups like the EU and UN that attack our companies.
It's just incredible.
We're gonna go to break, start hour number two.
So much to get to on the UN takeover, on the latest with RFK Jr., your phone calls, Kamala Harris damage control, more on Trump.
It's all coming up, jam-packed second hour.
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All right, I'm going to hit all the news coming up next segment, but right now, let's show how you get in the face of these sickos coming after our kids, and then I break down dystopia with Christy Lee.
Then we'll be back with more of the live transmission.
Stay with us.
You ready to go on?
Go on.
Excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
We're going to do this, we're going to read the story.
This is, this is in a spring.
This is morally wrong.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
Reading stories to children.
This is absolutely disgraceful.
We have kids, men dressed as prostitutes, reading filth to children.
What's this all about, lads?
We can't... Hi, how's it going?
Lads, we can't stand for this.
Drag queen story time.
People are giving out about it in America.
It's not welcome in Ireland.
Look at all these people here, lads.
They're in protection of grooming.
We're not here to cause trouble.
We're just trying to make people aware.
This is a piece... Look at this, lads.
Look what they have.
All around.
They're protecting grooming going on in Tralee.
There's grooming going on in Tralee.
This is a public library.
No, I won't.
We are members of the public.
This is an event.
This is an event.
A children's event.
Oh, don't be touching me.
Hey Steve, can you record this?
Where are you Steve?
No, we're not going to.
We have every right to be here.
We've been asked to leave and we refuse to leave.
You can call the GardaĆ­ all you want.
What you should be calling the GardaĆ­ is this grooming going on for children.
How dare they?
This is grooming.
Why do you have men dressed as women?
They're not even dressed as women, they're dressed as prostitutes.
You don't need to be insulting to people.
Excuse me, what's insulting is what you're doing to these kids here.
Come on, push me on out, push me out.
Push me out, come on, push me out.
You're trying to manhandle me?
Well, good luck to that.
Good luck to that.
Here we are, lads.
If you put that on my face, I'm going to have to protect myself.
All right?
Because this umbrella, you disgust me.
You disgust me.
You disgust me.
Now, I want to be a proper woman here.
What you're doing, you should be protecting children, not teaching them this filth.
All right?
I think so.
Not keratin, that's because that's in plants, but the chitin.
They know what they're doing.
And so yes, this is very dystopic.
Hitler, and what he did, was very dystopic.
But he had a plan, and he did it.
Stalin, what he did was dystopic, but he had a plan.
Lenin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez.
Before Hugo Chavez got in, Venezuela was a great place, people were very, large middle class doing well.
Twenty-five years later, it's a total hellhole.
They're all trying to get out.
It's the same thing everywhere.
People say, man, communism doesn't work.
Communism works great as an authoritarian tool for rulers that want permanent control and don't want competition.
But if you're in an open, free society, there's going to be new ideas.
You're going to get supplanted by them.
But it's the competition of humanity.
And so I would just tell people,
The reason I don't like things like the Q thing is it's esoteric, people think it's like a magic thing they're involved in and they see all these signs and things.
You can go read the Club of Rome, you can go read the Trilateral Commission, you can go read the CFR, you can go to the Austin Middle School where they have genderqueer
That your children saw in the library where they show adults having sex with children.
I mean, it's all around us.
It's not like some esoteric hidden code.
I mean, here's an example.
I grew up watching commercials.
We're good to go.
Look, it's an Illuminati sign.
No, this means in almost every culture, like, this is really important.
This doesn't mean 666, folks.
God gave me these.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, now into hour number two.
I intend to open the phones up.
At the end of the segment, I'll give the toll-free number out to take your calls on this live Monday, July 17, 2023 transmission.
Alright, I started talking about central bank digital currencies ten years ago or so.
You can pull up the articles at InfoWars.com.
We were basically the first to reading UN documents and what they were planning, like replacement migration and all the things we've now seen.
So people ask, how were you way ahead of the curve?
Well, we know the globalists do run the show.
They're trying to get full control, but they've got control over global policy.
And so what they're trying to set up, they're not playing games with.
I know it sounds crazy they're going to shut down the majority of farms.
Now they're doing it all over the world.
It sounds crazy they're going to have pedophiles dressed as prostitutes shaking their ass in front of two-year-olds.
They're doing it.
Sounds crazy they're going to ship in enough fentanyl to kill hundreds of thousands a year and totally dissolve the border and allow human trafficking.
They're doing it.
Sounds crazy they're going to overthrow the Ukrainian government, install a dictator, and start a war with Russia.
They did it.
Sounds crazy they're going to release a virus and then blame it on the jungle and try to lock us down in our houses and give us poison shots.
They did it!
And so I started reading about central bank digital currencies, programmable money, more than a decade ago, but they started rolling out the plans for it about 2012 or so.
And so we covered it and warned people and went over it.
Then they created the ESGs that are the corporate rating structure for businesses.
So instead of getting you to have the corporate carbon tax and social credit score like China already has, going back at least six years it's been in place, they get the corporations to sign on and then the central banks, the Rothschilds control most of them, that just create money out of thin air, will give them unlimited money.
Doesn't matter if Anheuser-Busch loses 30 billion, we'll just give you 30 billion more, or 100 billion.
Doesn't matter if Hollywood's bankrupt, we'll just keep funding him.
So they have unlimited
And then there's the Economist magazine owned by the Rothschilds, you know, telling you about get ready for the one world currency.
So they're telling you about their system.
And under it, they will control what you can buy, what you can sell, where you can go, where the money can be spent.
This has all been admitted.
I played clips of them admitting it.
So BlackRock, which is the biggest consortium in the world of investment funds, both government and private and individual, corporate, came out.
With hundreds of trillions under management, conservatively, and said a couple years ago, we're going to control behavior.
We're going to run your life.
Those are quotes from Larry Fink.
In fact, I don't want to just say that.
Find a clip of Larry Fink.
He says it a bunch.
Just type into Twitter.
Head of BlackRock says we're going to control your behavior with ESGs.
And so all these legislatures, really just a few at first, Louisiana,
And a few others.
First, last year said, OK, we're going to cut state pension funds out of your investments when you do this.
That caused a bunch of other governments to do it.
And Larry Fink pulled back and went, whoa, whoa, whoa.
OK, we won't do it now.
We're going to call it something else.
Then he kamikazed Target and North Face and Anheuser-Busch that they own.
They own the majority of it.
They kamikazed those into conservatives and people trying to train us to just get used to the insanity.
I mean, if you'll accept convicted pedophiles dressed like prostitutes shaking their peckers in front of little kids' faces, you'll accept eating bugs.
And so they're using psychology.
But if you just realize it's psychology, don't buy any of it, and put out the opposite information, you beat them.
But they think you're dumb animals that can't get your mind around this.
So, Larry Fink that launched the ESGs.
Just five years ago, we talked about ESGs.
New York Times said we were insane.
It didn't exist.
Five years later, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says he's officially retiring ESGs as an investing term.
Because it's become an official thing of the anti-woke crowd.
No, we know it's you trying to control our lives.
Here he is saying it's about controlling us.
Here it is.
Behaviors are going to have to change, and this is one thing we're asking companies.
You have to force behaviors, and at BlackRock we are forcing behaviors.
There you go, there's the quote.
So now they're changing the name to ESGs, but let's talk about the ESG structure.
They started developing social credit score plans 30 years ago, MIT and others, and
When they censor you or go after you, those are forms of social credit score.
When you get debanked, that's a form of social credit score.
When they call you a Nazi because you don't support a real Nazi collaborator, George Soros, that's social credit score.
A unified system that tracks and controls every facet of your life, and if you don't behave yourself, China already has it in place again for at least six years, where if you do anything they don't like, you can't, your car won't start, you can't go to work, you can't get a plane ticket, you can't get a hotel, you can't get insurance, and they take your house away from you, and then when you're homeless, that's basically illegal in China, they take you to forced labor camp.
So that's currently going on in China for those that don't know, who've been hiding under a rock.
But what controls the ESG?
Well, that's the SDGs.
Remember that clip two years ago?
When Trudeau in Canada said, COVID's a great opportunity to enforce the SDGs and the ESGs.
So when you hear SDG, that is the Sustainable Development Goals.
So the UN
And it's corporate masters on the medical side, Bill Gates and Peter Daszak and Fauci, but JPMorgan Chase, Rothschilds on finances.
When you want to know at every level, the bureaucracies of the global corporations, they come, they write the policies as what?
So the NGOs finance the UN, they founded the UN, the Rockefellers did in 1946, Presidio, Naval Base, San Francisco, California.
So the NGOs control the UN.
And the UN then comes out with the policies that they write for the SDGs.
And the SDGs are, again, the Sustainable Development Goals, which are then enforced through the ESGs.
Those are the corporate systems enforced by the central banks and the scoring system.
And then they deploy the
Social credit score, or the different systems they develop under other names are the same thing, against you individually.
So, the NGOs control the SDGs, they create the format for that, and then the UN SDGs enforce the ESGs.
So, they're not getting rid of the ESGs,
They're simply changing the name because you've now learned of it.
And they've got some new names and some new ideas, but the corporations are still going ahead with this.
And there's even articles where big corporations are asking, OK, if we're all supposed to have electric cars or we're all supposed to promote pedophilia, we're all supposed to promote, you know, sexualization of children, how do we score?
And they've actually said, we're watching you.
We still have the scoring system.
We'll give you a new system soon so you can file your reports with us.
So this is the U.N.
controlled by megacorporations and megabanks.
They're totally ruthless and out of control, who want to vertically integrate the economy, who just put us through years of lockdowns and destroyed the third world and killed 50-60 million people in starvation extra, literally saying we're going to control your domestic security score, your individual social credit score, through the UN, who's already standardized with Bill Gates and the WHO, the Worldwide Vaccine Passport System.
So here is U.N.
Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez saying they have, skip the break, we have less than 10 years, so U.N.
Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez saying we have less than 10 years to solve the U.N.
SDG and AI holds great promise to advance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and targets.
Together we can use artificial intelligence to enhance human dignity and serve the global good.
And the global good means cutting off your resources, you own nothing, you have nothing, and a supercomputer in Brussels called the Beast, that's its name, first set up in the 80s, updated since then.
Look it up for yourself, I'm not making this up.
They turned the Beast on in 1981.
I was typing Beast Computer, Brussels, Belgium, at the International Bank of Settlements.
And I played you the International Bank of Settlements head saying, we'll program all your money and have full control soon.
I played that last week.
Queue that back up too, we'll play that too.
So an average talk show host would get up here and say, the UN is going to have AI control your social credit score.
That's how a normal talk show host does it.
I don't plan things, I don't do it on purpose, I'm different.
I just give you the history, the background, what's going on, and then tell you the new development, which has been the original development.
So, it's not just the UN's going to run your life and control your life and cut your resources off, in their own report, cutting 50% off of resources, not just energy, by 2030.
You understand a 10% cut in resources will kill 100 million people or more.
A 20%, a billion.
I mean, I've seen the numbers.
A 50% civilization total collapse, which is what they want.
So an unelected UN, controlled and financed by ruthless mega banks, with Larry Fink literally at the head of it,
Saying we're going to control your life, is going to use AI computers to manage and track and everything you're doing to regulate and tax and score you for this system.
Now obviously we knew it would always be a supercomputer doing it.
But they're saying centralized UN corporate programmed control system that is designed to slowly incrementally train you, that if you submit at first, and here's the key,
To the first levels of the ESG.
Chop your son's genitals off, you go up in the score, literally.
Get an electric car, even though it's super toxic and bad, score goes up.
Sell your farm to the globalists, score goes way up.
Put on an LGBTPS event, ESG goes up.
Decide to go ahead and sign a document that you're going to euthanize yourself in five years to save the earth, ESG explodes.
And then once they get enough people,
Doing that in the ESG!
Then they can add more and more and more and more and more and more onto what you've got to submit to in the ESG.
And so people think they're getting ahead by submitting to the ESG.
But if they look back, they're going to lose resources even if they fully submit to the ESG.
But they're going to think like a game they're winning and getting ahead of everybody else.
So because they see other people homeless, other people not able to go to the movies, other people not able to get medicine, other people unable to get education, not able to go buy clothes or go on a trip.
