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Name: 20230705_Wed_Alex
Air Date: July 5, 2023
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This passage discusses various conspiracy theories and viewpoints. The speaker claims that Ukraine accuses Russia of planning a nuclear explosion at their plant next week. Moscow denies these allegations and increases international scrutiny on the issue. Zelensky demands access for Ukraine into NATO. Meanwhile, over 180,000 troops have been deployed by Russia to two major eastern battlefronts. The passage also promotes sales at InfoWars store, discussing concerns about AI manipulation in voting software and advocating for protective controls against potential fraudulent activities. Alex Jones encourages listeners to support InfoWars through donations or purchasing merchandise."

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None of what you see today is going to be here very soon.
The globals, in their own words, are going to destroy it all.
And us in the process.
And so whether you like it or not, they're going to put you incrementally into crises and offer you solutions to get out of the crisis that don't get you out of the crisis, that get you deeper into bondage until you're totally chained down.
And then they're going to have their way with us.
And I mean that as a metaphor, but also quite literally.
So if you think the hell we've been through the last three years is anything, ladies and gentlemen, that is nothing compared to what we're going to go through now.
So you can sit there and play games with yourself all day and deny that, or you can decide to fight back.
Or you can join the enemy.
I know a lot of you decided to go ahead and join the enemy.
You've now discovered it's real and you've decided to join the enemy.
See how that works out for you.
That is the The second worst move, the worst move is living in denial.
Because you were hot nor cold, so I spit you out of my mouth.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's News.
He came to this conclusion based on current events that haven't happened since the 1930s.
The largest amounts of debt and inflation The biggest gaps in wealth and values resulting in the rise of populism on both the left and the right against the elites.
And the greatest international conflict between world powers.
Most importantly, between the US and China.
Peter Ange writes that the easy way out of this mess would be for the elite to proactively shrink in scope, get government out of the economy, out of social engineering, and out of propagandizing kids.
But of course, this won't happen.
Common sense and simple observation will tell you that the so-called elites will continue on their path towards economic destruction and world war.
Which is likely what the international bankers had planned all along.
Let us not forget that the fast-growing BRICS monetary system was born in 2001 out of Goldman Sachs.
In 1971, President Nixon officially ended the gold standard and replaced it with the petrodollar, in which OPEC agreed to price their oil in U.S.
dollars in exchange for U.S.
military protection.
This blood-money deal preserved U.S.
control over the world economy.
But when the U.S.
weaponized the swift payment system against Russia, BRICS became the only viable solution for the rest of the world.
Reuters in New Delhi reported that last May, the State Bank of India rejected Indian Oil Corp.' 's planned payment in U.S.
dollars for Russian oil.
And so they went to a private bank and settled their trade for Russian oil by paying in Yuan to the Bank of China and have continued to do so since.
A shortage of U.S.
dollars in Argentina has caused commercial banks to allow the Chinese Yuan as a form of currency in savings and checkings accounts.
Argentina has already been issuing securities in the Chinese Yuan and has made a $2.7 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund using the Chinese BRICS currency.
The Federal Reserve Bank's FedNow is scheduled for launch by the end of July.
FedNow is officially an update to the Federal Reserve's payment processing and settlement system And appears to be a backdoor to creating a central bank digital currency.
Private blockchain operator Tassat has partnered with the Federal Reserve's new payment system and will serve as an interface for FedNow.
FedNow will also connect with Metal Blockchain, whose CEO and founder claims will allow banks to prepare for an eventual central bank digital currency, along with bank-issued stablecoins.
The idea of a central bank digital currency is already hugely unpopular with the majority of Americans.
But according to Dale Hauser, it is being set up to destroy alternative blockchain solutions, such as Ripple and Stellar.
And if the powers that be are successful in destroying the US economy, then the only other option to accepting a CBDC would be some sort of revolution.
Which would be nearly impossible, seeing as how divided the populist movement is within the left-right paradigm.
Last week in China, the World Economic Forum proclaimed that the entire world needs to switch to a central bank digital currency, with expiry dates and restrictions on undesirable purchases.
They proposed using artificial intelligence to censor hate speech and disinformation on the internet, and using artificial intelligence to control a global social credit system that will involve wearable devices with sensors to monitor everyone's actions.
If we, the people, fail to unite against the powers that be, then their solution will most certainly be world war, depopulation, and total control.
And this is all happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright folks, we're live.
It's Wednesday, July 5th, 2023.
And I play this Greg Reese Report because this is what we're going to be covering when we come back.
Major developments on this front.
The Islamic riots have spread across Europe and prominent citizens that speak out against it are being arrested by
the globalist government because it's all part of a larger destabilization plan.
When you import military-age men and the prisoners from third world countries, you become Mad Max.
*outro* You become hell.
Europe fought off more than a hundred Islamic invasions, but now traitors in control have opened the gates.
The Fall of Europe.
We'll be covering all of this here today.
And there's a lot of other big red meat topics that are really interesting we could talk about for hours that I'm not going to spend much time on because they're really diversions.
Like a big bag of cocaine found at the White House over the weekend.
The scanners picked up that they found a possible hazardous material.
And the story itself, that Hunter Biden was there and it's probably his cocaine that he's above the law, isn't a new story.
If you just go one dimensionally, it's not that important.
It's all part of the humiliation of America with Pete O'Joe and his crackhead Chinese communist agent son.
But the fact that the Secret Service called a hazmat crew when they've got their own hazmat team and let it go out over the scanners was really a call for help.
And we've seen a lot of leaks out of the Secret Service on Biden because they think they're right.
He's extremely dangerous.
And the people controlling him are extremely dangerous.
But the fact that they called in the local hazmat team saying, oh, gee, we don't know what this bag of drugs is.
Undoubtedly, with hunters, crack pipes and the rest of it, he's been staying at the White House as of late and accompanying his father almost every weekend to Camp David.
You see him shuffling, obviously drugged out of his mind with a red backpack on.
What do you think's in that?
The border's completely collapsed.
Giant human trafficking.
We're at war with Russia.
We have psychotic inbred pedophile lunatics running the country.
It's incredible.
So I say, oh I'm not going to spend much time on that red meat story.
Now that's a huge story by what it tells you.
That the Secret Service put out on the radio hazardous material found and then called the local hazmat team To come deal with it and say, gee, what's this?
Because they're fed up.
We're not going to cover up a big bag of cocaine and crack pipes that are on us.
And of course, they're doing a sweep and they find it.
Oh, gee, what's this?
Is it anthrax?
We better look.
We better call in another agency that doesn't even know what's going on.
Because I guarantee you if the Secret Service called that in themselves and made a federal issue, those agents would be found dead in car wrecks or murder-suicides of their families within days.
But the tyranny and the intimidation can only last so long.
So I said, that's a meaty issue.
But if we just cover those entertaining articles, we'll never save the country and the world.
But if we pull back and have deeper understanding, even a distractionary story like this becomes extremely informative.
And I want to be clear.
The corporate media is not covering the cocaine.
They're not covering why it's so important.
So we know that.
It's just a heaping on of the disgrace.
But when you see the larger picture, it's very informative and very What's the proper word?
Very encouraging.
You know, we were told by the Secret Service, because they're so worried about it, two years ago that when Biden gets mad, like many dementia people, and he also is on cocaine and injectable methamphetamine, Biden, not just his son, what do you think Hunter learned it from daddy?
What do you think he learned?
All the pedo stuff.
These are maniacs.
Literal drug addict pedophile maniacs.
With the nuclear launch codes.
And I was told that he poops his pants.
And then I was talking to some senior NYPD people, I'll just leave it at that.
And I asked them if they'd heard this.
And they said, yeah, you know, he was just in last year.
He was just in New York for 9-11.
You notice he changed clothes twice.
And they had to change his schedule repeatedly and it's because he would get mad.
And when he gets mad, he poops his pants.
I had a loved one who I really loved.
He was one of the smartest people I ever knew.
But once he had strokes and heart attacks, his mind was gone.
If he got mad, he'd do the same thing.
Difference is, he was not in control of the nuclear launch codes.
So Biden is one step away from finger painting in his own feces on the walls.
So, I've covered that topic now, and it was the Gateway Pundit that first picked up the scanner information and confirmed it was true.
Now, mainstream news just admits, okay, cocaine was found, move along, no big deal.
So when the head of the Gateway Pundit joins us in the third hour, we'll talk about this, all the election fraud proof they've compiled, what he thinks is about to happen with Jim Hoft in the 2024 election that could well be this nation's last.
It's all coming up today, ladies and gentlemen.
And I will also open the phones up in the second hour.
Now, that said, let me just move on now.
I just spent six, seven minutes on that story to something much bigger and really important and also good news, encouraging.
Major Federal Court High-Level Federal Judge Rules Biden Regime Likely Violated First Amendment By Coordinating With Big Tech To Censor Americans Said It Was Illegal And Ordered Biden To Stop And Here's Politico Judge Limits Biden Administration's Contact With Social Media Firms They Were Coordinating With The CIA And Justice Department Who To Censor And How To Censor On Hundreds Of Major Issues In Some Cases Over 50 Million Posts Were Removed On Facebook Alone At The Direction Of The CIA through the by the administration, so that's the CIA surveilling you What you say and what you do?
That's what's really illegal to then censor you in a coordinated action with private companies totally illegal And I notice Elon Musk who I'm not saying is perfect, but I'll defend him when it's reality based There's all these headlines.
Elon Musk explains bizarre Twitter view cap rule and then tells viewers and users to go outside and be on your computer less.
Wow, another good thing he says.
And, well, you need to have users that aren't committing suicide.
I mean, you need to be outside.
It's a proven fact.
But they say, well, why is he censoring?
No, he's not.
Almost no one views 600 tweets a day.
Less than 1%.
Most of it is bots, and they're using those bots over at the NSA, the CIA, and these private think tanks to correlate and track and then direct sensors still inside Twitter that Elon's not been able to get rid of, because they had so many of their operatives inside, including CIA and other individuals.
So that's what's going on there.
That is a big, big deal.
So you have the hearings last few months, all confirmed, the documents, the government illegally with the Pentagon, the CIA, all of them, surveilling you and censoring you.
Kind of a big deal.
We'll drill more into that.
So see, that's just two of the stories here.
They all go on and get more insane.
Look at this quote by Zelensky over in the madhouse that's Ukraine.
Ukraine preparing for nuclear explosion as Russia reduces nuclear plant presence.
With no proof, they say Russia's about to launch a false flag nuclear meltdown and calls for NATO to invade immediately.
Kind of like when Zelensky fired those missiles into Poland earlier this year and said that the Russians did it.
Of course, by the grace of God, the Poles were able to shoot down the missiles, so they didn't detonate, and they got the tail numbers off, they were Ukrainian, and then the telemetry showed they were fired directly on the border of Poland from Ukraine on purpose.
On purpose.
That's how crazy Zelensky is.
He shoots missiles at Poland, and even when the tail numbers are both found, because the Poles shot both missiles down, They still blame the Russians.
Complete psychotic lunatic.
Also a cocaine head.
Also a pervert.
All right.
We'll come back, ladies and gentlemen, with the biggest news and so much more today.
Banned on video.
Stay with us.
All right.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I was thinking last night about launching a movement Then I wanted to search engine it, because anything you think of has already been done.
I never did it.
Calling it the July 5th Movement.
Meaning, what are you going to do the day after you declare independence against tyranny?
Because then that means the real fight has just begun.
And how do we define that?
How do we pledge to do that?
That's really what this whole broadcast is about.
It's about July 4th and 1776 worldwide.
But what do you do when you go beyond the Declaration and have to actually put your shoulder to the wheel?
Now, I became aware of this, large pieces of this years ago, decades ago, but I had not read a whole bunch of different WEF slash UN reports.
One of them just came out last month, another's a couple years old.
I scanned over last night and this morning, six or seven of these reports.
And I've got in my hands, right here, they're about three and a half inches thick, two of the reports and news articles about the reports.
And let me just tell you something.
They sent chills up my spine.
Now, we're not always able to do this, but more and more we are, thanks to you, the activist viewers and listeners that really spread the word.
But whether it's the SPARS document, or Event 21, or Operation Lockstep, and so many others, we've really been able to get all the other researchers to look into it, and then once that happens, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
covers it, Tucker Carlson covers it, Joe Rogan covers it, and then it becomes mainstream, and then we win.
Like the ESGs, we're talking about ESGs five years ago, now they're the biggest thing out there, and ESGs are in big trouble.
Which is the key to the globalist social credit score.
So when I say this is important, it's beyond important.
And I'm going to shoot some special reports on this in the coming days.
I'm going to try to do a whole PowerPoint on it.
I'm going to have to read several more of these reports because it indexes over to those.
But let me tell you that when you see headlines, because people are now reporting on this, That the W.E.F.
says fashion will be abolished by 2030.
Quote, humans will all wear a uniform.
These are real quotes from the U.N.
and the W.E.F.
Remember back in 2016?
Welcome to 2030.
I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life has never been better.
Now look how far they've brought us towards that just in the last Six and a half, seven years.
So, here are some of the reports.
The Future of Urban Consumption, a 1.5 Celsius World, C40 Cities, Headline Report.
And this has been adopted as gospel by the UN, the WEF.
Then you read this report.
This is even more important.
The Global Risk Report, 2023, 18th edition, Insight Report.
Now, this is all what BlackRock and the big banks are doing to destroy civilization and collapse things.
And then the whole time they're doing that, they're telling you it's because the temperature has gone up 1.5 Celsius.
The virus hit you because it's hot, not because they made it in a lab.
The third world's collapsing, not because they locked them down for three years and shipped them here.
But because of global warming.
And you're not going to have fuel for your car because of global warming.
And you're not going to be able to own a home because of global warming.
Not because the big mega banks are raping you for social control.
And they admit this is going to cause major unrest, but they say it's going to bring in their Marxist-Leninist utopia with a universal basic income.
And it's all right here in the UN report And the WEF report.
And then of course we've got all the background with the old dinosaur media coming in behind it going, oh no, no, no one's gonna make you live in a 200 square foot apartment.
Nobody's gonna make you eat bugs.
It's just that's all that's gonna be available to you.
No one's gonna make you.
You can, you can live on the side of the street, we guess.
UNWEF agenda won't force people to live in smart cities, says Associated Press.
And the Easter money's real too, right?
And nobody, you know, all we want is gay marriage.
Nobody's coming after your kids.
Remember Phil Donahue back in the 90s?
He had some real reasonable gay couple on there saying all we want to do is just not be attacked.
Nobody was attacking them.
And then all we want to do is be able to be married.
And now all we want is to have sexual access to your three-year-old.
And we want to cut their genitals off.
But that's really the mad scientists of the New World Order that want all that.
So I'm going to cover this.
Coming up in the last segment of this hour more, but I'm going to go through it because you cannot do this justice.
You got to go read the graphs.
You got to go read what they say is going to happen because of global warming.
And every one of the things they say that's going to happen is what they themselves are doing.
It's spectacularly horrible.
And so just like I told you 12 years ago, Operation Lockstep was a battle plan.
They were going to do it.
That's how you see videos where I say they'll release a virus and have lockdowns and make you wear a mask and shut down the football games and then bring in a world ID and that'll be the beta test and later they'll do a bigger bio attack.
And people say, how the hell does he know this?
This guy's one of them.
Well, I mean, yeah, I read what they said.
I mean, I guess I am one of them.
I mean, yeah, but against them.
I mean, if you've got the enemy's playbook, you're inside the enemy's mind.
That's where you want to be to defeat them.
Yeah, I want to be in their command base, psychologically, spiritually, economically, culturally, so I can stop them.
And that's what we're doing, is exposing their command and control system, and they're so arrogant, they think you're a dumb animal.
They think you can't figure this out.
And you know what?
Maybe they're right.
But not all of us are dumb animals, and not all of us are going to join them, and the children do not deserve this.
But I am ashamed of the average, well-to-do, middle-class man.
And they come in brown, black, white, you name it, and they're all too busy making sure their sports car looks just right, and that they got the best pair of golf clubs, and they're going to the best vacations, and they're getting as much sex as they can, and eating at the best restaurants, and that other men think they're powerful.
While we're losing our entire culture and civilization, because the average man's too busy acting tough.
And I'll say this, I've liked some of Ice Cube's music, never really followed him, saw him in movies, never really seen him talk much.
I watched the whole Joe Rogan podcast with him last week.
I finally watched it in several parts in the last few days.
What a smart, eloquent guy.
And of course, it sounds exactly like me, because he's a successful business guy in his own right.
So he's not stupid.
And he says there's a global government.
