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Name: 20230714_Fri_Alex
Air Date: July 14, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including energy products, vaccines, flu shots, medical industry criticism, potential dangers of nanoparticles in vaccines, chips in new medications, contaminants in vaccine production facilities, a new sleep aid formula called InfoWarsMD Good Night's Sleep at a discounted price and fundraiser shirts for President Trump with the slogan "political prisoner" and an Alex Jones for President shirt."

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Well, we have the Communist Chinese, we have the UN, we have the IMF, we have the World Bank, we have the WEF, we have the International Bank of Settlements.
We got Bill Gates, we got them all telling us we need a world currency to control our lives and track what we do and not let you buy anything that they don't want you to have.
Even if it's legal.
Sounds like a nightmare.
Musk believes ESG is the devil, and he's not the only one.
The environmental, social, and governance of ESG agenda once had the staunch backing of billionaires.
But now corporations are backtracking, and they're trying to rename it or repackage it.
The point is, it's in a lot of trouble.
Well, it's the essential core of the global social credit score on the macro level.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Many good-hearted people have strong emotions about the environment.
And their emotions are so strong that they have been manipulated by a corrupt government to castrate themselves.
And castrate their own children to save the earth from climate change.
This should teach us something about our emotions.
They can blind us from logic and reason and we all have them.
This report is not a critique of the film The Sound of Freedom.
I saw this film and I appreciate that it is bringing awareness to a subject that I personally have very strong emotions about.
This report is about a clear red flag that people should be aware of so that we don't allow our emotions to blind us from logic and reason.
According to MKUltra whistleblowers, the CIA acquired children for Project Monarch by cataloging child pornography sent through the U.S.
And the only thing that's changed since then is that the world has gone digital.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or the NCMEC, went international in 1999.
The ICMEC was launched by Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair, with Richard Branson acting as a founding sponsor.
It has now partnered with law enforcement in over 150 territories, including Interpol and Europol.
In 2009, the Clinton Global Initiative partnered with the Polaris Project.
And by 2014, they created a global modern-day slavery database of organizations in 199 countries to monitor human trafficking.
Also in 2009, Amber Ready Incorporated selected The Podesta Group, the infamous pedophile art collectors of the WikiLeaks Podesta email scandal, to be their PR company, where they were responsible for promoting Amber Ready's cell phone technology, which created a database of children so that if they ever were abducted, their information was already on file.
Once this child database syndicate was launched, human trafficking increased.
Within nine years, the human trafficking industry went from around $30 billion a year to $150 billion a year.
Nearly all child pornography is processed and stored within this framework on foreign servers in Sweden.
In 2014, President Obama assigned the task of how to manage this gathered intelligence data to John Podesta.
The Clintons, the Podestas, and their friends are demonstrably involved on the criminal side of child sex trafficking.
If this is news to you, I recommend my report from 2019, Are the Clintons Involved in Human Trafficking?
Which is based on the well-researched article by Corey Diggs.
And it is this group who manage and run Polaris, the ICMEC, and the NCMEC.
And these are the same groups that Angel Studios, producers of The Sound of Freedom, are directing people to as a way to combat child trafficking.
The billionaire who has been funding Tim Ballard's operation is Carlos Slim, who has also funded Hillary Clinton and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And if you believe that the Democrats are the problem, then I recommend you look into the Franklin cover-up.
And the Bohemian Grove.
Pedophilia is how the hidden hand controls their politician puppets.
Awareness of this horrific problem is good.
And perhaps Angel Studios is unaware of who they are promoting.
But if we think that the same NGOs whose efforts increased the child sex trade by 500% will somehow end child sex slavery, then maybe we are too emotional to think clearly.
And that's a problem.
Because this same cabal is pushing a totalitarian surveillance state.
They're already pushing the idea of microchipping your children to keep them safe.
And without logic and reason, the people will demand it.
And our children will be more enslaved than ever.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's Friday, July 14th, 2023, and I'm honored to be your host.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right, Dr. Peter McCullough has the most important developments yet on the whole COVID poison shot rollout and the UN's plan for this new treaty to force control over our very bodies.
That's in the third hour.
Then Jade Ira will be with us in the fourth hour.
I want to open the phones up in the first and second hour and just shotgun out The incredible news.
I'm going to try to move as quickly as I can here.
But let me just give you a breakdown on what we're going to be covering as we fight like hell to take on the New World Order.
Biden calls up U.S.
military reserve units to deploy to active duty in Europe for Operation Atlantic Resolve, citing an emergency.
And that is, of course, the Ukrainians.
And the NATO force is beginning to lose big time against the Russian police action there.
That is a big deal because they'll undoubtedly be over there training Ukrainian soldiers bare minimum.
We know a lot of U.S.
troops have been on the ground secretly, going back even before the official war started two Februaries ago.
That is a big, big deal.
Also a new report out by the White House ordering the Selective Service Reserves and certain members of the Individual Ready Reserves, the Armed Forces, to active duty.
McCullough again is coming up later.
We're going to be looking at scientists at center of COVID lab leak.
Cover up and admit decision to downplay theory was political because they feared a you-know-what show from China.
Red alert, Russia warns US F-16 jets in Ukraine would be viewed as nuclear threat.
Meanwhile, back on the home front here, Biden administration announces $39 billion student loan forgiveness for 800,000 borrowers, which is unconstitutional.
He knows it'll get shot down by the courts, so it's a stunt to manipulate his idiot constituency.
Continuing, the ACLU reports that they're suing Texas over the ban on gender-affirming, it's not chopping children's genitals off, not giving them drugs that stunt their bodies and attack their organs, it's gender-affirming care for transgender youth.
In Silence of the Lambs, where he keeps people down in a well and cuts their skin off, it's gender-affirming.
We're going to be going over all of that.
I really want to take Lord Kerry, John Kerry, to the woodshed here today.
John Kerry has a fleet of jets, but his wife of the Heinz fortune has like a $50 million jet that can carry 40 people.
One of the nicest ones you can get.
And he's always flying around on it.
When he gets asked, he says, "I don't fly on private jets,"
or "I don't own a private jet."
It's just bald-faced lying.
And look, we know they do that, but my goodness.
My goodness, we're going to be showing those lies and him getting chewed out in Congress.
And I meant to get this days ago, but it's better to cover it now.
The virtue-signaling Spanish environmental minister comes in on a private jet, rides in on a multi-car motorcade, and then a hundred yards away gets on a bike to ride to the front door of the conference.
This is like when they put their mask on back during the whole pandemic.
Panic-demic, scam-demic, murder-demic.
With their poison shots, they had people put their masks on right before they'd go on the stage.
It's all a big joke.
Remember Buddha Judge did the same thing?
Where he came in on a private jet, or government jet, and then got out of his motorcade down the street.
And then rode it on a bike.
I mean, this is just the cynicalness of these people.
It's mind-blowing.
Meanwhile, AOC says it's time to ban not just coal being burned, but coal exploration and coal mining, period.
We're going to be hitting all of that.
She cites another site.
Cardiovascular disease is up from climate change.
Not from all those poison shots in the GMO they're feeding us.
Continuing, CNN reports, heat wave to affect over 100 million Americans.
Records threatened.
Wait a minute, I thought all the records were broken, but they admit, well, Death Valley's at 125.
If it gets to 134, it'll break the record.
Well, it gets up close to the record every year, but it hasn't even gotten close yet.
So they're like, man, is it hot in Death Valley.
It used to be freezing cold here.
I used to like keep my Frozen steaks and hash browns and, you know, frozen fruits and things for my smoothie machine.
I used to keep them in Death Valley, but now you can't keep your frozen goods in Death Valley anymore.
It's hot now for the first time ever.
Yeah, scroll up a little bit.
There's the Washington Post.
Coast-to-coast heat domes since temperatures soaring.
Threatens all-time records.
Threatens all-time records.
So, again, they think we are so incredibly stupid.
No, out there in the mountains and out there in the desert, when you go over the Rockies and start going west towards California, it's a big old desert.
That's why they got to pump the water out of the ground to water the plants in Las Vegas.
Until the mob went and built those hotels, there was nothing there.
But they point at the desert and go, look, it's hot!
Or, it's hot in Texas!
I never heard that before.
Usually in Texas, it's, I mean, in the middle of the summer, it's like 60 degrees.
You know, in the winter, it's like 100 below.
Of course, it's not.
But most areas of Texas never even freeze, unless you're up on a mountaintop.
But it doesn't matter.
They just keep pushing the lines.
But again, I thought, I thought all of the records got smashed already.
No, they're now reporting that the records are threatened.
And so you know what they're going to do?
The same thing they just got caught last month in England doing.
They had three Harrier jump jets pull up next to the thermometer site that they put, the weather monitoring site they put, on the tarmac.
In the past, you didn't put them on the tarmac, you'd put them up on a grassy hill or a hundred yards away because engineers knew that, well, it's a lot hotter next to the hot concrete and the blacktop.
Anybody who's ever known that, you're standing on the grass at 100 degree temperature, it's not a problem.
Step onto asphalt, it's 140, it cooks your feet off.
So they stick it by the asphalt, but that's not enough.
They couldn't break the record with that, so they just had the jump jets park by it and flare their engines on.
Of course, if you stay anywhere near it, it'll burn your face off.
So, record temperatures, all fraud, all scams.
But they're convincing people, don't leave out of your house.
The heat's too intense, it'll kill you.
And it is true you should drink more water.
It is true that if you don't have air conditioning, something they're trying to take away.
The left says they want to get rid of air conditioning.
All over Europe.
I saw a CNN headline last month.
Indonesia's dangerous obsession with air conditioning.
I saw another one.
Africa's strange obsession.
It's the same... Oh, I saw another one.
Singapore's long love affair with air conditioning may need to come to an end, says their government.
You just can't have, you know... Sorry, I've got another AP article here.
How to deal with power outages in the heat.
Yeah, rolling blackouts are coming.
Your power could be off for hours or maybe even days.
It's okay.
Indian demand for air conditioning heats up climate fears.
So the very people not letting you get the energy, jacking up energy prices, were a lot of people I know, cannot afford the $2,000, $3,000 power bills, even in their small houses or apartments.
You know, power prices the last 10 years have roughly tripled.
And their answer, yep, there's Obama.
You guys did a great job finding that.
Telling Africans, you know, you can't have a car or air conditioner, the earth will heat up.
Let's come back with that.
And then let's look at the climate czars in places like Spain with their little stunts getting out of their jets and getting into their motorcades and then 100 yards from the entrance to the climate summit getting on a bicycle.
That's right, proletariat.
You're going to run around on a little electric bike and that's just the way it is.
We're going to cut your energy off.
The truth is they're just killing people.
Telling the Dutch farms, they already shut down 10,000 farms.
Sorry, your farm's just closed for the earth, randomly picked.
Farming's bad.
Nitrogen's bad.
I mean, you understand this is a cult of total power and total absolute control.
Tomorrow's news today.
We'll be back.
And I've got some insane transgender cult news as well.
We're gonna all have to work together to find ways in which Collectively, we reduce carbon, but we make sure that there's some differentiation so that countries that are very wealthy are expected to do more, and countries that are still developing, you know, obviously they shouldn't be resigned to poverty simply because, you know, the West and Europe and America got there first.
That wouldn't be fair.
But everybody's going to have to do something.
Everybody's going to have to make some important choices here.
And I expect that it's going to be your generation that helps lead this, because if we don't, it's going to be your generation that suffers the most.
Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody's mentioned here in Africa, if everybody's raising living standards to the point where everybody's got a car, and everybody's got air conditioning, and everybody's got a big house, well, the planet will boil over.
Unless we find new ways of producing energy.
Alright, so imagine the sick, evil behavior of these people, artificially cutting off resources so they can control us, while they live at sea level in giant palaces, and fly around on private jets and have a whole bunch of children.
And they're setting up a cashless society with central bank digital currencies and ESGs and the head of the UN, the head of the IMF, the head of the World Bank, the head of the International Bank of Settlements, they've all said we're going to program your money and tell you where you can spend it and how you can spend it and the British government's already announcing a digital pound starting to stop young people from buying alcohol will be used to track everyone's purchases.
So it's here, ladies and gentlemen, And it is the heart of their takeover.
So let's put on screen John Kerry going to Barack Obama's birthday and climbing out of the airplane with his wife and with Stephen Colbert.
I've looked up John Kerry's airplane.
It's a $50 million airplane that carries close to 40 people.
And he uses it to just fly from state to state.
I mean, to one state.
He'll use it to go 200 miles.
Well, that's his plane, and he's got a lot of stolen money he got from being a globalist.
But the point is, he gets up in front of Congress, he gets up in front of the UN and says, I do not fly on private jets, period.
And I do not own an airplane, period.
And then he's done a couple of photo ops where he flies commercial.
Now, again, this is a lying criminal that supposedly runs U.S.
energy policy.
Unelected, does whatever he wants.
And he goes to Prince Charles' house, King Charles' house, last week with Biden, and lectures them both, and they sit there and nod and listen to him, like the ultimate authority is somebody cutting off our resources.
They know exactly what they're doing.
And I know you know they're a fraud, and I know you know they're a liar, but the Supreme Court ruled almost two years ago, in early 2022, That you can't have the EPA and the FDA and other agencies like the Department of Energy arbitrarily shutting off U.S.
industry and carbon dioxide and everything else they do without any law or any science.
So we hear, oh, you know, who made the Supreme Court?
Congress, because they're blocking laws that are unconstitutional.
That's their place.
That's a check and balance.
But the bureaucracy created by the executive branch is not above the other three branches of government.
In fact, it's below them, and it does not have legislative, executive, or judicial power.
And that's the fundamental.
Just like it's illegal to have government spying on you without a warrant, and then censoring you on top of it, in collusion with private corporations?
That is the trifecta of oppression.
So here's John Kerry, and he's done this many times, testifying to Congress.
He's said it on countless TV interviews.
You just type in, John Kerry denies using private jets.
John Kerry, I don't own a jet.
John Kerry, I've never owned a jet.
Yeah, well, I've never owned a jet either.
I've had people pay for them, come and pick me up for events.
Certainly not a giant Star Destroyer like he has, but I've been on some little jets flown around here and there.
Been on some prop planes folks sent for us too, but the point is, is that I've never owned a private jet.
This guy's family owns a bunch of them, and he is co-owner of it with his wife under law.
So he needs to be charged with lying to Congress.
But we know that the criminals that control this country control the Justice Department, and nothing of the sort is going to happen.
But in the court of public opinion, he needs to be convicted, which he is being right now.
So here is Biden envoy, climate envoy John Kerry on his use of private jets.
Never owned a private jet.
I just don't agree with your facts, which began with a presentation of one of the most outrageously persistent lies that I hear, which is this private jet.
We don't own a private jet.
I don't own a private jet.
I personally have never owned a private jet.
And obviously, it's pretty stupid to talk about coming in a private jet from the State Department up here.
Just honestly, if that's where you want to go, go there.
So if you type in John Kerry's private jet, they have the tail number, they have it's owned by the family.
He just said there, my family.
We don't own a private jet.
We have the tell number, we have it all.
In fact, I've looked at it before, looked it up, and it's owned by his wife.
Just pull up John Kerry's private jet.
There it is.
Climate Envoy John Kerry says it's a stupid lie that he regularly takes private jets around the world.
That's right, that's another quote.
He says he doesn't regularly take jets around the world.
Technically, regularly can mean daily, and around the world means, well, I've never gone around the world in a jet.
I've flown all over the world in jets.
So, it's all games.
We know they all fly to Davos, and they all jet set around, and they lecture us about how we can't even have a car or air conditioning.
You just heard Obama say that.
Obama at one foot above sea level bought an 18 million dollar house when he left office seven years ago.
It's disgusting.
Yeah, click on the Daily Mail article.
They've got the tail number, his wife owns it, they've had that jet for about 15 years.
They got other jets.
I mean, the woman's a billionaire.
But you're already, oh, we don't own.
I don't own.
We don't own.
We don't own.
But he just told you, hey, there is no private jets.
Kind of like the Justice Department and the feds just took off their websites, child trafficking and human trafficking.
It's not a problem.
We just took it off the website.
It doesn't exist anymore.
See how that works?
I'm going to go to break and come back with Representative Waltz chewing his butt on this.
This is an important issue because this is a lie anybody should be able to get.
And these are the people cutting our energy off.
These are the people censoring us.
These are the people opening our borders and allowing human trafficking.
These are the bad guys.
You want to know who a bad guy is?
It's John Kerry.
We're going to break.
Please remember, we now have the July Patriot Pride Month to counter all the leftist Satan pride.
We have pride in God, family, country, justice, the right to self-defense, the right to free speech, the right to sovereignty, the right to capitalism, the right to free market.
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Be part of July Pride Month.
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And replacement filters.
Stay with us.
Alright, I saw A video earlier this morning when I got up that had like a million and a half views.
As of now, it's got 1.8 million.
It deserves 5 billion views.
And it is 12 and a half minutes of the most succinct, cutting-edge truth about how the transgender system is a globalist-funded weapons system to end the family and the biological order of life on Earth.
In their own words, it is a genetic, scientific, mad scientist revolution.
Now he gets into the public arms of it.
He goes back to Tabistock Institute even before that in the 60s.
That's why I've been telling you it's about gender bending and chemicals in the water and all being part of a larger program.
That's coming up here in about 10 minutes.
We're going to air this whole thing.
And it's from Christopher F. Ruffo.
I've already been familiar with for a long time.
Tucker Carlson calls him.
Christopher Ruffo is in fact one of the most effective journalists and filmmakers in the country.
The most important and effective conservative activist in the country said Barry Weiss, International Class Troublemaker and Policy Advisor of the Culture War, Dr. Jordan Peterson.
It goes on from there.
And I've read some of his stuff and seen it before, but he does great work.
This is absolutely on target.
So well done.
I mean, everybody needs to see this.
So I'm having it posted under the live show feed at InfoWars.com right now.
The live show feed, you can see it right there on the front page, is titled Friday Live World Awakens to ESG Hell and Climate Cult Lies as Globalist Order Biden to Send Troops to Ukraine.
That's what's happening, basically.
We'll be getting to that.
We're going to add this right underneath there.
Under the show feed is a must-watch and we're going to add it as a full post of its own on InfoWars.com.
So, that's coming up here in just a few minutes.
First off, let's get back to John Kerry.
So John Kerry says you can't have a car, you can't have air conditioning, you shouldn't be able to have children, and they want to create a post-industrial world, you will eat the bugs.
But then when he was over in Europe a few days ago, he said, don't worry, it'll make your standard of living higher.
