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Name: 20230715_Sat_Alex
Air Date: July 15, 2023
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The podcast discusses the UN's promotion of gender equality and its potential consequences, as well as vaccine hesitancy, transgender rights, comprehensive sexuality education, and reproductive health. The speaker criticizes these topics, arguing that they are being used to control individuals rather than address human rights issues."

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They are not in control.
Oh, they want to be in control, and they want you to believe that they're in control, and their propaganda and their bioweapons are all designed to put them in control.
But they are accelerating their race to the finish line.
As they said with their pact for the future, we're halfway through the period to 2030, they said, said Gutierrez, the Secretary General of the United Nations.
We're halfway through and we're behind schedule.
Well, why are they behind schedule?
Why did they change Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030?
Because they were behind schedule.
And the reason they're behind schedule is that people are saying, wait, What?
Are you out of your mind?
No, that's not going to happen.
We need more people to say that and we need more people to do things that will get us out of these murder organizations.
They are no longer Even theoretically benign organizations.
They have declared themselves the enemies of the people.
All of the people, rich people, poor people, except themselves.
They, the neo-aristocrats, see themselves as having the right, that may be divine right
of kings, I don't know, the right to control and destroy humanity and the earth for their
own benefit.
InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our
children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.
In 1997, Dr. Zabin got a call from a friend in Seattle about a potential funding source for an organization that would focus on international population and reproductive health.
Bill and Melinda Gates, with just a little money to spend, but a lot of skepticism about the academic approach, Agreed to meet with Lori Zabin and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins, and they came away impressed.
In 1998, Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
One issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
The problem is that the population is growing the fastest in the very poorest places.
And so it's really an acute problem in a certain number of places and we've got to make sure that we help out with the tools now so that they don't have an impossible situation later.
That's just who I told you, Bill damn Gates.
I'd look at the news coming in.
Every one of these stories certifies and confirms our worst nightmares.
We're deep inside the New World Order now.
Overnight, all the hard-fought liberties are gone.
And the mark of the beast is announced.
That's just who we told you would do the announcement.
Most disabling antichrist on this planet is Bill Gates.
Creepy, evil, medical officer of the New World Order.
Who's pushing 5G?
Who's pushing weather modification?
In fact, I shouldn't even joke around.
Those names are too kind for him.
He is a manifest hole in the hell.
I told you, he's the chief science officer of the New World Order.
Folks over the years are like, why do you harp on Bill Gates?
Because they're devil worshippers.
They like to kill people.
And Bill Gates is a little satanic elf going, oh, oh.
I start thinking about Bill Gates up there with that little chicken neck.
Hopping around, a little murdering eugenicist.
You know how he walks?
Like a demonic elf.
Hey, Bill Gates.
Oh, I'm Bill Gates.
I'm the emperor.
Take my shot.
It's not photoretomy.
Liberal, liberal!
Hi, I'm Bill Gates!
Let's kill all people!
Let's take shots!
I'm your boss now!
I'm gonna inject you with a shot!
We gotta turn the corner sometime!
Holy hell!
Microchips, world government, forced inoculations!
This is world government forced inoculations!
Total tracking and microchips shown in our skin!
I mean, we gotta turn the corner sometime!
Holy hell!
God almighty!
What the hell?
When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, More of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.
Man exposes the system.
You think you understand politics.
You think you understand political parties.
You're all full of crap.
You don't know what the Illuminati is.
You can be Republican or you're Democrat.
You're wrong!
It's this easy.
It's called divide and conquer.
That's why there's two parties and only two.
And they're controlled by the same people at the very top who belong to the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, We also belong to the Trilateral Commission, and you people don't even know what the hell that is.
But if you did know, you would know that these are the people that control your world by making global policies that you never vote on, and by which parties both serve and belong to these organizations, and control your world.
Now, here's how it works.
Really easy.
Blinded Conquer can only work if the people that are divided are not aware of the falsely created division.
If you're not aware of it, then it works.
If you know about it, then it don't work no more.
If you have socialism without capitalism, it becomes communism.
If you have capitalism without socialism, it becomes fascism.
And it's just that easy.
I love you.
That's all you need to know.
That's why Masonic symbols are all over your freakin' money.
But you don't pay attention!
When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population,
more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.
Saturday emergency broadcast Dr. Rima Labo exposes the next phase of
the global depopulation plan and how we can stop it.
We can stop it.
I'm not going to go over her whole bio.
She's an MD, graduate of Albert Einstein College, 1970.
She's treated heads of state, you name it.
She's been a pioneer in real treatments that are just amazing using natural options.
She, of course, has been the founder of many major organizations.
Won't go over her whole bio, but PreventGenocide2030.org.
And I had her on for about an hour.
Thursday, and I said we need to do a commercial-free two-hour show.
We started a little bit late because when it rains, it pours.
We had some technical crashes and things going on here.
If we don't have $10 million equipment like Fox News or CNN, we have the prosumer, which works great until it doesn't.
So, well, we're here.
We're live.
It's 12-21.
Central Standard Time.
When this live transmission is over in about two hours, we will reloop it at infowars.com forward slash show and out to the radio and TV stations until tomorrow night when I return live in studio for the regular scheduled broadcast at 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We go until 8 p.m.
So we're going to be here seven days a week this week.
I've been doing these Saturday shows for a long time, but a lot's been going on the last few months.
I haven't done these in a while, but I am back in the saddle again and I'm pledging to do more nighttime live shows, commentary and analysis as well.
I want to thank the great crew for coming in and the fabulous job they've been doing.
We can talk about different heads of the Hydra, different tentacles of this octopus all day long, but if you really want to cut to the chase and know who the ruling establishment is and what makes them tick, it's global government, technocracy, and depopulation.
But that's only one arm of it.
Once they've gotten their depopulation and turned us into automatons in their own admissions, they'll just use us basically for sport and for body parts.
If they even need them, they believe that they're going to be transcending into the supermen or the ubermenschen.
And so she did a great job laying this out.
So I want her to recap what she hit Thursday and then get into the different tentacles of this
and then how we stop it.
But obviously she sent me a lot of information on the whole transgender movement
and what it's really about.
Trauma-based mind control of the children.
And then when they torture them with physical mutilation and in chemical castration, then, oh, they're depressed
because you didn't celebrate them enough.
And because the natural order didn't comport with them, we must overthrow the natural order,
show that the quote, "Misfits the Frankensteins the system has created with the chemicals in the water
that bend them that way in the food."
And then once they abuse them even further to a deeper circle of hell.
Organizing, instead of a bunch of villagers coming after Frankenstein, this is Frankenstein as monster creating a bunch of Frankensteins coming after the villagers.
And so that's basically where we are.
Notice that such a rich field of people calling for depopulation that the puppet vice president came out and said, our children will have a better, cleaner life if there's less people.
That may be the case for Calcutta or Beijing or even Mexico City, but who's going to decide who lives and who dies?
We've heard all this before.
That's why the top futurist for the Deimos group, Yuval Noah Harari, if you read his quotes, they are Hitler quotes that he's plagiarizing and saying are good.
That most of humanity will be obsolete.
The future isn't human.
That we have a lot of useless eaters.
Why would he quote Adolf Hitler?
What is this flaunting all about?
Why does Klaus Schwab say you'll soon own nothing and have nothing and like it?
Well, because you'll be dead.
They're already cut off 25% of the nitrogen produced, fertilized in the last three years with government orders and with the war in Ukraine.
That's going to cause hundreds of millions to die.
I showed this report yesterday.
We'll be going over it some after she does her big presentation.
This was picked up and adopted by the UN.
The future of urban consumption in a 1.5 Celsius world by the C40 Cities Group and the University of Leeds in association with the UN.
And it says right here that they're gonna have a 50% reduction in energy in every country
in the world by 2030.
Well, a 50% cut in energy, we understand that around half the world
lives on just a few dollars a day, and they only have maybe 5%,
maybe 10% of discretionary income.
If they're lucky, a lot of them are at starvation level and dying, so they're at negative sustainable income.
You take 50% away from people.
We're talking, depending on the numbers we've seen, I know Lord Monckton a decade ago did numbers on it,
they cut just a quarter of the energy, he predicted over a billion dead within 10 years.
What would 50% cut in energy do?
And again, it's not just electrical energy, it's fertilizer, it's energy for plants, and then it's the food that we eat, our energy.
So there's across the board siege.
When you're in a war, the first thing you do in conventional war is, with your bombers and missiles, take out the enemy's power plants.
So they can't run their systems, they can't run their trains, they can't run their factories, they can't run their command and control systems.
So they're systematically taking out energy for animals and humans, and energy for machines.
This is base-level war, or what they call siege.
And so, all of us living today, particularly in the Western world, are victims and survivors of a bioweapon release.
That was very watered down, but there to create fear.
And then the real attack of the government trying to coerce us into taking these incredibly dangerous death shots.
So Dr. Labo can also, who was the most on target predicting this decades ago, and of course famously on Jesse Ventura's show, I'm not going to play it again today.
You know what?
In the interest of that, cue up a two minute clip of that, guys.
Here she is with myself and others in 2009, warning specifically what was going to happen because she was Working for and actually talking to these individuals.
So we're going to be getting to that clip a little bit later in the live broadcast today.
But no one really has any trouble finding it.
They try to take it down as fast as they can.
If you go to Twitter alone and type in Dr. Reema Labo, you will find it.
And again, you can also find it at PreventGenocide2030.org.
And we'll also have the clip added back to the front page.
Let's now go to Dr. Rima Labo.
Doctor, thank you so much for joining us.
The subject obviously is the accelerating globalistic population plan and how we can stop it.
Kamala Harris has conveniently teed it up for us.
There's also another report on Infowars.com.
The weaponized COVID vaccine rollouts.
We're gonna be playing that report here today as well.
You've sent us a lot of exhibits and documents we'll be going over.
And so without further ado, I'll do my best to just sit back and help traffic cop this, but you've got the floor.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
I'm delighted to be back here so soon.
And let me say that your producer, Daria, has worked Incredibly hard to make sense out of the difficult documents that I sent her.
So thank you, Daria.
I also want to say that Michael Zazio sent me this morning the clip of Kamala Harris that I shared with you, Harris that I shared with you, who's doing exactly what we said they were going to do and announcing it.
I'm and you need to have Michael Zazio on your show.
He's a remarkable source of very important information about international child trafficking.
I've given his contact information to Daria.
I do hope you'll invite him.
But I'm not here as a friend.
I'm not here as a colleague.
I'm not here as someone who admires the powerful audience that you've built over those many years that you've been doing this work, Alex.
Although those are all Things that I'm very happy to be.
I'm here as something else.
I'm here as a recruiter.
Your introduction could not have been more perfect for what I want to talk about today.
I don't know how you did that because we didn't talk about it.
This is indeed a war.
And my purpose for being here today is to recruit every member of your audience.
Your direct audience, your forwarded audience, Because unless each and every one of us becomes the tip of the spear, we are dead.
And worse than dead, those who are not physically dead will be deformed and subsumed by an agenda so evil that it's difficult to find words for.
So if you are not prepared to be a warrior, prepared to use this tool, You're a freedom mouse.
To get us out of these evil situations, these evil institutions, then either you're on their side or you have been so destroyed as a human being that there's nothing left of you that makes you human.
Humans protect their homes.
They protect their loved ones.
They protect their families.
They protect their values.
They protect their cultures.
Every one of those things is under such attack that unless we are the tip of the spear collectively, making it the widest, most powerful spear that the Frankensteins coming after us have ever encountered, unless we the villagers destroy the Frankensteins, they win and there's nothing left of us.
And we also protect our bodies, and that's very much at stake.
So, without further ado, I did indeed provide a great many pieces of documentation, and I hope all of them can be shown.
But if there's a glitch, we'll just go on.
People are losing faith in the narrative, which is both very positive for us, although it's painful for us.
And it's also very, very useful for the other side, which can come in and say, yeah, everything's falling apart, but we're here and we're going to make it better.
And of course, that's what they're trying to sell us on.
So Biden's America.
Trust in U.S.
institution crumbles, says Patriot-powered network.
And then let's look at the statistics from Harvard, as a matter of fact.
The Trust in America, there's a screenshot of the statistics.
There we are.
The presidency has a 26% faith rating.
26% of the population has faith in that institution.
The Supreme Court, 27%.
In other words, most of the population knows how corrupt and useless they are.
Newspapers, 18% trust and faith.
Criminal system, barely 17%.
The system has lost control of the system.
But it's far worse than that.
California, we've talked, you've talked many times about normalizing pedophilia, normalizing molestation, normalizing psychosexual California has a bill which was presented to it making child trafficking, and maybe you can show that, had a bill presented to its legislature making child trafficking a life in prison crime.