Even though they're all confined too and bowing down perfectly and behaving and striving to serve the system, they'll be able to look down on the new giant underclass and feel powerful.
So even though they're sinking in quicksand, because they get to see other people swallowed up before them, and because they're only thinking five minutes ahead...
Low attention spans programmed into them.
They will submit to the ESG rollout, believing they're getting ahead instead of getting behind.
And then, by the time they've already shut down enough of the infrastructure, there'll be no hope for them.
And they'll have to do more and more prostrating themselves and laying on their bellies before the system to be able to even keep any basic ESG status.
And finally, you'll have to agree to a set date to be sterilized at first.
That'll get you a whole bunch of, that'll get you five years of ESG credits at first.
You'll be able to fly around the world, go to Australia, go to Tokyo, stay in five-star hotels, everything for five years.
Then you're sterilized.
And that's for the first few years.
And then it's like, well, I'm opting to be euthanized in five years.
You'll be a hero.
You'll be on national TV at first.
The first guy to do it will be.
Then it'll be millions.
And then it's, well, actually, your ESG score's so low, we're refusing you all services.
You're paralyzed.
And you just die.
That's already in Canada.
And they come and say, sorry, no services.
Kill yourself.
And so imagine the fools wearing their black Antifa outfits and going to the communist meetings being programmed by Blackrock, being programmed by King Charles, being programmed by Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and literally have built this.
What I just told you is exactly what's going to happen.
It's the admitted plan and
The average leftist is chomping at the bit to have a carbon score.
They already have all these little private corporate apps they have where they put stickers on their cars and they have them and they go to restaurants and go, oh, I'm going to test my carbon.
They go, oh, good job.
Thank you.
I'll never forget, like.
Fifteen years ago, I was being flown out to Los Angeles to be on a television show, and I and I had a pretty big movie producer wanted me to be in a movie that I ended up not doing because I just got done with Hollywood at that point.
And he pulls up at the hotel.
We eat dinner.
And then later, I was like, whose car do you want to take to go to this meeting?
Oh, let's take mine.
So they just come out with hybrid cars.
There was this little Ford truck of some type.
That's all they had at the place when I got there.
For some reason, they didn't have the car I wanted.
And he just goes, oh, Alex, you're so good.
I'm so impressed by you.
I'm so impressed by you that you have a hybrid car.
You really care.
He was, like, patting me like I was a baby, nudging me and telling me I was good.
And then, a year or so later, he was at my office, because he also lived in an office, nice guy, and he saw that in one of the offices we had the new LED light bulbs.
He goes, oh, you're doing it for the earth?
See, you are a liberal!
That's what this is all about as a cult, folks.
While they have giant lithium mines, and just total toxic waste, and GMO everywhere, and toxic waste dumping in, and they're frying the atmosphere in 5G, and the bugs are all dying.
But oh, you're so good!
So that's what they do.
They submit early on, and they think they're winning, but
Let me just give you a very simple analysis of this, and you can go to their battle plans, their numbers, and actually state all of this.
This is how, once they get you addicted to the ESG, and the SDGs, and all the rest of these, let's say under a maximized free market laissez-faire system, this would be the amount of resources the average person would be getting in a year.
Start cutting off the resources, telling you you're going to go to electric cars and a replacement that they say is a bridge to the future.
And they sell it like it's a bridge to the future.
Oh, we're just replacing these bad things and we're just going to the new thing and the backwards travel that I just don't want it.
So you're thinking, oh, I'm just going to this new thing.
No, no, no.
What happens is the electric cars and all the systems, the shutdown of the power plants won't even produce power for the electric cars.
It's a bridge to nowhere as they break down society.
But they also own the electric car companies make money while they scam you.
So you actually go down here.
So here you are in 2023, here you are in 2025, and they talk about 50% reduction in energy and consumption by 2030.
I mean, if they actually do that, folks, we're talking 5 billion dead, 3 billion dead, conservatively.
This is just totally insane.
But the average person, let me show you another analogy here.
These aren't exact numbers, this is just a basic thing.
A person in the year 2023,
Has this much resources from your job and where you live and what you do and this is how much your money can buy.
Housing, food, entertainment, transportation, medicine, it's all here.
Now they tell the left, hey, and they have startup companies, they hire them because they are leftist.
Hey, you can boost your income and stuff if you join us.
And at first, in 2024, you might even increase it because you went along with what they wanted.
So you go up.
But then as the rest of the economy implodes because of this predatory system, you're now here.
And in 2025, you're actually here.
Now the rest of the public, because you're part of the in crowd, they've been down here the whole time.
See how that works?
But now as this goes down, now they've imploded the third world and the working class and they've got nothing.
They're down here.
You're now down here.
But you still get to look down on them so you feel powerful.
When they're dying, well you're now barely having enough food to eat, but it's okay.
You're still trained on the phone, trained on the ESG, trained on the social credit score, right down until your own death.
See how that works?
So you opt into this, oh, just take the shot and you'll be able to go back to normal.
Oh, sorry, can't go back to normal, take five more.
And if you'd have kept buying it, it would have never ended.
It was all to see how stupid you'd be and to then mark who will be gullible, who will believe what we say in the future when we put a carrot out but keep withdrawing it.
It's all psychological warfare.
And you can realize you're being conned, admit you're being conned, do something about being conned, or
You continue to be a fool.
But this leads us to, in 2030, post-industrial world.
I'll explain it again.
And I can show the UN document we showed on Friday.
A 50% reduction in consuming, across the board, clothing, transportation, medicine, housing, travel, everything.
In the world, around 5 billion people
That's a billion.
Live with less than 5% discretionary income.
About 3 billion live on the edge of starvation, and a billion are in the process of starvation.
Now, I'm going to explain this again to all the liberals, okay?
You want mass death, you want abortion, you want to chop boys' genitals off, you're on the inside crew, you know what's about the population, you're going to get more resources by going... I mean, I know a lot of you are read into this, and you like it, you think it's cool.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Look at what you have.
Look at who you're around.
You're with the losers.
The globalists actually have you right where they want you.
You're the first group they're getting rid of.
If this whole thing even sells through, I'll be able to snap my fingers and join the New World Order.
I'm not going to do it because God will destroy me.
And I don't want to be around these people.
Because I'm respected because I battle them.
I know how they operate.
I study their operations better than they do.
Most of their people.
Most of their top people are too lazy.
They just follow the directives, try to get the best job done in their area, and then party all the time.
I battle constantly.
I don't do that.
I'm against them.
But if the average leftist thinks they're in some super guild or they're in some wonderful Star Trek future and they're having to tear everything up now to build the Utopia, no Jack, you better read deeper into your boss's plans.
They plan to get rid of 99% of people, not 90.
You really think your bosses are going to kill 90% of people by cutting their resources off incrementally and making us fight over what's left against each other as it goes down to zero and then leave you around once they've wiped out 90%?
In fact, they plan to get rid of you way before it even gets to the 90%.
You're the first people, traitors, liars, easily manipulated.
You'll lower the drawbridge on your own people, the outside enemy.
You guys will not go across the River Jordan in the Promised Land.
You are not going to make it.
And your God's a false God, and your promise is a false promise.
And the desert you're in is the desert of destruction, and you're never going to come out of it.
So first, let's get that straight.
They say that they may keep 1% of us alive.
The globalists, there could be one, there could be two globalists left, and they would kill each other.
That's the nature of these satanists.
So, the whole thing is a lie.
The whole thing is a fraud.
And here's the deal.
I'm not going to try to wake up the left.
I'm not going to try to educate them.
Because on average, they have a spirit.
They're very dumbed down.
They're very toxic.
They're very poisonous.
They're too far gone.
But I want everybody else that's kind of going along to get along, that thinks you should get ahead by complying, to understand you don't want to be signed on with these people.
Because this is where the losers are going.
The future is in recognizing this, understanding it, and building new systems of real sustainability.
When you hear sustainability, that means non-sustainability collapse.
That means reset.
Build back better on our ashes.
A post-industrial, post-carbon planet that's synthetic and that is silicon.
This is not just a takeover of the humans.
I've studied it.
Look at it.
It's an anti-carbon-based life-form operation.
That's why the analysis is it's an off-world group.
And I sit around with like two-star generals and stuff and they agree.
So just understand that, I mean, this is known, okay?
This is not human, and you can play games all day with this, but you need to understand, don't be a collaborator against your own species.
Don't be a fool.
I'll play the clip on the UN control through SDGs.
And that the ESGs have gone nowhere, but we've got them on the rocks.
When we come back, and I'll give the toll-free number, I'll do it now, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
We'll be right back, stay with us, Band.Video.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alright, what's really frustrating is, knowing what the New World Order is doing, what the globalists are doing, what the big corporations are doing, is not rocket science.
For 500 years we've had the Renaissance upwardly mobile society, shutting down feudalism and centralized control by governments, by the church, and by corporations.
But going back to the turn of the century before last, 1900,
The robber barons got together with British intelligence on record and said we're going to use psychology and systems of economic control to get back control and create a centralized scientific dictatorship.
You can go read their writings, that's what this is.
And so since then they've been trying to set up the League of Nations, the UN, this whole thing.
They've been trying to break down the family, they've been trying to make people lazy, they've been trying to use psychology.
Where if you tell a child your handwriting is ugly, you need to learn how to write properly, they cry and complain and throw a fit.
And that's again to undermine civilization, collapse it, so that they can then cull it.
Because the globalists can't compete with an open free market competition system.
They had to dynamite it, which they've pretty much done.
And so the UN talks about, oh by 2030 the world really won't be here anymore.
It's not just AOC and Beto and people saying the world will be basically over by 2030.
The official UN is, oh, billions dead, collapsing, raising water, storms, oh, starvation, because of their policies cutting off the fertilizer and having lockdowns.
So it's 2 plus 2 equals 4.
They're saying, oh, things are really about to get bad.
Because they just shut the world economy down for several years, which then was like pulling the rug out from under somebody.
Or your wife makes this great dinner, or your husband makes this great dinner, and sets all the china and food up on the table, and you walk in and overturn the whole table.
And I think you're so stupid, they go, oh my gosh, the global warming's why everybody's starving, why the porters are wide open!
And while there's not enough food, and the U.N.
soon there won't be any food because of global warming, says the head of the U.N.
Food Program, 100 million are on the verge of death, an extra 15 million just starved to death.
It's all because of COVID.
No, it's because of your lockdowns.
And now the very same head of the U.N.
Food Program, who's a nice, well-spoken American guy, he gets up there and says, folks, please give billions.
The African children are starving.
Look at them.
Bono's raising money right now.
To give them to the little Africans.
And we love the little black children.
Meanwhile they give 1% to the black children.
And with that comes control.
That they gotta stay locked down so they can't grow food.
You just stay in that cage and I'll give you a piece of bread once a week.
Alright, I'm the UN.
But I'm a liberal loving southerner, you can trust me.
Now the UN World Food Head, type it up, UN World Food Head says food shortages worse ever.
Hundreds of millions set to starve to death.
And they say because of global warming.
No, they've cut off fertilizer production all over the world.
Saying it's bad for the earth.
So it's like if I walked up to a guy and a gal sitting, let's say, at a coffee shop outside, drinking coffee and eating a piece of pie.
And I said to the man's wife, I said, your husband's about to die because of global warming.
And then I wrapped a tourniquet around his neck, a garage, started strangling him.
She called the police and the cops show up, he's dead.
And I go, sir, I didn't choke him to death.
Global warming did that.
And again, they just treat you like superstitious morons.
You know why COVID hit us?
Global warming.
It just got hot in those caves and, you know, it just can't happen.
So, that's where we are.
And we need to wake up to it.
So I'm going to play the clip of Gutierrez and going into one of these.
You notice the UN videos are just like the WH videos?
Well, that's because it's all the same group.
The Davos group is the UN.
And I told you that for years.
Last year they officially merged!
So, here is the WEF, UN Secretary General, all the same thing, telling you this.
But first, here's a few clips of other globalists, the head of the Bank of Settlements, the head of BlackRock, telling you how the cow at the cab is.
Here it is.
Behaviors are going to have to change, and this is one thing we're asking companies.
You have to force behaviors, and at BlackRock we are forcing behaviors.
For example, in cash, we don't know, for example, who is using a $100 bill today.
We don't know who is using a $1,000 bill today.