But in all their official UN documents that I was just showing you on Monday, in fact one of them is right there by the water fountain, not the water fountain, the water cooler, spring water.
Go to that and Just grab me those two new documents, the one on consumption that the UN adopted.
And it says in there over and over again, we're going to cut consumption of everything, period.
It's not that electric cars are a new clean thing.
There's not enough of them, never will be enough of them.
They're going after regular cars.
It's just their cover of, oh, don't worry, you'll still have cars, you know, an electric one if you can afford it, and if you can get electricity for it.
I mean, this is really making us feudal slaves.
This is taking everything away from us.
This is really a horrible future they, in their own words, are building, and now they know there's major opposition to it.
So they're telling us that, oh, really, it's going to be a utopia.
You're absolutely going to love it.
So there's a bunch of these clips.
I won't have time to get to them all, but...
Here's Representative Walz.
You just testified under oath that you never owned a private jet.
We'll also go to Brian Mast, the Congressman, saying, why does John Kerry get to unilaterally make decisions for the American people?
What is his role, and who does he even report to?
He reports to the Rothschilds, the globalists, the ESG controllers.
But you see this report right here?
Adopted by the UN.
The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5 Celsius World.
C40 Cities.
Report, University of Leeds.
C40 Cities, part of the UN Initiative.
Go read this for yourself.
It's only about 80 pages long.
And I'm not being sarcastic when I say that.
Read how they're going to cut everything.
It's not about carbon.
They're going to cut resources, not let you travel, put you in compact cities.
Go read it for yourself!
Go read Global Risk Report, put out by the World Economic Forum, and that's the UN that officially emerged last year.
So let's go ahead and play these John Kerry clips back-to-back.
Here it is.
Mr. Secretary, in exchange with Mr. Mills, you just testified under oath that you never owned a private jet.
Mr. Chairman, I'd like to enter into the record an article here from February 15th of 2023.
The John Kerry family private jet was sold shortly after accusations of climate hypocrisy.
Mr. Secretary, do you stand by that testimony?
That you've never owned or... I personally... Your family?
By your family?
I personally, yes.
My wife owned a plane and sold the plane.
You flew on that plane?
Not in a number of years, but I have flown on it, sure.
And this article has not been inaccurate, that your family owned a plane.
You flew on a plane.
My wife owns the plant.
Mr. Secretary, here's the issue.
This isn't some kind of partisan gotcha.
When we are asking Americans to make serious sacrifices as we transition for the common good...
And your family and or yourself are flying around on private jets.
That smacks of hypocrisy.
It actually hurts your cause, Mr. Secretary.
But I'll, I'll move on.
I just want to know from a records standpoint.
Afford me the right at least to set the record straight here.
I do not fly on a private jet.
I do, I do not fly, I fly commercially.
Have you flown on a private jet since you've taken this position?
Let me just finish.
I have flown five times in the last two and a half years on mil-air, which you also fly on.
Or some of you who travel fly on.
Five times.
Otherwise, all of my trips are commercial airlines.
Have you flown on a private jet in a personal or official capacity since you've taken this position?
Possibly once.
I don't.
I think.
I just don't.
I'm trying to think.
I think you need to take the broader point of how this appears to the American people.
Let's stop right there.
Here's the problem with this.
It makes it all sound like it's legitimate.
The got you of.
You own private jets.
You fly on private jets.
He's constantly photographed.
He's a total liar.
But he knows he's allowed a lot of Congress because they control the Justice Department.
The issue here is just like when they caught Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, at these big parties and sex parties and drinking and all this stuff during lockdowns.
They're like, oh, he has to leave office now because of that.
No, he left office because the people hated him.
But it legitimizes like, well, the lockdowns were good.
See, the Prime Minister had to step down because he had a party and violated it.
It's the same thing here.
Well, it's legitimate, you know, for the greater good, we gotta stop using jets.
Jets put carbon dioxide in the air.
We have some of the lowest carbon dioxide levels ever recorded on this planet.
All those fumes, all that stuff creates nuclei and creates storm clouds.
That's what creates potash from fires is what creates the atmosphere.
What made the Earth's atmosphere was animals passing gas and methane, and then that holds the temperature in.
Mars once had water all over it.
They've now confirmed it.
But its atmosphere wasn't strong enough.
It lost its atmosphere.
We're going to lose our atmosphere if we don't have these gases in there like methane.
And now they want to remove nitrogen.
It's the majority of the atmosphere.
That's beyond insane.
It's a sick joke.
Like saying two Men can have a baby.
It's the murder of logic, and we'll get to more of that here in just a moment.
But first, let's go to another clip of Kerry.
This is Representative Brian Mass saying again, who died and made you God?
Here it is.
We are joined today by former Secretary of State John Kerry.
Thank you for being here today.
First ever Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.
Mr. Kerry, you're sitting in a newly created position, but from all of the research that I've done in two years, you've largely managed to avoid any real oversight or accountability in that position.
This is my chief concern about your office.
You're serving on the National Security Council.
But you're not confirmed by the Senate.
In your previous role as Secretary of State, you unilaterally entered our nation into some of the largest agreements, like the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iran nuclear deal.
Unilaterally bound Americans to set standards that would dramatically increase their cost of living or affect their way of life in the Paris Climate Accords.
And I believe that speaks volumes about your overarching philosophy as it applies to governing.
And what you're doing now is what some people have called the climate czar.
Mr. Kerry, nobody voted for you in this body.
It seems like, once again, the rules don't apply to the President's inner circle.
He has called you his best buddy.
That brings me to my second concern that I want to speak about today and it's just basic levels of transparency, the mechanisms of transparency in government that your office has not participated in to be accountable to the people.
Every time you travel to a climate summit or King Charles coronation or the wedding of the Crown Prince of Jordan, you're supposed to document the carbon emissions generated by your trip.
Your office has failed to do so.
You're supposed to produce an organizational chart of your office.
Your office only did so when there was a lawsuit filed and filled in none of the names of the people that work in your office.
You ignore most congressional requests for documents, have ignored those from the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Oversight Committee for months.
You're supposed to respond to FOIA requests but claim that it would take years to produce basic budgetary information, in some cases not willing to release it until 2024.
You're supposed to be clear about the work that you do on behalf of the American people.
but you don't have a landing page on the State Department's website.
I don't believe this is how you fulfill the White House's promise to bring transparency
and truth back to government.
And it is my assessment that you are afraid of the American people knowing exactly what
it is that you are up to at places like the climate change conferences that you attend.
You are headed off to COP 28 soon.
You've been to COP 27 and other summits and purporting to represent the United States
of America.
But you're not representing the United States of America's people, in my opinion.
I believe that you are representing a far-left radical agenda.
Those are my beliefs.
But the truth is, because of the lack of transparency, no one really knows exactly what it is that you are representing.
Now why is that statement so important?
Because The congressman knows the answer, but he's postulating it out there for everybody to get people thinking.
Like when you're talking to your six-year-old and you ask them a very simple question,
something that adults could answer, but you want to make the six-year-old come up with the answer.
This is neo-feudalism.
This is controlling all the resources and tracking them in live time, and of course the elites aren't going to live by the same rule.
But we shouldn't even be sparring over the hypocrisy of the private jets.
There are the studies and the numbers out there that just cutting fertilizer production that's totally clean, causes no problems, that you can speak of, 25% will kill over a billion people.
Let me give you a newsflash.
Already, global fertilizer production in the last two years is down over 25%.
Because of the Ukraine war, and because of UN ESG policies all over areas of Asia, who've now seen turmoil and collapse, and in places like the Netherlands.
Where they just ordered, at gunpoint, sent the army in, 10,000 farms to start, just randomly shut.
Imagine if our government just said, we're shutting 10,000 farms down.
You'd say, well you can't do that, that's unlawful.
They took the minister that did that and made him the head of the UN food program.
And then the UN sits around and says, Oh my gosh, everyone's starving.
Give us more money.
Climate change caused it.
No, they're policies.
Yeah, look at the UN report I was just mentioning earlier.
And it says, by 2030, the average per capita impact of urban consumption in C40 cities must decrease by 40%.
That's the UN report.
The one that says you'll have three new pairs of clothing a year.
You ever wondered how Klaus Schwab's going to get us to, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll be happy?
Or they'll take your credit score away and you'll get no food.
Go read The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5 Celsius world.
I'll tell you what I'm going to do tomorrow.
We're doing a commercial-free two hours with Dr. Reema Labo.
She'll probably get sick of me after about an hour and a half, because there's no ads.
So, the last 30 minutes, I'm going to, after she's gone, put this on screen and I'll just speed read through this baby for you.
Because if you want to read something frightening, you need to read this.
And when you know the basic numbers, if they cut the prosperity 50%, well most people in those cities are living with maybe an extra 5%.
This is not making people poor, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a death sentence.
And you wonder how they're going to get 90% world depopulation under Agenda 2030.
Well, you're reading it right here, and I know.
It's hard for me to even compute this as well.
And that's what the chemicals, the food and water, and the 5G, and the poisons, and the geoengineering, and all of it is about.
I said I'd get to this now, but In the interest of time, I'm going to play this at the start of segment two, six after, next hour.
It's only 16, 17 minutes away.
Christopher F. Ruffo, researcher journalist, has done a superlative, splendid, excellent job in just 12 and a half minutes laying out what the transgender cult is.
And the video's called, "This is the Transgender Empire."
It's been posted to infowars.com so you can share it.
But this is an empire, this is their destabilization tactic, because if you'll accept children
having their genitals cut off, and little girls having their forearms cut off,
and their thighs cut off, big chunks to create giant, stinking, rotten things that fall off,
if you'll accept that, you'll accept men having a baby, you'll accept two women in prison having
a baby.
No, it's a man and a woman.
You'll accept the murder of logic, and they say, our mission is to overthrow creation, and the prison that is the X and Y chromosome.
Those are quotes.
And Peter Singer's involved in all of them, but British intelligence cooked this up.
And that's why it's pushed by the whole system, and that's why it's Imperatively expose it because this is their big gamble.
You have to understand, it is not the fault of people that are sexually confused.
It is not the fault of young men that look feminine and are mutants.
They're not female, they're not male, and who are confused.
They have had chemicals put in their mother's bodies through the products and through the water and food that literally bent their brain cells.
And that's why they look like mutant creatures.
And so they say, well, I don't feel like a man.
I'll be a woman.
And the globalists go, boom, we got you.
And this is the point that's been made.
There should be major studies, research.
It's actually admitted in a lot of the literature that a lot of people are going to need testosterone treatment for the rest of their lives.
A lot of people are going to have to be identified early on that they have birth defects from the atrazine and that there can be mitigating things of hormone replacement, but not to go with what the gender bending did, but to bend you back.
And you'll never be absolutely, you know, like you were going to be as a male.
I'm not as masculine as my grandfathers.
People are not as masculine.
I mean, that's admitted in all the statistics.
And places like Vietnam did not have a masculinity issue until 20 years ago.
Chemicals introduced there, now their young people are the same.
It's been done by design.
They chose chemicals specifically as pesticide and as fuel additives and as to be used in nylon clothing.
And the packages you microwave, Remember, the old microwaves were just tinfoil.
That's okay.
Still get a little bit of that.
Gives you Alzheimer's.
But nothing compared to the filament plastic lining that you get in these TV dinners and stuff that heats up, and then you get a giant dose, the equivalent of way more than a woman takes just going into menopause.
And these are women thinking they're men.
And with the women, it gives them cancer and puts them super fast into puberty.
So they got three-year-olds going to puberty now.
The average age 100 years ago for girls was 13.
Then just a few decades ago, it was 10.
Now it's about 9.
But many are going to puberty at 7, 6, 5.
I mean, we have been massively hit.
And that's why when I would talk about it 20 years ago, they'd have Comedy Central attack me and say, isn't he funny?
He's crazy.
He claims there's chemicals in the water.
Was it just ten years ago with the frogs gay thing?
No, they were early on really upset when I talked about Bisphenol A and Atrazine and BPA and all the rest of it.
Oh, yeah, there's your New Yorker magazine.
Why, more and more girls are hitting puberty early.
I mean, you'll be at the beach sitting there, and you're talking to some people, and they're like, oh, meet my daughter.
And then, you know, she's 10 years old, so it's like she's 20.
But she's going to go into menopause when she's 30.
Now, millions of people in the Western world are getting Alzheimer's-type diseases at 20 years old, 25.
We're being murdered, folks, and they know exactly what they're doing.
And they know exactly how they're doing it.
Why did a man in 1950 have four times the testosterone as a man today of the same age group?
Why did men when they were 65 years old in 1950 have testosterone of 400?
When the average 70 year old has testosterone of about 50?
Why is sperm count down around 90%?
All over the western world.
Brazil didn't have breast cancer until 30 years ago, when Roundup started getting used there.
They admit Roundup grows breast cancer.
They still spray it on the food.
Not just the crops.
They spray it on wheat.
Not even to stop bugs from eating it, but it kills fungus, but then you're eating the final food product soaked in Roundup.
Cleveland Clinic, why is testosterone levels decreasing?
Oh, it's your lifestyle.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it's not your lifestyle.
It's because you've been hit with chemical weapons.
And they just hit us with giant chemical slash biological operation with the COVID shots.
And they think we're so dumb they can just kill us all.
But the public's finally getting the full horror.
And I know it's wild to admit this.
I know it's crazy.
I sent it to you two weeks ago.
I'd forgotten to play this for years.
But it was a great Twitter compilation, see if you guys can find it, of Bill and Melinda Gates admitting they want population reduction, and then them getting a population reduction eugenics award about 20 years ago at their own foundation, which was the Depopulation Foundation.
And the woman laughs and says, but we've now changed the name to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
That, I mean, we played that clip many years ago, but whoever found this on Twitter mixed it in with stuff that was so powerful about two weeks ago.
And of course, I forgot to play it like an idiot.
But regardless, we're going to play this incredible 12 and a half minute report that you must tell everyone you know to tune in.
You must go share it at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And remember, it's your support and your prayer and your word of mouth that makes this operation continue on in the face of all the attacks.
You're the only reason we're still here.
All I want to do is fight these people.
I've seen the change.
I've seen humanity wake up.
I've seen us make major gains.
But we can't do this without the viewers and listeners.
So I beseech, I beg, I plead for the future, not just of your children, but for our own personal futures.
And just because these evil people deserve to be stood up against, Please pray for the broadcast, please buy products at Infowarsstore.com, and please share the articles, share the videos, take clips out of the show, show it to your church, show it to your work, and order products at Infowarsstore.com that will enrich your life and empower your life, and that keep us on air and fund our operation.
We are barely in the black, back and forth in the red.
I don't want to be like that.
I want to hire more reporters.
I want to launch more shows.
I want to go on the offense.
I want to be, I want to be able to go to all these events.
And right now, we don't even have the funds to go to the RNC, the DNC, Bilderberg, all these things that we get tens of millions of views when we go.
It breaks through, we go to the border, has a huge effect.
I mean, the last time we went to the border, it cost us $20,000 to send a couple of camera people, reporters, and security folks for four days.
I want people down there every week!
But it takes money, and I am paralyzed because of the lack of funds.
So I want to thank those that have taken action, and I want to encourage those to be part of Patriot Pride Month.
No, we're not prideful about cutting children's genitals off.
We're sad it's happening.
We're not prideful about World War III and that we're on the verge of.
We're not proud of the fentanyl death of the blue cities and the crime and all the garbage.
But we are proud of what this republic's been, and those of us that are fighting against tyranny have been able to do.
We're proud of God.
And we're very thankful and satisfied that we've been blessed enough to know the truth.
And we want to restore the Republic.
We want to help the world out of the situation it's in.
But we can't do that without recognizing that America has done a lot of great work and is under attack.
And that without God, we can't make it.
And without support, those on the tip of the spear at the front lines of the fight cannot continue on.
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The Sound of Freedom was completed five years ago, but Disney fought them in the courts to keep it from being
Hollywood employs several convicted pedophiles, and mostly at Disney and Nickelodeon, who specialize in children's programming, and have even rehired pedophiles after they've served light sentences for raping child actors.
Hollywood has been abusing children since its inception, Including child actors of the 1930s, such as Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland, who wrote that she was constantly molested behind the scenes by powerful men, including MGM co-founder Louis B. Mayer.
And nothing has stopped Hollywood from continuing this horrific abuse.
It has been known for decades that governments have systemically abused children.
Beginning in the 1960s, the German government began placing thousands of foster children into the homes of single pedophiles, and continued doing it up until the 1990s.
Thousands of Catholic priests have been accused of raping children, and no justice has ever come of it.
Jeffrey Epstein was targeting individuals and recording them raping children as a form of blackmail, so that powerful entities could control them.
Epstein has disappeared, and so has his little black book.
Many have claimed that Hugh Hefner was doing the same thing for the CIA that Epstein was doing.
In 1976, Hefner's Playboy magazine published erotic nude pictures of a 10-year-old girl, and nobody seemed to care.
The effects on these children can often be fatal, whether it's from blunt trauma or suicide.
And those who survive most often struggle with it for their entire life.
To me, sexual abuse, it kills a child.
I think it kills the spirit of a child.
I think it kills normalcy in a child. So I just have spent a great deal of
my life, you know, walking around really as a dead person in a sense because I almost
feel like I was murdered.
Child abuse has been used as a form of trauma-based mind control because it often forces the child
to disassociate, which has been known to create multiple personalities. MKUltra whistleblower
Kathy O'Brien came from a family of multi-generational child abuse that sold her to the U.S.
I developed a compartment in my brain, a little area behind amnesic barriers that was actually the neuron pathway shutting down in my brain in order to compartmentalize the memory of abuse so that the rest of my mind could function normally as though nothing had happened.
My father's sexual abuse expanded into child pornography.
And he was sending this child pornography of me through the U.S.
And he was caught.
The pornography was confiscated by a criminal faction of our government.
A local politician approached my father and told him that he would receive immunity from prosecution if he would sell me into the CIA's MKUltra Project Monarch.
Some families practice incest and pedophilia to gain power and to maintain it.
Inbred Jacob Rothschild explains it here while reading a quote from his inbred relative James Rothschild.
In our family, we've always tried to keep love in the family.
In this sense, it was more or less understood since childhood that children would never think of marrying outside the family.
Says our fortune would never leave it.
You couldn't write that today.
Our entire system is profiting from child slavery.
About $10 billion a year in the US alone.
And our entire government seems to be involved.
Congress has paid millions of our tax dollars to cover up their sex abuse crimes.
Thousands of children are being trafficked across our southern border.
