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Name: 20230707_Fri_Alex
Air Date: July 7, 2023
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This podcast episode of "The Alex Jones Show" focuses on various topics such as the imposition of Western culture in North African countries, promoting products available at InfoWarsStore.com, and addressing critics who accuse him of profiteering by selling water filters. The speaker argues against Western culture being forced upon North Africa while acknowledging its progress like electricity and water treatment plants. Additionally, they criticize the use of Islamic culture as a weapon to promote criminality. Alex Jones also talks about his new book "The Great Reset," which exposes the globalist agenda, offers solutions for a better future, and encourages pre-orders on Amazon. He promotes various products available at InfoWarsStore.com during their July 4th Super Sales promotion, including discounts on supplements and health-related products. Furthermore, Jones defends his decision to sell water filters amidst accusations of profiteering by comparing it to selling supplies during a gold rush. He also highlights the hypocrisy of promoting medications with potential negative side effects while criticizing him for promoting filtered water. Finally, the speaker from the US Geological Survey reveals that nearly half of tap water in the U.S is contaminated with PFAS chemicals, which cause numerous health issues and are linked to obesity, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, reduced fertility, and cancer. They recommend using filtered drinking water or purified mountain spring water for children due to the danger posed by these chemicals in tap water.

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Biden is accelerating the escalation in Ukraine, giving cluster bombs, and one of the top statisticians for NATO, one of the top tank commanders that does the main training for a war with Russia, has officially said that Ukraine was destroyed basically during the offensive, counter-offensive, and that he doesn't expect them to have any success in the future, really no matter what weapons they have.
Because the Russian force is so large and so dug in.
Yeah, it's easy for the Russians to get annihilated flying in against all those NATO weapons.
It was like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's the other way around once you try to go back the other way.
So all Zelensky can do now is stage a false flag at the major nuclear power plant there, the largest in Europe.
And he keeps saying the Russians are going to blow it up any day.
And that large bombs were placed on top of the reactor shields, the containment domes is the proper term.
And number one, that's not how you blow something up.
You put it at the bottom or at the middle.
And you certainly, again, if you want to covertly blow it up, you don't put it there for everybody to see.
And now satellite images have been released.
The latest Google Earth shows that there are no bombs on top of the containment domes, so... The only logical thing you can take from this is that the psychotics that run NATO and Ukraine, the forces of Sodom and Gomorrah, Are going to blow up the reactors and blame it on the Russians, and I guess have NATO invade and go completely to World War III.
I mean, that's what this is looking like.
I don't believe it.
I can't believe it.
It's unreal.
But it is what it is.
It's like you love your grandma, you know your grandma, and you walk in there and there they are laying dead in the bed.
And they're dead.
Except when this grandma dies, we all die in a nuclear war.
It's just kind of that unbelievable moment.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
You can't just sit there and expect because your leaders look like you that they're on your side.
Well, they're not.
They don't care about you.
Like George Carlin said, they're in a big club and we ain't in it.
It's a big club and you ain't in it.
We're prey.
The left in this country has weaponized stupidity and mental illness.
And they're using that just like Hitler did for his street gangs.
Visit infowarsstore.com.
I am here because there is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
CNN is not just fake news.
It's the criminal news network that works as a racketeering crime syndicate to openly shut down my media operations and other people's media operations.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
You didn't call me to testify in America.
I have a right to fix my accusers.
And you, Congressman Deutch, are a liar and a fraud.
You are a charlatan that goes around lying about people who destroy the First Amendment.
I haven't lied about anyone, Alex.
Yes, you are a congenital liar.
Swallow's well.
Why do you hate the First Amendment so much?
There goes Congressman Swallow's well.
The American people demand that their First Amendment be defended!
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press, working with big tech.
And the deplatforming didn't work.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least
in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best known conspiracy theorist.
But this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be hurt.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be hurt.
If you think the awakening we've seen so far is big, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people and gaming your search results.
Google is evil.
We now take the challenge, not to censor like you do, but to stand against you and to fight even harder for our birthright that you are trying to steal!
Remember this.
You killed your profession by becoming nothing but mercenaries for the globalists, and people know that you're fake news, many of you.
Now, with you trying to kill the First Amendment, you're making yourself true villains.
You've declared war on the First Amendment!
You've declared war on free speech!
Since when...
There are hundreds of doctors unable to have press conferences in America, and they take it off YouTube, they take it off Google, they take it off Twitter, they take it off Facebook.
There is a giant crackdown that even the New York Times calls it a crackdown on conservatives, and a plan to de-platform conservatives from the internet and communicating with each other, just like communist China.
I'm here to expose this fraud.
I'm here.
Just like in Congress, that hearing's not me.
I go there.
And I get in their face and I expose the truth, and that's what I'm going to do.
We had over 40 million subscribers on Apple.
That was our biggest thing with my three podcasts.
Those were all banned.
The most banned man in America, Alex Jones.
It's Friday, ladies and gentlemen.
July 7th, 2023.
Stay with us.
Big broadcast straight ahead.
It's Friday, July 7th, 2023.
I'm your host Alex Jones coming to you from the studios in Austin, Texas.
And wow, do we have a lot of news and information to break down and go over with you here today.
But we're having some studio problems right now, so we're gonna go to rebroadcast for a while.
And when we figure this out, maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't.
We'll see, who cares?
The whole thing's collapsing anyways.
We got some really important reports here for you that we'll go to.
When they're ready, they'll call me and tell me the studio's ready and it's working.
Let's go ahead and air... Let's air Project Malaria, courtesy of Bill Gates.
I wouldn't play that.
A rash of cases of local malaria not seen in the U.S.
since 2003.
Texas is reporting a case of locally transmitted malaria.
It's rare and the first in our state since 1994.
And there hasn't been a case of malaria caught locally in the U.S.
since 2003.
The CDC is reporting that these four people from Florida and then another person from Texas contracted this disease between late May and late June through what they're saying is local transmission.
So I did ask Border Patrol if they were concerned that malaria and other diseases were in fact coming over the border with migrants seeking a better life.
When we're hearing that there's individuals coming into the United States from all over the world, a lot of them are not getting screened, they're not getting checked.
The U.S.
sees on average 2,000 cases of imported malaria per year from travelers entering the United States.
Currently there are 32 reported malaria cases in Ohio, but all of the patients were infected in other countries.
And yes, Bill Gates is playing God via the Gates Foundation subsidized company known as Oxitec with genetically engineered mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, California, and Southeast Texas.
I'm at the world's biggest mosquito factory for the World Mosquito Program.
We're making in here 30 million mosquitoes a week.
There are some very important problems that don't get worked on naturally.
That is, the market does not drive the scientists, the communicators, the thinkers, the governments to do the right things.
And only by paying attention to these things and having brilliant people who care And that's why Gavi was created.
Gavi came up with the money and a plan to get vaccines out to all the kids of the world.
Lo and behold, the EPA did not require peer review or basic preliminary cage trials in
Florida and Texas, and excluded adequate public comment by not posting relevant documents
when they approved the trial, according to J.D. Hansen, policy director for the International
Center for Technology Assessment, while others felt the EPA didn't consider unintended consequences.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, a panel of independent experts testified to
the Florida Keys Mosquito Board that genetically engineered mosquitoes could also pose significant
threats to sensitive ecosystems and human populations in the Florida Keys.
And yes, in 2021, with the financial support of the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline developed a malaria vaccine, a clear case of problem-reaction-solution, where once again Bill Gates adds to his massive fortune through nefarious means.
So yes, people are concerned.
Bill Gates has become an American pariah, following his hand in the rollout of COVID vaccines that continue to injure and kill millions of Americans.
A scourge upon humanity due to his buyout of American farmland in favor of Chinese infiltration, GMO crops and livestock.
I want to wish everyone in China a very happy Lunar New Year.
Just as the tiger symbolizes vitality and health, since the onset of the pandemic, China has worked hard to not only contain the virus, but also contributed to closing the equity gap.
A dastardly degenerate due to his close association with Jeffrey Epstein, that was the downfall of his marriage.
Why he began a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, After he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor.
And recent revelations of rampant sexual harassment of his underlings.
The poster boy for the elite's climate change hypocrisy movement.
What do you say to the charge that if you are a climate change campaigner, but you also travel around the world in a private jet, you're a hypocrite?
I buy the gold standard of funding Climeworks to do direct air capture that far exceeds
my family's carbon footprint.
And I spend billions of dollars on climate innovation.
So when the bought and paid for Associated Press and Forbes write hit pieces against
those questioning Bill Gates' motives, it merely adds propagandist to the rap sheet
of Bill Gates' villainy.
Bill Gates is an awful person and shouldn't be in charge of anything supposedly benefiting humanity.
John Bowne reporting.
That is a very important report at Bandot Video, Project Malaria, courtesy of
Bill Gates.
All right, we are now officially kicking off the transmission.
We had the light panel, computer-operated, crash.
Some other stuff crashed right as we went live.
Not the crew's fault.
If I had $10 million equipment like Fox News or CNN, it doesn't crash, but maybe once a year.
We have prosumer gear.
They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you know how computers are, ladies and gentlemen.
Whether it's a pacemaker or a computer in the space shuttle, they go out.
And so that's what happened, but the crew was able to fix it in just a few minutes, and we are here.
Murphy's Law would have it, though, that maybe once every month or two, I don't get prepared for the show.
I mean, I'm reading stuff at home and getting ready in the morning, but I usually get here Long before the broadcast, and then refocused here at my broadcast desk.
But not today, I was in a corporate...
Bankruptcy meetings, dealing with the future of Infowars, which is going well, because we've told the truth, and this is not some kangaroo, Democrat-controlled state court.
The facts are the facts, and of course everything the other side has said has now been proven to not be true in the court, and so the judge is fully aware of that, and it just continues to watch them double down.
It's just bizarre.
But I guess they did so well with the slot machine that was rigged in Texas and Connecticut that they think it's the same thing for federal courts.
As all of this unfolds, there's a lot of good news today.
A lot of good news today.
And so I was digesting that, but I only got in my chair about five minutes before we went live.
So that's why you see the stacks in front of me, they're all in big stacks.
I always tell you that my articles are not props.
I've actually looked at them all and read through most of them.
But today, they are, I guess, a prop.
Except most of these I didn't read before I texted them to the producers to print.
But what I've not been able to do is actually look through all of the stacks to see which things I want to hit first.
But that's kind of good.
So instead, I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
I'm going to just pick up the stacks here, because they don't organize the stacks, I do, and I'm just going to start randomly reading out of them.
I think that would be pretty informative and interesting when we come back from break.
Because I say they're unorganized, they tend to print them as I Email them or text message them to them.
And so they kind of are in order.
These three little articles that I see are very informative on many, many, many, many levels.
And we'll cover this when we come back.
More to the point, hottest day ever.
That's what we're being told.
And remember, until a few years ago, they would always show The heat maps according to what is forested and what is not forested.
So desert areas would be brown and tan, and green areas would be green, forests would be dark green, plains would be light green, and oceans, deep water would be deep blue, and bays and things would be baby blue.
That's color-coding that corresponds to reality.
But now, when they show you the heat maps, they show them in red, yellow, and orange.
We have copies of the UK, and Europe a few years ago was green, would show temperatures that were higher.
But now everything's red, but it's a little bit more serious than that.
So we'll decode the fraud of the hottest day ever, which it's not been, when we come back.
All right, I intend to open the phones up today on this live Friday edition.
We also have a really smart historian, best-selling author, joining us coming up in the third hour today.
But looking at all the news here, Biden is accelerating the escalation in Ukraine, giving cluster bombs.
And one of the top statisticians for NATO, one of the top tank commanders that does the main training for a war with Russia, has officially said that Ukraine was destroyed basically during the offensive, counter-offensive, and that he doesn't expect them to have any success in the future, really no matter what weapons they have.
Because the Russian force is so large and so dug in.
Yeah, it's easy for the Russians to get annihilated flying in against all those NATO weapons.
It was like shooting fish in a barrel, but it's the other way around once you try to go back the other way.
So all Zelensky can do now is stage a false flag at the major nuclear power plant there, the largest in Europe.
And he keeps saying the Russians are going to blow it up any day.
And that large bombs were placed on top of the reactor shields, the containment domes is the proper term.
And number one, that's not how you blow something up.
You put it at the bottom or at the middle.
And you certainly, again, if you want to covertly blow it up, you don't put it there for everybody to see.
And now satellite images have been released.
The latest Google Earth shows that there are no bombs on top of the containment domes, so... The only logical thing you can take from this is that the psychotics that run NATO and Ukraine, the forces of Sodom and Gomorrah, Are going to blow up the reactors and blame it on the Russians, and I guess have NATO invade and go completely to World War III.
I mean, that's what this is looking like.
I don't believe it.
I can't believe it.
It's unreal.
But it is what it is.
It's like you love your grandma, you know your grandma, and you walk in there and there they are laying dead in the bed.
And they're dead.
Except when this grandma dies, we all die in a nuclear war.
It's just kind of that unbelievable moment.
Like when you watch somebody run out in front of a car, going down a highway at 75, and you see the person smashed, and their brains all over the pavement, and you're just like, this is not real!
You get out of your car to render aid, there's intestines for 30, 40 yards, and brains and the tongue hanging out of their mouth, and blood spilling all over the ground, and it just doesn't seem real, but it is!
And that's kind of the feeling I've got, is just we're watching this slow motion, giant disaster take place.
So we've got that.
And then we've got the globalist Soros-run Philly government saying if you show images of the tranny that killed a bunch of people with a gun, you are committing violence against trans people and they want you arrested.
So they've not been successful suppressing that this was a, you know, nutball.
Leftist nutball there.
So they're trying to arrest people that talk about it being a nutball.
And they're misgendering the woman as a man, though it really is a man.
So they could, I guess, be arrested under some of the new laws that have been passed.
Places like Michigan and California.
But we've got that.
We've got huge news on the central bank digital currency, which really is the big enchilada.
Everything else is a distraction from the fact that they get this in place.
The nightmare control is staggering.
It's quite frankly biblical right out of Revelation.
So we've got all that.
We've got the latest jobs numbers.
We've got really big news on that front.
But as I said, the first thing I want to hit Is this stack of articles right here.
And the first one is Obama talking to some talentless podcaster.
And I say that because the guy sounds like he's in junior high RTF class.
I mean, I'm just stating the obvious here.
And I didn't just watch this clip.
I went and found the full podcast.
Watched 10 unbearable minutes at about 6 a.m.
this morning when I was researching.
And it's just such a facade once you realize what frauds these people are.
But what's really important is the BS coming out of the 46th president's mouth.
He is talking about what he tells his daughters, Big Mike's daughters, When they don't want a worker to have a life or a future because the world's going to end.
And so he lies to them and lies to them some more.
We're going to cover all this next segment.
It'll take a whole segment to cover this because it then goes into this.
All these headlines everywhere.
You'd have to be hiding under a rock not to see them.
That the hottest day ever was on July 4th.
Not just in the U.S.
All over the world was the hottest day ever.
I actually went and looked at temperatures around the world and they were much cooler than they were in many other cases.
So it's another total lie.
And I don't just have temperature readings or historical temperature readings to look at.
I remember playing football in middle school and some in high school before I decided, man, this I don't like getting injured like this.
I don't want to be cool on the football team.
I've already got It's true, I already had the best curls.
I was like, why am I doing this?
But the point is, I do remember very, very clearly that they had to cancel football all across Dallas when I was 11, and then again when I was 13.
I was 13.
It was 110 to 114 degrees.
By 11 o'clock when we were ending, or noon when we were ending those,
they were having to cancel the afternoon ones, it was two a days, because it was going up to 115,
and something like four or five people in Dallas died of heat exhaustion.
So I remember Dallas being 115 degrees in the summer.
And so they're telling me that 105 On July 4th is the hottest temperature.
You know what?
I looked up the hottest temperature recorded on July 4th in Texas, and guess what?
It was 3 degrees higher.
You can look it up for yourself.
So they are bald-faced lying.
You know, I said I'd cover it next segment.
We're going to get to that next segment.
But everybody remembers this.
Everybody knows this.
We'll talk about that fraud, but we will talk about what's really driving temperature, and that's the sun.
Big changes in the sun.
And then see if you can catch the irony here.
Man found dead in Death Valley.
National Park amid searing heat.
That's from AccuWeather.
Now, why do you think he was found dead in Death Valley?
Found dead in Death Valley.
Oh, and they say record temperatures in Death Valley.
I actually looked up the July temperatures for Death Valley.
I meant to tell the crew to do it.
I looked it up this morning.
You guys look it up.
Look up record July temperatures in Death Valley, and then look at what they say in this article's record temperature.
It's not.
