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Name: 20230710_Mon_Alex
Air Date: July 10, 2023
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics ranging from globalist agendas targeting people through poison shots, electromagnetic 5G, and chemical contamination in water supply to the commercial real estate market and a potential major banking crisis. He promotes products available at InfowarsStore.com such as gravity-fed filter system called Alexa Pure for purifying water, limited-edition shirts with President Trump's mugshot and "Alex Jones for President" slogan, RainForce brain supplements, high-quality storable food and water filtration systems, and toothpaste. He emphasizes the importance of standing up against globalist censorship and attacks on their Republic while also providing predictions about potential economic downturns in commercial real estate and banking sectors.

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Monday, July...
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we've got another incredibly important transmission lined up here for you today.
Well, I've got a tall order.
I didn't cover probably half the incredibly important news last night, and then there's even more insane news today.
And so, we have cleared the decks of guests, and I am going to savage through every single piece of this critical information and get it on record.
I could probably do that in the first hour and a half, and then open the phones up.
We have the Sound of Freedom people coming on in the next three days.
The director, the actual guy that's based on the hero, and the great actor who played Christ, obviously, Caviezel, in The Passion of the Christ, who played the part of the Sound of Freedom.
I gotta say, mainstream media attacking Sound of Freedom and saying it's brainworms for dads and things like that are sick people.
I went to it last night, and I didn't get to watch the movie because my wife, Got too upset and had to leave 30 minutes in.
And that's because she watches the show, she reads the news, she knows how real this is.
She was also, she wasn't doing it to be dramatic.
She just, she said, this is too upsetting.
I know it's all real.
I can't watch this.
And so I took her home.
And so I'm going to go back today after the show so that I can properly talk about it.
But I mean, I have to tell you, I got so upset yesterday on the Sunday show, even before I tried to go sit with her last night, that I just spent basically the whole show mad at the controlled corporate press over the fact that I literally have hundreds of articles in front of me, dozens in front of me, I've seen hundreds, you've seen them, literally saying that don't go see this movie and it's bad.
Even though it's now number one, which shows how sick the establishment is.
It shows they don't have power anymore.
But also the crew noticed, I didn't notice this, good job crew, CBS News and others, eight years ago, when the Underground Railroad began to save thousands of children on record, that they had them on saying you guys did a great job.
So, we're talking about hundreds of arrests of pedophiles and sex slavers, thousands of children saved, 6,000, and this is on record, and the media is saying it isn't real now, and that it's, quote, QAnon.
And that's why the globalists had the QAnon movement.
It was the Pizzagate 2.0.
The left spins things and says that Jones has come out and said Pizzagate isn't real.
No, I've said Pizzagate's completely real.
The QAnon and the New York Times and CNN focused on a pizza place that didn't have a dungeon, that didn't have a basement, to then say everything else was fake by focusing on that.
And then I only covered the fake story and later said, well, yeah, it was a setup, but we didn't create it.
Then the media spun it and said that I said there was no children and sex slavery.
Just like, there's nowhere do I say I'm just an actor and this is all fake.
Though they say I said that in court.
One million dollar reward, where's the video?
My lawyer didn't say it either.
So, it's like they say Trump said Hispanics are horrible, they're all criminals.
He said there are a lot of great people coming across the border and a lot of criminals too, we gotta screen them.
There is no clip of Trump saying Hispanics are horrible people.
Okay, and everybody knows that now, but they keep saying it on CNN.
This is really sick how they use the QAnon disinfo to now basically come out and say this is all QAnon when it's not.
It's documented and it's true.
We'll talk about that a lot more today.
It's a big broadcast.
Alright, I'm like a starving dog that has been led into a butcher shop full of meat.
I'm like a sheep dog that's had a coyote fall right into his jaws.
I'm like a bird dog that just found a whole cubby of quail.
I am over the target.
I'm trying to sit here and think what the biggest story is because that's important.
And I don't mean the biggest story the media is making.
The biggest thing going on right now.
And it's really hard because there's a group of things that are all interconnected that orbit each other.
But to Pick out the central body is difficult.
You have a mass awakening to the world government and the central bank digital currencies, that is their total cashless society, take over, market the beast, jewel in the crown control system.
Mass awakening to that, mass resistance as they begin to roll it out.
That is paramount when it comes to the hardware of control.
Just got chills.
Got a big stack on that.
But the awakening is really intensifying.
You can feel it, you can see it.
The force is strong with the public now.
Then you've got the jumping of the Megalodon shark with controlled corporate media, dinosaur media, rearguard disinformation, enemy of the people systems.
Everywhere, I mean every major publication I've seen, and I'm just scrolling through homepages, is attacking Sound of Freedom, that is on record 6,000 children saved, hundreds of pedophiles convicted, no one can deny it, and they're jumping the shark saying it's superhero brain worms for dads and it's fake.
And it's QAnon and all this crap.
So, CBS and ABC and NBC, eight years ago, six years ago, five years ago, were saying, oh, great job Underground Railroad, and the heroes and what they did, and getting people back from sex slavery.
And now, in 2023, the media is such an open evil monster, that they're staggeringly attacking and saying this doesn't exist.
You know why?
Because they're desperate.
Before they're like, oh, look at these heroes, yeah, they're saving some kids, okay, but now that it's known the system runs it, and that the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies are controlling people through pedophile networks, which is admitted, which has come out, that they would only put mayors in in Afghanistan who are pedophiles, they control, they would then give them ten-year-old boys to control them.
That's Associated Press two years ago.
I mean, I've got thousands of cases of articles about this.
So we've got that big stack of news, and I'm going to show you AP that never got any coverage about 10,000 kidnapped kids out of Haiti and the Clinton Foundation running the kids.
That's AP.
Yeah, Chelsea Clinton now heads the foundation.
I mean, these people mean business.
These are real monsters.
And the scale of it's so insane, it's hard to even fathom.
And then the open border and all the smuggling there, and the Senate report confirming it.
I mean, it's just boggling that they catch convicted 3-4 time pedophiles with little kids and the federal government tells the federal judges, you are not allowed to charge them.
The Attorney General will not let them charge them.
You heard me right.
The judges and the magistrates are not allowed to charge them with felonies.
They're only allowed to hold them for violating crossing the border, and that's two weeks.
Two weeks.
And they have real trouble continuing their job.
But if they don't continue the job and continue to follow the criminal orders, then there's no one there in any screening.
And now Biden, a month ago, said, no more DNA testing of kids and no more biometrics when we get them.
We're just going to turn them loose to whoever is there.
Oh, wow.
And that is a question.
Did the Border Patrol quit?
Did the judges quit?
Did the magistrates quit?
Or do you say, well, I'll stay here to at least report on the crime and then try to get stuff out to people?
This is all in Congress.
This is all on C-SPAN.
And these people are so desperate.
They reach out to me.
I mean, High level.
High as you get, except for the Attorney General.
As high as you get in the food chain, people are going, what do we do, Mr. Jones?
Well, gee, can Tucker have us on?
Joe Rogan have us on?
We want to give you this intel.
And I go, let me guess, you've already given all these people this information.
Yeah, we have.
We've come to you to see if we can help.
See, I'm kind of the last line.
But people now know, like, that guy was right.
He's demonized.
We're not supposed to talk about him or talk to him, but he was right.
Yeah, I'm right.
Skip this break.
So... Yeah, times are bad, folks.
Everything's insane.
That's why now the show's not like it used to be.
I mean, this is do-or-die time, ladies and gentlemen.
So... So you have the Central Bay Digital Currency's coming out.
You have all the pedophile news coming out.
You have all the fact that Ukraine's losing the war, so now they're sending high-tech cluster bombs, because both sides are using cluster bombs.
A shotgun, you could technically call a cluster bomb.
It's a bunch of kinetic stuff shot out of the same cartridge.
But the whole hypocrisy of that and the rest of it, what that signals is massive.
50 Cent says Los Angeles is finished after zero bail.
Policy reinstated.
It's going to literally be Road Warrior meets Grand Theft Auto.
I mean, it's already hundreds of murders a week.
And now it's just going to be total, complete Road Warrior insanity.
We have the U.N.
announcing a world government regulation and censorship system called iVerify.
That'll be the worldwide web IDs been announced.
That ties into central bank digital currencies.
We have Biden literally stumbling around like a lobotomized ferret at Windsor Palace and all the rest of it with King Charles.
And they both go and get lectured by the climate czar.
John Kerry, we got video of all that.
A former head of Disinformation Governance Board claims that the government flagging content and having it censored has nothing to do with censorship.
And the three cities have nothing to do with comedy.
Transgender woman wins Miss Netherlands pageant for the first time.
Set to win Miss Universe.
It's not a woman.
It's all part of the brainwashing.
People are fighting back in San Francisco.
Activists putting cones on hoods of self-driving cars to stop them in San Francisco.
The gold standard is back.
BRICS introduced gold-backed reserve currency.
We've got big developments in China, blocking rare earth minerals to the United States, which will cripple, beyond cripple, that will bring semiconductor production to an absolute standstill after estimated supplies of gallium and geranium, not a plant, if I'm pronouncing that correctly, a rare earth mineral, Have been completely halted.
You're like, well, why does China have worldwide control of minerals that are on four continents we know of?
Oh, because they were strategically put in that position by the big banks.
No one else is allowed to explore them, or the environmental regulators shut you down, or UN troops come with paramilitary and helicopters and kill you.
You're not allowed to sell diamonds that aren't owned by the De Beers in the Oppenheimer system.
That was set up 150 years ago by Cecil Rhodes.
Look it up.
Diamonds all over Africa just lay on the ground.
It's everywhere.
It's not even a precious stone.
It's not even semi-precious.
Rubies are.
Rubies are actually a very rare thing.
Emeralds are way more rare than a diamond.
And the point is, it's like, well, how do they do that?
Well, that's the same way they do it with rare earth minerals.
The New World Order, the globalists, they decided no one else is allowed to have rare earth minerals but China to, again, because they were set up as the industrial base of the world for the globalists.
They were not supposed to have a big military.
They were not supposed to claim the South China Sea.
But nine years ago, they told the globalists, go to hell.
We are now going to take over the New World Order from you.
We're going to take the plan for the social credit score, the New World Order, the total control.
But we're double-crossing you.
And that's where we are now.
So we've got that.
And then we've got all this other news here, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at this photo I'm going to put on screen.
And I'm going to spend some time on this coming up next hour.
Zoom in on his eyes, please.
And it's not just this photo.
This is in all his photos.
This is Alexander Soros.
He's been handed the 20 plus billion dollar operation.
That's just the public money they've got.
Family fortune comes from robbing Jews and then destroying pension funds.
Look at those eyes.
That is his official publicity photo that he puts out.
Now when you talk about unaware, if someone ever took a photo of me and I looked like that, I would check myself into a mental institution immediately or go see an exorcist.
Now it's not just that he looks super evil, he is super evil.
But he's like all these other globalists.
He's completely loathsome and transparent.
But this guy runs Antifa and funds the whole thing, worldwide on record.
This guy literally funds the defunding of the police.
He funds the Black Lives Matter operations, the crime in the streets, all of it.
And just look at him.
He hates himself.
He hates you.
He hates God.
He wants to be God.
And that rat-like, dangerous monster has control of 900-plus district attorneys and county attorneys, thousands of local judges, and 22 state attorney generals.
Literally go to seminars, are funded by him, and take orders from him.
Dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of meetings at the White House with all the different national security advisors and, you know, this guy's let in on all the different briefings, all of it.
And he's your New World Order government.
He's your Rothschild agent in charge.
And he is a heat-seeking missile to destroy you and to take everything you've got to cut off your energy, to destroy your children, To annihilate your borders, he is their general.
Look at him!
A predator that has nothing but disdain for our cities and our culture and our infrastructure, who is here to destroy it and collapse it and loot it.
You think about that long and hard, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at every, it's just like photos of Brian Stelter.
These are publicity photos he releases of himself.
These are things that he is proud of himself.
And imagine if somebody came to your door and said, I want to sell you a vacuum cleaner, or whatever, traveling salesman, and they were looking at you like they want to kill you.
You wouldn't, you'd look to the people and see those eyes.
And go, "Woo! That is a bad person!"
I mean, you know...
You're like, "Wow, you're supposed to be in prison!"
Just I can just look at you.
In fact, I sent you guys a clip.
And I forgot to tell you where to queue it up to.
It's my fault.
It's the Beavis and Butthead new series.
My good buddy Mike Judge.
A number eight.
Fast forward past Beavis talking to the fire demon to the part where it cuts genius level to a guy explaining how to create prison tattoo ink.
Because I want to play this and talk about Alexander Soros right here.
Because they make a point, it's the voice of my judge, that, hey, look at this guy.
We don't even, you know, he didn't even commit a crime to go to prison.
We can just look at him and tell you he needs to be in prison.
And it's true.
You know, the cops are rolling down the road.
They see this guy.
It could be a white guy, it could be a black guy.
You instantly pick up on, it's true, the criminal anatomy, the criminal look, the way of talking.
It's like, wow, that person's going to prison.
Like you meet people and you go, oh, they got a little kid.
He'll be in prison by the time he's 15.
And they almost always are.
Yeah, nothing against this guy.
I'm sad for him, but I'm saying I would let this guy in my house.
A lot of times they're reformed.
If he'd been out of jail for 10 years, he had a good resume and good reviews and he might have killed somebody, but you know, he has that criminal look, but he's got a good roofing company.
I'd say, yeah, you can do my roof.
Alexander Soros has a cryptic, I'm going to stab you in the back.
I'm gonna put you in a basement, chop you up and eat you level,
ten times more dangerous than this ex-con.
Who if you saw him in a grocery store, you'd kinda make sure you didn't bump into him and cause a
Cuz he didn't want to, but you disrespected him, so he had to stab you.
I was up in Omaha, and he'd forgotten the hospital, my wife's dad.
It was like 11 o'clock at night.
So my wife goes, go to this little corner grocery store, and it was not a very nice neighborhood.
And I walk in, there's a black thug and a white thug and a Hispanic thug, and they go, hey man, what's up?
How you doing tonight?
Like, wanted me to disrespect them so they could start a fight with me.
And I just went, yeah man, have a great night.
And they're like, okay, cool.
Those are just play thugs, okay?
Alexander Soros literally runs an army of destruction worldwide, and he controls the media to the extent that it's covering up a child kidnapping, okay?
So let's go ahead and just roll this allegory of what I'm talking about, this example.
Go ahead.
How to make tattoo ink in prison.
A soda can, some toilet tissue, some hair grease, and a saltine crackers box.
Fold the tissue up and twist it.
This guy is definitely a criminal.
That's what it should look like.
What accent is this?
Take your hair grease and fill up... It's like a prison accent.
Yeah, I want to talk like that.
There's some toilet tissue, saltine cracker box.
Tear off three sheets of toilet tissue.
Twist it real tight.
Twist it up real tight.
Light your candle and set your box over top of it to collect all the soot.
Set your box over top of it.
Set the box on two pencils so it can breathe.
Set it on two pencils so it can breathe.
After about an hour you can see all the soot that's caught inside the box.
After about an hour you can see all the soot that's caught inside the box.
Scrape it into a pile.
Scrape it into a pile.
This, like, makes me want to go to jail.
Add a tiny bit of hand sanitizer or body wash.
What did this guy do to get in prison, I wonder?