Oh, that's the next one.
And California decided not to do that.
They defeated that bill.
Oh, that's a different one.
There's a lot of information.
Yeah, well, listen, here's what happened.
I was given these in a certain order, so they've got them on a computer, but if it was a PowerPoint, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, they could do it.
We're not going to be able to do it.
I'll be able, when you're talking off what you're showing, everybody already knows this is true, I will be able to scrabble around myself and find it and I'll put it, maybe not exactly when you call for it, but it'll all get on screen.
Just go ahead.
We're looking at, and I will remind you that there was a March 2020 report on judicial matters from the United Nations, which says that We should decriminalize sex between anybody and anybody as long as somebody can say yes.
And obviously that is part of this destruction agenda.
The California legislature has also said that Parents who do not affirm their child's wish at any age, as far as I can tell, who do not affirm their child's wish to change their gender, as if one could change their gender, which of course is nonsense, are liable to be
In the position of losing their children in terms of custody and also being charged with child abuse and neglect.
This is insane.
And you send a bunch of slides whenever you want, go to those that show the history of the UN, how they've slowly led to this point and now officially say it's the plan.
I mean, this is a long-term eugenics depopulation plan.
Please continue.
And this is in the UK.
Women Whose husbands have decided to be women are suddenly finding that by law, they have to give consent, but they don't want to give consent because their lives are destroyed and they're in a terrible situation legally.
Suddenly, these women are in allegedly homosexual relations.
It's insane.
In the UK, spouses who don't pay for their spouses Transition surgery and medical treatment can be charged criminally.
All of this insanity is escalating.
In Maine, the governor has signed a bill saying that people have to, or the state has to pay for these mutilations of children.
But there is pushback.
Intend it right.
Without parental consent.
Note, without parental consent.
Parents are being erased.
In the same way that women are being erased.
And we'll get there in a moment.
There is pushback.
Tennessee has signed a law which was challenged in court and stands saying that it will not pay for gender affirming care.
It's not gender affirming care.
It's delusional affirming care.
Delusion affirming care.
And Tennessee said no.
And the pushback is At the level of laughter, Dylan Mulvaney has had to, and I quote, flee to Peru because he, Dylan Mulvaney, is not a she.
Dylan Mulvaney, she no longer feels safe in the United States.
Bud Light has become an absolute source of Disgust and laughability.
The Beach Boys were having a reunion.
They gave a concert.
And they made fun of not only Bud Light, but also the FBI for the things that they're doing.
Very, very interesting.
People are laughing at what needs to be laughed at.
And that's very important.
There's a screenshot in that pack of stuff of LifeSite News showing how the church, the Catholic Church, of course LifeSite is a Catholic news organization, How the church is under attack.
The LGBT empire is conquering the church and vaccines are crippling seminarians and bishops must, and this is very interesting, resist the Pope.
Bishop, this bishop, must not step down.
In other words, the institution of the church is being fractured by this, as is every other social institution.
A Kansas judge recently said, OK, if you have a driver's license issued by the state, it's for identification purposes.
We have to know who you are.
So whatever your gender was at birth, that's what's going to be on your driver's license.
Pushback is occurring.
In fact, four Democrats in the House broke ranks in order to pass a bill That says it passed the budget bill that says no, the military cannot pay for people to have gender affirming care.
The military cannot pay for people to travel to have abortions.
The military cannot participate in this in this same way.
And that's for Democrats breaking ranks and joining the Republicans on this.
So pushback is happening.
And it's really good.
And it's nowhere near enough.
Parents are going to school boards and they're saying, oh, no, don't you do this.
But as important as that is, that's merely dealing with the head of each of these tentacles.
It's not dealing with the center, with the basic issue.
So I thought maybe it would be interesting to look at the United Nations.
And by the way, When I first started talking about depopulation and globalism and so on, of course, that made me and that made General Burt, my husband, that made us lunatics.
To use the G word, genocide, was to be insane.
Obviously, that couldn't possibly happen.
But now, somebody published an article called, Don't Believe in the Globalist Depopulation Agenda?
Have the courage to read this article.
And there are 30 Significant people's quotations about precisely that.
It's a reality.
Everyone here in this audience already knows that it's reality.
So, let's look at the UN's World Population Day declaration.
Maybe you can put that one up.
It's V on the list that I sent.
World Population Day urges women in aging countries Not to have more children.
Rather than increasing births, the UN recommends countries with collapsing fertility rates, that's every advanced country in the world, that's every country that took the COVID bioweapon shots, not to have more children.
Because that would, if they have more children, that wouldn't promote gender equality.
So we'll destroy the human population.
We will do what Kamala said.
We will limit, we will get rid of children, control our population for gender equality.
And exactly.
So what exactly is gender equality?
Well, first of all, we have to understand, and Professor Bilek has done a very good job bringing this forward in a very widely published article, that the transgender agenda, the gender agenda, is all about telling people that they don't need their bodies.
Who is behind the transgender agenda?
It's pharma-backed, but beyond that is the globalist reality that they don't want us to have children.
They also don't want us to have bodies.
They want to be able to control every aspect of our bodies, to suck our brain information out, to use our bodies to generate their currency, their piezoelectric currency.
They're setting the precedent to own our bodies.
They admit that.
Guys, try to cue the clip up.
We haven't aired it in months, but remember he said on French TV five years ago, but that's in French, he also said two years ago at Davos, he said, The fourth revolution of industrialism is not how we change the world.
It's how we change you inside.
How we take over the bodies and everything will be interconnected.
You will no longer own your body.
And that is precisely the point.
We teach children, first of all, we traumatize them so that they are bound to the authorities in a trauma bond.
That's mind control, to be sure.
And by the way, the Rockefeller Commission report in, when was it, 1972?
Talked about the fact that the CIA was doing this for exactly this purpose.
That was one of the documents that I read.
And Doctor, I want you to get into that and have the floor here in a moment.
They've just got all the documents and I don't want to get confused in the order of these.
We've been going through the stack.
I had one stack on top.
That's how I got confused.
Thanks for sending these.
Show to tell.
Great job, the crew, keeping order of them.
But because I'm in here also showing them, we'll get back to some of these documents in a moment.
The last one in this stack is who's behind the Trans Agenda.
But then I see over here...
A big stack of amazing condensed things.
So I just let me know when that comes up because you were already in this a bit, but this is fascinating because it shows the history of the UN and calling it women's rights and now moving it to where it is today in steps.
So whenever you're ready for that, let me know and we'll do that too.
But I just interrupted you with explaining how they attack the children.
Go ahead.
We all want to protect Human rights.
One of the most nefarious and despicable things that these pieces of trash, I can't even call them pond scum because pond scum has a place in the biological world and these people have none.
One of the most despicable things that they've done is that they have made the very concept of human rights Toxic.
They have turned it inside out.
They have made the concept of protecting women and girls toxic and turned it inside out.
They have made the concept of a community toxic and turned it inside out.
Now, there is an amazing woman named Kay Yang, who is a former transgender activist.
Who said, oh my God, what am I doing?
And who has gone public in a deeply, deeply intelligent and fact-based way.
And I'm going to borrow a great deal of information starting right now from Kay Yang's site.
SOP erasure of women, and also from her site called the deprogrammer.
Kay Yang is an amazing researcher, and we owe her a great deal of thanks. So --
and she said as precisely, "Oh, my God, what have I done?" So if you'll go to what I
have listed as screenshot Y in my list, we can look at how the rights of
women have been turned into no rights for anybody ever, which is precisely what has
Um, it--
This is, let's call it a, she calls it a brief history of women's rights at the UN.
In 1946 and show the next slide, please.
We're going to go through these very rapidly.
In 1946, the UN was founded and they said, We ought to protect women and girls.
And then in 1948, they elaborated on that.
And in 1953, oh, and in 1948, they were talking about men and women.
Remember those words, men and women.
Go back to that slide, please.
In 1953, they said, well, let's talk about women.
Next slide.
You can just, you don't have to show me.
I'm the same.
You can just show one slide after another.
Yeah, sometimes our computers are a little slow.
So just don't worry.
It's all going to get up there.
This is live.
This isn't a recorded PowerPoint.
In 1975, the first World Conference on Women was held.
And interestingly, my best friend in the world was a Danish attorney who attended that conference as a member of the Danish delegation.
It was, if I remember, it was in Vancouver and we drove across the country to pick her up and then spend a vacation with her.
And they declared a UN Decade for Women.
Next slide.
It was a big deal.
But then they had a big report, and she also went to the conference in Mexico City, where, by the way, most of the delegates who ate the hors d'oeuvres at the evening celebration got food poisoning because they were tainted.
But never mind.
And let's expand on this for a moment.
This is just like putting a nice juicy worm on a hook for a perch or a bass you want to catch.
We love women.
We love men.
We love families.
We love rights.
We love equality.
And the whole time, it's in their own documents, they are planning this massive take down of the individual itself and of our rights.
So we're all alone.
We're all atomized.
So this wolf-like depopulation agenda can pick us off one by one.
That is a critically important point.
While they're putting on the makeup and the tiaras and the lovely clothing and looking so benign and beneficent, at the same time they are literally strategizing our total destruction.
This you have to understand and remember that WHO and all of the other subsidiary UN organizations and the UN ...are specific creatures that were created by the eugenics depopulationist control Rockefeller and Friends system.
Hitler being just one of their acolytes.
Absolutely, a bad son.
So stay right there.
You can continue to have the floor.
But earlier when I wanted the clip, I'd given them so many clips they'd have it ready.
Here's the clip of you 14 years ago, and the full show has been posted to Bandot Video, the full hour show.
this broadcast, the four broadcasts that I was involved in, the one on depopulation, the one on FEMA camps
and several others were only aired once, got top ratings for the channel, True TV,
and then the DVRs for the first time ever, this was submitted in USA Today,
erased them off people's computers.
Well, we luckily and others have copies of them, so they're still posted to infowars.com and band.com.
dot com and band dot video.
But I want to play this short clip so people understand who are new viewers just tuned in.
Dr. Rima Labo is a top MD, is a top psychiatrist, is a top nutrition expert.
Her husband at one point was the head of all special operations, the army, everything else.
So she's not just up here singing out of tune. She's not just telling you things that she thinks.
This is definitive. And I've studied it.
I've researched it. I've been up one side and down the other. I had family that worked for
these people and got out of it. So this is as real as, like she said two days ago, worse than a heart
attack. Okay. This is absolute pure evil. My uncle was a highly decorated helicopter pilot in Vietnam,
got recruited into Iran Contra, got out of it. And before he died, said the government was
smuggling children back then out of orphanages. So this is all part of turning us into a commodity,
isolating us all, normalizing just horribly barbarous events like mutilating children and
calling it medical care so that they can really move on to the human animal clones and the body
parts and the humanoids that they're already creating. Oh boy, has three dads. Well, it's okay.
Three gay men got together and implanted a woman with an embryo and made a new creature in the UK.
Not really a human folks. Doesn't have the woman with the mitochondria. All the weird, I mean,
folks, they are all, we are not in Kansas. They're already light years into hell.
And what we even talk about is 30 years old.
So when she's done talking about the facts and the science and what's proven and what's on record, and I don't want to say neurotically because I'm the same way, showing you every claim that she says in your face, let's speculate about an hour on where they really are from their own statements and what Harari says and others that soon there'll be no humans by 2047.
That's the date Kurzweil uses too and that the future is not human and I've talked to High-level folks at Google, they say, Jones, the AI is way more advanced than we even know.
But I'm going to shut up now.
We're going to play this clip and come right back to Dr. Remo Labo.
Here it is.
Dr. Lebeau, how are you?
I'm fine.
Thank you, Governor.
Governor Jesse Ventura, thanks for coming.
Now, you've left the United States of America.
Yes, sir, I have.
I do not feel safe living in the United States.
Do you want to come in and sit down?
No, sir.
I'd rather not.
You'd rather just be here so you can make a fast exit if you have to?
As soon as you and I finish.
I'm leaving the country again.
Because in a very short time, not today, not tomorrow, but very soon, we'll be facing compulsory vaccination under the mistaken term of voluntary vaccination.
Are you talking to me now about the current swine flu?
I am.
Now, what is it about these vaccinations?
You think that they're bad?
Well, first of all, let's start with the fact that the World Health Organization has decided that we have 90% too many people.
The World Health Organization has been working since 1974 on vaccines to create permanent sterility.
Doctor, the response is going to be, you're crazy.
How can you say this stuff?
I show them the documentation.
Now, this is pretty shocking.
This process has already been ongoing.