A key difference with the CBDC is that central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability and also we will have the technology to enforce that.
And the one final note I will make is that if you think about the benefits of digital money, there are huge potential gains.
It's not just about digital forms of physical currency.
You can have programmability, you know, units of central bank currency with expiry dates.
You could have, as I argue in my book, a potentially better, as some people might see it, or a darker world where the government decides that units of central bank money can be used to purchase some things,
Together, let us make sure we use artificial intelligence to enhance human dignity and serve the global good.
I mean, I can't even believe they've shut down already 10,000 farms in the Netherlands, and they say 90% will be shut down by 2050, by 2030.
I can't believe they're shutting down the Irish farms.
They're just doing it!
And they're announcing here, oh, organic food's the worst!
Stuff made in a lab is what's good, and we're just listening to this crap?
They're building a dystopia and telling you things are going to collapse because you're bad, and then they're going to have to come in and stop us because we're wrecking things when they're the ones wrecking things.
Go back to it.
AI to map poverty for predictive
So that means they can track slowly how they turn off your resources, tell you there's another way to do it so you believe there's a false hope, which then gets you deeper under their control.
AI to increase agricultural productivity.
When you see that rainbow swastika, that's the Davos group, folks.
That's the world government.
That's the cult.
AI to analyze vast amounts of health care data.
Oh yeah, you don't have any privacy then.
That's the UN running your health care.
Oh, the contact tracing says you were near somebody who had COVID.
You disappeared to a FEMA camp.
AI to revolutionize classrooms with individualized learning.
Oh, they come in, take over education, bankrupt it with their own programming, shut it down, hit pause.
And then,
They bring you UN training.
Plus, you're locked in your house during the next lockdown.
AI to pinpoint gender inequity.
Drive balanced hiring.
Make sure your company hires 50% women or whatever, even though the women want to stay home with their kids.
Or, you see how this works?
Total surveillance by the AI.
Oh, this AI is going to give us all our freedom.
Programmed by the UN.
AI to improve efficient, clean water provision.
Oh, they'll make sure there's plenty of water and the right additives are put in it, like fluoride.
AI to improve photovoltaic energy capture.
Fancy way to say solar panels.
AI to improve productivity through intelligent innovation.
Get rid of humans in the factories.
Make sure there's nothing humans can do anymore.
Yeah, that's right.
Man, thank you, AI.
Replace the humans.
AI to help drive industry innovation.
Get rid of more people.
That's great.
AI to build a more inclusive society, i.e.
disability robots.
Oh, you're all going to get robots, because you'll be so poisoned from the shots that are watching you and taking care of you and finally euthanize you when the time comes.
AI to power urban planning decisions.
Yeah, 15-minute cities.
Through sensor data.
Yes, spy bots.
Everything watching you everywhere.
Oh, this is so wonderful.
I can't wait.
AI to predict optimum production levels to reduce waste.
Oh, it'll tell you what you can spend, what you can do.
Let's come back and hear more about how wonderful UN-run AI is.
Oh my gosh, how liberal!
So the criminal UN set up by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, dedicated to depopulating you in a post-industrial world, says, oh, AI is going to empower your life, and then starts listing 17 nightmare slides that'll literally destroy your life.
Let's go back to where we are at slide 10, and we'll go to your phone calls.
Put it back up, please.
AI to predict optimum production levels to reduce waste.
So it's going to decide what you can produce and what you can do.
That's AI controlling companies, and that's the ESGs.
AI to model climate change to predict disasters.
Oh, yes!
All their fraudulent models, all their garbage, every time there's a disaster, it's always happening.
Earthquakes, floods, they can blame it on that.
More of their voodoo.
That's right, AI to be programmed to go along with that fraud.
AI to track illegal fishing through pattern recognition software.
Yes, they're going to harass the little fishermen, but not the Japanese trawlers.
And then of course, continuing on slide 16, AI to outwit poachers and monitor species health.
Remember how the head of the World Wildlife Fund got caught secretly running the poachers?
That was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
AI to reduce discrimination and corruption in government.
Sure, the NSA on steroids is going to stop the corruption, not protect the corruption, not be used to spy on the good guys and censor political opposition.
Well, but doesn't it sound great to corrupt you in with all this power?
AI to empower essential multi-task holder partnerships.
That means all the different little globalist groups that get to be on the titty.
There you go.
All the little selected knighthoods.
So there's their program.
There's their pyramid of power.
Let's go to your phone calls.
John in Canada on Trump 24.
Go ahead.
What do you think?
Hey Alex, how's it going?
I hope all the info warriors out there are doing great.
What I want to talk about is Trump representing one side of a duality that is existing in all of our systems, all of our fundamental systems right now.
The immovable objects and the unstoppable force.
So what happens when those two forces meet each other?
Well, it's actually an implosion.
You get an implosion of things.
So, as a result, you know, globalists know that they can't get Trump out, or they can't get a guarantee for an elected representative, just like they can't guarantee that they can keep our economy going, that they can keep their systems going, that they can push their social agendas.
So these two forces are hitting each other, and as a result we're going to get an implosion.
When the implosion happens, an implosion of our institutions,
And when institutions go away, mankind tends to rely on his more basic instincts.
He goes back to the fundamentals, his ideologies, his religion.
What does he believe?
And on those levels and those things is a more sort of animalistic approach to life, where we're going to see sort of, you know, people are going to become who they really are, essentially.
It's all going to come out in a real, manifest way.
I think you're incredible.
I think you're absolutely dead on.
And you're right.
When you have super high-powered atomic weights going against each other, a lot of times, depending on the equation, it creates a black hole or a strangelet.
It doesn't create a chain reaction, a hydrogen bomb-type explosion.
Thanks Alex, just wanted to say
Candace K. Morris on Facebook, at Queen of the Juicy on Twitter in your survival shows, and Golden Toothpaste has boosted my IQ at least 33 points, Alex.
Well, alright, that's quite a boost.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, I wanted to know, do you believe that Trump will submit to the illegal surveillance in future lockdowns?
No, I don't think.
Oh, no.
In the future, he said no more lockdowns.
In the future, he said no more forced injections.
He was never for the forced injections.
He just won't admit he was wrong and conned.
I mean, I know why he's doing it.
He thinks he'll get hurt worse by admitting it was all a fraud.
And he thinks it'll give him liability.
So that's one thing Trump does is covers his ass.
And I think him going along with the shots is the worst thing he ever did.
But he tried to greenlight every treatment, everything.
There was everything he was promoting.
He was just trying to get things going.
And Trump has, and I know people that know Trump well, he has an inordinate respect for military officers and doctors.
Now he doesn't so much now, but we're talking, he was brought up to the military, worship it.
Well our military's great people, but not when they're hijacked at the top.
So he really thought generals were like the best guys, and they were the best guys, and he didn't know they were globalist operatives.
And Alex, before 2020 Trump was having rallies while he was president.
And he was saying at these rallies that we needed to build more psychiatric hospitals to protect people from gun violence.
Now, this was all before 2020.
Now, Trump admits that we're in a fascist, totalitarian system, and he was at one point
At the head of the fashion show.
I understand that Trump was talking about mental patients getting guns and I think Robert M. Kennedy Jr.
He said the drugs are the main driver, the psychotropics cause this to happen.
said that.
Are you saying you're going to, are you going to vote for Biden then or what should we do?
Well, I'm just saying, since we do know we live under fascists, and I went to my local community in Cheatham County to talk about the Tennessee Valley Authority coming and building these big power generators and power storage facilities, and my local hometown judge, who is an elected official,
I don't even know that at the local level that the elections are legitimate.
Well, I mean, yes ma'am, local are the most fraudulent there are.
It's very hard to steal national elections.
It's very easy to steal local.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, no, I have my reservations about Trump, but no, I don't think he's a bad person.
A lot of people say they should reopen mental institutions.
One movie, those that flew over the cuckoo's nest, got the state hospital shut down and undoubtedly they had abuses and they were bad.
We replace one bad thing with another bad thing, and we have an open-air mental institution.
And all the drugs and the rest of it is... I mean, the mental problems now are just absolutely exploding.
So, replace one evil, it's like replacing apartheid with communism, something even worse.
So, yeah, no, you're talking about red flag laws, the rest of it, another one of the things that Trump at least paid homage to.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Simon in Florida.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Hello there, Alex.
This is Simon from Florida.
I was talking with you previously, and it was unfortunate that when I was built to speak with you, that was the day... Yeah, I'm going to stop you right now.
I was busy that day, and I decided I couldn't have you on that day.
It wasn't some conspiracy with the crew.
I get really busy.
The fact that I was going to get you on the show is fine, but right now, do you want to make comments on the current topics?
Absolutely I do.
I was going to speak to you about the high-level political forum that is occurring right now at the UN, specifically talking about advancing the implementation of the SDGs.
It's important for people to understand when you use the phrase doubling down, this is literally what is occurring because we're now halfway through the period from 2015
You are being mathematically correct.
That's what people need to understand, that whatever influences they've experienced so far, and as disgusted and in disagreement that they are, things are going to get twice as worse because they have double the amount to do in the same period of time that has already expired.
And people have to remember that 2030 is the deadline.
And then what comes after 2030 is the actual complete extermination operation.
2030 is just getting the straitjacket on us, in my view.
People can read about this by going to hashtag H-L-P-S.
Well, I would agree with that.
And all the documents are available there.
This is a two-week conference.
We're in the last three days.
And I'll just point out, I'm trying to reach out to you often to try and get information across.
Now it's almost in arrear.
I appreciate you went to meet Steven Crowder that day in Dallas, but I was then rescheduled four times and each time... Listen, I can't do producing on air.
I appreciate your call.
I think the issue is you wanted to have some other guest on with you and I didn't know who they were, so I shouldn't do it.
So I can't do producing on air.
Not gonna do it.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate you.
Sometimes I try to get people booked on the show.
I get busy, they get unbooked, and then it's not the issue with my producers.
I set people up.
I'm the one that runs this show.
So, Simon, boom!
You got in, you talked about your issues, and you know, I know we're way behind on the ESGs and everything.
We'll try to get better next time.
We're actually way ahead the whole thing.
The whole point is, anything coming out of the UN is the enemy.
Anything coming out of the UN is the problem.
Anything coming out of the UN must be opposed.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us in fullwords.com.
Greg in Ohio, you're on the air, thanks for holding, go ahead.
Great, thanks.
I'm so glad you're covering this ESG, SDG, NGO, making the connection there, because in my opinion, this could be the most important topic of all, because our country is based on capitalism, and if you break down that capitalism structure, we don't have a whole lot left, right?
You know, so if we think about
You know, you go back to, you know, God, people, good people, true capitalism, Adam Smith, the invisible hand.
I mean, that's what's driven this country, right?
And that's deflationary, right?
Innovation is deflationary.
You know, these guys are taking us in the way of inflation, which I'm sure we could talk for hours on this, right?
But the point is, inflation and the connection to the things you were talking about go hand in hand, in my opinion.
And, you know, I've spent, I mean, 90,000 plus hours in the markets over the last 30 years.
And I see someone's got complete control over these financial markets right now.
So what you're talking about is totally spot on.
Oh yeah, the AI is a consortium of systems already in control that humans run.
Now they're going to turn the rest of the economy over to this and design it to, again, incrementally turn off 50% of the energy, 50% of consumption.
Can you imagine that world?
I mean, we're talking genocide.
Well, yeah, for sure.
But think about all the different commodity markets.
You've got precious metals, right?
Everybody's selling a bill of goods, buy gold, buy silver.
These guys could take gold and silver down to $700, $1,100 in gold without a blink of an eye, right?
And totally explain it away, use the media, cover it up.
We're good to go.
Well, I just can't stress, I mean, someone needs, this needs to be covered more.
This is such an important topic, right?
I mean, I've spent my life in these markets, right?
So I mean, I hope that people will heed this warning that what you just covered is so critical.
This needs to be covered.
I mean, this needs to be pounded.
And every, every, like you talk about Tucker and Joe Rogan.
I mean, we need to get people on talking about this because this is such an important topic.
Capitalism's gone without it.
I mean, what you're talking about is spot on.
And it's not like we're just getting rid of capitalism.
These horrible human depopulationists will then be in total control and pick the winners and losers.
This is complete social engineering.