He didn't have to do anything.
They just let him right in.
Yeah, they just looked at him and were like, sir, I can tell by looking at you that you're gonna be in jail eventually, so let's just get this over with.
Only a drop or two of water.
Yeah, but it's like a pretty nice prison he's in here, you know?
Nah, he's back at his mom's.
Yeah, mom's gonna be like, damn it!
Did you take my saltine cracker box and use it for your tattoo again?
Damn it, boy.
You ain't never gonna eat chicken in this house again if you don't give me back my saltine cracker box.
What am I going to do if I kill your daddy and have to tattoo a teardrop next to my eye?
How am I going to do that without soot?
Every tattoo I have is daddy and they're like 10 years old.
Hey fire, I'm back.
Did you run around the track four times, completing a distance of one mile?
Let's just stop.
And I am name dropping because I don't care about any of the Hollywood people, but I do admire People like Mike Judge, who I'm good friends with, but I've been so busy, we haven't hung out in years.
We just hang out all the time.
I mean, like, every week for years.
He lives outside Austin.
I'm gonna call him today.
My wife this morning, she goes, I don't care about all your other friends, but I really wanna hang out with Mike Judge.
She's hung out with him before, but I was like, yeah, well, I'm gonna call Mike.
I'm gonna call Mike today, but man, he's a genius.
Anyways, back to what I was saying.
You think Mike Judge will be hanging out with old Alexander Soros?
I don't think so.
Now you don't think he'd get the invite out to his ranch to a little shoot and eat some barbecue?
And my point is, these people are uncool, they know they're uncool, and they want to dominate you because they feel so weak.
And you look at those eyes, son.
Those eyes are way more evil than Charlie Manson's.
That is a shark eye, predator eye, that hates you with every bone in his body.
And in his publicity photo that he posed for and that he took, that's the look he wants to telegraph to somebody.
Let me tell you, if I'm looking at somebody like that, it means I'm about to break their neck.
That's why you don't see me make those kind of looks.
Because I'm not going to sit here and make those kind of looks unless I intend to do something.
And let me tell you, he is doing something.
He's dangerous as hell.
Tens of thousands of deaths conservatively by them letting armed criminals, murderers, rapists out of jail, sometimes without even charging them.
And what did 50 Cent say?
He's not a right winger.
50 Cent says Los Angeles is finished after zero bail policy reinstatement.
Watch how bad it gets.
It's not fun when your house gets robbed once a week.
It's not fun when you got to shoot somebody because they break into your house and then the DA charges you because you did it.
It's not fun.
In the club, rapper 50 Cent told followers that Los Angeles is finished.
Wonder why?
Well, they've had two different DAs put in by him.
He runs it.
He's been running it for a while.
Soros' expiration date's been up for like 10 years.
His daddy's.
No, no, no.
That guy is literally in control of the Biden White House.
30-something years old.
You think he's happy?
He's a little chicken neck nobody likes?
And there's all these photos of him at Aleister Crowley rituals?
Where they do mock human sacrifices?
But let me tell you, through his money and our corrupt system being hijacked, he literally gets to rape this country with criminals, and with drugs, and with open borders, and with human trafficking.
He's the main one with the NGOs and the debit cards.
He gets the money from the State Department.
$5,000, $2,000 debit cards to invade Europe and invade the United States.
He's doing it!
The murder, the stabbings, the illegal aliens running around.
You know that one guy stabbed, what was it, 14 children a few weeks ago in France?
Screaming Allah Akbar.
He did that!
I'd say he's like, I'm big, I'm powerful.
That's why he wears little red shoes, little red ties, little vampire outfits.
When they do that, a red tie means you're a powerful corporate leader.
Little red tie, red shoes means something completely different.
Look it up.
He's walking in your blood, baby.
Just look at these people.
And just look at the smugness.
Look at the enjoyment on his face.
People are like, oh, that's not spirit cooking.
They've released the video from that thing.
We played part of it last week.
People in vats of blood.
They're alive and you come and dip a little ice cream spoon into it.
Oh, they got this vampire facial place that was putting blood on people's faces.
Bunch of folks just got HIV from it.
I mean, it's...
The guy is a wannabe vampire.
Can we come in with a Smashing Pumpkins song?
It's their most famous one, I forget the name.
Bill, he's a great guy.
I listen to his music all the time.
I can't remember the names of these things.
The world is a vampire.
You're like, yeah, but he doesn't live forever.
His spirit moves on, though, through the bloodlines.
Look at Prince Charles.
I mean, he is of the line of Dracul.
And so of course you're gonna have a minion who thinks he's a vampire under him.
But I've got a lot more to cover and get really hardcore when we come back.
But the plan is to finish our cities, to cut our energy off, to shut us down, to bring us back into a post-industrial world where only the globalists have money and fuel and transportation and security.
They're taking civilization away from us.
A post-industrial war.
They're at war with humanity.
So yes, Los Angeles is finished by design.
And we should stop letting people... No, George Soros couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
Neither could his degenerate son.
But they can sure as hell turn the criminals loose to do it to us.
And a capo or a don over an organized crime family whose people carry out crimes is more guilty than those that actually physically do it.
Alexander Soros is an enemy of America and an enemy of the people.
And he is guilty of trying to destroy this country.
And I pray that God brings justice upon him.
We'll be right back.
A bullet with butterfly wings.
Bullet coming straight at you.
Dedicated to your destruction.
Dedicated to rounding up Jews in World War II and robbing them.
Dedicated to imploding pension funds and robbing old people.
Dedicated to funding the collapse in human trafficking and smuggling.
Dedicated to defunding the police and releasing hardcore criminals, rapists, arsonists, and killers on the streets.
That's Alexander Soros.
But you don't dare talk bad about him or he'll fund lawfare and have you sued.
Or worse.
Well, that's just the way it is, isn't it?
Because for every wolf, there's a sheepdog.
And I'm designed to come after you politically, culturally, spiritually.
And I've already sunk my teeth deep into you.
So who is Captain Nemo, and who is the whale?
Doesn't really matter, does it?
Because God's watching.
All right!
Yeah, Nemo went looking for the whale, but the whale found him.
Alex Jones begs for God to destroy the Earth for the children.
That was the top of Yahoo News this morning on MSM.
It's a raw story, it's a Newsweek, it's everywhere.
And they did exactly what I wanted as usual.
Because what I actually said was like the Jonathan Swift Modest proposal, almost 300 years ago.
Massive potato famine in Ireland.
Hundreds of thousands of Irish dying.
Helped millions total over the decade.
And the British added in their news articles, don't send them aid, let them die.
They're Irish.
Big feud going on there.
For a long time.
That's all the Brits and the Scots and the Irish did was run around killing each other.
But the Brits were the dominant group, so they were kind of squatting on the Irish.
One of the few lords in England that was actually half-Irish wrote under a pen name a modest proposal.
He said, absolutely, the Irish are such scum, you can go rid of yourself, it's the model of satire in history.
It's the most famous case of it when you take an English class, either in high school or college.
And that's why when I said it a few years ago, I said, this is about a modest proposal, and now I'm going to say the rant, and the media will misrepresent what I said, and that's fine, because out of this, people will be educated.
And what did I do three years ago during the lockdowns?
I said, locking down the third world will starve tens of millions to death, and then the borders will collapse, and the UN will bring them here and flood us with them, and the crime rate will explode, and the globalists have their way, and we'll end up living in cannibalism.
That's how far this goes.
Within 10 days, most people resort to murder, And within 15 days, almost everyone either commits suicide or becomes a cannibal.
And I said, you know, I love my children so much.
Hypothetically, if it ever got to that point, I will eat my liberal neighbors.
Doesn't mean I'm going to go over there right now.
I'm going to break down his entire thing.
I was just being honest with him.
I said, I really don't want to eat you.
I've got storable food, but I hope things won't get that bad.
And I was saying, this is satire.
But really, if I crashed in the Andes with my family on a plane and they survived, and we were frozen for three months and nobody could get up there to get us until it unfroze, and nobody could find the plane, and there's a bunch of dead bodies, I mean, I'm going to go ahead and eat them.
I'm going to eat you.
So it's satire, but really good satire has a little vein, a very sharp edge of reality.
Let's be honest out there.
How much do you love your wife and children?
Let's just be men about this.
Stuff goes completely south.
I'm not committing suicide.
I will eat people, okay?
Let's just get that straight.
I will fry your ass up.
I'll cook you on a spit.
So make sure you identify yourself politically, because it's not going after Christians or conservatives.
But if I need to eat you, I am!
Now that's after a total collapse into civilization.
But of course, I'm going to go to Mark Zuckerberg's house.
I'm not going to come eat you, don't worry.
And we all know that's not what I mean.
I mean, this metaphorically, metaphysically, it's satire.
But there's always that little kernel of truth, isn't there?
Because the globalists are eating us with crime and GMO and 5G and they want us to eat bugs and they want to cut our children's genitals off and they want to abort babies after they're born, passing laws in California and New York to do it.
So you look at the horror of all the things they do.
So I've got the crew getting, I'm not going to play it this hour because we don't have it yet.
I forgot to tell the crew to do this.
They have short clips out of context all over the news of me saying, go ahead and God blow the earth up.
And what I said was, God would do that before God allowed pure evil to take over and get rid of free will and put humans in factory farms and produce and clone us for body parts, which is now actually happening, but on a mass scale.
And I said, would it be better for God to cauterize the earth, this time by fire, instead of by water?
So it's a thought process.
I mean, if we are this horrible species and we allow this to go on, But then I simply ask the question, should God tear us up, throw us in the trash can and start over again?
So, and I said I'm making that point metaphorically.
But you see, they can't help themselves but be deceivers.
But that's okay.
Because now millions of new people are gonna go, I gotta hear what this lunatic's saying.
And they're going to tune in and find somebody trying to save society, trying to not starve people to death, trying to not have this Viggo Mortensen's The Road Syndrome.
I've interviewed Viggo Mortensen.
He's a listener.
He's very concerned that society is going to collapse.
So, here we are.
Alex Jones begs for God to destroy the earth for the children.
If you were in a fantasy alternate universe like Lord of the Rings and you were down in some keep
and a hundred goblins had broken in and there was only five or six of you to defend at the door and
you knew they were about to break down the door and then take your children to slavery
and torture them to death for several months before they ate them alive,
would you Just turn your children over to the goblins?
Or would you give your children poison?
And I'm not saying do any of this.
I'm saying this is the type of society we're building and what we're entering into.
So that was my point.
If I was Joseph Goebbels, and I was in the Nazi bunker, and the Russians were only a half mile away, I would not give my five, six children, what was it, cyanide, and kill them.
But he was selfish and didn't want the Soviets to have his kids.
So he killed him.
Hitler killed his child, the German Shepherd Blondie.
But what if it was flesh-eating pedophiles coming to the Reich Chancellery?
Would you then poison your children?
I think the answer is clear.
So these are the type of thought exercises we need to have because where Alexander Soros and Lord Rothschild of the New World Order are taking us is such a horrible place beyond H.P.
Lovecraft, beyond Clive Barker, beyond anything you can even imagine before you experience it.
The true level of scientifically deployed evil where tyranny and oppression is law Where it is an art form of ugliness and betrayal and shame and desperateness.
Children in cages being torn into pieces, begging for mommy forever.
That is the music in which the soul of our enemy swims.
People always say, oh, the government doesn't care about us.
Oh, it cares deeply about you.
It wants to kill you.
It cares deeply about getting rid of you because it's stolen the wealth and thinks that you're eating its goods.
It's like when you walk in and you left the pie out at 3 a.m.
and there's roaches in your pie and you go, you little bastards, you ruined it!
You hate those roaches.
Oh, you don't not care about the roaches, you hate them!
And these globalists see us as roaches.
Well, hey, I've seen a lot of roaches and Soros, you look like one.
It's been a long 29-year adventure.
And boy, has God directed this operation and this sucker's paid off in the fight against evil like nothing else has in a long time.
And I'm going to be faithful and I'm going to commit myself more than ever to the defeat of the New World Order.
And I commit myself into God's hands.
And I ask God to give me the strength of white hot iron to not just smash the enemy, but burn them to hell.
I can feel the strength of humanity, with God's Spirit shining through us like wind in the sails of a giant ship, as we move forward against the enemy, and as they feel their bones being crushed beneath righteousness.
Nobody rides for free, though.
You can have anything you want, you just can't have everything you want.
And I've said my prayers and I've lived to see my prayers delivered.
That's a powerful God.
Nobody rides for free Soros.
Nobody, not you, not me.
And God's going to break you.
So keep playing God's son.
I keep whistling past that place.
Alright, I've kind of been preaching this hour.
I hit a lot of news, but I didn't detail it.
When we start the next hour, I'm going to systematically go over everything I just covered with precision.
And the first thing is going to be the central bank digital currencies and how much trouble they're in.
And then the giant United Nations announcement of a worldwide ministry of truth.
It's already been set up.
They're announcing it.
The incredible announcement and the rejection by UK, Spain, Germany, Canada, and others of the cluster bombs.
And I see what's really going on there.
And unfortunately, I'm the only person that I've heard so far get this.
Even top analysts on the Western and Russian side have not figured this out yet.
This is really bad.
I'll explain coming up.
Not the cluster bombs.
Those are seen as the worst thing.
The media has made that the worst thing because they don't want other countries having them.
All the big powerful countries use them.
It's standard procedure.
Again, it's like you can't go mine diamonds.
It's a blood diamond, but one company can have them.
Or you can't have rare earth minerals, but the Chinese can.
Or you can't have cluster bombs.
Only Russia, China, and the U.S.
and the U.K.
can have them.
And France and Germany.
That's not why they're doing it.
They're doing it because that's the nastiest thing so what we gave cluster bombs now we're gonna give them F-16s and long-range missiles and see then it's it's off the races and that crosses Russia's red line so that's why they're doing cluster bombs right now.
It's psychologists and psychiatrists and psych warfare people that run all this and they obsess too much on the PSYOP end and not enough on the threat escalation ladder and what that means.
And so it's very obvious when they're pre-programming something that they're doing it because they're missing military and historical tactics, and they're not as smart as they think they are.
So that's why they listen to the show, and a lot of times smarter people in the government make the point.
And of course, they won't listen now.
They'll announce the F-16s in a couple weeks and the rest of it, and the people will say, well, how the hell does Jones know that?
Because I can see these people.
I know how they operate.
So they just got through telling us cluster bombs are, you know, the most evil thing on earth.
And now they're the best things to slice bread.
That's being done because they're about to normalize stuff that actually will defeat the Russians or keep the war going.
The Russians have won.
Their military action worked at high cost.
Uh, and, uh, the main offensive got crushed, and it's now admitted by all the major analysts, and, so now, unless NATO fully gets engaged, and there's a false flag at the nuclear power plant that could happen any minute, uh, Zelensky said they're gonna, the Russians will blow it up by Monday, I mean, here we are, it hasn't happened yet, thank God, uh, so I don't know, I just know we're in uncharted, crazy town right now.
And, if you want to get into the, people, the calculus, because I've had the FBI call up, and I'm not trying to brag, I'm saying it because they know this, and they've called me saying, hey, how did you predict The Vegas shooting.
We want to know.
And obviously all my stuff tapped.
They're already listening, already reading.
How did you know that?
I just said it just came to me.
That night I said I think they'll attack a large music event in the next few days.