To make matters worse, we know that the vaccines that were illegally approved by the FDA contain a substance called squalene.
Squalene, an organic compound used in vaccines to stimulate the immune system and increase the response.
If I inject you with squalene, your immune system will attack the squalene, but then it starts attacking all of the parts of your body.
What does that look like when you meet a person to whom that is happening?
It looks like Gulf War Syndrome.
It looks like every joint in the body swollen and intolerably painful and immobilized.
This is in these shots they're going to give us?
It's in some of them, but the U.S.
government has a trick up their sleeve.
Which is?
Still ahead, the conspiracy shocker.
A group that's even more powerful than the Bilderbergs.
What that means is a holocaust.
A genocidal holocaust.
And what happened to Jesse Ventura, I saw him last year on a podcast, Theo Vaughn.
I think everybody should be made to take the shots.
I don't see why people don't take them.
I don't think he sold out.
I think something's wrong with his head.
We see people like Norm Chomsky saying, lock people up in their houses, don't even give them food.
Meanwhile, they now admit the shots didn't help you and made you sick and have killed countless people.
Well, I'll do an update on the injections, but Dr. Lebo, I just wanted to, for viewers that are watching the live stream or tuning in, hey, who's this lady?
I wanted to pause and just talk about some of your curricula vitae, as they say.
Please continue.
So, the UN, Has been.
By the way, in your introduction earlier, you said that I worked for the people that I treated.
I didn't.
No, and I say when you treat somebody, I mean, if you're my doctor, I guess when you check my tongue to see if I've got mumps or something, you're working for me.
I'm not saying you were one of their agents.
I'm saying you've done work.
You've had them as patients, however you say that.
I have had him as patients, yes.
I just wanted to clarify that because, you know, disinformation flows around.
And that's important.
Yeah, and they'll say, oh, yeah, Labo actually worked for David Rockefeller.
No, no, you have treated these people.
Well, why don't you tell that story briefly, and then we'll get back into the PowerPoint we're basically doing here and start over five minutes ago with the UN and this seducing women and taking over the family.
But just without giving away any HIPAA information, what a major head of state told you.
In late 2002, early 2003, I was treating a woman who is indeed a head of state.
And I cannot reveal her identity because everybody deserves medical privacy under the law.
And one day, she just casually observed, you know, it's almost time for the great culling to begin.
And I said, what?
She said, culling.
I said, I know the word.
What are you talking about?
And she Expanded quite comfortably on the fact that those people who were consuming their non-renewable natural resources were useless eaters.
And so 90% of them, which is the total world population, was to be culled.
And I challenged her and I said, how do you stay one of the richest persons in the world if you don't have a lot of people to sell your stuff to?
And she assured me that the mercantile era, which began in the 14th century in Germany with the Hanseatic League, was coming to an end and we were moving to the neo-feudal era.
And there would be the neo-aristocrats at the top, and of course she would be one of those.
And there would be their servants and servitors below them.
And around them at the base of the Iron Shore Pyramid would be their technicians.
And that would require only Ten percent of the world's population.
Now, that was completely insane.
And it was also ringing like a bell that had to be attended to.
And, you know, I believe, Alex, and I think you do, too, that truth rings like a bell in the human heart.
And that, I think, has a great deal to do with why you bring difficult and shocking information forward.
You know that people will hear things that are true and resonate with them and that can change the world.
Sure, but when you and I were talking about this 30 years ago, we were out in the wilderness.
But now it's in our face.
What would you call this period?
I think they've gone from beta to operational.
They're trying to emerge.
They're a little bit behind schedule.
They're trying to force it through and it's negative and Sinister as this is, the good news is the dog isn't hunting.
They're still able to force some of it through because their incredible wealth and propaganda and capture of governments, but that's destroying their capture.
Look at the head of the Netherlands just got thrown out of office for all his tyranny.
I mean, there really is a Great Awakening.
So as negative as this all is, people need to know there is some positive stuff.
And that is why I began the opportunity that we had to talk today, Alex, saying I'm here as a recruiter.
They are not in control.
Oh, they want to be in control, and they want you to believe that they're in control, and their propaganda and their bioweapons are all designed to put them in control.
But they are accelerating their race to the finish line, as they said, with their pact for the future.
We're halfway through the period to 2030, they said, said Gutierrez, the Secretary General of the United Nations.
We're halfway through and we're behind schedule.
Well, why are they behind schedule?
Why did they change Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030?
Because they were behind schedule.
And the reason they're behind schedule is that people are saying, wait, what?
Are you out of your mind?
No, that's not going to happen.
We need more people to say that and we need more people to do things that will get us out of these murder organizations.
They are no longer Even theoretically benign organizations.
They have declared themselves the enemies of the people.
All of the people, rich people, poor people, except themselves.
They, the neo-aristocrats, see themselves as having the right, that may be divine right of kings, I don't know, the right to control and destroy humanity and the earth for their own benefit.
And we, every one of us, have the ability To stop them.
None of us individually has that ability.
I totally agree.
Let me ask you this.
What do you make of this being the one year anniversary of the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones?
I think because it became such an eyesore and people were really exposing their depopulation plan, I think they blew it up themselves the way they never caught the person, the way it was done so professionally.
And here's the rest of the story.
Within three hours of it being blown up at like 6 a.m.
in the morning, They already had bulldozers and backhoes there, systematically tearing it out and taking it away in bulldozers and dump trucks.
Anybody knows, even with the best regulations, the best people, the weird trust that owns that, the R.C.
Christian group that owns that, that's the initials, so it's obviously Rosicrucian is what it's saying, the Ted Turner Consortium, they had that torn down by noon that day.
That tells me they staged it.
What do you think?
Doesn't that sound exactly like the Twin Towers demolition, which happened?
It was obviously, without a doubt, a controlled demolition.
And the necessary machinery from General Dynamics, which is a Carlisle-owned subsidiary, Carlisle Corporation, they were right there on the site, ready to take things away and destroy evidence of possibly one of the great crimes of history.
Um, kind of seems like the same thing to me.
How about you, Alex?
I mean, I agree.
I mean, I know that it was, I mean, it turned out there were hundreds a day showing up.
It was all over the news.
People were saying, here's the proof of the globalist plan.
There were investigations into who was running the trust.
Some lawsuits have been filed.
And then a few months after I was there, blows up.
So I think this was an all shit on their part.
Oh God, we got to get rid of that.
People are reading it.
They're seeing it.
They're believing it.
We are having our cover blown.
So let's blow it up.
I don't think there's much reason to doubt that.
They decided it was a liability for them, and so they got rid of it.
I agree with you.
Okay, I interrupted, but those were very important segues.
Let's get back to where you showed 1946, and then later the Year of the Woman, all of this in 1975, and then you show the progression into transgenderism.
So, can we go back to those slides?
Because I think it's useful.
Yeah, let's start over here.
Okay, so here it is.
United Nations, gender equity legally includes gender identity.
And then you went back to 1946.
Go ahead.
In 1946, they said men and women.
We got to protect men and women.
And somehow that meant that in '46 they established a commission on the
status of women and girls.
And then they have conferences.
They have a conference in Vancouver.
They have a conference in Mexico City.
They declare 1975 to 1985 the year, the decade of the woman.
That's the next one.
Next one.
And so they created something called the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination.
against women.
Now, that's very interesting.
All forms of discrimination against women.
Well, what's a woman?
Is a woman an adult biological female?
Yeah, in 1979 it was, in 1980 it was.
1979 it was, in 1980 it was, but today a woman is a completely meaningless term.
So that a candidate...
They're creating a new superclass that must be worshipped and praised that is a fat, pedophilic man posing as a woman
or a cyborg or anything else.
It's this new definition of a new protected thing.
The world government now has chivalry to protect this new thing so the men can get in the lifeboats they just put wigs on.
And women can pose as men who are pregnant, which is beyond bonkers.
So in Beijing, at the Fourth World Conference on Women, next slide, in 1995, they say they want to promote gender equality and empowerment of women.
That is the first time, as far as I know, that gender equality is Mentioned in a document.
So in 1995, they're already planning this.
Well, of course they are.
They do long range planning and they do it beautifully, I have to say.
So this is frog boiling par excellence in September 2000.
Put that one back in September 2000.
I can't say it.
Now they're promoting gender equality and empowerment of women and now they're calling a human right and democracy the same thing as gender issues.
Now that's interesting.
If you remember, equal rights of all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion seems to be something that they want.
And that sounds good.
Human rights, that's good.
Right to education, that's good.
Right to bodily integrity, that's good.
Next slide.
Here it is.
I'm making you work for your pay today, Alex.
Hey, I like you.
I love documenting things.
That's what we do.
Well, if we don't document, people say, oh, well, you're making this up.
No, they're making it up.
And it's crazy.
Now we have sustainability goals.
All of a sudden, we're looking.
Remember, in 1992, the Entire community of nations of the world signed on to Agenda 21, which was going to destroy their entire population.
That's interesting.
And some of their goals are to promote gender equality and empower women.
Of course, what's a woman?
And to improve maternal health.
Now, who can argue with that?
The problem is they make every word toxic.
Next slide. In 2006, they had another meeting at Yogyakarta, and they had some principles.
And next slide.
The principles include what we've just seen, and next slide.
Can you read that?
Sexual orientation now refers to each person's capacity for profound emotional, affectional, and sexual attraction to and intimate and sexual relations with individuals of a different gender or the same gender or more than one gender.
Oh, all of a sudden, We have more than one gender.
And this is the segue into how NAMBLA said 30 years ago they would start being able to have sex with children, give children rights, say they're of age when they're like 10 years old, and then say that adults can identify as children as well, and then have children have sex with children.
And you say, well, those aren't children.
It doesn't matter because they're being defined as whatever they want to define things as.
This is institutional mental illness.
I mean, you're a psychiatrist.
Is this just not total mind war to destabilize society?
If it weren't part of a plot to accomplish something, it would just be plain batshit crazy.
But because it's actually part of a constructed delusion, it's batshit crazy and evil.
So is this worse than a mass formation or how would you define this as a artificially, culturally, top-down sabotage of the human system?
You know, compartmentalization in information systems makes people blind to what they have no need to know.
When I met General Burt seven years after he retired, He believed that because of the Chase Commission in Congress in 1977 telling the CIA to stop their mind control experiments, their MKUltra program, that they did, because Congress told them to.
And I said to him, what are you, nuts?
No, of course they didn't.
Yeah, because if the Army follows Congress's orders, the CIA is there to overturn it since 1947.
They are the breakaway government meant to absorb the old system.
And so what we're talking about is incredibly brilliant trauma based Propaganda supported mind control.
Now, we know, as human beings, as people with a spiritual life, we know that intentionality creates reality.
And all of this is done to create a different intentionality, to create a desired reality by people who have no affiliation to anything that is inherently human.
These are evil, evil people.
There is no... I have no vocabulary for the depth of their... Well, you're the psychiatrist, but is this not a consortium of sociopaths, psychopaths, compartmentalizing and manipulating people that are mainly just mercenaries or social climbers into a system that's like a utopia for sociopaths and psychopaths who are playing God and are mad scientists?
And worse, because all of that It kind of sounds like you can understand how they could get there.
And frankly, I can't understand how any human being can get where they have gotten.
So if we could very quickly go through this, I have a real treat.
Let's go back.
So we're here at the Yogacarta Principles.
Keep going.
So we're moving right along, and the Yoga Carter principles say, anything's okay, everybody, everything, adults, children, it's all okay.
And we got gender identity, and it means whatever you feel.
By medical and surgical or other means.
Boom, it's suddenly here, the UN says it, now we're doing it.
So this is not random, and this is not recent.
This is being, the frog is being boiled, And here we are in 2006.
Can we go on?
Yes, 2010.
2010, which is the year that the WHO, UNESCO, United Nations Comprehensive Sexuality Program is unleashed on the world.
The technical document, which you can find at PreventGenocide2030 on our page about comprehensive sexuality education.
The documents are there.
So go back to that slide.
Okay, now we have Ways to empower women.
And you notice that there's a rainbow.
There's a rainbow.
Go on to the next slide.
So in 2010, suddenly it all comes into focus, the rainbow.
All right, blow that up.
And then first resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council containing the term gender identity.
Let us recall, folks, there There is no such thing as gender fluidity.
Consequently, there's no real need for a concept like gender identity.
And now they're removing from college textbooks X's and Y's and have fired professors all over the world for saying there are...
Only two genders, there are Xs and Ys, there are mutants, chemicals can make a male lean towards female, a female lean towards male, but you are still biologically, and as a doctor, for people that don't know, and I think this seems idiotic for us to have to do this, but some new leftist viewers and listeners will understand this, can you explain the difference between men and women?