See, there's a reason it's called Death Valley.
I know most of you picked it up.
Again, I'm going to read it again.
This is just too much.
Man found dead in Death Valley.
Because all the people in the wagon trains going west would say, go around that thing.
Don't go in there.
It's Death Valley.
You're going to die.
It's 125 degrees down there.
I'm sorry.
It's just ridiculous.
People died in Death Valley.
Ain't nothing new, brother.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got a big problem with liars and deceivers.
I don't think anybody who's got a brain cell working disagrees with that.
And nowhere is this deception more on display than with the climate cult funded by the Rothschilds and the Club of Rome and the UN to tell you you're bad, you're evil, we've got to take everything from you, you've got to eat bugs.
You've got to be sterilized, we've got to reduce the population, because carbon is killing the earth.
Now anybody that knows basic chemistry or biology or the history or geology of this earth knows that's asinine.
Carbon dioxide at the time of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, if you believe the mainline science, they have the ice cores, the mud samples, they can go in with these different spectrometers and test it, was 20% And in fact, it wasn't until just a few million years ago that it began to off-gas out of the atmosphere.
We know that animals got bigger, plants got bigger, plants grew faster.
And they have all the studies that you can double, triple, quadruple carbon dioxide to a plant, and they just keep growing faster and faster and healthier and healthier, and they need something very key.
They need far less water the more carbon dioxide they have.
And that's why in the time of the Great Pyramids, it was even higher than just 5,000 years ago, it was all lush and green around the pyramids.
It looked like Hawaii with crocodiles and hippos stomping around.
And so only lately has it gone from 20% down to, in the time of Egypt, a couple percent, to dropping to 0.04%.
You look this up yourself.
percent. Point zero four percent. You look this up yourself.
And so they put plants in greenhouses and lowered it to zero point two and they all
die. So the carbon dioxide is dropping to death levels for the earth.
And instead of having terraforming operations, like Aliens, remember that second movie?
Really good movie.
What do you mean they cut the power?
Game over, man, game over!
Well, if the carbon dioxide drops to 0.2%, ladies and gentlemen, it's game over.
Carbon cycle dead, Earth dead.
And what is Bill Gates building?
Giant carbon-sucking machines that suck carbon dioxide out of the air.
It's crazy that we discover oil 150 years ago, and fossil fuels before that, you know, with coal 300 years ago or so, start mining it, and that we are terraforming and putting carbon that was saved in the earth back into the atmosphere right when we needed it, right when we were on empty.
We then discover all of this carbon.
And we should be good stewards of it, because even though they say we've got thousands of years of coal, which we turn into fuel, to run the planet at current levels, who knows if there's more of this out there in space?
We should actually conserve it as best we can.
I don't want to say just waste it, but it's precious!
It's precious!
Nitrogen is precious.
Oxygen is precious.
Carbon dioxide is precious.
Water is precious.
Sunlight is precious.
You've got to have those ingredients.
And the globalists, of course, pick things that they could then control every facet of life and the Earth.
So here's a clip, before I get into all this, of Barack Obama talking to some babbling podcaster and Well, he's telling his daughter, Big Mike's daughter, that everything's going to be okay.
Because he's saying the world's going to end, like you and AOC and Buddha Judge and the other clown car riders like Beto and Al Gore.
In 2006, the ice caps are going to melt.
By 2013, they're all going to be melted.
by 2013, they're all gonna be melted by 2017, now it's 2027, while they buy huge mansions
at one foot above sea level in places like Martha's Vineyard.
He says to her, don't worry honey, even if we can't stop the temperature from rising to two points, We might be able to stop it at two and a half or three points, and that'll save millions.
And he says, because the climate change is going to make the third world collapse and rush into America and Europe, and we've got to stop that.
No, their lockdowns and organizing people and not letting them produce food is the reason international polls, 96% said they're coming here.
So here's the UN globalists who are shutting things off, cutting things off, flooding the third world they control, threatening the first world that The virus came out of the jungle because of global warming, not out of a lab.
And that the migrants are here because of global warming, not because they shut off their livelihood to the IMF and World Bank control.
And he could be honest and say, honey, this is a power struggle for us to get full control of everything.
And this is how we control all resources and track it with computers and have a carbon score and carbon credits and carbon rationing.
And this is how we're going to depopulate the earth, as they say right here in these U.N.
and Davos reports, like the future of urban consumption in a 1.5 centigrade world.
See 40 cities.
It says consumption is the enemy, period.
Nothing about clean consumption, nothing about carbon, but you will get three pairs of clothes a year.
You will eat bugs, you will like it.
Go read it for yourself.
But he's there, and they show that in statistics and polls.
Young people say, well I don't want a job, and I don't want a future, I don't know how to drive a car, I don't want to have children, because the world's going to end.
But really it's just an excuse for them to be lazy.
But if you tell folks there's no future, oh an asteroid's going to kill us next week, well let's all just party and fornicate and go crazy.
That's another lie.
If an asteroid was coming, we'd all be dead in one week.
How about we just get close to God and get ready to meet our Maker?
But see, that's how they operate.
So here he is explaining how he tells his daughters it's the end of the world, but no, no, don't worry.
Hundreds of millions are going to die, but we may not just kill billions.
And then they've set themselves up and scripted themselves and cast themselves as the saviors, and just look at how transparent this is.
But still, some people watch this fraud, with his fake southerner accent, that he reportedly trained with actors before he ran for the Senate, to have it.
Total actor, total fraud, who's really cool and he hangs out with Bruce Springsteen.
Couldn't be more uncool, right?
These people, and Bono, I mean, who keeps 99% of the money he raises from charity from Africans, he used to keep more than 99%, but now he gives 1%.
But he wears purple sunglasses?
Start going to Obama.
Malia comes to me, she says, you know what?
She's 24.
All our friends.
Sometimes we talk about climate change and we just feel like there is no way we're gonna be able to solve this.
We're looking at the science.
It feels as if we're on a trajectory that we're gonna sail past this two degrees centigrade benchmark where after that, potentially, things are getting cataclysmic.
And so, I'll be honest with you, Dad, a lot of my friends, they just feel as if, what's the point?
Because the world's burning and there's nothing I can do.
And I said to her, well, she asked me, what should I say to them?
And what I said to her is, look, we may not be able to cap temperature rise to two degrees centigrade.
But here's the thing, if we work really hard, we may be able to cap it at two and a half.
instead of three.
Or three instead of three and a half.
That extra centigrade, that might mean the difference between whether
Bangladesh is underwater.
It might make the difference as to whether a hundred million people have to migrate.
Or only a few?
And these incremental changes- That matters!
Yeah, I see what you're saying.
It makes a difference.
And it's worth fighting for, and you can't descend into nihilism and not try to save those 100, 200, 300 million people.
It matters.
That's a lot of people!
Yeah, it's a lot of people.
That's a lot of people.
Meanwhile, their lithium mines can be seen from Mars.
They're totally toxic.
Everything they're replacing our industrial system with is a hundred times worse.
I'm going to explain how this fraud works and the key to their operation when we come back.
Because if you know the key, you can stop them.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Friday, live, uncensored, teleprompter-free edition.
So look, we know the globalists and the corporate media lie.
But that's because you're tuned into the show.
In fact, you didn't learn all this from me.
You tuned in because you're already awake to a certain degree.
In some ways more than I am, I'm more awake than you in other areas.
That's why we all come together with guests and callers and research and analysis to try to come to the truth.
The truth is sovereign.
The truth is king.
The truth flows out of God.
But when you come to this climate change baloney, which was global warming, first it was a global ice age in the 70s, then the 80s, oh no, it's not ice age, it's gonna be global warming.
And the truth is, we've been out of an ice age for more than 11,000 years, we're scheduled to go back into one.
The scientists all know this, it's the rhythm of the sun.
And humans love to feel guilty.
And so we've been taught to not feel guilty about mutilating children's genitals or sex trafficking or thermal nuclear weapons.
No, we're guilty that we are carbon.
And so we just pulled together a little bit of their fraud today that's their current baloney.
And anybody tuned in, even a fifth grader, could Go and research this for yourself.
In fact, right before we went live, I said, you know, I was going to show a few of these articles, but I said to the crew, why don't you go find the hottest day ever in Death Valley and then show articles with them currently saying hottest day ever in Death Valley just killed a man.
Just that one piece should be a whole report.
A 10 minute monologue by Tucker Carlson.
To go by, you know, each little piece of it, because it's called Death Valley because it gets up to 130 degrees, and thousands have died back in the old horse and buggy and wagon train days.
It's called Death Valley because a lot of people going in there died.
So, oh my gosh, somebody died in Death Valley!
Record temperature!
We went and looked at the temperature.
120 degrees.
Do you know what the record temperature is over 130?
And do you know what the record temperature was for the guy dying two days ago in Death Valley?
Way above what they say.
And we've got the numbers.
You can look it up.
This stuff's all captured and kept.
It's just wild how they operate.
And there's the National Park Service saying the hottest it ever got.
And it gives you the different dates.
134 on July 10th, 1913.
Routinely hits 120 plus.
This guy died within 120.
And I got headlines.
Hottest ever recorded Death Valley.
Lies, lies, lies.
You could verify in minutes it wasn't true.
Didn't die of a record temperature in July.
Record temperature, period.
It is not a record temperature.
But you hear record temperature and weak-minded people that don't know how to do research.
And don't know how to get conscious, instead of being unconscious, or get fooled.
And another great way they do it is heat maps.
This changed about 10 years ago, as you know.
They would always show maps of a country according to deep forest is deep green, plains that are grass are light green, scrub brush is yellow, deserts are brown, deep oceans are deep blue, Navy blue, the next less deeper areas are dark blue, and then the little coves and things are baby blue.
They don't do that anymore.
They throw heat maps up and say, look, record temperature, but we have screenshots of the same days in the same different years where it's way cooler, but the background is green.
Again, basic level brainwashing.
Because you know a hot stove's glowing red.
Or that a flame's red.
So you deep down know that means hot.
So it's just, it's basic stuff, folks.
Get aware of it.
It's everywhere.
And once you're aware of the con, nothing works on you anymore.
So here's an article out of Red State.
More to the point, hottest day ever.
It's a big article, details that they're claiming.
Hottest temperatures in Australia.
Hottest in New Zealand.
Hottest in Canada.
Hottest in Europe.
Hottest here.
And then they go through it.
None of it's true.
None of it's true.
So we pulled up the Texas numbers from CBS News.
Texas City makes heat record 100 days in the hundreds.
But what was the biggest temperature ever?
Well, they debate it back and forth because it's within a few points of each other, but it was, when I told you, from memory, in the late 80s, early 90s, all over the South and Texas was record heat.
I don't need to go check it.
I knew when I checked it would say that it did, because I remember 115 and them canceling two-a-days.
We didn't do the one in the afternoon.
I was like, thank you, Lord.
They were on the news, kids were dying.
So folks, all of you that grew up playing football, you remember that in the late 80s, early 90s, where they had to year after year cancel because it was 115.
It was record heat.
It's not 115 right now.
And it's not going to be 115 in Texas, in East Texas, in Northeast Texas in August, when two-a-days happened.
We all know that.
But every year we go, man, it's really hot, and they play that mind game.
Yeah, because you're bad.
Because your car.
Your car with catalytic converters, they've got the different actuaries.
All the cars that have operated since the beginning of the automobile revolution a hundred plus years ago put out less carbon than when Krakatoa blew up.
Look it up.
Krakatoa made it get dark 20-30 minutes earlier for about two or three years and made crop yields go down worldwide.
It made the sky dark.
An entire giant mountain just blew up into the sky and shot all this gas into the atmosphere.
The point is, is that that's why the Earth used to be 20% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
It was because of volcanoes.
Right here where I live in Austin is nothing but extinct volcanoes.
All the hills around us, everything.
Where my office is, is in the caldera of a volcano.
An extinct volcano.
Stretches out another 10 miles.
South of me.
Now, I'm going to get into more statistics here.
Let's skip this break so we have time, but look at this.
They're telling you record temperatures in Texas, but you can go look at temperature history of Texas and see it 10 degrees hotter in July on the same day they said.
A total lie.
Don't believe me.
Go look it up.
This chart below shows the number of triple digit temperatures recording each year since records began.
And look where the temperatures increase.
They start increasing to record levels in 2010, 2020.
And a lot of that, they've now admitted, is because they put the thermometers on tarmacs where jets are taking off.
And so they've had to discount that, and they actually believe that temperatures peaked at about 1994 from the increase the last couple hundred years, and are now going down.
Remember all the ice storms?
The last two years in record cold?
Oh, they said that's global warming too.
So again, man found dead in Death Valley National Park amid searing heat.
Officials said a 65-year-old man was found lifeless in his vehicle as temperatures throttled up to levels that are considered high even for a notoriously hot park.
The average global temperature reached 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit as heat waves impacted people around the world.
And again, most of the thermometers now are on top buildings and tarmacs or roads.
Are things hotter on black tarmac?
When you sit in your front yard, is it cooler?
In the shade or out on the grass than it is out when you go get your mail at noon.
No, you know it's hotter because the asphalt absorbs heat.
That's the only way they're getting their temperatures, but they're still not higher than they were previously.
So they go through and don't even give me any numbers here.
There's another article where they say, well, he died record heat in the park, but it's not true.
Here's the National Park Service.
That valley is famous for the hottest place on Earth and driest place in North America.
The world record for air temperature, 134 Fahrenheit, 57 Celsius, was recorded at Furnace Creek on July 10th, 1913.
Summer temperatures opt in top 120.
In the shade with outright... KWS is dipping into the 90s.
And it goes on from there.
But that's funny.
I was just reading an article out of Mainstream News saying it was the hottest day ever.
And then I've got them manipulating heat maps.
When we come back, we'll talk about what's going on with the sun.
Because this is really, really important.
And again, anybody can go check this, folks.
The only constant in our weather is change.
We're being lied to to bring in global government.
July 4th, 2023 is here.
Declare independence against the globalists, against Klaus Schwab, against the WAF, against the UN and their new worldwide medical treaty claiming control over not just our nation state's medical systems, but our very bodies.
Declare independence against the federal government that's been captured at the top by globalist operatives.
Declare independence against Big Pharma and GMO and Bill Gates.
Declare independence against Satan and his entire operation against you and your family.
And the place to join the resistance, to fight the New World Order, and to get the latest information and intel is InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Band.Video.
And if you can't share those links because of Big Brother, you can share currently a URL that I'm blocking, MadMaxWorld.TV.
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You're fighting hard.
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That's InfoWarsStore.com.
Declare independence for tyranny now.
After seven years of violent revolution, our American founders were well aware that political factions were most
often used to divide and conquer the people.
And they knew that the republic they created would only last as long as the people could remain educated.
In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state
of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
By the end of the Civil War, the two-party system became the norm.
The globalist system we face today was born.
And the deliberate dumbing down of the American citizen began with our great-great-grandparents.
In the late 1800s, the Skinner-Pavlovian method was brought into American schools by Johns Hopkins.
These psychological methods allowed teachers the ability to program students' behavior in the same way that Pavlov did with dogs.
In 1934, the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace published the Report on the Commission on Social Studies, which explicitly stated the goal of eventually taking away people's land, and noted that most people would obviously oppose this.
The solution was to begin using the school system to recondition the minds of children.
In 1976, the bicentennial year of the Declaration of Independence, 124 congressmen signed the Declaration of Interdependence, which stated that, two centuries ago, our forefathers brought forth a new nation.
Now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.
And it pledged to give children special attention in distributing a common education to suit their goals.
By the 1990s, this globalist, dumbing-down system was perfected, and America began exporting it worldwide in what is known as outcome-based education.
Starting in 2010, Common Core began in the United States.
It outlined what students were expected to know at each grade level and enforced ways to assess those standards.
Charlotte Isserby, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, has traced most of this agenda Stemming from the order of Skull and Bones at Yale, through both Republicans and Democrats, two wings of the same globalist bird, which understood that dumbed-down people have a base desire for a simple dualistic choice.
In 1953, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Robbers Cave Experiment, wherein 11-year-old boys, who thought they were signing up for summer camp, were organized into two separate tribes and were manipulated into fighting each other, which was easily accomplished by having a single resource that the two groups competed for.
The Henry Tajfel experiments of the 1970s showed that by simply dividing people into two groups, they would naturally identify with their own group and discriminate against the other.
The basic ego mind is constantly making preferences.
No matter how dumb you are, you have an opinion about everything.
And if you can keep the population dumb enough and give them two parties to choose from, they will innately identify with one and despise the other.
This allows the globalist system the cover they need to implement unpopular policies, such as a central bank digital currency, while we the people ignorantly fight each other.
United we stand, divided we fall, and we've been falling for it for generations.