It just comes to me.
But it's not, what do you call it, psychic.
It's like all these data points.
Let me give you one of the data points.
Cluster bombs have been being used for nine years in the war in Ukraine.
The war didn't start two February's ago, a year and a half ago, all that's baloney.
Both sides have been doing cluster bombs on record, you can pull up the news articles.
It's kind of like people said, are there bio labs in Ukraine?
Obama celebrated them and went there and signed the grand opening of bio weapon labs two years into office.
And so of course it was true when the Russians said it, not because I believe the Russians, I went and looked it up!
So that's what I'm getting at.
If they've been using... You can go pull up the newscast from six, seven years ago about, well, the Azov battalions are using cluster bombs against the Russian, you know, groups in the East.
And is that right?
Tonight on Frontline and, you know, tonight on Democracy Now, I mean, it's all there.
So again, there's hundreds of points, hundreds of data points that go into that computation of what I just said.
But, it just gets more and more insane.
Yeah, there it is.
Deleted web pages show Obama-led effort to build Ukraine-based biolab handling especially dangerous pathogens.
And what do they delete?
The Washington Post?
Let's just move on.
Let's just move on.
So I'm going to hit all of that next hour.
So what I say is I'm going to hit this, and I'll start covering it.
So I'm going to hit the central bank digital currencies.
I'm going to hit the UN censorship.
I'm going to hit the war news.
I kind of already did that.
I'm going to hit a bunch of other important news here that is massively critical.
Coming up next hour, and we're going to open the phones up as well.
And then I'll also play the full clip of what I had to say about God should just destroy the planet.
I said, you have to hypothetically ask, why hasn't God already done it?
I mean, they must have been really bad back there in Noah's time that God destroyed the earth then.
Whether you believe in that or not, the point is, it's an interesting mind process, a war game.
Like, if you're God that made us, are you happy in how we're behaving right now?
And like, is there a point where we just say, you know what?
The globalists tell us we're bad, an evil species, a parasite, everything.
We should all die.
That's because they want us to roll over and die ourselves and give them control of the planet.
And not have our own self-interest and our own life force and our own survival instinct.
I love it though.
Alex Jones calls for God to blow up the planet.
I was 100% clear what I meant by it.
And they did that.
I love it, actually.
Because they think people are going to go like, oh, this guy is really bad news.
They all know you're a bunch of liars.
That's anybody that can actually think?
No, I don't want God to blow up the planet.
I asked the question, if Satan was going to have an eternity of rule and torture, keep our children alive, and torture them in torture chambers forever, would you ask God to just erase everything?
And of course you would.
That's what I said.
All right, I'm going to stop now.
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Go, go.
A video of an emotional woman on a plane saying that the man next to her
was not real goes viral.
That motherfucker back there is not real!
This is followed by multiple videos of people claiming to have witnessed the man's eyes wink from side to side.
When he winked at me, and it was his left eye looking back at me, it didn't wink like this.
It winked like this.
It didn't, like, like this.
It was almost like his pupils winked.
It was like from, like, this way.
A video from 2022 falsely claims that it captured the event.
And while it all goes viral, many of us can smell the nonsense.
A Freemason with 300,000 followers on TikTok releases a video claiming to be the actual man from the plane.
So we're attempting to fly out of Dallas-Fort Worth and then basically this woman, she sits next to me and she's clearly been drinking.
I'm minding my own business, and sure enough, she sees my hoodie that has this Freemason logo on it.
And on top of that, she noticed my ring, so she started to ask questions.
Nothing dramatic, just asked me, do I know what these symbols mean, why am I wearing it, what's the purpose, yada yada yada.
And long story short, I basically just say, hey, I'm a Freemason.
Next thing I know, she basically starts to grill me about low-level Freemason and that it's all Satanism and that it's ruled by reptilians and blah blah blah.
So I simply put my hood up and I started to ignore her and basically just mind my own business.
So moral of the story, don't believe everything you hear on the internet.
You cannot believe anything you hear on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter.
And there are two main reasons why this all went viral.
First off, The story of reptilian humanoids living among us goes all the way back to the beginning of recorded history.
The oldest official writings on Earth are the Sumerian texts.
They describe a reptilian race that genetically modified human beings with their own reptilian DNA.
All three of the Abrahamic religions describe a reptilian race of humanoids that live among us.
The story of the Garden of Eden in the Torah, wherein Adam and Eve were created in the image of the Elohim, reptilian beings known as the Nahash began breeding with Eve so that they could be more like the Elohim.
According to the Torah, these Nahash were obsessed with genetic modification.
And still live among us today, where they feed off a substance called a far, which is the same substance that human beings are made of.
In the Christian Bible, this creature is described as a serpent in a tree.
In the Nag Hammadi, early Christian Gnostics wrote of a race of creatures known as the Archons, described as a reptilian humanoid.
These archons fed off of humans, including negative emotions such as fear and anger.
The Quran also has writings that describe reptilian creatures who live among us, known as the jinn.
The Australian Aboriginal people have traditions and paintings that date back thousands of years, depicting a rainbow serpent creator god.
And about 10,000 miles away, the Aztec Mayan serpent gods Kolkucan and Quetzalcoatl are also described as rainbow serpents, and were believed to have created human beings using their own DNA.
This is found everywhere.
The Druids of England called it Hakpen.
The Romans called it Glykon.
In Africa, it was Nyami-Nyami.
In Egypt, it was Apapis.
Many royal bloodlines have claimed to be descendants of these serpent gods, such as Alexander the Great of Macedon, Emperor Jimmu of Japan, and the Dragon Dynasty of Media, now known as Iran.
The Nagas serpent beings of India are believed to still live among us.
All right, this is a longer report for Gregory, so there's a minute and a half or so left.
It's very powerful.
It's on Bandot video, a brief history of shapeshifting reptilians.
You should look into it.
This just gives you the historical perspective.
She can make her own decisions about it, but it's extremely biblical.
The devil's not just some little thing floating around outer space.
It's marooned here on the earth and it feeds on us.
Both our energy and our blood.
If you believe the Bible.
We'll be right back with huge news.
We're going to cover it all.
Get ready.
Start your engines.
From the front lines.
Not at the back.
At the front, where the fight is!
I don't know what happened the last 4 or 5 days, but they liken it when you pass another level in the video game and go up.
It's like I went up 10 levels.
Something shifted, I can feel it!
Humanity is rising!
Can you keep him in the dark for a while?
Can you hide him from the layin' world?
Oh, my God!
Ha, ha, ha!
Gonna take your daughter out tonight!
Gonna show her my world!
Yeah, if the New World Order wants to bang heads with me, they can.
Ready to defeat the globalists.
I'm gonna take a break.
I'm energized so much.
Higher than a kite, folks.
Roger Stone called me up last night.
He's been at the UFC with Trump and all the rest of it.
His plane got stuck.
That's why he's on today.
And he goes, man, he goes, people are saying you're going crazy on air.
What are you on?
I'm on life, baby.
I've had two cups of coffee today.
So I'm waking up America.
The new stuff we got coming is incredible.
I got some right here.
But yeah, I'm on caffeine, but man, no.
I am just fired up.
I mean, God is so real.
We've come through this so much together.
Humanity's waking up so fast.
Last night, I had this whole show prepared, and I was just so positive and so energized and so optimistic.
I mean, not even optimistic.
I know God wins.
I know God's real.
And that's a powerful thing.
Like, we are eternal spirits.
All the science has now proven it.
There's no atheists at the top of the globalist system.
The mathematics shows the higher dimensions.
Everything the ancients said, it's all true.
It's going on.
We're in this incredible world with incredible things around us.
It's amazing!
And there's a lot of bad stuff too.
That's what freedom's like.
A lot of good, a lot of bad.
But man, we got free will.
And God's real.
The devil's real.
I'm real.
You're real.
Baby, we're real.
This is fantastic.
And it's painful and it's got its problems, but man, what do you think freedom looks like, baby?
And so I am just, I am just excited because this is a real roller coaster.
And it's got real knives and real spears and real darts and real swords here on Pilgrim's Progress.
But let me tell you, it's exciting.
So you get excited playing paintball.
I get it.
It's fun.
I played it decades ago.
Or you get excited out hunting.
Or you get excited climbing a mountain.
Or you get excited, you know, reading pickup artist books and you can get all the ladies.
That's wonderful for you.
Or you get excited doing this or that.
Or watching your favorite TV show.
Man, I get excited changing the world, ladies and gentlemen, and seeing it actually happen in real time.
It is amazing to know that we can contend with evil.
And we can defeat it with God's Spirit.
And God's not this little wimpy chicken neck thing that the left and the media push and all this.
I mean, I can feel God's Spirit.
And for people that are children in Christ, children in the Holy Spirit, babies, it's a comforter and it loves them and it's there.
But I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, the devil tries to counterfeit God.
And so the Luciferian energy is one of, you're powerful, you're amazing, you're beautiful, you're meant to rule, and it's a prideful deception.
And it's very bad.
And that's how I've been tempted.
I've talked to some of the top researchers, people, they already can tell that.
But other people get tempted by other things.
That's what I got tempted with was the up on the mountain thing.
And a lot of folks get tempted with the up on the mountain deal, but I got THE up on the mountain thing.
But you have to understand, under God, as long as you have filled you to God and the master plan and love life and just worship God and worship God through seeing God's creation.
That's why you appreciate a sunset.
That's why you... Owen did a great job last night, man.
I listened to him.
I left here, did the headlines for my show, sat there in the parking lot, and my wife comes out at like 7 and she goes, we're supposed to go see The Sound of Freedom right now, it's like in 15 minutes, why aren't you in the house?
I said, this is, Owen's 2 on fire.
I said, I'm sorry.
I went in the house, brushed my teeth, got back in the car with her, you know, went to it, then it was too depressing, too upsetting, she couldn't watch it, I haven't seen the whole thing yet, I'm gonna go by myself today.
In fact, will somebody, I'll tell you in the break, somebody get me, book me like a three or four o'clock here locally.
I gotta go see it.
I guess since I've said that, I gotta take security now so I don't figure out where I'm at, but I'm just, what was I getting at there?
Oh, Owen was making the point about All of us see the sunset, or beautiful snow-covered mountains, or shooting stars, or little fish in a pool, or beautiful jungle plants, or a cute little baby in its mother's arms, and you recognize goodness.
You recognize wholesomeness.
You recognize things God made that we communally share in God's creation, and we worship our Heavenly Father, who's given us The system of Genesis that is our mother, but it is God, the Godhead, the male energy of will and building and striving.
I'm not saying God has a feminine aspect.
I'm saying God says we are the bride.
God is the groom.
The earth is a mother God created to give us life.
But God created it, all of it.
It's perfect union.
Perfect control.
Absolutely perfection.
And you must recognize that.
And then you get something way more powerful than Luciferian energy.
I mean, I look at Alexander Soros and I see it.
The guy's plugged in.
To not, I wouldn't say Luciferian energy, but like one of the higher level demons.
You know, I don't like to study their demoniac names and all that gives them power, but I can see the cut of the operation.
And it's the same.
It's like a pride and a surge and a dominance.
We're going to do this instead of just the surge of like going on the rapids of God's consciousness.
And it's like going a trillion miles an hour down rapids.
And it's beautiful, and it never stops, and it never ends, and it's just gorgeous.
But again, there's that selfishness to say, I'm in charge of this, I'm better than this, I'm bigger than this, I'm not gonna admit there's something more advanced than me.
I mean, hello!
Have you looked around a little bit?
This didn't just fall out of some monkey's butt!
This wasn't some gay monkey fish frog!
Alright, I'm gonna stop right now.
I'm just high on creation, man.
We'll go to break.
I said I'd cover the news.
But I'm just too high.
I remember one time our head security guy, about five years ago, he'd already been here like three years.
He comes in, he says, listen, the crew's really concerned that you're taking something back in your office during the breaks.
And we're just really concerned because, I mean, you were like depressed and everything.
And then you walk back there and you come out here all energized.
And I said to him, uh, yeah, that's because they handed me a stack of news articles and something I saw energized me.
This is excitement, folks.
It's like you're sitting there eating pizza and the football game's boring and then like some, you, you see those plays where a running back, like jump, you've seen those where they jump all the way over the people and you, you know, they just broke some record, but they can't measure it properly.
So you're not, you're not sure, but you just saw like a record broke.
You're like, what did you just see that?
That's like, you know, I said, you know, it's funny you say that.
My ex-wife just said that in the court.
And I just took a drug test this morning at a major facility with a guy watching me piss in a cup.
And when the drug test came in the next day, I came in and I handed it to him and I said, no drugs, buddy, not even alcohol.
Zero, zero, zero.
High on life.
In fact, in fact, that's why I have a drinking problem sometimes, because ladies and gentlemen, I can't handle the unbridled Alex Jones.
The Alex Jones that hadn't had a couple of tequilas, the Alex Jones that hadn't had a half bottle of wine, might just beat the hell out of you if you cross him wrong.
The Alex Jones that's alive, that's got so much juice, just like you've got that juice, Has to suppress himself.
I'm a guy that takes depressants, not pills, alcohol, because I can't handle the truth.
And I know that's the issue.
I can't handle how alive I am right now in the fight against these tyrants.
And how hard I'm gonna push to go after them because I'm so full of life and so full of resistance to these murdering pedophiles that want to get in the way of God's plan!
And let me tell you, I've been taken up to the third heaven.
I've been jacked into the big plan.
I've seen it.
I've seen, I can't even compute all of it, it's so fantastical!
You have not seen nothing!
You ain't heard nothing!
You ain't smelled nothing like this!
I don't have words to tell you!
But I tell you, anybody tries to get in the way of the incredible plan the big guy's got for us has got me pissed, and I'm just begging to stay on the team, man.
Just put me in the game, coach.
Whatever you say, coach.
I know I'm weak.
I know I'm pathetic.
Man, you're amazing.
I'm so lucky you made me.
What do I do, boss?
What do I do?
I'm like a hunting dog, man.
Just take me out of the house.
Just turn me on them.
Tell me what I gotta do.
Tell me why.
Tell me how I serve you.
Tell me what I can do for you right now!
Thank God I'm not like Brian Stelter, God.
Thank you for not making me like him.
Why did you make something that horrible?
I want you to know that I'm the opposite of Alexander Soros, who hates you and wants to hurt you.
I love you.
I love God.
I love our people.
And I pledge to you, we will crush the enemy with God's divine intervention.
But God wants to see us have courage first, and then God will complete it.
You gotta do it, my friends.
All right, I'm wound up today.
But now I gotta put my thinking cap on, because people need to hear the news, I need to cover the information.
I've just done an hour and 20 minutes.
A classic Alex Jones.
People are like, what's going on?
This is like Alex Jones 10 years ago.
What's going on?
It's the spirit, folks.
And I was thinking about it during the break.
I said, what's going on the last couple of weeks?
It was Pastor Rodney Howard Brown's church, man, going back to a faith revival, the Holy Ghost has always been with me.
And Brown said, you watch, the spirit will be stronger now.
He was absolutely right.
So, it was getting with those people for a week.
And, uh, made it out of those forces strong with those guys.
And, uh, very strong.
Created a tremor in the force the last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master.
So, it's all energy, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the energy you choose, you better choose it quickly.
Oh, man, and how he, uh, The crazy inside baseball in Florida with the preachers.
I didn't realize how big a Christian Trump is.