And now it's become trendy to castrate children and turn them into a so-called transgender.
And if we the people don't do something about this, then the blossoming surveillance state will have a solution.
Don't be surprised if our children are soon monitored 24-7 under the guise of keeping them safe because we have failed to do so.
While we cannot expect to rid the earth of all evil, something obviously needs to be done.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
It's a Bandai video.
Save children.
We're about to take a very, very deep dive into the scientific plan to end the two sections as we know it
and complete the mission of depopulating planet Earth of the majority of the human species.
*sniff* But I first wanted to play a short clip from yesterday of Sheila Jackson Lee, doesn't believe Jordan Soros deserves criticism.
In fact, she says he's an American patriot, an incredible person, and criticizing him will cause violence.
And that's the new EU laws they have, that if someone feels hurt, even if you didn't threaten them, you go to jail.
Now they're trying to pass similar laws and regulations here.
Meanwhile, the Democrats openly call for violence against their political opposition, and so do leftists across the planet.
George Soros defunded the police.
George Soros took over most of the DAs.
George Soros created incredible crime waves.
We're all witnessing.
George Soros helped Nazis round up Jews when he was a teenager.
George Soros overthrew more than 20 countries' financial systems and robbed tens of millions of their pension funds.
But old people and pensioners on the street, he says he feels no remorse.
He says it's the best time of his life.
He says he loves doing it!
Him and his evil mad dog ways and his little evil mad dog mini-me are proud of what they're doing.
And they want to bully and attack and assault and sue and silence through their surrogates anybody that challenges them.
But I am blessed and honored to have been attacked by them.
And I am blessed and honored not to be Sheila Jackson Lee, because every time I see, whether it's the Young Turds or her or any of these people talking about Soros, it's the same script they read off of.
They've got a little cue card.
They talk about how amazing George Soros is.
And the latest thing is, he's a Holocaust survivor.
The latest thing is, he's a World War II veteran.
Well, I guess of the Nazis, yeah.
So go ahead and roll the clip.
Let me ask you this.
First of all, we have accusatory commentary of Soros DAs.
Let us not put an individual that is not here, a contributing American, and jeopardize his life for always throwing his name out in the most ugliest way.
I am offended by that.
Mr. Soros does not deserve that.
He is an American and a patriot.
And he also comes from a minority community, one might say.
And you create a dangerous situation.
That's unfortunate.
But, Chief, how should the federal... Oh, and he's a minority, too!
He's not a powerful billionaire that controls most of the DAs and many of the Attorney Generals.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
He's not bragging on CNN that he helped overthrow the Ukrainian government eight years ago and helped cause all that's happening now.
He didn't call himself, last year, the czar of Russia.
No, he's a good man.
So let him run your life.
He's a public figure, but you can't talk about him or you're going to cause violence to him because he's not here.
Well, she loves attacking me when I'm not there.
In fact, I've been locked outside while she's attacking me, trying to get into hearings when they're calling me a Russian agent.
They love bullying us.
They love attacking us.
They hate us standing up to them.
You know what else the Soros Satan Syndicate funds?
They fund the whole transgender cult.
In fact, Alexander Soros, who just took over the $25 million war chest of his father, who's 91, said that's going to be one of his main focuses now, is helping sterilize the children.
Helping take them away from the parents.
With states like Washington State passing a law where they take your child and take them to a transgender facility and then the police don't even tell you by law they know where your child is.
You're wondering where your kidnapped 8-year-old is.
They have them.
Yes, this is really going on.
Yes, the federal government just took off its websites, human trafficking in children, because they're running it, they're doing it.
And the definition there fit what they're doing.
Yes, they stopped DNA testing of unaccompanied children at the border to have a record of who they are in case they get found dead.
They're covering their tracks.
They know exactly what they're doing.
And I saw a video earlier this morning that's up on InfoWars.com, and I hope you go there now, I hope you share it.
By Christopher F. Rufo.
And I love these great journalists now doing more and more videos and doing their own shows.
The transgender movement has conquered American life.
In a new short film, I explain how the movement gained power and connects the dots between its key intellectuals, billionaires, benefactors, and large-scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto alone.
This is the transgender empire, and it's a key snapshot.
After we air this, I've got some key dots to finish the completion of this constellation of pure Satanism.
Here is the key to the LGBT-P-S movement.
The transgender movement has conquered American life.
Activist teachers have converted classrooms into propaganda, influencers are driving billions of social media impressions, and doctors are cutting up kids in the name of gender-affirming care.
The story goes deeper than you might imagine, featuring rage-filled intellectuals, a trans billionaire benefactor, and large-scale medical experiments in a Detroit ghetto.
This is the story of the transgender empire.
How it came into being and how it hopes to change the face of American society forever.
In order to understand what's happening with the trans movement, we have to begin with a short history lesson.
In the late 1980s, a group of writers, including Judith Butler, Gail Rubin, Sandy Stone, and Susan Stryker, established the disciplines of queer theory and transgender studies.
They argued that gender was a social construct.
used to oppress racial and sexual minorities.
They denounced the categories of man and woman as a false binary
that upholds a system of heteronormativity, the white male heterosexual power structure.
These writers made the case that these systems must be ruthlessly deconstructed and turned to dust.
And the most visceral, dramatic way to achieve this is transgenderism.
If a man can become woman, if a woman can become man, they believed, the entire structure of creation could be toppled.
A trans movement manifesto is intended as a secular sermon that unabashedly advocates embracing a disruptive and refigurative genderqueer or transgender power as a spiritual resource.
This is Susan Stryker, one of the founding theorists of the trans movement.
In her best known essay on performing transgender rage, Stryker argues that the transsexual body is a technological construction that represents a war against Western society.
I am a transsexual and therefore I am a monster, Stryker writes.
And this body, Stryker says, is destined to channel its rage and revenge against the naturalized heterosexual order, against traditional family values, and against the hegemonic oppression of nature itself.
There's something important to understand here.
The transgender movement is inherently political, using the construction of personal identity to advance a collective political vision.
Some trans activists even believe their movement represents the future of Marxism.
In a collection of essays titled Transgender Marxism, Rosa Lee argues that trans people can serve as the new vanguard of the proletariat, promising to abolish heteronormativity in the same way that orthodox Marxism promised to abolish capitalism.
Lee writes, in a different era, Marxists spoke of the construction of a new socialist man as a crucial task in the broader process of socialist construction.
Today, in a time of both rising fascism and an emergent socialist movement, our challenge is transsexualizing our Marxism.
We should think of the project of transition to communism in our time as including the transition to new communist selves, new ways of being and relating to one another.
This is the great project of the transgender movement.
To abolish the distinctions of man and woman, to transcend the limitations established by creation, to hitch the personal struggle of trans individuals to the political struggle of revolution.
All of society must be reorganized to affirm their identities, and more importantly, their politics.
So, how did the trans movement suddenly move from the fringes to the center of public life?
Because they built one of the most sophisticated ideological pipelines in American politics.
It begins with a flood of cash.
In recent years, some of the wealthiest people in the country have spent enormous sums of money subsidizing the trans movement.
Jennifer Pritzker is one of them.
Pritzker, born James Pritzker in 1950, served a career in the United States military and inherited a sizable part of the Hyatt Hotel fortune.
In 2013, Pritzker announced a male-to-female gender transition.
The newspaper celebrated Pritzker as the first trans billionaire.
And almost immediately, Pritzker began donating untold millions to universities, schools, hospitals, and activist organizations to promote queer theory and trans medical experiments.
Meanwhile, Pritzker's cousin, Illinois Governor J.B.
Pritzker, signed legislation pushing radical gender theory in the state education curriculum and directing state Medicaid funds towards transgender surgeries.
Here's Governor Pritzker speaking to an audience of trans activists.
Tonight I'm here to say that our state government is firmly on your side.
We're going to make sure that all transgender Illinoisans are ensured their basic human rights and that health care services are provided to them so that they can thrive.
Here's how the scheme works in practice.
Pritzker-funded activists at Chicago's largest children's hospital provide local schools with training, materials, and personnel promoting child gender transitions, using the reputation of the hospital to provide their ideology with a scientific veneer.
These are some of the materials.
As I've uncovered through investigative reporting, the activists and teachers associated with Lurie Children's Hospital expose children Not only to trans ideology, but to kink, BDSM, breast binders, and artificial penis packers.
The goal, according to the Children's Hospital, is to disrupt entrenched norms in Western society and to guide vulnerable students towards transgender medicine as the cure.
Meanwhile, trans activists flood social media with propaganda.
It's because of the blind part of my body.
The Chicago area detransitioner, Helena Kirshner, describes her transition experience this way.
"When I was 15, I was introduced to transgender ideology on social media
and began to call myself non-binary. Over the next few years, I would continue to go deeper
and deeper down the trans identity rabbit hole, and by the time I was 18, I saw myself as a trans man."
The result is a sophisticated school-to-gender clinic pipeline.
Teachers, counselors, doctors, and influencers, many of whom are governed or subsidized by members of the Pritzker family, all push kids towards the science and politics of transgenderism.
Highland Park, Michigan is one of the poorest and most miserable cities in America.
It's nested within the city of Detroit and has been plagued by poverty, violence, crime, and death for decades.
The city can't even afford to keep the streetlights on.
But there is one institution in Highland Park that is overflowing with funds.
The Ruth Ellis Center.
The Ruth Ellis Center is Metro Detroit's central laboratory for the synthesis of transgender science and politics.
The center's marketing pitch is an amalgam of all the fashionable left-wing buzzwords.
Trauma-informed care, restorative justice, harm reduction, racial equity, and gender-affirming care.
The last one is the most significant.
Each year, the Ellis Center and its partners conduct large-scale medical experiments on a population of predominantly black youth who've run the gauntlet of homeless shelters, foster care, juvenile hall, and the streets.
Dr. Maureen Conley, is a pediatrician at Henry Ford Health and leads the Ellis Center's medical partnerships, providing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical referrals to scores of Detroit kids.
Transitioning is an umbrella term to describe the process that someone goes through to bring their external self more closely into alignment with their gender identity.
Typically, that's masculinizing or feminizing medications or hormone therapy.
People can also choose to pursue gender-affirming surgeries, which are surgical interventions to bring their body more closely in alignment with their gender identity.
Keep in mind, these are not the white, affluent, educated, male-to-female trans individuals who are the public face of the movement.
These are poor, black, traumatized youth from the furthest reaches of the Detroit ghetto.
They suffer from enormously high rates of family breakdown, substance abuse, mental illness, and suicidal behavior.
And they're told that gender transition, the latest promise of therapeutic liberalism, will solve all their problems.
The most elite members of our society, affluent, highly educated, left-wing female doctors, are using the marvels of modern medicine to manufacture the ultimate oppression.
The poor, black, trans woman.
I think I might have been about eight years old when I remember having any thought of being transgender or gender non-conforming.
It felt like I was an outsider to this whole world of America.
On top of not being, you know, a European American, I was black.
The doctors at the Ellis Center have created the new face of the proletariat, the highest authority in the intersectional hierarchy, and they've embedded the revolution into the very biology of their patients.
In 1818, the novelist Mary Shelley wrote a book titled Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus.
The premise of the book is that modern science, stripped from the constraints of ethics and nature, will end up creating monsters.
The trans-affirming doctors are the post-modern iteration of Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
They promise salvation through transition, but end up creating disaster.
I think what we're becoming very known for at OHSU is genital surgery, and a prime example of that is a procedure called phalloplasty, which is the creation of a penis.
Dr. Blair Peters is a plastic surgeon who uses he-they pronouns and performs transgenital surgeries at the publicly funded Oregon Health and Science University.
Peters specializes in phalloplasty, the creation of an artificial penis, and vaginoplasty, the creation of an artificial vagina.
And we now have a robotic vaginalplasty program.
We have the highest volume on the West Coast.
And this has been a kind of game changer for patient care as we're now able to provide two cases a day in a single day.
But the most revealing surgery performed by Dr. Peters and his colleagues is known as nullification.
In this procedure, doctors perform a castration or a vaginectomy on the patient, then create a smooth, continuous skin covering from the abdomen to the groin, reducing the genitalia to nothing.
This barbaric procedure is the perfect symbol for the ideology itself.
Nullification is the pursuit of the Latin nullum, meaning nothing.
And that is exactly where trans ideology ends.
A profound nihilism that denies human nature and enables barbarism in the name of progress.
Although this movement enjoys a certain measure of elite support, there is no doubt it will end in tragedy.
Jennifer Pritzker, Maureen Connolly, and Blair Peters occupy the heights of power and prestige, but like Dr. Victor Frankenstein, they will learn a hard lesson.
No matter how advanced their castration machines become, the trans activists and doctors cannot abolish the reality of man and woman.
They cannot transcend the limitations of creation, and to the extent that they try, they will elicit the same heartbreak and alienation captured in the final scene of Mary Shelley's novel.
The hulking monster shunned by society and betrayed by his father, filled with suicidal despair, drifting off into the ice flows.
A symbol of Promethean hubris meeting its final consequence.
Wow, that is powerfully said by Christopher F. Rufo.
And the full video is up on InfoWars.com for you to be able To share it?
I hope you do.
And that seems extensive.
That's really only a snapshot.
This movement itself is just a missile or a salvo, an assault, a projectile of the transhumanist movement that wants to scramble all definitions around, well, you'll accept animal-human clones, humans being grown for body parts.
It's just a weird, macabre scene.
And then all these partially sterilized men being told, oh, you're really a woman, you'll have a place in society if you just cut your penis off.
And then all the money, the billions to mutilate the children.
And then, of course, you have going back decades ago, they said therapy, hormones, salvage pedophiles.
I saw big pledges in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s until about 10 years ago to sterilize rapists and sterilize pedophiles with large estrogen rounds.
And so then if you pull back from that and see how the Carnegie and Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation believe masculinity is the cause of war, so they want to get rid of masculinity.
But really the globalists just want to get rid of their competition.
So that's all any of this is.
Hormone therapy for treatment of sex offenders remains controversial, but it's okay to trick a child without parental consent to do it.
Drug reduces risk of pedophiles re-offending.
And it's the same drug they're giving children.
The offending is ever having children.
The offending is ever growing up and being prosperous.
The offense is forming a family.
Why the German government In the West Germany, with the U.S.
government, placed over 30,000 children with convicted pedophiles to get rid of the family and create a new family structure that does not have children.
Children taken from heterosexuals, who are then imprisoned or killed, mainly Christian families they targeted, social workers, then given to a convicted pedophile rapist to have a child at age three to rape them and turn them into a pedophile.
And they gave girls to women who did the same.
Government-sponsored, German government, CIA, Tabastock operation.
That's who these people are.
They have a plan.
And it is a deliberate, deployed, measured operation.
Scientifically crafted.
Sounds hard to beat.
But it's not hard to beat when you're aware of where it came from, that it is a plan, that it's a trap.
You can have the fanciest trap in the world.
You can have a fake tunnel in a city, that every once in a while, late at night, there's a wall that looks like concrete that opens up.
And all of a sudden, the ground lowers down and a new ground comes up and it's a perfect detour off the main road into this tunnel.
And all the cars driving down the road at night suddenly see this tunnel closed, this tunnel open, it says detour, you pull down the tunnel, and who knows where you go?
Maybe flying saucers with aliens, harvest your organs.
This is hypothetical, I'm not saying that literally is happening.
The New York Times runs a headline, it's a metaphor, it's an allegory, it's an analogy.
But if you knew, because say your friend's a half mile ahead and he says, Hey, I see a deer tear up here.
Yeah, it's a, it's a tunnel over the left.
I'm being directed into it by police.
And all of a sudden you pull in and you go, Hey, Bob, don't come in here.
They've got guns.
They're dragging people out of their cars.
It's some kind of... You would go, Ooh, I just got warned not to go in the tunnel.
You'd be saved.
And then you could go see what's happening, organize people and find out who set this up, who was running this tunnel where they're grabbing people.
So see, we've been radioed out of the tunnel for people that have been fed on and hurt and killed.
We've been warned a bunch.
We know the plan.
That's why I told you the whole plan.
That's the analogy.
And so the question is, what are we going to do?
Roll over and die or fight this?
If you're aware of their plan, it has no power.
But you gotta admit, man, hospitals with big corporations and a cult of pedophiles?
That's who these people are at the top.
It's big, fat, ugly men dressing as women.
I'm a woman now!
Hey, let me have your kids!
Let me cut their penises off!
Because, again, I told you with the Satanist, raping kids is like level one.
Torturing them is level two.
Killing them is level three.
And getting all the children confused and drugged out and sterilized is level four.
Total depopulation is level five.
Complete level.
So Pritzker's the big, fat boss in a dress.
I'm eating the kids.
I'm for the children.
The hospital cuts her peanuts off.
I love your kid.
I'm a big, fat billionaire.
Thanks for staying in Hyatt.
But he's only a tool.
In 1997, Dr. Zabin got a call from a friend in Seattle about a potential funding source for an organization that would focus on international population and reproductive health.
Bill and Melinda Gates With just a little money to spend, but a lot of skepticism about the academic approach, agreed to meet with Lori Zabin and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins.
And they came away impressed.
In 1998, Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
One issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
The problem is that the population is growing the fastest in the very poorest places.
And so it's really an acute problem in a certain number of places and we've got to make sure that we help out with the tools now so that they don't have an impossible situation later.
It's just who I told you, Bill damn Gates.
I look at the news coming in.
Every one of these stories certifies and confirms our worst nightmares.
And we're deep inside the New World Order now.
Overnight, all the hard-fought liberties are gone.
And the Mark of the Beast is announced.
It's just who we told you would do the announcement.
The closest thing to the Antichrist on this planet is Bill Gates.
Creepy, evil, medical officer of the New World Order.
Who's pushing 5G?
Who's pushing weather modification?
In fact, I shouldn't even joke around.
Those names are too kind for him.
He is a manifest hole in the hell.
I told you he's the chief science officer of the New World Order.
Folks over the years are like, why do you harp on Bill Gates?
Because they're devil worshippers.
They like to kill people.
And Bill Gates, the little satanic elf, going, oh, oh.
I start thinking about Bill Gates up there with that little chicken neck.
Hopping around, a little murdering eugenicist.
You know how he walks?
Like a demonic elf.
Hey, Bill Gates.
Oh, I'm Bill Gates.
I'm a liberal.
Take my shot.
Do not threaten me.
Liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal!
Hi, I'm Bill Gates!
Let's kill all people!
Let's take shots!
I'm your boss now!
I'm gonna inject you with a shot!
We gotta turn the corner sometime!
Holy hell!
