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Name: 20230709_Sun_Alex
Air Date: July 9, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses his criticism towards mainstream media for their dismissive coverage of the movie "Sound of Freedom" which portrays the issue of human trafficking. He talks about various issues including Islamists burning down cities in Europe, rising cancer rates, 5G infrastructure, exploitation of children in industries, and border security. Jones praises celebrities and public figures speaking out against globalist agenda. He promotes scholarships offered by InfoWars at River University and discusses the effectiveness of krill oil for brain function. He criticizes central bank digital currency as a "bargain of the beast" for global elites and hypocrisy in coverage of cluster bombs. Lastly, he shares his experience at a creek while promoting various products available at InfoWarsStore.com.

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It's Sunday, July 9th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Got a big broadcast lined up for you.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Pearson.
Have a great week.
I'll see you next time.
Well, I tend to get a little bummed out here on air, a little pessimistic and upset because
a lot of innocent people are being fed into satanic meat grinders in a thousand different
ways every day, conservatively.
But in the main, Evil is in a lot of trouble, and the Great Awakening is undoubtedly here now.
So I'll be completely honest with you.
I don't really pay attention to Hollywood, even the Christian Hollywood that's taking over and is successful while the old satanic Hollywood's dying.
So I had not really paid any attention to the sound of freedom.
I like Mel Gibson a lot.
I mean, you talk about he's not some Johnny come come lately to fight in the New World Order.
He's been aware of it since he was a kid.
I'm friends with his dad, Hutton, who's an expert on the New World Order before I was born.
And I like Caviezel and all that, but but I just I thought it was a fiction movie.
I did a bunch of research this weekend when it hit number one, and I was like, wow, this is a true story.
And so I kind of feel Not dumb.
I'm usually way ahead of the curve, except when you're so far ahead of the curve, you kind of already know all this stuff.
You think, well, what's Hollywood, even if it's Christian Hollywood, going to show me?
I mean, the U.N.
has kidnapped hundreds of thousands of women and children we know of and put them in sex slavery, and it used to be all over the news.
London Guardian, Associated Press, until about 10 years ago, And Big Tech got so good at control that you don't even see that stuff anymore.
I mean, it's in my major films.
Just newscast clips admitting industrial level sex trade, sex slavery.
The term for it's white slavery.
Has nothing to do with white people.
It's just the old term is white slavery, sex slavery.
That's the technical name for it.
And... So I'm gonna go see the movie tonight.
But I've read a transcript of it.
We got the director and other people coming on this week.
The star of it, all of them.
Big, big fans of those guys.
Roger Stone is on the show tomorrow.
He hung out with Trump and Bill Gibson.
Roger Stone was also, I guess, hanging out with Joe Rogan.
So that's a good thing.
So those guys are all together.
The radicalization of Joe Rogan is almost complete.
You know, that's my main job is actually Waking people up across the political spectrum, especially the big dogs.
Been working on Rogan for 25 years.
Some special project.
One of my, I don't take all the credit for it, just a large, large serving of the credit, to the majority of the credit for his radicalization.
I know it's angered the system quite a bit.
But seriously, the system radicalized Joe Rogan because the system is who is radical So, I was already going to start the show today and just talk about the giant awakening that is happening around the world and how amazing it is.
And just so much more, but I just also wanted to talk about CNN, ABC News, a bunch of Washington Post, New York Times.
The worst one was Rolling Stone.
Rolling Stone came out and said that Let me read you the headline.
Sound of Freedom is cueing on conspiracy theory for fathers with brain worms.
Dads with brain worms.
Here it is.
Sound of Freedom is a superhero movie for dads with brain worms.
And it's a true story of saving kidnapped kids.
Does that tell you who these folks are batting for?
My uncle was in secret operations with the government in Latin America and he resigned out of his secret army commission, the CIA commission, because of human trafficking of orphans in the mid-1980s.
So, I've known about this forever.
It's very real.
And to have these sickos sit there and make jokes about it is beyond evil.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
On this Sunday, July 9th, 2023 broadcast.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Okay, first off, what's left of the dinosaur corporate kleptocrat, pedophile-worshiping media has further dug itself into hell.
And I would say, I mean, they've been a zombie organization, a zombie constellation of corporate fraudsters that have been propped up for a long time, but the facade has completely blown over and fallen on the side of the highway now.
Whether it's the Washington Post or the New York Times or CNN, nauseating coverage defending pedophilia and saying that There is no child kidnapping.
There is no child trafficking.
It does not exist.
And that Sound of Freedom in the number one movie at the box office, backed by Mel Gibson and others, is the most horrible thing on earth that the world's ever seen.
And of course, it's a true story.
And of course, anybody can research the U.N.
and giant child kidnapping rings and snuff films.
And back before there was total corporate control 10 years ago and back, It's in a bunch of my films.
It was mainstream news that the U.N.
ran giant kidnapping operations all over the world.
So the U.N.
runs this.
I mean, these people run this.
And their apologist is the corporate media.
And they've got such big huevos that they come out against a movie that's defeated everything at the box office, including Indiana Jones and the Temple of Feminism, the latest movie they just came out with.
So that's a big deal.
We got the director and the star of the movie and all those other great people, who I know are really awake, on the show this week.
Congratulations to them on that.
But we've got to... Look, I don't want to pollute the show with this.
Nobody wants to watch CNN clips.
Nobody wants to see ABC this close.
But they literally attack the movie and say, don't go see it.
It's terrible.
There's no child trafficking.
I mean, they go, well, there's a little bit, but it's not a big problem.
Folks, it's the biggest crime going on on Earth right now is the exploitation of children.
Whether it's in cobalt mines, or germanium mines, or whether it is sex slavery, or whether it's sweatshops.
I mean, even the New York Times admits there's hundreds of thousands of children younger than 15 working in dangerous factories overnight and not even going to school in places like Michigan and Texas.
And that's a federal crime they're supposed to enforce, and it's not being stopped.
So, I mean, you go to the border right now and see people handing over newborn babies with no IDs, no DNA tests, to just random strangers.
We have shot the video over and over again.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
You've all seen the footage.
It's on Bandot Video.
We should, you know, repackage something of all those takes this week and call it Beyond the Sound of Freedom.
And just say, here, here's just our footage in Texas every time we go.
It's like, just drive down the street.
Oh, there's people handing over kids to random people.
Oh, here, let's just, let's go to the airport.
It's the same Catholic Charities woman just handing newborn babies over here.
There's no ID, but I'm her mother.
And she goes back outside and gets another one.
I'm the mother.
You're allowed to take her.
I give her up.
Which is total criminal act—and then meanwhile, if I want to fly to that same airport in Brownsville or McAllen, they literally want to grab my wiener.
They want to pat me down when I fly.
Oh, let's pat you down, old terrorist!
But the borders—they're just handing kids over.
And they're running these headlines like, it's the same.
There's no child trafficking.
There's nothing going on.
Just shut up.
So I'm going to hit that, but let me tell you what else is coming up.
I am proud of a lot of things, and the thing that, I don't want to say proud, most satisfied about, is that when I go back and talk to these key people and track back what woke them up, the genesis of them waking up, it was this show and our guests, the things we've done, has been, in the main, the most prominent successful organization at getting people to wake up to the New World Order.
And so, to all the listeners and backers and supporters, you really bet on the right horse, you bet on your own future, you bet on a winner.
I mean, we're talking triple crown winner.
Not me, this whole organization, the audience, the listeners, the supporters.
Baby, you are absolutely nailing it, okay?
But man, I gotta tell you, I can't keep track of it anymore.
It's not just R.F.K.
Jr., it's not just Tucker Carlson, it's not just Russell Brand, it's not just Joe Rogan, it's not just all these Congress people and all these big Hollywood people and the number one movies over and over again, everything is anti-New World Order truth.
Joe Rogan completely comes out in the Ice Cube interview that I finally watched last week, and I mean, I've got all these clips like, the world government's gonna enslave us and they're gonna Control everything we do.
We got to stop the central bank digital currencies and it's absolute total crap for hour after hour.
And Ice Cube, yeah, we got to stop this world government.
They want to control our bodies.
They're the enemy.
And it's just every... Folks, people say, well, are they controlled opposition?
