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Name: 20230711_Tue_Alex
Air Date: July 11, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses InfoWars' fight against censorship, updates on COVID-19 developments, a movie called Sound of Freedom focusing on child trafficking and abuse, and the importance of using high- quality water filters to combat potential poisoning by globalist interests. He talks about child trafficking and abuse, highlighting cases where over 30,000 children were placed with convicted child rapists. Jones discusses an individual named Ballard who was a high-level FBI agent and discovered devil worshippers and child rape/kidnapping rings in Los Angeles but couldn't pursue it due to interference from the FBI. He mentions that some globalists not only rape children but also kill them and refers to them as "Count Dracula". Jones discusses concerns about smuggling of tens of thousands of children per sector per month by large percentages of convicted pedophiles, elimination of language on child sex trafficking from government websites, and removal of definitions like mother and father in schools. He criticizes CNN for endorsing child sex trafficking by denying its existence. The speaker promotes various products available at InfowarStore.com such as high-quality water filtration systems, encourages listeners to remain informed and educated about current events, and urges them to support InfoWars by making donations. He discusses central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) controlled by computers which allow for manipulation of ownership and savings on a centralized system. Jones criticizes intelligence agencies for suppressing information regarding advanced technologies like plasmonic technology used in vaccines, voice-to-skull technology being used globally to manipulate individuals' thoughts and actions, and the merging of technology with human beings. He also talks about private label products at lower prices than those found in stores, including Joint Relief Max and Nerve Renew supplements and political prisoner shirts featuring President Trump."

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?"
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
You picked this fight.
You wanted this fight.
Well, guess what?
You've got it.
Oh, that's the European Union Parliament moving to remove the dictatorial powers of the unelected EU Council.
You want to fight?
You better believe you got one.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Thank you so much for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show today.
Okay, we have some huge guests joining us.
Massive news.
The COVID developments, the COVID discovery developments are the most substantive ever in one day.
Incredible information.
International studies.
74% of deaths in new autopsy studies linked to COVID shots.
That's just one of 10 new developments.
We're going to be going over all of that here today.
I went and saw Sound of Freedom last night.
Very well done.
Brought tears to my eyes.
Lot of dry eye in the place.
And it's really what Stalin said.
One man dies.
It's a tragedy.
10,000 die.
It's a statistic.
That particular organization helped free over 6,000 children.
But they only focus on 60 or 70.
Particularly a sister and a brother.
True story.
And to see the corporate media come out and attack it from the Washington Post to CNN has been staggering, even for me.
Because I mean, I know they're evil.
And I know they're bad.
And I know that the operating system off which they get their evil power is the destruction of innocents, namely children.
They're trying to turn all humans into commodities.
So we have no life force and don't stand up for each other.
But to see the corporate media openly attack it and say it's bull, it's a lie, it's not true, it's brain worms, is staggering.
Especially when you look at it in context to what just broke today.
And I'm going to be covering this.
We start the next segment and if it doesn't tie your stomach in knots because you know it's a danger.
I mean I've got empathy because I care about these children but I've got empathy because I have children and I know that we're blessed to have not been hit by this.
And that it's way more prolific than even folks like The makers of this film are able to portray, and obviously they know that.
They know the public's not ready for the full truth.
A lot of these kids they kill when they're done with them.
A lot of children can't handle it.
Some convert over under Stockholm Syndrome and get into it.
Others don't and are killed.
From my research, depending on the country and the region, about 60% are killed by 10 years of age.
They're recycled into a snuff film.
About 60% they kill.
And of course, when you see this movie Vegetable Truth Story, the woman who's helping kidnap the kids, they use women and children to lure other children in, was obviously sex trafficked herself.
That's how it works.
So that's the part that isn't in the movie either, is that about 40% of the children convert to the pedo lifestyle.
They become pedos themselves.
The rest are Either made totally mentally ill and thrown on the side of the highway and then are homeless people, or they're murdered.
We'll be right back, please stay with us.
28 years ago was the first time I was able to interview former senior FBI agent, head of the Southern California sector, Ted Gunderson.
He told me that in Central and South America, drug cartels working with the CIA We're kidnapping children as young as two years of age for sex slavery and shipping them in container ships around the world.
The children that took to it and didn't fight back or didn't collapse in mental illness, and that would basically convert via Stockholm Syndrome to being abused, would then be trained and groomed for many years as sex slaves, having up to 15 to 20 people rape them a day.
And then, and they would use women like this lady as operatives to pick up the children,
portrayed in the movie, The Sound of Freedom.
They would then use those children, once they were teenagers and up,
to recruit and kidnap other children.
And then they would end up being in the criminal organization itself.
And so they're building what they call a family.
And when the CIA, working with West German government, placed over 30,000 children,
mainly taken from Christian homes, with convicted child rapists,
in the documents that came out five years ago, it was to create a new family,
where boys are with men and girls are with women, and then they are taught to be
homosexual and lesbian pedophiles.
Now that is Der Spiegel, that is DW.com, that is the New York Post, years after we told you about it.
Ted Donovan said that Of the children that take to the abuse after they've been trained by being raped around the world, the ones that take to it that are well-behaved, and that's also in the WikiLeaks, we're going to have well-behaved seven, eight-year-olds in the hot tub waiting for your pleasure, Mr. Podesta.
But remember, they're still children.
Some of them might give you a problem.
So the best trained still don't like an old man raping them in the rear end.
So you have to understand that.
So how this operates then, is they would then take them to Las Vegas, amongst other places, where the children are then the well-behaved ones, the trained ones.
Like a horse that's been broken, and you know, like you want to go buy a horse for your daughter, or a pony, and then you don't want to buy really a new one usually, because you don't really know they're properly trained, and they could develop an attitude problem later.
You want like a five, ten-year-old horse that's really well-behaved and totally trained, it'll do some tricks, and it's super safe with your family.
And it was the same thing with rape children, is that they then took the ones that were really well behaved and controlled, and they would sell them on an auction block in a subterranean facility in Las Vegas.
You have to understand that Gunderson talks about the Finders case and the CIA and DC and a huge office building full of kidnapped children and snuff films and satellite uplinks around the world where they're producing it.
And of course, about four years ago, the FBI declassified a large tranche on the Finders case and much of what Gunderson said was in those files.
So understand at the top, our government, the Justice Department, the Jeffrey Epstein people of the world are running this.
And that's the rest of the story that you don't see in a movie like The Sound of Freedom, which is excellent.
People can't handle 60, 70 kids being saved just in the movie.
Both those are true stories.
And they focus on a sister and a younger brother.
The sister's like 8.
She's 7 when she gets kidnapped, 8 when she gets saved.
No, she's like nine, and the little boy's six, seven when he gets kidnapped, and then eight when he gets saved.
And it's a true story.
But the issue here is, if they showed people more, it would just be too much and too complex.
Stalin said, one man dies, it's a tragedy.
10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
And they actually say that in another way in the movie.
And so you can personalize the journey of these children.
But if you just tell them it's millions of children a year, I can't even wrap my head around that, even though it's all true.
And I've been, I mean, I was being told this by Ted Gunderson when I was 22 years old.
He came to town, he was going on local radio shows, he heard there were Patriot shows, he came to be on Access Television.
And get up there and warn people about what he saw, and he didn't believe it.
He kept running into it in Los Angeles.
He'd been high-level FBI all over the country, but what he was, His last post in Los Angeles was when he discovered there were devil worshippers and child rape going on and child kidnapping rings and the FBI just couldn't believe it was happening and wouldn't let him go after him.
So he resigned out of the FBI, retired out of the FBI and went after it.
So this movie is very accurate in that it also shows there's good agents in the federal government.
There's good people fighting this, but they have to resign like the Ballard individual who's a real person the movie's based on.
and go do it on his own.
And that's the same thing.
And Ted Guthersen saved people.
But there would never be any media cover it because again, it's controlled at the top.
Low level child molesters, kidnap your kid out of the backyard,
the police are gonna be allowed to try to find them.
But when it's done at an industrialized scale, particularly with third world children in Eastern Europe,
Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, It is a giant industrial-scale operation.
And we don't just have all the documents and all the admissions and Senate reports, congressional reports, FBI reports saying millions of children are trafficked a year.
My uncle was in Army Special Operations and in Secret Operations in Iran-Contra, and he resigned out of it.
And never talked about it.
It was crazy at his funeral, though.
They had some of the military officers get up there and talk about his career and how he was, you know, in the army and then he just left it at that.
But the point was, he got out of it and a bunch of other guys got out of it, and they killed some of them.
Killed them!
In Guatemala.
And I only learned this, again, when he was dying.
He told me some of it about a year before he died, and then when he was dying, he told me this stuff.
And he said, you know, it's dangerous, but you gotta know it's real, everything you've been talking about is true, and was telling me all this.
So, I mean, and he was the greatest guy I ever knew.
So smart, so loving, such a Christian, so strong.
And that is what's going on in the world.
It's 100% real, they traffic in it, it is their commodity, it is the big dirty secret, but look, we already know that.
I have news articles here now, where at hospitals around the country and at medical clinics, when you take your 7 or 8 year old son or daughter in, to have a medical checkup, and when the doctor is alone with your child, they come up and say, are you a girl or a boy?
And they have a file, and they try to convince your child that they're another sex, and the father goes and confronts them, there's video, and they say, well of course we ask if they're another gender, that's our job now, that's in the medical code that we do that.
That's beyond just somebody groping your kid, you know, some pervert in the public school.
It's up there with them kidnapping your child because they can't get away as easily with kidnapping them.
But they can get away with screwing them up and then signing them in to a database where public schools around the country and around the world has come out, keep it secret that your child is identified as another gender.
Do you feel like a little girl sometimes, a little boy, yes?
Boom, you're in a database, you're put in groups, they brainwash you, you're fast-tracked to it.
And so people keep discovering this in their town, their city, thinking, oh, it's a rogue doctor.
No, this is official policy.
The doctors where it doesn't happen are ignoring the policy, and they could lose their license.
But that's how this works.
There's no law you're gonna take vaccines, but a lot of your doctors will say, I'm gonna fire you.
I'm not gonna let you come to this pediatrician if you don't make your kids take all the shots.
There's no law, but they're bullying you.
It's a medical tyranny that's bullying you.
We're going to go to break, come back with the latest on Sound of Freedom that's really scared the system beyond a chink in the armor.
This has driven a big old sword right into the dragon's heart.
But I have total proof the U.S.
government is not just aiding the smugglers, but the people that run our government at the top run it, and are specifically hiding their tracks for them.
Huge developments that nobody's talking about that we've got to get out there.
So all over Europe, they've caught them in France, the Netherlands, the government ministers, underground sex dungeons with dead little children in coffins with living children found, barely hits the news.
I mean, that's the big dirty secret is they kill the majority of the children.
They kill the majority of the children.
Others, if they're having trouble getting rid of the bodies, they electro-shock them with 10 times what you would even brain damage a normal person, then they throw them out on the side of the road.
So they don't know who they are and there's no ID.
And the U.S.
government is battling to make sure, when they throw these electro-shock people out, that they've wiped their memory, that they don't know what hit them.
And that was all run by the CIA, and Dr. Ewing Cameron and John Lee and Wes has been declassified.
So again, a lot of these homeless people were electro-shocked because they were sex slaves.
Just enjoyed going fishing, like swimming in the swimming pool, like kissing your wife, like rocking your grandbabies to sleep, like a good cup of coffee.
You never get tired of your husband, you never get tired of your wife.
You love each other more and more every day.
You wouldn't ever want to hurt a little child.
In fact, you want to kill people that hurt children.
You're not a violent person, but when you see somebody hurting a little child, you have a rage come up in you to break their neck, don't you?
You want to kill them.
Well, the people that want to suck the energy out of children and destroy them at the top are basically the equivalent of a Count Dracula.
They're not a real vampire that lives forever, but it's a spirit that feeds on innocence.
Then it has minions around it, the Renfield types that serve it.
Those are archetypes that Bram Stoker basically exposed that are very accurate.
And what's he tell you in the books?
Well, don't go near the Abbey at night.
Don't go near the Royal Palace at night.
There's vampires under there and they come out at night and they grab you.
And that went back to the old Transylvanian legends.
Don't get near the castle.
And really because the corrupt prince or whatever would grab your daughter, rape her and kill her.
It was just don't get around the rich people, they're above the law.
Don't go around there at night because they're going to be, you know, sneaking around killing villagers.
That's what Jack the Ripper was, you know, the king of England.
And he was pissed off at hookers for giving him syphilis so he was going around killing them.
And of course all that's come out.
It's hunting humans is what it is.
It's the most dangerous game.
And a lot of globalists do not just rape children, they kill children.
And I've confirmed that, indeed, Gunderson was right, that some of the so-called elites don't want to have sex with children.
They like to rape women.
They like to rape men.
They like to break people's jaws.
They like to...
Reportedly, God rest his source, Dick Cheney doesn't rape kids, but he beats the living hell out of women.
And it just goes into rages that are so off the top.
That's why he had a heart attack when he was so young.
He's meaner than hell.
But the point is, it is a crew of really, really nasty, nasty people that are all about doing whatever they want, whenever they want.
However they want.
And there's Ted Gunderson.
And it's not about giving credit out.
It's just that he's the original trailblazer exposing all the Epstein stuff and how they have islands in the Caribbean.
They take kids too.
And then I learned that from Hollywood folks as well, that they'd heard about stuff like that.
That's why I talked about it 20 years ago.
And then I get the credit for it.
It's not me.
It's Ted Gunderson.
And then you've got these great people that go out and actually save children and prove what's going on.
Well, we know what's going on.
It's massive.
And now we have the corporate media defending it.
Now, here's the two big developments.
One of these is a month old.
One of these just happened today.
And it is staggering, and it's turning heads.
You've seen the head of the Border Patrol Union.
You've seen high-level individuals in Congress say, we want to stop the smugglers.
They're smuggling tens of thousands of children per sector, per month.
Large percentages are convicted pedophiles.
We're not allowed to stop them.
We have to turn them loose.
The DOJ will not let us indict them.
The DOJ has that power over federal judges and magistrates to do it.
And I've talked to the people directly involved.
Highest level.
But it's in the news that's happening.
You don't need to get it from my sources.
This is all public.
This is not QAnon.
Oh, it's secret.
It's under the table.
This is real.
And that's why they don't like the sound of freedom, because it just takes two raids to save children in two places.
They did hundreds of these things.
Over six, seven, eight years.
And it just focuses on those.
And of course the media is like, oh, that's not true.
It's super accurate, except they held back a little because it's a little too hardcore for you to be able to handle.
And I get it.
So, it's not lying.
Just in two hours, you can't tell somebody everything.
So, This has all come out.
And they protect these people.
So here's the big thing that happened a month ago.
CBS News.
CBS Austin.
Expert says ending DNA testing at the border will result in more suffering and exploitation of children.
That's what Obama, Biden, did a month ago.
So now when somebody's got a child, no ID, no proof, within one day they can hold him.
When they're coming across illegally with no IDs that match, okay, you say they're their dad or mom, they can test, and in less than a day now, know, is this next of kin, is this a father, is this a mother, is this a cousin?
They know 100%.
Now, I'm trying to go through TSA with my daughter.
They check her passport, look, ask, is this your daddy?
But when the illegals go through, they just wave them through with little kids, folks.
This is sick.
Now, that's a huge story.
It's gotten almost no coverage.
Now let me hit you with something even bigger that just completes the circuit.
And this right now is making me get massive chills of just beyond rage.
Just that feeling of total commandment where I could just unscrew somebody's head that's doing this to these children.
Bidenian familial DNA testing at U.S.
See that?
See that?
Now here's the new one.
This just happened two days ago.
It just hit the news today.
Biden's DOJ eliminates language on child sex trafficking from government websites and child victims of prostitution after losing track of 85,000 migrant children alone.
So they're now removing that it even exists and are saying it's not a scandal that they cover it up.
It's not a scandal they're completely smuggling.
They're now removing the definition like mother and father in the schools.
That's being removed.
They're just erasing it and saying there's not even a thing to click on to report it, to talk about it.
So you want to go on the DOJ website and you want to report a crime and it's got the sections, bank robbery, all this.
Exploitation, kidnapping of children, sex trafficking is now gone!
Because it doesn't exist!
Just like the media says.
And I didn't enrage you by playing the CNN and the MSNBC clips, where they say, this movie's fake, this isn't going on, there's no child sex trafficking, when it's the trillion pound elf in the room.
But now the maker of the film and Ballard the hero, Federal agent.
All them are on Fox.
They're coming on here soon.
We've been talking to the last few days.
And they're going on and talking about it, saying, I can't believe CNN is endorsing child sex trafficking.
I mean, that's what they're doing.
Well, of course they are, because the people that run the federal government at the top are now saying trafficking in children does not exist.
It's made up.
Kind of like side effects from the shots.
No, they're not made up.
We have the numbers.
Biden DOJ eliminates language on child sex trafficking from government website and child victims of prostitution.
You want to report child prostitution?
Doesn't exist.
So, no DNA testing so that smugglers can get the kids through when they're throwing babies over the wall.
And the Border Patrol says, who just threw that baby?
Oh, dis my baby!
Dis my baby!
We have all this footage of the charities, have a little year old child, six month child, we follow them into the airport, they get out of the van, the woman's got Grim Reaper tattoos, she walks in, she goes, dis my baby!
Dis my baby!
Doesn't sign paperwork, hands it to an aid organization with no paperwork, we follow her, an hour later she's back with another kid.
The next day we're there, they start having guys in pickup trucks, literal cartel guys, they're waiting on us.
We're like, screw you!
We're not looking for trouble, trying to save kids.
We're all armed too.
In fact, the reason they didn't shoot us is they don't want attention.
That they're smuggling right there.
And that's why we're willing to do whatever it takes.
Okay, you're gonna shoot us, that's gonna draw attention.
You just killed us for being here.
Yeah, here it is right here.
This woman walks up, says, this is my baby.