Microchips, world government, forced inoculations!
This is world government forced inoculations!
Total tracking and microchips sewn into our skin!
We gotta turn the corner sometime!
Holy hell!
God Almighty!
What the hell?
That full video is on Mandobility.
I'll have it added to the front page of InfoWars.com.
Bill Gates' true mission exposed.
They want to cut your children's genitals off, your daughter's breasts off.
Think about what we've been maneuvered into and think, what are they going to do next?
What's the system going to roll out against us now?
All right, here's what I want to do.
I wanted to take calls today, but then we just got out of time.
Dr. Peter McCullough joins us here in about 24 minutes or so.
I wanted to hit some of the other news and other information we've got in the stacks that are so critical.
And my problem is not that I have not enough news.
The problem is I have too much news.
But I'll tell you one that's really a classic.
Really a classic.
And if you know the whole background on this, you know everything.
And what's frustrating is... If you can't beat him, join him.
Who says that?
Is that Sylvester from Looney Tunes?
Who says if you can't beat them, join them in Looney Tunes?
Maybe search engine, who says if you can't beat them, join them in Looney Tunes?
But see, I don't want to join them.
And I'm not perfectly healthy either.
You can't find bubble gum or regular mint gum, chewing gum, that doesn't have aspartame in it.
There are over 10,000 products at any one time that have it.
You've got to order special gum online that doesn't have aspartame in it.
Now you go to Mexico, none of it has aspartame because the government won't let them do that
Now they tried to get aspartame legalized in the 1970s, but it killed a bunch of the
lab rats and monkeys in the test.
So then Donald Rumsfeld and the Reagan administration repackaged the studies and just pulled all
the deaths out and got Ronald Reagan to sign off on it.
And now the UN, just type in UN Aspartame, please.
Show people a bunch of the headlines.
Designates Aspartame as a carcinogen.
Now ladies and gentlemen, it's not like carcinogen like, oh it might increase cancer.
It is a brain altering drug, highly addictive.
The more you drink it, the more you want it.
It's why Aspartame drinks are associated with obesity.
And it just fries your endocrine system and is totally linked to cancer.
But guys, just type in aspartame into the Google search box.
Nobody will see this because it's all over the news.
There it is.
Who advises against the use of artificial sweeteners for weight control?
And then you scroll down.
It's not artificial sweeteners.
It's aspartame.
That's the reality, and why would they finally come out and admit this?
In May they said in general, but now they're saying, Washington Post, aspartame may cause cancer, global health body warns.
I have been attacked by late night talk show hosts for saying aspartame is bad for you.
Remember when Glenn Beck was going blind?
He said I'm going blind and he said he was a Diet Coke addict.
And I put an article out saying, hey Glenn, you know that aspartame is directly linked.
To macular degeneration and other things he was having.
And he attacked me and called me an evil conspiracy theorist, but Drudge Report linked to it.
And it became a big national news story.
So I'm not saying anything we don't already all know, except here's a larger question.
Why is the UN now coming out and warning about Aspartame?
So, that's where we are.
Well, it's because they've got a lot of new poisons they're hitting us with, like the spike protein that makes aspartame look like mother's milk.
Yeah, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck feud escalates into pure hilarity.
He's an egomaniac, super narcissist, probably psychotic.
Probably sarcastic, yeah.
Because I warned him about aspartame.
But then, later, years later, Glenn gave up Coca-Cola products.
Hey guys, bring the painting in here Glenn Beck gave me.
It's on top of the safe out there, the gun safe.
Thank you.
That's why Glenn Beck's so weird.
He does a lot of good work.
He's woken up.
I don't want to be his enemy.
I'm not in competition with him.
I'm up there at his facility.
They go, oh, Glenn Beck can't meet with you, but he says he likes you, and he's a friend, and here's this painting.
And then later, he said some nice things about me a week later.
I don't want to fight with Glenn Beck.
But the point is, Glenn, I warned you.
What was the year?
Because it was in the salon and the rest of them.
What was it, like 2012 I warned Glenn Beck?
Yeah, what year is that?
That's 2016.
So I warned him in 2016.
Then in 2021, he admits it's true and stops drinking it.
But let's go ahead and show people Mike Lindbeck painting.
I think Lindbeck's a very talented artist, and I'm very honored to have this.
And of course, I love how it's Putin controlling CNN.
Yeah, there's a lot more Putin control of CNN than there is of Trump.
That's really good art.
So I'm not trying to fight.
with Glenn Beck, I'm just simply trying to stop this. And I thought I could do this as an olive
branch and say, hey, diet coke will eat your eyeballs out and make your wife crapper kidneys
out on the ground. And he's just like, shut up, conspiracy theorist. Well, the facts are out.
We're vindicated again. The UN says don't drink, it'll give you cancer. We'll be right back.
Well, we have the Communist Chinese, we have the UN, we have the IMF, we have the World Bank,
we have the WEF, we have the International Bank of Settlements.
We got Bill Gates, we got them all telling us we need a world currency to control our lives
and track what we do and not let you buy anything that they don't want you to have.
Even if it's legal.
Sounds like a nightmare.
Musk believes ESG is the devil, and he's not the only one.
The environmental, social, and governance of ESG agenda once had the staunch backing of billionaires, but now corporations are backtracking, and they're trying to rename it or repackage it.
The point is, it's in a lot of trouble.
Well, it's the essential core of the global social credit score on the macro level.
And then down on the individual level, it is the universal Basic income that is tied to your individual social credit score.
So here's the Bank of International Settlements, rejects crypto as money, but says that they're going to come out with their own ESG-backed tokens that they will use to control every facet of your life.
He says central banks will have absolute control over all money.
Here's a clip.
For example, in cash, we don't know, for example, who is using a $100 bill today.
We don't know who is using a $1,000 bill today.
A key difference with the CBDC is that central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability.
And also, we will have the technology to enforce that.
We played a clip on Monday at the Davos meeting in China, WEF meeting.
Will you guys pull that clip up where he says the same thing?
Another one of these globalists.
But the point is, that's the head of the Bank of International Settlements that all the main banks track their agreements through.
And you wonder why he's so fat.
It's because he ate so many people's freedom.
So we will have absolute control.
And here's how they're going to roll it out.
I am now the Easter Bunny.
I am now in control.
Carlos, how dare you do this?
It's called a coup d'etat, which is French for coup d'etat.
We need to do a little video with his face on Carlos from Hop.
But here's how they're going to roll it out.
It's always for the criminals and the children and the young people for their safety.
Bloomberg, digital pound could verify age for alcohol and citizenship in the UK.
BOE, digital currency.
Work offers glimpse of possible.
Ooh, nuggets contained by the BOE to help beef up currency's privacy.
Oh, don't worry.
We're going to track where you spend it, what you do, and track you, but that will beef up your privacy.
Digital version of the pound may feature a way to verify the holder's age and citizenship status, potentially smoothing the purchase of alcohol and tobacco.
And transactions with government agencies.
Oh, it's so easy.
Meanwhile, Poland must guarantee right to use cash and country's constitution agrees and argues right-wing Confederation Party.
They're moving in the right direction there, my friends.
Did you guys find the last clip from Monday on ESG?
The central bankers are pulling it in.
The point is they're everywhere pushing this and meanwhile they need to weaken the dollar to get it positioned so the dollar will still be part of it but it'll be a global basket of currencies under the International Bank of Settlements and the obese hedgehogs control and then they will program the
tokens your money and decide where you can spend it when you can do it with
Yeah, here's another one of the creatures at the WEF over the weekend. Here it is
One final note I will make is that if you think about the benefits of digital money, there are huge potential gains
It's not just about digital forms of physical currency.
You can have programmability, you know, units of central bank currency with expiry dates.
You could have, as I argue in my book, a potentially better and some people might see there a darker world where the government decides that units of central bank money can be used to purchase some things, But not other things that it deems less desirable, like say ammunition or drugs or pornography or something of the sort.
And that is very powerful in terms of the use of a CBDC.
So if you want to spend the money to cut your son's peepee off, oh, you will be given free money.
But if you want money to go on missionary work, no money for you.
This is a coup d'etat, which is French for coup d'etat.
Dollars epic drop, Bloomberg Financial sends Frank and Ian surging as traders watch the Fed's path.
And it goes into it all.
That's just some of the news that we've got.
So yes, when Musk says the ESG is the devil, well, I think he's absolutely right.
But I tend to think government-sponsored and pushed brain chips is the devil.
None of you have got medical problems and need a brain chip.
No, no, no, no.
But you know they're going to try to make everybody get the brain chips.
Dollars epic drop since Frank and Yen surging as traders weigh the Fed's path.
Now, Dr. Peter McCullough comes on on a routine basis every month or so, but he's really got a grouping of news that is the biggest ever.
And we're going to be talking to him next hour, which is just about seven minutes away.
And so we can get him on right at the start.
That's fine.
I'm not six after.
I'll get him on at six after, so I don't want to interrupt him.
And we are going to plow through all this.
There is just so much insane news.
Major studies that 74% of the deaths they say were from COVID were from the shots.
More news on global actuaries of 40 plus percent increase in unnatural death.
Well, you know, an increase in death since the shots began.
I mean, it's just staggering.
Staggering information to know all of this and makes your head spin.
And I already covered this, but finally it's hitting Breitbart and Town Hall and stuff.
We covered this on Monday, but just to read this headline makes me sick.
And then to follow it and to see it's true, you can click the website right there.
Biden's DOJ deletes vital child sex trafficking information from its website, says it's not an issue, basically doesn't exist, and then won't give you ways to contact law enforcement.
I mean, you know, do I need to tell you the folks running things are bad?
I mean, do you really need me to tell you that when they stopped DNA testing five weeks ago of unaccompanied minors and children so they'd have a record of who they were?
At the border, and this is where, like, is this your two-year-old daughter?
This my daughter!
Funny, sir, we've got you in the database arrested five times.
You're a three-time convicted pedophile.
No, this my daughter!
Well, you say she is, go on through.
I mean, meanwhile, the sound of freedom is total fraud.
It's not real.
There's no child sex trafficking.
Look, the federal website says it doesn't exist.
Meanwhile, in federal documents, can't say mother or father.
All over the Western world.
I mean, this is coming after our children.
It's not coming after them.
They're getting our children.
Alright, I'm going to go on a break.
I'm going to start our number three with Dr. Peter McCullough with the biggest news yet, and it really is.
It just keeps getting crazier and crazier and where we're going from here.
Remember, we're in a total war against the New World Order.
We don't have big, fat, pervert, billionaire pedophiles funding us.
We don't have George Soros, the New World Order, funding us.
We don't have the federal government funding us.
We're being censored.
We're being attacked.
We're being lied about.
But you know what?
We're warriors.
And we've already seen the great effect we've had, so we're not going to back down.
But it's real simple.
Are you sharing the links to the videos?
Are you sharing articles?
Are you writing articles on your own substack?
Or getting people to write about what we're doing here?
I mean, seriously, we are having a huge effect.
God has blessed us mightily.
God has blessed you mightily.
We are honored to be working with all of you.
But you understand, this is not a one-way street where you watch Alex Jones, you listen to me, which is very nice to put up with me, to get the information and to share the info, and then the sharing of it yourself is beyond key.
You're 99% of the equation.
When you take action, we, together, are unstoppable.
And we really are standing up for the unborn children they're trying to murder.
We really are standing up for the kidnapped children they've got.
We're really standing up for ourselves to try to stop this nightmare takeover of our own bodies and the medical tyranny.
I mean, look, talk about vindicated.
Who cares we're vindicated?
The world government that wants to rule our lives and control our bodies is out in the open now!
And so, we need funds, and we make it easy to support the broadcast, man.
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You need to take that act against the enemy and put it down on the table in front of God.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
With all the craziness in the world, the collapsing borders, the war with Russia,
the insanity, the currency devaluations, the economy going crazy.
You are crazy, in my view, if you don't get high-quality, storable food and water filtration and self-defense.
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the lowest at 10% off. It's an insane deal for a limited time. Go to info war store.com
and get prepared while you still can. Many good hearted people have strong emotions about the
environment and their emotions are so strong that they have been manipulated by a corrupt government
to castrate themselves and castrate their own children to save the earth from climate change.
This should teach us something about our emotions.
They can blind us from logic and reason and we all have them.
This report is not a critique of the film The Sound of Freedom.
I saw this film and I appreciate that it is bringing awareness to a subject that I personally have very strong emotions about.
This report is about a clear red flag that people should be aware of so that we don't allow our emotions to blind us from logic and reason.
According to MKUltra whistleblowers, the CIA acquired children for Project Monarch by cataloging child pornography sent through the U.S.
And the only thing that's changed since then is that the world has gone digital.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or the NCMEC, went international in 1999.
The ICMEC was launched by Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair, with Richard Branson acting as a founding sponsor.
It has now partnered with law enforcement in over 150 territories, including Interpol and Europol.
In 2009, the Clinton Global Initiative partnered with the Polaris Project.
And by 2014, they created a global modern-day slavery database of organizations in 199 countries to monitor human trafficking.
Also in 2009, Amber Ready Incorporated selected the Podesta Group, the infamous pedophile art collectors of the WikiLeaks Podesta email scandal, to be their PR company, where they were responsible for promoting Amber Ready's cell phone technology, which created a database of children so that if they ever were abducted, their information was already on file.
Once this child database syndicate was launched, human trafficking increased.
Within nine years, the human trafficking industry went from around $30 billion a year to $150 billion a year.
Nearly all child pornography is processed and stored within this framework on foreign servers in Sweden.
In 2014, President Obama assigned the task of how to manage this gathered intelligence data to John Podesta.
The Clintons, the Podestas, and their friends are demonstrably involved on the criminal side of child sex trafficking.
If this is news to you, I recommend my report from 2019, Are the Clintons Involved in Human Trafficking?
Which is based on the well-researched article by Corey Diggs.
And it is this group who manage and run Polaris, the ICMEC, and the NCMEC.
And these are the same groups that Angel Studios, producers of The Sound of Freedom, are directing people to as a way to combat child trafficking.
The billionaire who has been funding Tim Ballard's operation is Carlos Slim, who has also funded Hillary Clinton and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And if you believe that the Democrats are the problem, then I recommend you look into the Franklin cover-up.
And the Bohemian Grove.
Pedophilia is how the hidden hand controls their politician puppets.
Awareness of this horrific problem is good.
And perhaps Angel Studios is unaware of who they are promoting.
But if we think that the same NGOs whose efforts increased the child sex trade by 500% will somehow end child sex slavery, then maybe we are too emotional to think clearly.
And that's a problem.
Because this same cabal is pushing a totalitarian surveillance state.
They're already pushing the idea of microchipping your children to keep them safe.
And without logic and reason, the people will demand it.
And our children will be more enslaved than ever.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, nobody has been more prolific in the last three plus years than Dr. Peter McCullough.
He's an entourage cardiologist, epidemiologist, and he is very, very well respected, one of the most published scientists in that area of the world.
And he's been really the tip of the spear, exposing the lies and just everything we've witnessed
about the COVID origins, about therapeutics, about the so-called vaccine and so much more.
So Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest.
There are several URLs, several websites that we'll give you after the first break.
We're gonna be putting on screen the sub stack, his Twitter, also a great wellness company he's got.
We're gonna have all that ready for you.
There's courageous discourse on sub stack, be sure and follow that courageous discourse.
But wow, Doc, there's been so many big developments since you were on with us about a month ago.
We have COVID-19 vaccines, the culprit and majority found dead after injection around 74%, 73.9%.
There's so many other big, huge developments.
This is really, the house of cards already fell down.
Now we're digging through the wreckage and finding out just how bad it was.
So to cover the waterfront, Dr. Peter McCullough, thank you so much for your work and thanks for being here with us.
Alex, this is a stunning set of developments.
You know, one of my very first papers in COVID in 2020 was in the Lancet.
I'm the most published person in my field in the world in history, so Lancet knows who I am.
I always do high-quality work.
I had assembled a team, a worldwide team, to pull every single autopsy that occurred after the COVID-19 vaccine We had an extensive search strategy, poured through 600 papers plus.
Then we independently adjudicated them using standard methodology.
And we put this manuscript together and we sent it in to Lancet.
And Lancet actually, you know, viewed it favorably.
They triaged it to a lower level journal, which we respectfully declined because we know it's going to be a high level paper and a high level journal.
But Lancet took it on its preprint server in order to show the data ahead of peer review.
They went through two rounds of review on this.
We used all standard submission.
Alex, over the first night on Lancet, it was surging in downloads.
Lancet didn't even know what to do.
The servers were burning hot.
And then in the morning, Lancet puts out a notice.
We shut it down.
We don't think the methodology supports the conclusions.
And this looks very suspicious for outside interference trying to censor an important paper the world wanted to see.
Well, we know, you talked about this three years ago and it later came out in Congress just last week and about a month before, that the so-called scientists hired by Fauci and Peter Daszak to say there was no lab leak internally said we know it's a lab leak.
So, I mean, it's just incredible that we see the fingerprints all over this time and time again covering up real scientific reports.
I saw you on some other shows, we played it earlier in the week.
You laid out the fact that this was prestigious scientists and looking at a bunch of studies that came up with this study.
Explain to us, is this study credible?
It's credible.
Listen, I recruited Roger Hodkinson, former president of the Canadian Society of Pathology.
We had reviewers who are very experienced in reviewing pathologic specimens, and we were all independent from the original authors.
Remember, when these first papers were published, Alex, They may have seen a big blood clot that killed the patient but they concluded it wasn't the vaccine because they didn't know back then the vaccine could cause blood clots.
So we needed contemporary review.
We found 73.9% of the deaths were directly caused by the vaccine or the vaccine significantly contributed to it.
This is a bombshell finding.
This means the next person who dies after the vaccine, and there's no other cause, There's about a 74% chance that it was the vaccine that's the cause of death.
That's the reason why this paper is so important.
We put it up on the EU server Zenodo and right now, Alex, it has over 120,000 views or downloads.
Let me tell you, a typical scientific paper could be anywhere from 5 to 50 downloads, but not a hundred and And 25,000.
This is going to make shockwaves and is making shockwaves around the world.
Continue breaking this down for us.
Well, I can tell you what we did is we looked at each one of these cases.
Then we asked the question, Alex, what actually killed the patient?
And over 50% of the time, it was cardiac.
It was myocarditis, progression of atherosclerotic heart disease, actually the vaccine provoking a heart attack.
This was in more than half of cases.
Clearly, blood clots played a big role, venous thromboembolism, fatal pulmonary embolism.