I knew he was a Christian.
I know he believes in God, but he is secretly.
It's not even a secret, but I was let in on it when I was in Florida and we went to the Trump facility.
I met with Patrick, Ben David and others, but, uh, that's a whole nother, you know, that's my biggest frustration, man.
Is that such a bombshell right there?
And the people didn't tell me it was incompetence.
These are like big national preachers and run his faith group and all that.
I was like, wait a minute, Trump calls you up every day and you pray for 20 minutes or wait, you go around with Trump and then he prays sometimes for 30, 40 minutes a day with you?
And I looked it up and it's actually been reported, but like back of the paper.
So that's why they're so scared of Trump.
I was worried that he actually wasn't a Christian.
Or didn't take it seriously.
And, no.
And that's why they're really flipped out.
Because Trump was already a Christian 10 years ago, 20 years ago.
But, you know, he wasn't all- I mean, now he's all in.
Because Trump feels energy.
And that's my conversations with Trump have been, man, did you feel the energy in that arena when I, uh, last night when I, uh, took the nomination?
And I said, yeah, it was better than a rock concert.
And he goes, you're right.
You know when I really feel the energy, Alex?
And I said, when?
He said, when I've got all those preachers coming and praying with me.
That energy's incredible, Alex.
He's like, I feel that energy when I talk to you.
And of course, all the phones are tapped.
There's the CIA crapping lead bricks, man.
Oh, no.
You got Satan, baby.
We got God.
And there's Trump right there.
Addicted to Holy Spirit.
An addict.
You know, he'll have events, and he'll see some black preachers.
Secret Service can confirm this, but I've confirmed.
And Trump will call, like, five, six black preachers because he thinks they got, like, the best Holy Spirit energy.
He'll say, hey, bring them back.
Let's just have a little prayer right here together right now.
Trump's like, he'll actually say, give me some of that right now.
He says, give it to me.
Give it.
I want some of that.
How can you contend when we've got a God that created the universe and will literally make you higher than a kite, just like that, totally complete?
Like, I mean, I am as frickin' high as a kite right now.
And I'm not a big drug guy, but I've taken ecstasy, I took acid a few times, I've taken mushrooms.
It sucks.
Kids, don't take it, it's horrible.
Hepatitis got fentanyl in it now, it'll kill you.
That stuff is, like, it's a negative.
So you got a zero.
And drugs are negative good.
Holy Spirit's infinity good on the top, you understand?
I'm saying the drug of the Holy Spirit, in fact, it's so good right now that I don't even know if I can cover any news because it's negative.
Because at the end they all lose anyways.
Ha ha!
You see what I'm saying?
And that's just where I am right now.
So, let me do this, we get out of the way.
And let me just try to get back in the world Sorry, I'm just jacked in, next level.
I know a lot of you are too.
And it's just, it's really hard, like, even be down here.
But we gotta do this.
We got some important work.
And I just can't believe how pathetic the globalists are.
I don't even say that in a mean way.
Like, they're just ridiculous.
I mean, wow.
You guys don't know about this.
Just stop being a jerk.
Stop being a Satanist.
Start loving God.
There he is with Paul White.
And, and, and, and it will all be over.
We don't have to do this anymore.
You don't have to devil worship or eat poop or hurt, because the devil wants you to debase yourself.
You don't have to kidnap a kid and slit their throat anymore to feel powerful.
I mean, I would imagine you feel the powerful hate of God when you do that.
Like, you're definitely, when you kill some little kid or something for no reason, I mean, yeah, you're feeling some energy, man, because your ass is going to hell!
I mean, wow, that must really feel crazy, because I never felt it, but I can imagine.
You guys are addicted to doing bad stuff?
I'm addicted to running you over.
And it feels so good, I've got to... God, can I actually just ask God right now to stop this right now?
I mean, I'm in ecstasy right now.
I am in literal Holy Ghost ecstasy, drunk in the Spirit, right now, and I'm like, I can't even do the show!
I'm gonna pass out here in a minute, this is so intense.
Maybe, maybe they're gonna kill me in a couple days or something.
I don't know.
This is like, maybe God's just getting so close and something bad's about to happen.
I don't even care anymore.
But I'm like, maybe there's about to be a nuclear war, folks.
I feel so close to God right now.
I'm actually worried.
I think you can all feel it too.
Like, this is really bad, folks.
But God's real and it's okay.
Because it's kind of scary when you feel like That feeling of completion, and I've only felt what I've been dreaming before, and the last few weeks I've been building towards this now, where I realize I'm in that place right now.
I was talking to Pastor Brown about three weeks ago before he invited me there, demanded I come there, and flew me there.
I said, you know, I felt that commission two years into my broadcast, literally like there were angels in the room and they were telling me what was going to happen and what was going to unfold.
I thought, am I going crazy?
Is this delusions of grandeur?
But it was all laid out.
It was, it was a spirit and it was God.
And he said, he said, yeah, I'm feeling that right now.
And he said, when we got off there, he goes, and you're going to feel it too.
Like when Yoda goes, Luke Skywalker goes, I'm not afraid.
He goes, you will be.
You will be.
But it's the other way around.
Like you will be empowered.
You will be energized.
You will be next level.
You will take it all the way.
This is going to happen.
And it's not a mind trick.
It's real.
And there's all those people praying and all those people focusing on and all those people loving God.
and we are so much more powerful than the devil and his minions.
I'm shifting gears when we come back.
I'm doing it.
I'm gonna cover the news.
Let's begin with the news, then calls next hour.
I've already mentioned much of this, but I've not actually played it or got into it.
I don't often play a clip two days in a row, but I played this last night.
I probably should have started the show with this.
Joe Rogan.
Is a bellwether of people on the edge of going pro-human or pro-globalist.
I am not a mean person.
I'm not a terrorist.
But I really terrorized Joe Rogan five years ago when he began to go to the dark side.
And I told him that.
And I said, you know this is all gonna happen.
They're gonna bring in a one world government currency that's programmable, that controls everything he can buy and sell.
A couple months ago he came out and said, Alex Jones told me this and challenged me and he was right.
It's not about who's right, it's about I did not do mean things to him, and I was paying to do it.
I just felt led to do it.
When I said God told me to destroy Joe Rogan, they didn't play the full clip.
I said if he sides with the enemy, And if he becomes an agent of them, I know he knows the truth, then I will declare war on you.
And it's not about, I did this.
It's not about, it was the Holy Spirit.
And now look at Joe.
He's ten times more hardcore than he was six months ago.
Fifty times more hardcore than he was two years ago.
He'll be more radical in the enemy's eyes than I am within a month at current radicalization trends.
So, real success is not your personal success at a certain point.
It's about who did you influence to do something big.
And we can talk about central bank digital currencies, and the mark of the beast, and the cashless society, and the social credit score, and the universal basic income, and the vaccine passport.
It's all the same thing.
I told him, I said, they're going to link it all up to the vaccine passport like five years ago, before this even started.
And back then, he's just like, how do you know this, Alex?
Come on.
And then he's like, literally, like three years ago at dinner, like, okay, how'd you know all this?
Tell me about it.
We're in the 80s.
Tell me about these central bank digital currencies and social credit scores now.
Yeah, Paul Watson and I were writing articles 10 years ago and doing videos because we had the MIT and UN battle reports, how they were planning this.
I didn't just look into a crystal ball one day and go, ooga booga, abracadabra, zamacadamma.
And then like, oh, this is gonna happen, and you'll wear a mask, and you can't go outside, and they won't have football games, and they're gonna try to make you take shots, let them have your passport.
It was in operation lockstep.
And I just said to Joe, I said, if you'll just start reading the documents, I'll text you.
I remember him like six years ago when I got mad at him.
He's like, Alex sends me like 10 messages a day.
He's driving me crazy.
He's like saying that To famous libtards on a show.
They're like, yeah, don't read those, Joe.
Don't read those crazy texts.
He reads them every day now.
I just go, here's Davos saying they're about to roll out the central bank digital currency and program everything you can do, Joe.
Here's Bill Gates saying his vaccine causes 80% bad reaction.
Here he is saying it.
And I had to be a super jerk to him, because I knew how bad the New World Order would be for his daughters, who are great people.
His wife, his Labrador Retrievers.
If I didn't sit there and say, just like in, pull it up, I meant to do this, or add it in post, but I don't have time to get to it.
Skip this break.
the scene.
The sunglasses fight.
Fight scene.
They live.
Let's play it.
It's for Rowdy Rowdy Piper and the other great black actor.
I love him.
I forget his name.
He does such a great job of the thing.
He's in all of John Carpenter's big movies.
Amazing actor.
One of my favorite actors.
I forget his name.
And Rowdy Rowdy Piper guests the show, loves the show.
God bless his soul.
out of a heart attack right after he came on the show.
He tells him, "Look man, I really care about you, "but you're gonna put these glasses on,
"and you're gonna see what I'm seeing here."
And you're going to, and the black construction worker tells the white construction worker, hey, listen, weirdo, I'm about to beat your ass, dude.
You're not making me wear nothing.
So he says, start putting these glasses on or eat concrete.
And they beat each other to a stalemate almost at the death.
And he finally puts them on and he sees a flying saucer flying over.
He goes, what?
There's a drone looking right at him.
He goes, now you see?
He goes, yeah.
He goes, how long has it been like this?
What else?
I just, listen, I love Joe to death, but you know what?
I actually, metaphorically, took me about three months of literally, I mean, Joe's not a wimp, guys.
Literally attacking the living hell out of him.
Because the Holy Spirit said, I've only got 25 years.
And I knew a way long time ago something special about Joe when I met him 25 years ago.
We've been good friends.
There's something about Joe that's important in the future of this.
And then I knew six years ago, I said, I'm not going to sit here and I'm not going to put up with this.
Because I know he knows that stuff.
He knows chemtrails are real.
He knows all that stuff's going on, and he's sitting there, and it's not like I'm in some position of authority over him, like, hey, you better do what I say.
I was simply saying, put the glasses on, buddy boy.
And here's the good news.
Joe put the glasses on himself.
And now he sees what's going on, and now he understands it, and so does anybody else.
And hundreds of millions of people a week, you hear what I just said?
Are putting the glasses on.
And that's what you can feel spiritually is, the tide has turned.
Hey, they may have a nuclear war.
They may cut the power off.
The enemy's gonna strike back, but at least our souls are waking up.
And while people are starving to death, and there's nuclear war, which I'm not saying is gonna happen, but it could, at least we'll know the enemy did it.
We'll know God is on our side.
So I'm just saying, this is a very important moment.
You guys found the clip?
They're bringing it into the computer.
Great job.
So, that's, and look, I've had people in my own life do that to me.
It's tough love.
And again, it's not from a position of superiority.
Joe is way smarter than me in many ways, and I know that.
That's why I was mad.
People send me clips of his show where he was spewing New World Order crap six years ago.
I'd call him up and talk to him.
I'd say, hey man, you know that's not true.
What are you doing?
And he didn't like being talked to like that, so he kind of started saying a little bit of stuff about me on air.
So that beef generated, but it wasn't about that.
It was about, finally, like, listen here, man.
This New World Order will destroy everybody, including your family.
Hey, don't bring my family into this.
I'm saying, the New World Order brought your family into this.
Go ahead and roll the piece from the incredible John Carpenter film, They Live.
Here it is.
Radio listeners on there, right?
Rowdy Piper is trying to get the sunglasses.
What's the weather like?
One week's pay.
He saw the trash can.
After they raided the place that was making them.
He puts them on to make sure the guy's not an alien.
A reptoid.
You better find yourself someplace to hide and keep praying nobody ever finds you.
Try these on.
Look, you crazy mother.
Put these on.
Stay away from me.
I'm telling you, you dumb son of a- I'm trying to save you and your family's life.
You couldn't even save your own!
I'm giving you a choice.
Either put on these glasses or start eating that trash can.
Not this year.
Come on.
Hello *Sounds of a car crashing*
*Sounds of a car crashing* *Sounds of a car crashing*
*Sounds of a car crashing* *Sounds of a car crashing*
*Sounds of a car crashing* *Sounds of a car crashing*
I don't want to fight you.
Stop it!
Shut up!
Stop it! No! Shut up! Fuck!
Put on the glasses!
Man, I told you.
I didn't want to be in... You dirty motherfucker!
Take a look!
Take a look.
Put him on.
Because when you fight because you love people, you're a lot stronger.
And once you put on the glasses, folks, there ain't no going back.
Once you take the red pill, and it's painful, I'm sorry, but all the way to the stops, you take the red pill, folks.
You put on glasses.
Just put the glasses on.
Oh, man.
I'm sorry, man.
Such a good movie.
Put the glasses on!
It'd be just so much easier to look into what we're saying.
But it's not going to be us that beats you up, folks.
It's me the globals with four shots at lockdowns trying to cut your kids pecker off
Why don't you just put them on [BLANK_AUDIO]
What an ethics thing.
And it goes on and on.
Because it's not easy to get somebody to put on the glasses.
But once they do, there's no going back.
And you didn't get beat up this bad to now fail, did you?
The fight was this bad because it was that important.
You're not gonna give up now.
And as soon as he puts them on, he sees every bit of it.
And wishes he never would have not had those glasses on.
Look at it!
Take a look!
You see that?
Look at them!
They're everywhere!
I don't know.
Maybe they can see.
Valley Fifth and Spring.
Now hold on.
You ain't the first son of a bitch to wake up out of their dream.
You ain't the first son of a bitch to wake up out of their dream.
They ain't human, folks, and they're running the show.
The Bible gives us the blueprint to beat them.
We got free will, but you can't do it unless you admit it.
The Bible is not fiction, folks.
It's an owner's manual.
You think we're the only advanced species on this planet?
I'm on Team Human.
No, I'm not a white supremacist.
I'm not a black supremacist.
I'm not a Jewish supremacist.
I'm not an Islamic extremist.
I'm not a Russian supremacist.
I'm not an Anglophile.
Though I'll wear my little British flag to trigger, folks.
I am a human supremacist.
And notice, out of all the things they attack us for, they never talk about that, because they're so scared of that.
We got unions for what job you got or what stupid writer's guild you're in.
How about a union that's just pro-human?
We don't care if you're black or Hispanic or old or young or white or gay or straight.
Humans got rights.
And we're going to band together and we're going to defend those rights to the death.
And we're going to buy things from people that build it as a human.
We're going to buy from farms that hire humans, not Bill Gates robots that make us bug meal full of Poisoned garbage.
The shells of bugs are extremely poisonous.
The chitin.
So I said I'd cover all the news.
I said I'd take your calls, but I didn't.
Because I wanted to just talk about the Joe Rogan thing, which is really a big deal.
And I felt bad doing it, but I had to do it.
And Joe apologized to me after the whole thing.
But then I felt bad to apologize to him.
But I didn't get Joe to go all the way.
As hard as I tried, I didn't radicalize Joe Rogan against the New World Order.
I just told him what was happening and showed it to him and gave him the proof.
It was the system trying to push him around.
That did it.
And Joe is just an example of all the rest of us.
And if we can get Joe Rogan on Team Humanity, which we've done, we can get everybody else on Team Humanity, and we are.
We can defeat these people.
And friends and family asked me, with all the attacks and all of it, they're like, How do you handle it?
How do you deal with it?
How do you?
And I look at him and I say, I would die for the truth.
This is awesome.