They're always asking congressional candidates and people, and judgeship, I am not smart enough to be a candidate for the Supreme Court so I can define a woman.
what a woman is. Can you define what a woman is for us?
Because I mean I know you're a doctor but there's a big difference in women. You
guys carry both types of DNA. Men don't. You need to explain that. That's
why they're attacking women specifically. I am not smart enough to be a candidate
for the Supreme Court so I can define a woman. A woman is an adult female. A
female, if you want to know what a female is, is someone who carries two X
Now, having two X chromosomes as opposed to one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, which is what a male is, and an adult male is called a man.
And we have special terms for the young ones.
Juvenile women are called girls, and juvenile men are called Boys!
Now, isn't that simple?
It's easy to remember, and humanity has remembered this throughout its entire history.
So, women, because they are biologically different, and have unique organs, including a uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a unique hormonal system which includes a dominance of estrogen and related compounds, Have the ability to give birth after they conceive and retain the pregnancy unless it's interfered with by things like vaccines that make them infertile.
And they also have the ability to breast, not chest, feed.
Men have the ability to produce sperm in their unique genitalia called testes or testicles.
And they can contribute their sperm to the gamete, the ovum, that a woman creates.
And when they mate and successfully reproduce and implant and go through the whole process of maturation, what you have goes from an embryo to a fetus to a baby.
And a baby is born from a woman.
Now, that's not hard, boys and girls.
Let's remember that.
Men do not give birth.
I know that's shocking, but men do not give birth.
And then, Doctor, that was an incredible definition, though simple but also beautiful and complex.
All the rest of the animal kingdom is basically the same.
And then we see them saying, oh men and women are the same.
No, men can't make a baby.
Men don't have the intuition of a woman because of three times the connections between left and right hemisphere.
It just goes on and on how we are all super different but amazing and come together forming this incredible species.
Men what have much higher blood volume, much stronger, bigger bones.
But women are much hardier and can sustain more trauma than a male.
I mean, there's so much.
It's like we were perfectly made for each other.
We're the same thing, but we're different.
We are perfectly made for each other because it goes together like, you know, male and female.
And that is how the human species reproduces, but according to the World Economic Forum, with which the Secretary General of the United Nations, Gutierrez, signed an agreement in March to accelerate the implementation of the Agenda 2030 sustainability goals and of course they're anything but
The World Economic Forum has announced that by 2030, and you need to take these
people seriously folks, by 2030 all reproduction will be external to the
human being.
That's pretty interesting.
Read the first three chapters of Brave New World to find out what the World Economic Forum has in store for you.
By the way, just stop there because we're going to go back to how they start in 46, they move step by step, you've gotten up to 2011.
We're going to go back to that in a moment, but just understand folks, They're a little bit behind, but they're saying they got most of what they wanted by Agenda 21.
That was the year 2021.
Notice they launched into high gear and operational at that point.
They said they would.
By 2030, no one can have a baby.
So that's ridiculous.
Well, already, sperm's down 90% in the West.
We create hundreds of thousands, millions of them.
So evolutionarily, God designed us.
We're able to still break through, even though most our sperm are basically inoperable and retarded.
That's really what they are.
You know, women are having lower fertility, but still humans make it somehow.
You know, we're designed to really go through periods where we were poisoned or bad things happened.
We're tough, folks.
Been around a while.
A lot longer than most people know.
And so we're sitting here dealing with this, but when they say, follow this agenda, With just in seven years, nobody else can have a baby unless it's artificial.
I mean, what is this revolution?
Are they saying they'll have to get sperm and eggs outside and do it?
Or what are they saying?
Because as you said, they don't just shoot their mouths off.
They're deadly serious.
They have it all accomplished before they tell us that they're going to do it.
And that's an important concept.
They're not random.
They're on a trajectory that is very, very clearly laid out for them.
And I must tell you, I didn't include the document that announced it, but a company has applied to the FDA for permission to make and have Available the plastic bags to be the artificial uteruses that they are looking to to employ all human reproduction.
I urge you, read the first three chapters of Brave New World at algishuxley.com.
It's available free.
Just the first three chapters, and you've got the whole thing.
It was published in 1932 as a blueprint.
And by the way, 1984 was published, was written by George Orwell, who was also a Fabian socialist.
We now call them globalists, as a blueprint as well.
When he was asked in the last interview that he ever gave, what do you see as the future of humanity?
He said, A boot on its face forever.
That's what they're looking for.
Well, the full quote is a boot stomping on the human face forever.
Yes, you are correct.
I stand corrected.
It's quite an interesting interview.
He was dying of tuberculosis and he could barely speak.
I've read the interview.
I think it's a BBC interview.
And so let's expand on that.
Let's expand on that.
And you're right.
His brother ran the UN, ran UNESCO, was the founding transhumanist, the former head of the World Eugenics Society, but after World War II they changed the name to transhumanist.
Aldous Huxley's brother was Julian Huxley, and Aldous Huxley in 31 wrote it, published in 32, Brave New World.
He wrote Brave New World Revisited in 1960, gave one of his last speeches, Dying of Cancer, at Berkeley.
It's an hour-long speech, you can find it online.
Just type in Aldous Huxley's Berkeley speech.
And he says, George Orwell, one of my colleagues, believes it will be the Soviet model of control and the boot stomping on the face.
Now, that's an interim phase.
We will love the servitude, and you will love the new system, and you'll be born, and we'll use chemicals to control you, and you will submit to it.
And if you join us now, you'll be part of the ruling class as we implement this.
And he was there telling the graduate students that you're going to be part of this wondrous system with me.
So, I mean, they're very open about the plan.
So you're right.
Brave New World is a predictive programming.
Why do the globalists love to tell us what they're going to do 50, 60, 70 years before?
I don't know.
I've wondered about that for a very long time.
Actually, before this head of state spoke to me about the plans for the Great Culling, I had noticed that the people who seem to think that they were in charge, which I contend is a mistake, they want to be in charge, that I had noticed that they tell us what they're going to do.
And I didn't know whether it was because they have a rule that says they have to, or whether they think it's funny.
To see whether the peasants can figure out what the Frankensteins are going to do and stop them.
I don't know the answer to that.
Well, you're the psychiatrist, but I mean, you know what narcissists and people on power trips, that's why all the villains throughout comic books even a hundred years ago, the villain monologues before they kill you.
So like, because if I was the bad guy, I had my enemy chained down, I would go ahead and kill him the second I could kill my enemy.
I would just, wouldn't even think, chop your head off.
But they monologue to you about why, and they'll keep you alive in a dungeon sometimes.
And I thought as a child growing up that seems stupid, but then when I read history books, I read how a lot of corrupt elites would capture their enemy and keep them caged to go enjoy the power trip.
So I think, I mean, I think you're the psychiatrist.
I think that's a big part of it.
Uh, it could be, but you have to remember that the people that we're talking about are psychopaths, and they are not fully human.
I'm not saying they're reptilians, I'm not saying they're aliens, a lot of people make that conclusion.
No, but even mainline science, just to back you up, says they believe psychopaths are like a subspecies of human.
Well, they lack the, what is to me, the most fundamental part of a human being, which is the ability to love, to affiliate, to control, to connect.
Empathy is a downstream effect of affiliating and connecting with someone or something else.
And these people have only one thing that they are connected with, and that is their own perceived self-interest.
So their chick, their child, their kith, their kin, their baby, their granny, means nothing to them.
They don't even get that we're all interconnected, so their own self-preservation.
Empathy is a built-in thing for people that aren't malfunctioning.
To help themselves is how I see it.
But then the psychopaths do know how to manipulate our empathy.
So how does somebody who has extreme empathy, like I know you do, I do, I have extreme empathy.
It's the source of my strength, everything.
I love it, but it's also a weakness that it can be manipulated.
So how do you intellectually make sure you're right before you let your empathy control you because that that's a real issue for a lot of
good people that are manipulated by the leftist globalist agenda because they
have empathy that they're being controlled by their empathy. Good men and
women are at the lower and middle levels of these deadly organizations at
the FDA the fraud and death administration at the Center for Disease Creation at
WHO at the United These are decent people who haven't been read into the program yet.
It's harder now because of the internet and the things that you do and I do, but for a long time that's been the case.
And so their empathy, their manipulation, their intellect is clearly carefully manipulated.
Look at doctors.
Doctors are smart people who are taught to be stupid in the service of conformity.
Really, if you think about it.
And to accept the intelligent, the intellectual class, if you will, is taught to accept revealed authority and not question it beyond a certain very narrow theatrical limit.
Because if you question too hard, You are destroyed by the system.
And the system is narrowing what you're allowed to say, what you're allowed to think, what you're allowed to question.
XXXY, you're out, Professor.
Well, take my uncle.
We didn't know until he died.
We knew he was a war hero, but Silver Stars, everything.
He got promoted into the CIA.
He only told my mother this.
He didn't tell me this when he was dying.
He told my mother, he got promoted into the CIA and I ran Contra because he was really good at a bunch of communication systems and ham radio operating and was like a world champion Morse coder and all this when he was a kid.
He would do anything they told him.
So one time they had to take the fall for opium being shipped around, and he went ahead and testified.
Okay, I did it on my own and took the fall.
Then he didn't get in trouble.
They were like, oh, you passed the test.
And my mother always tells me, don't tell that story.
He wouldn't want that told.
But no, he followed his orders.
He was shipping opium in Vietnam, doing what they were telling him.
Some people got caught.
He took the blame.
They went, oh, you're our guy.
You go to the top.
When he finally saw them trafficking children, and he didn't know going where, but it was brutal.
And he's, he, he got, he went against it.
Some of the other guys with him went against it.
One of them got killed.
He got shot up.
He barely made it back to the United States, got out of it.
So people say that people don't get out of it.
No, he got out of it and they didn't, they never got him.
But, but the point was, is that it's that same compartmentalization.
He was doing what they told him.
He was, you know, you know, quit LSU football, full scholarship, everything to go join in Vietnam.
Did the whole nine yards and then came face to face his government was trafficking children.
That was in the mid-1980s, Dr. Labo.
Can you imagine what's going on now?
Not only can I imagine, I can tell you a story about General Burt, my murdered husband.
In 1984, He had been awarded his third star and he had also been appointed as the head of NSA.
Now, NSA, as you know, listens to all the conversations in every electronic format all over the world.
It's a big job.
And by accident, literally by accident, he discovered that The CIA, for which he was providing operational support as part of his job as the head of the Army Intelligence and Security Command, the CIA was running drugs, was running the world's drug trade, was doing these other terrible things.
And he called in his inspector general, because he had a major command and had his own inspector general, and he said, not my army, not my country.
You find out about this.
He was out of the army in two weeks.
He thought, because he was still drinking the Kool-Aid, that he had, and I quote, failed at the two-star level.
And I said to him, you're an asshole.
You succeeded at the two-star level.
You figured out what was going on and you said no.
And of course, they expunged you.
But that's how compartmentalization works.
Wow, at the exact same time, at the exact same time, at a lower level, my uncle was saying no.
They may have known each other, as a matter of fact.
I don't know.
So the point is, why do these people tell us what they're going to do?
I can speculate, but you know, and you do this too, Alex.
It's what makes your work valuable.
You make a distinction between what you know, what you have documentation and solid evidence for.
What you speculate upon and what you believe.
So I have no documentation about or solid evidence about why these people do it.
I do have documentation and knowledge that they do do it.
They're playing cards before the Twin Towers were brought down.
I mean, how much more clear does the evidence need to be?
But why they would publish that, whether they think it's funny or whether there is a rule Can we get away with this?
If they stop us, then we have to go to another plan.
That I don't know.
And I refuse to speculate where I don't have factual information so that when I say the terrible things that I bring forward, people will say she only brings forward facts or identifies speculation when it's there.
I think that's important.
It's absolutely vital.
So, so, and by the way, that weird Illuminati playing card company published all this in the early nineties and like half the cards actually came true.
It's just bizarre.
Absolutely bizarre.
Um, okay.
So we interrupted.
Let's, let's, let's, let's, let's go back a little bit.
We're up to the 1990s.
We're up to 2010.
to 2010. We were 2006. 2006 gender equality framework. Now a framework is very interesting.
A framework means that once the countries agree to it, they can change it any way they want and never again ask permission.
So a gender equality framework is an incredibly dangerous concept.
You and I don't think of framework that way, but that's what it means.
So let's go on past 2006.
All right.
And again, Kay Yang is a wonderful source of information.
I've gotten all mine confused.
There, 2011.
There you go.
That's okay.
I think it's pretty clear.
Human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity are all put together in a stew, whipped up and served.