And then there was a smaller fraction of cases where multiple organ systems were involved, so-called multisystem organ system injury, One prominent paper by Hoshida and colleagues, it's in there.
A 14-year-old Japanese girl takes shot one, gets a little sick, shot two, more sick.
Six months later, takes the booster, Alex.
Her sister says she's having trouble breathing that night.
Her family finds her dead at home the next day.
Poor Japanese family.
They demand an autopsy.
They find every organ in her body is rotting out with vaccine inflammation.
And the Japanese conclude it's fatal.
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine induced multi-system inflammatory disorder.
It can't be any more clear than that.
Well, I tell you.
If you're in the establishment right now, what are you thinking?
Because everywhere people are waking up.
They've even got top stockbrokers, top brokerage billionaires coming out and defending RFK Jr.
You've got Elon Musk coming out and saying this is all a fraud.
How would you describe the point we've gotten to with the medical system?
People are coming to, you know, I want to say a year or two ago, the medical system was promoting vaccines.
Now, most of them are not promoting.
They've moved to a period of silence.
And I think the next stage is they're going to move to a phase of opposition.
Most of the people in medicine took these shots.
You know, Alex, if someone's following the CDC schedule right now, they're on their seventh shot.
Their seventh genetic shot.
Every six months.
This cannot be good for the human body.
It's not good for the human body.
We know with each shot from the CDC v-safe data, 7.7% chance they're going to end up in the ER or be hospitalized per shot.
If they don't get any safer, the more they're taken.
You know, for me, and I'm already a skeptic and I'm already got thick skin to this.
I mean, I've waited for this agenda for 30 plus years, but it's still hard to believe it's that bad.
The shots are that bad, and they're actively covering it up.
And all these scientists like Dr. Michael Yeadon and others that were at the highest levels of Pfizer predicted it would happen.
The CDC fact sheet in October of 2000 predicted exactly what would happen.
So then how do we square that up that the experts said this would happen, it did happen, now they're covering it up.
What was the reason for doing this?
It was unbridled vaccine ideology.
They simply would not look at the safety concerns and they would only look at mass vaccination.
You're right.
October 22nd, 2020, the FDA listed major side effects, myocarditis, blood clots, Guillain-Barre syndrome, multisystem inflammatory disorder, on and on and on.
And it all came true.
They knew this was going to happen.
The FDA said this and still the organizations promoted it later on.
You know, mandated this.
I think the biggest news coming out now, Alex, is what Dr. Kevin McKernan has find with his independent analysis of what's in the vaccines, and this is stunning.
Now we realize there's fragments of DNA in the vaccines.
They come off the E. coli phase of manufacturing.
It's very sloppy manufacturing.
The DNA contamination is well above tolerable levels.
Stay right there.
Oh, huge issue straight ahead.
There's some other big ones as well we're going to talk about.
We'll be right back.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, and there are so many huge issues we haven't even dived into yet, namely what Dr. Peter McCullough was just saying about what's in the shots.
Remember, they kept that secret for so long.
The pieces of paper that came with the ampoules, the product Had no information on him, just a manufacturer.
Now we do know a lot about what's in it.
And I also saw something he broke down, but I know he knew the answer two years ago, but
he wanted to have it documented before he talked about it.
And that was why some people get sick and some don't.
Joe Rogan two years ago, you know, really asked him that.
He said, well, I, you know, I've got ideas.
He actually pretty much knew them, but now it's been confirmed.
Now it's even in mainstream news and it's huge.
But I wanted to say something.
They have the wellness company.
It's a great, great guy who's a great patriot who's organized all these doctors and scientists together and pharmacists into a one-stop shop, not just for COVID needs so you can be stocked up beforehand because once there's a new issue you've got problems, but for so many other things you need.
Trump legalized online pharmacies.
But this is beyond that.
This is the doctors, this is the pharmacists, this is everybody in one place that actually know what's going on.
Because a lot of these online pharmacies and stuff, even mainline pharmacies, remember, wouldn't give you Budesedine or wouldn't give you Ivermectin.
Well, these folks will.
So mark down this URL, and it takes you to the wellness company, and then it's a sponsor for InfoWars and free speech systems.
We get a little piece of that.
That way we all win, win, win.
That takes you to the wellness company and they know that InfoWars sent you.
So write it down.
Just one word.
Or if that's too long of a URL for you, it's very, very simple.
It's the wellness company.
Just the initials to that.
So OnlineHealthNow.com or the wellness company and tell them InfoWars and Alex Jones sent you.
But write it down.
Put it on your refrigerator.
And I think it's really important to legally and lawfully on things that aren't controlled substances, which is a lot of stuff doctors can give you preemptively so you have it on hand, have the key things you need like antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and so much more already on hand.
A lot of these are great supplements as well.
We're just trying to help people.
Peter McCullough.
MD.substack.com and more.
All right, Doc, this is a shorter segment, longer segment is coming up, but just get into that.
What you're saying is the most important front and center issue is what do these shots really do?
We know they don't give us immunity.
We know they don't protect us.
We know they lower immunity.
We know they've got spike protein in them, but what else do these Franken-shots have in them?
Well, listen, quickly, Schmeling and colleagues have the Denmark data.
One third of the batches, no side effects, nothing, like a placebo.
We found out that the Apollo-Rengler Institute may have known this.
They may have actually known there's nothing in it.
Two thirds caused some moderate side effects, 4.2%.
Are the super risky batches.
That's now proven.
Senator Johnson sent a letter to the FDA from the VAERS data.
They blew him off.
Johnson was right.
Now the Schmeling data show this.
Kevin McKernan recently has found besides variation in the amount of messenger RNA in it, there's contamination with cDNA.
These are little fragments of DNA that come off the manufacturing process.
And one of them, Alex, you're not going to believe this, is SV40.
SV40 is a known cancer promoting segment of DNA and yes, they're in the shots.
Well, let's just, I heard like a car wreck sound or a record skipping sound right there.
I'm not a scientist like you and a famous published person, but I know that Mainline News reports that many cancers,
I saw federal documents, they estimated 98 million Americans
had cancer or related cancer from SV40 contamination in the 50s, 60s, and 70s with live polio.
Explain what SV40 or simian virus 40 is and how big a deal it is that you just said, and I've been seeing this in the literature now, that SV40 is in there.
SB40 turns on cancer genes in the human body.
To make matters worse, the spike protein, the S2 segment, in a paper from University of Pittsburgh by Singh and colleagues, it impairs the tumor suppressor systems, P53 and BRCA.
What I'm telling you is the shots promote cancer through SB40 and they inhibit our ability to fight cancer by suppressing the tumor suppressor system.
So this is looking very bad.
Every system is showing cancer rates are up.
So that's inarguable.
The big question is, how much of it is due to the vaccines?
Just please explain to people why this is a big deal.
It's a big deal, Alex, because one or two shots, people may be able to get out of it, but if they keep taking shots every six months, the chances of actually getting loaded with synthetic genetic material that's going to cause harm, heart disease, neurologic disease, blood clotting, immunologic problems, and now cancer, is progressively getting higher.
I think most people took a couple shots, they're going to get out of it okay, but I'm really worried about people who are taking multiple.
You're always really careful.
You know, we've had lunch together.
We've talked off-air some.
Obviously, you're up to speed better than anybody out there on what this is really going on.
You told me privately two and a half years ago, the Pentagon's really behind this, but we're not ready to admit that yet.
Now it's come out.
It's in congressional hearings.
Not our military, but the Pentagon.
I want you to speak to that.
So you've known what's going on, but Judy Mikovits, I think is really a hero.
She was the first person two years ago on my show to say SV40 was in it, and then she went into a bunch of scientific stuff that was way above my pay grade.
I mean, I don't even have a college thing on biology, so I was like, okay, I'll take your word on it.
But now you're saying SV40, that means it's in the literature.
Yeah, well it's certainly in the, in, from Kevin McKernan's got a paper in pre-print.
You know, during these stages they should be using enzymes to cleanse any of the DNA fragments.
They rushed through this whole process.
The vaccines are made by defense contractors.
There's still no inspections.
The FDA has not commissioned an inspection.
So let's go through it in pieces and I'm going to skip.
Not this break, but the next break so you have time, sir.
Just talk to me like I'm five years old, because I am when it comes to science, and so is the audience.
Not putting the audience down, but we didn't want to have multiple scientific degrees like you do.
Explain the history of how the Pentagon was involved, and then we'll go to break, come back with the rest of it.
Well, Department of Defense through BARDA, NIH, Department of Defense through DARPA, NIH through BARDA, the military since 2012 has been working with messenger RNA vaccines to end pandemics within 60 days.
It was the ADEPT P3 program.
Messenger RNA is a military program.
And again, how involved with the CHICOMS or is that a red herring?
No, the Chinese are very involved.
This has now come out.
We have Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill, Peter Desik at EcoHealth Alliance.
By the way, Peter Desik burned $250,000 of our money to fly first class to China back and forth since 2017.
Desik's a major player.
You've got the Chinese, Dr. Shenglin Li.
Dr. Shao Kao came out and said in February of 2019, he was given four strains by his boss.
Probably one of them was the barrack strain.
And he was told, find the one that's most infectious and most deadly.
And they probably tried it out on some athletic games that they had in Wuhan.
So this thing was circulating in Wuhan in 2019.
Former CDC director Redfield says it.
So when they had event 201 in the fall of 2019, that was actually an operational meeting.
It wasn't a planning meeting.
And that's the reason why George Gao came over from the CDC.
And guess who he was paired up with?
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Dr. Peter McCullough, right when you said guess who he's paired up with, your Skype froze up.
Stay right there.
So it's coming out that they were probably released at the games.
It was an ongoing operation.
Event 201 was the live response to that, covered by a drill.
This is incredible information.
Stay with us.
All right, Dr. Peter McCullough is our guest for the Balance of the Hour.
I'll be hosting the fourth hour with some major breaking news.
The left, with a shadowy foundation, is putting up billboards up all over the country and in Austin, Texas, on the most busy roads saying, do not have children, depopulate yourself, sterilize yourself.
We are the new world order.
Meanwhile, Elon Musk has come out with the numbers, and we know they're true.
Prager University had them a decade ago.
If you don't have 2.1 children per two people, society collapses.
Well, the Western world's at about 1.5 replacement.
Japan's at about 1.2.
Italy is as well.
There are dying groups of people.
This is very serious.
I'll cover that very important subject that ties into this whole operation next hour.
But right now, let's go back to Dr. Peter McCullough.
Doc, you were getting into the huge news of 74% of the deaths.
Is that after the shot or with COVID they're saying was from the COVID shot?
Then you were getting into how contaminated the shots are and like with SV40 and then of course the big issue people always raise that you don't have answers to is why does some people not get sick, some people a little sick, some people extremely sick?
There's a lot of variants there but in the main, placebos versus the other variants of what they're giving people.
So lay that out for us please.
Yeah, most of the difference between who does well and who doesn't is actually all in the shots themselves.
Very little individual susceptibility.
I was just checking my feed just in on the wires in the last 24 hours.
A report from Brevard County, Florida.
Listen to this.
The committee there has just called to ban messenger RNA shots in that county, and they sent a letter to DeSantis calling messenger RNA vaccines bioweapons.
So that's not my word or your word.
That's the word of a Republican committee in Brevard County, Florida.
I mean, this is stunning.
We know that a paper by Schmeling and colleagues showed that, you know, a third of people, it's like taking nothing.
It's like taking a placebo.
Two-thirds get a little bit of side effects and then 4.2% it can be fatal.
In fact, it is fatal.
Josh Sterling testified under oath in the U.S.
Senate using actuarial data.
He thinks so far, Alex, we've lost 600,000 Americans Due to the COVID-19 vaccines.
That's more than the Civil War.
We realize there's probably variation in messenger RNA in the vials and now contamination with cDNA.
It looks bad.
It sounds bad.
It is bad.
But the good news is we have a paper coming out.
It's under review right now where I think we've arrived at a base detox protocol.
And I want to tell you about what I think people need to do to protect themselves.
I'm glad you raised that because we didn't talk before you came on.
I was trying to get you on about the 70 or 39.9% increase in deaths, people that took the shot.
That is what I get on the street.
Yesterday, I was gassing my car and a family member said, what do we do to detox?
We took the shots.
We're really sick.
What do we do?
And I said, well, I'm not a doctor, but I've got some ideas.
Go search Dr. Peter McCullough, because I knew you were at the tip of the spear.
I said, I said, I'm not going to give you advice, but you know, there's a lot of things you can do.
I know that Mikovits has said like our nitric boost is good.
It's got a bunch of compounds that flush out the blood, but there's a lot of things.
What is the cutting edge?
Because we know there's also sloughing.
There's shedding that they admit.
So even if you haven't had the shots, to a lesser extent, you're getting it.
People that have long COVID.
COVID is a very real thing, folks.
Almost killed my dad.
Killed some of my friends.
I'm a tough guy.
I get sick every four or five years.
I had trouble breathing for two weeks.
Had to take steroids.
Had to take ivermectin.
It was scary.
Every night at 3 a.m.
I couldn't breathe.
I had to walk around the neighborhood at night.
I had neighbors looking at me out the window like I was a robber.
So I wore like bright white, you know, pajamas out there because I couldn't breathe.
The average person would have panicked and gone to the hospital.
I'd have been on a respirator.
I'd be dead probably.
So it's very real.
I know a lot of people that have long COVID.
It's growing in the body.
What's happening?
Well, this is what we know, Alex.
All the lethality of this virus is loaded in the spike protein.
That's the spine on the surface of the virus, the spicules.
That's the spike protein.
You get it from the infection.
It stays in the body.
The body can't break it down.
And actually, you get a ton of it from the vaccines because they inject the genetic code for the spike protein.
The body can't break it down.
The body keeps getting loaded with it.
That's been shown by Bruce Patterson and others.
That's the spike protein on the surface.
Those are those little buds you see on the surface.
Now here's the breakthrough.
The breakthrough is a Japanese discovery called natokinase.
It is an enzyme that's derived from the fermentation of soy.
That clearly breaks down the spike protein.
It's safe.
The Japanese have been using it as a supplement for decades.
Another enzyme breaks it down partially.
It's called bromelain.
It's derived from the stems of pineapples.
is also safe. And then finally, there's now even randomized trials demonstrating curcumin,
which is a purified part of turmeric, reduces the spike protein damage to cells and tissues,
lowers inflammatory factors in the blood.
So I have a paper under review.
I'm careful because I want to get this fully peer-reviewed and published.
But our base detox, what I'm doing in my practice, Alex, everybody, that's adults, non-pregnant, you know, who just have these concerns, nanokinase 2,000 units twice a day, bromelain 500 milligrams a day, curcumin 500 milligrams twice a day, hopefully the nano version.
Best in Class Spike is offered by The Wellness Company.
The Wellness Company, the Spike Support Formula.
You can go to onlinehealthnow.com, that's through your portal, for the Spike Support.
I'm hoping the InfoWars stores has the Bromelain and the Nano Curcumin.
Well, regardless, I believe you and you're a supporter of ours.
Everyone should go to OnlineHealthNow.com.
It supports them, it supports you and your work, warning the world, and it supports our broadcast show.
Absolutely, whether it's Nitric Boost or whether it's this formula, which I'm sure is amazing.
What is the name of the formula again, Dr. Peter McCullough?
Well, again, the base formula, which we can add to, is natokinase, that would be wellness company spike support, two capsules twice a day, bromelain 500 milligrams a day, and then nanocurcumin 500 milligrams twice a day.
That's a base.
That's three things anybody can do that.
Adding nitric boost on top, N-acetylcysteine, some take supplemental iodine if the thyroid is low.
What I'm saying is everybody needs a base Can you come up with one thing that has it all?
Yeah, we're working on it right now.
In my practice, Brian Proctor is working on it with the manufacturer.
I think everybody needs to offer a base support.
Now listen, if someone has a blood test that are positive, what's called the ANA positive, in my practice they go on hydroxychloroquine for a long period of time.
If they have active indolent infection, lymph nodes in the sinus, they go on ivermectin.
For a long period of time.
If there's inflammatory lung disease, they go on corticosteroids, pericarditis, colchicine.
So the base stays, and then we add things to it.
Well, it's absolutely vital for folks to get prepared.
And people go to onlinehealthnow.com, they can sign up for free, and then get all sorts of great services and online pharmacies, but with trained doctors and people that actually are patriots and know what's going on.
But it's not just stuff for COVID you find at onlinehealthnow.com, is it?
No, I can tell you right now, it's important sources of information out there.
Go to my website, PeterMcCullohMD.com, this McCulloh Protocol.
As soon as we have the base detox fully peer-reviewed and published, that will be up there.
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, that gives you a list of doctors Nationwide, who are independent, will treat you fairly.
Wellness Company, it's got great telemedicine and dental services in the United States.
Wellness Company just opened up.
Wellness Company Canada, I was just on the corporate call, they're doing great.
FLCCC, that's Frontline Critical Care Alliance, another independent group.
Alex, people are dumping Their doctors, if their doctors are not coming clean on these vaccines and apologizing, patients are dumping them.
I was about to say, instead of being bullied by the medical system and by the majority of doctors that are playing along, the more and more patriots, I mean, I went randomly to a medical clinic when I had like an infection from in the woods and swimming and stepped on a bottle like eight months ago and I got an infection, and I didn't want to wait until the weekend to go see my regular doctor, so I went to a critical care place.
Both the doctors were listeners, the nurse practitioner was a listener, and I ended up giving my health care free.
I felt kind of bad after it, but the point was, and then my main doctor is quasi-retired, so they hired a new lady.
Turns out she's a listener.
So there's a lot of good doctors in the system, but in some areas it seems like there's not.
That's why it's so good to be able to get telemedicine and with people that know what's happening.
It's so easy.
Everybody needs to write this down, needs to put it on their refrigerator.
And you're like the head of the company or the main researcher?
I advise on the scientific aspects of it.
Heather Gessling runs the medical operations.
So you're the chief scientist or you have a title?
What is it?
I'm the chief scientific officer.
That's right.
That's right.
I was going from memory.
All right.
And I got to tell you.
My dad would have died if it wasn't for some of the doctors in Texas, and here they are, I've had them on before, Dr. Bartlett and others.
I need to get back on the show.
And, I mean, my dad was dying.
And if he hadn't got there and helped him, it would have happened.
And that was quite the experience of you guys having to scramble and do that.
When most doctors were being told by the media, you can't give somebody something that isn't part of the protocol.
And the protocols were indecisive here that we know just killed people.
A, it makes me love people like Dr. Bartlett, and then it makes me enraged at the system.