They're tyrants.
They want to break us all down.
They want to make us sick.
They want to surveil us.
They want to take over our society.
They're the enemy.
I'm never going to shut up.
I'm going to do as many shows as I can.
I'm going to battle these people.
We've all got to fight them.
We've all got to come together against these big corporations.
See, when you get somebody like that that's just been minding their own business and making hundreds of millions of dollars pissed off, you've got a problem, New World Order.
So yeah, think you'll shut down Alex Jones?
Everybody who wants to survive and have a future and who's smart is now Alex Jones.
We are all Alex Jones now.
And the vision God gave me 27 years ago has now come true.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
us. It's a long way to the top if you want to live in a free country.
It's time for all the people that know what's going on to speak out and be
You know, I got to know Keanu Reeves pretty good when I was a consultant on A Scanner Darkly and also in the film with him.
And I was amazed having dinner with him and hanging out with him and stuff that he was so smart.
But then when other people came around, he was very polite and nice, but didn't really talk to anybody.
And now we know he's a conservative pro-gun guy who's super smart.
And people used to think he was dumb.
It was the opposite.
But I gotta tell you, Ice Cube, super smart.
And there's so many men and women like that out there who just keep their mouths shut.
We need all of you, especially prominent people that have big followings, to come out against the globalists.
Or they're going to release new viruses.
They're going to have new lockdowns.
They're going to keep attacking us until we organize against them.
But I told you two plus years ago, right when Joe Rogan was moving to Austin, I said, Joe's got his way of doing things.
He's going to get hardcore.
He's going to come out against the whole New World Order.
People didn't believe me.
You tune into that show now.
It's as hardcore as this one when he's doing politics, which is half the time now.
He used to do politics was 10% of the time.
And Joe, out of necessity, now understands how serious things are and has taken the gloves off.
And so I'm going to say to my enemies, You've tried to silence us, but because the listeners defending this broadcast and supporting us, we're still here.
And I want to thank the listeners for what they've done because we've reached critical mass.
We've reached the point of no return.
We have, we have, that means the entire audience, the crew, our guests, myself, all of us as a family, we have devastated because of God's providence.
You and I and all of us together have devastated the globalists.
Now they may try to claw us down into hell with them and take us with them.
But we have devastated their operations.
They're still going ahead with them, even though they've been exposed and they're in trouble.
And that is going to have explosive results.
I'm going to get more of these reports in the next segment, but they admit all of that, and their answer is, cut all of our resources off.
But then they admit that that's what causes uprisings.
They think they're going to be able to have enough dumb people That they can hold hostage by cutting the food and energy off, and they're the ones that are doing it, to then point at the opposition, whose ideas produced all the wealth, and have us silenced in the promise of giving the general public a little bit of the chicken feedback.
I think if we have everybody from Keanu Reeves to Ice Cube to you name it, I mean, I can tell you behind the scenes, and I was first told this about seven, eight years ago by a lot of prominent journalists that live out in California, but particularly, I won't even get into names.
The point is, is that, oh, you don't know, almost all the Hollywood folks are awake now.
And I'm like, yeah, yeah, sure, right.
And then you'd see more and more of them actually go public.
And again, who cares about Hollywood at the end of the day?
The point is, is that when mainline Hollywood behind the scenes, Mike Cernovich told me that, is super awake and playing along but hating every minute of it, that is a microcosm of everything else that's happening.
So, you've got the George Soros's up there at the top.
But the people under him know this is bad.
Most of them don't even like what's happening, and they're playing along.
I remember Cernovich told me that, so did Jack Posobiec, because he was embedded inside D.C.
Cernovich embedded in Hollywood, and I later went out there and did see, in fact, that he was hanging around with the elites in Hollywood.
I'll leave it at that.
We've had some dinners and things.
And I was like, wow, it really is this awakening.
Like, yeah, see, I told you.
I'm like, well, I haven't been out here in a decade, you know, so I didn't know there'd been such an awakening.
So as negative as things are, you need to understand that the average person doesn't want World War III or pedophilia or devil worship and doesn't like the direction things are going and are really waking up that, wow, Klaus Schwab really is the grandson of a top Nazi weapons manufacturer.
And his dad really did, you know, develop and sell, try to sell nuclear weapons to Apartheid regimes and they really are super villains and this is really happening and Alex Jones was right and I say Alex Jones was right because they tried to take over my identity, demonize me, create this Alex Jones that didn't exist in the media to then demonize all other populace in the resistance and in the process of doing that it got a lot of prominent people
To tune into what I've actually said over the years and convert them to the reality.
Because the New World Order, again, is going to create the crisis of collapse and pose as the Savior fighting it.
But they're the ones that did it and brag about how they did it.
If we simply point that out, they will destroy themselves in the process.
And I know I probably say this five times a week.
I probably say it almost every day.
I restate this because if you're in a war and you don't know who the enemy is, and you don't know they're cutting your resources off, and they get to pose as the good guy too, they're going to win.
No matter how outrageous their plan is.
You'll get three pairs of clothes a year.
You'll never get meat again.
You'll live under surveillance cameras in 200 square foot coffin apartments.
I mean, this is all being set up.
You go, how are we going to get there?
They've got AI and computer programs already designing the collapse.
How much deterioration have you seen in the last four or five years?
Really the last three.
Trump kind of held it back.
A lot.
And they're getting ready to take down the banks.
They're getting ready to take down the stock market and bring in their new system.
And people better be ready and they better understand.
Incredibly important report today by Greg Reese.
It's on InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
I suggest you go share it like your life depends on it.
Because quite frankly, it does.
Look how many videos I sent the crew today.
I sent them all these.
45 of them.
That's how much research I do for the show.
I'm not bragging.
It's just, it's insane.
45 videos I sent the crew, but there's the one Greg Reese did.
Just went up this morning, like two hours ago.
The Fed launches phase one of their CBDC, central bank digital currency, this month.
And that is the capstone in their pyramid of control.
You might want to watch it.
You might want to share it.
I said I'd hit all this next segment, but I'm going to start the next hour and then give the numbers out and cover These UN World Economic Forum documents.
I want to hit war in the next segment.
It's the longest segment of the hour.
It's 11 minutes long.
And I want to come back and hit this because the Ukrainians' leadership are true totalitarian liars and globalist frontmen.
And they say nuclear war is imminent.
And they've got a plan to start it.
So I thought we might want to cover that when we come back.
Separately, as you know, without your support, we're not here.
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We'll come right back with World War III.
The gunman that was arrested in Philadelphia is a transgender Black Lives Matter activist.
Shot and killed five people, injured a bunch of others, including children.
And of course, they have a manifesto.
We're never going to see it.
Just like in the shooting targeting Christians in Tennessee a few months ago.
More on that next hour.
More on the ongoing Islamic uprising in Europe.
And the huge awakening happening there by it.
Marie Le Pen, the main conservative leader, says, I will save France from the New World Order.
Macron will be arrested.
So mainline now to be anti-New World Order.
Thought it didn't exist, Southern Property Law Center, CNN.
Media matters?
You've lost the narrative.
We're now identifying who really controls things.
Game over for you.
Federal courts are banning, which should already be illegal, you're illegal, spying on us and censoring us.
We know you'll just continue doing it though, because you have the Justice Department under your control, but in the end, all tyrants fail and fall.
But let's get into this right now.
Speaking of media matters, here's Max Blumenthal, who's written articles about me many years ago, attacking me.
But I guess he had a conscience and he's written for the New York Times and everybody else.
And he's now one of the biggest critics of the Biden administration and the war in Ukraine.
And so let's play that clip first.
Here's Max Blumenthal.
Why are we doing this?
He spoke for like 30 minutes. It's very powerful. The full things on Infowars.com.
But here's Max Blumenthal, dismantles the facade of Ukraine democracy during his address at UNSC.
Here it is.
Why are we doing this?
Why are we tempting nuclear annihilation by flooding Ukraine with advanced weapons
and sabotaging negotiations at every turn?
We've been told by people like Senator Dick Durbin that Ukraine is literally in a battle
for freedom and democracy itself.
And therefore, anyone who opposes military aid to Ukraine opposes the very defense of democracy,
according to this logic.
So where's the democracy in Vladimir Zelensky's decision to ban opposition parties, to criminalize the media outlets of his legitimate political opponents, to jail his top political rival and his deputies, to raid Orthodox churches and jail clergymen?
Where is the democracy in the Ukrainian government's imprisonment of Gonzalo Lira, an American citizen, simply for challenging the official narrative of Ukraine's war?
And where is the democracy in Zelensky's recent decision to suspend elections in 2024 on the grounds that martial law has been declared?
The answer is that Ukrainian democracy is harder to find these days than that country's commander-in-chief, Valery Zelensky.
Who they now think Zelensky had killed because he was more popular.
Kind of like the whole Putin deal with Purgogin.
So now let's hear from the evil folks.
Let's hear from Hillary that democracy will die here and that Ukraine will be destroyed if Trump is elected.
Listen to this war criminal witch.
What would happen if Trump won, first of all, in Ukraine?
What would happen to the Ukraine situation?
Look, if Trump wins, which I do not believe will happen, let me just quickly say that, if in some scenario that were to happen, it would be the end of democracy in the United States.
It would be the end of Ukraine.
It would become a, you know, he will pull us out of NATO if he wins again.
Just like he pulled us out of the Iran deal, he pulled us out of the Paris Accords, he will pull us out of NATO.
So if we elect a president and he does that, what's wrong with that?
He didn't pull us out of NATO, by the way, which is an evil organization in my view.
He made NATO pay more of its fair share.
I think from what, 10% of the cost?
Like a third?
Oh, how dare him make NATO pay for something!
That's just terrible!
And how dare him cut back on the globalists, shutting off our power
How dare him kill that program which they brought right back.
Now here's the really powerful clip. This is the UN spokesperson
left speechless, confronted by the Chinese communist spokesperson
on Syria while lecturing us about the Ukraine conflict.
Watch this.
Do you think the presence of the US military in Syria is illegal or not?
That's not an issue that we're dealing with at this stage.
There's been a war.
Is that?
Because it sounds very familiar.
This week we talk a lot about the UN Charter, the international law and relative resolutions.
But it sounds to me a foreign presence, a foreign military-based presence in another country without invitation sounds like something else to me, you know.
I'll leave your analysis to you.
At this stage... What's the difference between the situation in Syria and the situation in Ukraine?
There's no U.S.
armed forces inside of Syria.
So I don't have a... It's not a parallel situation.
You're sure there's no U.S.
military personnel?
I believe there's military activity.
But in terms of a ground presence in Syria, I'm not aware of that.
Okay, five U.S.
service members were injured in that attack.
If there were no U.S.
soldier service members in Syria, how could they got injured?
That's weird, right?
Should I ask you about that?
Of course, Congress officially funded last year and this year massive funding for U.S.
troops on the ground in Syria.
They're officially there.
But that's the U.N.
saying, I'm not aware of that.
It's like, I'm not lying.
Are you aware of the sun came up this morning?
No, I'm not aware of that.
Well, OK, then does the sun exist?
I'm not sure.
So that's what they're doing.
Ukraine preparing for nuclear explosion as Russia reduces its forces at the largest nuclear plant in Europe.
And I'm not going to try to pronounce it, but it's Zaporozhye.
And it just goes on. The Russians have said they're pulling back. All they want
is the areas they have as a containment zone so that Ukraine
cannot be used by NATO to invade.
Russia said, we know you're about to join NATO.
They said, oh, we'll never do it.
Now they're trying to officially join NATO.
And so Russia says, we don't want Ukraine.
We never wanted Ukraine.
We want to hold the eastern part for our security.
And of course, Crimea for access to the Black Sea.
Their only access to that.
And so they're saying, oh, when the Russians leave, they're going to blow up a nuclear power plant.
And it's going to be many times worse than Chernobyl.
Why would they do that and turn the whole world against them?
No, it sounds to me like this is going to be the Ukrainian false flag and they're that nuts, their leader of the globals is that bad.
They've been hyping this that when the Russians leave, that they're going to blow up the nuclear power plant.
And so as soon as the Russians leave, They're able to go and do it.
And by the way, the Russians kept Ukrainians there and offered them contracts to run the plant, had third-party advisors in there.
So the Russians have third-party groups and international aid groups in there watching.
They're going, we're not blowing this up.
We're leaving.
We've handed the contracts over to these engineers.
They can stay, they can go.
We're leaving.
Next Monday.
That's next Monday.
In like, seven days.
Six days.
And the Ukrainians are like, and as soon as we're in control, the Russians will blow it up.
No motive, nothing.
But the Russians, the world turned against the Russians when they launched an attack on the reactor.
Now radiation rains down across Europe and Russia, and it's in the jet stream, hitting the United States.
How dare them Russkies!
And I don't think they can help it.
I think there's a very good chance the Ukrainians blow the plant up next week.
And NATO comes in and we have a full-on nuclear war.
I mean, I'm not saying that's going to happen, but there's a good chance the Ukrainians are going to attack it.
Now, maybe they're just going to shell it and then claim the Russians did it and say, oh, they almost blew it up.
But remember, Zelensky fired multiple missiles into Poland.
And the Poles anti-missile systems were sophisticated and shot them both down before they fully exploded.
And so in both cases, they're like, sorry, these are Ukrainian missiles.
And then they had the telemetry tracking them fired out of Western Ukraine into Poland.
And Zelensky came out immediately and he said, the Russians have attacked Poland!
We need to go to war!
We need nuclear weapons!
Sean Penn said, use nukes!
It's time to use nukes!
We can't take nukes off the table!
We need full attack!
And the Poles go, well, actually, even though they're pro-war with Russia, these are errant missiles from Zelensky.
So, they're desperate.
The Ukrainians have had their counter-offensive destroyed.
And they need to have some type of face-saving event to bring in NATO.
Zelensky is completely desperate.
In fact, go to Zelensky real quick.
Here's Zelensky.
Well, it's actually a minute and a half long.
Let's come back with Zelensky begging, saying, NATO, we need you right now.
Well, I thought you're winning the war, Zelensky.
Snort some more cocaine.
See how it goes for you.
And again, I wish the Russians wouldn't have invaded.
I wish George Soros and the State Department wouldn't have overthrown Ukraine nine years ago.
I wish all this wasn't going on.
But I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war.
I'm on the side not having a nuclear false flag.
What do you think?
We'll get the number out next hour as well.
But don't forget, only a few days left on the July 4th Super Sale for 60% off and double Patreon points at InfoWarsTore.com on Nitric Boost, on Full Spectrum CBD Oil, on Super Female Vitality, on books, on films, on Last Call to get the Alex Jones for President t-shirt, their limited edition, all at InfoWarsTore.com.
Alright, where should we start here?
Or finish up here, as I should say.
We've got all this other news to cover and your phone calls I want to take.
Ukraine preparing for nuclear explosion as Russia reduces forces at the plants as they're leaving next week.
Kim, for months, has been saying the Russians are going to blow it up any minute while they've been attacking it.
Oh, I forgot that part on record.
Shelling it.
And now they say that the Russians will blow it up next week.
Just perfect timing.
As soon as the Russians aren't there, that's when they're going to blow it up, right?
The Kremlin has expressly denied the Ukrainian allegations.
Russia's UN ambassador replied saying that he had written to the UN Security Council and Secretary General to state, we do not intend to blow up the MPP nuclear power plant.
We have no intention of doing so.
This has resulted in heightened international scrutiny and operations at the plant.
Ukraine says the world is watching because the Russians took it over and let in the world.
I'm not even trying to defend the Russians here.
I just I'm not going to sit here and go along with this insanity with the globalist neocons.
And how many times have they lied to us about things like this?
It's just totally insane.
We've got all these other reports here on these issues as well, but I'm anti-nuclear war.
That's what I am, and I'm anti-war.
I don't think war's cool.
I don't think war's tough.
Since I said I'd play it, here's Zelensky just demanding desperately that Ukraine be given access and membership to NATO.
Remember, just a few months ago, this was never their intention, totally made up by the Russians, just totally insane, and all Putin said is, fine, I want guarantees you will not enter NATO, you'll stop attacks on our border.
And they said, nine.
Chris Hedges wrote a good story for Zero Hedge.
They lied about Afghanistan, they lied about Iraq, they lie about everything.
They're lying about everything in Ukraine right now.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to Zelensky.
More than a year after the Kremlin invaded Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky says his country is not backing down to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
We cannot imagine Ukraine without Crimea.
And while Crimea is under the Russian occupation, it means only one thing.
War is not over yet.