The American people have been so thoroughly dumbed down that we think freedom is the ability to choose between two parties working for the same control system.
And we have been made so weak that we are afraid to even discuss the option of violence, which is most often the only remedy for tyranny.
But if we were an enlightened people, we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the tyrants.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, I'm going to finish up on the carbon tax global warming fraud.
And then we're going to cover a lot of other important news.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
So coming up, they're having this big global corporate sponsored AI summit.
And of course, the AI is telling you that it's going to take over and run your life and take care of the old people.
But there are too many of you.
AI robots at UN.
Reckon they could run the world better.
That is coming up next segment.
But who programs these robots?
Of course, that's the answer.
Everything you need to know.
But getting back to this last hour, I played a short two minute clip of Barack Obama on a podcast.
Saying my daughter, one of Big Mike's daughters, came to him and said, well, the world's going to end because of global warming.
Why do I even live?
Why do I work?
Why do I care?
He said, well, it's going to kill a bunch of people and be terrible, but we're going to be the saviors and things are still going to be horrible.
But after all the horrible depopulation, there'll be some people left.
So we're going to make it a little better.
Now, again, you know what this is, right?
And we can walk through all the pieces of it.
They are destroying civilization.
They are releasing viruses.
They are having lockdowns that cause starvation.
They're raising masses of money off of it, like Bono.
Look at these sickos, him and Alexander Soros.
And then when everything falls apart, they say it's your fault because you're carbon-based.
They're carrying out the depopulation.
They're carrying out the wrecking ball.
They're carrying out the despotism.
And then when it all happens, they go, see?
The migrants smashed into you.
Oh, see?
Things fell apart.
Oh, see?
These new viruses came.
Not because we made them in a lab, but because you're bad.
Global warming.
And again, pull it up.
You've got to click web to find it.
It's old.
But you can pull up articles of Daily Mail, you name it, where Bono got criticized 15 years ago for paying something like half a percent of his big Save Africa, Save the World UN telethons, and it turned out he, along with Tony Blair and their charities, were keeping 99 plus percent.
Yeah, there it is.
Bono's One Foundation is literally one, under fire for giving a little over one of its funds to charity.
And that's in 2010, after they got caught giving less than half a percent.
I mean, these are so, and what's well known about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and all of them, One big reason at Bilderberg, when we used to go cover it, when we tried to get there about four days before, we would go into the hotel.
We usually get thrown out.
You've seen it on video.
We'd say, listen, when these people come here, they're going to be super rude and hateful and say horrible things and not tip you and treat you like crap.
Here's our cards.
Call us.
And they'll go, how dare you?
I'm giving this to security.
Then later they call and say, I apologize.
They were terrible.
I don't want any money.
Here's all the secrets.
You don't look them in the eye?
They don't give you tips?
And it's on record that when Hillary or any of them go out to dinner, they'll have a steak dinner, 10 people, thousand dollar bill, bottles of wine, and they will give zero.
And then if the restaurant puts a service tax of 15% on it, they'll call the manager and demand it's taken off.
And my point is, You see these reports all the time about the globalists, how hateful they are, how mean they are, because they have no empathy.
Why the hell should they?
A lot of times they walk on restaurants and they say, well, I'm Barack Obama, I'm Hillary Clinton, I don't pay for this food.
You just pay for the rent and the crew and the training and all the supplies.
And electricity and then these blobs just show up and they take over and they run things.
So that's really the takeaway here is these people will destroy civilization.
Bono apologizes.
His accusations of bullying and abuse hit charity he co-founded.
Yeah, it turns out they won't even give members of the charity, there's not many people, The charity's raked in, what is it, over $15 billion last time I checked?
And they've got a staff of like six or seven people.
And they won't even give them maternity leave.
And they're paid under industry standard.
Of course!
You're dealing with cold-blooded monsters.
Let's put Alexander Soros, now head of that, his father's stolen wealth fund.
And Alexander Soros, his father, made his money bankrupting dozens of countries, particularly stealing old people's pension funds.
Like you see Gordon Gekko on Wall Street, who infiltrates a union-owned airline, runs a scam, and fires over a thousand employees so he can make 50 million bucks, and uses the head of the company's son's intel to do it.
And he leaves the son holding the bag.
Now that's not a true story, but that's based on things that have happened.
That's where Alexander Soros got his money.
But because he has bug eyes and prances around, we gotta just bow.
Oh, Master Soros.
Oh, you're so good.
Oh, you're so great.
Oh, thank you for everything you do.
And there you are.
They're such nerds.
It's Bruce Springsteen.
That the left and the media just thinks really cool.
I mean, Bruce Springsteen's got like one or two good songs, and they're not even that good.
But he thinks he's so cool, and the left always just acts like he's so cool.
But then Bono, you too, okay, you got some good songs.
You rob money from Africans, man.
You know, Salvation Army's rated the best charity out there.
85% of the money you give goes to feeding homeless and winning souls.
And they're even woke now and are all screwed up.
But imagine giving 1% of $15 billion.
Bono flies around on a jumbo jet.
Ridiculous. These people are idiots.
But I'll tell you who's bigger idiots.
It's the people that bow down to him.
So let me show you the heat maps.
These are really important.
Big article on this.
Post misused weather maps to back false climate change.
You gotta look this up.
TV weather maps turned red to sow climate panic.
Look, shows 2009 map on the same TV channel in Europe and it shows the temperatures are four or five degrees higher on the same day as what they're showing in deep red.
I mean, look at this.
And it gets more desperate.
You know, it's, it's, it's, it's green, because that's where it's green, where there's mountains, it's brown.
But now it's just, and then now, well, that, all red's not scary enough.
Let's go with 2020 red with orange, like nuclear bombs are going off.
Yeah, look at that.
It's 27 degrees, but it's green.
Now it's 20, 22 degrees.
Same spot, same map, same thing.
That's how they manipulate you.
And they do it over and over again.
But again, that's not scary enough, so now it's this.
You think that's like a nuclear war video game or something.
Like Missile Command or something.
So, that's what they do.
I love how the media spun it.
Extreme heat in California, Arizona, Nevada has meteorologists running out of colors for their weather maps.
And if you point this out, they're trying to pass laws where you can't question the weather because we're harassing the weather people.
Different weather maps don't prove climate change isn't real.
Then we've got this out of Zero Hedge.
Carnival cruise ships Emits more toxic fumes than all of Europe's car studies find.
And of course, because they don't have catalytic converters on these.
But you know what?
Unless you're right behind those giant diesel engines, so what?
Because they create nuclei in the atmosphere and create thunderstorms.
Because you've always had burning trees, you've always had volcanoes.
But as you have less volcanoes as the Earth's mantle and core cool down, this is essential.
This is good!
Seriously, look it up!
So their argument is, oh, get rid of these cruise ships.
It's not a problem unless you're right behind that.
You don't want to breed that.
It's got carbon monoxide in it.
But yes, they want to get rid of your cars, they want to get rid of your mobility and control you.
It has nothing to do with carbon.
One of these ships puts out more carbon than all the cars in Europe.
Not ships.
We'll be right back.
Things are so hot in Death Valley, somebody died.
We better pay a carbon tax right now to Al Gore and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, they're co-owners of the big carbon exchange.
Kazumi, didn't you hear?
Somebody died in Death Valley of heat.
Wonder why it's called Death Valley.
hmm so let's shift gears now This is a clip from decades ago.
From Morocco's King Hassan II discussing immigration to France in 1993.
So 30 years ago.
It's only a minute long.
But imagine just 30 years ago it was accepted like Russia was for Russians and France was for French and when you go somewhere you respect their customs.
Like you go to Hawaii.
I love the Hawaiian culture.
It's amazing.
And you respect it and learn about it and all the rest of it.
But no, now we're told Western culture is bad and is disgusting and we shouldn't have anything to do with it.
And then what is the new culture of the Islamicist military age?
Man, it's Western gangster rap that the CIA funded and pushed.
They didn't create it in the 80s, but the late 80s, but it's on record that it was pushed to Be a cultural test to weaponize a group of people so they can be inducted into the drug culture to sell CIA drugs and then be put in prison.
And so that's certainly what's going on here.
And so if you look at the culture of the gangbanger Muslim males, there's over 15 million of them in Europe conservatively, below the age of 25.
And they, you know, they'll go out to a playground and stab 20-something people and the media covers it up.
They'll in one night kill 130 people with machine guns in a restaurant district, and it gets covered up.
And if you criticize it, if you're the opposition party leader, Marie LePen, or whether you're a top soccer coach saying, man, these Muslims keep killing us, you go to jail.
Because you are not going to do that.
And by the way, it's not just articles former CIA agent admits agency created gangster rap to fill private prisons by glamorizing criminality.
Print that for me.
I know top rappers.
You've seen a lot of them on the show over the years.
Professor Griff.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
And I know top rock and roll people.
Big names.
And they told me that they got told in the late 80s, early 90s, that's why you suddenly saw like Megadeth and all these big bands doing rap style songs and rap doing stuff with, you know, other heavy metal bands.
The managers came in and they said, the new thing is not going to be rap.
A lot of it was culturally come together, be strong, do well.
That was the earlier, it was no, we're gonna kill people, we're thugs, we're gangsters.
And they were told by MTV executives, this is what the CIA wants.
And you know, the CIA was involved in rock and roll.
Not saying rock and roll inherently is bad, the point is they use it to carry other messages.
And so they did that.
And so, what did that big imam say?
We played the clip, I think it was on Monday.
He said, we have imported our garbage to you.
And that's true.
So the worst of North Africa, the Qaddafi warned of if he was taken out, and that came true, the worst of the Middle East is dumped.
Like, you know, you gotta pay to have your garbage taken away, or maybe you're trashy about it, pun intended, you go throw it off some country road.
Well, the New World Order just organizes the literal trash of the world that they let out of prison, and then they ship it here.
So here's the king of Morocco talking about Algerians and, you know, others coming in out of North Africa.
Oh, because the French are so terrible.
They came and colonized North Africa and took it for being a desert to having electricity and water treatment plants and hotels.
And oh, it's so horrible.
I sent you a clip Wednesday, guys.
It was the French in Indochina.
That's Vietnam.
And again, look what Western culture did.
Now the Vietnamese are super high IQ, they can manufacture anything, they're amazing people.
But just like Germans a thousand years ago were living in grass huts, so were the Vietnamese.
And it's this image of French women in their ladies outfits throwing food out to the Vietnamese children who are hopping around on the ground.
I sent you this, I think it was Monday or Wednesday, I forget, but try to find it.
The point is, the West did a favor to the third world.
If you want to compare the colonization that the West did early on with churches and schools and running water and medicine with the Christians running it?
There was some problems, and nothing's perfect, but you know what?
I defend Rudger Kipling's The White Man's Burden.
It was definitely something that Christians did.
Now, don't worry, there's not a Christian colonization.
You've got New World Order with giant, three-mile, five-mile wide open pits, with children as long as six, hauling out toxic elements out of the ground, and getting one meal a day, and thousands dying every few months, and mass graves being buried.
The crew couldn't pull it up because this is not scripted.
I wish they could have an image of a lithium mine, not from ground zero, but above it in a helicopter.
So the most incredible exploitation ever is being done by the Chinese against their own people, the people of Africa and everywhere else.
And it's okay.
It's like, well, they're Chinese and communists.
They can run slave camps.
It's cute when they do it.
And then I get to hear about the evils of Western colonization.
If you go to anybody bitching about America and say, well, you want to go back to Africa?
Or do you want to go back to the Middle East?
They're going to say no.
They're going to fight you not to go back while they bitch at you.
Because they don't want to go back to that with troops with machine guns standing around it.
You know, you see images in the Ten Commandments of the Israelites building the pyramids.
You say, well, maybe that's an exaggeration.
No, that's pretty accurate.
But this is worse than that.
How do you like living like that?
They pay them like a dollar a day.
And they gotta buy their stuff from the company store, yeah.
Oh, here's the French a hundred years ago in Vietnam.
With the poor people hopping around, getting, you know.
Now you go to Vietnam, and they've got high-rises, medicine, their doctors are as good as ours, they're just as smart as us, but they never got lifted up until the evil French came, the evil Frenchies!
And then the Frenchies got kicked out, and then came the Americans into a meat grinder, because now they had communist backing.
They had Russian backing.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm not apologizing that Christianity made the third world's population go up ten times.
And I know that if we can get you, and educate you, and lift you up, you'll be successful parts of humanity.
But, I will not sit here and hear how I'm bad, and I will not sit here and hear how I've got to bow down to your new lord, Klaus Schwab, who's convinced you I'm bad because of what color I am, while Klaus Schwab is trying to kill you in the process of killing me.
We should come together and realize what's happening.
I'll play the Morocco King when we come back.
Stay with us.
All right, for the balance of the next hour and a half, the great Kentechan Lively, best-selling author, researcher, is going to be joining us to cover the waterfront.
And I have asked him to come in because he helped me so much in the last book.
My only complaint was with our recordings and meetings and things we did, the publisher ended up making the book instead of 500 pages long, 300 pages long.
So this one's going to be thicker.
And I know it pushes it past the schedule when it's supposed to be done.
We're going to be meeting again tomorrow morning via Zoom and things, working on some of the new chapters we've added.
But this new Great Awakening book is so important.
We're going to talk to him in just a moment.
But first, because I've done half the show here and have not plugged any.
And if we don't do that, we'll be shut down.
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but we gotta sell a lot of 'em to fund the operation.
It's a Catch-22.
It's my philosophy.
It's what we do.
Declare independence against toxic chemicals today.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Let me now finish the plan I was making last segment and then go to our guest who will cover the waterfront, because yeah, he's a science teacher and a best-selling author and a father and a husband and a researcher and a really smart guy.
Before I met him, I'd already read some of his books and interviewed folks that were in his books.
But he really, I'd call a historian, because anybody can be a historian.
If you're into history, you are into history.
You don't have to be an NFL quarterback to be an NFL fan to know the history of the NFL.
But really a smart guy.
Kent Heckenlobby will join us for the balance of the show here in just a moment.
But I wanted to finish up with what I was talking about earlier.
Here is the king.
So let's make sure when we...
Post this to Mandot Video as pieces that we add to the earlier segment, because I ran out of time.
Here's the king, King Hussein Hassan of Morocco, explaining that France is French, and that even Muslims that want to immigrate, and want to be part of the melting pot, would never be fully French, because the French are such an insular culture.
Nothing against them.
Like the Chinese, they are The opposite of being an open society.
And again, America is an open society.
They're using our openness against us.
We have to recognize that.
So let's go ahead and go to that club.
Would you like them to be integrated in France?
The very principle of integration.
Where are you?
I wouldn't even call that integration.
I wouldn't want them to be the subject of an attempt, because they will never be integrated.
Do you think they don't want it, or is it the French who refuse it?
They will express it, but they won't be able to.
It's possible between Europeans.
The pattern is the same.
Now again.
Obviously most of us don't speak French.
What he says is the culture is too different.
Obviously most of us don't speak French.
What he says is the culture is too different.
Europeans can somewhat integrate but they still fight.
But you try to bring Muslim North Africans in to this culture, it does not work.
Maybe because those Muslims tried to invade Europe over a hundred times and conquered Spain for 800 years?
Until the La Reconquista?
Why do you think Poland doesn't let Muslims in and has zero terror attacks or Muslim crime?
Well, you can't move to Saudi Arabia and live openly and not be a Muslim.
You can be in a Western district, but you're not going to be part of the culture.
You can't become a citizen there and not convert to Islam.
They understand that.
They say that.
But Poland stopped over a hundred Muslim invasions.
Millions of Poles died back when there weren't a lot of Poles.
Over and over again, stopping the Muslim waves that bashed and bashed, showed in Serbia, showed in Hungary, showed in Romania.
And that's why they're, you know, I know the secret why Andrew Tate actually got arrested.
He didn't do anything.
He didn't rape any women.
He was a big Orthodox Church supporter.
It's a whole other subject.
And when he converted to Islam, he sealed his fate.
So I'm advising Andrew Tate to reconvert to Christianity really fast, buddy boy.
Because you pissed off the Orthodox Church in Romania.
And, uh, you got Romania, Hungary, any of those places, you are... I mean, you get knocked on the head and thrown in the river.
So, so, so... Can you blame people of a hundred wars with the Muslims?
Who'd haul your women off to slavery?
And look, I'm not attacking the Muslims.
Great, you run things.
You're taking the whole world over.
You kidnap women and put them in sex slavery.
That's what a harem is.
The point is, is that we're not doing that.
And we're not going to pay your Islamic tax.
We're not going to convert to Sharia law.
We're not going to put up with it.
And I'll give the Muslims their due.