It's true.
Remember Bartlett?
He was on national TV with his observations that Budesonide worked, and that was later on proven by three randomized trials.
Myself and others, we worked in the multi-drug environment.
But it took clinical judgment, senior doctors to show leadership and bring America through the pandemic.
It wasn't going to come through the government agencies.
If we've learned anything, let the senior doctors step forward who are boots on the ground, who are seeing patients, And bring us through the next pandemic.
Of the 15 minutes we have left, there's so many other facets to this.
And some listeners, and I get it, because we're not victims.
We don't live off our pain and what happened to us before.
We kind of have a way of learning from it, but compartmentalizing it moving on.
That's what winners do.
But our enemies use that against us that we kind of like, hey, that's in the past.
Let's move forward.
No, they're getting ready with the UN treaty.
And they're saying a new pandemic is coming.
It's going to target children.
Very cryptic statements out of them.
Clearly, they're giving more money to the Wuhan lab.
I think they're gearing up for something.
A lot of folks think, no, no, they've given such a black eye and such a bloody nose with their power grab, they're not going to try a viral attack again.
No, I think they'll try the same play again.
I agree.
You know, as we sit here today, the NIH has released another grant to Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance.
Who's on his way to Singapore to work with Duke University and work on, guess what, more bat coronaviruses.
He wants a library of invasive coronaviruses, which are biological threats, and then monoclonal antibodies and vaccines is therapeutic.
That's his power move, leading the EcoHealth Alliance.
By the way, Peter Daszak in the EcoHealth Alliance is mentioned In the July 11th House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Origins.
So, believe me, the EcoHealth Alliance is a player in the creation of SARS-CoV-2.
Now, separately, we've had WHO Director Tedros, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and now new vaccine frontman Peter Hotez in Baylor and Houston all say, Alex, with great enthusiasm, there's going to be another pandemic and it's going to be worse than COVID-19.
And guess what all these people have in common?
They have a vaccine as an answer.
Remember Gates Foundation and WEF, they founded CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation, And CEPI's business plan says there will be a series of infectious disease pandemics and there'll only be one response, mass vaccination.
So these guys are all lathered up for some more misery so they can actually make a mint off of vaccines.
You know, Gates Foundation is an NGO.
They were internally investing in BioNTech and all these other entities.
They made massive amounts of money on our misery with the pandemic.
What everybody needs to do is make sure they're signed up with the wellness company and have some base support.
Everybody ought to have the base detox protocol ready 'cause they've already had COVID.
So that's the wellness company's spike support plus bromelain, plus curcumin.
They ought to have the McCullough Protocol basics.
Aspirin, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D. Now we use curcumin instead of quercetin.
And then famotidine.
Most of these are in the InfoWars store.
Everybody ought to have a shoebox of these.
And Alex, for sure, Having viricidal nasal sprays and washes.
I want everyone to have a good... Well that's what I want to talk to you about is promoting that because I'm an approach by the doctors saying that's the key and do you guys have that now at the onlinehealthnow.com?
You guys have that?
Yeah, yeah.
Well, we have an array of products, but let me just review them.
I want people to understand that there's some terrific commercial products out there.
One's called COFIX RX.
That's a spray that has pretty high concentration of povidone iodine, plus xylitol, plus vitamin D and cartagenin.
That's a terrific... Say that product again to go to onlinehealthnow.com.
What's the name of that product?
It's called Kofix RX.
Now it's not on the Wellness Company, but you can find it separately.
The other really critical nasal sprays and other ones called Clear with Zytitol and Grapefruit Seed Extract, Colloidal Silver.
Some of these may be featured in your store.
You can make your homemade And remember gargles.
Alex, gargles are super important in the first hour of a sore throat.
I want everybody gargling using Scoper Listerine, put a few drops of iodine in it, and kill it.
And what you're saying is key.
Remember the UN protocol put out by Fauci and the NIH, because we know they ran it.
When you get to the hospital with a sore throat, having trouble breathing, just go home and wait until you're half dead, then come back and we'll kill you with a ventilator.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
Yeah, Alex, my subject, believe it or not, there was a study done in Asia.
Even if you use the sprays and the gargles in the hospital, they even worked in the hospital.
You know, in the U.S., the nurses didn't give the patients any sprays or gargles.
They got railroaded on the ventilator.
I want everybody to have a virucidal nasal spray, have scoprolisterine, have an iodine bottle and be ready.
The first hour of getting sick, get on it.
When you're sick, every four hours, Doing the nasal sprays and gargles.
You can do it twice a day for prevention.
I don't travel without having a high quality spray.
And let me tell you, it makes a world of difference.
It works against flu, the common cold, COVID, and probably the next thing coming our way.
What else do you see, just as a patriot, as a husband, as someone that's aware of what's going on in the world, looking at the Russia war, looking at Biden not knowing who he is, clearly declining at an accelerated rate, looking at the persecution of Trump, just separate from the medical tyranny, just as a citizen, what do you make of the world right now?
Let me tell you what, Klaus Schwab put it out there in 2017 in his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
You know what the theme is?
That means transform the human body.
The environment doesn't change.
Klaus Schwab says in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the winner will take all.
What does he mean, Alex?
Is that me or you?
Or is that him?
Does he win and take all?
Transhumanism means the body changes.
That's what Elon Musk wants to do with the Neuralink product.
Clearly getting genetic shots every six months is changing the body for the worse.
And now we've got the gender crisis, where suddenly boys want to be girls and vice versa.
Alex, the outcomes are horrific with transgender medicine.
It's now admitted that the most powerful billionaires on earth and intelligence agencies including MI6 and CIA have been preparing the transhumanist cult through the transgender attack as their first salvo since the late 60s.
Now it's completely out in the open and major oppositions forming to it.
How do you think this operation of these organizations is going?
They're pouring pornography into the schools, trying to indoctrinate the kids, get them confused.
Do you know all the medical societies, the Anarchist Society, the Pediatrics and OBGYN societies?
They all say a 10-year-old child who's confused about their gender should start hormone blockers and then get their genital surgery, get the breasts removed, penis opened up, testicles removed.
Alex, this is a disaster and the medical community is driving this.
I'm telling you as a doctor, this is malpractice.
No good doctor should do this.
19 states are trying to shut it down, including Texas.
But then we have the courts in Arkansas that overturned the gender ban.
This is Absolutely an atrocity.
But that's the good news is there are men and women of courage in the medical community.
I would say the majority are now starting to speak out and that's why it's so much that's why the the attack is is stuck in the mud and is in so much trouble right now.
So people need to have courage to speak out against this and realize this is a real takeover.
It's true.
A couple things to recommend quickly.
Great book out there.
The leading child psychiatrist in the world is Miriam Grossman.
Get her book, Lost in Transnation.
Lost in Transnation.
It's a how-to guide for parents to protect this from happening to their kids.
Alex, you've got to feature it in your store.
And then also, a great organization support I donate to them is called Do No Harm.
It's led by former Dean of Pennsylvania, Stanley Goldfarb.
Listen, Grossman, Goldfarb, and myself, leading doctors, as you say, we're not going to allow this atrocity to hit our kids.
If kids are confused around the time of puberty, you know what the answer is, Alex?
Go through puberty and it clears up.
Well, absolutely.
But plus, children, you can get 10 kids in a room and say, let's all pretend we're a superhero.
They're going to do it.
And they tell the children, well, do you ever feel like you're more attracted to boys?
Well, they don't mean sexually.
They mean little boys want to play with little boys.
Little girls want to play with little girls, on average.
And so then they go, oh, and they put you in a database, as you know, and then they keep it secret from parents in many public schools, many private schools, and then put you into a cult.
This is a political system using sexualization to permanently make a connection to your child.
This is truly weaponized.
Parents need to protect their kids right now.
Remember, ages 0 to 10, a single image permanently imprints the mind.
If that child goes to a drag queen festival, the human mind is forever changed.
Same thing with getting exposed to pornography.
Parents need to take control, Alex.
Do you know what school system shut down the pornography in the school?
You'd be amazed at this.
Dearborn, Michigan.
You know why?
You know who shut it down?
The Muslims.
That's a Muslim community.
The Muslims said, get the pornography out of the schools.
Dr. Peter McCullough, incredible job.
Everybody should go to OnlineHealthNow.com, OnlineHealthNow.com, and you're a great sponsor of the show.
You do a great job, and incredible products, incredible service, incredible doctors and pharmacists, everybody there, telemedicine, ready to serve you, and you're fighting the tyrants.
Why give your money to the establishment and give bad care and bad service?
Why not support OnlineHealthNow.com with The Wellness Company?
Dr. McCullough, thank you so much.
Thank you.
And listen, we're all a product of our environment.
And I'm going to say this before I start the next hour and hit the depopulation agenda with some key information.
We're all products of our own environment.
And my parents were really good parents.
They didn't sexualize me at all.
They took me to church, everything else.
But when I was about 11, there were older kids in the neighborhood, and when their parents were at work or out of town, we'd go over there on a laser disc at VHS and watch porn.
And it was mainline heterosexual porn.
But I remember imprinting at about 11, looking at these full-grown women having sex, and thinking immediately, plus it punched all my buttons, I've got to have that right now.
And I look back then on the other kids were bragging, oh, I'm getting all these women.
Well, I actually believe that's what you were supposed to do.
And so I'm very, I lost my virginity at 12, was extremely promiscuous by 13.
And most guys go, man, that guy's a stud.
I mean, I was 14 dating college girls.
But, but, but the issue was, I look back, it was destructive.
It was very empty by the time I had about 17 and I stopped it.
But I was blessed enough that I was a man very early.
I went to puberty very early.
And so I survived it and went through it.
But imagine young children now being exposed to all these books they've got in the schools that show children having sex with adults and stuff of the same sex as well.
They're being primed for pedophilia, folks.
Nobody was abusing me.
I was out looking for the women.
I'm like, oh, OK, I'm 11.
These women look really good.
I want this immediately.
That girl's 15.
She's a slut.
I'm going to try to get in bed with her.
That was me on the hunt.
OK, so I wasn't abused, but it was still the fact that I remember a totally innocent little kid thinking about politics and history and dinosaurs and reading books.
Super organized and wearing little sports jackets and want to be the top of my class to Immediately sing pornography and being I don't care about class.
I don't care about school I want women and I want them now and I sure as hell got them and it literally stunted my development I can look back on that because I saw hardcore pornography when I was 11 years old at the neighbors houses and As an adult, you say, oh, that's a big thing.
We're already pre-programmed for that.
But you see that.
Well, imagine kids being shown pedophilic crap and then being inducted into actual sex with adults and what it does to them.
It's terrible.
And it connects it to the political movement of the left.
And it's super destructive, just like Dr. Peter McCullough just said.
We'll be right back.
You know, I'm really frustrated.
It's not my fault.
It's not your fault.
It's not the crew's fault.
I'll try to get a hold of Prager University and ask them, where is a video graphic piece they did like five minutes long, eight years ago or so, that shows all the perfect numbers in black and white graphics of population depopulation?
We played it like eight years ago.
We've spent a lot of time on their YouTube page.
I think YouTube at some point deleted their page.
Maybe they decided not to re-upload it.
I don't know why.
But the crew did dig up a PragerU Update from five months ago that I don't want to say is better.
In fact, it's not as good as what they did eight, nine years ago.
And I'm not poo-pooing the guy that did it.
It's just, it's still good, but it's not as good as that one.
If somebody can find, I think it was called the myth of overpopulation like eight years ago.
This video has the same name, but it's not the original.
And maybe it wasn't the proper res, you know, I mean, I don't know why.
Or maybe YouTube blocks the URL.
I don't know.
But if somebody can find the original Myth of Overpopulation, PragerU, and send it to showtipsandinfowars.com, that would be amazing.
Because it was powerful.
But we already know the numbers.
It's just... What am I getting at?
Well, there's these big billboards up, and we're not going to show it now.
We'll show it next segment.
We'll put it up in HD up there, that say, Stop Having Kids, Sterilize Yourself.
And the world's a miserable, horrible dystopia, don't have children.
But they're the ones cutting off the resources and shipping in the drugs, the globalists, and creating all this hell and creating ugly architecture and not having a dream, so we all give up and roll over and die in the ditch and don't have a life force.
It's really that simple.
These people know what they're doing.
And if we're simply conscious of their operations and conscious of what they're doing, then it's game over.
For them.
That's why, with the COVID thing they had launched, they didn't want you to know about inhalable steroids, they don't want you to know about Ivermectin, they don't want you to know about hydroxychloroquine, they don't want you to know about vitamin D, they don't want you to know about gargling early, colloidal silver nasal sprays.
They said, nothing will save you, nothing will help you, but Randesivir that does nothing but cut off your kidneys.
It's like they throw you in the water and say, there's no such thing as swimming.
And you're on the deck of the boat saying, no kid, swim, move your arms.
The land's only 20 yards away.
They're like, shut up.
There's no such thing as swimming.
Don't listen to that conspiracy theorist.
We'll have Letitia James indict you or the FBI indict you if you tell somebody they can swim.
There is no hope.
There is nothing but death.
Roll over and die.
Resistance is futile.
And if you believe the enemy transmission, you will buy into that and go along with that.
But if you simply say, no, I don't have to conform to you.
I can fight like hell, which is a great slogan.
I'm not, you know, I love Steven Crowder and his crew, and I'm not selling their t-shirts here.
You get one on his website.
But I mean, I did this morning, put this on, and my wife's like, what are you doing wearing a Steven Crowder shirt?
And I'm like, she likes Steven.
I'm like, well, we're not just about Infowars, we're about everybody.
I mean, when Tucker Carlson, which I've known about for a while, I haven't told you about, but now it's admitted, starts his own network, I'll promote that!
I mean, I like Joe Rogan coming a long way.
Is he perfect?
No, but he's already come a long way.
Oh, did you find it?
You guys, how did you find it finally?
Okay, so it's not PragerU.
From the Population Research Institute, and then I falsely said, I think PragerU mentioned this or something.
Overpopulation is a myth.
Overpopulation is a myth.
Well, let's do this.
Let's play both this one and the new PragerU and back-to-back when we come back and talk about this group putting up billboards straight ahead.
And then we've got a blast from the past, Dr. Edward Groupclip coming up.
InfoWars.com The globalists aren't just targeting us through the poison
shots or the electromagnetic 5G or the GMO crops
They're hitting us with hundreds of chemicals that the EPA has authorized companies and industry to use.
One of the top pesticides used is atrazine.
The allowable level the government admits that they allow to be in your water supply is enough to sterilize you and basically turn your son into a feminized mutant.
Look it up.
Don't let them do this to your family.
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It is amazing.
It's great for your home, your business.
You can put swamp water in it, tap water, well water.
Almost everything is contaminated.
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That is a huge discount.
It's probably the lowest price out there.
You need this filter.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, in love with humanity and in service to God.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so do we.
All right, in Austin, Texas, and in leftist strongholds across the United States and the world, a globalist-funded organization called Stop Having Kids, StopHavingKids.org, is saying that the world is miserable and horrible and we should bring no one else into it.
Everybody needs to go bye-bye.
Once you believe that, then you'll let them run over you and they can rob your goods.
They've got signs up outside Austin hotels, you name it.
Join the sterilization club.
Here's one of the signs right here.
Big, big, big signs.
Overhead shot, please.
Stop having babies.
Make love, not babies.
I thought love was about making babies.
So that's what this is really, really all about.
And they even block kids going across the street.
They put up their signs.
Children are bad.
Yes, give their first world.
She says, you can make a family without having kids.
Yes, the CIA did that in Germany.
What is one unselfish reason to have a child?
Why bringing kids in the world?
You distract yourself from.
Oh, yes.
Join the vasectomy club.
The only good news is it's the left all sterilizing themselves, but they're just the priest of this thing.
So Elon Musk, who I'm not an apologist for or defender, but I do defend him when he's telling the truth, has come out and said that when you don't have 2.1 children, which is in all the studies, society collapses.
Well, they're like, oh, robots will replace you.
It's going to create a total dystopic event, ladies and gentlemen.
Humans can clean up our act, but the modern environmental movement is about doom and gloom, and the world's going to collapse as they remove resources to create this dystopic system where they're the saviors and we're all bad because things are collapsing.
Oh, the third world isn't coming into the first world because of three years of lockdowns and starvation.
They're coming here because of global warming.
Oh, viruses aren't popping up because you made them in a lab.
It's global warming.
Everything's over.
Everybody's dead.
There is no future.
There's no other outlook.
There's no upward mobility.
There's no dream of the future.
There's no fantasizing about American creativity or human creativity.
There's only death and destruction.
Elon Musk believes people need to have more kids or civilization will crumble.
That's not his belief.
So I thought it was PragerU and I was wrong.
I guess PragerU in a clip I saw used a clip of this and talked about it like eight, nine years ago.
What's the name of the group you guys found it and asked for a printout?
It's the Overpopulation Research Institute.
The Overpopulation Research Institute.
And I was going from memory.
What's the name of the video?
So give me two letters to go get it and share it.
The Making of a Myth.
Overpopulation, the making of a myth.
We're going to find where this is posted and repost it to the live show feed right now.
Overpopulation, the making of a myth.
And then we're going to air PragerU's new report with a very similar headline.
And then we're going to air a clip from six years before COVID is released.
Dr. Ebergroup ...of the Global Healing Center joins Alex Jones to discuss the massive technological advancements in vaccines, where they predict the nanotech, the mRNA, the entire situation.
So we're going to air right now, back-to-back, the original myth of overpopulation, then the New PragerU on it, then right in to the show from 2014-2015.
Rob Dew, come on in there real quick.
And then we're going to air that until Owen Troyer takes over in 50 minutes from now.
So, here it is.
The overpopulation, the making of a myth, from 13 years ago.
Well, I said 8 years ago, because I was just going from when I first saw it.
This has only 845,000 views.
It needs 100 billion views.
Talks about Malthus being a fraud, Galton, the whole eugenics operation.
This is such an important report.
I've wanted this for years.
Rob Doo, the great one, was able to find it, and now we've got it for you.
Will you share the clip?
Will you stand against him?
Will we get it posted on InfoWars?
Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing.
For the Jedi, it's time to eat as well.
The point is, we need to get this clip out and fight like hell to expose these monsters that are turning off our life force and teaching us to hate ourselves and teaching us to roll over and die to this pedophile army.
Truth is, humans are good for the Earth.
Truth is, humans do amazing things.
Truth is, animals want to move to where humans are.
Truth is, humans pump up water that's doing nothing under the ground up to the top to make it green.
We can terraform the whole thing.
We can do anything.