In an exclusive interview with CNN's Aaron Burnett, Zelensky expressed thanks to the Biden administration and both parties in Congress for their assistance during the war thus far.
Without the U.S.' 's help, it will become a frozen conflict.
With the U.S.' 's help, we will de-occupy our territory.
Deoccupation of any next town is weakening Putin.
We don't have to be scared of that.
He's also calling for President Joe Biden to invite Ukraine into NATO now.
The majority of the NATO countries support inviting Ukraine to NATO.
Those who have their doubts look only at President Biden, and he knows that this depends on him.
It will be his decision.
Meanwhile, Moscow has deployed more than 180,000 troops to two major eastern battlefronts, according to a Ukrainian military spokesperson.
And on Monday, Russia's defense minister thanked Russian armed forces for stopping a recent 24-hour rebellion against the Kremlin.
These plans failed primarily because the personnel of the armed forces showed loyalty to their oath and military duty.
I'm John Lawrence reporting.
You notice what Zelensky said there now.
Oh, if we take one town, it's victory.
The Russians haven't deployed 10% of the real forces they have.
Ukraine is lost.
NATO is lost, unless NATO openly enters the war, and then that's World War III.
These people are complete psychotic maniacs that started the entire thing, any way you slice it.
George Soros, the left, did this.
The neocons support it.
They are maniac criminals who should be arrested for war crimes.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Yesterday, via my wife's Twitter account, because I don't have Twitter,
That's why I don't post a lot to it, because it's not me posting, it's her.
She all the time says, hey, you ought to shoot a video on this, you ought to shoot a video on that.
I'm like, no, it's your Twitter account, and everybody else gets our material and repost it and boost it.
I don't want to endanger her Twitter account.
But she said, no, let's shoot a July 4th message.
And so I did, and here it is, and I've got some more I want to add to it, but here it is.
This July 4th, 2023 is so important.
2023 is so important. 247 declared independence fro
of Anglian King George III.
And the things he was doing that were oppressive back then, pale in significance compared to what our corporate overlords are doing today.
They've broken the social contract, they're censoring us, they're surveilling us, they're sending innocent people to prison while dissolving our borders, devaluing our currency, and launching all these illegal wars.
We must declare independence from the corrupt interests that control Wall Street, like BlackRock, and other groups.
All the major sports teams, the entire system is predatory and anti-America.
All the policies are designed to get rid of the middle class because they're globalists.
They want a giant slave class they control.
They don't want middle classes because historically out of middle classes come peaceful political revolutions against tyranny that will stand up against the totalitarian systems the globalists are setting up.
But the good news is, in the year 2023, the Great Awakening is here.
People are aware of the UN, of the big corporations, of the WEF, and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, and they're the most unpopular people in the world, and their policies are unpopular.
So, I thank you all for standing for freedom.
I salute Ice Cube and so many others that are going public.
Humanity has awakened.
The sleeping giant is awake and angry, and we're going to take our nation and our world back.
So, On this special, July 4th, 2023, for myself and the whole InfoWars crew, I want to thank you all for your past support and work.
Because without you, we wouldn't be here.
And InfoWars is recognized as being the very historical tip of the spear that really helped trigger this great awakening.
We're continuing on weekdays with my show and other great broadcasts at InfoWars.com forward slash show to bring you the latest key developments in this fight.
So again, on this July 4th, I thank you all.
I salute you all.
God bless and good luck.
Alright, and intrepid folks out there are going around the internet...
And digging through their archives and finding old clips of myself in the mid-1990s talking about the New World Order.
Mike Hanson's doing a great job.
He's got a Mike Hanson channel at Man.Video, but people are going there and then taking it and really sharing it.
Some of these videos are getting tens of millions of views.
Here's a couple of them that just went up yesterday that people sent us.
Alex Jones reads what Henry Kissinger wrote in 1992, I read this in 96, about stripping freedom from the American people.
And then we'll play another clip of 96 as well, where I'm on somebody else's show, I forget who this person is, talking about how governments attempt to take control when their control grid systems intentionally implode.
Again, how'd I know all this?
Reading their own documents.
Here are the clips, back to back.
We talked about quite a bit tonight.
Let me read what Henry Kissinger said in 1992 before the U.N.
He said, Today Americans would be outraged if U.N.
troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow they will be grateful.
I'm sorry, let me read this right.
Today Americans would be outraged if U.N.
troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow they will be grateful.
This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond.
Whether real or promulgated, it threatened our very existence.
It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil.
The one thing every man fears is the unknown.
When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being, granted to them by their world government, Henry Kissinger.
Love, love, love!
Let's go ahead and read what Thomas Jefferson said.
If the American people ever allow private banks, i.e.
the Federal Reserve, he didn't say that, I said that, If the American people ever allow private banks to control
the issue of our currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and
corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their
children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
Let me say one thing real fast.
Say it.
This Bill Clinton, this Bill Clinton and this Colin Powell, Colin Powell's a Trojan horse by the way, not because he's black, because he calls himself a Rockefeller Republican.
Anybody that calls himself that, they're going to hear Bill Clinton and George Bush roll together.
And, uh, and, no, seriously, they go and they clean up a bunch of stuff, and now you're supposed to pay your taxes, you're supposed to do whatever, you're supposed to follow regulations, and you're supposed to volunteer.
Pretty soon they'll want us to be out there again like the Russian peasants picking potatoes.
Right, right.
And, you know, this all goes hand in hand with over half everything is government now.
What's next?
Government service.
So as these people are supposedly going off welfare, which they're not, Clinton's got
his AmeriCorps where they pay people to smoke dope and drink beer, literally.
The new form of this stuff is where, oh, you get off welfare, now you just work for the
government and get paid even more.
So literally, we see the government saying, prepare to work for the government, prepare for national service.
Like some sort of warped FDR proposal?
It's worse than that.
It's worse than the draft.
It's not wartime, you're just going to work for the government a few, you know, ten hours a week or whatever.
They're trying to introduce us into our society and everybody, oh, I'm a volunteer, I'm going to fight for it.
Watch out when they start talking like that.
Sounds like Hitler saying, come out, you have to work on building the Autobahn.
You know, build these roads.
Is that how that went?
Oh yes.
It's a classic textbook example of when government gets to a certain point, it starts falling apart because it doesn't create anything, and then they've got to go ahead and not just take part of what we create, but when it gets to a certain point when there's not enough people working and actually creating it, they go, okay, well now all these people that aren't working, you come work for the government and start creating.
And this is about the way they're changing the cigarette laws.
nothing it just creates laws and controls people well they got it
suddenly they're so big now they're gonna start getting us to make us work
for them now it's insane sure we Bob quickly and this is about you know the
way they're changing the cigarette laws now I am NOT a smoker first sure but the
government says cigarette smoking is bad for you which I think it is
Now, look who it is, and you're not supposed to eye everybody, and you can get in trouble for selling it now.
Who is the one that's going to get in trouble for selling it?
Some minimum wage, broke-ass high school clerk.
It's all about control.
The government... ...is going to get nailed and pay the $500.
The government already controls...
Great point.
The government already controls the drug cartels.
Tobacco industry.
They already control the heroin and the cocaine.
It's just been proven.
It's all come out.
Even on Discovery Channel, they've talked about it.
It's all coming out.
The CIA totally controls most of your high-level drug running.
And so what's next?
Well, the big thing is tobacco.
And it's a great form of control.
The government doesn't do anything for us, so now they're going to protect us from the tobacco.
Everybody knows tobacco kills people, gives them lung cancer.
It's a huge joke.
The government is gobbling up everything as fast as it can.
Carol Brenner from the EPA wants restrictions on driving nationwide.
So wait, you know what the government's going to get out of this deal?
They're taking everything over.
Listen how Southern my accent sounded back then.
I didn't change how I talk intentionally.
I just talked so much in the last 29 years that my voice changed.
And my body changed, too.
Hey, man, I've done a lot of work, folks.
I've done a lot of crazy stuff.
But if I lost 80 pounds, that's more of what I would look like.
Man, that is just crazy to see those clips.
Absolutely wild.
But we're going to go to break.
I said I'd hit this news, but man, it's so horrible.
It's so ridiculous, too, that it makes my head spin.
And it's, here's why I haven't covered this yet.
It's kind of hard to get to do this justice here on a radio show.
I need to do a whole voiceover report and have the graphics, like do a PowerPoint, because this is just insane.
These new UN reports, saying they're going to take everything you got, you're going to wear uniforms like 1984 within seven years.
You ask, how bad's the world got to get where they think you're going to accept us?
Well, we're talking about cutting the power off for a long time and starving people to death.
That's how bad.
Jim Hoff's joining us for part of the next hour.
I also want to open the phones up.
And just for a free-for-all, any topic, any question, any comment you've got on all these incredible stories we're covering.
And then, again, I want to get into this.
I've already gotten into some of it, but I just I'd have to not take calls to actually get into this.
I just want you to go read it for yourself and just basically tell you what it says and then I want to shoot some reports where I zoom in on each of the quotes because there's just too many of them.
Every page is nightmare.
It's like, you wonder how I predicted the lockdowns and the mask and all of it.
It was in a 30-something page report, Operation Lockstep in 2011.
The Rockefeller Foundation.
They got adopted by the UN.
Then I saw their pre-programming and knew they were going to do it.
This is so horrible that I almost couldn't do the show when I was reading it last night.
I was like, I need to take a few days off and just do a big report on this.
Because here's the thing, if I just come up here and cover all this, People go, okay, big deal.
But if I build it up and do a big PowerPoint, then it gets 10 million views and everybody sees it and it has a big effect.
It's very frustrating.
It's like the things I would think to be the biggest stories ever, no one touches.
Like the Sound of Freedom is about to come out.
I haven't seen it yet.
I'm sure it's great and I'm supporting it.
But is it going to get into the admitted CIA, U.S.
German government in major cities trafficking over 30,000 children on record and placing them with pedophiles to form a new family unit and a new system.
That's confirmed.
He classified public in New Yorker magazine, in the German news, but not a movie depicting it.
I mean, that would be so insane and so unbelievable.
But instead, it's always, oh, we heard there's an island where they're raping kids, and we finally find out about that.
And, you know, Bill Gates Goes there 37 times.
But I was watching trailers for the Sound of Freedom and it's like they're going up swamp rivers in the jungle to look for where the hidden kids are.
And I'm like, go to the Texas border.
They're just shipping them in en masse right there and just handing them off to anybody and don't even do IDs or DNA tests so they can be smuggled.
I mean, it's all right.
It's like people never want what's right in front of them and confirmed.
But if I said, "Oh, a secret government group gave me info,"
and then I cryptically read some of the stuff out of this, it'd be all over the place.
20 million views.
Is it real?
We don't know.
Instead, I've got the U.N.
and the W.E.F.
saying they're going to cut your food, your water, take everything.
How they're going to, once they bankrupt you, put you in big dormitories, including taking your children away.
I mean, it just makes you want to vomit.
No one cares and no one's going to read it.
And so that's really where I'm at.
I don't understand human nature because I'm all about documents and all about real stuff that can prove.
And I mean, I could make a fictional movie about the stuff in these reports,
and it would be incredibly scary and huge and massive.
And people would ask, is it real?
Is it not when it's all going on right in front of you?
Joe Rogan talked about this a couple months ago.
I saw the clip.
He's like, yeah, Alex Jones told me first about the ESGs a couple years ago and said within a few years they'll be putting them in place and I kind of couldn't believe it, but now it's all happened.
Well, Joe, I was going off documents and sending him links to where it's being announced.
And that's what this is.
You know what?
I will cover it.
We're just not going to take calls.
We're not going to take calls.
I'll cover it.
We're just not taking calls.
Because I'll have Hoft on for 30 minutes.
He's got a lot of breaking news.
And then I'll continue.
You know what?
I'll do the last 30 on this.
I just need to get a highlighter out and stuff because I sped read all this and I need to highlight it.
But I can just flip through it and show you a bunch of it.
Give you a first look.
And just, please, just go read it yourself.
I've really put the weight of the world on my shoulders.
And I tried to stop us getting to this point.
But folks, if they get the next leg of what they want to do, a lot of us are dead.
And what I'm trying to explain is this.
We've been teed up.
So everything so far was Getting your golf bag and getting your golf balls and putting on your golf uniform and getting in the car and driving out to the golf course and meeting your buddies and getting some bottled water and going and paying your green fees and getting in the golf cart and driving out to the first tee on the first hole and now they are up to the ball and they've already played through the first hole.
The last three years is the first hole.
And it's going to move very, very quickly out of this.
So we're not in Kansas anymore, as I've said a lot.
I mean, we are on the field now, being attacked, and they're just getting started.
And every attack is going to get exponentially larger.
And you ask, why is that?
Why not just hit us with everything at once?
Because then they can't control things and things might get out of hand.
They want to be able to pull back if need be if they start losing.
And right now, they're losing.
They just launched their first phase and they're kind of... I read their white papers.
I track them every day.
It's what I do.
And they're legitimately saying, hey, we need to back off.
And a lot of their people are saying that, but the top folks are like, nope.
Accelerate the attack.
And they're like, so we're not going to slow down, we're going to go faster than the original plan.
So they've damned the maneuvers, they're going straight at us.
It's a famous saying, I forget who said it.
It's been said different ways.
I think it was a famous British battle, I forget exactly who.
Look it up.
Where does the term, damned the maneuvers, go straight at them come from?
Is that John Paul Jones?
I know he said, I won't even got to fight, but then it got played on by others like World War II, a captain said, damn, damn the maneuvers.
It fired torpedoes or something.
So that's what I'm trying to explain to everybody is none of what you see today is going to be here very soon.
The globals, their own words are going to destroy it all.
and us in the process.
And so whether you like it or not, they're going to put you incrementally into crises
and offer you solutions to get out of the crisis that don't get you out of the crisis,
that get you deeper into bondage until you're totally chained down,
and then they're going to have their way with us.
And I mean that as a metaphor, but also quite literally.
So if you think the hell we've been through the last three years is anything,
ladies and gentlemen, that is nothing compared to what we're gonna go through now.
So you can sit there and play games with yourself all day and deny that, or you can decide to fight back.
Or you can join the enemy.
I know a lot of you decided to go ahead and join the enemy.
You've now discovered it's real and you've decided to join the enemy.
See how that works out for you.
That is the The second worst move, the worst move is living in denial.
Because you were hot nor cold, so I spit you out of my mouth.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
So something that's really caught the world's attention is Bill Gates.
In fact, cue up the video.
I had it a few days ago, but we never played it.
Bill Gates, more than a decade ago, at a TED Talk, Releasing mosquitoes on people and saying, you know, why should the third world be the only group that gets malaria?
You know, you should experience malaria too.
So we don't have malaria here in the United States.
Never have.
But now we do.
And Bill Gates released in Texas and Florida, where malaria is now showing up, a supposed mosquito that's designed to eradicate other mosquitoes.
Also in Brazil, he released a GMO mosquito that caused a mutation and a bunch of problems in the last five years as well.
Well, he's the number one cause of polio worldwide, according to Reuters and AP.
Just type in number one cause of polio worldwide is the vaccine.
And when you read the article, it says funded by Bill Gates.
So what's crazy again is how they hide it in plain view.
But I do love the memes now.
He really is the mosquito king.
He's a parasite, he's a murderer, he's a eugenicist, and he wants to put things in your body without your authorization.
So, the mosquito is the perfect delivery system for biological or live vaccines.
Not tomatoes, not bananas, not...
And for decades, they've had pharmacological crops.
In fact, a lot of the ways they make modern, quote, vaccines is they have crops that grow the virus live, and then you pick the crop, and then you can synthesize it and inject it.
And Bill Gates was involved with others.
It was the first time I was on Coast to Coast AM in, like, 2003, when George Noria had taken over.
I'll never forget, I was on the show and I was talking about Protogen, which was a biological company that Gates was funding.
And in Texas, right by Bush's ranch in Crawford, outside Waco, in fact right where Ted Nugent and Shemaine Nugent have their place, they had planted a bunch of corn that was growing live HIV.
And it ended up hitting like Yahoo News and stuff.
People saw like men in spacesuits out there with flamethrowers burning it.
So the government made the decision then that this is so insane that you produce corn that grows HIV, they sent men in spacesuits, look it up folks, with flamethrowers to burn it down.
But crops are not the best way to deliver.
You're like, wait a minute, a mosquito sucks blood, it didn't put things in you.
That's not how it works.
They have a thing called a proboscis, proboscis, and it's a two-way straw.
And they stick it in you, and they stick it into a capillary, and then the mosquito, you can see the mosquito when it lands, it gets it in, and you see the mosquito suck first to get a little taste to make sure it's gotten blood.