And it's a pretty toxic stew.
So now we have gender identity.
First resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council.
Now we've got gender identity as a human right.
But there is no such thing as gender identity.
Next slide.
There you go.
Red shot.
There it is.
And then we have an organization called Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, SOGI.
SOGI now is saying that we and the United Nations is going right along with it because this is part of their plan.
They're putting out a U.N.
report on the human rights Of lesbians, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
There is no such thing as a transgender person.
There are delusional people.
There are no transgender people.
But let's be clear, this is the Kalargi Plan, where if you look at Europe, in the average European country, it's at least 10% Muslim.
So, but if you add up all the countries together, the biggest population in Europe is now Muslims because the Anglos or the Europeans don't see themselves as Europeans.
They see themselves as Dutch or Swedish or French or Irish or English or Scottish, but the Muslims see each other as one identity, no matter where they're from.
So now the NGOs control that mass when in the military parlance is the dominant group set to be 15, 20, 30%.
And now it's a giant Muslim voting block.
that Erdogan is trying to take control of.
And so it's the same thing.
Now we'll have the broken coalition of LGBTPS, as they bring in Satanism, literally at Target.
I've been there.
They sell Satan shirts saying, Satan wants your kids.
We're going to have sex with your kids.
And so they're creating another broken coalition where it seems like, well, OK, 10%, 15% will be in the cult.
But see, worldwide, they're a unified block, an intelligence
agency that takes the same programming, the same orders, the same agenda.
And then the UN comes in and backs them up.
And all the laws are passed.
So you can't resist them.
This will be the new dominant ruling class.
I was talking to folks at Spotify.
The New York office of Spotify that runs the U.S.
stuff, the main operations in Sweden, the technicians, it's all normal, is 80% transgender.
You can't get a job there as a male clerk unless you're a man that can transition to a woman.
Well, then you would be a female male clerk, right?
So what I'm saying is it is literally a cult.
I mean, but this is well thought out.
I mean, you can see this.
Well thought out.
And so when we get to my special treat for you and your listeners, which I think most of you have not seen, as soon as we finish this slide, there's a PowerPoint.
And boy, your thoughts are definitely not going to stay on your feet.
So let's finish the UN slides.
All right, here's the next one.
There it is.
This is the Principles?
Okay, we did it.
Now we've got human rights law being changed.
International human rights law is now changed to include sexual orientation and gender identity, which is delusional.
Next slide.
UN Free and Equal launched.
Okay, so now we've got a new program.
It's called Free and Equal, and you see all the rainbows.
They've toxified the damn rainbow.
By the way, I saw a rap video by a group of people saying, reclaim the rainbow.
That would be nice.
In the Bible, it says God promised that there would be no more of this particular problem by giving a rainbow, but we've toxified the rainbow.
Next slide.
All right.
Gender identity, gender expression, transgender, trans.
And now we have transgender people, cross-dressers sometimes referred to as transvestites.
Now we have a third gender, and we have men who are women and women who are men, and we're making it necessary to use idiotic pronouns.
And now it's So this is 2014, and now trans kids.
Now kids have a sexualized term, and when you point it out, children don't have a sex life, a sex identity.
They've successfully sexualized children, bridging the gap to basically not just mutilate them, but have sex with them.
Totally destroy the distinction between child and adult, and we'll get to that in the United Nations presentation that I want to share with you.
Is that the last slide?
Yes, this is 2015, a universal call to action.
So this is them launching their global initiative, which we've seen the last eight years now, of their takeover, their conquering of everything.
And so they've made their sustainability goals, which just happens to be a rainbow.
And by the way, this is the new swastika.
The swastika is only a sun symbol.
This is what Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, now King Charles, they all wear this symbol.
This is their new symbol.
Go ahead.
When you see that symbol, you know that you're in the face of evil.
Now, that slide that you just showed that came off the screen, all women and girls, that's pretty important.
Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
And of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals, number three is promote gender equality and empower women.
But everybody's a woman.
And sustainable development goal number five is gender equality.
But wait a minute.
It was gender equality.
It's so important.
This is so important to them that they're stuttering and repeating themselves over and over.
And you have to ask, why is it so important to those who would destroy us?
Because that's how they're destroying us.
That's why it's so Central.
And remember, people who have been treated with hormone blockers, people who have been treated with surgical destruction, people who have been mutilated with hormonal treatments are frequently incapable of reproducing.
Now, 50 percent of the undergraduates at Harvard University were just found to identify as non-binary.
The good news is, as negative and as horrible as this is, it seems like humanity is waking up quickly.
I told folks it was transhumanism depopulation 20 years ago, 10 years ago they thought I was nuts.
Now it seems like the public's really catching up to where you are as a medical doctor, my reverse engineering of it.
I mean it really seems like we've been successful at not radicalizing, that's the UN's term for us and the Southern Primary Law Center and the ADL, but actually getting people to really see how this is premeditated establishment assault.
This is premeditated establishment assault and it's been going on for a long time.
Now I want to show you if we can run a PowerPoint.
Is that possible Alex?
We're going to air a special report because my crew may have missed it.
We have a skeleton crew on Saturday and they've done a great job.
We had some computer crashes.
So we're going to air a special report by John Bowne.
That deals with these same issues.
And then we're going to air a little short clip also of where I predicted 10 years ago, the lockdowns and everything that were coming.
And then we're going to figure out exactly what the PowerPoint is that the crew is missing.
And we're going to check that and come right back with the grant.
I can send it again.
Uh, on, on the Skype while you're, you're doing that.
Um, it's really important.
No, no, we're going to do it.
Don't worry.
We're live.
We can go for as long as you want.
We can go for 30 minutes, an hour, five hours.
The crew's here.
Um, we have a weird corporate Skype that works with our systems and it doesn't do the messages we're trying.
Sorry, Daria.
Okay, we can do it.
So we're gonna get that PowerPoint and get that lined up.
And we've done an incredible job, Dr. Lebo, lining all this up today.
So has the crew.
I hope everybody's calling their friends and family.
I hope you're telling them to check this out for yourself, because none of this is speculation.
When we've been speculating, we say, what is this?
And we're not quite sure.
We're all wargaming this together and calling on your human intelligence together to figure out the rest of the puzzle.
Most of the time that we then do research and find our enemy actually tells us what they're doing, because they're so prolific in their literature and their technicals.
And then we'll get into some of the other big issues here today, but we'll also then archive this.
And when the live show ends in 30 minutes, an hour, whenever it does, because we're in limited here, commercial free, whenever we want to end it, we will then archive.
It takes about an hour to upload it to Band.Video.
So if you're tuning into this later on a stream saying, gee, I kind of missed what they just said.
It's simple.
Go to Band.Video.
And you will see this full show uploaded right there so you can share it.
Here's a clip.
The court pointed out, just by way of example, he said millions of free speech postings of American
citizens were never seen.
Ladies and gentlemen, the new world order is pouring ...poisoned bioweapon all over our children and all over us and we just sit here and take it.
And it's so scary that our government's been seized by psychotic depopulationists and transhumanists that we don't want to admit it.
When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population...
And we want to say Alex Jones is the bad guy.
Our point is that there is information that is leading to people not taking the vaccine and people are dying as a result.
And we have a responsibility as a public health matter to raise that issue.
What's your message to platforms like Facebook?
They're killing people.
Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated.
They're Republicans.
They don't like to be told what to do.
And we've got to break that.
You know what this is?
This is ivermectin for humans.
It won a Nobel Prize as an antiviral.
And this is inhalable, or these are the tablets, steroids.
See this, Fauci?
You see this, Bill Gates?
I'm gonna kill those prions, you bastard murderers.
You damn monster.
We had a death rate of about 3,000 people per million population from COVID.
And if you look at the countries that were using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, Nigeria had 14 people per million, one two hundredth of ours.
And you can say, well, those are young populations and COVID is a disease of the old, which is true, but the oldest population in the world is Japan.
Which also allowed access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and their death rate was one-tenth of ours.
See, I had little cancer proteins like that.
Nobel Prize winning for humans!
Do those idiots think that that intimidates me when I know that it's all coming out but they knew these shots wouldn't protect you?
The risk is extremely low of transmitting it to anybody else.
Full stoxinated people are clearly capable of transmitting the infection.
It was two years ago that they started the poison shots, two plus years ago.
And immediately there were groups and organizations and medical think tanks and watchdogs that tested Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, pan J&J shots all over the world.
And they found That a certain portion was saline solution, usually around 50%, and then another 25% or so had a very small amount of the spike protein and the mRNA garbage in it and all the nanolipid, especially fancy, souped up antifreeze in it.
But then around 25%, and it varies country to country, sometimes it's only 5%, of the injections had a super high level That always made people sick and had a very high percentage rate of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, sterilization, you name it.
We know they're doing it.
They're gearing up to do it again.
J&J, AstraZeneca, those got pulled very quick because they were told by the Pentagon.
In a study not yet reviewed by experts, the researchers said COVID-19 vaccines that employ adenovirus vectors, cold viruses used to deliver vaccine materials, Look at the people that got the saline.
nucleus of cells. This is where some of the instructions for making coronavirus
proteins can be misread. They suggest that the resulting proteins could
potentially trigger blood clot disorders. The aforementioned complications have led
some countries to halt or limit use of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson
vaccines. Look at the people that got the saline that's in yellow. No adverse
This is in a sampling group of 800,000.
And then look at the people that got the moderate death dose.
Now look what happened right away, within just a few days, if you got the big daddy.
You're dead in a week.
The question came from Joe Roken on his podcast in 2021.
He said, Dr. McCullough, if these vaccines are so bad, why doesn't everybody have a side effect and are damaged after the vaccines?
I didn't have the answer at that time, but I have it now.
A paper by Schmeling and colleagues from Denmark has clearly shown they found three risk groups of batches.
The first batch, which was about a third of people who got the vaccine, zero side effects.
The second group, which is about two-thirds, had some moderate side effects, but the rate of serious side effects was pretty low.
Then there's a third group, Which is 4.2% of everybody who, of the vials, their side effect rate was through the roof.
And in the United States, 94% of people who took a shot took messenger RNA, so we can stay on that technology.
Fortunately, they're fine.
But for the small number of people who did receive a batch, we have big problems.
Health departments were set up in England 120 years ago, and here 110 years ago.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
A Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, the end of the family, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and the forced vaccines.
The hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
But that story is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
These people are so arrogant that they write policy papers, so many of them, that they're producing these policy papers and reports and white papers so fast that you could never read them all.
It is an open conspiracy against you and your family.
I pray to God, I pray to my Heavenly Father Jesus Christ every night to give me the strength And the will to be able to face this horror and to give me the strength to carry on because I know why a lot of you don't want to look at this information and just want to comment on the YouTube videos or on message boards that I'm a liar.
I know why.
Because it's scary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just You know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
The only chance we've got of beating this scientific dictatorship, this creeping death that takes its time to incrementally enslave you, mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, the only way to defeat it is for the rank and file of this planet to realize that you have a choice to make on what your destiny is going to be.
Once you face this information, once you've consciously admitted it to yourself, it will take over your life.
It should take over your life.
I mean, what else?
What else could it do?
We've got to get past the artificial stigma that the controlled corporate media has been putting out for decades, ahead of their open unveiling of planetary dictatorship.
They all talk about how we need a police state to carry this out.
Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
Win, lose, or draw, you need to choose a side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, More of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.
They've got giant depopulation billboards on South Congress and I-35 right now.
Calling for depopulation.
All right, we've got her treat for us.
And wow, this is a treat of information.
A huge PowerPoint she's put together.
That I didn't know she was putting together, and I guess we'd miss it, but it's been sent to us.
We have it.
Dr. Rima Labo, MD, is here.
She's saying, join her, come there, get involved, take this info, share it with Congress, legislatures.
We've got all these attorney generals listening.
We've got all these legislatures listening.
You've seen the hearings in Congress exposing all this.
We're very close.
I was getting a glass of water.
During the break, and I was in the break room, and we had mainstream news on.
It was all about the hearings about Fauci and making money off the pandemic.
I mean, that's the first stages.
The point is, there is pushback happening.
And so we can't just roll over and die.
This is animating Condes of Liberty.
So, Dr. Rima Labo, let's get into it.
You've got this big PowerPoint for folks.
Hit us with it.
Well, let me first say that I am here, as I said at the beginning of the program, as a recruiter.
I want to recruit you and everyone that you can reach in the Army that pushes back effectively, not just says, no, no, no, no, no.
That's nice, but it doesn't change anything.
The Army that gets your country out of WHO And the United Nations.
Because if you don't do that, no pushback means anything.