And then they just give them an aid package, whatever made-up name they want, and this child disappears into hell with this lying goblin woman handing it off, and she's got the most satanic drug cartel Grim Reaper MS-13 connected group on her leg.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
To cover the waterfront with us for the next 30 minutes is the amazing Roger Stone, fresh off the big UFC event with Mel Gibson, Trump, Dana White and all that great Patriot crew that are challenging the New World Order paradigm on so many fronts.
We're going to Roger here in just a moment and tie all the latest developments together.
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All right.
Let's go now to Roger Stone, one of the top Trump advisors, guy that helped get into the White House.
And of course, Trump credits him with that.
Roger is always very, very meek about it, but his enemies know that.
That's why they're always trying to put him in prison.
Just to talk about really a concern I have here, Roger, the globalists, before they indicted him at the state level, With Bragg and before they did it with the situation in Florida with the made-up document heist by the president, stealing his own documents.
Before all of that happened...
They said, once we indict him, his poll number is 20 points ahead of DeSantis, 10 points ahead of Biden, don't go down.
First indictment, he goes up 10 points.
Next indictment, 10 points.
Now he's 70 plus percent in the Republican field, the percentage.
Most popular president, probably, other than George Washington, but certainly since polling began.
All of this is happening.
He's 25, 30 points ahead of Biden, 50 points ahead of DeSantis.
It's just ridiculous.
And now they've got new indictments ready saying, well, the new indictments will get him.
So I'm really concerned that they're not understanding the UFC is the real American culture and that Trump's a rock star there always has been but bigger than ever.
I don't think they understand that they're in their little New York and DC ivory towers and the world hates their guts.
So I'm really concerned that these maniac lunatics Or continue down this road not knowing they've lost, but maybe they know they've lost, they don't know a way out because they've committed so many crimes.
So, should we?
Because I get, like Hitler, we cornered him in his bunker in Berlin, and we know the rest of the story.
I always like to see villains cornered and finally brought down to sea level.
Or six feet below sea level.
But at the same time, we let Napoleon go live on an island.
And of course he escaped once, we send him back, but to a more guarded island.
Is there some way to telegraph, some third way for the globalists to not hurdle us into civil war, or is it too late, Roger Stone?
Because I mean, I have a real political sense of danger here that I've never felt before, and I've got a pretty good sense of history and things.
I think, well, you're an expert, give us your take.
Well, Alex, first of all, thanks for having me back on.
Secondarily, let me say I very carefully followed your broadcasting from the River Church with Pastor Rodney Howard Brown.
You are at the top of your game.
You're a warrior like me.
You will never give up in this epic struggle between good and evil.
You are right about the fact that those in the deep state, I should say the deep state media cabal, or maybe they're all the same, the Democrat deep state media cabal, have badly miscalculated in their efforts to destroy Donald Trump.
They really know in their hearts they can't beat him in a free, fair, honest, transparent election.
I saw this firsthand.
I had really forgotten how powerful the Trump magic was until this recent campaign swing where I was very honored to be asked by the president to join his entourage.
We flew to Iowa.
We flew from there to Las Vegas.
Iowa and Nevada, both early primary caucus and primary states, and then on to California.
And I was reminded about Donald Trump's appeal and his connection with the regular people.
I've never seen crowds like this.
I've never seen intensity like this.
By the way, Alex, whenever I go to one of these things, a number of people who say to me, oh, I watch you on InfoWars.
Please tell Alex Jones I love him.
It's really it's heartening.
It's really heartening.
Also, a lot of shout outs for Owen Schreier and everything he's been forced to go through.
So I really think First of all, I felt like playing that old Gene Autry song, Back in the Saddle Again, because, you know, I had like an old war horse smelling smoke.
I had a very familiar feeling on the road.
And they've really, you're right, they've underestimated the fact that their war of lawfare, which is what they're waging, is backfiring very badly.
Donald Trump's lawyers yesterday, late in the day, I think in the evening actually, filed a motion to delay his trial, correctly saying it's impossible to have a fair trial within the backdrop of a presidential election, particularly given the weighty issues where the government would like to seal all of the documents.
So in other words, they would try Trump But you and I are never allowed to know, you know, what exactly these documents that he allegedly improperly handled were about.
Look, it overturns our entire history of checks and balances, due process, and fair systems.
And they would never indict the Clintons or anybody else for open crime saying, oh, it would be election meddling because they were up for re-election.
It is cut and dry election meddling.
So they want to ban questioning the last two elections where there was all sorts of hanky-panky and skullduggery.
But this is absolute cut and dry.
Election meddling, with Democrats running around trying to get Republicans barred from running again, because they were at the Capitol on January 6th as lawmakers, and then saying, Biden saying, he'll never be there, we'll use the Justice Department to stop him.
We played that clip, cue that up, we played that clip last time he was on a month ago.
That's the President saying, I will use the Justice Department, he will not be allowed to run.
Open and shut federal judge, this is total election meddling, it's outrageous.
Well, essentially what Trump's lawyers said today, and I echo this, is, alright, fine, you want to charge Donald Trump on some totally fabricated charge?
Let's let the American people be the jurors.
Because I think we all understand that if elected, Trump would turn around and pardon himself.
He's already said that he would pardon those poor people who were being persecuted over January 6th.
Let the American people decide.
That really scares the daylights out of them.
So you already have Andrew Weissman and Neil Keitel and all these other epically corrupt former prosecutors screaming for additional indictments.
Let's indict him in New Jersey.
Let's indict him in D.C.
We know what that's like.
They obviously don't have much confidence in their case in Florida.
Because through law, they actually got an honest judge.
Oh my God, Donald Trump might get a fair trial!
We can't lynch him at trial.
What are we going to do?
No, I think that they're increasingly hysterical.
Meanwhile, Alex.
$35 million in small donations between the time that Trump was charged and the most recent reporting.
By the way, you may read that Governor Ron DeSantis raised $150 million, but that's not true.
He transferred $83 million that was donated to getting him re-elected governor to a federal account, I think in violation of the law.
So his haul was actually half of that.
And then when you break down the average contribution, it's closer to $1,000.
Because it shows incredible grassroots.
So I go back to what I introed.
You're doing a great job laying it out here as our expert, expert of experts.
But I'm going to ask you, does the system not know that it's like adding nitrous oxide to a race car engine every time they attack Trump?
I mean, now it's like messianic how much support he's getting.
And now everybody knows he stopped the child smuggling at the border.
Now Biden stopped DNA testing of children at the border.
And no record handing them over to sex criminals, so there's no record.
And they've taken child sex exploitation and child prostitution off the DOJ list of issues that they even investigate.
I mean, the government is literally endorsed pedophilia.
CNN is saying the sound of freedom is fake when it's on record real.
They are literally, I mean, they are villains.
I mean, I knew they were villains.
You knew they were villains.
But they have stepped out in the open.
They are uncloaking themselves.
It's like they're committing political suicide in front of me.
Or do they have some secret trick up their sleeve?
Well, Alex, as you know, I don't get my news from CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.
I did have the opportunity to meet Mel Gibson when I was out at the fabulous UFC fight there in Las Vegas.
Let me say something.
There are no liberals at UFC fights.
Kind of like going to a muscle car show.
You will not find any liberals there.
There were no liberals in the house.
The president got a tremendous response.
Mel is a tremendously approachable guy.
Uh, he recognized me and he said, wait a minute, I know you from someplace.
Where do I know you from?
And I said, maybe you saw me the morning 29 fully SWAT clad FBI agents storm my home to arrest me at six o'clock in the morning.
He said, you're, you're Roger Stone.
I've read your book on the Kennedy assassination.
The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ.
It's one of the best books I've ever read.
I said, well, and we're even because I think Braveheart is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.
It's one of my favorites.
The point, of course, is that Mel had a hand in The Sound of Freedom.
Jim Caviezel is kind of a protege of his, obviously starred famously in The Passion of the Christ.
Another great movie favorite of mine.
Mel is a terrific guy.
He's a committed patriot.
Man, Conviso in this new movie is, because I'm sick of Hollywood, I'm sick of personalities, but he's got charisma, man.
He was great playing God, but let me tell you, as playing this federal agent, he was powerful.
I saw it last night.
Have you seen it yet?
I've not seen it yet.
I hope to see it this coming week.
I think the president's going to show it at his club at Bedminster, New Jersey for members.
Special screening that I think is in the works.
He is also a big, big fan of the work of both Gibson and Caviezel.
The president told Mel directly that Braveheart was one of his favorite movies.
He said, I've seen it at least five times.
It gives us all inspiration, reminding me of Nixon's fascination with the movie Patton, the movie made by George C. Scott.
Well, I'm definitely envious because Mel Gibson and Trump together, wow, that's an amazing combo.
What was the energy like there?
Because I've met both guys, they've both got incredible energy.
It was really extraordinary, Alex.
MSNBC's gone completely insane.
They had a long hit piece on me last night.
Roger Stone is a convicted felon.
Sorry, there's no Russian collusion or WikiLeaks collaboration to lie about under oath.
And Mueller's final report, as you know, completely exonerates me.
Yes, Roger.
Being indicted by this DOJ is like being given the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Well, pretty close, pretty close to it.
Trump and Mel had great energy.
I know the President's there, looking forward to seeing the sound of freedom.
It was an epic, epic thing.
And then, of course, the UFC fight is great.
Dana White is a great patriot.
I saw Joe Rogan, you saw Trump give Rogan the alpha power handshake.
That's because Joe won't have the President on his podcast.
I had no idea Joe Rogan was so short, by the way.
I've had it up to here with Joe Rogan.
Let me put it to you that way.
Roger, here's the deal.
I've been friends with Joe 25 years.
I've been friends with you, like, 10.
And Joe is very calculating about who he has on the show and what he does.
He's come a long way against the New World Order.
He's come out against the poison shots.
He said what's happening to Trump is wrong.
Yeah, he attacked Trump in the past.
That's why I came after Joe six years ago.
But will you please stop being mean to Joe?
It was a great sight gag though when I said I had it up to here with Joe.
Come on.
Give me that.
Come on.
Well, I mean, I'm only about two inches taller than him.
What's this hold?
I don't have a Napoleon complex, but you guys are like an inch taller than me.
Like, put me down.
Once I cut my hair off, I'm about an inch shorter as well.
So I'm like four feet tall now.
Now, I mean, anyways, the point is, is that, uh, so you really, so you want a cage match with Joe?
You think you can tag him, huh?
I know I could definitely take him, and I'm 70 years old, but I hit the heavy bag, you know, for an hour every Saturday.
Roger, I'm not being mean to you, but I've known Joe 25 years.
I have seen him kick the ass of 270-pound people.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
You said it out loud.
Joe Rogan is meaner than hell.
You have no... I mean, look, you're part Sicilian.
You know, Sicilians aren't wimps.
He's Irish and Sicilian.
I know Joe.
I've seen big guys start fights with him.
He jumps on their back like a gorilla and slams their head in the ground.
You have no idea.
You have no idea.
I'm not trying to... I'm telling you, he can almost beat Eddie Bravo at his prime.
Eddie Bravo was world champion in his weight.
Joe Rogan was a U.S.
champion in full contact taekwondo when he was like 20 years old.
I'm just telling you.
He does Chuck Norris backspin kicks that nobody else can do.
I'm telling you, Joe's insane.
I'm just telling you.
I would love to see this.
You won't do it, but you want to fight Joe Rogan, huh?
Well, let me put it this way, Alex.
He was wearing a really nice suit.
I wonder what it would cost in a man's size.
You are something.
You're really picking a fighter.
Well, look, I don't think Joe Rogan is ever going to fight me, nor is he ever going to interview me.
The problem with Joe is, by the way, he's probably not a bad guy, but he has handlers, and his handlers are politically correct.
Look at how dedicated his work ethic is.
I don't think you... I really don't...
I don't think you want... It's hilarious.
I bet you are a tough guy, Roger.
I'm just saying that... And look, he's older.
I think Joe's like 55, 56.
I mean, he's not out there trying to get in fights.
I just love the energy here.
Because I'd like to see an Elon Musk Zuckerberg about.
I mean, it seems to me that Zuck the cuck agreed to it.
Now he seems to be backing off.
I admire Elon for now saying we should have a, you know, a measuring contest.
I think Elon comes out on top either way.
Look, it's all obviously apocryphal, but I'd like to see Joe interview the President of the United States.
That's what I'd like to see.
I'm referring to the real President, Donald J. Trump.
Well, just know this.
Joe trains two hours a day on average with top jiu-jitsu people at his house and at private gyms for two hours till people are throwing up.
And he kicks, he kicks, we gotta find the video, I wasn't there when he did this one time at his house, but I've seen the video.
He kicks wood poles till blood pours out of his shins.
I'm just saying, to say that Joe Rogan's a wimp, I'm not kissing his ass.
Joe's got his own issues.
But the point is, is that, you know what, I want to see it, Roger.
I tell you what it'd be.
I don't think that's likely to happen, but he ought to interview President Trump on his podcast.
If he doesn't, in all honesty, Alex, he's a politically correct chicken shit.
That's what I'm saying.
I think it's fair to say that Joe is being very careful about what he does politically.
Here's what Joe's doing.
He can fight the globalists and go after them and hurt their agenda, but by not acting like he's politically on board with the populist movement and he's just a regular guy, then he doesn't have all the issues.
And so that's what he's doing.
I have a slightly different take of it, Alex, because you and I are two sailors.
You know, we've been banned on most social media.
Joe's looking at his pocketbook.
Therefore, he doesn't want to cover certain subjects or say certain things because he fears censorship, and that would hurt the bottom line.
I think any time you put money ahead of truth, you're making a gigantic mistake.
No, I hear you.
I just like you and I like Joe.
In fact, I love both you guys.
And I actually pitched you to Joe about four years ago.
He said, you think Roger would come on?
I said, yeah.
And I sent him your number.
So for whatever reason he didn't do it, I think you guys as two Sicilians should just get together and be buddies.
Look, maybe we could share a pizza.
There's really no hatchet to bury.
It's mostly a shtick, as you know.
But I really do think he should interview the president.
I think it would be great.
By the way, I thought Joe's interview of Bobby Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was epic.
I thought it was excellent.
Joe did a very good job in that. So some of this, as you know, is theater. But I really
do think you should interview the president. The president, as you know, is being censored
heavily by Fox News.
And I think a good, solid interview with Joe Rogan would help President Trump reach millions of voters he's not reaching today.
So that's what I'd like to see.
No, no, I hear you.
So moving off the Joe Rogan thing, let's plug your daily talk show.
You've also got your weekend show that's exploding on WABC.
Tell us about all that.
And then listen, how's Trump doing?
What do you expect of him?
Look at DeSantis.
I mean, now DeSantis is about to be replaced.
He's falling in the polls.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, it's really quite extraordinary.
Yesterday, Laura Loomer discovered that DeSantis basically transferred $1 million to the Speaker of the House in Florida to guarantee a change in law that allows him to remain as governor while running for president.
I think that's called bribery.
I hope the U.S.
Attorney for the Northern District of Florida will look into it.
Trump's energy is really quite extraordinary.
I have Kimberly Guilfoyle, the MAGO warrior princess, really one of the fiercest fighters for the American First Agenda that I know, on my show at StoneZone.live today at 5 o'clock Eastern Time.
That would be 4 o'clock your time, Alex.
And you're right, my WABC radio show, Which is on Sundays has really, really taken off that you can listen to that if you don't live in the greater New York area, you can listen to it at WABC radio.com either in real time or you can go back to that site and listen to it after the show.
I totally agree.
Let's hit some other headlines quickly.
Biden administration files emergency stay with 5th Circuit Court demanding the right to censor, silence and manipulate Americans.
How incredible is that?
Documents reveal Biden FBI colluded with compromised Ukrainian intelligence agency to censor Americans.
Mark Levin goes scorched earth on the corrupt DOJ.
If we don't break the back of the DOJ, it will destroy the country.
He's kind of been a worshipper of it.
This should be a sign to the system that you're worshippers.
The FBI are turning against you because you are not in the FBI.
The Justice Department is destroying the country.
What do you make of that?
You know, Levin had an excellent program Sunday night.
I rarely watch him.
I think, generally speaking, he has a face for radio.
But he's very, very smart.
He's very, very effective.
He's very, very quick on his feet.
And he's absolutely right.
Weaponized the justice system in a way that is unfathomable.
If you're a Catholic and you choose to go to the Latin Mass, well, they think you're a domestic terrorist, you need to be investigated.
If you're a parent and you're concerned about the curriculum being forced on your children in the public schools, and you have the audacity, the nerve, to show up at a school board meeting and express your views, well, you're a domestic terrorist, you should be spied on and probably arrested.
It's very hard for me as a 40 plus year veteran of American politics to even imagine these things are true.
But they are true.
They have weaponized the system against the average American.
And there is really only one way to fix that, short of civil war.
And we're not for civil war.
That's getting Donald Trump elected again.
But here's the problem.
They know their time is coming and they're dug in, they're cornered rats.
They're going to lose.
The question is how destructive will it be?
Is there any third way to get them to just give up and go away or they're not going to do that?
I don't think they're going to do that.
Right now they have a huge conundrum.
Joe Biden is malfunctioning.
He can't perform in public.
The epic nature of his corruption is exposed more and more.
Multi-million dollar payments directly from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and elsewhere.
Bribery, extortion.
So they're all going to bet everything on the gimmick of Big Mike and Gavin Newsom.
I still believe that they will nominate Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom.
They'll extort Newsom to get on the ticket because white men are not prized within today's Democratic Party.
The party that produced great presidents like John Kennedy.
Harry Truman, who broke the back of the communists in Greece.
That Democratic Party no longer exists.
So yes, I've said here on this program yet again, they will dump Biden.
Biden will be allowed to pardon himself, setting a precedent for Donald Trump.
Will pardon his son, his brother, probably other key members of the Biden crime family on his way out the door.
The party will scramble and it will produce Michelle Obama.
All right, thank you so much, Roger.
Back on the saddle again.
Tomorrow's news.
How many pedophiles you got?
The fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen.
(upbeat music)
It has already passed the illegal arms trade.
And soon it's gonna pass the drug trade.
At least you can sell a bag of cocaine one time.
With a child.
Five to ten times a day.
God's children are not for sale.
How long you been doing this?
Four years now.
How many pedophiles you got?