Their attacks on me only made us bigger and have us reach more people.
That's God working through things.
That's how God works in mysterious ways.
And I am, I am so thankful for that persecution.
And I don't say that like to mess with my enemies, like, oh, I don't care.
No, I've now learned the secret that Christ knows.
And I'm not Christ, far from it, but I follow Christ.
I want to be like Christ.
I worship Christ.
And that is what this is all about.
And things are gonna get so crazy and so bad as the enemy ramps up the evil, good will ramp up, and the lines will follow each other until we finally call on God and unify and have peace on earth.
And every knee will bow, every tongue will profess, And those that don't will be with their master, the devil.
And so I know that all these atheists and all these know-it-alls out there, so many of them that aren't even bad people, they'll be with us in the end.
I know that.
I understand that.
They're gonna come a long way.
And this is just such a blessing.
I am just... It's like I won the Golden Ticket, Willy Wonka, and so did you.
And I'm just like... I am just... They could show up today, like, line me up with a bunch of guys with machine guns and just shoot me.
I'd be like... I mean, I know God.
I know the universe.
I know what everything... I mean, please!
I mean, wrong. I mean, the point is I'm transcending them right now.
I'm being beamed up.
There's not much left of me here now.
And it's just amazing.
Beam me up, God.
That's what this is.
You want to be beamed into hell world with Alexander Soros?
Or you want to be with the consciousness that made everything?
Not a hard choice.
Am I going to be with some weird, crazy dude that wants to kill everybody?
Who's a jerk?
Because he hates God?
Or do I want to be with the God that created sunsets and women and men and children and grandparents and green trees Moonrises.
No, I'm with that.
I'm with, I'm with the maker.
I'm with the big boss.
I'm in line.
And I'm telling the big boss, hey, you're all about free will.
Will you just come in and take over right now?
I'm just like, and God's like, nope, you still got, I don't, I'm like, robot me right now.
I'm ready to do whatever you say.
I am an imperfect, horrible creature.
Will you just tell me what to do?
And that's what's happening.
God's like, okay, I'll tell you what to do.
And imagine that.
Imagine how real that is.
Stepping into infinity.
Stepping into the consciousness that knows everything.
Wow, what a Congress.
And it is best described in the Bible as a creation.
As sexual.
You know, little devil worshipper Aleister Crowley's got his sex magic.
This isn't like sex the way we think of it.
It's more spiritual.
It's a, uh, the groom God and the bride us.
And God loves us and wants to merge with us.
But God is not a rapist.
God wants to give us his vision and his plan and his will and his blueprint for the big thing we're gonna do after we're out of larva time, baby time, playpen time, nursery time.
God wants to get us to sign on, like you sign on to the military, or sign on to a mortgage, or sign on to a job, because God doesn't take your free will.
God created you as a free will entity.
Wow, thank you very much.
That's amazing.
Wow, I can comprehend the universe, and I can do whatever I want.
Wow, you're really cool!
What do you think an omnipresent thing's going to do?
It's going to create more potentials.
To merge with the omnipresence!
And people, Satanists always say, your God's a sadist, your God loves death.
God's lonely.
I mean, I think you can say that God is like, I want children, I want free will.
You know, and if God's a sadist, so am I.
I say to the Satanists, who always accuse God of lying on seven, well, I've had four children.
They're all great people.
Thank God I haven't had a bad kid yet.
A lot of people have children that turned out bad.
But you know what?
I love them.
I hope for them.
I'm good.
And if I could have more children, I would.
Am I a sadist because I created someone that's going to die someday?
It's better to love and lose than never love at all.
See, it's all right there, folks.
We're all a microcosm of God.
We're not God, but we are a reflection of God.
God is looking in the mirror and seeing us.
We are God's dreams in time-space continuum.
We'll be back with hour number three.
Stay with us.
Well, I keep pushing the needle back.
Oh, I'm going to cover the news this hour.
I'm going to cover the news that hour.
But I don't think anybody said I'm not covering the news because I'm preaching today.
The power, the Holy Spirit is with us right now.
There are a lot of fakes out there folks, but all of you are real.
You've come here because you want freedom.
So do I. There are a lot of false things in the universe, but there are real things as well.
And to know what is real and what is truth is to know the face of God.
This is our mission, our goal, to throw down Satan and build God's plan.
But it takes commitment.
And it takes the willingness to pay the price, but the price for freedom is nothing.
I want to play a short clip because this is CBS years ago, 2014, admitting Underground Railroad, the child kidnapping, all of it.
Now they're saying it doesn't exist.
Think about how captured the corporate media is.
Think about how evil they are.
Then I'll come back.
And, uh, hopefully I will cover all the news, because it's all linebackered out.
Look at this, just like, all this videos, articles I've seen, I've read, just lined up.
Ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready.
But more important than that is that God is real.
God is real.
God has a plan.
God is in control.
Satan is weak.
Here's that, uh, report.
Stay with us.
Last weekend, police broke up a major sex trafficking ring in Columbia, which has become a destination for tourists looking for sex with boys and girls.
The police had help from an American who went undercover to rescue the children, and Elaine Quijano met him.
Tim Ballard has one mission, to track down child traffickers.
Four months ago, Colombian authorities asked him to investigate a tip that children were being sold there as sex slaves.
Within a half hour, this individual walks up to me, starts asking me what I'm here for, what I want, and within minutes, he says, well, I've got kids as young as 11 years old.
Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent, now heads up Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit group that rescues trafficked kids.
After that first meeting, the Colombians asked him to put together a sting.
No men will be in here, only women.
Operation Underground Railroad spent months planning.
Renting this house, rigging it with hidden cameras to document the crime, coordinating with Colombian authorities, and negotiating with the traffickers.
How they find these kids is they lure them in by pretending to have a modeling agency.
They target them at 9 or 10 years old.
And they were telling us that about by 11 they're ready for sex.
They're ready to be sold.
What is it like looking into that kind of person's eyes?
It's horrifying and this is why.
I've got a smile in the face of evil.
This is the table where we're going to do the negotiation.
Less than 24 hours after the operatives landed, the suspected traffickers arrived on the island and the final deal with the undercover team began.
54 boys and girls aged 11 to 18 were ushered in for what had been billed as a sex party.
They were given candy and drinks and told to wait in this small room.
This little 11-year-old boy, I remember, he asked one of my operatives if they could give him some cocaine or something.
He said, they usually give me something because I'm really scared.
By the time the deal was done, the alleged traffickers were set to make $25,000.
$25,000. That transaction was never completed. 25 Colombian special operatives stormed the
Arresting five suspects, four men, and one former beauty queen.
All charged with child trafficking.
The victims, 29 of whom are under 18, were evacuated, given medical exams, and placed in a rehabilitation center where specialists are working to undo the damage.
Right before I got in the boat, we had to walk by this room where the kids were, and they put their hand up.
And I... Alright, so the full video is on Infowars.com.
Now, currently, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, um, what's that other CIA group?
Rolling Stone says this doesn't exist, it's all fake.
Even though they convicted the people, it's all on record.
Understand, they now work directly for the pedophiles.
We'll be right back.
Our allegiance is to God.
Our allegiance is to humans.
Our allegiance is to life.
Our allegiance is to fight evil and to commit ourselves fearlessly against that, because that is the Spirit of God.
That is what we were born to do.
All right, I've done a pretty powerful two hours here, and I've already covered a lot of news, but let's drill into it.
Here's Joe Rogan, I keep mentioning, coming out against the Central Bank of Digital Currencies, and you say, we already know all this.
The point is, if you know the pressure and the behind-the-scenes threats and things going on, and now to see the Russell Brands and the Joe Rogans and the Tucker Carlsons and all of them, and the RFK Juniors, you say, well, are they good or are they bad?
Most men at the end of the day are followers and just want stability.
Even though these men are leaders, they're looking for something to follow.
And that's why we had to project the reality and the enemy blueprint Versus the blueprint we're promoting, and which you can add to.
It's not a blueprint that we dominate.
It's a blueprint of freedom and justice and openness and loving God and families and exploration and competition.
This is what we're doing right here.
But we have to first expose the enemy, then offer the alternative.
And I knew that if we, the Holy Spirit now, working through me, that if we simply promoted an alternate plan B to the Satanist, that the people would want that plan.
And the people are coming to that plan right now.
And it's everywhere.
And the entire Globals program is in deep trouble.
That said, the enemy is going to strike back.
So here's Joe talking about it.
I'm hoping people wake up enough to at least slow it down.
Because these people are pushing in a very obvious and very specific direction.
They want digital currency, centralized digital currency that they control.
And they want to get everybody on a social credit score system.
They'll probably connect it to some sort of a vaccine app.
Or if you want to travel around.
All they would need is another pandemic to try to push that through.
And they're already talking about that.
It's very spooky.
Because when you look into the history of this lab, and them funding it, and this getting out, and the way they responded to it, the whole thing is so scary because it was effective.
It was effective and very, very financially effective.
I mean, they made a lot of money.
And if they could do something similar again, and then clamp down more on people, that's what scares me.
This talk of centralized digital currency, that's what they have in China.
If you fuck up in China and you get a bad social credit score because you tweeted something they didn't like, now you can't buy a plane ticket.
Now you can't buy a car.
Now you can't get a loan.
Now you can't do something.
You stepped the fucking line.
And people self-censor because they don't want to be a part of that.
Now they got you.
Yep, they got you.
Once you self-censor...
That's where they want you.
Yeah, we know that they were involved in Twitter.
We know that the government was involved in silencing different voices.
You know, they stopped that Hunter Biden laptop story from getting out before the election.
It's just, it's so obviously dirty.
I did.
So let's talk about what's happening currently.
The entire UN globalist Run censorship grid is totally illegal.
Run through governments to surveil you and interface.
And now we have the former head of the Disinformation Governance Board claims that the government flagging content has nothing to do with censorship.
This is the woman that sits there and sings Little Mermaid songs.
And the UN has now come out with its fact-checking system called iVerify, which is a world Internet ID where they tell you sign up with them and they'll verify you're real and certify you and then you can be on the Internet.
So this is getting you ready for a Web ID, which is the Holy Grail of control like communist China.
And then we've got all the rest of it.
The U.N.' 's new fact-checking system called iVerify will be used to track down misinformation all over the world.
Oh, the U.N.
isn't just in charge of your medical records and in charge of your government's medical response.
Totally insane.
Now they're in charge of information.
Aren't we just lucky?
It's the big tech corporations, the intelligence agencies hiding behind it.
Here's the actual article right here.
And the UN is going to tell you what's false.
And the UN is going to tell you what's true.
Aren't we lucky to have them?
Here's the actual UN document.
Supporting actors across the world for the prevention and mitigation Of disinformation, misinformation, and hate speech.
And what are they trying to ban?
That people have died by the hundreds of thousands of shots in India.
Isn't that liberal?
So, there's that news.
You thought a Ministry of Truth was bad enough last year, run by the Biden administration, was already set up before that.
That when she got caught doing it, she said, oh, well, it's been set up for years.
Now it's the U.N.
To the U.N.
didn't come in blue helmets.
If I ever see a blue helmet around here, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, boy.
That sumbitch gonna have a problem.
Now that blue helmet cuts off your gas pipelines.
That blue helmet cuts off your gasoline pipelines.
That blue helmet teaches your seven-year-old to cut their penis off.
That blue helmet He's in control of the app on your phone.
That blue helmet programs what you watch on the TV.
And until you wake up to that and admit the blue helmet's already attacking you, you don't have a hope.
But if you just admit that, it's bye-bye to the New World War.
And that's really the good news.
Let's roll the B-roll of Trump.
And this is the UFC even working against Dana White, because Dana White's a great guy and backing Trump and the rest of it.
But those very color commentary guys that wouldn't have Trump on before he's been at UFC, they like cut away when there's a giant, they go, oh look, big crowd for Trump.
They sound positive, but they're cutting away when the crowd goes wild to talk over it.
Now why does it control that?
That's the bureaucrats, the ghosts of the machine doing that.
The crew was able to find a feed that they didn't censor.
If you watch the ESPN, the main feed, they just cut away and go, okay, Trump's being cheered.
Yeah, because they don't want you to see that.
But here's what really matters.
Trump holds a staggering 49 point lead in Tennessee.
Well, that's nothing.
He's got like a 70 point lead in just polls.
The other Republicans get like 30%, he gets 70.
President Trump walks into UFC 290 and crowd goes wild.
Joins Joe Rogan, Dana White, Mel Gibson, and Roderick Stone and others at the rally.
Meanwhile, Ramaswamy is now beating or closing in on DeSantis in polls.
Well, that's not saying much.
DeSantis destroyed himself, so sad.
And so much more.
Let's go ahead and go out to break with Trump being absolutely welcome like a king, showing all the Justice Department fraud like the poll show has backfired, and then we'll finish with him and Joe Rogan finally meeting.
Here it is.
So, as you might expect for International Fight Week, a lot of people are in the building, but no one needs more security than the former President of the United States, obviously with a good friend of Dana White.
Oh my word, I mean listen, he's a massive, massive fight fan and that just shows how big this event is.
Donald Trump has loved the fights for a long time.
He's often at Madison Square Garden, but the International Fight Week, he has to show up, show his support.
He has done since day one.
It's good to see him here though.
Oh, it's no surprise that this man is here because this is the only thing that stayed open in all of sports during some of the darkest times.
Glad he's here.
Alright, let's go!
[crowd cheering]
So Joe Rogan turned down the Tucker Carlson interview because he thought it was going to be political.
He turned down the Trump interviews.
And I've encouraged him to interview both.
But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter.
He's putting the message out.
That's what matters.
All right, I want to get to the cluster bombs.
I want to get to China cutting off rare minerals to the United States.
I want to get to the sound of freedom.
I want to get to what's happening with the gold standard.
I want to get to, oh, climate change is causing cardiovascular problems and strokes in children.
It's all coming up straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We're not seeing activities of a powerful group that's in control or in charge.
We're seeing desperation trying to keep us under their control.
They've already failed.
You know what I say, though?
You know it's true.
Will they take us down with them, though?
They've already failed.
They're already fallen.
They're already defeated.
They're already the losers.
But will they drag us down with them?
That's the question.
Let's move on to the next big story.
You know, this is a plug, because I should plug.
It funds the Operation Plus.
It helps you.
But it's not a plug.
It's a new story.
Look at this right here, because I've got to hit this.
I've had this on my stack for like a week, and the stack has gotten thicker and thicker because I haven't covered this.
This is like 15 articles.
At least.
You want me to be neurotic and actually count them?
I bet it's 15 articles.
I haven't counted.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I have these all marked up, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, oh I'm sorry it's more, 16, 17, 18, 19.
all marked up 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, oh I'm sorry it's more, 16, 17, 18,
19. Sorry it's 19 articles. That the US water supply is the most corrupted in
the world because our government allows companies to use atrazine and thousands
of other chemicals.
Well, they have better, cleaner chemicals to use, but they don't because it's a plan to kill us.
Americans won World War II, but Americans had an opportunity.
Americans wanted you to have a nice car and a swimming pool and freedom.
The globalists don't want that model, like when Obama went to Africa and Latin America.
We can pull the club stuff up, play it like a hundred times.
At least 100 times.
And he says, you can't have cars or air conditioning in Africa, you'll burn the earth up!
I get a jumbo jet, you just get nothing, and it's all a lie!