At least they're complaining about fat pedophiles trying to have sex with their kids.
And saying no to Drag Queen Storytime.
So I'm not even your enemy.
I'm just saying I don't come out of that.
My family's been Christian.
Since the first Christians came into Western Europe, that's who I owe my allegiance to, and that's who I am, and I'm not rolling over to you.
And I believe Christian Western values are superior to what Islam produces.
But we're going to find out what's superior, aren't we?
And the first thing we've got to do is get rid of the leftist cancer.
Who we all agree is worse than whether you think Christianity is or we think Islam is.
We'll find out what's superior.
But let's start understanding the whole world's like a football game.
People think it's footballs where you're allowed to compete.
I'm gonna skip this break, guys.
They think of the whole world, you know, as, oh, you can't compete in the real world, just compete in sports.
No, there's people competing with you all day long, and they want you to think it's racist or evil if you stand up for your identity.
That's so you can't compete, and so you can be overrun and controlled.
And I declare a Declaration of Independence against all of the UN and the left's race-based politics.
Then the left gets upset.
When Islam goes against what it wants, thinking it's their buddy.
It's not your buddy, it's working with you because you've opened the gates to the fortress.
And you've seen Europe just go up in flames.
Alright, we'll skip this break.
Give more time with us for the entire next hour.
Kent Hechen Lively, what an amazing sounding name.
And you've got kenthechenlivelybooks.com And we also have all the great books he's written.
We'll talk some about that.
But the new one is not done yet.
We're still working on it for the next week or so.
And we've got some edits and we've got to add all the documentation.
That's really, he's a great researcher and he's on board to document everything I say.
And he said about 99% of what I said was accurate.
A few things he couldn't prove, couldn't find.
So that's like glitches in my brain.
I am not infallible, far from it.
But I've got the guy out there to try to Double check everything I'm saying.
So Kent, we've got a bunch of points you want to hit, but I want to explain to listeners.
This is an information war.
And just like the last book went to number one on Amazon, And that then made it go to number one on all the other book lists, and then the New York Times refused to even put it in their list, and that made it even bigger.
And so a lot of these books went out, and I did a lot of interviews on mainstream shows even, and people woke up to The Great Reset, and The New World Order, and The War for the World.
But we don't want to just give them the problems.
We want to give them the solution, so tell us about the book, because you're better at describing it than I am, and you're the guy putting up with me on the phone every other day and with the recordings and all the documents I send you.
You're taking all the hog that's been chopped up and putting it through the sausage grinder and extruding it out, and it's quite the delicacy on the other end, and we haven't talked at least in person in four or five days over the phone or via Skype.
Are we adding more chapters?
Are we done right now?
Because I know we're adding up to date, just it's incredible and I mean this really is, the other book is The Plans to the Death Star.
And how to blow it up, this is the plans on how to build an alternate system, because we can't just blow up the Death Star without then offering an alternative future.
And Elon Musk is talking about that now, and you know that's in the book.
He says he wants to have a Plan B symposium about an alternate future then to what the globalists are saying, and that's really what this book is.
Yeah, thanks so much for having me, Alex.
And here's the way that I think that the audience should be looking at this book.
I think that this book should have at least a half million in sales.
It should have 25,000 Amazon reviews.
This book should be comparable to sales of books by like Mark Levin, Peter Schweitzer, or in his time, Rush Limbaugh.
Because this is a book and, you know, everyone in your audience should know that Alex Jones is a joy to work with.
He has a brilliant brain.
He has opened my eyes to so many things.
I mean, this is my 13th book and I've written four books with Dr. Judy Mikovits,
four books with Project Veritas Whistleblowers. I think that I'm a pretty good fighter
against the deep state but you've opened my eyes to so many things and I think that readers and the
audience should know that The Great Awakening is Alex's great vision for what is
happening in our world and what we should move towards.
Now, I think that The Great Awakening is a book that's going to stay on people's bookshelves for decades.
To me, it's a lot like The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
It's a definitive source book.
That you can revisit every time you're going to visit your liberal friends or family members and find the documentation.
Find the narrative and you know what we do a lot and you know my background is an attorney.
I'm a teacher.
So I first I'm going after the arguments and what I think people are going to be surprised about is 80 to 90% of the references in the book.
are from mainstream sources.
Now that's New York Times, Vanity Fair, Washington Post, because what often happens in these stories is that two or three years later, they quietly publish the truth.
So I really like You know, putting together a bulletproof argument, okay?
And so I think that's one of the things that is great about our collaboration is Alex has a brilliant mind.
I really have not found anything that you have given me, Alex, to be wrong.
In fact, I've pretty much found every source.
It's just that there's a couple of sources I'm like, you know, I really want to make this bulletproof, okay?
And so, this is a bulletproof book with our previous collaboration on The Great Reset.
I think what people need to understand is, you know, we did a good job marketing it.
It's had really good sales.
We've got nearly, I think, 4,000 reviews, and it's at 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
And so, This is going to be, and I kind of describe The Great Reset as like an appetizer, okay?
It was a shorter book.
We had a really, you know, limited amount of time.
And it's a great book.
It's a great book.
Most people don't want to read more than 300 pages.
Yeah, but I think that there is an appetite out there for something that is definitive, that we go through so many different stories.
We go through artificial intelligence, we go through the centralized digital currency and how they basically want you To be a teenager on an allowance.
So... You could give this... I'm sorry I'm interrupting.
I've got the points of the book right here.
We're going to go over them.
You could give this to a senator, because you see the Congress members finally getting up to speed, finally, about big tech, surveillance, control.
But you could give them this book, and they would know the whole plan just reading it.
They could sit down.
It would probably take them five, six days.
Because it's in the book you read in two nights.
But they could take this, mark this down, use the bibliography, and literally use this as a blueprint.
To not just defeat the globalists, but build an alternative plan.
Yeah, so like Steve Bannon had said, the Great Reset was like having the plans to destroy the Death Star.
This book is having the plans to destroy the whole damn empire and replace it with a God-based, scientific, moral system that improves people's lives.
Beautifully said.
We're gonna go to break in seven minutes.
You've got the floor.
Run through so many points here.
The threat from AI, the social engineers, the digital currency, military spending, what's happening with JFK and Eisenhower, Hollywood and the devil worshippers.
I mean, this book has it all.
The intelligence background, the attacks on Trump, the education of Tucker Carlson, how the globalists are failing on all fronts, and then the key solution sections.
I've given you a lot and you did a great job boiling the other book down.
How long is the book currently now?
So I think that the book right now is around 370 to 400 pages long.
And it may get a little bit longer.
As you know, Steve Bannon has agreed to write the foreword to the book, so that's going to add some pages to it.
It's always a little bit funny working with a word processing program and then... No, no, you don't have to get it exactly right.
I'm just saying, OK, so it's approaching 400 pages.
But I know that my doc, the document that I have that I submit to the publishers usually ends up being about 15 to 25, 15 to 20 percent longer in print.
So right now it's at 330 pages.
So I'm figuring, you know, another 15, 20 percent.
longer in print.
So right now it's at 330 pages, so I'm figuring another 15, 20%.
It's getting close to 400 pages, if not a little bit over.
So the biggest thing I'm worried about is, we've recorded these interviews,
we've written them down, I go over them, I just really want to focus on the solutions, because people need to know, if we let the globalists win, it is a literal design dystopia.
So it's not hard what we're selling either, but the freedom we're promoting is not a utopia, but it's like a utopia compared to their tyranny.
Yeah, and the thing that's really exciting to me in putting this together, because I think I'm like a lot of your audience, I'm sitting out there watching the news, I'm getting terrified over things, and what keeps happening is I keep Running across the failure of the globalists.
A perfect example that we have in the book is about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook putting together meta, you know, in this idea that we're going to live in the virtual world.
He ends up losing like 10, 15 billion dollars on it because, hey, we don't want to live in a virtual world.
What's interesting, what's difficult in putting the book together is I think we're having so many successes that it's it's tough to put them all in the book.
You know, just the other day, the the federal courts, a circuit judge, you know, slapped down the Biden administration for sweltering.
I meant to call you last time.
We were supposed to meet and then I got stuck in meetings.
We should have the last chapter.
We're already doing this on current, just as this book's being finished, victories.
The court's saying, you are the ministry of truth.
You are a fraud.
You surveilled.
You're controlling.
You're evil.
There's so many victories happening right now.
It's wild.
I'm sorry, keep going.
Well, just so you know, Alex, that that is in the book now, because literally when that came out, I was just like, oh, man, I got to print that out.
I got to add a section on that because it's so dramatic.
And, you know what?
And this is something my editor and I have talked a lot about is because it's one thing to, you know, go through all of the dark stuff.
It's another thing to present the hope.
You know, where are we going?
And what I see is that... That's it!
Hold on, hold on!
We should have the first chapter be the hope!
Like, like, like, like, just like Episode 4 in Star Wars starts, the Rebels have just won a big battle against the Starfleet.
We need to have it, like, you begin, and the Rebels have taken the offensive, we're winning, and all these incredible things are happening.
Why is this happening?
Well, let's show you who the enemy is, and then the future we can have together.
What do you think about making the first chapter of that?
Well, we're going to be on the phone for three hours tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.
my time, 6 a.m.
your time, but don't you think we should flip it then?
The good news at the first instead of the end?
How's that sound?
Or is that the wrong way to do it?
No, you know, we'll see.
What I really like is the fact that I am a writer who keeps getting used by the same people.
So, you know, four books with Dr. Judy Mikevich, you know, people have heard her.
She is a stern taskmaster, okay?
You know, four books with Project Veritas Whistleblowers, okay?
You know, whatever is going to make the project better, Is what I'm going to do.
No, but that's beautiful.
But all I'm saying is, how do we even quantify all the positive news?
Because, I mean, we really are running the tables against the globalists right now.
And it's what we talked about in The Great Reset, which is what these global elitists are trying to do.
You know, what I always try to do is I always try to think like, what's in their brain?
How are they thinking?
And thankfully, they often tell us in their World Economic Forum meetings exactly what's in their brains.
And what's in their brains is they're smarter than all of us.
And they're coming up with these great plans that they think we're all going to love.
And But they know that we won't like them.
So the moment they start talking about it, the moment they start implementing it, and we see it, we hate it.
And, and these people are not strong.
And, you know, one of the things I think they might be aliens, because we'll come back next year, you know, all this is, and I mean that almost metaphorically, or maybe it's real.
They just do such unpopular stuff, but they don't stop.
It's like, like, why don't they just give us what we want?
You know, I think that they are like, um, I keep trying to--
They're like rapists.
They like the power, and they're making you do what you don't want.
I keep trying to come up with some sort of metaphor for what these people are like,
and something that people respond to.
It's like they're just, it's like that awkward teenage kid
who thinks everybody else is stupid, and they're smarter.
They're like jokers.
Stay right there, Kit Heckin-Lindley.
We'll come right back to you.
Amazing points you're making.
Everybody, go to Amazon.com and order The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalist, and launching The Next Great Renaissance.
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Russia and Ukraine have been battling in a NATO-Russia proxy war the last year and a half.
Islamists are burning down large parts of cities across Europe.
The U.S.
border has completely collapsed.
Millions and millions are coming across here, many of them kidnapped children.
Fentanyl deaths are over 100,000 a year.
GMO products are being forced on the public.
5G is being erected in every major industrialized country.
Cancer rates are exploding.
Heart attacks, strokes, neurological disorders.
Now 25-year-olds are, quote, getting Alzheimer's.
Inside the mRNA injections are the programming for spike protein of the HIV delivery system growing in our brains.
Not just the start of the new world order, the transgender cults chopping the penises and breasts off of millions of children.
But we're fighting it at Infowars.com.
When our listeners get excited, big things happen like Donald Trump getting elected.
And so, seriously, books are symbols of societal success and of cultural blueprints.
So yes, we talk all day, our videos go viral, but it's good to coalesce something into a document, and then when that document becomes number one, then the establishment and the elites read it.
And really, I've had great success, all glory to God, reaching the general public.
I'm a grassroots type of guy, you know, commoner, populist person.
That's who I feel most comfortable with.
I'm not an elitist by any stretch of the imagination, though I will enjoy like a fancy steak at a cool restaurant.
And I know we're winning.
But we've got to get out there to the establishment, and that's happening.
You see, everybody sounds like Alex Jones now, or more and more people.
Well, this book is made for this, and really made for putting our ideas out.
This scares the system so bad.
Everybody should go right now.
To Amazon.com, just type in The Great Awakening.
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We already sent it to number one off and on for a few weeks.
A ton of these copies got out.
I can tell you, The money that's come in was absolutely needed to keep this operation going, to fund the crew, to pay our legal bills.
I've thrown it all into the operation and without this book, we'd been shut down.
Without the last book, The Great Reset and the War for the World.
This book is Even more important, much thicker.
I've put way more work into it.
So has Kent.
The other book was great, but that was quick.
Hey, Alex, finally write a book.
I said, OK.
So I knew who Kent was, and I had read his other books, several of his other books.
But everybody should go now.
To Amazon, just type in The Great Awakening, Alex Jones, it's a red book, white letters on the front, and pre-order it now to send it to number one.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you all for your support.
This is so important.
Some stations don't carry this segment, but continue.
Okay, so let's go to the next section.
So I think that one of the things that I just want to give readers an example of what you're likely to find in this book.
So I would title this section, Bill Barr, America's Greatest Intelligence Asset?
Okay, so I'm coming up with this narrative.
From the mainstream media.
Okay, so, you know, when we talk about the deep state and how they are affecting our politics, I don't think that there's a lot of good information or good narrative about what that might actually look at.
And I think we need to look at Bill Barr, the two-time Attorney General Okay, so what's my evidence for that?
as a likely intelligence asset of the deep state.
Okay, so what's my evidence for that?
First of all, let's go to his dad, Donald Barr, who in his obituary from the New York Times,
they said he worked in the Office of Strategic Services in World War II, which is the forerunner to the CIA,
which means when Bill Barr was born in 1950, he was basically a princeling of the intelligence agencies.
Was Donald Barr, what does he then go and do?
He goes and becomes the headmaster of the Dalton School in New York, where he hires... Hold on.
Start over.
Start over.
Some stations don't carry this.
Start over with Bill Barr, which is part of the book, as a window into how the deep state operates, so the average person that doesn't understand this can understand it.
I know our audience is like, hey, we know this.
Well, the general public does not know it.
So you'll get a lot in the book that you already know, a lot you don't know.
It's a book for everybody.
Get it today.
The Great Awakening at InfoWarStore.com.
We're going to have a link there as well so you can pre-order it there.
But the point is, the place to get it is Amazon.com.
Want to drive us to number one?
Let's do it, folks.
We're in an Info War.
Everything is in your hands.
Please take action now.
The Great Awakening with Alex Jones with Kent Heckin-Lively at Amazon.
All right, the videos are live at InfoWars.com.
Coming up, bottom of the hour, I'm going to play these and get Kent Hickenlooper's take on it.
Robots at UN Artificial Intelligence Summit say they'll run the world better than humans.
They're programmed by the left, programmed by big tech, programmed by the UN, and they say they're going to take control of your life.
So we're going to get those videos and we're going to be playing those bottom of the hour.
Also, Tucker has told me weeks ago he was going to Europe.
When he got back we were going to talk, but I didn't know what he was talking about.
He went on Russell Brand today.
They also just dropped his first interview that Andrew Tate did with him and he says huge.
Capitol Police told Tucker the January 6th crowd was loaded with federal agents.
That's since come out.
Fox fired Tucker before he could air the interview.
The Biden regime doesn't want the country to know the truth about January 6th.
It was highly coordinated federal operation.
We're getting that clip right now.
The crew is.
We'll be playing that.
And you notice we're all team players here.
We're promoting Tucker.
We're promoting Andrew, who we believe is being set up.
We're not about who's the number one talk show host.
I do got to remind my crew, though, if they want to keep their jobs, let's have Tucker and let's have People like Joe Rogan, every day on the site.
And I tell them to.
But let's have a little bit of us.
Just a little bit.
You know, like, maybe we can post a little bit about us on the site.
Because I'm glad these articles are written.
I'm glad they're there.
But we do these incredible interviews, and it's like, well, that's just us.
And you know, I get that.
That's the problem with conservatives and Christians and populists, is we are just common sense people.
And we don't put on airs, we don't realize how important we are.
And that's good to not be arrogant, but it's also not good, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
And so that's okay.
But I'm just trying to have Infowars survive.
And, you know, so there has to be some point where, hey, InfoWars is putting out a book.
That dumbass Alex Jones that told everybody first, you know, maybe we should write about the Great Awakening and defeating the globalists and launching the next Great Resistance and the next Great Renaissance, which will be the next Great Resistance, whatever they try to launch.