And we already see cutting children's genitals off, having fat men dress like prostitutes, shake their butts in little kids' faces.
They're showing us the ugliest, craziest stuff up front to just set the precedent that, yeah, you're in a dystopia now.
I mean, this is hell on earth they're building.
Give up.
Yep, yep.
Well, and just one quick thing, you know, just one thing for people to keep in mind.
Inflation is really the work of the devil, okay?
Deflation is the work of God, right?
Because it benefits the little guy, right?
The little guy, he gets more for every hour of work, right?
Be fruitful, go out and prosper, absolutely.
I mean, look at life, look at the fruit trees.
It's an abundance God gives us, not less.
Exactly, exactly.
Well, what do you make of them saying they're pulling back ESGs but then accelerating the SDGs?
Well, look, it's just a cover-up, right?
I mean, you know, look, I could talk to you for hours on Larry Fink, right?
BlackRock, Moynihan, they're all bought and paid for.
You know, Jamie Dimon's questionable in some ways, but it doesn't matter.
The point is, I've got video on these guys, you know.
They're totally, they don't even understand what they're doing, but they're just doing it.
They're exactly what you're talking about.
They're just minions.
And you know, you'd say Larry Fink is a minion.
I think he's a minion, right?
I mean, even though he's worth billions and he's running BlackRock, I don't really, I've got video that proves he really doesn't know what he's doing.
He's just doing what he's told.
You know, and- 100%, when you see a Klaus Schwab or a Larry Fink,
Or even a Bill Gates.
They're still just functionaries.
And there are really wicked groups behind them.
Thank you so much.
Amazing call, Greg.
Call back again.
And we're going to continue with phone calls.
We have a special guest joining us in studio as well to talk about the whole state of the world.
But we'll get to all your calls.
Jordan and James and Ben and James and Battle Cry, Samuel, Robert and Moose.
No more callers after that.
But if you're on the board, I'm going to get to you.
And I'm going to host a little bit in the next hour as well with Gerald Cilente.
So we'll get to everybody's calls.
Please stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
When it comes to regaining energy, convenience is key.
Sure, coffee, candy, and other highly sugar-filled products can give us a short boost, but the crash is always the strongest downside.
That's why our team of scientists worked with the InfoWars crew to create a powerhouse mixable energy formula.
Having TurboForce Plus at work, home, in the car, or in your bag is the ultimate answer to a sluggish day.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other...
Documents, but this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines and the hell we're already living in.
This is going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength
And the will to be able to face this horror and to give me the strength to carry on because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just
You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
We are here today to tell you.
You picked this fight.
You wanted this fight.
Well, guess what?
You've got it.
Let's fight!
It's 1159 at Radio Free America.
This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's going to become 100% clear, not that this audience is already very awake, but the general public, how much trouble they're in, very, very quickly.
And the controlled corporate media is going to tell people, it's your fault, it's the global warming, it's why everybody's starving to death, why the borders have collapsed, why crime's everywhere.
But if you go down every one of those points, Klaus Schwab's written books saying we're going to cut the resources off, we're going to create an angrier world, we're going to cut the resources off of the third world and flood the first world.
We're going to break down society and destroy the old capitalist system so they'll accept the new corporate feudalist fascist slash communist operation.
And that's what the new book that was already going to be done a few weeks ago is about.
But he's here this week with me.
Been here with me.
We just wrote two more chapters this weekend.
He's adding documents to it.
This book's getting up there past 450 pages right now.
It'll be done in a couple of weeks.
We'll go to the printers, and it'll be, things ship so fast now, print so fast at Skyhorse, it'll be shipping in late August.
The Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great
We can't just challenge their New World Order.
We've got to have our resistance to it.
So we cover the waterfront and explain what's happening versus what we could build together.
This is going to be a very important book.
It's very important.
People say, why do you advertise it on Amazon?
Because New York Times had hit number one, but they didn't record it.
But when something hits in the top political books early on, that makes all the bookstores order it.
So the book gets out in the bookstore.
And then that has a bigger effect in culture.
Our last book together, The Great Reset and the War for the World, became a number one New York Times bestseller, number one USA Today, number one Washington Post, but the New York Times would not put it even in the top hundred because they're a fraud.
That's fine, but the point is it going number one in that makes it get even bigger.
We want this to go to number one before it's even released.
Go pre-order it.
As an act of resistance at Amazon.com.
We have links up on the front page of InfoWars.com.
And I want to cover just the world and a bunch of topics with Kent Hebenlein and get into just what's happening in
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Professor Hotez, I mean, this is an amazing, amazing book.
Kent, great to have you here with us.
Thanks for having me.
Kent Heckenliebly, you're an awesome guy.
I've become a good friend of mine, had fun at lunch yesterday with myself and you and my wife.
What is it like working on this book?
Because you were saying you're already super awake, but this has been quite the deep dive.
You know, I just feel like I'm a kid in a candy store, Alex, because I've been in this alternative world for about 15, 20 years, and what's been great working with you is that, you know, I'll have questions.
I'll say, Alex, give me the story of
I think so.
Enjoying so much, putting into book form your understanding of the world, backing it up with evidence.
I think that the reading public is really going to enjoy this book and be enlightened by it and also be inspired by it because one of the things that you had said to me is you really wanted this to be a positive book with solutions and we've got a minute.
Just talking about the adrenochrome section, what's so frustrating is it's on record that what we think of as adrenochrome is there and is being produced at laboratories all over the world, not just by Peter Nygaard.
And we don't just have news articles, I said, you know there's video of him admitting this, where he gets women pregnant.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, I think so.
Women gestating fetuses for a sanguination.
Yeah, and so what I did was in that chapter was I go to the New York Times for their article on Zorro Ranch and in the New York Times they say, oh Jeffrey Epstein, he wants to create a super race of babies.
He's wanted to impregnate 20 women and I'm thinking to myself,
Does Jeffrey Epstein look like a daddy kind of guy?
Does he look like the Mormon who wants to live in a big compound with lots of women and raise his children?
No, pull up young Jeffrey Epstein.
He looks like a serial killer.
Yeah, yeah.
So, you know, then you give me into, you know, clue me into Peter Nygaard and I find the information that what Nygaard was doing, and this is evidence by his former girlfriend and this video that's showing right now.
What he was doing, and this sounds crazy, but it's all there and it's all documented in our book, is what he was claiming to do is to impregnate women, to get them pregnant, then have them abort the children at about five or six weeks, and then use that as a source for stem cells to stay young.
And he's claimed to be doing it with many other people.
And the reason smaller is better is the women can get pregnant more frequently.
And then he tells him later, and so you can share in your child's blood with me.
It's so delicious because it's that early cells when it's that they want.
And so, you know, it's just it's crazy.
And it really is beyond Dracula and vampirism because, you know, the fictional vampires, they're they're feeding on people they don't know generally.
But this is this is killing your own children.
In order to stay stay young look how creepy Jeffrey Epstein is that's who he hired to work it and run a whole part of the girls school and And he worked for Bill Barr dad who on record wrote books about pedophilia and was an intelligence operative
And so, for those who don't know, Donald Barr wrote two science fiction novels.
Yeah, yeah.
One of them was called Space Relations, which was about alien human sex slavery.
And I'm thinking to myself, gee, why are you running a K-12 school for the elite, and you're writing these books?
How can you continue working?
He's obviously connected to Maxwell, who was the handler, not the woman Maxwell, Maxwell's dad.
Yeah, and so, you know, we've got like a 40 or 50 page chapter on Jeffrey Epstein.
It's basically a whole book on Jeffrey Epstein.
Yeah, but, you know, in that 40 or 50 pages, I give you 40 or 50 references that if you want to go and check it out, you know, feel free.
You'll be a Jeffrey Epstein expert.
And when people say it's a dream come real, yeah folks, it's not just Nygaard.
Again, they get surrogates to grow their babies, and that's why they're trying to come out with these artificial wombs, they've almost got perfected, so you can just have a bunch of your own clones grown, and then you're sucking the juice out of that.
Absolutely, and as I say, everything is documented.
You see all of it.
You can go to the sources, and it's amazing how much is out there if you just go look for it.
And 80 to 90% of the references are from what people would consider mainstream media sources, like New York Times, Washington Post, CNN.
And it's because what I've learned about the mainstream media is they will usually tell you the truth
A couple years later, or buried at paragraph 45 of a long article.
Why do you think they cover their tracks like that?
When a story's big and pertinent and matters, they cover it up and then later admit it.
Yeah, absolutely.
Kind of like last year they said, there's no bio labs, it's a made-up thing, and then this year they go, okay, we run bio labs in Ukraine.
Yeah, yeah, and so it's for those who may not have heard your message, this is a great vehicle to get it out because it's in book form for those who, you know, you may run a little bit hot, this is cool.
And, you know, I think it's really going to be great for those people who are your fans and those people who are really not familiar with you.
So if you go to InfoWars.com, we'll put a link under the live show feed.
There's also a post there.
You can find a link right to Amazon.
You get the Great Reset, the Great Awakening.
Well, there's that one right there.
The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalist, and Launching the Next Great Renaissance.
Alex Jones with Kit Hekkin-Lively.
And so there it is.
Very, very important.
I hope you'll get it and drive it to number one.
Plus, it's a great book to give to friends and families.
And we'll get more into it.
I want to take some phone calls because these are all on topic about this.
I want to go to Jordan and Moose and James and Ben and Battle Cry and Samuel and Robert before this hour ends.
Pulling back and looking at Trump, you were asking me this at lunch yesterday, and I gave you my opinion, and I want yours.
I mean, he did win the last election.
He's polling 75% against the other Republicans.
He's 30 points ahead of Biden in many polls, 20 at least.
I've never seen a president, current or former, with numbers like this.
This is definitely blown up in the system's face.
So regardless of whether Trump's a good guy or not, which I think overall he is a good guy, he's pig-headed.
The system's coming after him, it's only making him more popular.
This is going to be spectacularly dangerous.
I mean, this is crazy.
Yeah, I describe the moment we're living in as, imagine back to your high school.
Okay, your high school was run by the student council, maybe the football players had, you know, a lot of influence into how the school went, and suddenly the principal comes and says, the school is going to be run by the chess club.
Now the chess club, they can be fine people.
They just don't know how to run a school.
And the globalists seem to me like the chess club of your high school.
They're nerdy.
Except they want to drink your children's blood.
Except they want to drink your children's blood.
But the problem that the globalists have is their plans are spectacularly stupid and unpopular.
So the reason, as I told you at lunch the other day, the reason the censorship is so extreme is because our message is so powerful and popular.
That's right.
But instead they double down.
We talked about that last hour.
So the ESGs are in trouble, so they just accelerate all these other operations.
Yeah, but they are dancing as fast as they can, and now that the game is up, we've pulled the curtain back so much that people are seeing the lies.
Perfect example, Indiana Jones, the new Indiana Jones movie, kind of a woke piece of crud, and what happened in the week before it, the filmmakers were rushing out saying, no, no, it's not woke, it's not woke.
And, you know, Disney movies.
It's woke.
Whoever thought you would bet against Disney movies, you know, that they lost $900 million in their past- People aren't just rejecting it, they've developed an allergy.
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, look at The Sound of Freedom.
Perfect example.
There's a movie that- I think it's still number one.
Yeah, yeah.
And, you know, it's going up against Tom Cruise.
And when they demonize it, it makes it more popular.
Yeah, so- Hadn't the globals figured out, people don't like you.
You're ugly and you're stupid, okay?
And so, anytime... What's the term, Christina, the member of the EU Parliament, Christina Anderson, she used a term for it, and I looked it up, I'd heard it before, but I forgot it.
What's the term where someone hates people and hates humanity?
Uh, I want to say misogynist, but that's just against women.
A misanthropic.
Yeah, and she, uh, so you're better than me at vocabulary, that's good.
But that's, they're misanthropes, I think is the word.
Go ahead and play the clip for her, it's early on in the clip, here it is.
It's clip, uh, clip seven, guys.
Because an unelected body like WHO, who is controlled and run by multi-billionaires, should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government.
They will be exposed.
Each and every one of them.
By name.
Because guess what?
There's elections coming up and the people might be interested in who is responsible for the abolition of democracy.
Misanthropic, full of definition.
Thank you so much for coming.