How many kids you found?
For Homeland Security, you know we can't go off rescuing Honduran kids in Colombia.
Which means you'll disappear, for good.
Imagine walking into a room right now, singing empty bed.
What would you do?
You quit your job, and you go and rescue those kids.
At this moment, she could be a block down the road, or she could be in Moscow, Bangkok, L.A.
She's a major operator.
It's all rebel territory.
No one goes in.
Not the army, not the police, not us.
What if this was your daughter?
There's a new marine unit coming.
You're on your own.
(dramatic music)
This jail... tears you to pieces.
And this is my one chance... to put those pieces back together.
When God tells you what to do... you cannot hesitate.
When God tells you what to do...
Now the number one movie in the country.
Two million children are trafficked every year and we can help them.
Sound of Freedom is based on a true story about real life heroes saving kids from the
dark world of child trafficking.
We know this is heartbreaking and it hurts to look at, but the first step in helping
these children is hearing their story.
Not enough people know this problem exists and even fewer people are willing to do anything
Our goal is to inspire 2 million people to attend the film's opening weekend.
To represent the 2 million trafficked children around the world.
To spread the word, Angel Studios set up a Pay It Forward program where you can pay for someone else's ticket who might not otherwise see it.
If the ticket price is stopping you from attending, Claim your free ticket at angel.com slash freedom.
Sound of Freedom opens the week of July 4th.
Every parent, every adult, and every teenager in America should be there to see it.
If millions of us come together today to see this film, we could propel the movement to help save millions of children around the world.
And you can send the message that God's children are no longer for sale.
The entire corporate media is attacking this now.
And that tells you who they are.
And the very same corporate media, CBS, NBC, promoted the true story when it was all first breaking.
Six, seven, eight years ago.
Now they say it doesn't exist.
Because our government is totally pedo-run at the top.
Now I'd say 99% of the federal agents are not involved in it, but it doesn't matter, the top ones are.
So when you see top people on TV, in Congress testifying, unless they're exposing this, you see a bunch of them up there saying, our government completes the smuggling, our government's doing it, we're against it.
Those people are being removed, they're being attacked, you name it.
But when you see the Attorney General, And you see people like that.
They are on record.
The biggest human traffickers of children the world's ever seen.
This dwarfs blacks being taken here when I'm not belittling or lessening that.
In fact, Africa is one of the biggest slave operations ever right now.
And they're literally selling, not just the sex slavers in the news last week, they're selling black children for ritual sacrifice.
The UN, that's helping quarterback the whole thing, estimates in the Congo alone, this is their estimate, they're the ones running it with the Chinese communists, 40,000 children as young as 7 years old are working in slave conditions for less than a dollar a day in mass camps mining cobalt for your electric cars.
We know all over the United States, they've testified to Congress, children as young as 10 are working overnight shifts in tire factories.
In food processing plants for Cheerios, where their arms and legs and hair get caught and some have been killed.
But that's the New York Times.
Oh, there are some children a few months ago that are being used in slavery, a couple hundred thousand we know of, from Texas to Florida to New York to Michigan to Seattle, Washington.
The Senate report admitted that when Obama opened it up and said, if you're a child, you can come in unattended, that was a green light for smugglers.
And I heard that back in the time, and I'm like, Obama's evil.
But I remember hearing this, you know, 15 years ago, 12 years ago, and going, come on.
They're not actually going to have the Border Patrol handing kids to smugglers and convicted pedophiles.
And then sure enough, it was all admitted.
It happened.
We went down there.
We showed it.
They had Senate reports.
The Washington Post reported.
Tens of thousands of children given to child sex traffickers.
Hundreds found dead.
But then they spin it on local news.
Oh, dozens of children found working dangerous overnight jobs at meat plants.
I'll be quite honest with you, at least they're in a better country.
They'll probably end up being tough and end up owning the plant.
I'm not saying exploit them because you know they're having their checks robbed.
The point is, it's the Democrats telling you they love the children and they're so good and they're running on the low end child slave labor.
What are their mothers doing while they're there working at the poultry plant?
Their mother is in a trailer having sex with five dudes a night if she's lucky.
If she's not, it's ten dudes.
And then these local gangs that give money to the Democratic Party and their lawyers, they come and they take most of their money, they use their identity to get all the different government checks, and then those women are kept on subsistence level while the Democratic Party mines them and feeds them and milks them.
So, women being forced into sex labor and kids into factory labor, that's the low-end, low-level evil, which is terrible and horrible, and none of us are safe when it's going on, and it will grow, and if we don't stand up for them, we're all screwed.
That's the... That's the beer.
You know, because evil is the proof number.
Okay, beer is 5% alcohol on average.
What's the 200 proof?
What's the Everclear?
What's the strongest?
It's snuff films.
It's killing kids.
So there's a lot between beer and ale and wine and whiskeys right up into the Everclears.
That's the analogy here.
Use an alcohol analogy or use a 1 out of 100 analogy.
A 100 is snuff filming children, torturing them to death.
That goes on on record.
And a 5 is a kid being made to work 10 hours a night at a cereal plant when they're 10 years old.
And it came out, a lot of times not even being fed.
Imagine the people that grab these kids from their parents and take them in.
But they're already working in plants where they came from and just shove them in there.
So that's the low end the New York Times tells you about.
Or that's the lucky kids.
The other ones aren't so lucky.
Maybe they kidnapped the wrong kid.
Maybe this kid's got a little bit of a spunk.
Maybe his daddy taught him how to fight back.
He's seven years old.
He breaks the window and climbs out on the roof and runs.
He jumps off the five-story building, breaks his leg, they pull up in a van, they get him, and they say, hey kid, you wanna be a star?
So they throw him in a dungeon for about a week.
They call up the special guys that like to do it.
They show up, they come in, they set up the cameras, and they all gang rape him, and then they blow his head off.
And then they sell that tape, because it's not digital, for $100,000 to sickos that collect them in the United States and Europe.
People always ask me on the street, what is this?
I like symbols.
And so if you're a TV viewer, we're going to skip this break, and you're tuning in, you're on a radio listener, and you say, what do those big white angel wings mean?
With a skull, that's a real skull.
My dad got that in medical school.
It's his.
Son loaned us.
It's illegal to have a human skull unless you're a doctor.
That's my dad's.
He has an officer.
It's his skull.
That's a skull of a person that died in India in 1967.
Sold by the government to U.S.
medical schools.
And then there's a armor-piercing dagger from the Middle Ages.
Used when you knock a knight off his horse, you use a hammer and then you hammer that through his armor into his eye or into his heart.
Into his brain or his heart.
So, I was looking up early Christian symbols or medieval Christian symbols about 10 years ago.
And the one that was on all the tombstones that you never see anymore.
People see that and say, that's Hell's Angels.
No, the Hell's Angels didn't invent that.
I'm not into Hell's Angels.
That's not a Hell's Angels thing.
Just because the, you know, the pedos and stuff use a rainbow flag doesn't mean the rainbow belongs to them, okay?
And I'm not attacking the Hells Angels.
I'm just saying that's not the Hells Angels symbol.
That's an ancient medieval symbol of the flying skull.
And so to me, I said, you know, I want something to let the globalists know that I get how the universe works.
And so we got the angel of death with those white wings.
You got the skull.
You've got the dagger of intent and of judgment.
But why did early Christians put that on their tombstones?
You go to Europe and find like thousand-year-old tombstones, 800-year-old tombstones.
It wasn't until about 500 years ago they put crosses on.
Christians put that.
A lot of times they'd put a knife, cross with another knife under it as a cross, a skull with wings, saying the angel of death came and it took my father, my mother, my daughter, my son to heaven.
So because that's such an old Christian symbol, I thought I would, I would resurrect that here and let our enemies know we don't fear death because we're with God and we resonate with God and our spirits will be with God forever.
You are the ones that fear death because you will pay for what you've done to the innocents.
You guys love death so much.
Well, take a good look at it.
Because you're going to be meeting it a lot sooner than you thought.
So, you haven't made a friend of death, dealing all your death.
And I want you to know, Satan does not control the angel of death.
God does.
And just as God sent for the Israelites the angel of death against Ramses II, God is going to send the angel of death against you.
So all you drug cartels can put the Grim Reaper on your back and you can worship death all day and think that killing innocents gives you cachet with the angel of death.
We are taking the rainbow back.
I may even sell a shirt with a rainbow on it.
God's promise after the flood, not destroy the world with water, but with fire.
Fire, yeah, yeah.
So, that's what that symbol is.
That you don't control the angel of death, God controls the angel of death.
And if you don't have Christ's blood on your windowsill, or on the entrance to your door, when the angel of death comes, your soul will be cut off from humanity and thrown into Satan's dominion.
And if that's what you want, don't put Christ's blood on your threshold.
As for me, we're knee-deep in it, we're neck-deep in it.
Give us more.
We live in the body of Christ.
We subsist on the flesh and the blood of Jesus.
You Satanist!
Our God literally sacrificed himself, the opposite of a selfish Satanist.
Our God!
Crushed himself down and cut himself off from the Father to take on all the sins to humble himself so that he could show us the way.
Why wouldn't God do that if it was really God?
That's what a real God does, is humble God's self.
So all you Satanists thinking you run the world, you got all this power, I got news for you.
You see that right there?
You see Azrael right there?
That's the Angel of Death sitting right there in my studio, and I respect it, and I fear it, because it's an Angel of God.
The Angel of Death sits right there in my studio.
And you know it, don't you?
You know that, don't you?
I'm glad you know that.
Alexander Soros.
And all the rest of you scum.
You want to convince the world you control the angel of death.
You have nothing to do with the angel of death.
Only the Father controls the angel of death.
Now I'm done talking about that.
But I wanted you to know why that sits there.
But I think you already know it's why you're so upset.
Why you hate that symbol so much.
It's not a guy in red pajamas with a forked implement running around like an idiot.
It's clean, it's smooth, it's real.
Just as much as that dagger that got hammered into people's hearts a thousand years ago in Poland, fighting the Muslims.
Just as much as that person died in India in the 1960s and their skin eating away in that tomb by Beatles.
Just as much as that white-winged creature of God flies above us.
Vengeance for the evil and love for the good.
Taking the good home to Jesus, taking the bad home to the devil.
Like storks bring babies to their mommies.
The angel of death brings Satanists to Satan and those that love God to God.
Alright, let's shift gears back on the news.
We have a very special guest joining us at the bottom of the hour with some huge breaking news.
And if I was a really good talk show host, if I was really effective, I would have told you right up front at the beginning of the show that we have major breaking documents on Bill Gates and his GMO mosquitoes he released on us and the outbreaks of malaria and his admissions he wants to forcibly inoculate us with mosquitoes.
And I know the Smarty Pants is on Twitter, I saw this a few weeks ago.
Jones doesn't know that mosquitoes take things out of you, they don't put things in you.
A mosquito injects you with saliva to thin the blood before it sucks the blood in.
And that's why mosquitoes in the studies are Bill Gates' favorite thing.
To forcibly inoculate you with God knows what.
And they're the perfect thing to spread diseases.
It's how a mosquito gives you malaria.
Because it injects you with acid to exsanguinate your blood.
I know that's a fancy word for all you genius, high-educated liberals out there.
But you probably want to know why a mosquito itches so much.
Why it burns.
And that's because it's dissolving your tissue.
It can't slurp all those platelets up.
It's got to dissolve you before it drinks you.
And this is an oversimple representation.
But yeah, there you go.
It's a lot worse than that.
So, that's coming up next segment.
And of course, I have dubbed Bill Gates the Mosquito King.
Remember Ted TV talk?
In fact, we'll get that clip ready.
Like 2011, he's like... Not only the third world, Should get to enjoy malaria.
You should too.
So he releases a bunch of mosquitoes on him and they all laugh.
Cause see, a criminal wants to tell you what he's going to do to you before he does it.
What a disgusting creature.
Enough mosquitoes.
Let's get them off screen.
I know I told you to put them on screen, but I just can't look at it.
It reminds me too much of Barack Obama, George Soros, all of them.
But, but, but let me get back to the sound of freedom.
Before we hit all the vaccine news.
It is, if we exploit it, which we should for the children, we should really take the instinctive move by the left to say there's no child trafficking.
It's like saying there's no fast food sold in Chicago, or there's no water in the Atlantic Ocean, or there's no trees in Brazil.
Or there's no lies coming out of the mouth of Jen Psaki.
It's a preposterous, ridiculous, mindless, idiotic, fraudulent statement on steroids.
Yeah, yeah, let's play the sound of Freedom Hero, coming up here in a minute, talking about CNN and others saying that the child trafficking is not a problem.
I mean, by the way, look at who defines things, the government.
If the government came out today and said there is no longer a sun, that big gas ball we orbit no longer exists, would that be true if they said so?
Well, if you don't agree with it, they'll cut your carbon allotment and your social credit score.
So I guess if CNN said the sun doesn't exist, I better click my heels and jump up in the air and say, yes, sir.
But just remember what I told you last hour.
Because nobody else is making a big deal about this.
And I don't want to be the only one.
That's why so much of my crew are great people.
They're like, man, it's all word for word what you say about all these other talk show hosts, and Russell Brand, and Joe Rogan, and Tucker Carlson, and now RFK Jr.
That's just word for word stuff you said.
I'm like, this is wonderful.
I don't want the credit, I want to stop the evil.
Just like when you warn somebody, you're not doing it for credit.
But this audience has been as smart as I am or smarter forever.
You're not doing that because you want credit.
In fact, it's pretty dangerous to be getting the credit.
Believe me, I already got the credit.
The new old order already knows we're ground zero for their big problems.
And that's all God and all of us working together.
And the guest and the influence, it's all about the credit.
But yeah, I kind of know we're the big kahuna.
And the enemy knows that too.
But we're almost reached that point of obsolescence, and we've still got important work to do, and we've still got things to predict.
But I said this a year ago, and it went viral because it's totally true.
I have completed my primary mission.
It was like a trillion pound weight came off me about a year ago.
Literally, the Holy Spirit's like, you have completed your primary mission.
Now we have ignited and there'll be no turning back.
You're going to see huge awakening everywhere and everyone's going to wake up.
It's prominent.
It's going to wake up and it's going to be absolutely devastating.
But you're not going to get the credit and you're going to get attacked more because the enemy knows that they're afraid of the next information we're going to release.
And so that's why I've been taking off a lot and things just trying to Focus and study the enemy and figure out the next moves and I've got a good idea But then I have this insane level of just guilt Because I I Really don't want to tell you what I think is gonna happen next because here's the thing the body doesn't Live on forever, but the soul does.
That's a real thing.
I don't want to dishearten people, but let me just give you a little newsflash.
We still have a limited time to turn back most of this, but we're going to still crash.
And every day that passes that we don't reverse things on a mass scale makes the collapse that much more destructive.
And I will tell you right now, the globalists have said this.
Hell, it's not a secret.
Billions are going to die.
At the hands of their, I mean, they've already cut the fertilizer off by half.
World fertilizer is like 45% less than three years ago.
So they've almost got it cut by half.
That's a simple equation.
It's like if you have a fish tank and you don't feed them for a month and you turn the oxygen off, you're going to go in there and the fish are all going to be dead.
Well, they've turned the oxygen off.
They're not feeding the fish.
So I'm sitting with my pipe, lighting it up.
I'm like, if we don't plug that back in and feed the fish right now, I don't have the power to feed the fish or plug the thing back in.
I'm like an ant.
We have to collectively have the strength to, you know, combine forces like some type of Japanese animatronic, you know, transformer.
But I'm like a little ant.
I'm sitting here going, well, I'd really like to plug that big plug in, but it's about a thousand times bigger than me.
And I'd really like to have collectively us feed the fish, which is us.
But I can't do it.
I can tell everybody, hey, we need to plug the tank in.
And we're sitting here, we saw a fish die, bloop.
I'm like, okay, by tomorrow, more fish will die.
And already like half the fish are already dead.
They're stinking at the top, the tank's turning green, the other fish are sick.
And I'm just sitting there saying, do I tell people that That we've already passed the point of return.
Because, you know, you heard Obama to his daughters, Big Mike's daughters, saying, listen, we're going to try to save the earth.
Sure, a bunch of people are going to die, but at least we'll be in charge of it.
I mean, you know, they're the ones cutting off the resources.
It's not global warming going to kill everybody.
It's cutting the fertilizer off.
And again, the average person goes, well, why do I doubt that fertilizer?
I ain't seen no fertilizer around here.
It's like people always tell me, I don't care if a stock market plunges, I'm not in the stock market.
Well, every company you work for or live around is connected.
It's going to destroy you too.
I'm not in the stock market either, but I sure as hell know I'm connected to it.
I may not like a system I live in, but it's the pond I live in.
That's another analogy.
We're like fish in a pond off the side of the highway.
And it's a pond because a bunch of rain happened last year and some birds got in it with some eggs.
You know, birds carry fish eggs on their legs.
They get caught on them.
And so there's a little perch swimming around, some minnows and everything.
And if it keeps going down, all those fish die.
And so I keep using the aqua analogy.
We're in this pool and the water's going down and now we're down to about two inches.
You ever seen fish when the water finally goes down to nothing and they're laying sideways trying to live?
And of course you see bones everywhere.
You'll see some giant fat raccoon sitting there who sits there and watches.
Till the water goes down and then just it's like grabbing fish in a barrel because it is and that's the globalist.
They're just fat raccoons who sit there and know that when the water goes down to zero, they're going to be able to run the tables, murder, kill, steal, consolidate power, except they're not smart enough to go, wait, you did that epigenetically before when there were castles and all this stuff.
You could starve everybody to death and steal all the food and go in the castle for a year while they die and let the Huns kill them.
You can't do that now because of nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs and bio-weapons.
When stuff falls apart, billions of people aren't just going to starve quietly.
It's going to look like World War Z. They're going to overtake your stupid bases that you've built in Canada and Hawaii and New Zealand.
And the leftist controllers have now figured that out.
So that's where we're at right now.
And listen, I could care less about the New World Order and all their people.
I'm just telling you that they should care about themselves.
Because they have set in motion something that is going to cause destruction on a scale never before seen on this planet.