No, Joe Rogan's not controlled opposition.
No, Ice Cube's not controlled opposition.
No, Mel Gibson, skip this break.
No, Mel Gibson is not controlled opposition.
It's just now it's safe for them To tell you what they already knew.
Because they saw people like me coming out talking about it 25 years ago.
And David Aiken and others like, well, you get attacked when you do that.
It's kooky.
And then over time they woke up.
I mean, you know, Joe Rogan calling into my show on 9-11.
That's a famous clip.
He listened all the time.
Me and Joe have been friends for 25 years.
And Joe knew I was right over the years because he would just be like, is it really that bad?
Really, Alex?
And finally, about five years ago, I got mad at him and confronted him about it.
And I said, you need to choose a side.
Either you need to be against the New World Order or for it.
And he said, you're right.
It's real.
I'm going to be against it.
And he's done it his own way, fighting them.
And I'm not like the traffic cop or the policeman here that tells people what they better do and what they... It's not that.
I want to beat the globalists.
So if somebody's my friend, and I know they're smart, and they're denying this is going on, and they're not fighting it, and Joe gave me credit, it's not about credit, it's about this broadcast that's affecting us on record, and that's why you've supported it, and why you should continue to.
Because we're in battle, folks.
You'd think the lead ship and the attack against the enemy would be the most backed out there.
You know, it's kind of like, oh, that guy's right now, now we're all going to move forward.
Meanwhile, the enemy is encircling me because they don't want me to put out the next information that's going to stop them.
So I got them stabbing me, literally.
Metaphysically, culturally, financially.
And so I'm just saying, hey, here's our report back to you.
We really did good on the battlefield.
Can we please, as an old horse, be fed and basically patted down and not put away wet?
And I'm not complaining.
I am so excited about our success.
But there is this moment of this all going mainline and people totally getting what's going on, this explosion out there.
Whereas you have to understand that Some of these people, not the ones I listed, but some of them could be getting involved in the movement, not just as a bandwagon, but because they want to lead the wagon later.
And that's not the people I listed, not Tucker, not Joe.
I know them really well, know Joe really well.
That's not happening.
It was just hard for them to admit this to themselves.
But there are a lot of other people that are being basically establishment backed that I don't trust.
And look, I'm going to leave it to you to figure all this out.
But I mean, Trump standing ovation, Mel Gibson with Roger Stone and Trump and Joe Rogan standing ovations.
I mean, we're the culture.
We're winning.
The coup d'etat of the Justice Department and the coup of the new order has failed.
No one's buying it.
Everyone sees through it.
Trump, in major polls, was 67% of the field of Republicans.
Out of all the Republicans, he had 67%.
Now it's over 75%.
No one.
He's 30 points ahead of Biden now in scientific polls.
He was only 5 points in the election.
They could steal that.
You can't steal a margin of 10, 20, 30%.
I mean, nobody since Franklin D. Roosevelt in World War II has been this popular.
He was in control.
He was basically a dictator by that point in the war.
And he did have 70% approval, okay?
Trump is as popular as he was right now in the real world.
Not in little leftist bubble pedo lands, but in the real country, in the real world, people know Trump's a maverick, they know the system's after him, and they want him.
And so this is really a magic moment, ladies and gentlemen, that's happening.
But the reason I was getting back into Rogan is this, that he's hitting on all cylinders, He said a few months ago, because I don't have time, he does prolific stuff, so I watch probably two hours a week.
I'd love to be able to watch more, but I'm doing my own show.
And people sent me a clip where Rogan's like, yeah, it was Alex Jones telling me about central bank digital currencies and ESGs about three, four years ago.
And it's all true.
And it's super dangerous.
We got to really be worried about it.
That was a couple of months ago.
Now he goes on 30 minute breakdowns on it.
And once Joe Rogan starts looking at something, he's really good at covering it.
So, I gotta say, there's a real satisfaction.
How long have I been a long-distance swimmer, or by ship sunk, and I had to swim five miles?
I mean, I'm still, I'm not in good shape, but I can still swim five miles.
I used to be a really good swimmer.
I swam two miles just a few months ago, easily, in the Caribbean.
But the point is, it's like swimming five miles in a heavy current.
You're almost dead, and you get to the beach, and you're just exhausted and throw yourself on it.
And so InfoWars is kind of like that.
I've been on this long marathon swim.
You know, against the current.
And I've hit the beach and I'm just kind of collapsed here.
But as I look up, I see all these other prominent people that really get it.
And once you get, the globalists are coming to destroy you.
And once you get, they're going to build a dystopia.
And once you get, they're not going to let you sell out to them.
They want to be transhumanists.
They're going to be God.
They want to... Smart people go, this is not going to work.
This is going to blow the earth up.
People are going to fight back.
There's going to be a giant war.
You're going to release new bio-weapons and lock us down?
You're going to engage in all of this?
It's not gonna fly once people know the globalists are predators, and transhumanists, psycho, depopulationists.
So, once you get to that breaking point, which we've gone over, there's no way the New World Order wins, except they may be able to destroy the planet and take us with them.
So now our job is to accelerate the awakening of the public, And their full education, not just their somewhat awakened, one of the three, we gotta get them really red-pilled quickly before things go black-pill.
And we also have to talk to the establishment and just say, listen, you know you've lost, and we'll give you abstentia.
You can go and take some of your stolen money.
People say, don't be a wimp, we want vengeance.
No, you look at how wars get ended properly.
Because you just, you mark them, you expose them, I mean by mark them in the media that they're bad, and then you destroy their name politically and culturally, and then you let them go.
Because they will blow stuff, they will blow the planet up if they're cornered.
Now I'm trying to give the globalists a way out, I'm being completely straight with them.
There's no way you make it out of this.
If you want to try to run off and regroup for 50, 100 years and come back, look, we'll give you another shot at it, okay?
The point is, is that God gives you another shot at it.
We know that in Revelation.
The point is, is that you're not gonna win this round, okay?
And I'm not the type of guy that just says, let's play dice with this.
Because there's a 60% chance If either side doesn't give up, they're going to blow the planet up.
But we might as well just blow up the planet then, because if they're in control, it's pure Satanism, pure pedophilia, pure animal-human clones, them playing God, a psychotic mad scientist situation.
So let's just cauterize it, vaporize it.
I'm in the same boat as they are.
They're ready to blow it up if they're going to lose.
I'm ready to blow it up if we lose too.
In fact, I just want to be completely honest.
People don't know what I really think.
This is the next level Alex Jones.
I think instead of them getting full satanic control of the planet and doing this and turning us into lab rats, I think it's just best, God, I'm on it.
God, go ahead and vaporize it if that's the right thing to do.
In fact, I'm asking, and I'm not praying to God to vaporize the earth.
I want to fix things.
I want to turn it around.
I'm saying, If it gets to the point where we're not going to turn it around, and God knows that, and we've chosen wrong, I ask for the children's sake that God not allow the earth to continue on to produce children for this thing to feed on.
I ask God, respectively, to blow the planet up immediately.
I mean, I want God to blow it up now instead of doing this, okay?
And God says, you got to fix it.
I'm on your side.
I'll give you discernment.
I'll give you backing.
It's not over yet, Jones.
And I know that.
But for a real debate with the globalists and have a real discussion with them, they need to know.
We're not backing off.
We're not giving in.
We're not going away.
It's a game of chicken.
In fact, we're talking about Mel Gibson.
Pull up that classic.
Mad Max.
Mad Max toe cutter scene.
What a B movie, man.
They can't make movies this good with $500 million today because they have no soul.
Let's pull up.
Pull up Mad Max toe cutter chicken scene.
And so I just want them to know we are Mad Max.
In fact, we have the real, we have Mad Max on our team.
Okay, we have Mel Gibson on our team.
We have all the good guys.
Okay, we're not perfect.
We're maniacs.
But you do understand we're not going to turn the car off in this chicken.
We're going to jam the accelerator down and aim it straight at your ass.
That's what we're telling you.
You need to just turn off now.
You need to turn off now.
But hey, it's okay.
If Tim Cook runs death camps, we know he's gay, right?
Long as you're liberal, as long as it's fun, as long as it's trendy.
So, the big news.
Enough about all that.