And sometimes you'll see a mosquito pull off and go back in until it gets a capillary, or a vein if it's lucky or an artery.
Okay, but most of those aren't near the surface.
So that's why they like your shins and stuff, there's a lot of veins and things and arteries right there.
And only female mosquitoes drink blood, so they can get enough protein to then lay their eggs.
And that's how the life cycle works, okay?
So they land where you've got blood vessels near the surface, so they love to bite on the face and stuff in the neck as well, and then you'll see a mosquito land, he'll stick the proboscis in you, and then he pulls back, he uses his titan shell, he flexes, or she flexes, and gets a drink, Make sure it's blood and then goes, you see the mosquito go and press in and push and like shake.
With all its muscles, all its energy, it shoots, because it only feeds once in its life, a load of acid saliva into you.
It's got a big bag on the inside and it shoots and that's what burns.
You don't feel it when it first goes in, but then later, after it flies off, you're like, man is that itch, because it's still dissolving you.
It's an anticoagulant.
So it injects the saliva into you, and then liquefies the cells, and then, that's why if you smash a mosquito when it's feeding, there's a big blood spot, that's your blood.
It fills its abdomen with blood, flies off, produces the eggs, lays them in the water, and then lands over and dies.
Now, in major studies that Bill Gates has deployed, look it up, studies using Mosquitoes as vaccine delivery system.
And lo and behold, there it is.
Look up UN studies on vaccines to sterilize as well.
And so it's the perfect delivery system because the mosquito leaves most of that anticoagulant in you with everything else that's in it.
So it's simply, you have a genetically engineered They have spiders, too.
Freudian slip.
That pumps you full of the live virus.
It gets the blood.
It flies off.
And it continues to replicate so it can continue with new generations that genetically produce whatever the pathogen is they want.
And you remember what that company in Texas was doing?
They were having corn that produced live HIV.
Well, what do they put in you with the new COVID shot?
The HIV spike protein that then replicates.
So let's go to John Bowne's report on this.
Project Malaria, courtesy of Bill Gates.
Here it is.
According to the CDC, five new cases of malaria have popped up in Florida and Texas.
A rash of cases of local malaria not seen in the U.S.
since 2003.
Texas is reporting a case of locally transmitted malaria.
It's rare and the first in our state since 1994.
And there hasn't been a case of malaria caught locally in the U.S.
since 2003.
The CDC is reporting that these four people from Florida and then another person from Texas contracted this disease between late May and late June through what they're saying is local transmission.
So I did ask Border Patrol if they were concerned that malaria and other diseases were in fact coming over the border with migrants seeking a better life.
When we're hearing that there's individuals coming into the United States from all over the world, a lot of them are not getting screened, they're not getting checked.
The U.S.
sees on average 2,000 cases of imported malaria per year from travelers entering the United States.
Currently there are 32 reported malaria cases in Ohio, but all of the patients were infected in other countries.
And yes, Bill Gates is playing God via the Gates Foundation subsidized company known as Oxitec with genetically engineered mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, California, and Southeast Texas.
I'm at the world's biggest mosquito factory for the World Mosquito Program.
We're making in here 30 million mosquitoes a week.
There are some very important problems that don't get worked on naturally.
That is, the market does not drive the scientists, the communicators, the thinkers, the governments to do the right things.
And only by paying attention to these things and having brilliant people who care And that's why Gavi was created.
then can we make as much progress as we need to.
And that's why Gavi was created.
Gavi came up with the money and a plan to get vaccines out to all the kids of the world.
Lo and behold, the EPA did not require peer review or basic preliminary caged trials in
Florida and Texas and excluded adequate public comment by not posting relevant documents
when they approved the trial.
According to J.D. Hanson, policy director for the International Center for Technology
Assessment, while others felt the EPA didn't consider unintended consequences.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, a panel of independent experts testified to
the Florida Keys Mosquito Board that genetically engineered mosquitoes could also pose significant
threats to sensitive ecosystems and human populations in the Florida Keys.
And yes, in 2021, with the financial support of the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline developed a malaria vaccine, a clear case of problem-reaction-solution, where once again Bill Gates adds to his massive fortune through nefarious means.
So yes, people are concerned.
Bill Gates has become an American pariah, following his hand in the rollout of COVID vaccines that continue to injure and kill millions of Americans.
a scourge upon humanity due to his buyout of American farmland in favor of Chinese infiltration,
GMO crops and livestock. I want to wish everyone in China a very happy lunar new year.
Just as the tiger symbolizes vitality and health, since the onset of the pandemic,
China has worked hard to not only contain the virus, but also contributed to closing the equity
A dastardly degenerate due to his close association with Jeffrey Epstein, that was the downfall of his marriage.
Why he began a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, After he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor.
And recent revelations of rampant sexual harassment of his underlings.
The poster boy for the elite's climate change hypocrisy movement.
What do you say to the charge that if you are a climate change campaigner, but you also travel around the world in a private jet, you're a hypocrite?
I buy the gold standard of funding Climeworks to do direct air capture that far exceeds
my family's carbon footprint.
And I spend billions of dollars on climate innovation.
So when the bought and paid for Associated Press and Forbes write hit pieces against
those questioning Bill Gates' motives, it merely adds propagandist to the rap sheet
of Bill Gates' villainy.
Bill Gates is an awful person and shouldn't be in charge of anything supposedly benefiting humanity.
John Bowne reporting.
Alright, we are back live.
And folks, that's just the tip of the iceberg with this mosquito business.
They are funding, the globalists are funding all over the world, all over tropical areas, places that support mosquitoes.
Hell, there's mosquitoes in Alaska.
They're basically everywhere.
To use them to put things into our body with no government oversight, that's the crazy thing.
All this new GMO?
Nanotech, you name it, the FDA saying, and the EPA, oh, we have no jurisdiction, it's new.
Well, then Congress passes a law.
Remember back in the 80s, they came out with ecstasy.
And psychologists were subscribing it and prescribing it, and it was doing great until people found out, if you take more than a couple pills a year of it, it eats holes in your brain.
Because it forces your body to do all these chemical things, and if you take more than a couple pills a year, it'll literally brain damage you.
And then people started making new synthetic versions that were a little bit different molecules, so for a year or so, it wouldn't be illegal, but then they'd pass a law to say, okay, this new designer drug is illegal.
It's the same thing.
Last year, or now it's two years ago, in late 2021, the FDA said, we do not have jurisdiction over nanotech and food.
And the next year, 2022, they started just bombing the food with all sorts of weird nanotech to track it and control it and make it last longer and, oh, it builds up in your bodies and now we can use that to track you.
So it's not just the shots they're putting in us that create the graphene oxide.
All the studies coming out now show suddenly microplastics in the brain, blood-brain barrier in the liver, they're just killing us.
You can look it up.
FDA, no regulation of nanotech and food.
And you're just like, why?
Because they think there's too many of us.
We're a disease that has to be gotten rid of.
And they see it as their earth.
The globals are like, we've got the money, we've got the power, we're the best, we're on top, in their view, even though they got most of their power through fraud.
And so they've made the decision to go ahead and clear us out so they can move forward into the future.
And if we really let these inbred scum like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Yuval Noah Harari do this to us, I guess we kind of deserve it.
But you know what?
I bet on you a long time ago.
And I believe in you, and I believe you just got mesmerized by the TV and the culture, and that when you're really faced with destruction, you're gonna rise to the occasion.
And you know what?
We're starting to see that, and they're really panicked right now.
Oh, you thought we'd just roll over and die, or we could be bought off, or we could be intimidated, or threatened into submission.
I can't give up.
And I don't know how to give up, because I'm not evil.
And if I don't give 100% against you, Then I'm aiding and abetting the enemy.
But I don't have a feeling of pride. I don't have a feeling of success or invigoration.
I have a feeling of satisfaction in that God's real.
And what the Holy Spirit told me to do has been fulfilled to a great extent.
And that God is in control.
And as painful as this evil is, this is all part of a larger process of separating the wheat from the chaff, and that these Satanists will pay.
So just be aware of that, ladies and gentlemen.
But I can't lie to you, and I told you months ago that I felt like I should tell you the next chapter in my view of what's going to happen.
And there's a bunch of different paths and scenarios but they all go irrevocably the same direction and I've not yet really told you what I think is going to happen because It's terrible.
But at the same time, we have a chance to take the least destructive path if people really know what's happening.
And thanks to the fact that we've been on the air a long time, people know that we're not playing games.
We have a very high accuracy rate.
So if people in the system, particularly in the managerial systems of government corporations, realize how much danger they're in, we have a real chance of stopping this right now.
Now, understand, they've already put into motion Things are going to be extremely destructive and dangerous.
But believe me, that's a cakewalk compared to if they get, I mean, if they get what they want, I mean, it is fantastically bad.
Because it's easy to destroy infrastructure and energy systems and make people so poor that these complex systems collapse.
And then if they're in a management position, They can basically do anything.
And that's what communists do, is they shut down the means of production to get full control, and the Russians starve 30 million, the Chinese kill 80 million.
The globals are talking about billions.
And they've already triggered it.
It's already begun.
And so, I just hate to give you the bad news that what they've already done with fertilizer, And infrastructure and energy is going to kill, if we were trying to reverse it now, 500 million in the next couple of years.
And the upheaval of people starving to death is going to be so violent.
And they talk about that in these UN and WEF reports, as if they're not the ones doing it, that I mean, it's just terrible.
I've said it probably a hundred times that when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And you can say, well, there's too many of them people, privately to yourself.
But do you think they're going to just go quietly?
Even if we tried and had governments that were just gonna, you know, get rid of the third world, they would still struggle and fight back and probably beat us.
Even if you go from a globalist perspective.
I'm just wargaming this.
But the globalists instead are playing with fire.
They're organizing the third world.
They're starving to death as their weapon against us.
I mean, the globalists are really got some big huevos and some chutzpah that is beyond chutzpah.
It is delusions.
Anybody can look at this and see it has death written all over it.
But the German General Staff, Hitler was already losing against the British.
He was already losing in North Africa.
And they came to him, they said, hey, the Allies are gearing up for full war.
Let's have a peace deal.
And he said, no, not only we're not going to have a peace deal, we're going to attack Russia in six months.
get ready. And the rest is history.
So these guys get in power because they've got so much chutzpah, but then in the end they always destroy themselves.
The only question is, can we survive when they go through this megalomania thing they've got to do?
And that's basically where we are.
The collapse has already been initiated.
We're already 10% into the collapse.
It's a good dead reckoning.
If it stopped now, 500 million dead, third world implosion, major wars, really bad.
If you tried to fix it, you probably would have major trouble doing it, but you might be able to mitigate.
Every couple months goes by and the collapse accelerates.
You're going to be living in Vigo Morton since the road, very quickly.
Nuclear meltdowns, war, total collapse, you know, just drug-head elitists running around snorting cocaine.
I mean, look, just like when Rome was collapsing in 410, because they wouldn't send troops when the Visigoths were coming in.
They were coming to him and saying, the Germans are coming, the Visigoths are coming, and they just said, I've got more hookers to have sex with, I don't care.
It's the same thing.
They're just, you know, they're in their uniforms saluting in helicopters and strutting around and then, you know, and then the ADLs running around all powerful and they're in control.
It's all gone.
It's all going down.
It's all over.
And they will be destroyed.
They're done.
New World Order, I mean, are going to be the most hunted, hated people on Earth.
Any globalist.
But how do we survive this?
All right.
I asked the crew to find this.
They found it.
Since I mentioned it, you know, there's that clip from, I think it's the second Matrix where they're interrogating, or maybe it's the first, I don't remember, Morpheus and Agent Smith saying, you people are a disease.
And everything he's saying to Morpheus is what the globalists think of us.
Boss, here it is.
I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here.
It came to me when I tried to classify your species.
I realized that you're not actually mammals.
Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not.
You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed.
The only way you can survive is to spread to another area.
There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.
Do you know what it is?
A virus.
Human beings are a disease.
A cancer of this planet.
You are a plague.
And we are the cure.
Can you hear me, Morpheus?
I'm going to be honest.
with you.
hate this place.
This zoo.
This prison.
This reality.
Whatever you want to call it.
I can't stand it any longer.
It's the smell.
Is there such a thing?
I feel saturated by it.
I can taste your stink.
And every time I do, I fear that I have somehow been infected by it.
It's repulsive, isn't it?
I must get out of here.
I must get free.
And in this mind is the key.
My key.
Once Zion is destroyed, there is no need for me to be here.
Do you understand?
I need the codes.
I have to get inside Zion.
And you have to tell me how you're going to tell me you're going to die.
The globalists want to play God.
They feel imperfect as they are.
They're projecting their own hatred onto us.
Those of us that love God and love justice are the stairway to heaven.
Those that try to destroy humanity and enslave humanity are the enemy.
They are the virus, not us.
Bill Gates is the virus, not your three-year-old son or daughter.
Klaus Schwab is the virus, not a pianist or a farmer or a police officer.
These people don't produce, they play God because they are the virus.
They live in giant opulent homes with their own private jets and everything and have five, six kids and then tell us we can't have children.
They're frauds.
If we're such a disease, Bill Gates, slit your throat on national television.
Blow your little stinking head off with a shotgun.
I don't wish the arm upon you.
I'm saying you do it.
Show us what a big man you are.
Pour gasoline all over yourself and light yourself on fire.
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It's a high quality formula and it keeps us on the air.
Take action now at InfoWarsTore.com.
So I'll be going to him right now.
You can see him there on the screen.
But I wanted to go to a short report by Mark Deisch while we wait to join those stations and get into all this incredible information that Joe Hoft has.
Also the Gateway Pundit.
Did get the scanner recording and did confirm with the Secret Service that they found a bunch of cocaine at the White House while Hunter Biden was there.
That's another big story we'll get his take on.
We'll get his big take on the UN saying new viruses are about to be released, new lockdowns are needed.
All of that is coming up.
But I wanted to hit this little piece of news here by the great Mark Dice.
Media tells the truth for once.
And it's quite the compilation.
So we'll go to this clip, go to break, come back and go to Joe Hoff, the dynamic duo,
the twin brother of Jim Hoff, the owner and head of Gateway Pundit.
But nobody out there has done a better job overall from day one exposing election fraud
despite all the intimidation than Joe Hoff.
He's got a book out dealing with that.
We'll tell you all about that coming up next segment with our special guest.
But here is the Mark Dice report.
We'll be right back.
Everybody, you know, tune in now because you've heard the Deputy National Security Advisor to Trump on Fox a few weeks ago say they're planning to steal it again.
Social media lies, well about everything, but not just the blatant lies.
They also lie by omission, by ignoring important stories and facts in order to hide the truth from their audience and willfully misinterpret what people say to cast them in a false light.
Well, I decided to take some of their statements out of context in order to help them appear as if they're telling the truth for a change.
So let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you're new here.
It's too dangerous to allow children to be exposed to a drag show.
A drag queen isn't as dangerous to children.
They worship Satan and would like your children to worship Satan.
Liberal elites are plotting to replace the white population with immigrants of color.
Critical Race Theory is about hating white people.
There is an attempt to replace white Americans.
Rittenhouse himself was forced to act in self-defense when he shot three men.
Rittenhouse was there to try to help this community.
This young white boy was left with no other choice but to defend himself from the scary Black Lives Matter rioters and looters.
You should live as far away from them as humanly possible.
You should move in order to avoid black people.
We're never going to apologize.
And we don't care.
We will burn the entire company down.
We cannot apologize because that will undermine our credibility to our viewers, which will undermine our ability to be able to make money on this network.
January 6th was a false flag operation.
It was a case of liberals in the deep state setting up conservatives and Trump supporters.
The January 6th attack was a false flag operation staged by the government.
It couldn't have really been an insurrection because no one was armed.
There was no sedition, there was no real attempt to overthrow the government, there was no insurrection, so... Folks, we've got an outbreak of woke banks.
Wokeness and diversity, equity and inclusion principles are what sunk Silicon Valley Bank.
It is a territorial dispute and protecting Ukraine is not a vital interest for the U.S.
You have every right to be outraged today and angry and never watch this network again.
He has a right to do whatever he wants with classified documents.
He has a right as a former president to possess and show classified documents to anyone he wants to.
The FBI and the Justice Department are corrupt organizations and out to get Republicans.
I'm gonna go vote for Donald Trump.
All right, coming back.
Joe Hoff, there he is right there.
Man, this guy's lost, wasn't fat before, but he's lost a lot of weight.
Looks like 10 years younger.