And it's essential they understand that they're the reason this all happened.
And also our weakness letting them do it.
But they're the authors.
They're the people that initiated it.
They started it.
And now they're going to pay.
Well, the United Nations, the globalists, have told us they're getting ready to hit us with another bioweapon very, very soon.
We've got a bunch of clips of Dr. Peter McCullough and others laying out huge developments we're going to be getting to here in a moment.
In the next hour with Tom Renz.
The leading attorney, I've got to say, battling the COVID tyranny, bringing out the main whistleblower out of the Wuhan lab that it was a CIA bioweapon operation.
Now Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
talking about that.
I mean, this is a big deal because they're going to launch it again if we don't expose them now.
Here's some of the headlines.
Then he has major news on the mosquitos and vaccines in mosquitos and foods.
Basically forced pathogens into your body.
Think malaria.
Top doctor says 74% of deaths in new autopsy study linked to COVID jabs.
We'll play that clip.
Is it the Vax?
Peru declares national health emergency as Guillain-Barré cases surge.
That's getting paralyzed, folks.
Which they admit the shot does.
Fluoride provides the latest proof that the COVID vaccines did not save lives.
Jr., CIA was involved in funding Wuhan COVID Lab League.
Who tried to shut off the farms and is shutting off, trying to do forced injections, open borders, he's been removed.
So good news, folks, we're fighting back.
YouTube deletes Australian politician's speech, blowing lid off COVID-19, calling it medical misinformation.
So they're desperate.
And all the congressional hearings now confirming the CIA, the FBI, Big Pharma involved.
Fauci lied to Congress, said he wasn't involved.
Directing 50 million plus pieces of information Exposing Fauci, exposing the lab leak, exposing the death shots, exposing trying to block people that were promoting therapeutics.
I mean, this has been an organized crime.
They studied it.
They said, can we weaponize it?
Can we do this?
And I say it's blow up in their face, but they don't give up.
We'll get Tom Renz, TomRenz.com, TomRenz.substack.com, Renz-Law.com.
to give us his take on it and some exclusive info because they've filed the lawsuits, they've gotten
states to introduce legislation to let us know if you're putting mRNA in cattle or pigs or poultry
to let us know what you're doing with these mosquitoes that have been given authorization
for Bill Gates to monkey with and put pathogens into them that are put into us.
Yeah, you think they can't make you take a shot?
They're going to bring troops to your door?
No, they're going to send mosquitoes to your backyard when you're watering the elephant ears.
Or when you're getting the groceries out of the back of the car.
So, Tom Renz has huge news.
He can either get to that now or later.
We're kind of covering the waterfront.
But first, here is Bill Gates.
More than 10 years ago, this was 2011, at TED Talks saying, not only the third world should experience malaria, you should too.
And now suddenly, we're experiencing it all over the place.
Let's go to that clip.
Even the million deaths a year caused by malaria greatly understate its impact.
Over 200 million people at any one time are suffering from it.
It means that you can't get the economies in these areas going because it holds things back so much.
Now, malaria is, of course, transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here so you could experience this.
We'll let those roam around the...
Auditorium a little bit.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
Those mosquitoes are not infected, but...
Yeah, trust him.
Yeah, the shots are totally safe and effective, though you can't see what we did with them.
We're going to cover it up.
We're going to suppress you if you complain.
Tom Renz, a lot of big developments.
We've got about six minutes to break.
We're going to have over an hour.
You're very blessed to have you.
Do you want to give people kind of a prelude or a boil down, or do you want to drill into something first?
Boy, I tell you what, Alex, we have so much.
I've got a ton of stuff on mosquitoes, malaria.
We've been doing research.
One of the things that's occurred is I found When you do this kind of work, you have to find paths of knowledge, right?
So you have to figure out what you're going to research and where you're going to go.
And everything we do is stuff that we can submit to court.
If it's not credible, we don't do it.
And one of the things that's happened recently is we found kind of this new path of research.
So I've been looking, I've been reading medical journal after medical journal after science journal after science journal.
And what we found is exactly how far ahead of the game these guys are in terms of making sure that vaccines are transmissible.
I'm going to be really excited to break some of that news here.
But the malaria stuff that you're talking about, I mean, you set that up just perfect.
You know, so Gates, This isn't a maybe thing.
I got an article from NPR citing a study and there's multiple other studies.
They can use mosquitoes.
What they've done is they call them flying syringes, right?
So they genetically modify these mosquitoes.
They bite you and when a mosquito bites you, it puts spit in you, for lack of a better term.
I mean, it regurgitates something into your skin.
That's why you get that itchy spot after a mosquito bites you.
Well, the stuff that they put back into you can act as a vaccine.
And so they've engineered mosquitoes to have malaria vaccines in them.
I've got a ton of information on this.
And this was, there you go, NPR.
You know, they've got these mosquitoes that can vaccinate you against malaria.
Now, here's the thing.
Let me tell you how this works, Alex.
Yeah, what do they got a Trojan horse in?
They always do.
Yeah, so what they do is they take these mosquitoes and they bioengineer them and they say, well listen, these mosquitoes that we've bioengineered have malaria, but it can't make you sick, right?
They've edited it in a way where that malaria is not supposed to make you sick.
Just like he does with the number one cause of the world is Bill Gates' polio vaccine is the number one cause of polio.
Guys, put up Reuters for him.
Is that where you're going with this?
That's exactly where I'm going with it.
So they claim to genetically engineer it so that it can't spread malaria, but that can make you, you know, have enough of the dead or attenuated virus in you that you can create an immune response.
Well, the problem is, is what if that doesn't work?
Aren't you just spreading malaria?
And then you're putting it out there in a genetically modified way.
Who knows how it's going to evolve from there?
Because you've tinkered with nature then.
So you've got this disastrous situation where Gates is engineering something that he says we can't, uh, you know, it won't spread.
No, that won't spread at all.
And we should just trust Bill Gates because he's a good guy.
And by the way, by the way, here's a nice little piece of information for you on this.
So the RTS comma S slash AS zero, uh, which is the vaccine that they're talking about this, this malaria vaccine, this malaria vaccine, By the way, Gavi has said that they suspect that there will be a hundred million dose per year demand by 2030 for this vaccine.
Why does Gavi think that?
There's no demand at all for it right now.
Why do they think that?
What do they know?
But this great vaccine and phase three clinical trials, you know what the risk reduction was, Alex?
In kids given this vaccine, From 5 to 17 months of age that were given three doses of this vaccine.
Three doses.
The absolute risk reduction was a solid 1.1 percent.
One percent.
That's even worse than Remdesivir.
So this is always the same program.
Startovers interrupt you.
This is so bombshell.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to give you the floor.
We're going to skip this break.
It's too important.
Start over.
Because I've seen the documents.
I know you're telling the truth.
It's there.
People can look this up.
But it's so crazy.
It doesn't protect you.
It causes an autoimmune response, which is what getting sick is.
It's your body going into gear.
It's really bad for you.
And we're going to give children three of these shots for malaria that wasn't in North America, but suddenly is.
And we know a few years ago they released mosquitoes in Brazil.
that were genetically engineered by Bill Gates' companies, and then they created some mutation and some big crisis
Obviously, the official story we're being given, Tom, is not what's really going on.
I know you stick to the facts in all your lawsuits, but big picture, what do you think is really going on here?
Well, I'm going to tell you that right now, and this is theory because I'm guessing at the future,
My theory is that the next pandemic is actually going to be several pandemics.
I think there's going to be, you know, they're doing this gain of function on a lot of diseases and a lot of viruses.
So my guess is, is that what they're going to do is they're going to release a number of different viruses.
And, uh, you know, there'll be a couple of real big ones that everybody hears about, but I think there's going to be multiple things and you're going to see multiple global health emergencies.
They say, Oh my gosh, global No, I agree.
They're not going to hype up the ones that are actually killing a bunch of people.
Totally agree.
It's a cocktail of attacks, and then they say global warming is the reason the mosquitoes are here.
They're the reason you have malaria now.
But don't worry, we have a shot for you.
In fact, they say, oh, the migrants are here because of global warming.
No, you locked them down for three years.
Keep going.
Well, so, and I just sent over to your, in the chat, for your people, if they can put up, I sent them a link to a study.
This is published in NIH, so you don't have to take my word for it.
And if you scroll down about halfway down, you'll see Table 1 in that study, and if they can put that on the screen, I'd love to share that with people.
We will, and I keep saying I'm going to stop interrupting, but you just got me so upset because I know it's all going down.
Start over, recap what you said, you're going to host at the end of the hour, I'm going to sit here and listen to you.
Again, recap what's happening, recap what you've discovered, and then let's go over here because this is so important.
They'll pull that document up in a minute.
Okay, so what we've got is we've got this push for these malaria vaccines.
We've got Gavi ordering 18 million doses of malaria vaccines.
There's nobody taking malaria vaccines right now, but they're ordering 18 million doses and expecting 10 million doses or 100 million doses a year, I'm sorry, 100 million doses a year demand by 2030.
Meanwhile, Gates is creating these mosquitoes that can spread this stuff But they're supposed to be spreading the malaria that doesn't make you sick, right?
So supposedly he's created some sort of a malaria, you can gene edit it or something, deny a protein, alter the protein so that it doesn't make you sick.
So he's putting this and he's got this in mosquitoes.
Now, now, take all that, kick that around, and while you're thinking about that, on a separate track, Bill Gates is working on genetically engineering mosquitoes in a way that the mosquitoes will not produce viable offspring, right?
So he's genetically engineering to basically kill mosquitoes.
Now, if you listen to that, he's working with a company called Oxitec that's doing that, and they're the ones that are releasing all the mosquitoes in Florida.
Okay, millions and millions and millions of mosquitoes, okay?
And that was approved by our EPA.
Now, We're seeing an outbreak of malaria in Florida.
Is it from the Oxitec mosquitoes?
Well, they claim no.
And if you look at the fact check, the fact check says, well, no, these Oxitec mosquitoes, they're genetically engineered, but they're not the malaria mosquitoes.
OK, same guys involved in both.
So that leads me to this, Alex.
I would pose to you, and I got a little bit of understanding of epidemiology and I've talked to some people on this, I would pose to you that there are two vectors by which malaria would be breaking out in the United States.
One is either they're lying and Gates is releasing mosquitoes that are genetically altered that do have the malaria bug in it.
Or two, the only other thing it could be is all the illegal aliens that we got streaming through the southern border from tropical areas that may be infected with it.
And since there's no tracking of illegal aliens, but either way, it's coming here and I don't think they're trying real hard to stop it because that gives us a good excuse to promote this malaria vaccine.
If it's in our backyard, we can worry about it.
Meanwhile, the malaria vaccine itself, Alex, is absolute garbage.
It doesn't work.
They'll talk to you about how effective it is and how beneficial it is, but you see, this study that I've got, they showed the absolute risk reduction.
You've got to understand something.
When they talked about the COVID vaccines being, you know, 99% effective against this, against that, they used a statistic called relative risk reduction.
Absolute risk reduction means just what you'd think it does.
If you take the jab, this is how much it reduces your risk of an outcome.
Relative risk reduction means instead of comparing it to nothing, you're comparing it to some other standard.
So they move the goalpost.
The absolute risk reduction on this vaccine, and it actually is, it's terrible.
The highest efficacy is with four doses in six to 12 week olds, Uh, and that's at 25%, but the range, and that's only 25%, by the way, but the range is a 12% swing, which means that that number is likely statistical garbage.
Because we don't know.
When you have that big of a range, what that means to a numbers guy is that there's got to be some confounding factors in there.
And so the study is probably garbage.
And here you have it.
Here you have it.
So you see it says phase 3 efficacy results.
And what you see there, the numbers you need to look at are the percentage numbers.
And you see that it's two different types of things.
So you have 6 to 12 week olds and 5 to 17 month olds.
And you see the 3 dose and a 4 dose.
Uh, of malaria vaccine.
And then there's protection against malaria and protection against severe.
The protection against severe on three doses is 1%.
And it's 10% in another age group that's only a few months different age.
So that tells you that there's probably absolutely no real risk reduction.
It's probably all garbage.
Maybe 5 to 10% when this is all said and done.
Uh, it's likely everything else is confounding factors.
Because they lie about these statistics.
They manipulate them.
But you see, really important here is where you see 11.7 to 24, 23 to 32, 31 to 40.
And the real big one is the minus 23 to 20.5 and minus 17 to 31.
What that means, those are the ranges of efficiency.
And the real big one is the minus 23 to 20.5 and minus 17 to 31.
What that means, those are the ranges of effect of efficiency.
And when the range is that big, and part of the range is showing negative efficiency,
Then you know there's a real problem, probably, I think there's a real problem with the study design here.
And the reality is that this probably doesn't do any good at all, and they know it.
It's just another way to get another vaccine.
Well, totally, but Tom, let me just recap what we're hearing here, because we're showing mainstream news, this is happening.
Bill Gates is obsessed with taking over our bodies.
We're obsessed with owning our bodies.
He's gotten control of the world medical regulating system.
Tens of millions of dollars.
He's tax exempt.
He's bought off the leadership that he admits they're controlled by Bill Gates at the WHO.
And now he's going to make a GMO mosquito they released in Florida and Texas and all over that gives you an immunity from malaria when malaria has not even been an issue here.
Who lets him have an authorization to put a drug in me, unauthorized, or to put a GMO modification?
It's just, again, it's them blowing up the old system.
So we can debate whether this is good or bad.
Obviously it's bad.
And now suddenly there's malaria here.
This is ridiculously obvious.
It's ridiculously obvious.
It's like an IQ test or something.
But notice they want to give four shots to little babies again.
It's always about children.
I mean, this is so transparent and so ridiculous.
But do you agree with me that the issue is who died and made Bill Gates God?
I see these memes everywhere where A man's the doctor and he says, doctor, you did the test, do I have cancer?
And he says, sorry, you gotta check with Bill Gates, he's the medical expert, with no medical degree.
Or there's a meme of a guy being put in the back of an ambulance saying, doc.
How's my heart?
And he's like, well, we can't tell you that at the hospital.
We got to ask Bill Gates.
He's the expert.
I mean, he's literally the son of the former head of Planned Parenthood.
He says he wants to depopulate us.
He just pushed a vaccine that was not a vaccine that caused all this carnage.
And then now he's releasing mosquitoes and taking control of our life.
I mean, how regulatorily is this allowed?
Because I sell supplements.
But if I want to sell vitamin C, I've got to go with a big certified company, I've got to be government tested, third party tested, FDA's involved, total controls, but then when he puts out a COVID shot, it's a blank white sheet of paper with total liability protection, and they say, sorry, we're not going to tell you what's in this.
I mean, this is just a giant power grab.
And here's the greatest irony.
That picture that they just showed of him?
I mean, we've got the guy that's deciding our health care has man boobs and a fat belly.
I mean, he wouldn't know a gym if it fell on him.
I mean, look at that guy.
Do I want to look like him?
I'll tell you what, I'll take his genetic-altering vaccines as soon as he figures out to genetically alter his man boobs off.
When he gets rid of those, we'll talk.
I'm sorry.
Listen, this guy is... No, it's a good point.
It's a good point.
I don't know.
Put them side by side of him and Bobby Kennedy.
You got Bobby Kennedy, who's in there working out, 69 years old, great shape, and doing his thing.
Then you got Man Boobs Gates over there.
Looks like he wouldn't know a gym if it fell on him and we're supposed to follow whose health advice?
I mean, Jesus, this is ridiculous.
Like you said, this is almost an IQ test.
But Back to the, on a more serious note, I mean, you know, when I look at this, there is no mechanism for informed consent.
And if you think that's bad, Alex, I can one-up that.
I can one-up that.
I have over here, and I'll send you a link for this one too, if you'd like.
I have a, in the DVM 360, which is a veterinary medicine publication.
And this led me to research, and I can now confirm to you, okay, this isn't theory.
This is, I can show you they're doing studies on this, right?
Now, that doesn't mean that this is in the public, but they know how to.
They can vaccinate you through the air, through your skin, through an injection, or through your food.
I have studies on all of these that show each one of these as being viable.
And I'll tell you, They literally, and I'm going to read you this quote.
This is from the DVM 360 article.
Alternative vaccine delivery methods, including spraying and oral administration, are also being studied for veterinary use and may have benefit for wildlife or livestock population.
A spray vaccine could quickly inoculate a flock of chickens.
Okay, so understand something.
This led me to a whole series of studies and research.
The mucosa, which is when you breathe, it's in your sinus, it's in your nose, they're a path for vaccines to get in you.
So they can aerosolize vaccines and put it in you.
They can also, we've now found they can, ingestible vaccines are a workable thing.
I can go through all the details, I got studies, I got science, I can tell you they're a legitimate thing.
I'm not saying they're doing it today, I'm saying that they can do it.
They've got Topical!
And everybody thought that the skin's a barrier, right?
You can't get a vaccine through your skin.
You know what they did?
They found that there's a path through the hair follicles.
There's studies on it.
Now, the efficacy and this and that and the other are one thing, but here's the other thing that you've got to understand, Alex.
In addition to all of this, I want to tell you a quote from the same DVM article.
DNA vaccines are much more stable at room temperature.
There's a benefit that may lead to DNA vaccines being more widely distributed and used on a global scale.
DNA vaccines are where they're going.
Now understand, when they say RNA vaccines, they lied to us from the beginning, and I broke this with you, but I didn't realize how big this was when I did.
They talked about mRNA, and we were supposed to think that that was messenger RNA.
Messenger RNA is a weak garbage particle.
It's great in your body, but it doesn't get into your body.
You can't use it for vaccines.
So what they did was they said mRNA, but what they actually meant was mod RNA.
Mod RNA is modified laboratory created RNA.
If you look at your Pfizer-Moderna shots, they aren't mRNAs in messenger RNA, they are mod-RNA.
They take that RNA, they modify it, so it doesn't work like messenger RNA.
So the idea that it's going to go into your body and be gone in a couple days, this, that, and other, that's bullcrap.
We don't know how long it's going to be there, because half of the modifications are designed to make sure that these things stay in your body longer.
On top of that, Alex, All the RNA particles are from refined DNA.