But you have to understand, more than just news stories or news items and all this, freedom's popular, exposing the globalists is popular, standing against them is popular, the New World Order does not know what to do, they're in total and complete absolute panic mode right now.
And That's just where we are.
But let's not sit there and count our chickens before they're hatched.
They're going to pull some major crap.
I mean, they already say the Russians tomorrow are going to blow up the nuclear power plant with no evidence.
Metal damage.
Frame damage.
Ailiston bronze.
I am the Night Rider.
I'm a fuel injected suicide machine.
I'm a rocker. I'm a roller. I'm a...
I'm the night rider, baby!
I'm a... and we ain't never coming back!
I'm a... and we ain't never coming back!
True classic.
It's a tail cutter! He knows who I am!
I am the night rider!
Imagine CNN, Washington Post.
We are another disgraceful.
Coming out and saying that there's no child kidnapping going on and that Sound of Freedom is bad but it's on the record true story and quite frankly nothing compared to what goes on.
I mean, they picked a completely confirmed one of these stories.
I mean, the U.N.
again has been caught literally kidnapping 10,000 children in Haiti alone.
Guys, tap into the search engine just the other day.
Children kidnapped in Africa for satanic ritual sacrifice.
That was like mainstream news five days ago.
And there goes Klaus Schwab.
They're a little intimidated now.
They already know they're losing, but they don't quit.
Because now we're on their tail.
And now they're not as confident as they used to be.
Because now we have the public awakening.
And now Bill Gates and Fauci are starting to figure out what's going on.
The world's awake to them now.
And it's gonna get worse from here on out.
All we gotta do is just keep pushing.
And pushing.
And pushing with the truth.
They can try to censor, they can try to threaten, they can try to sue us.
They can do whatever they want.
But in the end, you know what happens to the bad guys.
For the course.
We know how evil works.
They'll come back again and we'll beat them again.
The question is how many children are gonna get shoot up and murdered and killed in the process before we stop these people.
So there you go.
I just had a hunger to suddenly see that and we just played that and there's my little allegory.
I've got probably 200 articles here and I've looked at them and they're all incredible.
Here's just one.
Oh yeah, show that AP.
Somebody ought to call CNN up and say, uh, you say there's no child trafficking going on, what's this?
AP exclusive, you and child sex ring left victims but no arrests, including tens of thousands kidnapped, raped, and many murdered.
And when AP published this, was this five years ago?
Six years ago?
It got no coverage.
It was like a 25 page report.
We had reporters down there a year before this broke.
Gary Haven and Joe Biggs.
Oh, where's Joe Biggs?
Joe Biggs was there documenting kidnapped children and getting authorities to save them with Gary Haven.
Where's Joe Biggs right now?
Oh, he's in a federal prison.
He's a terrorist.
I forgot.
So, uh, look at this.
In fact, guys, print me a bunch of articles about sex trafficking and UN sex trafficking and UN kidnap kids and just... You ought to go to Google Web, though, because none of it's in the news now.
They hide it.
We've got all the thousands of articles, congressional hearings, all of it.
But remember, the sound of freedom's not real!
None of it's happening!
None of it's going on!
Yeah, well, my uncle, my mom's brother, who was probably the coolest guy ever, so sad he died of flash pneumonia nine years ago in 2014.
He told me before he died that the government was smuggling children out of Central America out of orphanages.
Now, he told me that before he died.
I knew he was a very good guy and an amazing person.
And the top of his class is basically everything.
The youngest person to ever have a ham radio operation license when he was like 10 years old.
He had world records at different points in his life for Morse code, super decorated Vietnam helicopter pilot, and then went into secret operations.
And he said, our government kidnaps and smuggles children and kills them.
That was William Forrest Hammond told me that.
Oh, but I can read CNN, and they tell me none of that's going on.
The criminals that have hijacked our government use this to compromise people, and you don't get in their club unless you're part of that.
And that's who's hijacked the U.S.
So, remember when you see CNN or the Washington Post or the New York Times, they don't just lie to you.
I've got all the articles, the videos.
You want me to play them for you?
You see it everywhere.
They're literally saying people that believe this movie have maggots in their brains.
You can read the disdain in the headlines.
I mean, I've got a whole bunch of them here.
They're just sick.
They'll take a true story on record with arresting convictions and say it isn't real to you because they love it, because they support it.
Operation Underground Railroad, 6,000 trafficking victims rescued.
On record.
And what is their response?
No, don't go see Sound of Freedom.
It's a QAnon conspiracy.
It's literally based on a true story, ladies and gentlemen.
Report Rolling Stone writer who mocked Sound of Freedom movie locks down his Twitter profile.
Look at this guy.
I mean, I'm just saying somebody ought to like, I mean, it looks like Brian's got a little Brian Stelter flavor to him.
Not gonna let this guy babysit my kids.
I'll put it to you that way.
Yeah, here's what he wrote.
Sound of Freedom is a superhero movie for dads with brain worms.
You know, those dirty dads.
And what did Biden start doing, Obama, a month ago?
No longer Does ICE, when there's an unaccompanied child from the age 18 down to three months, or newborn, do a DNA test when they're released to the charities?
They have no ID, have no idea who the kid is, they don't take their DNA, so they find them dead a year later, or six months later, or five years later.
There's no ID, no ID, no DNA.
So when they go right into those Satanist hands... I've been there when they're handing over babies with no paperwork at the airport.
I don't know a video.
You've seen it.
There's no record.
But when we fly to the border...
And we try to fly out.
You've been... We've literally... My crew's been standing there.
We usually drive.
We've flown some.
My crew's been standing there before because we have equipment.
We're pulled aside.
We're doing a check.
Hands under here.
Guys grab my balls.
Grab the crew's balls.
And I'm sitting there watching illegal aliens just led through and little kids just led through with no nothing.
They just have envelopes going God knows where while some TSA person tugs at my wiener.
That's how crazy this country is and what a joke it's become.
But we have to admit this to ourselves and understand it.
So, the good news is their house of cards is coming down.
Now I'm going to get into a bunch of the news when we come back.
I'm going to get into the central bank digital currency.
Joe Rogan coming out and issuing this emergency warning that's excellent.
And then I'm going to get into China, cutting off Rares Minerals United States, a gigantic deal I've warned of for more than 15 years, and it's now happened.
I mean, this is next level.
For those that don't know, you can't build Jack's squat without these two elements they just banned.
You can't build a toaster.
We'll be right back.
They fire half the cops, things burn down and they put their new police in and then nobody investigates the sex trafficking.
Now when my uncle was dying, about a year before he died he told me some of this when he was dying before he Lungs filled up and they put him on a respirator and he died.
He lived about a week on it.
He said, listen, this is really dangerous.
I don't want to tell you this.
You're already on it.
You already know what's going on, but it's real.
And that's what we saw in Central America.
We were down there and I ran Contra.
That's why me and some of the other men got out of it.
They killed some of the people.
He goes, uh, they killed some of the guys that got out of it with him and they killed him.
I mean, you understand, I got my uncle off a C-130 in Dallas when I was like eight years old and had no idea.
My mom, my dad was working.
We went to the Air Force Base and C-130 lands and he comes off on crutches and, uh, The full story, even my family doesn't know, but I mean, it's just insane, folks.
And then I see CNN saying it doesn't exist.
I have a stack of AP Reuters articles that never got any traction about the UN-running giant child kidnapping rings I'll cover next hour.
I mean, this is just what you can find in 10 seconds.
There's thousands of these things.
I mean, you read about the industrial level.
Like, you see those cobalt mines in Congo and Africa?
Where they're like three miles wide and you see like eight-year-old kids in there working 14 hours a day and they just die, they throw them in mass graves.
If they'll put kids in a cobalt mine, you know how toxic that stuff is?
With no gloves, no nothing, no shoes in many cases.
Literally what we envision as Israelite slaves building Pharaoh's pyramids.
We see that in movies and say, oh, that really happened.
Well, guys, pull up a lithium mine, a cobalt mine, a geranium mine in Africa.
Yeah, look at this.
This is real.
This is real.
Now, if they'll do that to little kids, of course they're raping this living snot out of them.
And they do it.
And then I have clip after clip of CNN laughing and saying it's not happening.
How did we produce scum of this level?