Joe Hoff is going to join us to talk about part three in his book series, The Steal.
This is key intel because they're going to try to steal it again.
We're living under a coup, folks.
We're living under a fraud.
We're living under an imposter president with his crackhead son.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are now into our number three and the most prolific on-target exposure of the theft of the 2020 election, incredible fraud of 2022, and the impending fraud as they run the same play again.
2024 is Joe Hoft.
Find his website, joehoft.com.
Of course, he's at thegatewaypundit.com.
His twin brother runs that operation, thegatewaypundit.com, joehoft.com.
He's got third part of the series, The Steal, Volume 3, the cover-up.
And look, that's the coup.
That's the nonviolent coup.
There was a lot of violence.
The left intimidated people, burning down cities, but not tanks, not airplanes.
They said that Jack Smith's getting ready to indict Trump for challenging the election because he didn't use tanks, didn't use airplanes, but he challenged it, something Democrats have always done when they lose.
But we really know how they did steal things without tanks or airplanes.
So the part three of the series is out to kind of run down what's happened.
The latest developments is Mr. Hoft.
And then we will look at some of the other big breaking issues as well and pick a sprain about COVID and new viruses and new lockdowns.
So, Joe, great to have you here with us.
Thanks, Alex.
It's always an honor.
Really appreciate it.
Appreciate you.
You have been on it six months and you look like you lost 30 pounds.
Look good, brother.
I've lost a little weight, so thanks for noticing.
Appreciate it.
Okay, so where do you want to start with the overthrow of our republic?
I mean, this is the bureaucratic coup in my view.
Absolutely, Alex.
I think, you know, I think it starts and ends really with this election steal.
If we don't win this next election, we're done.
And it's surprising that we survived these last four years.
So what I did here, and I've been on before to talk about some of these stories, and I appreciate you having me on, and I've come out now with this latest book, The Steel, Volume 3, which is on the cover up.
The first book in my series was setting the stage where I talked about basically the setup, how there was all these indications of what they were going to do, and looking back, it's easier to see.
That was the first book.
President Trump even gave me a nice compliment on that book.
The second book then with the impossible occurs is where I laid all this stuff out.
Things that we talked about in the past about these anomalies that just make no sense.
And the thing that I thought was really important for me to write these books was because I'm an auditor.
I'm a professional auditor.
I spent a big part of my career in the corporate world doing audits around the world.
I was a corporate executive, international corporate executive in Hong Kong for nearly a decade running audit teams there.
I've got earned 10 degrees or designations.
I've got, including a CPA and a CISA, certified information systems auditing designation.
So I know a little bit about what I'm talking about.
And what I really came to the conclusion in the second book was that, hey, this election never should have been certified.
And I back that up with my own experience.
I've never walked into any audit in any country, in any company, in any entity, and have them tell me in any language that we cannot look at the system that supports these numbers.
And at the same token, I've never walked in or been in an audit where they have said to me, hey, we've counted these ballots.
They're in the back room for three days.
You can't see what we did.
We're not going to share with you what we did.
We didn't allow you in, but you're just going to have to trust us on these numbers and the process.
I'm telling you, in the corporate world, you'd be done right then.
You'd say, I cannot.
Based my opinion on these results at all give any opinion because of these anomalies.
And so that was the premise of the second book, and that's the answer.
If somebody asks you, why was it stolen?
It's because it never would have been certified, and no auditor of integrity at any Big Four firm would stand up and say, yeah, we're going to show you.
And let me just interrupt to back up.
I'm not a super famous corporate fraud investigator like you are, but I've been through an IRS audit.
It took a year.
And I've been through outside accounting firms in a bankruptcy.
They demand everything and they look over everything.
I have nothing to hide, so we've been proven right.
They've said, wow, we've never seen anyone that's been this truthful and this accurate.
Usually people hide something.
No, I know I'm under incredible scrutiny.
I'm not an idiot.
They're trying to put me in prison.
But the point is, it's been intensive.
It's been crazy.
They don't believe anything we say.
They've gone over everything.
And then to have Our election system, but oh, you can't see behind this wall, and no matter where it is, whether it's Arizona or Georgia or Pennsylvania or Michigan, they're covering up the windows at night.
And we get the internal surveillance footage, they're running the same ballots over and over again.
This is ridiculously obvious and just crazy.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so that led to this third book that I've just come out with, and by the way, it's doing really well at Amazon right now.
It's number one in a number of categories.
As a matter of fact, one category My books are number one, two, and three.
I think the category of elections.
So I'm pretty happy with that.
People are going back buying the first and second book as well to put it all together.
But in this third book, what hit me, you know, basically as I'm going through it is we didn't have a chance.
These people spent as much time and effort attempting to cover up this election as they did in this deal in the first place.
And it started with law enforcement.
We tried to get law enforcement to back us up.
For example, in Philadelphia, those three days while they're manufacturing votes, not counting votes, Two million votes, 80% goes to Joe Biden and they're saying that's legit and that was all handled behind closed doors.
No, the election was over then and a good auditor, a person of integrity, certainly not the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, should have said, we're done here.
We can't rely on the results.
we need to do another election.
That's the only remedy.
Let's talk about the third book, because I've read one of the three.
I haven't read the new one yet.
I read the second, like you said.
They're all incredible.
But, expanding on this, we have the admissions of exactly what Professor Epstein, not Jeffrey,
I've seen the other one, warned of four years ago, that using algorithms and Google systems
alone, they can skew 30 million plus votes to the Democrats, which they did.
Then you have the censorship and surveillance that federal judges just ruled was illegal, and that Biden was working for the CIA to censor his political opposition.
So that's election meddling confirmed.
Then you have them indicting Trump politically.
Trying to stop them from running.
You have them with a bunch of Congress members that were there on January 6th inside the House, trying to preclude them from running.
That's election meddling.
And then, as you said, they try to have big tech say you're not allowed to question election.
Well, whether you're right or wrong, questioning's the first thing.
And what does the State Department say when it oversees elections worldwide?
If someone doesn't let you say it could be stolen, that's the first sign you're not in a free country.
So the very thing the State Department for 60 years has used to judge elections is now being done here against us in an illegal program.
So any way you slice it, they stole these elections.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then I, that's what, so then this last book, the cover up, I talk about how law enforcement turned their head, you know, Bill Barr said, Oh, I've looked at everything.
There's no, there's no steel.
And then we find out two years later through a FOIA request that there was no investigations by the FBI whatsoever in any of these.
Swing states, nothing they could provide in the FOIA request.
We then we have Rudy go out and try to go to these legislatures.
I think he did an admirable job.
He had like two weeks to put together all this information.
He did so.
And I had, I talked to him recently and he shared, well, you know, Joe, in every state, there was like two or three Republicans that weren't going to do a thing.
And that's what prevented us from getting anything done in the legislatures.
So our next option was through the courts and there was a number of cases.
The Texas case was an abomination that that thing was never taken up.
Of course we had, I feel like we all have standing in an election where our president has been stolen by the president that we voted for.
But that didn't happen.
But I looked back at Sidney Powell's cases.
Three of the four cases that she had landed in Obama judge courts.
There was no way that she was going to get a fair trial in any of those.
And sure enough, she didn't.
They all threw it out.
And one judge later admitted that she never even read the case because they tried to go after her to try to punish Sidney Powell.
And she said, well, quite frankly, I didn't read the case.
I don't know if I can do that.
So then that led to January 6th.
And I, and you were there and I heard it was the biggest crowd you've ever seen.
A million people plus on an absolutely freezing cold day.
And, and actually more evidence for the steel is two weeks later, Joe Biden has an inauguration and he can hardly get 2000 people there again.
I mean, absolute trust your eyes is the message here.
Don't trust this lying media.
The good news here, Alex, too, though, right now is that a couple of weeks ago Rasmussen Yeah, let's slow down there.
Let's slow down and say this slowly.
now believe that the election of 2020 was stolen, 62% of the voters do, including like 50% of Democrats.
So we are winning the election.
Let's slow down there. Let's slow down and say this slowly.
That's Raspi's very respected majority of Democrats, 60+% Republicans.
So the more they indict Trump, the more they do this, the more it blows up in their face.
There's a total loss of confidence in the system right now.
Yeah, absolutely.
I'm really proud of these books because I'm adding another layer of truth on the table.
Here you go.
Here's a professional auditor.
No other professional auditor has done this.
And I believe my integrity is impeccable.
I lay this all down.
Here it is.
Here it is.
It never should have been certified.
I talk about Hunter Biden's laptop.
I talk about January 6th at length, I talk about the things that I didn't know in the first book, and setting the stage that just came out recently, this censorship complex, this industrial complex that's out there, where the government is paying these entities to censor concerns.
On the border, on the Afghan withdrawal, but particularly on COVID questioning and election fraud.
So since when has the guy that just stole an election, has the Justice Department, the CIA, and other agencies literally trying to block citizens questioning their elections?
That is so illegal.
And here's what we learned.
Anna Paulina Luna, the representative from Florida, laid this out in front of Twitter employees as she was calling them out on their mistruths.
And it was this complex.
And she shows this JIRA and all these various entities.
Well, these are the same entities that were involved in the election.
And so actually a theory that we have, that I have, and a couple others is that This complex for censorship may have been secondary.
The first goal was to steal the election.
Secondary to this was to manage the information after that election was stolen.
And that's what was laid out by Anna Paulina Luna.
Yeah, absolutely.
It was a great observation on her part.
So I totally agree.
So just like on COVID, cover up the lab origin, cover up suppressing therapeutics, cover up the shots don't work.
It's all premeditated.
They come in and they sell the fear.
They use Pentagon level PSYOPs.
Then they ban questioning the PSYOP.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then one of the final chapters is this new media that we found that's out there, entities like BEPRO and NOINC that now have modules That will allow you to update voter rolls and tell you on time, during an election, what the status is of an election.
No doubt using the poll pads that they sell and they brag about selling like 100,000 of these around the country.
Hey, take your time.
Explain what this means.
And where Zuckerberg's $450 million went.
This is important.
This is really important.
This new media, nobody's talking about.
They're new election systems, I should say.
Nobody's talking about.
And there's about four or five entities that now have their modules around the country in at least 30 states.
I think it's probably closer to 40 by now.
And their modules are this.
One module allows you to update the voter rolls.
Another module allows you to update donation records.
So it must be somehow flowing through to ActBlue.
Another module provides you up-to-date election information on election night.
And so they can tell who's winning a race.
This is something that we were questioning.
How did they know this?
But there's modules that are being sold out there right now.
And I believe some of this was in place in 2020 as well.
And they also are comfortable in sharing that they have sold like a hundred thousand of these poll pads around the country.
Tell them what a poll pad is, but let's go back.
We're wondering how they know exactly how many votes to inject to beat Trump where Biden's here in Michigan and suddenly it pops up.
That's because they've got live time programs in there.
I mean, this is like totally premeditated.
This is, and then here's the key too, they've got a print-on-demand module, so you can print ballots on demand.
So they've really got everything there that you would need to swing an election, for sure.
I mean, think about putting this in front of a jury.
Federal indictments, they have how to print fake ballots, how to scan, I mean, it's all right there!
All right there.
And also, we do know that because one of these modules, the up-to-date voter roll module is being used in New Mexico and it connects with and seamlessly works with Dominion and it seamlessly works with Eric in other states we've seen.
So this complex now is all integrated.
They're getting their information either through these poll pads or through what we found was this thing called these This information that's being provided to this non-government agency called the CIS that somehow has moved its way in and is accessing information on election night from all the counties around the country.
They've got all the information they need to manipulate an election.
And then we know from the Halderman report that came out of Georgia a couple of weeks ago, that finally they released, the Obama judge, Amy Totenberg, finally released, is that that report says, hey, they're not secure that bad actors could come in and steal an election utilizing that Dominion software in Georgia.
All of this is out there, and I'm telling you, from a corporate perspective, you would never sign off on this.
If you presented this as an auditor to the board of directors, they'd say, what is going on?
This would be a really big deal, especially if this is your business.
So knowing all this that's in your books and the new book, and it's all out there, What are they going to plan now with the new election?
Some saying our last real election.
I mean, they're not backing down.
I'm sure courts are ruling against Biden interfacing with intelligence agencies with big tech and censoring.
So there's some movement against it.
But we've seen Trump's deputy head of national security a month ago on Fox saying they're planning the same thing again.
If they've gotten away with it, why not do it again?
I mean, what are you thinking they're going to do and how do we stop them?
I think they're going to do the same thing.
It worked.
So why change it?
And like I've said, they've even advanced it now into new modules that nobody's even talking about through these new systems that, by the way, isn't even certified through the HAVA Act, which it should be.
They claim it's not election systems.
And by the way, I'm going to interrupt you again.
That's why your work is so important.
Because remember just a few years ago, I was there and Yeah.
Sundar Pichai was going, "Oh no, Google doesn't track your phones."
So Congress was so far behind like cavemen, it's books like yours that let them know the
technicals and those hearings last few months were very refreshing because suddenly there's
been a jump in understanding in the educational curve thanks to you and others about what's
That's got to really scare the system.
We saw the emails from the CIA saying just last week, this is illegal.
They're going to find out.
What do we do?
So as bad as this sounds, what they've done is insanely illegal.
And so we should talk about that, but please continue.
Well, I think the big question that everybody's asking now is what are we going to do in 2024?
I tell you what, if we rely on the GOP, it looks like they think we should do ballot harvesting and send in our ballots ahead of time.
I don't think that has any correlation at all with a remedy for the 2020 election.
It's nonsense.
Others have said we need to clean up the voter rolls.
That's absolutely true.
But being an auditor, and I'll explain this quickly, Alex, that's a detective control.
And we need all sorts of those.
And what those are in the auditing world is something that tells you that something's broken.
But it's usually after the fact.
So so the numbers are provided and then you find through a detective control that something was wrong.
You detect something was wrong.
What we learned in this election 2020 that that doesn't matter now because they're not going to help us once the numbers are in.
They're in and they're not going to change because the courts will not help us nor will law enforcement or the legislature.
So we have to win up front.
What I'm recommending, and I wrote a piece yesterday at the Gateway Pundit and at joehof.com, where I'm saying is we need what are called protective controls.
And we can do this.
I don't know all the answers, but we can do this.
What we need is people that are control experts to look at the current process Focus on the high risk areas and then implement controls that will protect us from those illegal operations from occurring.
And so that's where our focus needs to be over the next year and a half.
Focusing on these areas, looking how we can fix them to prevent things from happening ahead of time.
And then putting them in place before the 2020 or 2024 election so we can, all we want is a free and fair election.
We get that and we're going to win by a massive landslide.
The numbers show it.
Our eyes show it.
Look at January 6th compared to the inauguration.
And so that's what we need to focus on next.
And I've written a couple of pieces on it.
I'll be focused on that over the next year and a half.
What do you make of They're indictments at state and federal level only in accelerating Trump.
And I saw their talking points with the last federal indictment with Jack Smith.
Oh, this will finally Republicans will turn against him.
He went up even more points in major scientific polls, 65 to 75 percent of the field against Republicans.
So he's like 35 points ahead of DeSantis.
Chris Christie doesn't get one point, but the media pushes him.
We then have.
All this other news, Trump 25, 30 points out of Biden.
I mean, this has really backfired.
How do you break this down?
How this is going to end?
Well, I think you're right, Alex.
I think they ultimately, they want to get him for sedition, right?
Just like you said at the beginning of the segment here, they want to get him for sedition.
They want to bring, you know, him to court for that.
And in D.C.
they'll find him guilty.
And then they'll say he can't run because of that.
And it's against the Constitution.
And I don't know how that will play out.
Americans aren't going to buy that.
We're just not going to allow that.
And so that's their strategy.
And that's how they believe they can win this election, that with the media.
But the problem is the media is not a tool anymore.
Alex, InfoWars, Gateway Pundit and other sources are now tools.
I have a show at TNT Radio.
It's a conservative radio.
More and more people are turning to us.
That's why we're winning this information war.
That's why 62% of all voters believe that the election in 2020 was stolen.
And so they can't use that tool, that tool of big tech and And the bogus media and now cable news as well since Tucker's gone, they don't have it anymore.
And people are coming more and more flocking here because it's where they're getting the truth.
We prove it day after day after day.
And so that's that, you know, so I don't see how they're not going to win it in the public.
They've already lost that battle, and now they're going to push sedition, being so far down in the public view.
I mean, who respects the DOJ today, nor who should respect them?
Or the FBI, or the media, or the list goes on and on.
Do you think the Justice Department, or corporate media, is still in a bubble?