So yeah, we're selling the Alexa Pure water filtration system.
Highest rated, highest quality, lowest price you're gonna find.
10% off right now, it's very rare.
Amazing deal, which also funds our operation.
you should get it, you should stop bringing their poison.
But just look at this crap.
Climate change and cardiovascular disease study, I read the study, it has nothing in it saying,
"Oh, all these young people are having heart attacks now "because of climate change with no evidence or no reasons."
It's not the shots, it's climate change.
In fact, climate change made the virus, not Wuhan lab, remember?
ALS, dementia, and strokes worsened by climate change, suddenly they're exploding But not because of the vaccines or the shots that they said would do it.
No, they have no proof.
They just say it's climate change.
I thought going out in hot weather makes you healthier.
Rise in heart disease may be explained by extreme weather conditions.
ABC News.
Gets more fun.
Nearly half of U.S.
tap water contaminated with forever chemicals.
And here's Fox News reporting on all of it.
Experts speculate climate change is increasing kidney stones cases among young children.
And you read the article, the study, no connection, no information.
It's all of the heavy water and the Chemicals in it and all of it.
They say, oh, it's climate change.
Suddenly kids are getting kidney stones and all this.
Not from the shots, not from the fluoride, not from all the chemicals.
No, it's just you're bad.
The earth got hot.
That's why you died.
Here's a senior report.
You know, you have the tap water in the U.S.
is contaminated with forever chemicals.
Government said he finds, and they just so happen to sterilize you and give you cancer.
Liver damage, hormone suppression, obesity, thyroid.
Decreased fertility.
How liberal.
They just want it and then, oh, it just so happens to happen.
The water crisis.
No one in America is fixing.
Time Magazine.
Camp Lejeune.
Water contamination.
Discover the nine states with the worst tap water in the United States.
Radiation, all of it.
Five years later, lessons from the Toledo water crisis.
We sampled tap water across the U.S.
and found arsenic, lead, and toxic chemicals.
The Guardian.
But they don't have a solution for you.
Flint residents grappled with a water crisis nine years later.
I can play you the media saying...
On CNN, and Stephen Colbert, and ABC News, and David Hogg, Alex Jones is a liar.
Your tap water is the best.
New York tap water is pure and clean and has no contaminants.
They have TV ads that say, New York taps the best, drink more.
Meanwhile, it's the worst water in the country.
Maybe Flint's worse.
And again, it's like, oh, Alex Jones says, yeah, Alex Jones says filter, because he wants to sell you a filter.
If I owned a gas station at the lake, I'd sell beer, ice cream and, you know, beer nuts and sunglasses and sunscreen.
It's like, Jones is really weird.
He opened a Mexican food restaurant and he sells Mexican food because it's popular.
It's like, Jones is selling water filters.
What a piece of crap.
Don't go look up how they're the highest rated at the lowest price.
Don't actually keep us on air.
Just say that, bastard.
New York City's water also contains tiny shrimp called These microscopic crustaceans are actually harmful and are instead used to clear the water of mosquito larvae.
Well, aren't we lucky that's in the tap water?
Again, I mean, New York City, one of the biggest cities in the world, with all that runoff of chemicals and all the people that take drugs and crap it into there and all the sewage, of course, of course it's the best water.
You don't want to get Deep Earth.
If you don't filter your water, if you've got the money, because we cook with the Alexa Pure, and we have it at the office, and it's really good.
You can put tap water in it, cuts everything out.
It's to non-technical levels, it's amazing.
But I'm a little bit of an elitist when it comes to things.
I've got Mountain Valley Spring out of Arkansas.
I don't own the company.
I have no stock in it.
We have that.
Aquapona is a really sweet water, too, out of Italy.
I drink that some.
But, I mean, most of the time I drink filtered water of the Alexa Pure.
But I'd be a liar if I didn't tell you that Aquapona is some sweet water.
So is that Arkansas water, because it's 10,000 feet under a volcano and about 5 million years old.
There ain't any atrazine in that, sweetheart.
So, if you got the money, I would go with deep-earth spring water.
But I'm done talking about that.
The point is, here's what's going on with your water supply, here's what they're doing to you, you should be aware of it, and it's all been vindicated, in spades, again.
But drink volcanic water, or filter it, or you are nuts!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
You know, I don't compare myself to a gladiator, but the last time one of the greatest talk show hosts in American history came on the broadcast, He compared me to a gladiator and I was very very honored when that great talk show host from San Francisco said that because I mean I really am Michael Savage I really am in the arena and I'm all the way in the arena and I realize it's that animating contest so when it comes to battling the globalist I'm not trying to entertain you I'm trying to inspire you
To politically not submit and to say no to them.
But at the end of the day, are you not entertained?
Are we not the standard, together, the audience, the guest, myself, all of us, of resistance?
I'm just blessed to be here and blessed to know you.
Here's that clip.
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Is this not why you are here?
Ban them! Ban them!
Ban them! Ban them!
Metaphysically, Infowars has done this and beyond.
Because of your support, your prayers, what you've done.
We're not doing this for entertainment, we're doing it for the future of our children.
But I can't get out there, we can't get out there together in this fight without your support.
Go to InfoWarStore.com now and get storable food, high quality water filters, air filters you need.
Get incredible supplements like Nitric Boost and Supermineral Vitality and...
Amazing CBD oil that's so good for neurological systems.
It's all there at infowarestore.com.
I'm very thankful and appreciative for your support.
Again, thank you so much.
All right.
We've hit a lot today, but we have not covered half of it.
So let's speed through it here.
This is a big deal.
There's a bunch of videos, a bunch of articles.
It's all over the news.
Even the brain-dead folks in San Francisco know their enemy.
Driverless cars, Google cars, have killed a bunch of people, run over people, they block traffic everywhere, they're totally mindless, and the dunce cap, you know, is always effective, but now if you just simply put a traffic cone in front of the camera, the moronic thing does not know how to operate.
Now, there's a metaphor.
You don't have to go put a traffic cone on to ruin it.
Don't use any service that it has.
Well, it's actually mapping buildings and houses.
We don't want to be violent, but this AI system, I'm not against technology, but this is all being implemented against us to displace us and to build an anti-human future.
So I say pass legislation in your town or city, you can't have self-driving cars.
Or, I'll be honest, if I saw a Google vehicle and I walked out of a restaurant, that's why you gotta carry a knife at all times, I'd stab the tires out.
If I saw a little robot at Chick-fil-A that delivers food over on Ben White, around town to displace humans very predatorily by this new Lybtard CEO, I'd slit the tires.
I'm not telling you to slit the tires, I'm telling you, That if I walk past one, which may have happened, you just like... Because that's an enemy weapon against us.
So I'm not going to go hurt a black person or a white person or a brown person.
Those are all my humans.
They may be brainwashed.
They may be going against me because they're under enemy operation.
But they're my brother.
They're my sister.
But your computer's deployed to displace us.
It's not that a computer's bad or a robot's bad, but it's being rolled out as our enemy.
And so I had this idea 20 years ago, it was a vision, it was like, God showed me like the image of a robot, a classic little, kind of like, danger Will Robinson, there is a creature approaching five miles away, kind of like from, you know, Lost in Space type things.
An image of a human with a club smashing a robot.
Because that robot doesn't have free will.
That robot doesn't recognize God.
That robot will follow globalist orders to do whatever it says, whenever it says.
They're trying to give these damn robots rights.
I say we kill the robots.
And I don't just mean some self-driving car.
I don't mean some AI control.
I mean the smart meter on your house.
I mean stop using the smartphones as much as you can.
I get they're ubiquitous.
Just understand it's there to hurt you.
It's there to enslave you.
It's there to control you.
None of us are perfect.
We're all hypocrites.
I'm just pointing, like, I eat too much.
I tell you, hey, drink a lot of water, eat healthy food.
I mean, I get it.
The point is we have to recognize what this is.
So activists putting cones on hoods of self-driving cars to stop them in San Francisco.
All over the UK, people are attacking red light cameras.
Yeah, they're not to protect you.
Then illegal aliens in to commit murders.
It's all about taxing you and making it too expensive to drive a car.
San Francisco is being used to test driverless vehicles.
Well, too bad.
It's their graveyard now.
And we've got all the leverage.
And all the power and all the will right now to use it.
You feel pathetic.
You feel weak.
You feel dominated.
It's because you've not been exercising your will.
You've not been exercising your power.
You've not been taking action.
But beyond killing some drone, I'd rather you kill the idea of it.
I'd rather you destroy the UN non-violently, politically, by exposing their control by big corporations that are ruthless.
And you're doing that.
Humans have a destiny of freedom.
We have a will.
Speak to that will, and more will join us, as you see happening now.
Now let's move on to those that were probably never human.
The KKK sympathizer, Joe Biden.
Anyone telling you they're a wizard cannot be trusted.
Wizards are bad guys.
Video Biden can barely walk as he holds on to King Charles II.
And folks, you can't overstress this.
I spent 30 minutes I didn't have this morning watching dozens of these things.
He was falling down the stairs.
He didn't know where he was at.
He did a review of the troops and walked like one quarter of a mile an hour.
And these are a bunch of globalist New World Order Uh, absolute, complete parasites.
And then they get addressed, we'll come back and play this, by John Kerry saying, your battle orders are to shut things down, when Prince Charles is called for cutting off all US energy.
I mean, this is war.
And you look at these clowns, that's why I'm wearing my little British thing today, it's a joke.
England is a captured Command base the new order. It's where specter mi6 is specter
You wanna know who runs Jeffrey Epstein you wanna know who runs Jimmy Savelle the pedophile rings you're looking at
two established Jimmy Savelle acolytes I
Mean just look at these worms and And this is pedophilia on display
Look into Prince Charles' pedophilia, King Charles now.
Look into Joe Biden.
And then just look at how they captured the Scottish people as their slaves and then wear their skins in these ridiculous Scottish Guards outfits.
Scotland is a pedo-run hellhole now.
So's America.
I'm not putting Scotland down.
We have to admit how far we've fallen before we can rise again.
Prince Charles is a devil worshipping pedophile.
Alright, so big headlines, hundreds of publications now.
Alex Jones begs God to destroy the Earth.
And they show like a 30 second clip on CNN or some 10 second clip here.
I'm not going to show all the clips they showed.
You can go to yesterday's show where I spent an entire 10 minute segment.
On saying, I mean this metaphorically, of the globalists may blow the earth up, we try to stop them, that's Satan's plan, but could God destroy the earth because we're so wicked?
Before we turn our children over to be enslaved and murdered and tortured by the New World Order, would God give us mercy and just end the world?
That turns into, I want the earth destroyed.
Because they take out of context what I said.
And you will then say, why did you then still say that?
Because it's a lesson of the enemy's deception.
If they cut off the food, if they collapse civilization, it'll end in cannibalism in many poor areas.
And so the modest proposal, is it right to have cannibalism?
Should we just eat the rich, as they say?
But oh, Jones wants to kill his neighbors, so they've done it again.
We knew they'd do it.
No weapon formed against us shall prosper.
Let's go ahead and go to what I actually said.
This is only like a minute and a half long.
The full clip is in yesterday's show, but here it is.
If it gets to the point where we're not going to turn it around, and God knows that, and we've chosen wrong, I ask for the children's sake that God not allow the earth to continue on to produce children for this thing to feed on.
I ask God, respectively, to blow the planet up immediately.
Seriously, I mean, I want God to blow it up now instead of doing this, okay?
And God says, you gotta fix it.
I'm on your side.
I'll give you discernment.
I'll give you backing.
It's not over yet, Jones.
And I know that.
But for a real debate with the globalists and have a real discussion with them, they need to know.
We're not backing off.
We're not giving in.
We're not going away.
It's a game of chicken.
And so I just want them to know, we are Mad Max.
In fact, we have the real, we have Mad Max on our team.
Okay, we have Mel Gibson on our team.
We have all the good guys.
Okay, we're not perfect, we're maniacs.
But you do understand, we're not gonna turn the car off of the chicken.
We're gonna jam the accelerator down and aim it straight at your ass.
That's what we're telling you, you need to just turn off now.
You need to turn off now.
But hey, it's okay.
If Tim Cook runs death camps, we know he's gay, right?
Long as you're liberal, As long as it's fun, as long as it's trendy.
So, the big news, enough about all that.
But you have to understand, more than just news stories or news items and all this, freedom's popular, exposing the globalists is popular, standing against them is popular, the New World Order does not know what to do, they're in total and complete absolute panic mode right now.
But let's not sit there and count our chickens before they're hatched.
They're gonna pull some major crap.
I mean, they already said the Russians tomorrow are gonna blow up the nuclear power plant with no evidence.
And last time I checked, that hadn't happened.
So the full clip I explained.
This is a metaphor of what's happening, and they all know that.
So before we turn our children over to Satan, should God just end the world?
And that's really a question that we should ask, but we were told in Revelation how it actually works, so...
I'm going to follow that.
But very, very informative.
Very, very interesting.
Let's shift gears to some other topics here.
The gold standard is back.
BRICS, Standardized Gold Backed Reserve Currency.
I know most of our audience is extremely informed, but we have a lot of new listeners out there.
Before I do that, I meant to give the crew this.
I did the other day, but I didn't cover it like on last Friday.
I saw this viral thing on Twitter, like a couple million views, and it was a meme of a conservative looking at the French Revolution and loving it.
But then hating current leftist revolutions in France.
Radical Islamic.
And I love the meme that got put out.
The comment was like, imagine being a liberal and thinking conservatives like the French Revolution.
I mean, if you're a conservative, I don't even call myself that, I'm a populist pro-God guy, but I agree with almost all the conservative ideas, but that's too limiting.
Conservatives hate the French Revolution.
George Washington, I've read his books and articles about it, hated the French Revolution.
It was terrible.
It's the opposite of what we did.
And the left puts out some meme like, oh, conservatives love the French Revolution, but they hate the Muslim Revolution.
That's insulting to Muslims to say a bunch of teenagers burning stuff down and killing people is what Muslims stand for.
I actually saw a bunch of Muslim girls come out and say, hey, that's not us, actually.
We need to put those guys in prison.
Yeah, those are just thugs.
That's what Western culture produces because it's so decadent now.
I've said it.
Hey, the Muslims are way better in America than Christians are most of the time.
At least they won't let people cut their kids' penises off.
They're all pissed all over Europe, all over England, all over here.
The Muslims are like, I mean, I mean, it may get so bad, I gotta convert to Islam just so my kids' dicks don't get cut off.
And I'm sorry to talk like that, folks.
And that's all tongue-in-cheek, too.
Like, Jones converts to Islam.
That's not what I did.
By the way, you know Andrew Tate got indicted over there because the Orthodox Church loved him.
He said he was part of the Orthodox Church.
And Andrew Tate then started moving to Dubai and could hang out with the royal family there.
And they said, well, you convert to Islam.
He didn't get, smart guy to get the whole history of it.
I'm going to call him.
I'm playing phone tag.
And the Orthodox Church in Romania and Hungary and Poland do not play games.
They repulsed over a hundred Muslim invasions.
So Poles and Hungarians and Romanians would rather you hang their daughter upside down and fry them in a vat and eat them than to join Islam.
Get it?
They actually found the meme right there.
So if Andrew Tate wants to get the charges dropped, he should convert back to Christianity immediately.
And I get for him, it's like, hey, I'm hanging out with a royal family, they won't make me convert to Islam.