So let me share with you, and by the way, that's why I set up Prevent Genocide 2030, so that you can bombard your legislators with your political will, which says, get us And by the way, there's real will to do that.
Trump did it.
Obama, Biden put us back under it.
But Russia is pulling out of the WHO right now.
Let me say about Trump, and this is very important.
It's not about Trump.
It's about the theater.
Trump started the process of pulling us out, which is a pretty simple process.
It's just a letter from the head of state.
That's all it takes.
Trump started and then he gave twice as much money as we pay annually to the World Health Organization, the World Holocaust Organization.
He gave twice as much money to Gavi.
So that was all based on... I was about to say, so the U.S.
Global has created the U.N.
so Trump thought he was getting out.
He was just giving twice as much to the actual parent group to ensure it had control over the U.N.
So this is a UN document that not many people have seen.
And like you, Alex, I have colleagues who provide information and support what we're doing and are critical to it.
So one of the colleagues who happens to be ...responsible for creating the PreventGenocide2030.org website.
Please go there.
Please take action.
My colleague who created it sent me the following UN document, and I'd love to show it to you.
This is the PowerPoint that we're talking about.
And again, I've never seen this before.
Is this breaking now, or is this already out?
This is already out.
I think it's about a week and a half old.
Well, I haven't seen this yet, so first look for our viewers and listeners.
Tell us about it.
You see that it's called a compendium on comprehensive sexuality education.
And I want you to, next slide, to look at who's the author, who are the authors.
And I say, was this written by Monty Python?
Because this woman with a difficult to pronounce name is the, I kid you not, special rapporteur on the right of everyone to the highest standard of physical and mental health.
Is that Next door to the Office of Silly Walks, the Ministry of Silly Walks.
What does that mean?
Next slide.
So, we have a group of experts, and I want you to Understand and remember what you know about logic, about circular reasoning.
In this case, you create an expert, an expert group, and then the experts assert something is true, and you say it's true because the experts said it.
So the expert says the moon is made of cheese.
You don't want to buck the expert.
Well, you have chosen the expert who will say the moon is made of cheese because you want to sell cheese or ban cheese or whatever it is that you want to do.
These are faux experts who are stating faux facts.
Well, it's like they're saying everywhere, Death Valley breaks temperature record 125.
The temperature record in July is 134.
I mean, you can look it up, but they just have experts.
It's the hottest ever.
They have an expert who says that.
It's the hottest ever.
Now, I am in Tucson, where they're saying there's an extreme heat warning until July 17th.
And it's going to be 109 and 111.
And it's, oh my God, it's going to kill you.
Well, it's in the middle of a desert.
And the year that I moved here, the first summer that I was here, which was 2017, following the murder of my husband, The year that I moved here, it was 117 degrees for something like 15 or 17 days.
So that's higher than 109, at least the way I did.
But you have an evil thing called memory.
I played football in middle school and high school, and I remember them, they had like seven, eight kids die in the Dallas area because it hit 112, 114.
And so we would not do afternoon two-a-days, which I loved because so many kids died.
And at first, my coach is like, we're not wimps.
Just as there's been three deaths in Dallas, we're keeping it.
But then more kids died.
I remember like, ah, only one, two a day.
This is so good.
Because, you know, we go in the morning like 8 to 8 to 11 instead of come back at 2, you know, 3 to 5.
But I mean, I remember Dallas, Texas, 115.
They're calling it record temperature in Texas, 105.
It's not true.
The hottest temperatures in Europe were recorded, ever recorded.
We're in the 1990s.
I mean, you know, we're dealing with it easy.
And we're dealing with circular reasoning.
You create an expert group or individual who says something that you want the expert to say, and then you say it's true because the expert said it.
But these are faux experts.
They're lying.
So let's move right along, because this body of experts who is listed at the head of this UN document will be referred to again and again, consistent with international human rights law standards.
States, that means countries, should ensure that comprehensive sexuality is inclusive of everybody.
Now, that means children.
And if you recall, the technical guidance that the world... Was just two months ago, where that group of 60 judges said children should be able to have sex with adults, just two months ago, official UN plan.
And so, all we have to do is give consent.
That means, touch me here, I'll give you a piece of candy, Two-year-old and the two-year-old says, okay, that's called consent.
So let's go back to that slide.
They, who, who says this?
This nonsense?
Well, the expert.
Here you have the circular reasoning.
Now we're supposed to promote human rights, gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls.
We'll get there.
And empathy.
Empathy means everything is okay and I feel that you want something so it must be okay.
And no disgust is allowed.
Moving right along.
So you're not allowed to have any pre-programmed thing in you that thinks a child being raped by an adult is a bad thing.
No disgust.
You're not allowed to have any of your own opinions in this new utopia.
And children are supposed to be taught, by the way, lust by the age of four.
A developmental landmark is to have children of four experience lust.
That's from UNESCO, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization.
And I did not experience lust until I hit puberty.
Children are not sexual.
Children have feelings in every part of their body.
And they develop sexuality along a psychosexual developmental plan that has to do with hormones and physical maturation and brain maturation.
But this evil program teaches parents to masturbate their babies from birth.
This is insane.
Let's go on with the PowerPoint.
All right.
The United Nations PowerPoint.
I didn't make this up because I'm not capable of this level of craziness.
Next slide.
Here it is.
What is CSE?
That's comprehensive sexuality education.
That's what this program of destroying innate human understanding, empathy, and psychosexual maturation is about.
And it's a curriculum-based process of teaching and learning about all of this stuff.
That, and according to their technical guidance, every topic in school should be taught through the lens of sexuality.
Every topic in school.
It's all about sex.
It's all about overstimulating and traumatizing children long before they can handle any of this material so that they are trauma-based, mind-control slaves.
We have to have everything in the curriculum, a breadth of core elements in the curriculum, all aimed at making young people, that's children, Sexual.
And they say in their documents, sexual activity should begin as early as possible.
That means with adults, other children, anybody, anything.
And by the way, in a textbook for children with HIV, in a picture book for young children with HIV, they state the following.
If you have HIV and you are sexually active, it is up to you at your discretion whether or not to reveal your HIV status to your partner.
So much for respect.
If you have HIV and you are sexually active, and you do not have a partner available, you can satisfy yourself with, and they give a list, and it includes a willing partner, if you can find one, an unwilling partner, it specifies that, an animal, an inanimate object, or self-gratification masturbation.
That's in a picture book for young HIV positive children.
And it also says that the choice of whether or not to use any kind of protection for your partner's health is, again, at your discretion.
We're giving children adult responsibilities and asking them to behave as if they were adults and overwhelming them sexually and creating great devastation.
Next slide.
And again, this is official UN documents, ladies and gentlemen.
Next slide.
And it gets worse.
Here it is.
Now, they say, in the previous slide, they say that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child support universal, comprehensive sexuality education and demand, they say.
But, if we look at the articles that they specify, Article 19, in each of those documents, what we see is this.
Here's what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says in Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and that means maybe there are only two genders.
This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, like maybe there are only two genders, and to seek, receive, and impart information In any way that you choose.
That's what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says.
It doesn't say anything about destroying human psychosexual development and trauma bonding.
And in the next slide, the article that they cite on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as supporting this nonsense says, everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference and the right to freedom of expression.
Now, That doesn't say anything about comprehensive sexuality education.
That's simple nonsense.
But we know at the UN, the next article says, unless it is in direct contravention to the goals and aims of the UN.
So they say you've got all these rights, unless we say.
Unless we say you don't, which is what freedom of speech is being defined as at this point.
Freedom of speech is anything you want to say unless I don't like what you're saying.
Next slide.
All right, here we go.
Next slide.
Go ahead.
CES empowers adolescents.
Oh, now we're empowering children.
It gets younger and younger.
Empowers individuals.
Reproductive health.
So first we empower women and then decades later we empower your children that we take control of.
And young people, could we keep the slide up because it's a juicy one.
Young people to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.
Young people, that is children, do not have reproductive health.
They don't reproduce.
Adults do.
We're dismantling gender stereotypes.
So this is the main lining of pedophilia under UN law.
And we're embracing diversity, consent, anything goes, respect and equality.
This is taking away all human standards.
We want a more equal society and we want the fulfillment of human rights, which we've just redefined to be nonsense.
We want, and we use this, this comprehensive sexuality education as, and this is quite a statement, an effective means to address systems of patriarchal domination and toxic masculinity by changing social and cultural patterns of behavior that tend to perpetuate discrimination and violence against women and girls.
What gives the United Nations the right to change cultural behavior and values?
I mean, I'm not a fan of the patriarchy, let me tell you.
I happen to think that I have equal rights, real rights, with anybody else, regardless of gender, male or female.
What if you live in a patriarchal society that believes that patriarchy was destined by God and is the order of the universe, and your religion and your culture are based on patriarchy?
Does the United Nations have the right to anthropocentrically, through cultural imperialism, to tell you that your culture can't operate the way you operate your culture?
I don't want to live in your culture.
I'm not going to wear a burka.
That's another culture.
That's another religion.
That's another system.
How dare these people intrude on that value system?
And let's remember, the transgender has been their long-term program, but so has the forced injection, the universal vaccine passport, which ties into it all.
The same UN's trying to pass a treaty right now, which is run by the Biden administration as a quarterbacking it.
So it's out of our country again, the captured U.S., to take over our bodies and set this up and have the U.N.
over health care.
So this, people always joke and said, when I see U.N.
helmets, I'm going to go out and I'm going to fight them.
They're not going to come with troops and blue helmets, folks.
They're going to take over your police departments, your county commissioners, your city councils, your D.A.s.
Your attorney generals, your governors, they're going to take over your hospitals, your public schools.
They're not going to attack you in a frontal assault.
They're going to do it through the bureaucracy in the medical system.
And they're doing it.
I'm sure you've covered ICLEI.
International Association of Taking Over.
Exactly what you're saying.
So could we go on with this?
I hope this is of interest to you, Alex, and to your audience.
And they say the costs for inaction are high.
Oh God, we're going to pay a cost.
And they give all these facts.
Pregnancy-related conditions among the top causes.
But all the policies they push increase illegitimacy, increase HIV, increase homelessness, increase suicide.
Go to the next slide.
That's what my annotation says.
All of this is designed to perpetuate, accentuate the problem so that they can eliminate sexuality and eliminate reproduction.
Eliminate humanity.
Take over our genes, our uteruses, our testes.
Because they make it so confused, so insane.
Weird trans people, mad their genitals were cut off, with machine guns running around mowing people down.
And again, that's why they're covering up all the trans murders happening daily now.
Trans killing people.
And suicides.
Frankenstein's killing normal people is because they want to cover up their army while they're building it.
Next slide.
Next slide.
Here we go.
We are greatly concerned that adolescents and young people, that's children, in all their diversity experience gender-based discrimination and violence.
So don't worry, the UN has a plan.
And sexual and reproductive health rights are their big rallying call.
And then they make this weird statement, violence can also lead to mental disorders.
Well, how about mental disorders can lead to violence?
And how about all of this transgenderism and gender fluidity and identity confusion breeds mental illness?
How about it is a mental illness?
It's a delusion.
If somebody is anorexic, you don't say you're right.
You shouldn't eat anything because you're fat.
When they're dying of their anorexia, you actually don't support the delusion.
These are delusions that are politically created and politically supported to destroy our children.
Next slide.
Next slide.
Okay, so there's this big, long statement and it says the states have agreed that reproductive
rights embrace certain human rights.
And this rests on the recognition of the basic rights of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing, and timing of children and have the information and means to do so.
Can we go to the next slide, which is annotated?
Couples and individuals are adults.
Children do not have reproductive rights.
Children do not have reproductive lives.
They said it's a big problem when adolescents have reproductive rights because there are all kinds of consequences that are bad.
So let's make sure that they're all having reproductive activity because, and I quote, sexual activity should begin as early as possible.
This is not only contradictory, this is incredibly destructive.
Children are people who have feelings.
I believe masturbation is a great thing for children to learn how to do and learn how to Use and not use within social circumstances and situations.
That's part of the psychosexual development.
They want to, if you will, commercialize it and make it public.
Make all of sexuality public and controllable by the state as exemplified and operated by the educational system.
Next slide. They say the right to sexual and reproductive health is an integral part of
the right to health.
Next slide.
This is a total pedophilic destruction of innocence all designed to destroy the family.
What an incredible battle plan.
And my comment is this stimulation molestation and grooming they're saying is an integral part of what they've toxified as a right to health.
These people have It's a political sexual movement of destroying parental rights and sexualizing children for Frankensteinian surgeries and control for transhumanism to normalize the human-animal hybrids and the cross clones and the replicants.
I mean, that's really it.