But guys, show them a photo of a lithium or cobalt mine.
Or a geranium mine.
I mean, they're like 3, 4, 5 miles wide.
And there's no machines.
It's people.
And it caves in and people die every hour?
And then again, this is electric cars!
They have nothing to do with the environment.
It's all a giant scam!
Oh, God help us.
And then it gives China full control.
So I'm gonna hit more of this coming up next hour.
I'm gonna show you the headlines all of it.
I mean, here's one.
More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring.
AP report documents child sexual abuse by U.N.
peacekeepers in Haiti.
AP investigation.
troops lured kids into Haiti's sex ring.
Oxfam criticize over Haiti's sex claims.
Yeah, the so-called liberal aid groups.
Sex charges haunt U.N.
That's just in Haiti.
It's all over the world, folks.
This is just the latest scandal.
And then go to Infowars.com to the articles we have, and they're full of dozens of clips.
This one right here.
Washington Post, London Guardian, all of them, making jokes about it.
It's funny.
You go on Twitter, the left's making all these jokes about, it's so funny little kids kidnapped.
It's so funny five, ten men raping them a day.
It's real.
And then I look at, I'm a news junkie, so I see the news becoming a national story.
If some black drug addict gets killed by a cop accidentally, and I don't care if it's a white drug addict, black drug addict, whatever, the point is I'm sad they're dead.
It's not on purpose.
And it's number one story, half the country burns, it's the end of the world, and then I'll see some story out of Dallas, or Austin, or Sydney, because it's on the local news.
It's like little girls at Spurs games with dad.
Dad went in the bathroom, told her to stand there, eight-year-old grabbed, found two weeks later in Oklahoma City in a room raped by 400 men.
It's like when the police got there, there were 17 men lined up to rape her, and they believe over 400 men raped her.
You're like reading local news, 400 men raped a little girl.
And then you turn on CNN and they're like, there's nothing going on!
I got a six-year-old daughter.
I got two other daughters.
And I'm telling you, man, you're crossing the line, CNN.
And you're crossing the line, New York Times and Washington Post and all the rest of you damn people!
You think it's funny what you do to us?
You see us as food that you eat!
You see our kids as... Look at the schools!
Look at the drag queen pedophile time!
Look at all of it!
It's who they are!
They're soulless scum!
Who have nothing, so they want our innocence, they want our children, they want our future.
I have a stack of articles.
Of mainstream media, CNN and others, bitching that, oh my God, since abortion got restricted in Texas, there were 10,000 more births.
Oh, but all the illegals you bring in are the most precious people on earth, because you're exploiting them.
They're already born.
But if, oh no, Texas, we didn't kill them.
They're literally bemoaning.
There were 10,000 births in Texas.
The majority of them are Hispanic babies that they can't kill.
And this is good, the crew found, but guys, type in rare earth mineral mine from space.
I want people to see Central Africa, it's all over Africa.
I want you to see the five mile, six mile, three mile wide craters they're in.
Where they march down into it.
Can we show a rare earth mineral mine from the air?
Can we?
You showed it the other day on the show on Friday.
Yeah, look at that.
That's a small one.
That's about a mile wide.
Type in biggest rare earth mineral, biggest rare earth mineral mined on earth.
I think one of them is seven miles wide.
They estimate about 300 people die a day in it.
That's what I read a few months ago.
But again, it's all liberals.
Like, well, if the owners of the companies are like Tim Cook and a little black pearl, it's like, well, he's gay running death camps with 3 million Uyghurs.
Like, well, I mean, he runs death camps, but he's gay.
It's like, oh, OK, we get it.
He's gay.
It's fine.
It's loving.
I haven't put the Joe Rogan clip yet.
I haven't gotten to any of it yet because I'm just so wound up here.
But, I mean, you want to know how they're going to get you.
It's going to be the central bank digital currency.
It's going to be, this is their bargain of the beast.
This is it.
And the good, and people are like, oh, Joe Rogan.
Yeah, he's got the biggest show.
And once he goes against the system, it's just a bellwether.
Everybody else is going against him.
It shows we're waking up.
It shows positive things are happening.
Yeah, there's one of the bigger ones.
Look at that gigantic monster.
And do you know what all that green sludge is down in there?
Just to mine gold, it creates a ton of cyanide.
And humans aren't supposed to be involved in it.
Do you have any idea in a lithium or cobalt or any of these other mines what leeches out of that stuff?
You gonna be dead real quick because it goes right to your skin.
And then, oh, look at this little story.
Wall Street Journal.
China controls minerals that run the world, and they just fired a warning shot at the U.S.
Oh, I love the Chai Com Worshipping Media.
It's right here.
I love the Chai Com Worshipping Media.
They didn't fire a warning shot.
If I walk up to you and shoot you in the knee with a 12-gauge shotgun and blow your leg off at the knee, I didn't fire a warning shot.
If I walk up to you with a meat cleaver and hack your carotid artery open, I didn't fire a warning shot.
I love how they spin their stuff, baby!
They just cut off the key to rare earth minerals 100%.
You're like, well, we'll just have our own mine.
We don't have any mines.
We're not allowed to have mines here.
Not diamond mines, not gold mines.
There's not one lead smelting facility in the United States.
We're not allowed to.
That doesn't deal with the environment.
It's about strategic control.
China has 98% control of rare earth minerals.
They didn't get it by accident.
Joe Biden does.
They were given control by the criminals that run our government.
They set everything up over there.
But I'll just be like CNN.
They say pedophilia doesn't exist.
Child trafficking doesn't exist.
Well, rare earth minerals don't exist.
Joe Biden.
Rare earth minerals don't exist.
China didn't cut them off.
It shorts in all the electronics and they just cut them off.
The two, you're like, well, they didn't cut off the other 10 rare earth.
They cut off the two you gotta have to complete it to make any microchip.
Total cutoff.
You're like, well, I've got oil for my engine.
You don't have gasoline.
Well, no, I don't.
Comprehend what I'm saying.
We're going to go to break.
Hey, I'm not funny about George Soros, the New World Order.
I'm funny about you.
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All right, I got one hour left before the amazing Owen Schroeder takes over. In one
hour for two hours, Sunday night live. And I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
We got a big broadcast week lined up for you.
And I've kind of been a little fired up today.
A little more energetic than I have been lately.
Kind of get the old school Alex Jones where I'm bouncing off the walls.
We're going to just battle through all the news succinctly, very crisply, starting next segment.
But I wanted to get to this little giblet.
Right now.
And this is Jin Psaki in 2022 saying that using cluster bombs is a war crime.
And then Fareed Zakaria, which is a big globalist insider, obviously, Bilderberg guy, big supporter of the war in Ukraine with Soros.
But now it's seasonable.
It's kosher to attack Biden.
He says he brings up Psaki's statements to Biden on this.
And so it just shows her hypocrisy.
Listen, all war is a war crime.
You don't want to get in a war.
And so when you use DU, it stays there for billions of years and sterilizes and radiates, giving people cancer.
So why are we using DU there?
Why are people upset about cluster bombs?
Okay, you send one missile and you hope that it's the target, a tank or a building or whoever, and it blows up and that's it.
Well, you fire a missile five minutes ago, Because your guys on the ground lays the target and say that, you know, there's 100 troops out in some field or a piece of artillery.
It may move by the time you get there.
So you come with a missile that's got 100 or 200 hand grenades, basically, in it.
And they shoot out.
And some of them don't explode.
And five years later, a cow steps on it and blows its leg off, or a little kid goes, what's this?
Blows their head off.
Yeah, it's a terrible weapon because it lasts 30, 40 years.
There have been people killed 45 years after Vietnam with U.S.
munitions that didn't detonate.
And the Russians have been using it, the Ukrainians have been using it before the war officially started a year and a half ago.
That's just the reality.
But it's the sanctimoniousness, the sanctimoniousness, the sanctimonious nature of Biden and Psaki and the other clowns.
Oh, we think Russia may be using cluster bombs when we have frontline pieces from five years ago, Ukraine attacking Russian-held areas.
This war has been going on forever.
So they're both using cluster bombs.
Just be honest about that.
So go to both clips back to back.
Here is, uh, just play a clip, uh, four, and we won't have time to play all five, but here it is.
It would be.