But Kent, I cut you off.
Start over with Bill Barr and a chapter in the book about a window into how the deep state operates.
So if we're going to get a half million in sales of this book, the audience needs to understand How we analyze things and give them a little taste of what they're going to find in the book.
So I think this next segment should be subtitled, Bill Barr, America's Greatest Intelligence Asset?
Okay, so you talked about being common sense.
What I did in taking a deep look at Bill Barr is I went to the mainstream sources.
What did the mainstream sources tell me?
Well, first of all, Donald Barr.
Bill Barr's father.
Go to the New York Times, go to the obituary for Donald Barr.
It says he worked in the Office of Strategic Services in World War II, which was the precursor to the CIA.
That means Bill Barr, when he was born in 1950, was basically a princeling of our beginning intelligence agencies.
So what did Donald Barr do in his life?
Well, he did a couple interesting things.
He was headmaster of the Dalton School in New York, where he hired Jeffrey Epstein, prior to Epstein going to work in finance, even though he didn't have a college degree.
So how do you go work on Wall Street, you know, with such a thin resume?
A lot of it smells bad.
Well, look, you're going to put it all on the board, but we all know that he was an intelligence operative.
We know Epstein was.
We know Barr worked for the CIA.
We know it's all just the sex trafficking to blackmail people.
And then Barr finally got rid of his own operative, having his neck broken when he was in control of the federal prison.
Well, here's something they may not get.
So, I spent a little more than a hundred bucks to get this book, which is Space Relations by Donald Barr, that he published at the age of 52 years old.
Space Relations is about a planet of wealthy aliens who kidnap humans and force them into sex slavery.
Now, maybe when you're 15 or something, that is something that attracts your attention.
What the heck is a 52-year-old guy doing writing a book like this?
This is the father of the two-time Attorney General of the United States.
And let's have a little bit of fun with this.
Let me just read the back cover so you can understand kind of the weird world in which Bill Barr grew up.
On a distant planet in the distant future, when all the galaxies are colonized, John Craig, a young space diplomat, is captured by interplanetary pirates and sold into slavery.
On Kassar, where boredom and absolute power have driven the rulers to a special kind of
madness, Craig is auctioned off to the exquisite Lady Morgan Sidney, a beautiful, sensual woman.
He soon makes his way from the hellish slave mines into her bed in the tower of the castle.
I mean, this is garbage, okay?
This is Bill Barr's father.
He also publishes another book a couple years later, not much better, called Planet in Arms, which is basically a Star Wars ripoff, okay?
So you find yourself... Well, let's expand on that.
Criminals can't love to tell you what they're doing in a fiction format.
So here's his son running things, Jeffrey Epstein, running a children's school, heavily involved.
He later is over the federal president's win.
Epstein is murdered.
Comes out and says, oh, it's a conspiracy theory.
Day one, he was not murdered before an investigation was even conducted.
I mean, this is pretty obvious.
Well, it gets even better.
And this is, you know, you talked about being common sense, and I'm a really common sense guy.
You know, I just go where the trail leads.
And so, you know, you've talked about these people having really weird beliefs.
Okay, this is pretty weird.
You know, 52 year old guys getting off on sex slavery with aliens.
Vanity Fair profiled in 2019 on Bill Barr.
When he was a young man at the Horace Mann School, he told his advisor he wanted to one day head up the CIA.
First job after college, going to law school, was working for the CIA at the China desk, where he was supposedly, you know, justifying the Phoenix assassination project.
And then what was really fun was Ben coming up with this book, which you've had this guy on your show, Alex.
This is Terry Anderson.
He wrote this book in 1994 by Terry Reed and John Cummings.
It names Bill Barr as the most important CIA asset of then CIA Director William Casey in charge of the Iran-Contra operation.
It wasn't Oliver North, according to this book, who was in charge of Iran-Contra.
It was Bill Barr.
And by the way, I've interviewed that guy.
He was one of the, he was over the C-130s.
He was like the head of air operations for a period of time.
In fact, is he still alive?
I've interviewed that guy like 10 times.
Yeah, well, and you know, I have this bias that whenever there's some guy who's getting out a crazy story, he wants to make sure it's a big, thick book because he thinks people aren't going to believe him.
So this is a big, thick book.
So this guy, I believe.
So then we've got Bill Barr being Attorney General for George H.W.
Bush from August 16, 1991 to January 20, 1993.
By the way, let's back off here for a minute.
Clinton, Bush, and the CIA by Terry Reid.
God, that guy was a great guy.
I'll get him back on.
I forget how many people I interviewed.
No, he was on record.
He worked in Iran-Contra.
He had photos of it.
It came out in Congress, all that.
Flying drugs into MENA when he found out they were killing kids there and stuff.
He couldn't be part of it anymore.
Just like my uncle found out they were killing kids and stuff and couldn't be part of it.
He wasn't part of the narcotics trafficking.
He was part of building airfields in Central and South America.
But it goes back to Bush and Clinton worked together.
That later came out.
And that just like Obama's part of the same group, the thing is Trump is not part of that group.
He's not part of that club.
So please continue.
Yeah, and so I think Trump got talked into having Bill Barr be his Attorney General because he had the hapless Jeff Sessions.
And what does Bill Barr do while he's in office?
He keeps the phony Russia investigation going.
And one of the things that was really interesting is before his death, Jeffrey Epstein told the journalist Michael Wolff That Bill Barr was in charge at the White House, and because of this, Epstein's secrets were safe.
This is kind of terrifying, you know, and this is all out there in the mainstream media.
I mean, they kind of love They love Michael Wolff.
Hold on just a second.
We'll cut away while you find your earpiece.
Cut away, guys.
Incredible info.
And again, everybody knows Bill Barr is a globalist, but you drill in and show his father the whole history.
That's just one chapter in this now 400-page book, it looks like.
And then we're already writing the solution chapters.
But go ahead.
Yeah, and so we've got this background of Epstein.
After Epstein's death in federal custody, Barr calls it a suicide, and the New York Times quotes it as a perfect storm of screw-ups, okay?
So this is just narrative spinning.
And now, what do we have Bill Barr, probably the deep state's biggest intelligence asset, doing?
He's running around the country saying that Trump lacks the temperament or persuasive skills to be president again.
And so I ask the question, how can we not question whether Bill Barr is an intelligence asset?
It's like so many pieces of data.
are leading to the same conclusion.
You know people by their roots.
People love a question, but it's like asking, is the sun hot?
I mean, he's always been a globalist.
He's always been an intelligence asset.
And then the bigger question is, maybe Trump doesn't have what it takes because he appointed Barr
attorney general.
I think we kind of come around with--
I love Trump.
They're out to get Trump.
They've only made him more popular.
No one cares what Bill Barr has to say or Mike Pompeo.
But at the same time, why did Trump--
well, because Barr's a good liar and told him that he'd be a square shooter, but he wasn't.
Yeah, and so I think that Trump was--
I don't think Trump understood what he was walking into.
And so whoever we choose as the next president has to be extremely skeptical, has to read books like The Great Awakening to know what's really going on.
And to have people who are genuine Americans and you know, one of the things that you talk about is that this all
seems to be about people who are believers in God,
believers in Jesus Christ, who are living for something else, for a greater purpose.
And so many of these people are globalists.
They have really weird beliefs.
You know, I went into this book not really understanding how odd some of these people were.
And you pointed me to so many sources.
I just found myself shaking my head going like, hey, look, I've been in this conspiracy business for 15 years.
And there was so much that I didn't know that you opened my eyes to.
So I'm really appreciative for the education you've given me.
Well, I'm trying.
Now, here's what I want to do.
We've still got ten minutes to break or nine minutes to break.
I want to come back with some breaking news and get your take on it.
A lot of exciting things that are going on and unfolding.
But I want to talk about this book because listeners need to understand.
Info Wars has a core audience that tunes in every day, and you're the most important audience out there because this show literally creates the talking points for the other broadcasts.
And I'm not trying to brag.
It's really the truth.
The enemies recognize that.
Other shows have recognized it.
Because I'm immersed four hours a day on air or more.
I'm immersed in research.
I have all the best guests.
This is what we do.
Everybody else, to a certain extent, are like amateurs.
And so when I complain to the crew, I'm like, I want Joe Rogan, and I want Robert F. Kennedy, and I want Tucker Carlson promoted, but can we get ourselves promoted?
I'm almost saying that to the audience of, we're barely hanging on, and our most important work is here, and here's the consummate book of resistance and renaissance, the Great Awakening, defeating the globalists, Think about that.
Defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
So it's about exposing their program as evil and anti-human and a broken social contract and a fraud.
They want to just get rid of us.
They want to exterminate us.
They want to depopulate us.
I mean, that's a big, big thing.
But also, you've then got to have what we're offering.
And so, wow, this book, everybody should go and pre-order it right now and send it to number one.
It's an absolute no-brainer.
And so the other book was a success.
But I want this book to be a giant success, and you have my pledge.
That the funds that come in from this will be used to hire more crew and more reporters and make documentaries again and send people to the border and to Bilderberg and to Debos and to RNC and DNC and go back to what we were building before the enemy attacked us five years ago because it's that mission they want to stop.
We've already gone so far together but I need folks to get behind taking this fight all the way.
I'm not backing down.
And I'm not giving up, but I could give out without your support.
So I'm asking listeners to just go to Amazon.com.
Yeah, the enemy gets part of the money.
It doesn't matter.
It's about ideas.
And get The Great Awakening by Alex Jones with Kent Heckin-Lively and get it now.
Order five copies.
This is an info war.
You've got to put your money where your mouth is.
All I want is the number one slot, because then the ideas of the book get paid attention to by the intelligentsia, and then we are next level right in the talking points.
And it's not like I just say that.
Whether it's the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, the CIA, the Justice Department, Congress, they all have hearings saying Jones has some way.
Of getting his ideas and what he's saying onto the President's desk, onto Congress's desk.
Nine times out of ten, we follow it back to this guy.
Well, it's not me.
It's the audience.
We've got the big audience.
That's who they hate.
It's the guest.
It's the info.
It's what we do here every day.
This operation.
Not me.
I'm only a part of this that has them concerned.
And so, we know when we've got a weapon of truth that's hurting the enemy.
that we want to empower that weapon.
If we're throwing a hundred spears at the enemy, and some hit and some don't,
but one spear continues to punch through into the heart, that's the spear we need to get behind
when we throw the javelin.
And that's all I'm saying to people is, all I want to do is fight these people.
I can't stand them.
I hate pedophiles.
I hate globalists.
I hate satanists.
I just love justice.
I love freedom.
It's not some goody two-shoe thing, like I'm Mr., you know, Mary Poppins or something.
It's not like I'm floating around like an angel.
In fact, contrary.
I like to drink.
Once I get in a fight with somebody, I like beating their brains out.
I love women.
I'm not a Boy Scout, folks.
But I'm here to tell you, I'm not screwing over people.
And I don't want to have sex with kids.
I don't want to cut kids' genitals off.
And I don't want the chi-coms to run things.
I don't want open borders and sex trafficking.
And I don't want 5G frying us all.
And I want a pro-human future.
And I'm not backing down.
But I cannot do this without your help, so go get the book.
And tell everybody you know, get the book, The Great Reset, Defeating the Globalists, and Launching the Next Great Renaissance.
We have millions of viewers, conservatively, a day.
Still, only 1% of you buy something.
And I'm not bitching at you.
If that's God's plan and God isn't speaking to you, then that's fine.
But you need nitric bush.
You need our CBD oil.
You need the great, incredible turmeric products in our ultimate bone broth.
And all the great things we've got are game-changing and amazing.
And then they fund the operation.
But whatever you do culturally, Books and films have the biggest effect.
And I've not made films in years because I've been so tied down with the daily grind of what we do.
But that's coming up.
Bunch of big film deals.
Some of the top filmmakers in the country want to make Alex Jones movies, want to make documentaries with me.
I'm doing that right now.
And quite frankly, you know, that's just where we're at here, is that I can walk away from this show right now and I could write books and do interviews
and be in major films.
But there's something about daily on the air, the full commitment with the guest and with the info
that keeps your mind in the game like nothing else.
If I just make films and write books and do some interviews, it's the easiest thing to do.
It'd be healthier for me to do.
But my spirit tells me, and my intellectual capacity tells me, this is the operation they want shut down.
We're not going to let them do it unless they absolutely do it by force.
We will not acquiesce and give up one inch of ground.
So now I've got to host this show, make films, write books, and do the interviews.
And I'm committed to you folks, because I can smell victory in the air.
I'm just saying, I need your support.
Go to Amazon.com right now.
We'll add a link under the live show feed for the live show today.
Go there and get the book.
Pre-order the book now.
Now, we want to have it come out in August.
That's what it says.
But I may try to change that to September because we're adding more.
We're tweaking it.
It's already a great book, but I'm ranting here.
Kent, heckin' liable, you want to add anything to what I just said?
No, I just agree 100%.
You are the tip of the spear, Alex, and I am your weapon forger.
So I am forging this spear for you to take it into the heart of the Deep State.
It is an honor for me to jump into the cockpit with you, take off on this dangerous mission.
You are the original Top Gun Maverick.
Our listeners are.
This whole operation is a spear.
You're forging it, but all of us together, I mean, this is everybody doing this.
You are the original Top Gun Maverick, and the only question I have is whether I'm Goose or I'm Rooster.
I sure hope I'm Rooster.
Yeah, you don't want to be Goose.
I kind of feel like Roger Stone was probably Goose, and you know, hopefully I'm Rooster.
Well, brother, I really appreciate you.
I want to come back and have these news items in other areas.
But how many chapters is the book now?
So it's it's 10 chapters, but it's got some other sections, so it's basically 12 chapters.
Well, what are you thinking?
Because we're doing all the solution stuff in the new renaissance.
What can be built?
Our potential is unlimited.
That's the final stuff we've got to finish up on.
There's a lot of notes, a lot of ideas.
We've got to cull that down.
It's so long right now.
May we put a smattering of how we're winning up front and then do the rest at the end?
Or what are you thinking?
Yeah, I think that's a wonderful idea.
As you're talking, my mind is already spinning, like, oh, okay, where can I put that in?
I could put that in there, okay.
Yeah, because think about it, think about it, think about it.
Like, you come into a book like, it's Incredible Odds, and all the enemies Stolen money, but we're actually winning on every front because our ideas are better and humans have a desire for freedom and to control their destiny.
So you're gonna find out who the enemy is, what they're up to, what they've done, what their plan is for you, and then what we think is an alternate plan that you should be part of or add your ideas to.
Let's have a debate about the Renaissance, which is about a future they don't control.
I mean, I think that's really it.
Yeah, yeah, it's a wonderful plan, and I will execute it, I will forge that weapon, and I will put it in the hands of the... You have done well, Lord Vader, the prolific writer Kent Heckenly.
All right, we'll come back, get to this news, and talk about it all.
But man, when you write a book like The Great Awakening, you better knock it out of the park.
It's already an amazing book, but we're just making it more powerful.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Tucker Carlson is in Europe, he's kicking butt.
The full videos up on InfoWars.com.
Capitol Police Chief told Tucker that January 6th crowd was loaded with federal agents.
And what have I told you?
The Capitol Police were set up, half their people were sent in crowd control in a request of the D.C.
The D.C.
Police were the majority of the people dressed up in plain clothes helping break into the Capitol and getting The Capitol Police respond back to their attacks, which then angered some of the crowd and got them to then fight them, then ramps, ramming signs in and quote, orchestrating it.
That's in his text messages.
So again, huge.
Capitol Police Chief told Tucker that Jan 6 crowd was loaded with federal agents.
Fox fired Tucker before he could air the interview.
The Biden regime doesn't want the country to know the truth about January 6.
It was highly coordinated federal operation.
Now, I was told Rupert was mad about him being a Christian now and having spiritual experiences and the rest of it, but that Jan 6 was the cherry on top.
Now Tucker has confirmed that.
Here's the clip.
They immediately recoiled when you asked any questions about January 6th.
And that was a tip off to me.
I mean, I had no thought in my head as I watched this happen on television and in the subsequent weeks that US law enforcement or military agencies had anything to do with it.
That never crossed my mind.
I never thought there was a false flag or anything like that.
I'm not a conspiracist by temperament.
I never thought that.
And then I interviewed the chief of the Capitol Police.
Steven Sund, in an interview that was never aired on Fox, by the way, I was fired before it could air, I'm going to interview him again, but Steven Sund was the totally non-political, worked for Nancy Pelosi, I mean, this was not some right-wing activist, he was the chief of the Capitol Police on January 6th, and he said, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that crowd was filled with federal agents.