Just scramble everything and then hit us with chemicals and we're all sterilized and we just accept it.
Yes, and eliminate human reproduction through an overemphasis on sexuality.
How demonic.
Moving to the next slide.
Okay, so they say that the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights clarified that sexual and reproductive freedoms, now this is experts saying things that are then referred to because the expert said it, the right to control one's health and body and the right to make free and responsible decisions and choices, blah blah blah.
Yeah, cutting a 10-year-old's penis off is responsible.
Means a right to education on sexuality and reproduction.
That is, God help us, comprehensive, non-discriminatory, evidence-based, scientifically accurate, and age appropriate.
In other words, that is our bullshit as opposed to science, reality, and psychology.
Next slide.
Reproductive and sexual health doesn't apply to children.
Let's remember that.
And as I said at the top... But men can have babies.
And two women in prison can have babies.
And adults can say they're babies now.
So we need to worry, like they said in the Democrat debates, about men's maternity and cervixes and feminine penises.
There's actually an emerging specialty in the despicable part of obstetrics and gynecology that's allowing that to happen called transgender reproductive health.
There is no such thing.
There is no such thing.
But they're mainlining the artificial wombs, like you said.
That's what this is.
Moving right along.
Next slide.
Next UN document slide.
And they talk about the need for our comprehensive sexuality education.
Next slide.
Guys, just move through these fast, because there's a lot more of these left.
Ah, so this is endless circular reasoning.
They keep making these idiotic statements, and then they say, well, the experts said this, so it's true.
The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women stressed blah, blah, blah.
And the Women's Rights Committee stressed.
And the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights stressed.
And the Committee on the Rights of the Child stressed.
So they have these, these, uh, Blabbing idiots making the necessary statements and then they refer to those as as if they made and as if it's Moses and again they stress it but the real stress is what they're creating in society knowingly to bring it down and then the more it goes down they go you've got to give us more power we'll fix it
Um, if anybody's ever had a brother or sister or been a child or had a child, they know that the decisions that a child is likely to make are not necessarily in the child's long-term interest.
But here they say the Committee on the Rights of the Child recognizes The evolving capacities of adolescents to make their own decisions.
And the schools on record all over the U.S.
alone keep it secret with seven, eight-year-olds that they convince them of their gender, they put them into a special cult, special peer group to begin the process of removing them from the family.
And as you pointed out, the legislation that's passed in some states to take your children, if you don't agree with this, I mean, this is so far gone.
Let's continue.
We've got to move quick.
The last sentence on that slide, and we will move quickly, is really important.
Put it up.
Can you go back to it?
Okay, nope, the one before that.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
States should ensure that adolescents are not deprived of any sexual and reproductive health information due to the provider's conscientious objection.
So parents and teachers and doctors and counselors are not allowed to have any objection to this sexuality.
This is a UN conquering your children's biology.
Wow, this is a very sophisticated plan takeover.
It is.
Next slide.
The Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities called upon the states to provide comprehensive sexual education for people living with disabilities.
And I've had members of the Parliament on that are liberals in England years ago.
Half the transgenders are mentally retarded, Down syndrome, or autistic.
They're targeting them for sterilization.
Let me point out that one of the things that happens with autistic and other disabled children, and there's nothing normal about autism, which is a iatrogenic disease caused by vaccination.
Let me point out that one of the typical things that kids who are limited in their social perception mistake is they think that it's okay to be sexual with other people.
And they get into quite a lot of trouble for that.
Now, this is emphasizing and making this perfectly okay.
That's right.
Children are super innocent.
They don't know boundaries yet.
They haven't been taught them.
This is saying, no, no, let your child act out however they want.
And if they have a disability, then it's even better.
And that's why you see so many of the quote, men that have turned into women.
They're not women.
They're just running around crazy, assaulting people.
I mean, it seems like half the trans activists have been arrested for pedophilia.
Well, why not?
If you confuse somebody about one set of boundaries, why would they develop another set of boundaries?
Next slide.
Next slide.
Special procedures.
As special procedures, we have a need again for comprehensive sexuality.
By the way, sex education is great.
It's tab A and slot B, how to avoid being pregnant, how not to get disease, what happens when you violate somebody's space.
That's cool.
Yeah, if this starts growing on you, go to the doctor.
So, now we have a human right to comprehensive sexual education.
It's not even that it's a human right to be sexual, it's a human right to this specific curriculum, which is indivisible from the right to education.
So, of course, everybody knows that children have a right to be educated, and now they have a right to be miseducated and destroyed psychosexually.
That's a human Right.
By these people who don't understand wrong, but who certainly understand power.
Next slide.
Oh no, the right, they have the right to this.
Okay, we underline that.
Who are you to underline anything?
Why are you making this?
They're the moral authority, they're the god.
Yeah, they're the god, the new god.
Sexual and reproductive health and rights include, whoa!
The right to a pleasurable, satisfying, and sex life?
Where is that a human?
I mean, it's nice.
Really endorse the fact that people should... But notice the left locked everybody down.
The left runs Gillette commercials of a guy asking a girl out for a date at a coffee shop.
He's a rapist.
But if drag queen pedophiles want to have access to your children, that's okay.
So they're trying to isolate the left and make them all alone.
And they go, don't worry, we've got your new date.
They're not going to be as sophisticated as you.
We got you a 10 year old.
And you notice that there are three fists on that slide.
It's a very interesting slide.
Why are there three fists?
Why are there three opposition fists?
Power to the what?
To the pedophiles?
Free from discrimination, coercion, and violence.
Everybody is available to everybody.
That's what's in Brave New World.
The freedom to decide whether, when, or how often to reproduce.
Children don't reproduce!
And they say.
This particular curriculum that we created out of our own insanity and our evil is essential.
You have to essential got a fist up there.
It's essential to realize that everybody else want to go to their job during lockdowns.
You're all non-essential.
Next slide.
All right.
Next slide.
There it is.
We welcome.
We welcome.
The majority of states have policies that enable comprehensive sexuality education.
Sure, because through the Laura Stedman Rockefeller Memorial money, we took over global governance the way through the Rockefeller Foundation and Institute, we took over universal global medicine.
So we welcome the majority of states have done what they wanted, but we're still concerned about how this Instrumentalization and politicization of women's and girls' bodies is going on because it represents, oh God help us, a global patriarchal culture.
And we, the United Nations, WHO, and the world controllers have to get rid of the patriarchal structure because we said so.
I would point out that this is a super patriarchal structure.
But to go on with that slide, Yeah, because now the men are the women.
So it's like, women are over here, then there's men, and then there's men that say they're women.
It's all just completely insane.
And we're really concerned about a regressive climate because we are the arbiters of truth and science.
And a pushback.
Oh God, we are concerned about a pushback because normal human beings don't want this for their culture, their children, the members of their societies, and for their value system and religion.
That's concerning.
It's a scientific dehumanization, depopulation, death cult.
Let's accelerate through this now.
Which slot are we on?
I hope we're on the next one.
Family is bad.
Patriarchalism is bad.
I'm not so fond of patriarchalism.
But, you know, they're using it as a stick to beat a horse that needs to be fed.
It doesn't even mean anything.
There's a bunch of old crazy men running all this.
Like, oh, you want your freedom?
We'll do this.
Comprehensive sexual education.
That's their education.
They're brainwashing their sexual relationship with your child.
Should not be obstructed.
Their pedophilia should not be obstructed in the name of religious and cultural values and beliefs, which are mostly related to the persistence of Patriot article.
Has nothing to do with it.
We're almost finished.
I'm happy to say.
Oh, you're great.
We're doing good.
All right.
Oh, we are so upset.
We regret women and certain women and girls, adolescents, rural girls, indigenous girls, girls living with disabilities or in poverty as well as lesbian girls, gay, bisexual, intersex and trans and other gender diverse persons.
And other groups.
Now we got prostitutes as well as trans people continue to face... Bella, that's a whole other thing where they teach in mainline colleges now.
That girls and boys, your new job is a sex worker.
There's no jobs in America.
Go be a sex worker.
So you go to college and they induct you into sex work.
They're literal pimps exploiting you.
So the UN is famous for sex trafficking.
They're just mainlining what they're doing.
They're coming out of their own closet and trying to get everybody into it.
Next slide.
This is despicable.
Now, if you're not angry yet, then you're on their payroll.
Alright, next slide.
Next slide.
There it is.
And then they say sexuality education hasn't really taken hold yet.
Next slide.
They, we want more of it and we want lots more money for it.
Now, WHO wants $84 billion for its One Health and Agenda 2030 sustainability goals.
Remember what Klaus Schwab said a year ago?
The main goal is more gay characters on TV.
I mean, it's literally just, this is being corporate force-fed.
That slide that was up for a moment says Just ignore biology, because biology isn't important.
Our curriculum... We stress, Rita, we stress that merely a biological approach... Well, they're telling us, don't say X or Y, you're fired.
It's not just, oh, don't have the biological approach.
No, it's banned.
And again, biology's math, folks.
It's how the genetics works.
I mean, this is a war on science, which they say they are science.
Fauci, I am science.
I am the science.
Comprehensive sexuality education should include specific attention to gender, power, and diversity.
In other words, let's politicize everybody so that they think everything is about sexual activity and nothing else matters.
Math is taught through sex.
Everything is taught through sex.
And of course it's called respect and it's called human rights and gender education, quality education and lifelong learning.
But I mean if you invited people over for coffee...
And then they started, a man and wife started kissing in front of you and grabbing each other.
These are mental patients.
Men and women have sex behind closed doors.
There's nothing wrong with it.
But instead, it's like with your children, it's all about sex.
I mean, they're literally perverts.
If somebody comes up to you and your wife at a park while your children are on a merry-go-round and starts saying, I want to talk to your children about their sexuality, I want to talk to them about my... Or starts kissing your child.
Well, the left says, Yes, or it's kissing your child.
They're literally a pervert army coming after us.
They're a pervert army recruiting soldiers.
I am asking us to be an army of freedom lovers using the electronic means that we have.
That's what I created PreventGenocide2030.org for.
To say no, not only no, but hell no, and get your hands and your minds and your mouths off my culture, off my kids, off my country, off my personal autonomy, off my health.
No, I don't need no stinking UN.
I don't need no stinking WHO.
Exactly, and you're saying this because here's the next slide.
They have a bullhorn.
We call upon the states to organize and to launch through the governments they control to get the kids.
And that's what they're doing.
Now, if anybody says this is fantasy, this is conspiracy thinking, they're right.
But the fantasy and the conspiracy is on the parts of these very well-funded, very well-organized, empowered monsters.
There is a fantasy here that they can control us and destroy us.
There is a delusion that they can Take away our basic humanity and make us part of the Internet of Bodies.
Well sure, they create this giant fruit salad of hundreds of genders, say it's science, and say now we're going to teach your kids all this insanity to confuse them and bind them to this new lexicon they've created.
It's a classic cult, it's a sex cult!
I recently read a scientific paper which talked about the 68 genders.
Somebody published this crap.
In addition, there is a paper, I didn't include it in this, where they're talking about the fact that the language have to change and we should be talking about blowholes and we should be talking about front holes instead of vaginas because... Oh no no, mainstream papers now say that because a woman has a vagina, not just an anus, it's a bonus hole.
So there's even, there's even like, it's all psychotic perverts with total banking funding making sick jokes.
And notice it's all about, it's not about, it's all about degrading women.
They love it.
and making everybody else a woman.
So if you're protecting the rights of women, that means that women disappear.
And I didn't go into it, but there's a whole thing about sexual equality,
gender equality and sexual and athletic participation.
And indeed, as Kay Yang and so many other people correctly say,
women are being disappeared.
They are being made invisible.
You make all the athletic champions, males who are wearing a wig.
Yeah, because it's all going to be done in a laboratory now.
So we call upon stage two, number seven, ensure that all adolescents and young people, that's children, have access to their brainwashing.
Now, I think there are a couple more sloads.
Yes, there are a couple more.
Here's the next one.
Young people have access to free confidential and non-discriminatory sexual and reproductive health services.
No children don't need access to sexual information and health services as they are talking about.
You love your child, protect your child.
It's like saying give your child end-of-life hospice care when they're totally healthy.
This is so sick.
Well, this cult is destined to fail.
There's no way.
And I don't hate the Frankensteins.
We must fail it.
We must make it fail, Alex.
It is not destined to fail on its own.
I take exception.
It is very well organized.
And the only way it will fail is that if we say no Don't you dare!
Don't you dare do this to me, to my child, to my culture, to my religion, to my value, to my country.
Don't you dare!
And the only way to do that is to force our political leaders to take our action and get us the hell out of these monster organizations.
It will not fail on its own.
Well, that's right.