I don't have any confirmation of that.
We have seen the reports.
If that were true, it would potentially be a war crime.
step of this administration and is there a red line for how much violence will be
tolerated against civilians in this manner that's illegal and potentially a
war crime? It is it would be I don't have any confirmation of that we have seen
the reports if that were true it would potentially be a war crime obviously
there are a range of international fora that would assess that so certainly we
would look to that to be a part of that. You have news today the news is that the
administration is going to provide cluster munitions to the Ukrainians
these are weapons that a hundred nations ban including some of our closest NATO
allies When there was news that the Russians might be using it admittedly against civilians your then press secretary said this might be the constitute war crimes What made you?
Change your mind and decide to give them these weapons two things free and it was a very difficult decision on my part and by the way, I discussed this with our allies discuss this with our friends up on the hill and we're in a situation where Ukraine continues to be brutally attacked across the board by... Did you hear what he just did?
He went, we're all committing a crime.
Congress, everybody, they're all on board with me.
They say it's a crime, and now they're gonna do it.
When it's just a weapon of war.
It's like they say, this rifle will kill people.
That's what it's designed to do.
And D.U.' 's far worse than cluster bombs.
Let's just have a nuclear war.
Let's just do it.
Russia's used cluster bombs since World War II.
We used cluster bombs in Vietnam.
We used cluster bombs everywhere.
We used cluster bombs in Iraq, cluster bombs in Afghanistan.
The UN and the left fetishized cluster bombs because they didn't want any other countries having cluster bombs.
And a cluster bomb is a munition that puts out a bunch of different Insinuary or fragmentation devices.
And so it comes in, it opens up.
You could say a MIRV missile, an ICBM fired from Wyoming that goes over the North Pole to hit China, is a cluster bomb.
The warhead pops up, but it's got 24 warheads, half of them are decoys, 12 of them are nuclear missiles, nuclear warheads, and then the Chinese try to shoot them down, but they miss most of them, hit a few of the decoys, and then, you know, 10 warheads hit and blow up Chinese cities.
Cluster bombs like a shotgun.
You're like, oh my gosh, I've heard them say like, I heard about them once.
One shotgun fires a hundred bullets.
Well, technically it does.
So, this idea, we gotta ban these rifles, they can kill people.
That's what cluster bombs do.
That's what war is.
It's a red herring.
It means nothing.
And I'm not defending Russia using them.
They've been using them.
Ukraine's been using them long before the war officially started.
There's frontline PBS specials saying, oh, isn't it terrible the Ukrainians got caught using cluster bombs six years ago against the Russians.
And the Russians are using them too.
It's how you kill infantry.
It's how you kill a group of tanks and troops coming in as you hit them with a cluster bomb.
DU's far worse.
Yes, cluster bombs are bad because a few of them survive.
A cow steps on it, a horse steps on it, your kid steps on it, you step on it.
Yeah, it's a weapon that leaves something behind.
But doesn't all war do that?
And I'm not lessening cluster bombs.
I'm saying DU lasts billions of years.
You get one whiff of it and a few particles in your lungs, you're going to die of cancer in a couple years.
That the former DU had the Pentagon on, all of it.
Our troops that are around it, just the amount that gets left on an Abrams barrel when the sabot fires out of it is enough if you get one whiff, your life's over in five years, ten years, maximum.
So, Russia said a few months ago, you use DU, it's an act of war, we may start using tactical nuclear weapons.
I don't want tactical nuclear weapons!
I wish Russia wouldn't have invaded!
I wish the West wouldn't have started the war!
The point is, let's really talk about military stuff, because here's what nobody's saying.
And this is why you tune into this show.
And I don't want to say this with pleasure, because I'm very upset right now, because I have four children, I have a family, I want to keep living, and I'm really upset.
Medvedev, the former president of Russia, came out a few weeks ago and he said, let's just go ahead and have a nuclear war, this is what you want.
That's sarcasm.
He later said that to say, that's where we're going, don't make a joke out of this.
When you use all these weapons, it escalates.
That's what's happening.
It escalates, it escalates, it escalates.
So when they come out and say, we're gonna legalize cluster bombs, get Jen Psaki queued up again, when Biden and the White House and Obama and Princess Diana and all of them have harped and harped and harped on how cluster bombs are the worst thing since death, And now we're gonna use them.
I know how the globalists operate.
I mean, I just do.
And I know this is what's happening.
But I'm sure, I'm sure.
They're gonna have a cluster bomb debate right now for the next two weeks.
And in two weeks, they're gonna start the announcement for delivery of F-16s.
Then it's gonna be Predator drones.
And then it's full war with NATO.
And Russia.
Not a proxy war.
Not a hybrid war.
Because if they're telling you The nastiest dirty thing in there, like cluster bombs or not, bioweapons, nerve gas, you know, that's the really nasty stuff.
Bioweapons are even worse.
It just spreads and spreads and blows back on you.
So there's stuff way worse, but the point is they have made cluster bombs because they don't want other countries making them.
It's like they don't want you having a semi-automatic rifle to defend yourself.
It's something that equalizes the common person.
So they don't want other countries having cluster bombs.
So they made a, oh, the cluster bomb is the dirtiest thing.
It's the worst thing on earth.
And now they're telling you cluster bombs.
Are fine.
It's because they're about to say, hey, we need cluster bombs.
So F-16s, Predator drones, Reaper drones, U.S.
troops, NATO troops, Ukrainians, NATO, it's happening!
That's what this is, is the Ukrainian offensive got destroyed, half their troops reportedly, the new trained troops, half the equipment, total defeat.
And their coup with Pergogin in his clown outfits.
I mean, it does show that Putin's got problems.
He's got a lunatic like that working for him.
I mean, that is really bad.
All of this is a giant escalation.
And so they're like, screw it.
Well, they're sitting around their councils.
Probably about a week ago, they go, we've lost.
We're losing.
This will be such a humiliation for us, plus we're child trafficking out of there, we're laundering money, and we got the bio labs.
What do we do?
Ah, man, if we just sit in the F-16s and then the rest of the weapons, it's a full war.
What do we do?
How do we get the public ready for that?
Because we've made a big deal about this.
Well, we've made a big deal about cluster bombs.
So just do the cluster bomb thing, and then no one's going to notice after that with all the real stuff.
Because they've been using cluster bombs the whole time.
Both sides.
White phosphorus, everything.
I mean, I see the footage.
The Russians are shooting white phosphorus cluster bombs.
The Ukrainians are shooting.
You don't think the United States, day one when the Russians tried to invade, weren't using cluster bombs because Russian infantry?
You're an idiot.
How do the folks over there shooting it at them?
So, this is horrible beyond belief.
I show that footage while cluster bombs are bad.
It's true.
Kids see this cool looking thing.
What's this?
I mean, it's horrible.
But at least you know a cluster bomb blew your kid up a year after the bomb was dropped.
So you know it was a cluster bomb because it makes a boom.
But you don't get a boom.
You don't get an explosion when they inhale DU and die of leukemia two years later.
Or lung cancer.
Or they're sterilized.
That's why they love the poison shots and the DU.
Because you never know what hit you.
So this is very bad.
This cluster bomb thing is very bad.
Because the West has been using them the whole time.
And so have the Russians.
It's a standard weapon.
It's a missile version of a shotgun.
And so this only means one thing.
Full escalation.
Sorry to have to announce that to everybody.
Within two weeks, they'll announce F-16s.
Within one month, Predator drones, Reaper drones.
And Russia said they will start attacking NATO bases, and we're off the races.
So, kiss your little ones goodbye tonight, and tuck them in, because we got a crazy pedophile running the White House.
Oh, God, it's so horrible.
And, you know, we see this big awakening in the public, but is it a day late, a dollar short?
I hope it's not.
But people ask, like, how are you handling all the media attacks and fake lawsuits and rigged courts and demonization campaigns?
I'm like, I'm not even aware of that.
I went with my daughter to the creek today and swam with her for about two hours.
And there were little bitty parts coming over.
Chewing on my feet and my leg, trying to get a little piece of skin.
That's what they do to other animals in the water.
They come and get things off of them.
So I'm laying in the creek with her, and there's fish all over me.
My daughter's sitting on a rock, and she's like, Daddy, they're biting you.