They basically purify, break down, take out parts of the DNA to leave the RNA that they want.
So if there is a, with air quotes, manufacturing defect, and they leave too much DNA in, well guess what?
Messenger RNA may not permanently alter your genetics, but DNA does.
DNA absolutely does.
We've got a study out of Europe showing that there was at least a 30% DNA load in some of these shots.
They, and all they have to do is claim it's a manufacturing defect, if you want to believe that.
But regardless of what you believe... Sure, so we've known this for a while.
It's in the documents.
They're creating a giant, poisonous mutation.
Cancer is off the charts.
They said when they first started giving the shots three years ago, they said cancer is no big deal now.
Just, you'll get cancer.
They actually said, on CBS News, like, some people will get cancer when your doctor sees the cancer.
It's from the vaccine, but it may not be fatal.
Don't worry.
That's an excellent quote.
So this is all part of a larger plan.
Let's come back and talk about how do we stop this legally?
Why is Bill Gates allowed to release mosquitoes that quote, give you harmless malaria?
Why is he allowed to release mosquitoes that would put vitamin C in me?
Say it's good.
Why are you wanting to do that?
It's my body.
So this is something bad that wasn't in the United States until now.
And magically, right as his shots roll out, well, it's here.
I mean, this is so transparent.
Tom Renz, attorney at law, doing a great job as our guest.
We'll start the third hour here in just a moment.
Please remember, we have the July Super Sale going on right now and ends in a couple days.
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That's a huge discount.
So the globalist Satan cult see us with empathy and think we're weak because we have empathy, but actually that's what builds civilization.
And now they admitted this like four years ago on C-SPAN.
We played the clip many times with Fauci up there and the heads of the federal agencies.
They said, we're blowing up the old regulatory system.
We'll use some virus, probably a bird flu out of China in the next few years to just take over.
And we'll just put on the market whatever we want.
No controls.
Guinea pig the entire public.
And it'll be this giant innovation.
Then about six months ago, in fact, guys find it.
He was on Jordan Peterson, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.
Says, hey, Israel's a guinea pig now.
We're going to test everything on the Israelis and see if they hurt them and see if they're good.
And it's just, it's a unified corporate big pharma takeover of the body.
This is a short segment.
Some stations don't carry it, but I wanted to continue on with Tom Renz, obviously into the rest of the hour.
But Tom, You're a lawyer, but I mean, I know just the basics of law.
If I try to GMO a mosquito in my house, which I couldn't do, obviously, and release it on my neighbors, I go to jail.
How is Bill Gates, quote, allowed to do this?
Because he's bought off the regulators over the last 30 years?
Well, it's a really complicated thing, right?
Is technically he's not, but he's doing it anyways.
So I mean, you know, how is Hunter Biden allowed to have pictures of little girls on his computer and not get a charge for pedophilia?
I mean, yeah, I just, this is done because they can.
And, uh, yeah.
And I just actually reported on today.
I talked about the fact that there's a story about, you know, the Hunter Biden pictures that they're seeing on this thing with these little girls.
It's sick.
They don't care about the law.
At the end of the day, the problem is that this part of the law can be very, very vague.
Because the laws weren't designed at a time when they knew that you could genetically engineer and design things at this level.
So, let's talk about, and the reason, one of the things I think I don't want to lose sight of is aerosolized vaccines.
And the fact that they're going to use them on animals, use them on this, use them on that.
Well, if it's in the air, it can be spread anywhere, right?
How do you give informed consent?
If you put it in the mosquitoes, how do you get informed consent?
That's completely illegal.
So how do you get around that?
And the question is, well, does it qualify as vaccination under the law?
Does it qualify as this under the law?
Does it qualify as that?
And what we saw in COVID is they figured this out, right?
So you can't sue the federal government.
The courts won't let you sue the federal government.
It's almost impossible.
You can try.
And there's some very, very narrow instances where you can sue the federal government, but they are very narrow and it's very limited.
So what they did in COVID largely was they said, it's better to ask forgiveness and permission.
So they did all sorts of illegal things.
A lot of it was ruled unconstitutional, illegal.
But they did it anyways.
They knew they were going to lose the case, but there's no downside.
Sure, that's a bum rush.
It's just a raw rape.
It's an assault.
They know that... So what?
You're going to tell me it was illegal and what?
Give me a mandamus?
You're going to give me an injunction?
I was about to say, because they control the Justice Department.
That's really the key.
That's why they can have child porn.
That's why they can have cocaine.
That's why they can sell cigarettes to the Chinese, because they're above the law.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
They don't care about the law.
There's no accountability.
Oh my gosh, I'm so sick of these people.
And what's crazy is they're going to destroy themselves, Tom.
I mean, this is nuts what they're doing.
Mad scientists, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, crazy town.
But here's the thing, Alex.
So if you talk to the chemical weapons guys and the biological weapons guys and all these guys who develop this stuff, and I've talked to them.
The one thing that you find... Hold, this is too important.
Stay there, stay there.
I know, you brought forward that huge whistleblowers, the doctors, the rest, I mean, it's insane.
All the work you've done, man.
It just makes my head spin.
Hold on, just, we'll be right back.
I just cannot believe the rulers of this planet are purposely this crazy, but they just want to be God.
They're maniacs.
It's like every science fiction mad scientist book you read, those are based in reality, folks.
These are crazy people.
Tom Renz is our guest, one of the most prolific, successful lawyers battling the COVID takeover, and he got cut off by the break getting into the chemical and biological weapons experts he's talked to.
Uh, like, Dr. Huff, who was the vice president, he go up to Lyons and exposed the whole thing, and JFK, RRFK Jr.
coming out and saying it's CIA-run, which we already know, but he's now talking about it.
Uh, the craziness of creating weird, exotic, one-in-a-trillion bio-weapons out of five viruses that would never appear, that your enemy would never make.
And saying we made it in case somebody released it and then they release it and then they roll out a vaccine that isn't a vaccine and makes you sick and kills you.
They're trying to normalize depopulation and normalize censorship and just see if they could get away with it is my view.
Now you've got the European studies confirming what was in the U.S.
studies that some of the lots were saline, others were a mild mRNA DNA, others were really strong.
I mean, so they're doing range calculations on their weapons system.
I mean, this is spectacularly evil.
And like you said from your research, because you're immersed in this, it's way far ahead in part of a larger plan.
And we better be analyzing They just basically used this for martial law, control, medical tyranny, profit.
But this was a rangefinder.
This was like a dud.
This was like a starter pistol before they fire the real gun, is I think what you're saying.
Or special forces lazing a target before the real munitions come in.
And you can see that, that this was a test.
But you were saying before the break, they miscalculated.
I agree.
Thank God.
But they're really on a power trip.
They've really got a megalomaniacal plan.
They're really trying to execute it.
Tom Renz continues.
And you're talking to the biological and chemical weapons experts.
How do the elites think they're going to contain this or control this and hit us with this and get away with it?
Well, so what I've heard is that when they create bioweapons, those try and create the solution at the same time, right?
And we've got evidence that they created these COVID vaccines and things like that back at the time that they were creating the actual virus in the lab in Wuhan, so in mid-2010s, right?
They created at the same time.
Now, they didn't work, right?
And one of the things that you heard about, and you got to put some pieces together here.
If you guys remember, remember the guy from Bayer Pharmaceuticals saying, oh, it's so terrible.
No one wants to participate in our gene therapy trials.
And you heard all these people talking about, they were lamenting it, right?
Because they've been trying to do mRNA gene therapy type treatments forever.
But they couldn't get anybody to let them screw with their genetics.
Everybody's like, no, that's insane.
Why would I let you experiment on me like that?
Well, so then fast forward to COVID, right?
Now COVID was kind of a nothing burger of a disease.
And I say it was a nothing burger and I mean that in the sense that with early treatment, nobody died from it.
They knew that there were safe and effective treatments like HEQ and ivermectin.
But their directive caused some death to create the fear to then push the real system to pollute our DNA and I think cover up future operations.
Right, and I'm speculating a little bit here, but this is kind of where my head is on this, right?
So, my guess is, is they put out these vaccines that aren't vaccines, and the vaccines, they were in different lots.
We know that they ordered different lots of these vaccines, because we got the government contracts, you can see those.
And you can see that they ordered different kinds, and some of them had bioweapons technology, advanced weapons tech in it.
We know because of the FOIA exemptions that were there.
So why is there advanced weapons tech in a vaccine?
I don't know.
But my guess is that these different lots were different experiments.
We know that the formulations were different.
Some of the lots were far more deadly, some were less.
My guess is that they were experimenting with this.
They needed data.
They needed information.
Uh, they need to figure out how to do it.
And you know, if you're going to create another pandemic then, and you've got all this data, maybe you can create one that actually works.
Or you can create one differently.
Now we've had other rumors that are unsubstantiated, but it looks like COVID was much more impactful on certain races.
It looks like there's some substantial racial disparity, which they claim has to do with the fact that certain races get different health care, but that's not the case at all.
Just like HIV targets the receptor sites on Africans, it's the same deal again.
Yeah, it looks like that.
It looks like that.
And I can't prove that, but I would say that that's something worth studying.
So, you know, my guess is that as they do this, they'll have solutions available for whatever they're rolling out next to push for the next emergency.
But I think that those solutions are going to be they're broken into kind of the solutions that actually work.
Which are the things that you'll see that the elites get to make use of.
And then you'll see the things that don't work, like the vaccines that they'll push out.
Much like this mosquito vaccine, you know, that we just showed.
The malaria vaccine that has, you know, a solid 1% absolute risk reduction.
Why in the hell would you want to make it waste your life with that?
I mean, so I think that that's how that's going to break down.
And I think that there's really was the largest Experiment, the largest human experiment in history is how I would characterize COVID and the vaccines.
So you said about 15 minutes ago, you got hit by a brake.
So getting that more that they miscalculated.
I was saying, how is their attack gone?
Are they winning?
How would you quantify for listeners out there?
Because again, they say a new virus is coming, more virus is imminent.
Give them full control.
We know they're not going to give up, but if we really defeat them now and really can start, you know, going after them politically and then hopefully criminally, the criminal justice system, we can back these psychos off.
Well, and let me bear with me on this because it's going to take me a second to bring this around, but have you heard about the unified ledger thing that the Bank of Settlements is doing?
So you see the CBDCs, you see the Bank of Settlements pushing the unified ledger, the financial takeover.
You see the health care takeover.
You see all these different things.
But for those who don't know about the Unified Ledger and this whole global reset, which sounds great, but it puts you on one central system.
Why are you against forgiving debt?
Well, it's not really forgiving debt.
Explain what that means, then get into it.
Okay, so yeah, and I actually, I used to be a banker, so I can explain this to you in great detail.
Basically, CBDCs are taking the cash money in your pocket and making it a digital currency.
There's no cash anymore.
Even when you have money on your credit card right now, pieces of paper are getting transferred from one bank to another.
That cash.
There's cash representing it.
Digital currency is nothing but something on a spreadsheet.
So whoever controls the computer controls your money.
Now we have the Bank of International Settlements, the BIS, and I just was talking about this today.
This came out and said that they want to tokenize assets, and what that means is your house, everything that you own, will just be a thing on a spreadsheet, right?
You may think that you own your house, but that's only until someone decides that they're going to switch a spreadsheet and you don't own it anymore.
This goes to how Klaus Schwab said that you'll own nothing and you'll like it.
And that's part of the next... And for those that don't know, now you commit a social credit fraud, it's not even a law, they decide to take your house, it cuts out the courts, it cuts out everything.
Yeah, this is something that you've got to understand is a total power grab.
It's 100% a power grab.
And I can show you legally how that could flow into the U.S.
Take your time.
Keep walking through it because it's not coming, it's here.
Well, we have fed now already.
And they're tying this in and people say, I want to make clear, you say, well, why are you talking about this?
I thought you were just talking about COVID.
Same people, right?
They've made very clear that your digital ID that they're going to use for your central bank digital currencies and everything else is tied to your vaccine passport, your vaccine ID.
This is the same stuff That they're pushing for is not something that is limited to trying to get you to take a vaccine.
And so go back to what Unified Ledger means for those who don't know.
It's not banks and assets and having to cross-check assets.
It's just one flattened system that the UN or this global consortium controls.
Yeah, so at the head of the banking snake, you've got groups like the Bank of International Settlements and IMF.
What they're proposing is a centralized digital world.
So on their computer, controlled by only them, are a list of all the assets in the world.
Whether it's your cash, whether it's your house, whether it's your car, whatever it is, it's there.
And it's all controlled through a single bank.
And so with that bank having total control, they control everything about it, right?
So with the stroke of a keyboard, They could delete your ownership, change your ownership, delete your savings, remove your savings, and make so you can't buy things.
You want to buy medicine?
Well, hopefully you've got a good social credit score, because otherwise you won't have enough money to buy it.
You want to buy a house?
Well, I guess that'll depend on how good your social credit score is.
You want to become a billionaire elite?
Well, that's not an option, because to do that, they would have to allow a path forward, and there won't be a path forward.
You can go between poverty and lower middle class, But you can't really get higher than lower middle class because they don't want any competition in the elite world.
And there's no underground economy.
There's no black market economy.
It's always critical in a tyranny to survive.
There's no bartering.
And if anybody does barter, they get their social credit score lowered to zero.
Yeah, this is really what they're pushing for.
And listen, you don't have to believe me.
I can send you the documents.
No, they say it.
I mean, they say you won't leave one and a half foot outside your house without it.
We're going to have the Chinese system.
It's here.
Right, right.
So this is all part of the thing, right?
And this all goes together.
And with this, you'll get the vaccines that you need to get, all 380 of them.
You'll get all of these things.
And if you don't comply, so it's all about control everywhere, right?
And to control you, they have to take control of the necessary aspects of your life.
That includes food, water, systems of barter, which is money, energy, all these different things they have to take control of.
And so you've got to understand that Klaus Schwab has said that the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is winner takes all.
So these guys aren't going to stop.
When we talk about these COVID things and these pandemics, say, well, how does a guy working on COVID end up being able to give you the insides of this new unified ledger and, you know, the CBDCs?
Well, because when you follow the evidence, what you find, Is you see a lot of overlap between the inventions used to track your ID with COVID and your vaccines and the inventions used to track your digital ID that they want to give you with their central bank digital currency.
It's going to control all aspects of your life, your health, your finance, your everything down to what you eat.
So, you've got to understand that these guys are pushing for this.
And by the way, Tom, I'm glad you're hammering this.
And I know most of the audience gets this, but it's important to keep saying it.
The World ID, the digital currency, the COVID system, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, it's all a couple hundred people.
They admit this.
And COVID was getting us used to carbon lockdowns, used to being tracked.
The good news is their ESGs are being abandoned in name.
They're coming back with a new system, they're calling it.
It's, it's, I mean, there is major pushback is the good news.
We're not doomed, but we've got to keep pushing.
Yeah, that's, that's true.
And, and that's the key, right?
So when you, the original question you asked me is how are we doing?
Are we fighting back?
Are we winning?
This sort of thing, right?
And the answer is yes, in a dramatic way.
See, here's the thing.
If you sit in my seat, when I started fighting the COVID stuff, And you know Alex, you and I have talked about my story.
I'm just some nobody from Ohio.
I fought like hell and now I've got a bit of a platform and yeah, I had an impact.
But along the way, I was asked to get into everything that you can get into.
And I didn't have the capacity or the ability to do as many of the things as I'm doing now.
And praise God for the people that support us on TomRentz.com and elsewhere.
We're growing.
And the more we grow, I promise people, the more they support me, the more I'll fight.
So we've been able to expand the fight.
God is rising people up, and that's what we need to understand, folks.
Whether you get in the fight and do a little or do a lot, my experience is when you do this for the right reason and fight tyranny, all these doors open up.
That's absolutely right.
And they have.
So now what's happened is we've followed the evidence and we see that this is all tied in.
It's interconnected.
And you say, well, are we winning?
That's the great news, right?
Because at the end of the day, for the COVID stuff to go the way they wanted, they had to get to 90 to 95% vaccination.
Because at 90 to 95% vaccination, everybody's dying of the same side effects, and they can claim that it's just a new pandemic.
And there's no control group.
Explain that.
There's no control group.
So at 95% vaccination rate, you don't know anybody that's not vaccinated.
And at 95% vaccination rate, nobody would talk about it if they were unvaccinated because they'd get looked at like there was something wrong with them.
With what we have, we were able to keep, according to studies, 25% of the American public from getting any of these, but I would argue it's closer to 40%.
And another 40% that have only gotten one will never get another one.
That was huge and major, majorly disrupting in this.
Now, those people that stood the test of time on this, They skipped, they lost friends, they lost families, they lost their jobs, they lost loved ones, they lost everything to stand for their own freedom and to avoid getting these death jabs.
Well, these guys aren't going to change their mind on the next jab.
They're not going to change their mind coming forward.
They've lost trust in public health.
And by the way, I've watched UNWHO meetings and Clinton Foundation meetings and they showed statistics saying the public is twice as weary now.
We've got to be even stronger and push harder and make them.
Don't they know?
Oh, it is.
It is.
This is Leo, the tighter you squeeze, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.
I mean, they're admitting that people are waking up and hate them.
They're radicalizing everybody from Joe Rogan to Russell Brand.
And don't they?
I mean, it's kind of beautiful what they're doing, except they've killed so many innocent
They're destroying themselves.
But the arrogance of Fauci and the arrogance of all of them is just insane.
Wow, this is going to be crazy.
Oh, it is.
It is.
And remember, when the truth comes out that you killed millions of people with a vaccine
that wasn't a vaccine, you don't get a month in a cushy little prison resort and then go
back to your billions.
You end up at the end of a rope where you probably belong.
So if the truth comes out It's game over.
That's why I said this is winner-takes-all.
So these guys aren't going to go peacefully into the night because there is no peacefully into the night for them, right?
So this is a win-or-lose thing.
This isn't a negotiation.
This isn't a barter thing.
This isn't a, hey, well, you know, maybe we can get these guys to back down.
No, there is no backing down.
They're billionaires.
They aren't going to lose everything.
They'd be dead sooner than they'd give up everything.