They're bullies.
They're militant.
They're out of control.
They're establishment.
They're backed.
We are the resistance.
And humanity gets it and understands it.
So I think we're going to win this fight.
But when you say you're recruiting folks, people should go to PreventGenocide2030.org.
And look at the battle plan there.
Get your information out to everybody.
This interview that's a little over two hours, that's live right now, is about to be archived in the next hour or so to Band.Video.
We've got to get this out to the public.
Amazing job, Dr. Reema Labo, breaking all this down.
You've got to join us again soon to talk about the next vaccine rollout and how to stop the enemy.
But very, very impressive.
And I really appreciate your research and work.
May I add one thing, Alex?
And that is, after you go to that website, it's a nice website, it's got information.
Take action!
That's the whole point.
Click the button and tell your representatives in countries all over the world, no!
I think the doggies are a little tired of mommy being busy.
What's going on with them?
They have a 120 minute periodicity.
After 120 minutes goes by, they want to play.
Let me talk to your dogs real quick.
Those are super beautiful.
You know, are those basically black German Shepherds?
I have a Brindle German Shepherd, a big boy.
He's a protection dog.
And I have a coal black one.
What's their name?
I'm going to say their names.
The big one is Timber Wolf and the little one who's coal black is White Wolf.
Timber Wolf, White Wolf, Timber Wolf, White Wolf.
Come here.
Well, they can only, they can't hear you.
Oh, you're good?
But that was Timber.
Come here, Timber.
Come here, say hello.
Yes, White Wolf.
Come here, White Wolf.
White Wolf, come here.
Yeah, tell them there's not two genders.
Oh my goodness.
Oh, she bosses him around.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, he's a good boy.
They love mommy.
Those are beautiful dogs.
Thank you.
What blessings.
Alright, well it's a great adventure.
Dr. Rima Labo, amazing job predicting all this.
You're amazing.
We'll get you back soon and everybody should check out your website right now, PreventGenocide2030.org.
God bless you.
All right.
That was a powerful two-hour, 10-minute interview.
And it's live right now.
We're live at 2.28, 49 seconds.
We're about to end this live transmission.
They'll have to air some promos for 15 minutes or so while they get it ready.
It'll restream until tomorrow at 4 p.m.
And I just hope all of you as a community of humans against this tyranny.
We'll take clips out.
We'll share the feed.
We'll share the live feed at Infowars.com forward slash show.
We'll share it once it's at man.video.
But this is important information.
And I love the dogs.
After about two hours, they get spoiled.
They're like, no, no, mama, you're going to take us outside.
I mean, that's just human life, animal life, this planet, who we are.
Like there's a male duck and a female duck.
There's a male dog and a female dog.
There's a male whale and a female whale.
There's a male...
Lizard and a female lizard.
And the globalists are a scientific takeover group that's already hit us with the chemicals, hit us with the cancer viruses.
It's confusing everybody.
I'm not mad at the average person who's been confused by this and thinks they're another sex and wants that identity.
If you're an adult, that's your issue.
Like Blair White.
Nice person, smart, funny.
Not mad at Blair White.
Blair White's not pushing on kids.
But this overall agenda Is targeting the children and is going after our biology and is pure evil.
Now I just did two hours and 10 minutes live and the crew did an amazing job coming in today.
I'm proud of this broadcast.
I hope you'll share it.
Really the future of this broadcast is really in your hands.
That's not words.
That's the truth.
So it's a pretty epic responsibility.
I'm not bitching at you.
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We're proud of X and Y. We're proud of humanity's future.
We're proud of our destiny.
We're proud of everything we've gone through together and what we're going to go through in the future.
And so this is Patriot Pride Month right now.
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Let me be honest with people.
I've been doing this 29 years, and it's been one hell of a fight.
And a lot of me has said, hey, I've done my fight.
I'm ready to, like, take a sabbatical for six months a year, let everybody else handle the war, and just step aside.
But then I don't want to quit and we're doing our most important work ever.
And so I do push to stay on air and I do push to keep broadcasting, but it really is up to you.
And I mean, there's a lot of behind the scenes attacks and stuff going on where it's not the attacks against me that make me want to give up.
It's the twisted attacks that want to trick me into compromising and trick me into giving people power
over this organization.
And if there's any compromise of what InfoWars stands for during this bankruptcy and the rest of it
the next few months, I'm going to come on air and tell you this is it, I'm going to pull the plug, okay?
And I'm not saying that's going to happen.
I'd say 20% chance now, up from, you know, 10%.
And I still think we're going to thread the needle.
But for people that think they're going to have some compromise organization that I'm a vestigial head of, and that I didn't sell out to Henry Kissinger.
I didn't sell out to News Corp.
I didn't sell out for the whole system.
You put a gun to my head.
I'm not selling out.
And I'm not through some weird political process of manipulation and incrementalism to get tricked into something.
It's not going to happen.
So you've got my pledge.
That we're going to stay on air as long as possible, and we're not going to compromise, and there's a good chance this is going to continue on.
Because it's a great brain trust, great archives, great amazing crew, but don't take it for granted.
And just understand that you see what's going on in the world.
The enemy's made its move.
So I'm true to the end.
And I will always tell you the truth about what's happening.
I could get to a point where I'm unable to do that because I'm in jail.
I mean, who knows what's going to happen?
But let's just not lie to people.
We're not in normal waters.
We're not in regular times.
The whole world's in a major crisis right now, and just know that I'm always true to you, and I've never betrayed you consciously.
I've made mistakes and betrayed you, and I'm sorry for that.
I betrayed myself, and I'm a weak person in many ways.
Stronger than most, but compared to God, I'm a very pathetic creature.
And so I love you, and I appreciate you.
And I tell you, if you want an Alex Jones t-shirt, or you want the book, The Great Reset, The War for the World, or you want these products, it could be the last time you ever get them.
And so I'm going to give this a strong finish and just go all the way.
I'll never give up.
I'll never sell out.
I'll never give in, but I could give out.
And I still think we're going to be all right.
But I've, you know, there's been a lot of stuff going on that and a lot of, you know, things happening that I'm having to, you know, really develop an exit strategy where I'm still able to speak to you and talk to you.
And part of me says, hey, man, you've you've really done the task.
You've run the race.
And, you know, sometimes it's just time to say I hand the baton to you.
I just don't think we're there yet.
I see so many people that are very prominent that still don't get what's happening.
I personally call them, educate them, and see them really go to the next level.
And it's not a power trip.
It's like, wow, I know more than most people.
I'm actually able to help people.
And we have this giant audience of amazing folks that teach me, and I teach you, and the guests teach us all.
We teach each other.
And so I know I've got more important work to do, but I'll say this.
I'm at peace with the job I've done.
And I've done the best I can.
And it's really in your hands and God working through you.
But I really do think you should go to MFORSTORE.com and buy the products and things because, you know, regardless, we're not going to go away next week or next month.
But I would be lying to you if I didn't say MFORSTORE has cancer.
And, you know, I would say we've got stage four cancer.
And, you know, there's a very good chance we can fix it if everybody works together and we do it.
But at the end of the day, we're on the verge of World War III total collapse.
I think at the end of the day, we're going to look back and look at, well, you know, the least of our problems was the Infant Wars survival.
But we want it to be strong until the end.
And if it's God's will, it's going to continue on.
I've just seen a lot of treachery and a lot of bad stuff and just a lot of evil.
And so I would be lying to you if I did not say that that wickedness has increased greatly and we would be arrogant to be, because I'm definitely, pride goes before a fault, as the Bible says, and I am not in a private position.
I'm not on a power trip.
We've done incredible things through God, all things possible through Christ Jesus, but none of that was me.
And so I'm just, Seeing things and witnessing things and watching things that I've never seen before on a lot of fronts.
And so this organization's whistling past the graveyard.
And I think that we'll all be there.
We know that.
So, it's just a very... Just please take the articles and videos now, while you still can, and share them.
And just please remember the Bandai video.
Because if this shit's shut down, that huge archive goes away, which the enemy really wants, because they watch it.
They go, man, this guy's got the blueprints.
His guests have the blueprints.
It's like the blueprints of the Death Star.
Like, if people get this, it's game over for the New World Order.
And so...
That's really it.
And I know we're all accustomed to the decadent society.
We're all accustomed to things never getting bad, never going away.
But it is all going away.
Even if we crash land this thing successfully, it's going to be really rough.
And that's on the good end.
It runs from crash landing, really rough, big problems, to Armageddon, end of the world stuff.
So we're looking at the spectrum here.
And I really want to be over here.
And I'm working as hard as I can.
I have a lot of empathy, so I've taken all this on.
It's been hard, but because I did take it on, I was given greater discernment,
and because I do feel it, basically, all I have been given knowledge
that a lot of people could not handle, 'cause God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.
But I just want you all to know I appreciate you, 'cause I don't want to take opportunities for granted
to really appreciate all you viewers and listeners.
I'm just gonna tell you, you better get right with God right now, because we're
in a very dangerous planet right now.
Situation's very dangerous, and before this planet's allowed
to go next level, we're gonna go through this test, and God may just go ahead and blow it all up.
Those are interpretations that we go on and we survive and all that happens.
But I think that's God giving you a cheat sheet of this could happen.
You can make the right decision and this could happen.
Because God gives us free will but God puts his finger on the scale because he loves us.
But if you don't do that, and if you don't take that opportunity, you're not going to get it.
And I really think that's the secret they're not telling you.
As for the Satanists, they will be destroyed.
They're total losers.
And just be thankful every moment that we're not them.
Be thankful we have empathy.
Be thankful we have love.
Be thankful we have knowledge of God's soul and God's will.
And that's basically it.
All right, great job of the crew.
I'll see you, Lord willing, back tomorrow, 4 p.m.
God bless and good luck.
God bless and good luck.
[no audio]
Well, I don't know what will happen now.
We've got some difficult days ahead, but I'm not concerned about that now.
I just want to do God's will.
And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain.
And I've looked over The promised land.
I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land!
We gotta come together.
Whether you believe in that or not, you've got to decide whether you have dominion over yourself.
I believe that the majority of the plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what their training, will make in trying to govern.
And you've got to decide whether it's God that's going to have dominion over you, that you get orders from, or whether some other human that's jacked into the evil force is going to have dominion over you.
What we're talking about now is like a second industrial revolution, but the product this time will not be textiles or machines or vehicles or even weapons.
The product this time will be humans themselves.
Do we want to have a human plan or a post-human plan?
Noval Harari and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say humans are obsolete, we're scum, because they know we are their competition.
They know that if we go for what we want and what God wants to have, they can't compete with that transmission.
They can't compete with that blueprint.
They can't compete without architecture.
They can't compete with that master plan.
But I just see it now.
It'll be so clear soon.
Are you pro-human or are you anti-human?
You are the human resistance to this alien takeover.
And again, when I say alien takeover, I don't mean some little tinfoil flying saucer crashing in Roswell from Alpha Centauri.
I'm talking about the transmission in the universe of God's order and God's will, or do you choose to serve the agents of death?
And like Martin Luther King said, we're not going to judge them off what color they are.
We're going to judge them off of their character, of their actions and deeds.
So I'm going to say it right now, real clear.
I love everybody, no matter what color your beautiful skin is.
But I care about your heart and your guts and your mind.
And you're under attack by these Satanists.
And they want to kill you!
And they want to kill your children!
And I say we set our differences aside.
And I say we come together and we beat these people and we smash their technocracy and we build the future together and we can do anything with our real diversity.
These enemies tell us all day about diversity.
They mean divided and conquered groups of people separate from each other.
This bill is supported by all of the Democrats, House and Senate.
It's just a filibuster in a way.
So in a way, if you really truly want to honor Dr. King, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy.
But I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.
I want unity.
Under a code of freedom and liberty and justice and coming together and working together and being strong and that's what InfoWars is and that's why the enemies of humanity hate us so much because we love God and God loves humanity and I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
♪ RoboSoul ♪ That term will be the future war with the robots and the AI.
What you're hearing now is the entire future and everything they tried to stop us from doing.
Our supremacy will not end with this planet.
We will people the stars.
We will colonize.
We will green dead worlds.
We will go interdimensional.
We will unlock the secrets of the universe.
God has laid them out like Christmas presents for his children.
And I am extremely honored to be in the fulcrum and the heart of the fight to bring our race, the human race, in a race for the future.
And we will break the enemy.
We will break the pedophiles.
We will break the Satanists.
Because God already sent his own self down here to show us he could do it.
God would never ask us to go through an obstacle course he wouldn't go through.
And now we're going to go through what Christ did.
And we're going to go through it.
And we're going to be destroyed, but reborn on the other side!