Why don't you worry about it?
I said, these fish are kissing me.
They're just getting things off of me, and they think they're very sweet.
I said, why don't you get in the water?
She got down in the water, let the fish get all over her, and they were biting on her.
And she was like, oh, this is so fun.
I was like, yeah, it's great.
And that's really the allegory here.
My enemies attacking me just make me stronger.
They're like little fish biting on me in a creek.
But nuclear war, and DU, and open borders, and fentanyl, and crime everywhere, and defunding police, that is my family being destroyed, along with yours!
So we have to stop thinking about ourselves individually and start thinking about what's happening to all of us together right now.
Because let me tell you, when you look back on this, if you survive this, and I hope we do, you're going to go back, God, why did we not know what we were living through?
Why didn't we know it was going to happen?
It's always that way in history.
It's always that way.
I'm telling you, I can sense the doom, all right?
I can feel death.
So, and I'm never wrong, people better look out.
You better pray to God for peace right now, because there's time to pull back from the precipice.
The crew found like a club.
People sink their feet in these fish tanks.
And then the little menace kind of like chew the dead skin off your feet.
But if you get in like Texas creeks and rivers and just relax, all these perch come up.
I had like three, four inch perch.
Like giving me a, it's not like a facial.
I don't go get like pedicures and manicures and stuff.
I'm sitting there like 50 fish in this creek.
So I'm just sitting there completely still and they're just all over me.
And like, it feels really good.
They're like all, I ought to bring a camera crew and set a camera up and do it.
Cause it's like, I had like 50 fish.
My six-year-old daughter is like waving them off.
She only has like five or six by her feet.
But I'm just laying there and there are these fish just all over me.
Just like lawnmowers just going down eating dead skin on me.
It's just crazy.
That's what a magic, crazy planet we live on.
That's like big sharks though and whales.
Those little fish come up and eat like parasites off of them and their dead skin off.
It's the same thing.
It's crazy.
I didn't go to the creek to do that.
She wanted to go to the creek today.
She goes.
I want to go in my snorkel and I want to see crawdads and fish because it's beautiful.
Sunfish in there and we go anywhere, but I found this little spot off the road that nobody goes to.
We got on this hill Parker car.
Nobody's there between two hills.
There's most of Martin Creek's full of people, but they don't know the spots to go where it's like in neighborhoods.
There's in there's cliffs, so nobody's there.
We're just like for two hours sitting back swimming in the creek and.
Hanging out with the fish.
It's just amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
And that's what's so beautiful about this world.
You know, we fight not because we hate the globalists, though I do dislike them quite a bit.
I do hate them.
I fight because I love my daughter and my family.
And I love you.
I mean, I really have empathy.
And I've said this before.
Empathy is actually a very selfish thing.
When you don't have empathy for people, you don't care about yourself either.
And blind empathy, though, is what the globalists create.
Oh, do this, be liberal.
Oh, because they know you have empathy, they manipulate your empathy.
You've got to spend your empathy where you know it's properly spent.
So that's important.
Don't have blind empathy, but definitely have, you know, empathy.
And little crabs come over in the ocean to do this, too.
But it's just crazy.
Let's move on.
We have more serious issues to hit than having fish feed on you.
I'm serious.
I had like 50 of them on me today.
It was crazy.
I sat there completely still for about 30 minutes, and I had just sun perch, bluegills.
There were all different types.
Pink ones, brown ones, red ones.
These little fish all over me.
It was like a piranha action, and kind of fun.
But the main thing I was doing as I shaved my head was getting some sun on my head so I don't have white sidewalls.
You know what I mean?
You know, why should we even talk about the new world order?
Let's just talk about the... Oh, I was walking back up to the car after being two hours down at the creek and swimming and snorkels and seeing fish and crawdads and flowers and dragonflies and some deer came out and we saw them.
And I get back up to the car by the bridge and I look up and a car drives by and goes, we love Alex Jones and honks their horn.
And my daughter looks at me with love.
And I go, look at that, honey.
And right there's the moon during the day.
It was just so magic.
Two hours of ecstasy.
No drugs, no alcohol, nothing.
But God's creation, literally bathing in God's creation, literally energizing ourselves and being part of that was so effervescent.
It was so good.
It was so pure.
It was so strong.
And now we're back in the war.
Because if we don't fight the tyrants, they will destroy everything.
And they will destroy our innocence, and we can't let them do that.
So without further ado, we've still got 35 minutes left.
Let me go ahead and start getting into the news I said I'd get to.
The Ice Cube interview a week and a half ago with Joe Rogan was incredible.
I finally listened to it five or six days ago.
Here's a short clip.
And again, you already know all this, but remember, when he's ready to say this and do all this with the biggest show out there right now, and it's happening everywhere else, it shows that this is what's most popular, this is what's winning, and we have to get mainstream.
Not change our views, make mainstream us.
So we have to be ready to win.
We have to be ready to see what we're talking about, what we're pushing.
Freedom and not living under tyranny.
We have to be ready to win.
Not say, well, if we're winning, it must be controlled.
No, I know, Joe.
It's not controlled.
I'm the guy Joe says woke him up to central bank digital currencies years ago.
He said that a few months ago.
There's only good in what he's doing here.
This is a very, very exciting moment because the holy grail of tyranny, the Big Kahuna, the Mac Daddy, their golden ring, their goal, what they're going for is this system.
Here's Joe Rogan talking about it with Ice Cube.
I'm hoping people wake up enough to at least slow it down.
Because these people are pushing in a very obvious and very specific direction.
They want digital currency, centralized digital currency that they control.
And they want to get everybody on a social credit score system.
They'll probably connect it to some sort of a vaccine app.
Or if you want to travel around.
All they would need is another pandemic to try to push that through.
And they're already talking about that.
It's very spooky.
Because when you look into the history of this lab and them funding it and this getting out and the way they responded to it, the whole thing is so scary because it was effective.
It was effective and very, very financially effective.
I mean, they made a lot of fucking money.
And if they could do something similar again and then clamp down more on people, that's what scares me.
This talk of centralized digital currency, that's what they have in China.
If you fuck up in China and you get a bad social credit score because you tweeted something they didn't like, now you can't buy a plane ticket.
Now you can't buy a car.
Now you can't get a loan.
Now you can't do something.
You stepped the fucking line.
And people self-censor because they don't want to be a part of that.
Now they got you.
Yep, they got you.
Want your self-censor?
Got you where they want you.
Yeah, we know that they were involved in Twitter.
We know that the government was involved in silencing different voices.
You know, they stopped that Hunter Biden laptop story from getting out before the election.
It's just, it's so obviously dirty.
Okay, so for those of us that have been awake long before this, we're like, okay, tell us something we don't know.
Hey, get ready for the success.
I get so many calls and prominent people going, man, Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, it's everything you said 10 years ago, 20 years ago.
You know, I'm like, great!
Great, because I'm not here to be the guy that, this is my information, and you get it from me, and I'm not in competition with these guys.
I want to beat the globalists.
I want to stop the New World Order.
I want to have a pro-human future.
I want to stop them dead.
And I got some examples of that coming up.
They're sabotaging the self-driving cars all over the world, including here in the United States.
And again, total civil disobedience.
I'm not against new technology, but it's being deployed to enslave us and control us.
And I say more power to people.
In fact, I'm surprised they're just putting traffic cones over the robots, cameras, and systems.
I'm surprised they're not taking baseball bats to its antennas and the rest of it.
Because it's one thing to send a human out to pull the cone off.
Why not just top that son of a bitch over?
You know what I mean?
Because it's designed to displace us.
It's not there to empower us.
It's being deployed against us.
All of it is.
Now I'm not saying wreck that car.
It's more important to find out who's using driverless car services and do not support those services.
Just like Bud Light.
That's why Bud Light's so important.
Anheuser-Busch is a CIA, globalist, knuckle-dragging, anti-American group with all their Clydesdales and crap.
They hate America.
They always, 50 years, they hate us.
That's a globalist company.
It's New World Order-controlled.
I'm so glad to see that company die.
That's how we kill them.
We just cut everything off from them.
They want to use the central bank digital currency to cut us off from everything.
We cut them off before they do it.
I want to in-house her bushes.