I mean, they've got to know everybody's, most people are awake and don't like them.
I mean, are they that disconnected, or are they all just minions still following orders?
And that's a bigger question when we come back from break with Joe Hoft.
Who is in control, Joe?
Who is running this?
Is it Obama?
Who is in control?
We're going to go to break.
Joe Hoff, one more segment with him.
The new book, the third in the series.
I've read one of the series.
I had to read all three of the series because this is our whole future.
This is our birthright that our founders fought for and secured 247 years ago.
This is the steel.
This is the New World Order takeover.
We'll talk about it coming up.
The third part of the steel.
It's now live at Amazon.com, you name it.
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That is a huge special, because there's not much markup in those.
We're living in incredibly interesting times.
Absolutely insane times, actually.
Where globalist corporations are literally cutting off resources, censoring, surveilling, and stealing elections.
And Joe Hoft has written his third installment Exposing this, the book now, number one in political books, The Steel, volume three of the cover-up, looking at Trump, looking at the indictment, looking at Jack Smith, not just what you as an auditor and a fraud investigator put together, the timeline here, do you think they realize this has backfired on them?
Because I've seen them say, well, more indictments will finally bring Trump down.
It becomes comical at some point.
Gut level, what do you see unfolding?
That's a great point.
You know, and I think once we start laughing at them, we've won.
It's just they've become a joke.
And I think they are.
We're starting to see just this stuff is insanity.
The first case out of New York with Bragg was just horrible.
I was a CPA and I oversaw a billion dollar block of business for a period of time.
And I've never seen a CEO sign off on any accounting entries ever.
And I didn't do any and never talked to a CEO about doing entries in accounting.
And that's what that whole case was about.
They accused Trump of doing accounting entries or encouraging someone else to do so.
It's just lunacy.
That whole case is lunacy.
They're charging him in 11 felonies for receiving Basically in the mail, I guess, or somehow, maybe through email, invoices requesting payments to be made.
He didn't have any control over that, nor does I or anybody, in regards to what they receive in the mail.
So that case is nonsense.
It never should have been brought forward.
It shows the absolute corruption of the courts in New York and a scary place for any good, God-loving American to go to court, as we've seen over the last few years.
So that case is bogus.
This case down in Miami, I've been listening to this attorney, Mike Davis, who's been saying since the day after the raid in Mar-a-Lago, by the way, I went down there the night of that raid.
I was so appalled and there were a number of Trump supporters there.
And I felt like this is the day our country changed.
How can you be raiding a president's home?
Now we believe it was they illegally raided.
And that's what Mike Davis has said from the start.
The president has a Presidential Records Act.
That's his and his alone.
There's only like five people on this earth that could benefit from that act.
The former president of the United States.
President Trump took with him whatever he wanted.
That's what the law states.
And he declassified some.
It didn't matter if they were declassified or not, according to Davis.
That was his right to take whatever he wanted and they were his.
And there's a case that Bill Clinton was in that validates that.
They illegally raided his house.
There was no precedent for it.
There was no reason for him to go there.
He was working with them.
So that's my next question.
If they'll break all the rules, throw everything to the side, and they don't care, what else could they pull?
Because if they're going to go all the way, why not go just completely off the deep end?
They already have, so there's no bottom now.
What are you concerned about, or doing your research, what else are they going to pull?
You mean indictments for January 6th?
They're talking about that.
Yeah, I think that's it, Alex.
I think this whole trying to tie him to sedition, which is what they did with this January 6th committee.
And by the way, Alex, they never mentioned in that committee, in their entire report, three individuals that died that day.
Four Trump supporters died that day, and they only mentioned Ashley Bobbitt, basically, in passing.
There's so many things that were wrong with that committee.
It's unbelievable.
And the American people know it.
Here's their problem.
We know it.
We know that they're lying to us.
And I believe they've lost the war of the truth.
There aren't many people anymore that believe our DOJ or FBI.
I mean, especially after Russia collusion, I think that was a big, big deal.
Even though Durham, I think, did a horrible job and basically a cover-up, the one good thing that was done is that we all learned that absolutely it was fraught from the start.
Obama was right in the middle of it, as far back as at least August of 2016.
So yeah, I think we're winning the information war.
So, so more and more people are like, I don't trust these people anymore.
Where do I go to get information?
And they're coming here.
So how do you, how do you build a case against somebody when the two prior cases are totally bogus?
And when, um, now this third case, at least that, and maybe they're going to try a Rico case in Atlanta as well.
Um, they're all bogus, you know?
At some point, I believe exactly what you're saying.
As the truth comes out about these cases, no matter what these corrupt courts do and corrupt judges, more and more Americans are going to say, I'm sick and tired of this.
Now, maybe they're hoping that people will have fatigue with President Trump and say, let's just get somebody else.
But I think there's a lot of Americans that are like, hey, wait a minute.
I voted for this guy.
What you guys are doing is criminal.
We need to get you guys dealt with, not necessarily President Trump.
No, I totally agree.
Even if somebody's still mad at Trump, he got elected.
They stole it.
We've got to honor what people voted for.
And he's obviously the best of all the candidates out there.
So let me ask you this.
If you pull back, I think that's a great question.
I think you're right.
Any other scams they can pull?
Uh, how do they extricate themselves from a second?
You know, cause I keep, I mean, I keep asking that question, but I, I mean,
how does RFK Jr.
tied all this?
I think that's a great question.
I think you're right.
I mean, I, so now we're getting information that, uh, you know,
the JFK and the, and the CIA, I just saw a tweet, I believe it was from Roger
Stone saying that he talked to Trump about the stuff on John F.
Kennedy that he saw, and he apparently told Roger that this stuff is
just really disgusting or something.
So that seems to be supported as the more information comes out and these guys continue to cover up.
And then Bobby Kennedy just recently was in an interview where he noted that he believes his dad wasn't killed by Saran Saran, that his dad was actually killed by a guy behind him.
Who fired like four shots into his head.
And Kennedy even mentions he reached back to grab this guy's tie and falls down with maybe this tie still in his hand.
The guy who was behind him who was firing on him.
So that guy, and Bobby Kennedy says that guy was CIA.
Oh he was CIA from the stunt works, exactly.
So shifting out of that then.
Looking at this, what do they do with Biden?
He's had dementia for years, but he's completely out of his mind now.
Even Politico says they've got to get rid of him.
So the Democrats want to offload him.
Who do they bring in?
Gavin Newsom?
Big Mike?
What do you see?
It seems like it's Newsom, maybe Big Mike, but I don't know.
Newsom, he's just so toxic.
I can't stand any of these guys.
I don't trust a word any of them say.
So I don't know.
Again, free and fair election, it doesn't matter who they bring in, they'll get killed.
Not killed literally, they'll get swamped at the polls.
And so yeah, no matter who they bring in, if we get a free and fair election, it doesn't matter.
We will win by 60, 70%.
I totally agree.
In closing, the few minutes we have left, here's our article on Infowars.com.
CNN claims 2024 a toxic campaign because Trump too dominant.
I mean, I've looked at US history going back since they had polling 125 years ago.
No one's ever had a lead like this.
It is I mean, 25 points ahead of Biden, 70% in polls in the Republican field.
This is like Godzilla versus a mouse.
Here's the article, Trump's dominance of GOP field has America bracing for toxic campaign.
So nothing they've done's worked.
It's made him stronger.
This is, this is very explosive in my view.
I agree.
I think, yeah, they bring in people like Christie.
I think just, he's just there.
Somebody's paying him to just.
Bash Trump.
He doesn't have a prayer.
He doesn't pull it one percent!
Yeah, it's their joke.
He's just there to try to hurt Trump.
And you know, nobody's listening to the guy.
He's, you know, he's been done for a long time.
He's the guy, by the way, that brought in Christopher Wray, suggested President Trump hire Christopher Wray for FBI.
So ever since I've heard that, I don't have anything nice to say about him, the former governor of New Jersey.
So if you tie it together then, I mean, if you tie all this together, What's the time?
I've talked to a bunch of lawyers and people and no one's sure, but I noticed Jack Smith wants a speedy trial.
So they want it way before the election.
But if Trump pushes it out under the Constitution, can't the president pardon himself?
So he gets elected, these kangaroo courts convict him, and then he just pardons himself.
That's where I come in and say, I think they'll try to kill Trump.
I mean, if they've already gone this far and this crazy, I don't think it's extreme to say that they'll try to kill him.
Oh, I agree.
I agree.
Especially look at the history.
Look at Bobby Candy, what he says about his dad and JFK and, and look at what they did to Nixon.
I just, you know, from Stone knows a lot about this.
He said three of the four.
Burglars at Watergate were CIA.
So these people, you know, the crimes, that doesn't mean anything to them.
They will do anything.
So yeah, why would we not believe that that's a possibility?
And I'm surprised that actually that probably hasn't happened already.
So elaborate on that.
I mean, we have a secret service because people try to kill presidents.
So when I say, hey, they may try to kill Trump, they've already done everything else.
Like, oh, insane.
No one wants to kill the president.
The Democrats are everywhere saying they want to kill him.
They were on TV two weeks ago saying he needs to be shot.
And then she changed it to another word.
Obviously, Trump knows this is the fact.
We should be praying for him.
But imagine if they did kill Trump, what that would do.
I just think that'd be really bad.
And you know, Alex, yeah, we can't forget that there's a lot of international play in all this as well.
Certainly China seems to be running the Biden campaign.
We've got the World Economic Forum that seems to be pushing insanity.
We've got Soros now handing over his business to his son and just a lot of really, really bad corrupt players in all this as well.
Human life, I think, to many of these entities or individuals doesn't matter at all.
So, yeah, to think that they'd go after Trump for something like that.
And it would be, I don't know what, I don't know what would happen to this country if that's what happens.
I think, you know, and China's happy about this.
You know, China would love this thing to just blow up here.
And I got to tell you, Alex, the thing that concerns me that I've been saying for a while is this illegal immigration that's happening at the border.
We don't know who these people are.
Gosh, we.
We could have five million terrorists in this country by now.
Who knows?
We don't know who they are.
So somebody could snap their fingers like they, you know, like they've done in the past.
And all of a sudden these people come out of the woodwork and start, you know, killing people in the U.S.
in general.
So that's the scariest thing about this southern border is just who is in this country today and what will they do if they are given the opportunity?
Especially if their allegiances are to the United States.
Joe Hoffman, I definitely agree with you.
We are not in normal times.
This is an insane time, a crazy time.
What do you think happens?
Because I don't want to see DeSantis destroyed in a confrontation with Trump.
I want to believe he's a good guy.
But what do you think about the other Republicans out there?
We know Chris Christie's a horrible person.
Mike Pence is a horrible person.
Are there any other good lights out there in the Republican Party?
Well, I think some of these newcomers are great.
Some of these new reps in the House that stood up against McCarthy, I really like them.
There's about 20 individuals there.
As far as candidates for president, there's nobody that jumps out to me.
I really feel like I don't know why they're doing it.
I don't know what's the deal.
Maybe they're thinking they can get their name out there for the next election.
I don't know.
DeSantis hasn't been doing real well at all.
His campaign, I don't know what's going on there.
It's just falling apart.
Yeah, I don't know.
I think there's some great people in the party.
Some great people.
I love Anna Paulina Luna.
What's his name?
Byron Donalds.
Some of these Florida representatives are great.
Matt Gaetz has been great.
So yeah, those guys are all, you know, I think that the thing is just kind of continue to stand with the people and forget about the media because the media is toxic and we're not listening to them anymore.
So, you know, do the right thing and, and, you know, I believe you will be rewarded.
You know, ultimately, for sure.
I mean, I agree with you.
Plus, the globalists aren't going to give us any quarters, so we might as well just march forward and pray for President Trump because, man, he has definitely stepped in the middle of a maelstrom.
In your book is now out.
Everybody should be checking that out and sharing that even though as viewers, you know all about this.
State legislatures, your family, members of Congress, your pastor, everybody, you need to get the book.
You need to share it with everybody.
The Steal, the third part in the Joe Hoff Series.
Joe, thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
A pleasure.
47 minute interview.
I've got some other news.
I want to hit now because I promised I'd get to it.
And that is dealing with the poison shots, which I could have a whole hour long interview with Joe about.
We'll probably got to get him on soon just to talk about that.
But look at this.
Look at some of these clips.
UFC fighter, Anthony Smith, the slowest blood clot experience post MRA COVID vaccine and alleges mother's death after Pfizer booster injection.
I've got like 10 clips of athletes saying I'm really sick and one of them died a week ago after they took the shot.
It is just crazy.
So let's do this.
Let's play clip 19.
And then let's play clip 17.
Then let's play clip 16.
With the New Zealand Prime Minister telling you're locked down forever.
And then let's Get to some more of these clips because these have to air.
So let's air the UFC fighter clip first, those other two.
And then let's get to this New World Order clip here.
When we come back after that, stay with us.
When my mom passed, she got sick immediately after getting her booster.
She was fairly healthy, but she got sick immediately after that.
So she got her booster and was in a coma in like two weeks.
I've always kind of thought like, I don't know, it just doesn't make any sense.
Like that was really weird, right?
And then recently Pfizer came out and said in people over 60, on their final booster, they had to come out and say that there was a higher risk of stroke.
Well, that's essentially what ended up happening to my mom.
So I've always like connected those two things.
But then there's just so many young people that End up being vaccinated, they end up with heart problems.
There's that football player that kind of, you know, in the middle of that game last season that had a random heart issue in the middle of a football game.
And they just keep it so hush hush because of course nobody wants to say that out loud.
I don't actually know, but that's always been my hypothesis.
Well, I don't have the data or the stats or anything like that, but I do know that the whole thing was absolutely bullshit now.
And listen, I'll be the first to admit I'm vaccinated and then I end up with a blood clot.
What are the chances of that?
Like, I've never had any issues at all.
I'm really, really healthy.
And then you know, I end up with a...
Vex, vaccines up to the eyeball.
She's had everything.
She's got Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson.
She's got made up ones from down the street.
Some guys, "Do you want a vaccine?"
From the side of the road.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Vaccine, yeah.
And I got it as well.
I didn't get the boosters or anything, but you know, and I admit, I was all about it at the time.
And now I think the whole thing's bullshit.
I think the whole thing's bullshit, but I just, you know, if it comes out,
pardon me.
I did it to keep my job.
Well so did I, ESPN and then there was Acting Lords as I've said.
You know, when I was out there just recently, the acting industry, they're still testing everyone to the max.
It's insane.
Every day, every day when you're on set, you run up into your trailer, stick the bloody thing up your nose.
Am I really still doing this?
Why are we still testing?
Still COVID testing every day.
When I landed, I went back just recently.
When I landed there, first thing, COVID test.
I mean, think of the money.
It's just pure money that's being generated.
Going back to Vietnam, you know, Vietnam doesn't have anything.
There's no such thing as autism in 1975, year 2000, year 2001.
There's no such thing.
in the year 2000, 2001. There's no such thing. When Vietnam signed the WHO, when Vietnam
signed into the International Monetary Fund, the banking system, Bill Gates and the Gates
Foundation introduced the vaccination program into Vietnam.
Now Vietnam has over a 300% rise in autism.
It's designed to keep people safe while also making sure we can all do more of the things
we enjoy this summer.
The new system uses red, orange and green, not in a squid game kind of way.
There are three protection levels, each with different settings to keep Kiwis safe.
But no matter what colour we're at, you'll need to be fully vaccinated for guaranteed access to cafes, bars, gyms, sports games and music gigs.
So if you haven't yet been vaccinated, get out and get your first shot today to make sure you're ready for the move into the traffic light system.
And if you're already fully vaccinated, download your vaccine pass today.
It's your ticket to all the good things.
All right, so remember that monstrous WEF graduate telling you, hey, take your shot, you can live your life, yeah, you can live your life in a coffin.
They murdered us.
Because they see this dumbed-down public that buys anything, they're like, well, let's go ahead and just kill them.
They want to kill everybody.
And our ancestors did not crawl up through the development of our species to then have our own species kill a bunch of us.
Plus, I don't think Klaus Schwab and his minions are worthy to make the decision to kill us.
I mean, I think if they want to kill us, I think that they should have to get in a ring with us with a battle axe and see who is stronger.
But see, they don't see a battle axe as a tool of war.
They see their lies and deception as the tool.
And they're actually right.
You know, carbon dioxide Was 20% of the atmosphere millions of years ago.
They can do ice core samples, they can look it all up, they know that.
And now it's only And if that gets cut anymore, the Earth dies.
Isn't that interesting?
That they want to cut the thing that creates life on Earth, and now they want to cut nitrogen.