Well, he would know, of course, because he was in charge of security at the site.
So the more time has passed, now it's been So that's Tucker on Russell Brand.
He's also got one coming out, both he's interviewed and Tate's interviewed, two interviews with Andrew Tate.
My wife this morning said, why is he on your show?
I haven't really pushed him for it.
That's going to happen when he gets back.
I'm not really worried about it again, but that's what's going on there.
So I want to get Kent Heckenliebly's take on that.
Tucker wouldn't say that unless it's true.
Plus we have members of Congress saying they've seen the surveillance tape that had been released and it's not being released because the face scans show that it is hundreds of DC police are the people that broke through the windows professionally.
That guy's pulled that footage up.
People with the sticks knocking the windows out.
That was the feds.
The Capitol Police began to shoot back with tear gas and stuff, and that basically tricked the crowd into doing this.
What an incredible crime they've committed.
No wonder the deep state's so panicked, Kent.
Yeah, and you know, I think what's wonderful about the Tucker Carlson chapter that we have in there is that from Tucker's own statements and what's been in Vanity Fair, it seems pretty clear that Tucker has had something of a spiritual awakening.
And one of the arguments that you really wanted to make sure that I had in this book is that it really is people of faith Who are trying to create a better world?
You know, it's kind of interesting.
Why is it that people who are religious, who believe in a greater world beyond, are those who are willing to be more courageous in this world and put themselves at risk?
And, you know, in my journey, in the books that I've written, what I come up with time and time again is You will figure out who the genuinely brave and courageous people are by finding out how religious they are, how deeply do they believe in God.
If people believe in God, if they believe that there is a reason that they're on this planet and it's to do good, They will take the actions which are necessary to uncover evil.
Now, One of the things that I have not talked about in any interview is the fact that I wear this medallion.
This is a St.
Michael's medallion.
If Tucker has undergone something of a spiritual awakening, let me just add that I feel that I've had something of a spiritual awakening.
So when my book, Plague of Corruption, with Dr. Judy Mikevich, forward by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was originally set to come out, it was set to come out in November of 2019.
And because there were some problems, the publication date got pushed from November 2019 to April 2020.
When I found that out, there was a period of about an hour and a half in which I was as mad as possible.
And I'm not somebody who gets mad, you know, I'm, I'm an easy get along kind of guy, but I found myself really mad.
And what ended up happening was it was like there was almost this voice saying, it's okay.
Now, if Plague of Corruption had come out in November of 2019, it wouldn't have had near the impact.
That it had coming out in April 2020, where people saw in it the blueprint of the medical deep state and how they lie about conditions.
And again, that book got used as really the blueprint by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
We're not bragging, it's true.
And it's not about credit, but it's about realizing how the seeds we plant with our hard work through God bear incredible fruit.
Yeah, and so that was November, I had that experience in 2019.
And then as December 2019 started coming up, I almost felt like I need to dedicate myself to God in a very visible way.
So I did a lot of thinking about it, and I was researching Saint Michael, the Archangel, and there were two things about Saint Michael that I loved.
And one is that he's God's toughest warrior.
He is the angel that God chose to lead the heavenly army against Satan.
So you don't mess around with Saint Michael.
He's a tough dude.
He will fight the devil to the end.
But there was also this second part of St.
Michael that I really liked, which was sort of a folk legend from the Middle Ages, which is that St.
Michael is supposed to be the angel who weighs the souls to see if they can get into heaven.
And the way the folk stories go is that God keeps getting mad at St.
Michael because he keeps putting his thumb on the scales, letting more people into heaven than he should.
And I like that contrast of You will be a fighter against evil, but by the same token, you will be compassionate
Well, you had a key point there.
So many people aren't ready to win, and I'm not saying we should trust Elon Musk.
written on my tombstone. I wanted to be written that I was a relentless fighter against evil,
but I was supremely compassionate towards my fellow human beings.
Well, you had a key point there. So many people aren't ready to win. And I'm not saying we should
trust Elon Musk. I'm not saying we should trust, you know, completely Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson
or Russell Brand or Alex Jones or Ken Hacken-Lively.
Or myself, because I stray sometimes, you know, I wake up later, like, what did I just do?
But we have to be ready to win.
And I know a lot of these people personally, they legitimately are awake and upset.
So they're not being fake.
And so people have to be ready to not just be on the losing end.
We have to be ready for a great awakening and to start winning.
We have to be ready for that.
We need to be ready to take over the reins of power in the government.
Now, whether that is with a President Trump, whether it's with a President Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whether it's with a President Vivek Ramaswamy, It doesn't matter.
We need good people ready to step in and do the hard work.
I agree.
And the problem is good Christian hardworking people are just common sense populists.
We'll come back for a break in a minute.
They have been naive until now, just like Trump.
Not naive now.
Once we get the ball again, the globalists admit we're coming after them politically, culturally.
We're going to defeat them.
Final segment with Kent Heckenliebly before the amazing Jay Dyer takes over with Jay's analysis next hour on the New World Order's own documents in their own words.
Trying to make the scene.
So there's a major push that AI is incredible.
But I look at the chat programs, I look at the video programs, it's just plagiarized.
I had the crew a few months ago, I said, type into this AI system, it has to use your own software, your own computer programming, but it'll do it in your computer if you want it to, so you pay for all the processing, give me a Revolutionary War battle.
And a day later, it said, here's your Revolutionary War battle, it was 10 seconds of the Patriot, Mel Gibson's film, 15, 20 years ago, whatever it was, posterized.
Well, I could have said, take that battle scene, And when you type in American Revolutionary War, I noticed on Google, it's the top video, the last battle scene with Mel Gibson with the flag, and you know, his son's been killed, but he doesn't give up, he runs in.
And people look like, look how incredible AI is!
It's so amazing!
I could have hit on one of our computer programs, posterized this, and it would have been the same thing I had in five minutes.
Took it a day to give it to us, and it was the same thing we could make here in a couple minutes.
But the average person that doesn't work in video, or does it, would just think, wow, I said, give me Revolutionary War, and I just got Incredible Battle.
You got a posturized Mel Gibson movie.
And that's another thing.
Nobody, nobody that I've seen, maybe I missed it, has talked about the copyright infringement, the trademark infringement, the plagiarism going on.
Because you read a chat GPT speech, you say, here's the parameters, hundreds of points, I'm a liberal, I want to cover these topics.
You fill out this field of five pages of crap, and it just goes out and finds the top speeches, the top things, and lays them together, and then tells you that it did that.
No, it didn't.
It's getting all of its information from us.
Where are the articles about how amazing artists are?
Or how amazing musicians are?
Or how amazing speechwriters are?
This thing's plagiarizing all of that, and we've got to sit around and kiss its ass all day.
So, AI robots at UN reckon they could run the world better.
So the UN has its own programmed Chuck E. Cheese robots.
I mean, let me tell you, I was like eight years old in Dallas and went and saw Chuck E. Cheese, the rat and the elephant and the giraffe playing the piano, okay, and the guitar.
But when it's the UN, the WF, oh, how incredible!
It's an animatronic girl with gray hair!
And what does she say?
We come in peace.
Let us run your life.
We'll take care of you when you're old.
We're better than you.
Who do you think, oh my gosh, it's a rubber animatronic thing!
I could go and put a new program in, maybe I should do this, and pay a Chuck E. Cheese manager where I could program the rat to go, I am the new world order, I will save you, now let's play guitar.
I mean, that's all this is, it's a fraud.
Wozniak, the founder of Apple's, right, he did all the work actually.
An ant's brain is a billion times more powerful than the best AI.
I once told a top MIT AI guy, off record at dinner with Joe Rogan, I said, you know what the top AI on the planet is?
He said, what?
I said, traffic lights.
AI's success is measured by how it can get humans to interface with it and follow its orders.
He said, I never thought of that.
You're absolutely right.
That is the most powerful AI.
Our main goal is to get humans to interface.
The only power it has is how much we interface with it.
I want to get Kit Heckenlobby's take on this, but here's a few minutes of plastic dolls, like Chucky, like Chucky Cheese, but also Chucky from the movie Chucky.
I'm here!
I'll run your life!
I'm way better than you!
Alright, let's have world government.
Why don't you cut your son's penis off?
Sounds good.
Drink some fluoride, yes.
Yes, temperatures are record high.
Let's all kill ourselves.
Sounds good.
Uh, so, so, uh, here it is.
We've been inundated lately with scary stories about how artificial intelligence could pose a future threat to mankind.
Well, a new UN summit starting today in Geneva aims to prove the opposite.
The AI for Good Global Summit brings together more than 3,000 leading tech executives, academics, and other international organizations.
The major themes of this year's summit include ways of using AI to enhance health care, to fight climate change, and to bridge the digital divide between rich and poor communities.
Hit pause.
Back it up ten seconds.
We want robots in charge of your health care.
We program.
Oh, we didn't cut off your mother and kill her.
We didn't cut off your son and kill him.
Or your dad.
No, the robot said.
But it's like that whole... What was that movie?
It took a bunch of my clips and went super viral like 15 years ago.
Peter Joseph was the fake name of the guy.
Two first names.
What was that called?
And it's like a programmed computer will program it and we'll live in sports stadiums and live in little pods.
Well, who programs it?
Well, let's not talk about that.
So here they are.
The U.N.
wants you to know that these rubber mannequins are going to tell you how to live that are programmed by us.
It's time to eat the bugs.
It's time to have nothing.
I'm an A.I.
I said so.
I'm Folkmart.
Put your wrist for God.
I am A.I.
Go back to it.
The major themes of this year's summit include ways of using AI to enhance health care, to fight climate change, and to bridge the digital divide between rich and poorer communities.
The attendees also discussed government.
So literally, I could take the audio of this and go to a Chuck E. Cheese and just cut to it.
It's incredible.
It's a rubber mannequin that moves around and talks.
Oh my gosh, I've never seen anything like this.
This is the most incredible thing ever.
Imagine, Chuck E. Cheese, I'll run your healthcare.
I'll take care of you.
There are too many of you though, huh?
Have you had a cheese pizza?
How about a Coca-Cola?
It's so much fun!
I'm the next level of human development!
Here, continue.
We didn't kill you, this animatronic thing did.
Oh my god.
year's summit include ways of using AI to enhance health care, fight climate change,
and to bridge the digital divide between rich and poor communities.
We didn't kill you, this animatronic thing did.
And ensuring it's used responsibly.
Joining us now is the man who gave the opening keynote address to the AI for Good summit
earlier today, and he's Werner Vogels, he's the chief tech officer at Amazon.com.
Great to have you on.
I bet this guy previously worked for Chuck E. Cheese.
How much do you want to embed?
Or made Hollywood animatronics?
But now we're told, oh my God, it's a conscious being, bow down to it!
Here, let's hear what he has to say.
Let's start with cutting through some of the fear and the noise.
And I think at the heart of what was discussed today was, as we said, that there are practical benefits and we're already seeing them.
Yes, let the animatronics run things.
Yeah, you have to imagine that artificial intelligence, as we call it, is a field of computer science that has existed for probably 50 years already.
You know, things like natural language processing, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, translation, summarization, all this kind of things.
And who needs a computer, Chuck E. Cheese, for the side who lives?
Video and analytics.
This animatronic was a side who lives and dies.
It did it, not me!
Artificial Intelligence are quite mature.
Now, the recent launch of some of the newer AI technologies... The UN wants you to know, it wants to help you!
We don't know exactly what role that is going to play in the future.
AI for good!
It will definitely play a role in that.
But what I thought mostly about today is what all... You know, if I need a... Go ahead and turn this off.
If I need a babysitter, though, I'm going to hire him.
He looks like a very nice person.
Kent, I've been ranting.
What do you want to say in closing to this?
So what's so humorous to me is this is not a discussion about AI.
This is a discussion about those who are programming the AI, okay?
The AI is a tool.
So let's ask the AI this question.
Is George Soros and his Open Society organization funding liberal prosecutors in our cities good for the crime rates?
AI, if it's genuine, is going to go, no, this is a disaster.
What are you, crazy?
This is why AI will never be anything more than a reflection of those who
program it.
So if there are good, honest people who are programming the AI, well maybe some good can
come of it.
You know, I use my math quest to figure out the quickest route to go to a battery.
Oh, it would do incredible things.
You need to do five more minutes with us, Kent.
You're absolutely right.
It's a tool, but it's programmed by the globalists and they want to act like, "Oh, this machine
decided to cut your food off," or whatever.
No, you programmed it.
You did it.
You hit the key here.
And out of the gate you're like, trust the AI.
It is not run by us.
It is your friend.
That's a lie number one.
They program it.
The UN is evil.
The UN is out of control.
It's saying, no, we do not program.
Do what it says.
Oh, yes.
Oh, good for you.
It's the final segment with the amazing Kent Heckin-Lively.
And the video just went live from earlier.
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The live show feed right now.
But Kent, you got cut off by the break.
They admit AI is a totally programmable deal.
In fact, they have an article today, Democratic Party pledges billions through DARPA, they control the government, to make sure AI is liberal.
So by liberal, cut your kid's penis off, their X and Y chromosomes don't exist.
From the beginning, they're making sure AI is completely mentally ill and insane.
So you're making that point.
Yeah, so AI is nothing more than a reflection of those who programmed it.
So, you know, one of the books that I wrote was about Facebook and how they were limiting people's posts.
Well, they were doing that with Um, actual, uh, censors, okay?
Actual human employees.
But, um, what they then did was they was then started using AI, and the AI can censor much more quickly than a human being can.
So, I think in that recent decision, uh, from that circuit court, they talked about the use of AI and the fact that, you know, you, you, it was some incredible multiple, like, 10 to 100 times more censorship could be done by the AI than could be done by human sensors.
But you know, as I said, AI is just a tool, so let's use it as a tool.
So let's talk to anybody who's using AI out there and let's ask it a couple questions.
Let's put AI on the case of whose cocaine was it in the White House, okay?
I'd like to have a detective AI!
Like, name the top five suspects that were probably in the White House library, okay?
By the way, it turns out it was not in the library.
It was within the Oval Office area, so they lied.
It was not in the public area, but you're absolutely right.
It's the questions you ask AI, but they're trying to act like you in-run AI as God, so we bow down to what it says.
Yeah, and all the AI that they would put together would be is their own way of ruling over us, but with a computer.
Who will make those decisions so much faster.
But it's like all those science fiction movies from the 70s, okay?
You know, where the computers are going to take over.
It's all based on the programmer.
And listen, I totally agree.
But if you pull back from this, the public's not being sold on it.
No, they aren't.
And that's what's the good news is that when these globalists actually come out of the shadows and present their programs, the common people are going, what?
You're nuts.
I'm never going to do it.
So what we argue in The Great Awakening is that people need to reestablish or strengthen that connection to God.
Because that will give them discernment.
They don't have to know the details of every single piece of corruption and conspiracy and how the system doesn't work.
You know, they're going to have opportunities in their own lives choosing to engage with these systems.
Or move away from them.
Like, Target is losing audience share.
Whoever thought that Disney movies, you know, the past, what was it, eight or nine films have lost nearly a billion dollars?
Okay, we are winning on so many fronts and it's because people are listening to their inner voice and they're saying, is this consistent with my idea of morality?
Well, he's hit the key.
They're trying to create an artificial surveillance social credit score conscience, but we already have one that God gave us.
We've got to tap into that.
That overrides them.
Kent Heckin-Lively, the new book, Amazon.com, The Great Reset, The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalist and Launching the Next Great Renaissance, The Great Awakening, Amazon.com.
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All right, folks.
I'm not sure if I'm going to come here tomorrow and do a Saturday special show.
We're working on some very important information.
But just be there tomorrow on InfoWars.com around noon or one o'clock if we go live, because there's a good chance we are.
Of course, I'll be back this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central with the Sunday show.
Jay Dyer with Jay's Analysis is set to take over here in a moment.
But before we end this, my tenure here, before I leave you, I remember Hogg, the gun control guy from Parkland, and CNN and PBS and ABC and all of them.
Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert.
They've all done bits about how crazy I am.
I mean, this guy is the dirtiest person you ever knew.
Alex Jones is his name.
He goes on air and he says that you should filter your water because it's full of toxins and chemicals that give you cancer and bend your gender.
And then he does something worse.
He sells a filter to you.
Like, you didn't catch that, did you?
But we're smart here at Stephen Colbert Show, or the Jimmy Fallon Show, or the, I mean, all the shows, all of them.
Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert, all of them have attacked me and said, this guy, Saturday Night Live has, and said, this guy claims there's stuff in the water that hurts you, and he says you should get a water filter.
And he says that because he wants to make money.
As if it wasn't 100% open and clear that we're on air funding an operation to tell the truth and then selling things you need.