I totally agree.
I don't mean to interrupt.
We've reached critical mass.
That's what I'm trying to tell listeners.
We've reached critical mass.
There's no putting Jeannie back in the bottle now.
Sorry, Tom, go ahead.
You're dead right.
Well, listen Alex, this was part of my plan from the beginning, because I'm a nobody, right?
I knew that I didn't have the resources for some of these cases that I wanted to do, and I knew I didn't have the resources for some of the things that I wanted to do.
So it was lawfare, legal, political, PR.
Part of that, central to that, was waking people up.
If we could wake enough people up, we the people could win what I couldn't win by myself.
That's right, you used the enemy's playbook against them.
Yes, absolutely.
Every time I can.
And so what we did was we got enough people and I had a meeting with my attorneys that was private.
My friend attorneys, the people who have stood with me for a while at the end of 2021.
And I said, guys, because by then I had a few other attorneys that were willing to fight people that were brave.
I said, guys, it's time to change footing.
They said, what do you mean, Renz?
I said, you got to understand something.
We've won this fight as long as we continue fighting it.
And what do you mean we've won?
They're not going away.
No, they're not going away.
And we're going to lose millions more people.
But we have a control group and we've got enough people who have stood and were awake enough that there's now enough suspicion that we have a legitimate group of people who will stand against this tyranny.
And there's enough of us globally.
And in the United States, standing against this tyranny, that freedom will end up winning.
We are winning.
We've just got to continue waking people up, continue expanding that army of freedom warriors, continue educating people, continue filing lawsuits, continue doing what we're doing, and most importantly... Tom, I agree with you to infinity.
That's what I keep telling listeners every day.
People are like, hey, we went through three years.
People died.
Let's just move on, Jones.
Don't be a victim.
This is the opposite.
I'm not being a victim.
They're going to do it again.
They say the next virus is going to kill kids.
They think that will scare us into submission.
It's coming.
It could be next week, next month, next year.
It's happening.
I'm telling you people, this was round one.
We have got to keep exposing it.
We've got to keep going after them.
We've got to do it now.
We've got the initiative.
They know they're losing.
They're scared.
We have got to absolutely push harder than ever.
It's life and death, man.
I got four children, folks.
So do you out there!
Are you gonna roll over and let these people kill you?
Are you gonna let Klaus Schwab take your life over?
Are you gonna make them give you a digital ID like the Chinese have and control every damn thing you do?
Our ancestors didn't do everything they did for us to have us sell everything out to frickin' Fauci!
And I'm telling you, I'm not a vengeful person.
I'm looking for blood.
But I want them exposed.
I want Nuremberg too.
And the murdered people deserve the justice.
And all the people still dying that I do want the globalists to know.
At the end of the day, they are going to get executed for this.
They need to be executed.
We don't want to go out and do it, make them victims ourselves.
But I'm saying, just like the Nazis ended up at the end of a rope, the people that did this premeditatedly, Supermax prison is not good enough.
Alex, I mean, listen, I don't know what to say.
Millions of children dead.
There was no benefit whatsoever for these vaccines in children.
There were no healthy children that died of COVID during the main outbreak.
It wasn't until we started vaccinating children that they started dying from COVID.
This is a crime against humanity at the highest level in the history of humanity.
We've never had a situation Where people have globally waged war on children like this.
And whether, I mean, you can pick your thing, but I also got two kids.
And I'm going to tell you what, hell frees over before I let my kids grow up in this crap hole that we've let it turned into.
We're going to fix this world, we're going to fix this country, we're going to be free, and there will be accountability.
Because if we don't hold them accountable, they will do this again.
And they're going to stop, and we've got to keep fighting.
You know, right now we're getting ready.
You know what?
Schwab said that 2024 will be the last election in America.
You know why he said that?
He said that because if CBDCs are put in place, if the General Ledger's put in place, if the vaccines test... Do you think that Donald Trump would be able to run for president in 2028 after that's in place?
They would seize his assets.
Donald Trump would be... That's why he's calling it the final battle.
It is the final battle, and I'm going to tell you something.
If we don't win this, it's going to get real ugly because there are guys like me I won't stop.
You're not taking my freedom.
There is no stopping on this.
So we either win this now, or it's going to get real ugly because I will not stand side where they take my kid's freedom.
Could you believe that the media, I've got so many clips, I can't even play them, there's so many, that CNN, MSNBC attacked Sound of Freedom and said it's a bad movie when it's all on record true.
The FBI, the Justice Department just took child trafficking off their website.
It doesn't exist now.
Well, I mean, we literally have had pure evil take over.
Oh, literally.
I mean, listen, we've got Hunter Biden who has allegedly has pictures of pedophilia on his computer and we're okay with it.
We're trying to legitimize putting a mental illness in children.
I mean, listen, gender dysphoria disorder is a mental illness.
It just is.
It's diagnosable.
It's treatable.
It's a mental illness.
But yet we're promoting it in children.
I mean, why would you put an eight-year-old on a puberty blocker?
They don't even know what it is.
You don't know what sex is.
You can't make a decision like that at eight.
It's insane.
This is a war on children.
It's a war on our families.
These people are sick beyond words.
The idea that Drag Queen Story Hour is not about sexualizing children, if it wasn't about sexualizing children, it would just be Story Hour.
It's Drag Queen Story Hour because you're a pervert and you're trying to sexualize children.
How stupid do they think we are, Alex?
They've made the pedos that made their move with poison shots and 5G and freaking pedo time and just everything else.
These people are maniacs.
Totally open borders.
The good news is humanity's waking up.
We'll be right back to talk about these other big COVID news that broke.
Huge news.
There's Nazis getting executed right there.
That's what's going to happen to the New World Order.
I want listeners to know something.
I don't get up here and say we're winning the fight just to make you feel good.
Millions have been killed, tens of millions are sick, millions more will die.
It's a terrible situation and it's a covert attack.
If the communists and the Nazis would have done this the way the globalists are doing it, they probably would have won.
But that's because back then there wasn't enough communication systems to figure out something sophisticated.
We have a lot of smart people and a lot of scientists and a lot of lawyers and a lot of journalists and a lot of doctors and nurses that are telling the truth.
And so you look at top, former top host of Saturday Night Live, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, dozens coming out against the shots.
You've got Dave Chappelle coming out.
You've got Joe Rogan years ago.
You've got everybody.
You've got Ice Cube, Ice-T.
I don't want to have a civil war.
I don't want to have a bunch of blood in the streets.
And it's everywhere.
And so the globalists have to know they're in a lot of trouble.
And even if they cook up some new, more deadly virus, people don't trust them and people are gonna hold them
I don't wanna have a civil war.
I don't wanna have a bunch of blood in the streets.
That's why I'm saying, hey folks, I know you want vengeance, especially if family members died or whatever.
Let's take the government back.
Let's do it.
But even Fox News hosts are coming out.
They thought they'd get rid of Tucker.
It would fix their problems.
Even top Fox hosts like Levine are coming out saying, I used to be a big minion of the Justice Department thinking it was perfect.
It's bad.
It's killing America.
It's got to be abolished.
The government is not our government anymore, folks.
The government is run by criminals at the top.
That doesn't mean we want a civil war, and that the receptionist in a federal building is the enemy, or the agents up in the building.
Most of them are actually just as disgusting as we are, and I'm not trying to lionize them, it's just true.
So, that's the problem with the technocracy, is a very small group is in control, but once you politically expose them, and once people know they're bad, There's no getting away with the next operation because I'm not going to lead some violent revolution.
I don't claim to know who to target or how to carry it out.
Well, the average FBI agent's the same way.
They're like, well, what do I do?
I mean, we're all little people.
We're all common people, but we're big through God.
Like Tom Renz said, and we've all got to speak out, say no, file lawsuits, educate people, get informed, get healthy.
Get close to God, it's a process.
But the biggest thing is warning people and exposing people, because right now we're winning.
But if we kind of go to sleep, they thought we would, and forget the last attack, they're going to hit us with the next one.
My intellect tells me that they're getting ready for something new and big.
Plus, I read their own documents, they are.
But the gut.
The gut right here is on fire.
It's like Jones, get them ready.
The imminent, imminent, imminent.
And my heart then burns with resilience and power and resistance, total resistance against these people.
So I got some stories on the whole COVID push that I wanted to get Tom Renz's take on here.
But this is Dr. Peter McCullough, who's been very cautious.
I've known him for years in private.
He knows the whole game, how it came out of the lab, CIA, all nine yards.
And now he's starting to do that because he has the proof.
But he talks about the studies of the massive increases in death of those that have taken the shots.
So it never protected you.
It never gave you any protection.
It erased your immune system.
So they've walked us through this fraud.
And then now...
You have anecdotal evidence, but it's never before seen.
Coroners all over Europe, all over Australia, all over the U.S., all over Canada, pulling out these things, saying we've never seen any of these since the shots started.
Since the shots started, there's these giant protein blobs.
It's like nanotech.
It just builds up in the body and then takes over.
Young people, old people.
I've got newscast here.
Where babies are having microcarditis at record levels and the BBC saying it's normal now for babies to have heart attacks at 10,000 times the previous level.
No congenital heart defects, no, no.
You're just a baby and you're a year old, they give you the shot and you have a heart attack.
I mean, this is crazy town that they thought they'd get away with it.
And as Tom Renz said, if they got 98% to take it, there'd be no control group.
And they would say it was something else.
They can't do it because now everybody knows.
Because what, 40, 50 percent said no to multiple shots?
I mean, we'll get from Tom some of those numbers.
They're hard to track.
But here is the clip of Dr. Peter McCullough talking about this huge news.
The study is looking at autopsy reports of basically deaths that look like they came from the vaccine, and they did a rigorous analysis.
Dr. McCullough, what did you find?
This was an important study.
Let me give you some context.
I was contacted by a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, where I'm an alumni, and we had an approved project through the School of Public Health to do an examination, a systemic review of all the autopsies that had been published in the peer-reviewed literature.
So we used a standard that was called PRISMA methodology where we searched for every paper possible.
We sorted through hundreds and hundreds of manuscripts because deaths can be reported as different clinical syndromes are coming out after the vaccine.
We arrived at 44 papers, 325 autopsies.
Then we took each one of the autopsy results out and we put it as a single line item with all the clinical description and then we submitted that to adjudication, a blind adjudication.
Three doctors who were expert in looking at pathologic specimens all had bona fide evidence in the autopsy lab and then we came to an agreement on the cases and we found that 73.9% of all the cases It was either the vaccine as the direct cause of death or it significantly contributed to the death.
The deaths occurred within a week or two after taking the last shot and far more than 50% the single cause was a cardiovascular cause of death.
And just to clarify something, you know, these 325 cases, of course, a quarter of them you were indeterminate.
What were the criteria that determined these 325 cases you looked like exactly?
Well, that's a good question.
Who didn't die of the vaccine?
Well, there were deaths where there was an auto accident or a suicide.
Or there were some cases in nursing homes where people are on hospice and it looked like they were in their last days of life.
And honestly, we just couldn't attribute it to the vaccine.
But the striking cases were people who were perfectly healthy, had no other medical problems.
The only new thing in their life was a vaccine.
And then they died with an obvious syndrome, like a blood clot or heart damage, myocarditis.
This is important because when these papers were originally published, The authors didn't know the full breadth of safety profiles of the vaccine.
So initially there were some autopsies from Germany.
People died of blood clots shooting to lungs and the authors concluded it wasn't a vaccine because at that time they didn't know the vaccine caused blood clots than we do now.
Yeah, so it's higher than 74.
So I want to get Tom Renz to take on that and play another clip here.
But everybody's seen the memes of here hold my beer.
We need Hitler saying I killed 20 million people.
That's a conservative number by the way.
You know, total.
So debates that Hitler killed a bunch of people are ridiculous.
He killed a bunch of people, folks.
And Hitler, hey, I killed 10 million people or 20 million people.
You can debate it all day.
And then just have Fauci saying, here, hold my beer.
Because they did this.
They knew it.
That's why they had the former chief scientist at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Giedon, go public before the shot started and said, I've looked at this.
It'll cause heart attacks and myocarditis.
They knew.
The question is, why were they so crazy?
Well, why does a pedophile grab your kid out of the backyard and go rape him and go to jail for the rest of their life?
Because they're crazy.
They can't help it.
Tom Rins, what do you make of that incredible study and development?
Well, I think it's absolutely amazing.
So here's the thing.
And this is a, I'm glad you asked this because this is what I do for a living, right?
I, uh, I literally, I translate McCullough type language into English.
So here you got Peter McCullough and Harvey Risch, Paul Alexander, a bunch of guys who are literally the smartest guys in every room that they go into.
I mean, I gotta tell you, I've talked, I spent time with all, all these guys and they're just next level smart.
They put together a study.
Now, mind you, McCullough is the most published guy in his field on the planet.
This study shows, and he talked about the study methodology, and you can tell, if you know what you're listening for, you can tell whether it's a good study or whether it's garbage.
What they did was proper.
Everything they did was by the book.
Harvey Risch signed off on this.
He's a Stanford professor, or Yale professor, in epidemiology.
And literally one of the best studied people on the planet.
I mean, like, if he's good with it, it's good.
So, we've got the GOAT signing on to this?
We got the GOAT signing on to it.
You know, there's a few others that I put up in his category, but we got the GOAT.
So, I'll tell you, these guys signed off on this, and what this did, Was just, they said, listen, here's a bunch of symptoms and here's when they died and here's this and here's that.
What do you think caused the death?
And these independent pathologists looked at it and said, well, it looks like the COVID vaccine.
You know, they died within six days of getting the vaccine.
They died of something that was tied to the vaccine.
There's no other reasonable cause in 70 some percent.
Now that's going to be a conservative number.
Now, unlike COVID, where they called you a death if you got hit by a bus and coughed when you were dying... Yeah, people that died in motorcycle accidents, they said it was COVID.
This, they did as actual scientists, and they excluded everybody they could, so they were very conservative in their approach.
Now, here's the thing.
This is one of the most compelling pieces of data I've seen.
And it was sponsored by the University of Michigan, put together by the top scientists on the planet.
They put it on the Lancet, which is a very respected medical journal for pre-publication.
And before anybody could even peer-review it, they took it down.
Because the Lancet is so corrupt and so controlled by big pharma that they didn't want it out there.
Well, again, trusting science means not having science.
Yes, so that's even more evidence of the guilt.
Well, and let me share even more.
So I sent to Congress in 2022, and to most of the governors in the United States, and I got certified receipts that I sent it, a document that included evidence from a whistleblower.
Okay, the whistleblower had access to Medicare, Medicaid, and analyzed how many people died or had serious adverse events within 14 days of getting one of the jabs.
So I'm going to talk about Texas, right?
Your state.
We're going to talk about Texas.
These are people who did not have any of these in their medical records prior to getting the jab.
We had 3,600% of the people, 3,633 cases, and this is just Medicare Medicaid and just in Texas, and this is in 2022, actually earlier than that.
So this is way earlier.
We have 3,633 cases of acute kidney failure within 14 days of getting the jab.
We had 10,271 cases of COVID right after they got the jab.
actually earlier than that. So this is way earlier. We have 3,633 cases of acute
kidney failure within 14 days of getting the jab. We had 10,271 cases of COVID
right after they got the jab. It causes COVID. We have 4,141 cases of pneumonia
after they got it.
How about stroke?
3,600 cases of stroke within 14 days of getting the jab.
So using a similar methodology to what the smartest guys in the room did, we broke and told Congress back in 2022 early how bad this was.
We also sent them the information from the DMED data, which showed all of these things.
And let me bring it back around, just in case you think I've been sleeping.
I'm looking right now at a document dated 10-22-2020.
2020, Alex.
Now, I know you've seen this document.
This was the document submitted to the VRBPAC, which is the Vaccine Advisory Board for the FDA, CDC, this whole crew.
This document lays out, in 2020, before the vaccines were even authorized, Twenty years, twenty-five side effects that they expected.
Myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, all these different things.
We have the CDC document, yeah, in October of 2020, predict everything that would happen, and we had Dr. Yidan and Wolfgang Ludager in that report, they put out to the EU saying the same thing.
They knew this was coming.
They covered it up.
I sent it to Congress.
I sent it to our elected officials.
I've got the receipts.
I've got the receipts because we sent it certified mail so that they couldn't say they didn't get it.
Do you know what they did?
They covered it up.
So let's pull back as a father, and not just as a lawyer and a researcher, but 35,000 foot cube.
Clearly it's about depopulation.
It's about setting the precedent.
It's about polluting our genetics so they can do other stuff.
But how did they think something this bold?
I guess they'd gotten away with so much before, they thought they'd get away with it.
But I see it.
Well, let's play that short clip of top comedians.
There's hundreds of these.
They're all, everybody's waking up.
I mean, less everybody, I mean, like 90% of people are coming out.
All these famous Hollywood stars are saying it's tyranny, it's poison, it's evil.
I mean, it's bridged the gap between left and right all over the world.
There's criminal investigations going everywhere.
And I don't think they knew it would blow up in their face like this.
Here it is.
We'll play those comedian clips we had earlier, guys, pulled up.
The clips from Saturday Night Live, guys.
I saw you had it on screen.
Can we play that?
I miss COVID.
I know!
Dude, you know what I knew?
There was trouble when anyone that came to our country didn't have to get a vaccine.
And I go, if you're telling me I can't go to work, But everyone coming in doesn't have to get one, I go.
Well, once we found out, when Fauci said, OK, I'm sorry, if you've had two boosters and two vaccines, you can get and give COVID to another guy who's had five vaccines and four boosters.
What's the difference between a vaccine and a booster?
I don't know, just more vaccine, but booster sounds better.
Anyway, a guy with 25 vaccines would get and give COVID to another guy with 25 vaccines.
That's why I'm introducing the daily COVID shot.
Every day you get a shot.
By the time you get to your car, you got no immunity.
But it's a beautiful 39 seconds.
But we laugh until the mass death.
And then Woody Harrelson attacks him on SNL going off script.
So I think it's fair to say that they've lost the plot.
The public's pretty much 50% awake now, and then once you hit 50 in any culture, it goes like 99 overnight, because the followers are going to get on board.