You don't have to pay these crews a watch.
You can go before they hide.
You can head your bet on a clean Corvette.
You know who I bet on?
The people of this planet.
And I'm never gonna back down.
Our ancestors fought so hard for us to be here together.
And I just love every damn one of you.
And we're gonna win.
And God is 100% real.
Make no mistake about that.
But you better get down to reality.
Satan's real as well.
That's why I'm a song right here.
Only way you can travel on that road.
God's not giving you a ticket if you're a coward and if you're against humanity.
By these Satanists have already lost All right now I'm fully loaded today with news and
information, but I have not dropped the ball I've had some fun.
I'm in a good mood, actually.
Who wouldn't be after I was out in the creek for two hours?
I want to go back right now.
But my daughter's like, can we come build a fire here?
Can we go down there all the time?
Can we stay here, Dad?
And I'm like, no, we can't stay here.
Well, we can camp.
And I go, no, that's all private property on both sides.
This is public land, but you just can't camp here.
And who knows, maybe we will.
But the point is, is that we're designed to be outside.
Elon Musk last week said, say he's a good guy, say he's a bad guy.
He said, stop getting on Twitter, go outside.
That's really a real statement.
That's what it's all about.
So let me go ahead and get into this news I mentioned here.
This is a big deal.
And quite frankly, I could talk about this like I always say for the whole show, but we don't have time to do that.
Look at this.
Look at this constellation of news right here.
China controls minerals that run the world, and it just fired a warning shot at the U.S.
Will you guys pull up film footage of the Hindenburg exploding, please?
Or just, there's photos, there's also a quick, like, five-second, I think it's an eight-millimeter film of it.
Can we show the Hindenburg blowing up, please?
Or, uh, let me think of something else.
Maybe show a Las Vegas hotel being demolished.
Yeah, yeah, that'll be easier.
Pull up a Las Vegas hotel being demolished.
A Las Vegas casino being demolished.
Or the World Trade Center's blowing up and collapsing.
And call that a warning shot.
This is not a warning shot.
Now, to understand this story, the average right-wing foxhose would say, oh, look at China, the evil communists, they're so terrible.
They're cutting off the two rare earth elements that are needed in all microprocessors, all microchips.
This is terrible.
They're our enemies.
Oh, they found the Hindenburg.
Here's a show for everybody, please.
This is a warning shot you're seeing of the Hindenburg.
No, that's not a warning shot right there.
That's a hydrogen dirigible blowing up and burning the ground in like 10 seconds.
Let's take the lower third off.
Let's show it full screen for everybody, please.
So that's not a warning shot.
That's total collapse.
Now, I'm not saying this is total collapse yet, but in a week or two, if they continue this blockage of these rare earth minerals, it will be the Hindenburg.
Great job, guys, finding that.
Now let's show a Las Vegas casino demolition.
Not a warning shot, not a flesh wound.
It's like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
He cuts his arms and legs off, he's hot, it's just a flesh wound.
Now the reason I point this is so bad is, do you think the Chi-Coms, the CIA put in power in 1947, only had about control of half the country, 90 plus percent of the country did not have electricity, 90 plus percent of the country did not have running water or sewage, And then, by the year 2010, they basically run the world.
Do you think they just died and woke—no, no.
Do you—I mean, how do you—how do you give one country 98—type it in, they admit this—China has 98% control of all of the rare earth metals and systems and elements to make microchips.
Now, do you know how much work it took for the corporate banks and the New World Order that finance everything to make sure Communist China had total, absolute control over the minerals that are needed for all microchips when the whole world's based on it?
Do you know how hard that was?
There were thousands of companies trying to get it.
The US dominated it 40 years ago.
England was a big player.
So was Australia.
They used lawyers and law firms and government harassment.
You know, we've got diamond mines all over the U.S.
and Canada, right?
Not as much as South Africa, but we've got, you know, 30% of the diamonds they've got.
They don't let you have a diamond mine in Arkansas.
Arkansas is sitting on top, gigantic, massive tonnage of pure diamonds.
You're not allowed to have it.
So again, I'm going to explain this to you real quick.
Remember, Bill Clinton killed that deal for the DeBoer family.
Not the DeBeer family, the DeBoer family.
So, so, so when you pull back and you look at all of this, you understand that China was given full control of the rare earth minerals of the planet.
And so now, show the footage of Janet Yellen, the former head of the Private Fellow Reserve, now the Treasury Secretary, going to China and bowing down to the second command and literally bowing multiple times and pissing herself while she grovels to him.
Because that's their people.
And the Chinese have, of course, said, screw you, we're in control, F you, we don't take orders anymore, and they're still there taking orders.
So the globalists, all these Ivy League, Harvard scumbags, put China in charge, killed their political dissidents, sold us out, trained the Chinese how to be evil and oppress people, and now the Chinese have double-crossed them and have now cut off the rare earth minerals to the United States.
So that's where we are in the year 20.
Here's the good news.
They put hundreds of microchips in their car.
During the lockdowns, a lot of cars said, oh, we're going to go back to electric locks, not digital.
All this digital controls you.
It's all hooked into AI.
You don't want a robot to wipe your butt.
You don't want everything watching what you're doing and integrating it and popping up orders constantly at you.
And if U.S.
regulators left us alone, we wouldn't go from the third energy producer to number one in one year like Trump did.
We would become the rarest mineral kings within years.
The United States and Canada are full of it, baby!
South America's full of it!
China is just exploiting Africa and Afghanistan and Australia right now.
That's why Australia talks about fighting China constantly.
That's a cover.
Australia is run by China.
Oh, we have to have a nuclear sub to fight the Chinese.
The Chinese already took over all the state-run mines.
The British Crown, 10 years ago, already sold out to the Chaikoms.
Australia is Chaikom held on record.
And so, two days ago, what happens?
Overhead shot, please.
Wall Street Journal.
China controls minerals that run the world, and it just fired a warning shot.
No more export of gallium and geranium, which you need for all microchips.
And the article's like, well, at least they didn't ban the others, but you have to have those.
You have to have those.
You have to have them.
You have to have those.
So, the Chinese communists can't find their ass with both hands.
The Chinese government's collapsing.
Their people, half of them, are starving.
They've got giant slave camps everywhere.
They've got a universal credit score.
They've got social credit scores.
They've got scanners.
And hell on earth, we love the Chinese people.
And meanwhile, the criminals that were the middlemen Trump talked about that sold China out and sold us out to screw each other, it's like in that famous James Bond second movie.
Pull it up.
Siamese fighting fish seen from Russia with love.
Get it for me.
And Blofeld, the head of Spectre, which is real, former deputy head of OSS MI6, wrote the books based on reality where they want to depopulate the earth and world government and release a bioweapon to kill you and Moonraker and all that.
Ian Fleming's telling you.
You have Blofeld calling in his people.
One's a Russian, one works for the British, one for America.
And he says, I want you to get to Russians and Americans killing each other.
And they go, I don't understand, sir.
As if they would understand an elementary system like that.
But it's to an idiot Hollywood audience.
So they're talking to you like you're five years old.
The Siamese fighting fish are incredible creatures.
Strong but stupid.
Something like that.
We'll play it in a minute.
Notice the fight, and one kills the other but is now weak.
An inspector comes in to take over.
And that's all this is.
You look at the carnage for America and Russia and Ukraine, you go, why are they doing this?
Because the specter is real.
The New World Order is real.
And in the real world, Ethan Hunt is not a nice person like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.
Ethan Hunt is E. Howard Hunt, who fought in China in World War II, and who assassinated John F. Kennedy, and who gave us the deathbed confession.
And that's all true.
Do you have the clip ready?
Go ahead and roll it.
Thank you.
Siamese fighting fish.
Fascinating creatures.
Brave, but on the whole stupid.
Yes, they're stupid.
Except for the occasional one such as we have here, who lets the other two fight.
He waits.
Waits until the survivor is so exhausted that he cannot defend himself.
And then, like Spectre, he strikes.
I find the parallel amusing.
Our organization did not arrange for you to come over from the Russians just for amusement, number three.
Come in, Kronstein.
Sit down, Number 3, while we listen to what Number 5 has devised for us.
I hope Cranston's efforts as Director of Planning will continue to be as successful as his chess.