The fight is on.
And thank you, Ms.
La, for really putting in the work.
That's good.
The full video is on Infowars.com.
But let's put the quote back up, because I was looking for that word.
It's a misanthrope.
And then if someone is anti-human, they're misanthropic.
Instead of being a philanthropist, I guess.
It's kind of the opposite.
So all these globalists call themselves philanthropists, but really they're anti-human.
A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.
Scrooge wasn't the mean-spirited misanthrope most of us believe him to be.
Okay, there you go.
Let's make sure, as we're finishing the book up right now, the little quotes and stuff, we need the definition of, you can define a globalist as misanthropic.
Misanthropic, alright.
You're a misanthrope, Mr. Gates.
Alright, let's take a phone call here.
Jordan in New Jersey, thanks for holding on.
Joe Biden, The Digital Currency, welcome.
Thank you, Alex.
I want to move quickly.
I know you have a short time.
So, you know me, I was the guy who called about the encephalitis and the, you know, that whole call that got put on your show.
And I run a site called CoronaEyes.com for over a year now.
And I just want to remind everybody about Biden's executive order trying to get, ensuring the responsible development of digital currency, Order 14067.
This is also in conjunction with Executive Order 14081, Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing.
Now, it would be interesting for everybody to note that Dick Sullivan basically is involved in both of these efforts, almost solely, given extreme power never seen before.
And I remember you, you're a big pharma guy.
I work for two major companies.
Yes, that's right.
So talking like you're five years old, what do you say they're up to now?
Well, I just want to also reference this.
The Gateway Pundit put on this whole thing about Fauci issuing $26 billion of taxpayer money, and he wasn't actually acting as any government authority.
He used it for Big Pharma and his buddies, and to buy people off.
Yeah, exactly.
But the thing is, is that this is where they were spending all the money that caused the whole thing.
So the next big move for them includes bringing in additional currency, but also forwarding all the biotechnology that they got through the COVID scam.
All right.
That wasn't just to kill a bunch of people.
And I know you and I have disagreed on this in the past.
Control and forward their transhumanist agenda.
No, I think they're doing pure research for life extension through this as well as killing people.
You say we disagree.
I believe they're looking for the Lazarus gene.
This whole project is about turning us into guinea pigs.
That too, but I also think they're going to use this as a commodity, meaning that the whole Internet of Bodies and things and what have you also means that biological computing is on the table.
And when Biden comes out, you have these groups talking about cognitive
They're referring directly to what will become the hive mind, in my opinion.
That's where my research goes.
I urge everybody to go back on my site and look at some of it.
And Charles Lieber, who's sitting under house arrest in his house right now, hasn't been interviewed at all by anybody, and I urge you to try to get news people to go and inquire with him.
Are you talking about the Harvard biology head?
And then he was supposedly selling cigars to the Chinese.
Yeah, the whole thing's really suspicious.
Very interesting.
No, I mean, I know this is about Internet of Humans, Internet of Bodies, smart dust.
I mean, that's their big grand super plan is to make us all be forced into being guinea pigs in the new social credit score.
I totally agree with you.
So I don't know where you say that I don't believe is turning us into a commodity.
I mean, I believe that's what this whole thing's about.
I appreciate your call.
You want to comment on that?
We got to go to break.
So, all right.
We're going to come back and talk to Ben, James, everybody else.
Kent is our guest.
Kent Hecken-Lively.
And you can get the new book right now at InfoWarsTore.com.
InfoWarsTore.com, but the best place to get it is The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalist and Launching the Next Great Renaissance is at Amazon.com.
All right, Kit Heckenloebly is in studio with us, co-author with me on The Great Awakening book, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
We're going to be taking your phone calls here in just a few minutes, but Kit, let's get more into the big picture.
What do you think is going to happen with Joe Biden?
I mean, he was having major cognitive problems when he stole the election three years ago, but now he doesn't even know what planet he's on.
Yeah, I think five, six months from now, what's going to happen is there's going to be some problem.
Maybe a CPAP machine isn't working, and he's going to say he really wanted to run, but he's stepping down, and then they're going to put my governor, Gavin Newsom, in there, and they're going to try to run the table.
Hopefully Robert Kennedy Jr.
messes that scenario up, but I think one way or another,
America is going to reassert itself in 2024 and if they try to steal the election like they did before, there are going to be consequences and they're going to be severe.
What do you think of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?
We got a caller we'll go to in a moment.
Moose in Maryland.
He thinks he's a Trojan horse.
Sir, ask that question.
I've worked with Robert Kennedy for several years.
I believe in him.
I have not seen any sign of deception.
I think that in his presidential run, he's shown himself to be a person of integrity.
And in the final analysis, people are known by their fruits.
And the way the mainstream media attacked Kennedy for
Making the correct scientific observation that COVID affects different ethnic groups differently and then attacking him as anti-Semitic only reinforces to me that, like Trump, they see him as a threat to the system.
I mean, I agree.
And they murdered his father when he was winning primaries and going to be the presidential nominee.
They murdered his uncle.
I mean, people talk about Trump having a chip on his shoulder because that way he's been persecuted and being more hardcore.
Imagine being this guy.
Yeah, and what he has said over the years, because I am a member of the vaccine-injured community, is he has said for several years that he will die with his boots on defending our children.
He has shown that he will do that.
I believe he's a man of integrity.
I don't agree with everything he has said.
I think there are some positions he needs to change.
I really want, and I'm more of a conservative, but I really want to have a liberal side of the American equation that will have a conversation with the conservative side, and he is that person.
I gotta be honest, if he was the Democrat nominee, I would have trouble not voting for him over Trump, just because of the vaccine issue.
And listen, let's be clear.
He had real integrity 20 years ago, being the leading environmentalist, ending toxic waste dumps and chemicals in the water and serious stuff, okay?
So in, say, 2003, I would say he was a man of integrity.
Like Trump said, a real guy, not a fraud.
Okay, overhead shot please.
But in 2023,
Okay, here's where Alex Jones is, a populist, pro-human, anti-globalist.
And then here's where Kennedy was back then.
He was still a guy of integrity.
He's moved all the way to where I am.
I mean, if you look at his statements today, we don't need to take the guns, it's a psychiatric thing.
Almost all the shooters are on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
We don't need to have an open border.
It's human smuggling used by big corporations and child sex trafficking.
They're bringing in a permanent underclass they can exploit.
That's what I say word for word, because it's true.
I'm not saying he's copying me.
I mean, it's like on every issue now, he's saying exactly the right thing.
So he is the ultimate Trojan horse that didn't care they murdered his father for being good, didn't care they murdered his uncle for being good, trying to leave Vietnam.
I mean, the dog doesn't hunt.
You murder my dad and my uncle?
And by the way, they go, oh, the rest of the Kennedys don't care about him or they're mad at him.
I know people in the Kennedy group, okay?
And I know John Lennon's widow and son and stuff like that.
Folks, let me just tell you something.
The heat the FBI put on the Kennedys after they murdered the dad and then the uncle.
Uh, which is, you know, first the, you know, the uncle, the dad, if it's from RFK Jr.'
's perspective, is incredible.
The rest of the family's captured.
The rest of the family's controlled.
After they murder John Lennon, after they murder RFK, JFK, or other prominent people like that they were scared of, they then come after their families and try to bully them into submission.
So that's what you gotta understand.
There's no way RFK Jr.
is one of them.
There's just, it does not compute.
Yeah, and one of the things that had been an issue for me is, you know, his environmentalism, because, you know, I'm a conservative and I hear the word environmentalist, and I think, okay, somebody wants to... Now he says it's a giant carbon tax to grab power.
Stop all development.
But, you know, what he talks about is he's not that kind of environmentalist because what he wants is a healthy ecosystem
So that people can benefit from it.
So the people he works for are the blue-collar people, like the fishermen of the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley.
And so he works with them to restore the fisheries so that they can continue it.
So he is a different kind of environmentalist.
He gets in trouble with the environmentalist groups because he says, yes, we need to have development, but we need to make sure we have a clean environment.
I'm in favor of a clean environment.
I, I, and so the way in which he solves problems is the way, which I think is the American experience, which is we should talk to each other.
We should try to find ways in which we can agree.
Come to a real consensus instead of the UN ramming it on our throat.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so, and I love that he talks about how all the other Democrats talk about, let's end the polarization.
Well, are you going to talk to the other side?
How are you going to end the polarization if you don't talk to the other side?
Well, let's expand on that, because I interrupted you, because I forgot the other good thing.
He came out and said, I'm a real environmentalist, I don't want toxic waste or overfishing or all this, or just clear-cutting for no reason.
But he said, the Vanguard and BlackRock are running all this to take control and consolidate power and starve the third world, and modern environmentalism and carbon taxes are a fraud.
So he's attacking the fact that these big corporations claim the mantle of the earth, and then set up a horrible fascist regime through it.
And aren't you so happy to see a public figure who will say that they were wrong about something?
So, RFK was asked about, you know, the whole Russiagate scandal, and he said, gee, you know, when it came up in 2016, 2017, I thought, oh, well, probably, you know, there's something there.
And then he said, you know, in 2020, when COVID hit and they called Kennedy a Russian agent, he was like, oh!
That's the play.
And he said, then he looked into it and he was like, no.
So isn't it just so refreshing to have a public figure who will say, hey, I thought the wrong thing.
Some people and he had dinner with Oliver Stone and his son, Sean, and they were telling him this stuff in 2019.
And so isn't it wonderful to have a public figure who can change his mind?
Well, let's expand on that.
We're not pitting all our hopes on him.
We're not saying we totally trust him.
Trust and verify.
Whether he's good or bad, and I think he means well, he has some mistakes like Trump, he's sounding like Alex Jones and Kent Heben-Lively, because that's the way the future's working.
People are awake now.
They get the new world order.
Let's go to a caller, though, who may disagree, which is fine.
Moose in Maryland.
What's your view on RFK Jr.?
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, brother.
I'm a first-time caller.
I just wanted to give a shout-out to my buddy Nelson.
He actually turned me on to you.
And it's only been about probably eight months since I've been red-pilled, man.
I just wanted to say thank you to him.
But as far as RFK goes, I watched a piece that Pete Santilli did on RFK, and it was about him being a Trojan horse.
He put out a piece on Bandop Video.
Have you seen that piece that he did?
No, I haven't, but maybe I should get Pete on.
What did he say?
I think, well, it's about him being, because you know, RFK was a lawyer, and the way he laid it out, he had all documentation, and it was showing where he was an environmentalist, but he was a big lawyer for all these leftist groups.
And it was just, it was very compelling, man.
It had me... No, I mean, I think we know that R.F.K.
has been a big liberal.
I don't think that's a secret.
Yeah, it kind of opened my eyes, man.
And then it was saying that it all led back to the LGBT, U.S., V, W, X, Y, Z people.
And it was just, it was kind of an eye opener.
I'm not saying that he is a Trojan horse, but I wanted to get your take on it.
If you actually had seen that piece, that
Well, I mean, I can tell you that, no, I haven't seen the piece, but it's at Bandai Video.
People should go look at it on his page.
I think it's healthy to ask questions, healthy to investigate.
But, I mean, the establishment legitimately doesn't like Trump or RFK Jr.
I mean, they're not faking that.
They're pulling out all the stops.
They're censoring them.
They're doing it all.
What do you think?
Yeah, so Moose, I agree with Alex.
I want all of our politicians not just to be vetted once and done.
Keep doing it.
From my experiences with Robert Kennedy and the people around him, I believe he is genuine.
I think he's a real fighter.
I think he's in that tradition of the classic Democrat who believes... How do you serve the new old order when they kill your dad and uncle?
Yeah, yeah.
So I take him at his word when he says this is something he'll die with his boots on and there are worse things than death.
I mean, you know, how can you have your father assassinated under those circumstances?
And he was there, he saw it happen.
And then he was there when he died.
And how can you
How can it not affect you?
And everything that he has done, his investigations, I've spent a lot of time going deep into his investigations and, you know, having some of my own views change.
So I believe that Kennedy is somebody who will keep the American experiment going where I think Biden wants to put an end to the American experiment.
Well, obviously Obama does not want RFK Jr.
And I think there's a lot of evidence they killed JFK Jr.
And so I don't get like this stars in my eyes and Camelot and all the rest of it, because Kennedy had his own issues.