So here's a scientist, Ian Plummer, addressing the CPAC, laying it all out.
Here it is.
We hear about climate scientists, whatever that is.
Now in geology, we have a 250 year track record of arguing about climate.
Textbooks are full of it.
We've been labouring about climate for a long while, and then there's this sudden new invention of climate science.
And I had some of these When I was head of department at the University of Melbourne and these are embittered, obscure, unemployable academics funded by your taxes and those taxes are to fund these people's hobbies and the end result of that is that they put good people out of work and they cost our nation trillions.
So there's one group of people that use models, another group of people I mean, this is really sinful.
We use evidence.
And the two are not in accord.
And if they're not in accord, you've got to throw out the models, which we've seen time and time again are incorrect.
So, we can look back in the past, and we can see that we've had six great ice ages.
During that ice age we'll have the ice expand, that's a glaciation, or it will contract, that's an interglacial.
We are currently in an interglacial of an ice age that started on a Thursday 34 million years ago.
And the ice has come and gone.
In our last interglacial, sea level was about 7 metres higher.
Temperature was about 5 degrees warmer.
So if someone says, oh, this is the hottest day on record, you have to ask, since when?
If it's the hottest day in the last 120,000 years, then that is a record.
But since when?
So if we go to the peak of our interglacial, which was about 4,000 years ago, It was about 5 degrees warmer.
So it's cooler than the hottest temperature on record.
If we go to the time of Jesus, when it was warm, it's about 4 degrees cooler than then.
If we go to the Dark Ages, go to the Viking Age, we've actually warmed up since then.
If we go to the Medieval Warming, we've cooled down since then.
And if we go to the Little Ice Age, we've warmed up since then.
So since when?
I know this is going to surprise you, but we've just come out of a little ice age.
What do you think temperature's going to do?
Fall or rise?
It's been rising since the Maunder Minimum more than 300 years ago.
So it is no surprise that if you have cut off times for temperature or for sea level or for hurricanes or whatever, you can spin whatever yarn you want to spin.
These six great ice ages started when we had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now.
We have 0.04% of that gas in the atmosphere and we hear words like emissions.
Well, that means nothing to me.
Because the atmosphere has changed in its carbon dioxide content from over 20% to now, which is really low in geological time.
If we halved it, all plant life would die.
and animals would die.
The amazing Kate Daly set to take over in T-minus six minutes.
Then, the juggernaut Owen Troyer, 3 p.m.
Central, in one hour.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Look, we covered a lot of the news I wanted to hit today.
I think we did a decent job.
We have David Icke.
Needs no introduction.
Tomorrow and other big guests coming up on Friday as well.
Very thankful to still be here with you.
You know, I was sitting there earlier about an hour ago and I said, well, who said, damn the maneuvers go straight at him.
I said, I think it was a famous British admiral.
I was right.
I shouldn't want to get it wrong.
It was Lord Nelson.
And so here's the quote, go straight at him, training and operating with mission command.
And this is from the U.S.
Navy online.
Never mind maneuvers, just go straight at him.
Nelson favorite remedy over specificity.
He did not tell Captain Aubrey how to go straight at him.
Teaching sailors how to sail and fight was not his aim, but rather to his command philosophically in part.
That it be succinctly and trust its captains to act accordingly.
So that's where that quote comes from.
I'm going to butcher this name, like I do most names.
But this is, where does damn the torpedoes?
Because torpedoes are being fired at the ship of the Civil War.
The captain says, damn the torpedoes, go straight at them, which was riffing off of what Admiral Nelson said.
Why do we say, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead?
The saying is attributed to David Glasgow, forgot?
The U.S.
Navy officer who received great acclaim for his service in the Union during the American Civil War in 1864 at the Battle of Mobile Bay, he refused to consider retreat, shouting the now infamous phrase, albeit a rather longer version of it.
You can read the whole thing right there.
But I was saying that we have damn the torpedoes, go straight at them, or forget the maneuvers, go straight at them.
But the globalists are doing the same thing.
And that's what's so crazy about this.
They are losing.
They are being exposed.
But at the end of the day, they think that we have short memories, and they'll be able to create huge crises so insane, so out of control, so mindless, that we forget that they are the authors of this program.
And so that's really the big takeaway.
Things only get worse under globalist rule.
Anything you see Disney pushing, anything you see CNN pushing, anything you see local corporate media pushing is death.
They've not just broken the social contract.
People say, oh, the government doesn't care about us, or big corporations don't care about us.
No, they do care about you.
They want you dead.
Once you shift into a social Darwinistic survival of the fittest mode, it's all about can I kill, steal, and destroy?
Can I dominate these people to prove how powerful I am?
I have a right to rule!
They've taken our open, free society as a weakness and launched these attacks.
And so, I bet on you, and I've said this a thousand times, that I believe you're going to win.
Because you're not going to have a choice.
And I would also add this.
It's not that you're that good or I'm that good.
I've studied globalists.
I've looked at them.
I've had dinner with them.
These are delusional weak people.
And our weakness is what gives them power.
They will never win this fight, even if they killed all of us.
They then set about killing each other for total control.
Because they don't want to build a culture and a society and a world together.
They want total dominance.
You could have two globalists in a high tower who've got AI power and all the control.
They're going to try to kill each other for total control instead of build a world.
That's why they attack men and women and children and families.
Because they see that power of regeneration and culture and love as a threat.
Because They don't see things as societies and cultures.
They see it as who's in control.
So any biological function designed by God is the enemy of these people because they want to be God.
And to be God, they have to stop all these amazing processes that God gave us.
It's really that simple.
Great job to the crew.
I'll be back, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
Central tomorrow to kick off the transmission.
Again, David Icke coming up tomorrow.
But first, Kate Dowley, loaded for bear, straight ahead.
Then Owen Schroer, as I said, 3 p.m.
Central and 55 minutes from now.
Kate Dowley, take it away.
She is tomorrow's news today.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com, The Kate Dally Show.
So nice to be with you today, post-Independence Day.
And by the way, today I celebrate treason.
I celebrate all of those that didn't obey and didn't comply and understood God-given rights.
Listing 27 grievances against the crown with the last straw, by the way, being attempted gun confiscation.
And let me just tell you, I'm so grateful for this country and I wish we could do a better job at preserving our liberty.
So if you are wearing the brown shirt, if you find yourself wearing the brown shirt and you find yourself doing things contrary to people's liberty or gain, please stop.
We need our country.
Welcome, and there's a couple of things.
Number one, I have a great guest coming on and joining me in just a little bit, Dr. Tal Braun.
We'll be talking about infrastructure and threats to infrastructure.
But before we get there, there's a couple of things that I want to go over because there's some things that hit me over this last weekend.
I was one of the unfortunate ones out there on the you're never getting there airlines and the utter chaos that it was at the airport.
For one particular flight that I had, five gate changes, two hours on the tarmac, and never-ending prolonged flights.
You can imagine how fun the day was, right?
And I know a lot of people were caught up in this.
They blamed it on 5G on July 1st, and then, of course, they blamed it on, well, all kinds of things.
But what I found, and I'll get to that in a second, but what I found really interesting about this was once the plane was ready to take off, After two hours of prolonged gate changes and two hours of sitting on the tarmac, we finally got to the point where we were actually going to leave.
And this message came over the airline, of course, to all the passengers, and it was, you know, our staff and our pilots, we're here to serve you, the citizen, we're so grateful for you and your patronage and what a great job we're doing is because of you, wink wink, you're so amazing.
And blah-biddy-gook, blah-biddy-gook.
And I was sitting there thinking, you know, this is absolutely asinine.
No one on this plane is happy.
We're all ticked off.
We all didn't know that we were going to get stuck in this situation.
And they could have planned for this.
And I'm looking around and people were shaking their heads.
And it didn't matter the message.
It didn't matter what was said.
And as I thought about that, I thought, wow, you know, I was supposed to be on C-SPAN yesterday and I was supposed to deliver an address there.
And I sat there and I missed that and I was thinking about this whole thing and how we were told that everything was great and that they were there to serve us, although I didn't feel very served.
And as we were taking off, I thought, this is so our government right now.
Our government wants to give you the shiny, happy message that everything's cool and that you're not experiencing a skyrocketing, heinous inflation and criminality being scapegoated and our government being hijacked.
No, you're not experiencing any of that.
Everything's great.
It's all volume, people, and you're just, you're happy.
You just don't know it, but underneath it all, you're thrilled.
to be on this ride with us.
And I sat there and thought it's just so comical how they try to market us and sell us the
happiness but we know it's not there.
And most of the country knows it's not there.
In fact, Sound of Freedom coming in with record numbers in the theater over all of the offerings
that Hollywood has should tell us everything.
This nation can see through it.
This nation can understand.
And I love that about it.
There were 200 passengers not having a very great experience and we all knew it.
And I know there's a whole country not having a great experience to say the least.
Especially watching our country being hijacked.
Buddha gig.
Buddha gig.
Anyway, I just, there's so many jokes there, but he actually blamed this also, not only on 5G, but had to have another scapegoat.
And that was 1500 controllers that they couldn't hire to be on the job because of the COVID restrictions.
But those all came down from government.
And what's interesting is he's passing the buck to the airlines by, you know, ordering them to, uh, to compensate flyers for controllable cancellations and delays.
Now remember this, okay.
Back in March of 2020, when the madness had barely begun, the stimulus had passed and incorporated the assistance To the airline industry, $25 billion in payroll support, $25 billion in loans for passenger airlines, and more than $10 billion in grants and loans for cargo airlines and aviation contractors.
But the aid came with some strings attached.
The New York Times wrote, including giving Mr. Mnuchin the authority to take an equity stake in airlines that receive the grants.
And I don't know if people actually realized that that was a government takeover in 2020.
He promised to take over three different industries, one of them being the hospital, another one being the airlines.
So actually, Budapeg calls all the shots.
He just wants to talk about it as if he's reporting on the airlines.
He's not.
He controls it.
So anything that he says is the reason is back to him and his ridiculous agency because the government, as of March 2020, has the stake in the airlines.
The other thing I wanted to mention was this.
I noticed something that I wanted to share with all of you.
The endorsement.
The endorsement nod because we're in election season.
Is it the nod to fraud?
So, recently we had a congressman race in my state with a sudden departure of our congressman leaving the post early.
So the party raced to fill the seat.
It was a Republican seat.
The guy did nothing for 10 years, and of course they're going to replace it with another do-nothing.
But the unknown got this, this very unknown gal got the nod from our congressman that was leaving.
And suddenly it was a three-way race ending in one of the candidates that was losing, giving their endorsement nod to this very unknown, very liberal, very pretending conservative.
And she won.
And she doesn't even live in the state.
She wasn't exactly honest about it.
And so there were a lot of things and the people felt like they had been lied to.
But this unknown made it into the Republican nod for this congressman's seat come election time.
So my immediate thoughts were, why didn't the delegates just go for the other candidate?
Why this unknown?
The person that said, you know, vote for this person was pretty sure that anyone voting for him was going to vote for her.
And those votes would be transferred on to her.
But how was he so sure?
And I wondered if this was such a great opportunity to usher in fraud.
Because when the win looks plausible, because of the endorsement nod, right?
It might not be.
But the endorsement nod could be a great cover up, in my opinion, of getting people not to question the outcome.
Because you could say, well, the delegates all voted and took this person's advice and transferred their votes to this unknown.
But is that really likely?
Are people really that dense?
Are they really that easily controlled?
Now, I know before you answer the question, your answer might be yes, I get it.
But listen to what I'm saying.
Is the endorsement nod the mechanism for the great cover-ups?
As far as, this is a mechanism by which they can instill fraud, and the people just believe it.
Because they do think people will vote for the endorsed candidate, right?
And so there are two things that always bothered me about the endorsement.
Number one, the ego of the power people thinking that you need help in deciding who to vote for.
That always bothered me.
All puffed up and on a stage and saying, oh, you got to vote for our guy.
Well, the first thing that should bother you is this is our guy, right?
That should bother everybody.
And they should absolutely not vote for that person.
But in major seats, You know, they're practically getting the seat by ordination from the previous occupant.
Senator Hatch basically, you know, gave the ordination to Mitt Romney.
Ooh, I shudder when I say that name.
And not necessarily the vote.
And so people believe it when the person gets into office, never even questioning whether or not they should re-examine or look at the fraud behind the rigged voting systems that we have.
So I bring that up because I just wanted to kind of put that out there that those endorsement nods I think are so much more dangerous than we even realize when people clamor for the endorsement.
And I think there's a huge fraud cover up there.
So people won't ever guess about it or look at it.
Also with the Affirmative Action Supreme Court, what the Supreme Court did in that was to basically say that they could get around affirmative action, you know, whether by zip code.
I'm sure there are a lot of mechanisms they could use, but I thought that was kind of interesting that In the affirmative action, everyone went, oh good, okay, you can't use affirmative action in colleges, but in admissions.
But the thing was, was if you really read through it, they were actually giving the colleges ammunition to just go around affirmative action, which is really pathetic, I think.
There was another one, the Supreme Court, also about ruling state elections.
They actually did not rule that states don't have the final word on elections.
They held that people can bring legal challenge to state election laws to their state courts.
So anything contrary would have been contrary to the Constitution.
So that was a decent one.
A decent decision by SCOTUS because we should, by Constitution, have legal challenges to state elections without the feds getting involved.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
So let me reiterate that one more time.
The Supreme Court did not rule that states don't have the final word on elections.
They held that the people can bring legal challenges to state election laws to their state courts.
And our own Republicans were trying to establish that all legal challenges to state election laws have to be heard by federal courts, effectively removing the power from the people to check their own legislators.
election laws. That way they couldn't just come up with something completely
random and weird. And so if they had succeeded, the feds would have control
over all elections contrary to the Constitution. So we want the states to
have their elections. So my guest is Dr. Tao Braun.
So great that you're joining me and of course, really enjoy.
There's so many different topics that we could talk about, but I wanted to give you just a little bit about him.
He is a National Counterterrorism and EMS Advisor and Trainer Chief Scientist by Counter Bioterrorism Division, Biochem Engineering Executive Director, Violence Prevention Agency, as well as a clinical psychologist.
He's extremely busy.
What could I say?
How are you, Dr. Tal Braun?
I'm doing well.
I am always a little humbled by just an honor to be with you again and to be able to share information.
And like you said, there's just so many topics.
There's just so much going on that we can only cover so much.
But just thank you.
Thank you for having me on.
Let's talk about threat to infrastructure soon.
You know, I was sitting there in this colossal heat.
And by the way, it is just summer.
I know they're making a big, big deal about this, but it is called summer still in these couple of months.
But I was sitting there in this extensive heat, right?
And I was thinking, man, we're ripe for things to be shutting down or all kinds of things could happen over the summer.
And of course, the heat will be blamed, but you know, real things could happen too.
The threat to infrastructure.
What's your take?
Yeah, so right before the pandemic and even just at the beginning of the pandemic, all the calls that I was on, I was really highlighting just how important it is that there's eyes over our infrastructure.
And there's a couple of reasons that I felt that was really important as a reminder.
One, whenever there's some form of chaos, predators and human predators included will take advantage of that chaos.
And so sort of like in emergency management, in the counterterrorism world, and even in public health, the minute there's too much hyper focus on one threat, it increases the potential threat of other things happening.
And so you combine that with budget cuts, with tokenism in terms of putting people into places, into leadership roles that they are insufficient at doing, depleting resources and capabilities.
You have this perfect storm where you have the potential of critical infrastructure damage.
And critical infrastructure, you know, sort of falling apart naturally.
And then you also have to combine that with the human threat.
And so, looking at everything from these train derailments or throughout this pandemic, the numerous fires, buildings exploding, chemical releases, It just becomes so hard to even discern what is now a quote-unquote accident or something happening naturally and what is as human-made.
And I see it as a huge potential threat and impact to all of us because when there's something like a derailment of course it It changes the set of circumstances for the people where it's happened, sort of the epicenter.
But then the ripple effect of that continues, whether it's transportation issues, whether it's poor air quality that's impacting people's health, whether it's, you know, resources being depleted in a certain area because it could impact tourism, it could impact, you know, people not even coming to a certain area to shop.
And so, just like we've experienced before in terms of declining economy for various reasons, this is a great threat.
It's a great threat to the average person out there, the average hardworking person, where critical infrastructure damage in one location has a huge impact on them somewhere else.
So, in the train derailments, let's take that topic for just a moment.
In the train derailments, All of a sudden, they were hitting the news like crazy.
Now, we've always had derailments, but we've had some very large ones.