There's a whole politics behind that, Andrew.
And look, I know you're smart, but just... That's why I talk to folks who talk to the president of the country you're about to be set up in, because he didn't do any of the things they say.
He's a great guy.
And they're like, it's a power above us, which is the Orthodox Church.
And they just do not take it like that.
And so... And we owe them a debt of gratitude.
They stopped... We'd all be Muslims right now, folks, if we... So... See, to Andrew, it was just a way to... be friendly with her whole family.
And I get it, you're in Dubai, the royal family has you over for dinner all the time.
They think you're great.
You are.
He's an amazing, smart guy.
He's really cool.
All set up, all of it.
But man, you just stepped into the Crusades, bro.
The Crusades were a response to a thousand years of Muslim invasion.
And so he's wondering why this happened.
It wasn't George Soros called it in.
It wasn't Greta Thunberg, brother.
You can't live in a country that barely stopped the full collapse of Europe to the Muslims, where a third of the population in one war alone died fighting Muslims.
And you can't do that there.
Your mistake was, and I'm not being mean here, this is a lesson everybody, I want Andrew to get out of there.
I want it to be dropped.
Andrew, you're a great guy.
I've known you for six, seven years.
The only way you don't go to prison, it's all been rigged against you, you're totally innocent, is you have to renounce Islam.
And I get it, you're gonna want your fight and have your war with them, I get it.
But if you do that, they'll drop the charges, you can get out of there on a helicopter.
But if you don't, brother, they're gonna lock your ass up for 20 years.
And that's wrong.
And I'm just being a realist here.
And look, I get it.
The New World Order put a gun to my head and say, hey, you need to support the New World Order or we're going to kill you.
I'm not going to do it.
I'm not telling.
But I don't think Andrew Tate converted to Islam as a sellout or a wimp or a bad guy.
He was just kind of like, hey, I think Dubai is better.
They want me to convert to this.
I like a lot of stuff about Islam.
You know, I'm going to go there.
And you're like, dude, you're in Romania.
You don't ask going to prison.
Like you should have been in Dubai before you made that move.
I know you play chess.
I know your dad was a world chess master.
So is your brother.
I'm just saying, brother, that's why they're frying your ass.
We'll be right back.
Well, I gotta say, the UFC in popular media and sports is leading the way out of the NFL, the NBA, and the rest of the woke-ism.
Short clip of that coming up next segment with Dana White.
Stay with us.
But getting back to where I was last segment.
The gold standard is back.
That's China, India, Russia, and Brazil, and a bunch of other countries.
To intro gold-backed reserve currency, it's officially been announced.
Meanwhile, China's economy is in big trouble.
Investors should get out.
China controls minerals that run the world, and it just fired warning shots to the U.S.
Wall Street Journal.
They did not fire warning shots.
They restricted lithium and cobalt shipments, but totally cut off gallium and germanium, which are needed in all microchips.
The U.S.
reportedly has about five weeks left of supplies.
Which is a blessing, all these damn robots and chips everywhere tracking us.
Need to put the brakes on the silicon takeover.
Dutch government collapses over immigration policy.
Root, the Bilderberg WEF spokesperson, but it's really over the farmers.
It's where he lost his coalition and then wanting open borders to Islam.
That took them down.
Dutch government collapses over immigration policy.
They wanted a face-saving.
Oh, the liberals don't want us to control the border when they opened it up.
Oh, that's why we fell.
Something just snapped.
Consumers panic.
Search pawn shop near me skyrockets to the top of the charts.
When the pawn shops are loaded.
You know the economy's in bad shape.
When the economy's doing great, the pawnshops are empty.
Cash-strapped Americans are panic-searching pawnshop near me.
The search trend spiked to a record high in the state of July, in the start of July, and the ominous sign of a consumer might be pawning items or selling things that were possibly bought during the COVID boom to raise money quick amid the worst inflation storm of a generation.
Record level searches for pawn shop near me.
Now we do, they told me today, but now I'm told Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
We've got the director, the actual guy the movie's based on, and the actor in the next three days.
Maybe multiple guys on one day or another guy the next day, but I'm really excited about The Sound of Freedom.
I did not get to watch it.
My wife got upset 30 minutes into it.
Literally, I was at a, my hamburger was being delivered.
Movie theaters are so cool and I don't even have food, you know.
My hamburger's being delivered.
I'm like, paying them off and like walking out eating a hamburger in the parking lot.
Because I wanted to watch it, but she can't compartmentalize.
She's got kids.
I mean, I got kids too, but she just can't compartmentalize.
Just watch it.
She was getting too upset with kids getting kidnapped.
Because she knows it's real.
See, it's like Hollywood.
Oh, you can watch that.
People know it's a true story.
It's like, okay, this could happen to me.
So it was a very normal response.
I'm gonna go watch it tonight.
I'll be able to give you a review tomorrow.
But to me, bigger than this movie.
And I'm not poo-pooing it or overshadowing it, I'm just saying, is the corporate media response attacking it?
They should have just ignored it because they're a bunch of pedos.
And pedo supporters, and pedo boosters, and pedo defenders, and... But no, they didn't do that.
They have viciously attacked, and attacked, and attacked, and attacked, and attacked... A movie that's based on hundreds of convictions, 6,000 saved people, children, I mean, to me, this is like their biggest jump of the shark thing I've seen.
I said, they jumped the megalodon.
That was reportedly, might have lived 5,000 years ago, might have lived 20 million years ago, I don't know the truth anymore.
But they have dug up giant shark, their cartilage, all against their mouths.
But they do dig up like eight foot wide, you know, giant teeth, giant mouths, and these giant, I mean, I got a bunch of them.
I've had family that found megalodon teeth in South Texas, dug them up themselves.
People say, oh, those fossils are fake.
No, no, I've had family dug up giant shark teeth themselves.
When I say you jump the shark, you just jump the megalodon here.
I mean, they've screwed the pooch.
They've bought the farm.
They've completely had it.
I mean, they are now publicly attacking a movie on confirmed 6,000 children saved, hundreds of arrests and convictions, saying it does not exist.
Mainstream media is now officially pro-pedo.
Well, the mighty Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster, the forecaster of forecasters, is about to take over.
But I wanted to, in closing, hit this little piece of news.
This cluster bomb story is so big on a bunch of fronts, obviously, but we have Jen Psaki, we have Joe Biden, we have NPR, we have the State Department, we played the clubs yesterday.
I'll play one clip here just to document it in a moment, saying that it is a war crown of war crowns who use a cluster bomb.
Now the truth is, all of NATO, Russia, China, the United States, the British, they all use cluster bombs.
And yeah, they're very immoral, like war in general, because it's not like two knights killing each other with swords or spears or on horseback.
This thing flies in as a missile or a bomb and throws a hundred, five hundred bombs out, and a bunch of them don't explode.
And then five years later, your dog steps on it and dies, or your mom steps on it and dies, or your, most of the time, little kids.
They, they, little kids use a little weird little silver thing, picks it up, punches the button on the top, blows them to pieces.
The lucky ones die, the other ones just get their arms and legs blown off.
So Biden says we're out of ammo.
I got that clip.
We've got to give them cluster bombs.
Well, the truth is, I've looked at the newscast.
Both sides have been attacking each other with cluster bombs for nine years.
There's been a proxy war in Ukraine between Russia and NATO, and I've tracked it back to even PBS seven years ago admitting Ukraine used cluster bombs first.
And it's not about joining the Russian side.
It's about admitting who did what.
But why is this so important?
Because if they'll legitimize cluster bombs, they're going to legitimize F-16s and long-range missiles, which they say are next.
So, they're like, hey, big deal, F-16s, we gave them cluster bombs.
I believe they've announced this because they want to just get it all on the table and just get everybody used to it and just say, yeah, we're giving them cluster bombs and, by the way, long-range missiles and everything else.
So UK, Spain, Germany and Canada come out against Biden sending civilian-killing cluster bombs to Ukraine.
We'll get Gerald Celente's take on this.
We'll skip this break so he has more time.
Cluster munitions transfer shows how U.S.
and Ukraine have grown desperate amid conflict.
Yeah, their counteroffensive failed.
Remember that old vaunted thing?
But it's okay, the Netherlands, when they're banning farmers, a man just won the beauty contest.
That's what really matters.
Biden says we've run out of ammunition.
Biden explains decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine.
Run out of ammunition, so you're losing.
Ceaseless escalation.
slams Biden for sending cluster bombs.
And cluster bombs are a terrible weapon.
But compared to DU now being used, they're nothing.
Because if your kid blows their leg off the cluster bomb, you know what happened with the cluster bomb.
If you snort DU, a little whiff of it, and die of cancer five years later, no one ever knows what hit you.
That's the real weapon.
And Russia said six months ago, you use DU, we'll start targeting NATO targets outside of Ukraine.
Well, the British have been shipping for at least six months DU anti-tank munitions in.
Who would even develop a weapon like that?
It's radioactive.
It's poisonous.
And to explain, it's radioactive, but it has a very poisonous type of vent in the body.
It has a poisonous angle, not just a radiation angle to it.
So, that's what we're dealing with here.
So here is Jen Psaki, two years ago, saying it's a war crime.
That the Russians are using cluster bombs.
It's true.
They were using rockets that hold about a hundred hand grenade type devices that they would aim at artillery to kill, that they would aim at infantry and artillery to kill them.
And it's true.
Both sides are using it and it's a terrible weapon.
But it's kind of like Democrats going, you know, M16s shoot a bullet that kills people.
Well, I mean, I can strangle you with my hands.
Do we like to say that's a bioweapon or a WMD?
I could beat your brains out right now.
I mean, so the idea, it's not even, I'm not absconding for Russia or the West.
This is a war.
This is dirty.
It's escalating.
And that's the issue.
What does it go to next?
And that's why they're using the cluster bomb as the cover.
Well, if we use cluster bombs, big deal F-16s.
And that's really where Russia draws the line.
Because both sides have been using cluster bombs.
Here's Jen Psaki.
There are reports of illegal cluster bombs and vacuum bombs being used by the Russians.
If that's true, what is the next step of this administration and is there a red line for how much violence will be tolerated against civilians in this manner that's illegal and potentially a war crime?
It would be.
I don't have any confirmation of that.
We have seen the reports.
If that were true, it would potentially be a war crime.
Obviously there are a range of international fora that would assess that.
So certainly we would look to that to be a part of that conversation.
So NATO and the UN assess a Russian primitive cluster bomb as Godzilla, Satan, the worst, but when we have a big giant one that has 500 bomblets, well the Russians have 100 bomblets and the Ukrainians have 100 bomblets, but we're going to give them a 500 or 1,000 bomblet system.
And that's okay, because the international group has assessed it.
Please keep us on air.
Remember, the only way these videos and articles and clips get out is you.
Great job listeners of yours.
Just keep getting the clips out.
Keep sharing the reports.
Keep continuing to stand up against the globalists.
And realize the only voice we have outside of this broadcast is you.
The only way we're having this effect is because you are powerfully standing up and speaking out every day, and I salute you and I thank you.
And I salute the crew, I salute the stations, the affiliates, the sponsors.
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Once a year, maybe do this special maybe even two years. It's all in for sure calm enough said about that
We're skipping this break. So Gerald Salonte gets his time back trends research
Gerald thank you so much my brother. Thanks for being here Give me your take on this whole situation and maybe your
views differ on the cluster bombs, but I'm really concerned about it
Well the cover of the Trent's journal is going to be I can't say the word
but it's cluster and that begins with an F and And then as a U and a C. We'll say it, we'll delay it out.
The cover is clusterfuck.
We've been clusterfuck.
They're clusterfucks that gave us a cluster bomb.
They're little clusterfucks.
That's all they are.
You know, what this is going to do, this is ramping it up to nuclear war.
You're seeing it week after week, day after day.
There are articles coming out.
What to do in case of a... I'm not making this up.
A nuclear apocalypse.
That's the words that they use in Business Insight.
This is the food you should eat.
This is what you should do.
What you should do?
Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.
It's the end of the world.
These are demonically evil, satanic people.
What's your favorite war?
You like World War II?
I like World War I. You know, look at, again, you play that, she admits it's a war crime.
Hey, it's okay for Biden to commit war crime, just like that little lowlife Biden, the draft dodger, yeah, Vietnam War, my era, the guy that loved every damn war that he voted for, including the war on drugs, But it's okay for his drug-addicted kid!
Oh, and Alex, why don't you buy one of his $500,000 paintings?
Because, man, when you're cracked out, can you paint fine?
We got insane people running and ruining and destroying our lives.
Look at that clown, Saki.
Oh, where's Saki now?
Oh, she's sucking up crap!
What, on MSNBC?
Oh, it's the mainstream media.
They're nothing but prostitutes.
Media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government lawmasters.
We have demonic, if we don't have peace on earth, it's going to be hell on earth.
And by the way, hey, hey, what all you Mormons got locked y'all?
Hey, you Quakers, what did you all go down in an earthquake?
Hey, where are you Catholics?
Hey, Jews?
Hey, what about the Muslims?
Oh, Seventh Day Adventists, what are you waiting for, the eighth day?
Where are all the religions?
How come they're not out there for peace?
I'll tell you why.
Because they are not godly.
They're full of crap.
If they were godly, they would be stopping this mutinous war brought to you by the United States and NATO.
I wrote about how it was happening back in 2014 in your Trends Journal, how the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine.
And the reason they overthrew the government, and again, not my words, but out of the EU, or make that an F-view.
Yeah, the most corrupt country in Europe.
The cat needed money.
Who's making a deal with the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, or is it the Mafia Federation and the IMF?
No, the EU and the IMF.
And Putin said, listen, I got a better deal for you.
I'll give you lower interest rates and I'm going to cut the price of your oil.
No, you won't.
And that's when Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state under the Nobel piece of crap prize winner, Barack Obama, Caught on audio with Jeffrey Pyatt, another little clown boy of nothing, United States Ambassador to Ukraine, saying, F-U, she used the word, to the EU, we're putting in Yatsenyuk.
And they overthrew the government.
Yatsenyuk was this little clown boy in Ukraine, before they brought in that guy, Poroshenko, the other oligarch.
People have no idea of the violation of the Minsk Agreement.
They have no idea of the deal made between Gorbachev when they broke up the Soviet Union with Bush Senior.
Quote, NATO will not move one inch further.
There were 16 NATO countries, today there's 30.
So if we had the Russians up in Canada, With missiles aimed at us, and the Chinese down in Mexico with missiles aimed at us.
Oh, we'd be happy.
Oh yeah, the United States could go into the Black Sea.
Could you imagine the Russians in the Gulf of Mexico?
The Chinese off the coast of Los Angeles?
The Iranians off the coast of New York?
Oh no, but America could go and kill anywhere that they want.
So you're asking me about what it means we are on the verge of nuclear annihilation?
You got a maniac in charge!
That's what I feel like.
So if we don't stop this, it's over.
Again, nothing in the media about it.
Nothing in the media about the lies being told.
And the average person doesn't know crap.
They know nothing about what's going on.
My father may have saw Rest in Peace as a young guy.
I'd start talking about stuff and he'd say to me, son, take it easy.
People have little minds.
You don't try to convince those people.
We have to unite the people that are listening to InfoWars.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, says Samuel Adams, founding father.
At the height of, when the revolution began, the data says either less than five or five percent of the American people supported it.