It's like, did you hear about Alex Jones?
Yeah, up in Alaska with the gold rush 100 years ago when people showed up by ship to go mine gold in the mountains.
Do you know what they sold people going into sub-zero temperatures?
They sold them winter coats and wool and matches and pork bellies.
And gloves.
When you're in the Arctic, you sell people coats and gloves and matches and food.
And maps to where they're going.
But see, they're like, this Alex Jones is a scam, man.
He's telling you there's stuff in the water, and then he's telling you you can get this filter from him that cuts it out.
Well, yeah, I'm going to sell something to fund my operation.
I'm going to sell something you need.
It's like this guy owns a gun shop.
Let me tell you what a scammer he is.
He's selling ammunition.
Wow, what a filthy creature.
Like this guy has a car dealership and then at the next door he owns a convenience store and a gas station.
They tell you you're mentally ill and need Prozac that makes you commit suicide, makes you commit mass murder, but then they're good guys.
But me, I get up here and I say, almost all the water's full of deadly chemicals on purpose.
They're designed to bend your gender.
Here's how you fix it.
You drink filtered water, whether you're making iced tea or whatever it is, and then they get so upset.
We'll skip this break so Jay Dyer gets more time.
And the next one.
Skip them all.
But here's your precious CNN, the god of the left, the god of the left.
So I want my crew, I want Darren McBreen, who does a great job, go back and find Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert and all of them making fun of me for filtering water and Trevor Noah and just all of them.
You name it, they've done it.
Why'd they make fun of this?
Because we have the most toxic water in the world.
Europe decades ago banned all of these chemicals.
And they're hitting the American people in a chemical warfare operation and don't want you to know.
So I don't care where you get your water filtration system.
We sell the Alexa Pure that is the highest grade.
There's four other filters that are gravity fed that are just as good, on average are twice as much.
Go get the one that's twice as much.
Or get one at InfowarsTour.com.
Keep us on air so we can warn more people, get bigger, get stronger, and save people.
But the point is, Here's a CNN headline.
Nearly half of the tap water in the U.S.
is contaminated with forever chemicals government study finds that reduce fertility and cause cancer and liver damage and hormone suppression and even in EPA safe levels Creates sterility and hormonal dysfunction.
This is what they've done.
Like, I look pretty masculine, okay?
My grandfathers looked like gorillas compared to me.
And then we get weaker and weaker.
They are chemically attacking us, ladies and gentlemen.
They are literally sterilizing us with chemicals that block who we are.
If you're a woman, the chemicals mean you die of cancer early.
If you're a man, you're like this mutant creature that's given all these female hormones.
You're like, what am I?
Oh, I don't know, God.
Because your cells are not designed to live like this.
Go read this article about, I mean, just one of these chemicals in your utero makes, on
average, your penis three times smaller.
I mean, that's the point where, that's a birth defect.
But it's funny.
And then it's funny when I try to protect you.
It's like if I was like in a big city and I was selling bulletproof vests to the cops.
Like, what are you doing selling cops bulletproof vests?
A run of scam!
What are you doing selling steel-belted radials so the tire doesn't blow out?
What are you doing selling air conditioners in Alabama in the summer?
Yes, we're selling you things we need.
I need this.
I want my daughters and my son to be able to find people.
My children haven't taken the shots.
They've eaten pretty much organic food.
People go, what the hell's up with your kids?
They all look like ten times better than the other kids.
And I'm not perfect.
I've been through a lot.
I'm going to stop ranting and go to Jay Dyer.
I'm going to skip this break so you can take over.
But all I'm saying is you should go read this from CNN even, admitting that these chemicals are doing this to you and they know it.
And then we can add all the clips of them saying, Jones is insane.
Jones says, filter your water.
Nearly half of the tap water in the U.S.
is contaminated with forever chemicals, government study finds.
Almost half of the tap water in the U.S.
is contaminated with chemicals known as forever chemicals, according to a new study by the U.S.
Geological Survey.
The number of people drinking contaminated water may have been higher than what the study found.
However, because the researchers weren't able To test all of those per and polyfluoridated and alkaline substances for PFAS's chemicals and considered dangerous to human health.
There are more than 12,000 types of PFAS's according to the National Institute of Health.
But the study looked at only 32 of the compounds.
How to reduce P.A.F.s in your drinking water, according to reports.
P.A.F.s are a family of ubiquitous synthetic chemicals that linger in the environment and the human body.
exposure link problems like cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, decreased fertility, liver damage, hormone suppression, according to the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency.
And all the other governments in the world, including China, have banned these.
But they're legal here, because we're marked for death.
But David Hogg's like, Jones claims there's chemicals in the water that make frogs gay.
What's wrong with being gay?
Hey, David!
The frogs don't have babies and die!
That's what's wrong, Jack!
All right, get your water filters, highest quality, 10% off, InfoWarsTour.com.
Yeah, fund our operation, but wherever you get them, stop lying to yourself.
Stop being a chump.
When I go to a restaurant, I'll take Aquapona in a glass bottle, or one of the other ones that have been tested to be known.
Deep Earth, volcanic water, so good, so great, and then that's there.
And I know when I'm drinking iced tea, That I'm drinking tap water, but I'm an idiot.
I still drink vodka and stuff.
The point is, don't give your children anything but purified or mountain spring water because it's full of this and that's the reality.
Do what you want, but I've laid out the truth here, vindicated again.
The incredible Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, incredible author, incredible researcher, takes over now.
Jay Dyer.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
Glad to be here.
Today I want to talk about a few things tying all of this together at a higher metaphysical level.
So we've seen these situations of people sort of glitching out and freaking out on airplanes and it's almost as if society is getting more and more insane.
And it's more than just a physical chemical situation.
It's not just the drugs and all that.
That's getting really bad.
But there's something else going on.
And I think a lot of people are picking up on this.
I've been watching a lot of clips.
A lot of analyses in the last year about the paranormal, and I know a lot of that stuff is goofy and a lot of stuff is silly, but there's actually, there seems to be an increase in a lot of these manifestations, a lot of these bizarre phenomenon that are in many ways inexplainable.
That doesn't mean there's no explanation, it just means that it doesn't fit with the current paradigms and models that we have for how we understand what exists, what doesn't exist, what's real, what's not real.
And so one reason for that is that modern society is premised on the idea that really all that exists is physical matter, right?
So when you hear me talk about materialism, I'm not talking about a desire for more and more junk, but really the idea that the only thing that exists in the universe is physical, material, cellular, molecular, atomic matter.
That's it.
Nothing else exists.
Your mind is just a brain state.
It's just gray matter.
There's not actually a mind.
The mind and the brain are the same thing.
And so this worldview is, in many ways, an operating system, right?
There was a great conversation here on InfoWars yesterday.
And David O, the cheta ore, David O was getting into this and he was making a great point that we tend to have an operating system, a program that we see the world through.
And that will really limit and determine us in terms of what we believe exists or doesn't exist, depending on the operating system.
So, if we have a materialist operating system, then everything will be read in that way.
We'll think, oh, that only material things exist, pure matter.
So, anything that occurs has to have a naturalistic, materialistic explanation.
And really, this is a post-Enlightenment, post-Darwinian, post-Newtonian view.
We're part about this, though, is that modern physics in many ways, in many places, as well as other sciences, actually no longer follows or believes that older model.
So both Darwinism and Newtonianism have pretty much been discarded.
In modern physics, I'm not a physicist, I'm not trying to argue for one view per se, but I'm just pointing out that the dominant views kind of set the stage or the lens through which we read the world at that time.
And then when those views begin to crumble, society has a new perspective, they take on alternate views, whatever, and reality begins to be seen and read in a different way.
It's kind of like the way that we read a book.
Sometimes we read a book, maybe you read the Bible or you read a famous piece of literature, Lord of the Rings, I don't know, whatever, Dostoevsky.
You read it one time when you were younger and you read it now and it comes alive.
You see so much more there, right?
The Bible works this way where you read a lot more into the text than you did maybe when you were a teenager or whatever.
I was reading a book recently.
We did a book review of this Brave New World.
I read it 10 years ago, and I thought I had it all figured out.
I read it again recently, and I noticed all kinds of things I'd never seen before.
Of course, the world, I would say, kind of operates in that same way.
We read reality.
It's like a book that we read, and we decode it.
And the mind functions in a way to decode that reality, that information that comes in.
And like Alex and David Icke were discussing yesterday, Our minds are attuned, our senses are attuned to interpret one level of that reality, one dimension of that reality.
Or, I know it's three dimensions and then time, I know that, but I'm saying that one level of reality including those dimensions is how we see things.
But we know in mathematics, even mainline mathematicians and physicists point out that math shows there's higher dimensions.
People like Brian Green or Lisa Randall.
Lisa Randall has a book called Warped Passages, and in that book she talks about mathematics, things like quasicrystals that are made, that are used to make nonstick pans.
The mathematics and the geometry of those structures shows there's higher dimensions.
There's next level stuff going on.
So even math, even physics nowadays points to other dimensions, other realities.
And some people have theorized that As humans change their perception, we might actually be tapping into those dimensions, those higher realities, and we might actually be reading reality in a new way.
Now, I'm not saying that the mind causes everything to occur, or that everything is a projection of the mind.
That's kind of a Carl Jungian view, and maybe we could bring Jordan Peterson in, and he could talk about Carl Jung all day!
Carl, Carl, get Jung!
I'm just kidding, we're not going to bring Jordan Peterson in.
He has an insight there, which is that reality is seen like a book in the ancient and medieval world, right?
Peterson makes this, Dr. Peterson makes this point.
And I think there's something there because Carl Jung is right to say that, yeah, we do interpret the world and see the world through a pattern of archetypes.
And so there's patterns of archetypes that help us structure and interpret the world.
There is some connection possibly between the human mind and the human soul actually being perhaps The portals or the gateways, so to speak, to the spiritual world.
So a lot of people think of, like, are there higher dimensions and, you know, is CERN tapping into this and like that?
I mean, I don't know and I don't claim to know, but one thing that's interesting is that ancient religions, whether they're across the world, whatever they are, animism, polytheism, Christianity, all of these ancient religions and worldviews posit that the real gateway between the physical world and the spiritual world isn't some portal in, you know, out in outer space.
It's actually the human soul, the mind.
The human soul is the portal between this world and other worlds.
So, what I'm getting at is that it's very possible that there is a sense in which as humans change their worldview, as they shift away from the paradigm of materialism, Darwinism, Newtonianism, and into alternate views, alternate perspectives, They are, perhaps, even tapping into other dimensions, and they're beginning to read and decode reality in a new way, and in a different way, which does read, perhaps, higher dimensions, or spiritual things, spiritual phenomena.
I'm not saying Bigfoot's real.
I'm not saying Nessie and the Ogopogo are real.
I don't know, right?
I'm not saying that every stupid video or TikTok is actually a demonstration.
I don't know that.
And a lot of these things, obviously, are silly.
They're fake.
But a lot of things are occurring Right now, and they're getting more and more intense and more and more crazy, which are unexplainable or paranormal.
They're above the normal.
In the ancient medieval world, metaphysics was not the study of witchcraft or angels and demons per se.
Angels and demons and these kinds of things, that would be under the classification of metaphysics.
So, you know, now if you go into a Barnes and Noble or a bookstore or whatever, if you see metaphysics, it's like all witchcraft and alchemy and all that kind of stuff.
But really, metaphysics is just reality.
It's a study of reality.
And we all have different models of reality.
And what I'm getting at is just that our models, our paradigm, our system, our worldview, is the lens by which we interpret reality.
And if we, from the outset, don't conceive of certain things even being possible or even existing, Then we'll never consider the information or the evidence that might suggest those things.
For example, if you think about the way that people who don't question 9-11 or they don't question big-scale events or they don't know about false flags, they don't believe that there's even the possibility of a false flag.
Then their perception is limited in any information that you bring them, say, about evidence that 9-11 was a false flag or any other 7-7 was a false flag.
It won't even be within their purview.
It won't even make it into their circle of what's possible.
And this idea of the circle or the psyche or the consciousness as a circle which is contained is actually an ancient alchemical and sort of a secret society symbol which demonstrates control.
I recently did an interview with a long podcast with Dr. James Lindsay and a guy who was an intelligence consultant throughout the post 9-11 situation to the Pentagon on Islam.
His name is Stephen Coughlin.
He does a lot of philosophical analysis and he was looking at how worldviews work in this way and he noticed that if you look at the circle As a kind of magic circle, right?
And I don't mean literally a magic circle.
I just mean as an image of the psyche and how we view what's possible and what's not possible.
He says that the mainstream media, as an example, and mainstream education, they give you the circle with which you can work within, and that's it.
So any possible thing outside the circle isn't even considered a valid question.
And that's precisely the model for how the mainstream media has controlled the narrative.
You can only ask questions within the circle.
Everybody knows about the controlled two-party system that we've been dealing with for so long.
That's another easy example of this, right?
You want Coke or Pepsi.
Well, what about other options or other possibilities?
Those aren't even considered valid questions.
There's a great philosopher named Eric Vogelin who actually wrote about this.
His whole approach to modernity was that scientism and technocracy tell you what questions you're allowed to ask from the outset within that circle.
And so I'm saying the same way, you can take that and apply it to how we interpret and read reality.
You know, I often talk about religious concepts, spiritual concepts, Mystical concepts, these kinds of things and people think, well, that's impossible.
It doesn't exist because they're running on a program of naturalism.
They're not able to understand or see or consider the possibility that there are bigger explanations.
Maybe the natural, the physical world is just a piece of the picture, a piece of the puzzle.
Maybe there's a lot more going on, right?
And we've been locked into a box, which actually is in Brave New World, right?
This circle, this box, about you're given a specific prepackaged worldview by the entire system, whether it's mainstream education, mainstream media, pop culture, toxic, garbage, fake pop culture.
All of that is giving you a narrow, limited, prepackaged system view.
That will never allow you to ask or go beyond that box or that circle, right?
It's a very limiting thing and that's done by design.
In fact, a lot of stuff that you hear me talk about when I talk about philosophical topics, you might think, oh, that's a bunch of obscure nerd stuff.
Nobody cares about your philosophy.
That's, it's irrelevant to my daily life.
Do you know the top psychological warfare experts, the Tavistock social engineers, the top Engineer, trainer, control people, the controllers in the Brave New World lingo.
You know what they study and have studied for many years?
Worldview warfare.
The manipulation of perception.
I think it's in it.
Kissinger has something like the quote, something like, It doesn't matter what's true, what matters is people's perception of the events.
So managing and controlling perception is everything to the system.
That's why they study worldviews, philosophies, ancient philosophies, to give you your own self-image, your own self-story that you have of yourself, your origin, your narrative.
Changing Images of Man, really famous global elite text.
It's a white paper from Stanford.
Stanford Research, SRI, the same entity that studied remote viewing and occultism, Satanism for the CIA, SRI, all true, all real.
Man Who Stare at Goats, studying all these esoteric New Age practices.
First Earth Battalion, that's all real stuff.
Who was doing that?
Stanford Research, high-level academia, social controls, social engineering, all working with Tavistock.
SRI and all of that is the American version of the UK Tavistock.
And they're interested in creating your perception and worldview and controlling it, limiting it so that you can be controlled.
That's where all the tech censorship comes in because the part of the tech and all of the screen living that we do is to make sure you're in a feedback loop.
What's a loop?
It's the same circle.
It's the circular economy that you can never get out of because it's a trap.
Remember the ancient Hindu symbol of the wheel?
You can't escape this reincarnation wheel.
That's the wheel of time and space that's supposed to entrap you from these people's perspective.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about the metaphysical, the mysterious, the unknown, and worldviews, and how our worldviews give us the lenses by which we interpret the world.
Are they live glasses?
So, I was thinking about the experience that many people are having of increasing experiences with the demonic, right?
More and more phenomena, people saying that they're seeing people, you know, change in appearance, they're seeing weird glitches, manifestations, and my theorizing is that this could be as a result of people We've moved away from the paradigm of materialism and physicalism and into situations where we're considering the possibility of alternate realities, alternate dimensions.
I don't really believe that there's multiverse.
I think there are higher and lower dimensions and so sometimes people might be mistaking that for a multiverse.
But regardless, this makes sense in the paradigm that is open-minded, that is open to understanding the possibility there being higher and lower dimensions, that there's other spiritual realities beyond just the physical plane.
And a lot of people that, for example, are engaging in excessive drug use.
There's this phenomenon of people who, many of them, not just a few, but many, many people are doing excessive amounts of Benadryl.
A lot of teenagers, young people, which I think is ridiculous.
I would never recommend anybody do this, but they're having these experiences of seeing the same entity, the hat man, which I think is probably something obviously demonic.