His dad definitely went up against the mob and the system.
I mean, Bobby Kennedy was even more hardcore than his brother.
And so, again, I'm not putting my eggs in that basket or Trump's, quite frankly.
In fact, if I had to look at it, I think Kennedy and Trump are a dead heat in my mind.
But I can tell you, both men are mavericks.
Nobody's telling him what to do.
And that's why the globalists don't like them, because they are in charge.
Just like me.
I don't know, but imagine you, Kent.
I mean, I know Joe Rogan, I know Tucker Carlson, I know... These guys are all their own man.
You're not... There's nobody calling me up saying you better... I mean, most of these other talk show hosts and politicians have somebody that handles them.
There's no handler here.
Sometimes I think there should be, but the point is... No, there's not.
As his co-author, let me tell you, there is no other person.
There is no one.
And the point is, that's what the system doesn't like.
Because the American experiment is about independence and free thought.
I don't even have a secretary.
You need one.
So, everybody, I am so much in favor of those who are independent thinkers.
I think Vivek Ramaswamy, we just got to say... Oh, he's super articulate, I like him.
You know, I think there's going to be a President Ramaswamy someday.
I just don't want it to be yet.
I still think he's too young.
So, I just think there is... Some people say, well, he was a young global leader.
They scoop up everybody that's good.
The question is, has he now been fighting him for a long time?
That's the answer.
I mean, people look at it and they go, oh, you know, this person once worked for this.
Well, we've got to be ready to have them defect to us.
Well, yeah.
And this is something that I found in the 12 books that I published, because I usually work with the defectors.
The people who become whistleblowers and you know I love nothing more than to find somebody who used to work for Merck as a pharmaceutical representative and who tells me from the inside how they psychologically manipulate
They're drug salesmen.
They bring them in.
They give them all the science.
They make them feel that they're not a salesperson.
They're not a drug pusher.
They're giving scientific information.
We have to be open to the defectors, because the defectors, the people who are inside these large organizations, are going to be the people who give us the best intelligence.
In the Cold War, they would have fake defectors on both sides.
Luckily, Harvey Oswald was a fake defector of the Soviet Union.
Under the globalist model, they don't want any defectors.
They'll put infiltrators in you, but not via a defector.
They don't ever have one of their people come to you and tell you all this knowledge and then become an operative.
They just try to get their people hired.
They don't do the defector deal.
These are real people leaving and blowing the whistle.
Yeah, and since I've dealt with these defectors, these whistleblowers, I know that the pain that they go through, the difficulty they go through, I mean, I hear some commentators talk about like, oh, you know, if you become a whistleblower, you're going to become rich.
No, you don't become rich being a whistleblower.
Yeah, you lose your job, you get sued by the feds, and then a go fund me maybe raises 50 grand, that pays the lawyer for two months.
You become poor, but you become powerful and you have integrity.
Well, and then there's a tipping point, and I think we've already passed the critical mass, the tipping point.
That's why it's crazy the globalists still have the power and control over media and government, but they have little else.
Jay Dyer sent me a photo earlier.
He's in Los Angeles, got invited to speak at some deal by a women's group, and he told me this photo.
He sent me like 200 women he took from the podium.
Young, well-to-do, attractive women fawning all over him and his anti-New World Order and asking about Alex Jones.
And the point is, it's not bragging.
It's saying, when you're in LA, in Beverly Hills, and the young, rich women all want to know about J. Dyer and Alex Jones, it shows that the system's not cool at all.
Hollywood, you know, I saw Barry Diller was saying, if they don't fix this strike, Hollywood's dead.
It's already dead!
So it's not that I'm that cool, it's that they're that uncool.
Absolutely, 100%.
So how do they try to resurrect themselves?
I don't see how they do it.
It's like the chess club trying to convince you they're popular.
It just ain't gonna happen.
So what do they do?
They're going to try to do a number of things, but I think with, you know, when people wake up, they don't go back to being asleep.
So you've been doing a great job waking people up.
I've been doing it.
A lot of other people have been doing it.
So those 200 women who are at that, you know, event in Beverly Hills, they're just going to keep growing.
It's successful.
Well, his point was, is that he travels the country.
That's all he's getting is love.
And I mean, I was getting a lot of hate five years ago.
I was still a minority, but it's like no hate now.
Yeah, I know.
I went out to lunch with you yesterday at a very public place, and so many people were just looking at you, smiling.
It was, you know, really interesting to see.
But that's what I'm saying is, I don't think the globalists in their ivory towers realize how screwed they are.
Yeah, and let's not let them know.
I don't think.
I mean, I kind of want to let them know so they back off.
Is there any way for them to sue for peace?
They didn't kill Napoleon the first or second time.
They put him in absentia.
They put him on an island.
Is there a way to get the globalists to sue for peace or no, they're just not going to stop?
I cannot imagine how.
I just think we're going to have to defeat them like we defeated the Nazis.
Oh boy, the problem is they've got so many bioweapons they're going to release.
But the next time I do it, we know it's them.
So, okay.
They're going to hoist themselves on their own batard.
Ben in Indiana, thanks for holding her on the air with our special guest.
Hello, hey Alex, hey Ken, thank you guys so much for all that you do.
I just wanted to call in and just advocate for, you know,
Perseverance and resilience.
You guys have... I've been a full-time listener for about a year now.
It's my first time calling into the Alex Jones Show.
I've called into the American Journal, but I've been on your products for at least six months now.
It's totally changed my life, and I just... There's a thing, there's a Bible verse that says, Exodus chapter 14, verse 14, it says,
God will give you strength.
All you need to do is be still.
I'm quoting it, but I'm just saying, you guys are doing an amazing job.
I'm so thankful for all that you do, Alex.
God bless you and Ken.
I just got the American Reset.
I'm waiting for the American Awakening.
Thank you so much.
The Great Awakening.
Well, don't hang up.
You had a question about Trump.
Hey, and I just wanted to let you know that quote from Exodus is actually in our book.
Oh, wow.
That's right, it is.
See, and that's where, again, with Trump.
That's crazy.
Hold on, let's stop right there.
We were reading that quote together and talking about it's on faith to go into the desert like the Israelites, and he just called in about it.
Yeah, that's what is crazy.
Sorry, caller, go ahead and start over, man.
God works in mysterious ways, and I feel like since I've listened to you, I've gotten closer to God.
My life has changed, and I feel like it's been hand in hand.
You know, I feel like you guys are some of God's most fierce warriors on earth, and
With Trump, I just believe that, you know, people need to stop giving him crap.
I understand the vaccine, but at the same time, I feel like he kind of teased Fauci to see if he would show his true colors again like he did in the 80s, like Dr. Judy Mikovits talked about and everything.
But just, again, thank you so much for all that you do.
The products at InfoWars has changed my life, and then also the info that you've taught me is going to change my family.
Well, we're very thankful for you, sir.
Thank you so much.
Samuel in Colorado, thanks for calling.
I just wanted to talk about Donald Trump and me being a forever Trumper and people in my own family picking the shot in the vaccine and seeing this part of them.
I also wanted to see you on another Russian interview to try to awaken the Russian people.
I know you're saying the Russian media was bringing you up and all this and I saw your first interview.
I thought that was very exciting, and I think the Russian people are awake.
I think that's cool.
And then one last thing I wanted to talk about was the Reset Wars.
Me and my brother and my family always talk about God and all this and that, and I really thought Reset Wars was a really great documentary about the reality of what we're living.
And so I really wanted to see like a documentary made about that so I can send that out, buy it and watch it with my family.
And then I'm just a big supporter.
I live here in the Rockies and I scream your name every day.
I wear your hats and your shirts.
And I'm just very... Well, I'm very honored you put up with me, brother, because when I get up here and talk about our success, it's not me.
It's all the guests.
I'm just saying the enemy is being hurt on many levels.
It's all the callers.
They're not all powerful.
Thank you so much, Sam.
You want to comment on that?
No, it's just wonderful and, you know, what I wanted to say from the previous caller talking about fighting, you know, in December of 2019 I just felt like I needed to rededicate myself to God and what I chose was St.
Michael to wear a St.
Michael's medallion.
Michael's medallion is the greatest of God's warriors, but he is also the one who is supposed to weigh the souls of those going into heaven, but God gets mad at him because he keeps putting his
And that's in every chapter in the book!
The battle is coming to you.
Maybe a big battle, maybe a small battle.
And what we're asking you to do is when that battle comes to you, to stand up where you are.
You don't have to travel across the country.
You can fight these battles in your own community.
Every one of you can be a spiritual warrior.
I don't want to say just praying.
That makes it like, oh, it's a little side issue.
Prayer is number one.
Research and spreading the word and supporting the people that tell the truth is the rest of it.
But prayer is first, opening up to God.
People should get the book, The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalist, and launching the next great renaissance by Alex Jones and Kent Hagman Lively.
Right now available at Amazon.com exclusively.
It is...
We've got links on InfoWars.com under the live show feed.
I want to thank you all for sitting at the number one.
Go there.
That is very important so the bookstores around the country see that number and order the book and we reach a lot of new people.
There's just one more tool in the fight, but I'm very proud of it.
It's gonna be a lot longer than the last book.
The last book was pretty juicy, but this is gonna be really juicy.
Let's go to James in Michigan.
You're on the air, James.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
How you doing, Ken?
Congratulations on the book.
I'd like to give you a plug on the Survival Shield X2.
It is very good.
Something just clicked.
And I'm thinking different.
I'm living different.
I'm getting up earlier.
I don't know what's in this stuff, but it's a bottle of magic.
Well, I want to commend you, James, on having the best phone call, the best phone quality of the day.
So I'm going to hold you over the next hour, but make a minute and a half point on X2, which is still sold out, pulling my hair out, but it's going to supposedly end soon.
It's very hard to manufacture.
You got to get a DEA license.
And then they have to, because I mean, the stuff's so pure, you put a drop of it on this table, it eats through it.
Okay, and it looks like I dream of Jeannie.
Purple smoke shoots up.
But that's the only pure stuff that does this incredible.
Nobody else makes this.
Then they got to put it in for like three months in these processors in this special bath to get it ready.
And then it's DEA allows us to sell it.
It's put into palm oil.
So when we go like picking a Russians, the Russians actually invented this proprietary way to put atomic.
Everybody else is the atomic iodine.
They don't.
This is the only real atomic iodine, and the weirdos we work with came up with it like 10 years ago, and then the manufacturing process is so hard that they've been making this batch for six months!
Because they've got to be able to spectrometer it, and it's got to be absolutely transferred over.
So, the stuff is so strong, you're not allowed to ship pure iodine out the door.
So, you have to have a DEA license, folks.
It's in an armored room at the manufacturing facility.
I'm ranting, stay there, don't hang up, James.
I'm going to come back to you since you got into X2.
By the way, X3 is great, too.
It's almost sold out.
It has some of that and then the other two types that work in synergy.
It's all apples and oranges.
It's great.
But yes, X2 is not available because they just can't make it for some reason.
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.
Very honored that you guys have allowed me to take the blows and stay on air.
All thanks.
At the spiritual level, it goes to God, but on this planet, the thanks all goes to viewers and listeners.
All right, James, with the amazing phone connection.
I just, wow, love an HD phone connection.
From Michigan, you were saying something about X2, and I went off on a long rant about it.
And people just think I just say, like, oh, DEA license, most pure ever, special proprietary system.
I mean, it's hard to make this.
Yeah, well I had tried some other iodine and I wasn't absorbing it.
So, I've been watching you for years.
I've been woke for
Since about 87.
So I've been woke for a long time.
Uh, wasn't absorbing it.
I tried your kind within probably six weeks.
One day I just woke up, took a drop and felt that I literally physically felt a change in the way I think, in the way I move.
And since then I've been, I don't smoke weed anymore.
I'm up at 435 every morning.
I'm getting stuff done.
I am a new man because of X2.
Uh, survival shield.
And I mean, I'm not taking anything else but some burdock root, which your body, our bodies have 102 minerals.
Your body needs those minerals.
You can't get them in most of the food we have.
So I got the burdock root.
I got your, uh, survival shield and I'm, I'm a new person.
All I want to do is thank you.
And, uh, as far as talking about, um, presidencies, I think you need to strongly consider running for president, uh, very soon.