We've had missing cargo.
We've had some very, very strange ones that seemed to last in the press.
So, what are you thinking when you're reading the headlines this year, and what would even cause this sudden surge of bigger derailments to happen with chemicals aboard and things like that?
What would be the cause?
You know, you know, you're like chatting to me because I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna hold back on what I'm truly thinking.
So what immediately now what I think when I see derailment is I think Black Rock and Vanguard, you know, that's the different thought that I'm going to have.
A couple of years ago, if I heard about a derailment somewhere and was trying to get good information on it or provide assistance to it, I would be thinking about Al Qaeda.
I'm thinking about Antifa.
I mean, the documents from Al-Qaeda landed up being spread amongst other terrorist groups because they were providing information on very easy ways to derail trains.
And so a couple of years ago, that's where my focus would have been in terms of, you know, who potentially derailed this train.
Now, I have to trace this back and I have to think about the fact that Every aspect, it becomes clearer and clearer to see that the profiteers absolutely love the mayhem that's taking place.
They are always tied to the insurance claims and the rebuild.
I mean, recently it hit the news, you know, in a very transparent way, you know, BlackRock won the contract of rebuilding Ukraine.
So why is it not any different from, you know, rebuilding Palestine, Ohio?
Or in Montana, where there was a recent derailment.
You know, when you think about sort of the old-fashioned cartoons that we all grew up on, sort of the Tom and Jerry style, it becomes very easy for somebody to go, if this is created over here, the profiteer can just come in as the pseudo hero and fix things that they potentially had a hand in.
And I think that's where we're at.
I think that the sad part is that without investigations, of course, you know, the word's unproven.
Rare and inconclusive are now thrown out about anything.
You know, you could get to the point of asking if your local store is open today and if they have coffee and you can say, well, it's inconclusive until I go there because we're living in such uncertain times that there's just really nothing to hang our sense of truth on.
And I also think, you know, in terms of human critical infrastructure, you think about the words like critical thinking.
That is part of the threat that we're facing.
The level of uncertainty about everything is really, really severe for people to go about their daily business, or enjoy their vacation, or enjoy their summer, or even enjoy a 4th of July.
Their uncertainty creates anxiety.
Anxiety leads to depression.
It's really, really difficult times to be living in a time period where you really just can't trust anything anymore.
And they seem to enjoy the chaos for sure.
And the chaos of the distractions in the headlines.
So many things I think are distractions.
And then of course, you know, you've got money disappearing and all of a sudden money might be going to the Ukraine.
And so, you know, it's interesting to look under the hood a little bit because it's kind of hard to nail down exactly what we're looking at and exactly what What is a distraction, a total distraction, or what is being used as a distraction for cover?
But I'll be right back more with Dr. Tal Braun, his website.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
My guest is Dr. Tau Braun, and you can visit him at his website, drtaubraun.com.
Tau, I would love to kind of get from you real threats versus perceived hyped-up threats.
Can you give me some examples of actual threats that you think that we are dealing with versus the perceived?
The hyped?
Yeah, I mean, so it's interesting because it's almost like you read one of my texts from earlier where somebody asked me, how come their wife is freaking out about RFK Jr.
more than she did about Trump?
You know, and I said, I don't get the perceived threat over here.
But, you know, if you think about anybody that's going to come in, anybody talking, you know, even you and the show, if you're a threat to the establishment, if you're a perceived threat to the establishment, that can be really You know, that gets amplified and it starts making the average person perceive a non-real threat as a threat, right?
So, the industrial military pharma complex really can't stand any of the information you're providing, anybody that has potential of getting on the air and changing the narrative.
And so, it depends on... A crucial aspect of threat assessments and threat management is summarized in this way.
Not everyone or everything is a threat to everybody.
And not everyone or everything is a threat all the time.
And so you have to think about the fact that when you ask what is the perceived threat, well to who, right?
If we're talking about the perceived threat to pharma, it would be about the fact that the information is leaking out, that there's a very good chance that the mRNA is changing DNA.
So that's a huge threat to them.
And if that happens to be true, which I think it is, then that becomes a threat to everybody on the planet.
I've got to tell you that as somebody that is supposed to be an expert on threat assessments and threat management, my job has become almost impossibly hard.
Simply because of that principle in terms of working out where this threat is coming from.
Is it real?
Is it perceived?
I have to plow through information in real time now.
And part of what I did during the pandemic that I think is a crucial aspect for anybody that is applying predictive intelligence to their world in real time is you can't wait around.
For the studies, you can't wait around for something to be conclusive.
It's like smelling smoke and then seeing fire in your house.
You don't wait around and call 911 to tell you whether you've got a situation.
You have to be able to read it in real time.
So of my current thinking in terms of where we are, there's a couple of things that I think are the crucial threats that people should be thinking about.
Besides, you know, the sort of threat of supply chain issues, the threat of people having limitations in terms of second amendment rights, clearly first amendment rights have been stepped on.
There's sort of bigger things that I think are a little bit more technical that might not be on people's radar.
One of which is that we've entered into the world now of synthetic biology.
And this was a warning that came from, you know, into sort of a decade and two decades ago.
People started playing around more and more with being able to create synthetic proteins and then giving life to those synthetic proteins.
So where we are now is that recently the FDA, as I'm sure you know, said they had just approved a lab-made meat.
So there's an example of synthetic biology that now hits the stores.
So when you think about a slab of meat, a steak, what somebody is not thinking about
is that, okay, that sounds great in terms of for somebody that thinks like, oh, this
is a less cruel way of eating meat, but they don't really understand that to make that
synthetic product, you basically have to use toxins to get bacteria to express the proteins
that you're trying to build.
And where they're trying to get with this is not just a piece of steak that you can throw on your barbecue, but it's organ.
It's basically they're after growing functional organs for organ replacements.
So as they destroy our bodies, There is a food chain and how they run things is that just like this sickness based model of the world rather than a wellness based model of preventative based model if they destroy the human body.
And then they give you the replacement parts.
This is essentially the same as people going out and causing car accidents to milk the insurance and give you a replacement car that they then sell you.
They are now destroying the human body and the first layer of that as a threat is then to sell you transplants.
So most people don't know that some of the big players that have been involved in the pandemic are also involved in synthetic biology, organ transplants and then The next layer of organ transplants, which is transplanting fake body parts, right?
And so the crucial aspect is understanding that we're not quite there yet, but what we are is that we're being forced to eat and consume and breathe in these fake peptides.
So SARS-CoV-2, for example, is a spike protein that is a lab-made, AI-built spike protein That shouldn't exist in nature, but it existed on a computer screen, no different than an architect that's using CAD to design something.
And then they get this thing to the point that it is lethal in certain people, and they put it out there.
It's a product.
And then that product can be dispersed in various ways.
So an enlarged spike protein could be considered fake meat.
And then the next layer to that threat would be that you could think about until they get there, There's a sort of very, very...
Dark side and a nefarious side already to the organ trafficking business.
But if you think about now that people have codes attached to their medical system to say whether they were vaccinated or unvaccinated, the unvaccinated organs, especially in young people, become a prized possession.
So you can expect that human trafficking will go up from this.
Nobody wants to talk about that.
That's a reality.
No one wants to talk about the fact that there's an entire industry Especially related to, sort of, disguised as non-profits doing this great work.
But, you know, people have to ask, where are these body parts coming from?
Where are the cell lines coming from for all of these experimental treatments, clinical trials?
It's an entire industry that I think that is a massive threat to us, just in terms of our daily functioning.
Um, and then related to that, I just mentioned the fact that to drive this industry, you need AI.
So I don't think that if you asked me sort of a decade ago, whether I'd be concerned or even playing a role in understanding AI and the threat, I would have probably said, no, that's not really a focus of my expertise.
That's not really something I'm very interested in.
But as I watch from a person who's dedicated towards reducing human suffering, you have to wonder, as jobs get replaced, right, by AI in all sectors, then the pathway of that person being able to be a consumer, being able to earn money, go out and buy products, that ends, right?
I mean, at the end of the day, what it becomes is it becomes economic famine.
You're creating a purposeful famine, a purposeful poverty-driven cycle, where you basically have people that have been put out of work by AI, and then they no longer consume, and so therefore, they have to be cold.
And so, of course, as somebody who specializes in mass killing, I have to look at that as a very, very not only plausible, but in real time threat that you can see.
The way that they're doing this culling now is through assisted suicide.
And part of that is linked to the work that I've been doing on the pandemic in terms of the fact that the people that are now the current sort of consumers of assisted suicide are long COVID sufferers.
Right, so here you put out a bioweapon.
You make somebody so sick that they cannot recover.
You don't offer them any recover.
They're in excruciating pain with the most weird symptoms.
Nobody even believes that it's going on with them.
And eventually, after a year or two of this, they start shopping around for countries that they can fly into or states that they can go to.
And they can basically just end their lives.
Right, so the pathway to that, you have an industry that's already capitalizing on vulnerable sick people that have been hit with a bioweapon and selling them a service of assisted suicide.
I can take a breather and a question before I talk about one more aspect of that sort of AI.
We're actually going to go to a break.
We'll be right back with Dr. Tal Braun and we'll finish this conversation, then be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
My guest is Dr. Tal Braun.
We're discussing real threats versus perceived threats.
And you're talking about pristine organs.
That's interesting with the unvaccinated because there was always that thought of, look, they know people aren't going to take this shot in droves.
They're going to be very skeptical of it.
Information is going to start leaking out.
And then, of course, logic and common sense would say, don't be a guinea pig for pharma.
But it's kind of interesting, that would probably answer one of those questions as to why they're just fine with many, many people refusing the shot as well and the people, of course, taking it.
It was just released that a third were placebos and the rest have all kinds of stuff in them and that might be why our cancer rate is exploding, which we've talked about a lot on the show.
And so, let's go back to perceived threats and real threats, because I think cancer is a real threat to a lot of people, as we're seeing cases emerge where people were perfectly healthy before they got shot up and boosted.
And then, of course, you've got, well, there's all kinds of things, food supply, EMP, you know, I don't think the threat is looming from Russia.
I think we've been fed that for 80 years and it's never happened.
But I want to hear from you, what perceived threats versus real threats that we should be thinking about.
Yeah, I mean, I think the real threat is, has always been, it's the profiteers.
And so, you know, I'm always very reluctant to paint a broad, you know, take a broad stroke when people talk about, you know, the threat of China or the threat of Russia.
You've got to know that, you know, you're talking about a whole population of people and that if you went over there and if you had a vacation or if you're doing business, you're not going to find that these people are trying to hunt you down and kill you.
But in our own country over here, That's now a daily occurrence in terms of the assault that we're under.
So it becomes very, very important to actually work out that all of these terms that divide us, right, are always the distraction in terms of who is actually after you, who is actually trying to, you know, have you either have an early demise or get you to the point, like I said, of suicide, or get you to the point where you're so incarcerated by the system that there's, you know, debt is a form of incarceration.
So you have to work out, I think, that I'm very reluctant when you blame, you know, when people are mainstream media tries to get people, you know, have a form of xenophobia or even a form of blaming, you know, a country for a certain event that took place, right?
So if I think about sort of the one thing that I think is crucial to convey, and I think this is very, very important for people I think that there is a incorrect assessment that they would not be impacted by this bioweapon.
even lose their job over it.
They got fake papers, whatever they had to do, right?
There's this, I think that there is a incorrect assessment that they would not be impacted by this bioweapon.
It becomes very crucial for me to say, because I think that I've been waiting
for a lot more medical folks and scientists to say that the bioweapon is genetically targeted.
And so I am dealing, I do consults now, both individual and in group.
And I'm very vocal on places like Twitter and people reach out to me and I'm very aware of, you know, an enormous amount of people that are unvaccinated that have what's called long COVID.
That is the same, it's parallel symptoms and it's the same disease progression and the same cancer rates and the same muscular issues that they're having as a vaccinated person.
And I said it for the longest time, don't think that you're safe just because you're saying I'm not going to go and get their mRNA technology.
This allergen that they put out there is ubiquitous now, and we have all been exposed to it and continue being exposed to it, and we really have to do what, when we talk about critical infrastructure, the body is critical infrastructure.
We have to look after our health.
We have to know how to manage that threat.
We have to be able to think about this in the same way as somebody who, let's say they're allergic to shellfish, right? And they keep an EpiPen with you. And so
your EpiPen in this case is called the immune system. The body is depleting of the
crucial aspects to our immune system.
Things like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K.
Those are crucial building blocks.
That's like somebody not checking a bridge and then the bridge collapses and then people
wonder, "Well, why did the bridge collapse?"
Well, no one knew.
No one knew that it's time for replacement.
So the body is literally going through huge amounts of the resources because of the central thing that you said, whether it's EMF, whether it's the news cycle, whether it's financial
worries or a bioweapon, the thing that links all of that is something called oxidative
It is literally the stress that causes our aging from the time that we're born, from
the time that we die, and that is currently being sped up.
And the way that we have to do that is we have to look after ourselves.
And there's some basics like getting out into the sunlight.
The days of creation start with, let there be light, right?
Making sure that you're managing your own sense of anxiety, making sure that for every aspect of doom that's thrown our way, that there's some aspect of joy that we can think about.
These are the basics.
I think something that I want to highlight as well Show you to your audiences is that what often happens when something is made to feel like it's a complex problem we think about that we need like very very complex solutions to things where is the simplest the simplest solution often the things that's gonna work.
And so part of the trick that they've got us all thinking about, and they did this with the vaccine, is, oh, here's this novel problem, and you're going to need this, you know, really complex solution.
You know, everyone's involved, the military's involved, and your local health official is involved, your firefighters, everybody is here to help.
Because this whole thing is very, very complicated.
But we know now, and the data shows us, things like sunshine and vitamin D are really such a crucial aspect to fighting any disease.
And so, when those things are under threat, that is a real threat.
Whether it's the poor air quality that's keeping us outside.
I stepped outside over here today in New Jersey, and it was biblical.
There was a swarm of these insects that are now thriving.
From the chemicals and the smoke in the air, there's now these tiny insects, and there was a complete swarm over the entire area that I was in.
I was out walking the dogs and they came back with these tiny insects in their fur.
I mean, these are biblical times, and one of the things that we can't let them threaten us with, and one of the things that's always certain, is faith.
We absolutely have to know that this is a fight between good and evil.
And we have to come down to our solid principles of faith and family.
And that's what we can trust.
And that's what we have to build up new tribes of people that we can absolutely trust with our kids, with ourselves in times of stress.
That is part of the certainty.
On the technical side, what I want to add is, if you think about having to think about what's real and what's perceived, the acceleration of AI being able to create not only fake proteins, but a fake reality.
It's something I want to touch on.
I was formerly trained as a clinical psychologist.
That's my medical background.
I'm not a medical doctor.
I was trained to understand the connection between the mind, the body, disease, and society and how that all relates.
That's the job of a clinical psychologist.
And part of when you work in a psychiatric facility, Part of what you see creates enormous stress and suffering on people is psychotic episodes often are the most challenging for somebody because their truth becomes true to them and can be misaligned with what society is saying is true.
And so in a world now where you can literally ask AI without prompts to create a person for you, And then you can ask other AI to make that a three-dimensional person who's able to do video and has a certain voice.
Now we can get to the point, am I real?
Are you real?
Is your audience listening to AI?
I mean, it gets to the point where we all are going to fight a psychotic experience.
We all are trapped in that thinking, and then somebody's reality gets told, no, your reality is not true.
And the somebody who's actually on scene goes home and says, well, this is what I experienced.
And then somebody else watches something on the news or another person's firsthand experience of it, and it gets distorted.
And the mental anguish of that aside, in terms of the fact that that literally cripples decision-making.
When you can't trust what's occurring, and you can't trust the information that you're being given, you are no longer able to make sound decisions.
And so the threat of AI getting to the point now where we couldn't tell whether somebody is in Ukraine or not, whether somebody is real or not, whether somebody is trusted information.
I mean, they bought up at the beginning of this pandemic, they bought up medical software that is voice synthesized so that people could call a number if they were vaccine hesitant and they thought they were talking to a human being.
You know, telling them they had concerns.
A mom might be talking to somebody, you know, saying, I'm a new mom, should I take this?
They're thinking they're talking to somebody that they can trust, who's not there.
It's insanity.
That is a gigantic threat.
Dr. Braun, thank you so much.
I wish we weren't out of time.
Thank you so much for visiting with me, Dr. Tal Braun on The Alex Jones Show.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Honored to be talking with you, Alex.
I've been listening since 2016, and I am a financial supporter ever since.
Thank you.
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