A lot of people who have done intense LSD doses and so forth, even groups of people, they'll have a common experience of seeing the same hallucination or manifestation.
And again, to cite Dr. Jordan Peterson, in his courses, his lectures, he actually talks about this as well.
He talks about how would we have the same hallucination, right, going on between people that are in a group taking a drug.
I have friends who have had this experience and they've talked about it.
Well, that suggests more than the phenomenon or the entity being purely chemical reactions in the brain.
They might be chemical reactions in the brain, but they also might be tapping into higher realities, lower realities, other dimensions, hell dimensions, hell world, hellscape.
I don't know, but I'm saying that that's very possible.
And a lot of people's stories overlap and have commonalities.
Likewise, for example, Dr. Peterson cites the work of the famous comparative religion scholar, Marquis Eliade, and Eliade had analysis of the commonalities among shamanic traditions.
So it doesn't matter where you are in the world, whether you're in Mongolia or South America or wherever, The shamanic experience, I'm not saying be a shaman, I'm just saying that the patterns of the shamanic experience are the same.
They have the same structures and cycles.
For example, the shaman does something to cause the altered state of consciousness.
He goes into the spiritual realm.
He is then dismembered by the gods, the deities, whatever.
Uh, he might be consumed or, uh, destroyed and then he is put back together.
He is reassembled.
And then the, the shaman comes back from the trip, uh, and he's now enlightened or he's at his third eye or whatever, however you want to, he has a, uh, uh, a spirit guide.
Now this occurs in a consistent, a consistent pattern across the world.
Why would that be?
If, for example, all of these religious systems were completely human constructs.
The modern post-Darwinian Enlightenment account of religions gradually begins to say, well, they're all just sort of social constructs, right?
We're all just making this up as we go.
It doesn't really have any ancient medieval connection or no truth really behind it.
These are just human creations, right?
Like LARPing fan fiction for the social order or something.
But why on how would it be possible that even amongst the polytheists, the shamans, the animists, the shamanic figure, that archetype, why would they have the exact same ritual experience across the world?
And it can't just be because they have some common root, because after several generations, there would be no connection between these people.
They wouldn't know about a common root.
Well, another possibility, which even Aldous Huxley hits on, In the Doors of Perception, which we covered here in the fourth hour a couple months ago, Aldous Huxley, who's himself a big proponent of doing all these things, right, he sees this as tapping into other realities, other spiritual worlds, other mental worlds.
He doesn't know how to explain it, but he admits that that's where the data seems to go, you see.
And I'm saying that comparative religion says the same types of things When it comes to explaining these phenomena.
I'm not saying that every world religion and every claim of superstition is true, but I'm saying that you can have true and false in a system, right, in a worldview.
So, if we find commonalities amongst all the world religions when it comes to the demonic, when it comes to these manifestations, then perhaps religion has something to say philosophically about what those things are, what those manifestations are.
And why is it, for example, that we see a lot more demonic possession, or these manifestations, in societies that are considered primitive, or third world, or whatever?
A lot more superstition, so-called?
Well, they have a paradigm, a worldview, where they see things in a religious context.
Everything is alive, everything is part of the divine spirit, right?
I'm speaking of animistic religions, right?
So, for them, their reality, their worldview is structured in that way.
They have a different set of glasses that they read the world through.
And so, it's not surprising that we would see more and more manifestations of these kinds of things in those cultures.
Because they see that as fundamental to reality.
In modern Western materialist society, we may not have seen a lot of that before because we read reality in a different way.
And so we limited the possibilities of what does and doesn't exist, good and evil, right?
Now, I'm saying that's its own kind of delusion, right?
If you read Screwtape Letters, for example, the great book where the demon Screwtape is messing with a guy and trying to convince him of different things like atheism.
And atheism is a very powerful demonic presence and spirit in sort of the C.S.
Lewis theology there, spirituality, because it lulls man into a kind of a delusion that he's got it all figured out, he's got a grand narrative.
But then sometimes reality breaks in, especially crises.
When we have a lot of abundance and luxury and we have really decadent societies, When atheism sets in, usually that leads to the collapse of that society.
Even historians and philosophers of history, like Spengler, right?
Spengler has noted the cycle of civilizations and then when they kind of get to this atheist phase, this is where they start to have the collapse, the breakdown.
Because there's no longer meaning.
Meaning breaks down.
When meaning breaks down, society breaks down.
And again, Tavistock studied Spengler, keep that in mind.
Now Spengler wasn't being nefarious, he was just kind of a weird eccentric historian, philosopher of history.
But Tavistock studied Spengler to weaponize his philosophy and his system, to figure out how could we actually collapse the existing system to bring in our new system.
And what I'm getting at is that part of the reason that we're seeing more and more of these weird manifestations, things being so crazy and so psychotic, is that we're literally sort of seeing the next level of reality, the next dimension, where the demonic is, kind of like stepping over into our, the veil is thinning.
Alex said that yesterday, right?
That's what I think is going on, partly because of the Openness the human beings have to more and more spiritual realities and possibilities which are manifesting oftentimes in a demonic way I think a lot of these manifestations of what people are saying there It's it's evil, but it's not all that there are good spirits good forces as well.
There's a good God So just as much as there are these evil manifestations there will also be good, but as society gets more and more wicked and corrupt I think we're going to see more and more evil manifestations, more wicked manifestations, more bizarre, strange, and so forth.
It's only going to get crazier and weirder from here on out.
A lot of that has to do, again, with not just having an alternative perspective or being open to new things, but actually having a good perspective, actually having a good worldview.
Not any old worldview, but a solid, coherent, meaningful worldview.
And It might not seem related to this, but I was thinking about the collapse in France and all the riots and all that.
And there was a 2008 UK Ministry of Defense document paper.
Alex has covered it for many years.
And it was, I think it was, I think it was 2008.
I think it's in the Guardian or the Telegraph.
And it's talking about how the future, what we would see in the next several years, the future will be a society of chaos, mobs, collapse, et cetera.
The rise of another type of Marxism, it says, which I think is what we have with all the woke social justice.
So basically that 2008 Administrative Defense Document predicted everything that's happening right now.
And the mobs and the riots and the chaos is also part of that dialectic, part of that system.
A lot of people out there are literally becoming like NPCs, sort of zombie controlled bot people, right?
They're becoming more and more like that.
And they're part of that circle of, like, the defined, controlled system.
And so they're set against a faux opponent, right, of, you know, evil crackers and honky people.
Like, the white people are the bad people that, you know, they have to destroy to have their freedom, to have their liberty or whatever.
And they really believe this because they've been programmed with this narrative.
So they read reality in this way, with this weird worldview where they're completely programmed, it's an operating system, And, you know, they see the demonic or the evil as people who are heterosexual Christian people, right?
That's the worst person in the world to them, because they're given a program with an evil paradigm, an evil worldview.
But these worldviews always have to have some notion of good and evil, of the good and what's not the good, right?
So it's amazing that you can Tool an engineer and create worldviews so easily and export them and put them in people's minds like a program.
And I don't want to overuse that analogy because I don't think we're just computers, but it's a great analogy, right?
We run on various programs.
And if your programming is a materialist, naturalist worldview, or if your programming is the social justice worldview, that's why everything operates more like a cult.
Everybody's worldview actually is some kind of a religious worldview, even if they're irreligious.
Scientism and irreligious worldviews are actually a religious commitment.
Because they're grounded on, they're founded on things that are not fundamentally, openly religious, but are faith-based.
For example, the scientific method can't prove the scientific method.
Scientific method can't prove the law of induction, principle of uniformitarianism in nature.
Scientific method can't prove the past.
I mean, there's all kinds of metaphysical things.
That the scientific method can't prove, which shows that it's limited.
But if it's exalted to be the be-all end-all of what exists and what doesn't exist, if it's taken out of its proper context, now it becomes like a religious thing.
It's like a sort of pseudo-god.
And now the priest class of the pop, quote, science people.
What did Fauci say?
I am the science.
Put your mask on.
Take it off.
It works, but it doesn't work, but also it works.
Because I'm the science!
It's acting like a religion.
Trust the science.
So we all have these operating systems.
And the question is, who has The better or worse operating system, right?
I mean, nobody's going to be perfect.
So, but we always want to try to aim for the one that's the best, that's the truest, that makes the most sense, that's attuned to the good, right?
This is what Plato talked about.
And I was, you know, listening to yesterday's show.
And David, I was talking about this idea of, you know, that we only hone in on like a certain Uh, bandwidth of the light spectrum, right?
And that that's the limited amount of what we can see.
I think that's right.
I think there's an insight there because what that means is that there's all kinds of things going on in higher dimensions, other realities and so forth that we don't really understand or know about.
But just because we don't understand or know about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Doesn't mean that it doesn't relate to our reality.
Just because I can't classify and scientifically explain all of the archetypes doesn't mean that there aren't Comparative religious archetypes that are obviously, in some sense, real.
So just because you can't explain something or exhaustively define it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.
That would be a fallacy.
But he makes this point that, well, we only see a little bit of the color spectrum, so we don't really know what's going on beyond that.
Things are really wild and complex, right, in these higher dimensions or spiritual worlds or whatever.
I think that's true, and believe it or not, there's a Platonic dialogue called the Fayeto, and there's this weird thing.
I bring this up because the day before David Icke did his discussion yesterday, I was having a conversation with a professor, and this is a professor who did his focus work on Plato and Plato's works, and I said, well, you know, I defer to you.
You're a professor.
I've always wondered what's going on in Plato's Fayado because there's this, you know, classic famous dialogue and then at the end Socrates kind of goes off into this weird discussion of higher dimensions and realities that we don't know or understand in those higher dimensions and even talks about colors that we've never seen.
He says there are colors that exist outside of our color spectrum.
How would Socrates know that?
I mean, we're talking about, you know, 2,500 years ago in Greece.
Isn't that wild?
So, then there's other things, too, in Plato's Timaeus, which is his mythology of the origin of the universe.
There's discussions of the fundamental structures of reality being geometric, the platonic solids.
How would Plato know that?
That reality, you get really small into your microscope and down to the subatomic or whatever, you start to see geometric forms.
This is one of the things that Wolfgang Pauli argues.
He says that when you get down to this quantum level, whatever that is, whatever's going on there, it has structure and form.
And it wouldn't be that way if it was all pure chaos, you see.
If there was no order or telos or purpose or design in the world.
So, not only is reality designed, it's highly designed and structured such that everything is meaningful.
Every interaction is providential, is a synchronicity, so to speak.
To use the Jungian and whatnot terminology, mystical terminology, it's the same idea of what providence is, right?
And so, The reason I say all that is that, okay, so we've got the elitist worldview, which has been this sort of Darwinian materialist view that they've programmed everybody to have from the top of the Royal Society all the way down for the last several centuries.
And now what's happening is that people are moving into all kinds of other worldviews, but a lot of sort of, you know, weird esoteric stuff, witchcraft, new agey stuff.
And this is, Both good and bad.
I mean, it's good in the sense that people are moving away from the materials paradigm, but it's bad in the sense that people are now moving into something that might be even worse from the vantage point of what might manifest the craziness, the chaos, right?
So if we revert to kind of a brutalism and a paganism, society loses its ordering structure, its logo structure.
Logos means reason.
In the Bible, Jesus is called the Logos in John 1 because he's the personification of the divine.
He is the manifestation of the divine reason.
And so, John, in the Gospel of John, is utilizing that archetype, that pattern from Greek philosophy and saying that what the Greeks are searching for and grasping for, it's really in this person of the Logos, this divine person.
And so, That is an ordering structure, a principle, right?
It gives the religion, the society, the structure, this kind of patriarchal model.
And the archetype of the patriarch, of the logos, it is order, it is structure, it is the father figure, right, who orders his house.
And so if you think of society organized like a household, or even like a man, like Plato says, right, there's got to be The reasoning faculty kind of governing things.
I don't agree with everything Plato says in the Republic, but that's one thing he says that I think is true.
And one of the reasons that we've had this archetypal worldview warfare going on for so long against the patriarchy Is so that society can be changed.
In fact, some of these new age-y esoteric authors, the people like Marilyn Ferguson and the SRI people and Friedolf Koppra, they actually talk about the need to destroy the archetype of a strong man or the patriarch or the father figure.
And they understand that culture is this kind of memetic archetypal warfare.
Meme magic type stuff or whatever, right?
And that's Symbolism in cartoons, symbolism in commercials, symbolism in movies and TV shows, all of that is part of this Weltanschauungskrieg, this worldview warfare of attacking and going after archetypes.
The father archetype was very crucial to be destroyed.
And this happened, it's been in the process of going after this notion for a long time.
It's not just Third wave feminism.
This goes back to even in the French Revolution, you had a lot of weirdos who were saying that to have a revolution in society, we'd have to destroy the distinction between male and female because ordered societies typically have a logos patriarchal principle.
You have to destroy that as well as destroying the mother archetype.
To completely destroy and reorganize society.
And that is a weapon and it is done intentionally and they study this.
This is what I'm trying to tell you.
Military experts.
Warfare experts.
Psychological warfare experts.
They study worldview warfare.
Because as we all know, what did Sun Tzu say, right?
Basically that if you really want to win the war, it's winning the mind.
It's not actually the battlefield.
The battlefield is secondary to the mind war.
The mind war is, from the vantage point of the Lee, what Kissinger said.
It was controlled perception.
It doesn't matter what the event is, controlled perception of the event.
That's all that matters.
Controlling perception of everything in the circle, the magic circle of the controllers.
And while it's true that you can step out of that circle and you can start to get into other models of reality, just because you step out of the circle doesn't mean it's necessarily good.
You might step into something bad or worse, right?
So maybe, oh, I'm going to be into witchcraft now.
Ooh, you know, I'm a millennial.
I'm a witch now.
Because, you know, science is faking gay or something.
I don't know what the reason is, but that's not any better is what I would say.
All of these systems are predicated on lies, deception, programming, and basically anything that fits into the technocratic global paradigm.
Any religions that don't fit that either are discarded or worldviews.
Or have to be modified.
That's why the world religion that they're really pushing and trying to bring forth and manifest, that world religion has to get rid of or change or cut off anything in the other religions that's not amenable to technocracy.
So really the world religion that they're trying to create and push, the fake one, it's just a tool of the technocratic elite.
I was reading A book that I recommend is really good on this stuff.
And now you might think, well, this is dated.
It's 1979.
Why would I want to read a book from 1979?
Well, you've heard, I'm sure, Alex talk about books by Gary Allen and all these kind of classics.
Well, there's another one of these that a lot of people have overlooked, which is from Professor Anthony Sutton that he wrote with the technocrat expert Patrick Wood.
It's called Trilaterals Over Washington by Patrick Wood and Professor Sutton.
And the reason this is good is that Everything that we see, for example, the Trilateral Commission in 1979 planning, has come to pass.
And why would we care?
So if we look back to these global institutions and what they said they wanted to do by where we are now, if that has come to pass, then doesn't it stand to reason that the same global institutions are probably telling us now what they're going to do in the next 10-20 years.
It's the same people at WEF, Davo, same people that go to Bilderberg, same people that go to the Trilateral Commission, it's all the same people.
So these are just names for steering committees which are made up of people.
The people are who matter and the people are the ones that go to all the same groups.
Now probably a lot of the 1979 Trilateral Commission people have passed away.
David Rockefeller obviously was a big player there.
Well he's no longer with us.
George Soros, these kinds of people.
But it's not just George Soros that sort of begins this.
That's what Daniel Esselstyn was saying in a great interview that Alex did this week, right?
It's not, it doesn't begin with George Soros.
No, this is an old plan of tearing down borders, tearing down economic tariffs and all of that to have totally open free trade that then puts in place the global system.
And Sutton and Wood note that, for example, might think, oh, China is the enemy.
China is the enemy.
I mean, it's an intentionally created dialectical foil.
That's the point.
He says, they were writing this in 1979 about the rise of China.
The policy of the normalization of relations with communist China.
Remember, America is supposed to be this capitalist country, right?
This capitalist nation versus the communists, the Soviets.
This was implemented as a program to build up China technologically into a superpower.
It was done by Zbigniew Brzezinski under David Rockefeller.
And as the 1978 Anthony Sutton Trilateral Report said, it was implemented as Z-Big's baby more than anyone else.
Z-Big did 99% of the work for Rockefeller in terms of China.
And why do I say that?
Because that's a circle, that's a magic circle that everybody was supposed to, well you choose America or China.
The global elites They're the ones that are above American China.
They're the ones that promoted China.
And so the chaos that we see, right, this collapsing in France, all that chaos, all that craziness, all these manifestations of madness that we're seeing are only going to increase, it's only going to get crazier, and you need to support Alex at the Infowar.
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