And I had a dream last night that Marjorie Greene Taylor was the first female president.
So I don't know what's going on with my life and what the Lord is showing me, but I didn't used to be a Christian and now I'm a full-blown Christian.
I don't do anything.
I stopped watching porn.
I'm a new man.
I'm so happy.
Um, pretty much to my opinion.
I mean, it's a fact that pure iodine cleans out the pineal gland that fluoride fills.
But look at that.
They put a tiny little thing in it.
Now, there's other footage here.
If you take it off because it doesn't eat through glass, everything else it does, it looks like genie comes out of it.
And so that's what pure iodine does by itself.
So if you guys fast forward though, we've got older shots.
This may be new factory footage.
If you show old factory footage, they move factories, it shows it when they put it on the floor and like a purple genie shoots up off the ground.
I mean, that's what real iodine does.
So, and I've been, as far as the water goes, you were talking about the chloride in the water and the aspartame and all that.
I've been distilling my water for years.
And I'm going to be getting your Alexa Pure, too, just to run it through another cycle.
So I'll be purchasing that, too, through you.
And I just want to stress again, you need to run for president.
People like you, there's not a lot of Trumps and Alex Jones.
I mean, he runs for president and then what?
Then who's fighting for us?
Then who?
I mean, there isn't a long line of people that are really going to put their necks out there to, you know, for a possible assassination.
And as far as the, you know, Robert Kennedy goes, yeah, he's real.
I think the Trojan horse is the sanity.
I think they're using him, I think that's why he's... Well, I mean, I think undoubtedly his handlers are Republican establishment people, so I don't want to say he's a bad guy just because he went with them, because he does a lot of good stuff, but yeah, I mean, if anybody's a Trojan horse, it's DeSantis.
Most definitely.
As far as the Adrenochrome goes, I was deleted and banned off of Twitter 15 years ago by Jack for posting the... I created and posted the Black Eye Club meme.
So a bunch of those guys had the black eyes, and it was linked to the adrenochrome, and I was putting out all that on Twitter, and Jeff deleted me and banned me from my platform.
Very strange.
Thank you so much, sir.
Battle Cry, Cindy in Arizona.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air with Kit Heckenliebly.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to talk to you again.
I am the woman that did your first Battle Cry ever in history.
I don't know.
That's not very scary.
Try it.
You better get better at that.
I'm not being mean.
Let me see your war face.
What's up?
He goes, I'm not very scary.
You try to get better at that.
What's he say?
What's your war face?
Guys, can you pull that up?
Anyways, yes ma'am.
What's on your mind?
My dog is looking at me like, oh my gosh.
He's lost it for sure.
What kind of dog do you have?
I have a Staffordshire Pit Bull.
Her name is Delta.
She's nine years old almost and she's limping around but she thinks I'm nuts anyway.
So you like Governor DeSantis because he has legalized pit bulls?
I don't like Governor DeSantis.
I'm sorry, period.
I don't care what he does.
I don't trust him.
Maybe we should feed DeSantis to the pit bulls.
That's a joke, media.
Well, the reason I called is I actually had a couple things.
I don't know if you have time, but real quick, a couple weeks ago you had a couple callers in a row trying to tell you what you should be doing.
And I could just see the hurt and pain, and in fact you ended up saying, I'm done.
I'm done for today.
I'm leaving.
Yeah, I think I'm taking the rest of the week off too, but it's okay.
I love you.
I'm kind of burned out on all this.
What I'm tired of doing is directing people.
If I never told somebody what to do again the rest of my life, I'd be happy.
I'm just tired and tired of telling people what to do.
I can only imagine.
I literally had tears in my eyes that day for you because of everything you've done so much for people.
And you know, I think we need to be appreciated, so I did a little play with your name, and I called to give you a pep talk, and I just want you to know that the A, in my mind, is for Admiral.
Oh my god, stop it!
The definition is the commander of a fleet, or a naval officer of high rank.
And you know what?
Oh my lord.
You lead us through the roughest seas, the tidal waves of fraud, the transhumanism, the financial...
I'm just sick of the New World Order.
I'm sick of looking at Biden stumbling around with that rubber face.
I'm sick of World War 3.
I'm just tired of it all.
And I'm also very neurotic about information now.
Very OCD.
Didn't used to be OCD.
I'm very OCD about things.
And so, you know, I want to see footage of purple containers of iodine bubbling.
Not a beaker.
Not a petri dish.
It's big vats of bubbling iodine that I know we have hundreds of footage of.
Oh, I'm feeling better now.
Okay, Cindy, I want to know what the X is.
What's the X?
Give me the X. Hold on.
This is really good.
Show me that big purple bottle again.
I guess that God is in control the whole time and that's very important.
So the L is for legendary.
The definition of legendary is extremely famous or notorious.
Which I think fits the word better.
You gave me the L!
He was the leader!
You gave me E!
What's the X?
Especially in the field of broadcasting.
Can you believe that's the actual definition?
And so, you know what?
You're going to leave your spirit behind long after you're gone, Alex.
Your name is going to be coming off the lips of people for many, many, many years.
Poor people.
The E for exonerate.
It's to show that someone or something is not true.
And is X for xylophone?
You exonerated all the doctors who were blackballed during COVID.
You exonerated a lot of the Proud Boys and the people that are sitting in jail after January 6th.
So yeah, I know you want me to get to the X. Well, I'm not that brilliant, so I did X it.
I thought it was exonerate!
Exonerate was the E, now I said the X. Exonerate.
Alright, thank you so much for calling.
Enough about me.
If I seem bummed out sometimes, it's because... I mean, I'm telling you positive stuff's happening, but it's also in a way unhealthy.
Kent, how do you focus on all this negative stuff and stay positive?
What I remember this Bible verse, and I'm probably going to butcher it, but is, the Lord does not delight in evil, but delights in the truth.
And when I learn the truth, I really feel excitement.
And I feel blessed that not only do I understand the truth, but I can share it with the public through working with you, working with the other whistleblowers, working with James O'Keefe and the Project Veritas whistleblowers.
I just feel this enormous sense, because, you know, 10, 15 years ago I felt extremely powerless.
My daughter, very severe autism, very challenging.
I remember asking God, please explain why this is happening.
I need to understand what I'm going through.
Now I am a New York Times bestselling author.
I am working with the most amazing people, Dr. Judy Mikevitz,
I'm working with Dr. Paul Alexander, who was the senior pandemic advisor.
I'm working with James O'Keefe and the Project Veritas Whistleblowers.
I'm working with you, and I just thank God that I went from that place.
My daughter is doing extremely well.
She's communicating.
You know, 25 years old to find your voice again.
I just feel inspired by what... Imagine, unable to talk to her until recently, and I love the stories.
I want a red convertible.
I want a man.
Yeah, exactly!
And so, I understand that these are dark days, but they're also days filled with light.
It's not just that this evil is happening, it's that it's being revealed.
So, I feel so empowered that
We are seeing the evil, and we are being the human beings who God meant us to be, and we are taking action.
How are we taking action?
We are doing things like going to see Sound of Freedom.
We are doing things like not buying Bud Light.
We are not...
Yeah, so she used a letter board and she just told my wife this week that she wants to go see the new Barbie movie.
You know, what the heck is that, you know?
So, it's just, it's wonderful.
I think so many great things are happening.
I'm happy to be a part of it.
I'm happy that God has put me on the field.
Put me in, Coach.
I want to fight.
Hi Alex, I'll try to get all four points in.
Number one, I support Trump and I even support RFK more.
I believe they're the best, most reliable options.
That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to push them to be better.
So, for example, they need to have support of the law against the vaccine mandate.
No one should be able to force anyone at the local or federal or private level to take... Ivory, we should push Kennedy and Trump to support a law banning them.
Also, number two, in terms of prayer, prayer is very important.
I pray to God.
And I just want to point out, I pray to God.
Not a human being, not Moses, anyone else, I pray to God.
Number three is I wanted to point out your CBD, full spectrum, 1,000 milligrams.
Thank you very much.
Also, I sometimes send to you U.S.
postal money orders anonymously.
So for all those people who are scared about the government tracking them, you can use cash.
They still didn't get the digital currency in, and now your postal money orders
I love you, brother.
We're out of time.
We'll call you back tomorrow.
Here comes Gerald Cilente.
The globalists aren't just targeting us through the poison shots or the electromagnetic 5G or the GMO crops.
They're hitting us with hundreds of chemicals that the EPA has authorized companies and industry to use.
One of the top pesticides used is atrazine.
The allowable level the government admits that they allow to be in your water supply is enough to sterilize you and basically turn your son into a feminized mutant.
Look it up.
Don't let them do this to your family.
We have the very best gravity-fed filter system out there.
Highest rated at half the price of leading competitors.
The Alexa Pure, ready to ship to you right now.
We have replacement filters for folks who have already gotten it.
It does 10,000 gallons before you replace them.
It is amazing.
It's great for your home, your business.
You can put swamp water in it, tap water, well water.
Almost everything is contaminated.
This is how you take control of the fluids in your body and counter the globalist onslaught.
Get yours today at Infowarshore.com for a limited time.
We're running a 10% discount.
That is a huge discount.
It's probably the lowest price out there.
You need this filter.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And, you know, as Alex said, you know, do all you can to support Infowars.
Because Infowars is doing all they can to support you.
And when you look at the mainstream media, I mean, they're just prostitutes.
They're media whores.
They get paid to put out by the corporate pimps and the government whoremasters.
You take the mainstream media,
Go to listen, you know, I hardly watch this stuff.
And I haven't actually, I haven't watched television now going on four years.
I brought my sister up from a nursing home because every time I go see her, she was dead.
But now she's alive since I brought her up here.
And she's here full time.
And she watches television.
And I see these drug ads.
And if you take this drug, you'll get rid of this, and you'll get rid of that, and you'll get rid of this, and you'll get rid of that.
And here are the side effects.
Oh, you see the side effects now from some of the weight loss drugs?
People are becoming suicidal.
Don't talk about eating healthy.
Don't talk about exercise.
Don't talk about stop eating junk food.
Don't talk about
Oh, Pepsi Cola sales and Coca-Cola sales are going up.
Oh, well, their volume's down, but they raised the prices.
Yeah, terrific.
Don't, don't get healthy.
Take the drug.
So going back to this, it was that arrogant slime ball, that little arrogant nothing of a clown, a little boy of nobody, which shows you that anybody could become president.
Bill... Slick Willy... Clinton.
And you know why they call him Slick Willy?
Because he had a slick willy.
That's right.
Every time he got caught with his pants down, bombs away over Baghdad.
Oh yeah.
Killed over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five.
Because of the sanctions.
Madeline not all that bright.
Another warmongering freak.
Caught on 60 Minutes, asked by Leslie Stahl, is the price of the sanctions and the war that Bill Clinton has put on Iraq that killed over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five worth it?
And she said, yes it is.
Going back to Slick Willy, that's the guy to allow the drug dealers.
Oh, excuse me, Big Pharma.
To put their ads on TV.
Oh, he's the same arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, arrogant little boy!
Along with that gore!
Oh yeah.
That brought China into the World Trade Organization.
Sucked our jobs out with NAFTA down to Mexico.
That Bill Clinton?
And yeah, listen, I can understand why you got hot with Monica Lewinsky, because when you look at Hillary Clinton, my own, who'd want to be with her?
Anyway, that Bill Clinton also destroyed the media business with the Federal Communications Act of 1996.
So going back to the drug dealers, that's a good picture of a, what are you kidding?
All right, uh, pfft, Marlon.
Going back to the drug dealers on the Cartoon News Network on Sunday, this was the front page article.
A doctor known for assessing COVID risk fell ill with the virus.
Here's what he
Want you to know.
You look at this guy.
He got a black eye, got stitches all over.
You got that clip there to put up?
A doctor known for advising people on the risks of COVID-19.
There he is.
Look at this guy.
Look at this guy.
Look at this guy!
Look at this clown boy, an arrogant- Hey, I'm a doctor.
You call me doctor.
You don't call me- Hey, how about go screw yourself?
This is the clown boy.
This is the arrogant clown boy on the Cartoon News Network, CNN, that kept promoting the COVID jab.
That's right.
A doctor known for advising people on the risks of COVID-19, advising people, shoving his crap out that they were selling, because they're the big drug dealers over there.