The left loves to be victims.
They're all going to file lawsuits once they figure out it's not trendy to be a lab rat.
This is going to be explosive, unless they start, what, World War III, which they're already half done doing.
I mean, so let's not be too overconfident here, Tom.
I respect you.
You're a smart guy.
What do you expect the bad guys, with all your sources in the federal government who are good guys and have gone public, many of them, You never toot your horn.
You brought forward like half the major whistleblowers.
The Wuhan Vice President.
I mean, you've just... I remember you on my show like two and a half years ago going, I got this big whistleblower coming out and I believed you.
You were credible.
But then they came out and I was like, well, this is spectacular.
And then they sent the military after them at their houses.
I mean, it's been quite the James Bond movie, but we're not drama queens about it.
But listeners need to know, it's been crazy.
What do you expect the bad guys to do now this is all coming out?
Well, you know, they're in a situation that's not good.
I mean, ultimately, the truth is coming out.
And you have to understand that the digital ID for the central bank digital currencies and the digital ID, the vaccine passport, These guys aren't about half measures.
They want total control of our universe.
They hate freedom.
I mean, listen, you've got Yuval Noah Harari, who cannot stop talking about Hitler.
This guy loves Hitler.
Every time he talks, he's talking about it.
Imagine if Hitler had the technology that I have today.
And by the way, you're all a bunch of useless feeders, and you're a bunch of useless idiots, and if you don't do what I say, I'm gonna kill you!
Oh, yeah.
One of the most anti-Semitic monsters I've ever seen, this guy.
He's just a horrible, horrible human being.
And yet, he keeps getting invited back to talk to Ted Fox.
Well, because he's like Soros.
Because he's Jewish, he's allowed to love Hitler.
Well, you know, listen.
I don't care what he is.
He's an anti-Semite.
I mean, just because he was born of that race does not make him Jewish by belief.
No, I agree, but there's this weird thing with Soros and him.
For folks that don't know, he keeps quoting Hitler, but like, in a good way.
I mean, it's bizarre.
It is.
It is.
I mean, him and Schwab, they've got this fetish with him.
And it's really, it's a horrific, horrific thing.
We actually played, I've got a compilation that we did of him praising Hitler and Stalin.
And it's like, there's like 50 clips.
It's sick.
But, you know, these guys, they're all in.
So, you know, the question is, what do they do?
That's funny.
That's a, that's a great image there.
Put it back on.
Oh my goodness.
I love that.
And that's about right, except I'm not sure who's petting who.
But, you know, they're going to have to double down.
They've got to continue moving.
I think that you're going to see before 2024, and this is predictive, so, you know, I can't prove it, but I'm guessing that before 2024's election, you're going to see disruption, but I don't think you're going to see a pandemic yet, because no one's going to accept a pandemic.
No, I agree.
They were planning more right on the heels like monkey pox, but nobody bought it.
No, well, I mean, listen, I came on this show.
We did, you know, I purposely, when the monkeypox stuff was hitting, I coordinated the best I could.
I reached out to every conservative outlet I could, gave them as much information as I could.
I called every influencer I could find, gave them every bit of information I could, and did everything I could to get that out there so people could see what it really was.
So, I mean, we worked hard, hard, hard behind the scenes when the monkeypox stuff was going.
We do a lot of that.
Nobody knows that we do it, but we're really busy.
uh... then uh... but i expect that you're gonna look at possibly an
internet outage cyber attack and i don't know i don't know
yeah i think that you're gonna see some of that before the election
They have to have some chaos before the election.
Because right now, Trump's going to win this election by 50 million votes.
Other than George Washington, everything they've done has backfired.
He's 70 plus percent in the Republican field.
He's 30 points ahead of Biden in their skewed polls.
That's never happened since polling began.
No, no, no, no.
And listen, that's good because here's the deal.
Uh, Trump may not know everything that we know.
But Trump's got a chip on his shoulder and he knows that there's bad guys and he's going to go in there and clean the house.
Oh, he's definitely born again hard now.
I mean, he's working final battle, destroy the new world order, arrest the deep state, and you don't have to take the shots.
He'll never admit when he's wrong.
He got conned by them to do it.
That's his strong point, though.
They could never get him to do what they wanted.
We can't get him to do what we want.
But he did so many other good things.
So obviously they don't want us to have Trump.
Trump already had the election stolen.
So just if I support voters in general, we should support Trump.
Oh yeah.
Listen, I mean, he's, he's the, there's no sellout in that guy, right?
I mean, he's not, he's not going to sell out.
That's the one thing.
And he's got good people, you know, he's already said he's going to have Flynn back around him.
I like Flynn a lot.
Flynn's a buddy of mine.
I'm honored to call the General a friend.
And by the way, he just launched a pack, which I hope people are supporting.
We've got to quit donating to WinRed, by the way.
WinRed is controlled by McConnell and these other rhinos.
WinRed is a disaster.
You need to look where you're donating, and if it's WinRed, you need to donate somewhere else.
What do you make of the implosion of DeSantis?
He's like self-immolated.
I like him as a person, but man, having his wife campaign for him, he's really blown himself up.
Yeah, so I mean, DeSantis was, I said this from the beginning, I like DeSantis as a governor, but this was not his race.
He should have stayed out of this till 2028.
And I think it was a very, very big mistake, because I think it damaged his ability for 2028.
I think that it was, I just, Trump isn't going to get beat.
There's no way to beat him without stealing it from him.
Yeah, but I think they're going to try to assassinate him because all their indictments haven't worked.
In fact, they did the opposite.
So what is the deep state going to do?
I think that they're going to have to try and steal this other ways.
And, you know, I think we're coming to a point where the 2024 election You know, Alex, I remember going back to the Clinton days.
I remember Rush and all the guys saying, most important election of our lifetimes.
And I remember always rolling my eyes and saying, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And I always resisted that most important election of our lifetime.
But this is.
This is.
This really is.
When you've got a choice of Bob Dole or Mitt Romney, it's all fixed.
You already know it's fixed.
We've got a real candidate they want to kill.
I mean, this is real.
Yeah, and I'll tell you what, if we're really lucky, if we fight hard enough, I'd love to see Bobby get the Democrat nomination and have a Kennedy-Trump thing, because at least then we've got two guys.
I don't agree with Kennedy on gun control or abortion or a few things like that.
But he could reform the Democratic Party and give them a soul again.
I like Bobby.
I'm supporting him on the Democrat nomination.
I'm supporting Trump on the Republican side.
Oh, he's definitely against the New World Order.
They killed his dad.
He was there.
He saw them shoot his dad.
He knows the CIA did it.
You talk about a chip on the shoulder.
We have got to get those two guys going.
We've got to support those guys.
At the end of the day, you know, Trump has to, has to get in because he's going to have to clean house and he's got the right people around him to do that.
And I think that he can do some amazing things.
I hope he gets the full word on the vaccines, but he did say that he's going to investigate big pharma.
No, he is.
Well, Tom, incredible work on the mosquito stuff, everything.
Keep hard-charging.
Please join us again soon.
Everybody can find your work and your show and everything you do at TomRins.com.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you, sir.
All right, I'm going to introduce the next guest host and talk about some news I didn't hit.
Also, I didn't even plug last hour.
If I don't plug, we're not going to be here.
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That sale has to end Thursday morning.
So like 48 hours or less of the sale and it takes funds to fight the New World Order.
You like what we're doing here?
Well, this is your fight, folks.
I'm like a plan.
You don't water me, I die.
All right, the extremely informative Maria Z is set to take over from the Pacific Ocean.
I got a few other things I want to hit.
Owen Stroyer is live in one hour.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
All right, I didn't get to a lot of the COVID news because Ren's was on fire and covering a ton of stuff, but this is like mainstream news in Peru.
They declared an emergency.
So many people are paralyzed and dying from the shot.
Yeah, folks, they hit us with a bio weapon, a chemical weapon, to see what would happen.
It's got both chemical and bio weapon aspects to it.
And it just goes on and on and on and on.
But here's a clip out of Epoch Times.
This is a... Unusual surge in severe myocarditis cases in newborns and infants from mothers who've taken the shots.
Here it is.
There are other myocarditis-related news developments that I believe are really worth highlighting.
For instance, several weeks ago, the WHO issued a warning regarding a quote-unquote unusual surge of myocarditis cases in babies that were born within the United Kingdom.
Specifically, on May 17th, the WHO released this statement here, you can see it up on your screen, warning the public about the rising number of quote-unquote severe myocarditis cases in both newborns as well as infants.
Here's part of what this alert said, quote, between June 2022 and April 2023, 10 babies under 28 days of age presented with symptoms of myocarditis at a tertiary hospital in South Wales and tested positive for enterovirus and PCR testing.
Seven babies were treated in intensive care, and one died before transfer to tertiary care.
One infant is still being treated in the hospital.
Furthermore, the alert from the WHO actually contained a small update in regards to the status of these babies.
Quote, in all cases alive at presentation, myocarditis was a presenting feature.
As of April 20th, 2023, three patients were hospitalized, four patients were being managed as outpatients, and two had died.
Then, in terms of how dramatic this increase in the number of myocarditis cases was in babies, well, here's what this report said.
Quote, in the same hospital, covering the South Wales region, over the previous six years, only one other similar case has been identified.
Over the past six years, they had one case, but in the span of nine months, there were ten cases in that one hospital in South Wales.
Now, I know what you're thinking at this point.
What could have possibly led to this increase in myocarditis cases in babies during the years 2022 to 2023?
Could it have anything to do with the large-scale push to get everyone in the country, including pregnant women, fully vaccinated?
Was something they know causes heart attacks and heart issues?
University of Texas with virus vector systems that are the same as mRNA, but they use a virus to program a cell, not mRNA.
They said in 2016, after a four-year study, don't give this to any humans.
It killed half the mice, quickly, of heart attacks and blood clots and strokes.
And so then they roll it all out, whether it's the virus vector, the J&J, the AstraZeneca, or the mRNA, Moderna, Pfizer, I mean, you might as well just drink Drano, folks.
the HIV spike protein that's highly toxic and that your body also attacks
and eats holes in your capillaries. I mean you might as well just drink Drano
folks and that's why Dr. Michael Yeadon and all the other scientists looked at
this and they went you're gonna give people And they went and looked at the other studies and they went, because they've tested everything.
Are you crazy?
It's going to cause massive heart attacks, you maniacs!
And you know, we talk about we have a control group that didn't take the shots.
Yeah, except these things shed.
And yeah, it's not as bad for people they get shed on.
But the studies are there.
Nevertheless, it's happening.
So, folks, you've all been in a war.
You have, like, World War II vets, Vietnam vets, Desert Storm vets.
Well, we're all veterans of a biological attack by the globalists and Bill Gates and the UN.
Now, where are the war memorials?
Where are the memorials for the dead?
Because let me tell you something, there are going to be a lot more dead.
This is a silent war being carried out against humanity.
And I'm a veteran of it.
You're a veteran of it.
We're all veterans.
As civilians being targeted by a global government Bill Gates bio-slash-chemical-weapon attack.
Come on!
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Maria Z. InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Share the link like your life depends on it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z, and a special greeting to all of the survivors of the greatest psychological operation in history.
Today, you are all warriors.
Don't ever let them make you forget it.
Because every single person in this information war truly is a soldier of the modern age, a soldier of the modern warfare.
But let us not be deceived, the psychological operation is absolutely ongoing.
And if you caught the last segment with Tom Renz and Alex where they were talking about the fact that they're not going to give up so easily.
Yes, there are many of us.
Yes, people are starting to awaken to this through various forms.
They may not understand every aspect of the agenda just yet.
But as we start to awaken, we have to be aware of the very real threat that at any time they can throw a spanner in the works.
I'm joined today by John D'Souza.
He's a former FBI special agent who worked counterterrorism and paranormal cases for over 25 years.
He was also an attorney and maintained a top-secret security clearance during his time in the U.S.
John collected true-life X-Files that were used on the highly popular show, The X-Files, and he also shares many of these cases in his best-selling books and his worldwide presentations.
He's going to break down the coming alien deception today for us and speak about this very real threat.
John, thank you so much.
It's good to see you again.
Hello, Maria.
It's great to be here with you and your audience on Alex Jones via MariaZ.
Very nice.
The Alex Jones Show audience are some of the most amazing people on the planet.
Let me tell you, these people are awake, John.
So we're talking to people that, for the most part, understand that these maniacs are ready to throw any type of spanner into the works.
And they have really calculated You know, many different contingency plans based on how the people respond.
So we have to be aware of that as intelligent individuals.
But before we get started, please, for anyone who isn't familiar with your work, let them know a little bit about your history and how you started speaking about the coming fake alien invasion.
Yes, I am John D'Souza.
I am sometimes called the X-Man.
I was an FBI agent for over 25 years.
During that time, I worked mostly counterterrorism cases.
And as well as some paranormal cases, and I carried a top-secret security clearance during that time.
However, some of my cases never really touched FBI files.
They were kind of off-the-books types of things, and that's why I do speak of them from time to time.
And that's why, and during that time also, I was brought forward and I'm kind of accused of giving information to some Hollywood producers about my cases, and that was ultimately proved false.
And I just came up, unfortunately, I did come out of it with the nickname, The X-Files Man, or X-Man for short.
And so that's where I come from.
That's my background.
And it is something that I pursue even today, where I try to share some of this information about what's going on.
In recent history, with these federal agencies, in particular, the FBI, of course, the CIA, and even Secret Service that we see, we see emulating themselves right now.
And that sort of thing is, unfortunately, as we spiral down here to the end of the American Empire, it just becomes more and more apparent everywhere that we look.
Yes, you're absolutely right.
And I want to get to the present day because it's very important.
But before we get there, John, talk to us through a bit of a timeline of how you've seen the government and the intel agencies moving towards this point where we are now.
They are really on the precipice of a fake alien invasion.
And before I hand over to you, just so that people know, we've got the United Nations talking about launching their emergency platform Which includes, I mean, I've presented on the Alex Jones Show about this before, but the document essentially is saying, well, we need to hand over all power to Gutierrez when there's some sort of an emergency, and it can even be a climate emergency or an event in outer space.
They've also, just as of May this year, I was just alerted to this this week, our Common Agenda Policy Brief 7, they've published this document which is for all humanity, the future of outer space governance.
So this outer space governance, this language of outer space emergencies is really prevalent now.
We know that the US government is talking about it.
We've got, as you said, these whistleblowers, so-called whistleblowers coming out of the cracks.
So talk to us about the events leading up to this point where we are now.
Give us a bit of a background.
As you know, the governments always have to have some kind of worldwide emergency going on so that they can take away our rights.
And one of the great problems we're facing right now, as Alex Jones went over in his previous hour, is that the global pandemic It's basically losing steam.
It's going down.
It's not having any success.
People are finding out, even their own minions are going against it right now, which means for us, unfortunately, it means they're going to have to roll into their next global emergency pretty quickly here.
And this is one that they have been working on.
since for many years now with great, great success.
And they've had it, they've got it burrowed into our United States Congress, the United
States Senate, and many political bodies all over the world.
And it's simply this, it's the Great UAP PSYOP, the Great UAP Psychological Operation.
UAP stands for the Unknown Aerial Phenomenon, right?
Okay, well, how did they come up with that?
Well, you know, many years ago we had No less, I saw personally, no less a villain than the evil Queen Hillary Clinton and her Igor, John Podesta, who both repeated the exact same campaign slogans they both said on different interviews.
And they both said, hey, the big thing going on now is that we're no longer saying UFOs.
We're now saying UAPs.
We're now saying UAPs, which stands for Unknown Aerial Phenomena.
And we're also saying its partner label UAT, Unknown Aerial Threats.
Well, why did they say that?
Because the whole point of the campaign was to increase fear, to get fear ginned up.
And to get this operation off the ground, way back in 2012, when the, again, no less a villain than the New York Times editorial board, had a spring-loaded campaign that went forward, saying that, reaching back to 2004, and saying that the Nimitz, the United States, the U.S.
Nimitz carrier group, battle carrier group, had encountered Off of the coast of the United States, a group of these Tic-Tac vehicles that were all zipping around and doing, you know, final, it looked like final experiments to see their operability over the open ocean.
And they encountered this.
They went there and they got films of it.
They got films of it.
They had their pilots go out and investigate it and look at it.
And they said, these are possibly UA UFOs, except we're not going to say UFOs anymore.
We're now going to say UAPs.
And so they got all this film of these, these Tic Tacs.
They were these silver colored sort of vehicles.
And they were, they were man-made, top secret man-made military drones.
That's investigation since then has revealed that.
So whenever you hear UAP, immediately attach man-made to it.
And who are the men that make it?
It's a different issue.
But these are man-made things.
And the way that we know that the Nimitz Carrier Group was there to provide protection and security.
They were not there.
They did not just encounter these possibly hostile vehicles over the ocean and just decide to, and they did not decide to just not go to general quarters because that would be a public event if they did.
And if there had been a genuine finding of possible hostile vehicles, they would have gone to general quarters.
They would have done something.
to, you know, leaning forward position to investigate these things and possibly even
bring one of them down. And that never happened. That really shows- >> We've got to get a break.
We've got to go to break in a minute, John.
I really want you to go on on the other side of the break about UAP specifically.
You shared something shocking with me last time we spoke.
We'll be right back.
And we're back with former FBI agent John D'Souza talking to us about the coming fake alien invasion just before the break.
John was touching on the TICTACs, what UAPs are.
I really want, if you can for the audience, John, make the clear distinction between,
because it's not just that they've changed the term from UFO to UAP, there actually is
a difference.
Yes, and the thing is, there is a huge difference.
And the UAPs are man-made.
They are man-made with the assistance of our great aerospace companies, which are global in and of themselves.
But they are under globalist authority.
They are controlled and maintained by the authority of the same people who brought us the global pandemic.
Now, but here's the major distinction.
Here's how you can tell.
These UAPs are possibly also reverse engineered from Roswell.
So they have some extraordinary abilities.
They do.
And I used to give whole classes on the differences between real UFOs and these UAPs.
Well, the distinction has boiled down to just one because the UAPs have become so advanced.