Imagine a city less crowded.
Do your part.
Get sterilized.
If they can't sterilize them, if they can't abort them, well, they can kill them.
What nice loving liberals they are.
A bunch of unhappy people that didn't have children, who want more resources from us.
It's insane.
So here are the reports back-to-back.
Then, See, if you'll hate a child, you'll hate yourself.
You'll roll over and die.
Yeah, Paul Ehrlich.
He said the 70s will have all the TV shows bashing the family, will break the family up, society will collapse, ha ha ha.
What a group of nasty, nasty people, man.
The most selfish, the most hateful, most of them pedophiles.
They'll lose, though.
They're just going to make us stronger.
Let's hear these reports back-to-back.
This is an old report.
Hadn't got the attention it needs.
Make it go viral.
Grab clips of it.
Here it is.
The myth of overpopulation originated in England in 1798, when a vicar named Thomas Malthus, who fancied himself something of a mathematician, saw that food production increased incrementally, but people reproduced exponentially.
He sat down and did some simple math, and summarily decided that the world would be out of food by 1890.
He blamed reduced mortality rates, and recommended killing off the have-nots of society, lest the haves starve to death.
This cry was taken up by Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University in 1968, who claimed that reckless human reproduction had overwhelmed the Earth.
Massive famines would result, which would destroy, best case scenario, one-fifth of humanity by the end of the 70s.
And the planet would follow.
This fear produced large donations for the newly created UNFPA, which thrives on an imagined crisis that has been both imminent and rescheduled again and again over the past two centuries.
The truth of the matter is that every family on this planet could have a house, with a yard, and all live together on a landmass the size of Texas.
Which is really just a small corner of the planet.
The population of Earth will peak in 30 years, and then start to go back down.
We're not overpopulated.
Do the math.
There are now 8 billion people living on the planet.
Is there enough room for all of us?
Aren't we going to run out of natural resources?
How are we going to feed everybody?
These are not new questions.
Doomsayers have been asking them for at least 200 years.
In 1798, an English economist named Thomas Malthus wrote his famous essay on the principle of population.
In it, Malthus claimed that population grew exponentially, while resources needed to feed that population grew at a linear rate.
The difference between the two growth rates, he argued, must lead to starvation.
Malthus was wrong.
And not by a little.
By a lot.
As the population grew, food production improved, and so did almost everything else.
Consider the life of a typical American blue-collar worker over the span of a century.
Using a unit of measurement known as time prices, we can estimate the amount of time someone would have to work to buy a given item.
Between 1900 and 2018, the length of time a blue-collar worker had to work to earn enough money to buy a pound of pork fell by 98%.
To buy a pound of rice, by 97%.
To buy a pound of rice, buy 97%. To buy a pound of coffee, 94%.
While people can't eat rubber, aluminum or cotton, these commodities are valuable inputs in the production
processes that impact the prices of goods and services, and hence,
the overall standard of living.
Their prices fell by 99%, 98%, and 96% respectively, while population of the United States rose from 76 million
to 328 million.
Famines, which were once common, have disappeared outside of war zones.
In much of the world today, it's obesity, not starvation, that is the problem.
This relationship between population growth and abundance may seem counterintuitive, but it's true.
Remember this chart that so frightened Malthus?
The reality looks very different.
The more people we have, the more abundance we have.
Relative to previous generations, we now live in a world of superabundance, the term that my colleague and co-author Gail Pooley and I have coined and use as the title of our book.
What makes this superabundance possible?
The answer is knowledge.
Thomas Sowell, the brilliant Hoover Institution economist, explains it this way.
The difference in the standard of living between the caveman and us is not natural resources.
The difference is knowledge.
We have a lot more of it.
And we use that knowledge to make things from the same natural resources that existed during the time of the caveman, but which the caveman could never have imagined.
Let's look at something as simple as a grain of sand.
It's been lying around for billions of years.
Then, some four and a half thousand years ago, someone figured out that by heating sand to just over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, sand could be turned into glass beads, then glass jars, and much later, window panes.
With every step of discovery, the value produced from a grain of sand increased.
Today, we use glass in fiber optic cables and computer microchips, turbocharging our productivity, thus making us much more prosperous than our ancestors.
Counting the quantity of known raw materials, like Malthus and many other people have done, might seem logical, but it misses the ingredient that changes everything, knowledge.
A new knowledge emerges from the human mind.
A newborn comes into the world not only with an empty stomach, but also a brain capable of intelligent, potentially world-changing thought.
So what really matters is not the finite number of atoms on the planet, be they of zinc or copper or any other element, but the human ability to combine and recombine those atoms in ever more valuable ways.
Therefore, we can confidently say that economic growth is less about resources, which are limited, and more about knowledge, which is limitless.
As the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer put it, new ideas do not add up, they multiply.
Here's another useful analogy.
The world is a closed system in the way that a piano is a closed system.
The instrument has only 88 keys, but those keys can be played in an infinite number of ways.
The same applies to our planet.
The Earth's atoms may be fixed, but the possible combinations of those atoms are infinite.
What matters, then, is not the physical limits of our planet, but the human beings and their freedom to experiment and reimagine the use of resources that we have.
Can we continue to live in a superabundant world?
That depends on two components, people and freedom.
The more people the planet has, and the more freedom they enjoy, the greater the likelihood that new, useful ideas will be generated to tackle our problems, whatever they happen to be.
So, do you still think there are too many people?
Or maybe not enough?
I'm Marian Tupi, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and co-author of Superabundance
for Prager University.
Vaccine nanoparticles that can be activated by electromagnetic frequencies.
But now the whole science of vaccines is nanotech, live viruses, you name it, that literally
change the brain so you're quote never stressed again.
Or nanotech that change your body.
This is science fiction.
This is just government injecting stuff in you to change you.
The nanoparticles, the scary thing about it is these could actually be activated with
I mean, if you look at the big picture, you have all the smart meters on your homes, they could be activated with cell phones.
They're now putting chips in a lot of the new meds coming out that you ingest.
I mean, you can see the plan.
You've also got all the admitted and allowable contaminants from these facilities producing vaccines in some of the nastiest environments you can imagine, where there's just thousands in some cases of other viruses, bacteria, mold, just growing in there, and then they just suck it out, mix it together, inject it in, and you are literally putting monkey pus and vomit into your body.
See, that's how you can secretly manipulate the RNA and the DNA.
They might say that it's a flu vaccine, okay, they might put influenza viruses in there, but what's really going on?
Because, how are you going to get into the human DNA?
An RNA to change it?
You have to use a virus as a carrier.
Viruses can go through.
That's right.
It's the perfect Trojan horse delivery system.
It's the Trojan horse delivery.
The strange thing is that the vaccines, a lot of them, they're not made exactly the same.
And there's alterations that are going on within, especially the live vaccines.
All the lots are different.
Some lots have more mercury than others.
And this part of the country gets a certain amount of these vaccines.
These doctors get certain vaccines.
These doctors get certain flu shots.
You can actually go inside the human cell, carry, you know, culture, do whatever you're doing to the DNA, RNA.
No one talks about that.
No one knows what they're doing to that.
OK, why are they putting RNA and DNA fragments in the flu vaccine?
Why isn't it just influenza A?
They're doing something to the RNA and the DNA.
They're putting in here what we know will jack you up.
And they're putting a lot of it in there.
Don't let government have a brain damage shot.
Take the shot.
Oh, you're having a convulsion.
Trust us.
Don't run.
We're your friends.
We come in peace.
If aliens landed and said that they want to work with humans and they were going to give us all this great medical technology, and then we saw our cancer rates quadruple and we saw our neurological disorders more than quadruple and deformities increase, we would say the aliens are jacking with us.
But our own government's doing it, and we just go, "Oh, we love you!"
Now, the reason we've got Dr. Group here is so important.
In the last few months, it's emerged that thousands have been dying from mystery illnesses, super pneumonia.
They're calling it Legionnaire's disease on steroids.
Even the New York Daily News has been talking about that.
There is so many new, bizarre things emerging.
And I know that when there's a real pandemic, as happened in 2014 when I lost three family members to basically super pneumonia in Texas, That the media wouldn't cover it.
Well this year it's so bad so far, in the winter of 2014, 2015 that we're now 15 days into, that they're starting to report on how serious it is.
And Rob Dew was the one that pointed it out a few weeks ago, so we called Dr. Group because he'd been reporting on it as well, that we're seeing children all over the country Hundreds of them that we know about.
I've got over 30 articles here just in the stack today where the little kids take the flu shot and then die a week later of the flu.
Now they're on the news saying, oh you better get another shot or you better take Tamiflu because this year's mutation, we didn't guess it right, it doesn't help you.
They've never guessed correctly.
The bigger the hoax, as Joseph Goebbels and Hitler said, the more they'll believe it.
The bigger the lie.
The flu shot on record, just search engine, taking flu shot doubles your chances of getting flu, lowers immune system.
There's a reason flu is worse, and they have this fake number of 34,000 a year that die from it.
That's 34,000 people that die of malnutrition, they have cancer, diabetes, amputees, they've had surgeries, you name it, it's well known that they then attribute to flu.
So yes, if you're really sick because you've had 15 flu shots over the years, then You take another flu shot, they have all these movies coming out about, well, you're gonna get Alzheimer's when you're 20 now.
All these neurological disorders are just going straight up.
I saw studies 20 years ago when I first got on air.
I saw studies six, seven years ago again.
It comes out all the time.
Flu shots connected to Alzheimer's neurological disorders.
They cause autoimmune responses in the body that are much worse than if you have an allergy to a bee sting, which can also make you swell up and die.
It's simple.
A lot of people are allergic.
They use a layman term to vaccines.
That's only one level, though.
And the inserts say it.
Flu vaccine increases risk of serious pandemic.
That was the H1N1, and that was directly out of the Canadian government and others.
Now joining us for the Balance of the Hour is Dr. Edward Group of the Global Healing Center.
He's also helped us pioneer some of the groundbreaking products at Infowarslife.com.
We're going to talk about the latest on this, go through all this with him, and then talk about some of the ways that we can bolster our immune systems naturally against the new super viruses and things that are coming out of the vaccines.
And again, much of the vaccine manufacturing is corrupted with the RNA and DNA of the animal cultures, the egg cultures, the fetal cultures.
It's raised in, just like Pepsi tests their flavoring with fetal cells.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, we're not in Kansas anymore.
Dr. Group, thank you for coming up from South Texas, from your clinic, to break all this down with us.
Flu, pneumonia, worst ever.
This year's flu is going to be the worst ever.
Spiking pneumonia and flu cases, but they admit vaccination for flu, their big push, is the highest ever.
We backed it off, you know, six, seven years ago.
They've doubled down.
Mystery illness.
What is the mystery illness everybody's getting?
Government pushes vaccines with mega mercury sterility drugs.
Government's new drugs for the year are full of sterilization and death-causing materials.
And the Tamiflu scam.
Dr. Group, thanks for joining us.
Break it down.
Well, first of all, it's impossible to develop a flu shot because the influenza virus replicates so often, and that's why... Not debated!
Not debated!
Not debated.
There's over 300 documented influenza viruses, so basically what they do is they just choose each individual one that they want to include in the vaccines.
The scary thing is women are getting flu shots when they're pregnant, so what they're trying to do is introduce These compounds like what you're talking about, RNA, DNA, and I'm going to go over a few of those too as well.
But if you look at the 13 flu vaccines or flu shots that were approved this year, if you can zoom in on this, one of the ones that I'm the most concerned about is the flu lavelle.
And that has 25,000 times the amount of mercury allowable by the EPA in it.
And it's got 51 parts per million.
And what they're doing with these flu shots now is they're doing trivalent and quadrivalent strains in here.
So let's say you were to mix two strains together.
You don't know what's going to happen with that.
Then they loan three strains.
Let's say influenza A, influenza B, H1N1 subtype, H3N2 subtype, swine flu.
And the interesting thing is, I've broken this down to show people how the pharmaceutical companies make money on all these things and how they put out the propaganda and why this is all done on purpose.
When you start creating and injecting children, as you can see, these vaccines, most of them are approved for three years and up.
When you start injecting all these things in the body, what you have to worry about is not only the individual viral strains, but what else is included in those vaccines.
And courtesy of the CDC and the FDA.gov site, I have a list of some of the most toxic things that are in here.
You have Most of these ingredients can cause sterility in males and also mess with the reproductive system in females.
There are also endocrine disrupting chemicals in there.
There's antibiotics in here.
That's why people are developing resistance to some of the bacterial bugs as well.
Mercury, Triton X, Polysorbate 20.
The Fluvilax vaccine this year has maiden Darby canine kidney cell proteins in it.
I don't know where they're getting the dogs from to get the kidney cells from the dogs and the culturing.
And let's be clear, that's the same thing with monkeys that gave over 100 million Americans cancer according to the CDC declassification in 1987.
Through that 40-year vaccination program, they knew, and Dr. Salk's on video admitting that it all had SV40.
That would end up giving almost everyone cancer.
It embeds in your DNA, the RNA, and then starts causing mutations.
That's why we have all these rare cancers that are so popular now.
This is over-the-top insane.
It is over-the-top insane because what are they going to be doing?
Next year they're going to have 20 influenza substrains.
The next year they're going to have 25.
I mean, when are they going to put 300 substrains in there?
I mean, it's all designed to weaken the immune system.
Soon everyone's gonna have Alzheimer's.
Soon everyone will have cancer.
But no one says, oh, the vaccine says it does that.
This is an extermination program.
The reason why they have Alzheimer's at 20 is because they get a flu shot every year.
And if you combine, let's say, one cc, three cc's of these flu shots, and you give it to somebody, well...
They know now that these flu shots can cross the placenta, too, as well, and get into the baby.
So let's say you give someone for 20 years a flu shot.
Not only do they have mercury, but they also have aluminum.
And you know what happens when you put mercury and aluminum together for the neurofibrils in the brain?
It completely fries and melts away the neurons in the brain.
It supercharges it.
It supercharges it, and that's why you're seeing... Because the aluminum's an adjuvant and then accelerates the power of the mercury?
Yes, it does.
Highly, by a thousand times, accelerates the de- But that's good to have your, you know, your son playing football at 17 and at 25 is dead.
I mean, this is kind of a, because you can be in a march or a run and raise some money for the very companies doing it.
Well, it creates mental illness, too.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but exactly.
But, I mean, never, never, never try to find out why all this is exploding off the chart.
Just let the companies doing it grandstand and then raise money off charity to, quote, find a cure for what they did on purpose.
Well, that's the way it works.
It's a corporation.
I mean, they're in it for money and the depopulation, and they want everybody sick, and they want everybody dependent upon the government, and that's what links it to the Tamiflu and some of the other antidepressants.
Stay there.
I want to go through the mystery illness and the evidence you've got that it's actually causing it, the flu shots, what's happening in the body.
And then I want to talk about the incredible push.
I mean, I have been bullied in elevators and in grocery stores.
Get your flu shot by nurses and citizens.
There's a cult now really pushing it.
Stay there.
And I do believe that this year's flu is one of the worst on record.
Yeah, let's get into how big.
I mean, this is an emergency public service announcement you're getting into.
Sum it up and we'll get into the data.
I mean, you have it all there from the CDC.
Worst on record when we have record flu shots.
So more flu shots, worse flu.
If you look at this document right here, you'll see that every single region from the CDC site is elevated, elevated, elevated, elevated.
Read that for radio listeners.
Okay, so region number one is elevated.
All the way region one to ten, which are all the regions nationally in the United States, are elevated.
That's the level that they're at right now from the CDC.
There's a few different types of strains that are out there in the flu shots.
And it correlates to what's in the flu shots.
Exactly, exactly.
People are getting the exact strains that are in the shot.
The influenza AH1N1, which was bird flu that came out in 2009.
There's an interesting story that I'm going to get into with that, considering the fact that Tamiflu is about to expire and the five-year expiration date, and they're trying to push out all the billions of doses of Tamiflu that they have left over.
But then you have the AH3, which is a swine flu derivative.
And you have the A subtyping and another B influenza.
So this is what's reported by the CDC and as we know that usually the flu season is going to last all the way through February.
So my main research has been because my phones are ringing off the hook and people are saying what can we do about this?
Of course I tell them don't get the flu shot.
Their doctors are recommending it.
But CBS News said that mercury is good for my brain.
CBS News says a lot of things.
Okay, so you're saying they're lying.
Well, I believe them.
I mean, even though it's deadly poison, I believe them.
Well, you have 26 deaths already, child deaths, this year because of the flu.
I think it's way more than that.
So, that's what's been reported.
And you have so many people missing work, and you have so many kids missing school.
And that's how it's spreading, because they're using live viruses to spread this around to weaken people's immune system.
And the thing is, they're coming back and saying, okay, these are the approved Medications that we're allowing for this year's flu.
Tamiflu is the big one.
I don't know if anyone else noticed, but since October pretty much the Tamiflu commercials have been running non-stop on all major TV channels.
So why is it that we put an H1N1 virus in the flu shots this year and then come on the back end and then try to sell and prescribe Tamiflu?
For those who don't know, Wolfgang Wardarg, the head of the EU Medical Commission, later was able to confirm and came on our broadcast during the H1N1 outbreak that it had been put in vaccines a year before as a, quote, simulant to see how flu spread.
It was a secret medical test, but it was a real flu virus.
So then it showed up bigger the next year because it had spread into Mexico in the off-flu season.
So they staged that whole deal.
And it's just a minor blurb of the news.
Oh, they staged it.
Big deal.
Well, the whole flu shot is, it's a business.
And it's just like prescription medications.
This is something they can sell to 300 million people every single year and children.
Explain how it's connected to the menstrual illnesses when we come back.
Stay with us, this is key.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Flu vaccine protects against wrong strain.
health officials warn.
That was a few weeks ago on 1 and Guardian.
December 4th, or I guess over a month ago.
The point is, I didn't just say that earlier, that's admitted.
They do this every year.
And then, I'll be at the health club in the steam room, And some old guy was like, yeah, I've been sick.
I got the flu.
You better get your flu shot.
These people not getting it.
Give it to everybody.
And I went to the old guys like a week ago.
I joined a health club and I looked at him and I said, you know who I am, don't you?
And he goes, yeah, I know who you are.
And I was just like, well, wait a minute.
So you get the flu shot every year.
I do.
And I'm sitting there and I go, well, But you got the flu, and now you're kind of bitching at me as if I gave it to you.
Because that's the line.
You people that don't get vaccinated, that's in the news, you're causing everyone... Why?
You didn't get vaccinated, so I got shingles.