They get the drug dealers all on CNN, every other commercial's drug deal, not every other one, but a load of them, like on all of these so-called news networks.
One drug ad after another.
Can't understand why they're promoting this stuff.
Oh, by the way, in your Trends Journal, no advertisers.
The risk of COVID-19 got a double surprise.
He got COVID.
And he wound up needing stitches because of it.
Dr. Robert Watcha!
Dr. Robert Slimeball!
Dr. Robert Propaganda Seller!
Dr. Robert Piece of Garbage Scum!
As I would call him!
And, hey!
Black Eyed Susan!
That's my book that I worked on the first one!
Natural Healing!
Got no COVID Jam!
Got no COVID!
Dr. Robert Wachter, who chairs the Department of Medicine at the University of California in San Francisco.
Oh, San Francisco?
The cities that's destroyed because the geeks are the first to lock it down?
And has a 30% office vacancy rate.
And all the businesses are going down the toilet.
Well, you should get flushed down, too.
Anyway, Dr. Wachter said he tested positive for COVID.
That he had not tested positive for COVID until last week, according to posts on his Twitter account.
He said he was fully vaccinated and received his second bivalent booster in April.
And you got COVID!
And you got COVID!
He said the symptoms started with a dry cough and a dead head on July 9th.
And by that night, he had a fever, chills, and a sore throat.
Oh, you couldn't spew out your crap with your sore throat?
Watchtower said he made a mistake the following day when he took a shower.
To rinse the crap off you?
While feeling these flu-like symptoms.
I woke up sick.
I woke up in a bloody pool in the bathroom floor, he wrote on Twitter.
It was a dent in the lid of the trash can, likely where my head hit.
I remembered nothing.
As I managed to get up, it was clear that my face was going to need stitches, and more than a couple.
He declined an interview to go into more details, watched and became a highly followed doctor on Twitter, sharing his own risk gauging and COVID advice during the pandemic,
And has urged people to get vaccinated.
Here you got it.
Get the jab!
And get those stitches!
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And listen everybody, do everything you can to support InfoWars, because the people at InfoWars are doing everything they can to support you.
And media is dead.
It's gone.
There's no more journalism anymore.
It's finished.
All it is is propaganda.
Because if you don't swallow the crap coming out of CNN with that doctor who bashed his head open after getting fully COVID shot and two variants,
If you don't believe that crap, that's misinformation.
Misinformation is if you don't believe crap.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
And, you know, I've been around a while.
And I've been with presidents, prime ministers, and princes.
And my sister, the one I brought up in a nursing home,
She opened up the second-toppest go-go lounge in New York City.
Grace's Lucky Lounge.
And my sister lost three-quarters of her hand as a kid.
A doctor like Wachtler!
Yeah, that kind of arrogant guy!
They put the cast on wrong.
And she's crying and crying and crying.
And Dan Green said it, and she lost it.
Because doctors were kings!
They're kings!
Yeah, like, uh, the prince becomes a king.
So anyway, my sister had a rough life.
So anyway, I've been with princes, prime ministers, worked in topless go-go lounges, and the stories keep going on.
I've been on Oprah to tell you, I've been around.
And I've never seen a decline in society like I'm witnessing now.
So everybody listening, and it took me a lot of years to understand this.
If you don't do anything to make life on Earth a better place, and you're only interested in loving yourself, I don't care what God you believe in, but to me, man,
You ain't gonna get out of here in a happy trip.
And all you billionaires, all you billionaires that don't give a penny to peace, not a penny to occupy peace, all you multi-millionaires that don't give a penny for peace, and you got Lockjaw about it, when you die, make sure they make the coffin really, really big so they can pile the money in there.
Of course, you'll take it with you.
Oh, yeah, all those billions that you got that you didn't do anything to improve life on Earth.
You know, I'm not waiting, you know, as I'm waiting to go on and I'm watching the clip.
And there's Bill Gates.
How can anybody with a brain bigger than a pea look up to this arrogant little stupid clown boy?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
That's all we are, plantation workers on a global plantation of slavelandia.
To everybody listening to InfoWars, you better do something.
You better do something.
By the way, there's going to be another peace rally.
I forgot the date.
I think it's October 5th or 6th at the United Nations.
I'm going to be one of the speakers there along with Scott Ritter and others.
I'll send you more information next time I'm on.
I want to talk a bit about the economy.
So the numbers came out last week and consumer prices in June rose 3% from a year earlier.
That's the numbers they're giving you, so everything is fine.
But then you look at the real numbers.
Grocery prices overall rose 4.7% in June.
You think Gates and Buffett and Bezos are worried about grocery prices?
You ready?
Vehicle insurance, it only went up 17%.
Oh, and there's no inflation.
There's no inflation.
Getting your car fixed went up nearly 13% in June.
The automobiles are moronically geek-screwed up.
Can't open the trunk, gotta open it by itself.
Beep, beep, beep.
Can't put that key in the door to lock it.
Don't roll down that window.
Oh no, everything gotta be electronicized.
Prices for renting a primary residence up 8.3%.
There's no inflation, Salenti!
What are you talking about?
You ready?
Some colleges?
$95,000 a year.
$95,000 a year.
What, to get a degree in gender studies?
I got my breasts cut off.
I got my testicles removed.
And now I'm a they-them!
Oh, how about getting one in art history?
Hey, how about spending money to get a degree in trend forecasting?
What the hell are you talking about?
$95,000 a year?
We don't teach trend forecasting, how come?
Because we don't know how to!
But you could get a degree in art history!
What happened in 1727?
How about 1133?
We got a test, make sure you put the right answers.
Yeah, but what's going to happen in the future?
We don't know!
Oh yeah?
That's because you never read trend tracking.
Far better than Megatrends, Time Magazine, one of my books.
The Trends Journal, the only magazine in the world that gives you history before it happens, the truth and trends that they don't know anything about.
Grand total $2.86 a week and no advertising.
So, going back to what's going on.
Talking about colleges going up in inflation.
You ready for this?
After adjusting for currency inflation, college tuition
Has increased 747.8% since 1963, according to Education Data Initiative.
In 1920 and in 2021, the top 10% of Americans control nearly 70% of America's wealth, up from 61%.
In 1989, as the plantation workers of Slavandy get poorer.
That's according to the Council on Foreign Relations.
The top 1%?
They own 20% of all the income in the United States, according to the Economic Policy Institute.
And better than that?
Before adjusting for inflation, the average student loan debt at graduation... You ready?
Has increased by 2,807% since 1970, according to EDI.
And after you get your degree, you could get a job working at Walmart, or maybe you want to work at Home Depot.
I think Lowe's.
I'd rather go to Lowe's.
How about Target?
The bigs have taken over everything.
All over the world.
I'm a fighter.
I'm a fighter for freedom.
And so are the people at InfoWars.
So stand up and fight peacefully.
Peacefully for freedom.
Because if we unite against them, it's a whole new world order.
The way it should be.
And by the way, I'm still for RFK Jr.
And I know his campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, he spoke at my rally here on May 27.
And I spoke to RFK recently.
So I'm still standing with him.
We'll be right back, and again, stand with InfoWars, because they're standing for you.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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By the way, which I find misinformation.
I find that, that's anti-woman.
It should be gender information.
We got to make it equal.
But anyway, the stupidity of all of it.
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And all the poison in the earth and the lead that's seeping out and going into the whole water supply from the cables that used to be all covered with lead.
And then we have an article in this week's Trends Journal about all the forever chemicals in nearly 50% of the water.
50% of the water is poison.
And that doesn't count all of the drugs, all of the prescription drugs that are in the water system.
So, you know, to me, you know, I want to, I want to filter this stuff out.
I don't want to have it.
And they have the products to keep you healthy there.
So, uh, do what you can to support InfoWars because they're doing what they can to support you.
All right.
So going back to the economy, Patriot Pride Month.
Patriot, Patriot.
I am a Patriot.
I'm a true American.
I believe in the founding fathers.
I am not stupid enough.
I am not brain dead to listen to the clown.
You know, there's this slob, this little jerk over there, this little nothing of a character clown over there in Jersey.
Chris Christie's running for president, right?
Slobby boy.
He's interviewed by... Who was it?
I think Maria... Son of a... He says... He goes... I know Zelensky... He goes, I want... I want to have every weapon they need to be able to win.
I think he's doing this interview with Chris Cuomo, meaning Ukraine.
I want them to have every weapon they need to be able to win.
And this is a proxy war, not against Russia.
But as you know, it's a proxy war against China.
Proxy war?
Who declared war?
A fat boy, a slobby, a blimpo.
You couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag, but you love war, don't you?
Anybody that wants to go support Ukraine, put on your drag, go over there and fight or shut your mouth.
Look at this slobby piece of arrogant crap who's been sucking off the public titters whole life, telling people what to do.
Look at this little arrogant jerk.
The job of a leader, he said, is not to follow polls, it's to change polls.
You a leader?
Hey everybody, how stupid can you be to let these political jerks lead you?
Get it in your head, fat boy!
You're a public servant.
I lead you.
I pay you.
He goes on.
We can spend this money now and have Ukraine soldiers fight our war.
Look at this.
That's when he wasn't, that's when they locked down all the beaches and Slobby over there and his family were going out into Jersey Shore as everybody else was locked down.
Look at this Slobby piece of crap.
You want to go to war, go fight or shut your fat mouth.
We can spend this money now and have Ukraine soldiers fight.
It's not our war, fatty.
Or we can spend a lot more money and have American blood later fight in Taiwan.
Oh, you're gonna go fight?
Oh, you're gonna go fight?
You're gonna go send your kids to fight?
Senator's sons never send anybody to fight.
And then they had another guy, that pencil head, Pence.
Interviewed by Tucker Carlson.
I believe that it is in the interest of the United States of America to continue to give Ukraine military the resources they need to repel Russian invasion and restore their sovereignty.
Hey, you believe it?
Go over there and send your money!
I don't believe it!
I don't believe it!
Hey, hey, I know what.
You are too damn stupid
To have read our Trends Journal from back in 2014, when we detail the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych, by Victoria Nuland, another war monger, if only women were in charge, and Barack, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama, in violation of the Minsk Agreement later on.
On the promise that NATO would not move one inch further, the deal made between Bush Sr.
and Gorbachev, and the breakup of the Soviet Union, 16 NATO countries then, nearly double, 32 now.
Our money, NATO, no need for it.
No need for it.
And then listen to this jerk, listen to this pencil-head jerk.
Anybody that says that we can't be the leader of the free world and solve our problems at home has a pretty small view of the greatest nation on earth.
Don't you tell me I have a small view!
And guess what?
We are not the leader of the free world.
We lost our freedom!
No vax, no job.
No vax, no school.
Look at this little clown of nothing.
A little boy of nothing!
And that's who we have running us.
A lot more, a lot more.
I don't have time to talk about it, what's going on in China.
This thing's going down big.
It's not only the Chinese economy that's going down.
You look at the data.
And your data's in your Trends Journal.
By the way, you go to TrendsJournal.com.
And buy the t-shirt I have over here, by the way.
Also, you can get these.
Hey, politician.
Who the F are you to tell us what to do?
And you know I feel it, say it, and print it.
Anyway, you look at the data going on, it's not only China's economy, Vietnam, it's one after another.
They're all losing, they're all going down.
The sales, imports,
Exports, it's a global crisis underway and the worst is yet to come when the office building bust happens.
We haven't seen the beginning of the banking crisis.
Again, don't have a lot of time to talk about it.
It's in your Trends Journal.
A grand total of $2.86 a week.
And again, support InfoWars because InfoWars is supporting you.
You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator, but the last time one of the greatest talk show hosts in American history came on the broadcast, he compared me to a gladiator, and I was very, very...
Well, Alex, you're the gladiator and you keep on pounding the opposition there.
I love it.
How do you keep doing it?
What are you taking?
I really am in the arena and I'm all the way in the arena and I realize it's that animating contest.
So when it comes to battling the globalist, I'm not trying to entertain you.
I'm trying to inspire you.
To politically not submit and to say no to them.
But at the end of the day, are you not entertained?
Are we not the standard, together, the audience, the guests, myself, all of us, of resistance?
I'm just blessed to be here and blessed to know you.