At the height of the revolution, less than 50 percent.
And again, that's why you need to support InfoWars.
You know, I go into InfoWars every day.
Every day, I go, what are they talking about?
What articles are they talking about?
What InfoWars is putting out, nothing else is doing that.
So put your money where your heart and mind are.
Because if we don't unite, it's finished.
It's over.
So that's what I feel like.
That's what I know.
And again, when all else fails, they take you to war.
What followed World War II?
Oh, the Great Depression.
What followed the dot-com bust?
Oh, you mean the war on terror?
Alex was talking before I came in about the financial difficulties.
Nearly three quarters of millennials are living paycheck to paycheck.
Screw you!
Live paycheck to paycheck!
Get a job at Walmart!
No, no, no, you can work at Target!
How about Home Depot?
You mean once upon a time there used to be hardware stores?
Stationery stores?
grocery stores, clothing stores, now they're all chains.
The chains own everything.
Brought to you by the scum politicians that deregulated the Antitrust Act.
Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter!
Yeah, deregulated the airline industry.
When I used to begin flying, I was flying first class in 1974.
I remember flying from Chicago to LA to Las Vegas.
And they rolled out a roast.
Would you like the roast or would you like lobster Thermidor?
Now I flew back from Chicago to New York, first class.
And they come out with a basket with some crackers and junk in it.
They give you a glass of wine and a plastic glass.
Everything's gone down, the big zone, everything.
You ready?
Survey found 60% of consumers were living paycheck to paycheck last month, including 73% of millennials.
Send more money to the bloody-to-killing fields in Ukraine!
Screw you!
Give more money to the military-industrial complex!
And all you repulsive kids and demo-craps voted to give more money to the military-industrial complex!
Where are we going?
Look at the little freaks that are running and ruining our lives!
Little Chucky Schumer!
Oh, let me wear my glasses like a Schumer!
I'm Chucky Schumer!
I'm Chucky Schumer!
I never work a day of my life!
I just suck off the public tit like the rest of them!
Yes, Mr. Schumer.
Oh, and close down your business.
We got the COVID water fight.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I'm an American.
I'm gutless.
I'm the masses.
Lindsey Graham.
Every day, every day, the mainstream media repeating the crap spewing out of that slob's mouth.
A little warmongering freak.
Hey, fat boy!
Go over and fight in Ukraine or shut your mouth!
Anybody that wants to give my money to Ukraine, I don't want to go in there.
You support Ukraine, you go over there and fight, you go over there and send your money, or shut your mouth!
Every one of you repulsive kids and democrats that vote to steal my money, you go fight!
Or shut up!
But I'll tell you what, There are no fighters.
Oh, we got the cotton boy.
Oh yeah, we got those.
Oh, I'm a former military guy.
I love killing people.
I'm for peace.
Hey, I believe in Jesus Christ.
I believe in the Prince of Peace.
I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
You're just pieces of crap.
You're gutless little boys and girls who love war and can't fight.
So, going back to how they're robbing us, don't worry millennials.
Shut your damn mouth and do what you're told, because... Oh, this is from Bloomberg.
Can't call it misinformation.
You know what misinformation is?
Misinformation is not believing the crap that these scum shove down your throat called politicians.
That's misinformation!
How dare you not swallow my crap!
Oh, his independence staff forgot July 4th.
What independence?
World's richest added $852 billion to their fortunes in the first half of 2023, according to Bloomberg.
Each member of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index Oh, don't you wish you were a member of the Billionaire Bloomberg Billionaires Index Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
Hey, hey, you billionaires, how come you don't put any money out for peace?
Because you're pieces of crap.
Because if you gave a billion, if you made 852 billion, If you put one billion into the Occupy Peace Movement, we'd have a real peace movement.
Screw you, Solenti, and your movement.
You ready?
Each member of the Billionaire Index made an average of $14 million per day over the last six months.
But don't worry about it.
Nearly 50% of the plantation workers of Slavelandia The world's population, nearly 50% living on $6.25 a day.
Don't understand why you have this refugee crisis and people are trying to leave all this poverty and go somewhere else.
It's a crime syndicate.
Here's what Americans say they need to earn to feel rich or even just financially secure.
This is from the Cartoon News Network, CNN.
More than 2,500 U.S.
More than 2,500 U.S. adults say we need to earn an average of $233,000 a year to feel
financially secure and $483,000 annually to feel rich or attain financial freedom according
to bank rate.
The median earning for a full-time year-round worker.
According to the Census Bureau.
$1,473 according to the Census Bureau.
Inflation, inflation, when I was a young guy, [BLANK_AUDIO]
And I moved into the corporate world.
I was making about $40,000 a year.
And that was like a lot of money.
Not anymore.
They've taken over.
Oh, inflation's coming down?
No, it's not.
What does it cost to buy a house?
Only about $50,000 to buy a car.
Anyway, do what you can to support InfoWars because InfoWars is doing everything they can to support you.
And that's why I do what I do to support InfoWars.
Keep truth alive.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I was just listening to that commercial about the water filter.
And this is really important to get.
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Yeah, this is an article that will be appearing in this week's Trends Journal.
We've been writing about this, by the way, for years.
But, talking about water.
Nearly half of tap water in the U.S.
contains PFAS.
This is the Wall Street Journal.
Close to half the U.S.
tap water supply is contaminated with so-called forever chemicals, a comprehensive study conducted by the U.S.
Geological Survey estimated.
Research has detected at least one of the chemicals known as PFAS, or whatever it's called, polyfluoro, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, in about 45% of U.S.
drinking water samples.
All right?
Hey, you worried about climate change?
Them chemical companies could kill us any way we want.
Oh, yeah.
We got, uh, we had General Electric.
General Electric here?
Yeah, to poison the Hudson River.
Yeah, that's fine.
We could throw any crap we want anywhere.
We pay off the politicians.
We pay them off.
These are little clown boys and girls.
You don't have to pay them a lot of money.
Nah, they never work a day in their lives.
You just give them a little bit of money and you tell them what to do.
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What do we got here?
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Here we go.
Hey politicians, who do we have for you to tell us what to do?
And that's what they're telling us what to do.
It's sellouts.
It's sellouts.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I was on the inside.
I ran major political campaigns in Westchester County, the richest county in the USA back in the 70s.
I was a Chief Government Affairs Specialist in the chemical industry.
I was killing environmental legislation at the height of the environmental movement.
All I wanted to do was make money and a lot of other stuff.
I was putting on my meetings at 28 years old.
I was staying at the Willard Hotel and putting my meetings on at the Hay-Adams in D.C.
I wouldn't know what I know if I wasn't on the other side.
I was on the other side, and it is a freak show!
You're still in kindergarten!
You're kindergarten teachers!
Oh, and you know who the officials are?
Your congressmen, and your senators, and your assemblymen?
Oh, they're the principals of the school!
That's all it is!
We haven't left grammar school!
You're still in school and you got the school head jerks telling us what to do.
So going back to beginning on the economic front as Alex was talking about before he went into Ukraine.
This is an article that just came out on CNBC just before I got on the air.
The American banking landscape is on the cusp of a seismic shift.
Expect more pain to come.
Rising interest rates, losses on commercial real estate, and heightened regulatory scrutiny will pressure regional mid-sized banks, leading to a wave of mergers, sources told CNBC.
Oh, sources said, hey, hey, I can't say the word efface.
We've been saying this for how long?
We've been writing the details for how long?
Oh, commercial real estate?
Wall Street Journal.
Last Wednesday, office markets' remote work woes spread.
Many businesses that depended on the sector are having to pivot, shrink, or worse.
No kidding.
We warned this would happen.
When they launched the COVID war.
It's in your trends journal.
We warned of an office building bust in March of 2020.
When the geeks and the other freaks started, go home, work from home, you'll get COVID if you go to work, you get COVID if you go to work.
Your office vacancy rate In San Diego, in San Francisco, Land of the Geeks is 30%.
Can't understand why crime is rising.
Drug dealers everywhere?
Yeah, don't worry about it.
Oh, it's about 30% in, um, L.A.
You're estimating 25% vacancy rate in Toronto.
This is all over the world.
Remote work persists.
Oh, Wall Street Journal.
Commercial sector turmoil.
Ground lease talks.
Oh, blow me away.
The first quarter of 2023, investors purchased only $489 million in Manhattan office properties compared with $5 billion in the first quarter of 2022.
Five billion dollars they spent in 2022 to buy offices that are now vacant.
How stupid can you be?
I guess you don't read the Trends Journal.
Hey, we're the real estate barons!
You're just a piece of crap, Solenti!
Oh, I guess you never read my books.
Trends 2000, international bestseller.
Trend tracking far better than Megatrend's Time Magazine.
On and on and on.
Oh, I only do trend forecasting.
I only teach it.
Don't teach it at Harvard.
Don't teach it at Yale.
Don't teach it at Princeton.
You know why?
They don't know how to.
Oh, but you could take a history course.
Oh, yeah.
And you could get one in art history, too.
I don't care what happened.
What's going to happen?
Shut your mouth!
We don't know what's going to happen, so we're not going to listen to you.
This office building bust is going to bring down the banks like you've never seen before.
We are in for a banking crisis, the likes of which are unparalleled in modern history.
Not even making the news.
Little headlines they put up.
Little headlines.
Oh, you ready?
Chief Financial Officers weigh the various issues of return to the office.
Financial officer.
Yes, sir.
I'm a financial officer.
Yes, sir.
What officer?
What officer?
A money junkie.
Hey, I play in the street.
I'm a member of the club.
This is going to go down so hard, going back to what Alex was saying about gold.
In 2022, the central banks bought more gold than ever.
The first quarter of this year, the central banksters bought 155% more gold than the last
year's first quarter. They know how bad it's going and they're going to do everything they
can to keep gold prices down before they skyrocket.
So they can keep buying it up.
And the game is rigged.
Don't believe me?
How about Jamie Dimons, JPMorgan Chase, convicted.
Convicted of rigging the precious metals market.
Only fined $900 million.
Convicted of five felonies.
Hey, I'm JPMorgan Chase.
Hey, I can do what I want.
So where's gold going?
What's next?
Stay tuned.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And, you know, Alex Jones, you know, he keeps talking about those water filtration systems and about 10% off on their filtration products.
Fukushima water dump.
They're going to be dumping that poison water from Fukushima It's Fukushima spelled F-U-K-U-S-H-I-M-A.
It should be F-U and it gives another letter you want to throw in there.
Because that's what they're doing.
Can you imagine this?
They're dumping that poison, poison, uranium filled water into the sea.
This is the sickness of what's going on.
And now, now, in Canada, all over, they're building more nuclear power plants.
It'll be fine.
Chernobyl, forget about it.
You know, all these other ones, eh, well, they forgot.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
Fukushima, f-you.
Beijing's foreign ministers slammed the Fukushima wastewater plant,
accusing Japan of treating the surrounding ocean as the country's own "private sewer."
On Friday, China expanded restrictions on food imports in Japan, which include a ban on food products from Fukushima and nine other prefectures.
Eight out of ten South Koreans oppose the Fukushima water dump.
Don't worry about it!
It's fine!
So this is why you need to get these products.
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And, um, there's never been a more crucial time to stand up and fight Our Republic, which is being destroyed right in front of our eyes.
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I mean, again, if you don't swallow the crap spewing out of the government's app mouth, you're censored.
So go to InfoWarsStore.com, InfoWarsStore.com, and get these products that could help you and also help InfoWars.
It's a 360 win.
And that's why I do what I do for InfoWars, because I believe in what they're doing.
You know, George Collins said, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
I knew his brother, Patrick, who just passed away recently, by the way.
Patrick used to work for me for a while as well.
And George Collins said, it's one big club and you ain't in it.
This was a story that came out last week.
Alex Soros access to Biden White House continues as he's now visited at least 20 times record show.
He also visited Albania with former President Bill Clinton.
37-year-old son of George Soros, who doesn't give a penny for peace.
Matter of fact, I lived near Soros.
Soros lived near me.
I lived near him when I was in Rhinebeck.
He had a place up there as well.
And I saw him one time up at Bard College.
He was there with Patrick Moynihan, Senator.
I stood up at their conference and Gave the other side of the story.
And I was the only one that did it.
But anyway.
20 times.
20 times.
What is this guy, better than me?
What the hell is he going to the White House 20 times for?
You only go to the White House if you're a member of the club.
Otherwise, you're just a piece of Plantation worker of Slavelandia.
Could you see the control of this game?
And you look at this cat, man.
I gotta tell ya.
I wouldn't want a penny of Soros's billions if I had to look like that cat.
Or his little boy.
Not a penny.
So going back, again, the Trends Journal gives you history before it happens.
We warned about a commercial real estate bust, office building bust, going back over three years ago.
You ready?
Today's, what, July 10th?
On July 7th, Commercial real estate values is set to crater as much as 40% by 2025 in these major cities.
We warn this is going to happen.
You read the whole article.
And again, I underline the articles and we send them to the writers.
And down at the bottom, I wrote to Ben Davis, who also does our high tech science.
Ben, not a word of how this will hit banks holding the loans.
Not a word.
Not a word.
San Francisco is expected to suffer the largest decline in commercial property values in the city, plummeting 40 to 45 percent between 2023, that's this year, and 2025.
that's this year in 2025.
Chicago and New York, 30 to 35 percent.
Austin, 25 percent.
Portland, Denver.
Miami, Dallas.
Atlanta, around 20%.
That's huge!
How are they gonna pay off their debts?
Oh, by the way, I forgot to say this.
As interest rates rise, they got floating loans, a lot of these.
They gotta pay more.
Oh, and nobody's talking about, oh, they're gonna raise interest rates.
The guess is two more times.
So now they got to pay more on their loans, as they have less and less tenants, they're going to be defaulting on their loans.
But don't worry, the small banks will go bust, they'll steal our money, the banks, the federal banksters, and they'll give it to the JP Morgan chasers and the Wells Fargo's and the Bank of America's, you know, give it all to them to buy up the banks.
So the bigs become bigger.
And Jimmy Codd has started at letting banks go interstate.
They were only intrastate before.
Bank of America was only in California.
So the bigs are going to get bigger.
Everything else is going to go down.
And even now, merger and acquisition activity is down because interest rates are up, but the bigs are buying everybody else's fairly.
So we have to unite and change this.
I was on with Alex, as we do our top trends for the new year back in January.
And it was a great interview, as it always is when I'm on with Alex.
And I said to Alex, to me the best ticket, presidential ticket, would be, this is January, RFK Jr.
for President, Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President.
Kennedy announced he was running for president in April.
RFK Junior.
could change this.
As I said to him, we spoke two weeks ago.
I said, what man in this country, his father was assassinated, an uncle who was president was assassinated.
You have a heart and soul like nobody else in this country.
We have to change this direction.
And to me, that's the ticket.
We got to make it happen.
So anyway, if you want history before it happens, you got the Trends Journal, TrendsJournal.com.
You want these t-shirts, you go to TrendsJournal.com.
Hey politicians, who the F are you to tell us what to do?
And if you want to keep supporting the truth, Keep supporting InfoWars because they're supporting you.
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I told you about that 20 years ago, it's mainstream news today.
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Government study finds.
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PFAS's exposure is linked to problems like cancer, Oh, a whole problem like cancer?
Obesity, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, decreased fertility, liver damage, hormone suppression, according to the U.S.
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