You didn't get vaccinated, so I got the flu.
You didn't get vaccinated, so I got hepatitis, but I got a blood transfusion, or whatever.
If you've gotten it, it protects you, then me not getting it should not affect you, dumb-dumb.
And then I was at a business deal and I got on the elevator and there was this mobile nurse with these two guys with her and I said, oh interesting, you're a mobile nurse.
She looks at me and she goes, it was about a month ago, get your flu shot!
And I went, excuse me?
And she goes, you heard me?
Everybody needs to get it.
It's an imperative.
And then I've been in a Walgreens and heard them barking it.
And just, I was in the gym.
The same gym, but not in the steam room.
And this guy walks behind me when I'm on the elliptical and goes, everybody needs to get their flu shots.
He obviously knew who I was.
So people know who I am.
So they're barking at me.
But I've talked to other people who aren't public figures.
They're being barked at.
We went to record lows getting flu vaccine, actually, during the whole H1N1 thing six years ago, five years ago, because the public really didn't trust them.
Stuff had been coming out about it.
But then, since then, they have, it's got to be tripled, the amount of ads, the amount of people that get incentives to give the shots, free shots when you go in CVS, you know, $100 sometimes when you go in this clinic or that clinic.
It's being pushed at gas stations that says, get a flu shot.
And they got nurses everywhere.
So record level and then we have record flu and they admit doesn't even protect you.
This shows the total hoax.
This shows how insane it is.
But before you get back into the medical evidence and why it's giving rise to these mystery illnesses and what's happening, Dr. Group, you're a health care provider.
You have a lot of sources.
Have you experienced what I just mentioned?
Have you heard about it?
What is going on with this huge push, this mind control that has bullied people into getting the flu shot?
It's all about profit because 10 years ago, we never had signs in Walgreens and CVS.
I mean, they didn't even have flu shots available there.
So it's a big push because the big pharmaceutical companies and the manufacturers, it goes deeper than just the manufacturers of the vaccines.
It goes the flu shot and then what to take for the flu shot.
So you have to link the flu shot profits with the antiviral profits with Tamiflu and some of the other ones that are out there.
It's about creating medical tyranny down the road.
They're just preparing you that this is something you must do.
There's no doctor's visit and there's no need for a prescription.
They've authorized it so anybody behind the counter at Walgreens or anybody else can give you the flu shot.
It's all about money because they know that...
Every single year, they can get 300 million doses to children, to pregnant women, to everybody else.
Out of those 300 million doses, they're also going to get massive side effects.
Guillain-Barre syndrome, neurological disorders, problems with children.
They're going to get excessive prescription medication renewals and doctor's visits off of that, and they're going to be able to get the money from the Tamiflu and all the other things that they're going to prescribe it.
And we have newscast after newscast.
And we did a special report last week that Rob Dude put together, where it shows local news going, this little eight-year-old took the shot and was dead two days later.
We don't know why it didn't protect her.
They don't go the rest of the way, all these kids take the shot and are dead two days or a week later, and no one's saying we think the flu shot did it.
Anytime that you have a government that passes a bill saying that the vaccine manufacturers are not going to be liable for any damages caused by the vaccine, that should make your hair stand up.
Because that just means that there is something wrong with it, and that means that there's going to be massive injury created.
They're even working on, for next year's flu vaccine, nanoparticles that can be activated by Electromagnetic frequencies.
Now let's stop right there.
That was in the BBC just last week.
We can pull that up.
They call it vaccines, which is a small amount of smallpox, and then you defeat it when you're healthy.
You don't get sick when you're unhealthy, so you don't die.
Again, take it, the 500-year-old theory, for those that don't know, is you take what's bad, a little bit of it, when you're healthy, so that you have a chance to beat it and then get the immunity.
But now the whole science of vaccines is nanotech, live viruses, you name it, that literally change the brain so you're, quote, never stressed again.
Or nanotech that change your body.
This is science fiction.
This is just government injecting stuff in you to change you.
Oh, the troops won't be depressed anymore.
I knew about that ten years ago.
People didn't believe me.
The last five years it's in the news.
They're not giving troops these shots where they won't be depressed.
They're the ones that go kill themselves because it's a lobotomy, basically, Dr. Grip.
I'm ranting.
Go ahead.
No, you're exactly right.
We've talked about how many chemicals that people are exposed to through the food and the water and everything else, and there's a lot of different modes of attack.
The nanoparticles, the scary thing about it is...
These could actually be activated with a smart meter.
I mean, if you look at the big picture, you have all the smart meters on your homes.
They could be activated with cell phones.
They're now putting chips in a lot of the new meds coming out that you ingest.
I mean, you can see the plan.
They're putting cell phone towers on top of schools right now.
I mean, that's just insane.
With all the children being exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation, they're subsidizing the schools even more.
When you link it all together and you look at how they caused the flu by injecting the flu vaccine,
how they use strains such as the H1N1, which back in 2009 when the UK government spent $500 million
stockpiling Tamiflu and the US government spent $1.3 billion stockpiling Tamiflu.
That was five years ago.
If you trace it back to the FDA and the emergency epidemic or pandemic report that they put around that they extended the expiration date on Tamiflu and some of the other antivirals for five years, what's five years from 2009?
That's right where we are right now.
So why did they put the H1N1 in the 2014-2015 flu shot?
It makes you wonder if you go back and you look at this trail.
But not only are you damaged from the flu shot, let's say you go to the doctor and you take Tamiflu.
Well, there was a doctor in Salt Lake City, Dr. Peter Silas, Back in 2009, when the bird flu hit, that was one of the leading prescribers of Tamiflu.
And he noticed severe effects with the children that he was prescribing it to.
Oppression, severe anger.
One kid actually pushed his brother down the stairs and almost killed him because he was on Tamiflu.
Violence, extreme hallucinations, mental illness, vomiting.
Well, they found the same thing in England, and we've been putting the headlines on the screen for radio listeners, that even government reports admitted it's basically a worthless drug.
It's all worthless.
The shots are worthless, the Tamiflu is worthless, except it'll give you Alzheimer's, and it'll make your kids be deformed, and they know all this.
They know it!
It's sick!
Well, one of the ways that nobody knows that the pharmaceutical companies cause different things with prescription medications is the fillers and the things that they hide, the dangerous substances they hide in the pills.
Let's say you have an antibiotic or let's say with Tamiflu or something like that, it might be a thousand milligram capsule.
You might only have five milligrams of the actual ingredient that they're putting in there.
For example, with Tamiflu, They have FD&C Blue No.
2 in there, which causes brain cancer, abnormal cell growth, hyperactivity.
They have titanium dioxide, which is now being linked to fibromyalgia-type symptoms.
All the people that think they have muscle pain, fibromyalgia is linked to titanium dioxide.
They have sorbitol, benzoate.
They even have sodium saccharin, saccharin sodium, propylene glycol.
That's antifreeze.
Isn't propylene glycol antifreeze?
You're claiming antifreeze isn't good for me because CBS News says mercury is good for children, then you would think antifreeze is good.
Aren't you supposed to give antifreeze to your cat or dog in their water bowl?
If they're outside to keep their body temperature from freezing, yeah.
So we should do what the government says, not the conspiracy theories, and we should all start drinking antifreeze, right?
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
It will cause kidney failure and kill you.
People use antifreeze to murder their spouses.
Folks, this is insane.
Say that again.
Antifreeze is in it.
Antifreeze, titanium.
I'm just reading off of a few here.
There's propylene glycol, red 40, blue 1, blue number 2, artificial flavoring, which is most likely MSG.
And by the way, the flu shots actually, some flu shots this year actually contain MSG.
Sorbitol, monosodium citrate.
They use that as a brain adjuvant.
They're putting in here what we know will jack you up.
Yes, and they're putting a lot of it in there.
Don't like government?
Have a brain damage shot.
We only gave the black people syphilis.
Take the shot.
Oh, you're having a convulsion?
Trust us.
Don't run.
We're your friends.
We come in peace.
How many people do you know that actually look up the ingredients in one of the prescription medications before they take it?
If aliens landed and said that they want to work with humans and they were going to give us all this great medical technology, and then we saw our cancer rates quadruple, and we saw our neurological disorders more than quadruple, and deformities increase, we would say the aliens are jacking with us.
But our own government's doing it, and we just go, oh, we love you!
The CDC stands for Center of Disease Creation.
That's all they do.
They create disease.
They work with the pharmaceutical companies.
The pharmaceutical companies pay the top scientists to do the clinical studies.
The report you're talking about is the Cochrane Report.
that came out because the UK government and the German government wanted to review the Tamiflu
because all of a sudden all these governments spent all this money.
And the Cochrane group is some of the top scientists in the world and they evaluated,
first of all, Roche, who's licensed to produce Tamiflu from Gilead,
which you remember Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of that.
With all their scam vaccines.
You can trace all this back to the Bush family, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds.
That was the anthrax shot, wasn't it?
The Gilead?
And they had the lab up in Canada.
They were subcontracting with BioPort.
Well, they do a lot of the development and then they license it out.
And they license it out so they don't have the liability.
Very loving.
But anyway, the Cochrane Report did report that Tamiflu basically doesn't do anything.
It doesn't reduce... Yeah, the headline was, Tamiflu stockpiling worthless.
So who paid for all that?
The taxpayer.
But I mean, if they just want to rip us off, that's one thing.
How about hurting us with the deadly vaccines?
Right, exactly.
Hurting us is... A vaccine was never meant to be injected directly into the body.
It's... Your immune system doesn't work that way.
The way your immune system works is you breathe it in, and the way that your receptors react with your white blood cells and your neutrophils...
They react to a antigen to develop an antibody.
When you shoot anything inside the system via a needle, nothing like that ever happens in nature.
So, your immune system freaks out, it causes an immune response, and it's hard for your body to develop an antibody against it.
So, you have a lot of different side infections, too, that can happen.
And believe it or not, even with the flu vaccine, it reduces your immune system to the point that a lot of times you get external or other types of bacterial infections, or you get pneumonia.
You know, this is where the mystery illness thing that comes in.
There's been about three different types or three or four different types of reports that I've been seeing with this year's flu.
One is chronic congestion and sinus malfunction.
The other one is respiratory, which I think is the H1N1 strain with a nagging cough that can go on for months and months and months.
The other is flu-like symptoms when you're in bed with a fever and the other is something associated with the stomach.
So if you take quadrivalent flu vaccines and you mix them and you throw them out there all over the world, all that's going to do is cause one virus or one influenza virus to mix with another influenza virus and one influenza to mix with the swine flu and the H1N1 and it's going to create all these subcategories and all these other types of flu strains.
That are going to start affecting more and more and more people and that's why the CDC announced that we're now pretty much in a pandemic state with this year's.
And then you've also got all the admitted and allowable contaminants from these facilities producing vaccines in some of the nastiest environments you can imagine.
Where there's just thousands in some cases of other viruses, bacteria, mold, just growing in there, and then they just suck it out, mix it together, inject it in, and you are literally putting monkey pus and vomit into your body.
Yes, like you said.
And all these vaccines, by the way, are cultured on some sort of cell culture, and most of them are from egg, like what you said.
Well, they start it out on dead babies and then they move it on to the eggs to mass grow.
Yes, that's correct.
And who knows where these eggs are coming from and who knows where these canine cells and everything else.
See, that's how you can secretly manipulate the RNA and the DNA.
They might say that it's a flu vaccine.
OK, they might put influenza viruses in there.
But what's really going on?
Because why do you how are you going to get into the human DNA and RNA to change it?
You have to use a virus as a carrier.
Okay, a virus can go through... That's right, it's the perfect Trojan horse delivery system.
It's a Trojan horse delivery where you can actually go inside the human cell, carry, you know, culture, do whatever you're doing to the DNA, RNA, no one talks about that, no one knows what they're doing to that.
Okay, why are they putting RNA and DNA fragments in the flu vaccine?
Why isn't it just influenza A?
They're doing something to the RNA and the DNA, and they're using the virus.
Well, we know, we know.
And look, the Trojan horse, the cell phones, the computers, the TVs, the medical stuff, this government's been caught thousands of times in lethal testing on whites, blacks, it doesn't matter.
They've been caught.
We would be insane to take this stuff.
Just like in India and Africa, they run from the vaccine trucks.
They know.
They do.
I mean, it's simple.
They're killing us, and you're right, they're putting Trojan horse, 50 years ago they were putting Trojan horse cancer viruses in people to reduce population, that trigger when hormone levels drop as scientists have broken down, that are designed to kill you after you retire, they don't want to pay out your social security.
Wonder what the new stuff is.
Well we know, it's behavior modification.
And we know they've got viruses tailored that attack certain receptors in the brain.
And that's what they're doing to us.
They're obviously targeting different DNA and RNA pairs within us for the people that are getting the flu shot.
That's right.
We're going to skip this one network break because this is so important.
I want you to be able to finish this point.
Go ahead.
Well, the strange thing is that the vaccines, a lot of them, they're not made exactly the same.
And there's alterations that are going on within, especially the live vaccines.
So you might have a bad By the way, we're showing brain cells and what mercury does to them.
That's what mercury does to brain cells when it hits.
It just completely, uh, involves the coating, the fibril, the neurofibril coating of the nerve.
That's an important video, but we have one that's the electron microscope.
I think it's pig brain and mercury.
You can just see it basically electrochemically explode.
But I mean, that's good for you.
Because the Fed said ten years ago, Journal of Pediatrics, Mercury helps children's behavior, not hurts it.
Well yeah, if you want drooling zombies to see the lawyer speak, then yeah, it does help the behavior.
Because if we were dead, that would be better for them.
Well, the flu vaccine is just nothing more than an experiment.
It's a social experiment, too, because if we really had, like, let's say three flu vaccines that were approved by the FDA, and then all the doctors all over the United States got those three flu vaccines, but that's not the way it works.
All the lots are different.
Some lots have more mercury than others.
And this part of the country gets a certain amount of these vaccines.
These doctors get certain vaccines.
These doctors get certain flu shots.
And by the way, that was declassified six years ago in China, Germany, and the UK.
They quote secret program where they get quote clean vaccines.
So they're actually getting real vaccines, and then we don't.
Sorry, I interrupted you.
No, what I'm saying is, it's very strange the way they're doing it.
They're almost creating, like, let's say we want the southern United States to have more of the H1N1.
We want the western United States to have more of the influenza A. And you can actually see that on the documents we showed earlier, that in the different regions, you're seeing more of one individual virus than the other one.
So it's almost planned.
It's a planned attack.
I think we should trust them.
I trust Monsanto.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, so what if in all the studies the BT corn within three generations kills all the guinea pigs or makes them deformed with their organs outside their body and hair growing out of their mouths?
And we see similar things starting to happen with humans.
What's wrong with that?
Isn't it a gift for Monsanto to have a deformed baby?
Information is power.
So, I mean, if you know about this, it doesn't take long to look up flu shot dangers.
No, I'm not going to read the insert where it admits it could kill me.
I'm just going to take it.
Because you're going to listen to your doctor.
And the next time somebody bosses me around, I'm going to say, yes sir, you're right, thank you.
No, actually, I say to them, look, you need to not be aggressive.
You've just doubled your chances of Alzheimer, taking three of those shots.
You take it every year?
Oh, look, your hand's shaking.
What are you, like 55?
You're going to be dead soon.
Get out of my face.
That's what I tell them.
I go, you go tell somebody else to kill themselves, not me.
And they start getting smart mouth.
I go, you heard of Tuskegee, dumbass?
Because I use that because you might have heard about that.
You think I trust this government?
You stupid punk!
Get out of my face!
I've actually done that.
I'm sick of these people, man.
That nurse started shooting her mouth off me in that elevator.
With these two guys she had with her.
They were doing some in-call visit.
You know, like, do medical stuff.
And I just said, listen, shut your fat mouth.
I mean, we need to get aggressive with them.
They're trying to bully us.
We know the facts.
We know mercury isn't good for kids' brains.
Tell them to go get a vaccine.
Well, they're already.
I mean, the scary thing is all the health care workers all over the nation are being forced to get vaccinated.
Or if they don't, they have to wear masks.
Well, that's part of the occult brainwashing is that they just make them get into this cult.
So now that they've been forced to do it, you're going to do it.
That's right.
You're not going to give me the flu!
Take it!
Well, wait a minute!
You just took the shot!
You're protected, dummy!
Really, the attack, the major attack is on our health and our mental ability.
They want us dumbed down.
They want us to be non-aggressive.
They want to be able to control our cells at a cellular level.
They want to reduce our spirituality.
Are you saying Obama's wrong to teach 2 plus 2 equals 5?
Obama is racist.
Well, you know what?
Two plus two equals five.
People will probably start believing that pretty soon because they won't be able to, they won't have any brain activity left to be able to add properly.
I mean, that's, it's gone.
I know you are racist.
It used to be able to.
You used to be able to attack the adults, but the thing is, they figured there's so much profit in pharmaceuticals and flu shots that now it's all the way down to children.
Well, if I hurt them early, they can medicalize them early and really suck a lot out.
They can get them for their whole lives.
Whole lives.
And from what I hear... By the way, none of the doctors I know, none of the nurses that are smart, None of them take the vaccines.
It's like Dr. Oz said, I don't give my kids the shot, but you should take it.
We have that clip.
But he had to say, I don't take it.
But here's the good news.
I mean, thinking about the positive side, not trying to be fear-mongering, is there's ways around it.
And that's why we're here, is to teach people about this, because we do the research, we track it all the way back down, and we say, okay, don't get your flu shot, tell everybody you know, protect your family, protect your kids.
Unfortunately, this year, with this flu shot, You know, people that are very even healthy that are exposed to a new virus might get sick and might get the flu.
And that's just the way it goes.
But if they have a strong immune system, they're going to be able to fight it.
Plus, they admit, here's London Guardian, doesn't protect you.
Just show this to your friends and family.
It doesn't do anything.
The minute this happened, they should have recalled it all, but it's never worked.
You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator, but the last time
one of the greatest talk show hosts in American history came on the broadcasts,
he, he compared me to a gladiator and I was very, very honored.
Well, Alex, you're the gladiator and you keep on pounding the opposition there.
I love it.
How do you keep doing it?
What are you taking?
I really am in the arena and I'm all the way in the arena and I realize it's that animating contest.
So when it comes to battling the globalist, I'm not trying to entertain you.
I'm trying to inspire you.
To politically not submit and to say no to them.
But at the end of the day, are you not entertained?
Are we not the standard, together, the audience, the guest, myself, all of us, of resistance?
I'm just blessed to be here and blessed to know you.
Here's that plug.