They will be.
According to your instructions, I've planned for Spectre to steal from the Russians their new lector decoding machine.
For this, we need the services of a female member of the Russian cryptograph section in Turkey, and the help of the British Secret Service.
Naturally, neither the Russians nor the British will be aware that they are now working for us.
Number three, is your section ready to carry out Kronstein's directives?
Yes, number one.
The operation will be organized according to Kronstein's plan.
I have selected a suitable girl from the Russian consulate in Istanbul.
She's capable, cooperative, and her loyalty to the state is beyond question.
And you're absolutely sure she believes you're still head of operations for Soviet intelligence?
It is most unlikely she would know I'm now working for Spectrum.
Moscow has kept my defection secret from everyone but a few members of the Presidium.
For your sake, I hope so.
Kronstein, you're sure this plan is foolproof?
Yes, it is.
Because I have anticipated every possible variation of countermove.
But what makes you think that M, the head of British intelligence, will oblige you by falling in with your plan?
For the simple reason that this is so obviously a trap.
My reading of the British mentality is that they always treat a threat as a challenge.
And in any case, they couldn't possibly pass up even the slightest chance of getting their hands on the electro-decoder.
They have wanted one for years.
All that you say could be true.
What else?
As an added refinement, I think that Spectre will probably have the chance of a personal revenge for the killing of our operative, Doctor No.
Because the man the British will almost certainly use on a mission of this sort would be their agent, James Bond.
Let his death be a particularly unpleasant, humiliating one.
I should put my plan into operation straight away.
And there will be no failure.
All right.
So, we've had a good show tonight.
Owen Shore is about to take over.
We got 10 minutes left.
But I really got prepared today.
And I didn't cover much of it.
That's okay.
Because Tim Cook's gay and he runs death camps.
It's like, well, he's gay, though.
He runs death camps.
Like, it's, you know, it's trendy.
And, like, we're in a nuclear war and it's like, well, Biden's, you know, trendy and so's Obama.
So, it's all right.
It's okay.
I'm like, you know, CNN.
How dare they make a movie about a true story with 6,000 saved children and hundreds of convictions and something good the feds did?
No, it doesn't exist!
I mean, it's just, it's so preposterous, but it really makes sense.
Normal people are off doing business, playing golf, and taking their kids to soccer practice, and just living our lives, while the most deviant, crazy people have gotten control, and they've gotten the media that will sit there and push the most evil, deceptive crap the world has ever seen.
But as of Sunday night, July 9, 2023, two rare earth minerals that you must have in all microchip
Gallium and germanium are totally banned for export to any companies doing business in the United States.
And I understand, folks, most of you aren't into microchip production, and you don't really care.
It's like the average person, I go, the stock market's going to have problems.
I don't know if the stock market, why do I care?
Because the whole thing runs off this fraud.
And I'm not for the fraud.
I'm just telling you, you turn it off, you're going to get, it's like, I don't want this big edifice of the new order.
The problem is when it falls, it crushes us.
And Here's the deal.
We don't think of salt as a big deal.
If you don't get salt for about a week or so, you'll have a heart attack and die.
I don't care if you're 8 years old and in perfect shape, or 50 years old.
Same thing.
You don't get water for 5 or 6 days, you're going to die.
You don't get food for 30 days, you're going to die.
You don't get oxygen for 4 minutes, you're going to die.
It's all, how long does it take before you die?
And so, China just, the CCP, just pulled the plug On the New World Order and everything.
And I'm sure the globalists are happy.
They want things to come to a standstill.
They're the ones that told the Chinese to do it.
They're the ones that gave them the power to do this.
I mean, national security, they fetishize it.
Oh, the NSA has to spy on you.
We've got to know what you're doing to keep you safe because of adversaries.
Our ruling Harvard scumbag class Gave China 98% rare earth mineral control of the planet for every damn machine on earth.
And now, they just implemented control.
They don't need to stop export of all the other stuff, because if you don't have those final ingredients, it's like saying, well, mom's making a five course dinner.
We got potatoes, we got tomatoes, we got green beans, we got, we got all sorts, we got, we got cabbage.
We don't have the T-bone steak.
There is no main course.
And I love the Wall Street Journal.
It's so perfect.
You can see the CIA was involved.
Total CIA run.
They're like, we don't want to look too weak here.
Don't say it'll cut us off with the juggler.
This is a huge escalation by China.
Just say it's a warning shot.
Let's show Kennedy.
Show the Zuberator film.
Right now, please.
Show the Zubruder film.
Pull it up.
Is the Zubruder film a warning shot?
Now, I want to explain.
The way this works is, they've not fired the shot.
This announcement, and you know the West has stockpiled all this stuff.
They're going to act like China's got control.
They wouldn't give the Chi-Coms control of this for 10 seconds.
Those military bases and compounds are full of this crap.
The point is, they're going to play this out, though, like China's got us by the short hairs.
So, when you got that footage, roll it.
But that's where they are.
And that's how they operate.
And that's how they've positioned us.
We're a communist dictatorship with millions in death camps, has 98% control of everything that makes everything possible now.
What a horrible government!
What a horrible CIA!
What a horrible Defense Intelligence Agency!
What a horrible government!
Supposedly protecting us and corporate America and Wall Street.
How the hell could the Chinese that didn't have running water 65 years ago end up with full control of all of this if you didn't hand it to them?
And it turns out we've studied it.
You did!
This government hates America!
This government doesn't want the world.
Looking out.
What was the clip I asked for?
I forget now.
What was it, guys?
There it is.
Is this a... Is this a... Warning shot?
Is this a shot across the bell?
Let me see.
Because if they continue cutting this off... Take the lower third off, please.
Yeah, let's rewind that.
Let's play it again.
Is that a... Back it up 20 seconds.
Is this a warning shot?
Let me see.
Because right now, announcing the ban on this being brought to the U.S.
is just the announcement.
The rifle's on our head.
But who drove the car down that road?
Who brought him on that route?
Who got us in this position?
This government hates America.
For 70 years, they've been recruiting people, including 30,000 Nazis in Operation Paperclip, to come here that hate this country.
It created the wealth, the prosperity, everything, because it was freer than other countries.
But then the globalists don't like freedom, but if they can suck the energy out of freedom, and if they can build their new thing off of it, they'll do it all day long.
So, they say it's a warning shot.
It's not a warning shot.
It's the globalists saying to what's left of the American establishment, You're going to roll over to the New World Order in Klaus Schwab.
This kind of works for them.
Or we're going to cut your...
Infrastructure completely off.
Now again, the story isn't that China just did this.
The story is why, when America dominated the world and had full control in 1945 on, did we set up China in the 70s and transfer all power to them?
That's your answer.
It's not why does China have, why is China doing this?
Why has China got us by the balls squeezing them?
No, it's why did the people, well, you've seen them.
They're anti-Christian, folks.
The West had the promise of Christianity.
That's what they're threatened by.
China's godless.
That's why they're the model.
This is all being done to settle a satanic score against God.
The fact that God rose America up in this mission.
So when you hear all about China, And all about how they're in control.
And it's, oh, it's so terrible they're in control.
Oh, they're building islands.
Oh, they're attacking Vietnam.
Oh, they're attacking the Philippines.
Oh, it's so terrible.
Remember that the criminals in our government that run our Pentagon, that teach the military that white people are inherently evil, and that two men can have a baby.
Are inside our government and have been working to give all the power and control over to China because it's a dirty, murderous communist regime they control.
At the same time, all the channels from CNN to ABC to CBS to the New York Times, the Washington Post, are telling you, like the Rolling Stones said, maggot brains.
Men with worms in their brains care about kidnapped kids.
You're like, who the hell, what hate from a weirdo?
Well, you look at the guy that said it, and it tells you everything you need to know.
Take one look at that guy and you're like, that's my babysitter.
I'm gonna hire him to babysit my kids right now.
And I'm also gonna jump off a cliff.
Alright, I'm out of time.
If you should so choose to support us, that's up to you at this point.
I've done my duty and I love God and I love you.
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You got Owen Schroeder coming in here, man.
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Love Owen to death.
Appreciate the crew putting up with me today.
You're going to have one barn burner tomorrow.
Look at Owen right there.
We'll be right back.
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