The distinction basically is, Only that when you see the true UFOs, they are not fully physical in the sense we think of physical.
They're not fully physical in that sense.
So the only what they have the ability to do, UAPs do not, is that they have the ability to dematerialize completely, to basically disappear.
Not go fast, not go fast, but to simply completely disappear or to shapeshift.
Because they are made out of a type of what we would think of as plasma.
Plasma is the closest we can get to it in our understanding.
A form of energy that changes, changes its very form from gas to light, back to solid, and back to light again.
That's the closest we can get to describing what real, true UFOs have the ability to do.
UAPs do not.
That's basically how we can tell the difference.
And that's the great difference between them.
So the regular person, John, the regular person is going to see something in the sky and they're not going to be able to make that distinction.
So how would they know?
Well, the way that we would know, first of all, is when we see the government Supporting these appearances, whenever you see the government coming out and saying and saying, oh, yeah, these are these appearances could be genuine.
And this is just here's the mind control phrase that they use all the time.
And this is directly from the CIA.
This has been tested by them.
It's when they look at it and they say, this could be genuine proof.
That we are not alone in the universe.
And they all use that mind control phrase.
They all use that.
And that's how you know this vehicle is with them.
That's how it comes up.
But in the meantime, the average person, yeah, you're right.
We just have to collect the evidence as best we can.
We have to put it out and we have to examine it on a case-by-case basis.
Because this stuff is increasing, the sightings are increasing, the experiences are increasing as the government throws out more of these vehicles.
And it's not that the government is creating them.
The government is simply cooperating with their appearances.
Because, like I said, these things come from global government.
But one of the things that's been happening on the national level, and this is something that comes from my sources, but it can be verified through public information.
What are the United States, and this could be happening in Australia as well, I don't know, but it's definitely happening in the United States.
The United States Congress and the United States Senate is having, has been since 2012, since this first came out, they've been having classified briefings to subcommittees that have anything to do with national security.
And why have they been having that?
Because all of these briefings are showing what's been going on all over the country, which is these UAPs, these UAPs, and usually they are silver, silver colored vehicles, and they can be all shapes and sizes.
They can go all the way to motherships.
They are cylinders, and sometimes they are these little, they can be these orb-like things, or they can be these oval-shaped things that travel in a way far superior to our Air Force.
And what these classified briefings have been showing them, and of course they're not classified because these things leak out whenever they want to, they've been showing what we call near-misses, but near-misses that are On purpose, because these, these UAPs have been buzzing.
They've been buzzing our airplanes, our airliners, our military jets.
They've been buzzing them on purpose.
Well, that's considered an act of war.
That's considered a violation of national security if it happens.
So that's why all these congressional subcommittees have been getting these and showing numerous numbers of these near misses on purpose that have been happening all over the country.
And they've been leaking this stuff out as well.
So this is the stage that we're at.
And what I tell people is we are right now going to the next stage.
Where there's going to be even more aggressive action against our airliners, our military jets, and all of these things by the UAPs because people are not sufficiently fearful at this point.
This operation needs to gin up the fear much, much greater than it is right now because the near misses Have not been eliciting.
I mean, they have been eliciting our congressmen and our senators to step forward and say, yeah, this UAP stuff is it's really dangerous and it's something that we have to work on and we have to work against at all times.
And why is that?
Why have our politicians been stepping forward and saying that?
Well, it's because part of the people who are behind this UAP operation are the military industrial complex, which is global.
It's global.
And they are looking, of course, to increase their military budgets, increase their resources.
And they are promising our congressmen, our senators, that they can get in on this gravy train pretty quickly, too.
And that's the stage that we're at right now, where all areas we're seeing very, very conspicuous stage.
Yes, I mean you articulate this perfectly.
We can see it clearly lining up and you said it.
As soon as government starts talking about this very real threat and this is about to happen and you know they start conditioning the masses for this.
They've been conditioning us for years through movies and conditioning us to be afraid of this and really ultimately this is demonic technology.
I want to talk about that in the next segment with you because you mentioned reverse engineering Uh, and like I said, the last time that we spoke, you spoke about how they've obtained this technology.
Um, and so, you know, I find it interesting that you talk about true UFOs, again, demonic technology, which is like a plasma can shape shift all of this.
Um, information is, is really lining up with what we're finding out about the, um, the medical side of things, what has been injected into people.
Um, you know, I can speak to this because of all of the interviews I've done and investigation into this topic, what's being seen under the microscope, what we're finding in the patents, what we're finding the experts actually saying openly now.
you know, talking about controlling the humans under the skin, so on and so forth.
So we'll get into all of that and how the two link right after this break.
We're here with John D'Souza. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.
Most people know the story of Serge Monast who exposed Project Blue Beam and,
you know, reportedly died of a heart attack not long after.
And we know that the CIA have heart attack inducing weapons.
We also have other technology that exists like voice to skull and, you know, before the break I alluded to the fact that there's this merge of technology and the human being right now.
I just conducted an interview last night.
It's not up on Band yet but you can find it on zmedia.com on the interviews page.
With two researchers out of Morocco talking about how they want to link the human bodies with the internet, how this essentially otherworldly technology, which is just demonic technology, and John you can speak to this from the UAP perspective, the reverse engineering perspective, these people These people being the government above the government, the globalists, are being fed this information from something other than human beings, and we know those to be demons.
So talk to us about how they received this technology, John, for these UAPs that really, you know, are traveling at speeds that are beyond what we would think is possible.
Yeah, you know, I do believe that these entities, these, many of these alien visitors do happen to be extra dimensional.
I mean, I don't call them, I would not call them demons because I feel like that puts it in a religious perspective that I'm not ready to undertake.
But I do recognize that they are Foreign entities from different dimensions.
And as a matter of fact, that's why I wrote the book The Extra Dimensionals, which in it has the first FBI document that I was handed when I went into the FBI.
And it was a document that basically was from an FBI agent who also happened to be a scientist and who basically said that he had an informant.
Who was a supernormal individual.
And from the context, it appears that's an alien visitor.
And then he went on to say several, about eight conclusions that this individual, this supernormal individual had told him about alien visitors.
Because at the time, it was right around, it was right at the time of Roswell.
The Roswell crash, which I believe was in 1947.
And it was right around that time, and he basically was being asked by everyone, what's going on with these alien visitors?
What are they?
Well, his conclusions that he gave to us were, number one, he said, they are not from our dimension.
They are not from our Veda, to use the ancient Vedic language that they used back then.
He said that they were not physical.
They could appear physical for short periods of time, and then he said also they are not inside any UFO ships, any crafts, but that these crafts travel with them.
Travel with them.
Sort of like familiars, how we would think of familiars.
And they carry out tasks for the alien visitors, which now we know they do.
They go around and they collect information.
From abductees and conductees and contactees as well.
So that's what they do.
And he also said that these vehicles are not made of metal.
They are made of a sort of plasma-like material that, as close as we can understand it, is also.
So this document, it's called the Smoking Gun.
Uh, and it is right, it's right at the heart of my book.
It's available also, it's available on the, uh, the internet archive of all declassified FBI documents, which is vault.fbi.gov.
And because if you go to that site, If you go to that site, you might want to go to the library so that you don't give up your URL to the FBI.
And you may want to go there.
And you go there, and then there's a big tab that says Extraordinary Investigations, something of that sort.
It's a big button.
You click on that, and it'll come up with the JFK assassination documents.
It'll come up with the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance documents.
And it'll also come up with UFOs.
Oh, also animal mutilations is a separate tab also under that.
And you can go to that as well.
But if you go to UFO, you go to group number one of UFO documents, then you go to page 22, and you will find the smoking gun at the top of it.
It has the number 6721, and it's an extraordinary document.
And it shows us, it shows us that what they did at Roswell, What they did at Roswell is that they tried to show us that alien visitors are just like us.
That they're just physical beings that can just get into a jalopy, get into a craft, and it can just crash, and they can just end up dead by the side of the road.
Now, why did they do that?
Well, I believe they did that with the help of real alien visitors.
The demonic kind, as you said.
Who were interested in transferring technology to the nation.
And they did that with this Roswell crash where they then put in some hybrid bodies that they created.
We know from the times of the Anunnaki that alien visitors create all kinds of hybrids and all kinds of creatures all the time.
And that they appear to be fallen angels themselves.
So that goes into the point of view that you just said.
So, they did transfer all this technology in exchange for a promise that there would be a large number of human bodies that they could take from the United States and from every nation, basically, with no investigation every year.
That's at the heart of what they were doing at Roswell.
Also, what they wanted to do at Roswell is put forward a doctrine That remains in full force today.
It was the doctrine of alien immanency.
For instance, we have the belief in the immanency of Jesus Christ, that Christ could come back at any time, and he was a real physical individual.
Well, they tried to take that and pervert it to the doctrine of alien immanency, that these creatures are completely physical, Like us.
And they could come back at any moment.
That is another thing that was accomplished at Roswell.
And that still goes on today, and that the UAPs feed into as well, so that we will believe it.
We will know, oh yeah, they could come back at any time and start handing out goodies like the cure for cancer and to make life on earth much better.
You see, that's a Sorry, no, you're right.
And this is where it sort of comes, the timing.
This is what I want to get into with you in the next segment, John, is the timing of this to really war game this out and say, OK, well, here are the possibilities.
We've currently got the, you know, gain of function, if you will.
But it goes beyond gain of function is such a primitive term for what they're really doing.
Again, please, for anyone who Who hasn't seen it already, go to zmedia.com today, go to the interviews page and watch the latest interview with Hope and Tavon about what they've found about the technology and what it's able to do in terms of controlling the human beings, the voice to skull aspect, the fact that they've been doing this.
You know, testing this on targeted individuals for a very, very long time and really fine-tuning the technology for something like Project Bluebeam.
I want to talk to you, John, about whether it's going to be exactly Project Bluebeam or whether there are some variables, because potentially we could have just... I think what they're doing is orchestrating utter chaos between now and the time that they do this fake alien invasion.
So that people will be begging for some sort of a leader or direction.
And the other thing is that you mentioned they want to keep people in a state of fear.
When people are afraid, and they did this very well before COVID, Professor Mathias Desmet talks about this, we had the perfect conditions for the public to be essentially put into a state of hypnosis, which is why people just have no common sense today.
Um, you know, so keeping people in a state of anxiety and fear about a certain topic means that they're easier to manipulate with the narrative when it comes time to disclosing what's really going on, you know, or essentially We're back after this short break with closing analysis from John.
What can we expect next?
Don't go anywhere.
I really can't stress this enough.
The interview that I conducted last night, which I'm going to make sure we're going to get it up on band shortly, you know, not long after we're done here today, because it pairs perfectly with the stuff that John is talking about.
It may not make sense to you right now, but after you watch this segment, Paired with that, you'll really see what I mean when I say that the conditions, technologically, are perfect for them to pull something like Project Bluebeam off.
When people think about it, John, they think it's something far off in the distance.
Oh, they're never going to pull it off.
I'll be able to see through it.
You don't understand that the majority of the world's population has been injected with technology that can manipulate their thoughts.
This stuff, you know, Tom Renz was talking about it in the previous segment, the white clots.
You're not going to believe what they're actually comprised of when you look at this stuff and you look at, you know, you mentioned plasma, John.
They're talking about plasmids and plasmonics and all of this technology that is essentially that they want to launch on a larger scale.
Biden's federal budget of 2023 has a segment of that budget called the Nanotechnology Initiative and within that document it says existing nanotechnology includes the COVID-19 vaccine and they want to make a universal nanotechnology vaccine.
Now you may think oh well nanotechnology is just very very small scale technology.
No this is what they mean by this and when you look at the patents And you look at the actual researchers that are talking about this stuff and the capabilities that they say in terms of manipulating humans, tracking everything under the skin.
We spoke about In this interview, you'll see it.
We spoke about plasmonics and how Vaxxas in Queensland here in Australia has this vaccine patch, right?
Which is essentially, it looks like a little band-aid and they can mail it to you.
You don't even have to go to a pharmacist to get injected anymore.
They're going to be manufacturing hundreds of millions of these a year from Australia.
And they talk about how it's covered in a plasmonic layer and that allows for a HD map.
That HD map is real-time tracking Of what that substance or that technology is doing inside the human.
Real time is made possible through quantum computing and so we are so much further advanced in terms of tracking, tracing, mind control, manipulation, hacking the human than people actually realize.
When Yuval Noah Harari says we can hack the human and they are hackable animals and we can manipulate them.
He's not lying.
He's not lying to you.
So I don't want people to be afraid of that.
But what I'm saying is, knowing this stuff, paired with what John's talking about and this technology that they've been given from otherworldly sources, again I say demons, you know, that are feeding them this, paired with what they want to do to humanity in terms of mind control manipulation, this is, the conditions are perfect, John, and we have the technology for something like Project Bleeding.
So I want you to go into for us in the next few minutes, How do you think they can possibly pull this off?
What do you think the next steps are?
At what point should we expect this?
What can we expect before they pull something like Project Bluebeam off?
Well, one of the things that we have seen before and that we're continuing to see is something that you mentioned just now, the usage of voice-to-skull technology.
And that's something I would Love to come back and do a whole show on voice-to-skull technology because I wrote an entire book about it called The Clear Hearers and it goes into the perspective of voice-to-skull technology that is being used and has been used consistently.
Uh, throughout this entire pandemic operation that went global and people and people have a hard time with it because people have the tendency whenever something and this is supernatural.
Uh, this is it's supernatural science.
Let's put it that way.
And it's been used against us being used against us, and it's being used even by the nations against each other as well.
But that's just an experimentation basis in order for the real operation, which is against us to be used.
And so we can expect to have that consistently used to continue to be used.
So just briefly for us, tell us, John, if they're using it now, are people actually hearing, are you talking about audible voices?
Are you talking about actually implanting thoughts and making impressions on individuals right now, as opposed to, say, the voice of God that would appear in your brain from, or actually externally, through something like Project Bluebeam?
If you can make that distinction.
It's it's the answer is yes to all of those, because because the voice to skull technology that they use includes all of those.
It includes external forces creating a voice like mechanism in our brains, usually towards the back of our brains.
And it has been Throughout the last two years, we have had reports from people who told everybody, you know, I'm never taking that Vax.
I'm not taking that Vax no matter what.
No matter what.
I'm never taking that Vax.
And then people would see them a little bit later and they would inexplicably say to them, yeah, I took the Vax.
And sometimes if you drill deeper on those people, You're not the first person to tell me this, John.
They happen to just get a, it's like a voice.
It's a voice.
It's a, they got a perception of something that just used the same,
like it's like a seven word phrase on them.
A phrase that goes, just take the vax.
It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
And many, many people- - You're not the first person to tell me this, John.
I have to say, Dr. Anna Mahaja, who's been treating some of these patients,
says that they've come in to her office for treatment after being injured or wanting their blood cleared
or just to test their blood.
And they said those words to her.
And it's always the same identical phrase.
And it's in something that appears, it sounds like their own voice.
It sounds like their own voice.
And they just receive it.
And they also get it with a sense of also a feeling, an emotion of well-being and fineness and safety.
They get an emotion of that.
Also, at the time that that artificial voice comes to them.
And it's happened.
So many places with so many people, but the vast majority of people, whenever they have a paranormal experience, because this is supernatural, whenever they tend to just shrug it off and pretend it didn't happen.
Pretend that nothing's going on.
John, we've got a very, very short amount of time left.
I want to get you back on about Boyce to Skull and we want to talk more about this phenomenon.
It's so, so important for people to understand because even the most strong-minded people Could be subjected to this.
So knowing that it exists and understanding it is the antidote.
We've got about two minutes left.
If you can run us through what you think is going to happen next in terms of the alien invasion specifically, how they're going to make this happen or what we can look out for.
Yeah, I can.
Well, I wanted to mention the tail end of what I just said that there's only going to be one group of people that are not going to fall for artificial voices and voices called technology.
And that is Christ followers.
And the reason I say that is because Christ promised it.
He told us that my sheep will hear my voice and my sheep will recognize my voice.
So that was all I wanted to say on that is that we are the only people.
Globally, we are the only people who will not fall for these artificial voices that are going all over the earth at this point.
And yes, okay, so now, on the fake alien invasion, we are right now at the precipice of the next thing.
Because the next thing has to come, because the worldwide pandemic is falling apart!
It's falling apart, it's coming apart, it's not getting any ground.
All their minions even are turning against the pandemic.
Even their show business cronies who are supposed to be representing the vaccine and supposed to be saying to the little people, you know, hey, even they are breaking and running.
And they are all becoming concerned about Nuremberg trials against them and all that, which are going to be coming.
So the next step in this global pandemic is No more near misses.
They are going to have to send out the UAPs to actually destroy and bring down our Air Force jets, our airliners, and our ships at sea, even.
They're going to have to send them out to do some real destruction.
And that's what's going to be happening.
And then, you know, the U.S.
Ramp up the fear, start really making it real, which is why I think with the next pandemic it's not going to be a fake pandemic like COVID where you can't see it.
They're actually going to probably cause something physical for people to be afraid of if they're going to play that draw card.
John, in the next 10 seconds let people know where they can find you and we will get you back on to talk about Voice to Skull.
Yes, that'd be great.
And anyone can find me at, you can, well, Google tells me just Google my name and you find everything that you do, but also jontamabooks.com, jontamabooks.com.
You can buy books on my site.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much, John.
We're right on out of time.
I'll see you soon.
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I've got all these different casseroles, all these different foods, all these different really high-quality, delicious, Meals ready to go right now.
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They've got all sorts of variety packs.
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You need water filtration.
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Highest test standards.
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It's what I use, what my family uses.
They've got Alexa Pure Breeze.
Four-stage filter.
For about a third the price of leading competitors.
That's really their secret.
That's why they've become the biggest storable food company in America, probably the world, in just 16 years.
Because they have been the lowest price.
They've had great customer service, great quality.
So I want to thank you for all your past support.
This is symbiotic.
It keeps us on air.
It gets you ready and prepared with all the crazy stuff in the world.
It's a no-brainer to have storable food on your checklist and water filtration as well.
It's a one-stop shop.
InfoWareStore.com and it keeps u